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Can you do Tom x younger sister where she has separation anxiety with him? Also, love your writing! Xoxo

Put these two together!


“Tommy, I miss you,” you sniffled, hiding your face in your pillow as you looked at your older brother. 

“Just a few more weeks, Y/N,” he sighed, running a hand through his hair as he looked at you over the phone.

“Everything sucks without you,” you whispered, your voice breaking as you told him how you felt. “I don’t even want to go to school anymore,”

“Darling, I’ll be home soon,” he repeated, sniffling softly too. “Don’t make mum and dad freak out, okay?”

You nodded your head, laying your profile against the pillow. “Can you wait ‘til I fall asleep?”

“Sure, want me to talk to you about filming?” He asked, getting comfortable on his bed too as soon as you nodded. 

“Yes, thank you, Tommy,”

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“What a drama queen,” you rolled your eyes playfully as Tom coughed, taking the video for his Instagram story.

“I’m an actor, darling,” Tom teased, pulling his face mask on his face with a grin. “And we both know you love it,”

“Maybe I do,”

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Originally posted by theyebrow

The lights in the bedroom were dark, but Tom could hear the soft sound of Aspen’s breathing as he slipped into the room. He hoped she was asleep, but he didn’t think she was, Aspen had a hard time falling asleep when he wasn’t here.


The voice that called his name sounded so small and not at all like his petal. She didn’t sound cheerful, she sounded defeated and worn out.

Tom hung his leather jacket over the headboard and slipped into the bed next to her.

“ ‘M here, petal.”

Aspen turned over in the bed and, in the moonlight, Tom could tell that she’d gotten some sleep, but he saw sadness in her eyes. Those eyes were usually so sparkly and bright, but now, the very night had taken that away.

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A sad concept (not a blurb cause I can’t be sad now haha)

He couldn’t believe it. He would never forgive himself. Even though it was a drunk driver that hit you, Tom could only blame himself for your death. 

Tom and you were driving to your date night at your favorite restaurant and you were both hit unexpectantly. 

You were both rushed to the hospitals and unfortunately, you couldn’t make it and Tom blamed himself for it. 

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i’m really vibing w this unsolved! stark! reader shit so i’m still gonna roll w it

(referencing this fic and this hc!)

  • so pretty much over the course of a month, y/n’s yt channel (where she posts exclusively videos of her and peter doing unsolved stuff) raked in more than a million subs
  • they film videos mockumentary-style because of course they do (they’re huge fans of the office)
  • peter also made a channel of his own, mostly to post aesthetic vlogs and interact with the fans from y/n’s channel
  • pretty soon, people were leaving comments/tweeting at y/n and peter, asking them to visit haunted locations
  • which poses a few problems: a) y/n as not allowed traveling by herself because being a stark meant being a high profile target who is still a child. like tony would literally die before he let his daughter travel by herself without protection; b) peter and y/n are too scared to go to locations by themselves.  y/n is insistent that these places are actually haunted so she thinks they need to have someone to protect them because they’re literal children. that someone can’t be peter because he needs to protect his identity. the fact that peter can’t protect y/n and himself makes him nervous too.
  • their compromise? a chaperone flies the quinjet to their haunted location and joins them on ghost hunts. the chaperone being an avenger.
  • and depending on who brings them on their trip, the vibe of the video is VERY DIFFERENT
  • tony is a boogara mostly because he’s seen too much shit to be a skeptic tbh
  • when he’s in videos, they usually get the most views because HELLO the man is basically elon musk but a superhero
  • he has very nonchalant energy in videos and makes asides that are hilarious
  • *something crashes in the distance* “oh shit. y/n honey, it’s a ghost” he says in the most monotone voice ever.
  • he doesn’t really want to flaunt his tech in the videos (also he doesn’t want to accidentally blow up the place) so he usually only brings a baseball bat
  • which y/n is always like “okay, so on this episode of my dad is an idiot: he brought a baseball bat to fight ghosts”
  • peter and y/n usually take turns filming, and tony has basically mastered the deadpan stare to camera
  • “dad, did you hear that???? i heard something fall!!!” y/n probably said.
  • “that was me, babe!” peter hisses back at her from behind the camera
  • cue tony’s deadpan stare into the camera
  • when steve chaperones trips, he doesn’t really understand what y/n and peter are doing but as the designated beefy but responsible uncle, he brings his shield anyways.
  • honestly he’s a boogara too because he’s seen a lot of shit that doesn’t make sense to him so WHY NOT add ghosts to the list
  • that doesn’t mean he’s really scared of them though
  • he usually enters buildings first, letting y/n or peter carry his shield
  • he’s also the type to wander around the building without telling anybody because he honestly thinks it’s harmless
  • but in the process, he scares the shit out of y/n and peter
  • “y/n…where did steve go?” peter asks y/n, who’s currently behind the camera
  • steve then walks into the room innocently while y/n and peter lose their shit
  • “steve don’t do that!!!” y/n yells at him while pointing the flashlight onto his face
  • “do what??” he asks dumbfoundedly
  • episodes with steve usually end up becoming really iconic gif sets
  • by far the most chaotic episodes are with sam and bucky
  • those two have become a package deal because if either tony or steve are unavailable, y/n and peter ask either bucky or sam. but no matter who they ask, the other asks if they can come too
  • and because steve and tony are usually busy, bucky and sam are the most common guests
  • they even updated their social media bios because they go ghost hunting so much.
  • (bucky’s bio: avenger. plum lover. steve’s best friend. apparently, a ghost hunter.)
  • (sam’s bio: the funny avenger with wings. i also hunt ghouls on the side.)
  • bucky is shaniac because he just thinks ghosts aren’t real. plain and simple.
  • sam is a boogara when it comes to literally any other conspiracy theory, but a shaniac when it comes to ghosts.
  • but when they’re together, they collectively share one brain cell so they both get scared really easily even if they don’t believe in ghosts
  • whenever it’s an episode about a haunted building with sam, y/n and peter don’t even bother editing out all the swears because there are so many so what’s even the point.
  • “fucking FUCK!! did you guys hear that fucking shit!! okay, stay fucking CALM IT’S NOT MOTHERFUCKING GHOST OKAY???” sam probably says at the sound of a door creaking
  • his pre and post exploration interviews are also always really funny because he is usually drinking out of a flask saying “if i die, there’s no way a ghost is going to kill me fucking sober”
  • bucky is generally non-vocal but makes the funniest facial reactions because he gets startled by sam’s screaming
  • sam overreacting because of something like the wind + bucky’s face of pure shock at his sudden outburst = perfect content fo the slow zoom in
  • despite sam and bucky always saying they hate ghost hunting on camera, they secretly love it and love spending time with y/n and peter
  • they are easily the fan favourite and the most requested guests
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Sorry if this is not the exact request!

You had a long day at work. Your boss was more rude than usual, your coworkers were absolute dicks, and you left your lunch at home so your lunchbreak sucked too. You were glad that you were finally home.

“Tom?” you said as you opened the door to an empty living room.

“In our bathroom!” he shouted. You then made your way to your shared bathroom and saw Tom getting ready for a shower.

“Mind if I join you?” you said. You didn’t want it to be sexual or anything. You just needed to relax. You needed Tom’s comfort.

“Oh,” Tom said he wiggled his eyebrows.

“Not like that, dummy. I’m exhausted and I missed you,” you said as you took off your clothing.

“Come here, love. I’ll take care of you.”

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Sorry this is so short ahhh

You and Tom have been dating for a month and today was the day you were going to meet his parents for the first time. You were nervous but excited.

“Darling, they’re going to love you,” Tom said he opened the car door for you to let you out.

“I hope so,” you said.

You knocked on the Hollands door and you were greeted with a very excited Nikki.

“Hi! You must be Y/N,” Nikki said as she pulled you in for a hug.

You went inside and met the rest of the Hollands. You had dinner with them and made great conversation. After dinner, you heard Nikki whisper something in Tom’s ear.

“Thomas, I think she may be the one.”

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hi anon hope you enjoy! this was cute to write about :) thank you for sending it in!! 


Peter Parker x Reader (Fluff!)
No warnings, just some kissing!
Word Count: 658

“Hi babe,” Peter greeted you from behind, hugging you and kissing the side of your head. You giggled at his actions, turning around in his arms, and stepping on your tiptoes to lightly kiss his lips. “Hi Peter,” You giggled out, and pressed another kiss to his lips, making him smile into it. The two of you stepped away when your classmate, Ryan, cleared his throat and eyed you as you smiled back to him, sheepishly.

Ryan raised his eyebrows at Peter, trying to signal it was a private conversation between the two of you, but Peter stayed put, with his arms crossed against his chest as you greeted Ryan, “Hey what’s up?” Your voice was super bright and friendly making Peter pause to look over to Ryan.

“I just wanted to know if you were coming to my party on Saturday?” Ryan asked, smirking to you as you smiled back to him sweetly and unaware of Peter growing irritated. Ryan was one of your friends in Biology class, and he always talked to you, and you naturally grew to be friends. You had no idea he actually liked you in a romantic way. Peter could tell instantly, by the way Ryan stepped closer to you, slightly in your personal space and somewhat blushing.

It only irritated Peter because he knew you couldn’t see what Ryan was doing. He knew that you would be uncomfortable about it though, so he never said anything. He just wanted you to be happy with your friends, even if some of them liked you. Ryan reached out to grab your shoulder though, making Peter scoff at his movement, pouting at the feeling of jealousy. Even though you didn’t realize Ryan was trying to get at you, the jealousy made Peter feel slightly more irritated. Peter wasn’t angry at you, but at Ryan for even trying here in front of him.

“Can I bring Peter?” You questioned back, after glancing to Peter to see the foul look on his face. He wasn’t happy and you were confused as to why. The moment you said that, Peter wanted to yell out “Aha!” back to Ryan, but he chose to be quiet, instead watching as it played out. Peter gazed back to you with a smug grin, knowing Ryan would be annoyed with your suggestion. “It’s- you know what? It’s okay, you guys seem like you already have plans.” Ryan stuttered back, taking his hand from your shoulder, and stepping away.

You shrugged and looked back to your boyfriend, “I don’t think we have anything planned that day, do you want to go, babe?” You asked Peter lightly, as he chuckled at the situation, “Was planning on taking you out on a date, maybe go to our spot?” Ryan rolled his eyes at Peter’s words, done with the conversation, and waved to you goodbye before you could say anything else.

You gazed at Ryan in confusion before shrugging back to Peter, “That sounds like a good plan, babe.” You mumbled, and he pulled you in for another hug, swaying side to side with you. “You look so fuckin’ cute today, babe.” He whispered back, making you giggle in his arms.

He swung you around in a circle, making the two of you laugh even more, and he leaned down pressing a soft kiss to your lips. You hummed back into the kiss, pulling his head down further and kissing him even more. Peter swiped his tongue over your bottom lip making you open your mouth slightly. He moved his way through your lips with a soft groan. The two of you made out for a few more seconds, before Peter pulled away blushing at the deep kiss.

You smiled, and wiped your fingers over his lips, swiping off the excess saliva as he smiled at you. “I love you,” Peter paused and kissed your forehead again. You giggled back to him, “Love you too, babe.”

tagging: @itscaminow @lozzypoz321

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🍉 + idea for a blurb request ~ Celebration has ended please don’t send anymore in!

You weren’t really paying much attention to the tv when you flicked it on for background noise while you made dinner, but you could recognize the sound of Avengers: Infinity War anywhere. Tom was currently napping with your 10 month old son, both of them tired from playing at the park earlier- well, Tom was jetlagged due to returning home from filming yesterday, but he still went hard at the park. You heard Tom’s footsteps coming down the hall and you turned, smiling as you saw your two sleepy boys.

“Have a good nap?” You teased, and Tom nodded with a yawn, holding on tight to his son.

“You have no idea.” Tom laughed, pressing a kiss to your cheek. He set Alfie down on the playmat in front of the TV. Alfie smiled up at the TV, recognizing Tom on the screen, “Hey, look it’s me.”

“Yeah, and you’re minutes away from dying.” You joked, and he shot you a glare, sitting down beside Alfie.

“Do you think he knows that it’s me?” He asked, looking at the curiosity in his son’s brown eyes. He shifted into his baby voice, “Do you see daddy on the screen?”

Before you quip something back, little Alfie pointed a chubby finger at the screen, “Dada.”

You and Tom looked at each other with wide eyes, bright smiles on your faces. Both of you cheering, “He said dada!”

“Dada.” Alfie giggled, turning back to Tom.

“Yeah, that’s dada.” He replied proudly. Tom clapped his hands a little, and you watched as your son mimicked his actions in glee.

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this isn’t a blurb but instead a concept just because I can’t write for shit hahaha

You were at some dumb party that you were dragged to by your friend. You didn’t want to be there but you were. You saw Tom out of the corner of your eye and you made your way over to him. Tom and you have been a “thing” for quite some time. Whenever you were at a party you didn’t want to be at, you would find Tom. He was almost always there. You didn’t care if all you were was makeout buddies. He was the best makeout buddy there was. And you didn’t care who saw you.

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You hated being sick. You felt gross. You couldn’t do anything and it sucked. You had a date with Tom today, but you had to call him and cancel.

“Tommy, I don’t think I can make it today,” you said on the phone.

“Why not, love? Is something wrong?” Tom asked, worried.

“I’m not feeling well. I have a fever,” you said.

“Well I’m coming over,” Tom said. You heard some shuffling in the background.

“Why? I’ll be okay,” You tried to convince him. 

“I want to help you feel better. I’ll be there soon,” he said and then he hung up.

Tom came over to your apartment within 20 minutes after your conversation. He brought some chicken soup from Sam and the movies that he rented.

He made his way in using his key and went to your bedroom.

“Love, I’m here to take care of you.”

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