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kawatasslave · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
How they Finger you - Bonten Edition (2)
Tumblr media
Characters: Hanma, Kokonoi, Sanzu
Summary: how would the Bonten guys use their Fingers to get you over the edge?
(Visuals at The X below the Character)
Part 1 (Mikey, Ran, Rindou, Kakucho)
WARNINGS: Sub!Reader, fem! Bodied Reader, fingering, spanking, slapping, Massages
Tumblr media Tumblr media
✖︎ ✖︎ ✖︎
Hanma knows exactly what his hands can do, it's his most prominent Feature after all. He gives you no Break when He pushes hing Long Fingers deep Inside of your little hole, ramming them against your sweet Spot in a way that has you seeing stars. However, He won't let you cum this easy, you need to beg for it, making him slap you because you're just one needy little bitch to him.
Tumblr media
✖︎ ✖︎ ✖︎
Koko likes sex to be more romantic most times so it's no surprise that He suggests to give you a full body Massage one Day, wanting to make you feel Good. It didn't take longer than 5 Minutes to find his Hand between your thighs, unable to keep away from your soft flesh as He Massages your pretty core, giving it his full attention. "You're so pretty for me like this, Baby, all spread out for me" He humms as He pushes his Fingers Into you.
Tumblr media
✖︎ ✖︎ ✖︎
You've been a Bad little Girl, flirting with Ran all Day to get Sanzus attention that was everywhere but with you. Once He noticed He dragged you Into a more private room, bending you over his lap to spank you. When his Hand traveled to your folds He couldn't help himself bit to push some Fingers in "such a naughty little Girl, getting all wet when I Hit you" He teases, making you whine as He lands another Hit. Maybe you should Flirt with Ran more often...
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demeto-anima · 2 days ago
Kazutora: Do you think when butterflies are in love that they feel humans in their stomach?
(Y/n): Tora. Darling. Honey. Love of my life. What the FUCK ?
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matsunosan · 2 days ago
reader and kaku losing virginity (both) <3
Tumblr media Tumblr media
A/N: I HAD SO MUCH FUN WITH THIS OMGGGG- I hope you enjoy!! Leave asks in the ask box!
Prompt: Losing your virginity to Kakucho!
Summary: After feeling bold one evening, you decide to make a move on your childhood best friend that you are helplessly in love with.
WARNINGS: NSFW, some pet names, once again it is pure smut
Word Count: 1,808
Y/N: your name
Tumblr media
          You sat on your bed while you watched Kakucho flip the pages of his book. He sat on the floor in front of your bed, his jet-black hair shimmering in the lamplight as his nimble fingers brushed against every sheet of paper. You found yourself lost in thought, thinking about the boy who would frequently visit you and provide you sweet company. Even though Kakucho could be very quiet, you loved having him over and relishing in comfortable silence. There was something about him that washed away every anxious thought and calmed every nerve, he brought you peace in the midst of your chaotic life. You’ve known Kakucho for as long as you can remember, being there for him through every heartache and obstacle, and him the same for you. After every breakup, bad test score, injury, and every other trial that life gave you, he was right by your side. And that’s how you’ve found yourself in this position, helplessly pining for a boy who didn’t spare you a glance. Or, so you thought.
          There was something in the air that night that must have made you as bold as you were. Without much thought put into it, you shuffled off of your bed, crawling over to Kakucho and climbing into his lap. “Y-Y/N,” he sputtered, moving the book away from his lap. “What are you doing?” “I thought I’d join you,” you said matter-of-factly, settling in between his legs. “You can keep reading.” Kakucho stiffened, shocked at your out-of-character behavior before letting out a shaky exhale and bringing the book to rest in your lap. He kept reading, his body still tense after your advancement on him. You rested your head in the crook of his neck, shifting your hips slightly to get cozy. Kakucho’s hands dropped the book to clasp at your sides, getting you to stop. “Y/N,” he said your name again, though this time a little more stern. “Sorry,” you giggled. “I was just trying to get comfy.” “I can’t read if you keep moving,” he sighed, picking the book back up and thumbing back to his spot. 
         Soundlessness fell over the two of you again, but eventually the same mischievous thoughts returned. You loved flustering Kakucho and admittedly, wanted to see how much teasing you could get away with. So, you wiggled your hips and let out a shaky breath. “Fuck,” you could barely hear Kakucho curse. He threw the book aside this time, his arms snaking around your waist and head coming to rest on your shoulder. “What are you trying to do Y/N?” he questioned you. You pulled away from him to turn around, adjusting so that your chest pressed against his and your lips mere centimeters away from Kakucho’s. “What do you think I’m doing Cho?” you teased, his nickname sounding heavenly on your plush lips. Kakucho scanned your features before closing the gap, his hot mouth devouring yours like it was his last meal. Was this really happening? Was your childhood best friend making out with you right now? You didn’t give it another thought as you focused on the wet muscle tangling with your own. His hands gently cupped your face, angling it so that he could reach deep into the cavern. The kiss made your head spiral, your breath being quite literally taken away from you as you felt heat consume your body. 
          You pulled away from the kiss, panting. “Fuck, Kakucho,” you breathed heavily. “You have no idea what you do to me Y/N,” his eyes were filled with nothing but lust for you, the orbs clouded with the thoughts of what he could do with you. “I’ve wanted you for so fucking long.” “So have your way with me,” you whispered into his ear. Kakucho immediately picked you up by your thighs, gently tossing you onto your bed and hovering over you. His mouth ravished you, the soft flesh nimbly working its way down your jaw and the column of your neck. You hummed in pleasure, allowing your legs to wrap around Kakucho’s waist. His hands traveled up your shirt, the feeling sending shivers down your spine as his cold hands brushed against your sensitive spot. You lifted your arms above your head to suggest taking it off, his eyes locked onto yours and you gave a nod of approval. Kakucho took your shirt off without hesitation, his fingers working quickly to take off your bra. He struggled a bit, grunting in frustration when he couldn’t get what he wanted. You chuckled at his desperation, reaching a hand behind to assist him. 
          As soon as it was off, Kakucho cupped your breasts and gently squeezed them. “Is this okay?” he asked, his demeanor suddenly becoming very gentle. He was always like this with you. So caring and tender. “Please just touch me,” you whined, bucking your hips up obscurely. “As you wish beautiful,” he grinned, placing his wet lips around your right bud. His hand pinched the other one, making sure it got as much love as the other while his other hand traced circles on your thigh. It felt so fucking good, but it wasn’t enough. You needed more and you needed it now. “Please,” you begged, tugging at Kakucho’s shirt. “I need you.” Kakucho finished his torture on your breasts, leaning back to swiftly take off his shirt and the rest of your clothing soon after per your persistence. “Are you sure this is okay my love?” he asked you lovingly, pushing down the hem of his pants. “For the love of god Kakucho,” you cried. “Just fuck me already.” Kakucho pulled down his pants along with his boxers, earning a gasp from you. Kakucho was big, way bigger than what you had imagined. His long, girthy member slapped his abdomen, the angry red tip leaking precum already. Was it going to fit? 
          “K-Kakucho,” you fumbled with your words. “You know I’ve never done this before, right?” Kakucho held your body close to his, littering kisses all over your torso while he crept down to rest his head between your legs. “I know love,” he whispered against the skin of your thighs. “I haven’t either. Are you worried about the fit?” You bobbed your head up and down in response, your legs closing slightly from embarrassment. “Do you trust me?” Kakucho looked up at you, his grip on your thighs tightening as he awaited your answer. “Yes,” you said confidently. “I only trust you, Cho.” Your words made his hard cock twitch. He was so unbelievably in love with you. Kakucho spread your legs apart, placing a gentle kiss on your clit before licking a long stripe through your folds. A loud moan tore through your throat as he lapped at your entrance, getting you nice and wet. His tongue darted in and out of the tight hole, replacing the wet muscle with a slender digit and pumping slowly. “M-More,” you whimpered. Kakucho obeyed, inserting another finger and picking up the pace. You yelled his name, making the wait to be inside you nearly unbearable for Kakucho. He finger-fucked you until you loosened up just enough for him to fit, or so he had thought. 
          Kakucho leaned over to your nightstand, rummaging to the very back of the drawer to grab a condom. Before he could put it on, you grabbed his wrist. “Wait,” you grabbed the wrapper from him. “Let me return the favor.” “Y/N you don’t need to do that,” he smiled at you, giving you a quick kiss. The kiss swiftly turned into a more passionate one, the bitter taste of your juices melting into your mouth. “Please,” you begged, separating from his lips and reaching down to pump his cock. Kakucho couldn’t stop the string of moans that poured from his mouth as your soft hand deliciously gripped him. You drove him absolutely wild. You picked up the pace, twisting and placing your thumb on his slit and massaging the tip. Kakucho quickly grabbed your hand, stopping your actions. “I want to cum inside of you,” he heaved. “I don’t want to cum yet.” You nodded in response, grabbing the condom wrapped and ripping it open. You placed the rubber on his wet tip, rolling it down to the base of his shaft. “Are you positive about this Y/N?” Kakucho asked for your consent once more. “Kakucho,” you spoke softly, grabbing his shoulders. “I love you.” That’s all he needed as he pushed into you, his lips crashing onto yours. “I-I love you too,” he stuttered. “I love you so much, Y/N.” He waited for you to adjust before moving further. It stung at first, you couldn’t deny that, but the pleasure. Oh god, he felt so good. 
         Kakucho set the pace nice and slow, bottoming out with each thrust. His moans were beautiful, each one in rhythm with his thrusts until you asked him to go faster. Then, they were interrupted with occasional curses. “Holy shit,” he groaned. “You feel so fucking good baby.” “I’m yours Cho,” you smiled up at him, tracing the scar on his face with your hand. The gesture meant so much to him, Kakucho thought he might go insane after this. His thrusts became harsher, the sound of skin slapping together and explicit moans filling your bedroom. When you called his name, however, he lost all control. Each push was more erratic after the other as he reached the end. You could tell he was close and you pulled him into your hold. “Cum for me,” you gently commanded. As if on cue, Kakucho came with a cry of your name, his hips moving on their own as he pumped his seed into the condom. “I love you so much Cho,” you refused to let go of your hold on him, never wanting the vulnerable moment to end. “Please be mine,” Kakucho whispered into the valley of your breasts.
          Kakucho rested on your chest, waiting for himself to soften before carefully pulling out and disposing of the cum-heavy condom. He returned to your side, pulling your tired body into his. “Did you really mean what you said?” you asked the tired boy, your head resting on his chest. “About me being yours?” “Of course,” Kakucho replied affirmingly. “I’ve wanted that since the day I met you.” You exhaled, letting out a breath you didn’t even realize you were holding. “I’m sorry if I’ve been quiet recently,” he continued. “I felt like I was falling for something I could never have. I know I’m not good enough.” You sat up at his comment, throwing your leg over to straddle him as you held his face in your palms. “You will always be good enough for me Cho,” you declared. “I want no one else but you.”
Tumblr media
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bluebellrings · 2 days ago
The One Above All
Tumblr media
Redrawn Bonten Mikey from Vol. 24 cover, and omg i just noticed the beautiful details of Bonten mansion in the background <3
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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lordofchaosblog · 2 days ago
Nicknames they give you (Part 2)
Characters: Hanma, Kazutora, Chifuyu, Baji, Draken
Summary: Nicknames they give you and why they call you that
Warnings: None! It's cute and fluffy!
Part 1 (Wakasa, Ran, Sanzu, Rindou, Benkei)
Tumblr media
🧁Cupcake — You're sweet, soft and he finds it amusing. He called you cupcake because he sees you as a piece of dessert he can't get enough of.
Tumblr media
🐯Tiger — He means it in the sweetest way. His favorite animal is a tiger and you two made a great duo. He is the monstrous tiger and you're his sweet, tiny tiger.
Tumblr media
🐱Kitten — Also means it in a sweet way. He loves cats. He thinks you're just as — even more — adorable than a kitten and he wants to spoil you rotten.
Tumblr media
🔆Sunshine — You are his little ray of sunshine. The way you smile, the way you laugh and are so happy around him brings happiness and light to his day. Therefore you are his sunshine!
Tumblr media
👑Princess — Draken is so soft behind closed doors, its tooth rotting. He calls you princess because he thinks you deserve to be treated like one… Which he does.
Tumblr media
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zozowritingg · 2 days ago
05:32 AM | manjiro sano
Tumblr media
"mhgn" you groan, forcing your numb body out of the already comfortable position you were in. beside you laid mikey, still asleep. he had a day off from work today and decided to spend it with you. much to your dismay, you had been chosen for a full-day shift in order to finish some extra paperwork you boss had assigned you.
a small smile tugs on your lips as you watch his chest slowly rise up and down. the sun's light illuminates his figure, lightening his already angelic features. it wasn't often that you could witness him looking..so defenseless.
you had finally dragged yourself out of bed, ready to put your slippers on.
"stay." you heard him groan, reaching to grab your hand and put you back under the covers with him. "mikey, please.." you whine, drawing your hand from him, while your other hand gently ruffles his messy hair. "no, you'll stay." he orders, lacing his fingers with your own and forcing you back onto the bed.
you sigh, slowly leaning your face toward his, "mikey, my boss will kill me if i don't go." you protest once again, forming a playful frown on your lips. you watch his expression slowly darken, a grin creeping onto his face.
"well then i'll just have to kill him first." he whispers into your ear, his pitch-black eyes gleefully staring at you.
"mikey!" you slap his back angrily. "if you don't stop right now, ill take a night shift again." you finally threatened him, stomping off to the door of your bedroom.
Tumblr media
A/N ! : ahhh- this is so bad but i actually kinda like it :) its the best i can do in this state. i hope you enjoyed!!
Tumblr media
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bokuroskitten · a day ago
kitty stop it with switch mitsuya. now. i can’t handle that manwhore.
me either, so take this. my paperwork took a lot longer than expected, my apologizes JHGHSDGY @tokyomanjihoe this is for you too baby <33
warnings: switch manwhore mitsuya LMFAO, guided se*ual acts, overstim & edging, use of a strap on, man is such a whore and just wants to fuck and be fucked all the time.
Switch!Mitsuya who could be doing literally anything and will drop it the second you ask him to do just about anything. You've honestly looked into the freakiest shit just to get his reaction, see what his limitations are-- but he doesn't have any. He'll simply look at you and nod, standing up from whatever he's doing and bonding it all together. "Sure pretty, let's try that right now." Switch!Mitsuya who guides you through the process of getting him worked up. He wants you to feel empowered and he wants to feel good so why not give you a hand and tell you all his sweet spots? "This spot on my neck baby, yea right there, suck on that-- good." "Harder baby, cmon I need it harder than that."
Switch!Mitsuya who keeps a smug smirk on his face when he notices your resolve start to shatter. You're looking at him a bit wide-eyed and dazed despite him being the one being literally slutted out and yet he's always asking for more. Man could have quivering thighs and raging heartbeat, cock swollen and endlessly leaky and yet he's asking for more in a gruff voice. "Done already princess? Bummer, coulda gone for another round"
Switch!Mitsuya who needs to be edged and overstimulated, he wants to be completely fucked out of his mind. Tells you to squeeze at the base of his cock to stop him from cumming but also has you suck him off right after you've given him two hand jobs because his balls aren't completely empty yet. The sticky, dry cum on his heavy chest isn't enough. His vision needs to start blacking out before the two of you can finish, body trembling so bad it'll start to go limp.
Switch!Mitsuya who is so fucking vocal cause he knows it only makes you all the flustered and turned on. Along with guiding you through a lot of the tasks his groans and moans echo in the house. He's shameless with it, head tilted back and lips hung wide when it really starts to feel good. his mumbles build-up to quivering whimpers when you manage to bring him to yet another orgasm, whole body shuddering as a dreamy sigh leaves his lips. "A-Again- fuck, again please b-baby--"
Switch!Mitsuya who cries so pretty when he's getting pushed to his limit. His thick lashes start to clump together and his eyes get a little bloodshot. When his whimpers start to shake his chest you slow down, only for his pupils to dilate and him to stare at you wide-eyed. Suddenly his cock seems to be jolting back to life as he speaks. "M-More pretty-- fuck, need more please, don't stop don't stop--"
Switch!Mitsuya who loves it when you actually manage to surprise him. When you squeeze his balls when he's being a little too confident, when you're getting a little sick of his condescending instruction and decide to gag him, when you're giving him the strap and manage to hit a spot inside him that makes him see stars. He's always a little taken back, body tensing and eyes widening. But that shock quickly turns to pleasure, eyes becoming dilated and dick twitching so hard that little sprits of pre always start to bubble from his abused slit. The more you surprise him, the more your dominance starts to work its way out, the more turned on he seems to get.
Switch!Mitsuya who really could go for endless rounds because his stamina and freakiness are off the charts. Man wants it all, basically in a constant state of horny and is ready to act on it. Eventually gives in when he really starts to see you wear out. He could be panting, covered in cum, eyes fluttering back open from being squeezed shut and he'll still crawl his way between your thighs, shaky palms angling his purplish mushroom head towards your entrance. Your whines are silenced with his lips, or he just ignores them with the toothy grin "M'gunna take it from here, good job precious~"
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chronic-claire-universe · 2 days ago
If Rindou has a daughter her name would totally be Rika, no one can convince me of the opposite
Hanma's son pissed on his suit while changing his diaper and he wanted to start a fight as he gurgled happily
Ran leaves work or interrupts any wreck is doing just to facetime you and see his daughter going to sleep, she needs to hear his voice to drift off to sleep.
Mikey wants to steal his son's blanket
Koko gifted his 3 years old daughter a D&G calculator as soon as she learned counting numbers
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hataini · 3 hours ago
.+ tags: baji keisuke, mitsuya takashi, kakucho, ran haitani, rindou haitani x fem!reader, angst (?) in ran's part,
Tumblr media
♡ BAJI KEISUKE is the type of boyfriend who always waits for you after school. He's never missed a day, even when you have to stay late at school to finish a group project. He insists that you are way safer when you're with him and also because he wants to see you one last time before going home, he'll never tell you that though. “What are you doing here?! I told you to go home because i'll finish late” he takes your bag from you and scoffs, “And let you go home alone this late? Never.”
♡ MITSUYA TAKASHI doesn't need to ask you what your favorites are, he can find them out himself. He loves listening to you talk and gives you 100% of his attention. You sometimes think that he isn't listening or that you're annoying him but whenever you stop in the middle of your sentence he looks up from the work he's doing, “Why did you stop talking?” you feel your cheeks heating from embarrassment “Oh, i thought i was boring you or something...” you hesitated. “No, in fact i was loving the way you were talking about the cute cat video you saw online.”
♡ KAKUCHO believes that action speaks louder than words. Although he never fails to tell you that he loves you every single day, he doesn't forget to always make you feel that you deserve the whole world. It's either he does it by bringing you on dates, surprising you with gifts, or holding you hands on public, he does it all very genuinely. “You are my one certainty in a thousand of doubts. Remember that, my love.”
♡ RAN HAITANI is the parent's favorite. He is a brown noser knows exactly what to say to your parents. Sometimes you even think that your parents love him more than you. That's why when you two took a break from each other, your parents was so insistent that you two fix whatever you fought about. He visits your house everyday and everyday your parents would let him in, but everyday you would also be out to avoid him. Soon when he realized that you were hellbent on ignoring him he left a message for you to your father. “I'm sorry, i really am. I love you more than anything else, so please, can we talk? If not, please just answer my calls or text me.”
♡ RINDOU HAITANI knows that you are very shy about pda and honestly, so is he. Don't get him wrong, he loves touching you and being near you but he knows that you get uncomfortable when it's in public. When behind closed doors or close circle of friends, he gives it his all. He always needs to touch you in some way whenever you two are alone, and when waking up? he is so whiny when you try to break away from his embrace that it's almost cute if only you don't have work to do. “Where are you going? It's cold without you, come back here.”
Tumblr media
© hataini 2022
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sinnerdolly · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr delate me this ask, but fortunately I took a screenshot. Hope this post appears to who wrote it cause I love it 💕 Please send me more request like this.
Dad Mikey. Sfw. So much cuteness.
Mikey's son is the spitting image of him. Naughty, childish and smart like dad. He knows how to get what he wants and what to do to fulfill his whims.
This occasion was no exception, the little one was bored waiting for you to finish your shopping. Store to store, trying on clothes, without any attention to him.
And on top of that, from one moment to the next, he is amazed at the height he is taking on the stairs... and when he looked up his father was walking away a few steps further up.
The first thing that came to his mind was the scolding for being so impatient "if you don't behave, I'll leave you here" Mikey joked hours before, without imagining that his toddler would believe him.
Tears began to stream down his cheeks, despair consuming him. He tried to follow, but his feet were too small to climb the steps.
“Daddy!” he exclaimed at the top of his lungs. Mikey turned around in confusion, realizing that his little boy was three or four steps down and still hadn't reached the top of the stairs. Shit! You were going to kill him if you saw that he neglected it for a second. “Don't leave Me!”
The other people around laughed at the cuteness, and Mikey had to hold back a laugh at the child's drama. He hurried down the steps and slung it over his shoulder.
“Why are you crying? You know I would never abandon you” he kissed the boy's cheeks until he calmed down a bit “I'm too afraid of your mother to do it” the boy looked perplexed.
“I want dorakis, or I'll tell mom” the brat couldn't even pronounce dorayakis and bribed him.
Mikey watched him with a frown, hesitating to comply with his whim. Then he saw you walk into Victoria's secret and knew you were going to be another hour late.
“With chocolate milk?” he asked the boy as he walked towards some coffee shop.
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dorarakei · 2 days ago
i just know that baji secretly has a big fat crush on the class nerd but he always act all big and tough around them bcs he didn't want to get busted. cuz like, why would a prodigy fell for a gang member like him?? surely they know better than that.
little did baji know, they have the same feeling as him. ever since baji saved them from local bullies, they just know that baji's the one. <3
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demeto-anima · 2 days ago
Shinichiro: Does age matter?
Wakasa: Depends. Why do you ask?
Shinichiro: I'm just checking to see if I can eat something from the kids menu.
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mystic2moon · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tokyo Revengers
Chapter 158 - Untamed heart
Coloring by me!
tap for better quality!
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lordofchaosblog · 2 days ago
Happy birthday, Ran Haitani!
Characters: Ran Haitani
Summary: Ran's birthday gift!
Warnings: NONE!
Tumblr media
For Ran's birthday, you got him a duckling!
That's right, a duckling.
Ran's favorite animal is a duck and he always wanted to own one. He even got the duck a tiny baton and tried to train it how to use it on other people.
Of course, it didn't work out but he still tried. Rindou teases him because of how dumb it looks but its actually so adorable how he looks after the ducky.
All you see most of the day when you see Ran pass by is a duckling following him around the house and its the cutest thing ever.
The duck sleeps by him at night, you will find them cuddled up and sleeping like babies.
Tumblr media
Tags: @benkeibear @sanzusbaby @kisakiapologist @senjuchii @crown5 @crybabylisa
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michaki · a month ago
— ( ran haitani. rindou haitani. haruchiyo sanzu. )
Tumblr media
it wasn’t the first time RAN broke a promise and you were sure, it wouldn’t be the last. it wasn’t anything major tonight, you had just asked him if you two can have dinner together — just a night of you and him.
but unfortunately, he would rather have a night with him and his comrades than with you and you took it quite badly.
“ i don’t understand why dinner was such a big deal? “ he let out an exhale of aspiration and the more he didn’t understand, the more your heart was breaking. maybe his priorities were different than yours, maybe you weren’t even considered one anymore but all you knew was that you felt yourself resting at the bottom of that list.
“ because y-you promised me. “ you stammered, in hopes that he could see why it hurt and instead, ran returned you a frown — not out of guilt but from pity, more so expectantly that you should’ve been used to this behavior, used to him not pulling through. “ i promise you a lot of things, darling. “
with those two alone, your sadness falters into anger, “ i hate you. “
your choice of words caught the both of you out of surprise because you both remained speechless from that. your hand clasped around your mouth as he allowed your words to settle in, more so processed what happened to lead up to those words. the more he thought, the more he understood why you would hate him.
he breaks promises, he chooses anyone over you — why wouldn’t you hate him? if anything, he transcends some hate for himself. “ i’m sorry — “
“ i didn’t mean it. “ you choked out, tears bleeding down your features and all he could focus on how he had pushed you on the edge to speak those words. he’s aware that you were apologizing and for that he mustered to shove all of his pity for himself to reassure you because you were still his highest priority, even if you didn’t see that.
ran’s hands cradle your face, “ it’s okay, darling. breathe — c'mon you can do that for me, yeah? “ he encourages, finding himself to find closure when you oblige to his wishes. the pad of his thumbs continue to wipe the freefalling droplets from your cheeks, “ there we are, that’s my pretty darling. “
you didn’t feel pretty but from the look in his eyes despite the words you voiced, you felt reassured. you leaned forwards, pressing your forehead against his chest, “ i didn’t mean it. “
“ i know. “ and for that, he will do anything to avoid hearing those words again.
Tumblr media
“ you just have to ruin everything, don’t you? “ RINDOU mutters, not sparing you a single glance since he had exited out of the car. you can only hang your head low in disappointment that he isn’t willing to see how tonight wasn’t your fault and more so, how he attempted to gaslight you so he can be victorious.
but you still remain in high hopes that he can see your point, you just aren’t quite comfortable in your boyfriend’s environment, if anything you just weren’t used to the club scene — unfortunately, he opposes your statement because supposedly if you cared then you would’ve lasted longer.
funny how you can easily turn the table about the concerns of caring for the other but you weren’t one to play dirty like he does.
“ how long are you going to give me the cold shoulder? “ you inquire, trailing behind your irritated boyfriend in the parking lot to his penthouse — your voice echoing throughout the space and a frown falls on your features when you note the desperation that was audible, you can only hope that he hears it too.
rindou lets out an agitated sound, showing his frustrations by the way his hands seem to fidget. you already knew what he was going to say so you mimic the same sound, making sure that your eyes meet with his, “ you knew how important tonight was for me. “
you did, you were quite aware and you gave it your all to last longer than usual but the deities weren’t on your side that night to aid you. “ and i apologize for making you cut the night short but you know i don’t do well in — “
“ this again. “ he chastises, “ this same excuse, maybe grow the fuck up and learn to tolerate it then. “
your eyes widen, never expecting that he would say something so cruel knowing how difficult it is to fit in his world. your social problems weren’t your fault and he would’ve never forced an act upon you if you didn’t want to so hearing that, made your heart break into pieces. a sob fell from your throat, alarming your boyfriend with not only your tears but your words, “ i hate you. “
and as alarmed as he was, you too fell into shock of your outburst, “ i-i’m sorry, rin — “ he cuts your sentence short with a single tug towards him, you can feel how tense he was from under you, “ i’m sorry, baby. i didn’t mean to treat you horribly tonight. “ and he’s sorry that it came to the point of those three words.
Tumblr media
you were aware of how much the substances SANZU took on the daily affected him — you wouldn’t use the term addict for him, mostly out of respect and high hopes that it was a false accusation but tonight he did you no favor to prove you wrong of that.
it was already difficult exiting the restaurant with nothing but embarrassment and alone then you found having to spot your boyfriend on the couch, most likely have forgotten that he had to meet you tonight was much harder. “ where were you just now? “ sanzu inquires, sparing you a single gaze before returning to the pills that were set on the table.
his fingers correlating a specific tablet to its own specified pile before returning a glance at you expectantly — waiting for your response but nothing was given, just a small disappointed frown. you didn’t have to answer him, you did nothing wrong but show up to where you needed to be. so you give him a small shrug, coursing towards the kitchen.
his eyebrows furrow at your behavior, not fond of the silence so he followed you over. from the island table, you can watch the stumble in his footwork and with that you already knew more than intended. his eyes narrowed towards the bag that was settled onto the marble counter, “ what’s this? “
“ your dinner, since you were so busy getting high instead of meeting me tonight thought i’d bring you something. “ you answer, using a single push to maneuver the meal over to him. for a couple seconds, he remains silent but turns back to you, “ can you repeat that again? “
you normally give in when it comes to him and sometimes like these moments, you can only do so much because anything can send him into a spiral. so you turn away instead to retrieve a glass of water and you can only assume he’s inching closer by the heavy steps he takes. his arms sitting loosely around your waist and humming your name but his resolve falters when he sees you stare at the filled to the brim glass in your hand.
“ are you really that mad? “ he rolls his eyes, “ it’s just dinner — “
“ i hate you. “ you mumble in hopes that he didn’t hear you but he did. as he was able to speak, his mouth becomes dry when your head falls into your hands. a sob rips from your throat, “ i’m sorry, i just wanted to be with you but you seem to only care about getting high than to be with me. “
he recalls to his last words, it’s just dinner and if it’s just dinner — then why couldn’t he spare you a single night to be with you. so he doesn’t say anything, all he does is pulls you into his arms and hopes that you can feel how sorry he was.
Tumblr media
BACK TO MASTERLIST— reblogs are appreciated.
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bokuroskitten · 10 days ago
᯽⸱៰ ͘ ࣭⸰ 𖥔 ͙ࣳ BIG BEEFY MEN 😵‍💫
Tumblr media
Ft. Bokuto, Taiju, Tengen, Toji, Osamu, Draken
Warnings: size kink x 1727292718, manhandling and lots of it, fem bodied reader, titles used: papa, daddy, sir, overstimulation, edging, implied age gap for toji’s part, mentions of creampie, slight exhibitionism for Osamu, drool, cute pet names like baby, princess, etc, only lightly edited my bad
Note: I had too much fun writing this YEJAJJS, like 😵‍💫, it also took me a while cause every time I would add another guy I would daydream for like a couple hours 🤤 this is multifandom cause there are just too many beefy men to go around, and honestly I could have added more (Daichi, Matsukawa, Todo, Mirio, Sakuna, Benkei… 😵‍💫😵‍💫) but then I’d be at this forever UWJAJ so take this, for now, <333 reblogs, comments and feedback are always greatly appreciated <3
Tumblr media
Bokuto who works out 6 days a week and still runs on the 7th 😔 he’s always working on his muscles, making sure he’s physically fit and always up to par for volleyball. Iwaizumi keeps him on a strict workout regime and he doesn’t mind that, considering it shows results and makes him feel good. You honestly don’t mind the schedule either, because you get to watch him pump bars over his head, muscles contracting and rippling, sweat dripping in beads along his toned chest. He’s a god really, with a build like that, and your eyes can’t help but stayed glued to him. It’s only when he clears his throat that you realize you’ve been caught, cheeks suddenly starting to burn as you snap your eyes away from his abs and up to his face. That smug look of his doesn’t help your embarrassment, making you bite your lip sheepishly. “Enjoyin the view, birdy?” He asks through a grin, and you don’t bother lying, you’ve been caught away so you nod, heart doing a little flip in your chest when he holds a hand out to you. You don’t hesitate to go to his side, allowing his hand to guide your own over the plane of his abs. Your fingertips trace the defined muscles there, despite how they still contract and sweat and you sigh softly, pupils basically in little heart shapes when you look back up at him. “You look so good, Koutarou….”
He’s got you laid out flat on his workout bench, clothes were haphazardly thrown across the padded flooring. Your slips hang open in a silent cry as he looms over you again, chest pressed right up to your back as his cock bullies its way to the hilt back into your gummy walls. His groan right next to your ear is almost overwhelming, his body swallowing you up and taking over all your senses as his hips hump up against your ass, pushing and pulling his cock shallowly in and out of you. When you let out a hiccuping sigh against the leather of the bench he chuckles softly, teeth grazing against your ear. “Liked bein stuffed like this, huh baby? Wanna be stuffed with cum too, don’t you?” You nod because the words don’t form, becoming lost on your tongue and replaced with whines as soon as Bokuto starts rotating his hips. One thick arm manages to slip underneath you and his palm rests open on your tummy, uncaring of the sweat and slick that makes everything a little messier. “Cum f’me.” His words vibrate against your back, his index finger managing to find your clit to add a steady pressure to the pulsing bud. You would have jolted, but you’re trapped beneath him, so all you can do is let out a shaky sob. “Cum f’papa and I’ll give you exactly what you want~”
Taiju is a busy man, running his successful restaurant was a full-time job that took up a lot of his time. And yet despite this, he always made time for his baby. He’d take you along to special events, and business meetings, but especially to suit fittings. You were the one that made him rekindle his relationship with Mitsuya, knowing that he would be the best person for the job in terms of making a suit that would actually fit Taiju’s size and stature. You claimed you went to talk to Mitsuya, which may have been part of the reason, but Taiju knew why you went along to every fitting. You got to see him almost naked, arms outstretched and shoulder blades contracting as Mitsuya took his proper measurements. He watched you through the full-length mirrors that covered the studio walls. How you’d press your thighs together, squirming in the chair you sat in. How your eyes would get glossy when he’d slip the brand new suit jacket on, testing the fit and how it would look perfect on his frame. The best is when he’d pull the suit pants on for the first time and your eyes were literally glued to his butt, lip bitten between your lips almost swollen. Mitsuya would leave the room as Taiju undressed into his normal clothes, and it’s only then that he’d scoff softly, eyes a bit narrowed as he finally catches your attention. “You’re so obvious.” He states, only making you fiddle with the hem of your skirt a bit more as you try to play innocent. “Staring at me like a piece of meat. Bet your panties are soaked through…”
As soon as the two of you got back to your shared home he’d have you pinned against a wall. If you had it your way you would’ve done it in the car, but Taiju wanted to make you wait and teased you the whole drive. Reminder you that only whores get that hot and bothered so easily, held your thigh in his big hand cause he knew it made you melt seeing how he could so easily grip the fat there. He picked you up at this point, your skirt bunched up at your waist and your panties ripped clean off. His hands gripped harshly to the fat of thighs, holding you up against the wall with nothing but strength as he used the force of gravity to fuck up into you. The slap of his hips was wet from how much you were dribbling, his eyes wide and feral as he watched your head lull back against the wall, a bit of drool leaving your lips that were stuck hung in a silent scream. He grins, lips littering sloppy kisses along your neck, uncaring of the marks he left behind. “Pretty lil dumb thing…” he murmurs, grinding his hips so his cock could thoroughly stir your insides. “This is all you think about, isn’t it? Getting fucked open by my big cock?” That caught your attention, nodding your head as your nails leave crescents into his shoulder. You’re mumbling “yes sir, yes Taiju” as his speed suddenly picks up, loving the feeling of your breasts bouncing against his chest. “Such a good girl.”
Tengen knows he’s attractive, he has 4 wives who all adore him, of course, he’s attractive. He also knows very that he’s built like a god, with muscles that bulge just right, flex and make him look even better. Sure, he got this way from hard work and dedication, but it helps too that he’s naturally flashy, with a good style and personality to go with his looks. He knows that people watch him, he knows that people flirt with him, and rather openly. Most of his wives have gotten used to this, but you? You’re a little newer, can’t help but be a bit protective and a lil insecure when it comes to your partner. So when you see two women flirting with him at a festival, something like jealousy flames within your belly. You can’t even help the way you get upset, lips twisting into a pout. It’s when one of the random women has the audacity to put her hand onto his bicep, giving it a squeeze that you lose it. You cling onto him, basically prying him away from their grimy hands and sending them a death glare in the process. The girls got the memo instantly, slinking away with grumbles and pouts of their own. To make matters worse Tengen is oblivious to it all. He was used to this, people hitting on him, but you acting like this? “What’s wrong?” He asks, the amusement in his tone only making you ten times angrier. Rather than explaining yourself you flip him off, an action that only fuels him further to get an answer out of you…
Your back is trembling against his chest, his fingers so lazily petting at your clit driving you absolutely wild but you can’t do anything about it. Your hands are trapped behind you between your bodies, bound by the silky material of the cord that usually holds his robe together. His cock somehow looks even bigger right now, stuffed within your quivering pussy and stretching it open. His base is covered already in a layer of your sheen that’s been steadily leaking out of you and yet he still hasn’t let you cum. You Yelp from the sudden impact of his fingertips against your swollen numb, fat tears finally spilling from your lashes and onto your hot cheeks. “Why would you ever need to be jealous, pretty? Ever?” He questions you again, fingers going back to slowly rolling your clit. You let out a soft sob, head lulling back into his broad chest as you try to buck your hips along his cock, only for his free hand to keep you firmly in place. “Don’t you know I picked you for a reason? Don’t you know I love you so, so much that I wanted you and only you to join the girls and me in our marriage?” His voice lowers as you start to flutter around his cock again, and his fingers start to speed up, finally. “Won’t ask ya again, tell me, do you know I love you?” You cry out, lips bit swollen as you tilt your head back enough to meet his gaze. He flashes you a smile, the first one you’ve gotten since the start of this punishment and you whimper, nodding dumbly. “I-I know, I-I know daddy, m’sorry, was bein dumb—“ He shushes you with his lips, finally moving his hips. He bucks them up into you, making your whole body bounce in his lap from the sheer size difference. “Not dumb, never dumb Darlin.. ya just forget sometimes…” The knot in your stomach finally snaps as he circles your clit, the squeeze of your pussy making his groan into your open mouth. “Just forget how perfect ya are f’me, that’s all.”
Toji, big big Toji who knows very well that most ladies are attracted to him for his size. He likes to go for the little shy ones. The ones that stare at him with innocent eyes, look at him a little longer than they should and always manage to get caught. He’ll send you a wink, sometimes even wave playfully just to get you all the more embarrassed. His favourite type to go for though, as horrible as it is, are the girls his son is always bringing home. It’s a little fucked up, isn’t it? But Toji knows, knows that his son may try his best, but he can’t please a woman like he can, not yet anyway. So as his father, it’s his job to keep Megumi’s girls pleased when he can’t do so himself. He sees it as helping of course, surely the girl will stick with his son longer if she knows she’ll get a treat every time she comes over…
“Skirts shorter than usual…” Toji muses, his eyes lit up in amusement as his fingers brushed over the soft pleats found in the fabric. His hips are snapping back into your ass again just so your lips hang open, the start of a yelp about to escape had he not shoved the hem of the skirt between your lips. You muffle a whine into the material, fingers curling up against the wall you were currently pressed up against. “Musta wanted me to notice, isn’t that right dollface?” He says between a chuckle, his grin getting bigger as he gets a better grip on your hips, making you stick your ass out a bit more and arch your back for him. This angle allows his cock head to smack into your cervix, kissing it with the tip and threatening to break through. His balls are heavy as they slap against your skin, only adding to the lewd, wet slaps that echo from your cute pussy. He leans closer to your ear, whispering against the soft flesh when you let out a string of sobs about how you’re gunna cum. “Yea? Gunna cum for daddy are ya?” He laughs when you nod, teeth sinking into your shoulder as one thick hand slides over your hips to tease on your clit, helping you reach your high faster. “Go on, make sure you’re loud enough that your boyfriend knows his daddy is fucking you this good.”
Osamu has always been the bulkier of the two twins. Even in their volleyball days, his muscles weren’t as lean as Atsumu’s. He was built bigger, shoulders broader, the baby fat on his cheeks remaining longer. Now as an adult his muscles didn’t go away, oh no, he needs them to lift the heavy bags of rice to and from the restaurant, but he has certainly filled out. Shoulders spreading, biceps bulging. A light layer of fat forms over his chest, the muscles underneath just making him look bigger. The T-shirts he always wears show these off, and although he takes no mind to how his body has changed, you certainly have. It makes you drool when his arms flex as he quickly cuts up vegetables and when he grunts as he lifts a rice bag on his shoulder. The best is when he ties his apron around him, Accentuating just how small his waist still is despite how he’s broadened out. He doesn’t even realize how attractive he is, honestly. You can’t even help yourself when you gawk at him at work, and you certainly can’t help how heat pools between your legs. He starts to really notice when you pout up at him, pretty legs rubbing together on the stool you sit at…
“Couldn’t even wait until we got home.” He’s grumbling his words against your lips as if he’s not happy to have his tongue exploring every inch of your mouth. “Too fuckin spoiled to wait.” He added, his reprimanding turning into a grunt when your nails run through his hair, scratching lightly over his scalp just the way he likes it. He latches onto your lower lip, suckling it like his favourite treat as his big hands grab at your thighs. He tenderly squeezes the flesh he loves before gripping it, easily hauling you up onto the countertop he was previously making food on. He’s thankful you’re wearing a skirt today because all it takes is one good tug and your panties are ripped clean off, exposing your dampened lower lips to him and making goosebumps rise on your lips. He clicks his tongue when you start to complain about how those were your favourite pair, one of his palms pressing into your tummy to easily push you back into the cold countertop. “Quit yer bitchin, I’ll get a new pair.” You were about to shoot back, but all your words get lost on your tongue when he spits onto your pussy, two thick fingers locked in and rubbing on your clit. A smirk twitches on his lips, shaking his head as he watches just how easily you come undone for him. He presses a kiss to your hip bone. “That’s it, be a good girl and take what you want, gunna fuck ya real good.”
we all know I could go on for hours about Draken 😔 I mean do you blame me? He’s huge, the biggest of all his friends in both height and build. He’s always been naturally big, the width of his shoulders sometimes making it hard for him to find proper attire that fits him comfortably. Hence why he settles for tank tops a lot, which gives him more space to breathe. Would never admit it out loud but he 100% is very aware when you’re checking him out and he LOVES it. Draken doesn’t like to flaunt himself but when you do it it’s different. Makes his cheeks heat up a bit and his cock twitch knowing how damn lucky he is to have someone as pretty as you obsessed with him like that. So he’ll let you stare, whether it be while he’s working at the shop, working out, or simply when the two of you are out. He’ll let your eyes linger on him, sometimes he’ll even flex on purpose, holding back laughter when you suck in a sharper breath. He will tease you about it, sometimes of course cause he can’t even help himself. He’ll turn and smirk at you, “like what you see, princess?” Or “my eyes are up here, goofy.” But comments like that always leave you in a huff and he’ll have to chase you after to make up for it. Which is fine, but sometimes, he lets you linger, lets you really stare and get yourself worked up, cause that’s when you’ll pounce him. You have such little patience, and it’s so so amusing to your big boyfriend when you try to drag his ass around to get what you desire from him…
As soon as the two of you had returned home from your date you had dragged Draken to the couch, not even bothering to bring him to the bedroom because it had been far too long and you were craving him already. He had worn that tank top you love so much, with the low-cut armholes that show off his toned sides and arms. You just couldn’t take it. You needed to have him. Which is how you ended up straddling his lap, needy whines leaving your lips as your fingers desperately tried to unbuckle his belt, simply settling for pawing at his crotch when you couldn’t seem to get it. He’s grinning, holding back little strings of laughter. “Eager huh?” Normally you would have snapped back at a comment like that, but when his fingers finally freed his cock, you simply sighed in contentment, licking your lips at how it stood at attention, leaking so pretty just for you to sit on. You had already discarded your bottoms, lifting yourself on your hunches and easing yourself easily onto his cock. The stretch was always mind-numbing, back arching and goosebumps forming on your thighs as you slowly work your way over him. The little whimpers, whines, needy noises you made were a melody to Draken’s ears, his hands massaging the supple skin of your thighs as you moved at your own pace. He groaned softly when your pussy started to flutter around him already, your walls being stubborn as usual when first taking him in. “Fuck—“ he gritted out, pupils dilating when you looked at him with teary eyes, lips puffy as you huffed. “Help me, Ken, want all of you.” His hands slid from your thighs to your waist, bearing his teeth in an amused grin as he lifted you up with ease, just enough that his head sat between your walls. He didn’t hesitate when he slammed you back down on his cock, sheathing all the way on his cock, the knock of it up against your cervix making your breath leave you in a gasp. He doesn’t let up from there, using the bruising grip he has on your love handles to bounce you up and down on his cock. “So. Fucking. Needy— and you can’t even take what you want on your own? Really are just a dumb lil baby aren’t you, princess?” You’re sobbing from the brutal pace, head lulling onto his shoulder as he bounces you like you’re nothing. And to him, it’s a simple task, the pleasure of the pretty tight walls milking his cock only making it easier for him to manhandle you. “Fuck—“ he grins, planting his feet so his hips can fuck up into you, further jolting you along his cock. “You just sit pretty, daddy will do all the work—“
Tumblr media
Member of: @tokyometronetwork @hanayanetwork
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souqa · 2 months ago
rindou: [snarls] you think i love them? you think i give a shit about y/n??
ran, watching him carefully place a blanket on y/n who's sleeping on his lap: yeah
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slttygeto · 2 months ago
fool for you ༄
Tumblr media
request: [anon] oh how about tokyo revengers(your choice) with a reader who is a major simp for them. like zenitsu level.
featuring: kakucho hitto, rindou haitani, mitsuya takashi.
genre: fluff, suggestive.
Tumblr media
—kakucho hitto
oh help this man
he already gets shy pretty easily. it just really doesn't take much to fluster this man
so when his s/o keeps on making extra comments about how delicious he looks, he has to fight back a blush.
bonten always make fun of him for it
"love, you're making a scene." kakucho said in a hushed voice, trying his best to sound nice and not like he was rejecting you. the tip of both of his ears were heating up as he placed his hands on your shoulders, noticing how the bonten trio—ran, rin and sanzu were giving him that look.
you, on the other hand, were a mess. your boyfriend had no right looking this good all the time and you were always surprised at how fit he was. everytime he flaunted his abs in his pretty bonten attire, you felt like a part of you was dying—in a good way of course.
"how can't I when you look so ready for me to devour—" kakucho immediately covered your mouth, eyes widening at your words. you laughed a little, the bonten trio's exaggerated gasps and yells for kakucho to get it making you enjoy this a bit too much.
"yeah kaku, devouring you sounds like such a nice thing to do—"
"fuck off, ran." kakucho couldn't even stare at them, placing his forehead against yours as he sighed deeply. this was way too stressful.
"I promise I will let you... have fun with me, just for now, keep quiet alright?" uncovering your mouth, hitto leaned down to press a quick peck to your lips and another one to your nose.
"yes, daddy." you little shit.
"I said shut up!"
Tumblr media
—rindou haitani
you stress him out so much he hates it
he already has ran to embarrass him 24/7 but somehow, the universe decided that it would be a good idea to send him a s/o who will absolutely obliterate his reputation as a bonten member in front of everyone
but hey, at least he knows that you really love him a lot amirite
rindou groaned when he watched you walk in with a glint in your eyes. your excitement was never good news.
"can I help you?" your boyfriend teased from his spot on the couch, watching how you had your hands behind your back. you were totally keeping something there, but what was it?
"you can, actually," you started, legs slowly dragging you towards rindou who looked very skeptical of the whole situation.
"by putting this on!" slamming down a maid costume on his lap, rindou stared at the item in disbelief before throwing it to the side.
"absolutely not."
"but rin!"
"rindou, you have such a nice ass it always makes my mouth water," you whined to your boyfriend, dramatically dropping to your knees in front of him before placing your chin on his lap, batting your eyelashes at him. he tensed up.
"and your pretty thighs would look so good with the skirt and everything—" you placed a small kiss to the inside of his thigh while he fought back a groan and a blush.
"you'd look so cute, like my own little doll. wouldn't you want that, rinrin?" there you go, using that same sultry tone on him whenever he wanted to act like you being so whipped for him didn't affect him.
"you know I can easily crush your head by closing my legs, right?" rindou tried to threaten you, the apples of his cheek tinted with a soft shade of pink that darkened when you flashed him that grin.
you placed your chin higher on his thigh, way too close to his crotch that you could feel his abs tense.
"not the first time you crush me with your thighs, rin."
"you're fucking crazy," rindou sighed when your lips pressed against his bulge, head thrown back.
"about you only, baby."
Tumblr media
—mitsuya takashi
another kind of shy one
idk how to explain it but he strikes me as the type who would definitely appreciate how much his s/o is obsessed with him
he would say thank you and ily but sometimes you just genuinely catch him off guard
especially if you mention stuff that even he doesnt notice about himself
"never knew someone could have such a pretty waist," you snaked your arms around your boyfriend's bare waist, your sleepy form along with how sudden you appeared scaring mitsuya a little.
he was making breakfast in the kitchen, he knew how much you appreciated the little things he did but he couldn't help but feel a bit flustered with your affection.
mitsuya's always seen himself as the one who gives in a relationship, he knew that he was capable of loving hard—so having you as his partner, loving on him and being straight up intoxicated on his love was very weird. but never in a bad way.
"good morning," takashi replied with a chuckle, stirring the orange juice he freshly made. he felt your hands sneak up, caressing his bare chest before jolting when your hand slowly sneaked its way inside his pants.
"baby," he warned you, his hips bucking with a hiss when your warm hand grabbed his cock.
"hmm?" you hummed, pressing your lips against his shoulder with a smile. "you smell so good too," your teeth gently grazed his skin, amused at how sensitive he was.
"I'll drop your plate if you don't—" a small whine left his lips when your thumb pressed at his tip, a grin plastered on your lips at his reaction.
"you're so pretty takashi, so so pretty," the small blush forming on your boyfriend's cheeks made you coo, your arm wrapping tightly around his waist to keep him up.
"stop saying that" he sounded breathless, it was a bit cute how he was still trying to maintain his image as the one in charge when he was falling apart like this.
"but I'm saying the truth, taka. you're my pretty baby," your nose brushed against his nape, pressing a gentle kiss to his skin.
"all mine, yeah?"
Tumblr media
2022 © all works belong to slttygeto. do not repost my work anywhere else.
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hosikas · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
hot things the tokyo revengers boys do
attractive things they do without trying/ being aware of it
trigger warning: nothing
Tumblr media
─ mikey
he hums softly whenever you talk to him. it's hot because it proves that he's listening to you, but it's also hot because his low tone seems to resonate into your whole body, curling around you like a snake would curl around his prey.
the way he knows he has you wrapped around his finger. the confidence he has whenever he's asking you to do something for him and the way he smiles knowing you can't say no to him.
he gets super close to your face whenever you're saying something that has anything to do with your romantic feelings toward him. "oh really? that's really sweet of you to say." he usually answers, in a voice that seems like velvet to your ears. he often looks at your lips with lewd eyes after that but move away before you can kiss him. yes he's a piece of shit.
─ draken
always touch your hips to move you a little whenever he passes behind you. (bonus point when sometimes he quickly kisses you under your ear or on your neck.)
he willingly becomes your personal heater whenever you're cold. you don't even have to ask him to hold you, as soon as he sees the tip of your nose and of yours ears starting to get red you're already in his arms.
his.fucking.smirk. it's almost imperceptible, a little smile cross his lips and he slightly nods in your direction. it lasts a few seconds but it's enough to make you fall on the floor. he usually does it when he sees you during a gang meeting, when he can't talk to you for the moment. or when he has to go because mikey called him, before he's out of sight he turns his head and smirks at you.
─ mitsuya
he's so mature and responsible. he handles every conflict with calm and rationality and never loses his temper, you know you can rely on him, (bonus points bc he's good with kids and nice with your family too)
sometimes, when he's really tired, he just lifts your hoodie/shirt and pass his head under it. "you're really warm, I like it." you can feel his breath brushing against your skin and you're even more warm if it's even possible. the best part is that he does it without any ulterior motive, he just really likes being this close to you.
idk man he's just so nice to everyone, and respectful, he gives his seat to a pregnant woman in the train, he helps an old man to cross the road, he offers his hand whenever you're walking together, totally husband material, green flags everywhere, he would treat you better than your shitty boyfriend
─ chifuyu
he loves to talk to you really close to your ear, he says the most innocent and random shit like asking you if you want to eat italian food tonight and let out a surprised laugh when he sees your blushing face.
he kisses your knuckles, then the back of your hand, and he slowly raises up to your shoulder by tracing light kisses all over your arm, when he's at your shoulder he lifts his head to smile to you and god wouldn't be nice to be in a relationship with him-
he unconsciously licks his lips whenever he's hungry and sees some food he likes yes it also applies to you
─ baji
everything he does is hot, and yes it is objectively said by a professional baji's slut
but enough of exposing myself, baji acts like he owns every place he goes to. when he sits somewhere, he makes sure to spread his legs and extend his arm against the back of his sit. he looks down at everyone even if they're taller than him, he just knows how to look scary and intimidating. a confident queen
"look at me" you hear these words pretty often, like when you're anxious and too busy over thinking, he asks you softly to look into his eyes and calm you down. or whenever you act shy around him, he really can't help it, he wants to stare into your eyes
moans like a slut when he stretches. he's not even ashamed of it. when you hear his soft whines you usually drop everything you have in your hands while he's looking at you with an innocent smile. this man truly doesn't know the power he holds
─ kazutora
this mf smells really good. it's not even perfume, it's his own body scent, and it just makes it 10x times hotter. sometimes you nuzzle your head into his neck, drowning in his scent while he laughs a little because your hot breath against his skin tingles him.
you know the famous fuck me eyes trend on tik tok? we found the winner you can stop searching. I know that he has like, gigantic eyes that seem to want to swallow your soul but he can make them look really soft when he wants. his big ass eyes usually soften when he's looking at you, staring without realizing it.
he falls asleep on your shoulder or lap pretty often. he feels at peace when he's around you, and this shows how much he trusts you, letting his guard down and being vulnerable around you.
Tumblr media
tokyo revengers masterlist
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
includes: hanma shuji, ryuguji ken, sano manjiro, haitani rindou, haitani ran, sano shinichiro, imaushi wakasa, akashi haruchiyo, shiba hakkai, matsuno chifuyu
notes: because every pretty boy deserves a kiss especially when he’s hurt :(
Tumblr media
✰ 𝐇𝐀𝐍𝐌𝐀 pouts at you and points to the bruise on his chest as you clean the blood off his knuckles, clicking his teeth when you choose to ignore him. “baby, you forgot to kiss one,” he insists, and you purse your lips at him as you roll your eyes. “i already kissed that one, shuji. now let me clean you up—” but he cuts you off with more protesting, and before you know it, you’re caving and pressing what feels like the hundredth kiss to his chest, making him giggle in glee. “feeling better already,” he smirks, winking at you. you sigh, but fondness blooms in your chest as you stare at him, and he stutters slightly and fights back blush when you unexpectedly press a soft kiss to the tip of his nose.
✰ 𝐃𝐑𝐀𝐊𝐄𝐍 insists he can take care of himself. he’s been patching himself up before he met you, and he can patch himself up even if you’re here now. he hates the worried look on your face, and he doesn’t want to see the day you’ve had enough, but you always manage to force yourself into the bathroom anyway. “if you keep hiding these from me then i can’t do this,” you murmur, pressing a soft peck to the bruise on his chest. he hopes you don’t feel his heartbeat quicken as you do. “do i look five to you?” he grumbles, but he slightly frowns when you pull away, leaving the other bruise unattended. “you’re never too old for kisses, kenny. they make you feel better.” and his chest blooms when you lean back down and press a chaste kiss to the other mark on his chest before meeting his lips.
✰ 𝐌𝐈𝐊𝐄𝐘 likes the way you cradle his face, looking intently and fussing over him. he loves the attention, and he can’t help but enjoy the way you’re so close, inspecting his face for any other traces of injury. the soft brush of your thumb over his bruise makes him flinch just a bit more dramatically than he needs to, but you don’t have to know that. “it hurts pretty bad,” he pouts, and you kiss his downturned lips sweetly before placing a delicate kiss to his bruise, cupping his jaw with a smile. “my poor baby, how about now? still hurts?” you chuckle, and he feels his breath hitch, shaking his head lightly and letting it droop further into your hand as you bring the other to stroke through his locks.
✰ 𝐑𝐈𝐍𝐃𝐎𝐔 scoffs, rolling his eyes as you pull out the first aid kit, grabbing it from you and putting it behind him on the bathroom counter. he feels the slightest bit of guilt flood his chest when you sigh sadly, but his arms cross over his chest anyway. “knew you’d make it a big deal. i’m fine, quit worrying,” he grumbles. shaking your head, you grab his face, pulling him in closer and making his eyes widen at the sudden act. “when will you realize i’m always gonna worry, you idiot? i love you.” and when you press tender kisses to the bruise on his jaw, murmuring about how he’s still just as pretty even with the mark, he gulps, grabbing onto your hips tightly and quietly mumbling back a soft “i love you too.”
✰ 𝐑𝐀𝐍 smirks at you and waves a hand to usher you to put the ice away, but you sigh, stepping forward anyway and handing it to him as you eye the sickening blackish blue mark on his cheek. “don’t need that baby, ‘m a tough guy,” he insists, and you roll your eyes, shaking your head as you hand him the ice despite his claims. “if you’re so tough, you wouldn’t have a bruise in the first place. now let me see your hand,” you say as you grab his hand in yours, and he closes his eyes at the warmth of your touch. “don’t kick a guy while he’s already down,” he pouts as you inspect his bruised knuckles carefully. “we don’t have another ice pack so this’ll have to do for now,” you say before lightly kissing each knuckle, making him inhale sharply and grip your hand tighter, keeping you in his grasp when you go to pull away.
✰ 𝐒𝐇𝐈𝐍𝐈𝐂𝐇𝐈𝐑𝐎 feels almost ashamed when you see him like this, and maybe he is just a little. he’s never been the best fighter in the first place, but he hates the idea of you thinking he’s helpless. but you never do, always staring at him like he’s hung the stars and painted the sun across the sky as you take his face into your palms. “now, who could ever hurt such a handsome face,” you pout, peppering kisses along his jaw until it lands on the bruise that’s forming. “think ‘m handsome, huh?” he mumbles with a smirk, only to wince as his jaw aches from the stretch. “of course i do, my pretty boy,” you hum, and there’s a slight wobble to his lips when you press your forehead to his and flash him a gentle smile, his hands shaky as they pull your figure closer so he can feel your body’s warmth against his.
✰ 𝐖𝐀𝐊𝐀𝐒𝐀 thinks you’re teasing him with the way you keep pulling away every time he tries to kiss you, furrowing his brows and sending you a glare. grabbing your face, he tries to keep you in place, but you pull away yet again. “stop moving, baby, i’ll have to tie you down for this kiss,” he warns, and you send him a glare right back. “you have a busted lip, waka, you can’t kiss me,” you huff, and he groans at your stubbornness, but his expression softens as you eye the nasty mark that adorns his face wearily. “you don’t think i’m pretty anymore? is that it?” rolling your eyes, you sigh deeply before giving in, leaning to press feather light kisses along his lip as he closes his eyes and relishes in the tingles each one leaves. “there, now sit still, okay?” he hums in content, chuckling softly when you flick his forehead.
✰ 𝐒𝐀𝐍𝐙𝐔 raises a brow when you drape yourself over his back as he sits on the edge of the bed, still shirtless from after his shower. your hands run over his bare skin, and a soft chuckle rumbles through his chest. “feeling handsy, baby?” he asks. you hum, and he feels your palm stop at his shoulder, right where he’s slightly sore. “hate seeing these on you, haru,” you whisper, trailing kisses from the bruise on his shoulder to his neck, nipping at the skin and making him shudder. “i’m okay. been through worse,” he assures, eyes fluttering closed as you suck on the skin of his neck. “no one should mark this skin but me, pretty boy,” you murmur, and he leans his back to press against your chest, smiling slightly when you kiss his temple. “you’re right, angel. it’s yours.”
✰ 𝐇𝐀𝐊𝐊𝐀𝐈 stares at you with wide, watery eyes as you pull him into your chest, rubbing his cheek with your thumb and giving him a reassuring smile. feather light kisses are pressed along the slightly purple area of his face as he clings to your figure. “i was worried about you, baby. took longer than usual to come home,” you murmur, and he sniffles lightly at your words. he’s not used to this, not used to having something that feels like home, something that feels safe, but your arms are a shelter he thinks he could hide from the memories of his past in forever. “sorry, didn’t mean to worry you,” he says with a shaky voice. “you should rest. you need it,” you whisper, pressing more kisses along his temple.
✰ 𝐂𝐇𝐈𝐅𝐔𝐘𝐔 sighs as you glare at him and inspect the bruise across his eye, tracing the edge of the slightly swollen skin. he knows you’re about to lecture him, and even if he dreads the idea of sitting through one, he dreads the idea of you finally becoming too tired to care more. “at this rate, i don’t think i even remember how you look without a black eye,” you scold lightly, and he pouts, pulling away from your hand. “if you loved me you’d remember,” he sulks quietly, and even if you’re upset, you can’t help but giggle lightly and shake your head. leaning in, you kiss along the purplish skin, making his eyes flutter closed and his face lean closer. “could never forget how handsome you are,” you promise, and he grins brightly at you with a soft blush on his cheeks.
Tumblr media
idk why i did so many i ended up adding a bunch of my moots favs for them bc i love them so i hope they see these sobs
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