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#tom hiddleston x reader

PAIRING: Tom/Reader
GENRE: Hurt/Comfort
WARNINGS: Mentions of rape (Tom is not the bad guy)
REQUEST: Tom Hiddleston x (shy neighbor) reader where she is new to the country and lucky to be Tom’s neighbor and has a huge crush on him,however she can’t seem to have a continuous conversation with him, so she just tries to show her feelings by writing him letters and trying to reach out to him by bringing him food everyday, which Tom takes to notice,but only.further approached reader after reading a letter from.her about recent changes which was caused by her being raped by someone from her work,

Not Fine

Dear Tom.

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How could you 💔 is was so good and yet I am in tears. Again you brought me into a false sense of security and then smashed my heart into pieces.

Y’all should read this, warning angst. LOTS OF ANGST.

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PAIRING: Tom/Reader  
GENRE: Comfort
REQUEST: I just watched Thor dark world again, and everytime I watch Loki in prison so upset it makes me cry, could I please request some Tom X reader comfort?


It was a cold, grey and rainy day. The kind of day where you didn’t want to leave the bed in the morning, but had to force yourself to do it anyway. The kind of day that was gloomy and never seemed to end. The kind of day you wished you could just fast-forward.

Eventually, the working day did come to an end and you got home. You had expected to be met by an empty apartment, but the lights were on and you could feel the smell of cooking as you entered your home.

“Tom!” you exclaimed and the gloominess washed right off you as you heard him call your name from the kitchen. You kicked your boots off and threw your coat on the floor in excitement and ran into the kitchen to find him standing there, beautiful as ever. He was just the light you needed to brighten your day. You wrapped your arms around him and contently breathed in his scent. His embrace was warm and welcoming. You hadn’t been expecting him home for another week.

You had dinner together and decided to watch a movie afterwards. You rested your head against Tom’s shoulder as tears ran heedlessly down your cheeks. It was just a movie, you tried to remind yourself, but it didn’t help. Your eyes just wouldn’t stop producing new tears. You sobbed and felt Tom wrap his arm tighter around you, pulling you closer towards him. With anyone else, you would have been mortified by the fact that you were crying to a movie. But with Tom it was different. You felt like you didn’t have to hide your feelings when you were with him. You smiled through your tears as you looked up at him, only to find that he was crying too. You leaned in for a kiss and felt him smile against your lips. You felt so immensely happy as you sat there on the couch, crying with your boyfriend to a children’s movie. You felt comfortable around him, and it seemed like he was comfortable around you too.

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You get married to Tom Hiddleston - Headcanon (Male Reader)

A/N: Just a random idea I got I hope you will enjoy it! (Small reminder of the era when I was obsessed with Tom lol)

Also can be read as gender neutral but was intended to be Male Reader

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  • You had been dating each other for 7 years, being engaged for 2 (ofc with Tom’s job it wasn’t easy to organise your wedding)
  • You two wanted something private, so no journalists
  • You invited both of your families and your closest friends
  • Both of you agreed to marry in UK, per Tom’s requests and forest themed as both of you agreed (tho it was mainly your request, bot of you had made compromises)
  • Fast forward to the wedding day and you had missed Tom a lot, you knew it was the tradition not to see each other before the wedding but you couldn’t help but feel sad not being able to see him in the morning.
  • Your best man was your best friends, Atsushi with whom you had opened your coffee shop and worked with him
  • Tom’s best man was Benedict (of course it would be him).
  • Atsushi was helping you, checking you out to see if nothing was wrong.
  • You were hella nervous and he was doing his best trying reassure you and calm you down. He calmed you down and smiled proudly at you.
  • “My baby is growing” joke. You chuckled, he clearly knew how to ease your mind.
  • Your parents came in, smiling proudly at you and marvelling at how handsome you were in your suit.
  • They hugged you and kissed you before leaving. Atsushi gave you a gentle tap on the shoulder, smiling and you could swore his eyes were shining.
  • You followed him, not forgetting to take the single white rose you had bought instead of the traditional bouquet.
  • Your dog had been waiting for youn in front of the room, not being allowed inside as there was your clothes inside.
  • You have her a pat on the head, crouching to kiss her and walked towards where you would find the aisle.
  • You watched as Atsushi took place, facing Benedict.
  • You heard the music and you walked first Laki (your dog) next to you and you took place in front of your best friend, smiling at Benedict. Laki sitting next to you.
  • Tom walked in and you lost all ability of breathing. He was just… well breathtaking. He was not in full blue but his vest was a dark blue, same goes for his pants as you could see the shirt he had choosen.
  • Honestly in that moment you felt as if you were falling in love with him for the first time
  • Of course Bobby was trotting next to him and you laughed, he was very cute too, in a small tux.
  • You grinned at Tom when he faced ypu and you gave him the rose, making him blush as he took it.
  • The officiant started his talking, as you listened to him, a lovesick smile on your lips.
  • Then came the vows part. You started talking first, proclaiming your love for him.
  • He did the same and in the end both of your were teary-eyed.
  • Your best man brought you the rings and you put them on each other
  • You couldn’t resist and you kissed his now ringed hand.
  • The officiant finally allowed you to kiss each other.
  • You kissed him, finally you were married to each other, and more in love than ever.
  • You walked down the aisle, his hand in yours and both your dogs following you.
  • At the reception you looked at your friends and family and you thought you could not be happier than now.
  • Atsushi took the mic, recounting to everyone the time Tom walked in your coffee for the first time and how you blushed and stuttered when you saw him.
  • Benedict then talked and explained how Tom had been obsessed to come everyday to see you.
  • Everyone had a good laugh and the night was spend in happiness and laugh.
  • Tom had ended up with cake all over his face because he tripped face first inside it. (Ofc there was a lot of pictures taken of that event)
  • You enjoyed the slow dance with him, your head on his shoulder, murmuring sweet words to each other, lovesick smiles on both your faces.
  • A lot of pictures were taken by the family and the photographer you had specially hired for the job (with ofc a non disclosure agreement, which he mean he wouldn’t be able to publish pictures until both of you agreed)
  • In your opinion this day was the best day of your life.
  • After that wonderful but exhausting day, you went to your room and made love, slowly, taking even more time than usually to appreciate each other’s body.
  • The following day you left for your honeymoon to Sweden


A/N: Dont forget to like and reblog if you enjoyed the story! (Also reminder that you can support me on Kofi if you like my writing :) )

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Just here with your daily reminder that my requests are currently open! I don’t have that many at the moment, so make sure to send them in if you have any! 

take a look at my masterpost for all the information!

remember: requests will close on February 7th and will not open again until I have all the requests from this wave written! 

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Celebrity Preferences - Fatherhood Headcannons

I’ve done similar preferences with children but I wanted to do this so I hope you enjoy. I’m happy to take preference requests or imagines for specific people, thank you!

I can always do individual heacannons for fatherhood or othe ideas if anyone wants!

Shawn Mendes :


Originally posted by thotmendes

  • Shawn is a very involved father
  • He never missed a single doctors appointment throughout the pregnancy
  • When you went into labor he only left your side to get something for you
  • “Almost there hunny. You’re doing perfect. You are perfect.” He’d say as he watched you in awe.
  • He never puts the baby down
  • Shawn does everything he possibly can for his child
  • Changes diapers
  • Gets bottles ready
  • Wakes up whenever he has too
  • He sings your child to sleep every night even if he has to do it over the phone
  • Shawn does his best to be there for every one of your child’s milestones
  • Cancels shows and interviews if that’s what he has to do
  • Sometimes gets a little flustered when your child is misbehaving
  • He missed your child’s first word and was absolutely devastated
  • As your child grows up Shawn makes sure to be there for parent conferences, Father’s Day, and all school events
  • Teaches your child how to play instruments and how to iceskate
  • Loves to kiss their foreheads
  • Doesn’t tour throughout his kids whole sports season
  • And if they don’t do sports he makes sure to go to any extra curricular activites they have
  • He swells with pride when they ask his advice on things, especially if it’s music
  • Shawn makes sure he is never absent in his kids life and that they always know he’d be there for them

Jake Gyllenhaal :


Originally posted by dicapriho

  • Jake is a very excited father
  • During your pregnancy ever little growth of your bump or kick of the baby had Jake jumping with excitement
  • When you went into labor he was a little impatient because he was just so excited to see the baby
  • “I can’t wait to meet the little one. Do you think they’ll have my eyes, maybe your nose. Gosh I wish they’d just hurry up.” After an annoyed look from you he stopped complaining.
  • Once your baby is born everything they do makes extremely happy
  • Sneezing, yawning, even crying will send him into a fits of “awes” and “did you see that!”
  • To Jake everyday with the baby is a new adventure
  • He does a lot for the baby because he is just so excited to spend time with them
  • Loves diaper changes
  • Loves rocking them to sleep
  • Loves being exhausted because he spent all night with the baby in his arms
  • Nearly died when they started walking, he was just buzzing with excitment
  • Played tag all the time when they could run
  • He’d go to all of your children’s career days and proudly introduce himself as their dad
  • He talks about his kids to anyone and everyone who will listen
  • Jake starts acting less just so he can experience ever moment with your child
  • Him and the kids often make little home movies together that he watches when he’s away
  • Jake goes to as much games/events as he can and has even gotten in arguments with refs or people who don’t believe his kid was the best
  • He definetly goes to as many games/events as he can and fights with refs calls if he has too
  • Jake is just thrilled to see your children succeed
  • He is especially excited when your child shows interest in acting, because it was just another way to bond
  • Jake makes sure to take every opportunity to spend time with his kids and make sure they knew how much he loved being with them

Benedict Cumberbatch:


Originally posted by cumberhardhiddlesbitch

  • Benedict is a very gentle father
  • When you were pregnant not much changed, he’d always left tender touches and kisses, now they were just even softer
  • During labor he was extremely soft with you, playing with your hair and rubbing your back and shoulders when you
  • “It’s ok sweetheart, it’s ok. Your doing beautiful, and it’ll all be worth it.” Benedict said placing a gentle kiss in your hair.
  • He is just so gentle with the baby
  • Always runs a soft finger up and down their cheek
  • Hates when they cry and would rock them, singing softly, until the stopped
  • Kisses them gently, often
  • Extremely patient
  • When your child starts walking Benedict loves holding their little hand and going on walks
  • Soft hugs when they’re sad
  • He hardly ever gets angry, but if he does, he’s livid
  • Soft hugs after getting angry
  • Loves spending the day with them just drinking tea and playing games
  • He’d teach the kids how to be gentle too, with things like bugs, animals, and people
  • He always tells them that everything should be treated with kindness
  • Benedict makes sure to show his kids how important it is to be gentle and kind

Chris Evans :


Originally posted by noitsnotaudrey

  • Chris is a very clingy father
  • During your pregnancy he never left your side, only if he really really had too
  • Going into labor was no different and he anxiously waited by your side the whole time
  • “I promise I won’t leave you, not now, not ever. You’re just incredible you know that,” Chris would whisper in your ear.
  • He has a hard time when he has to put the baby down
  • Dodger loves the baby
  • Chirs often takes Doger and the baby on walks, then he can be with both of them
  • He’s always ready to go home when he’s away from the kids
  • He FaceTimes ever night he’s away
  • Chris slows down on work so that he can enjoy the first few years with his family
  • He can’t bare to leave the kids for too long
  • Chris is big on hugs and kisses
  • Makes sure he gets a goodbye hugs and kisses everyday before school/work, sometimes over the phone
  • He full on sobs when your child’s first day of school
  • He watches the clock all day, considering just completely pulling the kid out of school, he misses them so much
  • He takes the to football games
  • He is very patient, but quick to scold them if they crossed the line
  • Loves playing games with your child or doing anything where they could spend time together
  • Doesn’t mind going to tea parties or rough housing, he’s happy to play either way
  • When his kids get older he’ll talk to them about anything and everything
  • Always makes sure they were okay
  • Chris makes sure to have a good relationship with his kids, and that they could always talk to him

Tom Hiddleston :


Originally posted by sabine-leo

  • Tom is a very sweet father
  • While you were pregnant he’d give you massages and foot rubs and do whatever you asked
  • When you went into labor he was sweet pressing soft kisses to your face and head every once and a while
  • “Good job darling. You’re doing spectacular,” he said pressing gentle kisses to your cheek.
  • Tom loves talking to your baby even before they could talk
  • He can’t help but spoil the child
  • When they ask to be held he’ll gladly pull them into his arms, even when they can walk
  • His heart explodes when the child falls asleep on him
  • He always ask how their day was
  • Reads them to sleep every night
  • Loves when they cuddle with him and they watch a movie
  • When your child is younger he loves to dance with them, even without music
  • Makes sure to normalize hugging them often, and expressing love
  • His favorite things in the world are their smile and laugh
  • Loves taking them to places like Disney world or carnivals
  • Just loves going on adventures with them
  • He loves hugging them
  • Tom is very understanding with them
  • His children are his pride and he just wants the best for them
  • Tom makes sure your kids understand they are his world

Timothee Chalamet :


Originally posted by theartofimagining13

  • Timothee is a very nervous father
  • Throughout your pregnancy he always made sure you were okay, and often worried something would go wrong
  • When you went into labor he was a wreck, he forgot the go-bag and took a million wrong turns on the way to the hospital
  • “Is everything okay? Are you okay? Can I get you anything?” He’d ask, nervously biting his fingernails while you waited.
  • He is too afraid to hold the baby at first
  • Eventually became a natural, but still has other worries
  • “Is the baby eating enough?”
  • “Do you think they like me?”
  • “Are they crying too much?”
  • His biggest concern are that he’d work to much and his child wouldn’t recognize him
  • That never happened though and he truly was fantastic with the children
  • He loves to read to your children
  • So incredibly patient when they’re learning to do things like walk or read
  • Teaches them a little French and how to play the piano
  • Constantly worries about them
  • Teaches them how to ride a bike
  • Feels like they need to go to the hospital when they skin a knee
  • Worries more than they do when they have school presentations
  • Stays up with them all night practicing
  • Timothee makes sure his kids always feel comfortable and loved

Harry Styles :


Originally posted by madwomansworld

  • Harry is a very supportive father
  • During the pregnancy he made sure to support you in whatever way he could
  • He was absolutely incredible during labor
  • “You’re doing fantastic love. Just a little more and we’ll be parents. I’m right here.” He’d say as he kissed your head.
  • Like Shawn he sings your baby to sleep
  • Harry is constantly making sure you and the baby were okay at all times
  • He loves bathtub because him and your kid sing bath songs
  • Late night phone calls when he’s away just so he can hear the baby breathing
  • Supports your child wholeheartedly in every decision they make
  • Wipes their tears and tells them to never give up
  • Spends months teaching them how to play instruments if they want to learn
  • As your child gets older he makes sure the understand the importance of kindness
  • Makes sure they know they deserve only the best
  • He lets his kids wear whatever they want, within reason of course
  • If he has boys he teaches them to be better than toxic masculinity
  • He never misses a performance or sporting event
  • Teaches his kids they can be whatever they want to be
  • Helps with homework and, impressively, doesn’t get frustrated
  • Spends hours trying to learn the “new math” your kid is learning
  • Just extremely dedicated
  • Harry makes sure his kids know that his support for them is endless and anything they did would make him proud



Originally posted by cpt-cevans

  • Matthew is a goofy father
  • During your pregnancy you could always count on him to make you laugh when you were uncomfortable
  • When you went into labor he still tried to make you laugh, but you weren’t as amused
  • “Why didn’t the skeleton cross the road? Because he had no guts,” Matthew said with a nervous smile on his face.
  • Even when they were a newborn he was always trying to get your kid to laugh
  • He succeeded most of the time
  • Matthew would normally be the one waking up at odd hours because he really doesn’t sleep that long
  • Was absolutely thrilled during your kid’s first Halloween
  • The three of you dressed as Alvin, Simon, and Theodore from Alvin and the Chipmunks
  • Terrible dad jokes
  • Loved drawing with your kid
  • He’d hang pretty much all of your kids drawings and grades in his office and on the fridge
  • Mandatory Disney movie nights every Friday
  • Loves Disney karaoke
  • Would definetly dress as a princess if his son or daughter asked him to
  • He’d read a story to your kid every night, but sometimes he’d make them up
  • Wrote even more children’s books so he could read them to your kids
  • Loves embarrassing your children when they got older
  • Matthew makes sure to teach his kids the beauty of life and that being goofy isn’t a bad thing

Ian Somerhalder:


Originally posted by starlight-writes

  • Ian is a protective father
  • When you told him you were pregnant he became extremely overprotective
  • During labor he made sure you were comfortable and everyone was taking care of your properly
  • “Do you think you need a new nurse. I don’t like the way the doctor is looking at you.” Ian would do his best to clam down at your request.
  • He holds the baby all the time
  • When he holds them he holds them as close to him as possible
  • Ian just wants your child to know they’re the safest in his arms
  • He definetly spoils your children
  • He is especially protective when the media and tries not to subject his kid to too much fame
  • Ian hugs the kids tight and hates to let go
  • They often fall asleep nuzzled into his chest
  • Ian just can’t help but completely adore them
  • Always defends his children
  • Does his best not to get angry but has a short temper
  • He is never able to stay angry for long though
  • Would proudly practice lines with your child if they were in a play
  • If he has sons he makes sure they know how to treat a lady
  • If he has girls he goes crazy dad-mode on their date
  • Ian makes sure that his children know he’ll always be there to protect them

Tom Holland :


Originally posted by tomandharrisongifs

  • Tom would be a fun father
  • Throughout your pregnancy he did fun things with you like trying your weird cravings
  • When you went into labor he suggested you play little games to distract you from the pain
  • “Eye spy with my little eye,” he said cringing as you winced in pain. Tom grabbed your hand, “something red.” He smiled as you smiled at his antics.
  • He loves to hold your baby close to his chest
  • Doesn’t love changing diapers or waking up but does it
  • Loves baking/cooking with the kids because it often turns into playful food fights
  • Meals Tom starts with the kids are hardly ever finished
  • The second they’re old enough prank wars begin
  • Loves doing things like nerf-gun battles or water ballon fights
  • He definetly dresses as spider-man for their birthday’s
  • Or just to seem cooler to your kid
  • Bribes the kids to say he’s the best Spider-Man
  • Does all the tik tok dances with them
  • Tom never gets angry at your children because everyone makes mistakes
  • He tends to be more invested into their children’s shows/movies than they are
  • Sundaes every Sunday because why not
  • Marvel marathons when they’re old enough
  • Tom makes sure the kids enjoy life and know it’s good to not always be serious
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Just a little something I’m trying on for size. Tell me what you think x


Originally posted by mndream

Prompt: #53 “I just want to be swept off my feet…is that so bad? I’m fed up of being alone.” rearranged a little bit, and a smattering of #54 One reaching for the others hand to comfort them, to provide support. A thumb brushing lightly against skin.

Pairing: Jonathan Pine x femme!Reader

Warnings: false names/identities, the Mallorca period, a bit of angst and feelings


He watches from the cottage as you sit on the shoreline, facing away from him and looking out over the water.

Waves leisurely chase each other to the shore, and moonlight shimmers on the dark indigo expanse.

You dig your palms into the sand, he sees, and Jonathan remembers the first time he’d ever heard of you.

“I’ve procured a girl for you, my good man,” Roper said one morning over breakfast.

“A girl, sir?”

“A live one, too. I’ve had Corky have a little squiz into her, but I’d like to you to look over what the old boy has dug up.” He took a sip of half-orange, half-soda. “It’s too odd, Andrew, when we’re out. Can’t have you skulking about, the only single fellow in the party—”

“Well, Corky—”

“Nevermind Corky, young chap. Bachelorism doesn’t serve our purposes. You need a woman on your arm.” Roper tossed a passport at him with a casual flick of his wrist. “She arrives today, you lucky boy.”

Jonathan opened the small leather book, and read a name printed next to your photo.

“Olivia Marie Cresswell and one Andrew Birch,” announced Roper grandly. “A nice ring to it, don’t you think?”

Dicky’s words echo in his ears as Jonathan observes you on the beach. In the hours before your arrival, a few weeks ago now, he had examined your very life. He’d looked at where you’d grown up, where you went to school, where you’ve lived. Who you knew and who you screwed. He even knew the last lipstick you bought and your favourite coffee shop. Your photos had struck him: your eyes and your hair and your smile. How you’d gotten yourself caught up with a man like Richard Roper, he’d shuddered to imagine.

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Part II: Words Are Futile Devices


Father Thomas Hiddleston is a good priest, satisfied with the life he’d chosen more than ten years ago. His faith wavers but there’s little else in his life to keep him from God’s work.

Until his childhood sweetheart walks back into his church after more than ten years of staying away.

You’re engaged to be married, unaware that Tom is now a priest at the church you intend to be married in. When you realize, it’s a struggle to keep all of your long held feelings for him at bay.

Will you go through with your plans to marry your fiancé, or will you give in to the longing you’ve felt for Tom all these years? And in doing so, will you pull Tom down into sin with you?

This Chapter: After seeing you in his church after ten years of being apart, the last place Tom thinks he’ll find you is coming to confession. But there you are, in the booth across from him, only a fine metal grate separating you.

Confession is a place to have your sins absolved, not encouraged, yet Tom cannot help but press you for answers to long asked questions when he realizes you don’t recognize him.


WARNINGS: angst, language


There’s a certain irony to sitting in judgement of other people’s sins when you’ve got so many of your own. His favorite part of the morning is when he first sits down in the confessional and whispers all of the things he hasn’t told Monsignor Devella into the static air, directly to God. He’d stopped saying your name years ago, stopped beating himself up over loving you more than the god he was supposed to be serving. But then you’d walked into his church and now—

Your name is the only thing on his lips.

His heart has not slid back down into his chest since he saw you, trapped in his fucking throat, and he sits sightly slumped in the confessional, back aching from the hours spent in the same position. He’s not expecting you to show up for confession, thinks there’s nothing you could possibly have to confess, but when the next repentant person kneels before the too thin grate, the voice he hears is achingly familiar.

“Forgive me Father, for I have sinned. It has been—too many, fuck —I mean, sorry. It’s been a long time.” Your voice is almost shaking, the warm wood walls of the confessional altogether familiar and foreign at the same time. It hadn’t been your plan to come to the church. In fact, your mother was waiting at the shop to help you pick a wedding dress out. But you’d found yourself driving in this direction instead, pulling into the church’s parking lot, walking determinedly into confession to get the weight off of your chest. And it was a weight, a goddamned boulder on your chest since you’d seen Tom last week. A whole week and it felt like a year, barely able to touch Andy without thinking about the other man, tears springing to your eyes ubidden, every time anyone mentioned the wedding.

You hear the huff of a laugh from the other side of the screen as you curse, but don’t look up, don’t try to parse out who’s on the other side. You don’t know any of the priests here anymore; besides, you’d know if it was Tom—you’d be able to feel him. “I accuse myself of the following sins,” your eyebrows furrow, trying to find the right words. “Almost sins? Coveting is bad, right? Especially if you’re coveting something that is supposed to belong to God.” Your hands are sweating just at the thought, refusing to look up though your neck already aches from looking down at your clasped hands.

“You’re supposed to be confessing, not accusing yourself my child. But, go on.” It feels almost like they’re playing a game as he speaks, but Tom knows it’s unfair because you don’t know what you’re getting yourself into. He can’t believe your head doesn’t shoot up as soon as he speaks, but his throat is so tight from the tears he’s holding back, shot to absolute hell, that he doesn’t even sound like himself. He hears you shifting, moving so that you’re sitting with your back pressed to the hard wood of the confessional wall like he is, instead of kneeling, but he doesn’t chance a look over. That would break whatever spell the two of you are under—two people who don’t know each other, strangers connecting across a cavernous void of a few inches of flimsy metal.


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Hey guys! Sorry for the hiatus. Real life got in the way and I got distracted with work. I really appreciate you guys, reading, reblogging, and liking. It means a lot. I want this story to spread because it’s a feel-good, fluffy story that I feel everybody needs right now. Any who, this chapter has more sexy time. I know, shocker! I’m sorry if this seems sex driven, I promise it’s not all like this! I am sad to announce that this is the last chapter. I’ll be posting a list to have the chapters in one post for easy reading, if I can figure out how to do that. Thanks for sticking with me through this fanfic! Here’s chapter 11. Enjoy!

Chapter 11

He captures my mouth in a heated kiss and picks me up. He carries me to the bed, again, and tosses me onto it. He gets on top of me and holds my hands above my head as he kisses me feverishly. He has his free arm snaked around my waist and pulling me into him. His hard member was pressing in between my legs. I was wet, yet again, already. I could tell he felt the slick on him because he smiles into the kiss. He pulls away giggling. I hungrily grab for his face with my mouth out of desperation. He smirks down at me, “Wet for me already, love?” I groan in response as I stare down at his lips. He gave me one last passionate kiss before he sinks down to my legs and looks up at me. He grabs each leg and gingerly places them on each shoulder. He nibbles at my inner thigh to tease me. I look down at him with lust filled eyes as I raise my hips to his face. He giggles, “What? No build-up to savor this moment?” I stare at him as I say breathlessly, “I need you to me out, now.” His eyes go dark as he whispers, “Yes, ma’am” against my core. I moan at the sensation. He starts licking and I moan louder as I buck my hips up. He moans against me and the vibrations brought me closer to bliss. He really knows his way with his tongue. I was nearing the edge in no time. He knew all my right places. He hit them with his fingers. He curled his fingers just right and struck that wonderful spot. It drove me up the wall and I moaned in approval. He moaned, too. It gave me that extra push I needed to come undone. My orgasm hit me hard. I moaned so loud that it, basically, became a scream. He kept up the good work as I was grinding against on his face. He was also moaning against me which caused me to last longer. When I was done, he stopped his licking and pumping. He pulled his fingers out as I looked down breathing heavily. He looked at me and held eye-contact as he put his fingers in his mouth. He had some on the sides of his mouth and face. I smirk and say, “What a messy eater.” He laughs, deep and rumbled. To be quite honest, that is the hottest thing I have ever seen. I want to see him coming up from between my legs with me on his face every night. He came up through my legs to come up to my face. I wiped each side of his face with each of my thumbs. He took both my thumbs in his mouth and licked it off. He held eye-contact the whole time. I didn’t look away as I said, “Wow…that…was…hot.” He laughed and kissed me with pleasure. He rolled over next to me. He looked satisfied and tired. This man has nearly fucked me bone-dry and gotten me completely out of my bra. I felt kind of bad because, while I have cum three times, he’s only cum twice. I just thought it wasn’t fair. So, to make things even, I decided to offer up my services to make him feel good, again. I use my finger to pull his chin to my face. He looks at me with question, but isn’t complaining. I kiss him sensually and slowly move my hand from his chin and glide it down his chest. I get to the lowest part of his abdomen when I stop. I feel him tense up, and that’s my green light. I slowly pull away from the kiss as I seductively move down. It was hard, already. He tries to get up to help me and I push him back down. “Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.” I grin mischievously. “But, there’s a catch.” His breathing has increased and he looks at me quizzically. “You can’t touch me until I say so.” His eyes widen and he stutters out, “I…I I don’t think I can do that.” He laughs in anticipation and nervousness. “You can if you try. I want you to try your hardest for me. Okay, babe?” He smiles widely and his eyes darken, “I can’t make any promises.” I adjust myself right in front of it and he’s already squirming. This is gonna be fun. The show began as I started to take it in my mouth and he immediately thrust up, nearly choking me. He started fisting the sheets so hard that I thought he was going to rip them.

Tom’s POV

I’m fisting these sheets so hard that my nails are digging into my palms. I am very visibly failing this test of self-control. When it comes to her, I can’t seem to keep my hands to myself.

Your POV

I’ve picked up the pace and so has he. I think he’s ripped the sheets, at this point. He’s moaning and yelling my name so much and so loud that it’s become a hex rolling off his tongue. I got so bad that I saw the battle for control in his arms. He was sweating and grunting while cursing me and praising me in the same breath. He just couldn’t take it anymore and, finally, grunted and then said, “My love, please!” I decided to stop screwing around and finish the job. I felt the twitch and prepared myself. He came, hard. I wasn’t a lot, so i could swallow it all pretty easily. I stop and sit up. He’s breathing really heavy with his eyes closed. They’re still closed as he says, “Darling, permission to touch you?” I smiled and warily said, “Granted.” He leaps up and tackles me backwards with a kiss. He grabbed my wrists and held them above my head with one hand. He uses the other to hold my chin. He pulls away and says, “That..was the single most hardest thing I have ever had to do. I have had a realization. I have no self-control when it comes to you.” I smile sheepishly. “Really?” “I say with doubt in my voice. “Yes! Why is that so hard to believe?” he asks concerned. “I don’t know. I guess it’s because I find it surprising that a guy feels like that about me.” I wasn’t looking at him anymore. He had let go of my wrists and took my face in both his hands and forced me to look at him. “Well, stop letting it surprise you. Start believing it because there are a lot of guys out there, if not all, who daydream about being in my shoes. Which means, I have a lot of competition.” “You don’t have any competition! You are, literally, the hottest guy I have ever seen. I’m just lucky to have you.” I got him blushing like a little kid and smiling cheek to cheek. “You’re sexy, good in bed, sweet, funny, talented, and incredibly intelligent. It’s an insult to me to compare you to anyone else. I have never actually been satisfied and tonight proved that.” He leaned his forehead against mine and looked at me with something in his eyes that I’ve never seen anyone look at me with. It was love and admiration. It almost made me tear up. It was so pure and genuine. I’ve decided it now, this man will be the death of me. He’s driving me insane and I’m head-over-heels. He kissed me and then kissed my forehead. The forehead kiss was filled with so much love and care. He pulled away a little and asked, “Shall we attempt cleaning ourselves up, again?” “I think we could do it if we tried.” He did his signature laugh and it made me giggle at how cute he was. We get up and go shower. We got cleaned up and somehow finished. Not without messing around a bit, of course. We got out and I lounged around in  robe while Tom put on a pair of pants. We laid in bed and talked as we cuddled for what felt like an eternity. Though, to me, it still wasn’t enough. I was tucked in up against him with his left arm curled around me, caressing my hip. His right hand would, sometimes, come around and rub my legs. But, for the most part, I was playing with it. We mostly talked about Tom’s jobs and roles he’s played, is playing, or will play. I tried to avoid talking about me because I don’t want to be a downer on this paradise moment. It was perfect, absolutely heavenly. I was genuinely happy, comfortable, and, most of all, in love. Now, all I have to do is lay low here for a couple of days until my family leaves. I was convinced by a certain someone that I will go up to the police station and file an abuse report against her. I mean, I have physical evidence I can show them. Tom promised he would be there every step of the way for comfort and support. I must be the luckiest girl in the world to have Tom Hiddleston by my side. But, he’s not just some actor that I find hot and unattainable. Now, he’s the one I’m in love with and someone I want to spend my future with. He rips me away from my thoughts with a kiss. “Darling, you zoned out again. I wonder what goes on in that beautiful, little head of yours.” “Well, if I told you, then there would be no mystery.” He smiles down at me, “You really are one of kind.” “Well, I like to think more special edition.” He laughs, “Y/N, I love you.” I just stare with my mouth open. He stops and realizes what he just said. He looks surprised, but then he goes back to smiling as he cements his previous words. “I really do.” I finally blink as I look him dead in the eyes and say, “I love you, too.” His face brightens as he looks as though he’s about to tear up. He warmly kisses me with a smile plastered on his face. He pulls away and hugs me tightly like he’s going to lose me. It was so tender and emotional. I started to cry. I hugged him back so hard and I didn’t want to let go. 

Tom’s POV

I hugged her so hard that I was afraid I was going to break her. But, I didn’t really care about that. All I could think in that moment was that I never wanted to lose her. If I did, I don’t know what I would do with myself. She’s so precious to me. That’s how I know I’m in love with Y/N. I started to cry in her hair because the thought of not having her by my side was the most painful thought I have ever had. I have decided that I will love her like I’m going to lose her every day. This…

Your POV

…is what love feels like.

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What changed?


Originally posted by reine-sigyn

Pairing: Tom Hiddleston x Reader

Warning: Slight angst, fluff!

Word count: 978

Tom Hiddleston, Loki Masterlist

Tom Hiddleston/Loki Taglist: @delightfulheartdream @what-a-flammable-heart

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The rising sun cast a rosy hue across the morning sky visible from the window you faced. Sleep ridden eyes focused on the distant horizon and yet so distracted, thoughts running a mile a minute, a mild headache showing early signs.

Occasional breeze littered your skin with goose bumps, making you wrap the sheets around your naked form a little tighter, your obsessive train of thoughts never wavering once.

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My fics are strictly 18+ reading, and are all housed on AO3. Not all fics contain smut, but for the safety of everyone, please be aware.

Fics with smut in 1 or more chapters will be marked with a (*).

If you’re interested in being tagged on any/all fics, please send me a message and let me know!



The Only Heaven I’ll Be Sent To Is When I’m Alone With You*—In Progress


Father Thomas Hiddleston is a good priest, satisfied with the life he’d chosen more than ten years ago. His faith wavers but there’s little else in his life to keep him from God’s work.

Until his childhood sweetheart walks back into his church after more than ten years of staying away.

You’re engaged to be married, unaware that Tom is now a priest at the church you intend to be married in. When you realize, it’s a struggle to keep all of your long held feelings for him at bay.

Will you go through with your plans to marry your fiancé, or will you give in to the longing you’ve felt for Tom all these years? And in doing so, will you pull Tom down into sin with you?

 (Ch. 1) (Ch. 2)

& Moodboard


Careful Creatures


A confused Loki seeks out his friend Matt for some comfortable silence. He gets slightly more than he bargained for.

Technicolor Dreams


The reader invades Loki’s dreams literally and figuratively.

Your Heart Is Like Glass*—Coming Soon


You are a whore, bound to the Shining Pearl since the time of your birth. But a year ago a strangely handsome man with money to spare started seeking your attentions. You cannot seem to shake your affections for him, though you know his presence is always temporary. 

It’s temporary because he’s a prince, and when he marries he’ll no longer be able to dabble with his favorite whore. But his favorite whore has become more than that to him, and Loki desperately seeks a solution to both of your supposed prisons.


Playlist & Moodboard


What You Could Have Meant To Me*—Coming Soon


500 years and life has not lost its light, though it dims from time to time. Vampires as a touchy breed and you avoid them for the most part, save for your old friend Adam. You meet from time to time in foreign cities, but when an exhibit at the Met reveals old letters written but never sent, you’re both drawn together again. You’ve kept your feelings for him secret for a long time. Will he be able to draw them out, or will you spend the rest of your lives never knowing the truth?


Playlist & Moodboard


I’ll Love You In Every Life We Live*—In Progress


Soulmates who meet in every life they live, they know without really knowing, that they belong together. Whether in the heat of battle or kneeling before the king; separated by time and death and other people, they always find one another. Love is the one thing they know for certain, even if they cannot be together, even if they are only together for the briefest moment. There will always be another life in which they will meet.

Chapters: (Ch. 1)

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‘Cause In The Dark There Are No Strangers*—In Progress


Steve and Billy like to fight—they hate each other, except they don’t, not really. A chance encounter one rainy night could change everything, but that doesn’t mean they’re not still the same people.

Love can lift you up, but it can also tear you apart.

 (Ch. 1) (Ch. 2) (Ch. 3) (Ch. 4) (Ch. 5) (Ch. 6)

 & Moodboard

There’s Something Inside You; It’s Hard To Explain*—In Progress


Billy is a broken boy, all sharp edges and bloody knuckles. You are a quiet girl, too soft for your own good. You hate each other.

(They don’t hate each other.)

He’s so soft for her, has been since high school and after a slightly drunken night reveals some secrets neither one of them ever thought would see the light of day, they have to deal with what comes next.

 (Ch. 1) (Ch. 2)

& Moodboard


& At Once I Knew, I Was Not Magnificent*—Coming Soon


Gurnsey is a German occupied British isle, one that hides a dark secret. After crashing his plane and losing his copilot, James Barnes is captured and forced into labor; the same can be said for Steve Rogers, a lost British naval lieutenant. They find themselves in dire straights, the only thing holding them together—each other. Can they survive, escape even? Or will they die at the hands of their enemies?


Playlist & Moodboard

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what i honestly think it would be like to date loki

btw to those who have sent me requests…i see you! i promise. i’ve just been a bit unmotivated at the moment. so here’s this for now i guess LMAO


Originally posted by martenssoul

  • lemme just say right now…actually getting to the point of dating loki would take a long time
  • the enemies (but not rlly enemies) to allies to friends w tension to yearning / crushing on each other to lovers type thing
  • i mean have u seen how loki grew up??? he has major trust issues and doesn’t get close to people
  • i think it’d take a few years of extreme slowburn, arguing, and yearning w one another until feelings actually start to show
  • loki wouldn’t be afraid of staring - or eye contact, tbh
  • you’d just be sitting at one of tony’s famous parties, feeling slightly out of place while standing amidst a group of people avidly telling their own stories (let’s be real…it’s mainly tony talking)
  • and for just a quick second you let out a small comment that earns a couple grins and chuckles from the people around you
  • the conversation moves on, but you can’t help but feel loki’s intense gaze on you
  • and he doesn’t look away for a good ten seconds
  • or maybe you’ll just be eating dinner and loki will carefully watch you with soft eyes from across the table
  • he analyzes everything about you…
  • the way you raise a quizzical eyebrow, the way you avert your gaze away from him when his flirty comments make you nervous
  • the way you flip the pages of your book gently
  • the way your body just naturally leans into his touch
  • he notices everything.
  • everything.
  • loki most definitely is not a PDA person in my opinion . like at all
  • but the one thing he ALWAYS does. like ALWAYS, is have one hand placed gently on the small of your back
  • as a way to always somehow be touching you, and letting you know he’s there
  • (and ofc letting everyone else know)
  • but when alone, i honestly do think that touch is one of loki’s main love languages
  • he’s always touching your mf NECK
  • you don’t know why, and neither does he
  • but he’ll just come behind you and gently brush any hair to the side, and run his chilly fingers down your neck
  • or he’ll place a gentle kiss on your neck’s sweet spot after anything (after a heated make out session, after saying good morning, after dinner, ANYTHING)
  • he’s a neck guy ok i’ve decided
  • i also feel like loki is the type to act all macho and tough but he’ll be like
  • “actually, my dove, i guess you could paint my nails. i guess we could match. only green, though”
  • also this is a lil NSFW but loki is 100% INDEED A GOD NOT ONLY IN THE STREETS, BUT IN THE SHEETS AS WELL
  • he puts his powers to good use if ya know what i mean
  • seriously though, he worships you. WORSHIPS YOU. not only your body, but your mind, heart, and soul as well
  • anything intimate he goes into with pure passion because he believes it intertwines your souls together even more
  • ALSO i literally believe that loki, in the late hours of the night, while you two are sleepy in each other’s arms under the dim moonlight, will braid your hair gently
  • he’s quite good with his fingers
  • in more ways than one
  • after kissing you, loki likes poking you gently with his nose, then completely leaning into you, and pulling you into a tight embrace
  • i don’t see him as a huge cuddler while sleeping, but he ALWAYS is either holding your hand or having his arm/hand on you SOMEWHERE at least
  • always touching u!
  • now i know this is kind of depressing, but there would definitely be fights occasionally between you and loki
  • sometimes loki cant watch his tongue, and you end up storming out of the room in tears
  • or even if it’s something about him going out on missions and doing reckless shit and you’re TIRED OF IT
  • and he gets too defensive and you both end up stressed out and w raised voices, so you just storm out
  • but he never. EVER goes to sleep mad at you. he did it once and woke up feeling terrible and vowed to never let you two go to bed angry
  • by the end of the night, he’s kissed you wherever you’ve got tears falling, and whispers “im sorry, my dove” “forgive me, please”
  • you guys kiss a lot
  • like a lot
  • loki loves going on walks with you. it’s just something you’ve both normalized in your day to day routine together
  • you like to call loki “shakespeare” bc mf can be so dramatic sometimes and recite goddamn poems to you out of nowhere
  • but you honestly love it
  • LMAO sometimes i feel like during a make out session loki will just softly bite your ear for no reason
  • the first time u were like??? but you’re into it
  • you and loki out in public literally look exactly like that one picture of natalia dyer and charlie heaton
  • ya know…the one of them walking hand in hand on the streets, resting bitch faces, dressed all in black, big ass sunglasses, sharing earbuds
  • you guys truly are that couple
  • i feel like “mirrors” by justin timberlake just fits the relationship vibe. do u know what i mean?
  • BATHS TOGETHER. ALL THE MF TIME. he just loves skin on skin
  • loki loves you so much
  • like loki iS SO reserved around people (other than you) but if someone asks about you he will literally spill his heart out, talking about how you are truly an angel sent from heaven for him
  • he only has eyes for you. forever and always
  • soulmates
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pairing: tom hiddleston x fem!reader (y/n)

summary: you convince your best friend to let you read some poetry he’s written, but you aren’t prepared for the words that tom wrote.

word count: 1474 (sorta short sorry)

warnings: SO MUCH FLUFF, teeange tommy hidds bc we as a society need it, a poor understanding of how eton college functions

a/n: look queen personally i cannot handle this!! i need a soft british boyfriend who’ll write me poetry!! add yourself to my taglist!!

tags (crossed out means i couldn’t tag you): @avengerlex​, @simsiddy​, @meosotis​, @love-is-all-you-need-13​, @carydorse@marygut1407​, @astridmargrethe​, @tinylumpiaa​, @ladyblablabla​, @oofjustanothermcufan


Originally posted by t-hiddles

I sensed him before I saw him. It was only a single second head start, but I whirled around to see Tom behind me. “Woah, you scared me,” I laughed. “You can’t creep up on girls like that, man!” 

“Who said I was creeping?” Tom asked, a smile splitting his face wide. He threw an arm around my shoulders, then added, “Maybe you were.” 

“Why would I be the creeper?” I asked. 

“You’re on my school’s grounds,” Tom began. “You didn’t tell me you’d be visiting.” 

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Summary: Nothing was the same during a pandemic, even if, as a university lecturer, you were teaching things that you had taught over and over again. But somedays are worse than the others. When Tom comes home, he holds you together when you feel like your world is falling apart.

Author’s Note: A big fat super thank you to @brekkingthebedwithbuckybarnes​, my ride or die, for beta’ing this as well as for the warm and lovely and soft banner! Shout out to @grufflepuff-writes-stuff​ whose series, Loki’s Lullabies were partly an inspiration for this and to @just-the-hiddles​ for her support and encouragement!

Tom Gives You… is a series of unconnected stories that you can read for when you are in a certain situation, or want to feel a certain way. It’s based on ‘Open When’ letters and I hope you find comfort in reading them the way I found in writing them!

Warnings: Quarantine fic, pandemic.

The Permanent Party: @sllooney@brekkingthebedwithbuckybarnes@arch-venus25@hopelessromanticspoonie@lotus-eyedindiangoddess@dangertoozmanykids101@villainousshakespeare@otakumultimuse-hiddleswhore @is-it-madness@caffiend-queen@listen-brother@myraiswack@green-valkyrie@just-the-hiddles@lovesmesomehiddles@sallymagnoliaposts@ciaodarknessmyheart @sherala007@nonsensicalobsessions@delightfulheartdream@brokenthelovely@twhiddlestonsstuff

Series Taglist: @captaingothgirl1996@confusednerd09@grufflepuff


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A/N: Simply a collection of Marvel requests and a few random challenges I’ve been a part of!


Sharing - Tony Stark x Reader

Mommy kissed Santa - Tony Stark x Reader


Home Alone - Loki x Reader

No one knows - Tom Hiddleston x Reader

Seizure - Tom Hiddleston x Reader


Girls Night - Avengers x Reader


Wedding Fluff - Thor x Reader (NSFW)

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