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#tom holland x fem
bradtomlovesya · 19 hours ago
ᴛʜᴇ ɢɪʀʟ ᴏꜰ ᴛʜᴇ ʙᴀʀ
Summary: Tom falls in love with you, the girl his brother (Harry) loves. (I suck at summary but i didn't want to spoil you)
Autor note: Reblogs, comments and likes are always appreciated :).
Warnings: Angst!, mentions of sex, strong vocabulary, insinuation, good ending, This is long.
Word count: 9k +
Tumblr media
It is the night of November 27th. It's Saturday and you're exhausted from all the exams and papers you had to submit this week for your college. You want to stay home and watch a movie because you're exhausted but you can't, it's one of your friend's birthday and -unfortunately- you promised her you'd go.
The celebration was at a bar, 'At least I'll be able to get drunk' you thought. You needed a little alcohol in your system to distract you from the pressure you were feeling. You had to pass or you would have to go through the whole semester again and the idea was not sitting well in your head. You had been studying and killing yourself to pass those exams, failing was not an option.
You put all those thoughts aside as you looked for your outfit for the night. You never wear heels, the hectic life of a college student in her last year didn't allow it, at least not if you didn't want to get overtired every day. However, you say 'Why not?' and look for a pair of red closed heels with a strap to avoid accidents and to prevent them from slipping off your foot as you walk.
You fix your hair and makeup while looking in the mirror, decide on a red lipstick and, when you are satisfied, you put your wallet, your phone, your house keys, the same lipstick, take the gift for your friend and a few mints in a small red bag. All these accessories stand out perfectly against the black of your short strapless dress.
You leave your house sending the location of where you will be to your mother -to avoid incidents- and get into a Taxi that will take you to the place. On the way you only think about what drink you will have first. Tequila? Vodka? Whiskey? Yes, that's it. Whiskey.
You pay the driver and thank him and then enter the bar. Your friend sees you and quickly approaches you.
"Y/n!" The black haired exclaims hugging you.
"Hi Rose" you smile hugging her back.
"How are you, really thanks for coming" She breaks away to look at you.
"I'm fine" you nod. "Happy birthday!" you exclaim extending an envelope to her. "It's a gift card for Vogue, I know how much you love their make-up."
"Wow! Thank you, you're the best" She hugs you again and sees someone behind you. "I have to go say hi but you can go to the bar and order a drink on my way back with you."
"Okay, no problem" You nod and walk to the bar. You sit down and order the bartender a whiskey on the rocks.
"That's a strong drink for a lady" says a man next to you.
"Good thing I don't mind" you reply seriously as you take a swig from your glass.
"Let me order you a drink" he moves his seat a little closer to yours.
"I already have one, thank you" you try not to be rude but the truth is you're not interested.
"Come on, if you stop playing hard to get we can get out of here faster" he says with a horrible smile on his face.
"I'm not interested and you're invading my personal space" you spit coldly and take distance from him.
"How much longer are you going to keep pretending you don't want to?" he tries to stroke your cheek but you push his hand away before he can. His cigarette breath only makes him more repulsive to you.
"Dude, my girlfriend already told you to leave. You don't want to create a problem and get kicked out of this bar, do you?" another guy walks up and stands next to you.
You don't know him, he's clearly not your boyfriend but you don't say a word.
"Oh, I didn't know she had a boyfriend. I'm so sorry, dude" The man gets up and walks away.
"Are you okay?" asks the guy who pulled you out of the problem.
"I'm fine," you reply, taking another sip of your drink. "But I'm not going to thank you." You clarify.
"You don't have to, I know you could deal with that on your own." He nods. "I just wanted to help."
You wish a guy didn't have to pretend to be your boyfriend just so another man would stop bothering you. Normally you'd tell him to mind his own business but he looked like a decent person and you couldn't help but smile.
"In that case, thanks for your help." You turn your head to look him in the eye and watch as he sits down next to you. "But you didn't try to be my 'hero' just to try to get me to sleep with you, did you?" You raise an eyebrow. Over time you've learned to decipher people and to know when or when not they're lying.
"No, of course not," he denies.
"I believe you" You nod and finish your drink in one gulp without making a single gesture.
"Wow... what a great resistance to alcohol." He laughs.
"The trick is to taste it with your tongue so it doesn't burn your throat so much" You laugh.
"Let's see..." He picks up his drink which appears to also be a whiskey and tries what you just told him. "Wow... You're a genius."
"Thank you, thank you" You bow your head in a curtsy.
"I'm Tom, by the way" He extends his hand towards you.
"Y/n" You take his hand and feel an electric current run through your body. His eyes lock with yours and seconds later you withdraw your hands. He also felt the same current as you but you don't know that yet.
"Pleasure." He laughs nervously.
"The pleasure is all mine." You smile slightly and order another drink. "So... Tom. What do you do for a living?" you ask intrigued to get to know him more.
"I'm a golfer," he replies and orders another drink. A whiskey on the rocks just like you. "I usually participate in tournaments but I also give lessons."
"I've never met a golfer." A chuckle leaves your lips. "You're the first."
"It's a world of firsts, isn't it?" he asks with a smile and you nod. "What about you?"
You lose yourself in his pretty hazel eyes and the lines that form next to his eyes for a few seconds that feel like hours just before you answer.
"I'm a senior in college." You say with pride in yourself. "I'm studying English literature."
"Are you interested in becoming a writer?" he asks excitedly.
"I am." You nod and laugh again at how lit up his eyes look as you speak. "Why the enthusiasm?" you ask with confusion.
"Because my father is a writer and I find it a career worth admiring." He clarifies by looking you straight in the eye, his gaze drifting back to your lips and then back to your eyes.
"Thank you, Tom, I also think golf is a sport to be admired." You smile kindly and look at his lips as well.
You came to this bar looking for some stress release and I think you've found it.
"Thank you for calling it a sport," he laughs. "It's nice when people call it what it is." He nods with an even bigger smile than before and licks his lips.
"You want to get out of here?" The words leave your mouth so fast they don't give you time to think about them.
The alcohol made you more relaxed. You are still in your 5 senses but more relaxed. However you decide not to finish your second whisky so as not to cloud your judgement.
"You mean...?" You nod when he asks. "O-Of course" He stammers. "There's a motel nearby."
"Fine, but first" You pull out your phone and take a picture of him, which you send to one of your friends.
"Why was that?" he asks confused.
"If anything happens to me you'd be the first suspect." You grab your bag and get up.
"Smart girl." He nods and stands up behind you.
You both pay for your drinks and leave the establishment. The chill of the night hits your face as you walk to the nearest motel. Once there you offer to pay half but he won't let you and pays for the whole thing.
"Nice dress, by the way" He admires you up and down thanks to the brighter lights of the lift.
"Thanks." You nod with a smile and decide to take the first step. You don't know where all this sudden confidence is coming from but you're not complaining either. Your lips press against his and he wastes no time in placing his hands on the back of your neck and waist to deepen the kiss.
You both step out of the lift and into the room without releasing your lips from each other. He closes the door with his foot and allows himself a moment to watch you as he turns on the light.
"I just want you to know I don't usually do this," he clarifies. All your lipstick is smeared across his lips and face.
"Neither do I." You shake your head and both of you laugh at the situation.
He takes several confident steps towards you and kisses you again with ferocity. Your hands go to his hair, tugging at it and tousling his curls completely.
You don't know why you ended up in this situation but it was one of the last things you cared about at the moment. You had met a guy who didn't seem to be as bad as the rest. He even had a certain aura about him that told you he wasn't a bad person.
You were already talking to someone and you liked him but you weren't ready for something serious. At least not for now so you decided to accept this casual encounter you were about to have with the beautiful brown-eyed boy who got you out of trouble but still didn't gloat about it.
Three months had passed since your slight chance encounter with that boy with the beautiful smile you met in the bar. You knew nothing but his name and you only had the photo you had taken of him as a precaution.
You still regret not having asked for his number or even his surname. Something to look him up on instagram or somewhere. You left so quickly the morning after three months ago that you even forgot the bracelet you had taken off and felt the emptiness in your hand. It was one of those anti-stress and anxiety bracelets that worked for you. You call it "the anti-crisis charm". You're on your way to the birthday party of the guy you're dating but you can't help but laugh inside because of the memory of Tom's laughter when you told him the name you christened the thing before it ended up on the floor with the rest of your clothes. "You're a strange case" you remember hearing him say before you fell fast asleep in that motel bed after the best sex of your life.
Your body keeps moving on its own. It was on autopilot as your mind kept wandering as you remembered all the features of that boy, especially those cute freckles on his face that you kissed to exhaustion.
Tom had also delighted in every corner of your body that he could kiss and fill with pleasure. He still thought about it every free minute he had and cursed himself for not getting up at least 10 minutes earlier. That way he would have found you in the bed and not with the note you left on your pillow saying "Thanks for everything ;)". He appreciated the thank you, he knew that coming from you was hard to come by so he took it and kept it to himself in a corner of his heart. The pity was that you didn't leave a phone number and he didn't know anything more than your name. You had both left everything as a chance meeting but you had been left wanting more and kept thinking about it.
Three months had passed, yes, but the memory was still more than alive inside you. It was like fresh paint that never dried. Although, it didn't matter much now, you were still dating the guy from your university and you really liked him a lot, he was a great guy to tell the truth and he had been waiting for you since you told him you didn't want anything serious. In fact he had become your best friend with a few occasional kisses and nothing more. You never let him go any further and he didn't want to either because you both wanted everything to go smoothly.
So there you were, knocking on Harry's door waiting to congratulate him and give him his present. Him and his brother because apparently he had a twin.
"Y/n!" Harry exclaims as soon as he opens the door with a big smile on his face. "I'm glad you came."
"Thanks for inviting me," you smile baring your teeth at him and enter the property as he steps aside.
"It was obvious I was going to invite you" he declares. "In fact, you're the only person who I really wanted to come," he confesses.
Harry had been waiting for you since the party started and was more nervous than ever because he had decided that today would be the day. A week ago you had told him that I might be open to trying something serious and that triggered a series of endorphins in him that set off fireworks in his brain. He was more than happy that day because he had finally mustered up the courage to ask you to be his girlfriend. He had been waiting for this moment practically since he saw you for the first time and had even told his siblings about it.
They were all happy for him and supported his decision. Besides, they couldn't wait to put a face to the person who made Harry smile so much.
That's why you could feel the difference in the atmosphere. Today was not an ordinary day and even you could feel it, but you didn't know what was so important.
"Thank you" you smile broadly and give him a big hug. You love Harry very much and you would be lying if you said that the idea of a serious relationship between the two of you never crossed your mind. It had simply never been able to materialize due to various factors.
"You're welcome," he returns your hug and steps aside to let you pass. "You go ahead to the garden, I'll come with you in a moment.
I nod slightly and hand him a gift box where you put the gifts for the twins. You had been able to buy Harry an antique film camera. It hadn't been easy to get but you knew he would be happy when he saw it.
You didn't know his brother Sam but Harry said he was training to be a chef so you bought him a set of knives. You didn't know much about it but the store told you they were the best so you bought them.
You walk into the garden and the first thing your eyes see is a woman and a grown man who you assume are his parents, a young man who looks a lot like Harry who you deduce is Sam and a smaller one.
"Hello, welcome. Make yourself at home" his mother says as she approaches you with a warm welcoming smile "you must be Y/n, aren't you?"
You nod shyly and walk up to stand in front of her "it's a pleasure to meet you" you assure her sincerely.
Harry doesn't usually talk much about his family, in fact you didn't know he had a twin brother until he invited you to the party so meeting his family was a total surprise and it was a total pleasure that he had given you the confidence to meet them. He was always quite reserved, but so were you, so you never complained about that.
"The pleasure is ours. Harry talks about you a lot" adds the woman causing you to blush almost immediately. "I'm Nicola and this is my husband Dominic" she points to herself with her hand and then to the man. "This is Sam and Paddy" She points to the two figures approaching you.
"It's a pleasure to meet you as well. I would say my name but you seem to already know it" you joke hoping to break the ice and when everyone laughs, you know it worked.
"Harry talks about you like a broken record" replies the younger one as he laughs "Did you tie my brother up?" he asks making you laugh.
"That's right, during the full moon to make him stronger" you wink your eye and everyone laughs again.
Dominic and Nicola leave to get things organized for the barbecue that was planned, Sam hands you a glass of soda and the three of them sit down at a table to chat.
"So...that's three of you?" You ask taking a sip from the glass.
"There are four of us, actually. My older brother is always late" Sam replies.
"Speaking of the king of Rome" Paddy adds and I smile broadly as he looks behind you.
"Tom!" Sam exclaims and stands up to greet the person who just arrived.
The air leaves your lungs as soon as you hear that name. You hadn't heard it for three months but it couldn't be possible. It was just a name, many people have that name. Still you don't turn your head to look at the person and just take another sip of soda hoping the bubbles will bring you back to reality.
"Sam! Paddy!" Exclaims that voice you could never forget right behind you. "Sorry I'm late, traffic was horrible" He clarifies.
It was him and you had no doubt about it. It was Tom, the guy from the bar you had a one-night stand with but wished you could have seen again and now fate had brought them together. Although it seemed to mock you because the circumstances were not the most favorable and that's to say the least.
"No problem" Sam replied. "Come on, I'll introduce you to Harry's girl."
'Harry's girl' you totally frowned as soon as you heard that and got up from your seat to turn around slowly fearing the worst of his reactions. He might throw you out, after all this was his family's house.
"'I didn't know Harry had a girl-' he shuts up as soon as he sees you. His eyes bore into yours and you have to swallow hard to fight the urge to vomit.
Neither of you say a word and Sam and Paddy look at you both quizzical and uncomprehending of the situation.
"Tom, she's Y/n Harry's-" you interrupt him before he can continue.
"I'm Harry's friend" you quickly add. "Excuse me, could you tell me where the bathroom is?" you are amazed at how well you maintain your composure even though practically your entire being is shaking.
"Uhh yes, at the back on the right" Paddy points out as he watches you.
"Thanks" you try to smile but it comes out more of a grimace than anything else and you quickly walk to the bathroom, bolt the door shut and stare at yourself in the mirror as you wonder what the fuck is going on.
You wet your face with water to clear your thoughts and relax a bit. You take one last look in the mirror before you open the door and step outside to face what awaits you.
His eyes meet yours as soon as you emerge from the bathroom, and before you can utter a single word, his arm is already dragging you up the stairs, pulling you into a room, and closing the door behind you with both of you inside.
"How did you find me?" he asks, looking into your eyes.
"Find you?" you frown and shake your head. "I wasn't even looking for you" - though I wish I could have been -. You think.
"Then what are you doing here?" he sighs. "I thought I'd never see you again." He bites his lip, holding back the urge to kiss you just then. He also wished he could have sought you out to tell you that he didn't want that encounter to be a one-night stand and, now that he had you in front of him, he wasn't sure how much longer he could control himself before he pushed you against the wall and devoured your lips.
But you understood the opposite with his words. "Don't get so excited." You roll your eyes. "I'm friends with Harry who is apparently your brother." You spit seriously. You were beginning to think that he really didn't want to see you again.
"Friend of..." He stops as soon as all the cogs in his head clicks into place and he realises who you really are. "No no no no no no." He denies over and over and rubs his face with his hands in frustration.
"What's wrong?" you ask with confusion "Look, if it's that you want me to leave you just need to stop stalling and just say it already." You walk to the door but his hand on your arm stops you from taking another step.
"No, I don't want you to leave" He clarifies without letting go. His grip isn't rough, it's quite the opposite. It triggers the same electric current you felt the first time you took his hand in that bar.
"Then what is it?" you sigh, turning around. His hand moves down your forearm until his fingers brush against yours. His little finger intertwines with yours and you allow it. You don't want to pull your hand away even though you feel you should.
"You're the girl Harry told us about. He didn't tell us your name because he didn't want us to google you online and start speculating about you before we met you." He sighed heavily. "You're the girl Harry is going to ask to be his girlfriend today."
"What?" you asked almost voicelessly. "No, but... I... I-I don't know" You stutter and deny looking him in the eye. Deep down inside you already knew this would happen at some point, you just didn't expect it to be today at his birthday party in front of his entire family.
"When I said I didn't think I would see you again I meant that I really wanted to see you again but I didn't know how to look for you. I just knew your name" he takes your hand and moves a little closer to you. "I've been hanging around the bar hoping to see you again but you just vanished.” He confesses, waiting for you to tell him that you've been looking for him too, or at least thinking about him, and that's just what you do.
"I looked for you at the bar too" a chuckle escapes your lips at the irony of the situation. "I tried to look you up on social media but I only knew your name was Tom.” You bite your lip and this time it's you who takes a step towards him.
"If only I'd woken up a few minutes earlier..." He murmurs, pulling his face closer.
"If only I'd stayed a few more minutes..." You murmur, pulling your face closer.
"I would have told you that I wanted to..." He starts.
"To get to know you more." You complete his sentence just before his lips press against yours so passionately that they snatch all the air from your lungs causing you to have to break away for a moment to breathe.
"I didn't want it to remain a one-night stand," he adds breathlessly.
"Neither did I." You deny with a smile and press your lips to his again. You open your mouth to accommodate his tongue and he doesn't take long to get the message because soon your tongues are fighting for dominance. It's a battle from which Tom emerges victorious.
Your hands go to his neck to hold him close to you and his arms close around your waist to hold you as close to him as he can.
"I really want to get to know you more," he murmurs, lowering his lips to your neck.
"You can take me out to dinner after this." You propose with a smile and your eyes closed.
"Deal." He moves his lips up your neck to kiss your lips again, but as he does so a knock on the door causes you both to pull apart.
"Tom? Are you in there?" Harry asks from behind the door, and a breeze of reality hits your face as it does Tom's.
"Uhh... Yes!" he replies and squeezes his eyes shut thinking of some excuse. "I came to change my shirt."
"Oh, all right," Harry adds. "Have you seen Y/n? I can't find her anywhere."
You keep silent, if you say a word you might come off as some kind of bitch looking for something with the two brothers and Tom would look like the worst brother in the world.
"No, sorry." He replies when he sees that you don't say anything. "I'll be down in a minute."
"Okay..." You hear footsteps walking away until they're too far away to hear.
"What shall we do?" you ask when you're sure he can no longer hear you.
"First I have to change my shirt because I said that's what I'd do." You walk to the wardrobe and look for a new shirt.
"I can't believe I found you and you're Harry's brother." You sit on the bed as you watch him.
"I can't believe you're the girl Harry is in love with." He takes off his white t-shirt and changes it to a black one.
"What are we going to do about it?" you ask again. "I'm not going to be the person to destroy your relationship with your brother." You shake your head.
"That's not what you're going to do, okay?" He sighs heavily and sits down next to you. "We'll figure something out after the party. I don't plan on losing you again after I found you." He places his hand over yours.
"Are you always this romantic?" you tease.
"Only when I find a girl I care about." He stands up and holds out his hand for you to do the same.
"Well, you're missing an important point, Mr. Cheesy." You fold your arms after you stand up. "Your brother is going to ask me to be his girlfriend today and if I say no, he's going to want an explanation and I won't know what to say to him because I hate lies." You explain as if it's a huge truism.
"We just have to stop him from doing it and that will give us time to think about what we'll do next. Is that okay with you?" He stands in front of you and takes your face in his hands gently.
"Yeah, I guess that's okay." You agree.
"Just don't forget to leave me your number this time." He adds causing you both to laugh.
"Not again." You deny with a grin and take a pen and a piece of paper from his desk. "Here, don't lose it." You slip it into his back pocket.
"Don't provoke me" He replies with a smile as your hand is still in his pocket.
"I'm not doing anything." You shrug with a mischievous little smile and his hand goes to your neck to pull you to him for one last fierce kiss.
"Don't provoke me." He repeats “Oh and, this is yours.” He puts in your hand the bracelet you forgot in the hotel room and walks to the door to leave the room. "I'll meet you downstairs." He winks at you and exits the room, leaving you alone. That kiss had left you dizzy and seeing stars.
Harry, Paddy, Sam, Tom, Haz, Haz's girlfriend, Tuwaine and you were around a campfire drinking a beer while chatting. Harry was next to you and Tom was right in front of you. It was almost impossible for both of you to look away from each other and give each other slightly mischievous smiles. If it weren't for the fact that no one knew you already knew each other, everyone would swear that chemistry could be felt in the air.
"So, how long have you two been together?" you asked as you looked at Grace, Haz's girlfriend.
"Almost two years" she replies with a smile and Haz takes her hand.
"Wow... I'm really happy for you guys" you smile broadly and take a sip of your beer.
"How about you?" she asks. "Do you have a boyfriend?"
"Me? No" you laugh lightly and shake your head. "I don't have a boyfriend."
"How about you, Thomas? Finally found someone?" Grace asks directing her gaze to Tom.
"Tom's still too enraptured with the girl at the bar to find someone else" Harry adds everyone laughs as they look at him.
"The girl at the bar?" you ask intrigued even though deep down inside you know they mean you.
"Yeah, Tom met a girl at a bar a few months ago but it was a one night stand thing and Tom hasn't been able to get over it" adds Sam.
"Tom, man. You have to understand that the girl only wanted a one night stand or else she would have given you her number." Tuwaine scoffs.
"Yeah bro, you gotta let her go" nods the youngest brother.
"Maybe the girl thought he only wanted a one night stand and that's why she didn't leave her number" You reply as you shrug without taking your eyes off Tom's eyes.
"Yeah, maybe" he nods. "But I'm sure if I see her again I won't let her get away again" He smiles broadly.
"I highly doubt you'll ever see her again but suit yourself." Harry shrugs and places his hand on your leg.
You don't move, it's not the first time Harry has done it but it's the first time he's done it in front of Tom. The guy you made out with in a bar and who also happened to be his brother.
The older brother's jaw tenses and you see his Adam's apple move as he swallows hard. His eyes are fixed on Harry's hand on your leg and you just don't know what to do.
"Hey, Y/n?" asks the aforementioned.
"Yeah?" You look at him with a slight smile without showing your teeth.
"Can we talk? I have something important to ask you."
The color leaves your face and you feel a chill invade your hands. If you hadn't seen Tom today, if only he wasn't Harry's brother you're sure you would have told him that you did want to be with him. But now you had right in front of you the boy who had been stealing your dreams for months and you really didn't want to let him go, not again.
"C-clear" you reply stuttering and get up from your seat to walk with Harry to another place further away. "What's wrong?" you watch as Tom gets up from his seat and walks into the house, -Really? I thought he was going to help me and now he just runs away-. You think
"Well then... you remember you told me that maybe you were ready for a relationship, you know... serious?" Harry puts his lip between his teeth to try to calm his nerves.
"Yeah, I think so. Why?" You tuck your hair behind your ears knowing what's next and that you won't have a way to escape.
"Well then, I was wondering if you-" He stops talking as soon as your cell phone rings in your pocket. You pick it up and see that it says unknown number.
"Sorry, I have to take this" you apologize and take your distance to answer your phone. You were literally saved by the bell. "Hello?"
"Good thing I treasured your number." Tom answers on the other end of the line and you can't help but smile.
"I thought you ran away," you confess.
"I wouldn't in a million years, I'm not going to let you go now that I found you, bar girl" You swear you can see his smile.
"Bar girl? The one who totally gets you crazy?" you ask with a certain playful tone in your voice.
"Exactly" he laughs lightly. "Now tell Harry you need to leave. I'll meet you at the corner and take you home, if that's okay with you."
"Sounds good, stranger. Bye." You hang up the call and walk back to Harry.
"Is everything all right?" asks Harry as soon as you approach him.
"Yes, but I have to go. Something came up and..." You sigh thinking about what to say since you don't want to lie. "I'll explain later. I'm sorry" You finish.
"Oh... it's okay. Don't worry about it" He nods with a sad smile and you can't help but feel bad about what you're doing. "Do you want me to take you home?" He offers.
"No, don't worry about it. I have to go somewhere near here so I'll walk." You add.
"Are you sure? I can give you a ride and it's no trouble at all." He assures me.
"No, don't. Stay here with your family and I'll see you on Monday, okay?" You reach over and leave a tender kiss on her cheek.
"Okay, but write to me as soon as you get home." He hugs you and pulls you close to him.
"I will, don't worry."
You say goodbye to everyone and grab your bag. You leave the house and meet Tom on the corner as agreed. You get into his car with a smile and he drives to your house as you both talk to get to know each other better.
That was just the beginning of the growing flame of love between you that would end up burning things around you.
And that's how one night turned into a week, one week turned into two months, and those two months turned into seven.
You and Tom had been taking things slowly. Your relationship didn't become official until two months ago when you decided it was time to take the next step and do things seriously.
To avoid Harry's problem you just explained to him that you were too busy with college stuff and wanted to wait until you finished college before you focused on love. You lied to him, just now you were at a party with his brother while he stayed at home and wondered why he couldn't have the girl he wanted.
Tom's family knew about his new mysterious girlfriend but they didn't know it was you. It had been a long time coming but neither of them knew how to handle the situation and that alone was making a grenade about to blow up in their faces.
You and Tom were dancing on the disco dance floor. Your hips were swaying sensuously to the music and Tom was murmuring different things in your ear making the heat in the place only get hotter and hotter.
"Looking to tease me, darling?" he speaks behind you with his hands on your waist bringing your ass closer to the growing erection in his trousers.
"Maybe" You rub against him as you dance. "Why?" A smile is plastered on your face because you know you're getting him right where you want him.
"Because it's working and I think it's about time we got out of here and went somewhere more private." He spins you around and kisses your lips passionately as his hands squeeze your waist. "Don't you think so?" he murmurs, his face hidden in your neck as he sucks on several marks.
The darkness of the bar with the dim lights on the dance floor and the number of dancing bodies allows you to go unnoticed with your lustful actions.
"I think you're right." You nod and take his face in your hands to kiss him once more. "My boyfriend has really good ideas sometimes." You say just to see him smile. You're both still getting used to calling each other as a couple.
"My girlfriend is also very smart, sexy and makes my member ache inside my trousers so....Can we just-" He stops as a voice speaks next to you.
"Tom?" Harry asks next to you. "Y/n?" He asks even more shocked and hurt.
"H-Harry..." You stammer. "What are you doing here?"
Harry watches the two of you for a few seconds until he decides to leave the establishment. His heart ached inside his chest and he felt utterly betrayed by his brother - his own flesh and blood - and the woman he loves.
"Harry!" Tom exclaims and decides to set off in pursuit of him. The ocean of people only made things more difficult for everyone and caused Harry to get lost from your sight.
You and Tom walk out of the establishment and look at each other not knowing what to do or say.
"We blew it, we blew it, Tom" Your eyes begin to fill with tears.
"We can fix it, okay?" He takes your hand and walks with you to the car park to get in his car and drive home.
"Where are we going?" you ask.
"To my parents' house." He replies.
"We don't even know if Harry went there, Tom." You cover your face with your hands.
"He's my brother. I know him and I know he went straight home." He sighs and fixes his gaze on the road.
"That wasn't how he was supposed to find out." You run your hands through your hair in frustration.
"I know. But we'll figure out a way to fix it."
You keep silent as your machine runs through a bunch of possible scenarios in your head. Without even noticing, Tom stops the car in front of his house and gets out. You follow him with your head down and you both get in.
Harry is sitting at the kitchen counter with a blank stare and Sam is preparing what appears to be some tea.
"Harry... can we talk?" Tom asks as he walks over to him.
"Tom I don't think that's a good idea..." Sam mutters. "You shouldn't have brought her."
Your heart crumples as you hear Sam say that and you lower your head even further looking for some sort of refuge in your shoulders.
"Sam, please. You don't understand the situation." Tom tries to explain himself.
"Thomas just go away." Harry looks at him completely heartbroken and it ends up breaking your heart.
"Harry please, we just want to explain." You plead as you approach him but he steps down from the kitchen counter and puts a hand in front of you.
"What are you going to explain?" He coldly replies. "That you lied to me and slept with my brother while I begged for your love?" He looks you straight in the eye and you can see all his pain and anger.
"It's not as simple as that." Tom adds.
"Just go away both of you. It's not a good idea to talk now." Sam steps between you and Harry.
"You shut up, Sam. You have no fucking idea what's going on." Threatens Tom.
"Why wasn't I enough for you?" Harry asks, turning to you. "Why was he and not me?"
"That's not what this is about." You try to explain yourself with a broken voice.
"And you." He looks just behind you to address Tom. "I told you I loved her and you took her away from me."
"Harry please, that's not what happened." Denies Tom beginning to feel the weight of what the two of you were doing for months behind your family's back.
"I loved you, you know?" mutters Harry looking back at you not paying any attention to Thomas's excuses. "At least I loved what I thought you were. You turned out to be a creeper, Y/n" He spits without a hint of kindness. "You loved having me there behind you like a lapdog while you tried to make my brother fall at your feet. Who was next? Sam?" His words come venomously out of his mouth and they feel as bitter as they sound but he just can't control his anger and hurt towards the two of you.
"Harry stop it, you know I'm not like that," you sob and shake your head.
"I don't know you." He denies. "I know what I thought you were." He laughs cynically.
"Harry don't be so hard on her. You don't know the rest of the story and..." Tom begins.
"So what, you're going to tell me you weren't fucking her while I was telling you how much I loved her?" Harry interrupts.
"Harry you should calm down a bit." Sam proposes.
"I should calm down?" Harry exclaims in disbelief. "Thomas and her can go to hell!"
"Harry stop it!" Tom exclaims. "She's the girl from the bar." He tries to explain.
"What the fuck are you talking about?" Harry spits.
"She was the girl I met months ago in that bar. She was the one I had that one night stand with." Tom explains in frustration. "I didn't know she was the girl you loved, Harry." He sighs. "When I saw her again I couldn't turn away because I love her."
And here you were. Being the product of a family feud and all because fate seemed to laugh at you.
"Fuck you!" Harry exclaims and walks over to throw a punch at Tom that knocks him to the ground and causes his lip to bleed.
"Tom!" You exclaim and kneel beside him to help him "Are you okay?" you ask horrified at the whole situation as you take his face in your hands.
"Y/n, you should go." Sam says as he looks at you and you shake your head.
Harry stands staring at a fixed point on the ground with his jaw tense and his hands balled into fists.
"Tom?" you ask pleadingly as you see that he doesn't say a word.
"Go away." he mutters without looking at you.
"What?" you ask in confusion.
"Go away, Y/n. It's better if you leave." He removes your hands from his face and gets up from the floor.
You get up from the floor "But..." You stop talking as soon as you notice that neither of the brothers are speaking to you. Though how could they? It was you who caused this whole mess in the first place by loving someone you never should have.
You give them one last look before leaving their house. It was late at night so you decide to get an uber and share the location with one of your friends.
And that's how a giant wave destroyed the perfect sand castle you had taken months to build.
Days and days went by until it was three weeks but Tom hadn't sent you a single message. Harry acted like he didn't know you and your spirits were low.
You were in your flat watching a movie when your phone rang and, upon seeing the caller's name, your heart began to pound in your chest.
"Tom?" you reply in a whisper.
"I miss you and I need you." He slurs his words and you hear him hiccup.
"Are you drunk?" you sigh.
"A little. But I'm comple..." He hiccups. "Completely fine." He continues.
"Where are you? I'll come and get you." You hold the phone to your ear with your shoulder as you put on your shoes.
"I'm at the place where I met you." He starts giggling like an idiot. "I remember thinking how cute you looked that night. " His voice cracks. "I wish I could go back to that night and ask for your number from the beginning." You hear him sob and your heart gets a squeeze.
"I'm coming, Tom." Don't move from there.
You hang up the call as you pull over a Taxi, give the driver directions and when you arrive you see Tom sitting in the same spot he was in that night. You approach him and take the Whiskey from his hand before he can finish the glass.
"You've had enough for today." You mumble stroking his back and he just looks at you with those broken puppy dog eyes.
"I miss you so much that every bone in my body aches and I just want to drown myself in alcohol so I don't think about you." He sobs, hiding his face in his stomach as you stand next to him.
"I miss you too." Your eyes glaze over just thinking about the last time you saw him. To think that that was three weeks ago now breaks your soul.
"But I can't miss you." He denies, looking at you. His tongue tangles with the words but you still manage to understand him. "I love you and I can't do it." He breaks down again. "I can't do the one thing I want to do because I don't want to destroy my family by being selfish in pursuing my own happiness." He finishes.
A tear rolls down your cheek, you wipe it away and help him to his feet. He's drunk and you don't plan to make this any harder for him. You use his card to pay for his drinks and put one of his arms around your shoulders to carry him out of the bar.
"Did you get your car?" you ask, holding his weight as much as you can.
"Yeah, it's right over there." He tries to point but that only causes him to almost fall so you stop him.
"Don't worry, I'll find it." You sigh and walk to the end of the car park where you find his truck. You take the keys from his pocket and with his help you get him into the passenger seat. You fasten the seatbelt and walk around the car to get in. You start the car and drive to his parents' house since you never learned his home address.
"What happened to her?" Harry asks as soon as he sees you pull up in his car.
"He's drunk." You sigh. "He called me and I went to pick him up at a bar." You don't go into the details of everything he's been saying. There was no need to make any more trouble. You go around the car and unbuckle his seatbelt to help him out of the car.
"Let me help you." Harry offers and takes his brother from the other side so you both go into the house with him and leave him lying on the couch. His eyes were closed, he looked so calm and cuddly that you couldn't help but smile slightly as you covered him with a blanket. You took a moment to stare at the tousled curls that fell down his forehead to slightly cover his eyes. You moved your locks to the side and began to think about what was and what could have been if all this trouble hadn't happened but he was right. He couldn't do that to his family and neither could you. Harry went to the kitchen to get a glass of water and an aspirin and when he came back he saw you quickly wipe away your tears and turn to give him a faint smile.
"Well... I'd better get going." You mumble and leave the car keys on the coffee table.
"Wait." Harry stops you. "It's late and I can't leave him alone to drive you home so please stay."
"What about your parents and siblings? I don't want to be a problem, I've caused too much trouble already." You deny.
"My parents went on a trip and Sam and Paddy went with them." He sighs. "Tom and I stayed to 'mend our relationship' but this is the third time this week he's come back drunk."
"I really don't think it's a good idea for me to stay here, Harry." you bite your lip.
"Please, I insist." He gives you a faint smile. "Besides, he'll be calmer if he sees you when he wakes up."
"Agreed," you murmur and nod. "I'll leave early in the morning."
Harry nods and walks into the kitchen with you trailing behind. "Would you like a cup of tea?" he asks.
"Tea was always your solution to problems." You both laugh lightly.
"You and Tom... back together?" he asks with his back to you as he puts the water on to heat.
"No... I haven't seen him since" You sigh. "You know, that night." You whisper looking down at your hands
"Oh..." Is all he replies and sets the cup down in front of you.
You both drink your tea in silence and then he prepares the guest room for you so you can sleep. He lends you one of his sweaters and when you are ready to sleep you fall into bed.
You wake up early the next morning. You change into the clothes you brought yesterday and quietly go downstairs to leave, but before you can open the door a voice stops you.
"Y/n?" Tom asks and you turn to look at him. "You slept here?" he asks with a cup of coffee in his hands and his eyes fixed on you.
"It was late and Harry asked me to stay." You fold your arms sheepishly after tucking a lock of hair behind your ear.
"I see..." he walks around the kitchen and stops by the coffee table. "You're not thinking of leaving this, are you?" he asks, referring to your phone on the coffee table. He picks it up and offers it to you.
"No, thanks." You reach over and take the phone from his hands causing his fingers to brush and the electric current you felt the first time you shook hands with him to repeat itself and run through your entire body.
"I'm sorry about last night." He takes a step towards you.
"Don't worry. You don't have to apologise." You deny, avoiding looking into his eyes so as not to cry.
"At least... I'm grateful you came looking for me." He murmurs and places his hand on your cheek.
"You're welcome," you murmur and look up to meet his eyes.
His face comes close to yours but he regrets it just before he kisses you and just presses his forehead to yours.
"I can't..." A sob leaves his lips. "I can't, I'm sorry." He breaks away to look at you utterly shattered and you're sure you have the same look on your face.
"I know." You say in a whisper. "I understand, don't worry." You look at them with crystallised eyes and put distance between the two of you.
"You know that..." Your voice cracks and you don't utter the next three words but they hang in the air. 'I love you'
"I know..." You nod with a sad smile and two tears well up in your eyes. "I do too." You turn to turn your back on him and walk back to the door but this time another voice stops you.
"Y/n, wait!" asks Harry as he comes down the stairs.
"Harry please, I've had enough pain in one night." You plead through your tears. "I know you hate me but please just let me go."
"I don't hate you" He denies. "I was upset because you two lied to me but I shouldn't have said the things I said that night. I know I hurt you." He looks you straight in the eye and then directs his gaze to Tom who is standing there looking at you with glazed eyes. "And you too, Tom."
"It's okay, Harry. We deserved it." You wipe your tears with your fingertips.
"No, you didn't deserve it." Harry denies. "I told Tom that if I stayed with you He'd ruin our family and now I realise I was selfish because if you weren't mine I didn't want you to be anyone else's." His voice cracks as well. "And now I know it wasn't your fault you fell in love with my brother and it wasn't Tom's fault he fell in love with you." He smiles sadly. "It hurts like shit but I'm not going to stop my brother from being happy, nor my best friend." He denies. "You both met under strange circumstances and yes, you shouldn't have kept it from me but, I also know I wouldn't have reacted well if you had told me so I understand." He wipes away his tears. "Tom, you're my brother and I love you. I could never hate you." He turns his gaze to you and reaches over to take your hand. "And Y/n, you're my best friend in the whole world and I'm not going to sabotage your happiness on my whim either."
"Are you saying it's okay if I'm with her?" asks Tom confused by the situation.
"That's exactly what I'm saying, Tom." Replies Harry laughing and Tom gets closer to him to hug him tightly.
The two of them separate after a while and you go over to Harry to hug him.
"I'm sorry." You cling to him. "You're my best friend too and I love you."
"I know, little girl. I know." He smiles and pulls away from you. "Now stop the drama and kiss him. I know you want to." He teases.
You and Tom look at each other and smile. You walk towards each other until Tom wraps his arms around you and you both press your lips against each other. You kiss for a few seconds that you both remember your first kiss and everything you had to overcome to get here.
"Lovebirds, would you like some tea?" asks Harry from the kitchen causing you both to pull apart.
"Harry wants to fix everything with tea." Scoffs Tom.
"That's what I said!" You all laugh.
Looks like the girl from the bar and the guy who bailed her out of the problem can be together after all.
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To Raise Children: Chapter 2
Tumblr media
Chris Evans X Daughter!Reader, Grandpa!Chris Evans X Flynn and Felix Evans (OCs) Tom Holland X Single-Mom!Reader (Slow Burn)
Series Masterlist
Series Summary: It's been 4 years, your sons are starting kindergarten, you're starting junior year of college, a lot has changed.
Chapter Summary: School shopping!
Series Warnings: Age gap (Reader is 20, Tom is 29), absent father, mentions teen pregnancy, mentions abortion, if you see anymore please let me know politely.
Chapter Warnings:
Sequel to It Takes A village
Tumblr media
You sighed looking at your bank balance. You should have enough to get the boys both new shoes, new clothes, and all their supplies. If not you'll just pull from your savings.
"Okay boys lets get you two dressed so we can go school shopping." You said as you finished cleaning up breakfast.
"Can I get a frog backpack?" Felix asked you.
"I want a forky backpack." Flynn said as he finished his apple slices.
"We'll see what they have." You smiled at them. "Go pick your outfits out then I'll help you get dressed."
"Okay mommy!" Felix said.
"Hey Sweetpea what's your plans for the day?" Chris asked walking into the kitchen.
"I have to take the boys school shopping." You said setting the towel down. "You can join us if you want."
"Okay I will join you guys. Well I wanted to talk to you about something. Tom Holland is going to be in my next movie!" Chris told you smiling. The movie was filming in boston and filming starts next month.
"Cool. We could invite him to Flynn and Felix's birthday party. Felix would to have the "real" spiderman there." You joked.
"Yeah, but I was also was thinking about inviting him to stay with us while we are filming so he doesn't have to live in a hotel." Chris told you. It was obvious he wanted you opinion before he actually did invite him. He didn't want to just invite someone in the home while your living there and raising your kids there just in case you didn't like the person for whatever reason.
"Oh okay. I mean I don't care." You shrugged. "It's your house."
"Okay thank you peanut." He smiled before you left to go get ready for the store.
"Okay boys pick a backpack." You said. Both kids jumped off the sides of the cart and looked at the wide selection of backpacks at Walmart. You get a employee discount it's just more practical to get stuff there. Anyway there were sharks, dinosaurs, princesses, videogame themed bags. Your dad was standing with you but was distracted looking at hats.
Flynn looked closely at all of the backpacks trying to find the perfect one. Felix on the other hand grabbed the only two spiderman book bags.
"Buddy you can only get one. Which one is your favorite?" You asked him smiling. One was a basic bag with Peter Parker's spiderman on the front, the other one was a spider-verse backpack with Peter Parker, Miles Morales, and Spider-Gwen in their costumes. Both of which came with a matching lunch box.
"This one." He held up the second one.
"Okay, buddy toss it in the cart then." You smiled looking over at Flynn. He was now looking at the dinosaur bookbags. There was a Jurassic World backpack and some generic dinosaur bags that were still really cute. You had a feeling he'd go with the Jurassic World one.
"Poppy! Look at the bag I picked!" Felix said pointing in the cart at the bag.
"That is awesome! I wish I had one." Chris said smiling.
"It's the only one you have to have that one." He pointed the bag you were hanging back up seeing has he sat it on the bottom shelf and not the hook it was hung on. not hung up.
"I think I'll just wait." Chris chuckled picking Felix up. Which the kid welcomed, he liked being picked up by Chris because it made him feel like he was tall.
"Mommy! I want this one." Flynn held up the Jurassic world bag it also came with a lunch box. You weren't sure if you'd be packing their lunch this year or not. You probably would since school lunches are anything but healthy.
"Okay toss it in." You smiled, "okay climb on." Flynn climbed on the cart standing on the end of the cart. Felix was on Chris' shoulders.
You four went to the shoes aisle. They both need two new pairs of shoes. You had a feeling they'd pick matching shoes but you didn't care as long as they were happy.
They picked out shoes, they both got a pair of light-up sketchers, and another pair. After going to shoes the four of you went to the cup aisle so that the boys could pick out water bottles as that was something on the list. Felix picked out a water bottle themed to the Spidey and his Amazing Friends show on Disney Junior. It is his favorite show, while Flynn's favorite is Dino Dana, though Felix also likes that show just not as much as his brother. But they didn't have a dino dana water bottle so Flynn got a Paw patrol one. Which is a show they both love.
After water bottles and shoes you grabbed a cheap pack of reusable plastic utensils to put in their lunch boxes. So they wouldn't lose your dad's silverware. Chris was entertaining the boys in the toy section while you did that.
You gathered them after you got everything you needed. It was time for clothes. Five shirts should and a few new pairs of pants, underwear and socks then they should be fine. You let them pick out their shirts while you grabbed the pants. You were just getting them jeans so there was no point in letting them pick them out, besides your dad was helping them with the shirts.
"Okay boys look through the shirts then I'll grab your size." Chris smiles at them. They normally picked out clothes where they matched. You never forced them to match, you gave the ability to pick their clothes. Now obviously the two of them like different things but if they want two of the exact same thing your gonna get it for them.
"That one!" Flynn said pointing to a shirt with a dinosaur on it.
"Bub do you want one too?" Chris asked Felix as he looked through the sizes.
"Yes please!" Felix said smiling.
"Okay." Chris smiled. He was very pleased to see that they had two shirts left in their size. Soon they had their shirts, the dinosaur shirt, then Flynn got a toy story shirt while Felix got a Winnie the Pooh shirt, then they got matching shirts that say "warning: Small but hazardous", then a few other shirts. You came back helped them both pick out a hoodie before leaving that aisle to get school supplies. Eventually, you got everything and made it home to pack everything in their bags for next week. The lost said not to label the supplies but your a rule breaker. Also you can't afford to get them more supplies if they end up becoming communal supplies.
Tumblr media
Taglist: @fic-for-readers @denisemarieangelina @shadow-dixon @thevelvetseries @kaitieskidmore1 @ellerosie2332 @tahniemarie @runawayolives @marajillana @buckybarnez @positivelyholland @coldmuffinpartycloud @beautifulrose0809 @Olivia197810 @believinghurts @laura-naruto-fan1998 @kalopsia-flaneur @some-lovely-day @shadow-dixon @gengen64 @firehoseevan @silverrmist
Flynn's Stuff Felix's Stuff
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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wazzupmrstark · 4 months ago
desperate || th x reader
Summary: the first time tom fucks you raw (sponsored by irresponsible decisions)
Warnings: swearing, smut (18+) additional warnings under the cut
Word Count: 2.6k
A/N: 1/4 of my 4k celebration fics, inspired by this ask and those pics of monaco
additional warnings: oral (m receiving), choking, unprotected sex, semi-public sex (bathroom), creampies
“Baby,” Tom groaned against your neck in an attempt to get your attention, but if you’d heard him you were choosing to ignore him as you continued to grind down onto his lap with your head buried in his shoulder. “Baby,” he tried again, “I don’t have a condom.”
He was still desperately rifling through his wallet with one hand and digging through the pockets in his jeans with the other in the hollow hope that maybe he’d find one.
He always carried condoms with him, he had since before you had started dating. How the hell was he missing one now- then it dawned on him. Last month, at that bar back in London when you had been wearing nothing under your tight black skirt and he just had to have you... god damn it, Tom, he thought to himself. He had used the last one then, when he fucked you in the bathroom that night. But now you were the needy one and he couldn’t even take the edge off for you.
Despite the circumstances at hand, Tom’s body was reacting accordingly to your actions. His cock was straining against his jeans and he was almost positive you could feel his erection against your thigh. And if your moans were any indication, he was right.
He sighed into your shoulder, and used his hands to still your hips. Your bottom lip jutted out in a pout momentarily before you began pressing languid kisses to his neck, sucking hickeys right underneath his jaw.
“Y/n, I-I don’t have a condom,” Tom stuttered out again and pushed on your shoulders to make sure you heard him this time.
“I don’t care,” you whined, slumping forward onto your boyfriend in defeat. “I want you so bad.”
“I know, darling,” he said in a hushed whisper, trying to ignore the way your hips were still rocking instinctively on top of his.
If you were at home it wouldn’t be such a big deal. Tom could just pop out to the shops and be back within the hour with enough condoms to go as many rounds as you wanted. But you were all the way in Monaco at the F1 Grand Prix- it wasn’t like you could just come and go as you pleased, once your ticket was scanned at the beginning of the day you were stuck there because the no re-entry policy was strictly enforced at all exits. You’d learned that the hard way on the first day.
When asked later, your friends would claim not to know where you and Tom had run off to. But everyone knew. You were a bit infamous for bathroom quickies, hence that night at the bar last month, and you had been before Tom was in the picture. Bars, restaurants, movie theaters, clubs, and department stores were all fair game to you. Today was no different. Tom was sitting on the counter with his back pressed against the mirror in one of the racetrack’s tiny, one-person facilities and you were straddling his lap.
Everything had been going routinely when Tom broke the news and you felt your heart (or rather, your pussy) shatter into a million pieces. He just looked so goddamn good in that pink shirt with his hair slicked back like that... fuck. And the way he’d been acting this weekend, so casually confident with his friends and the racers, it brought out something primal in you.
“You want my fingers?” Tom offered, holding up the middle and ring fingers on his left hand.
You shook your head. “Just want you.”
He chuckled lightly and brushed your hair out of your eyes. You knew you were being a brat, but you were too desperate to care.
“I know, but I already told you-”
“I don’t care that you don’t have a condom,” you sighed. “Just go without.”
Tom blinked at you in surprise. “Wha- are you sure?”
In all the time that you had been dating, you and Tom had never had sex without protection. It wasn’t that you were opposed to the idea, you were on the pill, but you had always been overly cautious and you and Tom had never really... talked about it before.
“Y/n?” You had fallen silent.
“Are you sure you want to do this?”
You could only nod at first before you could verbalize.
“I need to hear you say it,” he murmured, voice an octave lower than it had been a second ago.
“I’m sure,” you managed, “please, Tom.”
He smirked, biting his lip. “Of course, baby.”
You pushed yourself off of him and watched as he unfastened his belt. Your mouth watered as he pulled at the button and zipper on his jeans and you thought for a brief moment about how pathetic you were.
But as soon as Tom had freed himself from his pants you found yourself not caring anymore. The humiliation burning in your cheeks melted back into want and you felt the temperature in your whole body rise a degree or two.
Tom pushed his jeans down to where they sat bunched around his thighs and looked at you expectantly.
“Ready, angel?” he asked, dark eyes giving you a onceover.
It wasn’t often that you were the one fully clothed and Tom was the one exposed to you, but on the rare occasion it did happen you liked to take advantage of it.
“Wait, can I?” Your gaze fell to his lap and he cursed.
You smiled and licked your lips as you bent over to take him into your mouth. Tom wasn’t the biggest you’d ever had, but his cock was still able to hit the back of your throat, which you loved. You suppressed your gag reflex as best you could while you sucked him off, feeling the arousal simmering in your stomach multiply tenfold just because of how full your mouth was. He brought a fist to his lips and bit down on his hand to stifle his moans, tangling his other hand in your hair.
He twirled your hair around his fingers into a makeshift ponytail and tugged gently. You moaned around his cock and took him even deeper so that the tip of your nose was pressed against his pelvis.
“God, y/n,” Tom groaned, bucking his hips upwards into your mouth. “Sorry,” he grunted.
“S’okay,” you said with a smile, still somehow managing to keep your pace.
“So desperate for my cock, you’d take it any way you can get it, huh?”
You whined in response and nodded your head. You heard him laugh, then choke when you pulled off of him. He scowled at you as you licked a stripe from the base of his cock, along the vein, to the head, before taking him fully in your mouth again, making him throw his head back in pleasure.
“Stop, stop, I’m close,” he warned and pulled you off his cock by your hair.
If you weren’t so intent on having him inside you you would’ve finished him off there. He looked so hot like that- jaw clenched with restraint, stomach taught and firm, even under his shirt. And the way he looked down at you while you sucked his dick, fuck.
You wiped your mouth with the back of your hand and leaned in to kiss your boyfriend on the lips. He met you halfway and pressed his lips to yours, smiling into the kiss. The taste of champagne lingered on his lips.
“C’mon, baby,” Tom grunted and motioned for you to climb on top of him.
You did just that and hiked your skirt higher up on your thighs, pushing your panties to the side so that he could have easy access to you.
You reached for him and used your knees to brace yourself on the counter before he held out a hand to stop you.
“Wait,” he said breathlessly, “let me taste you first.”
You watched as reached a hand under your skirt and used two of his fingers to collect your arousal before bringing them to his lips and sucking it off. When he was satisfied with his work he offered the same two fingers to you.
“Open,” he instructed.
You sucked his fingers into your mouth as he’d asked and moaned around them, which might have been a little over the top, but you couldn’t find it in you to care. Tom retracted his fingers after a couple seconds and kissed you again, cupping your face with both of his hands. He slipped his tongue into your mouth, groaning when you whimpered. You could taste yourselves on each other’s lips, but as you continued to make out they became indiscernible, a mix of both of you. All you knew was that you couldn’t get enough.
Tom struggled to pop the first few buttons on your shirt, but eventually got the hang of it, and unbuttoned the rest with ease, exposing your chest to the cold air.
“Fuck, I’ll never get tired of your tits,” he whispered, mostly to himself.
You rolled your eyes and pushed his shoulder lightly. “Tom, stop teasing me,” you begged.
Your entire body ached. You were clenching around nothing at this point and it was torture. You needed something inside of you right that minute and if Tom wouldn’t give it to you your own fingers would have to suffice.
“I’m not teasing you,” he insisted earnestly.
“Then fuck me already!”
He smirked for what felt like the millionth time and raised an eyebrow.
“You’re going to have to keep your voice down if you don’t want us to get caught, darling. Do you think you can do that?”
You nodded fervently, knowing it was a boldfaced lie. Tom knew it too- you had literally just been yelling at him to fuck you seconds earlier, but you were already this far and he’d made you wait so long already.
“C’mere,” he said lowly and put a hand on the small of your back to pull you closer. “Spit,” he commanded and held out his hand for you. You spat into his palm and watched as he used his hand to pump his cock a couple of times, ensuring that it was lubricated enough for you to take comfortably.
He then lined himself up with you and held back a groan as you sank down onto his cock. You sighed in relief at the feeling and wrapped your arms around his neck to steady yourself. You stayed there like that for a minute or so, not moving, just enjoying how full you felt.
Tom always felt good inside of you, but like this... without discomfort of the condom, without the resistance of the rubber or the texture of the latex, without anything in between you... it was indescribable. You could feel every vein, every curve of Tom’s cock. You could feel his pulse in your pussy and the sensation was enough to make you forget how to speak.
“G-god,” you gasped.
“You’re so fucking tight,” Tom muttered through clenched teeth.
“Feels so good,” you mumbled.
Tom managed a smile and brushed your hair out of your face. His smile faltered when you began to ride him without warning and he choked out your name along with a string of profanities.
You rocked your hips forward to meet Tom’s over and over again, moaning quietly every time the head of his cock brushed your g-spot. It wasn’t long before Tom was doing most of the work, slamming into you like his life depended on it. It was actually impressive, how hard he was fucking you in the position he was in. He was sitting upright with all of your weight on top of him and was still railing you like it was nothing.
“Is this what you wanted?” Tom asked, voice low and gravelly. “For me to fuck you like a slut?” You could only nod. “Answer me,” he demanded. “Are you such a desperate fucking cockslut that you couldn’t wait a few more hours like a good girl?”
“Yes!” you cried.
Tom brought a hand to your throat and wrapped his fingers around it, rubbing his thumb along your pulsepoint. He squeezed lightly, smiling darkly when your eyes rolled back in pleasure.
“Do you think you deserve to cum?” he asked, knowing you were close.
“Yes,” you whimpered.
“Do you think you can be quiet?”
“Yes. Please, Tommy-”
“Please what?”
“Please can I cum? I-I need to cum, fuck!”
You fell over the edge before your boyfriend could respond, not even allowing him the chance to get a word in before your entire body was overcome by waves of pleasure. Your vision went white as you rode out your orgasm and Tom held onto you tightly the whole time, whispering praises in your ear as you came down even though you knew you were in for it later.
Your thighs were still trembling when the aftershocks had finally subsided and you gave Tom a sheepish smile.
“I’m sorry.”
“It’s okay, baby,” he assured you. “I made you wait long enough.”
“You were teasing me! I knew it!”
Tom kissed you chastely on the lips and winked. “Couldn’t resist. You’re so fucking hot when you’re desperate.”
“Fuck you.”
“You already did.”
“And if I remember correctly, you haven’t come yet. I could always leave you hanging-”
“No! No, I’m sorry,” he apologized hastily.
You laughed and pushed his curls out of his face as you began to ride him again, ignoring your own arousal still burning in your stomach. Tom cursed, letting you know that he was right there on the edge.
“Where do you want me to cum? Your mouth? Your chest?” You didn’t answer and leaned down to kiss his neck instead. “Baby, I can’t,” he rasped, “I’m gonna cum if you keep doing that.”
“I want you to,” you whispered.
“I want you to cum inside me, Tom. Want you to fill me up-” your pleas were cut off with a moan as Tom came and you felt him tense underneath you as spurt after spurt of cum filled your cunt. If you thought you had felt full before-
You threw your head back at the feeling and helped your boyfriend ride out his high. It wasn’t enough to make you cum a second time, but the way his cock throbbed inside of you, the way he clenched his jaw and bit his lip as he came... it certainly... sparked something within you.
Tom was out of breath by the time he could open his eyes again and when he did he smiled at you from underneath messy curls and hooded eyelids, completely blissed out. He pulled out of you slowly, watching his cum drip out of you and onto the counter.
He turned around and snatched a few paper towels from the dispenser on the opposite wall and handed half the stack to you while he used the other half to wipe down the counter.
“What a gentleman,” you said sarcastically as you used the towels to clean yourself off. You knew when you stood up there would likely be more dripping down your legs, and that was if you could stand, but you would have to cross that bridge when you got to it.
“And they say romance is dead,” he quipped back cheekily, holding his hand out for your half of the used paper towels.
“Can’t imagine why.”
You watched from the counter as he threw them away and washed his hands. He pulled a couple more paper towels from the dispenser and wet them in the sink before making his way back over to you and just tossing them between your open legs.
“I know, right?”
i was super inspired to write this over the last few days which almost never happens to me but lmk what you think i always appreciate feedback!!
forever tags: @mischiefmanaged49 @bookingbee @cloverrover @captainbuckyy @perhaps-he-schnapped @awkwardfangirl2014 @the-queen-procrastinator @tastingthestarz @sleepybesson@everythingbooknerd  @sunshine96love @bitchymathematician@livingincompletesilence @melsbooktrash @tommy-holland  @fizzy828 @spider-slutt @theamuz @nedthegay @astroasethic @stuckonspidey @darlingtholland @sgtbookybarnes @tinyplanet-explorers @mildcockandballtorture @gen-tlehoe @devin-marie-12 @r-wooooosh @definitely-not-black-cat  @hell-yeah-peter-parker @itssnowingandimstuckinside @relise-thefury @osteporosis @legendsofwholock @starsholland @peterunderoos-blog @fuckyeahomerun @nobelwarriorheroes @delicately-important-trash @thwip-it-real-good @claryfray101 @softholand @tomhollandseverything @cool-ultra-nerd @jillianaholland @dinasaur36 @londonspidey @hanlons-wp @moon-390 @parkerstylesperalta @httpchrisevans @screeching-student-unknown @almondholland @murdermornings @honeymoonlover @tomshufflepuff @aikaterrina @noisyzineeggsbandit @5sos-microwave @quackson-love @smilealways19 @quackeroos @wolvesofthewinter @mukesnugget @itsjusttor @lovewolfspirit @love-sick-blues @quaksonhehe @biebsmylife95 @a-disappointing-teen-author @justanotherusername80 @b-buckys @sunkisseddreamerr-blog @hufflepuffprincess24 @princessxcryxbaby @tinyyoungblood @sinisterspidey @holyfrickfracks @amii-nyc @clara-licht @veryholland @captainamirica @ultrunning @cocoamoonmalfoy @nellbellzz-blog
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vendettaparker · 4 months ago
You’re Pregnant?! [T.H]
Summary: A photo of you on Twitter leads Tom to believe that you’re pregnant.
Word Count: 871
Warnings: Swearing, one small mention of safe sex, talks of pregnancy, dumb!tom
a/n: hi guys! here’s a short blurb inspired by a dream i had. i’m going to finish writing ‘Where We Rot’, then move onto a requested oneshot for Tom that has been in my inbox for literal months (sorry!). Then i’ll probably open my requests for a bit, so look out for that! as always, comments and reblog are immensely appreciated, love you, enjoy!
After one of the most grueling days of filming, Tom was completely and utterly exhausted. His back was sore from when he missed one of his flips and fell flat on it, his head hurt from when his co-star hit him during their fight scene, and his feet were aching from the constant running, jumping, and standing around he’d been doing. 
He couldn’t wait to go back to his trailer, take a nice steamy shower, order Chinese food, watch The Great British Bake-off, and facetime his beautiful girlfriend. 
After a much well-needed shower, Tom had Harry order them some Chinese food while he gave you a call. 
You were in Miami, filming the second season of a TV series you were on. Tom was in Georgia, so the time difference wasn’t a big deal. Most likely, he’d catch you just as you were leaving set to go back to your rented condo. 
However, once he opened his phone he saw that his Twitter feed was flooding with pictures of you on the beach, holding a small baby bump. 
“What the fuck?” He rubbed his eyes, wondering if maybe the fatigue was causing him to see things. 
His heartbeat quickened as he scrolled through more pictures, even the hashtag #mommy(Y/N) began trending on Twitter. The pictures ranged from you on the beach in a sundress holding your bump, to you chatting with your costars as they gently caressed your protruding belly. 
How long has it been since I’ve seen her?, Tom wondered. The bump looked at least 16 weeks, but he definitely saw you just a few weeks ago. Maybe the bump wasn’t noticeable then?
But why wouldn’t you tell him you were pregnant? You were in a secure relationship after all? At least he thought you were. Maybe it wasn’t his? Maybe you were planning on dumping him and going to be with the real baby daddy instead. 
Fatigue mixed with panic caused Tom’s mind to spiral. His palms grew sweaty as he tried to find your contact. Eventually, he just yelled, “FaceTime (Y/N)!” into the phone and hoped Siri would listen to his command for once. 
The phone began to ring and after the third chime, your bright eyes appeared on the other line. 
“Hi, baby!” You smiled, before taking in his disheveled look, “you okay?”
“You’re pregnant?!” Tom gasped, “why wouldn’t you tell me?”
You just stared in shock at the camera, furrowing your eyebrows at Tom’s questioning. 
“Is it even mine?” He asked, “Sorry, that was a stupid fucking question, of course it’s mine. You’d never do that to me, I trust you. I didn’t mean to accuse you of anything. Like I’m happy really, I’m just so fucking shocked. Like, why wouldn’t you just tell me? I mean, I had to find out on Twitter for fucks sake.” Tom rambled on, running his fingers through his hair. 
Curiously, you paused your side of the call and went to Twitter for yourself to see what he was on about. Once you opened the app, your timeline became flooded with photos of you on the beach with a baby bump. You chuckled slightly, now realizing where Tom’s confusion was coming from.
“I don’t know,” Tom sighed, “like I know we can support a kid, I just—It seems so sudden. And we’re always so safe. But I’m happy, I really am, like I’m ready y’know? Well, ready as I can be. But this is good for us, it’ll bring us closer, and I think you look really sexy with a baby bump.” Tom continued his rambling, not letting you get a word in. 
“Tom,” You tried, but he shushed you.
“No, no,” Tom waved his hand, “I overreacted, I’m sorry. I mean you’re carrying my baby, I should be more sympathetic. Like you might’ve wanted to surprise me or something, and here I’ve gone and ruined the surprise. God, I’m sorry darling, I’m really so thrilled. I think we’ll make amazing parents. I’ve always wanted two or three—”
“Tom!” You cut him off, “What TV show am I filming right now?”
“Heart of Stone?” Tom answered quickly, “why?”
“Mhm,” You nodded, “and what character do I play?”
“Jane?” Tom replied, skeptically.
“Correct again,” You smiled, “And what did Jane find out in the season one finale?”
“That she was… oh.” Tom’s eyes sparked with realization. “Right, I forgot about that.” He said sheepishly as he rubbed the back of his neck, “My bad.” 
You giggled at the misunderstanding, “It’s alright,” You chuckled.
“So you’re not pregnant?” 
“No,” You shook your head, “you really think I’d let you find out on Twitter of all places?”
“I don’t know,” Tom shrugged with a laugh, “I just assumed that you forgot to tell me? Or maybe you wanted it to be a surprise?”
“Aw, Tommy,” You cooed, “I really had you going there for a minute, huh?”
“Yeah,” Tom sighed, rubbing his tired eyes, “I was actually coming around to the idea.” 
“One day,” You promised. “We’ll have a little army of baby Hollands. And then you can stare at my sexy baby bump all you want.”
Tom rolled his eyes with a smile, “Sounds like a plan, love.”
✧tags & moots✧ @ptersmj @princessofguineapigs @peterbenjiparker @cherrytholland @itsapeterthing @justapurrcat @thirstiestpotato @kelieah @iovebug  @waitimcomingtoo  @rosyparkers  @parkers-gal @allegra-writes @starktonyx  @celestialholland  @hollandcrush  @londonspidey @blissfulparker @spidernerdsblog @spidey-sophie @spideyspeaches @peterparkers-bad-youtube-apology @andilovetowrite @sinisterspidey @asonofpeter @westcoastcigar @arlo-sanders @love-peterparker @boiolay @letssee2468  @white-wolf1940 @fandom-life-12 @hollandsdream @annathesillyfriend @lovelybarnes @miseryholland @wierdteenagenerd
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spidey-sophie · 5 months ago
Red Light || Tom Holland Smut
Tumblr media
Pairing: Mob!Tom x Stripper!Reader (p.s. If mob!Tom isn’t your thing, you can still read this. It is never explicitly confirmed that he is a mob/criminal. Only implied once/speculated. He can be any kind of millionaire!Tom you want to imagine!)
Summary:  Every night there are a variety of customers. But this night is different. As you’re doing your usual dance routine, you notice the hottest guy you’ve seen in a while, and he is looking back at you, his eyes are burning your skin way more than the blaring stage lights. Who is this man and why do you feel this way? It’s almost like you’re doing this dance for him and his eyes only.
Word count: 12.2k
Warnings: drinking, smoking, smut, soft!dom!tom, guided female masturbation, edging/one little orgasm denial, oral (female + male receiving), fingering, spanking, ring kink (is there even such a thing?), multiple orgasms, squirting, slight choking, mirror sex, exhibitionism, cum play + swallowing. She also sucks on his fingers a lot, but it's me, so is that even a surprise? Explicit smut - minors dni.
Notes: This is the longest and dirtiest fic I ever wrote! After a loooong break it is finally here! I had so much fun writing this story and I hope you will enjoy reading it. I feel like I talked to so many people about this fic and I want to thank everyone for supporting me! First of all, thanks to everyone who liked and reached out to me after I sent that ask to @duskholland. I had no intention of writing it, but after all the feedback, I had to do it! Biggest thank you ever goes to miss impulsive gemini aka @sinisterspidey for editing this and beta reading it! You're a boss, chlo! Another big one goes to my bday girl @worldoftom who helped me with editing and HYPED me up to finally post this. Also, lovely @hypnotized-so-mesmerized and @nowayhomeparker for jumping in with a few ideas. I hope you'll enjoy reading it! Please let me know what you think, I am vvvv excited to read your comments! 
♡ Ily and happy reading ♡
“Are you nervous?” Your friend and coworker Natalie asks. You’re sitting in front of the large vanity mirror, LED lights showering you with brightness. This is probably your favorite part of the night - putting your makeup on in the right places, transforming into someone else for an evening. But, no matter how much you love doing this, going up on that stage makes your heartbeat rampant. You just smile at her, trying to hide the fact that indeed you are nervous.
“You’re going to be amazing.” She tightens her arms around you, leaving a trace of her glitter on your body. You watch her as she starts removing her wig, humming to the barely audible music from the stage. You’re the newest addition to the current setup, so everyone is being especially nice to you, always asking you if everything’s okay, offering help whenever you need it.
You don’t exactly hate your job.
Sure, it isn’t something that you ever thought you’d do, but here you are, trying to smear the right amount of highlighter over your chest and shoulders. Since backstage was a bit too crowded, you put on your headphones and play the song you’re about to dance to help you relax in the process. After six months, you still get a little nervous before going on that stage. Even though your coworkers often say there’s no reason for it, customers are either too drunk or too thrilled to see you and enjoy your talent. Still, you can’t control your nerves and you need music to stay calm. And sometimes you like to go through the dance routine again before going on stage.
Yes, your dream has always been to be a dancer. You've been showing talent since you were little. Some would say that you first started dancing, and then began walking. However, when you finally started dancing professionally, you never believed that you would do it without clothes. On the pole. In a strip club.
The salary is good. Customers are mostly decent. When, in rare cases, they aren’t, you can always count on the help of the security. You see this job as something temporary, until a better opportunity arises.
The club you work in is extremely popular. The owner made quite a reputation for himself and his club, so people from all parts of London often come to visit the famous “Cherry on Top”. All of the dancers have their own ‘thing’. You’re all shiny, oily, and sexy, and yet every one of you have your own flair. Ruby, who you’re the closest with, is on stage at the moment. She’s best known for her impressive pole skills. You witness her muscular arms holding her entire body on the pole, swinging and swaying. She was the first one who accepted you into the club and offered to give you some tips about pole dancing and flirting with customers.
Once she’s done with her routine, it’s up to you. You watch her collect the money from the floor, thanking the audience and running backstage.
As she passes by you, she whispers, “show them what they came for”, before running off with a wink.
Being the only professionally-trained dancer in the current setup, you made a name for yourself fairly quickly. Everyone already knows that they can expect a great show from you. You don’t only display your body, but also your talent. Or at least that's what you tell yourself. The owner of the club recognized your talent and enthusiasm and made you his main star.
You try to always put on a great show for your audience. Every Thursday night is your night - it’s the night when you do your routine for the first time. And then, you do the same the following Friday and Saturday nights. This time, you picked a rather unconventional outfit for a strip club.
You decide to start dancing wearing a suit. Under your loose-fitted black suit, you’re wearing the tiniest pair of lingerie, with jewels and matching pasties for your breasts. Getting naked in front of an audience was a bit odd at first, but you’re used to it by now. The owner of the club has strict rules and lots of security so you and the girls always feel safe. If someone is causing trouble or tries something that you aren’t comfortable with, all you need to do is to give a quick nod to the security and that guy will be out of the club in the next few seconds.
As you’re finally getting ready to get on the stage, you wink at Tuwaine, the security guy working today. He stands next to the stage, watching carefully over all of the customers, making sure everything is right and stays right throughout the night. You walk slowly up the few stairs until you’re finally on the stage. Just a few seconds ago, Tuwaine set up a chair in the middle of the stage. It’s not unusual for you to use props while dancing, but you’ve been excited for this routine for the entire week. You spot Ruby and Natalie at the bar, giving you thumbs up and cheering for you. They never miss your performances.
The lights are off and once you hear the first beat of the song, you take your place on stage and wait for the lights to come back. You stand in the center of the stage, keeping both hands raised above your head. The chair stands next to you with one of your legs on it, while you stand firmly on the floor with the other.
With the first ray of pink and purple lights you start moving, seductively swaying your hips, but only lightly at first. At the same time, you slowly move your right hand across your left one all the way down to your shoulders. 
As soon as the lights are completely on, your movements become more noticeable, stronger and more precise. You drag your right hand over the entire length of the leg that is on the chair. You finally move and strut provocatively behind the chair and caress the back of it with your hands while checking the crowd.
The first piece of clothing you throw away is your hat and you throw it at a table where several young men are, one of them obviously having a bachelor party. You wink at him and turn back to the center of the podium.
You get out of your suit jacket and since your eyes are now finally used to the bright lights you take a moment to look a bit through the crowd. You’re so used to doing this every week, so that you don’t even miss a beat now while exploring the faces of visitors.
Your dancing consists of lots of seductive movements--grinding on the pole, provocative thrusts with your hips, and lots of you touching your body. You want the audience to imagine their hands instead of your own. You love to be in touch with your body, to use your every little move to your advantage. While other dancers usually pick popular hip hop and trap songs, your taste is a bit different. You prefer dancing to softer, slower, more sensual tunes.
There is something about all that attention that you get when you are on stage--being the only thing that the sea of watching eyes is focusing on. Controlling them with your moves. Listening to gasps, moans, and applauses every time you peel off another layer of your clothes. The thought of being their fantasy, the center of their desire, excites you.
The room’s filled with guys, and sometimes girls, too. Every night there are a variety of customers. Businessmen, tech nerds, college boys, bachelorettes, middle-aged men who bring their sons, middle-aged men who want some fun, older guys, younger guys, politicians, celebrities, but also your neighbors. This night isn’t any different.
You recognize some familiar faces, the usual customers who are there almost every night. You nod to Gary, the nice guy who brings you flowers and offers to walk you home every night after you’re done with work. He never tried anything, and he never even paid for a private booth with you. He only brings you flowers and sometimes cards for your birthday or holidays.
Just as you are about to turn around and sit on the chair, you notice the hottest guy you’ve seen in a while. He’s sitting at the table behind Gary’s, while pink, purple, and blue lights illuminate him. And he’s looking at you. Once your eyes finally lock, he gives you the cutest smile. He’s wearing a black suit with a light blue shirt underneath, slightly unbuttoned to put his perfect chest on display. You quickly turn around, trying to hide the smile that he most certainly caused. It is not unusual for you to find someone cute in the audience, but this guy is truly something else. From the moment you saw him your heart started drumming and it’s no longer in sync with music. It’s beating faster, doing it’s own thing.
You slowly take off the lower part of the suit, and the cheering of the customers becomes so loud that it emphasizes the music. You sit on the chair and turn towards them and smile as soon as you make eye contact with any of the customers. But still, your smile is most sincere when it meets his honey-colored eyes. You can't describe exactly what attracts you to him so much and why you can't look away.
Is it because of his beautiful face, piercing eyes, or lips that are twisted into the most seductive smile? Is it because of the fact that he sits so casually, and again so masculine, strong, dominant? He is not sitting alone, and there are a couple of other young men at the table with him, two of them that look so much like him and another blonde sitting closest to him. But none of them radiate the same energy as him.
You have to remind yourself, again and again, that you have to dedicate your attention to other customers and take your eyes off of him. At that moment, you are only in a white shirt, and as you reveal one of your shoulders, you hear more and more sighs from the audience. The bottom of your shirt flares enough for all of them to see your shiny pink thong. The dance floor is already flooded with money, but they keep throwing you some more.
You slowly unbutton one shirt at a time and once again look at the mystery hot guy. As you do this, your hips move to the beat of the music and the speed at which you unbutton follows the rhythm. He can't take his eyes off you, as his eyes follow your hands like a magnet. And that's why you decide to tease him. You slowly move your hands from the already unbuttoned shirt and run them along the inside of your thighs. Spreading your legs apart and running your hands painfully slowly over your heat you can see him licking his lips, eyes glued on you. It’s almost like his eyes are burning your skin way more than the blaring stage lights. 
You play with the hem of your underwear, teasing the audience, but more so teasing him. He now has a fist in front of his mouth, squeezing it tight, so tight his knuckles are turning white. As much as this teasing is fun, it is that part of the song when you go up on the pole. You get off of the chair and finally take off your shirt.
As you throw away your shirt, you stand next to the pole taking your position and get ready to hop on it. The men howl at the sight of you clasping both of your legs around the pole and grinding upwards using the strength in your upper arms. Once you get high enough, you unclasp your legs from the pole and start slowly swinging back down, holding yourself with both of your hands. 
Quickly, you hook your right leg over the pole and hold it tight with your thigh muscle, releasing both of your hands from the pole, and using all of your strength to keep yourself on the pole with just your leg muscles. It took you some time to master the art of pole dancing. You still considered yourself a beginner, but it was fun. It brought more tips.
And now, it’s time for the big move--you’re supposed to turn upside down, hook your right arm over the pole and do a split. It’s a move you kept practicing with Ruby for the past few weeks and now you finally decide to try it. Turning upside down is easy; the harder part is doing a split from this position. In that moment your eyes wander to the mystery cutie and his eyes haven’t left your body, not even for a second. As your legs start spreading apart, his head is slowly moving forward, he’s totally lost in you, watching you in awe with his mouth slightly open.
Almost perfectly synchronized with your legs, his body leans forward. When you finally do the whole split, you notice an almost proud smile on his face. Who is this man and why do you feel this way? It’s almost like you’re doing this dance only for him and his eyes only.
When you're done with the pole portion of your routine, you slide down, grinding your ass on it. You smirk at all the bills the customers keep throwing at you. You lean your back against a cold, metal pole and start grinding your ass up and down. Almost everyone in the club is cheering for you, but he’s the only one you care about, the only one you’re looking at. 
And you’re also the center of his attention. The boys around him are talking but he’s not leaving you out of his sight. He brings one of his hands to his shirt, unbuttoning it a bit more and you notice the rings he has on his fingers. You run your hands up and down your body, while grinding, imagining your hands were his and the pole behind you was his lap.
Your song is almost over, so now it's time for the grand finale. You get up from kneeling next to the pole and strut your way a bit closer to the group of excited men in the front row. You turn around, bend over a bit, and slowly run your hands over your butt cheeks. You move your hands over your hips, waist, all the way to your shoulders. With an innocent expression you turn your head around to face them as you tug your bra strap. And with a faux surprised look on your face you do the same thing with the other strap.
Everyone in the room is howling now, and you finally unclasp your bra and throw it away in the crowd. You can’t help but smile at their reaction. No matter how many nights you do this, that feeling never goes away.
You turn around to face them now, and the first person you look for is the mystery guy. His eyes are now glued to your exposed breasts, only covered by two glitter pasties. He looks up to you and genuinely smiles, with an open mouth, his tongue slightly peeking from the edge of his lips. And then he does the hottest thing you’ve seen in a while--subtly, he tilts his head a bit, and burns through you with his eyes. The right corner of his mouth twitches and moves upwards, forming a devilish smirk. He nods at you, so fast and subtle that if you blinked you would’ve missed it.
You slowly get lower until you are on all fours, face down, ass up, twerking to the sound of beat. You smile to the guys around you, but you can’t help but feel a bit sad because you can no longer see the one you care about the most. Since the song will be over in a couple of seconds, you do another split, this time on the floor, close to your audience. You pick some money from the floor and throw it all over your head.
Slowly, the lights go off and you wait for the stage lights to completely shut down on you and rush backstage, trying not to drop any tips that you collected while dancing. You try to take one last look at the mystery hot guy, but the people around you are standing up, chatting, moving around, or dancing. The little wave of sadness rushes over you and you feel a slight embarrassment in hoping that he’d be waiting for you, cheering for you, or something else.
After your performance, you quickly change into something more decent and hurry to get out to the bar for a few drinks. Or, to be completely honest, look for the curly haired guy. It’s not like you plan to do anything with him, you just want to look at him a bit more, admire his pretty face and his smile.
Unfortunately, you can’t find him. Your eyes travel from one part of the room to the other, but he is nowhere to be seen. 
“Hey, superstar!” You can hear Ruby waving at you and inviting you to join her and Natalie at the bar.
“That was so hot! I got turned on, can’t even imagine how these wankers were feeling,” you hear Natalie from behind and, judging by the way she is hanging around your neck, she’s a bit tipsy.
“Thanks, turning you on was my main intention.” You and Ruby smile at her and order your drink while listening to Natalie gushing about Tuwaine, speaking about how sexy and beautiful he is. She always does this, speaking more to herself, every night after she gets a bit drunk. They have some sort of friends with-benefits, complicated relationship, and you know way too many details about it --way more than you want.
You just roll your eyes at Natalie giving him heart eyes and whisper to Ruby, “Uhm, did you, by any case, notice a ver…”
“OMG, here he comes, I can’t talk to that arsehole right now!” Natalie practically screams near your ear and leaves the two of you confused. Once Tuwaine approaches you, her behavior suddenly becomes clear.
“What was that?” he asks, “Nevermind, Y/N, someone asked for a private booth with you. You have ten minutes to get ready. Don’t kill the messenger.”
“What? Fuck, I told the boss I want to stop doing that.” You aren’t very fond of private booths. It’s one thing to be on stage, distanced from everyone, enjoying yourself and flirting with them while dancing. You don’t even mind occasionally strolling through the audience and making small talk with the customers. But being face-to-face with a customer always makes you nervous. The rules are strict – no touching, no kissing, and absolutely, in no circumstances, any kind of sex. And you’re thankful for those rules. Every booth even has a camera installed, something else you like.
“Yeah, he knows, but this is a very important client and he asked specifically for you.” You’re left confused and drain your drink before you go get ready.
“Who is that client anyways?” You ask while coughing a bit since the shot you just drank was a bit too strong.
“Someone from the Holland family.”
“From what?” You ask, having no idea who they are talking about.
“Oh my God, THE Hollands?” Ruby almost spills her drink all over her once hears the name.
“Who are the Hollands?” You are still clueless, but from the look on Ruby’s eyes, you’re the only one in the room who doesn’t know who the Hollands are.
“I can’t believe you don’t know who they are; they own, like, all of London. No one knows how they got so rich--probably some illegal stuff involved. Dad and four sons. I had no idea they’re here. Oh my God, please be safe, they might be dangerous.”
“I’m a big girl, Ru, I can take care of myself. But thanks. If anything goes wrong, I can count on this guy anytime.” You throw your hand over Tuwaine’s shoulders. You really have a genuine friendship, and whenever it’s his shift, you feel more safe. 
“Yeah, yeah, but you better hurry up.”
“I am, I am, thanks T.” The last thing you want right now is to go and dance for some stranger, and especially not for some fishy millionaire. You’re tired and you want to spend some time with your friends and get a couple of drinks. As you walk backstage to change your clothing, you can’t help but feel a bit embarrassed over the fact that just a few minutes ago you were looking for a cute guy who watched you dancing. What were you even thinking could happen? The owner of the club is always very clear - no sleeping with customers, not even after the show. He doesn’t want any allegations or anyone to think that his girls are up for anything other than dancing.
You put a pink wig on your head and pick a baby pink lace thong and a bra with rhinestones on it and rhinestone fringes falling from the bra cups all the way down to your thighs. You add a little lacy garter on your right thigh, and opt for a pair of five inch heels. After one last look in the mirror, you finally feel pleased with the way you look, and start walking towards the area with the private booths. Just as the name `private` says, the area is separate from the rest of the club. The club has six private booths, and almost all of them are always occupied. You nod to the security guy waiting in the hall, and get inside the booth where you’re supposed to be for the next fifteen minutes.
Every booth looks the same--round room with mirrors instead of walls, bordered with leather red furniture. A mini round white dance floor with a pole is located in the middle of the room, and it’s surrounded by the red couch. The lights are dimmed, and red, black and white colors dominate the room.
At first, you can’t see the face of the guy sitting in the center of the room. You can only trace the silhouette of his spread legs. The first thing you notice is his hands, holding the glass of whiskey. There are rings on his fingers and you’re sure you’ve seen them already. Once you’re close enough and you can clearly see his face, you recognize him right away. It takes you a lot to hide your smile, but you probably didn’t do a good job hiding since the first words he tells you are.
“Were you expecting someone else?” His voice sounds even hotter than you could ever imagine, mixed with soft R&B music that is pulsating lightly in the background.
“No one other than you, baby boy.” This is a line you used a lot before, but for the first time in a while you’re actually thinking it. He chuckles at your remark, still wearing that cocky smirk on his face.
You can’t believe that you’re face to face with him now. And that you’re about to dance for his eyes only. You get up on the dance floor and now you’re standing above him. Just looking down at him turns you on so much. You start swaying your hips to the beat, not breaking eye contact with him. He brings his cigar next to his mouth and your eyes are following his every move. The way his jawline tenses while he inhales the smoke drives you crazy.
“How long have you been working here?” he asks, smoke coming out of his mouth and his voice sounding a bit raspier thanks to it.
“Six months.” Usually, you don’t answer personal questions, but there's something about him that makes you open up to him. It’s not just his looks. It’s the way he is sitting, looking, and talking to you. It makes you a bit nervous, vulnerable, but also excited.
“I used to come here more often, can’t believe I never saw you before.” 
“Well, you’re seeing a lot of me now,” you wink and turn around. He can now watch your barely covered ass, but you can still see his face on the mirrors around you. And his eyes follow your every move like he’s hypnotized.
“What are the rules now? I haven’t been here in a while.” 
“No touching, no kissing, no fucking. Just watching.” You say, as you slowly sway around the pole. 
“You can undress, right?” He asks, his eyes lingering on you.
“Yes. Do you want me to?” You grab one of your bra straps, and pray he’ll say yes.
“Not yet. Can I ask you something while you dance?” 
“Will you be honest?” You start moving up and down the pole, now facing him and your back pressed to the pole.
“Anything for you, baby boy,” you wink at him and try to seem as calm and collected as possible. Everything inside you is burning now, palms sweating and legs shaking. You still cannot believe you’re one-on-one with the most beautiful guy you ever saw. And by the glint behind his honey eyes, he is just as infatuated with you. You can feel yourself getting turned on from dancing and from him.
He sits comfortably on the huge bed. His legs are spread, and between them his hand holds a glass of whiskey. You watch the way he brings it up to his mouth, the way his lips spread and the peek of his light pink, wet tongue. You can't help but imagine how much better his tongue would feel on your ass, instead of this cold metal. 
“What’s your name?” he finally asks, once he gulps one big sip of whiskey, not even a little twitch in his eyes after swallowing the bitter beverage.
“Oh straight for the hard questions. My name is Destiny,” you smile and he smiles back. It catches you a little bit off guard how much his face softens once he smiles.
“Okay, let’s try this again. Hi, my name is Tom, what’s your name?”
“Hi Tom, my name is Cherry,” you get on all of your fours now, crawling towards him. You stop once you get to the edge of the dance floor, waiting for his next move. Tom lifts up from his seat and leans closer to you, now only inches apart from your face. All of your senses immediately focus on his perfume. He smells sharp, warm and sexy, like vanilla mixed with cigarettes. Not breaking eye contact with you, he reaches for his back pocket, takes a bill and rolls it. 
“How about now?” he asks and brings the rolled bill next to your face. Since you’re still on your fours, the only way you can get your tip is if you take it with your mouth. Slowly, you open your mouth and take the bill from his hands. While you do that, you gaze into his eyes and notice the way they get darker, more lustful as you remove the money from his fingers with your teeth.
In a split second it almost seems like he starts leaning forward, like he wants to kiss you, but you quickly hop on your knees and stand up. 
“Harmony,” you say as you pull the bill out of your mouth and hook it under the thong, “or Doll, or Spice, or…”
“Fine, fine, I get it.” He says, now sitting back like he used to. “I’m sorry if I crossed any lines, I just can’t wrap my mind around the fact that I’ve never seen you before.” 
“Thank you, Tom. This might be your lucky night.” You try to tease him, but you’re still thinking about how sweet he seemed as he apologised. For a supposed extremely wealthy criminal millionaire, he is way too kind. And that turns you on even more.
You wrap your hands around the pole and start swinging, performing your usual routine. And for a few minutes he just sits there and watches you. For the entire time you’ve been in the booth with him, he always had his full attention on you. Tom watches your every curve, every move, every gesture. You reach to remove your bra, and with a slight nod, he gives you the approval to do so.
Once again you’re naked in front of him, his eyes leave yours and your nipples become the center of their attention. They’re so hard for him that it almost hurts. He can now clearly see how turned on he’s got you, and a smirk lingers on his face.
You tease him a bit more and run your hands over your breasts, fingers gently caressing your nipples and slightly pinching them. Tom shakes his head and whispers something to himself. The music is a bit too loud for you to decipher; the only word you can hear is “fuck”. Which, coincidentally, is exactly what you want him to do to you right now. He takes one big smoke of his cigar and runs his long fingers over his thighs, silver and gold rings shining under the low lights. The pants he wears are so tight that you can see the way every muscle on his leg flexes to the rhythm of your dancing.
Your hands travel down to your thigh and just as you grab the garter, you hear him say, “Leave that on.” And you do as he tells you.
“Do you like working here?” he asks and now you sit on the edge of the dancefloor. You spread your legs a bit, just to tease him. You’re still positioned slightly higher than him, so that his face is now on the same level as your core.
“Yes. Do you like doing whatever you do?” You decide to play his game. No matter how much your friends warned you about him, somehow you feel safe enough to ask him that.
“Actually, no. My turn now, have you ever desired a customer?” 
“Yes.” And you spread your legs a bit wider as you tell him that.
“Am I one of those customers?” Tom is once again too close to you, looking up at you with a devilish smile.
“You really want to know that?”
“I’m dying to know that,” and the smirk is now gone, he is playfully smiling at you, lighting the entire room as he does that.
“And why would you like to know that, huh? Does the thought of me getting wetter and wetter and touching myself while thinking about you turn you on?” 
“What if I tell you that it does?” He leans so close to you, you can almost feel his breath on your inner thighs. 
“In that case, my answer is maybe, but maybe not.” You enjoy playing this game with him way too much. And you are fully aware how dangerous everything is, but you just can’t stop flirting with him. The thought of him being turned on by you, the way he moves his hands over his legs, adjusting his shirt, the way his chain moves up and down as he is breathing, everything exhilarates you. You never behave like this with other customers. There was something about Tom, some magnetic force that keeps pulling you to him, from the moment you first saw him.
You can’t decide if it is his smile, his hands, his chest or the way his fingers kept holding and playing with the cigar, drawing all of your attention to them. Or maybe it’s about his innocent eyes and the fact that they are so contrary to his wicked smirk and sinful words coming out of those pretty pink lips.
You are in trouble, you can tell right away, but you love it.
“Can you do one thing for me?” he asks, finally breaking you out of your thoughts.
“Of course.”
“Can you do one of those splits like you did on the stage?” He asks so innocently, yet so demanding. 
“Yes,” you say and you spread your legs wide, sitting on the edge of the improvised dance floor waiting for his next move. He takes one big gulp of his whiskey, a little drop coming down on his chin and dripping on his bare chest. He doesn’t even bother to wipe it off, just licks the excess from his lips with his wide, pink, skilled tongue. You can't stop looking at that wet spot on his chest, traveling down to the unbuttoned area of his chest. At one point you even feel a bit jealous of that drop, since it can explore his body the way you never could.
“Show me.” Tom doesn’t have to tell you what he wants to see. It feels like you can read his body language perfectly. You do what you’re told. You grab your panties and pull them slightly to the side, exposing yourself completely in front of him. It’s surprising, even to you how wet you actually are. This never happens to you, so you can’t help but smile to yourself. As you move your panties to the side, you lightly brush your clit with your fingertips and your legs twitch. You let out a soft moan but quickly manage to keep your cool.
You are dying for him to touch you, to do anything to you, but you know damn well it’sagainst the rules. You can’t even bring him home after work, because that can put a bad reputation on the club and the last thing you want right now is to lose your job.
“You have no idea how much I want to taste you.” he mutters. The thought of him tasting you brings shivers to your spine.
“Unfortunately, if you do that I might call security.”
“And what if you don’t?” Tom answers almost mechanically, not even fully listening to you, his eyes completely lost in your pulsating cunt.
“See this little red dot on the ceiling,” you say and finally pull your panties back in their place, covering yourself. He looks up, “That’s a camera over there. So if you lay even one finger on me, the security will come bursting in here.”
“I think that is the last thing we both want, right pretty girl?” 
“So you better behave yourself, Mr. Holland.” Tom raises his eyebrow the moment he hears his last name coming out of your lips. In that moment you realize that he never actually told you his full name. You felt your heart drumming a little bit faster in your chest. You’re wondering if you crossed any lines with your last sentence. 
“Don’t you think that it’s quite unfair how you know my full name and yet I know nothing about you?” He teases, while adjusting and rolling up his sleeves a little bit. You feel an instant wave of relief mixed with joy. 
“I can’t give you my name, but I can give you a lap dance instead.” You offer, daring him with your eyes to say yes.
“Only if you want to,” and you do. You can’t even begin to explain how much you want to grind on him, feel him under you, tease him, play with him and drive him crazy. You don’t tell him anything, you just stand up and start walking towards him.
You turn around and steadily start winding your hips and getting lower, until you can feel his thighs on your heat. The only thing you’re wearing right now is a tiny pink thong, which is more than revealing. He can see everything and you decide to use that in your advantage. 
You keep switching your moves, swaying to the rhythm, leaning forward so that he could see your entire behind. Fortunately for you the room has mirrored walls so you can see his face for the entire time, even now, when you’re not facing him. He is leaning back on the bed, his eyes completely lost in your body, observing your every move. Whenever you lean forward and reveal more of your ass, you feel his thigh twitch and flex under you. And oh, does that feel good. You’re trying really hard to grind on his thigh and to do that subtly. You’re desperately trying to get some friction, some release and motion.
It’s undeniable that you’re turned on right now. You don’t even care that he can obviously tell that as well, since you can feel the wet traces you’re leaving on his thigh. The music is quietly murmuring through the speakers as you move your body perfectly in sync with the beat. Suddenly you feel something cold, a strange, sharp object running up and down your spine. At first you think it must be your nerves, but once you feel it again, you turn around to face him.
“You know I said no touching?” 
“I am not touching you, gorgeous,” Tom says and he brings his hands forward, right above your thighs. He brings the back of his hands so close to both of your thighs but his skin is not touching yours. There isn’t any skin to skin contact, the only thing touching you are his large rings. And he runs his hands like that all over your inner thighs, the cold metal making your skin melt. You feel goosebumps as you watch his hands in awe. His fingers are long, bony with a few tiny veins popping on them. As he moves you manage to notice his bruised knuckles and those make his hands looking even more captivating.
“Are those for me?” He asks and you twitch a little, you didn’t expect him to talk, you got so lost in your thoughts about his fingers on you. Inside of you.
“Sorry, what?” You ask and finally turn your whole body, straddling him completely with just a few inches between your faces.
“The wet traces you left all over my thighs? Are those for me?” 
“Yes,” you say as you watch a proud grim appearing on his face. It is too late to pull back now, even though you have no idea what he’ll do next.
He keeps his hands next to his body but you can see the way his biceps is tensing through his thin shirt. He wants to touch you just as much as you want him to do so. 
“Also, about that question you have been dying to know the answer…” you say and notice the way he furrows his eyebrows while waiting for what you have to say next, “the answer is yes.”
His eyes are now completely lost on your lips. He swipes his tongue over his pink, chapped lips and leans in. Instinctively you lean forward as well. You feel his nose brushing over yours and you close your eyes, completely forgetting where you are and that you are in a club and that he is just a customer. You pull back a little once you’re aware of that and hear him whisper on your lips. “Wait here one second for me, okay?”
You nod and stand up so that he can move. He furiously storms out of the booth, not even turning back, and you have a sinking feeling in your stomach. Did you do something wrong? Nervously waiting for him or for anyone to come back, you start walking from one corner of the room to the other. 
After what feels like forever, you grab your bra and start to untangle the little jewels and beads. Maybe you’re a fool for trusting him and revealing way too much, but you decide to get dressed and look for him. Just as you finally untangle the last bead, you can hear someone walking inside the booth.
“Hey, I was just about to…” and you can’t even finish your sentence, as he interrupts you with his lips. Crashing them into yours, finally. 
You never experienced a first kiss like this. He isn’t going slow or taking his time. He presses his lips hard on yours, not wasting any second now. Almost instantly he flicks his tongue over your lips and you part them, letting him in. The moment his tongue touches yours you can taste the alcohol mixed with mint. His tongue feels soft and warm as it eagerly glides over yours.
You’re so focused on his tongue and his lips that you haven’t even noticed that his hands are now all over your exposed back. His hands are cold, almost as cold as those rings felt on your skin. It’s such a sharp contrast between his warm tongue and his cold hands. As they trail down to your ass and squeeze it lightly you moan into his mouth. It’s almost like the sound of that moan was your call back to sanity and you pull away from him immediately.
“We can’t, I might lose my job, the owner will be so mad at me,” you blurt this all out while trying to catch your breath.
“I’m sure he won’t mind.” Tom says and you blink at him, still not fully understanding what he’s trying to tell you. You open your mouth, trying to come up with the next question and he gives you the answer before you can even ask him. “You work for me now, I just bought the club.” He doesn’t even flinch when he tells you that. You smile at first, thinking that he must be joking but the more you stare at his dead serious face the more you are convinced that he actually did buy the entire club because of you. Just for you.
“Fuck…” is the only thing you can say before you crash your lips onto his now. You can finally touch him and you do that carefully, dragging your palms over his jawline and delicately placing your fingers onto his soft hair. His hair feels so soft under your touch, almost as soft as his tongue. You still cannot believe that you’re kissing the hot guy who you were eye-fucking with just an hour ago, so you open your eyes just to make sure that this is all real. And it’s almost like he felt what you did, so he opens his eyes, too. You smile at this and break the kiss.
“What?” Tom asks, stealing a little peck while he waits for your answer.
“Nothing,” you smile, running your hands up and down his while he is holding you by your waist.
“You want this, right?”
“Yes,” you put your lips on his and moan into his mouth and bite his bottom lip. As you start kissing him again, your hands travel down to his shirt. Without breaking the kiss your fingers start working quickly to remove his shirt. Once he’s out of his shirt you can see the way his chiseled abs are moving up and down as he is breathing. You trace your finger over his chest all the way down to his abs and he leaves a small moan into your mouth.
As he breaks the kiss, he throws his shirt on the floor and starts sucking on your neck, leaving cold wet traces underneath your ear. He has no problems finding your sweet spot and sucking on it even harder. There will most definitely be a mark, but at this point, you don’t even care.
Your hands move to his zipper, but he stops you. 
“Turn around, take off your panties and bend over while you’re doing it.” He tells you sternly, and you just nod in response.
You turn around and grab the waistband of your panties and start pulling them down slowly, revealing more and more of you. They’re soaked with your wetness, and as cold air hits you down there you start clenching at nothing. You take one look at Tom and throw your panties at him. You want to catch him off guard, but he somehow manages to catch them. He doesn’t even look at them, just quickly puts them in his pocket. 
“I want you to touch yourself, just like you would later while thinking about me.” 
“And what makes you think I’d do that?” You turn around to face him and chuckle.
“I saw the way you were looking at me while you were dancing over there, princess. Also, I have this as proof,” and he points to his pocket, where he put your panties.
You spread your legs and lay on the dance floor. Taking your time, you move one of your hands slowly over your breasts. You try to maintain eye contact with him while running your fingers up and down your stomach. Almost involuntarily you start clenching and you can feel your belly tensing under your fingers. Tom looks so hot, sitting down, taking one more sip of whiskey, shirtless, the only thing he has on his upper body being his silver chain. You were naked in front of him for the majority of this evening and yet he is once again too lost in you. If you thought you had him wrapped around your fingers while you were dancing, you were wrong. Now it almost feels like you’re hypnotizing him with his movements. You can swear he even stopped breathing, waiting for you to finally start touching yourself down there.
You take a lot of time to finally get your fingertips where he wants them. You can’t help but look over at his chest, his glowy skin as you’re running your fingers over your own. Still, you’re not touching yourself, you’re just running fingers over your folds, slightly spreading them so he can have the better view of you entirely. You’re so turned on that even this slight movement gets your fingers moist.
“Rub your perfect clit for me, princess,” he says, now propped up on his elbows, eyes dark and focused.
Slowly, you start rubbing small circles over your swollen bud. From the moment you touch your over sensitive clit you start moaning. There is no way you can stand propped on your elbow now, so you lay back down and break eye contact with him for the first time that night. Yet, now you can focus more on his voice and his silent moans, mixed with your louder ones. 
You don’t want to go too fast, because then all of this will be over too soon. You tease your entrance with your index finger, just a little bit to collect your wetness and spread it over your clit, making your movements even easier. This feels so good and you don’t want to stop. You can’t slow down now, you’re too close to the edge.
“Slower, I don’t want you to cum like this.” You lift your head up to look at him. He is palming his cock through his tight pants, clearly very impatient and yet he decides to tease and torture both of you.
And you run your fingers over your clit gently and slowly. Yes, this feels good but you want his hands instead of yours. Those slim, lean and bony fingers, you want them on you, rubbing and fucking you. 
It is so hard to keep yourself calm and away from cuming. If you open your eyes you’ll see him, shirtless, with the exasperated look on his face and his chest flexing with every small breath he takes. If you close your eyes, you’ll imagine his fingers, those rings and bruised knuckles buried deep inside of you, rubbing you instead of your own.
“Put two fingers inside,” and you do as he tells you. Your fingers go inside with such ease. As you start moving them inside, the sound of wetness echoes the room. Almost instantly, your hips start bulking up, trying to squeeze your fingers even deeper. You’re hitting just the right spot and start shaking, your movements becoming sloppier and faster. 
“Are you close?” he asks.
“Fuck...yes.” You can barely answer, your words mixed with moans.
“Then stop.” It takes you a lot of willpower to stop, now that you’re so close to reaching that high. But you listen to him. You are so sensitive and close to your orgasm that it takes you a few seconds to calm down and stop shaking. Eventually, you get up on your elbows, with your legs still spread and hanging down from the edge of the dance floor.
After what seems like a century, he finally stands up and comes closer to you. Tom is smiling and bringing the glass with what’s left of his whiskey in his hand. You watch his every move and breathe fast, still trying to calm yourself down from that previous edge. He walks towards you and comes near the edge of the dance floor, between your legs.
“Open your mouth,” he asks, now standing above you. You look up at Tom and do what he tells you. You watch him as he brings his glass over your mouth and starts pouring some whiskey down on you. It tastes so bitter and warm since the ice already melted a long time ago. As much as you try to catch the most of the strong beverage with your tongue, a few drops start leaking down your chin all the way to your breasts. You gulp it down, wincing as it burns on your tongue and down your throat. He chuckles at your reaction and slowly pushes you down on your back again. 
Tom puts the glass next to you and starts kissing down your neck until he reaches your niple, covered with whiskey. He sucks on it, licking it clean. It feels so good, the way his warm tongue traces over your nipples. You’re squirming and moaning under his mouth and nothing but a few “oh my gods” and moans escapes your lips. Tom’s skilled fingers are playing with your other nipple while he is still licking your other one, making sure to lick all of the whiskey off of it. 
He takes his time on your nipples. As much as you enjoy him there, you’re burning with desire and want him to help you ease some of the tension that has been building ever since you first laid your eyes on him. Your blood pulsates in every direction, leaving you dizzy, heart beating, breathing heavy and melting under his tongue, teeth and lips on your nipples.
Finally, it feels like Tom decided to end this sweet torture and starts moving lower and lower on you. Without any intention you start buckling your hips when you feel his warm lips glading over your belly. 
“Someone’s impatient,” Tom smiles and lifts his head up. He leaves one peck on your pubic bone and completely ignores that area. That sweet place that is yearning for him so much. Instead of kissing, licking or doing anything to your swollen bud, he moves to your inner thighs. Tom leaves plenty of kisses on them, biting and marking your skin, making you his. He is breathing heavily, but his breathing can’t even match yours. Your fingers are now entangled in his curls, guiding him as he keeps sucking on your thighs. He starts moving lower and lower until your hands can’t no longer reach him.
Once you open your eyes, you prop yourself on your elbows. You watch him leaving open mouth kisses on your inner thighs and once he reaches your lacy garter he puts it between his teeth. Slowly, he begins pulling it all the way down your leg, his hot breath making your skin shiver. 
“Aren’t we supposed to be married first?” you ask him once he has you undressed completely. Tom chuckles and brings himself near to your face.
“Don’t you know that I always try to bend the rules?” you moan into his lips and he kisses you. “But, if a lady insists, I can give you one of this,” he lifts his hand up and puts it between the two of you. “I saw the way you were looking at them, you can have one.”
After giving him an ‘are you sure’ look you decide to take it. And since you’re propped on your elbows, the only way you can take the ring for yourself is if you do it with your mouth. Which is exactly what you do. You open your mouth and put his entire index finger inside while not breaking eye contact with him. You look up at Tom, with the most innocent look you could muster. He is not saying anything to you. The only thing he can do is mouth an inaudible ‘oh’ while shaking his head in disbelief. 
You wrap your lips around the base of his finger tight until you hook the cold metal ring between them. His fingers are so long, they almost make you gag. You close your eyes while you suck on his finger, pulling out the ring, sliding it over each of his knuckles. You can’t help but imagine that instead of his finger you’re sucking something else. Something bigger. You start moaning and sucking a bit harder. With a wet plop you pull the ring out and open your mouth. You put your tongue out, showing your conquest to him.
“You’re going to be the death of me,” Tom says while he watches you hold the ring between both rows of your teeth and lift a hand towards your face. You study his ravenous face while you push each of your fingers through the loop, testing them out and looking for the one that perfectly fits
Finally, he kneels until his face is at the same level as your core. You spread your legs a bit more to give him easier access to your warm core. He licks one long strap, from your clit all the way down your entrance. You can feel him smirking once he feels how wet he got you and he hasn’t even touched you down there yet. 
“You taste even better than I imagined,” the vibrations as he talks that close to your clit make you shiver. Tom starts moving his tongue against your clit, flicking it so slowly and lightly, but you are already so worked up, you start jerking your hips almost immediately. He takes his time, licking long straps at first, not putting any pressure on your bud. 
Both of you moan as he starts lapping your clit with his tongue, slowly and steadily. Being too sensitive from the previous edge, you can barely hold yourself up on your elbows. He keeps licking your inner lips and occasionally slipping his tongue inside of you, fucking you with his mouth. He seems to know what he’s doing, teasing you even more like this. As soon as you start buckling your hips up, he moves his tongue from your pulsating clit to your entrance. Your moans keep getting louder every time he comes back and once again focuses on your clit.
“Will you please let me cum?” Your voice trembles with anticipation.
“Since you’re asking that nicely,” Tom smiles and kisses your lower back before going back to your heat. You’re still not used to how much his face softens when he smiles. But it’s the dark spark in his eyes that turns you on and makes your heart race even faster. It feels like he’s unravelling you with his tongue.
He flicks his tongue over your clit a few more times, before beginning to suck on it. As he does that, you roll your eyes and start breathing even harder. And it’s almost like he knows exactly what to do to you and where to pay more attention. He tries to hold you in place with one of his hands, while keeping your legs apart with others. 
You can feel your heat building in the base of your stomach, pulsating. Warmth moves all over your body, coursing through your bloodstream. Tom starts sucking harsher on your clit, pulling it between his lips. His face looks like a wet mess right now, spit and your wetness leaking down on his chin. 
“Please don’t stop doing that,” is the only thing you can say before you start falling apart under his mouth. Your hips ride the way his tongue flicks over your clit. You grab his hair with both of your hands and glide over his wet tongue, stimulating your oversensitive pussy, moaning and heavy breathing. It almost feels like a dream, this intensity of the pleasure that came over your body. Tom has to hold your stomach, just to keep you in place so you won’t ruin not even one second of this ecstasy. 
Tom helps you ride your orgasm to it’s last drop by keeping his strong, muscly tongue in place, letting you control the rhythm and ride it the way it works best for you. Curses and his name are the only things coming out of your mouth as you come down from your high. Finally, his lips leave your sweetest place and he starts kissing your stomach, nipples, all the way up to your neck. Once he reaches your lips he kisses you hard, teasing you and opening them with his tongue. Instead of kissing you back, he pulls away and whispers over your lips.
“Now get on all fours,” and you do as you're told, with your face down and ass up in the air, facing him. Even though you have your back turned on him, you can still see him if you look at any of the mirrors around you. 
 He runs his hands over your butt cheeks and playfully smacks your right cheek.
“Is this okay for you?” you nod.
“Can I go a bit harder?” Tom asks while looking at you through the mirror. You nod once again. “I need your words for this, love.”
“Yes.” And as soon as you say that you feel a slight tingling on your cheek as he has finally smacked you. Not too rough, but hard enough for you to quiver. Unexpectedly, this turns you on a lot more than you ever imagined.
“Should I stop, was this too hard?” he asks, with a genuine worry in his voice, soothing the skin where he slapped you.
“Please don’t,” you moan and feel his hand on your cheek again, slightly harder this time. It tingles, the warmth spreading from your cheek all over your lower back. He soothes your skin one more time with his fingertips. So delicately and gently. And it’s almost like those few slaps heightened your already sensitive skin and you can now feel his every movement. As he caresses your cheeks, his fingers tenderly nudge your wet entrance. 
You expect his next move, already prepared for the burning sensation but you don’t feel his hands on your ass anymore, “You sure about this?”, he asks and you look up at him in the mirror and see Tom holding a condom in his hands.
“Yes,” you moan and in that exact second you can hear him ripping the condom and positioning himself from behind. You instinctively spread your legs for him, waiting for him to enter you. Tom places one of his hands on your waist, digging his fingertips into your skin. He is moving his dick over your folds, getting him nice and wet before sliding it into you. With every little move that he makes you can feel your belly and thighs clenching.
Only a few more strokes after and Tom gently starts stretching you out with his member. It takes a few seconds for you to get used to his girth and with a loud gasp you let him know that he can start moving now. And once he starts moving it feels so good, so exciting and pleasurable. It feels so fulfilling to finally feel him inside. 
Tom takes no time before he is already balls deep inside of you. With every thrust he leaves a deep groan filled with pleasure. One of his hands is still on your hips and you can feel him slightly pushing you upwards, all the way up to his chest, still not pulling out of you. The first thing you feel once your back hits his perfectly toned chest is the way his cold chain is bouncing, caressing and sliding over your warm skin. It is almost embarrassing how turned on you are by him and everything he does. So much that even the way he wears his chain makes you so aroused.
“I want you to watch how beautiful you look while I’m so deep inside of you,” Tom whispers into your ear and as much as you enjoy having your eyes closed, you manage to open them up and see his hand wrapped around your breasts while the other one is trailing down your stomach, his lengthy fingers reaching for your clit.
Thanks to the way the mirrors are hung on every wall in the booth, you can see his movements from every angle. The way every single one of his muscles is flexing, his hips swaying once he is bottoming in and out of you. Once his fingers reach down your pulsating core and starts rubbing the pleasure becomes almost unbearable to you. You reach for his hands to get more stability and start trembling in front of him. The only thing you can see right now is the smug on his face as his merciless fingers and thrusts are making you cum so hard on him. With the loud moan you reach your high and ride it, his fingers finally slowing down but never completely stopping. 
“Fuck, gorgeous, you look like an angel,” Tom says and starts leaving warm and wet kisses on your neck and ear, still holding you tight. After a few long and slow thrusts he picks up his rhythm again, that ruthless and fast rhythm that gets you on the edge of another orgasm in no time. After a few thrusts he starts rubbing your clit once again, pressing that lovely spot of pleasure both from the inside and outside. 
The wave of pleasure comes even faster now, leaving you no time to adjust or open your eyes and focus on him. His hot breath is all over your shoulder and once you hear his voice, moaning into your ear you can’t help but let go, moaning and thrusting towards his arm this time even harder. 
“Tom, please don’t stop,” you moan a desperate cry for more, for another release, another round of pleasure. He picks up his pace and you can feel your legs trembling involuntarily next to his. The familiar surge of another orgasm makes your moans and breathing erratic. Once it finally hits you, you leave a high pitched cry and Tom pushes you down, stopping his movements, just holding you in place.
“Fuck baby, if I start moving now, I’ll cum as well,” he is not thrusting, the only movement you can now feel is his dickf throbbing while still deep inside of you. You open your eyes and look at him in the mirror. Your eyes instantly lock with his. You can see the way he smiles at you while there are a few drops of sweat traveling between his chest. 
“Cum in my mouth,” as much as you want to keep him inside of you, you also want to taste him. He pulls out of you and you immediately feel so empty while cool air brushes over your folds. Tom stands up and removes his condom while you turn around and starts licking his shaft up and down. You start sucking on it, taking it in as much as you can. Tom puts his hands on your head, but he is not forcing you towards him. He is removing the strands from your pink wig off of your face. 
You open your eyes and look up at his face, his eyes shut down and curse words coming out of his pretty pink lips. As you look in the mirror behind him, you can see the way his ass cheeks are tensing, gently fucking your mouth. That sight excites you so much. If you thought you were done after your third orgasm, you were wrong, cause you can feel the familiar pulsating feeling deep down inside of you. You reach down and start lightly pressing on your clit, not going too fast cause you don’t want to lose focus and mess with the way you’re pleasuring him.
“I’m cumming,” Tom says as warm, sharp and salty liquid fills your mouth. You keep moving your head up and down, guiding him through his pleasure. Not stopping until he backs away, trembling from pleasure. Your mouth suddenly feels so empty, even though there are still traces of him there. You tried to gulp it all down, but the thickness and saltines of his cum and the way he pulled out of your mouth so abruptly makes you spit a few drops on your chin and chest. 
"Sorry…" Tom breathes out as he tries to calm down from his orgasm. 
"No, no, it's okay…" your fingers travel down your chest to pick up a few drops of cum sliding down. Your other hand is still down there, pressing your clit and drawing out the heat you felt just a few moments while you were sucking him off.
"Wait, I'll help," Tom kneels down in front of you and picks up the traces of him from your chest. He looks around, "I need to find a tissue to wipe my fingers off," but you grab him by the hand and guide it towards your mouth. You start licking his fingers clean and his face quickly turns from surprised to turned on. He makes sure you lick them all, pushing them deeper and deeper into your mouth, until a few tears form in your eyes. It is only then that he finally notices that you've been teasing and dragging your fingers over your entrance the entire time.
"I fucked you so hard and you still want more, princess? You are insatiable." He quickly pulls his hand out of your mouth and you release a disappointed grunt. But it doesn't last long, because he slides two of his already wet fingers into your pussy. 
"Yes…" you moan as he starts picking up the pace. But Tom doesn't go fast this time. He keeps teasing you, pushing his fingers slowly, so deep inside of you and then pulling them in to rub your clit for a few glorious seconds. He repeats this motion way too many times for you to keep up. It’s almost like you’re floating. 
You are overstimulated, all of your senses focus on the pleasure he keeps giving you with his fingers. It isn't until he speeds up and starts fingering you that you finally start letting go and giving up to him completely. Tom tries to keep you in place, but your legs are trembling and you are not sure how much longer it'll be for your knees to give up.
"Is this okay?" Tom asks as you feel his long fingers gently wrapping around your neck. You nod and moan, not being able to produce any coherent word. Not quite sure is it his delightful movements on your g-spot, his voice or the way his other hand keeps pressing on the sweet spot on your neck, but in almost no time you can feel the oh-so-familiar feeling finally building up enough to explode. 
It’s like you’re in slow motion, the only thing you can feel are his fingers pressing the right spot at the right speed. A loud low growl escapes your lips as you ride the most joyous orgasm you ever felt. Wetness is dripping out of you, all over the floor and him. He kisses you breathlessly, like he never wants to let go of you. You're sure he can still taste himself on your lips, but he doesn't seem to mind. Tom looks so hungry for you, cupping your face with that same hand that was on your neck just a few moments ago. Once he stops, he mumbles a little "fuck", his forehead resting on yours.
"Let me help you clean up," you can barely speak, your voice still shaking.
"Of course not, darling, wait for me 'till I get you some towels," Tom hands you your panties from his pocket once he finally pulls his pants up. He doesn't even bother to properly button up his shirt, he just throws it over his shoulders, having his toned chest and that silver chain on display. You can't help but smile once you're on your own. You have no idea what you have gotten yourself into, but you're more than excited to try it out.
Once he gets back, he immediately starts cleaning your wetness from your thighs, going thoroughly over your skin.
"It's Y/N by the way."
"It feels like we’re doing this backwards, but it’s nice to finally meet you, Y/N." Tom lifts his head up and gives you a disarming smile. 
"I figured, since you're my boss now, it's only fair that you'd know my name, y'know, to sign my paychecks and stuff like that…" you can feel the butterflies forming in your belly and there was no turning back now. 
"I know they say that the boss shouldn't have any favorites, but I think I already have one."
"I just hope you won't change your mind once you meet the others," you lift your head up and your bliss gets interrupted once you see one little dot blinking. The red light you completely forgot about. That's when you feel a sudden change in your heartbeat. "Tom, there is a camera up there!" 
"So..? I mean is that a problem?"
"Well, if there was anyone in the back office, they could've seen us!"
"I'm sure we gave them one hell of a show," you can't help but feel relieved. The way he handles things that could be a problem somehow makes you feel more attracted to him. You smirk and he starts leaving soft kisses on your inner thighs, "speaking of, wanna give them another one?"
"Right now?" You laugh and playfully mess with his curls, completely ruining his hair. Tom lifts himself up and comes near to your face. He leaves a few pecks on your lips. You part your lips and deepen the kiss. His kisses are different now. Less needy. Slower, deeper. Meaningful. 
Once he parts his lips from yours, he says "Right now."
"Well, look who is insatiable now," you say and grab his silver chain, pulling him back to you and kissing him once again. Seems like it’s going to be one long night.
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hollandsour · 4 months ago
Secret Lover
Tumblr media
I am really proud of this, lol
Request: I have a request, please! If you could do one about Y/N who is fairly famous (singer or actress whatever doesn't matter lol) and Tom who have been secretly dating for a while both come on to the Graham Norton show and they have awesome banter and give each other f*ck me eyes the whole time so social media blows up about it so they come out that they are dating. Thank you!
Warnings: Swearing, Fluff
WC: 1.9k
A/n: HI, so I used the Graham Norton episode w tom, Jake, Tom hanks, and Gwyneth as a reference, BUT I AM CHANGING STUFF ABT IT, DONT COME AT ME PLS. Only instead of Gwyneth, its reader!!! Also Ik the request is kind of different, but I wanted to add some stuff.
This is how the story will work. It's a little different from the structure of my other stories. So, I will describe a part of the interview and then I will go in-depth on it. That made no sense but as you read it you'll understand.
¨His the oscar-nominated actor for Brokeback Mountain, Nightcrawler, and Donnie Darko. Please welcome Jake Gyllenhaal¨ Graham begins and the crowd goes wild as soon as he comes out. Jake is the first one to sit on the red couch.
¨His your friendly neighborhood Spiderman, it's Mr. Tom Holland¨ Graham continues, Tom coming out from backstage, seating next to Jake. The crowd still going wild.
¨She´s an oscar-winning actress and a top ten billboard musician, please welcome Y/N Y/L/N¨ it's your turn to walk on stage, you hug Graham and take a seat next to your boyfriend. Secret boyfriend.
¨She is also an oscar-winning actress and the creator of GOOP, Please welcome Gwyneth Paltrow¨ The crowd whistled.
¨And back as Sheriff Woody in Toy Story 4, he is Hollywood great and a double-oscar winner. Please welcome, Tom Hanks!¨ Graham welcome the last guest.
The crowd started to calm down, and the show began. It was the first time you did an interview with Tom, so both of you were trying hard not to be touchy with each other. Of course, Tom blew it in the first 5 minutes:
¨So Tom¨ Graham Started ¨Fame is obviously kinda new to you..¨
¨Mjm¨ Tom nodded, listening to the question.
¨Are the Holland clan keeping your feet on the ground?¨ Graham asked
¨Yeah, they do a good job too¨ Tom started, but he didn't realize when he started talking, he placed his hand on your thigh. You stuck in a breath, and he felt it. He soon realized what he had just done and removed his hand. Luckily, no one on the stage seems to notice. The fans sure did. Tom continued talking like nothing had happened, sounding very convincing.
A few minutes after, Graham started talking about Toy Story 4. He asked a random question to Tom Hanks that almost blew your cover with Tom. Again:
¨ I started recording Woody in 1991¨ Tom Hanks spoke.
¨Guess who wasn't born by then?¨ Graham laughed
¨Am going to say half-¨ The crowd laughed ¨ Everybody to my left was not yet concived¨ He signaled to move his arm, and both you and Tom raised your hands.
¨I was having good sex in 1991. You don't find that any more¨ Gwyenth said laughing.
¨Boy! That's true, the good old times¨ Tom H said.
¨Well, no actually, you can still find pretty good sex¨ You said, smirking devilishly at your boyfriend while the crowd whistled. This time, Graham caught the smirk.
¨Talking about anyone specific y/N?¨ He asked, playing with his cards.
¨Oh no, just saying¨ You shrugged, and Tom grinned.
¨Well we've painted a picture now, thank you¨ Graham joked, making everyone on the set laugh.
Next, Tom Hanks gave both of you a task. He was explaining to everyone how young actors are often asked to make repetition. Of course, you and Tom were the two youngest actors in the room, so he picked you guys. The exercise consisted of you asking Tom ´would you like more coffee?.´ He had to reply with ´coffee, coffee, boy! Do I need more coffee? Tom got a little bit carried away:
¨Okey so y/n, you will ask Tom that same question over and over again, ok?¨ Tom Hanks instructed.
¨Sure, let's do this!¨ You said with anticipation.
¨Tom, you will be saying, Coffee, coffee boy do I need more coffee in every conceivable way you can¨
¨Okey, am ready¨ Your boyfriend spoke, and you repositioned yourself to face him properly.
¨Would you like some more coffee?¨ You began, smiling at him.
¨Coffe, coffee, boy do I need more coffee.¨ He recalled, turning on his English accent to the fullest.
¨Would you like some more coffee?¨ You asked again.
¨Coffee, coffee, boy do I need more coffee.¨ He repeated himself, a little less enthusiastic this time.
¨Come on, Tom, can you try it with a little more something to it, man?¨ The crowd laughed, and he nodded.
¨Yes, Y/N, I can¨ He smiled, fixing his suit.
¨Okey, Would you like some more coffee?¨ You started again
¨Coffee, coffee, please y/n, I need some more coffee¨ He said, stronger this time.
¨Good, Would you like some more coffee?¨
¨Coffee, coffee, please Mis, I need some more coffe¨ His voice cracking this time.
¨Would you want some more coffee¨ You continued, staring at his beautiful eyes.
¨Coffee, coffee, come on y/n, I need some more coffee¨ He opened his hands and cocked his head to the side.
¨Would you like some more coffee¨ You asked one last time.
¨Coffee, please Babe, I need some more coffee. Please Y/N Y/N/L, give me some coffee¨ Tom said in a desperate manner. He didn't realize what he said. You sure did, as well as Gwyneth, who gave you a look, and you brushed it off. What both of you didn't know, was the internet, was freaking out about all the little easter eggs they have been giving.
Now, it was Gwyneth´s time to talk about GOOP. Graham welcomed the topic about her famous, Vaginal steaming. Tom just had to comment on it:
¨...And Vagaina steaming, we had never heard of that¨ Graham laughed. ¨Now a day, who doesn't steam their Vagaina?¨ Graham told
¨You are sitting on a steam right now¨ Gwyneth announced.
¨mmmm¨ Graham wiggled around in his chair, pretending to be in a vaginal steamer. Tom looked at you and laughed.
¨The whole point of this steamer was to provide health and freshness to a woman¨ Gwyneth explained.
¨Y/N, you tried this famous vaginal steamer yourself. Is that right?¨ Graham asked you, and you nodded. ¨You posted this picture in your Instagram story after you tried it.¨ The photo was shown.
¨Yes, I tried it and it's super relaxing and comfortable. It does really work! you confessed.
¨Oh believe me, it does work really well.¨ Tom fixed his hair and the crowd laughed.
¨Have you tried them before, Tom?¨ Tom Hanks asked surprised.
¨Well I sure have mate, just not in the way you'd expect¨ You hit Tom with your elbow, knowing exactly what he's talking about. Jake noticed what Tom said, kicking his feet to shut him up.
¨I hear there's an Ancient practice where you drink your own urine¨ Jake tried to change the subject.
¨Oh yeah, we do that¨ Tom said pointing at you and him, and the crowd burst out laughing. You weren't happy. Tom knew what he was doing. He had wanted to make your relationship public for a while now. He was definitely convincing people about the idea.
¨We drink each others¨ You followed along
¨I think Jake wasn't informed you were going to share that information¨ Graham joked again. You all laughed at Jake's funny face.
Graham complimented how young you looked, he asked you if you had any similar issues as what Tom Hanks had just said. He said he had issued being served in bars. Graham asked if you had experienced anything like that, and well :
¨How old are you y/n?¨ He asked
¨I am 22¨ You smiled
¨Beacuse you do look awfully young, do you have the same issue as Tom Hanks over here?¨
¨Well, I do have a similar storie¨ You began ¨Recenlty, I went to the bar with my boyfriend and his mom¨
¨Oh, she's taken, everyone. Staff! be ready to pass the tissues.¨ Graham and his jokes. The crowd laughed once again.
¨Haha, yeah¨ You turned to Tom. He winked at you. The camera definitely caught that. ¨So as I was saying, they didn't want to let To-my boyfriend mom in, because she didn't have an ID. ¨
¨What?!¨ Tom Hanks laughed.
¨Yeah and my boyfriend was all like ´I came out of my mum 25 years ago you fucking idiot´¨ You pretended to talk in a British accent, making fans wonder.
¨Toy Story was in cinemas!¨ Graham replied, and you laughed.
¨That was a really smooth accent y/n¨ Tom rolled his eyes
¨Yes, y/n you know his delicate about the accent¨ Jake joked.
¨So your boyfriend is British?¨ Graham asked, cocking his head to the side. Tom turned around to look at you.
¨Ye-yeah, he is british¨ Fuck, you blew too much away.
¨Mmm, she definitely had good taste¨ Graham joked.
The last blow of that night was the biggest. Stormzy had just finished performing on stage. He was from England and lived in Tom's neighborhood. Stormzy exposed a little too much:
¨Stormzy, you actually know Tom well don't you?¨ Graham shuffled his cards.
¨Yeah, my parent's house is in the neighborhood. Sometimes I see you and y/n walking your dog. I am sorry but your dog's walk is so cute¨ Stormzy replied to Graham, meaning to cause no harm. You and Tom shared a look, knowing everything was out. Graham wanted to ask about that, but time was on your side that day.
¨That was all for today everyone. Thank you!¨ Graham ended the show.
The next day after the interview, the media was out of its mind. You woke up to the sound of your phone buzzing. You turned around to see your boyfriend already awake, looking at his phone.
¨Oh we fucked up¨ He said, looking down at his phone.
¨Good morning to you too, baby¨ you scoffed. He kissed your head.
¨Morning love, happy? Now, look at your phone.¨
¨Ugh¨ you looked at your phone and saw all the headlines and posts. There were videos, ship accounts, pictures, messages, all types of stuff.
¨I am surprised am not being threatened by any of your fourteen-year-olds, babe¨ You joked
¨Shut up. They are all lovely¨
¨12 year difference Tom¨ You reminded him.
¨What!? That I love my fourteen-year-olds, doesn't mean ama marry them¨ He pled ¨I will marry you¨ He touched your nose, and you smiled.
¨We should just make it public¨ You shrugged.
¨You sure?¨
Tom posted a picture on his Instagram. It was a picture of both of you in bed cuddling. He captioned it ¨youp, she is my secret lover¨.
Both of you shut your phones off and decided to watch your interview from the day before, cuddling in bed
¨Man, I was giving you fuck eyes the whole time¨ Tom mumbled, you laughed.
Request something/talk to me :) 👈
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lovewasted · a month ago
Tom going to the gym with you and he's too busy making threatening every guy who stares at you to actually work out
Tumblr media
warnings— overprotective!tom, maybe possessive!tom, language
notes— this was shit but
blurb sleepover (closed)
Tumblr media
that bloody treadmill.
tom's been sat on the weight lifting bench; not lifting a weight. too busy staring at the narc that's been eyeing you on the elyptical.
can't blame him, her ass looks s'pretty in those biker shorts
shutup, that's only your ass to look at div.
he internally battled with himself. whites of his knuckles evident, whilst his palms balled into fists. he will willing to sacrifice his own work out to help you, aware of how men react to a woman with little to no clothing on. but you were adamant on doing something for yourself, in the headspace to listen to any playlist that came to mind, calories shredding off in fits of sweat.
the middle aged man observed the small of your back, and the way the firmness of your cheeks built from the pace of your jog. or the way your chest bounced from the stomps of your tennis shoes against treadmill rubber.
tom wanted to fucking slam his face into the base of the elyptical, and make the creep beg for tom to let up.
worst part, he knew you were with tom. orbs not removing themselves the moment the two of you walked into the semi-packed gym together. causing a scene was out of the question, as he's on his feet shoving the man's shoulder, few grey hairs standing straight up on the backs of his arms. peering at tom in your aligning vision, results in you pressing the pause button on both the treadmill and the music icon on your phone.
"think you could stop staring at my girlfriend?"
tom's accent is thick and the glint in his features should make the figure he's hoovering over aware that if he doesn't get up in the next few seconds, tom is bound to perform what he learned in boxing class.
"m'not looking at her, she-"
"she nothing, walk away."
he wants no trouble, and is willing to pussy out and prance to the elyptical on the other side of the gym. stopping in his tracks, he knows tom could take him. muscles prominent and jaw clenched with ease.
"alright man! sorry."
"m' sorry too! m' sorry that you can't have my girl! and-and m' sorry that her ass looks perfect enough to touch but-"
his curls adorning the nape of his neck are strong with your warm breath. the male maneuvering past tom, overbearing with a grit of his teeth. your voice alone was enough to make him come down from the adrenaline high and defy the enlarged grimances of the gym customers. turning on his heels he grins, your mouth still and numb.
"lovie, uh... the perv was almost foaming at the mouth over you. had to say something..."
a sloppy grin splayed on the corners of your lips. delighted with his sudden flustered emotion. you throw your pair of warm arms about his neck, a peck landing place on his sculpted nose.
"just don't almost kill someone next time."
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hollandcrush · 9 months ago
Ok what about tom posting a picture in his bathroom and in the picture you can see the two handprints on the shower stall where you were getting absolutely railed just a few moments ago, and the fans are talking about it on twitter and stuff lmao that would be so funny
ahahha i love your mind !! i had so much fun writing this. hope you like it x (requested part two - sleeping beauty)
in love with an idiot
word count: 893
warnings: slight smut, talk of impregnation, fluff, one booty grab, cursing, and tom being a div.
“Shit, darling.” He panted, reaching his climax. His cock twitching as he unloaded every drop deep into you. Your walls clenched around him, milking him as he painted them white.
The glass was foggy, due to the heat of your bodies and the water that streamed, soothing your sore muscles. Hands were pressed against the glass, along with your chest, as you both came down from your highs.
Once your breathing calmed, and bodies relaxed, Tom pulled out, a mix of arousals seeping out of your core. The sight was pure porn, causing Tom to groan. “If you aren’t pregnant now, I don’t think you’ll ever be.” He chuckled letting the water clean his body.
Your legs were shaky as you stood up straight. Tom wrapped his arms around you, supporting you as he pulled you close to place kisses on your cheek and temple. You giggled at the softness of your boyfriend. “Tommy, what’s your obsession with getting me pregnant. I told you, gotta put a ring on it first.”
He pouted at your statement. “Darling, I’m gonna marry you, but the thought of you pregnant with my kid- fuck.” He moaned against your ear.
You rolled your eyes, quickly cleaning your body with the water. For some reason, shower sex always happened after you went through your routine, too lazy to repeat the process, water would have to do.
Finished, you quickly turned off the jets exiting the shower, Tom following close behind. You grabbed a towel, drying the excess water off your body. Tom began to hum a tune, doing the same. You loved his voice but refused to admit it as you knew he was quite self-conscious about it.
Enjoying his soft voice, you were interrupted by your phone buzzing from the bedroom. You scurried to the sound, leaving Tom to his own demise. Wrapping the towel around his waist, he took a glance in the mirror. And he liked what he saw. He had bulked for a movie and now was cutting. Abs were defined as well as his pelvic bone. Knowing his fans would go crazy, he decided to tease the fangirls and boys with a quick and harmless thirst trap.
Grabbing his phone from the countertop, he opened up the Instagram app, posing in front of the mirror before taking a quick snap. He smirked while pressing the post button. Your voice rang from the other room, talking to a friend about some drama. He quickly fixed up his appearance, drying his hair with the towel before walking to join you in the bedroom.
You bit your lip, phone held up to your ear, not paying attention to your friend anymore as you watched his naked body stroll to the dresser. Unable to resist temptation, you gave a quick grab to his ass as he picked out sweats from the drawer. “Darling!”
A quick laugh slipped from your lips at his reaction before you placed your attention back on the conversation. The only words leaving your mouth were “really”, “no way” as your friend continued her rant. Tom got comfortable on the bed, waiting for your arrival. He watched as you tucked the phone between your ear and shoulder, multitasking as you began to get dressed.
“I will see you soon! Okay. Bye, bye.” You said as you hung up the call. Letting out a huff you threw your phone onto the bed. Tom spread his body, like a starfish, welcoming you to cuddle. You accepted, jumping into his arms. “Oof.” He grunted at the collision. “Lil baby. Weakling.” You mumbled.
Just as you were getting comfortable, Toms phone rang. “Its Harry.” He announced, answering it.
“Mate, how are you?” He quirked seeing the familiar red curls appeared on his phone.
“You are a fucking div.” Harry stated at the oblivious boy. “Yeah mate, you're a proper div.” Harrison's voice added.
“What are you on about?” Tom groaned at their insults. “What did he do now?” You interjected.
“Y/N, you promised you’d babysit him!” Harry exclaimed, causing Tom to furrow his eyebrows. “Babysit me? I don’t need a babysitter. You’re annoying me now Harry.”
“Check your IG.” And with that, he hung up.
You flipped around so your back rested against his chest, to have a better view of his phone. Tom did as told opening up the app, clicking on his new post. He immediately went to the comment section.
tomhollandlover1996: TOM AGSHSJKL NO. WHO IS THE LUCKY GIRL!????
jakegyllenhaal: It hurts to find out this way :( I’ll be sending your lawyers the divorce papers.
tuwaine: someone is having fun... 
“Tom.” You growled, “What did you post?” 
“I just posted a normal picture. Look!” He explained, showing you the pic. At first, your eyes were distracted by his physique but they widened when you noticed the background, jaw instantly dropped. You were in love with an idiot.
“Tom, the glass.” Tom's eyes snapped towards the area in question. “Oh fuck.” He mumbled, his features grimaced realising his mistake, preparing for your lecture.
“You can see the handprints– my tit prints as well. I, I am speechless. How– I mean. Fuck Tom.” You huffed in frustration, annoyed at his careless antics.
He cleared his throat trying to lighten the mood. “So, I guess I should introduce you to my fans. Maybe a cute appreciation post?”
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poguesholland · 2 months ago
Unfazed Interruption | Tom Holland
Tumblr media
You and Tom have always had feelings for each other but never acted on them. The two of you share a moment and almost have your first kiss together when Harrison walks in, but that doesn’t stop Tom from getting the girl of his dreams.
Warnings: like two curse words, fluff.
A/N: This is probably one of my favourite blurbs I have ever written.
“Wait, there’s popcorn in your hair” Tom laughs making you giggle. He leans over to reach his hand and remove it, the distance between your faces almost nonexistent as you could feel his breath fanning your face. To balance himself, he places his free hand on your upper thigh, making goosebumps spread across your body. You look up and when Tom removed it he says “Done” looking down so his eyes meet yours.
His hand in your hair rests on your neck, his thumb on your cheek. “Th-thanks” you stutter out as a low whisper, as Tom’s face is practically less than 5 centimeters away from yours.
He clears his throat and mumbles, “Yeah, yeah- of course”. You keep the intense eye contact as the sexual tension builds and builds up. You tilt your head even more to be closer to his as his thumb slowly caresses your cheek.
Tom licks his lips as his eyes leave yours to ponder your lips then making eye contact again. You felt your heart skip a beat when he did that, not being able to help yourself and doing the same. Tom smirks when he sees you stare at his lips, moving his face a bit closer so your noses bump against each other.
“Tommy” you breathe out against his face, almost a silent plead to ask him to please stop teasing. “I know” Tom mumbles, his hand on your thigh grips it tightly. The hand on your cheek tilting your head to the side. You almost do a double take when Tom leans in.
You feel his lips brush against yours and as he was about to connect them, the door bursts open. You let out a shriek and turn immediately to look at the door. Harrison stands there about to rant before he looks up and sees that he interrupted something.
“Guys, for dinner would you like chicken or- Oh, my bad, I just really need to know before I leave you guys to finish whatever this is if you want chicken parmesan or-”. He seemed so unfazed for someone who just walked in on his two best friends making out but everyone knew it was bound to happen. It didn’t take a genius to see the way you and Tom felt about each other.
Tom notices you’re beginning to pull away and engaging in the conversation. He huffs before moving the hand on your cheek to grab your chin and forcefully turn you to face him, smashing his lips against yours, not giving you the chance to take in what was happening.
You’re taken aback as your body freezes before you melt into the kiss, your hands on both sides of his neck as he moves his lips so smoothly against yours.
“Uh- guys- um, I’m still here...” Harrison stutters before Tom moves his hand that was on your thigh to your waist, pulling you onto his lap in one swift motion while your lips continued their assault on each other.
Your hands move up to Tom’s cheeks to slowly pull him away from eagerly devouring your lips in the kiss to catch your breath, resting your head on his forehead. You pant as Tom impatiently moves his head down to your neck to leave a trail of kisses from your jaw to your lower neck, making you let out a small moan.
“Guys!” Harrison yells and you let out between your sighs of enjoyment, Tom not giving you a second to relax and collect yourself, “We’re- mm, we’re a bit busy- Oh, right now H-Haz”. You gasp as Tom lightly sinks his teeth into your neck, hand moving to tug on his hair making him groan into your neck.
“Gross” Harrison let’s out before leaving. Once he does, you interrupt Tom’s assault on your neck, which was challenging as it felt too good and he wouldn’t pull away. You connect your lips once again but this time it’s slow and more passionate than the last, you tug on his hair once more making him moan into your lips, the vibrations making you reciprocate a moan as well.
Once you both pull away, you keep your lips brushing over each other. You open your eyes to find Tom already looking at yours. “That was so embarrassing Tom, Harrison was right there” you whine but not really complaining since you enjoyed it. “I don’t care I wasn’t about to pussy out of kissing you like all the other times, and it definitely wasn’t going to be because of that div”.
You blush and look down, before Tom lowers his head to meet your eyes once again. “I don’t know why you’re so shy love, I should be allowed to kiss my girl whenever I feel like it”. “Your girl” you mumble shyly, your cheeks bright red as your play with his hair that was tangled between your fingers.
“Yeah, ‘s the truth isn’t it? Think I can call you that now, right?” he reassures you. You gaze into his eyes, “Finally, yes, please, call me anything- whatever you want, just kiss me to make up for all the times we were too scared to, Tommy- please” you needily beg him. Tom caresses your cheek to calm you down, “Forget about the past darling, we took our time but here we are now right? What matters is that we’re finally here now, yeah? All that matters to me is that I’m right here with you, that’s all I could ever ask for”.
You nod and Tom looks at you adoringly, before leaning in to slowly capture your lips in a soft yet deep kiss. You release the kiss and let out a breath, resting your chest on his and hiding your head in the crook of his neck. He runs his hand through your hair as you both enjoy this moment. After months of longing looks and hidden feelings, you finally were together, and that really was all Tom wanted.
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noobsquasher · 2 months ago
your smut, holy shit like ma’am they’re the hottest fucking things i’ve ever read😩
Let Me Make It Up To You
Tumblr media
Word Count: 1.5k
Warnings: oral sex (reader receiving), praising, degrading, swearing, etc
Summary: After Peter feels bad for ignoring you for his new video game, he makes it up to you.
Note: Peter Parker x Female Reader
All characters in this story are 18+
Also, thank you all for 200 followers! I truly appreciate all the love <3
You regretted getting Peter that stupid video game for his birthday.
He has been playing it for the last couple of weeks now, screaming every time he gets shot at or when he’s doing some sort of heist with his gamer friends.
It got to the point where he blatantly ignored you whenever he was playing the game.
You sat next to him, hand on his thigh as his fingers furiously moved on his gaming controller. You wondered how he moved his fingers so fast on the controller, remembering each button by heart.
It just proved how long he’s been playing this damn game.
But you couldn’t help but imagine his long digits, inside you, pumping and curling as you moaned his name like a song.
The familiar wetness between your legs started to form as you gazed at him, breathing slowly heightening.
“Ned! Ned, we have three stars! Fuck- the cops are shooting! Get 'em!” He yelled into his mic.
Your hand started moving up, caressing his thigh before you got to the jackpot, his cock.
Hand over his clothed cock as you rubbed it, instantly hardening in your palm.
He groaned.
“Babe… babe I’m playing.” He whispered, moving his mic.
“I don’t care…” you spoke back, his cock now poking through his sweatpants.
“SHIT! OH NED! I FUCKING DIED! OH!!” He screamed, frustrated because now he needs to restart the whole heist again.
You could hear Ned screaming over the mic, aggravated.
“Y/N, now I gotta start this shit again!”
“Oh, I’m sorry! I just want to spend some quality time with my boyfriend, but he wants to play his stupid fucking game instead! I’ll leave you alone then!” You argued, standing up to walk away.
He quickly grabbed your hand, stopping you.
“I’m- I’m sorry. I’m sorry baby…” he spoke softly, removing his headphones and moving his controller to the side.
“I’m sorry… please stay… please. I’ll hang out with you.”
“You seem to care more about that game, Peter.”
“No, I don’t. Not right now. I’m sorry. Lemme make it up to you…” he said, standing up and holding your waist tightly, pulling you closer to him.
“You wanna make it up to me?”
“Yeah… let me take care of you…” Peter whispered before your lips crashed into one another, teeth clashing, tongues dancing.
Your anger quickly escaped as soon as his soft lips hit yours, his large hands squeezing your ass as your lips smacked. You couldn’t help but let out a groan, enjoying the feeling.
He smoothly moved you onto his bed, lips attached to your neck, leaving love marks.
His hands went under your shirt, cupping your breast as he rolled your bud in his palm, getting yet another groan from you.
“Let me make it up to you…” he mumbled in your ear, sending chills down your spine.
Swift with his movements, your shirt and shorts were quickly thrown to the side.
Trails of kisses and love bites were left on your soft skin, stopping to suck on your sensitive nipples before he made his way down to your drenched panties.
“Fuck Peter…”
He looked up at you as his thumb rubbed your clothed clit.
“You are always so wet for me princess… shit… I love that about you.”
Your body was already shaking with just the slight touch of his thumb on your bundle of nerves.
“Gosh… I’m not even inside you and you're already shaking. Such a needy slut, aren’t you?”
You whimpered, hands gripping his sheets.
“Please Peter…”
“What is it? Use your words.” He teased, thumb leaving your clit.
You whined, missing his touch.
“I can’t read minds. What is it?”
“Just! Just eat me out! Please… please baby…” you begged, tears about to form if you didn’t get what you wanted.
“Good girl. See, just a few words can make a wish happen.”
“Oh, Peter you talk too much! Focus on my clit!” You yelled, getting frustrated.
He glared at you before he suddenly got on top of you, hand holding your neck tightly.
“Is that any way to speak to me? Tell me? Is it?” He spoke, tone deep.
Oh, you pissed him off now.
“No… no… I’m sorry. I’ll be nice. I’ll be a good girl.”
“Will you? Or will I have to fuck you till you cry so you can obey me?”
“I’ll be a good girl. I promise.” You assured.
He gazed at you before releasing his hold.
He then kissed along your jawline, making way to your ear.
“You better live up to your word. You don’t wanna see me punish you for being a bad girl. I like sluts who obey me.”
His filthy words made you shutter, your panties saturating even more.
Finally, his head made way to your needy pussy. She was begging at this point.
Fingers hooked your panties as he slid them off.
He took a deep inhale of your soaked pussy, admiring how a few words and kisses from him got you so riled up.
Fingers went as he parted your folds, taking a peek inside you.
“My pretty pussy…”
Suddenly, his lips attached to your clit, fingers sinking into you.
You gasped, the intense feeling overwhelming you.
He sucked, slurped, and sipped your pussy. As his tongue twirled around your clit, his fingers worked in and out of your slick folds.
Peter was most definitely a multitasker.
“PETER!” You screamed as he ate the soul out of your pussy. He was devouring you as if you were his last supper.
“Taste so sweet…” he spoke before he dived back into you, his fingers curling inside you.
Your hands gripped his curls, head jerked back as your eyes rolled and back arched.
You were about to snap.
“I’m- fuck- I’m gonna- OH MY GOSH!” You cried, your orgasm hitting you like a huge tidal wave. You didn’t even have time to finish telling him you were gonna cum as you literally saw stars. Legs shaking as you nearly ripped Peter's hair out. Tears fell down your face.
You thought that Peter should earn a reward for his ‘god tier’ pussy eating.
Peter continued to go, gulping down your juices as if he was dehydrated.
“P- Pete- Peter… Peter- FUCK!”
“Gimme another one…”, he dived back inside you again.
You screamed, entire body shaking.
Peter loved how he made you look like a shaking, babbling mess. It turned him on heavily, he had to hump his bed to get some form of relief from his strained cock.
“Pete! Oh my gosh…” You cried again, clit now abused.
With how good this man was eating you out, how could you say no to another orgasm?
Your moans filled his room, curse words rolling off your tongue. His tongue sliding in between your folds, collecting your juices at the tip, soaking into his taste buds.
Your body jerked, back-arching, eyes rolling to the literal back of your head as you had your second intense orgasm.
You were completely out of breath by this point, and Peter didn’t stop obliterating your clit, his fingers still pumping you.
You nearly passed out when he curled his fingers again, hitting your g spot with much love.
“Good girl… that's my baby…” he praised, thumb circling your throbbing bud.
Incoherent whimpers escaped your lips as your chest rose and fell at a quick pace.
“Another.” He demanded.
“No… no… I can’t…”, your voice shaky.
“You can. Give me another…” he prodded.
“Please… oh gosh!” You wined, tears falling.
“You're giving me another one.” He spoke strongly before his lips connected back to your swollen folds.
You couldn’t protest Peter and his need to pleasure you. He was super stubborn and there was no point in arguing with him.
He continued to obliterate your swollen clit and already penetrated hole for a little more before your third orgasm of the day happened.
Screams tore from your mouth, scraping your vocal cords.
By now, you were a complete mess.
Hair was all over the place, entire body shaking, brain scrambled as Peter used you as a personal play toy.
You stared at the ceiling, the high of your orgasm leaving you in a vegetable-like state.
Peter finally stopped playing with your pussy before he climbed on top of you, grinning as he saw the state, he left you in.
“You alright, princess?”
You gazed into his chocolate eyes, breath heavy. You tried to say something but forgot how to speak.
“On a scale of one to ten, how good would you rate my pussy eating?” He teased.
You glared at him, groaning.
“An 11? Wow… I’m impressed with myself.”
You were too exhausted to laugh. All you could do was shut your eyes and try to catch your breath.
You felt him wipe your sweaty forehead before he kissed it.
“I love you.”
Before you fell asleep, you heard him play his game again.
“Hey man, yeah sorry. I had to eat my girlfriend out or else she would break up with me.”
Copyright © of noobsquasher 2021
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cherrycheridarling · 4 months ago
never have i ever | t.h.
tom holland x reader
warnings: talks of smut, drinking, suggestive, swearing and angst.
summary: your fwb relationship with tom was still a fresh wound and his new girlfriend loved picking at it.
a/n: happy pride month!
wc: 2.3k
Tumblr media
You had messed up. Tom had messed up. Thinking that you could sleep with each other and not get attached. Spending endless nights together, filling the room with moans and heat. All while promising 'no strings attached'.
Your feelings for him had developed halfway through your year long rendezvous. The way he would lace your fingers with his as he pounded into you. Whispering sweet praises in your ear, guiding you to that high that you craved and only reached with him. His gentle kisses that were a complete abstract to the way his fingertips dug harshly into your hips. Everything he did had you falling head over heels.
Tom tried to fight off his heart. Tried to deny the growing love he had for you, but it was futile. Your fingernails left marks on his back, reminders of his nights with you. When you kissed his lips and lightly tugged on his locks, it was as if you were pulling the strings of his heart. The way you would lock eyes with him as you both climaxed, he fell head first into you and couldn't get out.
Your sexual agreement with him was strictly confidential. Meant to be platonic. None of your roommates knew of the activities going on after hours. No one noticed when you'd sneak into his room at three in the morning or when he'd leave yours at seven a.m., tiptoeing back to his bed.
You could barely recall how everything began. The night was a blur of too many shots and discarded clothes. You were able to remember the specific words: "Just once." Ironically, you both did not keep your word.
You remembered the time when everything fell apart. When your 'no strings attached' agreement formed two strong ropes, connecting you and Tom. His forehead rested against yours, thrusts growing sloppy as he neared his high. Pornographic moans falling from your lips. Seconds later, he lost all control and let four heavy words slip out.
"Fuck, I love you."
You remembered freezing. Heart rate sky rocketing. You weren't sure if your ears were playing tricks on you, but by the look on his face, you knew he had really said it. He had left in a panic, frantically grabbing his clothes and storming out of your room. Leaving you nude, out of breath and utterly shocked.
Your friendship with him took a toll after that incident. Your late night meetings came to an abrupt end. You couldn't be alone together, awkward silence eating away at the both of you. You both coped with the tension differently.
You spent more time out of the house. Going to clubs, visiting friends, even going to the gym. Anything to stay away from Tom and the history he held.
Tom tried to move on. He got himself a girlfriend. A pathetic attempt at distracting his mind from you and your shared secret. She would spend the nights at the house. You'd hear giggling through the walls, bed creaking, moans being muffled by the drywall.
You tried to convince yourself that it didn't hurt, that you held no romantic feelings towards him. But it was fruitless, he engraved himself into your heart.
You barely knew his girlfriend. Didn't have any interest in getting to know her. All you knew was her name and what she sounded like in bed. Nadia Parkes. A fellow actress friend of his.
She was never kind to you. From the first day you met at Tom's birthday party, she sent you sharp glares. Anytime you walked into the kitchen or living room, she would cling onto Tom like a lifeline. As if you would snatch him from her.
She became good friends with the rest of the house mates, Harrison, Tuwaine, Harry and Sam. Spending nights playing board games that you opted out of joining in for. But sometimes the four boys would beg you to sit down and spend time with them.
That's how you ended up here. Six months after Tom's confession. Sitting in your living room with your roommates and Nadia. Glasses of alcohol in front of you. Trying to fight the tension between you and a certain brunette Brit.
"Let's play a game." Nadia spoke up, Tom's arm around her shoulder.
Harrison shrugged, "What game?" he paused the movie playing on the telly.
Nadia smirked, "How about 'Never Have I Ever'?"
The boys shrugged, not caring about the game, too much alcohol in their systems to protest. You, however, weren't in the mood to sit around any longer and watch their disgusting acts of PDA. You knew that with the amount of liquor the group had taken, the game was bound to be a filthy one.
You shook your head, "I think I'm gonna turn in for the night." you stood up before Nadia spoke again.
"Aw, c'mon, Y/N. Play a few rounds with us." she fake pouted.
You narrowed your eyes at her, opening your mouth to reply, but Harry beat you to it, "Yeah, you're barely around anymore. It'll be fun." the redhead smiled.
You cursed him for speaking up, his hopeful grin making you sit back down on the couch with a huff.
"Goodie! Who wants to go first?" Nadia clapped her hands excitedly.
Sam's hand shot up, "I'll go. Never have I ever gone skinny dipping in a hotel pool." he stated.
You looked around as Harrison and Tom took a sip of their drinks. You lifted the glass and sipped a bit of the vodka.
Tuwaine chuckled, "Did all of you go skinny dipping together?"
Before you could deny the theory, Harrison nodded, "Yup. When we were in Atlanta for Spider-Man, Y/N came to visit and we went down to the pool. Man, we were so hammered. I remember I woke up wearing Y/N's bra!" his explanation of the story made the group laugh.
Everyone laughed except Nadia. Tom gave a slight chuckle. You smiled thinking of the memory. Nadia had a stone cold expression on her features. You couldn't understand her coldness. You barely interacted with the girl, you failed to think of a reason why she would dislike you.
"I wanna go!" Tuwaine announced, "Never have I ever faked an orgasm." your eyes widened at his risqué words.
You chuckled a bit, "How would a guy fake an orgasm?"
"Like, make the noises, but don't pull out?" Harry's guess made everyone laugh.
All the boys shrugged as they directed their attention towards you and Nadia. You sighed before taking a long swig of the liquor, Nadia did the same.
"What?! With who?!" Harrison exclaimed at the new found information.
Nadia smirked, "My exes. Never with Tommy." she turned and pressed a kiss to his cheek.
You nearly gagged. At the nickname that he knew you hated. At the grotesque display of affection. You wished that the alcohol would take away your ability to see.
"I don't know why it's so shocking. Most guys don't really care about a woman's pleasure. That is why vibrators exist." you tipped your glass as they chuckled.
Tuwaine furrowed his eyebrows, "Then why hook up with the guy if he doesn't make you finish?"
You shrugged, "Well, you don't know that they're not gonna make you finish until you're already doing it."
You watched from the corner of your eye as Tom's gaze stayed on you. Most likely wondering if you ever faked an orgasm with him. You hadn't, but there wasn't any way you could reassure him at the moment.
"Hmm, I'll go." Harry hummed, "Never have I ever joined the mile high club."
You scoffed and took a sip of the drink again. Harrison, Tom, Nadia and Tuwaine doing the same.
"You guys are insane." Sam mumbled making you laugh.
The only reason that you were a member of the club, was because of Tom. But you wondered if you were the only reason he was able to say he was as well.
Nadia smiled a sinister grin, "I think I'll go next." she sat up, leaning forward with her elbows on her knees. She was sitting directly across from you, maintaining eye contact as she spoke, "Never have I ever had sex with someone in this room." she slowly lifted the glass to her lips and took a long sip.
Your breath hitched at her statement. The boys all locked eyes on you. Anticipating your next move. You chanced a quick glance at Tom who was subtly sipping his drink.
She couldn't know. Tom wouldn't have told her. So, where the hell did that come from? Was she making assumptions and trying to get an answer out of you? Or was she trying to brag? Sipping her drink, taunting you.
You let out a dry chuckle before bringing the rim of the glass to your lips and letting the alcohol run down your throat. There were audible gasps at your action. Tom diverted his gaze to the table in front of him. You watched as Nadia's jaw dropped. Pure shock written all over her face.
"What?!" Harry exclaimed, "I knew about the two lovebirds over there, but who the hell did you sleep with?"
You shrugged, "Who's going next?" you yawned and relaxed into the cushions.
"I'll g—" Tuwaine spoke before Nadia cut him off.
"—Me! I'll go again." she leaned forward again, examining your every move. "Never have I ever slept with one of the Holland brothers." she smirked again, thinking you had spent the night with Harrison or Tuwaine.
You figured out that she was definitely trying to brag, thinking that you wanted her boyfriend. She wanted you to know all about their sex life. She wanted you to know that he was hers, not yours.
You watched as she smugly downed her drink. Eyes locking back on you. You felt your irritation towards her taking over. Her pleased expression had your blood boiling. All rationality flew out the window. You no longer cared about who found out about your history with Tom. Wanting nothing more than to slap the smirk off of her face.
Your eyes gazed at Tom. He was watching your movements intently. Waiting for you to take a sip. He didn't care about who found out either. Having been fed up with Nadia's attitude for a while. He gave you the smallest of nods. You smirked, an equally sly grin, before letting the liquor burn its way down again. Wiping the excess drop on your lip with your thumb.
Her jaw fell again. Everyone gasped. All eyes on you. Tom awkwardly cleared his throat. Trying his hardest to suppress his grin.
"I didn't sleep with her." Sam spoke slowly.
"Me neither." Harry followed, "And I highly doubt she shagged Paddy. So," he trailed off.
Everyone's eyes landed on Tom. His scarlet cheeks were enough to confirm their suspicions.
"No fucking way." Harrison mumbled.
Before anyone else could react, Nadia screeched, "You slept with my boyfriend?!"
You rolled your eyes, "If you didn't want to know, you shouldn't have asked."
"You're lying." her eyes flickered between you and Tom, "Tommy would never sleep with someone like you." she spat the words filled with venom.
Her words raised a different level of anger in you. Everyone froze at the insult.
You shook your head with a dry laugh, "Is that so? You should get to know your boyfriend a little better then." you fake pouted.
Her anger was evident on her features. Narrowed eyes, furrowed eyebrows. Her whole face was turning red, "You cheated on me?!" she directed her rage at Tom.
His eyes widened, "No! This was long before I met you!" he defended himself.
Nadia stammered momentarily, at a loss for words, "S-so it's true? You slept together?" her voice was almost inaudible.
You smirked a sly grin again, "I'm many things, but a liar is not one of them."
You could see Tom stifling a laugh in the corner of your eye before Nadia erupted with rage, "How could you?! I let you live with my boyfriend and you don't tell me that you slept together? You disgust me." she spat the words at you.
Your anger raised, you stood from your seat, "You did not allow me to live here because I don't need your permission to live with my friends." you paused and stepped closer to her, "If I disgust you so much, please feel free to walk yourself out of my home. Because frankly, you disgust me."
Everything was silent. Everyone was processing the situation. Harrison and Tuwaine had stood up when you did, prepared to hold you back in case things turned violent.
Nadia looked to Tom, "You're going to let her speak to me this way?"
Tom looked between the two of you before shrugging mindlessly, "It is her home." he mumbled.
You could see Harrison and Tuwaine stifling laughs out of the corner of your eye. Nadia's face turned a darker hue of red.
"I-I gave you everything! And this is what I get in return? I loved you with all of my heart, Tom." she turned her gaze on you. "You two deserve each other. Absolutely appalling." Nadia turned on her heel and left the house with a harsh slam of the door.
An eerie silence filled the room as all eyes were on you and Tom.
"We were together for, like, four months." Tom spoke into his glass.
Laughter erupted at his words. The comfort of your flat mates filled the air. Eyes locked onto Tom's again as you mouthed the long awaited words.
"I love you, too."
His grin grew tremendously. Matching the smile gracing your lips. You basked in the moment until Harrison's voice screeched.
"Wait! When the fuck did you two sleep together?!"
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celestialholland · 4 months ago
Tom and “You’re the perfect height for me to rest my chin on your head.” please?
— clearing out my inbox + request closed —
a/n: oh god yeah. prompt italized!
genre: fluff | warnings: food mentions
prompt: “you’re the perfect height for me to rest my chin on your head.”
Tumblr media
“Good morning, beautiful.” Tom’s raspy voice sounded in you ears, a hint of sleepiness still present, as he came up behind you and wrapped his arms around your waist, and placed a kiss on your temple.
You momentarily put down the spatula in your hand, turning your head around to be with his soft features, eyes glazed with lingering sleep, and a lazy yet gorgeous smile on his lips.
“Good morning, sleep well?” You pressed your lips on his in an affectionate kiss, making him sigh contentedly. You pulled away when you remember that the heat was still on and the pancake was probably moments away from burning to a crisp, making Tom whine protest. You chuckled, flipping the pancake onto a plate. “You wanna let go now, Tom?” You asked, seeing as it was a little hard to make breakfast with him practically stuck to you like a koala. You didn’t mind of course, the body heat radiating off him and onto you, gave you immense comfort, his warmth curled around you like a safety blanket – but it made it just a tad harder to work with.
“Nope, I’m gonna stay here you make pancakes.” He said, making you chuckle. His hand slipped under your t-shirt, his warm palm coming in contact with your skin, his thumb gliding over your waist, as you melted in his touch, continuing to prepare the breakfast. Resting his chin atop your head, he murmured, “You know, you’re the perfect height for me to rest my chin on your head.”
You giggled, turning off the stove, and shifting in his hold, your arms going around his neck, “And’re just perfect for me.”
Tumblr media
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softholand · 4 months ago
waterproof | tom holland
Tumblr media
pairing: frat!tom holland x reader
summary: you meet a very cute, very hot guy when you join your friend in an spontaneous trip to a frat car wash event
warnings: swearing, drinking, mentions of cancer and death, smut — minors dni
words: 10k
a/n: it’s here!!!!!! my longest fic yet and probably my favorite one <3 i got the inspiration after a tiktok i saw about it and just couldn’t resist lol i was also inspired by the amazing story i swear to god i never fall in love by @hazofmyheart — so if you haven’t read it yet, do me a favor and go cause it’s brilliant :’)) h was also a big inspiration, since her works always inspires me to keep creating so thank you hannah, ily <3 @duskholland oh also, i know nothing about college in the us so forgive me if something’s wrong. i think that’s it, please let me know what you think, your feedback means a lot to me :)) ily all, be safe ✌️
The day was miserable. This morning you had woken up to a storm, rain splashed on your windows while lighting illuminated the grey sky. Unfortunately, you had two classes to attend so you had no other choice but to get up, leaving the warmth and comfort of your apartment behind. Kelsey, your best friend, and roommate had already left once you woke up, so with no more excuses to stay curled up in bed, you got up, going straight to the bathroom, before deciding what you were going to wear for the day.
Taking a quick look at your phone weather app thingy, you checked the temperature, not wanting to put too many clothes on and sweat for the rest of the day or not put enough and almost freeze to death. Once you decided that some jeans, a sweater, your pair of boots, and a jacket would do it, you got your bag and car keys from the desk and left for the cafeteria, like you did most mornings.
With a cup of coffee in one hand and your purple umbrella in the other, you made your way through campus, trying just as everyone else to desperately get away from the bad weather since you could feel your feet starting to get soaked from the wet gravel beneath you.
Thankfully, the walk wasn’t long and once you were safely inside, you went straight to your first class of the day, English Literature with Professor Bill, which unfortunately always seemed to be endless. But once it was finally over and since you had another class in the afternoon, you decided to just get a sandwich for lunch and stay at the library, that way you could finish your essay which was due next week.
You were comfortably sitting at one of the back desks, your stuff all spread out in front of you, a cup of tea on your hand, typing away on your laptop when Kelsey came rushing through the doors, making a beeline to you. “Good morning, sunshine!” She greeted you, way too excited for your liking. “Morning! What got into you?” You mumbled while she took a seat next to you. “I have great news!” Kelsey exclaimed, clapping her hands excitedly. “Oh no, I don’t like your tone!” You let it out, taking a sip of your hot drink.
“There’s going to be a charity car wash at the Phi Delta house tomorrow and we’re going!” Your friend squealed. “A car wash? Seriously Kel? I mean, I’m not gonna lie, they sure know how to throw one hell of a party but a car wash?” You mumbled, trying to focus back on your writing. “Not any car wash, y/n! A charity one and to be honest, Lucy kinda needs it.” Kelsey winked, making you roll your eyes.
Lucy was your 2008 white Jeep Wrangler, which you had gotten once you started college. The car was your treasure and the owner of so many good memories already. “Yeah, that’s definitely because of Lucy and not that frat blonde guy you’re after.” You protested, knowing her exact intentions.
“See? It’s a win-win situation, you get Lucy cleaned and I get to see Osterfield!” Kelsey smirked, making you groan. “You’re terrible, you know that right?” You asked. “I’ve been told before!” She smiled, anxiously waiting for your answer. “What about this weather?” You tried to reason, but you knew there was nothing that could possibly change her mind.
“It’s not supposed to rain tomorrow, and if it does, they’re canceling it and doing it next weekend.” She let it out, biting her bottom lip expectantly. You sighed, deciding you had no other choice. “Fine, Kelsey! We’re going!” As soon as the words left your mouth, your friend was jumping in your direction, hugging you as you had just given her a million dollars.
“Thank you, y/n/n! You’re the best!” She exclaimed, earning you both dirty looks from the people who were close to your desk, also trying to study. “Okay, now get off, you’re suffocating me!” You whined. “Fine, at what time you get off class today?” She asked, getting up and ready to go. “Four-ish?” You responded, tapping your nails on the laptop. “Can you give me a ride?” Your friend inquired, comically batting her eyelashes. “Sure, just text me when you get off.” You said, laughing at her antics.
Once Kelsey left, you were finally able to go back to your essay, getting most of it done before you left for your next class. One stressful hour later, you texted her saying you’d wait for her in the parking lot, receiving a quick message back, saying she’d meet you there.
At home, you two cooked some pasta recipe Kelsey found on Pinterest, before calling a night and going straight to bed. The thunderstorm had finally subsided but the rain was still falling hard once you turned off your phone, and you’ll be lying if you said you didn’t wish for it to stay like that for the next day.
By some kind of a twisted joke though, you woke up the next morning to a blue sky, not a single cloud insight, and the promise of high temperatures and sunshine. Here goes your excuse. Thank you universe.
Checking your weather app, you heavily sighed, seeing as you had no other choice than to get up, so you did just that, picking up an outfit that consisted of your favorite jeans shorts and a lilac tank top, putting your hair up in a ponytail before going straight to the kitchen, where Kelsey was already at, preparing breakfast.
Once that was out of the day, you stepped into your trusty— and in desperate need of a wash— white sneakers, getting your purse, keys, and phone all ready to go, gasping when you saw how pretty your best friend was. “Holy shit, Kel! If that Harrison guy doesn’t do anything today, I will.” You winked, playfully twirling her around, making her blush. “Shut up!” She said, swatting your hand away. “Are you ready to go?” You asked and she nodded. “Oh, before I forget, Steph asked if she could come with us and I said yes so we have to pick her up.” Kelsey let it out while putting her sandals on.
Steph was another one of your friends and being the guy's lady she was, of course, she couldn’t miss the opportunity to attend this frat car wash event or whatever the hell that was. “Yeah, sure! Let's go!” You laughed, seeing your friend clap her hands excitedly.
With Steph on board, the three of you made your way through campus, singing to Olivia Rodrigo’s new album until the majestic Phi Delta house came into view. And what a view. The front of the house was filled with cars, so much that there was a row to have a chance of getting yours clean.
The fraternity brothers were all there too, wearing nothing more than basketball shorts, their muscular torsos left exposed, not only because of the hot temperature but also to attract more customers, especially women, since the sign in front of the house said: Phi Delta Charity Car Wash: Ladies Discount.
“Holy shit!” Kelsey let it out, being followed by the phrase “There’s nothing holy about this, Kel!” from Steph, which made you all laugh. “Well, it seems we’re gonna have to wait quite a bit judging by the size of this row.” You said, glad you had refilled Lucy the day before.
“It’d be totally worth it though, just look at them, y/n!” Kelsey exclaimed, her eyes practically bulging out of her head once she saw Harrison approach one of the cars. “And there he is!” You smirked, laughing at your friend’s stunned reaction. “There’s no way this guy is real, look at him!!!” Your friend squealed, making both Steph and you laugh.
While the girls gushed about Harrison, your attention was quickly diverted to another one of the shirtless hot guys. He was a little shorter than Harrison, with messy brunette curls on top of his head and a body that made you squeeze your thighs together just by looking at it.
“Oh, did someone finally catch your attention, y/n?” Your best friend asked, seeing as you didn’t take your eyes off the boy. “He’s freaking hot!” You exclaimed, enjoying your view. “That he is! His name is Tom Holland, he’s friends with Harrison, actually.” Steph clarified. “And of course you’d know that, wouldn’t you?” Kelsey smirked, Steph flipping her off.
Once the row of cars finally moved, it was time for your car and the girls couldn’t contain their excitement with what was about to happen. With Lucy parked in the spot one of the guys instructed you to, they got to work, asking who was the owner and what kind of service you wanted.
The question caught you so off guard you blushed, hard. The guy must have noticed since he patiently explained the two types of cleaning services being made. One for the whole car, including the interior, and the other just for the exterior.
Saying you only wanted the latter, he winked, letting out a small “Got it, babe!” before going back to work. “y/n, you look like a tomato!!!” Steph laughed, being quickly joined by Kelsey. “Shut up you two!” You flipped them off, feeling embarrassed about the fact you were caught so off guard by one shirtless boy. God, has it really been that long?
While the boys prepared the cleaning supplies, Harrison approached the car, making Kelsey squeal in excitement, something she masked really well once he was by her window. “Good morning, ladies!” The blonde said, before directing his blue eyes to your best friend. “Fancy seeing you here!” He whispered, making her blush. “I told you I was gonna come.” She giggled, and you had to contain yourself from rolling your eyes at them.
“These are your friends?” Harrison asked, taking a look inside the car. “Yeah, that’s my roommate y/n and Steph is in the back,” Kelsey explained, and you both waved. “You’re the owner of the Jeep, right?” Asked the blonde, and you nodded. “Don’t worry, we’ll take good care of him!” He said, making you wince.
“It’s her, actually!” You said, surprising him. “Oh, my bad! Does she have a name?” He smirked. “Lucy, her name’s Lucy!” You answered, seeing him nod. “We’re gonna take good care of her then.” The blonde said, before turning back to Kelsey. “You look good, Kel!” He smiled. “Thanks!” Your friend said, biting her bottom lip to contain her smile.
“Ok, now you girls better close your windows if you don’t wanna get wet.” Harrison winked, before joining the rest of his frat brothers. “Too late for that!” Kelsey said once the windows were closed, making the three of you burst out laughing.
When the car was wet and covered with a thick layer of foam, and not any foam, a rainbow one, which made you and the girls all take your phones out to register the moment, the boys got to work. With washing mitts in hands, Harrison and some of his group of friends went all over Lucy, making sure to give you and the girls winks and smirks all the way through.
“God, this is my fucking dream!” Kelsey let it out, making you laugh. “Why do I feel like I’m watching a porn video though?” You asked, feeling your cheeks grow flustered from all the hot, shirtless, wet frat boys around you. Steph and Kelsey couldn’t help but laugh, agreeing with you in the end.
Once the first wash was done, they repeated the process, but this time the guy you were watching earlier, the one Steph said was named Tom, took one of his brothers' place, giving you a better chance to admire him and his perfectly sculpted body even closer.
Like all of the other guys, he was wearing only basketball shorts, the hem of his Calvin Klein boxers peeking through. His curly chocolate-colored hair was all mated now because of the water but somehow that only made him more attractive. Jesus Christ.
When he was right by your window, he sent you a wink, making sure to really flex his muscles while washing your beloved Lucy, and oh how much you wanted to be her right now. Covered in rainbow foam, with his hands all over your body…
You were suddenly brought back to reality by a couple of knocks on your window. It was him, the son of a bitch had caught you staring, and to let you know that he put a finger on his jaw, pretending to close his mouth, which ended up making you even more flustered. You little devil.
With a huge smirk on his face and another wink in your direction, he went back to work, your friends squealing in excitement inside the car. “Oh my god! That was a scene out of a freaking movie, y/n!” Kelsey exclaimed, being followed by Steph, “God, I wish it was me!”
You closed your eyes, “Stop it, you two! I’m already flustered enough. God, it’s really hot in here isn’t it?” You let it out, blasting Lucy’s AC to try and cool your body down, an action that made both you and your friends laugh.
When the washing part was done, the boys took turns drying your car, making sure to put on a show while doing it, as usual. Harrison approached the car again, this time, he brought with him a clipboard and an envelope, where all the money was going. “Did the girls enjoy the show?” He asked once Kelsey opened her side of the window.
“We sure did!” Your friend answered, smiling wide. “I’m glad!” He smirked back, giving you the clipboard to sign your name on it. After paying for the wash, Kelsey noticed a commotion that caught her attention. “What’s going on there?” She asked the blonde, who was putting the money away.
“Oh, the guys wanted to make a sort of like a “kissing booth” to raise more money, if you donate $5 extra, you can kiss one of us,” Harrison explained, making Kelsey’s eyes pop. “Oh, and can I choose who I’m gonna kiss too?” Your friend smirked, earning a chuckle from the blonde. “Not usually, but I’ll let it pass this time.”
Kelsey looked at you expectantly, making you widen your eyes. “What are you looking at? You don’t need my permission! Go for it!” You told her, seeing her roll her eyes. “I’m not doing this alone, come on girls!” Your friend exclaimed, making you laugh. “Fuck! I can’t do it Kel, I have a giant cold sore on my bottom lip, it looks disgusting and it’s fucking painful.” Steph whined, sounding really upset.
Then, the three of them looked at you, making you shake your head. “No, I’ll pass. Thank you!” You said, being met with hard glares from your friends. “Come on, y/n! It’s for charity!” Kelsey protested, nudging your arm. “So, in or out?” Harrison inquired, and before you had a chance to respond, your friend had already done it. “She’s in, go call that Tom friend of yours!” Son of a bitch.
“Kelsey!” You snapped once Harrison was out of hearing sight, eyes practically bulging out of your face. “Oh, shut up! Don’t act like you don’t want it!” Your best friend huffed, rolling her eyes. “You’re such a bitch!” You said, trying everything in your power to bite back a smile.
“For fucks sake, y/n! Just enjoy the opportunity, I’ll literally kill to make out with any of these guys after the show they gave us!” Steph complained in the back seat. “You two are insufferable!” You laughed. “Just give them the damn money!” Kelsey said, taking the note out of her purse.
With the car windows rolled all the way down, you prepared yourself while the guys slowly but confidently approached the vehicle. What you thought was going to be only a quick car window kiss ended up being a complete makeout session when Kelsey got out of Lucy, practically throwing herself at Harrison's arms after giving him the 5 dollar bill.
You thought about quitting, just give the money, get your friends, and go home. But, once you saw Tom standing by your window, with all his glory, you froze, being met with his wide smirk. “Jesus!” You let it out when you once again, shamelessly and stupidly stared at his body. How could you not though? He was perfect. Every single one of his abs was defined to perfection, small droplets of water still ran down his torso, making you want to wipe them away with your lips.
“You can call me Tom though!” He smirked, clearly proud of his remark. “I- I’m sorry, ah, should I get out?” You asked, feeling your cheeks grow hot from embarrassment. “You’re paying for it, darling so that’s your choice!” Tom shrugged, that stupidly handsome smirk never leaving his lips. “I think I’ll just… yeah!” You mumbled, thanking Tom when he opened the door for you.
Stepping outside Lucy, the first thing you notice was the rainbow-colored ground, making a pretty contrast with your white shoes. If you didn’t have a greek god waiting to kiss you right now, you’d probably have taken your phone to snap a couple of photos.
Like the idiot you are and as if the moment couldn’t get any more embarrassing, you slipped. Right when your shoes made contact with the wet ground, they sent you flying, landing on Tom’s naked chest. Perfect.
“Shit! I’m so sorry!” You apologized, trying to regain composure. “It’s okay!” Tom giggled, steadying your clumsy ass. When you looked up, there he was, with that same smirk, hazel eyes looking right into your soul.
You couldn’t help yourself anymore, and as if you could hear a cliche overplayed romantic song starting to play in the background, you both leaned in, lips meeting each other in the middle.
The first thing you noticed was how his lips, even though thin, worked perfectly together with yours. You had kissed a lot of people in your life, and you were not ashamed of that, but you had never experienced such a hot and passionate kiss like the one you shared with Tom.
As you turned your head to deepen the kiss, his hands went to your waist, holding you close, like he was afraid you’d disappear at any moment. The coolness of his damp hands in contrast with your hot body felt strangely nice, and when a small moan left your lips, you could feel Tom’s grip tightening, a playful smirk appearing on his lips.
Unfortunately, your lungs started to beg for air, so a few minutes later, you were forced to stop, an action that left your whole body protesting against it. Of course, the first thing you saw when opening your eyes was Tom’s smirk, which apparently never left his lips.
Taking some distance from you, the boy cleared his throat, taking a final look at you. “Sorry for making you all… wet.” Tom let it out, his smirk only growing in size. That son of a bitch.
You wanted to say something, maybe scold him for his innuendos but you were left frozen, speechless, and, not surprisingly, wet. Ha-ha. Thankfully, before you could embarrass yourself even further, Harrison came to your rescue.
“We’re throwing a party tonight to celebrate the money we raised for the charity. You girls are all welcome to join, especially you young lady.” The blonde informed, leaving a final peck on Kelsey’s lips. “We’re coming, for sure!” Your friend said before the couple said their goodbyes.
Tom only winked at you, and since you felt like your feet were stuck to the ground, you just stood there, emotionless, watching him leave to join his frat brothers in another car. “Holy crap, that was hot! I got turned on just by looking at it.” Steph exclaimed from the back seat, finally snapping you out of your dirty thoughts and getting your attention.
“It seems you’re not the only one!” Kelsey teased, making you roll your eyes at her. “That’s your fault! Now shut up, and let’s go home.” You scolded her, both of you getting back into your car. “Look Steph, she’s all flustered!” Your best friend and roommate said, laughing at your distraught face, leaving you with no other choice than to give her the middle finger.
After the morning events and after you and the girls had gotten yourselves some lunch, you dropped Steph off her dorm, before heading home, where Kelsey and you decided to take a nap before getting ready for the party.
When the time to pick up an outfit came, you couldn’t help but struggle, to the point of letting yourself wonder if Tom would like what you chose. Shaking your head, you quickly tried to get rid of those intrusive thoughts, finally deciding to wear one of your favorite party dresses, that way you’d feel comfortable and pretty at the same time.
Later, when you and Kelsey arrived at the frat house, the place was already filled to the brim with people dancing, drinking, and seemingly having the time of their lives. Making your way through the mass of bodies, you and Kelsey made it to the kitchen, where the alcoholic beverages were located.
With cups filled with beer, you felt like the night was about to begin and that was confirmed when Harrison approached Kelsey, barely acknowledging you before taking her by the waist and kissing her as his life depended on it.
“Hello, gorgeous!” He smirked, finally letting her go. Your friend was speechless and before you knew it, they were shamelessly making out by your side. Rolling your eyes, you scoffed, not even surprised that you were about to spend the night as a third wheeler.
While Harrison and your best friend practically ate each other's faces off, you decided to look for Steph, since you knew she was gonna come, finding her with another group of friends that were more than happy to welcome you.
It was a few minutes later when Kelsey came back, with Harrison glued to her hip, her lipstick all smeared all over the blonde’s face. “Hey, you disappeared!” Your best friend pouted, making you roll your eyes. “Oh, I’m sorry if I felt a little uncomfortable by your and Harrison’s makeout session.” You huffed, earning a sheepish smile from her.
When you noticed your empty cup, you excused yourself to go to the kitchen for a refill, asking if anyone wanted one, but they all declined. Once there, you made a mixture of a couple of the beverages on the counter, not caring about the consequences of your choices.
You were just about to exit the crowded kitchen when suddenly you heard a voice whispering in your ear. His voice. “Fancy seeing you here!” Tom said and you could tell, even without looking that he had a smirk plastered on his face. “Well, I was invited to come so…” You shrugged, earning a chuckle from the boy.
Once you turned to him, he was hosting himself on the kitchen counter, giving you the perfect view. This time, since he was wearing a shirt, you could really focus your attention on his face instead of his absurdly ripped body. He was wearing a simple black t-shirt, some cuffed jeans, and a hat, backward, which ended up making him look even hotter. Geez, how is it possible?
“I’m sorry, I don’t think I got your name earlier, you know, we were a little busy.” The brunette smirked, making you blush. “y/n, my name’s y/n.” You said, trying to contain your nerves. At that, Tom smiled, repeating your name like it was his favorite song. “I like it. It suits you.” He said, taking a sip of his drink. “Here with your friend?”
“Yeah, she ditched me for Harrison though.” You joked, earning another chuckle from Tom. “They seem pretty… close.” The brunette smirked, making you laugh.
“Don’t even say it, she’s been gushing about the “hot blonde frat guy for weeks.” You blurted, widening your eyes when you realized what you had just said to Harrison’s best friend. “Please, don’t tell him this. She’d for sure kill me.”
Tom laughed, shaking his head. “Don’t worry about it, your secret is safe with me.” He said, crossing his fingers on top of his lips. “Thank you!” You smiled, averting your gaze.
“I’m happy she went after him though.” Tom stated, “Why?” You curiously asked. “Otherwise we wouldn’t have met.” He explained, sending you a wink. “Smooth!” You laughed, feeling your cheeks burn.
You were about to say something when you suddenly felt someone bumping against you, causing you to almost spill all of your drink. When you turned to see who it was, the guy had already blended with the mass of people that were currently in the kitchen. Rolling your eyes, you averted your gaze back to Tom, who was already looking at you.
Sensing your annoyance, Tom got off the kitchen counter, offering you his hand. “C’mon, let’s get out of here.” He said a beautiful smile on his face. Oh, yeah. No. You snorted, “Wouldn’t you like that?” Chuckling, the boy whose hand was still stretched, rolled his eyes. “C’mon, I wanna show you a place. And I promise it’s not my bedroom.” He winked, making you laugh and shake your head at his antics.
Finally taking a hold of his hand, which was surprisingly soft, you followed him through the house, going up one flight of stairs to a door with a big T on it. Tom opened the door to what you assumed was his room, making you instantly raise your eyebrows. “It’s outside my bedroom, I promise, y/n!” He laughed, clearly finding the situation hilarious.
While he went straight to the window, you took the moment to look at his room. What you got from it was: 1) It was probably the only one in the house with a bathroom. 2) Tom was a big fan of comics, judging by the number of magazines and action figures he collected. 3) He was a proud British, not that his accent hadn’t already given him away, but the UK flag beside his bed frame confirmed your suspicions.
“You coming?” Tom’s voice suddenly took you out of your trance. “Yeah, sorry!” You apologized, accepting his help to climb out the window, landing on the rooftop of the house. “Wow, it’s beautiful out here.” You let it out, surprised by the view of the city at night.
“Yeah, sometimes I come here when it gets too loud in the house. It’s like my safe escape.” Tom smiled. “I can only imagine how sharing a house with eleven boys might be. I truly don’t think it gets quieter than this.” You laughed, being quickly followed by him.
Clearing your throat, you suddenly felt self-conscious with all his staring, deciding it was best to just keep talking. “So, did you guys raise a good amount of money today?” You asked, changing the subject. “Yeah, we did! Thank you by the way, for coming.” Tom thanked, making you smile. “Of course! It’s for a charity, right?” You asked, even though you already knew the answer.
“Yeah, they treat kids with cancer. It’s the second year we do this for them, the first time we raised a good amount but we definitely raised more this time.” He explained, making you smile. “That’s really nice of you guys to do it.” You complimented, and this time it was Tom who blushed.
“Actually, I’m going there tomorrow to drop the money off, do you wanna come?” Tom offered, surprising you. “Oh, really?” You asked, surprised. “Sure, apparently none of the guys can.” He rolled his eyes. “I would love to, yeah!” You smiled, earning a nod from him. “Great! Cause I kinda need a ride there.” Tom let it out, a guilty look on his face. You laughed, “Damm, all of this just to ask for a ride. I can’t believe it.” You joked, making both of you laugh.
“It’s cool if you can’t though, don’t worry!” Tom lets you know, but you shrug. “No, it’s fine! I can take you! Just give your number so we can text.” You said, not even realizing how that sounded. “Look who’s the smooth one now, already asking for my phone.” The brunette smirked, making you roll your eyes at him. “Yeah, I’ll just park outside the house and wait for you the whole day.” You mocked, earning a laugh from him.
Tom was just giving your phone back when suddenly you heard someone calling his name. “What is it?” He shouted back. “C’mon bro, come here, we’re doing keg stands, where are you?” Yelled one of his frat brothers from the house backyard. “Coming!” Tom answered, looking at you with a sad smile.
“C’mon! Let’s not leave your public waiting.” You teased, making him laugh. “Are you sure? We can stay here if you want.” Tom offered, and you had to force yourself not to accept it. "It's fine! We’ll have time to talk tomorrow.” You answered, sending him a warm smile.
With Tom’s help, you climbed back to his bedroom, parting ways once you got to the first floor. “I’m gonna go look for my friends.” You let him know, taking a step back. “I’ll see you tomorrow then?” Tom asked, earning a nod from you. Before he left, he kissed your cheek, and you were absolutely sure you melted right then and there.
Kelsey was already looking for you once you found her, claiming she had texted you a thousand times already. You assured her you were fine, that you were actually with Tom, which earned you a massive smirk and knowing looks from her.
Once a commotion could be heard outside the house, you and your group of friends made your way there, wanting to know what was happening. Since you already knew the frat boys were playing drink games, you weren’t surprised to see Tom himself doing a keg stand, with some of his friends supporting his legs.
The crowd around you cheered and screamed, praising the boy who kept drinking like he wasn’t upside down at all. Once he finally let go of the keg, his friends helped him stand back up, and you did not miss the wink he sent your direction when he caught you, once again, staring at him. Holy fucking shit.
You spent the rest of the night with your friends, drinking and laughing at stupid jokes. You didn’t see or heard from Tom until you were already at home, tucked and ready for bed. He texted you asking if 3 pm was fine by you and once you agreed, he sent you the text that made you go to bed with a smile on your face, already excited for what the next day had to come.
See you tomorrow then, can’t wait 😜 xx
Kelsey was at your feet the moment you woke up the next day, wanting to know what happened between you and Tom last night since now she was sober enough to comprehend your words. “I told you nothing happened Kel, he just took me to a quieter place so we could talk.” You explained while putting coffee into one of your mugs.
“Talk about what?” Kelsey insisted, taking a bite of her avocado toast, which looked very appetizing by the way. “Jesus Christ, Kelsey! Did I ask what you and Harrison were doing the majority of last night?” You barked, getting the ingredients to make one for yourself. “Oh, you wanna know?” Your best friend smirked, making you groan.
“God, you’re terrible! He just showed me the place he goes when the house gets too loud, then we talked about the car wash and how much money they had raised and he asked if I could give him a ride to the charity today since he’s going there to drop the money.” You explained, putting two slices of bread in the toaster.
“Please, tell me you said yes.” Kelsey practically begged, making you roll your eyes to the back of your head. “Yes, Kelsey! I said yes. Anything more?” You asked, crossing your arms while you waited for the toaster to pop. “Oh my God, you’re really into him, look at you, so defensive about it.” Your friend smirked.
“Oh, shut up!” You flipped her off, cutting the avocado open and spreading it on your toast, adding salt and pepper before joining her by the table. “Please, y/n! Don’t act like I don’t know you.” Kelsey winked, kicking your leg under the table. “Can I have my breakfast in peace now, please?” You remarked, earning a smirk followed by a quick nod from your friend, that fortunately left you alone.
It was later that afternoon when, after spending an unreasonable amount of time getting ready, you left to the frat house, to pick Tom up.
Once you parked your car, you shot him a text, saying you were there. He texted you back instantly, letting you know he was on his way. What you didn’t expect, in any circumstances, was to see Tom exciting the house wearing a spiderman suit, minus the mask, and a backpack.
“Oh my god, what is this?” You asked once he got closer. “I promised the kids that Spiderman would give them a visit next time,” Tom explained, his cheeks a bright shade of red. “That is really sweet, Tom!” You laughed, finding it adorable.
Once inside the car, you could really see how good he looked in that suit. It hugged his body in all the right places, accentuating his perfectly sculpted muscles. “Thank you, darling!” You heard Tom saying, with a big smirk on his face. Shit! You must have said this out loud.
Clearing your throat, you averted his gaze, not being able to face him any longer. “So, do you have the address?” Stupid question, of course, he has the address. Jesus, y/n! Get a grip! Tom laughed, at you, you thought, quickly shaking your head.
With the address in, you started the twenty-five minutes drive to the charity, which was filled with music and small chatter between you and Tom. You got to know each other a little better, Tom explained to you why he chose to move to the states to study, saying he and his best friend, Harrison always wanted to live the “American dream”, which turned out to be way more difficult than he thought since he was such a family type of guy.
“So you have three younger brothers?” You asked, trying to understand what Tom had just explained to you. “Yes, Sam and Harry are twins, and Paddy is the youngest. Oh, I also have a dog called Tessa back home, she’s my princess and I love and miss her so much.” Tom said, making your heart melt at his words.
When you finally got to the charity, Tom fished his Spiderman mask out of his backpack, securing it on his head, before turning to you. “How do I look?” He asked, making you smile. “Great! You look great!” You said, giving him two thumbs up, which made him laugh.
Since he couldn’t really see with the mask on, you helped him to the door, where a woman was already waiting for you. “Tom, none of the boys today?” She asked, clearly familiar with him. “No, not today, Nancy! I brought y/n, though!” Tom responded, his voice muffled by the fabric of the mask.
“Hi, it’s nice to meet you!” You greeted the woman, being pushed to a hug. “It’s very nice to meet you, y/n! Friends of Tom are our friends here too.” She smiled, letting you go. “I can’t believe he really came dressed as Spiderman.” The woman whispered, making you laugh. “Me neither!” You said, earning a chuckle from Tom.
“I can hear with this mask on, you two know that, right?” He told you, pointing to you and Nancy. “Ok, c’mon! Let’s get inside, the kids are really excited to see Spiderman, some of them couldn’t even sleep last night.” Nancy announced.
Once you dropped the envelope with the money in Nancy’s office, she directed you both to the room where all the kids were anxiously waiting for their hero. Once Tom, or Spiderman, entered their playroom, all the kids went crazy, screaming, jumping, clapping their hands, some even getting out of their seats to hug Tom.
While you watched him interact with the kids, Nancy told you that most of them had brain cancer and that unfortunately, the majority wouldn’t even last more than a few years of life, which was why the donations and the fact that Tom came here, dressed as one of their favorite superheroes, was so important for them.
Before you realized it, you had tears in your eyes, quickly taking care of drying them, in case any of the kids saw it. Speaking of them, you had just seen Tom do a flip when you felt someone grabbing the hem of your yellow summer dress.
“Oh, hello!” You said to the little girl, looking curiously at you. “You’re Spiderman’s friend?” She asked, clutching a teddy bear in her arms. “Yes, I am Spiderman’s friend.” You answered, chuckling at her surprised face. “So you are his Mary Jane?” The little girl asked, making you smile. “I guess you could say that. But that’s a secret, so it stays between us, okay?” You sent her a wink, putting a big smile on her face.
You and Tom spent a few hours there, playing with the kids, and to be honest, it was some of the best hours of your life. The kids were all so sweet and absolutely loved to play, something so simple, that meant the absolute world to them. In a quick trip to the bathroom, Tom changed his clothes before you left, while you said your goodbyes to Nancy and all the other charity workers, promising to come back soon to visit them and to play with the kids, of course.
“So, what did you think?” Tom asked as soon as you got into your car. “It was amazing, Tom! Seriously, thank you for inviting me.” You said, sending him a warm smile. “Of course! I knew you’d like it!” He stated, keeping his eyes on you.
“Where are we going?” He asked, finally averting his gaze, noticing you were driving away from where you had come from. “Well, you showed me your favorite place yesterday, so I think it’s only fair that I show you mine.” You said, smiling in his direction. Tom laughed, adjusting himself in the seat, asking if he could turn the radio on, to which you nodded.
The rest of the drive was mostly in silence, you and Tom kept stealing glances every once in a while, which always ended with one of you chuckling from being caught. He asked about your college major, and told you about his film one, which you could see was something he was really passionate about only by the way he talked.
Once you got to your favorite spot in the city to watch the sunset, Tom got out of the car, not believing his own eyes. “Isn’t it beautiful?” You asked, joining him. “It’s gorgeous!” Tom answered, and you both stared at the sky, watching the sun slowly disappear behind the mountains, turning the once blue sky shades of orange and pink.
“How did you find this place?” Asked the brunette while leaning against Lucy. “Oh, one of my ex-boyfriends actually showed me.” You lied, watching Tom’s face immediately fall. “Oh,” he breathed, making you lose the battle with yourself and burst out laughing.
“Oh, so you think you’re funny?!” Tom joked, relieved but equally annoyed at your little prank. He started coming towards you, making grabby hands tickle your body. “You think you’re so funny, huh?” You quickly tried to escape, but it was too late. He was already tickling your sides. “Tom, stop!” You laughed, trying to get him off of you but he only kept going, until he practically caged you between your car and his body.
You were close, you were so fucking close that even the slightest movement would cause your lips to touch. “You’re really pretty!” Tom whispered, his eyes locked on yours. “You have a lot of freckles.” You noted, not being able to take your eyes off him. Smiling, Tom tucked a strand piece of hair behind your ear, an action that made you blush.
“I think I wanna kiss you again,” Tom whispered, cupping your jaw. “Then do it.” You let it out, is immediately met with the feeling of Tom’s lips against yours.
It was only the second time you kissed, but for some reason, you felt like you were already addicted to him. The way his mouth worked perfectly with yours left you feeling dizzy like you had just got out of a rollercoaster.
His hands roamed your body, frantically trying to find something to hold, until they found their place on your hips, squeezing them every once in a while. When you felt the tip of his tongue on your lips, you gladly parted them open, letting him slip his muscle into your mouth.
Tom’s body kept pressing you against your car like he was afraid you could slip past his fingers some way. Little did Tom know you had no intention at all of letting him go.
You actually had no idea how long you stayed like that, slowly making out, no rush, just enjoying the feeling of each other’s lips, his hands on your hips and yours on his chestnut curls, not only lips but feelings intertwined too. Once you pulled away to breathe, you realized the sun was long gone, the sky now filled with thousands of stars.
“It’s getting late, we should head back.” It felt weird to even talk after spending so much time kissing, you felt your throat dry, your mouth begging for water. “Yeah, we should.” Tom agreed but made no effort to get away from you.
“Tom, c’mon…” You whined, slowly backing him away, even if it pained you to do it. “I say we go to the back seat of your car and keep doing what we’re doing.” The brunette offered, kissing the side of your jaw, and to be honest, it was not a bad offer at all.
“Uhm, very tempting, but we actually have to go, it’s getting dark.” You tried, hearing Tom groan, his head buried on your neck. “C’mon, I’ll let you drive.” That seemed to get the boy's attention.
“Wait, really?” He asked, looking at you expectantly. You hummed, passing Lucy’s keys to him. “Thank you!” Tom pecked your lips once more, before quickly going to the drivers’ side, making you laugh at his sudden change of behavior.
The ride back to campus was filled with Tom’s excitement to be driving your car, which ended up being the most entertaining thing to watch, it was like seeing a kid playing with their new toy.
At the frat house, he made sure to kiss you again, thanking you for the ride and for letting him drive your car. You assured him it was okay, and after a few more minutes making out outside, he finally let you go, making you promise to text him once you had arrived.
With a stupid smile on your face, you made your way back to your apartment, where Kelsey was already waiting, her ears ready to hear all about your “date”. Seeing as you had no other choice, and after sending Tom a quick text saying you arrived safely, you told her everything and in exchange, she told you what was going on between her and Harrison too.
At the end of the night, you two ate some boxed mac and cheese, before deciding to go to bed early, seeing as you had classes early the next morning.
You couldn’t help the feeling of butterflies on your tummy every time you thought about Tom, his face, his eyes, his hands, his lips, his kisses. Just him. Everything about him was beautiful and exciting and you already couldn’t wait to see him again.
That didn’t take long to happen, since the next day, you found a small bouquet and a note on the driver’s door handle of your car when you and Kelsey were just about to go back home after finishing classes early for the day.
“Oh my god! y/n!!” Kelsey squealed, while you tried to spot your not so mysterious admirer. “Here, read the note.” Your best friend instructed, passing you the small piece of paper that read: Thank you for the ride and everything else yesterday. I had a lot of fun! If you’re okay with it, I want to take you out properly this time. Text me when you get this, with love T xx
You couldn’t help the smile or the blush on your cheeks when reading his note. “It’s from Tom.” You laughed, taking the bouquet in your hands, giving the flowers a little sniff. Kelsey let out a squeal by your side, saying that she wished Harrison did something like that for her.
Since you couldn’t seem to find Tom anywhere, you decided to go home and do as the note instructed, texting him when you arrived at your apartment. He texted you back immediately, asking if you had liked your present. You told him you loved it, and that you were more than okay to go out with him.
After literally hours talking, you and Tom decided to meet on the weekend, since you both had quite a busy class week. He told you to be ready at 5 pm on Saturday, and even after begging him to tell you where he was gonna take you, he kept the location a secret, making you roll your eyes at his cheesiness.
When Tom said he wanted to take you out on a proper date, you didn't think he was being that serious. Turns out he was, ‘cause when Saturday rolled around, he picked you up at your apartment, in his car this time, opened the door for you, and even took you to a semi-fancy restaurant, since you were college students after all.
The night passed faster than you liked and after an amazing dinner, you and Tom ran, hand in hand, to his car, since the small droplets of rain that had started once you were still inside, had now turned into a full storm, with thunder rolling in the distance.
When you finally got to the car, it was already too late, your clothes were drenched and the cold rain droplets kept falling from your hair directly on the carpet. Tom turned the heater on immediately, which helped you dry yourselves a bit.
“Do you wanna come with me to the house? I can give you a towel and once you’re warm again I can take you to your apartment. I’m known to make a pretty good cup of tea too.” Tom’s offer caught you off guard but it ended up being so sweet that you couldn’t recuse it. “Yeah, that would be great.” You nodded, earning yourself a smile.
The frat house was strangely quiet, something very different from the times you've been there. Tom escorted you to his room, giving you a towel before disappearing through the bathroom, to change from his wet clothes. Once he came back, wearing grey sweats and a simple worn-out white t-shirt, he excused himself to go to the kitchen and prepare the tea he promised earlier, while you tried your best to dry yourself off.
Turns out, it was much difficult to do that while wearing wet clothes, clinging to your body, so you made the bold, but most necessary decision of taking the majority of your clothes off, hanging them in the bathroom so they could dry a little bit while you stayed there.
Once Tom came back from the kitchen, carrying two mugs of hot tea in his hands, he found you under the covers of his bed. “I took some of my clothes off and hung them in the bathroom to dry, is that okay?” You asked, feeling your cheeks burn.
Tom was surprised, he didn’t expect to come back to his room to find the girl he was interested in on his bed, wearing nothing but a pair of underwear. “N-No, don’t worry about it. It's fine!” But, even though he was caught off guard, Tom wanted you to make sure it was okay, and mostly, that you were comfortable.
Passing you one of the mugs, he joined you on the bed, sitting as further away from your almost naked body as possible. “Thank you! It’s really good!” You smiled, taking a couple of sips of the hot beverage, feeling it instantly warming your body.
Apparently, the hot liquid wasn’t enough, since you couldn’t stop your body from shivering. Tom must have noticed ‘cause in seconds, he put both of your cups down, offering his body heat to help you warm up.
Getting under the covers with you, Tom opened his arms for you to nestle into them, you instantly felt the warmth of his body involve you. “Better?” Tom asked, caging you in his arms. “Much better, thank you!” You said, turning your head up, just enough to peck his lips lightly.
That ends up stirring something inside you ‘cause not even a second later you’re kissing Tom’s lips again. He moves his body slightly, that way you end in a much more comfortable position. Tom’s tongue is inside your mouth in no time at all, and from there, things only escalate. While your hands went to Tom’s soft hair, his find their place in your ass, giving each side a good squeeze, eliciting a moan from you.
In a quick movement, you straddled his waist, not for a second disconnecting your lips. Tom’s hands went to your hips, helping and encouraging you to keep moving them back and forth. It didn’t take long for you to feel the bulge in his sweatpants grow, “Oh, fuck…” Tom breathed when you directed your lips to his neck, kissing and biting every inch of exposed skin, leaving a couple of love bruises on your way.
When Tom’s hands go to your breasts, he finds himself hypnotized by the way they look on your white lace bra. But, as much as he liked the lingerie, he couldn’t help but want them off your body. “Can I take these off?” He asks after a couple of minutes of staring. “Yeah!” You said, your mind so clouded by lust you can barely talk.
With the piece of clothing properly discarded, Tom takes his sweet time with your tits, massaging them, squeezing, teasing, until he finally puts his mouth to work, sucking and biting your already erect nipples. “Oh, fuck!” You let it out, hands in his hair, feeling arousal already pooling between your legs.
After making sure to give the same amount of attention to both of your breasts, Tom let them go with a loud pop. You laugh, attaching your lips right back to his. With slow movements, he turns you both around, carefully laying you down on his bed. Tom keeps his lips on your body, moving from your lips to your jaw, neck, shoulders, chest, stomach, making sure to mark you all the way.
When he gets to your underwear, he presses a kiss to the hem of your panties, looking at you with big brown eyes, as if asking for your permission to move on. You nod, lifting your hips to help him take your last piece of clothing off before he slowly starts teasing you with feather-like kisses on your knees and tights.
“Tom, please…” you don’t even realize the words left your mouth, but you’re glad they did when you feel Tom smirk and finally move two fingers to your core. He starts by spreading your wetness all over your lips, “You’re so wet, baby!” You moan, feeling your cheeks burn from embarrassment since Tom had barely even touched you.
Looking back at you, Tom asks if he can taste you, and after a quick nod, he licks a long stripe from your core to your folds. “Fuck…” you moan, feeling your walls instantly clench around nothing. Tom eats you out good, his mouth working like magic, the sounds leaving his mouth sounding like straight-up porn, eliciting loud moans and praises from you.
With both hands on his hair, you guide him, your eyes rolling to the back of your head when Tom inserts two of his long fingers into your heat, curling them, hitting just the right spot. “Oh, fuck…” you bite your lip, feeling your high already approaching. “Please, don’t stop.” You beg, squirming in bed, one of Tom’s hands going to your stomach to keep you in place.
Tom does as he’s told and doesn’t stop his movements, only increasing them until you’re practically convulsing under him, “Fuck Tom, I’m gonna cum.” You let him know and the next thing you know, one of the best orgasms of your life hits you like a brick.
You feel like you're floating, the only thing grounding you are Tom’s sweet kisses trailing up your body. “You alright?” He asks once he gets to your face, that stupid triumphant-like smirk plastered on his lips. “Yeah, thank you.” You laugh, kissing his lips, tasting yourself in them. “You’re welcome.” Tom chuckles, going back to your lips.
With greedy hands, you palm him through his pants, moaning into his mouth when you feel how hard he is. “Your turn,” you purr, biting his earlobe, earning a moan from him. Turning both of you around, you help Tom lay down, while you start kissing his lips, moving to his jaw, neck, chest and each one of his abs, until you finally reach the hem of his grey sweatpants.
Tom helps you take the rest of his clothes off, and when he’s finally free from them, you can’t say you’re not surprised at his size. His cock is hard as a rock, leaking precum off the tip, leaving you no other option than spread the substance around his shaft. “Fuck,” Not being able to contain himself, Tom moans as soon as your hands get in contact with his member.
You start by licking a long stripe, from the base of his cock to the head, taking him slowly into your mouth, bobbing your head until you feel him hit your throat. “Fuck, y/n…” Tom moans your name and you’re sure that alone could have made you cum.
With both hands on your hair, Tom does a makeshift ponytail, helping you with your movements. “Oh, yes, keep going…” Tom breathes, your hands coming to his thighs to support yourself, while you keep taking him into your mouth, only stopping when he tells you so.
With a string of saliva dripping from your mouth, you smile, trying to clean yourself the best as you can with the back of your hand. “C’mere,” Tom said, helping you climb back to him, crashing his lips into yours, moaning loudly into your mouth.
You hold each other for a while, slowly making out until your lips are practically numb from all the kissing. “I need you...” you murmur into Tom’s lips, not even caring how desperate you sound. “Let me get a condom,” Tom says, pecking your lips before letting you go.
Tom reaches into his bedside table, shuffling through his stuff until he pulls out a pack of condoms, taking one and stuffing the rest back in. He opens the foil package, but stops to look at you, “Are you sure?” Tom asks with uncertainty in his eyes. You nod, breathing out a small yes in response, which is enough for Tom to finish rolling the material into his member.
With one of his hands between your bodies, Tom positions himself into your entrance, slowly rubbing his tip against your folds. “Fuck…” He cuts you off with his lips, slowly starting to enter you.
You both moan, getting lost in the feeling of pure bliss, Tom staying still, letting you get used to him. Once you assured him you were fine and he could move, Tom starts to ease himself in and out of you, keeping his thrusts slow at first, only increasing them when you ask him to.
Your fingers dug into his arms, back arching off the bed when you feel Tom hit the perfect spot, your moans only turning him on more. With both hands caging your head, Tom dips his lips until he can kiss you, making sure to keep his movements going, while you explore each other’s mouths.
Tom dips his head and sucks your nipple into his mouth, flicking his tongue over the bud a few times, making sure to give each one of them the same attention. You can feel Tom’s thrusts getting sloppier, so you sneak a hand between your bodies, playing with your clit until you can feel the coil in your stomach ready to explode.
“Fuck,” With a couple more thrusts, Tom loses it, releasing into the condom, making sure not to stop his moves until you approach your high too. “Oh, fuck…” Your grip on his curls tightened as you came, a breathy moan passing your lips, your back arching off the bed until your breasts are flush with Tom’s chest.
With heavy breathing and slightly sweaty bodies, you and Tom stay chest to chest, just enjoying the bliss of your orgasms, until you’re finally able to catch your breaths.
After a couple of seconds, you open your eyes, finding Tom smiling, looking at you. “What?” You ask, a lazy smile on your lips. “That was a pretty good way of warming up, huh?” He smirked, making you giggle.
Pecking your lips, Tom starts to slowly lift himself off of you, excusing himself to the bathroom, from where he comes out a few seconds later with some wet tissues. “Here,” he passes you the package, and you thank him, cleaning yourself up before looking for your discarded clothes.
Once Tom sees you’re about to slip your dress back on, he quickly realizes it’s still raining outside and he actually really wants you to stay. “Hey, so it seems the rain hasn’t stopped yet, do you wanna maybe, spend the night?” He asks, after clearing his throat to get your attention.
Biting your lip to contain a smile, you nod, finding adorable how nervous Tom seemed. “Yeah, that’d be great.” Tom smiles, shifting on his feet. “Cool!” He says, making you chuckle.
“Do you need anything? A shirt, perhaps? That dress is beautiful but it doesn’t look very comfortable to sleep in.” Tom offers, to which you nod, accepting the old Marvel shirt he takes out of his closet for you. “Can I use the bathroom real quick?” You ask and he nods.
Once you come out, wearing his shirt, with your hair up, and a washed face, you find Tom already in bed, looking at you expectantly. “C’mere!” He instructs and you smile, joining him under the covers. Nudging his nose against yours, Tom kisses you, stopping when he hears you laugh.
“What?” He asks, confused. Smiling, you shake your head, “I was just thinking since I paid five dollars to kiss you, how much all of this will cost me.” Letting out a laugh, Tom pecks your lips, “Don’t worry, darling! You get all this for free!”
Tumblr media
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Juice Box
Tumblr media
Peter Parker x f! Reader
Warnings: None, not really, is mostly just cute fluff
Summary: Some of Peter and (Y/N)'s movie night shenanigans, when she won't let him get to the fridge.
A/N: I really hope you guys like it 💖💖💖 Please let me know if you do and if you like my writing feel free to leave a request 💖💖💖
Water dropped onto the cold, yellowed tile of the bathroom floor, the chill air surrounding him, made him quickly wrap the fluffy towel around his body, cocooning himself, sighing at the warmth it brought. Unfortunately, for Peter's sake, spider powers did not include temperature control, promptly drying off the excess water, pulling on a pair of, what (Y/N) called unique, pajamas, covered with illustrations of bats, pumpkins and potions, very on brand for Halloween, according to her. He chuckled, recalling her excitement at school when she handed him the carefully wrapped package, eyes glittering when they looked at him, at which he knew he would love whatever was in it, for her sake, as he pushed the door open, creating a large creak that drifted through the strangely quiet space. Eyebrows raised, the boy walked through the short corridor, questioning the silence, knowing his girlfriend was not the most quiet of individuals, feeling his stance relax and lips curve upwards into a smile as he spotted the oblivious girl jumping about in the kitchen.
He leaned against the wall, admiring the way her hair flew aggressively, strands slicing jaggedly in the empty space around her, hands flailing around, up and down, mimicking an ungrateful wave. To most people this would probably be an awkward scene to watch, seeing the way she moved around was more likely to resemble an octopus wiggling around the depths of the ocean than a ballerina twirling strategically, but Peter supposed he wasn’t most people.
Her moment of peace was interrupted when she felt a sock-clad foot lose balance, sliding slightly further than she intended, almost causing her to collapse onto the stained panels of the wooden floor, her arms reached out aimlessly, just snatching hold of the corner of the smooth, pristine surface of the counter top. Snapping out of her daze, she noticed the boy who was now much closer to her, palms grabbing unsuccessfully in the air, an attempt to save her from another debacle, which wasn’t really necessary, much to his dismay, evident by the frown plastered on his face at the lost opportunity to be her hero. Stifling the giggle that dared rise from her chest, she steadied herself up carefully once more, turning softly to face her worried boyfriend, forehead creased with concern as he calculated her every move, the palm of her hand gently cupping his cheek, stroking the warm, flushed skin, before planting a delicate kiss, “Don’t worry Pete”, she smiled softly, “you’re always my hero”. Her words made his lips instinctively curl upwards into a beaming grin, hands sliding down to intertwine with hers, rubbing circles into the back of her palm gratefully.
Taking in her outfit, reflective of his, the same odd pajamas that she insisted on, he twirled her around, chuckling at the way she but her lip unconsciously to contain the growing smile from spreading across her face, strands of her hair spinning along with her, like a crown around her face.
Stopping he helped steady her, before reaching out behind her frame to reach the fridge, frowning in annoyance when his hand was swatted away from the rusted, red-brown handle, tilting his head to find the culprit, (Y/N) giving him a mockingly stern look, “Babe I was doing something important”, waving her finger in front of his face, “before you interrupted”.
Snorting, he rolled his eyes playfully, crossing his arms across his chest, as he fixated his gaze on hers, “Baby I didn’t interrupt”, he lamented, trying to contain the growing laughter in his throat, watching her eyebrows furrow together in frustration, “You just almost fell and I so happened to be present for the show”.
Frantically laying her palms across her chest as she shut her eyes, she gasped comically at his response, opening them slightly to take in his reaction, almost breaking character as he pressed his lips together tightly, making his laughs turn into high pitched wheezes. Giving him another serious look, she blocked his pathway to the fridge, “I have decided”, she declared, voice echoing through the empty apartment, mixed with the sounds of cars passing through the streets of the city that never sleeps, “you shall not reach the fridge”.
He smirked moving closer towards her, ending his head down low, so that his lips reached her ears, warm breath tickling the sensitive skin of her neck, as he whispered, “Baby I can lift a bus with my bare hands", her breath hitched, feeling his arms circle her waist, her head reflexively tilting upwards to meet his for a passionate, desperate kiss, allowing her hands to latch behind his neck, gently tugging at the strands of hair, "What makes you think I can't get past you". Much to her shock, she felt herself being pulled off the ground, as he tossed her across his shoulders, securing her tightly with one hand, grinning innocently, imagining the scowl on her face, as she huffed and wiggled around in his hold, "You know this is just unfair". The fridge door sent a cool breeze past his face as it shut with an almost silent puff, holding his juice box triumphantly towards the girl, who now lay still, sulking, seemingly having accepted her captive state, "No, keeping me from the fridge was unfair".
Poking the plastic straw through the brightly colored box, he took a sip as he brought them to the living room, plopping her down onto the couch, laughing as she crossed her arms furiously across her chest, face almost turning red, refusing to look at him. He pouted, laying his head on her lap, attempting his best puppy eyes with her, knowing she couldn't resist as she groaned tilting her head down to look at the boy, "You have to admit it was kind of funny", he grinned up at her. She glared at him, yet positioned her fingers in his hair, tangling them in the soft, fluffy curls, occasionally tugging, "Your lucky I love you", making him sigh contently. He reached out to the coffee table, fingers running across the rubber buttons of the television remote, hitting play to start the movie, enjoying the normalcy she brought to his life.
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Hi wifey 💘 hope u are fine! I have a request- can u maybe write something where Tom and the reader have a fight and Tom says something that really hurts the reader🥺 just angst with fluff at the end
I'm sorry it took me so long to answer this wifey! I hope you're happy with it though! I love me some gut wrenching angst, love you xx
Long Distance
Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader
Warnings: angst, fighting
Summary: You’ve got some things to talk about when Tom gets home
“You’re home late,” (y/n) hummed, watching as Tessa ran to greet Tom at the door.
“I told you, we stopped for dinner on the way home,” he smiled, scratching the dog's head affectionately.
“I didn’t realize you’d be out so late, I could have met up with you guys.”
“Oh no need for that love,” he dropped his bag on the floor before moving to greet her with a quick kiss, “I’d love to hop into bed with you right away darling but I’m in dire need of a shower so I will be right back.”
“Alright,” she pursed her lips for just a moment, “I’ll be here.”
“You can join me if you want,” he offered with a smirk.
She rolled her eyes, “You just said you're in dire need of a shower.”
“Oh shush, if I was that gross you would have noticed already,” he stuck his tongue out before disappearing behind the bathroom door, leaving her alone with Tessa again.
She sighed, settling back into bed while she waited for Tom to clean up. Of course she didn’t want to get mad at Tom on his first day home, but the annoyance had been slowly building over his whole trip. It had been constant missed calls and texts, half assed replies only coming hours later. He never reached out to her unprompted, he seemed distracted on call, and then, to top it all off, he’d showed up hours later than he was supposed to, only telling her that he was grabbing food.
Tom left the bathroom, a towel hanging off his hips as he pulled one of the dresser drawers open, “Where are your jammies?” he frowned.
“Oh I rearranged the clothes, yours are in the top two and mine are in the bottom.
“Oh…” he pulled out some sweats and began changing, “I liked having them all together, then my clothes smell like you and yours smell like me, it’s nice for when I go away, reminds me of you,” he flashed her a smile, but it fell when he looked back at her, “What?”
“Doesn’t seem like it's a very good reminder.”
“What? Darling of course it is, it makes me feel at home, and that little piece of you is really comforting to me,” he sat at her feet, “You’re upset with me.”
She nodded, “Yeah, but I know you’re tired, we can talk about it tomorrow.”
“No, no, we can talk about it now, I figured we’d stay up for a bit anyway. Besides, it’s not good to go to bed angry,” he kissed her hand before crossing his legs, “Tell me what’s on your mind love.”
“Okay,” she took a deep breath, “I just felt like we hardly talked while you were gone and that really bugged me. I mean I understand that you were busy doing press and everything, but I felt like I was really on the back burner.”
“Love I called you every opportunity I had, and I warned you I wouldn’t have much free time, this is a big film, there’s lots to be done.”
“I understand that Tom, but I know you didn’t call me every chance you got because you never called me unprompted. I mean the whole time you were gone I only heard from you after I reached out, and I was lucky if I got a reply on the same day. Then you come home hours late, you don’t tell me where you are, you don’t invite me out with you, I mean I’m your girlfriend Tom.”
“I’m sorry you feel that way darling but I put my best effort in here, I don’t know what you want me to say, I was just busy. And I’m sorry I was late getting home but we’d been flying all day, we were hungry, we stopped for dinner, it wasn’t like I was avoiding coming home or something.”
“No but you didn’t invite me, and I’m not saying we need to do everything together, but when you're gone for a whole month I wanna feel like you're excited to see me when you come home.”
“I am excited to see you!” he laughed, cupping her face in his hands, “You can ask anyone darling, I was buzzing the whole way home, they couldn’t get me to shut up about you.”
“It doesn’t matter what you say to other people Tom,” she groaned, pushing his hands away, “I know I’m being petty here but you didn’t even want me at the airport, in fact you told me not to come because the traffic would be annoying and you’d be home at 8 anyway, and then you weren’t. Don’t you understand why that makes me feel unwanted?”
“Airports irritate you, I just wanted to save you the trip,” he defended, “I really am sorry it’s been such a rough month darling, but you could have let me know a lot sooner too. You know you can always come visit when I’m away, and if you really wanted me home right away all you had to do was tell me.”
“It’s not that simple Tom, I have my own things going on, I can’t just fly across the world because you’re too busy to take two seconds to text me back. And the point is that I want you to want to come home to me. I don’t want to have to tell you I want you to come home, I want you to do it because you want to see me as much as I want to see you.”
“Darling I know it’s not that easy but you knew what you were getting into with this relationship.”
“I knew that I was getting into long distance, but that doesn’t mean we don’t talk.”
“I wasn’t ignoring you, it’s hard for you to understand what it’s like but I was busy all day, everyday. Whenever I wasn’t working I was sleeping, I got back to you whenever I could, and I’m sorry that that wasn’t as frequent as you would have liked, but you weren’t the only thing on my mind.”
“I wasn’t on your mind at all, evidently.”
Tom sucked in a sharp breath, rising from his seat to cross his arms, “Is that what you think?”
“That’s what you made clear with your actions,” she retorted.
His jaw was locked, his cheeks flushed red with anger, “I can’t spend less time away (y/n), and I can’t always put you at the top of my priority list. It just comes with the job and if you can’t handle that you’re welcome to leave.”
“Leave?” she repeated, in shock that the words had actually left his mouth.
He nodded, confirmed she’d heard correctly, “If you’re not happy you can leave.”
She pushed herself off the bed, shaking her head in disbelief as she approached the dresser, “Fine.”
He stayed quiet for a moment, watching as she began tossing clothes onto the bed. The anger seemed to flood away in an instant, “What are you doing?”
“Darling wait,” he sighed, “Don’t do that. Let’s sit down again.”
“You told me to leave, so I’m leaving,” she snapped back.
“I didn’t say that,” he groaned, grabbing her hands as he moved in between her and the dresser, “Please stay.”
“I’m telling you that I miss you!” she snapped suddenly, tears starting to prick at the corners of her eyes, “That I need you! A-And I need you to know that you love me when you’re gone, not just when you’re here. Why is that too much?”
He froze, a wave of guilt washing over him in an instant, “It’s not darling, not at all. I got defensive, I’m sorry.”
She sat back down on the edge of the bed with a sigh, “You didn’t just get defensive, you told me to leave.”
“I didn’t mean it like I wanted you to leave,” he tried to explain, “But if you aren’t happy with me then you should leave, as much as that would absolutely kill me.”
“I am happy with you Tom, the happiest I’ve ever been,” she squeezed his hand.
“I’m my happiest with you too,” he pursed his lips, “I’m sorry sweetheart, I shouldn’t have snapped at you like that. It just hurt to come home and immediately get told I’ve been being such a shitty boyfriend.”
“You haven’t been, that’s not what I was trying to imply either. I just need you to put in a little more effort next time you're away. I know it’s hard and you're busy, but I’m not asking you to sit by your phone every second of the day. I just need to know that you miss me too.”
“I do miss you, just…” he trailed off, sighing as he tried to put his words together more calmly, “It’s not easy being away. I mean I do all these press events all day and I get back totally wiped and I’ve got to stay in another hotel all alone. It used to be a lot easier to do that when I didn’t have you to come home too. I never felt like I was missing out on anything before, and now I feel like I’m missing all these moments with you. I try really hard to bury those emotions so I can be happy and do all the interviews and what not.”
“Why couldn’t you just talk to me about it?”
“I would have been a mess if I spent all day dragging on and on about how much I missed you, I had work to do, it was easier to bury it,” he sighed again, “I don’t know darling, I didn’t realize I was hurting you, I was just trying to get it all done so I could come home and be happy again.”
“Okay…” she set her head on his shoulder, “I know maybe it makes it harder for you, but just promise you won’t do that to me next time.”
“Of course not love, I’d never do anything I knew would hurt you,” he kissed her head before nuzzling his nose against her hair, “There won’t be a next time, I won’t go away again.”
“Tom that is not what I want, it’s your job, it’s okay that you have to leave sometimes.”
He shook his head, “It’s not okay if it hurts us, that’s a risk I won’t take. So I won’t go away again unless we’re going together, at least not until I’m sure you know exactly how much I love and appreciate you.”
She peaked up at him before pressing a kiss to his cheek, “Thank you Tom.”
“You’re welcome,” he squeezed her tight against his chest again, “I’m sorry for snapping at you earlier. I’d be fucking devistated if you ever left darling.”
“I would never leave,” she assured, “Ever.”
“Me neither,” he hummed, “You and me is the only thing I’ll ever want.”
“Me too,” she closed her eyes, snuggling into his side like she’d been dreaming of doing for a whole month, “You wanna go to bed now?”
He nodded, “There’s nothing I’d like more.”
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spidey-sophie · 2 months ago
Unlatched || Tom Holland Smut
Tumblr media
Pairing: CEO!Tom x PersonalAssistant!Reader [Enemies to Fuckers AU]
Summary: From the moment Tom got promoted and became your boss, you knew exactly the type he was. You hate everything about him. But the thing that you hate the most is the fact how good he looks while being an absolute nightmare. You decide to make his special day just as miserable as yours was. But, what will happen if he finds out what you did?
Word Count: 12.3k
Warnings: smut, dom!tom, mentions of masturbation, lots of edging + overstimulation + orgasm denial, lots and lots and lots of fingering and hand action, eating food off of someone's fingers, praise kink, brief ass play, unprotected sex, mirror sex, angsty sex, sir kink, power play, hand on neck but no choking, consensual mouth covering with some fabric, multiple orgasms, cum play + creampies (ew I hate this word). Once again, she sucks on his fingers a lot, as usual. Explicit smut - minors dni.
Notes: Ok this is filth is finally out. I wanted to give my hand whores everything and I hope I did! This started as a prompt I took for the birthday event that @hollandsrecs hosted. I changed some bits and after spending months writing it - it is finally here. I am beyond excited to share! First of all, thanks to my sweetheart @hypnotized-so-mesmerized for bullying me into writing this and being the first beta reader. Speaking of beta readers, another one goes to my hand kink sis @veryholland for being an amazing helper, cheerleader and hypeman! Ofc, what would my fic be without @worldoftom and her ideas! You helped me while I was stuck at one part for weeks so basically this fic is out thanks to you! I hope you will enjoy reading this as much as I did while writing! Pls let me know what you think, I am very excited to read your comments!
♡ Ily and happy reading ♡
This has been the longest ride in your life. The longest, and most awkward.
It was supposed to be just another work day for you, another regular Tuesday, and yet here you are. Driving in the car with your boss. 
Tom freaking Holland.
If anyone asks you, you have no idea when your hatred for him started. Sometimes you feel like it started the first time you laid eyes on him. Also known as the moment when your nightmare began. From the moment he got promoted and became your boss, you knew exactly the type he is. 
Working for Tom means that you have to be available for him 24/7. Be on the phone for most of the day, scheduling his flights, trips and business meetings. Sometimes even schedule and reschedule his personal dates. And he is always going on a date with someone else. With some other girl you have to deal with later. Yes, that is another perk of working for him. Besides texting and buying gifts for his dates, every once in a while you get to be the one who breaks up with his one night stands and flings. And you hate it. You hate the way he treats other girls. You watch how he charms and seduces them and you always wonder “What is it that they see in him…?”
Tom isn’t any different in the office as well. He is either too busy or nowhere to be found. He’d make you stay after hours with him at the office and once you do that, he’d completely ignore you. He is usually unreachable, changing his plans at the last minute. Often has important meetings from 9am until late at night. Which of course means that you have to be there at the office for as long as he was there.
Just the sound of his voice in the early morning annoys you. Everything about Tom irks you. The fact that he is always wearing those stupid, fitted, black suits, talking with everyone, making them laugh, giggle and flush. His jokes and puns. How every once in a while, you would catch him looking over at your desk. How during every lunch break, the majority of the employees would be in his office, listening to his stories and anecdotes.
But the thing that you hate the most is the fact how good he looks while doing all those things that annoy you. How sharp his jawline is. How funny his jokes actually are. How good his hands look while he is going through all the papers on his desk. How much the veins on his arms pop when he gets a box of paper from the top shelf. How smooth his voice is. 
And you don’t even want to start at how good he actually is at his job. No one can get the business deals he can. Tom is so charming, not only for the ladies, but he uses his charm effectively for his job as well. And it works. Ever since he’s been  the new CEO, the company keeps growing and growing. And that unfortunately means he is in for the long ride.
When he is not a total asshole, he can even, sometimes, be nice. You prefer not to think about those moments. Not to think about how sometimes he would flirt with you, look at you, talk to you, charm you and completely disarm you. Only to turn into a raging short-tempered bull a few hours later, who demands paperwork to be completed yesterday.
Everything about him is tempting. Tempting and annoying.
You never told anyone about your weird feelings for Tom. Why would you? That wouldn’t change the fact that he is a selfish, self-centered, entitled fuckboy. You absolutely hate the way he makes your knees weak or your heartbeat race when he enters the office every morning. Or when he smiles. Or every time he fixes his tie with those long, slim and bony fingers. Damn, you spend so much of your work hours thinking only about those fingers. But these feelings and thoughts are your deepest secret, and no one knows anything about them.
And now you’re here. Driving in his limousine, with him, towards some fancy hotel where he is supposed to have a presentation in front of some very important clients. Which would never be a problem. If it wasn’t today. His birthday of all days.
Yes, you may have accidentally on purpose scheduled this important meeting on his birthday. But only because a couple of months ago you missed your own because of him. Because of yet another long day at the office.
“I need your help tonight,” Tom said that day as he passed over your desk. Just as you were about to open your mouth and let him know that you had plans for the day, he leaned over and stood over you, his face now only a few inches away from your ear. “I’ll make it up to you,” Tom whispered in your ear and you felt the hot breath coming out of his mouth, caressing your earlobe, making you shiver.
It’s something he always does. Making flirty remarks with you, trying to lure you into his game. You never give in, always keeping your distance from him. And that was exactly what you did that evening. Always acting purely professional around him. Always responding to his sarcastic jokes and yet dodging the flirty ones.
It also turned out that he never really paid you back. 
Which is why this meeting was a dream come true for you. He’ll get to spend his birthday stuck with you. Just like you spent yours.
After snooping around at the office, you found out that your coworkers were throwing him some sort of an office party. And Tom knew that and wasn’t happy when he found out he had to miss it. 
Once you enter his car, you notice right away that he is not in a good mood. His driver seems happy to see you, but not Tom. That’s why you spend most of the ride in an awkward silence. Save for a little “Hello” he said when you entered the car, Tom hasn’t said another word.
You’re playing with the hem of your skirt and going over everything in your head. Once you’re sure you got everything right, you look over at Tom. He spent most of the ride going through his notes, running his long fingers over the letters you helped him come up with a few days ago. Clenching his jaw and checking what time it is on his Rolex. You can tell he is nervous. No matter how good he is at doing his job, he always gets bad nerves, especially if he is about to meet new clients.
He is wearing a white shirt with his sleeves rolled up and his hair is perfectly gelled back. It takes you a lot of strength to stop staring at his pouty pink lips, those lips that keep silently mumbling the words he is reading.
“We’re almost there, Tom,” you can hear the driver, and it’s his voice that finally gets Tom out of his thoughts.
“Thanks, Haz. Are you nervous?” Tom says as he finally turns to you. His voice sounds so melodic, so calm. You don’t want to think about it, but it is almost sweet that he remembers to ask you this.
“Actually I kinda am… You?”
“Never, I was born ready,” and there he is — the asshole Tom you despise. He smirks and you roll your eyes at him. “Let’s get this over with. I still can’t believe this meeting had to be today.” 
“I tried to delay it for a few days, but they insisted.” A little lie left your lips. The truth is you didn’t try that at all. “I’m sorry.” And this is somewhat true. From the moment you saw how irritated he looked, you regretted scheduling the meeting today. 
“Looks like out of all people, I’m stuck with you, on my birthday,” he says as he leaves his car and you can’t help but smile for a few seconds. But your smile is quickly replaced with furrowed brows because your notes are nowhere to be found. You start panicking as you turn around on the backseat, looking for the little black book. You face the driver, Harrison, and give him a pleading look. You need to find them before Tom notices, you don’t want to give him yet another reason to mess up with you and tease you. You look all over the seat and under it, but you can’t find the notebook. Suddenly you look out of the car window and notice Tom looking at you, with a smirk on his face. He has his arms crossed over his chest and after a somewhat long staring competition, he finally comes forward and opens the door for you.
“Looking for this?” Tom asks as he holds your notebook in his hand. Of course he has it. He leans on the car and waits for you to get out. As you do, you fix your skirt and notice the way his eyes follow your hands gliding over your hips.
“Will you please hand me my notebook, sir?” You say this deliberately, just to annoy him. Tom is one of those bosses that has his “doors open 24/7”. He likes all of his employees to feel like you’re all part of one big family. And he often protests when anyone calls him sir. Sometimes you do that on purpose. Just to irk him, to see that annoyed look on his face.
“Please don’t bite off my hand though,” he laughs. “There you go. See, I’m not that bad after all.”
Tom hands you the book and you reach out for it. You put your hands over his and try to take it, but he still has his hands wrapped tightly around the notebook. Tom is close to you, and even though this moment lasts for just a few seconds, you feel like you’re in a slowed down version of reality. You can see every little wrinkle around his eyes. Every freckle on his skin. How his eyebrows soften when he talks to you and the rebellious left one, with each hair growing in a different direction. You have no idea how long you two are standing this close to each other, but Tom suddenly eases the pressure on the notebook and you can finally take it from him and pull away. Although you don’t want to. A shy smile lingers on your lips once this little moment of yours is over.
“Come on, we have a job to do,” he says as he catches up with you and sprints towards the hotel doors. He opens the door for you and it’s almost like you can feel his hand on the small of your back. But it seems like you turn around a bit too late, because once you do, his hand is just there in the air, showing you the way to the meeting hall.
You go inside and start preparing the flip charts and the notes for all the participants. As the audience starts gathering, you take your seat and murmur “Good luck,” into Tom’s ear and he just nods. The lights go on as he introduces himself.
The meeting went well. Exceptionally well, better than you expected. It seems like you gained a new and a very important client. Everyone seems happy, people are congratulating both of you and exchanging contacts and emails. 
Tom was good. Phenomenal actually. He got into his zone and did his magic, just as he does almost every time. He was sharp, funny, on point, charismatic and precise. He dominated the entire room and all eyes and ears were on him. You love watching him do his thing. You admire his passion, his charisma and the fact that somehow he always knows to say the right thing, the right words to get the audience listening. And today was no exception. 
To be fair, you also did a good job. After working as his personal assistant for so long, you guys make a good team when you’re surrounded by clients. You know exactly what he needs and when he needs it. You help him prepare his notes, the material for his offers and know just what to say and do. 
Now, you’re busy with writing the meeting report. You figured since you’ll be heading to the office party after this, you should try and finish the report now. As you’re going through the meeting notes, you notice the hotel staff rushing into the hall. They’re bringing a cake with them. You start walking towards them and realize that someone from the meeting arranged a little cake, to celebrate a deal that you just made. There is champagne also, but both you and Tom said no to it.
You stand near Tom and watch as almost everyone gets a piece of the cake. You figured since you and Tom are the hosts of this meeting, you’d let all of the guests have their piece before you. Once you’re sure everyone has tried the cake, you turn around but notice there is only one piece left.
“I insist,” Tom says as he hands you the plate.
“No, no way. It’s your birthday, you should have it,” you push the plate towards Tom.
“Please, it’s the least I could do,” you tell him, but he gives you an unsure look. “It’s your birthday and you did great over there, it’s only fair,” you add and he finally puts that last piece of cake on his plate.
“You should at least try it,” Tom offers and you nod and start looking around for an extra plate, but once you look at Tom, you see that he holds two of his fingers in front of you. In front of your mouth to be precise. And there is cake on them. “There are no more plates,” he says softly.
You accept his sweet invitation. At this moment, you don’t care if this is inappropriate. You open your mouth and wrap your lips around two of his fingers. Oh, does it taste good. You’re not sure if it is the cake or his skin, but this is the best thing you ever tasted. As you’re licking the cake off of his fingers, you never break eye contact with him. Tom looks so deeply into your eyes, you almost feel like you’re melting. Both of you know that it’s been too long since he put his fingers into your mouth, yet neither of you is moving. And maybe that was you projecting, but you can almost feel him slowly pushing them even further down your throat. Once you notice the way his lips form a smirk, you’re sure he did it for real and he did it on purpose.
But this blissful moment is soon over as he pulls his fingers out of your lips. You whimper at the loss of contact. You want more. But this isn’t the time or the place for that.
“You have some on your…” Tom says as he points towards your upper lip. You try to catch it with your tongue. But he is faster. His fingers trace the line of your bottom lip, following the invisible path that leads to your upper. Right there in the middle he whips the white cream and brings his finger to his own mouth.
Yes, he licks both cream and the leftovers of your spit from his finger. You can feel the tension and the burning sensation forming inside of you and traveling all the way up to your throat. At this point you’re not sure if you moaned or not, but you do know one thing, you have to get away from him before you do something inappropriate.
“Khm, I should go and… um… pack our stuff,” you clear your throat and stutter. You walk away without turning back and go to the stage area where most of your stuff is located. You try to keep calm and not think about his eyes. Or his fingers inside your mouth. Those same two fingers you keep imagining every time you’re touching yourself. 
As you’re gathering everything to leave, you hear Tom calling your name and lift your head. He is talking to the CEO of the company you just signed a contract with. An older and very polite guy. Tom motions you to join them and you do. You walk slowly towards them and hear them talking about golf. Internally, you roll your eyes. It’s always golf with Tom and you just can’t keep listening to it. 
“And here is my assistant, Y/N Y/L/N. Y/N, this is Finn Heastman,” Tom says once you join them. Once again, he puts his hand on the small of your back. You love it when he does that. You love how he keeps you close and how, no matter how tired and maybe even mad he is at you, he always introduces you to the clients he has a meeting with.
“Oh we’ve met on the phone, right?” Finn asks, as he holds your hand, firmly and respectfully.  
“Yes, we have. It is nice to finally put a face to the voice.”
“She is a keeper, Tom,” Finn says as he lets go of your hand and starts talking to Tom once again, “I’ve never seen someone as resolute as her. She just won’t take no for an answer.”
“I am well aware how stubborn she is. But that is what makes her the best at her job,” Tom says and you once again feel a knot in your stomach. Those can’t be butterflies. Why do you feel like this every time you’re around him? Every time he gives you a compliment, no matter how small or even dishonest it might seem, you just melt and your heart pounds. And you’re very well aware that he does this with every woman he meets. Every single one of those one night stands gets the same treatment.
“A fiery one for sure. She was so determined to reschedule this meeting for today, I couldn’t even dare to say no.” And your heart just stops beating in that second. You can’t even look at Tom right now. You just feel his hand on your back shifting and tightening up. There’s an awkwardness between the two of you, so you decide to jump in and say something, anything, just to make this moment less uncomfortable.
“Thank you so much, Mr. Heastman.”
“No, thank you. It was a pleasure working with you,” Finn says and shakes both of your hands, “And Tom, we need to play golf someday. I know a course next to...” They chat for a few more seconds, but you can’t decipher a thing. You fucked up, and you fucked up good. But Tom seems so calm, his hand still not leaving your back. 
Unfortunately, as soon as Finn leaves you alone, Tom whispers in your ear, “You did everything you could to reschedule this meeting, huh?” And his hand finally leaves your body and he moves away from you.
“Listen, Tom, I can explain…” 
“Don’t bother. I am too tired and we just made a great deal, and on top of that it is my birthday. I just want to leave and try to get to the office party.” 
“Just a minute, Tom, please…” You have no idea why you’re feeling the way that you do. Why is your heart sinking further and further after his words and after you saw the way he looked at you? You did this on purpose. You wanted him to feel the same despair as you did, every time you missed something important and stayed up late at work for him. But you don’t feel good. On the contrary, you feel scared. And you’re not afraid of the fact that you might lose your job. You’re afraid that you might lose him.
“I said not now, is that clear? Let’s just get out of here and you can call Harrison and tell him to wait for us,” he says. You just nod. “I want to see you in my office first thing tomorrow morning. I’ll be back in a few.” And just like that, Tom leaves the meeting hall, and you’re left alone. 
You can’t believe you thought this was a good idea. Surveying the room to make sure you’ve packed everything, you try to prepare for yet another awkward ride with him. And this one might even be the worst of them all. You dread meeting him. You have no idea what to say to him or how. It is not unusual for Tom and you to have an argument. Or even for him to get angry. But you never saw him like this. It’s almost like he wasn’t angry. He seemed disappointed. 
All of your thoughts are tossed aside once you hear a little ping coming out of your phone. It is only then when you check the time and realize that Tom has been away for over 15 minutes. Everyone left by now, not even a single staff member from the hotel can be seen in the vicinity. You feel slight relief when you see that the text you received is from Tom.
Tom: Where are you?
Which seems weird but you answer him nevertheless. You tell him that you’re still in the meeting hall, waiting for him so that you can leave together. 
Tom: I’m locked in the bloody bathroom…
You nearly laugh at his message. This is such a Tom thing to do. It is almost like as soon as he is left on his own, he becomes this clumsy boy-next-door fella. And while you debated about your next answer, you just couldn’t resist. 
Y/N: Have you tried turning the latch, sir?
After a few seconds, you only get “...” from him, so you quickly text him “Hold on, I’ll get a clerk.” And just as you were about to go out and look for help, you get more texts from him.
Tom: No!
Tom: Come alone!
Tom: I am a serious businessman
Tom: Bad enough YOU get to see me embarrassing myself
You chuckle and turn around to walk towards the bathroom doors. At first it took you a few minutes to find them, but once you did, you had to take a minute to calm down from all the laughing.
“You know I can hear you, right?” you hear Tom behind the door and you stop laughing. At least stop doing it out loud. Judging from the way he spoke to you before he went to the bathroom, he might be mad at you and you don’t want to get on his nerves any further. But this is way too funny to be true.
“Sorry,” you say but once again you burst out laughing, “Sorry, I’ll stop now, for real.”
“Are you alone?” 
“Of course I’m alone, everyone left. How did you even get locked in here?”
“I don’t know! I got inside, locked the door and when I tried to get out, the bloody door was locked.”
“Well, I’m not sure if I can help you, I honestly have no idea what to do.” You’re leaning against the bathroom door now, trying to think of something. At this moment you have no idea how to get Tom out of the bathroom. And you need to think and do it fast. You have no idea how long you have before anyone else comes here. And to be honest, you just want to get home and forget about this day. 
Suddenly, you can almost feel a little lightbulb appearing over your head. You had a few bobby pins in your hair and luckily you’ve seen enough true crime and procedural tv shows. Also, to be honest, you always wanted to try that trick. This seems like the perfect opportunity.
“I’m going to try something, not sure if this will work, I’ve only seen this stuff on tv. But if I unlock it, I want something in return, okay?” you say as you start removing the pins out of your hair and bend them into something what seems like a 90-degree angle.
“If you unlock me now, I’ll give you a raise.” Once again you hear him through the door and now his voice sounds much louder. Seems like he is closer to the door now. You just can’t help but imagine him standing there, in his perfectly fitted suit. Quickly, you make that thought go away and focus on the bobby pins in your hands.
“As tempting as that sounds, I’ll have to say no. But, if I unlock you, I want you to promise me that we’ll talk about what happened today.” And for the first few seconds you don’t hear any answer from him. You focus on removing the rubber part of the bobby pin and almost regret asking him that.
“Fine. But only if you wish me a happy birthday first.” You smile and feel slightly relieved. You still have no clue how just a few words from him can affect your mood this much. Are you really that much into him? 
You put the bobby pins inside the door lock and start pushing the top one up and down. From what you remember, this is something they usually do in tv shows. You have no idea for how long you have to keep doing this, but in this moment, seconds seem like centuries. 
You can hear him huffing and puffing inside, but you’re focused on what you’re doing. And also on thinking about your speech. But you don't need to - you know exactly what you want to say to him. 
“Are you sure you know how to do that?” Tom says, his voice sounds a lot different from what it did when you last saw him. Softer, funnier, calmer.
“Not at all…” you say as you keep pushing the pins up and down. At one moment you hear a click sound. You have no idea if this is it, but you don’t want to get your hopes up. You try to turn the door knob and once the door starts to move, you feel relieved. 
“You should definitely add bathroom breakouts to your resume,” Tom says as you slowly open the bathroom door.
“Yeah, I assume it will be a very useful skill for every job I could ever apply to. Can I come in?” you ask him and as soon as those words leave your lips, you can feel the tension in your belly. The thought of going in there, being alone with him, excited you.
“Is there no one outside?” Tom opens the door and almost shoves you into the bathroom. And now you two are all alone. You feel like your heart is going to burst out of your chest. You have no idea what you are doing in the bathroom with no one other than Tom Holland. The guy you absolutely, positively, completely and utterly despise. The guy that makes your heart beat faster and your knees weak.
You can feel your lips getting dry and you have no idea if it is because of how unexpected all of this is or because you’re so close to him. Tom is standing in front of you, his hands on the door and you’re right in between them. He is all around you, you can feel his eyes gazing through you, his breath on your skin, his eyes piercing through you. 
“So…?” he asks and it’s his words that stir you.
“So, what?”
“You’re the one who wanted to talk, so go, I am all ears,” Tom smiles and so do you. But he never backs away from you. Not even a bit. He is still so dangerously close to you. So hot with his eyes locked on yours.
And you do start talking. Finally, you unload everything on him. Your prepared speech. But delivering it wasn’t going as smoothly as you had in mind. You mention how you’d like to have proper work hours and how you want to stop scheduling his private meetings and deal with his dates. But what you didn’t have planned is the way you can feel your skin burning. Or the way you move your hands all over the place. The way his lips curve into a smile after your every exaggerated hand gesture.
You have no idea how but during all those movements, somehow your blouse gets tangled in your hands. And as you move your hand upfront and try to get it back in your place, you aimlessly undo one button. He seems to notice it almost immediately and you try to fix it but you can’t. You keep talking and talking and talking, while his eyes keep wandering from your eyes back to your lips. And then for a few short seconds to your chest. But then back to your lips.
And you like them there. You don’t want to, but you do. Tom seems like he is genuinely listening to you, nodding and confirming your words, but he looks so damn captivating as he does that. He licks his lips and your breath hitches. He is doing nothing but listening to you and yet he has done so many things to your body.
After you’re done and you get it all out in almost one breath, there is a split second of silence. A split second that he spends staring at your lips. You breathe slowly, try to calm down, but you’re melting. Tom is too close to you. You can feel him, smell him and if you opened your mouth now, you swear that you could taste him. He leans closer to you, his nose brushing yours and in that moment he puts his lips on yours.
He gives you almost no time to comprehend what is going on. Tom kisses you with such force that your back gets slammed against the bathroom door and his chest is pressing hard into yours. His lips feel soft. So soft, warm and wet. It almost feels like you could spend an eternity with his lips on yours. You can’t even breathe, you're just dragging your lips over his, slowly opening them up, inviting his tongue in. He puts his hand on your face and deepens the kiss, entering your mouth with his tongue. Slowly, slightly licking the tip of your tongue with his. From the second you feel his wet tongue inside your mouth, you feel yourself getting wet. You have no idea how he is doing this to you. 
He pulls away from you and licks his lips. “Just say the word and I’ll stop.”
“I’m not done talking...” you tell him as you try to catch your breath “...but please don’t stop,” you say and you can feel him smile. Tom is so close to you, his lips almost touching yours once again, and yet he is not closing that blissful distance between the two of you. 
You can hear some indistinct chatter in the hallway. But at that moment you just don't care. You can only focus on Tom's body, crashing into you. He is breathing into your mouth as he takes your bottom lip between his teeth and slowly starts sucking on it, pulling it towards him. You feel slight pain at his action, but it feels so good. So good that you never want it to stop. 
“You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do this,” Tom mumbles into your mouth. You’re too intoxicated by him to even move. You just stand there, with your mouth slightly open, waiting for him to put his tongue back into your mouth. “Every day I go to work and see you there at your desk,” he moves his lips away from yours and starts whispering in your neck, “and then I… fuck… I keep thinking about all the things I’d do to you,” he says as he starts dragging his lips over your skin. You whimper once he finds your ticklish area and he continues sucking on it until your whimpers are replaced by moans. You can’t even stay still, your hands are rummaging through his thick curly hair. As soon as you leave this bathroom, everyone will notice that his hair is messed up. But you don’t care. You just want to feel him close. On your hands and on your skin. 
“I think about you too,” you moan and suddenly he stops sucking on your neck. Tom lifts his head up and once again his face is close to yours, his lips are touching yours but still not kissing them.
“You do?” Tom asks, tilting his head and caressing your nose with his.
“Yes. I think about how much I hate you.” And you finally close that damn distance between your lips and kiss him. You kiss him so desperately, so hungrily. Like you’ve never kissed anyone before. Almost like your life depends on it. Tongue first, with your teeth clashing. You moan once he responds to the kiss, sliding his tongue over yours, with force that outpowers your own. 
His hands on your waist, pulling you closer to him, to his body. Instinctively you lift your leg up and hook it over his thigh, pressing him even closer to you. You groan once his hips clash into yours. 
At this moment, you’re so glad you decided to wear a skirt. It’s lifted on your waist now and Tom starts pulling it upwards even more. 
“Is this okay?” he asks into your lips and you nod. After your approval, he lifts your skirt completely, with only your underwear on your bottom half. His hands travel down, until they reach the hem of your underwear. He is holding you close, the heat radiates from his body and his hands. 
He moves his hands from your back to your front and slowly starts rubbing you over your underwear. You break the kiss and lean your head on the door. Your eyes are shut tight, focusing only on his lips on your neck and the way he is rubbing slow circles all over your soft and wet heat. The underwear fabric is so thin and wet you can feel his every move. It’s almost like you can feel his skin. 
“God, I love your hands,” you whisper and immediately regret saying that out loud.
“I know, I see the way you always look at them,” you open your eyes and see him smirking. He has such a smug look on his face, you almost want to punch him. It is infuriating how much he annoys you and yet you are melting under his fingers and he isn’t even touching you properly. 
“Now tell me, how do you want them?” Once again Tom whispers, breathing into your skin. He is driving you crazy. Just his voice can make you melt and lose your mind. You want him and you want him now. Not even all the chatter outside the bathroom can change your mind. Your back is pressed tightly to the bathroom door, so even if anyone tries to come in, your bodies would block them.
“What are my options?” you say as you unbutton his shirt, just the first two buttons. But that is enough for you to notice the way his collar bones are tensing as he speaks.
“Do you want them in your mouth...” Tom says and brings his hand up to your lips, pulling them slightly apart but never really pushing his fingers inside. You try to lick them, but as soon as he notices your lips are opening he removes his hands, “or do you want them here...” he says as he unbuttons only one more button of your shirt, but just enough for his hand to get inside. You shiver once his cold hand touches your hot skin. He starts caressing your breast while lightly pinching your nipple, and just as you get used to his touch, he removes his hand from your chest and starts moving it lower. Still not removing your underwear, he rubs his palm over your clit. “Or here… Fuck, Y/N, you’re so wet already,” Tom says as he starts rubbing his palm a tiny bit harder.
“Yes…” you moan and he opens his mouth, pushing his tongue into your lips, kissing you back finally. You love the taste of him. Feels like you just can’t get enough. You start sucking on his tongue, licking it clean, as he is pushing it hard in and out of your mouth. At the same time, he moves your underwear to the side and finally his skin touches yours. From the second his fingers touch your swollen bud, you start moaning into his mouth. 
“You never told me, did you schedule the meeting today on purpose?” Tom asks between kisses, slowing down his movements. He still has his hands inside your panties but it feels like he isn’t moving his hand. He just keeps it there to torture you.
“Did you lock yourself in here on purpose?” 
“No, but I’m glad I did,” and finally he picks up his pace and starts rubbing your clit faster. So fast that the immense wave of pleasure starts washing over you almost immediately. You can feel your leg shaking so you press him tighter into you. Seems like he notices you need more support so he grabs your waist and presses you against the door. His fingers are still rubbing mercilessly on you.
It feels so good. Almost like a dream. Like they belong there, on your skin. To finally have those hands all over you. And he never stops kissing you. His lips are still on yours, sucking on your bottom lip, on your tongue. He tastes so amazing. Like something you've never tasted before. Warm, wet and minty. 
The warmth starts spreading all over your lower stomach. Tom keeps circling around your bud with his index and middle finger, while he has your underwear hooked on his thumb. You've always believed he was good with his hands, but you had no idea he was this good. So you open your eyes and break the kiss with Tom. You look downwards, just to take a little peek at the way his fingers are moving. To watch how he pleasures you. 
It is then when Tom removes his hand from you and leaves you craving for more.
"I had no idea you'd be so needy. You need to watch my hands to get off, huh?" Tom asks as he tries to catch his breath. You look at his lips, the way they shine as they're covered in your spit. They were all over yours just a few seconds ago, and yet you still want them back there.
"Let me show you something," he takes your hand and you can now finally see the inside of this bathroom. And oh, it is fancy. Black and grey marble tiles, everything looks luxurious. There are three sinks, each on every wall. Silver mirrors above them. The only thing that isn’t black or grey is the burgundy velvet ottoman in the center of the bathroom. One huge wall size mirror in front of it. And Tom sits right there, your hand still in his.
Slowly, he swings you around and now you’re facing the mirror. You can feel his hands working on the zipper on the back of your skirt. He hooks his fingers over the waistline of your panties and starts pulling them with your skirt down. Only a few seconds after and you’re naked, in front of him. At that moment you don’t even think about the fact that he is your boss. No, he is just Tom. The guy you’re absolutely smitten with. The guy who you just unlocked from the bathroom and as a thank you, he seems to be undressing and doing who knows what to you. But you’re willing to give in.
“Sit,” Tom says and you spread your legs and sit on his lap. The fabric of his suit feels rough under your bare thighs. 
“Aren’t we going to lock the door?” you ask as you feel his lips at the back of your neck.
“No, I don’t care if anyone comes in.”
“Oh really? You don’t care or maybe you’re afraid you’d end up locked in here once again,” you can feel all of his body tense under you once you make that comment. You enjoy teasing him. The thing you like the most is how easy it is to make him react. Not only now, but during office hours as well. It almost seems like no one in that place has the same effect on him as you do.
“I don’t think I gave you the permission to talk,” Tom smiles and he returns his lips back to your neck and shoulders. “I want to try something with you, is that okay?” he lifts his head up and looks at you in the mirror. Once you make eye contact with him, you nod. “Please tell me if you want me to stop, and I will.”
“Okay,” you gulp down as you look into his eyes. They’re dark, so dark, like you’ve never seen them before. He kisses your back, his lips barely touching your skin, and yet you shudder at the brief contact.
He starts moving his hand up and down your thigh. It makes you shiver. You’re watching yourself in the mirror and how your leg twitches as soon as he gets close to your cunt.
“Spread your legs a bit more for me, okay?”
“Okay.” Your legs are now completely open, with his in between them. The sight of your naked body excites you. The fact that you’re sitting on Tom’s lap and having his hands all over your inner thighs drives you crazy. 
“Open your mouth and get these fingers wet for you,” Tom says as he puts two of his fingers into your mouth. And you’re very welcome for them. You’ve been craving them for months. And now they’re in your mouth, for the second time today. You look at Tom’s eyes in the mirror as you start bobbing your head up and down. His fingers are long, but you make sure to take them all in. 
“Seems to me like you have no problem understanding my orders when you’re naked,” Tom says as he removes his fingers from your mouth. You almost whine at the loss of touch, but as he quickly moves his hand down your center, your whine turns into a moan.
“I haven’t even started, darling, and you’re already moaning.” He starts rubbing slow circles on your bud. Thanks to the mirror in front of you, you can watch his every little movement. His head is on your shoulder and he is leaving kisses on your neck. Whispering dirty words into your ear. 
But he never stops rubbing you. Slowly at first. He collects your wetness with his fingers and moves them back to your clit and keeps moving them in circles. They glide over your entrance so smoothly. The pleasure from your bud slowly starts spreading and going upwards, all the way up to your stomach.
You can't keep your eyes off of his hands. The way he rolled up his sleeves so that you can now see every muscle tensing, every vein popping on his underarms. And they do. After every movement it seems like another vein appears on his arm and fingers. 
Tom works you up so good. He rubs so slowly, so thoroughly and gently. You can't help but sway your hips in the exact same direction as his fingers are moving. He is dragging his movements along your folds. From time to time your senses focus on what is going on in the hallway. And since you can't hear no one, you give in.
You give in and start moaning louder than you did before.
"You have to be quiet if you don't want me to stop," Tom says and removes his hands from your bud and moves them up. For a second it seems like he wanted to unbutton your shirt, but as soon as he touches the buttons, it's like he changes his mind and rips the rest. The sounds of buttons scattering around the bathroom tiles are like a wake up call to you. 
“Fuck, what did you do that for?” You turn your head around and try to kiss him, to taste him once again. Tom moves away, with a smirk on his face, watching you hum in desperation.
“Just wanted to give you another reason to hate me,” he gets rid of your shirt and now you’re sitting naked in his lap, with his legs between yours. It’s the sight you can’t ever get tired of. You, completely naked while he is in his suit. You’re already wrecked and he looks unbothered. If someone calls him and asks for a meeting, he could go out and appear completely calm and composed. Finally he starts moving his hands back down, between your legs. 
“Here’s what’s going to happen,” Tom says as he rubs another circle on your clit, but this time his movements aren’t slow. They are fast and focused on your sweet spot, the one he discovered just a few minutes ago as he was teasing you, “you have to be very quick. But also quiet. We only have a couple of minutes before people start gathering around. He places one of his hands on your neck, putting just a slight pressure on your throat. Holding your head in place so that you can enjoy the view.
You don’t know where to focus. On his fingers rubbing your clit faster and faster, just at the right spot, on the other hand that keeps your head in place, right there on his shoulders. Or on his dark eyes, that are also focused on the way his fingers are moving over you. Or should it be his lips. Those tasty, thin, pink lips that annoy you so much. Those lips are so used to giving you orders, that right now they’re ordering you to enjoy and ride this wave of ecstasy that keeps getting closer to you with every little circle he makes.
“If you get too loud, I’ll stop. So if you want to cum, you’d better be quiet,” Tom whispers in your ear and you nod. The last thing you want right now is to obey him. But your desire to cum is stronger.
“I will be, sir.” 
“Fuck, Y/N, do you know what that word does to me when it comes out of your lips?” Tom kisses you under your ear and his breathing gets hard into your neck. His fingers are moving faster now, it almost feels like he is rubbing you with his entire hand. “Do you know how many times I jerked off while thinking about you calling me that?” 
“Fuck,” you try to stop yourself from moaning, but you can’t. It’s the things he just told you. You couldn’t help but visualise him breathing hard, palming himself and cumming all over himself while thinking about you. And you just can’t help yourself. A moan so loud escapes your lips that if there’s anyone in front of that bathroom, they’d for sure hear you.
“Looks like you didn’t understand me quite well, huh?” Tom asks as he once again stops moving and removes his hand from your throbbing clit. It’s on your inner thigh now, he is running small circles with his thumb, but you don’t even feel it. You can only feel the aching, the warmth and the desire growing for him. 
"I think you might need to try that again, sir, just to be sure if I understood you well." 
"Wouldn't you love me to repeat this all over," Tom says as he puts his fingers back on your clit and starts rubbing painfully slow circles with his index finger, "and over," he presses another one on your heat, "and over again, huh?" He has three of his digits on your bud, all covered in your juices, moving them so stupidly slow. There isn’t anything you’d wish for now but for him to speed up and let you reach your high.
“If you insist…” you whisper into his mouth as he finally finds a tempo that works for you. You can feel everything building once again in the pit of your stomach. That ball of warmth that waits to explode and floods you with pleasure. 
Your back is arched and your head is leaning on his shoulder. You stopped watching yourselves in the mirror, you just can’t sit straight. His lips are all over your exposed neck, he doesn’t care if he’ll leave any marks on your. Tom is sucking, licking and biting your neck, whispering a few profanities in your ear, but you can’t hear them. You can only feel the tip of his fingertips on your clit, moving in all directions, gliding down to your wetness, collecting it and spreading it all over you so he can ease his movements. 
It is only then when you feel something nudging your entrance. You open your eyes and look in the mirror. You have no idea when he moved his left hand from your throat all the way down, but there it is. Under the right one that keeps rubbing your clit, a tad bit slower now. He is wetting his middle finger, flickering it all over your entrance. Once you look at his face back in the mirror, his eyes are piercing into yours, smirking. 
“Do you want me to fuck you with my fingers?” he teases and you swear you can feel everything. You can feel the way his fingertip is slowly caressing your inner lips. He only needs to push just a little and his finger will slip inside.
“Yes...” You have no idea how you can even talk and think straight now. With every circle he rounds on your clit, you can feel a little twitch on your inner thigh. And everytime your leg shakes, he smiles into your neck.
“I had no idea you wanted me this much. If I did, I would’ve done this a long time ago,” Tom says as his finger finally enters you. You both moan at the same time once his finger is fully inside. “You’re so tight, princess. So snug around my finger. I’m not going to last long when I finally get to be inside of you.” 
He starts moving it up and down your sweet spot, while still rubbing your clit with the other one. The sight of both of his hands on and inside of you turns you on so much. It feels good, so good that it seems to you like you’ve been having one long, continuous orgasm from the moment his skilled finger started rubbing your core.
“I need more,” you whimper and he quickly adds another finger. Another finger that he crocks in that same heavenly angle as his middle one. And he fucks you with it. So good, so fast, so sweet and pleasant. You’re moving your hips to meet the thrusts of his left hand, while he keeps his right hand still and you rub your clit on it.
“I’m so close, Tom…” 
“Yes, you are. Keep rubbing that perfect clit on my fingers, darling,” he whispers in your neck while watching you in the mirror. The way you sway your hips and keep clenching your legs. You’re so wet, wetter than you’ve ever been before. You moan and just as you were about to come all over his hands he stops moving and removes the right hand from your clit.
“Why did you, fuck, stop?” you manage to ask him between whimpers and moans. A smug appears on his face and if you weren’t so desperate to cum, you’d slap him right there.
“Can I fuck you? I want you to cum while I’m inside of you.” 
“You can try,” you say and you move slightly up from his lap. 
“Or maybe I should just fuck that bratty little mouth of yours. What do you think, darling?” Tom says as he leaves a few pecks on both of your ass cheeks. You put your hands on your thighs and lean slightly forward so that he can have a better view. His eyes lit up from the moment your slit gets exposed for him. The pecks he was leaving on your cheeks are quickly replaced with open mouth kisses and licks. 
He starts sucking and biting on your thin skin, taking his time on each little suck, making sure there will be a purple mark on your ass. The one that will remind you of him. He licks so close to both your entrance and rim and you get lost in the feeling of his warm tongue gliding over both of your holes. As much as you try to keep torturing him, you give in and a silent moan leaves your lips. It is almost like that moan was your wake up call, so you quickly turn your head around to face him.
“Why so? You can’t keep up while I am distracting you?” Your legs feel like jello and you have no idea how long you can stand on them. Lucky for you Tom is quick. He smirks, spreads his legs and unbuttons the zipper on his suit and gets his cock out.
And oh is it gorgeous. Thick, pink, veiny and shiny. Covered in precum, leaking for you, begging you to sit on it. He collects your wetness with three of his fingers and spreads it all over the tip of his cock. The sight of it makes your mouth water. The way his fingers work his cock so good, remove the foreskin up and down, over and over again until you start kneeling down.
Just as you’re about to slide down, he stops you. “Shit, shit, shit. I don’t have a condom, shit.”
“It’s okay, I’m on the pill,” and with that, you finally sit on him. Slowly at first, taking him inside inch by inch. With every little millimeter you slide down you can feel him rubbing a different spot, different nerve ending inside of you. He fills you up so well. He is not moving, he lets you set the pace, adjust to him, take him. The fire in your lower belly grows and turns even hotter as you slide down. You want to palm him, touch him, lick him, gulp down everything he has to give you, and yet you just sit down on him, giving him all the power, all of the control.
Once you take him all in, you look back in the mirror. Your legs are spread, touching his inner thighs. You're naked, exposed and absorbing him. You just love the power he has over you. His arms are on your waist, hugging you, holding you tight, pressing your back into his chest. His eyes are glued to yours. And as much as you enjoy looking into his gorgeous face, your eyes shift down. Down there, where your body meets his. You start moving up and down, gently. With your every movement, every clench, his breathing turns into groans. 
You keep looking at the mirror, at the way your pussy hugs him and takes him all in. You also notice the way your wetness spreads down his cock, all the way down to his pants.
“Tom, I’ll ruin your suit,” you whimper and you slow down your movements, waiting for his instructions on what to do next.
“I don’t care, I want to make you feel good,” Tom says and starts moaning into the back of your neck.
“It’s funny how you don’t care about your pants being ruined and yet you cared a lot to not be seen locked in here,” you tease him as you speed up your movements. 
“Okay that’s it,” he turns your face next to his and starts kissing you, “I need to fill that naughty mouth of yours with something,” and he does, with his tongue at first, his kiss being way more aggressive than all the ones you shared before. His nose is nudging yours, lips and tongue all over your mouth and chin, but Tom doesn’t seem to care, he keeps kissing you, almost desperately, like his life depends on it. His tongue feels sloppy in your mouth, grinding along yours. 
“Stand up,” Tom whispers as he finally stops kissing you and pats your inner thigh, as a sign to hurry up. And you do. You stand up in front of him and you feel him stand up too, behind your back.
“Turn around and open your mouth,” you receive another set of orders from him and you obey to every single one of them. Never in your life would you believe that someone bossing you around would turn you on so much and yet here you are. As you look into his eyes, you notice that they’re fierce with intent and desire.
His hands untying his tie quickly grab your attention. This is the first item of clothing he removes from his body. You have no idea what he plans to do next, but you’re more than willing to find out.
“I really want to try something with you. If you don’t want to, just say the word and we stop and go out of here like nothing happened, okay?” Tom asks and you nod. “Can you bite this for me now?” and he puts his black tie in front of your lips, only a few inches away from your lips. 
“I can, sir,” and he smiles before leaning in to steal one quick peck from your lips. You don’t even have time to properly adjust to his lips and yet he already moved away and finally puts the fabric in your mouth. And you bite it hard, your mouth watering just at the first contact with the material.
“I’ll miss you calling me like that, though,” Tom says as he wraps his tie at the back of your head. “If there is anything you don’t want or change your mind, just tap me two times on my hand, okay?” And you nod.
“Can you tap me on my hand now?” and you do as he tells you. You take his right hand and lightly tap on it. Never in your life have you desired to be gagged and tied, but now that you are, you’re loving this. You watch him as he slowly jerks his cock with his hands, spreading your own wetness all the way to the base of it.
“Can you lean onto that sink?” Tom grunts into your ear and you walk to the nearest sink and drop your elbows onto the cold marble. It feels weird not being able to talk, but also very exciting. 
You watch him in the mirror as he walks towards you and starts caressing your cheeks. His hands are all over your lower back and yet they skillfully avoid the place where you want him the most. You just need a little touch, just a nudge and you’d be there. He edged you way too many times to think properly. It’s like everything feels way too sensitive and yet so numb.
He starts gliding his cock all over your ass cheeks and every time you hope he would finally put it in, he opts for another tease, another damn glide over your now wet bum. 
“I swear I could cum right now. Just from this,” Tom grunts as he continues to fuck your cheeks, now using his hands to squeeze them, to create more friction for himself. And as annoying as that might be for you at this moment, you can feel the pool of wetness forming between your legs. Leaking on your inner thighs. If you weren’t so turned on right now, so out of your mind for him, you’d be embarrassed over how ruined you look.
His dark eyes lingered on your reflection in the mirror. On the way your lipstick is smudged and the leftovers of your mascara are running down your cheekbones all the way to his tie. His damn tie that you keep on biting, chewing and spitting on, relishing all of your frustration on it.
“I’d really like to keep making you whimper like this, but I also want to fuck you so badly,” and with those words he started slowly entering you again. Just a tip at first, moving so slow, so annoyingly slow. And yet you feel everything. Every curve of his cock, every pulse, contraction and movement. You arch your back towards his chest once he is balls deep inside of you. 
“Be a good girl for me, okay?” Tom says as he gently presses your upper body back to the counter. You nod as he finally starts picking up the pace. You can feel his hands on your bum, his fingertips digging deep into your skin.
“You have no idea of the view I have from here, fuck,” Tom says as he keeps spreading your butt cheeks with his hands, while clashing into you with no mercy. And you love it. You love the warmth you feel deep down in your stomach every time Tom is deep inside.
It doesn’t last long until you feel the bud of joy forming inside your belly. Every stroke of his dick over your sweet spot gets you closer to that damn edge he has you on for too long. You keep looking at him in the mirror. How he can’t keep his eyes off of your ass or cunt. How good that white shirt looks on him, stretched over his muscles. How strong he is holding you by your waist, so hard that his knuckles turn white and your skin red. 
You try to manipulate him into letting you reach your high using your best puppy eyes face ever. And once you see him looking into your face and smiling at you, you attempt to sneak one hand between your legs, but he catches it before you can even brush over your clit. 
“Hands where I can see them, love.” Tom says as he puts your hand back on the counter. His hands have now left your hips and are on both of yours. He shifts his weight on top of you and you moan and bite the tie in your mouth even harder. He wraps one of his hands over your chest to hold you still, while he uses the other one to turn your head a bit to the side so you can face him.
“You really think that you deserve to cum after that stunt you pulled today?” Tom whispers into your ear, leaving kisses all over your neck, without slowing down his deep thrusts into you. You shake your head for no, your eyes onto his.
“That’s what I thought, princess.” Tom says as grunts and silent moans leave his mouth and in that moment that is the most beautiful sound you ever heard. He tries to kiss your lips, but he can’t properly reach them because of the tie. He can only brush his tongue over your lips softly. 
“Can I cum in you?” And you nod.
“Do you want to cum with me?” And you nod once again. You didn’t expect to hear those words from him. Just hearing them made you melt.
Tom slips the hand he was holding you with by your waist down to your clit and starts rubbing on it. Your eyes just can’t stop looking at the way his watch flickers in the bathroom light as his hands keep moving on your hardened clit. The throb between your legs only gets more intense with every stroke of his fingers.
Tom keeps licking and kissing your neck and shoulders as his movements become more and more sloppy. His moans are no longer soft and breathy. He is loud, groaning every time he jolts his hips into yours. And you enjoy the throb of his inside you so much.
Every thrust sends another shock through your entire body. The tension forming in your lower belly starts spreading all over your body and you swear you can feel it even in your throat. Every time his fingers caress your bud you can feel yourself growing full of bliss. 
And when the inevitable flood of pleasure is so damn close to you, you let go. You let go and fall apart on his fingers and him. You can feel your body shaking and if it wasn’t for Tom’s hands or the counter you swear you’d fall down. This feeling is so long overdue, you’ve been yearning for a release ever since he put his lips on yours. It feels euphoric, that spark of pleasure that lights up your entire body. And yet once it’s gone you feel like there is so much left. Like you can go one more time again.
Tom’s holding himself deep inside of you and not moving, almost like he is relishing this moment. He lets you come down from your high before he starts thrusting faster to reach his own. And he does, only a few seconds later. He keeps cumming and thrusting, moaning and calling your name. 
He is about to pull out once you’re filled with his cum. You clench your pussy tighter around his cock, making him moan with one final jolt of ecstasy. 
“Fuck…” he says as he grabs a tissue from the counter and starts wiping himself. You stand up and turn around to face him. The tie on your mouth is now completely wet, covered in your spit. You tap him two times on his arm and he immediately stops whatever he has been doing and unwraps the tie from your face. There is a dribble of spit coming out of your mouth once he removes the tie. Tom leans in and licks it clean, his tongue brushing over your lips and your chin.
“Tom, that was…” you try to come up with a sentence but you can’t. You just had sex with your boss, in an unlocked bathroom, but it doesn’t feel awkward. It feels right. Like it was meant to happen. 
You can feel the cold between your legs and once you look down, you see his cum leaking out of you, dripping down on your inner thighs. You put your hand between your legs to collect it and bring your fingers up to your mouth, licking them clean. It wasn’t something that you did on purpose. Actually you just wanted to wipe yourself but since the box of tissues was in Tom’s hands, you had to do it by yourself. And you’re glad you did, cause the way Tom follows your hand motions turns you on so much. 
His dark eyes linger on your as you lick his cum off of your fingers. Tom comes forward and presses his lips onto yours, your back pressed to the counter. You devour each other using only your mouth. He keeps squeezing your waist, both of his hands on it. And then he quickly moves one of his hands downward and starts fucking his cum back into you with his finger.
“I want you to be full with me. I want you in that office, talking, laughing, flirting with others and yet only I’ll know that it is my cum leaking out of you,” Tom says between hard kisses. 
He fucks you so good. If there is anything you learned from your little meeting in the bathroom, it’s how good he is with his hands. He pushes them further inside of you, making sure his cum is tucked in deep. You don’t even know how many fingers of his are there, but with every knuckle in and every tap on your sweet and spongy spot, you can feel your belly shaking. His tongue is in your mouth, but you can’t move, you’re just gently sucking on it, trying to control your moans.
“Please, please, please, don’t stop. I’m almost there,” you murmur into his mouth, and he smiles, breaking the kiss.
“And why should I do that? You haven’t even wished me a happy birthday,” Tom keeps teasing you, but he never slows down or changes the rhythm of his fingers.
“I’ll wish you a happy birthday, New Year, Christmas, everything you want, just please let me cum, sir.” 
Which is what he does. He plunges his fingers even deeper and that’s when he finally pushes you over that edge. Without any hesitation you left a loud scream, and you don’t care if anyone is out there. You squeeze his arms hard as you ride your orgasm. It feels so good, so intense and ecstatic. Almost like time stopped and the only thing that exists is him and the way he keeps making you feel. The way your knees get weak, your heart keeps pounding, cunt clenches and your blood rushes back and forth from your face to your toes. 
“I got you, darling,” Tom says as he wraps his hands around you and holds you in a tight hug. It is exactly what you need right now, since your legs feel like jelly and the aftershocks of your strong orgasm are still making your body shake. 
You stand there in a hug for a few seconds and you don’t want to admit it to yourself, but you like it. The way he made you feel safe and comfortable. How he recognized all of your needs and responded to them. And you know this was just sex. Some angry, let-me-put-you-in-your-place sex, but you could swear you felt something from him back. 
It was in that moment that it finally hit you. You like him. Your boss, the asshole. You’re head over heels for him. But there is no way in hell you’d ever let him know that.
“We should go,” you say as you wiggle your way out of his hug. 
“Yes, and we should do that fast,” Tom says and it almost feels like he leans in for another kiss, but you move away and start looking for your clothes. You have no trouble finding your skirt and blazer, but your panties are nowhere to be found and your shirt is ripped. You dress up quickly as Tom glances over you. He has his arms crossed in front of him as he leans on the bathroom door. 
“No panties?” he chuckles as you try to wrap up your shirt around your waist, since the buttons are all ripped.
“Nope, some asshole threw them away somewhere,” you say once you’re all ready and look as presentable as possible. You walk towards him, but he is still not moving. His body is blocking the door. You come up to him, so close you can feel his warm breath on your lips. 
“Didn’t you forget something?” Tom asks, his lips now dangerously close to yours.
“Oh that’s right,” you say as you lick his upper lip. He opens his mouth and leans in to deepen the kiss but you slightly pull away. “Happy birthday, sir,” he smirks at your words and you lean back in and bite his bottom lip. 
He smiles and opens the door. There are a few people from the staff around, but it seems like no one suspects a thing. They’re not looking at you, nor talking, as you pass by them so it seems like you were really lucky.
“You’re still a lousy boss,” you say to him as you walk towards the car.
“And you’re still the worst personal assistant ever,” Tom says as he opens the car door for you. “Would love to repeat this though,” he adds as you’re about to enter the car.
“I wouldn’t mind that at all.”
“I’d fuck you right now in the car if Harrison wasn’t there. All I’d need to do is to pull this skirt just slightly up and put you on my lap.”
“I’m sure Haz would love to watch.” You wink to Tom as you finally enter the car. Tom joins you a few seconds later and from the moment he gets in, you notice the look in his eyes. He puts his hand on your knee and smirks.
Seems like this is going to be one long ride.
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hollandsour · 3 months ago
Tom sending a nude to Harrison because he thought he was sending it to reader and he's all like: fuck babe you're so hot, wish I were with you rn lmao omg
Stupid Mistakes
Tom was in LA doing the press tour for an upcoming movie of his.while you were in Europe filming one of your movies. This meant both of you had to do long distances, which you hated. It wasn't the first time you guys did long-distance, but it was still annoying when you had to. The only thing that made it all worth it was when you guys reunited. It was the best feeling in the whole world.
You knew exactly how to make Tom feel happy and pleased, so when you weren't around, it was especially hard on Tom. He was needy most of the time, and in this type of situation, he had to look for solutions.
“No, no, no, not this one” Tom shook his head while scrolling through the pictures he had just taken of himself. He took pictures from different angles, trying to decide which one looked better for you.
“Ah-ha” Tom smirked to himself once he saw the perfect picture to send. He attached the image in what he thought was his chat with you, little did he know, he was face to face with Harrisons chat.
*Image attachment
Tom: Look how hard you make me ;)
Harrison: Holy- baby😩🥵
Tom: You like it, princess? 😏
Harrison: Yes Tommy 😳
Tom: How about you send some pics for me🙈
Harrison: You sure you want them baby? 🙈
Tom: yes beautiful, let me see all my good stuff 🤤
Harrison: okay daddy 😏
Tom: Damn, you're making me want to take the next flight home, honey 😁
Harrison: Here you go my love 😏😘
*image attachment
Tom bites his lip, hand wrapped around his dick, ready to get off just by looking at your pictures. He excitedly opened the picture Harrison sent him. Tom licked his lips one more time before looking. He flinched at the picture he saw. It was a fucking dick...... Like a dick, dick. Tom was quick to text again.
Harrison: it's what you asked for baby 😔
Harrison: I've always had one Thomas 😒
Harrison: YES
Tom: NO
Harrison: I SAID YES
Harrison: How are you so sure? 😑
Tom: Cus I've seen, touched, and licked down there y/n. I THINK I WOULD KNOW IF I HAD EVER SUCKED YOUR DICK!!!
Harrison: Baby, you're hurting my feelings 🥺
Tom: No, don't give me the eyes. YOU HID A FUCKING DICK FROM ME ALL THIS TIME??
Harrison: no
Tom: NO???
Harrison: no Tom 🥺
Harrison: From Haz 😆
Harrison: Yes
Harrison: No
Tom: NO??
Harrison: No 🙄
Tom: y/n…… are you cheating on me 🥺? Is that Harrison?
Before Harrison could finally explain to Tom what was going on, Tom got a message from you.
Y/n ❤️: Hey baby, just finished filming for today, wanna ft? 😙
Tom frowned at the text that just popped up on his screen. He immediately went to his chat with you. Tom saw the last conversation you both had was earlier in the morning about something random. His heart dropped to his belly, realizing he was oblivious to who he had been texting. He went back to his last conversation and saw it was Harrison. Tom thanked god for a second, then he just wanted to die. Tom knew he would never hear the end of this story, Harrison would tell everyone about it.
Tom: Dont even right now Harrison 🙄
Harrison: about time you realized mate 😭
Tom: not another word about this.....
Harrison: Nah bro, am telling everyone your dick is smaller than mine.
Harrison: It is what it is 🤷‍♂️
Tom: oh well, I bet your dick is smaller than mine 😆😆
Harrison: Sure, why would you think that Tommy? 😒
Tom: Because I can touch y/n belly button from the inside. 😆
Tom: Not another word 😁
Harrison: YEA, stop 😔
Tom explained to you what had happened and you laughed at your boyfriends stupidity. The next morning Tom came down to eat breakfast. In the kitchen Sam was cooking while Harry scrolled through his phone and Harrison laughed at Tom.
“ Harrison don't even you little fucker” Tom warned him.
“ I always knew you were an idiot, but now you have really just done it mate.” Harry teased Tom. Dom entered the kitchen to refill his tea. He laughed as he saw Tom.
“ Can you really touch her belly button from the inside, Tom?” Dom laughed
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lovewasted · a month ago
always, i’ll care | tom holland
Tumblr media
request— ‘dad!tom being really freaked out that you are pregnant and he goes to harrison and he's like so i’m gonna be a dad. how did that happen. and haz is like: well when two people love each other... just to tease tom, but after he goes home and he is just super clingy cause he's gonna have a baby with the love of his life’
warnings— dadtobe!tom, haz, established relationship, language, fluff, suggestive talk, mentions of food, mate (as it can be found offensive to some, tom doubting himself, though it is something tom and his friends refer to eachother as).
notes— this instantly got my hopes up after what happened to my requests and drafts. thank you to everyone requesting it means more than you know. lmk if i should do headers more often.
Tumblr media
Sweatiest palms he’s likely endured.
Worse than any award show.
More disastrous than any premiere event.
Tom’s pacing is making Harrison’s hair stand up on the back of his neck. Mainly because he’s been compiling the same stance since he arrived with no reason behind it. He’s radiating the anxiousness to Harrison, and it’s enough to make the unknowns blare.
"Mate y'making the room hot. What the hell's happened?" Harrison reiterated, seeing as this was his forth time asking. He's tempted to jump in front of Tom and shake some sense into him. The beige aromatic display of Harrison's apartment, should've been calming really but Tom's bouncing off the walls. Perhaps it's denial or disbelief, either way he's clammy and has tremors.
"C'mon m' a big boy. I can handle it."
Has tried to make light of the situation, patting his now positioned friend on the back. Even the leather of the couch felt as if it was baking in an oven due to Tom's exasperated breathing and heavy perspirating. His slouched manner conceded Harrison, not much could typically evoke Tom yet— this. This tops it all.
“S-she’s pregnant Haz...”
Harrison was having trouble understanding Tom’s dilemma. Since they were boys he recalled Tom having built an imaginative little family out of stick figures. It had always been bet on that out of Harrison, Tom, and Tuwaine that Tom would be the first to have a child, his response was always ‘gonna’ be a better dad than the both of you.’
“Just... uh just found out yesterday.”
Harrison couldn’t help the chuckle that erupted in the back of his throat. Dumbfounded as tp what the actual matter at hand was. He was bound to be an actual uncle or God father, whilst Tom was in full panic mode.
“You’ve dreamt about a family mate?”
“S’ cold feet I guess... don’t know how it happened,” Tom’s voice was raspy. Straining from panic— he practically worshiped you. The sense of differentiating between becoming a father and navigating infatuation with you might’ve been a mission he couldn't accomplish.
Self doubt at its finest.
Though he needed to get in check timely, because the two of you can’t function without the other.
“Well, you and y/n love each other right? So when two people love each other, they make—“
“Could really do without the shitty jokes, div.”
A ton of bricks pressured Tom’s chest, biting at the insides of his cheeks. Nails digging into his flesh until crescent moons formed. Harrison itching for his childhood companion to realize his worth.
“What’s there to be worried about, bro? The baby will have a kickass mom and a dad that will be wrapped around their finger. You will quite literally have the perfect family.”
Harrison’s index finger prodded the center of Tom’s chest, his touseled curls sticking to the harshness of his forehead. Warmth sparked in the pits of his stomach— such a compliment is irrevocable to come by. Reassurance has Tom’s heart fluttering and moving past the crisis that had just occurred within his thoughts. Knowing Tom like the back of his hand, was prominent in needing to subside his worries.
Thereafter the realization, desiring to race home and relish in every minuscule part of his wife’s sculpted figure.
Solemnly figuring he’d have fallen to the gift pf a child anyway.
“Thinking Tuwaine will be the favorite uncle.”
“Ah, fuck you Holland.”
Tumblr media
Tom’s thick voice hallowed. Depths of it absorbing into the walls of the house. Arriving quicker than you anticipated considering he was going to Harrison. You’d assumed beers and taking shos would be in the mix. The news of pregnancy irked Tom’s established humbleness, hiding it amazingly well.
So well, you hadn’t acknowledged his misgiving in the wake of your elation. He yearned to feel the pleasure you felt, though it was there— the pleasure was drowned out by skepticism.
Coming to the conclusion, he would rather keep the miscommunication between him and Harrison. Hoping for nothing but wonderous energy for every trimester. Possibly, that’s the cause of his longing to cling to you and the child.
Skin crawling to even be sat beside his significant other.
He simply wanted to share oxygen, and get lost inside of your lungs.
“In here!”
You echoed back from the living room, phone screen stuck on images of baby clothes with a spoon full of peanut butter coating the inside of your mouth. One of the plenty cravings, seemed to be normal compared to the usual outrageous ones. That and the late period, triggered the taking of a pregnancy test.
His sock-clad feet pad toward the soft white ribbed sofa. Muscular arms enveloping your neck to meet at your color bone, easily relaxing into the familiar scent. Fresh vanilla with a hint of lavender, your lips pucker to press a tender peck to his wrist bone. Thanking him for his all-around existence and Tom receives instant relief from the small gesture.
“Hi darling, missed you.”
“Hi baby.”
“Don’t worry. Only gave Haz the ‘uncle talk’.”
“Hm, how’d it go?”
“Like shit, cause’ you weren’t there.”
His mumbles to the hair on your head were soothing—soothing enough for your eyes to want to blink shut. Fingertips tracing miscellaneous shapes on your collar bone. Something scared to have found someone dedicated to being a husband and father. Your cheeks bloom with rosiness, delighted with his movements.
Ring finger scooping beneath your chin to slightly maneuver your lips toward his position of hovering over the couch. A grin accompanied his features, the same grin that was able to make softcore possible, and the same grin that makes wholesomeness wander throughout your being. Lowering himself, he crashes his lips onto yours. Repositioning his head to gain every mold imaginable to your pair, he ailed the chase. Tingles to bury his tongue alongside yours, swirling and pressing the tips of the muscle together. Solely to end with pressing his forehead to yours, glad that you accepted his clinginess willingly because it wasn’t in his schedule anytime soon.
“Just made out with a jar of peanut butter.”
You swat at his arm, only to emit a fit of laughter from the both of you.
“Your child wanted peanut butter.”
“S’ mad that I put a baby in there.”
Your starstruck at his hand traveling down to your stomach, bump too early to be visible. Yet he’s full of luster anyhow.
“In the back of a limo.”
Only to earn a smirk from Tom at your reply— overly cheeky.
“That dress was bloody insane, had to lovie.”
Passing feverently over the womb, an ear-to-ear smile. partially at the night the couple reminisced on and mainly to the small human that’s growing inside of you. Glowing so hard he swore he wouldn’t be able to stop even if he tried.
“Can’t wait to see your belly big and round, let love. Gonna’ kiss it all over, every second.”
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hollandcrush · 9 months ago
in your own time
Tumblr media
tom holland x inexperienced!reader
summary: tom, being a gentleman, offers to help you gain some experience. 
word count: 4,101
warnings: fluff? mostly smut, oral (m.rec), fingering, dirty talk, praise, corruption kink?, protected sex, cursing, one spank, aftercare. (that’s it I think)
a/n: this was a request but I got carried away, obviously. tbh idk if I like this... but I said I’d post it bc well it’s 4,000 words. anyways I hope it is okay? sorry if it sucks, and for my bad writing and any mistakes made :) but enjoy x
“Tom, I’m scared. What happens if I’m terrible at this?”
“I promise you’ll do amazing.” Tom reassured, tucking a fallen piece of hair behind your ear as you sat comfortably on his lap, straddling him.
It all started when Tom invited you over for a movie night. It wasn’t unusual for you two to hang out, after all, you’ve been friends for the majority of your short life. Tom was an actor, who had earned a major breakthrough as he got cast as Spider-Man. This was insane as both of you grew up watching the Marvel movies together, fangirling over Robert Downey Jr. Tom was off to Atlanta next week to shoot for the upcoming Captain America film. Thus, he wanted to spend some quality time with his friends before he set off.
Movie night seemed to be normal, both sitting on the couch silently, some comments made here and there, until the sex scene commenced. You knew the movie was a rom-com, but you didn’t know what it exactly entailed. It took you by surprise. The tension grew thick, you didn’t know how to react. Should you skip forward? Or maybe just let the tension sizzle into nothing?
Tom cleared his throat before beginning to laugh. Your eyes darted towards the man. “What’s so funny?” You asked, sucking your teeth annoyed by his behaviour.
“You. You’re funny!”
You furrowed your eyebrows, confused by his answer. “What do you mean I’m funny? I didn’t do anything.”
“You look so uncomfortable darling. I’m not your dad. I mean it’s just a sex scene. I’m sure you’ve had your fair share of experiences in real life. It just shouldn’t make you uncomfortable.” He teased, unknown to him that you actually never had any type of sexual experiences. I mean a few snogs here and there, but that it.
Sucking your tongue you faced the television, too embarrassed to admit your inexperience. Yes, you were eighteen, but the opportunity never came. You never had a boyfriend, you weren’t a social butterfly like Tom and you definitely didn’t have a queue of guys in your dm’s. Your silence was Toms answer.
“Oh shit! Y/N I didn’t know. It doesn’t matter— I mean it’s just sex and it’s your body. If your waiting for marriage that’s cool. I just thought you, you did it?” He cringed at his own words, utterly confused on how to approach the situation. If he was honest, he was shocked that you were still a virgin. In his eyes, you were gorgeous. Not just your looks, but your personality too. He often found himself pondering as to why you never had a boyfriend. He couldn’t ever detect any flaws.
“Tom that’s the problem. I’m not waiting for marriage, but nobody— and I mean nobody, wants to have sex with me. I don’t know why I mean I think I’m average? You know? Just nobody seems to be interested.” You huffed crossing your arms under your chest.
Tom scratched his head. “Don’t take this the wrong way, but maybe your a bit too, uh, reserved? I just mean you don’t flaunt yourself on social media. You keep to yourself.” You nodded understanding what he meant. “Yeah I know, it’s just not me.”
“You are really pretty. And I’m not just saying that. Sex doesn’t validate your worth. Just because you haven’t had sex doesn’t make you unattractive or unwanted. Please don’t link the two because you’ll probably do things you regret.” He chuckled before sending you a soft smile.
The heat rose to your cheeks from his compliment. “Thank you, Tom, I mean it. I just wish I got it over and done with.” You mumbled as you played with your fingers. Tom bit his lip, contemplating his next words. If his mother taught him anything, it would be ‘think before you speak’. He didn’t want to complicate your relationship. But his mind was made up.
“Um, I could, you know.”
Your mind went blank at his offer, unable to process it. “You, you want t-to have sex– with me?” You stuttered in disbelief. To say Tom was hot, was an understatement. Tom used to be hot prior to the whole Spider-Man process. Lean, curly hair and gorgeous eyes. Now, he had all that and added muscle. He was ripped, just out of this world attractive. And this was the man who wanted to have sex with you.
“You can say no. Obviously— it’s your body. Anyways, I just thought I’d give you the option. Not because I feel bad for you, I don’t. I just think you’re stunning and deserve to be treated right.” He waffled as you thought about his proposition. But who were you kidding, you were never gonna say no.
“Okay?” He perked.
“Yes, okay.”
Lacing your fingers together he guided you onto his lap, and that is how you ended up in that position. Tom continued to reassure you that everything would be okay and that you wouldn’t disappoint him, building up your confidence. Trying to steady your breath, you looked into his eyes. They always calmed you.
Taking the initiative, Tom caressed your cheek before linking your lips together. It was slow at first, lips moved in sync as tongues teased. He let his hands travel down from your cheeks to your lower back, fingers grazing your skin. The kiss naturally deepened as time passed, elevating you to the next stage. Pulling his lips away, he held your hands, lacing your fingers. He cleared his throat before speaking. “Uh, will we go to my bedroom?”
You nodded as you got off his body, hands still clamped together as you followed him to his room. The short journey was longer than usual, anticipation and tension rising. His bedroom was slightly messy, no different from any other teenage boy. Placing his hands on your hips, his chest was pressed against yours. “Tom, I’m nervous.” You giggled, trying to ease the tension.
Gently placing his hand on your jaw, his thumb caressed your cheek. “We don’t have to do this.” Smiling, you crashed your lips together wanting nothing more than for this to happen. Tom took the hint, hands clumsily fiddled with your shirt, wanting it gone. You broke away, allowing the material to be thrown somewhere in his room. His needy eyes trailed to your chest, tits covered by your lace bralette, nipples peaking through the material. “Fuck so pretty. Better than I’ve ever imagined.” He mumbled.
The part about him imagining you in such an intimate setting flew over your head as his lips attached to the newly exposed skin. Lips marking the mounds as his hands unclasped your bra with ease. The material fell to the ground, his mouth moved to latch around your dark buds. Sucking and teething the sensitive part. “Touch me.” He instructed.
Hesitantly, you let your fingers lace through his locks, massaging his scalp provoking him to groan against your tits. He switched to the other nipple, giving it the attention it craved. His arms wrapped around your waist, hoisting you up with ease. He carried you to the bed, delicately placing you down onto the mattress, lips never leaving your skin.
“Tommy.” You moaned as his hands explored your curves. He pulled away to look at you. Heat rose to your cheeks at the intense gaze. “Sorry did I overstep? It just slipped out.” You blushed.
He shook his head with a smile planted on his face. “No darling, I just really liked the new nickname.” He winked before his lips trailed down your torso, travelling to their desired destination. With fingers hooked under your leggings, he made sure everything was okay. “Am I going to fast? Is this okay?”
“Yes Tommy. Please.”
The material was quickly removed, eyes explored your long legs that trembled under his touch. Kisses softly planted on the inner side of your knees as he separated your thighs, letting cold air brush against your clothed core.
“God you are so perfect. So beautiful darling.” He praised letting his fingers edge closer to your heat.
His eyes snapped up laced with concern. “Uh, can I, y’know, give you head?” You cringed at the words that exited your mouth. He was silent, confused as to why you preferred to give than receive. “I just never did that, and I really want to try.” You admitted. Embarrassment overcame you making you cover your face. His hands grabbed your wrist, pulling them away from you. “If that’s what you want to do, of course.”
Repositioning himself on the bed, his head resting against the headboard, he guided you between his legs. Feeling exposed you covered your chest. Tom took the chance to remove his shirt, his lean abdomen coming into view. “I wanna see you. Please don’t hide. You’re gorgeous.” He reassured as his hand rested against your cheek.
“Um so, could you help me?”
“Yeah, of course, darling, of course.” He chirped, his hands lacing with yours. He guided them to his sweatpants, gripping them around the band so you could take them off. You got the gesture, pulling the fleece material from his body, struggling to get them off his ankles.
You could see his imprint against his Calvins. You knew what your next move was. With shaky hands, you moved his boxers down, freeing his member. It was slightly hard, tip glistened with precum. He was bigger than you thought, causing you to gulp at the thought of him putting it in you.
Your hands gravitated to his cock, curious to how it felt. Fingers ran along the bulging vein, tracing it with light touches before holding it in your hand. A low grunt fell from his lips as he watched intently, loving the way your hand wrapped around his thickness. With your lip tucked between your teeth, you began to move your hand up and down, pumping his cock slowing in your fist. “Will you wet it a bit darling? It will feel so much better.” He groaned.
The first thing to come to mind was to use your spit, and so you did. Letting a drop of spit fall onto his shaft, he moaned loudly. “Shit, okay yeah that will work.” You blushed as you continued the movements, his cock growing in your small hands.
Fixing up your position, you got comfortable on all fours, dropping your head. You’d seen porn, so you had some idea. Licking a stripe from base to tip, before you wrapped your lips around his throbbing cock. “Fuck- shit, yeah just like that.” He panted, taken aback at your sudden movements.
His hand flung to the back of your head, guiding you. His moans letting you know you were doing a good job. Praise and profanities fell from his lips constantly. “So fucking pretty with my cock in your mouth.” “You’re taking me so well.” “So innocent, so perfect. God, so fucking good.”
This only encouraged you to bob faster and deeper, his member hitting the back of your throat. Tom, unable to control his hips, thrusted forward causing you to gag. You pulled away from him, wiping the excess spit around your mouth as small coughs erupted. His eyes went wide, feeling guilty for his involuntary action. “I’m so sorry darling, I didn’t mean to do that.”
“It’s okay.” You assured, leaning forward to continue, but Tom’s large hands on your upper arms prevented you to do so. “No darling, you did so well fo’ me but if you keep going I’m going to cum.” He admitted. “I really want to fuck you now. If that’s what you still want?” Nodding your head, he grabbed a condom from his nightstand. “Lie down darling, I need to get you ready for me. Stretch you out. Make you feel good.”
Adjusting yourself on the bed so you were laying down, he propped himself on his side. He kicked off his boxers, leaving him completely bare. The wetness of his cock soaking into your skin as he pressed into your hips. His lips attached to your breast once again, easing your nerves as pleasure clouded your mind.
“That’s it darling, relax. I’m gonna get you ready for me okay? Gonna use my fingers to stretch that tight pussy. Can’t wait to be in you.” You whimpered at his words making him smirk. “You like it when I talk dirty? Tell you what I wanna do to you. Does that turn you on?”
“Yes, Tommy. I love it.”
“Yeah? Can’t wait for you to squeeze me, make me feel warm. I bet your pussy is gonna feel amazing. Gonna fuck you so good darling, make you come undone around me.”
Body reacted to his words, clenching around nothing. As he spoke his hands travelled south, rubbing you through your panties. “Can’t wait to take away your innocence, make you mine. You are so fucking sexy.” He whispered into your neck before he added another mark.
His fingers fiddled to push your panties to the side, digits finally coming in contact with your soaked centre. This contact caused you to moan, feeling his soft touch swipe through your folds gathering your wetness. “All yours Tommy.”
You were shocked by the words that just slipped out. His teeth grazed at your skin. “Love the way you say my new nickname darling. But all mine? Why don’t you tell me what you want me to do to you?” He encouraged, fingers teasing your clit.
Panic. “Tom I never, never did anything like that. I don’t know what to say.”
“Shh. It’s okay. Just want to hear you. Tell me what you want me to do with my fingers yeah?” His breath hot against your ear as teeth scraped against your earlobe.
“Uh I want you to- to, fuck me with your f-fingers.” You stuttered, scared that you weren’t sexy enough for him.
“Yeah, use my thick fingers to stretch you is it? I’ll stretch you better than your own fingers ever could.” His digits beginning to tease circles on your sensitive bud.
“Yes! I’d feel so full Tommy. Please put more pressure on my clit.”
“Like this?” He teased, following your orders rubbing harsher circles. Your back arched, toes curled. Only sounds that could leave your lips were small pants and moans. Tom continued the movement, coaxing you towards your climax. Once he knew you were relaxed, he dropped his hand to your entrance. A finger slipping deep into your core causing you to clamp around him. “Relax darling, I promise it will be okay? Tell me if it’s too uncomfortable okay?”
His lips crashed onto yours, getting your mind to focus on something else. It worked. His finger could finally move, pumping in and out of you in slow, twisting motions. Putting his thumb to your clit, he added another digit, stretching you. He curled his fingers letting him hit your g-spot with ease. The knot started to build in your stomach. “Tommy.” You whined against his lips.
“Yeah darling? You close darling? Feel your walls pulsing around me.” He asked pushing another finger into your dripping heat. The stretch made you cry out. “That’s it darling, come around my fingers. I’m here. Let go.”
The knot in your stomach exploded, legs shook as the pleasure took over. You screamed his name, thankful his family wasn’t home. Tom rode out your high as he continued to finger you at a slow, steady pace. Hips rocked against yours, lips and tongues continue to clash. It was messy but passionate.
Pulling his fingers away, he sucked each one individually as if he finished a bowl of chicken wings. moaning at your taste. “Taste so delicious princess. Wish I could eat you out every day.”
You couldn’t help but moan as you rolled your eyes to the back of your head. You heard the condom packet rip open, grabbing it from him. “Can I put it on?” You innocently asked through heavy eyes. He gulped, cock on the edge of combustion as he nodded.
Propping onto your knees, you took the condom trying to figure out how to put it on. His hands guided yours to his tip, showing you to pinch the tip and roll. “Like that princess.” You followed his instructions, rolling the rubber down his shaft.
“Fuck, can’t explain how sexy you are. How do you look so innocent while doing such a naughty thing darling. Gonna start calling you m’ angel.”
Heat rose to your cheeks, his hands starting to pull at your panties, begging them to come off. You helped, moving your hips and kicking off the fabric. Both admired one another, bare and uninterrupted. Such a beautiful and intimate moment.
His hand glided over your thigh, soothing the muscle. “Lay down angel. Let me take care of you.”
“Uh- I was thinking maybe, I could ride you?”
Toms eyes nearly popped out of his skull. Never has a girl offered to be on top. He had to tame his excitement by clearing his throat. This was about you, not him. “It’s okay. You don’t have to. I can do all the work toni-“ “No, Tommy. I want to be on top.” You interrupted, confidence laced into every word.
Hesitantly, you threw your leg over his thigh, straddling him. His cock touching your heat, anticipation growing every second. This was it. Tom was going to be your first time.
Raising your hips so they hovered over his cock as he held it, you placed your hands on his shoulders taking a deep breath, steadying your nerves. His hands rested on your hips. “Take your time angel. If you need to stop or feel uncomfortable, please don’t be scared to tell me. Are you sure you want this?” His question didn’t need any consideration.
“Yes, Tommy. I want this. I need you.”
Letting gravity do the work, you slowly slid down his cock. The stretch felt funny at first, uncomfortable. The slow pace let you adjust to every inch. Tom's teeth dug into his lip, drawing blood as he tried to control the pleasure he was experiencing. As soon as you bottomed, Tom grunted.
“Darling, god. You feel amazing. Better than I could ever imagine. So warm, so tight. You okay?” You crashed your lips, distracting yourself from the strange sensation. It was nice but different. You needed to relax. Tom's lips moved in sync with yours, fingers sunk into your skin, needing to ground himself.
A few moments passed and that weird sensation had turned into complete ecstasy. “I’m okay.” You panted, your stomach contracting as the familiar pressure returned. “In your own time angel.”
Ready, you began to move your hips up, the stretch intensifying. Fingernails left crescent shapes in his skin. “Tommy you are so big.” You whined loving the feeling of him filling you up. Your words turning him on even more.
“Yeah darling? Do I make you feel good? You make me feel amazing. Fuck.” He groaned as he watched your hips snap back down. “Yeah Tommy, you m-make, me feel incredible. So big. Stretch me so good.” You whimpered as you repeated the movements.
His hands glued to your side, helping your body ride his cock. Eyes flickered between your chest, face and cunt. He watched the way his cock disappeared into you with ease, the way your tits bounced, and the way your eyes were squeezed tight. It was a magnificent sight.
“So tight. Take me so well darling. Fuck, and still look so innocent.”
Soon you wanted more, needed more. Instead of begging him to fuck you, you took it upon yourself. Changing the position, feet planted on the bed, you began to bounce harder against him. Tom's eyes rolled to the back of his head as he flung his it back. “Fuck. Your gonna make me cum so fast. Shit, angel.”
“Cum, Tommy, please.” You begged nearing your own release. His grip tightened around you. His eyes looked deep into yours. “May I?” You nodded, knowing what he meant.
Soon, Tom was fucking you at an inhuman speed as he used his grip to manhandle you. His hips meeting yours. Screams ripped from your throat as he ruthlessly hit your g-spot with insane accuracy. Every limb in your body becoming weak, you leaned forward, digging your head into his neck. Fingers entangled in his locks, pulling at them making him growl. You were at his mercy as he was now in complete control.
“Princess, tell. Me you are. Close.” He panted between hard thrusts. His feet were planted on the bed, back rested against the headboard giving him leverage to fuck you deep. The bed constantly creaked and hit against the wall.
“Yes! Tommy. I’m gonna– fuck.”
You clenched around him, suffocating his cock as your body convulsed against his body, your climax a thousand times more intense. This tipped him over the edge as he released into the condom. The feeling of you clutching him proved to be too much. He coaxed you through the orgasm with praises and slow thrusts.
“Atta girl, so good for me.” “You did amazing.” “Felt so amazing, the best girl. My perfect angel.”
As the pleasure sizzled down, an ache was evident between your thighs. You winced as he moved his hips a little. You were chest to chest, his hand rubbing circles on your back.
“Darling, we gotta clean you up.” Tom said breaking the silence between you. It wasn’t awkward. It was peaceful, listening to one another’s heartbeats.
“No Tommy, just stay a little longer.” You pleaded, nestling your face into his neck placing a kiss. You didn’t know what overcame you as you began to suck on the skin. You felt as if you needed to mark him, make him yours in that moment. He groaned. hands travelled to massage your ass. “You are gonna kill me darling.” He stated before placing a soft smack on your cheek, making you groan in pain.
“Shit are you okay? I’m sorry.” He panicked, never meaning to cause you pain. “I’m okay, just sore.” You admitted, hand soothing his scalp. He hummed, lips softly placing a kiss on your temple.
“C’mon. You will feel better once we freshen you up.” He perked, trying to help you off his hips. Biting your lip, you tried to conceal the painful sensation. Tom saw right through however. He quickly took off the condom, throwing it in the bin.
Turning back to you, he gave a loving kiss to your stomach and each thigh before he effortlessly picked you up bridal style, carrying you to the adjacent bathroom. He placed you on the toilet before telling you to pee, something to do with a UTI.
“I’ll be back.” He promised before exiting the bathroom. You heard a lot of shuffling and rustling of fabric coming from his room. Confused to what he was doing  until you finished, and saw a small red stain on the tissue. Embarrassment immediately flooded your body.
Tom came back, boxers now covered his lower half. He noticed your hunched posture. “Here darling.” He said as he handed you his shirt. You quickly threw it over your head, covering your body. He helped you up before hoisting you onto the cold countertop. He grabbed a cloth, dampening it in the sink. “I’m sorry.” You mumbled.
Tom furrowed his eyebrows. “What’s wrong?”
“I, y’know. Bled.” You spluttered, not able to look him in the eye. Placing a hand under your chin, he lifted it. “Don’t you dare apologise for that, it is natural. It happens.” He reassured, thumb caressing your cheek before he kissed you, careful to not hurt your fragile body.
He cleaned between your thighs, making sure you were okay. He carried you back to the bed, laying you down softly onto the fresh covers. He turned off the lights before joining you. His large arms wrapped around you, pulling you close, comforting you. “So how was it?”
“Amazing. Thank you, Tom, for being my first.” You praised giving him a quick kiss on the cheek. Your mind suddenly clogged with confusing thoughts as you remembered that this was your best friend, not boyfriend, no matter how much you wanted him to be. You couldn’t help but curse yourself out mentally for ruining your friendship. Unknown to you however, Tom was feeling the same.
“Y/N, I don’t want to be just your first. I want to be your forever.”
ew.. thanks for reading lmao
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highkeygolden · 5 months ago
It’s Hollywood, baby
Pairing; Tom Holland x Fem!Reader
Summary; a stupid tweet from a fan causes so much drama between two people that never met each other
A/N; transfer from wattpad. honestly i’m just gonna transfer anything everything on there to here :) I wrote these so long ago theyre so... shitty but why not. 
Words; 7354
Tumblr media
It was like one day she was living the most normal life she could and the next day there was a whole frenzy of rumours brewing on the internet about her. Y/N might have been one of the most normal actors out there. Yes, she worked with many huge actors and yes, people adore her, but she tried her best to stay away from any sort of media drama, especially dating rumours.
All of that was thrown out the window when she woke up to a phone that was blowing up with tweets, retweets, tags on Instagram and hundreds and hundreds of phone calls from her friends, family and management team, including her publicist.
Her phone was usually kept on silent, but this fine night, she got home late after her final press junket and forgot to mute her phone because she was extremely tired. She woke up with a groan because of the constant buzz. Ignorance was a skill Y/N never possessed when it came to noise.
It was around two in the morning when she finally lifted her head off her cloud of a pillow and checked her phone that lay face down on her nightstand. When she pressed the home button to turn her phone on, countless notifications were still rolling in from twitter, Instagram and even Snapchat!
If Y/N weren't half asleep, she'd have been bewildered and even confused at why this was all happening. As she was squinting her eyes to read her notifications, her phone blinked from a call from her publicist. She groaned and pondered ghosting her, but decided that if she was calling so early in the morning, it must have been some sort of emergency.
"Why are you awake at two in the morning, Lisa?" She grumbled and buried her face in her pillow again after clicking the speaker button.
"Because you're in trouble,” Lisa simply replied which was a sign to her bubbling anger. Y/N was beyond confused at that. Did she accidentally post something that leaked half the storyline of her new movie? Absolutely not, she wasn't that irresponsible and if she did do something like that, it would be her manager calling.
"Uh oh, what did I do now?" It was an understatement to say that Y/N was more than disinterested in whatever stupid rumour the internet decided to concoct. She tried her best to sound like she cared but because she was still craving for sleep, she sounded more sarcastic. Knowing Lisa, she was probably rolling her eyes.
"Oh, you didn't do anything. One of your followers did," Lisa clarified but it wasn't enough to make her look up from her pillow, though her ears did perk up.
"You mean a fan or a hater?" She asked and earned a pondering hum from Lisa.
"Definitely a fan and whoever it was, they were not thinking twice," Lisa mused but Y/N just hummed as a response. She didn't know what Lisa was talking about and neither was she ready to know. "C'mon, Y/N I need you to listen to me if we're gonna fix this!" Lisa pleaded and Y/N hummed again.
"I'm listening," she mumbled and Lisa tutted.
"You don't even know what happened, do you?" Lisa retorted with a smirk Y/N could hear from across the phone screen.
"Nope" Y/N pipped and smacked her lips. Lisa laughed in response. "Why are you laughing?" She continued.
"Someone tweeted out a picture of you from last month and it's causing you and both Tom Holland huge problems."
That was enough to make her lift her head off the pillow and stare at the glaring light her phone emitted. She was way more confused now and it was like she was sobering up from her tired state of mind, but nothing seemed to have clicked.
Tom Holland... obviously she knew who he was, she watched his spiderman movies, of course, she did. But she never even met him to be coiled up in a scandal with him. It was like her mind went still for a minute before the questions started rolling in like the notifications on her phone.
"What the fuck?" She let out with raised brows and eyes the size of baseballs.
"Exactly," Lisa agreed with her. "Y/N, we can always deal with this in the morning but I suggest you check your twitter first," she jutted while Y/N scrambled out of her bed with much struggle because she was strangled in her bedsheets. She grumbled and grabbed her phone while mumbling under her breath.
"Yeah, great idea, Lisa," Y/N's voice dripped of sarcasm and Lisa gave her a soothing chuckle. She hung up seconds later and Y/N gulped before opening her Twitter app.
She had gotten over two hundred notifications from Twitter alone and it was the first time she felt scared to even open it. It took a while to look for what stirred up all the so-called trouble. Around a solid five minutes later, she finally found it. The one tweet with a picture tagged with it, one she never even knew existed.
It was a pretty clear picture, despite the many pixels. It was taken at night time too, and the red eyes were roaring. Of course, Y/N was in the picture and so was Tom. It was taken a month ago, from a red carpet event she was invited to. She was walking in her black heels and beautifully fitted black dress, arm looped with her equally beautiful cousin she invited as her plus one. In front of the pair, was Tom and another boy with curly mahogany hair, both wearing crisp black suits.
Y/N recalled the night, but she could barely remember even walking behind the two men, especially Tom. All she could remember was walking into the event with her cousin and taking pictures on the red carpet. Never did she talk to Tom and never did they acknowledge the existence of each other. They, coincidentally and unknowingly, were walking in the same direction.
She didn't even need to read the caption to know what it was about; dating rumours.
She found it funny, how she could be photographed with a random person on the street and media and gossip outlets would assume they were dating because they looked good together. This situation with Tom Holland was nothing different. Tom didn't even follow her on Instagram, they were nothing but strangers.
The more Y/N cerebrated about it, the more pathetic the whole situation seemed to her. The whole situation would blow past in a week, Y/N was certain. The only thing that would ruin it if another fan decides to dig up another picture of the pair walking but in a different position. It would only be a matter of time before fan edits and fanfiction would start sweeping in.
She couldn't sleep at all that night and she pondered about how Tom must have been dealing with this. Would he go on a twitter rant? Or maybe he'd start throwing shade on her and deny the whole thing with a simple scoff? It bugged Y/N in ways she didn't want to think about and wondered what she could do to help him.
She, with a lot of hesitation, opened her Instagram and ignored the multiples of messages she got and went straight Tom Hollands account. She didn't bother to stalk him, neither did she follow him because it would only stir up more drama. Instead, she clicked message and stared at the text bar and thought about what she would say.
Y/N texted Tom two short messages and ended it at that.
Lisa's office was an extremely familiar place to Y/N at that point. She'd been her publicist ever since her career even started. When Y/N got a text from Lisa, saying that they needed to have a meeting later in the day, Y/N didn't think twice about driving over to her office. She didn't even bother doing her makeup and pulled up in a hoodie and sweat pants.
Lisa and Gary (her manager) sat on different chairs opposite each other, one looking through papers and the other looking through his phone. When the pair heard the door open and close, they made eye contact with Y/N and ushered her inside the room to sit on a chair of her own.
Y/N rested her fists under her chin and her elbows sat on the table. She waited patiently for her publicist and manager to finish whatever they were doing and let herself ponder even more. Her phone lay right beside her, screaming at her to check if Tom had texted her back, but she didn't bother to check.
Tom didn't text her back immediately, obviously, he didn't and neither did Y/N expect him to. Maybe he was ignoring her, or maybe he just didn't check his DMs that often, but her impatience ate away at her stomach. Y/N didn't expect him to text her back immediately, but neither did she expect for him to ignore her.
"So, how're you feeling?" Gary's vice snapped Y/N out of her intense gaze on her phone. Blinking profusely, she glanced at him and Lisa with raised brows.
"Um, great," she confirmed. "Bit annoyed but other than that, great," she clarified with a couple or more nods.
"And I'm assuming you saw the tweet," Lisa cocked her head with a coy smile.
"Yeah, and it was honestly dumb," Y/N chuckled and ran a hand through her hair. "I'm sure it'll blow past if no one talks about it," she waved her hand and shrugged her shoulders, but Lisa and Gary shook their heads and cringed.
"Have you seen the man's fandom?!" Gary almost threw his head back and laughed. "His fans will go to hell and back to confirm or deny rumours," he grinned at Y/N and she sunk deeper into her chair.
"That helped a lot, thank you," Y/N grumbled and rolled her eyes, head turned to the side to glance past her shoulders.
"C'mon, we're trying to do all we can to help the situation," Gary coaxed and Lisa nodded in agreement.
"We reached out to Tom's management, now we're waiting for a reply," Lisa informed and scratched the top of her right brow with her lips pulled to the side.
"And I texted Tom on Instagram," Y/N hesitantly added with squinted eyes. She rocked back and forth on her chair as Lisa and Gary looked at her with raised brows and wide eyes. "He didn't text back though, so, don't worry," she added.
"And how will that help," Lisa flailed her hands and squinted her eyes, waiting for Y/N to reply.
"It's not like the public knows who I text and don't text," Y/N argued. "We don't even follow each other!"
"Fine just... just tell us if he texts back and we'll tell you what to do," Gary soothed her a smile and she grumbled.
If, that made her feel better too... mind the sarcasm.
Tom was more than exasperated when he attended, probably, his thirtieth interview for the day. First, his phone starts buzzing like its life depended on it and the next day, his interviews were more focused on the stupid rumours than the new movie. He felt guilty enough to apologise to Jon and the rest of his co-stars.
This interview was nothing different. Obviously, the blonde interviewer with a freckled face focused on the movie and Zendaya and Jacob's more sharpened roles in the movie before she turned to Tom with a knowing smile and he knew what he was about to be asked.
"So, how about you, Tom?" She started while making sure to phrase her question as politely as possible. "You must be tired with the press junkets and the rumours that recently started stirring up," she passed him the kindest smile she could form.
Zendaya and Jacob started laughing and snorting as Tom sighed rather dramatically and slumped further into his already uncomfortable chair, fingers placed on her crooked nose as he shut his eyes and counted to ten. It wasn't like he was completely angry about the whole situation, he just found it completely bogus.
"Don't even get him started," Zendaya covered her mouth with her hand and threw her head back in laughter. Her red hair bounced off her shoulder and Jacob almost fell from his chair as he tried laughing as calmly as he could.
"Exactly, don't even get me started!" Tom raised his brows and widened his eyes, atmosphere turning more playful and careless, much to the blonde's surprise.
"Oh, were you that angry?" The blond chuckled as well, thankful that Tom didn't blow up in her face to scold her for asking about the dating rumours.
"I'm not angry, I'm more surprised than anything," Tom jutted and sighed more.
"Don't lie, Tom!" Zendaya exclaimed with a taunting smiled on her face.
"He was ranting like a mad man when he first saw the tweet," Jacob pointed at Tom and leaned forward to emphasise to the interviewer.
Tom rolled his eyes and eyed his two co-stars/best friends before answering. "Listen," he started and only made Jacob and Zendaya laugh more. The blond interviewer sat patiently for a feasible answer. "Seriously, it's frustrating and all but its utter bogus. You can be walking down the street and be photographed with someone you haven't met and suddenly the dating rumours start conjuring up. I- seriously, I'm being honest here, these rumours are gonna be the death of me. I just up and deleted Instagram and Twitter from my phone", Tom sighed and his voice held a certain level of humour, but it was serious enough to convey a message, perfectly professional.
"I get what you mean," the blond nodded understandingly.
"Y/N Y/L/N is a great actress, and I'm sure she's an amazing person as well, but we never met each other," Tom simply shrugged as he clarified. "We don't even follow each other on Instagram, I don't get how a simple picture could stir up so much trouble," Tom turned to Zendaya and Jacob while they nodded and politely listened to his answer.
"Pictures cause the most rumours, Tom," Jacob raised a teasing brow, almost laughing as he found his best friend to be stupid.
"I know but they need to be relevant, at least, right?" Tom argued. "The picture that caused all this has no explanation whatsoever, her and I just so happened to be walking in the same direction and people just think we're dating. Like, dude, be a little practical," Tom turned to the interviewer and her freckled cheeks stretched.
"Ok, you know what let's change the topic. Back to the movie," the blonde chuckled nervously and gripped her papers tighter. The three actors sitting across her gladly agreed and started answering her next questions.
Tom was relieved that the topic changed and he didn't bother to point out that it was quite offensive, to him, at least. Though he recoiled and let Zendaya and Jacob answer the rest of the questions like he normally would, Tom found himself riling himself with more questions.
Y/N Y/L/N is a great actress, and I'm sure she's an amazing person as well, but we never met each other, he felt like he owed her an apology. He knew how ruthless his fans could be and he couldn't imagine what Y/N would be going through at the very moment. He gave very little attention to the interviewer and the questions and it was the first time he felt so dissociated during an interview.
Even after the interview was over when most of the cast was waiting near the waiting area for the next interview to be set up, Tom sat silently sat on one of the couches and slowly sipped on his water. He was deep in thought, anyone could tell, so while Jacob was talking to Tony, Zendaya and Jake made their way to him in concern.
"You alright?" Jake grinned with raised brows and he and Zendaya sat either side of him. Tom snapped out of his trance and looked at them.
"Yeah, just thinking," he clarified with pursed lips.
"You know, if you want to reach out to Y/N, you can always ask one of us for her number," Jack pointed between himself and Zendaya. Tom raised a quizzical brow.
"You've met her before?" He cocked his face and scrunched his face into a look of disbelief.
"Yeah, her and I are pretty good friends," Zendaya clarified with a hint of obviousness.
Zendaya met Y/N through her manager. It was a coincidence really, that their managers would be good friends and in turn, have Y/N and Zendaya meet. They hit it off when they met each other at a Starbucks near an outdoor mall and remained close friends ever since. They'd check up on each other here and there and had each other's backs. This time was nothing different.
"I met Y/N once in an event and I got her phone number," Jake mused with a hand on his chin. He had thought about calling her a few times throughout the day but decided against it, he thought he needed to give her some space. He then looked at Zendaya. "Did you talk to her after the rumours unravelled?" He asked.
"Called and texted her many times but I'm pretty sure she switched her phone off," Zendaya listed out of her fingers and then turned to Tom. He still looked deep in thought.
"Won't the rumours grow if I reach out to her?" He tried with a hand scratching his neck. Zendaya snorted back a laugh.
"It's now like the whole world will find out, ya idiot," she rolled her eyes but Tom profusely shook his head.
"No, it's weird to just text her out of the blue- no," Tom stopped himself from asking anyone for her number. It would be weird, more than anything. He could almost imagine the horrified face Y/N could put on when he would text her. Y/N probably hated him, for all he knew.
"Then DM her on Instagram or something!" Zendaya coaxed. "Download it and text her, she'd appreciate an apology. I plan on calling her again later in the day and I'll talk to her. Chill out, she won't be mad at you at all," she gave him a reassuring smile before dragging Jake and Tom away to attend their next interview.
That was the last either of them spoke about the topic. Tom thought about it a lot, even if his friends told him to not worry about everything and that the situation would help itself. It didn't help. He couldn't help but blame himself for the backlash Y/N must have been facing, even if the angel on his shoulder told him that it wasn't his fault. Technically speaking, it wasn't. No one could blame either of the celebrities for attending the same event.
It wasn't long before Y/N got more notifications on her phone from her friends and family, telling her to get her lazy ass off her books and watch the trending video of Tom in one of his latest interviews. Of course, Y/N opened her laptop an hour after her cousin called her. In that hour gap, Y/N spent her time scrolling through the multiples of headlines that were made by the gossip media. She was shocked, to say the least.
Zendaya and Y/N Y/L/N's Cousin SPEAK OUT on Dating Rumours With Tom Holland. Check Out Their Tweets!
Tom Holland SPEAKS OUT on dating rumours with Y/L Y/L/N; Claims He's Never Met Her! Watch This Clip From His Exclusive Interview!
What Are The Tom Holland and Y/N Y/L/N Dating Rumours and What Started It?
Why Tom Holland and Y/N Y/L/N Are Perfect For Each Other: These Are The Ten Reasons.
Y/N almost laughed out loud at most of the trending headlines. Some people still didn't get the message! While she had that in mind, she clicked on the link many people had attached in the emails she received and watched the video.
He was ranting like a mad man when he first saw the tweet, Y/N didn't know if she was supposed to be offended or embarrassed. But she kept watching with pursed lips, stomach clenched and breath sharp. She didn't like the fact that Tom was talking about, even if he was just trying to clear the air. She didn't know if he liked her or not from his callous way of conveying the message.
I just up and deleted Instagram and Twitter from my phone, that explained why he didn't text her back, even a week later. She agreed with him, what he said about being photographed and having the whole story twisted to give more life to an irrelevant picture. At least he didn't blame her for anything.
Y/N Y/L/N is a great actress, and I'm sure she's an amazing person as well, but we never met each other, yes, that confirmed that Tom didn't have anything against Y/N. It was a breath of relief for her and she just hoped that it meant it wouldn't mean awkwardness in the future.
As Y/N was about to finish watching the video, and that too with a grateful smile on her face, her phone pinged with a notification. She didn't mind it first but had to do a double-take when she saw who the Instagram message was coming from. Tom Holland, she made out before her screen turned grey and she was getting a call from her long time best friend, Zendaya. She took in a sharp breath before accepting the call and putting her on speaker.
"Hey! You finally decide to pick up after a week of giving you missed calls?" Zendaya's smirk was evident from her playful tone and Y/N groaned at that. She even whined apologetically.
"Hey, I'm sorry if I needed a break from my phone in general," Y/N sassed back with an equal amount of humour in her voice. The pair then fell into a moment of laughter and giggles. "How's the press tour going?" She then asked once they quieted down.
"It's going great," Zendaya assured with a hum. "I assume you watched that viral interview clip of Tom talking about you?" She questioned with more concern than curiosity.
"I just finished watching it and guess what?" She bit her bottom lip while Zendaya ushered her to continue. You could say the suspense was killing her. "I DMed Tom on Insta and he texted back seconds before you called!" She muttered out in a rush and Zendaya cheered in satisfaction.
"That's great, good for you! Man finally grew a pair to at least do that," Y/N chuckled at that while Zendaya must have been shaking her head with her hand on her hip.
"Thanks for tweeting what you tweeted, by the way. It helped a lot," she then said while scratching her brow and earned a chuckled from Zendaya.
"What am I here for? Anything to make shit easier for you," Zendaya smiled to herself and Y/N hummed.
"Where are you right now, anyway?" She changed the topic with furrowed brows and started browsing through more news headlines on her laptop.
"We are in Singapore right now and I'm still in my hotel room," Zendaya cheerily replied. "I'll be picked up in an hour for the next interview," she sighed and gutted. Y/N chuckled and tried paying attention to what she was saying. "Tom is in a hotel an hour away from mine, if you were wondering," she added and earned an annoyed groan from Y/N.
"You're not funny!" She whined.
"I'm sorry, I'm just saying!" She defended herself- or at least tried defending herself. "He felt really guilty about everything at a point. Jake and I had to talk him out of it. When you text him, just tell him that you don't blame him for anything or his anxiety will eat him away," Zendaya crumbled and exaggerated while Y/N gave her a mumble of confirmation.
"Don't worry about it," Y/N assured her and Zendaya hummed and nodded her head. "Ok then, enjoy the rest of the tour and tell Jake I said hi," Y/N mumbled and held her phone in her hand.
"Sure, dude, yeah," Zendaya licked her upper teeth and nodded. "I'll text you later then, bye!" She dragged out and Y/N chuckled.
"Bye, Daya," Y/N smiled and the call ended at that.
I'll be picked up in an hour for the next interview, that meant that Tom was, also, in his hotel room too, most probably getting dressed up for the rest of the day. Y/N took in a sharp breath and stared at the only notification on her phone, persuading her to open up the app already and text him back.
She didn't know what to say, she didn't know what kind of person Tom even was. She couldn't judge from one clip from an interview. She didn't know what he took offensively and she didn't know what he found weird. What if she comes off as creepy? What if he just won't like her after exchanging a couple of texts? Was he capable of throwing shade at someone else?
She decided it was best to suck it up and stop her overthinking. Her questions were pointless, she couldn't think too much about a stupid rumour. So, with another sharp breath, Y/N unlocked her phone, opened her Instagram app, and started to question her life decisions.
Celebrity life was something no one could get used to. Even as a child actress, Y/N never got used to it either. There were equal amounts of pros and cons, equal amounts of advantages and disadvantages, and equal amounts of happiness and sadness. It was a quite humbling career to have, according to her.
She'd been through a lot of crazy things as a person in the spotlight, but the craziest thing that happened is dating Tom Holland. Let's not get into detail, but to put it simply, Tom asked her out on a dater after months of texting back and forth. He just so happened to be in Los Angeles and decided that it was now or never and shot his shot.
His shot was thrown successfully because they'd been dating for over two years now. He didn't know how a last-minute decision made him so lucky but here he was, half of Hollywood's new power couple. He didn't choose the label, the fans and the media did and honestly, he didn't mind it.
Tom didn't even bother keeping the relationship private because he didn't see the point. Both him and Y/N were both extremely successful actors. It was too obvious for it to be kept hidden. He also felt like he owed it to Y/N by telling the world. He knew how much it meant for her. He was quite proud of himself, for somehow finding Y/N and he was even thankful that she accepted him. None of his friends or family was surprised when he first told them.
Now, like the stars and planets wanted nothing but happiness for him, Tom was lucky enough to do his press tours with Y/N for their new movie. He didn't know how the opportunity came, but it just happened and it swept the world off its feet.
"I'm Tom Holland!" He grinned at the camera and scooted closer to Y/N. The white backdrop ruffled as he made his subtle movements.
"And I'm Y/N Y/L/N!" She happily cheered to the camera with a wide smile. "And we are answering the internet!" Like on cue, someone from behind the screen threw her a plastic jar of tiny paper slips and Y/N almost struggled to catch it. Tom laughed from beside her while she settled it on her thigh with an embarrassed laugh.
"That is by far the best catch I have ever seen," Tom joked and looked at her side profile.
"I know, right? My reflexes are amazing," she sassed sarcastically and flipped her curled hair behind her shoulder
Tom chuckled one last time before his hand found its way inside the jar. He took out a piece of paper and unfolded it with a smirk. "I'm expecting a storytime video of how Tom Holland and Y/N Y/L/N met because how the fuck did it even happen?!" He read out with a slight chuckle and turned to Y/N.
"Ok," she huffed and Tom started laughing. "What a nice way to start this interview," she fixed up her clothes rather dramatically and Tom was still laughing.
"You're getting all worked up," he pointed out after throwing the piece of paper behind his shoulder.
"Yes, I am getting worked up. You wanted a storytime, you shall get it, my friend," she gives Tom a look before she looked at the camera. "I think around three years ago someone on Twitter decided that it was a good idea to post this random picture from some red carpet event and in the picture is me and Tom," she smiles at the camera, a sarcastic way of showing that she didn't know if she was supposed to be mad or cheery about it. "And he and I had no idea that we were even, you know, physically close to each other," she looked at Tom as she tried explaining.
"Yeah, yup," Tom nodded, hands flat against his thighs as he listened intently.
"We were just walking in the same direction, minding our own damn business and someone takes a photograph of that and captions it saying I didn't know Y/N Y/L/N and Tom Holland were dating and that caused the whole media to go crazy and every just assumed that he and I were dating!" She exclaimed with a lick of her lips and looked at Tom.
"And, like, two days after that, I was on the press tour for Far From Home and in an interview they asked me about said rumours and I told them the truth," he cocked his head with raised brows. "That her and I didn't even know each other at that time", he explained. "And Jake and Zendaya knew her and they asked if I wanted her number but I declined the offer and just texted her on Instagram," he pointed both his thumbs towards Y/N and she was shaking her head with a chuckle.
"I was the one who slid into your DMs, Tom," she reminded him but Tom scrunched his face up and looked her up and down.
"No way, I did," Tom refused to agree with her and he pointed to himself.
"Tom, I will bet you fifty bucks. I was the one to text you first," she laughed and patted him on his shoulder.
"Absolutely not, now way," he profusely shook his head.
"Pull your phone out," Y/N nodded to his jeans pocket. "I' ma be winning myself fifty bucks today," she pumped her arm in the air and stuck her tongue out. The jar full of paper slips were still cradled in her other arm.
As she instructed, Tom frantically pulled his phone out and started tapping away, intently scrolling through all his chats. Y/N sat there with a wide smirk on her face and didn't even bother to usher him because she already knew the answer.
"You know what, screw it," Y/N laughed at Tom as he shoved his phone back into his pocket. "This is bullshit," he cussed with a coy smile.
"I was the one who texted first right?" She tried confirming and Tom Rolled his eyes and looked at the camera.
"Yeah, yeah, whatever," he flailed his hands. "She texted me and we texted for months and got to know each other, and all that," he continued. "And then I asked her on a date because I happened to be in LA at the time and that was the first time we met and then the rest is history," he smirked at the camera while Y/N pouted and patted Tom's cheek.
"Yup," she popped and dug into the jar to read the next question. "If you could turn a book into a movie and star in it, what book would it be?" She turned to Tom.
"That's a really good question," Tom agreed and mused for a moment. Y/N nodded in agreement. "I'm trying to think, I can't really decide," he laughed. "It's like all the amazing books out there are already made into films," he debated and she nodded.
"True but I always thought it'd be cool if we turned out of your fanfictions into a movie," she pointed out and earned a bewildered look from Tom.
"My fanfictions? What? I don't write-"
"No, no, no, not like that," Y/N flailed her hands. "What your fans write about you," she clarified.
"Ohh", Tom dragged out amused for a moment. "You've read fanfiction about me?" He pointed to himself with a look of utter disbelief.
"Yeah, they're actually not that bad," Y/N laughed while Tom shook his head, unsupportive. "No, listen! They portray you as like mobsters or like boxers and stuff. Your fans have talent, Wattpad is filled with stuff about you," she tried holding back a snort while she continued laughing.
"A mobster? Really?" Tom retorted and she laughed more. "Boxer makes sense, I box but a mobster?" He retorted again and Y/N slapped his arm.
"Oh, shut up. It's nice, the writing is so good," she pouted. "Be proud of your fans, Tom,” she cocked her head.
"Ok, but you read fanfiction?" Tom was questioning everything at that point.
"Yeah, and I follow a lot of people on Wattpad," she nodded knowingly with pursed lips. Tom still stared at her bewildered. Her answers weren't helping. "And before you ask, no I won't tell anyone my account,” she added.
"This is getting weird, next question," Tom pulled the jar away from her hands and dug out the next piece of paper. "Wow, my girlfriend reads fanfiction about me," he mumbled to himself, still in a shock of disbelief. "Do you write fanfiction?" He asked.
Y/N cackled and threw her head back. "No," she shook her head, and almost choked on her laughter.
"You live with me, why do you need to read-"
"Jesus Christ, Tom, time's ticking read the next question!" She laughed and shook Tom by the shoulders.
"This conversation isn't over yet," he pointed before opening the piece of paper. Y/N rolled her eyes and nodded. "A movie starring Tom Holland, Y/N Y/L/N and Jack Falahee?! PLEASE tell me more!" Tom animatedly read.
"It's very exciting, I know,," Y/N smirked. "This movie is about a girl who has seemingly the best life. She gets into her dream college and has a scholarship and everything but her boyfriend of many years doesn't do well in bed," she scoffed playfully before continuing. "While she's looking for something more and trying to improve herself and everything, she ends up cheating on her boyfriend with her college professor who happens to be the boyfriend's family friend," she explained and turned to Tom who was nodding.
"And if you wanna know what happens after that, go watch the movie, out next week," Tom grinned at the camera and winked. Y/N shook her head with a little smile and stretched her hand out to dig into the jar that sat on Tom's thigh.
She read over the paper a few times and kept chuckling. Tom gave her another questioning look. "Harry is the better Holland," Tom gasped. "And there's a teacup emoji and the nail painting emoji," she added.
"Yes, I am!" Harry sat off-screen behind the camera and he happily cheered. Y/N laughed at him and Tom shook his head while trying to hide his smile.
"I think not!" Tom gasped and placed a hand on his chest. "Do you think so?" He turned to his girlfriend.
"He's the most responsible, I'll give him that,” Y/N pointed out but Tom just slouched further into the chair and held onto the jar. Harry gave her two thumbs-ups and she smirked at him while rolling her eyes. Y/N chuckled again and leaned close enough to him to plant a kiss on his cheek. Tom's face lit up immediately.
"Thank you, darling," he smiled.
Y/N coyly rolled her eyes. "We can all agree that Tessa is the better Holland," she smiled.
"Yes, yes she is," he chuckled before grabbing the next piece of paper. "Y'all are talking about how Tom's singing voice is amazing but what about Y/N?! She sings like a motherfucking angel and can paint too!? Wow," Tom snickered as he read out and turned to Y/N who had a proud smile on her lips.
"Thank you, that is very sweet," she chuckled, grabbing the paper from Tom to reread it. "I love you, whoever it is, for saying that," she laughed and threw the paper over her shoulder and grabbed the next one.
"With such an amazing cast, I'm sure there are a lot of anecdotes to tell," she cocked her head to the side.
"Anecdotes," Tom repeated and almost laughed. "Wow, how sophisticated," he commented and earned a slap on the chest from Y/N.
"This is very rhetorical," she commented. "It's not even a question," she laughed while Tom was pondering beside her.
"There were a lot of things that happened, yes," Tom clarified. "I just can't think of a good anecdote to tell," Y/N laughed at him and let him answer the question. "D'you remember when Jack and I threw a pail of water on you on set and they had to cancel shooting for the day because you became sick?" Y/N shut her eyes, took in a sharp and tried her best to slap her boyfriend on the head.
"I hate you," she failed to stop her laughter as she turned to him.
"It was funny!" He defended himself with wide eyes.
"For you guys! Not for me!" She fired back. "You know what, I liked you better when you were in Homecoming," she told him with her chin held high.
"You didn't even know me then!" He pointed out while digging for the next question.
"Exactly my point," she smiled cockily and turned to the camera with a smirk. Tom gasped again.
"Ouch," he cocked his head but Y/N giggled and gave him another kiss on the cheek.
"You know I didn't mean it,”  she smiled and nodded towards the paper in his hands.
Tom shook his head and grinned. "How did Jack Falahee even get cast in the movie?" Y/N snorted and covered her mouth with her hand.
"It's an interesting story," she started and fixed her dress before continuing. "You see, I'm a big fan of How To Get Away With Murder and while Tom and I were having a meeting with the casting directors, I was rewatching it on my phone," she cleared her throat. "At that point, we couldn't find the perfect person to play the professor and everyone gave up so the casting director starts watching the show with me, Jack shows up on the screen and he points to the screen and goes Y/N, we've found him, and that's how he got cast," she explained. "I was so fucking excited," she chuckled.
"And after they did his screen test and everything, we finally decided that he was the perfect candidate," Tom added while Y/N grabbed the next question to read. "He should've have been here man, its fun," Tom added and she hummed in agreement.
"Yeah, poor thing couldn't make it," she pouted at the camera and looked at the paper. "So... like... please tell me if Tom got jealous of Jack because he got more scenes with Y/N and... you know what I'm talking about," Y/N tried her best to do a sassy high school girl impression and turned to Tom who ended up laughing.
"Ok, first of all, no, I did not get jealous. I don't know what that is," Tom scoffed and Y/N shook her head with a grin.
"He's lying," Tom ignored her playful remark.
"And second, all the sex scenes were faked so, ha, in your face," Tom sassed to the camera while Y/N crossed legs and stared at him with a smirk.
"You totally don't sound jealous, Tom," she teased.
"Shut up, next question," he mumbled and picked out the next question. "I will beat up Tom Holland if it means I can woo Y/N," Tom paused. "This is worse than the last one," his chest rumbled from the bubbling laughter and he had to clutch his stomach. "Absolutely not," Tom shook his head, grabbed Y/N's arm and pulled her closer to him.
"Beating him up won't woo me, it'll make me hate you even more," she chuckled and Tom started peppering her cheek and temple with kisses. Y/N giggled and turned her head so Tom could kiss her properly, lips latching onto hers for moments.
"You see that?" Tom pointed to his girlfriend. "She's mine. And I love her. So, back off," he gave a playful warning glare towards the camera and Y/N slipped the paper out of Tom's hand to read it herself.
"And the best part is, a verified account tweeted that," she points out before throwing the paper over her shoulder.
"They verify the weirdest accounts for no reason," Tom shook his head and nodded at Y/N to read the next question.
"I'm waiting for Tom and Y/N to drop a sex tape-"
"Woah, Woah, Woah, Woah, hold up," Tom pulled the paper out of Y/N's hand while she laughed hysterically and threw her head back. "Dude, look at her profile picture, she looks fifteen!" He gawked.
"Tom, fifteen-year-olds know what sex is," she grinned at him. "You know that it's mostly them who write all that write all that provocative shit about you, right?" She teased and the camera earned a disapproving look from Tom.
"That is too young!" He debated and flailed his hands to make a point.
"Ok, after this interview is done-," Y/N had to laugh before she continued because Tom just looked completely out of it. He was questioning his fans too. "After the interview is done, I want you to call Paddy and ask him if he knew what sex was when he was fifteen," she pointed at him and tried her best not to snort again.
"It's still very young for someone to be tweeting that. Don't put that on the internet!" Tom mumbled and pulled out the next question. "Y/N Y/L/N, start crazily dying your hair again, please I am begging you", he chuckled.
"Oh yeah, I miss having crazy hair too," she admitted and nodded.
"I still didn't know you when you went through that phase," Tom pointed out.
"Actually, yeah," Y/N mused. "I loved that era though, I looked really good with crazy hair. My favourite was when I got white highlights," she added and picked out the very last question.
"I think I've seen the pictures, you look good," Tom complimented and she grinned in response.
"Y'all are crazy if you say Tom Holland ain't fit. I'm a hoe for his abs and necklaces any day," she read and grinned in agreement. Tom took it as an opportunity to flex his muscles. "To be honest, me too," Y/N grabbed one of Tom's hands and laced her fingers with his. With her other hand, she got a hold of the spiderman necklace dangling over his shirt.
"My girlfriend is my number one fan," Tom smirked down at her and kissed her head. "As I am of hers," he added graciously and Y/N giggled.
"I actually was having fun," Y/N pouted and Tom nodded.
"That's it? Awe," he pouted too. "Well then, this was fun," they looked at the camera with wide smiles and that was it. The interview ended.
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