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justanamesstuff · 14 minutes ago
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spidernerdsblog · 3 hours ago
pretending to flinch when Peter does something to see his reaction🤙
I just got carried away. Hope you like this...
Pairing : Peter Parker x Reader
Warnings : fluff
Tumblr media
Peter Parker and chocolate cookies are a whole different story. One of the first things you discovered in the initial days of your relationship is his undying love for chocolate chip cookies. Aunt may often used to joke about how the cookies never make it into the cookie jar because he just practically inhales them as soon as she takes them out of the oven.
In the meantime you managed to learn the recipe from May and luckily you had a day off today so you decided to try out the recipe while waiting for Peter to come back from his daily patrolling and surprising him at night. You got busy in the kitchen measuring all the ingredients in the right amounts as May had taught you and mixed them into a perfect consistency. You were so engrossed in your work that you lost track of time and failed to hear Peter coming through the window of your apartment. 
“What are you baking?” Peter’s voice startled you. 
“Oh you scared me!” you gasped, turning around to find your nerdy boyfriend leaning against the doorframe of the kitchen. He had already changed into his flannel shirt and jeans which were in your closet after you insisted him to keep an extra set of clothes in your apartment in case he decides to stay the night.
“Sorry didn't mean to” he apologized sheepishly.
“It’s ok” you smiled glancing at the clock “you're early today” you remarked.
“Yeah, all the bad guys in Queens decided to take a day off today I guess” he chuckles “so what is being made in chef Y/N’s kitchen?” he walks inside and his eyes light up as soon as he sees the cookie dough in the mixing bowl “oh chocolate cookies, my favorite!” he beams with joy like a child and goes to scoop some of the dough but you move the bowl away from him.
“Ah ah hold on tiger you gotta let them bake in the oven first” you tell him sassily.
“But can I have a little taste please?” he gives you his irresistible puppy eyes.
“Nope” you were adamant as you hid the bowl behind you.
“Whyy??” he whines pouting at you.
“You always say one scoop but end up finishing half of the dough so not happening mister” 
“C'mon Y/N just one scoop please” he pleads jutting out his lower lip.
“No means no” you state out firmly.
“Well I think I might be able to turn that to a yes” he says smiling mischievously as his hands reach out to grab your hips and start to tickle you.
“Peter, stop this is cheating! You are not allowed to do this!” you squealed giggling trying your best not to drop the bowl.
“Yes everything is allowed in love and war” he says cheekily continuing to tickle you. 
“Oh god stop I can't breathe...” you say breathlessly as you try to swat away his hands giggling.
“Not unless you let me have a scoop of the cookie dough” he says, catching hold of your right arm firmly.
“Ouch! Peter stop” you yelped in pain and Peter immediately backed off letting go of your arm. Concern overtakes his features as he watches you put down the bowl on the kitchen counter and rub your arm.
“Did-did I hurt you?” his voice comes out shaky as he carefully goes to hold your arm
“Ow!” you flinch in pain as his heart dropped seeing you hurt because of him.
“Does it hurt?” he presses the area lightly with guilt in his eyes.
“Yeah a little” you tell him slowly sitting down on a chair.
“I'm so sorry Y/N this is all my fault. I'm such an idiot that I completely forgot about my superstrength. I should have been more careful. This is completely my fault. I hurt you we should go to doctor right now” he rambles blaming himself.
“It's ok Pete I’m fine it doesn't hurt that much” you reassure him with a soft smile feeling pity on him. 
“No I should have listened to you Y/N. Just tell me what can I do to make it better?” he says, shaking his head with remorse.
“Well we can finish baking the cookies and later on you can cuddle me to sleep. How does that sound?” you proposed.
“Anything for you babe. You just sit here and relax. I’ll do the rest of the work ok?” you nodded affirmatively and watched him get busy into baking the cookies batch by batch. The thought of having such a caring and loving boyfriend made you feel happy from inside but you also felt terrible seeing his saddened face cause he thinks he hurt you but in reality you were just pretending to be hurt to stop him and now you don’t know how to disclose that little secret to him. 
The timer went off indicating the last batch of cookies were done breaking you out of your thoughts. You jumped out of your seat and took out the tray from the oven. The scent of vanilla and chocolate invading your senses as you pulled out your mittens and picked up a piece from the tray.
“Mmmm tastes heavenly” you moaned, taking a bite of the freshly baked cookies it didn’t take much time for Peter to notice that you were working normally with your right arm.
“Hey you said your arm was hurting right?” he looks at you skeptically.
“What arm?” you say whilst chewing.
“Just an hour ago you were crying out in pain” he reminds you.
“Oh I was just pretending” you shrug nonchalantly.
“What?! You were acting the whole time?” he gasped in disbelief “that is so cheap of you” 
“You only said everything is fair in love and war and I had to save my cookies from the cookie monster” you retorted.
“You minx! You tricked me. I was so worried sick. You don’t know how terrible I felt for hurting you” he huffs knitting his eyebrows in a frown.
“Okay I’m sorry I won’t do that again” you say cupping his face with your hands “and how many times do I need to tell you Peter Benjamin Parker that you can never hurt me? Even if an evil symbiote possesses you, you will never hurt anyone willingly” you pressed a soft kiss on his lips as he finally gave you a smile “and stop underestimating me. I'm not that fragile ok?” you added making him laugh.
“We will see when you can take these from me” he says with a smug grinning as he grabs the whole cookie tray and runs out of the kitchen.
“Peter, come back!” you ran after him. 
Tumblr media
Let me know what you think. Reblogs are appreciated.
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redspider267 · 4 hours ago
Check it out
Harrison x holland! Reader
Me and Bryan [ boyfriend] were fighting again. We are in a toxic relationship but can't seem to get out of it. He screams at me, I scream at him, he throws a glass on the wall and I leave, I am so sick of it, the start of our dating was magical but now it's just a fucking mess. I was soaked in tears, I couldn't go home, mum and dad might worry. I think of heading to Tom's place, I know going to your elder brother's place after having a fight with your boyfriend is not one of the brightest ideas, but I still proceed.
Harrison's POV
Another day gone and I see her with him, he get's to hold her, he get's to touch her, he get's to love her and all I do is stare from the corner. Y/N and I never spoke of it but I thought we had something special, she proved me wrong. She's with that dick of her boyfriend who treats her as if his trophy. I can't even do anything, after all she is Tom's sister and has  a boyfriend. I am just the side kick. I remove my shirt and splash cool water on my face, helping me get her out of my mind, but she's there.
I enter the place only to find Tom watching TV, how classic. Without a word I go over and keep my head on his lap and lie down. He smiles at first but then looks at my face and gives me a look of concern.
TOM- " Y/N what's wrong?"
Y/N- I got in a fight with Bryan. 
TOM- Again, that motherfucker just doesn't stop, does he. I'm going to kill him
Y/N- Don't do that, we will sort it out later, I just want to be here.
TOM- *sighs* c'mere
I snuggle into him and fall asleep.
Tom's POV
Again, this keeps happening, I know my sister, she won't say she suffers but she does. I just don't understand why can't girls ever go after the decent boys, what's wrong with them.
Harrison's POV
As I was heading downstairs, I saw Y/N asleep on the couch with Tom making weird expressions. I asked him what's wrong and he tells me what just happened. That's it, I grab my leather jacket and head out not even bothering to put a shirt in, I reach the fucker's place and beat the shit out of him until he's passed out on the floor. Hurt my girl again and YOU WILL BE FUCKING DEAD.
Tom's POV
I saw Haz run out of the house shirtless, god knows what goes through that div's mind. I am so worried for my baby sister , all the guys she dates turn out being dicks then there's Haz who is madly in love with her but won't say a word. Y/N feels the same but she's just too busy fucking dickheads.
Haz- quiet, she's asleep
Tom- it does not answer my question
Haz- I went to Bryan's to teach him a lesson
Tom- fuck! Y/NN  won't like it.
Haz- I know but he cant keep doing that to her, Jesus mate pass me a shirt, will you?
Tom- *chuckles* I wish she'd go out with someone like you
Tom- I know you feel for her, she does too but you both are just to oblivious to notice 
Haz- I wish she would
Part 2 will be out soon
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sunnymuffins45 · 4 hours ago
Hahaha I love the modern holland family mini series. I had an idea, as we all know Claire is a daddy’s girl so how about when she’s like 15 and she is talking to her mom about her first crush at school, Tom overhears and becomes all fathery and protective of her. And he says some things like "guys at ur age want only one thing babygirl, I was 15 too once and I know for sure u can’t possibly give them what they expect because you’re not 25 yet, and not engaged so I do not approve, so I recommend you to stay away from boys". I’m a sucker for overprotective!dad!tom 🥺✌🏻💜
No Approval- Holland Family Mini Series
A/N: GUys I have never ever in my life watched modern family. 😂😂😂 If there are any similarities or references, they are def coincidences. Haha
Warnings: Overprotective Tom, fluff, talk about sex, swearing
Tom skipped through the stairs, accompanied by Tessa. He made his way to the garden and feed Tess, pouring the dog food into her plate. Tessa jumped in excitement once she saw she had food again. Tom pet the Staffie and made his way back inside.
He heard voices coming from the kitchen, so of course, he had to go check them out. As he got closer, the words he hears started to make sense.
¨Yes, mom, he is very cute.¨ Claire continued the conversation she was having.
¨Whats his name?¨ Tom heard you ask
¨Josh¨ Claire spoke, and Tom stayed still, wanting to know more.¨He bought me roses the other day.¨ Tom's daughter added with excitement to her wife. He just frowned.
¨ I want to meet this guy, he seems nice¨ You continued
¨Yeah, he is the boy I gave my first kiss to¨ And that was enough to make Tom interfere in the conversation.
¨Who is this Mother fucker? where does he live? what does he wear? Does he smell good? I bet he doesn't. Why is he bringing you roses and kissing you, huh?¨ Tom asked rolling, his sleeves up. Claire rolled her eyes at her dad's behavior.
¨Tom, babe, she´s just telling me about her friend...¨ You looked at Claire, trying to remember his name.
¨Telling me about Josh¨ You continued nodding.
¨Friends?!¨ He asked sarcastically ¨I don't know if you have to get your ears checked, baby, because she said KISS.¨ Tom argued with the two of you.
¨It was just a kiss, dad, nothing happened¨ Claire defended herself, but Tom wasn't having it.
¨It was just one time, dad, now I am pregnant¨ He mocked his daughter.
¨Tom come on she is too young to be pregnant. You do know that, right?¨ You asked your daughter.
¨Ugh yes mom¨ She rolled her eyes at you.
¨Yeah, keep rolling your eyes, Claire Holland. If they get stuck, at least you won't have to see that boy.¨ Tom joked, making you laugh.
All of a sudden, Claires phone starts to ring. Of course, it had to be Josh calling. The three of you looked at each other, Tom was the first to act up and grab his daughter's phone.
¨Hey Clariey¨ Josh spoke, calling Claire a pet name. You cocked your head, trying to understand the name he had just called your daughter.
¨Nah, ah, ah this ain't no Clariey¨ Tom mocked the kid ¨ This is her father speacking¨ Tom clenched his jaw, while Claire closed her eyes in embarrassment.
¨Oh shi- Hey Mr. Holland, it's nice to finally talk to you. My brother is such a big fan-¨
¨ Why are you calling my daughter?¨ Tom asked, scrunching his eyes at Claire.
¨Yeah, I was gonna ask her if she wanted to come to the festival tonight. Her friends Lilia and Emma are coming, as well as my friend Bryce.¨ Josh started. ¨I guess since your on the phone she is grounded or something.¨ Tom looked at his daughter ¨ I hope Claire can come. She's been talking about the festival for weeks now. I promise Mr.Holland I´ll take good care of your daughter if you let her go. ¨ The boy sounded like a very nice person still, Tom didn't like the idea of Claire going out with boys.
¨Oh that's a shame son, she is not allowed to go¨ Tom hanged up.
¨WHAT?!¨ Claire screamed
¨Princess I know you like this boy but-¨
¨BUT YOU WONT LET ME LIVE MY FUCKING LIFE¨ Claire stormed off into her room. The bedroom door almost falling off due to how strongly she slammed it.
¨Phew¨ You whistled ¨You fucked up this time Tom¨ You said, shaking your head.
¨I know, my love, it just that she used to be around me all the time. She would be by my side and tell me everything. Now, she barely even speaks to me. I am kind of jealous that Jack-¨
¨Josh¨ you corrected him
¨Josh is getting more love from her than me.¨ Tom pouted, and you pulled your husband in for a hug.
¨Oh baby, no¨ You assured him ¨shes just growing up, she has never stopped loving you¨ You stroked his back.
¨How do you know?¨ Tom asked, sniffling.
¨She always tells me how you are the most important person in her life. Every time I bring up the subject of what she wants to be when she grows up, she always says ´I want to be just like my dad´¨ Tom smiled as he heard that.
Claire was being nosey as always. She heard the conversation his parents had and couldn't help but feel bad about being rude to her dad. He's always done so much for her, he deserves better. Claire returned to her room. Moments after, she heard a knock.
¨Come in¨ She answered.
¨Hey darling¨
¨Hey dad¨ She smiled softly at him ¨Am sorry about yelling at you. I respect you, I will never do that again¨ Claire apologized, Tom hugged her.
😂¨I am sorry for being overprotective princess, but guys at your age want only one thing, baby girl. I was 15 too once, and I know for sure you can’t possibly give them what they expect because you’re not 25 yet.¨ Tom caressed his daughter's cheek.
¨I know dad, Josh isn't like that though¨ She tried. Tom just didn't want to admit it.
¨Yeah, I know he is very respectful, but I don't approve of you having any serious relationships right now, my love. Is that okay with you¨ Tom asked claire, smiling. She nodded, smiling as well.
¨Yes dad¨ She hugged him and kissed his cheek.
¨Now, grab your phone and call that kid. Let them know you will be going to the festival.¨ He surprised her.
¨Yeah, I was not going to let you go, sweets¨ She hugged him tighter than before.
¨I love you dad, I know I don't say it as often, but I do¨ Claire pulled out of the hug.
¨I love, you more¨ Tom started leaving but turned around one last time. ¨If you think you will open those legs to any man, I will super glue them together Claire¨ He raised his eyebrows ¨You have been warn¨
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sunnymuffins45 · 6 hours ago
Chocolate-Scented Candles TH
⚠️This IS part of the Personalized Fics Masterlist, so no Y/N is used in this fic. You are still more than welcomed to read it!!! ⚠️
Peronalized Fics= Closed
If you want to read this fic but your name is not shown here, pretend it's yours lol :)
A/n: I am very sorry about not updating the personalized fics. I have so many requests, I am trying to organize myself and my time. Please know I have already seen all of your requests and am beyond happy to write them. But please be patient with me 🥲. Due to me having a lot of requests,❤️
This is my first time writing smut, and it's not so....good😭
Request: Can you totally make a fic where it's Tom's birthday and the reader sets everything up all nice and everything. Then it goes into some crazy sexy time and afterward Tom takes really good care of her??
For: @dustychinchilla74 !!! 💕
WC: 1.2k
Warnings: SMUT ( my first ever, don't judge me 🥲), swearing, fluff
Nevaeh rushed all around her shared house with Tom. She was currently decorating for his birthday. Tom had been away from filming, and he was finally back to celebrate his birthday. Nevaeh had called Nikki the night before her boyfriend's birthday. She asked her if they could do something with Tom during the day so you could prepare him a special surprise at night. That's how you ended up where you both were.
Vaeh knew Tom loved scented candles, so she decided to go and buy lots of candles for him. She believed Tom deserved every single detail to be perfect. She came up with an idea on how to surprise Tom. First, she called Sam. Vaeh asked him to make the most delicious dish he could think of. Then she went to the store, where she bought roses, candy, and chocolate-scented candles, Tom's favorite. Nevaeh proceeded to decorate the house, making a trail full of rose petals and chocolate-scented candles that led to the backyard, their shared bedroom, and the bed. Then, she took the table and chairs outside. Nevaeh placed the chairs and the table under some trees. On those trees hanged beautiful, white, paper lights all over.
Tom arrived home from his parent's house, seconds after Nevaeh had finished everything. The food was ready, the soft music in the background was already playing, and Nevaeh got dressed. Tom opened the door, his stomach dropping at what he saw. The backyard door opened, and roses and candles leading the way. He followed the path with the widest smile ever. As Tom got to the backyard, he saw Vaeh waiting for him, in front of the table. He ran to her, picking her up and spinning her around. He finally let go of her.
¨What´s all this ?¨Tom asked her, his face blissful.
¨Happy birthday baby¨ Vaeh answered, pulling him in for a kiss. ¨I love you¨ She whispered, millimeters away from his lips.
¨I fucking love you more, Darling¨ He kissed her again.
Vaeh and Tom ate their dinner and talked about how much they loved each other. They Drank a little too much champagne, so their heads were a little fuzzy. After they ate dinner, Vaeh stood up from the table and led Tom to their shared room. To Tom's surprise, the bed was full of petals thrown around everywhere.
¨Ta, Daaaa!¨ Vaeh changed, giving him a cheeky grin.
¨This night keeps getting better¨ He bit his lip.
¨It gets even better¨ She spoke sensually.
¨Oh I bet¨ Tom picked her up and threw her on the bed.
He took off his shirt and started kissing Vaeh´s lips. She started pulling his curls closer to her. Tom moved to her neck, sucking and kissing all over until he found her sweet spot. Nevaeh moaned, and Tom knew he found the spot. He kept sucking on her spot, while Nevaeh tangled her fingers on his curls.
¨Stand up¨ Tom ordered, and so she did. Nevaeh stood up, and Tom unzipped her dress in record time. He took a second to take in her figure and then kissed her again, both falling back on the bed.
¨Your fucking beautiful¨ He breathe out, and she moaned.
Nevaeh smiled into the kiss. She arched her back to unclips her bra while Tom kissed her collarbone. He kissed Nevaeh´s lips one more time and moved to her breasts. Tom started sucking on her nipples, making her moan louder.
¨Ah, Tom!¨ She arched her back.
¨That feels good, doesn't it love?¨ Tom asked, but Nevaeh wasn't able to concentrate on anything but the way his tongue felt against her skin.
¨Answer me¨
¨God yes¨ Nevaeh cried out.
Tom placed small kisses as he made her way down her body. He placed his hand on each side of Nevaeh´s hips, Tom was face to face with her heat. Licking his lips, he looked at her. Flustered and blushed. He went back to her damp panties.
¨Your so wet darling¨ He bit his lip, she panted.
¨Do something!¨ Nevaeh cried out loud, desperate for some touch. Tom pulled her panties down, taking a look at her wet cunt.
¨ What do you want?¨ He whispered in her ear.
¨You!¨ Nevaeh moaned. Tom took off jeans along with his trousers. He stroked his dick, hovering over her body. Tom moved back to her pussy, using his fingers to spread her wetness around. His fingers lingered around her entrance.
¨Tom! stop teasing-uhh!¨Nevaeh cried, as Tom inserted two fingers inside her. She was a moaning mess. Tom started kissing her lips again, his fingers still moving in and out of her.
¨Tom, am going to-¨ Nevaeh wasn't able to think straight.
¨Ive got you, princess, do it¨ Tom started moving his fingers faster until he felt your orgasm pass. Tom stroked his dick again, spreading the wetness over his fingers. Tom alined himself in front of her hole, and without warning, he slammed into her. Nevaeh moaned loudly. She was pretty sure the neighbors heard everything, but honestly, Vaeh couldn't seem to care less.
¨Am not lasting long¨ Tom announced as he started moving in and out of her faster. Groans and moans filled the room, as well as the sound of your bodies slapping together.
¨Oh, shit, oh, it feels s-so good¨ Vaeh managed to get out. Tom held onto her hips, being able to be deeper into her. His thrusts began to be sloppy. She knew he was getting close. Vaeh started moving her hips to help him a little. Soon, both of them reached their highs. Tom pulled out and went to the bathroom to get a towel. He came back and cleaned her up, kissing her belly in the process. Vaeh giggled, standing from the bed and heading to the bathroom.
When she came back, Tom handed her some fresh new clothes, including one of his shirts. Then, they both laid in bed. Tom wrapped his arms around Vaeh´s waist, whispering sweet nothings into her ear. Tom stroked her hair. He loved how the smell of shampoo still lingered around. Vaeh caressed his lower lip with her thumb, then kissing it.
¨This was the best birthday ever, all thanks to you darling¨ He kissed Vaeh´s nose.
¨What was your favorite thing about today?¨ She asked, playing with his hair.
¨Aside from spending it with you, probably the chocolate-scented candles¨ He laughed and Vaeh gasped.
¨I knew it!¨ She smiled at him.
¨Oh, you have no idea how much I love you, my Vaeh¨ He pulled her closer and kissed her all over her face.
¨I love you too birthday boy!¨
As you see, smut isnt really my strong suit(lol) I will try to get better at it !! 🌝😂
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hollandsrecs · 7 hours ago
friends to lovers masterlist (1)
links last checked 25/06/2021 | more masterlists
aftercare by dlwritings
summary: not everyone cares about their first time. some people just wanted to get it over with. you had always wanted it to be special. a special time with a special guy. but after ages of never finding that guy, you decide to just get it over with. tom helps with the aftermath of the disaster.
all for her by screamholland
summary: a single-dad bartender, a supportive best friend and their continuous, unrequited love noticed by his optimistic daughter. is it possible to break a heart they never knew they had?
back home by madmadmilk
summary: they thought it would be a funny prank to bring a celebrity back home with you for your high school reunion, but you never imagined who you could fool; not even yourself.
bed, booze and him by txmhoelland
summary: life as a university student is already hard. sharing a flat with two college guys (one semi-decent, one all-around-annoying) just to get through paying the rent? funnily enough, even harder. it’s halloween plus midterms just ended so that means parties are never-ending and students are getting wasted. you should be out partying but you’re stuck finishing a paper. how are you going to survive the night again?
bff tom has an interesting dream about you by duskholland
breaking the barrier by satellitespidey
summary: the one where tom and y/n break the roommate barrier.
crash course by greenorangevioletgrass
summary: fresh out of a breakup, tom moves in with his childhood best friend. she teaches him a thing or two about moving on.
domino effect by tommyparkerr
summary: “if you can look me in the eyes and tell me you feel nothing between us, then i’ll stop and leave this alone.” 
eyes so drunk by chkchkspidey
head over heels by duskholland
summary: tom’s been head over heels for you for three years. no matter how hard he tries, he’s never able to get the words out. but it’s harrison’s 24th birthday, and tom really can’t keep his feelings a secret any longer. 
home is where the heart is by pastelpeter
summary: “when i look at you, i can feel it. i look at you and i’m home” y/n and tom were very close in their teenage years and in love, but when he was cast as spider-man, they split and moved on. years later they meet again.
how you get the girl by spidey-writes
i love you by t-holland2080
summary: you and tom are childhood friends and reconnect down the road.
just another thursday night by wazzupmrstark
summary: as far as commercial holidays went, valentine’s Day was your least favorite.
just friends?! by tomhollandisabae
summary: a knock on the door leads to a huge change.
just like this by farfromparker
summary: you’re his best friend, and he’s been in love with you for the last 3 years. harrison finally convinces tom to do something about it.
k-i-s-s-i-n-g by cali-holland
summary: your first kiss occurs on the set of spider-man: homecoming.
love, rosie by dahliaspidey
summary: tom and the reader are reunited after years apart.
lovestruck and lipstick stained by waitimcomingtoo
summary: you and tom don’t feel entirely out of characters after playing lovers in the mcu.
more than that by softspideys
summary: looking back on it, you wondered why you thought that you and tom could ever be just friends.
my best friend’s hot by spxderman-s
summary: you’re one of yom’s best friends, but that’s all you’ve ever been. however, when asked about you during a live interview, maybe that’s not entirely true.
my favorite subject by evermoreholland
peach scone by whatevsholland
summary: tom finds himself falling for you the moment you begin as his co-worker, but then finds out about your relationship - and where it is heading - and has to try to keep his feelings out of the equation.
refuge in the storm by starksparker
summary: a horrible storm rips through tom’s apartment leaving the two of you in the dark.
she ain’t you by nothingbutimagines
summary: y/n is tom’s best friend and when he breaks up with his girlfriend, hidden feelings start to surface.
sincerely, by whatevsholland
summary: you and tom were childhood best friends. but when he started dating the girl who got everything you ever wanted, it began a falling out between you and tom. now he’s back home in london, just in time for your sister to host her engagement party.
something there by hilllsnholland
summary: you and tom were just friends. strictly platonic. until there was something there that wasn’t there before.
the proposal by waitimcomingtoo
trust fund baby by peterpparkrr
summary: after getting famous tom dates around in hollywood before realizing that it’s not working out because one of his friends from home still has his heart.
under the mistletoe by softspideys
summary: it might just take a christmas miracle to bring you and tom together.
you and me by sunshinehollandd
summary: you and tom are best friends, and have been forever, you’re both in love with each other, but are too afraid to admit it.
you are in love by starksparker
summary: tom drunk dials you in the middle of the night which leads to a heated discussion the following morning.
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calumsnatchedmyheart · 8 hours ago
Need You Now
867 words of Tom Holland devouring Cunt in belated honor of National Eat Pussy Day
Request/Chat with Me
Your ass met the cool stained oak of his desk top, thighs spread as Tom stood between them. His lips on yours, tongue exploring every section of your mouth with such intensity you were sure he could draw a detailed map of it when he was done.
“Tom, you have a meeting” you mumbled, your lips detaching from his as he began to mouth along your jaw, his hands sliding up your thighs and hooking his fingers in the space between your tender skin and the waistband of your panties.
“They can wait” he murmured, voice thick with arousal as it weighed heavy on his tongue.
Your fingers encircled the soft silk of the lapels on his suit jacket, tugging his chest flush to yours. His nails scratched softly against the skin of your thighs as he dragged your panties down to your knees, letting them fall freely down to your ankles before slipping them off your feet. Kneeling down between your spread legs.
The friction of silk slipping from your fingers brings, your need to grip onto something, to ground yourself from the euphoria that erupted through you with every heated kiss Tom placed from your ankle all the way up to the place you both wanted him to be.
Your digits instinctively weaving their way through his dark golden duted locks, tugging from the scalp as you tried to pull him closer to you but he fought against your force, starting with eyes blown wide at the arousal that coated the flesh of your cunt, nearly dripping onto the wood beneath you. His mouth thirsting to taste you, and though he could normally admire your needy pussy for hours, teasing until you writhed beneath his touch , this time he wanted you, needed you, now.
Without another moment's hesitation his lips met your folds, studded muscle tracing your velvety ridges, licking laces you didn’t know he could get to with just his tongue. Normally he would spread you open with two fingers parted in a V-shape but not today. Today he was freestyling, his face buried between your thighs as both his hands dug into the supple rounds of your ass, urging you to grind against his face, crooked ridge of his incorrectly set nose digging into your clit, the upward motion of his head as he licked viciously over you entrance lifting the hood of your clit, exposing it to further stimulation, sparks erupted across your body. The entirety of your vulva being overtaken by a familiar heated sensation, your cunt dripping on Tom’s chin as you neared your peak.
He pulled back slightly, taking a deep inhale that you interrupted, wrapping your bare legs around his shoulder and pulling him back into you. His eyes widened with surprise, finishing what was left of his intake of air with his lips against your clit. His nose being overtaken with the scent of you, his brown eyes rolling back in his own pleasure, the only noises in the room being that of your soft euphoric moans and Tom’s tongue delving in and out of your cunt.
“Tommy, I-I’m close” you whimpered, eyes clenching shit as you reached the brink of your orgasm, a hum of acknowledgement leaving his spit and slick curated lips as he sped up his movement, pushing you over. Topping linto what felt like never ending ecstasy as your body seized against his face. He licked mercilessly even when you started coming down from your high, but your body never got the chance to to replace as Tom’s licks and sucks didn’t stop. He was still in between your thighs, devouring every drop of cum that leaked from your spasming walls. His tongue dipped into your entrance, feeling the rigid muscles squeeze him, his nose buried in you, every breath tainted by your thighs closing pussy lips around him. You tried to tug him away as your second high neared, not sure if your body could handle it, but Tom didn’t stop, taking as deep of a breath as he could and pressing his face farther into you. The way he moaned into you as you gripped his hair, pushing you deeper into the pleasurable abyss, eyes trapping shut as your body from. It seemed like you left this world as your body wracked with euphoria, every feeling other than the blood coursing the fireworks through your blood shutting down.
When you came back, your ears started to comprehend noise once again, you heard Tom cough, licking your juices off of his lips, trying to catch his breath. Your eyebrows rose with worry as you leaned forward, catching his chin and bringing his gaze to you.
“You okay? Don’t need you suffocating before your meeting” you reminded
“I’d happily die from suffocation in your pussy” he assured, making you laugh heartily, slapping his chest, your fingers grazing the cum that now stained his dress shirt as you did.
“Get to your meeting and maybe I will let you suffocate yourself again later” you teased but he just raised his brows.
“Maybe?” he asked rhetorically, making you question your wording as he squeezed your hip “Love, I’m going to have you begging for it”
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Tom warns Harrison about the reader on whom he has a crush but Harrison falls in love with her anyway and gets his heart broken ?
This is like such a sad scenario to think about but damn do I love mean girls. This was so fun to write, I hope you like it! Thank you for the request darling, love u xx
Blurb night continues until tonight at midnight!
Pairing: Harrison Osterfield x Reader
Warnings: Angst, rejection, crying
Summary: Harrison fails to heed the warnings of his best friend
Blurb Night
“I know you’re into her, but trust me Haz, she’s bad news.”
Harrison knit his brow in confusion, “I thought you liked her.”
“I do, she’s my friend and she’s an amazing actress, but she isn’t someone you should date. She isn’t into commitment.”
“Or maybe she just isn’t into you,” he snapped back, “If she rejected you that’s got nothing to do with me.”
Tom rolled his eyes, “Oh come on Haz, grow up. This isn’t some petty jealousy thing, I don’t want to see you get hurt. I mean you two have been hooking up for what? A month? Don’t you think she would have at least hinted at wanting something more if that was her intention here?”
“I’m not going to. I know what I’m doing Tom, I don’t need your help with girls.”
。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆   。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆
“Oh, what a pleasant surprise,” (y/n) smirked when she spotted Harrison in her trailer, “You aren’t scheduled to shoot today, which means you can only be here for one thing…” she teased, dragging a finger over his collar bone.
“Well yes, that,” he chuckled as his large hand encompassed hers, “But I had some things to talk to you about first.”
“Oh, okay,” she took a seat and clasped her hands in her lap, “What’s on your mind pretty boy?”
“Well, we’ve been doing this for awhile now, and as fun as this is,” he motioned between them, “I was thinking maybe we could make it a little more serious.”
She frowned, “What do you mean?”
“I-I don’t know, I thought maybe we could go on a date or something.”
And uncomfortable silence filled the room. Harrison waited for an answer with baited breath while she just pursed her lips.
“I think you should go.”
“You should go,” she repeated as she stood, “Look it was stupid to start doing this at all, we’re just coworkers.”
“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to upset you. It’s okay if you don’t want something more I ju-”
“I told you to leave,” she crossed her arms and paced to the door, motioning for him to exit, “Now.”
He blushed and moved towards the door hesitantly, “(y/n) I-”
The door was slammed in his face before he could get out another word, leaving him alone with his thoughts.
。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆   。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆
“Haz?” Tom raised a brow at the boy on the couch, “What happened?”
Harrison was visibly upset, eyes red and puffy and a beer in hand, “I talked to (y/n).”
“Oh,” Tom took a seat on the couch beside him, “I’m sorry, I know you really liked her.”
“She wouldn’t even talk to me. I said I wanted to go on a date and she just kicked me out,” he took another swig of his beer before checking his phone, “Oh, and she still hasn’t answered my texts, or my calls.”
“I’m sorry,” he repeated. “Yeah yeah, I know, you warned me,” he inhaled sharply as his eyes began to burn once again, “I should have listened, blah blah blah.”
“I’m not gonna say that,” Tom set a hand on his shoulder, squeezing it gently, “I’m just sorry. She’s missing out alright?”
“Yeah,” he sighed and wiped away the tears forming in his eyes, “Her loss.”
@spideyssunshine @outshineallthestars @roseke @zspideyy @emistrash
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ruesthay · 14 hours ago
˗ˋ .*ೃ✧₊˚.❁ ↷ IMAGINE TOM HOLLAND #01
sumário! tom revela detalhes íntimos sobre vocês em uma entrevista
n° de palavras! 360
n/a! e vamos de mini imagine
Tumblr media
Você e o Holland estavam participando de um popular programa de TV. Além de responderem perguntas sobre seus projetos, vocês comentaram sobre algumas das fofocas do momento e revelaram alguns detalhes de suas vidas pessoais e do relacionamento de vocês. Vocês já haviam anunciado o namoro há um ano, portanto não era algo novo para os fãs, porém eles ainda adoravam saber mais sobre o relacionamento de vocês.
─ S/n, você nos disse que sempre foi bastante tímida. Isso te atrapalha ou já atrapalhou em algum momento? ─ O entrevistador pergunta, você havia realmente dito aquilo, uma das primeiras perguntas que respondeu durante o programa foi sobre como havia sido se tornar famosa, você acabou mencionando sua timidez na resposta.
─ Isso costuma me atrapalhar um pouco na hora de socializar, principalmente em eventos. Antes da fama eu estava acostumada a permanecer na minha "bolha", sempre quietinha, sabe? Então ainda é um pouco difícil para mim conversar com novas pessoas e isso acaba me fazendo parecer esnobe ou algo do tipo, o que não é verdade, eu sou apenas uma pessoa tímida mesmo. ─ Você responde, já havia visto alguns famosos comentando que te acharam um tanto esnobes por não parecer muito à vontade enquanto conversava com eles, claro que não deu muita atenção a isso, seus atores favoritos te adoravam e isso era o que importava para você.
─ Não foi nem um pouco quietinha ontem à noite. ─ Tom acaba pensando em voz alta. ─ Não era pra eu ter dito isso. ─ Ele dá um tapinha na testa, o que sempre faz quando acaba falando algo que não devia.
─ Thomas! ─ Você o encara com uma expressão de "isso é sério?"
─ Desculpa, amor. ─ Ele faz aquela carinha de cachorrinho arrependido, apenas porque sabe que você não resiste a ela. ─ Podemos fingir que nada aconteceu? ─ Ele se volta para o entrevistador e a platéia.
─ Bom, eu não ouvi nada. ─ O apresentador brinca. ─ Vocês ouviram alguma coisa? ─ Interage com a platéia, que rapidamente grita um "não", a não ser por uma das fãs, que solta um "eu ouvi", um pouco alto demais.
─ Você é ousada, gostei de você. ─ Você brinca, se referindo a fã, fazendo todos rirem.
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congrats on 400😁 maybe u could write a mob!tom blurb or something about him rescuing u after being taken by one of his rivals? sorry if that’s cheesy lol i’m just a sucker for mob!tom
Aw thank you so much ☺️
And yes! Of course! I'm a huge sucker for mob Tom too so I got ur back bby dw. Keep sending in those blurb night requests babes! Love ya'll xx
Coming Home
Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader
Warnings: Angst
Summary: You and Tom comfort each other after reuniting
Blurb Night
Tom popped his knuckles nervously and shifted his weight between his feet, making Harrison jab him in the side to make him stop.
“Calm down, everything’s fine,” he assured.
“Easy for you to say,” Tom rolled his eyes, suddenly going stiff as the door finally creaked open.
Gabriel had returned with (y/n) right behind him, led by one of his more unsavory men.
“All in one piece, just like I promised,” Gabriel smirked as he tugged the gag from her mouth, “Go on, tell Tommy how well we treated you.”
Tom snapped, grabbing her by the shoulders while they untied her hands, “If you ever try something like this again I promise it won’t end so cordially.”
“Oh I’m looking forward to it,” he chuckled, “I’m sure I’ll be seeing you all soon.”
“Let’s go,” Harrison decided it was best to step in before Tom could say anything else, “We need to get her home.”
Tom nodded and took her hand, leading her back through the house in silence. No one said a word until they were in the car. “I’m so sorry,” Tom apologized, pressing a kiss to the top of her head. “Don’t apologize,” she wrapped her arms around his middle and hid her face in his neck, “What did he want?”
“Doesn’t matter, you’re safe now, I’ll deal with the rest,” he assured, squeezing her against him, “You’re okay right? They didn’t hurt you?”
She shook her head, “They were all bark, nothing I couldn’t handle.”
He kissed her head again while the driver finally pulled away from the home, “I love you so much, I’m so sorry I let this happen.”
“I love you too,” she mumbled into his skin, “You didn’t let anything happen, it just happened. And you know what would make me feel better right now?”
“If we spent the rest of our night in our bed,” she pressed a kiss to his neck before pulling back to meet his eyes, “And a shower.”
He laughed, “We’ll be home soon angel, then the night’s all yours, we’ll do whatever you want.”
“I just wanna be with you,” she kissed his shoulder before resting her head there, closing her eyes while he rubbed her back. “Me too,” he sighed, “That’s all I could ever want.”
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justanamesstuff · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
Pairing: Tom Holland x reader!female
Requested? Yes, here is the request
A/N: I can't begin to tell you how nervous I am right now. I've been working on this fic for over two's my first time writing proper smut. It probably won't be perfect, but I'm proud of myself anyway. I hope you enjoy! Tell me what you think after reading :))
Word count: 9K
Warnings: blood, scratched knees, harm, accident, smut, hard language, fluff, a little bit of everything
Tom felt suffocated. From starters, premiers weren’t his favourite part of the job, but something he had to deal with. No matter how many years we had been on the game, he couldn’t get used to it. He envied people that could.
Yes, it brings attention to the movie he has to promote and that was directly better for his career. Still, he hates it. All the questions about his personal life, especially who he was dating or not…and why not. He knew he had zero power over that, and he could only dodge the questions as best as he could.
No matter how much he mentalized himself to just do the job and run home, he always ended up feeling the same at the end of the night. He was very aware of the tightness on his chest. Annoyance.
Paul -his personal guard and closest one- and Tom walked around the backstage of the theatre where the premiere was set. They were trying to escape successfully from the big group of fans that had been waiting and begging to get a glance oft him all night long.
Tom loved his fans to bits, they were all from him. Let’s be real though. Who wants to be mobbed by a big group of hysterical people who touched or grabbed whatever they can reach of your body, at the same time they shout in your years? Yeah, no one. He was rational about that but sometimes Tom felt guilty of left places so fast without interacting with them.
Tonight, wasn’t exactly the case. He only could think about reaching home, his bed. Gets rid of the layer of makeup and his tight suit. Left the world outside and just sleep.
All of his hopes to get a clean retreat went out of the windows when he already could hear people outside the last door they had to get through. Tom cursed under his breath. From what he recalls that Paul said, they had to walk more than 20 meters to finally meet the car. The door leads to an alley and turning at their right few meters ahead the van was waiting for them.
Paul gave him a comprehensive look, full of pity as well. Tom only nodded, under the neon light that states exit, as a signal to open the door.
The flashes of phone cameras threw him back a little, but he shook his head and followed the path that Paul tried to make for him, meanwhile more guards came to secure him. The fans screamed at him, a bunch tried to get closer and touch him. Tom always feels like a piece of meat at that moment and somehow violated as well. He loved his fans but for god's sake, he was a human being as well.
Minutes went by in a painful and slow rhythm. His sight was fixed into the concrete beneath their feet. Everything develops in the same way. Fans screaming, flashes, and the guards screaming the fans to stay back. Tom tried to detach himself from the situation. It lasted for a few minutes until he acknowledged a girl on the ground. He couldn’t see clearly because between him and the mysterious person were legs of fans obstructing his view.
Tom didn’t think it twice.
Y/n opened the front door of her current job. She took a minute to fix her light brown skirt before she arranged her bag on her right shoulder. Y/ looked around her, watching people come and go
She started walking the streets -holding her breath without realizing it- when she reached the corner, she sighed loudly. People that walked close look her way. Y/n didn’t mind; she was beyond that by that time of the day.
Her manager was a pain in the ass. Always having something to say about her face, her body, her attitude, fucking everything. He could even talk about the weather and somehow it has something to do with her. Y/n felt so powerless. She couldn’t do anything. He was her boss, and she has to put on a smile, because no matter how awful he was y/n needed the job.
Someday, she promised herself -while she continued walking-, she would find a better job or be her boss and quit. That day she would tell him everything she wanted. Someday.
Today, although, she wanted to get home, make some food, watch a chapter she already watched with friends, and fall asleep peacefully.
Her inner monologue and ideas were thrown to the back of her head when she turned to her left and very loud screams slammed her face. She feared at first something bad was happening, but screams plus teenagers, plus flashes were signs of another event.
Y/n cursed under her breath. She forgot the premier that was getting place that evening at the local theatre and the fact that she has to pass through the mass of people to get to her bus stop. She cursed his boss again for overtook her mind once again.
After taking a long breath she started walking, elbowing fans of some star receiving bad glances or even swearing from a lot of them. She reached the middle of the crowd things got worst. The mass of humans has its one movement by now, and she couldn’t move on her own. Y/n tried to keep her balance but sooner than she could prevent it, an avalanche of fans threw her into the floor.
Her fall last seconds, if someone asked her now, she doesn’t even remember it that well. The instant pain was what she could sense in detail. Y/n tried to seat- as properly as she could- bringing her knees closer to her eyes. Her skin wasn’t any smoother and healthy, that was replaced with bruises and big stains of red liquid coming from under her skin. Her first instinct was to blow. That did any better.
Y/n tried to suppress the pain and think of a way to get out of the crowd. At the same time, without her noticing someone acknowledged her.
“Are you okay?” a sweet voice came from behind her, while around space opened over and around them. Y/n looked at him as he was an angel coming down from the sky. “Oh, shit” Tom swore after she could say a word. “Come” he approached the girl who was in total shock. “Lean on me” he said placing her right arm around her neck, and his left arm around her. Y/n obey and slowly stand up. “Could you walk?” he asked.
Y/n turned to her right, fully looking at him. She couldn’t hear much, not even the fans. Tom noticed and asked again a little louder. Y/n shacked her head coming out of her trance. She moved her face from left to right. The words didn’t form in her mouth so that was her best way to say no.
Tom nodded, leaning down a little, so he could place his other arm behind her scratched knees lifting her up in the air.
As fast as guards made space for them, the group reached -finally- the van. In less than a minute, Paul opened the door and Tom got Y/n inside the car. He left her on the closest seat trying to be as careful as he could be. Then, he seated in front of her. He knew he was getting in trouble for doing this to a stranger. What if she was a crazy fan or something like that. The thoughts went out of his head quickly when he watched her knees again.
Tom wanted to believe that no one could do that just to be close to him. Well, maybe someone would. Not this case though. Y/n never tried to get his attention or anything.
His thoughts were interrupted by Y/n, who came out of her trance fully. “What the actual fuck just happened?” which made Tom chuckled.
“I’m so sorry for all of that” he apologized, noticing the car started to move.
“It’s not your- “she started to say.
“It is. They were waiting for me” he stated, looking down. Y/n said nothing and just looked at him. At that moment the thought that she was in a van with a group of men she didn’t know hit her for the first time. She stared directly at him. Tom thought she was judging him tried to clarify what he just has said. “I’m the star they were waiting for. Fuck that sounds even worst” Tom mumbled the last sentence under his breath.
“Where are we going?” Y/n asked. She couldn’t care less right now who he is. She needed to know what was his plan about her.
“Oh, right. Em someone needs to take care of your knees” he responded, scratching the back of his neck nervously.
“I can do it” she states.
“Since I’m the one guilty for it, I think, the best is I drive you to a hospital” he told her, more in an asking tone than an affirmation.
“No way, man. It’s only a scratch. I can perfectly take care of this” Y/n told him, looking for the handle to get out of the van. She whines for the stretch around the skin of her damaged knees.
Tom moved uncomfortably on his seat “Please, I insist” he begged.
Y/n stopped, staring at him. She tried to figure out what he was pretending. He seems harmless but - out of her own experience around unknown men and many news- she had to find some assurance that he was not going to harm her.
“We can go to my house if you like” he rapidly said, feeling her giving it a second thought “Here, you take my wallet, my ID…or even my phone” he took everything out of his suit. Y/n was amazed how he managed to disguise them inside his tight burgundy suit. Y/n let her body relax a little watching him. He was very hegemonic. No doubt why people were waiting for him’, y/n thought to herself.
“It’s fine” she looked away, out of the closest window. “Fine, fix this” she pointed to her knees.
A silence took over them. Tom uncomfortable with his clothes, jerked the jacket out of his upper body. He was very very ripped. Beautifully ripped. His biceps stretched the material of his -also- tight shirt. He must work out every day or so, y/n wondered inside her head.
Tom let the jacket and the glasses we wore for the premier rest on the right side of his body. He felt in the hurry to say something or do something. He was clearly nervous about the situation.
Y/n noticed his attitude and add, “Are you sure about this? I can- “she started to excuse him out of the situation.
Tom ignored her. “How bad is the pain right now?” Y/n blinked at his question.
“Um, not that bad. I’ve scratched my knees before” she let him know.
“Good. Fuck, no! It’s not good…god” he half-whispered. “I’m sorry. I- “
“It’s okay” y/n found his nervousness rather cute.
“Well, we’re close to my house” Tom let her know.
“You never told me your name” Y/n asked out of the blue, looking at how nice the neighbourhood seems. It was classic though, nothing too fancy.
Thomas panicked a little. She didn’t know him. Maybe it was better that way? “Tom” he said after a while. “You are…” he started saying.
“Y/n. Y/n Y/l/n” she offered her hand. Tom took it. Her skin was incredibly soft, he thought. Even when he already touched her to lift her up, he never acknowledged it. Between the rush of the moment and the screaming that fuelled his ears, it was pretty logical.
“Nice to me you” he smiled at her. She blushed under his strong gazed.
“Yeah, too” y/n coughed, still with her hand on his firm gripped.
They locked sights, shaking their hands up and down in the air. Immersed in the strange but yet cute atmosphere.
The car suddenly stopped and whatever was happening between them broke.
“We’re here” Paul said opening the side door.
Tom helped Y/n get down the van, while he thanked Paul and the driver.
Tom detached his left arm from y/n’s body, looking at her making sure she was fine standing on her own for a second while he opened the door for them. She looked back at him, bowing a little as a clear signal she was okay.
Tom quickly opened the door and turned around. “I can’t walk really. Slow…but I can- Thank you” she let him know. The energy was awkward and kind of tense between them. She was entering a stranger’s house, and he was letting possibly –or not- a crazy fan. Fear was there surely.
“Okay. This way” he directed her, after closing the front door. They moved around the receiving area, passing by a long haul with two wooden doors that y/n couldn’t stop to wonder what was hiding behind them.
Tom turned around at a crossroad. To the left, there were beautiful stairs, and to her right, another corner opened for them.
More doors closed. That raised a little her anxiety.
Y/n tried to focus on something else. She looked directly in front of her. His back was all she could fix her sight on. Her eyes wandered down, but she quickly stopped her eyes. Returning up, his muscles danced under his rouge t-shirt whispering for her hand to touch them. It was quite a beautiful display.
Sooner than she expected, Tom stopped on the kitchen door turning around to check on her. Y/n almost threw him back. “Oh, sorry” she apologies, placing instantly her hands on his shoulders. Tom held her by her elbows. She was even more gorgeous from that distance, his mind spoke.
He shacked his head, trying to stop his train of thinking. “It’s okay. Are you okay?” Y/n only could nod. Her breath hitched in her throat. “Great” he said, meanwhile y/n took a step back dizzy of his magical smell.
“Em, do you want something to drink?” she denied his offer. “Eat?” Tom scrunched the muscles of his face asking.
“No, it’s fine. Thanks”
“Then…please sit, I’ll go find the first aid kit” Tom made gestures towards a big table.
He left the kitchen running. Y/n turned around looking at the hall from where they entered, and then the kitchen area. It was big. Beautiful, full of big windows all over it. It was already late but sure that room in the morning shines with the sun’s golden light. Y/n felt a little bit of envy inside her stomach. Someday, she said to herself, she would have a kitchen like that.
Y/n obeyed Tom’s order and sit on the closest chair.
Tom returned minutes later, with a little box in his hands. He took the chair beside her. “Right, please turn a little. Your knees towards me” Y/n act as he asked, feeling her heart picking its pace. He was going to touch her again. Yeah, not cute because he would be fixing her scratched parts but anyway touching her.
He took the gauze and dumped it with a red liquid. “This’s an antiseptic” He informed her. It was reassuring that he explained every movement. Y/n hummed in agreement. “Tell me if it hurts too much”
“Okay” she responded nervously. Tom touched her right knee first, carefully but at the same time with determination and impetus. Y/n hissed. The boy looked up, waiting for any sign to stop. She didn’t say a word, but her eyes – Tom noticed- were closed. He continued taping the gauze around the scratch, with his sight fixed on her face and his hands moving on pure auto mode.
When he thought his work was done with her right knee, he lifted his hand and y/n opened her eyes. “Shall I go on?” he raised an eyebrow.
“Yes, yes. Thank you” she thanked again.
“Stopped thanking, please. I should be apologizing” Tom told her, getting back to work this time with his full attention on her left knee.
“Why?” she responded without thinking too much.
“I’m the reason you’re moaning now” Tom expressed. Before a solid second, he recalled his words and looked at her. “Out of pain, I meant” he said awkwardly. “Y’know because of later?” Tom continued trying to amend the situation but making it worst anyway.
Y/n laughed loudly. “I get it” she stopped his rambling. Tom laughed as well.
“Well, yeah, I had to be apologizing” he smiled weakly at her, returning to apply the antiseptic.
Y/n started to remember the moment they meet. “I can’t believe people go that insane over a human being,” she shared her thoughts “no offense I’m sure you’re great” y/n added. “I mean of course you are because you’re fixing me up yourself when it wasn’t your fault. It really wasn’t, Tom” she told him before he argued.
“As I said, they were waiting…for me” Tom let the gauze on the table and focusing on the beautiful girl seated in front of her.
“Yeah, I’m not arguing about that. Even though, you’re not responsible for people’s reactions. They should know how to act around a person”
“I suppose…but…it’s difficult to manage either way” he breathed out.
Y/n nodded. “Yeah, tell that to my knees” she teased.
“I’m sorry” he whined, letting his head bend down between them as he placed his elbows on his thighs. Y/n giggled.
She let a hand moved forward, searching for his chin. When she found it, y/n moved slowly his head up until he was facing her. “Stop apologizing”
Tom let his cocky side come to play. “What would you do if I don’t want to?” he teased this time.
Y/n took a second to think, lost on his brown eyes. She pondered the counts and pros of what was going to happen if she engaged in his little game. Maybe there were more counts but the excitement on her belly was stronger. “Shout you” she said. Y/n leaned forward closing any space between their faces.
Tom stayed in shock after he started to return her kiss. She was tender, her lips were as soft -or more- than her skin. He leaned his head towards his right.
Tom could only sense her close to his body, her perfume messing up all of his systems. He needed her closer. Tom needed their bodies more tangled.
He tried to move closer but Y/n whined, not because of any pleasure. On the contrary. “What?” Tom asked after they tore apart.
“My knees” she whined.
“Oh my god, I’m sorry” he apologized again.
Y/n looked at him smiling. “What did I tell you just yet?” y/n chuckled. Standing up from her chair. Tom tried to repeat her actions but y/n let a hand rest on his shoulder pressing him softly down. She moved her head from left to right. Tom only managed to look up at her.
“To stop” his voice came out strangled. His mind was foggy with her.
Y/n leaned down a little so her hands -the one that wasn’t on his shoulder- tap the side of his knee to close the space between his tights. Tom attended her demand without a second thought. He was spellbound with Y/n’s actions. He could sense his bulge growing, aching for her attention.
The girl moved up again, looking at the gorgeous man. Slowly but steady, Y/n let her right leg lift and rested on his left side. She moved painfully slow -for Tom-, not hurrying a single move down making her skirt rising up. Y/n felt her blood bubbling with adrenaline. It was intoxicating. The power, the shared lust.
When her clothed parts made contact with his bulge, Tom whined loud before he could suppress the noise. His eyes closed enjoying the sensations she brought out of him. Y/n smiled, drunk of power. “Someone is eager” she messed with him.
Tom opened his eyes, looking directly at the sparkles on hers. “Take a wild guess, love” he said harshly. Y/n smirked.
Y/n started to move forward and then backward at the same way she moved down on him. Tom’s hands come to her waist, letting her body know the perfect timing for him. His head leaned backward. His neck was widely exposed for her to explore, and she did.
Y/n bite softly the long muscle of his neck. Tom moaned again. She was driving him crazy, and he was so there for it.
She licked and kiss the whole extension of his neck until Tom couldn’t take it anymore. He leaned forward again taking her lips aggressively. Y/n took her time to moan -without any reservation- inside his mouth.
Tom’s hip jerked forward, hitting her on the right spot. “Fuck” y/n whined, breaking the heated kiss, letting her head rest on his left shoulder. Tom continued with the same movement, bringing her closer and closer -with only that- towards the edge.
He moved his hands, grabbing her ass with his strong hands. Tom brought her closer to his body, his still-clothed aching cock twitching begging for her touch. “Oh my god” she let out, grabbing with one hand his neck and with the other y/n pulled his gelled locks.
“Do you like that, darling?” he asked. Tom’s voice was harsh and low, making her ache more.
“Yes, please don’t stop” she moaned, with her eyes close while their bodies continue moving together.
Although Tom disobeys her explicit orders. Y/n looked down at him, sensing her eyes watering. She’d been so close to her release. “What the- “she started refusing. Tom stopped her with his fingers on her mouth.
“I don’t want you coming like this, baby” he explained.
“Tom” she refused.
“Stand” he ordered her. Y/n looked at him blank. She wasn’t sure she could do as he asked. She denied shyly. “You couldn’t stand, could you?” he asked full of himself and the reaction he has on her.
She coughed, trying to not embarrassed herself responding. “No” y/n said weakly.
“Do you want to escort you to my bedroom?” he asked her with his raspy voice.
“Please” y/n begged without caring how bad that made her look. She wanted to feel the pleasure again. Y/n moved on her lap out of instinct.
“Behave then” he warned her, returning his hands to her waist to stop her.
Tom lifted his body, at the same time he held y/n closer to his sculpted body. He let his handhold her from her bum while he started the long ran towards his room. He could take her on the couch, but he wanted to take his time with her and for that his big bed was the perfect place.
Y/n rest her arms around Tom’s neck and her legs circle his upper body. As he moved walking, y/n bounce up and down a little due to him but another part was boosted by the heat between her tights. Her centre searched the friction that his -hard as rocks- abs brought every time she moved closer.
“Y/n” Tom scolded her, and she blushed visibly. “Wait a little more and I’ll make you feel good” he extended the last word. She closed her eyes, resting her head on the crook of his neck, sensing his promise with anticipation.
“I need you now, Tom” she whispered.
Tom smirked, opening his bedroom door. “I know, baby. You have to wait though…be a good girl for me, okay?” he asked, letting her come down from his body. With some resistance from her, Tom made space between their bodies. “Now,” he started. “Move towards the bed and strip” Tom order her with his eyes full of lust.
Y/n stared up at his head. She came down to her senses and embarrassment fuelled her. Y/n was now very aware of what she was wearing under her clothes.
This morning when she woke up and got ready for work, far from her imagination was to be at the end of the day in front of a hot man waiting for her to undress. So, her early choice of underwear wasn’t right -in her opinion- for the special occasion.
Tom stared at the girl standing a stiff meter from him. He was sceptical about her attitude. The boy was between thinking ‘maybe this is it…she doesn’t want to have sex…be respectful’ and -his irrational side- paying attention to his hard member.
He tried to give her a minute, but when she didn’t do or say anything he interrupted the silence. “What’s on your mind, darling?” he said, sweetly approaching her. Y/n looked up when he combed a strand of her behind her right ear.
“I- Um- I don’t- “she mumbled.
Tom felt bumped down thinking she was going to reject him. “You don’t want to…?”
“No!” she shouted. Tom widen his eyes. “Sorry. Didn’t meant to scream.” She took a big breath. “It’s not that I want to stop…the opposite in fact” she scrunched her eyes, looking into his. “I- I don’t think I’m dressed for the occasion…y’know?”
“I’m not following you, sweetheart” If he continued with the cute name she was going to burst or something.
“I didn’t think this morning this- “she moved her hands between them. “would happen, right?”
Tom tried to respectfully respond. “Right”
“Well, I- “Y/n didn’t know how to tell him her worries without sounding or looking stupid.
“Love, whatever it’s- “Tom continue but y/n interrupted him abruptly.
“I’m not wearing my best underwear” she shouts. Closing her eyes tights because she couldn’t bear looking at him.
Tom chuckled a little making her get angry and as fast as she closed her globes she opened them.
Before y/n she let any sound came out from her mouth, Tom kissed her taking all her breath away. Y/n got lost on the beautiful sensation he awoke in her every time Tom touched her with his lips.
The brunet leaned backward taking her in again. He smirked when she fell a little forward chasing his lips. “Can I undress you, y/n?” he simply asked. He acknowledged her pupils grew a size wider out of pleasure. Y/n simply bow her head. “Perfect” he responded. “If you want me to stop, just say it” he kissed her neck, so softly that y/n thought maybe she imagined it.
Tom took his tongue out, licking the connection between her neck and her shoulder. He licked and bite the zone, meanwhile, his hands come up to untucked her shirt from inside her skirt. Without rushing it, he lifted the shirt. Some of her digits also sneaked under the material leaving a trail of tingle sensations along her sides.
When he reached the side of her breasts, Tom stopped cupping them. Y/n started moaning and throwing her head from side to side. He lifted his head, watching her in pure bliss. She was beautiful but when she whined because of him, she was even more.
Y/n opened her eyes at the time she sensed he stopped. Tom was staring at her and leafing the shirt a little more. When she looked eyes with him, he moved it so it was finally out of her body.
He stared down at her breasts. His mouth watered and his cocked twitched a little. Tom felt like a teenager again around Y/n.
She became too aware of his sight and shrugged a little. “No” he held lovingly her arms on either side of her body. “Let me see you, please” she wasn’t even fully naked, but she felt exposed. His begging thought brought her attention.
He leaned towards her body and squatting down, he left a kiss in the valley between her boobs. She closed her eyes again. Tom let his hands wander on her backside. First, he touched the lower part only touching with the tips of his slender fingers. Then, he when up little by little in synchronicity with his mouth kissing and biting her breasts from above the cotton of her white bra.
Tom looked up when he reached the lock of her underwear, silently asking again for her consent. “Please” y/n begged without even opening her eyes.
She didn’t have to say it twice. Tom took the piece. Little by little, he made it travel from her upper body towards her arms - forming goose bumps on the skin of her limbs-, letting the bra finally out too. Y/n sighed.
Tom returned to his previous position, and breath out. “Are you okay?” y/n moaned feeling his breath reached her left nipple. He was going to drive her insane.
“Yes” she answered. Her response followed by a high-pitched exclamation when his mouth engulfed her bud. Tom’s mouth twisted her nipple.
Y/n brought her hand to play with his hair, she pulled while he continued giving attention to her breasts. Tom went from one to another. He let his hands join the fist. “Oh, god” y/n breath out. He was too good.
Without taking care of his current actions, Tom hands wandered around the bottoms of her skirt. He was desperate to watch every part of her body and worship her.
Tom unbuttoned it. Before Y/n knew, she was naked from the waist up and her skirt was on the floor pooling around her feet. Thomas let go of her right bud making her protest. He leaned up, confronting her again. Her hands took the place his mouth just left. “You like it that much, don’t ya?” he cockily asked, even though it was more a remark than a question. Y/n looked at him, trying to know what he wanted her to do next. “Can I take your shoes off?” y/n mind was so gone. If she was on her five senses, she would probably laugh about her shoes still on while she was almost naked. Y/n only managed to whisper a ‘yes’ though.
Tom knelt down. He untied her shoes, throwing them somewhere around.
He placed a kiss on both of her ankles. Y/n locked down to the brunet -still inside his suit- at her feet, worshiping her.
When Tom reached her knees, he placed his hands behind them. He caressed her soft skin in contrast to the sight he had in front all scratched. “Still hurts?”
He let her wait and long for him a little more. “Your knees, y/n” he wondered.
“No- I- I forget about them” she confessed.
Tom didn’t say more. He trailed up his hands. He felt called by her body, so he kissed the inside of her tights, very close to her centre. Y/n was over his teasing by now, eager to finally feeling he was really touching her. “Tom, please- “
“What, honey? Tell me what you need?”
“What of me?”
“Please, I- “she gripped his hair.
“You have to tell me…”
“Touch me…there” she said choppy.
“My pleasure” Tom stated, tagging her panties down quickly almost desperately this time. “Sit” he ordered. Y/n sited on the verge of his bed, opening her legs wide for him. “Fuck” he said, looking directly at the place recently undressed. “You’re so wet for me, baby” he came closer. He kissed her hips before opening her entrance with his hands. Y/n leaned backward, touching one of her breasts with a hand and the other kept her weight.
Her folds were wetter than he ever experienced on a woman. He traced the outside of her swollen lips, teasing her a little more but didn’t last much. Tom was as impatient as her to discover how she tasted down there.
Tom gave her intimate parts a large lick bottom up. “Oh yes” she cried. Tom chooses to give her clit his full attention. He sucked and bit tenderly her little bud. He moaned, sensing her getting more and more aroused by his actions. “Fingers” she required.
She didn’t have to say it twice, and he pleased her. His fingers were bigger than hers. He started letting only one inside her tight pussy. Her walls engulfed it quickly. Tom tried to distract her body returning to lick her clit.
After he sensed she was ready, he introduced another finger. This time without waiting he started scissoring inside y/n, making room for his cock.
“I’m- “
“Are you close, baby?” Tom asked, knowing very well the answer. Y/n didn’t answer. “Look at you taking my fingers so well. You’re so wet and warm…I can’t wait to be inside you” Tom talked to her, pumping his digits inside and out repeatedly.
“Tom” she moaned. “Please, faster” she begged in a high voice. Already feeling on her belly how close she was to finally reach her release. Tom did as she said. “Tommyy” she whined, coming undone.
Her walls pressing around his fingers. Tom helped her ride the last waves of her orgasm. He could only feel and smell her. It was intoxicating.
The boy took his fingers out of his cunt and replaced them with his mouth. Y/n rested on the bed and -in the meantime- Tom cleaned her with his tongue.
Tom whipped his mouth with his hand, looking at her breathing now more steady. “Are you okay?” he inquired, placing himself beside her on the bed.
Y/n reached an arm out, caressing his cheek. “Yes…that was- “she couldn’t find the word.
“That good, ha?” he said full of himself.
“Not the first…but I forget how- “she started messing with him, smiling at him.
“Oh, shut up” he locked their mouths. Y/n placed her hands on his shoulders, noticing he was still fully clothed.
“Why am I the only naked here?”
“Smooth way to ask me to undress, love” he smirked, standing up. He took his t-shirt without caring where the thing fell. Y/n watched the beautiful man undone his belt and lower his zip. “Do you like what you see?” Tom focused his attention up, on her.
“Meh” she pretended to be uninterested. Tom took his pants down, grabbing his boxers in the same direction, at the same time. His member moved towards his belly. Fully hard and making y/n’s mouth wet.
“What about now?” he stood proudly. Y/N without saying anything, knelt in front of him, still on the bed. She avoided his gaze, taking on her hand his cock which leaked precum. “You don’t- “
“But I want” she stated. Bringing her mouth closer to it. Y/n licked the sensible tip of his shaft, Tom held her loosed hair with both of his hands.
“I’m not sure I would last lo- “y/n licked from his sack until she let his tip inside her mouth shutting Tom up. Tom’s hips moved forward, introducing his member inch by inch until she took him almost fully. “Tell me if you want to stop” he said, swinging his hips forward using her mouth. Y/n didn’t complain. She let him use her as he wants and for as long as he wanted.
Sooner than Tom wanted to admit, he felt his climax closer and closer. He didn’t want to come that way. “Love” he said opening his eyes, moving backward. She let his member out of her mouth, bounce between them. “I want to be inside you” he let her know.
“Condom?” she lifted her hand towards him. His neurons made synapses and Tom started looking inside the closest drawer. He found one -after checking it was on date- and rolled it down his cock.
“Move to the pillow” he instructed her. “You look so gorgeous on my bed. Ready for me” he complimented her.
Tom crawled until their noses touched. He kissed her. He’d missed their lips. Y/n followed his force and tempo so perfectly that it made him almost came. He stopped the kiss. “Ready?” he whispered, locking eyes with y/n. She gave him green light to continue.
He looked down, graving his member and admiring their bodies together. She felt him touch her entrance and stiff a little. It was so long ago she had sex, she felt nervous all over again. “Hey” Tom caught her attention. “Breath” Y/n didn’t notice she was holding it.
After she did, Tom continued introducing his member. A wave of pleasure overtook his senses. “Tom” y/n said, tilting back her head. He opened his eyes, bringing his body closer and closer as he touched her special place fully inside of him. He rested his forehead on hers, reaching for her hands. Tom placed them above her head.
He tried to stay steady, waiting for her to continue. “Please move” she begged after a couple of minutes. “Fuck, Tom” she sensed him moving in pure bliss.
“Y/n” he moaned as well.
The brunet found a steady place, bringing himself and her closer and closer to the climax. The room was full of noises of pleasure coming from her and his mouths. Y/n took her hands out of his, replacing them on his bum letting him know to move faster.
“Fuck, fuck, fuck” she screamed. “I’m so close- Please, please” she continued.
“You’re taking me so well” Tom said, looking down the place where they connected their bodies. The sight of his member appearing from inside her and then disappearing it was unaccountable. “Touch your clit, y/n” he asked, high on pleasure. Y/n started circling her bud adding more pleasure, one step closer to come.
His trusts become sloppier and quicker. Y/n brought her hand to his hair once more, crossing her legs behind her back. Tom trusted inside her cunt once more, making her come with a loud and raspy noise with her walls grabbing his tighter making Tom came as well minutes later. “Y/n” he exclaimed, in a sexy raspy voice.
Tom let all the weight of his body fall on y/n’s. He hid his face on the crook of her neck, smelling…them.
“You okay, champ?” y/n laughed, caressing his scalp with tender fingers.
“More than that” she sensed his smile on her skin.
Ring ring ring
Y/n turned around on the bed slightly awoken by the noise around the room.
The device interrupted the silence again. Y/n groan loudly. The tiredness of her body maintained her eyes shut. She didn’t want to move a single muscle.
Tom opened finally opened his eyes, looking around trying to figure out from where the phone was ringing and disturbing their peace. He saw it on the side table opposite to him. His sight fell on the girl turned towards his body, fast asleep.
He felt bad to wake her, but maybe the call was important. “Gorgeous” Tom tried.
“Mhm” she mumbled. Tom caressed her cheek, partly worried by the call but another part of him wanted to enjoy the moment as much as they could.
“Someone is calling you…might be important” y/n looked at him from her partially opened eyelids. Y/n straightened up after comprehending what he was trying to say to her.
She raised slightly up and turned around graving her phone. She saw the ID call and then the hour. “Fuck” she complained. Tom stayed silent, watching her get out of bed all in her naked glory. “I know” y/n told to the person at the other side of the line. “Yeah, yeah…I’m sorry, I fell asleep. Yes- I’ll be as soon as possible there…yeah, sorry sorry” she continued talking, passing around the bedroom.
She hung up and directed her sight towards Tom. He stayed still. “I gotta go” she informed him.
“I’ll order an- “she returned her attention to the thing on her hand.
“Forget it…I’ll drive you” Tom stated, standing from the comfy and cozy bed. Y/n came to the realization they were naked. The thought surprised her. She didn’t felt embarrassed at all, in fact, she was surprised about how the situation felt natural and intimate.
“You don’t have to, y’know?” she said, while Tom round her with his strong and veiny arms. She let her body melt with his.
“I know” he kissed her shoulder. “But I want to”
“Fine. But I’ll return the favour then” she pocked a finger on his chest.
He blushed visibly. “Oh, I can imagine how…” he teased. Y/n laughed.
“Okay, but now I have to hurry up” she stated.
Tom parked, as closer to her workplace as he could at that hour of the morning. He turned the car off, directing his attention towards y/n. Who frantically arranged her bag, making sure she had everything in there.
“Okay. Thanks for dropping me…” Y/n expressed her gratitude.
“No problem. I’ll walk you” he said, opening the door without leaving her option to refuse. It was kind of cute, so she let him.
They walked in silence until she suddenly stopped at the door of her work. Tom walked two steps more, making her chuckled. “This is me” she said, awkwardly.
“Stop that” he said, coming closer. He didn’t care about being recognized or anything, he was wearing his disguise outfit.
“What?” she said, moving from one foot to the other. “I gotta go, Tom” she tried to hurry up.
“I know…but first- “
“Yeah?” she asked.
“Can I have your number?” he brought his phone out of his front pocket.
“Sure” she said, graving it without thinking more out of it and saving her number. “Okay, really I need to get in. Talk to you later, okay?”
“Okay” he said, leaning forward stealing a soft kiss from her lips. “Have a nice day” he breathed out, from an inch distance making her weak on the knees.
“You too” she responded, closing a little her eyes.
“Y/n!” someone screamed from behind them. She opened her eyes wide, turning around. Her colleague and great friend, Sara, stared at her waving her arms. “Sorry to interrupt…but get your ass inside!” she scolded her.
“Yes, yes” y/n answered, walking far from Tom.
Tom saw her walk closer to her friend, turning around when she remembered his presence. “Bye” he waved.
“See ya” she responded and entering finally the coffee place. Tom laughed about her antics.
“See ya” Y/n mumbled, putting on the brown apron. She shacked her head. “Could I say something stupider?” she hit herself.
“Could you stop that?” Sara interrupted her out loud talking.
“Sorry” y/n apologized.
“Great. Now- “Sara started. “When did you meet Tom fucking Holland?” she half screamed, half-whispered.
“What are you talking about?” y/n distracted herself by arranging cups on the counter. Gladly for her, the morning was not busy as always that day at work.
“Then…who’s the boy you came to work with?” Sara frown and fold her arms together.
“Tom” y/n simply said. Her friend just stared at her blankly. Realization hit her. “Oh, fuck” she exclaimed. “I didn’t- “
“You didn’t know what?”
“I meet him yesterday…”
“You two didn’t talk?” Sara inquired, y/n blushed recalling the activities between Tom and her.
“Yeah, we did…but- “
“But what? Come on” Sara insisted.
“We meet yesterday- I fell in front of him” she explained to her friend.
“Smooth” Sara stated.
“Shut up” y/n laughed. “He took me to his house- “
“You allowed a stranger to take you to his house? This is not a Disney movie, y’know?” Sara worried screamed.
Y/n looked around the few occupied tables, acknowledging Sara brought attention towards them. “Could you please lower your voice?”
Silence fell upon them. Y/n took a big breath and continue with the story, “I know it wasn’t the wisest idea but- “she said before Sara could whine again. “He treats me right, with respect and all. And then…things get heated” y/n blushed again.
“Yeah, I see” Sara smirked. “So, you never knew he was Spider-man? You’re one special little shit”
“I didn’t, I swear. I knew he was famous or important at least because his fans mugged me…but he never said more than his first name” she thought out loud. “Should I worry about that?”
“I mean…”
“Don’t say it like that” y/n whined.
“I don’t. I just…take it easy, I think…maybe it’s a one-time thing…” Sara tried to keep her expectations low. She watched y/n get hurt too many times.
“Yeah, sure. He’s famous…he’s so handsome” y/n rambled. “He probably has hundreds of models and drop dead gorgeous girls- “
“And yet, he fucked you” y/n gave her a warning look, with her mouth wide open. “I didn’t mean it like that, though. I just say…take it easy, okay?”
“Sure” y/n respond. She shacked him out of her head, and grab a cloth to wipe some tables. She was back in real life.
One week later…
“Y/n…” Sara said after she saw her friend cheeking her phone a hundred times that morning. “Quit it”
Y/n tried to play it cool, “What are you talking about?” But failed entirely on the process. She noticed the disappointment on her friend’s face. “Why?”
“Why he didn’t call or text? He promised to do it. Agh, I’m so naïve. I hate myself” Y/n poured a coffee for her. She felt exhausted after the roller-coaster of feelings she went through the entire week.
“Don’t peaty yourself…he’s a dick, that’s it. I’m not watching his movies from now on” Sara stated. Y/n didn’t believe a word, opposite to her, Sara was an MCU big nerd fan. The doorbell on the front door made its noise, they ignored it completely.
Sara moved towards the cash machine, listening to her friend talked. “I’m not pitying stupid ass…I just, I want to understand. I get it if he doesn’t want to talk or anything…. okay, I’m lying. I would care, of course. I don’t know” she massaged her temples. “I’m so tired”
“Hey” someone said from behind y/n. The sound reached her ears, and she froze in her place.
“Oh, hello superstar” Sara mimicked him. “What can I get you? A couple of balls?”
“Sara!” y/n turned around. Her breath got stuck on her throat. It was impossible for any human to always look that good, but he went even further.
“It’s okay, I deserved it. I don’t want to disturb you though” Tom said looking directly at Y/n, she looked down. “Can I have a coffee…please?” he looked now at Sara.
Y/n didn’t know where to look, or what to say -or not say-. Her brain stopped since the minute he had her attention.
Sara charged him and went to pour the beverage, first checking on her friend. Y/n sensed and looked at her too. The girl turned around again, she couldn’t face this now. She was at work.
Sara finished Tom’s order and extend it for him to take. Tom tried to make eye contact with Y/n, but she denied it to him.
Tom didn’t say a word and went to sit at a table beside a big window. Y/n thought he would walk away, but he obviously did the opposite. He brought his phone and while he scrolled he sipped his coffee little by little. Sara never saw a person drink so slow. He was so obvious.
Y/n’s turned around. “Why don’t you go and arrange the new packages that came today?” she asked sympathetic, with a plan in mind. Her friend's well-being was a priority though.
Y/n spied over her shoulder, checking if he still was there. She cursed under her breath. “Fine” she agreed.
When y/n was out of sight, Tom dropped his act. He wasn’t paying attention to his cup or his phone. He checked her out through the corner of his eye. Tom was waiting for her to approach him whenever she was ready, no caring if he had to wait the entire day.
Tom really didn’t have a solid explanation for his disappearing. The first day, after he dropped her, he held himself for not texted so quickly. Scared she would scare her away. Tom promised himself he would text her later. But later became never, and his mind, his schedule grew busier, and he didn’t have a minute for himself. He knew though that wasn’t good because he had time to rest or spend without doing anything specifically, times when he could have texted her…but he didn’t. He was guilty.
Under all that guilt and bad behaviour of him, Tom felt stupidly and utterly selfish. He wanted her, so much. Sex was great, don’t get him wrong. Something stronger attracted him towards her though. It was so deep and difficult to express even for Thomas.
He was scared after watching him walk away to the -he supposed- was the storage room. He was scared of looking Y/n walked out of his life. Selfish again, he though. He walked away without reaching for her.
His thoughts were interrupted when Sara approached the table he was occupying. “What do you want from her?” she asked bluntly.
“I want to talk to her” he was sincere. He wanted to apologize, and maybe trying to invite her for a date if she didn’t already hate her.
“Why didn’t you text her?”
“That’s…between y/n and I” he said because he couldn’t really explain his reasons.
“She stared at her phone for the entire week. She was sleep-deprived and sad…because of you. So, gave me a good reason for me to let you talk to her. Y/n’s my family and my friend, I have seen her broken to pieces too many times to let a twat broke her again, okay?”
Tom was slightly intimidated by her, not he would admit it though. “I know I messed up. I’m here to apologize…if she doesn’t want to see me again, I’ll respect her. Please, let me talk to her. I had a rough week too” he tried to give her the bigger puppy eyes he could. Sara saw through him, folding her eyes.
“If this is only to fuck her…”
“What? No! I swear” he defended himself, lifting both of his hands. “I just want to talk” Sara stared directly into his eyes, that Tom started to think she would have kicked his ass out of the door. “Fine”
“Seriously?” he asked.
“Yes. But I warned you…I would come for you if you make her cry” she pointed a finger towards him.
“Fine with me” he responded, still on his sit.
“What are you waiting for then? A proper blessing? GO!” she ordered.
Sara didn’t have to say it twice, watching him she sighted and shacked her head.
It was stupid, y/n thought grabbing the next bag out of the brown box and lifting it until it reunited with the rest of the coffee on the shelf.
It was stupid to care that much about a boy. Should she care more because he was famous? No. Should she care more because he was famous and gorgeous? Add he was so good on the bed too. No, of course, she didn’t. But she did care, a lot in fact.
Although she grew angrier when it came down to her sense. It was a shock to see him after that week of ghosting. At the current moment, she wanted to go back to the open space and walk to his table. Y/n didn’t want to scream or anything like that, she wanted to get the anger out somehow without acting like a maniac. Fuck those confusing things. That’s why she didn’t date anyone, anymore, she remembered her heart.
Y/n grabbed another pack of black coffee. Thinking the steps approaching her belonged to Sara she asked, “He left?”
“No” a voice she recognized answered. Of course, it wasn’t her, little traitor. She startled and the coffee fell from her hands making a loud noise. Tom approached her quickly, but before he could kneel she already grabbed the thing and stand up. Directing his way, a bad look. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to disturb you” Tom explained, closer than she could bear at that moment.
“Mhm” she said, ignoring him the best that she could.
“Y/n…” he scratched his neck uncomfortable. “I’m sorry”
“Okay” she uttered with difficulty.
Tom admired the side of her face. She was frowning, without looking at him, but he knew she was aware of each of his movements.
When she lifted another pack up, he grabbed her wrist. Y/n sighted, and without taking her hand out of his grip, she looked at him. He was less than a meter beside her. She kept her silence.
“I know I deserve the silent treatment, okay?” he bowed his head down. “I’m an asshole…I know that, and I don’t have any excuse for my behaviour…” Y/n listened to him, trying to ignore the tingled sensation where their skins connect. “Truth is you have more than one reason to tell me to fuck off and leave you alone” Tom looked directly into her eyes. “But another part that it’s also true I’m hoping you don’t do that…because I want to repair you…I can’t take you out of my head, y/n” he confessed to her.
Y/n took her hand out and step far from him. “I heard that before, Tom. I don’t care if I sound like the typical cliché or whatever. I’m tired of waiting and worrying…I can’t do that” she opened up to him.
“Me neither. I swear I’ll keep my promise- “
“I heard that also from others”
“I’m not others” he stated firmly. “Sorry, didn’t mean to snap. Please give me a chance…one date, that’s all” he begged.
Y/n studied him. He was visibly nervous and unsteady. He wasn’t trying to hide it in any way. It was as if Tom wanted to show how vulnerable he was standing in front of her. “One date?” the girl tried to suppress her smile.
“One date” Tom exclaimed, happy.
Y/n felt a strange wave of confidence. “Then you will have to earn it, Tom” she said leaning forward, kissing his cheek softly, and walking away.
Tom looked at her with his eyes wide open. The poor boy didn’t know what just happened. His mind fogged with the feeling of her lips touching his cheek. Did she accept or did she denied the offer? Tom was surely unsure.
“Y/n!” he shouted while he ran behind her.
- The end
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Tom Holland taglist: @official-kye @l0lmk @unbelievableholland@parkerpeterparker2004
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Give Me A Twirl - Tom Holland (smut)
Tumblr media
(My gif please give credit)
Summary: Tom had taken you along to watch him do a little charity dance show, after dancing and becoming sweaty you couldn’t help but admire how sexy he looked everytime he danced, Tom catches on and soon invites you for a dance where things get steamy.
Warnings⚠️: some-what smutty, teasing, Dirty talk, mentions of sex, hotnessssss,
Word Count: 1.2k
You moved your hips and dance in place to the music as you watched Tom dance on stage, a big smile on your face as you saw how in his element he was. You walked back stage about halfway through his second to last dance and waited for him on the side next to the curtains. You heard loud applasuses and cheers as he ran off stage and towards you.
“Tom you’re doing great! So many people are donating!”
You said cheerfully as your kissed his lips, he was hot and sweaty which for some reason turned you on. You couldn’t help but take a good look at him.
“It’s crazy! I’m absolutely knackered though”
“Last routine in 10 minutes and then you’re done!”
Tom held your waist and pulled you in for a kiss. As you felt his body against yours it sparked something and you knew you needed him. As yout embrace faded you couldn’t stop looking at Tom’s body. His shirt was slightly unbuttoned exposing a slightly sweaty chest and his trousers were tight around his waist. You craved him in a whole new way. Tom walked over to a table to get some water and you could feel your face get hot as you just watched him, sweat still dripping from hos forehead; It was a fancy event so that night you had worn a lovely red gown that fit you just right, and it was just long enough that you walk around freely without having to pick it up. Tom noticed your glance to him and raised an eyebrow, oh damn did he look even hotter with that expression.
“You alright there y/n?”
He said cheekily taking a sip of his water. You nodded your head and walked up to him
“Perfect— perfectly fine babe”
You placed your hand on his chest and the thought of ripping that shirt off came to your mind and it was almost impossible to get it out, you bit your lip as you imagined Toms body up against yours.
“I feel like you’re not telling me something”
“When’s the last time we fucked?
you asked bluntly, your need for Tom had come through and you had to tell him. The words simply escaped your lips and you really hadn’t intended on saying or asking it that way but it just happened. Tom’s face flushed with redness and he coughed slightly as your words had made the blow flow through his body.
“Fuck baby I-”  
“2 minutes till stage time Mr Holland!”
a voice had cut Tom off, you giggled at his little flustered face and leaned in to give him a long kiss.
“You go dance baby, I’ll be waiting over here for when you’re done, then maybe we can have our own show”
Before you could walk away Toms hands gripped to your waist and scrunched up your dress, his hands roamed your body lightly and you could feel his fingertips graze up your bare arm up to the straps of your dress where he fiddled with them lightly.
“Can’t wait to take that off you”
He spoke low and deep, sending a chill all the way down to your core making you wet. Tom gave you one last quick kiss before running to the B side entrance of the stage, he stood there hyping himself up and giving you a little wink as he heard the music start. You heard the loud cheer and within seconds Tom was on the stage again dancing and working up a sweat, you watched and gawked at every dance move you loved that Tom did. With jumps and twirls and loud cheers, Toms last dance came to an end which resulting in heavy panting as he tried to catch his breath.
“Thank you all so much for coming! I hope you all enjoyed the show and thank you all again for all the donations, I wish everyone a lovely goodnight!”
With that, you watched as Tom waved goodbye to the crowd and bowed a couple times then came trotting off stage and back to you where he quickly took your hand and rushed you to his dressing room.
“figured you might as well tell me what you thought of the show in private”
you giggled as Tom sat down on a chair and pulled you on top of him his arms instantly wrapping around you and holding you.
“Well, I thought you did an amazing job baby”
“Mmhm you know, I couldn’t quite get what you said out of my head”
you looked at him slightly confused.
“And what was that?”
Tom pulled you closer and one of his hands managed to move up your gown to where he could gran your thigh.
“Oh you know, how you mentioned us having our own show”
he teased you with his low voice and his fingers on your skin. Both sent Goosebumps through your body and a slight shiver.
“And it turns you on doesn’t it Tom?”
“You have no fucking idea”
Tom grabbed you roughly causing a gasp to escape you and you quickly got off from his lap with a slight giggle just after. Toms playful teasing had put you in a way different sensual mood and Tom was loving it.
“Do you wanna dance?”
Toms hands moved to his suit jacket and he took it off, moving to unbutton his shirt next, before you could answer your eyes feel to the growing bulge in his trousers and the dirty thoughts of riding him filed your imagination causing you to almost moan where you stood
“For me… baby”
Toms hands gestured for you to come back to him, you did so and leaned down to him where you could look into his eyes
“What’s that you want Tommy?”
“Dance for me baby”
Tom’s voice sounded desperate to see you dance for him. But as you were about to back away and do so, you felt Toms touch stopping you
“nuh uh, not so fast baby.”
He pulled you on to him to where you had to straddle him, you could feel his hard member through his trousers and you had to resist the urge to grind on it. Toms hands moved to the back of your dress where they delicately made their way to the zipper, swiftly Tom unzipped your dress fully and with that you stood up again, removing it from your body to reveal a matching lingire set of lovely black lace. Tom placed a hand to his mouth as he couldn’t believe just how sexy and gorgeous you looked in it
“Fuck y/n- Didn’t know you were hiding that under your dress tonight”
“Just a little special something I decided to put on”
Your hands went down your body as your slowly swayed your hips around in up close for Tom.
“Mmmh I wanna see every bit darling”
His hands rested on your hips and his finger tips dug into you slightly, he had a hungry look on his face.
“Give me a good twirl, please?”
You did as he asked and slowly twirled around to show off what you had on, teasingly bending down a bit to drive Tom a bit crazy.
“Now be a good girl and dance for me baby”
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clandestineholland · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
AN ⌁ heyy besties just moving things if you think you’ve seen this before it’s because you prob have was originally posted on @hollandstanevans​
warnings ⌁ none that i can think of 
word count ⌁ 1.1k
(5 years earlier)
I just got off my plane to head to my brother's house and my phone begins to ring. I look down and it's my brother. I answer, "Hey Hemsworth I just got off the plane and I am getting my bags—-
"Ok that's great Y/N but I have sent a car there to pick you up l just got called in for re-filming so I won't be home when you get there, but as soon as we get finished I will be home and we can have dinner," said, Chris.
"Hems that's ok I'm jetlagged and I probably need to take a nap and just get prepared for my interview. I mean it's Hopkins and I would be lucky for them to take me. I just some girl from y/ht and ——"
"It is really sounding like you are talking bad about my baby sister who graduated valedictorian of her high school class, summa cum laude from Vanderbilt, and at medical school. Keep in mind that she is doing this and becoming a surgeon all at the age of 21 and I would really have to question the common sense of someone who would dare talk bad about my baby sister."
"You do realize that the person you are saying that is talking about your sister is your sister?".
"Do you realize that everyone can see you're a genius from a mile away? That you believe in everyone else except for yourself? So if them I, your less genius older brother who hasn't been able to know you for that long and doesn't understand half of that medical jargon can see just how talented you are don't you think that trained professionals at Hopkins, fuck anywhere in the world will be able to see all that you will bring in their program?"
"Ok, ok, ok, I get it. I've just got my bags and I'm looking for the car and I'll call you once I get to your place. I love you, Hemsworth".
"Love you too. L/N", he told me as he hung up the phone.
As I'm looking around for the car, I realize it's not here yet, so I go to get some coffee and I guess I was deep in thought, nervous for the days ahead when I ran smack dead into someone. "Oh gosh I'm so sorry. I wasn't looking where I was going, and it is totally my fault——"
"No, it is ok", a deep British voice interrupted me mid-babble.
"I am so sorry. I have just been in my own world"
"Listen it's totally fine" the handsome brunette told me.
"Ok, ok, are you absolutely sure?"
"Yes, I am absolutely sure. Ok, and you don't sound like you are from around here".
"It's because I'm not and I know you aren't talking it definitely doesn't sound like you are from here or anywhere near here."
"Well it's cause I'm not darling"
"You don't say," you reply.
"So what does a guy have to do to get your name around here?".
"Well asking for it would be a lovely way to start,".
"Ok, beautiful what's your name?.
"I'm y/n, do you have a name?"
"Well I'm Tom. So y/n why are you in such a rush?"
"Well if you must know I have a very important interview and I was on the way to get a nice cup of coffee until you rudely bumped into me," you responded in a very jokingly manner.
" I am so sorry I didn't mean to keep you here."
"It's ok you aren't keeping me from anything the interview isn't until tomorrow anyways."
"So if you don't mind me asking what do you do for work?", he asked.
"I'm a doctor looking for the right place to do my residency.
"Residency, you look a little young to be a doctor"
"I'm 21 and yes, it is a little young to be a doctor but isn't whatever age you are told old to be judging", I said maybe a little too snarky.
"Not judging. Just a little in awe actually and 22", the guy who I learned was Tom responded.
"My age", Tom replied.
"Oh, it's just very rarely that I meet anyone my own age. Everyone has always been a couple of years older than me and I just.... it's just nice you know", I told him.
"Well I'll be up here for a couple of weeks so if you want to hang out with someone your age here's my number" Tom said while he gave me his number.
"Ok, I'll text you, but my car is here, so I have to go" I left realizing I never got that cup of coffee.
(2 weeks later)
"Hey Hemsworth, is there anything you can tell me about Age of Ultron. You know so I can sell it on the internet for the world to see."
"Yea I can tell you but I'd have to kill you," my stupid brother said.
"If there's nothing you can tell me I'm going back home tomorrow",
"Yes, and you know you can come back anytime you want, and when you get the job at Hopkins you can move up here with me and you'll have a free house when I'm back home in Aussie"
"That's if I get the job Hemsworth"
"Y/N you there is literally probably no other better person that they would want in the program other than you. Ok".
"Alright, I'm about to go out. Don't wait up. See you in the morning before I go alright. Love you bye" I told him while I was walking out.
I was catching a cab thinking about how close Tom and I had gotten over the past weeks, and how I was going to miss him when I went back home. I mean he was just a great person. I got out of the car and saw Tom and we ended up talking for hours and at the end of the night. He said something that I wasn't ready for.
"So, Y/N you're going back to y/ht tomorrow and I'm going back to London and I don't know how to do this"
"Well what if we....... What if we both ever come back over here to the east coast of the states again, we let the other one knows, and we will see then. Maybe we will both get our jobs over here and if that happens, we will go from there.
(Present day)
"Ok guys push one more of epi, she is not dying on my table and someone page cardio again damnit", you shouted.
y/ht= your hometown
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tom-softie · 20 hours ago
Can you please write a part 2 to Fuck me, where it's the next day on set, the reader and Tom wants to hang out on set and talk, but something always comes up, so they don't talk, and then they finally do🙏🙏
I love this idea, hope you like it
Fuck me ~ 2
》 summary: You and Tom can't get to talk, but when you finally do, you can't stop
paring: Tom x actress!reader
warning: Implied sex
word count: 2.2 k
a/n: This was my first request so I hope it turned out good, personally I love this one
masterlist | part 1
So many crazy things has happened so close to eachother, it all started with getting into acting, then you got on a movie as one of the head roles along side Tom Holland, your celebrity crush. One thing is working with him, but you had some very intimate scenes, as in very intimate, and now...
"Can't even tell you how long I have wanted to do that." Tom says as he pulls away from your making out session. It should be you saying those words, you have wanted -and thought about- kissing him, and not just a kiss for a movie, no you wanted to kiss him for real. And now you are.
"Reading my mind I see." You both giggle before he pulls you in once again. "Tom," you try pulling away, but he won't let you. "Tom, it's really late."
"I don't care." He keeps kissing you, all over your face making you chuckle.
"Tom, we have to be up early."
"Well I don't wanna leave." He finally pulls away.
"If we are gonna be on the low, then it would be quite weird if you slept in my trailer, not to mention, Haz is probably searching for you."
"Fine, but before I leave, I have to ask."
"And what's your question?"
"Do you wanna be my girlfriend?" You just pull him in for another kiss to answer his question. "I take that as a yes."
"See you tomorrow."
"See you tomorrow, babe." Tom calling you babe made you freeze, how could this even be real life? He leaves your trailer after giving you a last good bye/good night kiss, but you just stand there froozen like before. It all feels so unreal to you.
You get ready for bed, but when you then try to sleep, you can't, your mind keeps going back to Tom. Thinking about what had happened today, as well as realizing, his hard from before was caused by you and not the scene. And that now running through your mind, makes it even harder to sleep.
So you take your phone in hand, finding Tom in your contacts, you deside to text him, but first change his name.
You: I can't sleep
Boyfriend <3: I thought you said we should get sleep, and see you now, texting me
You: Haha. Your still awake?
Boyfriend <3: Obviously cuz I'm texting you
Boyfriend <3: Couldn't sleep either, you won't leave my mind
You: And you won't leave mine, I still can't believe you're my boyfriend, I'm so happy
Boyfriend <3: No way near as happy as me
You: 🥺
Boyfriend <3: I love talking to you, but you were right before, we need sleep
You: Yeah, goodnight 😙
Boyfriend <3: Goodnight darling 😚
And after that, you have no problem about sleeping.
"Wake up, you sleepyhead." Someone says while shaking your body awake. You groan, opening your eyes but the light is shining bright, bliding you, making you hug the pillow over your head.
"Get up." The voice becomes clearer, and it's the voice you definetly didn't think would be up now.
"Why are you even up now y/bsf/n? You are never up this early." You asked sitting up in your bed slowly.
"Wanting to prove you wrong." As she sees your confused face she explains. "Yesterday you said "don't come late", cuz I'm always late and sleep over, so I wanted to prove you wrong, prove I could wake up."
"Oh." You mentally thank yourself for not letting Tom sleep over. It's not that you don't want to tell her, you want to tell her about yesterday so bad, but you and Tom promised to keep it on the low at first. Yes, she will definitely be pissed that you didn't tell her earlier, but she'll get over it.
She walks out from your room, letting you get dressed. You get dressed just in some comfy clothes knowing you would have to change when getting to set anyways. As you are about to walk out to y/bsf/n you hear a bling from your phone, so you check it, and it's from the person, that always can make you happy.
Boyfriend <3: Goodmorning beautiful x
You smile at his text, he is really so cute, even before last night, even before getting together, he could always make you happy, just admiring him being him made you happy, how he respects people makes you happy, everything about him makes you happy. You still can't believe yesterday really happened, you can call him yours. You can call Tom Holland your boyfriend.
You stare at the text for a good amount of time before replying.
You: Goodmorning to you too handsome x
You don't even have the opportunity to close your phone before he has replied.
Boyfriend <3: Can't wait to see my gorgeous girlfriend 😍
But before you can come up with a text to send back, the door opens, turning your head to y/bsf/n, and going out to get breakfast with her, at a cafee close to set.
As you walk on set, you look around for Tom, trying not to be too obvious, but you see him nowhere. You and y/bf/n talk a bit with your other co-stars - still seeing no Tom tho - then the director about a couple of scene, and how you will make them.
As you begin to shoot some scenes, you can't help but still think or look out for Tom. And with him being on your mind the whole time, you can't seem to quite concentrate on your work. Wether it would be messing up lines, forgetting to move, or not changing your facial expresion.
All your thoughts were on Tom.
As you finish one of your scenes, you look around for him once again. And there he is, finally, talking to Harrison about something.
You go down from the set to talk to him, as you do, he looks around and catch your eye. The nerves in your body getting bigger, as he makes his way as well.
"Hey Y/n!" You stop in your actions as the crew calls for you from behind the camera. "Could we get your thought on this?" So you change your direction from Tom to the crew.
Watching back on the scene you just shot, it looks great, not necessary to take it once again. Which you are quite happy about, as you have already taken it around five times.
You turn back to Tom, making your way towards him, but again the chance of talking is ruined by the crew, now being Tom's time to film.
You watch from behind, seeing Tom, your boyfriend - which still is a shock - preform his scene. Both before and after doing the scene, he looks straight at you, smiling.
As with your scene before, it seems like he can't concentrate, like his mind is on a whole different planet, and his eyes keep meeting yours. Is he thinking about you, the way you thought about him?
"Action!" They start the scene over, but when Tom has to say his line, he doesn't. He just stands there.
His head turning in one fast motion, his eyes landing on yours as the first thing, not even searching for you first. After a second ot two, looking over to the crew.
"I'm sorry, I have no idea what happened." They nodd asuring it was fine. "My mind was just somewhere else." You would swear on anything, that he glanced at you as he said the last sentence.
"It's fine, let's just take it again."
He finish the scene quickly after that, then rewatching and talking about it, as you stand to the side talking to y/bsf/n.
"He's coming." You turn around at her words, seeing Tom walking toward you once again.
Everything in you, hoping it won't be cut of for some reason. Hoping you can just talk.
But of course not. You are about to talk, when your stylist then calls for you, wanting to get you ready for the next scene.
You knew going into a relationship as two actors, would be hard with all the filming, traveling and the media. You knew going into this relationship would mean times where you couldn't get to talk or see each other. But never had you thought, that you wouldn't be able to speak with the other only half a day of being together.
You give him a quick look saying sorry, as you walk away with y/bsf/n. Y/bsf/n clearly sees you, when you turn your head back, giving Tom a sweet smile, him returing it.
"God, you two are flirting for real." You just lightly laugh at her.
After the outfit change, and fixing your make up, you started on another scene. It was only a short reshoot from a scene a couple days earlier, as the directors had notices a small mistake, that needed to be fixed.
"Why don't you just go talk to her?" Harrison asks Tom, who is watching you act with love eyes.
"That's what I've been trying to do this whole day, but something always gets in the way." Tom says annoyed of the situation. He just wants to talk to you. Not about anything specifc, just talk, and see you.
"Well if I'm correct, neither of you have anything to do for about," Harrison looks at his watch. "An hour, after she is done with this one scene. There you can talk." Tom's eyes lit up with happiness.
"Really? An hour?"
Y/bsf/n points at you with a death glare, as she walks up to you.
"Imma do this scene, and you talk to Tom, do you understand me?" Y/bsf/n threatens you, but you can't help but laugh.
"I'm gonna talk to him, don't even worry." You say still laughing a little.
"I seriously mean it, you two have chemistry, so why don't you do something about it?" You feel gilty for not telling her everything, but she is gonna know eventually.
"Yeah yeah, but you need to go." So she does, as well as telling you once more to talk to Tom.
"You haven't told her, have you?" You jump a little as you hear Tom's voice approaching you from behind.
"Nope, but she'll be fine."
The challenge of getting to talk like before was long gone after your scene finished. You had a whole hour of nothing, so you could talk as much as you wanted to, but it seemed to be a little too much, and at some bad times. Like running around like five year old while yelling at each other.
You and Tom are exhausted from everything, and it hadn't even been half an hour. So you choose to sit down, and just watch y/bsf/n act.
It's quiet, but then Tom turns to you and makes a joke, that made you laugh hysterically. The whole cast turns their head in your deriction, that makes you an Tom shut up.
"You two," one of the producers begins as he approaches you, "you are done for today, you can both go home." You make eye contact with Tom, and see he is just as confused as you.
"But we still have more scenes to shoot." You say, as you remember back to the scenes you and Tom ran over yesterday in your trailer.
"Yeah, but you two can't concentrate, so go home, and we will see you tomorrow." He explains. You know you were being a little loud, but were you really that loud?
You find Tom's eyes once again, as he then answer. "Oh sorry, uhm, we'll see you tomorrow then."
You both make you way out like that.
"What do you wanna do now?" You aks him.
"Wanna go back to my trailer?"
Tom lays down on his back you stting on top of him a hand on each side of his face.
"I'm scared someone is gonna yell cut, and it's just another scene for the movie, or even worse that it's all a dream."
He caresses your cheek.
"It's neither a scene or dream, it does feel like a dream tho. But I'm right here, so come and kiss me." He pulls you down by your neck so your lips crash on his, and you start to make out even harder, feeling him getting harder and harder underneath you.
"You sure you want to do this?" He asks in a sweet innocent voice, but you can't help the thoughts that are far from innocent.
"Yes, you?" You answer seeing his eyes shine.
"More than anything."
"Well then," you start before moving closer to his ear. "Fuck me."
One moment you are sitting on top of him, the next feeling his strong arms and hands tighten, now pressed against the bed, his lip smashed on yours.
"My pleasure," he smirks at you. "Or I guess it'll be your pleasure too." You share a good laugh, before finding each others mouths again.
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nostxlgia18 · 21 hours ago
14. IT'S A BOY!!
Taglist: @beck07990 @calimoi @violacavs520 @girl-toxxic @everytimeyousaygoodbye @julialuv1d @teenagecloudflapscissors-blog @enchantingneckpersonscissors @mandybug39
Tumblr media
𝘁𝗶𝗮𝘁𝗵𝗼𝗺𝗮𝘀 : officially know 3 naughty Ryan's in my life 😜
~~ 𝗿𝘆𝗮𝗻.𝗴𝗼𝘀𝗹𝗶𝗻𝗴𝘀 : hehe 😎
𝗿𝗼𝗯𝗲𝗿𝘁𝗱𝗼𝘄𝗻𝗲𝘆𝗷𝗿 : just so you know, I booked the whole floor for the delivery (drived Chris nuts 😂! I don't care)
𝘃𝗮𝗻𝗰𝗶𝘁𝘆𝗿𝗲𝘆𝗻𝗼𝗹𝗱𝘀 : ayeee!!! Inze is waiting to meet him
𝗸𝗶𝗺𝗸𝗮𝗿𝗱𝗮𝘀𝗵𝗶𝗮𝗻 : my godson!! 😇
𝗯𝗹𝗮𝗸𝗲.𝗹𝗶𝘃𝗲𝗹𝘆 : congratulations my babies!!!
~~ 𝗰𝗵𝗿𝗶𝘀𝗲𝘃𝗮𝗻𝘀 : thnx momma ✌🏻
𝘇𝗮𝘆𝗻 : ❤❤❤
𝗱𝗲𝗲𝗽𝗶𝗸𝗮𝗽𝗮𝗱𝘂𝗸𝗼𝗻 : look at those little fingers 😍
𝗸𝘆𝗹𝗶𝗲𝗷𝗲𝗻𝗻𝗲𝗿 : awwwwww
𝘁𝗼𝗺𝗵𝗼𝗹𝗹𝗮𝗻𝗱𝟮𝟬𝟭𝟯 : I'm an uncle 🤑🤑
𝗮𝗶𝗱𝗲𝗻_𝘁𝗵𝗼𝗺𝗮𝘀 : cutest nephew ever 😉😉
𝗮𝗻𝘁𝗵𝗼𝗻𝘆_𝗺 : 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳
𝘀𝗲𝗯𝗮𝘀𝘁𝗶𝗮𝗻_𝘀𝘁𝗮𝗻 : going to spoil this kid RAW 😎
𝘀𝗰𝗼𝘁𝘁𝗲𝘃𝗮𝗻𝘀𝗴𝗿𝗮𝗺 : my partner in crime!
𝘀𝗰𝗮𝗿𝗹𝗲𝘁𝘁_𝗷𝗼 : 👶🏻👶🏻👶🏻
𝗲𝗹𝗶𝘇𝗮𝗯𝗲𝘁𝗵𝗼𝗹𝘀𝗲𝗻 : can't wait to meet this handsome 😘
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Reblogs are appreciated 😊
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95atnight · 23 hours ago
[ ♡ morning kisses ♡ ] ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––
[ prompt ]
‘‘i’m not going to kiss you.’‘ ‘‘why?’‘ ‘‘because if i do, i don’t think we’re getting out of bed today.’‘ followed by the character placing a playful kiss on their lover’s mouth as they get out of bed (via)
[ pairing ] : tom holland x reader
[ warnings ] : a lot of kissing, they kinda sorta get a little handsy? it’s just very fluffy and i’m still trying to figure out what exactly warrants warnings so some kind feedback would be very appreciated...!
[ word count ] : 1.5k
[ note ] : this is my first ever fic, and it’s been a minute since i wrote...anything really? so i have no idea how this is going to read for others, but!! i had fun writing this, so i hope you guys enjoy!
You wished every morning could be just like this: eyes coaxed open by the warm rays pouring through the windows, your frame safely tucked against Tom’s body with his arm draped over your waist.
Once you manage to blink away the sleep, you roll over to face him, being careful not to wake him in the process.
And he looks perfect like this. You lie there and run your eyes over him—it feels a little surreal to take him in this way. Just several hours ago he was on a plane coming back home to you after an excruciating month of being apart. But now, here he was — physically, actually here — lost somewhere deep in his dreams. By a rare stroke of luck you’ve woken up before him. So naturally, you're gonna make sure to use those valuable seconds to try and memorize every little detail of his face.
Nothing has felt more relaxing. A little too relaxing, in fact, but you blink away the sleep that threatens to creep back, fixating instead on the way the sunlight licked at the tips of his unruly brown curls, slowly inching down his features. If the sun was allowed to touch him, weren’t you, too?
You hold your breath as your index reaches out to delicately trace along his brow bone.
When it’s clear the action hasn’t stirred him from his sleep, you continue to ghost across the surface of his skin, taking your time as your finger trails down his cheek bone, to the bridge of his nose, and to his lips. It lingers there for a second too long.
“I think I quite like this sort of wake up call.” 
Your whip your hand away like it had just touched something hot, eyes blown wide in surprise.
“You’re awake.” The sentence comes out more as an observation than a question, and you can feel your cheeks heat up in embarrassment.
“I... may or may not have been up since I felt you turn over earlier.” His eyes, still sanded with sleep and exhaustion, finally open to meet yours. But his ever-present, boyish amusement doesn’t fail to glitter from behind the chocolate orbs.
And it had always been these minor things that made your heart glow with warmth for the boy in front of you. “I’m sorry, baby. I didn’t mean to wake you,” you mumble, a pout forming at the end of the sentence as you caress his cheek.
Tom hums in reply, leaning into your touch as he shakes his head, as though to tell you not to worry. His arms reach around you to pull you closer to him. “No, I’m glad you did. I reckon I should probably get ready anyway. What time is it?”
“No. Nuh-uh. C’mon, I just got you back!” Your hand comes up to cover his eyes, shielding his vision from the clock by your bed. “Unless by ‘get ready,’ you mean ‘get ready to spend all day with your loving girlfriend and not go to work’?”
“Y/N/N,” he groans playfully, shaking his head side to side to try and remove your hand, but you persist, a grin decorating your features. “The sooner I get out of here, the sooner I can wrap up and come back home to you love, hm?” He turns his head slightly, just enough to give the inside of your wrist a quick peck. “Give me my eyes baaaaack.”
Reluctantly you concede, but only parting your fingers just enough so he could peek between the gap. The corners of his eyes crinkle when he finally sees you, and before you can say anything else, he closes the distance to give you the first kiss of the day.
It’s soft and deliciously lazy, purposeful and loving. The feeling sends a kind of shock through your veins, reaching down to the tip of your toes. His lips move against yours with ease in the same way they’ve done a thousand times before, effectively bringing all your guards down — your hand comes down too, slipping behind his neck to toy with the hair on his nape. Your leg innocently drapes over his hip, bringing your bodies even closer together, and you feel his hand delicately moving from the your lower back to your ass, giving it a small squeeze.
You hum against his lips for more; but that’s the exact moment he decides to pull away. And as much as you hated it, you knew as well as he did that one second longer and that would probably mean neither of you'd likely have a very productive morning. Not that that would be so bad for you, necessarily.
Tom rolls you over on your back, peppering your cheeks, neck, and collarbone with feathery kisses that you knew translated into an apology. He nestles his head on your chest with a quiet sigh, consumed by the silence and the rhythmical thump of your heartbeat.
“Wish I didn’t have to go to bloody work.” He mumbles against your skin, cuddling even closer against you as your fingers gently comb through his hair. "Wish I didn't have to leave you again." But you both knew it went without saying that Tom loved what he did; how he couldn’t imagine being anything else but an actor. The physical and mental demand of his work, the exhausting, erratic hours, the different types of people he had to deal with on a daily basis — he could handle all of that, and then some. But when it came down to being away from you not just in the early hours of the morning but for weeks, and sometimes even months at a time… That was the hard part. Those were the moments when he dared to invite the addictive ‘what-if’s and tempting fantasies of an alternative reality where neither of you had any obligations to tend to, no urgent work messages to check on the phone.
“Duty calls, right?” You can still feel your lips tingle from his kiss. “At least you don’t have anything on your schedule tomorrow. Means I’ll get to have you all to myself.”
At that, you suddenly feel the weight of your boyfriend removed from your body. Tom props himself up a bit to lean over you, hands on the bed by either side of your head. There’s a mischievous glimmer in his eyes, suggesting something both sinister and delightful.
“For once you’re wrong, darling.” He grins. “I’ve got a full schedule tomorrow and a fairly good feeling that you're going to love what I’ve got planned for you.” 
You raise your brow at that. “Huh. Thirty-something days apart and suddenly you’re so cocky.” With a teasing smile, you drape your arms around his neck, gaze lingering on his inviting lips for a moment before falling back on his eyes. 
“But sure," you begin, your voice just slightly hushed. "What show me a little, tiny sneak peek, baby...and I can tell you...what I think of your little schedule so far?” With each passing syllable you pull him down closer to you –– bit by bit, and sneakily enough, you tell yourself. Your eyes flutter shut, anticipating what’s to come, but the kiss never lands. You feel the teasing tickle of skin on skin instead.
“Y’think I don’t know all about your antics, don’t you?”
“‘Antics’?!” Your open your eyes again with a frown. “I think some would call that the art of flirting. Or teasing. Or both. But I guess you wouldn’t know that even if it were right under your nose.” Your finger pokes the tip of Tom’s nose for emphasis.
He tuts and shrugs in acknowledgement like you’ve just told him something deeply philosophical. “Well tough luck, babe. I’m still not gonna kiss you.” A smile tugs at the corner of his lips, one hand leaving your side to tuck a stray strand of your hair behind your ear.
“Why not?” You huff.
“Because if I do, I don’t think either of us are ever going to make it out of this bed.”
“But—” Before you can fully protest, you’re caught off-guard with the very kiss you were denied just moments ago. And maybe that was why, but somehow, it feels even better than the last. Your chin cranes up to hold his lips for as long as you possibly can, melting under his touch and savoring what you could.
He reluctantly tears away, much sooner than you’d like. He leaves you with a final peck against the tip of your nose.
“I love you. So much.” He rests his forehead against yours again. “And I’m sorry we can’t spend my first day back together, darling. But I’ll make it up to you, hm? I promise.” 
“Pinky swear?” You hold up your finger between your two frames, and he doesn't think twice before looking down to loop his finger with yours. The pads of your thumbs press together to steal the deal, and he brings your interlocked hands up to gently press it against his lips.
Your secret handshake, only ever shared in private moments like this. 
“Pinky pinky swear.” He reassures, giving your hand a small squeeze before finally removing himself from the bed. “I’m gonna go shower now. Be good.” The mattress echos your groan as your boyfriend disappears from your reach and into the bathroom.
Your eyes glance over at the clock, frowning at the time and blaming it for the outcome of what had been, at one point, your perfect morning. It already felt like a distant memory.
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sunnymuffins45 · a day ago
Secret Lover
Tumblr media
I am really proud of this, lol
Request: I have a request, please! If you could do one about Y/N who is fairly famous (singer or actress whatever doesn't matter lol) and Tom who have been secretly dating for a while both come on to the Graham Norton show and they have awesome banter and give each other f*ck me eyes the whole time so social media blows up about it so they come out that they are dating. Thank you!
Warnings: Swearing, Fluff
WC: 1.9k
A/n: HI, so I used the Graham Norton episode w tom, Jake, Tom hanks, and Gwyneth as a reference, BUT I AM CHANGING STUFF ABT IT, DONT COME AT ME PLS. Only instead of Gwyneth, its reader!!! Also Ik the request is kind of different, but I wanted to add some stuff.
This is how the story will work. It's a little different from the structure of my other stories. So, I will describe a part of the interview and then I will go in-depth on it. That made no sense but as you read it you'll understand.
¨His the oscar-nominated actor for Brokeback Mountain, Nightcrawler, and Donnie Darko. Please welcome Jake Gyllenhaal¨ Graham begins and the crowd goes wild as soon as he comes out. Jake is the first one to sit on the red couch.
¨His your friendly neighborhood Spiderman, it's Mr. Tom Holland¨ Graham continues, Tom coming out from backstage, seating next to Jake. The crowd still going wild.
¨She´s an oscar-winning actress and a top ten billboard musician, please welcome Y/N Y/L/N¨ it's your turn to walk on stage, you hug Graham and take a seat next to your boyfriend. Secret boyfriend.
¨She is also an oscar-winning actress and the creator of GOOP, Please welcome Gwyneth Paltrow¨ The crowd whistled.
¨And back as Sheriff Woody in Toy Story 4, he is Hollywood great and a double-oscar winner. Please welcome, Tom Hanks!¨ Graham welcome the last guest.
The crowd started to calm down, and the show began. It was the first time you did an interview with Tom, so both of you were trying hard not to be touchy with each other. Of course, Tom blew it in the first 5 minutes:
¨So Tom¨ Graham Started ¨Fame is obviously kinda new to you..¨
¨Mjm¨ Tom nodded, listening to the question.
¨Are the Holland clan keeping your feet on the ground?¨ Graham asked
¨Yeah, they do a good job too¨ Tom started, but he didn't realize when he started talking, he placed his hand on your thigh. You stuck in a breath, and he felt it. He soon realized what he had just done and removed his hand. Luckily, no one on the stage seems to notice. The fans sure did. Tom continued talking like nothing had happened, sounding very convincing.
A few minutes after, Graham started talking about Toy Story 4. He asked a random question to Tom Hanks that almost blew your cover with Tom. Again:
¨ I started recording Woody in 1991¨ Tom Hanks spoke.
¨Guess who wasn't born by then?¨ Graham laughed
¨Am going to say half-¨ The crowd laughed ¨ Everybody to my left was not yet concived¨ He signaled to move his arm, and both you and Tom raised your hands.
¨I was having good sex in 1991. You don't find that any more¨ Gwyenth said laughing.
¨Boy! That's true, the good old times¨ Tom H said.
¨Well, no actually, you can still find pretty good sex¨ You said, smirking devilishly at your boyfriend while the crowd whistled. This time, Graham caught the smirk.
¨Talking about anyone specific y/N?¨ He asked, playing with his cards.
¨Oh no, just saying¨ You shrugged, and Tom grinned.
¨Well we've painted a picture now, thank you¨ Graham joked, making everyone on the set laugh.
Next, Tom Hanks gave both of you a task. He was explaining to everyone how young actors are often asked to make repetition. Of course, you and Tom were the two youngest actors in the room, so he picked you guys. The exercise consisted of you asking Tom ´would you like more coffee?.´ He had to reply with ´coffee, coffee, boy! Do I need more coffee? Tom got a little bit carried away:
¨Okey so y/n, you will ask Tom that same question over and over again, ok?¨ Tom Hanks instructed.
¨Sure, let's do this!¨ You said with anticipation.
¨Tom, you will be saying, Coffee, coffee boy do I need more coffee in every conceivable way you can¨
¨Okey, am ready¨ Your boyfriend spoke, and you repositioned yourself to face him properly.
¨Would you like some more coffee?¨ You began, smiling at him.
¨Coffe, coffee, boy do I need more coffee.¨ He recalled, turning on his English accent to the fullest.
¨Would you like some more coffee?¨ You asked again.
¨Coffee, coffee, boy do I need more coffee.¨ He repeated himself, a little less enthusiastic this time.
¨Come on, Tom, can you try it with a little more something to it, man?¨ The crowd laughed, and he nodded.
¨Yes, Y/N, I can¨ He smiled, fixing his suit.
¨Okey, Would you like some more coffee?¨ You started again
¨Coffee, coffee, please y/n, I need some more coffee¨ He said, stronger this time.
¨Good, Would you like some more coffee?¨
¨Coffee, coffee, please Mis, I need some more coffe¨ His voice cracking this time.
¨Would you want some more coffee¨ You continued, staring at his beautiful eyes.
¨Coffee, coffee, come on y/n, I need some more coffee¨ He opened his hands and cocked his head to the side.
¨Would you like some more coffee¨ You asked one last time.
¨Coffee, please Babe, I need some more coffee. Please Y/N Y/N/L, give me some coffee¨ Tom said in a desperate manner. He didn't realize what he said. You sure did, as well as Gwyneth, who gave you a look, and you brushed it off. What both of you didn't know, was the internet, was freaking out about all the little easter eggs they have been giving.
Now, it was Gwyneth´s time to talk about GOOP. Graham welcomed the topic about her famous, Vaginal steaming. Tom just had to comment on it:
¨...And Vagaina steaming, we had never heard of that¨ Graham laughed. ¨Now a day, who doesn't steam their Vagaina?¨ Graham told
¨You are sitting on a steam right now¨ Gwyneth announced.
¨mmmm¨ Graham wiggled around in his chair, pretending to be in a vaginal steamer. Tom looked at you and laughed.
¨The whole point of this steamer was to provide health and freshness to a woman¨ Gwyneth explained.
¨Y/N, you tried this famous vaginal steamer yourself. Is that right?¨ Graham asked you, and you nodded. ¨You posted this picture in your Instagram story after you tried it.¨ The photo was shown.
¨Yes, I tried it and it's super relaxing and comfortable. It does really work! you confessed.
¨Oh believe me, it does work really well.¨ Tom fixed his hair and the crowd laughed.
¨Have you tried them before, Tom?¨ Tom Hanks asked surprised.
¨Well I sure have mate, just not in the way you'd expect¨ You hit Tom with your elbow, knowing exactly what he's talking about. Jake noticed what Tom said, kicking his feet to shut him up.
¨I hear there's an Ancient practice where you drink your own urine¨ Jake tried to change the subject.
¨Oh yeah, we do that¨ Tom said pointing at you and him, and the crowd burst out laughing. You weren't happy. Tom knew what he was doing. He had wanted to make your relationship public for a while now. He was definitely convincing people about the idea.
¨We drink each others¨ You followed along
¨I think Jake wasn't informed you were going to share that information¨ Graham joked again. You all laughed at Jake's funny face.
Graham complimented how young you looked, he asked you if you had any similar issues as what Tom Hanks had just said. He said he had issued being served in bars. Graham asked if you had experienced anything like that, and well :
¨How old are you y/n?¨ He asked
¨I am 22¨ You smiled
¨Beacuse you do look awfully young, do you have the same issue as Tom Hanks over here?¨
¨Well, I do have a similar storie¨ You began ¨Recenlty, I went to the bar with my boyfriend and his mom¨
¨Oh, she's taken, everyone. Staff! be ready to pass the tissues.¨ Graham and his jokes. The crowd laughed once again.
¨Haha, yeah¨ You turned to Tom. He winked at you. The camera definitely caught that. ¨So as I was saying, they didn't want to let To-my boyfriend mom in, because she didn't have an ID. ¨
¨What?!¨ Tom Hanks laughed.
¨Yeah and my boyfriend was all like ´I came out of my mum 25 years ago you fucking idiot´¨ You pretended to talk in a British accent, making fans wonder.
¨Toy Story was in cinemas!¨ Graham replied, and you laughed.
¨That was a really smooth accent y/n¨ Tom rolled his eyes
¨Yes, y/n you know his delicate about the accent¨ Jake joked.
¨So your boyfriend is British?¨ Graham asked, cocking his head to the side. Tom turned around to look at you.
¨Ye-yeah, he is british¨ Fuck, you blew too much away.
¨Mmm, she definitely had good taste¨ Graham joked.
The last blow of that night was the biggest. Stormzy had just finished performing on stage. He was from England and lived in Tom's neighborhood. Stormzy exposed a little too much:
¨Stormzy, you actually know Tom well don't you?¨ Graham shuffled his cards.
¨Yeah, my parent's house is in the neighborhood. Sometimes I see you and y/n walking your dog. I am sorry but your dog's walk is so cute¨ Stormzy replied to Graham, meaning to cause no harm. You and Tom shared a look, knowing everything was out. Graham wanted to ask about that, but time was on your side that day.
¨That was all for today everyone. Thank you!¨ Graham ended the show.
The next day after the interview, the media was out of its mind. You woke up to the sound of your phone buzzing. You turned around to see your boyfriend already awake, looking at his phone.
¨Oh we fucked up¨ He said, looking down at his phone.
¨Good morning to you too, baby¨ you scoffed. He kissed your head.
¨Morning love, happy? Now, look at your phone.¨
¨Ugh¨ you looked at your phone and saw all the headlines and posts. There were videos, ship accounts, pictures, messages, all types of stuff.
¨I am surprised am not being threatened by any of your fourteen-year-olds, babe¨ You joked
¨Shut up. They are all lovely¨
¨12 year difference Tom¨ You reminded him.
¨What!? That I love my fourteen-year-olds, doesn't mean ama marry them¨ He pled ¨I will marry you¨ He touched your nose, and you smiled.
¨We should just make it public¨ You shrugged.
¨You sure?¨
Tom posted a picture on his Instagram. It was a picture of both of you in bed cuddling. He captioned it ¨youp, she is my secret lover¨.
Both of you shut your phones off and decided to watch your interview from the day before, cuddling in bed
¨Man, I was giving you fuck eyes the whole time¨ Tom mumbled, you laughed.
Request something/talk to me :) 👈
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planecrashdreams · a day ago
You Say Good Morning When It’s Midnight
Peter Parker x Female Reader
Summary: [This is a part 2 of my first fanfic “Blame It On September”] Peter is away in London, studying at an Ivy League school, while you are still in Queens studying at NYU. You both miss each other and stumble through the changes of being away from each other, but what happens when Peter calls you one night missing you?
Inspired by the song Jet Lag by Simple Plan + Natasha Bedingfield
Warnings: *fluff* *swearing* *slight smut?* *phone sex*
Peter and Y/N are 18!
Tumblr media
Your POV
“How long has it been since you guys talked?” MJ asks, as you both sit down in a café sipping on the straws of your iced coffees.
“We talk all the time.” You reply quickly but nonchalantly. “No Y/N, I’m not talking about memes and texting. I’m talking about actual talking. You know, on the phone, face time?”
“Oh, well, not so much. I don’t know, he’s busy. He’s got a lot to worry about at school.” You say honestly.
“You should call him tonight. You guys have been away from each other for 2 whole months. It’ll be good for you both to actually have a real conversation.” MJ says very nurturing.
“I’ll have to ask him to make sure he has time to talk tonight, I don’t want to keep him from studying.” You say still concerned about Peter’s studies.
“No! Don’t ask, just do it. Don’t even think about it. One talk won’t ruin Peter’s grades forever.” MJ replies passionately.
“Y/N, you both really need this, and once you call him tonight. You’ll be thanking me for the rest of your life.” MJ continues.
“Ok, I’ll do it.” You reply.
Peter’s POV
“Have you talked to Y/N lately?” Ned asks curiously.
“Yeah, I mean we send memes and talk a little bit every day, but I haven’t called her in a while.” Peter replies.
“I think she misses you dude, a lot actually.” Ned tells Peter concerned.
“Really? I miss her more than ever, I don’t want her to be upset. It’s hard being away for this long.” Peter replies saddened.
“Why don’t you call her tonight? I’m sure she’d appreciate it, and besides you need it.” Ned replies.
“Yeah, I could really use hearing her cute voice again. I miss her hugs, and her lips, an—“
“Okay, I think I get it Peter, but don’t you think you should be telling her this?” Ned says, saving himself from the PG rated thoughts spilling from Peter.
“You’re right! I’ll call her tonight, I hope she won’t be busy.” Peter says, now worried not knowing if you’d even be able to answer him.
“Don’t worry, I’ll tell MJ to make sure to have Y/N available tonight.”
Your POV
You arrive at your dorm and throw a cute light grey spaghetti strap top on, along with matching pj shorts. You toss your hair into a ponytail and head to your kitchen to make some dinner.
As you eat your dinner, you binge watch the newly added episodes of Rupaul’s Drag Race All Stars (yes, I’m a drag race fan :)) and catch up on some of your homework.
After a night of studying, you realize you hadn’t called Peter. You think to yourself it was probably for the best. You didn’t want to disturb him and you also had to study. “I’ll call him Friday night.” You say to comfort yourself.
You climb into bed and fall fast asleep. A few hours pass and you awaken to the humming of your phone on your nightstand. You answer to the sound of Peter’s voice.
“Hey, babe.” Peter greets, you could feel him smiling through the phone.
“Pete? I’ve missed you so much!” You reply still sleepy yet beaming.
“I’ve missed you too, how have you been? I’m starting to go crazy not seeing you.”
“I’ve been doing okay, it’s not the same without you. I’ve pretty much only been hanging out with MJ and Ned. They’ve been so good with including me in everything since you’ve been gone.”
“That’s good, I miss MJ and Ned too, I’ve made some new friends here too. They’re science geeks like me, which is great.”
“Aw Pete, that’s great, I never thought you’d make friends that are even bigger science dorks than you!” You say jokingly.
“Hey! I’m not a dork!” Peter says defensive.
“I’ve missed this Y/N”
“I did too, Pete.” you reply.
“I also missed other things too.” He says , catching you off guard.
“Like what?” You push.
“Your smile, your hair and how silky it feels when I run my fingers through it, your collarbones, that one spot on your neck that my lips fit perfectly into when I kiss there, I miss a lot Y/N.” He continues.
“I miss when you call my name, you’re the only one who calls me Pete. I miss you calling me that wh—“
“Peter Parker! Are you telling me you miss having sex with me?” You tease.
“Are you kidding, Y/N? You’re all I’ve been thinking about since I’ve left. And of course I’ve missed that.” He confesses.
“Well, how about I take some edge off for you?” You suggest seductively.
“Oh my god, is this really happening?!” Peter says now shocked over the fact that he’d be having phone sex. He never thought in a million years his girlfriend would want to do this with him.
“Lay back in your bed and get comfortable.” You demand.
“I could get used to this.” Peter says aroused by your sudden dominance.
“You know what I’m wearing?” You start as Peter hums for you to continue.
“That little cute grey pj set, the one you bought me for my birthday last year... But, I’m not wearing any any underwear...”
Peter now starts to flush as you describe what you are wearing to him and he struggles to sit still.
“And... no bra.” You finish your description.
You knew just how to get Peter flustered. You knew exactly all the little details that turned him on and what he liked. He always liked when you didn’t wear a bra.
“Fuck... Y/N...” Peter sneaks out.
You start to whisper into the phone and start to tell him what you missed about him.
“Mmm Pete? You know what else I missed? When you’d pick me up and throw me onto your desk and kiss my neck and all along my chest. When you’d run your fingers through my hair before tugging on it. Running my fingers along your abs down to your belt and zipper.”
Peter is now starting to sweat and you can hear he’s now breathing hard.
“You ripping my bra off and nipping on my chest, your hands around my neck, your tongue in my mouth.” You say as you slowly take off your pj top, strap by strap. You can now hear muffled movement through the phone. You’re able to make it out just enough to know Peter had taken off his jeans.
You continue reimagining all of your nights shared with Peter and let out a moan thinking of him touching you.
Peter’s POV
My mind was racing, I was sweating and I couldn’t control myself when it came to her. I had to get rid of my clothes quick I needed this so bad, I needed her so bad. Only she could get me off. And that little moan, oh my god, she needed this too.
“I need you, baby.” She whimpers.
“Mmm, you do? Are wearing anything?”
“Not anymore, I couldn’t help myself.” She replies teasingly.
“I’ve been thinking, you know what I loved doing?” He starts, now wanting to get you off a bit.
“Hmm?” Y/N answers wanting him to continue.
“Giving you all of those hickeys the night before prom and that little moan you make. God, your moan is so addictive. And that look in your eyes when I’ve got you where I want you.”
Your POV
You were now laying on your bed inching your hips up and feeling hot to the touch. You couldn’t believe how seductive Peter could be without actually being there.
“I feel so dirty right now, Peter. My legs are missing you in between them.” You whisper so innocently yet seductively.
“You’re so naughty, you know that?”
“Mmm, I’m also very hot, like I need something to soothe the heat.”
Peter now thinks of that one night he tied your wrists with his webs. You liked when he took control.
“If you keep being bad, I’ll have to tie you up again.”
“But, I like being bad, your webs feel nice when I’m burning up.” You tease him back.
“I had to tie you down last time because you wouldn’t stay still. I had to make sure I got all of your sweet spots.”
You lay in your bed thinking about that night with him and relive all of those moments shared together and savour his touch and you melt just thinking about it.
You let out a moan loud enough for Peter to hear that he won complete control of you.
You however, couldn’t let him take the win. You had to get him too.
“Remember that one night I came over and Aunt May wasn’t home?”
“Yeah, and you slept over? That was a good night.”
“Yeah it was, because I was going down on you. Then May came home earlier than expected and you couldn’t be as loud as you wanted.”
Peter’s breath hitched for a moment from thinking about how good you were at blowing him.
“Well, next time I won’t let you off so easy. You won’t be able to contain yourself or your moans.”
Peter now loses himself and is panting on his end of the phone. You give a small giggle now knowing you got him back.
“That wasn’t entirely fair, you know? You know that is my weakness, I love when you go down on me.”
“I know, why’d you think I brought that up? I know how to whined you up.” You applaud yourself.
“Huh, if you’re so sure of yourself we’ll have to see just how skilled you are when I come home next Saturday.”
“You’ll see, and I’ve been dying to kis— wait! Next Saturday?!”
Peter laughs at your excitement. “Yeah, we get a midterm break and it’s for 2 weeks, so I’m flying back home. You’ll have to prove that you can whined me up, cause if I’m not mistaken, I was the one who got you off first.” Peter says really cheeky.
You knew too that he was making that face he makes when he thinks he’s right about something. It was cute but sometimes it drove you crazy.
“We’ll see about that, Parker.”
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poetrcy · a day ago
Glamorous || Tom Holland
Tumblr media
the moodboard for my upcoming series GLAMOROUS
Summary → In this Princess Diana retelling, you are working in a nursery school as an aid in London, as well as a part time nanny. With slight aristocratic ties, you choose to live a more normal and mundane life. When the Prince of Wales comes to know you and bring you into the spotlight, everything changes. Truths coming too late, lies straining your relationship, and the impending future of the country falling on your shoulders. Are these really the places of which fairytales are made?
Let me know to be added to the taglist!
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