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mulletmitsuya · a day ago
Toman groupchat
Warnings: suggestive! the word dick is here a lot, swearing
Desc: some people don't like that kazutora and hanma r friends
Kazutora: your balls r kinda small
Kazutora: nvm it's the angle
Kazutora: these pics r goofy as hell💀
Kazutora: but they're good ig, now stop spamming me with dick picks
Mitsuya: ....??
Mikey: hello??????
Baji: 🤨
Chifuyu: 😐
Draken: uhhhh
Kazutora: LMAO
Kazutora: wrong chat
Mikey: who was that suppose to be sent to??
Kazutora: uhm
Kazutora: y'all don't like him, and i don't wanna start a fight so i won't say anything
Chifuyu: i'll break up with you
Baji: yeah
Kazutora: HUH
Kazutora: WHY?
Chifuyu: because some dude is sending you dick pics???? wtf Tora
Baji: yeah wtf Tora
Baji: it's basically cheating
Baji: this hurts more than that time you stabbed me
Kazutora: ok fine, don't be mad tho😐
Mitsuya: don't you guys have a separate groupchat for relationship stuff? this doesn't seem like it has anything to do with us
Baji: stfu Mitsuya
Mikey: i'd like if we got back to the point ☺
Baji: it's none of your business shrimpy
Mikey: then leave the groupchat😐
Mikey: and i'm not fucking shrimpy
Mikey: if someone calls me shrimpy one more time, i'll nuclear kick you into orbit
Draken: but
Mitsuya: you're are kinda shrimpy
Baji: lol
Baji: Kazutora
Kazutora: what?
Chifuyu: i'm losing patience
Kazutora: it's Shuji
Chifuyu: 😀
Baji: who's Shuji??
Mikey: Kazutora istg
Kazutora: dude chill
Draken: HANMA????
Mitsuya: wtf why is Hanma sending you dick pics
Kazutora: we're friends
Draken: not an explanation?
Draken: i'm friends with all of you but i wouldn't do that??? i dont think anyone would do that??
Kazutora: well it should be a thing
Kazutora: yeah
Chifuyu: the one who helped plot Baji-sans murder 🙂
Kazutora: we all make mistakes
Kazutora: i was the one who attempted the actual murder but look
Kazutora: you all love and accept me for my mistakes and flaws haha
Kazutora: right?
Draken: he-
Draken: he's tried to kill me several times?
Draken: he tried to kill Emma??
Kazutora: he's just goofy bro
Smiley: i'm late but i really fucking hate that guy
Smiley: just something about the way he looks
Smiley: it doesn't sit right with me
Kazutora: Smiley, you have naturally orange hair😐
Smiley: what about it
Smiley: at least i'm not evil
Smiley: wait nvm
Smiley: i'll have to sit this one out
Mitsuya: Kazutora, cut ties with that dude, seriously
Kazutora: but guys, he's so funny
Kazutora: we're besties
Kazutora: he likes leopard print 🙁
Kazutora: you guys are being so toxic rn
Kazutora: why r u being so insecure, we're just friends
Baji: bro
Draken: if my boyfriend was receiving pictures of a dick that wasn't mine, i'd be pissed too
Draken: do you genuinly not see the problem with this
Kazutora: why did u say boyfriend Draken? are you gay?
Kazutora: what if i tell Emma about this? huh? what then?
Kazutora: was she right this entire time? worrying about Mikey? wow
Mikey: what are you talking about rn?💀
Draken: why are you trying to change the subject
Draken: and for your information, Emma knows i'm bi, so is she
Draken: we ACTUALLY communicate
Mikey: Emma's gay??
Draken: guess it runs in the family🙂
Mikey: 😐
Kazutora: ughhhhh
Kazutora: fine i'll tell him to stop sending me nudes ig
Kazutora: you guys are so boring🙄
Baji: maybe stop being friends with him completely?
Kazutora: 😒
Kazutora: fine (lying)
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alisxdoll · a day ago
«You're mine, be it you pain or your suffering, all of them, it's all mine»
Tumblr media
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b1as1an-souya · a day ago
“At least we’re together…thats all that matters right?”
Kazutora x younger brother reader
Ps: this takes place in the timeline where Mikey kills kazutora, ooc kazutora (?)
Tumblr media
October 31st, the valhalla versus toman showdown. It was just a regular gang fight right? So why is Keisuke Baji lying down on the floor, he’s lifeless. Why are [Name] and Kazutora Hanemiya both getting beaten to death by Manjiro Sano?
“Why do you insist on dying with your brother together?” Mikey said as he punched [Name] in his face, blood coming down his nose. “B-Baji’s already dead…a-and I’m gonna die to so why n-not?” [Name] said his voice shivering as his body became shakey.
“[Name]…you don��t have to do this! I’ll be the one joining Baji, not you.” Kazutora said looking at his younger brother. “Well I don’t care.” Mikey said as he slammed [Name] on the ground. “Kazutora…I’ll make you suffer, first I’ll kill your brother than you…” Mikey said while kicking [Name] in his stomach.
“Hah… I find it funny how I’m the first to d-die! I was always last to do things right M-mikey? B-because I was the youngest!” [Name] said while tears streamed down his eyes. “That was in the past, I’m going to Kill you. “Mikey! Please don’t kill [Name]!” Kazutora said while blocked his brothers body.
“You’re in my way.” Mikey said while punching Kazutora in the face. “Now to deal with you [Name]…” Mikey said while walking towards [Name].
Mikey sat on top of [Name] and started punching the boy, while the toman and valhalla members watched in horror. “I-I’m sor-sorry…” [Name] said as he felt his time was near. “Your turn Kazutora.” Mikey said as he glared at the crying boy. “[N-Name]? Wake up danm it!” Kazutora cried out while running to his brothers unconscious body.
But he was a second to late Mikey already grabbed him by the neck and slammed him down on the ground. “You can die right next to your brother.” Mikey said coldly as he started punching and kicking Kazutora’s now bloody body. Now Kazutora wasn’t moving nor crying anymore. Was he dead?
“I’m done here, and don’t any of you dare to call a ambulance.” Mikey said while he headed out, toman following him.
“K-kazutora?” [Name] asked desperately trying to search for his older brother. “[N-name]?! You’re awake!” Kazutora happily cried out. “Not for long though…I’m going to die…” The boy said desperately hanging on for life. “N-No! Don’t say that! I’m gonna wake up and you’re gonna be alright!” Kazutora yelled at his brother. How could he say such a foolish thing like that.
“But at least I’m with you right?” [Name] said weakly as tears ran down his face. “Even if I’m w-with you f-for the shortest amount of time… to me e-everything is worth risking for! Even my life!” [Name] said as a weak smile appeared on his face. “Don’t say dumb things like that! Kazutora said as he got more nervous and tired
“[Name]? Answer me!” Kazutora yelled at him. “Thank you…” [Name] weakly said as died. “Don’t do that again okay!” Kazutora said back as he didn’t feel nervous anymore.
“Thank you…? What do you mean?” Kazutora asked. There was no answer. There’s no way he died right? First Baji now him? He was just playing right?” Kazutora thought as horrible thoughts of his younger brother dying went through his head.
“Haha…jokes over [Name] you can talk to me now!” Kazutora said while he started to cry, looking at his brother. He came to realize [Name] Hanemiya was dead.
“It’s o-okay! I’ll be joining you and B-baji soon s-so you don’t have t-to worry!” Kazutora said as he closed his eyes and departed.
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rindoushousewife69 · 2 days ago
Happy Birthday Takemichi!
Tumblr media
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ashieeeesh · a day ago
I like angst
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imvriix · 2 days ago
𝔐𝔬𝔬𝔫𝔩𝔦𝔱 𝔏𝔬𝔳𝔢𝔯
feauturing ;; — sanzu haruchiyo [ pre-timeskip ] x gn! reader
Tumblr media
                 ⋆*・゚:     :✧*⋆   ・゚
he wanted to let himself have this one thing, even though that voice that he had reduced to whispers constantly reminded him that he wasn't worthy of it.
each night, he found you sat on the edge of a bridge, bathing in the moonlight. so peaceful and so godlike, always catching him in a trance with your sweet words and ethereal looks. the bridge was away from the centre of the city, one of the more secluded areas. trees on either side as they made a pathway in the sky for the gentle ray of the moon and stars to hit the ground.
he was afraid and intimidated when he had first seen you. had he finally lost his sense of self? perhaps it was time he had let go of himself completely, as you're presence surely went against the laws of reality, surely anyone would agree with him on that.
his body yearned to stay under your gaze, but his mind tried to rip him away, denying himself the hypnotising pull towards you although he desperately tried to grab onto it.
your eyes soft and your hands warm, you offered your palm to him, which he hesitantly grabbed as he sat next to you on the ledge. everything was so still and steady, as if time itself had stopped to admire you and this moment. maybe he would wake up in a few minutes and go back to his pitiful ways of violence and temporary euphoria. but nothing was false about the silky touch of your fingers leaving his own, though he had so wanted to hold on.
he was afraid, and he desired so much for an ounce of comfort. the feeling always slipped between his fingers, no matter how much he craved it he could never truly hold on. he gradually emerged from his daydream when you spoke so gently, " what brings you here? i never usually see many people in this area. " you admit as he shys away from your eyes, " .. i was just driving mindlessly. it helps clear my head. "
" ah.. well, this place is a bit of a gem. my little slice of heaven to return to each night, although it seems i may have to share it now. " you give a small fond smile as you look put at the calm waters.
' you're my slice of heaven. '
" i can leave if you'd prefer. " he says awkwardly as you shake your head, laughing slightly, " no, no. im only teasing. stay. " he feels so compelled to oblige, so he does. he suddenly feels so small. small, small, small, and even smaller. so small under the eyes of the night sky, even smaller under yours.
a wordless hour passes, he slowly eases into your company. his mind is even clearer now, he's found true peace. it's so laughable to him, imagine him, sanzu haruchiyo, at peace of all things. the irony truly makes him let out a small laugh, breaking the comfortable silence the two of you had built up.
you look at him, slightly confused, to which he answers with a newfound confidence, " it's too strange. how am i here with you? i doubt you aren't a true diety, but how does this night seem so different to others I've seen? " you asks as you stare in surprise.
you lift a hand to your mouth, laughing. such a pretty laugh, it sends shivers right down to his spine. " i am no where near a diety. you may find me to be the opposite, " you state, going quiet for a few seconds before continuing, " you should go, it's extremely late.. but ive enjoyed your company. if it's not a bother, why don't you come back tomorrow? " you offer.
and of course he would.
it was the only thing on his mind when he went home, when he went to sleep, when he woke up, when he went on with his day, and when he drove back to the same place he was the night before. he was earlier, but he just couldn't bear wait any longer, he couldn't bear to not feel the same questionable and foreign feelings he was greeted with any longer.
and you were there, in the exact same area you had been before. a part of him thought you wouldn't be there, fearing you were nothing but something he had made up to console himself from this deep rooted feeling of loneliness.
but there you were, even more beautiful than he remembered you to be. he couldn't get used to you, no matter how much he stared and stared.
he sits next to you, just like he had the night before. you stay quiet, as if you hadn't noticed him. a few minutes later, you turn to him, and he does the same. you lean forward, brushing his strands of loose hair behind his ear and taking his breath away in the process.
" i have to leave, " you begin. he can feel his heart drop as he quickly chokes out one word, " why? "
he feels demanding and betrayed, he just found a source of something that would allow him to hold onto his life just that bit longer, and now, like everything else, it was escaping his grasp. you don't answer, but your sad gaze tells him everything. " .. will you come find me? " you ask.
you sound so sad, so upset that it hurts him. immediately, he replies, " yes. i promise. ill find you, no matter what. "
he doesn't know if he was promising that to you, or to himself.
" thank you, haruchiyo. " you whisper, before leaning towards him even more and pressing your lips onto his. he doesn't know how you know his name, but that was the last thing on his mind as he stills under your soft lips. he vowed to himself, and then he vowed again, and again, and again, that he would find you and then kiss you again like this, that this wasn't the last time he would feel your lips on his, but the first of many to come.
you left as soon as you came, but he would find you, no matter where you were.
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chifuyuangry · 2 days ago
Inupi: hanagaki do you prefer breasts or thighs?
Takemichi: I prefer personality better.
Chifuyu: that’s nice and all partner, but unfortunately we can’t have personality for dinner.
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rin-haitani · 4 months ago
REBLOG golden mikey for good luck ✨
Tumblr media
idk lol dis statue just radiates good luck,,,, let see if something happens
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skystreaka · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Every friend group has... Toman captains edition. 
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aleapple1216 · 11 days ago
Ran Haitani New Info
Tumblr media
Birthday: May 26, 1987
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Height: 1.83 cm 
Weight: 70kg 
Blood type: A
Image color: Deep purple.
Favorite thing: YSL products and Mont Blanc (dessert).
Dislikes: Staying up all night.
Respected/admired person: Kakucho
Feared/disliked person: Kisaki and Hanma
Special Ability: Presenting himself in a favorable light
Dream: To be a celebrity in another country
Favorite place: His bed
Pride or Shame Story: He can sleep 24 hours in a row.
A day in his life (edit): Ran likes to go to Harajuku to get his hair done at the beauty salon, and also likes to be know as charismatic. Hairdresser= Ran-kun, what kind of hairstyle do you want today? Ran (trying to sound poetic)= Well, I really like Miles Davis. I'd like my hair to "sound" like the last song he played on the piano. Hairdresser= You look so good today, Ran-kun!~ By the way, Miles Davis is a trumpet player...
Ran adds a little comment here: I like the feeling when I go out on the town with a new hairstyle and walk through the wind.
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kyorulovely · 8 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tokyo revengers ✌🏽🥺
Credit : Futabax from Twitter
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prettyboi-png · 17 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Wakasa “White Leopard” Imaushi
+ natural hair colors… for science
CLICK for full res
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flowerbitz · a month ago
takemitchy: baji wouldn't want y'all to fight!
baji if he was there with them:
Tumblr media
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b1as1an-souya · 8 hours ago
“You’re gonna get used to me!”
Kawata twin x younger brother reader
Warning: blood fighting cussing violence hospitals reader having an implied unhealed stab wound
Tumblr media
[Name] was a dumbass. A oblivious dumbass. Thank god he had his two older brothers because god knows what would happen to him if he didn’t.
People had a tendency for daring [Name] to do dumb shit. (By people it was Baji and Mikey.) But Nahoya and Souya were always there to help him bounce back up.
“Yo! Yo! [Name]! I dare you to Do a backflip on that wall over there!” Baji yelled at the boy. “Whats in it for me if I do Baji?” [Name] snarked back. “Let’s see here…” Baji said while digging in his pocket. “Ummm, 500 yen, and three fruit snacks!” Mikey yelled said while rushing towards [Name]. “And I have 500 yen in my pocket too!” Baji said. “Deal!” [Name] eagerly said.
“[Name]…you shouldn’t do that! You still haven’t healed from your stab wound yet!” Souya said nervously while rushing to his younger brothers side. “I don’t even know why you came too this party dummy! You should be resting right now!” Nahoya said while gently hit his brother on the head. “Owww! Don’t worry big bros! I’ll be fine, because im strong like you too!” “Fine…” They both said while patting their brother on the head.
“So is it a deal?” Baji interrupted. “Of course it is dumbass! Bring it on!” [Name] said. “So You’re gonna flip on that wall that wall right there!” Mikey said as Toman gathered around to see what the commotion was about. “Wait so you’re telling me you’re actually gonna do a backflip all for 1000 yen and 3 fruit snacks?” Draken said while looking [Name] dead in the eye.
“Go ahead, just don’t go on rampage when your lil bro gets hurt, you hear me Nahoya.” Draken said again. “We tried to tell him, he said he’d be fine.” Souya said. “Isn’t that how most conflict start?” Mitsuya said. “I’ll be fine I promise!” [Name] said while taking his shirt off. “Hold this for me Chifuyu!” [Name] said as the threw his shirt to him. Only to reveal a body full of scars and a fresh unhealed stab wound right next to his abdomen.
“Not with that scar ya won’t!” Draken yelled towards the boy who was stretching almost ready to do a backflip. “Shut up Kenny!” [Name] yelled while running towards the wall.
“PLEASE TELL ME YOU RECORDED THAT KAZUTORA!” Baji said. While Kazutora replied back with a thumbs up.
“THERE IS NO GOD DANM FUCKING WAY IN HELL HE ACTUALLY DID THAT?!” Draken yelled while pointing to the boy.
“Well here’s your 1000 yen and 3 fruit snacks [Name]!” Mikey said while handing it to the boy. “Wait…are you okay [Name]?” Mikey asked worriedly.
“I…think I-I’m go…going to p-pass out…” [Name] said as everything suddenly went black. “[NAME]!” Souya yelled as the two ran to his brothers side.
Am I in the hospital… Oh I remember I was at a Toman meeting… and I did a backflip then I passed out. The boy thought, then suddenly two familiar boys popped in his head. “SOUYA! NAHOYA! WERE ARE THEY!” The boy said as he frantically searched the room only too see two sleeping boys.
What was this? He was crying, but what for? Was it because of his own selfish needs? “It’s all my fault…” [Name] whisper while looking down at the hospital bed sheet not knowing that his two brothers were awake. “[Name]! You’re awake! Souya said while rushing to his brothers side.
“You’re a idiot! A huge dumb idiot!” Nahoya scolded. “You almost died!” Souya yelled at his brother. “You had internal bleeding! And you were in critical condition! You had us worried!” Nahoya said while tears appeared in his eyes. “I…” Was all [Name] could force to come out as a lump appeared in his throat. “I’m…” He said continuing to struggle with his words.
“I’M SORRY!” [Name] said as tears ran down his eyes. He hated making his brothers worried, most of all, he hated them sad and cry. “I-I didn’t mean too!” [Name] choked out as he cried in his brothers arms. “Well at least you’re okay, thats all that matters.” Souya said reassuringly.
“He’s right, we may be extremely mad at you but god knows what would’ve happened if you died on us!” Nahoya said while chuckling a bit. “Destruction would happen! The end of the world!” [Name] said jokingly as he softly punched Nahoya in the arm. “Shit that hurt!” [Name] said quickly regretting his actions.
“It’s getting late so we’re gonna head out soon kay?” Souya said. “Alright! One more thing, you two really should get used to me almost dying! It’s a usual occurrence!” [Name] said while giving his brothers a warm but fake smile.
Now the Kawata brothers were no dumbasses to their lil bros feelings. “Don’t give us that fake smile [Name]. We’ll protect you from now on so you won’t ever have to be through life and death again.” His brothers said seriously.
“Oh…” [Name] said, he didn’t know he was crying. “It’s alright [Name].” Souya said while wiping his tears with a tissue. “I’m glad you two said that. Really!” [Name] said with a genuine smile. “Now that’s what we like to see!” Nahoya said while pinching his brothers cheeks making him laugh even more.
“Good night [Name].” Nahoya and Souya said as they headed out the door. “Night!” [Name] Said as he waved goodbye.
“I swear we’re gonna protect him at all cost.” Nahoya said.
“Yea but he’s also gonna be the death of us I swear.” Souya said as he patted older brother on the back.
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tokrxv · 21 days ago
Tumblr media
scenarios, where you work out with Tokyo revengers characters. MIKEY, HARU, RAN, TORA! — fluff!
Tumblr media
Manjiro, who can’t have a proper work out without you being close to him!
Manjiro’s grandfather owns a dojo, therefore him, working out regularly, wouldn’t be unexpected. it’s been something he has been doing since he was a little child after all. What is truly surprising, however, is how Mikey’s trainings became way funnier, when you were with him. Manjiro never imagined himself being in a relationship in the first place and him, sharing this moment with you was just… it felt special — well at least to him. “Manjiro, where are you taking me?” You chuckle, as your boyfriend, holding you firmly by your wrist, pulls you somewhere without giving a proper explanation. His face is pulled into a serious look and you giggle — finding it funny, how he acted like a child sometimes. “work out.” Is all he says, well mumbles, as he glances at you, a tint of pink painting his cheeks. You smile at his cuteness. “Manjiro, I’m tired.” you reply and he knows it. Yesterday’s training with him was exhausting, that is true, but still — he couldn’t help it — the feeling of wanting to have you around him all the time. Mikey just loved you a lot. “It’s okay, you don’t have to do a thing I just want you to be close to me baby.”
Haruchiyo, who makes you lie underneath him whenever he’s doing push ups. 
There has been a little teasing going around the gym. You and your boyfriend, Haruchiyo were messing with each other for hours now, betting on how many push-ups the pink haired could do. Haruchiyo complained about you underestimating him — not wanting to believe that the man in front of you was capable of doing 50 push-ups in a minute, or at least that’s what he tried to convince you. Haruchiyo was a fit man, that is for a fact, but such a number seemed unreal. “Fifty is nonsense Haru.” You roll your eyes, a smirk appearing on your lips when you see him raise his eyebrows. There is a challenging expression on his face. “Is that so? Watch me then.” Sanzu suddenly jumps from the chair, where he was sitting, padding quickly towards you and before you get to react, you are already laying on the floor, him on top of you. His arms are placed next to your head, veins clearly visible. A kiss lands on your mouth, as he lowers himself and your eyes widen in surprise. “one” he counts, before pushing himself back up. His kisses are faster than a blink of an eye, each movement accompanied with a little peck and they make you giggle. “Okay— fine, fine! you can do it Haru!”
Ran, who loves to show off his strength, whenever he is in the gym with you.
“I could totally lift that.” Ran smirks as he points at the heavy looking equipment in the gym, you rolling your eyes at how stupid your boyfriend could be sometimes. This was nothing new — Ran wanting to show off how strong he was whenever he was with you. You honestly got used to it at this point, even finding it funny if you might add. “Ran i don’t care.” You brush off his words, perhaps teasing him a little bit and Ran’s eyes grows wide at what you just said. There is a mocking smile on your face, as you know you successfully annoyed Ran and even though, he is trying to act as normal as usual, not wanting to show how hard it him, the way he is taken aback by your little comment is very obvious. “I— no, you are just jealous of my pretty muscles” he mumbles, embarrassed, but his smirk soon appears again, when another equipment catches his eye. “see that baby? That’s even heavier, let me show you how strong I am.”
kazutora, who absolutely loves it, when you give him a little massage after an exhausting work out.
“Oh god” Kazutora sighs as he enters the apartment slowly. The exhaust is obvious in his voice and when you lift your eyes from the book you were reading, you are met with a cherry flush painting his face — hot with tiredness. His hair is messy, soft locks flying in every direction. His lips are parted slightly, as he still breathes heavily. Well, seems like he had one of those exhausting work out sessions — you giggle. “Would a little massage help?” You place your book back on the table, your voice — a tender whisper and a weak smile appears on Kazutora’s face when he hears those words. He, however, does not say a word, tongue too heavy to form a proper sentence, kazutora throws himself on the soft matters instead. He then feels you climb onto his back, applying the cold cream you always used for massages and god, his eyes close, it’s such a beautiful feeling — sweet and comfortable, having a deep breath escape his breath. “Thank you love.”
Tumblr media
POST MADE BY TOKRXV — do not translate, copy or repost!
Tumblr media
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nayrring · 11 months ago
"stop editing low quality gangsta pics on pinterest with the tokyo revengers characters it's not funny😒"
Fuck u mean⁉️🤨👇
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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mulletmitsuya · a month ago
these past few chapters have put me through it so i made some memes to laugh away the pain (spoilers up to chapter 252 ahead!!!)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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yukinikuu · 7 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Happy Birthday, Keisuke Baji
Illustration by Wakui Ken on Twitter
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rin-haitani · 10 months ago
'how many hairstyles for mitsuya?'
ken wakui: yes
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
[haitani version here.]
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skystreaka · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Takeomi said it’s my turn on the knife! 
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