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Quizzes End Up In Kisses ~ Peter Parker💕

Part-7 of the Eight Days Of Valentine series

Part 8

Warnings: fluff, thank you.

Sorry for I’m late. Also, I don’t know anything about schooling system in the U.S. so forgive me.


Middle school was exhausting, not to mention stupid, and you dreaded going to High school. Going everyday to a place for nearly your whole life, a prison called school, was never on your checklist. It was a pretty basic list and all the things you would want to do one day were mentioned in it.

And Peter Parker had managed to get on the top.

Entering Liz’s house, you were met with loud noise and kids scattered all around the living area. The snacks and drinks were placed neatly on the kitchen slab. You sighed before moving in and placing your small gift in the pile that was placed near the christmas tree. You were invited to the party by Liz and you had nothing better to do on a Christmas eve and maybe you would find Peter here too. MJ was in the extreme corner of the room which was illuminated by a bright lamp under which she read a book. You smiled at her and her book choice, ‘Great Leadership by Kimberly Davis.’

You moved towards the kitchen where you spotted Liz greeting her friends. The party went on, you stuck to MJ in the back until she needed to get back home and you didn’t.

Few people were still left, probably close friends of Liz, when you spotted Ned and Peter near the window, whispering something to each other. You moved towards them setting aside the glass of juice.

“Hey Peter, Ned!” You greeted cheerfully. Ned waved, greeting you back while Peter straightened a bit, the soft light hid the mild blush covering his cheeks. It wasn’t hard for you, or anyone for that matter, to figure out that he liked you. He wasn’t good with secrets.

“Hey, (y/n).” He replied when Ned cleared his throat . You didn’t want to seem desperate by asking him out or truth be told, you were shy yourself and didn’t want to convert your friendship into awkwardness.

The room was starting to clear and you were now having a proper conversation with both the boys, majorly about school and homework when a loud voice pulled you out of the on-going topic.

“Hey losers!” Flash yelled, indicating the three of you.“You need to come here.” He called out, you rolled your eyes but nonetheless moved to where everyone left was gathered in a small circle. You sat beside Liz as everyone settled down and Liz started talking, “So, I have a game for everyone.” She grinned and then you zoned out, staring at the boy in front of you. Brown eyes squinted slightly in concentration as he tried so hard to steal a glance at you whereas you were, absentmindedly, full on gaping at him. Only, you, Liz, Betty, Flash, Ned and Peter were left in the room.

“(Y/n), you wanna put something in?” Liz asked, popping your Peter bubble.

“What?” You asked, not having listened to a word she said.

“You wanna put something in the bag?” She pointed to the small bag placed in the centre. Where would it even come from, “And since you’re the last one, you get to have the first chance.” She grinned. By now, it wasn’t really hard to guess that the group was playing seven minutes in heaven.

You grabbed the bag and got up, throwing your bracelet in when no one was watching and shaking the bag. You fished the bag and pulled out a small keyring which was way too familiar. A blush covered your cheeks as you realised whose it was. A small Darth Vader keyring that you gave Peter on his birthday. You looked to Peter who looked like a reindeer caught in headlights. You heard Flash laugh, “Do you think these guys are going to hold hands?”

Soon you were pushed into a room, Peter just behind you as Liz locked the door.

You sat on Liz’s bed and Peter stood against the wall across you, the tension was undeniable. A few minutes were passed in silence before Peter cleared his throat and sat beside you on the bed. You watched him in anticipation as he ran his fingers through his hair, “(Y/n), you know, we don’t have to do anything just because Flash would probably never leave this.”

You felt a bit disappointed but you couldn’t let Flash tease Peter for this, “Yeah, I know how to shut Flash up.” You smiled.

You told Flash that you had made out with Peter and the look on his face was precious. Maybe it would be the other way around and instead of Flash teasing Peter, you would tease Flash for Peter had his first kiss before him. No one has to know that he didn’t.


It’s been almost a year since then and everybody but you had forgotten that night. And you could never.

You saw Peter leaning against your locker as you made your way through the sea of teenagers.

“Hey!” You greeted your best friend, “Where’s Ned?”

“Maths.” He answered, shrugging. You smiled at him as you pulled out your Chemistry textbook.

“I’m already bored seeing this textbook.” You complained walking beside Peter as you began your trip to the classroom.

“I know, Mr. Smith can be tough on us kids at times.” He laughed, watching as you rolled your eyes at no one. “By the way, you prepared for the test?”

“Nope.” You replied as soon as the question left his mouth, popping the p in the word.

“Well, you need to. This test makes up 33 percent of our total grades this semester.” You sighed at this, nodding your head in understanding as you reached the class.


You were at your desk for the past one hour, staring at your Chemistry textbook. Oh how you hated the subject. You were dozing off when you heard a series of knocks on your window. Although knowing it was the one and only, you were shocked and awakened from your sleep.

You ran to the window, unlocking it and letting your masked friend inside before locking it and pulling the curtains. Peter was always careless, not at all good at hiding his identity considering that you figured out, but you saved his ass.

“I’m so jealous of you.” You complained and his eyebrows furrowed.

“Why?” He asked.

“You know, you get to do all cool superhero stuff and you’re still gonna face that test tomorrow!” You exclaimed, burying your face in his chest and taking in his warmth as he wrapped his arms while laughing, “My mom is gonna kill me.” You sighed.

“Okay, let’s practice together then.” He stated, moving towards your study.

“Aren’t you tired?” You asked.

“Not for you, I’m not.” He replied shyly and turned away from you to hide his own blush as a faint pink covered your cheeks.

Studying with Peter was rather distracting, not that you haven’t done it before, but with time it seemed to have become difficult to focus on the subject and you were more interested in the pout that formed on his lips when he didn’t understand something, or the way he squinted his eyes to focus, or the way his fingers played with the pencil when he was thinking something, or the way his eyebrows creased when he got an answer wrong. You were so busy admiring him.

“Okay, I got a good question for you.” Peter said, pulling you out of your own little world.


“And element X is divalent -” He started but you groaned, cutting him off.

“Oh, I hate X and Y questions!” You whined.

“Come on, you don’t even know the question yet.” Peter replied, “You need to practice if you want to get good grades on that test.”

“Okay, I’ll study. But, I have one condition.” You said, smirking and Peter gulped. He knew that smirk. Something bad was going inside your mind whenever you did this. Before he could ask anything, though, you said, “If I answer ten of your questions correctly then you have to kiss me.” You said. Your heartbeat was incredibly fast but your face showed the same smirk as Peter’s cheek turned a crimson shade.

“Okay.” He said, “I got some questions for you.” He smirked, choosing the set of questions that he knew you would be able to answer easily.

“First question.” He started, smiling at your nervousness as you tapped your fingers gently against the table. You wanted this as much as he did, “The number of moles of solute present in one kilogram of a solvent is called as…” He trailed off waiting for an answer.

You smiled, “That’s easy. It’s molality.” You answered sweetly, batting your eyelashes at him.

“Correct. Don’t get too excited (y/l/n), it’s just the first question.” He replied, mocking your tone which made you giggle.

“Your impressions are hilarious Parker.” You teased, laughing as he smiled proudly.

“Wait till you hear my Thor impression.” He beamed, “Anyway, the next question, The metal used to separate copper from a copper sulphate solution is?” He asked.

“Ferrous.” You replied.

You didn’t expect the questions to get harder but what do you expect from Peter Nerd Parker. You were on the ninth question and you were getting more and more nervous, “What is the chemical name for baking soda?”

“It’s, Sodium something… Sodium Carbonate?”

“No. It’s-”

“Sodium Bicarbonate!” You yelled, making him laugh at your eagerness.

“Oh, shut it Parker!” You scolded, nonetheless smiling.

“Okay, so are you ready for the last question?” He asked and you just nodded. This was a perfect and probably the only chance you’d get to kiss the boy you’d had a crush on for the longest time. “Now, (y/n). Which radioactive element is used in heat pacemakers?” He asked.


Elements were your weakest part. You stared straight into his eyes, pleading for a hint as you rack your brain for the answer. At this moment, both of you knew that Peter would kiss you no matter what, but you wanted to get it right.

“Plutonium?” You mumbled a question. Peter, having heightened senses, heard that and stood up from his seat, making you stand up and follow him to the centre of the room. He sighed, facing you with furrowed eyebrows, “Was it wrong?”

He just stood there for a moment before suddenly pulling you flush against him. Your hands instantly wrapped around his neck and a yelp escaped your throat before you felt his lips over yours. Moving at a slow pace. It was sweet, it was all you needed. Your hands tugged at the curls behind his head and he pulled you closer, resting his forehead on yours, “Correct.”

You smiled so wide, your cheeks started to hurt. Suddenly you couldn’t help what you said out aloud, “Kissing you was on my checklist since Middle school.” He laughed at this.

“The infamous checklist?” He asked. Your eyebrows furrowed in confusion.

“You knew about it?” You asked back for his answer.

“You’re not good with secrets either. I heard you and MJ talking about it.” He replied sheepishly.

“And you didn’t tell me?” You asked, smiling.

“It was an accident.” He said in a small voice, parting from you slightly and you shook your head softly as your gaze fell on the wall clock.

“It’s nothing.” You smiled, “Hey, I think you should go. It’s getting late.” He nodded, giving you a final peck on the lips as he grabbed his mask, moving towards your window.

“Peter.” You called out. He turned back to face you, waiting for you to say something, “Don’t forget about the Spanish quiz day after tomorrow.” You smirked and he knew that smirk.


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I hate to be that kid but I’m bothered because imagine peter having a little sister who doesnt disappear in the snap and when he comes back shes the same age but shes extremely distant from him now and eventually it all just blows up and she cries and screams about how the world ended when he left but it was because he left her. She probably went through so much shit without him and here he is just back and spiderman and may is now all involved with him while she has no one. Not to mention Morgan now being a concern. Like I can feel the angst. I could write about this for ages.

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Another Homecoming
Part 1

Characters: Peter Parker, May Parker, Ned Leeds, a lot of Avengers, Morgan Stark, Pepper Potts, Happy Hogan etc.
The war is over and Peter is returning back home to New York City, still suffering from the loss and experiences, struggling to get a grip back on his normal life, whilst trying to be the friendly neighbourhood Spiderman he used to be.
Warnings: This story deals with PTSD/Trauma and also mentions signs of it to a certain extent. There will be no self-harm mentioned or performed.

A/N: I’ve been away for some weeks, so sorry to the people always supporting me, I am back. Also Tumblr is doing its thing with not showing notifications and stuff, so if you see and like it, please reblog and share it, it helps me believing more in my work :)
Link to my AO3 and Masterlist

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I really don’t know what to post, so I have a question..

Does someone have Tik Tok ? I’m kinda lonely there. I do captain marvel cosplay videos when I can, so when someone want to follow me my name is annastark.2002

Did you know there is a guy who looks really like Tom Holland 👌🏻 He looks good.

Annndd If you have tipps for me what to post feel free to send me a idea ❤🕷

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Dressing room

Parings: Tom holland x reader

Summary: You and Tom have a little bit of free time before he has to go on set for Spiderman Far from home and you’re feeling quite Dominant.

Warnings: smut bby, no spoilers.

Tilting your head you watched as Tom got fitted into his suit, the elastic sticking to his skin seamlessly. He noticed your stare and smiled at you before nodding at his stylist as they head out of his dressing room.

“I’m supposed to be practicing my lines in the suit, so i can really feel like spiderman.” He said and you pressed your lips together and narrowed your eyes at him. “No that’s what the Russo’s told you to do.” You replied to him as you walked over to the medium sized couch right next to his vanity. You felt as if Tom had been teasing you all day, you watched as him and Jacob worked out together, his hair matted to his forehead and how he licks his lips in concentration when he’s lifting a weight, Everything has been setting you off today. Maybe it was the way he was looking at Zendaya whilst they were shooting, made you feel possessive over him, but you knew and trusted Zendaya and Tom. So when you two are alone together in his dressing room with 30 minutes of free time you decide to take control.

“Pft, The Russo’s didn’t make me say that what are you talking about?” Tom chuckles and crosses his arms as he approaches you on the couch, plopping down next to you. His voice going high pitched towards the end of his sentence like it normally does when he’s lying. For some reason you didn’t like the way he was sitting- He’s man spreading, leaving you with little room to move. “Baby?” You mumble turning your head to look at him. He hums in response to you as he looks over the lines in his hand that you barely noticed he had. “You’re man spreading.” You said simply and he raised an eyebrow still looking down at his script. “Are you offended by it?” He asked and you shook your head.

“I’m turned on by it.” You said simply again, you watched as his muscles flexed through the skin tight suit, not being able to keep your eyes from the slight budge of his crotch. Taking Tom completely off guard he turns to you and replies with a confused look on his face. “Huh?” There he goes again with his high pitched voice. You wonder how he would sound whining, Of course you’ve heard him let out little whines or whimpers before but you wanted the full thing, right now.

Moving from the spot next to him you climb on this lap, straddling him, he puts his lines down on the couch his hands automatically going to your waist. “I have to be out there in about 28 minutes.” He said as he rubbed your waist, you rolled your eyes knowing he looked at the clock and counted.

“Then i’d better make you cum then huh?”

“In my suit?? No.”

You furrowed your eyebrows at him and ran your fingers up his neck all the way to the nape of it before dipping your fingers into his hair, soothing him a little before quickly yanking his head back by his hair. “No? To me?” You smirked as you heard a sharp gasp escaping his lips. “I gotta work in this.” He protested but you had him, you knew he would be begging you for more within a matter of seconds. “This is what you get for teasing me all day. “ You mentally thanked yourself for wearing leggings today so you could easily feel Tom’s cock press against your clothed ass. Slowly you moved your hips, grinding against him still having your tight grip in his hair. Tom’s eyes fell shut as he clenches his jaw. “Please.” Tom begged as you moved your hips a bit faster against his cock.

“You gonna cum in your suit baby? How are you going to explain the cum stains in those little thongs you wear when the stylist undress you?” The words slipped out of your mouth so easily and so tantalizingly good you could feel Tom’s cock twitch against your core. Tom’s hands grip your hips tightly, pushing you down against his cock, you can tell he’s getting dominant when he leans up causing your hand to fall to his shoulder and whispers in your ear. “You want me to embarrass myself in front of everyone? You nasty little girl, trying to make me cum twenty minutes before i have to go? are you that desperate for me?” Tom’s words were low as he nips at your ear. Feeling yourself getting wetter by the second you continue to swivel your hips against his crotch. Not wanting Tom to have control this time no matter how fucking good it felt, You placed your hands on his chest pushing him back against the couch, knowing exactly how to put him back into his subby space.

You whimpered quietly at his words, nuzzling your head into his neck, Knowing he’s getting close to cumming. You pepper kisses along his neck, shivering as you feel his gloved hands sliding up your back, the material of it making you feel a little more sensitive, he’s tugging at your bra trying to get it off, smirking a bit you bite down on his sweet spot while yanking his head to the side making him drop his hands down to your ass. The sound he makes his glorious. It’s a long high pitched whine followed by loud whimper. You’ve got him now, any sign of dominance is gone, he’s buckling his hips underneath you, you could feel his legs shaking slightly and his hard cock begging for more. You wish you could give him more, but it took them too long to put that suit on and probably even longer to take it off.

“Miss- I-I gotta cum please.” He only calls you miss when he’s desperate, horny and subby and he’s all three right now. You hum as you press harder against his cock, rolling your hips off of him, gaining a rhythm that sends his head flying back against the couch. He wants to touch you so bad but he’s not sure he can, licking his lips he moves his hands from your waist, deciding to make a power move by sliding his hands up your shirt, pushing your bra up so he can your soft breasts in his hands. Of course it annoys you having your bra that close to your face you hiss and stop moving your hips. Tom almost screams at that as he drops his hands back down.

“m’ sorry baby please. “ Tom whimpers, grinding himself against you, boy he’s sweaty, he’s probably gonna have to go back to hair and makeup after this.

“I didn’t say you could touch me anywhere besides my hips.”

“I know, just wanted to touch you.” He stumbles over his words a little as he continues to grind himself against your ass desperate for relief. “Get yourself off.” You commanded and he nodded. You moved your hand to his mouth, swiping your thumb against his bottom lip, him automatically knowing what to do, takes your thumb in his mouth and begins to suck on it. God how you wish you could have his mouth against your clit sucking like that but you’d have to wait for now. A few seconds later you add another finger and he’s sucking them, you push them in a bit further so you’re fucking his mouth with your fingers.

Tom makes a particular thrust of his hips making the tip of his cock rub against your clit causing you to jolt and moan softly above him. He fucking loves your moans but his favorite are the small ones of pleasure, the little whimpers you make if he touches you a certain way when you’re kissing or if he squeezes your thigh during a makeout session, those are his absolute favorite. Somehow he can feel just how wet you are even though there’s layers of clothes between you two, he curses under his breath before making it his goal to rub his cock against your clit as many times as he can before cumming and he does just that. By now your hands are against his chest again. You’re too caught up in your own pleasure to realize what he’s doing. Everything feels so so good you might just cum, you’re moaning on top of him trying to keep quiet and Tom is shaking, he’s breathing heavily through his nose one more roll of his hips and he’s cumming in his suit, he’s panting and whining, his sweaty forehead pressed against your shoulder, his body jerking every couple seconds as he calms down from his high.

You move your hand to his hair, stroking it, helping to ground him after his high. he’s still panting but it’s quieter and softer. You press a kiss to his temple before giggling a little. “You made a mess baby.” You whisper in his ear and all he can do is nod, his eyes are closed. “i’m so sleepy Y/N.” His voice sounds hoarse and rough and you just nudge your head against his. A loud knock on the dressing room door causing you both to jump. “5 MINUTES TOM. “ Someone yelled outside and Tom sighs as you climb off his lap to sit next to him. “Guess you gotta leave me here, all soaking.”

You say putting your hands between your legs.

“Just wait until i’m done filming baby, i’m gonna get my revenge.” Tom seems to be gaining himself back, his red and hair messy, he stands up, fixing his budge feeling how sticky and uncomfortable he is, walking to his vanity desperately trying to fix himself up. You smirk at his words before shaking your head. “Maybe you will maybe you won’t.” Scutching up your nose as you watch him through the mirror on the vanity he gives you a glare- a glare saying he’s ready to fuck you up right now but too bad someone knocks on the door demanding that he needs to come out. You watch as he leaves the dressing room, walking weirdly. Wonder what other things you could do to him in 30 minutes?

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Headcanon for Katrina


Originally posted by tomhollandd

TOM FAVORITE THINGS ABOUT YOU (plus size girlie) some aweful NSFW as well.👌

  • your smile 😁

(“Love, please let me see that cute little smile,” he pleads. “No Tom, I hate my smile.” “You’re speaking nonsense. It’s gorgeous darling.” You unintentionally crack a smile. “Yesssss. There it is. Its breath taking babygirl.” He gushes. “Shut up dummy.”)

  • Your chubby little cheeks!

(“They are not cute, Thomas! I’m just fat..” He gasps grabbing your face, “I never, and I mean never, want to hear those words come out of that pretty little mouth again do you understand!” he says sternly, “I love your cheeks and everything about them. Especially how red they turn when you blush. So no more of that. Am I clear?” “Yes, sir.”)

  • Your thighs *aweful nsfw*

(“I love your thighs, princess. I especially love the way they look when I’m between them.”) *uncomfortable grimace* I read alot but I cant write it. Wonderful.

  • Everything on your body that you see as an imperfection

(“Sweetheart I love every little thing about you. I love your scars, your stretch marks. Every little freckle and mole on your body I adore more than anything.”)

@watermelonchwe sorry it took ages.😊

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Kinda wanna try a Sebastian Stan one-shot (big thank you to @angel-cap ). I know I do more Peter Parker than Tom Holland but I think I’m getting there. So maybe one more Tom and then let’s try Sebastian. Any ideas for both men? I’d love to try it out.

Meanwhile, I’m in Part II of my Peter Parker x OC story Love is Like an Atom, probably gonna have a lot more fluff considering chapter 12. Ooh, happy sigh.

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warm thanks: thank you so much to all those who enjoyed my previous stories, it means so much to me! love you guys!

pairing: tom holland x reader in the philippines

warnings: none, i think; edited once so mistakes here and there, and third tom holland fic, please bear with me

notes: i don’t really care anymore. i saw some pics of tom with children and i thought, how about a 27yr old with autism? please note that my brother is someone with autism and this is how he acts, i do not speak for others who are the same; this is nothing special

word count: 1000 (wow, so exact, i luvit)

summary: your older brother can help you, sometimes when you least expect it

shameless plug: will probably update love is like an atom soon, i’m excited to write what happens next…if anyone is interested?

It was a busy day for you. Fortunately, all the errands that needed to be done were over with and you were just waiting for your brother and parents to come out of the room. Your own session had ended and it was your brother’s turn. Sighing, you lean your head against the wall and close your eyes, but then you remember you have your bag next to you and you immediately clutch it, your eyes darting from side to side.

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Request: “Hello, love! Could you write a Peter Parker story? Where the reader is Bucky’s little sister (she’s also a super soldier was frozen with Steve) and she’s also like Steve’s, Sam’s and Nat’s little sister. So the four of them find out she’s been dating Peter for two years and they are angry and surprised (how’d she do it). And she’s grounded but Tony and Clint (of all people) talk some sense into them… And a lot of fluff Thanks, love xx Love your work, by the way 😁😁”

Paring: Peter Parker x Reader

Warnings: none

A/n: You guys have been giving me so much support lately and I’m really appreciating it! I’ve been getting so many requests and comments, and it’s really had a welcoming affect on me, so thank you for all the support! 

Oh and for the anon who requested this, I kinda made this into a headcannon, i know you wanted an imagine, but this was just easier to write. so sorry about that.


  • So your like Bucky’s little sister
  • and boi you already know his protective over you
  • and to make mattes worse
  • everyone else sees you as their little sister
  • more so Steve, Sam, and Natasha
  • So even looking at a boy was a no go
  • But that didn’t stop you from communicating with Peter Parker
  • He was so… pure
  • Like the second little baby of the family
  • No one would ever see it coming
  • Which is probably why you have gotten away with dating him for 2 years
  • two long years of hiding
  • And let’s be honest
  • There was no such word as “privacy”
  • Or “alone”
  • You were on constant watch
  • Wether you were with Peter or not
  • Dude last time you were hanging out they had a frickin microphone taped to your jumper
  • Yeah
  • It went THAT far
  • AnD not only was this a problem
  • But you guys found it so bloody hard to even have a relationship
  • Like you couldn’t even cuddle
  • Yea sure
  • A few pecks and kissed when no one was looking was a regular habit for the two of you
  • But it shouldn’t be
  • You should be able to love freely without your stupid brother telling you how your not allowed to even BE in a relationship until you were 80
  • But let’s be honest
  • You’ve already broken that rule 
  • To you, it wasn’t fair that he was aloud to have a love life with Steve and your not
  • and maybe it was this that drove you over the edge
  • Maybe this thought had been your last straw
  • But whatever it was
  • It didn’t stop you from spilling out some simple words to all the Avengers
    • “You know what! I’ve had enough of this crap! You overprotective people have drove me over the edge, and now I’m not afraid to tell you this huge secret I’ve been hiding for two fricking years!” 
  • Thinking about it now, maybe you took it too far
  • Maybe it was the wrong decision 
  • But you were far too into your stupid speech to even realise it
    • “GUESS WHAT ! I’m not single! NO, I’m far from that! I have been dating Peter Parker for two years, and I wont leave him for your overprotective stupid rule!”
  • And the face Bucky made
  • wOw
  • Like you didn’t even expect Steve to say anything 
  • But he did
    • “FIRST OF ALL, watch your mouth! And second of all, TWO YEARS!”
  • Looking over the Avengers
  • Their expressions were all different
  • Tony had a smirk on his face, nodding his head in approval
  • Bruce was shaking his head but was smiling, trying to look away from the scene
  • Thor was sitting there like a total bimbo who didn’t know what the hell was happening
  • Strange’s face was not at all fazed, as if he saw it coming, in which he did
  • Clint was shooting gun fingers at you whilst winking… typical
  • Loki was in the background looking over everyone with disgrace
  • Natasha was eyeing you with a glare
  • Sam was shocked, he didn’t even know what to say
  • Steve was, well you know, being father Steve
  • And Bucky, yeah maybe his face was trying to imitate a tomato 
  • It wasn’t a pretty sight
  • Poor Peter didn’t know what the hell was going on
  • He just wanted to continue to study for his upcoming chemistry test that he knew he would ace
  • So when he came down and saw all the different expressions the avengers held
  • He knew something was off
  • And judging by Bucky’s expression
  • He knew he was done
    • “y-yes?” 
    • “TELL ME, tell me Y/n is lying, tell me you guys haven’t been dating for 2 years!”
    • “Well u-umm you see, a-about that”
  • A boi does he come charging at peter
  • ChArGinG!
  • And before he could get any closer
  • Peter webs his foot to the floor
  • Bad move Peter, bad move
    • “PETER! LET ME GO!”
    • “WAIT, NO, SORRY! just, just, calm down!”
  • Like he just starts searching for things around him and starts throwing the at Peter
  • And Peter’s just dodging them with fear in his eyes
  • I think at one point Bucky throws his metal arm?
  • And like Steve trying to get him out of the webbing
  • Natasha is in the corner giving you the talk
  • And Sam’s trying to kill Peter, literally
  • But he just ends in the same position as Bucky
  • On the floor, stuck in Peter’s webbing skills
  • And you just know that this has gone to far
  • So mothers Tony and Clint come to save the day
  • Being the responsible ass parents that they are
  • Trying to talk some sense into the four of them
  • and at some point the seem to calm down
  • but their all still salty af
  • and once Bucky’s out of the webbing he walks up to Peter and says a couple more words
    • “Hurt her, and I’ll kill you”
  • And sure, it was gonna be a happy ending
  • Key word: was
  • That was until Peter replied with a smart crappy comment
    • “I’d like to see you try”
    • “PETER NO!!”
  • And that was the last time we saw Peter Parker
  • Nahh Jk
  • Bucky was found webbed against a wall sleeping 
  • Peter was found watching TV next to him

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  • So like,
  • Due to Peter’s shyness and innocents
  • The avengers think his a single pringle
  • They don’t even think his ever talked to a girl before
  • Let alone date one
  • Literally me
  • So that’s why they’ve never asked him about it
  • Thinking they will only embarrass the poor lonely boy
  • Understanding this
  • It came a complete shock to them when they realised he had one
  • All the avengers were at the dinner table
  • Enjoying the lovely food Bucky made
  • When Peter… got a call
    • “Hey babe, what’s up”
    • The avengers all looked at each other, shooketh 
    • Like, they probably thinking
    • Does Petey have a girl, or does he have a friend named babe… huh
  • As soon as he ended the call they did not hesitate to ask him who he was on the phone with
    • “Who was THAT PEtEr?”
    • Peter was basically Stark’s son, he had to ask
    • cause like… father instincts… duh
    • “M-my girlfriend”
    • “Puny boy has a girlfriend? I CALL LIES ON THIS FOOL!” 
    • and of course Thor, had to make a comment, like this dude couldn’t help his sorry ass
  • The avengers bombarded him with questions
    • “When are we gonna meet her?”
    • “IS this a prank? Because I’m definitely shocked”
    • “So, have you kissed yet?”
    • “This can be our little secret, but tell me, did you hypnotise her or something?”
  • There was no time spared for Peter’s answer
  • Questions were being thrown around the room, waiting for an answer to come back at them
  • They were all desperate to meet the girl who had Peter’s heart
  • All wanting to meet her a soon as possible
  • They truely wanted to see if he really had a girlfriend, knowing the possibilities of him getting one were completely low
  • Literally me… not even gonna lie
  • Though, Peter understood
  • He was also surprised himself
  • How had he ended up with a lovely, pretty girl like you?
  • He didn’t know, he didn’t care
  • As long as you love him and he loves you it doesn’t matter what people think, what he thinks
  • But still
  • It came a shock to him when Tony replied with
    • I think it’s settled! We will meet her tomorrow”
    • “Tomorrow?”
    • Petes already having a good ol panic attack
    • “Bring her here after school, and we will all share a dinner”
  • The next day, at school
  • Peter was completely scared to tell you
  • I mean, he did leave it to last minute
  • Which would make matters worse
  • But still!
  • What happens if you say no
  • Ok but who the hell would say no to meeting the Avengers?
  • Say you don’t wanna meet them
  • Though all the negatives
  • Peter worked up the courage to ask you
    • “Umm, Y/n?”
    • “Yeah Pete?”
    • “Can you… do you… do you mind meeting the avengers?”
    • “what! when? because Peter I look like crap”
    • Again, me everyday 
    • “like… in two hours, straight after school”
  • You were speechless
  • Contemplating the future events
  • You didn’t look completely horrible
  • A nice blue pair of a jeans along with a jumper wasn’t your best look
  • But it still fitted the setting slightly
  • After all, they were still people 
  • And although you still had two hours before you met them
  • You were shitting yourself
  • Like you weren’t even paying attention in class
  • Rehearsing what you were gonna say in your head
  • You were sweating
  • Literally sweating
  • Like ew, gross, ha
  • BUT like, time skip, to when your about to meet them
  • Because like, I can’t write too much, and I’m basically just rambling
  • So like, your holding hands with Peter
  • Walking up to this giant ass door, also known as the entry…
  • And like, your literally about to faint
  • Like i would be too but still
  • So like, Tony opens the door and is like shocked
  • Because of how beautiful your fine ass is
    • “Ok, cut the crap, how much did you pay her to come here?”
  • Like spidey over here expected it though
  • Like he already knew what’s comming
  • He had this shit prepared though, he knew what to say and what to do
    • “Nothing, the only thing I payed her was my respect and love
    • Like boi, you were so heart filled 
    • like this dude knew how to charm you
    • “Ok lover boy, and of course this beautiful young lady, follow me this way”
  • So like, you guys both followed him to wherever he was taking you
  • and like, you still haven’t said anything
  • but whatever
  • And your still holding Peter’s hands
  • Which your sure has turned a pail white from how hard your squeezing it
  • But his spidey hands can suck it in
  • Because your scared out of your mind and you couldn’t care less at the moment
  • So like Tony opens this giant door
  • Almost like the entry one
  • To this room, and sitting inside of it were all the avengers
  • And like you just froze

(Ok yes… I know… i stopped this writing out of nowhere, right on the bit that was the most important, but this was going for way tooooooo long. BUT, i will make a part 2 if you guys want me to… so like yeah)

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  • So your Tony Stark’s precious daughter
  • And Tony is like REALLY protective over you
  • Like he has cameras outside your room 
  • He even has someone teach you self defence because this boi is worried af
  • And like you’ve never had a boyfriend
  • Because he’ll go all protective father mode
  • So like, you literally have no relationship with any boys
  • Except Peter *wink wink*
  • Because Peter is apart of the Avengers
  • But even then Tony keeps an eye on you two
  • So when you and Peter confessed your undying love for each other
  • You decided to keep it a secret….from everyone 
  • And like it was soooooo difficult because you guys could never be alone 
  • And there was cameras in every single corner of the house
  • EXCEPT, ha
  • except for the inside of your room
  • Because your smart brain hacked FRIDAY
  • So no one could see what was in your room
  • It was what you called your “open” place
  • anywaysssss
  • So like one day all the Avengers were out on a mission
  • And it was just you and Peter
  • And being the cheeky people you are, you guys covered every camera in the house with paper
  • Meaning you could do whatever you wanted to without stressing
  • SO, with that said
  • You guys shared some cute little cuddles
  • and kisses
  • And whenever you were making food Peter would come up from behind you and wrap his arms around your waist
  • And just SMOTHER, literally smother you in kisses
  • Like this boi might look shy on the outside
  • But was definitely all lovey in the inside 
  • And it was just a sweet day for the both of you to share your love
  • So when the Avengers came home
  • You guys quickly took of the all the taped paper and ran to different areas of the building
  • You stayed in the living room while Peter went in the training room to ‘train’
  • And it was all going so well 
  • Until your father decides to check THE BLOODY CAMERAS
  • He see’s that they were once all covered
  • except the one that you forgot to cover
  • and there you guys are
  • Hugging on the couch as Peter gives you a kiss on the cheek
  • Like this guy storms out of his office and heads to the living room where all the Avengers are watching the Notebook
  • Bucky’s choice
  • And just stares at Peter
  • Literally sending a death sentence through his eyes
  • And your just like
  • “Peter, sweetie, fricking RUN!” 
  • And this boi did not hesitate to move
  • Like his climbing on walls and crap
  • And your fathers like
  • and all the Avengers are silently laughing 
  • It’s like a comedy movie 
  • And like Steve and Clint have to try to calm Tony down
  • Like telling him that your growing up
  • And that it’s better your dating Peter because at least he knows that your in the right hands and that you’ll always be safe
  • sO he calms down and tries to accept it
  • And after a few months of consideration and stress
  • He ends up agreeing to your relationship
  • And his literally like your biggest shipper
  • No jokes
  • He ends up loving you guys together
  • And just accepts the fact that his little girl is growing up
  • His just honestly glad that your happy 
  • Which makes him happy

(I honestly just started laughing while writing this… idk why, it’s not even that funny)

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Pairings: Peter Parker x gender neutral Reader

Words: 1.7k

Warnings: I swear a lot in this

Summary: You’ve recently moved to New York against your will, your mom thought it’d be a good idea to keep a diary and write down your thoughts. You think it’s stupid but do it anyways.

A/N: Yooooo so I tried something completely new and I kinda dig it? Let me know your thoughts and feedback on this one, I want to know if you like this writing style? (Obviously not for everything just a few things here and there) Also, this looks all weird and squished together but tumblr has a stupid length limit so sorry :/


Dear Diary

It’s my first day at Midtown High School. I don’t want to go. I miss my friends, I miss my old school, I miss home. I hate New York, I hate the stupid apartment, I hate my new room, I hate it here. Mom said writing down my thoughts will help me, but I doubt it. I’ve never kept a diary, it just isn’t my thing. I promised I’d give it a try though. Whatever I guess.

Dear Diary

I met the cutest boy at school yesterday! His name’s Peter. Peter Parker. He’s crazy smart and awkward but I think it’s cute. I was assigned to be his partner on some robot building project. God, I hope I don’t screw this up. Wish me luck or something.

Dear Diary

Peter Hasn’t been at school for a few days. It kinda sucks because I have no idea how to build this stupid robot, Peter was supposed to be here and help with the stuff I don’t know how to do. Which is literally everything. I’ll probably end up failing my first assignment. Thanks for your luck, it didn’t help.

Dear Diary

Peter didn’t show up the whole week of the project. The robot turned out so bad compared to the others, it couldn’t do anything Peter promised it could. Probably because I was the one working on it but still.

Dear Diary.

Of course, he shows up the day after the teacher graded the fucking robot. We got a D+. Better than an F I guess.

Dear Diary

I found out why Peter wasn’t here that whole week. He works with Tony Stark. Like, The Tony Stark. Apparently, he has some sort of internship with him. How cool is that? I told you he was crazy smart. I can’t even be mad at him for ditching me and the project, he said he’d make it up to me anyways.

Dear Diary

I think I like Peter Parker.

Dear Diary

Okay, I definitely like Peter Parker. I don’t know what to say around him, I don’t know how to act or how to be normal. God. I told myself I’d never be the person who writes about a stupid crush in a diary but here we are. This is between me and you, Diary, okay? God, just forget this ever happened.

Dear Diary

The scariest thing just happened on my way home from the grocery store. All I wanted was some fucking chips and I got fucking mugged. Well almost. Let me just start from the beginning. I went to the store, bought my chips, and on my way out I’m just minding my own business walking past this ally which now I realize is completely idiotic in New York but whatever, anyways. These two dudes started following me so I started to run and then so did they and one grabbed onto my hoodie and yanked me to the ground. And I’m like panicking, right? Like, I thought I was going to die BUT THEN fucking Spider-Man comes out of NOWHERE swinging on his webs and knocked the shit out of them, and his voice sounded familiar but I just can’t put my finger on it. Oh, and when I got home? I FORGOT MY CHIPS IN THE ALLEY.

Dear Diary

Peter’s gone again. At least we don’t have a project this time.

Dear Diary

So, I’m a little worried. Peter came back today and he was wearing a hoodie. Which is fine I guess… But it’s 94 degrees outside. I don’t know, something’s weird, and it’s not like I can just ask him about it. We’re not close like that. I just hope he’s okay.

Dear Diary

Liz is throwing a party tonight and I really didn’t want to go but Mj told me Peter would be going. I know he’s only going for Liz and that’s fine but why should I go if the guy I like is just going for someone else? You know? Oh! I never told you about Mj, she’s really great. Funny too. We talk a lot, she’s the closest friend I have here.

Dear Diary

That party was a fucking bust. Peter was supposed to bring Spider-Man but Peter was only there for like two seconds and Spider-Man never showed. And the whole night, Flash kept calling him Penis Parker which just got annoying. Ugh. I hate New York.

Dear Diary

Holy fucking shit. I think Peter is Spider-Man. Listen, he said he’d bring Spider-Man to the party and then Spidey never showed. Whatever. But wait, there’s more. The next morning Spider-Man was all over the news and so was some metal bird looking thing but that’s not the point. Then let’s go back to the night I was almost mugged, shall we? I knew Spider-Man’s voice was familiar, turns out, it belongs to my shitty robot building partner. And the last thing, when he wore that hoodie in 90-degree heat? I think he was trying to cover up bruises because the week after that, there were faint marks on his arms. I don’t know though, I could be crazy, but I really, really, think I’m right.

Dear Diary

I saw some shit at homecoming tonight. I was going to the bathroom and when I walked out, I saw Peter run by me and when I looked to see where he was going, he picked up fucking lockers. Lockers. Like, with his bare hands. It’s confirmed. Peter Parker is Spidey Boy.

Dear Diary

Peter denied everything when I asked him. He’s not a very good liar.

Dear Diary

I told Peter I liked him tonight. He didn’t say anything back. He probably still likes Liz. God, why am I so stupid?

Dear Diary

Peter walked me home from school today and guess what? He asked me on a date!! Can you believe it? The boy I’ve liked for months likes me back! I think we’re going to dinner and a movie. I’m freaking out but I’m so excited. Your luck actually helped, Diary! Maybe New York isn’t so bad after all!

Dear Diary

Tonight, was amazing. He took me to his favorite deli and we talked for so long we missed our movie. But it’s okay, I didn’t really want to go to that anyways. He finally admitted to being a super hero, I was right all along! And that’s not all he told me, he told me about his family and what the Stark Internship really was, he told me how he fought Captain America and stole his shield. Wow, I’m dating a badass.

Dear Diary

Okay, I’m freaking out. Peter wants me to meet his aunt tonight. I guess she invited me over for dinner and Peter told her I’d come without even asking me. I mean, of course, I still would’ve came, but just a heads up would’ve been nicer than “Oh, hey, by the way, you’re coming to my house for dinner tonight with my aunt and me.” That boy, I swear.

Dear Diary

So, as lovely as May is, she isn’t such a great cook. She brunt… whatever she was trying to make and we had dinner at a really good Thai place around the corner from their apartment. We talked through the whole dinner about school and plans after we graduate, she told some really funny jokes and always had a really lame pun on hand. She hugged me at the end of the night, so that’s a good sign, right? Peter says it is but is he just telling me that because he’s my boyfriend?

Dear Diary

Peter and I got in our first fight tonight. It was so stupid, too, I don’t even remember what it was about. I think I said some mean things, I know he did. It’s so not like us, I hate it. I’ve tried texting him, but he hasn’t responded, do you think he’ll call before bed? If he doesn’t, I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep.

Dear Diary

We worked it out, Peter says our relationship is stronger now than it was before. I think he’s right.

Dear Diary

Summer is finally here! I survived my first year at Midtown High School and managed to pull all As! I think Peter really helped, without our late-night study sessions, I definitely would’ve failed a few classes.

Dear Diary

Peter and I walked around a park by his apartment today. The weather was so nice, it wasn’t super cold and it wasn’t unbearably hot. He picked me a cute little yellow flower, I think I’ll use it as your bookmark, Diary.

Dear Diary

I think I’m in love.

Dear Y/N

I’m sorry, I hope you don’t mind my snooping, you just left it out in the open and it accidentally fell on the floor and I saw a few pages. Yeah. Anyways, I think it’s cute that you write about me, please don’t be mad. But guess what, I think I’m in love with you too.

Dear Diary


Dear Diary

He said it out loud to me today. He said I love you. I seriously think the whole world stopped, but then again, I always feel like that when I’m with him. He makes me so happy, this is the happiest I’ve been in a long time. I love New York, I love Peter Parker.

Dear Diary

Sorry I’ve been so MIA lately, summer just got busy. I hung out with Peter a lot, I even got to meet Tony Stark. Swear to God I almost fainted. School starts again soon, I think junior year will actually be a lot of fun! But really, everything’s fun when Peter’s by your side.

Dear Diary

The first week of school passed with a breeze. I like all of my classes, maybe it’s because Peter is in almost all of them. Yeah, that’s definitely the reason.

Dear Diary

I’m trying not to panic. We were on our field trip today and we saw a spaceship in the sky. Peter jumped out the window of the bus mumbling to Ned about causing a distraction. Usually, I don’t freak out when he goes all Spidey. I don’t know, something just feels different this time. Ned keeps telling me he’ll be okay, I’m sure he’s right. But I really, really don’t feel good about this.

Dear Diary

Peter’s been gone for a few days, he normally texts me or May and she hasn’t heard from him either. There’s nothing I can do and I feel helpless 

Dear Diary

Peter’s still missing.

Dear Diary

I’m scared.

Dear Diary

I don’t think he’s ever coming back to me.

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