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#tom holland x reader
wazzupmrstark · 2 days ago
high-rise || th x reader
Tumblr media
(ty @softholand for making this lovely moodboard!!)
Summary: (ceo!au... ish) walking around your apartment naked has never been a problem, since you live in a high-rise and no one can see in, at least that's what you thought...
Warnings: swearing, alcohol, smut (18+) additional warnings under the cut
Word Count: 9.1k
additional warnings: mutual masturbation, oral (f receiving), tiny bit of switch!tom but mostly dom, spanking, choking, degradation, sir kink if you squint
Your scarf was the first thing to hit the floor, followed shortly by your blazer. You toed off your heels as you simultaneously fumbled with the zipper on the back of your skirt, cursing when the fabric snagged the metal teeth. You were sweating with effort by the time you started rolling off your tights, making the task at hand that much more difficult. You kept your button-down on and kicked the rest of the clothes to the side, making a mental note to add them to the laundry later.
One of the (admittedly many) perks of living in a New York City penthouse was the view. Your apartment was ninety percent windows, which were a bitch to clean, but the sights you were privy to made it all worth it.
Manhattan was beautiful at any time of day, but you especially enjoyed it in the evenings. By the time you got home from work the late afternoon sun had begun to set, and you got to watch the soft pinks and oranges of the sunset fade into dusk. Rainy days and snowy days were up there on the list too. You were so high up that your apartment sometimes found itself submerged in the middle of a cloud. You could watch the rain fall onto the city below, or try to make out the horizon through the fog.
Even though your apartment was practically a glass box, being so high up offered you the luxury of privacy, which was why you usually didn’t bother with clothes. The only reason you were still wearing your shirt now was to shake off the chill from outside, but it would soon join the pile by the door.
You turned on the gas fireplace in the living room before making your way to the kitchen to pour yourself a glass of the white wine you had opened earlier that week. It was a gift from a client, and not something you would have picked for yourself, but alcohol was alcohol and you wouldn’t dream of letting it go to waste.
You knew you should probably eat something before diving back into the paperwork you had brought home with you, but you were itching to get to it. You would never admit it, but your relationship with your job wasn’t the healthiest. All of your friends knew you were married to your work. Your colleagues and bosses knew it too. And deep down so did you. Maybe that’s why you hadn’t been on a date in... a while. It’s what you told yourself.
Even as you were perusing the options of takeout containers full of leftovers in your fridge you couldn’t stop thinking about the files waiting for you in your briefcase. You had to go over resumès and applications for an open position in your company to familiarize yourself with the candidates before you interviewed them in-person tomorrow.
Your fridge beeped at you, letting you know its door was still open as if you had walked away and forgotten to close it, unaware that you were still standing right in front of it.
“I know, I know,” you sighed and grabbed the styrofoam box of half-eaten sarme from your favorite Albanian restaurant down the street.
As the food warmed in the microwave, you gave in to the urge and retrieved your briefcase from by the door, discarding your shirt with your other clothes while you were over there.
You were just in your panties now, a thong if you were being specific. As much as you hated wearing them, they were the only underwear that wouldn’t show through your skirts and slacks.
You settled on the floor in front of the coffee table with your glass of wine and folder full of documents. The fire burned steadily as you flipped through them and made notes in the margins. Your cabbage rolls were lukewarm around the edges and cold in the middle, but still good nonetheless and you finished the rest. You had been hungrier than you thought.
“Mark Wescott... graduated from Georgetown University in 2013, nice! With a degree in... business admin... real fucking original,” you muttered to yourself, “but he’s got good references and decent experience... so... maybe?”
You uncapped the yellow highlighter in your hand with your teeth and ran it over his name and info at the top. You had a color-coded system for applicants. Pink for top priority, yellow for mid, and orange for low.
“None of these are impressive,” you decided after combing through all of the applications. You shook your head at the stack of papers and pushed them to the side. “Maybe they’ll be better in-person.”
You knew that wasn’t true, but it was getting late and you knew you should get at least a little bit of sleep before tomorrow. You had a lot riding on this hire, so you knew you needed to be coherent enough to sit through eight hours of interviews.
You brought your glass of wine to your lips and downed the last of it. “Here’s to hoping we’ll find the one.”
Tom ran a hand through his hair and blew out a sigh. He was already overwhelmed just looking at the stacks of cardboard boxes in front of him, he couldn’t even think about unpacking them yet.
He needed to find the box with all of his suits, at the very least. He couldn’t roll up to his interview tomorrow in the gray sweats and t-shirt he was wearing now, not if he actually wanted the job.
Moving into his new place the day before an interview had been a good idea in theory. But as he grabbed the box cutter from the counter and started slicing open random boxes with no sense of direction Tom was beginning to rethink his decision.
“Why didn’t I label any of these?” he muttered to himself, cursing at yet another box full of DVDs.
It didn’t help that everything was wrapped in newspaper and impossible to identify at first glance. He knew it helped protect things from breaking and shifting around during travel, but it was already making the task at hand twice as long. He had planned to route the walk from the subway station to the office that evening. He wanted to practice the commute and time it so that he wouldn’t be late in the morning, but as the sunlight began to dwindle from the room he knew he wouldn’t have time. He would just have to get up extra early tomorrow.
At least the new apartment was nice. His last job back in London had set him up nicely to be able to afford a place in the heart of Manhattan. It was on the small side compared to what he was used to, but he didn’t need much space since it was just him living there.
Everything was up to date and all of the appliances were brand new. There was an in-unit washer and dryer tucked away in one of the closets, and the dining area had real exposed brick walls. Tom didn’t know what those things meant, but his realtor had told him they were good.
The sun had set completely by the time Tom finally found his suits. He’d had to plug in one of his table lamps and set it on the floor in the middle of searching just to be able to see what he was looking at.
He hung a few options up in his new closet, hoping some of the wrinkles would ease from the fabric overnight.
With that done, Tom figured he might as well unpack some of the boxes he’d already opened. It wasn’t efficient work, seeing as he had neglected to label anything, but Tom managed to put away some dishes, shoes, and miscellaneous sheets and towels before he finally checked the clock again and realized how late it was.
Most of the windows in the surrounding buildings had already gone dark for the night, except for those of the apartment directly across from his. It was in the only other high-rise that was as tall as his, making the illuminated unit at the top stick out even more.
It was then that Tom realized he could see directly into the apartment. He smiled to himself, taking comfort in the fact that he wasn’t alone in being up at such a late hour. He wondered who his night-owl of a neighbor might be. His question was answered moments later when a shadow of movement caught his attention.
A woman who looked to be about his age emerged from a hallway carrying a stack of papers. He couldn’t make out the details of her face from where he was, but as she stepped into the light he could tell that she was naked.
Tom immediately averted his gaze, snapping his head in the opposite direction so fast that he heard his neck crack. He gave it a second or two before looking back, assuming she was gone annnd nope. He squeezed his eyes shut a second time and turned his entire body away from the window. Now she was just... sitting in her living room? Completely naked? He wasn’t one to judge, but the knowledge alone was enough to make being a gentleman harder... amongst other things.
“Focus,” he told himself, resisting the urge to glance at the window. “Don’t be a creep.”
He attempted to resume his unpacking, only to find himself distracted every few minutes, sneaking glances at the window unconsciously. Every time he caught himself looking he was doused in a fresh wave of guilt. He knew it was wrong, but for whatever reason he couldn’t stop himself. The irony of being a peeping tom was not lost on him.
Tom watched as the girl in the window stood from her spot on the floor and stretched, watched as her muscles tensed and relaxed when she raised her arms above her head. A mix of shame and arousal burned in his stomach as his eyes traced the outline of her curves.
All of the sudden it occurred to him that she could also probably see into his apartment. If she were to look over right now she’d see him standing like an idiot in the window practically gawking at her from fifty feet away. He panicked and lunged to turn off the lamp that was still sitting on the floor so that the whole room went dark.
That night as he lay in bed trying to fall asleep Tom thought about the stranger across the way. He wondered if there was a reason for her state of undress. If she had been waiting for someone, or if that someone had just left. Was that why she was up as late as he was? At least she was getting some. He wished he could say the same for himself.
“This is starting to get sad,” he mumbled and buried his face in his hands. ‘Starting to’ was being generous and he knew it.
He wished the morning would come, wished he was on his way to his job interview already, but every time he checked the time only a few minutes had gone by. He knew he wasn’t going to get much sleep anyway, at least if it was morning he’d be able to do something productive and get his mind off the girl in the window.
Tom rolled over away from his bedroom window and pulled the blankets tighter around his shoulders. He could hear ambulance sirens and car horns from the street down below, the ambience of the traffic lulling the city to sleep.
Your morning started like any other. Your alarm went off at six-thirty and you snoozed it until seven, groaning when you finally dragged yourself out of bed. You turned on the shower and brewed a pot of coffee while you waited for the water to heat up.
You had been trying to get into tea recently, slowly working on cutting coffee out of your life completely and making the switch to the much healthier alternative. Tea had less caffeine and offered a whole range of health benefits that coffee didn’t. You’d read endless articles about how much better it was for you, but it didn’t taste as good as coffee.
The switch would be going a lot better if you didn’t let yourself make excuses to keep drinking coffee every morning. It would probably also be going a lot better if you weren’t guilt-chugging that cup (or two) of coffee before leaving your apartment six minutes earlier than usual to catch the 8:00 train instead of the 8:10 train just so you could grab a to-go cup of earl gray from the tea shop down the street from your office and drink that as you walked into work so that you could continue to keep up the charade that your tea-drinking endeavors were going well in front of your coworkers.
The glass was already foggy when you returned to take your shower. You wanted to be at the office early today to set up for the interviews so you tied up your hair and quickly rinsed off. The soapy water hadn’t even finished draining from the tile floor before you were out and wrapping yourself up in a towel.
You dried yourself off and dropped the towel in your hamper, not bothering with clothes yet. You walked back into the kitchen and poured yourself a cup of coffee.
You sipped it as you turned on the stove and cracked an egg into a pan. You usually liked to have a bagel or a quick granola bar before work, but when you were feeling fancy you liked to make yourself a couple slices of avocado toast for breakfast. You had decided that today was a fancy day.
You popped the bread in the toaster as the eggs fried and sliced a ripe avocado in the meantime. As soon as you were done with that, it was time to flip the eggs and put the toast on a plate.
You finished your first cup of coffee and went to pour yourself a second, but thought better of it. You’d be sitting in one place for a majority of the day and too much caffeine would make you fidgety and anxious if you didn’t have a way to diffuse the energy.
You ate your breakfast at the bar in your kitchen, looking over the stack of resumes one last time as you did.
“Are you ready for today?” one of your supervisors, Carolina, asked as soon as she saw you walk in the door.
You took a sip of tea from the paper cup in your hand and grimaced. “I’ve been dreading it all week.”
“At least it’ll be over by tonight.”
“Sure, this round will be over, but then there’s still follow-up interviews and training and-”
“Whoa, whoa, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. This is the worst part, and we’ve just got to take it one thing at a time.”
You sighed. “You’re right, sorry.”
Carolina smiled and nodded her head in the direction of the hall. “Conference Room B is all set up for you when you’re ready. Page me to let me know when I can send the candidates in.”
“Got it, thanks.”
You set yourself up with your laptop and paperwork at one end of the table, and left the seat across from you open for the interviewee.
The morning dragged by at an agonizingly slow pace. Each potential hire seemed determined to bore you to death with their graduate school anecdotes and corporate buzzwords. They were all the same. Too stiff, too self-absorbed, too-
“Y/n, we’ve got your next one ready for you.”
You cleared your throat before pressing the speak button on the intercom, having been lost in thought when Carolina’s voice began echoing throughout the room.
“Sounds good, you can send them over to me.”
You sat up a little straighter in your chair and brushed yourself off. You’d been interviewing for a couple hours straight already, but you still wanted to look fresh-faced for everyone who came in. You were representing the company, after all, and interviews were just as much about trying to impress the candidates as it was about them trying to impress you.
You reached for your cup of tea before remembering it had probably long since gone cold and grimaced, perking up when you heard the familiar squeak of the door.
The young man offered you his hand before settling in the chair opposite yours with a polite smile.
“Mr.... Holland,” you said, reading his name off of his resume in front of you. “Nice to meet you.”
“Likewise,” he agreed, his accent catching you off guard. “And you can call me Tom.”
You quirked an eyebrow, but nodded. Straight past Thomas and right to Tom, interesting you mused to yourself as you scanned his profile again.
“Nice to meet you, Tom. I’m y/n y/l/n. I’m a Senior Associate here and I’m just going to ask you a few questions about yourself, your work, typical interview stuff. Does that sound okay?”
“Sounds perfect.”
You paused and pretended to organize the papers in front of you while you discreetly gave him a once-over, making mental notes to yourself. He wore a Rolex on his left wrist. That told you that his last job had paid well enough to be able to afford one- either that or his parents came from money. You had a lot of trust-fund kids wasting your time today, you hoped he wasn’t another. Your office already reeked of nepotism and you just wanted this new hire to be on your side of things.
He was rather handsome too. Smartly dressed, sharp jawline, curls that were just barely tamed by hair gel, warm brown eyes that crinkled up in the corners when he smiled- you had to remind yourself not to stare.
“Alright, Tom, why don’t you tell me a little about yourself?” The question always tasted bitter when you asked it and it was hard not to cringe. It was the most basic question in the book, but it was a good way to get to know what kind of an employee someone was.
“Uh, well, I just moved here from London. I got in yesterday afternoon and still have loads to unpack, but I’m hoping to adjust quick. I was an Executive Consultant for five years at my last firm, and had just been promoted to Executive Manager last spring.” He paused to think. “What else... I really love to golf on my days off, and if I’m not golfing I’m usually at home watching movies.”
“A lot of our clients like to golf,” you commented off-handedly. “Are you any good?”
Tom shrugged, smiling humbly. “I’m decent. I haven’t had the chance to play for real in a while.”
“Why’s that?” you were aware you were moving away from interview territory, but you told yourself it was relevant enough to pursue.
“Most of my recent games were taking clients out to golf at my old firm. I had to play like shit on purpose so they’d win and we’d close a deal.”
“Did you ever consider that maybe they were just better than you?” you asked.
Tom narrowed his eyes the tiniest bit, but kept a polite smile on his face. “Trust me, I had to try very hard to lose.”
“So you had a pretty successful closing rate?”
“About twenty-six percent.”
You tried to hide your surprise, nodding as if that was a completely normal closing rate for your company.
“May I ask why you moved?” you continued.
“I’ve lived in London my entire life. I wanted a change of scenery, I suppose.”
“Moving across the globe without the security of a job? That seems like quite a big risk.”
He gave another shrug. “What’s life without a few risks?”
You nodded, writing what he’d said down on the yellow notepad in front of you. Tom shifted in his seat, subtly craning his neck to see across the table at what you were jotting down.
“Moving on,” you said and flipped the notebook over abruptly. The slap of the movement startled Tom momentarily and he only let the deer-in-the-headlights look cross his features for a second before recomposing himself. “Do you consider yourself to be a leader or a follower?”
“I’m a switch,” he answered easily, eyes only widening in realization once the sentence left his mouth. “I mean, I can switch. I was in a management position at my last job, but I still had plenty of superiors to answer to. I started at an entry level in that company and worked my way up, so I have experience with both.”
“And do you have any qualms with being a subordinate to a woman? I ask because if you’re offered the position I would be your boss.”
Tom shook his head in response, giving a small, almost imperceptible smirk. “Like I said.”
The rest of the interview passed by smoothly, and you didn’t realize how much time had passed until you glanced up at the clock above the door. You straightened the stack of papers in front of you to indicate that you were wrapping things up and stood from your chair to shake Tom’s hand again.
“To be completely candid, Mr. Holland- Tom, you are overqualified for this position. However, our company offers plenty of mobility and your starting salary would be almost equal to your previous one. If you’re interested, I’d like to set up a follow-up interview with you tomorrow.”
Tom smiled, and there went the crinkles of his eyes again, softening the sharpness of his features and making him look a couple years younger. “That sounds perfect. Thank you.”
“Great. On your way out you can schedule a time to meet with Carolina.”
“I’ll be sure to do that,” he assured you. “Thank you again.”
“Of course. I’ll see you tomorrow?” you hoped the question didn’t sound too hopeful.
“See you tomorrow.”
You went home feeling a thousand times better than you had that morning. The rest of the interviews had been a blur, and you couldn’t stop thinking about Tom. He surpassed all of the other candidates in almost every aspect, and it didn’t hurt that he was easy on the eyes.
You knew your attraction to him was a problem. You couldn’t hire someone just because you thought they were hot. It was insanely biased, and extremely inappropriate, yet you couldn’t shake the thought of him from your mind. You would be crossing every line in the existence of lines by sleeping with him- that was, if he even felt the same way about you. It would be an unethical use of power, and totally unprofessional so you resolved not to even think about him in that way. Because there was no way around it. He was the best candidate for the job and a perfect addition to your team. You couldn’t not hire him.
The route home usually took about half an hour, but you walked at a faster pace this time because you were supposed to have dinner with a colleague at your apartment and you needed time to cook so there’d be food on the table when he got there.
You made it home in half the time, and kicked off your shoes by the door like you usually did, but kept your work clothes on.
To say you were unprepared for this dinner was an understatement. You barely had anything in your pantry and your cooking skills were subpar at best. Add the time crunch into the equation and it was a recipe for disaster. You could only throw a pot of water on the stove and crack open a jar of marinara sauce and hope for the best.
Tom tried not to smile too wide as he walked out of the interview. He needed to remind himself that the job wasn’t his yet. He still had another interview to get through. Still, he figured a follow-up to be somewhat of a success and a good enough reason to treat himself to pizza.
By the time he made it back to his apartment it was almost dark out. His interview had been in the morning, but after walking two miles to get to the pizzeria he’d found on Yelp, getting on the wrong train twice and missing his stop, it was well into the afternoon. He was glad he’d ordered a whole pizza so he could have the leftovers for dinner, and wouldn’t have to venture out into the city again.
The cardboard boxes sprawled across his living room floor were an unwelcome sight, taunting him with their unlabeled contents, but he tried not to think about it. He deserved at least an hour of rest before he started unpacking again.
He pushed one of the heavier ones into the center of the room to use as a table and set the pizza box on top of it. After changing back into a t-shirt and sweats he settled on the floor with a grunt, twisting the cap off a bottle of beer with the hem of his shirt. He took a sip and let the bubbles soothe his throat.
He stared off out the window, attention snapping to the apartment across from his. Tom realized he hadn’t thought about the girl in the window all day, and silently patted himself on the back for it. Maybe it wouldn’t be so hard to live with, and he wouldn’t have to spiral into a pattern of self-loathing every time he found himself looking. As long as he kept himself in check.
He let himself look for a little longer, promising himself that he would look away if he saw anything he wasn’t supposed to. The lights were on, like they had been last night, but he didn’t see the woman. He scanned the array of windows until he saw her sitting at the kitchen table. She wasn’t alone tonight. There was another person at the table with her, a man.
Tom bit his lip and tried to ignore the way his heart sank. He didn’t even know this person, didn’t even know what her face looked like and here he was getting jealous of another person he didn’t know.
He tore his gaze away from the window and stared down at the floor.
“Stupid,” he muttered to himself and took another bite of his pizza even though he had lost his appetite.
People had crushes on strangers all the time. His would fade and soon he wouldn’t even be thinking of whoever it was in that apartment across the way. And if things went well with tomorrow’s interview, he had you. He hadn’t expected to be interviewed by someone his age, let alone someone as pretty as you. It had caught him off guard in the best way possible, and he found himself hanging onto every word you said.
But he wouldn’t be able to act on his feelings with you either, because if he was hired you would be his boss. And it would be completely inappropriate to harbor feelings like that for a colleague. He’d only lived here for a day. He would meet someone eventually. He just needed to give it time.
Joshua Hong wasn’t in town for long. He never was. You wondered why he bothered flying all the way to New York for a few conferences when he could just join them online, but he insisted that having face-to-face interactions were important for interpersonal connections and relationship building and so on.
Secretly, you believed the real reason to be that he missed you and your colleagues on the east coast and used business as an excuse to see you. He had lived in New York for a few years before moving to the LA division of your company. The shift in the dynamic of your team had taken a toll, and it took you months to forgive him for leaving. The first few times he came back to visit were nearly impossible to endure. Everyone was happy to see him, but you. You faked a smile and played along, but your relationship had never fully recovered.
Maybe it was because you’d always had a little crush on him, or because no one was there to take his place, leaving your team dividing his workload amongst yourselves with no additional compensation. The position you were currently hiring for actually used to be Joshua’s. It had taken nine months to convince the CEO to finally fill it, and he only agreed after one of your coworkers threatened to sue over breach of contract.
Even though you were certain that you and Joshua would never be as close as you had once been again, he still had you wrapped around his finger in some ways because you could never say no to him. When he’d asked to have dinner with you under the guise of work, you’d agreed on instinct, not considering how tired you would be or how strenuous it would be to see him again.
“This is really good,” Joshua complimented, twirling spaghetti around on his fork.
“You’re just saying that,” you countered and rolled your eyes as you sipped your wine.
“I’m not!”
“Please, I know LA has ruined you and turned you into a food snob. I watch your Instagram stories.”
“Doesn’t mean I don’t love a good classic.”
“You and I both know this marinara is from a jar.”
He chuckled. “So? That doesn’t change the fact that it’s good.”
Joshua gave you an amused smile from across the table and placed his fork back down on his plate. “So I hear they’re finally replacing me?”
You nodded. “They are. ‘They’ being me.”
“Really?” he asked, eyebrows raised. “Anyone promising?”
“There’s this guy, Tom, who might fit.”
“What’s he like?”
“He’s English, actually just moved here. He’s pretty charismatic too, but not in a sleazy salesman way. Kind of like you.”
“Is he better than me?” Joshua pressed, leaning forward with his elbows on the table.
“You know there’s no way to tell that yet,” you chided. “But he shows promise.”
“Let me see his profile.”
You shook your head. “Sorry, but you don’t have the clearance to see it.”
Joshua’s eyes widened like he couldn’t believe you were saying no to him, probably because he rarely heard it from you. “What, do we work in a government agency all of the sudden?”
“I have a lot riding on this hire, Joshua. I can’t let anything screw it up.” He seemed to surrender at that, nodding in understanding. “Did you ask me to dinner just to grill me about the new guy?”
“No! I wanted to see you,” he paused, “and make sure that you wouldn’t forget about me when I was replaced.”
You sighed, giving him a tired, perhaps wistful look. “Trust me, I couldn’t forget you if I tried.”
Joshua left around eleven, after several glasses of wine and helping you with the dishes. As much as you hated to admit it, you missed him. But you needed to move on, in more ways than one.
You stripped as soon as you locked the door behind him and threw your work clothes into the laundry basket.
You were a little tipsy from the wine, but you still had work to do before you could go to sleep. There was paperwork to finalize, and you still had to draft a rejection email for all of the candidates who weren’t moving on in the interviewing process.
You grabbed your briefcase and returned to the kitchen table, rolling your neck as you realized you had another long night ahead of you.
Tom wasn’t aware that he was staring until the man stood from his seat and took the dishes from the table to the sink. The sudden motion pulled him back to reality and reminded him that he was sitting alone in the dark once again. He cursed under his breath and chugged the rest of his beer.
His pizza had gone cold in the time he’d spent trying to determine the relationship between the man and the woman in the apartment across from his. He couldn’t tell what they were, and not being able to read their facial expressions made it even harder.
He watched as they washed dishes shoulder to shoulder, telling himself that it was no different from people watching, which was untrue since the people in question weren’t in public, but he ignored the guilt twisting in his stomach and continued to watch. At least no one was naked this time.
The woman’s shoulders moved up and down in laughter, suggesting the man had said something funny. But then she was walking him to the door and letting him out, and that was it. Show was over.
So they weren’t together. At least, not yet. Tom hated himself for the conclusion he’d just drawn, and he hated himself even more for feeling relieved.
Tom leaned back to reach the lamp that was still on the floor and flicked it on so that he could see. He shoved the leftover pizza into the back of his fridge and returned to the living room to try and get a little more unpacking done.
He started with one of the boxes he’d opened the day before when he had been in search of his suits, and began sorting through its contents. He allowed himself another glance at the window to check if the man had returned, only to see the woman completely naked. Again.
“Jesus fucking christ,” he groaned and forcefully turned his eyes to the floor. He needed to buy some curtains as soon as possible because there was no way he would be able to be a respectful neighbor otherwise.
He blinked the image of her silhouette from his mind, trying not to dwell on the thought of her sitting at her kitchen table with nothing between her thighs and the chair.
He couldn’t focus. Every time he tried to get back to the task at hand his thoughts went to her. It was getting pathetic.
One more look. One more and then never again.
It seemed like a simple enough resolution and he promised God he would go to confession at the end of the week- even though it had been years since he’d been to mass.
He gave in to his curiosity and gave the window one final, longing glance. The woman was still at the table, concentrating on something in front of her. But something else caught Tom’s attention this time. It was a snakeskin briefcase that sat on the table next to her. He had only noticed it because of the gold details on the bag that reflected the light, just like the one you-
A thousand different emotions flooded Tom’s senses as the realization set in. It felt like a bucket of ice water had been poured over his head. There was no way-
It had to be a coincidence. Had to be. Two people could have the same briefcase... and the same body... and the same hair. As he thought back to his interview earlier that day he saw more and more similarities between you and the girl in the window.
He definitely needed to go to confession now. Not only had he been staring in the window of some naked woman, the woman might just be his future boss.
He felt sick, and despite it all he felt the familiar burn of arousal flicker to life in his stomach. There was no way he’d be getting any sleep tonight.
Tom seemed different. Yesterday he had been confident, charming, and on top of every question you threw at him. Today, he seemed nervous. He was fidgety and distracted. He wouldn’t even make eye contact with you. He kept his gaze trained on your briefcase instead, refusing to take his eyes off of it.
You had been so sure that he was the one, but now you were thinking you might have to start from scratch.
“Tom, are you okay?” you asked, your frustration turning into concern when he failed to answer your question for the third time. “Do you need me to repeat the question again?”
He looked up at you finally, eyes wide and cheeks pink. “Sorry,” he apologized.
“It’s okay.”
“No, I- I’m sorry,” he repeated. “I can’t do this.”
“What do you mean?”
“I- fuck,” he paused to take a deep breath and shook his head. “I don’t know how to put this, but I think... we’re neighbors.”
“Oh, you live in my building?”
You didn’t see a problem with that. You weren’t sure why it was something he would be tearing himself up over either.
“No, I don’t.”
“So... then how would we be neighbors?”
He averted his gaze again and swallowed harshly. “I live in the high-rise across from yours.”
You raised your eyebrows in question, feeling your pulse jump in warning. Your fingers inched toward the phone, ready to call security at a moment’s notice.
“And fuck, I really wanted this job, but um, I only know that because my apartment is literally right across from yours. And you have a lot of windows... that I can see into.”
You let his words sink in, hand retreating from the phone. “Oh my god.”
“I’m so sorry. I wasn’t trying to look or anything, I promise. Your windows are just so big. I didn’t even want to come in today because I felt so bad about it, but I figured you should know that it was possible to see into your apartment. Like other people might also be able to see you too. I just came to tell you that because I don’t think I’d be able to live my life just knowing that information and not telling you.” Tom stopped talking finally, giving you an opportunity to respond. The tips of his ears were red with embarrassment and he looked like he wanted to jump out the window.
You were covering your mouth with shock by now, absolutely mortified. “I am so sorry,” you yelped. “I had no idea, oh my god. I hope you don’t feel... violated or anything.”
“Oh, not at all,” he assured you. “I felt the opposite, actually- I mean, I hope you don’t feel violated.” He stood from his chair before you could say anything else. “Anyway, thank you for your time.”
Tom kicked himself the whole way to the subway station. That job had been the best opportunity he had at breaking into the industry here in New York and he’d fucked it. He could’ve kept his big mouth shut and pretended like everything was normal- but just the thought of that made bile rise in the back of his throat.
No, he was glad he had been honest. It just sucked that he’d lost such a good position, and ruined whatever nonexistent chance he had with you.
When he got home he threw all of his energy into unpacking. He was determined to make a real dent in the pile of boxes this time, and then maybe afterward fill out some job applications.
His apartment was actually starting to look livable by the time he took a break to eat leftover pizza for dinner. He’d unwrapped the plastic covering and bubble wrap from his couch so that he actually had a place to sit now, and he’d found a standing lamp to replace the table lamp sitting on the floor.
He was about to move on to a box full of clothes when he risked taking a look over at your apartment. To his surprise, you were standing in your living room, wearing nothing but a bra and panties. He furrowed his eyes in confusion, wondering why you were still choosing to walk around your apartment undressed with the knowledge that he could see you. But before he could look away his phone started buzzing in his pocket. It was an unsaved number, but he suddenly had the feeling he knew who it was.
He recognized the voice immediately, and snapped his attention back over to the windows where he could see you looking back this time, phone pressed to your ear.
“Y/n.” He realized he had never called you by your first name before, and hoped you weren’t offended by it.
“The job’s yours if you want it.”
He blinked, staring right at you. “What?”
“The position. It’s yours if you want it. You were the best candidate by far and I think you’d make a great addition to the team.”
“You’re joking.”
“I’m not.”
“You’re serious?”
“I am.” He heard you take a breath before continuing. “You have time to think it over, of course. Let me know by the weekend.”
“I don’t need time to think,” he heard himself say.
“No. I’ll take it.” “Are you sure?”
“I’m sure.”
“Tom?” you asked, reaching behind you and unclipping your bra. You caught the fabric and pressed it against your chest so that it wouldn’t slip down.
“Tell me if I’m overstepping.”
“You’re not overstepping,” he breathed, hand already traveling down to the waistband of his shorts.
He watched with a slack jaw as you let the bra fall to the floor. You moved to the couch and draped yourself over it, opening your legs to give him a view of your whole body, from your pussy up to your neck. He pulled off his shirt and shimmied out of his shorts quickly so that you were on an even playing field. It was still uneven in his opinion. You were so beautiful, he felt inadequate in comparison. But the moan you let out upon seeing him shirtless boosted his ego the tiniest bit.
“I shouldn’t be doing this,” you murmured quietly into the phone.
“I don’t want to stop,” Tom admitted.
“Me either.”
His breath caught in his throat as you pulled your panties down and let them join your bra on the floor. He was too far away to see anything in detail, but he could imagine. You brought a hand down in between your legs, spreading your wetness around with your fingers.
“Fuck,” he whispered.
He was hard. He was so hard that it was starting to hurt, and all he could think about was running his cock through your folds. Being the one to make your back arch off the couch like it was now.
He spat into his palm and began working his hand up and down his cock, sighing in relief.
“You sound so pretty,” you echoed, and Tom straight up whimpered in response. He felt his cheeks heat up in embarrassment, but he couldn’t bring himself to care. “God, I wish I had your fingers instead of mine. They’re so much longer.”
“Guess you’ll just have to imagine them,” Tom said, finding his voice out of nowhere. It was your turn to whimper. “Picture them working you open, stretching you for my cock.”
“Tom?” you asked hoarsely.
“Come over.”
“Fuck, right now?”
“Yes right now. I need you,” you whined. “Fiftieth floor, the door code is 0716.”
He heard the phone click as you hung up and that was all it took. He scrambled for his pants and shirt that he’d thrown somewhere in the room, tripping when he tried to jump into both legs of his shorts at the same time. He rushed out into the hallway and pressed the down button on the elevator repeatedly, like it would make it come any faster.
He tried to act like he wasn’t out of breath and held his hands together in front of his crotch in an attempt to hide his erection. The other people on the elevator ignored him, only addressing him to ask which floor he was going to.
Tom swore he’d never run so fast in his entire life. He dodged taxis, bikers, and pedestrians as he crossed the street illegally and made it to the elevator of your building right before the doors shut.
You had put on a sheer robe while you waited for Tom, not wanting to open the door completely naked, but you were beginning to have second thoughts. You were officially Tom’s boss now, which meant that having sex with him was at the very top of the list of things you shouldn’t do. It would no doubt be considered a gross misuse of power, and to make matters worse he had literally just been hired. His first experience with you shouldn’t be in bed-
You heard the lock click and turned around to see Tom standing in your doorway. He was breathing hard and practically dripping with sweat. All doubts about crossing the line vanished when you looked into his eyes and saw how dark they were. He hadn’t even said anything, yet you knew how much he wanted you.
Even more evident was the outline of his hard cock straining against the fabric of his sweat shorts. You tried not to stare, but you figured it was only fair, given how he was staring at you.
Tom let the door shut behind him before approaching you. His hands trembled as he brought them up to your shoulders, like he was unsure of where to start. He slipped his thumbs under the hem of your robe finally and you shivered at the contact. You bit your lip and nodded at him to keep going.
He pulled the fabric down off your shoulders and let the robe pool at your feet. You looked down at it and then back up at him expectantly. He took the cue to follow and yanked his shirt off over his head, followed by his shorts so that he was in his underwear.
“Can I kiss you?” he asked. His voice sounded an octave lower than it had been over the phone and it made your knees weak.
“Please,” you choked out.
He placed one hand on your cheek and tilted your head to the side, pressing his lips to yours. It was needy and desperate, strung with promises of what was to follow. His peppermint Chapstick made your lips tingle and you leaned in, deepening the kiss. His fingers dug into your waist as he took control, slipping his tongue into your mouth. You moaned and wrapped your arms around his neck to pull him closer.
Tom’s hands made their way down to your ass and squeezed, making you yelp in surprise. He chuckled against your mouth and broke away from the kiss.
“Should we move this to my bedroom?” you asked, breathless.
Tom shook his head. “I want to take you here.”
“Here,” he repeated and nodded toward the windows.
“O-okay,” you agreed, a little unsure on the mechanics of how it would work. But Tom seemed confident, beckoning you over with a wave of his hand.
“C’mere,” he said. “I know you said you wanted my fingers, but I’m dying for a taste of you,” he admitted. “Is that okay?”
You nodded desperately as you watched Tom sink to his knees in front of you. He pushed his curls back with his hand and used the other to hike your leg up over his shoulder. You felt his breath on your clit before anything else, felt the way he was hovering inches in front of your cunt like a goddamn tease.
“Tom, please,” you begged.
You jolted when he suddenly buried his face in between your thighs, letting out a strangled moan as his tongue circled your clit. It was all too much and you had to pull on his hair to maintain your balance. Tom didn’t seem to mind too much, in fact it only spurred him on as he moved even further down and began to tongue fuck you.
His nose bumped against your clit as he worked his tongue in and out of you and it was all you could do not to black out from the pleasure. You braced yourself against the window with one hand, trying to hold off the orgasm building in the pit of your stomach.
“Tom, wait,” you cried and tugged him away from your pussy by his hair.
He jutted his lip out in a pout and frowned like he was disappointed he hadn’t gotten to finish you off. His chin was glistening in your arousal and his lips were pink and swollen from sucking on your clit.
“I want you inside of me,” you pleaded. “Please, Tom?”
He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and rose from his knees, smirking as he took the advantage of height back.
“Of course, angel,” he said, pulling you closer so that he could kiss you again. You moaned as you tasted yourself on his tongue, ignoring the way he laughed at your neediness. “Turn around for me, love,” he instructed as he pushed his boxers down. “Hands on the window.”
You did as you were told and bent over. Tom’s hand made contact with your ass just once, the harsh smack echoing throughout the room. You cried out, body shaking even when he ran a hand over the mark to soothe it.
He took his time lining himself up with you, wanting to tease you as much as possible before he finally gave you what you wanted. You tried pushing yourself back against him, but he was having none of it and put you back in your place every time.
“I didn’t take you for a brat,” he mused.
“I didn’t take you for a tease,” you bit back through gritted teeth.
“Yes you did.”
“Fine, but I didn’t take you for someone who was all talk and no follow-through.”
That seemed to work because Tom pushed himself inside you as soon as the sentence left your mouth. You lurched forward, hands on the window slipping as you cursed him out.
“What were you saying?” he taunted, running a hand down your exposed back.
“That’s what I thought.”
He gave you a few moments to adjust to his size, but you were too impatient to wait and began fucking yourself on his cock, desperate for the release that had built up when he was going down on you. Tom brought his hand down against your ass again and stilled your hips.
“Did I say you could move?” he demanded. “Answer me.”
“Then why did you?”
“I’m sorry!” you cried.
“That doesn’t answer my question.”
“Your cock-” you choked out, “felt so good. I couldn’t help myself. I’m sorry.”
“It’s okay, darling. You’re going to be a good girl for me now, aren’t you?”
“Yes, what?”
“Yes, sir.”
He seemed satisfied with your answer and thrust into you once, then again, slowly building up to a steady rhythm.
For a moment or two all that could be heard was the slapping of skin and your shaky gasps. Tom’s cock was bigger than you expected, and each time he hit your g-spot you couldn’t help but let your eyes roll to the back of your head in pleasure.
You weren’t even trying to hold back your moans at this point, too fucked out to care. Tom let a hand wrap around the front of your body and travel up to your throat. He rubbed his thumb along your jaw, pressing it against your lips for you to suck on.
You took it into your mouth eagerly, letting him push it further and further until you were practically gagging on it. When he was satisfied with your work he took his finger out of your mouth and wrapped the same hand around your throat, squeezing lightly.
“Fuck,” you whined.
“Are you close?” Tom asked, likely because he was also teetering on the edge.
“Yes, so close.”
“Do you think you deserve to cum?” he pressed, tightening his grip on your neck. “Think anyone watching you get fucked like a slut against the window deserves to see you cum?”
“No one can see me,” you insisted. “It was only you.”
“How do you know?”
“I don’t,” you admitted, feeling like the invisible string inside of you would snap at any second.
“You could have a whole audience and not even know it, y/n. What do you think, should we give them a show?”
All you could do was nod as he continued to pound into you from behind, not trusting yourself to speak.
“Tom, please let me cum I can’t hold it-” you gasped as you tipped over the edge before he could respond, clenching around his cock harder than you knew you were capable of. It felt as if you were falling from the window of your apartment, hurtling toward the ground some fifty stories below.
“Fuck, I’m going to cum,” Tom muttered, his hips faltering.
“Cum inside me, please cum inside me,” you begged. “I’m on the pill you can cum inside me.”
He came with a groan of your name, pumping his cum further into you with every thrust. “So fucking tight,” he sighed as he continued to lazily rock his hips into yours. “Is your poor cunt so sensitive now?” he asked, voice dripping with fake sympathy.
“Yes,” you answered quietly, feeling tears prick in the corners of your eyes at the overstimulation.
Tom pulled out of you finally, making you whimper at the empty feeling. He chuckled and helped you stand up straight, ready to catch you if your legs gave out.
“That’s what you get for cumming without permission,” he said.
“You’re an asshole,” you mumbled, eyes only half open. “I’m your boss. You should let me cum whenever I want.”
“I’ll keep that in mind,” Tom assured you.
You watched as he picked up his clothes from around your living room and wondered if you had just ruined everything. Once he was dressed he made his way back over to you and kissed you chastely on the lips. The kiss didn’t help you relax at all. It only confused your feelings for him even more.
“See you monday?” you asked hopefully. If nothing else, you hoped he would still accept the position for the sake of your team, even if things between you were awkward and he never wanted to sleep with you again-
“See you monday,” he repeated in confirmation. “And next round’s at my place.”
this is the longest oneshot i've ever written and was an idea that's been rolling around in my brain for literal years and it's finally a full fic!! lmk what you think i always appreciate feedback!!
forever tags: @mischiefmanaged49 @bookingbee @cloverrover @captainbuckyy @perhaps-he-schnapped-blog @awkwardfangirl2014 @the-queen-procrastinator @tastingthestarz @sleepybesson @everythingbooknerd @sunshine96love @bitchymathematician @livingincompletesilence @melsbooktrash @swim-deep-or-die @fizzy828 @spider-slutt @theamuz @nedthegay @astroasethic @stuckonspidey @darlingtholland @sgtbookybarnes @tinyplanet-explorers @mildcockandballtorture @uglypastels @gennyld @devin-marie @r-wooooosh @hell-yeah-peter-parker @itssnowingandimstuckinside @relise-thefury @osteporosis @legendsofwholock @peterunderoos @fuckyeahhomerun @nobelwarriorheroes @delicately-important-trash @thwip-it-real-good @claryfray101 @softholand @tomhollandseverything @cool-ultra-nerd @jillanaholland @dinasaur36 @farfromhaz @hanlons-wp @moon-390 @parkerstylesperalta @httpchrisevans @screeching-student-unknown @almondholland @noisyzineeggsbandit @5sos-microwave @quackson-love @smilealways19 @quackeroos @my-patronus-is-mabel-pines @wolvesofwinter @mukesnugget @mytonycinematicuniverse @itsjusttor @percysmcu @peterquillzsblog @lovewolfspirit @biebsmylife95 @a-disappointing-teen-author @justanotherusername80 @b-buckys @sunkisseddreamerr @hufflepuffprincess24 @princessxcryxbaby @tinyyoungblood @holyfrickfracks @amii-nyc @clara-licht @veryholland @captainamirica @ultrunning @cocoamoonmalfoy @nellbellzz-blog @bookfrog242 @honeymoonlover @nellabellaa @its-the-solar-system @spiitfiires @tomhollandfangirl1 @parkeromanoff @randomstufflol29 @pogueslandia @hollandswife @bunnyweasley23 @determined-overthinker @madz-holland @hi-yekaterina @rinaaa33 @elishi03 @abcxrandomx
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p3terparker · 11 hours ago
𝗯𝗶𝗿𝘁𝗵 𝘁𝗶𝗺𝗲 - 𝗽.𝗽
Tumblr media
𝘀𝘂𝗺𝗺𝗮𝗿𝘆: peter thinks you don’t like him because you’ve never asked him for his birth time.
𝗮/𝗻: this is honestly so dumb but funny so i had to write it 😭 also fun fact peter and i’s birth chart are very similar since we share the same bday hehe
𝘄/𝗰: 𝟬.𝟳𝗸
Tumblr media
it’s the middle of the school day, and peter has spoken a total of ten words to you. you could tell something was bugging him, which usually causes him to be standoffish. you know to give him space when he's like this, so that’s exactly what you did. you would question him later on in the day.
“pete, you haven’t touched your food” you say, finally breaking the silence with him at your lunch table.
“oh... i’m not that hungry. i’m gonna head over to the library” peter replied with a small smile and a kiss to your cheek before getting up to leave, giving you no time to reply.
“what’s wrong with him?” MJ asks with a concerned look on her face.
“i don’t know, he’s been weird all day” ned answered. “y/n you should go check up on him” he suggested to which everyone at your table agreed.
“i’m gonna wait until later on today. he usually likes to be alone when he’s in a mood” you sighed out, wondering what was wrong with him.
school passed by rather slowly without peter being in the mood to make your classes semi-enjoyable for you. you were curious to see if peter would wait for you outside your class when the bell rang so you could walk home together as usual, but to your disappointment, he didn’t. you got a text from him stating “sorry i can’t walk you home today, something important came up”
you would be lying if you said you weren’t upset, but you tried to be as understanding as possible. he’ll talk to you when he’s ready. you replied a quick “it’s okay, call me later” and started your walk home.
when you arrived home, you settled on your bed and waited for peter to call you. his behavior all day made you anxious, unsure if you had done anything to make him upset. to get your mind off things, you watched TV and waited for peter to call you.
one hour went by. then two. then five.
having waited long enough, you finally decided to pick up your phone and call him, but were cut off by a tap on your window. you looked over and saw peter in his suit, causing you to quickly open it for him to come in.
“i’m sorry for acting weird all day” peter cut straight to the point as he took off his suit and settled into pajamas.
“it’s okay, pete. can you tell me what’s wrong though? i’ve been worried for you all day” you tried to say calmly, not trying to be pushy now that he’s finally opening up.
“yeah, it’s just… do you really like me?” he gulped.
you stared at him like he was the dumbest person in the universe.
“of course i do you idiot! why are you even asking me that?” you scoffed out in disbelief. you shower him with affection all the time, what could possibly make him question your love for him?
“well, usually when girls really like someone they ask them for their birth time so they can look at their birth chart. you’ve never once asked me for mine.” peter whimpered out, completely serious.
you didn’t know whether to laugh or yell at him for being so upset over this.
“peter, i cannot believe this is what has your panties in a twist”
“i don’t wear panties!”
you fought the urge to laugh at him once again, and continued on.
“i didn’t ask because already knew your birth time” you giggled.
“you did?” he said with hope and joy filling his eyes.
“yes, peter. the day you took me to your apartment for the first time, i asked may for it when you went to use the bathroom”
“oh” peter chirped, trying and horribly failing to control his giddiness.
“you’re so… different. who gets insecure over someone not asking them for their birth time?” you say, finally being able to make fun of him.
“stop! i always see guys talking about it on tiktok and i felt left out.” peter tried to defend himself with a pout on his face.
“yeah yeah, whatever” you say mockingly as you two sat down on your couch.
“sooooo…. did you like what you saw in my birth chart?”
“yes peter, you’re my favorite leo”
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selfcarecap · 2 days ago
Love on Set [t.h]
pairing: Tom Holland x actress!reader
summary: You’ve never kissed anyone while filming. Actually, you’ve never kissed anyone, ever. Now you have to have your first kiss on set for the latest film you’re acting in, with Tom Holland no less. But luckily he’s there to practise with you beforehand, or at least you hope you can gather the courage to ask him.
warning: SMUT, idk shit about film sets ok, i guess mj doesn’t exist in homecoming lmao, there’s (social) ✨awkwardness✨(not too much tho actually), I was a bit mean to Tom regarding his ability to use social media and understand memes💀, we’ve got loads of overthinking going on, kinda insecure reader (or maybe not that insecure but inexperienced plus she thinks that tom won’t want her bc he’s a famous and good looking actor), mentions of throwing up (from being tickled after eating? lmao, but it doesn’t happen it’s just mentioned), drunk!tom, angst for like 2 minutes or less, possibly ignore the end? it’s happy and all but idk if i like it skshs
word count: 👁👄👁 idk how it happened….. 8.9k
-this is a repost of an old fic- gif not mine
Tumblr media
First kisses are scary.
Kisses on set are scary.
Combining both of them? No thank you.
When you first read the Far from Home script, the kiss wasn‘t even mentioned.
You‘re glad it wasn‘t because it would have made you more nervous and maybe you wouldn‘t have mastered the audition and gotten the role as MJ.
You remember the blood drained from your face when they first told you there was going to be a kiss, though you’re lucky no one noticed.
Then they told you there was going to be a steamy scene and you felt like you were about to pass out. But eventually, they decided against it because it didn‘t fit with the dynamic of the film, much to your favour.
The crew and cast were all so nice, and filming was so amazing that you nearly forgot about filming the kiss.
Up until now, as you realise there aren‘t many days of filming left, and you haven‘t shot that scene yet.
You can‘t believe what you‘re about to do.
You tried to be grateful that you didn‘t have to film a sex scene before ever having sex, but that didn’t change the fact that you still have to go through your first kiss on camera, which you‘re trying to avoid right now.
There‘s only a week of filming left so you‘ll be doing the scene any day now so you won‘t be able to find anyone to experience your first genuine kiss with, so this is the last option.
You take a deep breath, hoping your heart will stop beating so fast.
As you lift your hand to knock on Tom‘s trailer door, Harry steps out, swinging the door open and it crashes against the wall next to it, startling you. He‘s saying something to Tom, still turned halfway to the inside.
You get a look at Tom, smiling brightly and looking as good as always and you wonder what you were thinking. You‘re not about to ask this man to have your first kiss with you.
Turning around to escape, you hear Tom call your name and you swear under your breath.
You turn around to Harry waving at you and stepping to the side. Tom stands by his door, greeting you with a smile.
Fucking intimidating that is.
How can he look so good?
“Hi, did you want something?“ Harry asks.
“Oh uh no- what are you guys up to?“
“You were just about to knock, weren’t you?“ Tom asks this time, holding the door open, inviting you in.
Thinking about what your original plan was, you just want to pull a runner, “Nope - just passing. See you guys later.“
You‘re off before they can respond and you don‘t look back, going to hide in your trailer.
The truth is, Tom seems incredibly lovely and way too humble considering what a famous and talented actor he is. But you‘ve never talked to him one on one.
You‘ve filmed scenes together, yes, and when you were in groups you‘ve both joined in on conversations, but never just you two.
Now you can‘t just talk to him for the first time and ask him to be your first kiss. He probably wouldn‘t care anyway. He‘s a globally known actor - he‘s got other problems than you being afraid of a little peck on camera.
Tom comes by your trailer around twenty minutes later - for the first time ever - asking if you’re sure you didn’t want anything. His smile is so cute you nearly tell him what you wanted, but your heart starts beating faster as soon as the thought crosses your mind, so you just shrug it off.
He then invites you to dinner with the rest of the team.
You’ve been to restaurants together before, but it was always other people who invited you - your makeup artist or Harry, but never Tom himself.
You get dressed, thinking you’ll meet Tom somewhere later. Maybe you could sit next to him during dinner. But as you’re finished getting ready you open the door, nearly battering Tom’s face, surprised that he waited for you.
You don’t know what to say, so you just smile and he does the same.
On the way to the restaurant you talk to Harry - it‘s easy to talk to him, since you don’t feel this crazy attraction despite knowing you have no chance like it is with Tom.
You try not to look at Tom on your way there, but you notice that he keeps glancing at you while he’s pretending to listen to a story one of the guys is telling him.
With the natural flow of talking to Harry, you end up sitting next to him and try to follow what he’s saying while Tom looks at the two of you and settles for a seat opposite of you.
Tom eats his food mostly in silence, only joining in on the conversations when you’ve just said something. But you’re probably just imagining things.
Against Tom’s advice, Harry has loads of fizzy drinks and he gets so shaky in his seat that you think he might combust. But before he does, he’s suddenly dashing off to the bathrooms and if you were in a cartoon would have definitely left a cloud of dust with his speed.
Before you can even comprehend that Harry’s gone, Tom’s sitting next to you, his arm on the backrest of your seat.
You don’t think you’ve ever been this close to him, except maybe when filming.
A few days ago you did the mid-credit scene where Peter takes MJ for a swing around town and doing the stunt was terrifying.
Not because of the height or anything - that aspect was actually quite fun. But having Tom hold on to you, you having to wrap your legs around his waist and all, that was the part that was nerve-racking.
He was really cute about it though, telling you “I got you” over and over, probably because he thought you were scared of the height, which suited you quite well actually.
You don’t get to dwell on how close Tom is sitting to you now, because he immediately drops the bomb.
“Excited for tomorrow?” he asks.
“What’s tomorrow?”
“Our kiss,” he winks but realises that wasn’t a good ice breaker, because even as an actress you can’t hide your shock and immediate nervousness.
Your first kiss…. tomorrow…. on-screen…. in front of at least fifteen people. With Tom Holland.
Your mind flickers to all the “how to kiss” videos you’ve saved to your YouTube’s ‘watch later’, and the teddy bear you brought just to practise.
In between you thought you wouldn’t need all that.
One day you’d just go up to Tom, nonchalantly ask him to practise the kiss with you, and you would have nothing to worry about.
Right now it seems like Tom thinks you’ve been avoiding him though (which you might have been doing, okay) and he’s asking if he’s done anything because he really regrets not getting to know you properly and you’ve only got a week left to film.
What he’s telling you seems really sweet, but if you don’t get out of there you might have a heart attack.
“Yeah, I’ll see you tomorrow, I just remembered I still have to do something!” you take your coat and storm off before he can register what’s going on or, worse, follow you.
Back in your trailer, all on your own, you cry first, then try to hype yourself up, and end up regretting that you didn’t just ask Tom.
On top of that, you’re wondering if Tom thought you were being rude, just leaving like that. You’re already scared of kissing him, you don’t need him not wanting to kiss you because he’s mad at you.
Hearing everyone come back from dinner, doors opening and closing, you listen until there’s no commotion anymore so that everyone should be in their trailers or back home.
You want to get this over with before Tom’s asleep and make your way towards his trailer before you can change your mind.
Opening the door of your trailer, you meet Tom, the door completely banging into his face - these damn trailer doors - and Tom doubles over in pain, clutching his nose.
“Shit, Tom, I’m so sorry!”
Quite a hassle, getting hold of cooling packs and thirty minutes later, you’re in Tom’s trailer for the first time ever. On his bed. Just the two of you.
He’s assured you about eighteen times that it wasn’t your fault, he’s okay but you still pout looking at his red nose. He says the pain is gone, but you’ve probably made such a bad impression on him today, that you don’t dare ask him to kiss you.
Then you remember, “Why were you coming to my trailer in the first place? Did you need something?”
“Oh um, I just wasn’t sure if you heard what I was saying earlier?”
“Yeah at dinner,” he says.
“Oh, sorry, I was distracted because I was thinking of that um.. thing... I had to do.”
He scratches his neck, “I was just saying that - since we didn’t really get to know each other, like at all, during the last few weeks - I kind of got the impression that you don’t like me. I just wanted to clear up if there was anything I did because if there is, it wasn’t my intention at all.”
You have to comprehend what he’s saying right now and he elaborates, “Not that you seem like a person who would have bad blood with anyone, but I’m the same. You know I’m always scared that, with becoming more… famous, I’ll eventually become one of those rude asshole actors. So please, if I am like that, I want to know the truth.”
He’s rubbing at his eye now, probably thinking he’s oversharing when this has just made him even more authentic than he already is.
“No, not at all,” you finally manage to speak, “You’re probably the nicest actor, one of the nicest people, I’ve ever met. I never meant to make you feel like I dislike you. I've just been distracted - beside the acting of course, which is already stressful for me. So I couldn’t even imagine how exhausting the acting is for you - of course it's a positive exhaustion but I’m already tired after a single scene and you obviously do way more than me.
“I guess you just always seemed so busy and since I know how much energy acting can require I never wanted to annoy you during your free time or whatever and you never really came to me either so..”
“And I never wanted to annoy you because I thought you didn’t like me,” Tom chuckles.
“We really managed to avoid each other for no reason at all, huh?”
You share, for the first time, a moment of being on the same page - apart from filming, where your chemistry is amazing - resembling something like the beginning of a reciprocal liking for each other.
“Well I’m glad we cleared that up,” Tom says, “because I feel like we could definitely get along well.”
“Me too,” you say.
There’s a silence, but it’s not uncomfortable.
You’re smiling at each other. It seems like he feels the exact same way you’ve felt about him.
Well, maybe not the crush part, you’re not delusional. But wanting to form a friendship or something akin to it with someone, but overthinking their actions and behaviour to the point that you get unsure whether they like you too.
“You’ll have to give me your number before this is all over. It’ll probably take ages until press tours and everything,” he nudges your shoulder.
That reminds you that this is all over soon. But not before you’ve done that stupid kiss.
You’ve finally had a good moment with Tom and you don’t want to scare him off immediately.
You’re not ashamed that you haven’t kissed anyone yet, but it’s still something intimate that you wouldn’t share with everyone - both the information and the action of finally experiencing it.
You say goodnight to him, accepting that you’ll have to watch a few videos and just go with it tomorrow, try to be casual.
“Okay, but give us a hug first.”
You gladly lean into Tom’s arms, feeling a bit more at ease. It’s so comfortable that you lean in even closer and Tom mirrors your action, your shirt riding up your lower back in the process.
Tom’s hand with the cool pack in it grazes your uncovered skin, and you flinch at the coldness against your back, breaking up the hug.
“Sorry, love,” Tom laughs and you can’t be mad at him.
After you leave, you stand outside your trailer for a while, contemplating.
This was your very last chance.
If you went right now, he’d still be awake.
Even if it’s awkward with Tom - you’d rather just have an awkward moment with him, than an awkward moment with Tom and a dozen crew members around to witness it. On camera.
You nearly run back to his trailer, hoping he’s not in bed yet when you knock.
He opens after a few moments - shirtless.
You manage to ignore it though, this is too nerve-wracking to look at his abs right now, but he still apologises for his lack of clothing, saying he just was getting ready for bed.
“No problem - I forgot something I wanted to ask you earlier.”
“Sure - come in.”
He lets you in and you settle on his bed, trying not to show how you’re freaking out on the inside. A few more minutes of this heart-beating craze and you’d be sweating.
You take a deep breath and hope that your voice doesn’t crack, “So about tomorrow- you said we have our kiss scene?”
He nods.
“Okay, well. I’ve never actually… kissed anyone, so I was wondering if we could-” a shaky breath escapes you, “Maybe we could practise it once, so that I won’t embarrass myself in front of the crew and camera.”
Tom raises his eyebrows, not expecting that, but sits down next to you, “Of course - yeah, you could’ve come to me with that earlier. No need to worry about that.”
He hears the breath of relief you release but doesn’t comment on it, only scooting closer to you on the bed.
“It’s obviously their first kiss too, so it’s not like we have to drool all over each other,” Tom says and it makes you giggle, easing your nerves. He joins with his own laughter and you see his shoulders lower a bit, getting rid of some tension. For a second you see something in his eyes too.
Wait. Is he.. nervous?– No, no, this is Tom Holland. He’s not nervous about kissing you. He can’t be. Why would he be?
A silence settles among you a few seconds later and you sit up straight - this is the moment.
Tom looks you right in the eyes, and you resist looking away. “It’s not complicated, so don’t worry. It’s actually quite easy - there’s not much you could do wrong,” he assures you and you feel yourself relaxing at least a little.
“So I close my eyes, right?”
He nods, leaning in even more, your hands automatically looking to touch something and they land on his naked chest.
You let go again, motioning to his shirt on the bed, “Do you maybe want to, uh.”
He mumbles an embarrassed yeah and pulls a simple white shirt over his head.
Sitting back down, he smiles at you, huffing out a shaky laugh.
“So,” he says and you place your hands back on his chest, one of them finding a comfortable position by his shoulder.
Without saying much more, Tom leans in and closes the gap between you two. Your eyes automatically flutter shut and you press your lips against his, eliciting a small kissing noise.
Before you’ve gotten used to it, he pulls back, hiding a smile as he brushes a hand over his mouth.
You speak up first, “W-was that okay?”
“Yeah, perfect,” he grins, “you want to do it again? - just so you can get used to it.”
Nodding, you lick your lips and lean back in. His fingers brush up against your waist and his lips stay on yours longer than before.
As you break the kiss, you exchange a look which you both know means another kiss.
This time his hands on you are firm, holding you, and you’re kissing for so long that his lips start moving and you get into his rhythm, so that the kiss lasts way longer than you’ll even need to kiss as Peter and MJ.
But right now you’re just you and Tom, and the film is forgotten.
At some point, unfortunately, you have to breathe though, so you release each other.
“I think I’ve got it,” you smile. You half-regret saying it. Tom might’ve kissed you all night long if you hadn’t said anything.
The heat on your face starts settling in as you realise what’s just happened, and you stand up with weak knees, “Thanks.”
He gets up too, brushing a hand through his hair and clears his throat, “No problem. I’m glad I could help.”
“Yeah um…. goodnight,” it’s more of a question than a statement and he seems equally unsure as he hugs you goodbye.
You stop him halfway as he pulls away from the hug, arms still around each other, “Just one last time? So that I can do it, like, nonchalantly.”
He smiles, liking the idea, and you don’t feel as stupid as you thought you would tonight.
The final kiss is just a quick peck like it’ll probably be while filming tomorrow, and you thank him again, then disappear through the door.
You take in your glowing face in your mirror once you’re back in your own trailer.
You’re glad that no one’s around anymore, because anyone standing around your trailer would have definitely heard the squeal you let out.
By the time that you’re done with the on-screen kiss, it feels like you’ve had years of experience. At some point the director even tells you to make the kiss more awkward because the way you were kissing seemed too familiar and intimate.
The scene that ends up in the film reminds you of last night.
First it’s an innocent kiss, then they go back in, desperately and still inexperienced, but it doesn’t matter. They just want to kiss, so they kiss.
Tom’s always been easy to film with, and despite your little secret there’s not a single awkward moment during the remaining week.
The rest of filming goes by quicker than you would like and considering you manage your last scene in one take, no one’s really as happy as they should be because that means it’s over now.
The last week makes up for you and Tom not getting to know each other before. You spend nearly every evening in either of your trailers, talking well into the night, some days about your deepest fears, other days giggling so hard that your belly muscles are sore the next day.
Neither of you have brought up the kiss, not the one on screen and not the other kiss- or kisses. There’s this unspoken thing. You feel connected to Tom on a deep level and you can only hope he reciprocates the feeling. It’s like you were just meant to meet Tom, otherwise the world would have ended. You haven’t sorted out whether it’s going to end a romantic or purely platonic relationship.
You don’t understand each other as friends or as lovers, just as humans.
Sure, he’s attractive and that kiss must have at least meant a fraction of what it meant to you to him. But with how close you’ve become in only a few days - you couldn’t bring yourself to jeopardise that connection by wanting more from him than he wants from you.
It’s the last night and you’re all out for one last meal as the whole crew.
Quite a few drinks have been ordered already, most of them consumed by Tom.
You’ve developed a strong mental connection to each other, but apart from hugs when saying goodnight, there hasn’t been much physical contact.
But tonight, Tom’s extra clingy.
He’s playful, hugging you, holding on to your arm, laying his head on your shoulder.
It feels nice, but you wish he wouldn’t have to be drunk to show you physical affection.
Tom reminds you of a puppy tonight, following you around and back into your trailer for the last time, lying down on your bed with pleading eyes until you join him.
“I wish we could have started hanging out earlier. We could have had so much more time together if I’d gotten my shit together and talked to you as soon as we started filming,” he says, “It’ll be months until the film comes out and we’ll be on press tour together. But now you’re going home and I’m going home and we’ll be apart.”
Those words could have come right from your mind.
“So I still need your number,” he rolls around on the bed until he’s facing you, dropping his phone in your lap so you can put your number in.
“I’m not the best texter though, so you’ll have to initiate contact sometimes,” you give him a tight-lipped smile as he examines the number you put in.
“Don’t worry I’ll annoy you so much that you won’t want anything to do with me anymore. You’ll have to answer or call me to prevent me from sending more messages,” he lays his head onto your lap and you stroke his hair as he closes his eyes.
Grinning back at him, you can’t help but wonder whether he really means it. He’s had quite a few drinks after all.
You’ve created such a strong bond that you can’t imagine not talking to him daily. But distance can change people and at the end of the day his actions might not match his words, but you won’t know until it’s time.
And so far neither of you has actively sought out the other to start up a conversation - it always just happened.
What are you going to text him when you’re so many miles apart? You can’t just send him random thoughts or memes like with your close friends - he doesn’t know you like that yet, or at least you feel like he wouldn’t understand most of them with his famous inability to navigate social media and therewith, you assume, memes.
You always fell into easy conversation when you started talking about the scene you or he just filmed, or continuing the conversation the whole group had at lunch or dinner, moving on to endless other topics without putting any thought into it. But if you had to text him from scratch you couldn’t think of much to say, it would just be awkward.
You try to believe Tom’s words though and enjoy your last night together, listening to his drunk words and giggling at his clumsiness when you walk him to his trailer once you’re too tired to stay up much longer.
The last day goes by too quick - it’s just the morning, really. You’re driven to the airport in different cars and everyone just disperses into their respective direction.
By noon, you’re on the plane on your own, and by six p.m. you’re back home.
Your family and friends have a little welcome back party the next day and you’re grateful to have all of them back - becoming (semi-) friends with Tom didn’t replace the amazing friends you’ve had for years and nothing can replace the feeling of hugging your mum after a long time apart.
But you can’t stop thinking about him.
You’re distracted for the first day, but as soon as you’re in your bed that night, your mind wanders to Tom.
Even if you could think about something to text him, you couldn’t send him a message. He only has your number as your phone had stupidly run out of battery when you gave him yours.
Maybe he doesn’t even remember getting your number because he was too drunk. Was he that drunk? It’s hard to tell. Who knows, he might randomly discover your number in six weeks when he’s looking for another contact name - another woman maybe. He’ll see your name and not even remember you.
Okay, that might just be your insecurity speaking. He must have felt something at least similar to the emotional attachment you’ve developed in just under a week.
The more you think about it, the more you think you’ve interpreted too much into your interactions with Tom. Despite his kind, reassuring feelings towards you that he expressed more than once, they don’t say that actions speak louder than words for nothing.
You fall asleep after checking your phone for the ninth time.
You’re miserable the first week home.
Your friends are the best - convincing you that you should celebrate having just filmed such a big movie and that ‘this Tom guy’ (you know they’re all fans - but it’s still nice to know that your feelings are way more important to them) isn’t worth your time and that there are plenty of fish in the sea.
But fish called Keith and Robert who both invite you on dates that week don’t spark even a tenth of the excitement you felt with Tom.
Despite your friends’ best effort to distract you, you jump out of bed when you find a missed call from an anonymous number on your phone one morning.
It could’ve been one of those annoying calls trying to sell some shit product or insurance to you - but you just know it was Tom.
You wait for him to call back but after a few hours you give up. You try not to let that ruin your day.
Not even knowing if it was Tom who called you, you sulk for a few days. It crosses your mind once or twice that you have the numbers of other crew members who’d surely have Tom’s number and you could ask them for it. But maybe if he doesn’t want to contact you it’s better that you don’t text him either.
Your insecurities aren’t the thing bothering you anymore - you told your closest friends about Tom and they assured you that your connection sounded special - there’s no way your feelings, at least the platonic ones, are one-sided.
If he’s deliberately decided not to contact you, it’s on him and nothing to do with you. Tom’s actions won’t sway your confidence, or rather lack thereof, but that doesn’t mean your feelings are protected.
Your heart starts racing as you hear your phone ping one day. You just have a feeling that this is finally it.
Looking at your phone, you frown.
Hi, it’s Tom. What have you been up to?
Instead of being excited, you just feel anxious now.
What a garbage message.
This is exactly what you were afraid of.
You get that you’ve been overthinking. You have no idea what he’s been up to since filming ended and he’s probably been catching up with friends and family, maybe he’s even moving on to another film and that’s why he’s busy.
But the fact that you’ve clearly been thinking about him more than he has thought about you makes you mad at him - even though it’s not his fault.
This is exactly what you warned him about though, not to send a boring text and assume it’ll be the same as when you’re together in person.
Okay, maybe you’re not even mad at him. You’re just nervous because you know staying in contact through messages when apparently both of you are bad texters will be hard; and because you can’t meme your way into his heart like you’ve done with other friends, because Tom might not get the joke. It could be worth a try, but the last thing you want is to send him a meme he doesn’t understand.
You answer and ask how he’s been but you refrain from sending whole paragraphs on how much you missed him, the longing doesn’t feel reciprocated and you don’t want to embarrass yourself.
The conversation ends shortly after.
Texting for a few minutes a week is not how you imagined keeping in touch with Tom. You try to call him a few times, but he doesn’t pick up, and whenever he calls you you always end up missing it so you give that up after a few days too.
Months pass and your feelings for Tom are buried somewhere deep within you. The contact broke off after the first few weeks and both of you are to blame - maybe it just wasn’t supposed to be.
But as your manager calls you for a quick briefing to announce the upcoming press tour, it’s like you’re back at week one of being away from Tom.
At the thought of seeing Tom again, you feel an excitement that you haven’t had since you received the news that you got the role of MJ.
Thinking of texting him to tell him you’re looking forward to seeing him again, you stop yourself before you find his name somewhere in your messages from months ago. You’re not going to let him control you like that. He doesn’t care enough about you to text you, so why would you text him?
You try to mask the fear that he doesn’t feel the same about you, platonic or romantic, with indifference, but you’re only lying to yourself which doesn’t feel good either. So you end up distracting yourself as much as you can and remain calm (which, of course, doesn’t work).
You think you might need a doctor on the first day of press. Your make-up artist Sara has been working her magic on your face, you’ve been in the make-up chair for around fifteen minutes.
Usually, you enjoy the pampering, but today your heart is beating out of your chest so hard you might fall over from the force of it, that’s why you’ve had your eyes closed the whole time - to try and focus on calming down your heartbeat (which, of course, doesn’t work either as it only makes you think about why you’re nervous in the first place).
You wonder how Tom’s going to react when you see each other again. How are you going to react? You know how you feel about him, but with his way of texting - or not texting - you don’t even remotely have an idea what or how he thinks about you - does he even think of you at all?
So much could have happened since you last saw each other - he could have a girlfriend for all you know.
“Okay, now your favourite part, the waterline,” Sara says, “Look up for me.”
You open your eyes, adjusting to the bright light and just wanting to admire the eyeshadow Sara’s put on you. You look into the mirror in front of you only to see Tom standing there, arms crossed and a sly smile on his face that brightens when your mouth falls open.
You get up from your chair and Tom holds his arms open and you automatically embrace each other, your chin on his shoulder and his hand rubbing up and down your back.
“When did you get here?” You’re not even embarrassed by how excited you sound.
“He’s been standing there for ten minutes just watching but he whispered not to tell you,” Sara answers for him.
“What? We could’ve been talking for ten minutes already! How are you?” You ask and that’s when he lets go of you, still standing close though.
“I’d love to catch up but I’m actually needed in the dressing rooms - my stylist is already so mad cause I’ve kept her waiting.”
“Okay, okay, don’t keep her waiting any longer - but we’ll catch up later?”
“Yes, of course,” he grins, “It’s good to see you again.”
That smile of his makes you forget the months of doubting whether he cares about you - no matter how good Tom is at acting, that smile is the most genuine smile you’ve ever seen in your life.
He leaves you, grinning from ear to ear and your heart hasn’t stopped beating so hard, but now it’s for a positive reason.
“Let’s get this awful waterline done then,” you tell Sara, wanting to get over with it before the adrenaline wears off, but she just stares at you with her eyebrows raised.
“So when were you going to tell me something is going on between you and Spider-Man?” she asks, hand on her hip.
You feel your face heating up, “What do you mean? We’re just friends- I’m not even sure if I’d go that far. This was the most we’ve talked since filming ended.”
“Well. Seems like he regrets that. When he came in and saw you he looked like a little kid on his birthday. He was so happy to see you.”
“He didn’t show any signs of missing me or wanting to speak to me on the phone, so I didn’t think he liked me too much…”
Sara gives you a doubtful look and you really have to admit that his reaction to seeing you again was undeniably positive.
With a shimmer of hope brightening up your whole mood, you even endure Sara poking something into your eye relatively easily - and you end up with some pretty make-up.
You don’t get to catch up with Tom before your first interview and you can’t take your eyes off of each other the whole time while you’re on stage on one of the Jimmy’s shows. (Is he Kimmel or Fallon.. or someone entirely different? You wouldn’t know because you’re only paying attention to Tom.)
You’re thankful Jacob’s there with you two because he answers the questions while you and Tom whisper things to each other and it already feels like you were never apart.
For the other interviews that day you manage to pay attention to the interviewers, but you’re still not used to having Tom by your side again.
It’s like he had the key to the feelings you’ve been trying to lock away for months and now they’re back again - giving you the energy for the next weeks, to build up a proper friendship, if not more.
At the same time, you’re cautious not to cross the line of friendship too soon, you’ve got weeks in front of cameras together, and any awkward tension if he didn’t feel the same would be obvious.
At the end of the day, you’re all exhausted and Tom invites you and Jacob to have dinner in his hotel room - well, he invites you and Jacob invites himself, but it’s not like he’s not your friend too.
You all dramatically drop onto Tom’s huge bed simultaneously, letting out sighs of contentment and you’re happy that you’re back together.
While Tom and Jacob look at the room service menu, you go to your own hotel room that’s just across the hall to remove your make-up and change back into sweats.
When you’re back and Tom opens the door for you, you notice he’s alone.
“Where’s Jacob?”
“He’s uh, he had to do something,” Tom says, not looking at you, but you see the smile he’s trying to hide.
You sit down on his bed, looking at the menu and deciding what you want to eat. You’re not sure, but you think you see Tom staring at you while you do so - but you’re too nervous to actually look at him.
After you’ve ordered the food, Tom’s the first to address what you’ve been thinking about for months.
“So.. you barely texted me - what have you been up to, how are you?”
“Hey, don’t blame me,” you feign shock, “I warned you that I‘m not a good texter and you said you would make sure to text me so much that it would annoy me but you never did,” you pout playfully and jam a finger into his chest, trying not to laugh, but he remains serious, both of his hands holding yours.
“When did that happen, when‘d you tell me that?”
“When I first gave you my number - the last night of filming, after we all went out. You were in my trailer?” You remind him.
“God, I don't remember being drunk enough to forget that.... So you‘re saying I haven‘t been annoying enough yet?” His tone changes into a playful threat.
“Well you have been annoying me very much, just not in the way I hoped. You‘ll have to do a lot more than a dry text a month to properly annoy me, Holland.”
He’s up on his knees now, the bed sinking in where he is, making you slip closer to him.
“Oh I can do a lot worse,” he smirks and before you register what he’s doing his hands are on you and he’s tickling you, his hands slipping down your body to tickle your belly, then further up again to tickle under your arms.
You giggle, barely able to breathe, and somehow manage to turn yourself onto your belly, denying him access to tickle you there but his fingers still manage to tickle your neck.
Even though your whole body is shaking from laughter, you have enough focus to appreciate having Tom so close and he stops tickling you when he notices your intent stare.
He looks into your eyes, his body hovering over you. He looks down at your lips, and licks his own. Just as you’re about to lean up and he’s about to lean down, you hear a knock at the door, interrupting your intimate moment. You’ve never been this unhappy when having food brought to you.
In the end, you’re not mad at the food anymore - you don’t remember the last time you had something this delicious. (It was probably when you kissed Tom on set.)
You both sit at the table a few minutes longer than necessary, both pleasantly full.
As you stretch your legs, Tom chuckles, “Cute socks.”
You were hoping he’d notice them - Spider-Man socks.
“Thanks, I like 'em too,” you lay your feet across Tom’s lap and before you can detect why he’s smirking, Tom’s tickling you again.
“Not after I’ve eaten,” you say through giggles, “You’re gonna make me throw up!”
He lets go immediately, but leaves his hands on you, finger tracing the Spider-Man logo of your sock by your ankle.
You try to hide how flustered he’s making you, scowling at him for the tickle attack.
“Am I successfully annoying you yet?” he asks.
“You’ll have to work harder than that.”
“I‘m glad I have so many weeks with you to get there, then.”
That makes you smile, and Tom grins too, looking down.
You end up watching some film that’s on tv and it’s so comfortable in Tom’s bed that you’d love to just stay here for the night. But your room is just ten seconds away so you have no real reason to stay with him.
Besides, you want to take it (whatever it is that you and Tom have) slow.
“It’s late, need to go to my room,” you yawn.
“Just stay here,” he whines into his pillow.
“My room’s right across the hall.”
Tom lets out a hmpf sound and now you’re annoyed at yourself for not just giving in.
He peels himself off the bed to walk you to your hotel room and gives you a sleepy hug which you both get lost in for a while.
Weeks go by like minutes and just like that you’ve reached your last weekend of promoting Spider-Man: Far from Home.
Just like every night, you’re in Tom’s hotel room, removing make-up and jewellery in his bathroom and putting on some of your clothes that ended up in Tom’s suitcase since you two were always in each other’s rooms.
You’ve eaten already and don’t really have a plan for tonight, but you think you’d be happy just spending the entire evening looking at Tom.
You’re cuddled up on his bed surrounded by a comfy blanket and cushions, and Tom’s staring right back at you.
“I’m so glad that we’ve become,” what is he going to say? Friends? “- uh, that we’ve become so close. And that we continued right where it ended last time,” he says, voice quiet.
“Me too.”
This is your chance.
Should you tell him?
Just kiss him?
It’s obvious that there’s something similar going on in his head.
But you’re the first one to say it out loud.
“I don’t want this to end,” you confess. You don’t have to define what ‘this’ is, there’s a mutual understanding.
“I don’t want us to end either.”
You’re glad he still said it, ‘Us’.
Tom scoots closer to you, looking at your lips, but before he’s close enough, you lean forward and press your lips against his.
He pulls you closer by your hoodie and you hear some of the seams rip - but you couldn’t care less about that right now.
You wrap your arms around Tom’s neck while he holds you as close as possible, your bodies pressing up against each other.
Tom’s hands wander down to your thighs, pulling you on top of him so you’re straddling him. Compared to when you first kissed, this is so much more passionate and intimate.
You feel the heat radiating off of him, his tongue brushing against your lips as you give in, parting your lips for him.
He stops after a few minutes, resting his forehead against yours, “I’ve never felt so much relief in my life. I was so scared you didn’t feel the same,” he laughs at his own desperate tone.
“Me too. I knew from the moment we kissed for the first time, that I wanted to be with you,” you admit, playing with the hair by the nape of his neck.
He smiles and kisses you again - you could do that all night.
“You’re such a good kisser,” he whispers against your lips, “wonder who taught you that.”
You shake your head and huff with a smile, “Hmmh,” you don’t bother with a real answer.
As you adjust in his lap, trying to get some friction against your throbbing core, something hard brushes against your thigh and you realise you’re not the only one immensely turned on.
“Do you have condoms?” you ask, arms still around his neck, his hands encircling your waist.
“I- yeah. Have you done this before?”
“Tom. You were my first kiss, do you think I slept with someone before that?”
“No, but I don’t know what you were up to while we were apart.”
“I was missing you, that’s what I was up to,” you smile against his lips, giving him a short kiss, “Which you would have known if you’d texted me more.” You say it with a smile as not to ruin the mood.
“I missed you too. So much. And I’ll do better. I promise,” he looks deep into your eyes.
“I know,” you answer.
He starts kissing your neck, but then stops again, gripping your thighs. “But I- what are you asking of me right now?”
“I wanna sleep with you, been wanting to for so long,” you say, unsure about your choice of words.
“But you just said you don’t want this to end- but now you want this - us - just to be a one night stand? I- I want more than that.”
You touch his cheeks with the palms of your hands, pressing a gentle kiss to his lips.
“I never said I wanted a one night stand. We can take it slow if you want, but we were apart for so long and you can’t imagine how often I touched myself to the thought of you.”
His eyes nearly bulge out of his head, and it takes a few seconds before he says something.
“So you want to try a long term thing– relationship with me?”
You nod, fingers brushing through his hair, “Not just try. I want to have a long term relationship with you.”
He kisses all over your face and then gets off the bed to look for something in his suitcase, “Remind me to thank Harrison some time.”
“Harrison? Is he your best mate, the one you told me about?”
“Yeah and we live together too, so he kind of had to hear me complain about missing you every day for a few months and he bought me this whole box of condoms and told me he was not letting me back in the house if I– found them– if I-” he turns around and he drops the condoms.
You’ve gotten rid of your clothes, leaving you in a cute blue set of panties and bra, sitting on your knees, “Everything okay?” you ask.
He blinks a few times, picks up the condoms, throws them on the bed, and then throws himself on the bed, and honestly the price of this bra was not worth it considering how quickly Tom takes it off.
You feel yourself getting wet while he kisses his way across your chest, his lips wrapping around your nipple and his fingers grabbing at the rest of your body.
When you can’t take it anymore, you pull at his shirt and once that’s gone you tug at his sweatpants, trying to kiss him simultaneously.
“Wait - need to make you feel good first,” he says.
When you let go of his lips –you can’t get enough of kissing him– he lifts your legs to lie down between them, throwing each leg over his shoulders.
He smirks when he sees how wet you are, his thumbs running up and down your inner thighs, “So fucking wet, all for me?”
You just whine and he realises how needy you are, wasting no time to take off your panties, tossing them somewhere in the room, and getting to work between your legs.
He presses a few kisses directly to your clit and you buck your hips up against his face, making him chuckle.
“Taste even better than I imagined,” he says and you squeeze your legs together, against his neck, purely because you’re too horny for any talking, you just need him.
He chuckles, but finally gives you what you need, licking a stripe from your pussy up to your clit and you already feel close to the edge.
Tom eating you out feels better than you ever imagined it could, and with him licking your clit and then sucking until your hips drive up and your head falls back, you come undone on his tongue in just a few minutes.
When he’s positive you’re finished, he sits up on his knees, not bothering to wipe his lips coated in your arousal, “I was going to edge you, but I couldn't not let you cum when you looked so good.”
You smile and pull him towards you, kissing him and tasting yourself. You let go when you notice him fidgeting with his pants, so he can get them off quicker.
He’s wearing a pair of grey briefs and you can see the thick outline of his cock and where he’s started leaking already.
You reach for his underwear, tracing the outline of his hard cock, but he gently pulls your wrist back, “Have to stretch you out first. Get you ready for me.”
You pout and he chuckles but you’re back to feeling nothing but bliss when he pushes a finger into you, rubbing your clit with his thumb.
He notices how relaxed you’re lying down and decides to add another finger, pumping them in and out, and he licks his lips when his hand starts making a wet sound against your pussy.
“Does that hurt?” he asks cautiously.
“No– want more,” you demand, looking up at him, at his rosy cheeks and glistening chest.
“Tom - more please.”
He starts going deeper and quicker and again you mumble, “More.”
You push yourself up on your elbows when he stops, already pouting.
“Sorry, love. Can’t go any deeper with my fingers,” he starts pushing off his briefs, “You think you’re ready?”
You nod eagerly as he takes his underwear off, and swallow as you watch his thick cock bounce against his lower abs, glistening at the tip, and you nearly start drooling.
“You okay, pretty girl?” he asks as he puts on the condom.
“Yes, hurry up, please.”
“Can’t wait to be inside of you,” he grins, pulling the sheets over you two.
“Sure?” he asks.
“Yes, Tom. I need you now, please.”
He lowers his face to kiss you, your hand pulling him even closer by the back of his neck. He lines himself up with your pussy, rubbing his tip up and down your folds before sliding in nearly all the way with how wet you are.
“Sorry,” he whispers.
“It’s okay.”
Your knees slide further up his sides, and he sits up entirely, holding your ankles by his shoulders to get you used to him being inside of you.
“You’re so fucking tight - how does it feel?”
“Um not like much - not that it isn’t big but, it only hurts a bit,” you admit.
“Do you want me to stop?” His eyes are full of care, his lips pressing a chaste kiss to your ankle.
“No, no, don’t stop. Maybe - start moving?”
His first few thrusts are slow and painful, your eyes screwed shut.
But as Tom starts circling your clit with his thumb and you let out a long breath you didn’t realise you were holding, it starts to feel better.
He plays with your clit the whole time and after a while the stretch in your pussy is more pleasurable and then you realise the pain is completely gone.
“Feel good now?”
“Yes, god, Tom. Don’t stop now.”
He continues rubbing your clit, getting sloppier but more intense as you get even wetter. His thrusts become faster and you start moaning as you get closer and closer.
Tom becomes louder as well, no longer stopping himself from letting out low grunts every time he thrusts deep into you.
“I’m gonna cum,” you whisper, eyes falling shut as Tom keeps moving. His thumb is on your clit, rubbing you while you’re blissed out.
With three more thrusts he spills into you with a moan, stopping his movements after a few seconds and falling into bed next to you.
You both catch your breath, looking at each other, grinning, and you giggle as you realise what just happened.
“This was even better than what I was thinking about, when I got myself off on my own all those months,” you say.
His head snaps towards you, “Wait, you actually meant that? I thought you were just saying that.”
“Saying what?”
“That you were thinking of me when you were touching yourself?”
“No, I meant that. And now I’ve got even more to think about when we’re away from each other again.”
“I won’t let that happen,” Tom says, kissing your shoulder, “I don’t think I can survive not seeing you that long again.”
“I don’t think I can, either.”
A month later
The film’s out, you and Tom are together - as a couple, and physically, and you’re having the time of your life.
Since you and Tom have had clarity that your feelings are reciprocated, both of you have become better at texting, there's not a topic you can’t text about for hours. And Facetime has become your best friend, but you make sure you don’t have to go too many weeks without seeing each other in person.
Tom wanted to make sure you were together before the premiere of the film and booked a few days longer, so that you could spend more time together.
The reviews for the film are phenomenal, and while there are enough people praising Tom for his performance alone, it seems like the fans love the MJ you portrayed and have started shipping you two in real life, too.
Tom told you never to read any comments but you couldn’t help but wonder if people noticed how nervous you and Tom were around each other for the first interview you did during the press tour.
And surely enough, the comments are full of people saying how in love you look and what a great couple you’d make.
You’re sure they’re about to be happy.
You open Instagram to record a story, the video starting with your phone aimed at your laptop screen, filled with the video of your first interview.
“Guys, can you please stop commenting embarrassing stuff under this video. You’re making it so awkward between me and my crush if he sees those comments!” you say in a fake-embarrassed voice.
You flip the camera to reveal Tom behind you, whose head is comfortably resting on your ass, eyes fixated on his phone, probably thanking some people congratulating him on the film.
“Right, babe?” you ask.
“Absolutely, love,” he answers, not listening or looking up. Only when he hears you chuckle he looks at you, casting a cute look into the camera, then coming up and kissing you on the lips just as the video cuts off.
You click the post button, and put your phone away, enjoying Tom’s kisses on your neck and how he’s already taking off your shirt. And for the next few hours it’s just the two of you, making love.
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perspectiive · 2 days ago
                               „And ACTION!“ 
                   Social Media Au (T.Holland)
Tumblr media
—— ☾ 
o. Take 03 [Masterlist]
—— ☾ 
Tumblr media
@y/nhadid : lmao bella, you did not 💀
↳ @bellahadid : someone had too
@fanaccounto : i wanna have a sister like, y/n :/
@fanacxount2 : I LOVE YOU BOTH
@fanaccount3 : 🧿😘😘
@hateaccount1 : y/n trying so bad to be like her sisters 💀
↳ @fanaccount4 : why u so mad 👀
@gigihadid : we miss you both so much 💞
↳ @bellahadid : miss you guys too 🤍
@kendalljenner : beauties 🤍
↳ @bellahadid : 🥰
@anwarspc : sick!
↳ @bellahadid : im with the better twin 🤪
@ dualipa : ahhh, can’t wait to see you guys again!!!
↳ @bellahadid : 💞
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
@y/nhadid : i love you ♥️
↳ @ tomholland2013 : love u more 😊♥️
@lifeisaloha : you doing great, sweetieee
↳ @ tomholland2013 : eh, thank you?
↳ hateaccount1 : gen z simping for everything that breaths
@hateaccount2 : tomdaya always and forever ❤️
↳ @account : why do people care so much about other peoples love interest? Let him be happy with her lmao
↳ @fanaccount3 : so rude
↳ @fanaccount4 : just let him be happy with her
@harrisonosterfield : looking good ma man
↳ @ tomholland2013 : someone had too
@tuwaine: my brotheeerrrr from another mother!!
↳ @y/nhadid : wait, I thought ur his twin?
↳ @tuwaine : absolutely
↳ @ tomholland2013 : twinny ♥️
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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erule · 2 days ago
The Halloween party | t.h.
Pairing: Tom Holland x fem!reader
Summary: Tom wants you to go to a Halloween party with him, but you don’t dress up as the MJ to his Spider-Man.
Warnings: crack, fluff, a tiny spoiler from Wandavision, implied smut at the end (just a lil reference, nothing more!), reader and Tom are 18+ ofc
Word count: 271
A/N: Hello! Since yesterday I posted an angsty fic, today I wanted to write something cute for you. It’s spooky season, y’all!! 🎃👻 Let me know if you liked it. Enjoy! 🌙
Tags: @imawhoreforu​
Main Masterlist 
Tumblr media
[credit to whoever made the gif!]
“We’re not doing this”.
“Oh, we’re totally doing this, darling,” Tom says with a grin.
“You’re an idiot, Tom”.
“You still love me, though”.
“It’s not something I would bet on, if you force me to do this”.
“You still owe me. Remember that prank with Harry? Some parts of my body are still covered in paint. You’re doing this, whether you like it or not,” he says.
“Fine, but I’m not gonna dress up as MJ in front of Zendaya. I’m gonna surprise you”.
“Alright, darling, As long as you dress up, every character is fine by me” he says, giving you a kiss on your cheek. “See you tonight at the party. We’re gonna have fun”.
You smile at him while he’s going out, caressing the open door. I’m gonna have so much fun for sure, Tom.
When you arrive to the party, everybody turns to look at you, including Tom. He throws off his Spider-Man mask in order to look at you, astonished. You flicker your fingers, using a magic trick to show them some little red sparks on your fingertips. Jacob is shocked, while Tom, dressed up as Spider-Man, of course, still can’t believe it. You wink at him, then you come closer to him, while everybody’s dancing again.
“Do you like my costume?” You ask, certain that he couldn’t resist to Wanda’s red dress.
“Like? I fucking love your costume, darling. Damn!” He says, then he captures you in a passionate kiss. His voice sounds husky, when he whispers to your ear: “Can’t wait to rip this off you”.
Suddenly, Halloween has become your favourite festivity.
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spookyscarytom · a day ago
princess tom
Tumblr media
not my gif
princess tom
mob!dad!tom x reader
 being the boss of one of london’s biggest and most terrifying mobs wouldn’t come easy to everyone, but it did for tom. you see, tom holland had been working for his dad since he was 17. dom always said he would inherit the ‘family business’ when he was of age and that’s exactly what tom did. it was very rare to see him smile or show any emotion other than anger or hatred, really. he was stone cold and refused to take shit from anyone, which is why dom found him perfect for the role of mob boss. so, once tom turned 21, dominic decided to live the rest of his life out in the countryside of england with his wife while tom moved into the large mansion and took on the role he had been dreaming of forever.
the boss life was easy enough for tom. he woke up, showered, got dressed, had a couple of meetings where he discussed trade deals and sometimes beat people up, and then he would blow off some steam at the club, often bringing girls home and then making them leave as soon as he woke up the next morning. however, that all changed once he met y/n. he thought she would be another girl, another hookup, that he’d forget but when he woke up to her peaceful figure sleeping beside him, something changed. tom quickly fell in love with her and vice versa.
tom always wanted a son. he wanted someone that could learn to be a mob boss just like him so they could take over once they were ready. he felt that girls were too much trouble and too emotional to do what needed to be done in this role. after he and y/n had been married for a couple of years, they decided they were ready for children. tom researched and did everything you could possibly think of to ensure they were having a boy. all of these dreams were crushed and his efforts wasted once the doctor handed tom a tiny baby in a beautiful pink blanket.
tom decided to deal with it and figured he could train his daughter up the same way he would have done his son. however, 3 year old josie didn’t want to be read baby books about the mob or watch the godfather. she wanted to do the exact opposite. josie loved her dad but she was a girl’s girl all the way. she adored the color pink, every princess ever, and all things fluffy. tom, who was once a stone cold, heartless, emotionless man could now be found at every tea party and every ball his daughter invited him to. and that was exactly what led tom to his current predicament.
 tom had meetings almost every day. this week was actually a very busy week for him, as he was closing on a trade deal. when josie invited tom to her tea party, y/n offered to take his place but he quickly shut her down and reminded her that absolutely nothing was more important to him than being at the ‘grandest tea party in all of england.’
“tom, are you sure you don’t want me to play with her? i know you have all those meetings today. i can play with her now and you guys can have your tea party when you get done. i just don’t want this to mess you up.” y/n stood behind tom as he adjusted his tie and outfit in their huge mirror. she rubbed his shoulders lovingly, pressing a few kisses to his neck, and he turned around.
“darling, you have a lot of work to do as well. i know you still have to finish up some research for our case against jack so why don’t you go up to your office and i’ll go to her tea party, yeah? and then we can have a nice bubble bath tonight once josie is asleep.” tom shot her a wink and y/n smiled, wrapping her arms around his neck and placing a kiss to his lips. their moment was interrupted by josie running in, wearing y/n’s old heels that were way too big for her.
“daddy, are you ready for the party?” josie ran up to tom and he picked her up and spun her around before placing her on his hip. his wife smiled at the sight before fixing the crown on josie’s head.
“i think so, my darling. should we be leaving now?” tom smiled at his daughter and she placed her small, chubby hands on his cheeks.
“yes!” josie giggled and gave her mum a hug and a kiss before leaving the room attached to tom’s side.
their tea parties usually took place in josie’s pink and white room, but today she decided to set up in tom’s office. as they entered the large room, tom couldn’t help but smile at the sight before him. josie had placed her favorite teddy bears and dolls in every chair, leaving two chairs that were across the table from each other empty for her and tom. she, politely, asked the kitchen staff to prepare tea along with all of their favorite snacks. as they sat in their chairs, josie’s face lit up with excitement.
“dad, i almost forgot something!”  the small girl ran to her room and returned with a crown, wand, and boa that she picked out just for tom. “for you, daddy!”
tom smiled and took the accessories, putting them on and watching the way his daughter’s eyes lit up. “ah, thank you josie. now i absolutely feel like a princess.” josie giggled as they both picked up their teacups and clinked them together.
about an hour had passed and tom was still enjoying josie’s tea party. unbeknownst to him, though, his men were beginning to enter the mansion for their 3 o’clock meeting. harrison was worried when tom was not answering his calls but pushed his worries to the side and just assumed tom was busy. once the men reached the large office with the beautiful, black, french doors, they were confused when they heard giggling inside. assuming it was just josie playing around and certainly not their heartless, stone-cold boss, they opened the door.
tom turned towards the door, thinking it was y/n, but froze when he saw 7 of his men standing in the doorway, staring at him with their jaws dropped. tom’s eyes widened as he realized he was still wearing a sparkly crown with pink gems with a boa to match and had a large unicorn in his hands pretending like the unicorn was talking to josie. his men tried their best not to laugh as they took in the scene.
“harrison! do you want some tea?” josie ran up to the tall blonde man and he picked her up, tickling her as she giggled. “me and daddy are having a tea party! do you want some tea?” josie had the biggest grin on her face and harrison knew he couldn’t tell her no. looking at tom and then back at the young girl, harrison nodded.
“i would love some tea, jo.” she placed his large hand in her small one and led him to the seat beside her at the table, the rest of the men following suit and sitting exactly where josie wanted them to.
“we need more snacks!” josie ran out of the room and made her way to the kitchen, leaving tom alone with his men.
harrison busted out laughing but was quickly silenced after tom kicked his shin under the table. “sorry your highness, we didn’t mean to interrupt. we were just looking for our boss.”
if tom’s looks could kill, harrison would certainly be dead.
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hollandsmushroom · a day ago
Heyy so i managed to find a way to write you that funny request OK so my request is how about Tom is making spicy food For y/n but he forgot to wash his hands after cutting chilly so while him and the reader are cooking things gets steamy and he starts to finger her and then she feels something is burning inside her …lol and maybe some dom tom ?
Wrong Kind Of Spice || T.H.
A/n: Totally different situation but this gives me the vibes of that time that I went to my dad crying and he wiped my eyes with the rag he was holding and then I smelled something and was did that towel have bleach on it and his eyes shot wide and he just yelled 'GO RINSE YOUR EYES'
warnings: Smut, discomfort, chili in the cooch. 
Word count: 810
Tom twisted the chili in his hands, slicing the top off and pulling out the seeds that laid inside, his finger tips dragging against the walls of the vegetable before flicking the seeds to the side. His fingers stained slightly with spice he gathered the chilis in his hand and moved over to where you stood at the stove. He positioned himself behind you reaching over your shoulder before dropping the chilis into the pot, strategically brushing his lips against the shell of your ear as he muttered a sensual ‘Excuse me, love’ in your ear, his tone catching your attention as it sent a shiver down yours. Your fingers stilled twisting the wooden spoon in your hand as you let your grip fall, turning the stove off as you turned in his arms. 
“Can I help you with something?” you muttered softly, looking at him through hooded eyes as your hands dragged down his chest, his lip on your jaw already as you both knew where this was going. 
“You most definitely can” you felt his smirk against your skin as he hand slipping into the front of your pants, fingers spreading your lips, a slight uncomfortable burn developing at his touch but you ignored it, Tom’s lips too captivating as he dropped in front of you, hooking in the hem of your pants and tugging them down, revealing your already wet cunt to him. 
“So pretty” his words were soft, not necessarily meant for you to hear, just him voicing his admiration as he began to press his fingers into your entrance. 
"TOM" you shrieked, the burning on the inside of your vagina intensifying but sadly he took it as a cry of pleasure, delving his fingers deeper into your cunt, fingertips reaching for the fleshy spot behind your pubic bone, the one that made your knees buckle. Before he could adoringly stroke the inside of you and bring you to the brink his hand was smacked away, face pulling from where he had nuzzled it in the top of your cunt, lips tapping against your covered clit. His eyes were wide when he looked up at you, not understanding what in the fuck was happening and it was causing an unknown anger to burn in his chest, what gave you the gall to reject his touch so violently.
"What the fuck?" he bit at you, his tone not entirely venomous as he rose from his knees, hand reaching back down to cup your cunt, thinking this was some ploy at him to go harder but you caught his wrist and ceased his actions, his eyes finally finding yours and seeing them rimmed with tears he ceased everything. "Baby?" he asked calmly, reaching up to brush his fingers along your face, an action that you dodged, effectively shattering his heart, what had he done.
Before he had the opportunity to inquire he felt his hand twist in yours as you brought it up from between your bodies, placing the still glistening fingers in both eyelines of you.
"You fucker" you choked and it was not clarifying anything for Tom, he was so confused. "You still have Chili on your hands and now-" you choked, swallowing harshly. "NOW ITS IN MY FUCKING CUNT" the burning sensation between your thighs no longer being one of excitement but one of skin in distress. Your tone caused Tom's eyes to widen, especially with the the information that you were giving him.
"Oh fuck"
"Oh fuck is right, Tom, please help me!" your knees gave way and you feel to the floor, legs spread and annoyed pussy on display, Tom jumped into action, scooping you up in his arms and moving directly towards the bathroom, setting you in the bath and turning on the water, the liquid immediately soothing your discomfort and drawing a sigh from your lips. 
“Love, I am so so sorry, I didn’t think and now you’re in pain and, I am sorry” you turned your had, looking him in his pleading brown orbs, his gaze expressing hope that you weren’t mad at him. All you could do was groan and slide forward in the bath, leaving room for Tom to join you in the bath, and join you he did. 
Tom silently slid in behind you, hands moving the wrap around your waist but you caught his wrists, preventing him from touching you as you dipped his hands in the after, scrubbing his fingers with your own to rid him of any spice residue before you let them drop. 
“Keep your hands above the water, don’t need any more irritation” you muttered as you melted back into his chest. 
“Im okay with that,” you felt him smile against the back of your head as his hands gripped into your beasts. “I have these to keep me occupied”
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huntergatherercreator · 2 days ago
Hello :) I was wondering if I could make a not so interesting request and I hope you don't mind 😅 So, like reader has kids with mob Tom Holland and you can decide the genders and number of kids they have and stuff and how would the whole family react to one of reader's friends constantly pursuing reader's love and when reader tells them that she's married and has kids, the lil shit is like "It's all right, just divorce them'' I have a feeling no one will be taking this lightly.....
Hey! I LOVED this idea!! I did switch it up to a co-worker because that's the first thing I thought of when I read this but I can definitely see him grudgingly having to put up with a childhood friend who just won't quit trying to make the reader see how in love with them they are. I feel like I need to write that too now....
Hope you're having a great day, take care and stay safe lovey 💜💜
Warnings: Some swearing, and super sleaze ball energy
1,389 words
“It’s just drinks,” you laughed as Tom buried his face into your neck with a sigh. You focused on the mirror, touching up your hair and smoothing over your outfit. It was just drinks but it was with your new work team. You’d all only met last week and you’d suggested a night out as a team building exercise. Nothing broke the new job nerves better than alcohol and bad karaoke.
Tweaking his curls you smiled as Tom reluctantly met your gaze in the mirror.
“You say that, but you’re not the one being left with the terrible two,” he grumbled.
You turned to cup his face, laughing at his small pout and chocolate puppy dog eyes.
“Is my big bad mob boss afraid of a couple teenagers?” you teased.
“I’m not afraid of them,” he growled. “I just don’t understand them. All I get are grunts and sighs from Thomas and with Katelyn its like she speaks a different language all together.” Hands wrapping around your waist he pulled you tight against him.
“Plus, you look too stunning to be let out without a chaperone. I think I need to come with you.” His hands wandered to your backside, fingers creeping down to lift the hem of your dress. “Or, you could stay home,” he purred seductively as he gripped the bare skin of your thighs.
As much as you didn’t want to you wriggled out of his grip. “We’ll have plenty of time for that when I get home.”
“I’m going to hold you to that,” he winked.
A horn blared from outside and you cursed, you didn’t want to be late. Tom deftly swept you into your jacket and handed you your purse.
“Have a good time, darling,” he said as you kissed him on the cheek quickly. With an appalled huff, he reeled you in for a proper kiss, holding you captive until the taxi beeped their horn again.
“I won’t be late. Have fun,” you called over your shoulder as you hurried out the front door.
The bar was packed already and you were struggling to find your table when a heavy hand landed on the small of your back.
“It’s Y/N right?” Relieved you found yourself staring up at one of your new co-workers. Your brain faltered for a second before finding his name.
“Max?” He smiled in a cocky overconfident way before leaning in closer.
“You can call me whatever you like, sweetheart.” You grimaced a smile, subtly inching back from him as the stench of his cologne clouded around you.
“Where’s the team table?” you asked, pointedly turning away and scanning the room again.
“It’s in the back corner.” When you moved in the direction he’d indicated he caught your arm. “The table service is pretty slow, if you want a drink we can get one from the bar.”
“I’m happy to wait. I’m going to go re-introduce myself to everyone.” Breaking out of his hold you strode to the table, the prickling feeling of being watched crawling over you until you were swept into the embrace of your favourite work friend.
“I’m so glad you’re here! I was talking about our last project and this one here,” she hooked a thumb at one of the young interns, “doesn’t believe we wrote the whole presentation ourselves after tequila shots.”
You laughed at the memory. When it came to work you took it seriously, if you didn’t you wouldn’t have been promoted to executive and leading this new team. However, that didn’t mean you didn’t know how to have some fun.
You fell into an easy conversation with them both and others of the party drifted over sporadically to shake your hand and introduce themselves a bit more.
“We’ve already met but I’ll take five minutes with you over everyone else.” A voice said at your ear. You already knew from the overpowering smell of cologne it was Max. Now it was mixed with a strong dose of rum and turned your stomach. He lounged against the table in front of you.
“Tell me, who did you have to sleep with to get this job? And is there a sign up sheet?” he winked. Your skin crawled. Tight lipped you judged whether you could justify wasting a perfectly good drink by dumping it over his head. You cast a critical eye over him. As much as he was dressed like a man of business his suit was clearly off the rack. It was too small in the shoulders and had a slight polyester sheen to it. He could pretend all he liked but he hadn’t worked on a team this high up before. If he had he’d be better dressed.
“That’s funny, I was just about to ask how much your daddy had to spent to get you on the team.” His eyes flashed dangerously then he slowly grinned.
“You’re feisty. I like that.” His gaze shamelessly travelled over you. You refused to cross your arms over your chest under his lecherous stare. You’d dealt with worse, you reminded yourself.
“I need another drink.” You told him bluntly and walked off towards the bar. You reluctantly tamped down the urge to fire him. This was outside of business hours, you’d deal with it on Monday morning you told yourself. You just had to get through the rest of the night first.
You’d just reached the bar when his hand gripped at your waist and his fetid breath washed over your neck.
“Keep running away, I like a challenge. It’ll only make it sweeter when I have you writhing under-”
Spinning you shoved him away.
“I’m happily married,” you snapped in disgust.
He only leered at you. “That’s what divorce is for, sweetheart.” Your fingers tightened on your glass as you readied to throw the contents of it at him.
“Get your sleazy hands away from my mum!” You blinked in surprise as Katelyn elbowed her way through the crowd to jab a finger in Max’s face. “Yeah, I’m talking to you, you piece of shit.”
“Katelyn.” you tried to scold her but the weight of it was lost as you laughed.
“You heard her.” Tom’s voice was dangerously low as he stalked to stand beside you. “If you so much as breath in the direction of my wife again it’ll be the last time you do anything.” A cocky smile covered Max’s face until Thomas stopped behind him and dug his hands into his shoulders.
“You heard my dad. If you have any common sense you won’t mess with us.”
Max snorted, “You think I’m scared of you? I could steal your wife any day-”
“Mr Holland, I wasn’t expecting you tonight.” The flustered manager of the bar accompanied by two security guards faltered as he took in the scene. “Is there an issue here?”
“There is, this idiot is threatening me,” Max sneered.
The manager didn’t divert his attention away from Tom for a second.
“This man’s been harassing my wife, could you escort him out Eddie?” Tom asked the closest guard.
“Sure thing, boss.”
“Boss?” Max scoffed. “What did you do? Pay them off? How pathetic.”
“I called him boss because he owns the place.” Eddie scowled, grabbing a fistful of Max’s suit jacket. Mouth gaping his beady eyes flickered between you and Tom.
“Fuck,” he swore as the pin finally dropped. You were surprised it had taken him this long to work it out. There weren’t many Holland’s in town after all.
“In case it isn’t perfectly clear, you’re fired.” you snapped. You watched him get dragged away, the crowd parting like the sea to avoid him.
“What are you all doing here?” you asked as Katelyn wrapped you in a hug from behind.
“Eddie called dad,” Thomas said, as if it was obvious.
“You had him watching me?”
“I always have someone watching you. I need to know you’re safe when I’m not with you.” Pulling you into his arms he captured your mouth, hand possessively winding around the nape of your neck as he kissed you deeply.
“Ew!” Katelyn complained just as Thomas said, “I think I’ve lost my appetite.”
Laughing you pulled back to swat playfully at them both.
“You just made sure I’m forever stuck with your dad, get used to it,” you smiled.
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spidernerdsblog · 19 hours ago
Would you do frat Tom smut? Maybe he's on the college golf team and y/n has to cover him for the school newspaper, and she can't stand how cocky he is. But he's flirting with her throughout the event, winking after hitting a good shot and flexing a little at the end of his swing. After the event, she has to interview him and he seduces her and gets her to suck him off in the locker rooms, and he's super dom, face fucking and boasting, and he's laughing while wiping away her tears from gagging.
hey!! thanks for the request I really loved the concept though I tweaked it a little and decided to turn it into a fwb situation. hope you will like it.
Tumblr media
COMING SOON!!! Let me know if you want to be tagged.
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arvinsescape · 16 hours ago
Reader waiting for tom to come back home from his press tour and he's so excited to see you, and be physical as well so he's quick to squeeze your tits and be acting like a horny teenage boy but your tits are super sore due to your period being near and tom offers to help?
A/N: Thank you so much for your patience, I hope you enjoy!! I also combined this with another request I recieved that has disappeared from my inbox so I hope whoever sent it realises (sometimes idk what happens in my inbox)💕💕
Warnings: Suggestive content, slight smut, swearing.
Tom was due back from his press tour at any moment, he'd been away for almost two months and to say you'd missed him would be an understatement. You'd missed him terribly and couldn't wait for him to step foot through your front door.
Almost five minutes later he appeared, your ears tuning in on the sound of the key in the lock, the opening and shutting of the door. The thud his bag left behind as he dropped it onto the hardwood floor of the corridor. It was long before he appeared in the living room, you leaping from the couch to run and hug him.
"I missed you." Tom mumbled into your collarbones as he caught you, legs wrapping around his waist and you hugged each other tight.
"I'm so happy you're back." You said, squeaking slightly as his cold nose made contact with the bare skin of your collarbone, the cold winter air lingering on his body. "You're so cold." You said as he squeezed you tighter.
"It's fucking freezing out there." He laughed as he released you and your feet found the floor.
"You hungry or anything?" You instantly started fussing over your boyfriend as he sat down on the couch.
"No, I'm good, thank you. Come here." Tom said as he held his hands out for you to join him on the couch. It wasn't long before you were straddling him, hands running through his hair, his cold hands finding the warmth of your back as he slid his hands up your shirt.
"I really missed you." You said after a while and he smiled as he leant forward to kiss you. Capturing your lips in his own, the kiss was sweet at first, loving, a kiss to let each other know how much you'd missed one another.
It wasn't long before his hand slid into your hair, holding your head as he deepened the kiss. You both hummed into the kiss, his tongue tracing your bottom lip as you granted him access, hands slightly tugging at his hair.
He moved you to place your back on the couch as he hovered over you slightly, lips moving to your neck as you sighed in pleasure. It wasn't until he removed your shirt and cupped your breast in his and that you felt slight discomfort, you ignored it at first, not wanting to ruin the moment.
He eventually had your bra off, lips trailing down as he wrapped his lips around one of your nipples. You arched your back in response, breasts sensitive due to your period that was due in a couple days. It was like everything was heightened, it felt amazing, that was until his fingers found your free breast and you winced.
"You okay?" Tom asked, head instantly above your own. "Did I hurt you?" He panicked and you sighed as you ran a hand over your face.
"No, I'm due on my period, my boobs are really sensitive." You said and Tom visibly relaxed as he pulled you both to sit up.
"Want me to help?" He asked with a grin and you laughed.
"Any excuse to play with them?" You teased and he smiled.
"Can't help it. I fucking love these." He said as he carefully cupped your breasts. You laughed as he did, his hands comfortingly massaging them. It was something he did often when they were sensitive, he knew your body like the back of his hand, he knew how to soothe any ache or pain. "I definitely missed these." Tom teased.
"Yeah, I got that." You snorted as he continued to carefully massage your chest. It felt good, better in an instant. You both moved into a more comfortable position, you sat between Tom's legs as his back was against the arm of the couch, his hands soothingly fondling your breasts.
You stayed like that for a while, catching up on two months worth of conversation. You always made it a rule to make sure you had stuff to talk about when he got back, it wasn't long before he was yawning, stretching his arms above his head.
"Yeah." He said as he shifted you to get up. "Come on." He said as he picked you up and made his way upstairs. "Haven't slept too well without you." He mumbled after you'd both gotten into bed.
"Me neither." It was true that neither one of you slept well without the other. The bed always felt so big without him in it, so lonely. "Fucking cold in here." Tom grumbled and you gasped as you shot up.
"Shit, sorry I left the window open." You said as you got out of bed and moved to close the window.
"Why the hell have you got the window open in the middle of winter?" He laughed as you joined him again.
"I was cleaning and the house still needs airing out." You said and he shook his head as he laughed. Tom laid you down on your back and placed his head against your chest.
"Let me know if it gets uncomfortable." He mumbled into your shirt, head resting between your breasts. Whenever he was cold, during winter he loved to sleep with his head on your chest, finding warmth between your breasts.
"I love you." Was the last thing you both said before you fell asleep, his head between your breasts as he massaged them carefully in comfort.
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hogwartsmarvelmommy · a day ago
Second chances and unspoken promises (TH) 🔥
Tumblr media
Word count: 7.2k
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Summary: three years since the fall of your secret relationship, and a journey back to the place it all started. You could be leaving even more heartbroken, or maybe the stars will align and it'll be your time.
Warnings: some angst, fluff, smut. Secret relationship. Talk of a long secret relationship during early years. Break up, slight insecurities, overall I think that's it (let me know if you see anything I didn't mention)
Additional warnings: oral (f receiving) fingering, showering together, unprotected sex (don't be silly)
A/n this took me so long to finish 🙄 but here it finally is 😁
Your tires skidded to a stop on the blanket of white snow that led up the driveway of the large secluded cabin. The weather had progressively gotten worse from when you had first begun your drive until now, visibility dwindling quickly due to the large snowflakes fluttering down. You were sure with how heavily the snow was falling, by morning all the cars that lined the large drive would be covered. 
It had been a few years since all of you had made the journey up, everyone's life becoming jam packed, and busy. This trip itself was a last minute plan. Sam had called just a few days prior, insisting you join. Something about a dire need for nostalgia or something to the effect. 
The December's up here we're rough. Quite often having blizzards that would bury the cabin owners in for days, but even that didn't stop the Hollands. This year only the three eldest boys, and close friends Harrison Osterfeild and Tuwaine Barrett, had made the trek up, knowing the weather forecast was warning of a hefty snow storm. 
You had been coming up to the Hollands family cabin since you were a tot, when your parents would accompany you, you were on every trip, so much so you had your own room, separated from the boys as you were always the only girl. This cabin was the place you had your first kiss, the place you lost your virginity, and it was also the place your heart had been broken into a million pieces. 
You weren't sure exactly what had made you say yes, knowing the last time you stood inside the four walls, your world had crumbled down around you. Maybe it was curiosity, maybe it was just because you were reluctant to believe that that had really been the end.. three long years, and you were still just as in love with him as you were the first time you kissed him at only eleven, under the stairs in the potter closet. 
You took a deep breath before shutting off your engine, not actually prepared to deal with the chill that was going to take over as soon as you opened the door to walk to the boot and collect your bag. You pushed the door open, swinging your feet out to the plush snow that was still coming down, you could get your bag and run, but that ran the risk of falling on your ass and making yourself freeze, or you could just endure the two minutes max it would take you. 
You relentlessly walked to the back of the car, grabbing your heavy bag and lighter one as well before walking up the not so recently shoveled path. 
You could hear the words echoing in your head as you neared the front door. "Your not enough y/n, your not worth it," the words had shattered you, making you feel less than a dirty tissue. You stood in the door that day, as you watched the love of your life leave, destined to do spectacular things, leaving you behind and broken. The worst part? No one had ever known what had gone on between the two of you. Years, of secret meet ups, stolen kisses, and dumb excuses. 
The closest anyone had ever come to finding the truth was the winter of 2018, when Sam had seen Tom leaving your room in the middle of the night, hair a mess and sweaty as he sneaked back to his room. Somehow you had managed to convince him he had imagined the whole thing.. you still weren't sure how that had worked in your favor. 
You took the final steps to the large oak door, glancing at the slab of concrete that held each of your hand prints embedded next to your names, ordered from oldest to youngest. Toms, yours, Sam's, Harry's and then Paddy's little baby hand, him barely being a year when you had made the sweet memory.
"Alright," you whispered as you turned the handle stepping into the toasty cabin. The smell of pasta hit you instantly, something you were sure Sam was whipping up. You heard loud conversations coming from in the main family room, with light music playing in the background. You dropped your bags down next to the staircase, slipping your boots off and onto the mat, and then stripping your heavy coat off, leaving you in just leggings, a light hoodie, and your maroon beanie. Nerves picking up at this point, unaware of who was here yet, and how you would be greeted, having not seen everyone in so long. There was a pattering coming towards you as you looked over to see the grown staffy running at you. "Hi Tess," you sang as you got to her level, letting her greet you with slobbery kisses. "Missed you too darling," you told her as you scratched her head. 
"Tessa?" Tom called, rounding the corner and stopping at the sight of you with the pup, a sight he had seen before, when she was smaller, and you were his. "Hi," he whispered. 
You glanced up, smiling before getting to your feet, Tess not leaving your side. "Hi Tommy," you said, barely above a whisper. Neither of you moved, standing there just looking at each other as if you were in a standoff, waiting to see who would do or say something first. 
"Hey Tom do you- oh my god Y/n's here," Harry yelled pushing past his stunned older brother to wrap you in a long overdue hug. "Missed you kid," he told you, squeezing you too tight. 
"Harry," you giggled, swatting at his curly red hair. 
"Sorry, sorry. It's just been so long," he pointed out.
"Y/n?" Sam's voice was eager as he rounded the corner, nearly in a Sprint as he made his way to you. "God I'm so glad you came!" He screeched as he lifted you into his arms.  
"Me too," you hummed, returning the hug. 
"C'mon, let's go introduce you to everyone," Harry urged, grabbing your hand. 
"Everyone?" You asked in confusion. 
"Harrison, Tuwaine, and Sam's girlfriends," Harry told you. You nodded, not being aware there would be other girls on the trip. The news actually excited you, maybe the estrogen would calm the boys down from being so rowdy and rambunctious. 
"Grace, Molly, Clark-" Harry announced, making the three girls turn towards you. "This is Y/n y/l/n, our oldest friend,"
The three girls got up making their way to you, as the four of you exchanged pleasantries. 
"We have heard so much about you!" Gracie exclaimed. 
"I'm really glad to finally not be the only girl up here," you admitted as you were ushered over to sit with the three of them. 
Meanwhile, Tom was still standing in the front hall, not sure what to do with himself. He had thought that seeing you would be easy. You were just y/n, after all. But when his eyes met yours, the pink hue of your cheeks and nose, sent his mind rushing back to years prior, when he would pull you into the potter closet, freshly in from the snow, kissing the tip of your nose and cradling your hands as he attempted to warm you up. You would never know how much he had loved you, how much he had appreciated and cherished every stolen moment the two of you had shared together, up until the last one. The words still burned his throat, remembering the look on your face as he said them, desperate to not hurt you, but he somehow had managed to screw that up. He had just wanted to let you live your life, not following him around as his life had gotten too overwhelming, he hadn't wanted to put that stress on you, knowing you would have endured it for him, even if it killed you. 
But to see you, just a few steps from him, letting Tess slobber on you with her kisses, nose red, cheeks rosy, in your signature cold outfit, wearing his old hoodie. He wanted to take it all back, he wanted to have crossed the distance pulling you into his arms, burying his face in your neck as he whispered how badly he missed you, and then to pull away, to meet your lips with his, in a warm kiss, a kiss that would bring it all back, every broken promise, every missed opportunity, every longing feeling..
"You alright mate?" Haz asked, bringing Tom out of his head.
"M'allright," Tom lied, knowing Harrison could see right through him, he was the only one who knew, knew how desperately Tom had loved you, how crushed he had been when he called things off, how hard it had been as he walked away from who he was sure was the one. You had been his first, first kiss, first shag, first love, first heartbreak… and he desperately wanted you to be his last. Last love, last kiss, last goodnight, last person he held in his arms on his deathbed. He was sure there was no way, not with the look you had given him three years prior, tears threatening to spill over the brim of your eyes, bottom lip quivering, as you just watched him leave, watched him walk out of your life with no promise to ever return..
This was sure to be a long trip.. 
You nestled your way between Harry and Tess laying your head on Harry's shoulder with your hot chocolate in your hands listening to the conversation they were all having. The fire in the wood burning stove was blazing, radiating a heat that was warming you all to the core. Dinner had come and gone with some slight small talk, leading to everyone shifting to the family room. Sam was in the middle of telling Tuwaine something, to which you weren't paying attention when Molly asked you a question. 
"So y/n, do you have a boyfriend?" She asked, politely.  Your cheeks flushed red as you lifted your head from where it was resting on Harry's shoulder before. 
"No, no boyfriend," you told her with a chuckle.
"Really?" Grace interjected, now solely intrigued with the gossip. "How long since you had one?" She wondered. 
"Three years, actually, pretty close to the day," you took a deep breath all to aware of Tom's, eyes directly on you from across the couch. 
"Three years? Must have been some heartbreak," Clark said, a pitying look on her face. Truth be told, Tom was never your boyfriend, never having put a label on whatever it was the two of you had been doing, but she was right, it was definitely 'some heartbreak'.
"Yeah, I just wasn't enough," you said quietly, an ache in your chest knowing the man who had said those words sitting just a short distance from you. 
"No way," Clark shook her head. "He wasn't good enough for you," she shot you a sweet smile. 
"That's true," Tom muttered from where he had been sitting quietly on the couch, making all the girls turn towards him. 
"Did you know him?" Grace asked. Tom's eyes widened, realizing he had spoken too loud. 
"I- yeah," he sighed, knowing they were going to quiz him on the subject now. 
"Was he awful?" Molly wondered. 
"No, he was great," 
"He was an ass," 
You and Tom had spoken at the same time, you looked up, eyes meeting him in a lingering stare. "He was great," you repeated, not looking away from him. 
"How could you still think that after what i- he said to you?" Tom asked. With your attention fully on him, you could almost forget the others in the room with you.
"He was young, I was younger. Life caught up with us and made the fantasy we were living too real too fast, doesn't mean I have to hate him. I still love him, never stopped…" you reached next to you scratching in between Tessa's ears. "Sometimes you have to push past the hurt to try and understand other people," you whispered, not daring to look up. 
"Is he your soulmate?" Harry asked. You looked besides you, not even aware that he had tuned into the conversation. 
"I don't know," you chuckled. 
You looked across from you to see Tom's sight glued to his hands in his lap, completely unreadable.  
"Have you been with anyone since?" Grace asked, everyone turning to you. 
"Oh," you felt your cheeks heat up at the question. "No actually, he's the only man I have ever been with," you admitted, making Tom's head shoot up to look at you, shock plastered on his face. 
"Three years?" Harry gasped, Dramatically sliding down as though he was wounded. "That's too damn long to not be laid," he told you. 
"I agree," Grace giggled. 
You shook your head and let out a chuckle. You had never been able to bring yourself to move on, fear that it would be betraying your heart, which clearly belonged to someone else, after so many years, it still belonged to him.. 
It was nearly two am when the welcoming conversation died down, Clark and Sam excusing themselves first, followed closely by Harry, and Then you. 
You grabbed your bags, heading up the stairs to the room that had been yours for so many years. The door creaked open, as you pushed through, dropping your bags at the end of the old bed before switching on the lamp. A picture of you and Tom neatly placed in a frame next to it. 
You could still remember the day it was taken, Niki had been following behind all of you as you hiked up the big hill to sled down. You had lost your balance, falling over and pulling Tom down with you, into a soft pile of snow. The smiles on your faces as you had been giggling were so pure, filled with love and adoration. Even Niki could see that, snapping a picture of the moment to be frozen in time forever. 
You walked over to the bed, sitting down lightly as you watched the snow fall from out the window. The view was mesmerizing. The white blanket covering the ground making it impossible for it to be dark. 
You had forgotten how at home it felt here, being where you had grown into a woman, almost every important defining moment happening within these four walls. There was a soft knock on the door. 
"Yeah?" You called out. The door creaked open, and Harrison's head peaked in. 
"Can we talk for a sec?" He asked you. 
"Sure," you nodded to him, before he finished opening the door and walking over to sit beside you.
"I know it really isn't my place to tell you this, but he loves you. He's crazy about you, and that never stopped," he looked over to gauge your reaction. 
"Y/n, I know that what he did was awful, but you have to know his intentions were pure," you took a deep breath and nodded before sitting back to hear what he had to say. "You knew how busy he got during the civil war, and then with homecoming and infinity war it was even worse, he didn't want to put you through it anymore. With Endgame, and Far from home he had almost no time to do anything else. And he knew it was going to be that way, he knew he wasn't going to be able to be there for you," he explained. 
"He told me-" 
"I know. I know what he said, and I'm not saying you have to forgive him, but just know, he didn't mean it, okay?" He looked at you with his soft blue eyes, trying to fix his best friend's mess. Honestly, what Tom had done hurt you, but you knew he hadn't meant it, there was no way he had meant it. 
"Okay," you nodded. 
"Okay, got to get back to Gracie now," he told you as he jumped up and rushed out. You turned your attention back to the window, hopeful that this trip would get you answers, or at least some closure.
You opened your eyes to the splattering noise at your window. You could see the remnants of an exploded snowball splattered about. You rolled out of bed, pulling the fuzzy blanket that had been on top of you around your body as you made your way to the window. Sam was bundled up, running as Harry charged at him, a freshly made snowball in hand as Tom stood holding Tessa's leash as he watched his younger brothers goofing off. 
He glanced up to the window seeing you looking down at him and lifted his hand in an awkward wave. You giggled and waved back, walking away from the window, and making your way downstairs. The quietness of the house led you to believe everyone else was still asleep. You walked over to the still lit wood stove and tossed in a few more logs to ensure the heat would continue. 
You had never been a great cook, you were actually certifiably bad, but you still decided to go to the kitchen and begin to pull out the ingredients for breakfast. 
You were on your tiptoes about to reach the flour when you heard the front door open and felt the gust of wind. 
"What are you doing?" Sam asked casually as he walked up to the fire sticking his red hands out to get warm.
"Breakfast," you proudly stated. 
"God, no, please y/n, anything but that," Harry groaned as he made his way in. 
"Hey!" You pouted. You couldn't actually be offended, you would have probably ended up giving everyone food poisoning had you gone through with the cooking.
"Don't bully her, she's not that bad of a cook," Tom said as he rounded the corner pulling the beanie from his head to expose his crazy hair. "She makes some mean cookies," Tom reminded them. 
"Oh no," Harry groaned, falling back onto the couch. 
"Baking and cooking are two completely separate things Tom," Sam started. 
"You had to open that can of worms?" Harry asked, looking at Tom. 
"See the science behind-" 
"God! No Sam!" Harry groaned again, making a giggle erupt from your chest. 
"I want to hear Sammy, tell me," you instructed leaning against the counter. Sam shot a cocky look over to Harry before turning and lecturing you for the next thirty minutes on the differences in cooking and baking, and why chefs were not considered bakers and vice versa. By the end you were sitting at the kitchen island as Sam finished the pancakes and bacon. 
"Interesting," you mumbled as he slid a plate of food your way. 
"It truly is," he agreed. You grabbed your fork beginning to eat the food on your plate when you felt a hand on the low of your back. You glanced up with your mouth full to see Tom standing beside you, not even aware of where his hand was placed, or if he was, he wasn't showing it. "Here," Sam said as he slid the plate to him. 
"Thanks Lad," he said as he sat down onto the stool next to you, hand leaving your back as he moved it to grab his fork. He noticed the look on your face of shock. "You alright?" He wondered. 
"Uh- yeah, I'm okay," you nodded, turning your attention back to the food In front of you. 
One single touch and you were completely undone, couldn't even muster the ability to speak. What were you supposed to do for the next week and a half? You weren't sure you could manage… 
"Morning y/n," Clarke said as she walked up behind you. "Morning handsome," she said to Sam.
"Morning beautiful," he said before rounding the counter to giver a quick peck and set a plate In Front of her. "Eat," he instructed. She sat down next to you and started to eat the food. Soon enough everyone had woken up and eaten breakfast. 
"We should go up to the hot springs," Harry said from in front of the fireplace. 
"Awful idea," Harrison laughed. 
"Why?" Gracie asked suddenly. 
"The water is nice and warm, but then when you get out you're still wet and have to hike back down to the cabin, it's miserable," he explained quickly. 
She nodded, "yeah we will pass," 
"Okay," Harry shook his head, "Sam? Clarke?" 
"Yeah we will go," Sam answered. 
"Cool, y/n? Tom?" 
You glanced up from where your nose had been buried In a book having heard your name called with Tom's. "What?" You asked. 
"Hot springs?" 
"Ohh, yeah, I'll go," you sent Harry a smile and glanced over to Tom who had raised brows. 
"Count me in too," he said, not looking away from you. 
"OK, I'll go see about the other two," he announced, jumping to his feet. 
"Don't barge in Baz, you'll see something you don't want to see,"  Harrison laughed, causing everyone else to give a disgusted groan. "What? You all believe they have been "resting" all morning?" He asked. 
"No but you didn't need to say it," Clarke laughed burying her head back into Sam's shoulder. 
Everyone walked ahead of you through the soft snow. The hike up the hill itself wasn't extremely hard, but with the added difficulty of the freshly fallen snow, it seemed to be a much more daunting task. The hot springs were just a little past the sledding hill, and should have only been about a ten minute walk, but you were sure it was easily minute twenty by now. 
Tom could see you struggling, just like old times, he fell back from the rest of the group until you caught up with him. "Here," he said, offering out his arm. 
You grabbed it eagerly, as you attempted to keep your dwindling balance. "thanks," you mumbled as the two of you began to walk. 
"How have you been?" Tom asked quietly. Looking over at your rosy tinted face. 
"Alright, working a lot.. you?" You asked.
"Working," he agreed with a chuckle. 
"The Netflix film was good," you told him.
"You watched that?" He wondered. You could sense the surprise in his voice. 
"Of course Tommy, I've watched everything you have been in," you chuckled. 
You could see from your peripheral vision that his cheeks seemed to get a darker shade of red. "Your favorite?" He asked. 
"Most definitely civil war," you said. "Recognize that butt anywhere," you giggled. 
"Oh shit up," he groaned, rolling his eyes. You couldn't help the nostalgic feel that washed over you
You and Tom trailing behind, lost in your own conversation, while everyone else was way ahead, not minding the two of you. You're not sure how no one ever caught on to the two of you, you were sure, had you been an outsider looking in, it would have been painfully obvious as to what was going on. 
"You remember winter of 17'?" You asked. 
"Hard to forget, we came out here almost every day," Tom chuckled. 
"That year was a good one," you sighed. 
"Winter of 18' was pretty good though," Tom said, glancing over to you. 
"The beginning," you nodded. 
"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to-" 
"It's ok Tommy, I know you didn't," you told him, a sudden sadness in your eyes as you cut him off. 
"I wish I could take it back," he whispered. 
"Do things differently?" You asked. 
"Yeah, I wouldn't have hid what we had, you deserved to be shown off to the world, not pulled into the closet Every Time I wanted to kiss you," he explained. 
"Hey," you said, "I have some of my best memories in that potter closet," you teased. 
"Yeah," Tom sighed. "I do to," 
You both walked in a comfortable silence before finally catching up with the others at the natural hot springs, the water letting off a beautiful steam, surrounded by white fluffy snow. 
"It's gorgeous out here!" Clarke exclaimed as she shimmied out of her clothes to rush into the water. 
"Not as gorgeous as you, sweetheart," Sam teased. 
"Blegh," Harry faked a gag. "Stop being so gross," he told his twin. 
"Oh, piss off Baz," Sam quipped back. 
She was right though, it was a gorgeous sight, and it brought back many fond memories to be back. 
"Ok, y/n, craziest sexual experience?" Clark asked as you all settled in the hot water. 
"What?" You asked shocked. 
"She does this, you'll get used to it," Harry told you. 
"Oh, well.. what classifies as crazy?" You asked.
"Public, secret, kinky.. whatever you can think." She explained. 
"Ok, well I guess there was this one time, up at a ski lodge. We were stopped on a trail because someone had eaten it pretty badly, and so we just went behind the trees and-" 
"Y/n!" Tom interrupted. 
You glanced over to him to see his face red in shock, and noticed the other three also had a shocked look on their faces.
"What?" You asked quickly. 
"How do you and Tom have almost an identical story?" Sam asked. 
You felt your stomach tighten up. Of course this hadn't been a new question. You should have just lied and kept the story to yourself. "I.. I don't know," you said pathetically. 
"Y/n.." Harry deadpanned. "Who was it with you at the ski lodge?" 
You felt your face flush even redder, as you didn't know what to say or how to get yourself out of this mess. 
"Oh My God!" Sam exclaimed. "I knew I wasn't fucking crazy," he announced turning to Harry. "I caught Tom sneaking out of Y/n's room one night!" 
"Wait a minute-" Tom interrupted. 
"No. No, you two were shagging," Sam accused with a bony finger pointing at Tom. 
"Sam it's not-" 
"You're not denying it?!" Harry gasped looking back and forth between the two of you. 
You sighed loudly as you looked at Tom, who looked just about as embarrassed as you felt. 
"How long?!" Sam asked. "When did it start?" 
Tom sighed before shooting you an apologetic look. "First time was in 2013," Tom said. 
"2013!? Thomas! You lost your virginity to Y/n?!" Harry exclaimed, completely shocked.
"That was after two years of a lot of kissing and hand stuff," Tom admitted. 
"Tommy!" You exclaimed, throwing him a look. 
"Let me get this straight," Harry chuckled dryly. "The two of you started to mess around at 14 and 15?" 
"More or less," you told him. 
"And you just kept it hidden?" Sam asked. 
"I mean… yeah," Tom admitted. 
"So how long did it last?" Clarke asked. 
"Until the winter after Infinity war," Tom said. 
"Thomas, that's like seven years," Sam pointed out. 
"Well if you count from the first time we kissed then-" 
"Tom stop," you instructed. "Yeah me and Tom, did things, and we hid it because we knew it would cause problems," you explained.
"For who?" Sam asked, confused.
"For us," You told him, "Tom was twenty two and I was twenty one and I told him that I would come with him, but that meant Making things real between us, and leaving the little bubble we had created, so he called it off," you explained. 
"Is that what you think?" Tom asked. 
"No, that's what happened," you told him.
"No, you had just been accepted into uni, and I had to leave for filming, and I told you I didn't want to be without you, so you offered to give up on uni. I couldn't let you do that, I needed you to live out your dream, that's why I called it off," Tom admitted.  
"What?" You asked shocked. 
"You thought this whole time I was scared to commit to you?" Tom wondered.
"Umm, yeah," you admitted. 
"I feel like this is a very private conversation," Clarke whispered to Sam. 
"Shh, it's about to get better," he told her quietly. 
"Y/n, I only did what I did because I was so in love with you," Tom whispered, as he moved closer to you. 
"Tom, you told me and I quote 'you are not enough y/n. You're not worth it'" you reminded him. 
"Only because I couldn't see any other way to get you to let me go, it was wrong, and I shouldn't have said that, because I didn't mean it…" he explained. His eyes were warm and genuine as he brought his hand up to your cheek. "The only thing I ever wanted with you was the real deal. I wanted to bring you home to my parents, even though you grew up knowing them. I wanted to have you on my arm at the premieres and at random galas I have to attend, but I knew that uni was your dream, and you worked so hard for it, I couldn't be the reason you missed out on that," he explained. 
"I graduated early," you blurted without thinking. 
"What?" Tom asked, eyebrows furrowing together. 
"I graduated last month. A year early, I got my bachelor's degree in business," you told him.
"Y/n, that is amazing," he exclaimed, pulling you into his arms. 
"Yeah, I achieved my dream," you mumbled against his chest.  
"That's so great, I'm so proud of you," he told you before Pulling back and crashing his lips into yours, for a moment you nearly forgot about the company that was with you, being completely captivated by his lips on yours. 
"I want to say I didn't see that coming," Sam chuckled. 
"I didn't," Harry admitted. 
"Awweee," Clark exclaimed. 
Tom pulled away, whispering a quick sorry before moving back to sit down, but not letting his hand leave where it rested around your waist. 
You spent the next two hours at the hot springs explaining how you snuck around for so many years without anyone finding out. 
You walked up the steps to the back door of the cabin completely frozen from your wet undergarments underneath your clothes. "I call shower first!" You exclaimed running through the door and straight through the kitchen and the living room towards the stairs. 
"Have fun?" You heard Harrison call out. 
"Frozen solid, I'll answer when I've thawed," you called back. 
You slipped your clothes off before you started the water, letting it warm up. You slipped your chilled body into the warm stream, feeling the pins and needles from the sudden temperature change. 
There was a soft knock on the door before it opened. 
"I'll be fast," you called out not knowing who had come in. 
"You're going to use all the hot water," Tom's voice teased. 
You peaked your head out the curtain seeing him leaning against the counter with a smirk on his face. "I don't take that long," you told him. 
"You know, we could just shower together, save water." He told you. 
"What an environmentalist, you are," you teased. 
"Is that a no?" He Wondered. 
"Did I say no?" You asked, feeling your stomach fill with butterflies. 
You heard him chuckle before the sound of a zipper. "Y/n?" He asked. 
"Yeah, Tommy?" You bit down on your bottom lip waiting anxiously.
"You can tell me to leave, I'd understand it if you didn't want me around," he nearly whispered, fear lacing his tone. 
"Yeah y/n?" 
"Better get in here before I use all the hot water," you quipped. You didn't have to tell him again, with one swift motion, the curtain opened just enough for him to slip into the rather small shower. His hands found your waist almost instantly, pushing your body against the cold tile, crashing his lips into yours. It was nothing new, you had done this so many times before, but there was just something different about it. Maybe it was that you hadn't been with him in three years, or maybe it was because now you weren't hiding, or maybe, just maybe, it was because life had finally aligned just right, and it was your time. 
You reached your fingers up to the nape of his neck, fingers twiddling with the curls. His fingers dug into your hips as he pushed his bare body against yours. 
Your skin burned under his touch, a fire blazing inside of you. Tom's lips moved from your mouth down to your jaw and then to your neck. 
"Y/n?" Harrison's voice called out, you hadn't even heard the door open. Tom lifted his head from your neck and you clasped your hand over his mouth. 
"Yeah Haz?" You asked. 
"You and Tom talked?" He wondered. 
"Little bit," you admitted as Tom chuckled, shaking his head. 
"Good, good. Was worried he was going to be a puss and never admit his truths to you," he said, making Tom furrow his brows together. "He can be a real div, ya know. Never knows the right thing to say," at this point you rolled your eyes knowing very well that Harrison was more than aware that Tom was in the shower with you, and was just trying to push his buttons. Which seemed to be working. Tom gripped your wrist pulling your hand from his mouth. 
"Hey mate, while I do love hearing about my flaws," tom said, "I'd really like to make up for losing the last three years here, so unless you're trying to hear that-" 
"I'm going," Harrison chuckled, exiting the bathroom in a rather quick fashion. 
"We will never live this down," you pointed out. 
"Honestly y/n, who cares," he whispered, returning his lips to your neck, sucking slightly on your sweet spot. 
Your fingers laced into his curly hair tugging lightly. "Tommy," you whimpered. 
The thing that had always been so easy between the two of you was that Tom had helped you discover yourself. Everything you had ever wanted, Tom had given you,  he was one one of the most understanding and patient men you had ever met. So as you withered away under his lips on your neck whimpering his name, he knew just what you wanted. 
He slipped his hand from where it was placed on your hip, down to your aching core. 
"Right here, darling?" He asked as he pushed his knee between your legs, giving him enough room to slip his hand between your thighs. 
"Please," you begged. His fingers slid seamlessly through your already soaking folds. 
"Always so good for me," he whispered into your ear, making your knees feel weak. 
He trailed his fingers through your folds and right up to your clit, rubbing slight circles on the little bundle of nerves. You dropped your head to his shoulder, letting out a moan. 
"Tommy- s..So good," you told him before he gently pushed a finger in. 
"Still so tight I see," he whispered, slipping another finger in. 
You lifted your head Back up, crashing your lips into his. His tongue swiped across your bottom lip, and you eagerly gave him access. It was a heated mess of teeth clashing as neither of you seemed to be able to get enough of the other. Tom curled his fingers inside you, making you gasp as he found the right spot. You threw your head back, hitting the tile wall a little harder than you intended.
"Right there?" He asked. 
"Mhmm," you panted as you felt the band in your belly getting ready to snap. 
"Want you to let go, pretty girl, can you do that for me?" He asked.
His words pushed you over the edge, hips moving on their own accord as a pornographic moan left your mouth.  
"That's it my pretty girl," Tom cooed as he worked you through the high, eyes never leaving you. 
As soon as your legs quit shaking and the quiet whimpers stopped leaving your lips, Tom pulled his hand from where it had been between your legs, bringing the two fingers he had buried inside you up to his mouth and sucking them clean. 
"Christ Tom," you groaned. 
"Was that good princess?" He asked.
"So good," you nodded, pushing your lips back against his.
"Y/n! You're going to use all the hot water!" Sam called through the door. 
"Probably should get out," Tom chuckled. 
"Yeah," you agreed. 
You turned the water off, quickly hopping out and wrapping a towel around your wet body, Tom doing the same thing. 
You picked up your clothes before opening the bathroom door to Sam standing there, waiting. Your cheeks went rosy as you walked out of the bathroom first. 
"Sorry," you mumbled, making your way down the hall to your room. Tom stepped out with his clothes, turning down the opposite side of the hall to his room. 
"In the shower?!" Sam groaned. 
"Sorry mate," Tom chuckled. 
You got to your bedroom, dropping your soiled clothes into the hamper before rummaging around for some comfy warm clothes. You settled on an old hoodie that you had stashed in the wardrobe (you were pretty sure it was once toms) and a nice pair of fuzzy pajama pants. 
You collapsed onto your bed, hair still wet and mind going a million miles an hour. Your door creaked open, and you didn't even have to look up to know who it was. 
"You alright?" Tom asked. 
"More than alright," you answered, not even looking over to him. 
"So you graduated?" He asked. 
You propped yourself up on your elbows. "I did," you nodded. 
He nodded, a smile spreading over his face. "What are you doing now?" He wondered. 
"Haven't really decided yet," you admitted. It was the truth, you had barely moved your stuff out of your dorm and back to your parents house, you weren't sure exactly what you were planning to do. 
"Can I throw you an idea?" Tom asked. 
"Please," you giggled. 
He walked over, plopping down on your bed, pulling you into his lap so you were straddling him. 
"Come with me," he whispered. 
"Where?" You giggled, wrapping your fingers in his hair. 
"Anywhere, everywhere, just stay with me?" He begged. 
You leaned forward resting your forehead to his and sighing."Tommy, I never wanted to leave you in the first place," you admitted. 
"I love you," he told you, looking into your eyes, with his honey golden brown ones. 
"I love you," you whispered. Tom leaned more into you, lips searching for yours. His hands grasped your ass as he pressed your lips together eagerly. It was like he said, you had to make up for the lost three years. 
You let yourself get lost in Tom's lips, feeling like a lovesick teenager all over again. You rocked your hips against his as you kissed, feeling him growing beneath you. 
You continued your movements, pressing your core harder against his growing bulge, making him groan into the kiss. You knew what you were doing, bringing Tom to the point of no return.   
“Y/n” Tom groaned into your lips. 
“What is it, pretty boy?” you asked as you let your lips travel down to his neck, nibbling and sucking on all the exposed skin. 
“I want you,” he whispered, hands running up and down your covered back.  
“You have me,” you chuckled against his skin, “You have always had every bit of me,” Tom clutched your ass as he flipped you on your back, returning his lips to yours in a demanding, intention filled kiss. His hands traveled to the hem of the hoodie, before he pulled it up lightly. You sat up pulling it over your head and tossing it to the end of the bed. Tom doing the same with the shirt he had on, before finding his way back to your body. 
“God i have fucking missed you,” Tom groaned as he trailed his lips from yours to the valley of your breasts, pausing at each one to pay your nipples attention. You groaned as his lips enveloped the hardening bud, while he took the other in his fingers. He knew what you liked and how you liked it, and he knew how to get you right to the point he wanted… you begging for him. He moved his lips farther down your abdomen, sucking gently before making it to the bend of your pajama pants. He hooked his fingers into the waistband, shooting you a look, waiting for confirmation. You quickly nodded. He pulled the pants down your legs painfully slowly as he drank in the sight of your body. 
“So perfect,” he complimented as he took the pants from around your ankles, dropping them to the floor. He had your leg in his grasp and took the opportunity to place a kiss on your ankle, trailing them gently and slowly up your legs, making the ace you felt in your core intensify dramatically. “Oh Tommy,” you groaned as he placed a kiss on your bundle of nerves. 
“What is it, love?” He asked innocently from between your legs. 
“Tommy please,” you let out, fingers intertwined in his messy curls. “Please fuck me,” you begged. 
You saw the smirk flash across his face as he pushed himself up from in between your legs crashing his lips into yours. You reached down as you eagerly attempted to rid him of his sweats, failing miserably in the heat of the moment. “I've got it,” he chuckled as he peeled the fabric from his body, freeing his aching cock, from the hold of the fabric. Just the sight of him there, naked, between your legs, hand wrapped around his hard member was mouthwatering. 
“Ready,'' he asked as he ran his tip through your soaking folds. You nodded eagerly as he slowly sank into you, stretching you beautifully. 
Three years, but it was still like muscle memory. Your hands grasped at Tom's neck as your legs snaked around his waist. “Want me to be gentle?” He asked as he bottomed out. 
“We have the rest of our lives to be gentle,” you told him. “But right now,” you lifted your lips to his ear as you nibbled on his lobe gently. “I want you to wreck me,” You whispered, making a guttural groan leave his lips before he began thrusting into you. 
Your head fell back onto the bed as tom pounded into you, back arching from the mattress as each stroke of his cock brushed eagerly on your g spot. You could feel yourself already clenching around him. Barely any time and you were already about to give in. 
Tom's movements slowed suddenly as he brought his lips to yours and kissed you. “I'm sorry, y/n, you'll never know how sorry I am,” he whispered. 
You couldn't stop the tears from rushing to your eyes at the sentiment behind his words, knowing how sincere he actually was. 
“I forgive you Tommy,” you whispered, kissing him deeper. His movements quickened once again, as he pushed you closer and closer to the edge. “Tommy,” you whimpered as you felt your walls begin to clench around him. 
“Me too baby,” he groaned as you felt him twitch inside of you. You brought your lips back to him as you both fell over the edge, a beautiful symphony of pure ecstasy taking over both of your bodies. 
Tom fell beside you, arm draped over you as you both laid there, chests heaving and legs shaking. “Can't believe I lasted three years without you,” Tom mumbled. 
“I don't know how you did it,” you teased. 
“Y/N,” He said seriously. You looked at him with furrowed brows. “I was serious, come with me, be with me?” you felt the breath hitch in your throat as you watched the nervousness take over him, awaiting your answer. 
“Yes,” you whispered as your head nodded. Tom's face lit up as he pulled your body against his, lips clashing again, but in a different way, a way that felt like it would be forever. An unspoken promise being sealed between two people desperately in love after all this time. 
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Tumblr media
wolf-teeth | peter parker x reader.
Tumblr media
     He’s slack-jawed, mouth opening a few times as if he wants to say something. He only partially succeeds in collecting his splayed-out thoughts with a shaky exhale. “Whatcha doing there?” Peter strives to sound desultory but his voice crescendos into something high-pitched and his voice cracks — he sounds downright sinful.
“Nothing, just slipped,” your voice lilts impishly. “You got something you wanna share?”
His breathing picks up.
[   read more 💌.  ]
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Fɪᴄ Lɪsᴛs
lists of my favourite tom holland fanfics arranged according to topic (this post is still being updated - I am hoping to post a new fic list every day or two)
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                              „And ACTION!“
                  Social Media Au (T.Holland)
Tumblr media
—— ☾
o. Take 04 [Masterlist]
A/N: I don’t know, what this is tbh 💀
!Mention of anxiety and panic attacks!
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
@fanaccount1 : omg the rumours  are so true
@fanaccount2 : she deserves better, we all know that..
                         ↳ @hate101 : z and tom since day one, we all knew that
@user52 : wanna show us some screenshots of the chat? 👀
                ↳ @bellahadid : can’t. they would sue us 
                ↳ @user009 : BELLA WHAT-
                ↳ @user6987 : the tea is boilinggggg
@hateaccount7 : this family derserves it lmao
@fanaacount89 : she deserves better <3 
@fannie098 : best wishes <3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
@gigihadid : fave movie ever <3
                    ↳ @y/nhadid : always <3
@fanaccount: omg, he really cheated
@reesewitherspoon : glad to hear that ❤️
                                   ↳ @y/nhadid : omg ily 
@fanaccount34 : I LOVE THIS MOVIE #ellewoods4life
@hateaccout: what did u expect lmao
                       ↳ @hate4life : lmao right?
                       ↳ @y/nhadid : don’t u have a job to attend?
@sunny34 : SHE SHADE 
@scandalous : so we where right 👀
@yolandahadid : my baby 💜
                          ↳ @y/nhadid : ily mom 
                              ↳ @y/nhadid : who r u again?
                              ↳ @hateaccount33 : lmao girl 💀whatever, you are not with tom anymore and that is whats matter
@bellahadid : 👀
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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TAGLIST (tag yourself here) :
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Please, write your user right, I added a few and they asked me, they didn’t add themselves in my self- taglist <3 -e
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Tom Holland Commission
Tumblr media
(Not my gif!)
Note: Only one more part after this! i must say i'm sorry for being late, life has gotten so crazy annnnd I actually tore a ligament in my ankle and cracked it! so i've been just in pain for a few days. ANWWAYS here's part 4 and part 5 will be out very soon!
word count: 10k
warnings: Mentions of sex, sexual thoughts, swearing, drinking, swearing, some flash backs of harassment
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3
If Love Had A Say - Part 4
It’s not easy. All of this isn’t easy
All the easy things in life are boring
You’re anything but boring
My tongue is stuck to the roof of my mouth and my eyelids are so heavy that I struggle to open them. Maybe I should sleep just a littttleee bit longer. I stretch in the bed and feel the softness of the sheets, pulling them closer to my chest. These sheets are so soft, and they smell so good. I take a deep inhale and snuggle myself into the sheets. Wait a minute. My eyes flutter open and that causes my headache to start. I sit up in my plush soft bed… my soft bed… not my bed. Not my bed. This is not my bed. When I look around, I can’t seem to recognise the bedroom I’m in.
I panic and quickly touch my body. Still in the clothes from last night. Last night… I try to think of how I got here but there’s nothing. My memory has faded and all that remains is a pounding headache and a dry mouth. I squint as I try to focus on where I am. Where the fuck am I? When I turn to get off from the bed, I feel my body beg me to go back. Though I have no idea where this is, I can admit that bed is heaven. There’s an on suite in here so I rush inside. There’s nothing really in here but a small window that’s covered by tree’s… there are no personal belongings or perfumes or anything to give me a hint as to who’s house this is. There’s only a large dark blue t-shirt. A male t-shirt. Suddenly a memory flashes in my mind
I want you to come home with me
I—I don’t think that’s a good idea
Don’t be like that y/n. I’ll be good I swear
The memory of feeling Leo’s fingertips pressing into my hips and the almost too strong smell of his cologne makes me want to gag. My heart races as I think of the worst. Was I that drunk that I went home with him? What if something happened… but I still have my clothes on. I rub my eyes and the look at the shirt hanging up. I lean in to smell it and it… it smells different, almost fresh as if it’s just been washed. I run my fingertips down the extremely soft material and sigh.
“Where the hell did you end up”
I shake my head and look to the mirror and take in the sight. My make up is smudged making me look as if I have racoon eyes, and my lipstick has stained my lips even though it’s no longer there. I can’t even begin to describe my hair. I’m in need of a shower and the one in this bathroom looks so promising but I just can’t get myself to get in. You’re being ridiculous. I shake my head and turn to the bathroom door. I peek out into the bedroom. Still, no one has come in.
“Just 5 minutes”
I say under my breath as I shut the door and let the lock click. I might as well freshen up while I have some privacy and a luxurious shower. I begin unzipping my dress and taking it off and once I’m naked I quickly get into the shower and turn on the water. The moment the hot water hits my skin I almost moan with pleasure. Though not something I thought I would appreciate but this water pressure is amazing. I scan the shower for something to wash my hair with and find simple scented shampoo and conditioner. I spend what feels like an hour in the shower, rinsing and scrubbing and lathering the soap until my skin feels soft and clean. I step out, steam has filled the bathroom and I can’t see my reflection in the mirror which I don’t really mind. I wrap my body in the lush white towel and grab another to wrap my hair in. Then my eyes look at the shirt… it’s clean, or at least it smells fresh out of the wash, and I don’t fancy wearing my black dress from last night. If this is Leo’s house, then I just want something that doesn’t get his attention back to me. Once I dry myself off, I slip on the shirt, it reaches my knees, even goes a little past them and it feels good on my skin. I can’t get that smell out from memory, as if I recognise who it belongs to. I just wish I knew who
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Do you understand how much I need you?
But you don’t
I do! I need you for every second of my life because without you it has no meaning…
“You’re a fucking idiot”
“I know but—”
“No Tom, you realise what you’ve done right? I get going there to see if she’s alright, but you fucking decked the guy!”
Harrison raises his voice and looks at me with flared nostrils. I know what I did last night. I don’t regret punching that asshole and even now thinking about how he grabbed y/n and what he called her makes me wish I threw more than one punch. Harrison had only come back about 20 minutes ago, magazine in hand and basically threw it at me. I knew it would happen, but I didn’t care, I don’t care because I would do it again… but I get it. I messed up big time and social media was eating up my mistake.
“You would’ve done the same alright, the guy was an absolute pig”
“I’m not saying he didn’t deserve it, I’m just saying you should’ve thought first before reacting”
Harrison sighs and then pinches the bridge of his nose. Honestly, I’m glad he’s pissed because someone should be. Well actually almost everyone is pissed at me for the scene I caused. Harry called me up earlier in the morning, first to tell me that I was crazy and second to say that he was actually impressed. The worst call came from my PR managers and pretty much everyone in the acting business that felt the need to tell me just how much of a scene I really caused.
“I can’t believe you knocked him out… in a club full of damn phones”
“Do you need to keep reminding me of what I did?”
“Tom, the photos of you punching Leo are blowing up everywhere”
I groan, rubbing the back of my neck. This was going to be hell to clear up. People love a good drama story, and I just handed them their next few issues about me. The headlines they came up with were just horrible
Drunk Tom Holland in bar fight
Tom Holland punches stranger who tried to grope his new lover
Was Tom Holland Jealous that his girl was clubbing without him?
Tom Holland leaves club with new girlfriend
They all continued to make up stupid reasons as to who did what and why. And here I was now being lectured.
“Look I don’t want to be an asshole about it and make things worse for you, but you need to start thinking straight a little bit. Ever since you met y/n you’ve been a bit careless with your privacy”
I groan at his words only because I know that he’s right. He’s right and I hate it because I have been careless, and I haven’t worried about being spotted with y/n even though I should be thinking about how this affects her life too. Without really thinking I’m rubbing my temples.
“I know… fuck I know”
I sigh
“I should’ve just ignored him and walked out”
“To be fair, the asshole deserved it. He was weird when I met him again that time I had to pick y/n up—speaking of, have you heard anything from her about all this”
My eyes widen. Of course I forgot to tell Harrison that instead of taking y/n to her home… I took her here… and of course managed to get into some weird late night groping that left my thoughts broken all night. Fuck. Even thinking about it. I should’ve left her room the moment I showed it to her, but I couldn’t help myself and she was so… I feel the blood rush to my ears and down to my groin.
“What aren’t you telling me…”
Asks Harrison, his tone curious but I can already tell that he won’t like the answer that I will have to give him. Unless I just don’t tell him. No that’s a shitty thing to do. I sigh heavily and decide I might as well get it all out.
“y/n was super drunk, and after everything she was still pretty buzzed—I wanted to take her home”
“What do you mean by wanted to take her home, you took her home last night right?”
I’m scratching the back of my head in silence as Harrison looks at me like he can’t really believe that I’m admitting to bringing y/n here
He presses and this time I just get it out
“I didn’t have any other option—”
“I can’t fucking believe you”
He seethes. The look in his eyes tells me that he thinks I slept with her, and though every damn bit of me wanted to, I knew it would be wrong.
“Please tell me you didn’t—”
“No. No nothing happened”
“You had one job! You just had to bring her home”
“She was too drunk to remember her own address I couldn’t just—”
I don’t finish my sentence when I hear soft footsteps enter the living room. I watch as Harrison looks past me, when his eyes return to me, I realise there’s only one other person in the house who could be awake.
Harrison says, attitude gone from his voice. I twirl around to see y/n standing in the living room doorway. My eyes catch on to what she’s wearing. An oversized t-shirt that reaches the mid of her thighs, it takes me a second to realise that it’s actually one of my shirts. I must’ve left some clothes in the spare room. She’s looking a lot fresher than last night, her hair is slightly damp leaving behind water stains in the shirt, her face is clean from all the make-up from last night. She looks beautiful.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Did you plan for this?
Some things are best to be kept spontaneous
Is that what it is? Or just you being unprepared
Maybe both
Tom. It was Tom. This is Tom’s house. I slept in Toms spare room last night took a shower in Toms spare room bathroom… This is Tom’s t-shirt.
His name rolls off my tongue like a whisper and I’m not even sure he hears me but we’re just staring at each other. Slowly I piece together what happened last night. Tom brought me back. Tom came to the club last night and he punched Leo after he touched me… Tom was there for me. I swallow hard.
“Right—well—nice seeing you y/n, hope you had a nice night”
Harrison flashes me a smile, but his expression changes when he looks to Tom. His eyebrows furrow and his lip twitches slightly.
“We’ll speak later”
Then he turns and leaves for the front door. Toms looking my way again and I suddenly feel so stupid. I’m wearing his damn shirt and nothing else because well, my clothes were not an option but this… oh god.
“Good morning”
Tom says, his words seem to carry the slight smile that shapes his lips. It makes my heart flutter and my cheeks blush.
I manage to squeak out. My hands go to my sides, and I begin pulling at the hem of this shirt that suddenly feels way too short. Though I doubt it’s as short as the dress I wore last night. I need to burn that dress.
“Did you manage to sleep alright?”
I’m almost startled by his question, even more so by his tone since his voice was slightly dry. I start picking at my hands as I reply
“Y-Yeah… I honestly can’t even remember falling asleep”
“Oh. So you don’t remember—actually you know what, how about I make some tea”
I follow behind him into the kitchen. He was going to finish saying something and now I’m struggling to remember if anything else happened. I remember Tom talking to me at the club. I somewhat remember the drive here but that’s about it. And with how Tom cut himself off, it makes me think that something else happened.
“Do you have a preference in tea?”
He starts filling the kettle with water just pushing past a certain conversation.
“What were you going to say?”
He turns and passes by me, his hand touching my hip to move me out of the way. That touch. It sparks a memory. The feel of fingertips, the roughness of them. I keep staring at him, my eyes tracing his jaw down his arms and to his hands. My skin feels hot, and I shiver as I remember what happened in the bedroom last night.
Y/n, you’re drunk
Touch me Tom… please
Oh my god… What was wrong with me! My stomach tightens at the thought of what my memory flashed In front of my eyes. I never drink. I mean I do, but not that much and last night. Oh god what the fuck have I done. I’m not like this. I don’t just… I’ve never had one night stands. That’s not my thing. Hell, none of this was my thing but ever since I met Tom it seems like I can’t help myself. Stupid fucking stupid girl. No wonder he didn’t want to talk about it, I was probably awful.
“No No—something did happen and—oh my god we—I—oh im such a fucking mess”
“No y/n—no listen”
“I can’t believe I pushed for it!”
Toms now standing In front of me as I’m having, what feels like, a full-on melt down. I hear his phone begin to ring. Almost instantly he reaches for it and looks at the caller, but what I didn’t expect is for him to let it ring and put his hands on my shoulders. His damn touch makes me want to run away.
“Look, nothing happened, okay? Everything that did was my fault”
His warm brown eyes stare deeply into mine and as his words echo in my head, I pick at what he said. Everything that did. But nothing happened. But something did happen. And I can almost see that Tom is definitely still thinking about it. His phone is still ringing but I barely notice it as I can’t take my eyes away from him, but Tom seems to be the one to break our graze as he looks at the still ringing phone
He says under his breath and my body buzzes as I faintly remember how that word slipped his lips last.
“I don’t want to be an asshole, but I need to answer this”
“Sure, yeah I’ll—I’ll make us tea instead”
Tom’s lips twitch upward into a smile, and he leaves the kitchen. My cheeks feel like someone has poured hot water on them. Not just my cheeks, my whole body. I feel hot. I feel confused and shocked and worried about what last night meant. What did all of this mean but it’s not till I remember that Tom literally physically assaulted Leo… and Leo tried to get me to go home with him… which meant at some point I would have to go and see him at work. The mere thought of that made my stomach churn. I wish none of this had happened, I wish I had just stayed home and never gone for Cara’s crazy idea for of a night out. Cara.I wonder what happened to her last night. I need to find my phone, but I have no idea where my bag is, or even my shoes. Uhg.
After a good 10 minutes, once I had set everything up for tea, Tom came back with a different look on his face. His right hand was rubbing the back of his neck as he sat down by the kitchen table and took his mug.
“Everything okay?”
I ask, taking small sips from my earl grey. This felt too… casual. As if I had always joined Tom in the mornings and I know I should avoid the feeling of familiarity, but I can’t. It felt right, just for this moment I will at least make light of this situation even though the look on Tom’s face may bring the buzz all the way down. He huffs a breath and then sighs.
“That was my agent, he got word from one of the production directors that the location date for shooting Spider-man has been moved up”
I’m not too sure what all that means, considering that I’m not an actress let alone know anything to do with making movies. Tom releases another sigh
“I leave for Atlanta on Tuesday”
My chest feels heavy. It shouldn’t matter to me. It doesn’t matter to me. At least that’s what I tell myself.
“Oh… for how long?”
I ask him without really thinking of what his answer could be. I don’t need to know how long he’ll be gone for because it didn’t matter, what happened last night was a mistake…
“Probably 4 months”
I don’t have answer for him, so I just continue to sip on my tea as the air in the room begins to thicken. My mind races. Though I could go my whole life without seeing Tom again, it feels wrong to wish for that.
“I want you to come with me”
My eyes travel up to meet his once again and I almost choke on my tea a little. He didn’t just say what I think he did right?
“Come with me to Atlanta”
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Do you remember life before all this?
Before all what?
The cameras, the actions, the stories
Sometimes I think about it
Do you miss it
The question left my mouth before I knew, I said it twice and now y/n is just looking at me with wide eyes. My nerves make my face go hot. I can’t believe I just asked y/n to come with me. I don’t know what made me want to ask her but hoenstly, London life is a little fucked up at the moment and I feel like taking y/n out of the city and maybe to a new city it would help us sort things out. Also, I know I wouldn’t be able to focus knowing she was here in London while I would be in Atlanta. It would be torture, just like how her silence in this moment is torture
I ask, I can’t bare the silence I just want her to answer so I can see what my brains comes with next. When I see her lips twitch as she thinks of her own words, and when she speaks my heart catches in my throat
I almost speak before thinking again but catch my words before they spill out again. Swallowing the lump in my throat I try again
“I—I want you to come with me to Atlanta”
“You—want me to—what?”
She stands up from her seat and starts to pace around the kitchen, I keep my steps behind her. My eyes can’t help but trace up the nakedness of her thighs. Not the right time.
“There’s a lot going on here, in London, I don’t know I just want you to come with me… I don’t think I can leave you behind”
My last words are what stops her in her tracks, I take a few of my own steps back to give her some space. When y/n turns around I can’t exactly tell what she’s thinking.
“Tom I—I can’t just hop on a jet and go with you to a different country”
“And why not?”
I shouldn’t be pushing her, but really there was nothing to hold her here, I think anyways… She wouldn’t need to worry about anything, I would be able to take her away from the mess I made last night and show that maybe there can be something between us. If that’s what she wants, hell if that’s even what I want. It is.
“Um well, unlike you, I actually have a 9-5 job that I can’t just leave|”
Ouch. Though her words did feel like a smack in the face, I did understand where she was coming from, but I could organise something for her work, I met with her boss almost a month ago and he seemed to be a nice enough man to talk to.
“Let me handle that, you wouldn’t need to organise anything I can take care of it for you”
“Just say yes and I’ll do the rest”
I can’t let her go. After last night y/n is all I can think about, even looking at her now wearing one of my shirts fills my heads with ideas. Focus. Y/n’s just staring at me, her eyes moving rapidly as she’s taking in my facial features. I meet her eyes then gaze to her lips, oh how badly I want to taste her again.
“This is crazy. You’re crazy”
She turns away from me and walks out of the kitchen mumbling things under her breath. I quickly follow her heels and without really thinking I touch her arm with light grip which makes y/n turn around to face me again. I just about hear the light gasp that escapes her lips, and it makes my heart jump. Touching the bare skin of her arm sends a pulse of electricity through my hand.
“Will you say yes?”
“I have a job”
“I’m not hearing a no”
Y/n huffs her breath and furrows her brows. I can’t help but think she looks gorgeous all flustered, the way her eyes are digging into me… I can feel my blood pump around my body and my chest going tight. My mind races and the memory of last night lingers in my head, the touch of her skin and I can’t help but let my hands travel up her arm then back down again. I realise what I’m doing and retract my hand to my side then cough to clear the air. My eyes drop to her lips again and I see how the bottom one is between her teeth, where it’s getting tugged. Keep it together.
“If you can convince my job… then I’ll consider it”
“Leave that to me”
Y/n takes a deep breath and exhales then rubs her eyes. I try hard to conceal my excitement. I know what I needed to do today, I had to organise a way for y/n to come with me… that included a visa to get into America, I’d have to talk to Randall and come up with something so he could excuse y/n to come with me, somehow convincing my manager that things are good, and the paparazzi would go crazy especially after last night. Fuck it. I don’t care as long as y/n is with me for those 4 months.
“I need to find my things… do you—do you know where my bag is? And my shoes… I can’t seem to find them anywhere”
“Oh. Yeah, I’ll get them”
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Please don’t do this
What else can I—
Stay. Please for my own sanity don’t walk through that door…
I’ve been staring at my phone for 20 minutes. I knew last night was fucked up but now… My eyes continue to scan the titles.
Tom Holland in bar fight over new lover!
London bar claims Tom Holland left with new mystery girl
Close up of Tom Hollands new girl! Who is she? And did she start the fight?
So many lies. So many stupid stories where these people don’t know what they’re talking about. The photos are even worse. Some even show about 6 shots that lead to Tom’s fist connecting with Leo’s face… then there are close ups of me. My face with wide eyes, or my body close to Tom, his hand on my lower back as we walk to his car. In his car. God these people don’t have a life. If you need to capture private moments for a living, then you are literally scum… Relax.I shouldn’t get mad at people who are just doing their jobs. Horrible jobs. But still, I should’ve been more careful or—or—I don’t know what I should’ve done. I just wish my life wasn’t being captured every damn second. My eyes see a message pop up from my notifications and it starts a new chain of thoughts as I read who it’s from.
(11:15am) Leo: ‘Please call me when you get the chance’
(11:15am) Leo: ‘I know i’ve said it already but I’m so sorry’
I click on his name to find over 50 unread messages from Leo, along with 10 missed calls which all have voice mails. My lip is now between my teeth and I’m gnawing at the flesh to distract myself.
(3:56am) Leo: ‘I’m so sorry’
(3:56am) Leo: ‘I was just drinking too much, and I flipped out’
(3:57am) Leo: Missed Call
(3:57am) Leo: ‘please tell me you’re okay. Call me back, I just wanna talk’
(4:00am) Leo: ‘I fucked up I know I did but Tom was being such a dick’
(4:01am) Leo: ‘Will you just message me when you’re home’
(4:05am) Leo: Missed Call
(4:06am) Leo: Missed Call
(4:25am) Leo: ‘Please. Please don’t take what I said seriously I don’t know where my mind was’
(5:00am) Leo: Missed Call
It goes on till 10am this morning and till now, just countless messages of Leo trying to justify himself with pathetic words. I can’t help myself but listen to a few of his voice mails, the first must’ve been at the club as I can still hear music in the background, but they just continue throughout the night.
“Y/n… look I know you’re not reading my messages but… fuck I’m sorry. I don’t know what happened I—”
I close that one and click on another one.
“Please call me back when you get this, you probably don’t want to talk to me right I get it but just—”
Click. They were all the same, all so apologetic and I know I shouldn’t be feeling bad for him, he was an asshole. But there’s a small part of me that think’s he just got caught up in something that was a lot bigger than him… though that shouldn’t excuse his actions. I groan and let my body lie back on to the soft mattress. I barely sink in, and it frustrates me more. I wish I could erase everything. I wish I never took this job with stupid co-workers, wish I never got to meet Tom… My phone starts ringing. God Leo just won’t give up. When I look at the caller ID I sit up immediately and answer
“Y/n! oh thank god. I’ve been calling you all morning, where the fuck did you go?”
I sigh. How did I forget that she was there…? I wonder if she saw what Leo was doing, I didn’t see her towards the end of the night. I mean she definitely saw what happened since it’s all over the damn internet.
“It’s a long story—have you heard anything from Leo?”
“Don’t even say his name, I gave him a piece of my mind and hands when I found him in the club. I’m so sorry that I wasn’t there for you lovely… god if I was there when he was trying to get handsy I would’ve knocked him out myself”
We both share a laugh at the image. Luckily for me, someone was there and that someone was nice enough to drive me to his house, let me sleep in his spare room and let me rest for hours undisturbed… nice enough to back away from me when I was drunk and not thinking right…
“So… you and Tom huh?”
“That’s a whole different topic. I don’t really want to talk about any of that right now I just… honestly I don’t even know what to talk about”
“How about the fact that we racked up a 400£ tab at the bar and I managed to get Leo to pay for it all”
I snort a laugh and gasp
“Wait really?”
“You bet. I even made sure to leave a tip. That’s what he gets for dropping his damn wallet”
“In this case, thank you Leo”
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
I tried my best to fill Cara in on what happened after, of course leaving out certain details, but she seemed to understand everything that happened. I found out that after I had left with Tom, she had basically hunted Leo down to sort him out and even dropped him off home only to tell him how pathetic he was. Our call didn’t last too long and about 10 minutes later I still got messages from Leo. So, I just turned off my phone. I was in no mood to see his apologies or be tempted to scroll through more websites that created stories of last night. I just wanted to go home… I wanted to take a bath and soak away the stress and feeling. I just wish I could collect my thoughts.
There’s a subtle knock on the door. I realised I’ve been locked in this room for… actually I have no idea how long I’ve been in here for. Mustering up any will power that I have left, I get up from the bed and unlock the door which makes a click.
“Okay I know you unlocked it but just checking, I can come in, right?”
That makes me giggle. I don’t bother to hide it genuinely amused me.
“Yes, Tom. You can come in”
It’s only after I say yes that Tom comes in and a sweet smell comes in through the door. Sweet, and even smoky, oh its heavenly and my stomach begins to rumble.
“I uh—I got us some breakfast from one of the bistros near my house. I’m not sure if you’re hungry but you didn’t eat last night… so I was hoping you’d join me?”
Without thinking I’m already on my feet. Whatever he got it smells amazing and I’m trying hard not to drool. I show a smile when I walk past Tom who seems happy that I agreed. I don’t think I’ve ever met someone so considerate as Tom was. It sparks a strange feeling in my stomach that I can’t push away until I reach the kitchen. There are plates with all different sorts of breakfast goodies. Pastries, pancakes, eggs all cooked differently, bacon, bread rolls, I spot cups filled with orange juice, a pot of tea still steaming.
I cock my head to the side and find Harrison walking with a plate pilled with fruit to the table. Though my mind is still a mess, I can’t help but rush to the table and immediately start sipping away at a glass of orange juice. Oh, this is what I needed. I didn’t realise how hungry I was. I loved breakfast and lunch and dinner too, but it just never stuck to my body. Suddenly the thought of my thinner appearance made me too aware of what I was grabbing for breakfast. What if Tom thinks my body looks weird? Wait it shouldn’t matter what he thinks because I wouldn’t be seeing him again after this… I wouldn’t be seeing him again after today… he’d be in Atlanta for 4 months and I’ll be… here.
I blink a few times. Stuck in my thoughts again. I hear a chuckle come from Harrison who’s dangling a bunch of grapes over my plate. Instead of taking a few, Harrison’s just gives them all to me and starts grabbing some bread rolls. I hear Tom’s footsteps and my body buzzes when I hear the feet of the chair next to me scrape the floor. I can already smell his cologne. It’s fresh but sweet too, slightly like spiced coffee. His elbow brushes against me and I still. Suddenly I’m brought back to a hazy memory from last night.
Touch me Tom… please
My cheeks still heat from the thought of what I said. I never, ever did things like that. I mean, when’s the last time I had a drunk hook up? Never. That’s the answer to that. All my sexual… experiences have been me sober and not drunk but for some damn reason that all went out the window when Tom showed me the bedroom. I have no idea what came over me, I had no control of what I was saying it was as if all my filters had been dissolved in the alcohol I had ingested. Toms already told me that nothing happened. That nothing happened after he touched me and that he got up and left me to sleep. I think to myself, trying to push past the neck heating memory of Toms hands on my body and find the memory of him leaving.
I—You—I’m going to go order you some food… you just—you rest up
I remember dozing off not long after that. I’m positive that I didn’t eat anything last night because my mouth is almost watering when Tom starts piling things on my plate
“How hungry are you?”
Harrison asks munching away at his bread roll. I’m already picking at some grapes as Tom reaches for the eggs.
“Honestly, I’m starving”
“I’ll make sure to fill you up then”
Harrison chokes on his bread roll, laughter filling the back of his throat and I just want to run away and hide. By the looks of it, and how a shade of red is now creeping up Tom’s neck, he probably thinks the same. Tom coughs to clear his throat and then immediately tucks into his breakfast. We eat mostly in silence, other than Harrison making a small effort to start conversation, Tom and I keep to ourselves. I can’t help but feel my cheeks heat every time I look at him. How did I get myself into this crazy mess? How did I get involved with an actor?Though there are times I regret even meeting him, there are moment where I feel that small spark in my chest… that small feeling of hope that I know leads to nowhere good and straight to heart ache. Because whenever you find someone to love… you can always lose them.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
I’m staring out of my flat window watching Tom drive away. The car journey here was… less than awkward but the air in his car was thick. Every word he said sounded like it crawled on my skin. But in a good way. Every time he said my name, I could feel his lips pressed to my neck and that heat in my stomach began to drive me crazy. To say that I ran out the car the moment he reached my building is an understatement. So now here I am… staring out my window watch someone drive away like a weirdo. When Tom’s car disappears behind another building, I let out a breath that I didn’t even realise I was holding. It’s only 1 in the afternoon and my head still feels like it’s been hit with several bricks. I groan as I drag myself to my bedroom. Tom let me borrow some of his sweatpants and a pair of his socks. They barely cling to my frame and whenever I stretched, the sweatpants would almost drop down. But there was something I couldn’t stop doing, even know as I lay in my bed thinking things through. It feels like it’s become a weakness of mine. I pull toms shirt up to my nose and inhale. It sends a buzz through my whole body, one that I can’t explain. Though there’s only a trace of Tom’s scent on here, my brain recognises it straight away. The slight tingle it gives when I breathe him in, the memories of his body being close to mine. I can’t help myself. I take another deep inhale when suddenly my phone goes begins to ring again. It almost startles me, as if I’ve been caught doing something I shouldn’t. I pull the shirt down a little bit then reach to get my phone. My heart drops to my stomach when I see who’s calling me. There’s a small part of me that wants to answer Leo’s calls. To let me talk and hear his side but there’s another part of me that wants to just throw my phone and scream. I shiver as I remember the way he thought he could touch me… the way he grabbed my hips even though I was backing away from him. The words he said to me.
Another fucking fame whore
I think back to the disgusted face he had on him when he spoke vile words. The way his eyes scanned my body and disliked everything about it. I felt so small. I felt invisible yet so seen that it felt like I was standing there naked Infront of him. That asshole. I stare at my phone screen and with an almost aggressive action, I hang up the call then block him. Until things are cooled off, I want nothing to do with him… nothing. But sadly I wont have the luxury of avoid him. Because come Monday morning, I’ll be in the same building as him for 9 hours… and then for the rest of the week. I’m so tired.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
This is all for you, all of it
I know it is but-
But what? I do everything for you! Everything I do is for you
But it’s not what I want!
What are you saying?
I never asked for any of this…
Well… neither did I but that’s just how life works.
Harrison’s been staring at me for a couple of minutes. His hand covering his mouth, elbow propped up on one knee that’s jiggling. Finally, after a lifetime of silence it seems like he’s going to speak.
“So. Let me get this straight—you asked her to go with you”
“I know it sounds stupid-”
“No no, it doesn’t sound stupid… it is stupid! Why would you ask her that? She has a life here Tom! A life that is bigger than whatever it is you feel for her, keep in mind that both of you don’t really know what the hell it is you feel for each other. But you can’t just snatch her away from her job because you want to be with her”
I let out a frustrated grown and rub my eyes. Though Harrison’s honesty is appreciated, it’s not something I want. I just want… I want to be able to do the right thing. I want y/n. there I said it. I want her badly. In every way possible, I want her.
“I know I know! but—fucking hell Haz I can’t get this girl out of my head. And last night? Last night was torture and I know that’s such an asshole think to say but it killed me when I had to leave that room, but I did it because…”
Deep breath in, deep breath out
“I did it because she’s not like the rest. I want more with her”
It took me saying out loud to Harrison to realise where my feelings for y/n lie. I want more with her. I want everything with her. Though by looking at Harrisons expression, I can tell he doesn’t seem too pleased.
“Look… You know I love romance, I love the whole falling in love thing, but you need to realise that just because you feel this way… doesn’t mean she does too. Not saying that it’s definitely not clear as day that she is practically head over heels for you, but I think you need to talk to her properly before you push for things”
“That’s why I need her to come to Atlanta with me, Harrison, if I can take here away from the city—”
“Take here away from the city just to go to another city? Tom, do you hear yourself!”
I stand up from the couch and let my hand brush through my hair. Harrison was now getting on my nerves and just not understanding where I was coming from. I understand that we all think differently but he must see my point, right?
“Are you even listening to me! If I can take her to Atlanta, I can somehow get us private enough where we can talk about this… all of it and I don’t want to wait 4 months to have that conversation with her”
“And how do you plan on taking her away from her job for 4 months, Tom? What about the rent she has to pay for her flat and everything else she’s literally dropping because you want to whisk her away with you”
“You’re not getting it!”
My voice is harsh and louder this time as I yell my words. Harrison in response stands to his feet and looks me directly in the eyes as he lowers his voice, still full of left-over annoyance.
“No, you’re not getting it. What you’re doing right now, all these little ideasabout how you could make her life better won’t be beneficial to her. You will fuck this up if you keep acting like there will be no consequences to any of this. Just like the first time, when you almost kissed her, and just like last night when you weren’t fucking thinking”
My chest feels tight, and heat starts to spread up from my neck to my ears. I feel so angry. So angry that I want to yell at my best friend and tell him to fuck off and that it doesn’t matter. But all I do is huff my breath and stare at him as he turns away and walks to his room because… because I know he’s right. And I hate that he’s right because I can’t help with hat I’m going to do today. I’ll take the consequences when they come.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Promise me
Promise me this is real and not some stupid plot
Where is this coming from?
Just promise me
I promise…
The autumn morning chill is prickling my skin, itching my nose and staining my cheeks with a red hue. Every time I let a breath out, I see if fog up Infront of me. I’ve been staring at the entrance to my office for 10 minutes and can’t get myself to just go in. I woke up this morning tired but with a clear head. Now I stand in the cold with all these thoughts going through my head. What will people think when they see me? Did they see the articles? Of course they have. Will Cara be in already or is she running late? What if Leo is waiting for me… it’s not when a hard gust of wind comes to chill my bones that I finally walk into the building. In the lift I already feel myself thaw from the cold, my cheeks flush with chill. My heart is lodged in my throat when the ding of the lift indicates I’m on my floor. Breathe. I walk out of the lift and head straight to my department. When I walk through the door, I notice Danny walk by with trays of goodies. When he looks up to see me, I catch the rush of pink that flows to his cheeks.
“Y/n! M-Morning! I just got these, fancy one?”
He stretches out a plat with a chocolate croissant on it. Normally I would devour these but today, my apatite what lost. The sweet smell of it is enough to make me sick so I hold my breath and kindly decline. I pass desk after desk, feeling some eyes on me as I walk by, but no one says a word. I finally reach mine and rush to sit in my chair, once I do I heave out a long breath and lay my head down near my keyboard. Only 8 hours and 45 minutes to go
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Time seems to pass by slowly. Ticking by seconds, then minutes then hours. I notice how people pass my desk, co-workers, they try to catch glimpses. I hear some of them whisper and gossip amongst eachother as they look to their phones and then to me
“So Tom Holland is in to her?”
I hear one girl say, she’s at a desk a few feet away.
“Could be just rumours”
“Doubt it. I saw Leo come in with a bruised jaw this morning”
Suddenly my heart drops at the mention of his name. The girls look up as I’m still looking over and are quick to get going. They don’t bother to say anything to me as they walk by. Leo. I can’t help but let his name make my skin tingle. I feel a shiver. I feel queasy and sick, and I feel like I want to run away because I know that at any moment, I could be seeing him—
Blonde hair, green eyes, freckles on the bridge of a nose, sharp jaw caressed with purple and blue hues…
His name is barely a breath on my tongue, and I realise that even my mouth hates saying his name. I struggle to swallow. My eyes meet his and now they’re locked. I can’t seem to break his gaze and I don’t know why. I see the dark circles under his eyes, the way he cheek bone stand out and how he seems like he hasn’t gotten any sleep. It’s when I look at the bruise again that sympathy pulls at my heart strings. No, he was an asshole I shouldn’t feel sorry for him.
“I’m so happy to see you, I’ve been trying to reach you since Friday night—god—y/n I just want to talk”
I break the eye contact and look away. I thought of so many things to say to him, so many ways to tell him to go fuck himself yet none of them are coming out. Instead, I get up on my feet and look for a way out. Anywhere but here, he wouldn’t follow me to the bathroom. Or maybe he’s sick enough to try.
“Wait y/n please—”
His voice cracks with desperation but I don’t care. When I feel the warmth of his hand reach my wrist, I feel something in my body go stiff. My heart’s beating so hard that is physically pains me to breathe. I turn to look at him and yank my arm free from his grip
“Don’t touch me”
I hiss. I don’t know where this venom has come from, but it escapes me. My breath is harsh as I try to keep my cool. Leo winces at my harshness but puts his hand back to his side.
“Y/n please, I just wanted to say I’m so sorry—”
“For what exactly? The groping? Trying to convince me to sleep with you? Oh wait, maybe you’re apologising for what you called me!”
I try my best to keep my voice down but with my last words I can’t help but become vocal. Some people are beginning to take notice of us, and I can feel the pressure of eyes on me.
“All of it! Okay. I’m sorry for all of it. I don’t know what came over me I was just—I was just”
“Drunk? Please tell me that’s not you’re excuse because if that’s it then you’re just pathetic”
“It’s not a good excuse I know but it’s the only thing I can think of—”
“Are you kidding me?!”
I turn around again and take quick strides to the coffee machine with Leo right on my heels. I can’t believe this asshole. He had the weekend to come up with at least a decent enough excuse, not that I would’ve accepted any of them, but at least something better than ‘I was drunk’. When I feel Leo’s touch again, I don’t hesitate to yank my arm out even more aggressively. How fucking dare he
“I said don’t touch me!”
I spit the words and my hands go to his chest to give him a shove. I barely do anything to faze him, and Leo just stares at me, hands now up in the air in surrender.
“I’m sorry I’m sorry I just—fuck. Y/n I don’t know what to say to make you forgive me”
“You don’t need to say anything. Because I won’t forgive you, what you did was sick and horrible”
“You can’t be serious?”
This is when Leo’s true colours come out. His whole stature changes. The way his eyes are now squinting at me, as he’s trying to read the thoughts in my head.
“Tell me y/n, did you get mad at Tom for punching me?”
“What he did was probably nothing less than what you deserved”
Leo’s whole attitude is changing and reminding me more of how he was at the club. I can’t keep talking to him because I feel like I might throw up. But Leo doesn’t stop.
“Did you go home with him?”
“Excuse me?”
“Did he take you back to his place and sleep with you, tell me. I need to see if that asshole managed to get into as well”
I huff and puff my breath. I want to scream, I want to punch that look right of from his face. I clench my fists to control my anger.
“Whatever I do, or who I choose to sleep with has nothing to do with you”
For a moment we’re just glaring at each other. The corner of Leos lips tugs upwards, and it literally makes my stomach twist with disgust.
“Y/n! ah, there you are”
My thoughts are snapped to a deep, friendly voice. Randall stands a few feet away gesturing to me. Suddenly I forget my words.
“Will you join me in my office? There are a few things I’d like to discuss”
I gulp down the last of my anger, and without a word turn my back to Leo and walk, but not before hearing his hushed words.
“You’re just another pretty thing to him”
His words hit me in a place I didn’t realise I had kept closed. Though there was nothing between me and Tom, nothing official anyways, I couldn’t help but feel like there was something a bit… deeper. I don’t know what but just something. I follow Randall into his voice when my eyes drift around to see a figure standing by his desk. And for the third time today, my heart seems to stop and drop into my stomach. My eyes widen. Confusion is filling my mind when I say
He says warmly. The sound of his voice. Oh, how it wraps around my body and makes me feel whole. His smile brings me comfort and when he looks at me, I feel like I’ve been draped in a hug.
“what—what are you doing here?”
“Y/n dear, take a seat will you. Don’t worry you’re not in any trouble, in fact it’s quite the opposite”
I blink a few times. My brain is trying to comprehend what’s happening, but every time my eyes look up to see Tom standing in front of me, I blank. I get myself settled into Randall’s office chair and wait to hear what he’s about to say, knots already forming in my stomach.
“To say that I am more than pleased to be having this conversation wouldn’t be a lie”
“Sorry to ask this, but… what’s going on?”
“Yes, I was just about to explain”
Randall laughs lightly to himself then sits by the edge of his desk, quite near to Tom.
“It seems you’re luck never stops y/n”
“Mr Holland contacted me over the weekend where he chose to speak about your work here in the office. Needless to say, everything he said about you and your performance here made me feel very proud of you—anyways—Mr Holland has asked me if there would be a chance to hire you out personally for a handful of months”
It clicks. It all clicks. Tom was serious about it all. Tom asked me and I said if he could organise it with my work I would go, and he actually did it. My breath comes out in long exhales. I can’t believe this is happening.
“Of course, I was a bit hesitant at first, I mean, you are the best on our team but don’t go mentioning that to the others”
Once again Randall laughs. My eyes are only on Tom who’s staring right back at me. His eyes making my face burn.
“But with some persuading, I have come to accept his offer and I hope that you do too”
I still don’t break away from Toms eyes. My lips move to speak, and I ask the question even though I know the answer already. I know why Tom’s here, and I know what Randall is going to tell me, but I just need to hear it. Need to hear that Tom actually did all this because he wanted me to go with him.
“W-What’s the offer?”
Randall claps his hands for a moment then speaks
“If you would be willing to do a transfer to our offices in Atlanta”
Atlanta. Atlanta. Atlanta
“I know this seems like a big jump since it would require leaving the country and technically living there for 4 months, but rest assured I have arranged everything if you wish to follow through. You would only be required to work from your home office for 3 days a week, same pay rate as if you were being paid for the full week, courtesy of Mr Holland. You will also have all your accommodation and meals provide, plus the flight fare, once again, courtesy of Mr Holland”
It feels, like my whole world has been tipped upside down. Like I can’t breathe but breathe too much. As if everything I know is about to change in this very moment all because of Tom… all because of…
“And when do we—when do I need to travel?”
I finally take my eyes off Tom and look at Randall who readjusts his sitting position slightly. I swallow hard.
“Well… Tomorrow night”
My whole life. Is going to change… by tomorrow night. I could say no, I could stay and Tell Randall that I’m not interested in going and tell Tom that we should stop whatever is going on. But I don’t. I don’t say no because I want to see where this goes. So with my eyes looking at Tom, I meet his chocolate brown eyes and answer.
His lips tug up into a smile, which he tries to hide but I see it. I see it and it makes me feel warm inside.
“I’ll go. I’ll get everything ready when I get home later tonight”
“Oh no need to worry about that dear! Take the rest of the day off, you have enough to worry about in the next 24 hours so please, go home and get everything you need sorted”
Randall seems to be chuffed. The rest of the conversation seems to be a blur, I don’t even remember signing something. I do kind of because it was a legal document stating that if anything were to happen to me, Tom and the office in Atlanta would be responsible for me. Next thing I know I’m saying thank you to Randall and leaving his office to grab my things and go home. When a soft warm hand touches my arm. My body goes on fire. Body heat, I feel it. I feel Toms body heat all through my spin, behind my neck, through my arms, everywhere. And it’s intoxicating.
“I told you I’d handle it”
He whispers into my ear. I try hard not to let the softness of his voice send a shiver through me, but it does and I hope that Tom didn’t notice.
“This is crazy”
“You could’ve said no”
“I know”
I know he’s smiling. I can almost feel his smile on my neck though he’s nowhere near it. I think. I don’t even know what to think, all I can think about is how close his breath is and how his hand is still on my arm, and I want to feel his palms all over me. Get a hold of yourself.
“I-I said yes because—because I wanted to go”
“To Atlanta, or with me?”
There’s another touch to my side. It’s light and I barely feel it but I know it’s the tips of Toms fingers looking around for something to ignite. I feel like I’m on fire.
“mmmh I see”
His voice is lower, it’s so low that the hair on the back of my neck stands up.
“Well, now that you’re coming with me—”
His fingers travel up and his body moves closer. Closer. Oh god. He uses his hands to push my hair away from my ear. I feel his lips and I cave, biting my lip to concentrate. I’m at work, this shouldn’t be happening.
“—I can guarantee you, that I’ll be finishing what you started Friday night”
His lips press lightly to my neck and I almost jolt in his arms. But just as quick as I feel him on my skin, the warmth goes cold, and his hands are now in his pocket.
“I’ll wait for you downstairs to take you home”
I don’t say anything. I don’t think anything because my body is reacting in ways that makes it physically painful to think of anything but Tom… and what’s in store for me in Atlanta…
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peterr-parkourr · a day ago
Tumblr media
Summary: Running into your former best friend on your 25th birthday wasn’t in your celebration plans. What makes It even worse is that he doesn’t even seem to remember you or the reason you completely disappeared from his life. What is in your plans though, is to make him fall in love with you only to break him the way he broke you. There’s no way you could end up hurt again…right?
Pairings: Tom Holland x plus size! reader
Word Count: 1.2K
Chapter Warnings: SMUT (18+ readers only please) and a hell of a lot of cursing
A/N: Here we go! This is my first time writing any sort of smut so please bare with me. Take a minute to reblog if you like it, it’s really appreciated. If you’d like to be added to the taglist, just let me know. Enjoy.
Tumblr media
Chapter 4: Gimme Something I Can Feel
Tumblr media
His kiss was harsh and demanding. Yours was just the same, pouring all of the feelings you had pent up for the last ten years into it. You’d be surprised if your lips weren’t bruised from the intensity of it.
Your hand quickly found purchase in his mess of curls, tugging slightly, eliciting a moan from his swollen lips. You took the opportunity, slipping your tongue in to caress his.
His hands grew needier on your waist, suddenly grabbing the fabric of your red dress, scrunching it up until your lower half was exposed, the matching red lace thong on full display. God, you were happy you decided to dress for the possibility of a hook up.
You broke apart from the kiss to catch your breath, his lips immediately biting and sucking bruises into the skin of your neck. “Tom,” you whined, your panties growing wetter and more uncomfortable by the second. Your nails clawed at his shirt, desperately wanting to remove it but you knew your time was limited. Any moment some other drunk could be knocking on the door - this was the only bathroom after all.
This had to be quick, which for most guys wasn’t a problem. But, fuck, you hoped Tom had a little more stamina than the other guys you had been with. You quickly reached down, unbuttoning his pants and pushing them down his legs in a haste. He got the message, pulling away from your neck to slip two fingers between his lips. His pupils were blown wide with lust as he stared into yours. His hands began to make their way down your sides, rubbing down your thighs and towards your center. You shook your head, your breathing increasing. It was nearly embarrassing how wet you were, but in your defense it had been so long since you had been with someone and this was Tom for god sake. The man you had only dreamt about doing these things with. You prayed he wouldn’t notice your confident demeanor slip as you panted, “I’m good.”
His eyebrows furrowed, “you sure?” His fingers traced the outline of your underwear, feeling them already soaked through and he smirked. “Got it.”
“Shut up,” you grabbed his face and brought him in for another bruising kiss. His hands busied themselves, nearly ripping your panties as he pulled them down your legs and over your heels. He tossed them on the sink before lifting you up to rest on it as well. You were so distracted with the feeling of his swollen lips on yours that you hadn’t noticed him pull down his boxers. You were barely aware of him rubbing his length between your folds to lubricate himself before he thrusted in just an inch. But, god, was that inch enough for you both to groan, foreheads falling to press against each others. You could tell he was trying to control himself so you spurred him on by trying to push your hips down, panting out, “More. Please.”
Without so much as a second thought, he captured your lips as he thrust up until he was fully sheathed inside you. He gave you a few seconds to adjust before he set a steady pace. Your nails dug crescent shaped marks into his forearms, trying to find purchase as you rocked with him. The only sounds in the room were the slapping of your skin, your moans - intermittently combined with your pants for “more” and “faster” - and his grunts. His hands held so deeply onto your hips that you were sure there’d be finger-shaped bruises the next morning.
“Tom, Tom, right there, please,” you could feel the coil growing, surprised that he was able to get you to this point so fast. The tip of his dick was hitting just the right spot, and the thickness of it stretched you out perfectly. You’d be using the memory of this to get you off for weeks to follow for sure.
“Come on, come for me.” His voice was gravely as he licked his index and middle finger and brought them down to your clit, rubbing in perfect synchronicity with his thrusts.
Your legs began to shake as you clenched around him, spasming as you finally reached your high. “Fuck!” You couldn’t help but yell out, the patrons right outside the door not even a thought in your mind. He grunted louder than he had all night, his forehead leaning against yours as he rode out his own orgasm. “Fuck,” he whispered, steadying his breathing.
He broke out into a grin as you began to giggle. You had no idea how you ended up here, but you weren’t mad at the outcome.
You felt empty as he slipped out of you, readjusting his boxers and jeans to their former fit. You hopped off the sink, reaching behind yourself for your underwear. His hands were quicker than yours as he snatched it away, a smirk on his lips while he placed them in his back pocket.
“You can get them back on our second date.”
“Second date, hmm? What makes you think the first date was good enough?”
“I’d say your shaking legs were proof enough,” he chuckled as you playfully shoved him away.
“Come on, let’s get you home,” he held his hand out for you, your eyes shifting from his eyes to his outstretched palm which you took with a sigh.
Tumblr media
“Good Morning!!” Lucia’s bubbly voice caused the pounding in your head to quadruple.
“Nooooooo! Please god no!” You grumbled, grabbing the blanket to pull over your entire body, including your head. ‘It’s too fucking early. How are you both such morning people?”
You couldn’t see it, but you could sense Lucia shrugging. “It’s just a gift I guess. Plus, Kiara isn’t here.”
You pulled the blanket down just enough to peek an eye at her. “She’s not?”
“Nah, she stayed over lover boy’s place. I guess both of you got lucky.”
“What do you me—“ you cut yourself off, flashes of last night playing through your head like a bad compilation video.
“Oh my god,” you sat up fast, quickly discarding your blanket. You were still clad in your little red dress from the night before as you rushed over to your mirror, looking for the telltale signs.
Sure enough your neck was littered in little purple marks, decorating your skin like the freckles that covered his perfect face. Fuck. Fuck. FUCK. This wasn’t the plan. You were gonna make him work for it. There’s no way you could lure him in now. He’d be onto his next conquest in no time.
“Yeah, he was a cutie. He even tucked you in and asked for your number before he left.”
You spun around, feeling the bile rise in your throat at the fast movement. “He what?”
Your phone beeped, signaling a new text. Both of your eyes immediately fell upon it, then to each other’s, then back to the phone that you both pounced on. Lucia was faster, grabbing it, typing in the password she had memorized years ago, and clicking on the text.
“Had a great time last night. Could you use coffee as much as I can right now? This is Tom, by the way.” Lucia spoke in a mocking tone as she read the text out loud. You had barely processed the text by the time she texted back and tossed the phone on the bed.
“Get dressed, you have a date in an hour.” And with that she strode past you and into Kiara’s room where she presumably spent the night.
Tumblr media
Taglist: @blindingdutchy @rosyparkers @gh0stgurl @wayfaring----stranger
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spookyscarytom · 2 days ago
heartbroke desperado
heartbroke desperado
arvin russell x reader
sand in my boots by morgan wallen heavily inspired this; no i do not agree with his actions i just really like this song
  “hey kid, wake up. we’re in cincinatti.” as arvin woke up, he stretched and began trying to rub the sleep out of his eyes.
“thank you, sir. i’d give you some money but ‘m afraid i don’t have a whole lot to give.” the man shook his head and grabbed arvin by the shoulder.
“its alright, kid. you just stay safe out here, yeah?” arvin nodded, thanking the man again. he grabbed the small bag he brought with him and walked away from the hippie.
 after walking for what felt like forever, arvin found a park that seemed to have a small beach. he contemplated it for a minute but eventually decided to see what it was all about. he walked up to the shore and stood for a moment, taking it all in, not realizing he had caught someone’s attention.
“you ain’t never seen a beach before?” the girl was now standing by arvin, tilting her head at him.
“what? oh-um-i mean no, not really. only seen ‘em in pictures.” he took a deep breath and turned towards her, his breath immediately catching in his throat. she was beautiful. she had y/h/l, y/h/c hair with the most beautiful y/e/c eyes he had ever seen. she was a bit shorter than him and he liked that. he only realized he was staring when he noticed she had a confused look on her face. “sorry, um, i’m arvin.” she smiled at him and stuck out her hand.
“hey arvin, i’m y/n. are you from here?”
“no, i’m from, well you ain’t never been there.” he shook his head. “where’re you from?”
“oh, i grew up in toledo. i just moved here to go to college.” she tucked a piece of hair behind her ear as she looked at arvin and then looked back out at the water. “were you planning on getting in the water?”
“i-uh-i don’t know. i thought about it. were you?”
“come on, boy. lets get you out in this water.” he laughed at her attempt to talk in his accent and she giggled. as she stripped down to her bathing suit, arvin tried his hardest to be respectful and not stare. clearing his throat, he stripped down to his underwear and let out a breath he didn’t know he had been holding in.
she bit her lip and grabbed his hand, running into the water with him. as they swam, they began to talk and get to know each other. arvin learned that y/n came from a nice family and had a dog named pop that she absolutely adored. she was in college to be a teacher, just like her mama. she learned he had a dog named jack as a kid and that he had been living with his grandma, uncle, and sister for a long time. he refused to tell her why and she respected that. he told her he didn’t really have anywhere to stay or anything to do in cincinatti but that he enjoyed it so far. without thinking, she made him an offer he couldn’t refuse.
“well, if you don’t have anywhere to stay, why don’t you stay with me and my grandma? she owns a little inn downtown and i’m sure she’d be willing to let you stay and maybe even work for her?” y/n smiled at the thought of arvin staying around.
“i would love that, y/n. i plan on getting back on the road soon but i sure would appreciate a warm bed for a night or two.”
her shoulders slumped at the thought of him leaving, even though she had only just met him. “well, cowboy, it would be my pleasure to take you to the finest inn in cincinatti.” she smiled and grabbed his hand. she led him back to the shore, where they both dried off and got dressed. after getting in her small car, she began driving to her grandma’s inn.
“here we are! the finest inn in cincinatti.” she turned the car off and hopped out, holding her arms up in a ‘ta-da’ motion, trying to give arvin the full effect.
“the monroe plaza, huh? looks real nice.” he slung his bag over his shoulder and followed her inside. there, he saw a small old woman standing behind a counter, talking to y/n.
“grandma, this is arvin. he’s new here and he don’t have a place to stay.” arvin nodded at the older woman and stuck his hand out for her to shake.
“hello, ma’am. your granddaughter said you’ve got the finest inn in cincinatti and i believe she was right.” he took his hand out of hers and tightened his baseball cap on his head.
“well, thank you, arvin. we sure do try to keep it intact. now what was this about you not having anywhere to stay?”
 after arvin got settled in and thanked the old woman a thousand times along with offering his help if she ever needed it, he realized y/n had disappeared. he sighed and fell back on the bed, the relaxation not lasting long before he heard someone beating on the door. terrified, he grabbed his gun and held it behind his back, slowly opening the door. there, in all her glory, stood y/n holding several bottles of alcohol. he let out a deep breath of relief and let her in.
“so, i’ve got bourbon, whiskey, and tequila. personally, i enjoy tequila but i know you cowboys like to drink whiskey, so i brought that too. the bourbon is just in case you don’t like either.” she set the bottles down and began looking for glasses or cups in the small room. “aha, perfect!” she found two small glasses in one of the cabinets and began pouring herself a cup before offering arvin his glass.
he let out a small laugh and poured himself a glass of whiskey. she led him to the balcony outside, where they sat and looked at the stars as they drank.
“damn, that sky looks perfect.” she took a sip of her drink and looked at the sky. she looked so peaceful and arvin was secretly jealous. after all that he’d done, he wondered if he’d ever be able to feel peace like that again. he took a sip of his own drink and propped his feet up on the small fence.
“it does, but you haven’t seen a perfect sky or stars until you’ve seen the ones back home.” he joined her in looking up at the sky, thinking of emma and his uncle earskell, and wondering if they were looking at the sky, too. he wondered about their reactions to his letter and what emma would say if she found out what he’d done and where he was now. refusing to seem weak and upset, he shook his head and took another sip of his whiskey. “i mean, them ones back home are more than perfect, honestly.”
“oh yeah? maybe i should see ‘em for myself.” she bit her lip as she smiled at arvin. arvin felt his face heat up as he looked down.
“y-yeah, yeah maybe you should.” his heart raced when he felt her cold hand on the side of his face. when he looked up at her, they were only centimeters apart. she took a deep breath and connected their lips. fire and butterflies erupted throughout both of their bodies as they deepened the kiss.
after what felt like a million years, but still not long enough, she pulled away and pressed her forehead against his. “maybe we should take this inside, yeah?” arvin nodded before grabbing her hand and following her inside.
arvin and y/n were now face to face in the small bed, breathing heavily after the conclusion of their previous actions. arvin was wondering how long he should stay here in cincinatti. he wanted to get to know y/n better but he knew he had to get as far away from knockemstiff and meade as he possibly could. a couple of hours just weren’t enough for him, and he knew word traveled fast. it wouldn’t be too long before the people of cincinatti found out about his crimes and he didn’t want to bring y/n into any of this. he moved her hair out of her face and sighed.
she had a soft smile on her face as she relished in his touch. “so, arvin, how long are you planning on staying?”
“oh, i don’t really know. i was planning on just stopping by and staying for a night so i can get back on the road. i’ve got, um, family in georgia that i’m planning on staying with and they’re expecting me pretty soon.” arvin gulped and prayed that she couldn’t tell he was lying. of course, he wanted to tell her everything but he just couldn’t. there was no way she would look at him the same and he didn’t want to throw all of his problems on her. he decided that she was too kind-hearted to be caught up in something like this, something like him.
“oh, that’s nice. i sure do wish you could stay longer, but i understand.” she looked so sad and arvin felt awful, but, he knew he couldn’t tell her the truth. she rolled over on her side, back facing arvin, and pulled the covers up to her chin.
arvin panicked, not wanting to make her upset. before he even realized it, he was inviting her to come with him.
“what?” she turned around and had a confused look on her face.
“yeah, yeah, why don’t you come with me?” he gulped and tried to read her expression.
“you can’t be serious. what about my college? my grandma?”
“what about it?’ arvin shrugged and looked at her as she made a straight face.
“arvin, we just met like 9 hours ago and now you’re wanting me to go across the country with you? how do i know you’re not a murderer or something?” his eyes widened as he took in her last sentence. she noticed this and rolled her eyes. “arvin, relax. i know you’re too much of a softie to do anything like that.”
he let out a nervous laugh and nodded his head. “if you only knew the truth”, he thought.
“why don’t you just meet me in the morning?” he put his hand on her cheek and rubbed the soft skin with his thumb.
“arvin, you’re crazy.” she shook her head, got up, and began putting her clothes on.
arvin sat up, not expecting her to leave. she placed one last kiss to his lips and took his image in one more time. “goodbye, arvin.” she walked out the door and made her way outside the inn, crying softly once she got inside her small car and began driving to her grandma’s house.
 in the morning, arvin got up and began getting dressed. he could barely sleep last night. he couldn’t stop thinking about y/n and contemplating staying here to get to know her better and eventually become more than friends. after getting all of his things together and making up the bed he made memories he would never forget slept in, he made his way to the door. taking one last look at the small room, he turned around, shut the door and began walking away. he thanked her grandma again and made his way to the bus stop. sitting on the small bench, he began bouncing his leg, wondering if she would show up. yeah, sure, she did have college and a whole life here, and it wouldn’t be wise of her to leave everything behind to go god-knows-where with a man she barely knew, but he still thought that maybe, just maybe, she’d show up. even if she didn’t go with him, he still silently prayed that she’d at least come to say goodbye.
hearing someone sit beside him, he looked up. “y/n?” he said, surprised. the old man, who was definitely not y/n, looked confused and arvin’s face turned bright red. embarrassed, he apologized and continued waiting for the bus. after about 30 minutes, he began to accept his fate. y/n was not coming to apologize and he should have known that. once the bus showed up, he stood up and looked around one more time, just to make sure she was not on her way. with his head down, arvin boarded the bus and chose a seat in the very back. staring at the window, he fell asleep again, wondering what would have happened if he would have been able to stay.
 out of breath, y/n opened the door to the room once occupied by arvin. hearing someone in the bathroom, she sighed a breath of relief. “arvin, thank god you’re still h-“ she paused as she was met with her grandma, and not arvin. her grandma sighed and stopped cleaning the small bathroom. “i’m sorry darling, he left early this morning. i figured you knew or that y’all said goodbye last night.”
y/n’s heart dropped to her toes as she stepped back. “oh, um, yeah, we did. thank you, grandma.” her grandma smiled at her and picked her cleaning back up. y/n walked out of the inn and back to her car. silently, she started her car and began driving home, wondering what could have been.
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hollandsmushroom · 23 hours ago
Tom trying not to laugh at reader going to the gym when she's drunk and she's doing everything wrong
Doing It Wrong || T.H
warnings: drunkenness
word count: 484
You stumbled drunkenly down the stairs to your at home gym, the scent of liquor heavy on your breath as Tom followed closely behind you, much more sober than you were. You had both returned from a night out on the town, Tom having maintained a clear head so he was able to drive the both of you home. To his surprise as soon as he pushed open the door to the house you brushed past him and straight to the stairs, leaving him to hurriedly trail you.
“Love, what are you doing?” he inquired as you both reached the bottom of the steps, eyeing you curiously as you tugged at the sleeves of your coat, trying to rid your body of the garment, spinning around in circles as if it would force you to spin out of the fabric.
“‘m working out, silly” you sighed, looking at him with a ‘duh’ look on your face, one hand on your hip and your body slipping down reaching for the kettle bell that was on the floor at your feet, gripping around the metal handle and struggling to pull it back up till you stood up, body still hanging to one side with the weight as you started to swing it back and forth.
“Darling, thats-no, thats not how you do that” he chuckled as he reached out for you, grabbing the weight as you swung it upwards, ceasing your action. “You’re gonna hurt yourself” though there was levity in his face. His tone was still worried, not wanting you to injure yourself, especially when he could prevent it.
“Ugh, fine” you groaned, letting him take the weight from your hand and walking over to where the erg sat in the corner of the room, sitting on the slide and pushing back from the foot binders and rolling up the rail, a large smile taking over your face as you beamed at Tom, a squeal escaping your lips as you rolled back down.
“Baby, we need to get you to bed” Tom sighed, feeling back for interrupting your gleeful moment but also knowing that you needed to rest.
“But I don’t wanna” you stuck your bottom lip out at him, batting your eyelashes in an attempt to charm your way out of it but to no result.
“But you need to” at Tom’s words you flopped to the side, your feet still hooked in but Tom caught you before you could fall. “See, lets put you to bed” your eyes fell shut as Tom held you tight, slipping your feet out of the stretchers as he brought you upstairs.
“I did everything wrong, didn’t I?” you muttered, words muffled as you pressed into his shoulder.
“No, you did everything just correct, we just need to work on your form” Tom lied through his teeth because he didn’t have the heart to break your drunken spirit.
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🖤Spooky szn writing challenge🖤
Tumblr media
Uh yes, we've made it to the best season ever.
Challenge goes all the way to November 1st of course
Tag me in this please
No non consensual stuff, underage smuts, or weird pedophilia
Smuts, fluffs, and angst fanfics
I usually want writing for the people I write for (Chris Evans, Henry Cavill, Harry styles, Tom holland, harry Holland, damiano David) but I don't mind others
Dad, husband, boyfriend writing more than welcomed
I'll allow moodboards, blurbs, and poems
Please make sure you tag me
Trick or Treating
Walking through a graveyard
A Halloween party
Watching a scary movie/telling a scary story
handing out candy
“There’s a leaf in your hair.”
“Flannel and sweatpants? I like your style.”
“I just want to cuddle by the fire for a while.”
‘Halloween is for five-year-olds, and overgrown ones too.’
Dressing up with toddler niece/nephew/child
‘Why does every costume have to be sexy? I don’t want to be sexy, I want to be the reason why the night is feared, muhahahahaha!’
Sexy costume
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