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when you surprise him by getting a customized necklace with his initials on it, does he kiss you harder or fuck you dumber?
ft. kokonoi, izana, mikey, sanzu, wakasa
cw. 18+ only. fem!reader. unprotected sex. creampie. praise. dacryphilia if you squint. slight nipple play (f!receiving). sensation play (biting and light touches). fingering. use of princess. possessiveness
an. request! kinda like this idea now. also, likes and reblogs help a lot and are appreciated!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
a shaky breath leaves your parted lips as kokonoi settles his sturdy body on top of you. the weight of his body grounds you and your thighs spread wider to make space for him. “i love you so much,” he gasps as you peer at him through your beautiful eyelashes. it tickles your skin when his bleached-white strands of hair fall on the smooth surface of your face and you crack a smile for him.
“then show me,” your voice comes playful, devilish desires behind your gaze and kokonoi understands what you want. “yeah? want me to fuck you dumb, princess?” an involuntary moan leaves past your lips and you can feel your arousal dripping from your cunt to your ass.
“and i love what you have around your neck too,” his voice comes raspy and you’re begging with teary eyes and gasping breaths for him, to feel him inside you. and that’s exactly what he does — this cock is perfectly shaped, so girthy and shaped with a curve that touches your sweet spot oh so well.
“hah— haji—,” you choke on syllables, saliva dripping from the corners of your mouth at each unrelenting thrusts of his cock. it’s deep, so deep and it leaves you breathless. your toes curl as your legs wrap around his torso. he knows your body like the back of his hand and each touch, each burning sensation of his lips on your neck makes you whimper in his arms.
your insides feel warm and your skin glazes with sweat. “you make me feel so good,” he groans when your walls clamp down on him. you can’t hold back any longer, your heartbeat is erratic as your cum fills against his pulsating cock. you look so hot with his initials on your neck and it makes him want to mark you all over your body.
he pulls out with his essence dripping from your hole. “oh f-fuck!” he’s biting his lips just so he wouldn’t lose his composure and white spurts of his cum paint your velvet walls. it feels euphoric and you glee when his lips sink on yours. “maybe i should get one too,” he whispers against your lips and his breath is hot as it fans your face.
“so you’ll understand why it turns me on so much,” he smiles but you see his desire in his gaze. “hajime—”
“you have no idea what you do to me, do you?” his stare is intense as he grabs your sweaty hands and places them on his twitching cock. “i want you,” his voice is low and he’s sure, he’ll never get enough of you.
Tumblr media
your back feels cold as it’s pushed flat against the tiles on the wall of your bathroom. your body shivers under izana’s gaze as your eyes meet his purple orbs. his hands are restless, grabbing and bruising any part of your skin he can get a hold of. “hah— izana,” you call for him but your voice comes out like a sweet whine.
it makes him proud, so cocky in his abilities to make you whine for more, for him. but as his eyes catch something shining on your neck, he grabs your chin with his hand. he makes you tilt your neck to the side and he inspects the two charms that hang from your necklace — K and I, his initials in two capital bold letters.
it has him mesmerized and for a moment his eyes soften. “you know what this means, right?” he whispers against your neck and you couldn’t help but bite back a moan.
“what does it mean?” you finally ask with half-lidded eyes. “baby, this means you’re mine.” he chuckles and you feel his cock throbbing inside you. the water from the shower glides down your body, yet it doesn’t help cool down the aching heat that’s building up in your abdomen.
you gasp aloud at the sudden snap of his hips, his cock stroking your velvet walls with harsh deep strokes that have you gripping his forearms. “mine,” he whispers into the crook of your neck as his fingers play with your necklace. “you’re mine, aren’t you?” he grunts, “f-fuck!”
you’re sobbing in his arms, the pleasure he’s offering so good and your walls grip his girth tighter, so fucking good. the sounds of his balls slapping your ass fill the quietness of the bathroom and he feels it too, he’s close. “y-yes,” you stutter.
“you can do better than that,” izana says as his grasp on your thighs fixes. the gaze of his eyes makes you nervous and it elicits the sweetest desire in you. “i’m yours!” you moan a bit louder as you feel your high crashing down on you.
it makes him lose his mind, and he feels his chest tighten, his muscles clenching. he buries his cock deep inside you to spurt his essence inside your walls. his load is thick and it fills you up so good that you want more.
Tumblr media
as you seated yourself in the leather seats of mikey’s car, your shining eyes peer at him expectantly. mikey’s white bangs falls on both sides of his cheekbones, his eyes dark as they look at you with love. “hey,” he greets before leaning closer to kiss you with a smile. “how was work?—”
“notice anything different about me?” you cut him off and mikey thinks you look the same as you did that morning when you left his office. you watch your boyfriend scanning you from head to toe with furrowed eyebrows and a small pout on his lips, which you found adorable.
“look again,” you say, tilting your neck to the side and you move some hair away. “is that?” he says as he catches the two letters written in calligraphy hanging by a thin golden necklace. “manjiro—” this time, he cuts you off by kissing you harder, so passionately and you wrap your arms around his neck immediately.
you’re pulling him closer to your body as he lowers your seat. “you love me that much?” he questions in a mocking tone, but you see the smile he’s desperately trying to hide. it makes you weak, and you can feel the heat between your thighs growing as mikey presses a kiss on your neck, right where his initials rest on your body.
“why? you don’t love me?” you ask with a raise of your eyebrows and mikey only wishes to fuck the little attitude out of you. “you know i do.”
“then show me,” you gasp and it doesn’t take long before mikey’s hands slip inside your panties, fingers spreading your folds. “you’re so wet, baby.”
“hah—” you throw your head back with a low moan as mikey slides his long pale fingers inside your slippery cunt. your walls hug him so perfectly, it has him losing his mind. his eyes refuse to leave the gaze of the M and S hanging on your neck.
“you look beautiful with it,” he whispers against your ears, sending sweet shivers down your spine. your thighs tremble with each deep and fast stroke of his fingers inside you. and with a final curl of his fingers to that sweet spot, that has you gripping on his shirt tight, you feel your euphoric release reaching you. it feels so good as you sob in his arms.
you have mikey mesmerized, he leans closer to kiss your wet cheeks. “’m gonna fuck you so good when we get home,” he chuckles and it only makes your thighs snap together as you feel your arousal pooling.
Tumblr media
your skin is burning up, your cheeks heats with embarrassment as your boyfriend settles his body between your legs. your arousal is glistening as it drips from your cunt and it has sanzu breathless. “haru—” you back arch as you feel his cock nudge your folds, pushing past into your walls.
he doesn’t respond. his eyes wander all over your figure, so beautiful to him. “you’re so pretty like this,” he coos. leaning closer to your figure, his mint-blue orbs catch something shining on your neck. two letters hanging by a thin silver chain.
his initials. and as the thought of you wearing his initials— H and S settles on his mind, he calls out for you, “baby. . . on your neck.”
“do you like it?”
“i love it,” his response comes breathy. sanzu’s eyes trail from your eyes to your lips to those letters. something evokes inside him— love, desire, he doesn’t know. but the thought of you loving him enough to wear his name on your body has his mind going crazy. and his grip on your hips tighten, almost bruising it.
“you look beautiful with it.” a smirk graze his lips and his hips snap against yours. the unrelenting and fast thrusts of his cock has you letting out the sweetest moans. “gonna make you feel so good. f-fuck!” it feels so good, so fucking good when your walls clench around him so well.
the squelching sounds of his balls slapping against the underside of your ass has you gasping for air. as you look up at him, his eyes are fixed on your neck where your silver chain bounces with each stroke of his cock. “hah— baby i’m gonna—” you sob, your nails leaving crescent marks on his shoulders.
“oh sh-shit.” he feels your thighs trembling on both sides of him. you’re both so lost in the feeling of each other and your whines and moans rise in volume as the sweet high reaches you. you look so beautiful like this, and sanzu is losing his mind.
his abdomen clenches, his muscles tightening and he feels it. it’s close and you can feel his essence filling you up so well, so good. “i’m not done yet, princess.”
Tumblr media
your fingers tap on his skin, fingertips tracing the scars on his chest and shoulders. it makes you gasp when wakasa pulls your body closer to him, your cunt sliding down his cock slowly, so slowly that you don’t notice how you’re holding your breath as he grips your waist tighter.
and you have all of his length inside you, covered in the warmth of the arousal that drips from your cunt. “waka, what are you doing?” your eyelashes flutter against your cheekbones as you peer at him with curious eyes. “giving you what you want,” he chuckles as he leans closer to leave small open mouthed kisses on your collarbone.
“i didn’t know you were into this.” the thin golden chain that hangs with his initials on your neck glisten at his fingertips. your skin feels so soft under his touch, he swears that he could wander every inch and every curve of your body — worship it and affirm sweet love with his lips. and today, you have him wrapped all prettily around your fingers.
wakasa is unable to take his gaze away from you and you pull him away from his daze with your soft voice, “say what you wanna do to me.” his lips part to take in your lips in his, sucking and coating it with his saliva with so much fervent, you moan. “let me show you, baby.” the movement of his hips against yours is fast, the strokes of his cock inside your walls so deep that your eyes roll back in great ecstasy.
the squelching sounds that reach your ears feels sinful, yet it elicits the sweetest desire in you. his lilac orbs settle on your breasts and he takes no time and wraps his tongue around your perked nipples. he groans as he sucks on it, filling you with more pleasure, so much that you feel the tight clenching of your gut.
your thighs tremble on both sides of him and wakasa pulls away with a thin string of saliva connecting his mouth to your breasts. “hah— w-waka, it feels so good—” your heartbeat is erratic and you feel his cock pulsate inside you before with a guttural groan, he paints your insides white with his thick juice.
“if you wanted to be marked as mine,” he breathes out, his teeth lightly tugging your jawline. “i can leave my mark all over your body instead.”
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
18+ only, minors and ageless blogs DNI
Tumblr media
characters: souya, hakkai, mikey, kazutora, yuzuha
synopsis: just as the title says, little drabbles about some tokrev characters with mommy kinks hehehe
cw’s: f!reader, domme!reader, sub!character, mommy kink (of course), overstimulation, chastity cages, vibrator usage, piv, begging, edging (as punishment), praise, pegging, nipple sucking (f!receiving), facesitting/queening, (slight) spanking, teasing.
an: sorry i’m not as active posting on here, but i’m trying! as always, enjoy! also this is only lightly beta read so sorry if there are any mistakes!
Tumblr media
Souya’s thighs shake desperately, incapable of clamping them shut as your ankles are hooked over his own. A cry escapes his lips for the millionth time tonight, “Mommy, please… ‘s too much”.
You look down to where the vibrating wand meets his cock, the bright red head contrasting so severely with the baby blue cage you had put on him an hour earlier. “But you look so pretty like this, baby…” you tell him, kissing along his jawline.
Pearly white droplets of cum fall from his cage onto the bedding below, his abdomen beginning to twitch and flex as Souya finishes for the fourth time tonight. You turn the wand down to a lower setting, moving it along the rest of the cage in teasingly slow motions. He whimpers, doing his best to bury his face into your neck, “Th-thank you, mommy.”
You just smile at him, pressing a kiss to his temple, “Let’s say one more, for good measure.”
As you lower yourself completely onto Hakkai, he swears he can see heaven. A shaky sigh escapes his lips and when you can feel his cock start to twitch inside of you, you look down at him with a pout. 
“Awe, does my sweet boy need something?” A tune of fake pity laced through your voice, teasing the man beneath you.
“Need…” He tries, his pleas getting lost in his throat.
“Need what, honey?” You start to move your hips in agonizingly slow circles, stopping when Hakkai tries to thrust up into you, “Ah, ah, ah… you know the rules, baby.”
“Please, mommy… need you to fuck me so bad.”
A smile grows on your face, satisfaction swelling in your chest. You lean down and give Hakkai a kiss, long and passionate, “That’s my good boy.” With that, you lift your hips languidly away from his before quickly moving them back down, having him bottom out inside of you as you both moan in unison. Hakkai can’t help but whimper, his pretty noises competing with the slap of your ass against his thighs. When you look down at his blissed out face, you swear you can see heaven.
Mikey’s eyes squeeze shut, his chest trembling as he cries over his third missed orgasm of the night. You put the vibrator down onto the bed next to him, smoothing over his midsection with your hands, “Come on, baby… you know this is your punishment for being naughty when we were out at dinner earlier.”
His brows just furrow, another cry pouring out from his lips, “‘m sorry mommy… said I was sorry.”
You caress Mikey’s cheek with the backs of your fingers, “I know you’re sorry, baby, but if mommy doesn’t punish you, you’ll never learn.”
Mikey finally opens his eyes, looking up at you as he sniffles. You nearly melt, his enchanting eyes boring holes into your heart. He whimpers before breaking the silence again, “How many more?”
“Just two more… but if you take them well enough, mommy will let you finish inside of her. How’s that sound?”
He pulls his lower lip between his teeth, chewing on it as he nods up at you.
You smile, picking the vibrator back up off the bed, “There’s my good boy.”
Kazutora throws his head back against the pillows on your shared bed, digging his head deep into the plush fabric as you roll your hips into him, dragging your strap in and out of his pretty little hole. 
You lean down on your elbows and forearms for support, making eye contact with the flushed, whimpering man below you, “Feelin’ good, pretty baby?”
His bottom lip wobbles as he tries his best to speak, “Yes, mommy, b-but…”
You tilt your head, curious and impatient, “Use your words, sweetheart… know you can do it.”
Tora’s eyes flicker between your face and your tits, wetting his lips subconsciously, “Wanna make you feel good too.”
Giving him a soft, knowing grin, you move your elbows further up the bed, your breasts now level with his mouth. Without hesitation, Kazutora takes a nipple into his mouth, both of you groaning as he sucks on it gently, moving his tongue against it with slow swirls and flicks. As you continue to thrust your hips into the plush of his ass, he does his best to speak around your nipple, “‘m I doing good for you, mommy?”
You place a smiley kiss on his forehead, “Doin’ the absolute best.”
It’s cute, really, how Yuzuha is so swift to wrap her arms around your thighs and tug you down to sit on her face. Not even allowing herself a second to breathe, she presses her tongue up into your drenched hole, lasciviously slurping at your arousal before you have a moment to get situated. 
You bend over and land a spank on her clit in response, causing Yuzuha to tense her muscles and buck her hips upward, “Be more patient, princess.”
Yuzuha pulls her mouth away from your slick folds to speak, “Sorry mommy… you just taste so good.”
“‘S okay, baby, just take your time. Enjoy yourself,” you speak lowly, massaging her thighs with your hands before nudging them apart, gathering up some saliva in your mouth before letting it drip down past your lips, falling onto Yuzuha’s slit. You move your dominant hand over to her puffy cunt, taking your middle two fingers and pressing them between her lips, scooping up the lewd mix of her arousal and your spit and rubbing it all over her aching clit.
Moaning loud, Yuzuha pulls away from your pussy again, “Mommy, please stop teasing…”
Giggling, you rub tantalizing circles on her clit, “Told you… gotta be patient.”
Tumblr media
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Sneaky Tokyo Revengers Links (NSFW) Part 3
Tumblr media
||| Part ONE ||| Part TWO |||
WARNINGS: fem!bodied Reader, Sub!Reader, Dom!Reader, pussy slapping / fingering, spanking, oral (f! and M! receiving), throat fucking, edging, pegging, group sex.
Tumblr media
You once told Rindou that you like his gloves, makes him Look sexy. So He wanted to tease you, wanting to see just how much you like it when He wears gloves as He plays with your core. (Sub!Reader)
Hanma just loves your pathetic cries and whines when He edges you while Torturing your pretty little clit, giving it a few slaps between spanking your ass. (Sub!Reader)
The second you let Chifuyu get a taste of your pussy, that Boy is whipped. You can't even get him out from between your legs. Every opportunity He gets, He goes down on you. (Dom!Reader)
Something about your throat wrapping so tight around his cock gets Sanzu going, especially if He can see a small buldge forming. You're such a Good girl for him. (Sub!Reader)
Benkeis favorite Position is standing up, He just loves the way how easy He can Lift you up and pound Into you. (Sub!Reader)
The only thing that calms Souya down when he's the blue ogre is your tight pussy wrapped around him, grounding him as He can bury himself deep Inside of you. (No dynamic I think, more lovemaking)
Kazutora is a Good boy, touching himself as he's riding your strap, Cute moans leaving his lips as He cums. (Dom!Reader)
Mitsuya loves it when you ride him, he's all yours when you're on top, watching your tits bounce has him in awe of you. (Dom!Reader)
Edging Inupi and letting him cum untouched, enjoying to watch him struggle with his ruined high. (Dom!Reader)
The Bonten guys love when their little Assistent makes Coffee since you get to be their breakfast, giving them a Good start into the day. (Sub!Reader)
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Nicknames they give you
Characters: Wakasa, Ran, Sanzu, Rindou, Benkei
Summary: Nicknames they give you and why they call you that.
Warning: NONE! Its fluffy and sweet!
Tumblr media
🦋Butterfly — You're his delicate, beautiful butterfly. Wakasa seems like the type of guy who likes butterflies. And he thinks you're the most beautiful one out of them all. 
Tumblr media
🐇Bunny — He thinks you're cute. Not fluffy, but cute and cuddly. He loves how cuddly you get with him and one day the nickname happened to slip out. Don't you dare question it though.
Tumblr media
👼Angel — Sanzu loves your soft nature. He loves how caring and sweet you are and he sees no flaws in you. He admires how you don't hate him. You're his angel.
Tumblr media
👑Princess — He sees you as royalty. Precious. He thinks you deserve the very best that the nickname just slips out. Because in his eyes you are just a perfect and beautiful princess.
Tumblr media
🌼Flower — You're so small and delicate next to his huge figure. Just like a flower, he thinks you're delicate and beautiful. You are to be treated with lots of care.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
𐚁 𝐏𝐀𝐈𝐑𝐈𝐍𝐆𝐒: mikey, sanzu, rindou & koko x fem!reader
𐚁 𝐂𝐖: gangbang, noncon, unprotected vaginal sex, multiple orgasms, intoxication, non consensual filming, drool, handjobs, blowjobs, anal sex, lots of creampies
𐚁 𝐂𝐇𝐀𝐑𝐀𝐂𝐓𝐄𝐑𝐒: Manjiro Sano, Haruchiyo Sanzu, Rindou Haitani, & Hajime Kokonoi
𐚁 𝐀/𝐍: this is just pure sin ngl (all characters are timeskip)
Tumblr media
"I said look at me." Mikey demanded, ignoring the defamed look in your eyes and going straight for the throat in terms of intention. Mikey lifted your chin with his fingertips, his alluring glance ensuring that you were in for quite the treat. "You're Bonten's little plaything, aren't you?" With a deranged chuckle, Mikey then became distracted by a knocking on the hotel door. It was luxurious, to say the least. Adorned with crystal chandeliers, rooms also came with complimentary resources. You found yourself in this position after multiple hookups with Bonten's main man, Manjiro Sano. He was the boss, after all. And if he demanded you to meet his eyes, you had no choice but to oblige.
"Yes. I'm your plaything." You respond, flashing him a cheeky grin. "I'd let you do anything to me."
"Anything?" Kokonoi entered the room. "Is this the chick you've been fucking all this time?" He aims his question at Mikey.
"Damn straight, been stretching her out long before any of you came along."
"I suppose I'm late to the party." Entered another man by the name of Haruchiyo Sanzu. A boisterous pink haired man that you've seen conversing with Mikey on various occasions.
"You're not late. It's just gotten started." Mikey retorts, looking as if he was awaiting for another man. In fact, he sure was.
"Where's Rindou?" Mikey whispered to Sanzu.
"Having a drink downstairs." Sanzu claimed. Soon after his statement, Rindou came crashing through the doorway, somewhat intoxicated yet physically stable.
"There he is!" Mikey exclaimed. He sashayed over to his counterpart. "Rindou, what's took you all this time? Drunk again, buddy?"
"Sorta, guess not." Rindou stated. "Just had, about two drinks. And a shot."
"You're gonna end up being the one filming!"
"Filming?" You're alerted. "Please tell me..."
"You're Bonten's plaything, aren't you? You're destined to do everything we say. You're our slave now, got it?" Sanzu interjected. "I'd like to get a taste of your girl, Mikey."
"She's not my girl," he retorted. "She's our girl, now."
Tumblr media
"You've got three holes and two hands, don't you?" The four men had undressed, with Kokonoi and Sanzu still remaining in their boxer briefs. You were splayed out on the bed, thighs apart for Mikey to inch himself between them. He was your practice session.
"No, Koko. No filming for now. Gotta stretch my girl out before the rest of you break her in, don't I?" Mikey's fingers handled your throat, nails digging straight into your neck sure enough to leave significant marks. He continued to bruise the sorry area of flesh, simultaneously knocking himself into you in missionary. Mikey's series of grunts and groans only spurred you on, causing you to roll your hips upwards against his pubic area. "God, I love when you do that... But, aren't I the one using you?"
Mikey tightened his grip on your throat, plowing into your pussy as the other three men watched, stroking their cocks to the sight.
"She's a goddamn mess, Mikey. You're gonna break her." Kokonoi exclaimed.
"I've tried to break her many times. Never could fully do it. Though, maybe she'll warm up to you guys." Mikey thrusted, chest flush against your own as he planted a meaningless peck on your forehead. You knew for a damn fact he was using you to the best of his ability. And God, did you love it.
"Oh, fuck!" Mikey sped up, hips moving at breakneck speed until he reached a quick high, one that lasted for a few moment before dying down completely. It could have been his nerves tainted with lust, but he couldn't help but push the remaining cum back inside of your pussy, cockhead leaking as he withdrew, only to slam right back in balls deep.
"You're such a good little cocksleeve..." Mikey mustered up the stamina to fuck you once more. Cum seeping down your thighs and coating his balls, the translucent cream creating a ring around the base of his cock. "Like having the cum fucked out of you?"
"Yes! Mikey..." You cry, attempting to push him off of you. Though, he's intent on cumming once more before passing you off to the crew.
"Gonna cum again, shit." The lubrication he so desired was drenching his member, your fluids dripping out with each squelching noise of his cock moving in and out.
"Mikey..." You lay your head on the pillow, figuring he wouldn't stop.
"Shit, shit! Cumming..." Mikey gave one last finishing thrust, moaning frequently as he dipped the head of his cock near your hole, cumming partially on the external area of your cunt as well as inside. The liquid seeped out of you almost immediately, though Mikey's cock ached to pull out, the oversensitivity shunning him and his desires for once.
"When's our turn, huh?" Kokonoi lowered his boxers, watching as Mikey stepped away from between your legs to catch a breather. Kokonoi positioned himself near the edge of the bed, tapping the head of his large cock against your pursed lips. "Mikey's taught you how to suck cock, no?"
Too fucked out to answer, Kokonoi responds with a quick jab of his cock inside of your mouth, the head bulging inside of your cheek. You sop up the precum, tastebuds set aflame as you ingest the milky fluid. "C'mon, you can take me." Kokonoi slides himself in further. Suffocating you with his cock, he bottoms out in the back of your throat, timidly thrusting. Being careful not to hurt you at first, he adjusts a camera within your view.
"Koko! No..."
"No? I thought this was all about us, sweetheart." Kokonoi began to film you, jamming his cock down your throat enough so to leave harsh welts on the insides of your mouth and walls of your throat. As you clamped down on him, you were met with the presence of another man, Rindou. The man stroked his cock besides you, and you offered your hand.
"Pretty girl knows what to do, I like it." You continued to deepthroat Kokonoi's impressive member while taking Rindou's huge cock into your hand. Rindou gasped as he felt your lithe fingers circle his cockhead, thumb pressing against the slit. Your other hand wasn't occupied, though you were sure Sanzu and Mikey had other plans.
"God, suck my cock." Kokonoi reached a hand out to fist in your hair, pulling you closer to him as he rammed down your throat with his throbbing member.
"Stroke my cock, yes... Fuck!" Rindou thrusted his hips into your fist, as you struggle to take both cocks at the same time.
"You haven't forgotten about us, right? Pretty darling?" Sanzu lowered his boxers, revealing the most perfect cock you'd ever seen. Pink, dripping cockhead and wide length.
"Fuck... I'm gonna cum," Kokonoi alerted. His grip on your hair tightened, and he spilled into your mouth with a throaty groan, some of it retracting into your throat. You coughed violently as Kokonoi withdrew, all the while he stroked his member up and down in preparation for the second round.
Rindou was caught up in his own bliss. As Kokonoi's seed dripped from your lips, you bend yourself over to lend your mouth to the other sexually frustrated man. Upon feeling your warm mouth, Rindou fell nearly into submission. While he was the one meant to be using you, he felt as if he had been trapped under your spell.
You press your lips around his cockhead flirtatiously, lowering your mouth around his thick girth as he throws his head back.
"Darling, once you're finished. You're to take both of us at once." Sanzu declared.
Rindou's head hung backwards in bliss as you worked him up and down in the back of your throat. His chest heaved each moment you bottomed out, drool spewing from your lips and resting on his balls. You cup his balls with one hand, clasping them between your fingers as you blew him.
Rindou ejaculated with a timid cry, letting his body succumb to the pleasure as you refused to let yourself off of him. They wanted to use you? You were going to use him.
"Fuck... Too sensitive!" Rindou pushed you off of him, and a string of drool from your chin became visible. Rindou could barely touch his cock anymore, due to how oversensitive the man was. His erection remained tall and proud, yet the man himself was out of breath.
It was now the time you dreaded.
Sanzu and Mikey were intent on double teaming you. Sanzu handed Kokonoi the camera, which he immediately turned on.
"Alright, pretty. This is how it's done. Do you want to feel real pleasure? Ever had an anal orgasm?" Mikey positioned himself behind you, his painful erection at the puckered hole of your ass, ready to push in. Sanzu positioned himself in front of you, between your legs. You had already been significantly stretched, though taking two men at once was enough to fill not only your cunt, but your brain to the brim.
Mikey's cock attempted to break through your hole. He grabbed a bottle of lube that rested on the wooden table, slobbering it all over his hand and onto your tight asshole. "There we fuckin' go." Mikey began to insert himself inside of your ass, slowly and painfully. You could feel yourself being split in half by the pink haired menace.
"No condoms?" Mikey teased.
You didn't reply, focusing too frequently on the pain provided by Mikey's large cock. Once he had bottomed out inside of you, Sanzu only filled you to the brim once more. The thin layer of flesh that seperated the two cocks became stretched. No, strained the moment both men started moving inside of you.
With one thrust from Mikey, another harsh jolt was delivered by Sanzu.
"Fuck! This pussy..." Sanzu slid in and out as you milked his erection. Mikey positioned his hips at an upward angle, attempting to give you an anal orgasm that a whore such as yourself deserved.
"Fuck, like it when you're used like a fucking slut? Like a fuckin' ragdoll?" Mikey's hands planted over your hips, with Sanzu's maneuvering your waist.
Kokonoi and Rindou began to feel yet another ache in their members, and while you took on two cocks, who said you couldn't take four?
Rindou took your mouth this time. Kokonoi's cock was held in your right hand as you became overwhelmed with pleasure and stimulation.
"Her mouth feels fuckin' incredible," Rindou said. He mostly was gentle, with the occassional rough housing of your throat.
"Yeah, I know." Kokonoi retorts, letting his erect cock fall into your grasp. You stroke him, using the lubrication of both saliva and your essence as the man threw his head back.
Mikey and Sanzu repeatedly drilled into your holes, and you could feel your tiny clit become more and more exposed. Letting yourself fall into their trap, you pinch your clit together with your fingers, cumming hard on both of their large cocks.
"Babygirl, just came!" Mikey stated proudly, though not once stilling. He continued to pound relentlessly into your asshole. The two men weren't able to stop. No, not until they both had their fix of an orgasm.
"Hey, princess. Don't slack off on me." Kokonoi noticed that your hand and fingers had lost their grip.
Mouth full of Rindou's cock, you could only respond by giving Kokonoi a sudden tug on his cock. He moaned in response, tilting his head and parting his lips as you gave him what he so desired.
"I'm gonna... Fuckin' cum in your throat." Rindou felt his orgasm approaching, feeling the clench of your vocal chords. He thrusted much faster this time, pummeling into your weakened throat.
"Fuck... Gonna cum, too." Sanzu's hands found your waist once more, and with each push and pull of his cock, you were knocked straight back onto Rindou's from above.
Sanzu let himself fall to the glory of an orgasm, nearly losing control of his hips as he came. Sticky seed spurting out of his sensitive cockhead as you milked him conpletely dry. Mikey shortly followed, diving deep into your ass. He came as hard as he'd ever, still thrusting even after he'd come down from his impressive high.
"You good?" Kokonoi held the camera near your pussy. He truly didn't care if you were okay or not.
"I'm... Fine. But, stop!"
"Stop... Filming me."
"Nah, we gotta see this." Kokonoi exclaimed, rushing to zoom in on the cum dripping from your wet slit.
"Fuck, you came in her a lot." Rindou admired. Mikey and Sanzu had since withdrawn, their aching cocks a testament to the session you five had.
Your body felt as if it was on fire, the overstimulation absolutely killing you as you finally acheived your own orgasm. Fucking the cum out of yourself with your tiny fingers, you stare into Mikey's devious eyes.
"See, you could handle it. Next time, we'll bring Ran."
"No way in hell," Rindou stuttered.
"Who makes the rules here?" Mikey looked back as he exited the door, followed by the rest of the men.
"You, Mikey." You answer, lying on the slick drenched bed of the hotel room, hoping they'd at least allow you to take a much needed nap.
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ladyryuguji · a day ago
Tumblr media
When you visit your parents they disapprove of the relationship
Kokonoi, Rindou, Izana, Manjiro, Souya, Kazutora, and Nahoya
Tumblr media
“When did they permit you to choose who they were with? Who’s going to take care of them the way I do?” Your parents regret making a scene because they find out he's wealthy and he makes it clear they won't be getting shit.
“So, are you going to make me stop seeing them? That's what I thought.” On the last night of the visit, he’s purposely loud during sex and tells you not to clean the sheets because he wants them to see the mess a “low life” made with their child. He also steals the waffle maker because he never thought to get one.
He lets them know that he had no ill intentions with you and wants to have a nice family. When they keep being rude, despite his efforts to change their mind, he gives them no choice but to be okay with your decision because he knows you want them to be supportive. Through his abusive nature, he makes them play the roles of great parents during the holidays. “Fix your face so we can take a photo. It's going in the scrapbook.”
“Are you guys proud of that?” He hates that they made you upset to the point where you isolated yourself and can't see that they’re being unfair. He doesn't want to argue with them because he doesn't know if they’ll take their anger out on you. He buys a hotel room and comforts you during your stay.
“I could be worse.” He doesn't care about them saying it, because most parents hate their children's dating choices. However, they crossed the line when they tried to pick him apart, so he does the same, calling out every flaw and mistake from their past even if it's something big like cheating.
“I didn't want to share them anyway.” He never liked them so he’s glad to hear that they don't want you guys around until the relationship is over. He's so caught up in arguing with them that he doesn't notice your hurt. It isn't until the situation is over that he asks how you’re feeling.
“We don't give a fuck.” He encourages you to drag them verbally because the way they’re talking you guys won't be seeing them after this, so tell them how you really feel. At future events, he airs out their dirty laundry to the other family members.
Tumblr media
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anti-shvji · 2 days ago
Hellooooo I just saw that ur requests were open again so I was wondering if I could request for a Shy! S/O x Ran, Rindou, Hanma, Mikey forgetting her Bday??? Thank you in advance BTW!
ty for requesting, anon. have a wonderful day/night <33 this post contains of: angst, a bit of comfort (none in mikey's), swearing, grammar mistakes, typos, not proofread
Tumblr media
#%; RAN
; we all know that he spends most of his time outside leading a gang, so you had to talk to him through phone calls and texting. but after joining kantou manji, you knew that he won't be around often ; but when it came to forgetting your birthday, you didn't have the courage to confront him at all ; what's worse was that he went along with it, completely unaware that his s/o is still waiting for him at home ; the only ppl who celebrate your bday were your friends btw, when they heard about ran not even wishing you a happy birthday, they started convincing you to start leaving him ; cuz what makes you think a long distance relationship like this could last that long? ; luckily one of them finally spoke up and told you to actually confront him instead of adding fuel to the fire ; you tried calling him, only to wait for one solid minute with no response from the other side ; you were completely hopeless at this point, you were right afterall, speaking up was no use. ; but were you entirely right? ; while ran was with rindou, he felt a little.. off. it felt like there's something he hasn't done today, something related to you, was it because he forgot to give you a call or at least spend some time by your side? ; he couldn't figure it out until his brother mentioned, "isn't it y/n's bday today? why are you coming home empty-handed?" ; his face was pale. it felt like he just stopped breathing. it was your bday this whole time and he wasn't even by your side? ; "bruh, did you just forget about it??? pfft, dumbass-" "shut up, rindou. at least i got a lover unlike you" ; rindou stayed silent afterwards and just waited for ran to stop by a nearby bakery to get smth for you ; he was so guilty of the fact that he didn't care to remember your birthday but you always told him that it was okay and he still made it before the day ended ; starts spoiling you after that day. be prepared to come home to a bunch of jewelry and dresses on your bed
Tumblr media
; i think he's quite insensitive and doesn't even want to listen to you until he realizes that he was the wrong one ; but then again, it's his ego that doesn't let him apologize, he's too much of a coward to admit that he's wrong ; so when you tried to give him hints about your birthday, he simply ignored them and it came to a point where you had to approach him ; "hey rindou, do you know what day it is today-" "not now, y/n. i'm busy rn" ; you stayed silent and nodded, slowly backing out of the room and give rindou his privacy ; you sighed as you walked back to your room, grabbing your phone to text your friends who were planning for your birthday party, 'he ignored me :(' ; oh your friends went crazy. you've told them that he was busy countless times and he can't even get a day off on your birthday? ; nevertheless, they still told you to come over to their house so they could celebrate your birthday ; rindou didn't even pay attention to your footsteps around the house and the door closing ; until it was quite late at night and he noticed how silent the house was, usually you would barge into his room at this house and cuddle with him. but tonight, you were nowhere to be found ; he assumed that you fell asleep so he continued doing his work until god knows when he felt like stopping. ; he stood up to get himself a snack, that was when he noticed the dark hallways. not even gap under the door to your room showed any sign of light from the inside, that worried him more than it should. ; he slowly twisted the knob and entered your room, only to find no one there. he clicked his tongue in annoyance, where are you going during times like this? now he has to waste his time trying to find you ; he pulled out his phone and tried calling you, you actually picked up in hopes that he would ask where you were going, but that hope soon turned into him scolding you and telling you that you could've told him that you went somewhere ; even your friends heard him, they were beyond furious that he didn't acknowledge the fact that it was an important day for you before running his mouth? ; "oi dumbass, it's your s/o's birthday. how about you start getting them something instead of being a bitch?" one of your friends said, making the other scream by how accurate every single one of their words were. ; and that was enough to keep rindou quiet. ; and ofc, it indeed was hard for him to finally come to a conclusion that he was at fault. he couldn't even approach you afterwards, he was too embarrassed to say anything about what just happened that night. ; so he just sent you a voicemail. ; "i'm sorry for ruining your birthday by forgetting it. i was a fool when i called you and told you off, your friend was right, i should've gotten you something since you were supposed to be happy that day. you deserve the whole world, baby. i'm sorry for not giving you that, i'll make it up to you later, i swear. i hope you enjoy the cake i left in the fridge though, they're your favorite flavor." ; your friend told you to send it to her for blackmail purposes as soon as she heard it
Tumblr media
; what made you think this dude would give a shit ; no i'm serious ; he really doesn't care since he has never celebrated his own birthday in his whole life. he looks fatherless tbh ; my favoritism is showing in this part omg i forgot i had to act like he isn't my fave hold on ; no but seriously, he wasn't the type to show empathy for anyone, you might be an exception but there are a lot of things that you feel, he just couldn't relate in any way ; the same thing happened for your birthday, he didn't feel it was necessary to wish you a happy birthday, he didn't exactly forget but he didn't seem to pay it any attention ; he dropped out of school at a young age and left his own home afterwards, he's used to the life of being chased by the police and not accepted by society. he knew it was obvious since how could someone like him be treated like a human being? ; so you were upset that he ignored you the whole day since he's always clinging onto you when he sees you around ; you didn't have the guts to tell him either, his unbothered self couldn't care less even if you told him, right? ; so you quietly went on with your day, staying in your room and not receiving a single text from him. he's planning to ignore you the whole day, you thought to yourself. ; you also knew that he would be gone for the whole day and return during unholy hours, but seems like you were proven wrong. ; it was 10pm and you were getting ready for bed, you had just cleaned up a small party you hosted with your friends so it was enough to make you forget about your boyfriend who was ignoring you hours earlier ; that was when you heard a knock on the door, they sounded rushed like someone was trying to get in as soon as possible. you eventually came to the front door and opened it, you saw your lover standing in front of you, he was obviously injured and had.. a box in his hand? ; you had no clue what it was, considering the fact that hanma wasn't the type to give you affection through gifts, he's more of a verbal affection guy, sometimes could be physical too if he's feeling it ; "uhh.. happy birthday?" hanma said, in a nervous tone, seeing him like that just made you smile, he still had the same look when he first confessed to you, a lovesick smile and those beautiful eyes staring into yours. ; "you're an idiot, shuji." you let out a small laugh before letting him inside. ; you soon found out that it was a necklace he stole from a local shop and he wrote you a letter. you spent almost 10 minutes trying to decipher what he was writing since his handwriting was that shitty. but either way, you love everything about him including his idiocy
Tumblr media
; poor boy lost all his loved ones and now had no one to wish him a happy birthday,, so he was used to it as years passed ; he even forgot how it felt to be welcomed home by his family and tasting the birthday cake even if they only bought it from the bakery ; he knew that your life wasn't the same as his, you were always surrounded by your loved ones your whole life while he's stuck in the darkness he had gotten himself in ; but you never let that happen as soon as you knew him, and he could never thank you enough ; there were still hardships during your relationship with mikey, but he really had never went as far as forgetting your birthday AND ignoring you the whole day ; seeing him give you the cold shoulder early in the morning, you already knew that this would be a long day, but then at the same time, you hoped for a miracle to happen ; you were wrong, absolutely wrong ; you didn't see him return midday and he's still nowhere to be found in the afternoon ; it was slowly getting dark as you scrolled through your messages with your friends, you had a party planned with your friends and you didn't want to disappoint them by being late, yet again you don't want to leave the house without your boyfriend's knowledge ; as you left your shared apartment, you felt guilt eating you up. what if he was actually buying something for you and comes home to an empty place? ; you frowned as more negative thoughts flooded your head ; 'cmon y/n, pull yourself together. it's a special day for you, don't let things like these ruin it.' you thought to yourself, taking a deep breath before starting the engine of your car ; you arrived to the party with a weak smile, your friend knew exactly what was wrong since they could sense the aura and the way you slightly furrowed your eyebrows as if you're concerned about something ; when they asked you, you eventually told them about your boyfriend ghosting you the entire day, none of them were surprised honestly, they knew that your boyfriend would be as cold as ice ever since they saw you hanging out with him ; it was always you who made a move while he's the only one who stared at them. to them, he's way out of your league. ; it didn't take them that long to convince you to forget about him and have fun for the night, you could even stay over if you wanted to ; you, of course, refused, you didn't want your boyfriend to be lonely at night, if that ever happened that is. ; you played multiple board games until none of you had the energy to even stay awake for longer, you all bid your goodbyes before returning to your place ; as soon as you reached your destination, you hoped that somehow, just somehow, your boyfriend is inside, he could be waiting or sleeping, it doesn't matter, at least he's safe ; but your hopes proved you wrong again, instead of him coming home to an empty apartment like you thought, it was you who did.
Tumblr media
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reallyromealone · 2 days ago
What about an oblivious reader, that works out a lot and has a really big chest. Like his button up shirt is always so tight, and it's a wonder the buttons don't pop, they already did once.
So Bonten is obsessed with the reader, and are always trying to either lay their head on his Thigh, or have their hands on his chest, and the reader is so obviously, he thinks their just really close friends and all. He is naturally caring and is always taking care of them
I hope you don't mind
Himbos are seen and loved here.
Also bb I never mind
Tumblr media
No one fucking knew how (name) managed to get to be such close friends with the most feared men in Japan.
They were polar opposites after all.
(Name) wasn't the brightest but he was the kindest guy ever, just happy to be apart of things and generally a good time all around.
And bonten?
Well they spoke for themselves.
(Name) was wandering into the building, tool box and all as Koko noticed him first "Ah (name)~ here already?" He said seductively but (name) didn't pick up on it, smiling widely "yeah, my cousin is watching over the shop for me" his voice holding nothing but unyielding kindness as Koko wrapped his arms around (name)s muscular one, feeling his biceps and resting a hand on the man's chest while they walked.
"Have you been working out more?" Koko said lightly squeezing the man's and (name) looked prideful as he spoke "is it noticable? My buddy recommended this gym to me!"
"Well it's doing wonders!"
Half of the Bonten men stopped to watch (name) fix the desk, the focused expression hypnotizing the men as they just stared at him...well his muscles really.
God were these men down bad for him.
"Well, that should be it! Anything else I can help with?" (Name) said stretching but apparently stretching to hard as a couple buttons popped and revealing his chest much to the mens absolute delight.
"Ah crap" (name) said with a sigh as he looked at his shirt, picking at the collar and revealing more skin. "Oh well I guess you're gonna have to take it off! Tragic really~" ran said in a sing song tone as he helped the man taken off his shirt "don't worry (name), we will take care of your shirt!"
"Ah do you have a spare?"
"I will have an assistant grab one" mochi said texting his assistant to get one but at a snails fucking pace and (name) thanked him graciously before sanzu walked passed and saw him "(name)?" He asked with a weird amount of giddiness as he opened his arms for a hug knowing damn well the shirtless man couldn't deny hugs.
He just loved em!
And sanzu loved shoving his face in between (name)s tiggle biddies.
"Ah you redyed your hair!" (Name) said holding a strand of freshly died pink hair "it looks great!"
"You wanna dye your hair?" Sanzu asked with a smirk and (name) chuckled "ah thank you but I don't think i could pull it off"
"You can pull anything off!"
Like the rest of your clothes.
"That's very sweet of you!"
Eventually they had (name) fix the most random shit around the area and even breaking stuff secretly for him to fix and now here (name) was on the couch exhausted as the men went to go get him that shirt and a drink and snacks.
He earned it.
Mikey wandered out, hungry and exhausted as he scanned the room and noticed the familiar man on the couch and decided that that man's thighs would in fact be his pillow.
Wandering over, he didn't say anything as he rested his head on (name)s thighs and snuggled into his stomach and basically passing out right there, the feeling of (name)s fingers through his hair was euphoria to say the least.
(Name) smiled softly and got comfortable, knowing he wasn't going anywhere for a while.
But that's ok.
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contacthell · a day ago
public dares!
Tumblr media
hi everyone! i’m back after a hiatus, hopefully you will like this thing here <3 let me know if you would want a part 2 with other characters
ft. mikey, ran & hanma
warnings: nsfw, minors DNI! public sex obviously, sex toys, fingering, oral sex, public flashing, fem bodied reader, nipple play
your punishment could have been worse, you knew that damn well. it was mikey after all, you knew how he could get. that’s why you didn’t argue when he made you wear the smallest dress on earth with no panties at bonten’s annual party. you thought you would be able to handle it, even though you were struggling to keep your tiny and skin-tight black dress down. honestly, from the back it was noticeable that you had no underwear, you just needed to bend forward a little bit and anyone who looked closely could guess the outline of your pussy.
mikey was now talking to the haitani brothers about business, as you clung onto his arm. from the front, it looked like mikey had his hand on your ass, which would be acceptable, but if anyone saw this from the back, they would be able to see mikey’s fingers dancing on your pussy lips, sometimes rubbing your puffy clit and other times entering your wet cunt. you tried your best to not make a single noise but it was hard, and you had a deathly grip on mikey who pretended like everything was fine. you only made a noise when mikey gave your pussy a small slap that almost sent you over the edge, and you profusely apologized, lying about having a hiccup.
a few minutes later, mikey was fucking you in the nearest bathroom, his cock bullying your walls, punishing you for blowing your cover.
ran and you liked to spice things up in the bedroom with toys and other gadgets, so obviously you ended up buying a toy that could be controlled from someone else’s phone. but the goal here was to use it in public during one of your shopping sprees.
you were wearing a long flowy dress with the toy attached to your clit thanks to the tight panties you were wearing. at first, ran just played with it on lower mode and both of you were giggling like teenagers. you liked the vibrating sensation, it was enough to make you feel good and still be able to act like nothing was happening. progressively, ran raised the level of vibrations, and you were starting to feel a little dizzy, struggling a bit to walk. ran had to lead you with his arm around your waist to different shops.
you were now in a lingerie shop, looking at different underwear and bras when ran decided to raise the level to the maximum, and your legs almost dropped. you speed-walked to the fitting rooms, not wanting everybody to see you in this state, and ran followed you, a smirk on his face. once in the fitting room, he lifted your dress and immediately buried his face between your trembling legs, licking long stripes up your slit, as the toy buzzed against your clit. it took you only a few minutes before you came all over his face, while the store manager asked if everything was okay in there.
for your anniversary, hanma took you to this fancy restaurant in town. the kind of restaurant that you had to book a month in advance to get a table. your table was in the corner of the restaurant, you had a view on everything and everyone but hanma’s tall body sitting in front of you hid you. which was perfect for him. indeed, as usual, hanma felt a little playful today, and ran his hand up and down your legs, a cocky smile plastered on his face as you asked him to stop.
but he knew you secretly loved it, doing stuff in public. that’s why you didn’t hesitate to pull your tits out of your bra and play with them when hanma asked you to flash everyone. his long arm reached out for your nipples and pulled on them as you tried to hide your squeals. thankfully, no one noticed what was happening, but hanma wanted to take it a step further. he wanted you to suck him off right here, right now. the table was covered in a long white tablecloth going all the way down to the floor, so he knew you would be completely hidden once on you were on your knees.
you therefore slipped under the table and went down to business, hanma encouraging you by pushing your head up and down his cock, as your tongue danced around his shaft, your hands playing with his heavy balls. you had to control your laugh when hanma told the waiter that you were busy making a phone call and would come back in 5 minutes, just so you would have time to let him cum deep in your throat.
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reiners-milkbiddies · 2 days ago
Ran would be the type of fuckboi to always reply with “without me ;)?”
Ran : Wyd ? (;
Y/n : .. About to shower..
Ran : Without me? ;)
* Seen @ [ time ] *
* 2 hours later *
Ran : You in bed?
Y/n : Yes?
Ran : Without me? (;
* BLOCKED * Lmao
• Reblogs are appreciated 🥹👉🏼👈🏼
Tumblr media
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violet0203 · 2 days ago
How would the tokrev boys react to your hands being cold?
Feat: Mitsuya, Baji, Hanma
G/n reader
Tumblr media
You were neighbours, so he has known you his whole life.
Sometimes you offer him help with his sisters.
One day he asked you to please bring them to the park while he finishes something for his club.
You obviously accepted, you loved spending time with his sisters.
It was a snowing day, so obviously you three had a snow fight.
After two hours you returned to the house because it was getting dark.
When you were passing him a flower that luna picked up for him, he noticed your hands were freezing cold and with no gloves.
“Yeah, I always forget to buy me ones, but it’s fine, I’ll probably do it tomorrow”
The next day when you went to pick him up to go to school he had you a gift.
“I sew those last night, hope you like them” he said as he was handling you a set of gloves.
You put them on and they were so warm.
You couldn’t avoid giving him a big hug.
“Thank you Takashi”.
Your hands were always so cold, even with gloves.
The only way they got warmer was when you put them against skin.
On the other side, Baji always was warm. It didn’t matter if he was only in a shirt, he was warm.
So one day he was hanging in your house.
Both laying on the couch watching some tv.
You couldn’t help it anymore and you put your hands under his shirt touching his skin.
He screamed and for very little he didn’t kick you out of the sofa.
He took them between his hands and started rubbing them.
It only took him a couple of minutes to get them warmer.
“Thanks babe”
A sweet kiss in your temple as he puts your hands around his neck and pulls you closer to him.
Since then, if he feels your hands cold or if you ask him there’s no doubt he will take care of them.
If you touch him with your hands freezing you probably are dead.
Not really, but he hates it.
One night, when you were asleep you touched him by accident and he almost kicked you.
“They weren’t even that cold!”
He just buffed and didn’t speak to you the whole morning.
Then you left for work.
When you got back, there was a bag on the table and a card which said it was for you.
It was a hand warmer.
You texted him a thanks.
“Please use it so you can hug me again at night”.
You fucking love him.
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drabbledealer · 2 days ago
They massage you to relieve stress, they know it's supposed to be the other way around but grabbing and sqeezing your soft skin relaxes them. They like running their hands around your body and feeling the softness or firmness of your skin as they squeeze and knead it. Aside from that they also enjoy hearing the sounds you make when they untangle a knot and hear that low whimper you make. It's an indulgence both of you enjoy.
Bakugou, Dabi, Hanma, Shigaraki, Kaeya, Zhongli, Gojo, Nanami
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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souqa · a day ago
takemicchi: why are you on the floor crying?
chifuyu: this book is so fucking sAD
y/n: that was my diary
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kairos-adventures · 16 hours ago
Hey! How is your day going?:) i saw your bonten finding out you're in hospital thing so can you do it with haitani's (seperated) and sanzu in it? I mean you can add other's too but just sayin'. I hope you understand and have a nice day:)
Tumblr media
How Bonten Men React To You Being In the Hospital
Tumblr media
Pairing : various x hurt GN!reader
Summary : when you end up in the hospital and they find out, how do they react?
Character(s) : Rindou Haitani, Ran Haitani, Sanzu Haruchiyo, Draken - all are !Timeskip
Warning(s) : cussing, mentions of murder, angst
Note : Hi Hi! My day has been well thank you so much for asking, how was yours? I actually had this sitting in my drafts for a hot minute, so thank you for giving me that extra push to do it! Likes and reblogs are highly appreciated.
Tumblr media
Rindou Haitani
Growing up, Rindou was always the one being looked after. He never had to worry about who was going to look out for him, because he knew that his brother ran would be there to do it for him. He was never the one to get the call. That was I until now.
“Hello? Who is this?”
“Mr. Haitani? I’m sorry to inform you of this, but your partner is at central hospital, she needs to get to surgery right away.”
He felt like his world was collapsing right before his eyes, and he was doing everything in his power to hold onto at least a fragment of it. Maybe it was for you? No, that what he wanted to think, the real reason was for his own desire for you.
He was scrambling out of his office chair, but luckily ran got to him before he could go anywhere. Trying to get at least a sentence out of him, to know what’s going on. But by the small bits of words Rindou was saying, Ran could put together what happened.
He put his brother in his car and drive way past the speed limit, but he didn’t give a damn. The only other person his brother had cared about was in the hospital, and he would be damned if he let his brothers happiness go away, forever. And at some point it, rindou comes out of it, questioning what happened to you and his mind is racing with the what If questions.
Once they got there, Rindou didn’t even care to check in, he just went straight your room. By now you should have already been out of surgery, but you weren’t. And Rindou is an impatient man. He starts throwing anything he can get his hands on. Anything that he can let his anger out on, for just a moment.
Once the doctors had finally told him that you were out of surgery, but still asleep, his world finally began to spin again, though not as it did before. It was fragile, he couldn’t handle it, even when he saw you in the hospital bed. Even when he knew you were going to be okay, that tiny voice in his head couldn’t help but tell him otherwise.
So there he sat, with his whole upper half of his body on you while sitting beside you, crying his eyes out. Rindou never cry’s, it’s not something he does, he thought it made him look weak. But for right now, he didn’t care, all he wanted was you back, and if that meant he had to pray to to a god he didn’t believe in, then so be it.
Ran Haitani
Ran Haitani has never care for anyone except his brother Rindou, at least that was until you came along. You rocked his world when he first met you, he doesn’t know to this day how you did, but he wouldn’t have it any other way.
So when he got the call, he felt suffocated. Like he was drowning continuously in an empty abyss and there was no way out.
But he had learned from young age, to push the way he was feeling aside and focus on what was at hand. So that’s exactly what he did.
He rushed out of his penthouse, not even caring that his hair was disheveled and that he still had his pajamas on from when you guys were just watching a movie,and he didn’t care that he was going over the speed limit, because in that moment all he cared about was getting to you.
The doctors didn’t tell him anything until he got to the hospital. He learned that you were okay, just a broken arm, and a few scratches but other than that, you were okay.
When he saw you, he gathered you in his arms like you were a doll trying not to break you any further. And he looked at you and pushed away you tears, all the while not caring that he was crying, as long as it was for you, he didn’t care.
“My sweet, sweet S/O. Your so brave. You handled all that by yourself, I’m so proud of you. But I don’t ever want to see you in another hospital bed again, until your giving birth to out child. So I’m going to need you to tell me who put you in here, alright ?
Yeah, let’s just say he got to make a few phone calls to some people who owed him favors that night.
Sanzu was used to jot having anyone. Even when he had siblings he felt like they were always against him. So he never got used to how much you cared for him, the only thing he could do, was show you how much he did in return. Ever sense you walked into his life, he had never been the same, and he never wanted you to walk out. He would do anything in his power to get you back if you did.
So when he found out that some else had tried to take you way from him, he was livid.
His heart was pounding, it was beating so loud it felt like his ear drums were going to bust at any moment, and the handful of pills he took five minutes ago were not helping him.
He didn’t care that he was spending, I mean he killed people for the hell of it, who would he be if he cared about such a stupid thing as the speed limit. He was trying to get to you as fast as human possible, and he’d be damned if anything were to stop him.
When he walked in, and found out were you were, he didn’t care for anything else in the world. He saw you… he saw how vulnerable you looked in the bed, and he didn’t want you to ever feel like that, so he walked towards you and gathered you up into his arms, telling you that everything was okay now and that you had nothing to worry about because he was going to take care of everything.
He took you home later that night, but that didn’t stop him from calling Mikey and asking if he can go looking for the fuckers who dared to put their filthy hands on something that was his.
Draken never like hospitals. Not after what happened to emma. He also never got with anyone after the incident regarding her. That was until you somehow snuck your way into his heart, and it was to the point of not being able to not love you.
When he got the call from the hospital, his heart sank. He knew it was going to exactly like before, his head just kept telling him that it was. At first he was stuck in place, he couldn’t move at all, but inupi who was in the workshop with him at the time, was able to get him to his feet again, and make him go to the hospital, he knew you were going to be wondering where he was.
His mind had deceived him. You were alright, and he couldn’t believe it. You were sitting right in front of him, and you were still breathing. But he couldn’t believe it fully just yet. Maybe the universe was playing tricks on him, just for a laugh.
So he walked up to you, his heart pounding, his breath was heavy and his boots making thuds against floor as he walked slowly towards you. Once he got to you, he put his hand to your heart to feel it beating, and other hand to your side to feel your breathing. Once he did he broke down, he was bent to his knees and his head was in your lap, crying his eyes out. You were actually here and okay…
Ever sense that day, he never let you do anything that was remotely seen as dangerous. He didn’t ever want to feel like that again, he would be damned if he let anyone take you away from home either.
Tumblr media
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sinnerdolly · a day ago
Little headcanon of Mikey.
Husband Mikey x fem reader. SFW.
Tumblr media
Okay... just imagine this. You wake up at the morning in your marriage bed, after a horrible night with your baby teething. You're in the middle of both, and the first you see is the hand of your husband in your right boob, and the cute hand of little Mikey in the left. Your men are protecting they most precious treasure, your titties.
Honestly, two Mikey's are a menace for Japan... but fuck off all them, your son is the cutest baby of the world. And his father is the best man you could have.
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mitsuyaswifeey · 2 days ago
hate to love you
chapter five
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taglist: @the-psyco-simp @matsunosan @captainsbaby @themagiacademy @nalyana @q-the-rockaholic @guesswhatiamabookworm @reiners-milkbiddies @sanzuharuchiyoswife @wakasagurl @fallensuguru @gulfkfl @tokyometronetwork
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unfinshedsentec · 13 hours ago
jealousy | rindou haitani
Tumblr media
a/n: I got multiple requests for Rindou fluff, so here! Enjoyyyv<33
character: rindou haitani (obviously)
tw: cursing, slight suggestive content
Tumblr media
Rindou isn’t one to get jealous.
Sure, he gets pissed off if someone blatantly tries to flirt with you, but that’s it. And frankly that’s very reasonable. For the most part he simply has enough trust in you that he never has a reason to get jealous, at least not unreasonably jealous.
But something about the way you were talking about this guy really pissed him off…
“My god! His arms are just so hot! They’re just so defined” Rindou listened to you say to your friend who you called just to talk about this guy.
“Defined?” Rindou muttered, looking down at his own arms. “I think my arms pretty defined!”
Frankly, Rindou was getting rather annoyed. You were absolutely fawning over this guy, whom he didn’t even know. You were blushing and gripping onto the part of your shirt where your heart was. You went on and on about this guy, and Rindou was not having it.  He just hated that look in your eyes, the very look you give when you talk about him to other people.
Why weren’t you talking about him?
Of course, the moment your phone call ended, Rindou dramatically entered the room, pointed at you, and asked DOZENS of questions regarding this mysterious man.
“Who is he?! Why does he have such nice arms?! What does he look like?!” Rindou asked over and over again.
It was only natural you answered, and well…that only made things a billion times worse. You went on for ages about this guy, which only pissed your boyfriend off more.
“He just has really nice arms!” you replied. “They’re super veiny, muscular, and strong. God, his s/o is a really lucky, they get to sleep in those arms every night!”
By this point, Rindou was fuming. You couldn’t help but crack a smile at the face he was making. His lips were pressed into a thin line, and his eyes glared at you, and the wall as you continued. Hell, you could practically see smoke come out from his ears.
“What’s so special ‘bout him?” Rindou practically growled.
“He has luscious blonde and blue hair that fall perfectly around his face, and he’s got one hell of jawline” you continued, gushing. “He’s got these beautiful violet eyes, and the looks he gives…they make me melt!”
You glanced at your boyfriend again, only to see a look that screamed ‘I’m gonna kill someone’. You on the other hand, were trying to keep yourself from laughing. You were shocked that he hadn’t picked up on who you were talking about.
Either he was so mad that he wasn’t processing things right, or he wasn’t as smart as you thought.
You continued, hoping he would catch on. “He seems kinda cold, but deep down he’s really generous and kind. He’s so mysterious too, and you know how much that turns me on”
Rindou only rolled his eyes, crossed his arms, and turned away from you. Clearly, he was shunning you.
“He’s plays a huge roll in a gang too! How badas-“
“I’ve heard enough” Rindou finally cut you off. Your smile only widened as he still didn’t realize who you were talking about. It was hilarious!
Rindou didn’t think this whole thing was so fun though. He thought the complete opposite. In fact, he was getting ready to storm off, but you ran up to him just in time and stopped him.
“Rin…don’t you at least wanna know who I’m talking about?” you questioned, grabbing and leaning your head against his arm. Innocently, you looked up at him, knowing he wouldn’t be able to resist that.
Once again, he rolled his eyes and groaned. “Go ahead”
Walking in front of him, you grabbed his hand and rubbed your thumb across it. Then, you entwined your fingers through his and led him to the large, full body mirror in your bedroom.
You pointed right at him and whispered in his ear. “He’s right there dumbass”
Then, you kissed the side of his mouth and walked away, leaving Rindou standing in front of the mirror, covering his mouth while he tried to pretend, he wasn’t blushing. He couldn’t help but let a smile creep through, and he was already coming up with ways to trick you too.
After all, you won this time, but you wouldn’t win the next. Rindou would be sure to get back at you!
Until then, you got to bask in the sight of Rindou smiling and blushing at his words, like he was a little girl with his first crush.
He must really love you, huh?
Tumblr media
masterlist || reblogs are very appreciated <33
Tumblr media
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absolutelysmittensimp · 2 days ago
Chifuyu: You're grinning. What happened?
(Name): What? Can't I smile just because I feel like it?
Takemichi: Kisaki tripped and fell down the stairs today.
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reallyromealone · a day ago
Hmmmm I wanted a crack fic bc the last time I request is the baby reader first word
So can you please make like ran and rindou has to bring their baby brother to a meeting with tenjiku and ended up with chaos like ran and rindou got send to do a mission and izana tell all the tenjiku member to babysit their brother and then the baby cry and they don't know what make the baby cry and the real reason was bc hanma face it's like:
Mochi: why is he crying
Shion: I don't know I never care a baby before!
Baby:*crying harder*
Kakucho:*rocking the baby* why he doesn't stop crying?!
Kisaki:*is done*
Hanma:*the reason the baby cry*
Love this
Tumblr media
Ran held his eight month old brother in his arms, the littlest Haitani trying to grab his brothers braids to no avail as Ran moves them behind his back much to the infants annoyance "no (name), braids aren't for playing" Ran said soothingly and distracted the baby with one of his gloved finger's and in turn (name) tried to get his brothers finger.
"You sure Izana was cool with him coming?" Rindō asked staring at his baby brother fondly, they dressed him in s matching outfit as them and god damn was it precious.
"He didn't really care, just said he didn't want to change any diapers" Ran said casually as they walked to Tenjiku headquarters, opening the door to reveal the members sitting causally waiting for them and Izana.
"Eh? Why you guys got a brat?" Mochi asked staring at the baby, catching the attention of the others "this is (name), our baby brother" Rindō said as it were obvious and Kisaki glared at the three before spitting out "why is he here?"
"Couldn't find a sitter, take it up with Izana if you got a problem" Ran taunted before the siblings took their seats and settled (name) on their lap.
Izanas arrival moments later and the meeting began, everyone paying attention and trying to ignore the tiny baby making babbling sounds as the sunset eyed man explained the mission "the haitanis will go, you lot will watch (name)" Izana said making no room for arguments as the Haitani brothers gave a cold smile "if a hair is out of place on his head...we will kill you all" ran said with a sickly sweet smile and Rindō just gave a cold expression.
And that's how they ended up here.
Mochi holding the baby Haitani awkwardly, the tiny babe just vibing until making eye contact with hanma and face slowly quivered until he began crying loudly. "Oh god nononono" mochi said trying to sooth the baby "why is he crying?!" He said panicked and the men began loosing their shit "I don't know?! Do I look like I cared for a baby?!" Shion said gripping his hair as he tried to think of a way to get the kid to stop wailing.
"Maybe there's something in his bag?!" Kakucho said digging in the baby bag for anything, pulling out a pre made bottle and trying to feed (name) only for the babe to smack it away angrily as kisaki watched annoyed, Sanzu in the background just watching the whole situation go down amused.
(Name) glanced at Hanma again and screamed louder, the men clueing in and in the end Hanma was stuck with a bag over his head and (name) eventually calmed down, vibing for a while until a foul odor filled the room.
"Oh god damn it"
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simpforchuchu · a day ago
hiiiiiii could i ask the reader as the oldest sano like he lives in another country and is in the middle of the war of the three deities and the first generation of black dragons see that manjiro I was doing a lot of shit so wakasa just yells that if mikey doesn't control himself he will call the name and mikey freezes like 'cause he knows how scary his sister is. t's ok if you don't want to do it thanks for the attention kisses 💕
Mikey and his big sis | regret
A/n: Sorry for the delay and love you ♥️♥️
Sorry for the grammer or spelling mistakes.English is not my main language so...
Thank you and love you 🥰
Warnings: none
Tumblr media
"This is not going to happen. We have to stop him, Waka!" When Wakasa saw what Mikey had done, he was horrified and did something that should never have been done.he took out his phone and called her and prayed that the war would end soon. 
When the 3 god's war was over, only pain, fear, and death remained. Mikey was walking emotionlessly and suddenly froze at the person who called him. When he turned his back in fear, he opened his eyes wide to the person he saw. SHE had come. "Nee-san?"
Y/n slowly walked towards him, stopped in front of him and gave a slap that reverberated throughout the area. Mikey rubbed his cheek and looked at his older sister as everyone around looked shocked.
"Nee-san? What are you doing here?"
Y/n glared at his brother angrily.
"Wakasa called. He told me about what you did. Did you really decide to become such a person after your brother's death? Was it all for the sake of what we lost? Shin would rather die than see you like this!"
Mikey opened his eyes wide and looked at his older sister. Was she really thinking that way? Did he really screw everything up that much? "We're going home, Manjiro. We're going home and you're telling me everything from the beginning." Mikey nodded like a little boy without saying anything and followed his sister.
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