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Day Six of Tolkien Gen Week: Group @tolkiengenweek

For the group day, I decided to share my fancasts for the Lords (and Ladies) of Gondolin. I’ve done some gender-bending and made several of the lords female rather than male. 

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not to be controversial but i personally think that we give fingolfin way too much credit for being sane. i think we’re looking at him next to fëanor who is perhaps just crazier enough that it makes fingolfin look sane-ish but that motherfucker had issues. we cannot think of his put togetherness in relativity to fëanor because fëanor is a statistical anomaly. fingolfin was outer edge of the bellcurve batshit crazy and 2020 is the year we start recognising that silm fandom

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Nori and baby Zori chilling at the Full Tankard with @hornsda‘s Asha while Baylee delivers their food~ Welcome to the table of short people XD The elven beauty in the background belongs to my girlfriend while the other two are a random old dude and one of my dwarves, Jahangir Wolf-Slayer

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I love this scene in the movie so much!! Like I know Peter Jackson probably never read The Silmarillion, but Gandalf’s face!!! He knows that the eagles are coming and that all winged creatures travel at Manwe’s bidding. He sees this tiny moth and knows that the Valar haven’t forgotten Middle Earth, that they haven’t forgotten him.     

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Do you ever wake up and thank the professor for the existence of Hobbits because you know in your soul that without them the history of Arda would be too dark for your taste?

Look at all the shit the Eldar have been through. They were manipulated into leaving paradise, had several High Kings murdered, wasted their lives on an impossible oath, some were turned into Orcs, their new home was conquered and then it was drowned

And that’s nothing compared to the shit the Atani have been through. They awoke innocent and well meaning only to be driven to evil by some stupid higher power, and then the Edain had to go on a journey lasting lifetimes- LIFETIMES!- across a world teeming with danger because of the rumor of a greater light, and then they had to put up with the Elves’ bullshit nicknames for them, and the whole evil thing happened all over again in what was supposed to be their own version of paradise.

There was precious little peace for everyone after the Noldor left Valinor, the elves and Edain abandoned Middle-Earth for the most part, and just when you’ve lost all hope for the Third Age and the end of the story, along come Hobbits with their happiness and love to save the world.

It’s part of the reason why I love Sam’s “How could the end be happy” speech so much– because it’s an amazing description of the history of Arda in general. It’s reminding us that no matter what terrible things happened in the past, there’s always some hope. You get the feeling that this isn’t just Sam speaking to Frodo, this is the professor and the film creators speaking to the audience.

And it works. It makes you feel so much safer.

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Since Hobbits can be very sneaky, I often imagine Pippin making his way to Valinor.

Valar being mindfucked; Aulë, Gimli and Legolas high fiving him. We all know what Gandalf thinks.

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Glorfindel x OFC

All right so this is my first fic after a while without writing. Not so confident about it but okay.

This is my first time writing to this fandom. Unfortunately I didn’t read the books yet, but I will soon.

English is not my first language so sorry if there’s something wrong or typing error.

I would appreciate feedbacks😊 (be kind please😂)

Word count: 502

Fanfic genre:hurt/comfort; AU(?)

Warnings: Mentions of torture (not explicit); panic attacks; anxiety.


It was late at night already. The moon and the stars were shining in the sky.

Auriel was sleeping already. She was tired like never, after running away from being kept in captivity for them for weeks. Still in pain after those tortures.

She hated them. A lot. Her family was killed by a group of them in a village around Rivendell. She was alone trying her best to hide. When someone helped her. His name was Glorfindel,she felt so save around him. After seeing her situation, he took her to Rivendell and raised her.

She was in a really deep sleep, but not peaceful at all. The nightmares involving those days with the orcs started.

After a while, she woke up. Tears were going down her cheeks. She started to trembling. She couldn’t think that much, so she just decided to run to Glorfindel’s chambers, the only place that she actually felt save.


Glorfindel was in his bed. Just relaxing and looking at the sky. Suddenly he heard something on the hallway. He knew it was her, she was young, but years passed and he knew when she was troubled.

“Auriel? I know you’re there. Come in”. She hesitated at first. She didn’t like to people see her crying, she was vulnerable.

She dried out her tears with her hands and went to his room. “Oh darling, were you crying?” He asked looking at her. But she didn’t answer and looked away from his eyes. “Auriel? Were you crying?” He asked once more, “No, I wasn’t”.

She didn’t make eye contact so he got up and went to her. He took her chin on his hand and forced her to look at him. “You were crying, weren’t you?”. At the end of the question she started to cry again, but this time she had no control on it.

He scooped her up in his strong arms and sat on his bed, placing her onto his lap. “Do you want to tell me what happened?” He tried to look at her but she just started to sob, placing her head on his chest.

He knew she had a nightmare, but she didn’t talk about what happened since she arrived back in Rivendell. He started to rock her and hold her tightly in his arms.

“Shhh, it’s all right. It was just a nightmare. It wasn’t real. You’re here and safe”. She grabbed his clothes as strong as she could on her hands, trying to hold and find herself comfortable and fine. “Shhh my darling, it’s okay. You’re perfectly safe, no one will harm you. I’ll protect you.”

He brought her closer to him. He started to whisper good things on her ear. Soon, she started to feel exhausted from crying. She felt asleep. He waited until he saw that she was sleeping peacefully, and when he was sure he could move,he went to his bed and placed her side by side with him.

He covered her with blankets and whispered close to her ear “Good night my dear”.

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