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Another drabble for the 4 HBC one word prompt challenge! This one’s for @the-th-horniest-book-club

@the-ss-horniest-book-club @the-ce-horniest-book-club @the-mcu-horniest-book-club

Loki always felt like he was at home with you. Even when he wasn’t with you, you were his refuge, his base, the person who helped keep him from going over the edge. Maybe he was weak to be dependent on you, but Loki didn’t care. Nothing felt right when he was separated from you.

He smiled as he watched you read in the windowsill. Just seeing you helped Loki’s mind calm. Gently, he slipped his hand against yours and laced your fingers with his. You looked up and smiled at Loki before going back to your reading.

And Loki wanted to spend the rest of the day, just like this.

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I wish Tumblr had the option to be able to delete my posts that others use for purposes other than mine, but there is no such option. I can only block stupid users who are absurd judges and theydecide what should be and what should not be about the life of our idols and they will always have something to criticize good or bad, they will never agree anyway.

I hate stupid people.

It is pains me the stupid people

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Originally posted by hcney-gcld

gif credit: hcney-gcld on tumblr

pairing: loki odinson x female! reader

summary: being a high-tech scientist, you spend years of your life studying the norse god who wreaked havoc in new york a while back. what happens when you’re offered an opportunity to interview him?

warnings: minor violence, hints of ptsd, and a little bit of angst

author’s note: i am in no way, shape, or form trying to romanticize violence OR ptsd! this is just something i thought of while rewatching the mcu so i hope u guys like it :)


everything that you had believed to be a myth, or simply a way for teenagers to get a thrill from while watching a film, was apparently real. aliens did in fact exist, and they entered your planet through a giant wormhole right above your apartment building. you, much like the rest of new york, went into a panic and tried to secure your windows and doors as much as you could. in one instance, you were rushing to secure the locks on your windows and pull the curtains down to avoid detection, but a tall figure caught your attention. he wasn’t an alien, features and overall structure proving so, but he wasn’t exactly afraid of his surroundings. he walked around the edge of the tower he was on with a proud expression, and you could’ve sworn he formed the tiniest evil smirk. the staff he held began to glow a bright blue, and then he shot at a nearby building, causing it to crumble and fall to the ground. you quickly reached the conclusion that this man was also an alien, and that he was probably the one controlling the terrifying army of creatures. 

and at last, he saw you. your hands were shakily still holding both sides of the curtains and you were too scared to move a muscle. you felt something deep in your stomach, fear, inch its way throughout your body as he gave you that same heinous smile before raising his staff towards your window. you saw his free hand raise to give you a little wave as if motioning goodbye, and you felt your eyes sting with tears, realizing you were quite clearly about to die. you let go of the curtains and started walking backwards slowly, hands reaching to cover your mouth as you let out a choked sob. you kept moving until you were about to hit the edge of your coffee table when you saw a red and gold suit fly to where the man was. he pointed his palm towards his adversary and before you were able to blink, he shot the man with what seemed like some sort of energy. your hands reached up to hold your head in both relief and confusion and let out the breath you were holding in. you witnessed the man in the armor get into an intense battle with the enemy, but you didn’t stay long enough to find out who’d win. gathering your essentials, you quickly made your way to your car and hope that you could get out of new york undetected. 

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Pairing: Loki x you


Originally posted by damnbritishboyz

“So are you going to help me or not?” Loki sat up on the bed holding his stomach.

Thor frowned “What exactly do you expect me to do? Deliver the girl to you so you can…” Thor made a disgusted face “Do you really expect your own brother to take part in your twisted sex schemes?”

“It’s not like that!” Loki snapped.

Thor looked at Loki a bit perplexed “It’s truly baffling, you’re the master of trickery and yet you managed to mess up such a simple trap.” Thor tried to look into Loki’s eyes “You like this girl.”

Loki flinched and turned his head so Thor couldn’t see his face.

Thor changed his position, still trying to get a response from Loki, “You wanted her but you knew this wasn’t right and you wanted to punish yourself for it.”

Loki finally looked at his brother with a scowl “Thank you for the psychoanalysis brother.”

“I’m serious. You like her, you wanted this to happen.” A small smile crept on Thor’s lip.

Loki clenched his fist, “Don’t be absurd!”

Thor realized that Loki would never admit to his feelings like this, so he decided to change his strategy “Maybe I should be the one to help her out. Hm? I’d take her against this wall, her naked body pressed against the glass while you would watch in frustration.” Thor started to sway his hips slowly, as he imitated holding you, “I think that’s a fitting punishment for you. She’d make the most delicious sounds as I’d please her. I could take good care of her-”

“That’s enough!” Loki yelled as he stood up and pounded his fist against the glass.

Thor’s tone became serious again “All jesting aside, I don’t know what to do. I guess it’s all up to her.”  Thor frowned, “Why do you have that potion anyway?”

Loki sat down on his bed again “I took it from Mother’s secret cabinet, I always wanted to try it out.” Loki chuckled “It sure cured father’s impotence. Remember that time they locked themselves in their bedroom for a week-“

“Just stop.” Thor cringed.

Loki laughed but he felt another sharp pain shoot through him as if his body was punishing him for what he said.


A few minutes later you opened the door for Thor and right before you closed it behind him you saw some of the Avengers trying to get a peek inside. Thor looked at you with concern.

“Well?” you asked. You felt so hot and dizzy as you stood in front of him.

“I don’t know how to say this.” Thor rubbed the back of his neck.

“Do you know what’s happening to me?” you leaned against the edge of the desk.

“Yes… but…”

“Just spit it out! Is there a cure for this or not?”

“Well there definitely is a cure for this…” Thor gave you a small smile.

“Is it hard to cure?”

“Not at all! It definitely won’t be hard to cure…” he said gleefully but then his face fell slightly not knowing how to explain things further.

“Then give it to me.” You said standing up.

Thor looked at you wide eyed “What?”

“I assume you have whatever is needed to cure me. So give it!” you walked closer to him.

“Oh I definitely have it but I’m not sure you want it from me.” Thor started to back up.

You were really angry now “What is wrong with you!? Of course I want it! Give it to me immediately!” you outstretched your hand towards Thor.

Thor jumped back so you couldn’t touch him “Calm down, let me explain. Please.” He gestured for you to sit down.

You slumped on the couch angrily “Make it quick.”

Thor sat next to you but made sure to keep a safe distance. “The thing that’s affecting you is something that enhances sexual desire. In order for you to feel better you need to bed someone.” Thor said in one breath.

You stared at him for a moment “You mean have sex? You have got to be joking.”

Thor laughed awkwardly “I assure you I am not. I’m sorry but the only way to cure you is for you to have intercourse with someone. Isn’t there someone in SHIELD that you have… bonded with?” he eyed you for a moment but you were determined not answer that question “I can give you this potion that I sometimes use for my ailments but I don’t know if it will have any effect” Thor handed you a bottle with a blue liquid, as you took it your fingers brushed against each other.

It seemed like any physical contact with another person clouded your mind with sexual arousal. Your vision became blurry and you felt a familiar heat quickly build up in your core, you gave out a small whimper as you leaned in and outstretched your hand to touch Thor.

Thor quickly stood up barely avoiding your hand. “I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

“Please” you slowly stood up and started walking in his direction “It hurts so much… won’t you help me?” you started tugging on your blouse, you felt even hotter than before.

Thor was very tempted, but he knew it wouldn’t be right, you didn’t really know each other that well and even though emotions were high right now he knew that you might regret it later. Thor panicked as you started unbuttoning your blouse, he took a flower vase from Fury’s desk  and he emptied its contents over your head. You let out a small gasp as you snapped back into reality while you stood there wet, covered in gunk and flower petals. “Come with me.” he said giving you a light push as he opened the door, making sure not to touch your skin.

Thor was acting as your bodyguard as he made a path for you, not letting anyone touch you as he guided you to your room.

He opened the door for you, “I’ll figure something out, just stay here for now. Unless… there is someone you would like me to bring to your room?”

You sat on your bed and you just shook your head no.

“Right… take the potion I gave you, it might help. I’ll tell everyone that you need rest and you’re not to be disturbed.”

“Thank you.” You replied right before Thor shut the door.

You took off your clothes and went to the bathroom to take a cold shower.


Whatever Thor gave you wasn’t working at all. You thought about what he said as you were lying in bed, maybe you should share your situation with one of the Avengers, it was embarrassing but there was no other way to take care of this problem.

It was late and everyone was probably asleep by now but your room felt stuffy and hot so you decided to go for a walk around the compound. You didn’t even bother to put on your slippers, the cool floor just felt so soothing. You walked through the dark hall, you knew this place like the back of your hand so you didn’t even bother switching on any of the lights. From time to time you had to stop, as the pain pulsated through your body. This was unbearable, should you just walk into somebody’s room and do it? Tony probably wouldn’t be too opposed to it. Bucky seemed reserved but it’s probably been quite a while since he had his fun with someone. You were getting along with Stephen Strange lately, maybe he wouldn’t have anything against changing the status of your relationship. As you thought of possible scenarios that could free you from your dilemma, you realized that you were standing in front of Loki’s room.


Originally posted by hjbender

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