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#tom hiddleston smut
clandestineloki · 2 days ago
could you write about when loki finds out his wife is super quiet when she comes? like it's really intense for her and he just admires how she reacts? it's horny for extremely specific situation hours tonight babe
babyy this is sO CUTE-- also im so sorry this took such a long time life is a biatch </3
tw: smut, soft dom loki but he's a meanie </3 , shy reader, dacryphilia, fingering, praise kink, smidge of corruption kink
you weakly grip onto his arm as he curls his fingers inside you, hitting a spot that has your legs twitching.
it does little to nothing to stop him from doing it again, and he chuckles as your hips stutter.
"what's the matter?" he chuckles, gripping your thigh. "you like that a bit too much, sweet?"
"i- um..."
he resumes his ministrations, humming teasingly as you shiver, your breaths leaving you in whiny gasps.
"come on, little fawn," he clicks his tongue, thumb tapping relentlessly at your sensitive bud. "i know you can take a bit more."
you whimper, pulling a pillow to your face, fists cutely curled up as you muffle your own noises with it.
loki chuckles, pulling his fingers out slowly, watching with brazen eyes as your slick drips onto the sheets.
just how pretty can his little fawn get?
as if in reply, when he shoves his digits back in, your legs jerk uncontrollably, your poor poor little cunt clenches down on him, and the quietest whine tickles his ears like a feather.
at first he's not even sure if anything could make a sound so hushed yet so heavenly, so he curls his fingers again. and just like that, it happens again, only it's now struck him that it's from you.
you sound pathetic. you sound so fucking ethereal.
before loki can even think, he claws at the cursed pillow that's depriving him of your sweet noises and throws it god knows where. your eyes widen, but he pays no mind to your sudden shock as he lifts your legs up over his shoulders.
loki looks down at you with the most feral yet determined look in his eyes. he grins slowly, and you realize why as you feel something much bigger press up against your dripping entrance.
"l-loki?" you whimper. "please--"
he doesn't mean it when he sinks into you in one swift movement. he really doesn't.
but all regret vanishes when he hears the way you whimper so brokenly.
he wants to be guilty, but how can he when you're making sounds other men only hear in their dreams?
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youlightmeupfinn · 2 days ago
Hands to Yourself 》 Tom Hiddleston x Reader (18+)
Tumblr media
request: Hmmmm can I please have Smut 7 with Tommy Boy and Smut 11 with Mischief? I feel like I am placing the greatest fast food order in history!! 😉😏 Love you!! ❤ (immersed-in-mischief)
a/n: GIRLLLL, you got me with this one SO BAD!!! i cannot WAIT to write the Loki one!! i love you too!!!
summary: You're trying to peacefully wrap gifts by the tree, but handsy Tom has another idea.
warnings: smut; fingering, penetration, daddy kink
Prompt #7 smut: “Stop trying to fuck me! I am wrapping presents!”
Christmas Prompt List
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Christmas / Holiday masterlist
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Nestled on the living room floor with a cup of hot chocolate to one side, Bobby curled up on the other, you had all of your supplies scattered around you. The holographic wrapping paper, tape, scissors, not to mention your holiday playlist blaring from your phone. A Christmas movie was on the television in front of you, your head bobbing back and forth.
As the scissors glide through the paper, you were finishing up wrapping Sophia and Gabe’s gifts. Tom couldn’t keep up with you on wrapping. He tried to sit there and wrap with you, but it turned into you making fun of his attempts and him ultimately supplying you with a back rub when it became sore from your spot on the floor.
The front door to the house opened, Tom’s voice trailing through. He went to Diana’s to drop the kids off for the night. You tried to convince her that she didn’t need to keep Gabe, as you knew with him being a newborn, it would still be tiresome. But she was adamant she wanted both of her son’s children with her for the night.
Her exact words to you were, “You and Tom need some time to yourselves… Enjoy it! Never turn down a grandmother’s request.” and it wasn’t long before Gabe was bundled in his carseat and Sophia had her jacket wrapped around her that Tom whisked both children to his mother.
“Hi, beautiful…” Tom sang out to you. You grinned to yourself, taping up the edges of the box.
“Hi, gorgeous.” You said back to him with a wink.
Bobby remained planted at your side, his brown eyes drifting over to Tom. He was comfortable in his spot beside you. He knelt down behind your back, his hands roaming across your shoulders. A soft moan erupted from your lips when he pressed his long fingers into the knot on your shoulder.
“Yes, right there,” You hissed, leaning your body back against Tom’s chest. He smirked and you were thoroughly enjoying the backrub until you felt his hands slip a touch lower. They moved to cup your breasts and that’s when you pushed yourself off of him with a heavy sigh. “Stop trying to fuck me! I am wrapping presents!” You breathed out and reached for the supplies, earning a laugh from your husband.
“I could make you finish…” Tom whispered into your ear, his body moving to press against yours again. He stretched his legs out and pulled your back against him. Now that you were nestled in between his thighs, he wrapped an arm around your shoulder to anchor you to him.
“Tommy!” You whined. “The presents!”
“Can wait. Are you really going to deny me, sweet girl? My mom has the kids for a reason…” He reasoned with you, causing your insides to churn. In one hand you had the tape, the other a pretty red bow to attach to the top of Sophia’s gift. Pushing the breath out from between your lips, you felt when Tom reached his hands below and started to toy with the hem of your sweatpants.
Given the material was elastic in the waistband, it gave your dear husband the perfect opportunity to sneak his hands down. You shuddered when he gently grazed over your cunt which had already started to develop wetness. Tom could feel you trying to push away from him, but with his lips trained in your ear, it was hard to think coherent thoughts.
“Relax, baby girl… Let daddy take care of you.” He nibbled at your earlobe, causing your eyes to squeeze shut. You were a literal mess in his hands when he threw that one specific word out. Your hands gripped the tops of his thighs while he continued to ease you into a trance.
“Spread your legs, pretty girl,” He cooed. Without a second thought, you dropped the tape dispenser and bow, your legs falling open naturally. Tom grinned behind you, pleased that you were eager to give him more space to work with. His hand reached to cup your mound that was warm, making him bite his lip.
Teasing you through your underwear, he pressed his fingers gently to your clit and rubbed in an agonizing circle. You lurched backward, a hiss falling from your lips. “Oh, Tom,” You muttered and he wasn’t even touching you directly yet. He laughed sweetly against your ear, his fingers toying with your slit as he moved them up and down.
“So wet for me, sweetheart. You wanted this, yeah?” He prodded you gently. You nodded, but that wasn’t enough. “Words, baby.”
“Y-Yes,” You stammered. “Need you,”
Tom rubbed your shoulder with his hand that was still wrapped around you. “Good girl.” He whispered. “Lift those pretty hips,” He said next. You quickly hoisted them into the air and that’s when Tom pushed the fabric down your legs, your underwear rushing along with it. You were completely exposed to the openness of the air, the slight wind forming from his movements causing you to hiss. He chuckled against your ear and removed his arm from around your shoulder.
Taking both of his hands, he massaged your legs, beginning at your calves. As he brushed upwards, he soon diverted to your inner thighs where his large hands gripped the skin. “It’s crazy to think… This body? Had both of my babies.” Tom smiled, his hand moving back to cup your sopping heat. “And it’s all mine.”
You smiled breathlessly, trying to grind your hips into his hand. “Please stop teasing me!” You yelled, gripping his legs. Tom laughed and used a hand to remove his shirt, soon followed by yours. You were left in nothing but your lace bra and it felt so nice to have your back pressed against your husband’s bare chest.
Tom used his fingers to tease your slit. He pushed them only a centimeter inside before removing them. It was just enough for him to gather up the wetness to add to your clit. The throbbing bud was given a rotation with his middle finger, causing you to groan.
“Feel good, baby girl?” Tom asked you.
“Y-Yes,” You pant.
Tom smiled and then brought his fingers back down to your entrance. He slipped them inside and that was when the sound really was heard. The squishing of his fingers colliding with your wetness made you gasp, a shudder falling from your lips. Your knees pulled up higher and your legs spread wider so you could give him more space.
Tom’s hands were large, his fingertips long and agile. He could work you easily into an orgasm just with his hands. He only added to the immense amount of pleasure when his lips connected to the sweet spot right on your neck. He sucked at the flesh as he pumped his fingers in and out of your tight walls. “Trying to keep my fingers in you, baby? You’re clenching hard…” Tom informed you with his tongue darting out to add pressure to your flesh.
You whined, your hips moving downwards in hopes that you could meet the simple thrust of his fingers. While one hand worked on your pussy, the other found its way to unclasp your bra and wrap around a breast. Your nipples were hardened from the air that floated throughout the room, your head pushing back. When he massaged your breast in his hand, your belly was starting to tighten.
“T-Tom!” You gasped, clenching back around his fingers. “Oh, babe, right there… Don’t stop,” You begged him. His fingers pushed faster, your insides churning for a release.
“You know the drill, sweetheart… Cum… Give me your all,” He pressed against your ear. His teeth nipped at the flesh of your neck and it was all it took to teeter you over the edge. A hard cry developed and your body was rocking harder against him. You grabbed your release and ran with it, your body shaking as Tom continued to insert his fingers between your sweet folds.
Your mouth fell open as you fell slack against his body, his fingers slowly pulling out of you. You discovered yourself to let out a long whine, the feeling of some part of him being inside of you suddenly vanished.
“Oh, I’m not done, Love,” Tom promised you. “Catch your breath,” He said as he examined his fingers, his digits glistening with your pure sex. He hummed in utter delight and couldn’t help but bring them to his mouth. “I swear, Darling… You taste sweeter every time.” He moaned, licking every remnant of you off of his fingers.
Your chest was rising and falling, your body goes limp against his. Once your breathing was steady and the throbbing sensation had subsided from your first release, Tom took it upon himself to move things over to the couch. He removed himself from his pants and boxers, his cock springing up to slap against his abdomen. Working you to your first orgasm and the noises you made sent him above the stars.
Watching Tom closely, he pressed gentle kisses to your neck. You smiled gently, your eyes glancing to the corner to see your wrapping supplies scattered around.
So much for that.
Wrapping a hand around Tom’s neck, you pulled him close to you. Your lips captured him in a passionate kiss, your hands wounding around the curls at the back of his head. You moaned softly into his mouth when his tongue pushed out to lick your bottom lip. Granting him access to your mouth, you felt him wrap a hand back around your breast. He massaged it soothingly, earning a heavy whimper to fall from your lips.
Your legs came forward to wrap around his waist, holding him flush against you. You were geared up for your second round, wanting nothing more than to have him buried inside of you, his cock exploring every square inch of your sweet heat.
“Tommy,” You moaned breathlessly, reaching a hand below to pump him in your hand. His eyes rolled, his teeth sinking into his bottom lip. You reached out and ran your fingers across his facial hair, your smile brightening. “Please,”
“Of course, my Love…”
Tom lined himself up with your entrance. His tip found itself pushing in between your folds, your mouth falling open. He slowly thrust into you, his cock stilling once he had completely bottomed out. You two laid there, his body pressed against yours while you readjusted. Sex after two kids was slightly different and you found yourself having to take a breather when Tom slipped inside. Closing your eyes, you inhaled and exhaled slowly.
“Are you okay, baby?” Tom asked you.
You nodded, wrapping your arms around his neck. “Y-Yeah, sorry,” You sighed.
Tom smirked. “No, Love… Boosts my confidence when you have to take a second to adjust…” He said cheekily, earning you pinching his ass. “Hey!” He exclaimed, his forehead dropping against yours.
“Move your hips before I remove myself, Hiddleston,” You grumbled, but smiled sweetly.
“Yes ma’am,” Tom quickly answered, his lips pressing against yours. He drew himself back out of your cunt before diving right back in, a loud groan erupting. You spread your legs and carefully shifted your hips upward to meet him with each thrust.
The living room soon filled with the crackling of the fireplace and your sweet moans that mixed with Tom’s to deliver the perfect symphony. Tom’s hand tangled through your hair as he thrust deeper into you, your g-spot being hit with each push.
“Right there! Don’t stop!” You cried aloud, your hands shakily reaching below to wrap around Tom’s ass, helping to bring him further. His forehead fell against yours, his lips pressing to the skin, but he found himself lowering, his mouth burying against your neck. The moan grew hotter as Tom could feel you start to pulsate around him.
“Baby girl, you’re so close. Hanging on for daddy?” He laughed, moving to kiss you.
That name…
You whimpered, your body writhing underneath his. “T-Tom,” You stammered.
“Come on baby girl, make a mess all over me. I know you want to.”
That was all it took to send you plummeting over the edge. You came down hard around Tom’s length, your walls spasming around him as your release pushed him over the edge, too. He finished seconds after you, his thrusts sloppy as you each rode your climax to the point of no turning back.
Gasping for air, Tom fell against you, your arms wrapping around his back. The warmth of his body felt amazing pressed against yours, the hairs standing up on the back of your neck.
Tom lifted his head to stare at you, his eyes dazzling with pure euphoria.
“See? Wasn’t that so much more fun than wrapping silly gifts…” He chuckled, making you slap his chest.
“Those silly gifts? Belong to our children, Thomas…” You reminded him.
He shrugged, making you smack him again.
“I’m kidding! I’ll help you…”
Your eyes shifted. “Baby, your wrapping skills suck. No offense, but Bobby could wrap better than you and he has paws.” You drew circles along his chest.
Tom’s eyes widened and you watched as the man had the audacity to fake cry. His eyes glazed over and you immediately glared at him.
“TOM!” You cried. “Stop that! You… Oh no I’m crying,” You gasped, feeling your own tears well. Tom busted out into a rage of laughter, flipping your bodies so you were lying on top of him. He grabbed the throw blanket from the back of the couch, allowing the fleece to cover your naked bodies.
“Can we just lay here before you start wrapping presents again?” He asked you softly.
You smiled, nuzzling your head into the crook of his neck.
“Of course, baby…” You smiled sweetly.
Tom cuddled you closer to him, his fingers massaging your scalp.
You were thankful for the sudden distraction.
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his-glorious-writer · 10 hours ago
Under the table
Tumblr media
Pairing: Loki x Reader
Warnings: Public blow job, reader is a cheeky little shit.
Authors note: 
Was payback really worth it?
You shuffle your feet closer to your chest as to not accidentally bump any of the other table guests and give away your hiding spot. At first, blowing Loki under the table at a royal family dinner seemed like a great revenge for the stunt he pulled last week, using his powers to play with your clit in front of the council of Asgard.
But feeling Loki’s thighs tense against your palms? Ok that definitely made it worth it.
You pull back a bit, releasing Loki from the confines of your throat  and hear a sigh of relief escape his lungs. But you don’t give him a moment to relax as you swirl your tongue around the soft head, before taking him all the way into the back of you throat again causing him to choke on his bite of food. You wait for a moment, holding him In your throat and letting him catch his breath before begging to bob your head back and forth.
Loki is already on edge after hours of your teasing, and he tries to shut his thighs and force you off, but you grip his knees and force them apart. You give 100% then, pulling him down your throat with each bob, sucking his entire shaft, and swirling your tongue over his underside.
It’s only a moment later that he cries out and spills his seed down your throat. You swallow all of it, grinning to yourself. You have to stifle a laugh when you hear Thor ask Loki if he’s ok.
Oh yeah. Payback is worth it.
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ambrosiase · 2 months ago
𝐧𝐞𝐞𝐝𝐲 | 𝐤𝐢𝐧𝐤𝐭𝐨𝐛𝐞𝐫 𝐢𝐢𝐢.
Tumblr media
kinktober masterlist
day three: overstimulation
pairing: bestfriendsbrother!loki x fem!reader
warnings: modern au. smut. orgasm delay/denial, spanking, cunt slaps, thigh riding, fingering, implied oral sex (f!receiving), dirty talk, punishment. oh also, loki is covered in tattoos.
word count: 2.4k
from the writer: this is my first time writing for loki in a full fic, so hopefully this is okay and doesn’t totally suck lol
eighteen plus only — by choosing to ‘keep reading’, you are agreeing that you are eighteen years old and over. do not interact with this story if you are a minor.
Tumblr media
The house is quiet, making your shoulders sag in relief as you tip toe your way to the kitchen.
Your head felt dehydrated from the alcohol you’d consumed earlier at the club, and you needed to wash away that dry feeling.
Opening the fridge, you take out a bottle of water, only to close it and jump back in fear at the sight of someone appearing.
“Loki!” You gasp, “What the hell, you scared me!”
The onyx haired man just chuckles, arms up in surrender. “Sorry, dove. I couldn’t resist when I saw you come down.”
“You’re a jerk.”
He shrugs. “You like it.”
Biting your lip coyly, you focus your attention to unscrewing the bottle for a sip. All the while, taking in the man in front of you.
Loki was painfully attractive, standing there in his black sweatpants with his bare chest on display. Tattoos littered his entire upper half, and your eyes focus on the two snakes that intertwine the centre of his chest.
He wears the hint of a smirk on his face, clearly enjoying your appraisal. “Did you have fun?”
“At the club,” he says.
You nod, “Sure.” Then you’re finishing your water. “I mean, it was fine. I came back alone though, didn’t I?”
“Poor thing.” Loki grins, “Still haven’t been able to break that dry spell.”
“What are you talking about?”
He stalks closer to you, trapping you between him and the bench. “Well, I may have overheard your earlier conversation with my sister.”
You wish you had more in you than a stutter, heat prickling at your chest as he presses himself against you.
Loki’s hand reaches to cup your face, thumb running along your bottom lip. “It’s a real shame that you haven’t been able to find.. release, in so long.”
“We’re going out.” Hela says, “You need to get laid.”
“I told you, I’m fine.”
She snorts. “Sure, and I’m the Goddess of Death.”
“Okay, that’s super specific.”
“Don’t change the subject.”
You scoff. “I didn’t!”
“Seriously, how long has it been? One month, two?”
“Five.” You respond, “But that’s beside the point.”
Your best friend whistles. “No wonder you’re so uptight these days.”
“Of course you’d linger around, creep.”
Loki rolls his eyes. “To think, I was going to offer my assistance.”
“Your assistance?” You stare incredulously. “And what makes you think I’d even want that?”
His tattooed hand moves down, resting over your neck in a possessive grip. “You think I don’t notice? How you look at me — how your thighs always seem to clench tight when I walk by?”
“You’re delusional.”
“And you want to fuck your best friend’s brother.” He smirks. “You’re just too prideful to admit it.”
“You’re wrong.”
But Loki just looks at you with that all-knowing mischievous glint. “Is that so, princess?”
“Don’t call me that.”
“Why? You don’t like it?” His head tilts to the side, almost as though he’s analysing you.
“I don’t like you.”
Loki stares at you for a moment, and you feel faint from the intensity. He peers into your soul as though he’s reading every thought you’ve ever had. Looking into the deepest parts of your desires that you’d hidden.
“You sure about that?”
Your breath hitches in your throat as Loki’s hand begins it’s descent down your body, stopping at the hem of your pyjama shorts.
“Can I?” The question lingers in the air, and you can’t look away from those blue eyes you’re about to drown in.
“Loki…” It takes you a moment, but the feeling of his slender fingers brushing along your sensitive skin has you deciding. “Please.”
His fingers glide through your folds. “Oh princess,” he groans. “You might not like me, but this delicious cunt sure does.”
You steady yourself, with one hand clutching the granite tile and the other going around his neck. “You’re an asshole.”
“I think you enjoy that about me, dove.” And then he’s flicking his thumb over your clit, teasing your hole with two fingers before pressing in. “It really has been a long time hasn’t it? This cunt is so bloody tight.”
“Oh my god!” His fingers fasten their pace, hitting that spongy spot inside unexpectedly and Loki’s other hand comes to cover the moan you release.
“Can feel you squeezing my fingers. So desperate, aren’t you?”
You cry his name. “Please, I’m so close. I wanna come, Loki, please!”
For a second you think you’re almost there, the impending orgasm making itself known with each circular movement on your bud.
“You want to come, princess? You think you deserve it?”
“Yes! Yes, Loki!” Your thighs begin to tremble with each second that passes. “I’m almost there!”
He leans in close to you, bypassing your lips as he leans into your ear. “See the thing is, dove. Is that bad girls; disobedient ones, don’t get what they want.”
There’s a buzzing in your ears, and suddenly — you’re empty and Loki’s stepping away. You can only stare in disbelief as he brings his fingers to his mouth, your juices glistening before he licks them clean. “You taste so good, I almost regret not putting my face between those sublime thighs of yours.”
It seems words escape as you watch him walk away from you.
“Good night, princess.”
You don’t get an ounce of sleep after that. The ache between your thighs and your missing orgasm leaving you irritated and needy. Yet, it seemed like your own fingers couldn’t do the job; not after you’d felt his.
The next day, you woke up in your best friend’s house to no sign of the man that haunted your every thought. Deciding to go home, you finally feel some sense of comfort once back in your space.
You’ve barely been home an hour when you get a text.
Let me in.
The audacity of this man, you think. Rolling your eyes, you don’t bother responding. Only a moment later, there’s a knock at your door.
“What the hell do you want?” You glare at the man on the other side of your door.
“So, not happy to see me?”
Scoffing you answer, “After last night? Not really.”
“Well, princess. I’m here to make it up to you.”
“Then you’re wasting your time.”
Loki shakes his head. “I don’t think I am.”
“Well I know you are.”
“And I know, that you want me. No matter how much you try to fight it, princess.”
Crossing your arms, you stand firm. “You had your chance last night, and then you left me high and dry. Sorry if I’m no longer interested.”
Except you don’t get the response you’re anticipating. Instead, he just laughs. “You expected me to fuck you in a house where my family could hear you scream?” Loki explains, “Sorry dove, I’ll try not to be so considerate next time.”
Okay, so maybe he had a point. It didn’t mean you had to like it.
“Come on.” He stands close enough that your lips just barely touch. “Let me do what we’ve both been wanting for years.”
It surprises you both when you’re the one to lean in first.
Loki kisses exactly how you knew he would — confident, self-assured with a suspecting tease that has you chasing his mouth with yours.
Your hands weave through his wavy locks, tugging the strands as you grind your hips into his.
It doesn’t take long for the two of you to make your way to the bedroom. Loki sits at the end of your bed, pulling you to straddle one of his thighs as he presses open-mouthed kisses to your neck.
His hands are rough on your waist as they push you back and forth against the denim, encouraging your movements as you ride his thigh. You can feel your juices leaking through the fabric of your underwear, with each roll of your hips getting more desperate.
A smack to your ass has you letting out a thrilled moan of his name.
“Are you close, princess?” Loki’s voice is sickenly sweet, and if you weren’t already so close to release, you would have paid more attention to it.
“Mhm” Needles that bring pricks of pleasure feel like they’re piercing your chest. “I’m gonna cum, Loki! Oh my fucking god, I’m almost there!”
As soon as you tell him that, it’s like a switch goes off. Your movements seize, and you barely have enough time to react before he’s tossing you on the bed.
He grins like the cheshire cat as he hovers over you. “You didn’t think it’d be that easy, did you?”
The next minute relies on him removing your clothes, marvelling at your naked body below him until you feel those familiar fingers trace the insides of your thighs.
“They’d write sonnets about this cunt.”
“Shut up.”
He chuckles as his fingers glide through your folds, smearing the wetness around before rubbing your clit in circles. His thumb teases your entrance, only pushing in as you buck your hips up.
“Still such a tight, little thing.” Loki watches as your fists clench the bed sheets. “We’ll have to open you up to take my cock, princess.”
Any snarky retort you had died on your tongue the moment his pace turned rapid. Stroking over your nerves quickly, yet with a determined precision as you writhe on the bed.
Another orgasm builds, making itself known and you think of warning him but something tells you he won’t let you have it.
Then you’re empty again, a low whine coming from you at the loss.
“You come,” Loki growls, “When I say you can.” He waits for you to agree and once he has it, he leans in. “If you need me to stop, say Norse.”
A snort leaves you. “Seriously?” But he just raises an eyebrow in response. “Norse, got it. Weirdo.”
“You know the more insolent you are, the worse it becomes for you.” He leans in close. “But I don’t mind, it’ll be more fun when you cry, dove.”
After that — you’re a mess.
Loki uses his fingers, his mouth, and his tongue to bring you close to the edge only to never let you fall.
Your throat is hoarse from moaning, and your body covered in a layer of sweat that when you look at Loki, you swear you hate him. Because he’s barely got a hair out of place as he looks at you from his place between your thighs.
He doesn’t take it easy on you and you swear you’ve never felt as sensitive as you do right now. Loki eats you out with a methodical clarity, knowing every single button to press that’ll have you begging for more.
You stopped counting at your fourth missed orgasm. But the raven haired man never lets up, never stops. Just continues his assault on your cunt as if he’s never tasted anything sweeter.
Tears escape your eyes, making their way down your cheeks as you feel your core stirring. “Please, Loki. I need to come, please please, let me come.”
A harsh slap to your centre has you reeling, spasming as you try to hold off your orgasm until he gives permission. “What was that?”
“I said—”
Another hit has you choking on your spit, flames erupting as you feel hot all over. “Sorry, I can’t hear you, dove.”
Three more strikes, each one landing on your swollen bud and you swear you can feel your juices leaking below you.
You stay silent, cheeks wet as you wait for his next movie. But Loki just smiles softly. “There she is, there’s my pretty dove, hm…”
His face is above yours now, and you can see the remnants of your arousal on his mouth. You can’t help yourself as you use what strength you have left to push yourself up, locking his lips with yours.
The sound of a zipper fills the room and as you break away from the kiss, you notice Loki’s hands remove his pants. “No underwear?” You ask with a knowing look.
He shrugs. “I thought it’d save some time.” His shirt is the next to go, and you can’t help but admire him. You swear he was crafted by Gods with silken marble — smooth skin, that was otherwise unmarred except for the litany of ink that was painted onto it.
Loki shivers as your fingers dance over the vine leaves that trace his abdominal lines; leading down to his three of swords tattoo. Before you can go any lower, hands cover yours and bring them above your head. “This is about you, dove.”
An unexpected warmth fills the place where your heart should be. The vulnerable expression taking you off-guard. “Loki?”
You swallow. “Please, fuck me.”
He barely has his length all the way into your waiting hole before your arching your back, your almost orgasms never completely dissipating as you feel them simmer once more.
“This cunt is glorious, look at the way she takes me in.”
The tip of his cock brushes your cervix, a sweet kiss as he sheathes himself inside of you. “Oh fuck, you’re so big.” You try to breathe through the overwhelming fullness. “Loki, I can’t!”
A hand grips your chin, making you look at him. “You can.” Loki says, “And you will.”
He starts off steady, letting you accomodate to his size before his thrusts begin to get more urgent; more harsh. Loki was long, and you felt every ridge of his cock along your inner walls.
You’re close again; clenching down with each brutal hit. “I’m gonna cum, oh fuck, Loki. I can’t hold it, please, just let me come.”
He kisses your frustration away, taking sick pleasure in how utterly ruined you look beneath him. “Don’t you dare.”
But his actions don’t match his instruction — Loki brings a hand down to your clit, rubbing roughly in tandem with each drive of his hips and you swear he’s doing it on purpose. Trying to make you break.
You wish you were stronger; that your body would’ve listened.
It only takes one stab to your g-spot before an unexpected orgasm ripples through your veins. Your eye-sight filling with little white dots as you cry his name, along with an apology.
Loki fucks you through it, cursing under his breath at how beautiful you are. It almost makes him let you off easy. Almost.
“Oh princess.” Loki muses, “And you were doing so well.”
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lokiskitten · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
ᴛᴏᴍ ʜɪᴅᴅʟᴇsᴛᴏɴ :
Chocolate feast | smut
Vampiric love | smut
Gentle touches | smut ( tw )
Busy afternoon | fluff
Public teasing | smut
Nice acting skills pt1 | smut
Nice acting skills pt2 | smut
Professor Hiddleston | smut?
Flaws and qualities | poem
Alcohol and despair | angst
Manspreading | smut
Adventurous trip pt1 | fluff and smut
Adventurous trip pt2 | fluff and smut
Webcam session | smut
Well needed bliss | fluff and smut
Unique babysitter | smut
Double date | smut ( ft. Benedict C. )
Stepdad!Tom section :
Wet dream | smut
Christmas present | smut
Forbidden behavior | smut/angst
Stepdad issue | smut
Sneaky voyeur | smut
ʟᴏᴋɪ ʟᴀᴜғᴇʏsᴏɴ :
the special room | smut
mommy issues | smut
Pretty little thing | fluff
Valentine’s Day pt1 | fluff and angst
Valentine’s Day pt2 | fluff and angst
Valentine’s Day pt3 | fluff
Valentine’s Day pt4 | smut
Dark obsession | smut
Late night visit | smut ( audio )
Obedience | smut ( audio )
Wrong room | smut
Thoughtful behavior | fluff
Affliction pt1 | angst
Political alliance | smut
The portrait | fluff
A little miracle | angst and fluff
First time | smut/fluff
First time pt2 | smut
Gruesome torture | sad/fluff
Before the power | sad angst
ᴘʀᴇsɪᴅᴇɴᴛ ʟᴏᴋɪ :
Even Steven | smut
Giving you a hand | fluff?
ᴊᴏɴᴀᴛʜᴀɴ ᴘɪɴᴇ :
Special room service | smut
sᴇʙᴀsᴛɪᴀɴ sᴛᴀɴ :
Making out | smut
Just a memory | sad stuff
Late night stalking | smut ( tw )
ʙᴜᴄᴋʏ ʙᴀʀɴᴇs :
Nightly disturbance | smut
Morning knife play | smut
Cockwarming | tad of fluff/smut
Adult playtime | smut
One plus one equals... | fluff
ᴀɢᴇɴᴛ ᴍᴏʙɪᴜs :
Fruit salad | smut
ʙᴇɴᴇᴅɪᴄᴛ ᴄᴜᴍʙᴇʀʙᴀᴛᴄʜ :
Double date | smut ( ft. Tom H. )
Requests are always open! Feel free to leave one.
[ and more to come!(◕‿◕) ]
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angelkhi · 3 months ago
Jealousy, Jealousy - L.L
Pairing: Priest!Loki x Reader
Summary: You turn to anonymous confession at your local church to help solve your problems, though the priests solution seems far from holy.
Warnings: SMUT 18+, both Loki & reader are kind of switches???., handjob, blasphemy, language obvs, oral (f), dirty talk?, cum play?, overstimulation, crying?, some mentions of loneliness, squirting?
Word count: 2.6k
A little note: Fleabag ruined me! anyways, here's some sins in the confessional <3 As always sorry for any typos, and let me know if I miss any warnings!
Tumblr media
The whole religious lifestyle had never really been your thing, even your presence beneath the looming arches and holy paintings felt sacrilegious. You're not entirely sure what you're doing there, what drove you to believe a confessional booth would solve the many problems in your life, but here you are.
The building is magnificent, dark wooden beams running up the walls and crossing along the grand white ceilings. A pipe organ adorns a large section of the left hand wall, surrounded by four aisles of wooden pews. The alter is surrounded by a large stain glass window, a large cross at the centre, behind the pure stone communion table. Though you had little knowledge or desire for the religion itself, you can't deny the sheer beauty of the place.
"Can I help you?" The voice echos about the vast space, startling you from your spot to turn and look at the culprit. He's a tall man, loose dark curls, mossy green eyes, clerical collar; he was singlehandedly both the most holy and sinful thing you'd witness in your lifetime. He was also by the looks of things, a priest.
"I uh, wanted to- confession. I've come to confession." The words are quite the opposite of elegant and you blame it on the way he squares his already broad shoulders, the lean muscles on his chest pushing against the cotton black shirt.
"Of course. Come." Yes father. "I'm Father Laufeyson, but if it makes me easier you can call me Loki." He offers out a hand for you to shake, which you gladly accept offering a small smile in the process. His skin is soft, warm and inviting, so much so you're not sure how you managed to drop his hand. His eyes linger for a moment, something not quite sacred or holy within them but you brush it off, and allow him to guide you to a secluded corner of the church where two little cubby holes are separated by two ancient wooden doors.
He pulls one open and gestures for you to step inside, shutting it behind you with a dull thud. A gentleman, you think to yourself. But those eyes. There's something in them. Father Laufeyson's door thuds shut some seconds later and a comfortable silence falls over the two of you.
"I've never really done this before," you speak lightly, "I'm not sure where to even start."
"I'll guide you, don't worry. Repeat after me, 'Bless me Father, for I have sinned, this is my first confession'," He waits for you to repeat after him and continues, "Tell me your sins."
Maybe it's it's voice, the mighty boom of respect with slightly sensual undertones that has your thighs rubbing together, sexual thoughts about a priest, whilst in a church, a sin in itself. You force your brain to settle, the thoughts to subside and will a strength to your voice before you divulge.
"I'm not sure why I'm here, maybe cause it's cheaper than therapy, I don't know," you pause, silently kicking yourself until you hear his breathy laugh, lacking no sort of grace, a hymn in its own right.
"Go on, I won't judge anything you say." You can hear the smile in his voice as he goes on to say, "Scouts honour,"
It's your turn to laugh now as you relax more into the decrepit wooden bench that creaks if you so much as breath a little too loud. The silence is both comforting and deafening, knowing that the second you start talking all you'll want to hear is that silence.
"I'm jealous, of my friends, of everyone. They're all falling in love and I'm alone. And I guess I'm jealous of them." You pause for a moment, mulling over your thoughts and how to best speak them to a fucking priest of all people.
"Go on." Those two little words of encouragement, especially from his mouth, is like turning on a tap and you're unable to control yourself as your words spill out.
"They're all off going out, having fun,  meeting new people, finding guys that are actually interested in them and having mind blowing sex which I know is... a lot of sinning but maybe... maybe I want to sin too."
"Then sin."
"Excuse me?" His words take you aback, the sheer bluntness of his tone.
"The only way to recognise good is to know bad, so sin. Sin til your hearts content, as long as you confess, God will always forgive your sins." Father Laufeyson speaks some wisdom to you, even if you roll your eyes at the religious part, but what do you expect, he's a priest after all.
"Isn't that kind of against your job description? Telling me to sin? And regardless. I wouldn't know where to even start."
"Maybe so, but you need my help and I'm offering it to you," His breath is deep and contemplative, gripping a tight leash on his control, "Come here."
Once again you're startled, not by his words but by the tone. By the sensual command that has you on your feet and wandering to his side of the confessional booth, the two of you in the tiny space leaning no room for personal space.
"Is this allowed?"
"I wouldn't say so no. Only if you want it." Lust. That look in his eyes, the one from earlier, it was a moment unbridled, pure lust. He was offering himself to you like some sort of sin shrouded communion.
You do. You want it so bad you'll be confessing til the day you die, but you also have no self control so you let him guide you to his lap and take a seat across his firm thighs.
"I need to hear you say you want it, kitten." He almost purrs against your ear, and it's impossible to uphold your morals and say no.
"I want it, Father. Please."
His kiss is searing hot, a secure hand on the small of your back making sure you have nowhere to move as he grinds up against you, the small amount of friction leaving you whimpering like the desperate, touch starved slut you are.
Loki's hands leave you only to undo the top few buttons on his shirt and remove his clerical collar. Father Laufeyson's shirt is unbuttoned, collar discarded, the tiny glimpse of his chest eggs you on further, your hips moving rhythmically over the rough material of his trousers bringing yourself more pleasure than you'd like to admit.
The button on his trousers pops open easily and they're loose enough for you to palm his dick out of his boxer briefs. Loki sucks in a cheerful of air when your fingers circle him, squeezing his base a little and thumbing at his slit, oozing with pre cum. He was putty in your hands from the moment you touched him, but to undo him completely, my god would it be beautiful.
"Fuck kitten, you feel so good," He groans right into your ear, his words going straight to your core.
Loki is writhing beneath you, panting breathy moans into your ear, his hips thrusting up into your hand, using you to get himself off.
"Good boy, Father. Fuck my fist, c'mon," Loki's mouth opens wide, the sound getting stuck in his throat, "You like it when I tell you how good you're being for me?" A nod and hum are all he can muster, but you don't mind. Breaking him down to this, having him under your control with only your fist is an achievement.
His cock is red and weeping, begging for release, his mouth finding any piece of exposed skin to mark you as his, your shoulder, neck, and chest covered in deep red bruises. He's muttering constantly, begging, rattling off please into your skin.
You find his lips once more, unable to keep quiet as you bring yourself closer to release, his hand on your hip rocking you at a steady pace.
"Kitten, please. Darling, c'mon."
The priests own guttural whimpers are enough to finish you there and then. You'd give anything to have that spent look in his eyes be the only thing you see for the rest of your life, the way his face crumbles with the pleasure, the way he pants and writhes.
His pleasure is the most important thing in that moment, you want him broken beneath you spilling on your hand, completely succumbed to your touch and my god is he close.
"Fucking shit, I'm so close darling, so close. Don't stop." He begs. The six foot something, broad shouldered man succumbed to nothing by just the grip of your hand. Your grin is feral when he moans loudly into your ear, especially when he blushes for making it so disgustingly obvious what the two of you are up to, even if the church is empty.
Father Laufeyson's hips lift from the creaking bench, fucking up into your hand, using you to chase his orgasm until his chest is heaving and he's shooting rope after rope of hot cum onto your hand, forcing you to swallow his moans as he kisses you, his tongue pushing into your mouth claiming you just as much as you claim him.
You pull away when your lungs start to burn from the lack of air, his hips jerking into the few extra pumps you deliver to him, until he's wining for you to stop. You lock eyes with him, the mossy bright green even darker than they were some moments ago, a sensual haze washing over him as you bring your hand to your mouth, licking up his seed from your skin until there's nothing left.
Both your ragged breathes are the only sound in the church, the only sound that you care about. His thumb swipes over your bottom lip and you're on him in a flash, sucking his thumb into your mouth, swirling your tongue around it until he pulls it free and mutters fuck it under his breath.
Loki is on his knees in a heartbeat, his hands frantic as he undoes your jeans, pulling them off, sparing your soaked panties instead pushing them to the side. He's reckless from the first taste, eating your cunt like its his first meal in months. He's an expert, the way he nuzzles his face into you, fucking you with his tongue whilst his broad nose stimulates your clit.
Your hand is locked around your mouth, muffling the borderline screams that are near impossible to keep at bay. You're practically biting down on your skin, the lingering taste of his cum making you impossibly wetter.
He comes up for air, sucking bruises onto your thighs, his hands spreading you wider, lifting one of your legs over his bread shoulder. Loki pulls your destroyed panties down, stuffing them into your mouth to quiet your moans, leaning your hands free to roam his hair and shoulders.
"All spread open for me kitten, my god you're fucking gorgeous." He blows a strip of cold air against your wet folds, "I'm gonna ruin this cunt. Shit you're fuckin' delectable, what did I do to deserve this?"
He doesn't wait for an answer, nuzzling his head between your legs. Father Laufeyson's fingers dig into your thighs, his tongue circling your clit lightly followed by his lips closing around it, sucking with a perfect pressure that has your hips grinding onto his face.
He wastes no time, slipping two of his slim fingers into your soaked hole and you swallow him up with ease. Loki hits spots you didn't know existed with his curled digits, massaging your soft walls over and over til your legs are like jelly.
"Father, fuck, m'so close." Your voice is muffled against the wet fabric in your mouth and he reaches up to pull it free, allowing you to talk.
"Beg for it,"
Lord have fucking mercy.
"Father Laufeyson, please I need it so bad. Need to cum around your fingers, on your face. Wanna watch you eat my cunt till I cum. Father please."
He'd soon find out if hell was warm putting on such a display, here of all places and it seemed you'd be joining him, your filthy words only intensifying his actions. Your panties are back in your mouth and with good reason. He sucks on your clit as though his life depends on it, the sheer amount of pressure making for an intense orgasm. 
Your writhing on that same bench he was just moments before, creaming around his fingers that he continues to fuck into you at a such bruising pace, you're unsure if your legs will even carry you out of the booth.
"Want a special one, Kitten. Can you do that for me? Can you squirt on my face?"
You'd never done it before, not by your own accord or anyone else's yet you're still nodding at his request, each sound dampened by the lace and cotton between your teeth. You'd go to hell and back if he asked you at this point.
He reapplies that same pressure with his mouth, swirling his tongue under the head of your clit, the feeling in your lower abdomen familiar yet strange. It soon turns into an overwhelming urge to pee until he pushes you even beyond that, his fingers and tongue unforgiving, seeking what he wants no matter the repercussions.
The sensation is so intensely good and overwhelming you can't help but cry, both in frustration and pleasure. You're almost sobbing as he fucks up into your spent pussy. When Father Laufeyson looks up to see the tears on your cheeks, your eyes almost as wet as your pussy he works with no mercy, desperate to catch your release.
Two more pumps from his slender digits and flick of his sinfully skilled tongue have you gushing, your legs tensing and relaxing in spasms of pleasure. He's unrelenting as he licks up every last drop, not stopping until you're shoving him away from you, the feeling too overwhelming. His cheeks and chin glisten with your juices and he's grinning like a madman, his eyes transfixed between your weeping eyes and spent cunt. He's sure he's going to hell after that display but if this is what hell is like, he doesn't mind. Not one bit.
Loki kisses both of your cheeks, and then your lips and you taste yourself and the saltiness of your never ending stream of tears. Oh how the tables had turned, the cocky bastard that was grinning against your lips was sat exactly where you are begging for his own release, and now look at him. The cat that got the cream. He hoists you up, just enough that he can put you on his lap, straddling his half hard, clothed cock.
"You're perfect. Never tasted a pussy like yours, gonna have to keep you all myself from now on." He grinds up into you once, laughing quietly at just how sensitive you are.
"Bet none of your friends can say they've fucked a priest." He pokes. You're half way to offended by his brash words in such a sacred space until you consider your current position, him between your legs, half hard cock pressed up against your weeping pussy, in a dark confessional booth, oh and the fact you just let a priest give you head in church.
"Technically, neither can I Father." You taunt.
"Not for long, kitten."
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starlightrogers · a month ago
just a touch of your love; loki
Summary: Loki creates a new spell to make you cum without even touching you
Word count: 1.7k+ words
Warnings: smut, mentions of sex, fingering, oral (f receiving), praise kink, 18+ only
A/N: my praise kink has really been activated lately and this came out of it
Tumblr media
You had been craving him all day.
Craving wasn’t even really a strong enough word to describe your need for him. It was the kind of need that tingled up your spine, settling in your bones until all you could feel and think about was him. His touch, his kiss, his cock.
All you needed was him.
But it was clear when he came back to your shared bedroom that he was absolutely spent, and you tried to let your want for him drift off into a distant dream.
Still, you couldn’t quell the feeling of want and need in the pit of your belly. He had been working so hard lately. It had been so long since you’d been fucked like you so desperately needed. Your fingers just weren’t enough, you could never cum on your own, not since Loki had shaped your pussy to fit his cock like a glove. No, you were his now. Mind, body, and soul. And you needed him so badly, though you tried to fight the fire in your belly so that he wouldn’t feel bad that he was too tired for much more than cuddling and the occasional gentle kiss.
You couldn’t help the whimper that escaped you as he stripped off and climbed into the bed next to you, his cock hanging heavy in his underwear that you wished you could just rip straight from his body. But you held down your need, it could wait until later.
But of course, Loki knew. He heard your little whimpers and your pitiful attempt to silence the sounds before they dispersed into the air of the bedroom. Fuck, he could smell the intoxicating scent of your sweet pussy before he even pulled back the covers to join you in bed. It went straight to his cock, making him switch as he groaned almost inaudibly, sliding between the covers and pressing his chest to your back.
“I know you need me sweetheart,” he murmurs in a rasped voice, his hand wrapping around you to splay across your lower torso, dangerously close to where you so desperately need him, “I’m sorry that I’ve been so tired.”
“There’s nothing to apologise for, you know that.” You turn to face him, leaning in to press a soft kiss to the tip of his nose. It was something you had started doing when you could tell he was anxious about something, and somehow it always seemed to bring him back to you. Loki would tell you that the magic you possessed in your soul always found the best parts of him, the part that could make it through the battles and the anxiety and the fear, “You don’t ever have to feel bad for not wanting sex.”
“But I want you so bad, princess, I’ve just been so exhausted,” he sighs, resting his forehead against yours, “Fuck, I can smell how wet you are for me.”
“Don’t say stuff like that,” you whine, a pout forming on your lips, “S’not fair to get me riled up and then not do anything about it.”
“Who said I wasn’t going to do anything about it?” you catch the glimmer of mischief in his eyes, and it travels straight to your core, “Do you trust me?”
You immediately nod yes, and he chuckles at your enthusiasm.
“Good girl, spread your legs for me.”
You do as he says, opening your thighs until they give him enough room to work, and you wiggle your hips in a fit of desperation when he doesn’t immediately move.
“Please Loki,” you beg, looking at him with wide eyes as you watch his own pupils darken, “Please touch me.”
“Shh baby, you just gotta trust me, remember?” he coos, soothing you by running a hand up and down over the sensitive skin of your inner thigh, leaving goosebumps in the wake of his touch, “you just keep those pretty eyes on me, princess.”
Your gaze meets his as if on command. He hums in satisfaction at your eagerness to obey him. You whimper softly when his hand leaves your thigh, the sound catching in your throat when you see colour out of the corner of your eyes and see the soft green slow radiating from the tips of Loki’s fingers.
You couldn’t help the fresh wave of wetness that seeped from your needy pussy at the sight. He’d only ever used his powers in bed a handful of times, always using them to restrain you to the bed with unbreakable bonds. But now it was different. You didn’t know how you knew, but something just felt different.
And that’s when you felt it.
It started small at first, a slight tingle on your inner thigh so delicate that you weren’t entirely sure if you had dreamed it. A second caress, this time more defined, sweeps from your knee to the top of your thigh, pressing a kiss to the junction where your leg meets your core, making you gasp loudly. Snapping your gaze from Loki’s, you down to find absolutely nobody in your bed but the two of you, yet you could still feel the caress of another against your skin.
“W-what is that?” you ask, eyes fluttering shut momentarily as the phantom lips find that sensitive spot on your thigh, sucking a harsh mark into the skin there.
“Just a little spell I’ve been working on,” he explains with a smirk, pressing a soft kiss to your lips as the same moment you feel a finger connect with your clit, making you arch your back from the bed, “What does it feel like?”
You can’t speak as two fingers plunge knuckle-deep inside you, a needy moan escaping you at the feeling of fullness after so long without his touch. “It feels like your fingers.” You manage to whimper out between moans. “Fuck, it feels so fucking good.”
“Yeah? Must be so good after this beautiful little pussy has been neglected for so long,” his arms gently reach around you to keep you pinned to the bed when your back bows off the mattress, “Just be a good girl and take it baby. All you have to do is lay there and take it.”
You barely hear his praises through the ringing in your ears. The fingers inside of you curl, pressing against that spongy spot you could never quite reach on your own. A thumb lands on your clit, rubbing harsh circles until your spilling all over the hand between your legs, shaking as Loki holds you tightly in his broad arms as the magic continues to draw pleasure from your body.
The orgasms all seem to blend into each other after a certain point. All you can feel is the buzzing of pleasure in your veins, and the feeling of Loki’s skin against your own as you grip his broad arms, clinging to him desperately as pleasure wracks your body.
You notice the soft tinge of green that glows from his fingers just a second too late, a pornographic moan leaving you when you feel lips wrap around your clit, sucking so delicately that tears of pleasure form in your eyes.
“Loki, please,” you beg, though you’re not entirely sure what for at this point, “I don’t think I can cum again.”
“Just one more for me princess, you can do that.” He whispers softly, pressing kisses all over your face as his forearm keeps you pinned to the bed so that you can’t escape the waves of pleasure coursing from between your thighs, “I know you’re close, cum for me princess.”
His words send you right over the edge, shaking uncontrollably in his strong arms as you soak the sheets beneath you in your release. It’s only when you fall back into his arms, completely spent, that you notice the presence between your thighs is gone, as if it was never there in the first place.
“So you made that for me, huh?” you ask as you finally catch your breath, looking up at him with a giggle.
“It’s all for you.” He whispers softly, making heat rush to your cheeks. He still had a way of doing that, making you weak in the knees despite being together for such a long time. “I miss you so much when we’re apart, so I tried to create something that will keep us closer.”
You hum contentedly at his words, your heart warming at the thought of being so close to him all the time. Of knowing he spent the time working on his magic so he could figure out a way to make it happen for the two of you.
“Can you feel it too?” you can’t help but ask.
“I can more than feel it, princess,” he smirks, bringing two fingers to your lips. Taking them in eagerly, your surprised to taste yourself on them, realising that he could more than just feel you wrapped around him. It was like he had fucked you with his fingers, and you couldn’t help but moan at the thought of him lying next to you, feeling every caress of your most intimate parts without even having to plunge himself inside you, “I feel everything just like I normally can, princess, but I don’t have to be in the room to make my pretty girl feel good. We can be on opposite sides of the world and still be bonded.”
“I like that,” you say with a warm smile, pulling him into a passionate kiss that leaves you needy for air. You can’t help but let your eyes wander lower, beneath the sheets until you only have one thought on your mind.
“Does that mean you can… fuck me like that?” you ask with nervous eyes, comforted by the feeling of his lips on yours.
“No,” he murmurs between kisses, slowly moving from your lips to your neck.
“Why not?” you manage to gasp as he sucks a harsh mark into your sweet spot, marking you for everyone to see exactly who you belong to.
“Because,” he says with a grin, shifting his body to hover over you, his hard cock pressing into your belly, “I would much rather bury my cock deep inside this pretty little pussy instead.”
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ina-lover · 3 months ago
A/N: These are nsfw alphabet headcannons for some of Tom Hiddleston's characters. It also has him in it. If there are any characters excluded, it's because I don't really know how they're like and yeah. Enjoy.
Tom Hiddleston
Tumblr media
A: Aftercare (What they’re like after sex) So, Tom is very sweet aftwerwards. He'll clean you both up, cuddle up beside you and hold you tight until the two of you fall asleep.
B: Body part (Their favorite body part of theirs and also of you) It's pretty obvious that Tom is proud of his ass. He likes to wear suits that can't help but to show it. But, as far as you, he loves your legs and thighs. He kisses them everytime when you're in bed, carressing them and placing countless love bites on them.
C: Cum (Anything to do with cum basically… I’m a disgusting person) He loves when you swallow and compliment him for how he tastes. Sometimes he'll take it on his finger and dip it into your mouth for you to suck it.
D: Dirty Secret (Pretty self-explanatory, a dirty secret of theirs) Although he punishes you for it, Tom loves when you bite his bottom lip or sometimes when you nibble his ear.
E: Experience (How experienced are they? Do they know what they’re doing?) Tom is a fairly experienced man and he knows exactly what he's doing. His thrusts are always the right pace, never too fast and never too slow. He always makes sure to bring you the most satisfaction you've ever had.
F: Favorite Position (This goes without saying.) Tom's favorite position is missionary. He just loves looking into your eyes while he fucks you rough and deep. And sometimes he will place one or two of your legs around him to hit that deeper spot within you.
G: Goofy (Are they more serious in the moment, or are they humorous, etc) Really it depends on his mood. If he's had a rough day, or if he wants to be rough with you, everything is totally serious. But if he's in a goofy mood, he'll crack a little joke from time to time while he watches your face conrort from laughter to pleasure.
H: Hair (How well groomed are they, does the carpet match the drapes, etc.) Tom is pretty well groomed. His hair is not all the way nonexistent below the waist but he still has it trimmed well enough for you not to be grossed out by it.
I: Intimacy (How are they during the moment, romantic aspect…) Tom has a nice level of intimacy. Sometimes just out of nowhere he'll cook for you or buy you your favorite flowers just to remind you of how much he loves you.
J: Jack Off (Masturbation headcanon) He's never been the one to masturbate even before you so he has to be waiting for quite a long while for him to put his hand to work. He doesn't see the point in it when he has you for his sexual needs.
K: Kink (One or more of their kinks) Tom has a daddy kink. Whenever you moan out that word, he finds himself becoming harder by the second.
L: Location (Favourite places to do the do) Aside from the bed, Tom likes the couch and he loves doing it in a chair. He loves having you bounce on his cock while he's trying to read a script or do his work.
M: Motivation (What turns them on, gets them going) Whenever you're teasing him, eating suckers, popsicles or maybe even excercising on a bouncy ball it just causes a large distraction for Tom and he feels the need to claim you again and again.
N: NO (Something they wouldn’t do, turn-offs) Tom is pretty open to mostly anything but he doesn't like messing with any other bodily fluids than your slick. So a big no to blood kinks.
O: Oral (Preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc) Tom likes giving as much as he likes receiving. He loves to make you feel good as much as you do the same to him. He normally will bury his head between your thighs and straight up devour you like his last meal on Earth.
P: Pace (Are they fast and rough? Slow and sensual? etc.) This depends on how he's feeling. If he's feeling romantic, he'll go slow with deep and rough thrusts, teasing you with every inch of his cock. But if you've been a bad girl, he will teach you a lesson and go fast and rough, pulling your hair while he does it.
Q: Quickie (Their opinions on quickies rather than proper sex, how often, etc.) Tom prefers proper sex but if he has to have you then and there, a quickie will do and will be followed with proper sex sometime on the same day.
R: Risk (Are they game to experiment, do they take risks, etc.) Although he doesn't do it often, Tom loves to take risks. They are pretty exciting to do like when he fucked you on the airplane and y'all didn't get caught.
S: Stamina (How many rounds can they go for, how long do they last…) Tom has some pretty good stamina. He can last for hours without needing sleep. Which, might I add was fun for you to test.
T: Toy (Do they own toys? Do they use them? On a partner or themselves?) Tom likes to use toys on you for punishments. He prefers using a vibrator on you, turning it to the highest setting and having you begging him to cum.
U: Unfair (how much they like to tease) Tom likes to tease you at the worst moments. You may be having dinner with some friends and he'll throw some innuendos or whisper provacative things in your ear. You'll politely excuse yourself and end up leaving early so Tom can finish what he started.
V: Volume (How loud they are, what sounds they make) Tom has medium volume. He'll groan and grunt when he feels how well your gripping him or when you're close and clenching around him for dear life.
W: Wild Card (Get a random headcanon for the character of your choice) The wildest thing that Tom ever did to you was finger you at a restuarant while the two of you were on a double date. You were squirming and trying to form correct sentences but unfortunately you couldn't. It ended in Tom escorting the both of you out and fucking you in his car. You went back to finish the double date and Tom couldn't help but grin at you.
X: X-Ray (Let’s see what’s going on in those pants, picture or words) Tom is most definitely above average. A good 7-9 inches best suits him. I mean, Disney didn't edit his crotch out for nothing.
Y: Yearning (How high is their sex drive?) Tom's sex drive has calmed down a little bit. He still has a high one though. Tom feels the need to please you twice every 10 days, which leaves you always completely satisfied.
Z: ZZZ (… how quickly they fall asleep afterward) Tom is not the one to fall asleep first. You'll fall asleep on his bare chest and he'll wrap his arm around you and brush your hair quietly until he dozes off along with you.
Loki Laufeyson
Tumblr media
A: Aftercare (What they're like after sex) He is quite a little cute one when it comes to aftercare. Loki will magic away any painful bruises he's put on you if he was a little too rough. He will make sure to clean you up and also magics the sheets clean as well. If you're hungry afterwards, he may conjure some grapes or chocolate covered strawberries for you to feast on.
B: Body part (Their favorite body part of theirs and also of you) Loki loves his legs and so do you. He'll walk a certain way and stride proudly with those long legs of his. Loki's favorite part of you is your ass. He loves spanking it and he loves watching whenever you bend over. He likes how round and curvy it is and sometimes he'll rub it.
C: Cum (Anything to do with cum basically… I’m a disgusting person) Sometimes after Loki has fucked you, he loves to have you walk around with his dried cum on your thighs and inner thighs. It reminds him of who you belong to and how much fun he had while taking you.
D: Dirty Secret (Pretty self-explanatory, a dirty secret of theirs) Although Loki is the dominate one, he loves to be a sub for you. You may tease him or so and he'll fight for self control to allow you to do it to him because he really enjoys it.
E: Experience (How experienced are they? Do they know what they’re doing?) To be quite honest, Loki probably has the most experience in the world. He's been with different races and genders through centuries and has even shapeshifted into a female to learn about the body more in depth. So Loki knows exactly what he is doing.
F: Favorite Position (This goes without saying.) Loki has a variety of positions that he loves but his favorites are doggie style and reverse cowgirl. He just loves to pull your hair while he fucks you into pure bliss.
G: Goofy (Are they more serious in the moment, or are they humorous, etc) Loki is never goofy during sex. He's always a serious one, whether the two of you are making love or if you're getting your brains fucked out he is always serious.
H: Hair (How well groomed are they, does the carpet match the drapes, etc.) Loki is basically totally bare down there. He uses his magic to keep his appearance like that and you really don't mind it. He has the most beautiful cock you've ever seen.
I: Intimacy (How are they during the moment, romantic aspect…) Loki is a secret romantic. He loves to get you all the things you want and all the things you ask for. He'll massage your body after bad battles and he loves to have little sessions to rub in just how much he loves you. Loki is very intimate when he wants to be.
J: Jack Off (Masturbation headcanon) Loki doesn't really masturbate perse. If the two of you have been seperate for a while, he'll try and concentrate really hard and conjure a clone of you. If his concentration breaks or so, he'll settle for a illusion of you and put his hand to use.
K: Kink (One or more of their kinks) Loki is a kinky motherfucker. He has a large breeding kink and knife kink. To be quite honest, the only kink he wouldn't try out is the blood kink. Loki would never harm you enough for you to bleed but the rest of the ones he would definitely use and try out.
L: Location (Favourite places to do the do) I honestly don't know his favorite place since he likes to fuck you anywhere and everywhere. However, my guess would be somewhere in public. He loves the excitement it brings and taking you right when someone has walked right beside the both of you.
M: Motivation (What turns them on, gets them going) Loki loves when you were skintight things and miniskirts. He can't help but to stare at you when you've accidently dropped something and you bend over to pick it up, showing a lot of skin from the revealing miniskirt. It just makes him want to rip it all off in an instant.
N: No (Something they wouldn’t do, turn offs) Loki would never allow you to do wax play on him considering his natural heritage and he won't share you with anyone either. You belong to him. O: Oral (Preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc.) Loki loves giving more than receiving. He loves to watch you under him, writhing and moaning from the way he uses that wonderful silver tongue. But, he receives just as much as you do, commanding you to kneel or just forcing you on your knees to please him. P: Pace (Are they fast and rough? Slow and sensual? etc.) Loki is normally fast and rough, making everything feel like he's splitting your body apart. The only time he is slow and sensual is when he's feeling more vulnerable and romantic. Q: Quickie (Their opinions on quickies, how often, etc.) Loki prefers proper sex and quickies are very rare in your relationship. He will always cast an illusion, take you in the nearest corner and fuck you right then and there. R: Risk (Are they game to experiment? do they take risks? etc.) Loki is a very risky one. He loves to take risks and the rushed feeling of the possibility of getting caught or maybe even getting arrested depending on what you're doing and where you are at. S: Stamina (How many rounds can they go for? how long do they last?) Considering he's a god and Frost Giant, Loki can last for a whole day. He has superhuman stamina and has more than enough energy to please you. T: Toys (Do they own toys? do they use them? on a partner or themselves?) So, Loki has like 10 different sex toys and he mostly uses them on you. Sometimes, he'll let you use one on him if he allows you to be dominate but the chances are very slim. U: Unfair (How much they like to tease) Loki is a big tease. He likes to twirl his fingers around inside you under a table around different Avengers, using his magic on your cunt, or sometimes he'll just whisper sexual fantasies in your ear. The teasing goes on and on and he is an endless tease. V: Volume (How loud they are, what sounds they make, etc.) Loki is not that loud. Most the time he makes low moans, growls, and grunts while you scream out his name. W: Wild Card (A random headcanon for the character) Loki likes having his hair tugged on and his back being scratched. He loves light pain. X: X-Ray (Let’s see what’s going on under those clothes) Loki is extremely huge below the belt. His Æser form has a nice 8-10 inches while his Jötunn form has 10-12 inches. He doesn't have much girth but his cock is very lengthy. Y: Yearning (How high is their sex drive?) Loki has a really high sex drive. Him being the brother of Thor doesn't help much since he has to fight battles with him. Since he goes through a lot of stress and is just horny on a regular daily basis, his sex drive is astronomical. Z: Zzz (How quickly they fall asleep afterwards) Loki will cuddle up with you afterwards but because he doesn't really need sleep, he may close his eyes and act as if he's sleeping. When you wake up, you always see him smile down at you sitting on the bed with a book in hand.
Thomas Sharpe
Tumblr media
A: Aftercare (What they’re like after sex) Thomas is always sweet afterwards. He cuddles up with you and cleans the both of you up, kissing almost every part of your body saying a hushed "I love you" every now and then. B: Body Part (Their favorite body part of theirs and also their partner’s) He doesn't really have a favorite body part of himself because he's just that humble. But, his favorite part of you is your lips. He loves the softness and how pliant they are especially when he kisses you. C: Cum (Anything to do with cum, basically) Thomas would love to cum in you but he's afraid to. He doesn't want you getting pregnant only for Lucille to kill you and possibly your child. D: Dirty Secret (Pretty self explanatory, a dirty secret of theirs) Thomas is a shy freak and he loves the idea of using ropes, blindfolds, and restraints in the bedroom whether it's on him or you. E: Experience (How experienced are they? Do they know what they’re doing?) Thomas has some nice experience and he always gives you mind shattering orgasms time and time again. F: Favorite Position (This goes without saying) His favorite position is cowgirl. Thomas likes for you to be in control. He's a natural sub but also a soft dom. G: Goofy (Are they more serious in the moment? are they humorous? etc.) Thomas is mostly always serious when he's in bed with you. He only will crack a small joke every once and a while to see your beautiful smile. H: Hair (How well groomed are they? Does the carpet match the drapes? etc.) Thomas isn't that hairy but he does have a little hair down there. It's just a small bit and it doesn't at all bother you. I: Intimacy (How are they during the moment? The romantic aspect) Thomas is practically romantic all the time. He loves to worship your body and you as much as he possibly can. He is a very intimate man. J: Jack Off (Masturbation headcanon) Thomas isn't the one to really jack off. He's very patient and since you don't leave him waiting for a long time, he never has the need to. K: Kink (One or more of their kinks) Thomas has a growing exhibitionism kink. He has a thing for mirrors, and he has a praise kink. He love to congradulate you whenever you've been a good girl. L: Location (Favorite places to do the do) He likes things like the floor, walls, counters, places like that. M: Motivation (What turns them on, gets them going) Thomas loves when you were tight corsets with your hair down. He finds himself having to shift around in his seat from the uncomfortable bulge in his pants and he'll find a secure enough place to bring the both of you to fix the large hard on. N: No (Something they wouldn’t do, turn offs) Thomas will not bring any pain to you whatsoever or degrade you in any type of way. You did ask him about it once but he politely refused. O: Oral (Preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc.) Thomas gives more than he receives and he prefers it that way. He likes to worship you for the wonderful woman you are and loves to see you crumble from the slightest flicks of his tongue. P: Pace (Are they fast and rough? Slow and sensual? etc.) Thomas is just about always slow and sensual with a little roughness. The only times he isn't, is when he has been extremely stressed from Lucille. He'll drag you into the nearest room and fuck you hard and fast, making you bite your lip and try to be quiet. Q: Quickie (Their opinions on quickies, how often, etc.) You and Thomas sometimes have quickies while you're out at a ball or so. Thomas most of the time will wait it out but considering how horny you feel around him, some days he'd just have to excuse himself and satisfy your needs. R: Risk (Are they game to experiment? Do they take risks? etc.) Thomas isn't extremely risky but he does take risks every once and a while. He loves the rush of excitement he feels when claiming you at a party and knowing that you could get caught.
S: Stamina (How many rounds can they go for? How long do they last?) Thomas can last for a nice 3-5 hours. He has wonderful stamina.
T: Toys (Do they own toys? Do they use them? On a partner or themselves?) Thomas doesn't really have sex toys. He only has a couple that he'll use on you. He likes to use them while you're blindfolded and begging for him to please you. U: Unfair (How much they like to tease) He isn't much of a tease. He'll only tease you on rare occasions. On all of them, he'll whisper in your ear or quietly squeeze your thigh. You'll bite your knuckle or lip, trying to hide your sudden arousal. V: Volume (How loud they are, what sounds they make, etc.) Thomas is very quiet. His moans and purrs are really soft like that of a kitten which turns you on even more. W: Wild Card (A random headcanon for the character) When Thomas first had sex with you, he had you surrounded by mirrors because you felt insecure. He wanted to show you how beautiful you really are.
X: X-ray (Let’s see what’s going on under those clothes) Thomas has a nice 6-8 inches. His cock is still above average but it's enough for you to be able to take without getting hurt. Y: Yearning (How high is their sex drive?) Thomas doesn't have a high sex drive. His sex drive is pretty low. He feels that the two of you don't have to have sex all the time and just can have a relationship between each other. Z: Zzz (How quickly they fall asleep afterwards) Thomas doesn't automatically fall asleep. You'll be the first to doze off and he'll watch you for a while, holding you tight until he drifts off with you. Adam
Tumblr media
A: Aftercare (What they’re like after sex) Adam will zoom around and clean you up afterwards then crawl in the bed with you, brushing your hair with his fingers as you talk to each other. B: Body Part (Their favorite body part of theirs and also their partner’s) Adam loves his muscles. He shows them off in the house all the time, walking around shirtless and showing of his beautiful fisique. His favorite body part of you is your neck. Sometimes he'll choke it, leave all types of marks on it, and sometimes graze his fangs over your pulse. C: Cum (Anything to do with cum, basically) Adam loves to watch his cum drip out of you and how you'll sometimes eat it.
D: Dirty Secret (Pretty self explanatory, a dirty secret of theirs) Adam loves reckless sex. He likes to just shove things off of the nearest table or so and fuck you right on it. As long as his instruments don't get torn up or hurt, he loves to be reckless with you. E: Experience (How experienced are they? Do they know what they’re doing?) Because he's been alive for centuries, Adam has had plenty of experience throughout the years. He most definitely knows what he's doing with you and exactly how to do it. F: Favorite Position (This goes without saying) Adam's favorite positions are doggy style and scissors. He loves scissors more because it's such a unique and underrated position. G: Goofy (Are they more serious in the moment? Are they humorous? etc.) Adam is mostly serious but he is a little bit of a conversator in bed so he may make a small joke here and there while he fucks the living daylights out of you. H: Hair (How well groomed are they? Does the carpet match the drapes? etc.) He doesn't have much hair. The only hair you can find below the belt would be towards the base. I: Intimacy (How are they during the moment? The romantic aspect) Adam is known to be a romantic so he does very well with intimacy. Because he can never find the words to express just how much he loves you, it always ends in him making love to you, leaving love bites everywhere. J: Jack Off (Masturbation headcanon) Adam never really masturbates. He's very patient amd since you have a nice level of libido, he never has the need to masturbate. K: Kink (One or more of their kinks) Since he is a vampire, Adam has a blood kink. He used to bite your neck or thigh and drink his fill from you during sex. However, since he has turned you into a vampire, he never drinks your blood unless you're on your cycle. The smell just drives him insane. L: Location (Favorite places to do the do) Adam likes places that are normally outside, on the car, in an alleyway, things like that just gets him going. M: Motivation (What turns them on, gets them going) Adam loves when you wear dark colors like a leather miniskirt with tights and a black shirt. He also likes when you wear chokers. It just makes him feel the need to brutally fuck you. N: No (Something they wouldn’t do, turn offs) Adam would never allow you to use a sex toy on him. He just doesn't like the idea of it. O: Oral (Preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc.) Adam likes to give more than he receives although the both of you give and receive the same amount. He likes watching the beautiful faces you make when you're experiencing an orgasm just from the simple way he moves his tongue and uses his mouth. P: Pace (Are they fast and rough? Slow and sensual? etc.) Adam is mostly fast and rough. He is only slow and sensual when making love to you. Q: Quickie (Their opinions on quickies, how often, etc.) Adam barely ever has quickies with you. He prefers proper sex but if he feels the need to have you right then and there, he won't waste any time. R: Risk (Are they game to experiment? Do they take risks? etc.) He loves to experiment with you and likes to take risks. He isn't very risky but he does like having some excitement in your relationship.
S: Stamina (How many rounds can they go for? How long do they last?) He can go from nighttime to dawn. He's usually the first to cum or the two of you will cum together but he still will fuck the shit out of you. T: Toys (Do they own toys? Do they use them? On a partner or themselves?) Adam has a drawer full of different sex toys and he likes to uss them all on you. He loves little vibrator bullets, chains, and whips. U: Unfair (How much they like to tease) Adam isn't that big of a tease but he still will mess with you every once and a while. After a performance, he may sneak in the audience and stand behind you and press your body against his just so you can feel how hard he is. V: Volume (How loud they are, what sounds they make, etc.) Adam has medium volume when it comes to sex. He's not going to be very vocal unless he's really close to cumming. W: Wild Card (A random headcanon for the character) When the two of you first met, you helped Adam to open up more and to actually have more of a liking towards humans. X: X-Ray (Let’s see what’s going on under those clothes) He has a nice 7-9 inches. He is above average and always knows what he's doing when he's pleasing you. Y: Yearning (How high is their sex drive?) Since he's into creating music, his sex drive is low. Adam doesn't normally ask for sex from you unless he's been very stressed out. But thanks to you, the two of you have a pretty daily sex schedule.
Z: Zzz (How quickly they fall asleep afterwards) Considering Adam loves sleep, sometimes he does drift away before you. But he's never fell asleep before cleaning you up.
Robert Laing
Tumblr media
A: Aftercare (What they’re like after sex) Robert will always cuddle with you after sex then pick you up to shower with him so that the two of you can get clean...which let's be honest doesn't always work and sometimes leads to another round. B: Body Part (Their favorite body part of theirs and also their partner’s) Robert is very proud of his abs and biceps. He loves the way you'll beg to remove his clothes during sex and he just can't help but to. His favorite part of you is your inner thighs. He'll leave countless hickies and he really loves what's in between them.
C: Cum (Anything to do with cum, basically) Because he has an obsession with paint, he likes to paint your body with his cum. D: Dirty Secret (Pretty self explanatory, a dirty secret of theirs) Robert has a thing for being scratched. He loves back scratching or having you ride him and scrape your nails along his chest. E: Experience (How experienced are they? Do they know what they’re doing?) Robert has a nice bit of experience. Before the High Rise, he had been with models and foreign women of different shapes and sizes. He always knows what he's doing. F: Favorite position (This goes without saying) His favorite position is legs on shoulders. He loves to having your legs on his shoulders while he fucks you. G: Goofy (Are they more serious in the moment? Are they humorous? etc.) Robert will be serious and goofy most of the time. He'll tell a joke here and there about his day then go back to the task at hand, to bring you into utter satisfaction. H: Hair (How well groomed are they? Does the carpet match the drapes? etc.) Robert does have a few little hairs but it doesn't at all bug you and isn't enough to fuss about. I: Intimacy (how are they during the moment? The romantic aspect) He can be a true sweetheart in a romantic moment. He'll by you your favorite flowers, make a candlelit dinner then bring you into the bedroom later for some tender love making. J: Jack Off (Masturbation headcanon) Robert doesn't masturbate much since you're normally always there to tend to his sexual needs. K: Kink (One or more of their kinks) Robert has a breeding kink, a daddy kink, and a large exhibitionism kink. He is a kinky man and he can't help it. L: Location (Favorite places to do the do) He loves to claim you on balconies, patios, in the pool, and in places out in public. M: Motivation (What turns them on, gets them going) Seeing you in short dresses and skirts just do something to him. He always gets rock hard at the sight and has to shift a little in his seat as he stares at you. N: No (Something they wouldn’t do, turn offs) Because he's an explorer when it comes to the bedroom, I can't think of anything except that he will not try any weird kinks. O: Oral (Preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc.) Robert is more of a receiver but he will eat you out from time to time, watching your legs spasm at the feeling of his tongue. P: Pace (Are they fast and rough? Slow and sensual? etc.) Robert is rarely ever slow and sensual. He is almost always fast and rough. The only time he will be slow and sensual is when he feels the need to let you feel how deeply he loves you. Q: Quickie (Their opinions on quickies, how often, etc.) Quickies are not the usual thing in your relationship however they aren't totally foreign. You do have quickies from time to time but Robert prefers proper sex. R: Risk (Are they game to experiment? Do they take risks? etc.) Robert is a pretty risky guy. He loves to take risks and have that wonderful rush of excitement. S: Stamina (How many rounds can they go for? How long do they last?) He has pretty nice stamina. He can last from 4 hours to 6. T: Toys (Do they own toys? Do they use them? On a partner or themselves?) Robert loves to use toys on you. He has about 5 of them all for you. He loves watching you squirm and seeing how red your cunt will be from overstimulation. U: Unfair (How much they like to tease) Robert is a large tease. He'll finger you under the table while having dinner with one of your fellow friends from the high rise. V: Volume (How loud they are, what sounds they make, etc.) Robert is always vocal during sex, making loud groans, grunts, and moans but you always seem to be louder. W: Wild card (A random headcanon for the character) Robert loves to do breath play and temperature play on you. He likes how responsive your body is to the slightest of touches he makes. X: X-Ray (Let’s see what’s going on under those clothes) He has a beautiful 8-9 inches below the belt that he loves to pleasure you with. Y: Yearning (How high is their sex
drive?) Robert has a very high sex drive and a raging one at that. Each month he gets hornier and hornier. Z: Zzz (How quickly they fall asleep afterwards) Robert normally will watch as you drift off to sleep, playing with your hair or simply telling you about how he felt about his day. Then, he'll go asleep with you.
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lostalioth · 3 months ago
Okay so I have a request and I totally understand if you aren’t comfortable writing it, but I was wondering if you’d write a Tomxreader fic where the reader has never actually had good sex? Like where people have never been able to make her cum and she just is really scared to have sex with him because she doesn’t want to disappoint him. Maybe even a little age gap? This could even be a Loki fic if you feel like it. And then like Loki or Tom (who ever you’d write for) would give them Like mind blowing sex. If you decide to write it, I can’t wait to read it.
𝘨𝘶𝘺𝘴 𝘮𝘺 𝘢𝘨𝘦 ; 𝘵𝘰𝘮
Tumblr media
summary: tom pulls away with a smirk, making you groan. “men your age are just so eager to please themselves they paid your pleasure no mind isn’t that right bunny?” his chest vibrated with a deep and nearly mocking chuckle. you let out a nearly pathetic whine at his question and weakly nodded. “don’t worry let sir take care of you baby”
warnings: rpf, smut, tom x fem!reader, age gap [reader is in mid 20’s], nicknames [darling, baby, bunny, princess], dumbification, oral [female receiving], overstimulation? [reader cums twice, alludes to more], praise kink, sir kink
note: i couldn’t resist naming the fic that, can you blame me ? I had so much fun writing this though omg!! it somehow ended up being 2.2k words 😭 anyway hope you all enjoy!!
It may seem odd, you knew that but in the eight or so months you have been dating Tom, you’ve yet to go further than make outs and mini dry hump sessions as if you were horny teenagers. Tom didn’t mind and the gentleman that he is, he never pushed any more when you told him you didnt wanna go further yet. He thought it was because you weren’t ready, you weren’t a virgin he knew that but he just assumed you weren’t ready to take that step in the relationship with him. That wouldn’t seem so odd if it wasn’t for the fact that you were ready you would’ve jumped his bones much earlier on.
The real reason which was unbeknownst to Tom in the beginning turns out to be false information, though you were yet to discover this.
You and Tom had decided it would be nice to have a date night, he had just gotten home from filming and you hadn’t seen him in a while. You went out for a fancy dinner, which meant you needed to dress quite elegant and such. You wore a gorgeous semi low-cut dark blue dress, it was mid thigh length and hugged all the right spots. That was how you ended up in the position you were, straddling Tom on the living room couch with his large hands hiking up your dress by sliding up your thighs. It’s that damn dress, Tom couldn’t keep his hands off you from the moment you left the house to go to dinner. The moment you returned home Tom had you pushed against the front door, kissing on your neck and whispering and praising how pretty you look.
“You look so radiant princess, i can't help myself” he mumbled against your neck as he was kissing along it, looking for that sensitive spot that riles you up every time. “Doesn’t help that i missed you so much, missed those beautiful little noises you make when kissing along your neck” Tom velvety voice began dropping octaves to lower he kissed. He had reached the low V cut of your dress and began kissing along the tops of cleavage.
“Tom..” you whine and accidentally allow your hips to buck forward, accidentally grinding your lace clad pussy cause the bulge in his dress pants.
“Fuck..bunny” he growled and halts his kisses to grip your hips, stilling your body so you can’t continue. “Darling, would you like to go to the bedroom?” The question rang in your ears as your face began to flush, the room's temperature seemed oddly much hotter than before. You squeak out some form of a noise and bury your face in his chest, taking in the smell of his smoky and leathery cologne you adored. “Bunny..i need consent, so could you use words please” he states as he lifts your head with a finger under your chin forcing you to look him in the eye. “you can say no baby” his voice was full of love and comfort as he lightly rubbed his thumb against your jaw. “I want to..its just” your words fall off as your body fills with embarrassment, you were scared and you didn’t know why. Your eyes fall back down, staring at Tom's belt “Darling, i need you to look at me can you do that?” You nearly immediately look back up at him, your eyes heavily glazed over and your pupils dilated. Tom could tell you did want to go further but needed you to tell him what was wrong first.
“You can tell me it’s okay baby” he gives your pouted lips a little peck, and offers a small smile for comfort as he patiently waits for your response. “It’s just that..the past times I’ve had sex in a relationship, i never was able to cum and i dont wanna dissapoint you if you dont make me cum” you explain all in one breath and nearly continued to ramble but you had to take another breath. Before you can start the sound of Tom's delightful laugh fills your ears. “I’m sorry, I’m not laughing at you princess” his laugh dies down before either of you speak again.
“Bunny” suddenly his soft smile had faded and a very serious look took over his face. “I promise you, you won't disappoint me cause I bet I could get you to cum” he states with determination which causes your core to drip in arousal. “So love, do you wanna go to the bedroom now? I need words” he repeats his earlier question with the same rule. “Yes please sir” the honorific simply slipped off your tongue before you could catch yourself, making you wanna mentally smack yourself. That was until you heard the deep growl that Tom let out as you felt him growl harder from under you and crash his lips into yours. Your eyes widen for a moment at the sudden action before closing and melting into the passionate kiss.
Tom pulls away with a smirk, making you groan. “men your age are just so eager to please themselves they paid your pleasure no mind isn’t that right bunny?” His chest vibrated with a deep and nearly mocking chuckle. You let out a nearly pathetic whine at his question and weakly nodded. “Don’t worry let sir take care of you baby” he gives your thigh a little tap instructing you to wrap your legs around him so he could pick you up. you comply being lifted from his lap and carried over to your master bedroom.
“I’m gonna take such good care of you princess dont worry, you’re gonna feel amazing” his face held a very cocky but endearing smile as he dropped you on your back onto the cotton bedding.
“Yes sir” you squeak out as you land on the bed, your eyes glued to the older man's every movement. You watch intently as his longer and slender fingers unhook his belt and unbutton his dress shirt. “Want me to unzip your dress darling or would you like too?” Your heart swelled everytime he would ask a question, you knew he loved you so much and never wanted to do something you didn’t want. “You please sir, i want you to take my dress off me” you reply while he slips his shirt off and sets it on the corner of the king bed. He discards his belt before climbing onto the bed and up to meet you.
After feeling around your back for a split second, Tom finds the closure to your garment and slowly unzips it. As he is pulling the dress off your body he leaves small pecks behind the fabric, leading him to your hips. The dress is forgotten to the end of the bed, leaving you in your lace undergarments. “Such a pretty girl princess” Tom compliments as he kisses around your thighs, eventually making it to your nearly soaked panties. “Sir please..” you whine out at his teasing kiss he leaves on your covered bundle of nerves. You reach behind your back unhooking your bra, needing it off as you wore it all through dinner and it was uncomfortable.
“Impatient already bunny?” He chuckles and slips his fingers in the waistband of the lace fabric. “I’m just getting started with you, dont let that baby brain get dumb on me just yet” his statement Is concluded with a quick and smooth slid of your panties off your body. “I think i'll make you coat my tongue before my cock, I’ve been itching to taste you” he growls before burying his face between your thighs and sliding his warm tongue through your folds.
Letting out a whimper at the sudden pleasure you thread your fingers through his curls “T-Tommy” you squeal as he begins lapping and sucking at your clit. “Not my name darling” he growls against your pussy, causing vibrations to ripple through you. “Sorry s-sir” you whine out an apology only to have Tom pull away and smack lightly at your clit. “Such a dumb little bunny, haven’t even given you my cock yet you’re gonna fall apart baby” he coos in a mocking tone, making you buck your hips and squirm. Before you can protest, his face is buried in your cunt again lapping at your clit.
An unfamiliar pressure begins to blind at the pit of your stomach. “Sir, I think I’m gonna- mhm!” Your sentence is cut short at him sucking harshly at your nearly swollen clit. “Come on bunny, cum for sir princess” Tom's encouragement pushes you over the edge, your high suddenly waving over you hard. You let out a loud whine and squeeze your thighs, accidentally trapping his head as you cum. “Good girl baby, such a good girl” Toms praises made butterflies swarm your stomach as you ride out your high, softly bucking your hips against his face.
Once you calm down and loosen your thighs Tom emerges from between your legs with a big smile. “See baby, you were just looking to the wrong guys to make you cum” he reminds you as you sigh and let out a small giggle. “So many ruined orgasms i guess” you joke and watch as tom unbuttons his dress pants sliding them off his long legs.
“Don’t worry bunny, i'll make up for them all”
“Thank you sir, can i have you inside me now” you mumble out, nearly drooling at just the sight of Tom's hard cock pressing against his boxers. “Yes you can baby, been such a good girl for me” a smirk grows on his face as Tom can now see how you react to his praise.
“You like being praised don't you darling? Such a dumb baby for me you just wanna do good for your sir dont you?” You eagerly nod in response and pull Tom in between your spread legs. “Yes, please make me cum on your cock i wanna be a good girl for you. Your good bunny” you ramble on and whine while trying to push his boxers down wanting his cock free.
“Oh darling, I’m gonna fucking turn you into my cock drunk little bunny aren’t I?” He teased and tugs his boxers off, letting his cock spring free and hit his toned stomach. His tip was red and leaking pre cum, you wanted to have him in your mouth so bad but knew you were too impatient to be fucked right now instead. Tom grabs ahold of both your ankles in one hand, pressing your thighs to your stomach. “You ready princess?” He asks in a soft voice with pride and love filled eyes. “Yes I’m ready Tom, please fuck me” you squirm and try grabbing his cock to push it inside you.
Tom shuts you down, grabbing your wrist with his free hand and pinning it to your side. He watches your face closely as he slides his throbbing cock inside you, you whimper once he bottoms out, his tip already touching your cervix. “Oh baby, fuck squeezing me already” he hisses as he allows you to adjust to his size. “Feel so good bunny, being such a good girl for me taking all of me” he sighs and leans down to kiss up the valley between your breasts, up to your face. “Ready for me to move darling?” He kisses along your jaw and peppers your face in loving kisses. “Yes please move” you groan and grip the pillow behind your head as he starts to rock his hips. “Fuck” you hiss and moan as tom begins a pace of his thrusts inside you.
Tom molds his lips over yours as he rocks his lips against yours, deep and slow. You taste the small reminder of yourself on his lips from earlier. Being already sensitive from your first orgasm made you extra responsive to his thick cock dragging across your walls. Tom relished in the feeling of you wrapped around him, he never imagined it would feel so heavenly. You smile into the kiss, completely strung out and cock drunk by this point. “Such a good girl princess, fucking milking my cock baby” Tom mumbled against your swollen lips. You couldn’t respond, you couldn’t form words as the pleasure overtaking your body was far too much. Tom pulls away to find a blissful look on your face, your pupils fully blown zero remnants of their original color. “Such a dumb bunny, too much pleasure for your little baby brain huh? Never had a man make you cum once and I’m pulling two from you princess” he teased and rubbed at your hot face. Both your body’s were full with heat and pleasure.
You clench tighter around tom if that was possible and whine in an attempt to alert him you were about to cum once again. “I know darling, come on cum for me again like a good girl” Tom urges you on, and slips a finger between your swollen and slick coated folds to rub and pinch at your clit. Almost immediately due to over sensitivity you come unraveled on his cock, cumming a second time and seemingly harder than the previous time. Tom not far behind spilling inside you with a deep growl that vibrates your connected bodies.
“Never thought orgasms could feel that good, the ones I gave myself felt so unsatisfactory still” you mumble as Tom slips out of you and lets your ankles and wrist go. “Don't worry princess but don't worry there's plenty more where those came from, gotta make up for all the orgasms those stupid other men ruined for my bunny” he chuckles and falls back on his back to catch his breath for the next round.
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youlightmeupfinn · a day ago
Drunken Gift 》 Tom Hiddleston x Reader (18+)
Tumblr media
request 1: idk if that's how it works but... can i request number 10 from the Christmas prompt list with reader (who has a established relationship with Tom Hiddleston) deepthroating Tom?
request 2: Okay, I have a request for you love. Can you do Tom Hiddleston and the prompt from your Christmas request about the “stop trying to fuck me im wrapping presents” I picture alcohol being involved like Santa may have spiked his milk 😂😂😂 (deanaddicted2)
a/n: alright! my lovely deanaddicted2, i promised i'd write prompt #10 for you also once you realized you asked the wrong prompt. i got you girlfriend 😛. which it worked out perfectly because of request #1... ooh, this was good. i hope you both enjoy!
but here is the fic for the first one! Hands to Yourself
warnings: smut; oral m!receiving
summary: When you and Tom find yourselves tipsy on Christmas Eve, you decide to give him his gift early.
Prompt #10 smut: “Merry Christmas! Let me suck your dick.”
Christmas Prompt List
main masterlist
Christmas / Holiday masterlist
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You and Tom were curled up on the couch by the fireplace, watching a random Christmas movie. You had the biggest glass of wine you could find, Tom had his hands wrapped around a glass of whiskey.
It was Christmas Eve and you two were mentally preparing for the events of tomorrow by winding down tonight.
“And are you sure we bought for everyone we were supposed to?” You asked your husband quietly, your head nuzzling against his chest as you sipped the wine diligently.
Tom chuckled. “If we haven’t, it’s too late. Tomorrow’s the big day.” He reminded you.
You sighed, shrugging your shoulders. You could easily feel yourself becoming wine drunk and you weren't complaining. Tom gripped the whiskey glass in his hand, his fingers moving to comb through your hair. Moving around, Tom watched as you suddenly started to remove your hoodie.
His blue eyes piqued with interest as you handed him your wine glass to hold, your hands tossing the article of clothing to the side.
“Hot?” He laughed gently, causing you to sigh.
“A little,” You retorted with your own cheeky look. Tom smiled. As you were about to grab your wine glass back from him, he pulled it back.
“Take your shirt off,” He whispered.
“Thomas!” You exclaimed, earning a smile to form along with his beautiful features.
“You’re the one that started taking your clothes off…” He whispered. You stared at him, trying to grab the glass from his hands, but with a drunken smile, he shook his head.
“Tommy!” You tried again. “It was just my hoodie.” You pouted. Checking the time, you saw that it was nearing midnight, meaning Christmas day would officially be here in less than five minutes.
“Let me finish my wine and I’ll give you your present early.” You suddenly said. Tom stared at you momentarily, his eyes scanning your face.
“My present?” He repeated. You licked your lips and nodded your head, wiggling your fingers for the wine glass. When Tom didn’t hand it over, you let out a small groan.
“I’ll show you my boobs if you hand over my wine.” You stated and it was quicker than lightning when the glass was placed back into your possession. Licking your lips, Tom watched as you downed the rest of the wine in the glass, his eyes widening.
Tapping his leg, you smiled. “Drink up, baby. You’re gonna need it.” You sighed.
Tom slowly brought the glass back to his lips and finished off his drink. You giggled to yourself, the two of you setting your empty glasses on the table beside you. Ripping your shirt away from your body, your husband’s breath caught in his throat at the sight of your braless chest which was revealed to him.
You both definitely had a little bit too much to drink, but that would make this a lot more fun.
Snaking your hands around the back of his head, you found yourself straddling his lips. Kissing his lips, his hands worked to grab both of your breasts. He pushed them together and massaged them in between his hands, his fingers twisting at your nipples which earned a heavy groan to release from your lips.
Grinding your hips down against his, you could feel his member quickly hardening beneath you. He was easily felt through the thin fabric of his joggers. Tom lowered his head, the strands of his hair brushing across your naked skin. Smiling, you grabbed a fistful and rolled your eyes when his tongue flicked against your swollen bud while his fingers continued to twist the opposing pebble.
Checking the time on your watch, you saw that it was midnight exactly and another string of laughter erupted from you.
“What?” Tom smirked, his warm breath fanning across your bare chest.
“Merry Christmas! Let me suck your dick.” You announced happily, taking yourself to the floor. Sitting on your knees, you pulled down his pants, his blue eyes widening with lust.
“T-That’s my gift?” He questioned softly, his breath catching in his throat. Grabbing the back of the couch for support.
You licked your lips, your mouth already watering at the sight of his length which sprung up to meet his abdomen as soon as you removed his boxers. Hungrily, you began to press kisses on the inside of Tom’s thighs, your teeth gently nipping the exposed skin. He was bracing himself, his tongue pushing out to wet his lips at the sight of you.
“Merry Christmas to me,” Tom said through a jagged breath when you took his length into your hands. Pumping him a few times, it didn’t take much to have him completely at your disposal. As your hand slipped to the bottom of his shaft, you took him into your mouth.
Slowly sliding your mouth down, it followed the trail of your hand. You brought your head back up and swirled your tongue around the tip of Tom’s length, the pre-cum seeping from his slit.
One hand was gripping the back of the couch while the other reached below to gather your hair into his hands.
“Oh darling, don’t stop,” Tom moaned. “Love having your mouth wrapped around me,” He whispered. You smiled and added more moisture to the surface, your tongue licking stripes along his shaft. His lower half shifted down, his legs spreading even wider.
Taking him all the way into your mouth, the tip of his member brushed the back of your throat. The sounds you made as you deepthroated him were ones that nearly sent him into overdrive. His face was blissfully taken over with intense pleasure, his blue orbs rolling into the back of his head.
He was grunting, his breaths hitching with each swirl of your tongue. Bringing your mouth off of his length, you smirked wildly and licked your lips. “Tommy, you taste so good baby,” You smiled at him. With the slickness you produced over his cock with your mouth, it allowed your hand to slide up and down his shaft easier.
Tom was groaning, the muscles in his next exposed from the way he was stretching it.
Wrapping your lips back around him, his chest was rising and falling with quickness, his feet bouncing as the orgasm was about to take over his body.
Adding another lick to his overly sensitive head, Tom was stuttering as he gave the warning.
“S-So close, love,” He whispered.
You giggled to yourself and nodded, pumping faster. “Choose quick, honey. Boobs or mouth?” You laughed.
Tom’s eyes widened. His gaze centered on your chest and you knew what that answer meant. As you knew he was about to release, you aimed his cock towards the center of your chest, watching as the strings leaked out onto your breasts, oozing in between. He released a heavy groan, his lips trembling.
Smiling, you threw him for a whirlwind when you gathered up the cum onto your fingers and licked them clean. Your husband stared at you in complete adoration as he blinked wildly.
“You are so sexy, Darling,” Tom announced.
You licked your lips and reached up to press your lips against his.
“Merry Christmas, lovey.” You said as you felt your chest becoming insanely sticky. “Now before we head to bed, I need to shower.” You chuckled.
Tom jumped up and stared at you. His joggers and boxers were still pooled at his feet.
“Wait for me!” He exclaimed, nearly tripping as he stepped out of them. The six-foot-two figure started to make his way forward, his length swinging with each step.
“TOM!” You laughed. He stared at you, his face twisting with a cheeky grin.
He stepped out of the clothes and followed you much more easily up the staircase.
Merry Christmas to you both.
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immersed-in-mischief · 2 months ago
Leg Day (Loki x Female Reader) 18+ Only
Warnings: heavy smut, 18+, unprotected sex, oral sex (F receiving), overstimulation, and pretty much being at the mercy of the God of Mischief! 
Tumblr media
For the first time in a while, you had the training room to yourself which was highly unusual for this time of day. After doing a few minutes on the treadmill to warm up, you had been doing a few rounds on the punching bag when you felt him watching you. In the mirror, you locked eyes with the picture of perfection leaning against the doorway.
“Hi, babe.”
Just as you stopped and removed your ear buds, Loki came over and handed you a bottle of water before wrapping his arms around your waist from behind. His lips on the side of your neck caused you to flinch and nearly choke on the swig you had just taken before letting out a laugh.
“Handsy today, are we?”
“What can I say, Darling? I love seeing you out of breath, even if it’s not my doing.”
He winked at you before reaching down to undo the wrist braces you were wearing to train in.
“I actually came to tell you that I told the others that we would join them tonight for dinner and dancing. How does that sound?”
You finished wiping the sweat from your face with the towel on your shoulder and gave him a lingering kiss.
“Sounds great. What time are we meeting them?”
“The dinner reservation is at 7, Love.”
Your head whipped over to the clock on the wall beside you before you let out a growl.
“Loki, that is in less than an hour!”
The god in front of you looked confused.
“Precisely, that is why I came to get you. There is still plenty of time though.”
With a roll of your eyes, you pushed past him to rush to the door.
“Not all of us can snap our fingers and get ready in a flash of light, Mischief. I still need to shower and shave my legs, not to mention hair and makeup. These things take time for women, Loki.”
“Then don’t shave. I don’t understand the Midgardian custom anyways. It’s just hair, Dear.”
You mumbled under your breath as you nearly sprinted down the hall to your room.
“Says the Greek God himself…”
He hated when you called him that and you knew it. In the moment though, it was worth it for the frustration he caused you sometimes.
When he followed you into your room, you stripped off your hoodie and tossed it at him, hitting him directly in the face.
“If you are truly concerned with time, I could join you in the shower and assist you if you wish…”
Striping by the laundry hamper, you let him enjoy the view before making your way into your shared bathroom.
“Cool it Lover Boy. That would be the opposite of helping and you know it. Just sit and wait like a good boyfriend. I’ll be out soon.”
With a sigh, he stretched out on your bed and pulled one of his books off your nightstand. In the few months that the two of you had been dating, his books were slowly expanding from his room into yours. The bathroom between your two rooms practically made it one big suite now that you shared a bed nearly every night. He had no idea how well your room assignments would be an advantage when you first moved into the tower. The passage between the two rooms even helped to conceal the budding relationship for as long as possible.
The sound of your “shower playlist” on the speaker in the bathroom echoed through the room and made him smile at all the times he had sat in his room and listened to your singing. After two songs, you opened the door once more giving him an incredible view of you in nothing but a towel wrapped tightly around your body. Just as he was about to return to his book, you lifted your leg up onto the vanity next to the sink. Loki had always loved how long your legs were whether in your skintight suit for missions or wrapped around his hips. This was a sight he hadn’t seen before, however. The book in his hands slowly closed and was discarded on the bed next to him. He watched as you applied the cream from the can you kept in the corner of the shower and began to drag the razor slowly up the length of your left leg. With your foot perched up in front of you into the sink, the slit in the towel gave him occasion peaks as to the treasures hidden underneath it. His eyes were locked onto your movements as you cleaned off the razor in the sink and continued making long strokes up your shin and across your knee to your thigh. It was such a simple task, but he had never seen something so sensual in his life. Loki leaned to adjust his position to get a better view and was mesmerized as you softly sang along to the song playing while staying fully concentrated to your actions. Without looking away from you, he felt around on the nightstand for his cell to send off a quick message to the group.
Just as you were finishing shaving and about to move on to blow-drying your hair, your cell phone dinged with multiple notifications, interrupting the music that was playing.
“Umm..hey Lohk? Why is the team telling me to feel better soon?”
His voice called out from his post on your bed.
“Because I told them you didn’t feel well, and we wouldn’t be able to make it tonight.”
You set the blow dryer down with a huff.
“Okay, and why would you do that after I’ve nearly finished getting ready?!”
The sultry purr was directly in your ear this time.
“When I’m finished with you pet, you will barely be able to stand, let alone dance tonight…”
A gasp escaped your lips as you locked eyes with him in the mirror in front of you. The look in the god’s eyes was dark and lustful but so full of promises. Before you had the chance to react, he spun you around in his arms to face him and lifted you up to sit on the counter. With a single fluid motion, Loki pushed between your legs and captured your lips in a passionate kiss hard enough to make you lean back against the mirror with force. Luckily, his hand gripping the back of your head cushioned the impact as his tongue intertwined with yours, causing a moan deep in your throat. He lightly grazed his teeth over your bottom lip before pulling away enough to reach up and pull the towel open. The fabric fell onto the counter around you as he slipped his hands underneath you to hoist you up towards him. Your legs locked around his waist as Loki turned and guided the two of you towards the door at the other end of the bathroom. Without breaking the kiss, he crossed the room and gently deposited you onto his silk sheets. His long fingers reached behind him to unwrap your legs before leaving a trail of kisses and bites down your neck and across your chest until he sucked and nipped at the underside of your breast. You moaned and arched your back, causing a smirk to form on his lips as they traveled to provide the other one with the same attention. The feel of him leaving his marks on your skin was the perfect amount of pleasure and pain. The long raven curls blocked your view of his face providing no warning of when his kisses would turn into bites as he traveled down your stomach and across your hips. A whine slipped when he skipped over the area you wanted him at the most.
“Patience, Darling…”
Lifting up onto your elbows, you watched as his fingertips lightly grazed down your leg until they reached your ankle, raising it up to his lips. Loki left rough kisses up your calf until he reached your thigh. He followed the same path up the other leg as well until both thighs were resting on his shoulders. The entire time he lowered his torso onto the bed between your legs, his eyes never left yours. Just as he left a love bite on your inner thigh, your head falls back. The moan that escapes increases in volume when you feel his mouth finally latch on to the spot you need him at. Your fingers tightly grip onto his hair, causing a deep groan to echo through your core. The normally perfectly placed curls are now wild and untamed, just the way you like them. When you look back down at his position between your thighs, you realize his eyes are focused on your face watching your expression. Locking eyes with him, your breathing comes out in small pants. With a wink and a perfectly timed flick of his tongue, you fall back against the pillows with a scream.  All thought processing becomes impossible as Loki sends you over the edge over and over without a break. You are vaguely aware of crying out his name like a chant as you fist the sheets until his face once again appears above you. The grin on his lips is almost sinful as he leans down to kiss just below your ear before latching onto your neck.
“Breath for me, Pet. I need you to stay awake for this. No passing out and ruining my fun like last time…”
Before you have the chance to completely regulate your breathing, he’s positioned between your legs and buries himself with one long slow thrust forcing the air from your lungs. The way his head rolls back releasing a loud groan is the sexist thing you’ve ever seen. You will never grow tired of the sight. Ever the gentleman, he restrains himself to let you adjust to him until your hand falls onto his thigh, your signal that you’re ready for him to move. The pace of his hips doesn’t stay slow for long. Feeling you already tightening around him, Loki falls forward to hold onto the top of the headboard above you to support his weight. The sound of the wood splintering under his grip is barely audible over the sounds that fill the room. Even though his face is shadowed by the curtain of black hair as he stares down at you, you can just make out the way he’s got his bottom lip tucked between his teeth to hold back his release. The vision above you is heaven and enough to force you to come undone once again with a scream. The way your locked onto him makes it impossible to hold back anymore. His hands slip from the headboard to let his body collapse onto you. Loki has you pinned against the bed beneath him with his weight supported on his forearms on either side of your face. His lips find yours for one more passionate kiss before his eyes roll back. You feel him tuck his head into the crook of your neck as the rhythm of his thrusts begin to become increasingly unsteady. With one final bite on your shoulder to muffle his cry, you feel his warmth spread deep into your abdomen.
His body slumps to the side, pulling you on top of him as he rolls onto his back. As the two of you begin to catch your breath, he gently kisses the top of your head as he grazes his fingertips down your bare back.
“Who needs dinner and dancing? This was so much better…”
You look up at him with a drunken expression as he chuckles. Loki’s hand tucks the hair behind your ear before narrowing his eyes.
“Was? Oh, I am far from done with you, Love…”
The god’s rebound time… or lack of any honestly… would always amaze you. You could feel him growing hard inside you and the next few hours were a blur of orgasms and position changes. Loki put you where he wanted you with ease as if you were a precious ragdoll. At one point, on the way back to the shower, he took you against the wall as he carried you and again on the bathroom counter while the water heated up. He made good on his promise of making sure you couldn’t stand,  which lead to him having to pin you to the back wall of the shower to keep you from falling.
After making you come undone one last time with his fingers, he turned off the water and dried the two of you off. While you got dressed, he went off in search of food from the kitchen since it was already quite late, and he had caused you to miss dinner. Absolutely spent of all energy, you laid propped up against the headboard of your bed while you finished the sandwich he had made. Loki had your legs draped across his lap as he lightly grazed the back of his fingers up your legs to your thighs and back down at a slow leisurely pace. He proudly smirked at the marks on your inner thighs before admiring the ones on your chest and neck that weren’t concealed by your camisole tank top.
“What got into you tonight, Babe? Not that I am complaining! However, one of us in fact mortal…”
Without tilting his head up, his eyes looked up at you briefly before going back to watch the path his fingertips were taking over your smooth skin.
“The little show you put on after your shower wasn’t intention, Darling?”
Show? Your mind replays through your shower to getting ready. He jumped you second you cleaned off your legs in the sink.
“Watching me shave my legs? That’s what got you so worked up tonight? Hmm”
His hand drifted up under your top as his fingers spread out across your stomach.
“The way your long, gorgeous legs were stretched out in front of you. The occasional peaks underneath your short towel. I found it extremely erotic, Pet.”
His hand once again ran down your freshly shaved legs until he laced his fingers in between your thighs, giving them a firm squeeze.
“It may not be a custom I am familiar with, but if that’s how you look doing it, it is something I can get used to. The silkiness of your skin is just a bonus.”
After the two of you finished eating, he curled up behind you and drifted off to sleep. Just before dawn, you woke up to him kissing down your neck. Loki promptly removed your pajamas and took you for another two rounds. When you emerged from your room a little while later, you found Nat and a few others already awake as they prepared breakfast. Her face lit up when she saw you step into the kitchen.
“Hey Sweetie, feeling better? We missed you guys last night.”
Remembering the text Loki had sent, you quickly covered.
“I am. I just went too hard on my work out yesterday. We’ll catch you guys next time.”
Loki pulled the chair out for you and gently kissed the top of your head before going to make you both a cup of coffee. When you sat down a little too hard, you winced at the soreness between your legs. Steve noticed the uncomfortable look on your face as you rubbed your thighs through your leggings.
“Those leg days can be killer sometimes.”
Loki set your mug down in front of you before sneaking a wink at you, hiding his smirk behind his own cup of coffee. You shook your head as a blush swept across your cheeks.
“Oh… you have no idea…”
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ohdolans · 4 months ago
yes, mr. president
Tumblr media
pairing: President!Loki x f!reader
warning: 18+ unprotected sex, office sex, oral (male receiving), slight degradation, rough sex, etc.
summary: Being a part of President Loki’s reelection campaign, you never thought that you'd get the change to be with him in his office. Alone. pre-Nexxus Event (for Pres. Loki)
words: 2.6k+
You smoothed down your skirt as you tried to hurry down the hallway. Everyone was working around you giving the feeling of chaos as everyone scrambled to finish the day's work. It seemed as Election Day drew closer and closer the office became more and more intense. You thought that it would be fun to join President Loki's campaign team as he worked for reelection.
When one of the assistants came up to your small cubicle desk and said that Loki wanted to see you in his office immediately, you felt your stomach drop. Instantly you thought that it was something bad. You'd only met the man a handful of times, and each time you were both intrigued by him and scared of him. The moment Loki walked into a room he commanded it and everyone paid attention.
Your heart raced against your chest as your mind raced through the possibilities of what he wants to see you for. You walked to the end of the hallway and stood in front of the double doors that lead into his office, two servicemen standing on either side. Showing no emotion, unmoving. You took a few deep breaths before reaching up to knock on the door. But before your knuckles could meet the wood, the door swung open and revealed the office behind it.
Slowly you stepped into the office and the door shut tightly behind you, the sound of the lock clicking cutting through the silence of the room. Leaning against the front of his desk dressed in a well-fitted suit was Loki. Your eyes scanned over his body slowly taking in every inch and detail of his tall frame. Even leaning against the desk he still loomed over you. His long dark hair was pushed back from his face, his golden horns perfectly placed upon his head and coming down along his cheekbones. Making them look sharper than they already are. You couldn't tell from the look that was on his face if he was either happy to see you, or ready to tear into you.
"Y-You wanted to see me, President Laufeyson?" You spoke, trying to come off confident as you stood in front of him.
"What is your name, darling?" His deep voice seemed to send a shiver down your spine in a moment. It was something that you never got used to. You spoke your name softly to him, a smirk coming across his lips.
Loki pushed off from the desk and took a few steps towards you. As his eyes traveled along your body you thought for a moment he could see through your clothing. See every inch of you. Your heart raced against your chest as you stood there still, Loki disappearing behind your shoulder. Soon his body pressed against your back and you were able to feel the heat of his body against yours.
"I've admired you for a while," He spoke into your ear, another shiver moving through you. Your name leaving his lips in a way that sounded sinful. "You've been with the campaign team for a while, and I've seen you standing in the background like a good little pet."
"I-I..." You turned to look over your shoulder towards him, "I'm sorry? What?"
Loki smirked and moved back around slowly till he was standing back in front of you. His tall, lean frame looming over you as the mischievous smirk seemed to spread across his face slowly.
"You'll do perfectly," Loki spoke
"P-Perfect for what? Am I in trouble?"
"Far from it," Loki turned and walked towards his desk and moved around it slowly before taking a seat in his chair. "I have an offer for you, not really an offer. But a request, pet."
"Yes, sir?"
That seemed to only cause the glint in Loki's eyes to grow more.
"Come here,"
He rose his hand slowly and used two fingers to beckon you forth. Immediately it was like your body knew the command and moved towards him. Loki kept his eyes lock on yours as you swiftly moved across his office, around the desk, and towards him. You stopped right in front of him, Loki turning his chair towards you. Slowly he parted his knees and patted the top of his thigh, cocking his brow towards you in a silent direction.
You hesitated for only a moment before moving between his thighs and taking a seat on his lap. Loki pulled you closer to him and seemed to growl slightly as your body pressed against his. You were able to be enveloped by the warm scent that came from him the moment you came closer. It drew you closer and made you feel your arousal pool between your legs. There was no denying that Loki was incredibly handsome.
His hand moved along your exposed leg as your skirt seemed to move up as you sat on his lap. Your legs seemed to slowly part for him as Loki's hands seemed to travel up slowly.
"Are you devoted to me?" Loki asked, his hand caressing your thigh slowly it was making your heart race and feeling an ache build. Your body was reacting to him intensely and it both excited and scared you.
"Of c-course, sir." You spoke with a shakiness to your voice now, moving your gaze from his hand to his face.
"And you would do anything for me? Wouldn't you?"
Slowly you nodded your head.
"Then I have an offer for you. For you to simply be mine."
That mischievous smirk was back on his face, you felt yourself clench between your legs needing some sort of relief. "Yes, mine. You would solely be here to serve me in any way that I see fit. Wouldn't a follower such as yourself love nothing more than to serve their master?"
Deep down you knew the words he spoke were true. You wanted that. To serve this man however he wanted you to.
"Your body would be mine, and whenever I want you, you would be there to offer yourself to me." His fingers teased along with the fabric, teasing your slit through it and moaning when he felt how wet you were for him. "Soaked already?"
You stammered slightly but it soon changed into a whimper as his fingers pressed against your clit and slowly teased you through your underwear.
"I can practically smell you, pet," Loki spoke with a slight growl. "How I want to taste you," You gasped softly and moaned as he pressed against you more. You spread your legs for him, your leg brushing against his hardening cock. "You would like that wouldn't you?"
He paused, "Another time. Must see first if you are worthy enough for me. Even though something tells me that you will."
Loki's hand pulled away from between your legs causing you to whimper softly from the loss.
"On your knees." You moved quickly between his thighs on the floor, kneeling before him and looking up through your lashes. "Good girl,"
Loki moved to unbuckle his trousers, pushing them down enough to free his cock. You couldn't help the small gasp that came from you as he fully came into view. You felt your mouth water at the sight of him. His larger hand wrapped around the base of his hard cock, precum slowly dripping along his length, begging for your tongue to taste him. Your hands caressed his thighs slowly as you suddenly became eager to feel the weight of his cock against your tongue.
"Do you want me?" He moaned your name at the end, making you draw your eyes back towards his face. You nodded your head and gripped tighter to his thigh slightly. "Open up."
You opened your mouth for him as he threaded his long fingers through your hair and pulled you forward. You moaned at the taste of him against your tongue, eager to please him, loving the deep moan that came from him as you wrapped your lips around his cock. Your hand replaced his at his base, stroking what couldn't fit in your mouth. Slowly you began to bob your head up and down his length, moving faster the more accustomed you came to him down your throat. He seemed to be pleased any time he heard you gag around him slightly, his hips moving up to meet with your movements.
"Yes, such a pretty thing with your lips wrapped around me," Loki moaned and gripped tighter to your hair. "Look up at me, keep those eyes on me, pet."
You moaned around him and did exactly as he asked. Watching his face as you pleased him, trying to draw out every noise you could. You wanted to please him, to be his and only his. Loki tapped into a side of you that had been sitting dormant and waiting for someone to serve.
It didn't take long before Loki was fucking your throat, holding your head down as he fucked into your throat. You could feel his cock twitch in your mouth every time he made you gag. The heady taste of his precum along with your tongue and slowly dripping from your mouth along with your saliva. He was making a mess of you, something he wanted. Loki pulled from your mouth with a gasp, a mixture of his salvia and precum dripping down along your chin and towards your chest.
His cock bobbed in front of you and you wanted nothing more than to have him back in your mouth. But instead, he stood from his chair and quickly began to remove his suit.
"Strip, slut." Loki ordered. You moved into action quickly and stripped out of your blouse and skirt, throwing them to the side along with your bra and underwear. You went to kick off your heels when he quickly stopped you. "The heels stay on."
He moved towards you and grabbed your neck before pulling you tightly to him, bending down and kissing you deeply. His tongue moved against yours before winning dominance in the kiss almost immediately. Loki could taste a bit of himself on your tongue and it turned him even more. His cock was hard and aching for you, needing to feel your pussy tight around his cock.
Loki lifted you onto his desk, spreading your legs wide for him. He bent his head down to press his tongue against your slit. You couldn't control the noise that left you the moment he sucked on your clit. You jumped slightly and rose on your elbows to look down and watch him. Loki moaned against you as his tongue worked against your slit, taking in every drop that you gave him.
"L-Loki," You moaned, wanting to reach down and pull at his long, dark curls but the horns slightly in your way.
Loki pulled back from between your legs and glared down towards you, the darkness behind his eyes that made you freeze for a moment in fear.
"What did you just call me?" He spoke, his deep voice once again pulling you in and making you afraid at the same time. "You are to call me master, or sir. Nothing else unless I permit you. Understand?"
"Yes, I-I'm sorry..." You spoke, Loki cocking his brow towards you. "Sir,"
The smirk was back, "Good girl."
You fell back against the desk and let out a wanton moan as his fingers worked against you.
"Such a perfect little pussy for me, so eager." Loki licked his lips as he watched over you. Loving how your body reacted to him. "Never have tasted anything so sweet."
You could feel the need to cum slowly start to build, your legs shaking slightly as you withered beneath him. But just as you felt yourself start to fall apart beneath him, Loki pulled away and brought his fingers to his lips and sucked on them. You wanted that image imprinted on your mind forever. There was a hunger in Loki's eyes as he stared down towards you, seeing the slight mess that he was making out of you. He wanted more. He needed more.
His hand moved down to his cock and slowly stroked it as he looked over you, seeing the same hunger he felt within himself reflect in your eyes.
"Beg for it, slut." Loki ordered, moving towards to slowly tease your slit with the head of his cock. "Beg for me to fuck you."
"Please, please sir...I need to feel you deep inside of me. Fuck me. Fuck me and make me yours."
Your hand traveled down your body slowly as you begged, teasing yourself and even wrapping your hand around him and stroking his cock slowly. Loki grabbed one of your legs and pulled you down to the edge, before placing it along his shoulder. You were opened wide for him, exactly how he wanted you.
Loki thrust into you hard and nearly with no mercy, the two of you moaning at the connection. He stretched you with ache and pain that only made you clench around him and pull him in deeper. You were dripping along his cock causing an erotic sound to come from between you both. You reached to grip something on the desk as he fucked into you. You are panting and moaning beneath him as he took full control of your body. The moans, whimpers, and growls coming from the two of you mixed with the erotic nose of your bodies moving against each other.
Loki's grip around your thigh moved down to your throat, his pace becoming more erratic and harder. Loki was lost in the feeling of you wrapped around him. It was like with every thrust you were pulling him deeper into you, pulsing and clenching around him sweetly.
"You gonna cum for me? Hmmm, gonna cum like a whore for my cock?" Loki tightened his grip on your throat.
"Y-Yes...please...please make me cum sir. Please."
"Give it to me. Scream for your master so everyone knows who's fucking you."
Your moan built louder and louder, not caring if everyone outside his office could hear you. The feeling taking over your body was too much, your entire body trembling beneath him. You were a babbling moaning mess, clearly fucked out, beneath Loki. He loved it.
Your back arched and you screamed his name as you came around him. You reached up and gripped his arm with your nails digging into his skin slightly.  Loki let himself go and spilled his cum deep inside of you, grinding his hips into you, making sure every drop was deep inside of you. You could feel him cum inside of you and that only made you cum harder.
"That is, take every drop of my cum...god, such an eager little slut." Loki panted, leaning over you and supporting himself with his hands planted on either side of you. "Mmm, this pussy is perfection."
Loki slowly pulled out and moaned as he watched his cock pull out of you, both your arousal and his cum nearly dripping off his cock. He sat back on his office chair and watched as his cum slowly dripped from your pussy. You felt like you couldn't move, every bit of energy left your body.
"Yes, you'll do perfectly." Loki sighed as he sat in the seat, you sat up and looked towards him. Mascara running down your cheeks, hair a mess and clearly fucked out of your mind.
"Now come and clean the mess you created, pet."
You eagerly dropped to your knees and between his legs, looking up to him through your lashes "Yes, Mr. President."
This is my first Loki piece, so please be kind. I hope you liked, would love to know your thoughts. 
We only got him for 50 seconds, but president Loki does something for me and I love it. 
tagged: @lokiswifesworld​
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buckysboobs · 5 months ago
Loki being mcu canonically bisexual and fluid was all the representation I ever needed and I have NEVER felt so proud and validated before this means so much to me you don't understand
Tumblr media
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spiritualchange · 4 months ago
Mr. President, Sir
president!loki laufeyson x fem!reader
summary: your much more than the President's VP
warning: 18+ minors dni, smut, cockwarming, public fingering, sir kink, oral (m receiving)
word count: 1.4k
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Tumblr media
You held onto a stack of bills Loki had to sign as you made your way towards the Oval Office. You had been with Loki since the beginning of his campaign when elected you as his VP. You were only an assistant at the office he used to work for before. You caught his eye, he became enamored with you and just had to have you.
"Mr. President, Sir." You called out knocking on the door before opening the door. "Oh, I'm sorry sir."
There were three reporters sitting on the couches and chairs while he sat at his desk. The three reporters seemed surprised to see you, you never enjoyed the public outing, you tried to stay in as much as possible. Loki had a small smirk on his face, he was excited to see you.
"It's alright dear, are those the bills?" He looked at you.
"Yes, sir." You quickly made your way towards him, setting them down in front of him, apologizing to the reporters making your way back out before Loki pulled back.
"Where do you think you're going to love?" He asked pulling you into his lap, having your back against his chest. He looked over to the reporters. "You don't mind if she stays?"
They really didn't have a choice, he was the president. "It's alright."
"Perfect then continue." He smiled, grabbing himself a pen for him and you and the two went through reading and signing the bills.
You kept your attention on the papers as Loki continued to speak with the reporters. You felt his hand slide up your knee length skirt, rubbing your skin, giving it a small squeeze every once in a while. It seemed he continued to move his hand higher and higher until he was ripping your pantyhose and playing with the waistband of your panties.
"Are you going to be a good pet for me?" He asked moving your panties to the side, his fingers ghosting over your cunt.
"Yes sir." You breathed out. He felt his smirk as two of his fingers made your way to your clit, giving little circles. You felt your face flush as you hid your whimpers.
You looked up at the reporters who didn't seem to have a clue of what was going on and continued to speak to Loki.
You let out a small whine when Loki removed his fingers, his fingers running down your slit to gather the wetness, before circling your whole, pushing two fingers in and bringing his thumb to circle your clit.
"You like that don't you, letting me play with you in front of these reporters, you're a little slut aren't you." He whispered into you, scissoring his fingers.
"Yes sir, I'm your slut." You breathed heavily.
"That's right, my slut." He added an emphasis on 'my'.
You gripped your pen tightly as you felt yourself getting close, Loki seemed to notice and continued to rub your clit a little faster, feeling how you were squeezing his fingers. You had to bring your hand up to your mouth, biting down not to make any sound as cum over fingers.
Loki pulled his fingers out, pulling back your panties, and bringing his hands up to his mouth, sucking on them.
"You taste so sweet." He whispered in your ear.
You didn't notice the reporters leave until Loki pulled you up onto the desk.
"You did so well pet, keeping quiet for me, don't you think that earns you a reward." He stood in between your legs, keeping his hands on your hip. "But you need to suck my cock, I didn't get to cum like you."
"Yes sir." You scrambled onto your knees, waiting patiently for permission.
"You always look good on your knees." His hand caressed your cheek. "Go ahead pet."
"Thank you sir." You quickly removed his belt and slacks, pulling them along with his boxers letting his cock spring out.
Using your hands first, you spit on his cock, fisting him. You started to tease him, giving little kitten licks on the tip.
"Don't tease." He grabbed your hair to force you to look at him.
"Sorry sir." You murmured before taking the tip in your mouth, before going deeper. You kept your hands on his thighs as you bobbed your head on his cock, going as far as you could before pulling away.
Loki grabbed the back of your head, pushing you farther down his cock to the point your nose was touching him. "I know you can take all of me pet."
He was a sight for Loki, you on your knees, his cock on your mouth, the spit drooling down, you looking up at him as innocent as possible, he couldn't get enough of you. He brought the pad of his thumb to wipe away your tears.
"There's no need to cry, you're doing so well love." He told you as he pushed your head back down his cock when you came up for a breath of air.
"I'm cum down that pretty throat." He told you as he grabbed ahold of his cock, fisting himself as you waited with your tongue stuck out.
He watched as the ropes of cum hit your tongue and face, you swallowing all of it, wiping the rest off of your face, before sucking on your fingers.
"What a good girl." He sat you back onto his lap, removing your pencil skirt and ripping the rest of your pantyhose leaving you in your panties. "What do you want love, it's your reward?"
"I want to ride you." You told him running your hands down his chest, playing with the end of his tie. Your eyes widened as you looked back at him when he smacked your cheek, you lifted one of your hands to your cheek to feel the sting.
"Speak up, you know that." He grasped your chin looking deep into your eyes, you slowly nodded, trying to ignore how wet your cunt was.
"I want to ride you, sir." You said clearly keeping eye contact with him. He released your chin, placing a kiss on your red cheek.
"See, it wasn't that hard." He lifted you up, pulling your panties down so you were left completely bare from the hips down. He leaned further back onto his chair, letting you talk control for a while. You slowly pushed yourself up, grabbing his cock, positioning it for you to slowly sink in.
By halfway, you started to rise up, before sinking down further, fully positioning yourself on his cock, rocking hips back and forth.
"You're so big sir." You breathed out, grabbing the arm chairs to steady yourself.
"Yeah." He smirked. "Is my little pet going to fuck herself on my big cock."
"Yes." You moaned, starting to slowly bounce, trying to find a perfect rhythm. Loki leaned back up towards you to unbutton your blouse, groping your breasts through your thin bralette.
You shuttered when you felt his mouth on your nipple, his tongue doing wonders. Licking, sucking, swirling over your nipple, occasionally biting them, giving equal attention to your other nipple.
He continued to toy with your nipples as he heard the sound of your skins slapping against each other as you progressed to fuck yourself faster.
"Sir, I'm going to-ahh." You spoke, not being able to comprehend the rest of it as you felt the knot in your stomach release sending you over the edge. You collapsed into Loki's chest, regaining your breath.
"My sweet girl." He praised caressing your head, kissing the crown of your head as you recovered. Loki had never been that affectionate, not even in private, you always craved it, soaking it in whenever he became soft for you.
You came face to face with Loki again with a crooked smile on yourself, still on his cock.
"Come on, pet, let's get you off." He tried to grab your waist before you grabbed his wrist.
"No, I want to stay, please." You pouted. It wasn't the first time the two of your cockwarmed, it was a more intimate moment between the two of you which you always loved. He looked at you trying to persuade you to get off but he could never say no to you which such a face.
"Alright." He kissed the corner of your mouth. You smiled, wrapping your arms around his shoulders, resting your head on the crook on his shoulder.
Loki wrapped an arm around your waist to get a tightening grip on you as he continued to sort through the papers on his desk.
"I love you, sweet girl." He whispered in your ear when he heard your breath becoming slightly more heavy, your eyes shut.
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starlightrogers · 5 months ago
Pairing: Tom Hiddleston x Reader
Word count: 2k+ words
Summary: Tom helps you out when you can't fall asleep
Warnings: rpf, pwp, sleepy oral (f receiving), soft!Tom, a lot of praise, cockwarming, daddy kink, 18+ only
A/N: I've never written for tom before but this concept came to me and I just had to write it. Hope you all enjoy
Tumblr media
It felt like hours that you've been tossing and turning in bed, trying to find the spot that would send you off into dreamland, but to no avail. Usually you had no issues with sleep, so rare times like this when sleep felt impossible were irritating to say the least. You were more than frustrated, and a little upset at the fact that you knew you would be exhausted the next day if you couldn't get to sleep soon.
Soft snores resonating from the spot in the bed next to you made you almost jealous. Tom was in a deep sleep, and you wished you could just curl into his and join him in his peaceful slumber. But as you turn around to face away from him, involuntarily sighing loudly when the position overs you no extra comfort or feelings of sleepiness, he slowly begins to stir.
"What is it kitten?" his voice is raspy as he wakes from sleep, his arm moving to wrap around you reassuringly.
"Can't seem to get tired," you lean into his touch, "sorry I woke you baby."
"Don't apologize, you know I want to know when my best girl needs me," the nickname sends warmth flooding through your tummy as you clench your thighs together instinctually, "Now, is there anything I can do to help you get sleepy?"
He knows exactly what he's doing. Even half-asleep, he knows just what you need and just how to give it to you.
You whimper as his hand wanders lower and lower until his fingertips rest over the waistband of your panties, almost seeming to taunt you with the possibility of his hand disappearing into your panties. You know that he won't do anything unless you tell him to, but it's almost impossible to respond to his question when he has you so overwhelmed already.
"Please," you whisper, giggling when he leans in to brush his lips over the delicate skin of your neck, pressing kisses to every part of you he can reach, wanting to memorize every inch of your body like it was his own, "I don't think this is gonna make me tired."
"Are you saying I can't tire you out?" he responds with a chuckle, tilting your face until your gaze meets his and he presses a soft kiss to your lips, "I have an idea that might work, do you trust me?"
"Yes," you gasp as his fingers finally slip beneath the band of your panties, two of his fingers delicately collecting your wetness before moving to rub soft, gentle circles on your clit that make you desperate for more, "More, please Tom."
"Shh, kitten, just gotta trust me, okay?" he coos in your ear, his voice calming to your senses and you lean further back into him, chasing the comfort he gives you in his embrace, "How're you feeling kitten?"
"Still not tired," you sound a little frustrated, and that just won't do for Tom. He knows that there's no way you're getting to sleep if you're not relaxed. He gently maneuvers you so you're lying flat on your back, moving to hover over you until your lips are just barely brushing against his.
"You wanna keep going?" he asks softly, his fingers coming up to caress your cheek soothingly. He smiles softly when you gasp out a needy 'yes', pressing a soft kiss to your lips in response, "Okay, pretty girl. Gonna get you all nice and relaxed. You just sit back and let me do all the work, okay?"
You nod, your brain completely turned to mush with how sweet and gentle he's being, treating you like an absolute goddess as he tenderly caresses every inch of your body. His slow worship of your body continues as he kisses his way down your torso, winking at you cheekily before pulling the sheets over his head and disappearing from view.
It's odd, not being able to see him as he laces his fingers through the waistband of your panties and gently guides them down your legs. Your so used to seeing every action he makes, watching the way he devours your pussy like he's a starving man. But it's nice like this, to not know his next move. To be completely surrendered to his touch as he hooks your legs over his shoulders to bury his face in your pussy. It feels intimate to know that the only thing he can see is your pussy, soaked with your need for him, and the thought had your hips moving of their own accord before his mouth has even touched you.
"None of that kitten," he warns gently, pulling back the sheets momentarily to make sure you hear him, "I just want you to get nice and relaxed and let me make you feel good, understood?"
You nod in response, whimpering loudly as he disappears back under the covers, and you feel two hands grip your hips gently as a reminder to stay still for him.
You moan softly when you feel his tongue dart out to lick a slow stripe from your entrance to your clit, wetness pooling in your core when you hear him groan at the taste of you. This was one of Tom's favourite things. Having you underneath him, his tongue deep inside your cunt drawing orgasm after orgasm from your insatiable body. He loves being between your thighs, worshipping your body like you truly deserve. He especially loves moments like this where he can just take it slow. Lazy kisses meet your most intimate parts and you struggling to stay in place for him as your hips beg to move of their own accord. But your ability to stay still is quickly rewarded as Tom finally licks a slow circle around your clit.
"Tom!" you gasp, head flying back against the pillows as he sucks your bud into his mouth. But as soon as the feeling of pleasure is there, it's gone, leaving you whining loudly at the loss.
"Nope, little one," he speaks against the soft skin of your thigh before kissing the skin there. This time you're the one to pull the sheets back, desperate to have him touch you again and he chuckles at the needy look in your eyes, "What's my name?"
Oh, he was going to be the death of you.
"D-daddy," you manage to whimper out, his hum of approval letting you know that he's pleased with you as his lips return to your core.
"You're such a good girl for me, you know that?" he moans against you, his tongue circling your clit in slow, strong circles that have your thighs trembling against his shoulders, "Such a fucking good girl, letting daddy taste this little pussy."
It feels so good, almost too good as he takes you apart in every way he knows you crave. He alternates between lapping at your clit and sucking the sensitive bundle of nerves between his lips, maintaining a slow pace that builds you up slowly. You can't speak, can't think, can't feel anything but him and the feeling of his mouth on you. You can feel your release coming, burning like a fire in the pit of your belly. You try to form the words to ask for release, but nothing comes out of your mouth other than desperate moans of his name and various expletives.
Tom can sense by the frantic look in your eyes as you look down at him that your close. You don't even need to tell him. The way your thighs are shaking and your moans becoming louder are enough proof that you're on the edge without you having to say anything.
"You wanna cum, kitten?" he asks, removing his mouth from you for one moment to see your reaction to him bringing two fingers down to plunge into your soaked entrance, smirking proudly when your back bows off the bed with a strangled sob of his name. He knows you like to be full when you cum, that you like to have something to clench on when you're thrown over the edge. He presses a few teasing kisses your your clit, curling his fingers inside you until he hits the special spot that has you seeing stars, "I want you to cum for me. Be a good girl and cum all over my fingers."
He doubles his efforts, and when he takes your clit between his lips and sucks gently you know you're a goner. You shatter in his arms, your release gushing out of you and coating him in fresh wetness, making him groan at the intensity of the orgasm he's pulled from your body. You weren't sure who got more pleasure from moments like these, you or him. He left you soaring through the bliss of euphoria, yet the privilege to take you apart and watch you cum for him was the same as the strongest orgasm he could ever have. He enjoyed every minute of making you feel good, and he cherished these moments when he knew you had cum so hard because of him.
His fingers and mouth slowly cease their movements, withdrawing from your sensitive pussy before overstimulation can set in and cause the feeling to become painful.
"How're you feeling now, little one?" he asks as he kisses his way back up to your lips, letting you taste yourself in his kiss as you catch your breath after your intense orgasm.
"Tired," you giggle, leaning up to kiss him softly, wanting to have him as close to you as possible, "Thank you, daddy."
"Anything for my girl," he kisses your forehead, gently leaning his weight on you as you pull him into you, just the way he knows you like. You loved having him on top of you like this, sometimes you would sleep like this, with his body cocooning yours, pinning you to the bed and making you feel so safe and cherished and loved. But tonight as he lay between your thighs, the ache in your core stopped you from fully enjoying his weight on you, something that he seems to notice almost instantly, "What's wrong, little one?"
"It's gonna sound silly," you avert your gaze, only looking back at him when Tom hooks a finger under your chin to bring your eyes back to meet his soft stare. You knew it was safe to tell him anything you were feeling, so you told him, "I just wanna feel full."
"Aw baby, no need to be embarrassed about that," he kisses your cheeks affectionately, "You just need daddy's cock, hm? You want me to stuff you full?"
You whimper and nod, watching with bated breath as he slowly kicks his pajama bottoms off his legs, leaving both of you entirely bare. Slowly, he brings his cock to your soaking entrance, already painfully hard from taking you apart. His forehead rests gently against your own as he pushes forward, watching your fact for any sign of discomfort as he bottoms out.
The feeling of being full with him is exactly what you needed, but you couldn't help but let out a desperate whine when he went just a little bit too long without moving, trying to grind your hips against him only to become more frustrated when he uses his hips to pin yours to the bed so you can't move.
"Shh baby girl, just wanna try something new, is that okay?" he waits for you to respond with a needy, whispered little 'yes' before gently kissing you, doing everything in his ability to make you feel nice and comfortable in his arms, "Good girl, why don't you try and get some sleep now. Daddy's gonna keep his cock inside you so you can feel nice and full while you sleep."
It did feel nice to have him resting inside you. It feels soothing, relaxing, to be this close to him and have him so deep inside you that you could feel him in your stomach. You had to admit, with his cock balls deep in your pussy, you were finally starting to feel drowsy, and you were so grateful to finally be approaching sleep.
"What's your safeword, kitten?" he asks softly as he notices you starting to drift off.
"Strawberry." you answer immediately, smiling softly when he kisses your lips sweetly.
"Good girl," his praise warms you from the inside out, making you clench around him involuntarily, and you hear his sharp hiss at the stimulation, "If it gets too much during the night and you need me to make you feel good or you need to stop you wake me and say our word, promise?"
"I promise, daddy." you relax fully into him, wrapping your arms around his body making sure he stays as close to you as physically possible.
"Good night, little one." Tom coos gently, his own eyelids growing heavy from being woken from a deep sleep in the middle of the night.
"Good night, daddy." you whisper, sleep finally coming to you as your breathing evens out and you fall asleep curled up in Tom's arms, feeling so safe and cozy wrapped up with him so intimately.
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peterbarnes · 5 months ago
Maybe Chapter 1
Summary: You work at the TVA as an analyst. Every day is the same- boring case after boring case- but your entire life changes one day when a new variant shows up
Word Count: 1.2k
A/N: Reposting this b/c last time it didn’t end up in any of the tags and it flopped. Here’s to hoping my account won’t glitch again 🥂
Series Masterlist
Tumblr media
The TVA halls were always eerily quiet. You used to be uncomfortable making your way through them, constantly looking behind your shoulder. But after being in the agency for- god, you don’t even know how long- it didn’t seem to bother you anymore. At least it didn’t now, as you ran through them, desperately trying to hold onto the piles of documents in your hands.
You didn’t expect to have such a prominent variant case come by you today until Hunter B-15 stormed into your office in full armor.
“Mobius is trying to reason with the variant. Get in there and fix it,” she said, slamming the pile of documents on your desk before turning around and leaving.
“Well, uh, okay then.”
You picked up the documents in front of you, carefully skimming through them before stopping at the first image you saw. It was of a lean man with smooth, pale skin and dark hair that flowed down right above his shoulders. His eyes, however, were what made you stop reading. They had a certain mischievous glint in them, almost a sparkle, even with the somewhat uncertain look on his face.
“No way,” you whispered as you scanned over his face again. “What the hell is the God of Mischief doing here?”
You’ve never run to see a variant before, but you had to see this. Once you reached Mobius’ office, you were completely out of breath, leaning on the pale beige wall beside you. You went to open the door and walk in, but stopped as you heard muffled voices.
“And then the Dark Elves attack the palace, and you think you send them to Thor. But instead, you lead them right to her.”
“I don’t believe you. You’re lying. It’s not true.”
“It is true. That’s the proper flow of time! And it happens again, again, and again because it’s supposed to, because it has to.”
“Where is she?!”
You took a step back from the doors to where you can’t hear, letting out a breath you didn’t know you were holding. You could easily tell Mobius’ voice, it was strong and firm. But the other… you’d never heard a voice that tortured before. It was almost reminiscent of a scared child.
You stepped back towards the door, putting your ear on it.
“You weren’t born to be a king, Loki. You were born to cause pain and suffering and death. That’s how it is, that’s how it was, that’s how it will be.”
“I thought I told you to get in there!” A voice booms from behind you.
You jump, quickly turning around to find B-15 behind you, a stern look on her face.
“S-Sorry, I was about to, I just got distracted-” you squeaked out.
“Move,” she said. You quickly stepped to the side, as she threw open the doors and barged into the room.
“What are you doing?” You heard her say as you peaked into the room behind her.
You’ve seen interrogation rooms plenty of times before, but you’ve never seen a hologram of the Avengers blown up in the middle of it. How do they always look so cool?
“My job. Is it yours to interrupt?” Mobius shot back, eyes glancing to your position by the door. “Oh hey, [Y/N], you working for her department now?”
You snapped out of your thoughts, turning back towards the three of them. And, for the first time since you got there, Loki looked at you, light eyes boring into your own. His expression was stone cold and unreadable, the scared child you’d heard in his voice nowhere to be seen.
“I, um, no, I just wanted to, uh, check out the var- situation. I wanted to check out the situation.” Your words just tumbled out with no coherency, causing heat to rush to your face. Your eyes dropped to the floor quickly, so you didn’t see Loki’s eyebrows slightly raise as he watched you.
“Anyway,” B-15 grumbled, rolling her eyes. “We have a situation.”
“There’s always a situation,” Mobius sighed, before turning to you. “Watch him.”
“Yes, sir,” you said back, giving him a weak salute.
You stepped further into the larger room as Mobius and B-15 made their ways out, the door slamming behind them.
“And who are you?” Loki questioned, crossing his arms.
“Oh,” you let out, surprised he actually talked to you. “I’m [Y/N]. I help Mobius with dangerous variants, but I’m not a field agent, I mostly research sequence violations and do paperwork.”
“Hmm,” he huffed.
There was a long, uncomfortable silence between the two of you. It thickened the air. You wanted to say something, but you didn’t know exactly how to go about a conversation with someone who wasn’t a co-worker.
“Y-You know, I heard what he said to you… about your mom.” You saw his shoulders tense and his face grimace. Okay, [Y/N], maybe not the best first impression. “He didn’t really mean it, though. He’s a nice person, but he’s also a trained agent. If you want answers, the best way to get them is by sparking an emotional reaction. It’s one of the first techniques agents are taught here”
Loki’s brows furrowed as he took in your words.
“That makes sense, I guess,” he said, shrugging. But he still looked incredibly uncomfortable, his arms crossed as if to protect himself as he scanned the unfamiliar room for an escape.
You sighed, walking over to the red chairs and taking a seat right beside him. His eyes no longer had the mischievous glint you saw in the photo- they looked haunted.
“There’s no point in looking for some sort of escape, you’re not gonna find one.”
His eyes snapped towards yours, glaring at you.
“We’ll see about that,” he scoffed. “And when I escape, I’m going to burn this place to the ground.”
“Oh, please, will you stop with all that conquering shit? Just because your life isn’t what you thought it was, doesn’t mean you don’t have a glorious purpose,” you told him, badly emulating his accent towards the end.
“Don’t mock me.” He tried to say intimidatingly, but there was no malice behind it. Instead, he ended up letting out a breathy chuckle.
“You had people that loved you,” you said softly. “I think that’s one of the best things time can give. But I don’t think that’ll ever happen for me here.”
Loki’s eyes trailed over your face, fully taking you in for the first time. He spent a good moment looking at you, at the longing expression on your face.
“How long have you been here?” He asked, his voice matching your softness.
“Too long,” you laughed before rubbing your eyes. “ It could be hundreds of years, thousands? Or maybe even a week, who knows. Time works so differently here”
There was a long beat before he responded. “I’m sure you’ll find someone.”
You smiled at him and you swore you could see the corners of his lips slightly lift.
“If it helps,” Loki started, his voice rising again to its previous grandiose state. “It looks like I’ll be here for a while…” He trailed off, his tone now playful.
You couldn’t help but let out a light laugh at his words. His smirk turned into a full-blown grin at the sound. He couldn’t help but think that he’d happily listen to it for the rest of eternity, even if he had to stay in this hideous beige jumpsuit.
“Maybe, Loki. Maybe.”
Part 2
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angelkhi-reclibrary · 3 months ago
Trick the Trickster L.L
Pairing: Loki x Reader
Summary: Betrayed by the TVA you find yourself on the run with two deadly variants. Forced to bunk with the god of mischief, you find out just how mischievous he is.
Warnings: SMUT, 18+ minors dni, just some downright nasty shit I suppose? cuddlefucking? Some possessiveness, p in v, degrading, dumbification, dirty talk?, Loki spoilers, Slyvie, a bit sad for one second, a bit of a fluffy ending I suppose?
Word count: 1.9k
A little note: Hey, just wanted to drop this here. Started off as an idea after I watched ep 3 of Loki many weeks ago and I’ve just found it in me to finish it so I hope you enjoy it, it’s 1:30am so I’ve proof read this with tired eyes sorry for any mistakes! I also wanted to add a massive thank you for the love on my last post, it’s really uplifting and although I don’t post as frequently as other blogs do, I really appreciate it so thank you from the bottoms of my heart <3
Gif credits @lokitvsource
Tumblr media
Sylvie and Loki cut through last of the TVA agents, incinerating them to nothing with their own batons. A small part of you laments quietly for your fellow agents as you watch them turn into nothing, not even a spec of dust, but the way they broke your trust, your freedom, has you silently laughing in their nonexistent faces. Loki grabs your arm, practically dragging you along into a sprint, no time for careful footing across the unfamiliar terrain. Lamentis. At least that's what Sylvie had called it when the three of you fell blindly through the portal, however long ago. The pair run at breakneck speed, Loki's grip on your elbow never faltering, even in the exposing, open rocky plain, even as he sends Sylvie to scout the small cave whilst he mutters something about "lesser variant" and "more expandable". No, Loki keeps his hand firmly around your elbow, though you can't quite decide if it's to for your safety or his security.
You don’t dare break the silence between the two of you, almost sprinting forward when Sylvie proclaims that the cave is safe. In fact you would’ve, if the god of mischief hadn’t blocked your path the second you set one foot in front of the other, that protective hand sliding down to your hip holding you in place.
“Follow me.” A command soft and deadly.
You stalk quietly behind him, knowing better than to argue against him, knowing that your voice would fail you if you tried. So you stay silent and compliant, playing the role of the damsel in distress. Or maybe it’s not a role, maybe it’s who you are for you do not know. Your whole existence, your entire purpose was a lie and that somehow manages to scare you more than sleeping in a cave with these deadly variants. More than being on the run from the very organisation that disintegrated a man for a miss word.
A hand flies up over his shoulder, a command to pause, to let him scout ahead and remain in charge. Sylvie scoffs and mumbles a polite “prick” under her breath, smiling sarcastically when he turns back around. He scouts onwards, out of sight for a few seconds and returns to where he’d left the two of you.
"Sylvie's taking first watch,” He smiles at the variant, though it’s less than friendly much like her colourful response.
Once again his hand finds you in the darkness, settling on your lower back this time, and you wonder if its to calm himself rather than you.
“Try and get some sleep." A small ball of light appears in his palm and floats off into the air, acting as a tiny floating lamp in the vast sea of darkness. He nods towards the bedrolls he’d conjured from the stagnant air and you move towards them.
"What if the planet blows up from the inside out whilst we're sleeping?" The words bounce and echo off of the walls of solid rock, as does the scuff of your shoes as you sit on the thin blanket.
"She may be a lesser variant, but Sylvie knows these apocalypses like the back of her, my, our, hand. We’re safe for now. Sleep."
A nod is all you offer in return before you lay down, teetering on the edge of exhaustion yet kept wide awake by the fear curling around your neck as if to remind you that even in rest, you’re chased by death.
The uneven, uncomfortable ground seems to grow softer benaeath you, the bright flash of Loki's magic poorly concealed as he lays some feet away, unbothered by your presence.
You fold your arms in an attempt to preserve what little heat your body gave off, your teeth chattering quietly.
"What is it now?" Of course he’d heard your teeth chattering from so far away, maybe Sylvie was right, he is a prick.
"It's a little cold."
"What are you talking about? It's perfectly fine." But of course Loki couldn't feel the cold, his Jotun blood running cold every hour of every day.
Maybe he realises that, or is bluffing, either way a little while later his clothes rustle as he moves about, stills for a moment and shuffles once more until he's close enough to touch you.
"What are you doing?" You ask, “Loki?”
"Shush." He commands, shuffling even closer still. He's surprisingly warm and ridiculously close as he wraps himself around you, his much taller body enveloping your short frame. His warmth pulses around you, easing the chill from your bones ever so slightly, an so you shuffle about trying to find some comfort on the damned cave floor.
"Stop moving."
"Can't help it, m'still cold and uncomfortable.” Your frustration is evident when your voice raises a little in volume, a sudden realisation that the god behind you could snap his fingers, and end your life in less than a second soon has you quieting down quickly. Loki is silent for a few heartbeats before he speaks.
"Do you trust me?"
The answer was obvious, he's the god of mischief for heavens sake, so why did some small part of you want to say yes?
"Of course not, Laufeyson." You reply.
"Good." His hand snakes down from its position on your stomach in a slow, possibly even cautious movement, the thin shirt and slacks doing little to avoid a fire from igniting in their path. Seconds later he pops open the button on your trousers and comes to an abrupt stop.
"Need to hear you say it sweetheart," Loki’s voice is quiet and hot against the shell of your ear. The hard press of his toned abdomen is firmly pressed against your back, his hips still, the curve of his dick brushing against you.
"Please Loki..."
“Please what, dove?” You can hear the smile in his voice as he waits, taunting you with his proximity.
“Touch me.”
“Touch you? Here? Does that satisfy your needs?" His hand slithers back upwards, resting on your lower abdomen possessively, but you enjoy it. You enjoy his every touch.
“Hmm, how about her little dove? Is this where you want me?” Loki’s hand is on the move once more, down, down into your panties.
You nod against his shoulder, grinding yourself onto his delicately working hands. Loki pauses, only for a moment, to remove your trousers and once again he’s touching you.
He’s gentle with his movements, alternating between circling your clit and your hole, begging for him to enter. He grinds himself against you as he pushes his two fingers in, long and slender brushing against all the right places. He pulls moan after moan from your body, simply with his hands and my god you’re so close to begging for him to never stop.
"For someone who's so cold, your pussy sure feels warm." He talks pure filth into your ear, feeling the way your pussy clenches around his fingers at the words he speaks so freely.
He shifts once more removing his fingers much to your distaste, his trousers coming down quickly. Loki pumps himself a few times, massaging the head of his cock against your dripping folds, pushing into your weeping hole and pulling away a few times until he’s thrusting into you, stretching you open even more.
"Gonna let me in, hmm? Gonna let me into this tight little cunt?" Loki pushes himself into you until he’s fully sheathed, groaning quietly as he waits completely still adjusting to the feel of your pussy hugging him.
Loki’s first few movements are slow and cautious, for being fucked by man is one thing, but by a god? He didn’t want to push you, until you start grinding your hips pushing for him to let lose. He picks up his speed with the next thrust, and the next, until he’s fucking you at a brutal pace.
His thrusts are calculated, each one deeper than the rest, the tip of his cock bruising your cervix, blurring the lines between pain and pleasure. It’s almost all too much and yet you want more, he’s fucking you relentlessly; until he’s not. Until he’s completely still, and in that moment you would’ve done anything he asked. You try take matters into your own hands, grinding yourself against his cock and he chuckles.
"God you're pathetic, pushing back onto me like a bitch in heat." A tease through and through, truly the god of mischief as he remains stationary for a few more long seconds. Then he moves so hard, so fast your eyes roll and your toes curl.
"Look at you, half way to ruined by your prisoner,"
"Oh god, fuck." Is all you can string together in the heat of the pleasure.
"That's right dove, you're being fucked by a god, how does it feel." His fingers grip at your jaw with little mercy as he claims your mouth, swallowing every moan, his tongue caressing your own, you were his and he was taking you. Taking you in and then taking you apart, by any means necessary.
Your legs tremble as invisible hands stroke your clit with such a speed, you’re unsure if you can hold off of the looming orgasm as Loki uses you. His fuck toy, that’s all you are. And he was going to ensure that he used you properly, to his satisfaction and your own.
“Please, My King, let me cum please. Need it so bad.” As if something snapped within him, Loki’s thrusts falter before his hips are driving into with a new found enthusiasm.
“Say it again.”
“My king,” You mumble, “My King, please.”
“Again.” Your core turns molten at the soft gravel in his voice, that command. A perfect, wet and hot hole for him. For your king.
“My king I-”
“Beg for it.”
“Please, Loki I need to cum, fill me up My King, make me yours.” The voice does not sound like your own as you being to make promises to him, promises he’d make sure you withstood.
“Cum for me little dove, give it all to me.”
His hand slides under your leg, lifting it into the air, sliding home that little bit deeper, each thrust better than the last until he’s moaning your name, like a prayer. A god moaning your name.
The sound pushes you over the edge and your body becomes a shaking, crying mess, the aftershocks reverberating through your body as he uses your cunt to fuck himself to an orgasm, fucking you through yours.
His hips slow as he cums deep inside of you, releasing his seed against your cervix making sure to fuck it into you so deep it didn’t dare come back out.
Your breath isn’t your own anymore, your body, you barely hold onto that little piece of your mind but you’d give it all to him in a heartbeat.
He pulls out of you with a groan, and you whimper at the emptiness. Missing the feel of him inside you, how completely full you felt when he thrusted into you just moments before.
Loki kisses you once more, though it’s tender, a silent “thank you” and “are you okay?” But you were beyond okay, you feel as if you’re floating, as if you’d tasted the starts on his lips, you’d felt his hands and mouth on you in ways that many would die for.
As you lay there on the cusp of slumber, too tired to form a coherent sentence, warmth washes over you like an imaginary blanket tucked over your shoulders. Loki’s smile is beyond mischievous and you make a silent pact with yourself, as your eyes are closing finally giving into the fatigue, to one day trick the trickster.
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