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#tom holland fandom

Ok I need to say something I’ve seen a lot of people ragging on Tom Holland lately. Look if you’re a fan then you accept him as he is. That means you don’t make comments like omg he shouldn’t dress himself or his clothes are horrendous! It’s an expression of who he is and if you don’t accept that stop calling yourselves fans. Wake the hell up. Whether you realize it or not that’s bullying!!

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Is something going on?

Tom never promoted the Chaos Walking trailer and if I’m not mistaken, actors are kinda obligated to promote the movie, especially something as big as the trailer. Not only that, but Tom has deleted everything related to Chaos Walking on his Instagram. I thought maybe he was just busy or something but if he deleted all the Chaos Walking pictures then something must be up, right? If there is, then I kinda understand because we know Lionsgate hasn’t been handling the movie very well. Maybe I’m reading too much into it but I’m not sure 🤷🏽‍♀️

If anyone is aware of what is happening or if they have anything to add, please respond because I seem a bit lost.

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1) Um, why would I be mad at somebody for not doing something that they didn’t have to do? Short answer, I wouldn’t.

2) Y'all put too much weight on what celebrities have to say. Celebrities are not our leaders and a celebrity’s post is not going to do much changing of opinions. If I were a racist, Tom Holland telling me not to be racist would not make me stop being a racist. If I wasn’t planning on voting, Will Smith telling me to vote wouldn’t make me vote. You should base your political beliefs and actions off of research and studying, not what some actor/comedian/singer says, and if you do that, you’re a sheep. These posts y'all want so bad, I think you just want the satisfaction of knowing your fav celeb is on your side, cuz these outcomes you’re using to defend wanting these reactions, aren’t as grand as you think they are.

Lastly 3) Raise your hand if you pay attention to politics outside of your own country. *waits expectantly* Hmm…not many hands raised, I see. So why are the expectations different now that the dude’s a celebrity?

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Giving Peter Parker his first blowjob. Reader x Peter. NSFW.

“Oh, hey! Y/N, wait up!” Peter said jogging towards you from across the field.

You waved at him, the bracelet he had gotten you on the class trip to France last year jingled around your wrist. Nothing had ever happened between you and Peter but it was no secret that he liked you; he was kind of terrible at keeping things like that a secret. You watched him running over to you and your heart melted a little bit at the hopefulness in his eyes and the innocence in his smile.

“Hey!” he said catching up to you and scooping the books out of your hands. “Let me carry that.”

“Thanks, Peter,” you said, smiling at him. “What do you have this period?”

“Just study hall,” he said. “I already checked in.”

“I’m off too,” you said, “if only there were some way to pass the time.”

He giggled, somewhat nervously you thought. “We could go to the library, if you want,” he said.

“Sure,” you said. “I’ve got some stuff to catch up on.”

You walked ahead of him, somewhat annoyed. You’d been hoping he would suggest something mildly romantic. You were getting tired of him never making the first move. You thought maybe you would just have to take some action yourself.

The library was quiet, only a couple of people were sitting around reading and working on homework.

“So what do you have?” Peter asked.


“Which class,” he said, “you know, your homework.”

“Oh yeah,” you said. “It’s nothing urgent.”

“So why are we in the library?” Peter asked, laughing nervously.

“You’ll see,” you said, leading him to one of the research tables which were totally obscured from view.

“What are we doing, y/n,” he said, his voice cracking as he licked his lips nervously.

You looked over your shoulder; you two were totally alone. You smiled with one side of your mouth.

“I don’t know, Peter,” you said, “what do you want to do?”

“Is that a trick question?” he said in a voice slightly higher than usual.

You giggled, wrapping your arms around his neck and kissing his lips for the first time. You could feel him gasping against your lips before processing what was going on. After a few seconds of shock you felt his hands on your back, pulling you close to him. His chest was warm and solid against yours. He smelled like fabric softener and spices and chemicals from his last period AP Chem class.

You pulled back from him, his lips chasing yours for a second before pulling back. His cheeks were burning bright red.

“Um, wow,” he said, “what was that for?”

“For being you,” you said, “for being cute and kind and a good listener.”

“Thanks,” he said, grinning at you. “I guess I’ve… kind of liked you for awhile.”

“Yeah,” you said, “I could totally tell.”

He rubbed his forehead in frustration. “I can’t keep secrets for shit.”

“Sure you can,” you said, pushing him back against the stacks of books behind him and sinking to your knees.

“Oh my god,” he said. “Are you- doing what I think you’re doing?”

“Mm hm,” you said, looking up at him as you ran your hands over the front of his jeans. You could feel blood rushing to his dick as you touched him through his jeans.

“You- you don’t have to, I mean,” he chuckled nervously, “we’re in school, aren’t there cameras?”

“Not in the library,” you said. “But I’ll stop if you want me to.”

“No!” he practically shouted. “I mean, not, not if you want to do it, if you’re okay with it.”

“Yeah, I’m okay with it,” you said, licking your lips as you pulled his zipper down slowly. You could feel his heart racing. “Is this your first blowjob?” you said.

“Maybe,” he said quietly.

“Don’t worry,” you said, “I’m really good at them.”

You pulled down his jeans and boxers a bit, exposing his dick to you. You licked the base of it, pushing the flat of your tongue against his sensitive skin and pulling upwards slowly as he whined.

“Quiet,” you said, “you wouldn’t want someone to catch us. Then I’d have to stop.”

You swirled your tongue around the head of his prick before taking the top two inches into your mouth. He grabbed a fistfull of your hair, pulling on it instead of making noise.

“Am I hurting you?” he asked in a whisper.

You pulled your mouth off to answer. “No, baby, it’s hot.”

Before he had time to answer, you pushed your mouth down over all nine inches of him and hollowed your cheeks around him, sucking.

“Oh my god,” he choked out. You pulled your lips up and deep throated him again and again. You felt him pushing your head down and pulling your hair as the sensations got to be too much to handle. You knew he wasn’t going to last long since it was his first time and you could feel him throbbing against the back of your throat, whining softly.

“I can’t-“ he said, “oh my god, I’m about to cum.”

You sucked hard, again, and felt his fist tighten in your hair.

“Oh,” he said, “oh my goodness. Oh my GOD! Y/N oh my God, you’re magic!”

You pulled off of him, swallowing the salty seed that had collected at the back of your throat.

“You,” Peter said, panting, “you are really good at that.”

“You’re welcome.”

You felt his fingers ghosting over your inner thigh, dragging upwards until they were lightly rubbing the outside of your panties.

“I’ll pay you back,” he said. “You should come over tonight. I owe you an orgasm.”

You felt your stomach flip at his bold words. “Deal,” you said, pecking him on the lips, “see you tonight, big boy.”

You turned, grabbing your backpack and leaving him to zip his pants back up.

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Imagine (#2) Part Two


*Requested by @accioxdracox thank you!!*

I knew better than to turn my phone back on, All I had to do was hear his voice, Or see his messages and I would of came running back into his arms. I needed answers, I deserved them, and I knew I wouldn’t get the whole truth without distancing myself from him, Even if it hurt. 

I decided to take a bath, I figured why not clean myself as I cleared my mind. I set up a playlist of all my favorite songs and zoned out. I could hear the occasional tap coming from my bedroom window which I ignored thinking it was just a tree branch.

Once out, I wrapped myself up in my favorite warm and fluffy robe with my pair of matching slippers, My music following me into my bedroom as I danced around. After that I never heard the tree branch. It took most of the night for me to fall asleep but once I did the pain came flooding back.

By morning I had woken up to 5 missed calls from Peter and multiple texts. I didn’t bother to listen to any of his voicemails but I did keep them on my phone.

For the next few days I couldn’t shake this feeling of being watched. No matter where I went or what I did I felt like eyes were always on me. I made my way quickly through town and when I was just a block away a man came sprinting up behind me and knocked me to the ground. I gasped for air as I could feel the wind getting knocked out of me. I tried to scream but it was no use, Before I knew it he tied me up and was carrying me further from my home. “If you make a sound I won’t hesitate to kill you.” He muttered. 

I began to panic as I realized the man was making a dash to his car. I knew my chances of survival were lessened if he took me to another location, I began to struggle to try and buy me some time. That’s when I heard the sound of something heavy being dropped onto the car. “Hey! Asshole, Didn’t anyone teach you that’s not how you treat a lady.” The masked man dropped me as he attempted to get away from the red suited man who was standing on top of his car. I watched as the man became glued to the cement.  I began squirming, A sad attempt at getting out of my restraints. “Here, Let me help you.” He offered. I shook my head quickly. Slowly inching away from him. “You can trust me.” He mentioned sounding sincere. After a moment I allowed him to come closer to me.

Within no time I was back on my feet. “I need get back home…” I added quickly, Still finding it hard to look at him. “Let me help you.” He offered cheerfully. Before I could reply we were flying through the air, My eyes may as well of been super glued closed seeing as I didn’t open them until I could feel the ground beneath my feet. That’s when I realized we were outside of my house. “How… How did you know where I lived?” I questioned. “I-I… I didn’t… You told me where to go.” He lied unconvincingly. “No, I didn’t… Who are you?” I stated without patience. “I’m Spiderman.” He stated. “Fine, Don’t tell me… I’m so sick of  all the people that I’m supposed to ‘trust’ keeping secrets from me.” I huffed as I turned to my front door. “Wait…” He voiced with a sigh. “I can’t tell you… Not out here… But if you’ll let me come inside I’ll answer all of your questions.” 

Hearing those words caused me to feel relived, Finally someone was going to trust me enough to be open and honest. I unlocked my door as walked in as he followed close behind. I gestured for him to sit on the couch but he declined. 
I think it’s best for the both of us if I stay standing… I don’t know how you’ll react….” He noted. “So I must know you then.” I confirmed. He nodded. “Ok, Then who are you?” I inquired as I crossed my arms over my chest beginning to become more impatient with him.

It’s me…” He began to take off his mask as he finished speaking. “Peter…

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Lazy Sundays- Tom Holland x Reader One Shot


A/N: Yes, another Tom Holland story; I can’t help it! I love everything about this boy, or man since we’re both the same age and I hate being called a girl (I prefer woman lol) BUT HE OWNS MY ASS AND I CANNOT WITH HOW CUTE HE IS!

This came up from an interview Tom did from a year ago where he went undercover on the Internet and answered people’s questions and well, here we are. I hope everyone like this cute little one shot because oh my gosh, how I wish I could actually CUDDLE with Tom right now before I have to work :(

*(Y/S) = Your state 

(Y/F/R) = Your favorite restaurant 

Warnings: Longing, missing someone, FLUFF

As always, tag list requests are OPEN, multi-fandom requests are OPEN!

Masterlist of all masterlists is HERE! Send me an ask!


Having the weekends off was something you normally didn’t have but you were fortunate to have them and you made sure to enjoy them to the fullest. On regular weekend days, you took advantage of sleeping in or you would go out and see some friends in the city you were closest to. Living in a rather small town, it would take a bit of a drive to go to the closest bigger city, but it was worth it. However, those days were usually saved for Saturdays while Sunday was used to catch up on your laundry before you had to head back to work the following day. Mondays always came too fast and you dreaded them, thanks to a less than ideal work situation. There was one thing, or person rather, who really made the weekends worth the long weeks.

You had been dating Tom Holland for the last few months, your relationship still new. You had met him at a premiere for a new movie of his. One of your closest friends had won a trip to London for a few days and a chance to hang out with Tom before and after the event. You would also walk with him on the red carpet as his guests and it was an experience like no other. But what surprised you, was how much of a liking he took to you. Throughout your day with him, leading up to the premiere, he stood closer to you or made sure to fall in step with you, more than your friend. As it turned out, when you were on your flight back home, you found a note in your backpack, from him. It said something along the lines of,

I had a really great time hanging out with you these last couple of days. You seem like someone I could be good friends with. Text me sometime! (xxx) xxx-xxxx. -T.H.”

That was just less than a year ago and after eight months of getting to you better, he asked you on an official date. He flew from London to (y/s) to take you somewhere simple yet you wouldn’t forget how special it was. He picked you up at your house the following day, took you to (y/f/r) where you two sat and talked for hours before he decided to walk off all the food you had consumed. What started as a simple date, turned out to be the best one of your life and Tom, had become the most important man in your life. It took him a long time to break down your walls, fearful of what dating an actor may do. He promised that he would always be faithful and honest with you and although you were still unsure, you ended up falling for him faster than you originally planned. He was your world and you were his.

Just as you thought, your relationship was more long-distance than in person because of his busy schedule. He was one of the most sought-after actors in Hollywood and at only twenty-four years old. Luckily, he was able to keep up with it all, but he missed you and longed to be with you. So, when permitted, he took two weeks off from the set and flew home to see you. He didn’t mention he was coming to see you, so you were in shock when there was a sudden knock on your bedroom and it was him.

“Tom!” You cry, jumping off your bed and darting over to wrap your arms around him.

“There’s my beautiful girl, I’ve missed you,” he says, muttered by your hair.

“I missed you too! I didn’t know you were coming!” You say, pulling away from him to sit on your bed, him occupying the space next to you.

“I know, I wanted to surprise you. I mean your reaction was quite adorable,” he says, placing a small kiss on your nose.

“But wait, what about the movie?” You ask, wondering if he was still needed.

“Eh, they don’t need me for a little while. I get two whole weeks to spend with my girl,” he says, softly smiling at you.

“I still have to work though,” you say, frowning at your boyfriend.

“I know, but you work early enough so when you come home, we can be together, and I can come to see you for lunch and we have your days off, like today!” He says, beaming with excitement that you were off.

“I know but, I have to work again,” you say.

“But that’s tomorrow baby. It’s Sunday,” he says, going over to crawl under your sheets on your bed. You follow him, laying yourself beside him, as he looked at you with love in his eyes.

“Yeah but then tomorrow is Monday and I hate Mondays,” you whine, much like a child.

“Oh, my sweet girl, there is no reason you should worry about tomorrow. Just enjoy the right now,” he explains, kissing the side of your head.

You hummed in agreement, snuggling up in his side, his arms sneaking around you as you laid your head on his chest. One of his arms fell by you so you grab his hand and lace your fingers together. He brings your joined hands to his lips and kisses your hand before he leans over to kiss your lips.

Soft, sweet, moments like these were what you both craved, not realizing how much you two needed each other. But you didn’t want to have to think of having to leave him in the morning, so you did your best to take his advice and just live in the now. He had taken the remote control to your TV and began flipping through your streaming services before he settled on the live-action Beauty and the Beast; a favorite of yours. As the movie progressed, you snuggled closer to his side, and soon fell asleep to the sound of the movie in the background and Tom telling you a story, about the movie he was working on.

“Can you believe how crazy this movie is going to be, babe?” He was meant with silence. “(y/n)?” He asked for you once again, before looking down and noticing your sleeping form. A wide grin graced his features and he held you tighter. He loved it when you fell asleep on him because he felt that it meant you were comfortable with him. He stayed quiet and kept his movements to a minimum, afraid of waking you, until you woke up on your own. When your eyes opened, you were met with his eyes staring back at you.

“Well good morning sleepyhead,” he lightly teased you and chuckled when you made a face of annoyance back at him.

“Is it really morning?” You suddenly ask, worried you were late for work.

“No, it’s 4 pm, you were asleep for an hour,” he said and you were able to relax again.

“I love spending lazy Sundays with you,” you say, looking back to your boyfriend. You two were laying on your sides, facing each other.

“I love you,” he said for the very first time.

“I love you, too, Tom. So much,” you say back to him, before settling for another kiss.

You knew dating someone with a status like Tom’s wasn’t going to be easy; it hadn’t been up to this point. But you trusted him and you loved him with your whole heart, and that was all the reinforcement you needed to hold onto the love you shared, until you got to see each other again.

Tags: @tloveswriting@fandom-princess-forevermore@thinkinghardhardlythinking@akshi8278@marvelfansworld@spnjediavenger@lovabletomholland@hobby27@angeredcrow​ @damn-stark

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Pairing: Tom Holland x Female Reader

Warnings: smut

Summary: On the biggest Halloween party of the year you meet a mystery guy dressed as Spider-Man. You haven’t even seen his face, but somehow you just can’t get enough of him.

Word Count: 5.8k

Notes: Okay, so first of all, thank you everyone for your kind words after reading the teaser! Also, I can’t ever thank enough to my wonderful editors @worldoftom and @hypnotized-so-mesmerized ! Thank you for staying up all night, listening to me talking about it for daysss and making this fic as amazing as it is! Also, thank you to my lovely twin @rebekkah4766 for brainstorming with me and jumping in whenever I needed her to!


It was your favorite holiday of the year. Halloween.

As a kid, you would look forward to it all year, excited to go trick or treating, collect loads of candy, and eat it with your friends. Now, you loved the holiday for a different reason. You still looked forward to Halloween months in advance, but not for trick or treating. Halloween gave you the chance to don a mask and transform. There’s something about those masks and the anonymity that they provide. Wearing a mask always set you free.

“Are you coming, Daenerys Targaryen?” your best friend called out from outside of the car, her voice pulling you out of your thoughts. She wasn’t completely wrong, you did reuse your old Daenerys blonde wig tonight, styling it differently to get your character’s famous platinum blonde hair just right.

“How many times have I told you, I’m Black Cat tonight!” you said, finally climbing out of the car.  As soon as you did, you started regretting your decision. Your leather costume was too tight. It did hug your figure in all the right places, but it was so uncomfortable to move with it on. The white fur around your wrists and neck wasn’t helping either.

“Oh yeah, I forgot how much of a nerd you are,” she said as she took your hand and started tugging you towards the entrance.

“Wait a second,” you said, pulling you and your friend to a stop to unzip the front piece of your costume. You had debated whether you should rock the famous Black Cat décolleté, and at the last moment you decided to go for it.

“Well, now we’re talking, come on!”

The loud beats and bass vibrations took over your senses as you entered the club, looking around in awe at the lights and decor. The place was crowded, full of people in various costumes, all of them wearing masks. You could barely recognize the rest of your friend group as they spotted you and waved you over.

“How did you manage to get us into this club?” you leaned over to ask your friend. This wasn’t a place you’d usually go out to. It was too luxurious for your taste. And for your wallet.

“I know a guy, who knows a guy, who knows a guy… don’t question it, enjoy it while you can!” Your friend said, gesturing afterwards that she was going to the distant table your friends were at. You nodded, deciding to push through the crowd to the bar to get you both some drinks first. 

There was one thing you needed to be able to fully let loose in the crowd - alcohol. You  made your way towards the bar and, after a while of squeezing your way through the crowd, you finally managed to get to the bartender. As soon as you finished ordering your drink, you heard someone laugh right next to you. 

Intrigued and liking the way the laugh sounded, you turned around. It was immediately clear why this mystery person had laughed.

There, right next to you, was a guy dressed as Spider-Man. You couldn’t help but smile at the coincidence.

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Summary:  Everyone is fed up of the honeymoon phase after your marriage.

Request: @photoshopart15  Can you write a tom imagine about tom and reader are married, and are very affectionate, into pda, being in tom’s arms all the time, making out all the time, loud during sex, reader has an expensive taste and tom buying expensive gifts for her because he loves to spoil her, her engagement ring is a 10 carat diamond, live in a fancy house, to the point it’s driving his brothers, parents, and harrison sick of seeing them making out all the time and hearing them having sex really loud at night

Word Count: 1.9k


Holland Masterlist

Upcoming Works 

A/N: I hope you enjoy this and that it is what you were hoping for. My requests are temporarily closed whilst I get through the list of upcoming works.


The honeymoon phase was a normal thing for most relationships, for most people who just get married it’s expected for there to be a period of time that you would be all over each other, that you would be kissing and hugging and spending as much time with each other as possible. The Holland family were happy to see their loved one so happy and evidently in love with his wife and yet they wished that he would turn it down just slightly, that he would relax and turn the affection down ever so slightly so that they didn’t have to see or hear anything that wasn’t family friendly.

Both you and Tom had moved out of the large house that had been shared with his brothers and closest friends, moving into a new house ready to build a family with his wife; it wasn’t uncommon though that his younger brother Harry would crash at theirs though, tired from a day’s work prevented you from allowing him to drive home as you feared he may end up in a crash despite the small journey length between the two houses. Harry therefore was the member of the Holland family who had been forced into enduring the most explicit aspects of the honeymoon phase. Harry had been forced to sleep with a pillow over his head, the noises from the master bedroom keeping him awake and leaving even more tired the following day.

Tom found himself marking you at every possible time, his lips constantly finding his way to your neck or bare skin to bite and lick so that a purple mark would appear on your skin. He would smirk at his friends and brother’s knowing that they had clocked the marks and felt smug as the first one to get married. Tom was proud of the fact that he was trying for a baby, unashamed to mention every time he had tried to put a baby into the woman that he loved. The boys grew tired of it quickly, wishing that he’d keep it to himself and finding his behaviour immature and irritating; they were fed up of Tom dragging you to the loo during a game night before declaring to them that he may have made a baby whilst in their home. He never did it in front of you, knowing that you would have been slapping his bicep and chastising him for being so crude.

His parents loved you and were proud that they could finally call you their daughter, but they worried about how much Tom was going to spend during the honeymoon phase. They knew that you didn’t like him spending so much money on you but equally they knew you struggled to say no to the expensive gifts; they knew that when Tom had placed the diamond ring on your finger, it wouldn’t be long before he was buying you matching earrings, bracelets and necklaces, and they were right. In the four months since the wedding, you had been showered in diamonds that you could never bring yourself to send back to the shop even if you disapproved of your husband’s spending habits. The honeymoon itself had been an extortionately priced two weeks but everyone had justified it and turned a blind eye, smiling at the memories that the two of you had created. It was however at the four-month mark that they had decided Tom needed to calm down with how much money he was spending.

The fans had been happy to see the person that they idolised and loved dearly so happy although they too were beginning to tire of the continuous and over the top PDA; Tom had found a way to ensure that the two of you were all touching, his fingers were always intertwined with yours, his hand on your knee or thigh when you were sat down, his lips pressing to your temple every thirty seconds and there had even been the occasional pinch of the bum or a loving kiss in full view of anyone who wanted to see. The two of you had kept your relationship private and quiet for a long time, only confirming the fact that the two of you were together a year in when you attended a premiere with him, until your marriage and the honeymoon phase, the two of you had continued to keep the relationship as private as possible. Previous to Tom’s decision that everyone should be able to witness how in love the two of you were, the two of you would barely hold hands, a hood or hat always adorning your head and Tom always stood with his back pressed to your chest so that the paparazzi couldn’t get a picture of you. Tom didn’t care now though, the paparazzi had been having a field day most weeks as they were able to witness the continuous public displays of affection, therefore the fans had been supplied with much content too.

The breaking point seemed to be at a family barbeque where Harrison and Tuwaine had also attended, the two of you had been the last to arrive. You had apologised profusely, clearly flustered and with a new set of hickeys littering your neck (your hair not covering them as well as you had thought) instantly allowed the family to know what had caused you to arrive later than expected. Harrison had rolled his eyes, heading inside to grab a beer. Nikki had brought you in for a hug before commenting on how pretty your dress was, you smiled back whilst Tom was quick to inform her how it was new, a present from him. You appeared sheepish, Nikki feeling bad and placing a hand on your shoulder as if to inform you about how what she was about to say to your husband was nothing against you.

“Tom, help me in the kitchen please.” Tom nodded, still unaware of how fed up his family was with this honeymoon phase. Dom was quick to follow his wife and son inside, knowing that he needed to be there beside his wife when Tom got offended and possibly exploded.

It went better than expected, Nikki and Dom stood opposite them as they began to explain the predicament. He nodded with a solemn face as they discussed their worries about his new spending habits. It was fine though, he expressed how you had finally put your foot down, that although you loved the luscious and exuberant things in life, you wanted him to start saving as you had been doing. The two of you wanted a baby and therefore you were going to have to spend a lot of money on a variety of things meaning that the expensive gifts had to stop; Tom had agreed, only because he knew how much he would have to spend when the incredible day when you announced you were pregnant arrived. Nikki smiled, not only delighted by both yours and Tom’s decision to limit expenses but she was overwhelmed with happiness at the idea that the two of you were serious about getting pregnant; Nikki couldn’t wait for to be a grandmother. Dom had patted him on the back before passing him a beer and a bowl of crisps to bring outside.

As soon as he was in the garden, you sent him a smile and a raised eyebrow, he simply smiled back before placing the bowl down and walking right to your side, an arm being wrapped around your waist in an instant. His lips brushed your ear, a small kiss pressed just beneath it before he decided to tune into the conversation that you had been having with his brothers and best friends. Tom noticed the look shared between the people he considered closest to him.

“What?” His voice came out sharper than he had intended, Harrison’s eyebrows lifting at the tone. Your head turned towards him; your eyes filled with concern at the reaction from your husband. There was clear tension that you disliked immensely.

“What’s wrong guys?” Your voice was much less defensive than Tom’s, your words filled with concern and worry as to what had caused the strange looks. You very much felt that the two of you were missing something, an inside joke or something similar that was aimed at your relationship.

Sam was quick to reply with a short ‘nothing’, Harry nudging him at his inability to be subtle as his comment clearly signified that it was something. Tuwaine made a joke before laughing awkwardly, Harrison being the only one who’s facial expression remained annoyed. You loved Harrison and he was extremely fond of you, he felt guilty for worrying you, for giving you any reason for concern however, he had enough.

“If you’ve got something to say mate, then tell us. We can take it.” Tom’s voice grew colder, his best friend clearly didn’t appreciate it. Harrison’s eyes bore into yours, asking whether you wanted him to speak or not. You nodded slowly and in a small way that if it wasn’t for the intense gaze on you by all of the boys that you considered family, wouldn’t have been noticed.

“We just feel mate,” the way Harrison addressed his closest friend was clipped and caused your frown to deepen which in turn made Harrison relax slightly, his tone softening as he decided to address you instead, “We would just appreciate if maybe the two of you dialled down your,” he paused once more, trying to find the right word that wouldn’t offend you, “inability to comprehend what affection is appropriate for where.” You tensed at his words, a blush covered your cheeks, your head dropping as you saw how all of them felt the same. Tom held you closer to him, his arms tightening around you.

“We understand that you guys are married and that you’re trying for a baby but, maybe you don’t have to make it so obvious.” Your hand instantly went to your neck to cover the marks on your skin as Sam’s words suddenly left you feeling insecure.

“It’s just that the two of you aren’t very subtle, whether it’s the fact that the two of you were late today, the loud trips to the toilet. I mean it’s bad enough when I stay at your house but I accept it, I’m in your home but maybe, when you’re in our home you just, you turn it down or don’t do it at all.” Harry was trying to joke with you, Tom being slightly amused whilst also beginning to understand. Maybe he had been overdoing it slightly, you however, were mortified. You nodded profusely.

“Of Course, we’ll tone it down. I’m so sorry. We both are.” Your words were rushed as your eyes displayed your sense of embarrassment. They smiled back at you, all thanking you and telling you not to worry.

“I can’t say I’m sorry for anything we did but, I’m sorry for making any of you lads uncomfortable. Just love my missus too much.” Tom pressed his lips to your temple once more causing the boys to groan and him to laugh. You stuck your fingers up at all of them, Tom included before walking away to speak to Nikki.

You loved your husband and you had been enjoying your honeymoon period, but you knew it needed to come to an end, there were other people who needed your attention. After all, your family was about to begin.

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