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don't be so possessive, rindou ! | haitani r.
haitani rindou x fem!reader
summary: ran likes pissing off rindou a bit too much </3 n you're used to dealing with the jealousy that follows, except this time it's in front of all of the other KMG executives
warnings: fem!reader, mean!rindou, kanto manji!rindou, jealous!rindou, ran highkey gaslighting rindou, exhibitionism, thigh riding, humiliation, voyeurism, brief overstim, implied noncon filming, UNEDITED, WRITTEN IN AN HOUR
notes: not doing a full taglist cuz i wrote this sloppily in an hour but @spookydiluc @ghostyzhongli @sano-obsessed @dear-xiao @manjiroscum @arozaur
wordcount: 2k
He was angry. Haitani Rindou was good at hiding his emotions, his expression a blank slate to most who look at him, but not to you, and not to Ran--the two of you knew him well enough to see through the mask.
Ran shot you a look, amused as he raised his eyebrows and nodded toward his younger brother and you glared because this was his fault, and now he was all but giggling as he walked you over to your executioner.
At least one of us is entertained, you thought violently as you drew closer to your boyfriend. His dark gaze trained directly on you, ignoring Ran even as he chuckled and nudged you forward.
“I’ll leave you two be,” Ran murmured and your eyes widened as he leaned in close, darting down to steal a kiss from your cheek, too too close to the corner of your lips. You leaned back immediately but winced when you heard Rindou let out a sound more animalistic than human as his hand shot forward to curl around your bicep painfully tight, yanking you toward him and away from Ran.
Ran only laughed as he raised his hands up in mock defense, “Was just sayin’ bye, Rindou, don’t be so possessive.”
You should have known better.
Ran loved his brother, yes, but he also enjoyed needling him like none other, and Ran was observant, and he realized quickly that the fastest way to get under Rindou's skin was through you. And you knew that Ran would never actually try something with you, again, he loved Rindou too much to ever even think about that--and deep down, you knew Rindou knew that too, but that didn't mean he didn't like to pretend just to see Rindou lose his shit for the fuck of it.
Ran walked away without another word and internally, you let out a slew of curses directed toward the older brother as you looked up at your boyfriend, “Rin-” your voice wavered and Rindou didn’t have to say a word to shut you up, one look in your direction had you swallowing thickly, lips pressed together tight.
And you only stood there as Rindou let out a breath, letting go of your arm to take a few steps away from you and sit down on the couch in the Kanto Manji base and you could see the storm brewing behind his lavender eyes as he stared at you, elbows resting on his knees and chin resting on his thumbs, fingers pressed to his nose, and you knew it was taking all of his self control not to lose his temper on you--the Haitanis always have had extraordinarily bad tempers but they did their best to control it. 
And you didn’t dare say anything, only watching him carefully until he finally leaned back into the couch, his ordinarily neat, pulled back hair falling messy framing his face. 
“Come here,” he said, voice low as he patted his thigh, and you moved forward without a word, slipping onto his lap and watching him carefully, trying to figure out what he wanted from you. You watched with bated breath as he brought his hand up to cup your face, thumb running over your bottom lip, and you relaxed into his touch, missing the dark expression on his face. “You like whoring yourself out to my brother?” 
Your eyes widened and the gentle touch to your face tightened into a painful grip, squishing your cheeks together as he forced you to look him in the eye. Desperately, you shook your head as best as you could, acutely aware of all of the other Kanto Manji higher ups lingering around the room, watching the scene with thinly veiled interest.
“I don’t, Rin, I don’t do that, I-” you were stuttering over your words, cheeks heating up in embarrassment when you heard Ran snort in amusement, exchanging a few quiet words with Madarame Shion and Hanma Shuji.
“No? You don’t?” Rindou’s voice was sharp, and cruel, tears stung your eyes as you heard Hanma snicker. “You don’t strut around our base in your tiny little skirts trying to get stuffed full with whatever fuckin’ cock you can get your hands on?” 
“I do-” you began to protest but Rindou bounced his knee suddenly and your eyes widened, a gasp tearing from your lips when you felt his knee grind up against your clit.
“You’re fuckin’ drenched,” he said, and you squeezed your eyes shut as you heard Ran snicker loudly, “can feel it through my pants. Got like that from walkin’ around with Ran, didn’t you? You let him feel you up? Touch my pussy?”
“N-” you began again but he bounced his leg again and you couldn’t hold back the whine that slipped past your lips, eyes fluttering open when you felt him grind harder against your clit. 
“Look at you,” his tone was low, mocking, “no fuckin’ self control.”
And your breath was shaky and your fingers were trembling as he kept the pressure on your clit, and you wanted to scream and cry because Rindou knew what he was doing and you both knew that he was right--you had zero self-control whenever it came to him.
But you were in public, the more rational part of your brain tried to fight you even as you let out another whimper, trying to subtly grind your hips down on his black pants. In public in front of his brother, all of the other members of his stupid gang. 
“Go on,” Rindou said, bouncing his knee again and your lips parted in a silent moan, “Get yourself off.”
“Rin,” voice barely over a breath as you stared at him, unsure if he was being serious or not. Rindou was a lot of things--but he was especially possessive over you. 
“Now,” he leaned back against the couch, one arm hooking behind it as the other dropped from your face to rest on the cushions next to him. Your eyes darted around, catching the stares of all of the other Kanto Manji higher ups trained on you. Rindou raised his eyebrows, beckoning you to start, your mouth was dry as your reached to rest your hands on his shoulders, “Don’t fuckin’ touch me.”
Your face felt like it was on fire as Hanma Shuji and Madarame Shion burst into laughter somewhere nearby, as your hands dropped back to your sides. “Rin,” you could feel your eyes welling with tears, “You’re bein’ real mean, Rin.”
Rindou’s lips tilted up into a cruel smile, “‘n you’re actin’ like a real whore, princess.”
Your bottom lip wobbled, Rindou only called you princess when he was real mad, n it was never in a cute way, only mocking. 
“Maybe she needs some help getting started,” Ran cooed, “Don’t ya, doll? I can come over there and help you out.”
“Stay the fuck over there,” Rindou snapped, his lavender eyes met yours, still sharp, but more questioning. Rindou was mean, and he had a temper, and a possessive streak for a mile but you knew you could trust him to stop if you were uncomfortable no matter how mad he might be.
And a part of you wanted to stop to tell him no, not in front of the rest of the gang because you knew you would never live it down. You knew that they’d make lecherous comments and leer whenever Rindou wasn’t around but… your eyes fluttered shut again when you shifted on Rindou’s lap, the pressure on your clit increasing.
But you wanted him.
“I wanna touch you,” the words slipped past your lips before you could stop them, ignoring their taunts and, just barely, for a second Rindou’s gaze softened before he nodded and you lifted your hands to his shoulders, fingers curling around his black jacket.
You let out a shaky breath. Rindou tilted his head to the side, attention focused solely on you, go on, he said silently and you tried to block out the hoots and catcalls from Hanma and Shion as your grip tightened on his shoulders as you rocked your hips against his thigh.
You bit down on your bottom lip, trying to muffle the moans but his hand darted back up to your face, squishing your cheeks together again—a silent command, stop fucking hiding yourself.
On cue, a whimper ripped from your lips as your eyes fluttered shut and you picked up the pace of your hips—breath catching at the consistent pressure to your clit, as Rindou subtly bounced his knee in time with your hips.
Your nails dug deep into the cloth of Rindou’s jacket, blurry gaze tunneling onto his face, how lavender eyes were dark and trained on you, how his jaw was clenched tight, how his free hand was squeezing the pillows as you slowly lost yourself on his thigh.
“W-w-want you t’fill me up,” you barely even recognized your own voice as the words spilled from your lips in a whine, and around you, the mocking hoots and whistles from the Kanto Manji executives became muted as your pants loudened, quickened, as your muffled moans steadily grew more audible, first shifting into whimpers then high-pitch whines before you were half doubled over on Rindou’s lap, arms limp around him, face resting on his shoulder as you let out shaky, broken, loud moans against the skin by his ear, rocking your hips against his thigh as best as possible. But it wasn’t enough, you couldn’t get the pressure right, you couldn’t rock your hips fast enough, you could bring yourself right to the brink but never over and tears began stinging at your eyes as you chased an unobtainable release, “C-c-can’t, Rin, Rin, can’t do it on my own, need you in me s’bad please, please-“
You could feel his breath hot against your neck before his hands came down on your hips, gripping you so tight that you were sure it would bruise, bringing you down on his thigh, grinding your cunt against him hard as he bounced his leg up.
Your breath caught as he picked up the pace to an impossible speed, jaw slack and body limp in his hold. His name left your lips in a string of incoherent babbles, the release that you couldn’t manage to reach yourself approaching so quickly that it had your body running hot and fuzzy, your head light, your vision spotty.
“S’good, feels s’good,” you barely even understood what you were saying—lost in the feeling of his hands on your hips, his thigh grinding against your cunt, his breath hot and heavy against your skin.
Distantly, you could hear someone saying something—Hanma? or Shion? you couldn’t tell, and you didn’t care, too focused on your rapidly approaching high, too focused on the soft murmurs Rindou let out against your neck, praise that the others couldn’t hear over your sobs and moans, that you could barely pick up yourself—his good girl, so pretty for him, so good for him, his his his.
He had your head spinning and body tensing, thighs trembling around his as one particularly hard bounce of his knee sent you spiraling over the edge, letting out a loud keen of his name, mind running blank as the heat pooling in your abdomen finally exploded, sending tremors throughout your body, vision flashing white. 
His grip on your hips tightened, continuing the steady roll of your hips over his thigh until you were spasming in his arms, slapping at his chest, tears streaming down your face as you tried to get him to stop, the sensitivity too much to handle.
And he did, but only after a few more bounces of his knee, reveling in your broken sobs and pleas of his name, letting out a low chuckle against your skin as you fell limp into his chest.
He kissed your neck softly as you laid against him, hands running up and down your sides soothingly.
“Two minutes,” he murmured and you blinked up at him blearily confused, faltering when you caught the dark glint in his eyes. You let out a loud whimper as he rocked his hips against yours, grinding his bulge against your soaked through panties, “Two minutes to recover til I’m stuffing you full.”
His words barely registered, you leaned into his touch as he brushed a stray hair out of your face. He rested his chin on your shoulder, looking back at Ran, Hanma and Shion, “Better hide your phone real good once I’m done, Shion, cuz if I get my hands on it, I’m shattering it and all the bones in your arm.”
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
𐚁 𝐏𝐀𝐈𝐑𝐈𝐍𝐆𝐒: mikey, sanzu, rindou & koko x fem!reader
𐚁 𝐂𝐖: gangbang, noncon, unprotected vaginal sex, multiple orgasms, intoxication, non consensual filming, drool, handjobs, blowjobs, anal sex, lots of creampies
𐚁 𝐂𝐇𝐀𝐑𝐀𝐂𝐓𝐄𝐑𝐒: Manjiro Sano, Haruchiyo Sanzu, Rindou Haitani, & Hajime Kokonoi
𐚁 𝐀/𝐍: this is just pure sin ngl (all characters are timeskip)
Tumblr media
"I said look at me." Mikey demanded, ignoring the defamed look in your eyes and going straight for the throat in terms of intention. Mikey lifted your chin with his fingertips, his alluring glance ensuring that you were in for quite the treat. "You're Bonten's little plaything, aren't you?" With a deranged chuckle, Mikey then became distracted by a knocking on the hotel door. It was luxurious, to say the least. Adorned with crystal chandeliers, rooms also came with complimentary resources. You found yourself in this position after multiple hookups with Bonten's main man, Manjiro Sano. He was the boss, after all. And if he demanded you to meet his eyes, you had no choice but to oblige.
"Yes. I'm your plaything." You respond, flashing him a cheeky grin. "I'd let you do anything to me."
"Anything?" Kokonoi entered the room. "Is this the chick you've been fucking all this time?" He aims his question at Mikey.
"Damn straight, been stretching her out long before any of you came along."
"I suppose I'm late to the party." Entered another man by the name of Haruchiyo Sanzu. A boisterous pink haired man that you've seen conversing with Mikey on various occasions.
"You're not late. It's just gotten started." Mikey retorts, looking as if he was awaiting for another man. In fact, he sure was.
"Where's Rindou?" Mikey whispered to Sanzu.
"Having a drink downstairs." Sanzu claimed. Soon after his statement, Rindou came crashing through the doorway, somewhat intoxicated yet physically stable.
"There he is!" Mikey exclaimed. He sashayed over to his counterpart. "Rindou, what's took you all this time? Drunk again, buddy?"
"Sorta, guess not." Rindou stated. "Just had, about two drinks. And a shot."
"You're gonna end up being the one filming!"
"Filming?" You're alerted. "Please tell me..."
"You're Bonten's plaything, aren't you? You're destined to do everything we say. You're our slave now, got it?" Sanzu interjected. "I'd like to get a taste of your girl, Mikey."
"She's not my girl," he retorted. "She's our girl, now."
Tumblr media
"You've got three holes and two hands, don't you?" The four men had undressed, with Kokonoi and Sanzu still remaining in their boxer briefs. You were splayed out on the bed, thighs apart for Mikey to inch himself between them. He was your practice session.
"No, Koko. No filming for now. Gotta stretch my girl out before the rest of you break her in, don't I?" Mikey's fingers handled your throat, nails digging straight into your neck sure enough to leave significant marks. He continued to bruise the sorry area of flesh, simultaneously knocking himself into you in missionary. Mikey's series of grunts and groans only spurred you on, causing you to roll your hips upwards against his pubic area. "God, I love when you do that... But, aren't I the one using you?"
Mikey tightened his grip on your throat, plowing into your pussy as the other three men watched, stroking their cocks to the sight.
"She's a goddamn mess, Mikey. You're gonna break her." Kokonoi exclaimed.
"I've tried to break her many times. Never could fully do it. Though, maybe she'll warm up to you guys." Mikey thrusted, chest flush against your own as he planted a meaningless peck on your forehead. You knew for a damn fact he was using you to the best of his ability. And God, did you love it.
"Oh, fuck!" Mikey sped up, hips moving at breakneck speed until he reached a quick high, one that lasted for a few moment before dying down completely. It could have been his nerves tainted with lust, but he couldn't help but push the remaining cum back inside of your pussy, cockhead leaking as he withdrew, only to slam right back in balls deep.
"You're such a good little cocksleeve..." Mikey mustered up the stamina to fuck you once more. Cum seeping down your thighs and coating his balls, the translucent cream creating a ring around the base of his cock. "Like having the cum fucked out of you?"
"Yes! Mikey..." You cry, attempting to push him off of you. Though, he's intent on cumming once more before passing you off to the crew.
"Gonna cum again, shit." The lubrication he so desired was drenching his member, your fluids dripping out with each squelching noise of his cock moving in and out.
"Mikey..." You lay your head on the pillow, figuring he wouldn't stop.
"Shit, shit! Cumming..." Mikey gave one last finishing thrust, moaning frequently as he dipped the head of his cock near your hole, cumming partially on the external area of your cunt as well as inside. The liquid seeped out of you almost immediately, though Mikey's cock ached to pull out, the oversensitivity shunning him and his desires for once.
"When's our turn, huh?" Kokonoi lowered his boxers, watching as Mikey stepped away from between your legs to catch a breather. Kokonoi positioned himself near the edge of the bed, tapping the head of his large cock against your pursed lips. "Mikey's taught you how to suck cock, no?"
Too fucked out to answer, Kokonoi responds with a quick jab of his cock inside of your mouth, the head bulging inside of your cheek. You sop up the precum, tastebuds set aflame as you ingest the milky fluid. "C'mon, you can take me." Kokonoi slides himself in further. Suffocating you with his cock, he bottoms out in the back of your throat, timidly thrusting. Being careful not to hurt you at first, he adjusts a camera within your view.
"Koko! No..."
"No? I thought this was all about us, sweetheart." Kokonoi began to film you, jamming his cock down your throat enough so to leave harsh welts on the insides of your mouth and walls of your throat. As you clamped down on him, you were met with the presence of another man, Rindou. The man stroked his cock besides you, and you offered your hand.
"Pretty girl knows what to do, I like it." You continued to deepthroat Kokonoi's impressive member while taking Rindou's huge cock into your hand. Rindou gasped as he felt your lithe fingers circle his cockhead, thumb pressing against the slit. Your other hand wasn't occupied, though you were sure Sanzu and Mikey had other plans.
"God, suck my cock." Kokonoi reached a hand out to fist in your hair, pulling you closer to him as he rammed down your throat with his throbbing member.
"Stroke my cock, yes... Fuck!" Rindou thrusted his hips into your fist, as you struggle to take both cocks at the same time.
"You haven't forgotten about us, right? Pretty darling?" Sanzu lowered his boxers, revealing the most perfect cock you'd ever seen. Pink, dripping cockhead and wide length.
"Fuck... I'm gonna cum," Kokonoi alerted. His grip on your hair tightened, and he spilled into your mouth with a throaty groan, some of it retracting into your throat. You coughed violently as Kokonoi withdrew, all the while he stroked his member up and down in preparation for the second round.
Rindou was caught up in his own bliss. As Kokonoi's seed dripped from your lips, you bend yourself over to lend your mouth to the other sexually frustrated man. Upon feeling your warm mouth, Rindou fell nearly into submission. While he was the one meant to be using you, he felt as if he had been trapped under your spell.
You press your lips around his cockhead flirtatiously, lowering your mouth around his thick girth as he throws his head back.
"Darling, once you're finished. You're to take both of us at once." Sanzu declared.
Rindou's head hung backwards in bliss as you worked him up and down in the back of your throat. His chest heaved each moment you bottomed out, drool spewing from your lips and resting on his balls. You cup his balls with one hand, clasping them between your fingers as you blew him.
Rindou ejaculated with a timid cry, letting his body succumb to the pleasure as you refused to let yourself off of him. They wanted to use you? You were going to use him.
"Fuck... Too sensitive!" Rindou pushed you off of him, and a string of drool from your chin became visible. Rindou could barely touch his cock anymore, due to how oversensitive the man was. His erection remained tall and proud, yet the man himself was out of breath.
It was now the time you dreaded.
Sanzu and Mikey were intent on double teaming you. Sanzu handed Kokonoi the camera, which he immediately turned on.
"Alright, pretty. This is how it's done. Do you want to feel real pleasure? Ever had an anal orgasm?" Mikey positioned himself behind you, his painful erection at the puckered hole of your ass, ready to push in. Sanzu positioned himself in front of you, between your legs. You had already been significantly stretched, though taking two men at once was enough to fill not only your cunt, but your brain to the brim.
Mikey's cock attempted to break through your hole. He grabbed a bottle of lube that rested on the wooden table, slobbering it all over his hand and onto your tight asshole. "There we fuckin' go." Mikey began to insert himself inside of your ass, slowly and painfully. You could feel yourself being split in half by the pink haired menace.
"No condoms?" Mikey teased.
You didn't reply, focusing too frequently on the pain provided by Mikey's large cock. Once he had bottomed out inside of you, Sanzu only filled you to the brim once more. The thin layer of flesh that seperated the two cocks became stretched. No, strained the moment both men started moving inside of you.
With one thrust from Mikey, another harsh jolt was delivered by Sanzu.
"Fuck! This pussy..." Sanzu slid in and out as you milked his erection. Mikey positioned his hips at an upward angle, attempting to give you an anal orgasm that a whore such as yourself deserved.
"Fuck, like it when you're used like a fucking slut? Like a fuckin' ragdoll?" Mikey's hands planted over your hips, with Sanzu's maneuvering your waist.
Kokonoi and Rindou began to feel yet another ache in their members, and while you took on two cocks, who said you couldn't take four?
Rindou took your mouth this time. Kokonoi's cock was held in your right hand as you became overwhelmed with pleasure and stimulation.
"Her mouth feels fuckin' incredible," Rindou said. He mostly was gentle, with the occassional rough housing of your throat.
"Yeah, I know." Kokonoi retorts, letting his erect cock fall into your grasp. You stroke him, using the lubrication of both saliva and your essence as the man threw his head back.
Mikey and Sanzu repeatedly drilled into your holes, and you could feel your tiny clit become more and more exposed. Letting yourself fall into their trap, you pinch your clit together with your fingers, cumming hard on both of their large cocks.
"Babygirl, just came!" Mikey stated proudly, though not once stilling. He continued to pound relentlessly into your asshole. The two men weren't able to stop. No, not until they both had their fix of an orgasm.
"Hey, princess. Don't slack off on me." Kokonoi noticed that your hand and fingers had lost their grip.
Mouth full of Rindou's cock, you could only respond by giving Kokonoi a sudden tug on his cock. He moaned in response, tilting his head and parting his lips as you gave him what he so desired.
"I'm gonna... Fuckin' cum in your throat." Rindou felt his orgasm approaching, feeling the clench of your vocal chords. He thrusted much faster this time, pummeling into your weakened throat.
"Fuck... Gonna cum, too." Sanzu's hands found your waist once more, and with each push and pull of his cock, you were knocked straight back onto Rindou's from above.
Sanzu let himself fall to the glory of an orgasm, nearly losing control of his hips as he came. Sticky seed spurting out of his sensitive cockhead as you milked him conpletely dry. Mikey shortly followed, diving deep into your ass. He came as hard as he'd ever, still thrusting even after he'd come down from his impressive high.
"You good?" Kokonoi held the camera near your pussy. He truly didn't care if you were okay or not.
"I'm... Fine. But, stop!"
"Stop... Filming me."
"Nah, we gotta see this." Kokonoi exclaimed, rushing to zoom in on the cum dripping from your wet slit.
"Fuck, you came in her a lot." Rindou admired. Mikey and Sanzu had since withdrawn, their aching cocks a testament to the session you five had.
Your body felt as if it was on fire, the overstimulation absolutely killing you as you finally acheived your own orgasm. Fucking the cum out of yourself with your tiny fingers, you stare into Mikey's devious eyes.
"See, you could handle it. Next time, we'll bring Ran."
"No way in hell," Rindou stuttered.
"Who makes the rules here?" Mikey looked back as he exited the door, followed by the rest of the men.
"You, Mikey." You answer, lying on the slick drenched bed of the hotel room, hoping they'd at least allow you to take a much needed nap.
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bontenscumslut · 2 days ago
Hi can you do Ran with his little sister smut please 🥹🥹🥹
Bet. 😤😤
Be More Careful Next Time
Tumblr media
You loved your two brothers but Ran got a kind of special love from you, hopefully Rin would not notice it.
Pairing: Ran Haitani x Sister!Reader
Genre: Smut, mdin 18+
Warnings: Incest, exhibitionism, cock warming, unprotected sex, vaginal sex, clothed sex, dubcon
Word Count: 1.2k
A/N: I omitted the taglist this time due to the dark content <3
Being the youngest Haitani sibling was a difficult task. Everyone feared your big brothers and thus they feared you. Especially in terms of dating was being a Haitani arduous. You never had the chance to date someone, your brothers always protecting you and scaring those annoying guys away. Not even after your 18th birthday were you able to search for 'the love of your life'.
Why would you search for a boyfriend anyway? You had your brothers. They protected you, listened to your problems, cuddled with you and took you out to special places. Ran and Rin adored you and took care of you as though you were their reason to live.
Especially Ran adored you. He was the oldest one, it was his 'duty' to protect you and Rin. But his 'duty' towards Rin differed from your one.
And you would lie if you would say that your love towards them was the same. Yes, you loved Rin but it was the casual brother-sister-love. But that did not count for Ran.
There was something else between the two of you.
Or better said: something hard underneath you.
Sitting on Ran‘s lap was always a bad idea, especially if Rin was sitting next to you, enjoying a movie that you all wanted to watch together.
Since the very beginning of the movie Ran was teasingly touching you, stroking your thighs up and down. You tried to stop his hand from moving but he would not refrain from his motions.
So you tried wriggling in your seat carefully, so that Rin would not notice that you could not keep still in Ran‘s lap.
You felt a pinch and hands grabbing your flesh harshly. "Don‘t move, you are making it worse, precious nee-chan~", Ran whispered quietly into your ear, you knew what he was referring to, and then you felt his tongue licking alongside your neck.
"A-Ah!", you gasped loudly. Rin snapped his head towards you. "You alright, sis?", he asked you, worry written all over his face.
"U-Uh, ye-yeah! I‘m alright, my phone just sl-slipped almost out of my h-hand", you tried to excuse your little noise, hoping that he will accept it and leave it alone. Your face was burning. Ran, you idiot! This is your fault! Please, Rin, please, please, please, just ignore it.
And he did not question it, just mumbled a small 'okay' and turned his head back to the TV.
"Sshh~ Be silent if you don’t wanna Rin to notice this", Ran teased you, slipping a hand under your shirt to palm one of your breasts, squeezing it through your bra.
God, Rin will catch you.
He will definitely catch you.
But still you felt your body tingle, Ran‘s hands leaving a trail of goosebumps behind. He is so stupid! And then you felt one of his hand under your ass, toying with your underwear. You pressed your thighs together instinctively, biting your lip hard in order to keep any noises from slipping out of your mouth again.
Fortunately it was dark in the room, except the TV lights. Perfect for Ran to play his games with you.
His slender fingers pulled your panties aside to graze your slit lightly, touching you but it was not enough for you.
"Lemme put my dick in, wanna feel your tight hole wrap around me~", he whispered again. How could you say no? Especially in such a state? He made you needy and desperate for him, slick already collecting between your legs and he was able to feel it.
"I know that you want me too, can feel how you clench around nothing~", he mumbled against your shoulder before he bit carelessly into it.
Suddenly Rin started laughing out of nowhere. Well, maybe you would have been able to expect it if you would have paid attention to the movie.
But you did not, so it startled you.
"That looks kinda slutty", Rin commented on something that happened in the film.
"Mhmm yeah~ Slutty, indeed", the next thing that you realised was Ran pushing his cock into you. God, when did he pull himself out? You inhaled sharply and bit into the backside of your hand. It was so hard to keep yourself together. You felt so full, it was total bliss.
"Keep still, nee-chan~ Don‘t move too much", this fucking asshole.
You tried your best but it was just impossible to stay seated. You wriggled around and rubbed your thighs together, earning a pinch in your side from Ran. He knew that you were not able to cock warm him for too long but it was just too much fun to tease you. So he embraced you around your waist and pulled you against his chest to stop your motions.
"I said 'keep still' didn’t I, nee-chan?", one of his hands snaked towards your heat to push his fingers harshly against your clit. You jolted upwards, almost moaning out loud.
"Be quiet, unless you don’t wanna cum", how was he even able to manage his volume level with you literally fluttering and clenching around his dick?
Ran started to rub small circles on your halfway covered clit. As if that was not enough, he slightly moved you back and forth by your waist. Fuck! You wanted to curse at him, to hit him, to literally strangle him. What was he thinking with this small brain of his?
His hot breath fanning over the skin of your nape. You were able to feel his triumphant grin, he knew that he had you wrapped around his finger.
Your world started spinning, so much that you almost forgot that your other brother was peacefully sitting next to you, enjoying the movie while you were getting stuffed.
The control over your body was not up to you anymore. It moved by itself, bucking carelessly against Ran‘s hand, trying to build up your orgasm quicker. And you felt it tightening in your lower abdomen. Just a few more movements and you would come undone.
Ran sensed that you were close, by your walls that kept on gripping around his cock, trying to pull it in even more, so that the tip would press against your cervix, painfully but at the same time so mind-blowing. His hand that was still wrapped around your waist engulfed your mouth, pressing it shut. He was not dumb, he knew that his precious little sister was not able to keep those lewd moans in while she would orgasm.
And with that he bucked harshly into you, hitting directly into your sweet g-spot and releasing all that pent-up neediness within seconds. Your eyes turned into your skull, spit dripped out of your mouth against his hand. How could your pussy tighten around him even more?
"Fuck-", he breathed out, burying his face into your neck. He felt himself twitch within you but those small motions were not enough for him. He needed to pound into you for his high. He needed to-
Rin got up and stretched himself, interrupting the both of you. Shit- You heart was about to break out of your ribcage. Why did he get up? The movie was not over, was it?
Before either you or Ran could say something, Rin went away towards the staircase. He did not notice it? How? Was not it obvious what was happening?
Midway walking he halted and turned around, looking kind of bored and nonchalantly as always.
"You both should be more careful next time."
© 2022 all content belongs to bontenscumslut. Do not modify or copy my work.
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blueparadis · a day ago
Mikey who's inside you shuddering like an animal in the heat about to shoot his cum inside you , fill you up.... but he can't have you pregnant until you're okay with it. 😍🥺
Tumblr media
❝ 𝟖:𝟐𝟎 𝐀.𝐌.❞
؂ Now playing drugs n’ hella melodies!
€ontent warnings — afab-reader, sub-dom dynamics, breeding kink, baby trapping, creampie,cum play, missionary & lotus position, pleasure dom! Manjiro, domish reader, sir kink , hard sex & soft love (yeah you're welcome!), marking, nipple play, tit sucking, power play, overstimulation; wc— 0.8k;
Tumblr media
"Look at me, look at me, baby", he murmured while rubbing his nose against your neck, glistening with sweat. Eyes flying back ripping off your sanity as he pushes his cock inside you as if he wasn't hitting the spot making you squirm underneath him. The bridge of his nose grazes your pulse point as he groans right into your ears asking, "You good?".
You stare at him through the corner of your eyes, mouth open ajar, panting rashly too sucked into delirium to form words, but you give him a nod. Manjiro knows your melting point yet seeing you taking him so well, being so obedient, being so responsive his lips curve in delight. He hums weighing his thoughts about whether it's okay to pull out another orgasm from your heated overstimulated body or not!
His warm cackle reaches your ears as he jerks up towering over your body, fingers clamping underneath your inner thighs. "Oh Gawd!", you whimper earning a smirk from him. "Don't worry angel! I'm not gonna stop until you ask me too!", he declares as he thrusts his cock with a single broad stroke earning a gasp from you. Those dark eyes gleam in an insatiable hunger as he starts to move in and out, slowly, watching your cream leaking around his cock from previous orgasms.
"You're still clenching me so hard baby!", he utters with a chuckle slamming his cock inside you with brute force followed by a long pause and making you arch your body. It's euphoric. It's aching. It's maddening.
"So good! such sweet pussy.", he groans as he starts to thrust harder, faster folding your legs over his broad shoulders. You grab your boobs filling the room with trails of whimpering moans blessing his ears.
Manjiro quivers, balancing himself on his arms and letting you relax your legs. "Fuck I just wanna fill your stomach already", he coos immediately crashing his lips onto yours not giving you a chance to register his momentary lapse, a desire to see you carrying his babies.
Moreover, he loves the taste of your salt while sucking your puffy lips being inside you. Curling your hands around his nape, fingers skimming through his hair you moan into his mouth breaking the kiss.
His eyes blink as he feels your hands over his arms. While he is still feasting his eyes over your ravishing sex glow, you roll him along the bed without pulling out. Eyes soaked in surprise Manjiro is still taken aback by your strength as he gawks at your naked beauty with lust-blown eyes. "Your wish"s my command, Sir", you amend.
As the words fall from your lips you start to glide, slow but steady strokes. He holds you by your waist lower lip being exploited in between his teeth as you bounce on his cock.
Seeing you bob like an animal, boobs bouncing at a steady rhythm he was in nowhere to decline you; after all, he wanted this too, to fill your womb with babies and those breasts with milk.
"Oh yeah! yea-ash baby!", he mumbles as you keep jerking. He is close, you can sense it. He flinches feeling his cock twitch in pain but couldn't care less about it. All he wants is to fill you up to the brim.
Your legs quiver feeling the euphoric high marking his arms with crescent indecent as he shoots his cum inside you. Warm, thick, and seeping along your thighs, soaking the bedsheets.
You try to pull away but he sits up swiftly scooping you in his lap. His hands curling around your back pulling you into his embrace. Your breath hitches as his grips grow stronger while his mouth latches onto your boobs, sucking your tits biting them making you moan shamlessly.
Manjiro shots a look at you, your face. He maintains the eye contact and continues to suck until he feels your gummy walls clenching his cock again. “Ahhh—aH!”, you scream hands resting on his shoulders nails digging into his skin. He pulls out with a pop; a prideful glint smothers his face watching his marks all over your chest that runs up to your pulse point.
"I love you, I love you so much", he coos making you jolt as you feel your boobs grazing against his firm chest. You kiss him, lips dancing against each other trying to imbibe him in yourself as much as you can. "Love you too", you coo brushing your thumb over his puffy pink lips as he smiles back.
Tumblr media
tagging - @em-plosion @sano-obsessed @manjiroscum @fueledbysano @1900-aria @haitaniapologist @etheralyonn @ily-inupi @dancingintherainwithchifuyu
networks - @tokyometronetwork @downtown-roponggi @planetonet
a/n — manjiro & breeding kink is my favourite topic + he's a great boob worshipper !
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contacthell · a day ago
tr men most likely to have a breeding kink
changed a bit my usual format? hope you’ll like it!
warnings: nsfw, minors DNI! fem bodied reader but no specific pronouns used, well duh breeding kink, creampie, mention of lactation kink, boob play, cockwarming
-> the breeders
• is the one who brought up this kink, like you were fucking and he asked you if you’ll let him breed you and well… you didn’t refuse.
• probably has imagined you all cute and pregnant before, like your tits and tummy getting bigger. even just the thought of helping his pregnant partner do daily things turns him on, he’s obsessed with you.
• cums multiple times in you, literally can go multiple rounds just to have the satisfaction of filling you up with his seed and watch it drip down your folds and onto his heavy breeder balls.
• he might also have a lactation kink. just expect him to play around with your boobs and nipples a lot.
• during aftercare, he likes to hold your tummy, imagining how cute it would be with your child. he likes to keep his cock inside you too to make sure not a single drop of his cum is wasted.
• obviously respects your choices if you are not actually ready for a kid yet!!!
MIKEY, KAZUTORA, benkei, takemichi, TAIJU, shin, chifuyu
-> into it if you’re into it
• it’s not necessarily a kink he loves but he does think it’s kind of hot. so if you’re into it, he’ll be into it too.
• he likes the general idea of both of you giving yourselves to each other. cumming inside is very intimate since it requires a lot of trust with your partner first, so he would like that aspect of the breeding kink. he definitely likes creampies and doing it raw, so a little bit of dirty talking on how he’s going to knock you up is in his cords.
• wouldn’t want kids right now though, he would prefer to wait until you’re both older and stable. but he can still imagine a future with you and your kid(s).
MITSUYA, kakucho, DRAKEN, inupi, nahoya, hakkai, naoto, wakasa
-> absolutely no
• that man does NOT want kids. at least not until a very long time.
• would like to do it raw because it feels better but only if you’re both safe and if there’s no risk of you getting pregnant.
• dirty talk about him filling you up and giving you his seed is fine, but if you mention anything about making him a daddy or knocking you up, it’s an instant turn-off and he won’t even be able to finish.
• that’s how BAD he doesn’t want kids rip.
• probably isn’t the type to settle down and marry someone too.
• but if you are long-term partners, he might warm up to the idea, at least warm up to the kink itself since it can be just a fantasy.
RAN, hanma, KOKO, rindou, TAKEOMI, izana, south, SHION, sanzu
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kawatasslave · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
How they Finger you - Bonten Edition (1)
Tumblr media
Characters: Mikey, Ran, Rindou, Kakucho
Summary: how would the Bonten guys use their Fingers to get you over the edge?
(Visuals at The X below the Character)
WARNINGS: Sub!Reader, fem!bodied Reader, fingering, squirting, anal play, spanking
Tumblr media Tumblr media
✖︎ ✖︎ ✖︎
Mikey loves to use you to get rid of his stress, there's nothing better than to lose himself in your Sounds of pleasure after a long day with the others. "Such a Good little toy for me" He hums as He rubs your clit the was you like it, having you squirm on his lap as you seek your release. He will hold your legs open until He is done with you, not caring how many times you came around his Fingers already. He keeps rubbing your abused little cunt until all of his worries are gone.
Tumblr media
✖︎ ✖︎ ✖︎
Ran fingers you like there's no tomorrow, is it Punishment? Yes. Will you stop making him jealous? No. There's just something in the way his slender Fingers wrap around your throat as two of his fingers are buried Inside of your dripping core. He will only stop if you beg for daddy's cock like a Good girl, the Good girl He knows you can be. "You know the words to stop this, bunny" He teases as He harshly pushes against your sweet Spot, making you spiral in your third orgasm of the night.
Tumblr media
✖︎ ✖︎ ✖︎
One would think Rin is that sweet little brother but He can be even more cruel than his older brother, forcing your legs open after a long day in the Bonten Office, wanting to find his sweet salvation with his Fingers buried knuckles deep in your dripping cunt. One of his Favorite Things to do is tease you with the little plug youre wearing "you little slut like getting all your holes stretched hm? Answer me!" He spat, spanking your ass. At the end of the night you would be a crying Mess but you wouldn't want it any other way.
Tumblr media
✖︎ ✖︎ ✖︎
Kakucho likes to do it slow and deep, digging one of his long digits right into your sweet Spot, giving it a nice and gentle Massage. Pleasing you is always romantic with him, kissing your neck, your boobs and every centimeter of Skin He can reach while his sweet carass of your core never stops. Its a slow and sweet torture but it has you gushing every time. He swears that He never loved and never will love a woman like He does with you. Youre the love of his life, He keeps whispering that Into your ear.
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dawn-writes7 · 2 days ago
Hello beautiful!! Can i order 3 scoops neapolitan with caramel sauce for mikey??
Tumblr media
Hello cutie!! (got a bitch blushing oh my god) Yes of course of course of course! I love Mikey so much and I wish to spoil him rotten. Also this is total shit and I am sorry.
Order: Explicit smut, NSFW, there's only one bed.
Warnings: NSFW, MDNI, F!Reader, shitty confessions, alcohol consumption, creampie (don't worry baby, it's all about safe sex), usage of angel and princess
Word count: 3,306
Tumblr media
Manjiro Sano never took vacations or really time off from his work and as his secretary that meant you also did not get any time off as well. Late nights in the office turned to early mornings, which turned back into late nights in the office again, but you were always kept company by your boss. The drone of the keyboard being typed on and mumbles from the people around you filled the static that was your mind. 
“Damn she’s like a walking zombie.” That was the older Haitani speaking. You knew who was passing by based on their way too expensive colognes and the way they walked. 
“Shut the hell up Ran, she can hear you.” Ah yes Rindou. You didn’t care about what they said about you, you had a job to do that Mr. Sano paid you for, you were there to do the paperwork he didn’t want to do, to get the files from all of the partners, tally up how much money Bonten had earned from everyone's companies, where everything was, hell you even got him tea and pastries at the start of his day. 
“Mikey seriously never gives her a day off?” Then their voices faded down the long hall. 
No, Mikey never gave you the damn day off, but you showed up every day with a fake smile each time, hiding your exhaustion behind cups of coffee and tea. Focusing deep on your laptop you got back to reading reports and typing typing typing. 
“The boss wants to see you.” Sanzu’s voice startled you but you stood up and grabbed your laptop. Following the pinket down the halls a silence fell between the two of you, the most you ever got out of him was just orders, you never minded of course. Sanzu was nice enough and he treated you with respect as you did him. 
You opened the door to your boss's office with that same exhausted smile. “You wanted to see me Mr. Sano?” 
Packing up everything you would need with the office then walking down to the parking garage to head to your apartment. A few days? This was unlike Mikey. 
Mikey sat on his big comfy chair looking over some papers. “You and I are leaving in three hours. Pack for a few days.”
Oh, this is new. “Very well sir.” With that you bowed and walked straight to your office. You had no idea what this could be about, you never really left the office for work, rarely left Tokyo as it was. No one really knew what you did for work but if they did find out you were screwed. 
After packing you walked out of your small little apartment you saw a sleek black car, windows tinted to the max sitting; waiting for you. 
The trunk unlocked and you quickly loaded up your two bags and made your way to the passenger side of the card, sliding in the back seat. “Mind telling me where we are going?”
“That’s a surprise.” The white haired man spoke with a bemusing smirk on his lips. Since you really had no reason to argue you sat back in your seat staring out the windows, watching the sprawling city of Tokyo pass by you. 
Your eyes widened slightly as you approached an airfield, a jet sitting on the tarmac waiting. “Understandable that it would be a private jet. I don’t remember seeing this in the expense report.” Finally turning your attention to your boss, a glare set. 
No one in the car spoke, Wakasa was driving and Ran was sitting shotgun, not the people you would have thought would accompany you to wherever the hell you were going.
The ride was mainly spent in silence, both of you on your phones. It was an uncomfortable silence but this is what you were used to, he wasn’t a man of many words anymore according to Koko, so you knew that this job would come with a lot of awkward silence.
“That’s because it isn’t mine, Koko has a partner that is letting us borrow it and the crew. Now come on.” With that Mikey got out of the car with the other men; Wakasa so kindly opened the door for you.
Without a protest you grabbed your bags and followed them to the jet where you were quickly ushered inside leaving the rest of Bonten behind. 
It was mid day when you landed, still not knowing where the hell you were, you followed Mikey out of the jet where your bags were handed to you and a car was waiting for you. You quickly were ushered, for a lack of a better word, into the car where the silence continued. 
As you stared out the window you were happy to see that it was a big city that was surrounded by the ocean and beaches. The lights were bright and shining which was nice to see after so long or nothing but sky. 
The car pulled up to a very nice hotel where a Bellman opened your door to allow you out and more took your bags out. 
“Just call me Manjiro.” He interrupted as he took a seat on the bed.
“Mr. Sano, it’s a pleasure to see you again, please follow me to your room.” A strange man gave a warm smile as he escorted you to the penthouse suite where your bags were gently dropped off and the two of you were left alone. 
Taking in your surroundings you walked through the suite taking a notice that there was only one bedroom and one bed. “Mr. Sano sir-”
“Manjiro sir, there is only one bed in this room, are you expecting me to share the bed with you or will I have a separate room?” Sharing a bed with someone wasn’t the end of your life, but with your boss? A murderer, a cheat, a liar, a horrible man. 
But, why bother thinking about his crimes? You knew and handled a lot of his work. You basically were an accomplice right? 
“Yes, I am expecting you to share a bed with me. We have to keep this business trip on the downlow so I had this booked like we were a married couple.” Studying his face was only letting butterflies flutter around in your stomach. He had a lazy smirk pulling his lips up as those bleak black eyes stared right through you. 
Taking a deep breath through your nose you could only nod. “Then do you mind if I shower first?” When he shook his head and laid further into the bed you quickly grabbed your bag and rushed to the bathroom. 
The water pressure was horrible but the water was warm and that was all you needed. The fact that he was passing the two of you off as husband and wife was scary. Not for the whole ‘he’s a criminal’, it was the fact that your slightly skewed crush on your boss that you had kept at bay for years was coming to bloom as full force. 
You took your time in the shower and when you finally stepped out of the bedroom you saw that Manjiro was sitting on the balcony, a bottle of alcohol next to him as he looked over the landscape. “Bathroom is all yours.” He didn’t move a muscle, he just continued to stare out into the sea of lights. You had to admit to yourself, he looked stunning against the bright lights. 
His white hair danced through the wind. “Come sit with me angel.” Now this wasn’t the first time he had used pet names with you. He always had one on standby; pretty girl, angel, princess, brat; he liked to use that one when you were particularly sassy with him. 
Having literally nowhere to run you stepped out onto the balcony and took your seat next to him, dangling your legs through the railing. This was not the first time you had been alone with him, the two of you left the office at the same time, he always insisted that he drove you home to make sure that no cops were following you or had you under suspicion. “Is something on your mind sir?” 
He turned his head to look at you and suddenly you were feeling the pressure you normally felt when he stared at you. It felt like your throat was being squeezed, the air sucked out of your lungs. “I was just thinking about how you don’t really have a boyfriend.” 
Normal people would have been surprised by the fact that he knew such intimate information about them; you never talked about your love life to anyone in Bonten, you weren’t close enough to any of them to speak about those things. But you knew what your boss was like, how he could get that information and what he could see of your everyday life. “No sir I don’t.”
“Why don’t you? You’re good looking, have a great personality; the way you bitch Ran out for skipping his work is admirable, you’re pretty and I pay you well. What isn’t there for a man to crave?” Clearly amused with the flustered look on your face he let out a chuckle. “Don’t tell me it’s their performance issues.” 
“Why not one of the Haitanis? Rindou is a good candidate, Ran could keep up with your smart mouth.” There was a teasing tone to his voice which was nice to hear. 
Shaking your head you wrapped your arms around the cool bars. “No, it’s just I don’t want anyone to get hurt. With the job I do for you, involving them in that life would only lead to them getting hurt or to put Bonten in danger should they run to the cops and leak any information.”
This time it was Manjiro to move his body, you watched out of the corner of your eye as he leaned back on his palms. “So you put your happiness after your duties.”
“I guess you could say that yes.” You said softly, it wasn’t something that you could praise yourself for, it always hurt to know that you couldn’t really get close to someone without them knowing of your criminal underground work. 
“I’d rather choke down a laced drink from Sanzu than ever date Ran or Rindou.” Chewing the inside of your cheek you tried to stop from smiling. “Sanzu would be a good option if he wasn’t so devoted to you and his work.” 
“I think he would crumble the first time you scold him for doing something incorrectly. I saw the way he looked at you in the last meeting after he had messed up some paperwork.” Rolling his head back Mikey let out a small chuckle. “I thought for sure you would kill him.” 
“I almost did.” Letting out a huff of air you finally turned to stare at your boss. 
“How about me? Am I a good candidate?” Those bleak eyes met yours and it felt like your world stopped. 
In the back of your mind you were screaming at yourself. He’s a cheat, a murderer, a fraud, a lie. He wouldn’t love you, you are just his secretary. Someone he could trample on and take advantage of and use. 
You were apparently quiet for too long as he stood up and shoved his hands inside the pockets of his sweats. “I’ll take my bath now.” 
Just like that you were left alone with the thoughts of what could be with Manjiro Sano. It wasn’t like you didn’t crave him, you did. He supplied you with a great job, money that paid all the bills on time and bought you so much more, food was always waiting for you when you finally stepped out of the hole of your office to get coffee, everyone was nice enough in the office. 
But why would your boss ask you that? Did he actually have any feelings for you like you did for him? You doubted it of course, why would the most powerful and feared man in all of Japan fall for you? 
Sitting on the bed you looked out the window, this was a nice place to vacation yes and you weren’t particularly mad about the man you were forced to share this getaway with, being that you had a secret crush on the man but why after 6 years of working for him would he do this? Why pose the question like that? 
Was he a worthy candidate? Absolutely. Were you going to admit that? 
“Something on your mind princess?” The voice that you have come to love pulled you out of your head, not turning to meet his eyes you watched his reflection in the glass as he dried his hair off with a towel. 
“It’s nothing.” With that you got yourself situated in the bed pulling the covers over yourself. You could hear your blood rushing in your ears as you felt the bed dip behind you as Mikey got situated. This was going to be a long night, all you could do was close your eyes and try to breathe. 
“You want me?” You should have expected this honestly with all the poking and prodding he was doing in your romantic life but it still took you for surprise. 
Soon your body was falling victim to sleep, the heaviness of the blanket, the warmth of sharing a bed with someone, the cool air from the air conditioner made your eyelids heavy and your body way too relaxed.
Just as sleep was taking over, your skin suddenly felt alive and on fire as an arm snaked around your side, lithe fingers playing with the hem of your shirt. “You already asleep?” Feeling Manjiro against your skin made your head dizzy, he was warm and soft, it left you breathless. You could only shake your head to answer him. “Can I have you?” 
Then Mikey crawled over your body staring into your soul with those bleak eyes. “I have wanted you for years.” Then he kissed you as his hands sunk into the fat of your thighs to make room for himself. His touch was electrifying and it was doing things to your brain, and pussy. 
Mustering up the courage and swallowing all the saliva that had settled in your mouth you took a shallow breath. “You can have me.” 
For someone who appeared rather frail he manhandled your body without any problems. He turned your body so you were flat on your back and staring up at him with wide eyes. “You have no idea how long I have been waiting for this.” His hungry hands quickly stripped both of you of your clothes.
The room was chilly against your breasts and it seemed Mikey took notice because he bent down and laved his tongue over your hardening nipple as his thumb and pointer finger tugged at the other one. 
“Now there is a proper threat. I shall do what you wish then.” Spreading your legs wider he took his cock in his hand and dragged the tip between your already wet folds. “Fuck you are so wet. All just for me.” 
As a whimper left your mouth he pulled his mouth away from your breast, the brightest blush was spread across his cheeks reaching his ears. “Are you sure?”
You could appreciate his appreciation for consent but if he didn’t fuck you it was going to be a problem. “Manjiro Sano, if you don’t fuck me this will never happen again.” 
With that he pushed past that first ring of muscle, you expected him to be rather skinny and lengthy but that was a mistake. He was thick and long; it felt amazing. “You look so beautiful taking my cock.” The way he filled you, the way he made you feel was sensational. It was like he was made for you.
You forced your heavy eyelids to open; boy you were glad you did because the sight above your was your perfect image of bliss. His white hair framing the side of his face, bright blush spread wide against his cheeks and going up to the tips of his ears, his breathing was erratic as his chest heaved. “Manjiro, you are so pretty.” 
That seemed to be all the prompting he needed as he slowly reeled his hips back setting a soft and slow pace. It took you by surprise, Mikey was the type of man who took whatever he wanted with no care of consequences, but he handled you like a fragile butterfly; it took you by surprise. 
You brought your hands up to his face, feeling everything he had to offer on his soft skin, then you moved to his snow white hair dragging the strands through your fingers, following your path you trailed your hands down his neck it was a bumpy ride as you felt every inch of his spine. 
The way his body shuddered against your touch set chills throughout your body, he was breakable and you held him together. “Kiss me Manjiro.” Even though he was going slow there was so much force that it was hard even remembering your own name. 
He left no room to argue as his all too addictive lips met your stealing all the air out of your lungs, you were completely full of him, your walls clamping around his cock trying to pull him in further. Just as he settled fully inside you as his very well trimmed hair tickled your clit, his bleak eyes met yours. “I am going harder.”
You could only nod as you secured your legs around his waist. Watching as he reeled back leaving just the tip inside you before his hips thrusted forward at a hard and fast pace. So far you had just been letting out little moans and groans here and there but that ripped a scream from your throat. 
Is this what it would feel like to be with him? The constant buzzing in your head matching his hard thrusts, you didn’t realize you had a hole in your heart until he had touched you and made you feel like you were his world. 
“Yes Manjiro I am.” Wrapping your fingers around his wrist you brought his thumb to your mouth and wrapped your lips around it keeping eye contact. If he could make you a gushing mess without doing much you could at least return the favor. 
Suddenly his thrusts came to a stop and his lith fingers ran along your cheeks. “You with me angel?”
Your vision started to blur as moans and whines could not stop leaving you. This was the best feeling ever, to have him inside you to feel this amazing pressure with the feeling on top of him. “Manjiro close, I’m close!” 
That flustered look on his face was worth millions of Yen, but it didn’t last long. He pulled his thumb from your mouth with a sultry pop and gripped the back of your thighs pressing them to your chest. “You will regret that.”
If you thought you were ready for his previous hard thrusting, you were not ready for a feral Manjiro. He pulled out fully and rammed back into you, at this new angle the head of his cock ran against your sweet spot. 
“Inside, please God inside!” Digging your nails into his back you dragged him as close as possible. With a moan your walls clamped around him sucking him in further you could only see white. 
His groan filled your ear as his thrusts started to get sloppy. “Where can I cum?”
Manjiro moaned with you as he came to a stand still buried completely inside you he came with your name on his tongue. 
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akkkkollle · a day ago
fucking mikey infront of a floor to ceiling transparent glass window inside your shared condominium(on a very high building), you just love how it makes you feel like the world knows he's yours <33
Tags: denial of orgasm (it ends, as unexpectedly as it appears), hints of public sex(if you squint), hickeys, implied Bonten!Mikey.
Tumblr media
- Hey, look-how down, doll. - you said, stroking his hair, lowering his head down, - What if all these people could see us?
Mikey whined at that. To think that he, "Invincible Mikey", will be seen with his boyfriend, who fucks him in their apartment, on the 60th floor. He bit his lip, looking at the little dots that were people. If they looked up, would they see him?
The stains from his breath and hands on the glass increased when you started to fuck him deeper, occasionally touching his prostate to tease. His legs buckled and he was sure that if it wasn't for your hand holding his hip, he would have fallen.
- Do you know what would happen if they saw you right now? - you ran your hand over his neck, where his tattoo was located, as well as a large number of hickeys - They would know that you are mine.
He screamed in a strangled voice when you made a particularly strong lunge and touched a small bundle of nerves, forcing him to almost cum... But no.
-W-why? Don't stop so easily... - Manjiro said, trying to pull you closer.
-No, honey, I'm going to fuck you until everyone in Tokyo knows that Manjiro Sano belongs to me.
And Mikey could only start moaning even faster when you accelerated your thrusts and finally let him cum. In the end, he doesn't mind. Let all Tokyo know that it is only yours.
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kissingkazu · 2 days ago
hello:D i have come to request stepdad takeomi who’s so mean to you whenever you come back from hanging out with other boys.. would guys your age even be capable of fucking you as good as he does?? mmmm i love him so much god he got my daddy issues acting up every single day
you and me both darling! i have a sick obsession with him breeding me as his step daughter and forcing me to take it 😵‍💫😵‍💫
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
WARNINGS || nsfw, cheating, name calling, fingering
Tumblr media
You don’t even know why he’s so angry. He hardly pays attention to you these days so you’re going to find better ways to keep yourself entertained since your mother is rarely home when you’re visiting and he seems more agitated lately. He’s mean which is so unlike him but it’s been happening ever since you left for college. You worry that he doesn’t love you anymore.
It’s not until your latest fling sneaks out the window that he snaps, slamming your childhood bedroom door opening and startling you.
“Daddy?” You widen your eyes in confusion. He’s never been angry at you, especially not to this degree. It’s frightening as it is exciting.
“Oh?” He scoffs, “Now you remember me?”
“I don’t und-”
“You’re too busy being a fucking slut that you don’t have time for your daddy anymore?” He asks angrily. He grips your ankle and pulls you towards him
“Not true daddy!” You gasp when he shoves 2 fingers into your pussy. You’re wet but he’s glad he can’t feel anyones cum inside you
“Good to know you use protection” He scoffs, watching you try and fight your moans
“Let me hear you” He narrows his eyes, “i don’t see why you need another man to touch you when daddy’s right here”
“But you have mom” You frown and he chuckles
“Jealous?” He laughs, “you know you’re my best girl right?”
“But you haven’t fucked me” You whisper, “not once”
“You’re not stupid Y/N” He rolls his eyes, scissoring your tiny hole faster, biting his lip when you try and fuck yourself on his fingers. “Why can’t you use your big girl words hm?”
“I’m sorry daddy” You say softly, feeling ashamed of yourself
He leans in to kiss you.
“Shhh it’s okay baby” He smirks, “let daddy fuck you like a real man yeah?”
“Yes please” You nod your head eagerly, not even thinking about your mother and how this is wrong because it’s cheating and he’s supposed to be your dad.
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sirthisisa-wendys · a day ago
Benkei Requester is here!! can the Ran ask please be a fic?
the new chapters of TR has me on my knees for this man 🧎🏽‍♀️
Big Heart, Big Nuts: Ran Haitani x Fem!Reader
wc: 582
tw: smut
"You have to be kidding me."
"Shut up," Ran Haitani mutters, hovering over you as he spots you on the bench press. "Just lift the damn weights."
"I can't with your nutsack in the way!" you shout, and Ran laughs heartily, almost making you lose focus on the way you're raising the bar.
"Yo, commando is the best way to go these days, don't you know that?" You grumble something back at him and Ran chuckles, helping you press up one last time.
"You wouldn't say that if I suddenly stopped wearing underwear." Ran looks down at your legs and back, raising a brow. You lift off the bench but he doesn't move, not an inch. "What?"
"Now I'm just..." Ran stops himself, looking away. "Nevermind."
"Oh, you were thinking about me with no underwear," you grunt, rolling your eyes. "Pervert." Ran doesn't reply, but then his lips quirk up at the edges. You notice this immediately. "No, stop being a creep!"
"Creep? You're the one who brought it up. "
Tumblr media
"I gotta admit," Ran begins, circling you. "You look fucking good. Nice shape there. Ass is perfectly symme-"
"Listen, are you gonna fuck me or not?" You gripe. "We can't be in here for long."
"Yeah, yeah." Ran peels off his shirt and smiles toothily. "Already on it." His sweatpants drop to reveal his lack of underwear and you place your hands on your hips in the private changing room. Ran presses you against the wall and lifts your leg, fisting his cock and dragging the tip along your pussy lips. "So wet for me already..." You let out a small moan and he pushes up into you, clicking his tongue three times as your pussy clenches.
"Come on now, punk," he teases. "Let me in a little more..."
"Go slow," you urge him and Ran nods, leaning forward to press his lips to yours. He sinks into you leisurely, not bothering to pull back until he's deep inside of you. "Ran," you gasp, throwing your arm around his broad shoulders. "Oh, shit."
"You lose all your wit when you're like this," he murmurs, chuckling. "Should do this to you more often, it might set in." You ignore his crude comments as he begins his stroking, filling your cunt up with every inch of him before pulling back. You try to hold back your moans, biting your bottom lip until you feel it giving way under your teeth.
Your toes curl into themselves painfully, and Ran groans, lifting up a little on the balls of his feet. "Fucking perfect pussy," he breathes against your neck, sucking there roughly. "You like that big dick, huh?"
"Yeah," you whine and he picks up his pace.
"You gonna cum for me?" You nod, holding onto him as he drills into you while holding you against the wall. "Good girl."
"Fuck me, fuck me," you beg, and it doesn't take you long to find release. As you climax around Ran's veiny cock, Ran drags himself back and forth without stopping, soon after finding his own release. When you both finally com down from your highs, Ran smiles, his eyes dragging open.
"That shit was good..." You slide your hand form around his neck and he chuckles. "We'll do two more reps of that next time. Tons of fucking cardio; I think I even closed my rings." He looks at his Apple watch, then nods. "Yeah, that'll replace those bench presses for sure."
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𝐃𝐈𝐒𝐂♡𝐑𝐃 𝐌♡𝐃 𝟐.𝟎!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
౿ - 𝐂𝐖: stalking, obsession, grimy takemichi dick, bitchless behavior
Tumblr media
discord mod takemichi who never leaves his house except to go to work at the video rental shop. he never actually interacts with living, breathing girls because the last few times he tried he got horrifically rejected. after his several attempts to get a girlfriend, he eventually turned to the internet to vent his frustrations in a dating server on discord. he’s the most frequent user of the ‘#vent’ channel -- most of the messages sent in there are long paragraphs of him complaining about his bad luck with women.
he had almost given up finding a girl until you dropped into his lap like a gift from god. new to the server, you were very active and friendly to everyone you talked to. you even chatted with him in ‘#general’ for a while, cracking jokes and doing what he assumed was flirting. the day you posted your first selfie in the chat was the day he swore he fell in love with you. perfect hair, a cute face -- the girl of his dreams. not even twenty minutes after that post, he was flooding your DMs with compliments and heart emotes. 
at first, you were very flattered that this stranger found you so beautiful and needed to voice it. however, that flattery soon turned into borderline harassment -- often would takemichi send grimy comments about you and explicit photos of himself. links to images of his leaking cock covered the page of the DMs shared between you two. this went on for weeks until you finally had enough of his antics and blocked him. for him, the “message could not be sent” pop up only made him want to keep going, to make you see how much he truly loved you.
new account after new account was made just to join the server and message you. they were popping up much faster than you could block them. you had reported this to the owner of the server -- spoiler alert, he didn’t care because takemichi was one of his best mods in the server due to how active he was. it got to the point where you had to leave the server to avoid his consistent harassment. deleting all your pinned selfies and gamertags, you finally left a server you used to enjoy so much. 
but one thing about takemichi is: he never comes unprepared. he always has a plan. it’s a good thing he embedded that IP grabber in the photos he sent. 
Tumblr media
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mitsuyaswifeey · 20 hours ago
hate to love you
chapter seven
warnings for chapter: smut so minors leave. rough sex, slight choking, scratching, crempie, basically hate sex.
a/n: i hate to bring this up but i have to. if you asked to be tagged, and you do not have an age in your bio, i will not be tagging you, please respect my rules.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
"You're insufferable." You spat, walking out of mikey's office.
"Me?! How?! If I remember correctly it was me getting yelled at for the past 20 minutes!" Ran argued.
"Well deserved." You scoffed. "Nearly getting me killed."
"I'd like to point out that I did save your cute ass back there, and we still got the deal."
"Almost at the expense of my life!?" You shot back.
"Oh you were fine, you're making a big deal out of nothing."
"Fuck you!" You yelled.
"Anytime princess." Ran smirked.
"You're such a piece of shit. You always have to make everything a fucking joke, always have to make your stupid passes at me. I'm so sick of you're bullshit."
You walked faster, your heels clicking on the floor as you made your way to your office.
But thanks to Ran's long legs he was quick to catch up with you, grabbing your arm and pulling you into his office first, trapping you against the door once it's closed.
"You're a real bitch sometimes you know that?" Ran said, his face near yours.
"Only to you." You snapped, pushing him away.
"What the fuck did I do to you huh?" Ran asked.
"Nothing. You just irritate me." You smiled sweetly. Not like you mistook me for a whore my first day and completely dismissed it like it was nothing you thought.
"I think you're lying, I'm a pretty nice guy y/n." Ran said. "I'm just trying to understand."
"Fine. You piss me off Ran. Everything about you pisses me off." You told him. "Some people don't click, and guess what? We're the people who don't click."
"Such a shame." Ran pouted, walking up to you again. "I'm quite fond of you."
"Oh fuck off, I'm not listening to your stupid attempts to flirt."
"They're not stupid."
"They're stupid. Just like you. Every little thing you do is stupid really." You smiled.
Ran only stood there, jaw clenched, wondering if the consequences of what he wanted to do right now would be worth it.
"You're just so incompetent. You're an exec and your reports suck, you bring whores up here every other day because you can't seem to keep your dick in your pants, and oh that's right, I could have died today because of you and your fat mouth. So in my opinion you're pretty fucki- ah!"
Ran cut you off, his lips on yours as he held your face, completely catching you off guard.
And fuck the taste of your lips was better than he could of ever imagined.
When he pulled away he nearly snarled. "Shut the fuck up. Just shut up, fucking tired of you bashing me all the time."
For once, you didn't know what to say. No snarky remark, no insult, all the words died on your tongue.
"Princess has nothing to say?" Ran smirked. "That's a first."
You growled, grabbing his shirt only to kiss him again, fueled by hate and rage as your tongues battled for dominance.
Maybe sanzu was right, maybe you just needed to fuck it out of your system.
It has been a while...
Ran picked you up easily, placing you on his desk, not caring about everything falling to the floor. You ripped open his shirt, buttons flying everywhere before scratching down his chest, ran moaned at the action.
"I fucking hate you haitani." You spat, hands going towards his belt. "Can't fucking stand you."
Ran only chuckled, his lips moving down your jaw and neck while you undid his dress pants.
When ran let his fingers slip under your skirt to move to your clothed cunt he groaned into your skin.
"So fucking wet." He said, bucking his hips into your hand as you removed his cock from his pants.
"Not in the mood for foreplay asshole." You told him. "If you don't fuck me now you're never getting this chance again."
Well you didn't have to tell him twice
He hiked your skirt up more, pulling your panties to the side before lining himself up with your entrance, bullying his way inside your cunt.
"Fucking hell you're tight. You gotta let me in sweetheart." Ran groaned, bottoming out. He didn't give you much time to adjust before he started slamming into you, making you cry out from the pain and pleasure you were feeling.
The desk was moving with each thrust of his hips, all of Ran's things falling off one by one, his grip on your waist bruising as he fucked you.
You hated how he hit all the right spots, hated how he fit so perfectly inside you, almost like he was made to be inside you. It's like you were two puzzle pieces, and it just felt right.
You honestly hated everything you were feeling in this moment.
Ran however, he was just wondering why he didn't do this with you sooner. He always knew you'd be good, but he was sure that he wouldn't be able to fuck anyone ever again after feeling your tight little pussy around him. You made him feel like no other woman has.
You moaned as he pounded into you, his hands moving to your shirt, completely ripping it open.
"What the f-fuck!" You tried saying, but it all just felt so good your mind was hazy.
"You ripped mine, I get to- shit- rip yours." Ran smirked, kissing along your breasts.
Ran moved a hand to your neck, squeezing your throat lightly as he pushed you down so your back met the wood of his desk, all while he pistoned his hips into you, making your orgasm build quickly. Your hands clawed at him, leaving welts on his smooth skin as he hissed at the pain.
"Look at you." He said, jaw clenched at how tightly you were gripping him. "Saying you hate me so much, yet here you are, a mess for my. fucking. cock."
"Gonna cum-" You breathed out, not hearing a word he was saying.
"Fucking spewing all those insults at me all the time. I shouldn't even let you." Ran spat.
"H-hate you-" You said through gritted teeth.
"I'd be careful sweetheart, you're not exactly in a position t- oh fuck- speak to me like that."
"Cumming, m'cumming!" You moaned, letting the coil in your belly snap. You didn't need ran's stupid permission, you wouldn't give him that satisfaction.
"Fuck-" Ran breathed. "Cumming around my cock like a good little whore, gripping me so tight."
You only moaned as Ran continued to chase his high. His thrusts faltered before he stilled against you, painting your walls white with his cum. You both stayed there, chests heaving before you pushed him away.
"Get off." You told him, standing up to try and fix your appearance. "I'm leaving."
"Awe, no after sex cuddles?" Ran asked, fixing his pants with a smirk.
You said nothing as you held your shirt together to cover your breasts, walking to the door of his office. You opened it to leave, only to find Sanzu and Rindou standing there, looks of shock on their faces.
"For fuck sakes." You sighed.
Tumblr media
i wasn't gonna post this today but whatever
taglist: @the-psyco-simp @matsunosan @captainsbaby @themagiacademy @nalyana @q-the-rockaholic @guesswhatiamabookworm @reiners-milkbiddies @sanzuharuchiyoswife @wakasagurl @fallensuguru @gulfkfl @tokyometronetwork @gabytodd
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Tumblr media
𝐚𝐟𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝐡𝐨𝐮𝐫𝐬 || 𝐤𝐚𝐳𝐮𝐭𝐨𝐫𝐚 𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐞𝐦𝐢𝐲𝐚
Tumblr media
summary: the new employee at the pet shop has taken over kazutora’s mind
pairing: kazutora hanemiya x amab!reader
genre: smut (minors + ageless blogs dni!! you’ll be blocked)
warnings: male reader, mlm, sub!kazutora, dom!reader, drunk sex, size kink, petnames, choking, biting, dumbification, creampie
word count: 0.8k+
for @kazuwhora ‘s “pride collab”
Tumblr media
admittedly, kazutora was a little nervous when chifuyu told him that the pet shop would be hiring a new employee. he liked his job at the pet shop. it was one of the few places he COULD work because of his record. what if this new person came in and ruined everything?
kazutora changed his tune the moment chifuyu introduced you to him. actually, his knees were weak the moment you flashed him a smile. fuck, was chifuyu trying to kill him by hiring you? it should be a crime how fucking hot you were.
it was hard working from that day on but not for the reason kazutora thought originally. now it was because he couldn’t focus long enough to stock shelves or sweep the floor. not when you were walking around him, carrying boxes of pet supplies with your sleeves rolled up. every time kazutora caught a glimpse of your flexed muscles he felt dizzy.
instead of doing the tasks assigned to him, kazutora would catch himself fantasizing about you. things manhandling him or bending him over the cash desk when days were slow. eventually chifuyu would walk over and snap him out of it, asking kazutora if he was okay. of course he’d tell him that he was fine but he wasn’t. he was needy and things weren’t getting any better.
things don’t come to a head until you invite kazutora to your place after work one day. he should have known that was a bad idea. especially because you were suggesting that you two have a few drinks there but no matter what he did, kazutora couldn’t say no to you.
he can barely remember how he ended up in this position. kazutora could have sworn the two of you were drinking and laughing not too long ago but now he’s on your sofa with his ass in the air. kazutora gasps when your fat cock suddenly penetrates his puckered hole. shit, you’re so fucking big. he can’t help but pathetically try to squirm away from your girth.
“fuck, don’t run away from me, kitten”. your hot alcohol scent breathed fans against his ear as you leaned down to whisper to him. “know you want this. isn’t this what your pretty little head has been thinking about while we’re at work? me fucking you stupid?”.
kazutora cheeks flush at your words. what did you have the ability to peer into his imagination? how did you catch him so easily? kazutora suddenly stops caring when you suddenly bottom out. rather then lie and make excuses for himself, he starts mewling.
“p-please, fuck me dumb, want it so bad” he babbles into your couch cushion.
you can’t help but chuckle as you pull out just to slam back in. “don’t you worry. gonna fill this tight little ass with my cum” you promise, large hands gripping his hips to prevent him from crawling away as you bullied his hole.
the volume of kazutora’s moans is almost embarrassing. if he wasn’t so addicted to the way your tip rammed against his prostate he’d probably feel bad for your neighbours. no doubt they’re getting an earful of his slutty calls of your name and the sound of your hips snapping against his cheeks.
“you’re squeezing me so fucking tight” you growl as your hand suddenly wraps around his throat. next thing kazutora knows his face is no longer buried into the sofa. now his back is flush against your chest, the hand gripping his neck holding him in place. “gonna milk this cock, tora?”.
he nods back at you dumbly, tongue hanging out of his mouth. there’s no other thought going through his head other than feeling your cum ooze out of his ass. “ngh! ‘m gonna cum,” kazutora warns as his dick twitches desperately.
groaning, your teeth suddenly sink into his shoulder as you deliver a particularly rough thrust. suddenly kazutora can’t take it anymore. he squeals as his cum spurts out from his tip and litters your perfectly clean couch.
seeing that causes you to empty your balls deep inside kazutora. just as he hoped tora can feel your seed dripping out when you finally pull out of his abused hole. the moment you release his throat from your grasp, kazutora clasps on to your cum stained sofa.
a light hearty laugh escapes you as you look down at the poor man you’ve absolutely ruined. “so cute” you coo, petting the back of his head. the action is in complete contrast to how rough you had been treating him mere seconds ago. kazutora can’t help but nuzzle into your palm.
“you get some rest, kitten” you hum when you notice kazutora’s eyes threatening to flutter shut. “i’ll wake you up in time to get cleaned up before work tomorrow, yeah?”.
Tumblr media
tags: @rxmera / @aces-high / @nahoyas-nymph / @arozaur / @saenzu / @downtown-roponggi
Tumblr media
2022 © h-shibas — do not repost or translate my work. likes, reblogs, and comments are welcome
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blueparadis · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
꒰content warnings꒱ — afab-reader, she /her pronouns, aged-up Baji (in his 20s), jealous boyfriend baji, established relationship, s/d dynamics, dom baji, domish reader, fluff, crack, soft smut ˖˖ wc- 0.6k
؂ Now playing semaphore
Tumblr media
Baji skims his veiny artistic hands through his locks while his eyes roam all over you from afar. "Yep see you Fuyu, bye", you wave your hand through the window as Chifuyu smiles back. That was the first time Baji bit his bottom lip too hard to bruise it just because you ruffled Chifuyu's hair.
No, he didn't hate you for blending into his friend's circle he liked seeing you being the center of attraction. And with him on your side, you both have become an eyesore to all. Baji liked it, liked to show you off: his feral princess.
"hey!", he calls out wrapping his gingers around your wrist and pulling you into his lap. You could feel his cold hands over your back. The moment you shift your gaze on him his eyebrows jerk up while he blurts out,
"What the fuck?! You're not wearing a bra....."His other hand resting on your thighs as your clear your throat puckering up your lips in a pout exclaiming," It was getting uncomfy..."
"Oh yeah!", he utters lifting one of his eyebrows. You know why exactly he's being like that, you two just had a dinner party with all of his friends.
Chifuyu was the last one to leave while all the time Mikey was way too excited to meet you. It was Mikey's nagging that Baji agreed to have this in the first place.
"Never mind! You must be really tired...", he exhales strongly slipping his hands under your top as he leans onto your shoulders. "Keisuke... Kei... keiiii"
"Shhhhh! I'm trying to calm down", he mumbles but before you could satisfy your curiosity more he sucks onto your pulse point making you gasp. You turn towards him hoping for more of his gentle touch but he swiftly scoops you in his arms carrying you to the bed.
It was so unlike him. No, he loves to cuddle with you but after constantly slipping his hands onto your things during dinner time he just suddenly turns cold, or maybe he is just tired.
"omg! everyone's here, you squealed in excitement. Baji's heart dropped seeing you hopping from Mikey's bike. One thing he cherished the most is bike rides with you; how could he not after you whispered right into his ear those magical words while having your arms curled around his torso.
So, seeing you with Mikey like that he couldn't just hold it any longer but he knows that it's him, his insecurity, not some deliberate lame-ass acts to make him jealous.
As soon as you reach the group Baji slips his hands along your nape rubbing his nose against your temple, followed by a kiss on your cheeks. You nuzzle in his embrace in a reflex, smiling at his gesture.
While others gave you two a little space he just whispers with his bold masculine tone “don’t turn me on now" making you flinch and as you look up to him he gives you a wide grin concluding, "I'm not gonna hesitate to drag you behind that cottage and fuck you baby", with a squeeze on your ass.
"But Kei ... I wore a bra today and that turned you on?", you mumble cocking an eyebrow on him, adjusting the collar of his shirt. “I love you!”, he utters instantly biting his lower lip slowly.
Baji indeed hid the fact that he did it purely out of jealousy but you: his feral princess obeying him, all the more: dressing by his liking sure made him hard.
Tumblr media
tagging — @haitaniapologist @1900-aria @etheralyonn + networks— @tokyometronetwork @shibuyawardnetwork @downtown-roponggi @planetonet @tometpd
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reiners-milkbiddies · 2 days ago
Imagine replacing Sanzu’s “happy pills” with some of these bad boys 😂 but only giving him the nasty ass flavors lmao
Tumblr media
• Reblogs are appreciated 🥹
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gajeelstan · 2 days ago
full heartedly believe this is ran sending u vids of him while he’s at work cus he misses u he just can’t help it :(
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wisenerdcreator · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
A single father, a new nanny, and a delusional ex-fiancé, what could go wrong?
summary: Ken Ryuguji, the face of TOMAN MODELS AGENCY, is one of the top models in all of Japan. He’s also the father to the sweetest little girl named Ryoko Ryuguji. He’d do anything for her, including keeping the little one away from her manipulative mother. When Draken struggles with finding child care so Ryoko could know some sort of stability. Mitsuya comes to the rescue, contacting an old friend from college.
*NEW* Now updated every Saturday
taglist: @somniari-94  @prettyling  @tokyosimp  @rizakari  @highhjime  @sunyrose  @kenmasbimbo  @misinfe  @ashleyandanxiety  @bontensbabygirl  @woahhajime  @mrsryuguji  @blvebcrry  @lisia-primary  @tirzamisu  @sunghoonsblackgf  @sanzuharuchiyoswife @multiwendi @velkna @seokjin-bby @kenryug @satsuri3su @tsugikunisaisei @shuujin @cupidines @buns-inhiding @bokutossidepiece
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akkkkollle · a day ago
Thank you for Sanzu it's very good! So, you mentioned that some of them will like it when you fuck them in front of their subordinates, so... Maybe Coco? If everything is OK? Just imagine that he is reserved and patient, everyone is used to seeing him like this, and now he is caught having sex with his husband, where he is in underwear and his husband just wants to fill him, and Coco doesn't mind... -🤨
Tags: public sex, daddy kink, underwear, bonten!Reader, Bonten!Koko, sex on the table, filling.
Tumblr media
- Come on, you want me, Daddy.. - a muffled voice is heard when the subordinates you and Koko called wanted to knock on the door.
They look at each other and nod in agreement, swallowing. They had the idea that you would catch them and..... And everything for them. One of them opens the door a crack, while the others slip through the crack to look. And what they see there...
- No, baby, of course you're insanely sexy right now, but... - you said, gently tracing his skin from the bright red bra to the same bright red panties, - They will come soon, you know.
- Do you care? Just fuck me, about the rest later. - he said, taking off the rest of his clothes, remaining in underwear and red stockings, running his foot over yours, - Come on, you want me..
You clicked, throwing him back on the table, making him cry out and bit into his lips with a kiss. He wrapped his arms around your neck, pulling you closer to him. Your fingers ran from his waist to his ass and pushed away the expensive lace.
- So beautiful... I don't even want to take them off, heh. - and staying true to your word, you just pushed them aside.
- Hurry up, please... I want you, very, very much. - the white-haired guy said, spreading his legs for you more than usual.
You started unbuttoning your belt and zipper on your trousers. Your penis popped out of the boxers and you sighed contentedly, getting comfortable and inserting your penis into your boy's prepared hole. You started moving, forcing the guy under you to grab the other side of the table. His eyeliner and red shadows were slightly smudged. Small tears rolled down his face. Some hair stuck to his face from sweat. He was great, wasn't he?
Your gaze fell on the door and, of course, you saw several guys looking at this scene with bulging eyes. Needless to say, as soon as they saw your look, their eyes almost fell out of their sockets? You stopped your thrusts, making Hajime whine and look at you, and then follow your gaze... He screams, quickly snuggling up to you, wrapping himself in your (jacket / sweater / blazer, etc.).
-I told you, you idiot... - he said, clinging to your shoulders and crying out when you lift him up.
- Is something wrong? I personally don't see any obstacles. - you cheekily smiled, looking to the left, and then putting your boyfriend back on the table, - I was going to fill you up and I'll do it, baby.
- I am... Come on. - he said, covering his eyes with his hands.
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invaderzia1 · 17 hours ago
B,E,K,O for mitsuya, please <3
nsfw alphabet list
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
b - body part
loves ur hands and ur eyes. idk why but something about your soft hands touching his body gets him going, loves to see you holding his cock in them. and loves to see you sucking his cock and looking up at him with your eyes. or when he’s eating you out and he looks up to see you watching him.
e - experience
I’d say he’s pretty experienced, he’s had a few partners and hook ups before, less than 10 but more than 4. definitely knows what he’s doing.
k - kink
lingerie, but that’s obvious. so I’m also going to throw in praise. loves to hear you telling him how good he’s doing. tell him he’s a good boy and he’ll bury his face in your cunt and give you the best orgasm ever.
o - oral
omg he is in love with your pussy. the taste, the feeling, the look. absolutely in love. hes up there as one of the best pussy eaters and prefers to give rather than receive, but that doesn’t mean he won’t appreciate a good blow job, always happy to have you on your knees.
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cohenhys · 2 days ago
summary: Amy is a young siblings Sanzu Haruchiyo, she have a best friend named Y/n L/n.
Y/n L/n wants applied job for his sake amy offered her wants apply to a coffee shop however Y/n L/n doesn't know the applied his jobs is prostitution and y/n isn't lucky because she now payed BONTEN ORGANIZATION.
pairings: rindou, ran, sanzu, kokonoi, kakucho, takeomi x fem reader.
warnings: detailed smut, anal penetration, face sucking, fingering, switching dynamics, masturbation, gang bang, age play. do not interact minor.
Tumblr media
"Amy" I calmly call my friend, Amy is beautiful I am jealous of her because she is smart, kind and above all she is the sister of a well -known organization called bonten I don't know much about this organization Amy just told me that the achievements of its organization are good.
"Where are we going amy?" I asked.
"We will go to our house, we will celebrate because we have been accepted for the job we have applied for." -Amy.
When Amy and I were his home, I noticed a basement and someone shouted for help, Amy immediately dragged me to her room and she told me not to wear a shirt or shorts and when we entered in the bedroom don't let me go out, Because I'm so curious what's in the basement, we're asleep we're the same amy who drank I'm not drunk, I'm thirsty and I went out of the room I saw someone wiping his baton he suddenly looked at me I ran to the bedroom but another man blocked me and pulled me to the basement.
"I'll just drink water, don't touch me!" He smirk.
"Boss." I'm nervous about what's going to happen because I saw their tattoo it's look like also Amy's tattoo on her thumb, I shouted for help, hit me hard on the head and tied me up and laid me down on a table.
"What's your name baby?" A pinkie hair said.
"Wait this is b-bonten?!" I looked around and saw the eight men laughing at me holding other items such as baton, bottle, dildo, flies. they took off my clothes and shorts I shouted again when a man punched me with a scar on his eye, and I lost consciousness.
fuck i'm feeling dizzy my head and my face ouch...
"Rindou, she is awake." It came to me once he opened my thigh, He inserted his cock in my pussy I cried on pain, he pushed me and choked me while he was fucking me.
"Haa..Aghh.." I moaned.
"Ran, you record her, she moaning." The seven men laugh while Rindou fucks me.
"Miss Y/n, am i right?" I nodded.
He took the vibrator and put it on my pussy, I could feel the trembling of my body due to lust.
"Ahh..Aghh..Haa~ I'm cum....Aghh." Rindou came down on my pussy and licked me. He held my head because I was in love, He stared at me. He pulled me and sucked my lips. I took his hand and I held my pussy. He fingered me while he sucked my lips.
"A-hh.. Rin~ A-ah, O-ouch.... Rin does finger." He smirk. "Baby can you suck my dick?" I nod again.
Y/n leaned in front of Rin's cock. While Y/n was sucking Rindou's cock, he touched Y/n's hair. Did he tie his hair.
"You're really good, baby, that's what I want to know, it's like I'm in heaven." As time went on, he accelerated the fucking in Y/n's mouth, and that's why Y/n burst into tears and felt nauseous because Rin's cock was big, and it wouldn't fit in his mouth.
"Rin....I can't your dick."while crying. "You can do that, I'm going to ejaculate, then let's go." He said. "I'm coming."
When he told me that, he stared at me and swallowed his semen, it almost spread on his face with the amount of it, Y/n just licked it.
"There is more on my cock, can you clean it with your tongue." I feel annoyed. "Y-yeah. No problem."
It's embarrassing what I did but there must be seven more who want to fuck me, I'm just tired.
"Rindou, are you done? - Takeomi.
"Wait a minute, I'm tired three minutes." I don't know what stupidity I can say after 3 minutes he took off his pants and made me kneel.
"Suck my dick Miss Y/n, the way you suck rindou's dick okay?" I laughed because I saw his cock with pubic hair.
"Don't you shave your pubic hair?" He embarrassing what i'm saying he pulled my hair and force to suck his cock.
I almost choked when I sucked his cock, he laid me down and put the dildo in my ass and I scratched his neck and he was happy with what was happening.
"Nghh!!Ahh!!Ugh~" you moaned.
"haruchiyo give me my phone." When Sanzu handed over takeomi's cellphone, he pressed something, the dildo that entered my ass suddenly vibrated, takeomi told me to say his name while I was moaning.
"Nghh..Haa..D-daddy omi~" I moaned again.
"hahaha sorry but she calls me daddy she's mine now." he threw away his black card, he held it to me, he said I'm good for myself and I'll buy what I want on the black card.
"Mmm...Nghh..fuck..Ahh~ Omiiiii." I kissed him and sucked his tongue, our tongue went round and round inside our mouths, I handcuffed him while he fingered me I don't know but I feel like I'm going to heaven because I want him to finger me.
"Uhmm..Miss Y/n I'm cum." -Takeomi.
I'm so sweaty I'm only two but I'm getting weak I have six more men, takeomi threw me his black card and left, Kakucho came up to me he gave me water first, he poured me water and scratched my nipple was bare, he sucked my nipple and squeezed my tits.
"Haa..Ugh~" you moaned.
"Miss Y/n are you lustfull?" I nod.
I sucked his cock again and I stared at him and he smiled at me.
"You're so beautiful, especially when you suck cock." -Kakucho.
When I finished sucking his cock, he touched my thigh his cock entered, he hugged me for a long time he ate my lips and sucked my tongue, he carried me, while he was carrying me he was fucking me.
bouncing his breast.....
"Ahh..Nghh! Ugh~Mr. Hitto..Ahh~" Nothing else can be heard in the basement my growl, I'm also thankful because Amy hasn't woken up yet because it's so embarrassing when she finds out that I'm a bonten lady.
"Ahh! K-kaku-chan..Nghh!" I moaning.
"Nghh!!Ahh!!Ugh~ I'm cumming Miss Y/n." - Kakucho.
I was just lying on the table and I was so weak and i lost my mind because there were four more, not five more, I wish someone would have requested them not to fuck me anymore. Suddenly someone said something.
"Your turn Kokonoi."-Kanji.
"No, it's your turn mochi." -kokonoi.
"I'm not going to fuck anyone else, I'm loyal to my girlfriend."- Mochi.
"Okay." Kokonoi took off his clothes, he took me to the sofa, he tied my hand with his necktie, he put my foot on his shoulder, at the same time his cock entered my pussy.
"Mmm..Ugh~" He moaned.
"W-why me?" I asked.
"You're pretty, smart and you're bestfriend Amy, she request we help you become rich." He said.
"But we got the job I don't need your money." I said.
"Miss Y/n that's the job you applied this is that job." My eyes widened at what kokonoi said, I have nothing more to say because it happened that at least I had money, I asked for someone to be their boyfriend, of course it was just a joke.
"Can I insert my cock Miss Y/n?" I nod.
He's handsome, I couldn't stop him. I kissed him while he was ate my lips. He took the vibrator and put it on my pussy. I only heard a growl. I looked at the clock and it was 2 AM in the morning.
"Koko~Im cumm~Ughhhh..." I growl louder.
"Let's cumming Miss Y/n..Ughh!Nghh..this is good..Nghh!!Y/n." -Kokonoi.
He squeezed my tits hard and at the same time shot his semen in my face I pressed it and he was happy, He threw a brown envelope with only 5,000,000,00 my eyes widened and I was still shaking because I just now held something like this big money he kissed me on the forehead and left the basement, followed by Sanzu he opened my thigh at the same time licked my pussy and circled my body.
He took an ice cube, he put it on my nipple, he sucked it and twisted his tongue around. I moaned immediately and he inserted his three fingers into my cunt.
"It's hurts Sanzu, I'm sensitive." He smirk.
"Four cocks have already entered your cunt and you will tell me that you are sensitive, be careful with Ran, the boss will not have sex with you because he is nauseous to Amy." I smiled.
"How much will you pay me?" I asked.
"10,000,000,00, It must be worth my payment to you so you're good." I nod.
"Sure Mr. Haruchiyo." He smirk.
While he was fingering me, I handcuffed him, we were both moaning, while we were loblolly for more than an hour, Sanzu and I fucked the smile on his lips and reached to his ears.
"Y/n...Nghh!! C-can you~say.... meowing while you moaning?" -Sanzu.
I nodded. "Meow~Nghh!!Meee..Ugh..Owww...Ughh~"
"Loud and clear Miss Y/n." I nod.
"Meow!Meow!Ughh~" Sanzu laughed.
"Okay that's it, thankyou here your 10,000,000,00." I smiled because of the money I received I would just take a bath to get rid of it all, I was suddenly stopped by a man who said he hadn't fucked me yet he pulled me out and gnawed on the floor.
"Ouch!W-who are—" He took his baton from his pocket, he opened my thigh, he put his baton on my tits and lowered it into my pussy at the same time, I slapped him in pain I saw a lot of blood in the wound, he took his baton out. in my pussy I scream in pain.
He also hit my thigh and my arm, I could hardly move my body because he hit me, I was crying and begging to stop the baton from entering him on my pussy, Ran removed it and replaced it is his cock.
"Nghh!!! " I moaning with pleasure.
"S-stop!Ahhh!!Nghh! Ugh~ "He whispered.
"take my baton while I put the collar for you." I immediately suck his baton while he was putting the collar on me.
"Barked like a dog Miss Y/n." I felt annoying on his guy but i can do it.
"Arf! Arf!" He smiled.
"Good dog..I mean good girl." He patting my head like a dog.
While he was fucking me he was holding the leash like my dog, Ran was moaning like me as I looked at him he was smiling at me, and he slapped my ass.
"I'm cumming Y/n." -Ran.
"Ughh!!Nghh!" I moaned.
"Cum~slip~Ahhh!!Miss Y/n.. more yeahhhh..." -Ran.
When it was all over he dressed me and laid me down on a sofa outside the basement. Ran treated the wound and bruise on my body. He kissed me and told me something.
"I like you Miss Y/n." I looked at him and he looked like he was telling the truth, I hugged him and told him why he hurt me.
"Why do you have to fuck everyone, I should be the only one who has to suck or eat your pussy." I laughed.
"Really?A bonten executive 2 Haitani Ran, you like me? really?" I asked.
"Why is it forbidden to love when you are a criminal?" I shake my head.
"No." He kissed me again and leave on Amy's house, I felt asleep a woke up on a morning my pussy still hurts.
"Hey, Y/n why are you here on sofa?" She asked.
"Because I slept here and I'm also drunk, I'm sorry, let's be late for work." I smiled.
Amy really knows what happened to Y/n that she was a gang of other bonten members. Amy entered the room for a while and pulled Y/n again to the basement and rubbed his cock on Y/n's pussy, that's Mikey.
"Can I fuck you Miss Y/n?" -Mikey.
Tumblr media
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