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#tom holland one shot

Pairing: actor! Tom Holland x actress! Reader

Summary : Based on Taylor Swift’s song Wildest dreams. You thought Tom was the love of your life but it was just one of your wildest dreams.

Warnings : 18+,SMUT, mature content, infidelity, angst, tom being a douchebag.


“Today we have with us the Oscar winning renowned actress the one and only Y/N Y/L/N!” The RJ hyped you up. 

“Hello everyone” you spoke on the mic in front of you smiling. 

“Well first of all congratulations Y/N on your big oscar win." 

"Thank you so much. I’m still recovering from it not gonna lie.” You chuckle. The RJ asked you a bunch of other questions which you replied cheerfully. 

“So you have been casted to play Morgan Stark in the next part of Marvel Avengers movie." 

"Yes and I am looking forward to it. Being in a Marvel film was always on my wishlist and I can finally tick it off." 

"Do you feel yourself under pressure as you will be continuing a legacy?" 

"It’s definitely a pressure playing Tony Stark’s daughter and living upto the standards of none other than RDJ. Luckily he is personally mentoring me and I think I’ll fare well. I have read the script which I can’t reveal much but playing the grown up version of Morgan who is a part of the Avengers will be a lot of fun." 

"Well saying so you are also going to be sharing screen with Tom Holland after a long time. What do you have to say about the rumours  of you being speculated as the possible reason behind his relationship with his fiancee hitting the rocks?” you took a moment before answering the question. 

“Well a lot of things fly in the air we don’t catch on everything right? And I have always made it clear that we never dated, we are just friends that’s all.”

“So you are still single?" 

"And not interested to mingle.” You chuckle. 

“Well it was nice to have you with us today, Y/N.”

“It was my pleasure. Love you guys bye.”

The show ended and you headed out of the office building for the pre production meeting arranged by Marvel with the whole cast. You were sitting in your posh car, the last question of the RJ about your relationship with Tom still spiraling in your mind. You reminisced about one of your past mistakes. Though you wouldn’t call it a mistake because you fell for a wrong person but when he left he gave you a life lesson which you will remember in your lifetime that ‘nothing lasts forever’. 

It started with a small Instagram follow but who knew it would take you down like that. 

It all happened 2 years ago in a promotional show just like this. Your acting career had just begun and you had managed to create quite a buzz in and around the industry delivering two blockbusters mesmerizing the critics and audiences with your spectacular performance in your three year acting career. You were in a radio show for the promotion of your upcoming movie. The RJs were interviewing you.

“Well Tom Holland was here the other day and we asked who he likes among the upcoming new talents in the industry. He said and we quote that you are cute, sexy and very talented.” the lady said. 

“Well what do I say thank you Tom.” you giggle shyly. 

“Have you guys ever met?” the other male RJ asked. 

“Not really, though we had a chance to interact during the comic con. But I really admire his work and would love to work with him in future.”

“But I have to inform you that he is a little disappointed that he follows you but you never followed him back.” the lady jokes. 

“Well I can fix that I guess.” You took out your phone from your jeans pocket and opened your insta app.

“And here we go, officially following Tom Holland.” You said tapping the follow button.

“I hope now you are not upset anymore, Tom.” you chuckle.

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pairing: Tom Holland x female reader

warnings: not proof read

wc; 500>

synopsis: toms a bit of a show off and he really wants your attention

request: Imagine Tom constantly flexing his muscles and bragging about how strong he is to you, then working out in the living room and LIFTING the couch with you on it to show off.

Prompt list | Masterlist | Taglist

Tom was a show off, to put it plainly.

The title movie star was perfectly fitting to him. There wasn’t a day where Tom wasn’t flexing him muscles, whether that be by working out or just flexing them in general.

It wasn’t a bad thing, per se, it was just… well, a flex.

You had tried working out with him once, and not even an hour in you’d already given up.

He laughed at you for a week.

You stopped trying to work out with him after that, instead, you’d sit in the living room reading a book or scrolling through Instagram on your phone while your boyfriend did his entire workout routine.

He didn’t seem to mind as you two could keep up a steady conversation, and you could time him for planks,

He once did push ups with you underneath him because it “benefited both of you.”

Today, however, you were reading a book, cup of tea in your other hand when you movie star of a boyfriend strolled into the room.

You set your book down and raised an eyebrow at him, as if to say, “can I help?”

Tom gestures to his weights and yoga mat sprawled out on the floor and you nod, returning to your book.

“You’re not going to help me?” He pouts.

You roll your eyes, “you don’t need any help today, Tommy.”

“That may be true, but don’t you want to feast your eyes on the meal?”

Your reply was simple, “No.”

Tom scoffs, offended by how easily you answered his question. You didn’t even bat an eyelash at him. He eyes you suspiciously before beginning his workout routine, making sure to be as loud and annoying as possible. He wants to get your attention, but you too invested in your book to even notice.

Tom huffs, sitting back on his heels as he watches you take another mindless sip from your tea.

Suddenly, an idea pops into his head and he squats in front of the couch. You still pay no mind to him, and so, Tom lifts the couch, you on it.

And that grabs your attention.

“Tom what the heck?” You gape, holding your tea so it doesn’t spill.

The brit grins at you, no sign of strain from carrying you or the couch. “Do I have you attention now?”

“Put me back down, show off.”

“You love it.”

“Says who?”


“Whatever,” You dismiss, pursing your lips. “Just put me back down.”

“as the lady wishes.”

Tom sets the couch back on the ground, a bit of sweat pooling on his forehead, but other than that he seems fine.

“You have my attention now,” You said, putting your back down. “What do you want?”

Tom grins, cupping your cheeks in his hands so he can kiss you, “Just this.”

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General Summary: y/n stark returns after she escaped New York & peter’s rather anxious to see her after what happened between them. But neither fury or tony care about it and assign a mission to them: capture black cat and kingpin. Should be easy right? No, lol. While y/n and peter try to navigate their new “friendship” and try work together to capture kingpin, y/n gets tangled with one pretty felicia hardy and peter doesn’t like it at all. Jealousy doesn’t suit peter or y/n, secret meetings are a must, partying too and even a couple of hookups; everything to save the world, right?

Summary: y/n comes back from spending one year and a half in Europe for a mission, peter’s nervous as hell for her return and tony is not having any of their shit, so instead of buying an oversize “get-along-shirt” he decides to place them in a “get-along-mission”. 

Listen to: Dreams - Fleetwood Mac and Illicit affairs - Taylor Swift

word count: 7.7k

(author’s note at the end now)

series masterlist


Originally posted by teyshaunmartin

Peter stared at the entrance of the Compound, hands in the pockets of his jeans with an absent expression drawn on his face. He could hear all the steps of people walking on the compound and he recognized there were far more than what he had gotten used to in one year and a half. 

He remembered how much he had craved the same activity as before, to see his mentors but especially to see you. But now he was panicking, his thoughts were screaming for him to leave before anything could go wrong but still every nerve on his body was pulling him into the compound and he knew the reason. He still couldn’t really process how much his heart still ache to see you again, even after you had been gone all this time without any type of contact. 

But it wasn’t a surprise that you had been avoiding him. 

He knew he had told Tony about what had happened between the two of you and he was sure that you had told him your version of events. But it still seemed like Tony didn’t remember when he had called Peter earlier in the day, he had a mission for him and needed him on the compound with the whole team. 

“The whole team?”

“Yeah, they came back yesterday”

Peter froze midway on his walk to another building on campus for his next class, since he had decided to double major in biophysics and electronic engineering. Tony had dismissed his long pause as he explained the logistics of the meeting and how he could have Happy pick him up if he wanted, Peter didn’t respond and simply by omission agreed for Happy to do it, although he had his car. 

After the call, the rest of the day had been a blur until Happy called him to tell him he was in front of the main campus of Columbia waiting for him. Peter didn’t talk on the ride to the compound and hadn’t even checked in with anyone else in his life. 

He was only focused on what would it be to see you again. 

It was Peter’s first time on Stark Tower after Tony had made him go on a mission regarding Captain America, the Winter Soldier, and Germany. Peter had returned from Germany for about a week when he finally got his call for him to go visit Stark Tower and Peter had been more than excited to go. 

“So kid, this is how it’ll work”, Tony explained to him as the door opened to a spacious metallic, modern industrial looking floor that blinded Peter for a second. “There are four different labs here: we have my lab, which is obviously the biggest, Bruce’s lab for when he decides to pay us a visit, Keener’s lab and my daughter’s lab over there”

Peter had been stuck a bit when Tony mentioned someone named Keener since Peter didn’t know anything about anyone else working with them, but everything was washed away when he remembered you. 

It hadn’t always been known that Tony Stark had a kid, you had lived with your mother until she had passed away when you were about five years old and it had been kept a well-hidden secret until Tony was kidnapped. Obadiah Stane had, unfortunately, decided that it would appeal to Tony’s kidnappers’ emotions that his own child would ask for his return. Pepper had been against it, but Stane hadn’t listened and then the world knew about you. 

Since then, the media had been in a frenzy about Tony’s Stark daughter and they didn’t stop, although there wasn’t much, they could get out of you. The main things the world knew about you were that you had left a private school in Malibu when Tony became Ironman and had been homeschooled since you had the same brain as your father and were most likely a super-genius, you got to go to events sometimes regarding Stark’s Industries and, most importantly, you were a member of The Avengers. 

“Dad, where are the blueprints of the exoskeleton?”, a silvery voice asked, coming from your lab and then it followed with your presence. 

Peter was in awe as he took you in. Peter noticed your smile first, it was so warm that it melted him inside when he noticed how well it go with your bright y/e/c eyes. They seemed like galaxies for him, he also noticed your long hair, much longer than the last time Peter had seen on the paparazzi pictures. But what made him smile even more was that you were on leggings and a light blue sweatshirt, looking like a normal teenager but with goggles on, soldering iron on one hand, and a hologram of your suit in the other. 

You were so focused on the design that you were too close when you finally raised your head from the hologram and stopped dead on your tracks when you noticed Peter. 

“Darling, meet Peter Parker”, Tony announced as he patted Peter on the back and pulled him towards your direction. “Parker, meet my daughter”

When you looked up, your gaze linked up with those chocolate light eyes with golden specks and you immediately smiled, knowing exactly who he was. 

“Hi- Hi, what…” Peter’s words stumbled against one another, “I’m Peter”

Peter seemed small and timid, he even looked younger than what you actually thought he was. The freckles that adorned his face didn’t help him look older either but they looked like a constellation, they were accompanied by chocolate curls that fell on his forehead and framed his face perfectly. 

“Lovely to meet you Spiderman”, you replied playfully. 

Peter smiled back and after that, you were smitten. 

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the very first show

spin-off series written from Tom’s POV in which parts will fit during or in between parts of the main story, GRIND. read the main part of the story first, then the corresponding part of this spin-off! 

Matching GRIND Part: tease®


awesome moodboard by @softholand

Pairing | stripper!Tom x fem!Reader

Summary | Tom reflects on his desires in life then he meets you

Word Count | 2K

warning: much like GRIND, this spin-off will include mature themes such as language, mild violence, drugs, and sexy, smutty scenes. nsfw 18+ please!


“Alright boys, let’s do some shots!” 

The pre-show shot. Pretty essential as a preface for any event. But Tom is about to go to work….

As a stripper. 

The other guys gathered around the bar style table inside the dressing room, which used to be a gross ass kitchen before they renovated the building. Tom remembers how Dan wanted everything to be new after they split their savings to buy the place. 

“You’re really going to keep that piece of shit back here, Tommy?” 

Dan asked as he watched Tom simply clean off the dirty metallic surface of the table instead of destroying it like they did to almost every other structure in the building. The back room was the last space to be cleaned and renovated. 

“‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!’ Isn’t that what Americans say?” Tom smirked before providing a more sound answer. 

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prompt: Day 3 (11.17) rescue/shelter dog

pairing: Tom Holland x Reader




  • You and Tom have been wanting another dog for a while now.
  • Well technically you’ve wanted your own since Tessa was Tom’s princess.
  • You’ve said it multiple times that you’ve wanted your own dog.
  • From showing pictures of dogs to Tom to searching for dogs up for adoption near you.
  • Tom was on board with the idea, excited about the possibility that Tessa might have a sibling.
  • You cooed at Tessa as she sat on your lap, “Would you like a baby sibling Tess? You could be like your daddy and be the eldest child of the family.”
  • Tom would be beside you guys and coo at his pride and joy, “You’d like that won’t you, darling? You could teach them all these things like how to chase after a ball and dig holes in the garden.”
  • You and Tom were serious when it came to searching for the perfect sibling for Tessa.

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a/n | was quite proud of myself for thinkin’ up this 1. also i’d like to get paid for taking pictures of tom please. screw the college degree. lengthy one shots are starting to become my staple huh

- anyway i’ve been feeling really burnt out lately so i’ll probably be taking a little writing break after this ♡

summary | tom holland is completely over paparazzi, tracking and exploiting his every move. that is, until he runs into one that he just can’t help but smile for.

cw | tom x paparazzi!fem!reader. language, alcohol use, a classic meet-cute, angst, relatively vanilla shower sex, fluff for days. 5.6k words.


pov: tom

The blinding flashes of old-fashioned bulb cameras were never a phenomenon easy to get used to.

He’d cast empty smiles, try to drown out the noise of the crowd of reporters as he whisked by. There was never a way for him to get out of the hubbub fast enough.

When he did take the chance to look around the sea of paparazzi, it was blurry nameless faces; people he didn’t know who were only interested in selling him to the media. As if the internet didn’t already have enough pictures of him being a celebrity, being the center of any and all attention, even occasionally trying to be a normal person. But he never got very far with that—it’s simply unnatural for someone to be the focus of a picture when they’re just trying to buy a cup of tea.

Wearing sweats out for a jog became a fashion statement, hugging an old female friend became a scandal. These people were relentless, squeezing every little bit of life out of him to meet a quota. Turning him into an object, a subject, pretty much everything under the sun except human.

One face he picked out from the usual crowd was different, though—younger, prettier, less chaotic. She was happy to be in the back of the swarm of cameras, oftentimes missing the perfect shot because she was just watching—her camera pointed toward the ground. She tried to see life before her through her own eyes and not the pupil of the lens. He noticed her at the events she attended, but never gave her a thought past the millisecond they made eye contact. That is, until they locked eyes for more than a split second; when she singlehandedly saved his sorry ass.

pov: you

You didn’t like your job.

You had gotten into photography to capture the beautiful stillness of nature, to be able to stare at the subject of your photo for hours on end and still get the perfect shot after basking in the reality of it for long enough. But dreams mostly stay dreams, and when you were offered a job as a photographer for a tabloid, you swallowed your pride and accepted. Dreams are wonderful and all, but they can’t pay your rent.

So you resigned yourself to capture the opposite of what you wanted—chaos, crowds of thousands, movie stars moving a mile a minute. You got enough content to keep your position, but you often found yourself trying to take in the essence of the scene before getting the perfect shot, and by then, the celebrity in question was gone. Your life had become a whirlwind, and all you wanted to do was stand still.

So, the day you were stationed outside of the hotel in Atlanta, told by your boss to keep your feet planted on the nondescript side street until you saw anyone of importance walk by, you were thrown off when the star of the movie came out of the doors to the service entrance with flask in hand and bags under his eyes, completely unaware that you were standing there. He flicked a burnt cigarette butt onto the ground and stepped on it, taking a swig from his canister. When he turned his head and saw you, you had your camera pointed directly at him; and to put it lightly, he freaked the fuck out.

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Would It?

Request: Hehe imma request something FWB! Tom or Brad with chasing pavements by adele?? like super angsty and sad you know I miss Angsty!Andre LOL you can choose the ending but the angstier the better labyu!! 😚✌🏼

warnings: lil smut (beginning), cursing, angst-ish??

a/n: why make it about these amazing men? 👀


Originally posted by tom-hollcnd

Tom stared at the beauty in front of him, glistening with sweat as the sweet sounds of profanities came out of your mouth.

“fuck, tommy, keep going,” you moaned as he felt a pure bliss, your words encouraged him to go faster, harder.

“are you gonna take my cum like a good girl? huh?” he moans in your ear as he nibbled the sweet spot on your neck, making sure to leave a mark.

sure, there’s nothing between you other than being friends with benefits, it has been going on for a little over a year now. for you, tom’s just a casual hook up but he’s madly in love with you. he knows you don’t feel the same about him but he keeps chasing pavements even if it leads nowhere.

“i-i’m gonna cum, i’m- tommy!” you screamed him name as he felt your hot cum around his member, sending him over the edge. he collapsed on top of you, placing a kiss on your lips.

you catch your breath before chuckling, pushing him off you.

“god, that was amazing,” you wink at him making him blush

“keep learnin’ from the best, darlin’,” he smirks at you making you laugh. he smiles upon hearing your laugh, it’s like a drug. he feels high whenever you talk, laugh, or even sing. as cliche as it sounds, he feels like even rehabilitation wouldn’t help to get you off his mind.

“i gotta go now,” you say sitting up making him frown. he definitely wants to cuddle you but you always leave after your hook ups

“can’t you maybe uh… stay for a bit?” he asks with a glint of hope in his eyes. you chuckled, losing every inch of hope left in his body.

“since when did we do that?” you shook your head, oblivious to the feelings he’s trying to keep in.

“i-i,” he tried to say it but his fear of rejection got the best of him. you furrowed your brows, pausing after you slipped your shirt on to let him continue

“you were right, yeah,” he lets out a nervous chuckle “silly me,”

“anyways, good luck on your interview tomorrow,” you blew him a kiss before gathering your things, leaving his flat in secret.

you have to be sneaky in order for paps not to find you, the cons of sleeping with spider fucking man.

two months have passed and you’ve been ignoring tom’s booty calls since. you’d make some excuses since you’re still not ready to tell anyone yet. you have also been ignoring his close friends since they’ve been trying to reach out to you too. tom’s been overthinking the situation thinking he scared you off by asking for you to stay, he feels stupid for even asking.

it was until he showed up in front of your doorstep, the day you dread the most.

“why have you been ignoring me?” he didn’t waste a second as soon as he saw your door swing open.

“tom, you can’t be here,” you hissed at him

“since when am i uninvited to your flat?” he asks, a bit offended at your statement

“look, i’m sorry but y-”

“babe? who is it?” your boyfriend, brad, asks behind you as tom’s heart shattered. his heart’s racing hoping you won’t call the person that thing he fears the most.

“it’s my friend,” you replied, twisting the knife in tom’s chest.

“oh shit! you didn’t tell me you’re friends with the man himself! i’m a huge fan, mate,” brad says holding out his hand “i’m brad, y/n’s boyfriend,” brad kept a wide grin on his face, clueless about the tensions between you and tom.

“t-tom, nice to m-meet you,” tom choked as he tried to keep his tears in

“you should come in, i just made pancakes. y/n enjoys them, that must mean something right?” brad’s eyes glistened with passion as tom felt he’s being stepped on right now.

you hate pancakes, you refrained to eat tom’s pancakes. you’ve ways find pancakes weird but Brad’s is an exception. tom couldn’t take it anymore

“thanks for the offer, i just stopped by to see how’s she’s doing. nice to meet you but i gotta get going,” tom says rather too quickly. you can see right through him, knowing he’s about to cry right now and you feel guilty for just ghosting him

“you too, mate! hope we can hang soon,” brad waves at him as tom entered his car. once he’s out of your sight, he parked in a random spot and started sobbing.

how can he be stupid? of course you’ll be in love with somebody else, you’re you and he’s, well- just him. despite the heartbreak he’s feeling right now, he’s determined to have you back in his arms.

2 years later

another tear slipped from tom’s eyes, holding the beautiful bride in his arms. you swayed to the song as tom clung onto you, he smiled at you as you returned the favor.

he’s cherishing the moment right now, he’s still letting everything sink in as he holds you. the soft, melody playing in the background. he feels like he’s in a movie, it’s ironic since he’s an actor, but it feels magical to dance with you right now.

“may i dance with my wife?” brad asks with a smile as tom nods. he planted a kiss on your forehead before handing you over to your husband.

“it’s gonna be okay, mate. you’ll find other woman,” harrison pats his best friends’ shoulder with a sympathetic smile

tom watched as you giggle when brad whispered something in your ear before planting a soft kiss on your lips. he darts his eyes away from you, burning holes on the floor.

“maybe i was wrong to chase her, look at me now being a sad man because my chasing lead to nowhere,” tom chuckles sadly, he said it quietly but enough for harrison to hear.

but despite everything, tom vowed to himself just to be happy for you since your happiness is his happiness. you smiled at tom as flashback hit him, the very first time you ever smiled at him was on set when you were playing an extra.

he wishes you are his but it’s too late. what if he told you he likes you that night? would things have changed?


Tags: @idontknowwhatthisisfam @holland-styles @hollanddolanfangirl @dummiesshort @whatthefuckimbisexual @itstaskeen @osterfieldnholland @fermuda2

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It’s Been a Year

𝐀/𝐧 ↠ Welcome to my first mob!Tom one shot. I’ve been trying to find a good idea for a mob!Tom one shot for months, and when I got a request, I couldn’t help myself. The original request asked for a blurb for baby Janie’s first birthday, but I kind of built a whole thing around it, so I hope you like it.

This will be the first mob!Tom one shot in my mob!Tom universe. It exists along with the other mob!Tom blurbs, but you don’t need to read them to understand this one. 

Anyways, please give me feedback, and I hope you like it!

*header is mine*

𝐖𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬 ↠ kids, morning sickness, fluff

𝐏𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠 ↠ dad!mob!Tom Holland x reader

𝐒𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐲 ↠ your baby girl Janie is about to turn one, and your husband, the head of the Holland mob, has decided to take it upon himself to make it the perfect day for her.

𝐖𝐨𝐫𝐝 𝐜𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐭 ↠ 4367


Your second pregnancy was off to a rough start. When you were pregnant with Janie, you had little to no morning sickness. However, this time around, you spent practically the entire day on the toilet.

It stressed Tom out, too, because on top of running the mob and taking care of you, he had to plan out Janie’s first birthday party, and he wanted everything to go perfectly for his little girl.

His mom offered to help him out, but he refused, as he wanted to do everything himself. Now, though, he was somewhat regretting that choice.

The large desktop computer in his study had two very different documents on the screen. The first was a list of names of people who owed Tom money, and who had yet to pay him back (meaning that he or one of his men would take matters into his own hands). The second one, however, was much more daunting to Tom, as it was a list of gifts he had set on purchasing for your little girl’s birthday.

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Summary: It’s yours and Tom’s twins’ first day in kindergarten and Tom’s a little emotional about it

warning: just pure fluff (a bit of implied smut but no smut). this is short + emo tom

a/n: if u remember stan and stark from my older fics, ilu 🥺❤ also, welcome to another can’t sleep w/ bad headache fic <3333



Originally posted by tommybabyholland

“Mum, dad, I’m so excited for tomorrow,” Stan squeals as a wide grin sprawled across his face

“We’re big boys now,” Stark giggles making you smile

“Hmm, you’re still mummy’s baby boys,” you chuckle kissing their foreheads. Tom watched you with glossy eyes, he has been trying not to cry for a week now.

Stan and Stark started gushing about what may happen tomorrow as you watched their eyes sparkle in excitement.

“Bed time, boys. When you wake up tomorrow, you’ll officially be big boys!” You tell them excitedly as they clapped their hands.

You tucked them in, kissing their foreheads as Tom did the same. As you get to your room, Tom didn’t say anything. He just layed on his side of the bed, facing away from you

“What’s wrong?” You sigh. You heard him sniffle, visibly wiping his tears

“I’m alright, let’s cuddle?” He asks turning to face you. You gladly accepted the offer, snuggling your head in his arms. Now his sniffles are more visible as you felt your hair getting damp from his tears.

Thoughts ran through your mind, is he stressed? Are people hating on him again? Did he do something? Is he hurt?

“Hey, hey. Why are you crying?” You ask, pushing his hair away from his eyes

“The boys, they’ve gotten so big. They’re going to kindergarten tomorrow,” He sniffs making your heart melt at how much he adores your children “C-can we not send them yet?” He asks you with puppy dog eyes making you chuckle

“Tom, they’re four. We’re sending them to kindergarten, not the military,” you chuckle kissing his cheeks

“It’s the same thing, next thing you knew they’re waiting down the aisle for the b-b-bride,” Tom’s thoughts made him more emotional

“Okay maybe let’s not think about that. This is just their first step about being a child, okay?” You cooed him as he nodded

“We need another baby,” he pouts

“I’m already taking care of four, Tom,” You laugh

“Four?” he asks

“Stan, Stark, you, and Tessa,” you reply making him whine

“I’m older than you,”

“Not with that attitude, you’re not,” you chuckle

“Pleaaaase, can we have another baby? Pretty please?” He pouts

“We can try this time but you’re taking another year off,” you squint your eyes at him

“Yes, madam,” he smiles hovering you.

“Smile for mummy!” You say as you held out a camera as your boys stood in front of the door with huge grins in their faces.

Tom’s emotions are over the roof, he can’t stop crying so you shoved him in the bathroom. Your children will cry if they see him crying, you can’t risk trying to calm three babies.

“You can come out now, Tom,” You say opening the door. His eyes are red from crying but luckily, the twins are way too in their orbit to notice.

The drive to kindergarten was full of singing but Tom stayed stiff, trying not to cry.

“Have fun boys, okay? Be nice,” You gave them a big hug and a kiss on their cheeks

“Yes mum,” They smile at you

“Have a great time boys,” Tom says hugging them tightly. He started tearing up again as you softly placed your hand on his shoulder as he pulled away.

You waved at them until they’re out of sight. Tom started sobbing, drawing attention to him. You carefully lead him to your car as he just hugs you, sobbing in your arms

“They’re off now. It’s so weird not seeing them,” he sniffs

“You hugged them like we’re sending them away to another country. They’ll be gone for two hours, Tom,” you slightly chuckle

“I miss them already,” he stared into a blank space

“Stop being dramatic,” you kissed his lips softly

“God, if we have another kid, this will happen again,” you mutter to yourself

“What was that?” He squints his eyes at you

“Nothing, let’s get food,” You smile at him as he kissed your lips

“I love you, my emotional man,” you chuckle pecking his lips

“I love you too,” he smiles into the kiss “We should try having another kid while the boys are go-”



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summary: the one person you least expected reached out to you when you needed it most

word count: 1.6k

warnings: language, angst, celebrity reader, semi-fluff, platonic relationship

edited: it was kinda nice being able to genuinely write something after what felt like years. i’ll catch up w the sleepover asks and shit when i get the chance tho, sorry abt that loves

a/n: haha so the beginning is personal experience dw abt it shit happens yk yk

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You hug your legs and cradle back in forth, tears spilling out of your mouth but not a single noise out of your mouth. You sniffle and glance at your phone to see no notifications. You let out a pained sigh and toss your phone aside, whimpering quietly.

You didn’t want to bother anyone. You didn’t feel like checking up anyone again and again and again. You felt like you were too much. You felt clingy. You felt unwanted. You felt alone

Your close friends were busy, and you understood that of course. Everyone has their own lives you told yourself. Though you’d help them in a heartbeat, you felt like they shouldn’t do the same for you, or wouldn’t. 

You held your head as more tears continued to spill. You felt weak. You shouldn’t be feeling this way. You need to be more independent. You’re not really alone, you try to encourage yourself. You’re just pushing everyone away. But who do I talk to? You asked yourself. Who?

How could anyone help when I don’t even open up. I don’t even talk. I don’t. I don’t know what to do. What do I even want? Why am I scared? Why?

You exhale shakily and run your hands through your hair. You frustratedly hit your bed repeatedly, letting out short grunts as you did. You let a sob fall past your lips and from there a tsunami of emotions overflowed out of you. You wail out in pain and fall back into your bed, covering your face with a pillow. You cry loudly and press the pillow harder into your face until you couldn’t breath.

Your mind felt empty yet full. Loud yet silent. It hurt. It stung. You felt like you didn’t have a nose with how stuffed it was, barely able to breathe. Your throat felt like there were chains being wrapped around it as it swelled up. Your eyes felt like they were burning. Your body felt weak. You felt weak. 

You scream silently into the pillow and instantly shoot up from your bed as soon as you hear a notification from your phone go off. You sniffle and throw the pillow across the room, groggily taking your phone. You squint, your sight still quite blurred from your previous crying.

“Shit,” you breathe out in frustration. You blink repeatedly but failed to see. You throw your phone down and wipe your eyes harshly.

You pick your phone back up and look at it closely. Your eyebrows furrow in pure confusion as you see the contact name tommy read across the notifications for messages.


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Nightmares - Peter Parker x Stark!Reader


Originally posted by tom-cinnamonroll-holland

Blurb: Peter’s been having nightmares for a while now. What will you do when you find out?

Genre: Bit of angst, bit of fluff.

The slight luminance of the moon filtered through your windows in sheets, lighting up the otherwise dark room. You lay in peace, slowly succumbing to the peaceful clutches of sleep. Yet, something snapped your eyes open.

Soft sobs reverberated through your bedroom, and they weren’t yours. They were coming from the other side of your wall, another room.

Peter’s room.

Ever since Peter moved into the compound, the two of you had become rather close, hanging out in his room after missions playing video games, or helping each other with projects. He was a really sweet guy, sort of like a confused puppy half of the time you two were together.

You got up and rushed to the door, before groaning at the fact that these entries would be in the logs, therefore being a hot topic of tomorrow’s breakfast conversation.

Shaking the dread of the following morning’s chatter out of your mind, you gently pressed your finger to the scanner, and the door slid open with such an aggressive beep that it made you wince.

The sobs became louder as you approached the door to Peter’s room, gently tapping in the master access code into the keypad. As the door opened with a whoosh, the sight that met you made your heart shatter.

The boy was curled up in a ball on his bed, grasping at the sheets in fear, tears streaking down his face. He was crying in his sleep.

You walked up to the bed, sat next to him and gently shook him awake.

Peter gasped and whipped his head to look at the offender, his eyes softening when he realized it was just you. You saw that his eyes were bloodshot, paired with his flushed face.

“Pete,” You whispered, careful to not alert FRIDAY to your location. “You were crying.”

He didn’t say anything in return, just sighed loudly in relief and wrapped his arms around you, rocking slowly back and forth.

“I can’t sleep without that happening anymore.” He shuddered in your embrace.

“What’s wrong?” You asked. In your experience, talking solved many problems.

“Y-you were there, and May, and Mr. Stark, and everyone,” He let out a strained sob. “And I couldn’t freakin’ save you guys.”

You stayed silent, knowing he wanted to go on.

“A-and, y’know I’m supposed to be Spider-man, right? I’m supposed to protect everyone, and I couldn’t even save you all.” He closed his eyes and held one of your hands against his face, as if relishing in the fact that you were actually there. “Well, then, what kind of hero am I?”


I couldn’t even save you.

“Hey, take a breath.” You said, drowning in those cinnamon eyes. “It’s okay. You’re okay. I’m right here.”

He seemed to calm at that, your words having an effect on him. Your heart ached for him, guilt piling that you hadn’t helped him sooner. You lay him back down, hoping that he might be able to actually get some sleep.

After a few minutes of silence, and you assumed he had dozed off, there was the tell of the steady rise and fall of his chest. As you stood up to leave, you felt a hand wrap around your wrist. You turned to see Peter half-sitting up and looking at you with pleading eyes.

“Stay.” He whispered. “Please. It’ll be better with you here.”

You nodded and, all thoughts of questions that would be asked the next day gone, slid under his blanket to accompany him. He felt safe with you around, the fact that he might start awake and you’d be right next to him was the most comforting thing in the world.

The thing is, with one of his arms thrown around your waist, holding you close, he slept soundly for the rest of the night.

The next morning, however:


(A/N): omg that was so fun to writee~! i hope you like it :) follows, likes and reblogs are extremely appreciated 🥺

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a/n; this is a bit rushed because i’m trying to finish all my requests because at this point i’m getting anxiety just by looking at them lmao

↳ warnings; none. just a whole bunch of fluff :) hope you like it!


“You know that I love you, right?” Tom asked, taking your hands into his, tracing slow circles on the back.

“Of course, I do. I love you too, Thomas.” You smiled, kissing his forehead.

“You also make me very happy, darling,” He spoke, his eyes filled with adoration for you and only you.

“Same goes for you, Tom.” You smiled. “But, why are you saying all these things today?” Tom had been cooing at you for the whole day, the same sweet words, the same sweet kisses. You didn’t mind of course, but it was a little suspicious.

“I…I just want you to know that I love you no matter what. I know that you’re a maid, but that doesn’t matter to me because for me you’re the love of my life. And i will do anything and everything in my power to make you feel loved, Y/N.” He said, cupping your cheeks and pressing a tender kiss to your lips.

“I love you, Tom. But, are you all alright? You seem… nervous?” You asked. Tom had been fidgeting the whole time. You were worried.

“Y-Yeah, I just need to ask you something, if that’s okay?”

“Of course, go ahead, love,”

“Okay,” He took a deep breath, “You make me so happy, Y/N. You honestly make me the happiest man alive. I am so glad to have fallen in love with an angel like you. You’ve made so many of my days brighter with your smile, I can’t even say anything. I’m speeches. Your beauty leaves me breathless and so do you. I want the for the rest of my life. I love you, so bloody much, Y/N. So,” Tom got on one knee, pulling out a velvet ring box as a gasp escaped your mouth. “So…will you marry me, Y/N L/N?” He finished, giving you his million-dollar smile.

“Tom.. darling..” You looked away from him, the tears glistening in your eyes.

“W-What’s wrong? I-Is this too early? I-I’m sorry, love, I didn’t think-” Tom rambled on until you cut him off.

“Tom, darling, I’m a maid…We possibly can’t…” You sniffed and wiped away your tears. Tom’s heart shattered into a million little pieces, his heart aching.

“Love, it doesn’t matter. Not to me, It doesn’t. You are the love of my life and you always will be.” He took a hold of your hands, placing a soft kiss on your knuckles.

“I understand if you don’t want to marry me. It is totally-”

“I want to.” You cut him off, a beaming smile painted on your face. Tom’s head shot up at your response as his eyes filled with tears of happiness. “Really?” Tom’s face broke out a grin in glee.

“Yes, of course, Thomas, but what about your parents? They certainly won’t approve-”

“Oh, we approve,” A voice broke out. You instantly gasped as Tom stood protectively in front of you.

“Mother? Father?” Tom breathed out in shock. Not expecting his parents to have found you two’s rendezvous spot. “What’re you doing here?”

“Well, I am not really a nosey lady but I noticed that you’ve been sneaking out. So, I followed you and found about this and-”

“Wait, you knew? All these years you knew?” Tom asked, shock plastered on his face as your heart thumped and your breathing was eratic.

“Ah, yes, well, you aren’t exactly discreet, darling.” His mother responded and his father chuckled.

“Wait, but…you a-approve?” You finally spoke up.

“Yes, we do.” Nicola smiled at you both.

“Bloody hell, mum, dad.” Tom chuckled as you breathed out a sigh of relief, joining Tom in his glee.

“Well, then, I guess, welcome to the family, darling,”


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a/n: i’m sorry this took a lil while but i hope you like it hun <3 also this was written quickly.


  • “I think I’m in love with you and that scares me half to death.”
  • “What are you afraid of?”


“Why do you always do this?” Tom asked, frustration coating each and every word as he stood across you in his living room. You kept your head down and stayed silent, arms wrapped around yourself securely as you tried to even your breathing.

Tom was running out of patience.

You both were cuddled on his couch just minutes before, basking in each other’s warmth. It was going smoothly, that until Tom grew the courage to address the elephant in the room, the question that you’ve been so quick to shut down everything it gets brought up. Because you already know what Tom feels about you, known for a while now. But you on the other hands haven’t been clear with anything at all. Your words were always in contrast with your actions and it was confusing him. And one can only endure certain questions for far too long with the countless amounts of trying to figure out signs before it gets overwhelming.

What are we?

The minute those words left Tom’s mouth, you were quick to be on your feet, excuses leaving your lips as you got ready to leave. But not before Tom finally reached his breaking point.

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As you can see in my profile,

“can’t pretend” is my first one shot, I like to write for male readers and I still have a lot to learn here on Tumblr since I’m more of a wattpad.

Here the list for what I can write for in case you want request:

-Tom holland.

-Peter Parker.

-Marvel Fandom.

Or any fandom actually jajaja.

My best thing is angst, jealous, sad but i can do fluff and smut or semi smut.

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Can’t Pretend | tom holland x male reader.

about; You’re tired of always being there for Tom but never being there for you.

  • warning; sad, angst, i love angst thing babeee, send some to my requeeest.

You knew all the things that might or might not happen when being in a relationship with him. You even agreed to respect and wait as long as necessary for Tom to feel ready to tell his family about you or make it public. But that time was extended to a period of months until reaching 1 year of having secret dates in reserved restaurants hidden in the city away from the cameras.

There were times where you involuntarily questioned your relationship or even yourself about what was really wrong. Of course, the paparazzi always found a way to find both of you together leaving the other’s apartment taking photos and turning it into the news of the moment.

“A known marvel actor dating … a guy? Find out who he is!”

“Tom holland declared Gay?

"Tom Holland’s sexuality at stake after these photos.”

Among other titles and tabloid news.

You both agreed that if that happened you both were only going to reply that you were “close friends.” in interviews or in the case of Tom with his family.

You were a musician known locally in London, you loved the piano and that’s why he fell in love with you, Tom when he could he used to come over to your performances and have a beer while he watched you, you always felt nervous at the microphone knowing that your boyfriend was in the audience watching you do your thing.

Since the scandals began about the supposed relationship to the public, but for you it was real every time the door of the apartment was closed, you decided that the 1 year anniversary would be a romantic dinner in your apartment.

“How about a romantic candlelight dinner, wine, my vinyl machine playing an old jazz record while we eat some alfredo pasta and have a good time.” You said as you let Tom make your tie and adjust your shirt and belt. “What you say?

"It seems like a fantastic idea to me sir (Y/N), only if I bring the bottle of wine.” Tom joked with a formal tone, you only denied with a smile. “I promise you that one day this will end and we will be together walking down the street.

"I also hope so.” You answer with a tired whisper, that’s what he had told you the last few months. His phone on the table began to ring showing Harry’s name in the notification bar. “You should answer.

You said before walking to the door to get ready on stage.

"You will be fantastic, you always are.” Tom said in a tone enough that you would hear to make you smile.

But to your surprise, he was not in the audience that night and that disappointed you a bit, enough to fake a smile for the first time in front of the audience.

And that’s how everything had been for 1 year. Everything was ready, an elegant red tablecloth you bought, the plates and cutlery in position, you will lit the candles just before you opened the door for Tom. Time passed, seconds, minutes, until it became hours.

You were sitting in the chair biting your thumb nervously looking at the empty chair where Tom was supposed to be hours ago. Your anxiety made you arrange things on the table over and over again until you sit down again and check your cell phone with a signal from him. But there was nothing.

You had put on a suit with a dark red shirt under the sack, a bit of perfume, everything was perfect, the only thing missing was him to arrive. The sound of the oven on the stove indicating that the pasta was ready made you come out of your trance and go to take it out with a glove and serve it in a bowl in the middle of the table.

Midnight and you didn’t know anything about him. You ended up resigned eating a part of the pasta by yourself with one hand on the fork and another with a fist on your cheek, eating sad and angry. You knew that his work could take part of the time of both together and you understood it but he had promised you that that day he would be free.

You stopped when you felt your stomach full wiping a tear that fell from your cheek. “Jesus. Fuck.” You whispered angrily when the tears kept falling, you felt devastated and you couldn’t help it.

The knocks on the door made you look up and walk there to open knowing it was him. Tom held a bottle of wine with a bow tied.

“Welcome home, dinner is on the table!” You said sarcastically and bitterly extending an arm, you walked towards the living room, Tom entered closing the door. “Not even a call, a FUCKING call, Tom. You know how that makes me feel? You gave an exact hour and it’s been 2.

"I’m sorry (Y/N) I’m really sorry, I really thought I would have the day off, I reserved it and talked to the director about having it, but you know how this job works! They needed me there.” Tom put the bottle on the table in the living room to try to get closer to you and calm you down. “Please listen to me.

"I’ve done it Tom, I’ve listened to you for 1 year with the same old excuses and I’m tired.” You said exploding, you hated being a sea of tears but whenever you argued with someone, you cried. “I’m tired of you hiding me, you know how horrible I feel every time you introduce me as a friend or when I do it!?! HUH!? Do you know it?

"I’M NOT HIDING YOU (Y/N) !!” Tom raised his tone of voice, seeing you stressed and blocked, he did too. “I’m hiding from myself okay? You know I can’t just agggg— do it now. IT’S NOT EASY.

"I’m tired of always being there for you and you never being there for me.” You snapped ignoring Tom’s words.

The room filled with a silence where you could feel your adrenaline rise and fall. You got up after carving your face, you took your jacket that was on the chair and while you put it on you walked to the door after taking some keys and your wallet.

“Hey, hey, where are you going?” Tom in a sad tone and still finished by that argument, he walked towards you when you had opened the door.

“Trust me Tom, the last thing we both need right now is to be together in the same place.” You said with a cut voice. “You can sleep here if you want.

You walked away after closing the door leaving Tom alone in your apartment, it was not the first time you shared it. Between the arguments and screams, the emotion you had to give Tom that gift that you had been waiting for so much was lost. A song that you had written and composed just for him.

When Tom returned to the living room, he noticed the paper envelope with a blue bow, his sigh tightening his eyes, suppressing his tears. When He opened it there were 3 sheets, 1 was a letter where it said that you had written this song thinking about him and taking him as inspiration, the other 2 were the piano notes of the song with a note at the end that said;

"I can’t pretend not to love you on the streets and pretend you’re a stranger. But I can teach you to play the song when you come to the studio next time!”

But possibly, there wouldn’t be a next time.


Dude this is my first one shot, it was good? Possibly horrible edited but still hahaha.

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⊹ i love writing for lockdown tom way to much 

It’s been three agonizing months of bliss. You’ve just recently brought a tiny human into the world, as well as endured a lockdown that’s kept your husband home and out of work. Keeping Lily away from your family and Tom’s was unconventional, and hard when the both of you just needed a few deserved hours away, but you wouldn’t have traded your experience for anything. 

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