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#tom hiddleston fanfic
youlightmeupfinn · 2 days ago
No Words 》 Tom Hiddleston x Reader
request: can you please do 57 of the drabble challenge w tom hiddleston?
a/n: oof just this made me hot and bothered AH
summary: Tom has listened to you carry on about your day, but he knows exactly what you need.
Drabble Prompt #47: “Don't talk anymore.” link to prompt list
**my requests are open!**
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Literally, everything turned utterly awful the moment I crawled out of bed this morning!” You exclaimed as you walked alongside your boyfriend. Your hands were flailing around the more you spoke, going on to him about your day that started off horrible from the moment you woke up.
“Candice is threatening my job if I don’t have the pitch finished for the company, I wasn’t able to get my coffee this morning because they ran out of the flavoring I like,” You babbled on. Tom casually listened to you, noting that you weren’t but a two minute walk from the house.
"Love," Tom called, but you ignored him.
“Not to mention, my mom won’t leave me alone about whether or not we’re going to my house for Christmas, which is like two months away!” You stammered.
"Darling," Tom sighed.
“I’m cold, it’s raining, I’m ovulating so I really want to have a baby, and I know we can’t, and,” - Tom whistled under his breath as you two made your way up the small steps and to the front door. Bobby was attached to the leash, Tom quickly releasing him once he unlocked the front door.
"Baby," He tried you again.
“My back hurts, I really want to go to sleep, but I really want food. I'm pissed, I’m angry, I’m,-” - As soon as you two were secured inside, Tom pushed the door shut and placed your back against it, making you yelp.
“Don’t talk anymore.” He commanded you, pressing his lips hard against your mouth. Your eyebrows knitted in confusion as his hands tangled around your waist, gripping your hips. You shuddered underneath his touch as you pulled your head back, opening your mouth.
“Ah, ah!” Tom hissed, pressing his index finger against your pouted lips. “No talking.” He said under a huff. He kissed your forehead before pressing his lips back to yours, his hands working to unwind you from the jacket you wore, his fingers hooking inside the loops where your belt was.
“Here’s what we’re going to do, darling,” He whispered into your ear.
“I’m going to take you right here against our front door until you’re begging me to stop. Then I’m putting you away in our bedroom and I’ll be at your beck and call. But first, you need something to calm you down.” His accent was thick and heavy against your ear, making you shudder.
He grabbed your hand and placed it over the front of his pants, making your teeth sink into your lip.
“Just you blabbering about your day turned me on. So for the next few minutes, the only thing that better fall from those pretty lips are moans. No words. Got it?” His eyes held yours and you nodded your head, not making an attempt to speak.
“Good girl,” Tom praised before he went back to kissing you, already unzipping your jeans and pushing them down your legs.
Tumblr media
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writersblog20 · 20 hours ago
Tom Hiddleston x reader
Tumblr media
Summary: after a visit to your hometown unfortunately brought some nightly triggers and terrors. Tom helps you through it
Warnings: nightmares/ night terrors, anxiety, hints of depression, mention of traumatic experiences, ptsd and of course comfort!
Words: 1,5K
Hometown trigger
You went with Tom to your old home, today, for the first time so he could meet your family. Of course, he already met your mother but today it was time for the other part. You had fun and they loved Tom even though they had to get used to him. You’ve never brought someone home to them, so know you did, they had to make sure that you would get treated right.
Even though you loved your family, there was a reason why you had left. Too much had happened there in your hometown and going back reminded you of those things. You had to go past your older home, the one where you and your mother got kicked out of by her ex-boyfriend when you were 17. You had to leave all of your stuff behind including your pets and that tore into your soul.
You had stayed by your aunt for a couple of months before you could get back in your old childhood home again. You already had severe ptsd syndrome but when that had happened it got worse. You got treatment for it and were able to at least live your life a little. Of course there were good and bad days.
And like I said even though you loved your family you were happy that you’re in your own cozy shared home with Tom. He noticed that you were kind off out of it.
“Darling, are you alright?” he asked you taking a seat on the couch next to you. You were already in your pajamas with a warm blanket laid out over your legs. He gave you a warm cup of tea.
You nodded a little giving him a smile. “just old memories.” You told him. “do you want to talk about it?” you shook your head. “rather not, right now.” He gave you a warm comforting smile and a kiss on your lips.
You laid down, so your head would rest in his lap. He slightly scratched your scalp, helping you relax.
When the movie finished you both went upstairs and got ready for bed. You cuddled up against Tom, falling fairly fast asleep.
Tom noticed that you were more silent and clingy so he figured that today triggered your ptsd.
~Nightmare / terror skip~
Tom woke up alarmed to your muffled whines, tossing and turning and sniffles. He sat up and blinked a few times. He saw tears slipping on your cheeks. “love? Love, wake up.” He softly rubbed your arm.
You shoot right up, sitting straight up in bed. Tom sat straight next to you. You blinked a few times. Your heart felt heavy with sadness. You could feel Tom rub your back. After you came back a little bit and thought back about the nightmare you looked at Tom. You eyes started to feel with tears and you started to cry. You don’t think Tom ever saw you cry to this extreme.
Tom just held you through it all shushing you. You did calm down a bit after a while but the tears were still flowing. You felt such a heavy sadness in your heart. It wasn’t a nightmare but more a memory entangled with a nightmare.
“I’ll go downstairs to make a cup of tea. You can stay here, I’m sorry for waking you.” You told Tom. He shook his head. “darling, I’ll stay with you as long as necessarily and even longer than that.” He said trying to wipe away the tears only to be replaced with new ones. You sniffled and nodded trying to give him a smile.
He gave you a sad smile back. You both got out of bed, putting your pajamas back on.
He took your hand in his and let you downstairs. He sat you on the kitchen counter next to him, so he could make the tea. The tears were still flowing but at least you were out of your attack. He stood between your legs, waiting for the tea. He rubbed your legs up and down.
You wrapped your arms around him, hiding your face in the crook of his neck, starting to cry more again. He shushed you again and held you tightly against him. He gave you small kisses on the side of your head.
You both walked to the couch. Tom walked back to the kitchen to get the tea and came back. “Were you triggered today, love?” he asked you softly. You nodded “yeah but I didn’t thought it would have this much affect on me.”
You told him about your nightmare and the memory. You were still crying, your cheeks now red. He was in pain seeing you like this. He looked outside and saw that it was foggy outside, giving autumn vibes.
“why don’t we go outside for a bit? Get some fresh air and out of the situation.” He asked you and you nodded, sniffling. You walked upstairs to change into some comfy clothes. Luckily you and Tom had vacation so you wouldn’t have to get up in the morning.
Tom locked the door and took your hand in his. It was quiet on the streets, the leaves crunching underneath your feet. “You have never go through this alone again, I’ll always be here for you darling.” You smiled at the kind words of Tom and hugged his arm closer. “ I know, thank you Tom.” He gave you a kiss on your head.
“Can you tell me about Shakespeare?” you asked Tom slightly. He gave you a comforting smile. “of course darling.” He began to talk and you listened to his voice.
You walked around London with Tom telling you about Shakespeare and it calmed the sadness and tightness in your chest. You had let go of Tom’s hand but held him by his arm, your head resting against his shoulder.
“The walk really helped, especially you talking about Shakespeare. Thank you Tom.” You told him gratefully. He smiled sweetly at you “I'm glad it helped. I would do anything for you my darling.” He walked up to you and rubbed your arms. You placed your lips on his in a passionate kiss. He sighed in the kiss in relaxation.
Even though you felt a bit better you dreaded it to go upstairs. Tom, being the amazing boyfriend, could of course read you like a open book. “we can stay downstairs if you want to. We don’t have to sleep in the bedroom, we’ve slept on the couch before and if I might say so myself it’s rather comfortable.” He told you with a smile on the last part.
You knew him well enough to know that he said the last part to make you feel a little less guilty. “You don’t have to stay with me Tommy, I’ll be fine.” You said with a smile. He placed his finger underneath your chin and made you look at him.
“my darling, like I said, I will be with you for as long as necessarily and longer.” You gave him a weak smile. He placed his lips on yours again. It was a sweet kiss filled with love.
You climbed into your pajamas again and walked downstairs making some tea. Tom walked downstairs with blankets and pillows and made the couch even more comfortable.
Tom put on some warm lights that gave not too much light but more a warm glow. He put the tv on for some soft blues music that you loved so much. He got the tea from you and softly took your hands. He placed one hand of yours on his shoulder and the other on his chest. He placed his hand on your waist and back, swaying a little bit from left to right.
You giggled a little at his charm. He looked at you with adoration and love in his eyes. He spinned you delicately around, back to his chest.
After your little dance, he let you to the couch and tucked you in his side, handing you your tea.
When you finished your tea you laid down on the couch face to face with Tom. He cuddled you and held you tight until you fell asleep, even softly talking about Shakespeare again. This time you fell into a peaceful slumber.
Tom though wanted to make sure that you wouldn’t have any nightmares again so he watched you. He indeed never saw you this upset before, after a dream or since now, never. He was thinking about the day and knew he wouldn’t get any shut eye so he carefully got up and got his laptop and sat on the chair besides the couch so he could still keep an eye on you.
He scrolled through the internet trying to find more information and tips on how to help you. He saw and advert which gave him an idea. He knew you had two weeks off just like Tom. Both not planned on anything.
He searched on cottages so he could take you away for a while. Get some real relaxation like you deserved. He couldn’t wait to surprise you in the morning, he thought as he saw your peaceful form on the couch, deciding to crawl back to you and keep you safe in his arms.
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shegatsby · 2 days ago
Coffee Shop
Summary; As a university student in London you were just trying to get to know the city, the beautiful places etc. and a certain gentleman caught your eye.
Warnings; Yeap this is it guys. THE END.
Words; 820
A/N; Hi guys, I've got the flu and its bad. I'm recovering at the moment, I wanted to finish the series here because ✨its mental illness for me✨ I'm not fine. Whatever, I will be fine in time, sorry for any typos, enjoy! Gif isn't mine, peace out!
Chapter Seven, Final Chapter
Tumblr media
On your way home you cried a lot, you didn't care about the stares you got. What hurt you the most was that woman calling you an ''ugly bitch'' you never stuck on comments like that before but maybe today wasn't the day for you or whatever, you couldn't stop the tears.
Going home felt like took you forever, as soon as you shut your door you released the breath you were holding. Today was something else, first you had a perfect time with ''Sir Thomas William Hiddleston'' later shit went crazy and no one likes to be played.
You sat on your chouch, you didn't know what to do when a call came from Tom, you were surprised because you thought that he flirted with you couple of times, played you and then he is done.
Curiosity got the best of you, you answered the call.
''Y/N, I can explain everything, please allow me to talk to you in person. I can come to your place or, or we can meet at our café. I just need to-''
His voice sounded worried, or maybe he is just a good actor?
''Tom, you are hurting my ear. I will send you the address, yes we should talk about this face to face.'' You tried to sound cold and not caring, after a pause Tom replied, ''Thank you for giving me a chance.''
''This is not a chance Tom. Don't get your hopes up. See you soon.''
You changed your clothes quickly, washed your face with cold, almost freezing water to wake up, you still felt numb. After texting him your address he arrived like 30min later.
When you answered the door Tom was there with a bouquet of flowers and chocalate. ''Hi.'' His smile almost made you forget everything, almost. You moved out of his way and he walked in.
He saw the boxes you haven't opened yet, you were right , this doesn't seem like a home. ''Thank you for letting me come to your house Y/N. These are for you.'' You took the gifts, flowers smelled fresh and heavenly.
He watched you put the flowers in a vase and por water. You opened the chocalate box and started to eat, ''Sit.'' you said firmly, you had the control and you liked it. He sat like a good boy he is, you sat next to him, turned to him quickly ''Explain.''
He exhaled deeply, ''I've meant to tell you who I am but I enjoyed our time together so much that I didn't want to spoil it.''
You were still eating and listening to him, he continued while your intense gaze made him shift on his seat.
''Today we had such a great time, thank you. I was going to tell you but my fans did it before I could. I'm so sorry, I've never tried to mock you or use you. I would never do that to someone, I do understand why you left in anger. You don't have to contact me ever again. I have to tell you-'' he stopped for a second, thought about what he wants to say,
''that I would love to spend more time with you, get to know you better.'' he bit his lower lip, it was a nervous gesture.
''Wow!'' You said mouth full, ''This is bussin!'' and you licked your chocalate covered fingers, you caught his eyes watching your every move.
''Tom, since we are being honest... that fan of yours called me ''ugly bitch'' if I will be exposed to things like that everytime we go out...'' you had to gather your courage to speak again, ''I can't see you anymore. I'm sorry but I've worked so hard to love myself and mentally healthy, I can't go back to that dark place again. I will not tolerate any kind of bullshit.''
It was true, you were bullied for years and had family issues so you went to see a therapist for a long ass time. I'm sorry Y/N, I didn't hear what she said. I am terribly sorry for that. I cannot assure you whether you won't face things like this or not but I can assure you that I will be on your side.'' He held your hand, when you looked at his puppy eyes you believed every word he uttered.
''Okay.'' You simply said because you were afraid that your voice would shake.
''So,'' he began slowly, ''Am I forgiven?'' he rubbed the back of your hand gently, lovingly.
''Yeap. I already forgave you when you showed up with the gifts but I wanted to make you suffer.''
He wasn't nervous anymore, ''Love to get punished.'' he could feel the flush creeping up his cheeks. He pulled you close to him for a hug, a deep and long hug.
Both of you had no idea where this will lead you.. an honest friendship? or a romantic relationship?
Tag List;
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lokiskitten · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
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Double date | smut ( ft. Tom H. )
Requests are always open! Feel free to leave one.
[ and more to come!(◕‿◕) ]
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ohdolans · a month ago
If you do Tom Hiddleston then can I request one where he invites you to one of his theatre shows bc he has a crush on you, forgets to mention there’s a sexual scene in it and there’s this sort of sexual tension between the two of you bc you’re front row—the two of you fuck in his car after the show but there’s sexual tension still there in the car before it happens. Lots of teasing.
tom hiddleston x female reader - so I changed it to coming back to his dressing room/green room.
warning: 18+, unprotected sex, fingering, language,
Tumblr media
You walked through the theater doors with wonderment, looking at the older building with a smile on your face. Your dress moved against your thighs with each step that you took, the black silk soft and leaving light touches. Tonight was the last night of the play that Tom was in, knowing that people were going to be a little more dressed up. Your stomach fluttered with nervousness as you stepped closer to the main part of the theater, the building nearly empty since you were early.
Tom had invited you to the final night, finally caving since you'd been asking since the first show. He didn't want you coming at the start - since usually actors were still getting used to being in front of an audience and sometimes little kinks still needed to be worked out. He wanted you to see the show when it was nearly perfect. The two of you have been friends for years, meeting at an event and nearly clicking immediately. A friendship was formed and bonded through the years.
He'd quickly became one of your favorite people.
So quickly you that right beneath the surface of the friendship between the two of you was a tension. You and Tom always seemed to flirt a little with one another, testing to see how far you can take it. But there have been moments where the tension was thick you thought for sure it was going to snap. But it hadn't - yet.
You continued to look around the theater before you heard your name being called from afar. Your head snapped towards the sound and a wide smile spread across your face when you see him.
Tom moved through the small ground that was at the front of the stage, already in costume, and coming right to you. His tall frame quickly loomed over yours before his arms wrapped around you tightly. You took in the warmth of his scent and the butterflies seemed to calm for a moment. There was something about being in his arms that always seemed to center you.
When you stepped back his face looked down to you with his blue eyes bright with happiness.
"I'm so glad that you could make it!" He spoke out in a rush, the excitement that he was feeling having him feel nearly breathless. Or was it nerves? Nerves that you were finally going to see the show.
Your opinion meant so much to him, he wanted you to like it.
"Are you kidding me? I have been begging you to come and see it! I'm so excited. I know it's going to be amazing, you're going to be amazing."
Tom bent his head down slightly in a bashful way, a shyness coming over him as a small smile spread over his lip. Your stomach flipped when his eyes looked back towards you.
"Well you're seated right at the front, so you're not going to miss a thing."
Before you and Tom could say another word, his name was called, and soon he was gone. You went to get a drink at the bar from the main lobby before making it back to your seat. It wasn't long before the room began to fill with people along with chatter and conversation. You took a seat right in the front right where Tom said your seat was.
When the lights went low your stomach dropped with excitement and the room fell in a hush. From the start, you were entranced by the story. Everyone was amazing and could feel the chemistry between every cast member. But of course, Tom stood out the most to you. Every time he stepped onto the stage he caught your eye and kept it. You followed him as he walked around the stage.
His character was amazing, dominant, and made an ache start to build between your legs. Tom was able to do that normally, but this time, it was worse. You crossed and uncrossed your legs over and over to relieve some of the tension between your legs, it getting worse and worse through the show.
There was one part that Tom seemed to leave out about the show, and you didn't really do any research before coming. You wanted it all to be a surprise. It was the fact that there was a love scene, and it wasn't something soft and illuded. It was an intense scene. Tom and his partner were in an argument that leads to a hot, intense, and rough love scene on the floor of the living room. Dealing with Tom's moans and grunts to fill the room.
You never turned away, having a perfect view from your front-row seat. You watched every movement of his hips, watching his chest muscles tense and ripple as he acted out this scene. Your lips were nearly raw from how much you were biting them, suppressing any moan that wanted to come out deep.
And there were moments you could've sworn his eyes locked with yours. And hearing him orgasm, fake or not, nearly making you climax right there in your seat. Your nails dug into the cushion of the armrest of your chair, and when it was over, your knuckles ached from the pressure of the hold.
You sat in shock for a moment and tried to focus on the rest of the show but your mind would just drift back to the scene. But it wasn't long before you were on your feet with the rest of the room applauding Tom and the rest of the cast. It was truly a beautiful show and you stood there so proud of him.
Everyone began to dissipate from the room and out into the lobby before making it to their cars. You stood there patiently waiting for any sign of Tom. But instead, a man you'd never seen before walked up to you with a polite smile on his face. He stopped right in front of you asking for your name.
"Yes, that's me." You stood there confused for a moment.
"Mr. Hiddleston asked me to escort you back to his dressing room, if you could please follow me?"
You quickly followed behind the man through the side before going through a door and soon you were in the midst of the chaos backstage. You moved through small crowds of people before stopping outside a door that had "T. Hiddleston" on the door. It wasn't long before the door was opened and you saw Tom, standing only in a tank top and his pants from the show, but his hair was damp now making you assume he showered.
"Thank you, Jeffery," Tom spoke to the man, before welcoming you into the room. You stepped inside and looked around, seeing the pieces within the room that Tom brought to make it feel like home.
He'd been working on this play for the last three months so it made sense. And the moment the door closed behind you and the lock clicked the thick tension set between you two.
"So what did you think? Did you enjoy it?" He spoke excitedly, his palms rubbing against the front of his pants as he stood in front of you.
"It was amazing," You turned towards him. "Truly Tom it was amazing.
His shoulders seemed to sag with relief before he began to talk excitedly. Something that you admired and found adorable. But as he walked around the small room, your thoughts went immediately back to that scene. You zoned out for a moment as the scene began to play over and over in your mind. But now instead of his castmate being in the scene - you imagined yourself.
You don't know how long you stood there for before your name being called drew you away from the daydream. Your head snapped up and looked towards him.
Tom looked towards you confused, "You alright darling? You're looking a little flushed." His hand reached forward and caressed your cheek causing a heat to form beneath his touch.
"I...I'" You cleared your throat and looked down over his body, once again the ache was between your legs. The room began to feel hot as the air began to thicken between you both.
Tom's eyes looked over your face before soon your eyes locked with his. With just the look he knew what it was, you were turned on. Your chest was rising with your quickened breath as you stood there before him. Tom stepped closer to you and a small whimper left your lips as his chest pressed against yours.
"Tom," you spoke in a breathy tone, leaning into his touch as his hand caressed against the side of your face. He held it there for a moment, tilting it up slightly before his lips were on yours.
The moment your lips pressed against each other there was a shock that seemed to move through your body. His lips pressed hard against yours, the both of you sucking and nipping on each other. Your hands moved against his chest, grabbing at his tank and needing him closer.
Tom moaned as your tongue moved against his, backing up towards the couch. The two of you separated for a moment before he pulled you down onto his lap. Your legs straddled over his lap before bending down and kissing him again.
You pulled back with a small gasp as you felt him pressed against your covered pussy. Your hips moved down against his as it relieved a small bit of pressure between your legs. Tom leaned back and moaned loudly, his eyes closing as his face twisted with pleasure.
"Fuck..." He groaned, feeling his hands grip your thighs tightly as you moved against him, feeling his cock hard beneath you.
A small scream left your lips as Tom flipped the two of you with him settled between your legs. His hands moved along your thighs before, slowly, he was removing your underwear. They were tosses over your shoulder landing somewhere in the door but neither of you cared or paid attention as his fingers teased along your slit.
Tom cursed low beneath his breath as he felt how wet you were for him.
"You're fucking dripping," He spoke, his blue eyes looking towards you, with you withering beneath him as he rubbed your clit.
"H-have been since I saw you," You confessed, moving your hips up against his hands. "Oh! Seeing you tonight turned me on...e-especially that scene."
Tom moved to loom over your body more but keeping his hands between your legs. "Tell me. I want to know every fucking filthy detail."
Your jaw opened with a soundless moan as his long fingers slowly moved inside of you, his thumb rubbing against your clit every once and a while.
"Tom! Oh...I-I couldn't keep my eyes off of you...watching you....imaging it was me that you were fucking." You whine, "Hearing your moans...fuck! Tom..."
"Keep going, don't you dare stop." He orders
"I knew that I was going to go home tonight...mmm, and think of you...while I touched myself," A soft cry left your lips as he teased the sensitive spot inside of you, your legs trembling slightly.
"Having you sit there...watching might've been fake but god, I couldn't stop thinking of you. Kept my eyes on you," Tom kept his eyes locked with yours as he spoke, his fingers moving in slow strokes. It was enough to give some relief, but have you aching for more.
So he was looking at you. You weren't imagining it.
"Tom...please..." You begged, reaching to touch along his face, your fingers running along his jaw in slow strokes.
"Yes, darling?" His voice was deep and you felt yourself clench around his fingers. Only making his smirk widen. "Use your words."
A long pause settled between you both, Tom's lips lightly kissing your thigh and once again leaving you breathless. You spoke out in a rush.
"Fuck me, fuck me...please...god, fuck me!" You cried out.
Tom moved quickly with pulling his fingers from between your legs. Soon your dress was pulled from above your head along with his shirt. Tom was aching for you and couldn't even wait for his pants to full shift down past his waist before he was inside you. Tom pressed his hips tightly against yours, holding himself from moving. You were so tight and warm around him - he feared that if he moved - it would end. But you needed a moment as you'd never felt so full before. Your pussy clenching and pulsating around him.
Tom moved down to press his body against yours before he began to move. In short and deep thrusts, Tom drove his cock deep inside of you. He'd never felt anything as good as your pussy wrapped around him. It wasn't long before the room was filled with both of your moans, along with the erotic noise of your bodies moving against each other. His cock moving in and out of you.
Tom's hand reached down and grabbed the back of your thigh before pressing your knee towards your chest. A gasp came from you as he opened you wider for him allowing him deeper. Your hips jerked up to meet with his movements, a new sensation moving through your body.
Your hand grabbed at his biceps with your nails digging into his skin - needing something to hold on to.
"Mmm, that's it...fuck...oh, fuck." Tom growled with his hand holding your thigh tightly, his pace picking up and becoming more fluid with his rhythm. "This pussy feels so good, so perfect. How long I've wanted this. To feel you..."
"I have wanted you for so long, have you beside touch me, to fuck me." You strangled out.
That seemed to drive him more, Tom moving back onto his knees and fucking you harder. You were still spread open for him but now his eyes were locked on between the two of you. His thumb moved down between you both to rub your clit. It washed over you without warning. Your back arched towards him with his name chanting from your lips as you came around him.
Yours moans became too loud to the point Tom placed his hand on your mouth to muffle them. Your body trembled slightly as you fell apart beneath him, he made sure to not look away, needing this to committed to memory.
You began to slowly come down, relaxing against the cushions beneath you as Tom continued to fuck you. But his pace became more erratic and rough. His hips smacking hard against you, with him throbbing and twitching inside of you - you had a feeling he was close.
You reached a hand up and grabbed the back of his neck before pulling him down to kiss you. The kiss was sloppy as he began to lose control.
"Cum inside me Tom, I want it." You whimpered "Give it to me...oh god."
"Oh fuck! Fuck!" He called out your name before pressing his hips tightly against you as he came inside of you. Your hands moved along his back and held him tightly as his movement began short little thrusts.
Tom nuzzled into your neck and kissed along your neck as you laid beneath him. He stayed deep inside of you as you both laid there with the heavy musky scent in the air.
wow that was terrible - thank you for the tom request!!! i don't get enough, send more!
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justthehiddleswrites · 8 months ago
Eat Your Words | Tom Hiddleston x Loki x Female Reader
Tumblr media
A/N:  It is Tom’s birthday!  My third one here celebrating.  And boy did I bring the filth.  Please read the warnings. And huge shoutout to @frostbitten-written​ for giving me the plot idea!  You are a smut sister of the first order!!
Pairing: Tom Hiddleston x Loki x Reader
Summary:  You mercilessly tease your husband about how amazing Loki is and how good he would be in bed.  You never realized that could be a reality.
Warnings: SMUT, sexual acts include: vaginal sex, anal sex, masturbation, anal fingering, double penetration (mouth and vagina, vagina and ass), oral sex (m receiving), a bit of voyeurism, a small bit of m/m kissing, cursing, aftercare, vaginal fingering
Taglists are open! Let me know if you wanted to be added to my tag list!!  Thank you for reading!
Tom knew about your not-so-secret obsession. You were a horrid liar and more so talking in your sleep.
“What are you reading, darling?” Tom tried peeking over your shoulder, but you slam the laptop shut.
“How about mind your business, Hiddleston?” You scrunched your nose at him.
“So more Loki porn.” he smirked as he walked past.
“The word is smut. And no.” You stared him down and he stared right back at you, leaning over the arm of the sofa. He raised an eyebrow. You squirmed in place. “It was fan art.”
“Cock or no cock?”
You grew hot. “Cock.” you threw a pillow. “Happy?”
Tom caught the pillow in the air and placed it back on the couch.
“No. How many times do I have to tell you to not throw the pillows?” His face broke out into a wide grin before plopping on the couch. “What is your fascination with Loki, darling? You realize I play Loki?” He clutched his chest. “If I wasn’t so self-assured, I might become jealous.”
You set your laptop down and sat up, rubbing his thigh. “Darling, I’m sorry…” Tom turned and smiled at you. “… but there is no way you can compare to Loki.” You burst into giggles and took off running, Tom fast behind you. He crouched down at the entrance to where the stairs are. The only thing between you and freedom was your husband.
“Take it back.” he growled.
“No. You are impressive, Tom. But Loki has the cock of a god.”
“One of these days you are going to have to eat your words.” Tom’s face broke out into a grin.
“Make me, Hiddleston.” you grinned back, bouncing back and forth.
He stood up, smile gone. “You don’t really want that, darling. Don’t tempt me.”
“Oh, what, you have Loki staying in the spare bedroom?” you mocked. “Get real, honey. Loki is a fiction and you are the man who plays him. You are my husband and I love you, but no one could fuck me like a god.”
Tom sighed. “I warned you, darling. If I catch you this time, I will show no mercy.” He chuckled. “And neither will he.” he muttered under his breath.
You barreled towards him before attempting to duck under his arm as you shoved all your body weight against him. Tom rolled his eyes and easily lifted you onto his shoulder.
“Put me down, Tom!” You pounded your fists against his back.
He carried you up the stairs and into the guest bedroom, dropping you onto the bed and walking towards a chair in the corner.
“Why am I here, Tom?” you glanced around.
Tom gestured to the other side of the room. “Ask your boyfriend.” he smirked.
You spun around to see a flash of light dissipate in the air. To find Loki standing there. In full armor.
“Now Thomas,” his voice deep and resonant. “We haven’t officially discussed my title.” he smirked as he strolled to where you are sitting.
Loki hooked a finger under your chin and took you in.
“What do you think?” Tom asked from the corner. He shifted in his seat. “She’s feisty.”
“Excuse you?” you snapped back. “I don’t know what you think you are playing at Hiddleston, but…” You stood, wagging your finger at him. Loki snatched your wrist, pulling you back against him.
“You married well, Thomas.” Loki hummed. Tom smiled from his chair. Loki cupped your cheek. “Very well.”
As he pressed you against his torso, you noticed Loki’s erection hard against you. You opened your mouth to protest, but he cut you off… again.
“Tell me, pet.” His fingers ran down from your temple to your chin. “Is this how you imagined it?”
Your brow furrowed. “Imagine what?” You pushed away from him, only to slam back against Tom. “I don’t know what kind of joke this is…”
“Enough!” Loki yelled and turned away. “I know all about what you say about me, dove.” He settled into the chair once occupied. “How you read stories about my prowess in bed.” He took off his boots and wrist guard. “Drooled over art of my cock.” With a flick of the wrist, he removed his tunic and armor, leaving himself in just his trousers. He leaned forward licking his lips. “Dreamed of me fucking you.”
You gasped and glared at Tom. “YOU TOLD HIM!?”
“Not that he needed to.” Loki shifted in his seat and lowered his trousers just enough to pop his cock free. “Any hacker could find your browser history. And reading stories about being fucked by me and your darling Thomas…” Loki clicked his tongue as he stroked his shaft. “… naughty.”
Tom reached over and cupped your face. “Is this the fantasy, darling? Me AND him?” He leaned down to whisper in your ear. “Just say the word.”
You stared up at him and then your eyes trailed down to find Tom sporting a raging hard on. You shifted your weight and peeked around Tom to spy Loki still stroking himself. He gave you a wink.
“I don’t have all day.” Loki called out.
You had to admit the thought of the whole scenario was too erotic for words. Your mouth was suddenly dry, all the moisture in your body, pooled elsewhere.
“Yes.” you nodded.
Tom smiled and leaned in to kiss you, slipping your straps down off your shoulders. You reached out and cupped his cock through his jeans. A flash of light covered you and Tom, causing your clothes to disappear.
“Much better.” Loki growled from his seat, now naked as well. He motioned the two of you towards the bed. “Go on. Entertain me. Show me how well you fuck your wife.” His lips curled into a devious grin.
Tom eased you onto the bed and crawled on top of you. He could sense your nerves. “Just think of it like when we met on set. And my modesty sock fell off?”
You chuckled and nodded. Tom nipped at the spot behind your ear and you let loose a soft gasp. His hands traveled down to squeeze your breast, teasing your nipple into a hard pebble.
Loki grunted through his teeth.
“Darling…” Tom moaned, twisted so you were on top. His fingers find your folds wet. “Wet already?”
“Of course she is.” Loki commented, he stood and walked towards the bed. He ran his hand down your back and cupped your ass before slipping down, plunging a long finger inside of you.
He hummed. “Thomas, if you don’t move things along, I may just take her myself and make you watch.”
“Why don’t you both take me right now?” you purred, placing kisses along Tom’s neck and chest while Loki curled his finger inside of you and Tom lazily played with your clit.
“What a splendid idea, pet.” Loki commented. “The best idea I’ve heard so far.” He grabbed you by the waist and hauled you up, placing you on the bed on all fours.
Tom shifted around to be behind you, smoothing his hands over your ass. He bent over to whisper in your ear.
“Remember darling, how you commented about the cock of a god?”
You noticed Loki kneeling in front of her. His cock dripped pre cum from the tip. He was big, even bigger than Tom.
“Fuck me….” you hissed. Tom pushed into you with a snap.
“As you wish, darling. But now it is also time to eat your words.”
Your jaw dropped open to snap back at Tom, when Loki pushes his cock into his mouth.
You groaned against his cock, gagging slightly as he pushed most of his impressive length down her throat.
Loki groaned. “Thomas, she is exquisite. Why have you been hiding her away?”
Tom gripped your hips and snapped against you. “The same reason I hide everything away from you. I don’t want to share.”
You moaned as they thrusted into you in conjunction. Loki was more forceful than Tom. You hollowed your cheeks to suck off Loki.
“You’ve never had a problem sharing before.” Loki growled and pulled Thomas towards him, leaning over you by the scruff of his neck.
Loki’s lips pressed against Tom’s and he moaned. Loki pulled Tom’s head forward and slipped his tongue into Tom’s mouth. Tom groaned as he did the same.
You overheard the lips smacking and the mental image tipped you over the edge and you screamed around Loki’s cock and clenched hard around Tom, shuddering.
Loki pulled away and chuckled. He lifted your face to stare at him. “Did you cum little pet at the sounds of me making out with our dear Thomas?” Loki averted his eyes to stare at Thomas, who had pulled out of you, blushing. “What a naughty girl.” He shifted to lie back on the pillows. “My turn, Thomas.”
Thomas grunted. “She’s not prepared for me yet.”
Loki narrowed his eyes at him. “Whose problem is that?” Loki spread his legs wide. “Come here, pet, and ride me.”
You crawled over to Loki and straddled his hips. You grabbed his cock and lowered yourself onto him.
“Oh god…” you moaned as you settled against his thighs.
“Yes I am.” He gripped your hips and rocked you back and forth.
Tom stared at Loki. “Can you at least hand me that bottle?” He gestured at the bottle of lube on one pillow.
Your eyes widened. “You’re not going to…”
Loki magicked the bottle into Thomas’s hand. He squirted some on his fingers.
“You’ve been training, haven’t you? Wearing the plug I got you?” Tom’s hand slid between your cheeks, massaged your tight entrance, pressed you against Loki’s chest. “Or is that something else you have been lying to me about?” He slowly sunk his well lubed finger into your ass.
“FUCK…” you hissed. Tom stilled as did Loki to allow you to adjust.
After a few moments, Loki gave you ass a soft smack. “Pet…”
You rocked up and down on him as Tom slowly plunged his finger in and out of you. Soon he added a second one and you cursed again as he scissored them inside of you, opening you up.
“If you would train properly, this would be easier.”
Loki cupped your face. “And next time it will be me.” He kissed your lips. “Although I must say, fucking your cunt is a treat. So wet and tight.” He growled.
Tom pulled out his fingers and squirted out some more lube and ran his hand along his shaft.
“Loki…” Tom gave the god a knowing glance.
“Right…” He pulled you tight against him and kissed you with a passion. His fingers found your clit and stroked it.
Tom eased into you, he panted when he was fully seated against your ass. You were so incredibly tight around him.
“My god… darling… why have we… Loki….” Tom threw his head back when he gently thrusted into you.
Loki released your lips softly, a small trail of saliva connecting your two lips. Your eyes locked for a moment and you saw it, those same kind eyes. Loki smiled which turned to a smirk and soon he was full on grinning.
He bucked his hips and gasped. “You clenched even tighter around me.” He leaned down to purr in your ear. “Let’s see how you milk my cock as you come undone.”
The two of them alternated thrusting into you. Soon you were reduced to a whimpering moaning mess. The only words you knew were “yes” and “don’t stop.” Soon your orgasm washed over you, stronger than ever before.
“FUCK!” you screamed in a now hoarse voice. You spasmed and clenched around both of them before your vision went white.
“Ah… AH!” Loki moaned as he thrusted twice before spilling inside of you. Tom soon followed with a deep grunt, filling your other hole.
You fell against Loki’s chest, sweaty and spent. Loki smoothed down your hair. “You were exquisite, pet.”
Tom crawled beside the two of you, rubbing your back. “You did so well, darling.” He leaned down to kiss your cheek and lips and then pecked Loki’s lips.
“Hmm…” you hummed, still coming down for your high. “Thank you.”
Loki pushed the two of you up and leaned you into Tom’s arms. “Why don’t the two of you get cleaned up and meet me downstairs?” He licked his lips, taking in your form. “We have much to discuss.”
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shiningloki · 4 months ago
I Don't Want You
I Don't Want You - A Loki One Shot
As someone who has studied Loki's entire life, it's your job to guard his cell at the TVA when he gets captured. Nothing is ever easy with Loki, and you should know that. You know what to do to keep him from getting under your skin and breaking your resolve, but nothing can prepare you for when it actually happens.
Word Count: 4678
Master List
Tumblr media
“You should let me go.”
You groaned, rolling your eyes. “And you should stop talking.”
“Talking is the only liberty you and your immaculate organization have granted me. I will continue to take advantage of it.”
“Take too much advantage of it and we’ll take it away,” you countered.
You weren’t looking at the prisoner behind you, but you could hear his cocky chuckle and envision the conniving look on his face when he whispered, “I’d like to see you try.”
The prisoner in question, was none other than Loki Odinson, or Loki Laufeyson, depending on which part of his timeline he was on and frankly what kind of mood he was in that day. You were pretty sure right now he was going by Laufeyson, but when Maxwell from the BR department - Being Relations, to be more specific - tried asking him, Loki just growled.
After a swift escape with the Tesseract, Loki practically landed in the lap of the TVA. He was well known, of course, since the TVA had labelled him a Being of High Value. He was powerful, intelligent, gifted with magic, and born of one race and raised by another, both of which being some of the strongest in existence. It made Loki a vital prisoner, a person that perhaps was worth more than a jumpsuit, handcuffs, and a few thousand years behind bars. Due to his impressive capabilities, the TVA were now considering actually adding him to the organization - under deep surveillance of course.
That was where you came in.
Fic requests are CLOSED! Be sure to check out my AO3 for more Tom Hiddleston and Loki angst, drama, fluff, romance, and smut!
Like what you see? Support me on ko-fi!
Want to be added to my tag list for my one shots? Send me a message, an ask, or leave a comment letting me know you would like to be added!
Bee’s One Shots Tag List: @lots-of-loki @hiddlesholic @procrastinatinglikeabitch @nancybenson @ladyblablabla @anagrom @heartforhiddles @memenerdlover @bellesque @fluffyfanficangel @frostbitten-written @toozmanykids @dangertoozmanykids101 @eli-vibes @michellearel1 @nomadmilk @cholcomb01 @myraiswack @hanyasnape @merrymaking88 @jessip1ier @lordofthenerds97 @worshipping-skarsgard @siochan-leat @fixatedfandomhunter @davidbuddbg @readsalot73 @caffiend-queen @wine-and-whines @myblissfulparadise @tea4sykes @arianoct @cap-n-ce @bourbon-in-my-coffee @rogueheretic555 @sifinskies @astheworlddturns @harold231 @creator-appreciator @ohdearhiddles @luna-viola-delmare @beanisintrovert @sllooney @imnotrevealingmyname @cottoncandy1010-blog @coastall-girll @lokislastlove @americaan-tragedy @kiliskywalker666 @tom-ben4ever @rhemasky @ragnarachael @catsladen @dragonmaiden70 @fyrecrafted (TAGS CONTINUED IN REBLOG)
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glxssylaufey · 2 months ago
hello! i hope you are still taking requests!
can i request a oneshot with tom hiddleston where him and the reader are a already a couple and they into a pillow & tickle fight then it turns into a smut? (i rlly love fics with fluff to smut) you may use these prompts that i found!
"quit stealing all the pillows!"
"stop that! i'm ticklish!"
"can i kiss you?"
"i want you right now."
"all mine."
i hope this isn't a lot, i just really love your fics and keep writing! 🦋
ahh thank you sm, i’m so glad you enjoy my writing, love! <3
AND OK THIS IS ADORABLE, you and tommy will always help each other wind down after a long day with cuddles and passion. i feel like he’d be super sweet and gentle with you all night and then he’ll start to get super playful and eventually… well you know. ;)
i hope this is what you were hoping for! enjoy! ❤️
staying in [tom hiddleston]
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾ ☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙. ‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾ ☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙. ‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾ ☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙
summary: tom hiddleston x fem!reader ; you and your loving boyfriend enjoy a relaxing night at home with one another. little did you realize, the night was only just beginning.
warnings: smut (18+), minors DNI, very fluffy, swearing, fingering, oral sex, vaginal sex, daddy kink, praise kink
a/n: my dearest apologies for the long wait! i hope you enjoy! requested by: @aestheticallyholland also, keep reading until the end to find my play on words for the title hehe
‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾ ☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙. ‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾ ☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙. ‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾ ☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙
The sweet aroma of freshly brewed tea swam through the house as you roamed back and forth in the kitchen. You elevated yourself onto your tippy-toes to retrieve two small cups from the tall cabinet. Seeing how the pair of cups sat neatly on the top shelf away from your reach, you let out a sigh. Of course, you knew who would be the only one tall enough in the house to reach that absurdly high shelving.
“Tom!” you shouted.
“Yes?” he called out from the next room.
“Come help me!” you exclaimed.
Tom was your darling boyfriend that you had met through a mutual friend. You still remember that night your friend dragged both you and Tom to that art museum with them. The both of you grew closer and closer with every conversation or text to where eventually you were inseparable. Even to this day, you smile remembering the day Tom asked you to be his.
“Someone needs rescuing?” Tom quips with a smile, striding into the kitchen. Yup. You had thought to yourself. If anyone would have legs long enough to reach the top shelf, it’s definitely him.
“Absolutely!” you say, playing along. “I don’t know how I’d ever survive if I don’t get my cup of tea right this instance.”
Tom laughs and walks past you to effortlessly pick the two teacups from the cabinet and place them in your hands.
“My lady.” he says with a wink. You giggle.
“Oh, my hero.” you fake a swoon before setting the china cups on the counter. As you being pouring you and your beloved a cup of tea, you feel his body press against your back gently.
His long arms snake around your waist to pull you closer into him. You feel his lips press into your neck, pecking kisses all over your skin.
“The movie is starting, you know.” Tom informs you. You hum slightly, feeling his lips form a smile in the nape of your neck.
“Well, you wanted tea, mister.” you laughed, turning to present him with his cup. “Ta-da!” you exclaim, making Tom chuckle.
“Oh, what would I do without you?” he sighs, taking the cup into his hands before leaning down to press a kiss into your forehead. You smile before going to reach for you own cup.
“Hm, I don’t know. Brew your own tea?” you joke, taking a small sip. “Needs more honey.” you say, turning around and placing the cup onto the surface. Tom rolls his eyes dramatically, setting his cup on the counter.
“And I need your company.” he states slyly. Before you could question what he meant, Tom scoops you into his arms causing a squeal to escape your lips.
“Thomas!” you giggle as he starts carrying you bridal style into the living room. “You wanted tea!”
“Yes but I’m afraid I’ll go crazy if you spend another second away from me.” Tom laughs, placing you down onto the couch. He then quickly crawls on top of you to press open mouthed kisses into your neck once more.
“I was only gone for ten minutes!” you claim.
“Exactly.” he laughs. “You’re incredibly slow.”
“Hey!” you say, grabbing a pillow to playfully wack Tom in the side with. He turns to look at you with a devilish smile.
“Oh, you’ll regret that!” he exclaims before lunging at you to tickle you, causing you to burst out into tears of laughter.
“Tom! Stop that! I’m ticklish!” you laugh uncontrollably, trying to push him off you.
“Don’t mess with the God of Mischief, darling!” he says, before attacking your neck again with nips and pecks, his hands still mercilessly tickling at your sides.
Hooking your legs around his slim waist, you jump and pounce on Tom, sending him onto his back. You pin his arms above his head, looking into his crystal blue orbs.
“Or what?” you tease, raising an eyebrow. Tom stare deeply into your eyes, taking note of how stunning you appeared above him. Tom allows his head to fall back ontoo the couch, letting him lay completely under your touch.
After a moment of breath, Tom begins to grin. You watch as his piercing eyes rake over your form.
“What is it?” you ask softly. Tom brings his gaze back to your eyes and sighs joyfully.
“You’re just so beautiful.” he whispers, causing you to blush. “Can I kiss you?” he asks, looking up at you with pleading eyes. You couldn’t bare to resist him any longer.
With your grip still locked on Tom’s wrists, you bow your head to connect your lips with his. As the kiss deepens, you feel him slip his tongue into your mouth, making you moan in pleasurable surprise.
Tom begins to slowly sit up, allowing you to slide further into his lap. You move your hands from his wrists to cup his face while his arms drop to his side. You then feel Tom’s hands slither up your legs to caress your thighs, making you squirm. When the kiss breaks, his eyes are immediately connected with yours.
“Already writhing under my touch, Y/N?” he questions quietly. You blush, looking away in embarrassment.
“No, darling. You know better.” he corrects you, brings his fingers under your chin to lead your face back to in front of his. “Never be ashamed of the pleasure I give you.” he says before bringing you into another kiss. This one was shorter. You disconnected from his lips quickly to speak, still tasting him on your tongue.
“Tommy…” you whisper, your voice almost cracking.
“Hm?” he hums.
“T-the movie.” Is all you could trust yourself to say. You feel him groan against your skin, his hands traveling up your spine to rub soothing circles over your back.
“That can wait. I want you right now.” he insisted. His suggestive words go right to your core as you begin to feel yourself become wet. One of his hands then slowly drop to the bottom of your shirt. He takes the fabric and slowly begins to move it upwards.
“May I?” Tom asks kindly.
“Please.” you whisper, lifting your arms to allow him to undress you. Tom gently discards your shirt onto the floor before removing his own, revealing his broad shoulders and long torso.
You place your hands on Tom’s chest to feel his bare skin against yours, allowing you to feel closer to him. You then press small kisses across his chest while you sneak your hand down to undo Tom’s belt. Though he was swift to stop you.
“Ah, ah. Ladies first, my love.” he tells you as he grabs your hands to halt their movements. He lifts you up slightly to place you flat onto your back on the couch. You sigh in pleasure as you feel Tom kiss his way from your neck down to your clothed breasts.
Both his hands travel up your stomach to knead your breasts through your bra. You groan, relishing in your boyfriend’s praising touch. One of his hands snake towards the back of your bra, skillfully unclasping the straps. Once the lacy fabric falls, Tom’s eyes roamed all over you body with want and hunger. He took note of how the cool air hit your nipples, causing them to harden for him. Tom hums in appreciation, gently pawing at your tits.
“You’re so stunning.” he says in pure awe. He lowers his head down to capture one of your firm nipples into his hot mouth. He sucks on it gently, making you arch your back into his mouth. Your head falls back as he returns the same attention to your other nipple. You weave your fingers through Tom’s light and wavy locks, giving them a tug every so often. His warm and wet tongue felt heavenly in comparison to the chilled room. His teeth grazed your sensitive flesh, making you buck your hips up into him. You were absolutely craving that friction.
“P-please Tom, I need more.” you whisper. Tom glances at you before giving you a devious smile.
“As you wish.” he says simply before sinking down the couch further towards your burning heat. His hands follow, gently caressing down your bare tummy to the band of the pair of sweatpants you had worn for the night in. 
Tom then hooks his fingers in the hem of your pants before looking up at you for your approval with his puppy dog eyes. Although this was not the first time you and Tom had been intimate with one another, you still felt safe and comforted whenever Tom asked your permission for anything and everything. You soften your eyes and give him a soft nod. Tom’s smile grows impossibly wider before he places one last final kiss on your stomach right bellow your belly button.
He removes both your pants and panties in one swift movement, tossing them near by your shirt. Tom takes in the sight of your glistening pussy, ready to be touched. He brings his thumb down onto your sensitive clit, rubbing small circles into your body. You moan out in ecstasy upon feeling his fingers finally touch your needy body.
“Mmm.” Tom practically growls, admiring the sight of your bare cunt. “All mine.” he whispers. With no further warning, Tom dives into your warmth, devouring your dripping pussy.
“Oh, fuck!” you mewl out, arching your back off the couch. This spurs on Tom, his clever tongue beginning to work faster.
You pull at his hair, causing him to moan into your pussy. He ate you like a man starved, his talented tongue licking up every last drop of your sweet juice. You grind yourself onto face, his hands giving your thighs a gentle squeeze before he lifts up his head once again.
“Are you gonna be a good girl and make a mess of my face, Y/N?” he asks in that delicious british accent of his. “Do you want my fingers?” he questions.
“Yes! Yes please, may I please take your fingers into my pussy?” you moan out. Tom smiles against you before pushing a single digit into you. Your moans echo through the house as Tom quickens his pace. He’s quick to find your sweet spots, causing you to push yourself further down onto his fingers.
“You are hugging me so tightly, Darling. I think I ought to stretch you out.” he whispers sinfully before adding in another finger. Once they settle deep inside you he scissors his fingers inside of you ever so slightly.
“Thank you!” you cry. “Your fingers feel amazing, daddy.” you say. Tom grins, his fingers starting to pump in and out of you. He hits your g spot perfectly, making you impossibly wetter.
“I can feel how close you’re growing.” he claims, looking up into your eyes with darkness. “Go ahead, love, cum for me. Show me how much you love my fingers.”
“Yes, daddy! I’m cumming!” you moan. With that, the coil in your stomach snapped with intense pleasure, the wave of your orgasm rushing over you completely.
Tom’s fingers slowed to let you ride out your high. Once his fingers stilled, he pressed one last kiss to your clit before slipping his soaked digits from your sopping pussy.
“Look at this mess you’ve made.” Tom says with a devilish smile. “Go ahead, my girl. Clean it up.” he tells you before bringing his dripping fingers to your mouth. You open obediently, moaning once you taste yourself on the thickness of his fingers.
Your tongue swipes and rolls around his fingers as you made sure to suck on them for good measure. Tom watched you intently, his teeth bared and mouth slightly open while he sighed deeply.
“Fuck, I love you.” he said breathlessly before bringing your face in to kiss him. His tongue slips into your mouth, tasting all of you at once. Once this kiss broke, he immediately brought his lips down to your breasts.
“May I make you feel even better?” he pleads with a gentle tone, his eyes asking you for permission to bed you. “Please, Y/N, let me take you.” he whispers into your ear while his hands continued to massage your sides and hips.
As he sucked marks and hickies into your skin you moaned slightly at the sensation of his talented mouth.
“Oh, Tom! Yes! You make it feel so good.” you whisper, your head dizzy with euphoria. Tom stops to glance up at your eyes with a smile.
“Please, I need you.” you nod with a whine.
“Don't worry, my dear. I'm here to keep you happy." he reassures you with a sweet tone. After pecking one last kiss onto your belly, Tom sits up onto his knees to unfasten his belt buckle. The sound of metal clanking filled the room as you continued to watch him.
Once Tom dropped his jeans along with his boxers, you witnessed his hard cock spring into action and bob up and down obscenely. You could feel yourself practically salivating over the delicious sight of his twitching member. You could spot a small pearl of precum leaking from his red and angry tip. Tom must've caught you staring because he chuckled to himself, snapping you out of your daydreaming.
“See something you like, love?” he leases, his voice smooth and deep. You nod eagerly, sitting up to allow yourself a better view of your godly boyfriend.
“Mm, yes sir.” you hum, giving him a wink. “This view just might be even better than that plump backside of yours.” you teased, making Tom scoff with a smile.
“What a tease.” he laughs before, hooking his hands on each of your thighs to yank you closer to him. Your wet entrance pressed against the tip of his cock, causing you to moan out from the sudden contact.
“Do you want me, Y/N?” he asks, placing his hands on either side of your head to position himself above you.
“Always.” you say truthfully.
“Show me.” he requests.
After a brief pause, you give him a mischievous smirk. You quickly wrap your legs around his waist and pushed your heels into his lower back, forcing his cock to slide inside of you.
You and Tom both throw your heads back in a moan, flooding in the passion you had for one another. Tom pulled your body closer to his so he was completely flush against you, his cock nestled deep inside your pussy. He could feel you pulsing around him, begging him to move.
“You are perfection, fuck!” Tom moaned out as he pulled out completely only to slam back inside you. Your back arches off the couch due to the snap in his hips.
“Yes! Thank you, daddy!” you cry. “Oh, yes, p-please make me cum, daddy, please.” you babbled on, his body driving you near insanity.
“Shh, shh, relax. I’ll get you there, it’s alright.” he whispered before leaning down to gently kiss a tear that had fallen down your cheek. “Now be a good girl and let the whole neighborhood know exactly who is making you feel this damn good.”
With that, Tom set a merciless pace of harsh thrusts against your softness. The sound of skin slapping skin flooded the room, quickly followed by Tom’s grunts and your moans.
“Fuck, Tom, feels so good! Please don’t stop!” you moan, wrapping your arms around his strong neck for leverage.
“Believe me baby, I wouldn’t dream of it.” he grunted, hips still rolling deep into you. You could feel every ridge and vein rubbing inside your walls, hitting places inside of you that you didn’t even know existed.
Your nails dug into his broad shoulders, making him hiss into your ear in bliss. His thrusts began to falter, signaling that he was getting close. You pull yourself closer to Tom, wrapping your legs around his strong hips even tighter.
Tom settles from his hands down to rest on his forearms, connecting his chest with your own. You could feel his rapid heartbeat against your sweaty chest as he lowered his head to kiss you.
You bring one of your hands to tangle into his dark blonde locks, deepening the kiss. You both moan into each other’s mouths, adoring the feeling of being so deeply connected to each other. With one particularly hard thrust, you scream in ecstasy when his dick ruts into your g spot. Tom smirks into your neck, knowing he just found the spot. His thrusts quicken, being sure to hit that spot deep inside you every time.
“Fuck! Oh fuck, daddy, I’m close!” you cry. “Please let me cum, I’ve been such a good girl for you, daddy!” your filthy words fill Tom’s ears, making him growl.
“Not yet, darling. Hold on just a little longer.” he gasps, his thrusts becoming sloppier. You knew he wouldn’t last much longer.
“T-Tom, please!” You feel yourself tighten around him, making Tom moan and give one last sharp thrust before spilling inside you.
“Fuck yes, Y/N, cum!” he moans, his cock stilled in your pussy. You scream, the coil in your tummy snaps, making your orgasm flood over his cock. You could feel Tom’s warm seed fill you up, making you gasp in pleasure. Once the room fell still again, so did Tom. He gently lowered himself onto you, careful not to crush you with his weight. You hugged him close to your bare front, rubbing his shoulders and back to soothe the red marks you had clawed into him. The two of you panted in the now silent room, recovering from your highs. You feel Tom begin to move to remove his now softening cock from your pussy. You quickly cease his movement by stopping his hips with your hand.
“Wait, please.” you whisper. Tom stops, afraid he hurt you, his worried eyes snapping to meet yours.
“Are you okay? Have I hurt you?” he asks, frantic. You place your hand on his cheek to calm his nerves.
“Shh, I’m okay... I just… miss you being this close.” you say, hugging him once more. “Can we stay like this just a little longer? Please, just stay inside me tonight.” you ask tiredly, certain you were already drifting off.
Tom smiles, and presses a lingering kiss into your temple before resting to cuddle you with his cock nestled inside you.
“Anything for you, my love. I’ll stay in tonight.”
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lov3nerdstuff · 4 months ago
Virtual Strangers {Part 1}
Tumblr media
*Tom Hiddleston x reader*
Parts: 1/10
Words: 5.5k
Summary: When you first replied to a stray text message that was accidentally sent to you from an unknown number, you couldn't have known who the virtual stanger on the other end was, or would be. You couldn't have known that he was soon to become your very best friend and steady companion. You couldn't have known that you would fall for him quite as deeply as you did. You couldn't have known. After all, you had never even seen a glimpse of each other, nor heard the other's voice. You only ever conversed through text messages, even if you did so every day and every night. You couldn't have known that you would fall for a stranger, who you knew even better than yourself. Even if you did not know his name. Yet there is another question that remains unspoken: If you really are best friends and even live in the same city, why does he not want to meet you in person?
~virtual strangers to friends to lovers~
A.N.: What exactly are you getting from this story, you ask? An online friendship-turned-romance? Check. Flirting via texts? Check. Annoyed yet overly supportive publicist and friend Luke? Check. Literary references to classical literature and plays? Check. Bobby being adorable and a valid character in the story? Check. Just the right twinge of angst? Check. Humour? Check. Fluff? Check. Super long chapters because I just can't be bothered to keep it short? Hell yeah.
Find all parts on my Masterlist!
It was shortly after ten at night when you unlocked the front door to your tiny flat on the fifth floor, kicking it open with one foot just a little too strongly for your taste. It ended up slamming into the nearest wall behind it, causing a rattling orchestration of crude noises that surely would be heard by all of your neighbours, but quite honestly, you currently couldn't care less. It had been a clusterfuck of a day, stressful and annoying and way too long for anyone's good. All you wanted when you kicked the bloody door shut again and dropped your coat and leather satchel in your joke of a hallway was to get out of your fancy clothes and fall into bed with a good movie to soothe you into sleep. This day just had to be over soon… you were absolutely done with it and the world in general. Groaning to yourself quietly, you unceremoniously kicked your shoes off and finally made your way through the darkness of the flat towards your bed. You didn't have a sofa, didn't even have the space for one, so it was either the bed or the desk to reside at, and there was no way in heaven or hell you would spend another minute at the latter today. Not when you'd already sat at the one in your office at university for over twelve bloody hours.
For a minute you just lay in the darkness on top of your covers with your eyes closed, breathing deeply. At least there hadn't been anyone waiting for you who would be yelling at you now for coming home so late. Repeatedly coming home late. But then again, perhaps you wouldn't work quite so much if there actually was anything else for you to do after work other than sitting at home and fighting boredom. What did it matter… things were as they were, and you were content, usually. It probably was just the gloom and weariness of the pain of a day you'd had that was dragging you down the wrong path right now. With some comfortable clothes and a good movie (you really had spent enough time reading, after all), you would certainly feel better. Just when you were about to make yourself get up to actually put your plans into action, the loud 'ping' of your phone cut through the heavy silence of the flat from the short way back in the improvised hallway. Good thing your flat was more like one single room separated into sections by your plentitude of bookshelves than a construct of actual brick walls… at least it allowed you to hear that you'd received a new message just now.
Groaning to yourself once more, you got up to fetch the dreaded piece of technology from your bag, only to return to your bed immediately while opening the messaging app. Huh, a text from an unknown number… Your brows furrowed into a deep frown, and you finally switched on your bedside lamp while you settled against the headboard to open the text.
T: 'Hello Dave, Luke gave me your number so I would stop nagging him about this… Would you by any chance know more than him about the current state of affairs? I know it's terribly forward of me to bother you at this hour, but I haven't been able to think of anything else all day long. The matter really is of great importance to me, so please get back to me if you can. Best, TWH'
You still frowned at your phone, at the text that seemed so genuine and hopeful that despite better judgement you couldn't press the bin-icon button your finger was already hovering over. Usually you would just delete messages like this right away without paying any mind to them, deeming them either a possible scam or a practical joke. But something about this text made you halt and reconsider now, in sympathy for the sender, whether that was because of the almost ridiculously formal words chosen for the simple text, or the fact that it came from a British number much like your own. Either way, you thought it unlikely that a scammer would use the words 'terribly forward', nor would they sign a freaking text message like this. Thus, out of that odd pull of sympathy for the disappointed hopes of a virtual stranger, you decided to reply for once.
Y: 'I'm afraid you've got the wrong number there, TWH. This isn't Dave, nor has it ever been. Sorry to disappoint.'
It took but a minute that you spent scrolling through your newsfeed before you got a reply from the same unknown number, even though you hadn't actually expected a reply at all. Curiously, you opened the messaging app once more and crossed your legs beneath you to sit more comfortably.
T: 'Oh dear… I apologise profoundly, I must have missed a digit there at some point. Thank you for letting me know of my mistake, otherwise I would have spent hours waiting for a reply that wasn't going to come. That was very kind of you. I won't bother you any further now, but again, my sincerest apologies for the disturbance.'
A little smile tugged on your lips as you read the message twice, both amused and oddly delighted by the thoughtful and astonishingly polite reply. Whoever this person was, they certainly had impeccable manners as well as a way with words you found yourself enjoying more than you cared to admit. For a moment you debated with yourself whether you should send another reply upon their message now or leave it at that; after all, it would be perfectly fine and polite to just delete the conversation at this point. But at the same time, you felt compelled to assure the stranger that it hadn't been much of a bother in the first place, and that their words and politeness had actually brought the first sincere smile of the day onto your face. On a whim, you decided on the latter.
Y: 'No apologies needed. I would've felt terrible to leave you hopelessly waiting for an answer when whatever this is about is of great importance to you, as you yourself have said. Uncertainty in the long run would've probably been worse than the short lived disappointment or embarrassment of having me and not Dave on the other end of the line. And also… ›Against ill chances men are ever merry, / But heaviness foreruns the good event.‹ In the words of the bard (if you are familiar), that's me wishing you good luck in reaching the right person.'
You made an attempt to set your phone down to get up from the bed and change out of your formal wardrobe, but the sound of another message cut through the silence before the device had even left your hand. Now the smile on your face grew to a degree where you actually couldn't help it anymore, and you flopped back down to look at the new message.
T: 'Henry IV, Part 2: Act 4, Scene 2… Nice! ›Therefore be merry, coz, since sudden sorrow / Serves to say thus, some good thing comes tomorrow.‹'
Your lips parted simultaneously with the stupid grin that was dragging their corners upwards. This person knew Shakespeare! Actually knew Shakespeare, because the reply had come way too quickly for them to have googled that quote. To say you were impressed was an understatement, much rather were you honestly intrigued now. Not even your colleagues at uni understood your literary references that quickly! Who was this person?
Y: 'Wow, I see I'm talking to an expert here… No wonder your messages are so uniquely eloquent, if you know Shakespeare from the top of your head.'
T: 'Why thank you! Are they really, though? I don't usually spend a lot of time composing text messages to strangers, I'm afraid. Or text messages at all, for that matter. Do you?'
You couldn't help the snort that escaped from a point low in your throat, as you shook your head to yourself in amusement. Uncomfortable slacks and blouses forgotten for now.
Y: 'I have never made a habit of conversing with strangers up until quite (very) recently, I'll have to admit that. And yes, your mode of expression is oh so different from what I am used to. In a good way! But since your original message was obviously meant for someone you do actually know personally, I will just have to assume that you text all your acquaintances in this manner, not just strangers.'
When a few moments had passed without a reply, you suddenly found a strange sense of nervousness entering your mind when you reread your text. Had your words been too probing? Just because the stranger liked Shakespeare about as much as you did, that didn't give you the right to forgo the appropriate conversational distance for someone you'd just met. On impulse, you sent a second message right after.
Y: 'I apologise if that was too forward of me. I didn't mean to make assumptions in a way that implies judgement… I merely wanted to assure you that your texting skills are indeed very eloquent, and also much appreciated.'
That wasn't much better, but you decided that you had done what you could to put things about right. Dropping your phone now indeed, your mind returned to your previous intention of changing into something comfortable for the night after all. An oversized sleep shirt was a whole lot better than the business casual you had been sporting before, and once you'd changed, you picked up your laptop from your work bag and settled down in your bed once more with a content sigh. Just when you had draped the covers around yourself in a warm and fluffy cocoon, your phone alerted you of a newly received message.
T: 'Don't worry. Or shall I say fret? As far as I'm aware, our common historical acquaintance used the word ›worry‹ only one single time in all of his work, and even then it's rather used to mean ›to strangle‹.'
You didn't know why, but you let out a breath in relief while reading. The stranger wasn't put off by your forwardness, thank the gods… For some reason you enjoyed talking to them, they seemed to be intelligent and polite enough, as well as outspoken and kind… and that's already more than the few somewhat-friends you had could account for. Either way, the stranger seemed willing enough to indulge you in talking Shakespeare, and you would most definitely use that opportunity to the fullest. So you leaned back against the headboard and replied with an almost excited smile.
Y: 'You're right about that. Etymologically, the word ›worry‹ originated in strangling and ›fret‹ originated in consuming, going off old and middle English words. They've only gained their modern meaning of being related to causing anxiety from the 19th century on, so logically Shakespeare would've used them in a different way.'
T: 'Who is the expert now, huh?'
A rush of hot embarrassment bubbled to the forefront of your mind, and you bit your bottom lip with a frown. Rambling on about the things you liked was a habit you had never really cared to break, but it probably wasn't something you should be doing with someone you had just met. At least not if you wanted them to continue talking to you.
Y: 'I'm so sorry, I probably sound like either a total swot or a real show-off… And while the former might be true, I would rather not be much of the latter.'
T: 'There is no fault in showing off your knowledge at an appropriate time, which is just what I consider now to be. Then it isn't as much showing off as it is enlightening the other. I am very interested in what you have to say, so please don't worry.'
Y: 'That would be a first… Most people wouldn't willingly listen to me talking about literature and language when they have a choice. And even if they do, they still only rarely have something relevant or interesting to say about the matter in return.'
T: 'Would you believe me if I said I have actually had the same problem, up until now? People do listen to me, but often enough they fail to sincerely care.'
Y: 'I guess it just takes an encounter by chance with a kind stranger to find someone to discuss these things with. At least you can be sure that if I didn't care about what you have to say, I wouldn't still be here talking to you.'
You were biting your lip again when you pressed send on that last message, and quite like expected there was no immediate reply either. Damnit, the internet was making you braver than you should be… braver than you normally were. Sighing, you finally flipped your laptop open to start up a movie you had already seen a couple of times before. But hey, everyone had a comfort movie, right? A little distraction from both the stranger and the brutal day you'd had would certainly do you some good. Still, a few minutes later, your phone pinged once more.
T: 'That is a relief ;) I was afraid you were merely feeling obliged to reply to my messages at this point.'
You let out a small scoff, smiling, and went to reply immediately. As if YOU, the person nobody ever talked to willingly for more than a minute, would actually complain about keeping the interest of another human being who you in return were interested in as well. That wasn't likely going to happen, ever.
Y: 'I was having much the same concerns about you, to be honest. I'm not keeping you from anything, right? And I'm not annoying you either?'
T: 'Not at all. Just as you said, if I wasn't enjoying myself, I wouldn't still be here. In all honesty.'
Y: 'Good… I'd have to say I generally appreciate honesty more than politeness, but you seem to have both on your side, so we're most definitely good. I hope, at least. Just tell me honestly if I'm bothering you at any point in this conversation, with too much or too little literature talk or anything else, and I promise to do the same. If you really should wish to keep conversing with me, that is.'
T: 'That seems only fair, and I do very much wish to indeed. May I thus inquire, with the option of your protest, who the stranger I have the pleasure to bother until further notice is? I would like to change the name in my contacts, seeing as we have now established that you are clearly not Dave.'
You let out a short and rather involuntary laugh, and something about the way your stranger was expressing him or herself just kept on making you smile. Leave alone the fact that you called them your stranger now. Good gods, why on earth did you always have to grow attached so bloody quickly?! And did you really want to give them your personal information? Yes, you decided. What bad could anyone possibly do with your first name and some random pieces of information about yourself that would also apply to a couple thousand other people? Not much.
Y: 'My name is Y/n, but I doubt that this will tell you much about who I am ;) I was female the last time I checked, a London resident, and quite obviously a literature enthusiast. What about you, TWH? What does that acronym stand for?'
For a while your phone remained silent, while your heartbeat on the other hand sped up quite ridiculously until the sound of your blood rushing in your ears drowned out the voices in your movie. Was this whole thing a mistake? It really didn't feel like one… But not every evil could be seen right away either, and there was a reason people always preached to be careful online. This wasn't much different now after all, even if you had their phone number already. The long awaited ping released you from your overthinking.
T: 'Very pleased to meet you, Y/n. Even if this probably is one of the most unconventional ways of meeting someone I've ever come across.'
You snorted, then raised an eyebrow up at your phone. You could see that your stranger was still typing, and you patiently waited for the second part of the message.
T: 'The last time I checked I was male, but a London resident and literature enthusiast no less. Now, would it be terribly unfair of me if I didn't tell you my name in return? I know this must seem like I tricked you into giving me yours, but I swear that this wasn't my intention at all. I simply didn't think this whole thing through before asking, if I'm honest. But I did promise you my honesty after all, and I like to keep my promises, thus it wouldn't do to just tell you a name that isn't my own.'
You frowned to yourself for a moment, feeling indeed a little tricked into telling him now, but you would grant him the benefit of the doubt and believe that he really hadn't had any bad intentions behind it. Sometimes people just hit send before they thought it through, that had happened to you before as well, on more than one occasion. Sighing, you decided to work with the little you had.
Y: 'So I will just have to call you TWH then, huh?'
T: 'I am sorry, honestly. I would love to tell you, but I'm a very private person and it seems I just forgot about the implications and extent of that for a moment. TWH is merely how I sign job related messages, so that the people working with me know who they've got on the other end. But as you yourself said, a name wouldn't tell you who I am anyway.'
Y: 'What am I supposed to call you, then? I would like to save your number as well, but as something other than ›stranger who accidentally texted me‹… Perhaps I will just call you T?'
T: 'I don't mind that, but the choice is all yours either way. After all… ›What’s in a name? That which we call a rose / By any other name would smell as sweet.‹'
Y: 'Well, I'm not calling you Romeo, nor Montague for that matter ;) Most people would argue that this particular play is overrated anyway, so what's your take on that?'
You sent the message, then went ahead to save the number under TWH indeed while you waited for a reply. In the end, you figured that it really didn't matter what his name was. The more important facts were that he was male and old enough to be working, living in the same city as you, as well as probably gifted with a higher education, good manners and a more than decent memory. That was enough information to keep talking about Shakespeare with him.
And that you did, texting back and forth about the bard's work and words while your movie played in the background. T really had some interesting thoughts and opinions, some you agreed with and others not, but after a while you were beyond certain that he'd definitely had some kind of higher literary education beyond the usual stuff required for taking one's A-levels. The things he knew and pointed out just seemed so well thought out, reflected and far beyond the superficial… and at the same time, his knowledge was somewhat different than your own. You had gained yours through academia, following your literature degrees all the way up to your doctorate which you were currently working on… But where had he gained his? You didn't dare to ask, but the question lingered on your mind throughout the evening while you exchanged messages almost at the pace of a real-time conversation. Honestly, you couldn't recall the last time you'd talked to someone for this long, neither on the phone nor in person, and neither could you recall a time when you had laughed and smiled this much. It was ironic, really, how for the first time in weeks you were feeling honestly excited about your work on your dissertation again, and that even after the bloody bad day you'd had. All because of a virtual stranger who was willing to discuss Shakespeare with you.
When your movie ended two and a half hours later, you had hardly paid any attention to it at all. Most of your attention had been taken up by T and his texts, and as much as you would've loved to keep talking to him now that your movie was over, a glimpse at the glowing digits on your laptop told you that it was time to call it a night. It still was only Tuesday after all, and you were expected to give a seminar at 8 tomorrow morning. Sighing, you closed your laptop and headed to the bathroom to get ready for the night, taking your phone with you so you wouldn't miss any replies. Was this how your students felt when they remained glued to their phones even during class? You had to admit, from this perspective it most definitely made sense. Good gods, you were no better than them; no wonder people repeatedly mistook you for one of the students.
When you settled back into bed at last, putting the laptop on your nightstand and killing the light, you released a deep sigh. Who knew if you would ever get the chance to have another conversation like this again? Would T still be willing to continue this tomorrow, or another day? Oh well… so much for not getting attached. You rolled your eyes at yourself, then decided to get a grip and say goodnight already. You really needed to sleep. So you replied to his previous comment on Coriolanus, but then followed your message straight up with a second one.
Y: 'I absolutely don't want to cut you short, and I would love to just keep talking to you, but I'll have to be up early tomorrow and therefore should really call it a night now. Can we continue this another time?'
T: 'Of course, no problem at all. I'm sorry for keeping you up so late, I should have been more considerate.'
Y: 'You have been very considerate in keeping me company, actually. I probably would've been up until now anyway, but after the horrible day I've had, my night likely would've looked no better, hadn't it been for you. Thank you for making me smile, T. You've made me look forward to dealing with literature again for the first time in weeks. I really hope we can do this again, if you'd be inclined as well. For now however, I wish you a good night.'
With that you closed the messaging app and locked your phone, without waiting for a reply for once. If you had, you surely would've been tempted to reply to that reply in return again and so on and so forth, and then you would never get any sleep tonight. You couldn't risk that. So you set your phone on mute and put it on the nightstand to charge for now. And perhaps, if you were lucky, you would wake up to a message from T that you could use as an excuse to start the conversation up again tomorrow.
… … …
Tom smiled down at his phone, reading your last message for the third time already and yet his smile still wouldn't drop. As it seemed, this encounter by chance had not only turned his own night from sour to sincerely enjoyable, but yours as well. He couldn't help feeling genuinely happy with that knowledge, as well as thoroughly amused by the overall circumstance. Who would've thought that Luke of all people would be the one to kickstart all of this, when he'd jotted down Dave's number for Tom this afternoon in that horrendously illegible handwriting of his? And who would've thought, furthermore, that Tom's inability to read said handwriting would thus lead to the most intriguing conversation he'd had in the longest time? Tom certainly had not.
When he had tried to reach out to Dave at the beginning of the night, he had been all but anxious, stressed, and annoyed by sundry and the world. He was supposed to start rehearsing a play here in London in two weeks, but as of yet nobody had bothered to send him even a single page of said play for his preparations. He'd spoken to both the writer and the director before signing up for the job, of course, and while world premieres were always a risky thing to partake in, he had hoped that by now he would at least have gotten something he could prepare for. Some lines, a few beginning pages… But any time he had asked Luke to inquire about the script, he'd gotten the same answer: it's still being written. Great. So much for being able to show up prepared on the first day of rehearsals.
At some point, namely today, Luke had been so fed up with Tom's constant inquiries that he had simply given him Dave's number so he could ask him himself. Dave was the assistant dramaturg, mind you, not even the writer of the bloody play. But Dave was the one working with the writer's assistant's assistant, and that was currently the closest connection Tom could get to the script. Honestly, sometimes he hated the industry he was caught up in. Playing and preparing the parts was nice, his passion even, but the whole bureaucracy around it was a pain in the butt.
But then this happy accident, or rather a 7 he had mistaken for a 1 in Luke's scribbled font, had flipped his bad day (more like, a bad week) thoroughly on its head. At first when he had received your reply he had obviously been both annoyed with himself and embarrassed to have texted a stranger, uncomfortable in the uncertainty if perhaps by some sinister miracle you would know exactly who he was and thereby kickstart a PR disaster… But then he had rolled his eyes at himself for fearing the impossible, and apologised instead like his gut was telling him to. When he had then against any expectations received yet another message from you upon that, both your intelligent words and the fact that you had even bothered to try easing his mind about the situation had started intriguing him.
And then of course, there had been Shakespeare. He could never resist a well used literary reference, and thus he'd just had to reply to that message before even thinking about it. After that it had only taken a few more texts from you for him to know that you definitely knew more about the bard than he did, if not about literature as a whole. But still you had actually seemed to enjoy discussing it with him, willing to indulge him with knowledge and, foremost, with your own sincere opinion even if it differed from his own. That was rare to come by, even in his world. People always liked to listen to him, but rarely did they bother to listen to what he was saying. Not in a way he would have wanted them to, at least.
Everybody wanted to talk to Tom Hiddleston, the perfectly imperfect man in a fancy suit, but nobody cared much about Tom, the guy who tripped over his own dog on the way to the loo in the morning. Well, his family did care, admittedly, but as it always was with families, they had diverging interests and sometimes too little regard for his passions where the public had too much of it. Nobody would usually dare to disagree with him about his opinions on literature, one thing he was notoriously praised for against any reason, and it was honestly just bloody annoying. One couldn't have a proper discussion if nobody ever dared voicing a diverging opinion! So having you talking honestly and easily to him all of a sudden, entirely by chance, turned out to be one of the best things that had happened to him in a long time. And that, among a variety of other things that would be of more relevance to Luke than to Tom himself, had been the reason why he didn't want to give you his name. Perhaps being T, the random stranger who had accidentally texted you, would open up the possibility for him to have a normal conversation with someone outside of his own line of work and position therein for once.
Gods, he really hoped you would actually want to continue talking to him… When you'd said goodnight, he had feared for a moment that this had been it, that this had been all he would get out of his little break from being the Tom Hiddleston. It still would've been a lovely break, sure enough, but he had nonetheless found himself oddly relieved when you'd sent that last text, saying how he had managed to make you smile after a bad day, how you wanted to keep on talking to him if only he was inclined. Of course he was inclined, what a silly question… Otherwise he wouldn't be smiling down at his phone like an idiot right now. Perhaps he would make a habit out of texting after all, if you let him. He surely had the time for it these days.
Thus, after reading through the whole night's worth of text messages once more, Tom finally got up from the sofa and moved upstairs to his bedroom to call it a night as well. Not, however, without pondering what he should reply to you that would say not only goodnight but also voice how very inclined he was to keep on conversing with you as well. He actually couldn't wait to hear your opinions on some of the sonnets, or even the entire realm of literature beyond just good old Shakespeare… But he certainly wouldn't allow himself to unleash upon you the whole of his suddenly sparked desire for making conversation as himself and not as the role he played in public all at once. To some degree, he was afraid of putting himself out there like that, of possibly being the driving force of his own doom. Yet, on the other hand, he didn't want to scare you away with his excitable and intense nature that he also tried to hide from the public for the most part. Showcasing that he had gotten rather attached to you after just a few hours of texting back and forth probably wouldn't be the smartest move either.
So he ended up lying in bed half an hour later, overthinking and still staring at his phone without an idea of how to phrase his thoughts. It was rather ironic, really, that he had thought it so easy to talk to you all night, and yet here he was now without an inkling of how to say what he wanted to say. Luckily you hadn't been online again after sending your own good night… or should he better cross that thought out and say unfortunately you hadn't been online again? It gave him too much time to think; about actions and consequences and possibilities so far beyond the here and now that they lost every relevance in that alone. But he couldn't very well just say goodnight and leave it at that, right? Good gods, he was an idiot. What was the point of this whole thing if he still had to bother with pretenses?! Did he, even? Bloody ridiculous, this was… Had he really so thoroughly unlearned to be himself? When had his image and reputation become more readily accessible tools in determining his actions than his own true personality? Tom didn't know, and he also didn't want to waste any more time thinking about it.
Releasing a deep breath, he rolled onto his back and pressed his palms against his tired eyes for a moment, listening to Bobby's soft snores coming from the corner of the dark room. When had things gotten so complicated… and why hadn't he realized it sooner? Why had it taken a chance meeting with a virtual stranger to see that he needed a break from trying to keep up with his own bloody reputation? Perhaps he would simply be T for a while… That was easier than being Tom Hiddleston. It was being himself and not his own character, for once. And T, he thought, could reply to you whatever the heck he wanted.
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youlightmeupfinn · 2 days ago
Heart on the Dance Floor 》 Tom Hiddleston x Reader (part two)
a/n: ah here's part two, you guys! FORGIVE ME if my descriptions of each dance aren't good... i legit am watching my fav version's of the dances for inspiration and describing it as i watch it. make sure you watch the videos i tag, that way you can envision Tom and Reader! they'll be different each time! 😘❤️
summary: Bright and twenty-seven, you are a professional ballroom dancer who has been trained in many genres of dance. After serving three seasons on the hit show, Dancing With The Stars as a troupe dancer, you enter your first season as a professional partner. However, you come to find out that your partner for the season? Is none other than Tom Hiddleston. You two find yourselves journeying together throughout every week with extended rehearsals, drama, and quite possibly the deepest connection. But while in the spotlight, can you two handle it and make your way to the winners of the Mirrorball Trophy? Did I mention there is a Battle of the Brits? 😏
warnings: will feature angst, fluff, and of course smut (it's me writing this, remember? 😏)
Tumblr media
~ link to previous chapter ~ Chap 1 Summary -The chemistry is established between you and Tom as you begin rehearsals for your first week and dance together, captivating the hearts of many already. ~ Dance Video Inspiration - Derek Hough & Amber Riley ~ Song Used: Wings by Little Mix
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Alright, Hiddleston,” You smirked as the two of you made your way into the studio for your first round of rehearsals. “Let’s see what you’re made of.” You chuckled. You were given the details of the first week’s dance, the theme wasn’t concrete, it just showcased the celebrities and their pros.
You chose the dance while Elizabeth, the lead producer, chose the song. But in your favor, Elizabeth valued your opinion and you two usually saw eye-to-eye on song choices.
Donning your easiest to dance in apparel, you sported a pair of black leggings with a loose-fitted t-shirt and a sports bra underneath. You had tendencies, when you really got into the dance, you’d strip yourself of the shirt, giving yourself air. Tom wore a pair of shorts and a white tee, his hair pushed back, and wow he looked good.
Over the weekend, after you had discovered who you were partnered up with, you had to call your sister, Mia, back home to let her know. She was also a huge fan of his and you still couldn’t fathom that you two were dancing together for the season.
“You’re lying! You are lying right through your teeth, Y/N!” Mia screeched over the line, causing you to bust into a rage of giggles.
“I have picture proof, Mia!” You expressed, quickly sending over the picture you and Tom took the first day. When Mia received the picture, she ultimately resulted in high-pitched screams.
“Get me his autograph, please!” She breathlessly pleaded, making you smile widely.
“You know I will.”
Tom smiled over at you, giving you a hug. Immediately, you two exchanged numbers and you still couldn’t believe this beautiful creature was standing before you.
“I can move my hips and work my feet… you’ll just have to add to it.” Tom smirked in your direction, causing you to blush. “What’s the dance?”
You wiggled your eyebrows. “Get ready to put your hips into it… We’re dancing the Cha-Cha-Cha!” You exclaimed, clapping your hands together. Tom immediately allowed his eyes to dilate, his pupils growing wider. You rolled your shoulders, shaking yourself, causing Tom to smirk in your direction.
“Alright, so the Cha-Cha-Cha is our fast-paced, hip-moving, extraordinary dance. Honestly, it has been one of my absolute favorites to learn.” You explained, leading him to the center of the floor. “I was up until nearly one in the morning choreographing this out.” You chuckled, Tom’s mouth falling open slightly.
You both were standing side by side in the full-length mirrors that expanded all the way across the room of the studio. You were beyond excited to do this with him. “I feel like if we can execute this, then the crowd and judges are going to soak it all up.”
Tom smirked. “Lead the way, gorgeous.” He announced, making you blush yet again. Dancing With The Stars craved the possibility of dance duos building chemistry that could ultimately lead to on-screen romances or even offscreen relationships. And if Tom kept the flirtatious looks going, something was going to happen.
“At the beginning of the dance, we won’t be touching, just dancing in unison.” You explained, Tom eyeing you watchfully. “Step behind me,” You looked at him in the mirror. Tom took the position and your heights were definitely on the compatible sign. As he stood directly behind you, you breathed in slowly and retraced your steps from the choreography, but then his cologne drifted through your airways, causing you to smile widely.
“It’s left foot out, right hand. Repeat, but right foot out left hand.” You said, slowly stepping your left foot out and pushing your right hand in the same direction before repeating it oppositely on the other side. Tom was quick to follow you and immediately he had a rhythm. You smiled.
“Once we do that once to each side, our left foot will step back out, but our hands will raise, then move out, with the right foot stepping out.” You continued, showing him the steps once, watching as he copied them back to you. You turned to look at him and nodded your head once he had it. “Let’s put it together, alright?” You asked.
Tom nodded and you inhaled deeply, resuming position. “Five, six, seven, eight!” Once the command left your mouth, you and Tom both executed the first part of the dance, and he absolutely worked it.
“Yes!” You exclaimed, reaching out to high-five him.
Almost two hours later, you two had most of the dance finished, and now you were working on your favorite part of it.
“Remember how I said those hips will come in handy?” You smirked, Tom laughing.
“Yes, tell me how.” He responded to you.
You reached out and grasped his hands. “I want you looking at me, while I’m staring off at the audience.” You expressed. “But essentially, our hips are going to roll against the other’s, before we break off into the main position of the dance.”
Tom licked his lips. “Do you mind if I demonstrate?” You chuckled lightheartedly. Tom lifted his hands.
“These hips are yours.” He winked, making you turn bright red. You shook your head and smirked, slowly reaching your hands forward. Grasping Tom’s hips, you moved yours and his at the same time. He rolled them without any hesitation and you wouldn’t be lying if you said it didn’t feel amazing.
Moving along further into the dance, you and he were spinning around the studio floor with such ease and precision. You two had the absolute best communication skills thus far. And as you taught Tom the dance, he easily picked up on it and followed along with any errors.
Breathless, you two looked at each other, smiling hard. “For our grand finale, I want you to dip me.” You told him.
“Oh, you mean like this,” Tom laughed as he picked up on the last few steps of the dance before he ultimately dipped you, in the exact way you wanted. Your head fell back as he braced your back, his eyes gazing down at you. His face screamed determination and you were giddy on the inside.
“Hell yes!” You screamed, covering your mouth once the curse word had slipped and Tom hoisted you back onto your feet. He laughed, pulling you into a tight embrace.
“Don’t be afraid to be yourself around me, Y/N.” Tom smiled at you. You tucked a strand of hair behind your ear and smiled, deciding it was worth it to take a break. The two of you were sitting on the floor of the studio, you crisscrossed as you munched on a protein bar and drank your water, Tom lying on his back.
“Tell me, London boy. Did Loki ever expect to star on Dancing With The Stars?” You asked, taking another bite. Tom laughed, his hands falling onto his chest before he pushed himself up to face you.
“No,” He muttered. “It was the last thing I expected…” He chuckled softly.
You grinned, swallowing. “How’s it feel to be facing off against Holland?” You questioned.
Tom shrugged his shoulders. “Kid’s got better moves than me, I’ll give him that.” He snickered. “He’s spectacular. Insanely talented.”
You winked at him. “You are too, Tom. Trust me, after this week, you’re going to steal America’s heart.”
Tom smiled softly at you. “I sure hope so, darling.”
The entire week consisted of you and Tom practicing your Cha-Cha-Cha for at least nine hours each day with multiple breaks. That Saturday morning as he showed up to rehearsals, he surprised you with coffee, which you desperately needed. Dancing not only tired you out, but it kept you up.
Your mind was reeling at ideas of how the introduction and execution of the dance should go. You were talking with the costume designers as well, giving them your ideas for what you and Tom needed to wear.
“You’re a lifesaver!” You gasped, holding the warm latte in between your hands.
“It’s your favorite, also.” He winked, making you smirk.
“Almond milk instead of regular?” You asked.
“Two pumps of vanilla, no whipped cream, extra caramel?” You narrowed your gaze.
“Yes ma’am,” He responded.
Taking a sip of it, your insides warmed and you kicked your feet adorably which made Tom smile at you. “And to think I only told you my outrageous, complicated order three days ago.” You sighed.
Tom shook his head. “I have a great memory.”
The entire day was filled with you two dancing your hearts out. It had become second nature for Tom and you honestly prayed he kept up the enthusiasm as the weeks progressed. You knew how hard this show could be and you wanted nothing more than to see each other at the finish line, hand-in-hand.
“We have two days until show-time,” You announced, Tom nodding his head, inhaling deeply from just performing the dance for nearly the fiftieth time today. “You think you’re ready?”
Tom looked over at you. “Hell yes,” He rubbed his face. “I can do this in my sleep, darling.” He chuckled.
Monday finally came around. You and Tom had gone on a walk throughout Los Angeles together bright and early before you were due at the studio downtown. A workout regime was definitely needed in the world of dance, so you compromised Tom and had him attend gym sessions with you in the early mornings before rehearsal. It gave your muscles time to stretch and work before you spent the day dancing around the studio.
But now, you were about to showcase your entire week’s worth of hard work. Your nerves were bundling immensely the moment you two stepped onto the ballroom floor to practice the dance. You had on a mock dress that was the length of the one you’d wear during the show, Tom sporting the dress pants and suit jacket.
You two were alone in the room while you went through the dance in its entirety. On Saturday morning, you had decided to add flare into the dance by having you on the staircase with Tom coming to find you. You’d perform a cute ‘come hither’ motion with your index finger which would then lead him into the first part of the dance; behind you.
“You look scared. Come on, darling.” Tom watched you carefully once you had finished the dance. You were heaving for your breath, the anxiety piling up on you.
You two went into your shared dressing room and you took a seat in one of the chairs, your chest pounding. “It’s just, I’ve been dreaming of this since I was a kid, y’know? Three seasons as a troupe dancer, to now being one of the pros?” You breathed in deeply, your shoulders rocking. Tom walked over and settled his hands on them, rubbing them in a relaxing motion.
“Y/N, trust me. I’m scared, too.” He admitted, biting his lip. “But we’ve worked our asses off this entire week to ensure this dance is perfect. I thought it would be you giving me the pep talk today, not the other way around.” Tom’s oceanic orbs dissolved into yours. You smiled widely and brought yourself out of the chair. Swinging your arms around his neck, he held you close to him, kissing your cheek. “Now let’s get out there tonight and kill it.” He grasped your hand, giving it a tight squeeze.
Showtime finally came around. You and Tom were each getting finished in hair and makeup. Your dress was silver and dazzled, while Tom wore a pair of black pants, a black shirt, and a gray sports jacket. Your makeup was soon finished, the two of you meeting up afterward.
“You look amazing,” You both said at the same time, each of you laughing at the other.
“No, darling, you look gorgeous.” Tom walked over to you and hugged you.
This season there were fifteen couples dancing. You and Tom were actually the last couple of the night. “Guess they want to save the best for last.” You winked, feeling as he smiled down at you.
Two couples before you would be Lily and Tom Holland. She had only told you that they were dancing the Salsa.
You and Tom stood up at the balcony with the other couples, watching as they danced beautifully together. You could really see Holland’s skills come to life as he moved Lily across the dance floor with utter passion. As soon as their dance was over, the judges and audience were up on their feet, clapping away, cheers heard everywhere. You and Tom both cheered them on and it was then Lily and Holland made their way over to the judging table to receive their scores.
Derek gave them a ten, Bruno excitedly threw up a nine, and Carrie offered a nine, with Len throwing up an eight. You could feel the pressure was on for you and Tom to do well. And as the last couple finished up their dance, the two of you made your way down the stairs and into the ballroom once they had finished up.
“We’ve got this,” You whispered to Tom who clutched your hand just as you separated to get into position.
You stood there with your feet planted, one hand on your hip, the other one raised above your head, a serious look on your face. Determination.
“Dancing the Cha-Cha-Cha, Tom Hiddleston and his partner, Y/N Y/L/N.”
As the music started, you flashed a smile when the cameras panned out. Little Mix’s Wings flooded the ballroom floor and your heart instantly started racing. With your hands on your hips, you shifted them up and down, the frills on the dress bouncing with each move.
Tom started clapping his hands to the beat and walked around the floor, the crowd instantly hyping up the more he moved. Pushing your arm out, you put one foot in front of the other and make your way down the steps into your position. You performed your come hither motion to Tom, him moving with ease over to you.
As soon as he was in position, the first verse picked up and you two were on with the beat, the moves effortlessly displayed with no hesitation. When you moved back, Tom went down to one knee and ran his hand up your leg. Your hands nestled on your hips, Tom pushed his hand in front of you and tilted his hand up which cued you to stare straight ahead with a smile. He walked around you, nodding his head, smiling at the sight of you as he surveyed the woman before him.
Doing a small jump, you both joined hands, Tom pushing his foot in between your legs as you stepped back. You moved together in unison just as you separated and threw your arms and legs back on the beat. Meeting back in the middle with your hands wrapping around the others, you had eyes on him the entire time. You two were flowing through the moves, both of your hearts pouring into the work ethic.
He spun you around, your feet still moving before he spun himself underneath you. Pushing yourselves in and out, you two came in close and performed the hip roll you adored so much, making you both smile widely at the other. The chorus rang through and the entire time, you were moving constantly, both of your hips shaking from side to side as you pushed and pulled the other, the excitement reigning through with each step you made.
Tom spun you once more and soon you were disconnected, both of you clapping your hands in the form of a Z, before he did a quick spin on his feet, you smiling at him the entire time. The moves ultimately led up to Tom grabbing you before he dipped you, your head falling into its set position with Tom’s hand on your back holding you steady.
The song ended and the entire place went into a frenzy of screams.
“OH MY GOD!” Tom Holland screamed from the balcony. “THAT’S MY FRIEND!” He cried out, whistling away. You and Tom looked at each other as he pulled you up, the two of you wrapping your arms tightly around each other. Your worries ultimately fled out of the window, the anxiety now replaced with excitement. The judges were on their feet, clapping their hands together.
You two made your way over and smiled. The crowd was on their feet as Tyra Banks rushed over to catch a word from you both.
“Tom and Y/N!” She exclaimed, hugging you both.
Bruno was off his feet, looking at Tom. “You are incredible!” He exclaimed, Tom, smiling and thanking him.
“You two… the chemistry!” Carrie screamed, clapping her hands together. “I could literally see the way you two looked at each other through that… Oh my God, I’m hot all over!” She laughed, laying herself across the table.
Derek smiled at you. “Y/N, I knew you had it in you… Tom? Man, I’ve seen videos on the Internet of you. To see you put yourself out there like that, tonight? All I can say is keep that up? And you’ll win this show.”
Len continued to clap. “That was the best edition of the Cha-Cha-Cha we have ever seen!”
You and Tom hugged each other once more, smiles spreading across your faces.
“The judges have decided the scores! Let’s hear it,” Tyra announced.
Derek was first. “Ten!”
The crowd screamed, your mouth falling open.
Carrie held hers up next. “Ten!” Another round of screams, Tom’s mouth falling open slightly.
Len smirked. “Ten!”
You were practically jumping for joy as Bruno wiggled his eyebrows.
“Ten, darling, ten!” He screamed.
You cried out in joy, jumping right into Tom’s arms who spun you around, kissing your cheek.
As you two veered off backstage, everyone ran up to you and congratulated you. Tom and Lily were racing to you, her arms wrapping around you.
“You two did freaking amazing!” She cried out. You smiled, thanking her.
She hugged Tom next before Holland hugged you. “Wonderful, absolutely wonderful!” He smiled before staring up at his dear friend. “Battle of the Brits, yeah?”
Your Tom smiled and hugged Holland again, the two of them smirking.
The two of you made your way out of the studio later on that night. “Tom, I am so proud of you.” You told him as you both made your way into the car that was taking you both to the hotel.
Tom reached out and clasped his hand around yours.
“Darling, that would have not been possible without you.”
You both shared a heartfelt smile, your fingers interlaced when both of your phones started going off. Giggling, you checked yours to see Twitter was trending and various news outlets releasing the press.
“Tom Hiddleston Shocks With DWTS Performance”
Tom started to blush, rubbing his face awkwardly. “Oh my God, what’s trending on Twitter…” He sighed, showing you his phone.
“#HiddlestonsHips, #SnakeHips,” You read aloud, laughing out loud. You then checked the feed, seeing what fans had to say.
“Tom and Y/N literally had sex when they did that hip roll, you can’t tell me otherwise #HiddlestonsHips”
“I wish I was Y/N, she legit had Tom Hiddleston’s hips all up in her business #SnakeHips #DWTS”
You felt yourself begin to blush, shaking your head, you and Tom meeting the other’s eye for a smile.
“Onto next week!” You exclaimed, giggling as you reached out and rested your head on his shoulder.
“Onto next week…” He smiled, squeezing your hand.
Tumblr media
tagging: @pitifulbaby @immersed-in-mischief @christineblood @holdmytesseract @melissad1974 @ethanshide @d1a2n389 @aestheticallyholland @stuckybarton @knopewyattworld @captain-asguard @breezy2and2freezy @sheris532 @hayden429 @nurisiliel @wander-lustbabe
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sergeantbuckybarnes · 4 months ago
need to know // tom hiddleston
Summary: You and Tom take the Vanity Fair’s lie detector.
Pairing: Tom Hiddleston x Reader
Word count: 1k
Warnings: none. just fluff
A/N: As always, please remember English is not my first language. Also, thanks to @amandalove​ for proofreading this! 💙
Reader’s in an actress in this and she plays Amora “The Enchantress” in the Marvel movies. Also, she and Tom are dating.
main masterlist
Tumblr media
“So… (Y/N), Tom. We brought you here today to take a lie detector test. One of you will be hooked up to the machine while the other asks questions, and then you’ll switch. Who wants to be in the hot seat first?”
You and your boyfriend shared a look, both wearing a nervous smile on your face. “I’ll go first.”
“You sure?”
While you get plugged into the machine, Tom switched seats. Now he was sitting across from you. Folder in his hand.
“I feel like my heart is pounding in my chest.”
“Is it true that you feel your heart pounding in your chest?”
“Yeah,” you laughed.
“Is your real name (Y/N) (Y/L/N)?”
“Were you born in (C/Y/B)?”
“Are you ready to take this lie detector test?”
“I think so.”
“Okay, let’s get started.”
“Growing up, did you always want to be an actor?”
“Yeah, I did.”
“Did you read the comics to get ready for the movies?”
“No,” you admitted.
Tom looked at Barry, the polygraph examiner. “True.”
You nervously laughed. “I mean... There are a lot of them. So no.”
“Is there another role you’d like to play?”
You thought about it. “Maybe the Black Widow… She’s a badass.”
“Amora is a badass too.”
You smiled. “You think so?” You didn’t really have to ask, your boyfriend had always said how your character was one of his favorites, even before you started dating.
“You know I do.”
“Are you happy with our relationship right now?”
“Of course!” you said immediately. “What kind of question is that?” Tom gave you a warm smile. God, you were really deep in love with this man.
“Have you ever complained about me to your friends?”
Tom gave you a look, waiting for an explanation. “Maybe I have done it at some point, I don’t know. But I can’t recall when and why it was.”
“Okay, I’ll take that.”
You saw him grinning at the next question. He averted his gaze from the paper, then looked at you. “I really wanna know the answer to this one.”
“So, in the first Avengers movie, Amora and Steve Rogers had this scene…” Oh gosh, you already knew where this question was leading to. “She enchanted him and kissed him. Were you excited when you found out you were gonna kiss Chris Evans?”
“Oh my god!” You were sweating. “I mean… I didn’t think much of it,” you replied honestly. You had been in the industry for a long time, and you had to kiss a lot of your co-stars. So Chris was just another one on the list.
“Would you say it was a good kiss?”
“I hate you,” you murmured.
You both laughed.
“Alright… You and I were cast around the same time,” you nodded, “Do you remember your first impression of me?”
You narrowed your eyes. “Yeah…?”
“What was it?”
“You were a cool guy. You play the spoons, you have a nice accent.” He laughed, embarrassed, covering his face with his hands.
“Did you lie at some point during this lie detector test and we didn’t catch you?”
“She’s telling the truth.”
“Tom, to calibrate the machine, I’m gonna ask you some straightforward questions and please answer honestly.”
“Is your name Thomas Hiddleston?”
“Were you born in England?”
“Are you nervous?”
“Okay, let’s get started.”
“You were born on February 9, right?”
“So you are an Aquarius,” he nodded. “Do you believe our signs are compatible?”
“Have you ever looked up the signs of your celebrity crushes to see if you were compatible?”
You looked at Barry. “True.”
“You don’t trust me?” he said in a faked offense.
“Just wanted to be sure.”
“Oh this one.” You averted your gaze from the paper to look at your boyfriend, who was now wearing a nervous expression. “During our relationship, did you ever think about going back to one of your exes?”
Tom’s nervous expression turned into a shocking one. “What kind of question is that?”
You shrugged. “Just answer.”
“No. I did not.”
“He’s telling the truth,” Barry assured.
“Oh, thank god.”
“Did you have any doubt?”
“I don’t know. I was just not expecting that question.”
“Me neither. Your questions were easier!”
“Do you consider any of my friends attractive?”
“That’s fair. I have very beautiful friends.”
“You’re still my number one, though.”
“Does your family like me?”
“They love you.”
“He’s telling the truth”
“So… you play Loki and he has some cool powers. If you had superpowers, which power would you want to have?”
“Are you a lot like your character Loki?”
“No,” he laughed.
Barry made a questionable face. “I am not. Firstly, I’m not a God-”
“A lot of people would beg to differ on that.”
“Oh gosh…” he laughed and threw his head back.
“Have you ever hated a movie or a show I starred in?”
You looked at Barry. “He’s telling the truth.”
You laughed when you saw the next question. “Oh, I really wanna know this one. You have had quite a few on-screen love interests, am I your favorite?”
“Good. If you would have lied, we would have had a problem.”
“I would never lie to you.”
You looked at the machine guy. “Seriously?” The incredulously exaggerated voice of your boyfriend made you laugh.
“He’s telling the truth.”
“Okay, did you lie at some point during this lie detector test and we didn’t catch you?”
“Well, that was fun.”
Your boyfriend glanced at you. “You still have some questions to answer.”
You frowned. “Did you enjoy that kiss with Evans?”
“Oh my god. What are you? 5 years old?”
“It’s an easy answer, darling.”
You rolled your eyes. “Alright. Yes. Are you happy now? It was a good kiss.” You looked at your boyfriend, a shocking fake-hurt expression on his face.
“I’m hurt,” he said with a hand over his heart.
“You wanted an answer. Deal with it.” Tom just laughed and pulled you into his chest. You smiled, taking in his scent.
“I love you,” you murmured.
“I love you too.”
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writersblog20 · a day ago
Tom Hiddleston x reader
Tumblr media
Not my gif, credits to the maker!
Summary: the reader has to deal with a bad outbreak from eczema. Keeping everything bottled up isn’t helping the case either, making her snap at Tom
Warnings: anxiety and the troubles of having to deal with eczema.
Words: 1,4K
If you are able, could you write an imagine for Tom where the reader has really bad eczema (I’m in the middle of a HORRIBLE outbreak for the past year and a half on both my hands and want some comfort) and it’s taking a toll on her mental health??? If not, that’s totally fine, but i just thought I’d ask.
Delicate hands
It didn’t start as bad as it was right now. The eczema has gotten worse by the week and it took a toll on your mental health. You became very self-conscious about it and embarrassed even though there was nothing to be embarrassed about, you couldn’t help it. You were scared that your boyfriend, Tom, wouldn’t like you anymore and you grew more and more silent.
Tom noticed that you’ve been more distant lately, he didn’t knew why and so know and then he tried to ask you but you kind of shut him out, not wanting to talk about it. He respected you so he waited for you to come to him when you were ready, on your own time.
You’ve been to the doctor because of the extreme outbreak, and it didn’t help that you were stressed. So the doctor prescribed some sort of ointment with gloves so your hands would absorb it well enough. Even though there wasn’t anything to be ashamed of, you still felt like that.
One day it was just enough. You’ve been avoiding the emotions for way to long and bottled everything up. Your hands were at their worst right now and even though the ointment was working for the pain and itch, it still didn’t look better.
“Darling, would you like to go for dinner tonight?” Tom asked you sweetly but you just snapped at him. “No Tom, I don’t. I don’t want to go out with this.” you held up your hands with your gloves, tears filling your eyes. You went upstairs and got to the bedroom, crying your eyes out. Everything came out at once.
Tom stood in the Livingroom surprised at your reaction. You’ve never been so stern or snapped at him. He paced around the room not knowing what to do at that point. He had a feeling that this was not about him but your hands, seen by your reaction prior.
He walked carefully up the stairs towards the bedroom. He slowly opened the door, seeing you with your face in the pillow, sobbing at this point. His heart broke for you. He never, like never minded your eczema. Not even one bit. He actually loved your hands. He found them so delicate and it hurts him, seeing you hate them so much.
He carefully sat on the bed and rubbed your back for comfort. “Darling, talk to me.” he spoke softly. You were scared that he was a little mad at your reaction but he wasn’t. You sniffled. “My hands, Tom. I hate them. I hate the eczema and I want it to stop, and I’m scared that one day you’re not going to like me anymore because of it.” you said through the sobs. He looked at you and gave you a sad smile. “Darling…. I adore your hands and so should you. there is nothing wrong with them.” He took your hands in his and gave kisses on the top of your hand.
“I understand that it’s very hard, I do. But I love you and your hands. I wouldn’t change it for the world. Only if I could take the pain away I would. I’m never going to leave you. I love you so much darling. I promise.” He gave you a soft reassuring smile.
You came out of your hiding spot to look at Tom. “I promise.” He repeated. He softly got away of your tears with his thumb. You carefully sat up, feeling very vulnerable right now. He pulled you in a hug with his head resting on yours.
“I'm so proud of you, and I love you very much.” He whispered. “I love you too Tom, and I'm sorry I snapped at you before. “It's okay now love, don't worry about it. But please don’t stop talking to me about these things, or anything for that matter. I'm here for you and bottling everything up isn't heathy for you. I live and care about you so much.” You squeezed his waist a little tighter.
“why don’t we order some fancy take out instead of going to dinner mhm?” you nodded. “That sounds good.” You smiled at him. “Why don’t you rest for a bit and I’ll call you when dinner is here?” he asked you and you agreed feeling completely drains. He gave you a loving kiss before walking downstairs.
You must have fallen asleep since Tom woke you up softly. “Dinner is ready, darling.” You nodded and got freshened up before walking downstairs.
Tom had sat the table ready, with candles, romantic music and dimmed light. He took you hand delicately and guided you to the table. You were in an awe. You looked at him in surprise “anything for the love of my life.” He told you with a wink, which made you feel flustered.
“Thank you, Tom, for doing this and making me feel loved.” He smiled at you. “that’s how it’s supposed to be. I would do anything for you darling.” You smiled shyly and looked down. He took you hand in yours and placed a kiss on your knuckles. “I love you" he told you while looking deep into your eyes so the message would come over. It made you feel shy but extremely loved and cared for at the same time. “I love you too Tom.” He smiled with contain.
The dinner was absolutely delicious and of course he ordered dessert as well. It was in fact your favorite.
After dinner Tom made you a nice warm bath. He got your hands in his and looked at you for permission. You softly nodded and he got the gloves off. You looked away a little uncomfortably, until you felt his warm lips against your hands. “You never have to hide for me love. I don’t want you to. I love you exactly the way you are.” He gave you a kiss on your lips helping you in the bathtub.
Tom took a seat on the toilet so he could read to you. You closed your eyes and started to relax to Tom's velvet voice. After the bath, Tom helped you get dried off.
He took your hand in his before you could get into your pajamas. He led you to the bed so he could give you a massage. “You have a lot of knots darling. Let me help you relax.” He told you while already massaging your shoulders.
He was soft and careful but yet firm. After 15 minutes he stopped. “I’ll do it again tomorrow but I don’t want it to hurt you, so I’ll stop for now.”
You turned around and placed your lips softly on his. He sighed in contain. You felt his tongue slip. The kiss was sensual and Tom put all his love into that kiss. After the kiss could go further, he placed his sweater over your head and got you a pair of sweatpants.
You both got downstairs. Tom got in the kitchen to make some tea while you looked for the ointment. After you both sat down on the couch you placed the ointment in your hands. “Here, let me darling.” He told you taking the gloves from you. He helped you putting them on and once again kissed your knuckles when he was done.
Tom put your favorite movie on and pulled you half on top of him so he could cuddle you. His fingers softly massaged your head giving you kisses so now and then. He was very affectionate at the moment because he knew you really needed it right now and he was definitely not complaining.
He rubbed circles on your back and you felt yourself slowly doze off. “let's go to bed love.” You nodded. Tom held your hand and walked upstairs.
Once comfortably in bed you clang to Tom while he cuddled you. You felt so loved and there was no doubt in your mind about him not wanting you anymore. Of course, it was hard and you would get more days like these but it was bearable with Tom by your side.
Tom waited for you to fall into a peaceful sleep before he allowed himself some shut eye, thinking what he could do as a surprise for you, so you could feel even more loved.
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handwrittenlaufeyson · 3 months ago
request: Can I request Loki x reader? He’s been on the avengers team for a while now and they get an alert that a similar energy field like the bifrost is opening over a park someplace. When they’re watching and waiting with weapons ready, it finally opens.. and reader falls out landing like a rag doll covered in cuts and bruises, hands shackled. She was a prisoner that escaped from some enemy when their ship blew up or something. Loki and Thor are first to approach her and Loki recognizes her right away as his love that went missing after Ragnarok.
– ship: loki laufeyson x reader
– warnings: swearing, fluff
– word count: 1,644
This got very off topic in my opinion, but I wanted Loki fluff so that's where it went. I hope you enjoy :)
Tumblr media
"Thor. Loki. Come with me." Steve Rogers' booming voice gains Loki's attention and he rises from his seat to follow him, walking next to his brother. They exchange a glance and Loki thinks to himself what this could be about.
"What is this about, Captain Rogers?" Thor speaks for the both of them.
Steve doesn't respond until the three reach their destination and see the rest of the team gathered around a table, looking at a map of energy sources. Steve points to a park.
"Do you think this is the Bifrost? The only other times we see an energy field like this are when you two are coming from Asgard."
Loki nods immediately, "There is no possible way that isn't the Bifrost. It is the only thing I can think of that would supply such strong energy."
Tony and Steve exchange a look before looking to the rest of the team.
"Let's go find out who our new Asgardian visitor is. Wheels up in 10." Tony speaks before the rest of the team disperses to gear up.
Once everyone is ready, they gather outside and board the aircraft. Loki takes his place next to Thor.
"I know it's been a couple years, but do you think it could be..." Loki starts.
"(Y/N)? Brother, I know you have been hoping she will turn up and believe me, I wish she would too, but it's been two years and Ragnarok was brutal for Asgard."
Loki dips his head down, giving a solemn nod as his eyes attach to the floor beneath him.
─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
You groan as you hit the ground, pain shooting through your body. You squeeze your eyes shut to avoid the sun glaring down on you. Your arms fall above your head, your wrists shackled together. Your head is pounding and you're covered in cuts and bruises.
"Shit..." You mutter, wincing with each breath.
You didn't notice the group of people around you until two of them approach you.
"Put your weapons down!" One of them calls to the rest.
You recognize that voice. Your eyes meet at the same time and you swear all of the oxygen leaves your lungs.
"Loki?" You ask breathlessly.
"(Y/N)? Oh my- Thor, help me get these off." He orders the man next to him, grabbing at the chains around your wrists.
"Loki, be careful!" An unfamiliar voice calls as a group of people rush over.
Loki doesn't listen and fumbles with the chains until he gets them off of you. He immediately pulls you up and to his chest once your free. Before you can respond to his touch, he's pulled back and is clasping your face in his hands.
There is muttering all around the two of you and Thor puts his arms out, ushering them back.
"I thought I'd never see you again..." Loki says softly, his fingertips brushing over your face and along your jaw until they settle in your hair.
"So did I." You whisper back, your eyes watering as you smile at the God before you.
"It's been so long. Where were you all this time? After ragnarok I... I thought I had lost you. The thought was unbearable. It almost killed me, but the whole time I remained hopeful that you would come back to me and... and here you are! I can't believe it!"
Loki connects his lips to yours, his hands gripping at your sides and pulling you closer. You wince at his touch, given that you weren't in the best physical state.
"I am so sorry, my love. I did not intend to hurt you. I will take care of you. I promise."
"I know. I know. I never want to leave your side again. I tried to find you on Asgard, but I got separated and I ended up somewhere so far. These people... they grabbed me and I don't even know how long it has been. It felt like forever and only minutes at the same time. The thought of you was the only thing that kept me going."
You lean your forehead against Loki's and everyone else has disappeared from your mind. He's the only one that matters to you right now.
At the feeling of a hand on your shoulder, you follow the trail until you meet Thor's eyes.
"Thor..." You smile, glancing back to Loki before standing. You keep one hand linked with Loki's while using the other to wrap Thor in a hug.
"I missed you both so much." You mumble, ignoring the pain shooting through your body.
"As we've missed you. Loki has been sulking ever since the day you disappeared."
You simply smile back at Loki who has now stood to stand behind you, a protective arm around your waist as you step back from the blonde.
"Are you going to introduce me to your friends?" You ask, looking at everyone else surrounding you.
"Right!" Thor speaks up, "These are the Avengers!"
You go through introductions with each of them, politely smiling. Everyone seemed nice enough, but all you wanted in this moment was to get cleaned up and have some time with Loki to yourself. You and Loki had been friends since childhood, but as you got older it developed into something more. Loki is the man you had your heart set on marrying before everything. You still love him deeply, but given how long it's been you are doubting if he still wants you.
After a few more moments of being polite you are finally being ushered to the aircraft across the park, Loki still holding onto your hand. He helps you sit down once on board and you lean your head back, closing your eyes. You try to take advantage of the quiet and Loki's touch in order to try and get some rest. You can feel the dark-haired man's eyes on you the whole journey until you fall asleep.
You aren't sure how long it has been until you are gently awoken by someone's hand on your shoulder, gently shaking you awake. Your eyes open your eyes to see Loki standing before you and you smile at him.
"Let's get you inside, my princess."
His voice is so gentle and comforting. You missed it so much. You let him guide you inside and are relieved that the Avengers are leaving you be. You're overwhelmed and just want Loki around you for the time being.
He leads you to what you assume is his room and to the bathroom, taking in the scenery around you. You're too tired to speak so you just let the God lead you. As he starts the shower, you stare at your reflection in the mirror, taking in your beat up appearance. Your eyes flick from your face to the man's behind you as Loki walks up, placing his hands on your shoulders and kissing the top of your head.
"Come, my love. Let us get you cleaned up." He mumbles into your hair, his hands falling to gently fumble with your clothing until it's all gone. He then grabs your hand and lead you to the shower, letting you step in before getting undressed himself and stepping in behind you.
You wrap your arms around Loki, enjoying the feeling of his skin against yours. You don't want to let him go, but he forces you as he grabs the soap and begins to gently wash you, surveying the injuries as he goes.
All doubts of Loki's love for you are gone and you stare up at his face, pure love evident in your eyes. However, Loki just looks pained and worried.
"I am so sorry I let this happen to you. Years ago I swore to protect you and I failed... and I'm so sorry." His voice is soft, almost unable to be heard.
"Loki... no. It is not your fault. You could not have known. And you did protect me. Just the thought of you protected me and gave me the strength I needed to keep going and escape. Everything I needed to come back to you."
Your hands run up and down his arms, taking in the way his skin feels underneath your fingers.
"I love you more than you will ever know." He says softly, his face dipping down so he is only centimeters from yours.
"As I do you, Loki Laufeyson."
You quirk an eyebrow in return.
"There was something I had been meaning to do for a while before I lost you."
"And what was that?"
His lips connect to yours in a passionate kiss and you kiss him back, wrapping your arms around him.
"I wanted to do this in a more romantic setting, but I don't want to wait any longer."
Your heart starts beating out of your chest as you look up at him.
"Give me a moment." He says quickly before jumping out of the shower and running off. It is not long before he returns, pulling you out of the shower and shutting it off. He uses his magic to dry the both of you off and conjure up some clothes for the both of you. Before you can even register all that he has done, he is kneeling down in front of you on one knee.
"(Y/N)… marry me. I have loved you since we were children and I do not wish to spend my life with any other. Just you. And after losing you, I know I have to do it now because I never want to lose you again. I waited two years for you to return to me and I have kept this ring the entire time. So, marry me and I promise to love and protect you for eternity."
You stare down at Loki, tucking your hair behind your ears before a smile spreads over your face.
"Nothing would make me happier."
Loki wastes no time in placing the ring on your finger and standing to pull you into a hungry kiss. You both knew this is where you belonged.
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lokiskitten · a month ago
hiii can you please do tom as dad's best friend/co-worker where they finally meet each other in her dad's office? and that y/n dad have to take an urgen flight trip thats why he needed tom to look after y/n for a couple of days. lots of sexual tension and dirty talk! (also age gap if that's alright with you?) 😌 make it real smutty and kinky u know the drill :) ty!!
Tom Hiddleston | unique babysitter
Tom Hiddleston x fem!reader
Tumblr media
plot : being a single father, your dad has no choice but to leave you at home with a friend after he has been called for an urgent business travel. Surprisingly enough, you manage to end up enjoying Tom’s exhilarating company.
warnings : smut, age gap, dirty talking, slight dub/con, virgin!reader, innocence kink, dry humping, unprotected sex, slight after care and cuddling.
Around a week ago, your dad had finally agreed to take you to his office in order for you to discover his job. You had never really understood the way he made a living, and it had therefore been the occasion for you to get to learn more about his work whilst earning the chance to spend some extra time with him. Ever since your mom had left, you had allowed yourself to drift away from your father- an unwilling habit which had brought harm to the two of you throughout the years. But now was your chance to do better by supporting the older man through his daily life and by letting him know that he was not alone. Though, your little trip to his office had allowed you to meet with one of his closest coworkers : a so called Tom Hiddleston.
The man worked at the desk next to your dad’s, which allowed you to get a good view of his friend whilst they both worked. The room remained silent- the sounds of the keyboards being put to good use offering a pretty symphony. Your orbs would sometimes divert towards the infamous older man, feeling your cheeks heat up whenever his blue eyes would take notice of your stares and look up at you- leading your embarrassed self to look away. From the corner of your eyes, you could tell that this gesture had amused him due to the way his lips seemed to curl up whilst his chest bobbed upwards gently. Your hands fidgeted together, this little game lasting through the entire afternoon until it was finally time for you and your father to go home. But even after disappearing from one another’s sight, none of you appeared to forget about the other.
The next day, your dad had announced to you that he would be forced to leave for a couple of days due to an important business offer he simply couldn’t push away. At first, you felt okay with it... until this one added up that his coworker and friend, Tom, would be in charge of taking care of you for the few upcoming days. This stroke anxiety within your heart. The man you had desperately stared at for hours yesterday would now be assigned as your babysitter? The thought of getting to spend time alone with him was surely exciting, but also intimidating. Therefore, you decided to use arguments in order to dodge your father’s announcement, and potentially call off this whole babysitter issue which you believed was unnecessary for a girl such as you.
The first argument you decide to pull up was the fact that you were eighteen, and therefore not in need of a babysitter anymore. You could take care of yourself, which you did whenever your father was at work. But to the older man, this wasn’t the issue. He felt pleased to remind you what had happened the last time he had trusted you to be alone for a couple of days, and you had no choice but to remain silent face to his prominent argument, and your lack of snap back. Even though you could’ve probably explained that this event took place a couple of years back, and that you were now a legal adult to society, you decided to submit to your father’s announcement and decision.
Coming back to the present, you were currently sat in the living room whilst waiting for Tom to arrive. Your father had left a couple of minutes ago already, as he didn’t wish to miss his plane due to his coworker being late- who he trusted in taking good care of you. But little did he know, the older man would do much more than simply cook dinner for the two of you before tucking you in for a good night of sleep. When the bell finally rang, your head diverted towards the door in a hurry before your whole silhouette made an effort to get up from the sofa in order to reach for the entry of your home. Nervously, your hand took ahold of the handle before twisting it and allowing the door to open, revealing your dad’s smily coworker. “Good evening, Princess. I’m sorry I’m late.” He affirmed as your eyes slowly slid down towards the postman bag he carried on his right shoulder.
Face to your prolonged silence, he decided to step in one more time. “May I come in?” Tom asked, hoping that this sentence would manage to pull you out of your thoughts. And it did. “Oh yes, sure. I’m sorry...” You responded, an awkward chuckle escaping your lips as you moved to the side in order to let the older man step inside of your house. As soon as Tom laid a foot of onto the floor of your home, you felt a rather uncomfortable sensation take over your organism. It was a mix of excitement- that due to his handsomeness and attractive aura- and anxiety. A single pressure applied on the door was enough to have it close, trapping the two of you inside of the construction. And from that point, things progressively started to get more risky.
If Tom had agreed to sit down at the living room’s table to work at first, he soon caught interest in your silhouette and the things your curves could potentially offer him. During the first evening you spent together, things remained rather quiet and calm. All he did was look at you from the corner of his eye once in a while, and so did you whenever you felt like allowing your hormones to win over your good sense. You had been the one to cook dinner, and the older man hadn’t stopped praising the meal you had taken time to prepare whilst he worked. You got the chance to listen to a few of his personal informations- such as his nice lifestyle as a single man who enjoyed cooking for himself, as a hobby. Tom even promised to be the chief tomorrow evening, a bargain which led you to feel more comfortable in his presence.
The next day was when you finally started to feel more comfortable about your father’s coworker living in your house. You didn’t get to see him during the day due to college, but coming back in the evening knowing you would be able to spend time with the older man never failed to make you feel excited. Tom had progressively let go of his work, claiming he had taken a one week remunerated break in order to spend some extra time with you. The days went along, and you found yourself skipping class as well to attend the man’s offers about going out to various places. Calling your dad to check up on him wasn’t a priority anymore, which easily led you to bump into multiple missed calls when you finally made your way back up to your room after spending a day with his friend.
On this delightful Friday evening, you had been given the honor to taste Tom’s most famous recipe : bolognese. The dinner went on wonderfully, and you soon found yourself bloated with sauce and pasta- a visual proof that you had indeed enjoyed the meal he had prepared. Wiping the corner of his mouth with a napkin, Tom’s blue orbs stared at your exhausted self who still tried to recover from the amount of food you had previously ingested. It had exhaust you. “I guess I won’t be asking you how it went, seeing the emptiness of your plate.” He affirmed with a chuckle before reaching out for both of your stained yet empty plates in order to carry them until the sink. Shifting in your seat, you allowed your vision to divert away from your guest for a moment- which Tom didn’t fail to notice.
With a smirk appearing on the corner of his lips, the man proceeded to rest the plates down on the workspace before silently making his way back to you, sitting down in the chair which was positioned next to yours before leaning in and allowing his lips to collide with your neck. You obviously reacted face to this unexpected sensation, body shaking just so slightly as you tiredly leant backwards in order to break the contact. “What? What are you doing?” You asked awkwardly, earning an amused smile from the older man. His hand travelled up to your hair, blue orbs following his own gesture as he brushed a strand behind your ear. “Just treating you the way you deserve. You’re a grown woman after all, aren’t you? And adults communicate with one another.” He purred seductively, those few words sending chills down your spine.
“So I’m letting you know... I want you.” He finished, hand still toying with your hair as both your heart and mind fell apart on the instant. Had you heard that right? Was your father’s friend truly offering you to hookup under his coworker’s own roof- a man who had given him his trust to look after his only daughter? But the will to rebel and prove to the world that you weren’t a child anymore turned out to be stronger then your good sense and the respect you held for your dad. Your cheeks heated up as you made eye contact with Tom again, a welcoming smile appearing his lips which led you to fall for him even more. “Okay...” you responded to his previous statement in an awkward manner, leading the adult’s smile to intensify. “Okay.” He repeated happily, hand sliding down to your thigh in order to take ahold of yours.
Tom easily managed to get you to stand up, leading you out of the kitchen and upstairs as his thumb gently rubbed against the back of your hand. Again, you felt excited yet anxious- still questioning whether yes or not you should give in his certainly appetizing offer. But before you knew it, the older man had managed to reach your father’s room- the room Tom had been occupying throughout the journey- which possessed a bigger bed for the two of you to enjoy. His first reflex was to turn on the lights before closing the door, those two gestures requiring for him to let go of your hand which allowed you to move closer to the bed without his help. “Ever done this before?” Tom asked empathetically as his silhouette turned towards yours, both his hands resting on his hips as if he was trying to contain certain pulsions.
Even if you felt ashamed of the answer you were about to give, you still trusted the man enough not to make fun of you nor make any degrading remarks about your sexual life. “Not really.” You answered as he moved closer to you, head bowed down to be able to make proper eye contact. “That’s okay.” He reassured, his hand moving up to your shoulder which he squeezed gently. “I’ll make sure to take good care of you.” Finished the male, his fingers now taking ahold of your chin only to lead your head to look up. Your lips aligned with his, his head slowly moving down towards yours until your closed mouths finally pressed against one another. This was the chastest kiss anyone had ever given you- which reinforced the feeling of safety you felt whenever it came to Tom. Though he quickly ended up softly breaking the contact in order to make sure you were okay.
You silently sucked in your bottom lip, as if you wanted to get some extra taste of his lips even after he had decided to break the kiss. Allowing your lower piece of rosy flesh to go, your orbs finally diverted upwards in order to make eye contact with the man who had just filled you with bliss. “I liked this.” You admitted, earning a smile from your partner. His hands travelled up to the first button of his shirt, progressively undoing the links until his bellybutton and abdominals were revealed to your innocent sight. Those assets made you shiver, and Tom could easily tell that you were too shy to step forward and lay your pretty hands onto his flesh. Smirking, the man dodged your silhouette in order to reach for the bed, removing his shirt through the process before allowing it to drop to the floor.
You watched silently as he sat down on the edge of the furniture, inviting you to take place beside him by laying gentle taps on the spot next to his thigh. Your submitted self obeyed, feet leading you towards your master until you finally took place beside him. “You’re such an obedient girl.” Tom praised, seemingly enjoying the way you agreed to follow all of his commands. An intimidated chuckle escaped your lips as his hand once again traveled up to your face, caressing your facial features and brushing your hair back in the loveliest manner. You couldn’t help but stare at his crouched abdominals, the way his skin formed muscular rolls for you to appreciate and praise. After all, it was the first time you ever saw a grown man bare chested in such an intimate situation.
“You want to remove a couple of layers? It’s the least we could do.” Tom offered gently, making sure to use the proper tone in order not to scare you off- and mostly in order to lead you to accept his proposition. Again, you agreed, standing up from the bed before removing your sweatshirt by pulling it over your head. Your bare breasts were revealed to his sight, though his blue orbs remained mainly focused on the skin of your waist and stomach. He found the bellybutton and stomach as a very attractive part of the female anatomy, and couldn’t potentially get enough of staring at this area of your body. Of course the grown man also felt grateful to be able to get a peak of your breasts- which he would make sure to cherish and praise later on.
His hands bluntly moved up to your waist as you took place between his legs, blue orbs still looking up at you before Tom allowed himself to lay a kiss onto your stomach. You abdominals contracted due to the small tingle you felt within you skin as the older man now took care of laying trails of gentle kisses down your belly. Looking down at him, you allowed your digits to travel up to his perfectly groomed hair before passing your fingers through the strands, messing up his mane in the softest manner. You were able to feel his lips perk upwards, indicating that your gestures were visibly making him smile. It reassured you to be aware of such a positive reaction.
After reaching the waistband of your joggers, Tom stopped himself through his track in order to take another look at your facial features- which in his humble opinion were perfect. Besides, spending time with someone who was younger than him somewhat sent the man back to his youthful days as well; which provided Tom a very blissful feeling. Without breaking eye contact, he began to unbuckle his belt before undoing the button of his jeans without even taking care of sliding the leather material out of the confines of his pants. Though he unfortunately found himself forced to look away after struggling to undo his button, your orbs still staring down towards his veiny hands which worked hard to reach their goal.
Once this step was finally over with, Tom placed a hand on your hip in order to gently move you backwards so that he could stand up from the bed. You could tell by his frustrated appearance that he seemingly couldn’t wait to end up in bed and fully naked with you. Though he always kept a reassuring smile on his face, even whilst pulling his jeans down to his ankle before stepping out of the piece of clothing. The grown man now stood in his briefs, feeling no form of shame nor embarrassment face to your younger self. Besides, there simply was nothing he could’ve potentially feel ashamed of. His body was perfect. A chuckle escaped his lips upon witnessing how clueless you appeared, a sight which could only make him feel more confident through the overall process.
“Well, kitten... there’s nothing you should be ashamed of. Real men are nothing like the boys you see at school.” He insisted, referring to how male teenagers often found many reasons to criticize the female anatomy and make young girls feel insecure. And his tone sounded extremely genuine- which was what led you to finally unleash your silhouette from all these pieces of clothings. You nodded silently, hands moving down to the waistband of your joggers before you slid the material down to your ankles. Sitting back down on the edge of the bed, you proceeded to remove the cloth from your ankles, now revealing your underwear to a rather eager Tom.
He jumped on this handy occasion to gracefully climb on the bed and lay down on the spot where he usually slept, waiting for you to be done and hand out the green flag like the gentleman that he is. Looking back at him, you once again felt your cheeks heat up due to crossing another line of the process. He smiled. “Don’t be shy. I want you.” Tom begged, arm extending towards your chest as an invitation for you to get closer- which you did. Now laying down next to each other, your hands rested against his chest as your bodies faced one another, feeling the warmth which emitted from his skin. He looked down at you, head leaning down and once again seeking for your lips before he was finally able to press them against yours.
You kissed back, now feeling more comfortable as his arms wrapped around your back in order to gently get himself on top of your body. You were consensually overcome by his much larger silhouette, one of your hands moving up to his shoulders as you carried on giving back what the man was generously offering you. As soon as grunts and low moans began to escape his lips, you could tell that things were about to move faster from this moment- legs spreading a little bit wider as you allowed the man to grind his hips against yours. You were able to feel his hardening member collide with and rub against your own clothed genitals- movements which soon led your entrance to leak juices and stains your panties.
“Look at you..” Tom began, breaking the kiss for a few seconds in order to catch his breath and finish his sentence. He was panting. “Legs already spread wide open for me.” The man stated, speaking nothing but obvious facts. You blushed. No one had ever spoken to you in such a way, and especially not on that specific tone which turned out to be quite exhilarating. Now moving his head down against the crook of your neck, you were able to feel warmth take over both your chest and crotch due to Tom still grinding his hips against yours. The movements stimulated your clit, sending chills down your spine and leading more love juice to leak out of your throbbing core. And even if the older man appeared more eager about the situation when it came to visuals, your soul was definitely suffocating with pleasure even if you remained slightly motionless and silent.
Sitting up on his knees, a smirking Tom made eye contact with you as he allowed himself to slide off your panties; taking them off your legs before carelessly dropping them to the side. Such a small piece of clothing certainly wouldn’t be a bother through your shared intercourse, which was the reason to why he decided not to pay much attention to where it landed. Besides, your father’s coworker felt too excited about what was to come to even care about such an irrelevant detail. You were panting, still trying to recover from this first contact which had left you damaged with pleasure and excitement. Though, little did you know, the real fun was only about to begin.
“My pretty girl’s got a pretty little cunt.” He praised, his fingers sticking together as he brought his hand down between your legs. You shivered, sucking in your bottom lip in anticipation to his upcoming touch. It would be the first time you would get touched by a man, by someone else than your own self. A part of you wondered how it was going to feel, though the second one couldn’t help but grow anxious and worried. However, before you could even think any further, you felt Tom’s fingertips collide with your sensitive core- sending chills down your spine and easily leading your hole to squeeze and contract. He chuckled, appreciating his good work and feeling satisfied about the way he managed to make you feel. Though, it wasn’t like Tom had ever disappointed a woman in bed before.
One of the older man’s hands landed beside your face, Tom holding himself up with the help of his left arm whilst his other hand took care of pleasing your core. His fingertips rubbed up and down your clit, sometimes pinching the hardened bud and manhandling it perfectly. His aim was to get your entrance to loosen up for him; and that especially after he took notice that you were a virgin. Tom wanted this intercourse to be pleasing for you too, and he was willing to use any tactic in order to help you to relax. His lips landed against yours again, trapping your moan within his cavity and pushing it back inside of your mouth with the help of his tongue penetrating your moist entry.
Once your moans began to get progressively higher pitched, Tom felt like it was now the right time to initiate you to the pleasures he was certainly going to provide you. Taking his soaked fingertips up to his lips, he allowed his tongue to taste the sweet juices before both his hands took ahold of the waistband of his briefs which was soon to be slid down to his mid thighs. You didn’t dare to look, eyes still staring at the ceiling until your view was blocked by your partner’s facial features. He smiled and you smiled back. “Well hello.” Teased the older man, a few words which easily led you to chuckle. In the position you two had adopted, you were able to feel his rocking hard shaft press against your clit- a sensation that didn’t fail to make you feel nervous.
“You ready, Princess?” Questioned your dad’s coworker, your legs immediately spreading a tad wider upon hearing those few words. Another kiss was laid on your lips, probably in order to distract you from the slight pain which was about to follow. And before you could know it, a warm mass was pressed against your cavity, soon penetrating your entrance and pushing past your hymen that broke on the instant. A high pitched groan escaped your lips which led Tom to intensify the kiss, his hips jumping on the occasion to move closer to yours until his cock had reached balls deep. Slowly pulling away from your face, his ocean blue orbs made eye contact with yours, analyzing your facial features in order to find out whether you were truly suffering or not.
“This is just temporary.” Promised the man, your entrance unwillingly clenching around his shaft which led him to let out a guttural moan. Taking his attention off you for a minute, Tom’s face looked down at your rubbing crotches- as if he wanted to make sure he was properly inside- before his head tilted upwards again. Noticing how you now appeared more relaxed, he was soon to begin the thrusting process- slow movements at first which progressively increased in pace with time. The friction created by the intercourse felt absolutely blissful- filling your soul with excitement and leading your heart to race. You were able to feel the muscle pump blood through your entire system as Tom continued to grind his hips against yours, happy grunts escaping his lips.
Both his arms slid underneath your shoulders, taking ahold of them in order to keep you more still through the pleasant process- and make it easier for him to thrust. Tom felt entirely satisfied with the situation that had taken place- taking notice of how you appeared to enjoy it too which could only make his member throb out of pleasure. Though his masculine ego still pushed him to check in order to receive a verbal confirmation. “You enjoyin’ this?” The man asked breathlessly, earning a single moan and nod from your exhilarated self. The man then proceeded to unexpectedly pull out, offering you no time to understand before you were flipped over onto your stomach. This once his hands landed on your bum, spreading your cheeks apart and admiring the way your entrance leaked with love juice. It looked extremely welcoming, and Tom was soon to step inside of your intimate home for the second time.
Feeling his cock penetrate you again brushed all of your worries away, eyelids shutting close as you began to be rocked back and forth against the bedsheets. Even without being able to see his face, you still managed to enjoy everything that Tom was providing you with on the instant. You could feel his pubic bone collide with your skin of your bum, your nipples perking up against the confines of the bedsheets. “Fuck baby.. So tight and juicy for me.” He praised, leaning down in order to offer your neck rough kisses and gentle bites. You moaned tiredly, rubbing your cheek against his like a cat would do against his owner’s legs. He had managed to take possession of your soul, and there was now only one way out.
Time passed, and Tom’s thrusts progressively began to grow sloppier. Being inexperienced, you couldn’t exactly tell that this indicated he was about to reach his high, though the way he appeared more tired and less energetic than before certainly gave you a clue regarding his state. Frowning out of exhaussement, the grown man was finally filled with temporary satisfaction upon sensing his shaft throb and pump semen out of his testicles in order to have the liquid spray out of his sensitive urethra. His semence stained your walls, giving no chance to the flesh of your cervix which was drowned in the thick liquid. You two moaned in harmony- this warm sensation providing you with one last bit of pleasure before your dad’s coworker agreed to pull out of you.
He collapsed on the bedsheets next to you, hand resting on his chest as he panted in order to recover from this intense moment. With the bit of energy that you had left, you managed to crawl until his silhouette in order to offer him a well needed hug, your arms burying against his ribcage as Tom was soon to turn to his side and secure your naked self with his large and muscular members. Feeling the warmth of his flesh in a whole other way still felt as satisfying as before, this cuddle providing you with as much happiness and bliss than the previous intercourse had.
Hullo thanks for reading! Thank you for liking and supporting my work. I genuinely hope you’re doing well! Take care.
Taglist : @theaudacitytowrite @bucky-soldat @winteralpine @fa-me @ineffablefanic @rosie-posie08 @marygut1407 @wildxwidow @tabea3 @delightfulheartdream @arzennn @sweetiepiexox-blog1 @alicegrayson @cherrygeek86 @lokilaufeysonicon @pescadoavocado
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ohdolans · 2 months ago
79 & 59 w/ a tom character ;)
“So desperate for it, aren’t you? Well, if you want it so bad you’d better start taking it.” & “Look at you, grinding against everything, you’re really desperate for it. Aren’t you?”
w/ Jonathan Pine
Tumblr media
warning: 18+, public/car sex, sex toys, fingering, unprotected sex
You let out another soft whimper, masking it with taking a sip of your wine, the vibration between your legs becoming intense. From beside you, Jonathan continued his conversation with Roper like nothing was happening. But the tight grip on your thigh was a silent indication.
You knew that Jonathan liked to play games and take risks, but this was something else. If Roper ever found out the two of you were involved it would be both your lives. Richard Roper was your godfather, taking you in as his own child when both your parents were killed in an accident. Your parents were his best friends so he took you at the moment he learned that you were orphaned. But as you grew up, you learned of the dangerous man that your godfather was. You learned to stay silent to it, knowing that it was wiser to act like nothing was happening instead of sticking your nose into his business.
And you played that game well, keeping quiet and on the background, till Jonathan Pine came into your lives. You tried to stay away from him especially after you learned of how quickly he was becoming Roper's right-hand man, replacing Corky. But the tension between you just continued to build and build, till finally, you made a move. You slipped out of the guest house in the early morning after spending the night together and getting back into your bed. When Jed came to wake you only a few hours later, you could still feel Jonathan's cum between your legs and an ache starting to form. From then on you were hooked, you didn't care about the danger, you needed him.
So now Jonathan was pushing it with sitting at this dinner with Roper, Jed, and others with you sitting beside him and having a vibrator inside of you. He of course held the controls and continued to increase the vibrations slowly throughout dinner. You weren't sure if anyone was able to tell if something was wrong. But you could feel sweat starting on your tremble and your body beginning to shake. Jonathan tightened on your thigh, hidden from everyone else by the table, as he felt your leg start to shake. You needed to cum.
You took another sip of your wine, just as Roper spoke towards you, your name grabbing your attention. Your wide eyes looked towards your godfather.
"I'm sorry, what did you say?" You spoke, praying he wasn't able to tell if something was wrong due to your tense voice.
"I was asking if you were ok, you look pale, darling." He asked, a clear concern in his tone.
"I'm a little warm, might be coming down with something." You pressed your hand to your neck and could feel the sweat against your skin. You knew it wasn't due to the warm weather, but because of the older gentleman beside you.
"Why don't you head back to the house?" Roper suggested, turning his gaze to Jonathan "Take her back for me? I don't trust anyone else to watch over her."
"Of course," Jonathan spoke, giving nothing away, as the two of you stood.
Jonathan placed a gentle hand on your lower back as the two of you walked out of the restaurant and slipped into the car. The moment the door was closed and you were gone from the view of your godfather, you whimpered and gripped tightly to the door handle. Your hips began to work against the vibration between your legs.
Jonathan smirked, looking over your withering body slowly, "Look at you, grinding against everything, you're really desperate for it. Aren't you?"
“Jonathan,” You whimpered, feeling him turn the vibrator up more. You moaned louder “...please...”
“Love watching you fall apart for me, turning into a whimpering mess,” Jonathan smirked, wrapping his arm around you and pulling you close to his body.
Soon his lips were on yours, dominating into the kiss quickly, his hand moving down beneath your legs. His fingers teased against the lace front of your panties. You mewled slightly against his lips and moved your hips up against his hand. Jonathan nipped on your lip as his fingers pushed your panties to the side to rub his fingers against your clit. Your head fell back, pulling your lips from his, as you moaned loudly for him. You were close and Jonathan could tell. He needed to have you fall apart for him, feel you cum simply because of him.
It didn’t take long till you were cumming for him, holding tightly to him as you fell apart. When you slowly came down, Jonathan grabbed the remote from his pocket and turned off the vibrator. His fingers moved between your legs making you shake slightly, as he pulled out the vibrator. It was covered in your arousal. Jonathan brought it to your lips and made you clean it off with your mouth. Your eyes stayed locked on his as you sucked on the toy. 
He  slowly pulled it from your mouth before slipping it into the pocket of his suit jacket. Your hand moved up and grabbed the back of his neck, pulling down into a kiss, so he was able to taste yourself on your tongue. He moaned and nearly growled when he was able to get a taste.
But cumming by his fingers wasn’t enough, you needed more.
Your hands moved down his chest and started to unbuckle his belt, your hand palming over his cock once you were able to get it undone. Jonathan groaned against your lips as your hand wrapped around him and stroked his cock. 
“So desperate for it, aren’t you? Well, if you want it so bad you’d better start taking it.” Jonathan growled against your lips, “We have a while before we get to the house.”
You moved quickly to straddle across his waist, looking over your shoulder to double check that the partition was up. Not that it mattered since he made you cum only moments ago. Jonathan’s hands grabbed at your waist as you moved to slowly sink down around him. Your head fell back as you felt him sink deep inside of you. You loved how full Jonathan made you feel. Your hands  gripped to the set behind him as you began to ride him.
“Oh...fuck, yes...” Jonathan moaned between clenched teeth, 
He looked up towards you with a deep intensity in his blue eyes, staring up towards you as you rode him.
“Come on baby, take it...know how badly you want it.” His hand moved to tease your clit again, “Know how badly you want my cum to fill you.”
“Jonathan,” You moaned with a breathy tone, grinding your hips down against him as he moved to meet up with each thrust.
The two of you grabbed at each other as you fucked in the back of the car, your pussy clenching and pulsing around him. Jonathan wanted to fill you, the possessive side of him needing to know you were walking around with his cum inside of you. His unknown mark on you. 
“Keep your eyes on me, darling.” Jonathan spoke, “Wanna have those eyes on me as you fall apart on my cock.”
Your breath hitched you came around him, your hips moving in short little thrusts. Your eyes stayed locked on his. He pulled you into a deep kiss as you felt him fill you, holding your body tightly against his. You came down slowly as he held you.
Jonathan spoke your name softly, drawing your eyes back towards him as you stayed straddled on his lap. His cock still deep inside of you. 
“You’re still shaking,” He spoke softly, his hand rubbing against your back.
“And whose fault would that be?” You smirked “You really tested it at dinner.”
“He didn’t know what was going on.” Jonathan spoke, brushing hair from your face. “You’re going to be tucked away in bed when he comes home. Thinking nothing more than that you got a little ill.”
You sighed softly and looked down, “I don’t like hiding.”
“I know,” Jonathan moved to kiss your forehead, “I don’t either.”
part two
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justthehiddleswrites · 3 months ago
Choose Your Fighter | Tom Hiddleston x Female Reader
Tumblr media
A/N: So this started months ago as a silly little idea of Tom being taken down by a duvet cover.  I started writing it back then and just finished it yesterday because I wasn’t writing.  All I remember is the conversation was with @yespolkadotkitty​ (the spaniel in the header is NOT Bobby)
Pairing: Tom Hiddleston x Female Reader (more of a gen fic)
Summary: Mud and a brand new duvet cover don’t mix.
Warnings:  none
The peaceful day of morning had turned into a drizzly gray afternoon. Not unheard of in London, but disappointing just the same. Tom was looking forward to warmer weather and sunny days. Particularly to spend them with you. He headed into the bedroom to pick up the book he was currently reading when he spied paw prints. Muddy paw prints. On the brand new duvet, you purchased just that past weekend in Bicester at the White Company at a steal.
“BOBBY!” Tom’s voice boomed through the house. 
He overheard the telltale jangle of Bobby’s collar as the spaniel made his way to the master bedroom. Bobby skidded to a stop when he spied Tom’s face pinched. His butt flopped against the hardwood floor just at the entryway.
“Mud on the new duvet, Bobby? The one she is so proud of?” Tom spoke to the dog as though he would respond. Slowly, Tom’s shoulders relaxed and his breath slowed as Bobby’s brown eyes peer up at him. “Bobby, you know she will have both of our hides if she sees this. Come help.” Bobby promptly trotted off down the hall. “TRAITOR!” Tom called after him before turning his attention to the bed. 
Tom made short order of stripping the bed of its sheets and shoving them into the washer. After ten minutes, he finally wrestled Bobby into the tub to wash his paws. “Honestly, Bobby.” he muttered to himself. “Do you need to go back to obedience school?” The dog responded with a bark. “Then prove me wrong, buddy.” Another bark. 
Tom dried him off and headed off to put everything into the dryer before finally settling down with his book. The dryer went off, and he carried an armful of sheets to the master bedroom. He made quick work of putting on the fitted and flat sheet and then stared at the duvet and cover. Tom watched you put it on the other day, but hadn’t paid too must attention. 
“How hard can it be?” Tom chuckled as he grabbed the comforter and duvet with confidence.
Fifteen minutes later, you came home, carrying groceries. 
“Darling?” You called out when Tom didn’t meet you in the kitchen. No answer, but you swore you heard grunting and a curse word or two from the bedroom. Bobby’s head poked around a corner.
“What has he gotten himself into?” you asked. 
Bobby barked in response.
You chuckled and headed down the hall with Bobby’s nails clicking behind you on the floor. Not sure what to expect when you opened the door, but your husband wrestling with the bedding was not one of them. 
“I didn’t realize it was laundry day, Tom?” you commented, leaning against the doorframe. 
His head poked out from inside the duvet cover. “Darling!” His ginger curls sticking out every direction and glasses slightly cockeyed. “I didn’t hear you come in. Just straightening up.” He fixed his glasses and flashed a wide smile. 
You crossed your arms. “I made the bed before I left this morning, Tom. Shouldn’t you be better at lying? God of Lies, my ass.”
“Hey! I only play one on screen.” Tom continued to fumble with the sheets. “Someone might have gotten mud on the cover.” He shot a glare at Bobby, who was curled around your ankles. On that note, Bobby turned tail and headed back to the kitchen. “THAT’S RIGHT, RUN!”
You giggled and stepped into the mess, wrapping your arms around his waist. “And you thought you could hide the evidence before I got home?” 
“Precisely. But that…” He jabbed a finger at the sheets. “… has defeated me. A worthy opponent.”
You raised a brow. “More worthy than that super strappy set of lingerie I wore for our anniversary.”
“Far more worthy. I could use scissors on that.” He wiggled his brows. 
“I spent good money on that!” You smacked his chest. “Come on, let me help you.” You grabbed the cover and shoved the comforter into his hands. In a matter of minutes you had the cover on. 
Tom stood there, mouth agape. “Witchcraft.”
You smirked. “Practice.” You snapped your fingers. “How about we switch chores, you make the bed and I take Bobby for a walk?” You shoved pillowcases into his hands and trotted down the hallway, whistling for Bobby.
“You’ll be an expert in no time.” You yelled back. He overheard the jangle of Bobby’s collar, followed soon by the front door slamming.
“Traitors, all of you.” he grumbled as he finished making the bed. 
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shiningloki · 3 months ago
Pleasing Mr. President
Pleasing Mr. President - A Loki One Shot, Part of Loki's Library Discord Server's "Loki Series Branched Timeline Challenge"
You didn't expect to survive when you entered the Void. But President Loki found you, he was impressed with how long you managed to live in this wasteland by yourself, and he let you join his group. When President Loki's group invades and takes over the safety bunker in the Void, it is the first time that any of you have felt safety. And to celebrate, you and Loki decide to participate in some pleasurable activities - on his new throne with an audience watching, of course.
Word Count: 2759
Loki Series Branched Timeline Challenge
Master List
Tumblr media
The hidden bunker in the Void was not exactly what you expected.
Well, sort of. It was ruled by a child. A child Loki. Of course it would be a chaotic mess. That wasn’t the surprising part. What was surprising was how...quiet it was.
When you appeared in the Void after getting pruned, you woke up alone, cold, and scared - cliche, was your first thought. There was a billowing cloud of imminent doom swirling over you, so you ran. You ran and hid and survived. Somehow.
That was when you found Loki.
He called himself President Loki - adorned in short, elegant, golden horns, a torn up suit, and a pristine little button that promoted his presidential campaign - were those a thing here? He was beautiful, but above that, he was arrogant and cocky, radiating the aura of a political mastermind.
“You’re alive. How long have you been alive?” he had asked you with a tilt of his head.
“A while.” It wasn’t a lie. It was true. You just didn’t know how true. Did an hour pass? A day? A month? Similar to the TVA, it seemed time worked differently around here. That had earned a shrug from Loki.
“You’re a survivor. I take care of survivors. Most of the time. Come with me.”
Fic requests are CLOSED! Be sure to check out my AO3 for more Tom Hiddleston and Loki angst, drama, fluff, romance, and smut!
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angeli-marco-writes · 5 months ago
Loki Laufeyson - Dress
A/N & WC - I've recently become quite the TS fan, and this song inspired me to write, and it seemed perfect with the upcoming Loki series. I don't own Loki or the MCU, I also don't own the song lyrics. Enjoy :). 5.2k.
Warnings - hints to smut and mentions of sex but it's sfw, pining, Thor being a cutie, language perhaps once.
Summary - This dance between you and Loki has been going on for far too long. The night of the palace ball gives you the chance to make your next move, wearing the dress you bought only for him to take it off.
Tumblr media
THE PALACE BALLROOM. You haven’t been here for quite a while, but it’s as beautiful as ever, all decked out in beautiful ribbons and gold ornate decorations hanging from the boughs. Clans of people swarm the place, all done up in their glad rags, drinking from the ample supply of Asgardian treasured brews, dotted in gold-painted kegs all around the ballroom. Other couples, in suits and floor-length gowns mill around the floor, waltzing and trotting their way through the sweet, more classical melodies of the lute and bukkehorn. You’re waiting for the more traditional part of the evening to pass by you before stepping onto the ballroom floor to tango the night away. Things tend to liven up once the more elderly citizens make their way out, but it was the old Queen’s decree that all of Asgard is invited to such balls, leaving no one behind. Nonetheless, you’re more than happy to stick to the bar for a little while longer.
“Hey, y/n?” Loki calls, smiling at you.
You cast a furtive glance over your shoulder, your eyes lingering on Loki just a little too long, you suppose, since he releases a breathy chuckle and edges closer to you, his arms out at hip width. While he takes his last stride towards you, you remember to dart your own arms out, meeting him halfway. The colours of your outfits match perfectly, and you only bought this dress for one very specific reason...
“You look stunning, my darling,” he tells you, leaning down to whisper it into your ear between kisses to each of your rouged cheeks.
Your hands fall to his broad shoulders, clad in a Midgardian style black jacket, complete with matching slim-fitting trousers—tight around the crotch, paired with a deep green button up shirt, the same shade as his current cape, and as per usual, he looks absolutely dashing. The man is a God, of course he does. The way he’s so effortlessly able to mix Midgardian and Asgardian fashion will always be a wonder to you, but the leather crossover wrapped around his torso to match his boots brings him so naturally back to the world he’s living in. His beautiful hands, however, rest on your hips, his thumbs brushing over the material of your dress that’s skimming your hip bones nicely. He always liked dresses like these on you.
“As do you,” you detach from him, and curl one leg beneath the other, bowing your head as you curtsy, “My Prince.”
A flustered blush tickles his sharp cheeks as one lithe, pale hand reaches out to gently swat you, “How many times have I told you not to do that?”
“I just enjoy embarrassing you,” you quip, and blow him a kiss through painted lips.
Turning on your heel, you face back to the incredibly well stocked, and miraculously clean bar that spreads halfway around the room.
“My usual, please,” you say to the man behind it, the one who serves the best Asgardian brews you’ve ever tasted, but Loki’s hands once again settle on your hips, “make that two.”
You thrum your manicured nails on the ornate gold-coloured bar top, bewitched by Frigga never to grow sticky even with spilt drinks—a complete blessing—and wait for your drinks to be poured when you feel strong arms wrap around your waist, and a cold body pressed to your own. He’s making his mark on you, a golden tattoo. Every time he does this a shiver ripples through you, a lick of cold kissing your spine teasingly, and you’ve never been able to put your finger on whether that’s because he’s an actual ice being, or because he’s so damn attractive. And tonight, your bet is certainly on the latter with how delectable he looks in his suit.
It’s an unspoken rule between yourself and Loki that, to each ball, you both turn up alone, and owe one another at least one dance throughout the course of the evening. The rest of the time, you’re free to mingle.
“What is M’Lady’s usual then?” he purrs lowly into your ear, his arms wrapped snugly around your tummy now, with his chin settled on your shoulder.
“Cherry liqueur mixed with sparkling Asgardian wine.”
“Moved past your drinking phase of only draughts of beer then?”
You stifle a chuckle, only for it to sound like a snort, “Definitely past that.”
“Unfortunate,” he hums, “I rather enjoyed carrying you to bed so frequently.”
Your ring-clad fingers that had absently begun tracing the prominent veins in Loki’s hands now still, seizing up, as your eyes open wide.
You cough, blink, and resume an air of casualness, flirtatiousness, “Hmm, well, I doubt you’d be trying that tonight.”
“And why, pray tell, is that?”
“I know what you’re like, you wouldn’t even make it to my chamber without having ripped this dress off and stuffed it in your pocket.”
His breath hitches audibly in his throat, and his body temperature increases minutely behind you. Thankfully, however, you’re saved by the bartender, he slides two ornate gold-rimmed glasses over the bar towards you. Both of which you take, passing the fractionally emptier one to Loki which he takes with a shaky hand.
Chinking your glasses together with a muttered “Cheers,” he seems to have recovered.
“Who says I plan on taking you back to your own clamber, My Dear?” he drawls, and then draws a sip from his drink, winking at you.
This dance between you and Loki has been going on for far too long, the two of you flirting and dancing and sometimes getting so close to kissing that you can barely think straight. Not exactly the best thing in the world, considering he can read minds.
In fact, you wore this specific dress tonight just to rile him up. It’s his favourite colour, his favourite style on you, and that slippery material that he has to fight the urge to grab onto harshly enough to rip it every time he sees you sway past. These are facts you’ve learnt over many years of attending balls, galas and royal events with him, but despite the dancing and frivolity, he’s always been your favourite activity of the night.
Soon enough you’ve finished your drinks, and his grip around you is wavering.
“Well,” you croon, readying yourself to leave and amble to the dance floor, the tempo of the music faster and the instrumentation heavier, “I hope you make it through the night without ripping this dress off me, My Prince.”
Your wink, and a kiss to each cheek absolutely sends him, especially as he has to watch you leave, his eyes glued to every slight movement your body makes within the snug material of your dress. He’s in for a very long night.
Tumblr media
While you’re over with your friends amidst the chaos of the ballroom floor, you spy an unsavoury sight out of the corner of your eye. As wonderful as your friends are, you can’t tell them about whatever seems to be going on between you and Loki. He’s the Prince, he has a reputation to uphold, women to bed, and you’d just be another foolish maiden falling for Loki Odinson. You know the truth behind it all: behind who he is, how he feels, what he does (or rather ‘who’) but none of that matters right now, not when he’s surrounded by a circle of girls so much prettier than you so much younger, so much more open about their attraction to Loki.
What’s between you is undeniable, a pull that’s been there as long as you’ve known him, and he feels it too. It’s why you rile each other up so much, always hoping the other will snap first to just fuck the other silly, but your game of cat and mouse has always been just that.
“I think I’m going to get another drink.” you tell your friends. They’ve already had enough liqueur, though, that they can scarcely fathom a solid thought, let alone stand alone, so they slur an “Okaaay!” and get back to dancing.
Your mind is racked with sadness the whole time you pace to the bar, your high heels making your feet ache, building blisters on your toes. The truth is, you only wore them so it’d be easier to kiss Loki if the chance arose. That seems more and more unlikely with each second that passes, especially now considering his hand is wrapped around the thigh of one of the beautiful girls in a more elaborate gown than yours, layers of gossamer scrunched between his fingers. His full attention is on each of them with each word they say. Maybe his pact of leaving dances alone will be broken tonight, as it seems they’re all more than a little eager to slither into bed with him. Maybe it’s for the best. He can’t stay celibate forever, waiting for you to grow a pair whilst restraining from courting these goddesses.
It was a silly pact you made, one neither of you could ever keep…
“Three shots, please,” you call to the bartender, sidling up onto a comfortable enough chestnut stool, “whatever’s strongest.”
“I hope you don’t plan on drinking tonight away, I’d love a dance, Lady y/n.”
You startle a little at the familiar voice and sudden presence on a stool beside you. “Thor! How are you?”
“I am perfectly well, though I fear that isn’t the case with you.”
You waft your hand dismissively, saying “It’s nothing,” and lay both of your bare forearms on the cool bar, placing your forehead onto them, a thin sheen of sweat glistening on your face from the exertion of dancing.
“What did my brother do this time?” he huffs.
“What?” you startle, your head rocketing up to see Thor’s face bored, and the shots you requested before you, “Loki did nothing, why do you ask?”
“Because whenever anyone around here is down, it seems to be Loki’s doing, or that of a boyfriend-slash-girlfriend.”
“Well, who’s to say it isn’t the latter?” you challenge, and down one shot almost instantly. Your face scrunches at the bitter taste, and you slam the glass back down onto the bar, listening to the satisfying clunk it gives.
“Because you’ve been in love with Loki for years. Anyone can see it, even one as oblivious as I. And I only have one eye.”
Thor’s hand on his heart, albeit over many layers of leather and formal clothing—why is the man always dressed as though he’s going to Jotunheim?—you know his words ring true. He, in fact, feeds the lies about Loki and his never-empty bed just so that the two of you are able to dance together and spend time together as inconspicuously as possible. Asgardians may be behind Midgardians with their various gossip mediums, but they can certainly talk.
“And? What difference does it make?” you mumble defeatedly.
“Loki treasures you,” says Thor, reaching a warm hand out to press against your skin. You turn to look at him, his beard trimmed, his hair neatly kept from his face, his red cloak drawing all the attention of the room with its train as long as the eye can see. “Just because he’s flirting with other maidens doesn’t mean he’s stopped caring about you or wanting you. Loki will always be Loki, you know he’s a flirt—”
You snort, “You can say that again.” Another shot downed, the bitterness fading and replaced with a slight delirious sensation nipping at your fingertips. You glance over to Loki, his face now paler, his enthusiasm weaning.
“But it’s his strange way of getting your attention!”
Your eyebrows furrow together, and you turn your stool to face Thor, not caring about the horrible squeak the wooden legs give when scraping the old floor. Your quizzical look, though, is enough for him to go on, despite all of the attention now beginning to turn to him and the increased dynamic of the music.
“He knows how feisty you are, Lady y/n. Loki expects you to go over there and tell those fair maidens to find someone else to clamour over, and for you to kiss him right there.”
A grumble echoes from your lips before you can help it.
“Why?” you implore. “Why does he think these things?”
“Because despite being a Prince, you know as well as I do that Loki is very insecure. He needs attention to survive.”
Again, more than a little true. He’s always been this way. You can’t blame him, not after the lack of attention he received from his father all throughout his childhood and adolescence. And with Frigga’s death, it just became an even more prevalent fact. He’s always needed you there, even just to tell him he looks nice, or that his new trick is spectacular, but you’ve always seen beneath the layers of cockiness and deceit to the real Loki that he so desperately tries to hide. He’s broken.
“He’s lonely, I think he needs you, y/n.”
Sighing, you concede. You need him too, more than you’d ever care to admit if the pit in your stomach at the mere glance of him being with other women is anything to go by.
“Okay,” you say, “thank you, Thor. I’ll… think about it.”
“Well, don’t think for too long, or someone else will have you. That dress is beautiful.”
You drink the final shot, one for courage this time instead of delusion. Loki’s kisses on your face make you more drunk than this shoddy liqueur, “Thank you. I got it especially for Loki.”
“And I am sure he appreciates the gesture, but you know where he’d rather see it.” Thor jokes.
You know exactly how and exactly where, Loki himself has playfully said it to you on more than a few occasions.
“I most certainly do.” You laugh, and still into silence, your eyes glued to the skirt of your dress and how it hangs limply around your stool without your excited body to twirl it around, or Loki’s hands to scrunch it up.
“All of this silence and patience, pining in anticipation, where is it getting you?” he asks rhetorically, full well knowing that the answer is absolutely nowhere.
“I know it’s pointless, but… our secret moments in crowded rooms, I don’t want to lose that by making a move.” you explain, your oval-shaped nails picking at your cuticles. Your eyes dart over to Loki once again, his hand now extracted, his persona withdrawn, his eyes flitting here, there and everywhere as he swallows thickly. You don’t catch his eye.
“But what if you don’t lose that? What if you get more than you ever bargained for?”
“I suppose you’re right.” you acquiesce with a great huff, your posture faltering, but hastily add, “Don’t let that go to your head, Thor!”
His deep chuckle resonates through you, “Do not fear, I shan’t. I’ll be backing you all the way.”
There’s a pause, allowing you to glance over at Loki, completely unenthused with the maiden now draped over his lap. “Thank you, Thor, for all of this. I’m going to go outside and get some fresh air, I shall catch you later?”
Thor smiles, “Have fun, Lady y/n. And don’t forget all I’ve said.”
“I won’t,” you tell him earnestly, and find yourself standing from your stool, pushing away from the bar, and edging into Thor. “You too, you deserve a good night.”
He squeezes you in a momentary hug, releasing you before you can become cloaked in the swathes of fabric belonging to his cape. He watches you with a fixed gaze too, in fact, as your heels make strong sounds on the floor as you edge your way out of the ballroom. You don’t glance at Loki, not after all you’ve seen, because if you had, you mightn’t have left, as he begins to stand, hand open and outstretched towards you, only for your dress to cast a breeze against him, breezing away his awaiting words.
You dash firstly to the cloakroom to fish out your golden cape, and then exit the palace doors, propping yourself up against the wall. The fresh air is nice, pleasant, and the absurdity of the whole situation doesn’t go amiss. If you get burned by all this, you could just go to the best supplier of ice all around, but at least you were electrified, albeit briefly, and the hope for it again remains.
Tumblr media
“Thor.” Loki hisses, all but marching around the edge of the floor in his very loud formal boots. “Why were you hugging her? You know I like Lady, y/n.”
“I know, brother,” Thor chuckles, “I was telling her to come and get you.”
Loki scoffs, ignoring Thor’s approaching frame, “Of course you were.”
“Really, Loki. I have no interest in Lady y/n that isn’t platonic. She is all yours.”
Loki, courteous as ever, slumps into the stool y/n shortly departed, casting a dirty glance over to the girls so desperately, embarrassingly vying for his attention despite his repetitive telling them he’s unavailable and otherwise devoted. Your hold on him is inescapable, he’s not even going to try.
“Then why hasn’t she kissed me already?”
“I don’t know,” Thor answers, and Beckons to the bartender, requesting a cask of finest Asgardian ale which is summoned for him in a swift moment. He gulps it down. “Aren’t you a witch? Can’t you just read her mind?”
“Hey— I’m not a witch!”
“So you keep saying!” Thor teases, scanning Loki’s body, and the action alone belies his words.
“I can’t read her mind, well, I can, but I won’t. I’m afraid of what I may find there if I do?”
Loki takes a deep breath and snatches the glass of beer from his brother, taking a rather great swallow himself. “What if she doesn’t love me?”
“Trust me, brother. If there’s one thing I know, even just from that brief discussion with her, it’s that Lady y/n is irrevocably in love with you.”
This fact, however, doesn’t prevent anxiety from bubbling within Loki, his inner Jotun threatening to release. Even in my worst lies, you saw the truth in me, he said to you not long ago at all. The two of you were dining together, and a harsh memory came back to haunt him at an inconvenient moment, the blue monster rising from within him. He expected you to run at the first sight, even after how many times you’ve been there for one another through your mistakes, rebounds, earthquakes… You didn’t, though. You rushed over to him and hugged him and told him that he was okay, that you were here with him. That’s when he let the magical line slip, the one that finally made him realise how irreversibly, inevitably in love with you he always has been. Because you have always been there for him, through his manipulations and identity crises, through his worst and best times; his lifeline.
There truly is an indentation in the shape of you etched upon his cold heart. Maybe, just maybe…
“Everyone thinks that they know us, but they know nothing about—”
Unhelpfully, Thor cuts him off, “I do. And I’m sure half of Asgard does. Your love isn’t exactly what one would call subtle.”
That’s possibly a fair shout. He’s always struggled to hide his want of possession, the lust that drives him, the love that fills his mind with your presence alone...
“Your hands, dear brother, are shaking from holding back from her. Go and get the woman you love.” Thor orders, a sympathetic understanding in his eye.
He hadn’t realised, but they are. Thin, white hands that you’re somehow fascinated with trembling around nothing. He thrusts them into his trouser pockets as he stands, straightening his shoulders and holding his head up high.
“I shall. My… gratitude, dearest brother. Do you think she’ll say yes?” he asks, a break in his deep voice betraying his remaining nervousness.
“I think that depends on the question, but if you’re to ask her out at long last, I definitely think she’ll say yes.”
His eyes flutter shut as he takes a deep breath in… and out. Followed by another.
“May I have some more beer, Thor?”
“No!” he shouts jovially, “just go and kiss her at last!”
Loki even shoots a smile over his shoulder, and begins to make his way to the door, only to see you re-enter, your nose bitten from the chill, the most beautiful golden cape draped around you. In fact…
“Is that my mothers cape?” he asks you, dashing towards you with record speed.
The crossover of the material at the front is unmistakable, and the hem of jewels on the top border…
“She gifted it to me not long before she passed,” you answer, your eyes glued to the floor, “I hope you don’t mind.”
“No—” he chokes out.
As much as he tries, he’s unable to draw his eyes from you, from every gorgeous part of you, from your golden stilettos to the matching accessories in your hair, all that match with the corset belt wrapped around your waist, intricate patterns woven into the material that pushes your bust up and pinches your waist in—not that you need either. But the patterns on the belt are the same as those on his mothers cloak, the one she wore to Thor’s coronation.
“You take my breath away,” he says at last. “And your dress is… beautiful.”
“I chose it especially for you, Loki.” you whisper.
He can tell, truly. Every element of your ball gowns from the past he’s commented on are complied in one stunning dress. The shade of green that perfectly compliments his own outfit, the stunning cowl-neck with the barely-there straps that are slipping from your shoulders, the silk skirt that hits the floor, barely kissing your body where it needs to, hugging in all the right places.
Before he jumps you, he knows he has to regulate himself, and takes a step back. He tucks one foot behind the other, bending his knees, bowing his head, holding one cupped hand out, extended, awaiting.
“My Lady Y/N, may I have this dance?”
You find yourself giddy with excitement, barely able to stifle an excited little giggle that bubbles in your throat while anticipation roars in your veins, butterflies erupting in your stomach like champagne fizz. Possibly too quickly, and with no reluctance, you slip your hand delicately into his, savouring the subtleness of his thumb caressing your knuckles.
“I’d be delighted, Your Royal Highness, Prince Loki.”
His cold, thin lips brush the back of your hand so gently, so chastely, so affectionately that you barely feel them, but the sparks that prickle all throughout your body are unmistakable from his show of proper affection.
He stands up, and his hold on you tightens. With the simplest flick of his wrist, both of your capes are gone, and are likely floating their way back to the cloakroom. You’ve completely sobered up now, meaning that this is real, and you can have your dance with Loki at last, after his most chivalrous request to date.
Everyone makes way for the Prince of Asgard, allowing you undisturbed passage into the centre of the floor, his favourite spot. You know well enough now that Loki loves being the centre of attention, and you’re more than willing enough to give him that. What you don’t expect, though, is for your song to play. His arm slips around the small of your back, his other hand coming up to meet yours as always, his breath hot and fanning over your painted lips.
“This is perfect,” you hum, thinking aloud, and settle your hand onto his broad shoulder.
His fingers dig into your waist, but you don't mind whatsoever. Just the thought of being in the mildest marked up by Loki brings you more to life than any of tonight's alcohol has.
“I requested our song. I wanted this to be… special for you, Princess.”
Your mind blurs at the prospect. It’s just a pet name, hopeless for you to get so het up about it, but one day becoming Loki’s Princess; not just Lady y/n, but Princess y/n of Asgard, by his side.
“It’s more than special, Lo, because I’m here with you,” you mumble, and let your head fall to his chest.
He tugs you closer, his heart beating quickly against your ear. Though you both can waltz, and frankly, dance the pants off any given person here, swaying right now just feels… nicer, more appropriate, more intimate. This way you can be as close to him as possible, his searing touches burning into your mind to comfort you on lonely nights.
You feel so many eyes on you in the room, though most prevalently, Thor’s single eye watching you imperiously, hope simply emanating from him. Your friends are nowhere to be seen around the great golden room, but the instruments are still plucking away from the stage and couples of all ages and walks of life are waltzing around you in their glad rage, their shoes occasionally squeaking on the well polished ballroom floor. Everything besides Loki and his hold on you is insignificant, though. He’s all that matters, all that ever has.
“You truly are my dearest friend, you know that?” he tells you, his low timbre reverberating through you in ways it truly shouldn’t with such an earnest statement, “I never desire losing you.”
“You’re my dearest friend too, Loki. I could never let you go.”
It’s such a naked confession that you’re more vulnerable than you’ve possibly ever been, even with Loki, the person you have almost no secrets with.
He pinches your waist, your cue that tells you to spin. He turns you out, holding you at arms length and watching you imperiously, his blue eyes filled with that same undetectable emotion they’re always clouded with whenever you’re around. He beams at you, a wide smile, before turning you back in. You oblige, and ensure to step out enough that the slit of your skirt is revealed, the only element Loki has yet to be revealed.
Judging by the deep groan he releases, and the stunning purr of your name lowly into your ear, he likes it more than a little. “The things you do to me, y/n.”
Your mind is whirring as you settle back into him, moving closer this time, your feet slotting together, your chests so close, your height now nearing his. His beautiful raven hair is combed back off his face and hangs in soft waves sound his shoulders, framing his cleanly shaven sharp jaw so perfectly. If only you could kiss his jaw just once, the skin so pale, so unblemished. Your body heats from the thought alone: Loki notices.
“Y/n…” he whispers, almost inaudibly.
You hear, though, and it’s the final straw, a secret confession in itself.
“You say my name and everything just stops,” you confess, tilting your chin up to meet his brazen gaze and subtly parted, dusted pink lips, “I don't want you like a best friend.”
His hold on you tightens, his hug offering you a promise and infinite courage.
“I only bought this dress so you could take it off.” you husk.
Never before have you felt Loki go so still, so rigid, but you could swear he goes so still, his feet implanted in the floor, that even his breathing stops. Red dusts his cheeks well enough, though, and with your body so close to his, you can feel every minute change within him.
“Carve your name into my bedpost, ‘cause I don't want you like a best friend.” You tighten your own hold, prompting him to release a breath along with the tension in his taught shoulders. Rising up onto your tiptoes, you lower your voice and whisper at last into his ear,
“I only bought this dress so you could take it off.”
Your dancing has long since ceased, and currently, you’re in the middle of the ballroom at a public dance, just standing completely still, holding one another. He’s back, though, he’s here with you, he’s receptive. More than, you’re assured, if his body is anything to go by.
His clammy palm detaches itself from yours, and winds its way around your neck, cupping your flushed skin with an unknown tenderness. Forehead tilted against yours, you feel all of your pent up excitement and courage begin to mingle in your mind, but his ragged breathing brings you back, as does the almost imperceptible nudge of his neck.
“Well, My Lady, what are we waiting for?” he asks.
You don’t have time to formulate an answer before he’s kissing you. Hard.
His lips moving perfectly in tandem with yours, not a waltz anymore but a rhumba, a tango, a dance filled with so much furious and hurried need, passion sparking from each of you, enough to illuminate the whole ballroom.
His tongue skims your lip, and you grant him an entrance, his nimble muscle wrapping around your own. Lighting strikes, or at least that’s how it feels, each press of his mouth so delectably perfect, so intoxicating that you find your mind spinning away from you.
He tastes of beer and ice and sin, and it’s in this moment that you realise you’ll never be able to get enough. He’s everywhere, and you wouldn’t have it any other way.
“Loki…” you whimper, tugging him closer by your fingers threading through his ebony hair, one hand still pressed into the firm muscle of his shoulder.
“Allow me to take you to my chamber, y/n.” he husks, dipping his lips to yours again, “I make no promises your dress will make it, though.”
You chuckle at the inflection, the girliest giggle you’ve ever made, but allow him to slip a strong arm beneath your legs, lifting you into his embrace. He strides past the clans of people all watching the two of you with amazement, the girls eyeing you with envy, and at last, Thor, beaming at the two of you with plump, blushed cheeks. Your mouth still pressed hotly to Loki’s, you grant Thor a gratuitous wave, one he acknowledges with a wink and a tilt of his glass.
In order to undo all of the doors throughout the palace hallways, you remove your lips from Loki with a flick of your tongue, and while he works your dress with nimble fingers, his kiss-swollen mouth leaving marks of him all over your exposed neck, you grant yourselves free passage.
Only, once you actually reach his chamber, your beautiful gown is little more than tatters of green and gold, Loki feasting his eyes on your exposed body, his tongue already darting out to lick a stripe up your bare stomach
“Loki!” you playfully scold, kicking the door open at long last.
He doesn’t even deign to look guilty, hunger and love overriding everything else in your perfect moment. Instead, he carries you inside, lays you down on his satin bed sheets, and hovers over you, owning your mouth in a matter of seconds. He truly is so perfectly inescapable, why should you try?
He pulls away with a smirk, love swirling in his baby blue eyes, so soft in comparison to the earlier ice.
“I think you should request a refund for that dress, My Darling.”
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lov3nerdstuff · 3 months ago
Virtual Strangers {Part 10}
Tumblr media
*Tom Hiddleston x reader*
Parts: 10/10
Words: 14.4k (yes, that's not a typo)
Summary: When you first replied to a stray text message that was accidentally sent to you from an unknown number, you couldn't have known who the virtual stanger on the other end was, or would be. You couldn't have known that he was soon to become your very best friend and steady companion. You couldn't have known that you would fall for him quite as deeply as you did. You couldn't have known. After all, you had never even seen a glimpse of each other, nor heard the other's voice. You only ever conversed through text messages, even if you did so every day and every night. You couldn't have known that you would fall for a stranger, who you knew even better than yourself. Even if you did not know his name. Yet there is another question that remains unspoken: If you really are best friends and even live in the same city, why does he not want to meet you in person?
~virtual strangers to friends to lovers~
A.N.: What exactly are you getting from this story, you ask? An online friendship-turned-romance? Check. Flirting via texts? Check. Annoyed yet overly supportive publicist and friend Luke? Check. Literary references to classical literature and plays? Check. Bobby being adorable and a valid character in the story? Check. Just the right twinge of angst? Check. Humour? Check. Fluff? Check. Super long chapters because I just can't be bothered to keep it short? Hell yeah.
Find Part 1 here! All Parts can be found on my Masterlist!
“The thing is, darling… Looks can be very deceiving.” With that, Tom snatched the box of cake out of your hands and stood back in an instant, moving away from you and out of your reach only to sit down on the swing next to the one you had taken with a huge grin on his face. That little stunt had inevitably made his heart beat way too strongly now again, relentlessly trying to break free from his chest, but going by the delightful look on your face, it had been absolutely worth it.
For a second you just gaped at him in pure and utter shock, looking entirely overwhelmed by what had just happened, until your lips finally curled into an incredulous smile, and you tried your hardest to glare at him in protest. “Oy! Rude!!!”
Tom merely snickered to himself with an even larger grin, placing the box in his own lap now to get out the large piece of chocolate cake at last, only to take a big bite of it with nigh exaggerated relish. Once he actually got a taste of it though, his eyes fluttered shut in sincere delight and he didn't even bother holding back the pleased moan that started as a low rumble in his chest and ended with the softest sigh on his lips. As far as cake went, this was bloody perfection. He sincerely doubted that a piece of pastry could get better than this, ever.
When he looked over to you once more, about to voice his positive assessment in greater detail, the flustered expression on your face made him stop before he'd even started, and frown at you in amusement and question instead. “What?”
“You’re lucky that you're cute, or else I'd have your head on a bloody silver plate for stealing my cake.” You grumbled to yourself, too pouty in tone to be even nearly believable, and both the sight and sound made Tom laugh out loud again.
“I don't think my head would taste nearly as good as the cake does, darling.” He winked at you in the same tease, then took another bite of deliciousness with only a sigh this time around. If he was entirely honest, he enjoyed your reaction almost as much as the cake itself, and that in return was most amusing indeed.
For a while you just glared at him then, not taking your eyes off his face for even a second, while Tom in return only smiled at you sweetly. He could honestly do this all day, waiting for you to make your move first… In this sense, his patience was nigh eternal.
“Will you share the stupid cake with me already or do I need to throttle you first?!” You finally blurted out in frustration, in the most sympathy evoking whine, and Tom almost felt bad for winning this time around. But only almost. He knew that he would never actually deny you a single thing, and as startling as that realization had been when it had first occurred to him, by now it was common knowledge in all areas of his mind. So he placed the cake back in the box, and held the entire thing out to you.
“As much as I'd like to see you try, I surrender in the face of your wrath when it comes to stolen pastries.” He couldn't help smiling, sincerely smiling now without the tease, but then almost would've laughed in irony at the thought that returning the cake to you now felt by far more rewarding to him than obtaining it in the first place. He really was hopelessly gone, good lord… Luke had a point in calling him out for it. And yet, he wouldn't have wanted it to be any different than this.
“Smart man.” You praised him in approval of his decision, with a grin on your face no less, while taking the box out of his hand and then the cake out of the box.
“Right…” Tom could've cursed himself and his breathy little laugh, could've cursed how much your words of praise kept flustering him. Compliments usually did that to him, fair enough, but yours were so much better and so much worse in so many ways… Perhaps he was a hypocrite. Teasing you like that, without being able to handle the payback. Oh, but he loved teasing you… And if he was honest with himself, he also loved the payback. He'd just have to work some more on not becoming a flustered mess every time. At least not in public, or rather not in front of anyone but you.
“Oh my god!” Your exclamation brought him back to the here and now in an instant, and while he had to realise with a hint of shame that he had been staring at you this entire time without noticing, the consecutive realisation that you were by far too focused on the cake to have noticed either erased the shame as quickly as it had appeared. Nonetheless, he quirked an eyebrow up at you when you finally turned to look at him again in the utmost astonishment. “This is the best piece of cake I have ever had the pleasure to taste! It's bloody fantastic, just wow!”
“Right?” He laughed, while on the inside though the mere sight of how happy you looked right then and there with the stupid cake just made his heart melt and weep in likewise happiness. Was it idiotic that he would happily spend fifty pounds on cake every single day for the rest of his life if only to see you smile like that? Probably. But he'd pretty much come to terms with the fact that he might just be an idiot after all.
“Did the cake rob you of your eloquence?” You raised an eyebrow at him in amusement in return. “You keep on smiling and saying nothing but ‘right’...”
“Right.” He absolutely did it on purpose this time around, and he knew that you were well aware of that, too. Your groan and the exaggerated eye rolling were good indicators, as was your laughter.
“C'mon, T! You deliver me with no incentive whatsoever to return the cake to you, and it'll be gone soon if you don't come up with something to stop me! And don't you dare say ‘right’ again…”
Fine, that made him laugh. So much so that he indeed reconsidered and refrained from saying ‘right’ yet again. So he went with the first thought that came onto his mind instead. “I'm sorry, I just can't take myself seriously while we're sitting here at four in the morning on a playground in a part of town we both don't know, eating crazy expensive chocolate cake for dinner like it's the most ordinary thing in the world.”
“What's wrong about any of that?” You frowned, then grinned while threatening to take another big bite off the cake. “I mean, if you'd rather not eat any more of this, that can most definitely be arranged.”
“Don't you dare!” Tom gave you a playful glare in return and leaned over as far as the swing would let him to, snatching the cake out of your hand. “Mine!”
“Fair enough.” A pause. “So… you're not underwhelmed by any of this?” Your voice still had that playful tone to it, even if quieter now, but the question itself, the way you were asking, put a pause to Tom's every move and made him look at you with a frown istead. All jokes and teases aside.
“How could I? This is absolutely perfect.” He relied sincerely, calmly, in a way that would hopefully convey to you just how much he meant it. “It's honestly all I ever wanted in life.”
“Chocolate cake and playground dates?” You chuckled with an expression he could only try to title as adoration, as you leaned your head against the chain of your swing seat, keeping your eyes locked with his.
“Well, not quite…” He huffed out a short laugh, then took a deep breath in return and finally just smiled at you openly and without bothering to come up with a tease. He knew you were asking this out of the sincere concern that this might not be enough for him somehow… and he would answer in the sincere conviction that this was more than he could ever have dreamed of. “But little adventures, finding joy in all the small and ordinary things of everyday life and making them remarkable through that. Being able to be silly and to play and to still have meaningful conversations that actually matter, that are genuine and heartfelt… you know, all of these things; all of the little things we've talked about before. I want it all, have it all, if only together with you.” Oh… While he was well aware of just how much he did mean that last part, he was also quite aware that he hadn't meant to say it. Or he had, but not right now. Perhaps right now after all. But the way your breath quietly shuddered, the way your eyes widened quite like his own did, the silence… It scared him. It scared him that perhaps you didn't feel the same after all, no matter how convinced he actually was by now that you did. And so he spoke on, like he always did when he was scared. “But you know me… Of course I want chocolate cake and playground dates as well.”
“Ha! I knew it.” You chuckled with a grin, then motioned to the cake in his hand with a softer smile. “You can have the remaining cake for yourself, if you answer me a question in all honesty first.”
“That’s an easy deal… It's just what I've been doing this entire time.” Tom finally gathered some of his wit again, smiling back, even if he rather regretted now not having left the statement standing without a joke. It hadn't quite taken back what he'd said, alright, but he felt like a coward no less. He could've had this happiness long ago if he just wasn't such a chicken about it. If he wasn't so scared of losing you by making a single wrong move. “Go right ahead.”
"Did you have Luke give me the tour of the theatre because you wanted him to assess me first?”
"What? No!” Okay, he hadn't seen that question coming either. He really shouldn't be surprised though at this point that you always kept on surprising him. It was one of the many things he loved about you after all. But thoughts back to the topic, or he'd blurt out things he wouldn't be able to brush off with a joke this time. Luke assessing you… “The mere idea of it is honestly just absurd… I mean, Luke did give his assessment, unasked for I shall say, but I told him to shut it and then proceeded to ignore him. You know, like friends do.”
“Right… I guess that's the risk of asking Luke for a favour; I can absolutely see it derailing.” You snorted in sincere amusement again, and Tom relaxed a little bit more just by seeing you still at ease as ever. "Why'd you ask him to do it though, if you knew he was going to tease you? And not literally anybody else who just happened to be around?"
“When you've learned to trust someone with your career and life's esteems, you more or less also trust them with your girl. At least for an hour.” He replied honestly, factually, but then couldn't help laughing either. Not when you looked at him with such passionate annoyance.
“Wow…” You rolled your eyes with a smile you obviously couldn't suppress entirely, trying to push his swing away from you without any success whatsoever. “Charming, T... Very, very charming.”
Again, he could only shrug and smile. “You are the one who asked, darling. And I wouldn't dare to give you anything but the truth.”
“I do regret asking already.”
“Do you?”
“No… I just regret giving up the cake for it.”
“In that case, I shall be gracious and share my reward with you.” He smiled, then chipped off the majority of the cake only to hold the bigger piece out to you. “Any other scenario would probably only end with you making heart eyes at the cake and me drowning in eternal guilt for taking it from you.”
“Smart man indeed.” You grinned at him openly while taking the cake, then added with just a touch too much mischief, “You know, as much as it's true that you're absolutely brilliant, I also just love how it flusters you to no end when I point it out.”
The comment made Tom both laugh and blush even more, but he didn't try to hide it this time around. If you were enjoying the effect you had on him, he wouldn't deny you the reward for your efforts. But after a moment he did put on that feignedly wounded expression once more, and again it didn't fail to make you laugh. “Really? Mockery and scorn? That's what I get for sharing my cake with you?!”
“That’s what you get for saying something incredibly meaningful to me and then trying to pretend it didn't happen by covering it up with a joke.” You gave him a pointed and surprisingly serious look, yet with a breathtakingly tender smile, both of which didn't fail to make Tom’s heart skip a beat and another for good measure. So you knew. At least that he absolutely meant what he'd said, even if what he'd said was only an effect of the truth rather than the entire truth itself. But you were brilliant, and you knew him better than he knew himself for the most part… Of course you knew that he wanted you in his life more than anything else. At least Tom hoped you did, now.
“I wasn't sure if it was something you wanted to hear. At least not at that moment. Saying things like that scares people away more often than not, and I-… I still should've known that it has never been like that with you and me. I do know, please don't doubt that. Emotions just don't always follow reason, and I… I just didn't want to be overbearing, even if just by saying something out loud that we both know to be true.” He finally replied in a calm and serious tone, but in honesty no less. In a way, he was beyond relieved that you were braver than he had been, that you were not just skipping over it like he would have. That you were well aware of how much he had meant what he'd said. “I'm sorry.”
“I always want to hear what you have to say, T. Whether it's silly, or playful, or genuine and heartfelt. I want it all, just the same as you. Alright?” You said so very softly, and Tom knew himself reminded of his first thought upon meeting you tonight. You really could end the world in a heartbeat, and bring it back to life in a far, far better way. All of you could, not just your smile. But before he could even begin to voice what his entire mind was literally screaming at him right now, could finally find the bloody courage to just say it to you as well, he was distracted yet again when you plucked the piece of cake out of his hand only to replace it with the larger piece he had given you before. Then you were smiling at him again, and he couldn't remember a single reason not to smile back. “Now eat your cake before I throttle you after all.”
Chuckling, Tom finally came to terms with the fact that it had apparently been the right thing to say after all. If you willingly surrendered your chocolate cake now, he must've done something right. Actually, that reminded him… Before too much time could pass after your adorable little threat, he focused his entire attention on you once more with a teasing smirk, raising an eyebrow as if in a dare. “Right…”
“Oh, you are impossible!” You laughed out in protest, once more trying to push his swing away, only that this time he actually helped you make it happen, lifting his feet off the ground just enough so that the swing could move freely from side to side, almost bumping into yours in return on the way back. You however only used the opportunity of him coming closer to try snatching the cake away from him again, but Tom was quicker than that.
“Mine!” He gasped in feigned shock and protest as he leaned away from you, holding the cake as far away as possible. “I do not take lightly to an attempt at taking from me what is mine.”
“Bit possessive, isn't it?”
“You haven't seen the end of it, darling.”
“Oh come on…” You snorted, giving him a look while Tom finally bit into his well deserved cake in bliss, directing an innocent as ever expression over at you as you spoke. “You don't have a single mean bone in your body, and you share your kindness literally with everyone. You can't fool me, Mister…”
“Well, but I am rather particular about some certain things.” He pointed out in half feigned, half honest seriousness, as he took another bite of cake. “Chocolate cake, for example…”
“Or literature…”
“Or my job…”
“Or your dog…”
“Or you.”
“Or me indeed.” You smiled down at your lap, brushing the last crumbs of cake off your dress carefully with an almost flustered expression of your own now, then looked up at Tom again, making his heart skip a beat with a start. “You know, I'm actually incredibly proud of that. Always have been. That I'm on your list of priorities.”
“You're at the very top of it.”
“Good… You're on top of mine as well.” You replied with a quiet laugh, eyes returning to your lap as your cheeks seemed to flush even more, and in a way it astonished Tom that while you quite apparently felt nervous about your admittance just now, he felt absolutely calm and certain about his own for once. Well, calm wasn't quite the right word for it of course, his heart was beating frantically as it was and he was so filled with happiness and adoration that he might spontaneously combust into flames of materialised intensity any second, but he wasn't scared. Not when you were, just like you hadn't been when he had. In a way indeed, that was rather ironic, and it didn't fail to make Tom smile just now. Perhaps you both were idiots after all… Nuts always came in pairs, didn't they?
“You know, I think Luke would have a blast telling us just how… dramatic, we keep on being.” He finally chose to say, to rescue you from your own thoughts and insecurities like you had done for him only minutes ago. And he held out the last piece of his cake to you, tiny as it was by now, as an offering to the only deity he knew to worship. Gods, he was dramatic indeed… But you accepted it with a smile, and let him speak on, while the pastry finally saw its last of night at your hand. “I mean, we could blame it all on the cake… But it was too good for that, wasn't it? Would be terribly unfair.”
“Unfair to the cake or to our mutual dramaticism?” You snickered, smirking at Tom in that way that left him just a little too breathless yet again. But it also made him chuckle just the same, happy just the same.
“I believe the fact that you just invented a word to describe it speaks for itself, darling.” He winked back at you with the same teasing expression, and for once got to enjoy how that gesture actually seemed to make you blush now. Oh, he would have to remember that… All those little things he could do to make your breath catch in your throat, to bring that lovely tint to your cheeks.
“The cake was actually bloody amazing, too, though… I mean it looked good on display already, but I really wouldn't have thought that it would taste that good as well.” You finally countered, picking up the box from the ground to fold it together now. “And I'm taking the risk that you might smite me for saying this, but I think it was well worth the fifty bucks even just for making you moan like that.”
Oh bloody hell, he really did love the payback you constantly gave him for teasing you. Even if it made him hide his face in his hands in embarrassment now as he laughed, good embarrassment if such a thing even existed, while his mind promptly supplied him with a wide array of scenarios how the instance could easily be replicated without cake. But that wasn't the point right now, the point was to tease you, not seduce you. Not that he'd currently have the nerves to do the latter anyways. So he took a deep breath, and did his best not to straight up start laughing again once he looked up at you to get out his own payback tease. “I do see your point, but…” He just couldn't keep the laughter from bubbling up and disrupting his sentence again, and therefore he actually had to make use of every trick in the book to keep a straight face and a low tone for the last part of it at least. The part that mattered. “I shall not make you pay again when you come back for seconds.”
Your lips parted in an instant, amusement mixing with shock and awe so clearly on your entire face while every and any word remained stuck in your throat, and Tom's composure just vanished entirely at last. He had to laugh, eyes closing and head thrown back without a care in the world about who might hear or see, unable to help it or even to breathe, so that before long every sense of balance was lost on him and he toppled over, falling backwards off the swing and into the sand below it while still unable to stop laughing. He hardly even noticed the pain searing up his spine for a second, hardly even cared that he was undoubtedly making a fool of himself… He hadn't been free to laugh like this in ages.
“Oh my god, T!!! Are you alright?!” Your panicked voice very close by finally brought an end to his fit, and he gasped to get the air back into his lungs with a few remaining chuckles, as he finally opened his eyes to look right into yours above him. The sight made him smile in an instant.
“Quite perfect, actually.” He replied in a last huff, finally feeling more apologetic than humoured for worrying you like that, and thus he sat up with a quiet groan upon the final reproachful sting in his back, which only deepened the frown on your face. You were kneeling in the sand right next to him, almost face to face now that he was sitting, and honestly Tom didn't think he had ever seen anyone but his mum look that concerned for him. It only made his heart melt all the more, and he offered you a soft smile in an attempt to ease your worry. “I'm alright, Y/n. Honestly. I pretend to die gruesome deaths for a living, occasionally at least… I've been through worse than falling off a swing.”
“You’re a nut!” You huffed with a reproachful frown, then practically leapt at him so quickly that Tom almost toppled over yet again, while you wrapped your arms around his shoulders tightly and hid your face in the crook of his neck. After the initial second of surprise upon an action so contradictory to the expression on your face, he wrapped his arms around your waist in return, pulling you as close as your position on the ground possibly allowed, then took a deep breath to keep his eyes from watering even more than they already had. Not because he minded that he was so easily moved by your concern and affection, touched so deeply by a great deal of things that never failed to bring him to the verge of tears in general, but because he was trying to comfort you here, not the other way around.
“It's alright, I'm alright… I'm sorry, I really didn't do it on purpose.” He finally said in a quiet and serious voice, leaning his head against yours even though it made his heart beat out of his chest all the more, which you surely could feel as an echo in your own body at this point, pressed tightly against him as you were. He didn't mind you knowing what you were doing to him though, didn't mind at all.
“I know… I'm sorry for overreacting like that.” You sighed quietly, and the way your warm breath gently fanned against his neck gave him goosebumps all over, as did the subtle brushing of your lips against his skin while you spoke. “It's just… You really did give me the best and the worst shock of my life consecutively right there, in such a quick succession, and it… it somehow ended in an emotional shortcut to panic. I'm sorry…”
“Don't be, I understand that perfectly well. Too many emotions at once can be quite overwhelming, and then you either end up in a frenzy of nerves, saying things you don't even want to, or… Well, or you end up saying nothing but ‘right’ for the next ten minutes.”
His words made you chuckle, he could both hear and feel it oh so clearly, and that finally made him close his eyes with a content sigh. Yes, he loved teasing you, he loved debating the world and sundry in astonishing detail, but most of all he loved being there to comfort you, in any way he possibly could. He loved that he could be both comfort and excitement to you, just like you were for him. And after a moment of very high energy just now, perhaps it was time for some quiet and calm in return, without teasing, without revelations, just enjoying the presence of each other.
Still, after a while longer of letting you cling onto him more than happily and without anything but ease and comfort on his mind, the sand you were both sitting on finally became rather uncomfortable in return, as its clammy moisture started seeping into his jeans more and more insistently. Realising that it would not fare much better on your bare legs, rather all the worse, he released one arm from around your waist while the other tightened its hold, then moved to stand up while simply pulling you up along with him. “C'mon darling, the ground is far too cold to be sitting on. We better get up.”
“You're warm though… I like warm.” You sighed into his shoulder, so heart-wrenchingly disappointed yet with enough of a pout to make Tom smile nonetheless.
“I'm not letting go of you, I'm just picking you and me both up off the ground before we're entirely sodden. Alright?” He couldn't help chuckling when you grumbled something incomprehensible in reply, but did let go of his neck once you both stood straight again only to wrap your arms around his waist instead, making him move his own around your shoulders in return. Needless to say, the mere fact that you refused to let go of him made him your devout servant all the more now, always, no matter what you'd wish for. Hugging you back was the least of it.
“It's been like an hour since, and you still haven't made fun of me for being called ‘Professor’ by my student, even though I'm not even a doctor just yet… Are you sure you're alright? Or are we blaming that missed opportunity on the cake as well?”
“Oh dear…” Tom laughed, then rested his head on yours once more and thought for a moment before a suitable tease to your liking came to his mind. “For all I know, your unmatched intellect could be the talk of the school, in which case that moniker would be very well justified.”
“There it is…” You chuckled in return. “Thank you, I really needed closure on that.”
“Am I wrong though?” Tom quirked an eyebrow up in question, not that you'd have seen that, but he was tempted to believe that you could hear it, at least.
“Well… Now I will probably end up being the talk of the school indeed, coming to think about it. Miss Moore is somewhat of a chatty bird. Or at least I'll be the talk of this year's intro to early modern lit class.” You replied with a more or less humoured huff.
“Aren’t you supposed to be just that anyways? Being the talk of the class, as the one teaching it?”
“No! I mean yes, kind of, but not for something like this… Only for the content, not my personal life!” You sighed, and for once Tom actually didn't quite know what to make of your tone, without seeing the expression on your face that was still buried in his chest, or rather in the fabric of his coat.
“I’m sorry.” He thus said, with a frown he noticed too late, and the tiny twinge of insecurity it was born of. It's not like he had ever truly gotten used to all the rumours and gossip about him either, nor to the literal tons of attention he received for things that weren't worth drawing attention to. His work, yes. His public appearances related to the job, alright. But him walking Bobby or having coffee with a friend? He'd never get why people were interested in that kind of thing. Nor did he understand why other people were being pestered just for knowing him.
“You-...” You started, interrupted yourself almost immediately, then finally pulled back to look at Tom with your eyes widened in an apology as it obviously dawned on you that he wasn't quite sure just what he was sorry for here. “Gods, T, I wasn't referring to them talking about you and me!!! I'm perfectly happy and okay with that! I was talking about my totally uncanny chocolate cake addiction; that isn't supposed to become known! It's bad enough that they know about the pudding and vainly try to bribe me with it. I just don't want to find a chocolate cake on my desk every other day and-... Wait, actually… That wouldn't even be half bad though. Useless for them of course, but we would at least get free cake out of it.”
“Right…” He chuckled in return, looking down at you with a soft smile, uncertainty banned for now. “I was almost actually concerned for a second.”
“Don't be, I just didn't think before trying to be funny. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to worry you.”
“No, it's quite alright. I just have to stop thinking at every corner that you will be put off by the prospect of… well, all the downsides my life brings along.” He really had to. To stop thinking that every little negative thing you pointed out was somehow related to him and thereby also his fault. Or that you might spontaneously hate him now if something happened that he had no control over whatsoever. Everyone had flaws, and just because you were so very accepting of his many ones didn't mean he shouldn't be working on them. He knew that you weren't going anywhere, public life or not, so he should start acting on that knowledge. “But I get it now, I really do. I'm willing to put up with all the downsides of my life for the love of my job, and you're… you're for some miraculous reason willing to put up with it all for me. I wouldn't doubt my own conviction in that, so I won't doubt yours either.”
“You really are a remarkably quick study, you know.” You smirked up at him in an instant, then gave him a little squeeze with your arms that were still wrapped tightly around his waist, smiling. “I'm glad my terrible joke brought you some insight.”
“It really did, in a way.” He shrugged with a small smile in return, and therein caught himself drawing little circles on your shoulder blades with his fingers again, which however you did rather seem to enjoy, so he continued on with it even as his smile turned into more of a chuckle now. “And if you ever need someone to help you distract your class from your chocolate cake addiction, with some well rehearsed Shakespearean soliloquy perhaps, you know just who to rope in for the task.”
“You know, I might actually take you up on that if you keep offering it.”
“And you know that I'd be delighted to comply.” He replied easily, without even needing to come up with a tease. Honesty was working just fine. “I'm always happy and proud to help you with anything you could possibly ask of me.”
“Just like yesterday, when-...” Your eyes widened for a second, then you let your head drop forward with a groan until your forehead connected with Tom's chest with a dull thud. “Good lord, I finally get why Luke was so upset that I made you run around half of London yesterday! That must've been a bloody nightmare for him!” But then you couldn't help snorting either way, and your hold on Tom tightened even more. “I literally made Tom Hiddleston run errands for me… That's bloody hilarious.”
“Well, what else are you supposed to do with me while you're working, dear?” He grinned, mostly to himself, and found that he was rather enjoying the fact that it humoured you so much to boss him around. Not that it ever felt like that to him, really. “I thought it was fun. And I didn't even cause any trouble, so Luke really has no reason to be upset with either of us in the first place.”
“Right?!” You laughed, then sighed. “It really is his luck though that my plans to take you dancing went down the drain at the train station we missed.”
“We could dance here…” He shrugged easily, swaying from side to side and moving you along with him to make his point, but it rather served to make you giggle and lift your head from his chest once more.
“C'mon, T, don't be a dork… Here, really? There's not even any music.”
“Here’s as good a place as any. We've got you, and we've got me, and that's all we need.” Again he shrugged, grinning perhaps just a little too widely at you as he simply moved his right hand into position on your back, while picking yours off of him to hold in his left. “Now be so kind and put your left hand on my shoulder, will you?”
“You know that I don't know how to dance like this…” You sighed defeatedly, yet complied and placed your hand where he'd told you to. “Unlike you, I've never had the pleasure to learn all the classical dances.”
“And you know that I've been telling you I would love to teach them all to you one day.”
“And that day’s today?” You raised an eyebrow up at him in amusement.
“That day can be every day, if you want it to be.” He replied easily, smiling as he nudged your elbow higher with his own, lifting his chin just enough to prompt you to do the same. You mirrored him immediately, probably even without noticing you did, and he couldn't help feeling a little pride over that. “Now just look at me, and let me lead you through the movements, alright? It's just some easy fun, I promise.”
You nodded, even if a little insecurely, but once he took the first few steps slowly and in the knowledge that you would need some time to get accustomed to the flow of the movements, the frown on your face vanished and was replaced with a smile instead which grew in brightness the longer you kept going. It didn't fail to brighten his own along with it.
“This actually is easier than I thought…” You finally commented after a while, with an almost incredulous little laugh. “People at my workplace always make it look terribly complicated or incredibly awkward during social functions, while apparently it really is rather more of the opposite of either.”
“Perhaps we will just have to show those people how it's done correctly then.”
“Right…” You snorted in obvious sarcasm, shaking your head with a smile. “I'll make you sit through an entire evening of boring conversations about some random people's current research, just so we can show them how to dance properly at the end of the night.”
“Sounds fun to me.” Tom replied with a sincere smile, very much intent on making a point of just how gladly he would accompany you absolutely anywhere, boring or not, if only you'd want him to be there.
The incredulity returned to your face in the form of a frown, but the smile stayed on your lips either way. “Really? You'd actually want to be my date for all my terrible work events?”
“For all the nice ones, too, I hope.” He smiled, with as much of a shrug as the silent dance allowed for. “And if it makes you feel any better, I'd also make you sit through entire evenings of boring conversations about some random people's current movie projects and luxury vacations in return, just because I like having you by my side.”
For a few seconds upon that you merely looked at him with that surprised, if not even reverent expression all over again, almost making him feel nervous enough through his racing heartbeat to joke it off once more against any better judgement, but luckily it didn't have to come to that. You averted your eyes for a short moment only, with a flustered laugh and the loveliest blush on your cheeks, then looked back up at Tom with a sincere smile. “Alright. I guess I'll be very much looking forward to the next terrible work event, then.”
“Great.” Great, yes, that he could ask you to be each other’s date to work events, but not tell you that he wanted to be your date everywhere, to everything. Yours, date or not. Always, entirely. Great indeed… He was slowly starting to get seriously frustrated with himself. All those fancy words at his disposal, but he could only ever scratch at what it actually was he wanted to say. It's not even that he didn't know what to say, for heaven's sake! He knew perfectly well. He just was an idiot with a ridiculous blockade in his head that he couldn't seem to get rid of just yet. Great, indeed. But at least he was making progress… At least he was getting closer. Perhaps that had to be enough for now. He almost scoffed at his own thoughts; he had never been one to settle for ‘enough’. He wanted bloody perfection, always had, always would. And right now, right here with you, he was the closest to having it that he had ever been. The thought made him smile, and he chose to put his internal dilemma to rest again for now, in the face of the bigger picture. “You better hope I won't embarrass you in front of all your colleagues, darling… I already had to try extremely hard not to do so in front of your student tonight.”
That comment made you snort in an instant, then look up at him again, so entirely humoured yet with such a great fondness that Tom actually had to laugh as well now even as his heart skipped a couple of its many racing beats. He really had no idea how you could unravel him so softly over and over again and still leave him feeling more whole than he ever had.
“You really are a nut, T… But you and I both know that you can actually behave if only you make an effort to.” You said with a pointed look, but in obvious amusement no less. “You can literally be bloody Prince Charming, if only you want to, with your dazzling smiles and your impeccable politeness and all. Oh, and with the dancing of course. I have no idea how you can even keep the rhythm this steady without any music and while we're having a bloody conversation at the same time.”
“Practice.” He shrugged, smiling. “And there is music to it, even if you can't hear any right now. It's just all in the heads of the people dancing. A steady rhythm, three-quarter time ideally for this particular dance, but that only serves as a rudimentary basis if you are to do it properly. Which in this instance, we are.”
“And how does one do it properly?”
“You simply listen to the music. For every move of the body, for every twist and turn, every breath and every touch there is a movement in the music that tells you precisely what to do. A tone, an emotion that leads you and guides you as much as your partner does. A rise and fall of action, of tension, an ongoing up and down of intensity in the face of time in its passing. And as you listen, you will know what to do, and how to do it.”
“What if there's nothing to listen to though, like right now?”
“Right now, my dear, we are making our own music.” Tom smiled, and couldn't resist the temptation to twirl you around once even if just to hear your startled little squeak, before pulling you back towards himself with ease. “Reverse the order of things, create the perfect soundtrack for reality merely but entirely through you and I. The way we move, the way we feel draws up and plays the music in my head, and… in the end we create music through dancing right now, instead of creating a dance through music as it usually goes. But I guess with the two of us things just never want to stick to the ordinary, do they?”
“No. I mean yes. All of it, just…” You replied in a breathless laugh, looking up at him in untainted awe. “I'd really love to have your imagination, T... Or even just your eloquence at my disposal. Your mind is truly incredible, and while I dare say I believe to know it quite as well as my own at this point, it still never fails to enchant me entirely.”
“Do you actually mean that just now or are you just trying to make me blush again?” He raised an eyebrow at you in an exaggeratedly questioning manner, while his face without a doubt gained in colour just as described. Yet, he couldn't help revelling in the way your eyes lit up as you listened to him speak, the way your hold on his hand tightened even more from moment to moment, the way you almost missed a step in your dance but continued on anyway just by trusting his lead. The way you laughed in such sincere enjoyment about his quirks instead of trying to erase them from your image of him.
“You're well aware that I absolutely do mean it. We've covered that much on the first day of knowing each other.” You tried to mirror his raised eyebrow in the very same manner, and it didn't take more than that for Tom to finally chuckle as well. If he looked anything like you did trying to pull off that gesture, he wasn't too surprised that you would laugh at him doing it.
“Fair enough.”
“But I still do very much like making you blush as well.” You added without wasting a second, smirking up at him in a pointed tease that served its purpose quite wonderfully indeed.
“I'm well aware of that, too.” He laughed lightly, smiling down at you, but then just had to smirk to himself instead, as an idea entered his mind that simply seemed too good to forego. He rather enjoyed making you blush, too, after all… And he was quite confident that he had figured out the best way to do just that by now. Even if it would inevitably send his own heart into a frenzy as well.
Before he could overthink it yet again or even consider backing out, he twirled you around once more and brought you back in, just like before, only that this time he didn't catch you once you were face to face before him; no, that had never been the plan to begin with. It was only the beginning. Instead, in the matter of a broken second, he had you pulled flush against his body with your back pressed to his chest, trapping you there with an arm wrapped around your waist even though his hand was still tightly holding onto yours. Lowering his lips to the shell of your ear once more, he had to consciously refrain from smirking, to keep his voice to a mere but steady whisper. “You better be careful when playing with fire, darling… Or have you forgotten what happens to those who fall for the flames?” He could feel you shuddering against him, could hear your breathing hitch, could almost taste your scent on the tip of his tongue. It only made his tone drop even lower with emotion. “Like Icarus and the sun… we will always burn.”
For a few seconds there was but the silence of night, the echo of his own heartbeat in his ears… Then he couldn't help it any longer and started giggling in equal rushes of excitement and embarrassment. That had been a bold move, even when keeping in mind that your hugs had been far closer than this. Still, he loosened his grip on you in an instant, in an admittedly poor attempt to make himself feel any less nervous about it now, about how you might react to this. It had rather been a bit much, hadn't it? Even if it did quite obviously fluster you just as intended. But then again… you made no attempt to step away from him now either. You only let go of his hand after a few seconds of shock so you could turn around while keeping his arm wrapped around your waist, staying close to him on your own accord now while looking up with that awestruck expression that made every fiber of his being light up in excitement. Still, it soothed his nerves in an instant just the same, and he had to smile at you in both humour and a twinge of remaining embarrassment alike.
“Fuck…” Was the first thing you blurted out after a moment, dropping your forehead against his chest with a thud once again, releasing a single breathy laugh. “I can literally feel my heartbeat everywhere in my body right now.”
Your words inevitably made Tom laugh, and his free hand moved to your back once again as well, on its own accord, to draw soothing circles in an attempt to help you calm down with him. “Is that a good thing or did I just terribly overstep the boundaries of our mutual teasing?”
“Good thing!!!” Your reply came immediately, so quickly in fact that Tom could feel his cheeks heating up even more as a flustered chuckle left his lips without his consent. You also noticed what you'd done though, and had to laugh as well after barely missing a beat. “Well, you really are bloody brilliant at this, good gods… I surrender, you've officially won the game of teasing for tonight. I couldn't possibly do it one better even if I tried.”
“Seeing as I flustered myself about as much as I flustered you with that little stunt, I think we can in good conscience call it a draw.” Tom had to smile in earnest now, and while his heart was still beating almost painfully fast, he was beyond relieved that you had indeed understood his action as a means of teasing back, and had even enjoyed it as such. He hadn't overstepped. It was alright. Even if in the depths of his mind, he wasn't quite so sure if he could still put it off as a mere tease after all. If anyone, it was him who could tell what it felt like to act a part… and this hadn't been it. In the means, perhaps, but not in the intent.
“Fair enough.” You chuckled, and finally leaned back enough again to look up at him in amusement. “A draw it is.”
“And as the winner and loser of this imaginary competition I wasn't even aware of until now, what would you like to do next?”
“Why do I have to decide? You won and lost just the same!”
“Don't argue with the mad man, darling.”
“Fine…” You groaned, unable to keep the smile off your face now matter how hard you apparently tried, quite the way Tom liked so much. “Well, I for my part am not nearly done dancing with you.”
“Really?” He quirked an eyebrow up at you in amusement, glancing at his watch just out of sincere curiosity before his eyes moved back to yours. “And what kind of dance do you fancy at ten past five in the morning?”
“Well, what did we dance to the last time we were up at ten past five in the morning?” You replied sweetly, looking up at him with an innocent yet terribly excited smile that didn't fail to brighten Tom's own.
“That would have to have been a swing, I suppose.” He grinned, biting his bottom lip for a moment to tone it all down. The memory of it wasn't too old, really, barely a month or two… You and him had spent the majority of the night texting as ever, unable to find a point to call it quits and go to bed, only to decide roughly around five in the morning that you would stay up to watch the sunrise together, because even if separately seen, it was still the same sun. And in order to stay awake during that last hour of dark, you both had taken to dancing around your homes to a playlist of old swing music. Tom had always loved that memory with a fondness great enough to remember it in its every detail.
“So…?” You prompted with a grin, raising your eyebrows.
For a moment Tom looked at you as if in consideration, pretending to think hard about it even though he had already made up his mind the second you’d said ‘dancing’, then he grinned at you once more and started unbuttoning his coat. “You better get out that playlist, darling, because I'm not dancing a swing without the right music. That's best left for the olden classics only.”
If a smile had ever been as bright as yours in that moment, Tom wouldn't have been able to tell, nor would he have cared for that matter. Your excitement was quite enough for him as it was, and he was beyond content just watching you, as you dug through your phone for the music, then tossed your coat on top of his own over a metal bar. It didn't even matter that Tom had absolutely no clue how to swing dance, at least not properly; he was inspired enough to try anyway. And when you put your phone down on the swing seat, with it playing swing music, you just wiggled your eyebrows at him knowing full well that the inherent-yet-terrible pun wouldn't be lost on him. It wasn't; he was still grinning like a loon when you took his hand and started moving to the music together with him at last.
The songs came and went, piece after piece flowed by but neither of you really bothered to count them up. There were far better things to do, things like dancing in the most ridiculous yet fun ways there were, like finding ever new ways to touch, for reasons to be found in the self but to be blamed on the music, like jumping around to keep out the cold of dawn, like laughing too loudly just because. In a way, Tom found great amusement in the fact that you were almost putting the playground to its intended use, after all. Only that you weren't his childhood sweetheart but his… well, his everything really, and that children probably didn't try to, or rather fail to swing dance at five in the morning either. Perhaps those were the only perks of adulthood at the end of the day, being able to stay up late and to have chocolate cake for dinner if only he wanted to, and to be able to love someone like this, like you. Or at least these were the only ones that mattered, currently.
He was just about to let you twirl him around just for the sake of it, when your shared laughter was joined in by yet another party; the loud barking of a dog, no doubt not too far off to your left. You immediately stopped in your movement, as did Tom, which left him awkwardly yet comfortably wrapped in your arms as you both turned to look at the origin of the disturbance. Indeed, a Collie of some sort with an elderly man attached to the other end of the leash were crossing through the park-ish side of the playground, and while the former seemed rather enthusiastic about seeing you, the latter only frowned at you in mere and utter distaste. The sight made Tom snort, but he kept his face straight and just stared back with an unrelenting little smile, until the elder looked away with an irritated frown, shaking his head to himself.
“Perhaps… Perhaps we should get going. Before we get arrested for lurking around a playground.” You laughed, biting your bottom lip with an expression both apologetic and humoured to equal parts, as you tried to unwrap Tom from your arms without letting go of his hand just yet.
“I think, just perhaps, you're right. We should probably go.” He chuckled in return, and yet, the question that came to his mind promptly and inevitably made him frown, especially as you both went to stop the music and put your coats back on; it was nearing six o'clock in the morning, where exactly were you supposed to go at this time? And far more importantly: wherever it was you were going to go, would you allow him to come with you?
… … …
After leaving the playground behind at last, you both continued on down the street you had strayed from seemingly hours ago. Truth be told, you were beyond relieved that Tom still didn't make any indication that he'd like to go home at any point in the near future; he'd only taken your hand once more, quite like before, and you were happily walking next to him at so close a distance that your shoulder bumped into his arm more often than not. It really was rather ironic that apparently you both knew perfectly well that you both wanted this, that you both craved the other’s touch and closeness, yet neither of you could actually say it out loud. You didn't doubt anymore that he felt for you exactly the same as you felt for him… You were rather certain of it even. But still… The fact that he couldn't say it as of yet also left the words stuck in your own throat. Not because you doubted him, not at all, but rather because you trusted his inherent timing for things. Or rather, the timing inherent to you both, and the way you worked together as one. There was no rush hearing him say what you already knew to be true anyway.
“Are you tired?” His words drew you back to reality, back to him. You turned your head to look up at him with a smile, careful not to trip over sticks and stones (yet again…).
“A little.” You sighed happily, and really, you'd never been this delighted to be exhausted. “It's not easy keeping up with you energywise, you know… Though you do a great job charging me back up again. How about you?”
“Quite the same, I suppose.” He smiled back, and you could've sighed in happiness all over again. “I can't believe I've gotten through a full day of tasks, a very high energy run of the show, and then all the things that came after… I should be bloody exhausted, shouldn't I?”
“I guess.” You chuckled, shrugging. “It honestly doesn't feel like this has just been 24 hours, I mean can you even believe that? And we've only known what the other looks like for about seven or eight of them.”
“That's just crazy. And I do not quite believe it, no.” He huffed out a little laugh, shaking his head to himself. “I just wish I'd gotten over myself sooner and met you a week ago, or a month…”
“Why did you change your mind about it quite so suddenly last night? About meeting me, I mean. Not that I'm complaining by any means at all... I'm just curious.” You couldn't help asking, curious eyes meeting his own as you slowly sauntered along the empty streets. The explanation that he'd only wanted you to see his work just wasn't quite doing it for you anymore; you wanted to know the truth he currently had.
“Well, I… I had a talk with Luke yesterday, or rather two days ago at this point. We talked about the choices I make, and… I realised that nobody was going to tell me what is right and what is wrong.” He said, in calm seriousness, shrugging but just ever so slightly. “It's all only determined by what I can live with in the end, and what I cannot. So I asked myself if I could live with the decision that I would never allow myself to meet you, the one person who ever truly knew me entirely, and... the answer was that I could not."
"Because absolutely nothing makes me happier, and nothing makes me sadder than you."
The quick but easy sincerity in his voice made your heart jump with a start, while his words rather seemed to wrap around your throat like vines that threatened to strangle you if you weren't careful as you spoke. "I… I make you sad?"
"Your absence does.” He clarified quickly, tightening his hold on your hand as if afraid you would let go. “Only ever, but always, your absence."
"Oh…" You replied, on a breath you hadn't quite known to be holding before. But as soon as your mind clicked back into place, you started drawing lines on the back of his hand with your fingertips, like he had done before, to let him know without a doubt that you weren't going anywhere. "Yours does that to me, too, you know. Do you think it is inevitable to feel that deep sadness in the absence of someone, because it's the shadow of an even greater happiness their presence grants us?"
"I believe one doesn't feel sadness in someone's absence at all for the longest time. Only when the happiness they make you feel reaches a certain point, a point of no return, the sadness is there, too, all at once and with a maddening force and depth to it.” The mere passion in his voice left you breathless as he spoke, but it was his words that truly were your undoing. “I think that this is what makes the height of happiness so lethal... That you never see its shadow coming until you are already in danger of drowning in it."
"And that's when you realise you can't live without the presence that is your height of happiness anymore?" You asked in a tone too quiet now to not let on just what you thought, too raw to keep hidden just what you felt.
"It's when you decide that you don't want to live without it anymore." He replied almost solemnly, and for all the right reasons in the world, that just made it all the better.
"And you decided to meet me." You smiled, still in a quiet tone, but with an uproar of happiness within you far too strong for you to fight.
"That I did." Silence. A quiet smile. “And now I can't imagine parting from you again.”
“Neither can I. From you, I mean. Of course.” You couldn't help your own breathy laugh now, couldn't help leaning even further into his side, which he welcomed immediately with an even brighter smile. For a minute you stayed silent, then you had to smile, and thus looked up at Tom again. “I think it's rather ironic that neither of us wants this night to end, Dylan Thomas would be proud of us… We most definitely do not go gentle into that good night. Only that we rage against the dying of the night, not the light. We caught and sang the moon in flight, and learn, too late, we grieved it on its way.”
The smile on Tom's lips broadened as far as it could go, then he let out that little breathy laugh again, and finally just grinned down at the ground that ran along beneath you as you walked. The sight didn't fail to amuse you, too, and thus you released a playful scoff and nudged him in the side merely by shifting your weight.
“What's so funny?” You inquired as he still wouldn't talk, raising up an eyebrow at him, which he finally looked up to see as well, still smiling.
“Just a thought.” He shrugged, giving you one of those looks that could drive you up the wall in one way or another. “But you're right, of course… I don't want the night to end either. Never, if possible. And that made me think of something both very appropriate and terribly inappropriate. Not that there's still such a thing as inappropriateness left between you and me in the first place. So it's just a thought, really.”
“Well, out with it then!” You protested in a laugh. “Now that you've got me curious already, you can't not tell me!”
“Right… Are you familiar with the work of Mark Strand?”
“Vaguely, I'll have to admit. Not my period in time nor my country of origin, if I'm honest.”
“Fair enough. The piece I'm thinking of is titled ‘Provisional Eternity’. I think you'll enjoy it.” Again, he gave you a smile in utmost humour he failed to tone down, then cleared his throat and went to recite from memory. “A man and a woman lay in bed-...”
“Good gods, T! Do I even want to know how this goes on?!” You interrupted him with half a laugh, in a vain attempt to fight off the heat on your cheeks just as you crossed into another street that finally bordered upon a real park, giving you something to look at for a moment before you could bear looking at Tom again. He was extremely good at making you blush, and you honestly both loved and hated that he was getting better and better at it with each time he tried. Even if right now, it apparently hadn't been his intention to fluster you after all for once, and thus you took a deep breath, enjoying the first signs of dawn visible over the treetops for a second, before looking back at Tom with one eyebrow raised in question and with a smile.
“Just let me finish the whole thing and you'll know. It's not about what you apparently think it is about.” He mirrored your expression, then started over without waiting for you to voice any further protest. “A man and a woman lay in bed. ‘Just one more time,’ said the man, ‘just one more time.’ ‘Why do you keep saying that?’ said the woman. ‘Because I never want it to end,’ said the man. ‘What don't you want to end?’ said the woman. ‘This,’ said the man, ‘this never wanting it to end.’”
A pause. After an opening line like that, you really hadn't expected the piece to end in that way, to end so… deeply. With such a palpable sense of longing to it. You could see why he'd had to think of it just now, could feel why even. And honestly, you were glad that Tom granted you a moment of silence to let the words sink in, before he looked to you for a reaction.
“Okay fine… You're right. I do like the piece.” You sighed, smiling up at him in defeat at last. “I mean, of course you're right! You literally always are, it's scary how you do it. And I just think it's amazing as much as it's ironic how badly we all crave the eternal and yet condemn it so cruelly for being meaningless.”
“Do we, really? Condemn it?” He asked right back, brows furrowed just ever so slightly in a way you'd come to recognise as a sign of sincere interest, one of concentration. Of deep thoughts and difficult questions with even more difficult answers to them.
“You know that we do, T… I know what you've read, I know that you know.” Your smile stayed on your lips nonetheless, even as you sighed at last. “I doubt that I could put it quite as eloquently as any of the people who have written about it over the centuries.”
“That’s why I'd like to hear your own thoughts on it, not just your version of the truth in someone else's words.”
“Well, but my thoughts on it have been forged by the forces of others!” You argued back, almost tackling him in the side with your attempt at a dramatic shrug. “Take Eliot's words, for example...”
Before you could even try to get your words straight, he beat you to it. “If time and space, as sages say, are things which cannot be, the sun which does not feel decay no greater is than we. So why, Love, should we ever pray to live a century? The butterfly that lives a day has lived eternity.”
“Exactly!” You went right along with it, nodding enthusiastically enough to make Tom chuckle to himself, but you spoke on anyway. “Even Blake said that ‘Eternity is in love with the productions of time.’ And don't even get me started on all the people beyond that who wrote that the meaningfulness of life lies in its brevity! Thereby they all condemn eternity to lose its value in the face of time, in the face of the fleeting moment and of a brevity therein. Apparently, for all of them, eternity is too long a time to be enjoyed or meaningful.”
“Quite obviously none of them has tried to part from you, darling.” He said so easily that your every thought came to an immediate halt. “None of them has been faced with such magnified impossibilities. Or else they would have realised that even eternity is not nearly long enough a time when spent together with you.”
“I-…” Your own heartbeat cut you off, your words stuck in your throat, until you huffed out a shallow laugh at last, with the only words that found their way past your lips. “I really get what Luke meant, when he said that you could put any poet to shame without even trying. And that you always know what to say, in the most impressive and dramatic way possible.”
“Did he really say that?” Tom raised an eyebrow at you with a huge smile, obviously trying his best not to straight up laugh again even as he undeniably blushed as well.
“Yep…” You sighed, then grinned in return. “He said it makes him and everyone else feel severely uncultured.”
“Oh that twit…” Tom rolled his eyes with a groan, but it only made you chuckle all the more, until he spoke on with a sigh of his own. “He’s got a point, I can be a tad dramatic at times, but otherwise he's really just a master of exaggeration and mockery. He does it literally all the time, especially to me.”
“In this case though, he really didn't. You truly have an incredible gift with words, T… One he couldn't possibly exaggerate even if he tried.” You replied without any hint of tease or joke, with just a smile that probably let on too much a glimpse of your yearning heart all over again. But you were beyond caring at this point, you only wanted him to see how amazing he was, all and every version of him, or even just make him understand how amazing he was to you. Exactly as he was. “I adore that you can so easily express a depth most other people even lack the ability to feel. And it doesn't make me feel uncultured at all, actually. Being at the receiving end of such an art only makes me feel… loved, in a way. Even silly as that might sound to you.”
“Does it sound silly to you?”
“Well, no, but-…” Your heart skipped a beat, multiple really, perhaps it even stopped beating entirely as your eyes fell onto his expression that said a million things at once, which yet again you could not find the words for. His eyes were screaming at you, but his lips stayed closed as before, as well. A tragedy of a million unspoken delights. So when your heartbeat returned at last, you gasped, and granted easy passage to the first words that came along with it. “I guess I'm just so used to interpreting the words of people long dead that I hardly know how to deal with them when they're coming from someone right in front of me. It just feels silly to me to try understanding what you meant by what you said when you could tell me any minute that I'm completely mistaken, that it's all in my head and-...”
“What if I told you that you're absolutely right, though?”
A pause. “What?” Your voice was quiet, remarkably so, as he stopped in his spot and thereby forced you to do the same.
“What if I told you that I want you to feel loved not just in one way, but in all ways possible?”
“Why would you want me to feel like that?” The words didn't come out as more than a whisper, and you could only hope that he had heard them at all, could hope that he could read in your eyes that you already knew the answer.
“Because-…” He started, stopped, with that same frustration on his face that you recognised oh so well by now, understood as what you'd come across too often yourself tonight. You knew; you knew the words just wouldn't be spoken without a fight. But if he wanted to do this right now, do what you hadn't been able to do before either, all there was left for you was to draw gentle circles on his hand, and to smile at him in a way that would let him know this was a fight he had already won. There was no rush… Nothing to prove between you. For a few seconds he just closed his eyes, releasing a long breath and tightening his hold on your hand at once, then his gaze was back on your soul. “Because I've been trying to prepare for this moment all day, and yet here I am now, still feeling absolutely terrified for absolutely no reason at all. Because you really are my height of happiness, and being here with you now is… a joy impossible to find words for that could do the reality of my feelings justice. Because quite apparently I'm unable to tell you what I feel, not without using words that are borrowed from someone else and therein lose their entire meaning. So I… want you to feel what I feel. I've tried to make you feel what I feel for you all evening, I've been trying, in every way I could, to show you, not to tell. Turns out that's the only thing I'm actually good at.”
A smile.
A pause.
“You aren’t just good, you are absolutely breathtaking, T… How else in all this time would you have managed to make me feel loved quite so intensely, huh?” A pause. A smile. “If you feel for me even half of what I feel for you, then I still would never have been loved more truly than this.”
A pause. A quiet chuckle. “Who's the poet now, huh?”
“Still you, of course. But you endlessly inspire me to try to keep up and do you one better.” You grinned, poking him in the chest with your free hand, then just held onto the lapels of his coat as you stood right in front of him anyway. Taking one more deep breath before meeting his eyes which would inevitably steal it from you again. “And I… I also promised you this morning that if we meet, when we meet, I… would tell you what I feel for you above anything else, which emotion comes-…”
You had been wrong, oh so wrong, it wasn't his eyes that stole your breath away. It was the way he cradled your face, the way his fingers softly brushed against your cheek, your jaw, your neck, caressing every inch of your skin in their gentle path. The way he reluctantly let go of your hand only to place his own on the curve of your waist, slipping down to your hip to pull you even closer to himself. The way he still gave you the time of two eternal seconds to stop him if only you wanted to. Then his lips finally touched upon yours, and it brought both life and breath back to your body with a start. You felt it all at once, the rush, the lightness, the softness of his lips, all tied together by a string of heartbeats both his and your own. You could only think in the language that was Tom.
Thus it was both tragedy and delight at once, when he finally pulled back just enough to speak, with his forehead touching yours, and his breath on your lips. “All this time, you have been telling me just that. How else would you have managed to make me feel loved quite so intensely, huh?”
“That's plagiarism, you know…” You couldn't help smirking, in just a whisper, nor could you stop yourself from leaning into him even more. “Those are my words.”
“It literally is my job to borrow other people's words, darling.” He smiled as well, and you could hear it, feel it, surrounding you entirely. “And your words, to me, are simply the most perfect. I won't apologize for that.”
“I am already madly in love with you, T… You don't need to make me fall for you even harder.” You couldn't help laughing, quietly still and breathlessly even beyond, yet not without relishing the way it felt to say these words aloud at last. To know he heard them, believed them, just by the way he breathed you in, the way he shuddered when you moved your hand from his chest to delve into the soft curls at the nape of his neck instead.
“But what if I want to?” His voice was no louder than yours, no less thoroughly delighted, but sounding a million shades darker when spoken so reverently against your lips. “What if I want to make you feel just how much I love you, have loved you this entire time…”
That was all the invitation you needed to press your lips to his once more, in every grain of passion and longing that had been building up for far too long now, and he happily indulged you just the same as he kept you tightly pressed against his body. There really was no place in all of eternity you would rather have been than right here, right now, with Tom. Nibbling on his bottom lip as your lips moved against his in the most luscious urgency, making him put his quick tongue to an even better use with your own and drawing a moan from him in that way you hadn't been able to stop thinking about for over two hours now. Burning up in a blaze of divine delight when he did the same to you, only so much better. Good gods, that man really was quite magnificent at everything he did… Your perfect nut indeed. He even tasted like chocolate cake, for heaven's sake! Chocolate cake that had to make a conscious effort not to devour you on the spot as it seemed, instead of the other way around for once. The thought made you grin against Tom's lips after a while, flooding you with liquid lightning in every fiber of your body. Even more so when he smiled brightly as well, just because you did.
“The night is over, the darkness is tamed… more or less at least.” He managed to say, or rather to laugh in a breath, after taking a moment for you both to catch up to the world, without however moving more than a breath apart even now. “The question is, will you allow me to make breakfast for you, darling?"
The bright grin wouldn't leave your face now, wouldn't dare to disappear. “I think that was the classiest way of asking someone to come home with you I have ever heard, in my entire life…” You laughed, shaking your head to yourself in awe before resting it against his chest, right next to his chin. “You are way too good at this, T, and I am powerless before you. I've always been.”
His chuckle in return was both a low rumble in his chest, and the most delightfully happy sound you had ever heard. “I’ll take that as a yes, then.”
Smirking to yourself, you just couldn't help it now either. “As long as there is T with my breakfast, take it as an always.”
… … …
This time around, your slow saunter down the street eventually continued arm in arm, and with far too many smiles you were both unable to tame. Unwilling, would be more like it. Tom couldn't even begin to get a reign over the immense flood of happy excitement in his system that was lighting him up inside out like the sun and stars combined, and he didn't bother trying to either. Not when he knew that there was no limit any longer, nothing that could or would keep him from having this every day from here on. Perhaps that was what happened when happiness wasn't an event or process, wasn't bound by the means of time, but by a person. And you were his, now, always. Why on earth should he ever stop smiling about that?
“Would you like to make me breakfast at my place or at yours?” Your voice made him look down at you again, just as you reached the nearest train station Google Maps had been able to find in the area you'd ended up in. It was time to head home, after all.
“Well, that depends entirely on your preferences for the day ahead…” He shrugged, the smile turning into more of a grin. “If we were to head over to yours, I would have to leave again sooner rather than later to go check on Bobby.”
“Your place it is, then.” You smiled back up at him sweetly, then had to laugh and bit your bottom lip for a moment before voicing your thoughts. “That's probably for the better anyway… Because I wouldn't even have been making a move on you by saying that with my tiny apartment, you literally wouldn't fit anywhere but in my bed.”
“Right…” He laughed, shaking his head to himself as the inevitable heat crawled back onto his face. Perhaps that would never change, who knew… It didn't have to. “You really do have a point there though, your apartment is almost ridiculously tiny.”
“And you're tall as fuck.”
“Are we really back to that again?” You sighed exaggeratedly, in the worst mocking annoyance he'd ever seen, and Tom could only laugh and shrug with an innocent expression.
A quick glimpse at the map of train lines and stations later, he'd come up with the best and quickest way to get you both back to his neighbourhood at least, even if you'd still have to walk a short distance from there. Then, as you waited for the next train to arrive already, he caught himself remembering something. Biting his tongue to refrain from grinning more than usual, he removed his arm from around you, but took your hand in his instead, intertwining your fingers. For a moment he didn't say anything, just stared right ahead at the train tracks with a clenched jaw to keep in the laughter, while he could practically feel your frowning gaze burning holes into his side. When he thought you'd suffered enough as a payback for repeatedly teasing him, he turned to you with feigned surprise about finding you staring at him already, and when your frown only deepened in question, he finally went to explain.
“Well, you told me to let you hold my hand before stepping onto the train…” Still bloody difficult not to laugh… “And as I've said before, when the lady commands, I'm obliged to follow.”
“You actually still remember I said that, after the entire night that happened afterwards?” Your astonishment replaced any question on your face, and apparently on your mind as well. Didn't help much with Tom's amusement though, and he finally allowed himself to laugh, then shrug yet again.
“I tend to remember most of the things you tell me, to be honest. No matter when or where.”
“Your memory is just crazy, honestly, T… Is there anything you don't remember in detail?” You wondered, just as the train finally rolled in and the doors opened up to allow you passage onto your ride home.
“Well, to be fair I generally tend to remember the things I read far better than those I hear, which generally works in my favour though. In most cases, at least.” Tom replied honestly, but didn't bother to find a seat once the train started moving now either, only leaning against the wall by the door once again as his eyes stayed on yours.
“Well, perhaps I better write this down for you then.” You smirked, and instead of holding onto something like Tom very much would have liked you to, you just grabbed your phone out of your pocket with your free hand. Well, at least you were still holding onto his hand as well, so he could probably still catch you in case you'd just topple over again. That definitely had worried him a bit too much at the beginning of the night for the instance to be repeated now.
He didn't get to dwell on it though, as his phone pinged in his pocket, and he had to hold back the grin yet again. Still, his eyes didn’t leave yours for even a second as you slipped your phone back into your pocket while he got his own out at the same time. Only once he'd unlocked it and instinctively tapped on the spot he knew the messaging app to be, his eyes finally left yours to see what mischief you'd come up with now again, what your text said.
Y: ‘I love you.’
Okay, screw holding back the grin, even if it had just been for the sake of teasing. Tom didn't bother to hide it even a second longer as he kept his eyes on his phone, heart thundering in his chest, and sent a text back.
T: ‘I know ;)’
Then he looked back up at you with the most innocent expression and slipped his phone back into his pocket, keeping his eyes fixed on your face again as you got yours out with a smile in return. That smile however turned into an incredulous yet humoured gaping once you'd read the message, and your eyes shot up to meet Tom’s in an instant.
“Oh, you nut!” You laughed, eyes sparkling in a way he could never get enough of, and he waited just long enough until you had put your phone away again to tug on your hand in a single fluid movement that made you fall the short distance forward, and thereby inevitably fall against him in return.
With a tiny squeak you barely still caught yourself on your hands on Tom's chest, nonetheless leaning against him now while he leaned against the wall behind his back. Still holding onto your hand that he'd tugged on, he let his other one come to rest on your hip again as he leaned down the minimal distance to your ear with a smile. “I love you, too.”
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immersed-in-mischief · a month ago
Leg Day (Loki x Female Reader) 18+ Only
Warnings: heavy smut, 18+, unprotected sex, oral sex (F receiving), overstimulation, and pretty much being at the mercy of the God of Mischief! 
Tumblr media
For the first time in a while, you had the training room to yourself which was highly unusual for this time of day. After doing a few minutes on the treadmill to warm up, you had been doing a few rounds on the punching bag when you felt him watching you. In the mirror, you locked eyes with the picture of perfection leaning against the doorway.
“Hi, babe.”
Just as you stopped and removed your ear buds, Loki came over and handed you a bottle of water before wrapping his arms around your waist from behind. His lips on the side of your neck caused you to flinch and nearly choke on the swig you had just taken before letting out a laugh.
“Handsy today, are we?”
“What can I say, Darling? I love seeing you out of breath, even if it’s not my doing.”
He winked at you before reaching down to undo the wrist braces you were wearing to train in.
“I actually came to tell you that I told the others that we would join them tonight for dinner and dancing. How does that sound?”
You finished wiping the sweat from your face with the towel on your shoulder and gave him a lingering kiss.
“Sounds great. What time are we meeting them?”
“The dinner reservation is at 7, Love.”
Your head whipped over to the clock on the wall beside you before you let out a growl.
“Loki, that is in less than an hour!”
The god in front of you looked confused.
“Precisely, that is why I came to get you. There is still plenty of time though.”
With a roll of your eyes, you pushed past him to rush to the door.
“Not all of us can snap our fingers and get ready in a flash of light, Mischief. I still need to shower and shave my legs, not to mention hair and makeup. These things take time for women, Loki.”
“Then don’t shave. I don’t understand the Midgardian custom anyways. It’s just hair, Dear.”
You mumbled under your breath as you nearly sprinted down the hall to your room.
“Says the Greek God himself…”
He hated when you called him that and you knew it. In the moment though, it was worth it for the frustration he caused you sometimes.
When he followed you into your room, you stripped off your hoodie and tossed it at him, hitting him directly in the face.
“If you are truly concerned with time, I could join you in the shower and assist you if you wish…”
Striping by the laundry hamper, you let him enjoy the view before making your way into your shared bathroom.
“Cool it Lover Boy. That would be the opposite of helping and you know it. Just sit and wait like a good boyfriend. I’ll be out soon.”
With a sigh, he stretched out on your bed and pulled one of his books off your nightstand. In the few months that the two of you had been dating, his books were slowly expanding from his room into yours. The bathroom between your two rooms practically made it one big suite now that you shared a bed nearly every night. He had no idea how well your room assignments would be an advantage when you first moved into the tower. The passage between the two rooms even helped to conceal the budding relationship for as long as possible.
The sound of your “shower playlist” on the speaker in the bathroom echoed through the room and made him smile at all the times he had sat in his room and listened to your singing. After two songs, you opened the door once more giving him an incredible view of you in nothing but a towel wrapped tightly around your body. Just as he was about to return to his book, you lifted your leg up onto the vanity next to the sink. Loki had always loved how long your legs were whether in your skintight suit for missions or wrapped around his hips. This was a sight he hadn’t seen before, however. The book in his hands slowly closed and was discarded on the bed next to him. He watched as you applied the cream from the can you kept in the corner of the shower and began to drag the razor slowly up the length of your left leg. With your foot perched up in front of you into the sink, the slit in the towel gave him occasion peaks as to the treasures hidden underneath it. His eyes were locked onto your movements as you cleaned off the razor in the sink and continued making long strokes up your shin and across your knee to your thigh. It was such a simple task, but he had never seen something so sensual in his life. Loki leaned to adjust his position to get a better view and was mesmerized as you softly sang along to the song playing while staying fully concentrated to your actions. Without looking away from you, he felt around on the nightstand for his cell to send off a quick message to the group.
Just as you were finishing shaving and about to move on to blow-drying your hair, your cell phone dinged with multiple notifications, interrupting the music that was playing.
“Umm..hey Lohk? Why is the team telling me to feel better soon?”
His voice called out from his post on your bed.
“Because I told them you didn’t feel well, and we wouldn’t be able to make it tonight.”
You set the blow dryer down with a huff.
“Okay, and why would you do that after I’ve nearly finished getting ready?!”
The sultry purr was directly in your ear this time.
“When I’m finished with you pet, you will barely be able to stand, let alone dance tonight…”
A gasp escaped your lips as you locked eyes with him in the mirror in front of you. The look in the god’s eyes was dark and lustful but so full of promises. Before you had the chance to react, he spun you around in his arms to face him and lifted you up to sit on the counter. With a single fluid motion, Loki pushed between your legs and captured your lips in a passionate kiss hard enough to make you lean back against the mirror with force. Luckily, his hand gripping the back of your head cushioned the impact as his tongue intertwined with yours, causing a moan deep in your throat. He lightly grazed his teeth over your bottom lip before pulling away enough to reach up and pull the towel open. The fabric fell onto the counter around you as he slipped his hands underneath you to hoist you up towards him. Your legs locked around his waist as Loki turned and guided the two of you towards the door at the other end of the bathroom. Without breaking the kiss, he crossed the room and gently deposited you onto his silk sheets. His long fingers reached behind him to unwrap your legs before leaving a trail of kisses and bites down your neck and across your chest until he sucked and nipped at the underside of your breast. You moaned and arched your back, causing a smirk to form on his lips as they traveled to provide the other one with the same attention. The feel of him leaving his marks on your skin was the perfect amount of pleasure and pain. The long raven curls blocked your view of his face providing no warning of when his kisses would turn into bites as he traveled down your stomach and across your hips. A whine slipped when he skipped over the area you wanted him at the most.
“Patience, Darling…”
Lifting up onto your elbows, you watched as his fingertips lightly grazed down your leg until they reached your ankle, raising it up to his lips. Loki left rough kisses up your calf until he reached your thigh. He followed the same path up the other leg as well until both thighs were resting on his shoulders. The entire time he lowered his torso onto the bed between your legs, his eyes never left yours. Just as he left a love bite on your inner thigh, your head falls back. The moan that escapes increases in volume when you feel his mouth finally latch on to the spot you need him at. Your fingers tightly grip onto his hair, causing a deep groan to echo through your core. The normally perfectly placed curls are now wild and untamed, just the way you like them. When you look back down at his position between your thighs, you realize his eyes are focused on your face watching your expression. Locking eyes with him, your breathing comes out in small pants. With a wink and a perfectly timed flick of his tongue, you fall back against the pillows with a scream.  All thought processing becomes impossible as Loki sends you over the edge over and over without a break. You are vaguely aware of crying out his name like a chant as you fist the sheets until his face once again appears above you. The grin on his lips is almost sinful as he leans down to kiss just below your ear before latching onto your neck.
“Breath for me, Pet. I need you to stay awake for this. No passing out and ruining my fun like last time…”
Before you have the chance to completely regulate your breathing, he’s positioned between your legs and buries himself with one long slow thrust forcing the air from your lungs. The way his head rolls back releasing a loud groan is the sexist thing you’ve ever seen. You will never grow tired of the sight. Ever the gentleman, he restrains himself to let you adjust to him until your hand falls onto his thigh, your signal that you’re ready for him to move. The pace of his hips doesn’t stay slow for long. Feeling you already tightening around him, Loki falls forward to hold onto the top of the headboard above you to support his weight. The sound of the wood splintering under his grip is barely audible over the sounds that fill the room. Even though his face is shadowed by the curtain of black hair as he stares down at you, you can just make out the way he’s got his bottom lip tucked between his teeth to hold back his release. The vision above you is heaven and enough to force you to come undone once again with a scream. The way your locked onto him makes it impossible to hold back anymore. His hands slip from the headboard to let his body collapse onto you. Loki has you pinned against the bed beneath him with his weight supported on his forearms on either side of your face. His lips find yours for one more passionate kiss before his eyes roll back. You feel him tuck his head into the crook of your neck as the rhythm of his thrusts begin to become increasingly unsteady. With one final bite on your shoulder to muffle his cry, you feel his warmth spread deep into your abdomen.
His body slumps to the side, pulling you on top of him as he rolls onto his back. As the two of you begin to catch your breath, he gently kisses the top of your head as he grazes his fingertips down your bare back.
“Who needs dinner and dancing? This was so much better…”
You look up at him with a drunken expression as he chuckles. Loki’s hand tucks the hair behind your ear before narrowing his eyes.
“Was? Oh, I am far from done with you, Love…”
The god’s rebound time… or lack of any honestly… would always amaze you. You could feel him growing hard inside you and the next few hours were a blur of orgasms and position changes. Loki put you where he wanted you with ease as if you were a precious ragdoll. At one point, on the way back to the shower, he took you against the wall as he carried you and again on the bathroom counter while the water heated up. He made good on his promise of making sure you couldn’t stand,  which lead to him having to pin you to the back wall of the shower to keep you from falling.
After making you come undone one last time with his fingers, he turned off the water and dried the two of you off. While you got dressed, he went off in search of food from the kitchen since it was already quite late, and he had caused you to miss dinner. Absolutely spent of all energy, you laid propped up against the headboard of your bed while you finished the sandwich he had made. Loki had your legs draped across his lap as he lightly grazed the back of his fingers up your legs to your thighs and back down at a slow leisurely pace. He proudly smirked at the marks on your inner thighs before admiring the ones on your chest and neck that weren’t concealed by your camisole tank top.
“What got into you tonight, Babe? Not that I am complaining! However, one of us in fact mortal…”
Without tilting his head up, his eyes looked up at you briefly before going back to watch the path his fingertips were taking over your smooth skin.
“The little show you put on after your shower wasn’t intention, Darling?”
Show? Your mind replays through your shower to getting ready. He jumped you second you cleaned off your legs in the sink.
“Watching me shave my legs? That’s what got you so worked up tonight? Hmm”
His hand drifted up under your top as his fingers spread out across your stomach.
“The way your long, gorgeous legs were stretched out in front of you. The occasional peaks underneath your short towel. I found it extremely erotic, Pet.”
His hand once again ran down your freshly shaved legs until he laced his fingers in between your thighs, giving them a firm squeeze.
“It may not be a custom I am familiar with, but if that’s how you look doing it, it is something I can get used to. The silkiness of your skin is just a bonus.”
After the two of you finished eating, he curled up behind you and drifted off to sleep. Just before dawn, you woke up to him kissing down your neck. Loki promptly removed your pajamas and took you for another two rounds. When you emerged from your room a little while later, you found Nat and a few others already awake as they prepared breakfast. Her face lit up when she saw you step into the kitchen.
“Hey Sweetie, feeling better? We missed you guys last night.”
Remembering the text Loki had sent, you quickly covered.
“I am. I just went too hard on my work out yesterday. We’ll catch you guys next time.”
Loki pulled the chair out for you and gently kissed the top of your head before going to make you both a cup of coffee. When you sat down a little too hard, you winced at the soreness between your legs. Steve noticed the uncomfortable look on your face as you rubbed your thighs through your leggings.
“Those leg days can be killer sometimes.”
Loki set your mug down in front of you before sneaking a wink at you, hiding his smirk behind his own cup of coffee. You shook your head as a blush swept across your cheeks.
“Oh… you have no idea…”
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