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Who'd You Rather
Tumblr media
tom holland x reader
summary: if there's one thing Ellen is known for, it's exposing secret relationships
a/n: this was written so quickly and not proof-read. also, i picked Ellen because if anyone would do this, it would be her lol
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July 2019
"So Y/N, are you currently dating anyone?" asks Ellen, taking a sip from her mug. You shake your head. "Not currently, no." Ellen nods. "Well, please don't worry anymore. We're going to help you find someone in a little game we like to call Who'd You Rather?"
"Oh God," you laugh, twisting slightly in your seat to glare at your manager for agreeing to this who laughed and poked her tongue out at you. "So all you need to do is look at the photos I show you and pick between these two options, alright?" "Okay, if you insist." you roll your eyes, facing the large screen. "I do. So to start off, Timothee Chalamet or Dylan O'Brien?" "Oh, wow," you laugh. "Starting off strong. Well, I was an absolute hoe for Maze Runner when it came out so I have to pick Dylan. Plus, I know Timothee better so it would be kinda awkward if I chose him." The picture of Timothee fades away and is replaced by a new photo. "Dylan O'Brien or Harry Styles?" "Harry fucking Styles." you say without hesitation and the audience cheers. Ellen nods. "Harry Styles or Florence Pugh?" You bury your head in your hands. "How could you ask me that, Ellen? That's like asking someone to pick between cookie dough and mint chip ice cream! Impossible." Ellen mimes tapping at her watch and tuts at you. "Time's ticking, Y/N. Make your choice." You sigh. "It's absolutely Florence then. Sorry, Harry." "Florence pugh or Chris Evans?" Ellen asks. "Flo." Ellen's eyes gleam as she quickly reads the next pair of names, rubbing her hands together in a comically evil fashion. "Florence Pugh or Tom Holland?" You slide down on your chair, laughing and covering your face with your hands. "Ellen!" you shriek. "I've just come off my second movie co-starring with Tom and he's literally my best friend. You can't ask me this!" Ellen grins. "Florence Pugh or Tom Holland?" she repeats. You pout at the camera. "Flo, I am so sorry. Please still be my friend. I pick Tom." The crowd roars in approval and you wave a hand at them, laughing. "Shhhh, guys." "Tom Holland or Jake Gyllenhaal?" asks Ellen. "Tom Holland." "Tom Holland or Hailee Steinfeld?" "Tom Holland." "Tom Holland or Niall Horan?" You hesitate, biting your lip as Tom's frozen grin stares down at you from the photo. "I…fuck. Tom?" you say, almost as a question. "So it's Tom?" Ellen grins. "Speak now or forever hold your peace." You nod, sitting up straight and crossing your legs. "It's Tom." Ellen stares straight into the camera as an assistant signals an upcoming ad break. She rests one hand on your shoulder as she addresses the audience. "Tom Holland, you'd better act quickly. Y/N is currently sitting by her phone, waiting for your call. Don't mess this up."
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April 2021
You relax into the plush cushion of the chair on Ellen's set once again. You are paying attention, sort of. You nod and laugh in all the right places, offering stories and jokes when needed but your mind is miles away. Ellen can pick up on this and she shifts in her seat. "Y/N." she says, holding eye contact. "Can I have your phone please? Your eyes widen as you reach into the pocket of your oversized blazer, following her request and placing the unlocked device in Ellen's waiting hand. "I wonder," she says out loud, "who we can get to answer your call?" "Oh God," you laugh, covering your face. "If no one picks up I'll be so embarrassed." "The Watermelon Man?" Ellen questions, reading off of the screen. "Shall we call the Watermelon Man, whoever that is?" You cover your face, laughing. "Jesus. If Harry Styles doesn't pick up I think I'll throw myself off a cliff." The phone rings three times before a voice rings out from a noisy background. "Y/N! How are you?" laughs Harry. "This is a surprise, I have to admit." "Harry!" you call out, before he can say anything else. "Ellen's hijacked my phone and started ringing people, I'm so sorry." "Oh, she has?" Harry asks mischievously. "I'll make sure not to mention anything about our upcoming collaboration then…" he trails off and you can practically hear him winking through the phone as he hangs up. "That absolute fucker," you laugh, rolling your eyes at his spoiler as Ellen is already scrolling through your contacts list again. "Oh!" she exclaims, eyes bright. "Y/N, I thought you told us you weren't dating anyone? May I ask who 'My Darling 💖' is?" You freeze on the spot, mouth drying out as you blink at Ellen, desperately trying to jump start your brain into snatching the phone back. You glance over at your manager who is sat stock still, just as shocked as you are. The phone rings five times and you breathe a sigh of relief. It's 3AM in London right now, he's not going to pick up. Just as you've collected your heart off of the floor and smoothed your hair down, ready to make a self deprecating joke about this mystery person not picking up, there's a pause and the a collective gasp from the audience as the phone connects. "Hello my love, is everything alright?" asks Tom in his groggy, raspy morning voice. Ellen's jaw hits the floor so quickly you're shocked it doesn't fall off entirely.
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tysm for reading! reblogs and comments are always appreciated <3
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can’t get close  |  ch. three
Tumblr media Tumblr media
w/c: 4,739
warnings: explicit language, smut (18+! fingering, finger sucking lol), smoking, mentions of drug use
summary: you learn about peter’s brief sexual history, and the two of you make an arrangement
a/n: the moment you’ve all been waiting for! i wanna say thanks really quick for all the love so far hehe i appreciate how much you fw this series, there’s more to come and as always enjoy <3
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Tumblr media
peter’s lips chase yours as he lays you down on your bed, your legs parted so he’s between them. you bring a hand up to the back of his neck to guide the kiss. your teeth graze his bottom lip, testing the waters to see what he likes. peter hums permissively, so you do it again. his fingers run up and down the bare skin of your lower back, where your shirt bunches up. it gives you a tingly feeling.
how did he get so good at this?
you hook a leg around peter’s waist, drawing his body flush against yours. your skirt flips up. peter lets his hands travel your body as you suck on his bottom lip. your nipples are poking out of the thin material of your top, which garners his attention. he wants it off. he taps on your hip to cue your eyes to find his. you follow his gaze, down to your chest. you reply with a grin, your lips latching onto his in another kiss.
with your permission, peter lifts your shirt over your head. you raise your arms to help him out a bit. you hurl the shirt at the floor, grabbing onto his shoulders. he pulls back from the kiss for a moment so can look at you, really look at you and take you in. he’s pleased to discover you aren’t wearing a bra.
“shit,” peter swears, his breath fanning over your face. “fuck, can i…” he doesn’t say it, but you know what he means. “yeah, peter. you can touch me,” you respond.
peter sets one hand on your waist, his other coming up to your chest. you hold your breath in anticipation. you’ve done this plenty of times before, more than you could count, but something about it is different with peter. it’s new, unpredictable, spontaneous. neither of you know what’s coming next.
he’s so close to touching you, so close, but a bright red substance coating his fingertips stops him. he shows you his hand with an apologetic smile.
the remnants of the hot cheetos he was eating earlier.
“well, shit. to be continued,” you let out an airy laugh, wriggling out from under peter. “you mean, like, you wanna do this again?” he wonders. he watches as you put your top back on. “duh. we were only just getting started, and i think we both deserve to finish, if you know what i mean,” you imply, sitting criss-cross. “do you wanna, though?” you make sure. “oh, absolutely. to be continued it is,” he chuckles.
peter lays down in front of you, head resting in his hand. he grins at you, and his lips look so damn kissable. they’re plump from all of your sucking on them, parted for air. you can’t resist it, so you go in for a short peck. he eagerly kisses you back, sitting up again to reach you better. much to his dismay, you push him back down.
“save it for later, tiger,” you giggle. “ugh, sorry,” peter groans, rolling onto his back. “don’t be. where’d all that come from, by the way?” you question. “all what?” his brows knit together. “you’ve got skills. don’t take this the wrong way, but i definitely wasn’t expecting that,” you refer to your kissing. “then it might surprise you to know i’ve done this before,” he informs you, head leaned on his arms.
“for real?” you prompt. “a couple times, yeah,” peter nonchalantly says. a smile crosses your features. “with who?” you inquire. “you’re not gonna believe me if i tell you,” he laughs out. “yeah? try me,” you motivate. he waits a beat, then looks up at you. “gwen stacy,” he reveals. “you’re right, i don’t believe you. there’s no fucking way,” you instantly challenge, whacking his shoulder.
gwen stacy is one of, if not the most popular girl at midtown. she’s head cheerleader, and homecoming queen, and school president. she’s also liz’s biggest competition. liz is always second best to her. runner-up for homecoming royalty, vice president, but at least she has decathlon. gwen wouldn’t dare touch it, the club and anyone who’s associated with it being branded a social pariah.
so, how the hell did she end up with peter?
you’re cordial with gwen, although you aren’t each other’s biggest fans. she’s sweet to your face, but gossips behind your back, about your drug habits and your sex life. you couldn’t give less of a fuck what she thinks. she’s stuck up, and a bitch. at least you can live a little.
“give me a storytime, immediately. how on earth did that happen?” you gape. “you really wanna know?” peter asks you. “uh, yeah! start talking!” you whack him again. “alright, alright! stop hitting me! it was at one of flash’s parties,” he begins, a sly smile on his face. flash thompson is legendary for his ragers. “he invited the whole decathlon team because he’s an alternate member,” he continues.
“which makes zero sense ‘cause he’s an idiot. questionable move on liz’s part,” you interject. “you’re telling me? anyway, flash made everyone play seven minutes in heaven,” peter recalls. “a classic, a classic. go on,” you comment. “lucky me, i ended up with gwen. to make a long story short… it lasted a little longer than seven minutes,” he smirks. “you two had a nice time, then?” you jab a finger at his chest.
“so nice, it became a regular thing,” peter clarifies. “gwen was my first… everything. she taught me a lot,” he grins at the memory. “so i essentially just made out with gwen stacy. not really my type, but hey. i’ll try anything once,” you conclude. peter chuckles quietly. “you and gwen, wow. why is now the first time i’m hearing about this?” you ask.
“we had to be discreet because gwen didn’t want anyone finding out. it would tarnish her reputation, or something like that,” he explains, lips pressing together. “i think that was part of the appeal, though. the sneaking around, trying not to get caught,” he says. “yeah, that’s kinda hot. but also, kinda unfair to you,” you cut in, sounding genuine. “is that why you stopped?” you wonder.
“no, um, gwen wanted to go all the way. i didn’t. i wasn’t ready, so she ended it,” peter mumbles. “oh, man. i’m sorry. she didn’t wanna wait for you?” you question. “nah, but it’s okay. she wasn’t really my type, either,” he confesses. “that’s a relief. wait, so you two never fucked?” you reiterate. “we never slept together, no. we did… other stuff,” peter says with less vulgarity.
despite what peter thinks, you think it’s pretty fucked up what gwen did to him. he was just too pussywhipped at the time to see it. illicit affairs don’t seem like his type of thing, so you respect him for cutting ties with her. and, you now have even more reason to dislike gwen. how could she act so high and mighty, like she’s so far above you, when she’s arguably worse than you are?
“hey, i appreciate you telling me. i feel like i just heard your villain origin story,” you laugh. “eh, i’m over it. it was a long time ago,” peter assures you. “i think she’s dating brad davis now,” he says. “the quarterback and the cheer captain? that’s such a cliche,” you snort. “gwen doesn’t deserve you, anyway. you could do way better,” you pat his cheek.
peter closes his eyes, finding solace in your touch.
he never thought you’d become such a close confidant for him, but you truly have. you always listen and never judge, you make him feel a million times better about anything he opens up to you about. it’s a safe space that you two have created for each other, a safety net to catch one another if you fall.
“i should probably go wash my hands,” peter speaks after a moment. “hang on, i’ve got it,” you grab one of his hands.
peter squints up at you. your fingers wrap around his hand, allowing you to lead it to your lips. peter has no idea where this is going, until you pop his thumb in your mouth. you make eye contact as your tongue glides along his thumb, his brown eyes darkening even further. you then do the same to his index and middle fingers simultaneously.
it’s sort of turning peter on, the sight of his fingers in your mouth. there’s something sensual about it.
“yummy,” you remark, releasing peter’s fingers. “that was… weirdly attractive,” peter admits. “sounds like someone’s got a kink,” you tease. “yeah? what kind of kink would that be?” he asks, lacing his fingers with yours. “i dunno, hand kink?” you press your palm against his. “you did the finger sucking. i think you’re the one with the hand kink,” he retorts.
he was joking, but you take him seriously.
“maybe i am.”
Tumblr media
“mj! ned!”
peter comes racing into the bakery. he and ned usually hang around here whenever mj is working. mj is currently cleaning up for the night, and ned is helping her. her boss tasked her with closing. he gave strict instructions not to leave until the place was spotless.
“peter, we’re closing,” mj sighs. she wrings out a wet washcloth into a bucket. “if you and y/n are pulling another all-nighter, you’re gonna have to get your caffeine somewhere else,” she states. “that’s not why i’m here, but it is about y/n. can you talk?” peter asks her. “grab a broom or get moving,” she bargains.
peter finds a broom in the supply closet. he sweeps the floor while ned mops it, and mj wipes down the countertops.
“you said something about y/n? i’m all ears,” ned prompts. “dude, guess what? we just kissed!” peter beams. ned drops his mop. “you did? oh my god, peter! this is huge!” he gives peter a bear hug. “congrats, dude. you haven’t gotten any action since gwen stacy,” he jests. “thanks for the reminder,” peter pats his back.
mj kicks the mop towards ned.
“back to work, leeds. i’m not paying you to reminisce on peter’s shitty love life,” she calls to him. “you’re not paying me at all,” ned mutters. “who said i loved gwen? i never even liked her,” peter fixates. “but do you like y/n?” ned questions. mj gives him a look, so he mops the floor while he awaits peter’s answer. “define like,” peter responds rather anticlimactically.
“does y/n like you?” mj asks instead. “i mean, i don’t know, but we did make out for kind of a while,” peter replies, sweeping the area. “she must like your lips at least,” mj offers. “yeah, she must, because she wants to do it again,” he agrees, unable to fight back a grin. “dude! i told you she’d hook up with you!” ned hollers. “are you gonna go all the way this time?” he wonders.
“ned,” mj speaks with a warning tone. “what? it’s a valid question. we all know what happened with gwen,” ned justifies. peter looks down at the floor, pushing around cookie crumbs with the broom. “i’m not sure, ned. y/n isn’t like gwen, though. she gets it,” he murmurs. “he totally likes her,” ned says to mj.
peter doesn’t say anything back.
“one more strike and you’re on bathroom duty, leeds,” mj threatens. “haha, you said bathroom duty,” ned points out.
peter does a half-assed job with the rest of his sweeping, still stuck on his conversation with ned and mj. he’s almost positive he doesn’t like you, not like that. he can’t. you’re his friend, and he’s your tutor. you’re you, and he’s him. he just happened to be blessed with a skilled mouth that you want to explore more of. the way he sees it, he’s merely your next conquest.
he doesn’t mind, though. he’s been thinking about you a lot lately; he’s been thinking about you nonstop. he can’t get the image of your bare tits out of his mind, or the feeling of your lips off of his own. it’s driving him absolutely mad.
the bottom line is that he’s down for it, whatever it is between you and him.
Tumblr media
“is may around?” you ask peter upon entering his apartment.
it’s later in the week, and you’re over for tutoring. that’s what peter thinks, at least. he’s none the wiser to what you really have planned for the two of you.
“uh, no. she’s at the shelter. she took another late shift, why?” peter answers. “good. we can pick up right where we left off,” you propose, arms winding around his torso. he raises a brow. “i thought we were gonna do the physics homework,” he reminds you. “it can wait,” you play with the collar of his sweater. “but it… it’s due tomorrow,” he breathes out.
peter is all for part two of your make out session, but you can’t lose sight of what’s really important here; passing physics.
“we have plenty of time, peter,” you speak lowly. “y/n, i… you’re doing really well. i don’t want you to get sidetracked,” peter says despite himself. “if i’m doing so well then i deserve a reward, don’t you think?” you practically purr, leaning in so your lips ghost over peter’s. “we shouldn’t, y/n/n. not right now,” he weakly replies. “fine, suit yourself. i’ll go get my calculator,” you retract your offer.
your lips leave peter’s, arms starting to unwind from around him. he catches your arms before they do, situating them around his waist once again.
“i guess we could do the homework later. what time do you have to be home?” peter questions with a half smile. “you know i don’t have a curfew,” you murmur before your lips crash into his.
the two of you barely make it to peter’s bedroom between your sloppy kisses and handsy touches, each of you effectively hot and bothered when you finally do. peter sits at the edge of his bed with you in his lap. you’re in a mini skirt that’s even shorter than the one you wore last time, heightening the feeling of the position for both of you.
your hands find their way back to peter’s sweater as his lips pepper your skin in an array of kisses. the kisses are soft, ticklish almost, and peter grabs your chin between his fingers so he can concentrate them where he wants to. he settles on your jaw.
“can i take this off?” you pull on the hem of peter’s sweater. “please,” peter speaks against your skin. you remove his sweater, only to be met with a flannel underneath it. “you’re not making this easy for me, are you, tiger?” you laugh breathlessly. “i like it when you call me that,” peter grins and pecks your cheek. “me, too. it’s very fitting,” you concur, getting to work on his flannel buttons.
you slide the flannel off peter’s shoulders, revealing abs and muscles you had not a clue were there.
“holy shit, you’re ripped! what’ve you been hiding under all those layers?” you grasp at peter’s biceps. he chuckles at your reaction. “you’re just full of surprises, aren’t you? i mean, shit, who even are you?” you ogle him. “all i had to do was take my shirt off and you’re salivating,” peter brags. “you’re so fucking hot, jesus,” you go on.
peter kisses you again to shut you up, and because he doesn’t like going too long without your lips attached to his. your hands continue to feel up his toned body, his hands moving down yours. they stop just above the curve of your ass, tentative towards fulfilling his desires. you sense his reluctance and let your lips momentarily detach from his.
“it’s okay. you can touch me wherever you want,” you offer a smile. “are you sure?” he questions, licking his lips which are covered in your gloss. “i’m sure. i want this just as much as you do, peter,” you soothe. “okay, good. in that case…” a cheeky smile makes its way onto his features.
you resume your kiss, and this time, peter lets his hands come to rest on your ass. he kneads gently with his fingers, a sigh leaving your lips. your nails scratch against his chest, tongue tangling with his. you sneak a hand back to unzip your skirt so you can speed up the process. that leaves you in your panties, and it’s only then that you realize just how hard peter is, and just how wet you are.
you’re soaked.
peter takes note. his thumb skims along the waistband of your panties, an arm looping around your middle.
“i never got to take care of you the other day. lemme make it up to you?” he looks into your eyes. “god, please. i’m literally pulsating,” you manage. “yeah, i can feel you,” peter chuckles. “i can feel you, too. must be fucking suffocating in there,” you place a hand on his thigh. his breath hitches. “could i take care of you after?” you wonder.
“no, no. don’t worry about me. let’s just focus on you, alright?” peter nods, willing you. “well, it’s not often you hear a guy say that,” you concede. “i prefer giving to receiving. i’m just selfless like that,” he smolders, making you giggle. “peter parker, you’re a fucking dream,” you remark.
peter smiles at that, really smiles. although he knows your words are driven solely by lust, he finds tenderness in them.
you angle your hips so peter has better access to where you need him. peter keeps you in place with his arm around your waist, pushing your panties aside. he uses a finger to collect your wetness, so slowly it’s agonizing. the feeling sends shivers down your spine. a cocky smirk appears on his lips. his thumb presses ever so slightly on your clit, eliciting a high-pitched whine from you.
you’re about ready to beg for more, then two fingers enter you.
“oh, fuck.”
you smash your lips into peter’s as his fingers begin to pump inside you. he starts at a steady pace, still slow, but steady. it’s when his thumb comes back up to massage your clit that you let out a soft moan against his lips. he pays more attention to your bundle of nerves since it’s what you respond the most to, letting his fingers curl a bit in you.
“that’s good… do that,” you exhale, holding onto peter’s biceps. “whatever you like, y/n/n. just tell me,” peter murmurs.
you leave a messy kiss on his chin in response.
peter brings his free hand down to give your ass a squeeze while his fingers work inside you. you yelp, forehead falling against his. yours has become sticky with sweat. his thumb circles your clit with just the right amount of pressure to evoke more moans from you. he continues to curl his fingers in you deliciously, pace consistent. your hips roll in sync with him.
“that’s it. how’s that feel?” peter rasps. “fuck, just… just keep doing what you’re doing,” you pant out, hips matching his movements. “i’m so close. so, so close,” you almost heave. “already?” he teases. “you should take that as a compliment, dickhead,” you bang a fist into his chest. “i do, y/n/n. in the highest form,” he reassures.
all it takes is a few more strokes of peter’s fingers in that one perfect place, combined with his thumb on your clit and the lolling of your hips, and you’re done for. you gasp as you reach your high, clutching at peter’s arms. he works you through it, strong arms bracing you. when he feels you clenching around his fingers, he carefully slips them out of you.
“peter, that was…” you don’t even have the words. “i know,” peter hums, readjusting your panties for you.
peter’s curls stick to your forehead when yours separates from his. you drop your head onto his bare chest, hands still on his arms. peter gives you time to collect yourself. he rubs your back while you try to even out your breathing, the room now silent save for both of your pounding heartbeats.
that was fucking incredible. you don’t think you’ve ever came so fast. peter was so attentive, listened to you and your body, and it made the experience that much better. out of all the sexual encounters you’ve had, it’s been rare you find someone committed to your pleasure as much as peter is. you’ve learned that when you do, you should keep them around.
you’re not done with peter just yet.
“let’s talk,” you smile, peeking up from peter’s chest. “uh oh, how bad was it?” he jokes. “no, really. there’s something i wanna talk to you about,” you laugh. he becomes more serious. “sure, what’s up?” he questions, brows furrowing.
you climb out of peter’s lap and sit next to him. he shifts on the bed so he’s looking at you.
“how would you feel about us making an arrangement of sorts, for lack of a better term?” you prompt. “what kind of arrangement?” peter follows up. “y’know, a friends with benefits type of thing,” you elaborate. “wait, what? seriously?” he bites his lip to suppress a smile. “yeah, if you’re down. this was fun… really fun, and i’m comfy with you. plus, you have experience in this field,” you grin.
peter thinks it over for a moment. he definitely wouldn’t mind hooking up with you on the regular, and it wouldn’t be his first time doing so with someone. it didn’t end so well the last time, though.
then again, you aren’t like gwen, not in the slightest. you didn’t shame him when he told you about waiting to have sex, and you’re always encouraging when he wants to try something new. he trusts you; you trust him. above all else, that matters most to peter while being intimate. besides, just like you’d said physics was his territory, this is yours. you know what you want, and what you’re doing.
what could go wrong?
“let’s do it,” peter agrees, grinning back at you. “perfect! we’ve just gotta set some ground rules, and then we’re good to go,” you affirm. you seat yourself in his lap again. “good idea. what’s rule number one?” he asks, hands setting on your thighs. “always be safe, and sanitary. your cheeto fingers aren’t welcome here,” you wave a playful finger at him. “i won’t make it a habit. number two?” he chuckles.
“communicate. don’t be afraid to tell me what feels good, or what doesn’t,” you start. “and there’s never any pressure to do something you don’t want to. i’m guessing sex is off the table?” you inquire. peter’s cheeks turn pink. “is that okay?” he recoils. “completely okay. no pressure,” you repeat, thumb lightly tracing his jawline. “okay,” he relaxes, fingers wrapping around your wrist.
“rule number three is the third and final, but the most important one of all,” you prepare. “what is it?” peter wonders. you look him in his eyes. “no feelings, no getting attached. we’re friends, and friends only. we’re just helping each other get off. don’t except anything more,” you finalize. “can you handle that?” you check with him.
he thinks he can.
“yeah, totally. no strings attached,” peter repeats. “none,” you reinforce. “it’s settled, then. friends with benefits,” you nudge his nose with yours. “friends with benefits,” he pats your thigh. “we should probably get started on physics now. i heard warren’s collecting,” you huff. “of course she is. alright, after you,” he coaxes you out of his lap.
you get off the bed and put on your skirt. peter is still hard as a rock, and the sight of you shimmying your hips as you zip your skirt up doesn’t help. he’ll have to deal with his massive boner later, though. right now, you two have a shit load of physics homework to complete.
Tumblr media
you’re in gym class, hiding out in the bleachers with harry and liz to avoid running the mile. liz ran hers already, but you and harry have been putting it off. the three of you watch everyone on the track as you catch up with each other.
“you and parker are fucking?” harry sneers. you just told him and liz about your… arrangement. “no, that’s actually the one thing we’re not doing,” you correct, feet kicked up on the bleacher in front of you. “why not? is he a prude or something?” harry ridicules. “hardly. he just wants to wait,” you shrug. “i don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. plenty of other things you guys could do,” liz throws in her two cents.
“right? he made me cum in, like, seconds the other night with just his fingers,” you recount. “seconds? damn, has he done this before?” liz prompts you. harry crosses his arms over his chest. “get this. he used to hook up with fucking gwen stacy,” you tell the two of them. “ugh, of all people? you’re joking,” liz’s jaw drops. “i’m dead serious,” you vow. “gwen is a fucking fox. how’d he pull her?” harry questions.
“seven minutes in heaven, one of flash’s parties. they hit it off,” you explain. “interesting,” harry fumbles for his pack of cigarettes. “oh, shit! i was there for that! they were locked in the closet for, like, ever,” liz remembers. harry offers you a cigarette. “i’m good. trying to cut back,” you decline, shielding your eyes from the sun.
you’ve been inspired by peter’s slip up with your edibles to reevaluate your usage of certain substances. he really is a good influence on you.
harry shoos at you and lights his cigarette.
“speak of the devil,” liz says. peter passes by as he’s finishing up his last lap. “sheesh, his ass looks great in those tiny little short-shorts,” you fan yourself. “some thoughts should stay in your head, y/l/n,” harry mumbles, taking a drag from his cigarette. “y/l/n! osborn!” coach wilson blows his whistle at the two of you. “get your asses on the track,” he reprimands.
liz smiles deviously. you and harry let out collective noises of anguish.
“i’m either gonna puke my guts out or die of heat exhaustion… or both,” you declare. “have fun with that,” liz sends you off. harry stays back with her. “what’s your deal with peter, osborn? seems like you have something against him,” she brings up. “huh? why would i?” he responds. “well, i think y/n was right. maybe you’re jealous,” she insinuates.
harry stands up from the bleachers. he spots you with your hands all over peter’s arms, the two of you laughing so loud he can hear it from up here. he takes one last drag from his cigarette before stomping it out.
“i’ve got nothing to be jealous of. she was my friend first.”
coach wilson blows his whistle at you again for talking to peter instead of running your laps. you puff air out of your cheeks, fingers trailing down peter’s arms before leaving them completely.
“that’s my cue. i’ve gotta run, literally,” you complain. “you want me to do it with you? i could take another lap, or four,” peter urges, smiling. “but you’re already done,” you remind him. “so? i’m working on the bod,” he flexes a bicep. “like you need to,” you prod at his muscles. he lowers his arm with a laugh. “it’s fine. we’ll do it together,” he decides.
“now you’re my tutor, my fuck buddy, and my personal trainer? i don’t know how you keep up,” you remark. “me neither. you’re not low maintenance, that’s for sure,” peter plays along. “c’mon, let’s get going before that vein in coach’s forehead bursts,” he says. “oh my god. you see it, too?” you grab his shoulder. “how could i not?” he confirms.
the two of you make your way to the track. you let peter go ahead of you so you can check out his ass again, thoroughly enjoying the view.
“wait, before we start, are we still on for tonight?” you wonder. you’re warming up, bending to touch your toes. “for tutoring? or, uh, the other thing?” peter replies. “both again? if there’s time in your busy schedule,” you answer. “if not, we’re just doing physics because that homework was brutal,” he groans. “i know, and it’s not like warren is a forgiving grader, either,” you mumble.
you come back up to a standing position. peter’s eyes are fixed on you, but he looks away when you look at him.
that makes you even.
“um,” peter clears his throat. “i’ll race you.”
you bump your hip against his, moving so you’re beside him.
“you’re on, tiger.”
Tumblr media
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deja vu | t. holland
Tumblr media
an: just a short fic for u all <3 hope u enjoy :p !!heavily inspired by deja vu by olivia rodrigo!! also no hate to zendaya pls, + not my best work :/ an smau will be out later tonight too!!
pairing: tom holland x ex!fem!reader
Tumblr media
"so when you gonna tell her, that we did that, too? she thinks it's special, but it's all reused"
You couldn't believe it, "Tom Holland and Zendaya spotted kissing in LA." You whispered to yourself, "What?" Xochitl asked, pulling you from your thoughts.
"See for yourself," You handed her your phone, "His fucking audacity." You groaned, upset with the fact that you were letting this make you upset, "No way." She gasped, "Three months haven't even gone by and he's already sucking her face off."
You laughed, "Ridiculous," You rolled your eyes, "Like towards the end of our relationship, I started to notice things here and there but never thought it would be this."
Xochitl hummed, "You think he gets deja vu?" She asked handing your phone back, "Wouldn't doubt it." You said, "What if he's taking her to all the spots he took you?" She asked.
"Gosh, he probably is." You sighed, "All that shit is so overused."
Tumblr media
"that was the show we talked about, played you the song she's singing now when she's with you"
Filming started back up for the third Spiderman film and you avoided Tom and Zendaya as much as possible. Although, you found that difficult as your trailer was right next to hers.
As you walked by, you heard music playing out of her trailer, "I'm in love with an uptown girl, you know I've seen her in her uptown world."
You rolled your eyes knowing exactly where she got the song from, "Hi Y/N/N!" She called out, "Hey Z, how are you?" You asked, turning over to face her, "I'm good! Congrats on Multiverse of Madness. I've been wanting to text you but our schedules have been so hectic."
"Don't stress about it, I've been busy with press." You sighed, "When are you shooting?" You asked, "Tonight and Tomorrow, are you going to be on set as well?"
"No I'-" You stopped, looking over at Tom who had just peeked out of her trailer, "Hey Y/N." He waved awkwardly, "Hey." You replied putting your attention back onto Zendaya, "No, I'm flying out tonight. We've got to of our international leg of press for Multiverse." You said, "I'm sure we'll film together soon."
She sighed, "Hopefully it's not till the end!" She joked looking over at Tom, "We'll let you be." She waved and walked back into her trailer, “Be safe, Y/N.” He said smiling softly, “I will.” You said walking away from Tom; he definitely gets deja vu.
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Cruel intentions | chapter 3
summary: liz fucking allen now seems to be the least of your problems, you just don't understand why peter likes physical touch so much. either way he can do a mean detective wall.
warnings: this chapter is chill, allusion to violence.
listen to: don't have one here. but here's the playlist, I'm changing it up a bit.
word count: 2k
series masterlist + read next chapter early on ko-fi!!
Tumblr media
You arrived to Stark Tower later, very frustrated from how everything had developed but you still had a small glimpse of hope regarding Peter Parker. 
You’d agreed with Gwen that she would talk with a girl named MJ, apparently Peter’s best friend. She would talk about how you were an incredible respectful and not manipulative at all person. You chuckled at the thought of someone saying that after the last few years you’d had. 
Moreover, you had more important things that you had to be concern about, like fucking Liz Allen. Liz Allen and you barely knew each other, mostly because of the legal proceedings that happened regarding her dad. You still weren’t sure exactly what had happened since you’d been on a coma during the time that Spiderman and your dad caught Liz’s dad or, as many people called him, Vulture. 
Apparently, what you had gather from Harley and Pepper, Tony had agreed to keep the trial and everything completely confidential so Liz’ family could be protected and not face the consequences of what her father had done. A handful of people knew about this and the true identity of the Vulture, even you. 
Liz went to Stark Tower one day, you were still recovering so you were taking classes in one of the many conference rooms, she walked in and you talked for a bit. It wasn’t much and you didn’t even remember what exactly the few words you exchange were about but you winced as you recalled how your attitude was. In your defense you were depressed after how everything had gone down with Steve and Tony, your suit had been taken away and long story short it was a bad time. 
So, you were aware that maybe you weren’t exactly the nicest person to her.  
And karma had come to get you three years later. 
Nonetheless, if karma was a bitch, you knew you were one too. Gwen had told you about a party that night, Midtown alumni were throwing it and she was sure that Peter and his friends were going to be there, even Liz Allen. The only thing was that you needed to get invited by Peter, otherwise it would be extremely weird that Gwen, someone that had never even mentioned you to them, would invite you.
Therefore, as you entered the elevator you pressed the botton to the lab floors, you tried to make yourself more presentable than before as you applied mascara as fast as you could before the doors opened. You gave almost two steps on the hallway before you found Peter, Harley and Tony all gathered in Tony’s lab. 
There were pieces off nanotech all over the floor with multiple holograms of the suit and some of Tony’s newest accessories. Your dad never laid off from the suits, there was always something that could be improved and you were the same. 
“Hey,” you muttered from the frame of the door while clutching your the strip of your bag tightly, realizing that you were a bit more anxious than what you expected.
“Hey,” Harley and Tony muttered at the same time with their characteristic touches. Harley was uninterest but a bit curious on why you found yourself there, whilst Tony’s tone -as always- was extremely cautious, as if he was about to disarm a bomb that had found it’s way to the lab. 
You tried not to mind, but then Peter finally raised his head from whatever he was looking at and his face lighted up. 
“Hi!” He exclaimed with a side smirk that he wore so well, brunnette curls falling to his forehead and you swore that your heart skipped a bit.
You’d come to realize that Peter Parker always seemed to be in a good mood, the few times that you’d found your way to him, or honeslty force your encounters with him. And life seemed so gray sometimes that it was actually nice to see something different
Someone different. 
Your words died down in your throat before you had a chance to give an appropiate answer, instead you just smiled while looking at Peter, as if it was a true answer, but Tony’s voice snapped you out of Peter’s chocolate eyes. 
“I can’t believe that I’ve seen you more times in the lab in the past few weeks than in the last two years,” Tony muttered uneasily and as if it was a reflex you rolled your eyes at the remark. Before you could give your dad any snarky comment, Peter walked up to you and his scent invaded your space. 
You both stood awkwardly in the frame of the door, at the edge between the lab and the hallway, not being sure were to move. A giggle barely escaped your lips as you didn’t missed the smirked that tugged at the corner of his mouth as he stepped on the hallway, and yet he didn’t move. 
“It must be someone that’s bringing her here,” Harley answer to Tony as he nudge his head towards were Peter was and you immediately wanted to die. Before you even realize your movements, you took a screwdriver from Peter’s hand and threw it towards Harley, hitting hit on his right hand as he cursed loudly. 
You smiled as you turned towards Peter. “So, you were going to?” you asked him as you place your hair behind your ear, as if Peter hadn’t notice Harley cursing in pain. 
“Uhm, to my lab,” Peter said as he peeled his eyes off Harley on the floor and linked them with yours. “I have to bring something.”
“Right,” you said while playing with your fingers. Silence settled between you while you stood on the hallway, you bit your inner cheek as you waited for an answer but as Peter looked at you, you realized that he didn’t have a clue on what you were asking. The words of Harry rumbled on your head, did this kid had any game? “I haven’t had the chance to see it,” you muttered again. 
A couple more beats of silcence passed before Peter reacted. 
“Oh, you want to?”
“Sure,” you said with a smile and walked toward Peter’s lab by his side. 
Peter entered it first as he asked his AI, who he had named Karen, to let you in. You thanked the AI -as you’d done since an early age to each one of your AI’s although Harry believed it was quite stupid- before stepping onto the lab.
Some people believed that the eyes were the windows to someone’s heart but for you it was their labs. You could know someone by the way they organized their lab. Your dad’s labs were mostly a demonstration of his big dick energy. It had multiple screens that were surrounding a metal pallet were Tony would place his suits, other screens could be find in all the other places your dad probably needed them. Most importantly, the lab had a exhibit section for his suits and also sometimes he liked to decorate his labs with images of himself. 
Harley’s lab on the other hand was fun but also extremely organized in an efficient way, it wasn’t a mess but it had posters on the wall coming from the biggest scientist that he admire the most to Gorillaz and David Bowie posters. He had his lab divided into sections from where all of his screens were to his mechanic section where he would build things and another section to play videogames or listen to music, even play the drumbs. 
And then there was Peter Parker’s lab. Everything was fairly new but it was already different than the others. It was darker than the other labs and dimly light, there a was a section full with screens that seemed to cover all the wall and surround Peter, whilst to the right there was a long table with multiple things, from chemistry tools to multiple physics and biochemistry books and even a sewing machine which you didn’t understand. 
And then there was a wall. 
Over it, there was something you could just assume it was a Detective Wall. You’d seen Tony’s and the files the Avengers made but this was so much more crafty and unhinged that you ever seen. You found it strangely comforting because your detective walls were often as unhinged as this one, although you  made them on your holograms so you wouldn’t cause a mess on your space and you could carry it with you anywhere. 
But Peter seemed to have it on display, there weren’t any names or significant photos, and if there was anything like that they were crossed out, there were just some peculiar spots in a map of New York. Some familiar spots that you’d been going to during your extracurricular activities. 
Was he following you? No, there was no way that just by gazing at some modifications that you were doing he could’ve known what you were actually doing at night. 
Your mind was suddenly interrupted by a high pitch clink coming from where Peter was, you snapped your head towards him only to realize he was eyeing you with wariness. 
“So, how are you?” you asked Peter as he took some of the things on his hands and placed them in the large desk next to you before he took the eraser and deleted some equations that he had on a board next to his detective wall.You glanced at the equations, some which you found strange but you tried not to pay much attention to them. 
“No, how are you?” He replied finally turning to you. His eyes were glued to your face, not backing down and there was a sense of something stronger in his words. 
“I’m fine,” you lied as you stare back at Peter. Hoping the eye contact may dissuade him from asking more questions that you didn’t want to answer. 
But Peter didn’t backed down. 
You avoided eye contact until the air cleared and became deathly silent, then you turned to Peter. Something felt different. It wasn’t awkward, but not calm either. There was a tension that held your body hostage, frozen in place with no sign of escaping as Peter Parker walked up to you and  raised his hand towards your shoulder. 
You felt your breathing hitching as his skin made contact with your clothed skin, he had barely actually touched you yet you could feel goosebumps already erupting all over your body. Your eyes fell on his hand and then back to his eyes, only to have him looking at you with softness and as if he had asked them with words, he asked for permission. 
You didn’t understand what he wanted, and part of you wondered if the hint of gleaming he had on his eyes was lust. 
It wasn’t. 
It was something much more intimate than what you’d felt before. 
Soon, Peter took a hold of your cardigan and uncovered your shoulder. It was a matter of seconds before his eyes fell onto your purple skin and you felt like your heart was going to burst out of your heart as his fingers brushed the dark spot on your skin. He doesn’t say anything to further the conversation. He just stares. He’s lost in his head, chocolate eyes stuck on the very nasty bruise that had colored a large section of your skin. 
And then he spoke. 
“Are you sure you don’t want to tell me something?” Peter’s voice was stern but still a bit wobbly, his breathing was heavier as his eyes look back at you with concern. 
And suddenly, you felt like you were drowning. 
In one sudden motion you jerked away from Peter and his touch before you were pulling your cardigan back at it’s place, hiding the bluish red spot from anyone’s sight. You spun on your heels and in record time you were already on the hallway, walking away from Peter, walking away from the strange and horrible tingle that you were feeling all over your body. 
You sucked in a large breath and quickly let it out before you were trying to call the elevator as quickly as you could. All your energy was essentially shot, you only felt the strange tingle all over your body and your hands were already shaking, you knew the feeling and the shortness of breath wouldn’t take long to come. 
Had Peter’s action trigger a panic attack?
But then you felt Peter’s hand on yours, and you turned around. You felt as thought you were jumping into a cool spring water. His presence alone was making you nervous but the more you looked into his eyes, something soothed you. 
You didn’t rush to say anything but he did. 
“Y/N, come on,” he muttered while still holding your hand.  “You’re clearly upset and i’m not the asshole who pretends not to notice. Are you truly okay?” he asked once more and you felt like breaking down. 
There was something about Peter Parker that you ofted didn’t found in anyone and that was sincerity. He was truly concern about you, even if you had met a handful of times, he truly wanted to make sure that you were okay. This stranger seemed to be more concern for your safety and wellbeing than some of what you guessed were your closest friends. You realized that no one had actually asked you that in years, at least not with the same honesty as Peter Parker was displaying at the moment. Many simply assumed that you weren’t okay or that you would snap at such question, but they didn’t seem to care. 
Peter did. 
“I’m not fine,” you finally muttered honestly and you could feel the tears dwelling on your eyes. 
“Hey,” Peter mumbled before he was pulling you forward so you stumble into his chest before wrapping his arms around you.  
You didn’t react immediately because it had been a while since someone that you weren’t particularly close to you was hugging you, which you found it annoying for a second. You didn’t understood Peter’s need for physical touch but at the moment you truly appreciate it, and soon you were wrapping your arms around his waist. 
“I’m sorry,” you muttered after a few seconds. 
You felt Peter smiling at the crook of your neck. “Don’t be,” he replied. 
“Yeah, I just cried in front of someone I don’t really know,”
Peter chuckled before he was pulling back.“You seem a little bit uptight, you know that?” he asked before you were frowning immediately. “What? I’m just saying that you look stressed out”
“Well I am,” you muttered while you crossed your arms over your chest with a raise brow. 
“How about a party? To relax?” Peter asked and you felt your stomach dropping. 
You hadn’t even started with your plan for making Peter invite you and yet here you were. 
Peter nodded as he placed a hand on the back of his neck.  “Yeah, me and some friends from my school are going out, would you like to come?”
“Uhm, yeah” You stuttered before smiling. “Text me the address?” you pointed out before you called the elevator again. 
“No way, I’ll pick you.” Peter stated seriously. 
“Oh,” you muttered before realizing Peter’s cheeks were turning pink. 
“At seven?”
Suddenly, Tony’s head peaked out of his lab and his eyes fell on both of you, wariness drawn in his whole face. You didn’t quite understood your dad’s aversion at your friendship, did he really think that you would mess with Peter?
“Y/N, stop distracting Peter,” He stated before he looked at Peter with a frown. “Come on, underoos!” 
Peter nodded in a hurry before he was walking away to the lab while you entered the elevator. 
Your plan was on track and you were strangely happy about it.
taglist: @walkintheprk @jeonzll @hoetel-manager @pbeckn26
authors note: im actually floored that someone actually supported me on KO-FI!!! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT. THANK YOU SO MUCH. AND SORRY THIS IS GOING TO BE A SLOWBURN. lmk what you think and I always always appreciate feedback. moreover i would appreciate a bunch if you supported me on ko-fi even one dollar makes the difference! thank you so much!
feedback is always welcomed
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who tf is y/n and why are they always with tom get the fuck away from my man
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waitimcomingtoo · 3 months ago
You'll Save All Your Dirtiest Jokes For Me
Pairing: Tom Holland x actress!reader
Synopsis: you make a lot dirty jokes that leave Tom wondering how you really feel about him
warnings: adult humor
Tumblr media
You were known to make a lot of dirty jokes.
Your sense of humor was strictly rated R, something Tom found out pretty quickly. Since you and he were the closest in the cast, he was usually the target of these jokes. Tom wasn’t exactly opposed to them, he just had a hard time telling when you were kidding or not.
Sometimes, the jokes went over his head.
“Look. Our action figures came in.” Tom said as he walked into your trailer.
“Woah! I haven’t seen these yet. I’ve been waiting all day to play with myself.” You sighed in relief and picked up your action figure.
“These are so cool. Yours looks nothing like you, though.” He snorted as he looked at the toy in your hand.
“How many people do you think have made us fuck?” You genuinely asked him as you mashed your action figure against the Spiderman one.
“Oh my God. Stop.” Tom turned bright red and grabbed your hands to make you stop. You pulled out of his grasp and made the toys kiss.
“Look. I bet all the marvel fans are out there doing this.” You joked before making them change positions. You bent the knees of the Spiderman doll before putting it on top of your doll.
“Wait, who do you think tops?”
“Who what?” He asked as he tried to pull his doll away from you.
“Like between our characters. Would Spiderman want to be on his back-“ You asked as you laid the Spiderman doll down, “or on top?” You said as you put him back on top of your doll.
“Oh. I think I’m on top.” Tom nodded, praying the conversation would end before his face got any redder.
“You think you’d top me?” You asked skeptically.
“Yes.” Tom said weakly, sounding unsure of himself.
“Please.” You scoffed. “My action figure would ride your action figure like a carousel. I think I’m the more dominant one between the two of us.”
“You’re still talking about our characters, right?” He gulped as he grabbed a pillow and held it over his lap.
“Am I?” You asked innocently as you continued to make the dolls kiss.
“What about you?” He asked quietly. “Are you as dominate as your character?”
“I’m pretty versatile in the bedroom. I’m similar to a pancake in which neither of us are done until we’re flipped on both sides.” You said simply, making yourself laugh.
“Oh.” He gulped. “Good to know.”
Other times, the jokes left him disappointed.
“Ugh. I hate this. I hate cooking. Fuck this recipe. Fuck peppers. Fuck this spatula. Fuck this stupid fucking warped pan.” Tom said and threw his spatula down in exasperation.
“Well since you’re fucking everything, I hope my name gets thrown into the mix.” You replied from the kitchen table. Tom whipped around to see if you were serious, but you were absentmindedly scrolling through your phone.
“Really?” He asked as he nervously drummed his fingers on the counter. He wasn’t opposed to that if you were being serious, but he couldn’t say that until he knew for sure.
“No.” You chuckled. “I’m just kidding.”
“Right. Kidding.” He nodded and went back to cooking.
You didn’t just make the jokes when you were alone. You liked to take advantage of talk shows that let you swear, like Graham Norton.
“Now Y/n, you’ve been a Spiderman fan forever. Your mom sent this picture in for us.” Graham said before turning to the screen. A picture of you as a baby was displayed, warnings lots of “aw’s” from the audience. The thing that stood out the most was the Spiderman toy that you were chewing on.
“Aw. You’re so cute.” Tom smiled and nudged you. You patted his knee to thank him before giving your response.
“Wow. I didn’t realize I started doing that at such a young age.”
“Doing what?” Graham asked.
“Sucking the shit out of Spiderman like that.” You said as you pointed to the screen. The audience erupted into laughter as you sat back in your seat in satisfaction. Tom was bright red as he sat behind you, unable to hear the rest of the conversation from the blood rushing in his ears.
“I can’t believe you said that.” Tom said as you walked back towards your dressing room.
“What? It was a joke. People loved it.”
“But now they’re going to think we hooked up.” He said, blushing just from the thought of it.
“Who cares?” You shrugged. “Everyone already thinks that. We’ve been dodging dating rumors for years. Might as well have a little fun with them.”
“You’re okay with people thinking you…you know.” He mumbled and flicked his eyes down.
“Sucked your dick?” You asked. He covered your mouth with his hand and pushed you into his dressing room as he shushed you.
“You can’t just say that. People can hear you.”He whispered harshly once you were inside.
“Tom.” You laughed and pushed his hand away. “We’re adults. We can say whatever we want.”
“I guess so. I’ve just never heard anyone make the kinda jokes you make. At least, not as frequently.”
“Tom, be honest with me. Do my jokes make you uncomfortable? Because they’re not funny if you’re not laughing.”
“They don’t make me uncomfortable. I’m just always shocked to hear such dirty words out of your pretty little mouth.”
“Okay, that was dirtier than anything I ever said.” You chuckled. Tom laughed back as he remembered why you were his best friend. You had never failed to make him laugh.
“You can make whatever jokes you want.” He told you. “I don’t mind them. They just never stop catching me off guard.”
“Are you sure?” You asked. “Because I’ll stop in a heartbeat if you’re uncomfortable. Just say the word and I’ll never make one again.”
“I’m sure.” He decided. “It’s your humor. It makes you who you are. And I love who you are. Even if you have a dirty mind.”
“Well it wouldn’t be so dirty if you weren’t so drop dead gorgeous.” You said as you stepped closer to him and adjusted his tie.
“Drop dead, huh?” He smirked and raised his eyebrows, thinking he was leveling the playing field.
“Yep.” You slowly looked up into his eyes. “Like, makes you want to drop to your knees, kind of gorgeous.”
Tom gulped as you patted his chest and walked away. He definitely didn’t level the playing field. If anything, he gave you more power. The jokes didn’t end that night. Some tame and some leaving his head swimming.
Sometimes, the jokes were in his defense.
“Which one of the Disney plus series did you like best?” The moderator asked you and the other cast members on the comic con couch.
“I loved Wandavision, personally. I didn’t like the Falcon and the Winter Solider. The leading man was unbearable.” Tom said into his microphone, making the audience laugh.
“Shut up, man. Don’t talk to me until you reach 6 feet.” Anthony Mackie clapped back.
“Hey, Tom is average height for a man.” You jumped in.
“No he’s not. He’s like two inches tall.” Anthony continued. “You need to add some inches to you height, then you can come talk to me about being a leading man.”
“Whatever. He’s got inches elsewhere.” You mumbled into your mic, making the crowd go wild. Tom buried his red face in the crook of your neck as you smiled proudly at your comeback.
“Damn. I should’ve known better not to go after Tom when he has his attack dog with him.” Anthony grumbled into his mic.
“Oh, I’m the attack dog?” You asked.
“Yeah. You are. Anytime I tried it get some light bullying in on set, Y/n would show up and defend her little boyfriend with her life.”
“I’m not her boyfriend.” Tom cut in.
“And he’s not little.” You added, eliciting another loud response from the audience.
Sometimes, Tom wasn’t even there for the joke.
“So I know not everyone gets to wear the cool suits like Captain America. I hear you guys have to wear something different?” Jimmy Kimmel asked the cast members he had on his couch.
“Those of us with more fantastical suits have to wear these motion capture suits.” Don Cheadle explained.
“And then we have to wear these cloths over our private parts to spare some of our dignity.” Mark added when Jimmy put a picture up on the screen.
“Who wears them?” Jimmy asked.
“Me and Rufallo.” Don said. “And anyone else in a motion capture suit.”
“So Tom holland had one, I presume?” Jimmy asked.
“Tom didn’t need one.” Don deadpanned, making the audience laugh. You, who had been quiet for a while, let out the loudest laugh of all.
“What are you laughing at, Y/n?” Jimmy asked you.
“Nothing.” You shrugged. “You’re just wrong.”
“Oh I’m wrong? And how would you know that?” Don turned to you to ask.
“Take a wild guess, old man.” You replied with a simple shrug. The audience went wild and you knew you got the last laugh. When Tom watched the interview the following day, he laughed too.
Some jokes were small.
“Why is my YouTube recommended feed always so weird?” Tom asked as you sat on his couch together.
“What do you mean?”
“I mean I have some early 2000s music videos, random news reports, some true crime stories, and this one just says “watch Tom Holland absolutely destroy Y/n L/n”. Why would they be recommending that to me of all people? I was there.”
“Oh shit. Our sex tape leaked?” You asked as you looked over his shoulder. “Oh. It’s just the lip sync battle. False alarm.”
“Ha ha.” He said sarcastically. “Very funny.”
“I know. Don’t worry, Tommy. I keep our sex tape under lock and key.” You winked at him. Tom gulped and looked back at his phone.
“I think we’d have to have sex first in order to make a sex tape.” Tom said as a searing blush painted his cheeks.
“I’m ready when you are.” You replied without ever looking up from your phone. He looked at you out of the corner of his eye and decided to drop it.
Some jokes weren’t jokes at all.
A few hours after posting a shirtless selfie to his Instagram story, Tom noticed he had a DM from you.
“I’ve seen it. You can delete it now.” You had written. Tom read the message a million times as his thumbs danced over the keyboard. He had posted it to get your attention, and somehow you knew that. Before he could respond, you sent him another message.
“Don’t worry. I already screen shot it”
Tom sucked in a sharp breath when he read your message. You were flirting like you always did, but it was in a place that only he could see. He always assumed the jokes were to make other people laugh, but this one wasn’t even particularly funny. As Tom was thinking of something to say back, he got a notification that you posted something on your story. When he clicked on it, he saw a mirror picture of you in a hot pink bikini. Tom smirked, knowing the picture was for him, and went back to his DM’s.
“I saw it. You can delete it now.” He sent you.
“As long as you saw it ;)” You wrote back. Tom smiled to himself and felt his face heat up. He loved the way you could make him blush, even when you were in different countries. When he went back to view the story again, he noticed you had deleted it. He chuckled to himself and was once again wondering how much of what you were doing was a joke.
Some jokes didn’t start out as jokes.
“Come in.” You called when Tom knocked on your hotel door. He walked in to see you touching up your makeup in the mirror while wearing nothing but a black bra and matching underwear.
“Woah. Sorry. I thought you said come in.” He said as he quickly covered his eyes.
“I did.” You replied and fixed your lipstick.
“But you’re literally naked.”
“I have a underwear on.“
“But nothing else.”
“You didn’t ask if I was dressed. You just asked if you could come in.“
“Why would you let me in if you weren’t wearing clothes?” Tom asked as he tried to look anywhere but your body.
“Why does it matter?” You chuckled. “We’re friends. It’s just underwear. And I know you’ve seen me in a bikini before. Plus, I need you to zip up my dress.”
“This is different.” Tom insisted as you stepped into your dress.
“How?“ You walked over to him and turned your back to him.
“It just is. I feel like I violated you.” He mumbled as he zipped your dress up for you.
“Tom, please. I really don’t care. Maybe one day I’ll be lucky to see you in your underwear.” You turned back around and gave him a flirty smile. Tom gulped and slowly let his eyes fall down to your lips.
“You look beautiful, darling. This dress looks fucking amazing on you. “He said in a low voice.
“Keep talking like that and this won’t be the only time you see me in my underwear tonight.” You said, patting his chest before going back to the mirror.
Finally, all the jokes boiled to a head one day on set. It was the last day of filming at a location in Toronto and Tom had just received a text from you that made his heart stop.
“come to my trailer. ur about to be fucked.”
He read the text a million times before bolting to your trailer. When he got there, he saw your clothes on the bed and bottles of lube on every surface.
“Oh shit.”
He could hear the shower running and began to think of all the things you had planned. Years of your dirty jokes directed at him led to this moment. He heard the shower shut off and gulped. Tom’s heart raced as he tugged his shirt off and dropped it on the ground. You came out of the bathroom in a pair of pajamas with your wet hair hanging around your face. Tom smiled at the sight of you and walked over to you.
“Oh. You’re here.” You smiled as he put his hands on your face. Before you could ask what he was doing, he pulled you into a kiss.
“Woah. What are you doing?” You pulled away and stepped back from him.
“What do you mean?” He furrowed his eyebrows.
“What do I mean? Tom, you just kissed me.”
“Yeah. Is that not what we’re doing here?” He asked and gestured to the rest of the room.
“What?” You laughed in surprise. “No. Why would you think that?”
“Why would I think that?” His eyes widened. “There’s lube all over your trailer.”
“Yeah. I just changed out of my costume. I need to use lube to get in and out of my suit.”
“But…but the text.” He said weakly as he slowly realized he had misread the situation.
“What text?” You wondered. Tom pulled his phone out of his jeans and held it up for you to see.
“Ohhhh. Well, technically you are about to get fucked in my trailer.” You said sheepishly. “I asked you to come here because I wanted to tell you that our flight was delayed so we’re not gonna be able to leave tomorrow. And the next flight isn’t for two days so we’re gonna miss the first day of shooting at the other location. We’re fucked.”
Tom’s jaw locked as he processed what you said. He should’ve known it was too good to be true. All you ever did was tease him and he couldn’t believe he let himself believe you were being serious for once. He let out a frustrated sigh and grabbed his shirt off the ground.
“What’s wrong with you?” You wondered as he pulled his shirt back on.
“You.” He pointed to you. “You’re what’s wrong with me.”
“What?” You frowned. “What are you talking about?”
“I’m talking about this.” He exclaimed and gestured to the room. “I’m talking about the jokes and the texts and the lube and the asking me to zip your dress up for you. You send me so many mixed signals with all your flirting and teasing dirty jokes. Is that all this is to you? Just one big joke?”
“Tommy, that’s just my sense of humor.” You folded your arms and gave him an apologetic smile. “You know that. I like to make dirty jokes. I asked you if they made you uncomfortable and you said you were fine with it. Did that change?”
“It didn’t change. I just don’t understand why they’re all about me. How come I’m your only target?” He asked in desperation.
“Because it’s fun to tease you. You get all flustered and make this really cute surprised face.” You smiled a little as you thought of the face.
“You’re doing it again.” He pointed out.
“Doing what?”
“Confusing me. I can’t tell what you want from me. I don’t know what this is to you.” He quieted down as his frustration turned to vulnerability. You also got quiet as you realized the pain you’d unintentionally put him through.
“Is there any truth behind your jokes? Or do you just say things to make me flustered?” Tom asked quietly as he kept his eyes on the ground. You walked over to him and tilted his chin up to look at you.
“I like to get you flustered.” You said as your lips curved into a smirk.
“I can tell.” He said and rolled his eyes. You folded your lips in and placed your hands on the buckle of Tom’s belt. Tom looked down at your hands just as your fingers were undoing the buckle.
“Remember when I told you you were drop dead gorgeous?” You asked as you looked at him through your lashes.
“Yeah.” He gulped.
“I meant every word.” You smiled innocently. “I always do. Because you know the funny thing about my jokes, Tommy?”
“What’s that?” He asked you as you slid his belt off and dropped it to the floor. You slipped your fingers into the loops of his jeans and tugged his flush against your body.
“I was never joking.” You whispered in his ear.
One year later
“This wouldn’t be a proper game of Never Have I Ever if I didn’t asked this. Never Have I Ever hooked up with a member of the cast?” The journalist asked you and the cast during the press tour.
“What counts as-“ You and Tom said at the exact same time before immediately cutting yourself off. Tom felt his face burn as you buried your face in his neck while laughing.
“Welp. That answers that question.” The journalist chuckled.
“Wait, what?” Anthony turned in his chair. “You guys did what?”
“I thought you knew.” You shrugged. “I thought everyone knew.”
“I mean, I just assumed.” Sebastian chimed in. “I think we all did.”
“What? Everyone knew?” Anthony asked as he looked around at the other cast members. Everyone was nodding along, making Tom’s face turn even redder.
“How did you not know? You literally caught us that one time.” You asked Anthony.
“When?” He wondered.
“Remember on the Endgame set? When you knocked on her trailer door to get us for dinner and I yelled back that we’d be out in a few minutes?” Tom reminded him.
“I didn’t know you guys were hooking up. I just thought you were in her trailer. Like you always were.” Anthony shrugged.
“He was in my trailer. But that’s why I didn’t answer you. Because it’s rude to talk with your mouth full.” You mumbled that last part and covered your mouth, surprising even yourself with how far you’d gone.
“Oh my God.” Tom laughed and covered his face with his hands.
“She did not just say that.” Anthony turned in his seat to look at you in shock.
“I like that Endgame is like, a historical movie, and you guys used it as an opportunity to hook up.” Paul Rudd chuckled.
“I know. Like Downey’s a couple feet away, filing his final scene as Iron Man. Everyone on set is crying and in awe and then these two are off somewhere hooking up.” Sebastian laughed as well as he pointed his thumb to you and Tom.
“I’m a little in shock right now. I’m gonna need a minute to process this.” Anthony closed his eyes and rubbed his temples.
“Why? I thought it was obvious.” You shrugged.
“But Tom’s like 13.” Anthony protested.
“I’m not 13.” Tom whined. “We’re both adults.”
“You should get one of those shirts.” Paul began. “Like the ones they give you at Disney land. It would just say “I got my dick sucked on the Endgame set and all I got was the stupid T-shirt”. I think that would be really profitable.”
“You should so get that.” You laughed and grabbed Tom’s arm. “We could get matching ones.”
“Wait a minute, you’re telling me you guys hooked up a year ago and nothing ever happened since?” Anthony asked. “I could’ve sworn the two of you were in love or something. That’s why I’m not allowed to bully Tom on set anymore.”
“Hey, the question was about hooking up.” You shrugged. “You didn’t ask about what we’ve been doing since.”
“Well what have you guys been doing since?” The journalist asked you.
“What haven’t we be doing since? I’m on my knees more than I’m on my feet around this one.” You laughed, making Tom blush and burry his face in your neck.
“Relax.” You smiled and patted his back. “I’m only joking.”
Tag List 🏷
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hollandsangel · a month ago
we need a milf reader x tom where dads are ogling at her
pls and thank you
i was truly obsessed with this concept it was so cute and fun to write
shameless | tom holland
Tumblr media
gif by @thollandgifs !
it’s late evening. tom had gotten off work a little later than usual, and you’d taken your time eating dinner together before wandering to the grocery store for the week's shop. 
the store is relatively empty, considering the hour, and it’s the picture of peace as you walk leisurely down the aisles with your hand in one of tom’s, the basket hanging from his other arm.
“okay,” you begin, holding up a small slip of paper littered with tom’s messy handwriting, “we’ve got the eggs, almond milk, peaches…” you’re mumbling to yourself as you check things off the list, and tom is watching you intently, smiling as he observes you. “oh! we need to get some more of those cookies, the little ones with the…the…” you snap your fingers, trying to remember.
tom quirks a brow, “the fudge ones?”
“yes! those ones.” you nod, looking over to search the shelves for the familiar box.
“i thought you didn’t like them?” his brows furrow together, reminiscing on a time when you forced the box away from you, hardly able to handle the scent.
“well i guess the baby changed their mind.” you shrug, rubbing a hand over your swollen belly with a hum.
tom looks down, admiring the action you do so absently now, without as much as a thought. he shifts the basket into the crook of his elbow to free his own hand, joining you in the soothing motion. he can’t help but grin, over taken with joy at the reminder that you’re carrying his child, that in a few more weeks, you’ll be parents. he leans in and presses his soft lips to your temple. you hum in acceptance.
down the aisle, tom catches the maundering stare of man about his age glued to your body. you’re wearing a loose knit sweater under your trench coat, but with your due date growing nearer, you show through most of your clothes. tom hardens his gaze at the man, who is shameless in his ogling of you. it makes his skin crawl.
“c’mon love,” he tugs on your hand, his eyes forward, “i think they’re in the next aisle.” he doesn’t really know, but he can’t stand the hungry look being shot at you, so he pulls you away, pressing himself closer and glaring at the bloke as you pass him. 
“are you okay?” your sweet voice pulls him back to you, expression matching your tone when he meets your eyes.
“yeah, m’ okay.” he nods, pecking your cheek to further his point.
“mmk,” you hum, “what flavour of protein bars did you want, lovie? you didn’t write it on the list…tom?”
“what the fuck?” he mutters, head turning as another man eyes your form.
“excuse me?” you remark incredulously.
“baby, we gotta go.” with a bit too much urgency, tom tugs your hand, and the waddle you have to do to keep up with him must look ridiculous.
“tom, tom, slow down, pregnant lady here.” you remind him, still as confused as ever, “what’s wrong?”
“oh, shit, sorry, love,” he seems to calm, “are you alright?” and there he is again, your attentive, loving husband.
“yes, i’m fine, are you okay?
he huffs and looks around. you’re in the health food aisle now, and it seems pretty vacant, “these men keep looking at you, darling, like they want to fucking ravish you.” he explaims in a hushed voice, seriousness crawling amongst each word.
you laugh, and tom pulls back.
“y/n,” he says sternly, “i’m serious.”
“i know,” you giggle, “that’s why it’s so funny.” with a squeeze of his hand you release it, moving yours up to his shoulder instead, “why does it matter?”
tom seems almost offended by this question, “because you’re my wife?” he says, as if the answer should be incredibly obvious, “and it’s weird to look at a pregnant woman, who is clearly in a relationship, so shamelessly??”
you can’t bite back your laugh any longer, and it tumbles out when you shake your head and pat his cheek, “you’re ridiculous and cute. go get your protein bars, doof.”
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tomsholland2412 · a month ago
dark tom holland when ur both filming a sex scene but he actually fucks you in front of the directors, who are none the wiser
pairing: dark!tom holland x actress!fem!reader
warnings: smut (minors dni,+18) (non-con)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
the tension was high on set the moment you walked in. it was the day for the sex scene in the movie with your co-star tom holland. he was a sweetheart on and off screen until you’ve found yourself in this situation. usually these sex scenes were meant to be fake in reality but that was not what was happening as of now.
you and tom were under the sheets, to not reveal much nudity on screen and if anything slipped you were still in skin colored underwears. nothing would happen right? it was just acting. those were what you thought to yourself before the scene until tom was actually sliding himself into you. 
“what are you doing tom?” you whispered in his ear so that no one else would hear it. it was actually against the rules to do such things in front of the camera because it would technically be pornography. 
“making everything more realistic, darling. remember, i’m a method actor.” the camera was rolling and he was actually thrusting into you instead of pretending. your eyes were shut and back was arched. 
“great y/n, maybe a little harder tom, make it more believable, yeah?” the director ordered and tom was smirking in your neck while also kissing your soft skin. as the cue came in he went harder and started to moan too. your moans were filling the set and you were scared people would find out what was happening in reality. 
your breath was getting heavier and tom’s smirk was getting wider. he was genuinely enjoying this, on the other side you were confused about this whole situation, it felt wrong in so many ways. he didn’t even tell you that he was going to fuck you on set for real. 
before either of you could finish the director yelled “cut!” that was when tom pulled out without making it obvious. he adjusted both of your clothes and acted like nothing happened. 
“let’s take one more take guys. are y’all okay with it?” the director asked and not letting you speak, tom jumped in to say “any scene with her is okay with me really.” he winked at you and all you could do was smile and nod. 
Tumblr media
you can read part 2 here
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tomhollandfics · 7 months ago
Peter Parker [Favourites]
this is an overview of some of the best peter parker fics out there - this list covers all tropes
* = smut
* Don't Hold Back - @hollandcrush
two hormonal students wander into a room during a frat party, what could possibly happen? maybe you discover that under his heart made of pure gold lurks a hidden powerful, dominant side
Sunset Lovers - @duskholland
you’ve never met your soulmate, but you know his handwriting like the back of your hand...literally - every word your soulmate writes on his skin appears on yours, and vice versa - you’re desperate to meet him, but until the universe decides to introduce you, you’re stuck with scribbled smiley faces and chemistry formulae
Was It Worth It - @kelieah
reader and peter are married with a baby, after every mission she questions if it “was it worth it” but as she becomes muddled up in a dangerous mission, peter doesn't know if it is worth it anymore
Disappointed - @dlwritings
the events of endgame have taken their toll on peter - unfortunately, this means you’re left picking up his broken pieces, and you’re not sure how much more strength you have to help him
His Plan - @dlwritings
you’re far too shy to tell peter how you feel about him - you always have been, he’s shy about it too, but decides to bite the bullet and confess a couple things to you on the school trip to europe - his plan doesn’t, however, account for you feeling the same
*The Storm - @starlordsandrockets
peter parker was the last person you wanted to be partnered with for your class presentation - now you were forced to spend the day with him but your loathing soon turns into something quite different when the day is over
Just For Tonight - @cloudybarnes
peter accidentally tells the avengers he has a girlfriend and now they all wanna meet her. in an attempt to not look like a liar, he recruits his best friend y/n to fake date him for the night so he can introduce them to her
* What Good Boys Do - @vampireinbusiness
can you do one about shy peter and his love for readers short skirts like he gets so flustered seeing her in them but he always touches her and him going down on his knees to eat her out with them on
Remember That Night - @tinyyoungblood
peter spends a night on omegle and comes across a sleeping girl. peter decides not to skip her - he reads to her and talks to her about his problems, and when she finally wakes, they lose themselves in endless conversation until she hits him with the “see you in a different life, bye peter
Better Half - @ptersmj
where you fall asleep on peters lap after a mission and he just takes care of you?
Trouble In Paradise - @ptersmj
peter loves giving y/n hickies - when they at a pool party with the rest of the avengers, everyone starts teasing her about them
Honor - @itsapeterthing
your best friend peter parker who has a secret crush on you catches your boyfriend cheating with another girl
Invisible String (Series) - @peterbenjiparker
you were content with the way your life was, until you woke up with a red string wound around your fingertips and the red string just had to link you to your best friend, peter - now you were subjected to a possible life of no love as you watched peter, your soulmate, fall for someone else all the while getting fucked over by the universe in the worst way possible
Drunk On You - @peterbenjiparker
peter calls you from a frat party after getting drunk to get over you while you were out on a date
* Your Mess - @peterbenjiparker
peter got drunk at flash's party and you have to take care of him
* Wet Dreams - @selfcarecap
what the title says - also, friends to lovers
Time After Time (Series)- @softspideys
peter parker is your worst enemy, but he’s also your soulmate. life is funny that way
Sweet Dreams, Parker - @marvelousmrsmarvel
being a full-time student is exhausting in itself, let alone being an avenger as well. you and peter both knew the feeling a little too well. so, when peter is losing sleep over finals week, you step in to help get his sleeping schedule back on track
Of Sleep & Safety - @florenceyelena
in which peter parker slumps into your room exhausted and you have to try and get him into bed despite the height difference between you
Can't Lose You - @ms-misery
you're trying to get over your best friend but no matter how hard you try you just can't seem to do it
* Secret - @celestialbarnes
you and peter have been dating for a few months now, and in order to keep your dad and the team in the dark, you two sneak around, not knowing that the entire team already knew, everyone but tony of course, chaos ensues
Cuddles - @parkersdoll
peter has a bad day, all he can think about is you
Can't Escape (Series)- @asonofpeter
life moves fast out in the suburbs, you live the perfect life with your mother and father but when you start to crave for more meaning in life than just westview, your mother does every thing in her power to make sure you don’t leave - can you ever imagine what’s on the other side of ellis avenue?
* Vacation (Series) - @scarletspideyy
it’s peter parker’s senior year class trip, all he wants is a break from the stress of high school and his spider-man duties - to his surprise, he gets the vacation he always wanted but it doesn’t come without its own personal trouble; love
* Break It In - @simplyparker
peter gets his first car, and you want to have some fun
Hopelessly Devoted To You - @spiritualchange
what can he say, peter is just devoted to you
* The Birthday Boy - @noobsquasher
it's peter's birthday and you celebrate it by giving him a memorable lap dance
Perfectly A Little Late - @t-lostinworlds
with all things college, two jobs, tutoring on weekends and another at the bakery downtown, you're one busy girl - peter completely understands that of course, admires it even but it doesn't make it sting any less when you just so happen to forget about his birthday
Kiss Me More - @celestialholland
you and peter make out for the first time
* Pretend I'm Not Here - @thighs-of-betrayal-blog
peter asking you to touch yourself in front of him like you do when you're alone
Caffeine - @waitimcomingtoo
peter’s shyness makes him an easy target at his new job, but one co-worker always stands up for him
* Rings, Rings, Rings - @vintagemulti
in which your boyfriends newfound love towards jewellery affects you more than you expected
Halftime - @eloquenceflores
your cute nerdy bf takes care of you during the half-time of the football game you’re cheering at
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yesitsmewhataboutit · 3 months ago
In The Background
Tumblr media
Tom Holland x Actress!Reader
You bring Tom to set so he can watch you, he loves watching you work. Plus, the scenes are pretty interesting, and it gets him riled up
Warning⚠️: smut
᠃ ⚘᠂ ⚘this is part of @tomhollandfics Tom Holland Event⚘ ᠂ ⚘ ᠃
̶̶̶̶ ̶«̶ ̶̶̶ ̶ ̶ ̶̶̶ ̶«̶ ̶̶̶ ̶ Requests open  ̶»̶ ̶̶̶ ̶ ̶ ̶̶̶ ̶»̶ ̶̶̶ ̶ ̶ 
Being an actress in a tv show is nerve-wracking, and being the star is even worse. Well, you had both. It's your first time staring in a tv series, not to mention the show is meant to send a message. It's one about the teen mental health statements. Like 13 Reasons Why and Euphoria. You're a nervous wreck. But you're a professional, and what they say is true, do something enough, you get used to it, and you did. Within no time, not much about it fazed you.
Something that helped through it all is Tom. He's supportive and awesome, and you couldn't ask for a better husband. "When will you tell me about your show?" Tom mumbles, pulling your body close to him. You told him the bare minimum about your show. Stuff like you're in high school, it's not for kids, and you definitely think he'll like it.
Anytime he asked to know more, you always said either he has to wait for it to come out like everyone else, or promise not to spoil anything, then he can come with you to the set and watch you during shooting. "You know the answer, Tom." You laugh and snuggle into his chest.
"You know I can't promise I won't spoil anything tho." He pouts, "but I'll try really, really hard."
You smile, "Fine. You can come tomorrow." Tom gives you a big smile, dipping his head to kiss your forehead before laying back again and relaxing, ready to slip into sleep. "If you make me mess up, I'll tell security to throw you out," you say in a sweet tone right before you fall asleep, making Tom silently laugh.
In the morning, you both get up and head to set. When you walk in, you say your hellos to everyone as you head to hair and makeup, hand in hand with Tom. "Hey, look," you say, getting Tom's attention and pointing, "that would be the security guard that'll throw you in the mud if you distract me," you playfully whisper.
"Very scary, Love," Tom snickers.
Once your hair and makeup are perfect, you and Tom head to the spot they're shooting in at the moment. They had started shooting with two of the other characters. It is a casual scene that turns "spicy." Starting off the day strong.
"I have to look. I don't remember what scenes we're shooting today, but remember, if you get uncomfortable, you can step out," you tell Tom before you walk in.
"Darling, I can handle it," he smirks and smiles at you.
"Alright," you laugh.
The area they started shooting in wasn't where your first scene was, so you walked past and went to where you knew your first scene would be, getting ready for when they finish and move to you. While you walked past, re-reading your lines, Tom's following you and looking around. Since you only walked past, he didn't see much of the scene, but he knows he saw two people simulating a blowjob.
"Alright, this is my spot. You can stand over there," you say, snapping Tom's attention back to you. He nods, taking a spot a few feet away and watching as you sit down in the part of the set made to look like a high school cafeteria, saying hi to your co-star, Sierra Capri, and sitting down as you both chat to fill in time.
Tom stood back, smiling as he watched you interact and talk with the others. Even though you hadn't begun shooting, you looked like a natural. He waves when he sees you point to him, Sierra looking past you and waving to him. You're wearing a simple hoodie and jeans, Sierra's in a shirt and leggings. The high school look. Tom laughed, knowing you're clothes weren't too different from what you wear on a daily basis anyway.
Not too much time passes before it's time for you to start. Peyton List, your other co-star from the scene you walked by earlier, walks over and says hi to you and Sierra. She only stays for a few seconds, and she walks over to the side, and then once everyone is ready, you start shooting.
The scene is lunch. Your character, Micah, is talking with her best friend Sam, Sierra, and then their other friend Abby, Peyton, will come in mid-scene.
"Come on, please," Sam begs, whining and pulling at your arm.
"No," you laugh, "I'm not leaving just cause they want to be dicks."
"I don't want to deal with this right now. It's so stupid. Look," Sam says. You turn your head, seeing the group of boys staring at you both.
You sigh, "Sam, I love you. But no."
She groans and throws her head back dramatically. During Sam's little tantrum, Abby runs up to the table, smiling and sliding in with you guys.
"I just sucked Luke's dick in the bathroom," she whispers yells.
"Nice," you laugh, still focused on your food.
"What's wrong with her?" Abby asks, nodding to Sam, who's still in her own world.
Sam looks at her, a big smile coming on her face, "Abby, you know you're my favorite, and I love love love you so much. You wanna go sit somewhere else?" she asks, her whole face changing to convince her.
You roll your eyes and look at Abby. "She wants to sit somewhere else cause dick decathlon over there," you nod your head to the group of boys, "won't stop staring at her."
"Why? What happened?" Abby asks, confused.
"Last night, she and Grey were hanging out, and he kept asking how big Ben's dick is. She wouldn't tell him. So Grey thought it would be a genius idea to call Ben and ask him himself. Saying, she said he wasn't packing, and he wanted to know if it's true." Abby's mouth drops open, and she starts laughing.
"No," Sam whines, "this's not funny."
Grey is you, Sam, and Abby's good friend who also goes to the school. He obviously jokes too much. Abby and Ben were dating, but he broke up with her last week. She actually got over it rather quickly, but they'll probably get back together. Anyone could see that they were soulmates.
"When she told him she didn't say that, he didn't believe her. Now him and his posy won't stop starring cause they know it annoys her and gets her all flustered. So, she wants us to move and sit somewhere else today, but I said no cause, one, I already started eating, and two, I'm not a pussy," you smile and take another bite of food.
Abby laughs, "Girl, It is not that bad. He's an idiot, and you know it, don't let him bother you. You know they're only starring cause you're hot," she winks at her.
"But I don't like it! They have no reason to be staring. It's weird," Sam says.
You smirk, "Fine. Then let's give em something to stare at."
Sam and Abby give you a confused look as you get up. You stand and put your hand out for Sam to grab. She does and stands in front of you with a "what are you doing?" look. Not missing a beat, you wrap your arm around her waist and pull her flush against you, pushing your head forward and kissing her.
She's startled at first but catches on and kisses you back. Abby and the group of boys that had been watching it go down, all their mouths drop. You both stand there, a full-on make session, and you snake one of your hands around, grabbing Sam's butt and making her let out a surprised moan.
You pull away and wink at her, turning around and sitting back down. "Can I enjoy my food now?" you laugh.
You all turn your heads toward the director. He gives you guys a thumbs up, signaling it was a good take. Everyone gets up, walking away to do their own stuff until the director is ready for the next scene.
You walk behind Sierra as you walk toward Tom, who's giving you a tight smile. "She's a good kisser," you hear Sierra say to Tom as she passes him. You laugh and walk up to him.
"So? What did you think?" you ask, smiling.
"That was the hottest thing I've ever seen you do," Tom says lowly.
"Is that a compliment?" you tease.
"I don't know what was better. You're acting, or the fact you're playing a gay character, and I got to see you kiss another girl. Kind of a turn-on," he smirks.
"Hate to disappoint you, but my character isn't gay," you say, smiling.
Tom laughs and hangs his head, "You're going to kill me." You laugh. "I'd like a heads up if more of your scenes are going to be like that cause if so, I might need to step out," he leans close to your ear, "wouldn't want to do something unprofessional."
You bit your lip and playfully hit him, "Guess you'll have to put your acting skills to the test. Cause I'm not telling."
For the rest of the day, it's a combination of many scenes Tom enjoyed. You didn't get to talk to him much, wanting to stay in character and get the takes done, but Tom definitely was watching you like a hawk. If you had paid more attention to him, you'd see how his eyes dilated watching you, how his breathing became short.
The scenes you filmed included: your character undressing and talking to a friend in the locker room, a fight between your character and her mom, a sex scene, another scene of you and Sierra as your character tried to teach her about kissing and where to touch her boyfriend.
By the time you're finished with all that, it's around 5 pm. The directions tell you that you can take a break until 7, the rest of the shots needing to get shot while it's dark.
You make your way over to Tom, a smile on your face, and taking his hand, leading him to your trailer. "I have some food in here if you want. I'm so tired. Wanna take a nap?" you ask as you step inside, Tom closing the door behind him.
"I don't know," Tom says, stepping up behind you and putting his hands on your waist, leaning on your back and putting his lips by your ear. "I hope you're not too tired. I had a few other things in mind." He grips your waist, pressing you back into his bulge. You can feel it growing against you.
"You enjoy my acting that much, Tommy?" you tease.
"Anyone who says watching their wife kiss another girl isn't the biggest turn on in the world is an idiot," Tom says lowly, his hands starting to roam your body.
"Tom," you whine, "you can't mess up my clothes and make. They only like doing touch-ups after the break." You laugh, feeling him turn your body around and kiss on your neck.
"But I've been watching you all day," he pouts. "I'll be gentle. Promise."
"My baby needy?" you lean up and kiss him, pulling back and biting your lip, your faces inches apart, your lips ghosting his. He nods his head, bringing his hands to the front of your pants, slowly unbuttoning them. "Don't ripe my clothes and no marks."
Tom smirks, pushing you toward the couch and letting you both fall on top of it. Tom knew he couldn't be too rough. He knew he couldn't be sloppy, kissing all over your body and letting his hands dig into your skin. Plus, your trailer isn't that big. If he's too rough, it'll rock.
He kisses you, slowly taking off your pants, careful not to wrinkle them. He reaches his hand to your underwear, hand massaging your clit. You let out shaky breaths into the kiss, feeling him ease two of his fingers inside your hole. You pull away from the kiss, leaning your forehead on his shoulder, your hand gripping onto his bicep, grinding into his hand.
"Been waiting to feel you all day. You close? Gonna cum on my fingers?" Tom says by your ear, curling his fingers into your g-spot, feeling your body jolt against him as your mouth falls open. You moan his name, your walls squeezing his fingers, making him groan. "God."
He pulls his fingers out, sitting up over you, sticking his fingers in his mouth and sucking them clean, also untying his sweats and pulling his cock out. He leans back over you, one hand next to your head and the other wrapped around his cock, pumping it as he gets close to your pussy. He captures you in a kiss, rubbing his tip around your clit, pre cum leaking over it.
You moan, moving your hips against him, needing more friction. "Shh, can't get too loud. They're a lot of people around that could hear," Tom says against your lips. You nod, pressing your lips together again. Tom continues grinding on you, savoring the way you squirm under him.
"Wait, do you have a condom?" you ask, looking up at him.
He reaches into his pocket, grabbing it and quickly ripping the wrapper with his teeth, pumping his cock a few times before rolling it on. "So prepared," you smile and smirk as he leans back over you.
"Of course, Darling. Never know when I'll need you," he says as his lips go over yours, kissing him again. He melts into the kiss, lining up his cock with your entrance and pushing in. "O-oh shi-" he pants, pulling his head away from you and his hand gripping on the couch. "God, you're so tight." He bottoms out and pauses, not wanting to lose his mind, trying to remember he needs to be gentle. He slowly pulls his hips back and thrusts back in, his mouth falling open from the way your wall squeezes him so tight, the way they wrap perfectly around him.
He finds a rhythm, grinding his tip against your g-spot, your walls fluttering around him. "Feel so good, Tommy," you moan in his ear, arching your back. In return, he grunts, his cock twitching from the praise, his pace speeding up slightly.
"Love you, Y/n. Love you so much," he pants, speeding up again, feeling you grind against him, meeting his thrusts. His hips pause when you cum again, your cunt milking his cock. He carries you through it, continuing to buck and grind his hips into you as you slowly come down from your high.
After you do, Tom speeds up again, throwing his head back and groaning as he gives in to the pleasure, his cock throbbing and spilling cum into the condom. He bites his lip and continues to roll his hips, milking out everything he can.
He stops after it gets overwhelming, pulling out and taking the condom off, throwing it in the trash before grabbing something to clean between your legs. You sigh, watching him move around before he moves back to laying with you against the coach. It's not big, so you lay directly on top of him, snuggling into his warmth. "You took up my nap time," you joke quietly.
"You still have time to nap. I'll wake you at 7," Tom laughs gently. You hum and close your eyes, listening to his heartbeat in the quiet of your trailer. "Plus, you'll need the sleep now. Cause when we get home, I plan to do what I really been thinking about all day."
Ahem: @novaresque
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disaster-writer · 5 days ago
Princess of Asgard, Goddess of Mischief
Summary: Peter Parker instantly falls for the Princess of Asgard and the Goddess of Mischief and decides to show him a few tricks she has up her sleeve
Word Count: 8.3k
Warnings: Smut, Minors DNI
A/N: Things have been changed around from the canon storylines in the MCU, Peter is 21 and a college student
Tumblr media
There weren't enough words in the Asgardian language to describe the amount of rage that burned in your veins, hell there weren't enough words in any Midgardian language for that matter. 
After everything he has done so far, after every failure, he still has the audacity to keep trying.
Your father was an ambitious man, you'd give him that. But even his ambition wasn't enough to save him from his own offspring.
The click of your heels against the linoleum floors were sharp and clipped as you moved with a purpose. Wisps of hair tickling your face that you couldn't even be half bothered to put back in place, which in of itself was out of character for you as your appearance was always perfected down to the very last strand of hair. But after the hellish trip through the rainbow bridge as well as your current situation, all you could be bothered to care about was making sure your father knew how much of a fool he was.
Only an idiot tries to take over the same place twice. 
The air of the Avengers compound was stale down in the cells. Everything you had seen so far was monotonous and boring. You knew not to expect much coming to Midgard but it was an even bigger let down than you were originally led to believe. 
You had't met the Avengers yet, too pissed at your father to waste another second not reprimanding him, so you had Thor lead you to him straight away. You passed empty cell after empty cell with Thor in the lead, until he came to a stop in front of the cell which contained Loki.
You stood in front of the glass cell, arms crossed. Your father raised an eyebrow and pursed his lips.
"I see you agreed to the arrangement then."
"I did," you jutted your chin out, "No thanks to you."
"You should have stayed home-"
"No. You don't get to tell me what I should and shouldn't do. You lost that privilege after your first attempt at conquering Midgard."
Loki narrowed his eyes, "I am your father--"
"And yet here I am, fixing another one of your messes," you said with a mirthless laugh, gesturing around you. 
He shut his mouth, and finally addressed his brother, "What's the next step now, seeing as you kidnapped your own niece."
"I didn't kidnap her. She agreed to this to help you," Thor said seriously, clearly offended that Loki would accuse him of kidnapping you. "They'll release you within a month. (Y/N) will remain the ward of Midgard for a year, as long as you can prove that you will no longer be a threat to this realm."
Loki snickered, shaking his head. "My own daughter in the hands of a bunch of Midgardians...” he trailed off. “I appreciate the gown you chose for today."
You tsked, "I figured someone should properly represent your name if you were going to keep pulling these stunts," you replied, gesturing to the expensive Asgardian gown you wore in his colors. Green with golden detailing.
"Perhaps you should try having more faith in me-"
"I do have faith in you," you snapped, "But It is your missteps that continuously lead to your downfall."
It was quiet for a few beats until Thor broke the silence, "She should meet the others now."
"Very well," Loki nodded, "Be prepared for them all to be very unpleasant, especially Stark. He thinks he's funny."
"I'll visit you later father," you said, turning to walk back down the hall, "Oh," you stopped, throwing over your shoulder, "If you ever put me through the pain of believing you were dead again, I'll kill you myself." You stalked back down the hall, not checking to see if Thor was following.
Loki looked at his brother, "That bad?"
"She was inconsolable. You broke her heart, brother," he said with a shake of his head, "You broke all of our hearts."
Loki looked back to your retreating figure as Thor now followed, staring regretfully after you.
You were stuck in your head now, deep in thought after seeing your father for the first time in a long time. 
Thor had told you that the Avengers had gathered to greet you and discuss the next steps from here. It truthfully sounded like a very boring affair, more so when you thought about the more productive things you could be doing back home.
In fact, that was the thing that irked you the most about these Midgardians requesting this of you. They must have been under the impression that your time wasn't important, as if the title "Princess" and "Goddess" were simply just for show.
Eventually a man came into view, waiting outside two large doors. He grinned upon seeing both you and Thor.
"Nice to see you two finally bothered to show up," he laughed.
"I apologize for keeping all of you waiting, Stark. She wanted to speak to her father first."
Tony lowered his glasses, giving you a once over, "Why? Planning on getting the band back together?"
"Excuse you?" You deadpanned only making him laugh.
He turned to Thor, "I can see where she gets her humor from," he said sarcastically, before finally introducing himself, "I'm Tony Stark. You might know me as Iron Man, I don't really know what names get around on Asgard or wherever."
"I'm not familiar with either."
"Ouch. I'll pretend not to be offended. Ready to meet the others?"
"I suppose."
"Then let's go Game of Thrones," he said, turning around and heading towards the closed doors.
"My father warned me about your humorous wit," you said sarcastically.
"Good. I wasn't sure he noticed."
Stark pushed open one of the meeting room doors, holding it for you and Thor. You were immediately greeted with the sight of numerous costume clad superheroes, the sight made you roll your eyes and once again think about what you could be doing back home instead.
You stalked to the front of the room wordlessly, with not a single misstep, presenting yourself elegantly.
Thor took his spot beside you as Tony stood opposite of you. The others in the room were quiet, you knew they were assessing you. Your father had tried taking over their realm twice so you understood that judgement would be all that you received during your stay.
So you wouldn't give them anything to judge.
Thor grinned beside you for the first time since the meeting with his brother.
"This is my niece (Y/N) Lokidottir. Princess of Asgard, Goddess of Mischief." Thor spoke the words with pride. He always had, he was convinced that raising you was his brother's best accomplishment.
You took the few moments of silence following your introduction to study their eyes and even you had to hand it to some of them, a few had eyes cold as stone. The red head and the one with the metal arm specifically. But there are always a few that communicated everything with a simple gaze.
Your eyes landed on the smallest male in the room. The look in them was not a foreign one. You had many suitors back on Asgard that would sing praises about your beauty daily, and the look in this boy's eyes was the same... maybe a bit more... pathetic. It made a smug grin fit itself on your face.
Stark finally spoke. 
"You can add Ward of Midgard," he laughed.
Your smile fell.
"Anyway. As I explained earlier, our arrangement with S.H.I.E.L.D. is to detain Loki for the next month or so before sending him back to Asgard. If he can play nice for the next year he can get his daughter back." You noticed the one with the shield shaking his head. It was nice to know that not all of them agreed with these terms. "If he can't, we keep her until he can. Until then, I came up with a few precautionary measures for our new house guest."
You stiffened, "I was not told about this."
"That's because I just came up with them this morning." Tony said, opening a folder. He began passing out its contents, "I've come up with different shifts for everyone to keep an eye on her. That way she'll be under constant surveillance by at least one person."
"Why weren't we told about this earlier?" Natasha asked., clearly annoyed.
"Is no one listening? I just came up with it."
"I'm not doing this," Bucky said, "I have better things to do than babysit an alien chick-" You raised your hand, making Bucky's metal hand clasp over his mouth and everyone turn to you in shock.
"'Goddess of Mischief'" you said, "It will serve you well to remember it." You dropped your hand, releasing him.
It was silent... until it wasn't, "And that is why we're doing this babysitting protocol. She's Loki's daughter, she needs to earn our trust."
"I can assure you, (Y/N) is very trustworthy," Thor said, coming to your defense.
"You also said you trusted your brother," Steve spoke up.
"Yes but (Y/N) is different. She'd never hurt anyone."
"My mouth hurts," Bucky muttered to himself.
"Again, she earns our trust first," Tony said. "Anyone with 'Mischief' in their name needs a trial run. Now onto this schedule..."
You rolled your eyes... Perhaps being on your best behavior was going to be more difficult than you had previously thought.
Quite honestly... Peter could have fainted when he saw you. He didn't even notice ha had stopped breathing until he coughed from the lack of air.
He felt like someone should have warned him better, because when Tony said, "Come meet Loki's kid later," did not count as a heads up.
This whole situation just felt so fucking unfair all of a sudden.
And being the devastatingly hopeless romantic that he was, he could only form one coherent thought:
You were fucking ethereal
You were so beautiful Peter felt like he could cry and scream about it, and he wouldn't be surprised if someone actually has before.
And the chill that he got when Thor introduced you, was enough to make him worship you -- a goddess.
Peter was quite convinced that he would be making a shrine to you as soon as he got home that night.
Peter swallowed nervously, his grip tightening on the fabric of his jeans.
Sam raised an eyebrow, "You cool Peter?"
He blinked in quick succession, only partially being broken from his trance, "Huh- yeah..." He suddenly trailed off when you looked directly at him. 
Your gaze was intense and he could have sworn he watched a flash of green flare in them, making him gulp.
Sam whistled lowly, noticing the small interaction, "Someone's gonna be dangerous for you... Can't say I blame ya though." He hummed, eyeing you.
Tony's voice suddenly cut into Peter's mind, "I've come up with different shifts for everyone to keep an eye on her. That way she'll be under constant surveillance by at least one person."
Right there.
That was the moment Peter retained nothing else, only trying to comprehend that he was going to have to be with you alone multiple times that week.
Peter would remain in a daze for the rest of the week, only staring at his name on the schedule that Tony handed out at the meeting:
PETER PARKER: FRIDAY 3pm-10pm,  SATURDAY 3pm-10pm, SUNDAY 3pm-10pm
He couldn't even be mad how late his shift was on Sunday when he had an 8:30 class the next day, because let's be real, Peter had the chance to be alone with the most beautiful woman he had ever seen in his life.
The day came a lot faster than he had anticipated, but he guess that's what happens when you float through the entire week on cloud nine.
But now Peter felt like he was laying at the bottom of a pit. 
His heart beat quickly with anxiety the entire day, his palms were sweaty, and he was completely tongue tied making it embarrassing enough to talk to classmates that day that he didn't even want to think about how he was going to embarrass himself in front of you later that afternoon.
But soon enough, it was 2:50, and Peter found himself back at the Avengers compound to "babysit" you.
He licked his lips nervously as Happy led him into the building.
"What's got you all worked up? Well- more than usual?" Happy threw over his shoulder, noticing how fidgety Peter was acting, "Is it your tingle? The spider-tingle?"
Peter shook his head, not finding it in him to come up with a clever quip, "No."
"Is it because you need to watch Loki's kid, because she's really not that bad to handle, but I can get someone to cover your shift if--"
"NO!" Peter shouted, suddenly widening his eyes and clearing his throat at his little outburst.
Happy turned around in surprise before clocking in on what was going on based on Peter's composure, "Oh, I get it. Word of advice, because I know you're gonna do it. Don't talk too much, she doesn't like talking. Just let her read her books and you'll be on her good side."
Peter's eyes shined at the advice, "No talking, got it."
Happy turned back around, proceeding towards the library where Peter assumed you were currently in. "And another piece of advice," he said, reaching for the door handle, looking down at Peter before opening it, "Don't even think about going for it. She's Loki's daughter, kid. And just as terrifying."
Peter pursed his lips, "...She's also related to Thor, so..."
Happy scoffed, "And inherited none of his traits." He opened the door, letting Peter go in first.
Peter noticed the back of Bucky's head as he walked into the library, but only for a second as his eyes landed on you.
And again, the sight of you took his breath away. He was almost hoping that he hadn't remembered you correctly and you weren't even a quarter of how beautiful as he thought, but he was proven oh so very wrong.
You laid across one of the couches in the reading area, leaning against the arm, in one of your beautiful Asgardian gowns. The light from the windows filtered into the room, forming a halo around your body.
You looked like a goddamned renaissance painting.
It was then that Peter took in what was happening, and... well he wasn't sure if he really understood what was happening.
"You two are still at it?" Happy asked, shaking his head before turning to Peter, "I swear, every time Bucky has to watch her the two have a staring contest the entire time. I think they're trying to figure out who has the more intense stare." Happy then walked over to you both, waving a hand in front of Bucky's eyes, "You're off duty Buck, you can both blink again. Also Steve invited you to go train with him once you were done here."
Bucky grunted before standing up. He noticed Peter on his way out and raised a brow, muttering a "Good luck" which sounded like he had absolutely no faith in Peter to survive the next seven hours alone with you.
"Right." Happy nodded, "(Y/N)'s free to go to all the common areas, her room, and the bathroom. Stay out of the labs, away from the cells. Thor is her designated escort to go see her father so you have no business being down there. Anything else, just ask F.R.I.D.A.Y. Sound good?"
Peter just nodded, not being able to take his eyes away from you as you stared back at him.
Happy looked back and forth between the two of you, "Good lord," he sighed, "Don't forget that you're on camera (Y/N)," he called over to you before taking his leave.
Now it was just you and Peter. You watched as he tentatively took a seat where Bucky had been previously sitting.
He gulped again, eyes flickering all over the place, feeling uncomfortable under your gaze. It was a weird feeling for him to be speechless, but he couldn't form a coherent thought around you.
You finally looked away, reaching for a book that you had placed on the table beside the couch you were on. Your fingers carded through the pages until landing on the page Peter assumed you must've left off on.
It would be silent for the next half hour before Peter finally found it in him to speak up.
"What are you reading...?" He asked cautiously. He knew Happy said you didn't like talking, but it felt weird to sit in complete silence the entire time.
"Game of Thrones," you hummed, and dear God... he forgot how euphonious your voice was considering he only heard you speak a few sentences earlier that week. "Stark keeps calling me 'Game of Thrones', and I don't like when people below me speak things that go over my head."
Peter laughed awkwardly, until he realized you weren't joining him, making his awkward chuckle turn into a cough. "Yeah... that sounds like Mr. Stark."
It was silent again... and Peter was starting to regain his uncontrollable urge to speak again.
"So uh... what were you and Bucky doing?"
You hummed, "I like Bucky," you said, not answering his question, but hey, if you were willing to talk, Peter wasn't going to stop you. "There's a lot of pain in his eyes."
"And you like that?" Peter asked suspiciously.
"I'm partial to broken things," your eyes looked up from your book, once again locking with his, "Tell me Peter... are you a broken thing?"
Peter spluttered as he felt an uncontrollable heat crawl up the back of his neck, and once again, he found himself unable to form any words.
You cut off his broken stutters, "I see pain in your eyes too, different... but it’s there."
"I mean-- yeah I guess. Who doesn't have a story, right?" He chuckled uncomfortably, "I don't think anything I've been through compares to Bucky's past though, y'know? Maybe that’s why it looks different? Or something, like you said—“
"You talk when your nervous," you noted.
"Wha- yeah, I guess I do--"
"Do I make you nervous?"
Peter's eyes widened and he truly felt helpless under your gaze as you waited for his response, "Um... "
"Why do I make you nervous?"
Peter bit his lip, looking away from you, "Well... you're a Princess... and a Goddess from another planet. I'm not really sure how to talk to you."
"From what I heard from the others, that's never seemed to stop you before."
Peter looked at you with wide eyes, "Have-- Have you been talking about me with the others?"
"Yes," you easily admitted, "You intrigue me Peter Parker. From the moment I saw you in the meeting room."
Peter felt like a fish out of water, mouth falling and closing shut as he searched for the words to respond to that. He almost didn't want to believe you, it felt too surreal. "Why would I..."
You shrugged, "You're different than the others. I can tell you have a kindness your friends do not possess."
He thought back to all the times he showed villains mercy where he knew the other Avengers wouldn’t, and he was to compelled to agree with you, just a little bit, "Maybe a little... but the others are heroes too."
"Come here."
And for the first time, Peter saw you smile and if you were pretty before, he was sure he was going to have to take a few days off in order to cope with how pretty you were now.
"I said, 'come here'," you laughed gently.
Peter took a shaky breath and nodded, walking over to you as you swung your legs over the couch to make a space for him while placing your book back down. He sat on the opposite end of the couch so that there was an empty cushion between you and you laughed once again at his tentativeness. You moved over, the side of your body pressing against his as he gulped, staring straight ahead of him.
You gazed at his side profile for a moment, and you did have to admit-- this Midgardian was quite cute.
Most of the men back on Asgard were too proud for their own good, and you found that too much pride made a man insufferable... but Peter? Was a breath of fresh air.
You promised not to get too ahead of yourself though as he still was a Midgardian. At least now you couldn't fault your Uncle for finding some sort if interest in that Jane woman he had told you so much about.
"I like you Peter."
Peter turned to look at you, eyebrows drawn together in utter confusion, "But you barely know me," he said, voice high pitched and flustered.
"And you barely know who I am, however that hasn't stopped you from being attracted to me either," you said challengingly.
"Are you-- Are you saying you're attracted to me?" 
You studied him, a silence filling the air between the two of you. Your faces were only a few inches apart and you wanted to attempt something, so you leaned forward and--
A sudden shock of Peter’s spider sense going off caused him to jump backwards, back bending along the arm of the couch, staring at you with panic as he assessed that yes, you had just leaned in to kiss him.
Peter continued to gaze at you with his panic stricken expression, as your face slowly morphed into a look of glee, and he could have sworn your eyes flashed green again with magic.
"You're fun," You said breathlessly, "You are nothing like the men back home." 
You placed a hand on his shoulder to draw him in once more, before saying, "I would like to get to know you some more Peter Parker."
"Are you gonna try to kiss me again?" he rushed out.
"Would you like me too?"
"Yes-- No-- I mean-- I don't know what the protocol is here."
"There is no protocol. I may be a ward of Midgard but I am still the Princess of Asgard and Goddess of Mischief. I will be gone within a year. So would you like to kiss me before I go?"
He bit his lip, contemplating the correct answer before slowly nodding.
"I would like that too." you grinned, before an idea came to mind. You hadn't seen your father in quite a bit due to Thor being busy, so you decided to use this as an opportunity, "But first, I need a favor from you Peter Parker."
"S-sure, anything."
"I would like to visit my father."
Peter's face dropped, "I'm sorry Princess but I can't do that."
"I know you're not supposed to, but my Uncle has gone back to visit Asgard a few days ago and I haven't been able to see my father since I first arrived and I am asking you because I think you are kind enough. The others would never take me to visit him."
Peter looked away, contemplating his options. You were right in saying that the others would never let you see your father.
"Can we wait until your uncle-- I mean, Thor, comes back?"
You sighed, leaning away from him and Peter immediately missed your closeness, "I suppose. However he isn't meant to come back for quite a bit. My grandfather, Odin, will be waking up from the Odinsleep in a while, and my Uncle needs to be there for Asgard until that time comes. I'm worried I won't be able to see my father before they free him by the end of the month."
"Oh... Then, maybe, just for a short while, I could maybe accompany you in the cells--" he conceded.
"You would?" you asked, immediately leaning in close to him again, "I would only need a few minutes and you could stay with me the entirety of the meeting. Then afterwards... I would like to get to understand you better Peter."
Peter found himself nodding like a lovesick fool. "Okay..." Suddenly he remembered what he would need in order to get you down there, "It's not going to be easy. I need to find the code for the cell room and there's going to be guards."
"Well... perhaps if you would allow me. I could bewitch the guards so that we could sneak past." Peter suddenly narrowed his eyes, so you backtracked seeing as you were willing to do whatever need be in order to see your father once more, "Unless you would like to do it another way? I won't use my magic if it makes you feel uneasy. I only want to see my father before he leaves, not get you nor I in any trouble."
Peter nodded, "As long as you don't hurt them then I guess it's fine."
"Of course."
"There's also the issue with the cameras."
"I can bewitch them as well."
"Alright then," and slowly Peter started smiling at the prospect of going on a little adventure with you. "First we need to go into one of the labs to find the code. I'll have to hack into S.H.I.E.L.D.'s database to find the passcode but it shouldn't be too hard. I had to do it before and it wasn't too bad."
You grinned, "Perfect."
You followed Peter as he led you to one of the labs as he refused to let you out of his sight-- you assumed he wanted to do something correctly since he would be breaking multiple rules for you.
It didn't take long for him to find the passcode, thoroughly impressing you as you couldn't even begin to understand the complexities of their technology. And he was leading you down to the bottom floor in no time, making sure to point out all of the cameras along the way.
Peter didn't even need to ask you to bewitch the guards because he immediately noticed a green fog in their eyes the moment they came into view. He glanced back at you a bit nervously but seeing as his Spider-Sense hadn't been triggered by you, he figured that you really weren't planning anything.
He felt bad not trusting you as you had seemed sincere when speaking to him along with Thor vouching for your trustworthiness, and he knew he shouldn't judge someone based on the actions of their parents, but you made him nervous... but again that could just be because you were so fucking pretty.
Punching in the passcode, Peter shoved the piece of paper he wrote the numbers on into his pocket before leading you to your father-- well, it was more like he was wandering the cell blocks, looking for Loki seeing as he had never been down here before.
As Peter stumbled around, you stalked down the hall with a purpose, Peter not missing how elegant your walk was.
And soon the two of you were in front of your father's cell.
Loki was sitting up on the bed once he noticed your approach, and he raised an eyebrow as he looked from you to Peter.
Peter felt a chill run down his spine as Loki studied him.
”Where’s Thor?”
You quirked a brow, “Have you forgotten already father? He had to leave for Asgard a few days prior.”
”Right,” He nodded, glancing at Peter briefly, “I presumed you were just avoiding me.”
You laughed, “Of course not. You should thank Peter for allowing me to see you before you leave.”
”I see… Are you that Spider-Boy…?” Loki asked.
Peter shifted on his feet, glancing back at you, “It’s Man. Spider…Man.” He finished awkwardly.
”Ah…” Loki nodded, turning back to you, “How have your accommodations been?”
”Fine I suppose. Stark has his men watching me around the clock so it could be better.”
Loki scoffed, ”They’re infantalizing you.”
”Yes, but I can’t blame them. You haven’t set a very good example so I can see why they don’t trust me.”
Loki rolled his eyes, moving onto the next thing, “I need to apologize to you. I would have liked to do it in private but seeing as I won’t see you for a year, I should do it now.”
“Go on,” you nodded.
“What I did to you was… unfair. I should have let you know, but I didn’t and what’s done is done now, and I can’t take away the pain I caused you for my ruse. So… I’m sorry.”
You jutted your chin out, holding back the tears that pricked behind your eyes at his words. You gave him a curt nod. “Unfortunately I cannot accept your apology, but I do thank you for it… I care about you deeply father, so I ask you to please, never pull a stunt like that again… or at least tell me before you do.”
”I promise.”
You nodded once more, knowing that his word to you was the only word he would never go back on. 
“Good. We’ll be heading back now.”
”Very well. I love you (Y/N).”
The words sounded foreign. Despite the obvious care you both held for each other it was simply not in your natures to voice them, but sometimes, very rarely, he could ignore what was ingrained in him.
And so could you.
”I love you too father. Have a good night.”
After you bid your farewells, you and Peter were taking your leave.
Peter was quiet as he followed you out with a feeling of guilt weighing heavy on his heart.
He had been so distracted by your appearance and fancy titles that he had almost forgotten you were human— actually he wasn’t sure whether you were human or not, but you clearly had feelings and your situation was truly dawning on him.
He felt like an intruder, watching the interaction between you and Loki, almost like it wasn’t meant for his eyes and ears. But he knew that whatever Loki had done, it had hurt you. And as selfish as it was Peter liked seeing this vulnerable side of you.
”Let’s go to my room.”
”Huh—?” Peter asked, staring at the back of your head, “Are you sure?”
”Are the guards—“
”They returned to normal once we were out of sight,” you said as you stepped into the elevator with Peter.
”What floor—“
”Go to the library first. We need to make it seem as if we were leaving from there.”
Peter did as you said, going to the library where you two had assumed your earlier positions before you stopped bewitching the cameras. From there, the two of you left to go to your bedroom.
Once there, Peter watched as you situated yourself on your bed while he stood awkwardly by the door.
He noticed the look in your eyes now seemed distant than they were earlier. Peter understood that he didn't know you very well-- in fact, he had only known you for about four hours in total but even still, he had a feeling that this faraway look in your eyes was not who you typically were.
"Can I... ask you something?" Peter asked with hesitation, shoving his hands in his pockets as he looked around your barely lived in room.
You blinked, almost as if remembering he was still there, "Yes."
"I don't mean to pry but... what did Loki do to you? It just seems like something happened between the two of you," he said, fumbling with his words.
You pursed your lips with a hum, debating whether or not to share your sob story with him. But you guessed that after you left you wouldn't be seeing him ever again so... why not?
"I don't know what Midgard knew of my father's antics before he tried conquering Midgard again, but he faked his own death."
Peter nodded in recognition, "Yeah, I actually did hear about that."
"Yes... and he lied to me too."
"He didn't... you believed he was dead too?"
You nodded, "I believed he was dead for years... So imagine my surprise when my Uncle comes to me, telling me my own father who we both believed to be dead-- who we held a funeral for, was captured on Midgard and I was to replace him as Midgard's ward in order to free him." You continued, "I’ve seen him for one of the first times in years,  just to be without him for another year." 
You stared across the room and Peter continued to gaze into the distant look in your eyes. He found it quite ironic how you were saying you liked broken things when Peter could see that you were feeling just as broken.
But suddenly, you snapped out of it and looked up at Peter.
"But enough about that. I'd prefer to hear you speak instead. Come, sit." You invited, patting a free space on your bed.
Peter walked over, starting to feel a little bit more comfortable around you as he sat at the end of the bed, leaving more than enough space between you both.
"You called yourself Spider-Man?" You asked, remembering what he had said when you both visited Loki.
"Yeah," Peter grinned, "That’s my um, alias.”
”I see,” you hummed, “You seem to be much younger than the others.”
”Yeah, when I was 15 I got bitten by this radioactive spider and it gave me superpowers, so I kinda got into the game pretty early on.” He shrugged.
”What kind of powers did you receive?” 
“Oh y’know… super strength, speed, flexibility… I guess that’s the normal stuff when you think of super powers.”
You moved closer to him, making him blush even though there was still plenty of space between you both. “Did the bite make you humble as well or was that always apart of you?”
Peter blushed harder, laughing awkwardly as you fixed him once again with one of your intense gazes.
”I-um— I dunno,” he stuttered, before finding himself into another one of his ramblings, “Another cool thing I got though is this spider sense, so I can like tell when I’m in danger before something happens.”
This really piqued your interest, “Really now? To what extent?”
”I’m not too sure… like one time I was able to tell the milk was spoiled before I drank it, and like before… when you leaned in, I knew you were going to kiss me, that’s why my reaction was kinda, uh, violent…” He trailed off.
You quirked a brow, “So you think I’m dangerous?”
”No!” He yelped, “It’s just— I was able to tell you were going to do something kind of, I dunno, but it’s like I think you kissing me would have surprised me which is why it triggered my spider sense— do you know what I mean?”
You laughed at his desperation, “So, if I tried to kiss you again, would you move away?”
”Um… No?”
You hummed, placing a hand on his shoulder and gently pushing him down.
”W-what are you doing?” 
“Relax Peter. You’ve been on edge for hours now. Are you usually like this?” You asked. 
Peter eyed you warily, allowing you to push him down onto your bed, gasping when you straddled his lap.
He jerked up onto his elbows, looking frantically around the room, “Are there cameras in here. If Mr. Stark sees this then—“
”Shh,” you hushed, placing a finger on his lips, his wide eyes meeting yours again. “I’ll take that as a yes. And no, there are no cameras in here.”
Peter felt even more on edge now. You were setting off his spider sense with whatever you were planning making him feel stuck between a rock and a hard place.
On the one hand he knew he shouldn’t be doing this, this was technically fraternizing with the enemy seeing as you were Loki’s daughter and Mr. Stark didn’t trust you yet but on the other hand… here was a goddess practically throwing herself at him.
You placed both hands on his chest and pushed back down again and he allowed you to.
You leaned over him, placing both hands on either side of his head, your hair draping down around his face.
”You look scared Peter.”
”I’m sorry.” He rushed out in a single, high pitched breath.
”Don’t be,” you lilted, dragging a finger along his jaw, “I find it endearing. The boys on Asgard are always so full of themselves, it’s nice to see how… compliant you are. It is doing wonders for my ego right now,” you said with a laugh.
Peter gulped, his entire body was tingling, especially where you kept stroking his skin. And he swore, waiting for you to kiss him was driving him mad as the anticipation was almost too much to handle, so instead he found himself leaning up and crashing his lips to yours instead.
You reciprocated immediately, pushing him back down to the bed as you took control of the kiss. His lips were completely to your mercy as you kissed and nipped at them.
”There’s… something about— you,” you said in between kisses, “That makes me feel… powerful.” 
“Oh shit,” Peter muttered at the feeling of his hands being restrained by magic. He broke the kiss, looking at his hands, then back at you. A soft unrestrained whimper escaping him.
Peter clearly had no idea what he was getting himself into, but he was starting to realize.
“Oh my God,” Peter hissed, jerking his hips up as you shoved your hand down his pants, “Princess, I—“
”I’m very impressed,” you hummed, squeezing his cock, “Back on Asgard there are many rumors about Midgardian men being small, but I can’t say that about you.”
Peter’s face grew ten times more red with your comment, moaning as you squeezed him.
”Wait— Princess, if you keep doing that, I’ll—“
”That soon, huh?” You said with a laugh, quite enjoying the helpless and desperate look on his face, “Very well,” you let go of him, pulling your hand out of his jeans. “I wouldn’t want to spoil the fun too soon.”
Peter felt a rush of air enter his lungs once you let go, chest rising and falling rapidly. “I’m sorry,” he said once again.
”For what?” You asked with a raised brow, “There are plenty more activities we can partake in first. I’m actually quite interested in seeing what your mouth can do. Care to show me?”
Peter swallowed nervously, “You mean— you want me too…?”
”Would you like to?”
Peter found himself at a loss for words, only being able to nod frantically in agreement.
”Wonderful,” you giggled, climbing off him.
You situated yourself on your back, leaning up on your elbows.
Peter watched as you pulled up your dress and spread your legs… for him.
He must’ve fucking died and gone to heaven at that point. 
Peter also thought that this must have been his reward for dealing with all the grief and pain he had endured in his life.
He sat up. Staring at your cunt— you hadn’t even been wearing underwear this entire goddamn time.
Peter was struck with the sudden need to make you feel good. He wanted to prove to you that yes— he was so much better than the boys back on Asgard. He would do anything for the Princess of Asgard and Goddess of Mischief to be hooked on the pleasure only little Peter Parker from Midgard could provide.
He would have done anything for you in that moment just to prove he was good enough.
He tentatively made his way between your thighs. You leaned up further, pressing your lips against his briefly before muttering, “Get to work.”
Peter stared back at you with a puppy-like gaze, bright and completely under your control.
He did as you said and laid down on his stomach. 
Your cunt was only a breath away, his cock twitched realizing how wet you were— you wanted him.
Without any more hesitation, he dived forward, dragging his tongue against you. He relished the moan that left you upon licking your clit.
He moaned at your taste, he was sure that he’d never get enough of it now. He wrapped his arms around your thighs, tongue focusing on your clit.
You laid back with a gasp, fingers tangling into his brown curls. This wasn’t exactly part of the plan for today, but you’d take it. He was much better with his mouth than you were expecting.
You bucked your hips against his mouth and gave a harsh tug to his curls, making him whimper. “Use your fingers,” you ordered.
He did as you asked without a moments hesitation, letting go of your thigh to press his fingers into you, immediately curling his fingers to find what he was looking for.
”A little more— ah, there,” you gasped out in bliss as he continued to thrust his fingers into you while sucking on your clit.
Peter stared up at you. You were so fucking gorgeous he was sure this was a dream.
Your mouth fell slack as you moaned out his name, eyes screwed shut and toes curling. He was doing this. He was the one making you feel this good right now.
Peter nearly came in his pants, untouched, as you opened your eyes and locked your gaze with his. 
Eyes smoldering and intense, even more so than they had been earlier, almost making him freeze in his spot if he wasn’t so determined to make you cum.
And you did.
While moaning his name.
Peter worked you through your orgasm, letting you buck against his face until you became limp, laying against the bed as you panted.
Peter pulled his fingers out of you, making you whimper. He then pulled away from you, his mouth and chin covered in your slick.
”You taste really good,” Peter said breathlessly, moving up your body.
”Do I?” You giggled, clearly in a much better mood. “Care to give me a taste then?”
”Yeah,” he breathed, leaning down to press his lips to yours again.
You were nearly too much for poor Peter Parker to handle as he hadn’t felt his spider sense calm down since this began.
Your fingers toyed with the curls at the nape of his neck, lips moving against his lazily after your orgasm.
It only took you a few moments to get back into the game as you pushed his hoodie down his shoulders. He eagerly pulled it off, tossing it off the bed.
He broke the kiss, tugging his t-shirt off and making you giggle.
”You seem very eager,” you commented, eyeing his chest and abs.
”After that— yeah.”
You sat up, fingers trailing up his arms. “I really must say that you are full of surprises,” you hummed, thoroughly impressed with how muscular he was. “I think it’s your turn.”
You sat up more, pushing him back onto the bed so he lay on his back, once again straddling his hips and giving you an even better view of his upper body.
You rolled your hips, making him grunt and feel how hard he was.
Now, growing up, Peter learned an important life lesson.
If something seemed to be too good to be true, it usually was.
His crush asking him out in ninth grade was a prank.
Spider-Man seemed like a pretty sweet deal until he realized that he’d nearly die and get his loved ones killed many times over.
The time the Princess of Asgard and Goddess of Mischief seduced him?
Turned out to be apart of a fucking scheme.
“What is going on here!?” Peter suddenly heard, and none other than from Nick Fury as the door was violently thrown open.
You looked up to find Stark, Thor, and the rest of the Avengers standing in the doorway. Tony’s arm wearing the arm of his suit, palm open and ready to shoot.
”What!?” Peter yelped, sitting up and pushing you off him.
”Loki’s missing,” Tony suddenly said, “And we had a feeling it might have something to do with his daughter considering you two were no where to be found on the camera system.”
Peter’s head snapped towards you, eyes widened in panic.
You sighed, your shoulders sagging as you climbed off the bed. 
“A shame really,” you hummed, looking back at Peter, “Things were really about to get fun.” You turned back to the Avengers. “Next time, it would serve you well to take your own advice Stark. If you ever meet someone with the word ‘Mischief’ in their name. Don’t trust them… and Uncle,” you looked at Thor, “I do apologize, but it had to be done.”
”Then it’s too late?” Thor asked defeatedly.
“What’s going on?” Tony asked, aiming his question at Thor, “Why do you Asgardians always talk in riddles?”
You only smiled and with a wave goodbye and a flare of green light… you were gone.
”Where’d she go?” Nick demanded furiously of Thor, the others now waiting on him.
”That wasn’t her,” Thor answered, “That was merely a replication of her. Her true self must have slipped out and freed Loki… I would imagine that they are both off Midgard by now.”
"Her true self must have slipped out, huh?" Nick Fury repeated accusingly, now staring at Peter, "I wonder how she managed that."
Peter's mouth fell open as everyone now stared at him. "Okay. I know this looks bad--"
"Looks bad?" Steve hissed, finally speaking up for the first time, "Tony being caught playing with S.H.I.E.L.D.'s new weapons 'looks bad'. Not only did you let our only assurance that Loki wasn't going to attack Earth escape with him but you were about to--"
"In the kid's defense," Bucky started, cutting Steve off, "She probably could have done that to most of us, her tactics seemed kind of... foolproof."
Nat shook her head, "We need to debrief this properly. Everyone in the conference room, Tony get Bruce, I'll get Clint, and Peter... put your shirt on." She quickly stalked off with a few of the others following behind.
Peter stared at the ground, sitting guiltily under Nick, Tony, and Steve's glares, "She's right." Fury said, "We'll review this and figure out what our next steps are," and finally the last of them were leaving.
Peter buried his face in his hands and swore that if he ever saw you again he was going to... well he didn't know what he was going to do yet, but he sure as hell was fucking pissed and humiliated.
"Let's go," you muttered, pulling your father along with you and giving a nod towards Heimdall.
"Why are you in such a rush," Loki asked, wondering why you seemed so apprehensive.
"I doubt Thor will think we came to Asgard but we can never be too sure-- My plan isn't over yet."
Loki quirked a brow, "You set up more than just our escape?"
"Of course."
He hummed, walking with you towards the kingdom, "I’m impressed."
"I'm just glad you picked up on my lie about Thor's whereabouts back in the cell."
"That quirk in your brow wasn't as subtle as you think, however you did a nice job in choosing the weakest of the Avengers."
You shrugged, "He’s a young and naive man— they all think the same. Show them a pretty face and there’s only one thing on their mind. I was able to slip this from him without him knowing," you said, raising the piece of paper with the passcode that he had shoved into his pocket earlier.
Loki tsked, “I don’t want to know what you got up to with that boy, but I will assume that you did what needed to be done. What's the plan now?"
"Well, I figured since this entire situation stemmed from you wanting to rule a realm then... you'll rule Asgard."
"And how are we accomplishing that?"
"You will pretend to be grandfather." You said.
"And what will you do with your grandfather then?"
"I'll take care of that. You just focus on ruling Asgard.”
”Hm, I guess you take after me more than I thought.” He hummed.
You didn’t respond, now focused on figuring out how to proceed with the next phase of your plan.
That, and trying to ignore the way your mind kept wanting to think about the Midgardian boy and how he made you feel.
But just like every man you felt for before, you’d crush each and every one of those feelings… you had a much more glorious purpose to live up to after all.
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alltoowelltom · 18 days ago
jellybeans (t.h)
Tumblr media
tom holland x famous!reader
summary: the antics of tom and his girlfriend on the red carpet somebody teach me how to write a summary.
“Tom! Tom! Over here!” calls a particularly excited journalist. Tom smiles as he heads over, squinting slightly at the blinding flashes of the cameras. 
“Hey mate, how’s it going?” he asks politely. 
“I’m great, thank you,” beams the journalist. “So tell me, how does it feel to finally be at the No Way Home premiere?”
“It’s such a good feeling man, I can’t even begin to describe it. We’ve all worked so hard on this film and I just can’t wait for everyone to see it.” Tom answers. 
“Can you tell us anything new about the film?” asks the journalist. 
“All I can say is, bring tissues!” Tom laughs, quirking a brow at the nearest camera. 
The journalist looks around as if to scan the rest of the red carpet before asking his next question. 
“And where’s the lovely Y/N Y/L/N tonight? She is coming, right? Everyone’s so excited to see her.”
Tom’s eyes light up at the mention of your name and he blushes slightly, one hand reaching up to rub at the back of his neck. 
“She’s always running late,” he says, playfully rolling his eyes. “I swear she was late on set every day during filming. Jon Watts started telling her filming started half an hour before it actually did so she wouldn’t miss her first scenes of the day.”
“You’re kidding!” Laughs the journalist. 
“I’m serious mate.” Tom laughs along. “But I just got off the phone with her before and she swore she was just down the street-”
Tom cuts himself off as a roar of cheers and screams echoed from the crowds situated at the end of the carpet. He loses his train of thought and can’t hide the grin on his face as he cranes his neck, catching flashes of your red dress through the crowd. You catch his eye and make your way over, smiling and giving the journalist a little wave. Tom rests his hand gently on your lower back, pressing a feather-like kiss on your forehead, his way of saying hello in front of the cameras. 
“Didn’t I tell you she’d be here?” he chuckles. 
“Y/N, you look gorgeous!” gushes the journalist. “That shade of red looks incredible on you!”
You blush slightly, leaning into Tom’s side. “Oh, thank you so much!” you say. “And the finishing touch of my outfit…” you reach one hand up and hook your hair behind your ear, revealing your earrings, each one a delicate silver spiderweb glinting in the camera flashes. 
“I love it. And your purse is uh, an interesting choice…” the journalist trails off, taking in the small glossy Spider-Man themed purse in your left hand. 
Tumblr media
“Oh!” you laugh. “Yeah, it’s…unique, shall we say. Really, it’s here to serve a different purpose,” you lean in to whisper conspiratorially, unzipping it and flashing the purse full of multicolored sweets at the camera. “Movie snacks!”
“Damn, which lucky guy gets to sit next to you?” laughs the journalist. 
“That would be me,” says Tom smugly, holding you tighter. 
“Y/N! Tom!” calls your manager from across the carpet, tapping her watch and gesturing for you two to move on. 
Tom keeps his arm around your waist the entire time as you both make your way along the carpet, stopping from time to time to pose for photos and chat with reporters. As you enter the theater, Tom suddenly yanks your wrist, pulling you into a dark corner secluded from the crowds by a giant poster advertising the movie. 
“Tom!” you hiss. “What the hell are you doing?”
He stands in front of you, wrapping both arms around you and leaning in. 
“Have to say hello to my girlfriend properly,” he says, pressing his soft lips to yours.
You happily kiss him back, running your hands through the curls at the nape of his neck. He hums and deepens the kiss, tongue swiping across your lower lip asking for entrance and you sigh, pulling back. 
“My lipstick, Tom,” you giggle. 
He rolls his eyes slightly as he rests his forehead against yours, eyes filled with adoration. 
“Hello,” he whispers. 
“Hello,” you reply, resting your hands on his broad shoulders, simply basking in the moment. 
“Tom? Y/N?” calls the slightly stressed voice of Harry. He peeks around the corner and rolls his eyes as he spots you both. 
“God, really? I should’ve known you’d be hiding out somewhere sucking on each other’s faces,” he says, comically looking slightly green in the dim light. “They’re gonna start the premiere soon and everyone’s looking for you guys. Are you both decent? Presentable?”
Tom lightly cuffs his brother on the back of his head as he walks past, his other hand reaching behind his back to keep holding your hand. You hang back, knocking your shoulder into Harry’s. 
“It’s a hard job you have Baz, keeping this one in line.”
He rolls his eyes yet again, closing the shutter of his camera as you both follow Tom into the theater and take your seats. 
“Don’t I know it,” he grumbles, quietly reaching into your purse to steal a handful of jellybeans. 
tysm for reading, ily! reblogs and comments always make a writer's day <3
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ptergwen · 2 months ago
hey val :D,
i heard your requests were open and jumped to rq. could you please write something about petey being a needy clingy attention whore (me lol). i imagine him being like a puppy. he’s a stubborn bb and he just doesn’t stop trying. like throughout the day he just wants the readers attention in whatever form ( wink wink, suggestive tones if you want ). like a puppy even if it doesn’t initially go the way he wants he just tries again with his trademark petey golden retriever optimism.
thank you <333
(p.s i luv legit all of ur writing ur so talented)
the magic word
Tumblr media
gif by fassbender !
w/c: i’ll tell u later lolsies
warnings: lots and lots and lots of suggestiveness, implied smut, and swearing
a/n: hi lovely thank you so much <3 boy did i have fun with this one lmfhshjshs i love clingy peter the mostest he’s such a cutie and i hope you enjoy as much as i did :,) happy reading
peter notices first thing when he wakes up that you aren’t in his arms. you’d gone to sleep curled up to him, your bare bodies flush against one another’s. now, you’re all the way on the other side of the bed and hugging your pillow instead of peter.
a frown overtakes peter’s features. your back is to him, so he shuffles up behind you. he holds you close to him, nestling his face into your hair. he lets out a happy little sigh when he breathes in the familiar scent of your conditioner.
you’re usually the first one up, but you’re exhausted from last night’s activities. there are reminders of them etched onto your neck, littering both your hips; love bites. peter received quite a few of his own from you in return.
he moves your hair aside and tenderly pecks each of the marks on your neck. he keeps you warm in your peaceful slumber, strong arms looped around your middle. there’s nothing peter cherishes more than mornings like this.
he’s eventually lulled back to sleep by the sounds of your breathing, matching his inhales and exhales with yours as he drifts off once again.
the next time peter awakes, you’re no longer beside him. there’s only an indent in the mattress from where you laid. he hmphs at the emptiness of your snared bed.
peter finally rolls out of the bed, seeing no use in staying in it without you here to cuddle. he picks up his pile of discarded clothes from the floor. his t-shirt is missing, prompting him to squint quizzically at the pile. without thinking much of it, he throws on his boxers and a pair of socks before leaving the bedroom to look for you.
“babe? where’d you go?” peter calls for you. he pads down the hall, rubbing his tired eyes. “kitchen!” you call back.
peter enters the kitchen half-naked and with his curls messier than you’ve ever seen them. although, he’s wearing more clothes than you’d left him with. you admire the hickeys scattered about his skin.
“there you are,” peter perks up, giving you a once over from across the room. “and there’s my shirt.”
you’re leaned against the counter, eggs cooking on the stove. surely enough, his missing t-shirt hangs comfortably off your frame. you smirk.
“what, you want it back?” you retort. you begin to lift the fabric by its hem, and peter doesn’t stop you. “go ahead, it’ll level the playing field,” he encourages. “you’re unbelievable,” you chuckle out, turning around to check on your eggs. “you’re a tease,” peter rasps in his morning voice.
he walks the short distance over to the stove. you can feel his body heat radiating onto you from where he stands. his hands find their place on your hips, chin resting on your shoulder. his lips pepper your cheek in soft kisses. you fetch a spatula to scramble your eggs, grinning to yourself as peter plants a kiss on the corner of your lips.
peter stands on his tiptoes and cranes his neck to reach your lips better, but you shove at his chest to stop him.
“pete, i’m cooking,” you remind him. “don’t care,” he dismisses, pulling your hips against him. you bite back your growing smile. “aren’t you hungry? you’re always hungry,” you play coy. “i am,” peter confirms. he manages to sneak a peck at your lips. “for you,” he finishes.
“like you didn’t get enough of me last night,” you remark, turning off the stove once the eggs are cooked to your liking. “what can i say? i’m insatiable,” peter agrees.
he trails open-mouthed kisses down the side of your neck, peeking over at you to see your reaction. unfazed, you divide the eggs in half and plate them. you then head over to the toaster with peter still clinging onto you. he kisses back up to your lips while you retrieve two slices of toast from it, continuing to ignore his attempts.
a whimper escapes peter when you pry yourself free from his arms. you drop the toast on the plates.
“how about some breakfast to satisfy that appetite of yours?” you suggest. “butter’s on the table. hot sauce, too. you want any fruit?” you ask him. peter pouts at you, a smile of feigned innocence on your lips. “coffee?” you question.
peter gives you one last chance to take his hints, but you offer his plate to him instead.
“i’m okay. thanks for breakfast, baby,” peter murmurs, grabbing his plate from you. “anytime, my love,” you reply and give him a quick kiss on his cheek.
you fix yourself a cup of coffee as peter seats himself at the kitchen table. he stabs a fork into his plain eggs and chews, watching you longingly. the way you sway your hips side to side as you pour in milk, how your shirt rides up more and more with every movement.
your giggle when you catch him staring.
god, your laugh is music to his ears.
“enjoying the view?” you joke as you join peter at the table. peter eagerly nods. “i love seeing you in my clothes,” he affirms, a goofy grin stretching across his lips. “i love seeing you without them, too,” he adds. “eat your food,” you laugh out, pushing peter’s plate towards him.
“i’m kidding, i’m kidding. i mean… no, i’m not, but,” he stammers. blush tints his cheeks. “but seriously. you look really cute,“ he compliments, tugging at the collar of your shirt. you wink at him over your coffee cup, sipping from your straw. “thanks, pete. your outfit’s not too shabby, either,” you return.
your fingers brush over his shirtless torso, leaving goosebumps as they go.
you fill peter in on your plans for today for the remainder of your meal, but he struggles to listen. his mind is elsewhere.
in the gutter.
“whatcha doin’?” peter appears in the bedroom.
you’ve gotten dressed for the day, courtesy of the fresh load of laundry dumped out atop your bed. you hold up the blouse you’re currently folding in response to peter’s question.
“laundry,” you tell him. “i did yours, too. here.” you toss a flannel at peter’s chest. peter catches it with his face scrunched in disapproval. “what’s this for?” he plays dumb. you answer by throwing him a pair of jeans next. “gotta leave something to the imagination, hm?” you hum. “reverse sexism,” peter gasps, earning a giggle from you.
you put away your neatly folded blouse in your drawer, peter’s doe eyes fixated on your form. you don a skirt and a matching sweater that he realizes belongs to him. it’s a turtleneck, to cover up the many hickeys he gave you. peter’s heart soars at you wearing his clothes again.
you place the rest of your laundry back in your hamper before plopping down on the bed. you have a pair of sneakers in hand.
“y’look pretty, baby. going somewhere?” peter wonders. he sits down next to you and pats his thigh, signaling for you to give him your foot. “thanks, pete. lunch with betty and mj, remember i told you?” you respond, peter tying up your shoelaces.
“yeah, totally. right,” peter assures you. “could i come?”
he’s flashing you that perfectly adorable, comically wide smile of his. it’s the one that makes you swoon every time without fail, the one he knows you can’t resist.
“sorry, no boys allowed,” you inform him. you switch feet once peter finishes lacing your sneaker. “since when?” peter’s smile dwindles. “since betty and ned are on a break again and she needs some girl time,” you explain, waving around your foot that peter has been neglecting.
“they broke up?” peter gawks. “yeah, but you know that never lasts long,” you shrug. “i just told you at breakfast,” you repeat, brows knitted together. peter gets to work on your other shoe. “must’ve slipped my mind,” he mumbles, finishing up your laces.
you ruffle his curls and stand from the bed.
“i better get going. can i bring you something back?” you ask, searching around the room for your purse. peter hops up and follows you step for step. “wait, i really can’t come? i thought you were joking! that’s so not fair!” he squeaks. “i don’t make the rules, peter. i just enforce them,” you giggle.
you find your purse and sling it over your shoulder, heading to the door. peter rushes in front of you so he’s standing between you and the door, gripping at your waist to keep you in place.
“y/n,” he tries. he gives you his signature puppy eyes. “peter,” you deadpan, reaching for the doorknob. peter blocks you. “i’m gonna be late, love,” you breathe out. “i don’t want you to go,” peter squeezes at your waist with a childish huff. “the sooner you let me go, the sooner i’ll be back,” you promise.
“i can’t argue with that logic,” peter concedes at last, releasing your waist from his grip. “goodbye kiss?”
you capture peter’s lips in yours, his eyes fluttering closed as he reciprocates. peter sets a hand on your jaw to tilt your head up towards him, lips parting for more. much to his dismay, you pull away instead.
“i’m going, i’m going,” you decide, laughing breathlessly. “you should check in with ned, okay?”
you thread your fingers through peter’s to remove his hand from your face. peter grins when your lips press to his knuckles.
“‘kay, i will. have fun without me,” he sarcastically says. “i will,” you shoot back.
you arrive home with a takeout bag in hand and a smile on your face. peter springs out of his seat on the couch the second you walk through the door.
“you’re back,” he beams, greeting you with a short kiss on your lips. “how was lunch with the girls?”
he’s in the outfit you’d hurled at him earlier, hair now styled and a headset around his ears. his current video game of choice is displayed on the tv.
“good! betty’s taking the breakup pretty well this time. she says hi, by the way,” you relay, shrugging your coat off your shoulders. “just betty? what about mj?” peter wonders. he helps you out of your coat and hangs it on the rack. “she had a few other choice words for you,” you reply, peter scoffing.
“how’s ned?” you prompt him. “uh, why don’t you see for yourself,” he grimaces.
peter motions for you to come closer. you oblige, and hear wailing coming from his headset. he tucks the headphones behind his ears, lips pressing together.
“is that ned?” you mouth. “yup,” peter sighs. “i’m on with him. i thought maybe a video game marathon would cheer him up, but i was wrong,” he rubs the back of his neck. you set a hand on his chest. “aw, poor ned. is he okay?” you question.
“ned, buddy. how’re you doing? you good?” peter softly asks his friend through his microphone.
you make out a strangled no between sobs.
“i got you lunch. it’ll be in the kitchen whenever you’re ready,” you quietly tell peter. you begin to creep out of the room with the takeout bag. “no, don’t go! where are you going?” peter whisper yells back. “don’t worry about it. stay on with ned!” you shoo him off.
peter adjusts his headset so it’s around his neck, scurrying after you.
“baby, i’ve barely seen you all day,” he protests. “ned needs you,” you answer, making your way into the kitchen. peter’s fingers hook around your wrist, grasping it in his hand. “and i need you,” he desperately whines. “later, pete. be a good friend,” you give him a stern look.
peter groans, stomping back over to the couch in defeat. you lightheartedly roll your eyes at your boyfriend and leave his lunch on the kitchen counter.
you end up going for a walk to kill time while peter consoles ned. it’s one of those rare, warm days in the city during the transition from winter to spring. you’d decided to take advantage of it.
you were a bit overdressed for the weather, so you’re heated when you come back to the apartment. peter is still splayed out on the couch, minus the headset and with netflix now open on the screen. he must have finished up with ned.
“baby, baby, baby!” peter greets, twisting around on the couch to face you. “i was just about to look for a movie, c’mere!” he beckons you over. you wipe beads of sweat off your forehead. “i gotta shower, babe. later?” you reply. “you said that last time,” peter complains and switches off the tv.
“yeah, but now i’m all gross and sweaty,” you justify, shaking out your turtleneck. “that doesn’t bother me,” peter declares. “it should. this is your shirt, you know,” you chuckle and pull the turtleneck over your head, letting it land on the floor.
you kick off your sneakers, left in only your bra and skirt. peter’s breath hitches.
“hm, that feels good,” you almost moan. “you’re killing me, y/n,” peter mutters back. “i know,” you acknowledge with a sugary sweet smile. you unclip your bra next and fling it at him. “y/n, baby…” peter licks his lips, fingers toying with the straps.
he’s practically drooling as he eyes you from the couch.
“please,” peter pleads, the word laced with desperation. “please what?” you muse. he swallows hard. “you know what,” he gets out. you look him up and down, peter following your gaze. “later,” you remind him.
you’re already gone. peter hears the shower turn on, slumping down in his spot.
from the couch, peter listens to the running water and you softly singing to yourself. he imagines your hands running along your body as you lather up the soap, the noises of content you’d let out, and…
fuck, this is torture.
what he would give to be in there with you.
“hey, peter?” you shout for him, answering his prayers. “yeah?” peter immediately shouts back. “could you come in here a sec?” you request.
he’s there in an instant, all but bursting through the bathroom door. steam floats through the room, your intoxicating scent flooding peter’s senses. you pop your head out from behind the shower curtain.
“jeez, it’s hot in here,” peter exhales a laugh. “that’s how i like it,” you grin, water droplets dripping down your skin. he shakes his head. “so what’s up, baby? what’d you need?” he wonders, hoping this is leading where he thinks it will. “i forgot a towel. would you mind grabbing me one?” your grin becomes apologetic.
“oh, sure. no problem,” peter replies, face falling. “be right back.”
he hurries to the linen closet and returns with a clean towel, hanging it up for you.
“thanks,” you murmur. “of course. anything else?” peter’s tone is suggestive, eyes raking over what little of your body he can see. you pull the curtain aside to reveal yourself fully. “you wanna join me, pete?” you knowingly question. “oh my god, yes. i thought you’d never ask,” he pants out.
peter quickly strips his clothes, you giggling as he races to get into the shower. he comes in and yanks the curtain shut behind him, pinning you back against the wall. you squeal at the unexpectedness of his actions. peter’s lips attach to your neck, fingers digging into your sides. he kisses down the middle column of your throat lightly, your head rolling back in pleasure.
you take peter’s chin between your fingers to guide his lips up to meet yours in a feverous kiss. he uses his grip at your sides to hoist you up, your legs around his torso. you squirm around in his hold, your want for him growing at the feeling of him pressed up against you.
“pete,” you mumble against his lips. “peter…” you squeeze at his biceps, your chest heaving. peter leans in. “what’s the magic word, baby?” he speaks lowly, nipping at your earlobe. “please,” you purr, rocking your hips against his. he grips at your hips to stop you. “please what?” he echoes your words from earlier with a cheeky smile.
“you little shit,” you mutter under your breath, crashing your lips into peter’s once again.
just as badly as peter needs you, you need him.
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tomhollandsblog · 3 months ago
Love/Hate me more [tom holland smut] part one
Pairing: Tom Holland x actress!reader
Description: You and your co-star Tom Holland can't seem to get along. After the big premiere of your movie, things change.
Word Count: 9.5k (4.6k words of pure smut)
A/N: This is part of @venomsilk's valentine bingo! See my valentine bingo card attached at the end of the post. If you do not want to get spoiled: don't read the tags and warnings and be surprised! I hope you enjoy it!
Part two is out now here!
Tagging inspo pics
Tags: actress!reader, coworkers, enemies to lovers, fake dating, unhappy ending
Warnings: SMUT (18+), swearing, angst, pwp, PIV, unprotected sex (wrap it before you tap it), cockwarming, fingering, spanking, oral (m&f receiving), dom!tom but also slight dom!reader at some point, slight choking, namecalling (s word), 'hatefucking'
Tumblr media
Tom had a very good reputation. Almost spotless. Always punctual, always nice - almost courteous - and such a pleasure to work with. No logic could explain then why you and him just could not stand each other. When you were cast to play opposite Tom Holland in a spy thriller you were excited at first. So how come from the first time you met you both despised each other?
He always got on your nerves with his optimism and endless talking. Always energetically running around set, always charming everyone. He was like a small golden retriever puppy, who never stopped barking. This would be a positive for most people, but needless to say, you were a cat person.
In ways, you were also more like a cat. Calm, strategic, elegant, maybe a little judgmental and sometimes even snippy but always professional. From the get-go, you both knew that you wouldn't be friends. He's just too annoying.
On-screen you were playing spies working for opposite sides. Slowly they turn from rivals into lovers until they both unknowingly double-cross their own side to save each other.
Off-screen you developed a rivalry as well (only that it didn't turn into love). Everyone around you seemed to be oblivious to your spiel. Maybe they thought you both just went full method but secretly have mutual respect and admiration for each other (which obviously wasn't the case). But it was fine. You both avoided each other as best as you could on set. Delivering on your scenes like professionals, bickering with each other between takes, rolling eyes when you thought the other person wouldn't be able to see. You probably completely ruined the studio's chances of making a gag reel since all of the footage where one of you would mess up would just show the other person visibly annoyed.
Eventually, you had to reunite for a press tour, where the both of you did a fantastic job of convincing the public that you were actually very close friends, always praising each other (which you hated because Tom knew full well that he was a great actor) and making up set stories that never happened. Apparently, some fans were convinced that there was something more between you (dozens of YouTube videos compiling 'flirtatious' moments between the two of you could attest to that). Seemingly, your bickering read more like flirting. So much so, that halfway through the press tour the film studio approached you and Tom and heavily suggested you up the flirtations. The fans ate it up - fully convinced now that you had been secretly dating since shooting the movie.
The week before the premiere in Los Angeles the studio called you in for another quick meeting. This time they had more concrete plans. They presented a strategy that would include shots of the two of you "getting cosy" on the beach which the paparazzi would coincidentally take. And then the two of you would attend the premiere together, walk the red carpet and give everyone a little bit of a show ("Actually, nothing is off-limits").
You both agreed. After all, it's just a job, right? It's just acting.
Which is how you ended up on the sidewalk of the hotel you stayed at, waiting to be picked up by Tom. He was 10 minutes late, of course, when he pulled up in this ridiculous Porsche. You didn't care for cars. You drove yourself if you absolutely had to. But you never really liked the type of man who was like super into cars for some weird reason (using cars as a status symbol). You would take a long ride on a crammed up bus with poor ventilation any day if it meant you wouldn't be trapped in a ritzy car with one Tom Holland. When you got into the car, Tom didn't even bother to turn down the loud music blasting through the speakers.
"You're late," you snipped.
No response.
The car's engine roared obnoxiously as Tom pressed his foot down on the gas pedal. You rolled your eyes.
"We should probably get into the mood of actually liking each other," you suggested after a few minutes of silence, struggling to speak loud enough over the music.
"What? You don't like me?" Tom said sarcastically while putting on an obvious fake smile.
"I would like you more if you turned down your stupid radio pop music," you said. Tom rolled his eyes at you and turned off the music.
"You would prefer if I played some of your pretentious indie music," he said putting indie into air quotes.
"Yes, I would actually"
"You know, I'm surprised that you even acted in this big mainstream movie since it's not real cinema," air quotes again.
You knew that his characterisation of you was right, but you weren't gonna let him have this point.
"You know, I had perfectly fine plans for this afternoon, maybe watching a good film, but since I'm stuck with you, you could maybe make it suck a little less if you weren't so annoying as usual,"
"Yeah, I see you put on something nice for a change," Tom joked in reference to the outfit you were wearing. You hated that you had to put on something cute and make yourself presentable for Tom.
"I see you didn't return the favour," you shot back.
Surprisingly, Tom didn't take offence to your remark but laughed instead. Even more surprisingly, now you had to fight back a small grin appearing on your lips yourself.
"I was thinking, since there are different societal expectations for actors and actresses in the current patriarchal state of Hollywood, nobody would care that the man of the couple would turn up in a white tee and pair of jeans to a date," Tom said clearly parodying your characteristically snappish line of delivery.
"I- wh- did-," you stammered briefly before deciding on "excuse me?"
You looked at Tom, taken aback. You couldn't tell whether he believed in what he just said or whether he said this to take the piss out of you. "Did you just use my own arguments against me?" How dare Tom use what you taught him against you when before, he wouldn't even have been able to construct such a sentence. How dare he out-woke you.
"Don't act as if it's your original thought," Tom shot back with a raised eyebrow (he was right, you shouldn't).
"I know"
"Besides, shouldn't you break those social norms by not playing into those stereotypes?" he added.
"You, out of all people, don't get to tell me what I should do or shouldn't do to be a good feminist," you said as Tom was narrowly close to seriously angering you.
"I'm taking the piss," Tom said, almost softly.
"Well, I need you to shut up"
You side-eyed Tom and saw that he was looking at you with an amused smirk. You could tell that he was holding himself back from saying something which would probably make your blood boil (thank god, he respected your request and kept his mouth shut).
After a few minutes, you noticed Tom looking at you again. You glared at him before going back to look at your phone. At the next red light, you looked up to see him stare at you again.
"What? Get your eyes on the road," you said annoyed, maybe a little nervous that he was looking at you for so long.
"If I may speak..." Tom said smirking.
"Oh my god, what is it?"
"We're almost there and just purely for the sake of the cameras - believe me, I wouldn't dare to do so otherwise, you know that I find you absolutely repulsive", you knew that he was joking with at least the last part.
"Misogynist," you quipped.
"- we should maybe try to at least act like we can stand each other... I don't know, just a suggestion," Tom smirked.
"I'm a decent actress but I don't know if I can do that," you said.
"y/n, you're a brilliant actress!" Tom said mimicking the tone he would use in interviews to praise you.
You realised that you were dangerously close to actually enjoying Tom's presence and the banter you had. You caught Tom looking at you to check for your reaction but you weren't gonna give him that satisfaction, so you just returned a blank stare.
"Alright, director's note," Tom said. "You could try to let me hold your hand maybe or let me put your arm around you at least once. We really should touch at one point. You could laugh at my jokes- wait, you already do that-"
"Shut up"
Tom continued "You could maybe look at me lovingly since we're actually supposed to be in love..."
"Now, that is above my pay grade," you said and Tom laughed, again.
Soon after Tom parked the car on the side of the street and you got out. It was a warm spring day in Los Angeles, the sun shining down on the beach. Tom walked around the car to join you and put his arm around your waist.
"Are the paparazzi already here?" you asked.
"You can never know," Tom said and led you down to the beach to take a stroll.
"Let me put on my sunglasses so I don't have to look at you," you said after a while and Tom laughed over-exaggerated (clearly making a show for the cameras). "I know, I'm too funny," you said.
"Don't flatter yourself, we're on camera," Tom said head softly pointing to a paparazzo in the distance taking pictures of you.
You walked another hundred feet until you slightly shrugged your shoulders, feeling the need to free yourself from Tom's hold on you. Getting the signal, Tom dropped his arm from your waist (without any snarky comment, much to your surprise).
You looked around, out to the sea, up to the soft and few clouds, admiring this beautiful day. You didn't know that such a day wouldn't automatically be ruined by Tom's presence. When your gaze grazed Tom's figure beside you, you noticed him staring at you, his facial expression unreadable.
"Creep," you said.
"What? Am I not allowed to admire my beautiful girlfriend?" Tom joked and your heart fluttered briefly (what?). You rolled your eyes and theatrically pretended to gag until you stopped yourself, remembering you were on camera. "What the fuck," Tom laughed loudly and blood rushed to your face, embarrassed by your mistake.
You tried making up for it by wrapping your arms around Tom to hug him closely. Tom's arms quickly wrapped around you as well, still laughing.
"D'you think they got the shot?" you asked after a while.
"Hm, not yet," Tom said and you didn't protest.
Tumblr media
A few days later you were stood beside Tom again. You were wearing a dark green long dress that was hugging your figure in all the right places. Flashing lights were almost blinding your eyes and the shouting of the photographers drowned out every other conceivable noise.
"Here! Tom! Here! y/n! Tom! Give us a kiss!"
It should have been you all by yourself, the paparazzi only shouting your name. Instead, you had to force a convincing smile on your face as the photographers and journalists were only interested in the much more famous Tom Holland or your relationship with him (you knew that it wasn't Tom's fault, but it only added another bullet point to your list of reasons why you couldn't stand him). Tom's arm was wrapped around your waist, his skin tickling you where the back cut out of your dress revealed your skin as he tried everything to avoid touching you there.
You turned your body to face Tom and put your hand on his chest while locking eyes with him. Almost like a reflex, you both smiled at each other lovingly before you both looked at the flashing cameras again.
You kept up the pretence a bit longer until your assistants rushed you along the red carpet to get a few shots of you on your own before you moved along to interviews. There you tried to duck personal questions about your relationship as best as you could by just talking about the movie and telling more lies about each other ("Yeah, he's just the best!" and "She's the sweetest girl you'll ever meet" and "He's the most fun to work with").
"You have such great chemistry on screen! How do you do it?" the interviewer asked immediately as you started your last interview on the red carpet.
"Oh, I have no idea, how we do it," "Thankfully, we're actors,"
You both joked at the same time.
"But really also off-screen," the interviewer continued laughing. "It seems like the whole internet is obsessed with you right now. I just love how you constantly tease each other... It really must be true what they say: teasing is a sign of affection,"
Both you and Tom nervously laughed.
"Right," Tom said.
"You got it all wrong," you said fake laughing. "Tom's the worst, I hate him, I could strangle him," you said and pretended to theatrically choke him with your hands. Tom played along by putting on a shocked facial expression, which made the interviewer laugh.
"You two are the sweetest," she said and you side-eyed Tom when you removed your hands from his throat. "But what's the scoop here, can you tell us more about your relationship?"
"Oh, y/n is just the best to work with, always so positive and fun on set," (lies) "she's so supportive of me and my work," (more lies) "and besides that, I really admire her as a close friend and a- uhm-yeah," (the biggest lie) "but we can't deny nor confirm anything," Tom winked.
"Thank you, have a good night!" the interviewer said and shook both of your hands.
"Great work," Tom whispered a little too close into your ear as you walked away from the interview. His arm was placed low around your waist which you barely allowed.
"Likewise," you muttered.
Tom dropped his arm from your waist as you were out of sight of the paparazzi. As soon as you were sat in your seat in the theatre to watch the movie, you turned it all off. Even though you were sitting beside each other, you didn't exchange a word until the lights got dimmed and the screen in front of you got illuminated.
"You can take off your shoes now," Tom whispered as he leaned over to you just a bit. In one of the interviews, you had joked that your shoes were killing you and that you couldn't wait to take them off.
"Right," you mumbled and went to take them off (slightly confused that Tom remembered or cared ).
As you leaned back into your seat you turned to look at Tom only to see that his eyes were fixated on you still. For a few seconds, your eyes were locked and you tried to get a grasp of what Tom was thinking. As the music of the first scene was filling the auditorium you both turned to look at the screen and ignore each other again.
You tried to forget about Tom's presence beside you and just enjoy the movie and the audience reactions. You were happy and also a bit proud of yourself whenever the audience laughed as your character cracked a joke or whenever they gasped as you pulled off an impressive fight move. Some audience members even cheered when the final kissing scene came on. You laughed in your seat to conceal the blood that was rushing to your face (which was a bad move because it made Tom look at you with a raised brow which only caused your face to become even hotter).
As the credits began rolling, the auditorium cheered as each actor's name got shown (Tom's name was first, of course). You had to fight back tears as everyone was cheering at your name (even Tom was clapping and cheering - maybe as not to be rude).
After one short cut hour at the after-party, mingling with your industry friends, you knew that it was time for the big finale of the night. The studio had arranged for you and Tom to leave the premiere in a limousine together. One last time you both walked across the red carpet, laughing and giggling as Tom's arm was wrapped around your figure again. You were waving to the fans still waiting behind the barricades and the paparazzi taking pictures and videos of you. As you arrived at the car you both turned to the photographers one last time to pose for pictures.
"Beautiful! Tom! y/n! Smile! Give us a kiss! Come on!"
Again, you both turned to look at each other lovingly. If you didn't know any better, you would have believed that it was real. Your smiles were gone now, eyes more lustful maybe. As the shouting of the people around you cheered you on you decided to go in. You leaned forward slowly, giving Tom a chance to back away until you captured Tom's lips in a kiss. Tom's hand was resting on your back as he leaned forward and dipped you slightly backwards (almost theatrical).
You remembered Tom's lips (soft and sweet) as you had to kiss a thousand times on set. But this time it felt different. It wasn't planned, improvised, almost organic while still being staged. Shivers were running down your spine where Tom's fingers were lingering. Even though you couldn't stand the man, you had to admit that he was endlessly attractive. It made this kiss be the most pleasant part of your fake relationship scenario so far.
When you ended the kiss you tried avoiding Tom's gaze as you waved to the cameras one last time before getting into the car, Tom close behind you.
"What the fuck?" Tom said as soon as the door closed.
"Come on, don't pretend like it's my fault," you said rolling your eyes as you sat down.
"Why did you do that?" Tom said, brows furrowed.
"Why not? We were supposed to give them a show," you said as the car started moving. "We've kissed before - why are you making such a big fuss about this?"
"Not like this," Tom said.
"This is no different," you countered, face serious. "Tom Holland, I could kiss you a thousand times and it wouldn't mean a thing."
Tom was visibly taken aback and didn't speak for a few seconds.
"Right, because you hate me too much..." he said eventually. You didn't like that Tom was upset with you. Ever since the press tour, it seemed like your rivalry consisted of joking bickering, not of serious hatred for each other.
"Hate is a strong word, I don't ha-" you said before he interrupted you.
"Oh, come on!" he said rolling his eyes.
"See? At least it's mutual," you pointed out his exaggerated reaction.
"Oh, you think I-" Tom started before he stopped himself and decided to ignore you.
He looked out of the tinted windows. He was sat only a few feet across from you. One bump on the road and your knees would touch.
"I don't get you," Tom turned to look at you again. "One day I think you actually enjoy spending time with me for a few hours and then you pull off shit like this," another pause ensued. "You're driving me insane."
Your eyes were locked with his. Your forehead was wrinkled, actually worrying that you took it too far, that you overstepped, no regard for his boundaries. For a second you considered actually apologising for kissing him.
"I could kiss you a thousand times and it wouldn't mean a thing," he mocked your tone. "I know we fuck around and shit but sometimes you-" Tom stopped himself, not looking at you. "but sometimes you say really hurtful shit,"
Oh. He wasn't upset with you that you kissed him. He was upset because of what you said afterwards.
"Well, to be fair, you do also say hurtful shit sometimes,"
Tom didn't answer and you sat in silence for a good five minutes. When you looked up again you saw Tom staring at you sternly. You narrowed your eyes at him, trying to read him. Tom mimicked you, also narrowing his eyes and tilting his head slightly. You nervously huffed out a puff of air which was supposed to be a soft laugh. In return, you caught a glimpse of something in Tom's eyes (something playful, maybe even lustful) and his lips slowly formed into a daring smirk. You discarded your small purse on the seat beside you, anticipating Tom's next move. Tom leaned back in his seat, his legs spreading slightly.
"Come here," he said and your heart stopped for a second.
"Wha-?" you said, the word getting stuck in your dry throat halfway through.
"Come here and kiss me," he said. "It doesn't mean anything, right?"
Heat rushed through your veins immediately. Nothing in you could stop you from slowly leaning forward (and nothing in you wanted to stop). Tom extended a hand until he cupped your cheek. He brought his face forward as well until your lips collided. The kiss was soft at first, testing the waters until soon both of your lips moved against each other hungrily. You got up from your seat and stumbled forward until you fell into Tom's lap, using your hands to steady yourself on his chest. Instead of breaking the kiss, your lips moved against each other faster.
You tried to position each of your legs beside Tom so you could properly straddle his lap. However, your tight dress hindered you from doing so. Realising your struggle, Tom grabbed the bottom of your gown and slowly pushed it up to your thighs, his hands leaving hot shivers along your skin as his spread apart fingers raked up your thighs. Still not breaking the kiss you were now straddling Tom, his hands lingering on your thighs. As Tom tightened his grip around your skin, you let a moan escape your lips. Breaking the kiss, he looked at you with a raised eyebrow and a smirk on his lips.
"Oh, don't get cocky," you rolled your eyes.
"You must be the greatest actress alive if this doesn't do anything for you," he smirked and your heart fluttered just a bit. You didn't know that making Tom smile would feel so good (if you'd known, you would have tried earlier).
This time Tom's lips latched onto your neck. His mouth roamed your skin as he used in hands to push you closer to him. You grabbed a handful of Tom's hair and let your head fall back so he could kiss along your skin easier. You let out another moan when Tom's hands started to massage at your butt under your dress.
"That's it, little slut," Tom whispered lowly. "Let yourself go,"
Another moan toppled out of your mouth.
Soon Tom's lips trailed along the straps of your dress before slowly pushing one strap down your shoulder when you didn't interject. Using one hand, Tom's fingers almost delicately pushed the fabric of your dress down to slowly reveal you only covered in a strapless bra.
Before anything else happened, the limousine stopped.
"We're at your place, Mr Holland," the driver informed you, his voice muffled by the closed partition.
Tom looked at you, eyes dark.
"Do you want me to-"
"Yes," Tom interrupted you before your could finish, knowing what you wanted to say.
Quickly you pulled up your dress again and scrambled for your purse on the car seat as Tom was already getting out of the door.
"No need to drive me home. Have a good night!" you thanked the driver.
"Have a good night, Ma'am," the driver replied.
"Ma'am," Tom repeated as he was stood beside the car door. He held out one hand for you to take as you got out. You narrowed your eyes at him playfully as you took his hand and he led you to his front door.
After Tom unlocked the door and you stepped in, you immediately kicked off your high heels and made your way through Tom's living room. You had never been at his LA house but walking out into the backyard you knew exactly what you were looking for.
"So, this is that hot tub you always brag about?" you asked with a grin as you turned around to face Tom closely following behind you. Tom returned your grin.
"I think you might have too many clothes on your body to get in there," he said and kissed you again.
You slipped your arms underneath Tom's suit jacket and grabbed at his dress shirt, ruffling it in your grip. As his hands found the zipper at the back of your dress another moan escaped your mouth, this time being fully swallowed by his lips. With your grip, you yanked Tom's shirt out of his trousers and went to find the buckle of his belt next. In the meantime Tom had undone the zipper, groaning into your lips, and pushed the fabric of your dress down your body.
"Careful, this isn't mine," you said, breaking the kiss.
Tom took the note as you stepped out of the dress and gathered it up. Carefully he folded the dress and placed it on a table by the glass slide door. As he turned around again he took off his suit jacket and eyed you up and down as you were standing there, only dressed in your strapless bra and panties. When he was stood before you again he placed one hand on the side of your neck, the other on the side of your waist and turned you around until your back was flush with his fully clothed front. His hand was now wrapped around your neck, his breath hot on your exposed skin.
"If I only knew this is what it takes to finally make you shut up, I would have done this much sooner," he whispered, his lips grazing the skin of your neck. You moaned and pushed your ass to the front of Tom's trousers, feeling his hard erection through the fabric. "Needy, huh?" Tom's other hand sneaked around your torso and slowly slid down to your panties. As his fingers pressed down on the fabric he could feel that they were already drenched in your juices. "So, so needy," Tom groaned. "Come on, let's add a little dialogue to your performance. What do you want?"
"I want to suck your cock," you moaned, your head falling back against Tom's shoulder.
"My god," Tom breathed out. "Such a dirty little slut," he murmured against your skin. "On your knees then," You complied and watched as Tom took off his shirt and unbuckled his belt until his hard cock was freed. He placed on hand on your cheek, almost lovingly until he pushed his thumb past your lips into your mouth. "What else do you want, baby girl?" he demanded. Calling you baby girl maybe was a little slip of the tongue.
"Your-", you swallowed around Tom's thumb. "I want your cock inside me. I want you to make me cum. I want you to pound into me until I scream."
"Fuck," Tom muttered and grabbed the sides of your face. "I don't know if you deserve that yet, you're lucky if I do that," he said and brought your face towards his cock.
Your mouth was wide open as you took his length into your mouth. Tom's thumb softly stroked your cheek as you looked up to him innocently. Your tongue twirled around his cock as your lips were stretching around his base. Slowly you began bopping your head and moving your mouth along his member, sucking hard.
"You're taking me so well," Tom praised and you noticed his hips slightly stuttering.
You narrowed your eyes and you touched a hand to his hip. This was the first time you touched him in such an intimate place (aside from his dick being swallowed by your mouth) and it felt so delicately personal. With your hand on his hip, you motioned for him to thrust into your mouth. Tightening the grip on your face, Tom started to thrust into your mouth as you hallowed your cheeks.
"Fuck, fuck, fuck," he muttered under his breath until he couldn't take it anymore and stopped himself. "You're too good," he told you as he pulled out, leaving your mouth empty. "Get into the hot tub," he demanded as he let go of your face and you complied. As he got in, you sat down on his lap immediately, the warm water hugging your body.
"I hope you don't get too comfortable commanding me around," you said and reached behind your back to undo your bra's clasp to reveal your breasts. Tom grinned as he eyed you up and down daringly. "I'm gonna fuck you until you're begging to cum," you said.
"You? Really? Because I think you're gonna be the one begging," Tom said with a raised eyebrow.
"Challenge accepted,"
You hooked your thumb into your panties, pulled them down and completely disregarded them by the poolside. Holding yourself up by Tom's shoulders you positioned yourself above his cock until you lowered yourself onto him. The resistance of the water made it harder for him to slip into you so Tom used his hand to guide himself into you. When you were completely seated on his lap you locked eyes with his. As the both of you leaned forward for a kiss, your teeth clacked against each other making you laugh before Tom swallowed the sound with his lips. Moaning into the kiss you started moving on his cock. Tom wrapped his arms around your body and so did you engulfing him in a hug. It felt intimate and made your heart beat fast to feel your bare chest pressed against Tom's. A feeling you didn't know you craved before.
As you rolled your hips against his, you could feel the tip of his cock nudging you in all the right places. Burrowing your face into his neck you let the moans spill out from your mouth. Biting down on his neck you remembered that you were supposed to make him beg for you. So you tried to hold back your moans and rolled your hips harder.
"Come on, fuck me like you hate me," Tom challenged. For a brief moment, you stopped in your movements before you gritted your teeth. You wrapped one hand around Tom's neck and picked up speed again. This time not caring too much about how sensual your movements would feel for Tom - the harder, the better. "That's more like it," Tom said pleased.
"Quiet," you hissed and ground down into Tom's lap harder while clenching your pussy around him. Tom's low groans grew into breathy moans as the pleasure was rolling over his body. "I said to be quiet," you repeated and tightened the grip around his neck.
To hold back his moans, Tom bit down on his lip hard and let his head fall back (which left you with the most beautiful and heavenly view in front of you). "Fuckfuckfuck," Tom muttered as he couldn't hold back his sounds anymore. "Stop," he huffed out and you did. His hands softly massaged on your waist as he was trying to catch his breath and you let go of his neck. "I don't want to come yet," he said as he sat up straight again. The sight in front of you was to die for. His pupils were blown out, hair ruffled, some strands wet, his lips swollen and his cheeks red.
"What? You can't keep up?", you teased and Tom laughed.
"Oh, we both know that you're the unathletic one. Riding me like this in the water must mean your thighs are burning now," he wasn't wrong.
"But I win the challenge," you insisted.
"Wha- no! I wasn't begging for anything, my darling," Tom smirked and your heart skipped a beat. "What? No rebuttal? Did that darling just knock you out or what?" Tom teased you when you didn't answer.
"Never," you said and softly punched him in the shoulder.
Tom surprised you when one of his hands came up to cup your face and bring you down for a kiss. The kiss would've almost felt romantic if it weren't for Tom's other hand sneaking up to touch your left boob. He broke the kiss to latch his lips onto your nipple. As you were still taking the full length of Tom's cock you went to move yourself on him again but he made you stop with his hand. You were seated in his lap, warm water bubbling around you and his thick cock filling you up as he sucked on your nipple.
Soon his other hand sneaked to your front to finally touch you. It took everything in you not to roll your hips against Tom's when his fingers began circling around your clitoris, massaging your nerve endings. As Tom's teeth sunk into the skin of your breast you let your head fall back. A multitude of delicious moans spilt out of your mouth when his fingers applied just the right amount of pressure on your clit.
"Such a dirty little slut, such a good girl for me," Tom breathed against your skin as he was leaving kisses against your breasts. "Acting as if you hate me when you really just wanted to get railed by me," he hissed and moved his fingers faster on your clit. "You just wanted me to fuck you, till you can't walk straight anymore. You should've let me known earlier, you dirty slut," Instinctively, your hips jolted against his. "Don't move," Tom demanded his hand on your neck again. "Don't move or I won't let you cum," he warned. "Do you want to come, baby girl?" he asked. Before you could hold yourself back any longer you let the words spill out of your mouth.
"Yes, please- I want to cum- I want to cum so bad," you pleaded.
Tom's mouth went to your nipple again and his fingers worked harder on your clit until you couldn't hold back any longer. With a series of moans, you came undone around him, your pussy clenching around his thick cock. Tom's fingers rode out your orgasm until you were only a whimpering mess on top of him. His arms engulfed you into a comforting hug.
"Did I allow you to cum yet?" Tom asked when you pulled back.
"I- wh-," you tried.
"I don't think I did," he interrupted you. "Maybe you're not such a good girl after all," he said and you whimpered needily. He noticed the goosebumps forming on your shoulders and softly kissed there. "If you get off me, I can get you a towel and I can make you cum in my bedroom for a change."
Tom wrapping you up in a towel topped off with a hug really shouldn't feel as good as it did. When he placed a kiss on top of your head you had to wonder whether the both of you finally dropped the pretence of hating each other.
A few minutes later Tom delicately placed you on top of his bed, on your back, towel still wrapped around you. He joined you between your legs, hands carefully pushing the fabric up until he faced your pussy. Immediately, he went to lick along your folds, his lips landing on your clit, still sensitive from your first orgasm. Tom's hands were placed on top of your thighs, softly caressing there when he could feel your hips bucking from the sensation overload.
"I know you can take it," he murmured against your skin and continued to suck harder on your clit.
Tom moved one hand to your entrance and slipped two fingers into you. Slowly he started to move the fingers in and out of you and patiently listened to your whimpers. Angling his fingertips towards your belly, they pressed down on that sensitive spot on your walls, making your breath hitch. As another wave of pleasure crashed over your body, you couldn't hold back any longer, giving way to another orgasm. You arched your back off the bed and grabbed a fistful of the sheets into your hand as you rode out your orgasm.
Tom kissed the top of your thigh and just when you were about to catch your breath again, he kissed up to your entrance and licked around it until he inserted his tongue. Even though his tongue felt soft in your hole, the stimulation from your orgasm heightened the sensation. Reflexively, you burrowed your hand into his hair which made him moan around your body. Bringing up his hand Tom touched your clit again which made you jolt sharply. Carefully Tom massaged around your clit while his tongue explored your hole as best as he could. With the after-effects of your last orgasm, it only took a few more strokes until you were orgasming again, whimpering and moaning. When Tom moved up from between your legs a big smirk was plastered on his lips.
"What?" you rolled your eyes.
"Nothing," Tom shrugged above you. "You just whimpered my name when you came," he grinned.
"I did not," you said, face hot with embarrassment.
"You did," Tom insisted. "Tomtomtommytommy-yes," he mimicked your high pitched moans.
"Shut up or I'll leave," you said and shoved his shoulder lightly.
"Okay, okay," Tom laughed. "Please stay," he said and gently moved the towel off you.
"Only if you fuck me finally," you challenged.
Tom groaned, smile now wiped from his face. He complied by swiftly sliding into you. Your eyes were locked as you adjusted around his length (maybe this was your most intimate moment yet). Tom wrapped his arms around you while you wrapped your legs around his waist. His chest was pressed against yours, feeling him so close to you sent your heart on a rollercoaster. Slowly he began finally moving in and out of you.
"Yes, fuck me," you moaned into his ear.
Tom groaned and picked up speed in response, thrusting into you harder and faster. The stimulation from your previous orgasms was still lingering and sending hot sensations through your body as Tom pounded into you.
"You're so tight for me, so good," Tom moaned into your skin as the bed squeaked below the two of you. "So good," Suddenly Tom slipped out of you. "Turn around," he commanded.
As you turned around you wanted to position yourself on your hands and knees but felt too overwhelmed. So instead you laid on your front and bend one of your legs so that you could push up your ass for Tom.
"So beautiful," Tom praised and let a hand come down hard on your ass cheek to slap it.
Swiftly he entered you again to thrust hard into you from behind. The soreness from your previous orgasms only enhanced the sensation of Tom's thick cock pounding into you. He was using one hand to hold himself up and the other to gather a handful of your hair firmly tugging it without hurting you. Tom's chest was pressed against your back and you were longing to feel every inch of his body.
"You're so good, taking me," Tom praised gritting through his teeth. "I can't get enough of your angelic sounds," he said which only made you moan more. "I'm close."
Tom thrust into your harder until he bit down on your shoulder to muffle his groan as his hips faltered and you could feel his warm liquid shoot deep into you. As Tom's thrust came to a halt you could hear his panting beside your ear until he pulled out and laid down beside you. You turned your head to face him. You grinned sheepishly at him and he chuckled.
"I'm not done with you," he said while stroking your hair almost gently.
Tom leaned forward and captured your lips in a hard kiss while using his hands to push you to lay on your back. When you felt Tom's tip nudge at your entrance your hips jolted to meet him. Still kissing you he softly stroked your cheek before breaking the kiss to look down at you.
"Stay still," he instructed and you nodded silently.
Tom's penis was softer after his orgasm but still hard enough to be able to fuck you. Using his tip he smeared the cum which had leaked out of you around your hole.
"So pretty," he praised. "My dirty little slut"
Slowly Tom slipped just about an inch of his cock into you before he stopped.
"Oh my god," you whimpered, feeling your entrance stretch around his tip. "feels so good"
Tom's lips turned into a smirk as he pulled out of you only for him to push back into again. Excruciatingly slow Tom pushed and pulled in and out of you, only ever entering his tip. You knew he was doing everything in him to hold himself back from fucking into you relentlessly. The sensation of Tom's tip stretching your hole mixed with the after-effects of your three orgasms felt absolutely divine. At the same time, by only pushing into you an inch Tom was teasing you in the worst way possible. You just wished he would pound into you again, make you feel all of his length between your walls.
"fuckfuckfuck," whimpers spilt out of your mouth uncontrollably.
Suddenly, you felt Tom's finger on your sensitive bud again. With your eyes forcibly pressed shut, it took everything in you not to cum again right then and there. Gradually he began massaging your clit again and you knew you weren't gonna last long.
"Keep your eyes open," Tom commanded. "Look at me," you opened your eyes and looked at Tom, completely exposed, spread out in front of him, completely submissive to his touch. "Good girl," he praised.
As Tom pressed down on your clit and pushed into you again you couldn't hold back any longer. Your breathing stopped for a second before you came around Tom's tip, your back arching off the bed but your eyes still locked with his dark eyes. As the stimulation became too much on your clit you begged Tom to stop touching you, barely able to form any words at this point. Tom stopped touching your clitoris but still pushed in and out of you, blurring your vision. Your hips were trembling uncontrollably.
"Fuck me, fuck me, please-," you whimpered, begging to feel Tom's cock fully thrust into you again.
Instead, Tom pulled out of you.
"You will have to do that yourself," he said and you groaned in protest. Tom sat down, back leaning against the headrest of the bed. "Come here, baby girl," he motioned to his lap. "Come here and ride me."
As you pushed yourself up by your arms you felt your whole body trembling, exhausted from your orgasms but still aching for more. Barely, you were able to drag yourself into Tom's lap. You sunk down on his cock, finally feeling him fill you up again. You sat there for a moment, catching your breath.
"So beautiful," he praised as he looked at you. "Come on, ride me," Tom challenged you with a devilish grin.
You placed your hands on Tom's chest, trying to steady yourself as you moved up his cock. You could repeat that motion only a few times before your burning thighs gave out and you let your head fall on Tom's shoulder. Tom placed a hand on your cheek and pulled you back to look at him. You expected him to look disappointed, maybe concerned. Instead, you were faced with a soft smirk formed by his lips.
"Not so bratty anymore, are we?", Tom teased. "No more snarky comments, no bickering," he said and gently stroked your hair. "no teasing, no nothing. You're completely gone for me," he said and you whimpered as your arms trembled trying to hold yourself up. Tom noticed and let you fall into his chest as he wrapped his arms around you to comfort you. His cock was still filling you up. "Tell me what you want."
"I want you to fuck me," you whimpered against his collar bone. "I want you to fuck me like you hate me."
"With pleasure," Tom grinned and sneaked his hand to your neck.
He took you by surprise when he suddenly thrust up into you, his hand tightening on your neck. You let your head fall back as Tom put his other hand on your waist to hold you in place. After thrusting into you a few more times, Tom suddenly stopped which only left you begging for more.
"On your hands and knees, little slut," he demanded as he pulled out of you.
With trembling arms, you positioned yourself on the bed as you were told, Tom behind you. Tom's hands roamed your ass until his hand came down on your ass cheek in a hard spank. You moaned and pushed your ass closer to him.
"You like that, huh?" he asked.
"Yes," you moaned and buried your hands in the bedsheets.
As the tip of Tom's penis nudged your entrance another slap came down on your skin. With another spank to your skin, his cock pushed into you, filling you up completely. Without giving you time to adjust, he grabbed you by the waist and pounded into you. The overwhelming sensation made your arms weak and give in underneath you. Even though Tom wasn't touching your clit, you could already feel another orgasm building up as he was hitting all the right spots inside of you.
Any softness or gentleness that Tom had shown to you before was completely wiped now. Only the sound of both of your moans and your skin slapping against each other was filling the room. Tom's hips were pounding into you, his hands holding you tightly, knuckles turning white, teeth gritted. When you could muster up the strength you finally started to move your hips back whenever Tom met you with another thrust. He groaned lowly and met your ass cheek in a hard spank again.
As the sensation became too much, a wave of pleasure rolled over your body again, this time leaving you to scream out Tom's name. Hearing his name leave your mouth as you chased your fifth orgasm of the night only made Tom pound into you harder. He didn't stop until you felt his cum shoot into you, filling you up until it started to drip out of your hole onto the bedsheets. As Tom pulled out of you, you collapsed onto the bed, still trembling from your orgasm. Without giving you a chance to recover, Tom inserted two fingers into you and touched your overstimulated bud with his other hand.
"Fuck," you moaned as you felt pleasure but also a sharp sting in your lower abdomen.
It only took one small move from his finger to make your hips jolt uncontrollably. Another motion and you were crying out his name again.
"You dirty little slut," Tom purred. "Making a mess of my sheets,"
Another flick of his finger and you buried your face into the sheets as you cried out.
"Please, please, Tomtommy," you whimpered when you couldn't take it anymore.
"What is it?" Tom asked patiently.
"I- I- I can't-," you stammered and he stopped.
Tom pulled his fingers out and got up from the bed, leaving you alone as you tried to catch your breath. You were still seeing stars when you felt a towel covering you before Tom slowly and gently cleaned your cum-covered thighs up.
Then Tom carefully turned you on your back, placed a pillow below your head and pulled the duvet over your body before slipping under the covers himself.
"Are you okay?" he asked and you nodded exhaustedly.
Tom chuckled as he wrapped his arms around your body to pull you close into an embrace and you could already feel yourself slip into dreams.
"For the record, I won," Tom said after a while. You rolled your eyes.
"Thomas, you do know that sex isn't a competition," you mumbled into his chest.
"Hey! You were the one that turned it into one," he said but before you could come up with a witty remark you were already fast asleep in his arms.
Tumblr media
When you woke up the next morning, the bed beside you was empty. From down the hallway, you could hear the shower water running before it stopped. A few minutes later Tom walked into the room, only a towel wrapped around his waist.
"Morning," you greeted him with a smile.
"Morning," he mumbled (seemingly unfazed to see you awake) and went to his closet to pick out some clothes.
"Care to join me in bed?" you suggested. Tom looked over his shoulder at you, sat in his bed, the duvet only covering the lower part of your body.
"It's quite late actually...," he said.
"Oh, okay," you said disappointed and slightly confused at his coldness. "Do you want me to leave?" you asked. You were surprised when he let out an unconvincing laugh.
"Well, I don't want you to stay all day," he said.
"Okay, I wasn't gonna," you said.
When you got out of the bed Tom was already dressed in his clothes, which left you standing there naked and vulnerable. Something in you wished you could just walk up to him, hug him, kiss him, laugh with him. You wondered what triggered this change of heart in you. Only yesterday you could've recited a full list of reasons why you 'hated' Tom. But now? You tried to think of the reasons but you couldn't - it was an empty list.
"When will we see each other again?" you asked.
"I dunno, I think we have this promo shoot coming up next, I don't have my calendar memorised," Tom mumbled.
"No, I mean," you laughed nervously. "When will we be seeing each other again, you know, alone?"
Tom raised his eyebrows at you where he was standing across the room. "You want to go out?" he asked, scepticism clear in his voice.
"My god, I didn't ask you out," you rolled your eyes playfully. "I just thought that since last night-"
"It doesn't mean a thing, remember?" Tom said, hands in his pockets.
"Excuse me?" you asked, facial expression frozen.
"You said it yourself: it doesn't mean a thing," he repeated and shrugged. Suddenly, you felt exposed in front of him. You grabbed the duvet off the bed and wrapped it around your body to cover yourself.
"So, this was all just a performance to you?" you asked.
"Of course not, I obviously enjoyed myself," he said rolling his eyes at you. "But I enjoyed it because we had amazing sex, not because I love you or something,"
"Oh, don't flatter yourself, I don't love you," you clarified. "but I thought this was something more than just a hatefuck," you said your vision slowly becoming blurry.
"What more?" Tom asked, face blank.
"I don't know," you said defensively and added after a pause: "I like you, Tom."
"You could have told me that sooner before you decided to pretend to hate me and treat me like shit"
"So, there is nothing there for you?" you asked in disbelief. You couldn't believe that all the gentle touches, kisses and teasing was really just nothing to him. "Nothing?"
"y/n," Tom paused. "I have no feelings for you, there is nothing there," he said. "I think you should leave now"
"Fuck you," you said, angry with Tom and angry with yourself that tears were now actually running down your cheek.
You refrained from wiping your tears in front of him, so as to not draw any unnecessary attention on them. Tom ignored your remark and handed your underwear from last night to you. You didn't take it, so he left it on the bed for you.
"You can put on some of my clothes," Tom said and went to his closet to pick out something for you.
Without giving Tom another glance you went out of the room, downstairs where you found your purse from last night. You fished out your phone with trembling fingers to call yourself an uber as fast as possible. When you went to turn the screen on, you saw that it was dead.
"Fuck," that meant you would have to stay a bit longer to charge it or Tom would have to call an uber for you.
Either way, you had to ask Tom for help, which you absolutely loathed. You groaned and went upstairs again to get it over with.
"My phone's dead," you said as entered the bedroom again.
"Fine," Tom rolled his eyes. "I'll drive you."
You nodded and sat down on the bed beside the clothes that Tom picked out for you. You looked at him leaning by the doorway, watching you. Your hands were still clutching the duvet that was covering your body.
"Can I have some privacy?" you asked annoyed.
"It's not like I had my tongue stuck up your pussy only 10 hours ago," Tom rolled his eyes, smirking (how dare he smirk when you were sitting in front of him, dried tears on your cheeks).
"You don't deserve to see me naked right now," you said and motioned for him to leave.
"Fair enough," Tom said and left you alone in the room.
Ten minutes later you went downstairs, dressed in one of Tom's sweat pants, oversized shirts and socks. You ignored Tom leaning by the kitchen counter and went past him to the front door.
"I'll tell my assistant to pick up my dress tomorrow," you said.
"Fine," Tom said and unlocked his Porsche.
Quietly you slid into the seat and looked out of the window, planning to ignore Tom for the entire ride. When Tom pressed down on the gas pedal you noticed him checking for your reaction. He probably expected some snarky comment from you, but you insisted on ignoring him.
After a few minutes of the silent drive, Tom fiddled with his phone to turn on some music. Normally, you would have snapped at him for looking at his phone while driving. When the speakers started playing some Cage The Elephant song you groaned and Tom chuckled. No matter how much Tom would pander to your music taste, you wouldn't be less upset with him. Besides, why did he even care?
After a silent drive that lasted too long, you were getting closer to your hotel.
"y/n, wipe your tears, we can never know who could see us," Tom said.
"Fuck you," you retorted.
"Well-," Tom tried but you already knew that you didn't want to hear the stupid remark that he was going to make.
"Tom, I'm not in the mood to bicker with you," you snapped at him. You turned to look at him for the first time again. "I don't care who sees us like this. After everything, I couldn't care less if this hurts your reputation."
"I thought you liked me," Tom said, a hint of a smirk on his lips. The boy really didn't know when to stop, did he?
"You're making it really hard for me right now," you said, tears starting to form in your eyes again.
Finally, you arrived at the hotel and the car came to a halt.
"Keep the clothes," Tom said when you were about to open the door. You looked back at him. After a short silent pause he added:
"You know how to reach me when you're done being upset and are craving another fuck," a devilish grin on his lips.
Instinctively, you opened your mouth to tell him off, maybe tell him another fuck you, but you stopped yourself.
"And you know how to reach me when you're done lying to yourself and are ready to apologise," you said which wiped Tom's grin right off his face.
You grabbed the door handle and opened the door, getting out of the car and out of Tom's life (for now).
Tumblr media
final A/N: I'm thinking of writing a second part to this because I still have so many ideas with this pairing! Would you be interested in another part?
updated final A/N: part two out now here!
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Tumblr media
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peterparkersgirlfriend1 · 2 months ago
The Morning After. (Richkid!dom!Tom x Sub!fem!reader)
Warnings; smut, language, 🔞
*all characters are aged up and are of legal age in 🔞 stories. Minors please do not interact.
Tumblr media
The night was still young as you sat at the bar in a skimpy royal blue dress that highlighted your figure. You looked beyond stunning. You played with your wine glass and sighed as you looked at the clock. “Where is she?” You mumbled.
“Okay! I’m back.” Rory beamed. Your best friend Rory, had convinced you to move to London with her. You had grew up about twenty minutes outside of London. Sure, it wasn’t like you moved countries but any means but some days you felt like you were in a completely foreign country. You weren’t used to the city and all of the bustling excitement that came with it but deep down, it was exactly what you needed. So, the two of you took a chance and bought a two bedroom flat in the heart of London.
“Welcome back.” You playfully winked.
“You know, thanks for coming with me tonight.” Rory took a seat at the stool next to you. “I know clubs aren’t really your thing, I know you’d rather be at home reading Shakespeare or watching Gilmore Girls or Sex and The City or something.” Rory giggled. “But seriously thank you. It means a lot to me. Also you look so hot in that dress bitch!”
“Aw, thanks bitch! I love youuu” you giggled. “You look pretty sexy too. I can’t believe no guy has picked us up yet.” You playfully rolled your eyes.
“Ugh I know.” Rory deadpanned, she scanned the bar and dancing area for men with her eyes. “Let’s go dance.”
“Oh, I’m okay. I’m already like, too drunk for that.” You swiveled the drink in your hand. “I’ll keep an eye on you from here don’t worry.
“Nooo!” Rory whined. “I don’t want you to protect me, come and dance with me!”
Rory guzzled down the shot in front of her and turned to pout at you. “Come onnn Y/n please!”
“Okay. Okay. “ you hesitatingly said. “I’m only doing it because I don’t want to leave you alone out there.”
Rory unable to speak out of excitement took your hand and dragged you from your seat, leading you to the dance area. The music became more ear piercing, you could feel the vibrations throughout your whole body. The strobe flashing lights made you almost nauseous. You held your wine glass shakily in your hands, downing the rest of the drink to help you relax.
You watched as Rory stepped into the middle of the mosh pit and completely less lose. You stood on the near sidelines at one of the standing tables watching her.
“What’s a pretty girl like you doing all the way over here?” An attractive man in a suit approached you.
“Nothing.” You quipped, your voice squeaking as you spoke.
“Doesn’t look like nothing to me.” He fake pouted. You couldn’t see him entirely well due to the harsh lighting but calling him attractive was an understatement. This man, was GORGEOUS. It was like you personally hand created this man. He was out of this world perfect. You got lost in his deep brown eyes, they were soft yet mysterious.
“Well. I’m just keeping an eye on my friend.” You quietly said.
“Ah. So I take it clubs aren’t really your scene, darling?”
“No, not really.” You gave him a small smile.
He set his hand down next to yours, brushing against It ever so slightly. You got goosebumps from the slight content. You had known this man for two minutes and he gave you absolute butterflies.
“You know, there’s a lot of women here. Women who would I would have no trouble with being able to get into my bed. Yet, with all of these women here, the only one that has my attention is you.” He took a sip of his drink and put a hand on his slicked back hair.
You blushed like a teenager at his comment yet it angered you. “I don’t appreciate compliments where someone has to tear down others to say something about me.” You gave a annoyed smile and walked away from the area. Behind you, you heard clicking of heels and saw Rory chasing after you.
“What happened? I saw you talking to that guy.”
You tsked. “Nothing. Just some misogynistic asshole.”
“What else is new?” Rory teased. “I really want to go home with this guy I met. His name is Jack.” She grinned.
You turned around to see a blonde in a white dress shirt and black dress pants. “He’s cute.”
“He’s a total dork but he’s sweet. Do you wanna share a cab with us?”
“I’ll be okay. I’ll just go home. Text me okay?”
“Of course. Text me when you get home.” Rory smiled and gave you a quick hug. You smiled and gave a small wave just before turning around and walking outside. You gripped your purse and pulled out your phone. The corner was crowded with people smoking, talking or looking to call a cab. You felt safe being in the presence of other people.
An all black Rolls Royce pulled up right in front of you. Your heart thumped seeing it pull up inches away from you. You took a few steps back and continued to wave down a cab.
The back window of the Rolls Royce rolled down. Your heart practically stopped seeing the familiar face from before. “I’d love to take you home Darling.”
You walked towards the car door with a puzzled look on your face. “I don’t get into the car with strange men unfortunately.”
He rolled the window down all the way and stuck out his hand. “I’m Tom, pleased to meet you darling.”
You reached for his hand and he firmly grasped it. “I’m Y/n. Pleased to meet you Tom.”
“Please get in darling.
“Why should I?”
“Why shouldn’t you?”
“My ex boyfriend stalked and harassed me for six months after we broke up. It makes you a little weary of people. Especially extremely friendly strangers.” You shrugged taking a few steps back.
“Is he still bothering you?”
Your eyes widened. “Not since I changed my name, address and phone number. Wouldn’t jinx it though.”
“I would never do such a thing to you. “ his words genuine and his features soften. “Please. I’ll give you a ride to the next safest place. I’ll wave you down a cab there.”
“I’m okay. Really. Thank you for your kindness though.”
He gives a small smile and takes the hint. “Y/n. That’s a really pretty name.”
“Tom is a very pretty name as well.” You teased.
Tom playfully rolled his eyes. You felt small raindrops on the top of your head.
“I’ll see you around then.” He grinned and began to roll up the window.
“Wait! Tom?“
“Yes, darling?” He suddenly froze.
“I’ll take you up on that offer. “
Tom’s brown eyes glistened in the moonlight and rolled up the rest of the window. He opened the car door and scooted over. You got in the car and gasped at the feeling of the cool leather on your legs. Tom put a hand on your thigh. Your face felt hot as Tom scooted over closer towards you. He adjusted his glasses and took his time examining you.
“Drive.” He said in a monotone voice. You felt the car jiggle as it pulled into the left lane.
“I changed my mind.” Tom fiddled with a drink in his hand. He sloshed around the liquor in the wine glass. “I’ll take you wherever you want in the entire world. You name it, Ace.”
You met his eyes and could feel the sexual tension. You didn’t know if your drinks had caught up to you or it was just how attracted you were to this man but you felt bold. Hookups definitely weren’t your thing considering you were still a technical virgin. Yet, maybe it wouldn’t be so bad to just lose it during a one night stand. You could fuck a hot guy who you would never have to see again. No strings attached right?
“Your bed.”
Tom pulled his lips close to your ear. “Oh yeah?”
⋆⁺₊⋆ ☾ ⋆⁺₊⋆ ☁︎
You then found yourself in the master bedroom of Tom’s house. Most of the house had been a blur as you and Tom had been making out since the second you stepped into the threshold.
The bedroom was dark yet the moonlight shone through the window and illuminated the room just right. You rested your head on a pillow. The pillowcases were all satin fabric. Now that you were much more sober, you noticed Tom’s glasses were Gucci, he had a chauffeur who drove him around in a Rolls Royce and satin pillowcases. If only you paid attention to the house on the way up to the bedroom.
Tom walked back into the master bedroom, he was shirtless and the moonlight glistened on his abs. He bent over and pressed a lingering kiss to your lips. He pulled away as moans began to escape your mouth.
“I take it your staying the night?”
“Can I? Is that okay?” You whimpered.
“I take it you’ve never done this before.” He laughed and set his glasses down on the table.
“What gave it away?
“Whores usually don’t ask so sweetly if they can spend the night. Or, blush.” He lifted up your chin with his pointer finger. “My, I have you wrapped around my finger.”
Unable to form words you watched as Tom turned on a subtle lamp. Bright enough to see each other more clearly. He climbed into the bed next to you and began rustling through his bedside table’s drawer. Alas, he pulled out a pair of purple, fluffy handcuffs. “I’ve never used these before, I’ve been saving them for a special occasion.“ a smirk came to his lips.
He looked at your face that was left in pure shock which caused him to laugh. “I said stay the night Darling. I never said anything about sleep.” Tom set aside the handcuffs. “Unless you don’t want to, I won’t-“
“I wa-want this. I consent to this sex.”
“What should be our safe word?”
“Safe word?”
Tom furrowed his brow. “Why, yes Darling. “ a smirk captured his lips once again. “Sex with me requires a safe word.”
“If you’re being a brat how can I tell the difference between a real stop and a ‘keep going’ stop.” He began tracing your body with his hands.
“Interesting name.” Tom chucked. “What made you pick that?”
“I think they’re cute and you can say it with a gag in your mouth.”
“Well I like the sound of that.” Tom leaned back. “Before we can get down to real business. How experienced are you?”
“That’s not a question you ask a lady.” You uncomfortably laughed. “Plus, I know it’s a trick question.” You retorted.
“Trick question?”
“Yep. I’m aware of it.”
“Darling, I can assure you there is no tricks. I am simply just trying to see how much aftercare you’ll need when we’re done. “
You looked away from him for a few seconds. “I don’t like being shamed.”
“Darling, who said anything about shaming?” Tom forced you to look at him once more.
“My ex boyfriend used to shame me.” You shrugged. “He slut shamed me for things I did prior to our relationship and demanded I do the same to him that I did for other guys.” You relaxed more so seeing the soft look in Tom’s eyes. Not a trace of judgment in his eyes. “To answer your question, I’ve given a blowjob.”
Tom’s eyes widened. “And?”
“That’s it.”
A confused look spilled onto Tom’s face. “He must have been a stupid fellow to shame you for something like that. Even if you had done even more, that’s just silly. Most people have had a few experiences or at least have lost their virginity by our ages. It’s nothing uncommon.”
“Yeah, I agree. He was just incredibly insecure and a control freak.”
“You know, if he ever comes near you again I’ll kill him.” Tom deadpanned. You laughed in response, yet you felt uneasy at his serious expression.
“I’m going to be your first and your last.” Tom stated and motioned for you to come closer. “Now, come sit in my lap.”
You obeyed and straddled him. His hands explored your body, every inch and crevice as you made out. You massaged his shoulders as he slipped in his tongue causing you to moan.
Tom played with the waistband of your panties. He then moved two of his fingers down to your clit, he could feel how drenched you were through your panties. We’ve barely started and I’ve already got you wet.” He rubbed you through your panties even faster. “We’re just getting started Doll.”
You kissed him harder in between your moans. Tom continued to rub more and more. “If you cum too fast, you’ll have to wait until I’m satisfied before I give you more special attention.” He breathlessly said.
“N-No.” you were in pure ecstasy from his fingers.
“No? You’re such a fucking awful liar.”
You trembled as he pulled his hand far, far away from your clit.
“Get on your knees.” He demanded.
You rolled your eyes. “No.”
“I wasn’t asking.” Tom stated.
You rolled your eyes and began playing with the waistband of his boxers. You slowly slid them down, revealing his member. He was clearly hard and tensed up as he felt the cold air splash his dick. You looked up at him, his eyes filled with lust daring you to go on. You got down on your knees and took his member in your mouth. You began teasing him by leaving short licks from his shaft to his head.
“Fuck!” Tom whined. “Keep going, keep going Doll.” He put a hand on the back of your head and massaged circles with his fingers as you continued. “I want that pretty little mouth of yours on my hard, throbbing dick you little slut.”
A blush pressed onto your cheeks as you lightly began sucking the tip. You took your free hand and began pumping his dick as you sucked him off.
Tom looked down in pure ecstasy seeing you on your knees for him. “Such a good girl on your knees for me.” He smirked. He knew what he was doing.
“T-Tom.” You moaned out.
His eyes trailed back to you.
“Shut up.” You said with a mouth full of dick.
Tom rolled his eyes due to the intense pleasure you were giving him and your attitude. He found it positively adorable how tough you were acting. Although he could tell how much you loved it when he dominated you.
“I can’t hear you with my cock in y-your mouth Darling.” Tom panted as you took in more inches of his cock and pumped the rest with your hand. “All I can focus on is how good that pretty little mouth of yours feels.”
Tom began to tense up more so as he was finally getting close to cumming. “Doing so good for me pretty girl. Doing so good for daddy.” He said between his moans.
You put both of your hands on each one of his thighs and felt him jerk back. He left your mouth, leaving you looked back up him in shock.
“I changed my mind. I want to finish inside of you.”
With that, you climbed back on the bed and he tipped over you. “I cannot wait until I can have my cum all over you pretty girl.” He smirked evilly.
“N-Not in my hair.” You cooed.
“I can’t make any promises.” Tom reached over for the purple, fluffy handcuffs and held them over your head. “Lift up.”
You put your hands behind your head and he snapped them into place. To your surprise, they weren’t cheap handcuffs, they were real.
You couldn’t even slip out of them.
Tom cupped your cheek and pressed soft kisses up and down your jawline, as much you wanted to bask in his kisses, you loathed the feeling of how he edged you. Your insides were practically screaming for him. “Tom.” You whined softly.
Tom slipped a hand down to your panties, he shot you a look which you nodded to before he continued on. He slipped off your panties this time and rubbed your folds gently yet fast helping you build up to your release.
You moaned as he slipped another finger into you, almost coming to your release you wanted to try something entirely new. “So wh-what happened to being inside of me?” You breathed out.
Tom winked at you playfully. “Ah, ah ah.” He chuckled lining up his member to you. He still kept two fingers and rubbed your clit vigorously as he began to enter you. You gasped upon his entrance. “Tell me when I can move around Darling.”
Tom saw the look of discomfort on your face. “Do you want me to pull out love?” He asked in a genuine concerned tone.
“N-No!” You gasped beginning to feel pleasure. “It’s just a bit uncomfortable. I-I’m starting to feel how goo-“ you moaned out. Tom gave a small smirk and pressed a kiss to your forehead. He continued to insert more of himself into you and melted as he felt you clench around him.
“You okay love?”
Unable to get the words out you nodded intensely and gave him a small smile. You were in pure bliss as was he.
“I think it’s okay if you move around more now.” You mumbled into his neck and relaxed into him more. He came up for a sloppy, yet passionate kiss to your lips which you gratefully returned. He bucked his hips and began thrusting into you. “Oh! Tom!” You moaned out.
“You like that Doll?” He cooed into your ear peppering kisses on your cheek as he did so.
“Y-Yes Daddy.” You smirked.
Tom’s thrusts began to get faster and harder. You moaned into his neck and tugged gently on his chestnut curls.
Sweat began forming on his forehead as he snuck another look at you. He saw your face in pure ecstasy as he made love to you in his bed. “Fuck Princess.” He panted. “So fucking pretty.” He mumbled. He pressed another messy kiss to your lips. “Doing so, so good for me pretty girl.”
As his thrusts got even more quick, your moans and begs for him became louder. Tom could feel you tense around his member. “Come for me, my pretty girl.” He looked straight into your eyes. You melted at his eyes examining you.
He thrusted a few more times and you clenched around him, releasing a well deserved high. You let out a loud moan of his name as you did so. You continued looking into his pretty brown eyes and he gave you a reassuring smile as he continued to fuck you through your high. Tom groaned as he began to release himself. You left him gentle kisses all over his face as he did so.
⋆⁺₊⋆ ☾ ⋆⁺₊⋆ ☁︎
As you both finished and came down from your highs, you shared a lazy kiss and melted into each other. You nuzzled against his neck and peppered small kisses up and down. He let out a soft moan as you did so.
Tom looked over at you as you tried to catch your breath.
“Promise me you’ll be here in the morning.”
“Why wouldn’t I be?” You panted.
“I would like to cook you breakfast and show you how much I don’t want you to just be a one night stand.”
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waitimcomingtoo · 27 days ago
Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader
Synopsis: Peter realizes he has a bit of a mommy kink
Tumblr media
Peter blew his nose for the tenth time that day as you joined the lunch table. His allergies made it hard for him focus on the conversation, so much so that he barely noticed you had sat down. It wasn’t until you started fanning yourself that he even looked up.
“Damn. Why is it to hot today?” You asked as you unbuttoned your flannel shirt.
“That’s New York for you. Yesterday is was pouring rain, today it’s nothing but hot suhhhhh…..” Peter trailed off as his jaw dropped at the sight of you. You had removed your flannel and tied it around your waist, leaving you in a little black tank top. Until now, Peter hadn’t seen you in anything less than a T shirt. All the exposed skin he was seeing now left Peters face numb. Apparently, the conversation had continued without Peter as he stared directly at your boobs.
“Pete? You okay?” You asked when you noticed that he was silent.
“Peter?” Ned asked when Peter didn’t respond. “What’s wrong with him?”
“I think he’s in a coma.” You shrugged.
“I think he’s dead.” MJ said quietly.
“Peter? Are you in there?” You asked as you waved your hand in front of Peters face. Peter snapped out of his daze and reluctantly tore his eyes away from your boobs.
“Hi.” He said quietly as his face blushed with a faint pink.
“Hi.” You chuckled. “Welcome back. Long time no see.”
“Hi.” He said again. “Can you come sit by me, please?”
“Okay.” You gave Peter a strange look as he patted the seat beside him. You got up and sat next to him and he immediately pulled you into his lap. Peter wrapped his arms around your waist and kissed your exposed shoulder.
“This is a fun shirt. Is it new?” Peter asked as his eyes flicked back and forth between your face and your cleavage.
“No. It’s just a random tank top. I’m actually pretty sure it’s pajamas.” You said as you looked down at your shirt.
“It is? But I’ve seen all your pajamas.” Peter frowned in confusion. He thought that Facetiming every night before you went to sleep meant he had seen every pair of pajamas you owned.
“No you haven’t. We started dating in September. That means you’ve only seen my winter and fall pajamas. These are summer pajamas.”
“Oh. Well I like them.” Peter said before kissing your shoulder again. His eyes once again landed on your exposed cleavage and he zoned out. He didn’t know how long he had spaced out until Ned waved his hand in front of his face.
“Hello? Peter?” Ned asked.
“Hm? What’s that?” Peter asked as he looked around.
“What’s wrong with you today?” You laughed and wrapped your arms around his neck.
“Nothing.” Peter said quickly. “I’m fine.”
“Right.” You eyed him skeptically. “Come here. Your nose is running.”
The rest of the table watched in disgust as you took a tissue out of your bag and wiped Peters nose.
“That right there sterilized me.” MJ said. “That was the worst thing I’ve ever seen.”
“Leave us alone. You’re just jealous that nobody’s wiping your nose for you.” You teased her. Peter fell silent again as his eyes stayed glued to your chest. He sniffled a little, catching your attention.
“Are you feeling okay?” You asked him.
“I’m fine. It’s just allergies.”
“Are you sure? I usually catch a cold right when the weather warms up.” You said as you pressed your hand against his forehead. Peter smiled a little at the way you checked his temperature, just like a mother would.
“It’s probably nothing. I always get allergies this time of year.” Peter shrugged.
“Okay. Let me know if it gets worse.” You said as you pulled his head towards you and kissed the top of it.
“I will.” Peter replied, an idea forming in his mind.
Later that day, you and Peter sat in room doing homework on his bed. Peter noticed the way you looked up every time he sniffled and decided to push his luck. He eyed you curiously before faking a cough.
“You okay, baby?” You asked and put your homework down.
“Yeah. I’m fine. It’s just allergies.” Peter replied. You crawled towards him and cupped his face in your hands, accidentally giving him a view down your shirt.
“Are you sure? You feel a little warm.” You said when you felt how hot Peters face was.
“I mean, my head does feel a little heavy.” Peter said coyly. “I might have a headache.”
“You do? Come here.” You said and sat back on his bed. Peter tried to hide his smile as he rested his head in your lap. You started to play with his hair, twisting each curl around your fingers.
“Does that feel better, baby?”
“Yeah. It does.” Peter sighed happily and shut his eyes.
“You need a haircut.” You chuckled as you massaged his scalp.
“I do?”
“Actually, I don’t know. I love your curls. They’re just growing over your ears.” You said and gently moved his head off your lap and onto the bed. Peter pouted at the loss of contact and watched as you grabbed a comb and spray bottle off his dresser.
“I wanna try something.” You said as you sat back down on the bed.
“What’s that for?” Peter wondered.
“You’ll see.” You smiled excitedly and pulled him back towards you. He sat between your legs and rested his back against your chest. You sprayed Peters hair with the water until it was damp and began to comb it. You combed it back over and over as Peter relaxed against your body.
“Does that feel good, baby?” You asked in a soft voice.
“Yeah.” Peter said, voice barely audible. He was in heaven from the way you were taking care of him.
“Good. I’ll always take care of you.” You said in his ear, sending goosebumps down his spine.
“I love you.” Peter sighed happily.
“I love you too.”
“I love you more.”
“I love you most.” You chuckled and kissed the top of his head.
That night, once you had gone home, Peter locked his door and pulled out his laptop. He looked around his room before typing something into Google.
“Do I have a mommy kink?” He mumbled to himself as he typed out the words. Peter gulped a little before adding, “Asking for a friend.”
Peter clicked enter and began to read through the results. He clicked on the most promising article and skimmed through it.
“Sexual or romantic attraction for women who care for you, protect you, and nurture you, and love you unconditionally.” Peter read out loud.
“This is so not me.” He scoffed. He phone buzzed with a text from you and he picked up his phone to read it.
“goodnight baby boy! I love you to pieces!” It read, making Peters heart erupt with butterflies.
“That is so me.” Peter sighed dreamily before texting you back.
The next day, Peter waited by Ned’s locker as his friend got his books for the day. He still had the previous nights discovery on his mind as he searched the hallway for you.
“Hey Ned?” Peter asked. “Would you say Y/n baby’s me?”
“I would say that, yeah.” Ned nodded. “Anyone who’s ever been within three feet of you would say that.”
“What?! You mean you can tell?”
“Everyone can tell. It’s not some secret that you’re whipped for her.”
“Well that’s a little embarrassing.” Peter mumbled.
“It’s fine, dude. Y/n loves to take care of people. If you’re her little bitch, so be it.”
“I am not her little bitch.” Peter scoffed just ask you came up to the two of them.
“Hey, Petey. Did you take the allergy meds I left you?” You asked after kissing him hello.
“I did.”
“With food?” You raised an eyebrow.
“Yep. Just like you said.” Peter said proudly.
“Good boy.” You cupped his cheek before going to class. Peter sighed dreamily and leaned against the lockers as he watched you walk away. He felt Ned staring at him and made awkward eye contact with his friend.
“I’m the littlest bitch there ever was.” Peter mumbled in shame.
“Yeah, dude.” Ned sighed. “You are.”
You came over after school again that day just as Peter was finishing a snack.
“Come here. You have something on your face.” You chuckled and cupped Peters face to wipe the crumbs off his cheek. Peter blushed as the action before wiping his runny nose on his sleeve.
“I knew it. You’re all stuffed up.”
“I’m okay. Really.” Peter insisted.
“Let me take care of you.“ You said as you pushed his hair off his forehead.
“Really?” Peter asked coyly.
“Of course, baby boy.” You replied. “Do you want to take a shower first? The steam might clear your sinuses.”
“Okay.” Peter agreed and got out of his chair. He started walking towards his bathroom when he turned around with a shy smile.
“What?” You wondered.
“Can you come too?” He asked.
“Okay.” You laughed and followed him to the bathroom. You turned the shower on while Peter got undressed. Once you were both in the hot shower, you squirt some shampoos in your hand and reached up to wash Peters hair. He shut his eyes and tilted his head back as you massaged his scalp with your fingernails.
“Tilt your head back.” You said as you gently pushed Peter under the running water.
“Whatever you want, princess.” He mumbled under his breath as he stepped under the hot water. In that moment, he would’ve done anything you asked of him. Peter let the water rinse out all the soap in his hair and felt the steam loosen his sinuses. He panicked a little, knowing he had played up the extent of his allergies. If he came out of the shower feeling perfectly fine, you’d have no reason to baby him. And he simply could not have that.
When you got out the shower, you combed Peters hair again, much to his delight. He was feeling perfectly fine now, but you didn’t need to know that. He looked around the room before sniffling loudly.
“Oh no. The shower didn’t work. You’re still all stuffy.” You sighed and cupped Peters face in your hand.
“Yeah. It’s so weird.” Peter said as his eyes darted to the side.
“I know what will make you feel better.” You smiled before disappearing into the bathroom. When you came back, you had a little jar of vapor rub in your hand.
“Lay on the bed.” You told him and he immediately complied. Peters cheeks blushed a rosy red as you climbed into his lap and straddled his waist. You unbuttoned most of the buttons of his pajama top and moved them aside to expose his chest. Peter gulped a little and rested his head on his pillow as you opened the jar. You rubbed the ointment on his chest as the aroma filled the room. When you finished, you closed the jar and set it on his dresser. You then leaned down to kiss Peter slowly. He leaned up to kiss you back, gently cupping your face with his hand. When you pulled away, you noticed the book he had on his dresser.
“What’s this?” You chuckled and picked it up.
“It’s something for English. We have to write a paper on it.” Peter explained as you flipped through the pages.
“How far have you gotten?” You asked when you noticed the book mark was still in the front page.
“Not very.” He admitted.
“Want me to read to you?” You asked as you looked at him through your lashes over the top of the book.
“Okay.” Peter smiled shyly. You flopped on his bed beside him and opened up to chapter one. Peter rested his head on your shoulder and looked up at you with admiration in his eyes. His eyes fluttered shut and he listened to the sound of your voice reading to him. By the time you got to the end of the first chapter, Peter was yawning every few seconds.
“Tired, baby?” You asked him.
“Yeah. I’m tired.” He said through another yawn.
“Then let’s go to bed. I’ll text my mom and tell her I’m staying over.” You said as you pulled out your phone. After texting your parents, your reached over and turned off the lamp. Peter rolled and rolled onto his side so you could spoon him the way he liked. You slipped your hand under his pajama top and scratched his back up and down.
“Night, Petey.” You cooed in his ear.
“Good night, mommy.” He sighed happily.
“What was that?”
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hollandsangel · a month ago
dad!tom protecting his family from the paparazzi? like they're having a nice family day at the park or something and then the paparazzi show up and he's 😡 so he goes into proctective!dad mode? idk
⇘ ⇘ ⇘
the breeze in the park carries the sublte scent of the sweet grass. tom holds your hand in his, watching gleefully as your son trots in front of you.
"and after crafts daddy, we went to the park!" the boy beams, skipping over cracks in the sidewalk.
"yeah bub, did you go on the swings?" when your son nods, floppy curls bouncing with the movement, tom squeezes your hand, grinning over at you.
"i went really high!" he holds his arm up, trying to demonstrate the height he'd reached.
"good job, buddy," you beam back at tom, releasing his hand only to reach into your bag for a wet wipe and dab at your son's messy cheeks, "you're really enjoying your ice cream aren't you."
tom can't stop the love he feels swelling in his chest at the sight in front of him. you're so gentle with the toddler in your arms, and he's so giggly as you tickle his sides.
"mommy! mommy, that tickles!"
his perfect moment is ruined though when he notices a large camera pointing in your direction from several feet away, "shit," he mutters, brushing his fingers over your shoulder, "c'mon, love, let's get to the car."
you turn back to him, still holding your boy close, "what's wrong?" you ask, and tom thinks the vexation casting his features must be a lot more visible than he'd hoped.
he nods forward, and you glance in the direction to find the eyes of a few paps and their cameras slithering over you. you sigh.
"c'mon, let's get to the car, monkey," tom holds his hand out and your son takes it, blissfully ignorant as he swings his arm.
"tom! y/n!" they start to shout when you pass them to get to the car park. tom can see the car, patiently awaiting his and his family's arrival.
"excuse me," is all he says, shouldering past the small crew, keeping his body between them and you.
his heart nearly cracks when the little fingers clinging to his larger hand squeeze, and when he looks down there's a wobble in your little boy's chin, most likely caused by the flashing cameras shoving their way forward.
the word is spoken so softly, barely audible, and tom watches as you lift the toddler into your arms, stroking his back soothingly, "c'mere, honey."
"tom! y/n! is it true that you're taking a year off--" the voices are too loud, and all tom can think about is securing the both of you in the car as quickly as possible.
"i'm trying to get my family home, excuse me," he says a bit harsher, not worried about the scolding he could get from management just yet. he lets go of the breath he'd been holding when you open the car door and begin to do up your son's car seat. tom stays in front of you, using his body to block you from the flashes.
"please don't take pictures of my son," his voice is clipped and clearly irritated, and he presses forward to make more space between you and the cameras.
finally, you slide into the passenger seat, and tom slams his door with as much force as he can muster to really get the point across.
"m' sorry, love," he mumbles, almost ashamedly as he reaches for the headrest of your seat to back up.
"it's okay," he relaxes a smidge when you pat his thigh.
"you okay, buddy?" he's smiling softly, trying to be encouraging, but the few tear tracks on the boy's small ruddy cheeks makes his chest ache.
"i dropped my ice cream," he sniffles, rubbing his eyes.
"oh, baby," tom sighs, turning to face forward again and clenching the steering wheel under his fingers.
"we've got ice cream at home, honey, do you want some once we're back?" in his head, tom is counting his lucky stars, thanking whichever god will listen for you and your ability to handle this a lot better than him.
"yes please," there's another sniffle, and you turn in your seat to hand over a tissue.
"you can have all the ice cream your heart desires, handsome," you promise, looking at tom as you say it.
he turns to you, a sorry smile on his lips, "thank you," is all he says, smiling more genuinely when you lean over and press a kiss to his cheek.
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tomsholland2412 · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Pairing: bartender!Tom Holland x fem!reader
Word Count: 6.7k
Warnings: SMUT(18+, minors dni) (hickies, oral fem and male receiving, fingering, vaginal sex, praise, spitting), alcohol and swears
Summary: A little getaway at a hotel leads to you meeting a hot bartender and forget about your ex-boyfriend in one night
A/N: This oneshot is my submission for @tomhollandfics ‘s 2022 Fic Event and I chose the prompt “Here’s my hotel room number.” Also I know this is the last day so I hope it’s still valid for the event’s submission dates
reblogs and comments are always appreciated <33 they help us writers to reach more people
“Just fuck off, Jackson. It’s over.” You ended the call and threw the phone on your bed, frustration and anger radiating off of you like steam. It made you want to cry out in the bathtub and go on a bloody rampage at the same time. Well, he did. Jackson. 
You were dating that prick for the last few months and you really loved him. Loved. Past tense. Before he decided to cheat on you with one of his co-workers. 
A pretty blonde with a perfect round ass. You’ve met the girl before, at a work dinner that Jackson invited you as his date. She was a sight for sore eyes with how she carried herself: the body, the walk, the confidence… She stood out in a crowd and turned heads. She was the kinda girl you’d want to be. 
And honestly, she could get anyone she wanted. But you didn’t think she would go for the taken ones. 
That night was the first time you genuinely got jealous that Jackson was working in an environment like that. But he assured you that there was nothing to worry about because “he only loved you” and “he would never do anything to hurt you”. What’s worse was he looked like he meant it. And you believed that he actually loved you. That he was loyal to you like he promised he were.
You found out about it yesterday when his phone rang while he was in the restroom. Like a normal girlfriend, you answered the phone to tell them that he was busy at that moment. But you didn’t even have the time to open your mouth before a shrill, breathy voice reached your ears.  
“Hi, baby… my mouth is craving that cock again.” 
What the actual fuck?
You hoped and waited for the girl to call some stranger’s name, so you didn’t say a word in hopes of her calling someone wrong but that hope crashed into pieces when she called his name. “Jackson? Are you there?” Your stomach couldn’t handle what you just witnessed. You were feeling sick and wanted to get out of that place as soon as possible. Grabbşng your purse and you went for the door. 
“Where are you going? We haven't finished the movie yet.” He called out for you but you didn’t even want to look at his face again. 
Without even turning back to face him, “Ask that to the blonde that has been craving your dick.” You said and shut the door behind you. Hard. 
Now that you thought about it, you should have seen it coming. All those “I’m busy working” texts at 11 PM, quickly changing the subject when the topic got to his work life, turning his phone face down whenever he was with you… And most important of them all, that big J in his name. Not to mention he was one of the male specimens. 
Now you were sitting in the middle of your bed after not getting out of your house for a whole day. You got phone calls, texts, DMs, emails… Too many “Sorry”, “I won’t do it again”, “I love you”. So basically just various lies spilling from his lips. He tried to win you back all day but you had enough of his shit. You were not going back to him or letting him in your life in any way ever. 
It was the middle of the night but nothing was going to stop you from avoiding this mess. You needed a getaway. A treat for yourself because you deserve it. You weren’t going to sit in your room and whine about his dramatic ass while eating ice cream. On the bright side, you finally got rid of him. You didn’t need to hear his excuses for not letting you go out at night with your girl friends anymore. None of that bullshit. 
You packed your bag with clothes that were enough for one day and two nights, some skincare and makeup along with your phone charger. That was all you needed for your little retreat. You were going to go to a hotel and take care of yourself in the best way possible. You didn’t care if it took a day in the spa or a night at the bar or anywhere for that matter. If that’s what it takes to treat yourself then you were going to do it. 
You drove your car to a fancy hotel on the empty roads of the night. There were only a few more cars that were on a trip at this hour of the night. The dim light of the moon along with the headlights were illuminating the darkness of the after hours. Lost It To Trying by Son Lux was playing on the aux from your playlist. Your mind was focusing on anything but him now. Even if he tried to reach you he couldn’t because one, your phone was on silent and two, you weren’t intending on using your phone on this little escape from reality and its consequences. 
You gave the car keys to the valet and moved inside to book a room and get your keys. 968. Ninth floor, sixth corridor on the right. That’s what the receptionist told you. With your bag over your shoulder you went to your room and after locking your door you went straight to bed. The exhaustion of the day was starting to show through and without even setting an alarm you went to sleep. 
The sunshine was seeping through the curtains and woke you up by putting a smile on your face. Even though you didn’t want to admit it, yesterday you were feeling down because of the events of the previous day. So now something as little as the sun shining on your face was enough to make you happy. You were dedicated to forgetting about him and moving on with your life as if he never existed to you. 
You planned to have a day free of the thoughts of Jackson and that stupid blonde. A day for you and you only. A hot bath with a glass of wine, sauna, a relaxing massage, fancy lunch and dinner all by yourself. Everything was great. After going up to your room for a change of clothes and a touchup for your makeup, you made your way to the bar downstairs. This was where you were going to get over him for good. Find someone, screw around with them and you’ll be back to where you left before you met Jackson.
The atmosphere of the bar was better than you'd expected, classy and calm. But it was not quite crowded, in fact it was empty compared to what you’d imagined. A couple enjoying their time at one of the booths over there and a few people on their own drinking their feelings away. You on the other hand were looking for anyone who would catch your eye. To fuck your feelings away. 
So far none of the customers were looking interesting enough, it wouldn't be worth a try to get over Jackson with them. If you were going to have rebound sex with someone, they could at least be more attractive than the previous one. You had all night to yourself so maybe someone would show up. 
Well you didn’t have to wait that long because just as you sat at the stool in front of the bars someone attractive appeared in front of you. Actually scratch that, this guy was straight up hot. That word wasn’t even enough to describe him but it was all you got at the moment. 
The dim light was highlighting the best features of his face and his gelled back hair. His nose was crooked and he had the most defined jawline you’ve ever seen in your life, one that could cut diamonds. Eyes matched with his soft hair and were looking into yours now. 
“Good evening, what are we having tonight?” Fuck, even his voice was hot. If someone would fall for a voice, it would be his for sure. It was husky but in a pleasing way. 
“Double whiskey on the rocks, please.” You leaned over the counter to show more of your cleavage but you didn’t need to try hard. This fine man was already checking you out. If you played your cards right tonight, there was a high possibility of getting in the same bed with him. 
“Playing bold, are we?” A little lop-sided smile was already forming on his lips. He was enjoying this too apparently.
“Nothing new for me.” You shrugged your shoulders while raising a brow. Confidence was radiating off of you, this was your one shot and you didn’t want to mess it up. Plus, he had no idea who you were so you could play whoever you wanted to be.
The bartender got the whiskey bottle from the shelves and poured some into the glass that was filled with three cubes of ice. The warm liquid made a cracking sound when it hit the ice and you were watching how skillful his hands were. Looked like he was experienced in being behind the bar for a while.
“Double whiskey on the rocks for a pretty lady.” He served you the glass with a white tissue underneath. Your gaze averted to his fingers and hell, were they long and slender. 
Your elbows rested on the countertop as you reached for the glass. One sip and you were already starting to forget who Jackson was. 
“So what brings you here?” He asked you, obviously he was interested in talking to you. He took a glass from under the counter and started drying it with the towel that was over his shoulders. His eyes are studying your figure as if you were a model in a Vogue magazine. At least the little black dress was worth it with a pop of red lips. You got his attention. 
“What do you mean?” You raised the glass to your lips for another time after stirring it slowly. 
“Someone as beautiful as you must have someone she’s waiting for. Am I wrong?” Yes and no at the same time. You weren’t waiting for someone but rather looking for someone. 
“What? So a young woman can’t dress up for herself and drink by herself at a bar in a hotel?” You asked him a question without answering his. 
“So am I wrong?” 
“Not really but I’d rather see what I am doing as a treat for myself. I am not waiting for someone specific.” You explained, resting your chin in your hand while leaning forward. 
“So you’re looking for someone?” Bingo. 
“Do all bartenders only ask questions instead of making conversation?” Your eyes were squinted. You didn’t want to answer him directly so what’s better than to turn the subject on him. 
“I don’t know about the others but I only lose that ability when talking to women like you, which is rare.” God he had been flirting since the first second you sat at that stool and all you wanted to do was to kiss him. Or rather feel his lips on your body. The sexual tension was undeniable to the both of you and you wondered how this conversation was going to end. In your bed or was he one of those guys who didn’t do casual sex. 
“Well, I’m glad you’re getting experience…” You took a glance at his nametag on top of his pocket. “...Tom.” Your eyes met him with a teasing smile. 
The silence between you was louder than your inner thoughts. Little flirtatious glances at each other, you examining his hands or his biceps that were ready explode out of his tight shirt. You realized he was quite in shape for someone who worked at a bar. When he held the bottles, his grip was firm. Your inner thoughts were wilder than what you were seeing. Imagining how good he would be in bed or how turned his words would make you. So far all the things on your mind were better than what you had to go through in the last few months. 
Jackson didn’t have much game in the bedroom, he would just go at it rough only if he was angry at something. Not to mention his ego that went over the roof only focused on his pleasure. So you had to finish the job by yourself most of the time. 
Now you didn’t know this stranger much or had no idea what his last name was but anyone would be better than Jackson in bed, right?
After serving some more people he came back to where you were sitting. 
“Anything else for you, gorgeous?” Normally if someone approached you like he did you’d be weirded out and get away from there. But something was pulling you more to him. It was either the sexual tension or the alcohol in your system that was making you think this way. Either way you loved it. 
“A company, maybe?” The need to talk to him about anything and everything was at the top of your list right now. You wanted him around and every second more and more. 
“Absolutely.” A cheeky smile was inevitable on his face. You wondered if he’d charmed many women like you with that smirk before. “Then you can tell me the real reason you’re here.” He tilted his head to the right. 
“You wanna know that much about me huh?” 
“Something tells me you’re willing to tell me though.” True. You wanted to tell him why you were here. That you got cheated on and wanted something to make you feel better about yourself. That something was sex with a stranger. You had no shame in admitting that to yourself, there was nothing more normal than wanting a one night stand after a break up. Not everyone would agree with that statement but you had no problem with it. 
“Oh yeah? There’s not much to talk about really. Broke up with my boyfriend so I’m treating myself in a fancy hotel.” Leaving the cheating part out, he didn’t need to know that now. Or else he would take pity on you later on. 
“I must say that the treatment’s been good to you. You’re practically glowing.” He looked so chill for someone flirting with a stranger but maybe that was what made you feel comfortable. Most guys would try so hard to do that and usually it would end up awkward. He on the other hand was inviting you more to flirt back and he was successful at it. 
“Maybe it’s because of getting out of a tiring relationship.” 
“Does it really matter? You’re glowing either way.” He kept his hands busy the whole time by drying off glasses or arranging the bottles on the shelves. 
After flirting back and forth for a while, your drink was finished. Drinking more would make you drunk and tonight that was the last thing you needed if you had the chance to sleep with someone you didn’t know. You wanted to make a bold move or else you weren’t going to see him again, unless you came to the bar again. That was a low possibility considering this was a one time thing. 
You reached for a pen that was on the side of the counter and started writing a number on the tissue that was under the glass. Pretty sure he wouldn’t refuse your offer so it was worth a try. 
“Can I get the bill?” You kept the tissue paper under your hand so he wouldn’t see it until you gave it to him. 
“It’s on the house.” He turned back to you after serving someone else and what he said was unexpected. He had the 
“Well thank you.” You extended your hand over the counter and gave him the paper. “Here’s my hotel room number.” Even though you were confident in yourself your heart was still beating a tad bit faster than normal. Usually guys would make moves on you and you’d be the judge of the situation. This time it had to be you because after you went up to your room he was going to keep on working and never knew anything about you, so that didn’t give you much options. 
He looked at the three-digit number in the middle of the napkin then he looked back at you. “My shift ends in an hour.” Was all he said but you could read from his eyes that he was glad to have that number. Stuffing the napkin in his back pocket, he got back to working and talking with other customers. 
You stood up from your seat and you could see that he was still checking you out from the corner of his eyes. One loud bang on the floor with your heels and you made your way out of the bar, keeping in mind to sway your hips more than usual. 
Half an hour went by and you were checking yourself in the mirror. You sure as hell looked good, no doubt there but you were still unsure if he was going to show up. After all he was still a staff at the hotel and maybe he had a policy of not sleeping with his customers. Or that maybe he flirted for the fun of it. Some people did that just to pass time or they had a flirty personality. Questions and thoughts wandered in your mind and a little more time went by. 
You decided that instead of worrying about if he was going to show up or not, reading would be a better idea to pass the time. Since using your phone was not an option, you weren’t complaining. Besides, you loved books. 
A knock on the door made you leave your book to the side table. It better be Tom or else you’d be a little disappointed. After opening the door that was not an option. Tom with one hand behind his back was leaning to the door frame right in front of you. He still had the familiar charming smile plastered on his face. It was pretty hard to wipe that off but it suited him. Just like that tight vest hugging his chest. 
Your surprised face must have given it away because the smile went wider. “What? You weren’t expecting me?” Instead of saying something you simply shook your head. “I couldn’t turn down someone as gorgeous as you.” You opened the door wider and let him inside. He was still keeping what was in his hand hidden from you. 
Seconds later, he raised his hand and a bottle of clear liquid was on display. “Thought I’d bring a surprise to make things more fun.” He lifted a brow and asked for shot glasses. 
“That’s quite a pleasant surprise.” You rummaged through the cupboards but unfortunately there weren’t any shot glasses. “But we don’t have anything to drink it from.” You turned back to him but he was more amused to your surprise. 
“That’s even a better way to make it fun, don’t you think?” He had something in mind but you couldn’t gather what that was. 
Tom took a few steps towards you and as he got closer you were getting hotter and hotter. Maybe now that he was here, in your room alone with you, things were getting more real than you'd imagined. He was more attractive and you noticed a weird part on one of his brows. He’d also unbuttoned one more button on his shirt since you were at the bar.
“We could use something else to drink.” With the bottle in one hand, he held your hand with the other. “Do you want me to show you, darling?” He guided you towards the bed with small steps. His face was dangerously close to yours but he didn’t do anything about it. All you could feel was his hot breath fanning over your cheeks. 
Placing the bottle on the floor, his hands moved to your waist and slowly started to play with your dress. You haven’t said a word but he still got the answers. Apparently that wasn’t satisfactory enough. “Use your words, baby.”
“Yeah, show me.” You admitted. His fingertips traveled to the hem and gradually rolled it up. You were comfortable with what he was doing so didn’t object. 
“Do you mind if I?” He looked down to your dress and then back at your face. You nodded and helped him get the dress off of you. Without realizing your hands went to cover your body but Tom seemed to realize that. 
“There’s no need for that, darling.” He got your hands in his and lifted them so he could see your figure better. The room wasn’t completely lit, only two lamps and the moonlight were enough to see the other. 
“You’re stunning, you know that?” He finally attached his lips with your skin. And you were absolutely right about inviting to your room. His soft lips were what you needed, what you’ve been craving after so long. Wet open mouthed kisses traveling up to your jaw from shoulders. Meeting your lips in a graceful but hungry kiss, you were already whimpering. His hands were deliberately lowering you to the bed and next thing you know, you were laying on your back under him. 
After leaving your lips he stood back up to get the bottle. You expected him to open the cap and pour some on the little container to drink from it. But you were oh so wrong. 
Tom threw the bottle from one hand to the other and lifted his arm. He threw it behind his head only to catch it right back. You were very much impressed by his bartender tricks and watched him with fascinated eyes. Without even letting you say a word he quickly got the cap off and started to pour the liquid on your belly. Your breath hitched and your eyes went from his hands to his eyes. 
He put the bottle down and met your eyes. Those soft brown eyes were already darkened and greedy. Without breaking eye contact he licked the drink off your skin and started sucking softly. You on the other hand had to break the intense stare and close your eyes. His lips on your body felt intoxicating, you wanted more of it. 
More of the cold drink on your belly and more of his lips were covering your belly. You’ve never had someone do this for you but you were most certainly enjoying this new sensation. After leaving more wet kisses on your skin, he pulled his face back. “You wanna try?” He sounded out of breath. And was that even a question? A chance to lick alcohol off of his god knows how defined abs. You would need to be stupid to miss out on that opportunity. Even though you haven’t seen his body that much, you thought it was no question that he worked and was muscular. 
“Yeah!” You were out of breath too even though you haven’t done anything other than laying down and watching Tom take a body shot on you.
You kneeled on the bed in front of him and unbuttoned his shirt one by one while he took his vest out. One button down and you left a kiss to his chest each time. Your imagination was not wrong again. He had ab muscles carved by the greatest sculptors in the world. It was even better than what you had in mind. When you got to his waistline you wanted to take his belt off too but he was quick to stop you. 
“Not so fast, darling. We have all night to ourselves.” He shook his head looking down at you. Tom laid on his back just like you did moments ago. Before pouring the alcohol on his belly, you took a second to drink in his half naked figure. He really was like a view to admire. 
You placed your legs around his thighs, straddling him, and started to pour the clear liquid on him. Unlike you, he was watching your every move while you were being careful about not getting too much alcohol out of the bottle. After managing to pour an appropriate amount, you lowered your face to him. His scent was already drawing you towards him and now even the thought of having your tongue against his abs was enough to make you pool in your underwear. 
Finally tasting the alcohol, you gathered it was vodka. You hadn’t had the chance to read what was written on the bottle but after tasting you wanted more. Or did you want more of him? To have your tongue lapped against his defined muscles? Even you didn’t know the answer. All you knew was that you had a desire to touch him more. Whether it was with your tongue or with your hands or with your whole body. You craved him. 
You licked the vodka off of him and poured more of it, without leaving the bottle. You were going to enjoy this moment more than anything right now. One of your hands was holding his pecs and every time your lips were on his body, you felt his muscles tense under your touch. You felt more confident than you ever did with Jackson. Tom was bringing out all the best  things in you even though you met two hours ago. He had that power over you. 
When there was only a few sips of vodka left in the bottle you stopped pouring it on him and sucked a sweet hickey on his skin. You loved that he wasn’t shy to make whimpering sounds as you nibbled on his skin. Your hands were roaming and admiring his muscles at the same time. Your kisses followed one another and you were making your way upwards, where you wanted to kiss him more. 
You took your time while peppering kisses up his bare chest which was ironic given you desired his lips against your lips as soon as possible. Eventually you got to his face and connected your lips with his. Your hips were just above his crotch area and you didn’t hold back to grind against him. After your attempt, he was already welcoming you in his grasp by holding onto your bare ass. This was what you imagined while you were watching his hands downstairs. 
Tom’s hands were guiding your hips back and forth while kissing you passionately. You have had one night stands before but none of them made you feel like what you felt right now. Maybe it was a difference that he was the bartender and not the customer this time. Whatever it was you were pulled towards him more and more every second. Both of you were moaning into the kiss and devouring each other’s taste. 
“Sit on my face.” Tom mumbled into the kiss and you were absolutely taken aback by his offer. You had just met and he was already willing to let you sit on his face. 
“Are you sure?” You asked to be sure but deep down you ached to feel his mouth against your pussy. 
“Yeah, I wanna taste you more.” He was panting and still kissing your lips after saying those words. 
Slowly pulling back from the kiss, you placed your legs around his face. Tom’s first instinct was to push your thong to the side to have a view of you. You haven’t lowered yourself yet but he was already cussing to himself.
“God, you’re so pretty.” He grazed your lips with his fingertips and spread your arousal. You were soaking wet since the moment your lips met his. Getting a handful of your flesh in his hands he lowered your cunt to his face. The moment his lips touched you once again, a small moan left you. Even a small lick on your slit was enough to keep you away from being quiet. You held onto the wall behind the bed and kept one hand over your mouth. 
Tom’s tongue was skillfully flicking your sensitive clit and going inside your hole every now and then. You were already on the edge with how fast he was eating you out. Trying to distract yourself with irrelevant thoughts, you let him use his mouth on you. You didn’t want to cum so quickly to enjoy this more. If it was possible you would let him do this forever. 
“Did he make you feel this good?” His voice was muffled with his own actions but your response was immediate. Or the sounds you made, would be the correct choice of words. You were unable to form sentences so you cried out while still keeping your hand over your mouth. Tom must have noticed that because his next words were implying that.
“Don’t be shy, I wanna hear every sound you make.” He had to pull his face from your pussy for a second to look at you. After seeing you take your hand off, he got right back to where left it. Once again you were a moaning mess with his lips sucking on your swollen bud. 
“Now answer my question, darling.” The vibrations from his mouth were sending shivers up your spine. The fact that the answer to his question was so obvious that it made you feel bad about yourself. All these past months you had been putting up with that douchebag’s shit and he wasn’t even good at pleasuring you. But now Tom was making you cum with only his mouth. 
“Nooo…oh fuck!” A loud moan spilled from your lips as Tom’s long finger entered you. With his lips on your clit and finger -now two fingers- inside you, lasting long was not an option. He was groaning against your pussy while you were practically whining on top of him. Every flick of his tongue was sending you closer and closer to the end. The slurping sounds were a song you wanted to listen to forever. 
His fingers were pumping in and out of you while yours were tangled in his now messy hair. There was no sign left of the gelled back hair he had an hour ago. His one hand was roaming your body and stumbled upon your bra hook but that didn’t seem much of an obstacle to him since he unhooked it easily in seconds. He used every way possible to please your body. His tongue and fingers taking care of your cunt while his other hand was playing with your now hard nipples. 
“I’m gonna cum.” You announced as he kept his tongue working at a steady pace. And with what you had said he was doing everything more intense. His fingers were curling to brush against your spot. His tongue was now faster. As you came all over his face your hips were rocking and your thighs were shaking next to his head. He rode out your orgasm slowly as you came down. 
When you lowered your body on the bed Tom’s face was glistening with your juices. He was looking at you while you were trying to catch your breath. You were sitting naked in front of him but you didn’t feel like you had to hide yourself anymore, he had earned your trust enough to be naked with him. 
You didn’t waste time making your way to his belt and this time he didn’t stop you. With admiring eyes he just watched you do the work for him. If he was this good with his mouth you wondered how good he would be with his cock. You bet he was big. After getting the belt undone and his pants unzipped, you tugged at his waistband and lowered his underwear. His hardening cock sprang out ready for you. You were undecided if you wanted that in your mouth or in your pussy. 
You were going to lick your hand to get it wet but you had something better in mind. You got your hands in between your legs and rubbed your palm on your wetness. Tom was watching you with agape lips, like you were putting on a show just for him. Now that your hand was wet enough you wrapped it around him and stroked a few times. The wet sounds were already making you more turned on. 
Tom’s head was buried in the pillow and his silent groans were encouraging you to go faster but you wanted him to come somewhere other than your hand. So you unwrapped your hand from his cock and started taking the last piece of fabric off your body, your ruined thongs. He wasted no time in undressing himself too and before taking his trousers off, he took a small package out. Trying to figure out what it was, you got that it was a condom. At least he was being safe with his actions. 
“You wanna ride me, gorgeous?” Thought he would never ask because you wanted to jump on his dick even more now that he’d given you an amazing orgasm. While you were nodding your head, he ripped the packaging and got the condom out to roll on himself. Impatience was taking over your body so you quickly straddled his lap again. 
Taking his cock in your hand between you and lining it with your entrance, you pumped him a few more times. Both of you groaned at the same time when you lowered yourself on his cock. 
“You’re so tight-” “You’re so big-” You said at the same time. He felt even bigger than he looked or maybe it was because of his girth. He was thicker than what you've experienced before and the difference felt amazing in you. He was already wrapped up in your tight walls. 
Before moving up and down, you adjusted yourself to his size and leaned a little bit forward getting support from  his chest. Your palms were now resting on his pecs, feeling every contraction of his muscles. His hands were on your ass helping you move. 
As you bounced up and down on his cock, one of Tom’s hands left you and reached for the vodka bottle that was sitting on the side table. To inspect what he was doing you switched from bouncing to grinding slowly. He sat up a little and held the bottle against his lips.
“Let’s finish this bottle.” You agreed by keeping your movements going and nodding your head. “Then come and get it.” He said and finally took a sip. He didn’t swallow the vodka but nodded his head once to invite you to his lips. Lowering your face towards his you brought your lips to his. In a second, half of the liquid was now in your mouth, it was warm too. Without hesitation you both swallowed them at the same time. 
Just when he was about to get another sip you took the bottle from his hand. Switching the roles would be good to spice things up, you thought. Beside that, you wanted to show him that you had control too here. Yes you were on top but he was still the one leading things. Before taking a sip you told him to keep his mouth open. And just like that the next thing, you were spitting vodka into his mouth. Tom’s eyes were fixated on yours, cherishing your confidence. 
The bottle was finished and now you were back to going up and down on his cock. Tom’s hands were on your tits as they were bouncing in his palms. You were both moaning and praising each other. His words were making you clench your walls around him. As you clenched, his muscles tensed and grunts got louder. 
“Fuck…just like that.” He cursed when you rolled your hips in a circular motion. His hand reached between your legs and started rubbing small circles on your clit. This sudden stimulation added to your movements was sending you to the edge. 
You’ve read somewhere that spelling your name with your hips would make him go crazy, you wanted to give it a try. And you still haven’t told him your name so it would be an interesting way to introduce yourself. You started with your initial followed by the rest of your name. Tom was confused at first so you did it again but this time a little slower. 
“That’s your name?” He asked in between heavy breaths. You confirmed his question and went back to your fast pace. “Now I know the name I should worship.” He grabbed your ass and started thrusting up into you. You were getting exhausted and as he continued fucking you, your name was spilling from his lips like it was the only word he knew. He wasn’t the only one moaning names because you were screaming his name out too. 
You were once again close to coming but you weren’t sure if he was so you kept on going more and more. While he was pounding up into you from below, you were jumping too as you got support from his chest. 
“Tell me you love the way I make you feel, darling! Tell me he was no good.” Tom’s eyes were filled with envy, maybe jealousy? But he wanted to know that he was better. And he wasn't wrong in any way. 
“You’re so much better Tom! So…fucking…good.” You moaned and he got back to rubbing your clit again. “Come for me, gorgeous.” Four words and you were gone. Hands on your nipples as you arched your back and kept riding him. Tom was giving you everything you needed. This might have been the best orgasm of your entire life followed by the previous one. 
As you came down once again from your high you got up from his cock and quickly took the condom out. Tom was slow to register what was happening but the moment your lips were wrapped around his red tip, he was where helf it. 
One hand taking your hair in a makeshift ponytail, Tom was moaning louder than he ever did the whole night. You were sucking on his tip and stroking the rest where you couldn’t fit in your mouth. Even though it wasn’t much what you had in your mouth you were already gagging and Tom was enjoying too apparently. 
“Atta girl.” Were the last words he could say before spilling his cum into your mouth. You bopped your head up and down on him as he kept his body still. Ropes of cum were shooting down your throat and you swallowed every bit of it.
You were both exhausted and laying down on the next to each other after an amazing sex. This was definitely a great idea to get over that prick because you already replaced the feeling of his dick inside you with someone else’s. And this one was not easy to forget even though it was a one time thing. Doubtless, rebound was what you needed.
Tom got a towel from the bathroom and cleaned you up before getting under the blanket with you. This was new to you but you didn’t find it weird or strange, it felt normal.
You woke up with the sunshine on your face again and to your surprise Tom wasn’t here anymore. The last you remember you fell asleep together but he must have got out early to avoid the awkward talk in the morning. You didn’t blame it on him since this was a one night hookup and nothing more.
You got up from the bed and walked towards the bathroom to take a shower but as you were taking slow steps a piece of paper caught your eye on the nightstand. It had a series of number and then a note underneath.
“Here’s my actual phone number”
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tom-holland-parker · 3 months ago
Could you write richkid!tom fucking you in his kitchen, someone walks in but he doesn't stop?
Word Count: 601
Pairing: richkid!Tom x reader
Part 2
“Tom someone is going to catch us” You said through a choked moan as Tom’s lips trailed up your thigh, kissing and nipping at the tender skin.
“Stop worrying, My parents are out playing golf and my brothers are out doing god knows what” He said nonchalantly as he pulled your underwear to the side. You opened your mouth to respond but the second his tongue circled your clit you could only moan. Hands moving to his hair as he began to eat you like a starving man.
You wanted to close your eyes but forced yourself to look around, keeping alert in case someone were to come home early. “Stop pretending to worry” Tom said as his fingers curled inside you, “We both know that idea of someone catching us turns you on”
“Tommy” You moaned as your legs attempted to close. Tom shook his head, forcing your legs open as he spanked your pussy, “What did you just say”
“Daddy” You felt your stomach tightened, “Daddy I’m sorry daddy please” You whined, your hips grinding against his face. Tom smirked pulling his lips away from your clit, “If you’re gonna cum it’s gonna be on my cock”
In the blink of an eye he turned you around, pressing your body against the counter. You arched your back, practically begging for him to put his cock in you. Tom groaned as he rubbed his cock through your slick folds, teasingly nudging your clit. With one fast thrust he bottomed you out, not giving you time to adjust as he used your body.
The wet sounds your him entering your pussy filled the kitchen, “Oh fuck baby you’re so tight” He head leaned back, the feeling of being inside you could only be described as heaven.
“Hey Tom” You froze at the familiar voice of harrison. Turning your head slightly to look over your shoulder, seeing that Tom had zero plans to stop fucking you. “Yeah, In here mate” He shouted, his thrust seemed to get faster the close Harrison got to the kitchen
“Daddy” You moaned quietly trying to catch his attention. Part of you wanted to stop but you couldn’t deny how hard you clenched around his cock at the thought of Harrison walking in and watching you
“Holy shit” Harrison stood in the doorway, his eyes fixated on the look of ecstasy on your face, “You’re really going at her”
Tom chuckled as he pulled your hair, giving Harrison a better view of your tits. “I’m gonna cum” You whimpered as your eyes trailed down Harrison’s body, stopping at the large erection that his basketball shorts did nothing to hide. You licked your lips wondering what it would be like to have it in your mouth while Tom fucked you.
The idea set you overboard, legs barely holding you up as you came. “I told you she looks good when she cums,” Tom smirked as he came deep inside you, watching as he cum flowed out of you when he pulled out.
“You’re a lucky man Tom,” Harrison smiled as he crossed his arms. You bit your lips as you stared into his eyes.
Tom smiled as he watched the way you stared at his best friend, "I think she likes you”
"Well I certainly like her" For some reason the way they spoke to each other as if you were just a plaything turned you on even more
"Baby, Look what you did to Harrison" Tom gestured to Harrison cock. You groaned as you felt Tom’s fingers move to your clit, "Why don't you go help him out"
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yesitsmewhataboutit · 4 months ago
By His Belt (Sweats)
Tumblr media
Tom Holland x Reader
Tiktok challenge: Pulling Tom in for a kiss by his sweatpants
Warnings⚠️: suggestive
Tiktok is a large platform. Many memes, ideas, and fun things you could pull on your friends and boyfriend. But because it was so big, you tended to forget the many funny pranks you saw that you wanted to prank on Tom, Haz, Harry, and Tuwaine. Could you have written it down for later? Yes. Did you? No. Why? Laziness.
That's why this time when you came across a video of a guy saying to pull in your boyfriend by his belt when you go to kiss him cause he'll love it and then got a stitch of another guy saying, "Don't do that. Cause I (he) won't be responsible for anything after that." Of course, you were going to do it, it sounded too fun, plus you had to see how Tom would react.
When you first saw the video, you were in the room you shared with Tom, on the bed on your phone. After you got the idea, you hopped off the bed and headed out of the room to find Tom. You walked into the living room area, finding Harry on the couch watching tv and Tom in the kitchen leaning against the counter on his phone.
You innocently walk into the kitchen, not bringing attention to yourself as you walk to the counter a few feet away from him and pull out your phone. You look over your shoulder, making sure Tom wasn't suspicious or looking at you, and he wasn't. You open your phone and tap on the camera app, tapping on the record option and setting up your phone to face him, then tap to start recording.
You turn around and walk up to Tom, moving over a little, so you both are in view of the camera. You stand in front of him and smile as he looks up from his phone, smiling at you. "Hi, love. What's up?" he asks. You shrug, "Nothing," and step closer to him, grabbing the waistband of his sweatpants and pulling his body into yours. You don't do anything at first, only holding his body against you and watching his expression change, his eyes dilating as they watch your every move.
Then you do it. You lean up and kiss Tom, keeping a firm grip on his waistband, keeping every part of his body pressed into yours. Tom immediately stuck his tongue in your mouth, quickly dominating as he puts his hand on the back of your head, deepening the kiss. He wraps his other arm around your body, pulling you even closer. You feel Tom's cock on your thigh through his sweat pants, feeling as it starts hardening.
You try to pull back, being satisfied with what you did. "Not so fast, love. That was sexy," Tom says quietly, "You need to finish what you started." Tom grinds his half-hard cock against you, letting out a sigh near your neck as he starts kissing it. "Gross, mate," Haz fake gags as he walks into the kitchen, "Get a room." Tom pulls away, rolling his eyes and taking your hand, leading you to the bedroom.
He closes the door once you're both inside, pushing you against the door and grinding into you more. He grabs your thighs, pulling them around his waist and carrying you to the bed, gently laying you down and hovering over you, not breaking the kiss. Tom moves one hand up your shirt, leaving it there and then moving down to your pants. He reaches his other hand over to the nightstand, opening the drawer to grab a condom.
He momentarily pulls back from the kiss, leaning over to get a better look in the drawer to find the box. "Crap," he mutters, "I forgot to get a new box." You sit up, looking at the drawer and seeing the absence of the usual box of condoms. "I'll be right back," he gives you a quick kiss and smirks, "I mean what I said. You're finishing what you started." Tom gets up, opens the bedroom door, and walks quickly to the front door, passing Harry and Haz in the kitchen as he grabs his coat and leaves out the door to make a quick trip to the store for condoms.
"Is that Y/n's phone?" Harry asks Haz as he walks into the kitchen. "Yeah, I think so." Haz glances at the phone propped up on the counter but doesn't pay much mind to it, focusing back on the lunch he's making. "It's recording," Harry says, confused, walking closer and picking it up, clicking the red button to stop the recording.
"What was she recording?" Harrison asks, walking behind Harry and looking over his shoulder at your phone. He shrugs, not knowing what it could have been, but letting his curiosity take over and click on the little box in the corner, pulling up the video and clicking play.
They watch as you pop up on the screen, then set down the phone and see Tom behind you. They watch when you turn around, walking up to Tom. "Woah." Harry and Harrison's eyebrows raise when they see you grab his waistband and pull him toward you for a kiss. "Y/n was asking for it. I wish my girlfriend did that to me," Harrison smirks.
The video continues as you both kiss for a while. Harry fast forwards it a little, watching as Haz comes in interrupting you guys, and Tom pulls you away. It stops after Harry and Haz stands in the kitchen right after Harry notices the phone and picks it up, making it all come full circle. "Someone's getting laid," Harrison says playfully. They both laugh and turn to go back to what they were doing.
Right, when they do, they hear a door open, Tom walking quickly through the room and grabbing his coat, and exiting through the door, not paying them any attention. "Someone also ran out of condoms again," Harry says, matching Harrison's playful tone from before, making them both snicker.
Ahem: @ambrodias @tomhollandfics
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