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norloth · 20 hours ago
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Today is our traditional Mid-Autumn festival and tomorrow is the Bagginses’ birthday. So I’m thinking of celebrating them together.🎂🎉🥮🌕 Here’s a special birthday-moon-cake. Happy Mid-Autumn and Happy Hobbit Day!
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tolkienillustrations · 9 hours ago
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hobbitinthetardis · 11 hours ago
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happy bday to them
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eldamaranquendi · a day ago
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Celegorm, Beleg, the gates of Mandos by EKukanova
Illustration for the chapter "White Arrows" from the series "The cold stones of Arnor" by Alwdis
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ironsilm · a day ago
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the eldest, whose ardour yet more eager burnt
than his father’s flame, than fëanor’s wrath;
him fate awaited with fell purpose.
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macrolit · 2 days ago
There is nothing like looking, if you want to find something. You certainly usually find something, if you look, but it is not always quite the something you were after.
J.R.R. Tolkien, The Hobbit (1 of 15 vintage classics that comprise our current giveaway)
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silmaspens · 2 days ago
Hi so I really like your family tree drawing, but I noticed that you used the same little double line connecting all the twins for Thingol and Olwe, Lúthien and Daeron, and Gil-Galad and Finduilas as well. Do you headcanon all those pairs as twins as well or is it just a coincidence?
Hey friend!
Thanks for noticing :) I do in fact headcanon those pairs as twins-
Since it was in such an early draft of the story, I go back and forth a lot on whether or not Daeron is a sibling of Luthien. Personally, I prefer Daeron written as a concerned brother who is looking out for his lovestruck sister, rather than jealous friend with a unrequited crush. So if they are gonna be siblings might as well make them twins Y’know? Especially since I always thought of Thingol and Olwe as twins from my very first read of the Silm (it also explains why twins seem to run in the family (Elured & Elurin, Elrond & Elros, Elladan & Elrohir) but seeing as they “woke up” and weren’t born, the whole concept of a twin and what that means to a first generation elf is a bit up in the air I think? So I just ignore it 👀)
And for the Gil-Galad patronage drama I subscribe to the version of him being Orodreth’s son and Finduilas’ brother- and again, I personally like the idea of them being twins as a call back to Olwe & Thingol :)
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Again thanks for noticing and asking! I meant to add my headcanons to the tags but I ran out of room 💀
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arlenianchronicles · 2 days ago
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Eyyyy time for the rest of Finwë’s grandkids! These definitely turned out more aqua-y than I expected. I actually hoped to come up with different colour schemes for them (like with the Fëanorians, not relying too much on their old portrait designs), but I ended up doing quite a bit of colour-picking for these ^^;;;
But, y’know, I’ve made up a reason for it! XDD I imagine that Fingolfin and Finarfin’s families are quite close-knit, so their colour palettes work well with each other to reflect that while still being different for each member. Their branch-ears also have flowers/leaves based on their tree-bodies. Speaking of that ... 
I’ve decided that the mask wood will be different to their actual tree-based bodies. Because, y’know, it would probably feel weird to carve a mask out of your own wood type loll Plus it makes more sense for them to be based on the same tree since they’re related ^^;;
On that note, the Fëanorians will now have Ash tree bodies (I had to change Maglor’s mask wood to spruce due to that)! Don’t worry, y’all don’t have to remember any of this loll it’s just for me to keep track of the nit-picky stuff. More design details below!
Nolofinwëans -- Oak
Mask: alder wood
Hair: braided black cotton cloth with gold embroidery
Clothes: sky-blue cotton cloth and silk
Mask: beech wood
Hair: layered black satin and velvet
Clothes: white and grey-blue satin
Mask: birch wood
Hair: layered black velvet
Clothes: white silk and velvet
Mask: rowan wood
Hair: braided black cotton cloth
Clothes: various shades of blue cotton/velvet, with orange embroidery
Arafinwëans -- Hawthorn
Mask: holly wood
Hair: layered gold/yellow silk and cotton cloth
Clothes: pale gold and blue satin/silk
Mask: maple wood
Hair: blonde fur
Clothes: blue/turquoise velvet layers
Mask: chestnut wood
Hair: bushels of wheat
Clothes: turquoise/aqua-green and yellow velvet/cotton cloth
Mask: elm wood
Hair: pale gold / cream-coloured lace (like those fancy tablecloths XDD)
Clothes: pale turquoise / white silk and lace
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misswhalie · a day ago
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Sand of Pearls in Elven Land
Ecthelion teaching Glorfindel how to find the rarest pearls during their youth in Valinor. 
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