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Loki: Love?
Loki: [enters the room to see a pile of blankets on his bed]
Loki: Love, are you alright?
Loki: *sighs* My love.
Loki: *sitting on the bed*
Loki: I know how the world feels like it's not a home anymore.
Loki: And it's alright, because nobody feels happy about this.
Loki: But we have to have hope. We have to persevere. This isn't going to last forever.
Loki: *looking out the window* The sun will shine on us again.
Loki: And... if it doesn't...
Loki: I'll be the one to light your way.
Loki: I love you.
Y/N, from the bathroom doorway: Loki?
Loki: *turns around* Love-?
Loki: *looks in the pile of blankets*
Y/N: *giggling* Did you think I was hiding under the blankets?
Loki, scoffing: Of course not. It was just a ploy to get you to come out of the bathroom.
Y/N: *smiling* Liar, liar.
Loki: It's natural. I'm the God of Lies, darling.
Y/N: Why are you saying that like it's a bad thing?
Y/N: You say you're the God of Lies, but to me you're so much more.
Y/N: You're the love of my life.
Y/N: The one I can show my most vulnerable side to...
Y/N: The one I can trust to always be there for me...
Y/N: The one I know could never hurt me.
Y/N: Or a pile of blankets.
Y/N: *squeals as Loki playfully swats her ass*
Y/N: I'm not joking.
Y/N: I heard everything you said.
Y/N: I don't need to feel that the world is a home.
Y/N: And do you know why?
Y/N: Because right here, in this room, on this bed, in your arms...
Y/N: I am home.
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October 25th - Thigh Riding - Magnus Martinsson


an: you’re in for a double treat today cause I had this one half way done on the 25th, but for several reasons I couldn’t finish and post it. And I really wanted to, so… here you go.

Magnus/Reader - sort of a follow-up to October, 18th drabble


Rocking back and forth, the stimulation had made you wet enough to glide with ease over his muscled thigh. Magnus pulled on the restraints on his wrists, dying to touch you, he even tried to search for your lips. You grabbed his curls roughly and pulled him away from you.

“I told you what would happen if you came before I got home,” you said breathily.

Magnus groaned loudly. “So this is payback?”


“I thought it was just-” he made a grunting sound. “-not having sex for a week.”

“Where would be the fun in that?” You slowed down your movements and kissed up his neck. “You got off by yourself, now I’ll do the same.” you added, and pulled his earlobe with your teeth.

You scooted up closer to his groin, making sure your thigh rubbed his cock each time. Holding on to his shoulders for leverage, you increased your speed. Magnus, in his despair, bucked his hips up. The muscles on his thigh tensed, making the friction all the more delicious.

Your mouth dropped open and your breathing picked up. Magnus was shamelessly humping your thigh by now, or trying to.

“Fuck!” you whimpered.

You dropped your forehead to his shoulder and your nails sank on his back. His muscles twitched against your sensitive pussy, pushing over the edge. You juices ran down his groin.

After a few seconds of catching your breath, you looked at Magnus. His face was red and there was a plea in his eyes. His hard cock rested against your thigh, smearing his precum on your skin. You smiled widely, and reached behind him to set his hands free.

Magnus wrapped his arms around your waist, rubbing his cock on you.

“Please?” he said, nuzzling your neck.

“No,” you said. “One week, that’s your punishment.”

He huffed frustrated. “That’s not nice.”

“We already established that I am not nice.”

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Professor Hiddleston, my favoriteeee. He would tell you to meet him in his office after class, acting as if you were just any other student of his. When you get there, he tells you to lock the door and as soon as you do, he grabs you, bends you over his desk, pulls his belt from his pants, and begins spanking you with it. He’s going to make it impossible for you to sit through your classes for the rest of the week and all you’ll be able to do is think about how your Professor hit you like this. After his spanking is done, Professor Hiddleston would tie your hands behind your back with his belt and fuck you over the side of his desk - hard - just to make sure you know what happens when you tease him. And maybe as even further punishment, he won’t let you cum. You’ll have to earn that and prove you’re his good little girl after all

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October 26th - Spanking - Robert Laing


Laing/Reader + a paddle.



The sharp sound of wood against skin ricocheted on the balcony and got lost in the cool air of the night. Laing breathed in abruptly, his ass already stinging as the blood rushed to his pale skin.


Laing gripped the rails of the balcony and bit hard on the tie in his mouth. He got loud and you knew it, so you had taken a precaution this time. 


Laing adjusted his position, so now his cock protruded in between two bars of the balcony railing. It put a bit of strain in his thighs, but that was better than to squish his cock. And it was a good idea too. Each blow made the blood fill his member, swelling it up.

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One of my favorite things is that at the end of the Guardians of the Galaxy credits, it states, “no raccoons or tree creatures were harmed during the making of this film. The same cannot be said for handlers of said raccoons and tree creatures.”  

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Have you heard of super face recognisers? Well the same phenomenon exists for voices, and I have that particular talent and it just so happens that for once, it came in useful. 

This cretin on youtube is uploading poems “read” by Tom and it’s just not him. It isn’t. I could tell immediately, but it seems others can’t as I’m the only one calling him out. 

He’s also uploaded Charles Bukowski readings and he seems to have branched out into Timothy Chalamet too. Unfortunately I do not know their voices at all to be able to comment on the veracity of those recordings but if Tom’s are fake, then the others probably are too. 

Don’t fall for it. Tom did not record these. 

I don’t even understand why he’s lying. We had a Loki impressionist join us on Tumblr a few years back and he was really popular (and he did a far better impression of Tom/Loki than this guy does). He doesn’t have to lie to fans to get our interest, and it’s the lying that pisses me off, not the fact he’s doing impressions of Tom. 

I fucking hate liars. 

Anyway, I only really lurk here these days and don’t know many people, so please tag anyone you think should be aware of this. 

Oh, yeah, he’s also left his paypal link on his youtube page. Classy. Real classy. Don’t give him any money. 

@evieplease @ms-cellanies 

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Trigger Warning: smut, kidnapping, small oral sex, flogging, vibrator, butt plug, daddy kink, obsession, yandere.

Word Count: 1,404

Character: Tom Hiddleston/reader

Notes: Write in the comments if you liked it, please. And maybe I’ll write something else like this (requests are open).

Summary: You get drunk in a bar and don’t notice that you’ve been spiked with an aphrodisiac in a pint of beer, and you really want to have sex. Just at this moment, you come across an unknown man who is not averse to spending time with you. You go home with him, not knowing that he has known you for a long time and is not only obsessed with you.


You didn’t remember anything. Not the way you started talking to an unknown man, not the way you agreed to go with him, not the way you ended up naked in front of him and started obeying him. 

On your knees, my dear,” the man ordered, turning away from you and pulling out a suitcase with various sex items from under the bed.

You, as if in oblivion, knelt down, looking, for some reason, with devoted eyes at him.

“Well done, baby,” the man just couldn’t help but praise you. “I see you like to obey! If that’s the case, then let’s take care of your upbringing, ” the blue-eyed man said, turning around with the whip in his hands and sitting down on the bed. “Get on my lap!” he patted them, urging you to follow his orders. 

Nodding obediently, you did what the man wanted you to do. Slowly running his hand over your delicious ass, he almost purred with pleasure. He closed his eyes, imagining you and himself in the future. But with a shake of his head, he snapped out of his reverie, returning to you and your upbringing .

“You’re going to count every hit and thank me, okay?” you looked at him with fear. “I asked: got it?!” in a moment of anger, the man slapped your ass.

“Yes,” you sobbed, preparing for your punishment.

“Daddy,” he prompted.

“Yes, daddy.”

“That’s good,” he breathed out before asking again. “My dearest, dearest, do you know why I want to do what I’m going to do?”

“Um, I, uh, don’t know, daddy,” you whispered, afraid to make the man even more angry. 

“That’s too bad, my beauty,” the man said, striking again. “You should always know what I’m raising you for,” the man said in a teacher’s tone. “For not knowing, you’ll have to take a total of 20 punches, okay? ”

“Yes, daddy!” you answered readily, still a little unaware of your behavior. 

“You’re just a smart kid at dad’s!” Ohr said in a satisfied tone, kissing your nose. The tenderness was followed by a blow. 

“O-one, thank you, daddy! ”


“Two, thank, daddy!”


“T-three, a-a-a, thank you, daddy!”

Hit, and then the words. 

“You must treat me with respect, understand?!"what’s wrong?” the man hissed, throwing several random punches. 

“Yes, daddy,” you gasped. “Thank you, daddy!”

“For another disobedience, to your punishment is added five more blows!”

He beat the tender skin without sparing; all the time, stroking the tip of the whip buttocks, then causing pain. You were thanking him. 

Completely exhausted, the owner of the Jaguar, still holding his little one on his lap, took out the suitcase, carefully putting the whip in it, as he remembered the pink vibrator located in your pussy, where he put it in the toilet when you first fucked. The most amazing thing is that you didn’t mind. On the contrary, when he asked you about it, you even got excited. He grinned.

“How’s your vibrator doing?"carelessly made sure to cause early pain. 

"Okay, daddy,” you smiled sweetly. 

You know what, baby, I’ve come up with something…” he rummaged in his briefcase and pulled out an anal plug. “This will be much more practical, and at the same time we will train your anal hole before I go into it. Don’t you agree with me, dear? It is, in my opinion, even better than a vibrator.”

“Yes, daddy, I agree.”

“That’s good. And Yes, that’s right, ”he slapped his forehead,“ I forgot all about it… ” he paused before happily saying: “You will wear an anal plug every day and every hour! Even sleep with her and bathe. I’m not talking about the meals and the house.”

Okay, daddy,” you said, almost crying, but excited. After a while, you asked, “ when do I go to the bathroom?” Your face was flushed with embarrassment.

My little fool, "he laughed,” if I order you, you obey me implicitly and run happily to do what I ask; if I tell you to wear something all day, “ he wrapped your hair around your arm, making you arch your back,” then you wear it! “

"Okay, daddy.”

That’s good,” he chuckled, putting the plug in the hole. “Get on the bed,” you stood up, but you didn’t obey, holding your ass. He looked at you seriously. “I said get down!”he shouted, which made you jump, but obediently followed the instructions. 

The man began to undress slowly; taking off some of his clothes one by one, he slowly drove the impatient girl crazy. Finally, he took off his underpants. 

Almost pouncing on you, he ran his finger over your cock. You swallowed when the man took you by the hips, sharply parted them and he opened a magnificent view of your pussy. 

“It’s going to feel good again,” he whispered as he entered you. “I guarantee you that,” the man groaned before he could finish the sentence, sinking deeper into the intimate area.

You lay on the bed, trying to understand what was happening, while your body enjoyed the many caresses of a stranger.

With his free hand under your chin, he pulled you toward him and made you watch what he was doing to your body. Frantically tearing his lips and kissing them until they bled-a man, as if claiming you. Roughly entering you, he hammered so hard, as if he was having sex for the last time. 

You closed your eyes and gasped. His cock filled you completely. Every time he entered you, you felt every thrust that made you gasp. When you felt your Breasts go unnoticed, you lifted them up, hoping to get his attention. And it worked. Wet soft lips sucked on the pert nipple, tugging and scratching with their teeth on the sensitive part.

Not wanting to part with the dominance-he firmly grabbed your wrists, lifted your hands up above your head, squeezing them hard in a sign of love. Then he moved on to the other breast. His rhythm was still steady. 

You’re a bad girl!” he growled, lifting his head and pressing his lips to yours with force. “Very bad!”

You groaned loudly, swaying your hips in the hope that he would continue. The man grinned and slammed into you. You could feel your body pressing against the mattress every time he entered you. The lips fell on your forearm; sweet kisses and tender love were shown there. 

“Finish it! Come for me! Quickly!” the man repeated lovingly. 

Suddenly stopping, he pulled his cock out of your vagina, seeing the blood. You were a virgin. You were clean. You were made to belong to him.

Also, a few seconds later, you came. Quickly, as he ordered.

Feeling that he would soon be ready to cum, the man grabbed your hand, still not thinking anything, and threw you on the floor, on his knees, putting an excited member to your mouth.

Swallow,” he growled sternly, wrapping his hands around the sitting woman’s head. When he finished with a groan, he relaxed back on the bed, ordering you to lie down with him. You tripled in comfort, and as soon as you closed your eyes, you realized you had sex with Tom fucking Hiddleston.

But you didn’t know that Thomas had known you for a long time. He knew you from high school, where you always came to his class and sat down with him in literature and English classes. And it was the moment he recognized your favorite author that he became completely obsessed with you, constantly following you after school.

But then Tom, having gained fame, stopped following you, but as soon as you appeared even for a moment in that cafe, he immediately realized that he had to protect you. He wanted you to belong to him again. And that’s when he followed you home. He learned your work schedule. Tom liked to walk you home and watch you.

After interrupting his thoughts and noticing that you had fallen asleep, Hiddleston carefully picked you up and carried you carefully down the stairs to the basement. After putting you on a soft bed, he took out handcuffs from a nearby drawer and chained you to the bed. With a soft, light kiss on your lips and then on your forehead, Tom left, locking the door behind him. In the morning, he’ll show you who’s boss.

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