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Tumblr media
Here I go, kazu trying to break into your house.
I translated this (with Google Translate, beware!), and it goes:
It's me, Kazutora. Hey, won't you open this? If it's really the last time, I'll just look at your face and go back.
Tumblr media
Given this is future Kazutora, I'm thinking this could be a situation where this baby boy finally found love in you - a new customer he met while working at the pet shop he runs with Chifuyu. Knew nothing about you when you first walked in, asking if he could advice you on what you needed to pickup to house-sit a cat for your friend, but all it took was that hour for him to fall heads over heels. You're kind and understanding, always cheery and so nice to him, and you didn't judge him by his giant neck tattoo and unblinking eyes like so many others did, just thanking him for his help. Couldn't help but blurt out asking whether you wanted to grab a coffee with him, much to Chifuyu's amusement, but you turned him down ever, saying that you weren't looking to date at the moment, and that you had just ended a difficult relationship.
But this boy couldn't seem to let you go even though Chifuyu (after much teasing) told him to move on, that it wasn't meant to be and there were plenty of cute people out there - all he could do was replay your smile again and again in his head. Convinces himself that it wasn't that you didn't want to date him per se, but it was because of your previous bad relationship. Of course, the obvious solution to him would be to deal with your little problem - Kazutora tracks down your old boyfriend with much effort from just the phone number you left with the pet shop, and beats him to a pulp. Feels mighty good about himself as well, thinks you'll be super happy with his effort. But when you don't come back looking for him at the pet shop, this poor baby boy is once more in a slump. Maybe he just doesn't know enough about you?
Starts to stalk you after work in an innocent attempt (to Kazutora at least) to learn more about you - your favourite coffee starts getting delivered to your house every day with no sender listed, your favourite snacks left hanging on your door, sometimes even your usual from the restaurant down the road. All this boy ever got in return for all his effort was you being weirded out though, and so finally, after mopping on it for a few days, Kazutora finally decided to visit you at home, turning up at your door uninvited. You'll have to accept him if he shows his sincerity, right?
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Tumblr media
CHARACTER(S): Mitsuya . Draken . Chifuyu
WARNING/S: Cursing
Part 1 . Rindo . Hanma . Kazutora
Part 2 .  Ran . Izana . Kakucho
Tumblr media
Mitsuya realizes his feelings whenever the topic of conversation somehow involves love and the first image that comes into his mind was you. Mitsuya is smart, while most would constitute his emotion into a crush, he knew his feelings is stronger than the word 'like'.
but still, Mitsuya values your friendship more than his own feelings so he kept it buried as he doesn't want to acknowledge it until those feelings evolved into something bigger that he can't ignore anymore.
Not once had Mitsuya seen you that day, Your name wasn't even mentioned once, yet when a member of the gang mentioned the date with his girlfriend, Mitsuya can't stop his mind from lingering towards you. a longing of wanting to interlock hands with you, hold you in his arms, go on dates, generally have meaningful talks with you, and give you a passionate kiss.
Mitsuya was so perplexed by his own thinking that his face feels hot, something the others notice.
 “Look at him blushing, he must be thinking about Y/n~” Peh-yan taunts as the others snicker at his comments.
"Am not" he denies, trying to stay calm yet his face remained flushed from the images his mind came up with. half of him is mad at himself for thinking of you like that, he was probably violating your right but half of him definitely says otherwise.
"Are you not thinking of doing lovey dove things with Y/n?" smiley added, a way to tease the second division captain which always seems to work, as long as you're the topic.
“Shut up!” 
however, as if the universe knows that Mitsuya needed more convincing that he was totally in love with you. He saw you with his little sisters, holding their hands with yours as the three of you cross the streets. The scene was so heartwarming that it tugs on his heart, that someday he wanted to see you holding his kid too.
so with a gentle smile, he run after you three, call your name and probably finally speak his unspoken feelings.
Tumblr media
Despite his appearance Draken is a very caring person and is an incredibly good listener. he goes to great lengths to take care of those he cares about, so he doesn't easily notice when he somehow goes way beyond than necessary to a person, specifically you.
he begins contemplating his feelings when he realizes he starts doing things he doesn't normally do to others, even to his close friends, and that speaks great volumes. he, however, does realize he loves you more than a friend should when he worries more about worrying you than his own safety.
It happened during one gang fight, it was a whole biker gang against them, and despite outnumbering them, it doesn't change the fact that they would sustain injuries.
when one member of the biker gang took out a knife and caught Draken in surprise, blood was spilled.
"F*ck!" Draken groaned quickly knocking out his opponent to check on his bleeding abdomen. Mitsuya quickly came to his aid.
"you're okay, It's just a scratch" Mitsuya reassured, seeing Draken's uncharacteristically worried, a little pale to his comfort "no need to panic"
"no It's not that, she's gonna get upset" Draken sighed, already feeling bad that he will surely cause you to worry.
Mitsuya smirked knowingly, "how thoughtful"
It was then, in a pile of groaning men and the sound of punching did Draken realize that he doesn't want anything to hurt you, may it be physical or mental especially when it comes to him.
since more than anything, he doesn't wanna see you worried for his safety like the countless times you found him with blood and bandages. Draken can still remember the way you furrowed your eyebrow in worry or the way you cried for him.
his heart skipped a beat whenever that happened. he was full of love. But sadly, Draken doesn't know how to say it to you.
Tumblr media
Chifuyu is calm most of the time, he thinks logically before jumping into action. most people say that Chifuyu is composed in any situation, however, he finds it hard to stay calm whenever you're around, he fidgets with his fingers, overthinks what to respond to you, and he feels butterflies.
now for most people that might be a really big hint about his feelings, but Chifuyu can be naive and somewhat innocent at times. that he doesn't understand what he was feeling.
he does realize he loves you simply because it felt right, there was no doubt on his mind and his heart that what he was feeling can be wrong. he realize how happy he was just staring at you be happy.
the biting point was when he doesn't worry about what you might think if you saw his countless collection of manga, scattered in his room, or his lack of creativity (though he doesn't admit that).
"you're going to buy another manga? It's a turn-off for some girls you know?" Hakkai commented while he accompany Chifuyu into a bookstore "aren't you worried Y/n might think lesser of you?"
"not really" he answered nonchalantly without worry, continuing to browse through the countless rows of manga.
because he knew that no matter what weird stuff he does, his feeling is right and free of doubt.
now, he just has to think about how to confess to you creatively, to confess his feeling and prove to his friends that he indeed is creative.
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Can't get out if my head
poly ship hc and their poor habits
South: he literally will use everyone's stuff (a hc @kingvile has now stuck with me) it'll be anything too from socks, underwear, to even deodorant you'd be walking by one day and see him showering but you get a familiar scent and see South lathering up his hair with your shampoo. He's "borrowed" taiju clothes cause he's the only big enough he tried it with mitsuyas shirt once but he's ripped alot of them to the point that mitsuya has a separate closet that has a special keypad lock on it.
Taiju: this is me but man is FORGETFUL idk if it's one to many kicks to the head or what but you've had to call a locksmith at least a dozen times cause he's locked his keys in his car. Not saying he forget important things like birthdays and parent teacher meetings but it'll be like you tell him to defrost the chicken when he gets home and he forgets you've caught him on more than one occasion running hot water under the ziploc bag of chicken to make it defrost faster.
Mitsuya: will neglect his own health to finish ANYTHING weather it's a due date for a commission or even him cleaning the entire house. Someone has to be there to remind him to eat and take a break cause if not you'll catch him again passed out on the kitchen island with a spotless kitchen and his stomach growling. You ,south and taiju will have to lock up his home studio for a whole day if it gets to a point he hasn't eaten or slept in two days (you'd call the person he's been commissioned by and explain)love him but you've had too many days of him burning out to the point of exhaustion
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Hakkai x y/n Mitsuya x Haitanis
A/n: just tried smth
Sorry for the grammer or spelling mistakes.English is not my main language so...
Thank you and love you 🥰
Warnings: violence
Tumblr media
You were out of school and walking with Hakkai. Normally, this boy who doesn't talk to girls was smiling and telling you his day and sweetly saying your name.
Hakkai was your brother's best friend and always tried to help you. Being Takashi Mitsuya's younger sister was tough.He always tried to protect you from all troubles, teaching you to protect yourself. He knew that he had too many enemies and wanted to keep you away from gang affairs. But his enemies knew very well that you were a Mitsuya and the princess of Toman.
You were surprised when you were suddenly blocked by many people on the way home. Hakkai reflexively took you behind him and extended one arm in front of you.
"Stay behind me y/n-chan."
You didn't know what was going on. You weren't officially a gang member and you didn't know your enemies very well. But you weren't afraid.
It was too late when you felt someone approaching you from behind. One suddenly pulled you towards them and the other hit Hakkai's head with something.
When you opened your eyes with fear, the braided boy who had hit your friend with the baton smiled and approached you with a grin. The boy holding you was shorter than him. And he could hold you tightly with one arm.
You were startled by the deep voice of the braided one and your eyes widened in fear.he smiled at your reaction and patted your head.
"Don't be afraid, I'm not the type to hurt girls and the types that waste my power. Do you know who I am?"
He smiled as you shook your head in horror.
"I'm Ran Haitani, and behind you is my brother Rindou."
You've heard the name Haitani many times. Rindou held you tighter when you wanted to struggle with fear.
"Calm down. I said I wouldn't hurt you...Yes, princess of Toman, I want you to go and tell your leader. We're starting a new era in Yokohama. We're giving your leader one week to surrender. Or we'll kill every Toman member we find."
He smiled at you as you opened your eyes in horror and Rindou released you. When you couldn't even react, Rindou patted your head and they both started walking with their men without saying a word.
You had just realized everything when Ran turned and smiled at you as he left.
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Tokyo Revengers as things my band have said
A/n: Band season is in a month for me, but I'm ready for it now.
Koko: I'll give ten bucks to whoever drinks this hotdog water.
Nahoya: Your uniform makes you look British
Izana: I'm used to being cold, my soul is cold too
Sanzu: Yes, I washed my hair. No, I did not dry it. Yes, it is 20 degrees. Do I care? No, I'm still marching my happy ass through halftime!
Baji and Chifuyu: *Screaming different animals for half an hour to see who wins.*
Takemichi: You need to get your ass in shape for this season!
Mikey: Does my ass look good in the marching overalls?
Mitsuya to Draken: Please don't shave your head, you'll look like a thumb.
Ran: I have adopted all the underclassmen, now GET YOUR ASS IN SHAPE OR I'LL GET THE BELT!
Rindou: This is my third pair of overalls and it's only the second game. I split them when I did the band splits.
is my band the only one that does the splits?
Souya: Oh, you want a sip of my water? *points to water bottle* Jokes on you, it's coffee. I haven't slept in a week, please help.
Draken: Please let it storm! Get me out of this hellhole! Strike me with lightning, Thor!
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Carry My Babies
Tumblr media Tumblr media
You both are happy together, enjoying every second that you would spend in each other’s present. But Mitsuya cannot help but feel that he wants you to have his babies to complete your family.
Tumblr media
Pairing: Takashi Mitsuya x Fem!Reader
Genre: fluffy Smut, mdin 18+
Warnings: Breeding kink, unprotected sex, clothed sex, vaginal sex, creampie, praise, pet names, mention of cock warming, begging, use of 'daddy' in context of being a father, talk about pregnancy
Word Count: 1.5k
Tumblr media
Days like this one just lightened up your spirit and made you feel like your relationship was just pure and wonderful. Of course there were days that included fighting and screaming, but luckily those were rare.
You woke up from your nap, you did not even know that you fell asleep. Moments ago you were making the bed that you and your long-term boyfriend, and fiancé shared, and now you woke up and it was 5pm. First you were confused and disoriented but then you realised you probably fell asleep while you tried to put on fresh bed sheets.
Groggily you stood up and went to the living room. You tried to rub the blurriness out of your eyes.
"How was your nap, love?"
There he was. Your beloved fiancé.
"Why didn‘t you wake me up, Takashi?", you pouted.
"I just couldn’t, you looked too cute, laying there like a little kitten~", he smiled at you, throwing his arm over the backrest of the sofa.
"Hmmm", you mumbled sulkily and went over to him to make yourself comfortable on his lap, nuzzling into his neck.
He wrapped his arms around you to pull you even more into his chest, leaving lovingly kisses all over your head.
"Let‘s make a baby", oh yeah, sounds great- wait what? That came out of nowhere.
You pushed yourself out of his embrace to look him in the eye.
"W-What did you just say?", question marks were literally all over your face.
"Let’s make a baby", he repeated with a grin plastered over his face, "You‘d look soo pretty with my child, don‘t ya think?"
You just did not know what to respond, you were quite shocked about his frank behaviour.
"Everyone would know that you are mine", his hand started to slowly graze your thigh, leaving goosebumps all over your skin. Mitsuya leaned forward to leave kisses on your cheek. You felt his hand grip and squeeze your thigh, making you squirm on his lap.
"Wouldn’t you love that? Knowing that you‘ll carry my babies inside of you?", he whispered in your ear and started to kiss along your neck.
"T-Takashi-", you pressed your eyes shut, small whimpers leaving your mouth. "Wha-t has gotten i-into you..?"
"Mhmm nothin‘ just can‘t stop thinking about filling you up, making you have my kids", his breath tickled your skin. You felt the wetness that gathered between your legs, your panties getting stickier and stickier.
Minutes ago you were so tired and groggy from your unwanted nap, and now your body was just hot, needy for your lover’s touch. Why was the idea of being pregnant with his children turning you on so much?
"Carry my babies, love", he gripped onto your waist and slowly pulled you back and forth, making you feel his hardness underneath you.
God, what was he thinking? You both were not even married yet. But his 'excitement' infected you as well. So you just carefully nodded your head, showing him that you approved of his idea.
"Use your words, bunny", Mitsuya softly bit into your lower lip and pushed your hips harder against his groin.
"P-Please, please- wanna have your babies, wanna make you a daddy", you could not keep yourself from mewling and whining. This was just too much for you.
"Fuck, good girl", Mitsuya praised you and immediately pulled you in for a messy kiss, teeth clashing together, spit collecting at the corner of your mouth as he broke apart from you. One of his hands wandered up your body towards your chest, squeezing your tit through your clothes.
"They‘d look so pretty, all swollen and tender~", his words made your head spin and he knew that, he knew what he was doing.
"Mhmm, touch me h-here", you took his hand from your chest and led him towards your drenched, clothed pussy. "Shit- All that talkin' 'bout filling you up with my kids made you fucking wet, huh?", you nod your head for an answer to his 'question'. Why was he even asking? He knew that.
"Think you ready to take me? Or do you want me to make you cum on my fingers first?", he asked you and that was just so wholesome about him. He cared for you and did not take his pleasure before yours.
You shook your head hastily. "No, please- just- just fill me up already", you pouted, begging for him, begging to feel him inside of you.
Mitsuya did not even try to get rid of your clothes. You both were needy and that was just too time consuming and too bothersome right now. He just pulled your panties aside; luckily you were wearing a summer-dress due to the hot weather; pulled his zipper down and got himself out of that restraint.
His tip was in a pinkish tint and already leaking precum. You were not able to admire his pretty cock for too long because he positioned you right away over himself, aligning with your entrance and finally pushing into you slowly but surely.
It just felt wonderful. You sighed contentedly, happy to have him finally inside of your velvety walls.
You were able to feel every vein and every ridge of him, tightening around him and making him groan. He made you just feel so full.
And god did he fill you up.
Even after so many years of your relationship, you still had to adjust to him each time that he entered you.
He started kissing you again but this time it was not a sloppy kiss. No, this one was a tender and sweet kiss that made you calm down from your hectic neediness.
This time it was you who broke the kiss to nuzzle yourself into his neck, arms wrapped around him to have him as near as possible.
"Don‘t worry, I‘ll make you feel nice and full", Mitsuya told you as he grabbed ahold of your hips to continue the back and forth movement. You could not keep your moans in. He barely started and you were already in total bliss.
"Y/N, look at me while I‘m making you pregnant. Don‘t hide your face, wanna see your pretty face, bunny", and you did what he said.
Having his eyes peer deeply into yours made you clench around him violently, making him throw his head back. Your mouth was left agape as you fixated your pupils on his pretty lavender-coloured ones.
"If you keep on gripping onto my cock like that I‘ll might cum in a matter of seconds- fuck!", he exclaimed and started to move you up and down, his tip hitting your cervix over and over.
"T-Takashi- Hah! So deep-", your eyes were teary, threatening to spill over. Feeling him so deep inside of you made you lose your mind. You were moaning loudly, not caring if any neighbours might hear you.
"Yeah? You like that? Like how deep I’m inside of you? Wait until I‘ll fill you with my cum, fill you with my babies", as if his words were not enough, he moved one hand to where you both were connected, pushing his thumb against your clit to circle around it.
You felt a knot tightening in your abdomen, about to snap and make you come undone.
"You are getting tighter, you about to cum, huh?", he asked you as he looked up to you.
"Y-Yeah, gonna c- hah!", your moans kept you from finishing your sentence. It was useless. You were not able to talk, your head was preoccupied with your nearing orgasm.
"Cum for me, bunny", his circles on your clit were forming into erratic rubs that pushed you over the edge.
You squeezed your eyes shut as you came around him, walls contrasting and trying to pull him into your cavern. Your arms around him stiffened, just as the rest of your body as violent inhales made you dizzy.
Mitsuya had a hard time with riding your orgasm out as his own orgasm threatened his movements. Your clenching pussy made it difficult for him to control himself.
"Fuck, I‘ll fill you up, fill you to the brim, gonna breed you-", and with some last harsh snaps of his hips up against yours he came deep inside of you, his cock twitching and pulsating.
You felt it pushing against your cervix. It felt hot and thick, and your insides welcomed it greedily.
You slumped over and pressed your forehead against his as you both looked at each other breathlessly, unable to comprehend what just happened.
"I-I think it‘s going to drip out", you told him as you felt his seed sopping alongside his cock towards your entrance.
"Don‘t worry, I‘ll keep it in there even if I have to fuck it back inside of you", he grinned at you, his hot breath tickling your skin.
"Until you‘ll carry my babies~"
Tumblr media
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etheralyonn · 28 days ago
the question comes from your curious eyes and love that spills all over him, "how would you kiss me on the day of our wedding?" what does he do?
ft. kakucho, ran, mitsuya, hanma, mikey
cw. fluff, fem!reader mostly, kisses and declarations of love, mitsuya owns a boutique in this
an. request! please i had to include kakucho in this T T c'mere bae @https-leoo also, likes and reblogs help a lot and are very much appreciated!
Tumblr media
it’s pouring rain outside. the atmosphere feels chill and you’re wearing the fluffiest socks you own as you sip on hot cocoa from your favorite cup. your legs hang as you sit on the marbled kitchen countertop. kakucho is making a cup of coffee for him.
the silence that occupies the space between you two feels comfortable and there’s a soft smile on both your faces. “how’s the drink?” he asks, finally turning his attention your way. “it’s good!” you smile wide. and he returns the grin with a hum. your eyes are closed as he walks closer to you, your mind wondering only one thing.
it’s been stuck in your head since you saw that tiktok trend the other day and as your eyes settle on your boyfriend’s figure pouring his coffee onto a cup, you think this might be the perfect time. “kaku,” you call him. “how would you kiss me on the day of our wedding?”
he looks surprised for a moment, but you’re able to see the blush that dusts this pretty face. “our wedding?”
“you don’t wanna marry me?” you know his question is based on pure confusion and surprise but you still pout. so adorable, kakucho thinks as he cups the sides of your face with his large hands. “of course i do,” he chuckles and you can feel the love that pours out of his gaze. it showers on you so gently that you’re in awe.
“then kiss me!” your smile is so wide that for a moment kakucho wishes to treasure it forever. you get off the countertop to stand on your feet. “i’m the bride and you’re the groom!” you’re really unable to hide your little excitement when kakucho holds your waist with gentle hands.
“whatever you want, baby.” his words leave you gasping. your eyes widen for a moment when his lips clash so softly on yours. your hands immediately wrap around his neck, pulling him closer to you. his kisses remind you of the rain that’s pouring outside your windows. it’s soft, tender, and sublime.
after kakucho pulls away with a sweet smile, his thumbs draw soothing circles on your waist and you can feel your heart beating fast, so fast that you think you might be falling in love with him all over again.
“i wish to live with you forever,” he whispers against your lips before he’s leaning closer for another taste of your lips.
Tumblr media
your eyes trail from your book to your boyfriend. ran just got out of the shower and he walks over to you with his purple locks still wet. he’s only wearing a big loose shirt and grey shorts. he’s so cute, you think. you’re staring at him and you only hopes that he doesn’t notice the wide lovesick smile on your face, but he does.
it makes him smile and he throws the slightly wet towel on your face. “hey!” you shout, though it is lighthearted. “you’re staring again, baby.” ran’s chuckles make your cheeks heat up, and you sit upright on the bed.
you watch as he goes to check his phone but your eyes refuse to leave him, especially his plump pink lips that look even more kissable with him so close to you. it’s a pull, and you swear ran haitani attracts you like a bee to a flower.
“ran,” you call for him as you remember something, it’s a question that has left you giggling like a schoolgirl with a crush before. and tonight, you decide to ask, “can you kiss me like on the day of our wedding?”
his eyes widen, pupils dilating and he swears, you have him all wrapped around your pretty fingers. “kiss you?” he gasps as his hands cup your face gently, his thumb stroking your cheeks. you nod approvingly and ran feels the sweet tug of cupid’s arrow in his heart.
“but there’s a little problem,” he smiles. “i won’t be able to stop myself once i start kissing you.” as your eyes meet his lavender orbs, you chuckle lightly.
“i want you to kiss me with all, every bit of love you have for me in your heart,” you say with your palm flat against his heart. you can feel his heart beating rapidly, so unevenly yet in sync with yours. he leans closer, eyes gradually closing as he feels the softness of your lips on his.
his kiss reminds you of spring when every flower blooms at the soft beaming of the sun. your heart melts when he pulls away with a smile. “i love you so much,” his voice comes low, not above a whisper and you hold onto him a little longer.
“kiss me again.”
Tumblr media
you look at yourself through the mirror. you’re dressed in white, the beautiful gown resembling the wedding gown of your dreams with beautiful embellishments of white pearls and satin ribbons. it hugs your body to adorn your most prominent features. you smile, so wrapped in love.
you hear the curtains of the trail room inside your boyfriend’s boutique sliding. mitsuya walks over to you with an astonished face. “how’s does the dress feel?” he asks finally as he turns to meet your gaze. “it’s amazing. i feel comfortable in this.”
mitsuya stares at you with so much love and you wonder if he ever has plans to marry you someday. but as if your thoughts were answered, he wraps his arms around your waist, pulling you a little closer but still keeping a little distance to not ruin the gown.
“i’m going to marry you someday. i made this dress for you actually.” his words leave you gasping and you wonder how lucky you are to have someone like him in your life. “takashi,” you gasp as little beads of tears pool in the corners of your eyes.
“hey,” he smiles as he wipes away your tears that spill of happiness and gratitude. “you look stunning.”
“thank you.” you don’t realize the time moving as your hands trail from his chest to his shoulders, and finally wrap around his neck. “can you kiss me like you’d do on our wedding day?” you beam.
he chuckles, eyes glinting in adoration. “yeah.” his words sink as his lips connect with yours. it feels like heaven on earth and it’s just you both. his kisses remind you of eternity and lavender fields. so peaceful and it’s a love that’s promised forever.
there’s no space for you to utter i love yous as he grabs your face and kisses you again and again — till there’s nothing but his sweet taste on your lips.
Tumblr media
the blanket of stars fills the night sky as you walk hand in hand with your boyfriend. hanma’s large hands grip yours tightly and you turn to gaze at him with a sweet smile on your face. “why did you drag me outside?” you ask as you remember seeing him outside your windows just a few minutes ago.
it made you close the door and go on a night stroll around the neighborhood with him. “i just wanted to see you,” his voice is low, but the smile on his face stays. “i missed you too.” it feels so peaceful and you feel the butterflies trying to fly out of your stomach.
no matter how many times you’ve talked to him, no matter how many years its been since you two started dating, he still manages to make you nervous. but you don’t realise the bashful pink hues that spread across hanma’s face every time he sees you smile.
your feet takes you to a small park. it’s empty with only the crescent waning moon blessing you with its glow. “shuji! c’mere!” you giggle as you drag him to the middle of the park. “what are you—” he gasps as you step closer to him, so close that he feels the warmth that emits from your body.
“kiss me underneath the moonlight. . . just like you’d do on the day of our wedding,” you whisper as if it’s a sacred secret shared only among lovers. “yeah? right now?” he smiles, his hands caressing your face as his thumb strokes your cheekbones. “yeah.”
love feels young and you feel the stars cooing in awe as his lips sink on yours. your hands rest on his sturdy shoulders and you feel his muscles flexing as he pulls you closer to his body. hanma truly believes that roses are jealous of your lips — its rosy hues and softness that can never be compared to a flower petal makes him crazy.
he pulls away after a short while with a fond smile. you close your eyes feeling his thumb stroking your lower lip softly. so beautiful, he thinks. and as his eyes meet yours again, you feel breathless and so in love. “i don’t think i did it right,” he leans in once more. “let’s kiss again.”
Tumblr media
there’s a soft summer breeze that brushes your hair as you sit next to mikey on the balcony of your house. it’s filled with flowery plants that you just finished watering. the view in front of you is much more peaceful, which is filled with greenery, and beautiful butterflies that flutter their wings.
the birds coo a melodic song as they fly away from one branch to another and it all has mikey mesmerized. you’re awestruck at the adorning smile that bleeds on his lips. you sigh content as you lay your head on his shoulder.
he hums as you gaze at him and mikey swears, you’ve taken all the breath around him as his eyes are fixed on your smile. at that moment, you look like an ethereal angel with a divine smile. “your smile is beautiful,” he whispers and it only makes you smile wider.
the eye contact you both share is intense as you lose yourself in the maze that is his eyes. “manjiro,” your voice comes low as your eyes avert from his eyes to his lips that long for warmth. “could you kiss me like you would on our wedding day?”
you lean into his touch as he brushes a hair strand behind your ears lovingly. “you want to marry me?” he chuckles, but he feels the erratic beating of his heart, losing all its rhythm and he wonders how you still manage to make him flustered.
“of course i do. you’re everything i’ve ever hoped for.” you think it’s a simple answer, yet mikey finds him thanking all the gods and the universe for an angel that is you. “you don’t realize what you do to me, do you?” you hum at his words.
as you close your eyes, you feel the warmth of his lips on yours, and so tenderly it moves in sync with yours. mikey lets his emotions spill into the kiss and it always makes your heart fill with his love. “i love you, manjiro,” you whisper as he pulls away only to place a sweet kiss on your forehead.
“i love you too, and i always will.”
Tumblr media
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yuumayn7 · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tokyo Revengers
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catsukeciao · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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k16ty · 4 months ago
♡(。ŏ﹏ŏ) . . . ALL I NEED ! TOKREV MEN !! 🎀 ‧୨୧‧
﹒ॱ˖ ﹆ summary: being their pillow prince <33
cw › slight degration kink. praise kink. dirty talk. bottom!m!reader. m!reader. dacryphilia. edging. overstimulation. dumbification. belly buldge.
tags › @bratty1boy
characters › matsuno chifuyu, mitsuya takashi, shinichiro sano, inui seishu.
note › i changed my mind- yall gonna have valentines special because i haven't posted shit in here yall deserve a better author but ong ilysm bc yall continue to support me😭😭 not beta read we die like heroes 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🕊️🕊️ no cause my dumbass accidentally posted this shit and im here embarrassed 😍😍😍
Tumblr media Tumblr media
「 matsuno chifuyu 」
He's always so meanー its not that he didn't meant it at all... Okay maybe he does but can you blame him? Seeing your body convulsing under him from the pleasure he is giving solely by his fingers.
He loved seeing your cock aching just for him, whining for him makes it even more enjoyable for him like cmon whine more you don't you? Look at you begging at him like a good little cockslut.
"shhh just one more? Please just one more" matsuno begged as he cooed beneath you, you could only whine as your body convulsed over the stimulation he has been doing, his fingers all wrapped on your aching cock as you arch your back.
"chifu.... Please no more" you begged as you cry your body so sensitive to the point that just a simple touch of chifuyu would already make you a moaning mess, "ssshhhh just one more please it'll be over"
You could only whine as tears started to show on the corner of your eyes successfully blurring your eyesight, "fine...." he smiled as he kissed your temple oh so gently as you started moaning again feeling his hands move once again.
「 mitsuya takashi 」
Such a gentleman in bedー it sometimes led you wondering how you got him in the first place, he's so gentle with you worried you'll break by just little force, though you always encourage him to go rougher on you which he did.
He did go rougher on you which you thank the god, you wonder how much have he pent up there seeing how rough he was with you with the pistoning like thrust of his cock inside of your cute majestic ass.
How he wouldn't stop at all until you were blabbering mess under his cock, how you would only call out for him to stop but immediately whine when he did so.
"nng! Mitsu! Please! Aah! Stop no more! No more!" you begged as you cry out for him gripping his shoulders as you moan loudly on his ears like a pornstar, though you didn't know he would actually stop making you whine not feeling his thrust, not feeling his large cock hitting yoir prostate inside your gummy walls, "mistu....!" you whined his name.
He chuckled in a amusing manner, "didn't you said to stop?" he teased chuckling making you cry more, "n-no continue! Please!" begging to him to move he chuckled once more seeing your whiny state.
"shh, shh I know noe let me spoil you more my spoiled prince" he whispered as he face your now messy form, smiling proud of how he did this by the use of his cock only, there he slowly kissed your lips tasting you as he thrust violently inside you feeling your warm walls hug his whole dick.
"NNH! MMM!" he could only smirked hearing you moan whilst on the kiss, with that another round have started once again.
「 shinichiro sano 」
this horny motherfuckerー being kinda realistic I bet this man will still be a virgin and kind of a pervert himself seeing as he have gotten no bitches in his entire life, so imagine how happy he was when he got a boyfriend.
He's happy dont get me wrong but the idea of his beloved boyfriend aka you crying for his cock is... Lewd.
He wants you to feel the pleasure trying to hold himself from doing anything you might not like but when you have told him it was quite fine you might have made a deal with a devil because of this motherfucker.
He was so used on just using porn to relieve himself but now seeing as he have you prepare yourself for getting wrecked completely, he'd be so mean too!
He's always there edging you degrading you how much of a cockslut you are! Don't worry your still his little cutie but seeing you admit those dirty things he have said fills him more pride in himself. Loves watching you whine and convulsed all because of him.
"shi-.. Shinichiro! Please move!" you begged as you cover yourself in the pillow making sure your voice doesn't echo through the whole house, "cmon (name) just admit! Just say the words then I'll start moving"
You could only furrow your brows gripping on the pillows feeling the embarrassment in your whole entire body, "i... I got it I'm shinichiro's cumdump! I'm a stupid whore for his dick! Thats why move already!"
He smirked at this gripping on your hips as he started wildly thrusting in inside your gummy velvet walls, his dick pouncing your prostate as you moan like a slut, "FUWAH! NG! HAAH!" you moaned in pleasure as tears comes right out of your eyes because of this.
"thats right cute little (name) is a whore for shinichiro, a whore for my dick a cum dump" he degrades making you arch your back in because of this, your dick convulsing as precum leaked out from its slits.
"dirty (name)-kun getting turned out by this" he teased smirking as you helplessly moan in the pillows, "AHH! HAAH! FUWAH!"
「 inui seishu 」
he would spoil youー he would spoil you so much that you sometimes question if he wants anything back, he's may be a cold boyfriend but he's such a sweetie in bed letting you do whatever you want on him.
Yes baby you can use his cock whenever you want, he'll let you do it if you just ask oh so kindly of course, of course the ever so giving boyfriend inui is will give it to you.
The sight of you bouncing in his cock and moaning how you love it turns him on, lots of lots of praises coming from him of course for you, his beloved boyfriend will get all his validation.
Loves seeing his ginormous cock buldging in your cute little stomach, it turns him on even further.
"nng! Haah! So big! Oh!" you moan as you bounce yourself from his cock, inui couldn't help but groan feeling your hot and warm insides, you moan feeling your prostate being abused you gripped on his shoulders as you looked at him.
He smiled slightly seeing your crying face as he wiped it away, "your doing such a good job (name)" he whispers as you continued to boubce yourself from his harden penis, your body convulsing just from using his cock so much.
He chuckled seeing you go dumb by doing yourself on him, putting his hands oh so gently on your helps he helps get your high and so is his.
Tumblr media
© k16ty ー do not repost, modify, copy, and/or share my works to any websites whatsoever!
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souyasbabyy · 28 days ago
• pairing: draken x fem!reader, mikey x fem!reader, mitsuya x fem!reader
• request by anon: I don't know if you saw this one tik tok where the girls says "I know now why my boobs are so small" and tge guy says "why"... and then she is like so think tgey are small? can we get this prank on draken/mitsuya/mikey or others
• genre: crack
• note: thank you for the requeest
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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cheesus-doodles · 27 days ago
You know that grey and white checkered jacket that Mikey wears in the intro? I wanna steal it. Which makes me think if y/n ever steals it and wears it outside the house, I betcha the other guys will leave their hoodies behind when they visit her in hopes of her wearing their clothes too.
i've always wondered what the boys smell like.... anyway heads up that i'll be going quiet again! taking a break and working on clearing up my backlog of long fics :)
Oof steal is such a harsh word when it comes to you ya know - you've always been free to help yourself to your Toman friends' belongings like they do to yours, with them especially fond of you taking things that can clearly state whose protection you were under. So maybe it'll be more of a borrow rather than a steal, since you were also far more likely to actually return the various items to the respective boys after you were done (or don't, they don't care), though the Toman founders would tend to insist you not wash clothings, and that they can do it themselves (they weren't, not until your smell fades off).
But you are indeed correct at that Mikey would be over the moon at seeing you clad in his grey and white jacket the first time you wear it out of the house, seeing that its the first time you have ever dared to steal um borrow their clothing. No doubt that he will be all over you crowing to the rest of the seething, jealous Toman founders and honestly anyone else who would listen that you picked his jacket to wear first, to the point that he was jumped when Baji could no longer stand his boasting.
You're not free from the consequences either though, with Kazutora all out accusing you of favouritism through his sobs, while Draken and Mitsuya trying to reverse engineer how you even got your hands on Mikey's jacket to begin with. Turns out that Mikey just so happen to forget and leave his behind in your room, and you were just wearing it so that you would remember to return it. You just standing there confused as Draken helped you out of the jacket to hurl it back at a whining Toman President.
No doubt the rest are going to try to get you to wear their clothes from now on by conveniently leaving them behind in your room, in your school locker, at your seat - whatever gets you to fondly go "silly, left it behind again" and then hopefully put it on, you can be sure your Toman friends would try it. But even if it does, and the others catch you wearing one of the boys' hoodies/jackets, they wouldn't be below insisting you take it off and that they would help you to return it, then forcing you into their own with a whine and a mild scolding about wearing someone else's dirty clothes (what if you get sick?? the irony).
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y-umiko · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
When you Meet their Siblings [Older Brother Edition] 
CHARACTERS: Shinichiro . Mitsuya . Nahoya . Ran 
WARNING/S: none I think :>
Part 2 .  Mikey . Rindou . Hakkai . Angry [Younger Brother Edition]
Tumblr media
Shinichiro Sano
When you said you wanted to meet his family Shinichiro can’t be happier that the very next day he took you to meet them. His grandpa gladly welcomed you, his little sister, and little brothers hiding behind their grandpa with curious and hesitant looks but the moment you showed them the treats you brought they were immediately all over you.
Shinichiro was delighted seeing you getting along with his family, His grandpa adores you, Emma was almost bouncing on her little feet for finally having an older sister, his little brothers love you. 
his really happy, he does, if only Mikey and Izana was not being little brats and is stealing all of your time and affection that was supposed to be for him. he shouldn't be feeling that way, he knows that but he can’t help but scoff every time Mikey and Izana would give him knowing smirks with their not so innocent eyes every time you compliment them and it was getting on his nerves. 
Shinichiro watched with narrowed eyes with crossed arms as you spent the morning and apparently the rest of the afternoon entertaining his little brothers. both of them giving their undivided attention to you. 
 “Y/N! who do you like more, me or Izana?” Mikey asked after they argued on who should hold your right hand, cause apparently, the right side is better. 
“I like you both equally” you chuckled but it doesn’t satisfy any of them as they cling on to you, refusing to let go and Shinichiro wanted nothing more than to swift you away. 
“then who do you like more, us or Shinichiro?” Izana innocently asked taking you by surprise, while you turned to the side, seeing your own boyfriend awaiting your answer.
feeling playful you leaned down towards the two, a hand covering your mouth, as you didn’t let go of your gaze at Shinichiro “It’ll be our secret but I like you two more” you not so whispered as Shinichiro gave you an unimpressed look as his little brothers' snickers and teased him for it.  
when it was time to go home, after Shinichiro has to literally pull them away from his two brothers away from you he walked you home with a heavy mind, hands intertwined with yours
“you don’t really like them more than me do you?” he suddenly asked out of nowhere and you can’t help but chuckle as you shake your head in amusement.
“Hey it’s not funny” he pouted and you can’t help but go on your tiptoes and plant a kiss on his cheeks. an answer and at the same time an assurance.  “I love you Shin” 
Tumblr media
Takashi Mitsuya
The moment you two started to go out, Mitsuya wanted nothing other than for you to meet his family. and he was confident his little sisters would love you and so would you. 
two pairs of eyes look up at you in amazement as you stood beside Mitsuya after he introduced you to his two sisters. 
“What a pretty lady!” Luna gasp 
“Ni-chan brought home a pretty lady!” Mana shouts 
he was not worried in the first place but the relief he felt that his little sisters like you already was all he needed. especially since you look like you were enjoying yourself. you knew he has a lot on his plate, he was busy with being a brother, a student, a captain, and a president of the sewing club and he appreciates that you understand all of that. 
however, as much as he wants you, girls, to get along, being a brother he knew his little sisters can be a handful, he admitted countless times that they exhaust him and he didn’t want you to tire yourself up just because you feel burdened to say no. but you were never burdened really.
“Y/n-chan play house with us!” Mana asked as she holds your arms and tugs you towards their room. Luna already clinging to your other arm. you were already agreeing but their puppy eyes were too adorable to say no with. 
“hey, Y/n is a guest, she can’t-” 
“don’t be silly, I’ll play with them, you do what you have to do” you cut him off causing the older brother to raise a brow at you. “they look innocent but they can be pretty devils you know”
you giggled at that, “have some faith” with that you let yourself get dragged off to their rooms, leaving Mitsuya with a swelling heart. he already knew you were patient and understanding but experiencing it once again always just gets to him. 
You were not able to leave without his little sisters crying so you two had to put them to bed and wait for them to sleep before you can go home. and since he can’t leave his little sister alone, Mitsuya just had to see you off on their door, he apologize about it countless times which you replied it was okay. 
“you spent the whole day with them, you must be exhausted” He worriedly asked but the bright smile you had seemed to not dim even a little as you put on your shoes ready to head home. 
“are you kidding me? I love them” you chuckled as you stood in front of their door, and Mitsuya can’t be more than thankful as he pulled you towards him for a hug, “not more than me right?” he playfully asked as you raise a brow at him, before chuckling.
“I’ll see you tomorrow!” you said as you leaned up and place a chase kiss on his lips before leaving his embrace and walking away. but before you left you heard him call again with you.  “not more than me right?!” 
Tumblr media
Nahoya Kawata
Smiley cares for his younger brother more than anything so it’s natural that he wanted you to meet him. You were intimidated, to say the least, you heard rumors that Souya has a constant snarl on his face getting his nickname ‘Angry’ so you were a little skeptical that Angry might not like you and you didn't want to put Smiley in a tight spot. 
When the D-day came, Souya didn’t disappoint, despite trying not to look intimidating not wanting to chase you off, the scowl on his face remains completely different from the grin his brother had. 
“is he mad at me?” you whispered to Nahoya beside you, calmly watching his favorite persons in the world interact. he knew his brother was a little shy and you were a little worrywart, so he wanted to watch how it would play out. but he had not the slightest thought that you two wouldn't get along. 
“H-Hi I’m Y/n, uhm you probably heard from your brother right?” you introduced yourself, bashfully smiling at him, you blink once, then twice as Souya just stares and stares at you that felt the longest time before bowing straightly at you, startling you a little.
“Thank you for going out with my brother” He blurts out “Please take care of him for me” and that was all it took for him to win your heart, platonically, of course, Souya was just so adorable and innocent that makes you want to protect him from any kind of danger in this world. 
you would just stand there with mouth agape, totally mesmerized with his little brother, you turned to Nahoya with furrowed eyebrows “are you sure you’re twins? his really nice and polite” 
Nahoya look at you with a surprised and offended look “what’s that supposed to mean!”, he had no doubt you’ll like his brother but not this much, now he's rethinking why he introduced you two. 
“Angry you’re too nice, you’re making me look bad!” he pouted at his brother, raising his voice a little making you furrow your eyebrows at him. Souya gave you and Nahoya looks, a little confused about what's happening so he blurted out anything that came to mind. 
“eh I’m sorry, please don’t leave my brother” he timidly apologizes to you but instead of acknowledging it, you turned towards Smiley. “Nahoya! don’t yell at him”
“you’re already taking his side?!” 
Tumblr media
Ran Haitani
You fidget with the hem of your shirt as Rindou stared at you intensely you were nervous when Ran said he wanted you to meet his brother albeit a little excited to finally meet the younger Haitani that you heard so much from Ran.
you were already on the edge of your seat, you heard Rindo was blunt and speak whatever what's on his mind, so you were afraid he wouldn't like you and if he does then you don’t know how you were gonna take it. 
“you could have done better” Rin scoffed making your heart shrink as you look down on your lap and Ran was ready to defend you as you felt his hold on your shoulder tighten. 
“my brother’s an idiot and an asshole, you seem nice but I see you have poor choices in life” Rindou added, not even a split of hesitation and remorse in his eyes as he sat in front of you. his blunt words making you look up with a surprised look on your face. 
“What, you mea-” you gasped but was interrupted by Ran. who manically laugh beside you, making you and Rin looked at him with concern. 
“I was so ready to pummel you with my baton until you realize how amazing Y/n is” Ran giggled to himself. you blinked at him as you accidentally meet Rin’s eyes making you burse in laughter and Rin grinning. 
“My brother is weird so I hope you know what you’re getting into” He warned as he raise his glass of drink awaiting to toast with yours. you can’t help but feel happy with the development and take your own glass of drink and bump it into his. “don’t worry, I’ve seen my fair share of weirdness”
“hey! don’t go making a toast without me!” 
At home, when the two of them were alone, Ran lazed on the coach while Rin comfortably seats on the floor, resting his back on the coach. 
“you’ve found someone nice this time, don’t screw it up brother,” Rin said a lazy smirk spread on Rans' lips as he lock his arm on his younger brother's neck in a playful way. 
Ran was just glad his brother likes you.
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sukunasbabymama · 10 months ago
Their s/o gets cold easily.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
⌗ Pairing: Ken Ryuguji, Keisuke Baji, Mitsuya Takashi, Manjiro Sano.
⌗ Summary: s/o that gets cold REALLY easily and they’re always asking for their jacket and today they refuse to let them borrow a jacket and then show up w/ someone else’s jacket.
⌗ Warnings: None.
⌗ A/N: this is me :c I sleep with two blankets and a hoodie.
Tumblr media
Ken Ryuguji Draken.
He always gives you his jacket, period, it’s just that tonight you asked him just when a meeting was about to start and he had to say no, but it’s all good because you say okay, right?
In the middle of the meeting, when Mikey was talking he looks over to where he designated you to always stand, by the side of a big strong member, just in case. His jaw gets slack when he sees that you’re wearing the jacket of the guy by your side. Now, he’s not jealous, because he understands that you get cold easily, he’s just surprised because you aren’t even that close to the guy.
Without thinking he starts walking to you in silence. Mikey sees this and carries on with the meeting, saying Draken’s part and all.
“Who’s Jacket is this?” He asks.
“Uh, it’s his.” You point at the guy.
“Take it off.”
“I said take it off.”
“And I said no.”
“I’ll give you mine.”
“You said you had to hold a meeting.”
You sigh, and take the jacket off, giving it to his owner and thanking him with a smile. In an instant, your boyfriend is putting his jacket around you.
“I’m going to start bringing up my jacket. I’m sorry to bother you.” You say in a soft tone, but he tsk.
“Look at me,” He whispers, taking your face in his hands. “You could never bother me, love. No need to bring your jackets, I want you in my jacket, yeah?”
“But, you—,”
“Forget about that, I just was too used to start meetings dressed up in the same clothes always,” He shakes his head softly. “But I prefer to look for you in the crowd and see you in my clothes.”
You smile.
“To show I’m yours?”
“That’s childish.”
“I don’t care.”
“I love you.”
“Love ya’ more, sweet thing.”
Baji Keisuke.
He wasn’t even serious when he told you no to give you his jacket, please, he told you it was to not mess up his nerdy attire for fucks sakes! Who would believe him?
You. Chifuyu. Everybody.
When he gets tired of playing with some of his other friends he goes to where you always sit with him and Chifuyu. And there you are, reading a study book while Chifuyu is reading his manga. That wasn’t what caught his attention. It was you wearing someone’s jacket, and it wasn’t even Chifuyu’s jacket!!
“Whose jacket is this?” He says as soon as he’s closer enough for you to hear him.
“Uh, one of my classmat—,”
“Take it off.”
“Are you out of your mind? I’m cold.” You say, offended.
“Why didn’t you tell me?”
“You said no!”
“I was joking!”
“That didn’t sound like a joke!”
“But it was! Chifuyu, wasn’t it a joke?” He asks Chifuyu.
“It wasn’t.” Baji groans.
“Okay, I’m sorry you didn’t get my joke babe, take it off and take mine.”
“You were playing, yours is sweaty now.” You say with disgust.
“Okay, then take Chifuyu’s jacket.” He is serious. “I’m not gonna let this slide. No stranger’s jacket on you.”
“No, babe.”
You groan.
Takashi Mitsuya.
He was too focused on sewing when you asked for his jacket so he didn’t hear you. You, not wanting to shake him and interrupt him just decide to be quiet. Another guy in the same club hears you and offers his jacket to you, suddenly Mitsuya isn’t that focused anymore.
“Thank you but no.” He speaks on your behalf.
Just when you were about to give him a piece of your mind he pulls you onto his lap.
“You have a whole boyfriend, you don’t need people’s jackets.” He says.
“I asked you for yours, I’m freezing.” He frowns.
“Me? You asked me?” You nod slowly. “I’m sorry baby, I didn’t hear you.”
“I know, that’s why that guy offered me his.” He nods, understanding. “I’ll start bringing the one you gave me for—,”
“No, you wear mines.” You look at him without an expression and he gives you a sweet smile. “I like you smelling like me.”
“That’s creepy.”
“You literally drink warm cola.”
“You told me you were going to keep the secret!” You whisper offended, he shrugs.
“I will, if you don’t mess with what I like about you.”
“That’s—,” He raises both of his eyebrows, encouraging you to try and say something about his love for you. “That’s cool.”
Manjiro Sano Mikey.
Just like Draken, he told you no because he was about to start a meeting, and unlike his vice president, sometimes he doesn’t wear a shirt under his jacket.
He is talking and telling everybody about how they were going to take down this gang that challenged them when he looks briefly to where you were with his sister… and he looks again.
What the fuck you have on?
“Ken-chin, continue.” He says in a serious tone while already walking to you. Draken rolls his eyes, already knowing his best friend is gonna pull one of his childish acts.
When he’s behind you he taps your shoulder, and looks at you up and down when you turn around.
“Whose jacket is that?” He says but you’re frowning.
“Uh, weren’t you talking a—,”
“Whose jacket is that, angel?”
“Oh, that guy,” You point to a guy that he remembers belongs to the first unit.
“Take it off.”
“I’m cold.”
“Then take Ken-chin’s jacket.”
“You can’t just offer people’s jacket like that, Manjiro.” He grunts in annoyance.
“Please, take it off.” You roll your eyes and do as he told you.
He takes the jacket from you and walks to the guy, throwing it on his face.
“Thank you.” Is all he says.
When he’s back to you, you’re already trembling and he’s quick to take off his jacket and put it on you, he zip it up and takes your hands to his mouth to warm them.
“You’re shirtless now.” You say, worried.
“I’ll take Ken-chin or Baji’s jacket later.” He winks.
Tumblr media
🔖: @saturnmitsuya @milliumizoomi @melaninnntae @izvana @haitanigigi @keimisan @ccxiia @welkinmoongrab @dai-tsukki-desu @yunho-leeknow @manjiroarchiviste
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omiishii · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
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kitkat11602 · 7 months ago
The Moment They Realized They Like You More Than A Friend
Tokyo Revengers x reader
characters: Mitsuya, Chifuyu, Kazutora, Shinichiro
tw: possible spoilers??? not proofread
Tumblr media
You were always fascinated with how amazing he was at sewing.
So of course you asked him to show you how to make different things.
And him being the good friend he is, agreed.
Now, what he didn’t know was that you wanted to learn because as it was also one of his many passions, his birthday was coming up.
And you wanted to make him something special.
Mitsuya stood in front of your nervous form with a soft smile gracing his face. You held his present behind your back, just enough that it was out of his viewpoint.
“U-um… Taka, I have something for you.” You mumbled, casting your gaze down to your feet. Pulling the box out from behind your back, you pushed it into his hands. “I know it’s not the best, you could do so much better than me, but I wanted to make you something special for your birthday. So, happy birthday Taka!” You pushed your nervousness away, giving him a bright smile as he carefully opened the box, his smile falling when he saw what was inside. Pulling out the poorly put together sweater, he held it in front of him. You frowned at his change in expression, anxiety beginning to take over your body. “I-it’s okay if you don’t want it. I’m sorry it’s not better, I promise I’ll get super good! And then we can make stuff together!” You bowed your head before quickly scurrying off, leaving Mitsuya alone in the hallway. Holding up the sweater, his eyes began to water at your kind gesture. Of course it wasn’t perfect, but to him it was, and he was going to cherish it for the rest of his life.
The next time you see him, he’s proudly wearing your creation. And when he sees the flustered look on your face, he knows.
You had just won his heart.
Tumblr media
You two always bonded over your love for manga.
And of course Peke J took a special liking to you.
So when he got home one day after a Toman meeting.
He found you cuddled up in his bed reading the new manga he got, Peke J curled up on your chest, sound asleep.
Not quite expecting you to be there in his room surprised him, a new feeling blooming inside his chest.
Chifuyu pushed open his bedroom door slightly, surprise flashing across his face at the sight of you curled up under his blankets, manga in hand, and Peke J sprawled across your chest.
One hand held up the book while the other pet the sleeping cat. Chifuyu stayed quiet, wanting to watch the interaction through the crack of the door some more. Peke J letting out a soft meow making you turn your attention away from the manga, a small smile appeared on your face as the cat nuzzled into the palm of your hand.
“Daddy should be home soon.” You whispered to the cat, putting the book down you put your full attention onto the cat. Chifuyu’s breath got caught in the back of his throat, his eyes wide as you cradled Peke J closer to you. He stumbled forward, losing his footing as the door pushed open even more, now showing his flustered self.
“Oh, Chifuyu! We’ve been waiting for you.” You smiled, patting the spot next to you. He hesitantly approached the bed, taking a seat, but making sure to leave enough room in between the two of you. His heart was hammering against his ribcage, a blush dusting over his cheeks when you pulled him closer. “Have you gotten to this part yet?” You asked, picking up the manga and showing him the page you were on.
“U-um yeah, I have.” He stuttered as his eyes roamed across the page, a small smile appearing on his face when you began to ramble on about a specific character. Only one thought processing through his head as he watched you.
Do I like Y/N?
Tumblr media
After being sent back to prison, he expected to be totally alone.
But then you showed up.
You two were never really that close, of course you were still friends, but not as much as you and Mikey or him and Baji.
So when he saw you sitting on the other side of the glass, he didn’t know what to think.
And then the words you spoke really shined a new light down on him, a feeling that he’s always longed for.
Kazutora took a seat on the chair in front of the glass, a confused look on his face as your eyes met.
“Y/N?” His voice was quiet as he spoke, tilting his head to the side in question.
“Hey Kaz!” You smiled, giving him a small wave. “I hope you don’t mind me coming to visit.” You said twiddling your thumbs under the small table. He shook his head, a frown appearing on his face. You looked down, your eyes watering as you replayed the words you wanted to say to him inside your head. “U-um, Kazutora… There’s actually something I want to say.” You lifted your head, eyes meeting his as you leaned closer to the glass. “We were never really close as kids… I was always closer to Mikey, whereas you were closer to Baji.” You paused, a tear rolling down your cheek at the mention of the long haired males name. “But, I think that we should still be friends, I have always wanted to get to know you more.” Kazutora’s lips parted, his eyes watering at your kind words.
“Besides, you'll need someone to show you around and help you when you get out!” You gave him a bright smile, watching as he unconsciously nodded his head in agreement. Placing your hand against the glass he did the same in return, his bottom lip trembling as he felt a jolt in his chest.
“Thank you, Y/N.”
Tumblr media
You and Shinichiro had been best friends for years.
Everyone always joked about you two being the mom and dad of your group of friends.
Some would even exclaim that you were already ‘Shin’s girl’, even though you two always stated that you were JUST friends.
That was until he saw you taking care of Emma and Mikey
Now he understands what the other’s saw.
Shinichiro stood off to the side, watching as you cooked dinner for them, all while taking care of Emma and Mikey. A smile on his face when you picked up a crying Emma off the floor, holding her close to your chest after she had fallen to the ground.
“Oh Emma… It’s okay baby, don’t cry.” You cooed, one arm holding her in your arms while the other patted her poofy hair down. “How about after dinner we drag the boys upstairs and make them play dress up with us?” Emma pulled away with an excited look on her face, nodding her head rapidly, her tears now long forgotten.
“Woah now,” Shinichiro said walking into the kitchen, a smirk on his face. “Don’t Mikey and I get a say in this?” Emma shook her head, jumping down to the floor and walking over to her seat next to Mikey who was watching the whole scene unfold with a blank stare. You gave him a soft smile, shaking your head as you turned back to the food. “I’m sorry Shin, but you heard Emma. And what Emma says, goes.” Shinichiro stared at your back, his heart beating a little too fast for his liking, a small blush dusting across the tops of his cheeks.
Mikey and Emma covered their mouths, muffling their snickers at how their brother was becoming flustered, even going as far as to make kissy faces at the older male to tease him. He glared at them before turning his attention back to you, watching as you made each plate with a smile.
Yeah, he could definitely get used to this.
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ast-cwti · 10 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
༺ ♰ ୨୧ ♰ ༻ㅤㅤㅤ
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keifairie · 2 months ago
Tr men | 'when a boy likes their girl
synopsis: when their daughter has a admirer
Tumblr media
characters: Ran Haitani, Sanzu Haruchiyo, Takeomi Akashi, Mitsuya Takashi, Souya Kawata
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
🍡 he loves his little princess dearly, your daughter took up so much from you
🍡your eyes, nose and personality, he was over the moon when he had her, he remembers the day he cried for the first time when he held her close to him
🍡but as years pass, she was turning 6 this year!
🍡Ran was a helper but also quite the charmer when he comes to school, all the mothers can't help but turn their head twice seeing him.
🍡his little princess in his arms as they happily eat the meal you made
🍡not until a doorbell was heard, Ran puts his little girl down while you pick her up instead as she continues to talk about her day in school.
🍡Ran opened the door, but he didn't saw anyone as he was about to close the door he heard a voice.
🍡looking down he sees a boy with round shaped glasses and a gel fixed hair
🍡"can I help you?" Ran asked as he gave a small smile at the boy who was seemingly nervous, the poor boy gulped handing out a blue paper bag and a single rose.
🍡"ah, for who are these for?" Ran asked, but a sudden yelp was heard behind him his daughter ran to the boy as she gave him a hug
🍡 Ran was so confuse only when you told him how his daughter has an admirer, that's when it comes down to him.
🍡feeling a bit displeased he lightly pulls his daughter away and you thanked the boy and bid him 'goodnight' you think it's cute but Ran hates it.
🍡that's when your daughter got lectured by Ran.
🍡"no boys until your 50 got it?" "got it!" while you look at him in disbelief.
🍡Sanzu thinks it was a good idea to bring his daughter in the Bonten building, his little girl got use to being around all other executives,
🍡she was nice and caring, very talkative too!
🍡she looks so much like Sanzu but she got her personality from you
🍡even though she can be a bit hard headed like Sanzu gets.
🍡today he did the same thing, she was happily playing with her dolls while she eats a yellow lollipop, her hair tied in pigtails.
🍡a boy was peaking outside the office, admiring Sanzu's little daughter, she caught a glimpse of him as she stood up to check.
🍡Sanzu was busy on a call not noticing his daughter walked off somewhere.
🍡the little boy was Rindou's kid, giving Sanzu's daughter a origami flower that he made, he look lot like Rindou
🍡 the little girl blushed as she gave him a kiss on the cheek making the little boy blush
🍡"hey" both of them turned to see Sanzu as if he was seeing an alien, then suddenly Rindou was also there along with Ran
🍡"wow, I didn't expected that." Ran said as he laughed.
🍡Sanzu was quick enough to pick his little girl back into his arms as Rindou called his son.
🍡Sanzu doesn't like the idea of her growing up yet nor meeting boys, "please don't tell me you like him?" On verge of tears, he's a baby too.
🍡"I like him a lot!" Sanzu feeling defeated while Ran heard it as he laughs at the poor father.
🍡Takeomi has twins, one boy and one girl.
🍡today was the twins birthday, they were turning 12, Takeomi helped you fix everything and even help you bake and decorate
🍡Sanzu was having fun with a little birthday hat on him, forcing Rindou to do the same thing,
🍡the twins were playing with the other kids, you see how much they enjoy themselves
🍡as the other executives gather to talk while you went off talking to your friends, Takeomi witness something
🍡the boy who has been coming to their house gave a gift to your daughter, everyone cheered for them
🍡while the little boy hugged her as she hugged him back, noticing both of them having redden cheeks.
🍡Takeomi almost choked on his drink, while the trio teased him and Kakucho lightly patting his back and giving him a napkin
🍡"your girl is all grown up." Ran said, as he smirk at Takeomi, but Takeomi was quick to pull the kids away.
🍡you asked him what's wrong, but he said "later" you just nodded.
🍡as you two were about to head upstairs leaving the maids to clean everything up, Takeomi's arms snaked arounds your waist.
🍡walking up to your room he told you all about earlier events, you laughed knowing how much Takeomi doesn't like the idea of the twins growing up too soon.
🍡but his frown turned into a devilish smirk, "want to make another baby? We can go for triplets this time." now this time you stopped laughing.
🍡Mitsuya loves his little girl so much, he'd make her dresses he loves making his baby girl smile
🍡but so does he do the same to you, Mitsuya loves to spoil his girls
🍡he would take the two of you everywhere, even in his business trips and maybe a little vacation
🍡Luna and Mana would watch over his kid too as the two of you are left together,
🍡it was a bright Saturday morning but your kid has to go to her math class, she was now in gradeschool and you and Mitsuya want her to take school seriously
🍡you couldn't move around much either since your pregnant, Mitsuya forbids that you do any workload, he stayed beside you and even spent time with your little girl before she leaves.
🍡but what Mitsuya didn't expect was a doorbell, "who could it be?" You ask him but he simply shook his head, "maybe it's Hakkai."
🍡you just simply nodded as he opens the door a loud voice booms in greeting him, the little boy had a large smile on his face, he had a blue backpack on
🍡your daughter came running at the front door, "Tokito?" she happily walks to him, what surprises Mitsuya is that he saw Draken
🍡"oh seems like my kid know your kid Mitsuya." Draken happily said, seeing the two so close with all the hugging and him suddenly pulling out dandelions.
🍡"these are for you, they reminded me of you." You laughed, how cheesy you thought.
🍡"well I don't mind it since it's Draken's kid, but missy I told you now boys not until your old enough."
🍡she huffed, "I am old enough!" You laughed at her cuteness.
🍡Souya is mostly busy running the Ramen shop with his twin brother Nahoya
🍡you sometimes bring your daughter there to, trying the ramen they make and Souya makes it extra special for the two of you
🍡Nahoya loves to play with his little niece, because she was so similar to Souya
🍡Souya loves his little girl so much, he brings her to parks, toy stores, and maybe even going to get ice cream but not telling you
🍡but eventually fails because you see a stain on the side of their lips knowing they had sugar before coming home.
🍡but this time, you left for work and Souya is left with his daughter she sat in one of the stools where it's close to them to watch over her
🍡Nahoya would joke around her as she happily laughs with her uncle
🍡that's when a family came in, the Kawata twins greeted them 'welcome'
🍡Souya's daughter making an eye contact with the boy who was seemingly just around her age, he soon later walks up to her giving her his greetings
🍡they bonded over but Souya noticed how his little girl was talking to a boy!
🍡Nahoya told him they might just be bonding over, not to stress out from it
🍡but Souya kept looking from time to time, later on he could hear his daughter's laughter seeing how the boy was teaching her how to make flowers or airplanes using a tissue.
🍡Souya frowns seeing that his little girl is growing up, he doesn't like the idea.
🍡soon after the day as you and Souya tuck her in her bed, bidding goodnight's you would hear Souya telling his daughter 'to not grow up and stay little' or you'd hear that she can't have boys yet.
🍡you know Souya is only like this because he loves his little bundle of joy so much, and so do you <3
🍡oh for Souya, if only he can stop time he would and maybe even push rewind to take him back to seeing her so small
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hy-joo · a year ago
⠀⠀⠀⠀zZz  wALLp4peRs . . 考え [REQ.]
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
ꐚ L!KE OR REBLOG : MiTSUYA TAK4SH1⭒۟⊹.꠶ 내 사랑 & sweet boy
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simpforchuchu · 4 days ago
What would they if they find out someone is harassing/therating you ?
A/n: Sorry for the grammer or spelling mistakes.English is not my main language so...
Thank you and love you 🥰
Warnings: gang stuffs, violence
Tumblr media
• He's always been a caring and understanding boyfriend
• So he started to notice the change in your demeanor but hasn't asked anything yet.
• After a while your introversion started to bother him.
• When he came to your school one day,one of your close friends told him that you had threatened you to break up with him and that they would hurt Draken if you dont.
• He found that boy without being seen by you and no one knows what he did
• But that boy could never even look at you again
Tumblr media
• He's a pretty loving boyfriend
• But as the day went on, he started to worry when he saw that you were startled by even the slightest sound.
• One day, while yoy were sitting together, he asked you to pop some popcorn and he saw the message on your phone.
• Someone was threatening and harassing you
•  He got angry but didn't show it to you
• He never forgot the boy's number and found out who he is
• He beat the boy to death in a public place and shouted
• "I will kill anyone who reaches out to what is mine!"
Tumblr media
• He's a pretty caring boyfriend
• So he'll understand when you start acting weird
• But he won't get an answer when he asks you
•  One day, while he was waiting for you on the street, he was scared when you suddenly walked towards him nervously.
• "Babe, what's wrong?"
• He said he'd handle it when you told him someone was following you and he moved on to the guy
• He will gently warn the man
• If the man doesn't listen, he will definitely beat him there.
Tumblr media
• he won't understand
• He will understand something when Chifuyu tells him that there is something strange in your behavior
• One day, when he wants to pick you up from school unannounced, he will start following you when he realizes that someone is following you.
• He'll catch and beat up the man who's stalking you while you change your path
• No one can scare his lover
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