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Don’t Answer the Phone | T. Holland | Chapter 3
Summary: Summary: The town of Riverwood just got a whole lot more scary when a killer decides to reek havoc on the teens at Riverwood High. Y/N Y/L/N and Tom Holland have to find a way to survive Halloween weekend. Or will they just be apart of the killers sinister plans?
TW: blood, death, gore, drinking, mentions of sex, attempt SA, light PDA
Tumblr media
After you fell asleep, you had a terrible nightmare. The red masked killer was chasing you down a long hallway and with each step you took, the killer took two more. He was able to catch up to you and continued to stab you until you were nothing but a blood, screaming mess. You woke up screaming and thrashing around, sweat stuck to your body and it took you a second to realize it was Tom touching you, not the killer.
You felt embarrassed when you saw Tom’s father, Dom, and his two twin brothers, Harry and Sam, at his bedroom door with bats in their hands. You had woken the whole family and felt like a lunatic. You apologized profusely but they said it wasn't a big deal, but it was because the killer was now attacking you in your dreams. He was with you even though he wasn't.
You had gone to the bathroom to splash some cold water on your face in hopes it would make you feel better. It didn't. Your eyes were red and swollen, you still had a few stray tears on your cheeks and you had small bags under your eyes. If you didn't know any better you looked like you were fighting to stay awake in a Nightmare on Elm Street movie. You had gone back to bed with Tom who was waiting for you, he welcomed you with open arms and asked if you were okay. All you did was nod your head because you didn't have the strength to tell him you weren't. He held you close but you still couldn't fall back asleep, afraid you would see the red masked killer.
October 30, 1999
You heard noise down in the kitchen and you figured everyone was awake besides Tom who was snoring lightly beside you.You carefully unwrapped yourself from Tom’s embrace and looked at the small clock he had on, it was nine thirty-four in the morning. You were exhausted but you refused to go back to bed after the nightmare you had, so you stood awake the rest of the night.
You grabbed some socks from Tom’s drawer, as well as a new shirt and some sweatpants since it was so cold. You quietly made your way down the stairs and you heard the Holland family chatting and heard the tv going too. You made your way into the living room and stopped to watch as one of the news women spoke, you suinted your eyes and scoffed when you realized it was your house she was talking in front of.
“As police scramble to find Katherine Wheaton’s killer, they strike again but only this time did they leave someone alive. Last night seventeen year old Y/N Y/L/N was attacked by the same person who murdered Wheaton. The police have no reason to believe these attacks were connected, only just an opportunity for the killer. We have no word from Y/N about what happened, only that she fought for her life to be here today. Stay strong Y/N, back to you Carl.”
The tv was turned off and you turned to see Sam with the remote, a sheepish smile on his smile. “Sorry, Dad just wanted to see if they were airing some golf segment. We didnt mean-”
“Sam, it's okay I can't hide from what happened. Not when he’s still out there.” You shook your head and he sighed, he reached to place a comforting hand on your shoulder.
“They’ll find him, Y/N. And he’ll rot in jail for what he did to you and Katherine.” You nodded and thanked him for his words. He then guided you into the kitchen where everyone bid you a good morning.
“Morning Y/N, i was asking Tom when you'd come over again!” You smiled at Tom’s younger brother Paddy, he was a sweetheart and you knew he'd grow up to be just like his brothers.
“Well Paddy, I’m here now. It’s good to see you again.” You smiled at him and then at Nikki who placed a plate of pancakes and bacon in front of you.
“Can I see your cut, Y/N?” Nikki gasped, Sam and Harry froze in place, and Dom glared at the younger boy. “Paddy! How dare you ask Y/N that! Apologize right now.”
You jumped in to try and same Paddy, you know he meant no harm and was just curious. “It’s fine, Nikki. I'm sure he’s just curious. Sorry Paddy, I don’t think I can show you just yet.” You sent him a weak smile and he mumbled an apology. But now your appetite is gone thinking about the cut on your left side.
Tom came into the kitchen, yawning. “Morning, everyone.” He bent down and kissed the top of your head and thanked his mom when she handed him his breakfast. He took a seat next to you and immediately began digging in.
“What are we talking about?”
“Paddy asked to see Y/N’s stab wound.”
“Harry,” Nikki scolded.
“Paddy,” Tom hissed and threw his fork down to glare at his younger brothers.
“Tom, it’s fine. It’s an honest mistake. I don't want to talk about it anymore,” You rubbed your temples and the kitchen became quiet. Soon after Dom bid goodbye to his family and you as he had to leave for work. Paddy left to go watch tv and the twins had to convince Nikki to let them leave the house to go to their friends house.
You tried to help Nikki clean up the mess but she insisted that you and Tom both go relax. She sent you a smile full of sympathy and you hated it. Tom guided you up the stairs and abc into his room. You both sat down on his bed and it was quiet for a minute or two but your thoughts were racing a mile a minute and you knew Tom had questions.
“You can ask, you know. I won't get mad or anything.” He sighed and ran a hand down his face.
“I just don't understand how this happened. I mean, why you?” You shook your head at his question because you've been wondering the same things yourself. Why did he choose you? Maybe you did something to them without even realizing but still what did you do that made him want to kill you.
“I should've taken you home. I shouldve never agreed to go to Jacob’s. I should have been at your place.” Tom continued to ramble about yesterday but you began thinking about what he said and what Harrison said about him being at practice. Then when you called Nikki and asked about Tom, it didn't add up. You sat up straight and began to slowly inch away from Tom. It was a crazy idea but it didn't now make sense. It hurt to think that your caring, sweet, loving boyfriend would do this but you wouldn't rule out anyone. You tried to blink back the tears that came to your eyes but you couldn't make them go away.
“Where were you last night?” He stopped talking and turned to look at you, a frown on his face and eyebrows furrowed.
“What? What do you mean? I said I was at Jacob’s. Wait, what does that have to do with anything?”
“I'm just asking because I was attacked and I was told you were supposed to be at the school and then I was told you were at Jacob’s.” You tried to subtly scoot away but Tom saw it. He reached out and grabbed your hand and you stopped moving. You both locked eyes and your breath hitched.
Stop. Stop. He didn't do this. He would never.
“Are you saying that I did this? What the fuck?”
“No! I’m not saying that! I-I just, I want the truth. Where were you?” You asked and Tom scoffed, “I was at Jacob’s for the night and then we got the call from Z that something had happened to you. I drove to the police station as soon as I heard what happened.Wait, who told you this in the first place?”
“Your mom told me you were at Jacobs and the-” There was a knock on the door and you both turned to look at it. Tom shouted at whoever was behind the door to come in. And in walked your four best friends. Luna was holding what looked like a care package and Zendaya had balloons in her hands. You appreciated their gesture, you really did. But you felt there were some things that you didn't need or require. Getting attacked and almost butchered didn’t require a gift basket or a card.
“Surprise!” You gave them all a fake smile as they piled into Tom’s room. You slowly made your way to the end of the bed and ignored Tom’s gaze, you focused on your friends who all came to give you hugs. The girls put the gifts beside you and Luna grabbed your hands and forced you to look at her.
“What the hell happened, Y/N? Tell me who I have to kill.” You shook her hands off and looked off to the side. “I don't know. I don't know who attacked me and I don't know why they did it.”
“Jesus, who would do something like this? Going after you and Katherine, they must be insane,” Everyone agreed with Harrison and you couldn't meet anyone's eyes. You were afraid to see the pity that swam in their eyes, you could feel it. You almost began to envy Katherine, as bad as it sounds. She was dead and although everyone did pity her she wasn’t alive to feel their eyes bore into hers with such sadness. She was able to escape it, you weren't so lucky.
“So… are we still going to the party tonight?” Luna’s question had everyone in the room glaring at her.
“Luna,” Z hissed and pinched her arm. Luna glared back at Zendaya and slapped her hand for hurting her. “Bitch.”
“Luna, it’s not really a time for a party. Our best friend, you know Y/N? Almost got her insides spilled on the floor!” Your eyes widened in surprise at Jacob’s last sentence, you were not expecting it to end like that.
“Jacob, what the fuck?” Tom’s voice snapped and Jacob threw his hands out.
“What the hell are we supposed to say? This doesn't happen to normal people. I mean, this only happens in movies,” Jacob said back and you sighed as Zendaya jumped in and tried to come to your defense too. But the arguing was starting to give you a headache that you didn't need right now.
“Guys! Please, stop talking. It’s fine, it’s fine. Go ahead, go to the party, I don't care. I’m not going,” You said and Luna jumped from her spot on Tom’s bed and pulled you up.
“We can't go if you're not going. That’ll make us look like shitty friends. And you know we all care about you, of course we do. But I do want to get shitfaced and my costume is pretty hot.” You wanted to cuss Luna out for trying to sound like she cared about you more than getting drunk and laid. Luna was a good friend, sometimes. And at this moment she was a bad friend.
“Luna, you can't just make her go to this party. She’s been through enough and who's to say this maniac isn't waiting for her to make a guest appearance,” Harrison said and you shook your head at the idea of this person just waiting to catch you alone and finish you off.
“We dont know that for sure. Y/N, you cant be afraid of this lunatic. You need to put on your costume and show that fucker you are not afraid. It’ll be great, I promise and we will be with you the whole time. Please, I’ll owe you one big time.”
“Y/N, dont listen to her-”
“It’s fine. It’s whatever. I’ll go just please stop fucking talking.” You sighed when you heard Luna laugh in delight and you could tell everyone was worried with your decision. You were worried, scared even, with your decision. What if he was there? You don't know why you said yes, maybe it was the pressure. Maybe it was to get Luna to shut up because Luna is so damn stubborn.
“Can we go to your place, Z?” The plan was originally to get ready at her place anyway so everything you need was already at her’s.
“Yeah… you want to leave soon?” She asked and you shook your head. “Right now.”
“I’ll see you guys later.” You went to leave the room but Jacobs' voice stopped you, “We all came with Z.”
“Right. Right, let's go. Now, please.” They all said goodbye to Tom and you didn't have it in you to acknowledge him so you just walked out of the door. You said goodbye to Paddy and Nikki as you all left.
When the five of you got into Z’s car and as soon as the last door was shut, Luna was the first to speak. “So, are you and Tom okay? I noticed you guys were a little tense.”
“Fuck you, Luna.” You snapped and she scoffed.
“That was rude and I’m going to ignore it considering the circumstances you were put in.” You rolled your eyes and dropped Harrison off first since he lived closer to Tom. He said goodbye and told everyone he’d see them tonight. Next was Luna and then Jacob.
“Listen we don't have to go if you don't want to. Don't listen to Luna, she's being a bitch.” She parked her car in the driveway of her home and you shrugged your shoulders.
“I don't care anymore. I said I would go so I’ll go.” Zendaya didn't say anything but the look she gave you was one you couldn't describe.
Once you were in her house, you greeted her mom who was so happy to see you. And of course the look of pity stood out. Zendaya’s dad was at the police station, still trying to figure out who the killer was. Zendaya had noticed your discomfort and managed to pull you away from her mom and to her room.
“Are you and Tom okay? Luna was right, it was kind of awkward, we all felt it.” You threw yourself on her bed and shook your head, you didn't want to tell Z that you thought for a split second that Tom was the one to do this to you.
“I can’t tell if he was lying to me or not, that's it. Typical couple shit, I guess. I don't really want to talk about it.”
There was a knock on the door and Zendaya called out, “Come in!”
“Y/N, there’s someone on the phone for you?”
“What? Who is it?” Nobody should be calling you right now so you wondered if it was your mom or dad. “They didn't say but it was urgent they said.”
“Could it be from the cops?” You asked and Zendaya shrugged. You followed her mom downstairs where the phone was.
“Hello Y/N.” The voice made your skin  crawl and your whole body began to shake. “It makes me sad that we couldn't finish our little game last night.”
“Go screw yourself!” You couldn't help but start to cry. He was out there and he was going to come for you again.
“I’m gonna kill your friends and then I'm gonna make you watch as I kill your boyfriend.”
“Y/N! Who is it?”
“And maybe I’ll gut your parents right befire I slit your fucking throat. It ends with you.” The phone call ended and you were left clutching the phone in tears as Zendaya and her mother were asking questions left and right.
“He’s not gonna stop,” You sobbed and Zendaya began wiping away your tears. “Was it him? The killer?” You nodded your head and her mom left to go call her husband.
“Wait! If he comes then so does the whole town. I don't want to deal with them right now, please. I, just,” You didn't know what to do right now. The last thing you needed was the news and police up your ass right before the party and it would only make things worse for you.
“Y/N, my dad will catch this bastard. But we have to call him!”
“No, Z! Let me figure out what to do!” You looked around the living room and saw the movie cabinet and front row were two of your favorite scary movies. Halloween and Scream. Now that you think of it, this person was just another person trying to live their horror fantasies. They were just another regular human being going around killing someone. You knew none of your friends were capable of murder so you began thinking of anyone you may of hurt.
“I have to stop him.”
“What do you mean you have to stop him. Y/N, you're starting to sound a little crazy. I mean he’s already killed Katherine and he tried to go after you too!” She tried to reason with you and she was right, you didnt know what this person was capable of. But that was the reason you had to stop him, who knew who he would kill next. Was it going to be Zendaya, the girl you considered your sister? Would it be your parents?
“Girls…I’m so sorry.” You both turned to see Z’s mom with the phone in her hand, a sorrowful look on her face. “What is it mom?”
“They just found your principal on the football field, he was murdered.” You turned and gave Z a look. You didn't like the sound of this either and you knew your friends would have some choice words with you if they found out what you were planning.
“He wants me. And he’s not gonna stop until I'm dead or he is.”
Zendaya tried to talk you out of your plan but she couldn't stop you. Not with Katherine and Principal McNighter dead, and you had almost met your match too. You had to protect your friends and family. You knew it was going to be a hard plan, considering you didn't know who the killer was. He could be anyone and it was a Halloween party, the mask he wore was a basic Halloween mask that anyone could have bought. It was going to be hard but you were preparing yourself as you got ready for the party.
“Why the hell do I have to go up into the attic?” Harry complained and everyone laughed at him. “No nose goes, bro. And you lost. So take your ass up the attic and get the decorations.”
Harry flipped Damon off and everyone laughed, going back to setting up the beer table. Harry sighed and made his way up the stairs that lead to the attic. “Assholes.” He mumbled as he reached for the tiny rope that connected to the door. He pulled it down and took a step back, watching the ladder fall to his feet. He slowly began climbing the stairs, watching his step because he didn't want to fall through the ladders or roof and make a fool of himself.
As soon as he stepped foot into the attic he saw the box Damon was talking about filled with decorations. Hereached down to pick up the box but stopped when he heard the floorboards creek behind him. He quickly turned around and began laughing when he saw who it was.
“Mate, what are you doing here? I didnt know you were helping with the setup.” He didn't answer and Harry laughed again.
“You can't scare me. At least put on that ridiculous mask if you want to at least startle someone.” When Harry got no reply again, he turned and picked up the box and sighed when he saw the person still standing there.
“See ya,” Harry chuckled and began to walk towards the attic entrance when suddenly a hand was placed on his shoulder. “C’mon, I have to finish helping or else Damon and the rest of them will be on my ass for the rest of the year.”
The person showed Harry the large knife they had in their hand and Harry scoffed, “Stay out of your dad’s hunting stuff, yeah?” Harry didn't get to finish walking away because he was gripped tightly by his curls and pulled back roughly.
“What the fuck-” He gasped when he was shoved agaisnt the wall and a hand covered his mouth. He tried struggling against the person but it was no use. They were stronger than Harry and Harry’s screams were muffled by their hand when he stuck the hunting knife into Harry’s skull with all his strength. His screams died down slowly as the blood oozed from his head. The killer watched with satisfaction when the blood began to drip over the both of them. He pulled the knife out from his head with a sickening crunch. He let Harry’s body drop to the floor with a loud thud and wiped the knife on his black jacket.
And just like he did two times before, he took out his polaroid camera and made sure to snap a photo of the two of them, this time without the mask on. The killer’s smile was seen perfectly this time.
“We’re going to be late. The party already started,” You said as you waited for Luna outside her house. Luna was always the one who showed up late when you all hung out.
“Relax, she’ll be out any second.” Zendaya honked the horn twice just so Luna would get the message. You waited in silence and watched Luna’s front door like a hawk, you were starting to get nervous and the butterflies in your stomach were non-stop. You couldn't shake the feeling of something awful that was going to happen. Zendaya could feel your anxiety leaking out of you and into the car. It was making her anxious but she chose not to comment on it. Luna came skipping out not two minutes later with a bottle of alcohol clutched in her hand. She took a drink as she approached the car and threw the door open, literally. Zendaya scolded her as she jumped in and slammed the car door shut.
“Why are you so aggressive when you're drunk?”
“I'm not even drunk yet. Want some?” She shoved the bottle between the two of you and you both shook your head. Z was driving adn you couldnt afford to be drunk with everything happening. You wanted to warn Luna about getting drunk tonight and tomorrow night but you knew she wouldn't listen. She would call you paranoid and then try and force you to have a drink or get high.
When you drove past the house, it looked absolutely insane. Zendaya had to park in the next block over with how many cars there were.
“You know we can go home now. I can ask Jacob to watch Luna-”
“Stop. Please stop doing that. I appreciate it but you're not helping, you're just making me feel worse.” You shouldn't have snapped at Z but she was making that dreadful feeling in your stomach build and you felt like you had to throw up. You left Zendaya walking behind you as you caught up with Luna and linked arms with her.
“Do you think hooking up with Haz would be a bad idea?” Her question caught you off guard. You didn't know they were interested in each other. Sometimes they flirted, but they were both natural flirts with everyone. That’s just who they were.
“Um, I guess not. If you guys like each other, go for it.” She snorted and rolled her eyes, “We don't like each other, it’ll just be casual.” You nodded your head and threw your hands in the air in disbelief because as soon as you entered the house, Luna was running off to do her own thing. You looked behind you and saw Z talking to some of her friends and you didn't want to leave either of them alone but you wanted to find Tom anyway. You needed to apologize and you hoped he’d be forgiving.
It wasn't hard to find him, he was pretty popular at school so he was in the kindle of a group, drinking a beer and holding his Spider-Man mask. He saw you approaching and immediately passed his almost empty bottle to Jacob, who rolled his eyes and set the bottle down. The smile he had was gone and he met you halfway.
“Hi. You're here.” You nodded and grabbed his hand.
“Can we talk? Somewhere more private?” He immediately nodded and squeezed your hand. He began to lead you up the stairs. The music was still loud in your ears no matter how far into the home he led you. The first door he opened, there was a couple fucking on the bed. He instantly closed the door and turned to look at you. You both started laughing and he pulled you away from the room and opened another one two doors down. Luckily it was empty, he ushered you inside and you started to feel a little uncomfortable in your leather catsuit and you sure Tom’s Spider-Man costume was uncomfortable as well.
“I'm sorry.” You both said you chuckled at you being insync. That was the thing about being with Tom, it was never awkward. There was never a time where you felt like you couldn't be yourself or couldn't talk to him about things. You love him and you love being with him.
“I shouldn't have grilled you about your whereabouts. I don't think you’re some psycho killer, I was just paranoid and I still am. But I trust you, I know you and I love you.” Tom pulled you into him and kissed you. You smiled into the kiss and when you broke apart you pressed your forehead against his.
“Does that mean you forgive me?” He laughed and nodded, “Of course I do. I’m sorry too, I should've been more understanding. I know what happened is really hard on you. I'm sorry.” He kissed you again and you wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled him as close as possible. He began to guide you backwards until the back of your knees touched the bed. His lips began to trail down your neck and he started to nip and suck on the skin. You couldn't help but let out breathy moans as he did so. His hand reached up to grab the zipper that was on the front of your costume. Your hands gripped his hair harder as he started to pull it down your body.
You both jumped in surprise when the door knob began to rattle and there was banging on the door. “What the fuck?” He helped you fix your costume and got up to open the door. As soon as the door was opened, Sam and one of his friends came busting in, looking absolutely crazy.
“Sam, what's going on?”
“Have you seen Harry? He’s been gone for a few hours and we can't find him. Tom, did he go home?” Your heart began beating faster and you could feel anxiety crawling up your spine. Harry wasn't one to go missing, your immediate thought was that the killer got their hands on him. But you couldn’t jump to conclusions, even when every bone in your body is telling you this was wrong.
“I’m going to help find him. I’ll be right back.” He kissed you and left the room. You began to pace back and forth as you thought of all the other possibilities. You didn't want it to be true but with everything that is happening there was no other explanation. You even debated going out to help Tom and Sam find Harry because you couldn’t stand the idea of being alone right now and not helping find Harry. You stopped pacing when Tom came back into the room and you sighed in relief.
“Thank god. You found him right? He was probably just messing with you guys, as some stupid Halloween prank,” You laughed and he began to slowly walk towards you. You realized he was wearing his Spider- Man mask this time and you raised a brow at him.
“What are you doing?” He wrapped his arms around your waist and began to trail his hand from your waist up your stomach, between your boobs, until his fingers reached your lips. He parted them and stuck his gloved thumb on your lower lip.
“So you wanna role play, now?” You chuckled and he lifted his mask up, only enough for his lips to show. But it happened so fast, his lips were on yours in an instant. The kiss was fast and needy and you had to brace yourself against him because he was kissing you so hard, your body was starting to lean back. But that’s when you noticed it.
This wasn't Tom. You've been with Tom for a little over a year and you knew exactly how his lips felt against yours. You knew for a fact this wasn't Tom. And if this wasn't Tom, who was it? You continued to kiss this mystery person, so as to not set them off. But the alarms in your brain were going brizerke, something was telling you to run. Run and never look back. You had to get out of the room and find someone. His hand came and gripped your neck and began to push you on the bed. With the grip they had on you, something popped up into your brain. The killer.
You had to make your escape, now.
You pretended to try and wrap your legs around his waist but you snuck your knee underneath and kneed him as hard as you could in his balls. He groaned in pain and you pushed him off you and ran straight for the door. You didn't make it very far because he grabbed your hair and threw you back on the bed. You don't know where he got that same knife from last night but he held it in the air and brought it down. You moved to the right and watched as the knife went through the mattress and you looked back up at the monster. You’ve only seen it work in movies but you were cornered by a psychopath with a hunting knife, you were running out of options.
You leaned your head back into the mattress and as hard as you could, you slammed your head straight into his. He fell back once again and this was your chance, you ran. You ripped open the door and saw that no one was upstairs. Had he managed to clear the floor to get you alone?
You stalled at the top of the stairs. This was your chance to pull off his mask and see who he was once and for all. End this nightmare before he hurts anyone else. You looked around for some type of weapon and your regret not taking that knife from him. All you saw was a lamp on a side table. You pulled it out of the socket and took off the shade and slowly made your way back to the room. Your heart was racing when you took a step in. And your heart fell when you looked around the room and saw that no one was in here. You felt a breeze and saw the window open, you were sure that it wasn't open when you were in here. He was gone. You had lost your chance.
“Damn it!” You didn't mean to throw the lamp but you were so angry with yourself. You had the chance but you let your fear get in the way of your chance.
“Y/N?” You turned just in time to see Tom, Harrison, and Sam walk into the room and their eyes widened when they saw the mess that was made.
“What the hell happened?”
You grabbed Tom by his hands and ushered them all out of the room, “The killer. He’s here. He just came after me again but he got away. We have to go before he comes back.” You said urgently but Tom stopped you from walking down the stairs.
“Wait, are you serious? Are you sure it wasn't some asshole trying to scare you?” You nodded your head and began to tell them exactly what happened, Tom was furious that he kissed you and tried to take it further.
“Who the fuck is this guy?” Harrison asked and you finally got a good look at him. He looked kind of ridiculous in his bulky Batman costume and you noticed he was sporting a bruise or two on his face. “What happened to your face?”
“Some girl I was hooking up with. Apparently she had a boyfriend,” He rolled his eyes and Sam and Tom both snickered at him.
“Yeah, yeah. Fuck off.” The laughing stopped when you all heard creaking coming from above you. You all paused and looked at one another. You looked around and saw there was an attic door and you thought the killer might be in there. There were four of you and one of him, you could take him. You walked over and reached for the string but a hand came to clamp down on yours.
‘“What are you doing?” Tom whispered and you shrugged his hand off and pointed up to the attic. “I’m going up there. What does it look like I'm doing?”
The boys all watched warily as you pulled the string down and took a step back for the ladder to come down. You looked back at all the boys and noticed they had no interest in going into the attic. You rolled your eyes and began climbing up the ladder. “Y/N.”
You ignored Tom and continued climbing, the music in the background was starting to become annoying, considering it was so loud.
Once you made it inside you couldn’t see a thing. It was dusty and had some spider webs that had you cringing and cowering back. You realized that none of the boys followed you up here and you saw a light in the middle of the room. You carefully walked towards it and pulled the switch and watched the light come on. You began to do a full three-sixty of the room, slowly. You searched every square inch of the room with your eyes and saw nothing.
“Y/N, what is it? Are you okay?”
“Yeah, I’m fine. There’s nothing.” Just then the rocking chair in the corner of the room moved just the slightest. There were two of them and you slowly made your way over to them. It looked like there was something, no, someone under the clothes that were concealing them.
You reached both hands out for the fabric on each chair and with a hard tug you pulled them off. Your hands flew to your mouth at what you saw and you were close to vomiting. You screamed in terror and immediately began retreating back. You could hear your name being called and you realize you couldn't let Tom or Sam come up here, They couldn't see their brother dead. And next to him was none other than Jacob’s corpse. Tears began to flow from your eyes and you ran towards the exit and met the boys halfway. You tried to stop them from going up but it was no use.
“Tom, Sam. Please, don't go in there. I’m begging you.” They both looked at eachother and pushed past you, along with Harrison. You couldn't see their reactions but Harrison let out a gagging sound and immediately booked it back down to the second floor. You could hear him throwing up in the distance.
Sam was the first to cry. Scream more like. His brother was killed and stuffed aside like some rag doll. Tom fell to his knees and began crying as well. You walked up to him and held him as close as possible. Your heart broke at the sounds of the Holland brothers mourn over their brother, especially in a way like this. Harry was sweet and kind, he didnt deserve to die like this. Your sad tears turned into angry ones as you thought of the pain he inflicted on both Harry and Jacob.
One of your best friends was dead. You never got to say goodbye. He was just downstairs having a beer, how did this happen? How did no one see them get murdered?
You turned when you saw Harrison appear next to Tom and Harry. He leaned down and hugged his best friend, more so brother. He had tears in his eyes too and he looked anywhere but at Harry and Jacob.
“I called the police. They’ll be here any second.” You were grateful for Harrison at this moment.
“H-How? I-I dont U-understand. Oh my god, mum and dad don't even know. How the fuck are we supposed to tell mum and dad!” Tom was in hysterics and it only got worse when you heard the music stop and people began screaming. Tom and Sam still had tears streaming down their faces but you all looked at each other with a puzzled expression.
These weren't people screaming with joy, these people were screaming in terror. You looked over at Harrison, “What’s going? What’s happening?”
He shrugged his shoulders and you couldn't decide if it was the heat of the moment or anxiety creeping up on you, “You were just down there! How do you not know!” You ran down back to the second floor and immediately bumped into a girl who looked like she was trying to jump out the window.
“What the hell is happening?” You grabbed her arm and made her look at you. She was on the verge of tears and shaking badly.
“That maniac is here! He tried to gut someone downstairs!” She ripped her grip from you and you swallowed the lump in your throat. He was down there, somewhere. You wanted to find him but you were reminded that your boyfriend needed you. You couldn't  leave your best friend's corpse upstairs without making sure he got carried away properly.
You ran back into the attic and grabbed the boys’ attention. “We have to go now!”
“What’s going on?”
“That fucker is here! He’s going to try and kill us. We have to go, we can't afford to lose anyone else!” You saw the look on Tom’s face. He wanted revenge. Revenge for his brother and his best friend. But you were worried what the killer would do to him. He’s killed four people that you know so far, he won't have a problem killing another.
“Let’s find this, bastard.”
“Tom, no. We need to go. He’ll kill us!”
“He already killed Harry and Jacob!” You didn't mean for it to sound so ignorant but it was true and it was staring at you guys right in the face. You grabbed him by the wrist and pulled him towards you.
“Please, we have to go.” With tears in his eyes he reluctantly nodded and with one fearful look at his brother and best friend you all ran down the attic stairs and out the house.
You saw everyone getting into their cars and driving in a hurry, especially when everyone saw red and blue lights coming from up the street.
“Guys! Guys!” You all turned and saw Luna and Zendaya running towards you. You had to admit, you all looked pretty ridiculous in your costumes, huddled around, four out of six of you had tears in your eyes and running down your faces.
“Thank god, you guys are okay. He was here! He was actually here!” For the first time since this all started happening you heard and saw the fear in Luna’s voice and face.
“Yeah, we know,” Sam’s voice cracked and he took a seat on the edge of the curb and buried his face in his hands and let out another sob. Tom immediately began to comfort him.
“Where’s Jacob?”
“And Harry.” Tom and Sam began to cry harder and you felt tears start to build up again. You shook your head at your friends and they both had looks of disbelief on their faces.
“Holy shit.”
“Yeah, holy shit.”
You knew this was far from over. The killer wasn't done. And you feared you would be his last stop.
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lovewasted · a month ago
Tom going to the gym with you and he's too busy making threatening every guy who stares at you to actually work out
Tumblr media
warnings— overprotective!tom, maybe possessive!tom, language
notes— this was shit but
blurb sleepover (closed)
Tumblr media
that bloody treadmill.
tom's been sat on the weight lifting bench; not lifting a weight. too busy staring at the narc that's been eyeing you on the elyptical.
can't blame him, her ass looks s'pretty in those biker shorts
shutup, that's only your ass to look at div.
he internally battled with himself. whites of his knuckles evident, whilst his palms balled into fists. he will willing to sacrifice his own work out to help you, aware of how men react to a woman with little to no clothing on. but you were adamant on doing something for yourself, in the headspace to listen to any playlist that came to mind, calories shredding off in fits of sweat.
the middle aged man observed the small of your back, and the way the firmness of your cheeks built from the pace of your jog. or the way your chest bounced from the stomps of your tennis shoes against treadmill rubber.
tom wanted to fucking slam his face into the base of the elyptical, and make the creep beg for tom to let up.
worst part, he knew you were with tom. orbs not removing themselves the moment the two of you walked into the semi-packed gym together. causing a scene was out of the question, as he's on his feet shoving the man's shoulder, few grey hairs standing straight up on the backs of his arms. peering at tom in your aligning vision, results in you pressing the pause button on both the treadmill and the music icon on your phone.
"think you could stop staring at my girlfriend?"
tom's accent is thick and the glint in his features should make the figure he's hoovering over aware that if he doesn't get up in the next few seconds, tom is bound to perform what he learned in boxing class.
"m'not looking at her, she-"
"she nothing, walk away."
he wants no trouble, and is willing to pussy out and prance to the elyptical on the other side of the gym. stopping in his tracks, he knows tom could take him. muscles prominent and jaw clenched with ease.
"alright man! sorry."
"m' sorry too! m' sorry that you can't have my girl! and-and m' sorry that her ass looks perfect enough to touch but-"
his curls adorning the nape of his neck are strong with your warm breath. the male maneuvering past tom, overbearing with a grit of his teeth. your voice alone was enough to make him come down from the adrenaline high and defy the enlarged grimances of the gym customers. turning on his heels he grins, your mouth still and numb.
"lovie, uh... the perv was almost foaming at the mouth over you. had to say something..."
a sloppy grin splayed on the corners of your lips. delighted with his sudden flustered emotion. you throw your pair of warm arms about his neck, a peck landing place on his sculpted nose.
"just don't almost kill someone next time."
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mrs-hollandstan · 2 months ago
You Deserve That || Tom Holland
Tumblr media
Warnings: babies, mentions of a one night stand, language, mentions of Tom not being there, near death experience, blood, childbirth, traumatized!dad!Tom, language, fluff (genuinely cannot remember if this is it, sorry if not)
Word Count: 3,985
Author's Note: like I always do, I wanted to post something to break up the monotony of posting parts of Sucker Punch (don't worry, it's coming), so enjoy this dad!Tom fic for now :)
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The last thing Tom expected was for you to show up at his apartment the day you announced your news to him. You showed up with no warning, looking more pissed than ever when he opened the door. Without even being invited in, you stormed inside, thrusting a pink paper bag his way ignoring the way it crinkled as it crushed against his chest, 
"Well come on in. Good morning." He murmurs as he closes the door. You just peer over your shoulder at him, scoffing as he follows you into the kitchen and sets the bag on the island, 
"I have every right to kill you right now Holland. You're lucky I didn't kick you in the balls when you answered the door." You bite. He scoffs, 
"And why is that?" He poses. You glance down at the bag, 
"Why don't you open that?" He looks you over before sighing, reaching for it and unfolding the top with a sigh, 
"Alright then." Reaching inside without looking away from you, and watching you lick your lips, seemingly growing nervous, his fingers fall around a thin piece of glossy material. His brows furrow as he pulls it from the bag, looking it over. Pulling the other piece out, he looks it over as well, his heart pausing in his chest, 
"This is baby A, and this is baby B," You mutter, leaning over his shoulder to look at the sonogram, a bright smile on your face, "the doctor says they're identical. I think they're girls." He glances down at you wide eyed, your vibrant Y/E/C eyes meeting his, 
"You're pregnant?" You give a proud smile, lifting your sweater up to rub over your stomach, 
"Yup, the next branch of those Holland genes are right here." You tell him with a playful giggle, looking back up at Tom and letting your sweater fall back down, 
"A-and you're sure they're mine?" He asks. You nod, looking down at the sonogram, with furrowed brows of your own, 
"Well yeah, you were the only one I was with around that time, and even at that, they're twins. You have twin brothers." You reason even though that isn’t exactly how Biology works. He still can’t argue with it. You squeal as you're lifted off your feet and spun around. He sets you on the counter. You lean back on your hands as he lifts your sweater back up, running his hands across your belly. You bite your lip and watch him, 
"You're taking this extremely well. I figured I'd have to knock your ass out." You murmur. He shakes his head, 
"Why would I be upset? These are my babies. You're pregnant... you're having my babies." He tells you, voice laced with awe. You smile again, reaching out to ruffle his hair, 
"Tom Holland, a dad. Never thought I'd see that happen so soon." Leaning in, he kisses your skin, a giggle bubbling in your throat. Looking up into your eyes, he remembers what he saw in you in the first place. The way you found the best in any situation, turned the negativity into positivity. And now here you are, in his kitchen, pregnant with his twin babies and you didn't even care that you were technically a one night stand with one date behind the two of you. Your smile widened as he stands straight, taking your fingers in his. You sigh as he pulls you from the counter, 
"Okay, and that's it, that's all. Thank you for being so okay with this, but you don't have to be there. I just thought you should know about your babies." You tell him, turning away to find your bag, Tom's heart plummeting, 
"Wait a second, what do you mean?" He asks. You turn back to him, eyes already glossy. His head is cocked and his eyebrows are knit in confusion and hurt, 
"What do you mean, what do I mean? I don't mean anything to you. So I'm having your babies, that doesn't make me anything to you except the mother of your children and that's not worth anything. I was just a one night stand for you. You remember that night just as well as I do. It meant nothing and I left the next morning without saying goodbye and neither of us texted each other after that. You never called me, hurt that I’d just left you like that. It’s obvious we don’t really care for each other the way parents of kids are supposed to." You reason. He takes hold of your arms, pulling you into his chest, 
"Don't do that. You are important to me. Like you said, you're the mother of my children and that's worth more than you'll ever know." He swears, staring down into your eyes, hands rested on your arms. You hesitantly wrap your arms around his waist, relaxing into him as he squeezes you. You look up at him, sniffling and swiping at your nose with your wrist as he pulls away, 
"Now if you'd like, I want all three of my girls to stay the night at least." He says with a smile. You let out a little chuckle and shrug, holding onto the counter as he bends down, starting to untie your shoes and slip them off, 
"You really want this?" You ask him softly. He nods, standing back up and grabbing your hips, 
"Of course. Now that you're having my babies, I want to get to know you way better." He remarks. You scoff, 
"That sounds completely horrible. Knock me up and then wanna get to know me." He tsks before crouching to hoist you over his shoulder. You squeal, holding onto his shirt, 
"TOM! PUT ME DOWN!" You yell. He chuckles, 
"I'm taking you to my room." 
Tom wakes, expecting you to be next to him in bed, only to find that you aren't and a quick roll over to your side of the bed finds it cold. He snuggles into the thick comforter heavy with your sweet scent. 
Opening his eyes, he finds you sat in the window sill, a book in hand, a mug in the other. He smiles, eyes wandering down the expanse of your torso to the perfect, round belly you adorned, one of his t-shirts clinging to it but hanging off of your shoulder. Sitting up on his elbows he sucks in a breath through his nose. You look to him, a smile crossing your face, 
"Good morning daddy. The babies have been very anxious for you to wake up." You chide, standing and setting your book and mug aside. Padding over to the bed, you climb onto it on your knees, your belly posed right in Tom's face. He smiles, looking up into your eyes before running his hand over your bump. He rolls over, moving your shirt up to kiss your bare skin a few times. Running his hand over your stomach again, he feels the flutters against his fingertips from one of the little babes, 
"Good morning babies." Kissing your skin once more, he flicks the elastic band of your underwear against your skin before dragging you down to lay in his arms. You giggle, draping an arm over his side as he squeezes you into him, lips pressing into your skin. He kisses your nose, moving onto your soft lips and rubbing his thumb over your cheek, 
"Good morning my stunning girlfriend." He murmurs, huskily, thanks to his morning voice. Your cheeks burn as you nuzzle your face in his neck, 
"Good morning baby daddy." You reply, making him smile, picking at the hair tie in your hair, pulling it out and tossing it aside. You giggled as he ruffles your locks, kissing just where your neck meets your shoulder, 
"What about Stella?" He poses. You snort, 
"Tom, we are not naming one of our daughters after your favorite beer." He smiles, running his hand over your stomach again, 
"Fair enough." He murmurs. You make a noise in your throat before looking up at him, 
"I have two names I really like. Wanna hear 'em?" You pose. He nods, moving your hair around your ears. You rest your forearm on his chest once he's rolled on his back, 
"Aspen and Alexandria." He smiles as you tell him, 
"Alex then? Once it's shortened." You nod, tracing a pattern into his skin, 
"I think it's pretty." You admit. He nods, playing with the tips of your hair, 
"They're both beautiful. I like them." He confirms. You lean in to kiss his chin, 
"And you can pick the middle names." Licking his lips, he stares up at the roof, 
"Okay, how about Alexandria... Louise, and Aspen Rose?" After a moment of thought, you nod, 
"Those are two beautiful names for two beautiful little girls," you tell him, rolling on your back, and pulling your shirt up again, rubbing over the skin, "Baby A's name is Alexandria Louise Holland, and Baby B is now Aspen Rose Holland." Tom smiles, holding your hand, his thumb rubbing over your knuckles, 
"I'm a little outnumbered now. There's a lot of girliness in this house." 
"Hey, you never know. We have to be open to letting them choose if they like girliness or if boyishness is more their speed. We have to always be open and loving. Always, if we're going to be great parents." You remind him. He nods after a moment, 
"Obviously. Of course, yeah, I forgot, but yes, definitely." He confirms. You nod, holding his fingers soundly in yours. He sighs, rolling onto his side and pressing a hand over your bare belly, 
"We'll make sure they know from the moment they're here that they have our support in anything they embark on." He promises, moving down to gently kiss your belly, your fingers threading through his hair as he rests his chin over your belly, arm draped over your hips. 
You squeeze Tom's hand as you ride out a contraction in the passenger seat of yours and Tom's car. You groan, letting your head fall back against the headrest. Tom leans forward, his eyes never leaving the road, to kiss your hand, 
"You're doing amazing baby. We're almost there." He reassures. You nod, licking your lips, 
"I know, I know. I'm scared though Tom." You admit. He tsks, 
"Don't do that. You're gonna be okay. I'm gonna be right there with you no matter what, and soon, we'll have our baby girls. And they'll be beautiful and perfect." You suck in a breath, running the hand not in his, over your stomach. Letting his hand fall from yours, he reaches over, placing his hand over your stomach and rubbing. You place your hand over his, closing your eyes again, but this time yawning. 
Just the little things you did made Tom's heart swell ten times bigger. In the beginning of your pregnancy, after you told him, he would always get a text to see when he was available to come to an ultrasound. You let him keep all of them, almost as a ransom for you to move in to "get them back". You'd both look them over and rub your belly when you came to visit. After you found out you were in fact having girls, it was non-stop buying for them. Around your fourth month of being pregnant, he moved you in, setting aside a room for the nursery. You went on dates and walks, anything to make you feel comfortable and anything to make you feel like a loved girlfriend leading up to your delivery date. You made it habit to sit in the window sill before he got up, making it your mission to read at least three books before your energy went to two drooly little girls that you knew would look just like their daddy. You got through two and a half, sitting up late one night while he scrolled through a social media feed in bed. Then your water broke and you went into a full panic, practically having a mental breakdown at your little ones making a month early appearance, especially before your scheduled induction which was only a week and a half away. 
"What if I'm not ready to be a mum?" You ask, his eyes finding yours. He shakes his head, grasping your hand again, 
"You are so ready. And let me tell you, you're going to be damn good at it. These little girls are gonna have the best mum ever." You shake your head, looking straight ahead as the hospital's twinkling lights come into sight, 
"You're just saying that. I'm seriously scared Tom." You tell him anxiously. He squeezes your hand, bringing it up to your lips again, 
"I'm on this ride with you. And let me tell you something, I'm not getting off. You and I are a team and I'll be damned to let you feel overwhelmed do you understand me?" He demands. You start to nod, only to cower in pain, tipping your head back and crying out as another contraction courses through your body. You suck in a deep breath, holding the bottom of your belly, 
"Ow ow ow, okay, yes, I get it babes, you want out and mumma wants you out." You groan out. He smiles at you, letting you squeeze his hand again. You stare straight ahead, running your hand all over your stomach. He pulls into the parking lot cautiously, yet as quickly as he can before putting the car in park and leaning over the center console to kiss your bump, 
"You guys are hurting mummy and daddy doesn't like it." He murmurs. You giggle, running your fingers through his hair briefly before taking hold of it and giving a soft tug with a sharp intake of breath, 
"Sorry... just another one." You mutter, one eye staying closed. He hums as he straightens up, 
"S'alright. I'm pretty sure that was a method used in getting those two girls in there. You're quite the hair tugger." He tells you with a cocky smirk. You smile, grimacing a moment after, 
"Can you get me inside please?" You pose. He nods, climbing from the car quickly and walking around to your side. You giggled as he wrapped an arm around you, his other holding your hand. As he walks you across the blacktop, he kisses your temple, 
"Hey, you wanna get married after all of this?" He poses. You look up, a smile crossing your face, 
"Is that your proposal?" He shrugs, looking up at the bright red letter that spell out "emergency", 
"I'll have my two little princesses, all I need is my queen." He remarks. You smile again, your eyebrows knitting together, 
"Of course I'll marry you Tom." He leans in to kiss you, reaching into his jacket pocket and pulling out the small gold ring. You gasp, turning it into a giggle, 
"Savvy." Holding your hand out, he slips the ring on your finger, kissing you again. You wince yet again as Tom draws to a stop at the reception desk. Within minutes you’re being helped into a gown and laying back on a bed to get an IV put in. You pout, eyes glossing over as you drape your free hand over the bed frame, 
"Tommy." You whine. He jumps up, rushing to your side and taking hold of your hand, 
"You're okay, angel. Don't even look, just look right here at me." You wince as the nurse pushes the needle beneath the skin of your hand, mumbling a quiet apology. Tom reaches up, stroking your hair and giving a gentle smile, 
"Are you ready to finally meet our baby girls?" He poses to distract you. You nod, licking your lips nervously and looking down. He pushes hair from your face, your eyes finding his, 
"I love you." He mutters, leaning in to kiss your nose. You crinkle it, 
"I love you too." Just then, yet another contraction takes over, your eyes squeezing shut. The nurse clears her throat, 
"We're going to get you started on pitocin just to speed things up a little and then we'll get an epidural in." You nod as you stare up at him, squeezing Tom's hand, 
"Thank you." Tom rubs his thumb over your knuckles, smiling as you turn back to him, 
"Just think, when we leave here we'll have two babies." He poses, raising his eyebrows. You nod, looking down at your belly, 
"And a weird tummy." He smiles, rubbing your bump, 
"That's okay. You'll still be absolutely stunning." He reassures. You smile, wincing through yet another contraction. It only takes half an hour for every few seconds to be constant pain. You slowly bruise Tom's hand, breathing hard and attempting to do anything to relieve the pain. Tom felt hopeless, especially when you broke down in tears, sobbing when things grew to be too overwhelming and all he was doing was rubbing your back and shoulders as if it would suddenly help, 
"Tom, please don't ever do this to me again." You groan. He smiles, kissing your already sweaty forehead, 
"I won't baby, I won't." He swears. And if he thought the grip around his hand was painful when you were just going through contractions, he definitely had another thing coming. 
Because they hadn't had to induce you, they gave you the choice of c-section or natural delivery, to which you chose the latter. When you had been prepped and started pushing, Tom could feel his hand being crushed, your hair clinging to your forehead while nurses and doctors encouraged you through it all. 
And that first cry from your little Alexandria was all worth it, Tom noticing that you seemed to forget the pain once you saw your baby for the first time. You looked up at Tom, a proud yet exhausted smile written all over your perfect face. You nodded with a newfound enthusiasm as one of the midwives told you that you had just a few more pushes and you were done. Taking another deep breath while Alexandria continued to cry, with Tom's eyes glued on her, getting cleaned up in the corner, you gave three more good pushes and more cries filled the room, 
"They're beautiful Y/N/N. Absolutely stunning." Tom tells you, watching your two healthy babies from above you. You make a noise low in your throat, 
"Tom?" Looking down at you, Tom is horrified to find that all the color has been drained from your face. He rubs over the top of your head, 
"It's okay." He reassures. You shake your head, eyebrows knitting together, 
"Tom I don't feel good." 
"Sir, you need to move." A nurse rushes, coaxing Tom away from you as a shout makes its way around the room, 
"What's happening to her?" The nurse takes his arm in her hold as he tries to push forward, despite you breaking Tom's heart as you reach out for him and you're wheeled from the room, 
"She's lost a lot of blood. Her BP is dropping rapidly and if we don't get her cleaned up, she could die," the nurse warns him, shaking him as he still tries to push past her towards you, "son, you have two little girls that need you right now!" She raises her voice, finally drawing Tom's eyes to her own. He could feel the hot tears already running down his cheeks, now suddenly hearing the cries of his little girls at his back, 
"But she-" 
"Just let us do our job and be a father to those babies." The nurse assures, rubbing his arm one last time before she rushes off after you and her coworkers. 
Tom didn't know it was possible to feel pain and love all at the same time. You had voiced your fear of becoming a mother so often and he had just bypassed it. He'd brushed it aside as a way to reassure you both that you were made for this. Now he was sitting in a room, by himself with one sleeping baby tucked in one of his elbows, and another squirming, whining baby tucked in the other. The smile on the doctor's face as he came in the room to talk to Tom, lifted his spirits more than the doctor could ever know, 
"Well first off Mr. Holland, congratulations on your beautiful little girls. Y/N is fine, she's just asleep, but we got her all sewn up, and she's stable and comfortable." Tom nods, glancing down at the babies in his arms. The doctor smiles wider, patting Tom on the shoulder, 
"What do you say we wheel these sweet babes down to your fiance's room?" Tom nods before the sentence fully leaves the doctor's mouth, instantly standing and laying the girls down in their cots. Once settled, he follows the doctor, wheeling both sweet little girls along. The doctor clears his throat as they approach a room, looking at his watch, 
"She might actually be awake." He chides. And sure enough, you're awake, sipping at a juice pouch as they entered the room, your eyes still puffy with exhaustion. You set your juice aside, instantly perking up at not only the sight of Tom, but of your daughters, now asleep in their cots. You lean in further to look over the tops, your eyes darting between your girls before meeting Tom's eyes as the doctor closes the four of you in the room together, bidding all four of you farewell with a knowing smile. You nod, tears instantly clouding your eyes as Tom swoops in, choked up and wrapping his arms around you. You break down the moment you're in each other's arms, his tears staining your gown while yours soak through his t-shirt, 
"I thought I lost you." He murmurs, 
"I couldn't get to you. They pulled me away and I couldn't-" You start, but Tom nods, 
"I know, I know baby. I'm sorry I lied about being by your side at all times, I'm sorry." You sob violently, clutching onto his shirt tightly. He shakes his head, "I'm so, so sorry." Pulling away, you calm yourself quickly, to the best of your ability, your chest still heaving and tears still streaming down your cheeks, 
"C-can I see them?" You ask softly, eyes darting between his. He nods, pulling the cots closer to the side of the bed and picking the first bundle up, 
"Here's Alexandria." He croons. You lick your lips, taking the babe from him and cradling her close to your body. You look up as he picks the other one up, 
"And here's Aspen." You sniffle, and the tears return, your eyes flicking between the two babies that brought you and Tom closer than ever. You had said over and over again that they would look just like their daddy, and you were right. Dark brown locks of hair settled atop their heads and they resembled Tom's very first baby picture that Nikki had showed you in the months leading up to the birth, 
"Hi babies. Hi, I'm your mummy." You coo, looking between the cutest little ones either of you have ever seen. Tom has leaned in and started stroking your hair, leaning in further to kiss your cheek, 
"You're never doing that to me again. No more babies. That's it, I can't lose you." He says softly. You looked up to him with a pout, half joking when you tell him, 
"But I want a boy." He shakes his head as you giggle and lean into his shoulder, head rested there, comfort seeping into the room, 
"I'll adopt you a little boy." He murmurs, half joking himself.
But of course, he never would because two and a half years later, due to thorough convincing, you were back in the same hospital, delivering your cute little baby boy, Teddy. 
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marvel-sluts · 7 months ago
Hey I had this fic idea, could you write a peter x fem!reader where shes touch starved but won't open up about it so peter lies and says that he has an experiment in his health class where he needs to hug someone eight times a day for a month, and then at the end of the month it just becomes their daily routine? 🥺 thx😘😘
touch starved
Tumblr media
pairing: Peter Parker x reader
warnings: swearing, fluff
summary: Peter notices how touch starved you are, so he comes up with a plan to help.
a/n: sorry this took a while, I had a few requests. thanks for requesting this though, love yall. enjoy lovlies!
«────── « ⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅ » ──────»
you and Peter had been dating for a few months now, and he was beginning to realise how odd you act whenever he touches you. he would try to hug you or hold your hand and you would either flinch away or hug him back awkwardly. after a few more situations like this he decided to ask his best friend, Ned.
"I dunno man, I think she might be scared of me." Peter said worriedly.
"no, that's not it. she knows you'd never hurt her." Ned replied. "why don't you try and hug her more often? maybe she's just not used to the contact. my adopted cousin used to be like that but when he got used to physical contact he was a lot more comfortable."
"how did you get him more comfortable with it?" Peter asked.
"my aunt came up with the idea of hugging him eight times a day, and soon he got used to being hugged." Ned replied with a shrug.
"maybe I could do that with y/n, I just need an excuse for hugging her." Peter said thoughtfully.
"you can say it's for health class or something, it's the kinda thing our teachers would get us doing. plus y/n isn't in that class, she won't know." Ned said.
"that's a good idea, cheers mate." Peter said, just as the bell rang and they both made their way to class.
»»————- ♡ ————-««
you shivered and pulled your jacket closer to your body as you hurried down the busy street, heading to your boyfriends apartment. you hadn't seen him much at school today, only seeing him during lunch and were looking forward to spending some time with him.
you let yourself in, having known both May and Peter for years you didn't have to knock anymore.
"hi May." you call to her, her giving you a smile and a small wave from where she was sat on the sofa.
"Peters in his room." she said.
"I guessed." you responded, with a small giggle.
you opened the door of his room with a small smile, "hi Pete." you say quietly.
"hey baby, how was your day?" Peter asked, spinning round on his chair to face you.
"alright." you responded "how was yours?"
"better now your here." he said, making you smile. "I wanted to talk to you about something." he said, causing your face to pale, you dreaded the day you heard those words fall from his lips. "oh no its nothing bad." Peter said quickly, after seeing your face.
"oh okay, what is it?" you ask with a tilt of your head.
"aww you look so cute." Peter said, bringing his hand up to cup your face and kissing you gently. "I wanted to talk to you about a school project I have to do."
"do you need help with it or something? because as long as its not math I can help." you say, with a smirk.
"no, it's not like that. it's a project for health class, I need to hug someone eight times a day. I thought because your my girlfriend I would ask you, but if you don't want to do it then it's fine." he said, making your stomach drop. you didn't want to disappointed him, but you were also nervous about hugging him so often.
your parents never hugged you much as a child, they never really showed physical affection. so you weren't used to the contact. whenever someone would touch you, you wouldn't know how to react and end up making it awkward.
"yeah okay." you said after a second.
"are you sure?" Peter asked, not wanting to force you into doing it if you didn't want to.
"I'm sure." you said slightly more confidently.
"okay, should we start now?" Peter asked. you nodded slowly and took a step forward, he copied your actions, wrapping his arms around you gently. as if he was scared of hurting you.
"I love you, I hope you know that." he whispered.
"I know, I love you too." you whispered back. you were confused for a second of where to put your arms, eventually wrapping them around him awkwardly.
you ended up deciding to hug at fixed points in the day, one when you walked to school together, one before you went off to your first class, one at the beginning of lunch, one at the end, one when you met to walk home, one when you got to his house, one an hour later and one before you left.
after a few days of this you slowly began to get more comfortable with hugging him, eventually starting to hug him even when it wasn't time to. you began to feel more comfortable with physical contact too, sometimes even reaching for Peter's hand in the corridor. you would never tell Peter but you had started to feel a lot more comfortable hugging him, a small smile appearing on your face whenever he stretched his arms out, allowing you to bury your head in his chest.
before the two of you knew it a month had passed, but neither of you wanted to stop hugging each other. Peter had started hugging you everytime he saw you, he always said that he was making up for how little you got hugged as a child.
"hey Pete?" you said, one time when the two of you were watching a movie together.
"yeah baby" he says, pausing the movie and turning to look at you.
"that whole, having to hug everyday for a month. that wasn't actually for health class was it?" you said, already knowing his answer.
"no it wasn't. in my defence I wanted you to be more comfortable around me and Ned said that it worked on his cousin and.."
"stop Petey, it's fine I'm not mad." you said, putting a stop to his rambling.
"oh, okay. how did you know?" he asked.
"I spoke to one of my friends in your class the other day, and she said that they never had to do it." you said, wrapping your arms around his neck. "I appreciate it though baby, it helped me a lot." you said, before leaning forward and kissing him gently. he wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling you in closer and deepening the kiss.
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jasminesjunkdrawer · 17 days ago
Tumblr media
pairing: tom holland x fem!reader
summary: in which you are at a wedding for your friend and see tom, your ex of almost two years. unsurprisingly, things are completely awkward between the two of you. that is until some alcohol has you both saying and doing things that might have been better left unsaid
warnings: explicit language, drunkenness, angst, a lot of sexual tension
word count: 1.7k words
author’s note: i’m currently working on something else tom related that is taking sooo long to finish because of how long it is  (over 4k words right now and will probably be at least 6k…..) but i wanted to post something (because its actually been 4ever since i have) so i put this together and i actually like how it turned out and anyway i hope you all enjoy it too!
.·。.·゜✭·.·✫·゜·。..·。.·゜✭·.·✫·゜·。. .·。.·゜✭·.·✫·゜·。.
You had only been to two weddings in your lifetime, for your aunt and then your cousin, but you already knew that Talia’s wedding was your favorite one by far. The ceremony was absolutely beautiful, taking place in a stunning rose garden, and it was on the smaller side with only about fifty people.
At first, you loved that it was fewer people because that made it much less overwhelming to interact with others. But when the small number of people actually made it much easier for you to spot one person in particular, someone that you did not really want to see, you wished that there were hundreds of more people at the wedding to keep you hidden.
You were actually completely unfazed to see Tom there, but that didn’t mean you still didn’t feel uneasy about seeing him. Talia had been his friend first, and you met her through him, quickly becoming friends with her. And even once your relationship with Tom ended, you and she stayed close with one another.
Your plan was to avoid Tom the entire time. However, unfortunately, when you spotted him, he also saw you, so you reluctantly waved instead of blatantly disregarding him, and he took that as a sign to come over to you.
The entire interaction was awkward, and you hated every moment of it; the quietly said hellos and share of some simple small talk. Luckily, though, your friend Charlie was there during the short conversation too, so he was able to curb some of the awkward tension, and it made things not feel completely horrible.
The last time you and Tom had seen each other in person was when you broke up almost two years ago, so it actually didn't really surprise you how weird things felt at that moment.
Now you and Charlie were at the reception, which was in a different part of the garden. And aside from the awkward moment with Tom, which happened before the wedding even started, you were actually having a pretty great time. You were slightly tipsy due to having drunk five glasses of champagne, and you were able to make pretty fast friends with the people that were at your table because of how nice they were.
"Hey, I'm gonna go to the bathroom real quick," You told Charlie, who was engrossed in a conversation with one of the guys at the table; they were talking about this new band that you did not know about.
Charlie nodded his head at your statement. "Okay, don't fall in."
"Ew," You grimaced at the thought and then began making your way to the bathroom, which was inside the large house that the garden was a part of.
As you walked through the expansive and elegantly decorated hallway toward the bathroom, you almost immediately crashed right into someone. You blamed half of the collision happening on your slight tipsiness and the other half on you being so interested in the paintings that took up the walls of the entire hallway.
"Hey, shit, sorry about that…” You looked up at the person in front of you, who had their hands on your upper arms to steady you from falling. When you saw who the person was, easily recognizing him, the rest of the words you were about to say died in your throat.
"No, it was probably more of my fault," Tom responded and laughed a bit. You were quick to notice that he was at least somewhat drunk as well because of how flushed his cheeks were. "Also, I didn't get to tell you earlier, but you look great, Y/N."
You smiled sheepishly and briefly looked down at your outfit, which was a strapless emerald green floor-length dress. "Thanks. You look very nice too. And I also would've told you that earlier, but it was so fucking awkward."
Tom laughed again. "You're very right about that. I wish it wasn't."
"Me too," You stated honestly. "We used to be really good friends, and then our relationship went to shit, and so did our friendship."
"We could still be friends."
He said it so simply and made it sound like such an easy thing to do. Of course, you knew that it actually couldn’t be that easy.
You were quiet for a few moments and then ultimately shook your head at Tom’s words. "Not really. Not with the way things ended with us."
You remembered the long argument the two of you had way too well; it almost felt as if it had happened yesterday instead of nearly two years ago. It had been the eruption of everything that the both of you built up for months on end. Somehow the resentment, anger, and sadness that you both had been silently harboring managed to come out all at once and led to the solidified end of your relationship. For the most part, you believed that it was meant to happen since the two of you had been drifting away from each other for a while anyway. But, sometimes, you did regret letting it end like that.
"But I do really miss talking to you," You said softly and sighed. You knew for a fact that if you didn't have five glasses of champagne coursing through your body and slightly impairing your mind, you wouldn't have said any of that. Actually, things with Tom right then probably would have still felt so damn awkward and much less comfortable.
"I really miss you too," Tom’s voice was soft as he talked as well.
You could feel your heart involuntarily flutter at his soft-spoken statement. You both hated and loved how easily you were able to fall back into love with him, in a sense. It was so easy to think about all of the good times the two of you had instead of the bad, especially in the slightly intoxicated state you were in.
“Who’s the guy you’re here with?” Tom asked abruptly.
“Is someone jealous?” You asked with a slight smirk playing on your lips. There was a playfulness in your voice that you knew would not have been there if you were any hint of sober.
In fact, you knew you wouldn’t have been having this conversation with Tom if you were sober.
“Just… curious,” Tom responded and shrugged lightly.
“His name is Charlie,” You answered and paused for a beat before you said the words that you knew Tom wanted to hear. “He’s just a friend.”
Tom nodded, and you could see the tiniest hint of a smile on his face. “Okay.”
It was then that you both noticed how dangerously close you were to each other, and you took a brief note of how nice it felt to be that close again. You also noticed how easy it would be for the two of you to kiss, and you could feel yourself smiling at the thought of pursuing that idea.
“I think I really want to kiss you right now,” You admitted and closed your eyes as you said your soft-spoken statement.
“That wouldn’t be a good idea,” Were the words you heard fall from Tom’s lips, but you could feel his presence moving closer to you.
You opened your eyes again and met his gaze once more. You felt yourself drift closer toward him as well. “I know.”
No other words were said, but with the way the two of you were looking at each other, it was like a thousand things were silently being spoken at once.  
Your arms circled around Tom’s neck and brought him even closer to you, which he smiled at, but neither of you decided to pull the trigger just yet.  
“We really shouldn’t,” You whispered, feeling Tom’s hands find their way to your waist. The feeling of his hands on you, even in such a minor way, was so familiar, and you could almost feel yourself melting into his touch.
“You’re completely right,” Tom responded as he leaned in, his lips briefly ghosting over yours before pulling back and meeting your eyes again.
It was almost like neither of you wanted to be the first to initiate something more intense than just the teasing behavior that was going on right then. It was like a game of “who will break first?” that you were unsure of how it would end since you knew that your mind would soon catch up to your current actions and begin screaming at you, telling you how bad this all was.  
“So I should probably leave right now,” You said, looking straight into Tom’s brown eyes.
You did the complete opposite, though. Instead, you finally closed the miniscule distance of space between you two and pressed your lips against his.  
At first, it felt familiar and comforting, and you couldn’t help but sigh in contentment as you felt Tom’s arms circle farther around you and hold you tighter. You didn’t even care that you lost the unspoken game between you both.
Your heart swelled at finally being this close to Tom again, and you tried to figure out how you managed to live for the past two years without doing this. The thought made you kiss him harder, and Tom didn’t hesitate to return the intensity.
It wasn’t until your mind finally caught up with what you were doing that you felt yourself pushing him away.
In the heat of the moment, it all felt good and right, but you knew that in the long run, the sustainment of that feeling was entirely impossible. There was way too much history between you both, an overwhelming amount of it heartwrenching, that you couldn’t help but remind yourself of.
“You were right,” You said, completely avoiding eye contact with him. “This wasn’t a good idea.”
“Don’t,” You shook your head quickly. “Please.”
Instead of waiting for him to say anything else, you walked away, ignoring his soft calls of your name behind you.
Things between you and him were over, and had been for a long time, and you continued to tell yourself that it needed to stay that way. You could not allow that abrupt and momentary relapse in judgment to change anything.
You knew you’d just end up hurting again in the end if you did.
.·。.·゜✭·.·✫·゜·。..·。.·゜✭·.·✫·゜·。. .·。.·゜✭·.·✫·゜·。.
let me know your thoughts<3
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mywldflwers · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tom Holland x Actress!reader. Warning: 18+, oral receiving, smut, inappropriate language. Read at your own risk and don’t forget to use protection, folks!
“Over here, Y/N!”
“Smile for us!”
“Where’s your date, Y/N?!”
It was widely known how exhausting the paparazzi could be. They were overwhelming and intrusive, but you had always been used to it. From the young age of four, you had starred in many roles. You were basically a household name.
Many of your fans grew with you and still loved the way you preformed. So, you were always kept in the spotlight.
Tonight was the night of your movie premiere. It was one of many of yours, but this one was particularly special to you. After months of promoting and interviewing over this role, you were excited to present your very first action movie.
For years you had begged to get into the genre, craving for the adventure. Now finally, you got it. This was your ticket into the Marvel family.
Although you did have a love interest, it wasn’t the entirety of the film. You knew with this role, you would have to have a costar, but the movie was solely wrapped around you and your character’s backstory. For the very first time, Cindy Moon was getting her own spotlight in the film industry.
Your romantic interest was, of course, Peter Parker a.k.a The Amazing Spider-man. That meant that your story line would intertwine with the current movies out now starring Tom Holland, a very well known actor. He was just brilliant. You knew from your first meeting that he was the kindest person and you learned he was even a fan. It warmed your heart and even your face at the time. 
After promoting the movie, fans went wild. There was a chaotic love triangle in the series of Spider-man now and that caused the impeccable amount of theories to be made about the cast. The lot of you had just laughed it off, knowing well that this was only the beginning.
Because Cindy Moon had such a rich backstory, this movie was solely based on the way your character struggled with family and her enemy, Morlun. Not too long into the movie, Peter Parker was introduced and the pair were electric. The pheromones were intoxicating and they quickly fell in some sort of trance with one another. That led to the introduction of MJ whom had obviously held a vendetta against Silk, your character.
For the premiere, you wore a crystal embedded dress to represent the webbed outfit Silk had worn. The dress was heavy and quite revealing, but you were the star of the show. It would be a shame if you had not caught the eye of every single guest.
Just as you were reaching the interviewers, a hand pressed against your lower back.
You looked quickly to your side and smiled when the familiar face came to view.
“Tom,” you greeted with a grin, leaning in to press a kiss to his cheek. He returned the gesture as one does.
The flashes of cameras flickered more at the interaction.
He leaned in to speak clearly enough for you. “How are you doing, darling? You look magnificent.”
“Quite well!” You exclaimed in excitement. Premieres were quite exhilarating moments for you. Besides award ceremonies, of course. You held quite a few to your name. “You look amazing yourself. I love the glasses.”
Tom laughed with his head leaning back a bit. “They’re quite the statement piece, don’t you think?”
“They certainly are. Are you joining the interviews with me?”
“Appears so. I was advised by my publicist. Hope you don’t mind?”
You shook your head quickly. “No! I’m honored to have you by my side. Shall we?”
He gave you a charming smile before offering you his arm to hold. The both of you were greeted by the first interviewer.
She had a large smile upon her face, her presence lovely. “Hello, you two! You guys look amazing tonight!”
“Thank you!” You beamed, your hand tightening around Tom’s arm.
He gave you a gentle squeeze as well before answering the woman. “Thank you so much, we appreciate it.”
“Now, Y/N, how does it feel becoming apart of the MCU family?”
You gave her a soft laugh with a hand on your heart. “Incredibly honored. For my entire career, I have wanted this and to be able to achieve that is beyond words.”
“That is incredible! Tom, are you excited for your worlds to collide and the incoming drama that awaits?”
“Drama in the movies?” The interviewer nodded. “It’s quite thrilling. Truthfully, I’m a bit nervous for Peter. Two beautiful women are pitted against one another for him, but the poor lad can hardly understand the world around him already.”
“That’s quite true. What do you think about the rivalry, Y/N? Between Cindy Moon and MJ?”
“Well, I really hope it doesn’t last too long! Women need to support women and I don’t think hating one another over a man is in either of the women’s nature. They’re both strong in their own ways and hold great qualities that are not comparable.”
“That’s perfectly put! Thank you two so much for your time, enjoy the rest of your night.”
You both gave your thanks as she let you two walk away. Tom and you continued making your way down the carpet, waving at the cameras as well. When you made it to the next interviewer, his attention was more focused on your outfit.
“Y/N, you look extremely feisty tonight! Gotta love the glam.”
You rose an eyebrow at the word he used, but smiled anyways. “Thank you so much.”
“Who are you wearing?”
“Ralph and Russo, of course!” You placed a hand on your hip, waving at the cameraman whom zoomed in on the design.
Tom looked down at you, your arms still connected. He was admiring the way you worked the cameras so well.
“Beautiful, as always!” The interviewer complimented once more, before turning to your costar. “Now, what would you say the movie entails for the audience tonight, Tom?”
“Well, it’s different than any of the Spider-man movies, I think. It doesn’t have that innocence that Peter has at first. Cindy Moon is known to have more confidence and strength mentally as well as physically at most times.”
The man nodded as he let that soak in. “So, would you say Cindy Moon is more ballsy than Peter?”
Tom tilted his head at that.
You took the pause to answer for yourself. “More confident, like he said. They have different beginnings considering they have different mindsets. Cindy has a very strong will to fight, though. Sometimes that could lead to conflict, but Peter balances her out at times.”
That didn’t seem to interest the man much, so he continued as if nothing was said. “Tom, I’m sure you had a great time teaching your costar some new skills! You’ve made yourself a quite well known actor.”
You had stood there, your eyes darting between the two. It didn’t happen as much anymore, but you were used to the sexist men who belittled your status when compared to a male costar. It was quite frustrating.
Thankfully, Tom had realized what was happening quickly. “Well, on the contrary, it’s the other way around. In fact, over the months we’ve spent together, Y/N has become a mentor and very good friend to me. Her years in the film industry has lapped over mine and I take her wise words into mind every time I’m in front of the camera.”
You awed to yourself, squeezing his arm in admiration. He looked down at you with a similar smile before taking his attention back to the interviewer.
“That’s very unusual. But, kudos to you, Y/N. I hope you both have a good night. Thanks for your time!”
The two of you only nodded, walking away a bit faster than usual.
“Thanks for trying to stick up for me, Tom.” You leaned your head onto his shoulder.
His finger ran across your knuckles in response. “Of course. I wish I said something more witty. This is your film. They should treat it as such.”
You felt yourself shrug at that. “Not when one of the best actors is featuring in my film.”
Tom scoffed at that. “Even if I was better, you’ve got seniority. It’s about respect.”
“Well, I appreciate your standpoint. But don’t say ‘seniority’ in my case. It makes me sound so old!” You laughed, your nose scrunching up in distaste.
Your friend laughed at that, too. “Would you like me to call you an A lister?”
“Oof!” You cringed. “Sounds so elitist.”
“It does, doesn’t it?” He chuckled, leading you towards the crowd of more cameramen. “Well, what would you prefer to be called?”
Yours, you thought to yourself.
A sigh fell from your red coated lips. “It doesn’t matter what you call me, really. I wish we were seen more as equals other than our fans arguing who’s more famous. We’re both quite grand, are we not?”
“Indeed so, sweetheart.”
When you both turned to the cameras, you pulled smiles on your faces. His hand was against your lower back, burning against your skin as if he was made from pure fire.
One of the paps called out for Tom to kiss you upon the cheek and at first, you didn’t think he’d hear or listen to the request. But, for some reason, he chose to do so. You couldn’t help but lean in, your skin enjoying the way his felt against yours. It was almost like you could be one with how comfortable and safe it felt.
You decided not to react in front of the cameras, knowing your fans and gossip channels would take it and run with it. Instead, you easily shifted into your next pose and looked over your shoulder as Tom’s front was against yours. The back of your dress was on full display, one hand on your hip and the other on Tom’s shoulder for support.
Tom’s hand only shifted to your other hip, enjoying the way you were skilled in posing. Seeing you in person working your magic other than online or on the television was much more interesting. If anything, it was quite the honor for him.
The night quickly passed on and the two of you were seated in a refined spot in the theatre. Your other costars and family members were seated amongst you, enjoying the film just as the other guests.
Sometimes, it was a bit nerve racking to watch yourself, but Tom whispered that you should have seen it as a time to appreciate your hard efforts. You adored his way of thinking, really.
In the midst of the film, you felt him lean in to your side a bit more. Your eyes flickered up at him as he covered his mouth from the rest of the room.
“This scene was my favorite to shoot.”
Your eyes go wide and the heat of your body travels to your face as it burns with a certain kind of embarrassment. Not because you were feeling indifferent, but because you were relieved he felt the same way.
The audience was watching as your character was attached to Peter’s, trying to get herself as close to him as she physically could with a kiss. Their hands were entangled with one another, grasping at their counterpart for any sort of physical relief.
And then, the pair was interrupted from another character. The crowd laughed as the tension was diffused and a couple of jokes were thrown around.
Just as everyone kept watching the movie with a certain edge and thrill, you leaned in to Tom as well.
“It was my favorite, too.”
You share a mischievous look and then keep your eyes forward the rest of the film. As it ended and people went forward to congratulate you, you were merely thinking of what was next. You knew the after party was in toll, but truth be told, you wanted nothing more than to get a drink at home and unravel yourself from the heavy dress.
Tom seemed to have noticed your hesitation for the party after being asked if you were excited.
When you were both left alone, Tom spoke up. “Do you think anyone would mind if we left a tad bit earlier than expected?”
You perked up. “You’re exhausted, right?”
“Incredibly,” he laughed. “Let’s just make a small visit and head over to my hotel suite.”
The confidence in his voice let a wave of ease flood through you.
You replied with an obvious yes.
After making your way to the car awaiting you both, your hands fumbled together in anticipation. You wondered what was next on your agenda, but assumed it must have been relaxing in front of an open fire and the introduction of a bottle of wine.
You both made your presence known at the party, putting on your excited faces as your friends and families overwhelmed you with gracious remarks once again. It was thrilling to get such a wonderful response to the film.
As you were chatting with the directors, a gentle hand rested along your lower back once again. It sent shivers up your spine, but you made no attempt to show any emotion.
“May I steal my date for a moment?” the voice asked before allowing you to wave at the people in charge goodbye.
When you faced him, your eyes travelled up his face. “Enough spotlight for tonight?”
“Yes,” he sighed. “Let’s go?”
You sent him a knowingly smile before saying goodbye to a few family members.
“Can you tell them I was feeling ill?” you asked your mother whom was chatting amongst a crowd.
She only replied with a smile and gave you one kiss before letting you part away.
As you waltzed away from the party, Tom followed a few steps behind. You kept your heads down as cameras took your pictures fleeing the scene.
You made yourself look composed as you entered the car, doing your best to not create a scene. When Tom entered the car next, you smiled at him.
“We’re staying at the same hotel, right?”
“Yeah, actually. Did you get the penthouse?”
“I did,”
“Then let’s go there instead. Mind if I go change? My room is just next door.”
“I’ll leave you a key.”
And as you travelled back to your rooms, you couldn’t help but feel uneasy. You had no idea what to expect. When your backs faced one another just before entering your rooms, you felt your skin burn. It was like your body knew he was staring at you.
You hurried inside though, quickly rushing to the closet. Your were breathing heavily, nervous as your tried to escape the dress that clung to your skin.
“Yes!” you gasped, releasing it from your hold. Just as you hung it up, you rummaged through the dresser. Anything casual would do, right?
When you found a pair of forest green pants that were nicely loose around the legs, you slipped those on. And then, you paired that with a similar tank top. It was cute and comfy, ready for a quiet night in.
Just as you finished, the door was opened. Your head swiveled over to the direction of the sound, making your way out of the closet.
“You look cute,” Tom’s voice announced.
You gazed over at his much more casual self, dressed in a white t-shirt and a pair of black sweats. He was wearing his slippers and your couldn’t help but laugh.
“Cute footwear.”
He snorted in response. “I ordered some wine. Do you prefer red or white?”
“Good thing I got both.”
You laughed and motioned towards the couches. “Please, get comfortable.”
He did as told and sighed loudly. “My body is exhausted.”
“Tell me about it,” you huffed, sinking into the cushions. “I feel tight all over.”
Tom cleared his throat. “You should book a massage.”
“I should, shouldn’t I?” you mumbled.
He swallowed. “Mhm,”
You looked over to him, smiling at his roaming eyes. “Something on your mind?”
He wanted to say no, but decided to be honest. “Nothing in particular. You looked marvelous tonight, though.”
The bluntness surprised you, but you smiled nonetheless. “And you ravishing.”
“Is that so?”
The tension got thicker as you stared at one another. It was too much at times. You wanted to look away, but something told you not to.
Just as your mouth opened to speak, someone at the door knocked gently.
You cleared your throat before excusing yourself. You opened the door to allow the worker come in with a tray of food as well as wine. Once you tipped him, you turned around to call at Tom.
He was behind you, though, and your fronts faced one another quite closely.
“Oh,” you murmured, shyly looking over his shoulder instead. “You move fast.”
The chuckle that arose from him was soft. “Sorry.”
You cleared your throat. “You got food?”
“Just dessert. A couple people recommended the chocolate cake and soufflé.”
“Hm,” you nodded, your bodies still quite close to one another. Your chest was nearly touching his stomach from the height difference.
“I never noticed how small you really were.”
You smiled. “My personality is big enough to make up for the height indifference.”
“That’s true, but it’s not an issue.”
“Oh?” Your eyes flickered over his features, noticing the way his own were doing the same. “Tom?”
“Hm?” He stepped closer.
At this point, your heart was hammering against your chest. You felt the room become smaller as he came in closer. His breath fanned over your face and you smelled the minty flavor as well as his intoxicating cologne. You wanted to drown yourself in it.
Before you could come up with a ridiculous question, he lunged forward in the most gentle way. His hands intertwined with your hair just as he pressed his mouth against yours.
You made a noise from shock, but did not hesitate to kiss him back. Your body melted in his grasp and did your best to pull him in closer. As if it was not enough, Tom did not hesitate to pull you up against him and wrap your legs around his waist.
Although you had been in this position before, it was different with none of the cameras and light shining upon you. This was easier and it was warmer as you let yourselves let go.
While you both continued to kiss one another heavily, Tom took the change to push your body into your mattress. You gasped, the cold comforter cooling your skin.
He did not hesitate to continue kissing you, though and you felt your mind go fuzzy from the feeling. It was like he left you breathless and completely unaware of your surroundings. As cliché as it sounded, he was this drug you couldn’t stop from drowning in.
His lips found your neck while his hands were quick to fondle with your waist and your chest. He gave you exactly what you needed.
You head was leaned back in satisfaction, breathing heavily.
When his tongue lapped over your skin and he began to get sneaky, his teeth grazed over certain areas on your neck. Your eyes were squeezed shut and your lips slightly parted from awe.
You knew he was a good kisser, but he must have been holding back so much during the production of your film.
As soon as his hand traveled up your tank top and his mouth began to leave wet kisses in the space between your neck and chest, you fingers curled up in his hair. You wanted more of him, but you couldn’t help your worrying thoughts as well.
What was going on?
When he found your lips again, you kept him still for a moment. It was just the two of you kissing, taking the other in and savoring the feeling.
You both separated, breathless. As your chests heaved, you swallowed.
“I don’t mean to be that person,” You spoke up, finally controlling your breathing. “But what are we doing?”
Tom smiled. “I think we’re kissing.”
You scoffed, but the smile forcing its way on your face allowed him to laugh. “I know that, but . . . is it for the same reasons?”
He paused then. “I kind of figured you knew I liked you.”
His smiled widened as he leaned his face into the crook of your neck once again. His lips managed to kiss the sensitive parts of your skin and you let a soft moan escape you.
You didn’t fail to notice the way his lower waist pressed against yours and that made you tighten your hold on him.
“It’s a bit obvious now,” you whispered as his hold on your waist tightened.
His tongue continued to focus on your chest and your jawline as he noticed it was your favorite. Your toes were scrunched up and your fists were grasping at his shirt.
When he lifted himself up and your body was left cold, you frowned. But once you saw his flexed arms lift the fabric off of his torso, you felt the air in your lungs leave you.
No matter how many times you’ve seen him, he was still so beautiful.
That awoken a different side of you and you lunge forward to wrap yourself around him again. He laughed at your sudden burst of energy and when his back was pushed against the mattress, he smiled at your confidence.
You straddled him easily and began to kiss again, his hands roaming up your back from under your shirt. His fingers noticed the space where your bra strap would be was empty and that aroused him more.
As you lowered your hips down onto his, your bodies were quick to react by grinding against one another. Both of your hands craved for more contact and it was all so new, but almost perfect considering your bodies knew just how to move against one another’s.
“Y/N,” he gasped between your kisses.
You hummed in response as he moved your waist in a perfect rhythm against him.
He pulled away to look you in the eye, soaking in your frazzled state. “I want this. I want you.”
You didn’t ignore the way he looked in such a vulnerable state. That ignited a different flame to abrupt inside of you and you didn’t hesitate to remove your top.
In mere seconds he moved to latch his mouth against your chest, his tongue giving your nipples much needed attention. Your head leaned back as you moaned and he pulled you in closer, his hands roaming up and down your delicate skin.
His fingers were at your waist then, helping you remove your cotton bottoms.
When you were left naked, you felt vulnerable. Tom noticed this and took a moment to push back a strand of your hair behind your ear. The both of you locked gazes and that’s when you knew that you were in good hands.
You were on your back again, your fingers interlocked with Tom’s hair as his lips maneuvered down your chest and along your bare stomach. His kisses were heavenly as he took his time savoring the taste of you.
Just as he reached your hips, he took notice to the way your breathing was quite erratic. He enjoyed knowing he made you react that way and his hands parted your legs, holding your thighs as he took in the sight of your wet, throbbing heat.
Your hands moved to squeeze the duvet under you, watching as his eyes glazed over with lust.
“Tom,” you whispered. “Please.”
“Please, what?” He smiled teasingly.
You whimpered once your head rested against the bed again. “Fuck me.”
And with that, he left open mouthed kisses along your inner thighs. You were left a shaking mess as you felt your cunt continue to throb. He noticed this and decided to play kindly.
Just as you thought he was going to continue his teasing, he surprised you when his tongue glided over your pussy from your entrance to your clit. That made you react with a shiver and your legs tightening around his shoulders.
He wrapped his arms around your waist to get a better hold and began to devour you to the point you saw stars. His tongue was lapping over your clit, every now and then slipping inside you as well. The erotic feeling of his tongue entering you caused you to go into a frenzy.
If one thing was for sure, it was that this man knew exactly how to eat a girl out.
His skilled tongue was perfectly massaging your clit. He would know when to slow down to make sure this lasted and would also know just how to get you to let out a loud moan, something that resembled the same sounds from porn.
He was quick to hold your legs apart when you felt the need to tighten them around him. His strength was really just another turn on. You adored the way he was able to be rough yet gentle when need be.
Just as you felt the need to cum soon, you began to cry out a mixture between moans and gasps.
“Fuck!” you heaved. “I’m so close!”
Tom felt himself moan into you, your legs starting to shake from the vibration. He felt his hard on twitch from anticipation and his undying need to watch you unwind underneath him.
Your hands began to tug at his locks, the peak of your high began crashing into you like a tidal wave. When an overwhelming amount of warmth flooded into your face, you whimpered and your body shivered from the strength of the orgasm.
You felt his lips detach from your clit and you almost whined in dismay. Your eyes met his as he hovered over you, his hair a disheveled mess.
“I love you,” he whispers.
That sends a bolt through you and you don’t know what to say for a second.
Your hand moves to his forehead, pushing back his hair from his eyes as he stares at you.
And then it hits you. You don’t have to think about it or worry over his confession. There was no need. You felt the exact same.
“I love you.”
He smiles at that and you notice that that was one that could light up an entire room. Everything about this man was just magnificent and he was marvelous in all his glory.
Before you could speak again, he starts to remove his sweat pants along with his boxers. You feel your chest tighten as you watch in awe.
As he throws the rest of his clothes to the side, you run a hand down his chest and then to his stomach. He watches you carefully, but you’re too focused on the muscles engraved into him. Your hand then slips to his lower abdomen, just above his pelvis.
His cock was hard and you wondered if it was painful. You sit up then to use your other hand and take ahold of him, your thumb massaging the precum along his tip.
He reacts by jutting his hips forward and he stifles a moan. Just as he thinks your done messing with him, he entangled his hand into your hair as you begin pumping his length into your palm.
“Fuck,” he heaves.
You flutter your lashes up at him as you continue your actions before pushing your head down to suck the head. He grunts, tightening his grip on your hair.
“Okay, baby,” he pants. “Lay back down.”
You do as told and he pulls your legs above his shoulders, quite pleased when he noticed how flexible you were.
“I can’t wait to have you cumming around my cock,” he murmured, his teeth grazing your earlobe.
You moaned softly at his words and let your hands massage your breasts. Tom enjoyed watching you try to get yourself off any way you could and began to tease your clit with the tip of his dick. It made you flinch and your swollen lips parted from pleasure.
“Please, please just come inside me.”
Tom placed his hand to your neck, squeezing the sides as you began to react quickly by whimpering.
“As you wish,” he whispered before allowing his cock to slowly enter you.
The both of you held back moans, soaking in the feeling of his throbbing length inside of you. You squeezed him in all the perfect ways and he was grazing your g-spot quite heavenly.
It didn’t take long for Tom to take that opportunity to move his hips. Your eyes were tightly shut, biting your bottom lip hard as you felt him pull all the way out only to slam right back into you.
You couldn’t contain the noises leaving you, relishing in this moment.
Tom enjoyed the way you writhed underneath him as well as the sounds leaving you. He took your legs and wrapped them around his waist, letting you reach over to attack his back with your nails.
He winced, but somewhat enjoyed the stinging. He got a good rhythm, your breasts moving from the friction. He didn’t hesitate to help give you more pleasure by fondling with your chest, his finger and thumb rolling your nipple. Your reaction was more than enough for him.
“Oh, right there!” You gasped, your hips yearning to move along with his.
At this request, he did as told. He shifted his weight to apply more pressure into his waist, giving more power in his thrusts. Soon, he was pounding into you so well that your vision was going fuzzy.
“You like it rough, darling?” he grunted, his hand still at your neck.
You placed your hand over his, squeezing it so he knew to choke you harder. He smirked before doing as requested and keeps fucking you just the same.
Tom let’s his head lean back a bit, focusing on the way you feel around him. “You take me so well, baby.”
Your head was thrown back by now, crying out from the pleasure overthrowing any other thought in your head.
Tom takes this opportunity to use his other hand to go to your clit, his thumb massaging it vertically.
That seemed to have done the trick for you as your body began to go rigid. Tom felt you clench around his cock, groaning from the pressure. He keeps the same rhythm even just as he cums, his hot seed filling you up.
“Ah,” he hisses, his hips still moving to get you to finish. He watched the way his cock was entering you repeatedly, still clearly aroused by the way you took him.
Just as he predicted, you were cumming around him in mere seconds after. Your toes were scrunched up along with your hands that entangled themselves in the duvet. Your chest was heaving up and down as you caught your breath, your mind becoming sluggish.
Tom’s body finally rests, collapsing onto you and he hides his face into the nape of your neck. You’re both warm against one another and you place a cool hand on his forehead. He sighs from this and you feel him twitch inside of you.
You look up to the ceiling, your heartbeat still trying to settle.
“Wow,” you murmur.
“Wow,” Tom confirms, his breath still uneven.
“Really good job.” You chuckle, catching your breath as you hold him closely.
That makes him chuckle along, kissing your neck gently. “Oh, thanks.”
He begins to pepper your skin in wet kisses that cause you to clench his length as he’s still inside you. You don’t fail to see the way his body tenses up.
“Don’t do that,”
You pout. “Well, I can’t help it.”
He only continues to kiss your skin and soaks in the way you react so easily to his touch.
“Tom,” you breathe out. “I’m gonna want you to fuck me again.”
You feel him smile against your neck. “Can I?”
That shocks you. “You can go again?”
“It’s called stamina, darling.”
You both laugh at that, but he is quick to shut you up with a kiss. It lasts as he takes your face into his hands, being sure to kiss you deeply and slowly. You love the way it makes your mind go blank and you feel as if you’re putty in his hands. He’s breathing life into you from just a kiss.
“Were you being honest earlier?” he whispers against your lips, his eyes opening to look at you.
Your forehead was leaned against his and you nod. “I meant it. Did you?”
“Of course I meant it. I said it first willingly.”
“Still, I’m just making sure,” You pause before caressing his cheek. “I don’t want to get hurt.”
He shakes his head. “Me neither.”
You try to hide a smile before saying, “I love you, Tom.”
He gives a bashful smile back before tracing your lips with his thumb. “I love you, Y/N.”
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loverholland · 3 months ago
strings attached
Tumblr media
pairing: rich kid! fuckboy! fwb! tom holland x rich kid! fem! reader au | request | original | prompt summary: no strings attached was the agreement. word count: 4,700 warnings: mentions of drinking, mentions of mary j, mentions of friends with benefits relationship, & sexual and strong language used. a/n: this is, as requested, fuckboy tom but kind of with a twist. i hope you enjoy this, nonnie!
Tumblr media
Going to a party wasn’t really a part of the agenda for today, it was quite the contrary. She had been stressed from working as an intern at her father’s company in Northern London and was going to spend her night unwinding to the newest Bachelorette episode while doing a face mask and sipping on the wine her mom bought her earlier in the week. She wasn’t too sure why, but she appreciated the thought. But the night turned around when her best friend, Cheryl, aka Cherry, had told her that Tom was going to a party, one that she didn’t know about. She didn’t originally want to come, she knew how it would look, and it wasn’t her favorite look. It made her look obsessive in a way, but she didn’t think she was. Cherry was the one who asked, not only because of Tom, but because a few of their mutual friends were there. So, Y/N agreed.
Y/N: hey, i’m going to be at a house party tonight! if you see me, text me! :) x
She wanted to keep it casual and like she wasn’t going to be in the same place as him. But she knew that 217 Liberty Avenue was exactly where he was. She felt wrong for being here. Wrong for letting Cherry bring her to the same party Tom was at. Y/N sighed as Cherry interlinked her fingers with Y/N’s. They stood outside for a moment, the loud rap music pounding the walls.
“Did he reply?” Cherry asked, big green eyes looking up at her.
“No clue.” Y/N replied honestly, moving her free hand to her back pocket of her black ripped skinny jeans and pulling out her phone. She went through the Face ID and pressed on the light green icon to see her messages. She saw his contact and her message, biting her lip. She pressed his contact, darting to the Read at 9:45pm tag. She felt a pang in her heart and a helpless breath of air leaving her lips, her shoulders slugging and fingers unlinking as she locked her phone again. “No. He didn’t.”
“Oh sweetie,” Cherry’s hands touched her shoulders and she laid her head on Y/N’s arm, which was partly covered by the dark green, silk Gucci shirt she was wearing. It was much like Tom’s and she hated that it matched, especially when they’re going through whatever they’re going through.
“I’m sorry. He’s not worth it anyways. We can go drink and have the time of our lives, alright?” She smiled, eyes growing large as she began to drag Y/N to the door. It was white and large and was pushed open with very little force. The music became louder and the lights were dark with pink and green disco lights. It was fucking fantastic and she wished so deeply she had a gram of ouid on her or something. But, she didn't, so whatever.
Cherry dragged her through the crowd of people and into the kitchen where the liquor sat out. Cherry immediately got a recyclable shot glass and one of the bottles, pouring 2 shots out.
“One shot for you,” she pushed one glass to Y/N. “And one for me.” She smiled and picked up the shot glass, raising it. Y/N did the same and clinked theirs together. Y/N pressed the lip of the shot glass against her strawberry red lips and tilted her head back, allowing the nail polish remover to run down her throat.
“Gross.” Y/N started and sat the glass down, looking at Cherry.
“Oh, whatever!” She laughed, “I’m going to make you a drink.” And with that, she bounced off, heels clickity-clackiting across the floor. Her blonde curls bounced over her shoulders and she made sure she was known to be there, such a big personality for such a small human. Y/N sighed and leaned against the counter, fingers tapping on the wood. She was bored but she didn’t want to look at her phone. It reminded her of Tom, weirdly enough. Being reminded of him wasn’t bad, oh God no, it was quite nice. She couldn’t help wonder what he was talking about and how the words would look forming across her lips. If he was thinking about what it would be like to completely destroy her in the closets bathroom. Maybe taking her in the back of his car, again, before taking her back home to properly do the job. She definitely thought about it and it made her miss him more.
Y/N bit her lip as she battled with herself on actually looking at her phone. Another huff and suddenly her phone is up and being unlocked with Face ID. Y/N admired her home screen for a moment, a picture of her, Tom, Harrison, and Cherry at the Eiffel Tower in París. They had gone on vacation a few months back together after she officially graduated with her Bacholors. The photo was bright and they each held a champagne flute. Tom’s fingers were interlocked with hers and they both shared bright smiles. Y/N loved the picture and she often wondered if Tom knew that was her home screen.
Y/N tapped on the yellow Snapchat icon, swiping left immediately to see the stories posted by her friends. Cherry was first, a few snaps from before she had left her apartment to meet with you. Then a video of her doing a shot. Typical. Then it was Y/N’s younger sister, Charity, a 16 year old who was basically Y/N’s younger twin. Charity and a few of her friends had gone to the country club today. Playing golf and going swimming, the typical things. Tapping on, was Harrison’s story. There was a video of Harrison and Tom taking a shot, Tom’s face scrunched up and he stuck out his tongue.
“Gross.” Tom said disgustingly as Harrison laughed.
Y/N giggled and with another tap she was at Tom’s story.
He had posted a shirtless picture to his private story, a bulge very prominent in his grey sweats. Was this in the story only meant for her? Yup! Fuck. He looked absolutely delightful, but with another tap, she saw a photo of him with a girl in his lap. She rolled her eyes and swiped down and off of the stories before swiping to the camera. She sat her phone against one of the many bottles, stepping a few feet back to take an equally hot picture of herself. She made sure to accentuate her hips and her chest, throwing her head back, the way she knows Tom likes. Her hair draped loosely over her shoulders and then, the picture was done. She checked it, made sure that it was up to her standards before adding a GIF to go along with it.
Before she knew it, a hand clasped over her shoulder, making her jump out of fear. She turned around quickly, stabiling herself with the counter, mentally readying herself to start swinging but it was only her best friend who was standing in front of her with a large grin on her face.
“Try it!” Cherry smiled and pushed the red solo cup into Y/N’s hands. Y/N looked down at the brown liquid in the cup, raising an eyebrow at Cherry before bringing the edge of the cup to her lips and taking the smallest sip of it. It tasted like the drink she almost always gets; fireball and coke. Y/N could laugh at the way Cherry whispered a soft “How’d I do?”
Y/N smacked her lips and smiled at Cherry. “You did perfect.” Y/N complimented. “Fireball and coke is a good choice.”
“Well, I know that it’s usually what you get and you told me explicitly that you could not have anything other than fireball, which I still don’t understand because fireball makes you angry sometimes and I don’t know if you’re looking for a fight, but all I’m saying is to let me know before you start throwing down with some bitch because I need to make sure I get it on video.” Cherry rambled, leaning onto the counter to try and leverage herself.
“I’m not going to fight anyone.” Y/N responded, sipping on the drink again. Cherry laughed a pitiful laugh.
“You say that and then someone's going to look at Tom wrong an-” Cherry paused and with wide eyes, looked at her best friend. “Oh no, I'm so sorry I-”
“You're right. I promise I won't fight anyone tonight.”
Cherry smiled and lept onto Y/N, arms catching her neck in a hug, one that Y/N was all too familiar with. She wrapped her arms around Cherry's waist and squeezed her for a moment.
“I love you.” Cherry whispered into Y/N’s ear.
And with that they separated. Cherry smiled up and her before kissing her cheek and removing herself completely.
“Do you mind if I go find Charolette? She said she was going to be here.”
“Yeah. I'll stay here.”
“Are you sure?”
“Yeah. If anything changes I'll text you.” Y/N smiled and Cherry returned it, skipping away as her heels clacked against the hardwood floor.
And there Y/N was, once again, alone. Y/N sighed and turned so her back faced the archway, unlocking her phone again and going to respond to a few of the messages she had ignored. This wasn’t her best idea, by far. She didn’t want to be here and knowing that Tom was with someone else and didn’t tell her, made it a bit worse for her. But, Cherry wanted her to have a good time and she would. Especially when they get to go to a breakfast diner later, which was all Y/N needed to be convinced to come out tonight, other than her friends, of course. But she was just tired. Annoyed.
“Y/N?” a familiar voice sounded, causing Y/N to jump again. Damn. She turned on her heel quickly, looking at the blonde man standing in front of her. Harrison Otwrfield. Tom Holland’s best friend and one of her most seen friends. He's not a close friend of hers, not even a “friend”, some would say. More of an acquaintance, if anything. But he was always with Tom and she saw Tom regularly, making Harrison a regular with her. But she  didn't trust him. Not for a good reason, she just doens’t trust blonde men, just something about them screams WRONG WAY!
No clue why, they just do.
“Hm?” She hummed, hiking one of her eyebrows up. She lifted her drink and took a large swig before titling it to point at him. “Go on, what do you need?”
“I didn't know you were going to be here.” He simply stated.
“I could say the same.” She looked him up and down. “Daddy’s money” screamed from the Rolex on his wrist and the Gucci belt he wore. “Want a shot?” Y/N asked, turning her back to Harrison, taking the closet vodka. Blue raspberry. How cute.
Taken aback, Harrison chuckled. “You already have a drink.” He mentioned.
“So? Is that a no?”
“Your limit is like 2. Plus, Tom would kill me if you got too drunk.”
“Oh, so now you're watching out for me?” She scoffed, turning around with both shots in between her fingers. “It's one shot compared to the drink I have.”
“Which is?”
“None of your business.” She snapped. “If you're asking for Tom, you can tell him he can ask himself.” She sat the extra shot glass down before tapping the remaining one, throwing it back in a swift gulp.
Y/N grabbed her drink, palm over the opening just so no one can easily slip anything into it. She didn't know where she was going, but it was going to be the next less crowded space in the house. She had to push past bodies, some would give her looks and others would call out her name to get to stop and talk. But she never did, she just continued walking past and towards a corner on the other side of the room. It was small but there weren't many people and it was still in view of the dance floor, so she could give Cherry an exact location. Y/N much preferred to be reliable when they go out and drink. She's had one too many times of over drinking and needing a sitter and not having one, that's when Cherry came into the picture. She was somehow a saving grace and Y/N just wanted to offer that back to her.
Y/N let out the air she had been holding, relaxing her shoulders for a minute. She reached and grabbed her phone and opened her messages, going to Cherry’s contact
Y/N: i'm over by the backyard door. it's close to the DJ area. had to move bc of Haz.
She knew this wasn't the best type of buddy system but it's always worked for them. They have their location for one another on everything and they share their location at all times. Y/N wouldn't let anything happen to Cherry and vice versa. Neither of them ever wanted to overstep when they partied so having a system where one person can drink a little bit but not enough to inhabit them to walk home. The other one on the other hand can drink as much as they want. Sometimes if they had rides, usually Tom and Harrison, they both would drink. But only them would they both be wasted together.
Y/N lifted her drink and repositioned her hand before taking another large swig. She watched over the party, tapping her fingers along to the music. It wasn't good but it was okay. She knew exactly what she wanted to listen to so she unlocked her phone, pulling up Cherry’s contact again.
Y/N: come meet me over here im going to put on Majesty and we HAVE TO DANCE TO IT!
She quickly went to the phone on the chair, the phone was unlocked and already on Spotify. Nice. Um… Search… Majesty… Nicki-Aha! Y/N swiped left and queued the song, going into the already queued and moving it up to the 4th song. Enough time for Cherry to text her back.
Y/N finishes her drink by the time Cherry shows up. She’s alone, unlike many of the times before, but her pink lips still wore the cheekiest smile.
“Missed you!” She said and Y/N repeated the words back. “When's the song going to play?”
“After this one.”
“Okay!” Cherry clapped, taking one of her hands and grabbing Y/N’s, taking them close to the center of the dance floor. Cherry stood in front of her, her hips beginning to move and her arms rising above her. “Let’s move, baby!”
The song started a minute later and Cherry took Y/N’s hands again, moving them so that Y/N would begin moving her hips a bit, and it worked. Time stopped for a moment as they dance and sang together, Cherry turning to dance against Y/N, giggling as they danced with one another. Their hands interlinked as Y/N helped spin Cherry a bit, dropping low with her and following the lead of her best friend. The song naturally fell from their lips; one of the most listened to songs for both of them and the movements were rehearsed in their kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms and anywhere whenever the song came on.
They even had specific parts they would sing in the car with one another. Y/N and Cherry took turns rapping Eminiems words as they danced with one another as the highway’s went by. The world all melting together while they drove down with the sunroof open and with the windows down, the world all becoming a memory. A memory that she cherished every day of her life.
“Like I'm a meteorite, and motherfuck the fucking media / Right in the behind, I'm a human encyclopedia / I must be like pie crust because I was bread to rise like I was yeast.” The girls screamed to one another and as the next words came up and the syllables left Y/N’s lips, there was a voice she knew all too well.
“And you're never gonna reach these heights / They're just too high to reach / And I ain't even reached my fuckin' highest / You better pick another game / try hide-and-seek-” Thomas fucking Holland rapped in her ear. His voice was low and one of the sexiest things she’s heard him do. He always said he hated this song and he just comes out here bang rapping? Y/N deeply swallowed as Tom’s rough hands touched her bicep, squeezing softly.
Y/N turned and looked at him. She could feel Cherry’s hand on her shoulder as well. Tom’s face was stone cold, red with frustration, she assumed. His eyes held so much annoyance that she was concerned about whatever was going on because he didn't have a right to be angry at her dancing with Cherry, right?
“Hi.” Y/N greeted.
“We're going home.” Tom said sternly. Y/N went to fight back but Cherry squeezed her shoulder.
“I think he's right.” She agreed.
“We're going home.” Tom removed his hand from her bicep and instead draped his arm over her shoulder, guiding her to the front door. Dumbfounded by Cherry's agreement and Tom's sudden intimacy that he refused to ever show in this sort of public eye. The hand holding pictures are only some that are taken, they always take some holding hands and then some where there's no touching.
She bumped into people as she was led towards the door, which Tom opened for both of the women he was leading out. Harrison was standing at his black matte BMW, arms crossed as he watched the three of them walk out. Cherry walked from around them and towards Harrison. Was this planned? Y/N’s eyebrows knitted together in curiosity.
Tom led Y/N to his car, not saying anything. It was a white Lexus, one of the newer models. It had red leather seats and matte black accents. She absolutely fucking loved his car, for more than one reason but she couldn't imagine him wanting to fuck after they've both drank. They both agreed a long time ago that we won't sleep together if we're drunk, at least right now.
Tom opened the passenger side door and Y/N ducked in. Settling on the warm leather that summer brought . Tom walked over to the driver side, settling in before looking over at Y/N, eyes looking over her body. The black sheer lace hugging her torso like none other, and the ripped black jeans looked fantastic. Not to mention the black heels she wore. Her hair fell perfect around her face.
“I thought you didn't like Majesty?” Y/N murmured, a hand buckling the seatbelt before crossing her arms.
“I don't.”
“Oh whatever.” She kicked and looked out the window. Tom huffed and pressed a few buttons, a woman's voice saying “bluetooth'' spoke up and he did a bit more. She didn’t watch him, she just knows from all the times before when she did watch him. Tom would do this every time they left somewhere, he refused to listen to the radio. “What playlist are you putting on?”
“Does it matter?”
Y/N scoffed and rolled her eyes, turning her head to look at him. “Why of course it does. You know it does! I don’t want to sit in whatever this is without a good playlist at least.”
“What don’t you want to sit in?”
Y/N took a deep breath before releasing everything she’s wanted to say. “Everything that’s been happening over the past few weeks. You’ve ignored my texts and my calls, you never come over anymore and everytime you post on your story it’s something suggestive and all I want to do is tell you how good you look but I don’t feel like I can because you’re not even talking to me.
I don’t understand what’s changed because I would tell you how fucking good you looked and you always responded. Not just to those texts but you responded to every single one. Showing up to parties, wanting a cuddle buddy or just need someone to talk to. You’ve always been there so what fucking happened?”
Tom stared at her for a moment before smiling and shaking his head, pressing the start button and putting his left hand on the wheel. Tom looked over his shoulder and began to pull out from his spot, completely ignoring Y/N’s question. She scoffed and leaned her head back dramatically, rolling her eyes.
“What’s wrong now?” He asked.
“Answer my question.”
Another scoff from her lips. “Because I don’t understand it! You ignore me one minute and then you’re taking me home planning…” she gestured with her hands “...something! I don’t understand what’s happening, Thomas! If you want to end this, then fine! It’s ended, no worries because no strings attached right?” She ranted, tears swelling in her eyes, choking back tears.
“We’re not going to talk about this right now.” He huffed out, falling back into the driver’s seat. “We’ll talk about it later.”
“When’s later? A month from now when you get off your high horse?”
“No, I just want to be parked.”
There was a moment of silence while the soft music from their Fast Approach, a classical playlist. She’s so frustrated but she knows he’s right for wanting to be safe and she couldn’t blame him. “Fine.”
Tom rolled his shoulders and sighed, turning up the volume so that 4 Romantic Pieces played over their thoughts, which were consuming her mind. She felt so much adrenaline, not really knowing if she was in the right but goddamn she was sick and tired of him not answering her. He never acted like this before, all touchy and quiet about how he felt. He always let you know when he didn’t like something. Anytime some guy would begin to dance with her, he always seemed to fuck her like no other had, jealous would rush through his veins and he would make sure that everyone knew she was supposedly his. Leaving bite marks and bruises up and down her breasts and neck.
The drive back to her apartment was long and drewey. She didn’t want to hear his reasons for not talking to her. She was afraid of her heart being broken like time and time again. She would never admit the crush on Tom that she gained with their relationship. No one truly understood that it wasn’t purely just a flirtatious or sexual relationship and it was hard for her to accept the romantic feelings that she slowly began to develop.
They saw each other almost every single night. They would binge watch shows or make playlists and drive around the city. They would get take out and go to bookstores and they made each other one too many things. Too many to throw out, that’s for sure. Fuck, Tom had a drawer at her apartment! He always kept a nice suit at her apartment, gray joggers, a hoodie, a few shirts, changes of underwear and his toiletry products. She had much of the same at his apartment, just adding in some make-up. She found so much peace in his touch, love in his kiss and releif in his words. She couldn’t imagine him going away.
She couldn’t imagine this going away. She’s upset, sure, but the world was everything to her because of him. He took her on drives around the city, always pointing out things. Always taking her somewhere new, whether it is to a new bar or some high class restaurant. She would tell him about the little things, what she appreciated out of life. She would tell him everything and anything he wanted to know, amazed by her mind. She had a Bachlors in Buisness Management from New York Univerity. She wanted a Masters and possible a PhD. She was beyond smart and he couldn’t imagine how her brain works and that’s what he loved most, he told her everytime she said something he didn’t know. The words always followed with a sincere smile.
He’s everything she ever imagined. He’s everything she’s ever needed and the way her heart began to break over the idea of losing him was a lot. Too much in some ways.
She watched the streetlamps pass and took a deep breath as Tom pulled into the parking lot next to her apartment building, bringing the car to a stop in one of the open spots. Y/N didn’t watch him as he turned off the headlights and still didn’t budge when he turned to look at her, a hand gripping the stearing  wheel.
“So,” Tom pursed his lips. “Want to talk about it?”
“Fuck you, Tom.” She laughed and tilted her head down as she tongued at her cheek. “I just want to know what happened. It’s fine if you want to end it. I don’t care, okay? I just want to understand and have a solid ending.”
Tom sighed and turned to face the front again. He stared through the windshield, at the bushes in front of them. It was silent with only Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven and Luke Woodapple playing in the background. Y/N sniffled once or twice as she tried to control the intense emotions of frustration begin to welt up in her eyes. She just wanted answers and once again, he’s not answering. He’s leaving her hanging again.
“What changed, Tom?”
The question was much quiter than everything she had said before. Finally letting the tears roll down her cheeks as a flood of emotions hit her all at once. Everyone felt like it was falling apart and the world wasn’t going to stop turning for her. She had never felt such heart break. Not even when she was stabbed in the back in college or when her “high school sweetheart” cheated on her. Nothing could compare to this pain that her heart felt.
The world paused for a moment as the words registered in her brain. What does he mean her? There’s no fucking way. She stared at Tom, arms unfolding as tears continued to fall down her cheeks and onto her chest. So many dots felt like they still weren’t connected, but at the same, so many were connecting. Y/N wanted to protest, but Tom beat her to speaking.
“Haz has been on my arse about this for the last month, okay? He’s known forever and Cherry started hopping on the train. I don’t want us to end, I just don’t know what to do because this wasn’t the plan. The plan wasn’t to fall in love with you. You just… changed everything for me. You bring me soup when I’m sick and you let me come over when I can’t bear to be home. There’s no one with a touch like yours and…” a huff as Tom pushed his loose curls back. “...I didn’t know what to do than to get other girls to replace it and no one did and then you just because home and you just became everything I needed. I don’t even know when it happened or how, it just did and now, here we are.”
Tom sighed, giving Y/N the softest smile as he gestured as a way to say ‘there you go.’ And there it was. Her questions were answered, in a way. The worries she had before were now gone and although her heart still ached, she also felt calm. He felt the same. Y/N laughed softly as she wiped the tears, sniffling as she continued giggling.
“What’s funny?” He asked. “You can’t just laugh at me when I’m telling you there are strings attached.” He whined, making Y/N laugh a bit harder, looking over at him.
“Just kiss me, loser.”
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hollandsour · 3 months ago
Hey so I always picture this that like Tom is in an interview and like we’re his wife and we have a baby together and like while his in an interview he sees us trying to quiet the baby but it’s not working so he helps in the middle of it thank you 🥰
Fatherhood Calls
These last few weeks, you and Tom had been traveling the world along with Jacob Batalon and Zendaya. The Spider-Man: No Way Home press tour had started, just weeks after your son was born. Due to the circumstances, Tom won't leave his wife and his newborn baby for months. So, you both decided it was better if you traveled along with him and his castmates.
You were behind the cameras and crewmen, watching your husband answer questions about his new movie with your baby boy. Tom would constantly look up to check on both of you. He would find you looking at him while his son was in your arms, sleeping, a loving sight for him. Tom smiled back, looking back at the interviewer.
¨So Tom, what was it like to come back as Spiderman after being part of such an intense movie as Cherry?¨ The interviewer asked. Tom nodded, thinking of an answer.
¨Well, as an actor I enjoy different roles. Filming Cherry was massively different from what filming Spider-Man felt like, but that's part of it all. It does feel nice to get back to where everything kinda started-¨ Tom talking was interrupted by faint cries in the background. He wasn't sure if Jacob and Zendaya heard them, though. It was more of a fatherly instinct. Tom decided to brush it off, thinking it was probably only him.
¨Yes! Jacob and I are still big nerds in this movie. I think that is a really important detail in the whole Peter, Ned friendship.¨ Tom answered another random question in the interview. While he was busy talking, you were busy trying to calm your baby down. He started crying all of a sudden, and being new to the whole parent thing, was a real struggle in this type of situation. You tried rocking your body and singing to him, but it didn't work. He wasn't hungry or tired. He was just crying.
At this point, everyone could hear the baby cry, even Tom. You were trying so hard to shush him, but nothing was working. Luckily for Tom and the rest, the sounds were almost soundless due to the set-up of the studio. But Tom, Tom was definitely hearing his son's cries loud and clear. He tried so hard to concentrate, but his mind would go to his wife, struggling to keep their son quiet.
¨What was your Favorite memory from filming?¨
¨For me, I-i would say maybe- Could, could you give me a second please?¨ Tom asked the interviewer, standing up from his chair. Tom went straight to you and your son.
¨Everything alright Darling?¨ He asked, approaching you. He took your son from your arms, attempting to calm his cries down.
¨I didn't mean for you to gets distracted. Sorry.¨ You pursed your lips.
¨My love, it's ok¨ He kissed your forehead ¨This isn't your fault, ok?¨
¨Ok¨ In a matter of seconds, your son was sleeping again. You didn't understand how Tom did it. He was amazing at everything, and you loved it. He gave you the baby back again, making his way back to the interview.
¨Sorry guys, fatherhood calls!¨
Talk to me :)
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devotion · 12 months ago
tummy rubs → t.h
Tumblr media
summary: tom loves to take care of you during your period. up until the boys find out about your unusual behaviour and start teasing you about certain things.
warnings: lots of allusions to sex but fluff overall, very suggestive, harrison and co being (hilarious) dicks to y/n and tom, period talk, mentions of porn.
notes: very convenient that i'm on my period right now. and all i want is domestic bliss.
word count: 1.5k+ | masterlist
within only moments of finding out that you were on your period, the inevitable pain kicks off in your lower belly, making you stop in your tracks towards your bedroom.
you cursed under your breath, only wanting to shove yourself under the covers and take a nap. to make matters worse, by the time you shut your door, you felt the pain worsening in your abdomen and that horrible feeling of what was going on down there. the need to get in bed only intensified the more you thought about it.
somehow, throughout the whole ordeal, you didn't notice tom, or moreso, actually acknowledged his presence. and although you've been dating for quite some time, you haven't exactly lived with tom and the boys since you met. typically because he'd be at work and so would you.
which is why the concern on your boyfriend's face only grew the closer you got to your bed since you came through your bedroom door. the noises of pain you whined was enough for him to approach you in an instant.
immediately when you grabbed the duvet, your hand was caught with tom's - in which you slapped away to get hold of the comfort inbetween the sheets.
you heard a wince behind you not long after. it was when you were cuddling yourself in a foetal position that you saw tom standing next to the bed, clear worry still written all over his face.
even then with no understanding of how you were really feeling, he sat down, a hand nearing your head to soothe down your hair.
tom decided to lay down besides you, examining your expression ─ a mix between a grimace or a frown portrayed on your face. it was evident that you were in a lot of pain.
"love?" he asked in a whisper. you let out a hum in response, signalling him to continue, "did you get hurt?"
you shook your head with all the energy you could muster at the time, eventually asking him to retrieve you a hot water bottle. he was quick to get one and pop the kettle on to do so.
however, he had totally forgotten about his mum coming over that day. the confusion plastered on her face at her son, who was absorbed in thought, at once disappeared when she noticed what he had in his hands.
a while later, with enough information from his mother and items in order to come to your aid, he was upstairs, taking care of your needs - whatever they may have been. he was extremely patient with your mood swings, too, to no surprise - even if it's only been around half an hour that he's tried to massage your sides and back to relieve the awful cramps.
it was possibly the least he could do for your ongoing and never-ending support for him and his career and being there for him when nobody else was - a gift he would always be thankful for.
many uncomfortable positions around the bed afterwards, you settled on the edge of the bed, with tom kneeling in between your legs, and his hands and fingers continuing to work nimbly on parts of your stomach.
he kept up with rubbing circles wherever you asked him to - upon which you never forgot to say that you loved him for his tender affection he was showing you.
finally, you said to tom that you felt miles better than you did a while ago. and so did he - knowing that you looked at peace and far from the agony you endured prior to this.
tom's upper half moved down so his face was in level with your own, puckering his lips after he mumbled, "babyyyy."
you giggled at his wish to kiss you. then, without contemplating any further, you slid your hand into the back of his head, fingers weaving into the curls you adored so much.
hands still proceeding to trace your hips, the door opened, revealing a shocked and very surprised tuwaine. both of you hadn't heard anything yet until:
"absolutely mingin' what the actual f-" he came out with, there and then squeezing his eyes shut and turning away. yet, he didn't leave at that point. and all you and tom did was stop kissing. because you weren't technically doing anything wrong.
but to tuwaine - all he thought was that you were doing something else other than just simple tummy rubs. the angle (behind tom's back, specifically) didn't seem to help either.
"tom bro, you could've at least made some noise or locked the freaking door."
tom ascended from you to sit perched amidst your thighs, his warm hands also leaving your body at that, to your disappointment.
tom replied, "mate, we're fully clothed."
"so?" tuwaine quipped back, finally looking at you both, eyebrows wiggling in a humorous way, "you can do all sorts with clothes on."
"well, we're not doing what you think we're doing." tom moved next to your figure as you also sat up to pull a face at him.
"whatever, kids." he responded, then quickly added,
"sheath that knife, she ain't your wife."
and as soon as tuwaine banged the door shut, tom was at the door, intending to chase after his friend. but by the time he was there, your glare had already softened and he heard your laugh - your sweet laugh - and the irritation he felt instantly melted. like music to his ears.
it wasn't long when he joined in to laugh with you too, bringing you closer to snuggle up with him and to kiss your forehead.
as soon as the laughter died down, tom declared, "you're not laughing about the wife part, are you?"
throughout that day and given that it was your first week staying with them, the boys in the household had grown suspicious to your weird behaviour; the complete opposite to the bubbly persona they were used to.
nicki had gone by then. it also seemed that tuwaine hadn't told them about what he had seen a few hours ago - since his face was indifferent to whenever tom came close to you and rubbed your back at times when you made a face at absolutely nothing.
deep into the night, you were all seated on the floor in a circle by the gas fire, drinks at hand and playing the widely known game: truth and dare (making sure to refuse alcohol when the chance came about).
it was all fooling around and having fun - which the boys didn't seem to suspect a thing - until a few rounds in, you felt your back aching again. you did your best to try stretching a little. but tom being tom, wasn't subtle about it at all.
when his hand again came over to your lower back, harry sensed the uncertainty the hundredth time that day and didn't hesitate to pipe up, "okay, what's up with you two? you've been acting weird all day now, i'm getting pissed."
you raised your eyebrows at his forwardness, not surprised nonetheless, and shrugged, your eyebrows furrowing a bit as you feel a jab in your stomach. thereafter, haz asked the question that was totally unexpected,
"you pregnant, y/n?"
you heard sam's plate crash onto the laminate flooring, breaking the thick silence almost immediately.
"no fucking way-" sam started and there was an eager tone in his voice when he carried on, "-oh my god, please tell me i have a niece or nephew coming on the way and this smashed plate will be worth it."
tom widened his eyes - his brain processing the information slowly somehow. and ultimately, when he found the appropriate words, he spoke, "first off, she's not pregnant-"
"-oh for fuck's sake," sam muttered under his breath, already getting up to clean up his dinner that fell onto the floor.
tom, although actually loving the idea, retorts, "if we were having a child, i’m pretty sure i would be buying a house and decorating it for our baby but anyway."
our baby tugs at your heartstrings immensely. you’re sure you fell in love with him a little more.
"she's yanno... monthly stuff," and he closed his eyes, mentally slapping himself for sounding immature and it made you snicker loudly, "she's on her period."
everyone's faces then seemed to have registered what he had said, whilst you bit your lip to hide the smile at their boyish awkwardness. though, harry seemed unfazed,
"oh, so no sex, huh?" he quizzed.
you pursed your lips before responding simply, "you can totally have sex; i just choose not to."
"how's that going since you're like fucking horny rabbits?"
tuwaine scrunched his face in a grimace, "already saw that today. please don't remind me," and turns his face to look at harrison and harry, “i’m telling you, probably because i’ve not got dicked down for a long while now but i swear it looked like i was watching porn─”
"─i was rubbing her stomach!"
harrison snorted and tuwaine joined in, liking where this was going and seeing their best mate's red face was actually worth it.
tom insisted, "fuckin' ell just shut up, mate."
"ah, so ive been told that a few days after a girl's off her period, there's a high chance of conception," haz interjected, dismissing tom's comment, whilst he wiggled his eyebrows, "what you gonna do?"
the more you sat there, the more the urge to laugh was getting increasingly difficult to suppress - but your embarrassment resembled to that of your boyfriend's and there was no getting out of it.
yet if you were honest, you wished you had gone out of the living room by then when tom had told them,
"i'll fuck her senseless. what are you gonna do about it?"
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deathlycupidd · 7 months ago
tipsy ❀ p. parker
Tumblr media
ꕤ creds to the gif owner , ty(: ꕤ
▸ summary:  reader gets a lil too tipsy at liz’s party. peter briefly drops his self-assigned mission to make sure she’s okay.
▸ warnings: under-age drinking.
▸ word count: 2.3k
▸ a/n: i’ve been v busy and have a few requests in my drafts i need to write up (no, i haven’t been ignoring ur requests i promise!) but i’ll definitely be back to regularly posting maybe in 2 weeks? i’ve got so many exams i need to prepare for atm.
“She’s asking for you, dude!” Ned whisper shouts into his phone, excitement lacing his encouraging words.
Peter’s phone almost slips out of his hand, a wave of shock pulsing through his veins, “Wh- What?” He lightly chuckles in almost disbelief, jaw slacking into a permanent doubtful grin.
Ned turns around hesistantly, preparing for the damage you’re drunkenly causing as Ned leaves you unsupervised briefly. And there you are, balancing a ping pong on your nose as the group of boys who were previously playing beer pong now crowd around you.
“No way!” They cheer in a similar drunken state as you hold a perfect balance despite the vodka buzzing through your body.
“I told you guys!” You retaliate, allowing the ball to roll from your nose back into your hand.
Ned turns back around, phone pressed tightly to his ear in order to hear Peter’s shock-strikken voice. “She’s taken a few too many shots...” Ned understates.
Without a moments notice a voice though Ned’s microphone spoke, “On my way.” Before the line goes dead.
Ned reluctantly approaches you, gently taking your wrist into his almost bear-like paws. Your eyes meet his, a smile painting your rosy lips.
“Ted!” You stuttered and slurred, slinging your arms around him.
“It’s Ned,” He mumbled so gently you almost couldn’t hear it over the music booming through the floorboards.
You pulled out the hug, an innocent pout playing at your lips, “That’s what I said.”
Ned slightly shook his head before dropping the short-lived topic. “Peter said he’s on his way.”
“Peterrr,” Your eyes lit up with a grin tugging at your lips as the image of the brunette boy popped into your head.
Excitedly you spun around, probably a little too fast for the vodka swirling around in your head as you quickly lost balance.
Eyes squeezed tightly shut, you braced for impact against the hardwood floor. Instead, your body went limp in a pair of strong arms which was eventually helped you back into your feet.
Your eyes slowly rise to meet a pair of softer brown ones, eyebrows drooped in sympathy and compassion.
“You’re a hero-“ Peter could immediately smell the straight vodka on your breath, voice slow as if you were concentrating on not slipping up on your words
“Wh- what? No- um no I’m not,” His chuckle was harsh and forced, anxiety leaking out of every syllable.
You didn’t seem to pick up on this, feverish hands wrapping around his waist, mumbling against him, “You’re my hero.”
Shock had stiffened the teenage boy as Ned watched in anticipation. The girl of his dreams draped against his body, cheek pressed against his lower chest. You and Peter rarely talked, maybe twice a week at most with short and basic conversations but the glances you shared during lessons, rosy blushes painting both your cheeks, said way more. As did the conversations you two shared with your friends behind the others back.
“You totally think Peter’s cute!” Gwen giggled teasingly, nudging your shoulder slightly as you both walked side by side down the hallway.
“Do not!” You desperately protested, head flickering rapidly towards your auburn-haired-friend.
You could hear Gwen’s soft chatter fading into the background, probably continuing the argument but all you had focused on was the way Peter had turned around to face you, a grin on his face. He was stood by his open locker, Ned leaning into his ear probably to alert him of your presence.
He threw you a dorky small wave which you immediately imitated.
And even though you had turned back to face your friend, Peter’s watchful eyes continued trained on you, unbreaking his adoring gaze.
“Sorry, you were saying, Gwen?”
“Doesn’t matter,” She smiled playfully, having watched the whole interaction pan out. She didn’t have to ask for your clarification of the love-sick eyes you threw in Peter’s direction, she had already gotten her answer.
Your fingers unsteadily traced over the shirt Peter wore reading, ‘A bond contains a metal and a non metal? How ionic.’ Your lips remained stiff, eyes flitting back to meet his as you deadpanned, “That’s dumb.”
“Yeah I- uh I know,” He softly chuckled, eyes meeting the floor briefly. He would’ve given a longer answer had he not been distracted by the tingling sensation your delicate fingers had left across his chest moments ago. He swore he could feel a lingering burning feeling where your fingertips graced his form.
“Where did you go?” You softly murmured, brushing a loose strand of hair that previously rested against your cheek and slipping it behind your ear. Peter simply furrowed his brows in response, confusion tugging his lips. You stared back up at him through your lashes, eyes connecting to meet his as you continued to softly slur, “I tried looking for you.”
Although he got a further explanation to the vague question, it only left him more confused as a familiar warm feeling plucked at his heartstrings like calloused fingers strumming an instrument. He swore he could feel winged creatures fluttering in his stomach rapidly, causing a nauseating yet addicting feeling churning within him. “You’re drunk, (Y/N). I can take you home, okay?” Your name felt so nice off his tongue, his warm tone clashing against the loud atmosphere, an unfamiliar yet intoxicating mix that only enhanced your drunken state.
“Okay,” Your eyes briefly flickered towards the hardwood floor before meeting his own again. There was a brief and still silence between the two, neither quite sure what to do which left them paralysed, staring back at each other for multiple beats. Snapping Peter out of the trance, your delicate fingers fumbled and shook as they searched for his palm, finally meeting his hand you entwined your fingers with his own, “Take me home, Parker.”
The warm and almost suffocating heat from within the house, spewing from the pores of crowds of hot bodies grinding against one another shifted to a cool temperature that nipped at your bare arm, cold enough to sober you up almost immediately once you stepped out from the party. You directed Peter to the right turns to lead you to your house, the brunette boy being the one steadying you on the way there as to prevent your feet slipping from under you and your head crashing against the concrete. This lead to a permanent arm wrapped around your waist, pulling you closer into his side.
There was silence for the first 10 minutes or so, you couldn’t really be sure as your drowsy state allowed time to practically melt into nothing until your voice broke out against the soft wind tangling within the strands of your hair, “You wanna listen to music?”
Peter couldn’t help but look down at you as you both continued to walk down the cold, hard pavement, chuckling softly at the way your voice still continued to stumble like it was purely produced from the alcohol buzzing within you. “Yeah, sure,” He shortly answered.
Your fingers fumbled within the purse strapped on your shoulder, resting at the side of your hip as Peter was forced to briefly remove his supportive arm from your waist. You managed to retrieve your phone and proceeding to pull out your tangled earphones from the very bottom of the bag. At this point, you both had stopped walking at your shivering fingers attempted to try and pull the cords apart until a warmer pair brushed over your own, taking the earphones from your hand.
Considering his completely sober state contrasting your own, he managed to untangle them fairly quickly as he handed them back to you, a warm blush rising to the apples of your cheeks which if you only had the courage to look back up at him, you’d see he was adorning the same blush. You slid the according earphone into your ear, handing the other to Peter as he replicated your actions.
Peter recognised the familiar tune of, ‘She Moves In Her Own Way - The Kooks’ flooding from the small buds into his eardrums as the blue light produced by the phone in your small hands hit your face, exaggerating the dips and high points in your face. Your makeup was slightly smudged but you still somehow managed to suit it Peter thought to himself. The way your long eyelashes occasionally brushed your cheek as your eyes fluttered, and when your lips parted into a smile, your pink cheeks dipped into a pair of dimples on either side of your face. He wasn’t sure how he got himself here, sharing this moment with what he was sure was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen, but he wasn’t complaining, not one bit.
He was sure this was not only the highlight of his week but the highlight of his life as unlike the party you both previously attended somewhat moments ago, the music produced was much more intimate, designed for only you two. This was a moment only the pair of you were aware of, you didn’t have to tolerate the frantic-dancing-teenagers bumping into your sides every so often, instead your shoulders briefly graced one another’s, exchanging the heat as you both walked side by side.
And you definitely did move in your own way, and he adored you for it. You were both simultaneously care-free and unbothered by other people as you did what you wanted despite onlookers raised eyebrows every time you sung under your breath, shaking your head along to the beat, but there were spurts where you were reserved and shy. Your voice would dip into a softer tone and you struggled to meet anyone’s eyes, biting down on your lip as to prevent an anxious and awkward laugh bursting from you. He had never met or even known anyone like you.
Upon realising the fact that your short strides had halted all together and you stood infront of a well-lit home, golden light produced from multiple rooms within the building, Peter felt a strange sadness overcome him realising he was going to have to let you go.
“Thank you,” You mumbled appreciatively, eyes once again connected to the ground rather that at the brown ones staring back at you.
It was like there was a bubble of warmth around the pair of you, guarding you from the harsh winter atmosphere that threatened to chill you into a hypothermic state. “It’s no problem, honestly. You know I’d do anything for you,” And as quickly as he said it, Peter realised what he had just allowed past his lips and reevaluated the sudden confidence with a series of stutters, “I mean- like- yknow I’d do it for a-anyone. I- Sorry I didn’t mean to...” And his splutters were cut off from a sigh pushing past his lips in defeat. Half of him hoped that the music flooding both your ears was loud enough to disguise all the words he had just vomited out in a frenzy of strange and unfound confidence. However, looking down to see your grin and amusement tugging at your dimples, he knew you had heard everything perfectly.
Your hands snaked around his neck as you heightened yourself by pushing up off your toes, eyes still just slightly below his, “Anything?” You tried concealing your crazed grin by biting down on your lip and the action definitely did not go unnoticed as the brown eyes previously boring into your own flickered down to your glossed lips. Struggling to find the words like piecing together a puzzle, he simply opted for a short nod.
This only pushed your devious grin further past your cheeks as you leaned closer to his face, breath brushing against his paralysed face, “In that case, then.”
And before any other words could be spoken, both your lips connected and this time Peter was sure he somehow has butterflies within him as they bursted within his stomach. His lips were still, eyes shot wide until he softened into your touch, eyes fluttering shut and lips quickly moving against yours as you guided him. His hands fell flat against where your waist met your hips as your hands rose to connect at the back of his neck where his soft brown curls ended. Your nails traced small patterns on his skin as it only pushed him to lean further down to meet your height, allowing your feet to flatten against the pavement from your previous tiptoe position.
Pulling away as to allow yourself to suck in a much needed breath, your forehead leaned against his own as you stayed still for multiple moments. The gentle shift was enough to allow the pair of earbuds to jump out from both your ears, clattering against the ground as they swung from the port where they were connected to your phone.
“Oh, let me get that,” Peter muttered as to purposefully break the intimate atmosphere so he didn’t have to address the deep rose tint spawning from his cheeks.
As he went to turn, you simply moved your hands from his neck to either side of his cheeks, pulling his face back towards you, “Peter.” You said it almost like a warning, like if he didn’t continue to supply you with heat you would freeze right infront of him.
He simply muttered a ‘right’ before allowing you to pull him back to your lips and exchange your intoxicated state with him as he was surely tipsy purely off your scent.
At this point he knew, you would no longer have short exchanges within the hallways, desperate glances nor the questioning of each other’s feelings for one another. Now, in the hallways you’d both be attached at the hip, eyes constantly boring into one another’s in admiration as you continued to mutter your newfound feelings out loud, the words feeling so foreign yet sweet in your mouths.
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lovewasted · a month ago
always, i’ll care | tom holland
Tumblr media
request— ‘dad!tom being really freaked out that you are pregnant and he goes to harrison and he's like so i’m gonna be a dad. how did that happen. and haz is like: well when two people love each other... just to tease tom, but after he goes home and he is just super clingy cause he's gonna have a baby with the love of his life’
warnings— dadtobe!tom, haz, established relationship, language, fluff, suggestive talk, mentions of food, mate (as it can be found offensive to some, tom doubting himself, though it is something tom and his friends refer to eachother as).
notes— this instantly got my hopes up after what happened to my requests and drafts. thank you to everyone requesting it means more than you know. lmk if i should do headers more often.
Tumblr media
Sweatiest palms he’s likely endured.
Worse than any award show.
More disastrous than any premiere event.
Tom’s pacing is making Harrison’s hair stand up on the back of his neck. Mainly because he’s been compiling the same stance since he arrived with no reason behind it. He’s radiating the anxiousness to Harrison, and it’s enough to make the unknowns blare.
"Mate y'making the room hot. What the hell's happened?" Harrison reiterated, seeing as this was his forth time asking. He's tempted to jump in front of Tom and shake some sense into him. The beige aromatic display of Harrison's apartment, should've been calming really but Tom's bouncing off the walls. Perhaps it's denial or disbelief, either way he's clammy and has tremors.
"C'mon m' a big boy. I can handle it."
Has tried to make light of the situation, patting his now positioned friend on the back. Even the leather of the couch felt as if it was baking in an oven due to Tom's exasperated breathing and heavy perspirating. His slouched manner conceded Harrison, not much could typically evoke Tom yet— this. This tops it all.
“S-she’s pregnant Haz...”
Harrison was having trouble understanding Tom’s dilemma. Since they were boys he recalled Tom having built an imaginative little family out of stick figures. It had always been bet on that out of Harrison, Tom, and Tuwaine that Tom would be the first to have a child, his response was always ‘gonna’ be a better dad than the both of you.’
“Just... uh just found out yesterday.”
Harrison couldn’t help the chuckle that erupted in the back of his throat. Dumbfounded as tp what the actual matter at hand was. He was bound to be an actual uncle or God father, whilst Tom was in full panic mode.
“You’ve dreamt about a family mate?”
“S’ cold feet I guess... don’t know how it happened,” Tom’s voice was raspy. Straining from panic— he practically worshiped you. The sense of differentiating between becoming a father and navigating infatuation with you might’ve been a mission he couldn't accomplish.
Self doubt at its finest.
Though he needed to get in check timely, because the two of you can’t function without the other.
“Well, you and y/n love each other right? So when two people love each other, they make—“
“Could really do without the shitty jokes, div.”
A ton of bricks pressured Tom’s chest, biting at the insides of his cheeks. Nails digging into his flesh until crescent moons formed. Harrison itching for his childhood companion to realize his worth.
“What’s there to be worried about, bro? The baby will have a kickass mom and a dad that will be wrapped around their finger. You will quite literally have the perfect family.”
Harrison’s index finger prodded the center of Tom’s chest, his touseled curls sticking to the harshness of his forehead. Warmth sparked in the pits of his stomach— such a compliment is irrevocable to come by. Reassurance has Tom’s heart fluttering and moving past the crisis that had just occurred within his thoughts. Knowing Tom like the back of his hand, was prominent in needing to subside his worries.
Thereafter the realization, desiring to race home and relish in every minuscule part of his wife’s sculpted figure.
Solemnly figuring he’d have fallen to the gift pf a child anyway.
“Thinking Tuwaine will be the favorite uncle.”
“Ah, fuck you Holland.”
Tumblr media
Tom’s thick voice hallowed. Depths of it absorbing into the walls of the house. Arriving quicker than you anticipated considering he was going to Harrison. You’d assumed beers and taking shos would be in the mix. The news of pregnancy irked Tom’s established humbleness, hiding it amazingly well.
So well, you hadn’t acknowledged his misgiving in the wake of your elation. He yearned to feel the pleasure you felt, though it was there— the pleasure was drowned out by skepticism.
Coming to the conclusion, he would rather keep the miscommunication between him and Harrison. Hoping for nothing but wonderous energy for every trimester. Possibly, that’s the cause of his longing to cling to you and the child.
Skin crawling to even be sat beside his significant other.
He simply wanted to share oxygen, and get lost inside of your lungs.
“In here!”
You echoed back from the living room, phone screen stuck on images of baby clothes with a spoon full of peanut butter coating the inside of your mouth. One of the plenty cravings, seemed to be normal compared to the usual outrageous ones. That and the late period, triggered the taking of a pregnancy test.
His sock-clad feet pad toward the soft white ribbed sofa. Muscular arms enveloping your neck to meet at your color bone, easily relaxing into the familiar scent. Fresh vanilla with a hint of lavender, your lips pucker to press a tender peck to his wrist bone. Thanking him for his all-around existence and Tom receives instant relief from the small gesture.
“Hi darling, missed you.”
“Hi baby.”
“Don’t worry. Only gave Haz the ‘uncle talk’.”
“Hm, how’d it go?”
“Like shit, cause’ you weren’t there.”
His mumbles to the hair on your head were soothing—soothing enough for your eyes to want to blink shut. Fingertips tracing miscellaneous shapes on your collar bone. Something scared to have found someone dedicated to being a husband and father. Your cheeks bloom with rosiness, delighted with his movements.
Ring finger scooping beneath your chin to slightly maneuver your lips toward his position of hovering over the couch. A grin accompanied his features, the same grin that was able to make softcore possible, and the same grin that makes wholesomeness wander throughout your being. Lowering himself, he crashes his lips onto yours. Repositioning his head to gain every mold imaginable to your pair, he ailed the chase. Tingles to bury his tongue alongside yours, swirling and pressing the tips of the muscle together. Solely to end with pressing his forehead to yours, glad that you accepted his clinginess willingly because it wasn’t in his schedule anytime soon.
“Just made out with a jar of peanut butter.”
You swat at his arm, only to emit a fit of laughter from the both of you.
“Your child wanted peanut butter.”
“S’ mad that I put a baby in there.”
Your starstruck at his hand traveling down to your stomach, bump too early to be visible. Yet he’s full of luster anyhow.
“In the back of a limo.”
Only to earn a smirk from Tom at your reply— overly cheeky.
“That dress was bloody insane, had to lovie.”
Passing feverently over the womb, an ear-to-ear smile. partially at the night the couple reminisced on and mainly to the small human that’s growing inside of you. Glowing so hard he swore he wouldn’t be able to stop even if he tried.
“Can’t wait to see your belly big and round, let love. Gonna’ kiss it all over, every second.”
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mrs-hollandstan · a month ago
Sucker Punch || Boxer!Tom Holland {five}
Tumblr media
Warnings: finally... smut (18+) (smut warnings below the cut), cocky teasing Tommo, mentions of other partners, language, Willa being a pain, mentions of previous cheating, hickies, boxing stuff including a sleazy opponent, mentions of blood and punching/ kicking, cutesie stuff
Word Count: 10,058 (oof)
Author's Note: The moment you all have been waiting for lol. I really hope you enjoy, I enjoyed writing it, hence why it's so long haha.
Series Masterlist || Add yourself to one of my taglists
smut warnings: protected sex, oral (m + f receiving), fingering, nipple action, light, playful spanking, light choking
Tumblr media
There's something so nerve-wracking about getting ready for Tom's match. You're anxious to see him get beat to shit and you're anxious to see him beat someone else to shit. You have no doubt that he'll win, but it still sets you on edge thinking about all the violence you'll no doubt see. 
Willa is clad in a sequined black dress and stilettos, you in a capped sleeve baby blue dress, little white flowers dotted across it. Sand colored chunky heels accentuate your feet and your hair is curled and held from your face, a dusting of body glitter across your chest. Willa smirks as you brush mascara through your lashes. She holds out a tequila shot, 
"To seducing British men tonight." She murmurs, clinking her glass against yours. You roll your eyes, 
"You're dumb. No one will be doing any seducing." You tell her, downing your shot. She snorts, 
"Oh please. With the way you look and how he's been recently, I seriously expect you to be getting laid tonight." She says, crossing her arms and watching you finish up getting ready. 
She's hailed an Uber, using the directions Tom's given to the underground ring which are a little dodgy. And by the time you're standing in front of the darkly lit building he's claimed leads beneath the city to the ring, you're thinking of turning back before Willa grabs your arm and pushes her way inside, offering the password and your backstage passes to the bouncer in the back. He opens a dark red door which leads down a stairwell, muffled music reverberating off the walls. She takes your hand as you walk down the narrow hallway to a black door which a separate bouncer pops open for the both of you. 
The music and chatter from the other side of the door heightens as he opens it to groups of people crowded around an all black ring, lifted up in the center of the room. Your heart leaps to your throat as you think of Tom being trapped inside of it, battling his opponent in rough punches and kicks. Willa loops her arm through yours, leading you to the bar first and then to Tom's VIP seats. Each girl that knows the place watches you two like predators, seething at the newbies being in their place, 
"I feel like I shouldn't be here." You mumble to Willa who snorts and turns, waving her fingers at some of the girls, 
"Oh please. It's not like we chose these seats. Your boyfriend wanted his girlfriend and her hot ass friend here to watch him win this match. Period." 
"He's not my boyfriend." You murmur, sipping from the cocktail in your hand. She raises an eyebrow when she looks at you, 
"I watched you two kiss. He's in love with you, you're in love with him, end of story." She tells you before you can further fight her. You sigh, staring straight ahead, watching the guests around you mingle. Before too long, Hernández, Tom's opponent for the night is strutting his way up to the ring, a Cuban flag draped over his shoulders. He's big, definitely taller than Tom with a scar running through his left eyebrow. He has light hazel eyes and he knows exactly which seats are Tom's VIPs because as he passes you and Willa, he winks your way teasingly. Willa hums, 
"Creep." She murmurs. Soon enough, Tom arrives, topless and in boxing shorts, his manager chattering in his ear as he walks, holding a small plastic box in one hand and the ties of his boxing glove in the other. He glances out, and does a double take when he realizes you're there. His face shows that he honestly didn't think you'd come. He gives a soft smile, having to turn back to his manager to listen fully to what he's telling him. Willa looks to you and raises her eyebrow, 
"You sure you're not his girlfriend?" She asks. Sighing, you sip your drink again, watching him and Hernández both slip their mouth guards in, their respective managers slipping them into their gloves. They bump gloves when a referee steps into the ring, explaining the rules to them. Both boys nod, the crowd quiet as they retreat into opposite corners for one last discussion with their teams. 
When the referee signals the bell, it starts the match. Your heart pounds in your chest as your brunette and his Cuban opponent skirt around each other in the ring, the taller man swinging for the first time which Tom dodges, using the opportunity to swing into Hernández's torso. It knocks the taller boy off balance and the cheering that began when that bell rang out grows louder. 
Each punch, each kick, whether from Tom or from Aiden makes your heart skip a beat. Tom has beaten Aiden to the point of blood running from his hairline, and the Cuban walks with a limp from the amount of hits taken to his chest and ribcage. Tom seems perfect save the cut across his cheek. He's taken very few hits, but he has taken them. He's a lot more nimble than his taller opponent. He can dodge the hits easier even as Hernández grows more agitated at missing his shots. 
The match is over in less than an hour. You gasp each time Tom takes a punch, silently- and sometimes loudly- cheering him on when he lays one of his own, punching and kicking with swiftness and lithe, knocking Hernández off balance each and every time. A roundhouse kick renders Hernández unconscious. The referee thrusts Tom's hand in the air in victory, your brunette barely standing with his chest heaving, sweat glistening all over his torso and face. His eyes find yours after a moment and you smile, blowing him a kiss. He smiles then, teeth barred as he fully embraces the win, knowing you're proud of him, knowing you're there, knowing you saw how good he is. 
Before too long, people are filtering out or heading for the locker rooms where they can meet the boxers and the teams and get autographs. You wait until most of the crowd has disappeared to slip the lanyard with your backstage pass around your neck and follow a group down a dimly lit hallway, the locker rooms to either side of you, 
"I uhh... I don't know which is his." You tell Willa who shrugs, 
"He hasn't made it down here yet so... we'll wait." You nod, leaning against the wall at your back and checking your phone. There's no service and it's nearly ten. Normally, you're laying in bed by now. Definitely not asleep, but also not waiting for some boy to come take you somewhere after he's just beat his opponent within an inch of his life. There's squealing from the top of the ramp leading down into the locker rooms. No doubt, the girls not allowed in the locker rooms greeting Tom. A few moments later, he reveals himself, his eyes lighting up as he spots you. He almost looks like he's going to lean in and kiss your cheek, but hesitates, glancing down at the state of himself. He looks back up and swallows, 
"Uhh... hey," he says a little breathlessly. Sweat still drips down his temple as he finds Willa's eyes and smiles and then roams his eyes across your body. He finds your eyes again, "you uhh... you look great. You both look really nice." Your cheeks burn, 
"Thanks." He nods and swallows, gesturing to the locker room, 
"If you'll uhh, if you'll give me a second... one of my friends wants to go out to a club if you girls are up for it." He tells you. Glancing at Willa, you nod, 
"Sure." He nods again, 
"Cool. Just chill for a minute, okay?" He disappears once you agree and you can hear chatter behind the now closed door, 
"Did you see the way he fucking looked at you? He wants more than a kiss. Please tell me you're going to give him some tonight." 
"Are you kidding me Y/N? The boy makes it look like you're a piece of cake and he wants to eat the whole fucking thing in one sitting. You can't tell me you don't feel similarly." She reasons. You huff, staring ahead at the wall before you. You grumble before turning to her, 
"He doesn't eat cake. He watches what he eats." 
"Oh for fucks sake Y/N. He wants to take this tight little dress off and fuck that nice body. Is that better?" 
"No, you made it worse." You murmur, crossing your arms as you lean back against the wall. 
When Tom emerges, he smiles and if he sees the way your eyes rake his body, he doesn't comment on it. He wears a short sleeved white t-shirt and jeans, a black and white flannel over the outfit and sneakers on his feet, only stopping when a group of girls demand his attention. A few more people join the crowd, and he signs a number of things, glancing up at you after a moment and smiling, holding up a finger and muttering, "just a minute", waiting for you to nod before he's focusing back on the fans in front of him. In a few short minutes he's cleared out the crowd, turning and walking towards you again, 
"Sorry 'bout that. Ready?" He asks. You nod, standing from your leaned position against the wall, 
"Of course. That was cute." His smile widens, 
"Russell's gonna meet us out front. He's a good friend of mine." He tells you as he starts to escort you down the hall. You nod, 
"Sounds good." 
"Yeah... anything so I don't have to be a third wheel." Willa mumbles, watching Tom place a hand at your lower back. Once the comment is made and you shoot her a look, Tom smiles down at you nervously before retreating his hand. You shoot him a smile before he's pushing the door open and the night breeze hits you. He holds the door open for both you and Willa before gesturing to a blue BMW, a tall, curly haired brunette leaned against it, 
"Girls, this is Russell. Russ, this is Y/N," he gestures to you, "and this is Willa." He says, gesturing to your friend who stands, staring at Tom's friend. Russell meets her eye, 
"Pleasure to meet you two." You glance at Tom and stifle a giggle, nudging your shoulder into his. He chuckles softly, 
"Willa, why don't you take the front with Russ. We'll take the backseat." Tom tells her, raising his eyebrows at you. You smile and nod, letting Tom open the back door of Russell's car. He slips inside as his friend rounds the front of the car and Willa climbs into the passenger seat, you sliding in right beside him as he opts to remain in the center seat, leg pressed yours, 
"So when were you going to tell me you have hot friends?" She asks. Tom snorts as Russell climbs into the car, 
"You really think with the way I look I'd have ugly friends?" He poses. You giggle as Willa rolls her eyes and resorts to watching Russell and then glancing out of the windshield. You glance to Tom and smile, his own covering his face. He winks at you and you glance down, watching his hand beeline to your bare thigh. He raises his eyebrows as if asking you if it's okay to touch you and you nod, wrapping your arm around his and pressing your hand over his, holding him in place. He gives a gentle squeeze, watching Russell nonchalantly quiz Willa, a knowing smirk covering Tom's lips, 
"So you're playing matchmaker now?" You ask softly, laying your chin over his shoulder. He snorts and shrugs gently, 
"Didn't intend to. I definitely didn't think Russ would be Willa's type." He tells you, turning to kiss your temple. Glancing up at him, he stares down at you for a moment until you snuggle down into him, and then he's leaning in to kiss you softly. It's quick, but it brings that fire you love so much. He hums into it and you know he feels it too, 
"But enough about them," He starts again softly once he pulls away, "I wanna talk about how fucking gorgeous you look. This is everything." He murmurs. His hand slides further up your thigh, leaving a trail of burning kerosene in his wake, "You look absolutely to die for." He growls as you watch your dress bunch up around your thighs. He switches hands, the arm your own was previously wrapped around now draped over your shoulders so he has easier access to your ear, 
"First you try to get me to fuck you in my apartment and now here you are wearing the best outfit you can. You really are a naughty girl aren't you?" He asks softly, fingertips trailing over your panties gently. You squeak softly in your throat when your clit throbs at his touch, reaching out to hold his wrist. He chuckles darkly, kissing your cheek before he retreats completely, lacing his fingers in his lap and glancing out the window opposite yours. You fight to catch your breath, nudging your knee against his before your head thunks back against the headrest and Tom chuckles again, watching you. 
He just knows that he'll be the death of you. 
Russell pulls into a crowded lot and with Tom's presence- and his hand holding yours tightly- the four of you skip the line out front of the club. Once inside, Russell politely whispers in Willa's ear before he tugs her over to the dance floor. You watch them walk hand in hand and disappear into the crowd before you look to Tom and he gestures over his shoulder to the bar, 
"Let's get a drink and find a booth." He yells over the music. He approaches the bar, ordering a beer for himself and gesturing to you, "Whatever she wants... just put it in my tab." The bartender leans in to hear you as you order a gin and tonic. He slides both drinks over before you're following Tom into a corner, sliding into a booth, 
"Thank god you didn't ask me to dance straight off the bat. I have no rhythm." You tell him. He chuckles, 
"I kinda wanted to get you alone and talk you up first." He admits, scooting as close as he feels you're comfortable with. He gives a cocky smirk, reaching out to trace across your knee, 
"How'd you like the match?" He starts. You nod, swallowing and glancing down at his hand, 
"It was uhh... it was good. I totally thought it'd be worse. But at least you're small so you could at least dodge him." You tell him. He purses his lips and rolls his eyes, 
"At least my dick is decent." 
"I wasn't saying you being of... possibly below average height was a bad thing. It's a good thing obviously. You don't have any," you reach up and brush your thumb along his cheek, "real scrapes and bruises." He smiles, and you don't let the way he turns into your palm go unnoticed. You smile too, letting him take your hand, tracing his fingertips over yours, 
"I really am glad you made it out of there though. You made me really anxious." You admit with a little head tilt. He stares at you for a moment, eyes sparkling, 
"As if you needed to worry about me darling. How many times have I come limping back to my apartment?" He reassures, your head spinning from the softness in his voice considering how sexy he's been trying to be. You nod, reaching up to tuck hair behind your ear, 
"I know. Those cuts I cleaned up that time weren't bad. I just can't help but worry about you." You tell him. He chuckles, 
"That means a lot. Knowing that you're a worrier, maybe I won't invite you to anymore matches." 
"I didn't say I wouldn't come. I'm extremely proud of you, I just... he was... a sleazebag and I didn't like the way he looked at you. Didn't like the thought of you being in there with him." 
"Did he say something to you?" He asks quickly, eyebrows drawn in a line. You shake your head, 
"No, no, he didn't. But... when he realized Will and I were in your VIP seats, he totally winked at us and got cocky but... no, he didn't talk to me." The admittance doesn't draw his face into a relaxed position. You reach out and rub his shoulder, "It wasn't that serious." 
"It is. He's such a dick and I can't stand him and I hate the thought of him even looking at you." Your heart skips a beat. You swallow, playing with your fingers, 
"Why? What's... what's so special about me?" You ask. He glances at you before he's moving to sit straight and sip his beer. You watch his jaw move, watch him look out at the crowd that's formed towards the dance floor. You clear your throat, 
"Ya know... Willa is convinced that you want me." You mumble. You eye him, watching his lips turn up before he chuckles through his nose, sipping from his beer again before he leans back, draping his arm across the top of the booth, glancing down at you again, 
"She just might be right about that." He admits. You raise an eyebrow, 
"You aren't even gonna play hard to get?" 
"Why when you're doing enough of that for the both of us?" He teases. Your cheeks burn as you glance down. He chuckles softly, "notice how you don't deny it." 
"No, no, I have no intention of doing so." You admit. His smile lights up the room, 
"No... I think you're extremely gorgeous and as selfish as it sounds... I like when you come to me when someone breaks your heart. It gives me bonus points." He explains with another casual shrug. You shake your head with a smile, 
"Like you need bonus points." Cocking his head, he watches you drink from your glass, eyes locked in his over the rim,  
"You're trouble. And that's coming from the underground boxer." He tells you. Rolling your eyes and snorting, you trace your finger over the rim of your glass, 
"I uhm... she keeps calling me your girlfriend. She's convinced we're gonna... sleep together. Probably tonight." You decide to tell him. He chuckles softly, 
"As if I was sliding my hand up your skirt expecting not to get laid." He admits cheekily. You stare at him, lips turning up after a moment. You giggle and look away from him, 
"That was very mean of you. You shouldn't tease." You tell him. He shrugs, 
"The more pent up you are the better it'll be." He says, dark eyes seemingly darker. You stare up at him, the both of you unblinking for a moment before you close your mouth and glance down at your lap, giggling softly, 
"You and Willa will be the death of me." You mumble. He chuckles again, 
"I hope so. What else would I be doing with my time?" He poses. Shaking your head, you down what's left in your glass, 
"Are you always like this? Like... have you always been this obnoxious?" You ask him. Laughing again, he shrugs, 
"Depends who you ask. I find that the girls think I'm pretty fucking awesome." He tells you, finishing the rest of his beer. He sets the bottle on the table, staring at it for a moment before he looks up at you, reaching out for your hand, 
"You wanna dance with me now?" He asks, swinging your arm. You roll your eyes, 
"You're just trying to see up my skirt." You joke. He hums, 
"Well... yeah, kinda. But... only if you're okay with it." You giggle as he drags you from the booth, his arms wrapping around your waist, yours draping over his shoulders, one of your hands soothing over the back of his neck. He purrs in his chest, leaning in to peck your lips, 
"I like kissing you." He murmurs. You giggle, watching his lips twitch into a smile. He smooths over your hips, 
"Let's go dance." Taking your hand again, he squeezes before he's leading you through sweaty bodies until he spots Willa and Russell. Your best friend smiles, her back pressed to Russell's chest, his hands bunching her dress at her hips. She sings to you and Tom chuckles, pulling your body back into his. His arms wrap around your torso and he moves you against him, your body molding into his after a moment. Your back presses to his front and he hums, 
"Ya know... a lot of the girls I end up with are really into the whole... denim on their bare legs and my flannels along their bare arms. Are you gonna break that streak?" He asks, close to your ear. You giggle, 
"Are you going to be disappointed if I don't?" 
"No, definitely not." 
"Well then in that case... yes, I really do love the feel too. It's very nice." He chuckles in your ear as you hold his hands around you and time flies by, a cluster of songs merging into one another until the four of you are sweaty and Tom thoroughly regrets the flannel. He hums, twirling you, 
"I will be right back. Stay with Will and Russ." He tells you. The second he leaves, Willa pounces on you, taking your hands and moving you along with her until Tom returns a short time later, a new beer in his hand, 
"I'll take her back. Thank you Willa." He brings the bottle to his lips as he eyes you, "I wasn't sure if you would've wanted anything so... if you do, we can share this." 
"No that's okay." You tell him. He nods before your fingers slip into his and you turn your back to him again. You reach back to hold his hips, listening to him grunt as the back of your body slots perfectly against the front of his. You swear you can feel him twitch in his jeans. You giggle, listening to him practically pant in your ear, 
"Regret asking me to dance?" 
"Dear god no. I can feel that you're wearing a thong, now I'm just wondering what color it is. I know it's lacy, I'd just love to see it." He murmurs. You chew the inside of your bottom lip as his free hand slips from yours, slipping up along your thigh. It's relatively dark on the dance floor, thank god, and you tip your head back, his own head lulling forward so he can press soft kisses to your neck. He hums as his hand slips between your legs. You gasp as he slides his hand along your mound, his thumb slipping across your clit. He rubs softly, 
"I bet I can make you fall apart, easy as pie." He purrs. You reach out and grasp his wrist like you always seem to do before he jolts his chest forward, his hand sliding around to your hip. You glance over your shoulder at him, staring daggers. He chuckles, one hand pressing to the base of your belly, his other hand pressing over your hip, his beer bottle sweating against your side. One of your own hands slips back to grasp his neck as you grind your hips back against him. He grunts, lips just before your ear, 
"You keep teasing me and I might have to do something about it." He growls, clearing your hair from your shoulder. You tip your head back, a hand pressing to his hip, 
"You say it like it's a bad thing. I can guess what'll happen if you're seriously into punishing me. Especially if you're into touching me on the dance floor." You purr. He squeezes your hip, 
"You're really looking to get it aren't you?" 
"Depends how good you make it." You tell him, gasping when he spins your body, staring down into your eyes, 
"I was hoping we'd stay longer, but if you keep this up, you'll end up in a dingy club bathroom stall." He grumbles. He approaches Russell, Willa watching your brunette whisper in Russ's ear, her eyes darting to you. You shrug before he pulls back and takes your hand, 
"Let's get out of here." He growls, not letting you respond before he's dragging you outside, hailing a taxi and shrugging from his flannel to drape over your shoulders seeing as it's starting to rain. Once inside the vehicle, he slides in beside you and grips your thigh again, smiling as you pull your arms through his flannel, dragging the collar of it up to your nose and inhaling softly, 
"You smell amazing... always." You whisper to him after he's offered up the address of your apartment building. He smiles, wrapping his arm around you and kissing your temple, 
"Glad the feeling's mutual because... you smell delectable darling." He purrs, keeping to himself until you reach your building. He follows you inside, shaking the rain from himself as he follows you to the elevator, ruffling his hair as you stab your floor's button. 
Climbing into the elevator with him, you giggle as he presses you against the back wall, dragging your knee up to his hip. He leans in, pressing his lips to yours as he ruts his hips against yours. You moan into his mouth, grasping his shoulders tight. 
When the doors open, he pulls back, taking your hand again and leading you down the hall to his front door. You lean against his back as he fiddles with his keys, sliding a gold key into the lock and clicking the door open. He holds it open, gesturing you inside. You smile before stepping over the threshold, admiring his apartment like you hadn't, come Christmas. Instead of the mixed berry air freshener, the apartment now smells like him, which is nice. The smell has been comforting in the past few weeks. But now it holds a different connotation. You turn to look at Tom as he gently sets his keys in the bowl inside his door. He stares down at you, swallowing softly. When you near him, he glances down at your lips like he always seems to do before you're brushing his flannel from your shoulders and tossing it over the armchair in the corner. He clears his throat, 
"I uhh... a-are you sure you wanna do this? I mean... yeah, I've been teasing you but... you don't have to go through with any of this. We're home now." He poses. You nod, reaching up and sliding your hands up his t-shirt. His chest heaves, "I just don't want you regretting anything-" 
"I don't regret you. I never have." You quickly imply. He sighs, 
"This is different." 
"It really isn't. I'm sick of getting my heart broken over and over again when we both know I'll end up right back here with you anyways. Why not just... spend the rest of my night here, figuring out what all those other girls see in you." You tell him with a smile. He fights his own, corners of his lips twitching upwards before you lean on your toes and press your lips to his softly. He sighs into your mouth, squeezing your hips, 
"I dunno," he murmurs, pulling back after a moment, "I think I need more convincing." He half jokes. You giggle, tipping your head back. He holds your arms, chuckling to himself before he releases you and you lean down to undo your heels. You kick them off and sigh, brushing hair over your shoulders before you're sighing and making your way towards his bedroom, 
"Fine, fine," You sing song, "Guess I'll just have to do it all myself." You tell him. He chuckles softly again, 
"I didn't say that." 
"You implied it though Holland." He hums as you push into his bedroom, glancing at the window which rain pummels and wind pushes against. Turning to him, he leans against the doorway with his arms crossed. He gestures to the satin sheeted bed behind you, 
"I preformed for you tonight... now it's your turn." He tells you. You smile up at him before rolling your eyes and reaching back behind you to drag the zipper of your dress down, letting the material pool at your feet. Nearing him, you watch him suck in a breath, eyes roaming your body again. He swallows as you reach behind your body and unclip your bra, sliding the material off and tossing it into his face. He catches it, rubbing his thumbs over the material. Standing just before him, you take it from him, tossing it at his feet, 
"Would you really rather feel the bra and not what was in it?" You ask. He shrugs, 
"The owner didn't offer as of yet." He murmurs. Taking his hands in yours, you press them over your breasts, holding him against you, firm calloused skin against smooth, pliable skin. He hums as he takes the reigns, molding you into him, 
"So nice." He murmurs. His eyes find yours, 
"Can I uhh-" 
"Do whatever you want." He hums again before he's holding your ribs, leaning his head down to lap and suck at your nipples, your head tipping back. You moan as Tom's arms slide around your waist. He hums, dragging you further in. You reach up and hold his shaved head to you, scratching at his scalp to draw a purr from him. 
Wrapping your arms around his neck, you hold him close, letting him suck and nibble at the base of your throat before he raises his head and presses quick, fiery kisses to your lips. You reach down once he's reached full height, unbuckling his belt. His chest heaves and you kiss away his insatiable urge to ask if you're sure you want this as you stand nearly naked before him. He watches your hands skillfully as you slide down to your knees, 
"You look perfect collapsed on your knees for me. Jesus." He murmurs. You stare up at him, tossing his belt aside once it's free and undoing the button and zipper on his pants. You tug his pants and boxers down just as he tosses his shirt aside, 
"Jesus Christ." You murmur as his cock springs free and he smiles down at you, 
"To your liking then?" He asks. You swallow the pool of saliva that collects in your mouth, 
"Yeah, I'll say." You murmur. He chuckles before he takes his bottom lip into his mouth and watches you lap at the pre-cum collected at his tip. He grunts as you slide your mouth down around the length of his cock, eyes cast up into his. You pull up just slightly, humming as you swirl your tongue around the tip, taking him back in between your lips. You suck him down over and over again, gagging softly when his tip reaches the back of your throat, 
"Such a pretty little thing. You look so much better like this... with your mouth stuffed full of cock." He murmurs. He chews his bottom lip, "Stick your hand in your panties... touch yourself. I want you nice and wet for me." He purrs. You do as you're told, holding his thigh in your hand, your other reaching down into your panties to stroke your clit softly, moaning around him. He grunts as his hips involuntarily jolt into you, gagging you softly again. He chuckles, apologizing under his breath as you work him out over your tongue. He purses his lips, watching your eyes glaze over as you drag wetness from your hole to your clit, circling the bud quickly. He grunts as you moan and whimper, 
"Fuck... I know I... shouldn't be bringing this up but... I don't know how anyone could cheat on you. You're so fucking gorgeous." You bat your lashes at him, letting him slip his fingers through your hair, hand pressed to the back of your head. He pushes just slightly, grunting as you gag, his head tipping back. He watches you, holding your head in a tight grasp as you suck him down, your eyes locked in his. His hand travels to your shoulder and he squeezes, bending his knees to pull you from your knees, arms wrapping around your waist, 
"As great as you look with my dick in your mouth, I'd like to try out the other pieces of you." He murmurs. You giggle, standing on your toes to kiss him, arms wrapping around his shoulders. He hums as the chest to chest press of you makes his cock twitch. He pulls back and turns your body, swatting you ass gently, 
"Get the fuck into bed." He grumbles. You giggle again, doing as you're told and he chases you onto it, finger caught along the hem of your panties. You gasp and he follows suit jokingly when your panties slide down and off. He tosses them on the floor, 
"This is your last chance to get out of this. Once I start, I dunno that I'll be able stop with you." He tells you, bowing his head to leave wet kisses along your thighs, hips, and stomach. You hum, brushing your fingers across his head. His hair is starting to grow back slowly, 
"I'll hold you to that. I don't want you to stop until the sun comes up." You tell him as he kneels over you, eyes locked in yours. He smiles, 
"You just might regret saying that darling." You smile as he leans in to kiss you before he's creeping back down your body, slotting himself between your thighs. You press a hand over his wrist, licking your lips as he leans and slides his tongue between your folds, 
"What makes the girlies you're always with make so much noise?" You ask him, your back arching as he laps at your clit, holding your legs apart. He hums, rising himself slightly to circle your hole with two fingers. He eases them inside, slipping them in and out, 
"Well, are you flexible?" He asks. You shrug, 
"Decent enough." 
"I do this thing where I pull your legs over mine, have you arch your back. Hits the perfect spot in most girls." He says with his own nonchalant shrug. You hum, reaching up to hold your breasts, rolling your nipples between your fingers as he sucks your clit between his lips, his tongue slipping inside of you. You moan, reaching one hand down to hold the back of his neck, 
"Fuck Tom." You moan. He slides his hands up your thighs and holds your hips, your hands pressing over his, "At least that mouth is useful for something else other than talking shit." You joke. You giggle as he growls, letting it turn into a moan as he shakes his head, rising after a few more swipes of his tongue, 
"I feel like you just want to be punished." He murmurs, swiping at his lips. He raises an eyebrow as he stares down at you, fingers trailing across your hips. You shrug, 
"Whatever you want." You mumble. You watch as he leans over and digs in his bedside table for a moment, producing a condom soon enough. He peels it open and you watch as he slides it onto his shaft, leaning over your body and kissing your chin, 
"Now you'll have to be quiet. The little girl that lives next door hates me. She's always complaining about the noise. Oh wait..." 
"Oh ha ha." He giggles softly, 
"She is kind of a bitch." He murmurs, 
"Yeah well... it goes both ways." He hums before his hand slips between the two of you and he guides his cock inside of you, pressing his lips to your bottom one when you gasp, 
"Fuck... you're so big." You sigh out. He hums, pressing his lips to your throat, 
"So fucking tight. You've been done a disservice, I'm sure of that." He murmurs. He reaches down, strumming your clit softly to force more wetness from you. He sucks and nibbles at your neck, 
"I could get in big trouble at work for that." You tell him. He hums, 
"I can pay Bobby. He and I are pretty tight." He mumbles, drawing his face from your throat. He smirks, "Not as tight as you are of course. But... we're on pretty good terms." He teases. You roll your eyes, wrapping your legs around his waist, 
"You act like you're so big and bad." 
"I'm sorry, are we in your bed or mine? Who asked to come home with me?" 
"Oh you are a little shit. I did not ask to come home with you. It was all implied. You didn't disagree." 
"You asked me if I wanted to have sex with you. Was I supposed to say no? Have you seen yourself? Have you seen this body? I don't think so." He murmurs. Rolling your eyes, you press a hand to his shoulder, 
"Pull out. I change my mind about this. You're a fucking idiot." He chuckles, moving his hips to send a shiver through you and send a gasp from between your lips. He opens his mouth, raises his eyebrows and nods, 
"Still want me to pull out?" He asks in a sultry voice. You whimper, one hand slipping over his shoulder and the nails on it sinking into his skin, 
"No... no, that's okay." You mumble. He chuckles darkly, 
"Thought so." Drawing back and pressing back in, Tom grumbles as you claw his back, your own arching up into him. His hand not resting on the pillow beside you slides along your lower back, holding you arched against him so he can lap at your taut nipples again. You hold his shoulders as he moves himself in and out of you slowly at first, gaining speed as he feels you stretch out around him. You whimper, fingertips pressed into Tom's skin as he leans in and kisses you softly, trailing his lips down your chin and across your throat, 
"So fucking warm and wet baby. God you're fantastic." He praises, smiling when you whimper, "Oh don't tell me you have a praise kink sweet thing." He purrs. You groan, 
"Shut up. It's been a while and... I think you'll easily be my best." You tell him, back arching again. He hums, rising to his knees and dragging your legs over his. He purses his lips, holding your hips, 
"Arch your back darling." He commands. You squirm into position, doing as you're told, 
"Ready?" He asks, sliding a hand across your stomach. You nod, reaching down and pressing your hands over his on your hips before he grunts and thrusts himself deep inside of you, his tip scathing along your sweet spot. You gasp, reaching up to cover your mouth as a particularly loud scream threatens to fall from your lips, 
"Ya know... you're the neighbor. You don't actually have to be that quiet." He informs, not slowing his thrusts. You reach out to grasp his wrists, 
"Well I'd rather not one," You yelp, "lose my voice, and two," another moan, "burst your eardrums. But fuck that feels good." You tell him. He chuckles, picking up pace, his thumb reaching out to rub your clit. You cry out loudly, 
"Oh see now that's fucking sexy." He grumbles, rubbing his free hand up your thigh, "very, very fucking sexy." 
"Faster." You command. He does as he's told, chuckling darkly when you squeal, 
"See it's a lot sexier coming from you. Spent weeks jerking off... trying to figure out how you'd sound, wondering how you'd look fucking me and here you are darling. Absolutely fucking stunning. You whimper and cry out with each thrust, grasping his arms, 
"Oh fuck Tom!" You squeal. Smiling down at you, he leans in, kissing your neck, 
"So... are you seeing what makes all the girlies scream?" He asks. You nod, panting as you press your hands to his shoulders, 
"Fuck yes... God you're so fucking good!" Your nails sink into his shoulders and he grunts, dragging you up from the bed and into his lap. You squeal as he presses a hand to your lower back and you drape your arms over his shoulders, 
"You aren't allowed to stop." You tell him. He smiles, craning his neck to kiss you, 
"Well if I let you keep going, you'll cum way earlier than I'd like you to." He tells you. You roll your eyes before he's drawing out, helping you to your knees quickly and pressing back inside of you with a grip on your hips. You moan, 
"So fucking sweet baby. So nice and tight. So fucking wet." He grumbles. He presses a hand to your lower back, shoving your face into his sheets, holding an arm behind your back. You grasp his wrist, moaning and whimpering as he thrusts in and out of you, his free hand coming down against your butt in a harsh slap. Glancing over your shoulder, you bite your lip, watching him. His face glistens in sweat, features thrown into the throws of pleasure. You back up into him, digging your nails into his wrist. 
He glances up, releasing your arm and reaching down to hold your hips in his hands, pressing himself deeper and quicker inside of you, 
"You're so fucking gorgeous. You like having my cock stuffed inside you darling?" He asks once he's leaned in, your back pressed to his chest. You nod, chewing your bottom lip, backing yourself against him, 
"Fucking love it. You fill me up so good." You moan, tipping your head back against his shoulder. He hums, kissing your earlobe. He reaches beneath you, fingers falling around your clit. You cry out as he rubs roughly and leans back slightly, pounding into you, his free hand falling around your throat and giving a good squeeze, 
"Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuckkkkkk..." You chant as he chases your high. You squeal, digging your face into his pillow when it finally takes over and your back arches up into his chest. He grunts, releasing your throat and pressing his hand to the space between your shoulders, 
"Good girl." He holds your hip in his opposite hand and chases his own high. He chuckles darkly as you clutch the sheets below you, continuing to moan before he's spilling into the condom, tipping his head back as he finishes. He sighs once his orgasm starts to ebb away. He draws out shortly, gently helping you settle amongst the sheets, 
"Gimme one second babe." He tells you, kissing the middle of your back. You groan, listening to him rustle around in his bathroom for a moment before he returns, brushing your legs apart again. You whimper as he drags a damp washcloth between them, 
"Sorry." He tosses it into the sink before he returns, climbing into bed beside you and slinging the blanket across his waist. You sigh, snuggling into his side. He wraps an arm around you, kissing your temple, 
"That was good." 
"As if it wouldn't be." You murmur, lips pressed to his skin. He chuckles, pressing a hand over yours when you maneuver yourself to lay your torso across his, hand pressed over his pec, 
"Are you ever this soft with the other girls you sleep with?" You ask him. He presses a hand over your lower back and shrugs, 
"I'm an excellent lover. But... not really like this. I mean, sometimes they'll stay but... I'm a lot rougher and there isn't this much kissing." He admits. Just for effect, you lean up and kiss him, his lips forming a smile into it, "I'm just really into you. We met in such an unconventional way and I like that you aren't one of the girls from the circuit. You couldn't give a fuck less what I do and I really, really like that." He admits, staring up at the ceiling. When you don't respond, he glances down at you, smiling softly, 
"What?" You shake your head and prop yourself up on his chest, 
"I just didn't realize that you had such a soft side. You're a sappy fuck." You tell him. He chuckles and shakes his head softly, 
"Shut the fuck up. Get out of my bed with that shit. I was just having a moment." You giggle again, 
"I'm kidding anyways. I like you like that. It's really sweet. With the luck I've had recently, it's really enduring getting this side of you." You admit. He hums, 
"Yeah, I'll agree with that." He mumbles, stroking your hair off to one side, fingers trailing across your back, "But just... say you're done for now. We can keep this up or... go out or whatever, but no more fucking muscle heads. Tell me right here you're done with them." He asks of you, eyebrows knit together. You can tell from the look on his face that the joking moment is over. Pressing your hand over his heart, you purse your lips, 
"I was... gonna make a comment about you being a muscle head and how am I supposed to promise you that but... I promise you that all that time of me having someone in my apartment is done. It's you or no one." You confirm. He nods, 
"Good." You sigh, laying your head over his chest for a moment before you're reminded of something he said. Pressing your chin to his shoulder, you glance up at him, 
"Were you serious about jerking off thinking about me?" You ask him. His cheeks burn bright red, 
"Oh... that-" 
"You did, didn't you?" 
"Well... ya see... I have." 
"When?" You ask him. He chews the inside of his lip, 
"Christmas." He admits. You sigh, 
"I did leave you hanging huh?" 
"And after you went to sleep the night we kissed. I couldn't help it." You stare up at him gape mouthed, 
"With me still asleep in your lap?" 
"Well no... I did go to the bathroom. You're a pretty deep sleeper you know that? And I kinda regretted it when I came back because you were snuggled into my sweater but... now I don't feel so bad having seen your body when you're being pleasured." He tells you. You smile up at him, 
"Even though that was... highly sexual, that's kind of the cutest thing you've said to me since we met." He frowns, chuckling softly after a moment, 
"You are the oddest girl I've ever met." Giggling, you lean down and bite into his nipple. He yelps, covering it as you nuzzle into his side with another giggle. 
The next morning, when you wake, rain pelts the window, seeming to have continued from the night before. You brush Tom's arm which has been slung across your waist, aside and stand, heading for his bathroom. When you return, the dim light from the window casts a glow about his half covered body that sends an idea for an art piece through your head. 
Sneaking into a shirt of his and your panties, you creep next door and fetch some supplies, hurrying back before he wakes and moves. You set up an easel at the foot of the bed, dragging a chair into place before you're settling and taking turns going between admiring him and painting his features across the canvas. 
Soon enough though, Tom groans as he wakes, stretching out his muscles before he starts to turn over, 
"Don't move." You softly assure. He cracks an eye open, the chocolate colored iris scanning you, 
"What are you doing?" He asks, voice laced with sleep still. You smile, 
"I'm all about sights and perfect places and all that for my work and... I got up to pee and you looked really peaceful. So... I popped in next door, got some of my stuff and came back to capture the moment." You explain. He hums, taking a deep breath. He keeps his eyes closed, 
"So in short, you're the Jack Dawson to my Rose DeWitt Bukater? You know this little piece of yours will sell for a mint." He murmurs. You roll your eyes, 
"You know what I said last night about not regretting going from friends to more by sleeping together? Yeah, I change my mind, I do regret it. You're too fucking conceited." You joke. He chuckles, 
"You were the one begging me to fuck you until the sun came up. Last time I checked it was my name you were calling out when you came so... I think I deserve that whole... conceited thing." He informs. You roll your eyes, 
"You were there to sate the urge. That is all little boy." 
"Oh really? So... you're not going to think about my head between those legs ever again? I mean... you can think about getting eaten out but I can guarantee that it'll be my face you see every time you do if you walk out that door and never come back." He tells you, 
"Well I didn't say I wouldn't be coming back I just... I'm just saying that you were... an instrument I used to get off instead of doing it all myself." You deflect. He narrows his eyes, 
"Mmhmm." He mumbles before he's resting back against the bedding, yawning softly as he patiently waits for you to finish. You go back to glancing between him in bed, and your canvas until you're sitting back and admiring your work, pleased with the outcome, 
"Alright pretty boy. All it has to do is dry." He smiles before he's rolling onto his back, exposing a hip to you as you stand and stretch out your back, nearing him in bed. He stares up at you, 
"Coming to give into temptation and use me for your urges again?" He asks. You roll your eyes again, 
"You are so dramatic." 
"Hey, you're the one that said it, not me." Sighing, you shrug, 
"Maybe I am, maybe I just wanna cuddle." You murmur. He stares for a moment longer before he's wiggling closer to one side of the bed, 
"The bed is really cold without you. And you're wearing too many clothes." He murmurs. His eyes follow your hands as they first, slip your panties off, tossing them over your shoulder and then, get to work on the buttons of his shirt, popping each one open to reveal more skin until you're brushing it from your shoulders and climbing into bed beside him, 
"Oh, so much." He confirms. You giggle, laying your head over his shoulder as his arm wraps around you, his hands resting over your hip. He sighs as you reach up and scratch the back of his neck, 
"I didn't know how much I'd like the buzzcut but... here we are." You tell him. He chuckles, 
"So I've heard. I did it one other time just to keep those damn curls out of my face and... girls swarmed me." He informs, staring at the ceiling. You giggle, leaning in to kiss where his neck meets shoulder, 
"There's something about it that makes you sexy. I don't know what it is." A smile plasters itself across his face, 
"Do I dare make a joke about knowing how sexy I am?" He asks. Smirking up at him when he glances down, you shake your head, 
"No... you really don't have to. I get it. You love yourself." Laughing again, he turns on his side, tucking one arm under his head and staring at you, 
"There's a lot of things I love. I've learned that... no one will have my back like I will. Especially in my line of work. Those guys in the ring with me... sure, they're my managers and my trainers but their paychecks are determined upon my performance and if I don't do well... there isn't much they can do. So... I joke around when I say shit like that but... if it seems like I'm selfish... I guess I am." He explains with an almost nonchalant shrug. Reaching up to trace your thumb over his cheekbone, you frown, 
"Don't say that." 
"I'm serious-" 
"Don't." He purses his lips, not willing to argue with you, "Its not selfish Tom. How many times have I relied on someone and they've fucked me over? I mean... how many times have I ended up right back in your arms because I've been fucked over by someone else? It's not selfish to focus on yourself over someone else. How are you supposed to be a good boyfriend, a good husband, father, friend, fuck... a good person if you don't have yourself figured out?" You lecture. He blinks up at you, lips pursed until he leans in, kissing your lips softly. He wraps an arm around your waist, deepening the kiss when you grip the back of his neck, 
"I'm just a little obsessed with you." He murmurs as you stroke the stubble there. You smile, pecking his lips a few times more, 
"I really thought I'd hate you after that first night but... you're actually pretty damn amazing." You reason. He chuckles, draping his arms over your lower back when you press yourself onto him, forcing him onto his back again, 
"I like being who you come to. I don't think I'd want it any other way." He tells you, tucking an arm behind his head. You hum and smile, tracing across his abdomen, 
"Yeah? You like seeing me heartbroken?" 
"Okay well... I didn't say that-" Giggling, you nod, 
"I get it. You're obsessed with me and now here I am, in your bed, having the time of my life." You tell him. He smiles and nods, tucking hair behind your ear, 
"I think, when given the chance, I can give you a good time. Ya know... all the guys I've seen you around, I knew they weren't good and... you came to my match and you've been spending a lot of time with me and... I'm just glad that this is how it turned out. To be honest." He tells you, tracing his fingers across your bare skin. You lay your head over his shoulder, kissing the groove of his arm, 
"Truthfully, I'm glad that I'm here now too." Sighing, you turn on your back and pull his comforter up over your body. He smiles, wrapping his arm around your shoulders and pressing his hand over your chest, 
"I'm just glad you're happy. That's all I want for you." He murmurs. You nod, 
"I am. More than you'll ever know." You tell him. He smiles, leaning in and kissing your temple. You sigh, holding his hand across your chest, watching rain pound against the window as you lay in each other's arms, silence enveloping you save the sound of your skin across his as you rub his arm, kissing his wrist, 
"I wanna see this piece." He tells you after another moment, starting to rise from the bed. You scoot to the other edge of it, 
"Just... keep in mind that I'm not professional please." He watches you slide his shirt back on, sliding it around you to fight the chill as you move to his side before the easel and he hums as he admires it. You wrap your arms around his waist, lips pressed into his shoulder. He presses his hands over your arms, 
"You're not allowed to tell me you aren't professional. This is amazing babe." He tells you, smoothing over your arms. You sigh, 
"I see a lot wrong with it." 
"Well I don't. You don't have to knit pick it all. It's beautiful." He assures, dragging you from behind him and into his arms. You giggle, holding his arms around you, 
"If you're serious... you can have it." 
"No, no, I want you to have it. Hang it above your bed." Rolling your eyes, you brush his arms from around you. He clicks his tongue and holds your hands, "I'm kiddingggggg." 
"The funny thing is... you so aren't." 
"No... it's a beautiful piece darling, but I'd love for you to be able to sell it. You deserve to be able take money for this kinda stuff." He tells you, turning you to rub your shoulders. You hum as pleasure seems into your muscles, 
"Are you sure? You really want your face in someone you don't know's house?" You ask. He snorts, 
"Your art is good, but you can't really tell that that's me love." He poses. You shrug, 
"Suppose you're right." 
"But if you'd like to keep it, we can hang it in our living room." He purrs, kissing your neck. You frown, glancing up at him, 
"Our living room?" 
"Yeah, when I move you in with me eventually. Obviously." He tells you with a nonchalant shrug. Rolling your eyes, you sigh, 
"Don't get too ahead of yourself stud. Let's start with a shower and you can get to making me some food to pay me back for using my materials." You tell him, standing on your toes with your arms around his neck. He presses his hands over your bare hips, smiling down at you before he leans in and pecks your lips, 
"Very commanding." He mumbles. Giggling, you pull him down for one more kiss before he's grasping your bottom, squeezing and swatting at it for effect. He presses his forehead to yours, 
"Go ahead and uhh, hop in the shower. I'll join in a sec." He tells you, brushing his shirt from your shoulders again. You nod, trailing to his bathroom and starting the water. Tying your hair up, you hum and climb in, closing your eyes as hot water soothes your achy muscles. You stand beneath it for a moment, letting it melt the tension from you, thinking about all of the things that happened the night before. 
It'd been a lot. You'd watched Tom fight and you hadn't intended on sleeping with him but the marks that litter both of your bodies confirm that it was a wild time and neither of you regret it. Tom, in fact, seems to be in a deeply peaceful state this morning. You definitely thought you'd feel guilty about all of it, but waking up beside him, you only felt contentment. Your heart feels full and happy. You feel like a million bucks. 
Tom gently pulls the shower curtain back, humming as he joins you in the shower, stepping forward and placing his hands over your arms. He leans in and kisses your cheek gently, 
"So beautiful." Glancing back at him, you stare up into his eyes for a moment before you're turning to lean in and kiss him, 
"It feels so good to finally kiss you, uninterrupted." You murmur. He smiles and nods, 
"Definitely. Nothing feels better than kissing you." He murmurs, leaning in for another one. You giggle as he spins your body, pressing his front to yours, pressing quick pecks to your lips, 
"Is it... is it too early to ask... what this is?" You ask him, scrubbing your hand along the back of his head. He purses his lips, 
"Well I mean... I told you to get off the dating apps and had sex with you so... I was hoping we'd be... like... more than friends." 
"I was too if I'm honest. I really, really hate being alone." He presses his hands over your bottom, pecking your lips once more, 
"You don't have to worry about it anymore love. I've got you." He reassures, pressing his forehead to yours. You reach up and press a palm to his cheek, tracing your thumb across his bottom lip. You fight the urge to tell him you love him as he kisses the pad of your thumb, 
"Now... let's get cleaned up so I can get some breakfast in you and maybe I'll take you back to bed today." He purrs, brushing his hands up your body and across your arms draped over his shoulders. You giggle, 
"Can't wait." Smiling, he kisses you once more, before you resort to cleaning each other.
Tumblr media
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marvel-sluts · 7 months ago
request: hi ! yesterday was my bday , could you write a peter parker bday sex one shot lol pls ? ty !! - @dhtomholland
(sorry I had to repost, the tags didn't work on the last one)
birthday sex
Tumblr media
pairing: Peter Parker x reader
warnings: filthy smut, fingering, blow jobs, unprotected sex, daddy kink, maybe a size kink?, overuse of the name kitten, swearing, fluff
summary: Peter has a surprise for you on your birthday.
a/n: happy birthday!! sorry this is a bit late but I hope you had a great day. enjoy this fic, I hope it was dirty enough for you. enjoy lovlies!
«────── « ⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅ » ──────»
“come straight home after work angel, I’ve got a surprise planned.” your boyfriend called to you as you were leaving.
“okay baby, have a good day at work.” you call back before kissing him softly and rushing out the door.
you hurried home that day, looking forward to getting out of your work clothes and spending the night with Peter. you opened the door and made your way to the living room, finding your boyfriend sprawled on the couch, also still in his work clothes.
“hey angel, how was your day?” Peter asked, getting up off of the sofa and kissing you softly on the lips.
“better now I’m with you.” you mumbled into his lips before pulling him back into you, kissing him hungrily.
“someone’s missed me.” Peter joked, making you smile.
“just a bit.” you said, “so, what’s the surprise?” you asked.
“you’ll have to wait for that, for now, I’ve cooked dinner.” he said, pulling you towards the kitchen. delicious smells filled your nostrils as you looked around, the table in the middle of the room had your favourite foods on it.
“Peter, you didn’t have to do all this!” you exclaimed, looking up at your boyfriend.
“but I wanted to baby, it’s your birthday and you deserve it. you work so hard and you deserve a treat.” he said, kissing your forehead. “come on, it’ll get cold.” he said, pulling out your chair for you to sit down.
the food was amazing, so good that by the end of the meal you were positive that Peter had help from someone.
“are you sure you made this?” you asked, giving him a shit eating grin.
“I may of had some help.” he responded, “Mr Rodgers has been helping me improve my cooking skills.”
“that explains a lot.” you say, realising why Peter had been cooking a lot more often recently.
when you had both finished eating he grabbed your hand and pulled you up out of your seat.
“whoa, what’s the rush?” you asked, stumbling out of your chair.
“I have another surprise for you.” he said, dragging you towards the bedroom.
he stopped infront of the bedroom door and took a blindfold out of his pocket, “I don’t want you peeking.” he said, before turning you round and tying it over your eyes. “can you see anything?” he asked.
“no, not at all.” you reply, confused what the blindfold was for.
“good.” he said, before guiding you into the bedroom. you heard some rustling and what you swore was the sound of a lighter before you heard a quiet “you can take it off now.”
you lifted the blindfold slowly, gasping softly at what you saw. the room had been cleaned, candles were strategically placed around and rose petals were sprinkled on the bed.
“this is beautiful Pete.” you said, smiling at your boyfriend.
“I wanted to make tonight special, and I wanted to show you how much I love you.” he said, blushing.
“aww Petey it’s perfect.” you said, making him smile. you quickly made your way to where he was standing at the other side of the room. “I love it, I love you.” you said.
he wrapped his arms around your waist whispering a quiet “I love you too.” before kissing you slowly, you stand on your toes to wrap your arms around his neck, tangling your fingers in his hair. he deepened the kiss poking your bottom lip with his tongue, asking permission, which you gladly gave to him.
he broke the kiss, his eyes filled with lust and lips slightly swollen. “bed” he said, voice gravelly, turning you on even more. he started walking forward, forcing you back. you felt the back of your legs hit the bed and the next thing you know you were pushed onto the bed. Peter hovering over you, capturing your lips in another breathtaking kiss.
you reached down, starting to unbuckle his trousers making him break the kiss. “no babygirl, I want to make you feel good.” he mumbled, slipping his shirt over his head.
you sat up and quickly took off your shirt, before pulling Peter down into another kiss. he grabbed your hips, pulling down your skirt and panties in one motion. he broke the kiss, sliding a finger into your dripping cunt, making you moan.
“your so wet already kitten, so wet for my cock.” he said, slowly slipping a finger inside you, pumping it in and out a few times before adding another.
he started to kiss down your stomach, eventually reaching your cunt. he kissed it a few times before attacking it with his mouth. soon the sound of heavy breaths and moans filled the room, and within seconds you felt the knot in your stomach building.
“Peter-” you moaned, making him stop his assult on your pussy. causing you to moan at the loss of contact.
“what did you just call me?” he asked, his gaze turning dark.
“sorry daddy.” you said, making him smile.
“very good.” he said, going back to your cunt, moving his fingers in and out again, faster this time.
“I- I’m gonna cum daddy…” you moaned
“come on baby, cum for me.” he whispered, the vibrations sending shivers up your pussy. he started pumping his fingers faster into you, making you come undone around them. you let out a loud moan, tangling your fingers in his hair. he helped you ride out your hight before taking his fingers out of your dripping cunt slowly. he immediately started lapping up your juices dripping out of your cunt, before bringing a finger to your mouth.
“taste yourself.” he said, as you took the finger in your mouth, swirling your tongue around it before letting it go with a pop. you sat up, reaching forward and unbuckling his belt.
“no kitten, tonight is about you.” your boyfriend said, despite the obvious tent in his pants.
“I want to make you feel good though daddy.” you said, looking up at him through your eyelashes.
“fine.” he said, groaning as you slid down his pants and boxers, freeing his huge erect member, precum dripping from its tip. you swiped the tip with your tongue, the salty taste taking over your senses.
“stop teasing.” Peter hissed, tangling his fingers in your hair. you licked the underside of his cock before taking it in your mouth, wrapping your hand around what you couldn’t take. you slowly started bobbing your head up and down on his cock, pumping the parts your couldn’t take with your hand, making him moan. speeding up you started gagging on his big cock. you took it out of your mouth, kissing the tip before taking it in again. you went as far down on it as you could, gagging and spluttering around his big length making your eyes water.
the feeling of you gagging on his cock almost made him cum right there, “fuck, I’m gonna cum baby.” Peter whispered, tightening his grip on your hair and moving your head up and down. he pushed your head down onto his cock, making you take him further than before. “relax your throat kitten, that’s it.” he said, before letting go of your hair allowing you to start sucking again.
within a few seconds he came in your mouth, hot ropes of cum coating your throat. his hand came back up to your hair, tightening his grip as you swallowed all of his cum. you pulled off his cock slowly and stood up, kissing him. you allowed him to slip his tongue into your mouth, tasting himself on your lips.
“fuck me daddy.” you whispered against his lips.
“only because you asked nicely kitten.” he said, making you even wetter. you could feel his cock getting hard against your stomach again.
he pushed you back onto the bed, kissing you softly before lining himself up and pushing into you making you moan. when he was fully inside you he paused for a second, letting you get used to his size before pulling all the way out and slamming into you again. pounding into you ruthlessly.
“fuck that feels so good daddy, go harder” you moan.
he started thrusting into you harder than before, his hand drifting up to rub your clit, reducing you to a moaning mess under him.
“does that feel good kitten? are you gonna cum around daddy’s cock?” Peter asked, thrusting into you harder.
“yes daddy.” you said.
“good girl.” he said, placing his hands on your hips, his nails digging into your skin as he fucks you faster.
he stopped rubbing your clit, his hands drifting up your body to play with your nipples tweaking and rubbing them.
“come on baby, cum on my cock. I know you want to kitten.” he said, leaning down to kiss you gently.
“I’m coming.” you screamed, tangling your fingers in his hair.
he felt your walls tighten around him as you came, making him cum with you. hot rods of his seed painted itself on your walls, making you feel so full. he thrusted inside a few more times, riding out your highs before pulling out slowly and collapsing on the bed beside you.
he leaned forward slightly, watching as cum dripped out of your cunt. a mixture of yours and his.
he rolled over, taking you in his arms and pulling he sheets over the two of you. he nestled his head in the crook of your neck, breathing in your sent.
“I love you so much Petey.” you whispered.
“I love you too angel, happy birthday.” he whispered back, tightening his arms around you as both of you fell asleep.
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buckleyx · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Author’s note: This has been in my drafts for so long and i finally finished it, a bit uneddited woops!!
Warnings: FLUFF and a little steamy make out but no actual smut.
Summary: Tom asked you to move in so you wouldn’t have to spend lockdown alone, but what about the unspokken tension?
————— —————
You lived with Tom for over a month now. After the lockdown for London was announced, he immediately asked you to move in with him. You were a little hesitatend at the start, not wanting too admitted that your apartment was (literally) falling apart and that you could use a little help. But after hearing him rant for hours about what a such a good roommate he could be, you finally gave up and accepted his offer.
Your growing chrush on your best friend didn't help either, seeing him sometimes wander around in just sweatpants made you often a flustered mess.
"Y/n?" Tom called, poking his head from behind the door. You looked up from your phone, not planning on leaving the comfort of your bed anytime soon.
The brunette stepped inside, his curls messily placed on his head. He stretched his arms, revealing the waist band of the Calvin Klein underwear he was wearing. Your jaw clenched, trying your best not to let your eyes wander to his exposed skin.
He jawed loudly before letting himself fall down next to you. "I just took Tessa on a walk." His rosy cheeks made your heart flutter, he looked adorable and you had to stop yourself from jumping in his arms and kiss him.
Tom ticked your shoulder as a hint to lay down next to him. You hummed, closing your phone and nuzzling into his chest.
Cuddling was something you and Tom did a lot, especially after you moved in. After one drunken night where you both passed out on the couch, tangled in each others arms, you both realised how much you liked each others present.
"What are you thinking about?" Tom asked suddenly, breaking the comfortable silence. "I dunno." You lied, not wanting to admit he was the one playing on your mind.
"You're lying." The corners of his mouth turned up as he looked at you. "You do that cute little thing with your nose, when you lie." Your head snapped up. "I do not!" You pouted, feeling your nose scrunch up.
"There you do it again." He pointed, making you laugh. You gave his side a tickle before sitting up properly, playing with the hem of your hoodie. Tom drew his lower lip between his teeth, resting his weight on his elbows. "Darling?"
Your looked over your shoulder, realising how close he was. You felt his warm breath hit your shoulder, leaning a bit forward until your were inches away from him.
You softly brushed a messy curl out of his face, making his brows nit together, a slight darkness dancing in his eyes at the contact.
He hummed, looking at your lips. His eyes blinked with excitement before fluttering shut. Cupping your cheeks, his lips finally crashed on yours. You mirrored his action, bringing your hands to the back of his neck, slightly tugging on his soft curls.
He whimpered, both smiling into the kiss as he brought you on his lap. Your legs strangled his waist, making you deepen the kiss even more as tongs explored each others mouth.
His grib on your waist got tighter as you pulled back a little to catch your breath. His lips trailed over to your neck, leaving sloppy kisses along your jaw. You whimpered slightly as he sucked on your sentive spot, feeling him smirk against your neck.
Being satisfied with his work, he pulled back, resting his forehead against yours. Tom's face lighted up at the sight of your bright smile. Your pink, swollen lips and messy hair made him even more head over heels then he already was.
He placed another kiss on your lips. A softer one this time. "You're so beautiful." He gushed, hand rubbing small circles on your back.
"You're not so bad either."
My requests are open! :)
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mywldflwers · 6 months ago
hello, can i have one with tom and actress!reader where you two are secretly dating, and on avengers premiere the fans would like some questions. thank you
Little White Lies | T.H.
Tumblr media
Thank you for the request! Since I’ve done a premier imagine, I’ve decided to have the scene at Comic Con! Forgive me if some things don’t add up, I’ve never been lmao. But I am happy to give you the same scenario somewhat! Also, this is pretty much pure fluff. Like, healthy relationship type stuff. BASK IN IT BECAUSE YOU GUYS DESERVE IT. Okay, thank you (:
“How do I look?”
My head swiveled over to the other side of the room, searching for the voice. When I was met with his beautiful eyes, I immediately began to smile.
I put down my brush and stepped away from the mirror to wrap my arms around his shoulders and watched the blood rush to his face.
“Absolutely ravishing, my love.”
Tom chuckles, his hands running up and down the sides of my body. “You sure know how to get a man flustered.”
That makes me let out a giggle of my own.
“I do try.”
His face leans in to hide in the crook of my neck, peppering sweet kisses against the sensitive skin. I try to pull away with laughs in between, but his hand pushed against my lower back to have me tightly pressed into him. I don’t bother trying to get away and instead embrace the comfort it brings me.
When he finally gives me mercy, he takes my left hand to press a smaller kiss upon my ring. My eyes fall upon his glorious self again and I nearly swoon. His plain t-shirt was snug against his muscular figure as he wore a denim jacket over it. It was such a normal outfit that he wore on most days of the week, but no matter how casual it looked on him, I would be addicted.
How in the hell did he make it look so good?
“You look divine, dove.”
His words pull at my heart strings and I can only bring myself to shrug bashfully.
My fingers brush some fallen hairs away from his face and I kiss him gently once.
“We’re due soon.”
He sighs at that. “I hate having to act like we’re only friends.”
“I know, my love, but it’s for only a couple of hours! We’re actors, surely we can put on a good show for such a short amount of time.”
Tom let’s go of me quite quickly and I notice the annoyance hiding along his features.
Just as I’m about to ask what was wrong, a voice interrupts us.
“Mr. Holland, Ms. Y/L/N? You’re needed at the stage in two minutes.”
We give a curt nod to the stranger and they quickly leave us be.
That allows me to turn back to Tom. “Honey, are you okay?”
Tom shakes his head. “Just peachy. Let’s go.”
“Y/N, c’mon. They’re waiting for us.”
He walks away before I could say anything and our publicists are there to guide us, as well as giving us quick reminders of what to say and not to say. They also remind us that our private lives are still very private and that we’re in full control of what we want out there right now.
This comforts me. Having a part of my life away from the limelight was what I had always wanted when I decided to become an actress. I just wonder if Tom feels the same way anymore.
“Tom Holland!” A voice booms, introducing my fiancé.
I watch as he hurries out onto the stage, waving excitedly at the fans cheering him on loudly.
For about twenty something seconds, the room is screaming and cheering for The Amazing Spider-man. I feel my heart swell with pride as he laughs, trying to get the crowd to calm just a tad. Just at the move of his hands, the noise gets softer.
My publicist fixes my hair and taps powder onto my nose right before the host of the interview then says, “And Y/N Y/L/N!”
I feel my legs takes me forward and wave as the room roars with another round of adrenaline. The lights allow me to see most of their faces and I am in awe at the numerous amount of fans that showed up.
Their screams and hollers didn’t stop as I got to my position next to Tom. I turn to give him a surprised look and he only smiles fondly.
The host tries to speak over the loud yells and I start to motion for the room to quiet down just as Tom had before. It takes longer for them to do so, but when the noise settles, the interviewer starts to laugh.
“Do you ever get tired of that?”
His eyes were focused on me and I feel my cheeks hurt from how much I was smiling.
“Never,” I answer into my microphone implanted on the table.
Just from my one word answer, the room goes into another frenzy. My face burns from embarrassment and I can’t help to giggle. I look over at my cast members and they’re either recording the crowd’s reactions or laughing along with me.
“Can I just say,” The interviewer begins. “You truly are America’s Sweetheart.”
I feel my mouth gape open at that and the crowd only seems to scream in agreement.
My eyes flicker across the room before I ask, “Who said that?”
A laugh catches my attention from the left of me and I look over to see Anthony Mackie staring right at me as he speaks into the microphone next. “Girl, everyone’s been saying that. You’re hot shit right now.”
Maybe my platform on social media made it that way. My following was quite heavy and there were billions of people watching my every move on different apps.
The crowd either laughs or hollers in agreement. My cast mates all seem to find that funny as well and a few of them nod along. I look over to Tom who was smiling at me.
He leans into his mic with a wicked smirk. “I am completely honored to be sitting next to America’s Sweetheart.”
When the audience goes into another fit of hysterics, I roll my eyes.
“Okay, okay! Let’s move on, shall we?” I grin.
And so we did. The entirety of the panel was filled with questions and declarations of love from our fans as they were able to give us their own questions and thoughts on the film that had just appeared in theaters.
One of the fans nervously got up to the mic and greeted us shyly. We did our best to give her a welcoming smile and when she spoke, her voice came out slightly shaky.
“First off, I just want to say that you all changed my life in such a big way. I love you guys and look up to you so much!”
My hands went to cover my heart as I awed. The rest of my cast mates swoon over her the same.
“And secondly, my question is for Y/N and Tom. Do you two think that there is room for a film based off of your relationship solely? I know that the Spider-man and Black Cat film you both have have been more focused on your characters than your love interests, which is valid. But I, and other fans, think you guys have great onscreen and offscreen chemistry in the last three movies.”
Tom’s shoulders tense beside me and I fight off the urge to hold his hand in comfort. I can tell he needs to think over his answer, so I lean into the mic.
“I love that question and I appreciate your compliments so much, so thank you for that, babe. But to answer your question, I would like to say that I would be completely supportive to have our characters share a film. Tom is such a special person to me and I really do enjoy working with him. All of my cast members are clearly talented people who teach me something new every time we work together and it’s not only made me a better actress, but truthfully a better person and mentor for others.”
The audience reacts positively to that answer, but the interviewer isn’t quite done with it.
“Tom, what do you think about that?”
My fiancé clears his throat then and smiles widely. “Uh, I would be more than happy to make a film based off our interaction in the comics. Y/N answered it perfectly for the both of us, truly.” He sends me a wink that doesn’t go unnoticed by others, I’m sure. “Thank you, darling.”
I only smile back and we listen in on more of the questions from other fans. They vary between the lot of us. Some fans get flustered when we reply to them and others shed a couple of tears. It was heartwarming to see the way their eyes lit up from the sole fact that we were these magnificent hero’s for them.
A teenage boy gets to the mic and we have only a couple more people to go.
He seemed slightly flustered, but cleared his throat. “Okay, my question is for Y/N! I know it’s a bit personal, but a lot of your fans wanted to know if you were in a relationship? Some of us noticed you were wearing a ring on your ring finger.”
In that moment, I felt my blood run cold. I glanced down at my hand that was secretly interlocked with Tom’s and noticed our stiffened grip. We quickly let each other go and I slightly raised my hand as if to ask if this was the ring he was referring to.
When he nods, I curse to myself.
How hadn’t I remembered to take it off?
It was such a dainty, gold band with the smallest diamond. I truly did love it. But, I could say it was just something I got myself.
I nervously laugh into the mic. The room was clearly waiting for me to answer and even Tom was staring at me intently.
And then the words from my publicist echo in my head, taunting me. I’m in control.
So, I shake my head. “Nope. Just some jewelry.”
The boy whom questioned it seemed a bit unsure, but thanked me for my time and gave me a small ‘I love you’ before leaving.
I felt myself sigh in relief before looking over to my fiancé who stared at the table. He looked solemn and immediately I felt regret.
My hand stretched out to hold his under the table again, but he only glanced once at my offer and turned away.
The rest of the panel went by smoothly as our cast mates and the audience hadn’t noticed the tension between Tom and I. I could tell he was clearly hurt, but I couldn’t figure out a solution that I was comfortable with. But then I realized that it didn’t matter if I was comfortable. If my lover was truly saddened by me ignoring our relationship in front of the public, I would fix it and prove that I was in love with him maddeningly.
Of course I wanted to shout my devotion for him, but not here and not like this.
So, when it was time for us to go and say our farewell to the Marvel family, Tom and I went back to our hotel. The ride was silent and I didn’t want to push him to speak. He needed his time and I would give him that.
When we finally got to our destination, I walked into the kitchen to grab a drink of water. He walked past and kept going until he reached the bathroom.
Before he could close the door, I called out to him. “Tom? Wait.”
He paused and looked over his shoulder. “What?”
“I want to tell everyone. I do, I really do. But, can we wait until after the wedding?”
His eyebrows furrowed and he ignored his previous actions to come forward.
“What happened to not wanting to tell people?”
I looked down to my intertwined hands and twisted the ring resting along my finger. “I just wanted to keep you to myself for a while. And now that it’s been a few years and we’re getting married, it’s time for people to know that we’re a family of our own. I’m not ashamed of us and I would hate for you to think I was.”
I hear him sigh and then his footsteps against the floor. He comes close to wrap me into his arms and I gladly hide my face into his chest.
“I know you’re not ashamed of us. I guess I just want people to know you’re off the market for good. Not in a possessive way, but a way that means we’re committed forever.” His lips press a warm kiss along my hairline while his hands pull me in tighter.
I smile and kiss him gingerly. “Is after the wedding okay, though? I would just hate for the next few interviews of our press tour be warped around what kind of flowers there will be and what kind of dress will I be wearing. I just want our special day to be between us, our family, and friends. And the rest of the world can come after.”
“That’ll work just fine, dove. Thank you for telling me this.” He gives me a boyish smile, delicately caressing my face.
“Thank you for being patient, my love.”
And so we waited some more. The next few months went by rather quickly with having to deal with planning and the big day finally came.
It was magical. I had my doubts with everything having to be put together so shortly, but the wedding planner made it as perfect as Tom and I wanted. We were married in the early morning and even though some of our family were a bit annoyed by the time, it was special to us.
Countless mornings before the sun had even come up were spent together. We’re early birds who enjoy the quiet before the rest of the world is even up.
And the best part was that it was raining. For the short amount of months before the wedding, I remember reading somewhere that it was a sign of good fortune. I was secretly hoping for a slight drizzle and it was like the universe heard my prayers, because beautiful droplets decorated the outdoor venue. The spring air was crisp as we stood under a covered arc, our hands intertwined while we devoted ourselves to one another in front of our family and friends.
When everyone went to enjoy some appetizers and drinks as they waited for the reception, Tom and I went back to the arch to read one another our written vows that were made for only the other to hear. We cried and laughed and hugged one another while our photographer stood at a far enough distance where she couldn’t hear us, but see our affection.
As the day went on and we celebrated with the small group of guests, we had also paid for an artist to capture our first dance. While our song played and everyone watched us sway, the artist created a masterpiece that now hangs just above our bed.
The celebration ended late, meaning the entire wedding took an entire day. Of course, not everyone stayed, but there were enough guests to not have noticed. By the end of the night, when Tom and I had gotten home, we took a bath together and spent the rest of the night entangled.
For now, it was the best day of my life.
But today would maybe be the third or fourth on my list. It was exciting and maybe not nearly as special as some other days I’ve lived, but it held a place in my heart.
It would change the way the public saw me for the rest of my life. For me, that was a good thing.
“Hello, everyone! Thank you so much for joining my live today. Wow! We have over a hundred thousand people watching. That is incredible!” I cheer, my hands clapping as I watch the number continuing to grow.
When the comments come flooding in, there are just about a million different kind. They’re asking what was the reason for this and how I was doing and even silly compliments on the background.
I thought it was best to do this in front of my fireplace. I was sitting in front of it with my phone leaning on a candle just on top of the coffee table. The camera was angled just right to show some of the photos resting atop of the mantle.
“I know you’re all wondering why I’m here doing this. But, I decided it was time for you guys to know something about me. First, I’d like to bring out a guest. Tom?” I ask, my eyes now focused on the man whom sat only a foot away.
He sent me a nervous smile before scooting into the frame. When we noticed the incredible amount of comments going crazy, we laughed.
“Hey, everybody!”
I laughed at his mannerisms before clamping my hands together. “Okay! As you know, this is Tom. He’s a brilliant actor whom I’ve worked with for the past years on our films with Marvel and the Russo brothers,” I take a breath before sharing a smile with him. “Let me start off saying that this is taking a lot of effort for me. Not because it’s something I didn’t want, but because it’s opening another door in my life that I’m not sure what’s to expect.
Tom and I have been together since 2015. Before our Marvel days, we met at a party where a mutual friend introduced us. It went smoothly and then we ended up realizing quite quickly that we are most definitely meant to be. I know it’s been a pretty long five years and the speculations have always been up in the air, but today we are confirming it. In fact, we are doing more than that. We are announcing our marriage!”
When I finish, I inhale deeply. My husband takes my hand in his and we share another look. It reassures me to keep going, so I look back into the camera to see the comments moving faster than I could keep up.
“Tom and I got married about a month ago. We might share some photos, but for now, they’re ours for safe keeping. As some of you might remember, there was a bit of a hiccup during the Comic Con panel a few months back. What, six months?” I ask Tom as he nods.
“Yes, dove.” He licks his lips as he tries to read some of the messages racing through the screen.
“It feels like a life time ago, doesn’t it?” I hum.
Tom chuckles at my surprised face. “It does. Also feels like it just happened.”
“Time is a relentless bitch, hm?” We laugh together this time before I begin again. “Anyways, as I was saying, a few fans of ours had noticed my ring. I forgot to take it off at the time like a fool and many more questions were arisen. But, although it was my decision to keep our relationship private for a long time, I apologize for lying when asked about the ring. I just hate lying and especially to my fans who’ve given me this platform and only ever want the best for me. I love you guys so much and I really mean that. So, with that, Tom and I are going to go and let the media soak in this new information. Bye-bye, everyone! I love you!”
“See ya!” Tom waves, pulling me in by the shoulders as we end the live chat.
A few quiet seconds pass before we look at one another again. We break out into wide smiles, attacking the other with kisses and giggles.
“I’m so proud of you. You said all of that quite beautifully.” He takes my face into his hands, pressing one more kiss along my nose.
I sigh happily, leaning my head into his palm more. “Thank you for being by my side. Through everything.”
“That’s what life partners are for, dove. Thank you for being mine.”
And with that, we embrace one another in a tight hug, soaking in the changed atmosphere.
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