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simply-a-butterfly · a day ago
Through her eyes - Part 5
Summary: Some people certain people can see through their soulmates eyes and others can’t. When Tony Stark creates a machine that can help anyone see through their soulmates eyes, a very doubtful Loki is hesitant to see if he even has a soulmate.
Pairing: Loki x reader
Warnings: swearing. slight depression
A/N: Im super sorry that this series it taking a while to get out, I’ve been working on so many other things as well as this and I think I wore myself out a little too much. Thank you all for your love and support <3
Tumblr media
Loki was about to start walking towards you when you caught Bruce on the floor next to you. He stopped dead in his tracks when you started talking him. He groaned and rolled his eyes. When Bruce lifted his hand to point to him, he felt like time slowed down. You slowly looked at the crowd of people but your eyes instantly fell on his. He stopped breathing. It felt like his whole world was falling apart and rebuilding itself at the same time, seeing you broke his heart but also put it back together in so many different ways. He had spent so much of his life being a bitter asshole to those around him because he truly believed he was the villain of his story. Actually seeing you in person made him finally realise he was wrong all that time because the villain never gets the girls, especially not one as perfect as you. Thor nudged his brother in order to get him to move over to you as he had seemed to freeze. Once Loki started moving towards you, he felt as if he was walking on air. Panic set in when he reached your table and he saw you clearly for the first time. There were so many things he wanted to say to you but he couldn't even breathe, let alone speak. 
It was you who spoke first, “Hi” you said in a small voice. Loki was surprised once again when he heard your voice. It was like he was watching you with a distorted filter on this whole time and he as only now finally seeing and hearing the real you. 
The moment your eyes locked with the dark haired mans across the room, you instantly knew who he was. Loki Laufeyson. God of mischief. Your soulmate. Fireworks exploded in your stomach as a warm feeling shot all over your body causing you to sweat. You’re whole life you had always felt like a piece of you was missing and seeing Loki not only filled that missing piece but it made it bloom with flowers that encased your whole body making you feel like the new fresh version on your once lonely self.
He stopped dead in his tracks when he reached your table and you could see that he was struggling to talk, so you took a deep breath in before speaking. “Hi”
“Hello” he shot back instantly like he had been holding it back for so long. You could see him mentally kick himself for being so fast. 
You giggled slightly and smiled at him. You understood how he felt, there were so many things you wanted to say to him, but none of them reached your lips.
“Your here” he said astonished 
“I am” you smiled. You brought one of your hand up from under the deak and used it to point to the chair across from you, motioning for him to take it. He instantly pulled the chair on and sat down.
“I’m Loki” he said.
You could feel the blush creeping up on your face “I know haha. I’m (Y/N)” Loki mirrored the smile that you had on your face and it made your heart thump. He was beautiful. 
“I know Darling” he replied, smile getting bigger.
Your mind raced, unsure of what to say next, content with just looking at the man in front of you. “I’m really sorry but I have no idea what to even say right now” you laughed, fighting your embarrassment. 
Loki chucked, shaking his head, “I understand. I am completely at a loss for words too” 
You smiled at him before looking down to try and hide the blush that was settling if your face yet again. He spoke in such a way, that you were sure you could listen to him talk all day. His deep masculine voice articulated every word to such perfection, that he could talk complete jibberish and you would still be hooked on every word as I’d he was reciting the most beautiful of poems. 
Lost in your thoughts for a moment, you forgot to look back up and Loki grew worried, “I’m sorry if this is too overwhelming for you” 
Your eyes shot back to his the moment he spoke, “No no. I mean. I’m shocked but I’m far from overwhelmed” you smiled a reassuring smile. 
“Okay. Good” he tried to match your reassurance, but failed.
“Are you okay?” You asked 
“Me? I-“ he started before stopping to collect himself, “I can assure you I am over the moon to finally meet you my dear. You have no idea the troubles I have been through to find you. Truth be told, I am overwhelmed but not because this is too much, but because I have not experienced this much joy in a very long time” 
You were stunned at his words. You had only just met him and he was already sweeping you off your feet. “I understand” 
“Thank you” he smiled. You both say there smiling at each other for a moment before a thought popped into your head. 
“Can I ask you something?” 
“Of course, don’t ever be afraid to ask me anything” he replied, causing your face to heat up once again. This man really had a way with words.
“Uh- when you said I had no idea the troubles you had been through to meet me. What did you mean by that?” You couldn’t help but feel slightly guilty form the way he made it sound. You didn’t want to be a trouble to anyone, especially him. 
“Ah. Well it’s a long story to be honest” he said, embarrassed as he rubbed the back of his neck.
You looked down to your laptop that you had completely forgotten about and checked the time. “I don’t suppose it’s a long story that last exactly 10 minutes?” You sighed 
“Haha sadly not.” He tried to laugh but it was evident that the thought of leaving you hurt him just as much as it did you. 
“Damn.” You said looking down 
“But I could always tell you after you finish. If you’d like?” Your eyes shot back up, filled with hope. 
“I’d like that very much, but I don’t finish until late” the last thing you wanted to do was make him wait. 
“I can wait” 
“Are you sure? I can meet you another time”
“Darling, I can wait a few hours if it means I get to spend time with you again”
“Okay” you smiled, shyly. With much hesitation, you began to pack your things back into your shoulder bag until all that was left on the table was your phone.
Slowly standing up with you, Loki stood across the table from you, smiling.
“So” you said awkwardly. You had no idea what to say yet again.
“So” he chuckled back.
“I finish at 10, so I can always meet you somewhere that's convenient for you?” you said, fingers fumbling with your jacket sleeves.
“I’m happy to wait in the café. I need a coffee after the week I’ve had” he grinned. “If that's okay with you of course. I can always come back if you are more comfortable with that.” he added quickly, as not to seem to forward.
You were quick to reassure him, “Of course you can stay!”  
“Okay. Shall we?” he said, gesturing towards the door. 
“We shall” you giggled as you walked around the table to be beside him before walking out of the building together.
Once Loki had been seated in a quite booth at the back of the small café, he was filled with so much happiness and joy, he couldn’t help from smiling even when you weren't there. Once he ordered himself a drink with the barista, he sat back down to wait for you to come back out of the door you disappeared behind.
A few minutes passed and he was fully engrossed in the newspaper he found, when the sound of a tray being put on the table startled him. Looking up, he was met with your beautiful face. Smiling he looked down to see not only the coffee he had ordered, but a large cupcake and a water. “I figured you might want something more than coffee to get you through the next couple of hours” you laughed. Loki knew from the moment he first heard that sweet sound escape from your lips that it was by far the most angelic sound he had ever heard. 
“Thank you Darling” he watched as your face grew a darker shade of red, smiling internally at your reaction to him.
“Please let me know if you need anything else” you said, before turning your head to the counter, where people had started to line up. “I’m really sorry but I have to go. I will try to come back as much as I can.” you said before smiling at him once more before rushing off to take orders.
Hours passed as Loki watched you serve drinks and he laughed at himself as he found himself enjoying it. He was never one for watching the TV as he found it to mundane and boring but he found he could watch you doing the simplest of things with such ease. 
When it came time for your break, you took your apron off and made your way to his table with two cups of coffee, a slice of shortbread and another muffin. Sitting down you sighed as you felt the tension leave your aching feet. “Hi” you smiled
“Hello darling.” he smiled back while you took your coffee and shortbread of the tray, motioning to him to take his. “You really didn’t have to”
“I know, but your probably bored out of your mind just sitting here. Coffee and cake is the least I can do” you took a sip of your coffee.
“I can assure you that I am far from bored” he said, giving in and taking the coffee.
“Really? How?” you laughed 
“Because watching you is fascinating”
“It is?”
“Of course”
He took a moment to think before responding, “The was I would describe the feeling I get from watching you, is how I imagine a art enthusiast to describe seeing his favourite painting in person for the first time.” you looked down, embarrassed. No one had ever said anything like that to you before and you couldn’t quite believe that Loki was your soulmate. “I’m sorry, was that a bit too much?
”You laughed as you looked back up at him, “That was perfect. Thank you”
“No, thank you, for letting me stay here” he smiled
“Well why wouldn’t I?”
“I don't know” he frowned. Loki would never admit it, but he was very insecure so being around you made him nervous. 
“I like you being here” you reached across the table, putting your hand in his large ones that he had clasped together. He looked down at your intertwined hands and then back up to you before smiling again and squeezing your hands. 
“I like being here”
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jn-wolf · 2 days ago
My top 3 MARVEL characters:
1: "Satisfaction Isn't In My Nature."
Tumblr media
2: "I'd rather die as the Devil than live as Matt Murdock."
Tumblr media
3: "You're just another tiny, momentary speck within an indifferent universe."
Tumblr media
This says I have problems.
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ohhhmyloki · 2 months ago
I would like to say one thing to the Loki Fandom:
This show is Tom's baby. Yes, many other creators collaborated to make it happen, but if you think for a second the whole thing doesn't rest in his ridiculously handsome hands, you're wrong. He's the title character. The one, the biggest, the brightest Loki. If not for him, this show would not exist.
I say again, this show is his baby. It's his ART.
Remember that when you're publicly shitting on it.
Remember his dedication to the character, and to the Fandom. Remember that playing Loki is a labor of love for him. Remember that acting is his passion.
If you've ever had a passion--created art, or built things, or designed anything--you can put yourself in Tom's (and the other creators') shoes.
How does it feel when somebody nitpicks something you created from your heart and soul? How would it feel if they straight up shit on it, and on you for creating it?
How would you feel if you also had deep affection and appreciation for the people who were shitting on it? How would you feel if you were hoping to please them with your authentic, heartfelt creation--because you and they share a love and passion for the same thing--and they responded with scorn and vitriol, and refused to see the value of what you created, simply because it wasnt exactly what they were hoping for?
Critique is one thing. Constructive criticisms, sure. But damn, you guys are being straight up nasty.
Seriously, people. This is shameful. You can do better.
Tumblr media
Hate me in the comments if u like. I said what I said.
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handmaiden-of-mischief · a month ago
Two Sides Of A Coin
Here’s an enemies to lovers oneshot 😁 I hope you enjoy! - Love, Kiki 🖤
Pairing: Loki x fem!reader
Summary: All the pent up hatred you and Loki feel for each other leads to a fight to see who's the better warrior - which quickly turns heated in a whole new way. Because after all, love and hate are two sides of the same coin.
Word Count: 7 k
Warnings: SMUT (ONLY READ IF YOU’RE 18+ YEARS OLD!), thigh riding, unprotected sex (please stay safe in real life and use a condom!), a bit of angst (with a happy ending)
What to expect: enemies to lovers, smut, bantering, a bit of angst
Check out my masterlist for more Loki content 🥰
As always, every single like, comment and reblog is appreaciated 🖤
Tumblr media
“If you place your feet a single inch further apart, the next gust of wind will just sweep you off them,” a dark voice drawled behind you in the most infuriatingly mocking tone, and with a flourish, you whirled around, opened your hand, and your dagger whirred through the air and lodged itself in the doorframe mere inches from Loki’s face.
He didn’t even flinch, you had to give him that.
One dark eyebrow raised, he commented, “A terrible throw.”
“If I’d wanted for the blade to hit home, it would have,” you replied through gritted teeth. Loki’s smirk widened, and a predatory gleam flashed in his eyes as he pushed himself away from the doorway to the training rooms and began to stroll towards you with slow, measured steps.
You straightened your posture, unwavering as you shot him a withering glare, unfazed as he prowled closer. If he thought he could play cat and mouse with you, he’d been wrong.
Hatred seared in your gut like a writhing snake as you watched him slowly draw near.
Though even you couldn’t help but notice how handsome he looked, with his dark hair brushing against his shoulders, looking so glossy and soft, and that mischievous dark smirk which kept playing on his lips. And the way the black leather of his Asgardian attire wrapped tightly around his toned body, leaving you to wonder how he looked beneath all these layers of fabric, if his body was as lean and strong as the fabric made it look like.
The flash of deviousness in his captivating eyes pinned you to your spot and made your heart beat a little faster. Loki looked as if he knew exactly which thoughts had been flashing through your mind, and it made your body heat with fury.
He’d been like this ever since your first encounter; bickering, infuriating, always trying to prod you with his well-placed quips until you snapped at him. Making you loathe him even more than you already had for what he’d done in New York, unworthy of the chance your teammates had given him.
“Don’t you have anything better to do than to criticize my fighting techniques?”, you asked, and your voice was dripping with sweetness and sarcasm.
“I wouldn’t go as far as calling it a technique,” Loki quipped, “But not really, no. And it’s truly entertaining how easy it is for me to throw you off balance. A single comment and you start throwing knives at me.”
“Did you mistake my attempt to murder you as a compliment?”
“It certainly makes me wonder what else you will do if I keep taunting you.” He had the audacity to wink. And still, he was prowling closer with measured, deliberate steps, like a predator stalking its prey. And still, you didn’t budge. You wouldn’t take a single step back.
“I can’t be the only one who’s ever thrown a knife at you,” you retorted.
There was only one last step left between the two of you. You raised your remaining knife, the point trained to his neck, silently daring him to come closer.
Loki’s sly smirk widened, and he spoke, “Rude, but true. Though your attempt at murdering me was either the most half-hearted one, or the clumsiest. Judging from the unbalanced fighting stance and the hilarious movement of your elbows, my guess would be the latter one. Are you trying to make your opponent laugh themselves to death with your little dance moves?”
With that, Loki raised his hand and in a flash of green, one of his own daggers materialized out of thin air, its blade softly meeting your own raised one with the tinkling sound of metal grazing against metal.
“You’re all talk and no action,” you said lightly. “Coming here, watching me train, criticizing me. But we’ve never fought to see who’s the better fighter, so you either know you’d lose…or you’re too scared to find out. Which one is it, Loki?”
His eyes flashed, growing imperceptibly darker like an ocean beneath a sky veiled by storm clouds, before he purred, “You won’t stand a chance against me, darling.”
“If you call me darling one more time, I’ll cut your throat.”
“Not with that fighting posture, you won’t. All you’ll achieve is breaking your wrist trying.”
That was the last straw. You could feel heat rise in your cheeks as your blood began to boil with loathing and the overwhelming urge to slap that sneer from his face. You gritted your teeth. “Fine. Let’s fight and find out then. If I win, you’ll leave me alone.”
The mischievous grin turned even darker. Menacing. All it did was fuel your already blazing rage.
“Very well,” he drawled. “And if I’m the glorious victor? What do I get?”
You raised your brows. “The satisfaction of having another reason to fall on my nerves should be enough in the case of your victory. But don’t you worry about that. I’ll whip your ass.”
He snickered. “If that’s what you want, you could have just asked nicely.”
You could tell he was waiting for your own witty retort, but you saw your chance and acted on it. Lifting your hand in a flourish, you pushed Loki’s own blade aside and raised your knee to kick him in the gut – or, even better, his groin – but his reflexes were fast as lightning, honed by centuries of combat practice like the sharp blade of his daggers.
Green light flared – and Loki was gone. Before you could even frown in confusion, a foot locked around your ankle from behind, and your left leg was pulled from under you, effectively sending you tumbling to the ground with a small gasp of surprise.
With Loki’s low laugh ringing in your ears, you were quick to roll around to catch your fall and jump back to your feet, seething, “I must be a powerful opponent if you have to resume to trickery to win against me.”
You didn’t wait for an answer. In a fluid motion, you pulled your remaining spare knife from its hiding place at the hem of your pants and, both of your knives now clutched tightly in your fists, you lunged at him. Loki, though, was quick to block them with his own, flashing you a wicked grin through the crossed, glinting blades.
“I’m the God of Tricks,” he taunted, “If you didn’t anticipate them, it’s your mistake rather than mine.”
His sentence morphed into a huff as you loosened the weight with which you’d pushed against his blades, and when the sudden loss of counterweight made him stumble slightly forwards to regain his balance, you raised your knee. This time, you hit home, right in his groin, eliciting a satisfying little hiss of pain from the trickster, and twirled to add a kick into his chest for good measure. Loki, though, was quick to compose himself, and dodged out of your way with a whirl of his own.
“I’m starting to think they only call you the God of Mischief because the title God of Chattering was already taken”, you teased with a sly grin mirroring his own, but your clap-backs only seemed to spur him on further.
Sparring with Loki felt a little like dancing, you realized; quick-paced with light steps, the game of hunter and prey, graceful parries and swift attacks in a push and pull like the tides of an ocean.
A swing of his right dagger, which you caught, answering with a rapid thrust of your left hand, the blade already aimed at his stomach – only for Loki to catch your blow with the flat side of his right dagger’s blade and knock your own knife from your grip. It clattered to the floor, and the sound mingled with your hiss as you swung your hand with the remaining knife at his shoulder. Loki, though, had already anticipated the move, and dodged the blow, whirling around to come up behind you, one arm locked around your waist, the other holding his dagger against your throat. Cold metal grazed against your exposed skin.
For a split second, both of you remained like this, his firm chest pressed flush against your spine in this strange embrace, and you could feel Loki’s racing heartbeat thudding against your back, his heavy breathing against your own ribs.
“Ready to give up, darling?”, he crooned, and his breath ghosted over the bare skin at the crook of your neck. You involuntarily arched your back a little with the sensation of it, the pleasant shiver it sent through your nerves, making the skin tingle where his warm, laboured breaths caressed it – hoping he didn’t notice the goosebumps blooming on your exposed skin in response, betraying you.
Focus, a voice in your mind hissed, snapping you back to reality. You hate him. You despise him. Show him who’s the better fighter.
“Never,” you spat, tightening your fist on the hilt of your remaining dagger before you threw your head back against Loki’s nose, all the while raising your foot to slam it down on his. As the back of your head made contact with his nose – and the heel of your foot smashed into his own – he hissed with pain, and his grip around you loosened enough for you to whirl around and ready yourself for another kick.
Loki’s reflexes were way faster than your own, you had to admit that at least to yourself. Before you could even start the kicking motion, he lunged, barrelling into you and sending both of you slamming into the wall which was only a step behind you, and the force of the impact knocked the remaining dagger from your hand and sent it skittering over the floor and out of your reach. Damn it. You realized too late that during the fight, the two of you had moved to the edge of the training room. A stupid mistake, to let your surroundings slip out of focus.
“Letting your surroundings slip out of focus is a rather rookie mistake,” Loki commented sweetly, echoing your thoughts, and you narrowed your eyes in disdain as he placed one fist, still clutching his dagger, on the wall beside your head, raising the other so the second blade’s cold tip brushed against your collarbone. Cornering you against the damn wall.
Loki’s face was only inches from yours, and his scent was overpowering, wrapping its tendrils around you; sweat mixing with the faint smell of leather and something herbaceous, like a meadow in spring, to form the most intoxicating fragrance and cloud your senses. His face was close enough for you to feel his warm breath fan across your cheeks, and his eyes, framed by long, dark lashes, were locked on yours with an intensity that made the air between the two of you sizzle with an electricity which seemed to resonate with the sudden tension in your body.
“What?”, Loki teased, and his playful tone had grown huskier, “No witty clap-back, darling?”
“I despise you,” you hissed, swallowing against the tip of his dagger pressed to the hollow above your collarbone, all the while you kept trying hard to ignore the rush of elation which scooted through you at his sudden closeness, the hungry look in Loki’s riveting cerulean eyes. Trying, and failing miserably.
Loki’s lips curved into another smirk, and the devious spark danced in his eyes like the flame of a candle as he leaned closer still and purred, his tone low and husky, “You know what they say. Love and hate are two sides of the same coin. As long as you hate me, you care about me. And you hate yourself for it more than you could ever hate me.”
“You’re the one coming down here to watch me train in the middle of the night, Loki. That doesn’t look like hatred to me.”
“I never said I hated you.”
A few heartbeats of stunned silence followed, in which you scanned his face, looking for any signs of a lie. But you were only met with sincerity…and something else. Something dark and hungry and, for the blink of an eye, a flicker of tenderness as he watched you, waiting for your reaction.
“Well, can’t say the same thing for myself,” you finally scoffed, but your voice sounded strained, the quip as half-hearted as it suddenly felt.
“You can’t fool the God of Lies, sweetheart,” he murmured, and the tip of his blade slid upwards, over the sensitive skin of the column of your throat before Loki placed it underneath your chin to tilt your head slightly upwards.
“You’re not a mind reader,” you hissed.
“And you’re not as subtle as you think yourself to be. The mask is slipping all on its own, darling,” Loki crooned. “I can see how ragged your breaths are,” he purred, leaning closer, so close that the tip of his nose was nearly brushing against yours, so close that you breathed in each other’s air, and your own breath hitched traitorously in your throat as your heart seemed to stumble in the confines of your ribcage. “Your pulse,” Loki continued with a rasp, his voice growing darker, lower, with every heartbeat as he slowly trailed the tip of the dagger’s blade from its place beneath your chin to follow the line of your jaw and to the point of your pulse pounding wildly below your ear, cool metal caressing your heated skin as you felt your heartrate spike with the delicious touch, “Your pulse is racing.”
Loki’s eyes on yours were mesmerizing, his pupils blown so wide that the beautiful cerulean colour of his irises was eclipsed to mere rings encasing these oceans of darkness. You could feel every single nerve in your body come alive, ablaze, beneath the intensity, the desire shining in these captivating eyes, and the trickster’s blade which, barely grazing your skin with its cold touch, wandered down the column of your throat. This time, you couldn’t suppress the shiver running through you at the sensation, and you tilted your head a little to the side with a sharp exhale, still holding Loki’s spellbinding gaze.
“And your stunning eyes are dilated, darling,” Loki continued. His own breaths were laboured as well, you noticed. The exertion of the fight? Or was it something else?
“Adrenaline”, you breathed, and the sensation of the cool caress of the tip of Loki’s dagger on your neck made your voice falter with another shiver skittering down your spine, the feeling of embers glowing in your core, flaring to life.
The wicked smirk grew wider, and the twinkle in these mesmerizing ocean eyes as they briefly travelled down to your lips, slightly parted with your faltering breaths, before they snapped up to hold your gaze once more, told you Loki wasn’t fooled. “And the throbbing for me between your legs?”, he asked sweetly, his voice rough and barely above a whisper, “Is that caused by adrenaline as well?”
His lips were hovering not an inch from yours, and you felt the gravity of his enthralling closeness, like strings drawing you towards him, tugging you closer and closer like the pull of a magnet.  
“Is this turning you on, your knife against my throat?”, you murmured with as much disdain as you could muster against the haziness Loki’s closeness, the feeling of his lips nearly brushing over yours, his scent, his searing gaze, were instilling in your senses, luring you deeper into the haze of this spell he’d put on you, clouding your every rational thought with longing.
“Well, it’s a lovely sight for sure to have you all panting and sweaty beneath my blade, darling,” he rasped, and before you could contemplate what you were doing or stop yourself, you closed the remaining whisker’s breadth between the two of you and crashed your lips on Loki’s.
A part of you had anticipated for him to push you away, but he didn’t – it didn’t take him even a split second to return the kiss. His hand which had been resting against the wall beside your head shot up to cup your face, the dagger he’d held tinkling as the metal hit the floor, as Loki began to move his lips against yours with a greed that knocked the breath from your lungs and made your legs quiver with the force of it. The sound which tore from his throat when your tongue brushed over his lower lip and you opened your mouth for him, made your core throb with desire, a need which sizzled through your body like liquid flames.
It was bruising and fierce, and the sensation of Loki’s hand sliding into your hair at the back of your head, grabbing a fistful of your strands to slightly angle your head back while he let his tongue delve into your mouth, teeth clashing, and the cold edge of his remaining dagger’s sharp blade still pressed against your throat made you utter a low moan. Loki’s body was pressed flush against yours, his weight pinning you against the wall, and when he bucked his hips into yours, a growl escaped his lips at the feeling of his hardened length rubbing against your thigh through the layers of fabric.
Your lips curled as you smiled viciously into the kiss while your hands found their way to his shoulders, clutching him firmly while your knee shot up to slam into his crotch, but despite the distraction of the feverish kissed you were sharing, the lust addling his mind, Loki had anticipated your scheme and dodged, just as your elbow slammed into his side and you scurried away from him, darting to the discarded dagger closest to you in the centre of the room, its blade catching the glow of the lights overhead.
“What was that about using trickery?”, Loki hissed from behind you.
“Two can play this game,” you quipped sweetly and reached for the knife’s hilt, fingertips already brushing against the smooth surface, when a force dragged you backwards before your fingers could close around weapon, and your frustrated growl echoed through the air. You had the mind to whirl around as you were pulled backwards with the force of Loki’s magic, raising your left leg from the floor and wrapping it around his waist while he pulled you back towards him, the force of it making the two of you tumble to the floor, and this time, it was you who came up on top.
It was a stalemate – you had him pinned to the floor, straddling his waist while your hands pushed down on his chest to keep him in place, while his dagger’s blade had found its way back to your throat.
“I’m impressed how low you’ll stoop to win,” Loki purred, infuriatingly unfazed.
“So you agree kissing you means stooping low?” you seethed with a grin, pressing harder against his chest, but your words morphed into a low groan as Loki bucked his hips, and the sensation of his crotch rubbing against the sweet spot at the apex of your thighs made you feel as if he’d set you on fire.
“And still you enjoyed it enough to get all worked up beneath my touch”, he crooned.
“Will you ever shut up, just for once?”, you spat in reply as you fought the desire for him which kept clouding your senses and shifted, straddling his left thigh to keep him from moving his hips against yours.
A mistake, you soon enough realized at the devilish grin which lit up his handsome features.
“Make me,” Loki challenged with a sultry snicker, and shifted his thigh slightly beneath you, enough to cause some friction against your throbbing core, and it took all of your strength to bite back the moan which threatened to spill from your lips and betray your need. For him.
“Does that feel good, darling?”, Loki drawled with another shift, the movement of his thigh grazing your clit sending another wave of pleasure through you, much stronger than the first one, and the embers in your lower belly flared in response.
He was tricking you, using your arousal against you, to distract you and regain the upper hand, but the sensation of his thigh rubbing against your groin, paired with his dark voice which, hoarse with the strain of his own arousal, seeped through the air like honey, was too addictive to make you stop. It only made you want him more. Another shift, and you rutted your hips against his thigh with more vigour, relishing the sensation bolting through your aching core as you felt your walls clench around nothing. This time, you didn’t even try to bite back the loud moan which filled the air, knowing what these sounds tumbling from your lips would do to him in return, judging by the remarkable tent in his leather pants.
You rolled your hips against his thigh once more, feeling your arousal soak your panties, savouring the cold bite of Loki’s dagger which was still poised against your throat, firm enough to elicit a pleasant sting of cold and the sharpness of the blade, and slight enough not to actually hurt you, you noticed, as Loki watched you intently, his gaze never straying from yours.
With a smirk, your hand shot out to stroke his hardened length through the leather of his pants, palming him, watching how his lips parted with the most sinful moan beneath your exploring touch. In a swift motion, you swung your leg back over his waist to straddle him once again, and began to rut your hips against his in slow, languid movements, making the both of your groan in synch as your heated core pressed against his erection and your hands roamed over the soft leather covering his sides. There. You gave him another devious grin as your fingers closed around the hilt of the dagger he’d kept hidden beneath the fabric at his waist, pressing the blade against his own exposed throat.
“How many more hidden daggers will I find underneath all this leather?” you hummed, groaning as he rolled his hips against yours, and your fist tightened around the dagger’s hilt with the pleasure ablaze in your core, sending shockwaves through your whole body. The ache for him, to feel him inside your soaked walls, was starting to get unbearable.
“That depends entirely on how thoroughly you search for them,” he panted with a seductive, breathless smirk that did nothing to quench your arousal.
“Good,” you quipped, and slid the dagger beneath the hem of his attire before ripping it upwards to slice through the leather which covered his chest. It gave away under the sharp blade as if you were cutting through butter, ignoring Loki’s gasp of surprise at the sound of the ripping fabric.
“That was finest Asgardian leather.”
“As if I cared,” you hissed as you pressed your own blade to his jugular, where it glinted against his pale skin, savouring the expression in his darkened eyes as you used your free hand to push the remaining scraps of fabric away from his chest, not without taking a split second to admire the defined lines of muscles rising beneath his pale skin, the way his abs flexed with every laboured breath he took.
Your free hand roamed over his exposed chest, dipping to his waist as you felt for more hidden knives, and you could feel how much effort it cost him to suppress another groan when your fingers kept dancing over his bare skin, soft under your touch.
“Maybe I lied,” Loki crooned as you let your hands travel to his other side and beneath the torn leather, still searching for another hidden knife, “Maybe that’s what I wanted you to do all along, darling. Do you enjoy touching me while I’m helpless and panting underneath you? Do you enjoy this surge of power rushing through you at the sight?”
He thrust his hips up, his crotch meeting your soaked core, and it took all your strength not to double over with the pleasure scooting through you, ripping through your nerves like your blade had through the leather of his attire only seconds prior.
The truth was…you did enjoy it. Not only enjoy – you relished in it, in the way you could feel his arousal for you, evident in the hardened bulge in his pants and the lust-blown gaze he kept so firmly trained on you, following your every movement, the way his beautiful black hair was sprawled around his head like a crown forged of the blackest metal.
It was a dangerous game you were playing. Everything Loki was, everything he stood for, the spell he’d cast over you with fleeting glances and the witty bantering, the enticing words his silver tongue spun for you, leaving you wondering what else he could do with it, the timbre of his smooth, dark voice seeping into your mind to keep you awake at night like the luring song of a siren…He’d invaded your mind, and the hatred you’d so carefully built for him was the last guard to keep him from conquering your heart as well. You couldn’t let it get that far. And you couldn’t forget the intoxicating feeling of his lips against yours which had left you yearning for more.
Lasciviously slowly, you let the tip of your stolen blade trace the curve of Loki’s collarbone before you trailed it downwards over his firm chest, watching the muscles ripple and flex as he arched into the caress of your sharp blade, watching how the trickster’s lips parted with a silent moan.
“Now who’s getting off the knife pressed against their opponent’s skin?”, Loki breathed, and you could tell he was restraining a groan. A shame. You would need to work harder to hear it.
“Both of us,” you murmured, “Judging from the hitch in your breath, and the tent in your pants.”
He chuckled darkly, and it was a sound so lovely and sinful that it made your heartrate spike once again.
Loki’s free hand wandered up your thigh, over the fabric of your pants, and the pad of his thumb grazed over your clothed core, the arousal soaking the fabric of your panties.
“Fuck,” you whispered, and your hips snapped forwards to meet his touch, desperate for more friction.
“I’m inclined to comply if you ask nicely. Tell me, darling, are you wet for me already?”, he purred with another searing stroke of his thumb, shattering the last of your resolve.
“Only one way to find out,” you moaned, and your words were all the reassurance he needed to do exactly that. His dagger left your throat as he slid the cool blade into the hem of your pants and cut them open just as you had only moments prior.
“These were my favourites,” you hissed.
“I couldn’t care less,” he panted his reply, and before you could muster a clapback, his hands slid to your soaked folds, thumb flicking languidly against the swollen bundle of nerves at the apex of your thighs while he sat up beneath you, and your back arched in time with the wanton moan tumbling from your lips, swallowed by another searing kiss as Loki locked his lips on yours.
You’d never felt anything like this before. And it was so utterly wrong. It was tearing down all these walls you’d so carefully built to guard your heart, setting free these things you’d buried deep inside your soul, things you swore yourself to snuff out like the flame of a candle. They’d grown into a wildfire, hungry flames licking at your heart and your nerves as your world zoned in on Loki, his touches as his skilled fingers which kept playing with your clit while you rolled your hips to meet his them with a low whimper.
The clatter of metal on the floor momentarily drew you from this world of searing bliss as Loki discarded his remaining dagger and his free hand grabbed the back of your head, to pull you into another bruising, greedy kiss as he kept pleasuring you with his hands, each slow, languorous stroke over your clit making shooting stars bolt through your veins, tightening the coil in your belly.
“Do you like what I’m doing to you, love?”, he murmured against your lips, his strokes teasing, a sweet, slow torture, “Do you like the way my fingers make you feel?”
“Yes,” you breathed.
“Then let me hear it.”
Loki’s teeth grazed your bottom lip as your lips parted for a wanton moan, loud enough to wake the whole compound, and he softly bit down, drawing blood, the metallic tang mixing with the taste of him. You cried out with pleasure as you could feel the wave of your climax crashing into you – and the cry fused into a whine of frustration as Loki pulled his hands away with a wicked chuckle.
“Beg for it,” he rasped into the kiss, and you pulled away to glare at him, his flushed cheeks and lust-blown eyes, the spark of desire and mischief flashing in their black depths, “Beg for me to bring you this sweet relief.”
“I will do no such thing,” you panted. “My own hands are perfectly capable to finish the job.”
With a sly smirk of your own, you let your hand fall from its place on Loki’s chest to let it rove down to your dripping folds, but his free hand, the one which wasn’t buried in your hair, caught yours, and his lips crashed onto yours, making you gasp. A flash of green light, and your pants were gone, along with your underwear, as were his. You groaned into the kiss as your dripping folds brushed over his hardened length
Against your lips, Loki murmured, “What if I didn’t hate you? What if it were quite the opposite?”
There was a softness laced in the low rasp of his voice that made your traitorous little heart skip a beat, paired with a strange feeling of free fall, as if you’d reached the top of a roller coaster, waiting for that split second for the cart to drop, that short moment of holding your breath. And it had nothing to do with the things the two of you were doing, and everything with the possibility disguised in his words.
Dressed as a beautiful lie, because that’s what he does. That’s what he is, the little voice in your head warned.
“Love?”, you huffed, pulling slightly away from his lips, “Love and lust are not the same. You want me. You want to fuck me. But you don’t love me.”
For a strange moment, you thought you’d seen the sharp edge of hurt in his eyes, but it was gone before you could start to contemplate it in your hazy mind.
“Then let me fuck you,” he growled.
He didn’t need to tell you twice. You raised your hips and sunk onto him, taking your sweet time to bury him in your throbbing core, listening to the lovely sounds that tumbled from his lips which kept moving against yours, feverish and hungry as if the same flames he’d stoked in your own body were devouring him as well. You moans tangled in the sweat-drenched air with his as you began to gyrate your hips, achingly slowly, to see if you could make him beg you to go faster.
And to savour the feeling of Loki as close to you as humanly possible – but you were quick to lock the thought away. Another roll of your hips to bury him deeper in your velvet walls, and his tip grazed the sweet spot deep inside of you, making you whimper with the bliss sizzling through your nerves, setting them ablaze one by one like sparklers on New Year’s Eve.
Another rut of your hips made him groan, and with a surprised gasp tearing from you, Loki’s hand slid from your waist to your butt and with a swift motion, he switched your positions, so it was you with your back on the ground and him hovering above you, settled between your thighs. His hand was still in your hair, cradling the back of your head so you didn’t hit the ground. Before you could utter a word, he slid back into you, and your back arched with the sensation.
Your legs locked around his waist to pull him closer, and for a few heartbeats, his lust-darkened gaze held yours, and a flash of something flitted over his handsome, flushed features as he bottomed out of you, only to bury himself back in your velvet walls with another thrust, drawing a string of moans from your lips as he hit the soft spot inside you again and your eyes fluttered shut with the overwhelming bliss flooding you. His lips found yours again, only to trace the line from the corner of your mouth to the racing pulse below your ear, and you cried out with pleasure as he softly bit into the sensitive skin of your neck, sucking at the sore skin. Marking you.
“Does this make you feel good?”, he rasped against your skin, and his hot breath felt like another caress as it fanned over your exposed skin and the sheen of sweat glistening there. Your hands shot up to rake through his raven hair, and the glossy curls gliding through your fingers felt as soft to the touch as you’d imagined they would be.
“Yes,” you whispered on a broken moan, and his tongue darted out to graze the spot his teeth had marked, making you writhe once more with the sensation of it, and the pace of his thrusts quickened.
“This is better than sparring,” you groaned, and he chuckled darkly against your neck before he retorted, his voice raw with lust, “You’re also better at this than you are at sparring.”
“Ass,” you hissed, and he snickered in reply.
“As you wish,” he purred, lips brushing the shell of your ear to elicit goosebumps along the column of your throat and you gasped as his hand left your waist to grab your butt and pull you closer, sliding deeper and hitting that soft spot once more, hard enough to send you toppling over the edge. With the force of a thunderstorm, your first climax crashed into you, making your muscles convulse and your walls clench around him as he kept thrusting into you, and your outcry of bliss reverberated from the bare walls of the training room as pleasure bolted through your body like a strike of lighting travelling through your every nerve to the very tips of your fingers clawing at his silky hair. Riding out your climax, you could feel Loki’s pace faltering, his breathing frantic against the crook of your neck as he chased his own high at the sensation of your throbbing walls, the arousal coating him, and you could feel him twitch inside you as he came – pulling you with him into a second orgasm, as forceful as the first one.
As he came down from his high alongside you, lazily riding it out, Loki nuzzled his face in the crook of your neck, inhaling your scent before he placed the softest of kisses to your skin. It was such an intimate gesture, a gesture which carried a gentleness reserved for real lovers, and the feeling it kindled in your chest was overwhelming. A warmth, as radiant as the morning sun. Not in your core – but in your heart.
You stayed like this for a few moments, and both your panting filled the silence as you took a moment to catch your breaths, until Loki pulled slightly away to look at you. All mischief was gone from Loki’s eyes, replaced instead by a sincerity and sadness you’d never seen him display before as he held your gaze and asked quietly, voice still hoarse with his arousal, “Why do you hate me so much?”
Your heart plummeted to the floor upon hearing the sorrow in his tone.  
You could have lied – for what was a lie to the God of Lies? But you couldn’t. So instead, you just gave him silence, watching him watch you, beautiful ocean eyes scanning your face for the answer you wouldn’t grant him.
“Never mind”, Loki finally said, and it sounded hollow, before he fully pulled away from you, leaving you as empty as you’d never felt before, a feeling of wrongness blooming in your belly – not at the things you’d just done with him, but the things you couldn’t help but feel you’d done to him with your reaction. In a flash of green, your pants were back on, as were his, no traces of the gashes of his blade, and he turned to leave when your voice rang out through the air, cutting through the heavy silence like a knife’s blade.
“Because if I didn’t hate you…I would love you.”
Loki froze in his tracks, his back to you, and for a few passing, anxiously racing heartbeats, you thought he’d just leave, that the vulnerability you’d just shown in telling the truth, letting your heart speak instead of the rational part of your mind which currently kept screaming at you, at your stupidness – he turned to face you.
The softness was back in his ocean eyes as they held yours, watching silently as you slowly climbed back to your feet. The same softness you’d seen spark earlier, before it had been quenched by your own sharp words. You want me. You want to fuck me. But you don’t love me. Spoken as if you didn’t care about his intentions whereas the harsh words had been dressed in bitterness and hurt at the assumption they could be the truth.
“And why would it be so bad to love me?”, Loki asked quietly. The mischievous, playful mask of the trickster had slipped, clattered to the ground at his feet like the discarded daggers of your fight. Right now, he wasn’t the God of Lies and Tricks. He was just Loki. You felt as if you saw him for the first time.
You swallowed against the lump which was forming in your throat. “Because I’m scared that you’ll hurt me.”
A few beats of silence as you watched each other, the distance between the two of you stretching until it felt as if he were an ocean apart instead of a few feet.
“Have you never wondered why I kept annoying you on purpose?”
“So you did it on purpose,” you replied, voice weak, but the smile which tugged at the corners of his mouth was brimming with sadness.
“If you couldn’t love me, I at least wanted to make you hate me. Hate is better than not mattering at all. You won, by the way,” he added while he averted his gaze, “I’ll leave you alone. I promise.”
The emptiness in your chest seemed to grow, a void fed by his words. You could tell they were the truth. And you finally acknowledged what you’d known all along: you didn’t want him to stay away. Not even for a second.
“What if I didn’t hate you, Loki?”, you timidly echoed his words from before, the confession you’d swiped away with your harsh reply, “What if it were quite the opposite?”
You’d begun to close the distance between the two of you while you spoke, and with every step you drew closer to him, you could see the sadness in Loki’s smile fuse into hope. He looked lost all of a sudden, unsure what to do or how to respond. He looked beautiful. His hair was still dishevelled from your hands combing through the strands in the heat of the moment, his cheeks a little flushed underneath the harsh artificial headlights. His eyes were wide, the darkness of arousal gone from them, and his gaze was gentle as he replied, “If you didn’t hate me, but the opposite, I would ask you to give me a chance. To let me prove that you can trust me.”
You’d come to stand in front of him, allowing the hatred you’d used to cover up the affection for him to peel off like dried paint, flake by flake, until the love you were starting to feel for him shone through with the brightest colours. It was way more beautiful like this, you realized.
Carefully, you reached out to take Loki’s hands. A gentle touch, contrasting the bruising kisses and rough touches you’d shared only moments ago.
“I know I’m not the most trustworthy person,” he whispered, “But please believe me that I would never hurt you, because…” He took a steadying breath, as if gathering all his courage before he continued with a soft whisper, “I’m in love with you.”
I love you, too, you wanted to say, but the onslaught of emotions at his confession made it impossible for you to form the words, leaving them stuck in your throat. It didn’t matter. There were so many opportunities to tell him in the future.
Instead of speaking a reply, you stood on your tip-toes to place a delicate kiss, sweet and gentle and as light as a feather, on his lips, before you pulled away and breathed, “Take care of my heart. It’s a fragile thing.”
“It’s safe with me,” he said softly, and the tenderness in his expression made your heart flutter. You knew Loki was telling the truth. And just like that, the coin had been flipped.
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silver-tongued-bby · 17 days ago
Tumblr media
Pairing: Dark!Dom!Loki x Sub!fem!Reader
Warnings: (where do I start...) NSFW, 18+!!!, this is a dark Loki fic, hence it explores dark themes including major character death (loki series), mentions of violence, kidnapping and dub con, dominant/submissive dynamic, master/sub dynamic, dry humping, dirty talk, degradation (LOTS!), cockwarming, free use, edging, bondage, spit play, and rough sex. If any of the themes mentioned above upset you in any way, please do not interact!
Words: 3,026
Summary: After succeeding He Who Remains as the ruler of the timeline, Loki can’t help but indulge. Loki (2021) spoilers ahead!
Author's Note: Reposting cause I messed up the tags in the original post! Okay so this is dirty. Like really freaking dirty- so dirty I was afraid to post it here. I owe it all to a weekend spent reading dom/sub posts, the latest episode of Marvel's What If?, a few episodes of Community (mostly for the title), and not to mention the gif below.
Tumblr media
gif via lokihiddleston
I hope you enjoy- please let me know what you think (likes, reblogs and comments are much appreciated)!
“Tony. The weapon’s test next week got cancelled. Sounds like they want that latest tech Hammer’s pushing.”
“I don’t get it, Pepper. How could Justin have thought that up on his own?” Tony leant back in his seat, rubbing a hand against his chin. “The guy’s tech is trash, then suddenly he’s offering a targeting system that’s at least ten years more advanced than ours? Something’s going on.”
“I don’t doubt it. But I know it’s not ours.” Pepper handed Tony a tablet, the schematics on display. “There’s not much we can do.”
Tony sighed, not one to happily lose out on a cool billion.
“Maybe it’s a sign- maybe we should focus our efforts elsewhere.” Pepper bit her lip, praying Tony would listen for once.
“You may be right. After Obadiah’s arrest earlier this year…” Tony trailed off, remembering the two CIA officers that came to inform him of his father’s friend’s plans after they’d raided his house the night before. “And now this,” he motioned to the schematics, “maybe it is time to change course. Maybe we could look into clean energy. That was Howard’s plan all along.”
At the edge of time Loki sat back in the quilted leather of his seat and smiled, closing the portal with a flick of his wrist. His little worker bees at the TVA had done their job well.
He took a sip of wine and closed his eyes, content with the new timeline he was constructing. Still leading his past self down the path to his current position, though he made the journey far more palatable.
His thoughts drifted back to that time, him and Sylvie finding their way through the castle, only to come face-to-face with He Who Remains. After his little speech, Sylvie went straight for his head, just as Loki had expected her to. And as Loki pierced her chest with his blade and the light faded from her eyes, he felt nothing, just as he had expected to.
It’d all gone quickly after that, controlling the TVA to manipulate time and his version of the main timeline, quickly ridding himself of Mobius, Ravonna and He Who Remains once it was reasonable.
Loki sighed, his mind weary from his work. His eyes drifted over to you, running up your bare legs to the hem of the shift he allowed you to don. The rich caramel colour of the silk was sheer against your skin, barely obscuring the features of your body. Your head rested on the armrest of the couch as you watched him, your eyes flickering back to the pages of the book he gave you earlier. Your eyelashes fluttered as you blinked at the novel in your hand, he’d obviously caught you staring.
He raised an eyebrow at you and cleared his throat.
Your gaze snapped back to him immediately, your eyes widening as he beckoned to you with his free hand. You swallowed, sitting upright and setting the book on the couch, your bare feet padding softly against the stone floor as you approached.
He placed the goblet on his desk then motioned to it, and you poured him more wine from the bottle nearby. You chanced a look up at his face, your heart beating wildly as you did so. His eyes were fixed on the pages before him, and you were about to go back to the safety of the couch when he patted his leg.
You looked at him briefly, his focus still on the pages, now in his hand, before you climbed atop his lap to face him. You settled a leg on either side of him, the silk of your shift riding up as you gingerly lowered your hips, your bare heat pressing against him. You trembled slightly at the contact.
“My, my. Wet already?” His voice drawled by your ear, sending a shiver through you. You kept your eyes on him, ready to look away once he turned his gaze on you though he was still looking at the memo in his hand, the TVA logo printed neatly at the top.
“Nothing to say? No apologies while your needy little cunt ruins the leather of my trousers?”
Your heart raced. Was he angry? “I-I’m sorry, Master.”
“You’re sorry about what?” His tone was ice cold.
You gulped. “I’m sorry my wet, needy little cunt soiled your trousers.”
“You’d better be. Such a desperate slut, have you been wet all day?”
“Yes Master.”
“And did you touch yourself today? Is that why you’re dripping?”
“No Master! I wouldn’t dare.”
“Good.” He drank a sip of the wine, still reviewing his documents. He was half-hard, but kept reading. “Why don’t you be a good whore and grind that pretty cunt against my cock?”
“Thank you Master.” You said, eagerly rubbing yourself against his hardening length.
Loki thought back to when he picked you up, taken you from your timeline on Midgard. You had this look in your eye- a combination of awe, fear, and defiance. He’d seen to the capture of Midgard personally, aiding his former self overcome what remained of the Avengers and Thanos. He found you in Stuttgart. You were the only one who didn’t run, standing your ground and watching with a fascinated fury. His former self didn’t take notice. But he did. And oh, how he took pleasure in breaking you down and reforming you into the perfect little servant.
He smirked to himself at the whimpers you were making, pulling him from his reverie. He’d trained you so well- he was fully erect now.
He shifted his eyes to you, his expression passive as he leant back. You were a sight to behold- body moving fervently against him, the light bouncing of your body with your movements.
“Feel good, does it?”
You nodded, dazed. “Yes Master.”
“Why don’t you put that dripping hole to good use and keep my cock warm? Do you think you could handle it without cumming?”
“Thank you Master! I promise I won’t cum without your permission,” your eyes lit up and you got to work unlacing his trousers before slipping your hand in. Feeling his warm length against your skin made you whimper quietly in anticipation. You brought your eyes back up to his as you angled him against your slit and slowly lowered yourself over him. You felt a bloom of warmth flow up from between your legs, your body happy to be filled once more.
Loki went on to the next memo on his desk, hiding his smirk at the sounds of your laboured breath, you were desperately trying not to cum from simply holding him inside of you. He felt you twitch a little around him. “You know, if you cum without permission I could always lock you in that time loop again. Where you just keep cumming and cumming until you’re a mindless little fuck toy, too sensitive to be played with.”
You felt your cunt twitch around him again at the memory but quickly got yourself under control, consciously relaxing your muscles as you curled up against his chest. The leather of his light armour was cool against your skin. You could feel your slick gathering at the base of your Master’s cock.
“There’s my good little whore.” He smoothed his fingers against your head. Returning to his work, he carefully read each memo, signing off on them one by one with the mark of the Timekeepers.
Once he finished, he pulled you from his chest, his eyes going to your breasts, easily visible beneath the silk then to your face. “You were able to control that insatiable cunt this time. But I can feel you dripping all around me.”
He leant forward, his face beside yours. “Tell me, pet. Shall I use you now? Use your tight little hole to make myself cum?” His lips ghosted against the shell of your ear. He was surrounded by your scent.
You squirmed, your cunt pulling him in. “Please, please use me Master. All of my holes belong to you.”
He chuckled. “So desperate for my cock. Remember, you bratty little slut, your cum belongs to me as well.”
“Yes Master.”
He held you against him as he transported the two of you to his bed, holding your positions. “Take this off,” he nodded to the silk still covering your breasts, “and show me just how much you want me to use you.”
You felt your muscles clench as he spoke. Licking your lips you tugged at the ties on the side of your shift, the fabric delicately falling away from you. You caught his dark stare and had to still yourself for a moment, his expression alone almost sending you towards an orgasm. You took a deep breath then steadied yourself with one hand on his shoulder and began moving your hips against him, angling yourself just the way he liked.
Your breath picked up in speed and he raised an eyebrow in warning. You held the pace, and kept your incoming orgasm at bay. That was, until he pressed a thumb to your clit. You cried out at the sensation and stopped your movements to hold back your pleasure, your eyes lowered.
“Did I tell you to stop?”
“No-no Master. I’m sorry, I just-“
“No excuses.” He cut you off with a pinch to your clit. “Did you think I couldn’t feel your insatiable quim gripping me just then? I know when you are about to cum. But you may not,” he gave your ass a hard slap, “without permission.”
Your chest was heaving. “I’m sorry Master.”
Loki smoothed his hand over your ass, enjoying how the heated skin felt against his palm. He gripped your jaw, forcing you to look into his hard eyes. “You can’t control yourself, can you?”
You shook your head no, silently pleading with him.
“Such a greedy whore.” He threw you off his lap, angling you with the motion so you landed on your hands and knees, the bed soft beneath you.
You whimpered at the loss of him within you. You could hear his boots against the polished rock of the floor as he paced at the end of the bed.
Loki bit his thumb, smirking as he admired his prize. You looked deliciously enticing as you submitted to him in your position. He could just make out the gentle whimpers escaping your lips now and then as he paced. He wanted to make you wait, long enough that you’d beg. His cock twitched at the memory of the first time you did so, tears staining your cheeks from the hours of edging.
“Please,” your voice was barely a whisper.
He closed his eyes, grinning. You could barely bide a second without begging him to fill you. Such progress. He chose to keep silent, the only sound coming from him were the echoes of his footsteps. He waited for you to try again.
“Please, Master. Please use me, please fill me with your big cock. Please let me cum as you take your pleasure from my body.” You could feel your wet dripping down your thigh as your hips bucked backwards, your body taking over.
Stepping back to you, Loki smoothed a hand over the skin of your ass, spreading you slightly. “Good Pet. Let’s make sure you’re wet enough to handle me using you.” Bending, he spat against your heat, the saliva collecting against your already slick folds.
You felt your eyes roll back in your head at the sensation, at being treated like nothing more than a piece of meat to be used by your Master. Forcing yourself to keep still, you moaned as he rubbed the tip of his cock against your folds, driving every coherent thought from your brain.
After a few strokes up and down your heat, Loki thrust in, fully seating himself within you. He chuckled at your cry, and bent over you to grasp the back of your neck, pressing your face into the mattress while he rutted into you. After a few moments he pulled your head up slightly and you gasped for air. He angled your face to the side before pressing down once more, your breath in time with his thrusts.
He loved the way you felt around him. He’d known from the first time he’d fucked you that he wouldn’t give you up, at least not easily. You were astoundingly tight, no matter how many times, or from how many angles he took you. You’d only grow tighter as the blood flowed to that perfect little cunt.
He was pulled from his thoughts with your loud moans, the sounds of wet skin against skin filling the room.
“Master, I-“ you let out a strangled cry as he angled his hips up, and he smiled to himself as he kept hitting the spot within you, unrelenting.
You shuddered, the pleasure so close to being overwhelming. “Master-may-I-please-cum?” You shouted, your words stringing together.
“Hmm. You are being such a good little toy.” He felt your hips buck back against his and he smirked, enjoying the effect his words had on you. “Though I am curious to see how far I can push you…” He trailed off, enjoying your panicked whimpers.
“Albeit,” he leant to speak directly in your ear, “since you are such a needy whore I’ll let you cum in the next five seconds, or not at all.”
You swallowed hard, the tendons in your neck flexing against your Master’s fingers. “Yes Master, thank you-“
Your words were cut off when he thrust to angle himself just right, hitting your G-spot. Then his movements stilled and he held himself deep within you. You started to tremble, your heart racing.
You blinked, willing yourself to cum- you were so close. If only he’d just move against you, even an inch-
You knew he’d punish you if you touched yourself to cum, thinking back on the times he’d left you a whimpering mess, your cunt raw. You felt yourself twitch around him at the memory, the way he’d used you so completely, refusing to let you cum.
Though after he’d let you rest and recover, he came back to you. He tied you up, and quickly brought you to the brink of an orgasm, then pushed you into the depths of pleasure. You came so hard and so much you passed out. Your cunt was pulsing to the beat of your heart as you recalled the feeling, the words he’d whispered to you when you came for him.
You could remember him calling you a dirty slut- his dirty slut as you rode out your pleasure. And with that memory, and one final twitch of your cunt around his cock, you came. You screamed out for your Master, thanking him.
Loki’s eyebrows shot up when he felt you come undone around him, your dripping pussy gripping his length, as if you could possibly take him deeper while you screamed your thanks. His moment of surprise was quickly overtaken by pride at how far he’d pushed you and how he clearly owned you, mind, body and soul.
He bent back over you, moving his grip to your shoulders and he pulled you up, resting your back against his chest. You were boneless, your arms loosely against your sides as he firmly held you against him, his hands kneading your breasts as he pounded into you.
Your head was against his shoulder as he fucked you, your eyes dazed as you looked up at him. He really was beautiful, you thought as your eyes traced along his strong jaw, up to his dark brow. His usually cool eyes were dark as they took in your body. They fell to your face and he raised an eyebrow, a small smirk playing at his lips.
“It’s so cute how brainless you get when I use you, pet.”
You nodded, your mouth open to accommodate your quickened breath.
“You love it, don’t you? When I fuck you like the toy you are, only using you to make me cum?”
You nodded again, whimpering when he pinched your nipple.
“Such a good little whore for me,” he stuffed two fingers into your mouth, his thumb pressing up against your jaw. You swirled your tongue around his digits, eagerly suckling against them.
After a few thrusts Loki felt his balls twitch and he came, his cock as far within you as he could get it. He felt your walls fluttering around him as he spilled inside of you, feeling the combined fluids leaking out of you and onto him. You were twitching against him, your body rigid as you rode out your orgasm.
He pulled his fingers from your mouth and rested his lips against your head, taking a moment to inhale your scent deeply as he closed his eyes, the tension from earlier dissipating. Opening his eyes, he set his jaw and pushed you off of him, your body falling to the bed with a soft thud. He gripped your hip and flipped you over, your body weak from the pleasure he gave you. He could see a trail of his cum as it dripped out of you.
Your eyes were barely opened as you stared up at your Master, tiny waves of pleasure still hitting you.
Loki raised a hand, and twirled it to conjure ropes that slid up from each side of the bed, slithering around your wrists and ankles before tightening to hold you spread-eagled over the mattress.
You blinked up at him, a look of concern crossing your features.
“Oh pet,” he looked down at you with a condescending smirk. “You forgot to ask permission.”
You opened your mouth to respond but he turned and swiftly walked through the door. He closed it behind him, the lights flickering off to leave you in the dim purple light from the swirling mass of space and time outside the window.
You could hear his footsteps fade as he left you to consider the fault in your actions, and what he’d do to you when he returned.
End Note: Is this the darkest timeline? Probably not. Either way it's the truly fucking meanest I've written Loki yet (aside from maybe President Loki) and either way I'm sorry!!!!
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allystyles1 · 2 months ago
May I ask for a Loki x reader: Im going for a "the ugly duckling" or "Cinderella" view in this, Tony makes a bet to some of the guys to find a date for the evening gala that was on within a few hours- without leaving the Tower! Loki happens to bump into reader- she was the caretaker, the person nobody saw, heard or noticed. But Loki was pleased-at least he wasnt gonna loose the bet! Standing in the grand room awaiting his "date", he felt a timid tap on his arm and turns to see a shy beauty...
YES i love this! Also, this is officially my first request on tumblr so i'm very happy😁
i hope it turned out as you wanted it to, happy reading! i didn't mean this to be this long but here we are, there are probably many mistakes, feel free to correct me!
mini note: i think loki can create things, if he can't and i'm wrong, please pretend he can :)
date-Loki Laufeyson x reader
Tumblr media
"Okay so i have Pepper, Clint already has Laura. Does any one of you have a date?" Tony asked the boys. They were all sitting in the living room.
"Do we really need to have one?" Bucky asked, he was still shy to do the dating kind of stuff. He had a small crush on a girl but there was no way he would ask her.
"It would look nice but anyway, it's not like you could find one in a few hours."
"Is that a challenge Stark?" Loki smirked.
"Find one and i'll do anything you want for a day. If you can't, you'll do too." Tony suggested.
"Yup, anything." Tony thought he wouldn't accept it. He was wrong.
"Okay, deal." Loki got up.
"Oh by the way, you have to find someone from the tower." Tony smirked this time.
"You didn't say that before i agreed to do this." Loki was nervous now, he knew Natasha or Wanda would never do something like that.
"You were so confident, what happened?" Tony teased.
"I am, see you later." Loki lied easily and left the room. He went to find the girls to ask if there was a small chance they would agree to this. He was trying to think how to ask them and he didn't look at where he was going so he bumped into someone. She seemed like a caretaker, her clothes were a little dirty and hair was pulled into a messy ponytail. He had never seen her before, she was pretty even at that moment. He thought maybe he would be able to make her agree to come with him so he decided to ask her.
"I'm sorry, i wasn't looking where i was going." he apologised, the girl softly blushed and smiled.
"It's okay i wasn't careful, it's my fault. Sorry." she lifted the book that fell down when they bumped from the ground and fixed her clothes.
"Oh no, please don't say that Lady ..."
"y/n, you don't have to say lady." she smiled.
"Okay, y/n. Nice to meet you, Loki." he held out his hand and she shook it kindly.
"I'll go back to work, have a nice day." she smiled and turned around to leave but Loki stopped her.
"Could i ask you a favour?"
"Of course, what is it?" she was so kind and shy.
"Here's the thing, Tony and i made a bet that i would find a date for the gala tonight, someone from the tower. And since Natasha or Wanda would never agree, would you like to join me? I promised i would do anything for him for a day if i couldn't find a date and i really don't want to lose." She seemed surprised, of course she wasn't waiting something like that. She expected him to say clean the kitchen or something like that.
"Um, are you sure you would want me to come with you? I could tell to the other girls, i'm sure many of them would love to accompany you."
"And why would you do that?"
"Well first of all i don't have anything that nice to wear at a gala. And i'm not really the type to be comfortable around all the cameras and press." she gave him a weak smile.
"Well if the dress is your problem we could fix that easily. And for the press, i wouldn't leave a pretty lady like you alone, don't worry. If you don't want to come it's okay, just say it." She blushed at his compliment and nodded.
"Okay, i can manage for a few hours i suppose. How are we fixing the dress problem though?"
"Could you take me to your room?" Loki asked.
"Uh, yeah sure. This way." she leaded the way and they walked to her room together. She opened the door with her keycard when they came to her room.
"Please don't mind the mess, i couldn't find many time this week."
"It's nothing, i'm sure it's better than mine." he smiled and got in the room.
"Okay so, what would you like to wear?"
"What do you mean?"
"I mean your dress. How do you want it?"
"Anything that pleases you works." she smiled. Loki couldn't believe how kind she was. She first accepted his offer and now wanted him to choose her dress.
"Okay, i suppose you'd like this," he made a move with his hands and a dress appeared on her bed. It was dark green with golden stripes on the sides, not too long but not too short either.
"Wow, i uh, i love it. Thank you." she smiled. Loki really liked this girl, she was perfect.
"It's nothing, please keep it afterwards. I'll let you get dressed. Meet me in the grand room when you're finished?"
"Sure, okay. Thanks again." he smiled and left her room, memorizing the door number. He went back upstairs to his room to get dressed but ran into Tony on the way.
"Hey, you found your date yet?" Tony smirked, thinking he didn't.
"I did actually." Loki smiled and kept walking, leaving Tony surprised. He wore a fancy all-black suit with a dark green tie, matching her dress. He fixed his hair and went to the grand room to wait for her.
"What happened to your date?" Tony asked Loki. He really didn't think he found someone.
"I think she'll be here any minute." Loki answered and checked his watch. He thought maybe he would go check on her but his thoughts were cut off when he felt a timid tap on his arm. He turned around and saw y/n in the dress, her hair perfectly styled and with a little bit of makeup. She didn't even need it, he thought. She was absolutely gorgeous.
"Hi." she blushed.
"You look nice." she smiled. Loki held her hand making her gasp for a second.
"You look.." he paused for a second, thinking what to say. "like an absolute goddess." Her smile grew even wider making Loki chuckle.
"Thank you, for the compliment and the dress. It's really comfortable and beautiful. I, uh, never really wore something like this before so it's a nice first."
"It's not the dress why it looks this good, it's you." Loki complimented her again. She felt like she was going to die from happiness and shyness.
"Okay there's no way you found her in this tower. Tell me miss, did he enchant you to come with him in the market or something?" Tony asked.
"No, Mr. Stark, i work here." she smiled.
"Yeah, i'm y/n, Ms. Potts had hired me a few years back."
"We had you in this tower for years and this is the first time i'm seeing you? Wow." Tony smiled with a surprised face.
"Well it's nice to meet you, i hope we'll see you around more from now on." Tony shook her hand and turned around to leave them alone with Loki again.
"Stark?" Loki stopped him.
"I won."
"Yeah i realised that, i was leaving not to embarrass myself more." he smiled kept walking making her and Loki chuckle.
"Are you ready?"
"I'm glad i bumped into you, you are amazing." Loki smiled and held her hand tighter as they walked to the car to go to the gala.
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geekwritersworld · 23 days ago
Tumblr media
Pairing : Loki x Reader
Warnings: mentions of self harm, eating disorder, angst, body dysmorphia? Please don’t read if any of these are triggering
Summary: It takes one word to bring it all down
A/n: I know this ones shit, just had to rant and so this fic became that. I’ll probably delete it soon.
As always, thank you for reading❤
Slipping on the straps, you turned around, inspecting the back of the emerald knee length dress you slipped on. It was a party thrown by Tony, you and Loki were going to attend together. 
But a bigger reason you wore the dress was because not only you were heading to the party, but because the rise of the sun today marked 3 years since you began your journey to recovery from an eating disorder. 
It made your chest fill with pride and sadness when you thought about it, the pain that you inflicted upon yourself for years, the starving, the throwing up and the self-abuse you put yourself through, you managed to brave through all of it. 
And it made you tear up, 3 years ago you would’ve never thought you would be able to make it. But you did. There were relapses along the way, but through it all you got yourself up and carried on. You’re mother was the only one who knew of it, but she paid it no mind. She found it best to avoid the conversation.
You’re mother was going to be at this gathering, since she worked with SHIELD. Except you often questioned why? You didn’t understand Fury’s patience with her. She wasn’t a terrible person, your mother, but she wasn’t the most pleasant either.
“Darling, must we really attend this mundane event?” Loki rolled his eyes letting the door shut behind him as he entered your joined chambers.
“Unfortunately” You and Loki had been going out for a year, he was pleasantly surprised when he found out you were a witch, like Wanda, only in his opinion, more powerful, though you begged to differ.
You never did speak of your eating disorder, after all, what would the others think knowing a powerful witch like yourself, lay so weak behind closed doors? or so you thought. Loki didn’t know of it either. He had his suspicions, but you always managed to brush off his attempts of talking to you about it.
You smiled at yourself, your eyes softened as you recalled the nights you spent curled up, alone in the corner of your room, crying at your figure, sometimes you wondered if you’d even make any progress. But the thought was immediately pushed away, afraid of it going downhill, had the thought lingered any longer.
Snaking your arm around Loki’s, you walked out, Loki making sure to compliment your every move, only making you blush harder.
Stepping out of the elevator, Loki and your feet clicked against the marbled floor as you both walked into the party.
“Y/n!” Natasha smiled at you, handing you a drink.
She quickly got distracted, assuring you she’d be right back she slipped behind you, while Loki continuously whispered in your ear about how he wanted to leave.
“I really don’t understand why they think Thor’s anything great, I mean all he does is fly around in a cape” Loki rolled his eyes, leaning on the bar, while sipping his drink.
“You wear a cape too Loki” you chuckled
“Well at least mine doesn’t look ridiculous” he sneered.
Rolling your eyes this time, you sighed “Wonderful, there's my mother. I’ll be back Loki”
Before Loki could protest however, you’d slipped away, walking towards your mother through the crowds of people.
The music only got louder, the drunk continued to drink. Wanda and Vision made conversation amongst themselves on the couch, while Bucky and Sam bickered and Steve and Banner conversed. Tony was no where to be seen, however. 
“Hello mother” hugging your mother, you smiled.
“Y/n, how are you , you haven’t come to see me in a while” she leaned back, her eyes clearly scanning your every feature.
“We’ve been busy mum, with the missions” You shrugged your shoulders.
“That dress” she narrowed her eyes at you
“what about it” you looked confused.
“It’s ghastly, honestly Y/n , I thought you had better money sense” she shook her head
“Excuse me” you were taken back with her blunt remark, then again you should’ve been used to it.
“Well I’d think you’d spend your money on something that wasn’t so ghastly, but apparently I was mistaken” you knew it wasn’t the drinks, she didn’t drink much.
Although you couldn’t help but wish she was drunk right now, at least then it would be easier to console yourself.
“Well I liked it, I didn’t buy it based off of your opinions” you stated through gritted teeth.
“Well it doesn’t accent you very well, but alright”
Not saying a word further, shaking your head, you swiftly moved towards the elevators, not wanting to be around anyone.
Loki had slipped out of your mind, all you could think about was getting to your room before the tears fell. And so you slipped off your heels as the elevator closed, with shaking hands.
Running towards yours and Loki’s room, you threw the heels aside, slipping the dress off in a haste as though it was on fire, you stood bare in your undergarments. But you didn’t dare look in the mirror, afraid that anything good you ever saw in your figure was a delusion. Maybe you were delusional, thinking you could wear that dress infront of anyone. 
Meanwhile Loki furrowed his brows when he turned back around and saw his girlfriend was no longer with her mother. 
It wasn’t like you to leave him like that, you always went back for him and you left together.
He turned his head towards the elevator in time to catch a glimpse of you slipping your heels off.
Marching towards the elevators he pressed the button over and over, until it pinged and he shoved himself inside before the doors even fully opened.
Stabbing the buttons for his floor, he leaned back impatiently. Once the door opened up again, he was out and almost running towards their room.
Pushing the door open he was met with the sight of you shaking, clutching your pillow in bed.
“Y/n” his voice was so gentle to the point where Loki surprised himself with how gently he’d called your name.
He carefully walked towards you, brushing the hair out of your face. His heart dropped at the sight of your eyes swollen, and your short gasps for breath. He’d never seen you so vulnerable. You’d always looked so invincible during missions, with fire surging through your veins and rage in your eyes.
He was caught off guard at your shaking. Gently inching his soft fingers towards your wrist, he called your name once again.
“Darling please” You snapped your eyes open hearing him, looking at him for any wounds, thinking he was physically hurt with how low and broken he sounded.
“Please talk to me, tell me” he whispered, continuing to soothe your hair back.
“I don’t-”sobs wracked through you, your fingers curling around your pillow tighter.
“You don’t what”
“I don’t understand” You sniffed, wiping your eyes furiously.
“What do you not understand?”
“I don’t understand, am I always going to remain irrelevant? unimportant? am I always going to be nothing more than a weapon?”
“Darling you’re not a weapon, you’re so much more. And irrelevant? unimportant? who’s been telling you this rubbish?” he sounded infuriated now.
“You know what today is Loki?” You brushed off his question. You’d sat up now, pushing the covers off of you, rage filled your chest, where pride once made itself known.
“It’s not your birthday is it love?’ Loki genuinely panicked for a second
You almost smiled, “Today Lo, it was supposed to be 3 years since I last fucking starved myself, or tried to cut out my fucking flesh, its been 3 years since I last hit myself in the stomach, since I last tried coming up with a spell to make my flesh shrink, 3years since I last held a butter knife against the fire and then held it against my skin because i fucking hated it so much. 3 fucking years-” you sobbed “since I last went days without food, solely living off of water” Loki’s eyes widened “ 3 years since i last lived on the verge of passing out and working out while drinking nothing but water all day” 
“Y/n” he whispered, getting up and slipping off his clothes and pulling on his sweatpants that hung off the edge of the bed.
“And she just...ruined it, she ruined everything” you felt like throwing up with how hard you’d been crying. Quickly letting him know what she’d said.
“Y/n listen to me” his voice shaking.
Slipping into bed next to you, warmth surrounded the both of you, as you cried.
“Love, you need to listen to me” finally getting you to look at him, he continued “just because she’d your mother doesn’t mean what she’d said was right or true, it’s not. My darling one of the things I absolutely adore about you is the flawless way you carry yourself” he could feel your tears on his bare chest as he continued “ you’re not irrelevant or unimportant, if it wasn’t for you love, Peter would’ve died during the last mission, if it wasn’t for you I may have been trying to take over New York even now. I would’ve long forgotten kindness if it wasn’t for you. My darling, you are a vital part of my life, of the team, of all of our lives. Without you the avengers would fall apart. So would I.” 
“I don’t know Loki” you hesitate; the tears continued to spill.
“have I ever lied to you Y/n? despite what I’m known for?” 
“no” you whispered
“I know it’ll take you a little while to believe me, but I need not lie, when the truth is accurate enough, when the truth is enough” he whispered, kissing your forehead.
“Thank you Loki, I just think it’ll take a while for it to be alright”
“I’ll be right here, all along Darling”
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remuslupinsfatass · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
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handmaiden-of-mischief · a month ago
For Your Love
Hi! This one is inspired by the lyrics of the song For Your Love by Måneskin and it was requested by a very lovely anon 🥰 It might be the filthiest smut I've written so far and I'm proud of it 😁 I hope you enjoy it! - Love, Kiki 🖤
Requested: yes, here
Pairing: Loki x fem!reader
Summary: Loki wants you. Everything of you. And he’s more than willing to do everything you want him to if it earns him your love. Making you scream his name at the end of this funny little game of cat and mouse is only the cherry on top.
Word Count: 6 k
Warnings: SMUT (ONLY READ IF YOU’RE 18+ YEARS OLD!), public/semi-public sex, fingering, oral (f receiving), some dirty talk, biting (only a little bit), inappropriate use of telepathy
What to expect: smut, humor, bantering
For more Loki content, check out my masterlist 🥰
As always, likes, comments and reblogs are appreciated 🖤
Tumblr media
I wanna be the first man you look at tonight
Stark’s party was already in full swing. Strobe lights were flaring through the atrium of the new Avengers headquarters, a changing pattern of shades of blue and red and purple which painted the room and the dancing crowd in their dim colours, and beyond the huge glass façades, the orange glow of a distant city seeped into the black of the night sky.
Loki glanced down at the swarm of revellers, his elbows resting on the railing while his attentive gaze scanned the faces in the crowd below. Watching. Searching for you.
He hated himself for it, for the sheer inability to take his mind off you, to pry his every thought from the invisible grasp you held over his mind.
Loki remembered how it had started, months prior, when Thor had freed him from the confines of his Asgardian prison cell to assist the Avengers. From the first moment he’d laid eyes on you, Loki had been enchanted – by your smiles, the sound of your laughter when it bubbled up your throat, the dark humour the two of you shared and the witty remarks you challenged him with. These things were like the pieces of a mosaic on an Asgardian mural, coming together to form a beautiful picture, tile by tiny tile. A picture he couldn’t get out of his mind, no matter how hard he tried. Loki was under your spell and mercy.
You had bewitched him, had put him under a spell not even he would ever be able to break. And Loki didn’t want to break it, not exactly. No, what the trickster wanted was to have the same intoxicating effect on you as you had on him. You were the sweetest of poisons, seeping into his mind to cloud his every sense and catch him in the sticky web of this strange magic you were wielding over his heart and mind.
It was time, he thought with a vicious smirk, to repay the favour and tip the scale.
To creep into your mind and conquer your every waking and dreaming thought until Loki was like a beautifully haunting melody stuck in your head, the thoughts about him a siren’s song to lure you right into his arms and drown you with everything he could give to you, every ounce of pleasure he could bestow on you. To steal away your heart and ruin you for every other creature who could ever lay eyes on you.
I wanna be stuck in your head and make you go wild
Time to not only be yours but make you his in return.
And finally, his searching gaze found you, leaning against the bar in the crowded atrium downstairs in an outfit which revealed enough to make the blood in his veins sear with desire and still not revealing enough to render his imagination unnecessary. Loki allowed himself a sweet moment to let his eyes roam over your form, to take in the careless way with which you chatted with Romanoff who was busy mixing you a drink, it seemed, and the little smirk which kept playing on your crimson lips in reply to something the redheaded assassin had said.
Lips he wanted to feel against his, lips which he wanted to spill his name carried on a desperate plea.
I wanna drive you until the morning light
Just when he was about to push himself off the balustrade and stroll down the stone steps to weave his way through the dancing crowd of revellers and towards you, Loki stilled and his gaze locked on someone who’d approached you. A man who’d come to stand beside you, leaning himself against the top of the bar with one elbow as he gave you a smile and said something to you. Something which made you laugh.
I wanna leave you alone in the middle of the night
There it was. The beast which had slept in his chest was stirred awake at the sight of this stranger talking to you, making you laugh, to rake sharp talons across Loki’s heart while he watched. Loki’s fist around the balustrade’s metal tightened until his knuckles turned white.
I wanna be a good man and see you smile
He wanted to be the only man in the room to hold your attention. He wanted to be the one down there, making you laugh, making you give him that stunning smile. It was a smile Loki wanted to possess, more than he’d ever wanted to possess a throne.
And I wanna swim between your thighs
And he wanted you in his bed, squirming with pleasure beneath his touches. He wanted to hear the most blissful sounds tumbling from you, sounds only he would ever be able to summon from your lovely lips. He wanted to make you beg and plead for more, to cry out his name and tell him you were his. Forever his.
I wanna fuck you 'til you scream and cry
And he wanted to hold you afterwards, to feel your raging heartbeat calmimg against his skin and sleep conquer you while you were tugged safely in his arms.
I wanna hold you in my arms tonight
Loki wanted you. All of you. And it was time to finally get what he wanted.
You could feel the intensity of these mesmerizing emerald eyes resting on you as you leaned against the bar, restraining yourself from letting your gaze slip to the balcony above the atrium and meet this gaze, though it got harder with every passing second. Maybe you were going crazy, and Loki wasn’t up there, watching you.
“Hello there,” a voice drew you from your thoughts, and your mind snapped out of your racing thoughts, focusing on the man who’d come to lean beside you against the bar. If you had to take a guess, you’d say he was one of Tony’s friends from his times as a playboy, when scandalous party photos filling the tabloids had been the thing to associate him with rather than heroism. The guy was handsome. He wasn’t as handsome as the raven-haired trickster who already held your heart. No one would ever be.
“I would offer to buy you a drink, but they’re all for free anyway,” the guy began.
“That’s alright, I won’t drink tonight, anyway.” Better to keep your mind clear.
“Something else I can get you then?”, he asked, and the friendly smile turned suggestive while he leaned a little closer towards you.
Feeling the god’s burning gaze still on you, you faked a laugh as if the guy had told you something incredibly funny, watching how his eyes lit up for a few seconds as if he actually thought he’d made you laugh.
“You did me a favour, so thanks for that.” With a small wink, you pushed yourself off the bar counter and left the guy behind, waiting for the seeds you’d just sown to take root.
You didn’t have to wait long.
As you made your way through the dancing crowd, someone stepped into your way, and a pair of mischievously twinkling green eyes locked on yours.
“Loki”, you greeted, and couldn’t stop your heartrate from accelerating slightly as you took in the raven-haired trickster.
He had switched his usual Asgardian attire for a pair of black pants and a black dress shirt, the sleeves casually rolled up to his elbows, and you couldn’t help your gaze from straying over his exposed forearms. You’d never thought arms could be this…alluring. Blinking, your eyes snapped back to his face, careful to keep your own expression unreadable as you marvelled the sight of him.
The flaring red and purple lights painted streaks of colour onto his midnight black hair and shifting shadows over his pale features to highlight the sharp lines of his cheekbones.
Loki looked ethereal. Dazzling and regal, a dark prince so otherworldly and out of place in the midst of this mundane Midgardian party. No, he didn’t belong on this crammed dance floor with the smell of alcohol and sweat lacing the hot air. He belonged on a golden throne, into halls with painted roofs which were carried by golden pillars, a crown adorning his head with gemstones as sparkling as his eyes which were still firmly fixed on yours while the ghost of his usual smirk kept playing at the corners of his lips. Lips which looked incredibly soft and kissable. You were glad you were sober – else, you might have given voice to these more than inappropriate thoughts.
“You look ravishing, Lady Y/N,” Loki broke the stunned silence between the two of you, and his voice was as smooth as the softest black silk as he spoke to you, his tone low and still loud enough to drown out the thumping basses of the music which reverberated through the room and the sudden rush of blood in your ears.
“I’ll take the compliment, but I’m most certainly not a lady.”
“Is that a promise?” Loki quipped, and heat crept up your cheeks at the insinuation in his teasing tone.
“Will you turn every single word I speak tonight into a flirtation?”, you retorted with a raised eyebrow, making Loki snicker.
“You’ll have to spend the rest of the night with me to find out,” he winked in response.
Before you could muster a witty reply, the trickster extended his hand and asked, “May I have this dance?”
“I never thought you were a dancer,” you challenged with a playful tone, and the grin which flashed across Loki’s face at your words was nothing but wolfish.
“If you already contemplated my dancing skills, it makes me wonder what other skills you ascribed to me.”
“Humility surely isn’t one of them,” you deadpanned, which seemed to further delight him.
“Humility is such a boring trait, don’t you think? I’ll take your words as a compliment. Will I have to beg for you to dance with me – or, perhaps, duel another suitor first?”
“Do I detect a trace of jealousy in your demeanour, Loki?”
He chuckled, and a dangerous spark flashed in his eyes before he drawled, “Since the only person on this revel to be worthy of envy would be the one you decide to grace with your company for the night, you’re the one to answer this question. Is there a reason for me to be envious, or rather for others to envy me?”
Sly bastard, you thought, biting your lip to suppress the grin already tugging at the corners of your mouth. The bantering with him had always been so much fun, from the very first moment you’d met him. The question which kept you awake at night, though, was the intention behind Loki’s flirtations. Did he enjoy the banter as one might enjoy a game of chess? Was his interest in you a genuine one – or was it nothing but a pleasant pastime for the God of Mischief and Tricks, a game of cat and mouse he played for his own entertainment?
Loki was an enigma to you. You’d become skilled in keeping the god at an arm’s length, joining in this entertaining bantering without ever letting the mask of your poker face slip, without ever letting him get too close when he’d already gotten under your skin right from the start. The trick was to not let it show how he’d already wrapped you around his elegant fingers, and it was an act you’d perfected over the span of the last few months, if his own behaviour was any indication.
His hand was still extended, a silent question while he waited patiently for your answer.
“You know this isn’t a proper, fancy Asgardian ball, right?”, you teased with a playful smile of your own before you finally placed your hand in his, and your skin prickled like sparkling champagne at the contact while his elegant fingers closed around yours before he gently pulled you towards him. A surprised little gasp bubbled up your throat as Loki twirled you in a flourish so your spine was pressed flush against his chest, the side of his face nearly brushed against your cheek when he leaned closer to you and whispered, “I never intended to make it a…proper dance.”  
Loki’s dark voice seemed to reverberate through every single bone in your body, and the feeling of his breath, ghosting warm over the exposed skin in the crook of your neck while he spoke, made you shudder as he began to move his hips in time with the song’s rhythm, both hands slowly gliding down your sides to settle on your waist and guide your movements against him. You could feel your knees grow weak with his closeness, and despite the implication in his words and the hungry, dark gleam which had sparked in his eyes as he’d looked at you, his hands never strayed from their place on your waist. Oh, how you wished they would. You wanted to press closer against him, to feel his elegant hands explore every inch of your body while his beautiful dark voice kept whispering sweet nothings in your ears.
You shouldn’t want this, you tried to remind yourself. You’d been so careful to keep your distance from the trickster’s luring spell, his mischievous smirks and the intensity in his emerald gaze whenever it locked on yours, his wicked humour and the timbre of his voice like the darkest of lullabies, knowing all too well that if you let him cast his spell on you, you’d be caught in its strings like a butterfly in a spider’s web. Helpless.
You felt like little red riding hood. Always so careful not to stray from the path, to avoid the draw of the big bad wolf lurking at the side of the road, only to now find yourself getting lost in these dangerous dark woods of your own desire. And how easy it had been to draw the wolf out of his hiding place, to lure him to you. All it had taken was a little flirt with someone else.
What was the reason behind his possessiveness? Tonight, you intended to finally find out.
“We’re drawing a few stares,” you remarked, tilting your head a little to the side so Loki could hear your words over the loud basses of the music. He was so close that his long, dark lashes tickled your cheek as you did.
“Then let them stare”, Loki teased with a low chuckle, and his lips brushed against your temple, a touch so feather-light and yet singeing like the flame of a candle. You could feel the muscles in his upper body flex and coil against your back with his every slow dance move, and as you ground your hips into him, you could feel his grasp on your waist tighten slightly at the sensation, drawing a sly little smirk on your own lips.
“Do my dancing skills impress you already?”, Loki’s voice crooned, and you didn’t even need to turn your head to know he was mirroring your smile.
“Some people might call it public indecency rather than dancing,” you deadpanned, and he snickered.
“What do you want from me, Loki?”
“Isn’t it obvious?”, he purred into your ear. You pressed closer into him, letting the movements of your hips grow even more lascivious as you ground them against his in time with the pulse of the music, which was much calmer than your own.
“Nothing is ever obvious with you,” you quipped with a low tone, throwing your head back as your hands, which had settled over his, travelled slowly upwards over his exposed forearms.
“The question is, what do you want me to do, darling.” Loki’s voice was so low now that it was barely audible over the thrum of the music, and he angled his head so his lips nearly brushed the shell of your ear, his smooth midnight curls tickling the side of your neck. The combined sensation of his closeness and the offer in his carefully chosen words made heat spark in your core and arousal course through your bloodstream like the strongest of drinks, making you dizzy and stealing your self-restraint, and you arched your back a little at the feeling, marvelling at how perfectly your body fit against his.
For your love, I'll do whatever you want
“Tell me what you want me to do,” Loki repeated with a dark whisper, and your breath hitched in your throat.
“What I want depends entirely on what you’re able to give,” you hummed, careful to keep the strain from your voice, unsure if he would even hear your whispered words above the volume of the blaring music.
The low, dark chuckle from Loki’s lips told you he had, indeed, heard you, and it did nothing to quench the need for him which had begun to bloom in your belly like black flowers, consuming you from the inside, clouding your every rational thought with their sweet promise like the most addictive of poisons. Excitement rushed through you like liquid fire that made your knees weak with longing for him. You were too far gone already to pay any mind to the circumstances of the situation, the lack of privacy in the middle of this black-tiled dance floor. Too lost in these deep woods of desire which tangled around you like vines, happy for you to have finally given in to Loki’s lure.
I'll do whatever you want for your love
His lips brushed against the spot below your ear, lingering against your wildly beating pulse, while one of his hands left its place on your waist to roam upwards, and you sighed as his cool fingertips slowly traced the line of your collarbone before they settled lightly on your temple while he purred, “I could use my lips on your beautiful body to make you squirm with bliss. How would you like that? If I kissed you senseless, leaving my marks all over your soft skin?”
A surprised inhale was drawn from you as images began to flit through your mind like a swarm of moths around a flickering candle, images which most definitely weren’t your own thoughts. The feeling of Loki’s lips trailing greedy kisses down the column of your throat as you tilted your head to grant him better access, while his lashes fluttered against your skin, mingled with the images he spun in your mind, of his lips wandering over the slope of your breasts and his tongue flicking out to circle your hardened nipples and taste the sweat on your skin.
The sharp sting of his teeth as Loki sucked at the skin above your pulse drew you back to reality, and you squirmed at the sensation of his hot tongue caressing the sensitive spot below your ear. There would be a bruise blooming beneath your skin. The whimper which tore from you was one of pleasure rather than pain, a silent command for him to continue attacking your neck with his bruising kisses, and Loki was more than eager to comply.
Beyond your half-closed eyes, the room with the flickering lights slid back into focus, leaving your mind reeling and senses dizzy, heightened to nothing but Loki’s touches, a veil between you and the rest of the world. A low groan escaped your lips as you pressed your back flush against him, grinding your hips in time with the music, feeling his clothed erection press against your lower back.
“Is this what you want, darling?”, he cooed against the hammering pulse below your ear, letting his teeth scrape over the sensitive skin ever so slightly, and it took all of your self-control not to cry out with the blissful sensation of it.
Instead, you challenged breathlessly, “Only your lips?”
“They seemed to suffice just perfectly to coax these lovely little noises from you.”
You could feel the heat of his body radiating through the black fabric of his dress shirt as your back, bare except for the straps holding the flimsy top in place, pressed even firmer against his chest while you continued your grinding dancing movements, languidly rolling your hips against him with the song’s steady slow rhythm, careful to brush against the bulge in his pants. A smirk ghosted over your features upon feeling the impact you had on him, feeling yourself getting wetter by the second, arousal seeping out of your throbbing core to soak your panties, and you breathed, “If you want to sway me, you’ll have to use more than just your lips. Aren’t you curious what other sounds you could steal from me?”
Your words showed the intended effect, spurring Loki on further.
“You seem to be eager yourself to find out,” he chuckled, and let his hand, which had been grasping your waist to guide your dancing movements against him, roam over your stomach and further downwards until it came to rest just below the hem of your skirt, his fingertips drawing suggestive little circles over the bare skin on the side of your thigh, and you shivered anew with the sensation of it. The craving for his fingers to travel higher, to the aching spot at the apex of your thighs, was overwhelming, overpowering your every rational thought like storm clouds obscuring the sunlight.
You knew you were in public, that there were people dancing around you… But the thrill of what you were finally allowing Loki to do, the need for him, overpowered the fear of getting caught, the threat of wandering eyes watching the two of you even in the dim, colourful lights which obscured the view with their stroboscope flickers.
It was simply too deliciously good to stop Loki’s wandering hands. You didn’t want to stop him. You wanted him to go on with whatever he was doing to you, to send your mind spinning like a carousel and your pulse spike with every touch of his fingers, every brush of his lips, every sweet whisper his silver tongue could spin for you. You wanted him, and you wanted him to make you his in every way possible.
His fingers still kept toying with the hem of your skirt, the little patterns he drew on your thigh with his index finger a disguised promise with which he kept teasing you.
“Is this all you’ve got?”, you taunted, and this time, you couldn’t conceal the strain of arousal which was laced into your voice.
“So needy for my touch,” Loki murmured, “I wonder how many times you’ve imagined me doing these things to you. How many times you’ve touched yourself, wishing it were my hands. Is that why you’re so desperate for me now?”
Countless times.
“If I’m still so needy despite everything you’re doing, one might think you’re doing something wrong”, you panted your retort.
“Is it wrong to want to worship you instead of having my quick way with you?”
“Why can’t you do both?”
Loki’s dark laugh seemed to reverberate through your own ribcage as his hand briefly left your temple to brush a stray strand of hair from your cheek, and whispered against the side of your throat, voice laced with mock-innocence, “What else could you want, darling?”
You bit your lip to suppress a low moan as you felt Loki’s hand slip beneath the hem of your skirt, hiking the fabric up as he continued the trace of teasing patterns up the inside of your thigh, drawing closer to the soaked spot on your panties inch by torturous inch as your skin seemed to burn with every contact of his fingertips. “Tell me what you want,” Loki purred into your ear.
“Your hands,” you groaned, leaning your head back as he continued to place slow, lingering kisses to the side of your throat, his tongue darting out to trace the trail of his kisses. Every rational thought which had been left in the lust-addled haze of your mind was chased away by a new series of images, clear as day, memories to be made which flooded your mind. Images of Loki hovering above you, midnight hair tousled as your fingers threaded through the smooth strands while his own hands roamed the sides of your body, as if he were trying to memorize every inch of your skin, to cover you in his fingerprints like the beautiful pattern of an invisible tattoo as they wandered down, over the curve of your waist before they grabbed your butt and pulled you closer to him.
“What would you like me to do with my hands?”, he urged you, the feline smirk on his lips telling you how much he relished the feeling of you, writhing and desperate for him. The lines between reality and illusion blurred in your mind as you let yourself drown in the sensations.
“Touch me,” you commanded, voice weak and breaking with want. “I need you to touch me.”
The images dissipated with the sensation of Loki’s fingertips slowly pushing aside the soaked fabric of your panties.
“So wet for me already,” he purred against the heated skin of your neck, cool fingers gliding along the heat of your core, deliberately avoiding the spot where you needed him most, and you groaned in frustration. “Tell me what else you want me to do with my hands, darling.” His voice was hoarse, barely audible over the music, as he continued, “Should I make you moan?”
His fingertips brushed over the swollen bundle of nerves, a touch too feather-light, and you desperately bucked your hips against his hand to gain more friction while a strangled moan tore from your lips.
“Or should I make you scream?”, he contemplated softly. Another moan, louder than the first, tumbled from your parted lips at the sensation of his cool fingertips finally caressing the throbbing spot between your legs, and he began to draw lazy, teasing circles over your clit, careful to keep his hand hidden beneath the fabric of your skirt. Pleasure barrelled through you with a force that left you gasping, coiling in your lower belly like a greedy beast which roared in hunger. You rolled your hips in response to meet the languid touches of Loki’s fingertips, grinding harder into him in the process, and the sweet sound of his own low groan against the crook of your neck as you brushed over his erection nearly made your legs give in.
“What do you want from me, Loki?”, you moaned, echoing your earlier question, before you threw your head back at a new icy wave of pleasure knocking the wind from your lungs as his fingertips danced over your soaked heat.
“I want you,” he breathed, “In case you haven’t noticed by now.”
“Me? My love, or my body?”
“Why do I have to decide?”, Loki drawled his reply, “Why can’t I have both?”
“You’re a greedy god,” you whispered, and your voice broke into another low moan at the sensation of his thumb flicking over your clit, your hips snapping against his hand.
So, baby, why don't you please me now?
“I am,” Loki hummed in agreement, before his voice turned dark once more, taking on an urgent tone, “And I want you to be mine. Your body, your heart, your soul. All of you. I want you to scream my name and tell me you’re mine just as I am yours. So, tell me what I have to do to make you mine. Tell me what I have to do for your love, darling.”
The dark timbre of his voice, paired with the languid teasing movements of his fingers sent you into a sweet delirium of nothing but the craving of more of him. Your eyes fell shut again as you kept savouring the sweet bliss he gave you while your hips moved in sync with his fingers, gyrating against them as if the two of you were still dancing, and the music, the party around the two of you, everything blurred into white noise.
“I need more of you.”
I've got so much I can give to you
“I could get on my knees for you, darling,” Loki rasped.
The pleasure that was cascading through your body with every move of his fingertips, every languid thrust of your hips against the pads of his fingers drove you wild, but it still wasn’t enough. Not even close. You missed him so terribly between your thighs, your velvet walls clenching around nothing.
“Would you like that, me on my knees for you?”, he drawled.
“I thought kings would never kneel.”
“Only for their queen.”
There was the cool touch of fingertips brushing against your temple once more, and a new onslaught of images invaded your hazy mind – a heavenly sight of the raven-haired trickster sinking to his knees between your spread legs, glancing up at you with a rascal smirk and a devilish glitter in his emerald eyes which were firmly fixed on yours, before he buried his handsome face between your thighs and his hot tongue flicked over that bundle of nerves to draw a cry from your parted lips, only for the intriguing image to dissolve once again and realization to hit you that you had, indeed, cried out.
For a few heartbeats, your panicked gaze skittered over the dancing crowd to see if anybody had noticed what the two of you were doing, the trickster’s hand beneath the fabric of your skirt which had ridden up dangerously high, but Loki’s soothing voice whispered, “Nobody but me will hear you over the music. Don’t hold back. Let me hear this lovely melody once more.”
So tell me what you want
With these words, he eased a finger inside you, then a second one, stretching you, and your moans were growing louder and louder as he started pumping them with a steady rhythm matching the movements of your hips as you ground them against him while his thumb continued stroking your clit, and you let yourself sink into the sensation of white-hot pleasure, the throbbing tension building in your core with every stroke and every thrust of his fingers inside of you. Your own hands shot up to tangle in his hair and pull him closer while he attacked your neck with open-mouthed kisses, and his free hand abandoned its place on your temple to settle on your waist once more and guide your movements, stabilizing you as you sunk further into his embrace.
And I'll give you what you want, baby
“You have no idea what you’re doing to me,” Loki growled into your ear, and his voice was dark and raspy, his breaths against your skin as laboured as your own, and another wanton moan tumbled from your lips as he curled his fingers inside of you, hitting that sweet spot deep in your velvet walls, sending rippling shockwaves along your nerves, and your head rolled back against him as your back arched with the force of the sensation.
“How beautiful you look, fucking my fingers like that. Is this what you want, darling?”
“Yes,” you moaned, rutting your hips against his fingers to chase the blissful currents of pleasure he was bestowing on you, not caring if your moans grew too loud to be drowned out by the blaring music, “Don’t stop. Please don’t stop.”
“I won’t. I’m not done with you yet,” Loki crooned, and stars sparked in your vision as his pace quickened, every stroke of his thumb, every thrust of his fingers in your soaked walls intensified the tension that was building in your core as you chased your relief. His teeth sunk into the sensitive skin at the top of your shoulder, and the pleasant pain which shot through you mingled with the burning pleasure singeing your core with every move of him, every roll of your hips pushing his fingers deeper. It cost so much strength not to cry out his name in the throes of your lust-filled state, and you bit down on your lips – hard – from doing exactly this. You could feel his erection pressing against your lower back and imagined what else he would be able to do to you, all the ways he could ruin you.
“I want you to be mine,” Loki whispered hoarsely, “I want it to be my name my name falling from your lips when you laugh, and my name to call out for when you’re in need of help. And I want it to be my name you cry out when you come undone.”
Another curl of his fingertips inside of you, paired with the meaning of these sweet words he kept whispering to you, pushed you over the edge.
His name tumbled from your lips in a shattered cry as your orgasm swept over you, the white-hot bliss of your climax lighting up your vision into blinding white stars as your legs buckled with the intensity of it. The grip of your hands in his soft hair tightened, finding purchase to stabilize you while you rode out your high on his fingers, your head thrown back against his shoulder with the, and his praises for you tangled with your moans as you came on his fingers. Your own breathless gasps were in sync with his heavy breaths against your sweat-soaked skin, and you could feel him grin against the imprint of his teeth at the side of your throat as he helped you ride out the last waves of your orgasm.
“This was something else,” you hummed with a breathless grin as Loki’s hands settled on your waist to turn you around.
“Is this all you have to say?”, Loki asked with his eyebrows raised, and even in the dim lights you could see his pupils were dilated, his eyes nearly black with his arousal, and the rasp in his voice was unmistakeable. “After I poured out my heart to you?”
“You know, that was a solid start.” You gave him a mischievous little wink, and watched as Loki’s smile morphed into an expression of incredulity before his devilish grin flashed anew.
“What else do you want me to do, then, darling?”
“What are you willing to do?”
“For your love? Everything you ask.” Loki had drawled the words, but you could feel their sincerity in the fire burning in his gaze, and it made you weak all over again. Everything you ask. He meant it. He really wanted you, in every way.
“Well, then first of all you should turn all these things you’ve just shown me into reality. Prove that you keep your promises.”
Your hands settled over his, and you gently pried them away from your waist, never breaking eye contact.
“And then,” you continued, leaning closer to him, tilting your chin up so your lips hovered above the corner of his mouth, your breath mingling with his as tension sizzled through the air between the two of you, you murmured, “When you’ve made all these things happen you’ve so generously shown to me…You can start courting me. Because if you want my love, you’ll have to earn it, my king.”
With these words, you pulled away to stroll through the crowds and towards the stairs, still on wobbly legs, knowing all too well that this night was far from over, that Loki was following you already. You could feel his emerald gaze burning at your back with the intensity of a sun as he let you lure him away from the party.
No, it had only just begun, you thought with a devious smile of your own.
Loki didn’t know that your heart and soul already belonged to him, that he already had your love. But he might as well earn it all over again. It was certainly more fun like this.
'Cause, baby, for your love, I'll do whatever you want
Loki taglist (let me know if you’d like to be added): @boneheadduluc​ @spiderhostia​ @a-midwinter-night-dream-86​ @zemosimp05​ @justfangirlthingies​ @cazzyimagines​ @rumblelibrary​ @victias​ @justanothertruebeliver @chiptaylormybeloved @vverliebt​ @madhatter2727​ @a-simp-recommends-fics​ @morphoportis​ @superavengerpotter​ @savvywords​ @thatoneleoslytherin​ @clockblobber​ @jhawk608​ @kingtwhiddleston​ @spooksgalore69​ @paetonnn​ @chaosbringer566​ @jesuisbenny​ @idkimjusthere23​ @dirtytissuebox​ @sarahpaq08​ @janetsnakehole02​ @swimgirl5665​ @wojciechovsk​ @flawed---by---design​ @the-maroon-panda​ @charistory​ @lokiperfection​ @jen-w​ @i-l-y-3000​ @spicy-acocado @fallinallinmendes​ @awkward-and-indecisive​ @whiskeywinter89​ @cringingmemeries​ @osugahunnyicedtea​ @dead-mitochondria @littleone65 @glee-ghost​ @theaudacitytowrite​ @marchingicenotes7​ @palepurserebelcloud @glacial-snowflakes​ @variant59​ @lokistoriesblog​ @classicmarvelavenue​
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svftiesniper · 14 days ago
Tom Hiddleston Roommate Headcanons
summary: being roommates with the famous British actor, Tom Hiddleston [pandemic edition] pairing: tom hiddleston x gender neutral reader warning: fluff word count: 719
Tumblr media
a/n: we’re still online schooling here and I love it ✭ . • 。 . • ° ✭ • . • 。 . • °
him disallowing you to go out if it’s unnecessary and buying all of your daily supplies every time he goes out which is like, once in two weeks-
you begging him to let you walk Bobby fOr tHis oNe tiME
you just wanted to have a walk outdoors and some fresh air to be honest
but of course you love Bobby too, HOW COULD YOU NOT
y/n: I’m Bobby’s mom. *snuggles Bobby and kisses his head* Tom: y/n-  y/n: *covers ears* I KNOW YOURE HIS DAD AND YES, I’M STILL HIS MOM, END OF THE DISCUSSION. Tom: *laughs*
he’d obviously say no to your request unless the covid cases had decreased to a more stable and less risky amount
he’s that one parent friend who speaks like your dad 1000/10
except he has a great sense of humour
and he could actually give you a lecture without making it sound like a lecture (does this even makes sense-)
one thing, he has this really strict sleeping schedule where the lights would be off at 12am and you should be in bed by then
there was this one time where he caught you staying up till 4am because you thought he was joking when he said that he wanted you to be asleep by midnight
he just wants you to have a healthy sleeping schedule and to not stay up way too late (unless you have sleeping disorders which he’d understand)
therapist friend who gives off the best life advices and supportive af
he’s also very respectful which makes you trust him even more 
but he never goes out with you like NEVER and you understand why
he just doesn’t want to have both of your pictures taken by the paparazzi which they would most probably use to spread rumours
y/n: OH and by the way, I met some of your fans today while walking Bobby at the park. They actually recognized Bobby- Tom: Did you get into trouble? y/n: No, I lied that I bought the exact same dog that looks exactly like Bobby and named him Bobby too because I’m obsessed. 
him reminding you to wear your mask properly, bring your hand sanitizer along and to follow the physical distancing rules whenever you leave the house
you online shopping some of your daily needs and secretly shopping shirts for him since his are getting old and he refuses to buy any
he would literally wear one shirt for years until it tears apart
and of course, some snacks and new toys for Bobby :D
y/n: Which colour do you think would suit me better? *undecisive as always* Tom: *proceeds to give you the best fashion advice*
you’d order food delivery for lunch or just instant noodles, which is quite seldom since he thinks it’s unhealthy
him asking you about technical problems and Internet slangs
you sending him Loki memes in the middle of the night so that he’ll wake up being blessed by his own memes
you’d definitely send or show him fan-made edits of Loki, any of his roles or him, the man himself you’d stumble upon while scrolling through your homepage or explore
you keeping him updated with super random news about celebrities and the entire Loki fandom ;)
and as in return, he’ll make sure that breakfast is ready by the time you wake up
let’s be real, he would still make you breakfast even though you did pretty much nothing
okay, very off topic but you have a whole album in your phone gallery for this man, and only this man
it has like thousands of really random pictures of him and selfies of the both of you you took during quarantine
yOu jUst wAnTed tO gEt oNe uGLy piCtuRe oF hiM
you’ve got a few, but not much
and no you would never show them to any of your friends or upload them to the Internet
in addition, you've already set a password for your gallery just in case anyone tries to enter it without your permission
you having an actor as your roommate is a secret, after all
literally no one else knows about it, this whole roommate situation stays between the both of you
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kaleidescope-writes · 5 months ago
Hi!! Love your recent Loki one shot💚 I’ve been listening to Tom Hiddleston reading kshsjsb so i thought about one NSFW in which female reader normally falls asleep to him reading but one night she can’t sleep because she’s turned on by his voice, so she starts thigh riding him and he keeps reading while he guides her hips then he just dirty talks? 😳 thank you💚-A
Oh Yes!! Thank you so much for requesting this wonderful idea!! Sorry for the wait, I hope you can accept it now!😘💜💜💜 Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy!!
Please be mindful, this is NOT INTENDED FOR MINORS. Reader discretion advised and heavily recommended. 
Tom Hiddleston x Female!Reader
WARNING: Smut, PURE SMUT, voice kink I guess, reading kink, cursing, Thigh riding, Implied continuation, teasing Tom, Tom in general, fluff-ish in the beginning.
For reference, the book Tom is reading is called In Search of Lost Time by Marcel Proust. I tried to find something I could imagine him reading and this was the one I could imagine his voice with the most. I know there’s audio of him reading, I don’t know if he’s read this one. Please let me know if he has!
Tumblr media
This was part of your nightly routine now. It started when you’d first moved in to live with Tom and it happened completely by accident. The two of you were just cuddling on the couch as To read one of his favorite books for you and his soothing voice made you slowly drift into a peaceful sleep. Now, it was almost your melatonin. You needed to hear the sound of his voice reading to you if you wanted to get a full night’s rest. On occasions where he wasn’t home, he’d call you and read to you over the phone. Tom knew how much you needed to hear his voice at night. Frankly, he had no problem reading to you. He actually saw it as quality time with his beloved. A way to spend time with you. Time he reserved only for you. 
That’s what brought you here now. You curled into Tom’s side as he held the book with one hand and held you close with the other. Your legs were tangled to the point where his thigh was between yours. Your head rested on his shoulder and your hand was on his chest. His deep, soothing voice was the only sound in the room. Everything was as was every night. Except for one thing. 
You weren’t tired. 
You were craving. 
You didn’t want to interrupt his reading. He seemed so impassioned and in the moment that you didn’t want to stop him. That’s actually part of the reason you were so turned on. Thinking of what to do, you hadn't noticed your hips instinctively moving against his thigh. The feeling of your thinly clothed heat rubbing against his clothed thigh made you whimper softly. That’s when you noticed what you were doing and silently begged he didn’t notice your whimper. But he did. 
Stopping suddenly, he turned to you with concern lacing his features. “Darling,” he whispered softly, “Are you alright?” You nodded, not wanting to meet his eyes. It’s then he paid attention to the friction on his thigh. Tom instantly caught on to what you were feeling and closed the book. “Would you like me to stop?” he asked, his voice becoming deeper. 
“Please,” you whispered, “Don’t stop. Keep reading to me.” Tom said nothing in return, only chuckling as he opened the book and continued where he’d stopped. “We believe that we can change the things around us in accordance with our desires,” he read softly as his grip on your waist tightened, “—we believe it because otherwise we can see no favourable outcome. We do not think of the outcome which generally comes to pass and is also favourable:” You whimpered louder as you pressed further into his thigh, every word causing the feeling in your abdomen to increase. 
“we do not succeed in changing things in accordance with our desires, but gradually our desires change.” Tom’s hand moved down to your ass, gripping it as he guided you to move faster on his thigh. You gasped at this, feeling more pressure on your clit as he pulled you into him as much as he could while increasing his grip on you. Your breath quickened and you instinctively went to grip his shirt, only now remembering he slept shirtless. “The situation that we hoped to change because it was intolerable becomes unimportant to us.” Tom continued, his voice thickening as he felt your warm slick starting to soil his boxers. “Tom,” you moaned, as you felt your climax approach quickly. You tried to keep up with the pace he set, but it was too much to focus on. 
“Baby, I’m close,” you whimpered, causing him to growl slightly. “We have failed to surmount the obstacle, as we were absolutely determined to do,” he pulled you into him faster, separating your legs a bit more to create more friction on your core. The sudden change caused you to wrap your arm around his neck as you continuously moaned into his chest. “but life has taken us round it, led us beyond it, and then if we turn round to gaze into the distance of the past,” he continued to rub you against his thigh, fully intent on giving you the release you begged him for. Every word he spoke, every movement he made brought you closer to the edge. You needed one final push to send you to your peak and Tom knew exactly how to get you there. 
He turned his head to face you, lips caressing your ear as he growled the final words, “we can barely see it, so imperceptible has it become.” You called out his name as you came, becoming breathless as your core pulsed and your cum soaked through your panties and his boxers. You tried to catch your breath as Tom placed the book on the nightstand and moved your face up to look at him. He kissed you with as much passion as he was reading to you with, taking advantage of how breathless you were. After riding his thigh like that, his lips tasted even more heavenly than usual. You let him pull away after a moment, looking into his deep blue eyes as he laid you down fully on the mattress. 
Climbing on top of you, he began to kiss your neck causing you to grip his hair. Pulling away, he looked down to you with a smirk before he spoke, “I hope you’re not tired yet, plan to please you much more than that.”
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Full passage:
“We believe that we can change the things around us in accordance with our desires—we believe it because otherwise we can see no favourable outcome. We do not think of the outcome which generally comes to pass and is also favourable: we do not succeed in changing things in accordance with our desires, but gradually our desires change. The situation that we hoped to change because it was intolerable becomes unimportant to us. We have failed to surmount the obstacle, as we were absolutely determined to do, but life has taken us round it, led us beyond it, and then if we turn round to gaze into the distance of the past, we can barely see it, so imperceptible has it become.” – Marcel Proust, In Search of Lost Time
Thank you so much for requesting this, I really enjoyed writing it. I really hope I did this well, as this is my first time writing full smut. Feedback is appreciated and encouraged, I’d like to know how to improve my writing in this genre. Anyway, I hope you like it, thanks so much for your patience, and if you wanna request or ask something else, please feel free to do so!!
I love you, stay safe, stay proud, be careful, have a great Spring, and I hope all is well in your small corner of the world!! 😘💖💖💖💖💖💖💜💜💜
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