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lex-the-flex · 21 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Comforting Loki at the TVA would Include:
Contains Spoilers for LOKI
You’d accidently walk into Agent Mobius’ office to turn in some paperwork where you found Loki sitting on the small set of steps with his face in his hands. 
Trying not disturb him, you quietly set your stack of completed files and new paperwork down on the desk only to find the replica of the priceless Tesseract on the steps next to him. 
“Whatever it is, tell Mobius that he can have this bloody thing!” The man shouted, throwing the Tesseract in your direction, hoping it would break. 
The object landed at your feet and ricocheted off your pair of boots. This caused you to glance up at the man in desperation. So you decided to slowly approach the TVA’s newest detainee. After all, he was the most popular Variant in the building.
Extending your arm to the man, you held the Tesseract in front of him, offering the replica to him. 
Taking the object from you, Loki did his best to give you a kind smile, but he was too distressed. 
“Thank you. I’m Loki, by the way. Loki Laufeyson. But you probably already knew that.” Loki introduced himself. 
Sitting next to him, you left enough space in between the two of you, letting Loki remain in his personal bubble.
“Unfortunately, I didn’t. I work on the R.E.M. Floor, so I didn’t get the news.” You respond.
Looking toward you, Loki’s dark brows furrowed as confusion overtook his face. Then Loki did the unthinkable and fiercely flicked you in the arm. Earning a shocked and confused reaction from you, Loki couldn’t believe the sight before him. 
“I don’t believe this! I’m talking to an actual human! A real live human!” He exclaimed and rose up from the place where he was sitting. 
“Of course I’m real! As far as I’m concerned, I’m the most sane person here!” You replied, tenderly holding your arm. 
Standing up to face Loki, you snickered at his excitement, even though you had no idea what he went through in the past few hours.
“I’m Y/N. And I assure you, Mobius and I are probably the most decent people here, Loki. If there’s anything I can do, or if you just need someone to talk to, I’m here.” You say, extending your hand to him, returning the favor. 
“The pleasure is all mine, Y/N.” Loki replied, shaking your hand before the double doors opened as Agent Mobius walked in. 
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myoxisbroken · 26 minutes ago
You Make Everything So Clear, Chapter 5
Do You Feel My Heart Beating?
Characters: Magnus Martinsson/OFC Chief Inspector Nathalie Hansson
Series Masterlist here
Also available on AO3
Rating: Explicit
Words: 2204
Summary: When Magnus Martinsson transferred to the Malmö Police Department, he’d hoped to finally get out from under the shadow of his old boss Wallander. Chief Inspector Nathalie Hansson had seen his potential and given him a chance, and under her tutelage he thrived and earned a promotion. He has managed to ignore his feelings for Nathalie since joining her department. But now that they’re going away together for the weekend, posing undercover as a smitten couple in order to apprehend increasingly brutal thieves, will he be able to hide what he feels for her?
Warnings: Language, smutty thoughts
Tumblr media
It felt strange, walking with her hand enclosed in Magnus’ much bigger one, his warm fingers wrapped around hers, holding her securely. And yet it also felt oddly natural, as if they’d done this hundreds of times before, walked hand in hand on their way somewhere together.
She had been so self-conscious when she had needed his help with the zipper. It had taken her a full three minutes of wrestling with it herself, trying desperately to reach it so that she could pull it up the rest of the way, before she had drummed up the courage to ask. Then he entered the bedroom, and she’d turned to look at him, and he’d been absolutely delectable.
He was wearing a suit in a royal blue, a slightly unconventional choice, but one that looked fantastic on him. He had paired it with a sky blue dress shirt and a tie that matched the suit, with stripes of pale blue. His shoes were black and shined to perfection.
Nathalie forgot for a moment why she’d called him into the bedroom in the first place. The shades of his outfit brought out the blue of his eyes even more than usual, and her cheeks warmed as she looked into them. With effort, she had managed to focus and ask him for his assistance.
She could feel his body heat as he stepped up behind her and took hold of the zipper, one hand gently grasping the fabric of her dress. The heels she was wearing brought her closer to his height, and she had felt his warm breath against her neck as he zipped. She’d had to force herself not to shiver at the sensation.
As soon as she was zipped, he stepped back and held out a hand to her, all professionalism. Unlike her, it was clear that he’d been unaffected by their closeness. 
Now they were walking towards the dining room, already thinking ahead to what they might be able to discover during the meal. Although they didn’t anticipate any danger this evening, Nathalie had worn her service weapon in a holster strapped to her thigh. The skirt of her dress was roomy enough to enable her to hide it. She could feel its weight, reminding her of their purpose here this weekend, and it made her refocus on the job.
Magnus had found the reality of holding Nathalie’s hand in his to be immensely distracting at first. Her skin was soft and her hand was cool and slender, and he couldn’t help tightening his fingers around it just a little.
He felt oddly protective of her all of a sudden. He knew that they were equal partners on this mission, but something about the scenario brought out an almost possessive feeling within him, and the desire to keep Nathalie safe from harm. He knew that she was more than capable of protecting herself, but if anything happened that put her in jeopardy, he was ready to take action.
In the dining room, they were shown to a candlelit table for two, situated by one of the large windows, with a view over the same valley they could see from their treehouse. He admired how the tops of the trees seemed to shimmer in the daylight. At this time of year, the sunset wouldn’t be for another three hours or so. But even though the sun still shone brightly outside, the tinted windows brought an intimate dimness to the dining area. 
They were greeted by their server, Susanne, a pale, slight blonde with gray eyes that looked guileless. She took their drink orders and let them know that she would be their server for the entire weekend.
“Oh, goodness, it must be a little tiring if you work all meals when you have guests! Does it stay very busy here?” asked Nathalie.
“Actually, I’m an employee of the catering company. The retreat center doesn’t keep waitstaff around all the time, and my boss likes to use familiar servers whenever possible,” she said with a bright smile.
She left to get their drinks and Nathalie looked at Magnus with a smile. She reached her hand out to take hold of his.
He was momentarily startled before realizing she was simply putting on a show. He would have to start behaving more naturally before someone caught on.
She spoke softly so that only he could hear her. “Well, this complicates things. If the catering company uses their own employees to serve at most of their events, our pool of suspects just substantially increased.”
He lifted one corner of his mouth in a suggestive smile as he rubbed his thumb over the back of her hand. “True. And there may not be any robberies this weekend, if they are the work of an employee who wasn’t scheduled as a server for this retreat.”
Nathalie’s eyes dropped to where his thumb was circling before she returned his gaze with a look so seductive that it made his pulse throb and his trousers suddenly feel too tight. She was far too good at playacting for his comfort. Remembering his role in this drama, he brought her hand to his mouth and kissed her fingers, letting his lips linger against her warm skin, gratified to see the blush on her cheeks as she smiled at him.
She cleared her throat softly as he lowered their hands back to the table.
“I guess we’ll simply have to gather as much intel as we can this weekend and hope for the best,” she said, falling silent as Susanne returned with their glasses of wine.
“I’ll be back shortly with your appetizers,” she remarked cheerily, then popped off to the kitchen.
Magnus’ gaze was arrested for a moment as he watched Nathalie take a sip of wine, her throat moving as she swallowed. He tore his eyes away and picked up his own glass, downing half of it before catching Nathalie’s amused look. He had better pace himself. Too much wine on an empty stomach and he would be just buzzed enough to be amorous without an outlet for it, and not of much use in terms of his investigative abilities.
True to her word, Susanne was back at their table with a platter containing burrata with tomatoes and herbs, as well as roasted salted almonds and marinated olives. For the main course, Nathalie had tried the vegetarian dish, which was gnocchi with grilled peppers, sage, and parmesan. Magnus had ordered the ribeye steak with Jerusalem artichoke, apple, and Swiss chard. They had finished the meal with a cheese course, served with compote and crispy flatbread.
Magnus had played the dutiful boyfriend, feeding bites of his ribeye to Nathalie on his own fork, watching raptly as her mouth closed around the savory morsels. He flirted with her and stroked her fingers and leaned forward to wipe away a nonexistent crumb from the corner of her mouth with his thumb, using any opportunity to touch her. He’d stopped only when his brain kept trying to imagine her cherry red lips wrapped around his cock as he thrust into her mouth.
What the hell was wrong with him? He’d never had this much trouble concentrating on any job before. Yes, Nathalie was a beautiful woman and he greatly admired her, but he should be able to fucking pull himself together and stop sexualizing her. He was putting far more of his concentration into filthy imaginary scenarios than into the very real criminals that were possibly operating even now.
A little angry with himself, he glanced around the room and began responding tersely to Nathalie’s comments. He only realized he was being short with her when she fell silent. He looked at her to see a little crease had appeared between her brows.
“I’m sorry, Nathalie. I think I’m feeling a bit frustrated that we may not see anything happen this weekend after all,” he said, grasping for an excuse as he took her hand again. “But you were right earlier, we can still gather as much information as possible, keep our eyes open, and see what turns up.”
He smiled at her reassuringly and was warmed by the easing of her expression. Throwing off his mood, he resolved to keep his emotions and desires separate from their mission this weekend. He slid his chair a little closer to Nathalie and leveled a look at her that had gotten him into a woman’s bed several times in the past.
Dinner had been a delicious torture for Nathalie, enjoying tastes of sumptuous food while sitting across the table and looking into the eyes of a devastatingly handsome man. He had been an incredibly attentive dining partner and pretend boyfriend, and it had been a struggle not to let herself fall into the pretense. He had cupped her face at one point during the meal, and she had leaned into it and closed her eyes for a moment. Only a moment, for she could excuse that as playing her role.
It had not escaped her attention that Magnus had slowly moved his chair closer to hers during the meal, and by dessert, he was only a few inches away. He had been seductive and playful and complimentary, and she couldn’t help but press her arm against his when they brushed together. She reasoned that it would help sell their cover, not allowing herself to think about it too much during the rest of the meal.
The walk back to the treehouse was quiet. Nathalie and Magnus had managed to gain access to the chefs after asking if they could express their appreciation for the meal. They had skillfully managed to ferret out a few bits of information about how the catering jobs worked and which employees who were working that weekend were most frequently part of the company’s regular rotation.
They couldn’t ask too many questions or it would have set off alarm bells for anyone who might be watching them more closely, looking at them as potential targets for a robbery. But they had hinted at the possibility of needing a caterer for a major celebratory event for the two of them the following summer, which had smoothed the way to a certain degree.
Magnus had played his role well, flirting with Nathalie and charming the kitchen staff with how besotted he seemed to be with her. He’d been very convincing, to the point that Nathalie wished his actions didn’t seem quite so genuine. It made it difficult to separate fantasy from reality. Not that she was fantasizing about Magnus, because it wouldn’t be appropriate to think about undressing his tall, lanky form, removing his jacket and dress shirt and trousers to see what lay underneath. Was he slender but toned, like a swimmer? Was he hiding muscles underneath the layers?
His shoulders were broad, tapering to a trim waist and narrow hips. She knew that from his silhouette in his typical work clothing. She had already pondered his muscled thighs and nicely rounded ass…
She absolutely had to stop thinking about Magnus, and how tempting he was, and what he might look like naked. Maybe she should ask Mikaela if she had another friend who might like to get together for a drink.
Nathalie groaned, then jumped as Magnus spoke.
“Something wrong?”
“What?” she asked, her pulse pounding a rhythm in her throat.
“You groaned. Is something the matter?”
Her mind scrambled to give an excuse. “I suppose I’m simply...frustrated about the weekend. Same as you,” she said with a nervous smile. “But everything will be fine. At least we got a nice weekend away in the forest, right?”
“Absolutely,” he said, producing a key card from his pocket and opening the door. “And here we are.”
He pushed the door open and held it as Nathalie entered. He walked into the sitting room, pulling off his tie as he went and opening the top few buttons of his shirt. Nathalie quickly darted her eyes away after seeing the golden skin revealed in the open vee of his shirt.
“I don’t know about you, but I’m a night owl. I was thinking about watching a movie before bed. Are you up for it?” he asked.
It was just now starting to get dark, and she knew she would only lay there in bed, wildly aware of Magnus’ nearness and conscious of every movement and sound in the treehouse. Perhaps a movie would make her too tired to think about any of that by the end.
“Sure, that sounds good. I’ll just change out of this first, if you could maybe help with the zipper again?”
Magnus gestured for Nathalie to turn. She felt his warm fingers at her back once more as he gripped the fabric with one hand and pulled the zipper partway down with the other. She glanced over her shoulder. “Thank you,” she said, then scurried off to the bedroom to change into something more comfortable for movie-watching than a cocktail dress. Something frumpy and prudish that covered her up to her chin - not that she was the one in the room who needed to protect herself against a colleague’s lascivious thoughts.
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lokiskitten · 29 minutes ago
hi again emma , can you pls do one where the reader is very tired and anxious but they don't tell anyone and tom being the sweetie he is , picks up on it and lightly scolds them , you can make up the rest , maybe even smut 😉
Tom Hiddleston | adventurous trip
Tom Hiddleston x fem!reader
Tumblr media
plot : no matter your age gap, Tom easily became your safe person ever since the two of you met at the local library. Your introverted self tends to feel safer in his mature presence. However, after noticing you haven’t been doing well this week, he decides to surprise you with a hang out at the lake.
warnings : smut, age gap ( legal ), praising, and just Tom being very dominant and making you feel safe whilst you’re giving him a handjob in the back of his car~
The past few weeks had been awful for you. It had become harder and harder for you to maintain a healthy lifestyle, especially as exams were meant to show you up soon which stressed you out deeply. Due to your lack of close surroundings, no one seemed to truly worry about your state as long as you were doing a good job in college. In fact, your only friend was a man who was twenty years older than you were- which forced you to keep it secret. He was adorable really, and composed exactly the supportive and manly silhouette you needed in order to fill the gap created by daddy issues.
Even if you wouldn’t admit it, a part of you was attracted to him both physically and mentally. You felt guilty for getting such thoughts about a man who was your elder, which you obviously kept for yourself as the last thing you wanted was for Tom to find out about the childish crush you had on him. You cherished all those moments the two of you were able to spend together- the way he was way more mature than the people your age and how these few facts secretly made your pussy throb within your panties. After all, what teenage girl wouldn’t feel attracted to the image of an experienced older man?
[ ... ]
Today was Friday, which meant you would finally receive a break from the exhausting week you had just gone through. However, as you walked down the street on your way to the bus stop, your eyes fell onto the unexpected sight that was Tom’s car parking by your side next to the pavement. You frowned out of surprise whilst pulling your earphones out of your ears, bending over as the passenger’s seat window opened for you to be able to peek inside of the vehicle. “Hey darling.” Your best friend spoke, taking his sunglasses off his nose with a smirk. Whilst he seemed absolutely ravished, you couldn’t help but remain confused.
After anxiously taking a look to your left then your right, your hands gripped onto the edge of the open window as you made eye contact with the older man. “Tom? What are you doing here?” You questioned, remaining cautious due to the presence of strangers around you. The crowd always managed to make you nervous. “Kidnapping you.” He answered jokingly as an invitation for you to climb inside of his car, which you automatically did without needing to be begged twice. As soon as you had entered the vehicle, Tom began to drive away from the bus stop and towards an unknown location.
“You had a nice day at college?” He asked on a determined tone, his blue eyes remaining staring at the road to make sure that he wouldn’t accidentally crash his car or put your life in danger. You couldn’t help but feel bothered by this rather annoying question which inevitably brought you back to the awful week you spent at school. Putting your bag down between your knees, you avoided making eye contact with the older man. “I guess. Couldn’t have been any better.” You answered sarcastically whilst staring through the window.
Face to your rather negative answer, Tom’s brow raised curiously. He couldn’t help but feel concerned for your mental health. “Doesn’t sound like it.” He responded, earning a scoff coming from you. Again, your lack of happiness seemed to have affected the British gentleman. He sighed, turning to his left and entering a rather deserted road which was meant to lead the two of you to the lake for a chill evening. Though, you remained unaware of his plans.
“Where are we going?” You ended up asking on a softer tone, adjusting the position you once held in the comfortable seat which led a smile to appear on Tom’s lips. “I’m taking you to the lake. It’ll ease you up.” The older man finally revealed, the sight of the water and trees finally appearing upon your bare eyes. Never once your mother had taken you to such a place, and neither were you able to go by yourself. Therefore, it would be a great premiere for you, and you simply couldn’t wait to be able to spend some alone time with your best friend as well.
Once the car finally stopped, you hoped out of the vehicle and began to happily rush towards the water, Tom placing his sunglasses back onto his nose as he followed your move by peaking out of the driver’s side. He smiled as he watched you run until the water, his palm pushing onto the door in order to shut it close. Then, Tom followed after you, remaining calmer than you due to his more advanced age and different mindset. Yet you couldn’t help but feel the need to tease him face to his relaxed behavior.
Turning back around, you this once calmly made your way back to him as you watched the older man open his arms for you to snuggle in. Though he unexpectedly picked you up before swinging you around, happy giggles escaping your lips as you begged for your friend to put you down. “No! Please don’t!” Those few words convinced Tom to put you down, a grin still appearing on his face as you now took the initiative to run away from him- being aware that he would follow in order to participate to your childish game.
This whole chasing session was nothing but a game to you- a game which perfectly reflected the sinful thoughts you held for your elder. The fact that he followed up after you enhanced your senses and lust, deciding to willingly play easy to get in order to be able to find yourself in his strong arms again. This once, you took the initiative to reach for the car and snuggle in the back seat, Tom entering the vehicle after you did before closing the door to offer the two of you intimacy.
He was panting and now refused to give in your teases, avoiding the game by simply remaining cold face to your attempts to drag him in. This cold reaction disappointed you, yet you knew that you simply couldn’t force him to mess around if he didn’t want to. Besides, he was also older and certainly more mature than you were- which suddenly made you feel awkward regarding the situation you attempted to drag him in. Though, little did you know, Tom’s mind was filled with a different kind of play than yours.
“Do you want to talk about it?” He ended up speaking up so you didn’t have to, head turning towards yours which made his jawline pop out in the most ravishing way. Your answer was nothing but a simple shake of your head, jaw clenching out of frustration at the thought of facts you did not wish to admit. Though, this also felt like the right moment to make an effort to confess to your friend. “I think I just feel.. lonely.” You admitted sadly, earning an empathetic head tilt coming from your elder.
Tom remained aware that humour was probably the best way to divert your mind from your problems, and he therefore decided to put up a little show for you to enjoy- or dislike. “Oh, I’m so lonely.” He affirmed with a dramatic sigh as his head looked straight forward. Face to his rather disrespectful mimic, you couldn’t help but forget about your problems in order to pick on him. Your head tilted up towards his taller frame, brow raising out of confusion. “Oh fuck you, Tinkerbell.” You responded, earning a heavy chuckle coming from the blue eyed man.
He looked down at you, appreciating how a smile willingly appeared on your face through this nice moment you were spending together. Of course, Tom did not feel offended by your statement as he believed that he probably deserved it. “I’m tinkerbell?” He responded on an offended tone, fingertips pressing against his chest which easily led you to giggle. Though, as the two of you got lost into one another’s eyes, you couldn’t help but feel those overwhelming feelings take over your organism again.
Your breath became shaky, and Tom obviously noticed the way you were now staring at him. He had seen the same look in so many pairs of eyes throughout his life, which allowed him to gain personal experience regarding women and their physical signals. His hand moved up to your cheek which he cupped, his thumb lovingly rubbing circles against your cheekbone. Your remained motionless, fearing that any improvised move would lead whatever was taking place to end- which you didn’t want. Tom then pulled away, bringing both of his hands to the buttons of his shirt which he began to remove one by one.
It was as if time had stopped. Even if you remained calm and silent on the outside, your mind was currently going wild- coming up with potential scenarios regarding what could follow Tom’s lustful move. This had given the older man enough time to fully unbutton his shirt, exposing his abdominals to your youthful and innocent sight. They were perfect. Gently, Tom reached out for your wrist before dragging your hand all the way up to his toned stomach. His skin was smooth, warm and purely inviting. You began to hesitantly caress the visible square shapes with the palm of your hand, Tom’s eyes remaining focused onto what you were doing.
The two of you visibly trusted one another entirely, which was the main reason to why he was allowing you to touch and feel him. Finally being able to caress the older man drove most of your senses wild, your panties becoming soaked as your pulsating clit was silently begging for attention coming from Tom. “You’re enjoying that?” He questioned curiously, earning an eager nod coming from your younger self. A satisfied smirk appeared on his lips, the man extending his arms onto the backseat whilst he continued to let you caress his abdominals.
You eventually decided to pull your hand away, your orbs looking up at him as you could feel your cheeks heat up due to the great amount of pressure this starting intercourse was putting onto your shoulders- even if you had no genuine reason to feel this way. Tom twisted his body towards yours, cornering you against the door of the vehicle as his ocean pearls continued to admire your face. “I think you just need an experienced man to give you the attention you deserve~” Tom affirmed before leaning in and pressing his lips against yours.
His lack of hesitation managed to make you feel somewhat better, though it simply wasn’t enough to erase your great lack of confidence. An unwanted moan escaped your lips which didn’t fail to increase Tom’s lust, his hand now moving up to your breast which he began to squeeze in a respectful and loving manner. Your scent was driving him and his hormones crazy, a heavy amount of pheromones exiting his pores in order to lure you in accepting his sexual offer. His smell was absolutely ravishing and managed to send you head over heels, as it strangely contained everything you did seek for in a partner.
Within a matter of minutes, Tom managed to pull you up onto his lap as he now sat underneath you, hands roaming your waist whilst his lips continued to press against your neck and cleavage. “You’re gorgeous..” he affirmed between a few kisses, your head looking down and noticing how his eyelids remained closed whilst he took proper care of praising every single inch of your neck’s flesh. The main reason to why Tom was behaving so confidently with a woman who was two times younger than himself was because the two of you were friends. He knew you by heart, and could clearly tell that you were looking forward for more.
On another hand, you found yourself filled with bliss indeed without even needing comparison to be able to tell if the older man was doing a good job. It felt good, and that’s all that mattered. In fact, this was going to be your first intercourse ever. You eventually gained confidence for a short amount of time until you watched Tom begin to unbuckle his belt with shaky hands- frustrated groans escaping his thin lips. You sat back down onto his lap, your eyes staring at the scary image that was the grown man’s pants getting ready to be opened.
This was it. You would finally be able to see and feel what you’ve been dreaming about for so long. This felt like a no going back point- though it was never too late to say no, and Tom would’ve respected your decision no matter what. You gasped as your eyes landed on the frighting sight that was Tom’s hardness’ shape appearing underneath the pair of boxers he was wearing. Biting down on your bottom lip, you adjusted the position you’ve been holding against his upper knees whilst the older man began to gently stroke his member through his underwear. The fact that it remained covered led you to feel even more curious and desperate.
Though, it didn’t take long for him to push down onto the elastic of his boxers, digging a hand inside of his underwear in order to pull his cock out of the confines of this tight piece of clothing. His hardness was now revealed to your innocent eyes, a blush spreading over your cheeks and cunt as you admired the fainted veins which started from the base of his cock and traveled all the way up until his tip. It was the perfect shape and length. Never once had a male genitalia looked this good- at least from your inexperienced point of view.
Tom’s hand shifted forward as he took ahold of the base of his cock with the help of his thumb and index finger, as if he wanted to keep it stable for the moment where you would finally take the initiative to do something with it. Face to your lack of confidence, Tom decided to lay on the table a few propositions. “Do you want to taste it?” He asked on a lustful tone, his lips visibly still craving for your skin. Now this was an offer which didn’t really strike your interest. You couldn’t help but feel grossed out at the thought of having a penis in your mouth, especially without a condom- at least for your first try. Your answer ended up being a shake of your head, forcing Tom to reach out to another option.
“Oh well...” he groaned, head diverting to the left in order to peak through the window before he managed to find another task, this once destined to your delicate fingers. His face turned towards yours, smile appearing on his handsome features as he began to hold onto your hips in a reassuring manner. “How about you pet it?” Tom offered. Now, this sounded more inviting. After all, there was nothing which was being put at risk, and your tastebuds would get the chance to remain safe for now. Besides, you also wished to know how it felt to hold it in your palm. Was it going to be warmer than you expected? Would it feel smooth? Would it be as hard as you had imagine? This was the moment where you would get to find out.
So many questions rushed through your mind as the tip of your finger finally pressed against his sensitive shaft. A shaky breath escaped Tom’s lips as he watched your hand progressively begin to work, as if he wanted to make sure you wouldn’t fuck it all up by accidentally injuring him. As planned, it was rocking hard and warmer than ever. However, Tom’s shaft wasn’t as smooth as you had imagine, which in the end wasn’t much of a disappointment. Your entire hand now wrapped around his member, trapping the hardness within your fingers and even allowing yourself to hesitantly pump it once.
Again, a shaky breath escaped Tom’s lips as you could sense that the grip he held onto your clothed flesh was becoming tighter. You felt grateful that he hadn’t pushed you so that you would remove your clothes, as self negative body image was still something you attempted to deal with. Though, you couldn’t be more delighted about getting to see private and usually covered parts of his body. “Don’t be too harsh with it.. take your time.” Tom advised, anticipating a situation where you would be rushing to pleasure him instead of taking time to progressively increase in intensity.
Nodding obediently, you looked down at your hand before gently beginning to move it up and down the best you could- remaining slow and soft at first as you feared to accidentally hurt your friend. A few seconds passed and a couple of visual signs began to appear to your eyesight which betrayed the fact that Tom was enjoying it- such as his breath getting heavier or the way he seemed to melt into the backseat. “Darling... you’re doing god’s work..” praised the older man, his head tilting back towards the roof of the car which exposed his strong neck to your sight.
Even if you weren’t directly being pleased, you couldn’t help but feel your own crotch throb and squirm face to this rather enhancing situation. Your hand continued to eagerly pump Tom’s member, refusing to slow down as you somewhat enjoyed watching his facial expressions change through the intercourse. “Oh, my love... you’re doing so- well.” Tom managed to express between a few clenched moans and groans, his hands firmly holding onto your hips as you continued to please his member. “My good girl.” He added, taking time to make eye contact with you as his hand cupped your cheek in a loving manner.
You could sense that his hardness was now beginning to twitch more than usual, feelings waves against your palm which enhanced your will to lead him to his orgasm. A itchy gasp suddenly escaped Tom’s lips as he looked down at his crotch, droplets of cum squirting out of his urethra before landing on and staining his own pants and your hand. Your youth and eagerness had managed to make Tom climax sooner than he thought he would, yet he remained entirely satisfied by your successful prestation.
“Fuck..” cursed the older man as he felt his balls twitch, his genitals washing away his recent orgasm until the last droplet. You bit down on your bottom lip whilst setting his member free, properly settling back down onto his lap as your eyes looked up at Tom’s clenched facial expressions. Panting heavily, your friend made eye contact with you, admiring your features as his hand remained holding onto your waist.
I’m sorry it took so long, but here it finally is! I’m not very happy with it.. but I hope you guys will be able to enjoy it!
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darksideoftheshipps · 33 minutes ago
I created another account on tiktok for my "something like edits" and Idk why there are not allowed why?
So I will put it here despite this video is already here but without music.
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alohastyles-x · 45 minutes ago
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bubbly-moonwarrior · 47 minutes ago
Glorious Purpose...
I've seen all sorts of reactions for how loki is being portrayed in the series... honestly I am very excited.
This is exactly what Tom said it would be. All about identity. It's loki trying to find his place in the universe now that he no longer has Glorious Purpose. It's an existential crisis, it's a confrontation of the human condition, of destiny and free will and choice.
Loki is the protagonist and the antagonist. It's less about "this is loki" and more about "who can loki be". He can be the villain, the extremely dangerous variant. He can be the reluctant mischievous hero. He can be his own enemy. He can choose to be his own saviour.
Given all this new understanding of fate and his less-than-glorious purpose, given an opportunity to escape it, what will loki choose to be?
He certainly won't remain the same loki we have perceived so far and that's something that can be very upsetting to a lot of fans. But I think it's a chance for loki to rebuild himself and I love it.
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high-functioning-lokipath · 49 minutes ago
14 Tom Hiddleston Photos That Prove He's Never Had An Awkward Phase
I mean, don't get me wrong have a valid point...but there are some pictures that I could replace with FAR better...or at least more focused ones...
Oh well... recognition for our baby! 🤗🥰
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naomimakesart · 58 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Favorite bit
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4yourexcitement · an hour ago
Tom Hiddleston Talks About Loki's Gender Fluidity
Tom Hiddleston Talks About Loki’s Gender Fluidity
Credit: Marvel Comics One of the biggest talking points heading into Marvel’s long-awaited Loki series is the genderfluid identity of the title character. While this part of Loki has been confirmed in the comics for awhile, but this relatively new for the MCU. Not to mention, Loki is also genderfluid in Norse mythology, which is where he comes from to start with. Tom Hiddleston, who portrays…
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the-impossible-artist · an hour ago
Tumblr media
"You weren't born to be king, Loki. You were born to cause pain, and suffering, and death. That's how it is, that's how it was, that's how it will be. All so that others can achieve their best versions of themselves."
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gamerkuddles · an hour ago
Jonathan: "Dammit, Loki!" Loki: "What?! It wasn’t me!" Jonathan: "Sorry, force of habit. Dammit, Robert!" Robert: "Not me either." Jonathan: "Oh...Then who set the house on fire?" Adam: *whistles*
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dianamolloy · an hour ago
We get
More Loki
Tumblr media
it still doesn’t feel real that there is another 5 more eps.
Tumblr media
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gamerkuddles · an hour ago
Tom: "I know you both snuck out last night, Robert and Jonathan." Jonathan: "Play dumb!" Robert: "Who's Robert?" Jonathan: "NOT THAT DUMB!!!"
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theshatteredsilhouette · an hour ago
Tumblr media
That Loki episode sure gave me some f e e l i n g s
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gamerkuddles · an hour ago
Thomas: "WHY. why did you give William a KNIFE?!" Loki: "I’m sorry. He said he felt unsafe." Thomas: "Now I feel unsafe!" Loki: "I’m sorry." Loki: "... would you like a knife?"
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silver-tongued-bby · an hour ago
Short Fics and One Shots:
Keeper - Loki owns you in every sense of the word and you’d be the first to admit it. 18+, explicit content including dark themes such as drug use, degradation, humiliation, anal (kinda), dirty talk, manipulation, edging and fingering.
Summer Wine - Loki finds himself alone on a foreign world though he quickly makes a new friend. 18+, explicit content including thigh riding, dirty talk, fingering, oral sex and sex.
Tumblr media
You're Mine - You’re the CEO of a groundbreaking drug company in Sweden with a work/life balance that’s more work than anything else. That is before you meet Loki, who turns your world on its head in the best of ways. 18+, explicit content, click the link to see the rest of the warnings and the chapter list.
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gamerkuddles · an hour ago
Loki, holding a python: "Guys I impulsively bought a snake, what do I name him." Conrad: "You did WHAT–" Tom: "William Snakepeare"
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