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wheredafandomat · a day ago
“Till death do us part” P2
Previous Part
You and Loki spent the next hour walking around together hand in hand. The city had a captivating stillness about it during the nighttime and early hours. It was peaceful. Quaint. When midnight came, you took your pill.
“Loki?” You asked giving him a puzzled look
“Yes darling”
“Take the pill”
“Take it”
“No I don’t need it”
“Yes you do TAKE THE PILL”
Loki wasn’t scared of many things but your wrath was definitely something to be feared
“See, wasn’t so hard” you said returning to your usual tranquil demeanour
You and Loki walked around for a while longer until you both saw what appeared to be a shooting star wearing an iron man suit.
“Time to go” you laughed wrapping your arm around Loki for him to teleport you both somewhere
“I hope you’re excited” he beamed before teleporting
When you landed, your heart stopped and you gasped. You assumed you were going to land on hard concrete or the grass of a forest but no, you had landed on grey tiles in the middle of what appeared to be a beach house. The only current light illuminating the details of the house was the luminosity of the full moon. It was beguiling to say the least. Still in Loki’s arms, you turned your attention to him. The moonlight embellished his features reminding you that this man, you’re boyfriend was a prince. A God. A small smile graced his face as he observed the awestruck look on yours. Leaving your embrace, he switched on the light allowing you to see more. It was spectacular. Kissing your forehead, he took your hand and began a short tour around the house.
“Loki- I- what is this?”
“It’s ours” he replied
“Ours. Yours and mine” he assured tucking a loose strand of hair behind your ear
“B-but the co—”
“Compound will always be there but this, this is for us” he said gesturing to where you both stood
You both gazed into each others eyes as your smiles grew wider. You were not happy. No happy would be a criminal understatement. You were enraptured, ecstatic and most of all content. Looking at each other, you both knew it was you two against the world.
“So, was this the surprise?” You asked putting your arms around Loki’s neck to kiss him “because if its this, it’s a really good one”
“No” he said turning his face away earning a confused look from you “this is” he said before picking you up bridal style and carrying you to the bedroom
“Put me down” you demanded trying to sound intimidating whilst trying not to laugh
“No, it’s finally time for me to really have my fun” he said licking his lips
You and Loki had been in an official relationship for a year now. You had been intimate with one another but had never actually copulated. You’d both used your hands and mouthes to pleasure one another but Loki was yet to penetrate you. He always thought he’d be too much to handle. A god, a half jotun mating with a mortal, a midgardian, wasn’t something Loki thought would end well so he didn’t. However, when you were both feeling particularly concupiscent and desperate, Loki would tease your entrance with his tip but would never fully bottom out. Tonight, this was going to change, you were immortal for 11 more hours, there was nothing to fear.
When Loki entered the master bedroom after carrying you whilst you laughed and squirmed asking why he didn’t just teleport, he threw you on the bed.
“My my, what do we have here?” He said seductively towering over you before he sat on his knees between your thighs running his eyes over your figure
His staring made your heart flutter. You were familiar with it. You knew what he wanted. Instead of answering, you just grinned at him narrowing your gaze.
“Silence will only grant you punishment” he said nonchalantly “but I’d really take pleasure from gifting you my punishment” he said more menacing, leaning over you and kissing your neck.
“I always suspected that if we were to make love, I’d not be able to control myself. I wouldn’t be able to stop and you wouldn’t be able to handle it but now my sweet sweet inamorata, you have been blessed with immortality so tonight, there won’t be any lovemaking” he said moving away abruptly ending his attack on your neck “tonight I am going to fuck you into elation until my name falls from your lips like a rhapsody of praise”
With that, a moan from you at his words and a flick of his wrist, you were both completely naked.
Since being with Loki, you had always wanted him to fill you. Fuck you. However, now seeing his throbbing erection, you felt slightly nervous. Obviously you had seen it before of course you had seen it before, touched it before, licked it before, grinded on it before but this time, it seemed bigger. Maybe it was the knowledge of knowing Loki was going to bury it inside of you tonight or the fact that maybe he was just feeling hornier, but you were no longer feeling confident. Loki saw the sceptical look on your face as your eyes met his cock.
“Don’t worry pet, we’ll get you warmed up first” he growled slowly licking his lips and looking down at your open legs and already wet folds “yes, we’ll definitely get you warmed up”
Before you had time to even react to his words, Loki’s head was between your legs as his tongue began tracing circles over your clit. Reaching down, you used one hand to stroke his hair whilst the other lightly gripped the sheets.
“De—l—ectable” he whispered dipping his tongue into your entrance
“Loki” you gasped feeling his tongue beginning to enter you
“Mmm” he replied sending vibrations deep into your core causing your grip on the sheets to grow tighter
“Oh gods” you cried tightening your grip in his hair earning another groan from him
“Not gods darling, god” he said lifting his head and looking at you. The sight of your arousal dripping down his chin was enough to send you into overdrive but the feeling of two of his fingers entering you was what done it. As your head fell backwards, you felt Loki licking your clit again as your orgasm swept over you.
Shaking, you tried to push Loki away as he licked you through your frenzy. He looked up and flashed a mischievous smile at you before ending his ambush on your sensitive folds. You laid back trying to recover as you watched him palming his erection which seemed to have grown. Your breath hitched when you looked up at him and he was staring at you with lust filled eyes.
“Seen something you like” he chuckled darkly still stroking his cock
“Mmhmm” you replied smiling and biting your bottom lip
“I’ve been waiting for this for so long my princess. To feel you, really feel you. Spread your legs wider” he ordered before lining himself up with your entrance
“Are you ready?” He asked
“Fuck me” you breathed out feeling him nudging your entrance
Loki lowered himself on top you you catching your lips in a passionate kiss. Gasping into the kiss, you felt him enter you. In this moment, you understood why Loki didn’t want to do this before.
“OH MY FUCKING GOD” you shouted feeling Loki halfway into you
Opening you eyes, you saw a look of smugness, amusement, shock and worry all dancing on Loki’s face. Smugness was the main one. He knew he was gifted but seeing you react to him like this stroked his ego.
He pulled out of you completely and waited for you to nod
“Are you sure?” He asked
“Um yeah yes do it” you replied breathlessly
Loki entered again only this time wasn’t as bad. He entered slowly trying to stifle a moan at feeling your walls clenching around him. Biting his lip, he looked down at you and saw that you didn’t seem too uncomfortable so he carried on filling you until you let out a moan.
“Are you oka—”
“Yes please jus fu—”
You certainly didn’t have to ask twice. Loki exited and then thrusted into you again as you writhed beneath him. Your hips started bucking upwards to meet his as he plunged into you hitting all the right spots causing you to feel another orgasm building up. His name fell from your lips like a song as he relentlessly slammed into you. Grabbing your throat, Loki looked down at you with a look of salacity painting his face.
“Say my name” he said through gritted teeth as his hips slammed into yours
“L-Loki” you cried
“SAY MY NAME!” He demanded continuing his savage ambush
“LOKIIII!” You shouted feeling your climax fast approaching “I’m gonna cum”
Loki’s grip on your neck tightened even more as his thrusts became more pleasure filled, more violent, more animalistic. He treated you like a princess but screwed you like a whore. As you reached another orgasm, you felt as if you were on cloud nine. You couldn’t even feel the outside world anymore, it didn’t exist. If you weren’t currently immortal, you would be sure that you had died and gone to post sex bliss heaven. You didn’t even feel when Loki’s strokes became lazier as he released into you. You were in heaven, you had to have been.
Tumblr media
A/N: Hope you liked!! There is one more part after this oneeee 💚💚
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nishats · 3 months ago
Hats off for Sophia DiMartino's dedication. She was having a baby during the filming of Loki, so the costume was made so that she could breastfeed her baby easily and also hide the stretchmarks. But we barely even noticed :D
Tumblr media
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teadrinkingstoryteller · 3 months ago
Only in my Daydreams
Story summary: Loki is so attracted to you, that he accidentally starts projecting his fantasies to your mind through his magic without even realizing it.
There’s just so much smut basically. It is Sinday after all ;)
Pairing: Loki x female reader
Warnings: smut, unprotected sex (wrap it up kids), minors do not read past the cut!!! This story has fantasies/mentions of: oral (m and f receiving), spanking, thigh riding. There’s some exhibition kink (if you squint maybe).
Hope you guys enjoy!💚
(I do not give anyone permission to copy or repost my work. Reblogs are extremely appreciated however!)
Tumblr media
Loki is usually one for strong self control. He knows how to be reserved, and keep himself from losing his cool.
However, you’ve been testing his patience, and it’s starting to wear thin.
The worst part was that you weren’t even doing it on purpose. Loki didn’t think you had even the slightest idea how much he wanted you; and how practically everything you did just made it worse.
From the cute outfits you wear everyday, to the sweet sound of your voice in the mornings. Your snorts of laughter when Sam is telling jokes. Even the way you stare off into space when you’re zoned out in a meeting has him distracted. He was completely enamored with you, and there was nothing he could do about it.
He was also incredibly attracted to you. The suppression of all these feelings were starting to come out in the form of some of the naughtiest fantasies he’s ever had.
Loki’s been on edge for weeks now, especially when you were around. Which, because you guys were pretty close friends, was often. It wasn’t unusual for you to come to his room to talk, or for you to sit next to him during meals.
He tried to keep his feelings at bay as best he could. You were the first real friend he had made on Midgard, and your presence in his life is something too precious to him to risk ruining.
Still though...he couldn’t help but let his eyes roam over your body as you left a room. Or linger a little too long on the curve of your lips when you spoke to him. You put your hand on his once, laughing at something he said, and he felt a rush of heat throughout his entire body.
He needed to either tell you how he was feeling, or figure something else out before he made a fool of himself in front of you.
One day during a meeting in the briefing room, something finally happens.
A small group of you had just come back from a mission-nothing too hectic but Steve still wanted to do a debriefing. So you sat with him, Loki, Thor, and Bucky; going over everything that happened while you guys were away.
“Their soldiers were no match for us!” Thor cries cheerfully, proud of himself and his team. “They fell down like Domino’s pizza.”
“Um, what?” You ask him, confused.
“You know, the game children play with the little black rectangles. Domino's pizza.”
You chuckle. “That’s a restaurant, Thor. The game is just called Dominoes.”
Loki zones out as you explain the difference between the restaurant and game to Thor. As usual, it doesn’t take long for his eyes to wander over to you. Today you were in a cropped t-shirt, and thin black sweatpants. You made even the most comfortable of outfits look beautiful.
As gorgeous as you look, his mind quickly falls down the gutter as he imagines hoisting you up onto the large table, and pulling off every item of clothing you’re wearing.
He pictures himself kissing you till you’re breathless, and moaning against his lips. His hands would trail down your body, savoring each curve. He’d wind you up until you were begging him to take you, to fuck you on the table till you’re gasping out his name. And he would. In front of everyone here and they’d know exactly who it was that could make you feel this good-
“Loki!” Steve taps gently on the table, startling Loki out of his daydream. “Did you hear what I just asked you?”
“Um, no sorry. I was a little lost in thought.”
Loki manages to answer Steve’s question about the mission, and sinks back into his seat. His eyes flick over to you, and he catches you staring at him with an odd expression on your face.
The next day you and the team are all having breakfast together. Sam and Scott are cooking for everyone, making several different types of pancakes.
“Cassie loves these.” Scott says as he dishes out piles of blueberry pancakes. “They’re her favorite.”
You slept in a little later than usual, so you’re the last one to wander down.
“Morning everyone.” You wave at the team. Your voice is a little raspy from having not used it yet. When you walk by and say good morning to Loki it sends a pleasant shiver down his spine.
How could everything you do be so alluring? When he first came to earth he expected all Midgardians to be clumsy and awkward.
But Loki you’re more beautiful than any goddess back on Asgard.
He tries to focus on his breakfast, and the newspaper Tony had been nice enough to share with him. But you’re wearing those pajama shorts that drive him absolutely wild. He licks his lips as he watches you walk around the kitchen, piling your plate high with pancakes and fruit.
All Loki can think about is having you bent over the kitchen island. Wearing nothing but those shorts as he spanks you, making you fill up the kitchen with moans and whines. He wants to have you helpless underneath him, lost to the pleasure he can-no, that he craves to give you. He’d slip your shorts down and off, fingering you from behind until you’re dripping all over his fingers. All he wants to do is make you feel good. And cum over and over again. Your head would be thrown back, mouth hanging open, looking utterly wrecked because of him...
He hears you gasp softly, before the sharp sound of your mug hitting the floor echoes across the room. Loki’s attention is swiftly brought back to the present, to where you’re standing, blushing and apologizing for startling everyone.
Thankfully the mug doesn’t break, and you pick it up. Again, you give him an odd look, soft intensity burning in your eyes as you stare at him from across the room.
Loki feels a twinge of suspicion. That was a weird coincidence, almost as if his thoughts shocked you into dropping your mug. But that’s just silly; he knows your powers don’t include mind they?
A blush forms over his face. Oh fuck. What if you know what he’s been fantasizing about? That would be mortifying.
Loki finishes up his breakfast, and decides to head to the library. He needs some alone time to try and get himself together.
Later that afternoon you’re hanging out in the common room with Thor when Loki walks in.
He notices you shift slightly in your chair when he enters. A soft blush painted across your cheeks. But you return to normal just as quickly, burying your nose back in the book you’ve been reading. Loki takes his place on one of the chairs, sinking into the comfortable silence surrounding the room. He brought his own book to read, which he plans on staying completely focused on.
Well. He tries to anyway.
He does good at first. Completely lost in his own little world he doesn’t pay you or Thor any attention at all.
Until he hears the sweet sound of you giggling, pulling his focus away from the pages and over to you. Thor has moved closer to you on the couch; showing you something on those little phone things everyone carries around.
Whatever it is, it’s making you smile from ear to ear. Loki’s heart picks up the pace at the sight of your happiness. Which is a weird feeling for him to experience. Never has someone else’s happiness made him feel this elated before. He just wishes it was him making you laugh like that.
He wishes he had you underneath him, while he was hovering over your body. Buried deep inside you, he’d move in long, slow, intimate thrusts. He’d make you drag your nails down his shoulder blades, screaming his name for the whole tower to hear. Looking up at him with adoration and a tenderness in your eyes that he’s never longed for from another person.
He wants to have you on top of him, riding his cock until you’re both spiraling in pleasure. Sweaty and holding onto each other like it’s the only thing keeping you tethered to the earth. Until you’re both so spent, and you collapse on his chest, breathing hard. You’d look up at him from where you lay, smiling that gorgeous smile that makes him feel like he’s falling. He’d brush any loose hairs out of your face, and tell you how you’re the most precious thing on this world, or any other-
“Lady y/n, are you alright? You look as if you don’t feel well.”
Thor’s voice snaps Loki out of his daydream. He looks over at the two of you to find you slightly flushed, with your chest rising and falling with each deep breath you take. Your lips are parted slightly, and your legs pressed firmly together. You do look a bit ragged.
“No, I’m-I’m fine Thor. I just got a all of a sudden.” You explain, trying not to let on what you’re actually feeling.
Which is a level of arousal you didn’t even know was possible.
“I think I’m going to go outside and get some fresh air.” You say, hopping up from the couch. “It’s really warm in here. I’ll see you guys later.”
You leave before either one of the brothers can say anything more, heading downstairs to take a walk.
“I hope Lady y/n is alright.” Thor says, turning to Loki. “Do you think she’s falling ill?”
Loki watches you leave, nervousness coursing through him. “I...she said she was fine. I’m sure it was nothing.”
But he’s not so sure. That’s the third time you’ve reacted strangely at the same time he’s having a fantasy about you. Could you be reading his mind and he doesn’t even know it?
Or...a thought suddenly occurs to Loki.
He knows he’s able to share his thoughts with others sometimes using his magic. Could he be doing that now accidentally? Could he be so consumed by his lust for you that he’s projecting it into your thoughts?
For the rest of the week, Loki tries extra hard not to let himself daydream around you. If he is projecting his thoughts into your brain, then he needs to make sure he stops.
The rest of the week goes by smoothly, and he manages to be in the same room as you without letting his mind slip to dangerous places. He notices that you don’t have any more incidents; but he still can’t tell if that’s a coincidence or if he really has been affecting you with his magic.
It isn’t until Tony’s party over the weekend that he gets his confirmation.
Say what you will about Tony Stark, but he knows how to throw a good party. Great food, the best music, and a full guest list. Besides the Avengers, Loki doesn’t recognize many people there.
He spots you right away though, and he knows the second he sees you he’s in trouble.
You’re wearing a shimmering yellow dress, falling over your body in the most elegant way. It stops halfway down your thighs, and is low cut enough that he’s teased with a hint of your cleavage. Loki feels his mouth dry up as he watches you walk into the room. You’re side by side with Bucky, his hand in yours as he leads you to the middle of the room where people are dancing.
Loki goes to get himself a drink, nursing it as he tries to hide how badly he wants you. He sees Bucky holding you against him as the two of you sway in tune to the music. Your eyes are bright and you’re laughing at something he’s telling you. You look like an angel, and Loki wishes more than anything he could have you in his arms right now.
The song changes, the pace quickening into one that has everyone dancing a lot faster, and closer to each other. Loki’s hypnotized as he watches your hips move. You dance carelessly, your movements graceful without even having to try. Leaning against a wall, he can’t help but think about being out there on the dance floor with you…
His arms wrapping around your stomach from behind, feeling your ass press into him as you dance. You’d be able to feel how hard he’s gotten, every move you make just makes it worse. Eventually it would get to be too much, and Loki would pull you out of the room; too desperate to care who notices. He’d pull you into one of the guest rooms down the hall, using his magic to have all your clothes off in an instant.
He’d completely ravage you. Leave you spent and panting on the bed underneath him. Your face flushed a rosy color as he left a trail of soft kisses all over your face and chest. He’d be murmuring against your skin, saying what a good girl you were for him and how you took him so well. Unable to get enough of you he’d keep you in bed all night, pleasuring you over and over till you fell asleep safe and happy wrapped in his arms-
Loki doesn’t realize you’re making your way over until you’re almost in front of him. The sight of your intense e/c eyes gazing into his pulls him from his daydreams.
“Are you doing something to me?” you ask him.
The questions startles Loki. “I beg your pardon?”
“Are you doing something to me? Trying to use your magic to put some sort of spell on me?”
“Wha-no” he says. “Why would you think that?”
You look down at your hands, twisting your fingers together nervously. “I’ve been having these...they’re not visions exactly, but they’re not my thoughts. And I know you can use your magic on people’s heads sometimes.”
“Why do you think it’s me doing it to you? Isn’t Wanda the one who used her magic on all the Avengers’ minds when she first met them?”
“Yeah but these, thoughts or visions or whatever they are,” you pause, shy about saying the next part. “They’re about you, or us.”
Loki freezes, embarrassment creeping up his spine.
So it was my fault. He thinks to himself.
“Y/N, I’m so sorry, I-”
“That’s not a very funny joke you know.”
Loki frowns. “A joke? What are you talking about?”
You sigh, a mixture of nerves and on coming tears making it very difficult to talk. “Look I know I’m new to the team, and you probably have girls developing crushes on you all the time. But that doesn’t mean you can make fun of me for it!”
Loki’s head spins as you talk. He doesn’t understand anything that you’re saying.
You laugh at his confused expression. “You don’t have to pretend you don’t know. I know I’m not always the best at being subtle when I like someone. I figured you must have noticed my crush on you. And I get it you don’t want some newbie Avenger following you around with heart eyes. But still. Sending me mental images of us having sex? That’s just a cruel joke and I want you to stop now.”
Loki doesn’t know what to say. He’s shocked you’d think he’s doing this on purpose as a way to make fun of you; so he opens his mouth to assure you that wasn’t the case. But then his brain catches up with your words and he hears the part about your crush on him.
Time stops and he feels like the entire party goes silent. Nothing else in the room matters besides you, staring up at him with your big earnest eyes. He couldn’t believe that you actually just said you had feelings for him.
Was this a dream? It must be. There’s no way a creature as astounding as you would ever care about someone like him.
After a few moments he realizes he’s just been staring at you with his mouth parted, not saying anything. You’re waiting for something; an apology, an explanation, anything.
Loki takes a deep breath, then takes your hands in his. They’re small compared to his large ones, and he’s able to cradle your palms against his perfectly.
“My darling, I can assure you. I was never trying to tease you or hurt your feelings. I never intended for you to see those images in the first place. It was an accident.”
You frown. “What do you mean, an accident?”
“I had no idea you felt that way about me, honestly. You’re right, I can slip into people’s minds sometimes. But it also can happen by accident when I’m feeling...intense emotions. It doesn’t happen often that I project something into someone’s brain by accident but,” Loki shrugs. “It is possible.”
“So, you showed me visions of us having sex, by accident?” you ask, now just as confused as Loki was a moment ago.
He nods. “And I truly am sorry, I never meant to invade your mind. I-” he sighs, figuring it’s too late to not tell you how he feels now. “I was having those thoughts on my own because, I am incredibly attracted to you and well,” he smiles sheepishly at you. “Sometimes my imagination gets a little carried away.”
You pause, a small grin playing on your lips. “You’re telling me you are so attracted to me you lost control of your magic?”
“Lost control is a little harsh. I’d say, momentarily slipped. I mean, can you blame me?” he slowly roams his eyes up and down your body appreciatively. There’s a hungry glint in his eyes that makes you shiver.
An eruption of cheers breaks the spell between you two. You both turn to see a group of people standing around Tony while he pops open a bottle of champagne.
“Would you like to go somewhere more quiet to finish this conversation?” Loki asks you, a trace of mischief in his eyes.
“Yes, I would love that.”
Loki takes your hand and gently leads you out of the crowded party room, down the hall to the guest room. Just like in the fantasy, which makes you smile.
Once in the room, Loki closes the door and spins you around so your back is pressed up against it. You look up at him with eager eyes. Both of you have wanted this for so long you could hardly believe it’s happening now.
You cup his face in your hands, pulling him in for a deep kiss. His lips are soft and gentle on yours, but intense. It leaves you feeling breathless.
Pulling back you meet his eyes. “Show me what else you’ve been thinking about.”
Grinning mischievously, Loki places his hands on the sides of your temples. You feel a cool sensation run through your body. It’s like standing next to an open window during an evening in Autumn.
Images start to appear in your mind; just whispers at first, but soon you feel like you’re watching a movie in your mind’s eye.
Loki with his head buried between your legs while you’re spread out on the bed. He has his large hands wrapped around your thighs, holding them open.
Loki pressing you up against the door while he fucks you from behind. His hands on your breasts as he leaves kisses and hickies all over your neck.
You on top of him riding his thigh while he’s caressing your hips and calling you a good girl.
Loki sitting on the bed while you’re kneeling down in front of him, licking and sucking his cock. His fingers are in your hair, and his head is thrown back as he moans in pleasure.
You feel heat wind through your body, coming to a stop in between your legs. The need makes you grab Loki by the back of his neck and pull him in for a kiss. His tongue swipes across your bottom lip, looking for entrance.
Through his magic he sends you his own waves of pleasure, and in return can feel yours as well. The two of you stand like that until it feels like your body has melted into his.
Loki pulls back after a while, the tip of his nose brushing yours. He’s smiling down at you, his green eyes shining in the light. “I can’t wait to make all those fantasies come true.”
A/N: If you liked this story and would like to help support my writing (and get early access to pieces like these as well as original content) please consider checking out my patreon account. If not I wish you a lovely day all the same :) 💚
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yobekind · 2 months ago
Mobius: How was your day?
Y/n: Loki annoyed me today, so I told him that I can’t wait to see what he has planned for our special day tomorrow.
Sylvie: What’s so special about it?
Y/n: There is nothing special about tomorrow.
Y/n: But there is something special about watching the color leave his face as the panic takes over.
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ninihiddleston · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
𝐽𝑢𝑠𝑡 𝑇𝑜𝑚 𝑏𝑒𝑖𝑛𝑔 𝐴𝑑𝑜𝑟𝑎𝑏𝑙𝑒
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ellathoompson · 3 months ago
This Loki finale really just goes to show how fucking talented Tom Hiddleston is. This episode deserves an Emmy, this scene below deserves an Emmy, he certainly deserves an Emmy. The way he is able to bring Loki’s character development, back story, trauma and emotions to life in every waking moment, with or without words whenever this character is on screen is astounding.
Not only that but Tom also executive produces for the show, so he basically helps write and direct it. To not only be the main actor but also a writer and director for the same show. To know how to develop a story and character arcs, takes so much talent it’s unimaginable!!!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This man knows exactly what he is doing and it is MINDBLOWING. I really can’t wait to see more of him 👀…
Tumblr media
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bbcsassdeadass · 2 months ago
"He plays all the keys on the piano. So, he plays the light keys and the major keys, all the light white notes up there. But he also plays the heavy keys with the left hand. Those deep, profound chords which are full of sorrow, and grief, and anger. And he's able to somehow make it... The music of Loki internally has this breadth of the scale."
- Tom Hiddleston when asked what he loves about Loki
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