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↬ ҂ 𝗪𝗮𝗹𝗹𝗽𝗮𝗽𝗲𝗿 @ 𝙼𝚊𝚗𝚑𝚞𝚊𝚐𝚞𝚖
𝗕𝗮𝗷𝗶 𝗞𝗲𝗶𝘀𝘂𝗸𝗲
Artist: Staryoruu ; oguraxaoi ; sol4__o ; 66628nim11 ; jam8366 on Twitter
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Art block kicked my ass so I pumped these out in spite
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Gang Threats
Tumblr media
Gang Threats
Characters: BONTEN - Rindou Haitani, Ran Haitani, Sanzu Haruchiyo
Warning ⚠︎︎ : Mature content, cussing, violence, mostly fluff tho MINORS DNI
Note : this was requested! I hope everyone enjoys <3 ALLso thank you all so much for 180 followers!
Tumblr media
Your knees buckled, almost tripping over yourself as you ran up your complex stairs. Ramming into your front door, the pain in your shoulder forgotten. Your mind focused on the fact you almost just got jumped by a bunch of grown men.
Quickly twisting the door knob open, slamming it shut once you were inside. You grasped for air, dropping to your knees as you clutched your chest. Feeling your heartbeat pound against your ribcage, almost feeling like it would rip right through.
Everything felt so heavy, all the pain coursing through your body cating up to you as you sat knees planted on the wooden floor. Tears quickly spilling past your eyes
“Y/N? What's with the ruckus?-” Rindou appeared, one towel wrapped around his lower half while another towel was resting on his head collecting all the droplets of water from his hair. His glasses probably still on the bathroom counter, as he was in the middle of taking a shower before he heard the door close harshly.
Rindou’s eyes widen at your state. your cheek bruised, arm reddened from someone's grip, your clothes dirtied with mud and rips.
“Rin..” Your eyes soften, seeing your boyfriend.
“Rin” you cried louder, your free hand reaching towards him. Like a child clawing for their parents, bending down he engulfed you in a hug. His hand wrapping around the back of your head, while the other held your waist.“Y/N what happen?” Rindou whispered as he rubbed the back of your head, trying his best to comfort you.
“These men,” You halted, trying to catch your breath in between your own cries. “They wanted to know something about Bonten..” you continued as you hugged him tighter, not even believing that you were safe in his arms.
Not believing that you could've been dead in the street right now if you had not ran for it while you could.
“They were threatening me, saying i'd die if i didn't talk” You sobbed.
“But I didn't say anything!” You leaned back in his grasp, staring into his violet eyes. Reassuring him just in case he had any doubts about you spilling anything he had told you about the gang.
“No Y/N” Rindou couldn't believe his ears, he had absolutely no doubts that you would run into some guys every now and then as you were one of the bonten executives significant others. But he couldn't fathom the fact that you'd be worried about that out of all things.
“I'm just glad you're safe,” Rindou smiled at you as he stroked the back of your head. Sliding his fingers down your hair, trying to comfort you.
As soft as he looked right now, he could not bear the fact that you were hurt by a bunch of lame people trying to get answers about Bonten. His anger almost boiling through the roof, but he tried to hold it in as much as he could, especially in front of you. Don't misunderstand though, they definitely weren't free from punishment. Their future is beyond recovery.
There you were, curled up in the corner of your bedroom. The light from the hallway fading into the darkness of yours and Ran’s shared bedroom. Your trembling body, your arms hugging your knees as a blanket was draped over you.
“Baby?” Ran’s voice echoed through the hallway, along with the light sound of his footsteps approaching your room. He stood at the doorway, shocked. Tears continued to spill from your eyes as you looked up at the man.
“Baby.” He kneeled down to your figure, pulling you into his arms. Letting you sob into his shoulder as he tried his best to comfort you.
“I'm here.” he whispered, resting you on his lap. You both sitting on the floor, limbs intertwined with each other.
“They tried to take me Ran..” You cried, tears slowing down as you tried to explain yourself to your boyfriend.
“They were going to torture me,” your own eyes widening from your words.
Ran sat in silence, waiting for you. His eyes empty, no emotions in his purple orbs.
“Pluck my nails until I tell them everything I know about Bonten.” you looked up at him, noticing his eyes, his emotionless expression. You shook your head, quickly placing both hands on his cheeks.
“I swear! I escaped before they could touch me. I didn't say anything!” without another word Ran pulled you back into his arms. You yelped at his sudden movement, the fear you felt descending from your body.
“You did good, my good girl” Ran gave you a chaste kiss on your temple before nuzzling himself into your hair. He continued to whisper loving words into your ears until you were fast asleep in his arms. Picking you up bridal style, he gently placed you on the bed. He sat next to you for a minute, just observing your cute features.
He brushed his knuckle under the redness of your swollen eyes. Giving you a quick kiss before pulling the covers over your body. Heading straight over to his nightstand, swiftly pulling at the drawer, revealing his white cotton gloves with his extendable baton.
“I'll be back darling” his footsteps making their way towards the door.
Hours had passed, the birds were chirping and the sunlight was peaking past your living room curtains. You woke up not too long ago, Ran nowhere to be found. you sat on the couch, your fingers rubbing your swollen bulbs as the tv was playing in the background.
Your ears perked from the sound of the door knob turning, rushing directly towards the sound. A blood covered Ran stood in the doorway, a smile on his face as soon as he saw you speed walk to him.
“Blood?” you asked, one brow raised.
“It's not mine honey”
You ran for the alleyway, almost tripping over the garbage scattered across the floor. Your breath uneven as you ran for your life. You let out a yelp as you rammed head first into a hard chest. Looking up you noticed the pink-ette looking down at you. His blue eyes widen, realizing it was his beloved girlfriend.
“Y/N, why are you running through an alleyway meant for selling drugs?” his brows knitted together before a grin emerged.
“I guess you're getting into the pills now, huh? Am I rubbing off on you, sweet cheeks” his playfulness deteriorates as he watched you crumble under him. Eyes welling with tears, your hands making their way onto his button up.
As he was about to speak, three familiar faces appeared in the alleyway. “Shit, he’s here” “fuck it, let’s just run” the two men on the left mumbled before making a run for it. The third following right behind them.
“They wanted to get back at you..” You whimpered, your fist tighten around the cloth of his shirt. Sanzu sat in confusion before it finally clicked.
Sanzu was known to punish his subordinates as well as any traitors to Bonten.
This was probably done by one of those lowley punks, thinking they could threaten his dolly and somehow escape unscathed. ‘How dare they’.
Oh how they were in for it once he got his hands on them, their deaths would be slow and painful. He had no intention of giving them his mercy whatsoever. His heart almost skipped a beat just thinking about it, their screams echoing throughout the warehouse walls. But this wasn't the time, his Y/N was in pain.
“Don't worry Y/N, you are safe now.” his warmth surrounding you, his touch making your tense shoulders soften. Letting your tears flow, soaking his shirt. He was going to spend the remainder of the night spoiling his doll with everything, cuddles, massages, clothing, anything for his woman.
Tumblr media
End Note : Let me know what you thought! >.<
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Tumblr media
Kuromi representing all kazutora stans🥰
Tumblr media
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ᡕᠵ᠊ᡃ່࡚ࠢ࠘ ⸝່ࠡࠣ᠊߯᠆ࠣ࠘ᡁࠣ࠘᠊᠊ࠢ࠘𐡏 𖥔 ⭒ ִ ׂ 𝐭𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐤 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐟𝐨𝐫 𝐬𝐡𝐨𝐩𝐩𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐰𝐢𝐭𝐡 𝐮𝐬! 🛒
Tumblr media Tumblr media
𝐒𝐘𝐍𝐎𝐏𝐒𝐈𝐒 — takemichi gets his very first blow job! ♡
𝐖𝐀𝐑𝐍𝐈𝐍𝐆𝐒 — virginity, cherry pop, oral (male receiving), male masturbation, sex toys (michi’s beloved fleshlight), bimbo slut reader, sub takemichi, playful dom reader, your first “takemichi fucker” injection.
𝐂𝐇𝐀𝐑𝐀𝐂𝐓𝐄𝐑 — takemichi hanagaki.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
It Takemichi doesn’t know how he ended up here or what he did to be bestowed with this very moment he’d been living in right now. His back is pressed against the door of the small bathroom stall of his job while your soft hands accessorized with acrylic nails hastily unbuckles his belt and undoes the button on his pants so you could get to his incredibly stiff cock. He doesn’t understand. How did he get such a gorgeous girl like you to offer up that pretty little sweet and wet mouth to him with little to no work? It was almost as if you’re the fleshlight he has tucked under his bed. The one he uses religiously, spending nearly every night pushing his virgin cock into the fleshly latex while some raunchy POV porn plays on the laptop beside his hip. The same fleshlight he’s spent a full hour eating out licking at its mock clit and fingering its stretchy hole like the toy could actually feel all his ministrations.
The same fleshlight he talks dirty too. It’s the only “lover” who’s ever heard absolute filth that Takemichi Hanagaki is capable of speaking. Sure, he’s no casanova with his words— most of the things that leave his lips are high-pitched whines when he’s done trying to play the big and tough dominant figure. The pleasure reduces him to a pitiful and begging mess as he imagines a woman, sometimes even a man, bouncing up and down on his fat cock. The same fleshlight he fills up with his ridiculously thick cum. Fuck, there’s copious amounts of it. Honestly, he needs to drain his balls daily, or else the next time he cums he makes a huge mess all over himself and sometimes even the bedsheets. It’s such a hassle to clean up because there’s just so much and it’s not like he can stop his cock from gushing out the thick substance. But let’s be honest, Takemichi is a slob. Most of the time he doesn’t even bother to change the sheets so sometimes there are just random blotches of dried cum stains on the bedding until he finally decides to go to the wash.
Still though, he feels like this is a dream, simply because this happened too easily. Michi tries to think as your fingers slowly pull down the zipper to his jeans, his hands grasping so hard at his work apron and shirt as he holds the fabric up for you. He’s thinking but all he did was help you find a DVD. You seemed so appreciative, then you got a glazed-over look in your eye. It made Takemichi really flustered because the only thing he could compare it to was those hentai panels where the girl looks completely infatuated with her love interest. Surely you weren’t looking at him in that way he thought.
Maybe you were just being friendly and appreciative because he helped you. Some people show their gratitude differently, no matter how mundane the act done for them was. Well, that’s what he thought until you started to touch him. Giggling, twirling your hair, and pressing your body up against his. What was he supposed to do? Turn you down? Yeah, he was on the clock but his manager was out on his lunch break and he’s never gotten attention like this. Embarrassingly though, he was on the verge of cumming when you led him into the back of the quiet movie rental shop so you could start making out and dry humping out of sight from the cameras. Takemichi knew that if his manager saw, she was bound to scold him about being unprofessional while on the clock.
That’s how he ended up here, in the bathroom with you on your knees. It wasn’t long before you pushed his pants and boxers down so that the clothing was pooling around his ankles and onto the tiled bathroom floor. God, Michi’s face is beet red, so fucking red as he watches your eyes light up at the sight of his pathetic leaking cock. He’s flustered, embarrassed, and dizzy from arousal. Michi’s almost certain that he would pass out at any given second because all the blood he had in his skull was now rushing to his cock. No one’s ever seen it before so he’s always been insecure about his size or whether or not it was “pretty” enough for a potential love interest to like. He knows he doesn’t compare to the cocks he constantly sees in porn but he knows he can’t be too small either. When he tries to think logically about it, it just doesn’t work because he just starts to overthink.
Takemichi was a solid five and a half inches, fat and veiny. The tip of his flushed an angry red color and glistened from the precum leaking from his tiny slit. His breath hitches in the back of his throat when he feels your hand grab his cock by its base, your eyes sparkling at the pretty sight. Your tongue runs across your bottom lip and you mentally whine at yourself when you notice that the lip gloss you were wearing has since been smeared all over Michi’s lips. You could feel his cock pulsating in your hand as you held it making you giggle.
“Does it feel warm?” You ask sweetly as you look up at him through your false eyelashes. His skin is so hot you would think he had a high fever. You can’t even imagine how the poor thing feels right now, he looks so desperate— scared even.
“Yeah.. it— ‘feels hot all over.” Takemichi’s voice is just above a whisper as he speaks to you, almost like if he spoke any loud then he’d wake up from this dream come fucking true. He didn’t wake up, not right now.
“Baby must be a virgin or it’s been too long since someone’s properly taken care of his cock..” You coo in your head. Your intuition tells you he’s a virgin, which is a shame because you struck gold with this cutie. You almost want to ask if he’s okay with you sucking his dick but something tells you that if you don’t do something soon he’d pass out.
Takemichi watches your lips pucker prettily and he feels a soft and cold stream of air kiss his cock. It feels so cool and soothing against his hot agitated cock that he lets out a shaking breath of relief, he twitches in the grasp of your hand. Michi’s head is drawn back and resting on the stall door, eyes blue orbs gazing at the ceiling as his mind races. Was this happening right now? None of this seems like it was real, too good to be true. He’s spent too many nights yearning for anyone’s touch and desperately fucking into his hand, his toys, humping his pillows, and even just simply cumming untouched when the fantasy in his head was way too erotic. He was constantly embarrassing himself at work when he pops a boner all because he sees someone’s cleavage or he can get a whiff of a sweet but warm smelling perfume on someone’s body. It didn’t take much at all to get Takemichi going, he was just surprised he didn’t cum in his pants as soon as you made eye contact with him.
“Y-You really don’t need to— oh, god..” Takemichi cuts off his own words when he feels your warm, slick muscles swirl over the tip of his cock. The sensation is wonderful to Takemichi, otherworldly even. You hadn’t even done much yet and he’s already whimpering from the feeling of just the tip of your tongue. You can taste the precum on your tastebuds and he’s, for lack of better words, bitter. But it wasn’t horrible, you’ve tasted worse before.
When Takemichi finds the courage to finally look down at you again, his eyes roll in the back of his head when he’s met with the sight of you parting your plump lips and the feeling of you taking him into your mouth. Michi’s lips part in a silent moan, almost in awe of how he can feel the heat emitting from your mouth right before you wrap your lips around the head of his cock. Your eyes flicker up to meet his sapphire-blue irises and he lets out an audible whimper, his hips involuntarily bucking into your mouth before he musters out a shaky apology.
“Y-You’re just s-so pretty.. and this feels really good..” His face is already red, but you swear it turns a deeper shade. A pretty crimson color spreading from ear to ear across his cheeks and nose bridge. You pull him from your mouth making a vulgar “pop” sound when you take him from your lips.
“It’s okay, bubby. You’re allowed to do that, y’know?” You look up at him with the sweetest grin on your face and he swears at that moment you’re an angel with your big doe eyes looking up at him through your fluffy and full lash line. It’s so naïve to say but Takemichi genuinely thinks he’s falling in love with you. He’s so convinced that this feeling in his chest is love and not pure infatuation. The words “I love you” were placed at the tip of his tongue threatening to leave his lips. You can almost see the hearts forming in his eyes as he looks down at you, it makes you feel giddy inside-- all excited that you’re giving such a cute guy a blowie. It wasn’t your first time, far from it actually but it was always fun seeing something new. He was different, the type of guy you didn’t come across very often.
You lift his cock and lick one long stripe from the base of his dick to his leaky tip, not even giving him enough time to process everything he’s feeling before you completely engulf his whole cock into your wet mouth. The moan Takemichi lets out is pornographic and loud. You’d almost be worried someone could hear you both but he had been a gentleman and took you to the bathroom in the staff room. He was a lot nicer than the majority of the guys you’ve slept with.
One of Takemichi’s hands flies to his lips to silence his moans as your head bobs up and down hungrily on his cock, his hips leaning slightly into your mouth chasing after the sensation as if you’d suddenly disappear or change your mind and stop. Michi feels amazing, your mouth is so warm, wet, and inviting. This is nothing compared to his beloved fleshlight at home. His toys were the epitome of pleasure in his mind, but he hasn’t even cum yet and he’s experiencing the best pleasure he’s ever had in his entire life.
Michi’s thighs are clenched and twitching as he feels himself near his high, your mouth continuing to swallow his entire cock with such ease, poise, and eagerness. He felt a tinge of embarrassment within him though because he could feel his orgasm near quicker than he’d like. He was hanging on by a single string, the only reason why he hasn’t cum yet is from his sheer willpower to relish at this moment for as long as he possibly can. It doesn’t last long though because when you place your hands on his soft thighs, you claw into his skin a bit. The tips of your acrylics sinking into his skin felt pleasurable to him. Takemichi didn’t look like it, but he had many kinks and turn-ons. He was a bit of a masochist and had a thing for long fake nails. He can’t stop his inevitable orgasm from wracking his lean frame.
“I’m sorry! ‘M sorry— ‘cumming, you’re makin’ me cum—!” Takemichi’s hands find your head and his fingers grip your hair. He pushes your head down to his pelvis making the tip of his cock kiss the back of your throat while your nose is buried in his dark bush. Your arms wrap around his legs for support, feeling his cock twitch before it erupts and your throat is flooded with his thick load. Takemichi is crouched over, his legs buckling and shaking as he pumps his cum into your stomach. He feels bad, he really should have warned you that he was close but he was being selfish. He wanted to see what it feels like cumming in someone’s mouth. What if this was the last time he was going to get to experience this? He just hopes you won’t be too mad at him.
It takes him minutes to recover and come down from his high but you’re patient and understanding, letting him take his time. Michi slowly pulls his softening cock from your mouth, a thin string of spit connecting from your lips to his cock before it breaks and his dick hangs between his legs. You take the back of your hand and wipe your mouth from the excess spit and cum from your lips before looking up at him to smile.
“Thanks for all the help, cutie pie. I hope you enjoyed yourself.” You said before standing up and placing a soft kiss on his supple cheek. Takemichi is still coming down from his orgasmic haze, his head still in the clouds from the orgasm you had just given him. He looks at you all glassy-eyed before you giggle.
“You might wanna pull your pants up, honey bun.” You say with a smile. Takemichi blinks and he scrambles a bit before he quickly pulls up his pants and opens the stall for you to get out. You walk over to the sinks and look in the mirror, fixing your hair before grabbing your purse that you had set on the counter beforehand. You open your purse and pull out your favorite lip gloss so you could reapply into the mirror. Takemichi watches you nervously through the mirror, rubbing his clammy hands onto his jeans as he tries to find his words.
“I-! Yeah! I did have a good time, thank you!” He curses himself mentally when he hears how nervous he sounds. You smile to yourself and place the applicator back into the tube, placing the gloss back into your purse before you turn around to look at him. “Um, do you.. What’s your-”
You cut him off by walking over to him and grabbing the marker from his apron. He swallows as he watches you take his hand and twist the cap off the marker with your teeth. You write your number onto his palm much to Takemichi’s surprise.
“Call me.” You say and kiss his cheek one last time. He looks down at his hand and swoons at your handwriting, seeing that you signed off with your name.
“(Name).. Your name is (Name)? I’m Takemichi.” When Takemichi looks up you’re already gone and he finds himself missing you already. He pulls out his phone and punches in your number, his thumb hovering over the call button before he finds the courage to finally press it.
What if she doesn’t want to talk?
Maybe this was the wrong number?
Should he hang up?
“Takemichi, hi! Missed me already?” He hears your sweet voice through the speaker.
“Oh.. how do you know my name?” Michi asks, a curious smile on his face. “Your name tag, silly.” You giggle.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
a/n: yay! i'm glad you enjoy my work!! i'll do the three of them because we love the black dragons founding members! i enjoyed writing this so much!!! so, i hope you enjoy this one, anonie <33
part 2 if you're interested in ran, rindou, and sanzu
Tumblr media Tumblr media
(Takeomi, Shinichiro, Wakasa)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Takeomi Akashi
There is no doubt that your boyfriend enjoys his time with his friends. So, when you wanted to go buy something at the mall, you didn't bother asking for permission nor telling him where you'll go.
You invited your friend whom you promised you'll bond with, and since this is a perfect time, he agreed.
As soon as you see your friend, you instantly jumped into his arm and hugged him. You just missed him too much. But, what you're not aware of is that your boyfriend just saw that...
He and his gang were resting in a repair shop across the mall. He felt like someone stabbed him in the chest as he sees you smile so wide when you hugged the guy.
Poor Takeomi was being teased by Benkei and Shinichiro. Making him even more nervous about the situation. "Oh no! Your dearest Y/N found somebody else because you spend most of your time with us and not with her." Benkei slung his arm around Takeomi who was already feeling gloomy at the time. Shinichiro suggested that they should follow you and they did...
He had to witness you share your food with the guy and laugh alongside him. While his friends were investigating thoroughly, he was already tempted to confront you. But, his friends said that they should check more.
And, he couldn't take it anymore when the guy hugged you from behind when you were picking out clothes.
Someone forcefully snatched your friend from your frame and when you turned around, you saw your really mad boyfriend.
"Who is he, huh? Did you really find someone else because I'm always too busy? If that's the case, I'll willingly leave Black Dragons for you." You were shocked by his words. He was never the kind of guy who was sensitive nor emotional. He was the 'God of War' as far as you're concerned. But, to see the pain in his eyes made you feel guilty.
"He's my friend, baby. And, in case you didn't know, he's gay. We've been best friends since middle school. We're just waiting for his boyfriend. Is my handsome boy jealous?" He looked away from you and pouted. Benkei and Shinichiro were teasing him and calling him handsome, but he punched them on the arm.
Your friend was still rubbing his shoulder that Takeomi harshly grabbed on. "I-I'm sorry, I didn't know you were her friend." Your friend rolled his eyes at him and said, "If you want to make it up to me, then give my friend more time and attention from you."
Takeomi realized that he was right. He said his goodbyes to his friend, and just came with you and your friend. It turned out to be a double date in the end. And, after that day, Takeomi takes you out every week.
Tumblr media
Shinichiro Sano
You really wanted to have a date with Shinichiro and with just the two of you alone. But, he said he has to take care of Mikey and Emma for now. He assured you that he will make it up to you the following week.
So, that's why you're at the mall with your gay friend who was excited to go shopping with you. It's been a while since you hung out with him. And, shopping is one way that you two bond.
But, you weren't aware that he'll bring his siblings to the mall too.
Mikey saw you with your friend and asked his brother something. "Are you and Y/N still together?" He innocently asked but Shinichiro was shocked at the question. "Why? What makes you think that?" Emma already caught a glimpse of you with the guy and answered, "Look! She's on a date with another boy." Shinichiro was heartbroken to see you with someone else. But he had to keep it cool because he's with his siblings.
Mikey teased and said, "He's more handsome than you, brother." Mikey and Emma laughed and Shinichiro got even more annoyed. "I am not buying you two some candies." He's lying if he said he's not bothered by this.
He had his siblings eat at a restaurant while he contemplates what he has to say to you. Mikey and Emma noticed that their brother was sad.
"Did you do something to make her upset?" Emma asked and Shinichiro immediately remembered that he turned your request to come with him to the mall.
"I have a good idea." Mikey stood up from the chair and continued, "Let's wait at her house and you surprise her with flowers. Then apologize for what you did." Shinichiro thought it was stupid but was taking some notes mentally.
That's why he found himself in front of your house. You were shocked to see him here with his siblings. You didn't know what was the occasion. You panicked for a moment because you thought it was your monthly anniversary with him.
"If I ever did something wrong, please tell me, my love. I can't bear to see you with anyone else." You smiled thinking how lucky you are. And, you knew he probably saw you at the mall. You kissed him on the cheek which made his siblings giggle.
"Hey, I love you, and you're the only one I love. If you're wondering about the guy I was with, he's my friend and he has a boyfriend too." Shinichiro's expression changed and scratched the back of his neck.
"Nonetheless, I promise I will really make it up to you right now. Just wait for me, I'll bring my siblings home."
As you waited for him to come back, what he had in mind is to go on a little stroll with you in the street at night in Tokyo. You hugged his waist and nuzzled your face in his back. When he makes a promise, he really lives up to it, and that's what makes you love him even more. And, you'll never let him go...
Tumblr media
Wakasa Imaushi
You're painfully aware that he doesn't really enjoy shopping with you. He's as grumpy as it gets. So, bringing him to a mall where you literally shop for the whole day will make him irritated.
That's why you didn't bother telling him your whereabouts and went with your friend to the mall.
You and your friend are really close ever since middle school. Him being gay meant that you're really comfortable being clingy around him. Although, people mistake him for your boyfriend.
Wakasa was buying a new pair of sandals because he ruined his old one since he kicked someone last night until they couldn't move. That's the side of your boyfriend you're scared of.
But, what a coincidence because you were going to buy a new pair of shoes as well.
Your friend helped you tie your shoes while taking pictures of him doing that to you. "You're always such a gentleman. I wish my boyfriend would come with me when I'm shopping. So, thank you for coming with me."
Of course, Wakasa is one attentive person, and when he heard your voice, his attention immediately turned to where the voice came from.
To say that he's really scary is an understatement. His cool and calm demeanor is what makes him so intimidating.
As soon as he noticed that a guy was tying your shoelace, he suddenly appeared behind him. You didn't even notice because Waka just appears out of nowhere.
You only noticed he was there when your friend finished tying your lace. You gasp in surprise as you see him look at your friend with his half-lidded eyes.
When your friend asked what's wrong, Wakasa pushed him. "W-when did you come here?" Your friend asked nervously but Waka ignored him and moved his face closer to yours.
"Why did you not ask me to come with you in the first place?" His voice was monotone which made you even more nervous. As you gulped, he added, "Why did you have to come with another guy?"
So, that's the problem, you thought. You chuckled at him and held his face with both of your hands, "Love, he's my friend. And, nothing will happen because he's more attracted to you than me." As Wakasa processed your words, he had an amused look on his face. An amused face, I meant his eyebrows were raised.
He turned to look at your friend and helped him stand up. "I'm sorry. I get possessive over my girl. Lucky for you, I held back in pushing you." You smacked his arm and told him to be nice and apologize nicely.
He tagged along with the two of you after you paid for the shoes. But, he just lets you bond with your friend. After knowing that he's just a friend already makes him secured. He's not insecure about it because he's aware of how much you're in love with him. He trusts you with all his heart. It just so happens that he'll just beat up any guy who dares to lay a finger on you.
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kekkstn · a month ago
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It's all my fault.
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imk1ra · 4 months ago
Y/n: Tonight, one of you will betray us.
Takemichi : Is it me, Y/n?
Y/n: No, it’s not you.
Chifuyu : Is it me, Y/n?
Y/n: It’s not you either.
Kisaki : Is it me, Y/n?
Y/n, mockingly: Is IT mE y/N?
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fatherbinx · a month ago
probably my favorite moment from tokyo revengers:
Tumblr media
don’t worry, it’s really not a spoiler, just words of encouragement from our chifuyu.
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wishartszxxyuh · a month ago
At last, I realized why I wanted to be a cat since I was a kid.
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k4nao · 8 months ago
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tokyo revengers matching icons <3
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ivymonkshood · a month ago
Sweet Bakery Girl ❤
Pt. 2 :D
°Takemichi, Hanma, Kokonoi, Sanzu, Ran, Rindou, Shinichiro, Terano°
Tumblr media
— Takemichi
Can't control the blush growing on his cheeks when you stop his walk to school only to give him a cute box filled with cute little cookies.
Daydreams all day with that
He's a simp
Takemicchi is choking on anything you prepare for him
No matter if they burnt a little..
"N-no, it's fine! They are good, I'm eating all of t-them"
He's sharing with all the Touman members
He loves just sitting at your shop, watching you work so peacefully
BadFuture! Takemichi shows at your shop all the time, you don't even hear the bell ringing but you are glad to see him ❤
Present! Takemichi brings Naoto with him, to distract him from work
When you start spotting Touman members and classmates you get so happy... "He talks about me~"
Loves any type of edible cookie dough, you don't sell it at your shop so he feels really special 'cause you make it only for him ✨
He's annoying, like a lot.
Don't get me wrong, he helps with heavy stuff, doing the shop errands for you, he even helps in the kitchen cause he understands quickly
But he loves having his hands on you all the time
Enjoys making a mess on the kitchen, the wet dough in every corner and let's not mention the two of you, coated in flour and cocoa powder
You two are a mess in the kitchen together
Hanma compliments everything you make, he loves how your hair smells like vanilla extract and the tip of your fingers are sweet because of the sugar powder.
Shuji starts waking up more early just to catch you in your uniform every morning.
Morning sex
Dead honest with you, a little bit agressive but you know that's how he is
"Fuck, did you burnt these, sugarplum? Goddamn" While he takes another bite of the burnt cookie.
Kisaki notices how his coffee bread tastes differently these days and it's because Hanma no longer buys where he usually does
He thinks that not supporting you is like cheating
I see him liking "interactive" desserts with those thin chocolate globes that you melt with hot liquids.
He gets so excited when he sees how the whole piece goes down
Does annoying and dumb cake jokes
Oh yeah.
He puts the prices on every dessert or pastry you make
Like, you had already done that but he insisted that those prices were too cheap for something so cautiously handmade.
He sees a lot of potential, he won't tolerate watching it go to waste!
Koko has that boyfriend material, sitting on a table with his laptop infront of him, the thick paste glasses on the low bridge of his nose and quietly slurping from his warm latte while working on his illegal shit.
Koko knows where to get the best products, how to get the best prices, he can pay the whole price but why the fuck would he?
He knows your personal like the palm of his hand, nobody is making you trip
Koko doesn't have that much time to be around you as much as he would like but he's happy when he spots you baking at home.
Kokonoi has some expensive taste, his favorite pastry are the Eclairs.
Loves them even more when they have mini berries on top as decoration, he´s a visual man
Also, You need money for something? You can perfectly make money but he´s already taking his black card out so~
Probably gets Inupi as your sales model
A dick.
Sanzu is very curious, like a cat
He wanna know everything you´re putting on the bowl
Jokes? Asking you if he can add somethin funny to it
“Haru please, leave the kitchen-”
He does quick errands, when Mikey knows you need help he goes himself or sends your drug dealer boyfriend 
Mikey is friendly with you ´cause you send him free Daiyaki
Coming home and sitting in the kitchen counter with the sweet, warm scent of the recently baked desserts is his new favorite way of stress relief
Roast the fuck out of you when something burns.
“I can´t even get high in peace, I have to keep an eye on your messy ass Babe” “You didn´t burnt the whole building, per chance?”
He appears at your shop late, all bloody but a grin ear to ear, happy cause he finally made some time to see you 
Haru makes sure all the Boten members are shoping from your bakery
He´s not a fan of desserts so his favorite item at your shop may be bread.
Sour dough, Baguette, Croissants, Brioche, dinner rolls, every type of bread you can make
But I also see him liking those chewy energy boost snacks, has nothing to do with bakery but :D
Agressive customers should watch out with this one, he´s not playing around 
He might not seem supportive but he loves you and tells everybody about your job whenever he has time
When he goes to the Bakery he waits in line just to flirt with you like he doesn´t even know you
“So.. What you doing after your shift, Sweetheart?” “There´s people waiting behind you, Ran.”
He´s proud of what you do
When there´s no flour or other ingredient Ran makes sure he's the one paying the restock
He may be late as fuck for work but he´s enjoying his morning coffee with you
Moves things in your schedule so you have time for him c:
He grows a little interest in baking, buys books and a bunch of baking things for the house
Even if he doesn´t have the time to bake anything
Knows when to be honest and when to lie 
Like he sees the prominent bags under your eyes, handing a plate with some weird looking muffins to his direction and he decides it's better to put some filter on what he had planned to say
“This is what you been doing all night? Don´t you wanna have some rest? I can fill the bathtub for you, Love” While he pulls the plastic wraps from the muffin to bite it, doing his best to keep his emotions in.
Ran loves Macaroons
There´s something in the long and labored process that amazes him, watching how you turn the ingredients in some delicious art without a recipe
Ran keeps his Baton in your Bakery
When some random clients raises their voice at you he goes “Sweetie, bring me my Baton, somebody has to shove some manners in that head”
Rindou enjoys baking with you, more than he loves eating your creations
And it´s not because he doesn´t like them, quite the contrary
He just had to cut his consuming ´cause he noticed he was gaining weight-
Sanzu told him, get his ass-
He hates and loves your job
You make him try the new recipes and he can´t say no to you
Rindou snacks after his workouts, like a reward for his hard work
You catched him crying while eating a cookie once.
Boten stress does that, Guys
You constantly have to assure him that you can make more healthy things if he wants to
Comfort sex???
He visits your Bakery constantly, salutes the personal, asks if you need help with anything, he´s the sweetest
He was so happy while telling Ran about your job
His eyes sparking like stars 
Rindou loves Danishes, he loves that you always call him to make them beside him, he loves the fresh fruit on top of it and the calmness that the pastry gives
Hates annoying customers, they may not be doing anything really annoying but asking too many things to a already busy worker and that worker is his girlfriend he might snap a fist at their face
He knows a lot about decorations, he helps you with that too
Gets mad at you for staring at him while eating but you can not help but to do exactly that
“No pics, Baby!” “But cant see how cute you look with the crumbs on your cheeks~”
He went to the bakery with Wakasa and Benkei one time to show you off and they thought he was joking, of course
“Stop harassing the poor girl, she tryna work”
Bitch proud of how professional your business is
He´s so awkward about it, he tells everybody-
He takes Izana, Mikey and Emma to your bakery too, only to get roasted again when he called you Love-
“Damn, getting comfortable with the waiter? How embarrasing!”
He just hopes you don´t think he´s a loser too
And you don´t 
Shinichiro is there to help you with everything you need
Another simp
He´s eating all you hand him
He knows how owning a business is like, he always waits at home with the bathtub filled for the both of you
That shit with Kazutora didn´t happened ´cause he stays at your shop pass 7 pm, keeping you company
He says your kisses taste like condense milk and powdered sugar
Probably calls your butt “buns” 💀
He likes those bouncy Japanese Pancakes
He brought them because they looked cute but everybody at home loved them and it became his favorite pastry
He´s a pleaser :c
People that calls him Minami intead of South > > >
Daydreams with leaving the gang stuff to work with you :cc
“And we could put a piano on a corner and I could play it all day for the customers..”
He owns grandma recipes, purr
There´s a lot of cute Brazilian desserts and he knows how to make most of them
And he teaches you
He´s not a patient man but when he´s teaching you he´s like a kindergarden teacher
Puts his hands on top of yours from behind when does it, whispering instrucctions with so much calmness and love in your ear
“You should roll it like this, no rushing, always calm”
Doesn´t like to see any member from his gang in or near your Bakery, the world is pretty big, go get lost somewhere else
He shows up at your bakery when the clock hits 8 then throws you on his shoulders ´cause you should be at home
Ask you if you can name a pastry after Dino
Minami loves everything you make but when he saw that Brigadeiro cake he was so surprised, he teached you that!
He´s honest with you if you mess things up, wants you to know how to fix them for that to never happen again
It makes him mad to see things go to waste
“Yeah, that´s how you do it Baby, you´re not going to forget it next time?”
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vquacki · 6 months ago
Giving in.
Tumblr media
Giving in.
Characters: Imaushi Wakasa
Warning ⚠︎︎ : Mature content, cussing,  MINORS DNI
Note : I'm probably gonna make a part two of this with different characters! Hope you enjoy and feel free to send in requests! May take some time for me to do them though >.< ALSOO DILF WAKA WILL BE OUT SOON
Pt.2 ☞︎ ♡︎
Tumblr media
Imaushi Wakasa was a man with a heavy reputation. Being known as a living legend from the first generation former gang ‘black dragons’. He definitely wasn't acknowledged to be soft towards people, nor is he one to show his feelings often. 
But here you were. 
Pouting and whining in front of him like a kid crying for their mother. 
This display would have made him cringe at the sight, maybe even show his displeasure towards the person. Calling them pathetic in every way possible, degrading them of their pride. He would have done any of these things if it wasn't you. 
But he couldn't, not to his baby. His girlfriend. 
“Waka, why can’t we get a matching set?” you whined as you pointed at the glass, exhibiting the matching set of clothes. Clothes made for couples in particular. 
He sighed before rubbing his temple, looking away at the food stand not so far from where they stood. It's not that he didn't want to match somehow with his lovely, but it was too much. The set was practically screaming middle school vibes. The words ‘his’ and ‘hers’ stitched to the front. 
He prefered a subtle way to match, maybe a keychain, or ring.
“Why don't we go get some food? '' He tried to shift the subject, pointing to the food stall. His lazy eyes avoiding your own, hoping to not see your saddened orbs. Or else he would probably give in and wear the overly ridiculous outfit.
“Waka~” You whined, his gaze wandered for a split second before remaining unmoved. 
You sighed in defeat, tugging at the sleeve of his gang uniform that he didn't bother to change out of before meeting up with you for your town's festival. The stars were out and the paper lamps were hung high, lights projecting through the material. 
Draping yourself onto his arm, smiling up at your boyfriend as he blankly looked down at you from the sudden physical touch. 
His heart fluttering but his face expression not faltering. 
“What is it Y/N '' his nerves racking up, awaiting your answer. 
“I love you Imaushi Wakasa '' you smiled. 
He took a second to process your unexpected words, his heart racing rapidly as he began to take in your affectionate sentence. Feeling his face heat up he looked away, trying to not let you look at his pink tinted cheeks. 
“What do you want Y/N'' Wakasa huffed in what seemed like annoyance, ignoring the tugging feeling against his chest. His arm still inlocked between your own limbs. 
“I'm cold Waka” You whined, clutching his jacket between your fingers. Hoping the long haired male would somehow indulge you in some warmth. Whether it be sparking up a damn fire here in the middle of the festival or handing over his jacket. 
“I'm cold too Y/N” he sighed as he turned back to you, using his free hand to place it at the top of your head, pulling you towards him. Your face landing on his chest. 
With a swift motion, he wrapped both sides of his zip up over you. His and your head being the only thing that peaked out of the oversized jacket. 
“Are you warm now?” he asked, not even having to move his face to look down at you. As you two were already impossibly close. 
Lifting your head from his chest, you looked up at the long haired man. Your arms making their way around the males waist, hugging him as tight as you can. Enclosing the heat between your two bodies in the jacket surrounding you both. 
His eyes trailed down to yours, making your heart skip a beat. To believe you felt so flustered from the care free man. He wasn't prone to public affection but here he was making a hell of alot of effort. 
You smiled, hoping that would distract the male from feeling the rapid beating of your heart against his own chest. Standing on the tips of your toes, you pressed a light kiss to the corner of his lip. Lowering yourself back down after. 
He paused, staring into space as his thoughts rummaged throughout his head. A sharp poke to the stomach yanked him out of his trance, staring down at you he raised a brow. Trying to completely ignore the kiss you had just blessed him with. 
Your hand unraveled from his waist, pressing a finger to your own cheek.  
“Give me one back,” you said. 
Wakasa contemplated for a second, his irises traveling around the festival food stalls before leaning down, placing his lips on the place your finger pointed at. His arms around your waist, keeping the jacket's sides from falling off of you. 
“Are you gonna marry me Waka?” the sudden question made Wakasa’s eyes widen, staring down at you in surprise. The voices of other people around you muffled, the two of you falling silent. The only thing being heard was the rhythm of your own breath. 
It felt as if hours had passed by before he broke the silence. 
“I am” without any more words he leaned in, pressing his lips onto yours. Closing his eyes, letting one of his hands hold the back of your head while the other rested on your back. 
You smiled, liking- no, loving his answer. A wave of energy washed over you and you jumped into the kiss, wrapping both arms around his neck. Pulling him closer for your lips to move against his. 
Moving back to take in a breath, you smirked.
“That's a promise okay?” 
He rolled his eyes before nodding. “I wouldn't lie idiot”. 
It was the next day, you sat on a bench as you waited for your boyfriend to come back from the ice cream truck located down the street. A few minutes passed before you saw the male, his hands in his pockets. No ice cream to be seen.
His hair was pulled back into a ponytail, his lanky body dressed with an oversized hoodie with baggy jeans. His lazy postured body slowly walking over to you.
“Hi pretty” he sat down next to you, slouching down on the park bench. 
“No ice cream?” you raised a brow, disappointment apparent on your face. 
“No, sorry” he sighed. A forced cough left his lips before sitting up, fixing his posture. 
“Waka?” you called his name, about to ask about his unusual behavior. 
“I can't marry you for a while..” he trailed off, hands fiddling in his pocket. “But this is my promise to you” he fidgeted in his seat. Pulling out a small box with a little logo imprinted on it. 
“I promise one day,” he opened it, revealing two rings next to each other.
“I'll marry you, but for now.. this is all I got” he sighed awkwardly, relief flowing within him as he got those words out of his chest. 
The words he had been thinking of ever since he had bought the rings for you both while walking past a jewelry stall at the festival. Sneaking away from you for a second to buy the jewels. 
“You better!” you yelled as you stood up, leaving him alone on the bench. Your tears almost escaping your glossed eyes at the confession. 
He nodded, a small smile appearing on his always expressionless face.
“Hmm I thought you didn't wanna match?” you teased once you calmed yourself down. You bent down examining the two rings in his palm. 
Standing up, he took the smaller ring between his pointer finger and thumb. Slipping the metal onto your ring finger. 
“It's just so hard to say no to you” he grinned, pulling you into a passionate kiss. 
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blntexh · 5 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
This trio 😩
twitter: @90_UN_
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hanmabae · 4 months ago
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unrealisticfables · 4 months ago
Mikey: Takemitchy,thank you so much. My crops are watered, my skin is cleared, my wig is snatched, my hotel is trivago. God bless
Takemitchy: Please stop saying that everytime you see me
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pinkaid · 8 months ago
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tokyo revengers icons!🗣️🧠
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