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I have a idea for a smutty story with Peter Parker :D maybe Y/N is a new Avenger, Peter see her at her “welcome” Party but they know each other from a few months ago where they had very great sex (maybe a few details in the story, both love hard sex. Peter is the dom :D). Y/N had a great night with all, the girls love her but peter is a bit shy because he doesn’t know if she reminds him. So time after time they repeat the night (please mention it) and fell in love. That would be great haha thaaanks :)) maybe a bit Action, where Y/N looks great in her suit and Peter is surprised what she is able to

Requested by : @fabienneweasley

A/N : Reader’s character is inspired by Susan Storm of the fantastic four she basically weilds the power of invincibility and creating forcefields. Hope you like this. Feedbacks and suggestions are always welcome.

Pairing : Peter Parker x Avenger! Reader

Warnings : 18+, SMUT, mature content, dom! peter, fwb -> lovers.


The Avengers are fighting against madame Hydra and her troops

“Parker! Status?” Tony’s voice crackles through the intercom whilst Peter fights against a group of Hydra soldiers which seems to just keep on increasing in number.

“Uh Mr Stark things are getting a little crowded over here a little back up would be nice” Peter replies back struggling to keep up the fight as he successfully webs up a bunch of the soldiers. But to his surprise a whole new troop emerges from nowhere.

“Oh no! Karen activate instant kill!” Karen activates the instant kill mode but it still wasn’t enough to tackle the whole army as Peter was soon outnumbered. One of the soldiers threw a gamma ray infused bomb which if detonated can be catastrophic to anyone who is hit by its radiation. The bomb detonates with a huge blast but to Peter’s surprise a forcefield forms around it containing the blast inside it, soon the forcefield disintegrates, sucking in the deadly radiation with it like a black hole sucks in everything into it.

“Woah! what the hell was that?!” Peter was awestruck at what just happened.

Suddenly a feminine figure appeared out of the thin air in front of Peter. She was wearing a blue suit which hugged her curves perfectly, hair cascading down her shoulders. And as she turned to face him Peter felt like he was hit by a truck, it was you. He stood there like a statue still processing what he was seeing.

“You’re welcome by the way” you quipped, breaking him out of his daze.

“Who are you?” Peter asks though he knew very well who you’re but seeing you like this was a huge shock to him.

“Y/N Y/L/N aka storm and you’re the famous spiderman”

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☁️-Undecided/I don’t freaking know

⚡️🔥-Triggering Possible


Word count: 935

Warning: I can’t think of any, if you find some, please tell me!

Dialogue list


13-“I hate you, you know that, right?”
47-“I trusted you!”


Originally posted by jonstarks

Peter smiled at his friend, her Y/H/C hair blowing in the wind. The smile soon turned into a look of concern as she looked out-of-it and scared. “Y/N?” He touched her shoulder, “Is everything alright?”

She turned her head and smiled, “Yeah, sorry, was just thinking of something.”

“Yeah? What is that?”

She waved him off, “Nothing, honestly.”

He raised an eyebrow, “You sure?”

She nodded, “Yeah, everything is fine.” She sighed and looked out at the city of New York. “So, are you gonna go to prom? It’s in a month, tickets go on sell tomorrow.”

He shrugged, “I wanna, but I don’t know if the person I wanna go with will go with me.”

“I don’t get why anyone would deny going to prom with you. You’re a sweet guy. Plus, you have money from the Star Internship to pay for like, everything a girl, or guy, I won’t judge, would want.”

“Yeah, but you see, we’re friends and I now some people don’t like that.”

“Don’t like what?”

“Going to prom with a friend when they see it was a date.”

She smiled at him, “I wouldn’t mind. I would just be glad I’m not going alone again. Last year was horrible.” 

She shivered at the thought of it, “It wasn’t that bad Y/N/N.”

She snorted, “Peter, I stood in the corner the whole time and the one person who asked me to dance, asked me just to embarrass me. But sure, it wasn’t ‘that bad’.”

He laughed, “Whatever milady.”

She stood up and walked over to the stairs to head down and go home. “Well, I’m gonna go on home, see you later Peter.”

He nodded and waved her off.


Y/N nodded as she was given her orders. She turned off the hologram and laid back into her bed. Starring up at the ceiling. She hated her job. She hated lying. She hated everything. She sighed and put her arm over her eyes, blocking her from seeing anything.

She got up after a while and suited up. She laughed as she looked like a S.H.E.I.L.D agent. Only difference was the logo. She slipped the knives and guns into the holders and put her mask on. Opening her window she slipped out and jumped down into the back alley.


She struggled against the wall. The webs keeping her held back. The masked vigilante limped towards her. “For a HYDRA agent, you suck.”

“Do I? I mean, you’re limping towards me, holding your side to hold the blood in. I think I’m pretty good. You only got me because my back was turned. Besides,” She smirked under her mask as she felt the webbing coming loose, “I have the upper hand.”

“What do you mean?”

“I know your identity.” He stepped back a bit, “I know who your friends are.” She moved her and and pulled it out of web, “I know everything about you.” She grabbed a knife and cut herself free, “And more importantly, I’m free.”

She ran and tackled him, knife to his throat. He flipped them over, knocking the knife out of her hands, “You don’t know me, do you?”

“Maybe I lied, but it startled you. Which did give me the upper hand, Spiderman.” She flipped them back over so she was on top, “I now know that you want to protect your identity. But why? Why not be like your mentor and let the world know? Why not tell everyone? What’s your reasoning for hiding it? Why?”

“Because, I want to protect the people I care about.” He pushed her off him. He actually pushed her so hard that she hit the wall. They both got up slowly, but when he saw her he froze. When he saw her, he saw the face of his best friend. “Y/N?”

She was the one to freeze this time. How did he know her name? He slipped the mask off of his face and she gasped. The boy with the short light brown curly hair with deep brown eyes was looking at her. Hurt was written in his eyes. “Peter? I-no, this can’t be you.”

“How could you do this?”

“Do what?”

“Lie to me!”

“I didn’t lie to you!”

“But you did!”

“Peter, I never wanted to hurt you! I-I-I never meant to! Please!”

Liar!” Before he could do anything drastic, the rest of the Avengers showed up. Steve held him as Natasha arrested her.

As they walked by Peter, Y/N looked at him and gave him a small, ‘I’m sorry’.


Y/N sat in the cell in the island prison. She sat, leaning against the wall, starring out to the fact of she was the only person here. She looked over as she heard the door open. She listened as she heard the guard say that they had 10 minutes.

She looked over to the side when she saw who it was. “What are you doing here Peter.”


“Why what?”

“Why did you it? Why did you trick me?” She didn’t answer, he slammed his fist on the glass door, “Answer me!”

“I didn’t mean too! Besides, you lied to me too! You never told me you were Spiderman! I-I trusted you!

“I’m not the one who betrayed someone’s trust. That was all you.” He began to walk away. “I hate you, you know that, right?”

“It was be, wasn’t it?”

He stopped, “What do you mean?”

“You wanted to ask me to prom. I know. And…and I would’ve said yes.”

“It’s not like it matters anymore.”

She leaned her head down between her legs as he left.

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the brothers trust video made me sad cause i’ll never be able to give tom a hug 😭😭😭😭😭

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“How’s your pain level?”

“Like mental pain or physical pain?”


“Nine out of Ten.”

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ok so, i really hate to write this but i have to. So recently college has been kicking my arse (saying ass still feels weird to me) and i have had NO motivation to write. I kinda want to start fresh so i will be deleting everything in my inbox. I hate to do this because there are some requests in there that i really enjoyed the concept of but i feel like if i start new then i will have more motivation. Feel free to send anything in again!! Love you lots! xx

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Tom and his grandmother Tess.

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i’m sorry lovely :( i’ve definitely been there before so i know it sucks but it’s only one test and at least it’s over now!! i hope this helps you a little <3


“what’d you get, what’d you get?” peter grabs your shoulders from behind and squeezes. your heart thuds in your chest as you pull up the grade. you’d taken a test last week that you didn’t quite understand the material on. you’ve been anxious about getting the results since then. peter asks for updates every day because he genuinely cares how you did.

whatever is bugging his girl bugs him, too.

“peter, i’m scared. i don’t wanna look,” you whine, holding your phone to your chest as the grade loads. “‘s okay, y/n/n. i’m right here,” he murmurs and nuzzles his face into the back of your neck. your hair obstructs his view. his lips press to it ever so lightly. sighing, you pick your phone up again and read it. you bring a hand up to clasp over your mouth.

assuming that’s a good thing, peter starts to congratulate you. you break the news first. “no, it’s… it’s really bad. worse than i thought,” you choke out and stare at the two soul crushing numbers on the screen. “fuck.” throwing down your phone on the desk, you pull away from peter. you’re embarrassed he’s here to witness your failure.

“y/n. baby, hey,” he coaxes you back to him, a hand on your waist to keep you there. there’s a deep scowl set on your face. he couldn’t see that before because you were turned away from him. that makes a frown pull at peter’s lips, him hugging you by your waist. “you’re allowed to have bad days,” he coos as you drape your arms around his torso.

you hide your face in his chest while he gives you more words of encouragement. “you don’t have to get a perfect score every time. gotta make some mistakes to learn,” he reminds you softly and draws you in closer to him. hearing the smartest guy in your year say that does make you feel better. “now, you know what you need to work on for next time,” peter finishes.

“shit, peter. i don’t deserve you,” you sigh, pulling away from his chest with a smile of disbelief. he gives you a smile of his own. “you deserve everything you want.” “thank you for saying that. all of that, i mean.” your head rests on his shoulder, glancing up at him. “wanna get dinner soon? your choice,” peter hums and licks his lips. you nod against him.

“could cuddle for a while, too. maybe take a bath or a shower,” he continues to suggest, another lazy smile taking over your face. “if you join me,” you decide and peter lets out a chuckle. “i will.”

your test might have been a disappointment, but your night with peter isn’t.

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Welcome to my review channel. Today, we're reviewing hair products.
*sprays hairspray directly into his mouth*
Okay, I can tell you this one is not very good.
Tony, on the phone with the therapist
Yeah, so he's doing it again-
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talented | t.h.

summary: you’re so proud of tom and you liked to show it sometimes.

word count: 605 (a mini blurb for y’all)


To say that Tom amazed you every day with his talent would be an understatement. Out of all of the people that you knew, Tom was the one that never failed to amaze you. Tom had so much talent inside his bones, it was inspiring. You were so proud of your boyfriend, and you never failed to show him that. 

Tom has been doing video calls for his upcoming movie for the past couple of weeks. Although he loved interviews and talking to people, it could be very draining. Looking at the screen for long periods of time could be highly exhausting and would oftentimes give Tom a headache. 

“Hey. One cup of tea for my cute and talented boy,” you said as you placed a cup of chamomile tea by his desk. Tom had just finished an interview and he was rubbing his temples to possibly relieve the stress that consumed him. “You okay?”

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