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#tom holland angst

Thank u for ur request love and sry for the delay❤️

warnings: pure angst… sry😭

A/N: if u want to cry i suggest you to listen to this song❤️

Found- Tom Holland x Reader



Tom couldn’t let himself accept the fact that you were gone. One moment you there right next to him and the other you weren’t.

It all happened so fast. The road, you laughter, the music playing on the radio, the talking, the lights, the night, the cars… and then… you’re body covered with blood, soulless.

No, you weren’t dead. You couldn’t be. There was no way. You were still alive, they just wanted to surprise him. That’s all. He waits for the right moment when you’ll enter your shared home, again. He was smiling at the idea of you by his side again.

He waited for you as the days were passing by, but you weren’t coming back. Everyone was telling him to accept the fact that you would never come back to him. He didn’t pay attention to them, as if he knew that they were right, yet he was shutting everybody away.

He was living in his own world. A world with you, untill…


He had finally accept the truth.

You would never come back to him. You would never talk to him again. He would never kiss you again, hold you, tell you how much he loves you.

He was furious. You had left him. Forever.

He was a mess and you weren’t there to confront him anymore. Your house was a mess. He had broken every single glass that you had.

You were gone. That’s all that he was thinking of. He had lost you. He wanted to cry, but he didnt allow himself to do so. Instead he was screaming and yelling.

His family had tried million times to calm him down or cheer him up, yet nothing. He wasn’t talking to them anymore. He didn’t want anybody in his life. You were his life. You were the reason why he was happy, full of joy, always smiling. He knew that when he would come home he would find you there, waiting for him, with a warm smile on your face. You would kiss him, you would hug him… you would tell him that you loved him.

He finally realized that he couldn’t have the life he wanted anymore and that made him…


He was praying everyday and everynight for you to come back. He wished to have you back in his life.

He was sobbing every moment he was thinking of you. He was falling apart. He was broken and praying was his only solution.

He just wanted you back and he wouldn’t ask for anything else in his entire life. He was willing to do anything as long as he had the chance to have you back. He would even sale his soul to the devil for you. He was willing to burn in hell for you.

For the woman he loved. The woman he was aching for. The woman that was the cause of his condition.

The woman he couldn’t have anymore.


And he was becoming more sad, spending his nights crying and screaming, being…


He wanted a family. He wanted to get married. He wanted to be normal. He wanted to spent his whole life with you, with your kids and maybe one day you would meet your grandchildren.

But none of that would happen.

He couldn’t have the life that he wished for. You were the only person that he wished to have in his life. He loved you like hell.

It hurt him so much that he still loves you. He can’t stand the ache in his heart. His future meant nothing anymore. His career meant nothing. His… life meant… nothing.

All of that because he couldn’t have you the there with him. But he got used to it…

He had started thinking, whould you want to see him crying? How would you feel about it? And the answer was one and only…

You would beat yourself up. So he decided that he had to be more positive. He finally had…

Accept it.

You would never come back to him.

You were gone forever, but you were still there in his chest. You were the resson that he kept going, because he knew that this was what you would wanted him to do.

So he kept living.

He even visited your grave.

He was bringing you floweres and he would spent his whole afternoon talking to you.

He would tell you everything about him, about his life, how was his career going, he even talked to you about his family.

He would visit you everyday when he was in London. When he was away he would have an old photo of you and he was speak to it. He would hold it close to his chest.

He promised you that he would find you again one day. In paradise. He would search for you. But until then he had to survive. He wanted to make you sure that he would always loved you.

As he did.

For his whole life, you were the only person in his mind. He would think of you every single moment. He did as you wanted him to do.

He moved on.

He met a sweet girl ten years after your death. He got married to her and they had two beautiful kids. A boy and a girl.

He gave his daughter your name. Y/n!

But even with his happy family, you were his first priority no matter what. And he proved himself.

As the years past, he had grew older.

Around his late 80’s he saw you again. You were there, standing. You were wearing a beautiful white, long dress. You were glowing.

You were smiling at him, until you extended your hand. He was looking at you in awe. Your movement was so slow, you were an angel.

He approached you. He took your hand.

Now he wasn’t his eighty year old self anymore, he was young. As the day you had left him.

He smiled. You touched his cheek. He leaned his forehead down to meet yours.

“I found you.” He simply said.

He had done as he had promised you almost 65 years ago. You took his hand back in yours and led him away through a tunnel full of light.

You’re life was just about to start finally.

And that was the day Thomas Stanley Holland died.

His heart had stopped beating in his sleep. They found him there, in your old bed, in London, smiling. Everyone was confused. How could a dead man smile.

He did, because he had found you. His lover.


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pairing: harrison osterfield | reader

genre: fluff | tw: alcohol consumption, cursing & dumb drunk boys

note: a sweet anon informed me this wasn’t in any of the tags so i’m reposting it :(

lightweight 2: the sobering

my requests are open! pls read my guidelines first!


the holland, osterfield and barrett household is already equipped with every dvd and blu-ray of new girl. you’re also willing to bet a good amount of money and a limb that each of the boys has the series on their netflix list. with nothing better do to during quarantine, these fools have started recreating scenes from the show, like a very badly adapted version of true american.

your boyfriend, currently shirtless and carrying a tipsy harry on his back, stands on top of the coffee table on one leg. on his right, tom stands in nothing but a short pink bathrobe you’re definitely going to burn later, and tuwaine sits on the couch next to you, staring soundlessly into space.

“you’ve got eight seconds before the floor turns to lava, you dumbass.” harry slurs at his brother, giggling when he almost slips off harrison’s bare back.

“the fucking armchair burned down when tuwaine nuked it last round,” tom whines, frantically running around the table like that’ll make a new piece of furniture appear. “where am i supposed to stand?”

you snort and stop recording them on your phone, figuring enough’s enough when tom almost flashes you as he jogs. “you guys are way too fucking drunk.”

“do you think cows are jealous that cowboys ride horses and not cows?” tuwaine suddenly chirps despite being silent for almost ten minutes, turning towards you with wide eyes like you have all the answers.

harrison’s neck snaps in your direction, too, and he jumps off the coffee table, harry tumbling out of his hold in the process. the youngest boy yelps when he hits the ground and it appears you’re the only one who hears it, because suddenly tom and harry are sitting on the ground before you not unlike children about to hear a story.

“um,” you start, looking between the four very inebriated men staring at you with bated breath. “well, i don’t necessarily think cows are aware of the concept of cowboys.”

harrison gasps, “cows are very smart.” he chastises you, a frown on his pink lips and blue eyes glowering as if you’d insulted his entire family line. beside him, tom nods eagerly and makes the horrible decision to sit criss-cross.

“jesus, tom, put some underwear on.” tuwaine mumbles as tom, confused, looks down to his lap and doesn’t look back up.

“huh,” he whispers.

“okay,” you stand up, clapping your hands together a few times to get their attention. “it’s time for everyone to sober up. i don’t even understand how you can drink so much of that disgusting beer.”

all the boys, except your boyfriend, gasp in unison, but harry’s the first to speak. “you don’t like beer?”

harrison nods solemnly, looking at you with a heartbroken eyes. “yeah, my y/n.. doesn’t drink…”

“who hurt you?” tom whispers, a true pain in his voice.

“i just don’t like the taste of alcohol,” you shrug, grabbing a few glasses from the cabinet and taking turns filling them with water. “never had a drink i could enjoy.”

the twenty minutes after you said that innocent line are filled with each of the boys presenting you a drink of their own making, watching you with waiting, twinkling eyes.

“this is fucking disgusting,” you wince, putting down a glass of sangria made by tom. “how is it hot and cold at the same time?”

harrison giggles from beside you, throwing his arm around your waist and bringing you closer. his face nuzzles into your neck, where he presses little kisses as you accept tuwaine’s drink; something murky that looks like he just mixed a dozen liquids together.

“shit, i don’t think i can smell this, much less drink it.” you cringe, and it makes harrison giggle.

“get a grip, you virgin.” harry mumbles, taking the glass from your hands and downing it one sip.

you burst out laughing, falling back into harrison’s arms as he presses kisses to your cheeks, mumbling about how cute you are.

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morning sun

pairing: tom holland | reader

genre: the fluffiest!!

my requests are open, pls see my guidelines first!


you swore over and over again that you didn’t realize, that it was subconscious, that it happened without you even noticing, but tom never believed a single one of your excuses.

and although you were more than a hundred percent positive and truthful, you couldn’t deny the relief that surged through your veins when your fingertips trailed over the soft skin of your boyfriend’s hands.

it wasn’t your fault if tom had the most beautiful, soft-to-the-touch hands you had ever seen. if anything, it was completely his own mistake—you’ve seen his everyday moisturizing routine and you’ve caught him staring back at you in the mirror while his fingers glide against each other, feigning innocence when your eyes lock.

the tiniest of hums leaves tom’s throat and joins the sizzling of the pan and the occasional bird chirp, all of the natural sunday morning sounds forming a symphony that has your lips tugging in a smile. he’s wearing a long, white muscle tee shirt, showing off his strong biceps and his sides.

a black boxer covers his bottom, ending at the middle of his steely-looking thighs, and he sways from side to side to the beat he’s singing along to. you can clearly see the hard muscle of his back move as he shakes the pan in one hand and ruffles his hair with the other from your position leaning against the kitchen’s doorframe.

with footsteps dimmed by the volume of his now full-on singing, you move towards your boyfriend and breathe in his scent mixed with the smell of scrambled eggs and butter.

giggles escape you when you hear him gasping as your arms wrap around his middle and your face nuzzles his shoulder, and he places the pan onto the stove to turn around in your arms. tom doesn’t stop crooning even when his lips skim yours, noses touching and hands intertwining.

“morning, baby.” he whispers and his breath fans against your face, making you grin and press your lips together again.

your thumb starts to map the expanse of his bigger hand, trailing up his index finger while your other hand abandons the one it was holding, joining your left to caress tom’s.

bringing his hand up to your face, you let out a sigh and lean your cheek into his welcoming palm. the smile on tom’s face is bright and clear, his honey brown eyes twinkling in the morning sun and adorned with little crinkles, and he squeezes your hip.

you leave kisses anywhere your lips can reach; on his hand, his wrist, the tips of his fingers. he can’t stop the happiness pouring out of his grin and you don’t even bother hiding all the love you put in every kiss against him.

locks of hair tickle your neck and it’s only then that you realize tom’s hiding his face into it, his hand leaving your face to circle your waist and pull your body into his.

a long moment of silence ensues where you’re just holding each other, enjoying the heat skin-on-skin contact gives you, the comfort and passion of your love surrounding both of you until finally he speaks, “god, i love this—i love you.”

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summary: you drop them tiddies out for tom, only bc tiktok of course

warnings: suggestive content, language 

a/n: LMFAOO THE SUMMARRY 😭anyways i love writing tiktok blurbs and needed a quick break from writing for my series so here you go loveys  (this is my gif!)

the tiktok | tiktok masterlist


It’s Sunday, meaning it’s a pretty lazy day as usual. You and Tom are in the living room, doing your own things but enjoying each other’s presence.

“Fucking hell,” Tom grunts, the clicking of his controller progressively getting louder. You snicker to yourself and scroll through tiktok, your legs in his lap as you do so.

You snort at a tiktok making Tom glance at you. You feel his gaze, “What?” you look up at him.

“Nothing,” he smiles to himself and looks back at his game, “Yeah Tuwaine, I’m here mate. To your left! To your fucking left- not mine!” he rages.

You laugh softly and shake your head, continuing to mindlessly swipe through tiktoks on your for you page.

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cruel summer | t.h. ~ lover blurb series (1)


A/N: So as I was in the ER on Saturday I came up with this idea while listening to Lover. This will capture flash points of reader and Tom’s relationship. I’ve had this idea before but never really figured out how to write it until now. I hope you all like it and here is part one, enjoy!

Pairing:  Tom Holland x Reader 

Word Count: 479

Warning(s): unrequited love? angst if you squint?

Special Thanks To: @rcmxnoff​ for being editor and beta reader!

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BUMMER SUMMER || peter parker; ch ten

read ch nine here


an; i’ve tried to post this chapter three different times and have had to make a new post all three times, im losing my mind. anyways thank you for your support, have a good day and enjoy :)))

*italics at beginning indicate itty bitty flashback*

warnings; mentions of battle wounds (i.e. blood/scars/etc), future smut, mature language, fluff, angst, both peter and oc are 18+!!

word count; 3.1k+


peter’s pov

long story short- i couldn’t throw the knife. or any knife for that matter. i either let go too soon or too late, my footing was wrong, my hips were angled incorrectly, blah blah blah. i knew edie was trying to make me feel better by blaming all those other factors, but it was just me. i’m not made for the knife throwing trade and that’s okay.

what wasn’t okay was that when i threw my first knife—the obsidian one—i missed horribly and ended up shattering the tip.

edie and i both run for the fallen object and she got to it first, cradling the shards in her hands. i look at her with innocent eyes and a coy smile, “im sorry?” i try to play if off, despite how horrible i felt in the pit of my stomach.

she wipes away her irritated grimace, “nobody’s perfect?” she says, more of a question, still a little irked at the broken blade.

i spent the rest of the early morning throwing only steel, but still- i missed every time.

now late afternoon, edie and i are laying on the couch with our heads in the middle and our feet dangling over each armrest. we’ve been taking turns showing each other videos we saved on instagram, laughing immaturely at the childish jokes. her wavy hair falls into my eyes every time she adjusts her head on the cushion, which is a lot, but i don’t mind. i enjoy the feeling of her next to me.

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Falling Apart

Chapter 11: Dilemma


Originally posted by haddyaf

“What, what is it?” Harry asked following his frantic brother out to the living room of their suite.

“It’s Y/N, she’s being taken to the hospital, she’s bleeding Harry, she might lose–oh my god” Tom said as he slowly sank down onto the floor in front of the couch, he started sobbing “I can’t be here while she’s at the hospital, Harry I need to go back to London” Tom said as he cried in his brothers arms.

After an hour, Ella had called “Harry, where’s Tom?”

“He’s asleep” Harry said “How’s Y/N?” Ella sighed “She’s devastated, lost one of the little ones” Ella said “Wait what?” “They were having twins Harry, but there’s just one now, she’s very upset that the doctors had to put her on relaxants thats pregnancy safe, she’s devastated that she lost one of the twins, she didn’t even know they were having twins, apparently they didn’t see the second one on the first doctors visit” Ella said “She kept crying for Tom, Sam held her in his arms and she just broke down” Ella said softly, Harry heard someone call for Ella, he assumed it was his mum, “I have to go” Ella said before hanging up.

Harry sighed, how was he going to break the news to his already devastated brother. Night came along and Tom woke up for Dinner, “Has Ella called?” Tom asked, Harry nodded “I think it’s best you talk to either Ella or Mum” Tom nodded as he called his mum “Darling” Nikki answered on the second ring “Mum, how is she” Tom heard his mum sigh “Are you sitting down?” she asked, “Yeah I’m with Harry having dinner in the room” “She’s sleeping right now. But you were having twins and she lost one of them” Toms heart dropped, dropping his fork in the process as well, he was shell-shocked that he just started sobbing as his phone fell to the floor “Fuck!” He screamed as Harry scattered about to get his brothers phone hearing his mum franctic in the background “Mum, call you back” Harry said quickly before grabbing his older brother who broke down in his arms. “I should be there for her right now Harry” Tom cried “You will be, just another week mate”

Tom gently pushed his little brother away “She needs me and I’m not there, this whole thing is my fucking fault” he said slamming his hand on the table.

“I’m dealing with Brooklyn the minute we get on set, tomorrow. I’ve had enough of her bullshit” Tom whispered “She’s done enough damage to my relationship with Y/N”


“Y/N darling, how are you feeling?” Nikki asked as Y/N slowly sat up on the hospital bed “Has Tom called” Nikki nodded, “multiple times since he found out darling” she said sitting next to her daughter in law, Y/N started crying again “I know, I need to be strong but I can’t help it, I need Tom and he’s not here” she said softly as Nikki wrapped her arms around Y/N “Everything is going to be alright, Tom will be home first thing Friday, he will be here soon”


Tom arrived at his trailer, still in a daze from yesterday’s mess. Harry tried to get his mind off what was happening back home but Harry wanted to emphatize with his older brother, seeing as he had lost a nephew too.

Tom was busy reading his script when a PA came in the trailer asking him to be on set in half an hour, Tom nodded and went back to Reading his script.

On his way to set, he encountered someone he despised with all his being, Brooklyn…

She approached him nonchalantly and held onto his hand before saying “I’m Sorry about what happened to Y/N” , there were a ton of crew and cast members but Tom couldn’t hold it in any longer, Tom grabbed her by the arm and screamed at her face “GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME, YOU UNDERSTAND ME? YOU’VE RUINED ENOUGH AND YOU ARE THE REASON MY WIFE IS IN THE HOSPITAL RIGHT NOW, STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM ME, I DON’T WANT ANYTHING TO DO WITH YOU!” He said before hastily releasing her from his grip and walking away.

The Russos saw the exchange and immediately ran after Tom, people had caught videos and photos of the exchange and it was not a good look on Tom at all.


News broke of Toms outburst on set and rumors of infidelity swirled, Y/N was in bed, eating her lunch with Sam and Paddy when her phone rang, it was Harry.

“Harry?” she answered “We’re on a flight back, The Russos decided it was best if Tom flew home to be with you, they shot everything they needed with Tom and we did overtime to get home sooner.” She sighed “is he okay?” Harry paused for a minute and Y/N could hear rustling from the other line “Darling?” it was Tom, the moment she heard his voice, she started crying “Tom, I’m sorry” she sobbed as Sam rubbed he back “Darling, there’s nothing to be sorry about, if anything I’m the one who should be sorry” Tom said trying to stop his tears from flowing “I’ll be home soon” he said before handing the phone back to Harry “He’s full on sobbing” Harry said as Sam took Y/N’s phone “She is too” he said before ending the call.

Tag list: @aaminah12 @jackiehollanderr @supernaturalwriter24 @sunshir @lets–be-honest @runway-to-my-aid @am-scray-punk @ladythena @unbelievableholland @toomuchbucky @notjustpenandpaper @natandparker @the-fandom-life-forever @lmaotshollandd @jeyramarie

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Tom Holland Blurb night

Send in your requests

Prompts (originally from @anarchyhemmings)

1. “It wouldn’t be the first time you broke a promise.”

2. “You know how I feel about birthdays.”

3. “You can’t ask me to do that.”

4. “Oh, you scared me!”

5. “You’re jealous, aren’t you?”

6. “You really… That’s not exactly meant to be eaten.”

7. “This is my favorite song!”

8. “You’re so drunk.”

9. “It doesn’t matter, I’m not leaving you.”

10. “It’s just that… Well, my favorite character just died.”

11. “Don’t be stupid.”

12. “Of course I love you.”

13. “Don’t you ever do that again!”

14. “Have you ever thought about… like… us?”

15. “If we die, I’m going to kill you.”

16. “I can’t believe you’d do something like this!”

17. “I’ve been looking everywhere for you.”

18. “You’re my favorite muse.”

19. “Don’t worry about it, I got it.”

20. “I promise, it’s just this once.”

21. “You owe me.”

22. “What, you scared I’ll kick your ass again?”

23. “Is that my shirt?”

24. “Wanna go for a drive?”

25. “You’ve got to be kidding me!”

26. “Fancy meeting you here.”

27. “You have no idea what you’ve gotten yourself into, do you?”

28. “Well, this is awkward.”

29. “Give it back!”

30. “Do you think you could just please go one day without pissing me off?”

31. “Why are you crying?”

32. “Just this once, okay?”

33. “You’re really soft.”

34. “Is it possible to love too much?”

35. “I will always be there protect you.”

36. “The stars look especially lovely tonight.”

37. “May I have this dance?”

38. “I can’t stop thinking about you.”

39. “All I want is you.”

40. “You look incredible in that.”

41. “Sometimes I just can’t control myself when around you.”

42. “Do you believe in love at first sight?”

43. “I think I’m in love.”

44. “I’d like it if you stayed.

45. "I have never felt this way about anyone.”

46. “Can I kiss you?”

47. “I waxed the floors, grab your fluffy socks.”

48. “My parents are coming over in 10 minutes so please put some clothes on”

49. “I’m really drunk, please help me.”

50. “This is probably a bad time, but marry me?”

51. “We’ve become the clingy newlyweds you always complained about. ”

52. “I think you might be pregnant.”

53. "Shh… I’m sleeping.”

54. “Why wasn’t I invited to your wedding?”

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Falling Apart

Flashback : The Proposal


Originally posted by thwipspideys

It was Boxing Day, Y/N’s and Amelia’s first ever one since the mother and daughter moved to London.

Tom had asked her to move in with him, it was a fight trying to convince her since she feared that the relationship would fizzle out and she would have to explain it to Amelia.

They were sat at Tom’s parents study while playing a pub quiz with the Frost and Holland family, Tom’s entire family had known of his plan for weeks but Y/N had no clue.

After playing and losing one too many times, Tom and Y/N excuses themselves because Amelia had fallen asleep on Tom.

Chatter went about as the couple made their way to Toms childhood bedroom, it was smaller than the room they shared at their house of course, but it still felt like home.

Once Amelia was tucked in and sound asleep, the two made their way back downstairs, Toms hands were sweating as he checked his pocket for the engagement ring that his mother had passed on to him to give to Y/N, it was his nans, something his nan decided to hand over when she caught wind that Tom was proposing to Y/N.

Y/N was chit chatting with Toms cousins in the garden when he decided to grab her hand and excuse her from the group of girls who were possibly discussing their cousin with his girlfriend.

Everyone who was present gathered around the couple, as Tom led Y/N to the middle of the garden, where fairy lights were gleaming from up above them, something that his mum had put up early on in the week.

Y/N looked confused when she saw that everyones phones were out and were pointing towards them, then she looked back at Tom who was down on one knee.

“Y/N darling, when I met you 2 years ago, I never knew how important you’d be to me, from allowing me to be a father to Amelia, to supporting me in all my endeavours and not believing the bullshit that tabloids write about me and our relationship, you and Amelia are the best things that have ever happened to me thus far, and I want to spend the rest of my life, loving you and caring for you and Amelia and our future children , Y/N would you do give the honor of being your husband, will you marry me?”

Y/N nodded as she sobbed, Tom got up on his feet and slipped the ring onto Y/N finger before leaning in to kiss her.

It was the beginning of their life together.

Tag list: @aaminah12 @jackiehollanderr @supernaturalwriter24 @sunshir @lets–be-honest @runway-to-my-aid @am-scray-punk @ladythena @unbelievableholland @toomuchbucky @notjustpenandpaper @wheelercaraderana @natandparker @the-fandom-life-forever @lmaotshollandd

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Part Seven

“Tom!” Tony calls out, and the group’s attention shifts to the person sitting in the booth behind them. He had curly brown hair, and a playful smile danced across his features as he turns to see Tony.

Aiden already knew that he was a player, and he had definitely glowed up since the last time she saw him. She never googled him and never paid attention when people at school talked about him; it hurt too much. Low and behold, he had a gorgeous blonde woman sitting across from him.

Tony noticed too and smirked. He gestured towards her, saying “How long have you been with this one, Tom?”

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Tom Holland x photographer!reader

Chapter 1 — Letter

Summary: when you were younger you believed the love of your life would find your bottle of secrets, but when years began to go by, your dream was forgotten and you moved on. Until you received a call.

Warning: language, fluff, slight angst, (for my environmentalists a glass bottle won’t do as much harm as a plastic bottle would)

Word Count: 2.5k 

A/n: I’m so fucking sorry if this is shit I really tried with the romantic love story I don’t blame u if u hate it and it’s cringy

Masterlist || Series Masterlist 


Love is … weird.

Everyone has a different view of love and what love should be. People have a different view of what you should do for love and what you should give up for what you love or for who love.

It’s hard to explain love. There’s a definition for love, but that doesn’t mean it makes sense. People tell each other I love you all the time. They claim to love you. But there’s so many different kinds of love. Like the love you have for your parents, your siblings, your hobby, the boy who has a crush on you but you only see him as a friend. It’s all love, but they’re all different.

Views of love evolve. They always do.

Like when you first watched the Notebook and instantly fell in love with concept of laying in the middle of the street next to the love your life then inevitably dying laying next to each other. It was poetic. It was romantic.

Or the time you watched the Sound of Music and fell in love with music. The love held in each line sang. The love held in Maria and the Captains eyes. It was beautiful. Heartwarming. It made you smile and you could never grow tired of the film.

I can go on and on explaining the many iconic romantic moments that had you in awelike Heath Ledger singing across the stadium. Andrew Lincoln holding up his cards. Keira Knightley jumping in the fountain. Leonardo DiCaprio saying he’ll jump if Rose jumps. Ryan Gosling dancing with Emma Stone under the purple night sky.

They’re all beautiful, the cinematography speaks to you, the feeling floods your emotions and it gives you that feeling….it’s missing. You just want it to be filled. Filled with the love that you’ve never felt.

It was stupid really, how much you can love something you never experienced. That’s when you stopped caring about it. At least that’s what you began to convince yourself after six years went by, because that’s how it all started. Six years ago.

Just a young love-blind sixteen year old, sitting on her hotel room bed in Malibu.

Dear the one in million person that found this,

You bit your lip as you poured your heart and soul in this little letter. It wasn’t a love letter. It was just a letter about you. What you like, where your from, your basic life, your dreams and desires, stupid secrets you thought could connect you. And about the emptiness. The loneliness that comes into you in the late hours of the night.

You had a stupid smile on your face as you reread the one sided letter. Just as you were about to sign your full name on the bottom, you stopped. The tip of your pen collecting ink on the paper. Your brows furrowed.

No name. You couldn’t explain why, but you just had the feeling not to sign your name. So you didn’t.

Love, the girl in the bottle :) ♡

You nodded in approval. You wrote the date on the top right corner of the letter. July 21st, 2014.

Jumping off the bed, you grabbed the letter, your feet instantly stopping before you ran out of the room. Somethings missing…what’s missing?

You looked over the letter again and again, then it clicked. How are they going to tell you they found your letter? I need a number…but I broke mine.

Biting the inside of your cheek you ran over to the bed grabbing your black pen, and scribbling your mom’s number on the bottom of the letter. She hasn’t changed her phone number in twenty years.

Call me. I’ll wait for you’. You wrote on the bottom of the phone number.

It was stupid, you knew that. You hated how much you loved romantic moments, no one knew this side of you. You’d like to keep it that way. But that doesn’t mean you can’t bring it out once in awhile. This time was one of those moments.

You read it once again, before rolling it up and taking your blue hair tie from your wrist and tying the letter closed. Smiling widely you grabbed your camera, swinging the door open jogging to the other side of the connected hotel room seeing your mom sitting on the balcony.

Ma! I’m gonna head out now, okay?” You said standing by the balcony door, the view of the ocean crashing.

Okay. Thea went down a few hours ago, if you see her tell her to answer her phone. She has one for a reason.” Your mom said, you nodded.

“Okay bye!” You said running to the door, slipping on your converse hightops and running down the hotel stairs in your shorts and shirt, bathing suit underneath and camera around your neck.

You ran through the huge hotel. Your dad had a huge business trip here in Malibu so he decided to take everyone here for the summer. Your dad managed to pull some string and get you, your seventeen year old sister and eighteen year old brother summer jobs at the hotel. Thea didn’t like it until she met this boy that works with her. You and Tyler were fine with it.

You continued running until you arrived at the hotel bar. Your hotel shirt on, with your name sewn on the side.

“Tyler!” You said sitting on the bar stool, leaning against the counter. Tyler’s head perked up, looking at you. He finished up with the couple on the other side before making his way to you.

“Shouldn’t you be out at the pool—“

“In an hour they changed my schedule on Tuesday’s remember.”

“No I don’t.” Tyler said putting the liquor back on the shelf. “What is it?”

“I need an empty glass bottle.” You said, your letter sticking out of your back pocket.

“Why?” Tyler’s brows furrowed as he looked at you, but then at the new and attractive women that took a seat.

“Hey!” You said annoyed, his attention back on you.

“What?” Tyler said, eyes flickering to the women a couple times waiting for her to call him over.

“I just need it okay, I’m not gonna smash it on someone’s head for fucks sake.” You said with an annoyed look. Tyler rolled his eyes.

Kay just give me a sec.” Tyler said going over to the women and getting her order and pouring her a drink before going to the back and coming with an empty liquor bottle. “There you—“ but you already snatched it and made a sprint out the bar. “go…”

You continued running until you got to the beach. Tourists flooding the sand. You continued jogging until you got to the shore. A huge smile took over your face as you pulled out your letter from you back pocket. Slipping the letter inside, you closed the bottle.

You set the bottle on the sand by the shore taking a picture of it before grabbing it and running to the hut on the side of the beach.

“Jay!” You shouted when you got to the counter. Jay came popping out, you noticed the hickey on his neck but decided against bringing it up.

“Is Oliver back?” You asked, impatiently tapping the counter as you looked down at your watch, your shift was going to start soon.

“I’m pretty sure. Check the deck, he’ll be back now.” Jay said, you thanked him quickly running behind the hut and onto the deck that led further into the ocean. And then you spotted Oliver doing his route on his jet ski.

“Oli!” You shouted, jumping and waving.

“Y/n!” Oliver shouted from the jet ski with a smile. Oliver was a close family friend, he was Tyler’s age and his best friend. He came closer to the deck, slowing down.

“Can you please please pleaseee quickly take me further in so I throw something?” You begged him. Oliver’s brows furrowed, before he spotted the glass bottle in your hand.

“Is that a letter?” He said with a slight teasing tone, you rolled your eyes.

“Please, you owe me.” You said crossing your arms, Oliver chuckled crossing his as well.

“I don’t owe you.” Oliver scoffed laughing. You hummed nodding.

You owe me for keeping your secret.” You said, with a small smirk, Oliver’s brows furrowed.

“What secret?”

“For not telling Jay that you kissed my sister aka his girlfriend.” You said smiling when you saw how pale Oliver got.

“I—I didn’t.” Oliver stuttered, feeling even hotter in the already hot weather.

“Don’t worry I won’t say anything if you just take me out and let me throw this.” You said, smiling when Oliver moved further up the jet ski to give you some room.

“Get on.” Oliver said with a smile when he saw you smiling and setting you camera in the guard house s on the deck. Coming back out quickly and moving behind Oliver and sitting down. “Arms wrapped.” He said starting the jet ski.

You blushed shyly, before wrapping your arms around his fit torso. He started the jet ski, moving further away from the shore, getting as far as he was allowed too before circling the area slowing down to give you a chance to stand up, holding his shoulder for stabilization.

Taking a deep breath as your eyes sparkled looking at the sun beautifully hitting the bottle.

“You gonna throw it?” Oliver asked looking over his shoulder.

“Y-Yea just give me a second.” You said, looking at your hair tie, tied around the letter in the bottle.

“Find me … please.” You whispered so Oliver couldn’t hear. Then bringing your arm back you threw the bottle into the ocean.

“We good?” Oliver asked, you nodded, as sigh escaping your lips as you sat down wrapping your arms back around your crush’s torso, resting your cheek against his back muscle as you stared off in the direction of your bottle.

The bottle that the love of your life will find … that’s at least what you believed.

But then six years went by and that hope that someone would save you slowly began to disappear until you believed it was finally gone.

You rubbed your face as you walked into the house.

“I’m home!” You shouted setting your duffel bag by the door. As you kicked your shoes off and walked further into the Washington home.

“Y/n!” You heard a voice boom behind you, before you could respond Tyler was tackling you with a bear hug.

“Fucking shit.” You said, making Tyler chuckle missing your bad mouth.

“Missed ya.” He said squeezing tighter, making you choke out.

“I can’t breathe.” You said trying to squirm out. Tyler laughed letting go of you. But then someone else was attacking you.

“I missed you too!” Dean, your younger brother, said hugging you tight. He’s sixteen now, so he was stronger than you so you could barely breathe.

“fucking hell is it bad if I breathe??” You said making both of your brothers chuckle.

“Y/n!” You smiled brightly when you saw Thea running towards you. You embraced her hug, missing your older sister, even if you guys fought a lot when you all lived under the same roof, you did miss her.

“Congratulations.” You said with a smile. Her smile broke out even more as he hugged you tighter before pulling away and letting you finally see the engagement ring in person.

“Holy shit, it’s like an actual fucking diamond.” You gasped looking at the huge ring. You weren’t a fan of weddings or fate anymore. You’d gone to too many wedding and caught the stupid bouquet too many times without trying and that only resulted in disastrous relationships with horrible breakups. She chuckled nodding her head. “Sure it’s not a blood diamond?” You said squinting at her.

“Of course not, I made sure and he made sure.” She said, before another voice came in.

“What did he make sure?” Oliver said with a smile as he came over wrapping his arms around his fiancé. “Y/n!” Oliver shouted with a huge smile, disconnecting his hands from your sister and embracing you.

“Why can’t people give normal hugs I can’t fucking breathe.” You said, Oliver chuckling and pulling away. Your eyes looking him over with a smile, you got over that stupid crush years ago. She started dating your sister three years ago, then he finally proposed. You were happy for her, she got to experience something you’d dreamed of.

You settled back into your old room, exhaling as you finally collapsed on your bed. Your NYU hoodie laying beside you. You’d graduated in three years, you took a bunch of courses in the summer to get all your credits. You interned for a studio in the summer’s too and now your a paid intern in a job in LA. You’d wanted to stay in nyc, but you didn’t want be that far away from your family. It was easier to go from LA to Seattle. And besides Tyler had landed a writing job in LA and Thea and Oliver were going to move to LA after the wedding.

Currently you were surrounded by your family, all in the living room watching a movie. You were wrapped up in your hoodie and blanket, Dean’s head resting on your lap, in and out of sleep.

Then a phone started ringing.

“Mom!” You all shouted teasingly, as you mom rolled her eyes at all of you, looking around for her phone.

“Calm down.” She said as you all went back to the tv. Your eyes flickered to her then back to Dean when he shifted, letting out a deep sigh, eyes closed.

You ran your hand through his hair, reaching down to grab some popcorn from Tyler’s bowl making him roll his eyes. Everything was the same, it was like none of you grew up, like none of you left. It was nice—

“A bottle?” Your body froze. Your eyes snapping to your mom.

“What?” You repeated to your mom, her brows furrowed.

“Someone is saying they found a bottle and my number was on it.” Your mom said still on the phone.

“No. No it can’t-“ you said more to yourself. It’s been five—no six years, how—no I lost all hope. It’s been too long—it’s over I’m over all that stupid love—

“Wait that bottle you threw in the ocean like a thousand years ago?” Oliver said with a huge smile looking at you. You looked at him, pure fear in your eyes at the thought of someone actually finding your bottle.

“What’re you guys talking about??” Your mom said ready to end the call.

“No Ma!” You shouted pushing Dean off you causing him to wake up annoyed, you scrambled up, accidentally kicking Tyler last back making him groan. You ran to your mom, who was still sitting in her seat. “Phone, ma please.” You said, your moms brows furrowed but handed you the phone.

You ran to the kitchen away from the living room with all the noise. Your heart racing, hands shaking, back sweating a little.

“Hello?” You said biting the skin from your bottom lip nervously, you felt like a stupid sixteen year old again, with a secret obsession with true love.

“Hi, I found your bottle.”




A/n: I’m thinking of a mini series I have no idea yet.

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at peace

a/n: this was hella darker than i planned, as well as longer… so i didn’t make this fluffy at all, it’s just straight up angst, heavy angst,,, also i wrote this at like 2-4 am so sorry if it gets kind of confusing, i’ll reread it tomorrow… enjoy xx

warnings: heavy angst, wiped memory, major character death, sacrifice

masterlist                     prompt list

You walked into the dark room, senses heightened. A pulsing ringed in your ears as you looked around.

“Hello?” You said, hand gripping on your gun. The sound of someone running didn’t go by you. You snapped your head in the direction it came from. “Who’s there?” Your gun was out of its holster, pointing into the darkness. “Show yourself.”

A figure tried to grab you but you easily dodged their attempt. You punched your target in the gut, causing them to keel over. In their vulnerability, you grabbed their arm and twisted it behind their back. They groaned in pain as you dug your gun into their temple.

“Who do you work for? What was your plan?” You asked, adding more pressure on the gun with each question.

The man grunted and struggled in your grip. He didn’t reply, only kept yelping and mumbling “bitch” or “motherfucker.”

“Answer me!”

“This is our plan,” a deep voice roared behind you.

Then, everything went black.

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Never Let Me Go / T.H. x reader


R E Q U E S T: Hi! Saw that you’re taking requests and i was thinking maybe i could get some imagine? One where tom took his stress out on his girlfriend causing them to have this huge fight the night before they have to spend time with both of their families and of course, the whole family knows something’s wrong because both of them are not in the mood and the two mothers of both sides decides to talk to them separately and then making them make up? Thank youuuu in advance! Hope you can see this! 🥰

A/N: It’s been so long since I’ve actually sat down to right something so I hope this is half decent! Shoutout to @cumholland​ for reading through this and helping me out💖

W A R N I N G S: Kinda angsty, I guess you could interpret the ending as being a little suggestive *wiggles eyebrows*😂

W O R D • C O U N T: 2.8k

The silence in the car was killing you and you were 99.9% sure it was killing Tom too. The atmosphere was tense, even as you pretended to be busy counting the trees, but neither of you were planning on being the first to apologise, you’d gone all morning hardly uttering a word to each other and you weren’t about to give in and be nice to him, especially with the way he had treated you this morning. 

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warnings : cursing, light makeout session

summary : reader is insecure and asks harrison for help; tom gets the wrong idea

word count : 1400

Y/N and Harrison were sitting in her living room – it was one of their many hangouts that they would have throughout the week, being best friends and all that. Tom was in a meeting, discussing an upcoming movie which Y/N would come with him for at least a third of. The pair had started dating about 4 months ago, Y/N’s inexperience causing them to take things slow, which Tom was totally supportive of.

Harrison was sitting on the couch, Y/N sitting in front of the coffee table whilst finishing a puzzle.

“So,” Haz started. “How’re things with you and Tom?”

“Things are,” she picked up a puzzle piece, fitting in to another one, “good.”

“Good? That’s it?”

She looked up from what she was doing, “Well, what do you want me to say?”

“C'mon, he’s like your first real boyfriend; tell me about your firsts! Y'know, things like that!”

“Well, we really only hold hands ‘nd stuff. We kiss,” she blushed slightly, “but we don’t really make out.”

“Why not?” He asked.

Y/N stared at him wide-eyed, a little surprised at his bluntness, her timidness contributing. “Y/N, it’s just a question! I thought by now you might be ready for a least some intimacy; the mishap of 2017 was bad enough.”


“Well? C'mon, we’re best friends, I just wanna help.”

“I’m just a little insecure,” she confessed.

“That’s normal, Y/N. All girls are still a little-”

“I mean,” she cut him off. “Ugh, just forget it. I don’t even know how to say it out loud.”

“No no, c'mon. What is it?”

“I want to sit in his lap-”

“Guys love that,” Haz grinned at her.

“But I don’t want to hurt him,” she breathed out.

“Hurt him?”

“You know… crush him with my … weight 'n’ stuff.”

“Y/N, for the love of god, you are not even that heavy-”

“That’s easy for you to say!’ She defended.

"Okay, okay yeah you’re right. What do you want me to do?”

“Just- help me? Teach me how to sit in his lap so I know what to do.”

“I don’t know, Y/N. I don’t want to cross any boundaries now that you two are dating-”

“Please?” she asked softly. “You don’t have to do anything, just let me practice? I don’t wanna be bad,” she admitted.

“Okay,” He gave in. “Okay, get up then. How do you want to start?”

“Well, the sitting to start.”

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So I had this grand idea while listening to Taylor Swift’s album Lover while in the ER and I decided to make a blurb series for the album Lover. It would be for Tom Holland (since i just love writing for him). The title of the series is well Lover

*please send me a ask if you would like to be added to the taglist!*

Here is the songs I will be doing for the series:

Cruel Summer ~ 05.25.20

Lover ~ 05.26.20

The Archer ~ 05.27.20

Miss Americana & The Heartbreak Prince ~ 05.28.20

Paper Rings ~ 05.29.20

Cornelia Street ~ 05.30.20

London Boy ~ 06.01.20

False God ~ 06.02.20

Afterglow ~ 06.03.20

Daylight ~ 06.04.20


Taglist: @rcmxnoff @aidiastyles @euphoria-parker @hazzy @hollandharrison @addison-raes @celestial-limerence @parkerpeter24 @the-crazy-fanfictionist @starkissedholland @biyonce @farfromhaz

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A Victorian Ghost - Tom Holland x Reader

a/n ~ okay so this is terrible but I was bored and wrote it. it also seems like it should be a Halloween oneshot, maybe? or maybe not but I’m posting it now because October is way too far. also I might make this into a miniseries if I begin to like it. without further ado, enjoy my bad writing!


Originally posted by hollandroos

the gif has nothing to do with the fic (which I have a habit of doing) but it’s adorable soooo


The sun had set just a few minutes before (Y/N) had started making her way towards the stores. Orange and pink tones littered the sky as she walked, the ground almost fully enclosed by darkness.

Only the sound of her shoes, as they lightly hit the ground, could be heard. There was a slight echo when the noise bounced off of the rows of buildings on either side of the street. Some of the buildings still had remains from the fire that occurred in the 19th century.

Most people were too scared to walk through Robinson Close, the stories of ghosts with unfinished business or vampires having a lair underneath the whole street frightening people. (Y/N), however, was too attached to her phone to think about gruelling ghost stories. Maybe if she’d been scared, too, the following events wouldn’t have happened.

As she was mindlessly scrolling through Instagram, her whole body collided with a streetlamp, sending her tumbling backwards onto the ground.

(Y/N) let out a yelp before observing her hands, small scratches littering them both. All of a sudden, a hand came into view.

“Here, I’ll help you up.” The person said, their voice deep, yet almost hollow . (Y/N) reached for his hand, preparing to steady herself. As her hand tried reaching for his, it went straight through his body, making her tumble down once again.

“What the heck!” she screamed, eyebrows knitting together in confusion.

“Oh wow, people in this century really are as unintelligent as I thought. My name is Tom. Yours?”

“You speak like you aren’t from this century, too.” (Y/N) completely ignored his question and fired back. That was before she actually looked at him. He was wearing a white button up shirt, only half visible past the black, cotton waistcoat he wore. Loose, black trousers covered his lower half, finishing off with a pair of shiny leather shoes. “And you look like you aren’t, either. So where’s the fancy dress party?”

She pushed herself off of the ground, brushing off any dust there might be on her clothing.

“Fancy dress party? No, darling, these are my everyday clothes. Much more appealing than the disaster you’re wearing.” His eyes scanned her, nose scrunched up in slight judgement.

(Y/N) looked down at her clothes, something she usually wore when she was only out of the house for a maximum of twenty minutes. “You act like you’ve never seen modern clothing.”

“I haven’t. Nobody takes this route.” Tom stated simply. “Well, aside from you.”

Rolling her eyes, (Y/N) started walking away. “Guess pretending to be a ghost is a new kink people have.” she whispered to herself.

Tom’s nose scrunched in disgust this time. “I heard that, it slightly disgusting. Besides, how would that even work? Ghosts can’t touch people.”

“Oh. So…you are a ghost? My hand went straight through yours and-” Tom cut her off before she could go on further, “Yes, I’m a ghost. How did you only just realise?”

(Y/N) started walking backwards, her eyes wide in shock. “Okay, well I’m gonna leave, have a fun li-death, Tom.”

Tom reached out for her, quickly remembering he couldn’t touch her and retracting his arm. “No! Wait! Please, you’re the first human I have interacted with in 150 years. Please stay, we can be friends.” he pleaded.

“How do I know you won’t try to kill me?” (Y/N) skeptically asked.

“I can’t touch you, remember?” Tom chuckled, the girl responding in the same way.

(Y/N) smiled at him, “I’ve never been friends with a dead person before.”

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Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

Synopsis: Tom comes right unexpectedly right when you’re about to leave him

Inspired by Cellophane



Originally posted by tommybabyholland

You cleaned up the remainder of cups and plates from the night before with a heavy heart. Your suitcase was packed and stored away in the closet, ready to be taken at any moment. The rest of your things were already in your new apartment where you hoped you’d find some long awaited peace. The door opening startled you and the sight of Tom in the doorway startled you even more. There was no way he had come home when you were about to leave him.

“Darling?” He called out before he spotted you.

“Tom? You’re home?” You asked in disbelief.

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Originally posted by thosekidswhohuntmonsters

*not my gif*

Pairing: Tom Holland x Actress! reader

Word count: 5261

Warnings: Alcohol 

Summary: More crazy quarantine things and some confessions?

A/N: Sorry for not updating sooner :/ writers block really be rough. Please don’t hesitate to ask to be in the tag list or lmk if you’re enjoying this series/ have critiques for my writing! Enjoy part 8 :)

*Italics = flashbackkkk

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7

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