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omg this is adorable hope I did it alright lol enjoy!

What started out as a simple DIY project turns out to be a trip down the memory lane.

You find Tom sat on the garage floor with Jade and Peter, surrounding a shoebox filled with old pictures.

“I don’t remember when this was taken…” Peter lifts up a picture.

“That’s because it’s me,” his father laughs, looking at a picture of him grinning at the camera, white t-shirt, hands in his pocket. He must’ve been about 4 or 5 at the time.

“Whoa, you’re joking!” the 8-year-old takes a closer look at the picture. “I thought it was me.”

“I think we have yours around this age somewhere…” he rummages through the pile and eventually pulls out another picture, with Peter wearing a football jersey in their garden.

The boy puts the two pictures side by side and studies them. They definitely have the same smile, but the way Peter’s eyes crinkle when he does looks almost exactly like yours. 

“What about this? Is this me or Peter?” your eldest, Jade shows a picture of a sleeping baby bundled in a soft yellow blanket, mouth slightly open.

“Oh, that’s definitely you. You still make the same face when you sleep.”

“No, I don’t!”

Her little brother looks over her shoulder and giggles. “Yeah, you definitely do.”

“Oi!” she scowls, but then gets distracted by another set of pictures.

“And that…” Tom announces, “…was from our early days together.”

A much younger you, looking very toasty in cable knit sweaters, cuddling into a much younger Tom in Richmond Park.

You and Tom pulling faces in an airplane.

You and Tom taking a selfie on the beach in Bali.

“When did you know?” Peter asks. “That you wanted to be with Mum forever.”

Tom thinks for a moment. “I guess from the start. Although I didn’t realize it until much later. I just.. never wanted it to be over– every date, every phone call, even just sitting there doing nothing…”

The kids exchange looks upon seeing their dad drifting into his reverie. And you figure it’s time for you to jump in.

“Boo, that’s a lie!” you jokingly jeer, startling the three of them as you make your way over. “Your dad wanted to be with me because I’m way smarter than him.”

“Well, that, too,” he admits, wrapping one arm around your waist. “What would I do without my awesome, genius wife?”

You lean in for a sweet little peck on the lips, and the two kids promptly make a grossed out noise, “Bleargh!”

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A/N: We are nearing the end of the series and like I love doing these types of series so I am planning another but it won’t be for Tommy boy. I’m very excited for all of you to read the finaleeee x Leave feedback please, it fuels me to keep writing! I love you all so much! Thank you for your support!

Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

Word Count: 278

Warning: this hints at smut but it’s not? idk but yeahhhh

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You bought Tom a birthday cake but he still likes yours better 🎂

Tom Holland x Reader

is it even me if there’s no smut???

“Happy Birthday dear Tom, happy birthday to you!”

You and the boys sang. You listened to his parents, Sam and Paddy cheer through the phone.

“Thank you guys!” Tom smiles, blowing out the candles.

“You’re basically halfway to fifty!” Paddy screams over FaceTime and Nikki rolls her eyes, smacking him on the head.

“Tom we’ll be round later to bring your gifts. We love you!” Dom calls out before ending the call.

“Cut the cake birthday boy!” You squeal, and Tom laughs digging the knife into the cake.

“Me first!” Tuwaine shouts, holding out his plate. You all eat your pieces of cake, cracking jokes at how old Tom was getting.

“I’m gonna go shower guys” you excuse yourself from the rowdy bunch, grabbing a slice of cake to take with you. You strip when you make it to you and Toms room, running the water and hopping in.

You smile when you think of Tom, still unable to believe he was 24.

You were just stepping out of the shower, wrapping your towel around yourself when you hear the bedroom door.

You peak your head out the conjoined bathroom and see Tom taking a bite out of your cake.

“Babe!” You exclaim, pretending you were upset and he freezes.

“It’s my birthday!” He mumbles through a mouthful of chocolate and buttercream.

“I guess I’ll let it slide this time…” you joke, walking to kiss him on the forehead. Tom grabs your waist when you’re close enough pulling you down to peck your lips too.

“Don’t get me wrong, this cake is great; but I think I’d rather eat you” he whispers, and you feel those butterflies in your stomach.

“Tommy, I wasn’t planning on you fucking my brains out until later” you giggle, and he squeezes your thigh.

“I can definitely still fuck your later too darling” he drawls, unwrapping your towel from your body like you were a gift. And to him you were.

“You look so fucking good, lay down for me Y/N” he groans and you comply fully, laying on your back. You watch as he swipes his finger through the frosting on the cupcake. You’re surprised to say the least when he rubs the frosting on the side of your neck, eyes never leaving him when he goes for more. This time he rubs it on your collarbones. Then your breasts, applying generously to your hard nipples.

He licks his lips, gripping your jaw and turns you head to the side.

Your eyes flutter shut when his tongue licks the frosting from your neck, making sure not to miss a single bit.

“Delicious” he smirks before using his mouth to clean off your collarbones.

“Tom, fuck..” you whimper, hands coming up to grasp his shoulders. Your fingers twist the material of his t-shirt, wishing he was naked against you.

“You want it off baby?” He asks, going to pull it over his head but you stop him.

“You know I do, but we have to be quick. They’ll notice if the birthday boy is missing too long” you hum, tugging on the soft curls at the nape of his neck.

He groans in annoyance, he wanted to take his time with you. But he knew you were right.

He ducks his head down again, sucking your nipple into his mouth. Your back arches with every swirl of his talented tongue. His name falling from your lips had him hard as a rock in his jeans.

“How do you want me baby?” You moan breathily, pussy practically dripping.

“Flip over” he instructs and you do, he bends you over the bed, running his hand down your spine.

This right here? This is my favorite cake…” he chuckles, landing a hard smack to your ass. You hear him undoing his belt, and then his running his tip through your folds.

“You’re always so wet for me baby” he coos, pushing into you inch by inch. It takes all of your self control not to just slam yourself against him.

Toms hands grip your hips, fingers pressing into you so tightly it stung. He moans once he’s all the way inside and just grinds into you. Your legs shake at the intense feeling, brows pulled together in pleasure. Everytime he fucked you you were convinced it couldn’t get any better.

His hips shift backwards, pulling out before slamming back in. He fucks you hard and fast, hitting all the spots only he could.

“Fuck, I love you Y/N” he groans and you whimper.

“I love you more baby - oh shitttt” you whimper back, his thumb circling your ass hole. You hear him spit, and then the wetness on your most private part. Tom uses his spit as a lubricant, pushing his thumb inside.

You almost completely collapse into the bed, overwhelmed at the sensations surging through you.

His dick plowing into you, and his thumb in your ass. You grip the blankets, legs shaking as you feel your orgasm approaching. You clench around him and Tom grunts. He pulls his thumb from your hole and you whine. His dick never stops though, and he pulls you up so your back Is to his chest.

“I can feel you baby, cum for me” he whispers into your neck, his words tickle against the sensitive skin there.

“That’s what I really want for my birthday, is for you to cum on my fucking cock” he continues, fingers coming up to wrap around your throat and squeezing.

His dirty words send you over the edge and Toms hand shoots to cover your mouth when you scream as you reach your peak.

“That’s it…” he nibbles on your earlobe, fucking you through your high. You tighten around him again, bringing him to his own orgasm.

You both pant, Tom holding you close to him for a moment before his grip loosens. You drop to your knees to lick him clean before tucking him back into his jeans.

When you look up Tom has a sex drunk grin on his face;

“Happy Birthday to me!”


CAN YALL FUCKING BELIEVE TOM IS 24🥺 I hope he still enjoyed his day even though things are so crazy rn. I hope you are all safe, and I want you to know my inbox is ALWAYS open if you need to talk. Also, I just want to ask that you all do your part and donate/raise awareness to support black lives matter. But the biggest thing is if you’re white, please start at home. Check your family members & friends when they say harmful/racist things, lead by example! I hope you enjoyed & I love you all ❤️

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A/N: This was not planned at all. i wasn’t going to do a birthday fic ‘cause i have no idea what to write and birthday surprises can be so redundant (since i’ve written two of it already lmao) but then this idea came to me this morning and here we are a couple hours later. Wrote this quickly so bear with me aha. Hope you still like it! x

Pairing: Tom Holland x Fem!Reader

Summary: It was Tom’s birthday, a surprise shouldn't be at all surprising. But he never expected his girlfriend to pop-up in the most unlikely way while on set.

Warnings: Just fluff really and a bit of a steamy moment in the end?

Word Count: 3.1k+

Masterlist in Bio


“No, no, it’s okay love, don’t worry about it. Yeah, thank you darling, and yes, I’ll try and have fun. I love you too sweetheart. Okay, I’ll see you soon, bye…”

Tom lets out a groan after he hung up, throwing his phone on the pillow before his whole body plopped down on the hotel bed with a soft thud.

“Who was that?” Harry asked, feigning concern by his brother’s sudden change in mood as he tried his best to keep a steady face.

“Y/N. Something came up with work and she couldn’t fly out here. She’s not coming for my birthday,” Tom answered dejectedly. Though his face was covered with both hands, the sadness in his voice was too obvious to miss.

“I’m sure she tried her best Tom,” his brother reassured, small smile plastered on his lips.

“I know. It’s just—it’s so last minute and I was looking forward to seeing her today since I haven’t seen her in months,” Tom shot his brother a frown. “I just really miss her man,” he added.

It wouldn’t be such a big deal to him if it wasn’t so sudden, if he had time to prepare for it basically. Tom was already getting ready to pick you up at the airport, excitement filling him up head to toe. But with an hour and a half to go, you suddenly called and said you couldn’t make it. To say that his heart dropped in the pit of his stomach at the news would be a huge understatement.

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You’d loved Tom since the day you met him. It was an easy thing to do. He was so charming and sweet, truthfully he practically forced you to do it. But, you were nervous, and yeah, a little insecure. Worries your worthiness riddled your brain, preventing you from ever truly being able to make a move on your best friend. Instead, you frequently would drop lame-ass pickup lines on him, hoping that one day he would read between the lines and understand that you were hitting on him.

You don’t need keys to drive me crazy.” You beamed at him as he grabbed his car keys to take you out for a night of bar hopping. 

“Thank you.” He chuckled to himself, opening the door for you. “Wait crazy in a good way or in a bad way?”

You stopped, grabbing his arm in an effort to make him look at you. He turned, eyebrows raising as a small smile stretched across his face.

“Crazy in the best way.” You nodded.

“Oh. Okay, cool!” He chuckled, continuing to his car.

Another month passed with no further progress. Trying to swallow your disappointment, you decided that as soon as you had an opportunity, you would try again. You were running lines with him, something you did frequently, and this time, he was studying lines for Peter Parker. The scene was supposed to be with Ned, but of course, you had to fill in.

Are you science? Because I’ve got my ion you.” You giggled, feeling severe disappointment when he didn’t even crack a smile. He merely looked up from his script, face contorting in confusion.

“That’s not in the script, love.” He mumbled.

“Right. Right, sorry.”

You were ready to give up, quite honestly, and so months went by, living by the ‘better to have him as a friend than to lose him completely’ mindset. You were tired of your advances being ignored, and you figured that if Tom really liked you back, he would have said or done something to respond. So, you learned to accept your lot and move on with your life.

Months had gone by, and you were sitting on the couch with Tom, watching one of your favorite movies. Your head was on his shoulder, your arms curled around his bicep, holding it close to your chest. His head was leaned against yours, and you hated that your heart still thudded so heavily when he held you close.

“Are you tired?” He asked softly.

“No. I’m okay.” You mumbled.

Are you sure you’re not tired?” He asked, pulling his head away from yours. You leaned up, looking into his deep brown eyes, eyebrows furrowing. You licked your lips, trying not to pay too much attention to the fact that he watched your movements. About to respond, you froze when he cut you off. “Because you’ve been running through my mind all day.”

Join my birthday sleepover!

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Happy Birthday Dada|t.h.


Originally posted by spideymood

A/N : thank you so much. I know its smaller than usual but I wanted to post it now even though it’s not his birthday anymore. Hope you like it❣

Warnings: fluff yess


“Mummy where’s the cake?"your 4 year old daughter came running to the kitchen area,whispering not wanting her father listen.

"It’s ready my love don’t worry. Can you call your brother?"you asked, focused on the decoration. It was simple and nothing special. But the fact that your children made it for their dad made it a thousand times better.

"I hope he likes it"she said biting her nails.

"Hey of course he’s gonna love it. I can already tell it tastes good"you said confronting the little child now hiding behind the fridge.

"You think so?”

“Who is the chef here?"you asked waiting for her reply. She made a cute thinking face causing you to tickle her little belly and opening your arms for her.

"Of course is you mummy. But don’t tell dada"she said and you smiled brighter that the sun.

"I won’t darling. Is our little secret"the two of you laughed for seconds. After that she left the room and you looked at the clock next to you.


It was your husband’s birthday. In two minutes. You smiled as you remembered the first time you met. You were walking down the street with your best friend,talking and looking for dresses,before your eyes met his coming outside of a really fancy store. It was love at first sight.

And after 10 years,you got married and gave birth to two beautiful babies that stole your heart from the second you held them for the first time in your arms. You were proud of him. He never changed for anyone but he changed you to a better person.

"Mummy mummy hurry"your 6 year old son came now with his sister in his arms. He sounded so sweet and innocent that your heart was melting. And his love towards her little sister made you even more proud of the boy he started to become.

"We’re ready.Where is your dad?”

“He is sitting on the couch. He thinks we are asleep"you laughed with them and grabbed the cake.


"Can I hold it mum? Please?"your son was begging on his knees. He wanted to feel like an actual man holding something valuable in his hands. His puppy eyes, just like his father’s, was your weakness and you couldn’t hesitate any longer.

He held the cake with you now holding your daughter’s hand and being prepared to save the cake from your son any time.


"Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear dada, happy birthday to you” all of your three voices started singing. Tom’s eyes were wide open at the view in front of him.His own family standing next to him, singing for his birthday. He smiled looking at you as his son placed the cake at the table carefully.

“Wish,wish, wish” the kids screamed and you smiled back at the love of your life. You watched him as he closed his eyes, making a wish. You once tried to ask what his wish was but the only thing you heard was his laughter. You never asked again.

“What are you guys doing awake right now?"he kissed his children that sat next to him. Your daughter hugged his arm and closed her eyes.

"We wanted to surprise you daddy. We made the cake right mum?” your son’s voice sounded deeper, his back straight to show how grown he was. Like his father.

“Yes baby that’s right. Do you want some?"you asked. After hearing exciting sounds you took away the cake and prepared the plates. You could hear from the living room their voices and screams.

He was the best father in the world. He was there for his kids to help them with school, to solve their tiny problems. He listened as it was the most important thing. He was the one that made them laugh the most with his silly faces or bad impressions of you that your kids found funny. He loved them with his heart and you couldn’t be more grateful for this man.

After a few moments you were all sitting there enjoying the cake that the two little creatures made. It was unexpectedly good that made you question your skills for a little.

"This is so good. Thank you my loves” Tom said and kissed the kids again on their cheeks.

“You like it daddy?"you asked.

"Of course darling"he smirked and took another bite of the chocolate cake at his plate.

"Dada, I can’t anymore” your daughter pushed away her plate and lay down on the couch. It was last their bed time and it showed.

“Do you wanna sleep baby?” She nodded with sleepy eyes. She looked at you at this point. That’s exactly what you did to him years ago, when the two of you started living together. “Come on” he hugged her and got up with her in his arms. She was resting on his shoulders already sleeping.

“It’s time for you darling to go to bed too"you smiled at your son"Give me kiss good night” he stepped towards you kissing your cheek and following his dad to their beds.

You cleaned the mess all the four of you made. You took two glasses and a bottle of red wine and headed to the couch waiting for your man to show.

“Hello again"he said sitting next to you, his arm around your shoulders and your head on his chest.

"Did you like the little surprise we made you?"you asked waiting patiently.

"I loved it baby. Thank you"he kissed your forehead."Did they really made this alone?”

“Yes"you said"Well yes I was there too but they’re really good. O think they’re taking my spot now"you laughed. You moved your body to take the glass and place it to your mouth.

"I don’t think so"his breath burned you ear. You closed your eyes and smiled at his touch that made your heart beat like a drum inside you and your blood running faster that lightning through your veins.

"Please don’t ever call me daddy in front of the kids. I can barely hold myself"you laughed hearing his comment.

"Oh please stop"you said and looked at his eyes already looking at yours."I said it for the kids”

“You don’t wanna know what I thought at that moment y/n. You really don’t” he was the one laughing now. You raised your eyebrow at the him and his weird thoughts.

“Happy birthday dada"you said with a playful tone. His hands pulled you over his lap, kissing your lips with love and lust. It was his birthday and still he was the one that wanted to please you.

"Happy birthday Tom"you said once again with a deeper voice now, smiling at him before kissing his lips again.


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Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader


Happy birthday Tom and @ihaveaplantnamedmercades34 !

Submitted by @ihaveaplantnamedmercades34 :


“Baby, come here. I need you help with a video.” Tom called from the kitchen. You threw the blanket off your legs and waltzed into the kitchen, wrapping your arms around his waist and pressing a sleepy kiss to his chest.

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Summary: You have a surprise for Tom’s birthday. 

Request: Nope - I wanted to write something for Tom’s birthday but everything that is in my upcoming works is rather angsty! 

Word Count: 1.8k 


Holland Masterlist 

A/N: I hope you enjoy this and that it is what you were hoping for. Requests are closed temporarily but here are my upcoming works. 


You had been planning Tom’s birthday for months. Every year Tom threw a big party for himself in his home where he could be surrounded by his closest friends and family. Last year, Tom hadn’t thrown himself a party as it had been put together by his previous girlfriend, just weeks before they had broken up. You had attended the party as a friend due to the fact that you were close with Harrison and due to that, knew Tom. His ex had undeniably done a fabulous job that you knew would be hard to top yourself. 

Tom didn’t know that you had anything planned for his birthday, he had told you that this year, he just wanted to keep it small and simple. However, you weren’t convinced that this is actually what he wanted. You had heard your boyfriend reminiscing with his closest friends about the antics of all his previous party’s; the boys had been surprised when Tom had informed them of his lowkey idea for this year. You had later found him looking through pictures of his last birthday on his laptop, Tom had quickly dismissed you when you had asked if he was sure that he didn’t want another party this year. 

You had come to the decision that Tom definitely wanted a party and was just being modest, therefore, you had decided that you would be one to throw the party. When you had told Harrison, he had immediately agreed to help you organise it. The two of you had been planning the large party that you knew Tom would enjoy, you had been meeting together whenever Tom was at work, him leaving before Tom could suspect anything. You had heard stories of people planning surprises only to have their other significant other believe they were having an affair; Tom meant too much to you to allow him to be hurt by something that wasn’t true. 

On the day before Tom’s birthday, you were frantic. Tom was out, running a few errands whilst you finalised details for Tom’s big day. You worried that maybe Tom didn’t want a party like he said originally, you worried that you would ruin his birthday and you couldn’t deny you felt the pressure to throw a party better than the one the year before; your biggest stress is that you would look inferior to his previous girlfriend. You had only been dating Tom a matter of months and had yet to meet many of Tom’s friends. 

Tom lay in bed that night, snuggled up to your side as he snored softly. You, however, lay looking up to the ceiling as your stress continued to mount that you would ruin the love of your life’s birthday, the first big event that you would be spending together in a relationship. You adored your boyfriend and the thought of ruining the day that was wholly about him, devastated you. Eventually, you fell asleep, it seemed to take hours but eventually you and your boyfriend were cuddled up under the covers with Tessa lying at the foot of your bed. 

You woke up rather early, ready to get up and get on with the day, ready to give your boyfriend the day that he deserved. You slowly and stealthily unwrapped yourself from your boyfriends embrace, tip toeing out of the room and down the stairs; once in the kitchen, you began to start cooking. A full English breakfast was prepared along with some pancake batter and fresh fruit was all sliced. When you checked your watch, you realised that you need to wake Tom up before your whole day fell behind schedule. 

You slipped back through the door to Tom’s bedroom before crawling over the sheets so that you were hovered above Tom; you admired him for a moment before you began to start pressing soft kisses to your boyfriend’s bare skin. A kiss was pressed to his temple, his cheek, his nose, along his jaw and down his neck; you sucked softly on the skin just below his earlobe at which point he finally began to wake. You kissed the faint mark before moving back along his jawline and over his cheek one more. Tom smiled as his hands found your waist, his head moving so that he could connect his lips with yours. 

The two of you revelled in the feeling of one another, the silence of the room was replaced with whimpers and moans as the two of you enjoyed the intimacy that you were sharing. You pulled apart from him, smiling at him before leaning down to bury your head into his neck. You mumbled into his neck, but he couldn’t understand what you were saying. 

“What was that gorgeous?” Tom’s voice was rough with sleep, it was unbelievably attractive, but you couldn’t relent. 

“We need to get up, your family is coming over for brunch soon,” Tom huffed causing you to laugh. You sat up and moved away from him, heading towards the shower, “We should probably get into the shower before they arrive.” You smirked at him, Tom soon recognising the word ‘we’ and hurrying out of bed and chasing you into the bathroom. 

It took nearly 45 minutes for the two of you to shower, get dressed and ready as you walked back downstairs to start cooking, knowing that Tom’s family would arrive at any minute. Your shower had taken a little longer than expected as you had given Tom the first of his birthday presents, Tom was still smirking as he sauntered down the stairs and into the living room where Harrison, Tuwaine and Harry were already waiting. 

It wasn’t long before his parents and brothers arrived ready to wish Tom a happy birthday and give them his presents. Brunch was soon ready and placed on the table, the Holland family complimenting you for all your incredible work and glad that their son/brother and friend had such an incredible girlfriend. You blushed, smiling at them, and thanking them as you sat down to eat. 

The morning was blissful, you sat by Tom’s side as he opened his presents. Somehow, it ended with your present being last the one for Tom to open. You were tentative as you handed your boyfriend the present that you wrapped so neatly. Tom took it from your hands and leaned in to press a short kiss to your lips before turning back to the present. He carefully unwrapped it, looking down at the box that lay in his hand; as soon as he saw it, he smiled. He couldn’t believe you had remembered. There was a ring that he had wanted for so long, he had stared at in the shop but had opted against it in the end when Harry’s whining had become too much. He opened the box and slid the ring onto his finger, it fit perfectly. He smiled at you, leaning in and once more pressing his lips to yours. 

“Thanks darling, I love it.” He sounded emotional as the words caught in his throat. He knew it was stupid to be so surprised by the fact that you had remembered the ring, but it had been months ago, it had been weeks after you had started dating. He grabbed your hand before turning back to his family. “So, what’s the plan for today?" 

"Golf.” Tom smiled at his family as they informed him of how for the rest of the day, they’d be heading to the golf course before heading back for a romantic dinner with his beautiful girlfriend. 

As Tom left for the day, you, Harrison, Tuwaine and Nikki set about making everything ready for the party; you were still stressed, worried that this wasn’t what he wanted. The constant reassurance from his mother and friends kept you from having a meltdown. It didn’t take too long before you were finished setting up and everything was ready for the party that lay ahead. When all was done, you headed upstairs to get changed and ready. 

Tom was confused when he didn’t go home after golf and was instead taken to his family house where there was an outfit waiting for him; in his mind he felt as though there was definitely something going on that he didn’t know about. When him and his family got back into the car and headed back to his house, he was nervous with anticipation. There were no lights on when he walked back into his home, he knew then, he knew that there was a party and he wasn’t sure whether he wanted it. 

When everyone jumped out and screamed “surprise!” he pretended to be shocked, smiling and laughing as he embraced you. He pressed a kiss to the crown of your head, smiling down at you and whispering a quiet “thank you." 

For the rest of the evening, you mingled with Tom’s friends, being introduced as Tom’s girlfriend which never failed to make you smile and blush. You stayed by Tom’s side for the majority of the party until he disappeared outside when he had said that he was getting a drink. Upon spotting Tom stood outside, sat by his father you were unsure whether you should approach. 

It wasn’t until Dom stood, patting Tom on his shoulder, that you headed outside with a beer for your boyfriend clutched in your hand. You smiled a small smile as you sat down next to him and passed him the beer, he smiled back at you and thanked you. 

"Is this ok? I mean are you enjoying it? I know you said you didn’t want a party but you were reminiscing and I thought maybe you just weren’t sure we could throw a better party than she threw last year-” Tom cut you off by placing his hand to your thigh, you hushed immediately.

“Love, this is a great party. Just as good if not even better than last year.” He smiled at you, leaning down to press his lips to your cheek. When he pulled away, his smile still appeared tired and didn’t quite meet his eyes. 

“What’s wrong?” Your voice was quiet, all the stress and worrying instantly flooded through you once more. 

“Nothing, nothing, it’s just that… The whole day has been perfect; the brunch, the golf, and I was looking forward to a dinner, just the two of us. I love everyone here, but I love you Y/N. I love you and I wanted to spend tonight with you.” Your breath hitched, the two of you had yet to say 'I love you’ knowing how important the three words meant to both of you. 

“You love me?” Tom smiled and nodded, “You love me! Oh my god… I love you too!” Your voice was full of emotion as you shuffled closer to the man you loved; he moved his head so that his nose brushed against yours. The two of you whispered the special words to each other once more, smiling slightly before leaning in and pressing your lips to one another. 

“This birthday beats last birthday, by a mile!”

A/N: I hope you enjoyed! :)

Taglist (if you would like to be tagged in my writing then please let me know in my inbox?): 

@thatscooibaby @tom-hollands-wife @iamsofuckingsaddd 

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a/n: this is the LAST chapter in the series and I am a sad girl about it omg. thank you so much to everyone who has read it and has expressed their love for the story… you guys make my heart EXPLODE!! The song ‘Grown’ that Y/n sings in this chapter is something that I wrote for the series but London Boy is obviously by the lovely Taylor Swift. If you haven’t listened to London Boy then i suggest doing so before reading this chapter :) edit it mine! ALSO HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OUR BOY TOM HOLLAND!!

Summary: it all comes full circle and they live happily ever after… the end. 

Warnings: fluffy fluff fluff and mentions of sex but not really hahaha

Word count: 4.8k

Previous chapter / London Boy Masterlist / Masterlist

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Pairing: Tom Holland X Reader

Prompt: With quarantine still going on, you’re concerned you can’t give Tom a special birthday.

Word Count: 2800

Loosely Inspired By: House Party by Sam Hunt

A/N: This goes out to everyone who’s had a birthday during quarantine. I know places are opening back up now, but just remember to stay safe!

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Quarantine sucked. It’d been going on for months, and while some things were opening up, a lot of things remained closed. It sucked because just before the whole shut down, you’d come up with a genius birthday plan for Tom’s 24th. The universe had a different idea though when it decided to sprinkle some virus in to ruin every single 2020 plan of yours. The large birthday bash (followed by an incredible getaway with just the two of you) was canceled- not even postponed because you can’t postpone a birthday.

“What are we doing for Tom’s birthday?” Harrison asked you and Harry as the three of you gathered in his room, the farthest place from Tom who was currently helping Tuwaine downstairs (he didn’t need help, it was a distraction).

“What if we bought a few decorations and hung that up? It could be a surprise house party. You guys can take him out golfing and I put up the decorations without him knowing.” You suggested.

“Would that work though?” Harry asked, turning to you.

“Oh, yeah, you know how Tom gets on his birthday.” Harrison teased, rolling his eyes at you. Last year, you had to lock yourself in the bedroom detach your clingy boyfriend from your side just to get him to go celebrate with his family for a few hours; Tom took his birthday as “Tom gets what Tom wants” and he always wanted you. June 1st was his clingiest day of the year by far.

“I’ll make him go. I’ll tell him I’m sick or something.” You reassured them.

“That won’t work either!” Harry laughed, all three of you knowing if you faked sick Tom would be even clingier to take care of you (before he would find out you’re definitely not sick). “Break up with him for a few hours?”

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Summary:A complicated relationship ends when Tom breaks up with you after a fight. But it’s about to get more complicated. Because how are you going to tell him that you’re pregnant if he won’t let you talk to him?

So you don’t. 

Years later you run into Harrison, and there’s no denying that it’s Tom’s son who’s tightly holding onto your hand. 

Harrison gives you an ultimatum: either you tell Tom, or he will.

Words: 3.9k

Warnings: SMUT (unprotected sex), swearing, drinking, angst (nothing else I think? Let me know if I missed anything

A/N: The world is a scary scary place right now. I hope this can be a little distraction for all of us. I hope all of you are safe ❤️

On a little bit of s happier note, Happy Birthday Tom. Thank you for always putting a smile on my face.

I’m hella nervous to finally post this so let me know what you think 💕


It had been stupid and you knew it. Probably the worst decision of your life. But you couldn’t take it back now. It had been too long. You couldn’t go up to him and say. ‘Hey, Tom. Now that I’m seeing you here with another girl I realised that seeing other people isn’t really what I wanted. I was just scared of my feelings for you.’ No. No way. But it was bothering you. The way he was holding her hand. Her long blonde hair falling over her shoulders in perfect waves. She was pretty. And you couldn’t stop your mind from spinning. What if he falls in love with her. What if they get married and have a beautiful family. You knew that’s what Tom wants somewhere down the line. The two of you had talked about it a few times. And now you felt like you had missed your chance.

You and Tom met about half a year ago and it all happened pretty quickly. You were practically together after the first date two weeks after you first met. You were so enamoured with him you didn’t even question it. No big deal. But then it suddenly was a big deal because it felt like you were moving too fast. You always imagined you’d spent your twenties out partying with your girlfriends, having fun flirting with as many people as you could. Not spending it cuddling on the sofa like an old married couple. Not that there was anything wrong with it. You enjoyed every second of Tom’s arms around you and just being with him. But nevertheless you felt like you were missing out on something. Now you knew that you weren’t in fact feeling that but rather overwhelmed by the intensity of your feelings for Tom. 

When you told Tom that you thought it would be a good idea to also see other people he was hurt. He didn’t understand why you would want that. He was perfectly happy. 

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