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#tom hiddleston x reader
zemosimp05 · 2 days ago
Spell Gone Wrong
Loki x Witch Y/N | Pure fluff ಥ◡ಥ
Summery: To get him out of the possession of mind stone Y/N casts a spell on the Asgardian Raven Prince, which goes terribly wrong. Atleast that's what she thought.
A/N: I'm a shit writer so read at your own risk *mic drops* also forgive me for any grammatical errors.Reblogs / likes/ comments are highly encouraging and appreciated .
Word count: 2.6k
Tumblr media
It was almost middle of the night you came back from you little adventure of book hunt. The books were way to heavy to carry all the way to the 5th floor of your so called apartment. The elevator was out of order so you had to climb all the way through stairs. You placed them down with a loud thud so that you could unlock the door. You do had powers but that didn’t allow you to move things, so you had to carry the books.
You were about to unlock the door suddenly noticed the lock was broken and some noise was coming from inside. Some one was here. You immediately get into a defensive mode before slowly opening the door. But what you saw on your couch you got totally astonished.
“Thor?” You asked totally astonished. He was bit bruised, fully armoured eating the ice cream you saved for yourself, while watching some random kids show on the tv. But what caught your attention was the shining blue cube on the tea table before him. Jane was one of your friend back in Manhattan, and you met Thor once in your life time then before you moved to a different country.
“Oh hello lady Y/N…” Thor’s eyes lit up seeing you.
“What are you doing here…specifically on earth…? And is that…?” You asked completely forgetting about the books you had to bring inside.
“Well just laying low…and yes that’s tesseract..” he shrugged eating.
“Laying low? From what? And why didn’t you went to Jane’s place?”
“We’re not in best terms you know…”
“Ok…and …How…how did you find me…?” You asked looking around if he had touched anything else in your apartment. Being a wizard your apartment was full of crazy things, dangerous things even and also books, lots of books.
“Tony gave your address…” he shrugged. Damn it Stark. You’re beyond tired to question him what he was doing here so you sighed softly before walking into the bedroom and yelped seeing a sleepy figure on your bed. He looked like an wounded angel , sleeping so peacefully.
“Tho-Thor???” You yelled. This man wasn’t sleeping at all as he didn’t move a single muscle from your yelling.
“There’s a man in my bed…WHY there’s a man in my bed…?” You yelled as Thor walked in the room.
“Oh I knocked him up…” he said making your eyes wide.
“Oh no…he’s my brother…I knocked him unconscious in a fight…” Thor corrected himself.
“You have a brother?” You asked turning to the sleepy figure on your bed.
“Adopted or not he’s still yours brother…” you said.
“Yeah …”
“So he’s a god too?” You asked again.
“Oh yes. God of mischief…Loki Odinson…” Thor said making you surprise again.
“God of Mischief? How? He looks like an angel…” the words came out of your mouth before you could stop it.
“Oh don’t let his looks fool you he’s a devil in disguise…” Thor said narrowing his eyes.
“Okay why he’s here…?” You asked again in confusion.
“You didn’t see the news? He tried to invade the earth…” Thor said astonished.
“He did what? That’s so evil…” You said totally in disbelief. Were you that involved in your own world of magic that you had no clue that someone tried to invade the Earth!!!
“Well he’s in control of the mind stone…and I need your help to fix him…”
“I need you to fi-”
“And how the hell I’m supposed to do that? My powers has nothing to do with infinity stones…” you huffed walking back to your living room and Thor following behind.
“Please…you are a witch…do something…anything…I can’t take him back to Asgard like this…”
“Why not?”
“I just can’t…”
“Well I don’t know how to fix a effect of mind stone…” you said spacing around.
“He’s mind is been invaded with greed and hate…”
“Then put some love in it…” you said without even thinking.
“Can you do that?”
“Do what?” You stopped in your tracks.
“Cast a love spell on him maybe…can you do that…?” Thor asked. He was a dumbass but he didn’t know you’re also one. This was a worse idea.
“Well…I…never had …used it on someone…” You said.
“Please Y/N…I have no where to go…” he pleaded and you being soft hearted you couldn’t deny him.
“Let me see…” you said finally.
“Oh thank you…you’re the best…I’ll pick him up by tomorrow…”
“Wait! You gonna leave him here…?No Way…he tried to invade the earth..what if he hurts me too?” you protested.
“Oh you will be fine…My brother isn’t that evil at all…and you can knock him down with spells if he pulls any further tricks …I have to return before sunrise….I promise I’ll pick him by next sunrise…” he said glancing at the wall clock, before picking the tesseract. Despite of your complaining he left his brother and you’re beyond terrified about a man, well a literal god sleeping in your bed. You walked back to your bedroom and stood there for good ten minutes thinking about what to do while looking at Loki.
He’s so beautiful and looked so calm. You sighed softly before taking the blanket to drape it over him securely, then walked back to your living room.
“Okay…let’s see…how to fix you odinson…” you huffed once again flipping through some pages of a book finding a spell.
“Huh…this should work…” you mumbled in the air looking at the love spell not even reading the whole thing before walking into your bedroom again. You carefully got in the bed next to Loki. You placed your hand on his forehead and he felt oddly cold.
“Oh dear …is he dead…?” You mumbled panicking. Then checked his pulse. Not dead yet.
“Okay you clumsy witch…focus…” you took a deep breath before placing your hand against his forehead again before summoning you powers and casting the spell on him.
It was hours later next day Loki woke up. And the first thing he noticed he was in a strangers bed. He observed the room carefully. Way too many books, it felt like he was sleeping in a library or something. Where was he? What’s this place? Was he still on earth?
He groaned softly trying to remember some scattered memories of him falling from Bifrost , meeting some weird people, coming to earth. The sound of glass breaking followed by a soft feminine voice cursing made him startled out of his thoughts.
He got up, slowly walking out of the room and suddenly his breath hitched seeing you. The soft gasp left from his lips as if he had seen the most beautiful creature in the nine realm. He was literally stunned seeing you.
“Oh you’re awake finally…” you looked up from you desk, you were making some potion.
“Since you slept whole morning…You must be hungry I made lunch for…” you stopped as he was just standing there looking like a lost puppy.
“Loki? You okay?” You asked bit worriedly this time. Oh so you knew who was he …the thought to himself.
“Where am I ? And who are you?” He said as calmly as possible. His heart rate had escalated and for the first time in a while he didn’t really know how he was feeling. Was he dead? Were you any angel of Valhalla?
“Am I dead?” He asked again looking around.
“Umm you’re still on earth…definitely not dead…. I’m Y/N…and Thor left you here as you-”
“Have we met before?” He asked cutting you. He couldn’t tore his gaze of you. How can you be so alluring! Was his mind playing tricks?
“Well certainly not my prince…” you said nervously smiling. Why he was looking at you like that?
“Then why you look like the woman of my dreams…” the words flew out Loki’s mouth before he could stop it and both of you got surprised. Did he just flirt with you?
“I’m sorry my love…I didn’t me-” Loki placed a hand on his mouth in disbelief. My Love? What the hell he was saying?
“Oh my god…” but your eyes widened again. The love spell. Oh no. This was not the way it should have worked.
“What’s wrong my dear…damn it..” he growled as if it wasn’t him speaking. Of course it wasn’t him, it was the spell.
“Omg…what have I done… no….” You whisper yelled looking at him. You fucked up big times.
“You did what?”
“You we’re in control of mind stone and Thor told me to fix you but….omg….” You yelled this time walking past him to find the spell book.
“Y/N…are you a witch?” Loki asked following you behind.
“Yes…” you said still trying to find the book.
“Well you’re so beautiful…” Loki’s eyes widened again making you turn to look at him. You knew it was the spell talking but you couldn’t help but blush. He was standing way to close towering over you, which made you nervously gulp.
“I should better keep quiet…other wise I can go for hours rambling about how beautiful yo-” he clasped his hand on his mouth again to stop himself stepping away from you. He was not in his control. Last time it was the mind stone making him evil and now your love spell making him a love-stuck puppy.
“I will fix this…don’t worry…damn it where’s the book I kept last night…” you said frustrated before turning around again to the bookshelf.
“Can I help darling…? Oh Norns…” Loki asked groaning at the end for using another pet name.
“Just keep your mouth shut okay…?” You asked looking around and going to the different shelf and again Loki following you behind. It was like he couldn’t help but to follow.
“I think I-” you stopped and turned and immediately bumped hard into Loki. Loki caught you so that you didn’t loose balance. Those blue eyes were looking at you with so much adoration. If the circumstances were not like this you would have gone crazy about him being your lover. No one has ever looked at you the way Loki was looking at you.
“Loki…” you nervously gulped when his eyes trailed down to your lips then back to your eyes, and he suddenly shook his head closing his eyes stepping away from you again.
“What are you doing to me…” he huffed softly. You figured out the spell was partially working that’s why his thoughts were conflicting.
"This is all my fault... Thor just told me to put some love in your mind and…"
"WELL I'M IN LOVE WITH YOU Y/N..." Loki yelled frustratedly. Okay that was hot. But you got startle for his sudden outburst. God of Mischief yelling aggressively that he's in love with you. A part inside you was screaming but another part was feeling so sorry for both of you.
"I’m sorry I didn’t mean to yell…Please Y/N... Fix this... Please love... Do it for me..." Loki said again.
"I-I had one job... And I fucked up..." You whispered softly on a verge of crying. Why were you so sensitive?
"Oh no... Don't cry... Don't cry...I'm so sorry love..." Loki tried to approach you but you scoot away from him.
"Hey... Calm down.. Y/N my love you need to calm down.... Okay...?Take a deep breath, it’s going to be ok. We don’t have to rush… that’s overwhelming you." He said with so much concern. You nodded softly.
“Try to remember where you last saw that book….”
“Last night…when I cast the spell…you were sleeping…oh OH…bedroom…” you mumbled looking at him and Loki smiled.
“There you go love…”
You rushed to your bedroom only to found the book beside the bed. You came back and slammed the book down on you kitchen counter before aggressively flipping through it’s pages.
“Aha…found it…” you said.
“Good job…” Loki’s voice rasped beside you before he placed a soft kiss just below your ear making you shiver. You didn’t even noticed when he came and stood just behind you.
“Its say….it…”you voice got muffled as he started to plant soft kisses along your neck.
"I'm listening..." He chuckled softly seeing his effect on you.
“Loki…stop…” it came more of a whimper and he stopped.
“I’m sorry…I can’t help it…” he huffed softly resting his face on you shoulder, hugging you from behind. An unknown warmth spreading across you two.You did this to yourself self and now both of you suffering this.
“This spell is temporary…” you mumbled.
“It will take…hours…to fade…there’s no other way…” you mumbled nervously, as you felt Loki’s grip tighten around you.
“How are we doing to deal with that…?” he whined this time. Thank god it was a just love spell , not a sex one. He would get just clingy that’s it. But that was also too much for you. It’s been years that somebody showing you this kind of affections and you really didn’t know how to deal with it after all he was a stranger you met last night.
“Is there anyway I can help you…?” you asked.
“Pretend to be in love with me until it fades…” he said not finding anything else to say. That was so hard.
“Thor will be here by the sunrise I hope it would fade before that…” you said as you turned around in his arms to face him. You’re beyond sorry for whatever happening. A little part of you was really wanted this but it was so wrong. You couldn’t force him to like you. When the spell would fade that would be the most uncomfortable and awkward situation.
“You know you will make a great queen…” he said looking down at you making you blush again. You had to keep reminding yourself that’s the spell talking.
“Please…I’m so freaking clumsy and bit of a troublemaker…” you huffed.
“Well then you’re just my type…” he said smiling, then nuzzling his nose with you. At this point if he just kissed you , you hardly would resist it. But he didn’t instead he grabbed your waist before hoisting you up on the counter making you yelp in surprise. You wrapped your hands around his shoulders as he stood between the space of your legs.
“I’m sorry again…” Loki apologised again.
“I should be the one apologising for doing this to you…you have any girlfriend or boyfriend?” You asked.
“No…would you like to be one?” He asked with so much hope.
“Loki…it’s the spell talking…” you said again. And he sighed softly getting sad.
“Thor said you tried to invade the earth…why?” You finally asked changing the topic but Loki got little tensed.
“Hey it’s okay if you don’t wanna share…” you assured him.
“No…I …wanna talk…I mean I love you…so I can share with you…” he said nervously smiling. Loki really needed to get things out. Whether for the spell or not he needed someone to listen to him and you were there so he didn’t hold back.
The spell got off one or two hours ago but Loki didn’t tried to wake you up from you two’s perfectly cuddled up situation on the couch. You looked so peaceful while sleeping. By the sunrise he would be gone back to Asgard but he knew for sure he’s coming back for you.
You’re so patient with him all the time despite his clinginess. You reacted rather so amused finding about him being a frost giant, not some scary monster. So he showed you his true. colours. You listened to him with utmost concentration and he even showed you some magic tricks. Just in one day you gave him an experience of a life time, which he would cherish forever.
By the time Thor came back finding you two like that he was beyond confused and surprised.
“What the hell happened here…” he mumbled astonished seeing his brother.
“Nothing…just a spell gone wrong….or I would say perfectly correct…” Loki smiled looking at your sleepy figure perfectly cuddled up against him as he was beyond happy.
Loki masterlist have a great day ♥️
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Summary: Reader came to the TVA after trying to mess with time to save her father, Tony Stark. Now she’s trying to save the universe with the God of Mischief. Based off that hill scene in 1x06 of Loki but kinda sadder and cuter.
Warnings: TVA!Loki is such a soft man I can’t-, mentions of Tony Stark d**th, based off that lucifer scene, fluff, hand holding *gasp*
Pairing: Loki Laufeyson x Fem!Stark!Reader
Characters: Loki Laufeyson
Word count: 1k
Tumblr media
Loki sighed, admiring the strange grey skies as the two of you sat, perched on the hill as a cold breeze passed by. You pulled your knees to your chest, sniffling. You could hear Mobius and the other Loki's speaking not far back, the occasional snap from Alligator Loki.
"I never should've come here," You muttered.
He glanced at you, a little surprised by your seemingly random statement. "...If it's any consolation, you were trying to do something heroic. I believe there is honour in that,"
"Honour," You scoffed, shaking your head. "Yeah, look where that's gotten me," You gestured to the apocalyptic-like world with a monster awaiting you both.
"I suppose so," Loki gulped, shivering as his hands moved up and down his arms to preserve the warmth. "I'm not so good at the whole... inspiring speech business, I apologise if I'm not the best-"
"-I'm not looking for an inspiring speech, Loki," You cut him off, fiddling with a piece of grass. "You're not exactly a person who inspires,"
"Technically, I'm not a person at all..." He trailed off, stopping as you looked at him, raising your brows. "You didn't know. I didn't either. Nobody did. If I was aware that the... T.V.A would swipe me away and try to kill me, I would've chosen my original fate,"
"No, you wouldn't have," You corrected.
He tilted his head at you slightly, curious. "I think I would have,"
"You would have chosen the option that best kept you alive. That's who you are," You stated. "You're like a cockroach. Impossible to kill. One of the reasons why I was so disappointed not to see you there during the final battle. Would've been kinda fun to see you go up against Thanos and see Thor use his lighting,"
Loki nodded along slowly. "That... battle. That was when you lost your father, correct? I understand he did the most ‘Tony Stark-esque’ thing and chose to sacrifice himself,"
"Mhm," You looked back to the large void, darkness surrounding it. 
It wouldn't be long until you'd have to enter the belly of the beast.
There were a few moments of quiet, basking the silence. Loki used his magic to create a blanket to cover his shoulders, glad to have some heat as he curled up in it. He glanced at you, hesitant. You were clearly in a more sensitive state than your usual tough exterior.
"I don't care much for my dad," Loki remarked slowly. "But... You clearly care about yours. Which is why you followed in his footsteps, I suppose,"
You looked at him, eyes meeting as Loki cleared his throat, not saying anything.
"So, what I'm trying to say is..." He paused for a moment, pondering. "I think he would be quite proud of you," He admitted honestly.
You had tried to mess with time just so you could bring back your father from dying. And... however long later, you ended up having to bring down a powerful Time Organisation with the God of Mischief. Not only did that showcase your strength, but your tolerance to adversity. 
If anything, Loki respected you all the more for it.
You sniffled again, tearing up a little, the sincerity in his voice a strange shift in tone from his usual snarkiness.
"My apologies, Y/N. I didn't mean to hurt you," Loki began, worried when he noticed the tear gradually rolling down your cheek.
"No, no. It's-" You cleared your throat and wiped your eyes quickly.
"Then... why are you crying?" He wondered.
You shook your head. "Just- Just shut up," You shuffled closer to Loki and laid your head against his shoulder.
He stiffened for a moment, confused as he looked down to you, your eyes closed as he spotted another tear come out of the corner of your eye. He made his green blanket larger, covering both of you now. You stayed close to him, your head resting near the crook of his neck.
"May I ask you something personal?" Loki asked.
"Why not? We might die soon," You reminded.
Loki sighed. "In my timeline, before I am... well, you know, killed. Did we ever cross paths after New York?"
"New York? God, that feels so long ago," You muttered. "For you, it still feels pretty recent but that was years ago for me, Loki. I was still a teenager,"
"Which was why I was so surprised to see you at the TVA," He said. "You certainly grew up,"
"And you're... thousands of years old. Gross, Loki, why are you into young girls?" You mentioned, teasingly.
He rolled his eyes at that. "I don't find your sense of humour to be funny,"
"Yes, you do," You affirmed.
"I don't," He argued sternly, trying to be strict.
You chuckled lightly, not noticing the way he looked at you, his eyes studying your every feature like it was an artwork. "We do, actually. I'm surprised you didn't see in your file,"
"I was interested to see how my destiny was supposed to end, not the in-between scenes," He replied. "Do you make another poor attempt to kill me?"
"Three times. And you try to kill me about five times," You answered. "But then, we got stuck on this place called Sakaar. Long story short, we ended up being... friends, of sorts. It was a mess,"
"I must say, I'm disappointed I never got the chance to experience that,"
"Well, I'd say we're making progress to becoming friends, yeah?" You shrugged.
"No, I mean, I would've liked to experience you failing miserably to kill me," He corrected.
"Alright, you can stop talking now," You smiled, shaking your head.
He pushed down his grin and nodded, doing as you said as he remained quiet. You let out a shaky breath and it was peaceful, for a moment, anyway. You'd inevitably have to get up and continue to unravel the mystery behind the TVA.
For now, however, your hand sat on Loki's lap, almost waiting. He didn't bother looking at it before he slowly brought his to collect with yours, fingers interlocking as his thumb ran up and down your inner palm.
A/N: I don’t know what this is. It’s short, it’s kinda cute, it’s making me want to rewatch Lucifer (I have to watch the latest season actually-). This isn’t that special, I’m pretty happy with keeping it a cute one-shot, y’all can use your awesome imagination’s to conjure some kind of better backstory or whatever pre-relationship they had post New York, I don’t know. Anygays, I wrote this while listening to Pheobe Bridgers and thunderstorm noises despite the fact that it is a beautiful sunny day in Australia so that might explain the weird tone of this fic. Enjoy! Leave feedback, requests, all of that x
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vespasianphantom · 2 days ago
Number 6 for Tom Huddleston plz!
Here you go!
A Wealthy Man - T.H
Tumblr media
Danger ahead!! : dirty talk, smut, and cute aftercare!!
The wealthy man was the movie of the year and you had the chance to star in it. Your character, Juliette, a young woman who fell in love with the wealthy married man, played by Tom Hiddleston - who may have been the biggest tease on set.
He usually had a nice way with words, flirting with a few women on set, but you, oh you were a different story for him.
Your beautiful eyes, whenever you looked at him he couldn’t help but get a little lost in them. Even in scenes, he sometimes froze for a few seconds, admiring you in your costume. It was the 60’s after all, and hollywood was beautiful in the 60’s.
You two had a chemistry like no other duo. Both of you were free spirited people with an open mind, new ideas and a talent like no other actor or actress.
The love scenes were very passionate, very heavy and hot even for you. You weren’t new in Hollywood, you’ve done some movies here and there, but this was something new.
There were two sex scenes - you were a nervous wreck while filming the first one, and the second was tomorrow. Tom told you to not worry, but his words were totally ignored while you were pacing in your hotel room from one side of the room to the other.
You heard a knock on the door. It was almost midnight, who would even be here?
You opened the door and there he stood. He was in joggers and a shirt looking better than even. His hair was neatly slicked back, most likely because he didn’t have time to take all the gel they put there because of filming off.
“Hi.” He said and smiled.
“Hi. It’s late.” You chuckled and let him inside of your messy hotel room.
“You’re not sleeping.” He looked at you and furrowed his eyebrows.
“M nervous.” You started to fidget with your hands.
“Cmon, you survived the first one, the other one can’t be that bad.” He laughed slightly and you smiled.
“If you’re really that nervous, we can practice.” He looked at you with hooded eyes filled with passion.
You bit your lip slightly and immediately said yes.
He stood up and towered over you, which made you smile softly. His hands were on your waist and your mouths connected in a soft kiss. Both of you had your eyes closed and both of you listened to the other one moaning or grunting.
“God, i wanted to do for such a long time.” He kissed you even harder now, letting you know he really meant it.
“Me too. Oh god, me too.” You could feel him smile and grunt. He sat down on the bed with you in his lap. You took the chance and grinded on his crotch. You could feel him quickly getting even harder than before.
“Can i fuck you? please god, let me show you what you were missing on.” He moaned into you mouth and you moaned a muffled ‘hell yes’.
He hummed and took of your shirt and pants, leaving you in your underwear. You pink panties almost made him giggle like a teenager.
His mouth left a few love bites on your neck and he then resumed his slow loving on your tits. He licked the buds and took them into his mouth.
You whines for more and he gave you more. He ripped your pink panties and rammed two fingers up your opening.
Your hands tugged at his hair and both of you made filthy sounds.
He unzipped his pants and took out his thick cock. He ran the head through you slick folds, slightly grinding down. The head met your clit and you screamed.
He had a strong rhythm. He made sure to whisper how much of a good girl you were into your ear. He kissed your lips, even bit the bottom one a few times when you felt like screaming your lungs out because of the pleasure.
“I’m-M close” You told Tom and he didn’t stop. He put his thumb on your clit, dragging it in slow agonising circles.
You screamed as you cummed, almost seeing stars. Tom made sure to run you a bath. He brushed through your hair and massaged your favourite shampoo into your scalp.
“It’s nice like this, isn’t it?” He whispered as you two laid in your bed.
“Maybe we should stay like this forever.” You whispered back before falling asleep.
A/N : If you want to be added to my taglist, you can text me!!
Taglist: @littlemisscare-all @high-functioning-lokipath @loki-smut-library
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Familiar - part 5
Word count: 4400
Warnings: just a whole lotta fluff
I love that you all love this little fic-turned-series that has developed! This part is based on another reader prompt by @acefeather2002 - I hope this lives up to your expectations!
Familiar series: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4
Tumblr media
After your lovely weekend in LA with Tom, it was very difficult to want to go back to work and get back into the swing of everyday life. Tom had a couple weeks left touring the country, and now that the ‘L’ word had been dropped, you missed him even more terribly than before you’d gone out to visit him.
When those two long weeks were finally over, Tom returned to the city. With a bit of downtime before his next work gig, he had plenty of time to spend with you. He started staying over your apartment, spending more evenings with you than at the small studio apartment he’d started renting so he could remain close by more often. It was almost silly, really, that he had his own place when he spent so many nights in your apartment, but you had a roommate, and you weren’t quite ready to make any plans to move in together with Tom just yet. There would be a lot to figure out when that time came. Until then, you gave Tom a spare key to your apartment (with Noelle’s permission, of course) so that he could stop by as he pleased if he was in the area.
It was one of those rare mornings that you woke up alone in your own bed, Tom having been out late with some of his friends the night before. You spent much of the morning lounging around in bed in your pajamas. You were on winter break from school, and since today was also a day off from work, you preferred to stay huddled under the warmth of your blankets to stave off the winter chill in the air. But, you had to get up eventually and get ready for the day in case you decided to go out somewhere that afternoon. Reluctantly, you peeled yourself out from under the covers and rolled out of bed, grabbing a soft sweater and some jeans, and padding into the bathroom to shower.
With Noelle already out of the apartment at work, you were free to play your music loudly while you showered. This morning you were in the mood to listen to your favorite artist. You turned on your playlist on your phone before hopping in the shower and immersing yourself in the steamy hot water, melting away the chill of the winter weather from your skin.
Days like today where you were the only person home were the only days you felt comfortable singing along, knowing there was nobody who would hear you. It wasn’t that you didn’t like your voice – you loved to sing, actually, and you’d been told in the past you were good at it – but you were painfully shy about singing for other people. Since you were alone, though, you were comfortable belting out the melody along with the music, your voice echoing off the walls of the shower. It was almost cathartic for you, really. A way to release a huge bolus of emotions all at once with just your voice.
You hadn’t known Tom had planned to stop by this morning. He’d stopped at the store on his way over to pick up some ingredients for dinner that evening, carrying a grocery bag over to your apartment. He knocked politely, of course, but when he heard muffled sound coming from inside and you didn’t immediately come to answer the door, he let himself in with the key you’d given him. You never minded when he did that. It was the point of giving him a key, after all.
“Good morning, love! Are you here somewhere?” Tom called out. He could better hear the sound now that had been muffled when he was standing outside your apartment door. Placing the grocery bag on the kitchen island, he curiously wandered further inside toward the melodic sound. He leaned his back against the wall beside the door to the bathroom, recognizing that it was your voice he was hearing over the music playing inside.
Tom couldn’t hear you completely clearly with the overarching noise of the shower water pounding against the shower floor. What he could hear, though, was absolutely beautiful. Your singing voice was smooth, silky, with a bit of vibrato but not excessively so. The tone was weighted with emotion, building in a crescendo as the music swelled, then softening as the music quieted to a light, airy timbre. He closed his eyes, simply allowing himself to enjoy the sound of your voice echoing through the wall.
When he heard the water shut off, he busied himself with putting away the groceries he’d brought along while you turned off your music and presumably dried yourself off. It was only a few minutes before you emerged from the bathroom, dressed in your sweater and jeans, rubbing a towel through your damp hair. You dragged the towel backward to pull it out of your eyes, pausing in surprise when you saw Tom standing in your kitchen.
“Hey! I wasn’t expecting you this morning!” you exclaimed with a smile, draping the towel over your shoulders, and wandering over to give Tom a kiss good morning.
“I didn’t have any other plans for the morning, so I thought why not surprise you with plans for dinner this evening?” He put the last of the ingredients in the fridge, turning around to give you a soft smile. “Your singing voice is absolutely beautiful, by the way.”
“My… oh.” Your face warmed at his compliment, partly from the sentiment but partly because you hadn’t realized you had an audience. “You, uh… you heard that, did you?”
“It was sort of difficult not to. The acoustics in bathrooms are quite echoey, after all.” Tom’s brow furrowed, gazing at you in confusion. “Did you not want me to hear you? You seem embarrassed.”
“No! It’s not that I didn’t want you to hear me. It’s just… I’m self-conscious about singing in front of people. That’s why I only do it when I’m by myself.” You averted your gaze to the floor, looking at your feet while trying to will the color out of your face.
“I can’t imagine why you would feel self-conscious. You have a wonderful talent. I very much enjoyed listening to you.” He tilted his head a bit. “Also, if I recall – the play we were in all those years ago required you to sing, did it not?”
“Well, yes. It took me a long time to work up the courage to do it. That’s part of the reason I changed my mind about wanting to be an actress,” you explained.
“I hope that’s not the only reason, darling. You’d be hired for any musical in an instant, I’m sure of it.”
“No, it wasn’t. I also decided I wasn’t cut out for famous life. I just wanted to be… me.” You laughed, thinking about it more. “And now look at me, I’m dating a famous man! I guess that didn’t pan out, huh?”
Tom stepped closer to you so he could wrap his arms around you. You leaned into his arms, pressing your forehead into his shoulder.
“And this famous man is very thankful you’ve changed your mind about that.” You laughed into his shoulder, your voice muffled. “I would love if you would sing for me more often, love. I truly do think your voice is beautiful.”
“Hmm…” You tilted your head back to look up at his face, grinning. “I’ll consider it.”
“That’s what you always say when you really mean no. Just break my heart now, why don’t you?” Tom lamented, though you could hear the teasing tone in his voice as he hugged you tighter.
“I do no such thing!” you argued.
“You do, indeed! You’ve been doing so since the day we met! Well, the second time we met, I suppose.”
“You’re making that up.”
“Oh, am I?” He wriggled his fingers into your sides where they rested on your waist, laughing as you squeaked and leaned more heavily into him reflexively to escape his tickling fingers. “Ask me to stop, and I’ll consider it.”
“So ruhuhude!” you giggled, burying your face in his chest to muffle the sound.
“You love every second of it,” he teased, giving your sides a few extra squeezes before releasing you. “Now – I wasn’t jesting when I said I’d love for you to sing for me more. I’ll let you ‘consider it,’ but it would make me very happy.”
“Ughh, you sure know how to lay on the guilt, Tom,” you groaned, poking him in the side. “Come on – let’s go watch the next episode of our show since you’re here already.”
For most of the afternoon, the pair of you sat right there on the couch, watching a TV series you’d become interested in a few weeks ago. You had a few seasons to catch up on, and you promised you wouldn’t watch an episode without Tom there, so it was taking a bit of time to get through. It was nice to just curl up on the couch with him, settled against his side under his arm, huddled up against him underneath a fleece blanket to keep warm. You liked to keep the heat in the apartment at a slightly lower temperature than most for exactly this sort of reason.
Since that first night you cooked for Tom, he hadn’t allowed you to do all the work when it came to making dinner. Come dinner time, the pair of you worked side by side, you chopping vegetables and him sautéing on the stove. It took no time at all to finish cooking with Tom helping you, and you loved the fact that you barely had to talk to work through a recipe, simply focusing on your tasks and enjoying each other’s company.
“So, can we talk about the singing thing again, love?” Tom asked while you ate dinner at the table.
“You are persistent, aren’t you?” you teased with a half smirk. “What’s there to talk about?”
“Have you considered?”
“I’m still considering.”
Tom sighed, shaking his head. “What can I do to help convince you?”
“You’re really desperate to hear me sing, aren’t you?” Your cheeks were prickling with heat, thinking about opening up and singing for Tom.
“I couldn’t hear you properly through the wall. I’d really love it, if you’d be willing.” He tilted his head, eyeing you curiously. “What is it about singing that makes you so nervous? It’s just me, not an audience.”
“I… guess I don’t really know, actually. It’s not like I think I sound bad. I might not sing myself high praises like you do… no pun intended…” You chuckled, pausing to think. “It’s hard to explain, but it’s like… such a personal part of me. Something I don’t let anyone hear. And singing in front of someone else… even you… I feel exposed, or something. It’s silly, I know.”
“It’s not silly. It’s perfectly reasonable,” Tom disagreed. “You’ve explained it perfectly. I certainly don’t want you to feel obligated if it makes you that uncomfortable. But, if there is anything I can do to convince you, say the word.”
“Hmm… anything, you say?” You raised your eyebrows with a smirk as you stood to clear your empty plate, carrying it to the sink.
“Oh dear. I don’t like the look on your face.” Tom followed you to the sink with his own plate, eyeing you warily. You glanced up from the sink and giggled at his reaction.
“What do you think I’m going to say?”
“Well, the last time we bartered like this, I had to endure two minutes of absolute torture-“
“Oh, don’t be so dramatic! And also, I wasn’t thinking that, but now that you mention it…” Tom stepped back a bit to add distance between the two of you, and you laughed. “Relax, I’m kidding!”
“Phew! That’s a relief,” he sighed jokingly.
“If I wanted to tickle you I’d just do it, I wouldn’t barter with you.” You reached over and squeezed his ribs to emphasize your point, earning you a jump and an appalled look, but he couldn’t hide the silly grin on his face. “Anyway. What are you prepared to offer me?”
“Oh, you’re asking me now?”
“I am. You’d better make it worth my while.” You shot him a teasing wink, placing your clean plate on the drying rack, and taking his from his hands to wash it.
“Let me think…” Tom moved to stand behind you, reaching up to grasp your shoulders with both hands so he could knead his thumbs into your shoulder blades. “I’m told I give a mean massage.”
“Mm…” you sighed contentedly, getting distracted by his hands working into your stiff shoulders. “… I’m not sure I want to know who told you. But they weren’t kidding.”
“You think so?” You could hear the grin on his face in his voice. He released your shoulders, and you whined at the loss of his touch. “So, you agree to sing for me, and I’ll work my magic on your shockingly stiff muscles. You’re quite tense, love.”
“See, I feel like you’d do it anyway, even if I don’t sing for you.” You turned around and leaned your back against the sink, folding your arms across your chest and smirking.
“You know me too well,” Tom chuckled. “How’s this then – if you do agree to sing for me, I’ll also add in a foot massage.”
“Hmm. Alright, you drive a hard bargain. But you have to wait until tomorrow for me to sing for you, Noelle goes to work in the morning.”
“Alright, alright. But I’m holding you to that!” he insisted, leaning down to kiss you.
“I know, I know… now about that massage…”
“Why don’t we finish another episode of our show. I promise it will be worth the wait.”
After a bit of convincing, you finally gave in, curling yourself back up on the couch and turning on the television. You laid your head in Tom’s lap and tried not to fall asleep as he worked his fingers through your hair, sending pleasant chills down your spine. Noticing your breathing had started to become deeper, Tom gently woke you so you could head off to bed. You sleepily shuffled your feet as you headed down the hallway, slipping into the bathroom to put on your pajamas before joining him on your bed.
“So… is it time now for this massage you’re offering me?” you asked with a grin.
“You seem awfully tired, love; are you certain you’re awake enough?”
“I’m fine! Besides, if I fall asleep, you’ll know you were doing a good job relaxing me.”
Tom chuckled, shaking his head at your persistence. “Alright, alright. I did promise.”
You stretched yourself out on top of your bedspread on your stomach, releasing a drawn-out, contented sigh as he knelt beside you and began kneading circles into your shoulders with his thumbs at the base of your neck. He wasn’t kidding when he’d said you were tense, although you hadn’t realized it until now as he worked his fingers into a knot just medial to your shoulder blade.
“Darling, why didn’t you tell me you were this tense? I’d have done this ages ago,” he scolded gently, moving his hands up to squeeze into the tops of your shoulders above your shoulder blades.
“I didn’t know – mmph.” You winced as his fingers found another tight muscle just by your shoulder joint.
“Sorry, love.”
“It’s not your fault, I – hmph – needed this apparently.”
“Well please, stop me if I’m hurting you.” He moved to press his fingers into your neck, sliding down along the tender muscles with just the right amount of pressure to make you melt into your pillow. Hearing you hum contentedly, he chuckled under his breath and kept his hands there for a bit.
“You… are wonderful,” you sighed.
“If I’d known this is all it takes to earn your affection, I’d have done it sooner,” Tom jested. He slid his palms firmly down your shoulder blades, pushing down with the heels of his hands along the back of your ribs.
His fingers hooked around your ribs below your shoulder blades to press his thumbs into the muscles bordering your spine. The moment his fingers contracted to gain more leverage, you jolted.
“Ahare you honestly so ticklish you can’t enjoy a massage without getting jittery?” he laughed.
“Don’t make fun of me!” you whined, relaxing again as he moved his fingers away from your ticklish ribs and moved down to knead into your lower back instead.
“I’m sorry, I don’t mean to poke fun. It’s just adorable, I can’t help myself.”
“I suppose I can forgive you if you keep doing whatever it is you’re doing,” you conceded, relaxing impossibly further into your bedspread as he slid his hands under the hem of your pajama shirt to rub firm circles into your lower back. His hands were pleasantly warm from your own body heat and the friction against your shirt.
“I’m so glad you see fit to forgive me.”
He remained there for some time, enjoying the tiny sighs of content he was drawing out of you with just his two hands. You hadn’t felt this relaxed in a long time.
“How are you feeling?” he asked.
Laughing, he slid his hands further outward toward your sides to push his thumbs into the meaty part of your lower back. You started giggling again at the sensation of his fingertips pressing into your bare sides.
“Hehehey! You’re doing that on purpose!” you accused.
“I swear to you, I’m not!” Tom countered. “This would be on purpose.”
“No, don’t you – NOHOHO!” You threw your arms down to your sides when he began to gently squeeze into the soft skin, reaching just slightly underneath you to prod at your belly. “TOHOHOM THIS ISN’T RELAXIHIHING!”
“It isn’t? Personally, I think it is,” he teased, releasing your sides so he could move to graze his fingers across your back. You squealed and released rapid giggles at the agonizingly light tickling sensation.
“Nohohoho it isn’t!”
“Alright, alright.” He relented, spending a few more minutes actually massaging your back and not tormenting you before patting your shoulder to get you to sit up. You rolled over and offered him a sleepy smile.
“Thank you, that felt… wonderful,” you sighed, sitting up a bit to kiss him on the lips.
“I did also promise you a foot massage,” he reminded, a slight gleam in his eye.
“Oh, no. I don’t like that look, Thomas.”
“I won’t try to tickle you! I promise!” he laughed, scooting down closer to your feet.
“Fine. But I’m keeping my socks on. I don’t trust you,” you accepted teasingly.
“Certainly.” He reached out and grasped your right foot in his hand, thumb pressed against the arch. Already, you were giggling. “I’m nohot trying to tickle you, love!”
“I can’t help it!” you whined. He added more pressure and slid his thumb firmly down the arch of your foot. It felt good, but each time he lifted his thumb and placed it somewhere else, you twitched and giggled. Tom laughed with you, trying his hardest to keep enough pressure to prevent from tickling you but it seemed it was impossible. When he moved up to press into the ball of your foot, you threw yourself backward onto the bed and giggled hysterically.
“Clearly this is not working!” he chuckled, fluttering his fingers across the sole of your foot.
“NOHO! Alright, I give uhuhup, no moHORE!” you insisted, sighing when he released your foot and moved to lie down beside you.
“I suppose we’ll have to stick to back massages then, love,” Tom teased, wrapping an arm around you to squeeze you affectionately.
“I suppose that’s probably for the best.” You sat up so you could lift the blankets to crawl underneath them, Tom following suit as you turned out the light on your side table. You settled into the warmth of his arms, shutting your eyes and quickly slipping into a deep, cozy slumber.
The following morning was even chillier than the last. Sometime between sleep and wakefulness you pulled the covers up to your chin and rolled over to lay your head on Tom’s chest, absorbing his body heat as you huddled yourself close to him. Eventually, though, you gave in and crawled out from the warmth of the blankets to adjust the thermostat.
Once you’d subjected yourself to the cool morning air, there was no going back to sleep. Not to mention, Tom had woken at the loss of your warmth. You slid yourself back under the blankets and allowed him to wrap his arms around you and pull you close so your back was flush against his chest, burying his nose into your neck.
“Why did you leave?” he groaned.
“I didn’t leave! I just turned the heat up,” you laughed, squeaking when he pressed his lips to the side of your neck.
“I was cold without you.”
You smiled, settling into his arms a bit more firmly. “I’m so sorry you missed me.”
With one last squeeze, Tom loosened his hold on you and propped himself up on his elbow. You turned over to lay on your side facing him, gazing into his bright blue green eyes.
“When are you going to sing for me, darling?” he asked, grinning.
“Ah. I see you haven’t forgotten.”
“I never forget.”
“No? You forgot you knew me from summer camp all those years ago,” you joked.
“That was different. I was a teenager, I forgot everything back then.” Tom reached out and laced his fingers through yours. “You haven’t answered my question.”
“I would argue that I don’t need to keep my end of the bargain,” you retorted, an involuntary smile still plastered to your face. His eyebrows shot halfway up his forehead.
“Oho is that right? And what makes you say that?”
“You promised me a back massage and a foot massage, but you only tickled my feet,” you teased.
“That is hardly my fault, darling. I can’t help the fact that you’re so sensitive you can’t even handle me touching your feet.” He punctuated the word ‘sensitive’ with a poke to your side.
“Mm-mm, doesn’t matter. You didn’t hold up your end of the deal.” You smirked at Tom as his jaw slackened slightly in mock surprise and insult.
“Is that so? Well then –“ You shrieked as he swiftly slid his arm around your waist, dragging you across the bed toward himself and causing you to roll over in the process. “- I suppose I may as well make it worth my while and tickle you properly.”
“Don’t you daha-HARE!” He clawed his fingers into your belly and you immediately curled into yourself, squealing as he slid his other arm underneath you to hug you tightly with your back pressed to his chest. “THOMAHAHAS NOHO!”
“Why not, love? I’ve already failed to hold up my end of the bargain. I’m just having my fun.” His fingers skittered across your belly to your side, pinching from your hip to the middle of your ribs and back down again while continuing to scratch at your belly with the hand that was trapped underneath your side.
“Thihihis isn’t FAHAHAIR!”
“No, this is plenty fair. Now this-“ His hand darted to the back of your ribs and dug into the spaces, knowing just how to make you shriek and dissolve into hysterics. “- this is unfair.”
“I CAHAHAN’T!!” Already you were beginning to tire, having just woken up, you tapped your hand against the hand he was still clawing into your belly. He laughed but took the hint, stopping his ticklish assault and wrapping his arms more firmly around you. The last of your giggles bubbled up from your chest as you finally relaxed into his arms again.
“In all seriousness, darling – if you truly don’t want to sing for me, I would never force you to do so,” Tom assured. You moved to turn over and face him again, and he let you, loosening his hold around your waist.
“I… I want to. I want to want to sing for you. I’m just really shy about it.”
“How can I make you feel more comfortable?” he asked, propping himself up on his elbow, his other hand still resting on your waist.
“Hmm…” You turned onto your back and sat up, scooting back to lean against the headboard. “Just… don’t look at me, maybe?”
“If that’s all it takes…” He pulled the blanket up over his head, hiding his face from view. You giggled, folding the edge of the blanket back down below his face.
“No, then I’ll just laugh at you the whole time.” You took a deep breath, releasing it slowly through your nose. “Ok. Here it goes.”
You inhaled slowly, then swallowed your nerves and began to sing. At first, your voice was wavery and soft, and you avoided Tom’s eye as you sang the first few lyrics. Soon, though, your heart overcame your mind, and you let the notes flow freely from inside your chest, finding a new strength in your voice as you lost yourself in the song. Bravely, you glanced at Tom for a moment, catching his eye. You found you couldn’t look away, your eyes fixed on his as you truly sang for him.
As you finished the song, you let your voice fade to silence. Tom broke into a huge smile, grabbing hold of your hand and squeezing it tightly.
“That – was beautiful.”
“Thank you,” you replied shyly, beaming. He sat up more so he could cup your face with his hand and press a long, passionate kiss to your lips.
“Was that so terrible?”
You laughed, poking him in the stomach. “No, I suppose not.”
“Good.” Scooting backward to lean against the headboard beside you, he draped his arm around your shoulders and leaned your body into his side. “Would you be willing to sing another song for me?”
Turning your head, you merely smiled at him before taking a breath and beginning another song. And, in all honesty, you couldn’t think of a more peaceful way to start the morning.
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shegatsby · 17 hours ago
Coffee Shop
Summary; As a university student in London you were just trying to get to know the city, the beautiful places etc. and a certain gentleman caught your eye.
Warnings; None.
Words; 345
A/N; Thank you for liking the story, sorry for any tyops. Enjoy! This chapter is shorter because I want to go day by day to witness the relationship blossom, it is a slow burn. 
Chapter Two
Day Two
After taking few classes at the university you were done for today, you didn’t want to go home yet, it was lonely there. You decided to go to that coffee shop again. Deep down you hoped to see that blue eyed stranger. Ad you sat on the same spot you looked at the place that man sat yesterday, unfortunately the teast was empty. What did you expect? This isn’t a romantic comedy.
When the same waitress came to take your order you looked at her name tag, Jessie, she had the expression of seeing a regular customer, you felt welcomed. Since you were a sucker for hot chocolate  you ordered it again. This time you brought your laptp because one of your profs gave an assignmnet and you wanted to finish it today.
After finishing the first page -which took you 45 minutes because you wanted it to be perfect- you felt like taking a break, when you lifted your gaze off of your laptop you saw him sitting at the same spot with his Mac and cake, but this time he had his dog. - you remembered the sign of ‘’animal friendly’’ 
It was the perfect opportunity to finish the drawing and also draw his cute dog. His dog was well behaved, never barked or growled at anyone. He looked so cute and fluffy you wanted to pet him but had no courage to do so, it made your heart break in agony. 
The blue eyed man decided to take a break as well, he pushed his Mac aside and pet his dog, drank his coffee or tea, you couldn’t see it from your spot. You were praying inside to finish the drawing without him realizing but the fate had other plans. Just like yesterday your eyes met, this time you were not that shy, you looked directly into his deep ocean eyes.. maybe for two seconds. His eyes were so intense you lowered your gaze to your notebook. If you looked at him longer you would have cought him smiling gently to you. 
Tumblr media
Thank you for reading. :)
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evendeadlmthehero · 3 months ago
Looking at the Past
Summary: Loki gets captured by the TVA and gets to see his past were he finds out that he had a lover; you.
A/N: so I watched the first episode of Loki and it inspired me to get out of my writers block and write a story about Loki looking back at his past and sees someone that loved him. So trigger warning VERY EMOTIONAL AND LOKI EPISODE 1 SPOILERS
Tumblr media
Loki had never felt so far away from the concept of control until now. He never felt so lost, so helpless and so purposeless until he stepped foot in the TVA. He hated the feeling, he hated feeling this way, he hated the Avengers but most of all, Loki hated himself.
At first, he thought it was a joke. That this place was all a front, that he was a God and a God was the most powerful being. However, after visiting Casey and finding the multitude of infinity stones used as paper weight, he realised that the TVA was no joke. The TVA was in fact the keepers of time and all the choices his made were choices that was already written.
Except him running away of course.
Loki looked at the projector that was playing before, paused on all the Avengers. A thought had slowly crept into his brain. The thought of looking at his whole life. He shuddered at the thought. He was scared. Mobius had told him his life purpose was to create pain and suffering for others so that they can achieve the best version of themselves. Had that been true? Was his whole life just pain and suffering? Had his life been a meaningless void filled to aid others to the betterment of themselves while he crumbled to nothingness?
Loki let out a sigh, thinking to himself how he might as well see how horrible his life was. He sat down on the metal chair, letting out a breath. His shaky hand went to the player, fast forwarding it to his mother’s death. The death that he had caused.
A single tear rolled down his cheek as he realised that his mother’s death was on him. He never thought Mobius was telling truth, that he was lying to manipulate Loki. But the infinity stones in Casey’s drawers had reminded him about the awful fact that he did indeed kill his mother. He was the reason why his mother had died. In an effort to gain control of his life, he lost the one thing that mattered to him the most; his mother.
He fast forwarded it but paused when he saw an familiar face, your familiar face. He was confused, you were the one who fought against him with the Avengers, why did you show up again? Did he come back to Earth?
“Loki, you are not responsible for your mother’s death,” you spoke, walking around to face him. He could see the skyline behind you, realising it was the Avenger’s Tower. Apparently he had returned to Earth after his mother’s demise.
“I led them to her!” He heard himself yell, chucking a glass. But you didn’t flinch. “I led them to her! I killed her!”
He watched as you walked closer to him, grabbing his hand. “You were in your lowest state, vulnerable to your weakest intuition. Your father had imprisoned you. Even though someone had been torturing you to do the things you had to do to New York.”
Loki flinched at that. Were you guys that close that he told you his deepest darkest secret? About how Thanos had tortured him and imprisoned him to get the other infinity stones?
“How did you know about that?” Loki yelled at you.
Apparently not.
“Because I can tell when someone has been tortured and manipulated by monsters,” you replied back in a calm voice, your eyes tearing up. “I know Loki. I know how it feels to helpless, to feel lost and unwanted and-“
Loki stopped it, his breath trembling. He fast forwarded it, not wanting to hear anything else as more tears fell down his face. He paused again, seeing a provocative image fill the screen and his veins filled with curiosity.
“Loki,” he heard your voice moan. He watched on as he saw himself not fucking you, but making love to you. He watched himself, his eyes filled with love and adoration at yourself.
He watched as your bodies molded together so perfectly, how you were both moving in synchrony. He watched as none of you broke eye contact, as both of you moaned in pure bliss.
“I love you,” he heard himself tell you. Something he never realised he would ever tell anyone. And by the vulnerability in his eyes, he knew future him had a hard time even saying it. He looked at you as if he was scared he had frightened you, as if those words had pushed you away.
But it didn’t. It had made your bright and beautiful smile broaden even more.
“I love you too.”
He let out a breath, not stopping himself from crying this time. Had he finally found someone who loved him for himself? Had he really been that lucky? He paused it again, looking at you. How your eyes looked at his. How calming and serene you two looked together.
He fast forwarded.
“How could you do that!” He heard himself screaming at you. Your face was in tears, looking back at him. “How could you be so idiotic, I told you to go back!”
“Why are you so mad, I’m still alive aren’t I?” You yelled back, clutching your stomach.
“Barely! God you humans are so daft!” He yelled back at you, his hands brushing his hair back. “Humans are so fucking daft and fucking pathetic!”
“Oh I’m sorry God Almighty, forgot you were immortal!” You yelled back, letting out a groan as your stomach was fighting against your screaming. “I’ll take the thank you later.”
“Thank you? Thank you!” Loki yelled back at you. “That weapon would’ve barely scratched me! You didn’t need to risk your life to stop it! You didn’t need to almost die just so you get to play hero and-“
“Don’t you understand that I can’t lose you!” He heard you scream louder than ever before, making him go silent. You let out a sob, shaking your head. “You’re the only- only good thing that has ever happened to me. And and- fuck, it scares me how much I love you. I love you Loki Laufeyson. I love you so much that I’d go through hell and back just to make you smile even if it meant I wasn’t alive to see it!”
Loki paused the video, letting out a sob before shaking his head. He couldn’t even fathom it. He thought he was an unlovable monster. Yet it seemed that you were blind to all of it.
He fast forward.
“I bought you a house,” Loki heard himself again.
You two were lying on bed, looking like you were in a private room on a spaceship. Both of you cuddling under the the sheets, Loki’s fingers drawing shapes on your skin.
You laughed at him, not taking him serious. But his face didn’t change, stopping your laugh. “Wait, you’re serious?”
“Mhmm,” Loki replied back kissing your knuckles. You giggled at him, and Loki’s smile widened at your laugh. Even the Loki who watched on felt himself smiling at the sound of your voice giggling.
“And how did you get the money?”
“A god doesn’t pay.” Loki replied, laughing as you slapped him in the arm.
“Where’s the house? On Asgard?” You replied back jokingly. “How convenient for you, it’s in ashes now.”
“Earth.” Loki pushed your hair back. You looked at him in disbelief.
“Earth?” You questioned him, your face in bewilderment. “I thought you hated Earth, which is why we decided to visit Asgard instead.”
“But you love it,” Loki replied back, kissing your forehead. “And if you love it, then that’s enough for me.”
Loki fast forwarded it, unable to handle it watching it anymore. He needed to see how this played out. So he went to the end.
The hairs in his forearm rose as he stood up from his seat at the site of Thanos. He felt a cold shiver run down his spine, your bloodied face in the back.
“Please,” he heard you wheeze out, tears uncontrollably running down your face. You tried crawling over to Thanos, trying to find mercy within the Titan. “Please.”
“I am feeling generous today,” The Titan said with a smile before picking up Loki by the neck.
“No!” He heard you scream. It was as if all the energy in your body came out all at once as you got up to run, only to be locked down by pieces of metal from one of the children of Thanos. “No! Let him go please!”
“So I’ll only kill you, and I’ll spare your brother and the girl,” Thanos said, before snapping his neck.
Loki let out a deep breath, his whole body shaking. He heard you scream in agony, a shriek that can only be described as a mother losing a child to war. He watched as you flung your body on him, trying to protect him from the explosion of the ship. He watched as Thor begged you to leave, but you yelling that you weren’t going to leave him alone, that he was not dying alone. And then he watched on as the words ‘End of File’ were etched on the screen.
Loki shook his head, before he started laughing. Laughing at himself. Laughing at his life. Laughing at how just as life was getting better for himself, just as he started making amends, he died.
“What's so funny?” He heard a voice say behind him. Loki smirked, turning around. The women looked at him weirdly, his face all tear stricken.
“Glorious purpose.”
“Loki?” Mobius called out to Loki who was sitting down, his hands on his face with the tesseract next to him. “Nowhere left to run.”
“I can't go back, can I? Back to my timeline?” Loki asked, feeling helpless. Feeling sad. Sad because he will never have a story with you, a life with you. “I don't enjoy hurting people. I- I don't enjoy it. I do it because I have to, because I've had to.”
Mobius slowly walked over to Loki, feeling a bit more motivated now that Loki was opening up to him more. “Okay, explain that to me.”
“Because it's part of the illusion,” Loki explained, letting out a sigh. “It's the cruel, elaborate trick conjured by the weak to inspire fear.”
“A desperate play for control,” Mobius finished for him, a smile tugging on the corner of his lips. “You do know yourself.”
“A villain,” Loki scoffed. Mobius shook his head.
“That's not how I see it.” He then looked at the tesseract that was near Loki. “You try to use that?”
“Oh, several times,” Loki laughed, looking at the tesseract with now lost interest. Men and women have died for this. Have started wars for this. Yet compared to the sacred timeline, these stones were toys. “Even an Infinity Stone is useless here. The TVA is formidable.”
“That's been my experience.” Mobius peeked an eye on Loki, feeling sympathetic. He let out a sigh. “Listen, I can't offer you salvation, but maybe I can offer you something better. A fugitive Variant's been killing our Minutemen.”
“And you need the God of Mischief to help you stop him?” Loki had asked him.
“That's right.”
“Why me?” Loki asked confusedly, arching an eyebrow.
“Because the Variant we're hunting,” he paused, looking Loki in the eye.
“Is Y/N”
You let out a breath, watching the minute men as they walked out of the portal. You hid back in the darkness, looking as the scene played out in front of you.
“I think some jackass found himself a time machine, came back here to get rich,” one of them spoke. You let out a small laugh, shaking your head at their laziness. The TVA might be powerful, but god their workers were indolent.
“Should we fan out and look for him, sir?” A smarter minute man asked.
“Nah. It's not worth the paperwork.” The minute man turned around, looking at the other worker. “Just prune it. Let's bail. Set a charge.”
The minuteman was about to set the charge but before he did, he made eye contact with you. You raised a hand up, purple light seeping through your fingers. “Wait. Someone's out there.”
“Who are you!” The minute men spoke, pointing their weapon at you. You know walked towards them, a little coy smile on your lips.
“I’ll make this easy for you guys.” You pointed at the device. “I want that. Give it to me, and I’ll spare you.”
“No you can’t just walk in here and-“
“Fine,” you sighed, rolling your eyes. Your finger lit up an even brighter purple spark, before pointing it towards the oil and lighting it up in flames.
You watched as the minute men burned into flames, slight twinge of guilt seeping through your veins. The Avengers would be so disappointed in you. But that thought disappeared as soon as it came to your head. You wanted Loki back, no matter what the cost.
You would walk to hell and back just to see him smile.
So you walked over to the device, picking it up before transforming back into your true form. The form you took after the final battle against Thanos. The form you took after you snapped your fingers, after taking the gauntlet. You didn’t care if you died when you wore the infinity gauntlet, you already lost Loki. But you didn’t died. Instead…
You became the Infinity Witch.
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starks-hero · 3 months ago
What Is and What Should Never Be
Pairing: Loki x F!Reader
Summary: Loki is forced to watch both his past and his future and only realises what he had once it's gone.
Word Count: 2,015
Warnings: Angst, major spoilers for 1x01 of Loki!
a/n: I had to write this because I am so not okay after episode one and I need to vent somehow so voila. Spoilers below!
Tumblr media
“What is this?” Loki scoffed as the screen in front of him whirled to life.
“A sample of your greatest hits, if I may.”
Mobius flipped a switch on his machine and a clear image of the Avengers lit up the screen. Loki sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose, his irritation reaching its limits. He didn't know how much more of this idiocy he could take.
Footage of the attack on New York and the death of Phil Coulson filled the screen and Loki watched on with a glare.
“Do you enjoy hurting people?” Mobius asked and the god raised his head to glower at the agent.
“Your games don't frighten me. I know what I am,” Loki replied calmly.
“A murderer?”
“A liberator,” he countered.
Mobius scoffed. “Of eyeballs maybe.” What Loki recognised as his attack on Germany replayed in front of them. “Look at that smile, you're enjoying it. Did you enjoy hurting them?”
Loki shook his head. “I don't have to play these games, I'm a god.”
Mobius reclined in his chair with a quiet chuckle. He looked Loki over and when his menacing glare didn't falter, he sighed. “Alright, looks like someone needs a little humbling.”
The tape began to rewind and Loki lowered his gaze to his hands, not bothering to watch. He noticed Mobius stopping the footage from across the table with a quiet ‘here we go.’
The new voice on-screen caused Loki's head to snap up and his eyes widened when he saw you. You were stood in front of him, a bright smile adorning your face. You looked so real he could almost reach out and touch you.
“You remember her don't you?” Mobius asked with a smirk. Loki didn't answer, his eyes still fixed on the screen. He recalled the memory. It was the day of Thor's coronation, the day he was supposed to become king.
“If you're late your brother is going to kill you,” you continued with a smirk as you lifted Loki's horned helmet from a nearby table and handed it to him.
Loki watched as his past self, younger and far less burdened, stepped back and allowed you to take in his appearance.
“How do I look?”
“All eyes will be on your brother, Loki. As much as I may appreciate it, there's no need for you to dress to impress.”
Loki's past self chuckled. “I know. But honestly,” his voice became slightly timider. “How do I look?”
Your smile didn't falter as you gently traced his jaw with your hand and placed a chaste kiss against his lips. “Like a prince.”
“Oh, that's sweet,” Mobius commented as he took a swig of his soda and Loki bit his lip, drawing his eyes away from the screen.
“Why are you showing me this?”
Mobius didn't answer, flicking a switch on the machine as the footage began to fast forward.
“Let's keep going,” he said plainly.
Loki immediately remembered the day that was now beginning to play on the screen in front of him. It was the day he discovered everything he'd known was a lie. The day that changed him and set him on the path that led him to this very moment. He watched as the version of himself on screen lifted the jötun casket and exhaled in horror when his hands and arms turned blue. After his confrontation with Odin, he watched as his past self fled to your chambers, barely keeping his composure.
“Loki,” you said as you opened the door to your room, knowing something wasn't right the moment your eyes landed on him. You ushered him inside with a gentle hand on his back. “What's wrong?”
The moment the door shut, his arms wrapped around you and he broke. Loki turned away from the screen, not particularly wanting to re-watch one of his most vulnerable moments. He heard the conversation that took place on-screen and recalled how you'd asked him to show you his true form. Loki kept his eyes trained on the table in front of him.
“Look at me,” your voice ordered quietly from the screen and Loki couldn't help but comply, it was almost instinctive. He glanced up at you and his hardened expression softened when he saw the memory play out. He stood shamefully in his true form, skin blue and eyes red. Yet you cradled his cheek, staring at him with no hint of fear or repulsion. A soft smile pulled at your lips. “Loki, look at me.”
His past self finally gave in and raised his head to look at you. You gently traced his cheek with your thumb and Loki's eyes slid shut.
“You're beautiful,” you said quietly and Loki felt his chest tighten as he watched on from his seat. “And I'm not afraid of you. I could never be afraid of you.”
He watched as you pulled him into an embrace, the image freezing on-screen as Mobius paused the footage.
“She really was the best thing that happened to you, wasn't she?”
Loki shook his head as he pointed to the screen. “That is private. And I don't see how it is relevant either.”
“You were different with her,” Mobius stated plainly. “You weren't the big and scary Loki that wanted to take over the universe and rule everything. You were happy, content even.”
“That's enough,” Loki bit out but Mobius didn't stop.
“So why didn't you listen to her when she told you to stand down and not attack earth?”
“That is none of your concern.” Loki hated how his voice wavered, knowing his emotion had given him away. He didn't have a choice. He attacked Midgard because there was no other alternative. After the Jötun attack he coordinated on Asgard, he was convinced he'd lost you. You couldn't possibly love him after what he'd done. That's why he'd let go of the Bifrost. He had nothing left to lose. And it was also why all the memories Mobius was forcing him to relive cut so deep. He didn't need a reminder of what he'd lost.
“Alright, let's skip ahead a little shall we?”
Mobius flipped the switch on the machine again and a new image filled the screen. You and Loki stood facing each other, hand in hand and smiling lovingly. The memory was unfamiliar and Loki couldn't pinpoint when it had occurred. He slowly stood from his seat and approached the screen.
“What is this?”
“That's the night of your wedding,” Mobius stated and Loki's brows creased as he watched the scene unfold in front of him.
“We never married.”
“Not you, not yet. This is your future, Loki. What would have happened had you stayed in your timeline.” Mobius explained, tinkering with the machine so that multiple other images were pulled up on screen. All moments Loki was yet to live. “She forgave you for what you did on earth, stood by you when Odin had you locked up, fought alongside you. And then,”
Loki's heart threatened to stop when the mad titan Thanos appeared on the screen.
“W-what is this?” Loki asked, watching intently. He watched in horror as you, bloody and beaten, stood your ground against Thanos, refusing to back down. Freezing you in place with the power of an infinity stone, Thanos accepted a blade from one of his henchmen and Loki shook his head, refusing to accept what he knew was coming. A horrified shout left his lips as the blade pierced your body. Tears fell freely from his eyes when he saw your terrified expression as you died slowly, painfully.
He stumbled away from the screen and turned to Mobius. “What have you done to her?”
“We haven't done anything.”
“Where are you keeping her? Where is she?!” Loki yelled, his voice straining and his cheeks dampened with tears.
“She's dead, Loki,” Mobius explained simply. “Thanos found the Asgardian ship and he killed her. She died defending you.”
“No, you're lying! It's not real, that's not real,” Loki growled, pointing at the screen that held the image of your lifeless body. “This is just another trick, a cruel illusion.”
“That is the proper flow of time. It's what was, what is and what will always be. Loki, she's gone. Had you not taken the tesseract from Asgard Thanos wouldn't have found you.” Mobius shrugged. “You lead him right to her.”
“Stop it!”
“Let me ask you again, do you enjoy hurting people? Do you enjoy killing?” Mobius pried, watching as Loki turned to him with a vicious glare. He was torn between anger and heartbreak, both feelings battling for dominance.
“I'll kill you.”
“Just like you killed her?” Mobius rivalled quickly and Loki grabbed his chair, throwing it across the room and through the screen. Mobius only barely dodged the piece of furniture.
“I don't believe you. She's safe on Asgard!” Loki yelled, still in complete denial. Mobius simply shook his head.
“She was in 2012. But either way, sooner or later, she dies because of you. And it happens over and over again because it's supposed to, it has to. The TVA makes sure of it.”
Loki's glare became murderous as he began to stalk towards Mobius, but one turn of the time twister and he was sent back to the desk, falling to the floor beside it. He glanced up at Mobius and then the screen, his anger melting into sadness. His breathing became laboured as more tears blurred his vision.
“You weren't born to be king, Loki. You were born to cause pain and suffering. Everyone you love dies. Your mother, Y/N. Do you think that's a coincidence? You breed chaos everywhere you go and others pay the price.”
“Stop it,” Loki begged quietly. “Please just stop it.”
Mobius stood by, slight guilt taking hold of him as he watched the once arrogant god sit broken in front of him. He offered Loki his hand and after a moment, he accepted the offer and pulled himself to his feet.
Mobius watched him sympathetically, realising he may have just pushed Loki a little too far.
“Are you alright?”
Loki didn't answer. He wordlessly looked back at the screen before the horrifying image he was met with caused him to quickly look away.
“You said that this is the future,” Loki started quietly and Mobius nodded. “But the Y/N from my timeline, she's still alive?”
“Right now, yes she's alive.”
Loki swallowed. “If I help you, you said that you'd get me out of here?”
Mobius' expression fell when he realised what Loki's plan was. “Loki, you can't change anything. If there's even the slightest chance I can get you back to your timeline and that a big if, she'll still die the same death. It's inevitable.”
“I know.”
Loki's words sent Mobius back on his heels slightly. He expected Loki's plan to consist of going back for you and then attempting to rewrite history. Breaking the timeline completely just so that he could live out his life with you. But he appeared to have accepted that it wasn't possible. He knew he couldn't save you. He simply wanted more time.
Mobius nodded as he realised just how much you meant to Loki. That you were the one thing that he was willing to do anything for. He didn't question him any further, instead, he gently clasped him on the shoulder.
“Okay, let's get to work.”
Mobius crossed the room and stopped at the door, patiently waiting. Loki took a moment to compose himself before clearing his throat and following the TVA agent. Before he left the room, Loki turned and glanced back at the screen. The footage had changed. It now played a memory from many years ago. Of both of you, huddled up in Loki's chamber, reading and enjoying each others company. You were grinning and laughing and despite the ache it caused in Loki's chest, he couldn't help but smile sadly at the sight.
He was going to do everything he could to get back to you. Regardless of what it would take.
Tumblr media
tag list: @miraclesoflove​ @bakerstreethound​​ @doozywoozy​​ @leftperfectionmoon​​ @nahthanks​​ @the-queer-dungeoneer​​
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rootbeergoddess · 2 months ago
Already Taken
It’s 2am, I’m not great at editing but here is some Loki fluff because I’m still angry about the season finale and I just want Loki to be happy goddamnit.
Tumblr media
“You’re so cute!” You cooed, holding up the alligator.
The alligator seemed to smile, obviously enjoying the attention you were giving him. How could you not adore him? A little alligator with a little Loki crown? It was absolutely adorable.
Well, you found it adorable. Loki found it annoying.
Loki had always been a bit protective of you.  Being in the TVA hadn’t changed that, and being in the Void only made it worse. The three Lokis and the alligator had taken you to their hideaway and the other three kept looking at you. The young Loki was smitten obviously, while the other two seemed wistful.
“Whose a little baby?” You asked, holding up the alligator. “Whose a little baby?”
“Alright, that’s enough,” Loki said, stalking over to you. “Put that damn thing down.”
“Last time I checked, you’re not the boss of me,” You said playfully.
“I think he’s merely jealous, m’lady,” Boastful Loki said. “He seems to not enjoy sharing you.”
“Well, he’s going to have to get used to it. I’m adopting Alligator Loki now,” You said, holding the reptile.
“You are not keeping that thing!” Loki hissed.
“If the lady would like to keep a Loki as a pet, I wouldn’t mind volunteering,” The eldest Loki said with a grin.
“You’re bad,” You said with a giggle.
“Alright, alright, that is enough from all of you!” Loki grabbed the alligator out of your arms. “We’re leaving.”
“Loki, I---”
He grabbed your hand and started to pull you away. You looked back at the four other variants, offering an apologetic smile. However, Loki stopped when the entrance to the hideout started to open. He backed away, getting in a protective stance. The other Lokis quickly join him, making sure you’re as far away from the opening as possible. Even the alligator hissed as the hole opened up, and yet another Loki dropped in. He was wearing a tattered suit with a presidential pin that read ‘Loki’ and the signature horns.
“Well, well, well,” He said, grinning at the scene. “What do we have here?”
His eyes went to you, and he whistled.
“So it’s true. There’s someone in the Void who isn’t a Loki,” He said, his eyes going up and down your body. “Pretty, little thing too.”
“Keep your eyes to yourself,” Boastful Loki gripped his hammer.
“Oh, did I strike a nerve?” President Loki asked mockingly.
“Do not speak of the lady in such a manner,” Old Loki added. “She’s of no concern to you either way.”
“I don’t believe that,” President Loki’s eyes were glued to you. “I mean, it gets pretty lonely here in the Void, don’t you think?  I could use a bit of company.”
“Sorry, already taken,” You said, taking your Loki’s hand.
“Taken? Oh, dearest,” President Loki chuckled. “You’re acting as if you have any say in the matter.”
You never knew how fast alligators were until you saw Alligator Loki speed towards the president, jump up and clamp down on his arm. He screamed in pain, trying desperately to get the creature off him. Boastful Loki took this as an opportunity to charge forward, hammer out.
“You two need to go,” Kid Loki said. “There’s another way out. Follow me.”
“But what about them?” You said.
“They’ll be fine, my lady, but you two need to get out of here,” The eldest Loki said. “Please, stay safe.”
Loki took your hand, and the two of you followed the child out of the underground bunker. Once you got out, the two of you kept running until you were sure you were safe. Exhausted, you collapsed on the ground against an abandoned car.
“Are you alright, darling?” Loki asked his hand on your face.
“Yes,” You said, squeezing his hand. “What about you?”
“Who cares about me?” Loki said, pressing his forehead against yours. “I’m more worried about you.”
“Really? I thought you were angry at me,” You said.
“No,” Loki chewed his lip. “Alright, I was a bit jealous of the lizard.”
“Alligator,” You corrected.
“You were fawning over it,” Loki ignored your comment. “Cooing at it as if it was a babe and acting as if you had never seen anything so adorable.”
“Loki,” You squeezed his hand again, and he looked at you. “Were you afraid I’d like the alligator more than you?”
“Loki, come on.”
“Yes,” Loki sighed. “Love, you have to understand something. You’re so wonderfully amazing and bright. You’re a light in the darkness; people are drawn to you. I’m selfish, and I want your light to be only for me. When others try to get close, I panic.”
“Oh, Loki,” You pulled him close to you. “You know I love you, right?”
“So trust in me and my love,” You said. “Just because I was fawning over the alligator doesn’t mean I love you any less.”
“You called it a baby,” Loki pouted slightly.
“What, does the almighty Loki want to be called a baby?” You teased. “You’re my baby, if that means anything.”
Loki smiled and kissed your lips.
“It means the world.”
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bonky-n-steeb · 2 months ago
i think Loki needs a flower crown, so what if you made him one? Would he like it or not?
Thank you so much for this request! This made me soft.🥺 I hope you like this. Ily! 😘
the flower crown
𝙡𝙤𝙠𝙞 𝙭 𝙧𝙚𝙖𝙙𝙚𝙧
𝙬𝙖𝙧𝙣𝙞𝙣𝙜𝙨 || fluff and a little bit of angst.
this is not proofread :/
This gif is so 🥺🥺🥺
Tumblr media
It was the New Year’s Eve on Asgard. A new year of hope and happiness was about to come and everyone was rejoicing.
And unlike earth, one of the traditions on Asgard was to give gifts to the royal family. From the kings to the little princesses, the commoners gave little tokens of appreciation.
The maidens used to make jewellery from flowers for their princes while men used to offer their craftsmanship. This year was no different.
Almost all the members of the royal family were bestowed with gifts. At the end of the day Thor was covered in fragrant flowers while Odin and frigga had collected pots and metals. Everyone except Loki had some gift or the other.
After all the deeds he had done the previous year and after the fact that he was a frost giant was revealed; no one dared to give him anything. Some out of fear as to how he’d react, while the others refrained due to their outright hate towards him.
Loki always maintained a calm composure in front of others. He pretended in the court that the gifts from those peasants were beneath his level. That he didn’t need their appreciation, he was a god after all.
But beneath the cold exterior, his heart ached. He desperately wanted someone to give him anything; even a stone would mean a lot. And all this proving the very point he was fighting for: he wasn’t Thor’s equal.
As the night approached, the festivities all died down and he retreated back to his chamber. And all he hand in his hands was one delicate bracelet given to him by his own mother.
He would keep it safe and close to his heart. But the fact that no one else cared enough for him, made deep cuts.
“How was your day, my Prince?” You inquired as he entered his bed chambers. You were waiting for him there all day.
Being a servant, your duty was to keep his room the way he liked and cater to his whims. But Loki wasn’t like one expected him to be. He pretended to be arrogant but despite that he did things no one else would do.
He asked if you were okay on the days you were sick and gave you a day off. He asked if you’d had your lunch and he noticed little changes like when you trimmed your hair.
These were the things that people overlooked. Running after big things, people forgot how precious caring for someone so much that you noticed all the small details was. And you couldn’t stop your heart from falling for him.
“How would it be?” He asked incredulously. You could feel the disappointment radiate out of the Prince. He had nothing except for the beautiful bracelet clutched in his hands and you had an inkling who it was from.
“I have something for you.” Loki’s eyes shot over to you as you looked at him shyly. You didn’t know how he’d react; whether he’d be happy or whether he’d think it was childish.
“What?” What would you have for him? He noticed how your hands were behind your back as if you were hiding something. Your hands trembled a little as you brought them in front of you.
Loki’s eyes widened then watered as he saw what you were holding gently in your hand. A flower crown. “I… I made this for you.” You had spent the entire day collecting and then weaving the flowers in a delicate pattern.
Dahlias, daisies and carnations made the main portion of the crown, while hydrangeas were filling the remaining spaces. It was the most beautiful crown Loki had ever seen.
He quickly wiped off the tears in his eyes and cleared his throat. “Thank… thank you.” Loki said accepting the gift. You couldn’t believe the god of mischief just accepted your gift and thanked you.
But before you could say any further, he dismissed you with a flip of his hand. Nodding, you walked away, only to peek back into his room through the small slit in the door.
You wanted to see what he did with it. Did he throw it away? Did he mock it? Did he wear it? You stood with bated breath as he got up walked towards the mirror. He stared at the crown for some moments before finally placing it on his head.
You gave a small squeal as you saw him smile at the mirror. Loki was treating it as if the crown was made of gold. You know that no matter what how cold he appeared to be, this man had a heart of gold.
Loki finally allowed himself to cry when you were gone. The crown was truly one of the best things he’d received. He couldn’t believe you cared for him so much.
He couldn’t believe that after everything had happened, there was this one person, you, who thought he deserved happiness too. He didn’t feel so alone anymore.
He couldn’t ever tell you, but he loved you. Since the day you had entered his life, his life was much brighter. But you didn’t belong together.
He was a monster and you were the only good thing in his life. If you ever got together, he would taint you too. And he wouldn’t be able to live if he ever dimmed your light.
So he did what he knew best; he hid his feeling and saw you from afar. Hoping that one day, one fine day he’d finally have the courage to tell you the truth.
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void-potter · 8 months ago
what i honestly think it would be like to date loki
btw to those who have sent me requests...i see you! i promise. i’ve just been a bit unmotivated at the moment. so here’s this for now i guess LMAO
Tumblr media
lemme just say right now...actually getting to the point of dating loki would take a long time
the enemies (but not rlly enemies) to allies to friends w tension to yearning / crushing on each other to lovers type thing
i mean have u seen how loki grew up??? he has major trust issues and doesn’t get close to people
i think it’d take a few years of extreme slowburn, arguing, and yearning w one another until feelings actually start to show
loki wouldn’t be afraid of staring - or eye contact, tbh
you’d just be sitting at one of tony’s famous parties, feeling slightly out of place while standing amidst a group of people avidly telling their own stories (let’s be’s mainly tony talking)
and for just a quick second you let out a small comment that earns a couple grins and chuckles from the people around you
the conversation moves on, but you can’t help but feel loki’s intense gaze on you
and he doesn’t look away for a good ten seconds
or maybe you’ll just be eating dinner and loki will carefully watch you with soft eyes from across the table
he analyzes everything about you...
the way you raise a quizzical eyebrow, the way you avert your gaze away from him when his flirty comments make you nervous
the way you flip the pages of your book gently
the way your body just naturally leans into his touch
he notices everything.
loki most definitely is not a PDA person in my opinion . like at all
but the one thing he ALWAYS does. like ALWAYS, is have one hand placed gently on the small of your back
as a way to always somehow be touching you, and letting you know he’s there
(and ofc letting everyone else know)
but when alone, i honestly do think that touch is one of loki’s main love languages
he’s always touching your mf NECK
you don’t know why, and neither does he
but he’ll just come behind you and gently brush any hair to the side, and run his chilly fingers down your neck
or he’ll place a gentle kiss on your neck’s sweet spot after anything (after a heated make out session, after saying good morning, after dinner, ANYTHING)
he’s a neck guy ok i’ve decided
i also feel like loki is the type to act all macho and tough but he’ll be like
“actually, my dove, i guess you could paint my nails. i guess we could match. only green, though”
he puts his powers to good use if ya know what i mean
seriously though, he worships you. WORSHIPS YOU. not only your body, but your mind, heart, and soul as well
anything intimate he goes into with pure passion because he believes it intertwines your souls together even more
ALSO i literally believe that loki, in the late hours of the night, while you two are sleepy in each other’s arms under the dim moonlight, will braid your hair gently
he’s quite good with his fingers
in more ways than one
after kissing you, loki likes poking you gently with his nose, then completely leaning into you, and pulling you into a tight embrace
i don’t see him as a huge cuddler while sleeping, but he ALWAYS is either holding your hand or having his arm/hand on you SOMEWHERE at least
always touching u!
now i know this is kind of depressing, but there would definitely be fights occasionally between you and loki
sometimes loki cant watch his tongue, and you end up storming out of the room in tears
or even if it’s something about him going out on missions and doing reckless shit and you’re TIRED OF IT
and he gets too defensive and you both end up stressed out and w raised voices, so you just storm out
but he never. EVER goes to sleep mad at you. he did it once and woke up feeling terrible and vowed to never let you two go to bed angry
by the end of the night, he’s kissed you wherever you’ve got tears falling, and whispers “im sorry, my dove” “forgive me, please”
you guys kiss a lot
like a lot
loki loves going on walks with you. it’s just something you’ve both normalized in your day to day routine together
you like to call loki “shakespeare” bc mf can be so dramatic sometimes and recite goddamn poems to you out of nowhere
but you honestly love it
LMAO sometimes i feel like during a make out session loki will just softly bite your ear for no reason
the first time u were like??? but you’re into it
you and loki out in public literally look exactly like that one picture of natalia dyer and charlie heaton
ya know...the one of them walking hand in hand on the streets, resting bitch faces, dressed all in black, big ass sunglasses, sharing earbuds
you guys truly are that couple
i feel like “mirrors” by justin timberlake just fits the relationship vibe. do u know what i mean?
BATHS TOGETHER. ALL THE MF TIME. he just loves skin on skin
loki loves you so much
like loki iS SO reserved around people (other than you) but if someone asks about you he will literally spill his heart out, talking about how you are truly an angel sent from heaven for him
he only has eyes for you. forever and always
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ohdolans · 2 months ago
yes, mr. president
Tumblr media
pairing: President!Loki x f!reader
warning: 18+ unprotected sex, office sex, oral (male receiving), slight degradation, rough sex, etc.
summary: Being a part of President Loki’s reelection campaign, you never thought that you'd get the change to be with him in his office. Alone. pre-Nexxus Event (for Pres. Loki)
words: 2.6k+
You smoothed down your skirt as you tried to hurry down the hallway. Everyone was working around you giving the feeling of chaos as everyone scrambled to finish the day's work. It seemed as Election Day drew closer and closer the office became more and more intense. You thought that it would be fun to join President Loki's campaign team as he worked for reelection.
When one of the assistants came up to your small cubicle desk and said that Loki wanted to see you in his office immediately, you felt your stomach drop. Instantly you thought that it was something bad. You'd only met the man a handful of times, and each time you were both intrigued by him and scared of him. The moment Loki walked into a room he commanded it and everyone paid attention.
Your heart raced against your chest as your mind raced through the possibilities of what he wants to see you for. You walked to the end of the hallway and stood in front of the double doors that lead into his office, two servicemen standing on either side. Showing no emotion, unmoving. You took a few deep breaths before reaching up to knock on the door. But before your knuckles could meet the wood, the door swung open and revealed the office behind it.
Slowly you stepped into the office and the door shut tightly behind you, the sound of the lock clicking cutting through the silence of the room. Leaning against the front of his desk dressed in a well-fitted suit was Loki. Your eyes scanned over his body slowly taking in every inch and detail of his tall frame. Even leaning against the desk he still loomed over you. His long dark hair was pushed back from his face, his golden horns perfectly placed upon his head and coming down along his cheekbones. Making them look sharper than they already are. You couldn't tell from the look that was on his face if he was either happy to see you, or ready to tear into you.
"Y-You wanted to see me, President Laufeyson?" You spoke, trying to come off confident as you stood in front of him.
"What is your name, darling?" His deep voice seemed to send a shiver down your spine in a moment. It was something that you never got used to. You spoke your name softly to him, a smirk coming across his lips.
Loki pushed off from the desk and took a few steps towards you. As his eyes traveled along your body you thought for a moment he could see through your clothing. See every inch of you. Your heart raced against your chest as you stood there still, Loki disappearing behind your shoulder. Soon his body pressed against your back and you were able to feel the heat of his body against yours.
"I've admired you for a while," He spoke into your ear, another shiver moving through you. Your name leaving his lips in a way that sounded sinful. "You've been with the campaign team for a while, and I've seen you standing in the background like a good little pet."
"I-I..." You turned to look over your shoulder towards him, "I'm sorry? What?"
Loki smirked and moved back around slowly till he was standing back in front of you. His tall, lean frame looming over you as the mischievous smirk seemed to spread across his face slowly.
"You'll do perfectly," Loki spoke
"P-Perfect for what? Am I in trouble?"
"Far from it," Loki turned and walked towards his desk and moved around it slowly before taking a seat in his chair. "I have an offer for you, not really an offer. But a request, pet."
"Yes, sir?"
That seemed to only cause the glint in Loki's eyes to grow more.
"Come here,"
He rose his hand slowly and used two fingers to beckon you forth. Immediately it was like your body knew the command and moved towards him. Loki kept his eyes lock on yours as you swiftly moved across his office, around the desk, and towards him. You stopped right in front of him, Loki turning his chair towards you. Slowly he parted his knees and patted the top of his thigh, cocking his brow towards you in a silent direction.
You hesitated for only a moment before moving between his thighs and taking a seat on his lap. Loki pulled you closer to him and seemed to growl slightly as your body pressed against his. You were able to be enveloped by the warm scent that came from him the moment you came closer. It drew you closer and made you feel your arousal pool between your legs. There was no denying that Loki was incredibly handsome.
His hand moved along your exposed leg as your skirt seemed to move up as you sat on his lap. Your legs seemed to slowly part for him as Loki's hands seemed to travel up slowly.
"Are you devoted to me?" Loki asked, his hand caressing your thigh slowly it was making your heart race and feeling an ache build. Your body was reacting to him intensely and it both excited and scared you.
"Of c-course, sir." You spoke with a shakiness to your voice now, moving your gaze from his hand to his face.
"And you would do anything for me? Wouldn't you?"
Slowly you nodded your head.
"Then I have an offer for you. For you to simply be mine."
That mischievous smirk was back on his face, you felt yourself clench between your legs needing some sort of relief. "Yes, mine. You would solely be here to serve me in any way that I see fit. Wouldn't a follower such as yourself love nothing more than to serve their master?"
Deep down you knew the words he spoke were true. You wanted that. To serve this man however he wanted you to.
"Your body would be mine, and whenever I want you, you would be there to offer yourself to me." His fingers teased along with the fabric, teasing your slit through it and moaning when he felt how wet you were for him. "Soaked already?"
You stammered slightly but it soon changed into a whimper as his fingers pressed against your clit and slowly teased you through your underwear.
"I can practically smell you, pet," Loki spoke with a slight growl. "How I want to taste you," You gasped softly and moaned as he pressed against you more. You spread your legs for him, your leg brushing against his hardening cock. "You would like that wouldn't you?"
He paused, "Another time. Must see first if you are worthy enough for me. Even though something tells me that you will."
Loki's hand pulled away from between your legs causing you to whimper softly from the loss.
"On your knees." You moved quickly between his thighs on the floor, kneeling before him and looking up through your lashes. "Good girl,"
Loki moved to unbuckle his trousers, pushing them down enough to free his cock. You couldn't help the small gasp that came from you as he fully came into view. You felt your mouth water at the sight of him. His larger hand wrapped around the base of his hard cock, precum slowly dripping along his length, begging for your tongue to taste him. Your hands caressed his thighs slowly as you suddenly became eager to feel the weight of his cock against your tongue.
"Do you want me?" He moaned your name at the end, making you draw your eyes back towards his face. You nodded your head and gripped tighter to his thigh slightly. "Open up."
You opened your mouth for him as he threaded his long fingers through your hair and pulled you forward. You moaned at the taste of him against your tongue, eager to please him, loving the deep moan that came from him as you wrapped your lips around his cock. Your hand replaced his at his base, stroking what couldn't fit in your mouth. Slowly you began to bob your head up and down his length, moving faster the more accustomed you came to him down your throat. He seemed to be pleased any time he heard you gag around him slightly, his hips moving up to meet with your movements.
"Yes, such a pretty thing with your lips wrapped around me," Loki moaned and gripped tighter to your hair. "Look up at me, keep those eyes on me, pet."
You moaned around him and did exactly as he asked. Watching his face as you pleased him, trying to draw out every noise you could. You wanted to please him, to be his and only his. Loki tapped into a side of you that had been sitting dormant and waiting for someone to serve.
It didn't take long before Loki was fucking your throat, holding your head down as he fucked into your throat. You could feel his cock twitch in your mouth every time he made you gag. The heady taste of his precum along with your tongue and slowly dripping from your mouth along with your saliva. He was making a mess of you, something he wanted. Loki pulled from your mouth with a gasp, a mixture of his salvia and precum dripping down along your chin and towards your chest.
His cock bobbed in front of you and you wanted nothing more than to have him back in your mouth. But instead, he stood from his chair and quickly began to remove his suit.
"Strip, slut." Loki ordered. You moved into action quickly and stripped out of your blouse and skirt, throwing them to the side along with your bra and underwear. You went to kick off your heels when he quickly stopped you. "The heels stay on."
He moved towards you and grabbed your neck before pulling you tightly to him, bending down and kissing you deeply. His tongue moved against yours before winning dominance in the kiss almost immediately. Loki could taste a bit of himself on your tongue and it turned him even more. His cock was hard and aching for you, needing to feel your pussy tight around his cock.
Loki lifted you onto his desk, spreading your legs wide for him. He bent his head down to press his tongue against your slit. You couldn't control the noise that left you the moment he sucked on your clit. You jumped slightly and rose on your elbows to look down and watch him. Loki moaned against you as his tongue worked against your slit, taking in every drop that you gave him.
"L-Loki," You moaned, wanting to reach down and pull at his long, dark curls but the horns slightly in your way.
Loki pulled back from between your legs and glared down towards you, the darkness behind his eyes that made you freeze for a moment in fear.
"What did you just call me?" He spoke, his deep voice once again pulling you in and making you afraid at the same time. "You are to call me master, or sir. Nothing else unless I permit you. Understand?"
"Yes, I-I'm sorry..." You spoke, Loki cocking his brow towards you. "Sir,"
The smirk was back, "Good girl."
You fell back against the desk and let out a wanton moan as his fingers worked against you.
"Such a perfect little pussy for me, so eager." Loki licked his lips as he watched over you. Loving how your body reacted to him. "Never have tasted anything so sweet."
You could feel the need to cum slowly start to build, your legs shaking slightly as you withered beneath him. But just as you felt yourself start to fall apart beneath him, Loki pulled away and brought his fingers to his lips and sucked on them. You wanted that image imprinted on your mind forever. There was a hunger in Loki's eyes as he stared down towards you, seeing the slight mess that he was making out of you. He wanted more. He needed more.
His hand moved down to his cock and slowly stroked it as he looked over you, seeing the same hunger he felt within himself reflect in your eyes.
"Beg for it, slut." Loki ordered, moving towards to slowly tease your slit with the head of his cock. "Beg for me to fuck you."
"Please, please sir...I need to feel you deep inside of me. Fuck me. Fuck me and make me yours."
Your hand traveled down your body slowly as you begged, teasing yourself and even wrapping your hand around him and stroking his cock slowly. Loki grabbed one of your legs and pulled you down to the edge, before placing it along his shoulder. You were opened wide for him, exactly how he wanted you.
Loki thrust into you hard and nearly with no mercy, the two of you moaning at the connection. He stretched you with ache and pain that only made you clench around him and pull him in deeper. You were dripping along his cock causing an erotic sound to come from between you both. You reached to grip something on the desk as he fucked into you. You are panting and moaning beneath him as he took full control of your body. The moans, whimpers, and growls coming from the two of you mixed with the erotic nose of your bodies moving against each other.
Loki's grip around your thigh moved down to your throat, his pace becoming more erratic and harder. Loki was lost in the feeling of you wrapped around him. It was like with every thrust you were pulling him deeper into you, pulsing and clenching around him sweetly.
"You gonna cum for me? Hmmm, gonna cum like a whore for my cock?" Loki tightened his grip on your throat.
"Y-Yes...please...please make me cum sir. Please."
"Give it to me. Scream for your master so everyone knows who's fucking you."
Your moan built louder and louder, not caring if everyone outside his office could hear you. The feeling taking over your body was too much, your entire body trembling beneath him. You were a babbling moaning mess, clearly fucked out, beneath Loki. He loved it.
Your back arched and you screamed his name as you came around him. You reached up and gripped his arm with your nails digging into his skin slightly.  Loki let himself go and spilled his cum deep inside of you, grinding his hips into you, making sure every drop was deep inside of you. You could feel him cum inside of you and that only made you cum harder.
"That is, take every drop of my cum...god, such an eager little slut." Loki panted, leaning over you and supporting himself with his hands planted on either side of you. "Mmm, this pussy is perfection."
Loki slowly pulled out and moaned as he watched his cock pull out of you, both your arousal and his cum nearly dripping off his cock. He sat back on his office chair and watched as his cum slowly dripped from your pussy. You felt like you couldn't move, every bit of energy left your body.
"Yes, you'll do perfectly." Loki sighed as he sat in the seat, you sat up and looked towards him. Mascara running down your cheeks, hair a mess and clearly fucked out of your mind.
"Now come and clean the mess you created, pet."
You eagerly dropped to your knees and between his legs, looking up to him through your lashes "Yes, Mr. President."
This is my first Loki piece, so please be kind. I hope you liked, would love to know your thoughts. 
We only got him for 50 seconds, but president Loki does something for me and I love it. 
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