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Illicit affairs -Chapter 1

summary: harry osborn is a flirt and justin hammer is a jackass. y/n tells peter that he is an idiot, again. & black cat wants to know what night are they talking about. 

Listen to: Maniac -Conan Grey

word count: 7.5k

(author’s note at the end now)

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(the gif is so funny out of context but like literally)


Originally posted by supermoviemaniac

You’d never been to the OSCORP tower before. You had met Norman and Harry when you still lived in Malibu and they lived in Silicon Valley, they had attended a couple of galas that had become mandatory for you to go in order represent the Stark’s family name but other than that, there hadn’t been much interaction. 

Especially since Tony and Norman never got along; they had run in the same circle since the ’90s and they had vastly different ideas on what was important. For one, Tony loved what he did and he was passionate about any advancement he could make, but Norman was downright miserable with a sickly ambition. Moreover, he dived into extreme genetic projects that could be dangerous if mixed with business, so as soon as Norman suggested something to Tony and he shut him down, leaving a bitter taste on Norman’s mouth.

You wove your way through the reception that was daunting with a set of intricate security, more than what you had actually expected. Now you knew what Tony had meant with Norman being paranoid. You passed the multiple security stations and smiled when no machine or security guard noticed the mass amount of energy you were carrying on your necklace, where your suit was contained. You had been working for months when you first got to Europe so you could carry it undetected, it had failed a couple of times and so, it had forced you to work out even harder, in case you couldn’t use your suit. 

You finished passing through the security detail and manage to made your way to the receptionist, who seemed to be rather annoyed with the sheer amount of calls he was receiving.  

“Hi, sorry to bother you”, you smiled, looking down at him but he didn’t even raise his head, you stopped talking but then he motioned his hand for you to continue. “Okay…I’m here to see Mr. Osborn, we have an appointment”

“Your name?”, the receptionist asked, still not looking at you which made your eye twitch in annoyance. 

“Y/N Stark”, you answered, the receptionist snorted, and then he raised his head. He went pale when he realized it was you, you smiled in return as he pulled off his headset and smiled at you. 

“Mr. Osborn has been waiting for you”, he said as he quickly motioned a security guard to come to the desk and placed his headset on his head again. “Also, there’s this guy over there who said he was with you”, he mentioned as he pointed at Peter who was passing through the last security detail. 

Peter rushed to get next to you, he had been swinging through the city and you could tell by how his curls were messier than how they usually got if he was running. You couldn’t help but to smile at his face at his state, his brows were knitted in a frown as he tried to catch his breath, the way his nose wrinkled made you want to shed a tear or two, you remembered how it usually made your heart burst whenever he did that. 

“I’m so sorry, I had class and…”, Peter mumbled but he stopped again to breathe.

You knew that Peter didn’t want to come to Oscorp, it had been years since he had gotten bitten by that radioactive spider on a class trip but you were more than sure that it still triggered something in him. You had assured him that you could go alone, but being as stubborn as he was, he said he would go with you. 

“Peter, don’t worry”, you said sweetly as you place your hand on his shoulder and squeezed it. “It’s okay”

Peter froze at your touch and you felt the tension on his muscles so you quickly took your hand off his shoulder. It all felt rather nostalgic to both of you, the way you trusted each other, how you knew you had each other’s back and understood. But this wasn’t like before and you knew it couldn’t be. 

You cleared your throat and turned around to the security guard, signaling to him that you were ready to go see Mr. Osborn. 

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A/N: this came to me while (surprise) folding laundry, I hope you enjoy. :)


It’s a quiet Thursday night, and you’re folding some laundry in your shared bedroom with Tom. He had already completed his house chores for the day, and at a “much more efficient pace than you, angel.” Rubbing the red spot on his forehead where you’d flicked him, Tom lowered the volume on the show he was watching. Clearing his throat, your eyes flicked up at him at the sudden change in atmosphere. 

“Hey darling,” Tom said, looking at you with those eyes you loved, “Can I say something super cheesy?”

Finishing Tom’s pile of underwear, you moved onto his clean t-shirts. “As long as it’s something gouda.”

Tom scoffed, rolling his eyes. Eyes settling back on you, the look on his face was something you couldn’t quite place. 

“You’re just…like sometimes I know I call you ‘angel,’ but I dunno. I don’t think I want to do that anymore.” 

Furrowing your brows, you stopped folding the t-shirt you were holding and crossed your arms in confusion. “What do you mean?” You weren’t offended, just…puzzled.

Blowing out a breath, Tom shifted so he was on his back facing the ceiling. “I don’t know, you…I…well — here comes the mushy part” his arms crossed, fingertips drumming on his bicep. “I just think you’re so uniquely beautiful that I don’t want to call you something so generic, you know?” Tom’s neck turned pink, his entire face heating up until even the tips of his ears were a blushed hue. 

Biting your lip to suppress your smile, you dropped the shirt on the floor and plopped onto the bed next to him. Facing him on your side, you placed a quick kiss on his jaw before poking his cheek playfully. 

“Aw, you like me,” you joked. Tucking your face into the crook of his neck, you nudged his cheek with your nose. “Do ya wanna brainstorm a name together?”

Tom scoffed again, briefly turning his head to fleetingly meet your eyes before looking at the ceiling again. “I told you it was gonna be cheesy and stupid,” he mumbled.

Coy smile dropping at his embarrassment, you turned serious. Gently turning his face to yours, your heart warmed at the heat of his skin. Laying silently on the bed, you just held his gaze quietly for a moment before leaning in for a soft kiss.

Stroking his cheekbone, your lips were still touching his as you spoke. “Thomas,” you whispered, so faintly he could barely hear it, “It’s not stupid, thank you.” Flaring pink all over again, Tom shifted so he could kiss your forehead. He just held his lips there, lightly holding your head.

Pulling away, Tom rested his forehead on yours. Caressing your hair, he smiled, the grin as soft as you’d ever seen. 

“You’re welcome.”


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warnings: smut

authors note: i hope i did your request justice hehe, ily more <3 sorry for any spelling mistakes!

━━━━━━ ∘◦ ✾ ◦∘ ━━━━━━


gif creds to @t-lostinworlds

  • “y/n stop it.”
  • you roll your eyes, “okay. okay.” you smile as your boyfriend tom turns back around to the stove where he was making dinner for the both of you. you bite your lip and check his ass out through his sweatpants. you’d been teasing tom all day about his sweatpants fitting snug on him
  • he ignored your teasing but you started slapping and grabbing his bum from time to time. he grew tired of it as he cooked dinner but you couldn’t help yourself, “tommy,” you whine trying to grab your boyfriends attention but he pays no mind to you
  • you smirk to yourself and walk to him slowly his back still facing you and grab his ass and he turns around glaring at you, “grab my ass one more time and see what happens.” you smile mischievously loving his dominant tone. you snake your arms around his waist never breaking eye contact with him and trail down to his bum giving it a light squeeze, “so…what are you gonna do about that?”
  • “why would i tell you when i can just show you?” tom smirks picking you up wrapping your legs around his waist. “the food is gonna burn!” you giggle as he takes you into the bedroom. “this’ll be quick.” he says throwing you on the bed ripping the oversized shirt you had on along with you soaked panties.
  • “is this what you wanted?” he asks lining his cock near your entrance and you nod wanting him inside you already, “y-yes, please tommy i want you.” you cry out in pleasure as he slams into you stretching your tight walls.
  • the sound of skin slapping, moans, and the headboard banging again the wall was heard throughout it the room as tom grabs onto your hips picking up his hace and loving how your breasts bounced with each hard thrust. “fuck yes baby faster!” you moan as your hands fly to his ass pushing him deeper inside you.
  • his thrusts become sloppier as he feels yourself reaching your orgasm and soon he is spilling himself inside you, “that’s it princess cum all over my cock.” he grunts as your walls tighten around him releasing your cum all over his length.
  • “next time to don’t grab my ass or you’ll really get it.” tom says giving you a quick kiss and pulling out of you so he can pull his pants up and when he bends down you smack his ass.
  • he turns around glaring at you, “i’m gonna go turn off the stove and when i come back you better be on your knees.”
  • you smile at him as he walks out, “can’t wait!”

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I write for the following:

Harry Potter

- Golden Trio

-Marauders’ Era


-Steve Rogers

-James Barnes

-Tony Stark

- Clint Barton

-Pietro Maximoff

-Loki Laufeyson

-Thor Odin


-Wanda Maximoff


- Chris Evans

-Sebastian Stan

- Tom Holland

- Henry Cavill

- Finn Wolfhard

- Odessa Zion

Enola Holmes


-Viscount Tewksbury

Teen Wolf

-Scott McCall

-Stiles Stilinski

-Issac Lahey

-Liam Dunbar

-Derek Hale

-Peter Hale

Criminal Minds

-Aaron Hotchner

-Spencer Reid

-Emily Prentiss

-Derek Morgan

-Luke Alvez

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summary: tom’s family start to suspect you’re pregnant when you struggle to hide it

tom holland x pregnant reader

w/c 0.4k

hope this is okay!

tom was practically bouncing as you walked up to the front door of his childhood home to see his family. you stopped him by placing a hand gently on his arm, giving him a small smile.

“i know you want to tell them, but let’s just wait a little bit longer.” he pouted, hiding his face in your neck.

“i’m sorry, i’m just so excited.” you smiled, kissing his cheek and nodding.

“me too, but i just want to know everythings okay first.” he nodded, completely understanding your concerns.

“does it look noticeable?” you asked, turning to the side so he could look at your bump.

“i don’t think so.” you let out a relieved sigh as he pushed open the front door, announcing to his family that you both were here.

paddy ushered you both inside, letting you greet tom’s family as you took seats around the dinner table. the start of the dinner was going amazing, the family taking time to catch up with each other.

“you don’t seem to be eating much, y/n.” harry commented, your head raising with a quick glance towards tom.

“she uh, had a bit of food poisoning the other day, her stomachs still a bit off.” harry nodded. you squeezed toms hand as a thank you. the conversation around the table picked up again shortly after, you joining in every so often.

you felt your stomach growl at you, your eyes widening as you begged to keep your food down so you wouldn’t throw up.

“excuse me.” you pushed your chair out, quickly running to the bathroom to throw up, something you were doing a lot lately.

you heard tom enter behind you, holding your hair back in a ponytail and rubbing your back gently. after the nausea had gone away, tom found you a spare toothbrush to brush your teeth and then let you take a few minutes to freshen yourself up.

“you okay?” tom wrapped his arms around you, resting his hands on your slightly swollen belly, rubbing soft circles.

“yeah, think i’m good now.” tom nodded, kissing your cheek and taking your hand to lead you back to the dining room.

“are you alright sweetheart?” you nodded, thanking her for checking. the rest of the dinner went the same, conversation flowing and your little incident almost completely forgotten.

“y/n?” you looked up at nikki with a smile on your face.

“forgive me if i’m crossing the line but, are you pregnant?” you choked on your drink, putting it back down on the table and looking at tom. the rest of the hollands had gone silent, focusing on you both.


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Summary: She wasn’t like other girls, and she hated it. He just wanted to know her, and maybe get a little closer.

Pairing: Peter Parker x PlusSize!Reader

Genre: Fluff, angst, slice of life

[first story coming 26 November 2020, 9 PM EST]

Main Masterlist | Marvel Masterlist

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~ Triumph MasterList~


(All edits are mine!)

Note: So ideally I wanted to make this once the series was done but the links have been messing up in my posts so I decided to just make it now anyways! If you’re new to the series I really recommend reading the prologue/introduction! It really helps just introduce the characters a bit more!

Summary: After what feels like an eternity of dealing with his control, Harrison seems to be losing grip of who he really is. You were always there for Harrison, you heloed him through every pain that you could, but does that all change once Tom appears in the picture? Will Harrison lose his soul to darkness if he can’t control his emotions?

Warnings: contains violence, language, trauma, mentions of death, mentions of blood, mental health, angst, fluff, nightmares

Prologue / Intro

Chapter I - Dream

Chapter II - Bloom

Chapter III - Similarities

Chapter IV - Trial (coming soon)

Tagging some mutuals: @allegra-writes @tomsrebeleyebrow @hollands-weasley @itsemohours @calltothewild @parkerpeter24

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Pairing: Tom Holland X Osterfield!Reader

Prompt: (Royalty!AU) As the princess, you have to hide your relationship with Tom, the stable hand. When your mother sets up a jousting tournament with the prize of your hand, Tom must risk it all to win your heart.

Word Count: 4100

A/N: This is for @geminiparkers ‘s writing challenge under the AU brother’s best friend and the scenario forbidden love and special thanks to @duskholland for proofreading this and correcting me when i literally made up a word

~ Also a melee is a tournament where two groups of knights reenact a battle, and i’m pretty sure we all can picture a joust… but i’m not historically accurate with any of this so oh well

Masterlist   Tom Holland Masterlist

*Moodboard is mine, pics used are not *


The castle was quiet that afternoon. Harrison was off attending to some royal duties with your mother, and you found yourself making your way down the familiar path to the stables on the far side of the castle. You smiled to yourself as you crossed the cobblestoned road. You pushed the heavy door open and stepped inside, your gown catching the stray pieces of hay that lay on the floor. Your smile grew wider as you saw a familiar figure, reorganizing the hay bales to make room for tomorrow’s import.

“You shouldn’t be here.” Tom said, not even sparing a glance in your direction as you came over to him.

“Are you really going to tell a princess what to do, stable boy?” You asked teasingly, a smile playing on your lips. “No one followed me. We’re safe.”

With a laugh, Tom turned around to face you, dusting the hay from his hands on his raggedy pants. He wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling you in for a passionate kiss. You leaned into his touch, your hands roaming underneath his old shirt, ghosting over his abs that rivaled those of any knight in the kingdom. He pulled away, regretfully admitting, “We shouldn’t- the other stable hands will be here soon.”

“Right.” You let out a small sigh, but neither of you made any effort to move out of each other’s arms. “I wish that we could be together, really together.”

“I wish that, too, but you know the law.”

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Word Vomit: The simple intimacy of ironing your boyfriend’s shirt.


Tom was running late. 

Tom hated being late. 

At this point in his career, he had made a pretty solid name for himself; the awards, nominations and the names in his contact list being the solid proof. Still, he never felt it was enough. Not necessarily in the insatiable, “I must be the best or nothing” kind of way, but in the way that the honors kid loves staying the teacher’s pet. There’s always another ‘assignment,’ another opportunity for him to prove he’s still got that special thing that makes him stand out. His talent. His diligence. His promptness. 

But now he’s running late, and you think he’s going to run holes in the carpet with how fast he’s flying through the flat. 

“Yes, yes, I have the papers. They’re uh –” Tom’s eyes are hurriedly glancing over every surface in the living room, struggling to balance his phone on his shoulder as he speaks. Your hand pops into his field of view, holding the folder filled with the documents. “Yep, I got ‘em,” he mouths a hasty thank you, fiddling with his watch strap. 

You can hear the lilt of his manager’s voice through the phone, and she’s talking so quickly it’s no wonder Tom’s wound tight as a bowstring. He has an(other) important meeting today and she was going over all of the final notes he needed to know before walking into the conference room. The “terms and conditions” of the meeting, as she coined them. 

This haste, the last-minute notes were something Tom was used to as an actor. He was good at adjusting and learning something new at the drop of a hat. Unfortunately for him, this morning in particular had just left him a little frazzled.

His phone had updated in the middle of the night and shut off his alarms, then his tea was too weak. He tripped over the rug trying to find his watch, stumbled over the floorboard he kept forgetting to fix, and a million tiny other things that left him a bumbling mess. You’d walked in from your morning walk with Tessa to find him sprinting around the flat in nothing but messy curls and his boxers. 

It took one glance at Tom’s deer-in-headlights look and you left your girlfriend hat on the rack, donning your other persona as Tom’s Help Fairy™. Jumping into action, the iron was fired up and you threw random pieces of clothes from his “I Need to Look Important” pile right at him. Tom caught them midair, not missing a beat in his conversation. 

He was at least now wearing the slacks and belt you found (sans shirt), sliding in his socks towards the couch. Flopping onto the loveseat, he shoved his oxfords on at record speed, fingers flying and laces finding their way into knots.

“Uh huh, yeah I got it.” One shoe done.

“Yep, sure did.” Next foot.

 “I read it the other day.” Tom’s phone slipped from his shoulder as he stumbled with his right laces. True to his superhero title, he snatched the phone just before it hit the floor. 

 “Yes, yes, it was already done a few days ago.” Both shoes tied.

Pulling out a white dress shirt, you sprayed the material with starch and ironed your heart out. Cuff, flip. Cuff, flip. Collar, yoke, shoulder, other shoulder. Your mom’s voice was in your ear, guiding you through years and years of rushing to family functions. Ease through the back, flip, underside of buttons, underside of front aaaaaand —-

“Yes ma’am, I’ll be downstairs in just a moment. Yep, bye.” Glancing up, Tom stood in front of you donned a white cotton tee with a tie around his neck. He loosened the tie knot and slipped his phone into his pocket, putting his arms out for the freshly pressed shirt. The iron hissed as you pulled it off the shirt, holding it up for Tom to slip his arms in. 

Performing the final bumbling dance, you pulled Tom towards the door in between finishing his look. Buttoning upwards as he buttoned down, he slipped the final one into the proper hole and grabbed his folder. You slipped the tie over the collar and he reached behind your hip for the doorknob. Unlocking the door, you slid out of the way for him to twist around you and into the hall. 

“Kick its ass, babe, yours looks great.” Tom chuckled as you pulled him in by the tie for a quick kiss. Breaking the kiss with a shove to his chest, he winked with a mock salute.

“Thank you, help fairy!”

“You’re welcome, now get out of here.” Tom sprinted down the hall as you called out one final time. “Give Seb a kiss for me, will ya?”

Even though his steps thundered in the stairwell, they didn’t quite drown out his chuckled “Oh fuck off,” on his way down. 


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12am - TH


↪︎ Summary: Tom partakes in no nut November but only after you dare him and now it’s finally December.

↪︎ Warning: Smuttttttt!!

↪︎ A/N: Well as November is coming to an end I thought this would be the perfect fic for it. Hope yall enjoy! Please let me know if you want to be added or removed from my taglists. A reblog would be appreciated ❤︎


As soon as the clock ticked 12.00am, Tom was onto you like you were his prey. He licked your neck then nibbled at your ear before groaning, you could feel his hot breath against you and it had you feeling all types of things.

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T.H| This Is Odd

  • Summary: sometimes coming to a high school when your not supposed to has some… odd features
  • Warnings: rant about black hole, DRUGS, small RAPE MENTION, languange, OD (overdose), and idk

“Yeah his brother is like Indian or something, which makes absolutely no sense” you heard from a distance, you turned and followed the voice, finding one of your classmates, crowded with other ones.

Ding ding

“Class class- we have a new student!” Your teacher, let’s call her ms Barbra. You sat in the back of the class, not wanting any attention of the sort. “His name is Ben Perkins!” The student stepped up, an awkward smile across his lips as he looked through the class.

“Everyone say hi!” “Hi Ben” “hey Ben” class said one or another, expect you of course. “Go ahead and find yourself an open seat” Ben took his time but made his way to the back, sitting in between you and a girl that was your….. friend? You are cold but she got along with you pretty well, I guess.

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