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A/N: This will update every Thursday.  There are 13 chapters.  There are all sorts of kinds of D/s relationships.  This is the one I choose to write this time.  

Pairing: Tom Hiddleston x OFC (Vivian Swann)

Summary: Tom and Vivian have both been unlucky in love, searching for something outside of the bounds of a typical relationship.  When the two of them connect via a dating app, Tom is introduced to the idea of being submissive to Vivian.  Which is the one thing he never knew he needed.  Under the firm hand of Vivian, Tom learns what it means to submit and Vivian learns what it means to be in a loving dominant relationship.  But not everyone seems to understand what they have and the best intentions can destroy the strongest relationship.

This Chapter: Tom and Vivian slowly move forward and Tom discovers a thorn in his side named Benedict. 

Warnings for story: Dominant/submissive relationship (sub!Tom), lots of smut including but not limited to: vaginal sex, oral sex (male and female receiving), edging, denial, teasing, use of restraints, spanking, multiple orgasm, anal play, use of toys.

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“You are positively glowing, Viv.” Her best friend Ashley commented as they sat down for lunch that Monday. “Don’t tell me you finally got laid. What has been seven, eight months?”

“Twenty-two, but who’s counting?” Vivian snapped back.

“You.” Ashley stabbed her fork at her. “So if it wasn’t sex, then what? Did you find a new esthetician? You have to give me the name. My pores are crying.”

“I found someone, but not an esthetician. A boy.” Vivian responded, coy, not wanting to reveal too much after just one date.

“A boy?” Ashley clapped her hands together in excitement.

Ashley’s perpetual joy could grate on Vivian’s nerves on worse days, but as her best friend throughout law school, she couldn’t imagine her life without Ash. Vivian shot her a glare.

“Yes.” She stabbed at her salad.

Ashley’s eyes widened to the size of saucers. “You mean a boy boy?”

“Possibly. We’ve only been on one date.” She held up a finger. “Before you ask, a normal ‘vanilla’ date. Dinner.”


Viv smiled. “But there is a… a… quality about him. So full of life and stinking positive. It’s intoxicating.” She shivered, remembering that kiss.

“Anything else?” Ashley blinked at her, knowing there was more to tell.

“He is also drop dead gorgeous and an amazing kisser.”

“Details, or it didn’t happen. First off, tongue or no tongue?”

“Not telling.”

“Boo.” Ashley pouted. “Give me something. What celebrity does he look like?”

Vivian stopped chewing to stop herself from choking. What a loaded question.

“Tom Hiddleston.”

“Ooooh,” Ashley cooed. “He is so hot.”

“But enough about me,” Vivian changed the subject before Ashley pushed much further. “How are things with Eric?”

Ashley poked at her food. “Things are not. He ghosted me a week ago.”

Vivian’s phone buzzed. It was Tom. She said a silent prayer that she had labeled him in her phone as T and not his full name as Ashley leaned over to read the message.

Thinking about you. Already finished one book you recommended. Thank you for that. They have been most helpful.

She smiled at the message.

“Is that the boy?” Ashley craned her neck. “Let me see.”

Vivian flipped the phone around for her to read.

“Awww. He is just the cutest. When are you seeing him again?”

“He is calling tonight and I imagine we will make plans then.”

Ashley danced a bit in her chair. “I can’t wait to meet him.”

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Tom Hiddleston in Victoria Cross Heroes

Jesus imagine he is your husband and writes this to you omg

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Just a question everyone:

Miss Sharp, from the Loki: Where Mischief Lies book, does anyone know what was her first name? I don’t remember anyone saying it in the book. Can someone tell me if you know please?

Thank you!

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I see and embrace them as who they canonically are. In canon Loki is genderfluid and pansexual (that is what I believe to be correct, but please do educate me if I’m wrong because my intention is absolutely not to erase their sexuality in any way) so that is how I respectfully see them, and I hope the mcu won’t erase that part of their character in the series. As for Lady Loki, I haven’t read every comic issue out there so I’m not familiar with them nor do I have enough knowledge about them, but they’re Loki so that is how I know they rock!

May I also recite this quote from Tom Hiddleston here ♡

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Tony *making coffee*
So, have you ever been in love?
Loki *smirking*
Of course!
Tony *with jealousy*
With who?
Loki *watching him intently*
With you.
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Hmmm. Well, every OC I do tends to be shorter when I write them haha. Don’t judge, I’m just quite short and LOVE the idea of a taller guy. 

I think Tom would love it. He would like the idea of being your strong protector, wrapping his arms around you from behind and resting his chin on your head. He’d secretly enjoy helping you to reach things from the top shelf in shops etc or at home. 

And would love lifting you up to hug you, or to take you against the wall, hehe. 

Loki on the other hand, well I think most people are shorter than him anyway since he’s a God, a literal frost giant! 

I think he would be similar to Tom but I think he’d also enjoy pointing it out and teasing you in a playful way, if he knew you weren’t offended by it. He would deliberately put things high up to watch you struggle. 

He’d make you work hard to be able to reach up to kiss him. He would just stand tall and smirk while you tried climbing him like a tree just to kiss his lips. Or while you pulled a chair over to stand on, then he’d deliberately move away after the kiss when your arms are still around his neck so you’re just left hanging onto him for dear life. (But he’d never let you fall or hurt yourself) 

And while he would make cheeky remarks regarding your height at times, god help anyone else who comments about it. He’d tear their head off, and/or throw them out the window. 

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Happy to know you enjoyed it! And yes, I do take prompts/suggestions! Overprotective Loki is one of my favorites, too so keep an eye out for something similar to that.

There’re a lot more to come xx

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”L.A, L.A why so shady? ● She said, L.A, made me. She said, L.A, won’t let me go ● L.A, owns my soul”.

The trials and tribulations of the Hollywood elite are unlike any other, it’s impossible to relate. The high paced, sometimes high stress can get to a person, causing them their careers. Others thrive on it. What will happen to you?

Tinseltown-rp is a plotless style roleplay based around the Hollywood entertainment industry. Bring in the celeb of your choosing and build up from there. Some will have some pre existing connections to start with, others might not, but that’s the beauty of roleplaying! Here at Tinseltown we encourage creativity and branching out. Making connections and storylines that might not happen in real life. Roleplaying is supposed to be fun, and that’s exactly the type of environment we’re creating here. Everyone is welcome and wanted, so come join us for a new home that promotes unique creativity and understands that roleplay is meant to be fun.

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Poems in the Dark

Paring: Loki x Reader

Word Count: 1,610

Warnings: None

Posted: 20/01/2021

Loki Taglist: @lucywrites02 @gaitwae

A/N: I couldn’t find a fitting poem for this one shot, so i made my own. I hope its not terrible 🙏


Originally posted by tomlokixarianastanx93

Loki living in the tower was something you never thought you’d get used to. But after a couple of months of him not trying to kill anyone, you trusted him quite quickly. Tony on the other hand wouldn’t let him anywhere near you unless supervised. You never got a moment alone with him. But you wanted to. During the time he’s been here, you noticed the small things that others wouldn’t. The way his eyes would cry silent tears. The way his body moved with his emotions. The way that words from the others affected him. You noticed it all, and developed feelings for the man. Of course, you couldn’t let anyone know, well except for Natasha. She could see through any lie. But she promised not to tell anyone.

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A couple of rich and famous suitors are trying to conquer your heart; Thomas, who’s a famous poet, and Timothée who’s a talented painter. Once they learn about their common interest in you, the dirty games begin. They start dedicating their work to you and trying to sabotage one another without you noticing, but when a poem about love making is published the same time as a new painting of a naked woman surrounded by flowers is revealed, the men learn that it is you who’s been playing with both the whole time. Surprisingly, they agree to be your lovers but not without constantly trying to kill one another, like when Timothée tried to poison Thomas or when Thomas provoked a carriage accident hoping for Timothée to die so he could make it look like a terrible accident. 

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You were kidnapped by your brother Tom’s nemesis, Sebastian. A thug that wanted him dead. He kept you around for weeks and never failed to mention how attractive you were. He knew perfectly well that if he seduced you, it would enrage Tom and if he pretended to have fallen in love with you, perhaps there’d be peace among them. Just so he could get close enough to end up betraying you and killing Tom.

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