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#tolkien stuff
gffa · 3 months ago
Question for my Tolkien fandom friends:  DO YOU HAVE ANY FICS  YOU’VE READ RECENTLY OR ARE JUST OLD FAVORITES?  I’m looking for a bit of a retreat and I love when people have recs!  I tend to lean towards the Elves, any and all Ages, but I’m definitely willing to give just about anything a shot!  Preferably plotty, but also character pieces are super welcome.
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smhalltheurlsaretaken · 3 months ago
Going into the LotR tags because that universe has some of the most beautiful depictions of profound platonic love and familial bonds not born out of blood ever represented in fiction.
The Internet, always, collectively: What if they fucked. What if they all fucked. What if this bunch of dudes who have deep and intimate friendships actually ALL wanted to FUCK.
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bluemountainsimagines · 8 months ago
Imagine living in Erebor with the company after the battle of the five armies
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This would include:
Visiting Thorin and his nephews in the infirmary after the battle
Working with Ori and Balin in the library
Finally meeting Dis, who quickly becomes a close friend
Being invited to royal banquets with the rest of the company
Trying out new recipes with Dori and Bombur
Training with Bifur, Dwalin, and Gloin
Meeting Gimli as a hairy little beast child
Visiting with Fili and Kili nearly every day
Taking journeys with a few other members of the company every few months to Bag End to pay an unexpected visit to Bilbo
Meeting little Frodo
(Being lowkey creeped out by little Frodo bc he would be one of those kids who just stands in the center of a room and stares at you for an uncomfortable amount of time with his mouth open)
Slowly learning more and more Khuzdul terms and Dwarf slang
(Fili, Kili, and Thorin lived because I said so ofc)
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animatorwierdo · a year ago
Maedhros x Alien reader, headcanon.
I felt like doing a headcanon for one of my fanfict ideas. It might help settle my imagination and I want try this out, also this is my first time writing a headcanon, so go easy on me and tell me how you liked the headcanon. This is for the alien idea, if you don't know about it, check it in my blog and read it.
-When Maedhros was not tortured or used for other kind of needs, he was put to work with other thralls. When he was mining, he hit on a spot which made the flooring crack.
-When the stone cracked under him, Maedhros was prepared to jump away but before he could do anything, he fell into pitch black void.
-He hit hard on something which almost knocked the air out of him.
-When he recovered from the fall, he looked around and saw himself in a strange room.
-The orcs who guarded him looked down on him from the hole in the ceiling and some of them left to report about the room.
-During that Maedhros though it wouldn't harm to investigate the room before his tormentors arrive.
-The room didn't looked like other rooms in Angband, it looked more like it wasn't even part of Angband. The room's wall were pitch black in color and the floor was more metallic under his feet.
-It also looked more mechanic. 
-Before he knew it, he touched something which made something happen.
-A unnatural voice talked in the room then the floor opened raising strange coffin like objects.
-Pictures of a strange creature showed in to the air, showing red and green. Maedhros prepared to defend himself if needed.
-One of the coffins opened with a hiss and cold mist came out of the coffin which made Maedhros shudder.
-A black clawed had came out of the coffin then a creature he saw raised up from the coffin, wires detaching from it's back. The creature turned it's faceless face toward him.
-Maedhros though first the creature was one of Morgoth's creations and prepared himself for the worst.
-He however didn't expect the creature just looking at him in curiosity as it came walked toward him.
-You however didn't expect to see kinda beautiful creature when you woke up from hibernation sleep. You first though was this creature was a human but you then remembered this planet didn’t have humans and this creature’s ears were pointy.
-You looked at him curiosity and kinda mimicked his actions.
-When you reached your hand to touch him, he backed away and you noticed fear. You backed away and tried to show you meant no harm.
-He might be scared of your xeno form but he might be less scared of your humanoid form, so you morphed your head, taking your visor out of the way and pulling your layer mouth back in, showing your human face to the creature.
-He seemed to calm down but looked at you in wonder.
-Your attention however was caught by the computer.
-You quickly checked what was wrong leaving the pretty creature alone for a moment.
-You froze when you figured out what was wrong, Your siblings who slumbered beside you were dead. You also checked where was your rest of the hive, where was you mother?
-Maedhros looked at the creature and figured out from the pictures and the red that there were other creatures like this one but not alive.
-His attention was caught when he heard yelling from the hole and orcs coming down.
-He then heard a growling and saw the creature taking out a weapon and starting killing the orcs.
-He then knew this creature didn't belong to Morgoth, this  creature was something else.
-After killing the orcs the creature did something which caused the place ring with peeping noise.
-The creature walked toward the hole then turned toward him reaching it's hand out for him to grab it.
- Maedhros figured out the creature offered to help him and he took it's hand.
-He however didn't expect the creature pulling him on it's back and started climbing the wall like he weighted nothing.
-They then ran through Angband and the creature showed no mercy to the orcs.
-Before he knew it they were out of Angband and a huge explosion happened.
-Angband wasn’t destroyed but it’s structure had weakened from the blast.
-You made sure the hideous creatures got nothing by putting the ship in self destruct. Protecting the technology and the secrets of your kind from other creatures were one of the primary duties.
-Maedhros was finally free from the dark lord's grasp and he then safely traveled with his mystery creature friend back to his kin.
-He hopes his brothers won't attack his new creature ally and made sure of it
Tumblr media
Hope you enjoyed it, do let me know in the comments.
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khazadkeit · 3 months ago
Downloaded the 4k AUJ and the extra detail is cool and I think the sound balance is a bit better which is nice but it's not $70+ better. If I didn't already own 3 copies of it I might consider buying the 4k edition. But like... Hmm. Not much difference. I also downloaded FOTR and it was the same thing, like the extra detail was v fun bc I like that kind of thing but mostly it just wasn't that different, tho the color grading fix on that one was more noticeable and appreciated. If they do end up remastering the appendices I'll probably just torrent them instead of spending so much money on things I already own. I wouldn't mind spending a few bucks if I could rent them and not have to deal w the hassle of downloading but like... Not an option apparently.
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kathleendruci64243784 · 4 months ago
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Tumblr media
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pimsri · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Kanafinwë by the sea shore
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gffa · 3 months ago
I'm pretty sure you've mentioned Tolkien before so I must ask. Have you heard about the absolute chaos in that fandom today in the form of The Nature of Middle Earth?
I am READY to argue about the exact context and method of Elves fucking, let me tell you, this is the shit that I was MADE FOR. Welcome to my wheelhouse, it's going to be insufferable and I'm gleefully going to help make it worse!
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A fun part about growing up a serious legendarium fan is that an entire other world’s history, mythology, and fragments of multiple languages live rent free in my head.
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animatorwierdo · a year ago
Here’s a animation of Sauron from lord of the rings. The design is bit weak but this took lot of work and my computer few times screwed with me. It might get improved in the future. This was made with Krita.
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khazadkeit · 9 months ago
I'm prob not gonna actually watch botfa but I am thinking about it and I fucking hate that it doesn't open w a flashback. Like whether you think the flashbacks are necessary or not is irrelevant bc my point is that the other FIVE MOVIES IN THIS FRANCHISE all open with a flashback, every single one, and yet botfa throws u into the deep end straight into smaug's attack with no preamble and it feels like bad movie making since you're supposed to approach these kinds of films with the idea that most of the people in the audience have not obsessively watched the previous films in the year since. Like most of your audience is gonna be casual viewers who need a minute to get back into the world before you dive in with the action.
This brings me to my magnum opus: the flashback scene in botfa should have been fili, kili, and thorin saying goodbye to dís in ered luin as they set out for the quest. This works thematically in several ways:
It reminds people who haven't watched a hobbit movie since dos released of middle earth and the stakes of the quest.
The emotional wrench of the last of their immediate family all together for the very last time, hopeful and loving, to contrast and heighten the tragedy of fili kili and Thorin's deaths at the end of the film.
showing the life they had built in ered luin and that, while maybe it wasn't as grand as erebor, it was a good solid life for their people, where families came together and, if not thrived, then at least did well enough. Middle class, if not aristocratic.
reminds people of Kili's promise that he talked to tauriel about in dos, giving that scene a stronger backing.
shows who they are leaving behind and who will be devastated by their deaths, like putting a face and a voice to it, maybe even seeing dís give kili the stone he keeps with him and making that connection? Like there's home and there's Home and erebor is this cold empty place full of gold and dark and corruption and what they've left behind is warmth and love and ahHHHHHHH if I don't stop I'm gonna kermit
I would get to see my beloved wife dís just for one minute jfc please let me see her PLEASE
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orchidscript · 10 months ago
I cannot tell you how cool it is for me, a Tolkien whump blog to see Silm stuff on your whump blog.-@outofangband
@outofangband I’m gonna be real honest — I’ve only read The Hobbit. I’ve seen one of the movies, and I don’t remember which one... so, I’m a fraud and a charlatan. I also like Stephen Colbert’s general energy in that clip.
I reblogged that because my partner, who is a fantasist (like, studies fantasy as literature), LOVES Tolkien. He loves that clip from Colber too. This pandemic has involved a lot of me listening to his Tolkien opinions while having no earthly clue what he’s going on about. He’s read every book, read academic papers, seen all the movies, has opinions about everything from the Silmarillion to elven architecture. Meanwhile I just nod, smile, and occasionally call Rivendell “Riverdale” just to irritate him. He knows I’ll listen because I love him and I owe him from all my ranting about true crime, 16th century witchcraft panic, and Russian fairytales.
Like I said, I’m a fraud 😂😅
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rex-sidereus · 2 years ago
I was thinking about the parallels between boromir/ hector of troy, and gondor/ troy largely, and the similarities between homer’s heroic ethos & the one in tolkien.
an age past the age of true greatness, when godlings have walked and ruled the earth.
 a great city in the declining years of the long war, aware that it very much might not win it, but standing as proud as it ever did.
and yet there are cracks which go through the city’s core, as the enemy it is facing is too strong, and one is too hurt and too tired to be good, but still does their most.
the favored son of the great city, resolute, kind, and brave, whose main fault is that the story is not about him. that, in the depth of his devotion to protect those he loves, he doesn’t see a greater intent, and a greater mission.
and yet, he steps into a battle he knows he cannot win, in order to do what is right.
deceived by the ring/ deceived by the gods.
and the death he gets is the most honored, most powerful, and most human; and the burial is the final note of the book - in the fellowship of the ring, and in the iliad.
(i just read the two death scenes next to each other & i need a hug).
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gffa · 10 months ago
"Amazon Studios’ forthcoming [LOTR] series brings to screens for the very first time the heroic legends of the fabled Second Age of Middle-earth’s history. This epic drama is set thousands of years before the events of J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, and will take viewers back to an era in which great powers were forged, kingdoms rose to glory and fell to ruin, unlikely heroes were tested, hope hung by the finest of threads, and the greatest villain that ever flowed from Tolkien’s pen threatened to cover all the world in darkness. Beginning in a time of relative peace, the series follows an ensemble cast of characters, both familiar and new, as they confront the long-feared re-emergence of evil to Middle-earth. From the darkest depths of the Misty Mountains, to the majestic forests of the elf-capital of Lindon, to the breathtaking island kingdom of Númenor, to the furthest reaches of the map, these kingdoms and characters will carve out legacies that live on long after they are gone." Hmmm.  That really doesn’t say much at all, other than hint that at least Sauron is going to be in it (ARE WE GOING TO GET HOT ANNATAR SAURON??  AM I GOING TO GET TO LIVE MY DREAM OF PEOPLE ACROSS THE WORLD SCREAMING “WAIT A FUCKING MINUTE SAURON WAS HOT ONCE UPON A TIME!?” AND STRUGGLING TO PROCESS THIS INFORMATION?) and “familiar characters” means we might see Elrond or, dare I hope, Elros?  I’m guessing that the familiar characters will be more background than anything, otherwise they’d be in the actual summary of the story, but I’ll probably watch anyway because I’m easy.
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