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#tom holland fluff

pairing: tom holland x female!reader
summary: Any spell any magic seems useless in front of the magic of love. Let’s join our lovers in their magical conquest beyond life and death as they fight for their love unravelling dark mysteries of the past along their way.
warnings: none really
word count: 565



Y: Are you okay
T: I-I uh yeah I’m fine
𝘎𝘰𝘴𝘩 𝘴𝘩𝘦 𝘪𝘴 𝘱𝘳𝘦𝘵𝘵𝘺.
𝘯𝘰 𝘵𝘰𝘮 𝘥𝘰𝘯𝘵 𝘵𝘩𝘪𝘯𝘬 𝘭𝘪𝘬𝘦 𝘵𝘩𝘢𝘵 𝘺𝘰𝘶 𝘫𝘶𝘴𝘵 𝘮𝘦𝘵 𝘩𝘦𝘳.
T: thank you -
Y: Y/n, you can call me y/n
T: Thank you y/n  
Y: My pleasure
Then both of us began chatting regarding ourselves. She told me that she was an orphan and was raised by her foster parents. I told her about myself skipping the fact that I’m an angel and that I was here on earth for a short-term visit. “ Um, may I get your number,” I asked as she was about to leave? “ ( Yes angels also have phones ). "Sure ” she replied with a grin. Then she left. Right then was the moment to go back to heaven after having a glorious time on this planet.
I went to the corner of the street and willed my wings to emerge but they refused. They just won’t appear. That meant I had done something wrong. That also meant until my wings appear I was stuck here. On Earth
𝘏𝘰𝘸 𝘥𝘰 𝘪 𝘨𝘰 𝘣𝘢𝘤𝘬
𝘞𝘩𝘰 𝘣𝘦𝘵𝘵𝘦𝘳 𝘵𝘰 𝘢𝘯𝘴𝘸𝘦𝘳 𝘮𝘺 𝘲𝘶𝘦𝘴𝘵𝘪𝘰𝘯 𝘵𝘩𝘦𝘯 𝘎𝘰𝘥 𝘩𝘪𝘮𝘴𝘦𝘭𝘧


So I tried summoning him to which he acknowledged. He looked bored “ What’s wrong. ”  “ My wings won’t appear. ” The optimism seemed to have evaporated from his face after he heard what I had said.
(God=G, tom=T)the devil
G: What did you do!
T: N-nothing why would you think I did something
G: You lost your wings
G: The only way an angel can lose its wings is by showing any form of support, devotion, falling in love with the Devil
or anybody who supports or is related to the Devil
T: but I h-had my wings yesterday and today I only met a mortal girl
G: hmm this does not sound good
T: oh no
𝘸𝘩𝘦𝘯 𝘨𝘰𝘥 𝘴𝘢𝘺𝘴 𝘪𝘵 𝘪𝘴𝘯𝘵 𝘨𝘰𝘰𝘥 𝘪𝘵 𝘪𝘴𝘯𝘵 𝘨𝘰𝘰𝘥
T: how do I get my wings back
G: A quest
T: A-AA what
G: A quest with one trustful companion to get ur wings back
T: what kind of quest
G: A quest with perils and danger you can never dream of
T: do I have to take a quest
G: if you want ur wings back then yes
T: who is gonna be my comrade
G: perhaps the girl you just met
T: b-but I just met her I cannot tell her I’m an angel if I do she won’t believe me
G: it has to be someone inside this mortal world
G: who else do u identify inside this world
T: uh no one
G: excellent finally your brain is working
T: uh it always worked
G: out of topic
T: um ok
T: so I just go and tell her that I’m an angel and I need help
G: what no she won’t believe you if you do so
T: then?
G: you start slowly telling her less information then tell her you are an angel and hope that she believes you
T: ok
G: anything else
T: do I get my wings back as soon as I finish the quest
G: only if you did not do anything wrong such as supporting or loving the devil and its only mere misunderstanding
G: and now ill go back to heaven
T: wait..
*and before tom knew god was gone*


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⋆⋅☆⋅⋆  Tom Holland - Just Friends?  ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆

A/N - posting for the first time in forever, this time with a Tom Holland imagine that’s already been on my wattpad for a loooong time. Go check that out though, angeli.marco because I have whole ass collections on there rather than just the odd few one shots. 

Warnings - drinking, very light mentions of drugs, swearing. Also its like 5k words so it’s long as well.

Summary - you and tom have been best friends for a long time and inseparable for just as long. The boys welcome you as one of their own, and you’re basically a part of the family. That’s your main issue, because when you begin to harbour feelings for your best friend, you’re not sure if he feels the same.


Originally posted by tomandharrisongifs


You and Tom have an intense friendship, there’s no denying it. In fact, the intensity worries his family, it all happened so fast.

The two of you met about a year and a half ago at your local supermarket. You were just going shopping for some food as you moved to London, and you saw Tom there. You recognised him, but you of course didn’t want to be a bother, so you began to hyperventilate in the bread aisle, thinking you were alone, just when Tom poked his head around the corner. 

“You okay, Miss? You sound like you’re dying.” Those were his very first words to you, and you couldn’t even look him in the eye when responding.

“I-I’m fine, tha-thanks Mr Holland.” Could you have been any more awkward? 

However, Tom, thankfully, found it endearing, and to this day he still does. A day hasn’t gone by for the last 18 months that the two of you haven’t spent together. Within a week of meeting, you were on first name terms with all of his family and friends, and every second of your lives are spent in each other’s company, simply platonic though - at least for him.

He spends his time with you on pranks, swiftly followed by an apology cupcake (never handmade, at least not by him), and in the evening, he hauls you up to the roof of your apartment building or a spot on his house to get drunk and look at the sky. It’s what you love about him, he incorporates everything the both of you enjoy into your daily lives and it creates this brilliant, inescapable routine of happiness and hangovers, and almost every morning that you wake up with him on the other side of his bed or yours, only to find him half hanging off it, you feel this intense happiness in your chest. That feeling is immediately shut down when you realise that to Tom, you’ll be nothing more than his friend. And in a few months, your whirlwind friendship will be over and he’ll be a stranger to you, a big star you stalk on Instagram, he’ll never be your Tom.

Today, you’d planned to go over to his house as soon as you woke up after spending one of your only ever nights apart, since his parents were out with Paddy, meaning it would only be you two and the boys, whom you also got on well with. He left his door unlocked when he knew you were coming over, something else that confused you, and why would he want you over whilst his parents were absent? Yes, he’s a 23 year old actor, but he’s still a mummy’s boy. You trusted that nothing would happen even though you secretly hoped it would.

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Brooke’s Masterlist

I really appreciate all of you who read and support my work, that’s what keeps me going. The characters are not mine, but the stories are so please don’t share my fics anywhere.

Harry Holland

Tom Holland

Sam Holland

Peter Parker

(If anyone wants to be added to the taglist, just send me an ask or a dm!)

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Tom Holland

Fluff- 💕

Based on a song-🎶

Crack/funny- 🔶

✧- for a writing challenge


Our Secret Love💔🎶

I Can Never Forget You💕


Spiderman Kiss💕✧

You get nervous at Tom’s movie premiere💔💕

You have a shirtless picture of Tom on your phone and he sees it💕

You ask Tom to sleep over💕

You teach Tom desi cuss words (Indian! Reader)🔶

Akele akele?(Indian! Reader)🔶


Lanterns- Tangled AU(discontinued)

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i freaking love this request so much and i haven’t written it because i had no idea like who i would write it for… i don’t know if you meant like whoever reader wants or whoever i wanted to write it with… but i decided to write it with tom because i just feel like that’s a thing that tom would do. i hope you likeee 🥺

“my turn,” you beamed coming up to the lane. you held the bowling ball close to your face scanning were you were going to stand, when you were going to throw it, and how much force you were going to use.

when you positioned your body to let go of the bowling ball, your hair fell on your face obscuring part of your vision. your aim shifted as you tossed your head to the side trying to move the hair from your face, but the ball was already rolling down the lane. it knocked two pins.

grunting you turned back to the group. frowning you sat next to tom who had his arm resting on the back of the bench. his hand quickly squeezed your shoulder as you tucked your hair behind your ear. you checked your wrists, no hair ties and your jean pockets were also empty. you’d forgotten to put one in there for emergencies. 

taking your hair in your hands you tossed it back making a makeshift bun that quickly unraveled. tom lifted his hand towards you, one of your hair ties was on his wrist and you sighed with relief. a sweet smile formed on his lips when you turned to him with an appreciative look. pecking his lips you took the hair tie from his wrist. the two of you oblivious to the group looking at your little interaction.

“here,” tom said moving your hair back. the smaller pieces were sticking to the back of your neck from how warm it was in the bowling alley. he gently grabbed your hair helping you. you tied the hair tie around your hair forming a messy bun. he kissed your cheek when you were done.

“whop-eesh,” you heard the imitation of a whip coming from harrison. he laughed as you rolled your eyes.

did you have tom wrapped around your finger? maybe. yes. but it was a sweet gesture. one that made you fall in love with him all over.

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wait this is really cute


tomorrow is peter’s birthday. he’s staying at the avengers compound tonight so he can spend his morning with everyone. he’ll be with may and his friends the rest of the day. it’s going to be perfect. it already is, you holding each other close under his covers. he gets to fall asleep with and wake up to his favorite person. that’s his first present.

your dad doesn’t like you in peter’s room this late, but you had to make an exception tonight. not that he knows about, anyway. you tiptoed in here and surprised him with cuddles. he happily let you into his bed. his arms are around your torso, laying on his back. you’re on your side with an arm draped around him.

the only thing is, you have to be quiet. you’ll both be fucked if anyone figures out you’re together right now. it’s nearly impossible whenever peter flashes you a smile and it’s so cute you can’t help but giggle. your conversations are all whispered. his voice gets lower the later it gets. there’s an hour left until his birthday. 11pm.

you’d originally planned to stay up until midnight. peter keeps yawning and half his face is pressed into the pillow. you don’t want to keep him awake. you’ll be there to give him birthday wishes first thing in the morning. you both exchange a goodnight and i love you before drifting off to sleep in each other’s arms.

you wake up first, a smile on your face. you ruffle peter’s undone curls gently and sigh. his eyes flutter open. he grins, your hand resting on his shoulder. “happy birthday, pete,” you say quietly. “mm, thanks,” he hums, pulling you impossibly closer to his side. it’s still not close enough. peter moves you by your hips so you’re on top of him. letting out a laugh, you grab his other shoulder to steady yourself.

peter chuckles and stares up at you while you get comfortable on him. your legs are on either side of him now. you sit up. the laughter dies down when you hover your lips over his. he closes the space between you with a kiss. it starts off slow, like it usually does. you deepen it by angling your head lower. his fingers grip at your t-shirt as you kiss. you pull back to say something.

“happy birthday,” you repeat, crashing your lips into his again before he can reply. peter starts moving his hands down to your thighs. breathlessly, you keep kissing him. your hands move down his chest. they stop at his stomach, too focused on his mouth to go anymore. he’s about to lift up your shirt when the door bursts open.

“happy birthday!” everyone yells in unison. your lips instantly detach. you look over your shoulder in shock, heart beating fast. peter’s hands are still gripping at your thighs. there’s no covering this up. “y/n?” bruce asks, being at the front of the crowd in peter’s doorway. you quickly climb off of peter and sit next to him. he sits up in bed with an awkward laugh.

“um, hey. i didn’t know you guys were planning something.” you lamely excuse yourself. natasha’s lips curve into a smirk. “makes sense why you didn’t answer your door.” “i just… wanted to say it first.” she scoffs. “she just got here, like, five minutes ago,” peter tries to help you and himself out. sam cackles and elbows bucky. bucky wiggles his eyebrows at the two of you.

“anyways, thanks everyone. it was really nice of you to get up early for this,” peter goes on. steve coughs out a “sure.” you look at peter from your peripherals, both of you trying not to make it obvious how terrified you are. this is bad.

the person you’re most concerned about seeing this hasn’t said anything. your dad. you think maybe he isn’t here. he doesn’t even wake up early on your birthday now that you’re a little older. then, he squeezes in between bruce and nat. his jaw is clenched. he doesn’t seem too happy.

“fun way to kick off peter day, huh?” he deadpans to the whole situation. peter gulps. sam and bucky go “ooooh” like they’re in middle school. “mr. stark, i- we-“ tony doesn’t cut him off. he’s willing to see how the hell peter could get past this one. “go on.” peter’s face falls. “i have nothing.” “dad, it’s his birthday. come on,” you try to make him go easier. it only puts the attention on you.

“oh, i know. you’re supposed to get people gift cards not…” tony looks in between you two. his gaze shifts back to you only. “do whatever this is.” nobody talks for a few seconds. there are way too many eyes on you right now. peter pulls his covers up more as a way to hide himself.

“all we did was kiss,” you say as calmly as you can. you even look your dad right in the eyes. tony raises an eyebrow, challenging you. “so, if i ask friday-“ “all we’ve ever done was kiss! no sex, nothing.” the lie tumbles out of you before you can think of something better. natasha literally helped you buy condoms last weekend. but, she knows better than to rat you out.

tony’s face relaxes. you can tell he still doesn’t believe you. “we don’t wanna do that yet. besides, we don’t know how. we’re out of it.” you nod your head slightly at peter. he takes the cue. “right. it’s nasty. super disgusting to us. don’t worry, mr. stark.” tony lets a long breath out of his nose. “alright. i’ll let this go because you’re the birthday boy.” he points at you. “watch it, y/n/n.”

he walks through everyone and makes his way to the kitchen. they all follow behind. steve clears his throat. “breakfast is in twenty.” he shuts the door and catches up to everyone else, you finally being able to breathe. peter’s mouth is dropped open. “what the fuck was that?” you almost laugh. you slowly get back on top of him. he hesitates, but puts his arms around your waist.

“weird. that’s what it was.” you drop your head onto his shoulder. he’s looking up at the ceiling. eyebrows furrowed, you shift in his lap. “what are you doing?” “i’m wondering… does friday really see everything we do?”

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Magic In The Parks

 summery: and maybe he was meant to find love in the happiest place on earth, or maybe they were just strangers in the same room at the same time

 5.2k words of fluff, happy halloween, i’ve been working on this for nearly an entire month. part 2 is coming in december, it’s a two part holiday series! and obviously the second part is going to be about christmas! 


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“What are you doing—“ your lips pressed up against toms as you pulled him away from the gala that happened in the lobby.

About a year ago your father had hired a bodyguard for you. Tom was shy at first, in the sense of he really only talked if needed. But three months alone in a safehouse, you guys became more. Now your relationship was sneaking around in public and private to steal kisses and touches.

“Relax no one will know.” You go to unbutton his shirt and he places his hands over yours.

“You’re too drunk.” He tells you, you only had two drinks tonight since you didn’t care to get plastered at a party with older people. But Tom was far too scared of the idea of you missing from the party.

“Babe, I only had two drinks. You know because you were watching.” You tell him and he cups your face.

“Your father is here.” He whispers. “He’ll kill me.” He says before you steal a kiss again. The two of you escalate more before you hear the sound of a man clearing his throat.

Tom pulls away immediately and looks at your father. Toms face red and you swallowing hard already knowing where this is going.

“I thought I was paying you to protect my daughter, not kiss her in the hallways.” He folds his arms and you try to get in front but Tom does first.

“Sir, with all my respect I have been protecting your daughter. I watch her every move and make sure she’s safe. I-we were just—“ he tumbled on his words and you quickly step in.

“You put us in a safe house for three months and you expected nothing to happen? We’re not children dad. Tom is amazing, an amazing bodyguard and amazing boyfriend. He knows how to multitask.” You look at your father and he glances at tom before you again.

“Meet me in my office at 8am. Get her home, by herself.” Your father points before walking away. You sigh letting your head fall on his shoulder and he still is in shocked worrying he’s about to loose you and his job.

“You’ll be okay, I promise he’s probably just going to say some shit to scare you and then let you walk free. He would never fire you, he knows you’re too good.” You rub his shoulder before moving off his body. Looking at him as he is still scared, you take his hand and walk him back to the party. Walking him through the crowd and to the exit where you would go home but make him stay. You two would be absolutely fine for everything you’ve been through was not going to be taken away by your fathers childish thoughts.

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Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

Synopsis: Tom is a frequent and favorite customer at your coffee shop

For @itsemohours who made my beautiful header



Originally posted by autumncozy

“Hi! Welcome to Tilly’s.” You greeted your newest customer with a smile. “What can I get you started with today?”

Tom looked up from his phone and did a double take, not having expected his cashier to be a pretty girl his age. He frequented Tilly’s often but had never seen you working before. You smiled at each other, both enchanted by the presence of one another. Tom laughed in embarrassment, knowing his face had gone red just from the sight of you. You smiled sheepishly and adjusted your cap out of habit.

“Hi. Um, good morning.” He stumbled over his words. “Could I, could I uh get an egg and turkey on a croissant, please?”

“Sure.” You chuckled softly as you typed his order into your register. “Anything else?”

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masterlist found here

pairing - frat boy!Tom x reader
word count - 1,917
warnings - language
A/N - for the anon who requested x

summary - You and Tom are casually seeing each other, but you want it to be more. When Valentine’s Day comes around, you’re struck by how you can share a bed with someone and still be so lonely.


Tom fell onto the bed beside you with a huff. You rested your hands on your stomach and worked on catching your breath. Your body was covered in sweat, and at this point you couldn’t tell if it was yours or Tom’s. You looked over at him as he pushed himself out of bed and tugged his boxers up his legs.

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Goodnight Kiss | P. Parker


Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Warnings: fluff fluff fluff

wc: 700

a/n: happy spook season! keep your eyes peeled for some more writings hehe. miss you all on here <3 STREAM POSITIONS BY ARI

synopsis: you want a goodnight kiss, so does peter, however, the scene requires him not too, but gosh, he really wants too.

“Let’s have Peter and (Y/N) go,” Your teacher announced, smiling at the two of you.

Peter was starting to regret his decision of joining this class. He only joined because he knew it was an easy A, (and maybe because you were taking it too…) but he didn’t even need another A. His GPA was perfect, so why had he forced himself to sign up for drama?

Peter sighed, nervously walking up toward the center of the room, all his classmates staring at the two of you in the center.

“Okay,” The teacher claps, “your improv scene is right after the first date.”

A collective gasp sounds from the room, as the class leans forward on the edge of their seats, ready to watch the action.

“(Y/N), it’s the end of the date, you’re standing on your porch and you really enjoyed yourself and all you want is a goodnight kiss.”

The teacher turns toward Peter, “And Peter, you really enjoyed it too but her breath smells. It is horrible and you need to get off that porch now.”

Peter’s face visibly reddens at the thought, but he nods his head, trying to keep his composure.

“(Y/N), you are getting that kiss.” The teacher points at you.

“Peter, you are doing everything you can to get out of there.”

“(Y/N), don’t let him go, you want that kiss.”

“Peter, do not let her kiss you.”

The two of you nod your heads in understanding, slightly chuckling at your teacher.

“Alright, get to it.”

Peter turns to face you, palms sweating, as you smile up at him.

It’s just acting, he tells himself. But by god, he is not an actor and well, you’re playing the part a little too well for him.

“I had fun tonight,” You said, stepping a bit closer to the brunette boy.

Peter nods, “Yeah, I did too.” He knows he should step back, it’s all acting but you’re so close to him…

“We should do this again sometime.”

“I’d love too.” Peter slowly takes a step back.

You smile softly and Peter swears it’s the best thing he’s ever seen. He freezes, trying to come up with his next line. He needs to get off that porch, but you’re smiling at him and your breath doesn’t stink and he really does want to kiss you.

“I um,” he stutters, “I should get going though.”

“You’re not forgetting anything?” You inquire, batting your eyelashes at him.

Peter shakes his head, taking a few more steps back, “No.”

“I think you are.”

Peter laughs nervously, “I really should go… my aunt is in the hospital!”

You blink, frowning.“Oh no, what happened?”

“She was crushed by a refrigerator,” Peter said hurriedly. A few laughs escape his classmates and he feels himself ease into the roll.

You gasp, setting a hand on his bicep, “That’s horrible!”

Peter’s eyes are wide as he stares at your hand, he gives it a few more seconds before pushing himself away from you, trying to remember the warmth of your hand.

“Yeah, it is, which is why I should go visit her… like now.”

He gives you a small thumbs up before making like a mad man to the stairs, but you grab his arm, yanking him back.

“Wait!” You cry, “Let me make you some uh… lemons to give to her!”

“Lemons?” Peter questions, before the teacher coughs, reminding him he has to go along with everything.

“Right, of course, that’s very kind of you but I should rea-“

You tug Peter back onto the imaginary porch, the class erupting in laughter as he trips only to land inches from your face.

“It won’t take long, I promise.”

Your sparkling eyes are pleading, and It’s hard to say no. It’s not real, but it sure as hell feels like it.

Peter purses his lips together, trying to think of an excuse to get out. He notices your leaning forward, lips puckered innocently. So he makes the split decisions to rip his arm from your grasp and run for his life.

You stumble a bit at the sudden lost, but it’s not enough to stop you and the next thing Peter knows he’s been tackled to the ground and a pair of lips are on his.

The class gasps as Peter lays still on the ground, this was not part of the scene, but he forgets all that as he melts into your lips; losing himself in the sensation and pressing his own back to yours.

You pull back, both of your legs resting on the other side of his, straddling him. A shy smile crosses your face as you grin at him.

“So uh, when’s that second date?”

— END —

🏷 Peter Parker Taglist: @theolwebshooter @thegirlwiththeimpala @multi-universe21 @honeybittersweet @bibbidibobbidibarnes @ducks @bitofeverythinggg @cams-lynn @keenmarvellover @runway-to-my-aid @peterspideyy @throughparisallthroughrome @starlight-starks @quaksonhehe @imanativeofswlondondahling @lexysclubhouse @eddiesbifocals @jillanaholland @musicalkeys @mendes-marvel @unsaidholland @parker-potters @marshxx @viagracex @ellyseveronica @notsosmexy @astronomical-parker @seaveyheartful @deathofmissjackson @sunnydays0803 @teenwishes08 @tacobacoyeet @thinkaboutmara @unbelievableholland @andycanbeemotional @valntyneparker @marvelpeters @simranfangirl @lowkey-holland @call-me-your-baby-gir1 @jannine00742 @lozzypoz321 @dummiesshort @inkedaztec

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Pairing: Tom holland x older!reader

Requested by @tom-hlover: Tom Holland x older reader where reader is at least 6 yrs older than him,and is new in the neighborhood and became friends with Tom, and reader has feelings for Tom but dont think that Tom is into older women. One day Tom finds out through reader’s phone having him as a wallpaper, (fluff maybe?)😊😊

Warning: none, just fluff

A/N: kinda got the idea from that episode of Rachel’s birthday on friends.

Main Masterlist

Blurb Masterlist


“You coming over today?” Tom asked, peeking inside your apartment with his hand around the door handle. “You know for movie night?”

Your breath got caught in your throat as you jumped, turning around to find Tom peeking inside your apartment, his hair ruffled, and lips chapped. He was snuggled up in his hoodie, with his hood up, almost covering his hair.

“You scared me!” You yelped, placing the laundry basket down as Tom rolled his eyes.

“Sorry. But are you coming? I am really bored.” Tom pouted, jutting out his bottom lip. “Tuwaine and Harry are out. And Harrison is with his sister. I am bored.”

“So nobody’s home?”

“Not really.” He huffed, shutting the door behind him. “I am so bored.” He flopped on your couch, face down. “Entertain me.”

“I wish I never met you.” You tapped his butt, causing him to let out a cry of protest as he rolled over, narrowing his eyes at you playfully. “I am your neighbour not your entertainer.”

“You are extra rude today.” He commented, sitting up. “Are you still mad about your 30th birthday—”

“Shut up!” You hit him with a pillow. “I told you to never even mention it!”

“What’s the problem with turning thirty, eh?”

“Shut up, Thomas.”

“I mean, I know you will be old but not like old—”

“You’re making this worse.” You glared at him, plopping down on the couch beside him. “I am not inviting you to my party.”

“You told Harrison that you are not even celebrating.” Tom rolled his eyes, placing a hand around your shoulder, pulling you to him. “It’s your birthday. And you are just turning thirty. It’s okay, darling.”

“No, it’s not! I don’t want to be old—!”

“Besides I’m into older women.” Tom winked, pulling his hood down to run his hand through his hair as you gaped at him.

“Fuck off!”

Was he flirting with you?

Was your cute neighbour that you’ve been crushing on for months flirting with you? No, of course not.

Why would he?

“Is that…is that my hoodie?” Tom glaced at the laundry basket, his eyes widening as he reached for it.

“What?! No!”

“It is!” Tom pulled his pink hoodie from the basket, narrowing his eyes at you playfully as he gasped. “You stole my hoodie!”

“I didn’t!” You held up your hands in air. “You gave me that hoodie last time I stayed over and I…didn’t return it. That’s it!”

“I asked you if you’ve seen it!

"I forgot about it! I just saw it today in my closet!”

No you didn’t. You’ve been wearing it to bed.

“Oh you did, did you?” Tom smiled slyly, curling his fingers around your wrist as you glanced at him in confusion.

“Tom, what—?”

“Admit that you stole it.”

“No—ah!” You yelped in surprise as he pulled you down on the couch, hovering over you. Your heart fluttered as he leaned over you, trapping you in between him and the couch as his eyes twinkled mieschieviously. A sly smile on his face.

“Admit it, darling.” He licked his lips. The curls falling over his forehead as he leaned closer to you squeezed your heart. Your breath hitched as he wiggled his fingers. “Or I’ll have to tickle you to get you to say it.”

“What?” Your eyes widened as you squirmed underneath him, his fingers brushing against your waist. “What the—Tom!”

“Oh my god—” You giggled as his fingers moved under your shirt, brushing against your skin lightly. You turned around, trapping his arm between the couch and your body, causing him to stumble and fall on top of you.

“Shit! Love, sorry, I—” He grunted as he tried to push himself off you, but his arm was still trapped under you. He blushed, biting his lip. “Y/n/n, can you let go off my arm?”

“Oh, uh, yeah.” You lifted yourself up, letting him slip his arm out. You turned around, your cheeks heating up at the closeness. Tom licked his lips as you glanced up at him shyly.

“Sorry.” You whispered as you touched his cheek before you could stop yourself.

Tom bit his lip as he nodded, hesitantly lowering his body over yours as your eyes flickered to his lips. You held your breath as he leaned in. His lips hovering over yours, his chest brushing against yours—

Your phone rung.


Tom cursed under his breath, his hand grabbing a hold of your phone quickly, declining the call.


Is that him as your wallpaper?

“Is that me?” He said cheekily as he turned your phone around to show you. “Do you like me or something, darling?”

“Shut up!” You snatched your phone from him.

“Awe, it’s cute, love.” He cooed, reaching for your phone. “You have a crush on me. How cute.”

“Fuck off!”

“How long, huh?”

“I—” You looked away embarrassed. “A c-couple months.”

Tom leaned closer, his lips brushing against your cheek as he whispered. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I never thought you would like me.” You said, letting out a small sigh as Tom furrowed his eyebrows. “I mean, I am older than you. So I thought—”

“You think that’s going to stop me from doing this?” Tom tilted his head, his breath fanning over your face.

“Do what?” You whispered.

He smiled before pressing his lips to yours.


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the last interview {tom holland x actor!male!reader}


Originally posted by theauthorunicorn


a/n: request for @ivegotthepetertingle (i hope you don’t mind, but i switched up the request to give it a bit more of a plot line) anyways, my first fic for male!reader, and i’m so sorry if this is shit lmao

PSA: all can read, i just hope you don’t mind changing up or ignoring the pronouns all together! also, please reblog!

warnings: actor!male!reader, cursing, awkward moments and fluff, aLSO tom’s pov ;))))

summary: tom fell in love with him, but only realized it the last day of press tour


It was truly shocking to Tom how oblivious he could be, not only to others, but to himself.

He knew that you weren’t his love interest in the movie, that you were truly just more of a plot character than anything else;

but that didn’t mean you weren’t mesmerizing to him.

He snuck glances at you when you first walked on set in Homecoming a few years back. You only had a few days there, but that only put him on the spot to approach you even more.

He wished he had, because as soon as he worked up the courage, you were gone.

Tom was upset, disappointed even. Heartbroken? He hadn’t known you like that. Such a minor role in the movie as well as his life shouldn’t have affected him like this.


Tom soon forgot about it, moved on with his life. Focused on Spiderman and new role opportunities.

He got the call for the shooting of Far From Home that spring, and was quietly called in for a minor script reading that June.

He was estatic, antsy to start filming already. But he waited patiently for the moment to arrive.

Walking into the set that early morning in June, Tom makes a quick scan across the room, watching for familiar faces.

He had quickly spotted Jacob and Zendaya, and started stalking over to them.

“Hey mate,” He tapped Jacob on the shoulder, sitting in the seat next to him. “How’s it going?”

“Hey dude, it’s going ok. We’re just waiting for Jon.” Jacob explained to him.

He nodded his head, and relaxed back into the seat.

Looking up from responding to his emails, his eyes somehow found a smile worth a thousand lights.

You were sitting there, talking to some of the other cast mates, and he couldn’t help but stare.

The moment was quickly ruined by the announcement of the director arriving, and Tom went on with his day, only sneaking quick glances up at you when he could.


Months pass, and sure enough it’s press tour season yet again.

With you having such a bigger role in the movie than you did in Homecoming, Tom was able to spend time with you.

You quickly became best friends, sharing instagram stories on set and posting all the time, it’s safe to say the fans were suss. (the fact i’ve used this line before in a blurb is comical)

Press tour started a phenomenon know as S/N, (idk its a ship name) and edits were popping up everywhere. Tom had also recently come out as bisexual a few months before filming, and that had only fueled the fire.

The fans shipped it, the cast shipped it, with Zendaya leading the way no less, and it seemed obvious, right?

Apparently not to your two dumbasses.

It wasn’t until the last day of press where Tom really realized it.

You two were sitting in an interview together, with Daya on your left and Jacob on Tom’s right.

Things were going smoothly until the interviewer pops in with a bang-

“So Y/N, we heard from a very reliable source that you have a crush on set, is this true?”

You choked on your breath, and everyone around you had started laughing. Tom chuckled a bit, but his wavering patience to figure out who it was killed him.

Who is it? Why didn’t he like me?

Tom found himself getting jealous, agitated even, but he held his composure.

“Well.” Y/N said, stifling up your posture, “I wonder who was the snitch?”

“So it’s true?” The interviewer pressed, eager for a viral story.

“..I’m not gonna deny anything, I just wanna know who snitched, mkay?” You had joked, half serious and half not.

Zendaya watched as Tom fiddled in his seat, and a smirk grew as he grew more and more impatient.

“Wow Y/N,” she started, an idea blooming in ber head. “Whoever it is, is a really lucky guy.” She exaggerated, causing Y/N to squint his eyes at her.

Of course she knew it was Tom, you had told her when you first started filming.

You had whispered something to her, glaringly obvious that you were confused.

“Trying to get the lucky guy to admit he likes you too.” She stated plainly, as Tom’s body stilled.

There’s no way Z knows I like him, how could she figure it out?

Tom found himself frowning at the word “like”, the word not quite suming up how he felt sbout you.

Your laugh, your smile, your face when he made a stupid pun and you found yourself trying not to giggle; he liked it all.

But “like” wasn’t enough anymore.

You’re chuckle when you were tired and didn’t have the energy to laugh as much. Your dramatic entrance into the room when you felt like bringing out your inner drama nerd. You were an actor after all.

He didn’t “like” you anymore, he loved you.

And he would be damned if he didn’t tell you.

“Hey Y/N,” he had approached you after the interview, standing the the lobby of the building.

“Hey-” You turned around just in time for Tom to crash his lips against yours.

Pulling back, he smiles to you and starts on his rant. “I’m in love with you, I’ll admit it. I’ve been in love with you this whole time and just realized it. I’m an idiot for not telling you sooner, but oh well.”

Standing there, speechless as a smile broke out onto your face.

“I’m in love with you too, you fucking idiot.” You pushed his shoulder back as he oulled ypu in for another kiss.

Zendaya snaps a picture just before the pair had pulled apart.

“God, they’re cute.” She sighed, a smile blossoming in her face.

And as you smiled at him, Tom couldn’t help but agree.



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Originally posted by tom-hollcnd

I kinda veered away from the request but I still think this is cute. I didn’t know how to make the reader a party girl, but you’ll see what i did. 

“Love you,” he whispered within the dark confines of their room. Y/N was tucked under his arm, face against his chest as deep breaths left her lips. “‘Mega?” She could’ve been sleeping, but Peter wanted attention.

Whining, Y/N opened one eye. She pouted and he kissed her quickly. Y/N’s pout turned into a smile and she tightened her arms around his middle. “What is it, Pete?”

“I want your attention,” he whined and sniffed at the scent gland in her neck.

“Fine,” Y/N huffed. She manuevered her body until she was on top of him and kissed his nose. “Happy now?”

“Very,” Peter replied and wrapped his arms around her. Although the position wasn’t very comfortable, they both managed to fall back asleep.

Peter woke up hours later with a semi. He looked down at his shorts, suddenly too tight, and growled at himself. The growl wasn’t enough to wake Y/N up and he quickly moved towards their bathroom, muttering under his breath all the way.

It was his absence that woke Y/N up. She reached out for her Alpha, to get back some of the warmth she had suddenly lost, but came back feeling nothing but the still warm sheets. “Pete?” Even with Peters incredible hearing her voice was still inaudible.

He emerged from the bathroom a few minutes later, hair wet and sweat beading down his forehead. Y/N sucked in a deep breath, sniffing the air around him. His rut. Peter had started his rut.

Peter strode towards her, eyes blown wide with lust. He climbed onto her, his arms either side of her head, trapping her between the sheets. Y/N’s hands instantly moved up to his hair. She threaded her fingers through the damp strands and kissed his forehead. “Let me make you feel good, Alpha.”

Shimmying out of her underwear, Y/N continued to kiss him as best she could. She slowly pulled her pyjama top over her head and discarded it on the floor. The moment her hands weren’t doing anything, Peter trapped them above her head. “Need you, ‘Mega,” he whined, face hidden in the crook of her neck.

“I know you do, Alpha.” She easily flipped him over, his rut-addled body like putty in her hands. The scent of his rut had her already wet and she pushed down his pyjama shorts. Easily, she slid herself onto him. Peters hands flew to her hips and she squeezed her eyes shut. “Alpha,” she whispered and slowly began jutting her hips. 

Peter let out a growl, his strong hands stopping her movements. He rolled his hips under her and Y/N let out a gasp. Her hands were on his chest and she let Peter control her movements. Her hips moved with his as they brought each other to the edge. 

Peter came, but he kept going. He flipped them over and drove his hips into hers until she came. 

The moment they both came, Peter fell down beside her. He wrapped his arms around her sweaty body and pulled her close. “Thank you, ‘Mega.” His voice was hoarse and he kissed her. 

Y/N pushed his hair out of his face and kissed his forehead. “Love you, Alpha.” She kissed him one last time and settled down into his arms. 

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Three weeks, it had been three weeks with just you and tom in your apartment. You felt like you were stuck on house aresst for someone had a threat placed on you. It wasn’t awful, you and tom enjoyed each other’s company and even started becoming something more.

“What are you doing?” He stops you as you grip your hand on the trash bag thinking nothing is wrong. There was simply nothing wrong with walking down the hall to throw the trash down its shoot.

“Taking out the trash…” you proceed and he shakes his head. Coming over to you and taking it from your hand. You loved tom, he was your best bodygaurd, best friend, and slowly becoming your best boyfriend but you longed to see even just your neighbors door.

“Absolutely not.” He takes it from you and you fold your arms.

“It’s the trash!” You point and he is already walking over to the door.

“And it’s still outside. I’m responsible for you and I also care about you. You don’t know how serious this is.” He raises his brows and you grab his wrist, he looks down at your hand and then back at you.

“I want to at least walk with you. Please.” You beg and he shakes his head.

“Sorry darling, very strict orders.” He leans down and kisses your lips gently.

“I’m sure my father wouldn’t be very pleased to hear his daughters bodygaurd is sleeping with her.” You point your eyes and you two did have to keep your relationship a secret as of now. Tom would never let anything happen to you if your father found out but for now he liked his head on his shoulders.

“Stay close.” He tells you as he opens the door. It may have been the most basic thing, something so little you missed so much. You didn’t even know your neighbors new door mat got you excited but it did.

Tom was protective and it was nice but sometimes you liked the little things of going outside. Although the rest of the night, every sound, every movement had his hands on you without a doubt. He always made sure you were safe which made him the best you’ve ever had.

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Grass trimmed short between rectangular beds. Aromatic leaves, the air scented by blossoms, tiny green leaves of the Thyme, Rosemary with dark green leaves and white central stripe growing on woody stems,   sprawling Oregano with its sweet pungent smell, Mint in its clay pot reaching for the sun, Chives growing like grass with their round purple flowers on tall stems, Basil waves gaily in the summer breeze right next to the garlic to keep the aphids at bay. Combined what music they make, each Italian and Greek dish an orchestra of flavour. 


  I can never see flowers too many times, I can never tire of their sweet fragrance. Each one is a delicate bloom, no matter if it is a formal garden or wasteland. Their petals are delicate works of art and their hues are medicine for my soul. I guess it’s not just me that feels that way though, we bring flowers into the hospitals and graveyards, we send them to express our love, we plant them in our yards though they bear no edible fruits. Gardening was always a hobby of mine since I was a child


Its a very entertaining thing to do but it can be quite messy. My whole body was covered in mud as I was trimming the bushes and watering plants and planting some new flower seeds.
*pov *
Today I finished work earlier than expected. As I arrived home I found y/n gardening. She was putting her full effort into it and doing it passionately. Her hair was barely combed back into a messy ponytail, and dirt was smeared across her cheek and forehead. With her sports bra coated with mud and jeans caked with dried mud. Though covered in dirt and mud she was truly beautiful, stunning as always.


You were occupied sprinkling water on the Chrysanthemums when you felt a pair of muscular arms wrap around your waist from behind making you gasp. You looked behind to see it was tom.
Y/N: You are back early
T: Just wanted to see my pretty girl
Y: your pretty girl?
T: yes mine 


He pulled you closer to him and started pressing kisses across my neck to my collarbone.
T: hmm
Y: Don’t come close to me
T*stilll pressing kisses on you *: Why not love
Y: I’m covered in mud * pushing tom away *
T: but babeeeee I wanna cuddle * he whines and wraps you in a hug *
Y: let me go and take a shower first  * letting go of him *
T: okay but don’t come back begging me to cuddle with you
Y: huh?? I think it’s the other way around
Y: don’t come back begging me to cuddle with you * you said mocking him *
Y: I’m going to the shower rn
T: can I join you at least
Y: come along then *you looked at him with a smirk*




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