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#tom holland x reader

Originally posted by avengers-sweethearts

Pairing: frat!boy tom x fem!reader
Word Count: 1.9K

“Those were the rules,” Haz shrugged as you looked at the ping pong ball in the red solo cup. You were down to five cups. At this rate, the odds were against you; you would surely lose this match.

Tom watched as your eyes narrowed. “She doesn’t have to, mate.” He slightly tapped his friend’s chest trying to get him to move on. The gesture was sweet, but you weren’t going to bend the rules. You certainly didn’t need rescuing from Tom.

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hello again! thanks for the love on Awards Season :) this one is based on the beginning of lockdown where the boys were living together. had the idea and the title will make sense in part 2 (if you want it). enjoy!


Never in a million years would I have thought I’d live to see a pandemic, much less quarantine with four boys, one of them who just happens to be my boyfriend. Tom and I had been dating for about six months when the global pandemic was declared, and in the heat of the moment, he suggested I come live with him and his brother and mates, as he called them. I immediately refused, of course, because I didn’t wanna impose in any way or make things awkward for them, but he insisted that everything would be okay and that he would not be able to stand the fact that I was out there living alone while this big thing was happening. I don’t know how, but he was very convincing so here I am. In the UK. In London. Living with my boyfriend and three other boys. Still asking myself how or why.

Don’t get me wrong! It hasn’t been horrible by any means. Sure, it took a bit of getting used to and some uncomfortable silences to get over with his housemates, but other than that it has been quite a beautiful experience. I’ve been able to bond with Tuwaine, Harrison and Harry in different ways, and Tom and I have never been happier. 

Until yesterday.

It’s no surprise lockdown drives all of us a little bit insane sometimes, what with trying to keep our jobs and not being able to go anywhere but the same amount of square feet; it’s hard! It’s also very hard to keep our cool with the people we literally see every day and prevent ourself from projecting our stress onto them, which exactly what happened yesterday with that dear boyfriend of mine. 

Tom had been very busy with some scripts he’d been learning and working on his project with Harry and simultaneously trying to keep his fans happy. Many terrible things had been going on that just piled up on him and his stress level went from 0 to 100 real quick. He was also trying to keep me happy. While he was here living with people he’s known his whole life and his family a 20 minute drive away, he was aware that I am his relatively new girlfriend, an outsider, who was miles away from her family and was living with boys and struggling with online work. I didn’t realize this right away, though. How his shoulders sagged a bit each morning, or how his smile didn’t reach his eyes. His laugh was less present around the house, and he started disappearing into his office more and more until the only times I saw him were sometimes during breakfast and when going to bed. I didn’t notice, and neither did the boys, which I felt really guilty about. 

It clicked at the worst time. I kept wondering why I felt things were weird between him and I, my mind going to the worst of places, of course. I started thinking if he wanted me there at all, how I told him it was not a good idea, or that maybe he now realized that he doesn’t really like me and wanted to break up. Ridiculous, he would say, but he wasn’t there to actually say it or prove me wrong. So, I decided to be upfront and ask him. Communication and all that I said in my head, and headed to his office. 

Yesterday …

“Tom?” I softly knocked on the door. I heard a faint “Come in”, so I opened the door and saw him sitting at the desk. Brows furrowed, pursed lips, his back hunched a little as he was looking at something closely in his laptop. His eyes never moving from the screen.


“What do you need?” he said. Wow, blunt. 

“Uh, I wasss wondering if we could talk?” I answered, absently playing with my fingers out of nervousness. Why am I nervous? It’s Tom.

“Does it have to be now?” 

“I was sort of hoping that, yeah” his eyes finally leaving the screen and looking at me, still standing by the door.

“Okay, but I have to get back to work so if you could make it quick, that would be great” How do I make my insecurity “quick”?!

I struggled to find the words before asking him, “Are things okay between us?” my voice becoming small and my eyes finding my feet very interesting while I waited for a response. Which never came. 

I looked up to find him entranced by his laptop once again. It looked as if he hadn’t heard my question, and that upset me.

“Tom” I called his attention sternly, with a bit of a glare.

“What” he said absently.

“I’m trying to talk about something serious here” 

He sighed, clearly annoyed, rubbing his face and turning to me once more, “What is it?”

Trying to be calm, but my voice becoming a little harsher, “I was asking you if things are okay between us”, which didn’t come out as much of a question anymore.

“Of course they are, why do you ask” Wow, he can’t even pretend to be interested?

“Because I feel like I haven’t seen you and that you’re acting weird. I mean you spend most of the day cooped up in here and you don’t hang out with any of us anymore”, I explained.

“Because I have important work to do, Y/N” his face still held seriousness, like his mind was plagued with problems.

“Well can’t you do it later? I don’t know, take a break and have a snack with us?” I suggested, with hope that we’d get to have a laugh and get over the tension. 

“No, I can’t” he answered shortly. I stood up and made my way behind his chair, my hands going to rub his shoulders trying to convince him, “Oh come onnnn, maybe you’ll work even better after! We haven’t seen you in ages and I miss you” I pouted, even though he couldn’t see me.

Now, as if a bomb had exploded out of nowhere, he abruptly stood up and threw my hands off his body, “I said no Y/N! I told you I’m working on important stuff and that I can’t take ‘a little break’” he yelled, mocking me in the last part, “I’m trying my best to keep my job and work with Harry while keeping all of you safe and providing for you, so no, I don’t have time for a break and if you could just go away it would make me the happiest man a live right now” he finished strongly. He huffed and puffed just like the big bad wolf, pointing to the door while I stood there dumbfounded


I gaped at him with a mix of shock, anger and sadness. Feeling my emotions coming through, I thought like hell he’s gonna see me cry, so I just took a few steps back while making my way to the door and leaving the room quickly, not looking back. As I made my way to our room, I crossed the living room where Harrison, Harry and Tuwaine all quietly looked at me, with pity in their eyes and clearly having heard the argument. I stopped in the middle, looking at each of them but promptly continuing my way to the bedroom, where I closed the door and leaned against it for support. With a few tears slipping down my eyes, I grabbed a towel and locked myself in the bathroom. After turning the shower on, I took off my clothes and got in, letting the warm water fall on me in a comforting matter while I let myself cry freely, thinking once more why am I spending lockdown here with them…with him?


aaaaa part 2? yes? no? 

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So this may or may not be the prologue to my super secret project, which kinda mixes sweet home alabama with the hannah montana movie :)

Please let me know what you think of the 3rd person style! I can’t decide whether to keep it or put the rest of the chapters in 2nd person!

(Tagging my marriage project list below so pls lmk if you don’t wanna be tagged in future chapters!)

Word Count: 400

Warnings: none

Though the summer rain poured down hard and heavy, the kids were playing in the yard, running around as if their clothes weren’t soaked and feet not covered in mud.

Life was easy when you were ten years old. No worries as they chased each other around like always, y/n and Tom.

They had been inseparable since the first day of preschool, when y/n caught a frog and three year old Tom thought that was just the neatest thing, I mean what other girls frog hunted?

As far as he knew, none.

As they continued through elementary school, their families knew their bond was special. The two spent every possible minute together, even convincing their parents to take joint camping trips so they could share the fun.

Tom and y/n made puddles splash as they ran barefooted towards the ”beach”. His family home sat along a small sandy stretch of lake while y/n’s was a short drive away. He had the lake, she had the treehouse.

For kids growing up in the Alabama farmlands, those were the most fun ways to get out of working the land or taking care of animals.

His little hand grabbed hers as he led her around the bend along the lakeshore.

“What are we doing?” Y/n asked, giggling. They had been around this part a million times, what was so special this time?

After a few more steps, Tom stopped and turned around, a toothy grin on his face as he held both of her hands.

“Y/n, I need to tell you somethin’,” he stated, his thick southern accent amplified by his tone.

She furrowed her brows, worried that something was wrong.

“Well, what could it be?” She asked.

“Y/n. I want to be an actor. Like all those rich fancy people on the TV. I wanna do that. And when I do, I’m gonna make you my wife, and we’ll be rich and never have to work a day on the farm again. I promise you that.”

“You really wanna marry me one day?” She asked, smiling.

“I want nothing more than that,” he replied, finishing his confession with a kiss to her cheek and a hug.

For quite a while, y/n and Tom swore up and down that they were in love and would be forever after that day.

Oh how things change.

A/N: sooooo… what do you guys think? I’m so pumped for this one y’all. I promise i haven’t forgotten about the marriage project! I’, just doing a few rewrites in later chapters and trying to get back into a school schedule this semester. 

Let me know your thoughts below and in my asks!

Send a message or ask if you’d like to be added to my permanent or series taglists so I can verify you’ve been added!

Story tag list: @jackiehollanderr, @one-big-fangirl, @l0lmk, @primadonnasdream, @bookworm06, @thenoddingbunny-blog, @agentnataliahofferson, @spider-babe, @stxfxniexreads,

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awwwh please i made this a lil long cuz it’s a super super cute concept :,)


tom 🥰

Hey love. We’re on our last shot, should be home soon


alright good luck!! i’ll wait for you 🤍

Read at 11:37 PM

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idk if you’ve guys have noticed, but I have an unhealthy obsession with inexperienced!peter. ugh. thank you for requesting this <33 peter obvi aged up (18+) for these activities. sorry for any mistakes and bad writing but i hope you like it !! enjoy xxx 


word count: 1,684 of smut, i’m sorry ;)

warnings: oral (m.rec), nervous pete, dirty talk, face fucking, manhandling, cursing, spit kink (lmao whats new), praise, innocent kink? corruption kink? cum eating. idk what else, but i’m sure i forgot something.

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omg i found the best song for ‘cherry’ …. it describes the film perfectly ah

it’s called ‘miss misery’ by elliott smith and you should really listen!!!

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Originally posted by tomhollandsstan

“babe?” you heard tom yell and you peek an eye open.

“in the shower!” you shout back, closing your eyes and jumping when the door opened. “oh hello, movie star” you smile and he kissed you, shampoo running down your face as you kissed him.

“i’ve missed you, and all i wanted all day was to kiss you. and kissing you in the shower just makes it a million times better” he smiles and kissed you again, holding you head and tilting it back to rinse the shampoo out.

“me and tess were bored all day without you here to entertain us. i took a shower just because i was bored. how was the movie today?” you ask as you two switch spots, tom closing his eyes as the hot water calmed his nerves. he took a couple minutes to answer, just letting himself relax. you let him, holding his hand and rubbing your thumb over his hand.

“great. i can’t wait for it to be out. because i’m really proud of this movie” you smile, squirting shampoo into your hand and rubbing them together, scrubbing it into his curls. he held your hips as he bent down a bit so you could have better access to clean his sweaty scalp.

“i’m proud of you, tommy. and from what you’ve told me, it sounds like an amazing movie” you tilt his head back, brushing and scrubbing the shampoo out. he sighed contently, your fingers and the hot water relaxing him so much.

“what did you do all day?” tom asked, backing you up a bit so he didn’t stand directly under the water. he grabbed the body wash, making an ‘o’ with his thumb and pointer, dipping it into the soap and blowing a bubble. you giggle and he smiles, scrubbing his hands together and washing you.

“i missed you. i cleaned our room a bit, me and tess went on a walk to that coffee shop we like. someone recognized me, which was weird. because i’m just me” you shrug and he smiles, shaking his head.

“and you is amazing” he stood up and kissed your cheek, you washing his body and you two rinse off. “i don’t really feel like getting dressed” tom sighed as you two stepped out of the shower, wrapping yourselves up.

“what?” you chuckle, tucking the towel in so it stayed secure around your body. tom tucked it around his waist and looked at you.

“i don’t wanna get dressed. i wanna stay in our towels, and make dinner, and dance, and drink” he listed everything and you nod with a smile, taking his hand.

“then let’s do so, mr. holland”

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Sore Loser


Originally posted by keepingupwiththeparkers

a/n: this is part 3 of The Coconut Debate and Bad at Excuses I’ve been trying to write something else but kept getting stuck and these just kind of come out of the chaotic good part of my brain. if anyone has any requests/prompts please send them in!

word count: 1226

Y/N changed the group name to Tom owes us all £10

Sam: I only accept cash

Harry: Can I have mine in the form of an amazon voucher?

Tom: I don’t owe you anything

Y/N: don’t be a sore loser

Harrison: Yeah a bet’s a bet

Tom: it didn’t count

Tuwaine: Yes it did

Y/N: you told me the ending

Y/N: and you said you weren’t going to give anything away this time

Y/N: therefore you owe us all a tenner

Tom: I didn’t think you counted as you’re my GIRLFRIEND

Harrison: Still counts

Harry: Pay up

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Pairing: werewolf!tom x human!reader

(a bit of platonic werewolf!harrison x human!reader happening)

Warnings: mention of blood and characters’ death, mention of virginity and noncon, a slow burn with sexual tension/teasing, SMUT including oral (f receiving), breeding kink if you squint really hard, multiple rounds of wild unprotected sex in the wood (virgins or not, wrap it up kids!!) and aftercare

Disclaimer: no bestiality involved in any way and if it’s that not your type of au, just keep scrolling and ignore ❤️

Word count: 9.5k+ (jeez me)

A/N: so… helloooooo beauts! and happy new year!! 🎉🎊 hope that 2021 will be better than last year because my god do we all need a break now, imma right? anyway, i’m back with a new lil one shot with our tommy boy – okay i was supposed to post this au for halloween, but then life and time once again you know 🙄 but then i found some motivation to finish it and here it is! hope you will enjoy it, a reblog would be much appreciated as always! stay safe guys, love you! 🔥💞😘

You can always support my writings and buy me a coffee, I would really appreciate it! But a simple reblog would already make my day!

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a lil one inspired from seeing the recent interviews abt cherry - yes im a couple days late but am very slow. This is basically stolen and adapted from another of my stories so I don’t think there’s any bits left over by my dyslexic proof reading isnt that great so apologies!!! very speech heavy so sorry am trying to balance my writing more

Summary: Tom is having a hard time filming Cherry and dealing with the emotional baggage of it, so Harry recruits someone to make everything that little bit better.


fluff and a little angst I guess?


Harry, Tom and their driver Sian where all sitting in the car having left the set 20 minutes ago, heading back to their accommodation. Or more precisely, Harry and Sian sat in the two front seats- Harry only in the front as to allow Tom to lie down across the three back seats. He was asleep, or at least looked asleep, but Harry knowing his brother so well knew he was just wishing he was. The day had been torturous for Tom, they’d been filming a hospital sequence in which his character was heart broken. The sequence had involved him being thrown onto the floor multiple times, by a heavy handed stunt double who was not nearly as precise as those he’d worked with at ‘marvel’. Furthermore, there was also multiple scenes of him having to properly cry on camera, which although it sounds tame, is one of the hardest things you can ever ask an actor to do. At least, someone who commits half as much as Tom. For him to show that emotion, he had to go back to a place in his life where he didn’t really ever want to venture again. But even then, this character was such a fuck up, he had to do deeper.  He felt completely drained, emotionless and cold. But he couldn’t sleep, not for the guilt he felt for being short with everyone on set- he had never been like that before, he just felt like no one was respecting or understanding what he was going through. So instead he just lay on his side, facing the backs of the leather seats, arms folded in stubbornness- even if he had no idea why.

“Tom?…Tom, I know you’re awake… Look, we need to make a quick stop. You gotta come out.” Harry was actually slightly nervous his brother would just point blank refuse, even if he needed this so bad.

“I just need to get back to the apartment. Please Harry. Can’t we do it tommorrow?” The desperation dripping off Tom’s voice actually pained Harry to listen to. He knew Tom was having a crisis about how he treated everyone today, so chose to ignore his please in favour of some assurance.

“You know everyone understands… They just kept asking me if you were alright?” Harry could see the guilt radiating off Tom. It hurt him to see his big brother like this. 

“Please… I just need to get back” His small voice barely made it to the front of the car, but Harry heard it all. 

“It will take 2 minutes tops, I had a delivery but I need a hand carrying it, come on” Harry spoke as Sian turned on the indicator to pulled up next to the sidewalkpavement; the car slowing to a gentle halt. Tom didn’t reply, instead huffing as he used the head rest of the middle seat to pull himself up. Already out the car, Harry opened the door for him waiting patiently, because Harry knew he would be a hundred times better off in just a few moments. 

“What the hell have you even ordered that’s so big?” Tom sighed while ducking through the door into the cold Cleveland air, keeping his eyes on the sidewalk as Harry motioned for him to follow his feet. 

“Oh um don’t know, a good friend sent it actually” Harry tried to hide the grin that was spread over his face from showing in his voice, as he saw a very familiar head of hair running toward them.

“What friend?” Tom looked up sassily toward Harry, shortly questioning who would send Harry a parcel from England that was too big to be delivered or carried by himself. Only then, nearly 5 metres away from Sian in the car, did Tom look up to see where they were. It wasn’t the nearest post office or delivery warehouse - they were at the airport. “Harry what’s going on?” Tom questioned with a low and warning voice, skipping a step or two in order to catch up with his younger brother. 

“We’re collecting her” Harry smiled as he nodded forward. Following his gaze with eyes wide open, Tom turned forward just in time to see Y/h/c  flying over his face as he was engulfed by someones arms. Immediately sensing exactly who this was, Tom did not hesitate to wrap his arms around your waist and push his head into your neck. Smelling the familiar perfume, Tom couldn’t help but scoff, allowing a the jerky breath to leave his lungs as you arched away from the hug, cupping Tom’s face with both her hands. 

“I’ve been reliably informed you could use a friendly face” you smiled, noticing his raw emotions threatening to overtake him, so swiftly pressing just pressing your lips onto his. Seemingly frightened to move, Tom barely reacted to the kiss, so you pushed and deepened into it a little more- till you felt him relaxing against you. With that, you arched away again and smiled massaging his stubbly hair behind his left ear.

“How are you here?” He croaked staring deeply at her, switching between her left and right eye as if that somehow would confirm that this was real, not some cruel dream he was having. 

“Someone somewhere knew you were in need and bought me a plane ticket over… I’m coming home with you on monday” You grinned while  watching Tom’s eyes light up, he leaned in again to your lips instead of replying. 

“Er-cuh-huh” Harry loudly cleared his throat, causing the two to pull away from each other. “Sorry to interrupt, but Sian isn’t really allowed to stop there long sooo” They both nodded, before Tom lunged at his brother, holding him close and whispering thanks too. It was clear this was at least partly Harry’s doing, and he could never thank his brother enough.

“Umm.. as much as I’m enjoying this brotherly love we really do have to get back in the car” Harry awkwardly spoke as he almost pushed Tom off him. 

“Awww my favourite little brother being all mature” You giggled, taking your turn to hug Harry, admittedly a little shorter than Tom’s, but still with lots of gratitude.

“Please get stop loving me and get back into the car!” Harry yelled as he stormed off to Sian, leaving both you and Tom in fits of laughter. Grasping each others hand simultaneously the laughter continued as you followed Harry down the street to the car. 

Seeing you standing there; feeling your arms wrapped round his neck ; hearing your oh so sweet voice had Tom feeling…. Feeling lighter. It was as though your mere presence gave him the strength to carry all the things that were previously weighing him down like a truck. What was extraordinary though, was how it wasn’t just psychological. He literally felt his joints feel looser, he felt his body flood with warmth and he felt his heart calming down. When you’d first been getting close to each you’d had rather the opposite effect. Which was surprising because that was at the point Tom had never felt more confident - he had just returned form a avengers press tour, where naturally everyone had just loved him and played up to his every whim. He had legions of girls, some of them drop dead gorgeous where falling at his feet. And yet, when he met you it was as though he was transported back into his incredibly awkward teenage years. It was infuriating, he knew he could act cool and unbothered and smooth however as soon as you stood informant of his it was like his mind melted, filling it with utter gibberish and garble. In fact, he was plainly floored by you - how kind and pure hearted you were, how respectful and how you found hhis jilted flirting adorable and not to forget how drop dead gorgeous you are. 

It had taken a while and a hell of a lot of opening up, but over time he found the opposite happening. Your presence became something else entirely, not one that would put him on his toes and have his heart racing - more of a comfort. He slept better when you were beside him, his nerves never got the better of him if you were there to cheer him on. He could relax completely without any fear of judgement, any worry at all with you. What you had done is change the definition of something so fudemental and a given in life. You’d changed home from a place to something much more intangible. A person; a feeling; a connection. You were his home.

“Sian are we close?” You asked, turning your attention away from the two brothers annecdotes from filming, realising Sian must’ve been driving for about 30 minutes. 

“Yep just the next right I think” Sian replied gently while turning the wheel as the indicator clicked.

“Where are we going?” Tom asked, looking first at you then pleadingly at Harry- knowing he had more of a chance with his brother. 

“Well” You started and he whipped his head back round “I know it’s late and you’ve been working all day, but you have alater  10 o’clock call time tomorrow instead of 6, so this is the best night to do something. We found a driving range-with heaters” which was a very important factor since Cleveland was bloody freezing “- that we thought you’d like to play a game or two?” The massive smile in response meant you’d hit the nail on the head.

“And soz but I’m crashing the game otherwise- and no offence, but you would win waayyyy toooo easy Tom” Harry butted in and sniggered as he interrupted the lovey-dovey stares. You gasped at that in mock offence, holding your hand over your chest. 

“Oi you, Paddy has been teaching on the Holland boys days out you both missed- I’ll have you know I now am aware that you have to get the ball into the hole, not a goal as previously thought.”

The boys both groaned in unison and Y/n wiggled her eyebrow grinning, elbowing Tom slightly in the side. “Things might have changed since you left you know?”

Yet another thing Tom loved so completely about you, was how effortlessly you had fitted into his family. Honestly, none of the Hollands could imagine life without you anymore - especially Nikki, who had quite literally attempted adopting you so she officially wasnt the only female in the immediate family. Sam used you as an expert taster for all his marvellous culinary creations (even if your judgement was always the same, it was very good); Dom often ended up picking your brains about your work, he found you ‘actual proper’ job as a doctor simply amazing , where all his family had never been especially acadmeically gifted; and Paddy just plain saw you as his older sister. So it was hardly surprising at all that when two of their actual kids flew across the world , you’d been the obvious placeholder. Yes, golf was most definitely your forte - but you were enthusiastic, with a positive (if flightily misguided) give it a go attitude. 

The try-try-and-try-again attitude that never really worked … until Paddy taught you how to hit a clean drive.

“I am not joking, I am asking the lady at the desk there’s no way!” 

“Tom you are the worst looser I have ever met! I didn’t cheat, I’ve just taken up a new hobby”

“There is no way Tom… no way she can get that good” Harry huffed as he ran straight past you to catch up with Tom, making sure that you did see the harsh glare he shot him. The outrage that Y/n had beaten them both at the driving range was way worse than anything you could’ve predicted- now you sort of were wishing you’d let them win. Oh wait…. Of course you weren’t  - this was priceless. Especially their faces when you’d launched your first ball super accurately inn the centre of the second furthest away target. They had reacted as if you had just stripped butt naked, you thought; standing their jaws hanging with a look of almost fear in their eyes.

“You could see the balls land with your own eyes! Practice makes perfect!”

“Thats not fair though! It took you like 8 weeks to be like that?”

“I mean you were obviously just taught by the wrong Holland, Paddy’s a  pretty good teacher!” You smiled as your trio turned the corner and walked through reception, seeing Harry desperate to ask the receptionist but Tom just looking over his shoulder to give a hurt look to at you.

“I’m going to ban you from being closer to my brothers than me”

“I can’t help if he’s cuter then you alright?” You smirked and raised an eyebrow, as Tom stopped in his tracks and turned to face you.

“That’s it… your gonna get it” he spoke in a low voice, with a mischievous look in his eye, abruptly he launched himself at you -  barely having  time to swerve away from him and start a sprint towards the exit, giggling as you took a glance back to see Tom chasing you out, Harry quickly in tow too. 

“Your not allowed to beat me at golf!” In a jokey voice, you heard Tom yell, just as you reached the sleek black 4x4 and hurdling yourself into it. 

“I’m in the car it’s a no fight zone!” You cowered in the corner,back pressed up against the opposite door and  arms crossed to make an ‘x’ sign in front of her body. 

“That is not how it works” Tom and Harry grinned from the open door. As fast as lightning they both vaulted in and started tickling you, making you screech curses at the two of them.

“Alright alright kids, no fighting while I’m driving thats an order.” Sian calmly spoke, trying to hide the laughter from her voice, as the two men retreated and helped to pull you up from the position half on the floor that your squirming had gotten you to. 

“Get off my leg Tom… arghhh… thanks Sian, I’m sorry they’re so moody, I just whipped their asses at golf”

“You’re here to make me feel better right? Not doing a good job so far” Tom’s snide remark meant you scrunched up your nose while plugging her seatbelt in, making sure to jab Tom’s side hard as you did so.

“How did I end up sandwiched in between you two twats then?” You grinned from the middle seat as Harry just rolled his eyes looking out the window, and Tom gave you a loving smile- not able to hide his relief of your presence.

“Think it’s about a 40 minute drive you gotta enjoy” Sian smiled looking at you via the rear view mirror, to which Tom couldn’t quite stifle the yawn that escaped. 

After all he had done much more than the typical 9-5 hours work, and the golfing was an unexpected addition to the already long day. His excitement and just pure joy at having you here had made him forget about It all for a couple of hours - but now his exhaustion was catching up with him with a vengeance. Instinctively you wrapped you arm round Tom and in doing so pulled him into your side. 

“Get some rest huh?” You whispered into his forehead, and all Tom could do was reply with a weary nod, letting his eyes slip close to the constant beat of Ally’s heart. You immediately sensed Tom was properly out of it, and contented yourself looking out his window for a few minutes,  before you felt something heavy briefly whack your other shoulder. Jumping a little at the contact, you looked round to see Harry’s head bobbing side to side in a light slumber. In the midst of worry for Tom, you hadn’t realised the kid had been doing the same long hours as him. Plus dealing with Tom and being Tom’s support, which surely took it out of him. Harry had always been ‘the most important brother’ in your eyes. Just because Tom trusts him so implicitly and completely, they had an understanding only real brothers could get to but also extended far beyond blood. When you’d first been introduced Harry had been colder to you. It wasn’t personal though, he just wanted to be sure on you and your intentions with Tom because as he well knew often when people saw Tom they didn’t just see an opportunity for love. It was an opportunity for a lifestyle, for fame, for relevance. Harry took a while before he trusted you but now you were miles and miles beyond that point. So now, being at a stage with Harry where he was phoning you to come and fly out to save Tom (and him too). It was not to be taken lightly.  Therefore, you gently pressed your hand to Harrys face and pushed him to lean against her other shoulder too- hoping to cure the dark circles under his eyes a little bit too. 

You were quite content for the rest of the journey, feeling warmth radiate through your body as the two men breathed deeply and calmly either side of you. You sort of didn’t want the car journeyer to end - but sure enough it wasn’t long till Sian was pulling into the hotel entrance.

“Get you a girl that can do both, beat yo ass at golf and look after your family” Sian whispered as she handed the phone back to you, after having taken some of your favourite ever photos, the 2 boys asleep on your shoulders while you pulled a variety of different faces. Smiling back at Sian, you then sighed-knowing she had to wake the two up, given their exhaustion you didn’t really want to either. 

“Boys…boys… hey let’s get you both into bed yeh?” You spoke softly, gently raising your shoulders in order to disturb them both. Harry’s head immediately shot up, his eyes puffy and half open, but a sheepish look on his face as he realised how he was sleeping. Just responding with a smile that said it was all okay, before  you turned her attention to Tom- forever stubborn to wake up, at least nothing had changed there. 

“Come on Tom, can’t have you sleeping in the car all night” You pushed again, this time lifting Tom’s head, earning a very deep groan as his eyes slid open and he pushed against the movement. It was at this point Harry slammed the car door shut, making Tom jump out of his skin, you loosing the hope of any serene wakeup call. Rubbing Toms arm, relaxing the tension now present in his body you encouraged him once again. “Come on lets get inside mister” 

His hotel room was exactly what you’d expect for an a-lister and lead actor in a million pound film. Large, modern, squeaky clean and posh. It was almost too big to be filled by one person though, Tom had always found it a bit cold and just not cosy - why he opted to spend the majority of his down time either fast alseep or in somebody else’s company. Both of those also stopped him getting too much in his head - or more accurately in his characters head. Cherry was a weird character and from interviewing all the veterans and lengthy discussion of his past, Tom almost felt as if he had in some small way experienced what Cherry had. Felt what Cherry did. Thought like Cherry did. 

And that was a sure fire way to fuck yourself up.

Now, with you here in his room haphazardly digging through your case, if felt warmer. The cold but brilliant white lights seemed to have softened to a gently warm glow that bounced off your skin and made your figure look almost angelic to Tom. You were his home. 

“What are you waiting for?” You mused while turning away from your (now) inside out suitcase, proudly carrying her pyjamas which you had found hidden at the bottom the whole time- not the most practical packing in the world. All the while Tom sat on his bed, back leaning against the headboard and arm bent behind his head too.

“Just thinking that I need to go through all the scenes for tomorrow” A monotonous tone laced his voice, for he knew he couldn’t spend the night the way he really wanted to, safely wrapped up with you.

“Oh… well let’s go through it together then hey? We will be done in no time; but if you want we can go over them again tomorrow morning.” It was a practical suggestion, a helpful action you could implement - even if you had a feeling Tom wouldn’t just agree. Since his lines clearly weren’t the only thing on his mind this evening. 

“Yeh but everyone on set is already sick of me after today… I can’t be being shit as well as horrid” his voice was small as the memory of how he snapped at some of the extras had him cringing inwardly at himself. He shouldn’t have been that rude, shouldn’t have blurted it out, should of offered a solution rather than just critiquing.

“Hey would you kindly shut it? No one is sick of you, everyone is just ready for christmas and missing their families. Now get changed” Your soft tone turning into an imperative order, as you threw his pyjama bottoms at the him, smashing into his face before falling into his lap.

“Oi” he shouted, but followed instructions and stood up reaching round to pull his hoodie off. Stood shirtless, his side was exposed to the now changed you, the sight making you gasp and clamber over the bed to gently touch Tom’s back. You followed the outline of an impressive patch of bruising, stretching from the bottom edge of his shoulder blade all the way to his hip. 

“Tom, what the hell happened?” Whispering in fear, Tom turned round to face you, seeing your eyes watering up as you kept glancing at his back. He was littered in a variety of purple, yellow and slightly green marks on the whole of his left flank. It looked like a minor crush injury, not something a pampered actor gets after a day of filming infront of tens of people including an onset medic and health and safety risk assessor. 

“What?” Tom asked before turning to the mirror and looking back over his shoulder to see the bruises for himself. He hadn’t expected the ache to look that bad. “oh - I - er… Today the scene, I get smashed to the floor by someone and I kept doing it wrong so we had to do it lots I guess.” He looked away and down at your feet, not being able to meet his girlfriends eyes suddenly. You just nodded, trying to blink back the tears-  he had truly been broken by this role both physically and now mentally- he hadn’t even put a stop to the constant and clearly severe pain. 

“Put your stuff on” your  voice was muted, as you waited for Tom to get prepared. He turned around again and then replaced his trousers and quickly pulled a top on to hide the marks, suddenly embarrassed. In the silence the sound of his clothes dropping to the floor, then of him sitting on the bed again- throwing his legs over so now he mirrored your position - the sounds were pretty defeaning.

“I love you so much….” Barely whispering, you suddenly ripped the duvet out from under you both holding it over you as you swung a leg over Tom so you straddled him, slightly leaning over him and letting the blanket rest on top of your back.In your position you looked down in an almost scary way to his warm brown eyes. Tom swore you were literally reading his thoughts, your intense gaze absolutely crumbling any walls he thought he’d be able to hold up. Pressing a gentle peck to his lips you then whispered onto his lips, letting him feel your words as well as hear them. “ …So that’s why we are going to sleep right now and you can worry about all of that tomorrow”

“Y/n I-“

“Your safe with me.” You were not standing for his nexuses and arguments, as you slid down his body - ending with your head resting on his chest, you legs tangled with his. Once you’re properly rested you’ll learn them ten times faster than what you can now… Before you get ill I am telling you to take a break. I’m not going to let you not. So relax and-….Tom?” Ending with a whisper, you delicately lifted your head off his slowly rising chest to see your broken boyfriend already asleep; lips parted as soft snores crept through the silence. In reality as soon as you’d said that he was safe the exhaustion had completely over taken him. Desperately needing to recharge his batteries, no matter how much he had wanted to stay up and work late it could never really happen - at this point physically impossible.

“Sleep well Tom” she smiled, planting a kiss on his cheek with a sad smile.


The next day rolled around all too quickly, but the morning was much better than any of the past couple of months because you were together. Tom, having had a solid 7 hours of sleep compared to his normal 5, was for once ready for the day. He’d gone through the script with a certain someones help in record time, and now the three were just pulling up at the set. 

“You’ve been awful quiet this car ride…” you grinned as she clasped Tom’s hand across the empty seat, making Harry turn around and give you a warning glance. Oops. In a moment where Tom went to the loo at breakfast, Harry had fully disclosed everything that had happened on set yesterday- especially the  burst of anger. So naturally, Tom was feeling nervous and scared to face everyone. 

“It will be fine I promise… and if not tell them I’m your personal body guard- no one will be rude to you if me and Harry are ready to attack” Tom let out a breathy nervous laugh, only then meeting your eyes.

“ A fly wouldn’t be threatened by you two. Harry would just take a photo while you’d check their pulse or something”

“Errrm” Harry furrowed his eyebrows as he contorted round from the front seat so Tom could see his disapproving look, meanwhile Tom was dodging your affectionate fake-slaps.

“Children we’re here” Sian sighed as she brought the car to a steady halt “and if you could get through the day without killing each other I’d appreciate it, otherwise I’m out of the job”

“Not promising anything when I’ve got these pair to deal with” Tom grinned as he opened the car door, before anyone else could retaliate.You laughed before quickly following suit, joining Tom at the front of the car and interlocking your fingers with Tom’s. Hesitating for a moment Harry took a second before unplugging and leaning for the door handle.

“You see what I mean?” Turning his head to look at Sian “It’s sickening how happy they are.”

“Yeh but your glad about it don’t lie” she grinned, before practically shooing the poor boy out her car.

“But dont tell them!” Shouting in reply, as the car was already pulling out. 

Tom’s body seemed to tense more the closer you walked to the crew tent, you could feel the way he squeezed his shoulders back and his jaw tensed and untensed. There was little you could do apart from squeezing his hand that little bit tighter - further reiterating the fact you would always always be in his corner. Perhaps the most telling about Tom’s own character was how truly guilty he felt for the way he was with the crew. Normally, he was one of the most down to earth actors around - no trace of an ego or superiority complex. It didn’t matter if you were a cleaner or head of a multimillion dollar studio, Tom would pay both the same amount of respect. He always out that completely down to his upbringing and mum and dad, but even that was being humble. He was just a good person to the core, no one saw that more than you either. It’s part of love, you see the good and the bad parts of a person and promise to unashamedly love them all. 

Just before you both had made it into the main tent, Tom was pulled away. “Oh Tom we wanted to talk to you about yesterday!” The familiar voice of Joe Russo called, as he and Anthony  ran up to Tom from his left, giving a little nod of greeting to the actor, before falling in step with him.

“Morning, I-uh I wanted to apologise actually-“Tom was cut off while you hung back off to his right, not wanting to intrude on this conversation.

“No we should. The team were all being slow yesterday, and they were making some hard scenes harder on you. We really appreciate what you are putting yourself through for the sake of the film.”

“But still I acted like a brat and I’m sorry”

“Tom” Anthony spoke up for the first time. He was a man of limited words- but whenever he spoke everyone listened. “ You are one of the best, most-dedicated actors we’ve ever worked with. We’re all overtired, run down and ready for the holidays. You’re missing your family too. It’s already forgotten… So let’s just get on with the movie?” Tom smiled, pressing his lips together to stop their kindness overtaking his emotions. Tom always felt safe with the Russo’s. They’d dealt with him when he really just was a kid actor - overwhelmed and without a clue what was happening. They’d dealt with hiM adjusting to fame and the much bigger part Marvel seemed to want him to play in the future. They trusted him with this, most incredibly complex and also personal film for them. So when they spoke and they said it didn’t matter, Tom was much more likely to agree.  Then proceeded the bro-hugs, as the men all showed they were good with each other. 

“Well lets make a motherfucking movie!” Tom exclaimed once they broke the hug and the brothers laughed at him. “Oh where-d….” He muttered as he looked round before meeting your eyes, still standing rather awkwardly a couple of meters behind them. “ Joe, Anthony you remember Y/n?” Nodding and smiling the brothers beckoned you over; both greeting you with a warm handshake. 

“Good to see you again!” You grinned and the directors responded nodding.

“We didn’t know you were coming! I would’ve made a list of all my doctor question for you.” Joe winked, knowing your pet-peeve was people asking you all their gory body questions as soon as they found out she was a doctor. You didn’t need to know about you dentists acid reflux issue, you didn’t need to know about your granny’s friend’s constipation, and you really really didn’t need to know about an old friends erectile dysfunction.

“Ha ha ha “ You rolled your eyes sarcastically “ and no it was a bit of a spontaneous trip, I just landed last night.” Throughout the whole of the exchange Anthony had taken an aloof stance, just  observing you and Tom. Observing the bright smile Tom gave you, even when you were simply making small talk. The way he looked so much healthier, well rested and just happy, in the space of a single evening.

“I’m glad you’re here” Anthony basically interrupted the conversation, addressing you then immediately turning on his heel towards the set. 

“Uhh right- get to make up we’ll call a cast meeting in a bit” Joe stammered, giving his brother a funny look before addressing Tom “ and we’ll have to have a proper catch up later.” You nodded in response, as Joe turned and did a half jog to catch up with his brother. 

“That was weird!?” You frowned as you looked up at Tom. He explained the encounter in rather simplistic terms.

“That was Anthony.”

The morning was spent with Tom doing what he does best in front of the camera. They were shooting a larger scene for the army section of the movie, with at least 100 actual soldiers as extras, all geared up in full camo outfits. It was impressive, but also gave you a chance to meet Ciara - you’d been dying to meet her since Tom told you what a laugh she was. Fair to say you weren’t disappointed at all, you guys hitting it off instantly and you going as far as giving Ciara some embarrassing Tom stories that she could wind him up with in the future. Of course though, the main attraction was seeing Tom act first hand. Every time it astounded you, even though you knew that face so completely, in all his movies he fully had you believing he was someone else. It was mesmerising and you couldn’t be any prouder. 

“You’re amazing! I seriously forgot how good you are!” You ran over as Joe Russo called cut to the end of the morning shoot. 

“Well er thanks I guess” Tom furrowed his eyebrows as you wrapped him in a hug. He’d just canned a pretty hard scene and everyone was more than ready for a lunch break. You’s been watching from behind the cameras with Harry the whole time, after Tom gave you permission to sit in his special set chair.

“Seriously I’m very…. “ Her speech broken with an impressive yawn “….very proud of you.” In thanks Tom gave you a kiss first to your nose and then lips. 

“I take it someones not adapting to jet lag?” He chuckled as he pulled away and cupped your face in his hands.

“Which I’m totally ashamed about considering I work night shifts… my body clocks supposed to be better than this” Angrily, you vented, frustrated at your own body when all you wanted to do was stays within reaching distance of Tom. Even if Tom had had the best sleep of this whole shoot last night, you’d been to over excited and enthralled just absorbing every little thing about him that you’d missed so much that you’d been wide awake the majority of the night. If you blamed you fatigue on jet lag alone, it would be an impressive lie. 

“Go take a nap in my trailer… Harry can you take her?”

“Yes master” Harry bowed down and wobbled his head sarcastically, making you giggle. 

“At least this way you get a break from him” You grinned to Tom’s brother, which Harry could only agree with. Giving Tom a parting kiss , you followed Harry away from set. It was at this point that Anthony excused himself from the monitors reviewing the footage, and approached Tom.

“Kid… that was great that scene.”

“Thanks mate, means a lot” Getting his directors approval forever reassured Tom, letting him relax his shoulders a bit as he nodded gratefully to Anthony. 

“Well it’s just truth… so your girlfriend, Y/n right?”

“Yeh that’s her” Tom nodded, suddenly a little concerned as to where Anthony was going with this. You had met the Russo’s a number of times, and it never before seemed as though Anthony had an issue with you- at least to Tom’s knowledge.

“Right well um… you know how I don’t really get involved in all this stuff…” Tom nodded, folding his arms apprehensively. “But I just thought I should say that she’s really good for you.” Tom silently breathed a sigh of relief and waited for Anthony to get to the point. “Joe told me you had a rough patch at the beginning of the year so… I don’t know our industry is hard. And harder for you and her in the spotlight… Just seeing you with her today…Don’t be afraid to take the next steps with her…Don’t let her get away.” Tom was stunned to say the least. Anthony is the last person he had ever expected to get relationship advice from. 

“I um yeh… I don’t know I hadn’t really thought about it. I mean we’ve been together for 2 and a bit years, well including the break… she means the world to me-“

“Well don’t waste it”

And that was the end of the conversation. Anthony turned to his trailer to get lunch and Tom just stood, replaying the conversation in his head. Weird to say the least. 

But it did get the cogs turning. It did get Tom really seriously considering his future. Or rather considering your future together.

And that was for certain. It was you and him, always. 

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Sam: Sam would be shy, could see him being a little awkward and blushing a lot.

Harry: Harry would be himself, he wouldn’t be too confident but he would crack jokes constantly and make sure to hangout with you as much as possible.

Tom: Tom would be smooth, he would flirt with you constantly.

Harrison: Harrison would flirt with you all the time, he would love the idea of making you blush but at times he could make a fool of himself

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A/N: this is a reupload since i cant think of anything to write hefiygffy also requested by @parker-hollandx​ from before! Reblogs are appreciated, enjoy!!

edit- had to remove the gif coz the fic wasnt showing in the tags smh :((

Masterlist ☆ Blurbs

Pairing- Tom Holland x Reader

Word Count- 395 (smol fic)

Warning- none

Summary- you and tom bmp into each other

Oversleeping on a day when you decided to study for your finals starting next week was not a good idea at all. You were rushing around in your room, cleaning up all of your mess around your roommate had left, before grabbing all your books and running to the cafe near your uni for a study session.

Walking with an extremely fast pace and your eyes glued to the ground, you did not notice someone walking in your direction. This caused the both of you to crash into each other, both falling down on the ground, with your books scattered around in the ground.

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry, I wasn’t even looking!” You apologized to the person in front of you. It was Tom, you realized, mentally facepalming yourself. Why did you have to hit him?

“It’s alright, I should’ve watched.” He said sheepishly, rubbing the back of his neck.

“No it’s my fault, I was in such a hurry.” You cut him off. Both of you bent down at the same time, you to pick up your books, and he to help you with it.

As the both of you grabbed the same book, you accidentally held each other’s hands, which caused the both of you to look at each other in the eyes.

Woah, she’s pretty, he thought.

He’s so cute! Your mind said.

Hastingly, he helped you up. “Here,” he said, handing over your book.

“Thanks,” you said shyly, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear.

“Are you hurt?”

“No, I’m totally fine.”

“I’m Tom, by the way.”

“I’m (y/n). Nice to bump into you, Tom.”

“Hey, I was wondering if…if..uhh…you wanted to hang out sometime? Like a-a date, only if you want though, I don’t want to pressure you or anything-” he rambled, his cheeks turning red.

“Yes, Tom. I would love to go on a date with you.” You said, blushing hard.

“Ooh, okay, then how about this Friday, if it’s okay?”

“I have exams next week, but I could text you.”

The both of you exchanged phone numbers. You gave a sweet kiss to his cheek.

“Bye, Tom. Call me later.”

“By-bye.” He said, as you went into the cafe, his fingers brushed over his cheek, where you had just kissed him, feeling a tingling sensation. He smiled sheepishly, thinking about your soon-to-have date.

The end

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Undercover Lovers

Mob!Tom AU 


Chapter 8 

Chapter 9

In all the mess of finding each others real identities, you and Tom used to have secret dates in a hidden garden behind the mansion. Anytime if either of you would be stressed from work, you would just text each other and meet up there; sometimes just walk on the moonlight path or just admire the blossoming flowers under the sun.

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So… I broke my phone and I need to get it fixed. On Monday Ima go and ask how long will it take but i don’t think that i’ll be having a phone at least for a month, cuz here we’re still in quarantine and it takes so long, so i possibly will not be updating anything. I also don’t feel so comfortable writing on my computer so yeah please forgive me😭😭 i’ll try to do some requests today and tomorrow, but i’m not sure if i can answer them all cuz i have to study too!!!

I hate my life!! Seriously… bye!!

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 Prince!Tom Holland x Fem!Reader


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A/n : I like royal aus leave me alone

Summary : With the plan in action to finally take down the king, you and Tom have a final talk before the battle for freedom, not before he has a vivid nightmare leaving him questioning if everything is really worth it to save his people.

Warnings : cursing, descriptions of blood, death (animals and people), violence,  floof and angst

Word Count : 4.2k


“But father-”

“I said again.”

Tom took a deep breath, rolling his shoulder muscle before loading his bow with an arrow, raising it up and drawing it back. He didn’t want to release it, he already killed so many harmless animals that his father just left to rot, not even taking it in to use as food for the kingdom. 

Sure, the rest of the animals of the forest would have a field day with the meat, but what was the point when they had the power to do it themselves? Maybe it was just the sick smile on his father’s face when he walked up to the dead corpse, kicking its limp body in victory. He could still feel the bile in his stomach threatening to rise when every arrow hit, killing the helpless animals.

“Shoot it Thomas,” His father whispered faintly in his ears, a harsh hand falling on his shoulder, “Shoot it in the heart,”

Tom held his breath, aiming the arrow at the animal before finally releasing, flinching at the sound of arrowhead puncturing the flesh. He looked down at the ground in shame, not wanting to see the dead animal bleeding out on the floor.

“Good job,” his father said, patting his shoulder, “She’s going to enjoy the pain,”

Tom grew confused at his fathers words, usually he wouldn’t question his outlandish comments but the exhaustion creeping up his back took away the filter keeping his thoughts to himself, “I don’t know about that father,” he scoffed, ready to move on the next victim if that meant getting back to the castle early.

“Shame really, she was a beautiful one,” he continued, ignoring his son’s words, “But that’s what you get when you come into the wrong territory,”

Tom rolled his eyes, “Pretty sure we’re the ones who invaded them,”

“Still, I’m still powerful enough to let you do the work for me,” he cackled, “Powerful enough to make you kill your own friend or was she more than that?” he said slowly, his voice becoming dangerously low,“Y/h/c hair, y/e/c eyes and a spirit that lead to her demise,” his voice started to echo, “By your own hand,”

Tom’s eyes shot open, he looked back at his father before looking at the clearing where he shot the deer. Instead of the bleeding out animal he expected, he saw you, on your knees with an arrow sticking straight out of your chest.

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Headcanon time!

  • Tom knew you better than anyone to begin with
  • Prior to your pregnancy
  • He knew when to expect your periods
  • And how to react to them
  • What you needed to feel more comfortable
  • Now that you were carrying his child, he was even more attentive
  • Always made sure you were drinking water
  • Doted on you and brought you whatever food you were asking for
  • Even if it was ridiculously complicated
  • Or unappealing to non-pregnant people
  • Or a food you used to hate
  • He rolled with the changes of you discovering that you couldn’t stand the smell of your old favorite snacks
  • At first your unprovoked breakdowns threw him off
  • He soon realized it was pregnancy hormones
  • Tom didn’t mind reassuring you that he loved you
  • Or that he thought you were beautiful
  • Or that you would be a great mom
  • Anything to soothe you and stop the tears
  • He hated seeing you cry
  • And when you cried over silly things
  • Like you knocked over the milk
  • Or you couldn’t tie your shoe
  • Or the fact that puppies would never know how cute they are
  • He hid his smile and tried not to let you see him laugh
  • As he stroked your back
  • And let you cry yourself out on his shoulder

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Star Wars Companion: Part Two

Peter Parker x Y/n

Word count: 1.4k

Warnings: Cussing, angst, a little fluff , death (in a flashback)

Summary: After Peter and y/n have made plans to watch the movies, y/n stops at the convenience store to grab snacks but things turn south real fast. (This story is from y/n’s POV unlike the previous one just a heads up)


Originally posted by tinyyoungblood

 Y/n POV:

“It’s 15th Street apartment 410 and does 8pm work for ya?” Peter said

“Yeah that’s sounds good”

“Alright see you tomorrow!”

“Oh and I will provide snacks since you are providing the movies. See you tomorrow :)” Blushing after sending the last text. He made my heart jump out of my chest. I have always been too shy to talk to him not because he’s intimidating but more of not knowing how to talk to him. I was never good at talking to boys in general and starting a conversation was not my specialty. After seeing the millennial falcon on his backpack in art class, finding that common ground made it easier to reach out to him. Now that I am going to his place to watch my favorite franchise, my heart is flowing with joy.

Next day couldn’t have gone any slower. It seemed like an hour had passed by but I would look at the clock and only 5 minutes had passed by. I was just wanting to go over to Peter’s to spend time with him and watch the movies. After school, I had gone home and started to gather things that I wanted to bring over. I grabbed my Star Wars blanket, I always have it with me when I watch the movies, my dad has given it to me when I was younger when we watched them together. Star Wars has always reminded her of her dad, she got her love from Star Wars from her dad. I had to think of something else before I started crying because today is not the day for crying it is a joyful day. I grabbed my phone out to text Peter, “Can’t wait time see you at 8. Don’t forget! (ps what kind of snacks do you want?” I had sent the text waiting for his response. Since we were watching the movies later, I was able to crank out some homework, it was a way for time to go by faster. Finally it was 7 and Peter still hasn’t responded to my text. I thought it was weird but I just figured he was just doing homework and not paying attention to his phone. With that being said, I got up and took my stuff to bring over and left my apartment, my mom works nights at the hospital so she was never home when I was home. As I went to the convenient store, I was searching through snacks and candies, I guess I have to choose for him I thought to myself. After some debating, I finally grabbed a few snacks and I made my way over to the clerk. As I was getting in the line, a couple of men came in with masks on with only the eyes and mouth showing. I knew we were screwed as soon as I saw them.

“EVERYONE ON THE GROUND!” One man shouted holding a gun at the people in the line

“GIVE ME ALL THE DAMN MONEY FROM THE REGISTER RIGHT NOW!” One of the men said pointing the gun at the cashier. He shouted at the clerk. As everyone was getting one the ground freaking out, my body did nothing. I dropped the snacks from where I was and was completely frozen, my body could not comprehend what was going on. The robber that was pointing the gun at the people in the store, I made eye contact with him. My heart dropped.

“Come here sweetheart” he says in a creepy voice as he was using the gun to usher for me to come over. I still was frozen and could not move.

“I said COME HERE RIGHT NOW” as he shouts and points the gun at me. His voice startled me and I felt my eyes start to water. My feet were finally able to slowly move to him.

“Hands in the air” he said and I obeyed.

“Good girl” as he uses his free arm to wrap around my waist to hold me while pointing the gun at my head. “You are my ticket out for when the cops come. Yeah you’re going to be some nice leverage” he whispers into my ear. At this point my chances of living are decreasing by the second, so if I was going to have courage it had to be now.

“How about you fuck off and go die in a hole”

“Shut the fuck up bitch! Maybe I will just kill you now” he says as he presses the gun further into my head as if it wasn’t close enough. Maybe that wasn’t the best moment for courage. It didn’t matter at this point. I was thinking that this was it, I was going to die. This robber was going to shoot me like how my father was shot in the middle of a robbery just like this. I didn’t want to die, I wanted so much more with my life, I wanted to explore the world, especially Venice and take a gondola ride, I wanted to have a family, but most of all, I just wanted to say one last I love you to my mom. I wondered if that was one of my dad’s last thoughts when he died, if he just wanted to say I love you to my mom one last time. Not knowing when he was going to pull the trigger made the situation so much worse, the anticipation was killing me. I just wanted to know if he was going to do it or not.

“And mister have you ever learned that stealing is wrong, even I was taught that at a young age” a person in a red and blue tight suit just said leading against the door. Speaking so casually like the robbers was no real threat. The robber that was holding me had shifted us to be facing the mysterious person instead of looking sideways. Then after getting a better look at the person, I realized it’s Spider-Man, my chances of getting out of this alive just increased just a little bit, making me hopeful. As we turned Spiderman had shot his webs which ended up tying the robber who was pointing the gun at the clerk.

“And for you know it’s rude to hold someone hostage…” Spider-Man started to fade out when he looked at me.


Both the robber and I were a little shocked that he had said my name.

“Oh so you know this girl. Is that so? Huh, well know I am most definitely taking her with me”

Even though the robber was speaking, I wasn’t really paying attention to what he was saying. Even though he just threatened to kidnap me, I knew that Spider-Man was going to get me out of this. I was just thinking about how Spiderman knows my name. Did I know him personally? Or did he just know my name? Have I come into contact with Spiderman real identity?

“How do you…” but before I could finish my question, Spiderman shot a web from his wrists and took the robber’s gun out of his hand. With a little bit of courage that I had left, I had elbowed the robber in the gut. As he was grabbing his now hurt stomach, I took this opportunity to run away from the robber. Maybe telling the robber to fuck off helped after all. Once I was out of reach, I had turned around and Spider-Man had already tied him up in his webs. After tying him up, Spiderman made his way toward me.

“Are you okay?” He asked. My adrenaline was still pumping throughout my entire body.

“Um, yeah I think so. Thank you for saving my life.”


“I am forever grateful”

“It’s nothing really, I’m just doing my job” as he itches the back of his head.

“Hey um how do you know my name?” Almost forgetting to ask him.

“Oh um I ah um sorry, um I-I got to go maybe next time” he states as he starts to run away, he turns back around and sees that you are picking up tour snacks that you dropped on the ground. He quickly comes back to your side and helps you pick up your snacks.

“You know what is a good snack miss?”


“Sour Patch Watermelons” he says and quickly runs away and swings his way out of the convenience store right before the police show up.




Thank you so much for reading my story! There are few things I need to mention

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