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#tom holland fluff
waitimcomingtoo · 2 days ago
Ex’s and Oh’s
Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader
Synopsis: Sebastian drops a bomb on Tom during a livestream
Tumblr media
Since it wasn’t safe to hold conventions yet, you and Tom were asked to do a zoom meeting with the rest of the Marvel Cast. Fans were able to tune in and watch as a moderator asked you questions.
“Are you ready for this?” Tom asked you as you sat down at his office desk.
“I’m a little nervous.” You admitted. “It’s been a while since I’ve done a panel.
“Don’t worry, darling. You’ll be fine. What’s the worst that can happen?” Tom shrugged before joining the zoom.
“Welcome everybody.” The moderator greeted as the rest of the cast joined the zoom. “Thank you all for coming to the Marvel Q and A livestream. Not that we need to, but I’m gonna have everyone introduce themselves.”
You relaxed in your seat and leaned into Tom as you listened to your cast mates introduce themselves. The livestream went by smoothly for the first half hour, with a lot of back and forth banter between Tom, Sebastian and Anthony. Since they hadn’t seen either other in so long, they were constantly ripping on each other to make up for lost time. All the jokes and jabs were in good fun, but the trouble started when you started talking about the most recent projects.
“We’ve had a lot of exciting films come out in the past few months. Black Window came out recently.” The moderator said. “And of course, Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.”
“Which everybody needs to go see immediately.” You added. “Please. You won’t regret it.”
“What she said.” Simu chuckled.
“Yes, yes. Go see it.” The moderator nodded. “And we got lots of new shows too. We got What If, Wandavision, Loki, and of course, Falcon and Winter Soldier.”
“You should watch it just to see the rest Sebastians face.” Anthony commented. “Look how handsome my man is.
“It took you long enough to get your own show.” Tom teased. “Look how many years it took for you to get more than three lines.”
“Yeah, well.” Sebastian shrugged casually. “I was busy sleeping with your girlfriend.”
Yours and Toms jaws dropped to the floor as Sebastians words registered with the other actors. They’d been teasing each other all evening, but Sebastian had taken it a step too far.
“Sebastian!” Your eyes shot open. “Oh my God!”
“Hey.” Sebastian lit up. “That’s exactly what it sounded like.”
“Sebastian!” You screamed as Tom fell on the floor. “Shut up!”
“Wait, wait what?” Scarlett said through laughter. “What happened?”
You were busy trying to pull Tom off of the floor as your cast mates laughed at the unexpected information. Tom had gone completely limp and slipped through your fingers every time you tried to pick him up.
“Oh no.” Anthony laughed. “You killed him. You killed Tom.”
“He’s just laying on the floor.” You said as you nudged your boyfriend with your foot. “He’s not moving. I don’t even think he’s breathing.”
“It’s okay Tom.” Sebastian continued. “Y/n can help you out. I’ve left her unable to walk too.”
Everyone’s jaw dropped again as Sebastian made the situation infinitely worse. You gave Sebastian a knowing look as you tried to lift your rag doll boyfriend off the ground. Instead, Tom flopped out of your hands and rolled right out the office door.
“Wait.” You laughed and tried to call him back. “Don’t go.”
You didn’t get a response from him, but heard heavy footsteps leading up to your front door slamming shut.
“Sorry, new guy here. What are you guys talking about?” Simu asked as he rested his face in his hands. “What’s going on here?”
“Oh my God.” You groaned. “Before I got together with Tom, Sebastian and I were...”
“Intimate.” Sebastian said smugly. “That’s what we’ll call it.”
“Yes. Which wasn’t public information until now. So thank you very much, Sebastian. You’ll be paying for my therapy. I’m gonna need it once the world finds out I’ve slept with two Avengers.” You playfully scolded him through the screen.
“Oh, I can hear the slut shamers now.” Brie laughed. “They’re gonna break down your door.”
“Oh no.” You whined as your cast mates continued to laugh at you. You jumped a little when you heard your front door open and shut again.
“I think that’s Tom coming back in.” You said as you craned your neck to look out the office door. Tom walked back into the room with a tight jaw and sat back down in his seat.
“Honey? Are you okay?” You asked as you rubbed his back.
“I had to do a lap around the block.” He grumbled as he sat back down in his chair.
“Aw.” You laughed as cupped his face. “It’s okay.”
“I’m gonna get you for that, Sebastian.” Tom pointed a finger at the camera. “Watch your back, mate. I’m gonna get you for that one.”
“I can’t believe you kept that from us this whole time.” Anthony shook his head. “We could’ve been bullying Tom about that for years.”
“Well look who ended up with her.” Tom shrugged. “I did. Not you, Seb. You wanker.”
You laughed at Tom’s choice of insult and wrapped your arm around his shoulders. Even though you found the situation funny, you wanted to reassure him that he had nothing to worry about.
“Wait a minute, wait a minute.” Chris spoke up. “I thought Y/n said that one time that she’s never had a one night stand.”
An awkward silence filled the room as you squeezed your eyes tightly shut. Tom heard a snort come from Sebastian and looked at you in confusion.
“I haven’t.” You said weakly.
“Well what about Sebastian?” Anthony smirked, knowing what your answer meant. You gave Tom an apologetic look as Sebastian laughed from the other side of the screen.
“It was,” you grimaced, “it was more than once.”
“Oh my God.” Tom gagged and covered his hand with his mouth. “I’m gonna throw up.”
“I’m sorry!” You apologized and wrapped your arms around his neck. “It was before we were together.”
“How many times did you guys hook up?” Anthony asked, loving how worked up Tom was getting from the topic.
“Don’t ask that.” Tom groaned.
“Probably around-“ Sebastian began.
“Don’t you answer it!” Tom cut him off.
“The people want to know.” Chris pounded his fists on his desk. “Answer the question.”
“I mean, you’ve said so much already. You might as well tell the whole story.” Scarlet reasoned.
“Just tell us and then we can drop it.” Anthony bartered.
“Oh my God. Fine.” You rolled your eyes. “We only had sex like twice, right? And then we probably hooked up in some way a total of four times. It wasn’t a lot. I swear.”
You looked at Tom to see how he was handling the news, and he was staring ahead at the wall with a blank expression. You laughed at how much it bothered him and rubbed his back.
“Yeah, it was only twice.” Sebastian nodded. “Unless you count how many times we did it each night. Then it adds up to a little more.”
Without saying a word, Tom threw himself back into the floor and laid on the ground.
“Are you trying to kill him?” You playfully berated Sebastian. “
“That’s what he gets.” Sebastian shrugged. “He stole my girl.”
Upon hearing that, Tom sprang back up and stared at the camera with a completely red face.
“Your girl?” Tom asked. “I’m sorry, is she your girl? Am I hearing that right?”
“Oh God.” You groaned and buried your face in your hands.
“Because I think she’s actually my girl.” He continued. “Isn’t that right, darling?”
“I won’t be anyone’s girl if you don’t calm down.” You warned him.
“And I’ll be calming right down.” Tom threw on a smile. You laughed at his antics and rested your head on his shoulder.
“Don’t sweat it Tom.” Sebastian spoke up. “It was a long time ago.”
“Yeah.” You agreed. “Super long.”
“Believe it or not,” Sebastian began, “that’s not the first time I’ve heard Y/n say-“
“Enough.” You cut him off. “We are moving in from this topic and never bringing it up again.”
“Please.” Tom added. “This conversation shortened my life span by ten years.”
“How can we move on from this?” Scarlett laughed. “What else is there to talk about?”
Everyone stayed silent as they thought of ways to move the conversation along. Meanwhile, Tom buried his face in your neck and tried to forget what he had heard. After a few moments of silence, Chris Evans sheepishly raised his hand.
“Yes, Chris?” The moderate chuckled when he noticed.
“Is this a bad time to bring up that Y/n and I used to date?” Chris asked, and Tom slipped right back down to the floor.
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hollandsmushroom · 2 days ago
Tom helping reader stretch and he has a major crush on her so he gets turned on when he sees how flexible she is
Stretch It Out || T.H.
Warnings: cheekish and allusions to sex
Word Count: 349
“Hey Tommy?” you called out through the expanse of your large house, your back on a yoga mat as you laid in your home gym, legs in the air and entirely unsatisfied with the intensity of the stretch you were getting.
“Yes love?” Tom inquired as he turned the corner, his eyes focused on his phone and unaware of his smoking hot partner sprawled out on the floor before him.
“Would you mind helping me?” you whined, your fingers intertwined behind your thigh as you tried to pull it towards your chest and stretch out your hamstring but finding the pull unsatisfactory. Your words brought Tom’s eyes from where they had been glued to his phone, his gaze landing on your perfectly angled body, the position something reminiscent of one he would put you in during sex. He couldn’t help the way that his eyes widened and his throat dried out, all the blood in his body leaving his head and rushing to his cock as he stood there staring at you. “Um, Tommy?” you tried again, peaking at him from around your leg and breaking him out of his lust filled haze.
“Oh, yes um, of course I can!” Tom assured, stuffing his phone in his back pocket as he admired you, the way that your sweat pants curved around your ass as you pulled on your leg. His hands found your ankle, pushing back against the resistance of your taught muscle and trying not to cum in his pants as he watches how your face contorts at the pleasure of the stretch, a soft sigh escaping your lips as he pulses the pressure on your leg, progressively pushing back farther. Your noises were getting louder the deeper that he stretched and Tom found himself wearing thin.
“I can’t fucking do this” he groaned, dropping to his knees between your spread legs and leaning to devour your lips in a kiss, quieting any potential queries that you had as he covered your lips with his own, the explanation to his neediness poking you right below your belly button
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arvinsescape · 2 days ago
Would you write tom waiting for reader to come home from her girls night and when she finally gets there he's really upset that she didn't answer any of his calls cause he was worried something happened but takes care of her anyway?
A/N: Thank you for your patience with this one, I'm sorry it took a while to respond! I did combine this with another request I recieved so I hope you don't mind. It meant I could make this a little longer too! 💕
Warnings: Swearing.
Tom was growing increasingly worried, you'd gone on a girls night and for the last hour he'd not heard a thing from you. He'd tried calling and your phone had rung off, he'd messaged your best friend but recieved no response and it just made that pit of worry grow.
He was so close to leaving the house to find you, close to filing a missing persons report (even though he knew he couldn't). This was so unlike you, it wasn't something you did, you always let him know you were okay and how your night was going.
His phone flashed with an unknown number, his stomach dropped as he hesitantly picked it up.
"Hello?" Tom answered and held his breath, bracing himself for bad news, he couldn't help his worrisome thoughts overtaking his entire being.
"Is that Tom?" He heard a males voice, he could hear the commotion of the club in the background before a car door slammed shut.
"Yeah." Tom answered, brows furrowed.
"Just calling to let you know Y/N is okay. I'm dropping her off in a minute. It's Y/F/N's boyfriend." The male said and Tom instantly relaxed at earing you were okay.
It wasn't long before he heard you fumbling with your keys outside and he was quick to open the door. You moved past him before he got a chance to take you in, he waved at the male who had dropped you off, watching as one of the friends you'd been out with stumbled in his direction.
"Fucking piece of shit." He heard you mumble behind him as he heard your shoes clatter onto the floor. He furrowed his brows as your friend approached.
"I did ask her to call you back, sorry. It was one hell of night." Your friend informed him and he asked for clarification. "Just, speak to her tomorrow okay? And be careful, she's in a bit of a mood an fragile." She said as she smiled at Tom's worry grew again.
"What happened? Is she okay?" Tom panicked, mind going through many many scenarios he didn't want to think about. Your friend must have caught onto his wandering mind as she placed a hand on his forearm in comfort.
"Shit Tom! Sorry, that was a bit too cryptic. It was nothing like that. She's had an argument with Y/B/F/N." She clarified and Tom's worry subsided as he let go of a breath he didn't know he was holding.
"What happened?" He asked.
"You should really ask Y/N/N. Just thought I'd warn you she's not in the best of moods."
"Okay, thanks." Tom smiled and watched as she skipped back to her boyfriends car. He sighed as he shut the door, mentally preparing himself for your bad mood. "Y/N/N." Tom called out, he wasn't entirely sure where you would have gone first.
You didn't reply which meant Tom had to search for you. He found you almost a few minutes later in the bathroom. Muttering to yourself as tears stained your face and you viciously tried to remove your make up.
"Hey." Tom spoke softly as he approached you and took your make up wipe out of your hand. "Don't do that, you'll hurt your skin." He said as he lifted you onto the counter and carefully started to remove your makeup.
"I just wanna go to bed." You grumbled out at him and he sighed. Although he was upset you'd ignored him for an hour and had him worrying, he understood there must have been a reason.
"We won't be long." Tom said as he threw your makeup wipes into the bathroom bin. He very very carefully took your false lashes off, he hated doing it, it creeped him out slightly having his fingers so close to your eyeball.
"Tonight was just shit." You huffed at him and he examined your face as a fresh wave of tears pooled in your eye. You angrily wiped at them and Tom removed them as he replaced them with his thumb, carefully wiping away the stray tears. "Are you mad at me?" You asked and Tom furrowed his brows.
"Not mad baby. Just got really worried about you, you didn't answer my calls." He said. Although he was a little upset, he knew he'd get over it by the morning and you clearly had more going on right now.
"You can tell me." You added and Tom shook his head as he pressed his lips to your forehead.
"I'm not. I was little upset that you ignored my calls but I'm not mad. What happened?" He asked as he helped you down from the counter and started to help you undress.
"Y/B/F/N is a piece of shit." You practically snapped at him and he looked at you with furrowed brows, you'd never fallen out with her to such a degree that you name called her.
"You don't mean that." Tom tried to reason and he watched as your face flared with anger before he pulled one of his shirts over your head.
"I do. I mean it Tom, I'm done with her." You said and Tom nodded as he guided you out of the bathroom and into the bed.
"We'll talk about it in the morning." Tom said and he watched as you not so gracefully got into bed. He let out a small laugh of endearment at your actions, his upset with you already washing away.
"I'm sorry I ignored you. I was arguing with her, I was gonna call you back and then Y/F/N's boyfriend picked us up." You apologised as you turned to face him when he got into bed.
"I was just worried love, that's all. I'm not that upset anymore, just please don't do it again, I was so worried." He said and you snuggled up to him as he held you.
"You helped me get ready for bed even though you were mad at me." You pointed out and Tom kissed your head.
"Of course I did, and I've just told you I was upset, not mad." He teased and listened to your short laugh before he felt a tear wet his chest. He coaxed you from his chest and looked at you. "Hey, what's got you so upset, hm?" He asked as he moved your hair out of your face.
"It was her." You croaked out and Tom furrowed his brows. "She was the one my ex cheated on me with." You let out as tears fell freely from your eyes.
"Oh baby." Tom said as he pulled you into his chest as you cried. "I'm sorry."
"She just admitted it Tom, like she suddenly got so angry with me. We were talking about you, one of the girls was asking and she got angry. She said that I should count my days lucky that I'm still with you." You told him and Tom's heart broke for you.
"She said she could take it all away. That she did before and then one thing led to another and the next thing I know we're screaming at each other outside a club. I didn't know she was like that Tom." You cried as you buried further into him.
"That would never happen, I'm not your ex, I would never do that to you." Tom comforted as he rubbed your back. "I love you okay? I'm not going anywhere anytime soon." Tom said as you sniffled.
"I'm sorry." You cried and Tom hugged you closer, hand rubbing comfortingly over your back. He kissed the top of your head as he waited for you to calm down. "I just don't understand why she'd do that."
"I think she's jealous. You're so so much better than her, you always have been." Tom didn't want to admit that he'd never fully trusted your best friend, he'd always found her a little touchy but just put it down to her personality type. He understood that some people where naturally touchy feely, hell he was himself but it had always felt off with your best friend.
"You're my beautiful, lovely, kind, sweet girl. I love everything about you okay? I don't want anyone else, just you." Tom comforted as your cries settled and you pulled your head from his chest with a teasing grin.
"Even when you're upset with me?"
"Even then." He teased back, although he meant it, even when you were going through a rough patch he still loved every little thing about you.
"I'm so lucky to have you." You said as you cuddled back up to him.
"Me too baby."
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reawritesthings · 11 hours ago
the comfort of a lover’s touch | tom holland
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
summary: yourself and tom decide to use the time you have to add a new addition to your life.
words: 2.8k
warnings: 18+ so minors please don’t interact. | breeding kink, slight sub!tom. vaginal fingering, nipple play, sex, female receiving. soft smut. (if i’ve left anything pls let me know)
a/n: AHHH. a rather interesting fic that i have created. it’s not as hard core as other breeding kinks are but i really hope you enjoy it. | thanks to everyone who replied to my post about dialogue in smut and special thanks to @hollandsmushroom for being an amazing beta and @scarletspideyy @subspider for helping out
Tumblr media
From the window, a land of conserved beauty lay a lake of the brightest blue. A mirror on the wall, oval and flat, as the surface was eternity guarded against winds by the crown of verdant hills. At the edge of the lake met the foundation of an antique brick house that sprung a cordial of light, inviting you every morning to soak in the essence of beauty that lay peacefully. 
You cautiously laid your body back down onto the closing sheets, letting the softness trap you solid. You turned slightly to reach for your book, carefully caressing the page. Every so often, you would check up on Tom to see if he was awake. As much as you would love to watch the sunrise linger over your bare bodies, Tom needed to rest. 
An blissful hour went by, and you found yourself trapped in the beauty of the author's choice of words of love. A rather secluded but powerful word that was beautifully summed. It made you glance at Tom who lazily made his way to caress your waist, squinting up to see your face so mesmerised by the book. 
An blissful hour went by, and you found yourself trapped in the beauty of the author's choice of words of love. A rather secluded but powerful word that was beautifully summed. It made you glance at Tom who lazily made his way to caress your waist, squinting up to see your face so mesmerised by the book. 
Tom let out a huff, trying to get the attention he craved after four long weeks without you. He missed the beauty of your bare face in the mornings, and the way you allowed him to rest his head on your chest, as you gently combed through his loose locks. 
“Lemme just finish this page and I’m all yours, pretty boy.” You tenderly whisper at him, eyes locking with him as you gingerly gave his nose a kiss. 
Your voice sent Tom into a haze of pureness. His eyes were glued to your body, eyes mesmerising how your skin reacted beautifully to the streaks of light. 
“Baby…” He whimpered, tugging onto the bricked book. His strong exterior mixed with his touch deprived features caused you to pause the declaration of a soldier declaring his love to a nurse, and witness your pretty boy staring lovingly at your chest. 
“I’m all yours, Tommy.” Your gentle tone hitched his neediness, and awoke his lower half. He twitched at the sight of your body completely bare, just a thin periwinkle sheet keeping him from admiring your naked body. 
“So beautiful.” He praised, propping up on his elbows as he carefully with his teeth, let the sheet drop from your chest to reveal such elegant beauty of your naked self. 
“I’ve missed these.” He murmurs, straddling you down as his position from a needy boy shifted into a righteous man who needed to show his love how she deserved praise for being so patient with him. 
Tom’s stare ignited you with lust that was urching to be acted upon. The secluded area made Tom’s excitement grow, as he had full exposure to you. He wanted to take his time with you so he can admire every single inch of your body that he craved whilst he was away. 
He saw the shiver in your arms when Tom brushed his thin lips across your chest. His bug eyed look was the sight of hunger, something that would be mistaken for his neediness. You looked down at him in admiration, curling your hands in his locks as Tom gave a slobbery kiss to your breasts. He had such an infatuation with them, desperately always wanting to be near them and as much as he loved the comfort of his pillow, the intimacy he held when his face laid perfectly on your boobs was a whole new side of comfort. 
“M’thinking about how huge your tits will be when I put a baby in you.” Tom purred against your nipple, taking a sudden bite. The racing of your heart began to pound as Tom whirled his tongue around your nipples, lightly tugging on the sensitivity of your nipple. “Gonna put a baby in you, sweet girl. Gonna fill you up, and we definitely aren’t going home until you're knocked up.” 
“T-Tommy.” You whimper at the sudden possession of Tom. You knew he always wanted a child and timing was never on both your sides but, as Tom traced his tongue down to your belly, continuing to massage your breasts, timing seemed to be an ally. 
“You’re going to look so fuckin gorgeous with a swollen belly.” Tom whispered on your stomach, getting an automatic vision of you walking around naked with your bump on display. “Gonna be full of me, so full of my cum. Not going to let a single drop out.” 
As your eyes glazed over Tom’s position, you granted his request with a slight nod. Tom licked his lips with glee as he pulled himself up, biceps resting on either side of you as he tenderly kissed your lips. 
“You are going to look so beautiful, carrying our child.” His deep baritone would soothe in your ears, as his finger grazes on your lower stomach. He began to create small circles, smirking at the twitch in your legs. “Gonna make you feel real good, mummy.” 
The nickname alone made your cheeks flush with excitement, you unknowingly let out a low gasp as you felt Tom’s hot breath blow onto your clit. Tom seemingly knew that if he took his nibbled fingers to your exposed bud, he would find you already wet from just words of praise. The dark toned of his whisken eyes drew to your expression when Tom teasingly licked a strip of your cunt, moaning at the salty taste. “Look at you, so incredibly wet for me.” Tom loved the effect he had on you, the way a simple touch, word or hum would arouse you almost immediately. “You’re making this much easier for me, sweet girl.”
“B-Baby,” your breath hitched at the sight of Tom’s tongue slobbered over your wet folds, granting him the access to do all things necessary to get you pregnant. The whimpered sound on your breath as you words secluded to baby made Tom’s erratic shaft rise in awe as your brain was also fixated on breeding. 
“I bet you are desperate for me to fill you with my cum.” Tom drips out, stimulating a circular motion on your clit. The tight lipped grin he plastered on his face sent you to tug on his curls. The desperate need of Tom’s cock inside you was becoming clear to him, as his finger wandered around with a light tease to your entrance. A rather keen cry rolled off your tongue as Tom pumped a single finger inside your wet folds, feeling around your bud to see if he could get you cumming rapidly. 
Much to his pleasure, you were spaced out on the mattress, tangling your hands with the fitted sheets as Tom willingly explored you. You were impressed with Tom’s technique of knowing exactly the spots to hit, but you were also slightly scared of what Tom is capable of doing. 
Whilst Tom was fondling playing with your sweet bud, the tender look on your face as Tom inserted another thrilled his cock with just a melodical moan that beautifully echoed through the room. He reached over to tuck a stray piece of hair behind your ear. A glance of your eyes feeding him with need, sped up his motion letting the moan connect with his lips. The quick peck resulted in Tom hungrily biting down on your neck, grinning stupidly at how your hips thrusted against his digits. You started to hitch a breath, as Tom eagerly thrusted in and out, whilst his thumb rubbed your bud. 
“F-Feels good.” You mewled, squirming for Tom to add more momentum. He happily obliged, and rode you through your first high. Your toes curled at the edge of the bed, hands gripped tightly on the sheets as Tom vigorously let you cum openly this once. 
“This is the only time you are cumming, pretty girl. Need to make sure that there’s enough for my cock.” Tom’s derelict voice beckoned over your neck, kissing the noticeable bruise on the side of your neck. “Gonna make you so large, pretty girl.” 
Tom allowed you to come down from your high, brushing the little hairs away from your face as you panted. His glance went back to your breast, giving them a little twist. “Got any milk?” 
Tom’s exact words of letting you imagine yourself, feeding your baby as Tom watched in awe. Tom would sneak in just to see you expose yourself, he would feel rather frustrated that he couldn’t have as much time with your breasts as your baby would but, the sight of him seeing you with his child was enough for him to drawn away from his desire until, he was fucking another baby in you. 
“Please put a baby in me, Tommy. I wanna be filled up.” You clench your folds, indicating to Tom that you were suddenly in a spontaneous heat. 
“Mhm. I’m never going to not put a baby in you.” He growled, pulling down on his boxers as he smirked as his cock bounced up. Tom glanced over at his throbbing cock, stroking himself at the sight of your breasts and the way he had a full view of your spread thighs, showing your glistening cunt in full view. 
Your fingers detached from the sheets, and placed them above your head. Tom moaned at the sight of you being fully exposed as it gave Tom the space to nut inside you. As he felt his cum come to the surface, he gently kissed your lips letting your mind focus on the softness as he fully buried his cock inside you. The cry that left your lips gave him a inkling that he needed to start slower. He was taking control on not forcing the orgasm to come through until he heard repeated moans of begging come from your lips. As much as the thrill of him filling you up for hours, he did miss moments like this to be close to you. 
“You good, baby? You feeling okay?” Tom’s high of possession and lust faded, and branched his free hand to wipe some of the sweat on your forehead. “M’gonna make sure you are taken care of, darling. Never leaving you again.” 
“Mhm, just want you to fill me up.” You whimpered, throwing your head back into the board as Tom thrust with more momentum. The sound of your skin slapping together, made Tom hover his hand down on your belly making sure you felt every thrust. His eyes rolled back as your folds clenched around his veiny dick, grunting that you were having another orgasm. Tom watched your face brighten, as he rode you high giving him the chance to loosen his body as you were starting to squirm. 
“My pretty girl, look at you.” Tom smothers his voice in your breasts, glancing up at the awe of your face as Tom drastically sends another thrust inside you. He sent tender kisses to your chest, as you mewled under him. “Pretty little thing.” 
Tom’s compliments were something you loved about him, regardless of how possessive he gets, he always praises you. He made sure that his rhythm was at a steady pace, enough to satisfy his thoughts of him hungrily nutting in you. He wanted nothing more than to hear your sweet moans override the sounds of the seagulls crying for food. He would love nothing more than to fill you up each minute, hearing the desperation for him to cum inside you.  
However, as his daze of watching you fall apart under him he was taken back at the sudden whining of you wanting more. He wasn’t quite sure if he should complete your requests as baby making was something meaningful. 
From the slight tug of his head bringing his focus to your face, he gripped harder on your waist and started to move his shaft faster inside you. Your eyes stayed focused on his cock, moaning as you watched his dick disappear every blink you made. You curve your back, wanting every inch of him inside you, you want your sweet bud to swallow his cock every time he pulls out. You weren’t sure how this desperation came about, it was something so mesmerizing having his cock inside you. 
“Oh, Tommy.” Your voice comes in a kneed, one that signaled another orgasm coming. Tom cock started to twitch inside you as sweat dripped with every movement he pounded into you. He sent one last thrust, letting your climax flow down all at once. His hot cum followed quickly with yours, and he made sure that your hole was covered. He wasn’t going to risk a single drop. Your body began to shake, but soon slowed as you felt his juices inside you, giving that closeness you both craved. 
A string of drool dribbled from your lips, eyes swollen shut as you took a moment to come down from your high. Tom took this chance to stay buried deep inside you, still fully erect as he pressed peppering kisses over your belly. “Gonna stay like this for a while, baby.” 
You couldn’t find the words to reply back, and hummed softly at the determination to make you fall pregnant. Tom even fiddles with the covers, letting one of the abdomen pillows slide under your hips to help the cum stay inside you. He lovingly watched as your eyes began to rest. Mesmerized by the quietness of your snores as he just overlooked the view of the lake, not really taking a sight when he got here. Tom now, exhausted from handling your three orgasm, rested his head in the haven of your breasts, arms wrapped around your waist, as he kissed your belly one last time before drifting off to the sweet sound of the birds chirping. 
The velvet sky and the bright friends of the moon caused Tom to wake, heavenly enjoying his slumber he turned to see you still spaced out. He wasn’t sure how long they slept but judging from the slight change in bird, they slept through the day. Tom was still deep inside you, grunting at how he couldn’t move as he didn’t want to wake you. He just rested his chin on your belly, and watched the way your eyelashes coasted your cheeks. 
Tom noticed a bright light come from his phone, and reached over to see who it was. Tom lightly laughed at the texts his paranoid brothers spammed him with. He quickly gave them a thumbs up emoji, and quickly pulled up on a conversation with his mother. 
Since his mother gave him three other brothers, he was curious to see if he had a chance to breed twins. As much as he loved having one child, the excitement he would feel would be an understatement as your belly would be huge, and your breasts will be filled with milk. 
After trying to worm his way without telling his mum that he was partially buried deep inside you, he heard a quiet yawn escape his lips as you lazily looked down at him. 
“Hey baby.” You groggily smiled, as you let your fingers comb through his hair. 
“How are you feeling?” 
“Full.” You giggled, watching as Tom chucked his phone away. You instantly knew that from the sight of your body awaking that he would cheekily send a sloppy kiss to your breasts. 
“I don’t suppose you are up for round two?” 
You just let your eye roll, and let Tom arouse you as much as he wanted. You never had felt this close to him before, and you loved how eager he was to become a dad. “I know you’ll be a wonderful father, Tommy.” 
“As you would be a mother of five beautiful kids.” 
“Five?” You gasped, shaking your head at the vision of five babies coming out of you. “Tommy, I’m not a baby machine.” 
“Well. It’s a slight chance that you might have twins.” He smirked, watching your face fuss with surprise. “M’going to have to get you to change your mind, pretty girl.” 
“Let’s focus on this one first, okay? I want to take my time.” You gently whispered, as you traced the bridge of his nose. “I’ll give you your babies, Tommy.” 
“I know.” His cockiness drove you to furrow your eyebrow at his rather certainty. 
“After all, I’m spiderman.” 
Tumblr media
feedback would be much appreciated <3
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tobesobratty · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
SYNOPSIS: Tom can’t get enough of you, even when you’re at a friends wedding
— WARNINGS: Includes Smut [unprotected! Wrap it before you tap it] Minors dni!!! This fic isn’t for children (18+ only) I think a needy Tom deserves his own warning hehe
— PAIRING: Tom Holland x Reader [Click here for Tom H M.List]
Toms arm were around your waist as he slowly swayed you along to the rhythm of the slow music. Your head was rested against his chest, hearing his heartbeat beat for you as he always says making you smile. It was the after party of your bestfriends wedding. Everyone dancing along with their respective partners after having a few too many drinks. It was one of those moments that you know you’d remember forever.
The day of your bestfriends wedding had been quite successful, you caught the flower bouquet and played a major role as the brides maid. Your bestfriend married her longterm partner and you couldn’t have been happier for her. As they all danced, you felt Toms fingers linger down your body to playfully grab a hold of your butt making you gasp and teasingly slap his sturdy chest.
“Tommy! Everyone’s looking” you tut making your boyfriend chuckle. His chest rumbling as he does so.
“I’m sorry to have to break it to you love but we’re not the main focus, they’re all looking at Amy and Josh” he says, acting like the smart ass that he is. It’s true, you could see those who weren’t dancing eyeing the newly weds lovingly, chuckling over the way they were lusting for eachother infront of everyone.
“But still. Your parents are right there” you roll your eyes making Tom chuckle and sway you with him. He presses a kiss into your hair and brings his lips down to your ear.
“How about we go somewhere no one could see us so that I can have my way with my beautiful girl?” He whispers, his warm breath hitting your neck making goosebumps appear on your skin. This man could make you do anything just by the way he says things, you were absolutely smitten for him.
“I wouldn’t be too opposed to that but they’ll notice” you reason, looking into Toms honey brown eyes as your hands interlock with his, holding on tight when he spins you.
“We’ll be quick. Come on love, know you need me” he hums, and you give him the look that tells him he has won.
“Fine, but we’ve gotta be quick” you mumble as he grabs your hand and slowly but surely guides you towards the bathroom. He’s quick to push you into the small room and locks the door behind him already making fast movements to remove his trousers.
Your hand goes to his cheek, feeling his beard coming through nice and thick as you kiss him passionately. Your other hand going to his hair, Tom manages to unbuckle and drop his pants all whilst his lips carried out their assault on yours.
“Fuck, turn around” he groans as he pulls away, he’s quick to push you up and against the counter, his hand flying to spank your clothed bottom. Through the mirror you could see the cheeky grin he had on his face and you roll your eyes before shaking your ass against his hard on.
His massive calloused hands pull your dress up before he quickly pushes your panties to the side. Tom grabs a hold of his hard and aching cock and guides it towards your dripping entrance, slowly pushing in making you feel the stretch of having to accommodate his impressive size.
Once hes bottomed out, his hand goes to the small of your back whilst the other grabs a hold of your hair and he begins to thrust into you. Your tight and wet walls feeling every inch and ridge of him as his hips slam against yours every few seconds.
Tom doesn’t give you much time to adjust as he starts to frantically thrust into you hard, making you grab onto the faucet next to you for leverage. His eyes travel to where you were connnected and you could see the way he lets out a groan and throws his head back, the vein on his neck bulging and his chest heaving.
You were in a similar state with your breasts bouncing underneath your dress and your hair pulled back by Tom. Your eyes were rolling back with each drag of his pelvis and he has to stop his thrusts just to take in the sight of you infront of him, in all your glory taking him like the good girl that you were.
Tom could feel the way his heart was beating hard against his chest and he pants unevenly, you felt full with him inside of you but you needed him to move after all you really didn’t have much time to do this so you clench your wet walls around him making him moan out a little too loudly.
You broke out in a soft laugh before quickly telling him to “shhh, they’ll hear us” and he mumbles a quiet “sorry” before starting his slow thrusts again.
You throw your ass back against the flicks of his hips and he groans, pulling you flat against him, your back against his chest. His hands roam up his body and slowly wraps around your throat, his fingers softly digging into you.
“I’m going to cum” your moaning came out in soft whimpers and your knees begin to buckle but with Tom holding you up, his arm wrapped tightly around your waist, and pounding into you repeatedly you didn’t have time to worry about that.
You cry out sinfully as he thrusts into you particularly hardly, sending your body flying forward making you lean down against the counter flat. His hands move to your hips and he pulls your body against his to meet his thrusts, the mirror getting foggy from the steaminess in the room of yours and Toms laboured breathing.
His fingers dig into your sides as he finally halts his movements, his cock twitching deep within you as his high hits him, triggering yours not long after. He turns your around slowly slipping out of you making you wince at the feeling.
Tom gently grabs your face in his bigger hands and kisses you with everything in him, his tongue exploring your mouth and his teeth clashing against yours. Once he finally pulls back, he leans in for one more softer and quicker kiss before grabbing you some tissues from the dispenser so that you could clean yourself up.
You wipe yourself clean and throw the tissue into the toilet as Tom cleans himself up aswell and pulls his trousers back up. He eyes you teasingly before he pecks your lips once again.
“Might want to fix up your hair love. Looks like you’ve had the pounding of your life” he teases making you give him an annoyed but playful look back.
“Well that’s exactly what I’ve had” you sass back before turning to the mirror to fix up your hair as Tom flushes the toilet and then you two walk out, hand in hand, not trying to make it bait that you two had a nasty fuck in the bathroom of your bestfriends wedding.
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farfromharry · a day ago
Summary: tom’s refusing to get over his breakup, so you help him out by doing the little things that would make him feel better, like shaving his face
Roommate!Tom x reader
w/c 829
warnings - mentions of razors obviously
Tom’s breakup had had an impact on him that you’d never seen before. Your usually bubbly, fun roommate was now a moping mess of sadness, barely even leaving his room for anything but food.
You knew Tom was smitten with the girl, you’d seen the way he looked at her, but you’d also noticed the way she didn’t share the same affectionate look in her eyes.
It was more or less just a matter of time before she broke his heart, and you’d be there like always to pick up the pieces.
“Tom, you have to get out of bed,” you said. He was probably growing sick of your nagging by now, it’s all you’d been doing for the last week and not once had it worked.
“Don’t want to,” he whined, burying his face deeper into his pillow so he didn’t have to see the pity in your eyes. He’d been getting enough pity when his brothers and friends would make the effort to visit him to see how he was doing, he didn’t need it from you too.
You seated yourself on the side of Tom’s bed, hand coming to rub over his hoodie covered back. He was hesitant at first but eventually turned to look at you when he realised you weren’t going to leave.
You surveyed his face, shifting your hand to cup his jaw where you felt his stubble poking at your hand uncomfortably. Tom was never one to go so long without shaving, ignoring that one awful time during the infinity war press tour, but thankfully you weren’t there to experience that one.
“Come on, you need to shave.”
Tom voiced his complaints all the way to the bathroom, listing off the numerous reasons he should be moping in his bed right now, plus all the reasons he didn’t need to shave or need you to baby him.
“I don’t need to shave, Y/N.” You rolled your eyes at his insistence, nodding your head rapidly. “Yes you do.”
You tugged him into the bathroom and searched his cabinets until you found the shaving cream and his razor. You held them up so he could see and just from the look in your eyes he could tell you weren’t giving this up.
He assisted you on getting up to sit on the counter, him standing between your legs so you had easier access to his stubble decorated cheeks.
You cocked your head as you tried to analyse the pathetic excuse for a beard he’d grown. The man really was unable to grow facial hair and it shouldn’t have made you giggle as much as it did.
You didn’t give him any warning before spreading a blob of shaving cream on his jaw, making sure to cover over his top lip and anywhere else you could see the tiny hairs growing.
He flinched slightly at the sudden cold on the lower half of his face, shooting you a quick glare that had you suppressing a smile.
“Please don’t cut me,” he said, watching as you picked up the razor. You rolled your eyes, muttering something about his lack of trust for you and how he should have more faith.
But when you finally did bring it to his face, you were so light with the metal against his jaw that he barely even noticed you were doing it.
There was a comfortable silence between the two of you while you shaved half of his face.
“You really didn’t have to do this, you know?” You giggled as you shushed him for the thousandth time, washing some of the shaving cream off in the sink. “You have to stop talking.”
He rolled his eyes but did as you said, letting you do your thing while his gaze roamed your face.
“Also, I wanted to do this. You’ll feel so much better even after just doing the little things.”
He agreed with you, choosing to stand in silence while you finished up your task at hand. You were grateful for the lack of interruptions, it meant you got the job done both quicker and safer, meaning he could go back to bed to mope around sooner.
“And… done,” you announced, pushing yourself off of the counter and shifting behind him. You placed your arms momentarily on his biceps, making sure he could see his clean shaven look in the mirror.
“See, don’t you feel better now?” you asked, lifting a hand to trace his jaw to feel how much smoother his face felt, meanwhile moving your cheek to rest against the bicep you’d just moved your hand from. Although Tom wasn’t looking at his own face through the mirror, but your own. The way you looked at his reflection with such a precious smile plastered on your face. He could get used to this certain level of intimacy with you, and even a heartbroken Tom could understand now that he wanted that.
“Yeah, much better.”
tom holland taglist → @lmaotshollandd @photoshopart15 @hopelessly-harry @call-me-baby-gir1 @icyhollands @sinisterspidey @siriuslyslyslytherin @musicalkeys-blog @itstaskeen @tpwk-grande @zspideyy @spideyssunshine @givebuckyhisplumsnow @lowkey-holland @hollandcrush @wizkiddx @sannie-san-shine @sonnydoesrandomshit @hopeless-romantic-baby @thehumanistsdiary @dummiesshort @itsbieberxholland @lillucyandthejets @piscesparker @bvttercupbby @spideyspeaches @l0velyevans @celestialholland @captainamirica @tomsirishgirlx @lou-la-lou @slutforsr @tayyx @annathesillyfriend @lovableparker @whoeveniskendall @hollandswife @sunwardsss @dhtomholland @messedupmyfuckinglife @scarletspideyy @multixfandomwriter @mrsholland96 @tomhollandismyhusband1996 @just-lost-inbetween-worlds @magicalxdaydream @hallecarey1 @aayaissaa @jacksnoodles @cedricdiggorysimpp @edmundspevensea @lovehollandy12 @peterbenjiparker @tomshufflepuff @the-girl-in-the-chair @prancerrparkerr @tom-softie @rqmanoff @mcushvft @nellabellaa @miraclesoflove @marvelobsessed10031917
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sleepyhollands · 12 hours ago
I Think He Knows // mob!t.h. x reader
Tumblr media
→ pairing: mob!tom holland x reader
→ summary: tom takes y/n to an important event, and she wonders if her boyfriend knows what he does to her.
→ warnings: alcohol consumption (no drunk sex), language, oral sex (m/f rec.), my y/n’s praise kink, vaginal fingering, unprotected sex (please use a condom!), some begging, multiple orgasms, my y/n’s “yeah?” kink, a teeny bit of overstimulation
→ word count: 4.7k
→ a/n: your eyes do not deceive you! i actually posted! decided to try something new here and write in the third person. let me know what you think! feedback is always appreciated and reblogging is encouraged!
→ masterlist || lover selection
→ add yourself to my taglist(s)!!
three hours into the gala, y/n had begun to get restless, but she knew better than to disrupt tom when he was making imperative business deals. so she kept to herself, sipping on a half-empty glass of champagne in her seat next to him as he went on about shipments and prices to a slightly older woman across the round table.
besides, she knew it wouldn’t be fair of her to complain. tom hadn’t dragged her to the event— he’d merely brought it up, and her eyes had lit up at the opportunity to wear elegant black-tie attire and drink expensive alcohol. but now the night was worn in; it was almost midnight already, and she’d be running out of energy soon, which didn’t bode well for what she hoped might happen when they left.
now wasn’t the time for small talk, as the table’s occupants were far too engrossed in important conversation, so y/n allowed her mind to wander. her eyes caught tom’s hands as he grasped a cold glass of whiskey in one of them, making her think about all the things his fingers could do to her. she and tom had been together for a few months, but the pair had only ever had sex a handful of times. they agreed at the beginning of their relationship that they’d get to know each other before getting to know each other, and had started sleeping together just a few weeks ago. right now, though, y/n really wanted to get to know his body like it was her own.
maybe that was the alcohol talking, but y/n had only had one drink prior to the one in her hand, so she doubted that that was the case. she was barely even tipsy, if anything.
and while tom looked quite intimidating in his sharp suit, using what he called his ‘business voice’ (y/n liked to call it his ‘don’t-fuck-with-me voice’), she found it quite interesting that he could, at the same time, appear so boyish. his curls were styled but loose, not gelled back or cut short like many of the other men in the room. and his laugh was light (tom had told y/n it was important to laugh occasionally at possible business partners’ jokes, no matter how bad, so as to not come off as too cold), eyes crinkling at the sides when he smiled. y/n had realized somewhere in the first month of their relationship that she really liked this boyish trait in a man, especially when that man was tom.
tom was just perfect, she thought. there was no one quite like him, and therefore, nobody could ever possibly understand her obsession with him. he was hers alone, and she thanked the universe for it every morning she woke up with the title of his girlfriend.
eventually, y/n was pulled from her thoughts with a touch to her knee, and a smooth voice asking, “you ready to go, darling?” to which y/n quickly nodded in response, catching sight of tom’s smirk when she did. the way he was looking at her, it seemed as though he was reading her thoughts— making y/n think he knew what she wanted from him tonight. the idea of it resulted in the temperature of her cheeks rising drastically, and she looked down rather bashfully.
before he got up from his seat, tom leaned in so only y/n could hear him as he muttered, “next time, take a picture. promise it lasts longer.”
y/n’s heart skipped a beat or two at his words, and all she could think about was if tonight she might get to see what he was really like under his attitude after an event like this.
the car ride was silent, but not uncomfortable. tom’s hand rested against the soft skin of y/n’s thigh, rubbing soothing circles into it, causing her to practically melt. there was nothing inherently sexual about it, but in y/n’s mind, the touch was far from innocent. at least, she hoped it was.
the gala was a good distance away from either of their homes, and y/n couldn’t yet tell by the route if tom was planning on taking her to his or hers. she was hoping for the former, but in an attempt to steer clear of inviting herself over, she asked, “where’re we gonna go?”
in the darkness, tom’s piercing eyes met hers for a brief moment. squeezing her thigh a bit, he replied, “’s it okay if we go to mine?”
when he heard a quiet ‘mhm’ from y/n, tom focused his attention back onto the road, a lyrical smile appearing on his lips. it made y/n a bit too giddy looking at it, so she turned her gaze out the window for the rest of the ride to try and keep her cool.
y/n practically lived at tom’s place, so it wasn’t a shock when she removed her jacket and laid it on a nearby couch, kicking her shoes off as well and leaving them scattered in the foyer. she was used to making herself at home at this point. although this would annoy tom if anyone else did it (including his own brothers), he smiled at the thought of his girl feeling comfortable enough in his house to do what she pleased without having to ask.
when she turned back around to face him, y/n was met with tom’s hands on her hips, pulling her in before giving her a sweet kiss. she was slightly disappointed when he pulled away almost as quickly as he had drawn her in to ask in a voice just above a whisper, “stay over tonight?”
the corners of her mouth drew upwards into a smile. she could tell by the look in his eyes that he wanted her, but that at the same time, if she refused to do anything with him tonight, he’d still want her to stay just as badly. his obsession with her transcended physicality, and y/n understood it fully— it was the same way she felt for him.
“course,” y/n said, “would love to.”
tom’s grin widened, and they went back to kissing in the entry hall for a little while.
they wound up in the kitchen a few minutes later, each having grabbed a glass of water to sober themselves up just a bit. neither of them had drunk excessively (tom barely finished one glass), but the pair had fallen into the habit of doing so anyway, just in case.
y/n swung her legs a bit from her seat on the counter, her long red dress making soft ruffling noises as she did. she’d finished her water a few moments ago, now patiently (only on the outside, on the inside she was dying from the anticipation) waiting for tom to drink the last of his so they could get on with whatever it was they’d end up doing tonight. it was almost as if tom were drinking slowly on purpose, to rile her up a bit more. she wouldn’t put it past him.
if that was the case, though, he didn’t last all too long, because soon he was standing between y/n’s legs, holding them by the thighs so she’d stop swinging them, and then tightening his grip so he could pull her flush against him. it caused her breath to hitch each time he’d done that before, and it didn’t fail to now.
their lips were mere centimeters apart, their breathing shallow as the tension grew thick like butter. it was then that y/n came to the conclusion that she didn’t have to tell tom how badly she wanted him, he knew.
“things went well tonight?” she spoke quietly against his mouth, lips just barely brushing his as she did.
tom nodded. “very well,” he stroked one of her thighs up and down with the second knuckle of his index finger slowly, “you’d know that already if you’d been paying attention at dinner.”
“was thinking about other things.”
he hummed at her admission, “oh, yeah? like what, darling?”
instead of replying, y/n pushed herself forwards with her hands and closed the gap between them.
tom tasted of whiskey and the cigar he’d smoked with a business friend at the beginning of the gala, and y/n was sure she tasted of champagne. they kissed normally for a minute before she opened her mouth to give his tongue access, allowing their faces to come even closer together. the only sounds that filled the vast house were that of their smacking lips, and y/n’s occasional mewls. tom, groaning, released his grip on her hip and his stroking of her thigh ceased. instead, his hands found her ass, and he yanked her off the counter, her legs closing around him as he carried her skillfully down the hall to their bedroom without breaking apart.
in reality, it was tom’s bedroom, but he much preferred calling it theirs.
the couple only pulled apart once the door had shut behind them. no one else was home, but there was an unspoken agreement between them that things felt more private when it was closed. panting, tom set y/n down so she stood in front of him, hands migrating up her body to hold her face, squeezing the clothed flesh of her hips on the way up.
he gazed lustfully at her face, lips swollen and eyes hooded as he caught his breath. y/n was the first to break the silence.
“’m sorry for not paying attention earlier.”
tom’s heart swelled at her words. he thought she was the sweetest thing to exist, and he wanted to tell her she could never do anything wrong if she tried. but his more dominant side was slowly taking over, and instead, he whispered, “yeah? how are you gonna make it up to me?”
y/n felt a pulsing in her core at his tone, and almost immediately fell to her knees in front of him, gazing up at him for permission to unbutton his slacks. when he nodded down at her, she wasted no time in doing so, pulling his pants down quickly and finding a wet patch on his briefs.
tom groaned as one of the layers restricting him was removed, his fingers brushing against the side of y/n’s face, urging her to continue. when she yanked his underwear off as well, he sighed in relief, cool air hitting warm skin.
“go on, then,” he ordered her.
hastily, y/n wrapped her fingers gently around his base, pumping a few times and earning a drawn out moan from tom’s lips (she thought this was the best sound she had ever heard). when she wrapped her lips around his leaking tip, he threw his head back, gasping out at the feeling.
“fuck, love…,” he whimpered, bucking just slightly into her mouth as she ran her tongue over his slit before taking him deeper. his hands were on the back of her head, holding her steady as she moved against him.
y/n wanted to make tom feel the best he’d ever felt. she wanted him to know how obsessed she was with him— not in a creepy way, but in a way that screamed ‘i want to meet all your needs!’ so when tom asked “’s it okay if i fuck this pretty face of yours, baby?” she was more than happy to oblige.
one hand now on her chin and the other on the back of her head, tom began thrusting at a medium pace. as amazing as y/n felt around him, he didn’t want to risk going too hard too fast. gradually, he began to speed up, and as he hit the back of her throat, she teared up beneath him, her hands holding the backs of his thighs as her panties became more and more saturated with her arousal.
upon noticing her tears, tom ran his thumb beneath her eyes to catch any strays, saying, “you’re doing so well for me, sweetheart. so bloody well, fuck.” tom’s hold on her chin tightened, which only made y/n’s mouth open wider with the pressure, tongue sliding against the underside of his shaft as he fucked roughly into her.
the praise made y/n feel warm all over and, in an attempt to get him to cum faster, she increased the suction on him and looked up at him through her lashes like she knew he liked. when he saw this, her big, teary eyes staring innocently up at him, saliva rolling down her chin as he fucked her face raw, he groaned out, “shit, m‘ love, ’m gonna cum. gonna cum down your throat, fuck fuck fuck.”
this was music to y/n’s ears, and soon he had himself stuffed fully down her throat as he shot his hot white ropes into it, moaning loudly and pornographically into the room. he wished he could keep her there like that, her warm, wet mouth blissfully engulfing him, but now y/n was tapping his legs, signaling that she needed to get a breath in. when he pulled out, instead of helping her off the ground, he lowered himself down to her level, where she sat with her hands on her knees, breathing deeply.
tucking a hand under her chin and wiping at the saliva covering it with his thumb, he asked, “are you okay, darling? didn’t hurt you, did i?”
y/n was shaking her head before he could even finish his question. “didn’t hurt me, jus‘ need a sec, that’s all.”
tom smiled warmly at her, and y/n could have sworn in that moment she forgot he was this big and powerful mafia boss. he just looked so sweet, and he always made sure to care for her whenever they did these things. planting a loving kiss on her cheek, he said, “d’you mind if i pick you up, sweet girl?”
after he got her okay, tom snuck an arm underneath her legs and waist, hoisting her up and walking her slowly to his large bed. gently, he laid her down in the middle of it, crawling up over her to hover above her. he removed his blazer and dress shirt, throwing them and his crimson tie (she insisted he wore it to coordinate their outfits) on the floor. then, he let his gaze fall to her body under him, her chest rising and falling with each breath. he was certain he’d never meet someone as beautiful as y/n.
“can i take this off of you?” he gestured to her satin dress.
with y/n arching her back off the bed to aid him, tom was able to unzip the elegant garment and slowly slip it off of her body, revealing her breasts to him, nipples now pebbled from the cool air. he tossed it to the floor with the rest of the clothes, and took his time kissing and sucking marks down her body as he made his way to her soaked panties.
running his thumb along her clothed slit, resulting in a hushed whimper on her end, tom said, “bloody soaked, darling. who made you this wet, hm?”
“y-you, tommy,” she sighed.
“’s right,” he hooked his fingers into the waistband, looking up to her face and asking with his eyes if he could pull them down. at the nod of her head, he did exactly that.
instinctually, y/n’s legs clamped shut. it was nothing he hadn’t seen before, but still, her face grew warm at the idea of him seeing her bare. tom tsked, shaking his head at his girl. “c’mon, love, don’t get all shy on me now.” he rubbed soft circles onto her thighs, patiently waiting for her to open up for him, his cold rings that were still on his fingers providing a stark contrast to the heat of her body. she shivered.
taking a deep breath, y/n slowly spread her legs apart, growing more comfortable as the seconds passed. tom continued rubbing her thighs as she did, reminding her that he was there and that she could trust him, like always.
“there we are,” he cooed, replacing the rubbing with kisses along her inner thighs. “so pretty. ’s this all for me?” he licked a long stripe from y/n’s entrance up to her clit, flattening his tongue as he did, eliciting a gasp from y/n’s lips. he grinned at the sound, sucking her bud into his mouth and moaning, the vibration causing her hips to lurch off the comforter. in turn, tom ran his muscular arms beneath her already quivering legs, and pressed the palms of his hands into the skin of her tummy, forcing her back down into the mattress.
then, after a few more kitten licks to her weepy hole, tom’s tongue dipped into her, and y/n fisted the bedsheets near her waist, already panting out for him to keep going. his strong muscle moved in and out of her at a constant pace, yearning to taste all of her. when he couldn’t catch some of her arousal and it leaked past the sides of his mouth, he wasted no time in going back for it, lapping up the spillage quickly and returning to his previous ministrations.
y/n was a whining mess beneath him. each time he’d flick her clit with the tip of his tongue, she’d let out a cry and try to pull away from him, but tom held her still with his hands. her breathing was shallow, her heart beating rapidly as she writhed in her place. when he noticed her hands wandering, trying to find an adequate grip on something, tom’s hands reached for hers and led them to his hair. he didn’t stop what he was doing when he looked up at her, meeting her questioning gaze and nodding as if to tell her she could pull if she needed to. he wanted her to.
tom also couldn’t help but to admire the pinch of her brow as the knot in her stomach grew tighter and tighter. but he was pulled from his thoughts when, without warning, she tugged harshly on his hair, making him groan deeply and rut his hips into the bed to alleviate his erection. in all fairness, it was his fault— he’d nipped at her clit, and now he was smirking against her as she threw her head back onto his pillow.
“tom, i… ’m not gonna last, tommy,” y/n whimpered, fresh tears gathering in her eyes, threatening to spill over her waterline.
“no?” tom mumbled against her heat, “but you’re doing so well, darling. wouldn’t wanna ruin that, would you?”
“please tom, i-i can’t….”
this time, he ignored her, simply continuing his assault between her legs until she screamed out a “please please please!” as her fingers clutched his locks tighter and she jerked in his hold.
with a final suck to her clit, tom figured he’d be nice and give in. “okay, baby. that’s okay, you can cum.”
y/n let go at his words, moaning and panting as tears fell down her face, her hands gripping tom’s hair impossibly taut (which would be a problem if he wasn’t into that). her legs shook as she tightened them around his head, but not too hard to the point where tom felt that he had to loosen them a bit for her. he helped her ride out her high by lapping up every last drop of her cum, and occasionally placing soothing kisses to her clit.
when she finally calmed down, tom reached up and pulled her hands from his curls, holding them both in one of his own sweetly as he carefully made his way back up her body, wiping at his mouth with his wrist. y/n’s eyes were still shut, cheeks stained with her tears for a second time tonight, and tom laid her hands down on her tummy so he could wipe at them with the hand that wasn’t holding him up at the moment. the action brought her back to earth, sighing contentedly as she felt the rough pads of her lover’s fingertips gently swiping at her face.
“hi,” she breathed, eyes refusing to open yet.
“hey,” he laughed, kissing her forehead. “how’re you feeling, y/n?”
“so good, tom.”
“yeah? think you could give me one more before the real thing?”
y/n’s eyes shot open now, a look of disbelief and apprehension on her face. “um… i don’t know. maybe, but… ’s a lot.”
tom gazed at her with soft, understanding eyes. “how about this,” he proposed, “i give you another mind blowing orgasm, and afterwards you tell me if you think you can handle one more. how’s that sound?”
you bit your lip and nodded. “okay.”
shooting her a smile, he ran a hand down the length of her body, cupping her warmth and making her groan, hips bucking just slightly up into the air at his touch.
“gonna make you feel good again, baby,” he promised as he kissed her cheek. she felt his fingers poke at her entrance once before sliding his middle one in fully, pumping a few times before curling inside of her. she let out a low moan at the feeling.
tom took his time, using one finger for a while to let her get accustomed to the feeling. when he thought it had been long enough, he slipped his ring finger in beside the other, increasing the speed of his trusts and curling a bit harder. he watched y/n’s face the whole time, searching for any signs of discomfort. he didn’t want to overwhelm her, and thankfully all he saw was a look of pleasure on her features.
when tom added pressure to her clit with his thumb, rubbing in a figure eight motion, y/n’s hands flew to the back of his neck, needing to hold onto something. her chest arched upwards into his, skin rubbing against skin for a little while before she fell back onto the bed. tom’s fingers were longer and thicker than her own, making her feel one hundred times better than her own ever could.
y/n could feel herself getting close already, the overstimulation and the kisses tom was leaving on various areas of her face only pushing her further. at one point, when the tension in her abdomen got particularly tight as tom managed to hit her g-spot, she whined out, “tom! tom, ’s too much!”
tom brought his lips to hers, silencing her cries with his mouth. he pulled away after a moment to say, “you can take it though, can’t you? gonna take my fingers like a good girl? gonna cum all over them?”
y/n gave no response, crying out and writhing on tom’s duvet instead. “shh,” he comforted her, “need you to cum for me, darling.”
moments later, y/n found herself cumming for the second time in the span of a few minutes. her vision went white, this orgasm being much more intense than the previous one she had had. tom didn’t help her ride it out too much this time, merely stilling his fingers inside of her as she clenched repeatedly around them, pressing hard against her clit as her legs shook again.
it took a few minutes for her to relax again, tom whispering sweet nothings into her ear the whole time. once she caught her breath, she said, “let’s do one more.”
tom’s prick swelled and leaked a bit at the prospect of getting to fuck her tonight, but he needed to be sure she could take it, and that she wasn’t just saying this to make him happy. “are you sure, my love? it’s late, and you’re tired, we really don’t have to—”
“i really want to,” y/n interrupted him. “i want you, tom. please. please fuck me.”
how could tom possibly say no to his girl when she was begging for him like this? short answer: he couldn’t.
“all right, darling,” he said, lowering himself to press his tip against her. “are you ready?”
y/n nodded frantically, eager to feel full and to make him feel good as well. she could tell it was taking a lot of restraint for him not to just ram into her and fuck her into oblivion right now.
“use your words, y/n.”
“yes, yes. please, tom.”
tom entered her slowly, giving her a moment to adjust to his size before moving. they both groaned loudly at the sensation, tom’s cock feeling so snug inside of her dripping walls, y/n basking in the way his every ridge and vein slid against her. it wasn’t particularly fast to begin with, but his thrusts were firm, rocking y/n’s body into the bed. she moaned out into the air, a sheen of sweat covering her body. tom’s ears perked up at the sound.
“does that feel nice, baby?” tom asked, speeding up. y/n nodded frantically.
“f-feels amazing.”
taking hold of one of her hands, tom brought it down to the space between her legs, placing her fingers on her clit. he let his own fingers rest atop hers and guide her movements, making her massage small circles into her already wildly overstimulated nerves. y/n’s face pinched tightly, breathing becoming more labored, tom’s thrusts now fast and hard, fucking roughly into her tight hole.
wanting to spice things up even more, tom lifted y/n’s left leg up onto his shoulder, driving impossibly deep into her and hitting all the right spots.
“tom!” she cried, attempting to hide her face in his neck, but tom stopped her.
“no, no, darling. wanna see your face when i make you fall apart on my cock.”
so y/n allowed her head to fall back onto the pillow, fingers still moving diligently against her clit. “tommy?” she said quietly, her voice just barely wavering.
“c-can i cum? please, can i?”
tom could hear the desperation in her voice, and although he wanted to ask her to hold it just a little while longer so they could cum together, he thought he’d feel guilty asking her to try and control her third release in the span of less than half an hour. so instead, he replied, “go ahead, love. ’m right behind you.”
y/n’s third orgasm ripped through her harder than either of her previous ones, her nails scraping down tom’s back, right leg tightening around his waist, mouth halfway open in a silent scream, back arching off the mattress. tom watched her face constrict as her pussy constricted around him, too. everything about the sight was perfect, and it threw him over the edge.
while y/n was coming down from her high, tom was only just reaching his own, his continuous thrusts growing sloppy as they helped her ride hers out and bring his closer. it wasn’t long before he released his second load into her, filling her up warmly, some of his cum spilling out around his cock.
once tom had returned y/n’s leg into its previous position extended beneath him, he collapsed on top of her, earning himself a soft ‘oof!’ from her.
he buried his face into her warm neck, mumbling “sorry, love,” and kissing the skin there. she felt arms snaking around her body, pulling her into a tight embrace, and causing a cute giggle to fall from her lips.
“gotta get cleaned up, tommy,” she said, running her fingers through his hair.
“i know,” he replied. “five more minutes. then i’ll clean us up. promise.”
she laughed, and tom smiled.
as the two of them laid there, still panting, arms wrapped around each other, y/n wondered to herself if tom really understood how much she needed him. not just physically (because obviously he knew that by now), but in general— in her life, in her future. and admittedly, she hoped that would guarantee many, many more orgasms to come.
feeling his arms tighten around her, holding her in possibly close to his body, she couldn’t help but think to herself, oh, yeah. he definitely knows.
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hiraethenthusiast · a day ago
The Hollandairé | t.h.
Tumblr media
pairing: ceo!tom x ceo! reader
word count: 16k+
synopsis: exes cross paths on a big event. will they be able to forget each other's mistakes?
warnings: language, sexual innuendos, mentions of an anxiety attack (if you squint), talks about miscarriage, my favourite angst.
a/n: well, well, well im back from a very shitty writers block! look at me, writing angst with exes? oof. can you tell that i absolutely love angst and makeouts in the end? i was somehow inspired by 'idfc' by blackbear to write this fic lol. it took some time and ofcourse i went overboard with it, so hope you enjoy! don't forget to like and reblog! (i even made a moodboard kinda thing uwuwu)
"Conan I won't hesitate to knee you in the crotch if you don't stop pulling me off this sofa right this second" You tell your roommate, who is desperately trying to get you to go to a gala with him. Being a CEO brings its pros and cons. Pros being, you have a private jet, you're your own boss and you can shout at people with a reason. Cons being, annoyingly nice roommates. You had just shifted to a penthouse in downtown London with your friend Conan, because you refused to stay alone in this bigass house. (You tried living alone once, you were bored to death)
"Conan leave me alone yoo!" You said whining and hunching back into the sofa.
"Get the fuck up and get ready for the launch dude you promised me you wouldn't leave me hanging" Conan shouts over the voice of the t.v. blaring in the background. You pull you hand away from his grip and reach for the remote to shut off the t.v., focusing back on this tall red-headed figure in front of you.
"You know I don't like fancy shit." You grumble.
"It's YOUR fancy shit, get up Y/N." He says and reaches for your arms now, finally making you stand.
"Call Laura, I really don't want to go." You say pulling your phone out from your back pocket and handing it to him.
"If you haven't realised, your manager is the one who forced me to force you to attend the introduction of your fashion line" He fights back.
"- and Y/N. Hey, look at me. You've dreamt of this for how long? Almost all your life. And if you miss the chance to see your empire expand, it's gonna be devastating. You'll obviously miss the fashion show who's got the actual Rudy Pankow walking on a ramp, you'll also miss the opportunity to see people happy with YOUR work. Now get your ass up and get ready." He says and leaves the room, to get ready himself.
It's not that you don't want to go, you really do. Afterall, all of it is your hardwork. But the reason you're not going is because of that asshole. That asshole with whom you used to go out with once, the one who's current goal is to bring you down. The one and only, Tom Holland. You two used to date at some point, the ones who were in love actually, but the rivalry you two have got going on now has lead to you two knowing too much about each other. More than you know about yourself, the other knows it all. Small arguments turned into big ones, that eventually lead to the two of you leaving each other alone. You don't want to go because whenever you meet him, it all turns up into a big mess and your night is typically ruined, and you weren't in the mood for that, atleast not today. He's just a narcissistic bitch who thinks of nothing but degrading you. And that's the reason you don't want to go. Because you know if you talk to him one more time, these banters will persuade you.
But you do realise that you have to go. You have to go because you haven't gone to the last two launches for your perfume and swim line as well, and if you don't go today, Laura will actually end you.
So you just chug all your tea, leaving the kitchen with a grunt to go get ready.
"Hey Marco, can you send in that pantsuit I got done the other day? Look over for modifications if possible, although it looks great in just the solid colour, and please get it drycleaned." You tell your designer over the phone, to which he agreed and you go into your room to get your hair and makeup done.
"Wear a dress to the launch of your fashion line when it gets famous, yeah?"
"Pantsuits all the way Holland, you know I hate dresses."
"I know you do."
You remember the faint memory from over two years ago, that dream actually coming true, just without the person you dreamt it with.
You put your hair in a low bun with a middle part, giving you a classy formal look, and you do a almost non existent makeup look, only your eyes bold to accent with your outfit. Marco drops off the forest green pantsuit at your house, you giving it a twist with wearing a lace corset beneath the blazer.
"I look hot." You told yourself.
You and Conan leave for the event, you fidgeting in between 15 minute durations, Conan reassuring you that he'll be with you until the night ends.
That didn't last long. You lost Conan as soon as you entered the venue, so you occupied yourself with having conversations with other company owners, hearing how they're doing in the industry, blah blah blah.
"Do I look like I care?" You say to yourself.
You move ahead, only to cross paths with the one and only. He was wearing a cherry coloured perfectly tailored suit, adding a hint of Tom with the glasses. He looked good.
"And what do I owe this pleasure, Ms. Y/N?" He says, twirling his champagne glass in his hands.
"Look Holland I really don't have time for this shit, please take a goodie bag on your way home" You say with a bit of sass and start to move away, only to get your arm held back, making you bump in his chest.
"I see you wore the pantsuit you always wanted to wear at your event, angel " He says, making you pull away from him.
"Don't ever call me that again, and this is a warning." You were about to continue further with your answer, but you were utterly shocked to see the person in front of you.
"Is that the Y/N Y/L/N, in person, the one who's way too busy to answer my phone calls?" He says, making you laugh a bit.
"Jaeden?" You say, laughing heartily.
"In the flesh, tigeress." He says, doing grabby hands at you as an indication to pull you in a hug. You oblige and walk towards him and give him the biggest bear hug you've given anyone in two years. You pull back just to hit him on the chest once, playfully ofcourse.
"Tigeress. Oof haven't heard that in a while" You keep your conversation going on with Jaeden, while Tom is absolutely dumbfounded about whatever just happened in these past few seconds.
There's this hot guy named Jason or whatever, who calls you 'tigeress' and you aren't pestering him for calling you with a nickname but you definitely were ready to give Tom a piece of your mind when he called you 'angel'? Who is this guy?
Tom goes off to find Conan, who was situated at the bar downing a shot of tequila.
"Hey who's that guy Jason?" He asks him, pointing towards you and Jaeden in the middle of the hall.
"You mean Jaeden?" He says, biting onto a slice of lemon.
"Yeah whatever who is he?" Tom asks again, turning towards to bartender asking for a glass of whiskey.
"Why do you want to know?" Conan shoots back.
"Just curious. Can you just fucking tell me now?" Tom tries again, getting frustrated now.
"Chill dude. Jaeden used to work with Y/N a long time ago. He had this crush on her for like forever, but then Y/N went in for entrepreneurship and they were just not in contact with each other." He says.
"Crush huh?" Tom says, gripping onto his glass so tight that his knuckles almost turned white.
"Why do you look like you're about to murder someone?" Conan asks, getting concerned.
"Because I might." Tom says, grinding his teeth while forcing a smile.
The night goes by pretty smoothly, for you. You and Jaeden were clinged to each other almost the whole night, and then Tom watching you both from a distance, trying not to snap hard at people. He just took enough of it, he had to do something. He wasn't really sure why was he jealous, 'maybe because you love her' his heart said, but his mind crossing paths with a 'no you don't' in the middle. He was in a dilemma, but was mostly leaning towards his heart's side. He finally got up from his seat and walked towards you.
"Y/L/N." He says, keeping his composure.
"Yes?" You turn around to come face to face with him, laughing on something Jaeden had said.
"Board of Directors want to meet you on third floor. I was going that way only, wanted to inform you." He says.
"Oh okay. Jaeden I'll be back in a few. And tell me about that Mario Kart incident." You say, your laughter dying as you walk towards the elevator, motioning Tom to move as well. You both enter the elevator and you click the button for third floor.
"So Jaeden's a long lost friend, I assume?" He tries to small talk, failing miserably.
"Yeah, I used to work with him a long time back. Why do you ask?" You say, being the nicest you've been to Tom in two years.
"Just making small talk. So, exactly how long ago, you used to work with him?" He tries again.
"A really long time ago." You tell him.
"When we were dating?" He says, hesitating.
The elevator dings and you reach third floor, both of you moving into a very empty hallway.
"Why do you care Tom?" You say, making him frustrated even more.
"Because you're my fucking ex-girlfriend whom I'm worried about because that asshole has a mega crush on you" He says, making you jerk your head towards him.
"How many whiskeys have you had?" You ask him, because he was sounding oblivious that's for sure.
You turn around to open the meeting room to find it empty, making you glare at Tom once again.
"Why the fuck did you bring me up here Holland, where's the meeting?" You say, narrowing your eyes towards him.
"There is no meeting Y/N, the Board didn't show up this year, remember?" He says moving and fidgeting around the room.
"Then why did you bring me up here, dumbass?" That put him over the edge. He starts walking towards you making you take a few steps back, finally cornering you in the room.
"Because that guy is fucking flirting with you Y/N. That guy has been roaming around the whole night with my girl, touching and hugging my girl in front of me and you expect me to keep my calm? Huh? I don't fucking care okay? You're supposed to be mine and I was a jerk who let you go. I can't stand seeing you with other people. What the fuck is wrong with you Y/N, why did you leave me?!" He shouts at you, making your blood boil even more.
You push him back and stand in front of him, glaring as if you were going to rip his head off.
"No Tom, YOU left me, alright? I cried almost every night after that day when you left, and you didn't even have the empathy to give me a call. You, are too self-absorbed, and not me Tom. It was all you. I haven't been to even one of my launches just because I know you'll be there, you'll be there to put me down again. And why the fuck do you care about whom I talk to huh?" You shout at him.
"Why would I come to every single one of your launches Y/N?! To see you! To see the person who understood me more than I did, just to fucking see your face and calm my nerves!" He shouts back. He moves towards you and holds you chin to put your eyes at his eye level.
"Look at me Y/N. Look at me. Did we mean anything to you? Did I mean anything to you? Look at me in the eyes and tell me you never loved me. Tell me I meant nothing to you and I'll leave this second. Tell me that this was all a lie." He says, making your eyes water.
"You know I can't tell you that."
"Then why do you keep hurting me Y/N?! You hurt me so much! You left me when I needed you the most! I wanted you and you weren't there-" He shouts again.
"SHUT UP TOM, SHUT UP! Stop it! Stop! Please. Stop." You're crying hysterically now, hunching up in a corner trying to calm yourself down. Tom immediately sees it and runs towards you holding your hands and cradling them.
"Hey, hey Y/N. Look at me, look at me baby. It's Tom. Hey baby. I'm here, yeah? I'm here. Stop crying come on babe, please. Love, look at me. I'm here." He says, now running his hand over your cheeks wiping your tears.
"Go away. Go away from me." Is all you say, which makes his ears perk and brings water to his eyes.
He stands up and moves out of the room, closing the door just to hear you crying again. He sits down on the floor with his back on the door now, crying, waiting for you to say something.
"Please, open the door." He says, bursting into tears and hugging himself with his arms, wishing it was you.
Fifteen minutes pass by and you still haven't said anything. Tom misses you so much, and it was so fucked up of you to leave him like this. He was hurt, but he could never stop loving you. Ever.
"Losing you would be a nightmare that I'd beg to be awaken from everyday." You say opening the door, your eyes blood red, hair disheveled making Tom look at you, whose eyes were blood red too.
"I was pregnant, Tom." You tell him, making his eyes widen and holding your hand for comfort.
"The day-" You clear your throat "The day we fought is when we lost the baby. I was going to tell you I was pregnant that day, but then that happened." You were crying a bit more now, but still held you composure so you can handle Tom from now.
"The argument gave me too much stress and, and it was affecting the baby so as soon as you left, um, my stomach started aching really badly and, and yeah we lost our baby then. That's why I left." You say, you were crying on his shoulder now, intentionally ignoring his reaction because you knew it would hurt him.
"We, we- lost our baby?" He says, a bit shocked but choking on his tears. You remain silent.
"Hey, hey. Listen. It's okay. It wasn't your fault. It was mine. I shouldn't have fought with you. You were already really worried and I just added onto your pressure. I'm so sorry baby I'm so so sorry." He was full-on crying now, he sniffled in your neck because he was too afraid to show his emotions.
"It wasn't your fault Tommy, it was ours." You say, running your hand in his curls. The way you missed his chestnut curls. It was all good again, well atleast you hoped.
Tommy. That always brought butterflies in his stomach.
You talked everything out in the bathroom, while washing your faces and cleaning up. You both understood that everything was going back to normal, just like the old times. One conversation lead to another, and you spent two hours on the bathroom floor just laughing and having gossip.
"It's been a while." You say laughing, looking at your watch.
"Why did you say 'my girl' Tom?" You ask him directly.
"You called me 'my girl' in the conference room. Why?" You tell him, and he instantly remembers that he did do that.
"You're in my head almost everyday Y/N. Even when you're not supposed to be. It shouldn't have been this hard letting go, but it was. I still love you, even if you don't." He says, taking some tissue paper off the counter.
"Who said I don't love you?" You say, making his eyes widen.
"Wha- wh- what are you implying here?" He stumbles upon his words, making you laugh.
"I still love you, you goof."
"Y/N you have to be serious you're making me want things I can't have." He says wholeheartedly.
You say nothing but grab him by his collar and kiss him with full force. After two years, you felt those soft lips on yours again, reminiscing every moment you had missed in these past years. They felt the same, soft and plump, just as if they were made for you. They fit in with yours like a puzzle, that was meant to be solved by these two hearts which were tangled, but now, in a right way. Tom kissed back almost immediately, feeling your lips was like a dream come true. A recurrent dream in his mind. You both pull back to see red and puffy lips and give out a light laugh. He doesn't stop, he keeps leaving peppery kisses all over your face mumbling sweet words again and again.
"I missed you so, so much angel." he says leaving a kiss on your nose.
"I missed you too bubba." you say leaving a small peck on his lips.
"Let's go now, we've been here for almost two hours." You start to move towards the door, but get pulled back by your waist.
"Tell Jaeden to maintain distance, yeah?" He says.
"Or what?" You say in a playful tone.
"Babygirl, I think you've forgotten what I'm capable of." He says, kissing your neck.
"I think I have. And stop kissing me I look shit." You say, laughing.
"I really don't care. You still look hot and I'm trying not to kiss you senseless right now." He says leaving another harsh suck on your skin, which can hopefully be covered by your blazer.
"Are you going to eyefuck me all night or are you going to do something about it?" You say, now kissing Tom's sweet spot.
"Finish this event in the next half an hour. I'll see you at my house babe." He says leaving one last peck on your lips.
You both reach downstairs after fixing your makeup and hair, you reach upto the stage and and hold onto the mic.
"Thankyou all for attending the event. We look forward to having more business with you! Don't forget to post something about our line 'The Hollandairé' on your social media platforms and don't forget to tag us! We are, The Y/L/N's thankyou have a good night!"
He listen to you and smirks to himself, because you do do what you say.
"I'm going to name my first fashion line 'The Hollandairé' " You say making a banner with your hands.
"And I'll be right with you then baby" He says, kissing your cheek.
Looks like he kept his promise too.
Tumblr media
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lilacsandwhiskey · 2 days ago
Hi. Can you write a tom holland imagine about tom bringing reader to meet his parents for the first time and he surprises them and he hugs his parents and reader is hiding behind the wall as she is shy and socially awkward, so Tom has to bring her out and she is mostly quiet?
Pairing: Tom Holland x reader
The music seemed to loud, the car seemed too warm, and Tom’s hand in your own was giving you sensory overload.
You managed to wring your hand out of his grasp, only causing him to look over from the road with a frown. “Is everything okay?” He asks, pulling his hand into his lap. “Yeah.” You lie.
Tom knows you too well, he’s managed to learn quite a bit about the shy girl he fell for a year ago. He managed to break down walls like no one else, build a trust you’d never built with someone before. That’s what causes him to turn the radio completely down. “They’re going to absolutely love you, darling.” He reassures you.
When you pull into the beautiful place that Tom had called home his entirety, you feel like you’re going to be sick. It’s not like you don’t want to meet the people who created this wonderful and adorable human being, it’s just the fact that you were terrified.
Parent meetings looked a lot like someone asking you borderline intrusive questions, begging to know about your future, and completely and utterly judging you because well, of course they want their baby to be with the best.
So when you strolled up the sidewalk and into the front door, Tom didn’t bother to knock. The door swings wide open, revealing the sweetest pup, Tessa, you’d remember hearing Tom talk about so many times.
You smile as you bend down behind a wall, closing the door and taking the opportunity to pet her out of sight, while Tom’s parents rush in to give their eldest hugs. You feel like stomach churning, the thought of having to get up from behind this wall and stop rubbing the cutest Holland makes you want to hurl.
Tom doesn’t mind that you’re taking a little extra time with Tess, but he also knows how curious his parents have been about you. Tom grins at his parents, quickly walking behind the wall. “Baby?” He whispers as his parents try to participate in their own conversations. You look up at the brown eyed boy.
“Are you using Tessa as a ploy?” “Yes, what’s it to you?” You snap back. Tom only grins, shaking his head. “Baby, come on.” “What if they hate me?” “They’ll love you, because I love you.” He assures, tugging your hand from the dog. “Come on.” You take a few deep breaths as he walks you slowly from behind the wall.
“Y/n!” Nikki says, walking up to you. “Hi, Mrs. Holland.” “Please, call me Nikki.” She reaches out her arms, and you let her give you a hug before Tom’s dad shakes your hand. “We’ve heard so many amazing things about you, love. Please, please come in and get comfortable.” Tom shares a smile with you, squeezing your hand before leading the way towards the kitchen.
The rest of the Holland boys make their appearance, taking their seats around the table. Tom didn’t fail to mention how shy you were and how it may take you time to open up, and he was forever grateful that his family had been so respectful of that.
The conversation around you flowed flawlessly as you slowly consumed your food. You giggle at stories, never putting much input into the conversation side. It made Nikki happy to see you grinning, feeling like she was finally seeing more of you. Because you’d spent some time with the boys, you felt a little more comfortable with at least participating.
By the end of dinner, you finally had piped in at points, and of course, you did answer questions. You knew his family meant no harm in the questions they asked, they were just genuinely curious about you.
When the night came to an end, Tom held your hand as you walked out to his car. You got in first, letting out a long slow breath. You felt happy, happy that it was over with, but happy that you’d never have to “meet” them again. It would only go up from here.
Tom slides in next to you, just smiling at you. “What?” You say. “I just really, really love you.”
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spideymix · a day ago
hey so i saw this on tik tok and i had to read it so i was wondering if you could write an angsty fic where the reader is punching tom or peters chest because their so angry with him and he lets them until they just break down crying in his chest and it’s like super soft 🤎🤍
(OMG yes! Of course I'll do it xx :)
title: Rumored Breakdown
pairing: Tom x Reader
Warnings: angst and fluff
A/N: This seemed like a cute idea hope you like it. I used Tom for this because I need more Tom fics. Also send in some more requests xx.
Taglist: @vavilip @supraveng @getreeljas @allthisfortommy
"So you can't clear this up?" y/n asks me. Her voice is getting higher and higher with each line that comes out of her mouth.
A few months ago, me and my ex Zendaya broke up. We both realized that we didn't really like eachother as much as we thought we did. I also realized my feelings for y/n. Recently, there were leaked photos of us on a date. That would normally be okay, because we could just play it off as a "hangout", but we were holding hands across the table and my dumb arse didn't see the camera and decided to kiss her hand. Now every single news article is titled "Are Y/N Y/L/N and Tom Holland a thing?" Or "Is Y/N the reason Tomdaya broke up?" Or, and this is the best one, "Y/N Y/L/N, is she a homewrecker?". The point is, they're blaming y/n for mine and Z's breakup. That's what started the fight.
Y/N asked me to clear these rumors up, because she's tried multiple times but it didn't work. I told her that I wanted to keep our relationship private and that if I do clear it up it won't be private anymore.
"GOD DAMN IT TOM! I JUST WANT THIS SHIT TO GO AWAY! BUT YOU WON'T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT!!" y/n yelled. I could see the pain in her eyes. I know it's not easy going through what she's going through, but I'm trying my best to protect her in every way I can.
I try pulling her into a hug, but she start hitting my chest. I don't stop her because I know what is going to happen. She keeps batting at my chest until her arms give out and she bursts into tears. She starts breaking down right there and we both end up on the floor. Her head falls to my chest while I stroke her hair. I keep pressing small kisses to her temple. I feel my shirt catching all of her tears, but that didn't matter. All I wanted to do was comfort her.
"Shh, I know Princess. Rumors hurt, but we can't do anything about them but try to clear them up. I'm sorry I haven't done it yet, I'm just afraid if I do it'll expose our relationship. I just don't know if the world is ready to know we're together yet." I explain to her. She lifts her head up and looks me in the eyes. I can tell she's hurt and it breaks my heart seeing her like this.
"I'm just tired of people blaming me for things that weren't my problem." She tells me looking down at her hands. I bring my hand up to wipe the tears from her face.
"I know baby...look I'll try to clear it up without exposing us, okay?" I ask looking into her tear filled eyes. She nods and I pull her into a kiss.
"I love you" I tell her resting my forehead against hers. I didn't even realized what I had said. We haven't said the L word yet. When I did realize my eyes widen but she brings her hand up to my face and cups my cheek.
"I love you too, Tommy" she tells me pulling me into another kiss.
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bbystark · a day ago
Take My Hand
Tom Holland x Actor!Reader
Request: @that1girl can you write about the reader being tom hollands girlfriend and co-star and them having anxiety while doing an interview together?
Warnings: none? maybe some swearing, maybe some suggestive content at the end. also anxiety
Word Count: 952
Tumblr media
You’ve been doing this for years. You take a deep breath, still trying to convince yourself that there was no need to be nervous over a simple interview. You knew Tom wasn’t faring any better, and that alone made your anxiety worse, but your resolve stronger.
You loved acting, but the social side? The interviews? The talk shows? It was overwhelming at times. It was one of the things that drove you and Tom together, always being grouped together for interviews since you had similar reservations about them.
Being in a movie together really drove up the amount of the social gatherings you were expected to be at in order to promote the new movie. At first you were ecstatic to go to brand new places and gush about the movie because one, you made it alongside your favorite person, and two, you were so proud of it. However, after traveling for weeks now, you were starting to crash.
Tom was definitely just as tired as you were, and you knew he needed a break just as much as you did. You were determined to help him just as much as he usually helps you in interviews.
You take another deep breath, people starting to flood your dressing room for final touches. An older woman doing your makeup notices your distracted stare and gives you a firm grip on your shoulders.
“You’re going on in 10! You’ll do amazing. You always do great on camera, don’t stress!”
She continues to powder your face while someone else does your hair, and while you appreciate her bubbliness, the nerves you’re feeling only intensify as the interview comes closer.
“Thank you.”
You give her a smile and watch as everyone shuffles out of the room. You stand, straightening your back and taking another deep breath. You turn to the door, jumping when you see Tom already standing there.
“Hey love, thought I’d stop by. Walk together to the set?”
You gush a little inside, in awe that the man before you was suffering through his own anxiety, and still trying to make sure yours was okay at the same time.
“Yeah. It’s just the Jimmy Fallon show right? Easy.”
“Pfft, yeah right. Easy!”
He holds your hands and leads you out of the dressing room, squeezing your shoulders slightly. In that moment, you felt like everything was perfect. You had a glamorous career, with an amazing boyfriend, why did anxiety have to get in the way?
You told yourself “not now”, took a deep breath, and gripped Tom a little harder. You get to the curtain, waiting for someone to make the okay for you both to make your way to the chairs next to Jimmy Fallon.
He gives you a quick peck, smiling down at you.
“You’ll do great,” he says.
“We’ll do great.”
You smile and inhale when you see a producer waving you guys on. You separate yourself a tad from Tom, opting to hold his hand as you walk onto the stage. The audience goes wild, as expected, as this is one of the first interviews you’ve done since making the relationship official to the media.
You feel Tom squeeze your hand, a silent reminder to smile and wave to the crowd.
You look up at him, then to the audience, waving for a few seconds until Tom leads you to the chair closest to the interview desk. He lets you sit down, you fix your dress, and he sits to your left.
You resist the urge to start bouncing your leg as the audience dies down and Jimmy starts making introductions.
“So today we have the lovely y/n y/l/n and Tom Holland. Or Tom y/l/n? Or y/n Holland? Which has a better ring to it?” He laughs a little, looking to the audience for an answer. Several answers are yelled from the audience.
Tom laughs. “Look, we aren’t there yet. Right now we’re still trying to name the puppy we got together!”
You laugh, playfully slapping Tom.
Jimmy laughs, turning back towards us. “So a puppy already! Moving fast I see.”
You see Tom starting to fidget a little, knowing that an interview digging so deep into your relationship and seemingly being the only topic of conversation lately, is making him nervous.
You decide to take the reins on this question, effortlessly responding with a simple “I’ve always wanted a dog, but Tom was really the one who ended up convincing me. Now that we live together we kind of just… merged our home lives together. It’s been great honestly. I couldn’t have asked for a better roommate.” You playfully nudge Tom a little and he smiles at you.
You knew you rambled a bit when you had anxiety, but apparently it was enough to make both the audience, and Jimmy Fallon, satisfied. He continued to ask about the movie you two had just filmed, how it was being together while filming, and if there was chemistry since it was a romance film. All standard questions that seemed easier to answer. You and Tom slowly felt more comfortable, and by the time the show was up, you couldn’t wait to get home.
After pleasantries with managers and directors, you and Tom made your way to a car waiting for you outside the studio.
“Home?” Tom smiles at you.
You smile and nod.
“Take my hand.”
You grab his hand, skipping your way down the stairs with him in tow. You get into the car, Tom opening the door for you first, of course, and pull him in behind you.
Anxiety or not, you were so glad you had Tom to help you through it.
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waitimcomingtoo · 2 days ago
Tom Holland Masterlist
Tumblr media
Ex’s and Oh’s
Sebastian drops a bomb on Tom during a live stream
Call It What You Want
Tom accidentally sends you mixed signals during an interview
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hollandsmushroom · 2 days ago
That Mob!tom smut was so perfect
But imagine actually edging him till his cock turns blue🥵
Tie him to his office chair and edge him for hours
He would go insane 😍
On Edge || T.H.
Warnings: Smut 18+(blowjobs, handjobs, cumplayish, edging, dom/sub dynamics) NOTHING BUT FILTH
Word Count: 1,354!
A/n: this is nearly the request exactly but I did stray just a lil bit I hope you enjoy!
Tom’s cock was in your hand, leaking salty precum down onto your knuckles as you pulsed your grip around his engorged flesh. His skin was taught underneath your touch, flush with arousal as you teased his hyper sensitive tip in your mouth, kitten licking the slit but not actually taking it in.
Soft boyish whines escape your lover's lips, whimpers and pleads of getting more, wanting more, needing more, craving a release that you taunted him with. You hadn’t even brought him to the quick of ecstasy once and he was already spilling a river of arousal down his shaft, you watched fascinated as it taunted the hot skin of his scrotum before falling onto the desk chair below, pooling slightly in the dip caused by the weight of Tom’s body.
“Please, love, please give me something, please” he whined, bucking his hips up into nothing as you skillfully avoided the thrust. There were noises that you never thought that you would hear a mob boss speak and the ones currently falling from your darling’s lips were on that list, pleads of submission and concession, completely handing the power to you. Your gaze drew from his pretty cock to his pinched face, his eye crinkles on full display as he held his eyes shut, unable to look at the scene before him without inadvertently cumming everywhere, when he saw his cock disappearing into your mouth all bets were off and his endurance went out the window.
“Since you asked so nicely, pretty boy” you drawled, craning your neck and finally letting Tom’s cock press past the blunt of your teeth, sliding till his slick tip was poking the back of your throat, but you weren’t thinking about that, you were watching him and the way his head fell back and mouth dropped open, he was art work and something that deserved to be painted. So you did, your tongue painting imaginary masterpieces as it caressed the tender flesh of his manhood, tracing all the lines and veins as you nodded your head up and down on his shaft. You felt him twitch against your esophagus, noting how his chest was rising and falling faster than before and the muscles in his lower belly were spasming as he dug his nails into the arm rests of his office chair, he was close and biting his tongue to keep it from showing in hopes he could cum but you knew him to well, every rhythm and movement, having memorized them over the years. So you moved away, nothing but a string of spit connecting your lips to his cock and it drew a pitiful growl from Tom’s throat as his eyes opened, staring down at you incredulously.
“Y/n please” he whimpered, he looked like a kid who was about to eat some chocolate but had it snatched from his hand, you brought him to the precipice of release and took the pleasure away, few things were as mentally draining as that, and yet you both loved it.
“Not yet, baby” you taunt, your hand returning to his slickened shaft and beginning to move up and down it at a rapid pace, skin moving with your palm tugging at the fiery skin, a yelp passing through the vice that was Tom’s teeth digging into his lip. He was the definition of on the brink, teetering on the edge as you skillfully twisted your wrist, pumping his cock with a amourous ferocity that made something under his skin burn as he watched you from behind the cages of his eyelashes.
“Fuck fuck fuck” Tom bucked up into your fist, unable to contain his movements but you once again evaded him with a precise dodge, hand falling limp onto his thigh as your eyes narrowed in on his.
“You’re not being good” the words are dripping with venom as they slipped off your tongue, Tom knew that he had fucked up even more but he didn’t care, he wanted you and he was unashamed of that fact.
“M sorry love, is just hard” he muttered apologetically, hoping to lose you in his brown eyes as he watched you sheepishly.
“Very hard” you smirked, hand flexing again, fingers delicately blushing the blueing skin of his cock make him jerk, there was only so much that a cock could take and Tom was finding that out, his skin burning and shaft aching from being swollen for so long, the once ruddy glisten that the tip had shined with fading to a deep and furious magenta.
Your fingers were gentle, a barely there touch as they traced the swollen veins that wrapped their way around Tom’s cock. Tom’s head rolled to the side as a strained sound escaped his ragged throat, worn down from pants of pleasure and teasing as you brought him to the edge repeatedly, it was growing painful, the need for release growing to the point of necessity rather than desire. You knew your lovers limits, knowing that if you didn’t get him to fall over the edge now he would be finished and not in the fun way, neither of you wanting that disappointment you returned to the task at hand with a intensity that made Tom’s toes curl into the soles of his Italian leather loafers, your lips spreading around, tongue flattening against the head making him jolt, your palm on his abs holding him down as your fingers that weren’t jacking him off against you tongue massaged his spasming abdomen.
“Cum” you hummed around his tip, sucking harshly as if you were trying to pull him with you. Your word wasn’t quite decipherable but Tom went with what he assumed, or more his cock did, following the cues of your movements and letting hot seed spew from his swollen tip, painting your mouth white with his seed as he came for what seemed like a full minute, filling your mouth to the point where when you drew back his spunk seeped from between your lips, dribbling down your chin as you swallowed his load, looking him dead in his tied eyes as your tongue slipped out and caught the cum dripping down your chin, smiling at him, hands running up and down his thighs soothingly, stilling at his wet cock.
“Let's get you cleaned up, bubs” you smiled up at him, the atmosphere shifting and a similar expression gracing his sleep features as he looked back at you.
“As long as you come with me” he bartered, as if leaving him now was an option, you were here for it all, the fun during and the mess afterwards.
“There is nowhere else I would rather be” you affirmed, raising yourself from the place between his legs and pressing your lips to his, inadvertently spreading some of the cum that was still on your lips on his. You pulled back after a beat, forehead resting against his as you both looked deeply into eachothers eyes, the movement of Tom’s tongue at the bottom of your field of vision catching your eye, admiring how he licked the remnants of himself off his swollen mouth.
“I can see why you never spit, I taste fucking good” he smirked at you, earning a playful smack to his chest as you sat back on your heels, breaking the union of your foreheads and taking his hand.
“That and it would feel wasteful, I did all the work and I don’t get the reward? Seems kind of pointless if you ask me” you tugged on his hand as you spoke, pulling him from his sitting position and assisting him as he stood, his legs still a little shaky from the amount of pleasure that had recently burned its way through every cell of his body. “Now we can continue the discussion of your cum if you so wish but lets do it while we are getting ready for bed” you chuckled and Tom did as well, laughing as he followed you, guiding him to your shared bedroom where nothing but love would fill the air for the rest of the night.
@iluvdeja @quaksonhehe @lovehollandy12 @thollandneedy @prancerrparkerr @parkerpeter24 @hollandsour @spidey-sophie @thehumanistsdiary @itscaminow @marvelsbitch8 @kasidy409 @parkerdarling @scarletspideyy @capital-koreasofia @marvelhasmyheart235 @hackerholland @tom-softie @hollandsjen @tomhollandsbitch8 @bi-lmg07 @reawritesthings @tomsholland2412 @lowkey-holland @cocoamoonmalfoy @tomhollandlol @roseobx @vintageobx @lcvelyhcllqnd96 @elishi03 @spooky-season-bitch @hollandsvogue @idkseraphine @writesforholland @pandaxnienke
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arvinsescape · a day ago
I loooooove your writing! Could you maybe do like a period simulator with Tom and co, like maybe they made a comment that it’s not even bad but you took it the wrong way and it’s like ‘oh okay…you think YOU could handle it. Put your money where your mouth is big guy’
A/N: I actually love watching these kind of videos, I find them hilarious! I hope you enjoy 💕
Warnings: Swearing.
You were curled into yourself on the couch, a wave of period pain having hit you hard. You always got bad period pains, they could be awful and made you want to spend all day in the house and in bed. You lived with the boys and it was great, truly but sometimes they could be such boys.
"What's the matter with you?" Haz asked as he sat next to you.
"Cramps." You muttered out and he furrowed his brows.
"You ill?" He asked as Tom appeared, handing you a hot water bottle.
"Thank you baby. No, not really." You answered as Tom sat himself down and found something to watch.
"Oh." Harrison dragged out as realisation dawned on him. You laughed at his reaction as the rest of the boys appeared in the living room. Harry and Harrison's girlfriends appearing, throwing you a bunch of chocolate they'd just been to the shop for.
"Thank you." You said happily as you grabbed a bar and started eating it. It wasn't long before a fresh wave of cramps hit you, causing you to clutch your stomach.
"Is it really so bad?" Harrison asked and all girls snapped their heads in his direction, eyebrows raised. Tom looked at Harrison before shaking his head.
"Yeah, it's horrible." You said and Haz's girlfriend hummed in agreement.
"Like how bad though?" Haz pushed and Tom laughed out as he shook his head, he knew they were bad for you. He'd seen some of your worst periods so he knew they were bad.
"Like it feels like your having your entire uterus ripped out sometimes." Haz's girlfriend said.
"I just don't see how they can be so bad." Harry said, you were sure he didn't mean anything by it but given the fact that you were on your period, you may have taken it slightly to heart.
"I bet you couldn't handle it." You stated and Harry laughed.
"Bet I could." He fired back.
"We'll see." You said ominously and Tom burst into a fit of laughter.
"That sounded threatening."
It was three days later, you'd had to wait on delivery for the period simulator, you'd seen the videos circulating online and decided it might be a fun thing to give the fans as content.
"Right," you said as you made your way into the living room, all heads snapping your way. Grace had a smile on her face, she knew what the plan was and she was all for it. "Here," you handed the device to Harry who looked at you with furrowed brows. "Let's see if you can handle it." You said with a smug grin.
"Serious? Is this one of those simulators?" He asked and you nodded. "Wait, I want you to try it first." He said as he handed it back to you and you shrugged before attaching yourself to it. "Okay, off we go." Harry said, device to control the levels in his hand.
You felt the discomfort start but it was nothing compared to what you usually put up with. Grace looking at you with a smug smile, she knew you were going to show them up. Harry continued to casually up the numbers, it wasn't until around the number eight that you started to really feel it, it was like being on your period all over again.
"Okay, that's about where I'm at." You stated and Harry looked at you, the device had ten settings, apparently ten was supposed to resemble childbirth but you could neither confirm nor deny that claim. "Keep going." You encouraged and Harry did.
Number nine felt horrid and almost had you wincing but you held strong, you could handle it. It was number ten that genuinely had you in almost tears, but you'd done all of them, you doubted the boys would be able to follow.
"Okay, that's all ten. I reckon I could do it." Harry said smugly, Tom had an impressed look on his face, he knew people who had used these things and heard how painful they could be.
"Go ahead." You teased as you swapped what you were both holding. Harry hooked himself up, giving you a thumbs up as you started at level one. He gave a small grimace but nothing more, it wasn't until level four that he started hissing in pain.
"Shit, that's actually painful." He said and all the girls laughed. "What number is that? Ten right?" He asked cockily.
"Four." You confirmed with a small grin, his face dropped at the news. "No way." He said and you laughed again as you upped the level. He cried out as he clutched at his stomach, head shaking as Tom burst into laughter.
"Okay, no. That's enough. You're right, I can't handle it." Harry said and you switched it off, laughs filling the room. "I bet I've done better than you guys." Harry said and of course being the competitive lads they were they accepted the challenge.
"You've got his babe." You encouraged your boyfriend who grinned at you and shot you a wink.
Tom got to five himself before he was clutching at his stomach and rubbing his thighs.
"What the fuck? Why do my thighs hurt?" Tom exclaimed and Harry pointed at him.
"Right? What is that all about?" He asked and his girlfriend fell into a fit of laughter.
"Yeah, it's not just our stomach's that hurt you know." She said as she kissed her boyfriends cheek.
He managed a six, wanting to out do his brother if only by one and you laughed as he shook his head when you went to up it again.
"What was your level of pain?" He asked as he sat next to you.
"Eight." You confirmed.
"Fucking hell. Now I really feel for you." He said as he pulled you into his side.
"My turn." Tuwaine said, sounding pumped. "I'm gonna smash this, I've broken a wrist." He said and Tom laughed.
"I have broken many bones and I would take it over that."
Tuwaine managed a four, he was somewhat disappointed in himself. You laughed as you watched him cave, giving in.
"No, fuck that shit." He said as he handed the device to Sam. "Why do things ache that shouldn't? I'm glad I've never doubted how bad they are" He laughed.
"Right?" Both Tom and Harry shouted.
Sam also stopped at four, adding to the boys revelation that more things than just your stomach hurt.
"Imagine back pain factored into that." Grace laughed.
"And the super tender tits." Harry's girlfriend added as you all fell into a fit of giggles.
"Yeah, I take my hat off to you." Sam said as he passed it to Harrison, the last contender.
"I can do this. I'm the strongest." He laughed as he flexed his bicep.
"Don't think strength has much to do with it." Tom laughed as he lazily ran his fingers over your arm. "Y/N currently holds the record." He said with pride, "and I'm stronger than she is." He added in a teasing tone.
"You wish." You said as you playfully punched his chest and he laughed as he grabbed your fist and playfully restrained you before placing a series of kisses to your face.
"Guys, my turn." Harrison laughed and you giggled before Tom released you and snapped his attention back to his friend.
Harrison was quite funny to watch, he got to five, without making a noise. But every single person in the room knew he was in pain, face red as he bit harshly into his lip.
"That hurt a bit mate?" Sam teased and you all laughed as Harrison shook his head, too afraid to speak. You upped the level and watched as he curled into himself but he didn't give. "You can give in you know." Sam added and all he got was a shake of the head in response. It was when he got to seven that he cracked.
"Jesus fucking christ." He exclaimed as he fell to his knee on the floor. "I'm out, I'm done. That was horrible. Pure torture." He said as he practically ripped the device from himself. "What'd I get?"
"Seven." You said.
"Suck it Holland." Haz cheered as he threw a middle finger up at his friend.
"Still couldn't beat my girl though could you?" Tom teased with a finger back.
"By one!" Harrison said and Sam laughed out loudly.
"No, she did all ten. Eight was about where her pain is but she still did all ten." Sam defended you.
"I still don't get it," Harry piped up. "Why do your thighs hurt?" He started again as you all fell into laughter. You couldn't wait to upload the video later. The room bursting into chatter about the pain their partners felt on a monthly basis. Safe to say you proved them wrong.
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oswald98 · 7 hours ago
Best Friends, Right? || Tom Holland x Reader
warnings: none
synopsis: after an awkward encounter with your bestfriend, you learn how much you really mean to each other.
The London weather was slightly over cast as the moving trucks pulled up to you knew home. You and your parents had moved to Kingston, London from East Croydon and it was safe to say it was definitely an upgrade.
You were only six years old when you parents decided on a change of scenery. They both relocated to central London for work and thought that Kingston would be nice place for you to grow up.
“Hi there! You must M/N and D/N.” A red headed women smiled as she walked out of her house. Your new neighbour looked friendly enough. “And you must be little Y/N.” She smiled as she bent down to your level.
“Yes! Hi! So nice to meet you.” Your mother smiled back at her as they made friendly conversation. Your dad was chatting to an average sized man with curly black hair and glasses. You’d learnt that his name was Dom and his wife, Niki had four sons. The oldest, Tom was 8. The twins, Harry and Sam, were 5. Just a few months younger than you, and a baby boy named Paddy.
You quickly became fast friends with all of them, playing different video games and board games whilst Dom and Niki helped your parents move in next door.
When you were 11 and Tom was 13, you’d developed a bit of a crush on Tom. At one point, you’d avoid him at all costs and even wrote ‘Mrs Y/N Holland’ on the back of your bedroom door, covering it with a poster to hide it from everyone. Eventually you’d grown out of your crush and moved on, seeing no real possibility of anything happening.
You had become to the closest to Harry and Sam because of your age similarity and especially Harry because of your interests.
Being an only child, you were glad to get along so well with them and finally felt like you had siblings. Over the years, your families become extremely close, spending holidays and birthdays together, and supporting each other with everything. You’d attend school plays, band performances, and award ceremonies with each other and eventually would watch Dom’s comedy shows with the twins when you turned 18.
It was around this time that Tom had become increasingly more famous and when he was home, you’d help him run lines or give notes on his performance. Eventually, you’d grown apart as he was always so busy travelling the world and you’d missed him greatly but when he was home it was like everything was back to normal.
It was the first time in months that everyone was in London and agreed to go out. The summer weather was still warming up the sky, even at night and you were excited to spend time with everyone.
It was almost 7 o’clock when you’d walked next door to the Holland household. Since it was still warm and you’d be getting very drunk, you’d opted for a light blue denim mini skirt, white platform trainers, and a white strapless crop top. You looked good and you knew it.
Inside, Harry and Sam were making their pre drinks, Grace was scrolling on her phone which meant Harrison was somewhere in the house, and Tom was know where to be seen.
“Oi, Y/N drink this!” Sam said handing you a drink that tasted like pure piss. It was about 80 percent vodka, 20 percent Red Bull.
“Fuckin hell.” You cringed as you gulped down the drink making the twins laugh. You greeted Grace with a hug and then Harrison came down the stairs. “Hey man.” You hugged him.
“Listen, I’m just gonna go to the toilet, and then we’ll go yeah.” You said as you walked up the stairs. Grace and Harrison were giggling about something and the twins were too busy taking selfie’s so you were basically talking to yourself.
You were just about to round the corner when a large, hard, and wet body smacked right into you, sending you to the ground. It was Tom. He’d just come out of the shower and the damp, white towel wrapped around his waist had fallen to the ground, revealing everything to you. Yours and his eyes widened like saucers as he realised what was happening.
“Fuck!” He whispered as he scrambled for the towel to cover himself.
It all happened so fast that by the time you jumped to your feet, he had already sunken off to his bedroom.
You stepped into the bathroom and closed the door, completely in shock. You just saw Toms... everything.
A few minutes later you heard Sam drunkenly yell from down stairs. “Y/N! Let’s fuckin’ go!”
You quickly checked your hair and makeup and walked down the stairs to see everyone waiting on you. Including Tom.
This was gonna be a long night.
The first pub in the list was The Grey Horse. It was close enough to walk so you and the others set out. Harrison and Harry were laughing about something to themselves, Sam was chatting on the phone to his girlfriend about the plans for the night and Tom was just wondering along by himself, seemingly deep in thought.
The pub was fairly empty when you arrived. The band was still setting up doing sound check and their was a small group of guys playing pool.
Everyone order there drinks and walked over to a table except you. You stayed at the bar whilst the bartender poured you and extra shot that you downed immediately.
“You good?” Grace asked beside you, startling you.
“Bathroom. Now.” You said dragging Grace by the arm towards the bathroom.
Tom saw this and figured you were telling her about what happened. Yay. This was the worst.
“What?” Grace asked.
“I saw Tom.” You blurted out with side eyes.
“You saw Tom...?” Grace repeated, not understanding where you were going with this.
Instead saying it and dying of embarrassment, you awkwardly gestured to your nether region with a cringed look on your face.
Graces eyes followed your hands and then widened in realisation.
“No!” She gasped and starting laughing, making you want to crawl into a hole. “How?”
“I ran into him when he came out of the shower and his towel fell off.” You mumbled.
At this point, Grace burst out in laughter.
“Was it big?” She asked, half teasing you. You told about the time you used to like him years ago so she was definitely having fun with this. She’d probably even up telling Harrison later if Tom didn’t.
“Stop!” You cringed, putting your hands over your face.
“Okay, okay, I’m sorry. How did you react?” “He ran off before I could even say sorry.”
“I don’t know what to do.” You mumbled. “This is the worst.”
Grace squinted her eyes at you. “Do you... like him again?”
You were about to say absolutely not but nothing came out. Did you like him again? Did you ever stop liking him? You’d never really thought about recently.
You let out a defeated sigh and nearly collapsed from the embarrassment.
“Oh Y/N.” Grace cooed as she hugged you. “Come on, let’s get drunk and deal with this tomorrow, yeah?”
You walked out of the bathroom and back towards the tables. Grace sat down next to Harrison and you next to her. Tom was sitting directly across from you.
“Where’d you two go?” Harrison asked as the two of you sat down. You looked up clocked eyes with Tom, immediately shooting your head down.
“Just the bathroom.” Grace smiled sweetly.
You eventually ordered drink after drink and then shot after shot, and eventually becoming extremely drunk. You and grace were sat at the table, huddled up together, eating cheese and onion crisps, absolutely wasted.
The boys were up and playing pool so you and Grace could talk freely.
“What am I even meant to say to him? Hey Tom, nice cock?” You slurred your words slightly.
Grace started laughing and so did you. This caught Toms attention. He liked the sound of your laugh.
With Tom being distracted, he didn’t take his shot. “It’s your turn, dickhead!” Harrison laughed. Tom cleared his throat and quickly took his shot, ultimately losing the game as being too distracted the whole time.
“Jeez you suck.” Harry laughed as they put their pool cues down and walked back over to the table.
“What are you two laughing at?” Harrison asked. Toms ears grew hot as he imagined they’d be laughing at him accidentally flashing his pork sword right in Y/N’s face.
“Nothing.” You said awkwardly as you downed the rest of your drink.
The night progressed on and you’d decided on going to the next pub. The Willoughby Arms.
Sam had decided to disappear early as his girlfriend wasn’t very happy. “Listen, if I don’t go now I might not have one tomorrow.” He complained as he necked his beer and ran out the door.
You’d arrived at the Willoughby Arms at almost 11 and the place was close to being packed.
The drinks flowed and pretty soon Harry was chatting up some girl he’d met and it looked like he was keen to leave with her. He whispered something in Harrison’s ear causing Harrison to smirk and then he left with the girl in toe. Not before sending you a cheeky wink for good measure of course.
So it just left you, Grace, Harrison and Tom.
Then Grace had a rather devious idea of her own. She started kissing Harrison’s ear and whispering something. It was kind of grossing you out until you realised what she was doing.
Harrison awkwardly cleared his throat as held Grace close. “Hey listen, we’re gonna head out too.” He said eagerly.
Tom silently cursed and seemed to understand it was just gonna you and him for the remainder of the night.
You subtly grabbed Grace’s wrist and whisper yelled at her. “The fuck is this?” You said wide eyed.
“Have fun.” She replied as she gave you a cheeky smile, walking out the door with Harrison hot on her heal.
You awkwardly turned to Tom and see him already watching you.
“So...” you began, not really knowing what to say. “Another drink?”
In the fifteen years you’d known him, you’d never run out of things to say. You’d always have something to talk about or laugh about and this was definitely painful.
You and Tom ordered shots and made awkward small talk until eventually you both became so drunk that the conversation flowed like it normally would.
“Are you kidding? Spider-Man is not that strong!” You laughed.
“Yes he is! It’s comic facts!” Tom laughed back.
Honestly you didn’t even remember what you’d been talking about but you were glad to be somewhat back to normal with him.
“Alright, last one and than everyone’s out of here.” The bartender said to you as he placed two pints on the bar. You hadn’t even realised how late it had gotten. It was 3:30 am.
After you and Tom downed your pints as fast as possible, you’d decided it was time for kebabs and bed.
You both stumbled down the streets of London, tripping and giggling the whole way there.
“I missed this.” You practically moaned, closing your eyes under the washed out neon lights of the 24 hour kebab shop.
Tom looked at you through tired eyes as you leaned your head against the cold tiles. You looked beautiful, he thought to himself.
“I missed you.” He mumbled, smiling at you. You couldn’t help but laugh. Maybe it was the alcohol, maybe it was the fact that you’d seen more of him than you ever thought you would.
He laughed as well. “Let’s go to sleep.”
You both stumbled up to the front door of Tom’s parents house, nearly breaking several pot plants in the process, and shushed him as you opened the door.
You both tried to keep quiet as you stumbled in and turned to face each other. An overwhelming amount of confidence washed over you and you placed your hands on Tom’s shoulders and planted a firm kiss on his lips.
Tom didn’t really react but you didn’t blame him. It probably felt like kissing his sister.
“That was weird.” You said as you pulled away. Sure, it was weird kissing Tom for the first time but you didn’t hate it.
“Yeah.. it was.” Tom mumbled back, processing the kiss in his mind.
“Well, bedtime!” You beamed, almost awkwardly, stepping away from Tom. You were about the walk to the guest room or Harry’s room to sleep in but felt yourself being pulled into Tom’s bedroom.
Tom kissed you as he tried to kick off his shoes, stumbling around in the process. Once they were off, he was pulling your body into his and weaving a hand through your hair.
You both fell on the bed as Tom kissed your jaw and down your neck.
“This is weird, isn’t it?” Tom asked in between breaths.
“Yeah, of kind.” You almost moaned.
It all happened so fast and the next thing you knew, you were waking up with a pounding headache and some fluffy brown hair tickling your face.
You opened your eyes to the blinding sun coming through the curtains and looked around. Tom’s room?
Oh fuck.
Tom’s bedroom.
Tom’s bed.
You were in Tom’s bed.
By process of elimination, you figured the curly brown hair belonged to Tom.
You awkwardly and as quietly as possible tried to sneak out of the bed and locate your clothes from last night and put them back on
You were too busy trying to lace up your shoes that you didn’t realise Tom had stirred in his sleep and rolled over. You looked up and noticed how peaceful he looked. You almost felt bad for running out like this but then you thought you wouldn’t be caught dead facing the humiliation of this whole situation.
You slipped out of the bedroom and tiptoes down the stairs and into the kitchen as you dialled Grace’s number.
“Mm hello?” She groggily answered the phone, probably having just woken up.
“What the fuck is wrong with you!?” You whispered yelled, trying not to wake anyone in the house.
“You’ll have to be more specific.” Grace giggled. You could tell she had a shit eating smirk on her face.
“What was your plan Huh? Make Tom and I hang out alone and see where that leads us?” You shrieked.
“Well actually, I was just hoping that you’d talk...” Grace paused, “why?”
You thought about not telling her for a second. You thought that maybe you could not tell anyone, dye your hair black and move to another country and forget the only thing. Although you didn’t want to do that. You kind of didn’t really regret what happened last night.
“We slept together.” You mumbled softly. There was long pause on the other end until you heard Grace speak again.
“Oh, my god.” She didn’t even know what to say. Just as you were about to respond, you heard the wooden floorboard creak behind you. You turned around to see a sleepy, shirtless Tom standing at the bottom of the stairs ruffling up his morning hair. Or sex hair. You quickly pressed the hang up bottom and slipped your phone back into your pocket.
“Hey.” He said awkwardly.
“Hi.” You replied back making the silence even more uncomfortable.
“Last night was...” you started.
“Unexpected?” He finished for you.
“Yeah.” You breathed out and stood there awkwardly. Tom gulped and averted his eyes, not really knowing where to look or what to do with his hands.
“You wanna get something to eat?” Tom asked you timidly. In all the years that you’d known Tom, you’d known that he was never one to stay and cuddle with his hookups. Sure, there weren’t that many but over the years, every girl that wasn’t a girlfriend was just a one night stand. He’d certainly never ask them to get breakfast the next morning. Maybe it was because he knew you so well or because maybe somewhere deep down he wanted you to stay with him longer. Either way, relief washed over you. You gave a small and sheepish smile.
“Breakfast sounds good.”
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hollandprkr · 22 hours ago
🤟🏻What are your favourite pictures of Tom, Harry, Sam and Harrison? And how did your love for Tom start😭😩
Hiya!!! so sorry for the late response!
So my love for tom pretty much started at civil war, i remember saying how much he looked like the kid from the impossible 😭 i started watching interviews of him and practically fell in love straight away, i mean how could you not????
Here are some of my favourite pics of the boys!!
Harry :
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Sam :
Tumblr media
Haz :
Tumblr media
and finally, my baby, tom :
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
hes so pretty 🤍
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peeterparkr · a day ago
RED (Tom’s version)| Social Media| ii
social media: after chapter two
social media from chapter two: the lucky one (see this after reading the chapter)
fic masterlist | social media masterlist & profiles
pairing: Tom Holland x Reader
(angst, smut, and fluff)
story summary: you’re reminiscing through your relationship months after the heartbreak and breakup. Wondering if it went wrong from the very start when Tom arrived at New York, and him being a cautionary tale or if the problems came along the way. Perhaps the key to find back your way to him is going back through the nice things before the heartbreak came. Or is it too painful to go all over again?
Y/N is updating her friends on her situation
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
and tweets about that british guy
Tumblr media
and her new york shenanigans
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
the next day she goes to a certain museum
Tumblr media
and encounters someone.... and her friends have some advice
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
meanwhile, Tom receives a text
Tumblr media
and Haz....
Tumblr media
fic masterlist
want to be tagged?(please say it’s for red)
tag list and some friends: @noorrussell @nocturnalms @xxconfettiitsaparade @annathesillyfriend @butterflies-glitter @tomkindholland @the-salty-asian @words-to-accomplish-something @harryhollandsgirlfriend @bibliophilewednesday @tomhollandsbitch8 @boiolay @wizkiddx @spideyssunshine @parkertommy @erodasghosts @onewithnomightypowers @sunflowersandaydreams @tomshufflepuff @uglypastels @lilacsandwhiskey @badhollandfluff @saintlavrents @enilemes @white-wolf1940 @mannien @softholand @youcompletemesk @ughdangs@obiwanownsmyass @sleepingdancer @lonely-sag @n-pg-pw @readheadwriter @parkersroses @petesrparker @watermelonsponge @cherrygoldenn @a-daydreamers-day @marlenetough @mcu-spiderman
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t-lostinworlds · 2 months ago
Torn Leaves, Broken Hearts (Tom Holland)
Tumblr media
A/N: did anyone order some heartache? no? oh, well...anyways. i genuinely did think this idea would be a quick snap and go it is 24 days later lol. i felt quite emotional writing this but i’m a bit unsure if it will be as heartbreaking for others as it was for me a.k.a if i successfully managed to translate the hurt i actually felt into words. lmao is it obvious i’m not too sure about this fic?? anyhow, i hope you guys still enjoy! ++ trying a slightly new format! is the small text difficult to read?? pls lemme know! <3
Tumblr media
》 PAIRING: tom holland x female!reader 》 TROPE/GENRE: established relationship; fluff; angst 》 SUMMARY: most couples fight, you and Tom weren't an exception. It started out as an argument, but when Tom lost control of his temper, he just took it a leap too far. 》 WARNINGS: starts very fluffy, loads of plants & planting, few sexual innuendos, soft!supportive!boyfriend!tom, heated make out (very brief), glimpse of carpenter!tom, argument/fight, angry!tom (not in a hot way), temper tantrum (not in a cute way), talks of golf, use of golf club (not in a good way) [i’m sorry in advance, i love golf!tom i promise], emotional/mental breakdown, heartbreaking angst (will vary per person aha), happy/emotional/resolved ending. 》 WORD COUNT: 18.3k+ (at least 5k she said ha what a lie)
Tumblr media
⊱ ─────.⋅♚ *。・゚.★. *。・゚✫*.
"Darling, I'm home!" Tom announced, placing his golf equipment down by the door to then toeing off his shoes. Treading deeper into the house in his sock-clad feet, his brows furrowed, wondering if you, yourself had arrived from work. "Love, you home?"
Tom found you exactly where you said you were, but he was more surprised with the pop of various colors littered on the countertop. He took in the scent that greeted his nostrils, the whole kitchen smelling sweet, a bit citrusy, but all-around fruity.
"Whatcha doin, beautiful?" Tom murmured as he slotted himself behind you, arms snaking around your waist as he placed a tender kiss on your cheek.
You turned your head to look at him with an adorable pout, making Tom chuckle. Gladly obliging to your request, he leaned in for a kiss with a satisfied hum, heart softening, smile widening at the newfound flavor present on your lips.
You tasted like apples.
After relishing it for a couple of seconds more—pecking your lips playfully until he was satisfied with the giggles you were emitting—Tom pulled away. He rested his chin on your shoulder, loosening his hold around you a little so you could move freely. He gave your waist a light squeeze, signaling you to resume what you were doing before he interrupted.
Tom observed as you cut up an apple carefully, taking out the seeds and placing them in a bowl filled with water right beside the cutting board.
"I stumbled on this video the other day about how it's quite easy to grow plants from the seeds of a fruit, even when it's from the supermarket," you explained, proceeding to remove the apple seeds that were floating above the water. "And I don't know, I guess I just wanted to try it out and see if I could do it, too."
"So that's why you've got the whole fruit section in our kitchen," Tom teased, eyes scanning the few fruits that were present, some already cut up while some were still whole.
There were oranges, lemons, mangoes, avocados, apples, and a huge watermelon. The oranges were already cut in wedges, same with the lemons, too. Their respective seeds were placed in a bowl with a piece of paper underneath, your writing scribbled onto it to indicate which seed was what. It was quite adorable how you had everything organized.
"Shut up. It's just a couple of fruits," you scoffed with a roll of your eyes, playfully nudging his stomach with your elbow. He only laughed in response. After a few seconds of silence, you asked, "How was your day?"
"Pretty great, actually," Tom hummed, placing soft kisses on the side of your neck before he added, "Even better with some apples."
You laughed, nodding as you offered him a slice. Tom took the fruit from your fingers with his lips, never letting his hands go anywhere else but on the warm skin of your stomach as he slipped them under your shirt.
"Had a great round?" you wondered, bringing the same fingers up to your mouth before you suckled off the apple juice that's coated your fingertips. Tom had no clue if you were doing it on purpose, or if you were completely oblivious to the fact that the simple action could turn him on in more ways than he anticipated.
"Yup," Tom said with his mouth full, shifting in his place, swallowing the fruit before he added, "Got a hole in one, too. Wish you were there to see it, though."
Despite not knowing much about golf, never did you fail to show him support with his love for it throughout. Besides that, you were interested in the sport enough to come along whenever you could, Tom teaching you a thing or two every time you're in the course with him. But sometimes, your schedules simply don't coincide given that he does have more free time than you when he's back home.
"I don't need to see to know that you were amazing. Especially with that hole in one," you hummed. You were still focused on your task at hand, but the playfulness was obvious in your tone when you added, "You do have great accuracy, can't deny that."
"Are we still talking about golf?" he murmured, smirk in full play and he didn't need to see it to know that you were rolling your eyes at him. "But, whichever you meant, thank you, darling."
"Love getting your ego stroked sometimes, don't you?"
"No, no, no." Tom shook his head in slight denial. "I do love getting something else stroked though. Especially with those lovely fingers," he drawled against your ear, tracing his fingers up and down your waist in long, slow motions.
"Tom!" you gasped, turning to look at him with a rather stern, almost chastising face when you added, "Are you serious? Right in front of my fruit salad?"
"You're unbelievable," Tom grumbled with a pointed eye-roll at your somewhat, quotation of that meme. You erupted in heaps of laughter in response, the lovely sound tugging the corner of his lips upwards. "Now, what can I do to help? Or would you rather me distract you more with...other things," he hummed, dipping his head to place open-mouth kisses on the exposed skin of your neck. Voice lowering a few octaves, he added, "Because I really do want to distract you with other things."
You giggled softly, your fingers finding their way into his hair as you tilted your head to the side to give him more access. "Well, since you offered," you trailed off, your honey-toned voice making Tom's skin tingle, making him excited. That until you escaped his grasp, pulled a knife from one of the drawers, and pushed the green, striped fruit towards him with a wide smile. "Cut this watermelon up, please? And be careful not to cut too many seeds in half."
Taking the knife from your hands with a shake of his head, Tom sighed in pure amusement, "Yes, ma'am."
Just as he was about to begin cutting the fruit, you made your way behind him. He followed your movements carefully through his peripheral, a low hum escaping his lips when your fingers ran up his chest, your front pressed against his back.
You gave his clothed shoulder a feather-like kiss, moving even closer as you purred, "And then after, I'd like to know more about these other things you were going to distract me with."
"Oh—" Tom's breath hitched, your warm lips finding their way on that specific spot just below his ear, suckling on it gently, earning a low groan from him. "Yes, ma'am."
As the weeks went by, you had been persistent in making sure you were taking great care of the seeds that you stored in various places.
You had the avocado seeds suspended with the use of toothpicks in plastic cups. It was filled with water that covered half the seed, all of them situated by the kitchen backdoor because, 'They need sunlight, but not too harsh sunlight,' was your words.
The others were placed in damp paper towels, stored in respective Ziploc bags which can be found around the kitchen. The watermelon, mango, orange, and lemon seeds were in this cupboard near the oven while the apples were in the fridge. As you explained, some of the seeds like it warm while some like it a bit cooler.
It was genuinely endearing the way you made sure that each seeds' needs were rightfully met. Not to mention, the way you thoroughly kept an eye on them for you not to miss if the water of the avocados were needed changing, or if the paper towels had gotten slightly dry.
Tom could see that you were truly passionate about this newfound hobby of yours, and he was deeply hoping that results would show sooner. He really didn't want to see the heartbreak and disappointment that would cover your face if it was otherwise.
"Tom! Tom!"
"What, what," he rushed, making his way into the kitchen to find you squatted down in front of the apple box—the one he found for you a couple of days ago—where the avocados were now perched, an upgrade from their previous place on the floor.
"Look!" You stood up to your full height, one plastic cup held carefully in your hand as you brought it in his line of sight. "The avocados have cracked!"
"That's amazing, love," Tom hummed, eyes cast on the little split on the avocado for only a second as his gaze quickly landed on that beautiful smile playing on your lips.
"Wait let me check the—'' You rushed to place the avocado back before checking your other group of seeds, a gasp followed by that sweet laugh—one he absolutely loves hearing—echoing around the kitchen as you went over all of them. "Look at their tiny little roots!" you exclaimed as Tom walked over to you, showing him the inside of the Ziploc bag which held a couple of seeds that already had short white roots emerging out of them.
Tom felt his heart melt ten times over, simply seeing that bright, excited smile that adorned your face. Added with the utter joy laced in your tone, it was more than enough to make him be absolutely smitten with you as if he wasn't smitten enough already.
You placed the seeds back to their rightful places, turning to Tom with that smile that never did waver, even in the slightest.
Tom matched your grin, walking closer to you until he was able to wrap his arms around your waist. "You're so adorable you know that?" he gushed, nudging the tip of his nose with yours which made your grin grow shyer but glow brighter. "I love seeing that gorgeous smile of yours."
"I'm just really glad it actually worked," you sighed, leaning closer for a tender yet sweet kiss. Your happiness was exuding out of you, your smile obvious against his lips and his heart could only soar. Tom could feel it wash over him with such warmth that he couldn't stop his own grin from widening by a mile.
"I know, and I'm glad it did too," he hummed, pulling away a few seconds later. Tom cupped your face tenderly with both hands, thumbs running over the corners of your lips that were both upturned. "It makes my heart flutter every time I see you happy, my love."
Tom was sure he had a love-struck smirk on his face the whole time he pushed the cart. He was following you around as you trod down the whole gardening section in the supermarket.
It was quite a lovely sight to see you read each label thoroughly, making sure that you were picking out the right garden soil and pots for your two-month-old seeds. Tom swore he felt his heart leap out of his chest when he saw you be so excited the moment you found those mini shovels you were quick to fall in love with.
Now, you had a little crinkle between your brows, lips pursed as you softly mumbled out the ingredients and nutrients of this compost you were getting. You had your phone in one hand, checking twice if what was written on this sack was good for your newly grown plants.
It was so damn adorable, and he wanted nothing more than to pull you in his arms and kiss the living daylights out of you. He would've already but he didn't want to disturb your cute state, so he decided to just stay back and admire. It wasn't until you spoke did Tom realize that you had already caught him staring.
He blinked before his smile turned softer, head tilted to the side as he breathed out, "Nothing."
"You're bored aren't you?" you asked, a small frown appearing on your lips as you walked over to him with the bag of compost in your hand and placing it in the cart. "Am I taking so long?"
"Of course not, I'm quite enjoying myself actually. I've got a very gorgeous and adorable view," he admitted shamelessly, but your little frown didn't go anywhere. Tom sighed. He took your hand in his, squeezing it reassuringly as he added. "And no, take as much time as you need, love. I adore seeing you be so meticulous when it comes to your plants."
"Really? Is it not too much?" you asked, voice turning shy as you tilted your head at him.
Tom saw the slight insecurity that appeared in your eyes, his brows furrowing at your sudden change in demeanor. "Never, darling," he said with utmost honesty. "Being passionate about something, no matter how mundane it may seem, is never too much. That includes your love for your little plants."
You smiled softly without another word. Instead, your fingers found their way onto his cheek, his touch soft as you leaned closer to press your lips against his.
Tom hummed in satisfaction, grin widening as his heart swelled. He didn't need any more words. He could feel it in your kiss that you were grateful for him. And that itself will always fill him up with joy without fail.
After lunch, you immediately made your way to the yard to get moving with your agenda for the rest of the day: transferring your seeds to their respective pots of soil.
Tom had just gotten off an important call when he decided to take a peek at his girlfriend. Arms crossed over his chest, a smirk plastered all over his face, he leaned against the door frame of the backdoor, eyes trained on the beautiful woman that he's so goddamn lucky he gets to call his.
The sun was high and bright on the clear blue sky, the air warm, tiptoeing to being somewhat hot. It was the perfect time to do a bit of gardening, and of course, you seized the moment at its best. So here you were in the backyard, sitting on this small chair under the blaring sun, a blue bandana on your head in an attempt to keep your hair back.
Tom couldn't stop his grin from growing as he ogled at you for a moment.
You were adorable and hot, not either-or, but both at the same time. You simply wore a dark blue tank top and some denim shorts, skin glistening under the afternoon rays in a way that Tom craved to litter it with kisses laced with praise because damn, you were gorgeous.
But then he caught a glimpse of the pink, flower-printed gardening gloves that covered both your hands, the mini shovel curled in your fingers as you gradually filled up each pot with soil. That cute furrow in your brows was present as you carefully placed the seed in one by one. And his heart could do nothing more but swell at how endearing the image was.
You were making him feel a plethora of emotions, different from one second to the next, and honestly, Tom couldn't complain. It was a whiplash he welcomed wholeheartedly.
With a deep exhale, you brought your forearms to your forehead, wiping away the sweat that coated your skin. It was when Tom decided that he at least had to lend a helping hand rather than just stare at you the whole time. And best believe he could do the latter with no problems at all.
Retreating inside, he took a clean, cotton towel from the closet drawers, moving to the kitchen after to get you a cold glass of water before venturing out into the yard to where you were sitting.
Your head lifted at the sound of his footsteps growing nearer, your smile widening as you locked eyes with him.
"Hey there, gorgeous," Tom hummed, crouching down to be level with you, giving you a quick peck on the lips before handing you the water. After you took a drink, he placed his fingers under your chin, bringing the towel up with his other hand and dabbing away the sweat that kissed your face.
"Thank you," you giggled, scrunching up your nose to which Tom couldn't resist and place a soft kiss there as well. You resumed what you were doing as you gave him back the glass of water. He stood back up his full height, squinting as he looked up at the sky before they landed back on you with a subtle frown on his lips.
"It's not good to stay far too long under the sun, darling," Tom said, moving in his place to use his body as a shield from the bright glare, giving your eyes a break from squinting up at him. You'd been out here for over an hour now. While some sun won't hurt, having too much of it can be quite harmful, same with everything else.
"I'm fine, bub, it's only for today," you said, smile still present and not at all bothered by the scorching rays.
He pursed his lips, tilting his head at you before an idea came to his mind. "You know what, I'll go grab a chair and sit here with an umbrella."
"Too late," he quipped, placing the glass beside you before rushing back inside to find a stool. He then took one of those deep black umbrellas that were kept by the door. He came back out with a grin, situating himself beside you. He opened up the umbrella, angling it rightly to give you some much-needed shade. He draped the towel over his lap, taking the water back in his hands and sat there proudly. You merely flashed him a pout. Tom chuckled, "I enjoy watching you work. So, I'll be your gardening assistant for today, ma'am."
You looked at him with a frown, eyes holding that same insecurity again, the one that glowed briefly back in the supermarket.
"Thank you for putting up with me," you breathed out, gesturing towards your pots before adding, "And this."
"Nothing to thank me for since I'm not putting up with anything," Tom said, thumb reaching over to wipe away the speckle of dirt on your cheek and the tip of your nose. His palm then cupped your face, eyes locked with yours for you to see his sincerity. "Trust me when I say, seeing you be so excited over something you're passionate about and seeing you be so happy, it's greatly rewarding on my part, too."
And Tom meant every word, even when sometimes you almost gave him a heart attack...
The sharp shrill of your voice had Tom up on his feet in no time. He rushed out to the backyard, sheer worry written on his face until he found you standing in front of your plants, completely and utterly fine.
"A tiny sprout just came out," you said with a wide grin, pointing at the pot that was right in front of you.
"Fucking hell—you need to stop screaming so suddenly, love," he breathed out, his palm right over his heart as he shook his head at you. "I thought you had an accident or something," he explained, walking closer to where you were standing.
"I'm sorry," you said sheepishly, reaching for him with an open palm to which he gladly slipped his hand in. "There's a little sprout on the pot," you repeated, this time, in a whisper which made him shake his head with a chuckle. Giving you a quick peck on the lips, he cast his eyes on the pot you were pointing at.
"Wow, would you look at that," he said, catching sight of the littlest sprout that emerged out of the soil. Tom pulled you in his embrace, love-filled eyes locking with yours. "You're amazing, you know that? And I'm so proud of you, darling."
...or even when it interrupted the mood for a bit.
Tom groaned lowly as you pressed yourself down, legs on either side of him as you sat on his lap, grinding on him slowly but lusciously. His hands gripped your waist tightly, his hips meeting your movements as he rested his head against the back of the couch, giving your fervent lips more access to leave as many marks as you pleased over his stretched-out neck.
He pushed his hands upwards, your shirt bunching around his wrist as he teasingly ran his thumbs just below the swell of your bare breast. You let out a soft whine, Tom responding with a low chuckle at your utmost neediness.
Just as he was about to pull the shirt over your head, the sky rumbled, the harsh pitter-patter of heavy raindrops hitting the roof following soon after.
You immediately pulled away from him with wide eyes, not giving Tom even a second to recollect himself when you so suddenly got off him, ran towards the backdoor, and made your way out.
"Love, wait!" He attempted to follow until you held up a palm to stop him. You continued your way down the backyard to where your plants were located. Running a hand through his hair, Tom called out, "You should've brought an umbrella, darling!"
"It's okay! You stay there! I've got this!" you yelled over the heavy rain. Your body was getting soaked with each ticking second as you hurriedly yet carefully pulled the tarp you had at the ready—in case something like this happened—over your rows of seedlings.
He shook his head with a sigh, running to your shared bedroom to get you some towels. When he got back, you were already by the open door, teeth chattering, arms wrapped around your body in a poor attempt to keep yourself warm.
Tom looked at you disapprovingly, wrapping one towel around your shaking form before pulling you back inside.
"T-They we're g-going to drown if I left them o-out too long u-under the r-rain," you reasoned, merely flashing him a cute but guilty pout.
"I honestly don't know if I should scold you right now, or kiss the living daylights out of that adorable face," he grumbled, putting another towel over your wet hair. "Come on. Let's get you dried up before you catch a cold."
"I think I need to take a hot shower," you said, pecking his lips as a form of 'thank you' before you trod down the hall. Before you could disappear, you stopped and looked at him over your shoulder, a sly smile appearing on your lips as you added, "You can join, if you want."
Tom grinned at that. "Don't mind if I do," he drawled, your squeals and laughs bouncing off the walls as he ran after you.
You weren't sure if the bright glare of the morning sun was what woke you up, or if it was the constant hammer banging on wood, which you assumed was coming from your backyard.
A sigh escaped you, matched with an eye roll as your gaze landed on the unclosed curtain by Tom's side of the room. Your man had always been unable to close the curtains without a bit of a reminder, so if you so happened to forget to do so, best believe it stays open.
It's an ongoing habit of his, one that's partly annoying, partly endearing. Annoying because most of the time, you find yourself waking up a little too early than you're supposed to. Endearing because, well, solely because of the cute pout and puppy eyes you're met the second you stir awake and turn to Tom with a knowing look.
Speaking of, you checked the time on your phone, you furrowed your brows at the empty spot beside you. It merely just reached 8 AM, yet your man was already nowhere to be found. It made you a little concerned. That until the hammering continued again, and if you weren't sure before, you were now. It definitely was coming from your backyard.
Curious, you went downstairs to see what the commotion was about, and you were more than glad to catch him right on the act, doing this thing he did on a rarity whenever he had some free time.
Tom was shirtless, let's start there. He had his white t-shirt tucked in the waistband of basketball shorts, the fabric swishing behind him with each movement he made. Said shorts were hanging a little too low at his hips, but you weren't at all complaining. It was giving you a nice glimpse of his V-line, one you'll never get used to seeing no matter what. A cap put on backwards sat atop his head, hiding those unruly curls you've grown to adore and more. There was a pencil placed between his lips, his brows furrowed in concentration as he hammered down the nail into the wooden board, biceps flexing with purpose every time he did so.
Oh, what a sight for sore eyes seeing your man in action. It was one gorgeous view to see first thing this fine morning. You love seeing Tom put his carpentry skills to use, it's quite endearing and hot at the same time.
"I was wondering where you went this early," you said as you walked over to him. Tom so suddenly scrambled to his feet, a look of pure surprise crossing his face which only made you furrow your brows at him. Not thinking much of it, you asked, "Have you eaten yet, bub?"
"Yeah, I had cereal. And I started early because well..." Tom trailed off, pout in full play as he moved to the side. "I wanted to surprise you."
"With what?" You looked behind him. Too busy ogling at your man—honestly, you couldn't blame yourself—you finally caught sight of what he was busy with. As realization slowly filled your brain, your heart stopped. "Is that—"
"Mhmm, your state-of-the-art, very original, made with love of the highest quality, plant rack or plant display, whatever you want to call it," Tom answered proudly, hand out for you to take to which you gladly did.
"I—how, why?" you stammered, looking at him, then at his project, and then back at him with nothing but utter amazement on your face.
Tom shrugged with a chuckle, him kissing the tip of your nose before he hummed, "I wanted to build them a proper place of their own."
He pulled you closer to his side, wrapping an arm around your waist as he gestured around his project with the hammer he had on his other hand. "I made it staircase-style so that you can see each plant on display, and that nothing gets overshadowed when their leaves start to grow bigger." When he gestured to the side, you caught sight of more wood along with what seemed to be a clear roof. "The guy at the hardware store suggested I get this transparent roof so that they're still getting some sun but it won't be too much whenever it gets hot out," Tom confirmed your thoughts.
You felt your heart burst at the seams, tears prickling in your eyes as you looked at Tom with nothing but utmost gratitude and adoration all over your features.
"Aww, darling, don't cry," he cooed, carefully dropping the hammer before he pulled you into his embrace, kissing your temple softly. You wrapped your arms around his waist with a shaky breath, nuzzling your face on the crook of his neck as you basked in his warmth.
There had been a lingering thought in the back of your head that maybe he'd find it silly and stupid the way you were fussing about plants now. Even you, yourself had your doubts, thinking that maybe it was mundane and maybe it was best to find "better" stuff to do. But his constant show of support, his never-ending encouragement and praise were quick to shut those thoughts down.
And he's right, no matter how mundane planting may seem, you love and enjoy it, you're passionate about it, and that's the most important thing to remember, the only thing you need to keep it going.
Still, seeing Tom put in the effort so he could show you the best of his support filled your heart with gratitude, melted every fiber of your being into a puddle of wonderful emotions from love, gratification, and joy.
"You know you didn't have to," you said once you pulled away, pouting at him as you tried your best to keep your tears at bay.
"I know, but I wanted to," he hummed, pecking your lips swiftly before flashing you a bright grin. "At least your little plants have their own little home, and so next time, you don't have to worry when it suddenly rains or if they’re getting too harsh sun."
"No more running out into the rain, gotcha," you teased with a giggle.
"Still a little mad with you about that by the way, missy," Tom scolded playfully with a raise of his brow. You only flashed him an innocent smile, kissing his lips a couple of times until he was grinning widely. And oh how much you love seeing that handsome face glow. Squeezing your waist, he added, "Also, this is temporary until the greenhouse kit I ordered will arrive in the next few months. They were out of stock so I decided on the next best thing."
You swear your heart couldn't grow any bigger, but it did.
"Have I told you how much of an amazing boyfriend you are?" you marveled, cupping his face delicately, thumb stroking the sun-kissed skin of his cheek in pure adoration.
"Would like to hear it more often though," he joked, turning his head to kiss your palm before he leaned into your touch like an adorable puppy. "Or you could kiss me more to drill it in my brain."
You couldn't help but roll your eyes, but gave in to his request anyway. A soft chuckle escaped him as you pressed your lips against his, your arms finding their way on his broad shoulders to pull him close.
"Thank you," you whispered between the kiss, nothing but sheer appreciation laced in your tone.
"Of course, love, anything for my girl," Tom hummed, leaving a couple more loving pecks before pulling away. Glancing at his ongoing project, he added, "It's not quite done yet though."
"Oh, go on then. Don't let me hold you off," you said, smile widening with much enthusiasm. "I'll go grab some breakfast, sit here and ogle at you, Mr. Carpenter," you purred with no shame at all, sliding your hands down his biceps and giving it an admiring squeeze.
Tom chuckled, shaking his head at you with a playful eye roll. Yet he squeezed your waist pointedly, eyeing you with a certain glow in his brown orbs that were now faintly a shade darker. It made you wonder if it was a warning to not be such a distraction or an invitation to add more distractions. Before he could make another move though, your stomach grumbled, his laugh ringing in the air once he heard. With that, you pulled away from his grasp, pecking the corner of his lips one more time before you retreated into the house.
"Can you get me some water please, darling? Thank you!" he called out, you throwing a thumbs up in the air in response. Right as you slid open the backdoor, he spoke again, and you could just hear his smug smirk when he added, "Oh, and grab some tissues for your drool!"
"Don't get too cocky, Holland!
You were watering the plants this late afternoon, just coming down from work when you suddenly felt strong arms snaking around your waist, making you jump with a small squeak.
"Goodness, Tom," you breathed out once that familiar scent of his cologne hit your nostrils, your head turning to shoot him a small glare.
"I'm sorry, I'm sorry," he chuckled, placing tender kisses on your cheek and shoulder. "Shouldn't have sneaked in on you like that."
You turned to look at him, inviting his soft lips against yours. A kiss, a silent way of welcoming him home after a whole day filled with busy escapades. You turned back to your task at hand a few moments after.
"I didn't hear you arrive," you said.
Tom snuggled closer, his warmth engulfing you in an instant, never failing to make the butterflies in your stomach flutter. "Yeah, because you've been very busy taking care of your little plant-lings," he murmured against your shoulder. "Look how big they've grown, love. You should be proud of yourself. You did that!" Tom gushed, squeezing you with much enthusiasm, and when you met his eyes, the very same emotion glowed in his brown orbs, grin wide with pride. Your heart could do nothing more but melt at the seams.
"Not just me," you started, turning the hose off before facing Tom fully, wrapping your arms around him with utmost fondness in your eyes. "You helped."
"I just built their little house. Maybe became your assistant and muscle for a bit," he chuckled, hands resting on the small of your back as he nudged the tip of his nose with yours. "But your love and care are what made them grow."
You pouted at his words before closing the distance between you two, your lips on his as a way to tell him how much you appreciate him, in more ways than he could begin to understand. Tom smiled during the kiss, and it was your way of knowing that he did understand, that he felt what you were trying to say but the words couldn't seem to justify.
Once you pulled away, you settled into his embrace, cheek pressed on his chest as you let out a soft breath. Your eyes scanned the display in front of you, a smile tugging at your lips at the wonderful teamwork that you and Tom had managed to conjure. A simple yet beautiful thing, it was. Everything looked complete, like it belonged, his work with their house—which he chose to refer—and your ever-growing plants, a perfect match.
The seedlings were about three months old now, and you couldn't be any prouder of how great things turned out. To see them gradually grow taller with the passing days, with each leaf that would bloom, it was nothing short of rewarding, a certain warmth spreading in your chest, and as Tom had said, the love and care.
"It feels like they're my babies," you muttered. Catching yourself, you pulled away from his chest, looking at him with slight apprehension. "Is that stupid?"
"Never stupid, because in a way, they are," Tom hummed, thumb coming up to smooth over the crease between your brows before his palm cupped your cheek sweetly. "You did bring, or rather, grow them into this world."
There was a moment of silence that hung over you both, just staring at each other with much comfort and love. But you could see that the gears in Tom's head were turning as if he was contemplating something. Yet before you could get the chance to ask him about it, he spoke again,
"You know, watching you through the whole process, to see all the thought and precision you put in making sure that you're taking care of them well and that all their needs a rightly met, the love and care that you poured into your seeds, to then see how big they've grown now, healthy—and dare I say it—happy, it makes me wonder..." Tom trailed off, the smile on his lips gradually turning brighter as he held your gaze. It was faint, but you saw the slight nervousness in his touch as he wrapped both his arms around you securely.
"About what?" you asked.
"About how you'd be the greatest mother to our children someday," he answered, voice soft but honest, eyes set deep into your own as he gave your waist a gentle, loving squeeze.
"Stop," you whined as you quickly hid your face on the crook of his neck, the warmth starting from your cheeks and spreading across the whole expanse of your heart.
In the two and a half years you've been together, the idea was never brought up. There were the teasing jokes from friends, but you and Tom had never sat down and actually spoken about anything regarding the years to come. Yet to hear him say it now, a confirmation that he had been thinking about a future with you in it, it was filling you up with all sorts of emotions.
"What?" Tom chuckled softly, almost shyly before he pried you off of him gently. You met his gaze, swiftly turning teary-eyed when you saw it clear in his brown orbs, how he wasn't at all playing with his words. "I mean it, love. You'd take great care of our babies in our future," he gushed, nothing but sincerity glowing in his eyes. You tilted your head at him with a pout, tears already threatening to spill as you admired the man before you, your man.
The already soft blush on his cheeks grew deeper as Tom nudged his nose against yours. A shy smile played on his lips as he asked, "If you'd want to, of course, you know, with me?"
You couldn't stop the giggle from escaping you. "I do want to, with you, of course," you confirmed, palm cupping his face as you ran your thumb over the red-stained apples of his cheeks. "All of it, in our future," you clarified, the words rolling off your tongue so nicely that it made you want to say it over and over again.
Tom laughed at that, the beautiful, hearty sound stringing along with the breeze as he nodded. You knew he understood completely what you meant. It was written all over his face. With a soft breath, he rested his forehead against yours with a loving glow in his eyes. Your heart skipped a few beats as he leaned in for another kiss, soft, sweet, and one that was interwoven with a sense of promise. It was somewhat a silent way for you both to seal the deal.
You kissed him back with the same intention, with as much undying passion to let him know that you mean it too, a future with him.
These little yet sweet moments with Tom are ones you'll always cherish, the ones that are kept in these rolls of film inside your head. The sweet, mundane memories you can easily put on repeat, easy to tap into. A growing collection, with more being added as your love for him continues to flourish.
But with any normal relationship, it isn't always sunshine and blue skies.
Other times it's rainy, cloudy and gray, storms sometimes inescapable, unpredictable. Just how there are sweet, wholesome, wonderful days, there are also the aching bad days.
This time, nothing could've ever prepared you for the worst.
You and Tom have this little thing where you spend the whole night together every Friday if he's home. It's your way of winding down after a busy week. There are certain exceptions of course, when there are more pressing matters at hand. But if that is the case, the one with another agenda will always make sure to give the other a heads up.
But tonight, you received nothing but radio silence from him the whole day.
This week had been one of the worst, and you'd just been trying to make it day by day up to the weekend. You were looking forward to tonight, to finally spend some much-needed time with Tom since he'd been quite busy this week as well. Your time together had been limited to crashing into bed the second the other gets home to hurried kisses in the morning when you slept in for too long.
Now that you were given the opportunity to have each other all to yourselves, but to have him gone for the whole day, all the while hearing absolutely nothing as to where he was, it was adding more to your already heavy heart.
You were sitting on the couch crossed-legged, a blanket covering your lower half as you hugged one of the pillows, gaze set blankly on the TV screen. Tears were already brimming in your eyes when you heard the front door open and then close rather loudly. You took in a shaky breath, blinking rapidly in a poor attempt to compose yourself.
It wasn't full-on dread, but you had no idea how this night was going to end. And with the way Tom dropped his things with such harshness, it could only make your anxiety grow.
"Where were you?" you asked as softly as you could. Yet the shakiness was obvious in your tone and you cursed yourself silently for it.
Barely even glancing your way, Tom went straight towards the kitchen. He came back to the living room with a bottle of beer on hand. His hair was in disarray, face slightly flustered with the deep crease present in between his brows, all signs pointing towards the fact that he wasn't in the best of moods.
"Sorry. I had to go for another round because I needed to be decent in at least one," he casually apologized yet there was no ounce of remorse in his voice whatsoever. That was when you knew he had no clue as to what he missed or how heavy your heart was getting.
His reason stung more than you'd expected it to. You would've been more understanding if he was caught up in something out of his control. But finding out that it was his choice to be gone for the day, it wasn't exactly the best feeling altogether. You know it was far from the truth, but it was making you feel less important to him. And your self-deprecating thoughts after this week had been outright unforgiving.
"Well, you missed it," you breathed out, gesturing towards the screen where the end credit of some classic rom-com was already rolling.
It was a channel you and him found long ago, and they show classic films at the same time every Friday. It became a part of your little thing, just you and him cuddling on the couch, watching the movie with whatever takeaway you were in the mood for that night.
It was still the same now, except, it was only you with the pizza, alone, cold, and untouched.
"Shit, what day is it today?" Tom grumbled, rubbing his palm over his face before finally sparing you a glance. Tiredness was obvious in his eyes, but you couldn't hold his gaze for much longer without the hurt clawing deeper into your chest.
He could always pretend to care, but you know him. With one look in his eyes, you could see how much he wasn't bothered by this as much as you were. It was something forgettable to him, and when it meant a lot to you, especially after one hell of a week, his carelessness was hurting you more than your already beaten heart could handle.
"Friday," you croaked, hugging the pillow tighter before clearing your throat. "Since you like to turn your phone off while playing, I guess you didn't read any of my messages asking if you'd make it or not."
Maybe it was the awful days that'd been piled up on your shoulders, or the tone of absolute disregard in his voice, but you felt your resolve slowly diminish. You were going to give him the benefit of the doubt, understand him and maybe, give into his reason. But the way he was acting with an attitude fully uncalled for, that option now seemed unattainable.
"I really needed this, I really needed you," you whispered, fingernails digging into the cushion as you gripped it tighter. It was helping in keeping yourself together in a way, but barely. "It's been a horrible week—"
"And I've had a horrible day, what makes you special?" he scoffed, emptying his bottle of beer before placing it with a loud clunk on the coffee table.
More tears gathered in your eyes as you stared at him in shock. Tom saw this, but what hurt most was the immediate way he brushed it off.
He pinched the bridge of his nose, eyes screwed shut before letting out a harsh breath. "Alright, fine. I'll just make it up to you next Friday," he said offhandedly, throwing out an empty promise for the sake of it.
"You really don't see it, do you?" you said, voice strained with hurt.
Tom missing this Friday night wasn't the biggest deal anymore, it was the way he was acting so insolent about the whole situation. It was painful how easily he was disregarding his snide comments as if they weren't hurtful. Add that to him acting like tonight was an easy solution by throwing some option of making it up to you, an option that he wasn't even sincere about, it could only add to the already growing pile that was tying—no, dragging you down.
Tom's nonchalant attitude about the whole thing was making you feel ridiculous about every emotion that was bubbling inside you. As if they weren't valid, as if you weren't drowning and in need of a gasp of air, as if you weren't hanging onto the ledge of the cliff, scared to fall into your demise. And right now with how he was acting, it felt like Tom was simply watching your fingers slip off, slowly, dreadfully, one by one.
"I can't be bothered to do this right now," he grumbled, palm rubbing over his face harshly as he turned to walk away.
You sighed in exasperation, "Do what exactly?"
"I'm so fucking tired. So please just save being a pain in the ass tomorrow," he all but sneered, glare sharp as he cast it in your direction.
Your heart stung, but you willed yourself to keep it together, lips pressed tightly into a thin line to stop them from trembling. With a sharp breath, you stood up to your full height, arms crossed over your chest. You had enough self-respect left to not let him walk all over you when he felt like it, even when he was angry.
"You know what, you're hearing it," you started, gaze holding his steadily in an attempt to stand your ground. "You have no right to treat me like this when I've done nothing to you."
"What do you fucking want from me?" Tom snarled.
No matter how simple, his words were coated with such vulgarity that you couldn't stop the tear that managed to slip. The smallest ounce of strength that remained in you diminished at the spite that poisoned his tone.
You found yourself shrinking under his gaze, voice starting to tremble as you spoke, "Is it too much for me to ask just a bit of support from you when I need it most?" Sniffling, you took a deep breath, knowing that the words probably wouldn't make much sense to him without context. And judging by the way he quickly shut you down when you barely even started to explain, you weren't going to get stomped the second time around. "Or maybe stop acting so cruel and try to understand where I'm coming from with this?"
"I said I was sorry," he retorted as if his apology was anywhere near sincere.
"But you're not, Tom," you breathed out. "You're just saying that to avoid confrontation."
"Oh shit! You caught me!" he laughed sarcastically. "Yes, I just want this to be over with so I can go to sleep, so I'm fucking sorry," he mocked, bowing down tauntingly as if his words didn't bring enough hurt already.
You'd seen Tom frustrated before, extremely angry even, but most of the time, you weren't the reason nor was it aimed at you. If it was, it was never like this, not with too much hatred as if you'd done something so awful that warrants this kind of treatment.
As far as you're concerned, you did absolutely nothing to cause him to suddenly act like this.
"Why are you being such an asshole?" you croaked, bottom lip trembling as your tears ran down your cheeks, one replacing the other quickly with each passing second. You hugged yourself tightly, fingernails digging into your skin but you welcomed it. The sharpness helped ground you in reality, stopping you from succumbing to the damaging thoughts that were making everything much worse.
You feel awful with the sinister twists your head was making, forcedly pointing the arrow towards your direction. It was making it seem that you were in the wrong, that this was your fault, and that you deserved this. It was a fight you were slowly but frightfully losing. But you were at a point of only wishing that Tom would stop since words didn't suffice anymore. It was probably obvious in your eyes, much more all over your face, a look of utter desperation for him to cease fire before more harm can be done.
But he kept going.
"I'm not in the mood right now so get off my fucking back, yeah?" Tom reasoned blatantly, hand running through his hair before glaring at your direction. "Take a hint?"
"Because that excuses your behavior?" you asked, somewhat, pleading for any sort of reason to make it make sense, just something to make you understand why he was acting so hostile towards you.
But Tom merely rolled his eyes with a loud scoff as he started to walk away again.
You didn't know if it was the frustration that was boiling within, or the mere desperation to make him see that his actions weren't easily inexcusable because he was 'not in the mood,' but with a tired, trembling voice, you called out,
"It's not fair for you to treat me like shit just because you lost some stupid game!"
Something in him snapped. You saw it when he immediately stopped in his tracks, his hands balling into fists at his sides as his chest heaved. He turned around swiftly, eyes set on you with a different glow this time. It made your stomach churn, but not in a good way.
"Stupid game?" Tom growled, taking strides until he was close enough that you could practically feel the heat that radiated off of him. "What, am I not allowed to be upset because I lost some stupid game?"
You know that Tom would never lay a hand on you, but with the intense anger that covered his eyes, one that tainted those brown orbs that made him look like he wasn't himself, you found yourself taking a few steps back.
"I didn't say that," you stressed, brows deeply furrowed, palms wiping away your tears harshly before you wrapped your arms around yourself. You were unsure if it was to keep yourself together, or an instinctive attempt of shielding. "What I meant was that it's not fair for you to act like this and aim your anger at me when I've done nothing wrong to you."
"Of course you don't get it," he scoffed, throwing his hands up before he started to pace, and it was obvious in his movements that he was way past the point of listening. "You don't fucking care about golf as much as I do. Fuck! Even calling it a game? A game when it's a fucking sport? You're not even trying to hide just how much you will never fucking understand why I'm upset right now," he snarled, sharply jabbing a finger towards your direction.
"Stop putting words in my mouth, Tom," you said in utter frustration, nails digging into your palms as you held your arms at your sides.
Of course, you understood. You know how passionate he gets with golf, and when things don't turn out in the way that he hoped, he has every right to be upset. It wasn't the first time he came home after an awful round and he was always a bit gloomy whenever he did. But never like this, and never at you.
That was what you didn't understand, him aiming his anger at you when you had nothing to do with his loss. What you didn't understand was what could have possibly made him think that he had the right to take out his frustration on you in such a demeaning way.
But no matter how much you tried to get an explanation, you knew it was already a lost cause. Because when Tom gets hot-headed, it's even more difficult to get through to him.
"I'm just telling you what I'm hearing, Y/N," he fumed through gritted teeth, his face flushed as he shot you a glare. "You're saying it's stupid for me to be upset over a game."
"When did I ever say that Tom?" you tried again anyway, pleading that he would snap out of it for just a second so he could see how much he was hurting you right now. But no, you only saw his eyes grow darker with fury, and before you could even begin to comprehend what was about to happen, Tom turned on his heel as he seethed,
"You know what? I'll make you understand just how it feels to lose something you care about."
"What do you—" you stopped yourself as watched him stomp towards the front door and practically yank his golf club out of his bag. You felt your heartbeat quicken, hands shaking. He didn't even bother giving you a second look as he went straight towards the backdoor.
"Tom!" You followed him as quickly as your trembling feet could muster, vision blurring, lungs gasping. You saw his figure reach your plants and you swore your heart stopped, your head already drawing an atrocious conclusion as to what he was about to do. You begged for your mind to be wrong, desperately hoped for it to be something else, but denial can do nothing more but prolong an imminent pain.
"T-Tom, stop, please!" you cried out and no matter how hard you tried to get your feet to move faster, to get in front of him to stop him, it was all but a second too late the moment he drew his club back. "Tom, no!"
The very first crack that hit your ears made that last finger slip as you fell off the ledge.
Falling deeper and deeper into a dark, bottomless pit, or may it be only your soul as your body remained, standing frozen, unmoving, somewhat lifeless. You were unable to make a single sound as you merely watched in horror as everything got destroyed right before your eyes.
In that moment, you lost hold of yourself.
Yet for Tom, all his sensible thoughts were thrown out the window the second he felt his club collide against something with a piercing crack.
Most of what he heard was the constant ringing in his ears, other sounds turning muffled as he took one swing, after another, and another. He was kicking at everything he could, hitting, screaming, his frustration exploding into chaos after a whole day of bottling it in.
Don't take your anger out on the course.
It was faint, but he could hear the sound of something breaking, one after the other. A part of him was saying this wasn't right, that he needed to stop. But it was merely a hushed whisper, overpowered by the angry voice screaming to keep going because it felt good. Tom felt better as the boiling rage inside him flowed through his club and then releasing into a puff of smoke with each swing, each blow he took. His emotions were overriding his judgment that he was unable to even take a breath, take a second to question his actions.
At that moment, Tom simply let that harsh side of him take the reins.
"Now these are stupid!" he barked, swinging with all his strength as he hit one that went toppling over. "What's the fucking point?!"
He stomped at the ground, the feeling of something getting crushed under his shoes somewhat cathartic in a wicked way. "Bloody idiot!" he yelled as he took another swing, club going straight through something fragile, an easy hit with a soft whoosh, but he felt better, lighter once it did so. "Can't aim in the right fucking direction," he growled.
Maybe it was a minute, maybe even five, but Tom wasn't conscious as to how long he'd been trashing the scene. All he recognized was the burning sensation on his skin, heart pumping at a pace that his lungs were having a difficult time keeping up.
"Fucking wind! Just had to land in the bloody sand!"
One, two, four more swings, a slight sting seeping into his palm at how tight he was holding the grip. He could feel the line of sweat that was forming on his crown, the deep crease between his brows never smoothing out, the scowl he wore unwavering.
"Fucking stupid!" Tom screamed at the top of his lungs, swinging one last time, the sound of his club hitting wood echoing into the air.
Then everything stopped, the cold night filled with eerie silence aside from his heavy breathing. He gripped his hair as he screwed his eyes shut. His whole body shook as he took a deep breath. Just as he let out a long sigh, a voice spoke. It was faint that the wind would've easily carried it away, but Tom was aware enough for him to recognize it. Only this time, it was trembling, broken.
"You killed them."
The second Tom opened his eyes and looked at the direction of the voice, he saw nothing but utter betrayal and hurt, drawn with pain-filled tears over your once joyful features.
He felt his anger leave him in a snap, his eyes catching sight of the absolute havoc he caused.
Everything was destroyed.
A mess that it was close to impossible to know which stem, root, or leaves were once together. It was difficult to decipher now which plant was what, the little banners you created now thrown elsewhere, scattered around the floor, on the grass, on the wood, your precious handwriting now covered in dirt. Pots were everywhere, in pieces, halves, broken. Patches to sprinkles of soil now tainted the once fresh grass, more of it covering parts of the wood where the plants used to stand.
Some stems were split in half, others desperately trying to stay in one piece. Most were on the ground with the leaves crushed, a faint indent of the sole of Tom's shoes present in some of them. A few pots remained on the display yet were now toppled over, dirt spilling out, plants completely dismantled, the roots gripping at some of the soil as if they were hanging onto the little bit of life they had left. The whole scene was littered with green leaves, all shredded, torn to pieces.
Tom's gaze fell on his hands. His driver was slightly bent, head covered in dirt, the club lodged tightly into his hold and that was the only and enough indication that this was all his doing.
"Fuck, what have I done?" he breathed out, stumbling back in utter shock. He looked up to search for your eyes only to find you already sprinting back inside the house at full speed. "Y/N, wait!"
He followed you as quickly as he could, dread creeping into his skin as the image of pain, the utter anguish, and grief—on your features, in your eyes—burned itself on his brain. Tom reached your shared bedroom only to find you on the floor, knees to your chest as your heart-wrenching sobs filled his ears.
"Darling," Tom whispered, trying to move closer, but the second you heard his single step, you scrambled back with a broken whimper.
"N-No, no p-lease, s-stop," you trembled, palms pressing over your ears as you shook your head hastily, eyes screwed shut with the endless tears tainting your cheeks. Tom wanted to hold you, to apologize profusely and desperately try to take your pain away as much as he could. But when he took another step, it was like you were hyperaware of his presence since you immediately pushed yourself farther from him, your back hitting the foot of the bed hard as you let out an excruciating sob. "Get away from me! Please, I d-don't want to get hurt anymore, p-please, stop!"
Tom felt his heart shatter at the sound of your frightened voice, his head pounding once he saw the scene before him.
He still had his driver in his hand, his body looming over your trembling form, desperate and broken cries escaping your lips as you hugged yourself as if you were trying to protect yourself. And fuck, you looked absolutely terrified.
Terrified of him.
The golf club tumbled on the floor as Tom fell to his knees with an unsteady breath. He stared at his hands, his mind running at a fast pace just as his heart was.
What have I done?
His gaze landed on you, and to see you in agonizing distress, body shaking in fear, Tom crumbled. Tears blurred his vision, a lump caught in his throat as he struggled to catch his breath.
"D-Darling, I would never—" he croaked, hands limply falling to his sides as he stared at you desperately. "I would never hurt you."
You frantically shook your head as a whimper escaped your lips. He probably wouldn't have heard it if his attention wasn't solely focused on you. Yet he did, he heard it loud and clear, the sound of betrayal, the heartbreak, the absolute pain in your voice,
"But you just did."
Tom felt a tear slip past his eyes because there was nothing but the truth in the words that you spoke.
He hurt you.
He hurt you in one of the most painful ways possible, by hitting where it would leave a dark bruise, one that would take time to truly heal. He hurt you where it would harshly sting, where it would cause so much damage by destroying something you love.
"Y/N, I—"
"P-Please go a-away," you pleaded. Tom felt sharp claws grab his heart in a vice grip, his bottom lip caught between his teeth to stop the sob from escaping him. He didn't want to leave you, he wanted to pull you in his arms and prove to you he meant no harm. But when Tom didn't budge, you didn't miss a second to try again, still trembling, scared, "I just w-want to be left alone, p-please."
Defeated, Tom nodded as he pushed himself off the floor with a shaky breath.
The club felt heavier in his hand when he took it back. It felt familiar, but at the same time, quite foreign. Before it was something that filled him with pride, made him reminisce all the best shots he'd taken with it. But was stained, an object that filled him with dread, a weapon used to cause such heartbreaking destruction.
He turned to you once he stood in his full height, mouth parting to try again but decided against it when he saw you hug yourself tighter. Tom walked out of the room with a deflated sigh, feet dragging against the hardwood floor as he ran his fingers through his hair in frustration. He didn't even notice that you stood up as well, not until the door slammed shut behind him, the sudden sound, making Tom wince. A sharp breath escaped him when he heard the click of the lock, turning around with a deep frown only to be met by the white-painted wood.
"Darling, I'm sorry," Tom croaked, pressing his forehead against the surface in a desperate hope that you'd be able to hear him, voice trembling despite trying his best to seize control of his emotions. But who was he kidding, he'd been god-awful with that the whole night. "I'm so so sorry."
He was met by profound silence, one that he knew was unchanging, and one that Tom rightfully deserved to receive. Uttered apologies after his whole perfidious act were inadequate, no matter how sincere. Tonight, his words were merely speckles of dust compared to his actions beforehand, actions that were huge boulders that already made damaging, lasting indents.
Reaching a standstill, mind blank as to what more he could do, Tom sat on the floor, right beside the doorway. He let go of the club with a shaky breath, head falling in his hands in nothing but shame.
Everything of tonight replayed before his eyelids, but this time, without the anger fogging up his lenses.
That was when Tom saw just how much he fucked things up.
The pained looks you gave him, the utter desperation in your eyes, the pure hurt that strained your voice, they were now starting to haunt Tom as he recalled little by little the unpleasant things he'd done. You were silently begging him to stop, it was so clear in your eyes now that he was watching the rerun. But it was too late because, during the moment, he failed to see past his clouded vision and kept going.
All you did was ask him to understand—hell, you were simply just asking him to be there for you because you needed him. The fact that he wasn't able to give it to you was bad enough, but then he responded with nothing more but snide and horrible comments, actions hostile because what? He had awful rounds? That he was in a bad mood, one that you had absolutely nothing to do with?
What kind of bullshit excuse is that?
"You fucking idiot, Tom," he growled as he threw his head back against the wall, palm running over his face harshly as he tried to keep his tears at a minimum. He felt like he had no right to cry, how dare he cry when he was the one who caused this in the first place?
He'd never seen you so terrified before, so broken, so lost, and the mere fact that it was all because of him, Tom was all the more disgusted to be in his own skin. He felt blatantly ashamed for failing to control his anger, particularly, for aiming his anger at you. He felt mortified to have acted so recklessly, so aggressively all because he let his emotions take the reins. It made him wonder how much worse things could've turned out, how much more damage he could've inflicted if he didn't stop.
Tom felt like a monster, one that could possibly do horrors if left untamed.
He didn't know how long he'd been sitting on the floor, wallowing in regret and his own self-pity, but the next thing he knew, he was scrambling to his feet once he heard the door open again. Yet his whole body ran cold when he saw you wheel out your suitcase.
"Wait, love, let's talk about this," he begged, hands out to reach until you flinched at the sight of him getting near. It hurt, so much, having you fear his touch when you used to have the need to constantly feel it, his lips on yours, his skin warm against your own. Yet now, you wanted nothing to do with, treating him like the plague. But Tom couldn't say he didn't deserve it. Then he noticed how your eyes remained elsewhere, on the floor, on your hands, only going as far as looking at his feet but never directly at him. "Y/N," he called as softly as he could, but to no avail when you only screwed your eyes shut all while taking a few steps back.
"Darling, why won't you look at me?" Tom choked out, the sharp claws digging deeper and deeper into the expanse of his heart, never letting up its grip even in the slightest. His chest tightened and tightened with each grueling second you avoided his eyes. His question was stupid because he already knew exactly why. Hell, he couldn't even look at himself the same after what he'd done, what more in your perspective?
"I-I can't," you sniffled, shaking your head as you kept your gaze cast on the floor, words merely confirming the thoughts he already had in his head. "Not right now, just—I need space."
It was expected, but that didn't mean it hurt any less.
"Are you leaving?" It was another stupid question, Tom mentally cursing himself as if your suitcase wasn't enough proof that you were. But maybe it was him in denial, hoping for it to not be the case despite it being blatantly obvious because he honestly couldn't bear the thought of you leaving without fully collapsing. "For good?" Tom clarified, voice breaking at the end, dread consuming him wholly at the mere thought that he might have just lost the best thing that's ever happened to him.
You shook your head solemnly. "No, I—" you paused, blinking up at the ceiling before you cast your eyes on the ground again, grip on your suitcase tightening. "I just need to take a breather. I'll be back after a week or, or...I-I don't know."
Tom felt a tinge of relief touch his skin, simply at the fact that it wasn't all in jeopardy. But it was only feather-like, an extremely short euphoria compared to the utmost remorse and ache that curled in his bones.
Every time you're stressed, you always remove yourself from the situation, distance yourself from what's causing you trouble. Then you'll go to a place of comfort, one that would bring you calmness after the chaos. It helps you recharge somewhat, because one can only endure so much distress, and it's never good to endure it unceasingly.
It used to be him, your comfort in midst of all the unease, the arms you'd run to when you needed to be held, your sense of calmness after one hectic day, your safe place.
But what now if he was the one you were running away from? What now if he was the one causing you uneasiness? Tom knew that the only option you had left was to find a new place, somewhere without him in the picture. Because if it wasn't already obvious, you didn't feel safe around him anymore, he ruined that by a long shot.
You needed to get away from him.
It hurt to admit, truly, devastatingly, but he'd be blatant lying to himself if he thought otherwise.
There was no point for him in trying to overturn your decision. He'd only cause you more trouble if he did. So, Tom nodded grimly, voice merely above a whisper when he said,
"I'll be right here waiting for you to come home."
With that, Tom stepped aside. It took everything in him to stay upright when you pressed yourself against the opposite wall, making sure that even the smallest of hair that was attached to your skins wouldn't brush against each other. It was as if you were scared that you'd get fatally burnt if you were close enough.
The sound of the wheels moving over the hardwood floor was deafening, and what was ironic was the farther away it got, the more piercing it was in Tom's ears. But nothing could compare to the front door slamming shut, followed by the silence that ringed in the air.
He screwed his eyes shut with a silent whimper, knuckles cracking as his hands tightened into fists. He wanted to run after you, to beg on his knees for you to stay, for the two of you to work things out without putting the painful distance between you both.
But who was he to deny you of finding solace when he already caused you so much distraught?
Tom found himself walking towards the backyard instead, moving sluggishly with his gaze trained on his shoes. It was only when he noticed that they were now dirty, traces of soil found from the sole to the laces. He felt the sharpness in his chest grow, even more so once he finally stood before the disaster he caused.
For the first time tonight, Tom fully let it go.
Sobs racked his body as he fell to the ground, sitting in shame and utmost regret.
It hurt to be reminded of all the things you went through just to get your seeds to grow into the plants you were proud of. It pained Tom to recall the determination you had in making sure they got what they truly needed and more, the glow that you once held when you saw the first sprout that emerged from the soil. It hurt because now, the very plants you cared for had been horribly ruined. Your joyful laughs and giggles, the proud smile you wore were now all distant memories, almost faded, replaced by the grief, the betrayal, and pain that covered your features.
He could only imagine what was going through your head right now. Tom knew you were thinking of the moments where he tried his best to show you all his support, to ease out your worries and doubts in pursuing your newfound hobby. For him to suddenly do a complete 180, it wasn't a reach to assume that you were now struggling to believe which side of him was real. Hell, you heard him call it stupid. He basically confirmed at the top of his lungs what the nagging voices in your head were saying.
You spent months tending them, months of showering them with love, to see them grow wonderfully in a way that filled you with pride, and Tom destroyed it all in a matter of minutes.
All your hard work, all the heart and soul you poured into your plants, the sense of fulfillment you felt as you watched them grow, the utmost pride that filled your bones, the absolute delight, the pure happiness at the mere fact that you were able to grow something, something living—
Tom stole all of that away from you with a simple swing of his golf club.
"Fuck!" he cursed at the night sky, tears streaming down his cheeks only for them to be brashly wiped away with his palm rubbing over his face. Still, they kept coming endlessly. He was frustrated, angry at himself, the guilt eating him whole, his heart aching for what he'd done to you. And there was no other way he could let all his emotions out in the most harmless way possible by crying on the ground until he couldn't.
It was a couple of moments more when Tom finally found himself taking in calm breaths. His eyes stung, chest still tight, but it couldn't even compare to the amount of hurt he caused you so he didn't dare complain.
With a trembling hand, he reached towards the ground, taking what remained of the leaves on his palm, and it was like he was staring right at the replica of your heart.
The only difference?
He was able to hold the torn leaves in his hands, but Tom didn't know if he could ever do the same with your broken heart ever again.
He turned around at the sound of his name, balancing the sack of garden soil on his shoulders so he could see properly.
"Harry, hey," Tom breathed out, nodding curtly at his brother before he continued his way down the path towards the backyard gate by the side of the house.
"Oh, I got it." Harry quickly moved in front of him to open the door.
"Thanks," Tom muttered, already knowing that he was getting an earful once—
"What happened?" Harry asked as he followed him deeper into the backyard, the confusion obvious in his tone once he saw the absolute mess before him. With the sun being at its highest this crisp afternoon, no detail was left out as every single thing was made visible by the glaring rays. "Did a fox come around or something?"
Oh how simple if that was the case.
"No," Tom sighed, crouching down to place the sack on the ground, right beside the new pots he bought, too. He sat on the tiny stool you frequently used, an ache inching in his heart at the memories of you in this very place, smile once bright and proud. He kept his gaze low, scanning over the aftermath of last night before he admitted,
"I destroyed it."
There was silence, one that lasted for a couple of seconds before Harry muttered in utter shock, "You what?"
Everyone was aware of your plants, how proud you were of them, and how it truly brought you such joy. When the twins or any of the lads came over and asked about it—since Tom couldn't stop gushing about how adorable you are with them—you had looked at them in shock for a moment before you brought them out back to show it to them, a shy but excited smile on your face as you explained the process and what each plant needed for them to grow healthy.
All of them were thoroughly impressed, and all of them could feel just how much your plants meant to you. Not to mention, how the happiness and enthusiasm you were exuding was quick to rub off on them that they'd start to feel giddy, too. The most wholesome part was that each of the lads had taken into your footsteps, little by little. Tom couldn't stop his laughter when he saw the few avocado seeds that sat by the twins' kitchen window, and somewhere around in Harrison's and Tuwaine's flat when he came to visit just a couple of days ago.
So if there was anyone else who'd roughly understand how you feel with everything being destroyed, it was them, including Harry.
Tom nodded grimly, lips pressed tightly into a thin line as he ran his fingers through his unruly, unwashed hair. "Yesterday morning—"
"You had an awful round," Harry finished, Tom nodding again as he spared him a glance. The crease on the young lad's brows only deepened and Tom could see the gears turning in his head, because there was no one else who knew better about Tom's short fuse more than his brother. The redhead had seen it in action plenty of times, and a handful of those, he was getting the heat. Tom knew Harry wouldn't take long in putting two and two together, especially when—
"So I went again after lunch," Tom said. Surely enough when he looked at Harry again, there was the look of disappointment and then slowly, the anger inching its way across his face.
"Are you fucking kidding me? You know that doesn't make it anything better, Tom." Harry shook his head at him disapprovingly. "Two rounds in one day?" he repeated, grimace on his face as if it was something so scandalous.
Tom sighed dejectedly, "I know, and I was even more frustrated after because I played even worse than I did in the morning."
On every occasion Tom played a second round, especially with so little leeway in between, nothing ever good came out of it. He'd done it a couple of times, and the only thing he'd gain were missing balls, sore muscles, utmost fatigue, a poorer performance, a shitty mood and a bitter, bitchy attitude. He honestly had no idea why he hadn't learned his lesson yet. It had to take something drastic to happen as a result of his bad habit for him to get the hint by the looks of it.
"You bloody idiot." Harry was full-on pissed now, arms crossed over his chest with a scowl on his face. "You lost your temper on her didn't you?"
Tom nodded in pure shame, trembling fingers coming up in a poor attempt to settle down his hair. "When I got home, she was—fuck, she looked so tired and broken the second I got home and I don't know what came over me but I guess it dampened my mood even more."
Whenever Tom would come home after a bad day, you had always been there so give him some comfort. You'd shower him in love and affection, gently easing off the fire that was raging in him. You'd be so gentle and patient with him, so warm and welcoming, like the calmness after the raging storm.
So when he was met by something else, something of the opposite sense, he reacted bitterly. It was like the negativity and the tension that polluted the atmosphere only fuelled his anger. It was like he was met by a gas over the flame instead of the fire extinguisher he'd always been used to.
That itself just made everything much worse, made him feel that much more of an asshole because you don't owe him anything. You're under no obligation to console him every time he's in a bad mood. And it's fucking unfair for him to expect that every time he comes home all gloomy, even more, if he starts acting like a dickhead.
"I treated her like shit and it escalated into an argument and I just—" Tom breathed deeply as he tried to keep his emotions at the minimum. But he'd been a mess the second he woke up to a cold, quiet, empty house. Even more so when he caught sight of the ramifications of his actions last night, but made clearer by the morning sun. "I lost control. I felt so angry that I needed to let it out, and somehow, I took it out on her plants and fuck," he sobbed much to his control, eyes screwed shut as he pinched the bridge of his nose, trying to ease the throbbing headache that was slowly creeping back on him.
"And she witnessed the whole thing?" Harry wondered with a sense of dread coating his tone. Tom merely responded with a nod. Harry breathed out sharply, and the older lad didn't need to see for him to know that his brother was glaring right at him. "Fucking hell, Tom—"
"I know, I'm a fucking asshole," Tom croaked, utter grief and regret joining his tears as he met Harry's gaze.
"You are," Harry sighed, taking in slow, steady breaths. Tom could see that the frustration was dwindling off of him, but the disappointment was pretty much still there. "And Y/N?"
After attempting to even out his breathing as much as he could, Tom explained, "She's staying at her parents' place for the meantime...said she needed a breather."
Harry nodded with a small frown. "Understandable."
"She was having a tough week as well and this was just the last straw." Tom rubbed his face with his palm in frustration before he met his brother's eyes again. "She got so scared of me, Harry. Every time I got near she'd flinch and it fucking hurt. I would never ever lay a single finger on her, not even when you catch me dead. But she looked at me like I was some monster—and she's right, I am a monster because I destroyed the things she was proud of. I took away what made her so happy, I hurt her so badly," Tom whimpered, harshly wiping away his tears with the back of his hand.
"Hey, none of that," Harry sighed before squatting down beside him, hand on his shoulder and squeezing it reassuringly. "I think she knows you'd never hurt her—" Tom winced, Harry quick to notice as he immediately added, "Physically, I meant. Maybe it was just the initial shock. That's why she reacted the way she did."
Tom nodded solemnly. "I really hope so," he muttered.
"At least now you're aware of how wrong you were for exploding on her and well, this," Harry exhaled as he gestured around the mess. "All the more reason for you to get a hold of that bloody fuse of yours before anything worse happens," he added bluntly as he looked at Tom, nothing but firmness in his tone which was transparently reflected on his face. It may have been a tad harsh but Harry knew that it was what Tom needed to hear rather than letting this slip so easily, which could possibly lead to him never learning his lesson. Tom was grateful for that.
"I'd say you just give her some space for now. Don't try to crowd her and give her time to process things because there's no doubt she's going to be in shock for a while. As for you, take some time for yourself, too. Try to manage your anger and figure out a way for you to do better." Harry shot him a knowing look. "But also remember that Y/N loves you just as much as you love her, I don't think she's going to let this one instance ruin this beautiful thing that you two have. Just don't be an asshole next time, yeah?" he concluded with a soft smile.
"Thanks, Harry. And yeah, I won't be." Tom mirrored his brother's grin—a smaller one, at that, his heart feeling a little lighter at the redhead's words of advice.
"I was going to ask the both of you if you were free to hang out with Sam, Paddy, and I since it's been a while. We were thinking you know, minigolf—"
Tom nodded with a tight-lipped smile, his heart warming up at the wholesome memories with regards to minigolf. It was when you would grow even a deeper bond with his brothers. Friendly competitions erupting to banter, a bet which always resulted in someone getting embarrassed in public, missed shots to then blaming it on the alcohol, and a couple of sabotages to getting revenge. Sometimes it was team ups—usually, it was you and Harry, then Tom and Sam, Paddy serving as the judge to make sure no one cheats, because there had definitely been petty ones that occurred.
No matter what, the day always ends in the winners rubbing it in on the losers' faces, all lovingly of course. Tom had been at the receiving end of it more times than he'd like to admit.
He might be better at golf on the actual course, but when it comes to minigolf, somehow, in some twist of the universe, you always hand his ass right to him. God, the little dance you'd do whenever you get a better score than him made Tom want to lose every single time if it meant he gets to see that, get to see the joy in your eyes.
Tom didn't think you'd see it the same after what happened. Hell, he couldn't even look at his clubs without wincing.
You'd been so supportive and understanding with his love for it, but then he went around accusing you of things that were all lies. Fuck, you probably even think how the sport is more important to him than your well-being, which isn't true, at all.
But then again, he couldn't blame you for believing it. After all, he forgot about your Friday routine because he chose to go for another round instead. Tom put his selfish wants and desperate need to preserve his ego first and being there for you second. It was made even worse by the fact that it was a time when you needed him most.
"—But I'm guessing you really want to fix this right away," the young lad finished, a sympathetic smile on his lips as he squeezed Tom's shoulder again.
"Yeah, I really need to," Tom breathed out, eyes scanning the scene before him. "I can't have them looking like this any longer."
"We can help—"
"No, it's alright." Tom placed his hand over Harry's, flashing him a grateful smile. "I made this mess, it's only right for me to take care of it myself."
Tom stirred once the bright glare of the sun coated the entire bedroom, a low groan escaping him as he once again forgot to close the curtains the night before. After a stretch, he laid on his back, eyes cast on the ceiling before they landed on the space beside him.
He wished it wasn't empty.
Routinely, he reached for his phone, a small smile playing on his lips as he stared at the photo of you and him. With a soft breath, he entered his code and opened up the first app he'd grown to use every morning now.
Message to The Love of My Life <3:
Good morning, darling.
Forgot to close the curtains...again. I know, I deserve that eye roll. But you're the one who keeps reminding me about it every night before I cuddle with you in bed and well, I could use a little bit of reminding again. I'm kidding, I'll break the habit soon, don't worry. Miss waking up to your beautiful face...but I hope you had a goodnight’s sleep, love. Have a nice breakfast and great meals for today, stay hydrated, treat yourself well, and wish you nothing but the best on the day ahead. And...I'm sorry. I'm sorry for what I've done, for hurting you, for...everything. If I could undo it, I would in a heartbeat. I know it simply doesn't cut it but I'm not going to stop apologising. It's only right. But please, please don't forget that you mean the world to me and that I love much. Looking forward to having you in my arms again, my love.
Your dork, Tom x
It'd been like this these past few weeks, him merely sending you a letter-like text to greet you good morning, giving you a little update on his part, wishing you well, apologizing as much as he could to then reminding you just how much he loves you. Sometimes you responded, sometimes you didn't, but Tom had grown to not expect anything more nor did he try to send another text for the remainder of the day. He didn't want to pester you and invade your sense of peace.
He didn't bother to try calling again after the first few times you'd deliberately declined it. He figured you just didn't want to hear his voice, not yet at least. He understood, especially after all the hurtful things he'd yelled at you, no matter how long ago it may seem.
But oh how much Tom missed hearing your voice, to seeing your lovely smile painted across your beautiful face. He missed the feeling of your touch, tender and slow, hurried and hot, he didn't care which of which, he missed it. He missed being so close to you, your warm skin on his, the taste of your lips lingering on his own, all that is you tangled in everything that is him.
Nevertheless, Tom knew he'd have to be patient, it was the least he could do. After all, there was nobody else to blame for his current predicament other than him.
The last two weeks had been slow for him, stuck in the same old boring routine since he had nothing else better going on.
He'd wake up, have some light breakfast before going for his early run, and then take a hot shower to get rid of his sweat. The rest of the morning consisted of nothing more but him responding to emails, simply keeping busy with work in general. By noon, he'd order lunch—take out most likely—and sit in the living room with the TV playing some random show, just to fill up the silence. After that, if the rain hadn't graced London, he'd go out into the yard to do what was necessary to care for your plants...well, what was left of it.
Sometimes there were weeds that needed to be plucked out, other times he needed to remove the unwanted bugs that were crawling about. Just last week he'd given them some compost to add some nutrition to their newly-changed soil, him finding out that it only needed to be done yearly once he researched to make sure he wasn't overdoing it. Most of the time, they didn’t need anything more but a nice drizzle of water.
Either way, Tom had grown fond of this part of his routine, all the while, deepening the ache in his chest since it made him understand even more. He'd be downright devastated if something bad happened to the plants, even if it had only been a few weeks of him being with their company. What more if it was longer? Let's say, months longer just like how you did?
Tom was about to finish watering for the day when he heard the backdoor slide open. He was expecting it to be Harry, the young lad frequently visiting just to check up on him and whatnot. Sometimes Sam would tag along with a homecooked meal after they'd seen the countless take-out boxes piling up in the bin.
But when he turned around, he immediately froze, blinking rapidly to make sure if what he was seeing was real. He wanted to a hundred percent that his eyes weren't playing tricks on him as a result of the constant yearning his heart was throbbing for, showing him an image of what, or rather who, he was longing for.
Which was you, Tom saw you.
"H-Hey," he stammered, fumbling with the hose to turn off the water. He cleared out his throat as he kept his gaze steady on your figure that was standing by the door. "You're home."
Tom stood still in his spot in surprise and...hesitation. He carefully weighed his next set of actions because as much as he wanted to sprint and pull you into his embrace, he didn't want to scare you away.
He wouldn't dare risk it, especially now that you were back after weeks.
The images of that night were still quite fresh, the way you feared even the slightest sign of him being near. Tom believed that that was still the case, that you were still skeptical about him being near. So imagine his shock when you walked over to him, closer and closer, with no ounce of uncertainty in your movements whatsoever, not even when you were standing right in front of him.
Tom's heart stopped when your arms snaked around his waist, your face buried on the crook of his neck as you let out a soft, satisfied sigh.
He didn't even get a chance to stop the sob that escaped his lips as he oh so gently wrapped his arms around you, turning his head just slightly so that he was able to press a tender kiss on your temple. Tears ran down his cheeks next, body starting to shake as he relished in your warmth, relished in the feeling of you being back in his arms.
Tom missed you, so fucking much.
"Hey," you whispered, slowly pulling away as you met his eyes. A small smile played on your lips, orbs a little glossy as your thumbs reached up to wipe the tears off his cheeks.
God, you're too good to him.
Tom's hand took home on your waist as you turned to the side. There was a faint falter in your breath as your gaze landed on the unbroken pots sitting in the display. "You—" you trailed off, merely gesturing at the plants.
It was the tiniest one, but he knew you caught sight of the one leaf that had just started to grow back. A yellow-green little thing emerging from the short stem that was left. Tom couldn't exactly pinpoint which plant it was, unable to determine it fully until the leaves had grown a bit bigger.
But it was progress, to say the least.
"I tried to salvage what I could," Tom started, trying to keep his voice even as much as he could. But it was difficult now that you were right here. Granted, he'd been away from you longer, and it had always been difficult, but he'd been able to talk to you then. Without hearing your voice, barely even seeing your face, your absence had taken a toll, and Tom couldn't stop himself from getting emotional at the sight of you.
"And from what I've researched, it said that they're going to be alright as long as the roots are good and healthy. It's just going to take a while for them to grow back like how they used to be," he finished as he kept his eyes on you.
Tom did his best and repotted everything. Unfortunately, some weren't salvageable so he ended up throwing them away. His heart broke when he did so, the sight of them in the bin compared to their state before he--it was a hard sight to see. As for the few that he did manage to save, it will still take a while for them to heal and grow fully to how big and healthy they once were.
You simply nodded, gaze lingering on the plants for a few more seconds before you met his eyes again. There were so many emotions swimming in them, and Tom admired the way you held— controlled them. If only he could say the same with himself.
With a small smile, you softly said, "I brought some brownies, made them yesterday." You offered out a hand for him to take, Tom delicately intertwining your fingers together as he looked at you expectantly. "I'll make you some tea to go with it," you added as you guided him back towards the house.
But Tom hesitated, knowing that there were so many words that needed to be said. He squeezed your hand lightly which made you stop in your tracks, your eyes on him curiously with the glint of concern coating them.
"Darling, we should—"
"I know," you cut him off, your free hand cupping his face as you squeezed his hand with the other. "Let's just try and ease into it okay? There's no need to rush. I'm here now."
If Tom had a little bit of control left, he certainly lost it at that.
"I don't deserve you," he whimpered, his body growing weak as he hung his head low, bottom lip caught in between his teeth to stop himself from turning into a bawling mess.
You let out a soft sigh, hand cupping his cheek and silently urging him to look at you. "But you do, Tom," you hummed once he met your eyes again. Your touch was gentle, loving as you wiped away the fresh tears that stained his cheeks. "One bad incident doesn't negate all the good and the best things you've done for me."
All Tom could do was nod, his lips pressed tightly into a thin line to prevent them from trembling. He screwed his eyes shut to stop the tears from falling even more as he rested his forehead against yours.
The two of you stayed like that for a few moments, you being the sweetest angel who'd ever graced this earth as you patiently stood with him. You whispered over and over that it was okay, all the while never failing to wipe away his tears, but also, letting him know that he didn't have to hold it in.
Once Tom had managed to make his shaky breaths into tiny sniffles, you smiled at him sweetly.
"Now, let's get back inside."
The tea helped Tom calm down in a way that he managed to get a hold of himself instead of becoming a blubbering mess every few seconds. The lovely brownies you made added to the comfort as well, soft and sweet. Although he wasn't sure if it was entirely the warmth and comfort of the food or yours.
Maybe it was the simple fact that you were sitting right beside him on the living room couch, your head on his shoulder as you watched a rerun of The Great British Bake Off.
His eyes never left you, not even the minute you stepped inside, not even in the kitchen, and not even when you sat down on the couch with him. Tom was simply scared that the second he'd look'd be gone, swiftly taken away from him because things just seemed too good to be true. After all, we aren't meant to keep the things we don't deserve.
"What's wrong?"
He didn't even realize that you noticed him staring, your voice easing him out of his daze. Tom breathed deeply, taking your fingers in his and fiddling with them nervously as he met your concerned eyes.
"I am so sorry," he finally said, in person this time, nothing but utmost sincerity laced in his voice. He held your eyes, never stopping to let you see how much he meant his words. "I know that doesn't even cut a pinch to what I've done, but I'm really, really sorry, Y/N."
You stared at him for a moment, as if you were contemplating the words you wanted to say. Tom waited, never rushing, even if it took you a couple more seconds to say anything at all.
"It's okay," you breathed out, a small but genuine smile on your lips. "They're just plants, it's a bit stupid to be hung up over them."
Tom felt his heart break at your words. It was painful hearing you say that and what hurt most was the fact that you meant it. You didn't say it to be petty nor to douse him in more guilt; you truly believed your own words. And he could only be the most awful person by turning something you loved and adored, something you'd grown to be fond and proud of into something that had been devalued into a mere...just plants.
"No, no, no, it's not stupid," he rushed, shifting in his seat until he was fully facing you. He squeezed your hands, lifting them up to place gentle kisses on your knuckles before he met your eyes. "You and your own hands grew your wonderful plants. You'd grown life with your hands, darling. You worked tirelessly to make them as healthy as possible. You spent months taking care of them, you created your own memories with each leaf that you'd seen sprout," Tom paused when he saw the tears that welled up in your orbs, hands letting go of yours so he could cup your face. "They're a part of you just as how you're a part of them, and I destroyed that. I destroyed what made you happy. I destroyed the things you deeply cared about. You had every single right to be hurt
"What was stupid was me losing my temper over something so small and creating a bigger problem. What was stupid was me taking out my frustration on you when you did absolutely nothing wrong," he continued, his thumb catching the tears that slipped past your eyes. "What was stupid was me hurting you," Tom's voice broke at the end of his sentence, eyes glossing up in both guilt. and the mere fact that you looked at him with sadness and hurt glittering in your orbs in the form of tears.
"Doesn't matter if I had a bad round, or that I was already in a bad mood. I had no right to take it out on you like that, take it out on you in a way that hurt you so much,"
"I shouldn't have pushed you. I should've just kept quiet and let you be," you whispered, bottom lip trembling and Tom's heart ached even more at the sight.
He shook his head. "No, it was only right for you to voice out what you were feeling. You had every right to call me out with the way I acted." There was a slight doubt that flickered in your eyes, so he took your hand in his again, squeezing it reassuringly as he said, "Darling, I mean this, don't you ever stay quiet and let me step all over you just because I'm angry."
"I just don't want to create a bigger mess," you admitted, voice shaking in the slightest bit with how close you were, Tom noticed, along with the hint of doubt.
"But you didn't make it bigger, I did. Looking back on it now, you weren't even screaming back at me," he said sincerely. But Tom saw it, the flicker of fear in your eyes, and it made his stomach drop, made his heart break because it could only mean that you were skeptical about standing your ground now. Fearful to even be near the fire after being burnt badly with the previous encounter. He saw that you'd rather be quiet and get stepped on than choose to stand up for yourself and risk getting caught in the line of fire.
"Y/N...are you scared of me?" Tom asked, dread in his tone with utmost pain and worry in his eyes. "The truth, please."
You hastily shook your head, taking in a deep breath as your eyes fell on your entangled fingers. "No, no, it was just a whole lot of things piling up that week. I was just hanging in there and when you—when it happened, it was a sudden shock. And I was spiraling and everything was happening so fast, and you weren't stopping and I didn't know what to do—" you cut yourself off with a broken whimper. Tom squeezed your hand, a kiss landing on your temple but he stayed quiet, simply waiting for you to finish your part.
"I've never seen you that angry before and I—I guess, maybe a little scared that something like this will happen again, or something even worse," you concluded, finally meeting his eyes with guilt in your own orbs as if you were scared that your words would make him feel worse or cause a negative reaction from him.
But everything you said was part of the consequences of his actions. He wasn't at all expecting things to suddenly go back to how they were after that night. Moving forward, Tom knew he had a lot of work to do. That included earning your trust back, to make you feel at the least bit safe around him again. It was definitely much easier said than done, but Tom will stop at nothing to fix all the things he'd manage to destroy.
"This is not going to happen again," Tom stated firmly, eyes never leaving yours so you could see how he was taking his words seriously. "I promise you, I'll work my hardest to never, ever let something like this happen again."
You tilted your head at him and stayed quiet, squeezing his hand to let him know you heard him. It was a few more seconds when you leaned closer and kissed him instead, always the first thing you do whenever you couldn't find the right words to say.
Tom sobbed softly at the feeling, a warmth spreading in his chest at the familiar taste, one that he'd been deprived of for far too long. His hand landed on the back of your head to keep you steady, close, never wanting to let go. His lungs be damned, he didn't want to pull away. Tom only wanted to relish at the feeling of your lips moving in sync, tender, unhurried, but filled with passion. He wanted to bask in the gratitude, the reassurance, the appreciation, and the utmost love you poured into the kiss.
Unfortunately, you two were merely humans, incapable of going too long without taking a breath.
Once you pulled away, you kept still in your place, remaining close in each other's warmth. Tom was already satisfied with everything, your calm breath fanning over his lips, tips of your noses touching so sweetly. But when you spoke again, his heart grew bigger, softer, and it made him ask what he possibly could've done to deserve someone like you in his life.
"And I'll meet you halfway," you whispered against his lips, fingers delicate against his cheeks as you stared right into his eyes. "Always."
It will take some time for your relationship to heal. Quite possibly, it will never go back to how things were, because gluing together the broken pieces will never bring things back to their original, untainted state.
But at least it will be the turn of a new leaf.
It will need much tender love and care, ample amounts of patience, a constant watering of effort to do better for that new leaf to grow into one that's much stronger, healthier than the last. There will be some rainy days, hopefully, lesser storms, days where the sun isn't shining, covered by dark clouds, so the growth won't be easy.
But Tom will gladly take up the challenge, knowing that in the end, it will bear healthier, beautiful, wonderful fruits in the form of fond moments and a strengthened relationship, all rooted with the ever-growing love that you two have.
And with one look at the beautiful woman he'd been so damn lucky to even have the chance to have her grace his life, there was no doubt in Tom's bones that it will be more than worth it.
All the work and effort, all the tests to measure his patience, when it's you with him, happier at the end of it, all will be worth it.
.✫*゚・゚。.★.*。・゚♛ *.
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❯ Warnings: little bit cliche, swearing, two people being idiots, and a little bit suggestive.
❯ Synopsis: Regent High School's two best fine arts teachers seem to be catching feelings. I mean how could you not when your spending every waking moment of the day together. What happens when she has to help him with his play? Will it lead to even more feelings?
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