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#tom holland smut
vendettaparker · 2 days ago
Bound to You: Series Masterlist [T.H]
Tumblr media
Summary: A life you never wanted with a man you loathe. Life in the royal court has always been sour, but when you’re forced into a loveless marriage with the person you despise the most, you realize what little control you truly have.
Pairing: Prince!Tom x Princess!Reader
Warnings: angst, swearing, major character death, forced marriage, depression, SMUT (easily skippable), typos, (more to be added)
Status: Ongoing
Chapters that include smut are marked by *
a/n: can’t wait to start this adventure with you! comments and reblog are greatly appreciated 💗
moodboard made by @evyzyii (she’s amazing, send her some love!) ps. she makes them for free ;)
➳ Prologue: She Will Destroy You
Summary: (Y/N) hates lace trimming, satin, sipping her tea, and the entirety of her life in the royal court. But most of all, she hates silly British boys that happen to resemble frogs.
Word Count: ?
✧tags & moots✧ PERM
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✧tags & moots✧ TOM HOLLAND
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whereistradel · a day ago
script reading — tom holland
Tumblr media
pairing: tom holland x (actress) reader
warnings: none
summary: you and tom reunite after being casted in a netflix series together.
requested: no
note: i need tom holland requests in my inbox, NOW.
༄ ‧₊˚。゚・
“(y/n), welcome to the sit-down reading today. some cast members are already here so you can chat with them later.”
you nodded, while the kind staff member led you to your designated room. you had recently been casted in a new romantic-comedy series with netflix and today was the script reading with all the cast members.
the tall woman stopped in front of a white door, before turning the knob and opening the door wide enough for you to stare inside. just next to the door laid a sign that read your name.
“this is your room,” she stared down at her wrist watch, “the reading starts in an hour so you can do anything till then.” she offered a kind smile and motioned you to go inside.
“thank you” you smiled before walking and plopping down on the couch inside the room. you heard a slight click, indicating that the woman had closed the door to leave you some privacy.
you stared at the ceiling, still in disbelief. this series had casted you as the main female lead and tom as the main male lead, the thought of that making you shudder.
tom was your ex-boyfriend, so you were surprised that he even agreed to do this project. the director happened to be your best friend, hannah, and let’s just say she was the biggest shipper of the two of you together. just like hannah, your fans went crazy hearing the two of you were making this film together.
you sat up on the couch, noticing your script was already on the table in front of you. your manager lola must have left it in the room beforehand.
picking up the thick paper stack, you started to go over your lines. you had been busy with featuring in several interviews and photoshoots, so you weren’t sure how the plot of the show went.
curiously, you skimmed through the script to reach around three-fourths of the book, before starting to read the lines.
then it hit you, there was a major breakup scene involved in the show. there was the getting-back-together part of the story, but since the show needs some spice there was a breakup scene.
you read that your character has to break up with tom’s character because the two of you grew busy to make time for each other.
deja vu.
“hey (y/n),” someone barged into your room, catching you off guard.
“let’s go meet the other cast members.” you got up from your seat while grabbing your script.
“sure. also hannah, i don’t know how you got me to do this series. you better hope i don’t start crying in the room after seeing tom.” hannah stared at you with pity, remembering how she was there to witness you cry your eyes out after tom and you called it quits.
you still loved tom, but sometimes things don’t work out and you have to learn to accept it.
hannah coughed awkwardly, before handing you a water bottle. “everyone went to the lounge to mingle but tom’s not here yet.”
you kept the smile on your face, hearing about tom made you want to run and cry because it had been six months since the two of you separated. still, you remembered that you promised to remain as friends, and this was film was only work.
“it’s okay, i’m ready.”
hannah gave you one last look before opening the door to the lounge. many people were inside chatting or eating snacks before the reading.
“hello, you’re (y/n) (y/l/n)!” a muscular man said to you as soon as you walked inside. he let out a hand for you to shake, “i’m mark, playing the second male lead, and i’m a big fan of yours.”
you smiled before shaking his hand, “thank you, mark. it’s nice meeting you.”
hannah went off to talk to the staff members while you talked to other cast members including mark.
“this is angela, she’s playing the role of your best friend.”
“hi, i’m (y/n).”
angela let out a chuckle before waving you off, “(y/n), of course i know who you are! you’re my favorite actress and i’m so honored to be casted in the same film as you!” as angela kindly praised you, you couldn’t help but be proud to make some friends.
“i hope we all get closer during this film.” you stated while the two of them nodded in agreement.
“the reading starts soon, cast members please head to the reading room now.” hannah announced while scanning the room.
“are you excited? i’m so nervous.” angela commented while walking beside you.
you shrugged while looking down at the grey tiles, “it’s quite awkward when you’re in the same cast as your ex.”
angela gave the same look that hannah gave you earlier, “you’ve got this, don’t worry about him.”
her encouraging words made you smile and when you entered the room, you headed straight to your seat. angela and mark had their assigned seats right across from yours, so they sat down.
the chair next to you was pulled back, and someone plopped down into the seat.
“hey (y/n),” you froze, the script in your hand dropped to the table.
you coughed a little, “tom? i haven’t seen you in a while.”
you looked to him and he held a grin, “how have you been?”
he was acting like the two of you were old pals, and it hurt that he looked like he’s moved on already. your freshly painted nails tapped on the wooden table surface, a nervous habit you had.
“i’ve been fine, just been doing interviews and photoshoots. you?”
he played with his shirt collar, “i’ve been good.”
it was quiet among the two of you, unlike the rest of the cast who were chattering all around the room.
“(y/n), i wanted to tal-”
“hello, everyone! let’s start the sit down reading now.” a staff member cut off tom’s words and you stared at him in curiosity.
“what were you just saying?” you whispered but he let out a sigh, not making eye contact with you.
“it’s nothing, i can tell you later.”
your lips thinned and you nodded, slightly disappointed at his words. deciding to not worry about it, you tried to act professional for the rest of the reading.
༄ ‧₊˚。゚・
hannah clapped as you said the final lines of the show, “that’s a wrap everyone! thank you all for being so cooperative. first day of filming is this weekend, so i’ll see you all there!”
you dropped the script that you held on the table, letting out a sigh and picking up your phone.
(y/n): the script reading just ended.
lola: good job! the car will be there in five to pick you up.
(y/n): okay. also, thanks for leaving my script in my room.
lola: what script?
a hand grabbed your wrist and stopped you from reading lola’s response. “(y/n), can you talk for a second?”
you turned around and saw tom was the one to stop you. you studied his face and felt weird inside.
“sure, here?” you looked around and saw that angela and mark were leaving the room. the room was almost cleared, people rushing to leave after such a long day.
“no, can you meet me at my house?”
your eyebrows rose in confusion, “your house?”
tom nodded, “yeah, i’ll meet you there.”
that moment, your phone received a message, indicating that your ride was here.
“okay, i might get there earli-”
“you can go inside first. you remember my house password right?”
you nodded slowly but still remained confused, why was he trusting you to go inside his house? what if you suddenly decided to rob him? you wouldn’t, but why did he trust you so much?
“okay, i’ll see you there.”
he let go of your wrist, which you didn’t even notice till now, and held a smile on his face.
“see you later.”
༄ ‧₊˚。゚・
you put tom’s password in, it being the day he got his dog. it used to be the date that the two of you started dating but before you did date, it was the date he got his dog.
since the two of you broke up, you assumed he changed it back to this date.
“i’m here!” you announced and expectedly heard the little sound of tessa running to you.
“come here, tessa,” tom’s dog, tessa, immediately greeted you while jumping and wagging her tail.
“did you miss me? oh my, did you even eat?”
tessa started to whine, and you shook your head at tom before walking over to the kitchen. even though it wasn’t your house, you weren’t going to let tessa starve.
tessa followed behind you, constantly sticking out her tongue in excitement to see you.
“sorry, tessa. tom was probably out filming the whole day and couldn’t feed you.” you said to her while she ate the food you poured into her bowl.
“you should come to my house if you get hungry.” you joked while petting her.
“can i go over too?”
you jumped, scared because you didn’t hear tom come inside.
“tom! you scared me!” you yelled while placing a hand over your heart.
“sorry, i didn’t mean to scare you.”
he looked over to tessa eating, “you know my manager came and fed her, right?”
your mouth fell open, “but there was no food in her bowl when i arrived!”
tom laughed at you, “(y/n), did you forget that tessa eats all her food so her bowl is literally clean?”
his laugh died down as you stood there awkwardly. of course you had forgot, the last time you came here was the night that the two of you broke up; that was six months ago.
“so, what did you want to talk about?” tom started looking around his fridge so you decided to take a seat on the high chair next to the island.
“i wanted to talk about,” he paused a bit, “us?” it sounded more like a question.
you nodded, knowing this moment was going to come. this was the part where tom was going to tell you that he’s moved on and you needed to act more professional around him.
while you were in your own thoughts, you didn’t anticipate tom’s actions.
how he was trying so hard not to ask if you didn’t miss him. how he wanted to just go and hug you because he missed you. how he wanted to make you take him back because he’s still crying at night, asking himself:
‘where did everything go wrong?’
he pulled out the milk carton and started brewing you coffee.
“what about us?” you carefully asked, the atmosphere was felt serious.
tom was focused on the coffee machine, so you closed your eyes to prepare for his next words.
let’s act more profess-
“i miss you.”
your eyes opened wide. however, tom didn’t look at you because he was scared of rejection.
“what?” you croaked out, was this really happening?
“i said, i miss you.” tom finally looked up to see your reaction.
your mouth was wide open, obviously not expecting him to say that.
“but you broke up with me.” you recalled.
“you couldn’t make time for us, you were the one missing our dates,” you stood up from the chair, “you were the one who missed our anniversary.”
tom let out a sigh, both of you knew it wasn’t just his fault that you broke up. you, too, were stubborn enough to not try to fix things. the breakup was both your faults.
“i know, and i’m sorry that i didn’t try harder. but i said what i meant, i do miss you.”
you calmed down a little, taking a breath. just earlier, tom looked like he’s moved on and not to mention that he hasn’t contacted you since your breakup.
“why are you telling me this now?”
the coffee was almost done, so tom began to pour it into a tall glass cup.
he shrugged, not looking at you, “i was scared that you’ve moved on. also, i was the one who broke up with you, so why would you hear me out then?”
he had a point, he knew you would have ignored him then. but now you were better, being able to stand in the same room as him without breaking down.
there was a long silence, the only sound being made was tom pouring milk into your coffee. he finished and placed the glass in front of you, before looking up to meet your eyes.
he was waiting for your answer.
“i,” a phone rang and tom cursed under his breath, the call ruining this moment.
“go answer it, i’ll be in the living room.”
you picked up your glass and walked out of the kitchen to the living room couch, while tom picked up his call.
you were distracted when tessa walked over to you.
you placed the glass down on the table after taking a few sips, picking up tessa instead.
“hey tessa, your dad said he misses me.” tessa sticked her tongue out, not understanding anything but still happy that you were back here.
“i miss him too, but i’m scared. what if he breaks up with me again? i felt so much pain after he broke up with me,” you chuckled, pitying yourself.
“then we don’t breakup again.”
you let tessa down to the ground and stared at tom.
“i said i miss you, and i’ve realized that i love you.” tom started to approach you from the hallway.
“(y/n), i promise i won’t hurt you again. i want to get back together. i know i didn’t say this but breaking up with you was the biggest mistake i’ve ever made in my entire life. i didn’t realize it until you left me that day.”
you felt tears falling down your cheeks and tom wiped them with his thumb.
“please,” he stared at you nervously, “take me back?” he let out a small smile, hurting inside that you were crying.
“if you hurt me again, i’m going to adopt tessa.”
tom let out a laugh before hugging you tightly, “so, that’s a yes?”
“yes.” you mumbled while he pulled away slightly.
“thank you, (y/n). you’re making me the happiest man alive right now.” he picked you up and you let out a squeal.
“you’re officially my girlfriend again.”
“no, you didn’t even ask me!” you argued, while going over to pick up your coffee.
tom watched you take a sip. “fine.” he huffed like a child.
“(y/n) (y/l/n), will you be my girlfriend?” tom stood in front of you with puppy eyes and tessa stood next to him.
you laughed, the two of them looking so adorable.
“yes, now let me play with tessa.”
“no! tessa, stop taking my girlfriend’s attention.”
you rolled your eyes with a smile, watching him pick up tessa to keep her away from you.
he stopped and turned to you. “yeah?”
“i love you.”
tom genuinely smiled after six months, “i love you too.”
༄ ‧₊˚。゚・
“paul! i need you to change my house password,” tom checked the time on his phone. “(y/n)’s going over soon, please.”
paul was feeding tessa when tom frantically called him.
“why? isn’t it the date that you started dating (y/n)?”
tom slapped his hand on his forehead, “that’s exactly why i need to change it! how will she react when she realizes that i never changed the password for my house from the date that we started dating, when we’ve been broken up for six months!”
paul laughed at tom from the other line, “fine, what do you want me to put it as?”
“put it as the code i just texted you. oh, and i forgot to thank you for leaving the script in (y/n)’s room. i saw her reading right before we started.”
“it’s no problem tom. call me if you need anything else.”
“thanks again, paul.”
after hearing the call end, paul looked at tessa.
“he’s never stopped loving her, huh?”
tessa barked in agreement.
༄ ‧₊˚。゚・
written on october 22, 2021
link to my tom holland masterlist
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blissfulparker · 2 days ago
Could you do a frat Tom Halloween fic, where there is a customer party and he is dressed in something that shows off his muscles? Y/N hates him, but he keeps flirting with her all night, and he slowly wins her over, and then when she gives in, he's super cocky and arrogant and dominant. He makes her feel his muscles and then he makes her suck him off, and he's boasting while she chokes on his cock. And at the end, he cums on her face and makes her clean it all up and swallow it. :D
oh my—
Warnings; degradation, oral sex, rough sex, tom being an asshole, slut calling, choking on dick,
Please do not read if you are uncomfortable with any of that!
Tumblr media
Your hands tug at the short skirt for the millionth time tonight for the last thing Tom needed to see was your ass.
It was Halloween, which meant getting drunk and making out with someone in a mask if you were a college student. Loud music—including thriller being overplayed—raged through the house as you drunk a drink that had smoke coming out of it.
Everyone was dressed half naked, if not half naked than clothes tight enough to leave nothing to the imagination which is almost exactly what Tom Holland wore when he wore a skin tight spiderman costume.
“I didn’t think this was your scene.” He has a lazy smirk. You had met Tom way too many times, you know him well too. But the Tom you once knew wasn’t much like the Tom you knew now.
“Aww, you still have the spiderman costume you wore when you were five. It’s cute, you went for nostalgia.” You give him a fake pout and he bites down on his bottom lip and looks at you like he’s waiting for more.
“And you went for a slutty ratatouille?” He looked at your ears and then the grey fuzzy tube top with the skirt.
“I’m a mouse you idiot.” You roll your eyes and he knows he’s won. You lift your cup to your lip to drown out the embarrassment But he quickly takes it away.
“Its spiked, don’t drink it and stay away from Brad.” He took the cup and poured it out. Before you can say thank you he was already gone.
That was your first encounter with tom. You found him dancing with some girl dressed as an Angel but looked more like a demon from your personal hell, he knew you were watching and put on a performance. He then got you a drink which you poured out on his shoes worrying it was spiked, you then watched him show off at least three backflips until finally,
“We can’t be doing this.” Your lips break off of his inbetween kisses. You were drunk, no you weren’t but you wished you were. He wasn’t drunk either which made this whole situation 10x worse.
“Mmh, but you like it.” He hates how thick the tube top was as he wants more, pulling it down but he needed something from you first as you unzipped the back of his suit.
Your hands run over his biceps, for someone who is supposed to be majoring in business, he sure has a lot of time to work out.
You know he notices as you stare and he flexed in your hand which causes you to place your lips back on him.
“Knees pretty girl.” He tells you but you never found yourself listening to a man before and you certainly weren’t going to start with tom.
“Mmh, no.” You push him flat on the bed and pull down the suit. Predicable he wasn’t wearing underwear since the suit was so tight but truthfully you didn’t know how that was all going to fit.
“Scared?” He smirked. You roll your eyes before you take him into your hand. Letting your thumb run over the tip as you took him into your mouth, slowly at your own pace at first before he thrusted up into your mouth causing you to choke.
His hands gently run over your cheeks, he holds your stare as he thrusts up into you. Your eyes grow watery and the liner you spent way too much time on runs down your face.
“Did you get all dressed up for Me? Knew you would be on my dick tonight like a helpless slut? Act so innocent studying in those libraries and coffee shops, staying inside to get a good grade when you’re on your knees tonight getting fucked.” His words shocked even you so you sucked in your cheeks making him hiss at the sudden pressure and change.
You wish you could comeback but all you could feel was him pulsating in the rest of your hand, you knew he was about to cum, cum in your mouth and tonight you would not allow that satisfaction.
“Fuck!” He hissed as you removed your mouth from him. You wanted him to wait, wait until you were inside him but he was not going to last another second as he thrusted his hips up into your hand.
He cums longer than you expected, you’re impressed but not too impressed yet as you move off of him thinking that this was it but he grabbed your hand and forced you against his chest.
“Where are you going?” He looked at you up and down, feeling your breasts up against his chest making him hard all over again.
“Isn’t this what you wanted?” You blink a few times and he laughed a soft laugh.
“Darling, My plan was to fuck you so hard this whole party knew you were mine, you just got sidetracked but I don’t blame you I understand how you got so distracted.” He teased and you roll your eyes ready to get away from him but hoping he’d pull you back into him again. And that’s exactly what he did.
“You’re a whore, Holland.” You tell him and he lets his thumb come up to your face and wipes away the cum he left.
“I’m going to get a tissue, you’re going to wipe your face and then I’m going to fuck you until that music stops. Do you understand?” He was now taller than you as he sat up straight on the bed, looking down at you as if you were his.
All you can do is not nod as he moves away to grab a tissue for you to wipe youself with. Your legs were weak and you were stuck in his bed, like he was a trap and you fell right into it.
But the one thing Holland was not was a liar, he kept his truth of fucking you until the music stopped, then he turned on his own music.
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darlingholland · a day ago
last night
pairing: peter parker x fem!reader
synopsis: peter makes the morning after unforgettable.
word count: 0.5k
warnings: mentions of sex, kinda suggestive?
a/n: this is the cutest thing i've written i want to vomit :p pretend morning breath does not exist here p.s. cocky peter is the loml <33
Tumblr media
waking up to the sound of a car horn blaring couldn't phase you this morning. and as you flutter your eyes open, you find yourself tangled up in your sheets with peter, who was currently sound asleep. a glimmer of sunlight streams through the curtains, illuminating peter's chestnut curls. light purple bruises strewn across his neck serve as an instant reminder of what happened the night before.
your suited boyfriend had stumbled through your window in the late hours of the night. the only words that could fall from his mouth were those reminding you of how he could not stop thinking of you while on patrol. and after many insistent and heated kisses, you and peter decided to give in to your desires for the first time since you started dating.
and now, the morning after, you lay clad in one of the many sweaters he's left, staring at your snoozing lover.
"take a picture, yeah?" peter's lightly chukles as he pulls you to his chest. slightly startled at his sudden consciousness, you look up to find his eyes sleepily gazing at you. a sheepish grin plays upon your lips as memories of his tenderness flood through your mind.
you begin to pepper feathery kisses over his chest, wanting to subtly thank him for last night. peter’s hands, once planted on your waist, now slide down to softly squeeze your bum.
"what do you want to do today, baby?" you now burrow your face further into his chest, flustered under his words.
"mmm," your voice muffled, "stay here?"
pressing a soft kiss to the top of your head, he responds with, "sounds good."
wanting to stare at your boyfriend a little longer, you decide to pull away to prop your head up with your arm. and for the first time since last night, you make proper eye contact with your darling boy. a shit-eating grin slowly forms on peter's face. you couldn't help but follow his stupid action.
this man.
he slowly takes in his view, a familiar keenness filling peter's eyes. "what're you thinking about, pete?
"i only dreamed of calling you mine just a couple months ago," he starts, "and now you're laying here in my clothes, totally fucked."
"peter!" you groan, feeling your face heat up in embarrassment.
"c'mere." his hands come up to pull you toward him once again. his fingertips slide up to the middle of you back, drawing patterns into your warm skin. this alone makes you arch into him.
"yanno, you're kinda sweet when you're half asleep."
scattering delicate kisses across your neck, he mumbles, "mhm, i'm always sweet." his breath fanning over your skin drives you crazy.
quickly growing tired of the teasing, you push peter back down, into the mattress. swinging your leg over the boy, you straddle his lap. you bend down, stopping just before reaching his lips, "i love you." but before he could get a word out, your lips are already on his. a pleasant warmth washing over you as the kiss grows hungry. teeth almost clashing as he grabs for your ass.
"fuck, baby." peter whines.
after a couple more moans from both you and pete, you slow down, now softly pecking at his lips.
"god, you're beautiful." he murmurs against your lips. flustered once again, you bury your face in the crook of his neck.
"so," he sighs, "how was last night?", asking as nonchalantly as he could.
you swear you could hear the smugness on his face.
"i don't remember. remind me again, parker?"
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weirdos-am-i-right · 2 days ago
Expression// Peter Parker x Avenger!reader
Tumblr media
Summary: For her entire life, Y/n has been thrown into the chaos of what was known as the Avenger’s lives. She was constantly at war with someone, fighting for no good reason. Being thrown into a fit of chaos so much so hound had taken a dump of trauma on her, which was why she shut everyone out. Which was why Peter was determined to claw his way in.
Being an Avenger was tough. Being a teenage Avenger was even worse. Y/n was recruited by Nicky Fury in 2012 when she spiked their energy levels due to the recent use of her powers. She fought against the god of Mischief Loki with the rest of the avengers. She was young. Extremely young. She was thrown into a fit of chaos as a child, and it didn't stop until after the Battle of Sokovia, where everything seemed to settle down for the most part.
Though, years had gone by, there had been new enemies that threatened the state of the world, but they were put to an end rather quickly. Of course, there was still the occasional HYDRA mission, and whatnot.
Over time, there had been new recruits, some failed retirements, and additions to the team, the latest being none other than Spider-Man himself, Peter Parker.
Peter adjusted quickly, he was nice, friendly, outgoing, and incredibly smart. Everyone quickly took a liking to him, and since he was the second youngest on the team, everyone treated him as the baby of the group.
The actual youngest on the team was Y/n, also known as her alto ego, Amethyst. Though, no one ever babied her, or gave her special treatment, simply because she didn't want it.
Being thrown into such chaos at such a young age, as a coping mechanism, Y/n hid away her emotions, never really expressing herself or the way she felt, hiding behind a barrier she was built around herself at all times. And Peter Parker was determined to break that barrier.
"When are they getting back from the mission?" Peter asks, looking at Natasha. Tony had sent out Steve, Y/n, Bucky and Wanda on a small mission to gather intelligence, they were supposed to come back today.
"Soon. Don't get your panties in a twist, Y/n's fine." Natasha teases, grabbing a water from the kitchen. "You know, If I were you, I wouldn't take my chances with her. She isn't exactly the most open person."
"I know, Nat. But I have to try, don't I?" Natasha rolled her eyes.
"I've seen that girl shut down more men then I've killed, it's impressive." Peter sighs, leaning against the counter. "She hates everyone and everything."
"Not me. I'm supposedly her friend. She's said so."
"Peter, her telling you that she hates you a little less then everyone else is not her saying she's your friend." Natasha tells him.
"Hey, it means something." Suddenly, Steve walked into the kitchen, still in his suit. He grabbed a water bottle from the fridge, and downed it. "Oh, hey, you guys are back. How'd the mission go?"
"It went fine. Y/n went to her room if you want to go say hi." Steve informs him.
"Thanks." Peter nodded before leaving the kitchen, going over to the elevator. He pressed the button, opening up the doors. He stood in the elevator for a few minutes before the doors opened again.
He was determined to get her to go out with him before Stark's Halloween party, which was in two weeks. He went to Y/n's room, and knocked on her door.
"Come in." Y/n called, and he opened the door. She was sitting at her desk, tinkering with something on her suit. "Hey, Parker."
"H-hi. I just wanted to see how the mission went. Are you okay?" Peter asks, walking over to her, and sitting on top of her desk.
"Yeah, I'm fine." She answers. He looked at her suit, and there was a huge rip across the stomach.
"Woah, what happened here?" Peter asks. She shrugs. "Did you get cut on something?"
"No."she was a great liar. She could and has lied to everyone on the team, and they believed her no questions asked, even Fury at some point, but Peter could sense when people were lying,
"You know I can tell when you're lying, right?" She looks at him, an annoyed look at her face. "Let me see."
"Hey, it's me, or Dr. Banner." She sighs, and lifts up her shirt. She had already wrapped the cut.
"See? It's not that bad."
"Jesus Christ, I though you were supposed to be smart." He teases her, looking at the poorly wrapped bandage.
"What's that supposed to mean? I'll heal in a couple hours, it's not a big deal."
"Come on, let me properly wrap this. I know you'll heal, but it could get infected." He grabs her hand, and pulls her up, leading her to the bathroom.
"I'm fine."
"You're not." He sits her on the counter, grabbing a bandage from her medicine cabinet. "It'll take a minute." He unwraps the first bandage, and grimaces at the cut. "This looks bad."
"I'll heal."
"I know you will. It still looks bad." He starts to re-wrap the cut, making sure to be careful. He gently grabbed her side, but she flinched back.
"Don't do that!" She hissed, jerking from his hand.
"I'm sorry, did I hurt you?" She huffs, crossing her arms. He gives her a slightly confused look, but ignores it, finishing the wrapping. When he touches her side again, she jerks away, and a blush coats her cheeks. He gives her another confused look. "What is it?"
"Nothing. Are you done yet?"
"Almost. If you would hold still, I would be."
"Well, it's not easy when you're-" she cuts herself off, and huffs again.
"When I'm what?" Hd puts two and two together, and smirks. "You wouldn't be ticklish now would you?"
"What? No. I'm not."
"I can tell you're lying." He teases, and grabs her sides. "But on the off chance you're not, maybe I should test it."
"No, no, no," she grabs his hands, trying to pry them off.
"Do you really think you're stronger than me? I've lifted a building off my back, you're not gonna get me off." He lightly squeezed her sides. A smile forms on her face, and she covers her hand with her mouth. "I don't think I've ever seen you smile before. It's cute." He continues to tickle her, and she started giggling, squirming under his touch.
"Okay! Okay, I know you're stronger than me but that doesn't mean you have to be mean about it." She laughs, kicking her feet,'but he presses them down on the counter with his hips.
"I've never seen you like this before." He smiles, loving the way her eyes sparked as she laughed. "And don't call me mean. Say you're sorry and I'll stop."
"Fine! I'm sorry, I'm sorry." He stops, and smirks at her. "I hate you."
"Oh, do you?" He asks, the cocky smirk on his face making her want to slap it off. "You're so cute when you pout." He boops her nose. She rolls her eyes.
"You're obnoxious."
"Oh, am I?" He asks, lifting her off the counter, and putting her on the ground. "You need to rest, so the cut'll heal, okay?"
"I have reports to do, and I need to fix my suit, plus Steve needs to do-"
"Screw that, come on, I'll make you soup, and we can put on a movie."
"No. Get out." She shoves him out the door, and locks it. He sighs, leaning against her door.
"Is Y/n coming down for dinner?" Stark asks, looking at Steve and Natasha.
"Probably not. Unless the kid can convince her too. She has reports to do, and I doubt she'd put them off." Steve tells him, grabbing some of the food that was on the table.
"Either way, she needs to eat." Peter walked into the kitchen. Stark gave Natasha a look, who nodded.
"I can bring her some food up." Natasha suggests, and Peter's head instantly perks up.
"Y/n, she-"
"I can bring her dinner." Peter offers quickly, and Natasha hides her smirk a bit. She slightly gives Stark a look.
"Are you sure? She can-"
"Of course I'm sure. It'd be no problem at all." Peter grabs one of the bags of takeout, and basically ran over at Y/n's door.
He knocked a few times, and waited patiently. She answered the door, so he knocked again. "Y/n/n? I have dinner for you." He called out, knocking again.
"Go away." He heard faintly.
"It's gonna get cold."
"I said get lost, man!" The door opened, and an angry Y/n appeared. The lights were off in her room, and her bed looked unmade—which was unusual for her considering her room was always clean, and looked un-lived in. She seemed stressed, and overwhelmed, he could sense it. "Leave me the hell alone." She tried to close the door, but he pressed his door in the room, stopping her from shutting it.
"You look upset."
" you want to talk?" He asks, opening the door, and turning on the lights. Once he does, she winces, and turns them off again.
"Please, don' senses are just overwhelming right now." She admits, sitting down on her bed. Peter sad down next to her, putting the takeout on the night stand.
"Talk to me."
"I don't want to." She looks away from him. "I just want to be alone."
"You don't have to be." He grabs her hand, and she flinched away from him. "No one should have to be alone. You can talk to me. Please." He lightly grabs her chin, turning her to look at him.
"I'm just...tired. I'm really tired, Peter. I've been fighting my whole life, but most of the time I don't even know what I'm fighting for. I....I can't few emotions anymore. And I'm not saying that because I'm just being dramatic, I-I really can't. I can't feel sad, or angry, or happy, I just feel numb. I cry, but there's no emotion behind it. It's a miserable way to live." She didn't know why she was opening up to him, but either way, it felt nice to get these thoughts off her chest, she felt a little less burdened by them to say them out loud.
"I'm sorry. But, you're not alone. I'll always be here for you. And hey, I've gotten you to smile once." He reminds her.
"That didn't count, I couldn't help it." He frowned.
"You're right. I’m sorry you’re like this." Her eyes suddenly changed, like she had just realized something. She took her hand away from his.
"What?" She asks. Peter opened his mouth to speak, but nothing came out. "You-you're sorry that I'm like this?"
"I didn't mean it like that, it came out wrong-"
"No, I don't think it did." She stood up, and he followed in suit. "You want me to be that broken girl, that loner outsider that you can 'fix' and then sleep with."
"That's not-"
"It is. What? Did you think I was just some angsty teenager with daddy issues? I'm a year younger than you, I'm not naive just because i'm young. Now get out." She shoved him out of her room, and slammed the door, making sure the click of the lock was loud and clear.
Peter stood on the other side, his mouth still slightly hanging open.
Bucky—who was walking past her door at the exact wrong moment—stopped, and looked at him. He started chuckling, and Peter turned, glaring at him.
"Let me guess-"
"Barnes, I really don't-"
"You said something stupid-"
"Please, just-"
"And now she hates you a little bit more than everyone else." With a roll of his eyes, Peter stormed off, going to his own room.
He just blew the one shot he had with the girl he was in love with. What was worse, she thinks he's a total jerk that's only interested in sleeping with her. What could possibly be worse?
A little less than an hour passed, Peter was in the lounge, watching whatever crap was on TV at the moment.
Natasha walked in a moment later, a pointed look on her face as her eyes met the back of Peter's head. "What did you do?" Peter turned around, resting his arm on the back of the couch.
"At this point, I don't even know anymore." Peter answered.
"I just passed Y/n in the hallway. She was crying. I don't think I've ever seen that girl cry before. Not even when she snapped her leg backwards."
"...she was crying?"
"I followed her to the kitchen. Where she threw the food you gave her in the trash can." Natasha crossed her arms over her chest. "I told you not to get too close. I knew you'd both just end up hurting each other."
"I didn't mean to. I didn't. I said something stupid. She opened up to me for like, a second, and I ruined it. How do I fix it?" Natasha walked around the couch, and sat down on one of the chairs.
"Honestly? I don't know. That girl has had a wall built up around her since Ultron. But I am nothing if not observant. A lot of our trainee SHEILD agents have tried asking her out, they all failed. One got her flowers, and she threw them away in front of him.
"How many guys have asked her out?"
"A total of 4. I think they realized she wasn't interested in anyone and they all collectively gave up."
"I think I know what I did wrong." Peter stood up, and walked away from a confused Natasha.
"Don't fuck up worse then you already did!" Peter ran to Y/n's room, knocking on the door.
"Go away."
"Let me in. Please. I just need to talk to you."
"No. Leave me alone."
"I'm not going to do that. Please, I'll stand out here all night." Out of pure frustration, Y/n opened the door, her arms crossed. Her eyes were bloodshot, and it looked like she had been crying for at least an hour.
"What do you want, Parker?"
"I...I wanted to talk."
"We did that before."
"I know." He stepped into her room. Her lights were on, and she had a small candle burning. "What I said was stupid. And I didn't mean it to come out that way. But please, don't feel like I'm only interested in sleeping with you because those others guys were." He grabs her hand, sitting her down on her bed. "I really like you, Y/n/n. I like you a lot."
"You barely know me."
"That's not true. I know you can't stand eating sandwiches without the crust being cut off. I know you hate watching movies, and that you're secretly ticklish." He teases, and a small blush dusts her cheeks.
"Shut up."
"I know you have this exterior around you all the time. And I know it must be exhausting. I want you to be able to feel comfortable around me. And I want to help you be able to do that. And I'm sorry that you feel the need to act tough, and strong all the time, I'm sorry that you were thrown into this crazy mess of things so young." She held back tears as he spoke, looking away from him and wiping her eyes.
"Can you close your eyes?"
"Just please." He closes his eyes. She shuts her eyes tightly, letting tears freely fall down her face.
For the first time in a while, she actually felt a wave of sadness washing over her. "Can I open my eyes please?"
"Okay." With his eyes still closed, he wraps his arms around her, letting her head fall into his chest. She slowly wrapped her arms around him, embracing the touch from another living being. Especially one that was so comforting. He softly played with her hair. "I know you're crying. And it's okay." He tells her. "You don't have to hide your emotions from me." She didn't answer him, so he wrapped his arms around her tighter.
It felt nice, reviving touch from someone that wasn't trying to kill her. She never wanted to let go of him again. She never thought she'd feel attraction towards anyone. But she was starting too. Wiping her eyes, she lifted her head up, smiling a bit when she saw Peter's eyes still closed.
"You-you can open them." He opens his eyes.
"Can I kiss you?" Hesitantly, she slowly nods, pressing her lips against his. It felt nice. Felt like something she granted for for a while, yet she didn’t realize it. She never had an intimate relationship before, with anyone. She never had time for friends, or boyfriends, or anyone, and even if she did, she shut them out. Peter was the only one who clawed his way back in.She pulled away after a few seconds, a blush coating her cheeks. “Does this mean you’ll go to the Halloween party with me?”
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tomhollandfics · 2 days ago
hey, could you possibly have some fics that contain some overstimulation? i feel like that's too specific sorry x
definitely not too specific - here's some for you x
* Tangled In The Sheets - @spidey-sophie
* Spyke Of Pleasure - @spidey-sophie
* "Yeah, Basically" - @sugaryholland
* De L'amour - @buckyownsmylife
* Tied Down Stimulation - @marvelouspeterparker
* La Petite Mort - @steelfeather
* The List - @theonewiththefanfics
* Mob!Blurb - @duskholland
* Blurb - @duskholland
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justapurrcat · a day ago
Unscripted | t.h
Tumblr media
Disclaimer: This took me sooo long to write, but t*mblr didn’t let me post this as a one-shot. Guess 36.247k words all at once are a bit too much, huh? So I decided to make a miniseries out of this. I hate that I have to do this, but I have no other choice.
And yes, I have a thing for writing titles with parenthesis/crossed out letters, but there’s a meaning to it, I promise!
Pairing: Tom Holland x actress!reader
Summary: “The situation had gotten to the point where everyone in the production had started joking about it. They would call you a couple and ask you when the wedding would take place. Sometimes you two would be chatting and someone would remind you that it was lunch break. Pretty harmless things, and you would simply laugh them off, even though, secretly, they always left you wondering where the joke ended and where the truth began.”
Warnings: English not being my first language, possible typos, self-indulgence at its finest, characters who talk a lot and probably flirt in a weird way, the holy trinity: fluff & (poorly written) smut (minors, please, DNI; also, unprotected sex, only because this is fiction and nothing bad can happen. Protect yourselves) & angst, Taylor Swift quotes, Reader is not a native English speaker: it’s addressed only a couple of times and I didn’t specify where she’s from, and it’s not even a key point in the story, so it can be easily overlooked.
Status: Ongoing
Tumblr media
Part One
“You had never left theatre, though, and this was a double-edged sword. You had been lucky enough to live your dream, while still getting to lead a private and somehow still grounded life, but your World was much smaller, much more fragile, than the one many of your colleagues – could you call them ‘colleagues’? – were well engraved in.
You were easier to break. Easier to destroy. Easier to forget.”
Part Two - Coming on 30-10-2021
“This curly-haired boy had the surprising ability to make you feel like an open book. A book he couldn’t fully comprehend yet, as he was still learning you like you learn a new language. Though at this rate, he would come to know you by heart someday. A day that you dreaded, and at the same time eagerly awaited…”
Part Three
Part Four
Part Five
Tumblr media
Taglist: @isory @spideyspeaches @onewithnomightypowers @wildxwidow @harryhollandsgirlfriend @omegadumb42069 @thisisparadisemylove @tom-softie @jeyramarie @mn-jun @enilemes
(Let me know if you wanna be added or removed)
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oswald98 · 2 days ago
Hate My Guts || Tom Holland x Reader - Part Six
warnings: nakie nakie
genre: enemies to lovers!Tom Holland
synopsis: you and Tom have a moment in the bathroom
notes: it’s all happening - unedited
You had no idea how long you’d been running for, but by the time you decided to turn back, the sun has begun to set.
The shirt you were wearing clung to your back and stomach with sweat. Your chest felt like it was on fire but at least your mind was cleared.
You wanted a solution to your troubles with Tom and you’d found one.
You decided to just avoid him for ever. You could tip toe around the house for the time being and then eventually you’d go home and never have to see or think about Tom ever again.
Good plan.
You ran back up the drive way, almost running into Harry on his way out.
“Jesus Y/N, slow down.” He joked. “Where you been all day?”
“Just... running. I needed to clear my head.” You mumbled.
“Is this about Tom?” He asked, concerned.
“Nah, just this thing with my mum.” You lied. Harry didn’t really believe you but decided not to press. You wanted to change the subject quickly.
“Where are you going?” You asked when you noticed he was dressed rather nicely. Harry smirked.
“I have a date.”
“A date? With who?” You smiled.
“This girl I found on tinder. We’re going to the movies tonight.”
“Well shit, have a fun man.” You congratulated him as you hugged him.
Harry said goodbye and pulled out of the driveway and you waved him off. Once he was out of sight, you ran up the stairs and into the door to be met with the sound of the tv blaring loudly.
Tom was sitting on the couch in tracksuit pants, a plain white T-shirt and some white socks. He had his feet up on the coffee table and was eating crisps. He was playing some random game and was yelling into the headset. He looked good. You couldn’t deny that. Ever since your dream about him, you couldn’t deny a lot of things. Like maybe you didn’t hate him anymore no matter how hard you tried and how his insults seemed to sting a lot more now that you didn’t hate him so much.
He didn’t notice you walk in so you huffed out and rolled your eyes, walking up the stairs. You really needed a shower after your run.
Walking into the bathroom, you stripped down and turned in the water waiting for it to heat up. You purposely faced yourself away from the Tom shaped whole in the wall.
Cracking your neck, you stepped under the hot stream and rubbed your face a few times. You washed your hair and then rubbed soap all over your body, scrubbing away the sweat.
Meanwhile down stairs, after one too many defeats, Tom peeled himself off couch and walked into the kitchen throw the crisps back in the cupboard before walking up the stairs and to his room.
You’d turned the shower off and just stared at your reflection for a moment. You’d had a deep scowl that was now softening after the relaxing shower. You reached for a towel but only felt the cold tiles.
Shit. No towel.
“Fuck sake.” You mumbled to yourself.
Luckily for you, your room was directly across the hall. Maybe you could do a runner. No one was in the house except Tom and he was downstairs playing his stupid game.
You cursed again before opening the bathroom door and making a wild dash for your room.
As soon as you stepped out however, you collided with a tall, hard body. A naked one at that. Immediately you noticed it was Tom and tried to cover your body as best you could.
“What are you doing?” Tom exclaimed, trying to cover himself as well.
“Wha, I-I was having a shower! Why are you naked?” You shouted back, eyes wide and desperately trying to keep them on Tom’s face.
Just as Tom was about to respond, the front door opened and you Harrison’s voice call out as he jogged up the stairs.
“Tom!” He called. “You here?”
Harrison was just about to round the corner and catch the two of you in a questionable state, Tom quickly pulled you back into the bathroom and closed the door.
“Uh, I’m about to take a shower!” He called back, cringing. Your body was pressed up against the door and Tom was standing right behind you, both of you breathing heavily, scared you’d get caught. He had his forearm on the door above your head, steadying himself.
“Alright, hurry up. I’m waiting down stairs.” Harrison said as he walked back down the stairs and into the living room.
You both let out a breath and relaxed a bit. You turned around to face Tom and suddenly became very aware of him. His arm was still above your head and you noticed the small freckles that sprinkled his cheeks and nose.
Neither of you said anything and you almost forgot you were both naked, standing so close to each other.
Tom took you by surprise and placed his hand gently on your hip. He had an unreadable expression on his face and it made you gulp. He kept is eyes locked on yours as your breathing slowed down.
His eyes dropped down to your lips for moment and you felt your stomach twist and turn in anticipation. It seemed like Tom gulped but you didn’t have time to register it as he dropped his head down and connected your lips.
It made your stomach drop. Tom’s lips felt different to what you imagined. Different better of course. They were somehow soft and rough at the same time. They fit perfectly in yours. Or maybe he was just a good kisser.
He titles his head to side to kiss you deeper but still so gently and slowly. Although you couldn’t see it because your eyes were closed, Tom’s eyebrows pulled together as he kissed you. Almost as if he was fighting himself and was losing.
His hand moved from sitting softly on your hip to laying flat against your stomach and slowly moving upwards. His hand went up between your breasts and stopped at the bottom of your neck. His hands were rough and callused, probably from years of punching people and hitting the punching bags at Harry’s home gym.
Suddenly, Tom pulled back and you felt your lips disconnect with a loud smacking sound. You took a few seconds to catch your breath before opening your eyes to see Tom already staring down at you. His lips were red and swollen and he looked deep in thought.
“Uhh..” you started but nothing else came out. You quickly slipped out from under Tom’s gaze and opened the bathroom door. You made sure the coast was clear before stepping out shyly walking over to the guest bedroom.
Tom sighed as his pushed the bathroom door closed and lent up against it. He touched his finger to his lips before shaking his head and turning on the shower.
In the guest room, you’d gotten dressed into your pyjamas quickly and paced the room. You couldn’t believe what just happened. First, you’d seen more of Tom than you’d ever seen before. The thought made you blush. And secondly, you’d kissed. It was a good kiss too. Maybe the best kiss you’ve ever had. You placed your own fingers against your lips and reminisced.
You needed to tell someone what happened. There was no way in hell you could tell Harry what happened. Grace was your next best bet.
“Come one pick up, pick up, pick up.” You whispered as you waited for her to answer. You were feeling a little antsy.
“Hello?” She answered after a few rings.
“Something happened.” You blurted immediately.
“What do you mean?” She asked.
“We... kissed.” You mumbled quietly, scared someone in the house could hear you.
“Oh, my god.” Grace gasped after a moment of silence. “When? How did you get to that?”
“Can you just meet me?”
“Sure, Harrison’s not here so just come over.” She said.
“Yeah, I know. He’s here waiting for Tom.” You whispered. “I’ll be over in a sec.” You finished the call and walked over to your cupboard to get dressed again.
You just through on a pair of tracksuit pants and a random top along with your white trainers. You left you hair damp, figuring it would just air dry by the time you got to Grace’s.
You ran down the stairs and went for the door when you heard Harrison’s voice.
“Hey Y/N.” He said, smiling at you from the couch.
You turned and saw Tom was sitting next him on the couch, eyes already locked on you.
You quickly looked away as Harrison spoke again.
“Where are you off too?”
“I’m going to see Grace.” You mumbled. Tom’s eyes left you and looked his feet.
After saying a few awkward goodbyes, you finally walked out of the house and started down the road. It took about 15 minutes to walk to Grace’s house.
When you walked up the driveway, Grace was already waiting in the doorway with two drinks and a smug, shit eating smirk that made you want to smack her.
“Hello friend.” She giggled, handing you the drink, in which you downed immediately.
“Fuck you.” You muttered walking past her. She immediately refilled your drink and handed it you as you plopped down on the couch.
“So what happened?” She asked, sitting down next to you.
“Well I was in the shower and I didn’t realise there weren’t any towels...” you started and Grace smirked. “I thought Tom was downstairs so I was gonna do a runner to the bedroom but it turned out Tom was walking to the shower at the same time... naked as well.”
“What! Oh, my god this is amazing!” She laughed with wide eyes. “Why was he naked?”
“I guess he thought he was alone? I don’t know.” You cringed.
“So..” Grace wanted to hear the rest.
“We ran into each other and then Harrison was coming up the stairs so Tom pulled us into the bathroom so we wouldn’t get caught nude in the hallway.”
“I’ll be sure to thank Harrison.” Grace mumbled as she took a gulp of her drink, earning a kick from you. “Ow!”
“And then I guess we just, sort of kissed.” You finished, looking at her. You could tell she was loving this and was trying not to laugh.
“Wait, so you saw each other naked?” She backtracked.
“Yeah, I guess.” You cringed again.
“Why it big?” Grace asked.
You’d taken a gulp of your drink as she asked this and it made you choke, alcohol nearly coming out of your nose. You caught your breath and took a moment to think back.
“Well, I mean it was... soft.” You said awkwardly. “But from what I could tell...” you finished, making a face that told Grace exactly how big it was.
“So what now?” She asked smiling.
“What do you mean?”
Grace was smiling differently now. It wasn’t a smirk and it wasn’t smug like before. It almost seemed as if she was genuinely happy all of this was happening. Had Harrison said something that maybe Tom told him?
“What did that kiss mean?”
“I have no idea.” You answered honestly. You really didn’t. A week ago, you would’ve ripped Tom head off given the chance but now you were... confused.
“Do you... like Tom?” She asked hesitantly.
You bit your lip as your eyebrows pulled up into a worried expression. Grace already knew that answer to that question but she was curious if you knew the answer.
Just as you were about to answer her, her phone pinged and she picked it up.
“It’s Harrison, he asked if we wanna go out tonight?” Grace said.
Maybe you weren’t really in the mood to go out and be around Tom all night but you still really wanted to see him for some reason. You down the rest of your drink and turned to face her as you sighed.
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tomhsource · 13 hours ago
distraction - t.h.
Tumblr media
pairing → tom x fem!reader
summary → you’re terrified of scary movies so tom helps you to take your mind off it. 
warnings → smut (18+), MINORS DNI. swearing. smut warnings below!
word count → 1k
a/n → there’s literally no plot to this, just a thousand words of smut that my tired brain can muster up when i’m cold and had the living daylights scared out of me tonight. i’m sorry if this sucks, i haven’t had time to proof read. gif is mine.
*:・゚✧*:・゚✧ *:・゚✧*
smut warnings → fingering, nipple play, a little dirty talk, oral (m receiving), unprotected sex (wrap it before you tap it guys). 
*:・゚✧*:・゚✧ *:・゚✧*
your fists clench tighter around the handfuls of tom’s white t-shirt that you’re grabbing hold of in fright. a small whimper leaves your lips, the sound muffled as you bury your face deeper into his chest, and tom chuckles.
“babe, it’s just a movie,” he kisses the top of your head in comfort.
“easy for you to say, movie star,” you retort, allowing yourself to glance up at the screen with one eye, quickly closing them again when you’re made to jump.
“you really don’t like this, do you?” tom’s voice is more concerned now and you shake your head, curling up into a ball in his lap on the sofa. “we can just turn it off if you want?”
“no, you’re enjoying it,” you peer up at him and meet those soft brown eyes, and all fear within you starts to melt away at the sight of him. 
“hmm, can think of better things we could be doing,” his nose crinkles as he leans down to kiss you, pressing his lips against yours smoothly. before you have time to think straight, his hands snake up your waist under your hoodie, his rough hands happy to find that you aren’t wearing a bra. his thumb rolls across your nipple, causing a harsh gasp to rip from your throat — they’ve always been super sensitive and tom knows it, smirking against your lips. 
“the guys will be home soon,” you remind him but tom doesn’t seem to care. he shrugs, adding, “guess we’ll need to work fast then.” 
your hips start to move involuntarily, grinding down against tom’s crotch and he groans. 
“take these off,” he mutters into the kiss, pulling at the waistband of your sweatpants, and you oblige with a quick but awkward fumble to kick them off whilst keeping your position in his lap. once they’re off, you feel exposed and cold. you shiver, goosebumps rippling over your body. 
eager to warm you up, tom starts kissing your neck and you feel his hand glide up your bare thigh before he’s reaching beneath you, his fingers on your clit through the thin material of your panties. 
“someone’s excited,” tom remarks when he feels how wet you are and you feel the heat in your cheeks. it feels as if your whole body is alive with electricity when he starts rubbing small circles against the material and you’re rolling your hips against his fingers, your hands tugging at his hair.
its hard to be terrified of the movie now when this feels so damn good. you can feel that tom is getting harder and harder beneath you, digging into your leg. his free hand is under your hoodie again, but this time he’s grabbing at your breast, his desperation clear in the small moans that tumble from his lips. 
you pull away from him and wriggle off of his lap, finding a comfortable position on the floor between his legs. “jesus christ,” he groans when you yank his gym shorts down and his cock springs free. you decide to tease him, licking the tip gently before taking it in your mouth, and he makes a noise as if he’s being tortured. 
“feels so good baby,” he rasps as you wrap your hands around the base, picking up the pace before slowly drawing your lips along his length. he’s grabbing hold of the sofa like his life depends on it, his eyes closed as he concentrates hard on not coming down your throat. he looks incredible like this, beads of sweat gathering on his forehead as his features scrunch up in pleasure. 
“oh my god,” his strangled cries are a tell-tale sign that he’s getting close, and tom just can’t bear the thought of not being inside you when he does. he pulls you up into his lap again roughly, his fingers pulling the material of your panties to the side before lining himself up, his hands on your hips to guide how slowly you sink down on to him. for a second, he keeps you still, holding you in place as if he’s just trying to savour the feeling of being inside you. 
after a minute, he allows you to move, and the pace you set is fast and desperate. burying your head in his neck, tom has to do a little more of the work but it feels fucking fantastic. you can almost feel how hard his heart is thumping in his chest and when you sit up to meet his eyes, you can see how hard he’s trying to be a gentleman and let you reach your high first. tom bites his lip, holding back the curses he’s so desperate to say, and you’re so focused on him that your orgasm creeps up on you, your entire body shuddering as he continues to thrust up into you, holding you close to him. you clench around him and he growls like a wounded animal, and the next thing you know you can feel him filling you up, coating your walls. his body trembles and he’s a panting mess beneath you, his usually fluffy curls sticking flat to his forehead with sweat. 
for a moment, you both stay exactly where you are, trying to catch your breaths, your bodies still intertwined. you know that the boys will be back any second and that this is the worst possible position they could find you in, but you can’t seem to find the will to care; you’re so content. 
after a few more seconds, you can feel the burning ache in your thighs and you have to move, though tom is quick to grab hold of you, his hands gripping tight on your ass as he stands. you squeal and clutch on to him, wrapping your legs around his waist. 
“what are you doing?” you giggle as he heads for the stairs. 
“like you said, the boys will be home any second and i’m not done with you yet,” tom growls as he slams the bedroom door behind you both. 
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skyeisawizard · a day ago
Spooky Boys
Tumblr media
Just an AU of Peter Parker and his immortal boyfriend
TW: death, but it never sticks
This is short but it made me happy yo (based on a fan art I now can’t find)
“Are you sure about this?” Asked Peter as he looked at his boyfriend, sprawled out on the floor. His shirt was off and his arms were spread, candles placed around his body.
Being a witch with an immortal boyfriend has its perks, he thought as he looked down at Y/N.
The boy on the floor eagerly nodded. Wax dripped from the candle in Peters hand and onto his chest; he grinned as he hissed at the feeling. “I’ll be fine, Parker,” he said with a glint in his eye.
Peter took several deep breaths before plunging his knife into his chest. It didn’t take long for Y/N to die. He gasped as the cool blade touched his skin and smiled, his eyes shutting as the life left his body.
Peter pulled out the knife and muttered the incantation. He let the magic surround him as he competed the ritual. The candles all went out and Peter relit them one by one.
Once he was done, Peter reached for Y/N’s hand. “C’mon,” he whispered as he waited for his boyfriends hand to become warm again. “Come back to me.”
A gasp suddenly filled the room and Y/N sat up. His body shook momentarily and he ripped his hand away from Peters. It always took him a minute to come back properly; his skin was always a little sensitive after coming back from the freaking dead.
After a minute Y/N stopped shaking. He looked at his boyfriend and opened his arms wide. Peter collapsed into him, pressing his head against his bare chest. “Did it work?” Y/N whispered and pressed a kiss to the top of his head.
Nodding, Peter touched the scar on Y/N’s chest. He had several around the same place, signifying how many times his life had been taken.
Ever since Y/N had found out Peter was a witch he had offered his immortal body for sacrificial rituals. With Halloween approaching so rapidly, Peter had placed several protection spells on the apartment, using Y/N as the sacrifice each time.
“How long is it going to hold?” He asked and pulled a hoodie over his head.
Peter shrugged his shoulders and blew out all of the candles. He leaned back against his hands and threw his head back. “It’s strong, but I don’t know if it will hold over Halloween. I’ve never felt energy this strong before.”
Halloween was a dangerous time for people like Y/N and Peter. There were other beings much like them who felt safe to be themselves on Halloween night. Fights broke out between them as they clashed and very few were able to quench their thirst for blood as they walked with humans.
There were some beings that only came out at Halloween. Peter has no idea what they were, he’d only seen them creeping up the side of his apartment building for the last three Halloween’s. They were why he did his protection spells.
Y/N grabbed Peters hand and pulled him to his feet. He took him over to the window and they looked out across the city. And the spooky decorations strung up on people’s front doors and in their windows, the pumpkins on their doorsteps.
As it did every Halloween, the city looked amazing. Y/N cupped Peters cheeks and kissed him as they looked down at the city.
There were so many dangers out there, dangers the rest of the world couldn’t understand. With Halloween approaching it would only get worse.
Both held the other tight, determined to keep the other safe this Halloween.
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vendettaparker · 20 hours ago
Bound to You: Prologue—She Will Destroy You
Tumblr media
Summary: (Y/N) hates lace trimming, satin, sipping her tea, and the entirety of her life in the royal court. But most of all, she hates silly British boys that happen to resemble frogs.
Word Count: 7.3k
Warnings: child injury, swearing, typos, angst, character death
a/n: you guys can’t even believe how excited i am to start this series. i’ve been thinking and planning and writing for this series since june. i can wait for you to see all the twists and turns i have in store and i can’t wait to rip your hearts out >:). love you all so much and thank you so much for your never ending support and love. as always, comments and reblogs are greatly appreciated! 
Series Masterlist | Main Masterlist 
Scotland, 1632. 
It was days like this when you truly abhorred your life. Days when the palace was bustling with gossiping maids, overbearing lords, and their whorish mistresses, hoping to get in on the royal affairs. Days when your mother would force you into the finest silks and satins, no matter how much of a scorcher the summer sun was, no matter how much the fabrics would weigh you down. 
Dahlia, your sister who was two years your senior, never minded. She curbed her tongue far more than you ever could. She played her role far better than you ever dared. Because you knew that if you played into your parents’ wishes for you, then you’d never get out. You’d never find happiness away from court. 
“(Y/N),” the sharp voice of your mother cut through the air, “stop pulling at the hem, dear. It’s unbecoming of a princess.” 
You rolled your eyes but kept your hands stationed at your sides as you stood in the heat like dead pigs, clammy and sticky, waiting for the faint hooves of the carriage to plow in the distance. 
“What will he be like?” You asked Dahlia, gripping onto her white-gloved hand. She merely shrugged and squeezed your hand in hers.
“Don’t worry, flower,” She smiled, “he’s a prince. I’m sure he’s just as charming as father.” 
“Doubtful,” You scoffed, which earned you a harsh bop upside the head from your mother. 
“Hush now,” She scolded, “I want you both to be on your best behavior for the king of England. This is the beginning of a new era. Scotland and England will finally find peace. Now, Dahlia, you will greet the prince with—”
“A curtsy and a ‘your grace’” Dahlia recited, “I know, mother.” 
“Hm,” your mother hummed, “you’ve been spending too much time with (Y/N), you know better than to interrupt.” 
“My apologies,” Dahlia murmured. 
“Speak clearly now.” Your mother demanded, “now shush, I believe I hear the carriage.” 
She was right, the light shuffling of hooves and the squawking of wheels was busting through the thicket of the forest around the castle. You reached for your father’s hand and grasped it. Your father looked down at you, giving you a small smile and a squeeze before letting go and returning his gaze to the castle gates. 
You didn’t have to wait much longer before the guards were announcing the arrival of the English royal family. The gates opened and in came trotting three carriages pulled by the most gorgeous horses you’d ever seen. The carriages were light blue and white, trimmed with golden detailing. It was nauseatingly extravagant and looking at it for too long made your eyes hurt. 
The carriages stopped in front of you and your family, and out first came the king. You’d only ever heard about him, King Dominic. The ruler of England for the past fifteen years after the death of his father. Married to Queen Nicola and together they have four sons, but their oldest was the only one already promised to another, your sister. 
Thomas, the oldest, was Dahlia’s age, ten, while the two twins, Harry and Samuel, were your age, eight. The youngest, Paddison, was just a baby. You were forced to learn about the royal English line once Dahlia was promised to Thomas. Your studies switched in the past three months from learning about how to hold our teacup and sip rather than slurp to learning about a family you didn’t care for. 
“Your grace,” Your mother bowed before the king. He took her hand and planted a kiss on it, “it’s an honor to have you in our court.”
“The honor is mine, Queen Guinevere,” Dominic smiled, “thank you for housing my rowdy boys, I do hope it’s no trouble.”
“Of course not, it’s a privilege.” 
Dom nodded and stepped aside as Nicola came out and shook your mother’s hand as well. Your father greeted the king as though they were old friends as the young boys exited the carriage.
“Your grace,” Your sister curtsied to Queen Nicola, “thank you for blessing our court with your presence.” 
“Oh please do rise, dear,” Nicola fawned over your sister, “I assure you it is a blessing to be in your presence, little princess.” She looked over to you and gave you a kind smile, “You as well, little one. My sons Sam and Harry are so excited to meet you.” 
You gave her a smile and a quick curtsy, “I am excited too, your grace.” 
Nicola moved on as the boys finally approached you and your sister, “Princess Dahlia,” a boy with brown hair and big ears approached your sister, “It’s a pleasure to enter your court,” he said, taking her hand and placing a kiss on it. 
“Thank you, your grace,” Your sister smiled, “I do hope to make you happy one day.” 
You nearly gagged at your sister’s gushing. But you didn’t have time before Thomas was reaching for your hand as well, “Princess (Y/N), you look lovely this morning.” 
You simply nodded, finding the whole affair quite ridiculous, “I’m not the one you should be flattering,” You said quickly, pulling your hand away from him, turning to your mother whose face was red with fury at your comment, “May I be excused please?” You asked, tugging once more at our hem. 
“Yes, please go,” Your mother gritted, before turning to Queen Nicola, “I apologize, your grace, she’s quite disturbed, I’m afraid.” 
Nicola just chuckled, “It’s quite alright, dear,” she smiled, “children will be free, there’s not much you can do about that. Let’s go inside shall we, perhaps have a cup of tea?” 
“Of course,” Your mother nodded. You scurried off before you could hear anymore, racing to your room to change back into your under dressings, a tattered pair of pants, and a raggedy top that belonged to the baker’s son. 
“It was awful!” You exclaimed to James, the baker’s boy, “they were so, so—”
“You complain a whole awful lot,” James laughed at your rambling. 
“How could I not? It was torture,” You said, digging in the dirt until your fingers finally felt the hard wood you’d buried there, “here they are!”
James knelt down beside you and began digging as well, pulling out the two wooden swords the carpenter had made for you and him. 
“I told you I didn’t bury them too deep,” You smiled as you pulled one out. You stood up and shook some of the dirt off before running back to the clearing beside the castle, “now remember, don’t go easy on me. I’ll never learn if you keep babying me.” 
“Forgive me for not wanting to get my head chopped off for striking royalty,” James scoffed, gripping his sword and following after you. 
“You won’t get your head chopped off,” you sniggered, “they’ll just maim you. Now try to keep focused or I’ll—” You swung around the second you reached the edge of the woods and swung at James, but he was quicker and blocked you. He retaliated by swinging at your head, but you ducked. 
You ran around the clearing as James chased you, laughing, you jumped and swung, with no finesse or skill. You landed a few hits on James’ arm, but he was quicker, dodging your attempts the majority of the time. In fact, he managed to bash you up pretty good, but he was holding back, you could tell. Especially when you got you in a position where he could’ve ended it, instead he held out his hand to help you up.
“Ugh,” You complained when James once again went too easy on you. You were on your back with him above you, holding his hand out to help you up, “That’s not how it’s supposed to go!” You protested, “You’d be dead if you showed mercy on the battlefield. I’ll never learn how to fight if you keep—”
“Forgive me, Princess,” James rolled his eyes, “but I don’t think you’ll ever step foot on a battlefield, let alone fight on one.” 
“You don’t know anything,” You scoffed, taking James’ hand and letting him help you up, “you’re just a peasant boy, you don’t know anything about war.” 
“Neither do you,” James countered, “you’re just a spoilt princess. I know enough to know that I’ll have to grow up and fight to defend my country one day.” 
“I can fight if I want to, James,” You narrowed your eyes at him, “and I’m not just a little princess. I have more brains than you’ll ever have.” 
In a fit of rage, James scowled and swung his sword, hitting you sharply upside the head, knocking you back to the ground. The pounding in your head was thunderous and the sharp ache persisted as you held your hand over your scalp. 
“Ow!” You cried, curling up on the ground in a heap of tears, “You really hurt me, James!” 
You began to sob loudly, drawing the attention of your sister, Thomas, and his two twin brothers as they were walking through the gardens. 
James dropped his wooden sword and knelt beside you, “I’m sorry! I’m sorry, your grace, I didn’t mean to!” 
Your sister came running when she saw you on the ground with a huge welt on your head, “James!” She scolded and she held you in her arms, “What have you done?” 
“I-I’m sorry, your grace,” James cried, “I didn’t mean to, she was just—she was being so cruel—“ 
Thomas came beside James and pushed him to the ground, “So you decided to strike her?” 
James backed away, but the figures of Harry and Sam blocked his escape. “No, your grace, it was only an accident,” James explained, “I’m sorry, I swear it.”
Thomas noticed the wooden swords lying forgotten on the ground. “Soldiers don’t hit girls,” He mocked, “My father always says you should never strike a lady, especially not a peasant like you.” 
“Of course, your grace,” James sniffled, “I’m sorry.” 
“I’m not the one you should be telling that to.” 
You were still curled up in Dahlia’s arms, wiping your tears on her lace. 
“I want to go to bed,” you sniffled. Dahlia nodded and tried to help you up, but her strength wouldn’t allow it. 
“I can give you a piggyback,” Thomas offered, and in a haze from the blow, you simply nodded. Dahlia helped hoist you up onto Thomas’ back, and he swiftly carried you back into the castle. 
James tried to follow but Harry and Sam pushed him back down, leaving him crying on the ground in fear.
You awoke to a doctor in black robes lifting your eyelids. You frowned and turned your head away from his intruding hand.
“Hm,” he pondered, “she doesn’t seem to have any permanent damage, though I suspect her head will be greatly sore tomorrow. Perhaps an easy day in bed will do the trick?”
 “Of course,” Your mother nodded, stroking your hair back, “thank you, doctor.”
 “My pleasure, your grace.” The man nodded with a bow, “I will return tomorrow at high noon to make sure the swelling has subsided. Good day.”
The second the doctor left your mother retracted her hand and frowned, “Sword fighting? Really?” She scoffed, disgusted, “Have you no decency?” 
“Darling, let the poor girl sleep,” Your father chided, “she’s exhausted.” 
 “No, Henry,” Your mother snapped, “this has gone on long enough. She has to learn to be a lady or she’ll never make it in this world. I'm only trying to protect her.”
Your father wrapped his arms around your mother and kissed her head, “I’ve got to go. I have a meeting with Lord Hawthorne. Keep me updated, okay?” 
Your mother nodded and sat beside your bed, “Send Dahlia and Thomas in please, I know they’re hovering outside the door.” 
“Slow down, (Y/N)!” Dahlia yelled chasing after you in the woods, “you just got better! You’ll hurt yourself again!” 
“I can’t slow down!” You yelled back, “I’ve got to show James my new book! I’m teaching him to read!” 
“(Y/N)…” Dahlia stopped running to catch her breath, “James isn’t here anymore.”
“What do you mean?” You stopped and turned to her, “Where did he go?” 
“Mother sent him and his father away from court. There’s a new court baker now.” 
“But why?” You asked, “He didn’t do anything wrong.” 
“I’m sorry, flower,” Dahlia said softly when she saw the tears beginning to spring in your eyes, “Mother asked what happened and Thomas was just telling the truth.” 
“So it’s his fault,” you deduced, “he’s the reason James had to go.” You quickly wiped the tears in your eyes and ran back to the castle. 
Thomas and his brothers were sitting in the garden rolling marbles and pebbles around on the ground. 
“Mine went the farthest!” Harry yelled, jumping up and down, “I win!”
“Hardly,” Tom scoffed, “ours are actually tied—Ow!” Tom yelped when you slapped him upside the head. 
“You stupid frog-looking boy!” You yelled, jumping on his back and pounding into him with your fists, “You got James sent away! You ugly toad!” 
“(Y/N) stop!” Dahlia yelled, running into the garden after you. “Stop, you’re hurting him!”
“Good!” You cried, “Maybe that’ll teach him!” 
“I didn’t do anything wrong!” Thomas yelled, trying to wiggle out of your grasp. “Help me, you guys!” He yelled to his brothers, who were staring at the scene in front of them wide-eyed.
They finally snapped out of it and began to pry you off of Thomas, “Get off of me!” You cried, “I hate you,” You spat at Thomas, “I hate you! I’ll never forgive you!” 
Dahlia ran over to Thomas and made sure he was alright. He had a reddened cheek and a few scratches on his neck, but other than that seemed to be in good shape. 
“I didn’t do anything!” He spat back at you, “Crazy shrew!”
That made you fight against his brothers harder, “You got James sent away! You ruined everything!” 
“He struck you!” Thomas argued, “Peasants cannot strike members of the royal family!” 
“I’ll strike you so hard your liver turns purple. I swear to it, you bastard!” 
“(Y/N)!” the booming voice of your mother cried from the entrance of the garden, “what is the meaning of this?” 
Harry and Sam immediately let you go, and your mother was right there after, snatching you up by your ear. 
“Ow!” You cried, “It's not my fault, Mother!” You flailed in her grip, “It was him!” You pointed at Thomas as tears streamed down your hot cheeks, “it’s his fault.” 
“We do not blame our guests for our misbehavior,” Your mother reprimanded, letting go of your ear and gripping your upper arm, “do you understand?” 
“It is his fault!” You yelled, clawing at your mother’s arm, trying to break free, “He ruined everything! The moment he showed up, he ruined my life—” 
Crack! Hot and quick like lightning your mother struck you on the cheek, “Don’t you dare say another word or it’ll be another!” She yelled at you. You immediately ceased your squirming. Dahlia gasped, but quickly held a hand over her mouth and bit her tongue when your mother narrowed her eyes at her. 
“Martha!” Your mother called to the chambermaid that accompanied her to the garden, “take (Y/N) to her chambers. I think that’s enough fresh air for her today.” 
Martha, a young girl, no older than sixteen, nodded and took your hand. You held the other one to your burning cheek, trying to suppress your sobs as they rose in your throat. 
Your mother turned back to Dahlia and the boys and gave them the best smile she could muster, “Dahlia, dear. Why don’t you and the boys go to the stables? I’m sure Ser Edric would gladly take you riding.” 
“Yes, Mother,” Dahlia said, taking Thomas’ hand and leading him and the boys away. 
“I-I didn’t mean to get her in trouble,” Thomas whispered as they left the garden, “I didn’t know—” A look of complete shock was etched on his face. 
“She’ll be fine,” Dahlia dismissed, “I’ll take her some pastries later. She’ll be okay.” 
“She won’t forgive me, will she?” Thomas asks, watching through the window you were passing, Martha holding you close to her chest as you cried. 
“No,” Dahlia agreed, “she won’t.”
England, 1636 
You picked at the lace trimming on your baby blue satin gown. You wore it for the last day of your trip, and the heat in the carriage was causing the satin bodice to stick uncomfortably to your chest.
“We’ll be there in a moment,” Your sister said, not looking up from her book, “Mother said for me to not let you ruin your bodice.” 
“Mother said—” You began to mock her, but she shut her book abruptly, cutting you off. 
“Will you just give it rest this summer?” She asked with a pleading look in her eyes and strain in her tone. “I just want one nice summer—”
“How can it be nice when we’re forced to spend every summer with them?” You scoffed. 
“Oh please,” Dahlia rolled her eyes, “I know you really mean him. I know for a fact that you’ve grown quite fond of Queen Nicola. I heard our mother and her gossiping about setting you up with Harry.” 
“Over my dead body,” You gagged.
“Sam then?” Dahlia side-eyed you. 
“Or perhaps a donkey?” You deadpanned, but it soon turned into a smile, “It doesn’t matter, Court isn’t my cup of tea, as Nikki would say.” 
“What does that mean?” 
“It means that it isn’t for me—”
“No, I mean why would you say that?” Dahlia looked concerned, taking your hand in hers, “(Y/N), you must do your duty and marry another royal—”
“Nobody wants the second in line princess. I’m not as valuable as you. It wouldn’t be a loss.” 
“It would to me.” Dahlia whispered, “You’re my flesh and blood. You’re my sister, you can’t just leave me here by myself.” 
“You won’t be by yourself,” You argued, “You’ll have Thomas.”
“I don’t want him in place of you.” 
You squeezed Dahlia’s hand and nodded, “Perhaps I am just talking to talk. I won’t worry you like this again.” You smiled. 
Though there wasn’t an ounce of truth in that statement, yet you had to ease her fears. Dahlia’s life was going to change forever. She was going to be married, and then a queen, and someday a mother. She already had so much on her plate being the oldest, the one responsible for your lineage. Who were you to add another concern for her?
“Okay,” Dahlia smiled back, though she may not have been fully convinced, “I love you.” 
“I love you too,” You said, before looking outside the window of the carriage, “now shush, we’ll be arriving soon and you know how Mother prefers us seen and not heard.” 
The summers in England were usually spent sipping tea with Nicola, though you often referred to her as Nikki. Your father went on hunting trips with King Dominic and the other Lords, such as Lord Osterfield and Lord Barrett. 
Dahlia and Thomas rarely talked if you were being honest. Your mother always tried to push them more together, but they usually just sat in silence and read their own respected books. Dahlia knew she would most likely not marry for love, but she also hoped that love would come along the way. So far that hope has been crushed. 
This summer, your mother and Nikki did drop a few hints about you being paired with Harry or Sam, but you just shrugged it off. It was reckless to give such little thought to your future in court, but if you had things your way, which you intended to, you wouldn’t be forced to spend your days as a princess any longer. 
“You won’t tell my dad about this will you?” Harrison, son of Lord Osterfield asked hesitantly. 
“I swear I won’t,” You promised, sticking out your pinky. Harrison reluctantly took it and handed you the sword. It was a thin training sword and it resembled more of a needle than a true sword. 
“This is shit,” You deadpanned, ready to hand the flimsy tool back to him. 
“Woah, watch it!” Harrison scolded, “It’s still sharp. Just not as heavy. You can’t fight with a normal sword yet, you’re not strong enough—”
“Excuse me?” 
“Not in a bad way,” He corrected, “just as a fact. You have to build up the skill and strength first.”
“Whatever,” You grumbled, gripping the sword in your hand and positioning yourself to fight. 
“Okay, so your legs are too close together,” Harrison pointed out, coming behind you and maneuvering your feet apart, “if you were heavier it wouldn’t be as much of a problem, but you’ll have to stand wider so you’ll be harder to move.” 
“Okay,” You nodded, adjusting your position, “now what?” 
“My father said that a good soldier is also quick and light on his feet. So many you should just try some basic moves to see how your balance is.” 
You nodded and began swinging, shifting from one foot to another. Harrison observed from the side before stopping you. 
“That wasn’t terrible…” He trailed off, “but it’d be easier to tell if you were going against someone.” 
“Like you?’ You asked, playfully poking him in the arm. 
“Ouch,” Harrison rubbed the small dot, “and no, I wouldn’t want to accidentally hurt you. I’m kind of an expert at this.” You rolled your eyes as he continued, “I’ll go get Harry or Sam. They technically are still kind of new to this.” 
“Okay,” You agreed before Harrison ran off, back to the castle to track down Harry and Sam. 
You sat in the patch of grass you’d been practicing in and set the sword down at your side. You laid there and waited for Harrison and the others to return and when you heard some rustle in the woods, you were surprised by how quickly they were coming back.
You smiled when you saw a body pushing through the branches, but frowned immediately when you saw who it was, “Oh,” You said, sulking in the grass, “it’s just you.” 
“God,” Thomas groaned, “is no place sacred anymore?” 
“Get out of here, will ya?” You ignored his comments, “I don’t feel like fighting today.” 
“Really?” Thomas raised an eyebrow, “because you sure do love to pick a fight over absolutely nothing. And by the looks of the sword there, it looks like you’re ready for a fight too.” 
“I mean I don’t wanna fight you,” You clarified, standing up and taking the sword in your hands, “you better be nice to me, Holland. I’m the one with the sword.” 
“Please,” Thomas scoffed, “you probably don’t even know what end to use.” 
“I do too!” 
“Really?” Thomas questioned, before grabbing the handle from your hands and pushing you to the ground, “Wow, you’re right (Y/N), you’re such an amazing swordsman.” he said sarcastically. 
“Shove off,” You spat, standing up and dusting the mud off your pants, “one day when you're happy and alone and you think you’re safe, I’ll get you back and do what I swore to do four years ago, bastard.” 
Tom looked at you wide-eyed and shocked, “You can’t threaten me, I’m—”
“I just did.” You said before taking the sword back and walking off back towards the castle. 
Harrison passed by you with Sam on his heels but you just handed the rinky sword back to him and stomped off with a huff. 
“What’s her problem?” Sam wondered before Tom wandered out of the woods as well, “Oh, never mind, I understand now.” 
“Hawthorne says there’s trouble with an uprising of peasants,” Your father said as he walked into the dining hall, holding a folded piece of parchment, “I’ll have to take a carriage back to Scotland tomorrow morning.”
“Can Hawthorne not handle it?” Your mother asked, “We’ve only just got here.”  
“I’m sorry, dear, but as King, my responsibility is to the people. I must resolve this issue before it gets out of hand.” 
“I can offer troops if need be,” Dominic said, raising his chalice to your father, “and I will watch over your family in your absence.” 
“Thank you,” Your father nodded, “you are a true friend.” 
You thought satin was terrible and sticky, but black stain, that was hell. And in the middle of summer too. Your father’s body was returned to England, along with his most trusted advisors and Lords. Your mother was too grief-stricken to make the journey back to Scotland, she didn’t want the people to see her this way. 
The horrible, thick black dress dug into your shoulders and weighed you down, but it was also coupled with the morose feeling of complete dread that came with grief. You’d be lying if you said it didn’t hurt, but what were you supposed to do? Cry and hope it all went away? That’s what Dahlia and Mother did. If they were going to be the broken ones, then you had to be stronger, for them at least. 
“I’m sorry for your loss, your grace,” Sam and Harry both had come up to you and said. 
You shrugged them off, “It happens.” That was all you said. That was all you ever said about your father’s untimely passing. You said it to Harrison, the Lords, the Ladies, even King Dominic. 
“It’s okay to be sad, little princess,” Nikki said, stroking your hair as you laid your head in her lap.
“I am sad,” You admitted, “but showing it won’t change what happened.” 
“It could make you feel better.”
“I don’t think it will,” You sighed, “can we play chess now?” You asked, sitting you and changing the subject, “I think I’ve got a good strategy this time.” 
Nikki looked at you with sad, kind eyes, filled with sympathy, and nodded. 
Tom did his best to comfort your sister. He was her betrothed and she was hurting, so it only seemed right to be by her side in these times of need. 
“I don’t even know what’s going to happen,” She wiped her tears with her baby blue handkerchief, “Who will take the throne now? I have no brothers, I have no sons, and (Y/N), she—well, it’s a fruitless hope that she’ll step up to help Scotland. She cares for our land as much as she cares for a dead rabbit.” 
“She’s grieving too, I suspect,” Tom tried, but then he scoffed, “though she does seem particularly unphased.” 
“She’s trying,” Dahlia defended, “she just doesn’t know what happens next and it scares her. So she ignores it.” 
“She needs to let it out,” Thomas argued, “it’s no help at all if she bottles up her emotions. It’s like she’s a ghost, completely emotionless. Dull.” 
You were in the garden as well, playing chess with Harrison while Sam and Harry watched on. That’s when you heard the sound of your sister crying. You wanted to go comfort her, but you were too late, Tom already had taken the space next to her. 
You rolled your eyes and went back to your game. And then you heard it, the spineless comments Tom always seemed to make. 
You slammed the chess piece you had down with great force, knocking some of those on the board over. Harrison tried to stop you, reaching out to grab the sleeve of your terrible black gown, but you slapped his hand away and bounded for where Tom and Dahlia were seated. 
Tom saw you coming and he knew he was in for it. No tears in your eyes, just hatred. It was the way you always looked at Tom, except it seemed to be multiplied tenfold. Before he could process it you slapped him clean across the face. 
Crack! Tom immediately could feel the burning in his cheek. He let go of Dahlia’s hand and held his own to his cheek. 
“Don’t you dare talk about my grief!” You spat, “You know nothing, and if it weren’t for my sister’s wellbeing I’d hope the fate of my father would befall you as well. Killed by his own people. I can only pray that one day you’ll suffer such a pain as that.” 
Dahlia reached out for you, probably to scold you, or hold you, or both. But you turned away too quickly, heading back to the chess game you were determined to finish. 
“Hawthorne can take over as consort for now,” Dominic explained to your mother, “When Dahlia and Tom are married, while they will prioritize ruling England, we could merge the responsibility with Scotland.” 
“That will probably be best,” Your mother agreed, at least until (Y/N) can marry Harry and hopefully take over. It’ll be a struggle though. Getting her there is a task I’ve always dreaded.” 
“Don’t worry,” Nikki said, holding your mother’s hands, “it will all fall into place. We just need a plan for now.” 
“Yes, you are right,” Your mother gave her a grateful smile, “Tom and Dahlia will be wed the summer after their eighteenth name days. (Y/N) and Harry will follow two years later, by then Tom and Dahlia should have at least one heir if the gods are good.” 
“Your grace,” Lord Osterfield said, garnering the attention of the royal court, “if I may, perhaps letting Dahlia and (Y/N) spend the rest of their time here will be beneficial. Dahlia should spend more time in the land she is to rule over, and (Y/N) should spend more time with Harry.” 
“As much as it pains me to leave my children, I trust you are right.” Your mother sighed, “I need to return to Scotland. Without my husband, Hawthorne can’t do it on his own.” 
“Of course, we will watch over your children as if they were our own,” Nikki assured, kissing your mother on the cheek. 
“Thank you, Henry was right, you are true friends.”
England, 1640
“You have all you need?” Harrison asked as you came to him shrouded in a black cloak. 
“Yes,” You nodded, “you have the horse ready?” 
“I do, your grace,” Harrison nodded.
“You don’t need to call me that anymore, though I suppose I should start calling you ‘my lord’,” you joked, situating your bags on the back of the horse. 
“You’re still a princess to me, (Y/N),” Harrison smiled, helping you situate your things, “but more than that, you’re my friend.” 
“You’re my friend too, Haz.” You smiled, before pulling him in for a hug, “You’ll tell Harry I’m sorry, won’t you? It’s not his fault I can’t live like this. He’ll find someone more worthy.” 
“Of course,” Harrison nodded, holding you tight.
“What are you two doing?” You heard a harsh whisper that jolted you two apart. 
“Tom, not now—” Harrison tried, but Tom shushed him and he quickly shut up.
“You’re running away, aren’t you?” Tom scoffed when he saw the baggage you’d put on the horse. 
“Not that it’s any of your business—” You argued, but were quickly cut off.
“Not my business?” Tom nearly yelled, but Harrison shushed him, “Do you have any idea how alone this will make Dahlia feel? I’m going to be her husband, her partner, that makes what happens to her my business, this will crush her—”
“If you’re so worried about her wellbeing then go back to the castle and be with her!” You snapped, “You know as well as I that I can’t do this.” 
“You’re a coward,” Tom said, gripping your arm and shaking you around, “you’d leave her to satisfy your own fucked up wants? You’re selfish. You’re disloyal.” 
“I’m leaving her because I have to!” You yelled, “I love her! She is my flesh and blood, she is my sister! Don’t you dare accuse me of not loving her enough! But I won’t wither away in this court, I refused. She knows that this is what I need. She knows that and she’ll accept it in time.” 
“If you knew how much this would hurt her—”
“I do know how much this will hurt her,” You admitted, “but still—she’ll survive.”
You gripped Tom’s jaw and forced him to look at you. “You be good to her,” You said sternly, “you treat her right, or I will come back, no matter how far I go, I will come back and I will destroy you.” 
Tom slapped your hand away and turned to Harrison, “You will never speak of this again. As far as you’re concerned, you have no idea where the princess went.” He spoke lowly, “Understand?”
“Yes, your grace.” Harrison nodded. 
Tom gave you one last forlorn look before turning and walking off. Harrison turned back to you and held out his sword, “For you,” he said, “strike hard and fast.” He instructed, “The real world is filled with terrors.” 
“So is court,” You said, taking the sword in your grasp, “thank you, Harrison.”
“Where will you go?”
You pondered for a moment as you mounted your horse, “France has a lovely countryside,” You noted, “we have a chateau there currently unused. Perhaps that is where I’ll be happy.” 
“I hope that is the case, your grace.” Harrison nodded. 
“I do too,” You sighed, giving Harrison one last smile before kicking your foot into the horse’s side and trotting off.
The chateau in the French countryside was quaint and perfect. It was small, but had acres and acres of land, perfect for gardening, farming, and riding. The estate had been in your family for years, first belonging to your great grandfather, who used it to house his niece and her family. It was passed down generation to generation until your second cousin, Maude, lived in it with her husband. But they never bore any children and both died very young, so ever since you were a baby, the chateau had been empty and unused. 
Your father still had servants that lived on and around the property, so it wasn’t as if you were entirely alone. You had a few maids and a guard, but all in all, it was just you and the blissful ignorance that came with living freely away from court.
The town just at the bottom of the hill up to the estate was also lovely. Many merchants and shops were open, always providing the best and freshest products. And that little town, that perfect little town is where you found eyes that you hadn’t realized you’d been searching for. Eye’s you hadn’t seen in years. 
“Are these fresh?” You asked, pointing to the lemon tarts on the baking tray. 
The baker turned around and flashed you a charming smile, “Yes, Ma’am,” he smiled, “just took them out of the oven to cool.”
“They smell divine,” You smiled, “I’ll take two please.” 
“Okay, that’ll be—” The baker did a double-take after grabbing some lemon tarts and squinted his eyes at you, “have we met before?”
“I don’t believe so,” You tilted your head to the side, “I’m new in town.” 
“Really? You look awfully familiar.” 
“I’m not sure,” You shrugged, “maybe I just have one of those faces.” 
“Perhaps.” The baker nodded, “Where are you staying? Martin’s Inn? That’s the most popular one in town.”
“No,” You shook your head, “I’m actually in the chateau on the hill,” You said, pointing to the hill in the distance. 
“T-The one that belongs to the King and Queen of Scotland?” The baker asked, peering at you once more, “(Y/N)?” 
“Hm?’ You snapped your attention back to him, “No, sorry, I’m sure you’re mistaken—”
“No, I’d know those eyes anywhere. Forgive me, your grace,” The baker bowed before you, “I assume you have forgotten the lowly baker’s boy you used to call ‘friend’.”
“James?” You looked at the man once more, finally realizing all the familiarities in his features. The button nose and kind, green eyes. The floppy golden hair and sun kissed cheeks. He was James, your James. “James!” You smiled, grabbing him by the arm and pulling him into a hug. “You idiot!” You scolded after pulling away, playfully slapping his arm, “no need to kneel for me anymore. And stop that ‘your grace’ foolishness.” 
“What do I call you then? Your highness? M’lady?” 
“(Y/N) will work just fine.” You smiled, “I haven’t seen those green eyes in so long. It’s refreshing and relieving to see a familiar face. Please, when are you free next?” You asked, taking his hands in yours, “I have room in the chateau, we can talk. I so desperately want to talk to you. I’m alone here and you know how much I love ro ramble—or complain as you so eloquently put it.” 
“I’ll be done just after the sun sets,” James laughed, “is that too late?” 
“No, not at all,” You shook your head, “please, come to the estate, we’ll have dinner and fine wine. And we’ll make up for lost time, okay?” 
“Of course, your gra—Um, (Y/N).” 
“I can’t you called the future King if England a bastard!” James’ boisterous laughter filled the room as you both drank your wine. 
“I know, I know,” You giggled, “I was a bit of a spitfire.” 
“You still are,” James noted, causing you to tilt your head at him curiously, “I mean leaving court? Quite the rebellious streak you have, your grace.”
“Oh shush,” You waved him off, “I had to leave. Even when I was little I knew I wouldn’t be able to live up to what was expected of me. And I've only been here a few weeks now, but this is heaven.” You said, gesturing to the estate you were on, “this is easy. I like easy.” 
“Hm,” James took another sip of his wine, “I always thought you liked a challenge, if I remember correctly.” 
“I like a challenge that interests me,” You corrected, “court does not interest me.”
“No, I never thought it did.” James smiled. “Not to ruin this lovely mood we've established,” he began, “but I do believe I forgot to apologize for your loss.” James, set his chalice down and took your hand, “losing your father, I know it was years ago, but that type of loss stings. I know how much you cared for him.”
“You don’t have to apologize,” You gave him a small smile, “it feels like a lifetime ago that it happened. Sometimes I try to remember his voice or what he smelled like and I can’t. It was so long ago, I don’t think it matters much anymore.” 
“And your mother?” 
“I haven’t seen her in years as well, though she writes frequently. Not to me anymore, since I’ve been here. But she writes to Dahlia. She’s going to England soon for the wedding.” 
“Are you going to the wedding as well?”
“James,” You laughed, “I ran away, I can’t go back. Not even for her wedding. It’s not a ceremony of love anyways, it’s protocol. It’ll happen whether I’m there or not.” 
“I bet she misses you though.” 
“Yes, I miss her.” You admitted, “I missed you too. Years have gone by and while I may have stopped dwelling on it, I know deep in my heart that what happened to you and your father in our court was wrong.” 
“(Y/N)—” James sighed but you cut him off. 
“No,” You help you hand up, “you shouldn’t have been asked to leave. I should’ve stopped them.” 
“I did hit you fairly hard in the head,” James tried to make light of it, “I probably deserved it.” 
“You didn’t,” You promised him, “you were an angel. You didn’t deserve that and I am truly sorry. I’m even more sorry that it took me eight years to apologize.” 
“Don’t worry about it,” James shrugged, “it was so long ago.”
“I do worry about it though,” You admitted, “I don’t think about it often, but when I do, it makes me sad to think about all the time we missed out on. Did you ever learn to read?” 
James laughed at the question and shook his head, “I did, but I doubt I could do it as eloquently as you.” 
You smiled and took his hand in yours, “I’m happy I found you again, now I can properly pay you back for hitting me upside the head,” You joked and you playfully tried to bop him upside the head. But James caught your hand before you could hit him. 
“Still too slow, little princess.” 
France, 1642
The days of summer in France were perfectly warm. The golden sun was always bright in the sky, bathing the land in its warmth. So the majority of your days were spent in light, white dress. Made from thin, breathable materials. A complete contrast to the silks and satins you used to be accustomed to. But a good contrast—a much-needed contrast.
“What is the plan today, m’love?” James asked as he came in from the garden with the fresh tomatoes. “Sword fighting? I still need you to show that one move. The one where you take the sword from your opponent? Brilliant.” 
“Hm,” You pondered for a moment, “maybe after a nice ride in the meadow?” You suggested as you cut up some apples for tarts later, “there’s a nice breeze out today and I’d like to take full advantage of it before the sun comes back to burn me into the ground. Oh! And don’t forget to make these tarts. Miss Marjory is having her baby soon and I promised I’d send some to her. I’ll probably get Ida to take them, as I’m much too tired, at least, that’s the lie I’ve come up with to avoid Marjory. She’s been so crabby lately, she’s starting to remind me of my mother. Speaking of, I heard that my mother is making another trip to England soon, though I’m not sure what for. Perhaps Dahlia had an heir, though I’m sure I would’ve heard something about that as well—”
“Marry me.” 
“—And it’s so strange to think that I haven’t seen her in so long, two years almost three and—wait what?” You stopped cutting the apples and looked up at James, “what’d you say?’ 
James came up beside you and took the knife out of your hand, “Marry me, (Y/N).” 
“Why?” You squeaked out after a moment. 
“Because I love you. And I’m not sure if you feel the same way, but as you were sitting here rambling, I realized that I never wanted to stop hearing your voice. I want to listen to you ramble for the rest of my life, and when you stop, I want to kiss your lips while they take a break from the incessant, beautiful rambling.” 
“James, I—”
“M’lady,” Ida, one of you maids came into the kitchen, “there is a man requesting an audience with you. He says it’s urgent.”
“R-Right, of course,” You nodded, taking off your apron and wiping your hands on it. You turned to James, “we’ll talk about this later?” 
“Of course,” James agreed. 
You walked to the foyer, where the entrance to the chateau was and there waiting for you was a tall man. Light blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. Friendly eyes that you knew all too well. 
“Harrison,” You breathed out with a smile, before running up to hug him.
“Umpf!” Harrison grunted when your body collided with his, “Your grace, it’s an honor to see you again.” 
“Stop the formalities and hug me like you mean it,” You scolded, finally feeling him squeeze back. 
You pulled away and looked into his eyes, seeing the sadness that had pitted itself in them. Then you noticed it. How had you not seen it before, the all black outfit of mourning? 
“What’s happened?” You asked, running a finger along the black detailing on the jacket he wore.
“It’s your sister,” Harrison spoke gently, “she’s passed, your grace.” 
A/N: omg i did it! i finally did it! this took so so so long, but i had so much fun writing it, and i loved how it turned out. no poll at the end of this chapter since there is no choice to be made yet, but there will be some pretty serious choices coming up as we go along. the ages of this prologue might be confusing, so here is a little cheat sheet: 
1632: (Y/N), Harry, and Sam are 8, Dahlia and Tom are 10 
1636: (Y/N), Harry, and Sam are 12, Dahlia, Harrison and Tom are 14 
1640: (Y/N), Harry, and Sam are 16, Dahlia, Harrison, and Tom are 18 
1642: (Y/N), Harry and Sam are 18, Tom and Harrison are 20
I know they are pretty young to be going through all of this, but that’s kind of how things were at that time. you didn’t live long back then, so it was supplemented by doing things like getting married and having kids young. technically, a more realistic age of marriage would’ve been 15, but i’m following today’s standards for age of consent. sorry if there are a fuck ton of typos, i’m gonna spend the new few days rereading this and getting rid of as many typos as i can. lastly, thank you so much for your love and support, it genuinely makes me feel so good and makes writing 1000x more worth it.
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whereistradel · a day ago
inspiration — tom holland
Tumblr media
pairing: tom holland x (singer, female) reader
summary: your latest album hints to your fans about a lover
warnings: none
requested: no, send me tom holland requests!
note: acquaintances to lovers. this is kind of short.
༄ ‧₊˚。゚・
“thank you, new york! tonight was my last concert for my debut album, and i’m going to miss touring like this.” you let out a breath, sweat already evident on your forehead from performing.
the crowd ‘awed’ and you were no longer bothered by the flashlights that they held to film you.
“don’t worry everyone, i’ll be back soon.” you winked to the crowd before bowing slightly, then walked off the stage while waving.
heading backstage, you couldn’t help but run to lay down on the couch in the green room. “tour is really over.” you said to yourself, not believing that the three month journey had ended.
“(y/n)! there you are!” you slightly lifted your head up to see who entered the room. it was katie, your manager.
she walked inside and handed you a water bottle, which you thankfully took to drink. katie still had a headset on her head, which she used to ‘answer business calls quickly’.
“great job out there, your tour is finally over! what do you plan on doing after this?”
you froze, putting the bottle down by your lap. you haven’t thought about that.
“maybe i’ll write another album.” you shrugged your shoulders. “i still need to find an inspiration. i want this next album to be meaningful.”
katie nodded slightly, then her phone received a call. she immediately answered, “hello? this is katie. who’s calling?”
katie covered her microphone and whispered to you, “i have the driver ready for you outside to head home.”
“thank you.” you answered while leaving the room for katie to take the important call. as you walked outside, katie’s words really hit you.
you needed to find an inspiration.
༄ ‧₊˚。゚・
“and the award for this year’s ‘top new artist’ is, (y/n) (y/l/n)!”
you couldn’t believe what you just heard. you stood up, and taylor hugged you.
“(y/n)! congratulations. i knew you would win this!” taylor cheered on while pulling away from the hug, “now go and get that award!”
there were big cheers coming from behind you as you walked up the stairs.
“here you go.” the announcer handed over your trophy, and you couldn’t believe it.
the man handed you a microphone to say a small speech, so you accepted.
“hello.” the crowd had gone quiet and the focus was on you.
“i still cannot believe i’ve won this award. so thank you for giving this to me, billboard.” you chuckled and rose the trophy.
“i would love to thank my fans, especially the ones who were there since when i first started my career. i want to thank my parents, my manager katie, taylor, selena, and all my staff.”
you smiled, “mom, i made it!”
the crowd laughed and applauded so you headed backstage. you couldn’t believe all that hard work was paying off.
you were actually going to announce an award so you had to go backstage anyways.
a woman approached you, “(y/n), you can leave your trophy with me because you have to host an award in five minutes.”
you nodded and handed her the award, before following her to where the announcers walk out.
“your partner will be tom holland.” she quickly mentioned and your eyebrows rose.
“tom holland?” you repeated in question.
“that would be me.” a voice said. you looked next to you and saw tom holland—the tom holland— dressed in a black suit. he smiled at you and offered to shake hands.
“uh, hello. i’m (y/n), (y/n) (y/l/n).” you introduced yourself while shaking his hand. as he let go, he chuckled.
“(y/n), do you think i don’t know you? you’re so famous! i’m actually a big fan of yours.” your eyes widened. tom holland is your fan?
“you’re lying. i’m your biggest fan. i went to the spider-man premiere and watched the movie so many times.”
tom smiled, the two of you standing in front of the door. he was technically your celebrity crush, but you couldn’t tell him that.
“are you going to the after-party? i would love to buy you a drink later.”
you slowly nodded your head, trying to hide the smile that was about to form, “yes, i am going. i’ll look for you there, then.”
right on time, the woman came back to tell the two of you that it was time to walk out.
“guess it’s show time. let’s go, darling.”
༄ ‧₊˚。゚・
“(y/n)! welcome back to the tonight show starring jimmy fallon!” a round of applause came as you took a seat in the comfortable couch.
“thanks for having me, jimmy!” you straightened up and smiled.
“so (y/n), by the time this airs your new album is releasing. can you tell us anything about it?”
you carefully thought of what you should say to the public. there were definitely going to be headlines tomorrow.
“my new album is called ‘lover’, and it’s mostly about romance.”
jimmy kept reading off his cards, “interesting. your last album wasn’t about romance. is there a reason why you chose that topic?” he paused before reading, “maybe a lover?”
your lips formed a thin line, unsure of what to say.
“maybe? i would just like to say that i’ve found my inspiration for the album. but the lyrics are very meaningful for someone.”
jimmy’s eyebrows rose. “can i have a guess in your inspiration?”
the crowd grew loud, wanting to know who the rising pop star’s possible lover could be.
“jimmy! don’t expose me!” you whined, and jimmy just laughed.
“okay, because i love (y/n), i won’t be asking anymore. let’s move on,” the crowd booed jimmy and you knew that his producers would be mad at him later on. still, you thanked him silently for not pressing on the topic so you wouldn’t expose your relationship.
your lover was obviously tom—but the two of you didn’t want to go public yet.
you think tom didn’t mind being public or not, and you didn’t too. but it didn’t feel right to reveal your relationship without him.
jimmy continued the interview by asking more questions about your career.
“i better be mailed vip tickets to your next tour.”
༄ ‧₊˚。゚・
“hey babe, what’s up?” you answered you phone while writing a new song. you finished the interview last night and headed straight to your studio because taylor wanted your opinion for her song.
“i was your inspiration for your album?”
you rolled your eyes playfully, “that’s why you called me? not because you wanted to hangout with your girlfriend?”
you were joking, and you could feel tom smiling from the other line.
“yes, you were my inspiration.” you checked the time and it was almost 1 in the afternoon.
“now please come visit me. i miss you.” you crossed out some parts of the lyrics that you didn’t like, and wrote an alternative.
“of course, darling. i’ll be at your studio in twenty. i love you.”
“i love you too, tom.”
༄ ‧₊˚。゚・
written on october 22, 2021
link to my tom holland masterlist
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wildholland · a day ago
Fake Date
summary: you brought tom as your fake date for your cousin's wedding, what happens when you develop feelings for him 4 months later
warnings: smut minors dni, fake dating (as obvious), maybe a little sadness
w/c: 2k
(not my gif credits to whoever made it)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(smut warnings: unprotected sex, handjob (f receiving) oral sex (fem receiving)
"Oh y/n who's that lovely man?" Your aunt said as she pointed at your "date". "I'm her boyfriend" Tom said smugly wrapping his arm around your waist and pulling you closer to him.
You looked at him and smiled widely but fakely "yeah he is" you looked at him admiringly. "Well you got yourself a quite handsome guy" your aunt said rubbing your arm then she walked away.
"I guess your family really likes me" Tom said proudly, you rolled your eyes taking a sip from your drink "it's not like it's gonna last". "Come on y/n we both know that you really like me you just don't want to admit it" he said following you as you started walking.
You turned around and glared at him "First of all I do not like you, secondly don't you dare talk about this here we are supposed to be dating so shut up and keep acting like my lovely boyfriend." you said smiling through your teeth. He quickly nodded and looked down.
When you and Tom started dating it was all just because you didn't want your cousin to talk about you not being able to have a boyfriend while she's already younger than you and she had a husband. You knew you didn't have to prove anything to her but yet you wanted to see that jealous glint in her eyes when she saw your boyfriend Tom, at the moment you knew you made the right choice by bringing a fake date.
And choosing him as your date was nothing but a coincidence, he was a usual customer at the shop you worked in and you caught him staring at you from the outside of the window a lot of times but you shook your head out of it, later on he asked you for a coffee once and you agreed. You knew that he liked you, you knew that he definitely has something for you and sometimes you feel bad for doing this to him.
But he's the one who said yes when you told him about your plan, you could still remember the disappointment look on his face when you told him "I want you to be my fake date for my cousin's wedding" and for sure you wanted to go back in time and take back what you said, but he said yes.
And for Tom, he couldn't say anything but yes, the glint of hope he caught in your eye when you asked him, and when you bit your lips nervously waiting for his answer he simply couldn't say anything but yes. He knew you didn't feel anything for him, but yet he still had hope that one day maybe you could at least like him back.
After the wedding, you said goodbye to your family and he drove you home. The whole drive was silent, you didn't know whether to thank him or to just stay silent. And he didn't know what to say either, he badly wanted you to tell him that you like him and that you want to turn it to something real but he knew you won't.
"Thanks for the drive." you said as he opened the door for you. "anytime" he said smiling, you nodded and mumbled a good night while walking towards the door of your house.
You walking towards the door was definitely the hardest moment of his life, he was wondering whether to ask you if you like him back or not, he took a deep breath "y/n will you ever feel something for me?" he said a bit loud so you could hear it. You turned around and looked at him, you really didn't know what to say, you didn't even know what feeling you had for Tom, you didn't know if you like him as a friend or as something more and honestly you didn't want to give false hope so you simply shrugged and looked at him, you vision started being a bit blurry due to the tears that were forming in your eyes, he nodded and walked away without saying anything else.
Broken was the least word that would describe his feelings, while he was driving he realized how stupid was he for asking this question and he decided to stop thinking about you, about the person who already took his heart and never planned on giving it back.
4 months later
"Oh my god is that Tom?" your friend Gina asked while you were sitting at restaurant having dinner, after than night you called her and told her about everything from the deal between you and him till what he told you, you cried to her and she listened and comforted you, and when that night replied in your head, you knew you liked him, but you still couldn't admit it to yourself.
You looked and saw him, it was him but he wasn't alone he was with a girl, when you saw her, something started burning deep in your chest, that sight hurt you. You wanted to get up and do something about it, but what will you do? you were the one who rejected him, you were the one who broke him first, you had nothing to tell him.
Those two months were the hardest for Tom, he wanted to move on, he really wanted to forget your existence but somehow he could still see you in every girl, his friends tried and sit him up for dates, but each time he couldn't imagine but you eating the dinner with, he couldn't help but say your name to every girl. He didn't knew how he fell for you that bad or even when but he just did.
It was his second date with a girl he met a club once, he was finally moving on, he found a girl, that he liked and she was perfect, everyone told him that, but she wasn't you.
When he saw you with your friends, he couldn't help but stare at you, you didn't change a bit in those four months, and all the memories between you two started flooding into his head the good ones he remembered the time when you two went for a coffee, he said a silly joke and you laughed at it, a lot. He would never forget that scene in his whole entire life, the sound of your laugh, it was the most beautiful sound in his whole life.
The whole entire date he couldn't focus on anything but you, he caught you looking at him a few times but you immediately looked away.
After a few more minutes you went back home, you shut your eyes tightly trying not to let the tears fall, damn that hurt you thought, you went to your bedroom and buried your head in the pillow, you just wanted this feeling to disappear, that burn in your chest, that jealousy you liked Tom you finally admitted it but what now? it's too late. He found a girl, and you're here crying over someone you rejected, you had no right to be mad at him.
Suddenly your door bell rang, you thought it's your friend, you wiped your tears away and opened the door to be greeted with lips attached to yours, you immediately pushed that person away and looked at him, it was him.
"What are you doing?" you said shocked by the fact that thirty minutes ago he was with his girlfriend and now he's kissing you. "Doing something I was supposed to do a while ago." he said before crashing his lips against your again, but you didn't push him, you couldn't, the feeling of his lips against yours was addictive, his hands tightly wrapped around your waist afraid that you might slip away, your hands tangled in his hear pulling him, deepening the kiss. After a while you pulled away to catch your breath "Tom you have a girlfriend" you whispered swallowing the lump in your throat "she's not my girlfriend we weren't official plus I ended things with her when I saw you at the restaurant" you couldn't help but smile and kissed him again, this time more passionate, his tongue swiped across your bottom lip asking for permission, which you gladly accepted, his hands started going lower and lower until he reached your ass, he gave it a little squeeze and motioned for you to wrap your legs around his waist.
He carried and went to the bedroom, he threw both of you in bed and pulled away, staring at you, your face, your swollen lips, he was breathing heavily and so were you "are you sure about this?" he asked and you quickly nodded, he kissed you again and started taking off your shirt "wow" he muttered underneath his breath when he saw your cleavage, he started kissing down your neck slowly until he found you sweet spot and gave it extra attention, a moan slipped from your lips you could feel him smirk as he sucking on that spot.
He started kissing down your body slowly, your back arched when he kissed the valley between your breasts, until he reached your pants, he looked up at you for permission "yes tom please, need you" you moaned as he gladly started unbuttoning your pants he threw them away somewhere in the room but you could care less, you were aching for him, you were aching for his touch, and he saw that in you, he kissed your covered clit and looked up to see your reaction, your eyes were shut tightly enjoying the feeling he smiled at himself and removed your panties and started his assault on your pussy, sucking and licking your clit continuously, and you were a moaning mess, and that's what he loved to hear, he started teasing your hole with the tip of his finger you moaned louder "please stop teasing I need you" and he immediately thrust two fingers, "you love that babe" he said fastening his pace.
The way your back arched, the way you're moaning his names, the sounds that were formed by his fingers in your wet hole only made him extremely hard, and he couldn't wait for the moment that he would feel your walls clenching arounds and these thoughts only made him harder.
"Come on baby cum for me" he said while drawing fast circles on your clit, you moaned loudly as you came undone. He kept fingering you while riding your high.
You looked at him and saw him smiling you lazily smiled back and pulled him into a kiss while taking off his clothes, you wanted to feel him, to feel how he would fill you up to feel his chest against yours, you wanted to experience that.
He lined his cock with hole after teasing your clit with his tip a bit, he slowly fully entered you with one thrust, you both moaned at the feeling "god you're so tight" he moaned into your ear, he still didn't move giving you time to adjust, you kissed his earlobe as a sign so he could move, he slowly pulled away and thrusted back in, "god you feel so good around me" he buried his head in your neck and started again sucking on that spot.
He knew he wouldn't last much longer so he started rubbing your clit and rolling it but his fingers "oh tommy" you moaned loudly into his ears, and god that sound was music to his ears "Come on babe cum for me" he said thrusting into you faster, your legs started to shake "Cum for me i know you want to" and with his final thrust you came for the second time while wrapping your legs around his waist tighter, he kept moving in and out of you fast and he came with a loud moan.
He laid his body on top of yours catching his breath, after a while he slowly pulled out of you, you whispered at the feeling of emptiness. he laid beside you pulling you to his chest "I don't just like you y/n I am in love you" he said kissing your collar bone, you smile lazily and closed your eyes, you couldn't say anything after the moments you shared, and he respected that, he put the blanket on top of your bodies and closed your eyes.
You didn't knew what's gonna happen in the morning but one thing for sure, you're not letting him go.
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tom-whore-dleston · 2 days ago
How would _______ react to you writing smut for their characters
Pairing: Tom Hiddleston x fem!reader, Simu Liu x fem!reader, Tom Holland x fem!reader
Genre: smut-ish headcanon
*18+ only; please do not consume if you are younger than 18 years old*
Warnings: mention of smut (explicit and non explicit), implied smut, sexual tension, a lil bit of fluff, reactions vary between the three guys
*Please note that you are responsible for your own media consumption. If any of these warnings trigger you or make you uncomfortable, please do not read!*
Summary: You are dating one of Jordan’s Top 3 daddies and they find out you write smut for their Marvel characters.
Word Count: 1743
Notes: Thought I would let out some uncensored thoughts I had about my Top 3 finding out reader writes smut. I may be in the middle of midterm szn but that ain't gonna stop me from being my usual w word self 😂😂Thank you to the lovely and magical @magicxc for beta reading! I was literally brainfarting over simple things but I am grateful for your insight 🥰😘 also can we talk real quick about how gd fine these men look lol they really do be my muses :') i forgot to watermark my collage so don't steal or I'll cry
Tumblr media
Tom Hiddleston
Tom finding the smut you have written about Loki was a total accident. While your laptop was getting repaired, you were forced to use Tom’s over the next few days. During that time, you casually browsed Tumblr and other websites alike. You oftentimes forgot that Tom’s laptop was not your own. Without thinking much about it, you closed his laptop before hopping into the shower.
While you showered, Tom jumped onto the bed belly first and opened up his laptop. His original intent was to check and respond to his emails. That was until he found something that was only meant for your eyes. He was puzzled to find a document that looked like a short story. Curious, he continued reading what you have written so far.
Twenty minutes later, you walked into the bedroom, freshly cleaned and only in your towel, when you stumbled upon Tom lying on the bed, his blue eyes fixated on the laptop in front of his face. That was when you remembered you forgot to exit out of your doc of the President Loki and TVA Loki threesome fic you were in the middle of writing.
You were ready to pounce on the bed to yank the laptop out of his reach. Sure it was his laptop, but he was also looking at your smut about his characters. That all changed when your eyes laid upon Tom, realizing his typically sweet face was glossed over with mischief.
“Tom,” you began, “let me explain-” Tom shook his head and shushed you with a calloused finger.
“Well, darling, I knew you really enjoyed the show, but I had no idea you enjoyed it this much,” Tom chuckled. “Is that why you were upset that I cut my hair and dyed it back to brown?”
Your mouth fell agape and sweat trickled from your body even after showering. Tom took note of your reaction, a laugh bubbling from his chest. He scooted closer to you at the edge of the bed, wrapping his hands around your towel covered body.
Tom pushed you onto the bed gracefully, switching positions with you. You bit your lip as he towered over you and trapped your wrists above your head with one of his strong hands. His other hand gently stroked your cheek, his hard knuckles contrasting against your silky skin.
All of a sudden, the towel unraveled from your body, revealing your naked form. Your legs naturally spread open for him, revealing your already wet cunt to him. Tom licked his lips, the bulge in his pants becoming more apparent through his jeans.
“Such a dirty girl,” he growled as if Tom had completely immersed himself into Loki. “Can’t decide which of me she wants.” At that point, all traces of Tom had left in his face, voice, or body language. It was all Loki. Not that it bothered you one bit.
“Would you prefer the TVA variant? Or the President variant?” he inquired before grazing his teeth against your earlobe. You couldn’t bring yourself to answer him. Only a faint moan escaped your lips. His signature Loki laugh filled the room, his blue eyes darkening into an ocean storm.
“No matter, I will still have you writhing for your god,” your boyfriend hissed before drinking up your famous last words with a fiery kiss.
That night, he managed to incorporate both TVA Loki and President Loki in bed. At one point, you may have accidentally screamed for Loki rather than Tom. Fortunately, that didn’t stop Tom from pounding into you over and over acting as the two Lokis. You were also able to finally finish the threesome fic the next morning, thanks to Tom’s hands on inspiration.
Simu Liu
The keys of your laptop clicked away as you typed away at your newest work. You had spent the last three hours working on a Shang-Chi smut. An extremely dirty thought randomly popped into your head after watching the movie. You had no one to discuss it with so writing was your best outlet to unleash those ideas.
You were so laser focused on wrapping up the sex scene that you didn’t hear heavy footsteps trail into the kitchen. Simu just woke up from a nap and comes into the kitchen wearing only a pair of gym shorts
Writing your fics while Simu napped was the best time for you to write because he wouldn’t know about the filthy thoughts you had about his character. Even though you and Simu had pretty open communication, writing smut was one thing you preferred to keep to yourself. Especially since that smut was about his character.
The corner of your lips curved upward and you giggled to yourself as you finished writing the climax of your piece. No pun intended.
“What’s got my pretty girl smiling like that?” Simu interrogated while trying to read your face from behind the laptop.
“Huh, what?” you muttered with a puzzled expression. Simu chuckled softly when you met his gaze.
“Is there another meme of me? I wanna see-”
You slammed your laptop shut, trying to hide your expression. Simu jumped in surprise and confusion.
“Oh it’s nothing,” you lied, shrugging off his wonder. “Just work stuff.”
“Yeah, you were smiling over your editing job that you were complaining about hours ago. C’mon, babe, I’ve seen a lot of memes about me and it only makes my skin thicker. Just lemme see.” You tried to protest but he snatched the laptop from your grasp with ease. Damn his strong arms and fast instincts.
He opened the laptop and the screen blinked, displaying the white screen with the words of your x-rated Shang-Chi piece. Simu balanced the laptop in one hand while angling the screen for easier reading.
You wanted to be upset that he was reading something that was only meant for your eyes, along with the eyes of many strangers from your blog. The thing was, you couldn’t even bring yourself to stop him. You just watched everything unfold. Your eyebrows tightened into a thin line as you chewed on your lip, questioning if you were ready to let him into your secret world of fanfiction writing.
His eyes scanned over the written work, widening at how it progressively got filthier. He smirked deviously, rereading a particularly nasty part of the fic. Was he actually liking what you wrote about his character? You tried to reach for your laptop but he scooted away from you, sitting in the chair across from you.
“This one is my favorite part,” he cleared his throat, “‘Shang-Chi yanked your panties off with his teeth, your arousal still sticking to the fabric even as it slid down your legs.’” Both yours and Simu’s cheeks warmed up as he read that line aloud. He hummed in satisfaction and lowered the top of the laptop so he could get a better look at you.
“Well, it looks like I did a good job as Shang-Chi if you’re all hot and bothered by him,” Simu taunted, licking his lips. You knew the gears in his head were turning and you tried to avoid his gaze, which only egged him on, a smug smirk plastered on his face.
His arms extended out as if preparing to give you a hug. “Come here, baby. There’s nothing to be shy about.” You reluctantly walked to the other side of the table. The first thing you notice is the apparent bulge poking through Simu’s shorts.
Your pussy clenches around nothing, staring at his package through the thin material. Simu pat his thigh, motioning you to sit on his lap. As you did, your breath hitched as your now wet slit brushed against his hardening cock. His lips hovered over the shell of your ear, his next words causing you to shudder.
“How about you show me more of what is on that dirty, little mind of yours. I want to know all the things that turn my pretty girl on.”
Tom Holland
“Hey, love, you know the site Tumblr right?” Tom asked randomly during Sunday brunch. This caused you to choke on your mimosa, thankfully not causing a scene in the middle of the restaurant. When Tom asked if you were okay, you just heaved a giant breath and nodded.
“Yeah, I know what Tumblr is,” you responded, taking another sip of your mimosa to ease your anxiety. “Why do you ask?”
“So one of the mates sent me one of the blogs on there. This one blog in particular writes these fun little stories about me...well, actually, my characters. I believe they’re called fanfiction, right? Anyways, some of the stories they write are really...ummm what’s the word...graphic. In a sexual way.”
His rambling only increased your anxiety. Luckily, it was a bottomless mimosa so you refilled your glass with the pitcher of juice and champagne.
“Really?” you paused nervously, your heart pumping outside your chest. “What’s the blog?”
Tom showed you the screen of his phone.
The blog he was referring to was your own. You had the blog way before you started dating Tom. In fact, you were one of the most popular fanfic writer blogs on the site. Once you started dating Tom, you made it your mission to hide all traces of your blog from him. How could one of his friends have found it?
“Oh, cool!” was all you could muster up as your blood ran cold.
“Yeah, actually, it’s quite flattering. No offense, love, but I do receive a lot of sexual comments, but to write a story- I mean, fanfiction- about me. It’s interesting. I should read it to you and we can-”
“No, no, that’s okay.” You chugged the rest of your mimosa. You proceeded to refill it and take another sip. Meanwhile, Tom was oblivious to your nervousness.
“You know what, if it’s alright with you, I should write to this blog. Tell them that their writing is so good that it has inspired me to be better in bed-”
You slammed your palm flat on the table. Tom jumped in his seat at the loud noise.
“Tom, stop talking.”
“I’m sorry, love, did I go too far?”
“Tom, that’s my blog! I wrote those fanfictions about you!” Tom stared at you in disbelief. You sighed, sinking into your seat.
“I had that blog years before I met you. When we started dating, I didn’t want you to know about it because I thought I would scare you away. I didn’t want you to think I was just another fan.”
Tom reached his hand out for you to grab. You eased against his touch, warmth flooding to your cheeks.
“Seeing that you liked the stories so much, I guess I had nothing to be ashamed of.” You laughed, setting down your glass.
“Of course, you have nothing to be ashamed of. I love them even more knowing that you wrote them for me. And now, I know exactly how to please you.” He motioned your waiter over to your table, requesting the bill.
“Think you and I should reenact some of your works when we get back to the flat, yeah?”
*Thanks for reading :) Reblogs and comments are greatly appreciated. Your responses are what keep me motivated to write. However, please do not repost or translate my work anywhere.*
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sam-hollandsgirl · 2 days ago
Chapter 3 - Storm
Warning: Smut (oral -woman receiving-unprotected sex)
Word count:1114
A/N: I know I said the chapter wouldn't be out until the weekend, but I was really excited about it and decided to post it all at once. I hope you all enjoy it. English is not my first language, so please forgive any grammatical errors. All the love 💖💖
Tumblr media
Harry had never slept at your place. No matter how tired he was, he would always leave right after the sex was over. But this time it had been different, and he didn't regret it.
He felt your body against his, taking a deep breath so that he could smell your perfume. A snowstorm had started that dawn and he didn't even realize that he ended up hugging you in the middle of the night to keep their bodies warmer.
When he woke up he could hardly stop admiring you, he didn't mean to sound creepy or anything, he just found it interesting how he could find you beautiful in exactly the same amount that he found you annoying.
His hand touches your face, lightly caressing your cheek before he removes a stray strand of hair that insisted on falling across your cheek and tucks it behind your ear. Your eyes slowly open as you wake up and Harry's touch retracts.
"Good morning" you in a still sleepy voice.
"Good morning."
"When did it start snowing?" You ask looking at your bedroom window and noticing the small snowflakes staining the glass.
"I guess early morning" he answers quickly and soon gets up from his bed, for some reason he was feeling very comfortable around you and it scared him "I think I better go."
"What? No" you say getting up too "You should stay for breakfast.
"You don't need to.
"But you're a guest so it's the least I can do and I won't take no for an answer so..."
"Okay, but I'm leaving right after, okay?"
"Ok" you reply excitedly "I'm just going to shower and change clothes, you can use the guest bathroom, there is a spare toothbrush in there so make yourself at home " you say before entering your bathroom.
A few minutes later he finds you in his kitchen with your back to him as you stirred a pancake batter while the radio on some news program served as a soundtrack. Harry smiles at the sight, admiring how beautiful you looked in a summer dress that didn't even reach halfway down your thighs.
He can't resist the urge to hug her from behind, tossing her hair over his shoulder leaving her neck free to plant a light kiss there making her sigh with a mere touch.
"I never thought I'd have you cooking for me" he says smiling.
"Don't get used to it, I still hate you" you say jokingly making him laugh.
"I'm sure you do dear, even so, it's still an admirable act" he lets his hand run up your thigh lifting your dress until his fingers reach the bar of your panties "I guess I should thank you for that" you say in a slower and softer voice.
"I'm trying to make breakfast Harry" you say, not really denying it because the truth was you wanted him to touch you.
He turns you around so he can finally look into your face and kisses you, he puts you sitting on your kitchen countertop getting between your legs and letting his hand finally reach your still clothed core.
"We can leave this for later, now I want you" is all he says before he gets down on his knees in front of you.
He removes your panties letting his fingers touch her without any fabric preventing contact and you smile as you feel how wet you were already for him.
"Harry, please" is all you need to say for his mouth to finally be on you, a sigh of relief escapes your lips.
You loved the fact that Harry knew your body so well, he knew exactly what to do, and it was perfect. Like it was made for you.
He runs his tongue slowly from your opening to your clit before hooking it between his lips. One of his long fingers enters you, but it wasn't enough, you wanted more, you needed more and he knew it, soon the second finger joins the other and you feel in paradise once again.
He looks at you and feels like laughing to see how beautiful you looked when you were in need of him.
His hand pulls at your red curls and he knew you were already close which only makes him increase the speed of his fingers and run his tongue more slowly over your clit, quickly making you reach your limit. When you finally come you throw your head back, moaning Harry's name once more as if it were a prayer.
He picks himself up off the floor positioning himself between your legs again kissing you and making you taste your own.
"I hate you so much" you say between the kiss, that phrase that was already so well known to both of you.
"The same" you reply smiling before kissing her again.
"Please Harry" you say as your hands work to unzip his pants.
"So desperate for me" His voice sounded so smug.
He pulls down his pants and Boxer shorts together and soon he is fully inside you, you both moan in ecstasy.
You never imagined that you would wake up in your bed next to Harry and then be fucked by him on your kitchen counter, but sometimes fate tended to surprise you.
"More," you say against his lips.
"You want more than that honey?" He smiles as his thumb finds your still sensitive clit and teases you "You are always so needy."
He withdraws almost entirely from inside you and penetrates you again quickly and repeats this over and over again until you are both almost at your apex.
"Say it again" he speaks wrapping one of his hands around your throat "say you hate me again".
"I hate you Harry Holland" he makes the same move as before "I hate you" you repeat needily "I need you" you let it slip in your moment of ecstasy
You cum again around his cock and he comes soon after inside you.
Harry captures your lips just as you both recover from your orgasm, this time more slowly and needily.
"Authorities state that after yesterday's storm it is best that everyone stay safe where they are and avoid leaving the house" the journalist's voice sounds through the radio interrupting his moment with Harry.
"I guess we will spend the rest of the day stuck with each other" He says with his face lit up with a smile.
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tomhollandfics · a day ago
Hey bestie do you know any good soulmate aus (peter or tom) thank you
hey - her are some for you <3
Peter Parker
Sleigh Ride - @ohholyfanfics
Warm, Tingly Feeling - @mendespideys
Bloom (Series) - @duskholland
Hold You Forever - @devotion
Sunset Lovers - @duskholland
Falling, With Eyes Wide Open - @hazofmyheart
Tom Holland
My Youth Is Yours - @waitimcomingtoo
Learn To Be Lonely (Series) - @cali-holland
Soulmate (Series) - @spiderboytotherescue
Not Like This - @angelic-holland
Meant To Be - @mcumendes
* I Only Feel You - @stuckonspidey
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justapurrcat · a day ago
Unscripted | t.h
Part One
Pairing: Tom Holland x actress!reader
Summary: “You had never left theatre, though, and this was a double-edged sword. You had been lucky enough to live your dream, while still getting to lead a private and somehow still grounded life, but your World was much smaller, much more fragile, than the one many of your colleagues – could you call them ‘colleagues’? – were well engraved in.
You were easier to break. Easier to destroy. Easier to forget.”
Word count: 3.585k
Chapter Warnings: English not being my first language, possible typos
A/n: And here we are. After months, Unscripted is finally done... I never thought I would post it as a miniseries, but hey, at least it gave me the excuse to create a moodboard… To those who waited, thank you for your patience 💜 To my new readers, welcome 💜 I hope you all will enjoy this! See you at the end of the post!
Series Masterlist
Next chapter
Tumblr media
You stood there in front of the door, nervously pulling at your clothes, trying to look busy. Like you were actually there for a good reason. The best part of it was that you were. The worst part was that maybe you just needed a bit more time to convince yourself about it.
When your manager Cindy first broke the news to you, it didn’t feel real. You could still remember every single detail of that exact moment like it just happened a few seconds ago.
The way she burst into your room as soon as you opened the door, scaring Lady Yuna to death, and gaining a loud hiss of protest from what was possibly the most peaceful and quiet cat in the whole World. How she had to help you get up from the floor before she could tell you what was going on. The look of excitement on her face and the fact that you just couldn’t believe that the sentences coming out of her mouth were correct and true, and that it wasn’t only your mind playing tricks on you.
But it was real.
A new play, a completely original one, and a role waiting just for you to be brought to life for the very first time. In eighteen years of treading the boards, you’d had the occasion to play many different roles on many different stages all over the Country. Some bigger, some smaller. Some quite important, some barely known.
However, even after all those years, even after literally growing up in that universe, the excitement, the sense of wonder, were still there with you, as strong as they had been on that very first day. That was the reason why this was total dream come true.
That, and the fact that you had the chance to forever link your name to a new character, taking the responsibility to lead the way for many other future actresses, maybe even becoming their reference point.
… assuming things went in the best of ways, of course.
Sure, being associated with a success is a huge responsibility… but success doesn’t hold a candle to failure. Especially when your name is not a big one.
It wasn’t like no one knew who you were – after being in the business for so long, it was objectively impossible –, in fact, you had discovered that you had a quite strong and adorable fan base, and you couldn’t have been more grateful for that.
You had never left theatre, though, and this was a double-edged sword. You had been lucky enough to live your dream, while still getting to lead a private and somehow still grounded life, but your World was much smaller, much more fragile, than the one many of your colleagues – could you call them ‘colleagues’? – were well engraved in.
You were easier to break. Easier to destroy. Easier to forget.
And if I fail, if I’m not good enough, it’ll be entirely my fault…
“You okay?”, a voice, accompanied by a snap of fingers, finally dared to interrupt your train of thoughts.
Your head turned towards Cindy, who was standing right next to you.
She was tall. Like, Taylor Swift tall. Much taller than you. Always had been, ever since you could remember. Yes, you loved her, but at the same time you kinda hated her for those gorgeous long legs. Despite the fact that you were both wearing heels – very high heels, in your case –, you still didn’t even reach her cheekbones. Those beautifully high cheekbones, caressed by those incredibly long lashes.
Remind me again who’s the actress and who’s the manager…
Knowing you like the back of her hand, she wasn’t offended by your answer. Or rather, lack of. “Daydreaming again?”, she simply asked.
“I feel like a fraud”, you blurted out, your voice threatening to break on the last word.
Cindy arched an eyebrow, a sceptical look in her eyes. “Doesn’t sound like daydreaming to me.”
You shook your head, ignoring her teasing. “It’s not too late”, you tried again, your fingers wrapping themselves around her wrist. “We can still leave.”
“Stop it.” She freed her arm with a roll of her eyes. “They’re gonna love you.”
“Or maybe they’re gonna take a look at me, see that I look like a child wearing adult clothes, and kick me out faster than the speed of light as soon as I open my mouth”, you deadpanned, staring down at your restless hands, but quickly raising your head – and voice – when you felt a light pinch on your arm.
“Ouch!” You rubbed the skin through the fabric. “What was that for?”
“First of all”, Cindy began, pointing a finger at you. “You’re twenty-four and that dress looks great on you.” She lowered her hand and narrowed her eyes, a knowing smirk appearing on her face. “Second of all, it would be their loss, not yours.”
You were grateful for her words. But no matter how nice they were, your doubts remained stronger. “I mean it, Cin…”, you replied. “I’m not sure I’m the right person for this.”
“What makes you say that?”
“What makes you notsay that?”, you countered, frustration and insecurity palpable behind your apparently calm and relaxed tone. “I don’t even know what the script is about”, you started listing, your fingers keeping the count, but your gaze getting more and more lost with every passing word. “I don’t know how many characters the play has. Or the name of the main characters. Are there even main characters? Or is it a one-person-show? Or–”
Cindy simply cut you off with what had become her usual answer. “It’s top secret. They told me I couldn’t tell you anything.”
“Yeah. I know”, you huffed, biting the inside of your cheek. “Because they want to be the ones to introduce me to the story. I get it.”
You knew all too well that there was no point in trying to get any sort of information from her. Cindy was the type of person you could trust to keep a secret even under torture. By no doubt, an amazing and loyal friend. And an absolute nightmare of a manager when you were the one she had to keep things from.
She leaned her head towards yours a bit, as her voice was reduced to a whisper. “If it makes you feel better, I know a couple of things.”
“Please”, you scoffed. “Every time you say that, it means you already know life, death and miracles of every single character that’s gonna appear in the story.”
That sentence caused her to chuckle. “And that is why you should trust me when I tell you that this role is already yours”, she said, matter-of-factly, making it clear that nothing you could say or do would change her mind. “So, stop questioning my abilities.”
“I’m not questioning your abilities, Cin”, you sighed, pinching the bridge of your nose. You hated this. To sound like an ungrateful, untrusting brat was the last thing you wanted, and yet, there you were, doing just that because, hey, God forbid you might actually formulate some positive thoughts about you and your situation…
This time, you didn’t receive a pinch on your arm, but a gentle, yet firm squeeze on your elbow. “Just trust me, kid.”
“Don’t call me ‘kid’.”
“Don’t call me ‘baby’.”
Of course. She knew exactly where and how to hit.
“Don’t you dare use Taylor against me.” You stopped your lips from curling up into a smile, and instead forced them into a pout, pretending to look offended.
Cindy let go of your elbow, not even attempting to mask her satisfaction. “Then stop being a pain in the ass and be the actress I know you are.”
You were about to reply when you heard noises coming from the other side of the door. Your heart jumped into your throat, but you managed to stay still and to keep your face neutral. To an outside eye, you would’ve looked like someone with no worries, who was simply waiting to be received. Yes, you were dying on the inside, but you were an actress, after all.
And Cindy was right, it was the moment to show it.
Then, a sudden feeling appeared inside of you. One that you knew very well. It started in your chest, buzzing like a swarm of bees, getting stronger by the second, spreading from your stomach to your toes, from your knees to the back of your head. It was the same feeling you got every time you were about to hold a script in your hands, every time you were about to get into character, every time you were about to walk on stage.
And, just like that, fear vanished, getting lost like a distant memory, completely replaced by thatexcitement. That sense of wonder.
“There you are”, Cindy smirked, immediately sensing the change in you.
You raised your chin and straightened your back, definitely putting an end to your nervous fidgeting as you watched the door open.
Easier to break. Easier to destroy. Easier to forget.
Well, y/n l/n, do your absolute best to make sure none of that happens.
Tumblr media
“What did I tell you?” Cindy pointed a finger at you. “They bloody loved youuuu!” She was singing those words to the rhythm of the chorus of 22, which was now playing in the background. “Everything went alright! Just like I told youuuu!”
Cindy had many talents, but if there was one thing that she really couldn’t do, it was sing: she would constantly complain about how tone-deaf she was and categorically refused to even hum a melody in front of anyone.
Anyone but you. In fact, she used to say that singing with you actually improved her performance – something to do with you having an actual singer in your family –, so you were some sort of a lucky charm for her. Those moments, when she would just let go, were simply the best ever. You both would sing on top of your lungs like kids, without giving a shit about off-key notes or wrong words.
Laughing, you pretended to prostrate yourself, careful not to spill your drink. “I humbly ask to be forgiven.”
“Mmh.” Cindy tilted her head to the side, eyes narrowing like she was seriously considering it, while swirling the wine around in her glass. “Granted”, she came to a decision, downing it in one go. “But only because I’m in a good mood.”
You suppressed a giggle and played along, bowing your head and thanking her silently.
“Here’s to you, Miss I’m not sure I’m the right person for this”, she added, pouring herself another glass and then raising it towards you, and you were quick to mimic her. “… or should I start calling you ‘Anaïs’?”
You had “met” her and fell in love with her right away. As soon as you began reading the script, everything fell into place and you just knewthat she was yours. Truly yours.
To say that things were going well was an understatement.
The meeting turned out to be an actual audition, a test that you passed with flying colours. The director, Thecla, had explained to you the plot and, most importantly, who the character was and what her journey would be, then proceeded to read several scenes with you. Every time, she would give you an exhaustive explanation of what her original idea was, but one thing she had made specifically clear from the very beginning, was that, during the months of rehearsal, you would have a say in that matter, too.
She liked the idea of having actors involved in the process of developing and evolving a character and, when she had seen how brilliant you could do after just a simple explanation, she was left with no doubt and straightaway gave you the part.
It was a play written for only two actors, but you still didn’t know who your co-star would be. In any other circumstance, all this secrecy would’ve worried you, but this time it wasn’t the case. You had never trusted a director that rapidly and that blindly, but you and Thecla had clicked instantly: even after a simple conversation, it was evident how much she cared for her story and how important it was for her to bring it to life in the best way possible. There was no way in the World that she could make the wrong choice.
Which means I’m a good choice, too…
That thought almost brought tears of joy to your eyes. “Oh God, I still can’t believe it…”, you murmured, mostly to yourself. You knew that there was a very stupid smile on your face, but you just couldn’t care less. “What about you, Lady Yuna?”
The soft ball of fur was curled up on your crossed legs, but promptly raised her head when she heard her name, blinking at you a few times with her big blue and green eyes.
“Can you believe it, kiddo?”, you cooed, giving her a light scratch under her chin and causing her to purr happily. “Are you happy for your mommy?”
Cindy watched the scene unfold, her gaze travelling back and forth between you and your cat. “Can’t decide if that look means that she’s proud of you…”, she began, but stopped to take another sip of wine. “… or that she just wants some more treats.”
“Well, I’m gonna give her more treats anyway”, you decided, already setting your glass down, trading it for a little flower-shaped box an opening it. Lady Yuna wasted no time, sitting with her ears pointing up. “Because she is proud of me.”
Plus it was a special night: it was only fair that all the ladies in the house got their chance to celebrate. You were drinking wine, which was an extremely rare – if not unique – exception for you, therefore Lady Yuna could definitely get some extra treats.
“Your logic is flawless.”
For a while, Taylor kept singing and so did you. Once Lady Yuna had finished her treats, she got off your lap to get to her favourite napping spot, right next to the one you were occupying. You petted her a bit more, then returned your attention to your manager and friend, who was now singing Exile, trying to play both Taylor and Bon Iver at the same time.
You paused and bit your lip, trying to find the right words. In the end, you settled for simple ones. You already knew what they meant: they didn’t need to be grand, just true. “I wanted to thank you.”
“You already have, y/n”, Cindy pointed out with a giggle. “More than a hundred times, I think… not quite sure, though, I might’ve lost the count.”
You shook your head. “No, I mean…”, straightening your back, you sat up and looked her right in the eye, “… thank you thank you”, you clarified. “I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you. I’m not even sure I would actually be doing what I’m doing if it wasn’t for you.”
“Please, let me finish.” You cleared your throat and inhaled deeply. “I don’t know how I got so lucky to have you in my life. Not only as a manager, but also as a friend. Especially as a friend. You’re…” For a moment, you were tempted to take her hand in yours, but decided against it: she wasn’t too keen on touching, and neither were you. Just another reason why the two of you got along so well.
“You’re so important, and I always feel like I don’t tell you that enough”, you confessed with a coy smile. “Thank you for being in my life, Cindy Lai.”
She stared at you for a while, as if she was taking you in for the very first time, an unreadable look in her eyes and her hand practically gripping the stem of her glass so tightly that, in case she broke it, you wouldn’t have been surprised.
What actually surprised you were her next words. “… shit, y/n!”, Cindy gritted, looking up, blinking repeatedly and using her free hand to aggressively fan herself. “You can’t be this adorable just like that!”, she whined, and maybe it was just your imagination, but you could’ve sworn you heard a few sniffs coming from her. “I have Yves Saint Laurent stuff on my eyes!”
You had to hold back your laugh, her complaint turning your initial shock into amusement. “I’m sorry, do you want me to get you a tissue or…?”
“Oh, shut up and give me a hug before I change my mind!”, she cut you off, opening her arms and motioning for you to come closer.
You did as she told you, but it felt weird at first: you didn’t exactly know how tight you were supposed to hold her. Your doubts were short-lived, since she literally knocked the wind right out of your lungs with a strength you had no idea she could own.
After that, hugging her back with the same energy was the only natural consequence.
“I bet it’s just payback for not telling you anything”, she muttered, voice still shaken by light sobs. “And for that Taylor joke.”
“A bit, yes”, you admitted, rubbing her back. “But it’s mostly love and good intentions.”
“… and cat fur on your shirt.”
“Okay! That’s a little too much.” She pulled away as if she had just been scorched, almost spilling her wine in the process, and worriedly started checking her blouse, its crimson colour perfectly matching the shade of her lipstick.
“I can already tell Tom’s certainly not gonna be impressed by that.”
That name caught your attention and your smile dropped. “Tom?”
“Your co-star.” Her nonchalance hit you like a punch in the face: she said it like it was the most obvious thing ever. Like you were supposed to know what she was talking about.
“Cindy…” You furrowed your brows, the gears in your brain working like crazy. “This is the first time I’m hearing that name in… the whole day.”
Cindy froze at your last words, hand still on her shoulder as she slowly raised her head to look at you, eyes widened in what you could’ve only described as pure dread. “Oh…”, was her only comment.
But it wasn’t enough for you. “They do know who my co-star is going to be?”, you inquired even though it didn’t sound like you were really asking it.
Narrowing your eyes at her, you realized you had her cornered. And by the look she was giving you, you weren’t the only one to think that. “And so do you.”
“Tell me”, you demanded.
“I can’t”, Cindy gulped, shaking her head. “I couldn’t even tell you that I knew it!”
It felt like a few days ago all over again, with you being about to start a war you had no chance win. That alone was enough to convince you to give up. But then your gaze fell on her blouse, and more specifically on the white hair she hadn’t been able to remove, and an idea popped up in your mind.
“I’m gonna unleash Lady Yuna on you.”
Colour drained from the poor girl’s cheeks at your declaration, and she instinctively leaned back. “No…”
“And she’s super cuddly, tonight.” By sheer coincidence, your cat stretched out her paw to tough your thigh, meowing to get attention and unexpectedly backing you up.
That’s right, kiddo. Team up with your mother.
“Please, don’t”, Cindy attempted to reason with you. She didn’t sound like herself, the weak, trembling voice and submissive behaviour being completely off with her. “They told me I had to wait…”
Deaf to your friend’s plea, you gave her a wicked smirk, picking up Lady Yuna, and holding her in the same way you would’ve held a rifle. You even closed one eye, pretending to aim to make your threat appear more realistic.
“Tell. Me.”
“I…” Cindy pressed her lips together, eyes bouncing wildly between your face, your cat and her shirt. “Oh, fuck, alright!”, she whined, head sinking between her shoulders and defeat painting itself all over her features. “Alright…”, she repeated in a murmur.
As pride filled your chest, you raised you chin and let go of your cat, opting for letting her settle on your lap – like the poor creature had originally planned before she became your weapon. “Who knew Lady Yuna was the secret to break you all along…”, you pondered with a grin. “Interesting.”
She rolled her eyes and gave you a fake laugh. “Very funny.”
“So?”, you prompted her, tilting your head to the side and raising an eyebrow.
Cindy pointed a finger at you. “You didn’t hear this from me”, she warned you, now somehow more similar to her usual self. “Better yet, you didn’t hear this at all. Got it?”
“Got it”, you nodded solemnly. “Cross my heart, won’t tell no other.”
That caused her to roll her eyes again, but she didn’t comment on it. “Okay then…” Chin resting on her clasped hands, Cindy took a long deep breath. “Brace yourself, girl”, she warned you one last time, eyes boring into yours.
“Tom Holland’s gonna be your partner.”
That night, the one who scared Lady Yuna to death was you. Seriously, that poor cat really couldn’t catch a break.
Tumblr media
Next chapter
A/n: ... yeah, no Tom for now... but fear not, we’ll meet him very soon! Thank you so much for reading this, let me know what you think, if you like 💜 se y'all on next chapter!
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fanboyontour · 20 hours ago
Tom Holland x Male!Reader
I'm sure y'all remember the interview of Tom Holland about his and Jake Gyllenhaal's workout, right? Well, I got inspired...
Tom: Hey, (Y/N), love, Jake and I are going to do a workout in a fitness studio. Wanna join?
(Y/N) *chuckling*: Definetly not. Have you ever seen you two? I can't keep up with you guys.
Tom *with puppy eyes*: Come on, please! What about just sitting beside? Or doing your own workout? Please, (Y/N/N).
(Y/N) *rolling his eyes*: But just because it's you!
Tom *smiling and kissing (Y/N) softly*: Thank you, babe. This is going to be amazing!
*Literally 20 minutes later in the studio*
(Y/N) *excited*: Oh, oh! They're having a yoga-course here! I'm going to do that! Wish you fun with your exercises, guys!
Tom: I- okay. Have fun!
Jake: See you later, (Y/N).
*1 and a half hours later*
(Y/N): Oh, I absolutely LOVED this! We have to do this again! Never felt so at ease :)
Jake: Same, it was awesome.
Tom: Yeah, absolutely! *deep breath* It was *deep breath* SO relaxing!
(Y/N) *chuckling*: Babe, everything alright?
Tom *deep voice*: Yes.
*at home*
Tom *falling on the couch*: Babe, can we just lay here for the rest of the evening?
(Y/N) *sitting next to him*: Do you want a massage?
Tom *puppy eyes*: I feel like collapsing every moment.
(Y/N) *chuckling*: I take this as a yes. Although I wish, I could have brought you in that state...
Tumblr media
Well, you can still do that.
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tomhsource · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
lessons in love - t.h.
your first term at university proves to be more than you’ve bargained for when you get assigned a tutor to help you in your failing literature class — the top of the class heartthrob tom holland. but when he inadvertently finds out that you’re more inexperienced than is conventionally natural, he offers to give you some extra lessons.
part one coming soon!
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