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3 broken hearts - part 3
part 1 / part 2
idk if anyone is still here lol, but if u are here is the last part of 3 hearts. I found it super recently and thought for the sake of closure i'd post (whether or not it acc gives u that is another matter sorry lol)
i hope you are all well :)
summary: an argument between you and tom, except it takes him hurting someone else for you to loose it
Tom knew he fucked up. But unlike last time, at the airport, this felt so much worse. Last time, Y/n had just been angry; which obviously wasn’t nice, but wasn’t as sinister as this. When you had left in a sort of frenzy you looked.. well you looked broken. As soon as the door had slammed, in anger at himself, Tom had thrown his mug across the kitchen. Unsurprisingly it had smashed against the cupboard doors as well as splashing the remanent liquid across the kitchen. And then he was angry at himself, both for making a mess while acting like a tantruming child - as well as everything he’d done to you. 
By the time he’d cleared up the mess - in what was quite a calming process- he realised the real pressing issue. It had him running out the front door, standing in the rain in the storm, looking across the road to where he had seen your car - what must’ve been hours ago. To his horror, his heart dropped. Your car was gone, so you had driven in the state you had left in. 
That was really scary to Tom. Because he didn’t even know if you were safe, if you had made it home or if you were in some ditch somewhere. Jogging inside, he went straight to Harry’s room - asking him to drive over to yours. With a sigh, Harry hauled himself off his bed - able to tell from Tom’s face, and the raised voices he’d heard, that the conversation didn’t go great.
The whole way over, Tom was frantically scanning the roadsides, as if expecting to see your car upside down hidden in the bushes. Otherwise the jpurney was silent, Harry tried to ask what happened once and was told, in no uncertain terms, to fuck right off. It was impressive Tom hadn’t drawn blood, given the fact he was chewing on his bottom lip so hard. Before Harry had stopped the car, Tom was already reaching for the doorhandle but his brother stopped him. 
“Tom look, her car.” Sure enough in the parking lot to your apartment building, there was your car - safetly pulled up. So, at least you were alive. 
“I still need to-“
“You sure thats a good idea bro? If she left that upset then maybe-“
“Thanks for the lift.” Not giving Harry two seconds, Tom was already out the car, jogging toward the lobby. All his brother could do was sigh, feeling the need to text you, as a warning. 
‘toms on his way up. im sorry x’
Even if Tom thought you were completely maniac when you left - he underestimated your sensibility. Of course you hadnt driven home - instead phoning your bestmate Y/bf/n. Like a night in shining armour, without asking any questions she’d ubered to Toms adress and then driven your car home with you. 
Also being your best mate, she knew not to press. She knew you needed your space (ahem Tom take a hint) so although she was still in your flat - she left you to it in the bedroom. 
So when Tom, almost panting, knocked down your door to nearly break the wood - it was Y/bf/n who answered it. Her hand immediately flying to Tom’s chest, pushing him out the doorway, as she also stepped out. That way she could give him a piece of her mind without you hearing it. 
“You got some fucking nerve showin-“
“Is she okay?” He butted in, eyes frantically searching Y/bf/n’s. 
“How do you think she fucking is?”
“I thought she’d have crashed.”
“I drove because you’re right she is in no fucking state.” He gulped at that, this distant hope of you not being as bad as he thought crushed. Y/bf/n’s glare didn’t help Tom compose himself at all.
“I er, Y/bf/n I don’t know what to do.” She just sighed, exasperated at this boys stupidity. 
“Well what pissed her off?”
“I asked her why she doesn’t wont to move in with me.” Y/bf/n  quirked her head to the side, eyebrows furrowed at that. Because she knew that Tom knew more about your childhood than she did. You trusted your bestmate implicity, yet it was a past you didnt like to think back to. She knew you’d told Tom everything, and when she found that out she also knew he was your person. Shame your person was so very ignorant.
“But you know?” 
“I don’t know! I don’t know if its something to do with how messy I am, the way I sleep or-“
“For fuck sake Tom.” She didnt even exclaim, just pure exasperation coating her words. “Could you just - for a second- get your head out your own arse? It’s not about you.”
“But it’s about living with me?” Y/n pressed her thumb and index finger into her brows - actually wincing at Tom.
“It’s not about living with you… It’s living with anyone. It’s not having her safe space.” 
“But it would be saf-“
Rolling her eyes, Y/bf/n just gave up, she couldn’t be bothered to deal with him. For some unknown reason you had put up with this actual clot head for three years, and she knew he was supposed to be next to you forever. So fuck it, she just gestured for him to enter the flat with a defeated nod. 
Having had this curve ball thrown at him, Tom actually took measured and slow steps through your apartment. He knew the place like the back of his hand, having spent a fair amount of time here with you before. He remembered back 2 years ago, when he had helped you move in, after your first major release premiered. That first night, with nothing but a mattress on the floor - Tom had assumed you were planning to go back to his for the night. But no, instead you’’d got pizza delivered, and pulled out the essentials - a string of fairy lights and laptop for netflix. 
You’d spent the night with him in the otherwise empty flat, lit by the warm glowing lights, watching netflix on the floor. It had been magical. 
Tom just craved that experience again, but this time in your own shared place.  Now though, he was racking his (small) brain to decipher Y/bf/n meaning. And he’d realised that maybe he really hadn’t been listening to you all along. So, almost hesitantly, Tom stopped at your door, steeling his nerve. And then, gingerly, he knocked softly - ear pressed against the door. 
As expected, you ignored the sound on the door, figuring it Y/bf/n. That was until a voice echoed through the wood.
“Y/n, it’s- it’s me.” All the movement in your body, including the air in your lungs froze. He wasn’t supposed to be here. You had nowhere to run now. “I um…. I was worried. I shouldn’t of let you leave like that.” 
Again you didn’t respond. Just clawing your knees tighter to your chest as you cowered in the centre of your bed, sat up agaisnt the pillows. 
“I think I might’ve been ignoring you all this time. But I want to now… I’m ready to… I’m sorry I wasn’t before.” You heard a little thud, somehow knowing that was his forehead coming to rest on the otherside of the door. Silently, you used the cuff of the hoodie you were still wearing to wipe your face - hoping to remove the worst of your tears. Yes, your eyes were undoubtedly puffy and bloodshoot, but there was little that could be done about them. 
“I’d love to say I figured it out for myself but I have to admit Y/f/n might’ve helped…. she called me an idiot about twenty times too - which is fair.” Wetly you chuckled the slightest bit at that, still looking toward the closed door expectantly. “I’ve been taking all of this personally… as an insult I guess. And-and I dont think… well I’ve come to realise I’m being really immature by having that outlook. I…. I just- please can I come in?” 
It was infuriating because you were oh so mad at him. You were infuriated by everything and you were so incredibly hurt above all else. 
And that was your conundrum. Throughout your relationship, whenever you felt this betrayed or upset or hopeless - you’d crawl into his arms. Except this time, he was the cause of all that pain. So as much as instincts made you want to fling the door open and bury your head in his chest, you fought it with every bit of strength you had. 
“I can’t… I can’t see you right now.” Voice cracking, the illusion of authority you tried to convey simply was not there. 
There was an uncomfortable moment of silence, before he replied in the most heart-shatteringly defeated tone.
“Okay just… just know I’m going to be right here waiting.” And you knew he would. Just from the way he sounded, it was as though the adrenaline was dissapating for exhaustion. You didn’t have the energy to fight, nor did Tom have the energy to beg. Until you both had recovered somewhat, you knew he would be waiting. So you called out an ‘ I know’ at the still shut door, before wiggling back down on the bed- more than ready to be numbed by sleep. 
“And Y/n?…. I really really love you.” 
Suffice to say you couldn’t bring yourself to respond to his broken tone. No, all it did was bring on a fresh stream of tears. You hated that you loved him so undeniably. And even, you hated the fact that he loved you so much. Because it only made arguing that much harder. 
You woke up some hours later, having managed to cry yourself to sleep - which must be a new all time low. It was still dark, in fact it looked like the early hours of the morning. Your head was pounding, no doubt stress induced, and you pressed a fist to your eye socket in an attempt to alleviate the pressure. When that failed, you turned to dragging yourself out of bed - in search of a glass of water. 
Something about the fight made it feel as though you were physically ill. To keep the shivers at bay, you added some old joggers of Toms to the outfit you already had on - the jumper harry had given you yesterday. It was a bit shameful, deriving comfort from your ex-boyfriends clothes but… it was what you needed. 
Also was he your ex? Had you broken up? Were you on a break, in famous ross and rachel talk? It certainly didnt feel like you were ‘together’…. but the label was too much to think about this early in the morning. 
With a sigh you trailed across your bedroom, opening the door you’d been talking to hours earlier. Darkness swamped the hallway, and you had to blink your eyes a couple times in order to see through the blackness. 
You wouldn’t have noticed, with a bleary gaze and hazy eyes - if it weren’t for the noise on the floor just by the side of the doorway. Jumping in shock, you stared eyes widened at the floor.
“Oh sorry if I scared you I jus-“
“What the hell are you doing here?” Because why. Why was Tom still in your flat? Why was he sat with his back against the bedroom door staring blankly into the dark opposite? 
“I um…” He almost chuckled to himself, making you quirk your eyebrows together. “I said I’d wait here till you’re ready.” 
“But I-I didn’t think you meant literally…. what time is it anyway?” Everything about this was unbelievably bizarre. Still on the floor, Tom checked his watch and declared 3:45, before hopping to his feet. 
Now by no means were you on your high horse of looking good - no mirror was neccessary to know you looked like shit. But he didn’t look so great either. His hair was greasy, probably from running his hands through it too much. His eyes were puffy with lack of sleep, with dark bags hanging below them. He looked exactly how you felt. 
“If you want me to leave then-“ You cut him off, already starting to walk past him as your tried to get around the boys literal idocy. 
“I’m going to get a glass of water.” 
And like a lost little puppy, Tom just trailed behind you to the kitchen. 
While you were thinking. Who the hell deciedes its a good idea to camp outside someone elses room? Afterall, it is quater to 4 in the morning. If you had been more with it and noticed the weird presence , you might’ve thought he were a robber and put your self defence classes into effect. He was, in short, insane. 
In silence you grabbed a glass and filled it with water, before leaning on the island couter top - facing Tom. 
“So you just got real comfy in the hallway or?” 
“Well I was gonna go wait in my car or-or somewhere a bit less creepy but I wanted to make sure you were okay… and-and well I could hear you crying and I didn’t want to leave when that was happening so I was just gonna stay till you calmed down.”
“But then I guess you fell asleep because - no offence or anything- but you were snoring a bit.”
“I had just cried myself to sleep.” He pouted at you admission and nodded slightly.
“Yeh no I… sorry but yeh i just found it quite reassuring  hearing that you were peaceful and calm.”
“I was asleep.” Again, you deadpanned the response and again - Tom’s reaction was as though you had shot him or something. 
“Sorry it was weird and if you want me to leave you alone i’ll just….”
Again you didn’t answer his question of whether or not you wanted him gone because …. well honestly you didn’t know. So instead, you wordlessly leaned off the counter and walked to the sofa - collapsing heavily on it. Expectedly then, Tom followed, standing like a lemon at the foot of the sofa - clearly unsure on what to do. 
“You’re not gonna stop bugging me till we have this talk, so you may as well sit.” And he did, jerkily and hurriedly - so that it looked so very awkward indeed. It took a moment of staring him down expectantly before Tom launched into a little speech. After all, it still wasn’t you that needed to apologise. 
“Look love your er… your hallway was the perfect place to think. Think about everything thats been going wrong with us and-and especially Y/b/f/n’s ‘encouraging’ words.” He said that last part sarcastically and you couldn’t help but snigger just a little. Because if you knew your bestfriend you knew she would’ve given Tom hell for hurting you. “ Look, the reason I’ve been so desperate to take us to the next step is because I’m insecure. Insecure that I should’ve ‘settled down’ by now according to my dad. And-and well I’ve always been worried with the press and the paps that if things got too difficult we’d have to split. So I thought I’d taken it at your pace enough and I just got pissy.” 
That you had to agree with, he definitely had been acting like a 5 year old.
“I just always thought that you didn’t want to move in with me right? And looking back thats so incredibly fucking dim because you’d already told me why…. if I’m right that is. I know you told me about your mum leaving and then the situation with your dad… but I’d never realised how much it affected you now. I’ve always had such a supportive family so when you told me all that I was sympathetic but…. but I was also naive. If it still affects you then thats so normal and I should’ve noticed. So I’m so so sorry.” 
In response, you released the big breath you hadn’t realised you were holding. It really sounded like some divine intervention had got involved and slapped sense into him. Refreshing would be an understatement.
Except was it enough?
“Thankyou… I um, I appreciate that but…. but my parents.” You chewed you lip trying to conjure up the way to say this. “I-I thought you knew about what happened affects me, cos it does- everyday.”
“I didn-“
“No please Tom… this is my turn.” Shutting down his attempt to butt in, you picked your nails nervously - not expecting to be this confrontational. “You are the only person I’ve told everything to… and and I thought you had got it you know? I thought you got me… thats why I’m finding this so hard you know?”
Tom sighed, shifting uncomfortably on the opposite side of the sofa. All he wanted to do was give you a hug and try and ease your pain - except when he was the cause of it, that wasn’t going to work. 
“I honestly just don’t have an excuse - I just couldn’t even imagine…. and-and, well if i’m honest-“ He met your eyes, as if looking for consent - you nodded, even if a little scared of what he would say next. “ It was clear that you didn’t like to talk about it and so…well i never asked you more questions or at least, enough to understand properly right?” 
“So it’s my fault?” You really weren’t trying to jump to any conclusions, except he was making it very difficult to sound not stupid.
“ No! Nono not at all… but I was tiptoeing around because I didn’t want to upset you, which i guess made me only more thick and oblivious than normal.” Lightly laughing at the end, Tom then leant forward even more. “But I’m not making excuses I’m just here to apologise a hundred times over. I love you so much and I want to give you all the time in the world.” 
“Where do we go from here though?”
“We go…” He exhaled, shifting so his whole body was facing you, leaning forward and looking deeply in his eyes “…absolutely no where. We stay here or you here and me at mine. We watch all the series we’ve said we’ll get round to and never have. We order food every night unless you want to try that new recipe book you got. We eat ice cream and I beat you at chess. We do absolutely nothing and I do everything I can to try and help you forgive me.”
Who knows how long you sat there, immobile, locked in this fierce and intense eye contact with Tom as he waited - and silently pleaded for you to forgive him. 
“I’m still pissed. You acted like a toddler instead of just talking to me and then you ignored my issues. I’m not gonna forgive you like that.” Nodding, Tom still looked slightly disappointed at your harshness, slightly leaning away. 
“But I could really do with a hug right now. ” 
When I say the sappy grin that grew on his face was possibly the purest thing ever, I do indeed mean it. You literally watched as he got his sparkle back, as his eyes lit up and his whole body grew a few inches from its slightly slouched position. 
And then you held each other closer than ever before. Tom squeezing you tightly and pressing his face into your collarbone quite forcefully. And you… you did the same. 
Like it or not, you were it for him and vice versa. Having taken years for you to have your first argument, it probably wasn’t surprising it were so intense. 
Perhaps he wasn’t completely to blame too. Perhaps sometimes you have to realise he cant read your thoughts. Maybe sometimes you need to put in the effort to explain. 
You had to forgive him, even if it would take longer to forget… you’d get there. 
Because thats what this whole thing is, giving and taking and forcing each other to grow and better yourselves. Neither of you were perfect and nor would you ever be. But you’d get better for each other, with each other. 
probably my last tom holland thing, hyperfixation has switched well and truly to f1 - if there are any of u that's be interested I've still kept writing just switched my obsession lol. sending all my love, t <3
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late night talking | p. parker
Tumblr media
an: peter being obsessed with your nightly phone calls :) based off of late night talking by harry styles, sorry for the lack of updates! school has been biting my ass :(
pairing: mcu!peter parker x fem!reader
Tumblr media
Something felt off and you couldn't quite pin it down. You were stressed and wanted nothing more than to be in your bed and on the phone with Peter.
You grabbed your phone and typed in Peter's number; the phone rang and rang and rang. You sighed at his voicemail greeting, "Call me when you get a chance, miss you."
Walking over to the bathroom, your phone rang immediately; you scurried across your room and slid on the screen upon seeing Peter's contact picture.
"Thought you forgot about me." You said, "Could never, I'd miss you too much." He winked and smiled, "Smooth, Parker." You laughed.
You laid your phone against the mirror and started your nightly routine, "How was school?" Peter asked; almost as if he wasn't next to you every single second of the day, "Hmm, It was okay. I've got to finish my portion of the project and I'll be free for the weekend, how was patrolling?"
Peter sighed, "Uneventful. No ones out breaking the law." He pouted, "Although, I'm glad to be here and on the phone with you." He teased, "You always make these long nights better."
“Do I now?” You grabbed your phone, “Glad I could be of assistance, Parker.”You smiled, “So when do I get to join you on one of these wild patrol nights? I think I’d be a killer sidekick” Peter laughed, “Never.” 
You scoffed, “I think I would be great company.” Peter groaned, “Yeah but then who would I have all these late night talks with?” He asked, “You’d be too tired and I quite like our talks after patrolling.” 
“And I’d get all sweaty.” Your face churned in disgust, “Never mind, take me off the roster.” You giggled, “You were never on.” 
You smiled at Peter taking in all his features, “Why are you admiring me so much?” He asked, “What? I can’t admire and love on my boyfriend for just a few seconds?” You retaliated in defense, “I guess but our calls would just be pure silence because I’d also be too busy admiring you.” 
“I love you.” You whispered getting into bed, “I love you more.” He smiled, “More than Star Wars?” You giggled; reaching over to your nightstand light.
He laughed, “More than Star Wars, Good night sweet angel.” He said blowing a kiss into the camera, “Good night Peter.” 
Tumblr media
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Who'd You Rather
Tumblr media
tom holland x reader
summary: if there's one thing Ellen is known for, it's exposing secret relationships
a/n: this was written so quickly and not proof-read. also, i picked Ellen because if anyone would do this, it would be her lol
✧・゚: ✧・゚:✧・゚: ✧・゚:
July 2019
"So Y/N, are you currently dating anyone?" asks Ellen, taking a sip from her mug.
You shake your head.
"Not currently, no."
Ellen nods.
"Well, please don't worry anymore. We're going to help you find someone in a little game we like to call Who'd You Rather?"
✧・゚: ✧・゚:✧・゚: ✧・゚:
"Oh God," you laugh, twisting slightly in your seat to glare at your manager for agreeing to this who laughed and poked her tongue out at you.
"So all you need to do is look at the photos I show you and pick between these two options, alright?"
"Okay, if you insist." you roll your eyes, facing the large screen.
"I do. So to start off, Timothee Chalamet or Dylan O'Brien?"
"Oh, wow," you laugh. "Starting off strong. Well, I was an absolute hoe for Maze Runner when it came out so I have to pick Dylan. Plus, I know Timothee better so it would be kinda awkward if I chose him."
The picture of Timothee fades away and is replaced by a new photo.
"Dylan O'Brien or Harry Styles?"
"Harry fucking Styles." you say without hesitation and the audience cheers. Ellen nods.
"Harry Styles or Florence Pugh?"
You bury your head in your hands.
"How could you ask me that, Ellen? That's like asking someone to pick between cookie dough and mint chip ice cream! Impossible."
Ellen mimes tapping at her watch and tuts at you.
"Time's ticking, Y/N. Make your choice."
You sigh.
"It's absolutely Florence then. Sorry, Harry."
"Florence pugh or Chris Evans?" Ellen asks.
Ellen's eyes gleam as she quickly reads the next pair of names, rubbing her hands together in a comically evil fashion.
"Florence Pugh or Tom Holland?"
You slide down on your chair, laughing and covering your face with your hands.
"Ellen!" you shriek. "I've just come off my second movie co-starring with Tom and he's literally my best friend. You can't ask me this!"
Ellen grins.
"Florence Pugh or Tom Holland?" she repeats.
You pout at the camera.
"Flo, I am so sorry. Please still be my friend. I pick Tom."
The crowd roars in approval and you wave a hand at them, laughing.
"Shhhh, guys."
"Tom Holland or Jake Gyllenhaal?" asks Ellen.
"Tom Holland."
"Tom Holland or Hailee Steinfeld?"
"Tom Holland."
"Tom Holland or Niall Horan?"
You hesitate, biting your lip as Tom's frozen grin stares down at you from the photo.
"I…fuck. Tom?" you say, almost as a question.
"So it's Tom?" Ellen grins. "Speak now or forever hold your peace."
You nod, sitting up straight and crossing your legs.
"It's Tom."
Ellen stares straight into the camera as an assistant signals an upcoming ad break. She rests one hand on your shoulder as she addresses the audience.
"Tom Holland, you'd better act quickly. Y/N is currently sitting by her phone, waiting for your call. Don't mess this up."
April 2021
✧・゚: ✧・゚:✧・゚: ✧・゚:
You relax into the plush cushion of the chair on Ellen's set once again. You are paying attention, sort of. You nod and laugh in all the right places, offering stories and jokes when needed but your mind is miles away. Ellen can pick up on this and she shifts in her seat.
"Y/N." she says, holding eye contact. "Can I have your phone please?"
Your eyes widen as you reach into the pocket of your oversized blazer, following her request and placing the unlocked device in Ellen's waiting hand.
"I wonder," she says out loud, "who we can get to answer your call?"
"Oh God," you laugh, covering your face. "If no one picks up I'll be so embarrassed."
"The Watermelon Man?" Ellen questions, reading off of the screen. "Shall we call the Watermelon Man, whoever that is?"
You cover your face, laughing.
"Jesus. If Harry Styles doesn't pick up I think I'll throw myself off a cliff."
The phone rings three times before a voice rings out from a noisy background.
"Y/N! How are you?" laughs Harry. "This is a surprise, I have to admit."
"Harry!" you call out, before he can say anything else. "Ellen's hijacked my phone and started ringing people, I'm so sorry."
"Oh, she has?" Harry asks mischievously. "I'll make sure not to mention anything about our upcoming collaboration then…" he trails off and you can practically hear him winking through the phone as he hangs up.
"That absolute fucker," you laugh, rolling your eyes at his spoiler as Ellen is already scrolling through your contacts list again.
"Oh!" she exclaims, eyes bright. "Y/N, I thought you told us you weren't dating anyone? May I ask who 'My Darling 💖' is?"
You freeze on the spot, mouth drying out as you blink at Ellen, desperately trying to jump start your brain into snatching the phone back. You glance over at your manager who is sat stock still, just as shocked as you are.
The phone rings five times and you breathe a sigh of relief. It's 3AM in London right now, he's not going to pick up.
Just as you've collected your heart off of the floor and smoothed your hair down, ready to make a self deprecating joke about this mystery person not picking up, there's a pause and the a collective gasp from the audience as the phone connects.
"Hello my love, is everything alright?" asks Tom in his groggy, raspy morning voice.
Ellen's jaw hits the floor so quickly you're shocked it doesn't fall off entirely.
tysm for reading! reblogs and comments are always appreciated <3
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waitimcomingtoo · 3 months ago
Look After You
Pairing: Peter Parker x reader
Synopsis: after Peter snaps at you, you feel like you can’t call him for help
Warnings: panic attack
Tumblr media
Peter had a bad day.
There had been an unexpected assemble at school that left him in sensory overload. All the sounds and bright lights overstimulated him into a horrible mood. He was beyond agitated on his walk home, everything little sound and movement further pissing him off. He was not in the mood to talk to a single person so he kept his head down and earbuds as he made his way up to his apartment. His sleeve got caught on the doorknob as he made his way inside and he just about broke the door down. He went straight to his room and quickly took his jacket off. The feeling of having his jacket and shoes on was making his sensory overload even worse.
“Hey.” You said, making Peter jump.
“Oh. Hi.” Peter blinked in surprise. “What are you doing here?”
“May let me in. Did you still want to organize your notes?” You asked with a sweet smile. Peter didn’t know how to tell you this, but he desperately wanted you to leave. He was in no mood to socialize right now and just wanted to relax in silence.
“Yeah.” He faked a smile. “Sure.”
He took a seat on his bed across from you and took his notebook out. He was still way overstimulated so every little thing you did bothered him. The sound of your breathing, the sound of you moving the pages, even the way your pen sounded when you clicked it made Peter’s skin itch. As you flipped through his notebook, you turned a page too fast and it ripped down the middle.
“Oops.” You chuckled. “Sorry.”
“It’s fine. Whatever.” Peter grumbled. You noticed the way he rolled his eyes and your smile instantly fell. You began to feel uneasy around him and cleared your throat. He looked up at you when you did this and looked even more annoyed than before.
“Where’s your tape?” You asked quietly.
“In the bottom drawer.” He mumbled as you got off the bed.
“What?” You asked when you didn’t hear him. Peter stopped flipping through his notebook and flexed his hand to keep from lashing out.
“In the bottom drawer.” He repeated. “In my desk.”
“I don’t see it.” You said after opening the drawer.
“Then keep looking.” Peter sound, the annoyance in his voice sending a chill down your spine. You continued to rummage through the drawer, unaware of how loud it sounded for Peter. His enhanced hearing made it ten times louder than it sounded for you and it was driving Peter insane.
“I can’t find it.” You said after a minute, sending Peter over the edge.
“Oh my God.” He exclaimed and got off the bed. “Just stop touching things. I’ll get it. You’re being so irritating right now.”
You stopped looking through the drawer and got out of his way as he walked over to the desk. You were hurt by his words but said nothing about it, not wanting to irritate him further.
“It’s right here.” Peter said angrily when he found the tape. “Can you open your fucking eyes?”
“I didn’t see it.” You said quietly as he slammed the tape down on his desk. You jumped as the plastic cartridge shattered under his fist.
“Because you weren’t looking.” He shouted in your face. “Do you have to be so fucking helpless all the time? I can’t come rushing to your side the second you need me. I’m under enough pressure as it is without you whining and making a bunch of noise over some fucking tape. If you hadn’t ripped the god damn page in the first place, we wouldn’t have had this problem.”
You stumbled back from Peter as he finished shouting and felt tears brim in your eyes. You were both equally shocked over what had just come out of Peter’s mouth. He had never raised his voice at you before. He was never anything but sweet towards you, so to hear him scream and swear at you made your entire body feel hot in embarrassment. He slapped his hand over his mouth, stunned that he just lashed out at you like that. You took your phone out of your pocket and pretended to check it.
“My mom wants me home.” You mumbled. “I gotta go.”
You started walking towards the door but Peter quickly ran in front of you
“Wait, honey. I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to snap like that.” He apologized as he tried to keep you in place.
“It’s fine.” You faked a smiled and brushed past him.
“It’s not fine.” He shook his head. “I was agitated over something else and I took it out on you. I’m so sorry. You don’t have to leave.”
“I don’t really want to be around you right now. If you’re agitated, take some time to cool off.” You avoided eye contact as you went for the door again.
“I don’t want you to go after we just fought.” Peter pleaded as he desperately tried to get you to stay.
“We didn’t fight.” You said as you walked down his hallway.
“But I yelled at you. I don’t want to leave things like that.” He followed you to his front door and stood in front of it.
“I gotta go.” You told him. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”
“Please.” Peter begged. “Please stay. I’m so sorry. Let me makes things right. We can finish the notebook. Or anything you want. Just please stay.”
“Can you move away from the door, please?” You asked, your voice shaking with anxiety.
“I don’t want you to go.” Peter said softly. “Not when you’re mad.”
“I’m not mad. I just don’t want to talk to you right now. I’ll see you tomorrow, okay?” You faked another smile and this time, he moved away from the door.
“Okay.” He nodded but wasn’t fully convinced that you weren’t mad. “Can I have a kiss?“
You looked up at Peter, almost looking scared as you looked into his eyes. You gulped and stepped forward before placing a quick kiss on his cheek.
“See you tomorrow.” You said and quickly left his apartment.
Peter let out a long sigh and went back to his room. He felt awful for yelling at you the way he did. He sat on his bed and looked at the notebook you’d been working on. You had come over to help him and all he did was scream in your face. Peter felt so guilty that he started to cry. He texted you another apology and saw that you read it, but didn’t respond. He wanted to give you some space, so he went out on patrol to clear his head. He was only out for an hour before he found himself outside your window. He couldn’t focus on anything when he knew you were mad at him. Peter noticed your window was open and knocked on your window pane.
“Can I come in?” He asked as he looked around the room. You were sitting on your bed, knees drawn to your chest and head between your legs.
“I’m sorry to just come over. I texted you a few times but you didn’t answer.” He said softly as he sat on your bed. You didn’t move from your position but he heard a tiny whimper escape your lips.
“I tried to go on patrol and cool off, like you’d said I should.” He continued. “But I couldn’t focus. All I could think about was you. I feel really bad about what happened. I didn’t mean to yell at you. You didn’t deserve that.”
You still didn’t respond and he was starting to worry. He reached forward and rubbed your arm only to find that you were shaking.
“Can we please talk?” He asked. “I feel awful.”
Finally, you looked up at him. Your eyes were completely bloodshot and you sounded like you were struggling to breathe.
“Peter.” You whimpered and reached your arms out. Peter caught you as you fell into his arms and hugged you tightly.
“Are you okay, honey? What happened?” He asked as he smoothed your hair.
“I can’t.” You whispered. “I can’t breath.”
“It’s okay. Shhhh. It’s okay. I’m right here.” Peter said as he rubbed soft circles on your back. He could feel your entire body shaking in his arms and held you tighter.
“Don’t let go.” You spoke, voice muffled by Peter’s chest.
“I won’t. I won’t ever.” He promised. You pulled away after a minute and gasped for air.
“What happened? Are you all right?” He cupped your face and wiped your tears with his thumbs.
“I don’t know.” You croaked. “I feel really scared. I feel like my heads gonna explode.”
“It’s okay. That’s okay. You don’t have to be scared. I’m right here.” Peter assured you. He lifted your hair off your neck and blew on your skin to calm you down.
“I think I’m gonna die. I can’t get my heart to stop beating. I don’t think it’s ever gonna stop. I’m gonna die. It’s not gonna stop and I’m gonna die.”
“You’re not going to die. I’m right here, babygirl. Nothings gonna hurt you.” Peter said as he pulled you back into his arms.
“Somethings wrong with me. Something really bad is going to happen.” You cried against his shoulder as you gripped him.
“Shhh. Nothing bad is going to happen. It’s okay. You’re going to be okay. Follow me, okay? Follow my breathing. Deep breath in.”
Peter sucked in a deep breath and you did the same.
“Good job, babygirl. Now exhale. Nice and slow. Like this.” He blew out and you did the same.
“Good job. Now keep doing it.” Peter told you. He continued to breathe with you until your heart stopped racing.
“How do you feel?” Peter asked you.
“I feel really far away.”
“That’s okay. You’re not far. You’re right here. You’re with me. We’re in your bedroom.” He said slowly as he tried to ground you.
“It doesn’t feel real.” You shook your head as you looked around.
“It’s real. Feel my face. That’s real, right?” Peter asked as he put his hands on his face.
“Yes. That’s real.” You nodded as he moved your hand to his suit.
“And feel this. What does it feel like?”
“A basketball.” You said as you rubbed your hand on his suit.
“Yeah. It does.” He smiled. “Have you ever played?”
“No.” You shook your head. “ I used to play soccer.”
“Really? What position?”
“Goalie.” You cracked a smile.
“That sounds really fun.” Peter returned the smile. “How old were you when you played?”
“8 I think? I don’t really remember. I quit after a year.”
“That’s okay.” Peter shrugged. “Sports aren’t for everyone. What have you been doing tonight?”
“Just some homework.” You said quietly as you looked at the pile of books on your bed.
“Yeah, l see all your books out. What class was it for?”
“Fundamentals of design.”
“Do you like that class?”
“It’s okay.” You shrugged. “It’s not that hard.”
“Probably because you’re so smart. When did you stop doing your homework?”
“When I got an alert on my phone about the explosion. And then I heard sirens. I didn’t know where you were.” Your face fell as you remembered what sent you into the panic attack in the first place. Peter had successfully distracted you enough for you to calm down, but now you were spiraling all over again.
“I was really scared. I thought something bad happened to you.” You told him as your eyes filled with tears again.
“It’s okay. Nothing bad happened to me. I wasn’t anywhere near an explosion. I didn’t even know there was one.”
“I didn’t know where you were.” You repeated with a shaky voice. “And then I started thinking about the last time we spoke and how cold I was to you.”
“I completely deserved that.” Peter assured you. “You had every right to be mad.”
“I know. It just seemed silly to get mad at you for snapping. Everybody snaps sometimes. I kept thinking about how quickly I left and how short our kiss was. Then I started to worry that that would be the last time I ever kissed you. And it wasn’t even a kiss. It was a stupid peck. And not even on the lips. All I could think about was how the last time I ever kissed my boyfriend before he died couldn’t been a peck on the cheek. Then I couldn’t breathe.”
Peter was quiet as he listened to you. He felt guilty was casing the attack, even if it was indirectly. You looked at Peter through your wet eyelashes and gave him sad smile.
“I should’ve kissed you longer.” You whispered. Peter wasted no time and pulled you into a long kiss. You kissed him back and wrapped your arms around his neck as you made up for the fight.
“Do you feel better now?” Peter asked when you pulled away.
“A little. I’m sorry I left like that. I get weird about people yelling at me.”
“You don’t have to explain yourself. I understand. I shouldn’t have yelled.”
“I wanted to call you and tell you all of this an hour ago. It’s been weighing on me since it happened. I couldn’t focus on my work. And then I saw the news of the explosion and I just…” You trailed off and sighed in exhaustion.
“Why didn’t you call me?” Peter wondered.
“Because.” You said sheepishly without meeting his eyes.
“Because why?”
“Because you told me to stop being helpless.” You admitted. “You said I couldn’t call you every time I needed help. I don’t know. I didn’t want to bother you.”
“You’re never bothering me.” He assured you. “You can always call me, babygirl. Anytime you need me. Don’t ever hesitate to call.”
“Yeah, but were already mad and I didn’t want to be needy.”
“You’re not being needy. You’re my girlfriend and I love you. I just want you to be okay. I would’ve dropped everything for you.”
You kept your eyes down as you nervously picked at your nail polish. Peter looked at you and felt his guilt build up by the second.
“Did you really feel like you couldn’t call me?” He asked quietly. You looked up at him and nodded slowly.
“Has this ever happened before?” He asked, scared to hear your answer.
“Yeah.” You admitted. “It has.”
“And you’ve never called me? Why?”
“I can’t just pull you away from patrol everytime I have a panic attack.” You shrugged. “You have more important things to be doing.“
“There’s nothing more important to me than you. You know that, don’t you?” Peter said as he cupped your face in his hands.
“I know.” You sighed. “I don’t doubt that you love me. I guess I just feel like a burden.”
“Why would you feel like that?” Peter asked as if that was the craziest thing he had ever heard.
“How could I not?” You laughed sadly. “I’m just being honest. I need constant reassurance and attention. I’m difficult to be around sometimes. I’m not always nice and I don’t always react to things in reasonable ways. It can’t be easy to love me. I probably wouldn’t stick around that long if it wasn’t me.”
“Do you think I feel that way?” Peter wondered.
“Sometimes.” You nodded. “I assume I’m annoying you a lot. Or that you can’t wait for me to stop talking or something.”
“Oh.” Peter frowned. “That’s kinda mean. I wish you didn’t think of me like that.”
“I never thought of it like that.” You realized. “It’s not just you, though. I assume I’m a burden to everyone.”
“But that’s the thing. You’re not. You’re not a burden to anyone. You don’t have to apologize or feel bad for how you feel. You’re allowed to feel however you want. And you’re allowed to talk about those feelings. Especially with me.”
“I know. I know all of that. It doesn’t make me feel any less like a bother though.” You said as you looked down at your lap.
“You’d want me to reach out to you if I was upset, right?” Peter asked.
“Yeah, of course. I’m always here for you.”
“I know you are. Would you think I was a burden if I came to you for comfort?”
“No. Never.”
“So why would you think that about yourself?” Peter asked you.
“I don’t know. I guess I just do.”
“You can always call me. I don’t care what time it is or where I am. Even if I’m on patrol. I love you and I’m here for you. Always, okay?” Peter said as he held your hands in his.
“Okay.” You smiled softly and gave his hands a squeeze. He pulled you into his chest again and kissed the top of your head.
“We can finish my notebook tomorrow. And you can rip all the pages you want.” He said as you laid back on your bed. You smiled a little at his joke as he brushed your hair off your face.
“Thanks for calming me down.” You said as you traced the freckles on his cheeks.
“Anytime, baby girl. And I mean that.” He promised. “I’ll always be here for you. I love you.”
“I love you more.” You told him, making him sigh happily.
“I love you most.”
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slut4holland · 3 months ago
finger blasted — t.h.
Tumblr media
gif by @venomsilk
summary: you’re a little too obsessed with tom’s fingers.
pairing: dom!tom holland x sub!fem!reader
warnings: food play (cake batter lol), fingering, squirting, all the good stuff (18+ only pls i'm not fucking around, minors stay away or you will be blocked)
word count: 1418
note: idk what i’m doing all i know is that his fingers are really fucking pretty and i’m horny. hope you enjoy this !! sorry for the bad writing and typos. feedback is appreciated !
you mix in the flour with the eggs, stirring it so that it forms a batter. it is a cozy afternoon with tom, and he’s playing some video game with his mates while you pass your time baking.
as you’re doing that, your mind wanders to certain dirty thoughts. you feel yourself slowly getting wet and staining your panties as you think about tom’s fingers.
how he always keeps running them through his curls when he’s talking.
how he plays with his pinky ring while talking on interviews.
his long, slender fingers fucking your cunt, reaching your sweet spot.
how he licks up all of your cum from them afterwards.
you’re so engrossed in those dirty fantasies that you don’t notice him walking up behind you. so when he puts his hand on your waist from behind to hug you suddenly, you whimper. he notices it and smirks, but he doesn’t ask you about it for now.
"hey, love." he murmurs, kissing your neck softly. his low, raspy voice goes straight to your pussy, and your clit throbs for attention.
"h-hey." you say, unable to think about anything else but his fingers now that you’re seeing them on your waist.
"what are you making?" tom asks, gently biting on the sweet spot on your neck, while pushing his body against yours.
"just-um, just a cake." you stutter, you’re so turned on right now that you can’t even fucking speak properly.
"looks yummy…" he whispers in your ear, and you can’t help but let your mouth fall open and your eyes shut. you always go weak when he whispers dirtily in your ear.
when you finally manage to open your eyes, you see a sight that almost makes you cum on the spot. he dips his fingers in the batter, coating the tips with white liquid. you watch him with wide eyes as he inserts the digits into his mouth, sucking on them while moaning softly at the taste.
"fuck," you whimper, and before he can say anything, you snatch his hand away from his mouth and put it in yours, sucking on his fingers and moaning.
"shit, you’re so greedy," he growls, thrusting his fingers further in your mouth until you gag and tears slip out of your eyes. "and messy…" he bites his lip, looking at your saliva that is running down his palm and on his rolex.
he pulls his fingers from your mouth, dipping them in the batter again.
"take off your clothes." he commands. you take them off at lightning speed, leaving your panties on because you know he loves to take that last piece of clothing off of you himself. he stares at your tits for a few moments. mesmerised by your hard nipples. he smears the batter all over your chest. on the muscle of your boobs and on your nipples. the stimulation you feel makes you whine, desperate for more.
your jaw is slack when you see him look at you, wrapping his lips around your nipple and suckling on it, licking off all the batter. he plays with it with his tongue, biting it when you moan his name. his other hand comes to your other breast, using his strong, rough fingers to twist and pinch your nipple. your eyes again fall to his fingers, providing you the stimulation that makes you feel so good. your pussy feels so hot and bothered and you start grinding against him, hoping for some relief on your bundle of nerves. he releases his mouth from your nipple with a pop, pinching the other one hard to tell you to stop grinding. you moan desperately, stopping as you don’t want a punishment.
"please tommy…" you whisper, looking at him with lust filled eyes.
"what do you want, love? you want my mouth?" he pushes his palm against your pussy and curses. "fuck, you’re so wet, babydoll. what got you this bothered?"
you mumble your answer, but tom needs to hear it crystal clear. "what was that, darling? c’mon, say it. no need to be shy."
"your fingers…" you answer, biting your lip shyly when he shows it in front of your eyes.
"these?" he asks, with a smirk on his face. you nod, "yes, tommy. touch me, please."
he doesn’t say anything else, but pulls your panties to the side, gathering up your wetness and using it to rub your clit.
"oh my god," you moan, grinding down shamelessly against his rough digits. he picks you up and makes you sit on the counter so that he can get a better view of your pussy falling apart for him. you instantly spread your legs, knowing he likes to watch you. you’re so wet it instantly coats his fingers. he brings it up in front of your face again, showing you the sticky liquid on his gorgeous fingers.
he pushes them into your mouth again, and you hum at the taste. he pushes them down on your tongue, just like how his cock would inside your mouth.
"you want my fingers? filthy girl, drooling all over them. want them to fuck your pretty cunt? make it cream?"
your eyes roll to the back of your head at the dirty words and you nod. that honestly sounded like the hottest thing ever.
he wastes no time, removing his hand from your mouth and shoving two fingers in your tight little hole. you moan at the stretch, finally beginning to get some relief from all his teasing. you put your elbows on the counter behind you, leaning back so that you can spread your legs even more.
his eyes are glued on your cunt, watching it obediently take his fingers and make them wet.
after a few thrusts of his fingers, you whine in desperation. "more! i need more, tommy."
"you greedy little thing." he scolds, but gives you a third finger anyway. the stretch feels so good, his fingers reaching places in your cunt that you never knew existed.
"oh god, tommy, that’s it. yeah, fuck, please, right there…" you continuously keep moaning, feeling his fingers curl up against you g-spot. sending shivers down your spine and getting you closer to your orgasm. he goes faster after he hears your words. he also sees your thighs trembling and your moans getting higher, he knows that you’re close.
"cum for me, babydoll. cum all over my fingers, i wanna see you."
your toes curl tighter and you scream his name and you clench around his fingers, cumming hard. he doesn’t stop, but he continues to fuck you, thrusting his fingers so deep inside that you can feel his knuckles against your sensitive walls. he doesn’t give you a second to recover from your orgasm, and you try to move away from his fingers, whining, "it’s too much! too much, tommy, i can’t take it, please!"
"you can," he grunts, bringing his other finger to start rubbing at your clit, "i know you. you’re a fucking dirty girl, and all you want to do is cum. i know it. so, cum. again and again, until i say so."
you can only whimper his name, your throat feeling raw from all the screaming as you feel the knot in your stomach building up again. "mmh, fuck, tommy, feels so good."
he laughs cockily, nodding, "yeah, only i can make you feel this good. now be a bloody good girl, and cum for me."
you nearly black out as your orgasm peaks, feeling it more intense than ever before. your legs tremble so hard and you feel warm liquid gushing out of your overstimulated pussy. you continue to grind against his fingers, sticking your tongue out. your eyes roll to the back of your head and you squeeze your breasts, pinching your nipples to give you heightened stimulation.
"fucking hell…" you hear tom, slowly opening your eyes. "you fucking squirted, oh my god, that’s so bloody hot."
you catch your breath, watching him stare at the liquid seeping down his fingers.
he looks back at you, "you like my fingers that much? huh?"
you snatch his hand and shove it in your mouth again, sucking on all of your juices. you giggle and moan, nodding your head at him. he pulls you down from the counter, pushing you down on your knees roughly.
"time to return the favour, babydoll." he moans softly, humping the side of your face with the enormous bulge in his pants.
your eyes shut in bliss.
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tomhollandfics · 7 months ago
Peter Parker [Favourites]
this is an overview of some of the best peter parker fics out there - this list covers all tropes
* = smut
* Don't Hold Back - @hollandcrush
two hormonal students wander into a room during a frat party, what could possibly happen? maybe you discover that under his heart made of pure gold lurks a hidden powerful, dominant side
Sunset Lovers - @duskholland
you’ve never met your soulmate, but you know his handwriting like the back of your hand...literally - every word your soulmate writes on his skin appears on yours, and vice versa - you’re desperate to meet him, but until the universe decides to introduce you, you’re stuck with scribbled smiley faces and chemistry formulae
Was It Worth It - @kelieah
reader and peter are married with a baby, after every mission she questions if it “was it worth it” but as she becomes muddled up in a dangerous mission, peter doesn't know if it is worth it anymore
Disappointed - @dlwritings
the events of endgame have taken their toll on peter - unfortunately, this means you’re left picking up his broken pieces, and you’re not sure how much more strength you have to help him
His Plan - @dlwritings
you’re far too shy to tell peter how you feel about him - you always have been, he’s shy about it too, but decides to bite the bullet and confess a couple things to you on the school trip to europe - his plan doesn’t, however, account for you feeling the same
*The Storm - @starlordsandrockets
peter parker was the last person you wanted to be partnered with for your class presentation - now you were forced to spend the day with him but your loathing soon turns into something quite different when the day is over
Just For Tonight - @cloudybarnes
peter accidentally tells the avengers he has a girlfriend and now they all wanna meet her. in an attempt to not look like a liar, he recruits his best friend y/n to fake date him for the night so he can introduce them to her
* What Good Boys Do - @vampireinbusiness
can you do one about shy peter and his love for readers short skirts like he gets so flustered seeing her in them but he always touches her and him going down on his knees to eat her out with them on
Remember That Night - @tinyyoungblood
peter spends a night on omegle and comes across a sleeping girl. peter decides not to skip her - he reads to her and talks to her about his problems, and when she finally wakes, they lose themselves in endless conversation until she hits him with the “see you in a different life, bye peter
Better Half - @ptersmj
where you fall asleep on peters lap after a mission and he just takes care of you?
Trouble In Paradise - @ptersmj
peter loves giving y/n hickies - when they at a pool party with the rest of the avengers, everyone starts teasing her about them
Honor - @itsapeterthing
your best friend peter parker who has a secret crush on you catches your boyfriend cheating with another girl
Invisible String (Series) - @peterbenjiparker
you were content with the way your life was, until you woke up with a red string wound around your fingertips and the red string just had to link you to your best friend, peter - now you were subjected to a possible life of no love as you watched peter, your soulmate, fall for someone else all the while getting fucked over by the universe in the worst way possible
Drunk On You - @peterbenjiparker
peter calls you from a frat party after getting drunk to get over you while you were out on a date
* Your Mess - @peterbenjiparker
peter got drunk at flash's party and you have to take care of him
* Wet Dreams - @selfcarecap
what the title says - also, friends to lovers
Time After Time (Series)- @softspideys
peter parker is your worst enemy, but he’s also your soulmate. life is funny that way
Sweet Dreams, Parker - @marvelousmrsmarvel
being a full-time student is exhausting in itself, let alone being an avenger as well. you and peter both knew the feeling a little too well. so, when peter is losing sleep over finals week, you step in to help get his sleeping schedule back on track
Of Sleep & Safety - @florenceyelena
in which peter parker slumps into your room exhausted and you have to try and get him into bed despite the height difference between you
Can't Lose You - @ms-misery
you're trying to get over your best friend but no matter how hard you try you just can't seem to do it
* Secret - @celestialbarnes
you and peter have been dating for a few months now, and in order to keep your dad and the team in the dark, you two sneak around, not knowing that the entire team already knew, everyone but tony of course, chaos ensues
Cuddles - @parkersdoll
peter has a bad day, all he can think about is you
Can't Escape (Series)- @asonofpeter
life moves fast out in the suburbs, you live the perfect life with your mother and father but when you start to crave for more meaning in life than just westview, your mother does every thing in her power to make sure you don’t leave - can you ever imagine what’s on the other side of ellis avenue?
* Vacation (Series) - @scarletspideyy
it’s peter parker’s senior year class trip, all he wants is a break from the stress of high school and his spider-man duties - to his surprise, he gets the vacation he always wanted but it doesn’t come without its own personal trouble; love
* Break It In - @simplyparker
peter gets his first car, and you want to have some fun
Hopelessly Devoted To You - @spiritualchange
what can he say, peter is just devoted to you
* The Birthday Boy - @noobsquasher
it's peter's birthday and you celebrate it by giving him a memorable lap dance
Perfectly A Little Late - @t-lostinworlds
with all things college, two jobs, tutoring on weekends and another at the bakery downtown, you're one busy girl - peter completely understands that of course, admires it even but it doesn't make it sting any less when you just so happen to forget about his birthday
Kiss Me More - @celestialholland
you and peter make out for the first time
* Pretend I'm Not Here - @thighs-of-betrayal-blog
peter asking you to touch yourself in front of him like you do when you're alone
Caffeine - @waitimcomingtoo
peter’s shyness makes him an easy target at his new job, but one co-worker always stands up for him
* Rings, Rings, Rings - @vintagemulti
in which your boyfriends newfound love towards jewellery affects you more than you expected
Halftime - @eloquenceflores
your cute nerdy bf takes care of you during the half-time of the football game you’re cheering at
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underoosparkers · 2 months ago
The puppy interview [t.h]
Tumblr media
summary- you and Tom attend the puppy interview for the second time to promote your upcoming film, Uncharted.
warnings- fluff, too many adorable puppies, reader and Tom make you feel single :)
word count- 1.8k
author speaks- I watched it yesterday and I loved it sm istg I couldn't hold back also its been a hot minute since I wrote for Tom.
Tumblr media
"I'm going to go in levels of cuteness, this one" 
"Tom! That is so mean, look he's upset now."
"Tickle, tickle!" 
"Holy crap, he's eating my hand- Ow!"
"Get in there guys!"
"Wow man, this is amazing, I have ascended to heaven."
"Although I'm pretty sure we won't remember any of them."
"Hey guys!" You and Tom waved to the camera with big smiles gracing your lips, sitting cross-legged wearing matching sweaters but yours being in a shade of blue and purple.
"Very exciting day today." Tom said, looking at you, "I'm literally so happy right now, I'm getting to do this again!" You exclaimed, clapping your hands together.
"We're back with Buzzfeed and are going to-"
"-sit down with some super adorable puppies and answer some wonderful questions." You finished as he gave you a fond smile.
"Although I'm pretty sure we won't remember any of them." Tom said as you nodded. "Yeah, I bet I'll forget all of them. I have a bad memory as it is." You said, mumbling the latter, making Tom laugh.
"Ok, chop chop! I'm done waiting!" You said, slapping your thighs and looking to your right.
"Yes, please bring us puppies." Tom requested, following your actions.
"Are we gonna get all of them at once?" Tom asked, making you turn to him, 
"I don't kno-" But you were cut off with a gasp which released from his lips and you turned back to see a girl approaching with two puppies.
"Aw" You cooed as you took it in your hand.
"Oh hello." Tom greeted in a baby voice making you pinch his cheeks and he scrunched his face.
Both of you cradled the puppy which was in your hand when two more approached, wagging their little tails and sticking out their tongues.
"Oh my god, they're so little." You mused, taking the second one in your arms as well and cuddling into them as Tom sniffed their fur.
"Oh they smell so good."
"I know, right?"
Tom examined the puppies, "I'm going on levels of cuteness, this one." He said, picking up a puppy with light brown fur and white patches as the one beside him let out a whine.
"Tom! That is so mean, look he's upset now." You said, smacking his arm.
"Aw, sorry little puppy." He apologized and you stared at him fondly.
"What was it like filming on location for 'Uncharted'?"
"It was amazing. It was incredible. It's a film about explorati-"
"Hey, come back!" Tom was cut off as you crawled to a puppy which had run away from you, your head being out of the camera range. He looked at you and laughed at your antics.
"See what I have to put up with?" He said, shaking his head with a light-tipped smile.
"What's the question again?" You asked, slight panting, sitting back up, the puppy safe in your arms and the team behind the camera laughed while you grinned sheepishly as the question was explained to you.
"Oh, it was great, it made sense to us that we needed to be on uh-"
"Practical locations, yeah?"
"Uh huh, like Barcelona." 
 You and Tom finished the answer. "Oh look at that puppy!" Tom pointed out in the front and you laughed as it shook itself and ran towards the two of you. Tom outstretched his arms but the puppy climbed on you leaving Tom pouting.
"Aw, I'm sorry, love." You teased and he cuddled close to his puppy,
 "You are my one true love, I don't know who Y/n Y/l/n is."
You laughed and ruffled his hair lovingly as the next question was asked.
"What was your favourite stunt to film for 'Uncharted'?"
"Uh my favourite was" You trailed off as a puppy approached you, a rattle hanging out of his mouth.
"Oh, you wanna play? Ok let's play." You occupied yourself with the puppy leaving Tom to answer the question, once again but he was engrossed in the two puppies who were playing with him.
"You're like me, you're the little one!" Tom exclaimed as he grabbed the puppy.
"Oh he's not little I can tell you with confirmation." You muttered but it was loud enough to be heard by Tom who blushed a deep shade of crimson.
"Babe! Kids are gonna watch this." Tom hissed and your eyes widened.
"Oh my god, guys this cut this out we don't need it." You said, swiping your hand across your throat.
"What was your question again?" You asked and Tom looked at the crew expectantly before snapping his fingers.
"Favourite stunts!"
"I like the one where I fell off the back of a plane and got hit by a car. It was very fun." Tom answered and you snorted.
"I think he's the only person alive who finds getting hit by a car fun." You taunted.
"It's a stunt!" Tom insisted. "Look, that one's eating your shoes." You pointed out.
"I'm borrowing them, so you can do whatever you want." Tom said, patting the pup and you burst into a fit of laughter.
"C'mon mate" Tom urged before you two looked at each other and nodded.
"Get in there!" You two encouraged and then laughed at your silly actions.
"What was your first impression meeting Mark Wahlberg? What was the first scene you filmed together for 'Uncharted' ?"
"The first scene we did was when we were in that crypt thingy." You answered slowly, trying to memorize the details.
"Yeah, it was really fun." Tom agreed, looking at you.
"It was, but you were so starstruck, I had to literally close his jaw when he first saw Mark in person." You said and Tom groaned.
"Ah! Next question!"
"I love how they're chewing on my shoes." Tom giggled. 
"Louboutins. Are they tasty? The shoes?" You asked, picking up a puppy while talking in a baby voice.
"What was your favourite scene to film with Sophia Ali?"
"Oh, mine was when she knocks him out with a gun!" You reply promptly, Tom snorted.
"For the sole reason….that, she knocked you out." You continued slowly.
"I can really feel the love." Tom said, shaking his head while you were laughing and he held your hand so you wouldn't fall because you were clearly unbalanced.
"I can't wait to see Christian Louboutin's face when you give those back to him." You said, nudging Tom.
"I know right, but it's so cute because their little teeth can't really get in there." He said, smiling and you smiled back.
"What would you two like to see happen to Nathan Drake and Amayra Khan if you were to do a second 'Uncharted' movie?"
"What would I like to see? I would like to see them travel the world some more, you know?" Tom said, quite distracted by the little dogs in front of him while you were laying down with puppies on your chest.
"Wow man, this is amazing, I have ascended to heaven." You sighed in content and Tom mouthed at the camera with a pout.
"She's so cute."
"Dude, what's the question?" You asked, sitting on your elbows, making the puppies get off of you.
"Aw, hey don't leave me." You said but they were gone.
Tom started to answer the question as you crawled to the front and layed on your stomach, playing with puppies, who were on their backs expecting belly rubs which gladly gave.
You heard Tom 'growl' from beside you and you couldn't help but laugh at the sound.
"Oh hello puppy, hello beautiful." You cooed, bringing the lazy one near you.
"If you two do a lip sync battle against Andrew Garfield and Hailee Steinfeld, what song would you sing?" 
"Wait, who's going against who?" You asked.
"If I went against Andrew I would probably sing a song from 'Tick Tick….boom!' and impersonate him." Tom piped up.
"That's smart." You praised Tom and he looked proud of himself.
"I would probably do one of her songs as well, I'm a huge fan of her music. May- holy crap, he's eating my hand- Ow!" You exclaimed, retracting your hand which was previously playing with a pup's snout
"You ok, love?" He asked, examining your finger.
"Yeah, anyways, I was saying I would maybe do 'End this (L.O.V.E)' and you Mr. or Ms. ?" You picked up the puppy who had bitten your hand as you and Tom examined the genital organ.
"Ms." You both said in unison. "You're in timeout." You said but the puppy whined and your eyes softened.
"Man, I can't stay mad at you like that." You sighed, cuddling her.
The two puppies which you held suddenly bounded over to Tom, "Oh guys, I'm going to have to lie with you." He said as you faked a grumpy face and he stuck out his tongue at you.
"Do you have a funny story from the time you almost spoiled Tobey and Andrew being in 'Spider man: no way home' ?"
"You know what? I want to know about this, because he didn't even tell me about that they would be in the film." You said, laying down beside Tom and looking at him accusingly.
"I didn't do it on purpose ok? As the fans say, the Marvel snipers were on me." He raised his hands in surrender.
"And to your question," He started sitting up and you followed his actions. "It's not really a funny story but I just felt bad for lying to people for so long. Especially you." He said pecking your cheek making your face light up.
"Ok apology accepted." You smiled. 
"Man, these guys are ripping your shoes." You said and Tom laughed when he noticed.
"How much are they, by the way." He asked and you two looked at your right expectantly.
"1800 bucks!" Both of you exclaimed incredulously.
"Get in there guys!" Tom called and you collapsed into a fit of giggles.
"Ok, this is the last one, if you guys could watch or read a book or movie for the first time again, which one would it be?" 
"Um, I would probably read the 'Harry Potter' series once again. That would be amazing." Tom said, placing two sleepy puppies on top of each other.
"How is the one at the bottom even comfortable- Guys!" You exclaimed when the other 3 pups climbed on top of them, waking the two up.
"I think I would read 'One of us is lying' again for the first time, it was a great crime thriller." You said, taking one of the sleepy pups in your arms and rocking him softly who fell asleep in a moment.
Your face softened and the camera zoomed on you, "Oh my god, we're taking her home." You whispered and Tom nodded looking at the two of you lovingly.
"Hey guys, 'Uncharted' is out. Please go to the cinema and watch it." He then looked at you who was supposed to speak the next lines but was busy rocking the pup.
"We really have to take that one home. Anyways, I hope you have a wonderful ride and enjoy the escapism."
"Also, I would like to formally apologize Christian Louboutin on Tom's behalf because he is not returning those." You whispered, still cradling the puppy and everyone laughed.
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tomhollandsblog · 3 months ago
Love/Hate me more [tom holland smut] part one
Pairing: Tom Holland x actress!reader
Description: You and your co-star Tom Holland can't seem to get along. After the big premiere of your movie, things change.
Word Count: 9.5k (4.6k words of pure smut)
A/N: This is part of @venomsilk's valentine bingo! See my valentine bingo card attached at the end of the post. If you do not want to get spoiled: don't read the tags and warnings and be surprised! I hope you enjoy it!
Part two is out now here!
Tagging inspo pics
Tags: actress!reader, coworkers, enemies to lovers, fake dating, unhappy ending
Warnings: SMUT (18+), swearing, angst, pwp, PIV, unprotected sex (wrap it before you tap it), cockwarming, fingering, spanking, oral (m&f receiving), dom!tom but also slight dom!reader at some point, slight choking, namecalling (s word), 'hatefucking'
Tumblr media
Tom had a very good reputation. Almost spotless. Always punctual, always nice - almost courteous - and such a pleasure to work with. No logic could explain then why you and him just could not stand each other. When you were cast to play opposite Tom Holland in a spy thriller you were excited at first. So how come from the first time you met you both despised each other?
He always got on your nerves with his optimism and endless talking. Always energetically running around set, always charming everyone. He was like a small golden retriever puppy, who never stopped barking. This would be a positive for most people, but needless to say, you were a cat person.
In ways, you were also more like a cat. Calm, strategic, elegant, maybe a little judgmental and sometimes even snippy but always professional. From the get-go, you both knew that you wouldn't be friends. He's just too annoying.
On-screen you were playing spies working for opposite sides. Slowly they turn from rivals into lovers until they both unknowingly double-cross their own side to save each other.
Off-screen you developed a rivalry as well (only that it didn't turn into love). Everyone around you seemed to be oblivious to your spiel. Maybe they thought you both just went full method but secretly have mutual respect and admiration for each other (which obviously wasn't the case). But it was fine. You both avoided each other as best as you could on set. Delivering on your scenes like professionals, bickering with each other between takes, rolling eyes when you thought the other person wouldn't be able to see. You probably completely ruined the studio's chances of making a gag reel since all of the footage where one of you would mess up would just show the other person visibly annoyed.
Eventually, you had to reunite for a press tour, where the both of you did a fantastic job of convincing the public that you were actually very close friends, always praising each other (which you hated because Tom knew full well that he was a great actor) and making up set stories that never happened. Apparently, some fans were convinced that there was something more between you (dozens of YouTube videos compiling 'flirtatious' moments between the two of you could attest to that). Seemingly, your bickering read more like flirting. So much so, that halfway through the press tour the film studio approached you and Tom and heavily suggested you up the flirtations. The fans ate it up - fully convinced now that you had been secretly dating since shooting the movie.
The week before the premiere in Los Angeles the studio called you in for another quick meeting. This time they had more concrete plans. They presented a strategy that would include shots of the two of you "getting cosy" on the beach which the paparazzi would coincidentally take. And then the two of you would attend the premiere together, walk the red carpet and give everyone a little bit of a show ("Actually, nothing is off-limits").
You both agreed. After all, it's just a job, right? It's just acting.
Which is how you ended up on the sidewalk of the hotel you stayed at, waiting to be picked up by Tom. He was 10 minutes late, of course, when he pulled up in this ridiculous Porsche. You didn't care for cars. You drove yourself if you absolutely had to. But you never really liked the type of man who was like super into cars for some weird reason (using cars as a status symbol). You would take a long ride on a crammed up bus with poor ventilation any day if it meant you wouldn't be trapped in a ritzy car with one Tom Holland. When you got into the car, Tom didn't even bother to turn down the loud music blasting through the speakers.
"You're late," you snipped.
No response.
The car's engine roared obnoxiously as Tom pressed his foot down on the gas pedal. You rolled your eyes.
"We should probably get into the mood of actually liking each other," you suggested after a few minutes of silence, struggling to speak loud enough over the music.
"What? You don't like me?" Tom said sarcastically while putting on an obvious fake smile.
"I would like you more if you turned down your stupid radio pop music," you said. Tom rolled his eyes at you and turned off the music.
"You would prefer if I played some of your pretentious indie music," he said putting indie into air quotes.
"Yes, I would actually"
"You know, I'm surprised that you even acted in this big mainstream movie since it's not real cinema," air quotes again.
You knew that his characterisation of you was right, but you weren't gonna let him have this point.
"You know, I had perfectly fine plans for this afternoon, maybe watching a good film, but since I'm stuck with you, you could maybe make it suck a little less if you weren't so annoying as usual,"
"Yeah, I see you put on something nice for a change," Tom joked in reference to the outfit you were wearing. You hated that you had to put on something cute and make yourself presentable for Tom.
"I see you didn't return the favour," you shot back.
Surprisingly, Tom didn't take offence to your remark but laughed instead. Even more surprisingly, now you had to fight back a small grin appearing on your lips yourself.
"I was thinking, since there are different societal expectations for actors and actresses in the current patriarchal state of Hollywood, nobody would care that the man of the couple would turn up in a white tee and pair of jeans to a date," Tom said clearly parodying your characteristically snappish line of delivery.
"I- wh- did-," you stammered briefly before deciding on "excuse me?"
You looked at Tom, taken aback. You couldn't tell whether he believed in what he just said or whether he said this to take the piss out of you. "Did you just use my own arguments against me?" How dare Tom use what you taught him against you when before, he wouldn't even have been able to construct such a sentence. How dare he out-woke you.
"Don't act as if it's your original thought," Tom shot back with a raised eyebrow (he was right, you shouldn't).
"I know"
"Besides, shouldn't you break those social norms by not playing into those stereotypes?" he added.
"You, out of all people, don't get to tell me what I should do or shouldn't do to be a good feminist," you said as Tom was narrowly close to seriously angering you.
"I'm taking the piss," Tom said, almost softly.
"Well, I need you to shut up"
You side-eyed Tom and saw that he was looking at you with an amused smirk. You could tell that he was holding himself back from saying something which would probably make your blood boil (thank god, he respected your request and kept his mouth shut).
After a few minutes, you noticed Tom looking at you again. You glared at him before going back to look at your phone. At the next red light, you looked up to see him stare at you again.
"What? Get your eyes on the road," you said annoyed, maybe a little nervous that he was looking at you for so long.
"If I may speak..." Tom said smirking.
"Oh my god, what is it?"
"We're almost there and just purely for the sake of the cameras - believe me, I wouldn't dare to do so otherwise, you know that I find you absolutely repulsive", you knew that he was joking with at least the last part.
"Misogynist," you quipped.
"- we should maybe try to at least act like we can stand each other... I don't know, just a suggestion," Tom smirked.
"I'm a decent actress but I don't know if I can do that," you said.
"y/n, you're a brilliant actress!" Tom said mimicking the tone he would use in interviews to praise you.
You realised that you were dangerously close to actually enjoying Tom's presence and the banter you had. You caught Tom looking at you to check for your reaction but you weren't gonna give him that satisfaction, so you just returned a blank stare.
"Alright, director's note," Tom said. "You could try to let me hold your hand maybe or let me put your arm around you at least once. We really should touch at one point. You could laugh at my jokes- wait, you already do that-"
"Shut up"
Tom continued "You could maybe look at me lovingly since we're actually supposed to be in love..."
"Now, that is above my pay grade," you said and Tom laughed, again.
Soon after Tom parked the car on the side of the street and you got out. It was a warm spring day in Los Angeles, the sun shining down on the beach. Tom walked around the car to join you and put his arm around your waist.
"Are the paparazzi already here?" you asked.
"You can never know," Tom said and led you down to the beach to take a stroll.
"Let me put on my sunglasses so I don't have to look at you," you said after a while and Tom laughed over-exaggerated (clearly making a show for the cameras). "I know, I'm too funny," you said.
"Don't flatter yourself, we're on camera," Tom said head softly pointing to a paparazzo in the distance taking pictures of you.
You walked another hundred feet until you slightly shrugged your shoulders, feeling the need to free yourself from Tom's hold on you. Getting the signal, Tom dropped his arm from your waist (without any snarky comment, much to your surprise).
You looked around, out to the sea, up to the soft and few clouds, admiring this beautiful day. You didn't know that such a day wouldn't automatically be ruined by Tom's presence. When your gaze grazed Tom's figure beside you, you noticed him staring at you, his facial expression unreadable.
"Creep," you said.
"What? Am I not allowed to admire my beautiful girlfriend?" Tom joked and your heart fluttered briefly (what?). You rolled your eyes and theatrically pretended to gag until you stopped yourself, remembering you were on camera. "What the fuck," Tom laughed loudly and blood rushed to your face, embarrassed by your mistake.
You tried making up for it by wrapping your arms around Tom to hug him closely. Tom's arms quickly wrapped around you as well, still laughing.
"D'you think they got the shot?" you asked after a while.
"Hm, not yet," Tom said and you didn't protest.
Tumblr media
A few days later you were stood beside Tom again. You were wearing a dark green long dress that was hugging your figure in all the right places. Flashing lights were almost blinding your eyes and the shouting of the photographers drowned out every other conceivable noise.
"Here! Tom! Here! y/n! Tom! Give us a kiss!"
It should have been you all by yourself, the paparazzi only shouting your name. Instead, you had to force a convincing smile on your face as the photographers and journalists were only interested in the much more famous Tom Holland or your relationship with him (you knew that it wasn't Tom's fault, but it only added another bullet point to your list of reasons why you couldn't stand him). Tom's arm was wrapped around your waist, his skin tickling you where the back cut out of your dress revealed your skin as he tried everything to avoid touching you there.
You turned your body to face Tom and put your hand on his chest while locking eyes with him. Almost like a reflex, you both smiled at each other lovingly before you both looked at the flashing cameras again.
You kept up the pretence a bit longer until your assistants rushed you along the red carpet to get a few shots of you on your own before you moved along to interviews. There you tried to duck personal questions about your relationship as best as you could by just talking about the movie and telling more lies about each other ("Yeah, he's just the best!" and "She's the sweetest girl you'll ever meet" and "He's the most fun to work with").
"You have such great chemistry on screen! How do you do it?" the interviewer asked immediately as you started your last interview on the red carpet.
"Oh, I have no idea, how we do it," "Thankfully, we're actors,"
You both joked at the same time.
"But really also off-screen," the interviewer continued laughing. "It seems like the whole internet is obsessed with you right now. I just love how you constantly tease each other... It really must be true what they say: teasing is a sign of affection,"
Both you and Tom nervously laughed.
"Right," Tom said.
"You got it all wrong," you said fake laughing. "Tom's the worst, I hate him, I could strangle him," you said and pretended to theatrically choke him with your hands. Tom played along by putting on a shocked facial expression, which made the interviewer laugh.
"You two are the sweetest," she said and you side-eyed Tom when you removed your hands from his throat. "But what's the scoop here, can you tell us more about your relationship?"
"Oh, y/n is just the best to work with, always so positive and fun on set," (lies) "she's so supportive of me and my work," (more lies) "and besides that, I really admire her as a close friend and a- uhm-yeah," (the biggest lie) "but we can't deny nor confirm anything," Tom winked.
"Thank you, have a good night!" the interviewer said and shook both of your hands.
"Great work," Tom whispered a little too close into your ear as you walked away from the interview. His arm was placed low around your waist which you barely allowed.
"Likewise," you muttered.
Tom dropped his arm from your waist as you were out of sight of the paparazzi. As soon as you were sat in your seat in the theatre to watch the movie, you turned it all off. Even though you were sitting beside each other, you didn't exchange a word until the lights got dimmed and the screen in front of you got illuminated.
"You can take off your shoes now," Tom whispered as he leaned over to you just a bit. In one of the interviews, you had joked that your shoes were killing you and that you couldn't wait to take them off.
"Right," you mumbled and went to take them off (slightly confused that Tom remembered or cared ).
As you leaned back into your seat you turned to look at Tom only to see that his eyes were fixated on you still. For a few seconds, your eyes were locked and you tried to get a grasp of what Tom was thinking. As the music of the first scene was filling the auditorium you both turned to look at the screen and ignore each other again.
You tried to forget about Tom's presence beside you and just enjoy the movie and the audience reactions. You were happy and also a bit proud of yourself whenever the audience laughed as your character cracked a joke or whenever they gasped as you pulled off an impressive fight move. Some audience members even cheered when the final kissing scene came on. You laughed in your seat to conceal the blood that was rushing to your face (which was a bad move because it made Tom look at you with a raised brow which only caused your face to become even hotter).
As the credits began rolling, the auditorium cheered as each actor's name got shown (Tom's name was first, of course). You had to fight back tears as everyone was cheering at your name (even Tom was clapping and cheering - maybe as not to be rude).
After one short cut hour at the after-party, mingling with your industry friends, you knew that it was time for the big finale of the night. The studio had arranged for you and Tom to leave the premiere in a limousine together. One last time you both walked across the red carpet, laughing and giggling as Tom's arm was wrapped around your figure again. You were waving to the fans still waiting behind the barricades and the paparazzi taking pictures and videos of you. As you arrived at the car you both turned to the photographers one last time to pose for pictures.
"Beautiful! Tom! y/n! Smile! Give us a kiss! Come on!"
Again, you both turned to look at each other lovingly. If you didn't know any better, you would have believed that it was real. Your smiles were gone now, eyes more lustful maybe. As the shouting of the people around you cheered you on you decided to go in. You leaned forward slowly, giving Tom a chance to back away until you captured Tom's lips in a kiss. Tom's hand was resting on your back as he leaned forward and dipped you slightly backwards (almost theatrical).
You remembered Tom's lips (soft and sweet) as you had to kiss a thousand times on set. But this time it felt different. It wasn't planned, improvised, almost organic while still being staged. Shivers were running down your spine where Tom's fingers were lingering. Even though you couldn't stand the man, you had to admit that he was endlessly attractive. It made this kiss be the most pleasant part of your fake relationship scenario so far.
When you ended the kiss you tried avoiding Tom's gaze as you waved to the cameras one last time before getting into the car, Tom close behind you.
"What the fuck?" Tom said as soon as the door closed.
"Come on, don't pretend like it's my fault," you said rolling your eyes as you sat down.
"Why did you do that?" Tom said, brows furrowed.
"Why not? We were supposed to give them a show," you said as the car started moving. "We've kissed before - why are you making such a big fuss about this?"
"Not like this," Tom said.
"This is no different," you countered, face serious. "Tom Holland, I could kiss you a thousand times and it wouldn't mean a thing."
Tom was visibly taken aback and didn't speak for a few seconds.
"Right, because you hate me too much..." he said eventually. You didn't like that Tom was upset with you. Ever since the press tour, it seemed like your rivalry consisted of joking bickering, not of serious hatred for each other.
"Hate is a strong word, I don't ha-" you said before he interrupted you.
"Oh, come on!" he said rolling his eyes.
"See? At least it's mutual," you pointed out his exaggerated reaction.
"Oh, you think I-" Tom started before he stopped himself and decided to ignore you.
He looked out of the tinted windows. He was sat only a few feet across from you. One bump on the road and your knees would touch.
"I don't get you," Tom turned to look at you again. "One day I think you actually enjoy spending time with me for a few hours and then you pull off shit like this," another pause ensued. "You're driving me insane."
Your eyes were locked with his. Your forehead was wrinkled, actually worrying that you took it too far, that you overstepped, no regard for his boundaries. For a second you considered actually apologising for kissing him.
"I could kiss you a thousand times and it wouldn't mean a thing," he mocked your tone. "I know we fuck around and shit but sometimes you-" Tom stopped himself, not looking at you. "but sometimes you say really hurtful shit,"
Oh. He wasn't upset with you that you kissed him. He was upset because of what you said afterwards.
"Well, to be fair, you do also say hurtful shit sometimes,"
Tom didn't answer and you sat in silence for a good five minutes. When you looked up again you saw Tom staring at you sternly. You narrowed your eyes at him, trying to read him. Tom mimicked you, also narrowing his eyes and tilting his head slightly. You nervously huffed out a puff of air which was supposed to be a soft laugh. In return, you caught a glimpse of something in Tom's eyes (something playful, maybe even lustful) and his lips slowly formed into a daring smirk. You discarded your small purse on the seat beside you, anticipating Tom's next move. Tom leaned back in his seat, his legs spreading slightly.
"Come here," he said and your heart stopped for a second.
"Wha-?" you said, the word getting stuck in your dry throat halfway through.
"Come here and kiss me," he said. "It doesn't mean anything, right?"
Heat rushed through your veins immediately. Nothing in you could stop you from slowly leaning forward (and nothing in you wanted to stop). Tom extended a hand until he cupped your cheek. He brought his face forward as well until your lips collided. The kiss was soft at first, testing the waters until soon both of your lips moved against each other hungrily. You got up from your seat and stumbled forward until you fell into Tom's lap, using your hands to steady yourself on his chest. Instead of breaking the kiss, your lips moved against each other faster.
You tried to position each of your legs beside Tom so you could properly straddle his lap. However, your tight dress hindered you from doing so. Realising your struggle, Tom grabbed the bottom of your gown and slowly pushed it up to your thighs, his hands leaving hot shivers along your skin as his spread apart fingers raked up your thighs. Still not breaking the kiss you were now straddling Tom, his hands lingering on your thighs. As Tom tightened his grip around your skin, you let a moan escape your lips. Breaking the kiss, he looked at you with a raised eyebrow and a smirk on his lips.
"Oh, don't get cocky," you rolled your eyes.
"You must be the greatest actress alive if this doesn't do anything for you," he smirked and your heart fluttered just a bit. You didn't know that making Tom smile would feel so good (if you'd known, you would have tried earlier).
This time Tom's lips latched onto your neck. His mouth roamed your skin as he used in hands to push you closer to him. You grabbed a handful of Tom's hair and let your head fall back so he could kiss along your skin easier. You let out another moan when Tom's hands started to massage at your butt under your dress.
"That's it, little slut," Tom whispered lowly. "Let yourself go,"
Another moan toppled out of your mouth.
Soon Tom's lips trailed along the straps of your dress before slowly pushing one strap down your shoulder when you didn't interject. Using one hand, Tom's fingers almost delicately pushed the fabric of your dress down to slowly reveal you only covered in a strapless bra.
Before anything else happened, the limousine stopped.
"We're at your place, Mr Holland," the driver informed you, his voice muffled by the closed partition.
Tom looked at you, eyes dark.
"Do you want me to-"
"Yes," Tom interrupted you before your could finish, knowing what you wanted to say.
Quickly you pulled up your dress again and scrambled for your purse on the car seat as Tom was already getting out of the door.
"No need to drive me home. Have a good night!" you thanked the driver.
"Have a good night, Ma'am," the driver replied.
"Ma'am," Tom repeated as he was stood beside the car door. He held out one hand for you to take as you got out. You narrowed your eyes at him playfully as you took his hand and he led you to his front door.
After Tom unlocked the door and you stepped in, you immediately kicked off your high heels and made your way through Tom's living room. You had never been at his LA house but walking out into the backyard you knew exactly what you were looking for.
"So, this is that hot tub you always brag about?" you asked with a grin as you turned around to face Tom closely following behind you. Tom returned your grin.
"I think you might have too many clothes on your body to get in there," he said and kissed you again.
You slipped your arms underneath Tom's suit jacket and grabbed at his dress shirt, ruffling it in your grip. As his hands found the zipper at the back of your dress another moan escaped your mouth, this time being fully swallowed by his lips. With your grip, you yanked Tom's shirt out of his trousers and went to find the buckle of his belt next. In the meantime Tom had undone the zipper, groaning into your lips, and pushed the fabric of your dress down your body.
"Careful, this isn't mine," you said, breaking the kiss.
Tom took the note as you stepped out of the dress and gathered it up. Carefully he folded the dress and placed it on a table by the glass slide door. As he turned around again he took off his suit jacket and eyed you up and down as you were standing there, only dressed in your strapless bra and panties. When he was stood before you again he placed one hand on the side of your neck, the other on the side of your waist and turned you around until your back was flush with his fully clothed front. His hand was now wrapped around your neck, his breath hot on your exposed skin.
"If I only knew this is what it takes to finally make you shut up, I would have done this much sooner," he whispered, his lips grazing the skin of your neck. You moaned and pushed your ass to the front of Tom's trousers, feeling his hard erection through the fabric. "Needy, huh?" Tom's other hand sneaked around your torso and slowly slid down to your panties. As his fingers pressed down on the fabric he could feel that they were already drenched in your juices. "So, so needy," Tom groaned. "Come on, let's add a little dialogue to your performance. What do you want?"
"I want to suck your cock," you moaned, your head falling back against Tom's shoulder.
"My god," Tom breathed out. "Such a dirty little slut," he murmured against your skin. "On your knees then," You complied and watched as Tom took off his shirt and unbuckled his belt until his hard cock was freed. He placed on hand on your cheek, almost lovingly until he pushed his thumb past your lips into your mouth. "What else do you want, baby girl?" he demanded. Calling you baby girl maybe was a little slip of the tongue.
"Your-", you swallowed around Tom's thumb. "I want your cock inside me. I want you to make me cum. I want you to pound into me until I scream."
"Fuck," Tom muttered and grabbed the sides of your face. "I don't know if you deserve that yet, you're lucky if I do that," he said and brought your face towards his cock.
Your mouth was wide open as you took his length into your mouth. Tom's thumb softly stroked your cheek as you looked up to him innocently. Your tongue twirled around his cock as your lips were stretching around his base. Slowly you began bopping your head and moving your mouth along his member, sucking hard.
"You're taking me so well," Tom praised and you noticed his hips slightly stuttering.
You narrowed your eyes and you touched a hand to his hip. This was the first time you touched him in such an intimate place (aside from his dick being swallowed by your mouth) and it felt so delicately personal. With your hand on his hip, you motioned for him to thrust into your mouth. Tightening the grip on your face, Tom started to thrust into your mouth as you hallowed your cheeks.
"Fuck, fuck, fuck," he muttered under his breath until he couldn't take it anymore and stopped himself. "You're too good," he told you as he pulled out, leaving your mouth empty. "Get into the hot tub," he demanded as he let go of your face and you complied. As he got in, you sat down on his lap immediately, the warm water hugging your body.
"I hope you don't get too comfortable commanding me around," you said and reached behind your back to undo your bra's clasp to reveal your breasts. Tom grinned as he eyed you up and down daringly. "I'm gonna fuck you until you're begging to cum," you said.
"You? Really? Because I think you're gonna be the one begging," Tom said with a raised eyebrow.
"Challenge accepted,"
You hooked your thumb into your panties, pulled them down and completely disregarded them by the poolside. Holding yourself up by Tom's shoulders you positioned yourself above his cock until you lowered yourself onto him. The resistance of the water made it harder for him to slip into you so Tom used his hand to guide himself into you. When you were completely seated on his lap you locked eyes with his. As the both of you leaned forward for a kiss, your teeth clacked against each other making you laugh before Tom swallowed the sound with his lips. Moaning into the kiss you started moving on his cock. Tom wrapped his arms around your body and so did you engulfing him in a hug. It felt intimate and made your heart beat fast to feel your bare chest pressed against Tom's. A feeling you didn't know you craved before.
As you rolled your hips against his, you could feel the tip of his cock nudging you in all the right places. Burrowing your face into his neck you let the moans spill out from your mouth. Biting down on his neck you remembered that you were supposed to make him beg for you. So you tried to hold back your moans and rolled your hips harder.
"Come on, fuck me like you hate me," Tom challenged. For a brief moment, you stopped in your movements before you gritted your teeth. You wrapped one hand around Tom's neck and picked up speed again. This time not caring too much about how sensual your movements would feel for Tom - the harder, the better. "That's more like it," Tom said pleased.
"Quiet," you hissed and ground down into Tom's lap harder while clenching your pussy around him. Tom's low groans grew into breathy moans as the pleasure was rolling over his body. "I said to be quiet," you repeated and tightened the grip around his neck.
To hold back his moans, Tom bit down on his lip hard and let his head fall back (which left you with the most beautiful and heavenly view in front of you). "Fuckfuckfuck," Tom muttered as he couldn't hold back his sounds anymore. "Stop," he huffed out and you did. His hands softly massaged on your waist as he was trying to catch his breath and you let go of his neck. "I don't want to come yet," he said as he sat up straight again. The sight in front of you was to die for. His pupils were blown out, hair ruffled, some strands wet, his lips swollen and his cheeks red.
"What? You can't keep up?", you teased and Tom laughed.
"Oh, we both know that you're the unathletic one. Riding me like this in the water must mean your thighs are burning now," he wasn't wrong.
"But I win the challenge," you insisted.
"Wha- no! I wasn't begging for anything, my darling," Tom smirked and your heart skipped a beat. "What? No rebuttal? Did that darling just knock you out or what?" Tom teased you when you didn't answer.
"Never," you said and softly punched him in the shoulder.
Tom surprised you when one of his hands came up to cup your face and bring you down for a kiss. The kiss would've almost felt romantic if it weren't for Tom's other hand sneaking up to touch your left boob. He broke the kiss to latch his lips onto your nipple. As you were still taking the full length of Tom's cock you went to move yourself on him again but he made you stop with his hand. You were seated in his lap, warm water bubbling around you and his thick cock filling you up as he sucked on your nipple.
Soon his other hand sneaked to your front to finally touch you. It took everything in you not to roll your hips against Tom's when his fingers began circling around your clitoris, massaging your nerve endings. As Tom's teeth sunk into the skin of your breast you let your head fall back. A multitude of delicious moans spilt out of your mouth when his fingers applied just the right amount of pressure on your clit.
"Such a dirty little slut, such a good girl for me," Tom breathed against your skin as he was leaving kisses against your breasts. "Acting as if you hate me when you really just wanted to get railed by me," he hissed and moved his fingers faster on your clit. "You just wanted me to fuck you, till you can't walk straight anymore. You should've let me known earlier, you dirty slut," Instinctively, your hips jolted against his. "Don't move," Tom demanded his hand on your neck again. "Don't move or I won't let you cum," he warned. "Do you want to come, baby girl?" he asked. Before you could hold yourself back any longer you let the words spill out of your mouth.
"Yes, please- I want to cum- I want to cum so bad," you pleaded.
Tom's mouth went to your nipple again and his fingers worked harder on your clit until you couldn't hold back any longer. With a series of moans, you came undone around him, your pussy clenching around his thick cock. Tom's fingers rode out your orgasm until you were only a whimpering mess on top of him. His arms engulfed you into a comforting hug.
"Did I allow you to cum yet?" Tom asked when you pulled back.
"I- wh-," you tried.
"I don't think I did," he interrupted you. "Maybe you're not such a good girl after all," he said and you whimpered needily. He noticed the goosebumps forming on your shoulders and softly kissed there. "If you get off me, I can get you a towel and I can make you cum in my bedroom for a change."
Tom wrapping you up in a towel topped off with a hug really shouldn't feel as good as it did. When he placed a kiss on top of your head you had to wonder whether the both of you finally dropped the pretence of hating each other.
A few minutes later Tom delicately placed you on top of his bed, on your back, towel still wrapped around you. He joined you between your legs, hands carefully pushing the fabric up until he faced your pussy. Immediately, he went to lick along your folds, his lips landing on your clit, still sensitive from your first orgasm. Tom's hands were placed on top of your thighs, softly caressing there when he could feel your hips bucking from the sensation overload.
"I know you can take it," he murmured against your skin and continued to suck harder on your clit.
Tom moved one hand to your entrance and slipped two fingers into you. Slowly he started to move the fingers in and out of you and patiently listened to your whimpers. Angling his fingertips towards your belly, they pressed down on that sensitive spot on your walls, making your breath hitch. As another wave of pleasure crashed over your body, you couldn't hold back any longer, giving way to another orgasm. You arched your back off the bed and grabbed a fistful of the sheets into your hand as you rode out your orgasm.
Tom kissed the top of your thigh and just when you were about to catch your breath again, he kissed up to your entrance and licked around it until he inserted his tongue. Even though his tongue felt soft in your hole, the stimulation from your orgasm heightened the sensation. Reflexively, you burrowed your hand into his hair which made him moan around your body. Bringing up his hand Tom touched your clit again which made you jolt sharply. Carefully Tom massaged around your clit while his tongue explored your hole as best as he could. With the after-effects of your last orgasm, it only took a few more strokes until you were orgasming again, whimpering and moaning. When Tom moved up from between your legs a big smirk was plastered on his lips.
"What?" you rolled your eyes.
"Nothing," Tom shrugged above you. "You just whimpered my name when you came," he grinned.
"I did not," you said, face hot with embarrassment.
"You did," Tom insisted. "Tomtomtommytommy-yes," he mimicked your high pitched moans.
"Shut up or I'll leave," you said and shoved his shoulder lightly.
"Okay, okay," Tom laughed. "Please stay," he said and gently moved the towel off you.
"Only if you fuck me finally," you challenged.
Tom groaned, smile now wiped from his face. He complied by swiftly sliding into you. Your eyes were locked as you adjusted around his length (maybe this was your most intimate moment yet). Tom wrapped his arms around you while you wrapped your legs around his waist. His chest was pressed against yours, feeling him so close to you sent your heart on a rollercoaster. Slowly he began finally moving in and out of you.
"Yes, fuck me," you moaned into his ear.
Tom groaned and picked up speed in response, thrusting into you harder and faster. The stimulation from your previous orgasms was still lingering and sending hot sensations through your body as Tom pounded into you.
"You're so tight for me, so good," Tom moaned into your skin as the bed squeaked below the two of you. "So good," Suddenly Tom slipped out of you. "Turn around," he commanded.
As you turned around you wanted to position yourself on your hands and knees but felt too overwhelmed. So instead you laid on your front and bend one of your legs so that you could push up your ass for Tom.
"So beautiful," Tom praised and let a hand come down hard on your ass cheek to slap it.
Swiftly he entered you again to thrust hard into you from behind. The soreness from your previous orgasms only enhanced the sensation of Tom's thick cock pounding into you. He was using one hand to hold himself up and the other to gather a handful of your hair firmly tugging it without hurting you. Tom's chest was pressed against your back and you were longing to feel every inch of his body.
"You're so good, taking me," Tom praised gritting through his teeth. "I can't get enough of your angelic sounds," he said which only made you moan more. "I'm close."
Tom thrust into your harder until he bit down on your shoulder to muffle his groan as his hips faltered and you could feel his warm liquid shoot deep into you. As Tom's thrust came to a halt you could hear his panting beside your ear until he pulled out and laid down beside you. You turned your head to face him. You grinned sheepishly at him and he chuckled.
"I'm not done with you," he said while stroking your hair almost gently.
Tom leaned forward and captured your lips in a hard kiss while using his hands to push you to lay on your back. When you felt Tom's tip nudge at your entrance your hips jolted to meet him. Still kissing you he softly stroked your cheek before breaking the kiss to look down at you.
"Stay still," he instructed and you nodded silently.
Tom's penis was softer after his orgasm but still hard enough to be able to fuck you. Using his tip he smeared the cum which had leaked out of you around your hole.
"So pretty," he praised. "My dirty little slut"
Slowly Tom slipped just about an inch of his cock into you before he stopped.
"Oh my god," you whimpered, feeling your entrance stretch around his tip. "feels so good"
Tom's lips turned into a smirk as he pulled out of you only for him to push back into again. Excruciatingly slow Tom pushed and pulled in and out of you, only ever entering his tip. You knew he was doing everything in him to hold himself back from fucking into you relentlessly. The sensation of Tom's tip stretching your hole mixed with the after-effects of your three orgasms felt absolutely divine. At the same time, by only pushing into you an inch Tom was teasing you in the worst way possible. You just wished he would pound into you again, make you feel all of his length between your walls.
"fuckfuckfuck," whimpers spilt out of your mouth uncontrollably.
Suddenly, you felt Tom's finger on your sensitive bud again. With your eyes forcibly pressed shut, it took everything in you not to cum again right then and there. Gradually he began massaging your clit again and you knew you weren't gonna last long.
"Keep your eyes open," Tom commanded. "Look at me," you opened your eyes and looked at Tom, completely exposed, spread out in front of him, completely submissive to his touch. "Good girl," he praised.
As Tom pressed down on your clit and pushed into you again you couldn't hold back any longer. Your breathing stopped for a second before you came around Tom's tip, your back arching off the bed but your eyes still locked with his dark eyes. As the stimulation became too much on your clit you begged Tom to stop touching you, barely able to form any words at this point. Tom stopped touching your clitoris but still pushed in and out of you, blurring your vision. Your hips were trembling uncontrollably.
"Fuck me, fuck me, please-," you whimpered, begging to feel Tom's cock fully thrust into you again.
Instead, Tom pulled out of you.
"You will have to do that yourself," he said and you groaned in protest. Tom sat down, back leaning against the headrest of the bed. "Come here, baby girl," he motioned to his lap. "Come here and ride me."
As you pushed yourself up by your arms you felt your whole body trembling, exhausted from your orgasms but still aching for more. Barely, you were able to drag yourself into Tom's lap. You sunk down on his cock, finally feeling him fill you up again. You sat there for a moment, catching your breath.
"So beautiful," he praised as he looked at you. "Come on, ride me," Tom challenged you with a devilish grin.
You placed your hands on Tom's chest, trying to steady yourself as you moved up his cock. You could repeat that motion only a few times before your burning thighs gave out and you let your head fall on Tom's shoulder. Tom placed a hand on your cheek and pulled you back to look at him. You expected him to look disappointed, maybe concerned. Instead, you were faced with a soft smirk formed by his lips.
"Not so bratty anymore, are we?", Tom teased. "No more snarky comments, no bickering," he said and gently stroked your hair. "no teasing, no nothing. You're completely gone for me," he said and you whimpered as your arms trembled trying to hold yourself up. Tom noticed and let you fall into his chest as he wrapped his arms around you to comfort you. His cock was still filling you up. "Tell me what you want."
"I want you to fuck me," you whimpered against his collar bone. "I want you to fuck me like you hate me."
"With pleasure," Tom grinned and sneaked his hand to your neck.
He took you by surprise when he suddenly thrust up into you, his hand tightening on your neck. You let your head fall back as Tom put his other hand on your waist to hold you in place. After thrusting into you a few more times, Tom suddenly stopped which only left you begging for more.
"On your hands and knees, little slut," he demanded as he pulled out of you.
With trembling arms, you positioned yourself on the bed as you were told, Tom behind you. Tom's hands roamed your ass until his hand came down on your ass cheek in a hard spank. You moaned and pushed your ass closer to him.
"You like that, huh?" he asked.
"Yes," you moaned and buried your hands in the bedsheets.
As the tip of Tom's penis nudged your entrance another slap came down on your skin. With another spank to your skin, his cock pushed into you, filling you up completely. Without giving you time to adjust, he grabbed you by the waist and pounded into you. The overwhelming sensation made your arms weak and give in underneath you. Even though Tom wasn't touching your clit, you could already feel another orgasm building up as he was hitting all the right spots inside of you.
Any softness or gentleness that Tom had shown to you before was completely wiped now. Only the sound of both of your moans and your skin slapping against each other was filling the room. Tom's hips were pounding into you, his hands holding you tightly, knuckles turning white, teeth gritted. When you could muster up the strength you finally started to move your hips back whenever Tom met you with another thrust. He groaned lowly and met your ass cheek in a hard spank again.
As the sensation became too much, a wave of pleasure rolled over your body again, this time leaving you to scream out Tom's name. Hearing his name leave your mouth as you chased your fifth orgasm of the night only made Tom pound into you harder. He didn't stop until you felt his cum shoot into you, filling you up until it started to drip out of your hole onto the bedsheets. As Tom pulled out of you, you collapsed onto the bed, still trembling from your orgasm. Without giving you a chance to recover, Tom inserted two fingers into you and touched your overstimulated bud with his other hand.
"Fuck," you moaned as you felt pleasure but also a sharp sting in your lower abdomen.
It only took one small move from his finger to make your hips jolt uncontrollably. Another motion and you were crying out his name again.
"You dirty little slut," Tom purred. "Making a mess of my sheets,"
Another flick of his finger and you buried your face into the sheets as you cried out.
"Please, please, Tomtommy," you whimpered when you couldn't take it anymore.
"What is it?" Tom asked patiently.
"I- I- I can't-," you stammered and he stopped.
Tom pulled his fingers out and got up from the bed, leaving you alone as you tried to catch your breath. You were still seeing stars when you felt a towel covering you before Tom slowly and gently cleaned your cum-covered thighs up.
Then Tom carefully turned you on your back, placed a pillow below your head and pulled the duvet over your body before slipping under the covers himself.
"Are you okay?" he asked and you nodded exhaustedly.
Tom chuckled as he wrapped his arms around your body to pull you close into an embrace and you could already feel yourself slip into dreams.
"For the record, I won," Tom said after a while. You rolled your eyes.
"Thomas, you do know that sex isn't a competition," you mumbled into his chest.
"Hey! You were the one that turned it into one," he said but before you could come up with a witty remark you were already fast asleep in his arms.
Tumblr media
When you woke up the next morning, the bed beside you was empty. From down the hallway, you could hear the shower water running before it stopped. A few minutes later Tom walked into the room, only a towel wrapped around his waist.
"Morning," you greeted him with a smile.
"Morning," he mumbled (seemingly unfazed to see you awake) and went to his closet to pick out some clothes.
"Care to join me in bed?" you suggested. Tom looked over his shoulder at you, sat in his bed, the duvet only covering the lower part of your body.
"It's quite late actually...," he said.
"Oh, okay," you said disappointed and slightly confused at his coldness. "Do you want me to leave?" you asked. You were surprised when he let out an unconvincing laugh.
"Well, I don't want you to stay all day," he said.
"Okay, I wasn't gonna," you said.
When you got out of the bed Tom was already dressed in his clothes, which left you standing there naked and vulnerable. Something in you wished you could just walk up to him, hug him, kiss him, laugh with him. You wondered what triggered this change of heart in you. Only yesterday you could've recited a full list of reasons why you 'hated' Tom. But now? You tried to think of the reasons but you couldn't - it was an empty list.
"When will we see each other again?" you asked.
"I dunno, I think we have this promo shoot coming up next, I don't have my calendar memorised," Tom mumbled.
"No, I mean," you laughed nervously. "When will we be seeing each other again, you know, alone?"
Tom raised his eyebrows at you where he was standing across the room. "You want to go out?" he asked, scepticism clear in his voice.
"My god, I didn't ask you out," you rolled your eyes playfully. "I just thought that since last night-"
"It doesn't mean a thing, remember?" Tom said, hands in his pockets.
"Excuse me?" you asked, facial expression frozen.
"You said it yourself: it doesn't mean a thing," he repeated and shrugged. Suddenly, you felt exposed in front of him. You grabbed the duvet off the bed and wrapped it around your body to cover yourself.
"So, this was all just a performance to you?" you asked.
"Of course not, I obviously enjoyed myself," he said rolling his eyes at you. "But I enjoyed it because we had amazing sex, not because I love you or something,"
"Oh, don't flatter yourself, I don't love you," you clarified. "but I thought this was something more than just a hatefuck," you said your vision slowly becoming blurry.
"What more?" Tom asked, face blank.
"I don't know," you said defensively and added after a pause: "I like you, Tom."
"You could have told me that sooner before you decided to pretend to hate me and treat me like shit"
"So, there is nothing there for you?" you asked in disbelief. You couldn't believe that all the gentle touches, kisses and teasing was really just nothing to him. "Nothing?"
"y/n," Tom paused. "I have no feelings for you, there is nothing there," he said. "I think you should leave now"
"Fuck you," you said, angry with Tom and angry with yourself that tears were now actually running down your cheek.
You refrained from wiping your tears in front of him, so as to not draw any unnecessary attention on them. Tom ignored your remark and handed your underwear from last night to you. You didn't take it, so he left it on the bed for you.
"You can put on some of my clothes," Tom said and went to his closet to pick out something for you.
Without giving Tom another glance you went out of the room, downstairs where you found your purse from last night. You fished out your phone with trembling fingers to call yourself an uber as fast as possible. When you went to turn the screen on, you saw that it was dead.
"Fuck," that meant you would have to stay a bit longer to charge it or Tom would have to call an uber for you.
Either way, you had to ask Tom for help, which you absolutely loathed. You groaned and went upstairs again to get it over with.
"My phone's dead," you said as entered the bedroom again.
"Fine," Tom rolled his eyes. "I'll drive you."
You nodded and sat down on the bed beside the clothes that Tom picked out for you. You looked at him leaning by the doorway, watching you. Your hands were still clutching the duvet that was covering your body.
"Can I have some privacy?" you asked annoyed.
"It's not like I had my tongue stuck up your pussy only 10 hours ago," Tom rolled his eyes, smirking (how dare he smirk when you were sitting in front of him, dried tears on your cheeks).
"You don't deserve to see me naked right now," you said and motioned for him to leave.
"Fair enough," Tom said and left you alone in the room.
Ten minutes later you went downstairs, dressed in one of Tom's sweat pants, oversized shirts and socks. You ignored Tom leaning by the kitchen counter and went past him to the front door.
"I'll tell my assistant to pick up my dress tomorrow," you said.
"Fine," Tom said and unlocked his Porsche.
Quietly you slid into the seat and looked out of the window, planning to ignore Tom for the entire ride. When Tom pressed down on the gas pedal you noticed him checking for your reaction. He probably expected some snarky comment from you, but you insisted on ignoring him.
After a few minutes of the silent drive, Tom fiddled with his phone to turn on some music. Normally, you would have snapped at him for looking at his phone while driving. When the speakers started playing some Cage The Elephant song you groaned and Tom chuckled. No matter how much Tom would pander to your music taste, you wouldn't be less upset with him. Besides, why did he even care?
After a silent drive that lasted too long, you were getting closer to your hotel.
"y/n, wipe your tears, we can never know who could see us," Tom said.
"Fuck you," you retorted.
"Well-," Tom tried but you already knew that you didn't want to hear the stupid remark that he was going to make.
"Tom, I'm not in the mood to bicker with you," you snapped at him. You turned to look at him for the first time again. "I don't care who sees us like this. After everything, I couldn't care less if this hurts your reputation."
"I thought you liked me," Tom said, a hint of a smirk on his lips. The boy really didn't know when to stop, did he?
"You're making it really hard for me right now," you said, tears starting to form in your eyes again.
Finally, you arrived at the hotel and the car came to a halt.
"Keep the clothes," Tom said when you were about to open the door. You looked back at him. After a short silent pause he added:
"You know how to reach me when you're done being upset and are craving another fuck," a devilish grin on his lips.
Instinctively, you opened your mouth to tell him off, maybe tell him another fuck you, but you stopped yourself.
"And you know how to reach me when you're done lying to yourself and are ready to apologise," you said which wiped Tom's grin right off his face.
You grabbed the door handle and opened the door, getting out of the car and out of Tom's life (for now).
Tumblr media
final A/N: I'm thinking of writing a second part to this because I still have so many ideas with this pairing! Would you be interested in another part?
updated final A/N: part two out now here!
Bingo card:
Tumblr media
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luvsersi · a month ago
Can you write something about the reader going to a premiere and she gets attacked by a fan or something like that and Tom gets really protective and worried? I love your writing it’s so good!
Tom Holland x fem!reader
A/n: Tysm for the request! Wasn’t sure if you wanted Y/n as his date or as a fan but I just made her his date. Enjoy! (:
Warnings: rude fans, anxiety, swear words, yelling, paparazzi (idk if that’s a warning but yk), kinda angsty but not really
Word count: 875 
Tumblr media
“Tom? Are you ready sweetheart?” You asked Tom who was sitting in the back of the limo right next to you. The two of you were going to the Far from Home world premiere and Tom was a tad nervous. Premieres and big events like this often triggered his anxiety but you were always there to help him and calm him down.
You felt him breathing heavy and squeeze your hand as tight as he could. You turned a little to his side and cupped one of his cheeks with your other hand.
“Thomas? It’s gonna be okay. When we’re finished here we can go back into bed and cuddle. I promise it’s gonna be okay.”
He gave you a smile and kissed the palm of your hand. “You promise we can go back to bed?”
You nodded. “Yea. Now let’s go out and show everyone the amazing work you’ve made.” He opened the door and you could hear the screaming from fans when he stepped out of the car. He took your hand and helped you out of the car, the screaming becoming even louder.
You felt Tom squeeze your hand and tense up because of the screaming, yelling and bright lights from paparazzi everywhere.
“Hey- ” You whispered. “It’s okay.” You assured him and he nodded his head giving you a kiss on the cheek.
You fixed your dress and Tom slid his arm around your waist. You walked up to the carpet and immediately heard fans screaming even louder and trying to reach Tom.
Tom looked at you and he was absolutely mesmerized. You looked so beautiful with your open-back silk dress and silky hair. Earlier Tom had insisted you’d wear a color similar to his suit so the two of you could match, which you did.
“Tom what do you say we go up to a couple of your fans and answer some questions?” You asked him.
“Yeah that’d be great” He smiled. You walked over to some fans, his hand still on your waist and starting making conversation with them.
You passed a couple of girls wanting to take a picture with Tom. “Should I take the photo?” You offered and the girls nodded.
You took a couple of steps back and got ready to take the photo.
“Oh no Y/n you get in here too!” One of the girls said and gestured you to come over. Your face lit up and you skipped back to Tom and the girls.
Most of his fans we’re extremely nice and supportive of your relationship.
Others were… well not. Due to the constant screaming and shouting from everyone around you Tom wasn’t really able to hear everything going on. He moved a few meters away from you to talk to some of his fans. That was when some of his less polite fans took their chance to speak with you.
“Y/n?” A girl asked you, poking your arm. You turned around to face the girl greeting her with a smile. “That’s my name! How are you?”
“I just want to say that I don’t think you deserve Tom. He is way out of your league. I don’t even understand why he is with someone like you.”
The girl stared you down, making your insecurities rise and not knowing what to say. Another person standing right behind the girl agreed.
“Exactly. What does he even see in you? You’re probably just using him for his money. Besides no offense, but you’re not that pretty as people say you are. I’d say you’re slightly.. ugly.”
The other girl was about to go on again but suddenly you felt a hand on your shoulder.
“Excuse me? What did you just say?” It was Tom. And he did not sound happy. He sounded rather offended. The girls faces went pale.
“Oh no, no we were just-”
“No I know damn well what you ‘were just’. What do you think you’re doing?” He had raised his voice.
“No we were just kidding!” The girls slightly chuckled trying to get out of the situation.
Tom was getting riled up and he clenched his jaw. You tried to take his hand in attempt to get him to calm down, but did not succeed.
He started yelling and the screaming crowd around you stopped screaming completely.
“Who the hell do you think you are to talk to her like that? I don’t know if you need to hear this to get some sense into your little brain but she is my girlfriend. I’m so tired of people like you. You’re not fans when you speak to my girlfriend like that.”
Tom looked at them and saw that they had the audacity to stick out their posters to get them signed.
He sighed and snatched the posters out of their hands only to throw them on the floor.
“I’m not going to sign your fucking stuff! You should learn to shut your mouthes and gain some respect!”
He took your hands and walked inside with you.
“I’m so sorry darling. They were just being such dicks I couldn’t help myself.” He apologized and seemed genuinely upset. He turned to face you and you pulled him in for a hug.
“Thank you Thomas.”
Another a/n: I feel like I got kinda lazy with this?? Idk I hope u guys liked it though
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tom-holland-parker · 3 months ago
Could you write richkid!tom fucking you in his kitchen, someone walks in but he doesn't stop?
Word Count: 601
Pairing: richkid!Tom x reader
Part 2
“Tom someone is going to catch us” You said through a choked moan as Tom’s lips trailed up your thigh, kissing and nipping at the tender skin.
“Stop worrying, My parents are out playing golf and my brothers are out doing god knows what” He said nonchalantly as he pulled your underwear to the side. You opened your mouth to respond but the second his tongue circled your clit you could only moan. Hands moving to his hair as he began to eat you like a starving man.
You wanted to close your eyes but forced yourself to look around, keeping alert in case someone were to come home early. “Stop pretending to worry” Tom said as his fingers curled inside you, “We both know that idea of someone catching us turns you on”
“Tommy” You moaned as your legs attempted to close. Tom shook his head, forcing your legs open as he spanked your pussy, “What did you just say”
“Daddy” You felt your stomach tightened, “Daddy I’m sorry daddy please” You whined, your hips grinding against his face. Tom smirked pulling his lips away from your clit, “If you’re gonna cum it’s gonna be on my cock”
In the blink of an eye he turned you around, pressing your body against the counter. You arched your back, practically begging for him to put his cock in you. Tom groaned as he rubbed his cock through your slick folds, teasingly nudging your clit. With one fast thrust he bottomed you out, not giving you time to adjust as he used your body.
The wet sounds your him entering your pussy filled the kitchen, “Oh fuck baby you’re so tight” He head leaned back, the feeling of being inside you could only be described as heaven.
“Hey Tom” You froze at the familiar voice of harrison. Turning your head slightly to look over your shoulder, seeing that Tom had zero plans to stop fucking you. “Yeah, In here mate” He shouted, his thrust seemed to get faster the close Harrison got to the kitchen
“Daddy” You moaned quietly trying to catch his attention. Part of you wanted to stop but you couldn’t deny how hard you clenched around his cock at the thought of Harrison walking in and watching you
“Holy shit” Harrison stood in the doorway, his eyes fixated on the look of ecstasy on your face, “You’re really going at her”
Tom chuckled as he pulled your hair, giving Harrison a better view of your tits. “I’m gonna cum” You whimpered as your eyes trailed down Harrison’s body, stopping at the large erection that his basketball shorts did nothing to hide. You licked your lips wondering what it would be like to have it in your mouth while Tom fucked you.
The idea set you overboard, legs barely holding you up as you came. “I told you she looks good when she cums,” Tom smirked as he came deep inside you, watching as he cum flowed out of you when he pulled out.
“You’re a lucky man Tom,” Harrison smiled as he crossed his arms. You bit your lips as you stared into his eyes.
Tom smiled as he watched the way you stared at his best friend, "I think she likes you”
"Well I certainly like her" For some reason the way they spoke to each other as if you were just a plaything turned you on even more
"Baby, Look what you did to Harrison" Tom gestured to Harrison cock. You groaned as you felt Tom’s fingers move to your clit, "Why don't you go help him out"
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softholand · 3 months ago
blind spot | tom holland
Tumblr media
pairing: tom holland x reader
summary: as a snowstorm hits nyc, you find yourself trapped with your first (and only) one night stand
warnings: cursing, drinking, mentions of cheating, smut — minors dni
words: 8.2k
a/n: it’s here!!! this is my entry for @venomsilk’s valentines bingo ♡ the card will be posted by the end of the fic, as to not ruin the surprise. i hope you guys like it, pls don’t forget to reblog and tell me your thoughts, your feedback means more then you know to me 💌 ily all, be safe !
You woke up to soft snores coming from the space in bed beside you, where the guy you had hooked up with the night before slept soundly, making you let out a frustrated sigh. “Great!”, you thought to yourself as you remembered last night's events.
It was friday night and you were yet again at home, laying down on your sofa, while you scrolled through random tv channels. The sudden sound of the door opening startled you, making you quickly straighten yourself up and get your laptop, already knowing who it was and what was coming next.
Addilyn was your best friend and current roommate, and you loved her to death, but right now she was the last person you wished to see. “Hi, gorgeous!” She let it out upon entering, closing the door behind her. “Hi, Addie!” You faked a smile, pretending to look at something on your laptop.
After letting her stuff by the table, Addilyn approached you, “What are you doing?” She asked, trying to take a peek at your computer, where you had a tab with job offers already opened. “Ah, you know, the usual!” You shrugged, “Any luck?” Addilyn insisted, to which you dry swallowed, “Not really! I’ll keep looking though!” You said, watching as she gave you a pitiful look. “Please, don’t! I already know!” You let your laptop aside, knowing what was coming next. “y/n, you’re my best friend and I love you to pieces but you need to do something with your life. It’s been months!” Addilyn exclaimed, making you let out a deep sigh.
You knew what she was talking about. Who were you kidding? Of course, you knew this was the only thing in your mind for quite a while now. “Listen, I know I already told you this multiple times but I’ll say it again and again until you get it inside your head.” Your friend took a deep breath before continuing. “What Mason did was fucking awful, he cheated and that’s unforgivable. You needed time to recover and we gave you that, but you need to get up and go on with your life. C’mon, you’re young and hot as fuck! You need to get out of this house and just do something.” Addilyn lectured you, and once again, you knew she was right.
“I know, Addie! I just… don’t know how to.” You cried, wanting nothing more than to just disappear. “Derek and I are going to a party tonight. Come with us!” Your friend happily offered, to which you scrunched up your nose. “You know I’m not the partying type, Addie.” You said, watching as your friend rolled her eyes with frustration. “Well, plan B then,” Addilyn exclaimed, before reaching for your computer. “What are you doing?” You asked, completely oblivious.
After a few seconds of typing, your friend turned your laptop screen to you, the sudden brightness almost blinding you. It was only when your eyes focused that you realized what she was showing you. “A dating site, Addie? Really?” You scoffed, “Hey, don’t give me that look! First of all, it’s not a dating site, it’s a “one night stand” type of site. And second, it’s either this or you’re coming to the party with us.” Addilyn informed you, making you narrow your eyes at her.
You had two options now and to be completely honest, none of them sounded appealing to you nor were they how you expected to spend your friday night, but it was not like you really had a choice anyway. “Fine! Give me this laptop.” You grumbled, your friend letting out an excited squeal, before passing you the device. “I won’t promise anything though.” You clarified, making her nod.
After that, she left to get ready for the party, leaving you with no other choice but to start creating your profile on the dating site, wait, scratch that, the “one night stand” site. With some difficulty, you picked a username that wasn’t already being used, which ended up being harder than you thought, and a profile picture, rolling your eyes and skipping the part that asked you to write down a couple of words about yourself.
When Derek showed up to pick Addilyn up, she was ready to go, and so they took off, not before she made you pinky promise her that you’d at least try the website. And you did. After some weird guys tried to make you send them nude pictures, you found someone by the name “bestcuddlerever”, which you found funny and quite adorable.
Turns out, “bestcuddlerever’s” name was Tom, a british guy living in New York City, trying to start his career as an actor. Tom was sweet and funny, and after a video call, just to make sure he wasn’t an old man hiding behind this cute curly-haired boy profile picture, you agreed to go to his place, since Addilyn’s apartment wasn’t really your house.
And that’s how you ended up here, in Tom’s bed, waiting for him to wake up so you could finally leave. You realized, after three or four failed attempts of waking Tom up, that he was a heavy sleeper, another one of his charming characteristics. For the next hour, you did everything you could to keep yourself busy until Tom eventually woke up. You went to the bathroom and got yourself a glass of water from the kitchen, before going back to bed where you read a book you had found by his bedside table.
You quickly put the book back in its place once Tom started to stir beside you, a sign that he was hopefully waking up. He stretched his arms before turning his head to you, “Good morning, y/n!” He said in a raspy voice, still coated with sleep. “Good morning!” You said it back, pretending to stretch too, even though you had already done that earlier.
It was now or never, you thought to yourself as you watched him turn his whole body towards you, “Well, I had a great time last night, thanks for having me.” You said, propping your elbows up in bed. “You’re very welcome, y/n!” Tom smiled, watching as you got up. “Do you wanna grab breakfast or do you normally just take off?” He asked once you started to put your clothes back on. “Normally?” You asked, suddenly stopping your movements. “Huh?” He asked, seemingly confused. “You said normally. Like I do this so many times that I have a normal and an abnormal version of it.” You explained, going back to your clothes. “That’s not what I meant. I—I have no idea how often you do this.” Tom mumbled, “I told you last night that this is my first time making anything remotely like this.” You said while sitting down to put your shoes on. “Now c’mon y/n, do you really expect me to believe this was your first one night stand like… ever?” Tom’s tone was playful but enough to make your blood boil. “Yes, I mean the only reason I’m even here is that my roommate pressured the shit out of me…” you were saying before Tom cut you off, “Yeah, she sexiled you or whatever, right?” He said, to which you added, “Yeah, exactly! And yet I’m sensing some judgy vibes coming from you, which is odd considering the teamwork involved.” You said, putting another layer of clothes on.
Tom seemed to change his attitude then, “There are no judgy vibes. I— I honestly really admire what you did. I wish more girls were that forward.” He said, sitting up in bed. “Forward? There you go with the slut thing again.” You exclaimed, not wanting to believe this guy. “I’m not calling you slut. I’m calling you a girl who went over to a stranger's house at midnight to have sex if only there was a word for someone who does that.” Tom let it out with a chuckle, and that was the last straw for you. “Woah, you know what? Screw you!” You shouted, to which he quickly apologized, “That was a joke! I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”
“You invited me here, just… remember that.” You state, grabbing your purse and looking around to see if you hadn’t forgotten anything. “Uhm, that’s not quite how it happened but it doesn’t matter. Look, can we please just eat breakfast? I’m known for making pretty damn good oatmeal.” Tom offered with both of his hands up. “You know what? Save your oatmeal, I think I’d just take off but thanks for having me, it was awesome to get to know you, have a great life, Tom.” You exclaimed, before going in the direction of the front door. “Well, okay… bye! It was lovely having sex with you.” Tom waved, following right after you. “Oh, I wish I could say the same.” You lied, opening the door. “Uhm, you sounded like you were having a really good time last night.” The brunette let it out, a smirk now present on his lips. “You know what, Tom? Maybe you shouldn’t believe everything you hear.” You sneered, finally seeming to make Tom snap. “Okay, fuck you y/n!” He exclaimed, to which you said it back, “Fuck you too!” before slamming his door shut.
You took a few strides to the building’s door, being left with nothing when you tried to push it open. So, you tried it again, and again until your frustration got the best of you and you kicked the metal door, cursing to yourself. Taking a peek through the glass window, you could see the snow had covered the streets, as well as the door, impeding you from opening it.
Tom came walking down the stairs after a few minutes, a laundry basket in his hands, “Do you need some help?” He asked, an amused smirk decorating his lips. You rolled your eyes and got out of the way for him to try, already knowing it was useless. After a few tries, Tom finally seemed to give up, “Yeah, looks like it’s stuck.” He stated, making you let out another frustrated sigh.
Five minutes later, you were inside Tom’s house again, watching as the news guy warned everyone to stay inside since the roads weren’t safe to drive and there was an even worse snowstorm coming. You let out a frustrated sigh, not wanting to believe this was actually happening to you. “I’m gonna make some breakfast,” Tom announced before getting up and going to the kitchen.
While he was out, you decided to call Addilyn and at least let her know where you were. “Hey! Yeah, I’m fine! I’m at this guy I met last night’s house. No, it’s really not like that, Addie! Actually, it’s your fault I’m stuck here now.” You let it out, trying to keep your voice at bay. “No! He’s like an absolute asshole, he called me slut like two times just this morning.” You whined, “I thought we had already clarified that I did not call you slut!” Tom suddenly exclaimed, nearly scaring you to death. “Anyways, breakfast is done!” He announced from his place by the door, before going back to the kitchen. You could hear Alexa’s voice on the other end of the line, so you quickly said your goodbyes, sending her Tom’s address and making her promise to rescue you as soon as possible.
When you got to the kitchen, Tom was already seated at the table, eating a bowl of what you guessed was his famous oatmeal, another identical bowl waiting beside him. You didn’t know what to say, so you just sat and ate, until there was nothing else on your bowl. Damn, his oatmeal was really that good. “It was really good! Thanks!” You said while taking the bowl to the sink. “Yeah, sure!” Tom shrugged, washing the dishes you had just eaten from. The silence was defeating and actually uncomfortable, something you didn’t expect it to be.
Back in the living room, you sat on the couch, the tv in front of you showing a golf championship, while you tried to distract yourself with your phone. Turns out, staying in the same room with a person in complete silence was not for you so, after a few minutes, you finally decided to speak. “Can you say something, please?” You turned to him, leaving your phone aside. “For you to turn it around and say I’m calling you a slut again? I’ll pass.” Tom let it out, to which you rolled your eyes. “Look, I’m sorry, ok? You didn’t call me a slut!” You admitted, getting the brunette’s attention. He raised his eyebrows, surprised at your sudden apology. You didn’t want to let him win though, so before his smirk could grow even more in size, you added in a quick breath, “You implied I was, though.” Shaking his head, Tom threw his hands up, “Can we just get past this, please?” He sighed, “What do you mean?” You asked, turning your attention to him. “Like, I don’t know, pretend last night never happened. Like we never had sex.” Tom let it out, making you almost flinch at his last words. “And how do you think that’d help us?” You questioned, to which he shrugged, “As I said, we could at least try.” You thought about his offer for a second, concluding that whatever this is, it was better than staying in uncomfortable silence for the rest of the weekend. “Fine!” You breathed, rolling your eyes at him. “Great! Should we like, introduce ourselves again?” Tom asked, making you violently shake your head. “Please, don’t!” You exclaimed, remembering how awkward it was last night and how you did not want to go through that again.
Sighing, Tom seemed to think about his next question for a few seconds, before finally asking “What do you do for a living?” The question made you instantly close your eyes with a groan, “Really? That?” You mumbled, already tired of the question. “Look, I’m trying, okay?” Tom exclaimed, making you feel sorry for being such a pain in his ass. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry! It’s just, everyone seems to be asking that question to me lately and the answer is always the same: nothing. I currently do nothing except stare at my degree and think about the fact that even though I graduated, I still have no idea what I want to do with my life.” You let it out in one breath, getting Tom completely by surprise. “I’m sorry! That was… a lot!” You apologized upon realizing his astonished face.
Tom shook his head, “It’s okay, you don’t have to apologize, y/n! I mean, it’s not like I’m a perfect role model, you see, I’m a broke artist trying his best to start an acting career in New York City so, what would you be apologizing for?” He shrugged, averting your gaze. “Also, we’re still very young, we have so much life to live. We don’t have to know what we want to do for the rest of our lives right after graduating. It’s not like the degree comes with an instruction manual.” You were left speechless after his little rant, you just stare at him dumbfounded, trying to understand how a person like Tom would say stuff like that.
You cleared your throat after a few beats of silence, “Yeah, I guess you’re right.” You smiled, Tom quickly reciprocating. “So, what do you like to do in your free time?” The brunette asked, trying to lighten up the mood and to be honest, you were grateful for that. “Well, let’s see! I like going out with my friends, no parties though, that’s not my cup of tea.” You said, to which Tom nodded, seeming to agree with you.
“What else? I like visiting museums, yeah, I love that actually. Oh, my friend and I, the one that’s also my roommate, we like doing puzzles. In fact, we do it every single wednesday, it’s kinda like our midweek ritual.” You let it out, watching as Tom’s eyes suddenly grew in size. “See, this is already working. Now we have something in common, I also like puzzles. My whole family does actually, we even have a competition every Christmas when I go home.” Upon talking about his family, Tom’s smile seemed to grow wider, but also sadder.
Sensing it was a difficult topic for him, you tried to ask the next question in the kindest way possible. “Why did you decide to move here?” You felt bad as you heard Tom sigh. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have asked that.” You quickly apologized, to which Tom shook his head. “No, don’t worry! It’s just… hard. But why don’t we just start on a puzzle? I think I have a new one I haven't even started yet, and then we can keep talking. What do you think?” Tom asked, and to your surprise, you quickly nodded, without even thinking about it.
A few minutes later, you were sitting on the floor, in front of Tom’s coffee table, where a puzzle of five hundred pieces sat, waiting for it to be done. He came back from the kitchen carrying bowls with snacks and two beers, handing you one, “Here, this one for you. Cheers!” The brunette exclaimed while joining you on the floor. “Cheers!” You repeated after him, clicking your bottles together.
You started the puzzle by separating some of the pieces, not even realizing Tom was doing the same beside you. “So… family talk, huh?” He let it out after taking a long deep breath. “Tom, seriously, I meant it when I said you don’t have to talk about that. It’s fine, I shouldn’t have asked in the first place.” You stated, making sure not to force him to talk about something he didn’t want to. “No, it’s fine, don’t worry! It’s just that, you have no idea how many times I thought about how wrong the decision to leave my family and move here to pursue my acting career was.” Tom let it out in one big breath.
After a few sips of his beer, he continued, “I just keep thinking about all the things that I’m missing, birthday parties, my dog, watching my little brothers grow up, it’s… it’s a lot.” Tom sniffed, “Even more so when I achieved close to nothing while being here. I feel like I’m such a failure to them, you know? It’s like I can almost hear the people from my hometown mocking me, laughing at the little boy who went to New York City to become an actor and came back with nothing but more bills for his parents to pay.” Tom finished, and you could see he was trying his best not to cry in front of you.
Stopping your movements, you held Tom’s hand, his reddened face turning to you almost immediately. “Hey, look I don’t know your family, like at all, but I can assure you they don’t think about you as a failure. I bet they think you’re the badass brother, who left the comfort of his home to go follow his dreams.” You murmured, forcing a smile out of Tom. “You think?” He asked, to which you nodded. “I know it!” You winked, releasing his hand. “Thanks, y/n!” You nodded, before finishing, “And don’t even get me started on the people from your hometown, they’re just jealous ‘cause you got out of there and it’s living an adventure, while they’re stuck to their miserable lives, living in a small house, with two kids, working a 9-5 and not getting paid enough to even go to a nice restaurant once a month.” You quickly realized you had exaggerated, not being able to contain your laugh upon looking at Tom’s adorable confused face. “I thought you wouldn’t stop anymore.” Tom laughed. “Yeah, sorry! That was a lot, I… got carried away.” You let it out, your cheeks burning from embarrassment. “It is true though, so thank you for that.” The boy smiled, “Anytime!” You smiled back, staring at him for a little bit longer than you should. “It seems like we’re really good at giving each other’s advice,” Tom mumbled, staring right back at you. “Yeah, I guess we are.” You said trying to control your sudden nerves. “We really should start the puzzle now.” You said after a few seconds, “Yes! You’re right, the puzzle.” Tom seemed to come back from another universe at that, quickly averting his gaze from you to the game pieces in front of him, an action that made you chuckle.
A couple of hours later, you and Tom were still on the floor, talking about anything and everything while the puzzle lay halfway done on the table in front of you. “So, on your profile, it said “newly single”. Wanna tell me what happened?” Tom threw the question at you, making you almost choke on your beer. “Sorry! You don’t have to answer that.” He quickly added, but you shook your head, deciding it was time to talk about it anyways. “It’s fine, you just… caught me by surprise. Well, let’s see, where do I begin? I was in a long-term relationship with my high school sweetheart, we moved together in college, I got my degree based on him, he proposed a year later, I accepted, we graduated, he cheated on me, I found out and… now I’m here.” You blurted the words out, feeling kinda proud of yourself for the quick summary you had put together.
When you looked back at Tom, his face was a perfect mixture of shock and disbelief, “You were engaged?” He asked, to which you groaned. “Don’t give me that look.” You mumbled, “I’m sorry, I just wasn’t expecting that.” Tom explained, “No, I get it! People always look at me like that when I say it. But I don’t know, we were in love and felt like it was time so why should we wait? Well, I guess we should had follow everyone else’s advice and waited, maybe that way I wouldn’t have been cheated on and ended up on a strangers house on a friday night looking for sex.” You said, widening your eyes at the realization of what you had just said. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it like that.” You quickly let it out, but Tom was already laughing, “It’s fine! I guess I deserved that.” He shrugged off, making you laugh too.
“Speaking of sex…” Tom started after a few seconds, a smirk present on his lips. “I thought we weren’t talking about that.” You said, confused at his sudden change of mind. “You can’t just say that you didn’t like to have sex with me and expect me to forget it, y/n.” He let it out, making you chuckle. “So… am I really that bad in bed?” Tom insisted, and you could feel yourself start to grow flustered. “No, you’re not! You’re… you’re good in bed Tom. I just said that to hurt your feelings because you had hurt mine.” You exclaimed, your cheeks now burning from saying it out loud. “Thanks! I’m glad to inform you that you’re also good in bed, y/n.” Tom said with a cheeky smile, the tip of his ears showing you weren’t the only one embarrassed. “Yeah, yeah! Shut up!” You flipped him off, trying to go back to the puzzle.
The thing was, even though you tried your hardest to focus on the game, you couldn’t shake off the feeling of Tom’s eyes on you. “What are you doing?” You asked him once you were tired of ignoring his stare. “What?” He asked, wearing the same cheeky smile. “You know what.” You rolled your eyes. “I can’t look at you?” Tom insisted, giving you the most adorable look ever. “Not with those puppy eyes.” You exclaimed, throwing one of the puzzle pieces at him, but missing, unfortunately. “Hey, we’re going to need that,” Tom warned a smile always present on his face. “Ugh, fine! I’ll get it.” You showed him your tongue, before going up to look for the missing piece. “I’m gonna take this back to the kitchen while you do that.” Tom let you know, carrying with him some of the empty beer bottles you had drunk and bowls with half-eaten snacks inside of them.
You realized you had made a miscalculation when throwing the puzzle piece at Tom as soon as you started looking for it, ‘cause that little stupid thing was nowhere to be found. What you did find though was an old-looking record player, apparently collecting dust on top of a vanity. “You have a record player?” You called from the living room, carefully inspecting it. “Huh? Oh yeah!” Tom exclaimed from the kitchen. “It still works?” You asked, getting excited. “Yep, go ahead!” As soon as an affirmative word left Tom’s mouth, you were looking for something to play. Searching through a basket full of vinyl, you gasped when you saw the black cover you knew very well. “Shut up, you have a Cigarettes After Sex vinyl?” You asked, smiling when he said one of his brothers had got him for Christmas. “You can play it if you want!” Tom let you know from the kitchen, and you didn’t waste your time to start playing.
You began slow dancing around Tom’s living room as soon as the lyrics from Sweet started to come out of the player, while he, unbeknownst to you, watched everything from the door that connected the room to the kitchen, a smile covering his features. You had your eyes closed, the lyrics flowing smoothly from your lips, and Tom swore that at that moment, you looked like the most beautiful girl he had ever seen.
Careful not to scare you, Tom slowly made his way towards you, your eyes instantly open upon realizing his near presence. “What are you doing?” You asked as soon as you saw him approach. Without answering, Tom guided one of his hands to yours, his free arm skillfully hugging your waist, before he started to sway both your bodies side to side. You couldn’t help but laugh at that, “I didn’t paint you as the romantic type, Holland.” You joke, making the cheeky smile on Tom’s lips only double its size, the tips of his ears turning a light shade of pink, something about him you grew to find adorable.
It didn’t take long for you and Tom to grow impossibly close, your bodies almost flush with each other, your head laying on his shoulder, while he rested his on top of yours, the song now coming to an end. Neither of you wanted this moment to stop though, so when the next song started, you stayed exactly where you were, enjoying every second of it.
You could feel your heart beating rapidly inside your chest, and you swore you felt Tom’s too. It wasn’t like you didn’t have been this close before, after all, you two have had sex the night before. But there was just something about this moment that felt intimate, way more than what you had felt last night. Leaving a kiss on your head, Tom slowly started to pull away, just enough so he could look into your eyes, which perfectly mirrored his own, making him sure of what to do next.
Tom leaned in, capturing your lips on his own, his hands instantly making their way to your waist to hold you closer if that was even possible at that stage. You threaded your fingers through his hair, tugging at his curls, earning a groan from him, which only turned you on even more. Wrapping your arms around his neck, you deepened the kiss, moaning against his lips when his hands slid to your ass, giving it a gentle squeeze. You gave Tom full access to your neck by tilting your head back, his lips quickly making their way to the newly exposed skin. “Fuck,” you breathed when Tom sucked on your skin, the thought of him marking you making you squirm in your place.
To the slow tune of Opera House, you and Tom made your way to his bedroom, your lips still glued together, a few chuckles leaving your mouth when you stumbled on your feet, trying to get Tom’s shirt off. When you eventually got the piece of clothing out of the way, you left open-mouthed kisses on the expanse of his chest, kissing and sucking each one of his absurdly defined abs.
Going back to his lips, you captured them back on your own, while your hands worked on his pants, the loose material falling to the ground, leaving him in only a pair of boxers. “Oh fuck,” Tom let out a moan as soon as you started to palm him through his underwear.
Kneeling on the floor, you finally freed his hard cock, and without wasting any time, you wrapped your lips around it, licking the precum that had accumulated on his tip. “Holy shit!” Tom moaned when you slid all of him into your mouth, his hands coming to your hair, where he guided you through a makeshift ponytail.
You kept your movements slow but steady, pumping what you couldn’t fit into your mouth with your hands, the sounds that left Tom’s mouth making the wetness pool between your legs. “So pretty.” Tom let it out, his hands cupping your hollowed cheeks, his thumb wiping a stray tear from your face. In a quick movement, he helped you up, lips immediately finding yours, his tongue exploring every inch of your mouth. “Take it off,” he instructed, helping you get out of your clothes, before turning his attention to your breasts, his mouth sucking on your hard nipples. “Oh, shit,” you moaned, tugging at his curls, earning a groan from him. “Tom, please…” you breathed, feeling like you couldn’t wait anymore. You needed him.
Laying you both down in bed, Tom proceeded to leave open-mouthed kisses throughout your whole body, his teasing making you squirm in place. “So beautiful, you are perfect, y/n!” You moaned at his words, your hands going to his face, “Please, Tom…” you breathed, not even caring about how desperate you sounded. The next thing you knew, Tom was between your legs, leaving wet kisses on your thighs, before focusing all of his attention on your core. “Fuck,” you moaned at the feeling of his hot breath ghosting your heat, biting your lip to suppress a scream when he finally made contact with you, his tongue sucking your clit.
You whimpered at Tom’s touch when he, all of a sudden, slid a finger inside you, curving it just right to have you moaning his name. You felt your orgasm approach, the knot in your stomach growing tighter and tighter until you couldn’t hold it back anymore. “Fuck,” you let it out as you came, withering underneath his touch. Feeling overstimulated, you took Tom’s face away from you, bringing him back to your lips, tasting yourself on his tongue. “Fuck me, Tom.” The words came out of your mouth as a whimper, and the brunette didn’t waste any time.
Reaching his bedside table, Tom took another condom out, ripping it open, before throwing the package aside, where it joined the one you had used the night before. “Turn around, love!” You felt your legs tremble at his words. Doing exactly what you were told, you bent down, giving Tom a perfect view of your ass. Tom gave himself a few pumps before finally thrusting inside of you, the feeling so overwhelmingly good that you felt like you lost your senses for a few seconds.
With his hands gripping your hips firmly, Tom started moving painfully slow, your whimpers almost turned into cries as he kept bottoming in and out of you. “Tom, stop fucking teasing—” You groaned, the words getting caught in your throat as he started to pound inside of you relentlessly, the bed squeaking with such force. “What were you saying?” Tom whispered in your ear, a shiver running down your spine. “Oh my god,” you moaned, feeling your walls clench even more around him.
Taking you by the waist, Tom pulled your body flushed against his chest, a loud moan leaving your mouth as you felt he hit the perfect spot inside you, one of his hands going to your clit, massaging the sensitive bud. Turning your face around, you connected your lips to Tom’s, your tongue practically throwing itself inside his mouth. “Oh god, please, don’t stop! I’m gonna fucking cum.” You murmured against Tom’s lips, your second orgasm washing over you as he kept fucking your brains out.
You let out a gasp as you pulled away from him, your arms going to his neck, while your lips stayed glued to his. “You look stunning like this,” Tom mumbled as you tried to catch your breath, pulling some of your sweaty hair out of your face. “I wanna ride you,” you mumbled between his lips, Tom’s eyes suddenly going to the size of saucers at your words. Before he could say or do anything else, you pushed him down, straddled his lap, and positioned yourself on top of him.
You and Tom moaned in sync as you guided him back inside you, one of his hands kneading your breast while the other laid against your back, guiding you against his cock. “Fuck, y/n.” Tom moaned as you started to move up and down, rolling your hips until his tip hit the perfect spot. Gripping onto the headboard, you began to ride him faster, your moans practically turning into screams from how good it felt.
Tom helped your movements when you started to feel your legs tremble, the knot on your stomach tightening with each thrust of your hips. “I’m close,” you breathed out, the hand that Tom had on your breast now going to your clit, circling the sensitive bud until you were convulsing on top of him, your back arching as you reached your high for the third time that night. “Fuck y/n!” The feeling of your walls clenching around his cock was enough to bring Tom over the edge, his moans mixing with yours while waves of pure pleasure coursed through the two of you.
The next thing you knew, you were waking up in Tom’s arms, his grip almost crushing you, but comfortable nonetheless. Careful not to wake him, you slowly turned around, smiling upon seeing Tom’s face squished against the pillow, soft snores coming from his lips, the same ones that had bothered you so much the day before, but now you found them quite adorable.
You felt your heart thud as you watched Tom sleep, a mixture of feelings screaming at each other inside your chest. It was a few minutes later when he finally stirred awake, smiling upon seeing your face. “‘Morning,” he mumbled, voice still coated with sleep. “‘Morning,” you smiled back. “How long have you been watching me?” Tom asked with a smirk, “Hum, a few minutes.” You responded, to which he furrowed his eyebrows. “You creep!” He joked, earning a chuckle from you.
You and Tom kept lying in bed, neither of you moving a muscle, only the sound of your breaths cutting through the silence, “Your username was right, you know?” You let it out after a few seconds, “Huh?” Tom looked at you, seeming confused, “You really are the best cuddler ever.” You smiled, making Tom blush. “Shut up!” He chuckled, hugging you even closer. You leaned in first, giving him a small kiss, pulling away only for Tom to connect your lips again, deepening the kiss this time, not letting you go until you were both in desperate need of air.
You were suddenly interrupted by a gurgling sound, apparently coming from under the covers. “Was that your stomach?” Tom asked, laughing when you hid your head in his chest. “In my defense, you have only fed me snacks since I arrived here.” You pouted, to which he let out a laugh. “I can fix that,” Tom said, kissing your pouty lips, before getting up and ordering you to stay in bed.
About half an hour later, Tom was coming back to his room, this time he carried a tray with two bowls, filled to the top with steaming hot noodles, your stomach gurgling at the smell. “Special delivery!” He exclaimed, giving you one of the bowls. “I didn’t know you were a cook.” You joke, earning a loud chuckle from him. “It’s just instant noodles, y/n. There’s no need for credit.” Tom rolled his eyes at you, taking his first bite. “Well, you still put it in a bowl so, I guess that counts.” You both laughed, before eating the rest of your food in silence.
The snow seemed to have stopped, and you could actually hear the clean-up trucks working outside. “You know,” Tom started after a few minutes. “You’re not the worst person to be stuck with.” The brunette said, a small smile covering his lips. “I’m already in your bed, Tom, you don’t have to flirt with me.” You smirked, Tom’s cheeks immediately turning a bright red. “What a way to ruin the moment. I’m gonna get us something to drink.” Tom said, trying to fight the smile on his face.
Once he was out of the room, you felt a shiver run down your spine, the shirt you wore doing nothing to keep you warm. “Hey, can I pull the classic girl move and borrow one of your biggest and comfiest hoodies? I promise not to steal it.” You asked, biting your lip to suppress a smile. “Yeah, I’m coming!” Tom exclaimed from the kitchen.
You went to his closet anyway, eager to find something to warm you up but what you found in there made you suddenly stop your movements. Women’s clothes. A lot of them. Shirts, jeans, skirts, shorts, dresses, shoes. All neatly organized, color-coordinated even. You swallow hard, not wanting to believe your eyes, hoping that somehow Tom had an explanation for that.
As you opened the first drawer of his dresser, you felt a knot form in your throat, your eyes brimming with tears as you saw a picture frame of Tom and another girl kissing, the caption written on it making painfully obvious it was a present from her. “To my favorite person in the whole world. I love you so much, Tommy! Cindy xx”
When Tom came back to the room with two glasses of what looked like orange juice, he found you sitting in bed, still holding the picture frame. “y/n…” he started, but you cut him off. “Where’s Cindy?” You asked, your voice betraying you in the worst way possible. “Visiting her parents.” He mumbled, putting the glasses down, “Are you together?” You asked, feeling dumb for even questioning such a thing. “That’s a tough question to answer.” He let it out, to which you nodded. “You said enough.” You smiled sadly, before getting up.
Tom sighed, watching as you started to get dressed, “y/n, let me explain this.” You scoffed, “There’s nothing to explain here, Tom. You had the house to yourself and you used it. Fuck! ” You cursed as you struggled to put your pantyhose back on. “It’s not like that, please, let’s talk about it.” Tom tried again but you were seeing red. “You know, I always wondered what it felt like to be the other girl. Feels better, not great, but undeniably better.” You said, taking the rest of your clothes to the living room, where you turned the tv on to see how the weather was currently.
You kept putting more layers on, preparing to face the cold outside, when Tom appeared in the living room. “Can I show you something?” He asked, sitting right beside you. “Leave me alone, Tom. I’m not mad, I mean, how could I be? I didn’t ask and you didn’t lie. I wanted meaningless sex and I got it.” You mumbled, finally having put all of your clothes on. “Here, read this.” Tom insisted, showing you a piece of paper that, after reading, left you even more confused. “She dumped you but you’re still living together?” You asked, “She didn’t give it to me yet.” He said, “I-I don’t understand and honestly, I don’t care.” You tossed him the paper back. “Two weeks ago she asked me to get her wallet, and when looking for it, I accidentally found this. I didn’t know what to do, so I just gave her wallet back and the next day, she left.” Tom explained, before adding, “I made that profile so I’d have something to throw in her face whenever she pulled the trigger. And I know, I know that’s very immature.” He was looking at you, waiting for a response, “You could’ve broken up with her.” You simply let it out, “Yeah, I-I thought about that.” He mumbled. “Look, I did something stupid and I’m sorry.” Tom tried to reach for you but you have had enough. “Excuse me.” You said, making your way to the bathroom, where you could finally let your emotions out.
A couple of minutes later, you were getting out of the room with a puffy face and red eyes, startling Tom, who was still sitting on the couch. “Hey, y/n, wait.” He said as he saw you put your coat on, “C’mon, what was I supposed to do? I didn’t even know you existed.” Tom exclaimed, standing in front of you. “Look, I don’t want her. I want you!” The words left his mouth all at once and the worst part is that you believed every single one of them. Taking a deep breath, you finally looked at him, “And what makes you think I want you? You’re just a funny guy, who doesn’t even have a job. And I think you severely underestimate your ability to hurt people.” You stated, before walking past him and slamming his door shut.
When you got home later that day, you went straight to your room, where you locked yourself on for the next few days, crying yourself to sleep every night, feeling stupid for being so naïve and letting yourself fall for a guy again, only getting out to eat when Addylin was at work, that way you didn’t have to face her and explain yourself.
Two days later, you were mindlessly scrolling through TikTok when you got a call from an unknown number, that upon picking up, you discovered was from one of the companies you had sent your application to, and you simply couldn’t believe when the lady on the other side of the line said they wanted you to interview for the position later that afternoon. “Yes, I can! I’ll be there, thank you so much! Bye!” You let out a loud squeal as you ended the call, a sense of relief washing over you.
A few hours later, you had showered, done your hair and makeup, and put together a semi-professional outfit for the interview. To say you were nervous was an understatement since you felt like throwing up every time you took a breath. You decided to leave the apartment earlier to hopefully not be late for the interview since you knew how crazy the traffic was most likely going to be.
Taking your purse and shoving everything you needed inside, you took one last look in the hallway mirror before you opened the door, only to find the last person you expected to see today standing there, ready to knock. “Tom?” You said in disbelief, “Hi!” He mumbled while taking his fist down. “What-? How did you find me?” You asked, your heart flipping inside your chest. “Your- friend. She has a very unusual name so after finding her on instagram, I told her who I was and what had happened between us and she gave me your, or her, address.” Tom let it out in one big breath, your eyes going to the size of saucers with this new information. “I’m gonna kill her.” You gritted your teeth, deciding to ignore him and focus on closing the door.
“y/n, listen…” Tom tried to reach for your arm but you were quick to swat it away from his grasp. “What are you even doing here, Tom?” You asked, feeling a knot starting to form on your throat. “I came here to talk.” He said, to which you scoffed, “We have nothing to talk about!” You exclaimed, “Please, just hear me out!” He pleaded, making you pinch the bridge of your nose. “I can’t talk right now, Tom! I’m gonna be late.” You tried, but Tom wasn’t having it. “I’ll wait here until you come back, then.” He exclaimed, leaning against the wall, sliding his body until he was sitting on the floor. “Are you serious?” You snapped, “I really need to talk to you, y/n.” Tom stated, a sigh leaving your lips upon realizing that he was, in fact, being serious. “Five minutes.” You warned, pointing your finger at him before opening the door and inviting him inside.
After closing the door, you crossed your arms in front of your chest, raising your eyebrows, waiting for him to start talking. “Look y/n, I fucked up! What I did was immature and you didn’t deserve that. I’m sorry!” Tom apologized, his eyes holding nothing but sincerity. “It doesn’t matter, Tom. We got what we wanted out of it, let’s just forget about it.” You declared, to which Tom scoffed, “Don’t throw the meaningless sex card at me again y/n, we both know it was more than that.” Tom exclaimed, your heart almost swelling upon hearing his words.
Looking away, you tried your best to just shrug it off. “I know you felt it too.” He whispered, taking a step towards you, which you allowed this time. “Why are you doing this, Tom? You have a girlfriend.” You pointed out, shaking your head. “It’s over now,” Tom stated. “How convenient.” You scoffed, rolling your eyes to the back of your head. “C’mon y/n, you can’t stop this before we realize what it could be. There’s a lot of stuff I want to know about you and so much to talk about. I’ve spent two nights with you and… that’s not enough time. Give me more time, please.” As Tom stood there, waiting for an answer, all that was going through your head was how bad your last relationship had gone and how much you didn’t want to go through that again. “Are you done? ‘Cause I really gotta go now.” You finally said, swallowing the lump on your throat.
Tom’s eyes held a look of utter disappointment in them, your heart completely shattering at the sight. “Yeah…” Tom nodded as you opened the door for him. “I’m sorry. Bye y/n!” The brunette said, before stepping out of the house. You didn’t even realize you were crying until a few tears started to run down your cheeks. Cursing at yourself, you rushed to the bathroom to fix your makeup since you still had a job interview to do.
Thankfully, you were able to get to the interview just in time, and as you left the company an hour later, you felt a sense of pride and hope, something you hadn’t felt in a very long time. When you went to retrieve your phone from your purse to call a cab, you discovered a piece of paper that you didn’t recognize at first but upon further investigation, you realized it was a ticket to the MOMA with a few words scribbled on it. “I’m an idiot. I’m sorry! T”
You couldn’t help but chuckle at Tom’s messy scribble, your heart beating rapidly inside your chest, a sense of yearning taking over you. After staring at the paper for a few minutes, while your mind and heart fought with each other to have the last say, you decided to follow the latter, getting on a cab and giving the driver Tom’s address.
You felt your heart on your throat as you knocked on Tom’s door, tears building in your water lines as you saw his face again. “y/n?” He asked, confused as to why you were there. Taking a deep breath, you tried your best to say the next words without your voice trembling, “One chance…” you murmured with one of your fingers up, watching as his face lit up, “You have one chance, Holland.” You felt the weight of Tom’s body on yours as soon as you said those words, his lips colliding into yours.
When neither of you could breathe anymore, Tom reluctantly pulled away, holding your face in his hands, a sorrowful expression on his eyes, “I’m so sorry, y/n! I’m an idiot!” He mumbled, “I know!” You said, a chuckle escaping your lips, “I have a thing for idiots though.” You shrugged, Tom’s smile being the last thing you saw before your lips met again.
Tumblr media
i got the card number 2 - sfw, and as you could probably tell i chose the middle row vertically ♡
Tumblr media
if you’re curious, the film this fic was based on is called two night stand and i highly recommend giving it a watch if you haven’t yet
tagging some of my lovely mutuals ♡ @userholland @missnxthingg @celestialholland @honeyspidey @annathesillyfriend @duskholland @lauras-collection @heyhihellowhatsup0 @geekygoddesss @mrs-hollandstan @sunshinehollandd @uglypastels @tomhollandd @spiderboytotherescue @t-lostinworlds @veryholland @petesrparker @cutetomholland
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pbnjparker · 25 days ago
entangled hearts | t. holland
Tumblr media
an: ahh mine and @iovebug​‘s little baby :,) we both hope you enjoy this fic as much as we enjoyed writing it! this is our official submission for @tshwritersnet​ writing sleepover! (which btw! applications are open for new members!) love u all <3
pairing: tom holland x fem!reader
Tumblr media
“I think you’re overdressed, YN. It’s just the reception.”
You looked up at Zendaya who had a goofy smile on her face, “Dude?” you said as you rolled your eyes at her. “I’m kidding!” she laughed as she brought you into a hug.
You sighed, “You scared me for a bit.” you laughed nervously as you flattened out your red silk dress. “Damn girl! Who are you trying to impress?” you felt your cheeks glow red as you looked up and smiled at Jacob. “Obviously, Tom!” Zendaya replied as she lightly tapped your leg.  
“What about me?” Tom asked, “Oh nothing, just talking about how stunning Y/N looks!” Jacob said as he lightly nudged your shoulders.
You looked over at Tom and smiled, “You look great, Tom.” you said, focusing your attention back onto the mirror, “You too Y/N/N, red is definitely your color.”
Tom admired from afar; taken aback by all your beauty, “Thank you.” You smiled softly as you looked over to Zendaya and Jacob who were engulfed in a laughing fit. “What’s so funny guys?” you asked. “Tom your tie. It’s really bad.” Zendaya said in between laughs.
Tom looked confused as he walked over to the mirror, “Holy shit.” he gasped as he tried to fix his tie before looking over to you for help, “I got you, Tom.” you smiled as he turned to face you, “Thank you,” he said, “Don’t know what I would do without you.”
You sighed, “You’d be a 25 year old man who doesn’t know how to tie his tie.” you laughed. “And done.” you said as you smoothed out his shirt, “Did you really wear red to match me?”
Tom laughed. “Yeah.” he breathed out as his cheeks slowly turned a light red, “This isn’t prom, Tom.” You said. “I honestly thought it would be cute,” He shrugged his shoulders, “We’re not dating.”
“Yet!” Jacob said as he walked past the both of you. “It’s only a matter of time.” Zendaya said following Jacob. “Guys!” You scolded as you rolled your eyes, “Stop acting like kids.”
Tumblr media
“Okay and that’s enough drinks for you both.” you said grabbing the two glasses that stood in front of Zendaya and Jacob. “You’re no fun, Harrison would want us to get drunk for him.” Jacob slurred. “See, You’re already talking nonsense.” you laughed as you passed the glasses over to Tom.
Jacob gasped. “How come he gets to drink? Is it because he’s your loverrrrr?” he questioned, dragging out the r, “Okay, Jacob that’s enough.” Tom laughed, “I think we should listen to Y/N. She's scary.”
You let out a sigh.  “Please don’t encourage him.” you giggled looking over to Zendaya who was now gone from her seat. “See we’ve already lost one of them.” you said while getting up. “We’d be terrible parents,” he laughed. “I’ll go get her. Take care of this one.” he pointed over to Jacob who was now pretending to sleep. “Oh gosh, this will be fun!” you sarcastically said. “It’s just you and me.”
Jacob laughed to himself “Tom loves you Y/N.” He said before quickly slapping his hand over his mouth, “What?” You asked. “Oh nothing.” he smiled. “Jacob, what do you mean by he loves me?”
“Nothing, I’m drun-'' Tom cut him off. “Found her! She was trying to get another drink.” He sighed as he watched Zendaya sit back in her seat. “You’re both no fun.” she pouted.
Tumblr media
As the night slowed down and warm bodies moved to the center of the room, you found yourself sitting on the edge of your seat watching as your friends danced around each other. The care-free way they handled themselves as they moved their arms in tune with the music made you laugh but also left your heart feeling warm. You were so lost in overwhelming gratitude you had felt from your found family that you hadn’t even noticed Tom staring at you from across the room.
It all happened so fast but you understood it like you were fluent in speaking the language of all things Tom. It started with his eyes, dark and glittering under the lights, gesturing towards the door. Then it was the lick of his lips. He only did that when he was nervous. Finally it was his entire body slowly shuffling through the crowd of people toward the back door that led to the terrace, his eyes occasionally looking over at you. He wanted you to follow him outside, and whatever it was that he had to tell you, he was nervous about it.
You got up from your seat, picking up the red silk from the ground to follow him outside. Pushing open the door to the outside you were met with a light breeze and the dim light of the lights scattered throughout the lawn. Tom was leaning along the edge of the marble balcony, his back to you as he looked down on the excessively large lawn of the venue. You coughed to alert him of your presence, which instead just startled him into turning around frantically.
“Hey.” he breathed, a small smile playing at his lips as he gestured for you to come over to him.
“Hey,” you smiled back, making your way over to him with your arms tucked behind your back. “You okay?”
“Now I am.” He tried before visibly cringing and laughing with you as you finally reached him, your hands outstretched to his.
“Was that too corny?” He sighed, taking your hands in his. It was getting colder as the night went on which was now evident by the way you could see each breath he was taking and the now red tip of his nose.
“Yeah, it was a little corny.” you teased, causing both you and him to burst out in a fit of giggles, your bodies radiating warmth the closer you got to each other. “Why are we out here?”
“It was getting too loud,” he started, avoiding eye contact, “and I wanted to talk to you.” You furrowed your eyebrows in confusion, having no clue what he could want to talk to you about. So you kept quiet, silently urging him along to tell you what was going on.
“I know Jacob told you.” He spoke almost in a whisper, his nervous eyes looking up to meet yours. “He told me when we were dancing and I just thought that no-”
“Jacob told me what?” You cut him off, not wanting him to start rambling out of nerves.
“That I love you.” He stated simply as if he had not just altered the course of your life. Like it was something that was so easy for him that it just rolled off his tongue. Like it was something he had known his whole life.
“You what?” you spoke, slightly stunned and still slightly tipsy.
“Look I know we have been friends for ages and that you might not feel the same and that’s fine but I don’t want to lose you an-” he was quickly cut off by you feverishly pressing your lips to his, doing your best to write “I love you” into him with your tongue. But as quickly as your lips met, you pulled away just to whisper a breathy “I love you.” onto his lips, knowing he needed to hear it.
Before he could pull you in again you noticed the grin spread across his face. Cheek to cheek with his eyelids bunching at the corners, he was truly gleaming at the idea that you loved him back.
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alltoowelltom · 12 days ago
hold your horses! (t.h)
Tumblr media
tom holland x reader
summary: rumors fly during an interview leading to a shock announcement for tom and his girlfriend
a/n: inspired by a tiktok i saw months ago and have not stopped thinking abt since i literally could not think of one panel-type event that wasnt comic-con i am so sorry flsjsjksjs
Tom shifts in his seat, running one hand through his curls as he tries to keep his face animated and stop his eyes glazing over. he's been sat on a vaguely uncomfortable chair for the last hour or so at Comic-Con, promoting his latest movie and as much as he loves his job and the fans, all he wants to do is crawl into bed and curl up next to you for a good twelve hours.
"Tom?" prompts the interviewer.
"I- I'm so sorry, what was your question?" he asks, flushing in embarrassment at being caught zoning out.
"Is Y/N here today?" repeats the interviewer patiently.
Tom grins at the mention of your name and he sits up taller, eyes scanning the crows until he finds you, hoodie pulled up over your head to hide from eagle-eyed fans.
"She is, yeah. I basically dragged her here so we could kind of spend time together, as an apology." he admits.
"An apology?" the interviewer says. "What did you do, Tom?"
"Yeah, what did you do, Tom?" echoes one of his co-stars, laughing.
"I fell asleep during our movie date." Tom admits sheepishly, shaking his head at the roar of laughter from the crowd. "Twenty minutes in, I was out cold."
"You didn't!" laughs the interviewer. "What did she do?"
"She was the absolute best, of course. She just held me and stroked my hair and wrapped me up in a blanket and then stayed on the sofa with me all night." he says, eyes crinkling at the general "awww" from the crowd.
The interviewer's eyes glint mischievously as Tom tells his story, clearly sensing a way to divert the interview to The Good Stuff™.
"So speaking of Y/N, there's been a lot of talk about you two online recently." he starts. "Specifically, engagement rumors? Is there any basis, any truth to these rumors?"
Tom shifts around as he stalls for time until he can meet your eyes in the crowd, raising his fluffy eyebrow ever so slightly to silently ask if you're okay with him talking about your relationship. You give him a tiny nod, encouraging him to go on.
"No, we're not engaged." he says. "But we've honestly never been happier than we are right now. She's so creative, and caring, and funny, and gorgeous. There's no one else I'd rather spend my life with."
You can't help but feel slightly choked up as he gushes, resisting the urge to throw off your hoodie and run up to the stage, crushing him into a bear hug and never letting go.
"WHEN ARE YOU PROPOSING?!" yells a particularly enthusiastic fan, rousing cheers from the rest of the crowd and the cast members on stage.
Tom laughs as he winks at you again.
"When I'm sure she'll say yes."
This, of course, results in almost hysterical screams (affectionate).
You pull your phone from your pocket, tapping on Tom's contact and typing out a message. He's watching you of course, so when he feels his phone buzz in his pocket he pulls it out, cheering like an excited seven year old, "I got a text! From Y/N!"
Y/N 💗: i'd marry you in a heartbeat baby <3
He blows a kiss in your direction, grinning from ear to ear. As he's distracted, gazing at you lovingly, a co-star leans over his shoulder and reads the text.
"Holy shit!" they laugh. "Did Tom Holland just get engaged?"
The screams reach an all-time record and you wince slightly, bringing a hand up to your ringing ear. Tom snatches his phone closer, rolling his eyes.
"Hold your horses!" he laughs. "Let me check."
He balances the microphone in his left hand as he types out a quick message.
tommy 🤠: Did we just get engaged??
Y/N 💗: we will be when you give me that rock hidden at the back of your sock drawer 😳
Tom's soft brown eyes crinkle around the edges as he grins all but leaps up from his chair.
"Is this interview wrapping up soon?" He asks cheekily. "I've got to go get engaged."
tysm for reading! comments and reblogs are always super appreciated. i wanna thank you guys for all the love on my blog, you're the best <333
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waitimcomingtoo · a month ago
You Wear Those Shoes and I Will Wear That Dress
Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader
Synopsis: you and Peter are just friends but he accidentally kisses you goodbye
Tumblr media
“There you are.” Peter smiled to greet you. “How was your first class at college?”
“I wouldn’t know. I did todays Wordle and then I was just texting and clicking between four different tabs on my laptop the rest of the time. I did not hear a single word.”
“What class was it again?”
“I don’t know. Like math or something?” You shrugged. Peter took your schedule from you and skimmed through it.
“Art history.” He told you when he read it on your schedule.
“Are you serious? How did I end up in that?” You asked as you took your schedule back from him. Peter laughed as you read through your list of classes as if you had never seen them before.
“You never fail to amaze me. Are we still on for tonight?” Peter asked once his laughter died down.
“Duh. Like I’d miss our first day of school tradition.”
“Cool. I’ll see you after class then.“ Peter smiled and leaned in to kiss you goodbye. He walked away from you and went to his next class with a smile still on his face. Once he sat down in his seat, his smile instantly fell.
“Oh no.” He whispered.
He quickly touched his hands to his lips and sure enough, felt your sticky lipgloss still on his lips.
“Oh no. Oh no oh no.” Peter gulped and got out of his seat.
“Class has started. Stay in your seat.” The professor ordered. Peter sat back down in his chair and slid all the way down.
“Dude, what’s wrong?” Ned whispered to him.
“I just kissed Y/n.” Peter whispered back.
“Really? Where?“
“In the hallway.”
“But where on her?”
“What? Her lips. Where else?”
“Which lips?” Ned asked with a pointed look.
“What?” Ned looked to the side.
“Oh my God.” Peter realized what he meant. “What?”
“Focus Peter.” Ned whispered harshly. “Did you guys start dating without telling me?”
“We’re not dating. It was just an accident. What am I gonna do?” Pete whined and slid even further down in his chair.
“I don’t know, dude. How do you just accidentally kiss someone?”
“It was just a reflex.” Peter shrugged helplessly. “I was leaving her so I kissed her goodbye.”
“Why would that be your reflex if you’ve never done it before?”
“I don’t know. I had a dream about her last night. That might have something to do with it.”
“What kind of dream are we talking here?” Ned questioned. “The kind that makes you wake up with a smile on your face or the kind that makes you have to wash your sheets?”
“The smile kind. We were dating in my dream. I guess I forgot I wasn’t dreaming anymore.” Peter sighed and looked up at the ceiling.
“Well do you like her?” Ned asked.
“I don’t know. I feel like I’m not allowed to like her. We’ve been friends since we were in utero.”
“I didn’t know you guys traveled together.” Ned frowned.
“Do you think it would be weird if I did like her?” Peter wondered, mostly to himself.
“Not any weirder than you starting a surprise make our session with her in the hallway.” Ned shrugged.
“It wasn’t like that.” Peter blushed. “It was just a peck.”
“Then why are your lips shimmery and pink?” Ned narrowed his eyes at Peter’s lips.
“It’s her lipgloss. Damn it. This stuff is like glue.” Peter groaned as he wiped his mouth off on the back of his hand. He couldn’t help but blush at the thought that your lipgloss made its way to his lips.
“It’s worse. It’s like crazy glue. It’s like Kragle.” Ned whispered.
“Do I need to separate you, boys?” The professor asked. Peter and Ned exchanged a look before remaining silent for the rest of the class.
Once you were done with classes for the day, you went to the rooftop of the student center building. Peter was already sitting on the ledge, like you planned. You went and sat beside him, noticing the way he tensed up.
“Hey.” You said, making his eyes shut in embarrassment.
“Hey.” He said quietly.
“Here’s your first day of school soda.” You replied and handed him a can of Coca Cola.
“Thanks.” He took it from you and avoided eye contact.
Peter was never allowed to have soda as a kid. May said it made him too rambunctious. You stopped drinking soda out of solidarity because it killed you to see him being the only one not drinking soda at birthday parties. When Peter asked when May would finally let him have soda, she said he could have it on his first day of high school. After a particularly nerve-wracking and embarrassing first day, you found him up on his roof and gave him a can of Coca Cola. You carried on the tradition every year since then.
You opened your can of soda and held it up. Peter unethically clicked his can against yours and you both took a sip.
“So.” You said after a beat of silence. “You kissed me today.”
“Oh God.” Peter groaned and buried his face in his hands.
“Wasn’t expecting that.” You shrugged and took a sip from your can.
“I’m so embarrassed.” Peter said quietly from behind his hands.
“Don’t be. Who cares?”
“I cares.” He whined. “I just messed this all up.”
“Who says you messed it up?” You shrugged.
“Of course I messed it up. We’ve been best friends for 20 years and I just smooched you on the mouth out of nowhere. I’m never gonna live this down.” Peter sighed and swung his legs like a little kid.
“Listen, I can forgive the kiss, but I cannot forgive you saying “smooched”. That’s where I draw the line.”
“This is serious.” Peter said as he fought back his laughter.
“I’m being serious.” You insisted. “I don’t care that you kissed me, Pete. It doesn’t have to change anything between us.“
“I can’t just be normal around you now that I know what it feels like to kiss you.” Peter said quietly. You let out a sympathetic sigh and rubbed circles on Peter’s back.
“I’m such an idiot. I’m so embarrassed.” He said again, sounding close to tears this time.
“Pete, you have no reason to be embarrassed. We’ve embarrassed ourselves in front of each other way worse than this. This is like level 1 embarrassment. We’ve gotten to at least level 6.”
“Yeah?” Peter cheered up a little. “Like what?”
“Like when I graduated from training bras to regular bras and I slept over at your house and realized I didn’t know how to take a regular bra off because they’re not like training bras that can be taken off like a shirt. So I had to get May to unbuckle my bra for me. Can you imagine how embarrassed I felt when I asked her to do that? Especially since she clearly found the situation very funny but was trying really hard not to laugh.” You said, making Peter’s body shake with laughter.
“I remember that.” He smiled. “No one would tell me what was going on. I was so mad.”
“I remember you being mad. And that was super embarrassing for me. Way more embarrassing than an accidental kiss.”
“Agree to disagree.” Peter shrugged, knowing it would set you off.
“Oh really?” You raised an eyebrow. “That’s fine. Then how about the time you farted in class and everyone gasped and turned to look at you and you gasped even louder and turned around to blame it on the person behind you but there was no one there? That was way more embarrassing than today.”
“That was really embarrassing.” Peter admitted as his mood lifted the slightest bit.
“It was. Or the time in fifth grade I got distracted by the soccer team playing and walking right into that tree.”
“I remember that.” Peter laughed. “You were just lying there while everyone was trying to get the teacher's attention. And wasn’t your nose bleeding?”
“Uh, yeah. Tremendously.” You playfully scoffed. “Because I fractured it, remember? My face was bruised for a whole week. And I still have a bump on my nose.“
“Consider it a gift from the tree.” Peter teased.
“I do. You know what else was super embarrassing? That time we were walking to school in like sixth grade after that snowstorm and the sidewalks were covered in ice. And then you slipped and landed on your knees and I tried to catch you but I fell too. Then we kept trying to stand up but kept slipping so we had to crawl on our hands and knees until we didn’t see any more ice.”
“Oh my God.” Peter groaned. “I forgot about that. And the second we stood up, you slipped and fell on your back.”
“Yep. Then I just laid in the street like a defeated turtle.” You shook your head at the memory.
“That was pretty bad.” Peter chuckled. “A lot of people saw.”
“They sure did. But I survived it. Just like I survived that time I walked out of the locker room to go to my swim meet and everyone was laughing at me and I couldn’t figure out why until one of my teammates pulled me aside and told me my bra was on over my swimsuit. And I still do not know to this day how that happened.”
“That’s so bad.” Peter covered his mouth as he laughed at your expense.
“I know it was bad. I lived it.” You reminded him. “And believe me, it’s a lot more embarrassing than kissing your best friend.“
“Says you.” Peter blushed as looked down at his lap when you brought it up again.
“You still don’t believe me?” You raised an eyebrow. “Here’s another one. That time you tried to sit down but forgot the quintessential step of pulling your chair out so you fell right on your back and knocked the wind out of yourself.”
“That was so embarrassing.” Peter whined. “What was that, freshman year?”
“Yep. Third period English.”
“No one even laughed at me and that made it so much more embarrassing.”
“See? You’ve embarrassed yourself way more than today.” You laughed and shoved him slightly.
“I guess so.” Peter reluctantly admitted.
“You still don’t look convinced. Lucky for you, I have more.” You smirked. “Remember that time we had a sleepover in second grade and you peed the bed? And I didn’t want you to feel bad so out of solidarity, I peed the bed. And then we were too scared to tell your parents so we slept in our own urine.”
“Kids pee the bed all the time.” Peter shrugged. “That wasn’t that bad.”
“Maybe for you.” You scoffed. “You peed the bed on accident. I had to look your mother in the eyes and tell her I purposely peed on her son. Because instead of saying ‘hey don’t feel bad. Everyone pees the bed’, I peed on you so you wouldn’t feel bad. Imagine how that feels.”
“I can’t imagine it feels great.” Peter laughed.
“Or, how about this? When uncle Ben was gonna pick us up from school but you had to stay after so robotics or something so I went alone. And I was sitting in the backseat of his car when my body decided it was prime time to enter womanhood and I literally got my first ever period in your uncle's car.”
“Oh God.” Peter covered his face with his hands.
“That was so embarrassing for me. He took me to the store but neither of us knew what supplies to get so he got me diapers. Diapers! That’s so embarrassing!” You laughed as you shook Peter’s arm.
“You’ve made your point. That was very embarrassing for you.” He said as he playfully pushed you off.
“I haven’t even said the worst one yet. Remember in eighth grade when you and I smacked into each other during gym class?”
“Oh no.” Peter groaned. “Not this story.”
“Yes this story.” You insisted. “You and I were running in opposite directions and I crashed right into you. And apparently, it was a sensitive time for you because you got a whole ass boner in your little eighth-grade gym shorts. Which would’ve been fine, since I didn’t know what a boner was yet, but then my friends told me I was pregnant with your child.”
“I still remember you telling me that you were pregnant.” Peter chuckled. “And then the incredibly awkward and tear-filled conversation with Aunt May we had afterward.”
“She laughed so hard at us. It was so embarrassing.”
“Yeah. She still hasn’t let me live that one down.” Peter told you.
“I know. She still texts me asking for “motherly advice” from time to time.”
You both leaned into each other as you laughed. Once your laughter died down, you shared a look and smiled shyly at each other. You rested your hand on Peter’s knee and looked out at the setting sun.
“I remember at your parent's funeral when you had to help carry your dad's casket out of the room.” You said quietly. “But it was too heavy for you since you were only 9. The flowers slipped off the top because you weren’t tall enough to hold it up. You came to me crying afterward about how embarrassed you were.”
“Yeah. I remember that.” Peter kept his eyes down as the memory replayed in his head. You looked at him and saw that a few tears had slipped down his face. Peter felt you looking and turned his face a little so you couldn’t see him cry. You titled his face back towards yours and wiped his tears with the sleeve on your shirt. You kept his face in your hands and looked into his watery eyes.
“Remember when I got diarrhea at Uncle Bens's funeral?” You asked him, making him burst out laughing.
“I told you not to eat the macaroni and cheese before we left. “Peter clicked his tongue. “I knew it would upset your stomach.”
“I know.” You sighed. “But I’m not God, Peter. I can’t just say no when someone offers me macaroni and cheese. And May made it special so that you would feel better. I had to eat it.”
“You did not have to eat it.”
“It’s what uncle Ben would’ve wanted.” You deadpanned, making Peter laugh again.
“Wow. I can’t believe how many things we’ve been through together.” Peter realized as he looked over at you. The sinking sun was lighting up your face in a warm yellow, the same face Peter had been looking at since he was five years old.
“And how humiliating 90% of them were.” You added, making him laugh again.
“Yeah. Even if they were humiliating, I’m glad they happened. They make for pretty good memories.” Peter said as he put his hand on top of yours. You flipped your hand around so you could properly hold his and gave it a squeeze.
“They do. And someday, we’ll be laughing at the memory of today.”
“Yeah. I guess the kiss will become just another embarrassing moment between us.” Peter sighed and looked out at the skyline.
“Maybe. Or maybe it doesn’t have to be.”
“What do you mean?” He wondered as he looked back at you.
“Maybe instead of remembering it as embarrassing, we could just remember it as the first time we kissed.” You shrugged as you avoided eye contact. Peter blushed a rosy pink shade as he thought of the kiss in a new light.
“I like that description better.” He smiled shyly and squeezed your hand again. You looked up at the sky and let out a short sigh. Peter watched curiously as you nodded your head as if you had come to a decision.
“Can I tell you a secret?“ You asked him.
“Yeah. Of course.” Peter shrugged and leaned his ear towards you.
“Come closer. It’s really embarrassing.” You waved your hand towards yourself so he would move closer. Peter looked at you curiously and moved closer. You cupped his chin between your thumb and pointer finger and moved his face towards you before kissing him. Peter’s eyes flew open before fluttering shut, his eyelashes ticking your face on the way down. He brought his free hand to your cheek and kissed you back, feeling the embarrassment from the day melt away. When you pulled away, Peter’s face from elated to confused.
“Wait, did you steal that from that one episode of Victorious? When Robbie kissed Cat?” He asked you. You put your hand over your mouth as your eyes went wide.
“I did. I didn’t think you would remember that.” You said behind your hand. Peter burst out laughing as you covered your face in embarrassment.
“I did. And you just tried to act like you made it up. You thief!” He pointed at you as he laughed at your expense.
“No.” You whined. “I really didn’t think you’d remember that. That makes this so embarrassing for me.”
“It really does. I’m getting a lot of second-hand embarrassment right now.” Peter said as he pressed a cold hand to his burning face.
“Well this is just great.” You sighed sarcastically. “Our second kiss is just as embarrassing as the first one.”
“You know what they say. Third times a charm.” Peter reminded you. You both laughed and felt the awkward tension dissolve from the air between you. You stared at each other for a moment as your laughter died down before leaning in. Peter put his hand back on your face and wrapped your hand around his neck as you kissed. This time, you were both prepared for it. When you pulled away, you exchanged shy smiles and laughed in embarrassment.
“Yeah.” You smiled to yourself. “Third times a charm.”
Most embarrassing moments were brought to you by my lovely readers ☺️ thank you for the submissions
Tag List 🏷
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peterparkersgirlfriend1 · a month ago
Mob! Tom Holland Headcannons
18+ content, praise kink
reupload because I originally posted this when I was shadowbanned oops :,)
Tumblr media
He would definitely spoil you rotten, anything you wanted he would get for you
You could tell him ANYTHING he's surprisingly quite understanding and nonjudgmental
You're the absolute highlight of his day, with all of the death and destruction he witnesses YOURE the only thing that keeps him sane and happy
He always puts your comfort first
He loves to watch old movies with you
You already know Tom ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) is a freak in the sheets but he's always respect of you && would never force you to do something you didn't want
He takes advantage of your praise kink
"Fuck... you take my cock so well princess.
"Shit! Such a good, good girl for me."
"You're all mine, aren't you pretty girl?
“That's right all fucking mine."
He loves LOVES seeing you in tight, short dresses
His weakness is you giving him puppy dog eyes
"Spread your pretty legs for me princess."
He loves waking up next to you & getting to wrap his arms around you & pressing kisses to your neck
He LOVES kisses on his neck
He would never admit it but he loves when you come into his office & sit on his lap while he's working
He loves your hands on his body, anywhere anytime from kisses to full body massages
When he's away for work purposes all he can do is THINK OF YOU the man goes crazy
He always brings back a souvenir if he goes out of the country
He loves going on late night walks or car rides with you
He's secretly really soft and caring, he shows that side to you & never shows it to & never shows it to anyone else
He definitely is a total literature nerd, he loves taking you to bookstores and telling you about books he loves
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belovedholland · a month ago
Still In My Heart || th.
-–— series masterlist
Tumblr media
⇾ social media au
pairing – ex!tom x singer!reader
summary – Just four months ago you broke up with your three years long term boyfriend, Tom Holland. After your break up you wrote a new album; 'Still In My Heart', which took the world by storm. But the thing that took you by storm, was when Tom suddenly started texting you again.
warnings – swearing here and there
a/n – I'm very excited to finally be posting this. A week ago, I binged through three smau series', so I got super motivated to make my own, so here I am. Please keep in mind that english isn't my first language, so there may be some mistakes here and there.
Updates when I have time
Tumblr media
navigation | simh taglist
Tumblr media
⇾ intro
⇾ one
⇾ two
⇾ three
⇾ four
⇾ five
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⇾ eight
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⇾ eleven
⇾ twelve
⇾ thirteen
⇾ fourteen
⇾ fifteen
Tumblr media
– reblogs & comments means more than you think
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peterbarnes · 5 months ago
We’ll Say Hello Again
Word Count: 1.2k
A/N: This is gonna be a series bc nwh killed me and I need closure. And yes I stole this title from wandavision
Masterlist | Series Masterist
Tumblr media
Summary: Post NWH. For the past few months, you’ve been consumed by loneliness. You felt like a piece of you was missing. But one day, you get an unexpected new neighbor: Peter Parker. And once he shows up, the puzzle slowly starts falling into place. 
Snow fell onto your hair as you walked down the streets of New York. It covered you in a beautiful white flurry, but a smile never fell upon your lips. Winter always came with cold weather and dread, but this winter was different. As holiday cheer pulsed through the streets, lighting up stores and children’s faces, you remained totally, utterly empty. It was an itch you couldn’t quite put your finger on. A tingling that told you something was missing. You just had no idea what. The mystery rang in your ears day after day after day, driving you mad. It almost felt like grief- but how can you grieve when you don’t know what you’ve lost?
Your old apartment had been destroyed, you don’t remember how, but you didn’t think much about it. There’s always incidents happening all over this city. Being in the center of the world means being in the center of the chaos. Sometimes it was like a war zone. 
You trudged up the stairs of the walk-up, panting once you reached the third floor. After fumbling to get the keys out of your jacket pocket, you finally managed to open the door. You sighed at the mess in front of you, the already small and cramped space cluttered with clothes and unopened boxes. You didn’t have the heart to open any of them yet, remnants of the before taunting you. High school photos of you, Ned, and MJ- the only friends you had that were now hundreds of miles away. And in each memento was an abnormally empty space where you swore someone had once been. You dropped your keys onto the nightstand and went to take off your jacket when you heard voices from the other side of the front door. You recognized one of them- Mr. Ditkovich, the landlord- but the other you didn’t know. It was like a melody from a song you’d listened to as a kid, a stinging familiarity but not enough to be identifiable. You slowly made your way to your door, opening it and peeking out.
It was a boy. Or a man? He had the body of a boy about your age, but his face was so worn and tired that it made him look at least a few years older. He was holding a box of his stuff as Mr. Ditkovich explained the rent situation with his signature abrasive tone.
“Ah! Perfect timing [Y/N]- meet your new neighbor!”
You and the boy turned to look at each other at the same time, locking eyes. The ringing in your ears was back and the stinging familiarity only grew. He was looking at you in shock, eyes wide, as if you were the last person he expected to find here. You cleared your throat before stepping forward to him and stretching out your hand. It dangled there for a good few seconds before he seemed to collect himself and took your hand in his. You both jumped slightly as an electric spark shocked both of your skin. You chuckled awkwardly, mumbling an apology. 
“It’s okay, [Y/N],” the boy spoke, smiling softly at you. The smile never reached his eyes.
His voice was both smooth and raspy, an evident mix of emotions that almost overwhelmed you.
“I didn’t catch your name,” you edged on.
“Uh, Peter,” he responded, his tone laced with a deep sadness. “My name’s Peter.”
“Peter,” you whispered back, trying it out. “Cute name. Cute boy.”
You saw Mr. Ditkovich roll his eyes as Peter’s skin tone faded to a rosy red. 
“[Y/N], enough flirting with my new tenant, help him with the boxes will you?”
“Oh, that’s really not necessary, sir-”
“No, it’s not a problem, really,” you chimed in, picking up one of the cardboard boxes from the rug. “This is really light- not a lot of stuff?”
“No,” Peter shook his head, shyly looking at you. “Fresh start.”
“Where’d you move from?” You asked, pushing his front door open with your back.
The apartment was small, just like yours, but it was completely bare other than the twin bed shoved against the wall. At least your apartment had some liveliness to it. You lay the box right beside the bed and turned back to Peter. 
“Uh,” he stumbled. You could see the gears turning in his head. “San Fransisco.”
“Wow,” you responded. You furrowed your eyebrows slightly, not fully believing him, but choosing to let it go anyway. “You’re pretty far from home, then.”
“You have no idea.”
An awkward silence fell over the two of you, like a thick blanket. This is usually the part where you would squeak out a goodbye and leave with whatever dignity you had left, but something was tugging at you, whispering for you to stay. So, you plopped down on his bed and tapped the spot next to you, signaling for him to sit down.
He hesitated, eyes clouded, before eventually taking a seat. The bed was so small that your knees were touching his. You didn’t get that electric shock again- this time you felt pure warmth. 
“Is it weird to say I feel like we’ve met before?” You finally blurted out. “I mean, I know it’s not possible and all with me being here and you in San Fransisco, but…”
He looked like a deer caught in headlights as he fiddled with the hem of the blue sweatshirt he wore. 
“Um, no. Definitely not…I would remember,” he told you, his widened eyes slacking and turning to stare at the floor. He was deep in his thoughts, you could tell. 
Probably homesick. 
“Well, it was nice to meet you Peter…” you trailed off.
“Peter Parker.”
The melody danced on your tongue into a great crescendo as a smile came over you face for the first time in months. The warmth in your chest grew until your face started to heat up too. 
“Well, Peter Parker, I’m right next door if you ever need anything. I have utensils, food, or if you just need to talk,” you told him sincerely, smiling at him.
His eyes trailed up from the floor directly to your eyes. His gaze was intense, but not unwelcomed. You’d never had anyone look at you like that before- with such respect and adoration.  
“Thank you, [Y/N],” he said, voice breaking. 
“Anytime. Here.”
You took his phone that sat on the small, wooden nightstand and turned it towards Peter to put his password in. Once he did, you went to his contacts and put in your number.
Your Future Best Friend
He chuckled at the contact name and you mentally high-fived yourself for being able to get him to laugh, to make such a beautiful sound. 
“See you around, Peter,” you whispered softly before turning around and walking out of his apartment.
You could’ve sworn you heard a sniffle after you closed the door, but you didn’t want to come off too overbearing, so you left him to sit in his feelings. 
Peter Parker.
His name rang in your head as you made your way into your apartment. You crashed onto your bed, staring up at the ceiling with a bright smile and eyes filled with daydreams.  
Maybe you’re who I’ve been waiting for.
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hollandroos · a month ago
assistant!reader blurb where some hotel receptionist calls her Mrs Holland in front of them both and Tom just.. doesnt? correct? her?
Where Tom went, you went. Almost like a puppy. Except you'd argue that he was the puppy following you around.
The two of you enter the hotel lobby after grabbing lunch, followed closely by some security guard that hadn't said a single word the whole time you'd both been out.
"I don't know how you do it." You tell Tom, peeling off your hat and glasses. You looked a little more recognisable to Tom now, who does the same.
You're talking about pushing through mobs of fans, being chased by paps and the screaming - good god the screaming was the worst. Even in big coats, masks, hats and glasses they still found him.
"Most of the time you're by my side, makes it a little easier."
"Oh be quiet, it's not like it's me that they want." You laugh. "How you manage to breathe I have no idea."
You and Tom begin heading toward the lift, the security gaurd finally leaving your tails - heading off to god knows where. You were just excited to get up to your room and enjoy your lunch..
Just as you're about to press the button on the lift, the eager hotel receptionist stops you.
"Mrs Holland? I'm just letting you know that we've arranged for that car to be here at 6pm for the dinner. That was what you wanted, correct?"
Mrs Holland.
It takes you a moment to realise she'd said Mrs, and that she was in fact talking to you, not your boss who was currently bitting the inside of his cheeks to prevent himself from laughing.
"Oh, thank you but I'm not–"
Tom places a hand up to interrupt you mid-sentence.
"That's perfect, thank you." He presses the button on the elevator and holds a hand out for you. "Shall we go up to our room, Mrs Holland?"
The door opens and the two of you step inside. Just as they close Tom lets out the laugh he'd been holding in. You don't follow suit. In fact, you glare at him.
"Now she's going to think I'm your wife for the rest of the trip." You cross your arms, staring ahead at the closed doors instead of your trouble-making boss.
"C'mon Mrs Holland, I've got a dinner to prepare for."
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emsloveletters · 3 months ago
holland + co. ˏˋ°•*⁀➷
Tumblr media
here you will find all my holland + co works !!!
Tumblr media
✎ tom holland
You and Tom share your first dance at your wedding | fluff
best kiss
You and Tom win best kiss at the mtv movie awards | fluff
You're on your annual trip to Hawaii when you run into a certain celebrity | fluff
what the hell...icopter
your partner takes you on a date to a place you would never expect | fluff
rumored breakdown
all the rumors cause you and tom to get into a fight | angst, fluff
joan of arc
you and your band mates write a song and tom takes it personal | fluff
reggaetón lento
it started with a look, and then all of the sudden you came in contact with a popular frat boy | fluff, angst, suggestive, au
enough for you
tom hates that he put you in the spotlight, so he does this... | angst
crushing on the course
tom has a huge crush on y/n y/l/n. what happens when he runs into her in the last place he'd ever expect. | fluff
think about this...
tom hasn't seen his girl in a while but, that all changes when graham norton surprises him on the show. | fluff
what a simp
tom is a simp and his instagram shows it... | fluff, au
after a tiring day at work, both you and tom come home, missing each other's touch. | fluff
✎ peter parker
spider like me
Spiderwoman (Y/N) has a huge crush on her partner Spiderman (Peter). Peter has a crush on the most popular girl in school Y/N Drew. Neither of them know the others identity. | fluff, angst
spidey's girl
spidey's girlfriend finally finds out who's under the mask | fluff
safety net
y/n, the new avenger, somehow found herself in a love triangle | fluff, angst
y/n and her dad get into a fight. peter is there to comfort her. | angst, fluff
you and peter have a misunderstanding | fluff, au
you do a lyric prank on peter | fluff, au
love sweet love
peter tries, everyday, to show you how much he loves you | fluff, angst, suggestive
you gotta not
you have high standards, can peter meet those standards? | fluff
all the stars
peter plans the perfect date for the two of you | fluff
✎ arvin russell
bad to you
you have a love-hate relationship with the boy you tutor | fluff, angst, suggestive
why don't I?
Arvin helps you out a little with your stage fright. | fluff
✎ series
bad ones
Why do you always fall for the bad ones? The ones who always make you sad? Well that's what you did, and it ended up with heartbreak. The person you thought was the one, didn't think the same. What happens when you write an album about your experience? Could it lead to even more of a problem or maybe a happy ending? | complete
saving dustville
You've had suspicions about your hometown, Dustville, being haunted for years. There's something different this year though, it seems unusual. With the help of your childhood friend, Tom, you uncover some of the towns deepest secrets. Along the way, you start catching feelings for your best friend. What will happen? | complete
under the mistletoe
High school is brutal, especially for Y/N. Everybody in school knew her as the "less-pretty best friend". That, however, was not the case for Tom. The school's most known jock, also Y/N's ex-bestfriend. What happens when Y/N needs his help to get her crush to go out with her? Will he help her? Will someone catch feelings? | hiatus
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violetlilysunshine · a month ago
Monkey Suits
Boyfriend Tom Holland x Female Reader
Summary: After a night at a red carpet, getting to bed is exhausting. 
WC: 1,395
Warnings: fluff :) 
A/N: It’s been a while since I’ve been here, I’m a little scared to post again.
You stumble up the walkway, your feet absolutely screaming from the ridiculous shoes you’d strapped yourself into for the evening. Why you’d bothered with them, you don’t know; chunky sneakers are in and, in hindsight, you should’ve opted for them. 
“C’mon, love,” Tom whispers, his hand on your lower back steadying you as you make it to the living room, “almost there and we can get out of these monkey suits.” 
His suit jacket hung lightly around your shoulders and his belt was already unbuckled. His tie hung undone around his neck just waiting to be flung on the table as soon as he entered the house, and the top few buttons of his shirt hung open exposing just a little bit of his chest. It was clear he was as uncomfortable as you were, but at least he was still walking normally. 
You chuckle lightly in response, “but you looked so cute in your monkey suit.” Your hand finds his other arm holding the door open for you to enter; you grip onto it tightly using the extra grip to hoist yourself into the house, “thanks,” you smile, turning your neck to plant a quick peck on his cheek. 
“Anything for you, love,” he answers instinctively, even though he really means it, “now let’s get you inside.” 
You make your way into the living room, the sofa less than twenty steps from the front door. Plopping down onto the plush cushions, you throw your feet on the coffee table, shrug off his jacket, and lean forward to start unbuckling your shoes. 
Tom closes and locks the door behind the two of you, turning to make his way towards you; he hurriedly kneels in front of the coffee table, shooing your hands out of the way, “no, no, darling, let me do that,” he scolds lightly, taking over the removal process. He slips both shoes off your feet, rubbing your arches lightly, before leaning in and pecking your ankle a few times. “You looked lovely tonight, really,” he smiles. 
You blushed lightly at the compliment, still not used to such affectation, “and I meant what I said about your cute monkey suit,” you laugh, pulling the focus away from you. 
He laughs lightly, “c’mon, should we get out of these clothes?” he asks.
You nod, reaching up to grab his outstretched arm as he pulls you from the sofa. His hands wrap around your waist now that you’re pressed chest-to-chest with him. He smiles lightly, “hi,” he whispers. 
“Hi,” you giggle. 
He closes the gap between the two of you, planting a nice long kiss to your lips. You smile into it, wrapping your hands around his shoulders and fingering through his slightly grown out curls. 
He squeezes against your hips, pulling you tighter to his chest before detaching himself from your mouth, “let’s change, yeah?”
You groan at the thought of walking up the stairs, but reluctantly step back from him to head towards the bedroom. 
“Pajamas don’t even sound comfortable right now,” he laughs, toeing off his shoes. When he’d untied them you don’t know, too busy thinking about getting out of your dress. 
“I know, I just wanna cuddle with you,” you whine, grabbing his hand and squeezing his fingers. You were getting to that point of being tired when you got really clingy. 
“I want to too, but we’ve got to take these off first,” he whispers, pecking your cheek lightly, “now come on, sugar, up the stairs.” 
You roll your eyes, starting to stumble towards the stairs. Your feet scream with every step, your hands clutching to the furniture around you to help keep you upright. 
Tom can see the grimace on your face, thinking you were exaggerating up ‘til this point. He doesn’t want to make you hurt any worse, so he stops you with an arm around your stomach from behind: “on second thought,” he says, placing a kiss on your shoulder, “maybe I’ll bring some PJs down for you and we’ll cuddle on the couch tonight.” 
“Really?” you smile, turning around, “I don’t wanna ask you to do that for me, but I think my feet would,” you laugh. 
“It’s fine, my treat. Now which PJs do you want?” 
“I don’t know,” you groan, “like you said, nothing sounds comfortable… just pick anything you like.” 
“Alright,” he answers, helping you sit back down, “be back in a jiff.” 
You laugh as he trots up the stairs. You can see the belt slip from the loops and his shirt already being untucked before he even turns the corner towards the bedroom. You laugh to yourself imagining what he’ll bring back down for you. 
A few minutes later he returns, dressed in nothing but boxers, with an old shirt of his thrown over his arm for you. “Now,” he starts as he reaches the final landing and steps towards you, “I brought you this shirt because I know you one, like this color, and two, only wanna wear my clothes, so it’s here if you want it. But,” he emphasizes, “nothing sounds comfy anyway, so you could just copy me and go for undies only.” 
You giggle at how well he knows you, “you’re right, your clothes are always comfier.” 
He laughs and tosses the shirt next to you on the sofa before then heading towards the kitchen to get waters for the both of you, knowing you both have to be dehydrated. “So,” he announces, seeing you haven’t moved a muscle as he rounds back to the living room, “haven’t decided on jammies then?” 
“Your offer did sound enticing,” you drawl, “but I think I’d get cold in just underwear.” 
“I’ve got that covered,” he says, quickly pulling a huge fluffy blanket for the ottoman, “see?” 
You smile, knowing he’d do anything you asked at this moment: “alright,” you whisper, sitting up, and discarding his tee to your side, “can you unzip me?” 
He quickly comes over and unzips you, helping you remove the dress from your shoulders and dropping it to the floor. You pick it up and lay it over the back of the living chair, knowing you’d be in so much trouble if it was wrinkled from laying on the floor when you had to give it back. Not to mention all the comments you’d receive about it being wrinkled and how it could’ve gotten that way. 
Tom slips under the blanket on the couch, leaning against the cushions on the back and holding his arm out for you to crawl into. 
You slide in facing him, pulling the blanket up around your shoulders and laying your head on his bicep as a pillow. 
He turns on a movie to play in the background, knowing you both will be asleep in minutes anyway. He brushes your hair back so it doesn’t get too tangled through the night - or end up in his face. 
You smile at him, brushing your fingers along his jawline, “thanks for being fun tonight, even if everything else was boring.”
“Right back atcha,” he jokes, pressing a nice kiss to your lips, “thanks for coming with me, don’t know if I would’ve made it through without you. ” 
You smile in response, not needing to say anything. He knows you love going with him and watching the world marvel at him just like you do. And you know that your being there helps to calm him down, which makes you even happier to be there. 
His fingertips run soothing circles over your upper thigh, scratching the surface just enough to give you goosebumps and cause you to shiver gently. He knows exactly what he’s doing, unable to stop the smile spreading across his face. 
“You know what you’re doing, mister,” you giggle as you scold him. 
“Yeah I do,” he laughs, leaning in to kiss you again. 
He relaxes his hand, allowing it to slip up and around your waist and pull you in closer to him instead. He plants a kiss on your forehead gently, sighing and relaxing into your skin. 
“Hey, darling?” he starts to ask, gently. 
He peeks down at your face when you don’t respond, finding you already asleep. He chuckles, pressing another short kiss to your head, “I love you,” he whispers, turning his attention to the movie and running his hands absentmindedly on your bare back.
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