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#tom hiddleston characters
idy-ll-ique · 3 months ago
*y/n walks into the room to see bucky sitting in front of the computer, having an existential crisis*
y/n: ...what happened
bucky, teary-eyed: AM I A ROBOT?!?!
y/n, turning to loki who is also in the room: WHAT DID YOU DO
y/n: jfc—
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burberrybaby · 4 months ago
alf mubarak - الف مبروك
Tumblr media
the following is my own work. i do not give permission to anyone to repost under their own name, plagiarize, or translate any of my works, regardless of the platform.
pairing: professor!tom x woc!reader
summary: professor hiddleston wants to reward you after a successful semester in his class.
warnings: SMUT, fluff, dom/ sub dynamics, semi public sex (students in the building,) protected sex, multiple orgasms (implied,) sleeping with your teacher, big age gap, praise kink, pinning, pet names (darling and kitten,) the british accent, uh tom hiddleston.
a/n: so recently i’ve had a bit of an obsession with tom’s scruffy beard (especially with the glasses) so here ya go. also, i just gave a random name for the roommate. loosely based on that one sex scene from the night manager. english isn’t my first language.
word count: 2.4k
“Now I know you’re all very eager to get out of here, but I do have a final announcement.”
Your professor stands from his chair and rounds his desk, leaning against it and facing his class, “the students whom have been selected for the celebratory dinner have been notified prior to this class, and I hope to see each and every one in attendance.”
Of course, you had been one of those students; your professor had even told you the news personally, congratulating you on a very successful semester in his language class. You had been his star student.
You hadn’t expected to do so well, your unusually attractive professor had you distracted most of the time. Maybe that’s why you went out of your way to do as best as you could in his class; professor Hiddleston looked like he should be a model… not teaching at a university.
“Congratulations to you all. Class dismissed”
Everyone in the room claps, congratulating their friends and starting down the steps to the door near the front of the room. You smile at the celebration, giggling as you watch others throwing their papers in the trash like school children on their last day.
When you near the exit, Professor Hiddleston stops you, “I’m very proud of you, y/n, you’ve done wonderfully in my class.”
You struggle to hide your blush as you smile up at him, “thank you, professor.”
“Ah, ah, you needn’t call me that anymore. Tom is just fine.”
But your blush only worsens at that, “okay… Tom.”
Your professor surely would’ve seen your cheeks turn rosy at some point in the semester; your hands brushing each other if he were explaining a concept to you, when he’d come up behind you to check on your work and you feel his breath faintly against your neck. Tom would’ve been blind not to notice.
Biting your lip, you watch as the man looks around, confirming the room is now empty before he pulls you in for a hug. You’re left dumbfounded as he smiles warmly down at you, “I’ll see you tonight.”
“Oh, I um… I actually don’t have a ride. My car kinda broke down and it’s in the shop so-”
“Let me drive you then.”
Your eyes widen at your professor, “n-no that’s alright, truly I wouldn’t want you to trouble yourself-”
“Nonsense,” he waves off the idea, “I can be at your complex at 7.”
In reality, you could’ve carpooled with a friend, or taken the public transport, but you were actually really excited at the idea.
“It’s the um, the ABC building a few blocks off campus.”
Tom nods, “sounds good.”
“O-okay… see you then!” You practically scurry out of the room, glancing back to see him smiling at you.
After relaying the situation to your roommate, Marie was hellbent on getting you ready for the dinner.
She was the only person who knew about your crush on your teacher, and had always wanted you two together. Marie picked out one of her tightest dresses for you and had also decided to do your hair and makeup.
“Stop that, you know teachers can’t have relationships with students…” You play with your fingers as your friend finishes up your hair. A habit you had whenever you felt anxious.
She spins the chair your seated in so you look at her “Blah blah blah! In a few days won’t even be a student here anymore. We’re graduating remember?”
All you can do is sigh and change into the dress she gave you, looking at your figure in the mirror as your mind wanders; imagining Tom’s hands on your body, the feel of his beard against your supple skin, whispering sinfully into your ears-
Your thoughts are interrupted as Marie knocks on the door to your room, “done yet?”
“One second!” you slip on a pair of black heels, once again provided by your friend before stepping out to reveal the look to her.
Marie claps and smiles at your look, motioning for you to give her a twirl and making you smile, “ready to go?”
You nod and she walks out to the elevator, down to the lobby with you. When you two step out of the building, you see Tom leaning against his black BMW with his hands in his pockets.
He smiles when he sees you, walking up to you and taking your hand to kiss your knuckles, whispering, “you look stunning.”
Your brain doesn’t have the time to register what Tom said as he turns to your friend and greets her with a nod. Taking your hand, he leads you to the car and opens the door for you, helping you in.
“Y/n, remember we have that party after your dinner, okay?”
“Oh!” you completely forgot, and look to your professor. Before you can ask for him to give you a lift, he nods, “I can drop you off.”
Before Tom can round the car and seat himself, Marie says to him, “take good care of her, alright? Make sure to use protection!”
He chuckles and nods, “oh, I’ll take very good care of y/n.”
Finally coming to your senses, you glare at your friend before closing the windows, earning a light laugh from her, “have fun!”
Tom gets in the car, fastening his seatbelt before turning the key to start the drive.
You shake your head, “I’m so sorry about my friend, she really has no filter-”
“Please, dear, don’t worry about it,” he says, glancing over at you with a reassuring smile.
You give him a quick smile and look down at your lap, pretending to adjust your dress before playing with your fingers.
After a minute or two, Tom glances over, noticing your nerves, “everything alright?”
”Hm?” you look up at him, “y-yeah I’m okay.”
He doesn’t push the situation further, but instead reaches over to take your hand and squeezes it, causing your breath to hitch in your throat.
The rest of the ride is quiet until you reach the auxiliary building on campus.
Tom parks and helps you out of the car, leading you inside the building with you on his arm. All the other professors had already arrived, and when the other students realize their own professor had appeared, they move to greet him.
You pull your hand off his arm when you notice a few of your classmates sending you odd looks, and Tom looks down at you apologetically, whispering, “go, enjoy the party.”
Nodding, you turn and walk off to find someone to talk to, grabbing a plate of appetizers on the way. Once you find your group, your nerves loosen up a bit and you begin to loose yourself in the laughter.
At one point everyone had been seated for the actual dinner; the school had went all out for the students, a few of the professors had even made toasts. Tom was seated among them, winking the few times you two made eye contact.
Everyone claps when the Brit steps onto the stage, and he sends you a warm smile for you to blush at.
“I’ll make this quick, I know some of you students have your own parties to attend for graduation.”
You can hardly pay attention to his speech, he looked so good in that suit… the first few buttons of his dress shirt undone, the way he occasionally pushed his glasses up or played with his beard.
“And to finish… class dismissed.”
The students laugh and cheer, clapping and congratulating their friends. A few start to file out of the building, heading to their sorority and frat parties, others lingering around, chatting with their professors about god knows what.
You decide to wait at the front of the building for your professor to show up, but he pulls you back inside and around a corner to an empty hall.
“Huh… oh! Hi prof- I mean Tom!”
He smiles, “Hi dear. I just wanted to congratulate you personally.”
You beam up at him, your innocent smile making him chuckle, “thank you so much! I really wouldn’t have done so well without you as my teacher.”
“Thank you, but all the hard work was done by you,” Tom pauses, looking around to make sure no one was in the hall and begins moving forwards to you, pinning you against the wall.
“W-what are you doing-” you’re voice is barely audible, and you could still hear the voices of students lingering in the lobby.
Tom leans down, taking your chin to lift it and leave a short, sweet kiss on your lips. Your entire body freezes, but when he pulls away you find yourself desperate for more.
“Think of it like an award. Just… say if you want me to stop, I won’t force you to do anything,” he whispers, leaning down to kiss you again before pulling away.
You shake your head, “no, don’t stop…”
He nods and pushes you against the wall, cupping your face with one hand and grabbing onto your ass with the other, causing you to moan into his mouth. You wrap your arms around his neck before Tom slips his tongue into your mouth, taking the opportunity to explore.
There was no space between your bodies, and the thought of getting caught only made your cunt throb. Tom’s hand makes its way down to your thigh, picking you up with both hands and wrapping your legs around his waist. At that point, your dress had ridden up to your hips and you felt his bulge against your clothed core, making you whimper at the contact.
Tom’s kisses make their way down your jaw and to your neck, the friction of his beard against your skin felt heavenly, and oh how desperately you wanted to feel that between your thighs. He moves down to your collarbone, nipping slightly and smoothing it over with his tongue, then to your exposed chest.
You take your hands from his neck to slip down the shoulders of your dress, giving him more space to work, and he chuckles, “not so innocent now, are you?” Making you whimper as your head lolls back, drinking in the pleasure.
Loosing track of time, your professor mumbles against your skin, “give me a second, kitten,” moving one hand from your thigh to his pocket and pulling out a condom.
You giggle quietly as he hands it to you, nodding as consent for you to slip down his trousers. Your mouth waters at the sight of his length and you imagine what it would be like to have your lips wrapped around his cock. You push away the thought, unwrapping the condom with shaky hands and slipping it onto him as quickly as you can.
“Attagirl.” He mumbles, making your heart flutter. A deep moan comes from Tom when he feels your fingers on his cock, and he wastes no time pushing your panties aside; rubbing his tip along your folds before pressing into you. Your head falls onto his shoulder and you practically cling to him as he eases himself inside, your moans muffled against him.
He stiles a groan and begins thrusting into you, slowly at first, then mercilessly quick, mumbling against your skin, “taking me so well.”
Your breasts were completely exposed and bouncing at the impact, only making your professor more hungry for release.
Already feeling your own orgasm coming close, you pull back to look at him, crashing your lips back to his so your tongues move in union. His large hands massaging your bare thighs as his cock disappears time and time again into your cunt, “doing amazing for me, darling.”
You’re lost in the pleasure, unable to wrap your head around how one man could make you feel this good.
Whimpering a bit louder and looking to his ice blue eyes, you find yourself unable to find words, “I- I-”
He laughs at you, “look at you, kitten. Can’t even speak anymore,” and your eyes almost tear up, desperate to say something but too focused on how he kept hitting your g spot just right.
Forgetting the students around the corner, you practically scream, “Tom I’m gonna come!”
You gasp and bite down on his shoulder, the fabric of his suit muffling your sounds as you come. Hard. The feeling of your cunt squeezing around his cock drives Tom to his own orgasm, his thrusts becoming stuttered as he helps you ride out your high.
Pulling your face back to look at your professor again you whisper, “I think I love you.”
He chuckles, “likewise,” slowly pulling out of you and pulling off the condom, throwing it in the rubbish.
When Tom hears footsteps coming your way, he quickly zips up his trousers and helps you adjust your dress just as a student rounds the corner with a confused look on his face, “Professor H? Everything okay?”
You lean against the wall in an attempt to keep your legs from shaking, your come almost dripping down your legs.
“Yes,” Tom says, “Miss y/n here just got a little lost.”
Looking to him with a blank face and back to the student, “y-yeah, I um, I just got lost…”
The student looks confused as your professor leads you to the lobby with his hand on the small of your back. You and your professor made it to his car, driving above the speed limit to get back to Tom’s flat so he can reward you properly.
Tom ravished you all night; orgasm after orgasm until you lost track. Falling asleep panting in his arms until morning.
When you two wake, you can barely walk from your night’s endeavors. Tom decides to start a hot bath for you and leaves to fix some breakfast for you both.
Almost dozing off, you hear your phone ring and lazily reach over to answer it, not reading the caller ID, “hello-”
Your heart skips a beat. It was Marie. Before you can even apologize for missing the party, she goes on complaining about how she waited for you and the party wasn’t fun cause you weren’t there and-
“Darling? Everything okay? Breakfast is ready.” Tom’s voice was husky as opens the bathroom door and pauses when he hears the one sided argument from your phone on speaker.
Marie gasps and basically yells, “you went home with your professor, didn’t you?!”
Tom just chuckles as you sink down into the bath in a lazy attempt to hide your face and he picks up the phone, “I’ll return y/n safely, don’t worry about her, Marie,” and ends the call.
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angeli-marco-writes · 9 days ago
Tom Hiddleston - Watch It Burn
A/N & WC - This was utterly self indulgent and I'm not sorry whatsoever. I do not know Tom, nor do I claim to: this is a work of fiction. Mary is fictional. 1.4k blurb.
Warnings - Social media relationship exposal (?), smut: unprotected sex, posessive sex, 18+.
Summary - When Tom gets a call from his publicist, he's loath to do what she asks, and once it's done, it's clear to see why.
Tumblr media
After a long, late, languorous night, the very last thing you want is to be woken by your boyfriend Tom’s phone ringing. Again.
Why does this always happen after the most tiring nights? And why so damn early? Do Tom’s entourage not understand the concept of no calls till 10? And there’s so many: you’d think one of them has a clue. Between his agent, manager, stylist, publicist and just-in-case attorney you’d think one of them has a brain cell or a clock.
“Tommy…” you grumble, grabbing a pillow and slamming it onto your face, muffling the noise slightly.
He kisses your shoulder, “Sorry baby,” and rolls over, tugging the sheet with him, to answer. “Hello?”
The unfortunately distinguishable voice of his adenoidal publicist trills down the line. “Good morning!”
“What do you want, Mary?” he asks, his voice deep, laced with sleep. He’s just as tired as you are, though he’d never risk sounding inarticulate.
“Well that’s no way to talk to your wonderful publicist!”
You scoff, wonderful. She’s the worst one on his team, always so cheery! It’s a nightmare.
“Well you shouldn’t have woken me up then, should you?” he bites right back, only to pull a hand taut over his face. “I’m sorry, I’m just tired. Late night.”
His hand rubs your bare hip beneath the duvet at this, causing you to squirm away with muffled giggle, accidentally kicking him.
“Well don’t stay up so late! It’s nine a.m, Tom, come on. You couldn’t be this flaky if you were on set at the moment.”
“I’m so close to putting the phone down right now,” he warns.
“Okay okay. I need you to post on Instagram.”
He sits bolt upright, letting the sheet fall around him, his god-like abs on full display.
“You’re joking, aren’t you? This is in jest. I’m not going back into that internet hellscape. What do you take me for?” he demands.
“Well I’m sorry Tom”—yeah, and she really sounds it: you roll your eyes—“but you’re losing traction. You need more media attention and to build up your image. The fastest, most efficient way to do that is to post on Instagram. You, the dog, the effing skyline. I literally do not care. Just post something before you become a nobody.”
You roll over indecorously in bed, hearing him heave a sigh, pinching the bridge of his nose between his fingers. You place your hand flat on his warm, toned stomach, calming him.
“Yeah fine. I’ll do it within the next week.”
“Today or tomorrow,” she chirps with a forced, nasally brightness, “or we’ll have to stage a headline.”
He doesn’t even grace her with a reply before ending the call, his face like thunder as he flops onto the pillows with a great huff.
“You’ve gotta go back on Instagram?” you inquire, trying to keep your voice soft.
“Yeah. Good grief, I hate it. That place is malignant.”
“I know, Tommy. Maybe I can take your mind off it…” you coo.
Your hand snakes lower, fingertips dancing over his exposed, semi-hard member.
He hisses through his teeth when you clasp him in your hand, “Baby, what are you doing?”
“Distracting you.”
Your lips are on his a moment later, a mess of teeth and tongues. He yanks you into his lap unabashedly and grips your hips tight as you begin to leave marks down his neck.
He takes all his frustration out on you, both in bed and a short while later in the shower. He fucks you carnally, whispering dirty things in your ear that heat your cheeks. He lets you bite his hand and his neck when the pleasure becomes overwhelming.
And then he shampoos your hair, tenderly kissing down your spine.
This man’s facets are utterly astonishing, even after all this time.
He kisses you languid and slow while you finish off in the shower, water lashing down on both your backs as you clean the exertion off one another.
Once you turn the water off and head out, Bobby takes your place in the bathroom, pawing at Tom’s legs after patiently waiting for his walk.
He picks Bobby up and gives him a good fuss before wiping the steam off the mirror.
“Baby, do I look sexy today?”
“You always look sexy,” you tell him, “but extra sexy today. Why?”
You don’t get a response from him, but don’t think too much of it. He sometimes comes out with weird questions like these, doubting himself and his looks and abilities. You just suppose this is another one of those times and you can show him how sexy he is once he comes back into the bedroom.
Tom, however, is taking his publicist's advice about starting a media storm. Not that she said that… but her threat about one of those awful staged headlines that’ll get him in the shit again implies he needs to make a splash, and soon.
Adorable Bobby on his hip, towel tied low, phone looking tiny in his big, veined hand, heavenly abs tensed, golden-auburn hair tousled in natural curls. Yeah, he thinks to himself, I do look handsome. Sexy, even.
So, in a mood so unlike himself, he snaps a couple of pics, and after putting Bobby down and sending him out to his basket with a chew toy and a promise of a walk in a few, he flicks through and finds the only one he really likes: the one that truly shows off his Herculean, god-like stature.
Tom, however, doesn’t look too closely in order to prevent him deleting them all. And nor do you when he shows it to you.
“Christ you look good,” you whisper, hand carding through his curls and tugging. Hard.
That’s all the incentive he needs to click post after drafting whatever brief, witty caption he came up with on the walk from the bathroom.
When his phone blows up, he decides to ignore it. He’s been absent from social media for well over a year so this is to be expected. He also silences it for a few hours: texts, calls, the lot.
He just goes about his domestic life with you: cooking brunch, walking Bobby, reading, writing, dancing around the living room.
Until, a short while later, his landline phone rings. His publicist, again.
“Tom. Do you realise what you posted? Or— or, even better! Do you realise what the hell you’ve done?!” she screeches.
“Mary,” he says calmly, trying to keep all condescension from his tone, “I did what you asked. I posted, I got attention. What now?”
“Christ, okay. Clearly you’ve no clue. Open up your Instagram right now.”
You’re beside him, your face cold with panic as you fumble for your phone and pull the photo up.
Taking a closer look, your heart patters, jerks and stops. Then it begins an erratic rate a moment later. “Oh… shit.”
You show Tom and watch the palpable horror wash over him. “No. No no no no no.”
“Eloquent as ever, Tom,” she deadpans in that shrill, falsely bright tone. “Fix it on your end. I’ll get started on damage control.”
“I’m so sorry, Mary,” he bleats, “I’m deleting it now.”
She puts the phone down with a despairing sigh.
Tom’s baby blue gaze meets yours, stress broiling there like a storm.
“What have we done, baby?”
You chuckle mirthlessly as you reply, “Broken the internet.”
And you have. Because the details in the picture are impossible to construe any other way.
Handprints, big and small, on the glass of the shower; hickeys on Tom’s milky neck; actual teeth marks on the webbing of his hands, scratches from you raking your nails down his muscular chest.
You may as well have written ‘Tom had sex’ in the steamy mirror for all the obviousness it presents.
“And what the ever-loving fuck do we do?” he asks, head falling to his hands as his heart rate picks up.
Unsure of what else to do, you take his face in your hands and turn him to face you. Your eyes lock with his, and you search them for every emotion inside, layered and battling. Eventually as you hold his gaze, trust wins over... underlined by lust, and love clouding it all.
As casually as you can, you brush a kiss to his temple, his nose, his lips, and let an easy smirk overtake you. “We watch it burn.”
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starrys-night · 5 months ago
President Loki NSFW Alphabet
Tumblr media
About: President Loki NSFW Alphabet (G/N! Reader)
Requested by anon!: Nsfw alphabet President! Loki? 👀
Warnings: THIS IS SMUT! ALSO, I'm probably going to jail cause I made Presidental shit somewhat sexy... BUT DON'T FORGET FUCK AMERICA!
Word Count: 1,267
A = Aftercare (What They’re Like After Sex)
Very quiet. President Loki is very guarded, so don’t expect pillow talk. Every once in a while, he will pay you a compliment about how wonderful you are, but other than that, President Loki isn’t talking. He doesn’t really do aftercare either. BUT he was extra rough with you. He’ll feel bad and totally clean you up and whisper plenty of sweet praises.
B = Body Part (Their Body Of Theirs and Their Partner’s that they like)
President Loki is very proud of everything about himself. But he’s incredibly proud of his hair. During his time as President, he had to transform himself into another person so that the Avengers wouldn’t know about him. But since you’re also a magic user, you saw through his illusion and saw the real Loki. He really feels connected to you because of this. But he’ll still act nonchalant about his feelings for you.
President Loki loves your legs. He constantly asks you to show more leg, and you either blush and comply. Or no deny him, and the leads to very rough sex.
C = Cum (Anything to Do with Cum; basically I’m Nasty)
Cum is all over the oval office. The cleaners hate you guys so much. President Loki only pulls out last minute, and he never wears protection cause he uses a protection spell on you. But sometimes, he just gets cum everywhere simply to be a fucking brat to the cleaning crew.
D = Dirty Secret (Pretty Self Explanatory, A Dirty Secret of Theirs)
President Loki can’t finish or get hard for anyone but you. He’s whipped for you, but he won’t admit his feelings for you. Maybe if he’s dying or if your dying.
E = Experience (How Experience are They? Do They Know What They’re Doing?)
You’re the best he’s ever had. But he won’t tell you that cause he feels like that will go to your head. He can’t have you becoming dominant and cocky on him. Loki’s haven’t had the most experience, but this Loki has. He’s fuck mostly everyone in Asgard, and I honestly can imagine him be very popular and not hated in Asgard, but he got bored, so he left it for Midgard to rule over everyone. President Loki totally knows what he’s doing. He’s been making people cum for years, and people often call him the god of orgasms.
F = Favorite Positions (This Goes Without Saying)
He is very much into kinky shit. President Loki will fuck you however you want. He’ll do anything for his VP. But his favorites are fucking you from behind and 69. If you’ve been extra good, he’ll let you ride him.
G = Goofy (Are They More Serious In The Moment? Are They Humorous? Etc.)
President Loki is never goofy. He’s always serious and stern. He believes he must tame you if you’re bratty, and in order to do that, he must keep a serious demeanor.
H = Hair (How Well Groomed Are They? Does The Carpet Match The Drapes? Etc.)
President Loki is very well kept. He is kind of a clean freak, so his secret hairs are always well kept.
I = Intimacy (How Are They During the Moment? The Romantic Aspect)
J = Jack Off (Masturbation Headcanon)
He refuses to masturbate by himself. He feels like he’s above it. But if you ask him to touch himself, he’ll do it. But he will totally be cocky about it and tell you that you should be telling him what to do.
K = Kink (One or More of Their Kinks)
Public sex, Mr. President kink, & cock warming are President Loki’s main kinks.
Public Sex: President Loki has no shame. He’ll fuck you in front of congress. Don’t be surprised when the TVA handcuffs y’all.
Mr. President Kink: Call him Mr. President, and he goes feral.
Cock Warning: You’re only allowed to sit on his lap. And the reason for that is you must cockwarm him at all times.
L = Location (Favorite Places to Do the Deed)
Everywhere in the white house. It’s now the sex house.
M = Motivation (What Gets them Turn on, What Gets Them Going)
You. Enough said.
N = No (Something They Wouldn’t do, Turn Offs)
Threesome unless it’s with another Loki.
O = Oral (Preferences in Giving and Receiving, Skill, Etc.)
He loves both. But there’s just something about getting his cock sucked by you that brings the brightest smile upon his face.
P = Pace (Are They Fast and Rough? Slow and Sensual? Etc.)
Very rough and fast. Remember the gif of Tom Hiddleston from High Rise? That’s basically the only speed President Loki goes when fucking you. God, the dick is amazing.
Q = Quickies (Their Opinion on Quickie, How Often, Etc.)
Hates them! But he’ll do it if necessary.
R = Risk (Are They Game to Experiment? Do They Like Taking Risks? Etc.)
S = Stamina (How Many Rounds Can They Go For? How Long Do They Last?)
President Loki lasts so fucking long. He’ll fuck you forever. The most rounds he’s done is fifteen cause of magic, and he’s a god. You were fucking wailing cause he overstimulated you too much.
T = Toys (Do They Own Any Toys? Do They Use Them? On A Partner or Themselves?)
Loki hates sex toys. He finds them to be stupid Midgard inventions. But he’ll bring his own into the mix. He also uses magic on your clit or dick so he can get you off from however far he is from you.
U = Unfair (How Much Do They Like To Tease?)
Doesn’t care for teasing. Loki would rather get to the good stuff.
V = Volume (How Loud They Are, What Sounds They Make. Etc.)
Sometimes he’s very loud. It really depends if you pull onto his black curly locks. The main sounds he makes are groans and moans. But if he’s railing you, he’ll make plenty of grunting noises. Loki honestly feels shy when making noises, but if you tell him that you love his noises, he’ll never shut up.
W = Wild Card (A Random Headcanon For The Character)
Since he’s the most dominant and devilish Loki, he loves a submissive s/o. He expects you to be submissive. If you’re ever dominant, it really ruins it for him. BUT he especially loves it when you have a praise kink, so if you totally submit to him and beg for praises, this Loki will fuck you forever.
X = X-ray (Let’s See What’s Going Under Those Clothes)
Now, this is a real question. Since variants are each different, it’s right to assume each one’s body size is different. SO… his cock is very different from 2012 Loki. With that being said. Let’s talk about his dick. Okay, so it’s longer than 2012 Loki’s cause President Loki’s confidence is off the charts. But it’s not like it’s that much bigger tbh. It’s just an inch longer. His balls are totally royal gems. He expects you to have them in your mouth, or else he’ll get angry. You don’t want to piss off, daddy. President Loki just barely fits inside of you cause he’s so big.
Y = Yearning (How High Is There Sex Drive?)
Very high. President Loki is fucking horny. (Pun intended.) He’s always ready for you, so if you’re ready, he’s ready.
Z = Zzz (How Quickly They Fall Asleep Afterwards)
President Loki doesn’t fall asleep after sex unless it’s super late/he’s been working too hard. Otherwise, he’s going to continue on with his day. But if you get sleepy, he’ll tuck you in and kiss your forehead.
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youlightmeupfinn · a month ago
Reflection 》 Thomas Sharpe x Reader
request: Could I possibly have 134 and 4 as crimson peak related drabbles please? (@spooky1980)
a/n: i am SO SORRY it's taken me so long to do this! i have yet to watch Crimson Peak (PLZ DON'T HURT ME, fake fan alert i know 😂) and ugh, i'm actually going to sit down and watch it this weekend... so i wrote this after watching a few scenes and then looking at a whole character analysis for Thomas Sharpe... so if it sucks, I'M THE BLAME 😂 but thanks lovely! AND for all of those amazing edits you've done for Wrong Number and especially RED! Ugh, i'm quaking 😘 also, the time frame CP is set in, sometimes can be hard for me to write... i'm a historical romance fanatic since dear Shakespeare is my source of love quotes... but again, i take full responsibility for the suckiness 😂
summary: When Thomas arrives home with a black eye and a sudden fear of his reflection, you grow suspicious.
Drabble Prompts #4: “Who gave you that black eye?” & #134: “Are you scared… Then why won’t you look at the screen?”
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You had found yourself toying with the dress in your hand, adding the finishing touches. Pushing a heavy sigh from between your lips, you gazed up momentarily, catching a glimpse of the time. It was getting late and you were worried about where Thomas was. Shaking your head, you continued to spin the fabric, the only sound heard in your ears was the ticking of the clock and your heartbeat.
You watched as another forty minutes had passed until you heard the gentle opening of the door. Diverting your attention, your tired eyes gazed at the sight that stumbled into your home. With his back to you, you were about to begin your reasonable questions until he turned around, his left eye showcasing itself in hues of blue and purple.
“Thomas!” You gasped, hurrying up from your spot. You raced over to your husband and rested your hand on his cheek, his eyes meeting yours. “Who gave you that black eye?” You immediately asked to which the man shook his head.
“It’s fine,” He said in his most reassuring tone.
“No, Thomas, it’s not.” You quickly countered, grabbing his hand. Leading him towards the bathroom, you ran some warm water and gathered a washcloth. Hissing to yourself, you leaned the man up against the counter, already beginning to trip him of the bloodied garments he wore.
Once he was removed of his shirt and left in his pants, you began dabbing the warm rag against his eye, hearing as he hissed.
“I’m sorry,” You quickly apologized, not liking the fact he was in pain. “Who did you get into a fight with?” You asked again to which Thomas shook his head. He clearly didn’t want to speak about it. Never had he arrived home in such a condition, therefore your interest was highly piqued.
“I’m your wife, Thomas. You need to be honest with me.” You stared into his piercing blues. You wiped away the fresh and dried blood from around his eye. The damage didn’t look too bad upon finishing, but it most certainly was going to be painful.
A screen sat ahead of you two in the bedroom that showcased a reflection. You noted that Thomas’ eyes wouldn’t dare move to meet it. After everything that had happened to him with Lucille and the detrimental past he was faced with, he was a charming man, but held deep within him were his own personal demons.
And part of you wondered if the black eye didn’t resonate.
There was one emotion you did catch in his eyes.
“Thomas,” You called his name, watching as his eyes averted in every direction but the bedroom. “Are you scared?” You questioned. He shook his head. Lie again. “Then why won’t you look at the screen?” You asked him.
He shook his head once more, a shrug of his shoulders coming next. “Can I please just go lie down?” He asked.
You pulled your bottom lip into your mouth and breathed out a heavy sigh.
“Of course,” You answered. You watched as Thomas made his way out of the bathroom and quickly passed the screen, his head turned away. When you saw your own reflection, you shook your head.
Maybe he just didn’t want to see the aftermath of his tussle.
“I’ll join you in a little while,” You said as you passed by the bed, noting that he was already dressing himself in more comfortable sleeping attire.
Nodding his head, you walked over and pressed your lips against his.
“I love you.” You stared into his eyes. He kissed you back, resting his hand on your cheek.
“I love you more. Thank you for this,” He pointed to his left eye. You sighed, nodding your head.
“Anything, love. Get some sleep. I’ll see you in a little while.”
Thomas nodded and allowed you to pull the covers over his body as he laid there, his face turned up to the ceiling.
Before long, you found yourself crawling beside him. He was already asleep, but once he felt the dip of the bed, his body instantly turned in the direction of you. His arms wrapped around you. You were being extra careful to make sure he didn’t roll onto his affected side, not wanting to hurt his eye more than it already was.
So instead you wiggled yourself up in the bed and allowed his head to press against your chest.
You looked at the screen once more.
He didn’t want to see his reflection.
You hoped.
Tumblr media
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multific · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Loki x Reader
Summary: After spending the day with Loki, you stay with him, watching the sun go down, a sudden confession of his shocks both of you.
“I think I’m in love with you.”
Your head turned to him, eyes wide with surprise.
Did he just...?
It was possibly one of the best days in your life. Loki invited you over to his palace to celebrate his birthday. You knew he always wanted to be king, and he deserved it, so it came to you as no surprise when he invited you. 
He needed at least one person there who really liked him. 
And so, you arrived wearing a beautiful dress, you certainly didn’t even try to hide the fact that it was to please him.
And it surely did, he felt like you were a present yourself, even if he never told you about his feelings before.
But now, he just did.
You were on the balcony, looking out at Asgard as it slowly turned to night. You wondered if he meant what he said. If it was only a cruel prank of his, but with the way his eyes opened wide and his mouth hang low, you had a feeling it wasn’t a prank.
“Only say things like that if you mean them, My King.” you ended up saying. You surprised yourself how confident your voice sounded, certainly didn’t match the storm inside you. You looked back at the sky but his hand on yours made you look back almost immediately.
“I do mean it.” Loki had such gorgeous eyes, and as they were shining brightly under the lanterns, you took a deep breath.
“I love you too, Loki.”
The smile that crept onto his handsome face made you smile as well. He finally looked genuinely happy. 
You slowly leaned over and placed a kiss to his lips. Short, yet sweet.
“Happy birthday, My King.”
“Best birthday gift ever, My Love.” He said as he leaned in to give you another kiss.
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steverogwrs · 4 months ago
no right to love you. | t.h.
Tumblr media
pairing: tom hiddleston x fem!reader.
summary: everyone has a soul mate but not everyone is able to find yours. you had found your better half, but you had let him go...on your wedding day.
warnings: heartbreak, wedding, angst, sadness, longing, bad ending and drabble.
a/n: hello!! i was inspired by the song ​no right to love you. by rhys lewis. i hope this doesn’t flop and i hope you like it. and if you enjoyed any of these, please reblog and comment. feedback is always appreciated!!
notes: i do not allow the reposting, rewriting or translating of my fics. these are works of my own and i do not give permission for any of the acts stated above.
⊱ ────── {.⋅ ✯ ⋅.} ────── ⊰
everyone has a soul mate, but not everyone will find it.
when i was a kid i liked to think that everyone is destined to find their better half, their perfect match, their reason for living, but as time went by and i stopped believing that until the moment i found mine and still i let go.
they say the wedding day is the happiest day for the bride and her parents, it was supposed to be my day and i still screwed it up. every day i woke up and looked at the empty side of the bed and he wasn't there, his favorite shirt was hanging on the chair by the dresser, his favorite books were on the shelf in my room. the room was huge, but there every day lying in the same bed and waking up alone i felt lonely and small and it was all my fault.
i fix my hair and take a deep breath, wedding was supposed to be a memorable day and not a day of sadness or loneliness, i ended up turning that celebration into a monochromatic and lifeless day. in my kitchen there was still his favorite cup of coffee, his glasses were in the living room next to some of his other books that he had left there and that would probably remain there. i always found london a monotonous and peaceful place, there was almost no movement in the streets and there was no noise after midnight, it was quiet if you didn't live alone and didn't die of boredom in your apartment. i still got messages from my parents, still wanting to know the details for my rebellious act i performed on a sunny and colorful day, i didn't answer any of the messages or calls, i didn't want to hear my father's sermons or my mother's shouting, i knew what i had done was stupid, but i didn't need to hear it from my parents, not now.
i set the kettle on the stove and wait for the tea to be ready, i walk over to one of the kitchen windows and look down on the street below, as usual in monotony. on days like this i loved having his company and i loved hearing his laugh or even just enjoyed listening to him reading one of his books. i take a deep breath and turn away from the window, now i needed to deal with the consequences of my act, i needed to accept that i would now be alone for an indefinite time, after all that was what i deserved after leaving the man i loved at the altar. i loved him unconditionally, but i wasn't able to marry him, i couldn't see myself trapped in an independent marriage if it was the man i loved the most in the world. i let out a sigh, i was selfish and stupid, and he was the most sincere, honest, kind, and intelligent man there was and i was still able to betray his trust the day that was supposed to be considered the best in the world to us, to him.
i adjust my posture when i hear the kettle beeping, i put the liquid in a cup and go to the living room, my apartment was where we used to meet on weekends to organize information about the wedding, on weekdays we stayed in your home. his house it was a nice place with a huge backyard where it was suitable for children to play. i take a deep breath, every day i regret what i did.
i still remember how elegant he looked, the black suit was perfectly aligned to his body and his long hair was perfectly combed and the bow tie matched the suit. he was smiling when he saw me enter the room, and i could see his nervousness. i stopped halfway and shook my head in denial, i couldn't walk and you could see the look of sadness filling his face, he whispered "please don't do this" i couldn't take a step forward and simple so i walked back to the spot, running away and not looking back.
that day i thought i had made the right choice, but now i realize i hadn't. he didn't deserve it, he was so kind and he deserved more, he deserved love and compassion and not being left at the altar on his own wedding day. the first time i saw him his blue eyes shone and the last time i saw him his eyes that had so much joy showed only sadness and pain.
i still loved him, but i knew i didn't have that right, not after what i did to him. i had no right to miss him, much less have a right to need him. every night before going to sleep i wanted to call him and i just wanted to hear his voice, i wanted to say i was sorry, i wanted to be able to go back in time and have married him. or even that he deserved someone better, someone who could love him better. he doesn't deserve to be second best to anyone, he deserves to be put first. of all the memories we've had together nothing will affect me as much as the day i left him and watched his blue eyes slowly close and hear his voice calling my name as i ran away. and since that day i knew that soul mates could not be real, after all i had found mine and still i had decided to leave him. everyone has a soul mate, but not everyone will find it.
⊱ ────── {.⋅ ✯ ⋅.} ────── ⊰
thank you for reading!
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kaiparker-avengerssmut · 7 months ago
Pairings | Loki Laufeyson x gender neutral!reader
Warnings | implied smut, humiliation kink, master/pet, Dom/sub, chains, bondage
Word count | 326
Summary | you submit to Loki
Tumblr media
"Such a good pet, hmm?" Loki's voice was settled amongst a low purr; the thick sound of his accent rolled in waves of humiliation over his tongue as he taunted you.
You were in a...precarious position, to say the least. Gold chains held your arms behind your back in a strong bond, the metal the only material to grace your skin as you knelt naked before him. You were vulnerable, lips parted slightly as his thumb nudged between them.
Loki's lips quirked into a smile, screaming sadist as he retracted his hand from your face. The following sharp sting made a resounding sound around the room, a harsh echo that rung out the noise of your pain. And pleasure.
"I bet you love it here, don't you, pet? I bet you just adore getting on your knees for me - helpless and Squirming as I keep your pleasure from you." You swallowed thick and heavy, Loki's words weighing down on you like a blanket of truth.
"No." You gritted out, eyes downcast and Loki smirked.
"No? Then how come you put up no resistance when I bound you? Then how come you're just leaking for me?" Loki asked and you let out a shaky breath. "Say it." His voice had gained venom, domination, again.
"I love it." Your throat was tight.
"You love what, pet? Use your words." Loki is cruel, you decided. He wants to humiliate you.
And you can't get enough of the way his words are slicing your dignity like a knife to butter.
"I love being on my knees for you, Master." You murmur, eyes dragging slowly upwards to look into Loki's.
"Good pet." He cooed, hand cupping your face in a firm hold that you found yourself nuzzling into. "So fucking good."
Tumblr media
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vbecker10 · a day ago
I would like a few bath bombs for Christmas this year
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Or some tesseract soap
Tumblr media
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idy-ll-ique · 2 months ago
baby names
pairing: loki x pregnant!f!reader
genre: fluff
warnings: none, it's very cute 😩
requested: nope
word count: ~1.6k
summary: y/n is pregnant and loki can't stay away from her
author's note: hiya peeps! a loki fic after such a long time, kinda got tired of writing bucky fics all the time,,,, (though next week there's gonna be a bucky x f!reader 👀) enjoy!
"Don't call me that."
Y/N raised an eyebrow at her husband and he grumbled angrily, pulling her closer to him. "Sweetheart," Y/N began, "You should go." Loki whined childishly, burying his face in her shoulder. "I'm not going anywhere," he firmly mumbled Y/N sighed, running her hand through his silky soft hair. "6th time. Yet they always invite you. Why aren't you leaving the house?"
"Because you're pregnant! I'm not going anywhere until the baby is safely out of you and you both are well taken care of." Y/N smiled softly at his concern but pulled away from Loki. "Well I think you need some sun, you should go. And no is not an option. You know what? I'm calling Tony right now and telling him you are going with all of them." Before Loki could object, Y/N picked up her phone and called Tony.
Loki had been invited by Thor and the other male Avengers on a weekend trip to the beach, sponsored by Tony Stark. Everyone was going; Tony, Steve, Thor, Bruce, Clint, Scott, Sam, Bucky, Vision… they'd also invited Loki, since he had now permanently settled on Midgard with his lovely wife Y/N, but he'd initially refused because he didn't want to leave Y/N alone.
She was 8½ months pregnant. Though there was still a week or two of estimated time remaining for the birth, Loki didn't want to leave because what if the baby came early? Tony, Clint and Scott, who were also fathers, had assured him several times since Y/N's pregnancy announcement that the baby would be okay, Y/N would be okay but he still worried himself sick everyday.
"Do I absolutely have to go?" Loki groaned, lying flat on his back on the bed as Y/N sat back down after her chat with Tony. "Yes. I need some time alone— you need some time alone. You're gonna give yourself a heart attack one day by how much you worry over this baby of ours. A nice trip to the beach with clear skies and golden sand and the blue sea will do you much good."
Loki sulked. Y/N, getting a teasing smirk on her face, nudged his shoulder. "Hey, there are gonna be girls in skimpy bikinis on the beach, you know," she suggested and Loki made a face, pulling Y/N down to give her a deep kiss. "I love you," he glared at her, "I don't care about those scantily dressed women. Fine, if it makes you feel better, I'll go."
"Yay! Now I can call Wanda and Nat and Sharon and Pepper and Maria and Darcy over so we can have our own day out! It's gonna be awesome," Y/N squealed, already busy texting as Loki sputtered.
Is that why she wants me out of the house that bad?
He couldn't blame her, though, the pregnancy had taken a toll on both the parents. Y/N used to be in pain all the time, had severe nausea and couldn't go out with all her friends like she used to. Now that the symptoms had started wearing off, he really couldn't blame her for wanting to have a nice day out with friends. "Have fun, darling," he smiled, giving her another kiss.
"Yo, Lokes, you ready to go?" Clint called out cheerfully as Loki walked towards the group of men, a scowl on his face. Yes, at home he'd agreed to accompany them on the trip but now that the day was actually here… "Not really but I don't have a choice," he grumbled and Steve smiled amusedly. "Y/N kick you out?" Loki rolled his eyes. "Yes, how did you know? She wants to have a girl's day out with the other ladies."
"I overheard Wanda and Natasha talking. Anyway, come on, let's hit the road!"
All of them got into two cars: Steve, Sam, Bucky, Thor and Loki in one while Clint, Scott, Tony, Bruce and Vision got into the other. Sam was driving, Steve was in the passenger seat, Bucky was in the middle seat and Thor and Loki were in the extreme back. "So, how's Y/N doing?" Bucky asked Loki, leaning back on his seat.
"She's doing well, the nausea and pain has stopped," Loki answered, following Bucky's lead. "I'm glad to hear it. Have you decided on a name? Because I assure you, Bucky is a really good contender," he grinned cheekily and even Loki laughed, shaking his head. "We haven't thought of any names as of yet."
"Are you looking for a Midgardian name or an Asgardian one?" Sam piped up. Loki blinked. "You know, that is a really good question," he muttered. "How about a Midgardian first name and an Asgardian middle name?" Steve suggested. "Why not the other way around?" Thor frowned. "Well, yeah, that works too," Steve shrugged. "Hm, that's a good suggestion. I will talk to Y/N."
"So is Bucky on the table—"
"Aw, man."
"Hey girl, after a long time!" Natasha grinned, giving Y/N a familial hug. "Hi, gals! Yes, I even got Loki to leave, took a lot of begging but he finally agreed," she sighed. "Could've just given him head or something," Pepper muttered and Y/N burst out laughing as the other ladies gasped. "Pepper!" Sharon exclaimed, shocked.
"What? It usually works on Tony," Pepper defended herself as everyone joined Y/N in her laughter. "So, ready to shop?" All the ladies got into a 7-seater car, with Maria in the driver's seat. "Can't wait! This Avenging stuff doesn't give me time for self-care, I swear. Haven't shopped in ages!" Wanda sighed. All the women agreed with her, muttering their yesses.
"By the way, Y/N, I've wanted to ask you this for so long now, have you decided on baby names yet?" Darcy questioned with a grin. "Oh! No we haven't as of yet, I have lots of good names but I haven't talked to Loki…" Sharon looked up from her phone. "Do you have Asgardian names or like, normal, Earth names? I have a feeling that Loki would want Asgardian names," she suggested.
Y/N frowned in thought. Sharon was right; both the brothers, Loki and Thor, took great pride in their homeland. She didn't mind, to be honest, Asgardian names were wonderful. "I like Asgardian names too, though, I'm open to it," she chuckled.
"Great! So if it's a girl, Darcy—"
"What? I'm just saying…"
"Brother?" Loki startled out of his thoughts, turning to Thor. "Sorry, I was… thinking," he cleared his throat and Thor smiled, sitting next to him. Around 6 hours had passed since they'd arrived at the resort and Loki couldn't get Y/N out of his mind. What is she doing? Is she okay? Should I go check on her? What if the baby is coming? Surely she'd call me if that happens…
"About Y/N?" Loki went red and scratched the back of his neck. "Yeah." Thor clapped him on the back once, guffawing good-naturedly. "Don't you fret, brother, the ladies she is with are extremely competent! She will be okay, and plus, the baby isn't going to be here for another week or so," Thor assured him but worry gnawed Loki. Nope, I can't do it. He abruptly stood up, startling Thor.
"I'm going home."
Just a second later, Loki disappeared.
"Mm," Y/N moaned, a spoonful of ice cream in her mouth, "Isn't it delicious? What do ya say… Rosie?" The baby kicked once. "No? Okay, well… Sarah? Petunia?" The baby kicked more. "Oh, you want masculine names, huh… Uh, Alex?" One kick. "I know, Chris!" Another kick. "Tom?" More kicks. "So you don't want Midgardian names? Well, I don't know very many Asgardian names…"
"I do."
Y/N shrieked loudly, dropping her tub of ice cream as she turned to see Loki standing near the bedroom door. "Loki?" She picked a book off the nightstand and threw it at him. He caught it easily, sitting down next to her while keeping the book where it was. She instantly cuddled into his side, tearing up. Sure, she was the one who was too eager to send him away but she was also the one who couldn't stay away from him.
"Aw, hey, I'm here, my love," Loki whispered comfortingly, rubbing her back as she sobbed into his arms. "Don't go again. I missed you," she sniffled and Loki pressed a soft kiss to her head. "That is also why I came home early, darling, I missed you too," he laughed and she snuggled even closer to him.
"Little baby Axelia missed you too— ow! No? So… what about Lucinda? Ow, ooh… Priscilla? No?" Loki watched with an infatuated smile as she tried out different names on the baby. "What if our baby wants a more masculine name, love?" he asked and she turned to him.
"Hm, have you got any names in mind?"
"Well, Barnes was suggesting we name our child Bucky—"
"Ow! Nope, they don't like it."
"Oh well. He's going to be disappointed but what the baby says goes," Loki teased and Y/N burst out laughing. She stopped all of a sudden, giving Loki a small smile. "Please don't go anywhere again," she whispered and Loki shook his head, gathering her in his arms. "I missed you just as much as you did me, Y/N, I'm not going anywhere."
"I love you."
"I love you, too, min kjæreste."
"...That's Norwegian, isn't it?"
"Beautiful, though, isn't it?
"Yes, very."
a/n: thanks for reading, leave a like if you enjoyed!
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mehphoobia · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Pairing- Tom Hiddleston x Reader (news channel anchor)
Summary- People say falling in love can be a scary experience. Well, that scary experience for you had a different meaning for you.
Warnings- blood, horror, mystery, thriller, suspense (I suggest get a water bottle for yourself)
"Susan Hive, another 25 y/o was found dead in her apartment approximately at 10:00 am today. Who is the mastermind behind these brutal murders? the mystery is still with the police to crack. The only witness in the case are the walls of the apartment which are covered in parts of human anatomy never seen before just like the other five murders. This is Y/N of NewsToday with cameraperson David on scene." You sighed after finishing your report and looked at the crime scene. The camera person packed his camera and headed towards the van as he couldn't handle the stench. With ripples on your forehead you contemplated your decision. Should you or should you not tell the officers.
But soon you let aside your dilemma. These were brutal murder cases that had everyone shook.
And you had a lead to follow.
"Who are you?" you whispered as you sat in your chair staring at the photo of the deceased Susan Hive with a man. The face was not visible as he wore a black hat and a black overcoat. "Typical" you said gesturing his attire, which was straight out of a murder mystery. Unfortunately, the officers couldn't find him. But the lead you had could directly deliver this man to you.
"North House please" explaining the address to the taxi driver, you couldn't miss his expressions. "You want to go to the North House?" he asked you with genuine concern. "If you are not comfortable, you can just drop me near the curb" you suggested understanding his hesitation. Reluctantly he drove the taxi and there you were. Standing outside the hospital for mental patients. "How much will it be?" asking the driver for the fare you rummaged through your purse.
"I will wait here miss. You can pay me later" he said. Of course, the deaths in this hospital would scare anyone. But you weren't here for the suicides, you were here for the murders.
"I am here to see someone. A Mrs. Hill." you spoke confidentially to the receptionist. "For an investigation, are we?" the receptionist questioned. "It's confidential" you replied with knitted eyebrows. "oh! of course it is." she chuckled.
The receptionist accompanied you to Mrs. Hill's room. She was the oldest patient, who had been in the hospital for for around thirty years. Every patient, every staff member; she had seen for herself. "Are you here for the investigation for Susan Hive?" the receptionist questioned. Your head whipped faster than the wings of a bee. "You knew her?" you enquired. "Yes, I knew all five of them. They were interning under me." she answered.
"Janice Dean" her ID card read. "Of course" you murmured. Ten days back you had found one of the victim's case file from the officers which had something in common. North House, all three of them worked here and now so did Susan Hive.
"Don't worry I won't bug her too much" putting a and on Ms. Dean's shoulder you reassured her. She offered you a tired smile. With that she unlocked the door and you saw Mrs. Hill sitting on her chair.
"He killed another one didn't he?" she enquired in her shaky voice as if she knew it was going to happen. "Yeah. Do you know you he is?" trying to keep your posture, you asked. "No, but I have seen him." she replied. "Black eyes which weren't even his. Long hair which covered his face and the cuts." "Everyone thought, something was wrong in his head. They tried all kinds of medicines but none of them worked. He kept screaming and yelling every day. It would echo you know. The screams. Other patients could feel it too. But the doctors didn't know something." she explained but suddenly trailed off.
"He was possessed" she declared.
"How did he get out. I mean the patient like--" "Demon" she corrected. "We saw a body lying in his room. We thought its him. He had cuts all over his face so it was recognizable. The post mortem reports found out it was one of our doctors. He escaped as his disguise." explained Ms. Dean.
You couldn't get the fact out of your head as you stepped outside the hospital. With quivering hands, you opened the taxi's door. Looking at your condition, the driver ran to the opposite side of the street and bought you a water bottle. "You should go home miss." the driver suggested. "Beverly Hills Apartments please". The driver nodded and drove you home.
Maybe you should tell the police. It was not your job to go after the killer. Of course it would be one of the biggest news article for your company but this, its not worth it. Just then your phone rang. All of that tension and weird feeling in your chest was replaced by a sense of comfort. It was Tom.
"Hey babe! dinner's ready, when are you coming home?" he asked in his cheerful voice. You chuckled and said, "I started right now. Is my kitchen all right?" you mocked. "Uh..sort of. I'll help you clean though" he replied like a child caught doing something wrong. It was comforting to have him in your life. Amidst all of this, he was the exact person you needed. "Love you honey" you said unexpectedly. He could sense your uneasiness and knew your line of work. It can be terrifying sometimes. "Love you too..Hey, I am right here." he said immediately putting a smile on your face.
You met him three years ago. How boring can news conferences be? it was something you knew very well. But it was a little bit tolerable when a hot shot investigating officer suddenly made his way to you. Tom and you immediately clicked. As if you were meant to be. One date led to another and suddenly he started picking you up from your work almost every single day. You remembered he had proposed on your cruise date which had you in complete awe. How could you say no to such a perfect man. His beautiful eyes which were a perfect peek to your universe, his warm embrace and how he fit in your life perfectly made it so much easier. He made it easier.
The sudden nostalgia calmed your nerves and you took a deep breath in. Within no time you were home. You leaped out of the taxi, paid the man and ran to your apartment. As you were going to ring the bell, Tom opened the door and picked you up in his arms. Both of you giggled as he kissed you passionately. With your fingers curling in his long wet hair and his arms coiling your waist, you could melt under his effect and you did.
"Tada!! Fish N chips" Tom declared in his voice that he called his disney voice. You chuckled at his endearing self. Both of you couldn't spend enough time with each other with all these murders. He too was tensed but never showed it in front of you. The least you could do was to help him out. You watched your favorite drama as the both of you ate your dinner.
After the chocolate ice-cream, he got up to get the wet wipe to wipe your face which was covered in chocolate. You were gone out cold because of the tiring day. He picked up the plates and noticed you had run out of kitchen soap. "Back in a few" he wrote on a post it and pasted it on the fridge. He wore his black overcoat and decided to forego his phone and left.
"Tom? babe?" you woke up around five minutes and searched the house. Suddenly the post it note grabbed your attention. You chuckled when you saw it and you knew a lot of unwanted things were gonna be purchased. Who could help it, its Walmart after all.
You saw his phone and found his headphones on the table. He would sit on his chair for hours and listen to his music but he never shared them with you. So you grabbed the opportunity and plugged in his headphones.
"19-21-19-1-14 8-9-12-12" the first song read. Then you realized it was a recording. "Mr Hiddleston sings?" you scoffed as you pressed the play button.
"Ahhh" a woman screamed and with that you immediately grabbed the headphones and threw them. "Oh God" you whined as you rubbed your ears. You played all the five recordings and all of them were similar. Screams. Then it hit you. The numbers were different and were too wrong to be dates. WHAT IF?
"19,S,21,U,19,S,1,A,14,N 8,H,9,I,12,L,12,L" you wrote on a piece of paper. "Susan hill?" you gasped. All the other four recordings added up to the all the other four victims. You sat there staring at the paper.
"It took you long enough" Tom spoke from behind you. You flinched as walked away from him. "Did you?" you asked. "The screams, oh my soul was cleansed" he said as he put his hand on his chest. Tears were rolling down your cheeks as you looked at his face. He was in content, in peace. "Why did you kill them? What had they done to you?" you enquired.
"THEY LAUGHED!!" he yelled. Your eyes widened as you looked at him. It wasn't your Tom, it was someone else.
He was possessed.
"They fucking laughed when I was being experimented on. I cried for help but they were too busy laughing. Fucking bitches" he scoffed. "You know when I made cuts on their skin how peaceful it felt. Slowly, deeply I dragged my knives on their skins and watching them slowly dying because of the pain. So good. They were the ones who cried and screamed and I was the one who laughed." He was a maniac explaining his masterplan. Little did he know everything he said, you were recording it all.
"You think you can run away with it?" you mocked trying to make him spill out. "How will they know Y/N? I am the chief investigating officer." he ran the tip of his fingers on your cheeks. But you didn't waver, he was a demon. "All this time I have been trying to erase all the evidence" he spoke as he turned his back on you.
"But you?" he turned and walked towards you. He bought his face closer to your neck and kissed your neck. If it were any other day, your eyes would slowly close themselves as he would press you against the surface. But today there was nothing but tears. "You are my favorite. I can't leave any witnesses. But don't worry, your screams will live in my recordings. You know how much I love making you scream now don't you my love?" He laughed sheepishly.
THUD THUD. The bang on the door grabbed his attention. He looked at you made a sign with a finger in his lips. Was this the man you loved? Who was he? You thought as you looked at him slowly unlocking the door.
"Ahh LEAVE ME GET OFF" he yelled in surprised as the police officers pinned him on the floor. Slowly you got your phone in front of him which you were hiding behind you and showed him the 911 number. The officers dragged him away but his hooded eyes would not leave your soul.
Two days later, while clearing his room. You found a notebook with all the five victim's name on it which was struck of with a red marker and also five knives covered in dried blood. "Why?" you whimpered as tears made their way down your cheeks. Your company had printed one of the biggest hit ever and were at the top. You were promoted and were appreciated by everyone but at what cost? You were scarred for life.
Back in the North House, Mrs Hill was sitting on her chair as the receptionist were cleaning her room. "Oh no" Mrs Hill exclaimed. "What is it Nana?" enquired Ms. Dean. "Y/N call her!! NOW"
Something was going to happen.
At the prison cell, all the officers were in havoc as one of the security guard was found dead in Tom's prison cell. Hysterical laughs and water droplets echoed through the hallway as Y/N was written on the wall and was struck of by the dead security guards' blood.
You were sleeping when Ms. Dean called you. "Hello" you spoke in your grumpy voice, the sleeping pills were slowly kicking in. "T-TOM!" her line was cut because of the heavy rain. Just then you got a message that Tom had escaped.
"What? where did he go?" you murmured to yourself and then you heard it. The hysterical laughter and the sound of the recording button being pushed.
"I am right here my love" he said.
A/N: Hey guys, here is my first Tom Hiddleston fic. For the those of you who don't know me personally I am a contemporary dancer and this fiction I had seen being performed on the stage. I loved the suspense and I loved writing it even more. Writing this was a challenge and it was a wonderful experience and I hope you all like this as well.😘
Tom Hiddleston is such a versatile actor and just fits in any character which is the main reason why I love him so much. It was very easy for me to visualize his demeanor in this character and I tried my level best converting it into words. Let me know what you think about this fic.😃
My requests are open. So ahead and check my masterlist and send me your plots.
Love are worth it❣❣
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loryevrg · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tom Hiddleston / The Night Manager - 2016
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youlightmeupfinn · 2 months ago
Red | Tom Hiddleston x Reader 》 chapter three
Tumblr media
a/n: chapter three is done, guys! i'm absolutely loving how this is turning out so far, and i hope you guys are still enjoying it! let me know what you think :)<3
warnings (overall): smut, angst, fluff, mature language
parings: Professor!Tom x Student!Reader
L I N K S wattpad version of Red spotify playlist pinterest board RED Masterlist
"Sinking your teeth into your lip, you further dreamt, as he spoke so elegantly about whatever topic you were covering. He could make the most tragic news sound so beautiful. You felt yourself become so little against him. You craved the feeling of his large hand wrapped around your throat, telling you how much of a good girl you were."
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Chapter Three 》 Rough Draft
The same day in Professor Hiddleston's class, where he talked to you and those feelings of a connection developed in the pit of your stomach, something... happened. You were very much into your thoughts of the story and were suddenly called out.
But part of you wondered if he didn't do `it on purpose.
Red. That’s the color you would use to describe love.
But it’s the color you would also use to describe sex.
Your depiction of love has been known to resemble a burning fire that consumes the two people involved. Red as blood for the sacrifices that would be made amongst both parties. Red for the color of lingerie she chose specifically just to make her lover want to devour her more. Red jumped off the pages, directly being observed by the human eye as danger. A no trespassing zone. Love could mean all sorts of things, but all you could see was red.
And that’s the color he radiated as he stood at the front of the seminar room, his deep, raspy voice so elegant. His accent was absolute sex to your ears and it only made you wonder what he would sound like as he bent you across the desk, ravishing you. He wore a tight, white button-up with the first few buttons opened, revealing just a bit of skin.
Sinking your teeth into your lip, you further dreamt, as he spoke so elegantly about whatever topic you were covering. He could make the most tragic news sound so beautiful. You felt yourself become so little against him. You craved the feeling of his large hand wrapped around your throat, telling you how much of a good girl you were.
Your eyes momentarily closed, your head falling back as you could begin to imagine his hands snaking up underneath your shirt, catching your breasts in between his hands. You desperately wanted his lips so close to your soaked core.
Your laptop screen opened, you allowed your fingertips to dance across the keys. You were trying your utmost hardest to become an author. You wanted a storyline that brought the sizzling heat that two star-crossed lovers were meant to feel… only your love story would have been unforgiving.
Remembering back to all those months ago, you relished.
All of your friends urged you to enroll in this class, saying they only took it for the professor. And the more you sat here, you pondered your reasons.
However, those reasons became two very distinct ones.
One; the insanely attractive British professor.
Two; you desperately needed to write a steamy love story.
“Miss Jones?” You suddenly heard the accent call your name. Opening your eyes, you gazed off at the head of the classroom, seeing those iridescent blues gazing deep into yours. It was as though you were the only person in the room. “Did you hear me?”
You quickly cleared your throat, realizing all eyes were suddenly on you.
You smiled sheepishly, opening your mouth to speak.
“I apologize… What was the question?”
He stared at you, licking his lips. You noticed his cheek puff slightly as his tongue pressed into his flesh and he crossed his arms over your chest.
Fuck. Me. Now.
“I said,” He clarified, raising his voice just a touch. “What are your depictions of Juliet?”
Right. You were still studying Shakespeare, the topic being the infamous Romeo & Juliet.
You inhaled deeply.
“Juliet Capulet, in the beginning, appears quite shy and innocent. However, when she meets Romeo, she becomes rebellious, choosing to defy her father by marrying him. Although ultimately committing suicide, spoiler alert, I see Juliet’s character is depicted as a woman who is holding the utmost inner strength, intelligence, bravery…” You trailed, to which he listened intently.
Once you had finished, he stared at you.
“Miss Jones, that’s a wonderful depiction.” He said and something about the way he praised your attempt made you quake. He turned satisfactorily around, back to his board as he continued and you pushed the breath of relief from in between your lips.
He bought it.
You looked back down at your opened laptop, seeing as the literal depiction of your main character, the hot, steamy, elegant…
Was none other than Professor Hiddleston himself.
And you only craved the attention he could offer you.
He would most certainly be an aid to this story.
That’s what he was.
You sat inside of your shared apartment with your best friend, the dark-haired, bubbled sweetness, Sarah Higgins. She was nose-deep into her textbooks, her hands vigorously typing away, obviously instilling notes on her recent lectures.
You had a cup of coffee with peppermint creamer nestled inside of it, sipping it gently as you also worked through some of your homework.
Christmas was soon upon us and you only decided to celebrate a touch early with your creamer choice.
“He’s that pretty?” Sarah asked, peeling her eyes away from the brightened screen for just a moment, her glasses on the bridge of her nose as she typed away as though her life depended on it.
You had finally fessed up about the seriously attractive Professor Hiddleston, even telling Sarah about your close encounters of writing his name into your current adaption.
“He’s so freaking hot,” You muttered, closing your eyes. Pictured clearly in your mind he was, engraved like memorabilia. You were insistent on the practical begging-match that endured inside your mind, how you desperately wanted to have his hand wrapped around your pretty throat, his gravel voice deep in your ear, calling you, his.
It was beginning to cause those illicit thoughts to clamber through your mind, as you reflected on just how many times you had thought of this man in such a way, it was sick.
Sarah hummed, eyeing you closely.
“You literally look as though you are high,” She snickered, making you roll your eyes. You opened up your document, glancing at what you had written. It was the first real sex scene between Damian and Ava. Her sinful wishes had come true, as Damian took her virginity.
The scene made you feel all hot and bothered. You spent a good few minutes fanning yourself after writing it, shocked you could create such a powerful scene between two characters.
It was exactly how you wanted Professor Hiddleston to fuck you.
“You should let me read it.” Sarah suddenly said, making you stare at her. You felt your cheeks already begin to turn a crimson shade of red, your mind trailing for the words. Shaking your head slightly, it ensued a groan from Sarah’s mouth.
Crossing her arms over her chest, you shrugged.
“How do you expect a publisher to read your books when you won’t even let your damn best friend read them?” She raised an eyebrow. “Sure, your followers online could, but I know you have so much potential, Y/N! Please? How about I just not even tell you what I think?”
You chuckled.
“I thought I needed criticism?” You reflected on the last part of her rant. You then thought about how Professor Hiddleston wanted to read it as well, but you were more afraid to let his eyes cross the pages, for the absolute shell-shocking fear that he would somehow muster the idea that this piece was entirely about him. Sure, you had created Damian originally, but the more you sat through your college class, Damian turned into Hiddleston.
Sinking your teeth into your lip, you noted the stare she gave you. It was a facial expression that was mixed with, “You know I’m right” and “Grow some balls and do it”. So you heaved a heavy breath, leaning yourself back in the wooden chair.
“Fine,” You exclaimed. Sarah’s eyes widened.
She had finally gotten you to cave.
You would be lying if you said you never saw that glint of excitement cross her vision. Her green orbs were filled with happiness, as she had been asking you for months on end to let her read one of your works. But she was right. How could you let a publisher read this without your own friends reading it? Your followers were wonderful with their own criticism and comments, but maybe it would help for you to have someone in your inner circle to read it.
You pulled up the rough draft, ensuring to let her know there would more than likely be mistakes, as you hadn’t even begun to touch the editing process.
Transferring the PDF of Red into your documents, you pulled up your contacts and found Sarah by her last name in your directory before you quickly tapped along the trackpad of your laptop, dragging the PDF to the screen. The document was attached effortlessly and you called it a done deal when you pressed send.
“Let me know your honest thoughts.” You decided to say as you closed your laptop and went to grab your textbook from your bag.
Sarah smiled, winking.
“I’ll be your best critic, yet.”
Tumblr media
tagging: @stephanie-joy-19, @fire-in-her-veinz, @tiredmamamac, @donttouchmylaevateinn, @thlover94, @creationsbyme, @immersed-in-mischief, @i-would-kneel-for-loki, @itsybitchylittlewitchy, @loki-lover23567, @kingtwhiddleston, @ohsolovingways, @spooky1980, @weirdfangirl2416, @bqnners, @high-functioning-lokipath, @eclecticlokibytomhiddleston@annoyingsweetsstranger @spidyyparker @deanaddicted2, @nms224, @breezy2and2freezy @wolfsmom1, @misumiii, @vampire7595, @allexiiisss
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Aye, Aye, Captain
Notes: So this is my first piece of fanfiction for the MCU. I am a sucker for AUs, so enjoy Avenger! Loki and the chaotic cohabitation of the Avengers in Stark Tower.
Summary: Tony Stark hosts a pirate themed party at the avengers tower - and everyone is having a grand time. Even Loki, altough a certain midgardian keeps distracting him.
Fandom: MCU - The Avengers - AU! Avenger Loki Pairing: Avenger!Loki x f!reader Warnings: Drinking Rating: Teen for kissing
This is dedicated to @the-emo-asgardian for writing so many amazing Avenger!Loki pieces <3
Notes: I listened to this wonderful song while I wrote this, so I suggest you do so too:
Aye, Aye, Captain
„I beg your pardon?“
„A theme party, numbnuts. Which of those words do you not understand?!”, Tony asked as he swung the plastic sword in his hand and ‘arrrrrrr-ed’, making Peter Parker laugh.
“The fact that I have to sit through your parties all the time is bad enough, but now you want me to put on some ridiculous sailors garments?”, the god of mischief asked, raising his brow in mockery.
“Pirates”, he said, “are not ridiculous. They are cool. And you and Thor are gods to freakin’ Vikings. You can’t tell me you haven’t heard your share of sea-shanties in your day.”
Loki rolled his eyes and was about to argue again, when he saw your eyes shine with glee.
“A pirate party?! Can I sing?!”
Everyone looked at you surprised. They knew you liked singing, but up until now you only sung in private. Now your eyes glowed with anticipation.
“I love sea-shanties. Can I sing a few? Please, please, please?!”
Tony ‘arrr-ed’ again and there was nothing to do but go along with getting used to the idea that the weekend would find the Avengers and the employees of Stark Tower celebrating in sailor-y fashion.
You were wearing green. And leather. And belts. And gold.
You hadn’t picked these colors on purpose, mind you.
But dressing up in the special clothes store, buying a dark leather corset, a dark green dress-skirt and a sunflower-yellow blouse, it somehow fitted so perfectly that you couldn’t help yourself and bought it.
As you got ready in your room, you had doubts though.
The corset pushed certain things into view and made your cleavage quite inviting. But was that so bad?
You had tried to get out of your comfort zone as of late.
Sighing, giddy and looking forward to a fun gathering, you exited your room and already replayed the songs in your head that you had practiced with the band that Tony had booked.
Your curls were bouncing up and down on the way to the elevator and you were so looking forward to this party, that you almost ran into another door that was opened in front of you.
“Apologie- oh…”
Oh indeed, you thought when Loki exited his room and looked dashing as ever. He had conjured a navy blue outfit for himself that looked better than was legally allowed and was somehow very similar to his normal attire.
The only difference was the hat with the golden-yellow boasting feathers and the amazing boots. And that there was a portion of his chest visible that normally was covered in thick leather. And it kind of made your knees weak.
“You… this look suits you”, Loki commented, bringing you back to reality.
Blushing, you smiled and gave the compliment back to him.
“If you were my captain, I’d follow into the wildest storms, Loki”, you said, wanting to make it sound like a joke -  and were surprised that you were sincere.
He smiled and held out his arm for you to take.
“I believe the crew is waiting for us, milady.”
You laughed, hooked yourself around his arm and walked to the elevator together.
The party was in full swing when the lift opened and the two of you were pulled in, separated in the process.
The food was exquisite, the booze very “pirate-y” as it was passed in jugs that looked like little barrels and there was singing, dancing and games all around.
When it was time for you to take the stage, you saw Loki standing at the edge of the room with his brother. A sudden burst of courage made you greet the audience.
“Hello all, are you having fun?”
A chorus of “aye!” was shouted at you and you took your place behind your microphone.
“As most of you know, we are blessed with the presence of two actual gods that have been called upon by many a sailor. So the first song is for Thor and Loki.”
When you started singing the room was silent for a few seconds before the audience started cheering and dancing along.
Your voice flirted with the fiddle on the stage and you danced around with the guitarist, swinging your hips with the beat of the drums.
After about an hour your repertoire was at it’s end though and you were carried off the stage by Thor, who schlepped you all the way to the bar.
“That was fantastic!”, he cheered, jugging another mini barrel of beer.
“Indeed it was”, Loki said, appearing by yourself from nowhere.
Blushing, you took a swing from the bitter beer in your jug.
The night went on with jolly dancing, singing, drinking – and dangerous games like passing an apple from mouth to mouth.
Your heart hammered in your chest when you realized that during one particular round you had to pass a red apple to Loki. And of course it fell from your mouth just before you could pass it on, making your lips collide with his.
The cheers and laughter masked your embarrassment and you could blame the flush on your face on the alcohol – but none of that explained the tingling in your lips.
You could feel your nonchalant mask slipping, so you picked up an apple from the basket, took a huge bite and excused yourself to the roof to “get some fresh air”.
The wind that blew on the terrace was playing with your garments when you fought your way to the railing, looking over the glimmering city of New York and the moonlight that reflected on the Hudson River.
You could hear the band playing a few floors below but you enjoyed the breather – until you could feel a presence behind you and you turned around.
Blushing, you creaked your neck when you saw that Loki had abandoned his hat somewhere and came to stand next to you, handing you a flask.
“What’s this?”, you asked, nipping at it and instantly coughing when the burning liquid ran down your throat.
“Oh dear. I forgot how potent this is to Midgardians. Apologies.”
It wasn’t silent for long. You found yourself rambling whenever you were nervous.
“Correct me if I’m wrong, but for someone who says he doesn’t enjoy parties, you seemed to have a lot of fun down there”, you teased, shoving his arm playfully.
Loki chuckled, looking out to the city and it’s lights.
“It reminded me a bit of the festivities we had on Asgard.”
Before you could answer, you heard voices from the downstairs balcony reaching you and you stepped back a bit, not wanting to be caught eavesdropping.
“… apparently attracted to one another”, Steves voice was heard, followed by a sigh from Lokis brother.
“When matters of the heart are concerned, my brother is very secretive. But by now even I can see that the two of them love each other.”
When your name was mentioned and you heard Loki take in a shaky breath beside you, a full body flush overtook you and you tried to hide your head in your hands.
Sometime later the two Avengers joined the party again, but the damage was done.
You decided to stay hidden. If you never looked at Loki again, he would never be able to see your embarrassment. It sounded like a good plan.
Loki, however, had other plans.
“Would you please look at me?”
You shook your head, only to hear his stern voice again.
“Your captain gave you an order.”
You were so surprised that you lifted your hands from your face, only for them to be grasped and caressed by Lokis.
“Loki-“ you started, but you were interrupted.
“Do you know how much willpower it took”, he growled, “to not ravish you in the elevator earlier on? Or rip that stupid piece of fruit from your mouth, to replace it with my lips?”
His words made you step towards him with a jump.
It was all it took for you to get on your tiptoes and wrap your arms around his neck, stealing a kiss from his lips and feeling an explosion of happiness in your chest when he reciprocated.
You could feel him smile underneath your lips as he wrapped his arms around you; but even gods have to come up from air sometime.
As he placed his forehead to yours and filled his lungs with oxygen, you could feel his gaze on you, but you didn’t dare look at him. You didn’t want to look and realize that all of this was an illusion.
“Eyes on me, my dear”, he asked of you when he got his breath back and you didn’t have it in you to refuse.
You could see the uncertainty in his gaze, the unasked question, the longing.
You had one more courageous step in you that night, so when you played with his hair, you said: “Kiss me again, captain.”
“Aye, aye, ma’am.”
Notes: I love Sea-Shanties, I love singing - and we all know the dark blue Loki outfit <3
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