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#tom holland smut

Hey! so I’ve been going through a major writer’s block, so I was thinking, to get me back to the rail, I’d conduct an impromptu writing event to boost me into writing. I got this idea from @uglypastels​! go check out her wrap fics!


Rules -

Give me a song from my spotify wrap playlist (under the cut) and-

1. I will be writing for : (all reader inserts. Irondad is VERY welcome!)

  • Peter Parker 
  • Tom Holland
  • Arvin Russell

2. I will take some time lol I forgot how to write T_T

3. Pwease do not spam me T_T


Here is my playlist-

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Originally posted by thosekidswhohuntmonsters

  • request: kinkmas day 11 with dom!peter pleaseee il
  • word count: 550
  • gif credit: @thosekidwhohuntmonsters
  • A/N: Sorry i just wrote some dirty talk 

thank you for this lovely request! <3

.He pushed through your lips and slid his cock into you.“Shit,” his head fell back as his eyes closed at the feeling, “feels like fucking heaven I swear.” He slowly started thrusting his hips, his eyes looking back down, “So tight and wet for me.”

You cry out, pushing back against him, feeling the presence of his warm body pressing up against yours .

He started to fuck you harder, pressing his body against you. ““Such a perfect pussy, baby,.”

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A/N : Well this series will be hella angsty. Hope you like this. Feedbacks and suggestions are always welcome.

Pairing : Mob! Tom Holland x Reader

Summary : you always wanted a simple life but to be born as the daughter of a dangerous mobster turned out to be a curse for you. Everything changes when your father gets your lover killed and forcefully marries you off to another mobster as a part of a deal. You hate your father and your husband the only thing you seek is now revenge. Will you ever be able to fall in love again or this burning hatred inside you will consume you?

Warnings : 18+,mentions of blood, murder, death, misogyny, implied sexual theme.


It’s the middle of the night as you sneak out from the backside of the dingy motel you and Ethan chose to hide for two days before catching a bus to Virginia. You were headed to the NY port bus terminus as you cautiously walked through the dimly lit alleyway. Both of you carrying a duffel bag in your hand as you briskly walk down to the main street.

“Ethan come on” you whisper yell looking back to your boyfriend who was walking right behind you with whom you have planned to elope and start a new life away from your father’s clutches who happens to be the mafia king of Northeast United States and wants to forcefully marry you off to another mobster of Europe to expand his territory and grab hold on their turf.

“Y/N are you sure your dad will not find us trying to flee right under his nose?” Ethan asks nervously. You smile softly as you put down your bag. Your hands reach up to his face cupping it gently.

“Don’t you worry honey. I have a friend over there who has made all the necessary arrangements. In a few hours we will be in our paradise far from all of this. Just you and me, baby.”

“But what if your dad already knows about us and sent his men to kill me.”

“By the time daddy will come to know about us running away he will have nothing to do. He has no power in the southern states so we will be safe.” You press your forehead on to his before stepping away from him and are about to turn around to resume walking but then the inevitable happens.

BANG! a gunshot was fired from a near distance.

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pairing ; tom x reader ..

request ; Hi I know you’re taking requests and I’ll like one with Tom please! So basically the reader telling her friends about her and Tom sex life and Tom isn’t in this one I just want to know how it’s like it can be so short it does not matter just something about the sex life also you’re an AMAZING writer 🦋

title ; sextalker.

not all edited!..

hey! this is so quick.. well not really! I don’t know the word count sorry and if you want more just let me know.. maybe one of tom telling the boys..🌝. I also don’t really like this so sorry! I’ll totally redo if ; you need me too.

a/n ; hii’ im sorry this took so long!.. i had to finish my work before I did anything and thank you so much 😔🤍.!

warnings ; sex talk.. nothing much … smut…😂.


Staring into space you blocked out you’re friends conversation watching while people walked by ; since Tom was in California for spider man three , you decided to come with him due to fact you were normally from here. But whilst he was filming you decided to call some of you’re friends over and that only leaded to you guys driving around doing Christmas shopping.

“Y/N.” You heard causing you to blink you’re eyes before looking back at your friend Kendall ; she leaned back in her seat crossing her arms over her chest with an light pout playing onto her lips.

“Why are you spacing out on us? We haven’t seen you in like what..” She looked over at you’re other bestfriend Lana for any type of help. “Since the corona started.” Lana replied , you rolled you’re eyes playfully letting out an soft chuckle.

“It isn’t my fault I happened to be in London whilst the lockdown began.. I couldn’t go anywhere.” You shrugged playfully while looking at the rode ; you heard the girls snicker at you’re smart comeback but they didn’t say anything back.

“So how’s you and Tom?” Lana questioned looking up from her phone. You always knew Lana and Kendall wanted to always be informed on you and Toms relationship. They’ve always tell you ‘we need to know. Just incase he does something I can hurt him’ you’ll just laugh it off.

You and Tom weren’t really the type to argue ; of course their were disagreements but never got to the point where you guys were literally screaming in one another face. The furthest you’re arguments ever went were probably door slamming , ignoring each other for hours sometimes tom always spoke first and apologized for getting angry even though you’ve could’ve been the one that started the argument over something stupid. He has always apologized and that’s what you love him for.

“We’re good actually. Looking for our own home soon.” You informed them. Nodding they both glanced at one another before looking over at you. Curiously Staring at them ; you scrunched you’re nose up in confusion.

“What?” You asked ; confusing following through you’re voice tone.

“How is it like.. you know having sex with an celebrity?” Kendall asked looking away from the rode to bring her eyes at you before bringing them back on the rode.

Laughing out loud ; you quickly covered you’re mouth in shock while staring at you’re two bestfriend in shock.

“You guys really wanna know?” You questioned : arching an brow staring at them both. They both nodded hurriedly ; you bit your bottom lip letting out an soft giggle.

“Feels good.” Tom whispered against youre lips thrusting inside of you at an fast pace ; the rhythm he had on you drove you insane. You were in complete bliss ; pleasure. Eyes rolling to the back of you’re head in pleasure. Loud moans coming out of your mouth which Tom swallowed.

“Okay first of all ; starting it off it honestly feels so good. Let’s just start and please don’t use that sentence ‘having sex with an celebrity’.” You mocked shaking you’re head.

“Well I mean we get you’re an actress as well but you’ve never really dated an celebrity so we want to know how does it feel finally dating one ; plus.. having sex with one.” Lana nudged you in your arm playfully ; rolling your eyes playfully you thought about how many times you and Tom actually had sex. Not even being able to count how many times you just thought about the feeling of him being in between your legs ; behind you ; in front of you. It didn’t matter ; as much as you hated saying this. You and Tom had sex like you guys were professional porn stars.

“God baby!” You screamed in pleasure looking back at Tom ; his hands placed on you’re ass cheeks spreading and rubbing it while landing harsh slaps on it which turned you on.

“Our favorite position is” You cringed at the sound of it coming out of you’re mouth. Never in a million years you’ve thought you’ll be talking about the way tom makes you feel when you’re both doing it. Neither did you ever think you’ll actually be thinking about it while explaining to you’re friends.

“Okay but I have to ask.. is he like the type that will place his thumb at.. you know.” Kendall giggled at her own questioned.

Licking his thumb he placed it at you’re arsehole ; gently rubbing it around you’re hole lubrcating it. Gently placing it in making sure not to hurt you , eyes widen in shock you bit your lip scrunching you’re eyes shut tightly as his hips continue to slap against yours ass.

“He’s at least did it about maybe..” you trailed off ; licking you’re bottom lip you thought about it for an while obviously knowing the answer.

“Three.” You held up three fingers ; body turning gently with the turn Kendall ended up making causing you’re body to lean over until your side was on the door. Fixing you’re self you looked at both girls seeing them both in shock.

Lana hand over her mouth whilst Kendall had her mouth open in shock while staring ahead at the rode.

“He’s also an spitter.” You whispered feeling you’re cheeks heat up in embarrassment watching as the girls looked over at you in confusion.

“Like what do you mean?! He spits on the floor in the middle of you guys having sex!!” Lana more like screamed in shock while staring at you. Rolling you’re eyes you couldn’t help but laugh at both of there faces. They were so confused and you loved it.

Spit trailed out tom mouth and into yours ; closing yours mouth you couldn’t help but smiled up at him as he placed his hand around your neck gently. Thrusting forward faster.

“No like..he spits in my mouth sometimes.. not always! Maybe when we’re really on our kinky stuff and I’m tied up he’ll spit in my mouth.. on my vagin-.” You explained ; not wanting to finish the last word.

“That’s so fucking hot.. Oh my gosh. Is he romantic sometimes.. at least!?”

“So tight.” He groaned looking up ; placing your hands on his chest you bounced up and down on his cock nice and slow ; leaning down placing soft kisses on his lips.

“Of course! I mean it’s not like we’re just rough all the time. I remember our first time having sex it was so romantic , Tom ended up renting an hotel for us both. Flowers , chocolate. It was so romantic. I remember we first took an bath together and he fingers me in the bath and then we got out and ate strawberries with Nutella.”

“Oh gosh!.. you guys are so cute. I’ve seen the videos and photos on Instagram.” Kendall told you which you thanked her giving her an soft smile.

“Yeah thank you. I feel like even though we’re both really young we know what we want.” You let out in an soft chuckle.

“I agree.” Lana smiled over at you.

You were happy you had family and friends that supported you ; even sometimes you felt so low about yourself you always managed to put an smile on you’re face because at the end of the day nobody can make you feel any less than you’re self. Not even haters.

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chapter one: The Prince and the Pauper. (Pauper.)

↳ read Sophia’s version here and a little bit of Tom. (Tim fic)

So, the christmas series is finally here! This is a 2 fics in one, meaning I’ll write Tom’s fic and @jambrosemc will write a Tim Chalamet fic, if you’re not familiar with the concept, it’s based on the movie The Holiday, where two women after being heartbroken switch their homes and lives for a bit. Both fics are reader insert, however Emma’s character will be named Sophia in this fic and my character will be named Iris in her fic. Remember the fics are connected and that Tom’s introduction is held in @jambrosemc​ ‘s fic. And so Tim’s introduction is here. Hope it’s not complicated and we hope you love it. 

STORY SUMMARY:  Two women troubled with guy-problems, one who’s in love with love and one who doesn’t believe in it are both suffering from a broken heart, with little reasoning and nothing left to lose, they swap homes in each other’s countries for the holidays, where they’ll meet a local guy who will probably change their destiny. 

chapter summary: The heartbreak of an unrequited lover.
pairing: tom holland x y/n |
warnings: Chad, mentions of sex, alcohol, mentions of cheating. 
word count: 7.2k

story masterlist. 

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There is something unequivocally  known about love, everything that’s been said about it, is almost true. We’ve been bombarded with love songs, romantic comedies, romance novels, poetry, it’s everywhere. There can never be enough love songs, because no matter how incredible it never seems to be the same, you’ll never see two pieces that are identical, some of them are similar, of course, but they all speak from a very deep side of Love.  Love isn’t one thing that is written down, not an exact science. There’s no right formula to whatever love is. But every single thing written about love might be true, at least to someone. Love is something so personal and yet we can all relate to it, but then again there’s never two loves that will feel the same. There can be two love stories starting at the same time but you’ll never feel like it’s the same. But everytime someone dares to write or speak or sing about love, it’s most likely to be true. Or so you’ve learned throughout the years.

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I Should Have a Hit Put On Em | mob! Tom H.

a/n i’m sorry if this is bad it’s my first time doing mob Tom, and i’m sorry it took so long to get out!! hope you like it x

warning: mentions of death, smut smut, language

pairing: mob Tom H x (fem) reader

“Fuck princess your so sweet.” You we’re currently in the bed of London’s top feared mobster, Tom Holland. You were the only person he had a sweet spot for, considering how many people he had killed. He loved you, and you loved him. You were in fact a private person, he couldn’t believe how. Your captivating beauty and sly but kind soul, what was not to love?

Tom continued to lick your pussy, and slipped a finger in. You were absolutely losing it, but yet biting your lip. Something was holding you back, holding you back from riding your pussy all over his face squirting juices all over him. Tom continued to eat you out, tounge touching your cunt. You fisting the bed sheets, and your eyes rolled into the very back of your head. “Are you close for me princess? Hmm?” Tom mumbled into your pussy the vibrations making you go crazy. You came with a shudder to your whole body, grabbing onto Toms hair and pulling it as you tasted blood from biting to hard on your lip. Tom turned his attention to your crop top, looking at you for reassurance, (CONSENT IS KEY) and when you nodded he ripped the thing right off you and went straight for your breasts. He sucked on your nipples and rubbed with his palm giving you total pleasure.

He noticed you weren’t moaning, not even humming, so he stopped and looked at you. “Babygirl are you okay? Why aren’t you moaning love? Do I- do i not make you feel good enough?” You looked up at him, his eyes filled with worry. “No no baby I- you make me feel wonderful it’s just,” you reassured him with a rub to his bulging mucsele. “My ex he always told me to be quiet, he said I didn’t moan pretty enough for him.” you explained looking down.

“Well whoever said that is a dick. I should have a hit put on em. Your moans are the most gorgeous thing in the whole world and your delicious sounds make me weak at the knees.”

Oh the irony. The number one feared man and he would go weak for you. He pushed you down on the bed, pinning your wrists with his hands. “I wanna hear you baby, wanna make you cum all over me. Would you like that baby?” Tom whispered in your ear, voice dripping in lust. You nodded and Tom went back to his original spot inbetween your legs. He placed your legs on top of his shoulders and stuck his tounge inside you. You instantly but your lip, but Tom stopped. “Now now princess, if I wanted you to be quiet, I would have put a gag in your mouth. Let me hear those pretty sounds.” He bit at your clit and you let out a loud moan. Music to his ears. He played around with your clit with his thumb as he slipped two fingers inside you. You were rutting your pussy against his fingers, begging for more. “Please Tommy, oh my god faster!” Tom smirked and started to curl his fingers hitting your G-spot. You let out a scream, pulling his hair, knotting the fluffy brown in your fingers. “Darling are you about to cum? Mmm baby when you come keep those beautiful eyes open I want to see you.” He kept curling his fingers to hit your spot, making you whine. The knot in your stomach was starting to come undone, as Tom whispered in your ear, “Cum for me baby.” You instantly followed his orders and looked him in the eyes, back arching as you rid out your high. Tom took this opportunity to suck on your nipple, helping you continue your high.

Once you settled down from your high, and Tom got a bottle of red from the cupboard and poured two glasses. “Holy fuck princess, that was hot.” You giggled taking a sip of your wine, and resting your head on his shoulder. “Thank you Mr. Holland.” you said kissing his cheek. “Any time Miss. (L/N)”

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i love this bc i feel like the boys are v different like

harry is very visual. he likes it when you wear one of those lip tints (not a bold red, just a tinge of color that makes him wanna kiss them), and anything showing off your curves. he loves lingerie ofc and would 10/10 do a boudoir shoot with you 😝

haz gets turned on by one of those giggle/sigh, y'know? he’s all about them moans and he’s definitely one for emitting those sounds himself

tom, on the other hand, is more tactile. he gets turned on when you play with his hair or run your nails up and down his back and he’s soooo weak y'all 😂😂

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trying to write two blurbs from the same prompts one after the other and not making them exactly the same is a challenge i did not need but will gladly take. thank you. > smut under the cut. 18+ < like always with me, it got a bit long

> Spotify Wrapped Blurbs

Song: #76 - Like A Virgin by Madonna


To be quite honest, you were a bit scared when Tom had asked you to be his girlfriend. He knew about your lack of experience, and you were very well aware of his abundance of it, so to speak. You had been scared that the two of you wouldn’t work that difference out, that maybe Tom would find it too difficult to take it slow, and let you learn things at your own pace. 

But he was anything but that. He was kind and caring. He always made sure you were comfortable before proceeding to do anything, even if it was as small of a thing as holding your hand or tucking a piece of your hair behind your ear.

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tom holland x bartender!reader

summary: after a hard day, tom goes to a small countryside pub to relieve some stress. 

word count: 4,726

warnings: fluff-ish. cursing. creepy men. mention of alcoholism. bad writing. awkwardness. softish & rough smut. oral. protected sex. dirty talk. lots of tom moaning. slight aftercare.

a/n: so i wrote this.. i’m trying to procrastinate and by the word count you can see i succeeded. um lets not talk about it. this is kinda a mess? half-ass edited. but enjoy xo. im actually sorry for publishing this.


“Alright boys, last orders.”

A commotion of “awh cmon” and “whaayy” filled the room protesting your announcement. You rolled your eyes as you started getting orders and pulling pints of lager for the group of men who had been in the pub since the early evening. They had spent their time playing darts and watching football. Proper lad behaviour.

It was past midnight, you wanted to be gone out of the pub and into bed before sunrise. You had gotten a job in one of the small pubs in your town, just wanting a bit of extra money. It was a normal job. Nothing much happened, a few brawls here and there, old men grossly flirting with you and constant banter with customers.

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tea party | p. parker


pairing: peter parker x fem!stark!reader

genre: fluff | upset lil bby morgan :(

word count: 1k

note: this is a little blurb i just wrote during my bio class !!! it’s inspired by this adorable post by @spidey-art and i rly recommend checking out their art <3

— morgan is a little more sensitive than peter thought, y/n has a flair for being overly-dramatic, and tony stark wants nothing more than to die

-ˋˏ ༻✿༺ ˎˊ-

Y/N Stark could confidently say that she had never been poisoned.

Sure, there were instances in the past where she had been hit by some forigen chemical on some random HYDRA mission that definitely caused extreme pain and lasting problems, but still, she could say it with confidence — she has never gotten hit with a batch of lethal poison or been offered it in a drink like some outdated and unoriginal Shakespearean attempt.

That is, until now.

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“Bright blue ripples”


Mob!Tom Holland x Reader


Warnings: Smut, rough sex, overstimulation, dirty talk, master/sir kink

Just a little blurb cuz I can’t get this scene out of my head 💦

“Light of my life, fire of my loins

Be a good baby, do what I want”

Off to the Races - Lana del Rey

“Say it, baby girl” Tom cooed softly against your ear, voice calm and sweet, like he hadn’t been torturing you, pushing you to the brink of insanity, blurring the line between pleasure and pain, for almost two hours now. 

As if he wasn’t buried balls deep into your tight heat, fucking you raw. 

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