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#tom holland x reader

Pairing: Tom Holland x Female Reader

Warnings: smut

Summary: On the biggest Halloween party of the year you meet a mystery guy dressed as Spider-Man. You haven’t even seen his face, but somehow you just can’t get enough of him.

Word Count: 5.8k

Notes: Okay, so first of all, thank you everyone for your kind words after reading the teaser! Also, I can’t ever thank enough to my wonderful editors @worldoftom and @hypnotized-so-mesmerized ! Thank you for staying up all night, listening to me talking about it for daysss and making this fic as amazing as it is! Also, thank you to my lovely twin @rebekkah4766 for brainstorming with me and jumping in whenever I needed her to!


It was your favorite holiday of the year. Halloween.

As a kid, you would look forward to it all year, excited to go trick or treating, collect loads of candy, and eat it with your friends. Now, you loved the holiday for a different reason. You still looked forward to Halloween months in advance, but not for trick or treating. Halloween gave you the chance to don a mask and transform. There’s something about those masks and the anonymity that they provide. Wearing a mask always set you free.

“Are you coming, Daenerys Targaryen?” your best friend called out from outside of the car, her voice pulling you out of your thoughts. She wasn’t completely wrong, you did reuse your old Daenerys blonde wig tonight, styling it differently to get your character’s famous platinum blonde hair just right.

“How many times have I told you, I’m Black Cat tonight!” you said, finally climbing out of the car.  As soon as you did, you started regretting your decision. Your leather costume was too tight. It did hug your figure in all the right places, but it was so uncomfortable to move with it on. The white fur around your wrists and neck wasn’t helping either.

“Oh yeah, I forgot how much of a nerd you are,” she said as she took your hand and started tugging you towards the entrance.

“Wait a second,” you said, pulling you and your friend to a stop to unzip the front piece of your costume. You had debated whether you should rock the famous Black Cat décolleté, and at the last moment you decided to go for it.

“Well, now we’re talking, come on!”

The loud beats and bass vibrations took over your senses as you entered the club, looking around in awe at the lights and decor. The place was crowded, full of people in various costumes, all of them wearing masks. You could barely recognize the rest of your friend group as they spotted you and waved you over.

“How did you manage to get us into this club?” you leaned over to ask your friend. This wasn’t a place you’d usually go out to. It was too luxurious for your taste. And for your wallet.

“I know a guy, who knows a guy, who knows a guy… don’t question it, enjoy it while you can!” Your friend said, gesturing afterwards that she was going to the distant table your friends were at. You nodded, deciding to push through the crowd to the bar to get you both some drinks first. 

There was one thing you needed to be able to fully let loose in the crowd - alcohol. You  made your way towards the bar and, after a while of squeezing your way through the crowd, you finally managed to get to the bartender. As soon as you finished ordering your drink, you heard someone laugh right next to you. 

Intrigued and liking the way the laugh sounded, you turned around. It was immediately clear why this mystery person had laughed.

There, right next to you, was a guy dressed as Spider-Man. You couldn’t help but smile at the coincidence.

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Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Summary: You and Peter go to the movies. You both get turned on when the heated scene comes on, good thing you’re sitting at the back.

Requested by: @zzz-cat-zzz

Warnings: Smut, language, Peter being embarrassed 

A/N: Look at me finally liking what I wrote. Kinda. Also I am so sorry it took so long.

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“This is exactly why I don’t like these movies.” You groaned as you sunk in your seat, snatching the bucket of popcorn from Peter’s hands. “I hate these movies so fucking much.”

“You chose it.” Peter deadpanned as he grabbed a handful of popcorn from the bucket placed in your lap. “Now hush. People are staring. Keep your voice down.”

You rolled your eyes as you looked around the almost empty movie theatre. Not a single person turned around to stare at you. It was almost surprising how empty the movie theatre was on a Friday night.

Peter had been busy with patrolling for a few weeks. And school has been hectic. So, you and Peter decided to go on a date. And like the dumbass you were, you suggested to watch a movie. 

And you just had to choose the cheesiest chick-flick, didn’t you? 

“They are so dumb!” You said exasperated as you adjusted your skirt. “Like just fucking kiss, dammit. What the fuck are they waiting for?”

“They will kiss, Y/n/n.” Peter said. “They are in love, they just need to confess.”

“And when are they going to do that?” You gritted through your teeth. “It’s just feelings. Just freaking say it, you morons.”

“It’s hard to talk about feelings sometimes, you idiot.” Peter mumbled, his tone defensive as he shifted in his seat.

“Oh yeah.” You hummed in agreement. “I totally forgot about the fact that you were in love with me since you were seven. And it took you—” You paused, pretending to think, “—around eleven years to tell me. Got it.”

“S-shut up!” Peter mumbled, his cheeks dusted pink as he looked away from you, pouting. 

“Aww, Petey. It’s okay.” You turned his face towards yours, leaning over to place a kiss on the corner of his mouth. He placed his hand on your thigh as you shifted towards him. “I love you.”

“I-I love you too.” He stuttered, his blush deepened as he turned away from you. “N-now…now watch the movie.”

You bit back a laugh as you turned your attention to the screen and—

You gaped at the screen as the actress moaned, leaning back on the bed. Your eyes nearly bugged out of your head as the guy quickly to crawl over her, pressing kisses all over her neck as he pinned her hands above her head.


You squeezed your thighs together as you glanced at Peter from the corner of your eye. Only to find him already looking at you. You nearly jumped as the girl moaned loudly followed by the grunt from the guy. Peter blushed, looking away from you as his grip tightened around your thigh.

Holy fuck.

You were hyper aware of Peter’s hand on your thigh, his fingers almost brushing the skin under your skirt that was already riding up.

You glanced at his lap, a bulge forming in his jeans as he shifted, trying to adjust his jeans. His lips parted as you placed your hand over his.

“Looks like you have a problem.” You whispered, leaning closer to him. Your lips brushed against his ear as he shivered.

“I…I-I can’t help it!” He gulped as you pressed your lips to his neck. “And—” he cleared his throat, “—you’re one to talk, You’re turned on too!”

“What?” Your cheeks warmed as you bit your lip, batting your eyelashes innocently. “No, I am not.”

“Y-yes, you are.” He locked his eyes with you, licking his lips. “I can smell you, Y/n/n.”

“O-oh…” You whispered, your hand gripped his as you slid it up your thigh, spreading your legs. “You won’t mind helping me out, would you?”

“I…h-here?” He choked out, his eyes widening as his finger brushed against the wet patch on your panties. “Fuck—so wet for me already.”

“Hmm,” You placed a kiss on his jaw, pressing his fingers against you as he cursed under his breath. “All for you." 

"Shit.” Your breath hitched as he pushed your panties aside, his finger brushing against your wetness, making your legs jerk. “Peter—”

“Shh.” He hushed you, placing a chaste kiss on your lips. “You need to keep your voice down for me, okay?”

“Yes, yeah…just please, touch me—” You gasped as he slipped a finger inside, his thumb brushing against your clit as you cried out. 

“Doing so good for me.” Peter grunted as he pumped his finger in and out, placing his lips over yours and swallowing your moans. 

Your legs clamped shut around his hand as he pushed in another finger, rolling your clit around with his thumb. You whimpered against his lips, your hands squeezing his bicep as you leaned your head against his shoulder.

“P-peter…I am gonna cu—” You let out a cry as Peter’s hand pulled away from in between your legs. 

“Wha—"You looked around dumbfounded as the room lit up, the credits rolled on the screen. "Oh fuck. Seriously?”

Peter stood up, adjusting his jeans as he held out a hand. “Come on.”

You pulled down your skirt as you stood up, taking his hand. You ran your fingers through your hair, trying to tame the mess as Peter helped you out of the row of seats.

“Wait, Peter, the popcorn—”

“Was delicious.” Peter cut in, his lips closing around the finger that was in you just moments ago as you licked your lips. 

Peter glanced at you, a small smile playing on his lips as he wiped his finger on his shirt. “Your parents aren’t home, right?”


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Originally posted by starkissedtom

gif credit: starkissedtom

pairing: peter parker x gn! reader

summary: when peter comes back home from being spider-man, he finds that someone is already there to welcome him. 

warnings: mentions of cuts and bruises, a very hilarious, mistaken taquito robbery (in my opinion, if i’m to be quite honest lmao)

author’s note: back on my peter parker bandwagon bc i miss that mf


as soon as it had come, summer left without notice. the sun rays that continued till the evening were now replaced by the moon’s melancholic ones, and it appeared that this year they were brighter than they’d ever been. tricolored leaves-dry and shriveled from its ending cycle-peppered the crosswalks, streets, and roofs of new york without leaving a junction of space. drafts of sudden wind caused random civilians to pull their jackets closer and walk into the closest coffee shop for warmth. night came sooner now, with the time change and all, so the majority of the city’s lights whirred to life beginning at five in the afternoon. no one ever complained because they’d been looking forward to these aspects of autumn ever since it’d left the year prior, and everyone made sure to express their excitement as vividly as possible. 

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Paris [t.h]


Words: 2.2k

Note: Something light to keep the Tom stans fed.


“It’s so beautiful.” You breathe, staring up at the monument. Tom’s arms wrap around your torso as he steps up behind you.

“Can’t compare to you though.”

“So cheesy.”

Tom giggles, snuggling his face into your neck.

“Where’d your brother go?”

You feel Tom shrug from behind you.

“Probably went off to take some photos.”

You turn to face him, still in his arms.

“It’s illegal to take photos of the Eiffel Tower at night.”

Tom purses his lips as he raises his eyebrows in shock.

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Tom couldn’t sleep, but you could. Your pregnancy was hard on you, constantly tired, hungry, sad, moody, Tom had seen it all at this point and he on nights he couldn’t sleep, he found peace in massaging the swollen stomach and whispering to it. Watching you peacefully sleep in bed with a millon pillows to help with your back and ankles.

“Are you awake?” Tom moves to the stomach and didn’t touch it because he didn’t want to disturb you. He watches the stomach twist a little seeing the movement. “Awe. There you are.” He gets excited everytime he sees that stomach of yours move.

He starts to talk, but often gets distracted by looking up and seeing how peaceful you were and how heavy of a sleeper you’ve become. It’s like you didn’t even know your baby was moving so rapidly inside of you.

“….and uncle haz already wants to buy you your first gun and-I think you’re almost ready aren’t you little man? So big and strong, we can’t wait to see you.” He kissed carefully and you stirred.

“Like hell hes ready to come out. Poking at my fucking bladder.” You whine finally starting to wake. Tom only laughs and comes back up to you.

“You were so angelic…” he kisses your cheek. “What happened?” He has a soft pout and you pout too, holding his face looking at the man who would do anything for you. You, just a regular girl he feel deep in love with.

“I need to pee.” You pout and touch his lips. “And I need…waffles…but the ones from Dans diner? You know our first date? But I think pickles and ranch will hold me over until then.” You hum.

Tom helps you up, helps you into the bathroom even though you didn’t need it. He gets the pickles he kept in the fridge in the room along with the ranch. If he was honest he got too tired of walking down the stairs and down into the kitchen every single night for some random food. So he kept your favorites, leftovers, anything to be prepared.

Within weeks it would be over though, he would no longer watch you sleep with a large baby inside of you every night but he couldn’t wait to hold your son and never let go.

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You’re my inspiration |

Tom Holland x Artist!Reader

summary: coffee shop au where the reader is an artist and Tom starts becoming their inspiration

warnings: none

wordcount: 0,8k

enjoy reading!!


You loved art, everywhere you went you would snap quick photos to use as references. Even when you were younger, you always seemed to be drawing or painting something. While you thought your creativity would never end, you were pretty upset when you noticed that finding inspiration got a little harder everyday.

One late evening it just gets too much and you decide to go to a small coffee shop down the street. With your sketchbook and utensils in hand you made your way there. You wanted to bring them just in case inspiration decided to hit you.

After a while you still can’t get any ideas so you just try to push it away and enjoy the evening, it’s working pretty well until something catches your eyes.

Well, more like someone.

It seems like there was a shift exchange and the new waiter immediately caught your eyes. You couldn’t even explain it, everything about him was so unique and perfect. As if seeing him blew all of your negative thoughts away, you started sketching him. You made a mental note to come here more often and stay until they close.

Who would’ve thought your art block could be ended by one person?

Everyday you go down the street to your new favorite coffee shop, soon realizing he always works in the late evening. Since you don’t really like change, you order the same thing everytime, even he notices and memorized your order, just so he could prepare it a little before you usually came in.

One day you finally catch a glimpse of his name tag, Tom.

Being so caught up in drawing him, enhancing his great features more everytime, you failed to notice that you started developing a small crush on him.

Tom was intrigued by you, he noticed you always drawing something in your sketchbook, sometimes with a content look on your face and sometimes with a frustrated one but no matter what, everytime he or any other waiter came by your table, you would close it.

This only made him more curious, he wanted to know why you wouldn’t let anyone see your art. He didn’t have the courage to approach and ask you, so he just silently tried to figure out what you were trying to hide.

After a few months, you started to realize that Tom wasn’t just an inspiration for you anymore, even though you basically knew nothing about him, you sometimes felt butterflies when he served you your usual. What you didn’t know was that he felt the same way about you.

You’ve gotten pretty good at hiding your sketchbook until one day you zone out, forgetting to close it like you usually would.

Being so out of it you didn’t even hear Tom approaching you, not until you heard his voice.

”What are you drawing?”

He startled you, making you quickly close the sketchbook, not knowing it was already too late.

”Wait..was that me? You’ve been drawing me all this time?”

That was it. Your nightmare came to reality. Mentally slapping yourself for failing to keep your secret you sink into your chair being a blushing mess.

”Uhh I think- I think I gotta go” you mumble quickly before standing up but soon being interrupted by his voice again.

”No, please don’t go, I wanna see” he says shyly, a sheepish smile making your heart ache.

Before you could even refuse he takes your sketchbook in his hand, examining every page of it in awe. He didn’t even notice you rambling about how he must think you were a stalker and saying sorry multiple times.

”Please draw me again” he blurts out.

”I’ll pay you just tell me how much”

You look at him completely dumbfounded.

”So you’re saying, you don’t think I’m weird?”

He furrows his brows in confusion, ”no? Why would I? These are beautiful” he points at one of the many sketches of his face. ”Please just tell me how much it would cost”

”No you don’t have to pay, I’ll do it for free”

He insists on paying until your face lights up, you had an idea. He noticed and waited for you to say something.

”What if…” you trailed off, trying to build up courage

”What if you paid me with a date?”

His face holds a big grin, ”Yeah I’d like that”

Smiling, you rip a piece of paper out of the book and scribble your number onto it, ”Great, text me” you say feeling happier than ever.

You glance at the clock, noticing you had to go now,

”Bye Tom” you wave at him with a shy smile.

”Bye..” he noticed he never asked for your name.

”Y/N, I’m Y/N”

”Bye Y/N” he said grinning at you.


Leaving the coffee shop and crossing the street, you look into the small cafe one more time, what you hadn’t expected to see was a super happy Tom dancing while cleaning and smiling like an idiot.


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Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader 

Summary: After years of standing on the sidelines, Y/N has always been comfortable; she’s happy, but she wants to do something thrilling before she graduates from university next year. So, how is she gonna break the news to her boyfriend of five years, she’s going to Rome for six months?  

Warnings: None really 

Word Count: 2347

A/N: Wow its really been a minute, sorry for not updating, I really didn’t know why I thought writing three series at once was a good idea? So now I will be focusing my attention to wwutb and worry about the others later! I hope you guys like this part, I enjoyed writing it! Enjoy! 💕💕💕

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Coming Soon?

I know I suck at pushing out stories on this blog but here’s a couple of Work In Progress I got. Im planning to write up one of these tonight so let me know which ones you want to see first!

[And by work in progress, I mean Ideas I have but havent written yet but may plan to write in the next 5-10 years…or 1-2 weeks lol]


Originally posted by rldleys


  • No One Left Behind - Y/N, Tom, Harry, & Sam decide to take on a Haunted House attraction. Tom promises that he’ll protect Y/N and no one will get left behind….Kinda sus if you ask me.
  • How to Care for a Tired Boyfriend - Y/N teaches us how to care for an exhausted boyfriend after he’s had a long day of filming.
  • A College Cliche - Tom takes a break from filming to go to university. He becomes the Golden Fratboy with the sports on his left and the popularity and girls on his right. Does a college cliche form when he meets Y/N a study abroad keep to herself student?
  • Happier Part 11 - The final part to the series. Does Y/N read the letter? Does Tom & Y/N get back together? Is unknown finally out of their lives?
  • Jealous - Tom’s jealous of Y/N’s new guy friend. Y/N’s jealous of Tom’s romantic costar. Will the two ever confess their feelings or does Harry and Harrison have to get involved?
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Originally posted by arvinrussell

pairing: tom holland x reader

word count: 1.9k

a/n: haha i thought it was going to be long, uhmmm but it’s not. I’m sorry that it took so long to get out. I got caught up with school and stuffff. anyway, I decided to split part two into two parts soo another part will be coming after this one :), I hope you guys like this part!!! I’d appreciate some feedback <3 <3

Warnings: angst !!!!, fluff i guess

summary: it is no secret that you were a complete mess after confessing your feelings for tom, but how exactly was the heartbreaker himself doing in the aftermath?

part 1 || part two || part three (coming soon)

✧・゚: *✧ ✧・゚: *✧

“Please leave.” 

Two words. Two words was all it took for you to shut into yourself. Two words, and everything, all of it, was just thrown into the trash for you. Every hug, laugh, and kiss you platonically and intimately shared no longer carried the meaning it did. The countless of hours you spent with one another—the early mornings, the sunny afternoons, the chilly evenings and the extended late nights, all just became meaningless all because of two fucking words. 

You shook your head at him as your eyes flooded with more tears. You didn’t understand how he seemed to just care for you at one moment, then be so cold the next. You left in an immediate hurry, grabbing your phone and car keys, and abandoning whatever other possessions you had left at his place. You couldn’t even spare one last glance to him before you slammed the door on your way out. 

You bawled your eyes out in your car, your hands tightly squeezing the steering wheel, desperate to just release the agony you felt. You sobbed all alone, letting out pained groans, as the words kept replaying over and over again in your head.

Nature somehow aligned with your pain as the sound of raindrops began to aggressively drum on your windshield and hood. It all seemed melodramatic but the rain had reminded you more of Tom. In particular, you remembered that one night where your power had gone out because of how relentless the thunderstorm had become. 

You scooted over to the very edge of your bed that hugged the corner of your wall. Darkness had loomed all around you, everything inside and outside was just pitch black. The only source of light being the loading icon that sat at the center of your laptop screen. You just were in the middle of watching a horror movie when suddenly the power had gone out. To say that you were scared would be an understatement—because you were truly, and utterly terrified. 

You reached for your phone and turned on its flashlight, quickly panning it around your room to ensure that there wasn’t anything lurking. You were still a little paranoid so you pushed yourself further against the wall and wrapped yourself in your duvet.

You were all alone in your flat with the power out and nothing to do, you thought about how you could just pass out right then and there and wake up in the morning with the sun rising and lighting up the city. But everytime you even tried to close your eyes, the image of that godforsaken ghost from the movie just appeared. You weren’t getting any sleep anytime soon. 

You thought about calling someone to come over, and the first person to come up in your head was Tom. It was weird really, you could have called one of your sisters, one of your closest friends, or even your parents, but somehow your mind just immediately thought of him, your booty call. 

He came knocking on your doorstep in no time—and it was basically a routine for him to arrive that fast (no pun intended)—but what you didn’t think of when you called him was, how were you going to get him inside if you were too afraid to even get up. 

Darling, just get up from your bed and open the door.

No, no, nope. I do not want to get up. 

You hear him chuckle on the other end of the line, How do you expect me to get inside and comfort you if you won’t open the door?

Tom just use your nerd skills to pick the lock or something, I don’t know?! I don’t want to get up, that’s why I called you.

W-What are you even about? Okay sure, I’m a nerd, but not a criminal! Look, we’ll be on the phone the whole time, just run from your bedroom to the front door, you’ll be fine.

Mm-mm. Nope.

Y/N it’ll only be five seconds, what is the worst that can happen?

Uhh, I don’t know, a demon could try to snatch me into another world or something?

You knew you were being too paranoid and dramatic. You even thought that you were being a little annoying considering how ridiculous your logic was. But who knew what lurked in the dark? No one of course, and you did not want to take any chances.

I promise you nothing is going to happen to you on your sprint to the door. I’ll make sure of it. And In contrast to what you thought, Tom actually found your paranoia adorable. 

You spent the next five minutes arguing, and you really didn’t know what about because there was nothing else you could do. So next thing you knew, you were making a run for it. You dared not look up on your sprint because god knows what you would’ve seen, or what your mind would’ve trick you into seeing. 

Once you opened the door, you immediately launched yourself onto him and buried your face in his chest, relieved that you were finally accompanied by someone. Tom returns the gesture and envelopes you in his arms, hands stroking your hair and back. 

You both stay in that position for a little while, just relaxing in each other’s company, until suddenly you feel Tom’s muscles tense all around you. His body starts to tremble and his right arm raises to point at something behind you. “Y-Y/N, what’s behind you?” 

As you turn around, thunder roars from the outside and lightning illuminates the room around you, the rain continuing to come down harder on the windows. You shriek and retreat back into his chest, holding onto him tighter than before. 

The nervous trembling of his body soon dissipates as it transforms into something much relaxed as he laughs lightly. 

You then realized that he was joking, so you smack his chest and move away from him. “Fuck you, Holland.”

“Oh I’m afraid not tonight darling… Maybe tomorrow morning though.” And though it was dark, and you couldn’t see much, you could make out the smug expression that you were sure was plastered on his face. 

You groan in response, too annoyed to make a remark and entertain his snarkiness. 

“C’mon let’s get you to bed scaredy cat.” He says softly, pulling you in to place a light but fleeting kiss on your forehead. And with that you locked the door and dragged him to your room to hopefully get a good night’s sleep. 

And that was how it all really began. It was ironic, how the event that you marked as the beginning of your relationship blossoming beyond a sexual deal, also signified the end of your entire affair. 

The tears never stopped. That day, you drove home a wreck, you went to bed a wreck, and you woke up the next day a complete and utter wreck. That was how it went afterwards; your nights were spent alone, curled up and crying under the comfort of your sheets. You’d wake up every morning, tired, cold and empty, forcing yourself to get out of bed to show up for your classes. You took some time away from your other friends for a while, they offered plenty of help, but you had just wanted to be alone, to be allowed to sulk on your own, absent from their attempts to remedy you of your heartbreak. To be frank, there really wasn’t much that they could do, or that you could do—it’s not like he was ever yours per se, he was just a friend. You knew deep down that there was no reason to be as hurt as you had been. 


He wasn’t proud of what he did, but he knew it was something he needed to do. Your relationship was solely based off of a hookup, and it was supposed to be meaningless, so when you confessed that you had fallen for him, he knew he needed to cut the connection off before you could get hurt any further. 

In the weeks following your parting, Tom made it his living purpose to completely avoid you. He knew your class and work schedule inside and out, so he knew which areas to avoid and when. There were some odd times of course, where your schedule changed and/or you were late to things, so he’d more often than not, actually see you and run into you. Well, not really run, more of just being present in the same place at the same time, to which he would always make the effort to distance himself as far away from you as possible. You were not an idiot, so you took notice immediately.

It’d been about six weeks since Tom had so easily crushed your heart. Tom was cruising through it fine, he didn’t find it difficult to continue on with his life. He sheerly just focused on his studies. Day in and day out, he was just going to class, doing the homework, doing some extra studying, then going to his job. He realized that he didn’t want to have any more distractions after what happened, so he avoided going to social events and limited his outings with his friends, similar to you. 

As time passed, he slowly began to feel a sort of absence from his life, but he wasn’t sure what it was exactly. So whenever that happened, he just dug himself further into his studies as a distraction. But loneliness was bound to grow, it would eventually catch up to him, it was really just a matter of when. 

It started small for Tom. Sometimes he’d be watching The Office and find himself pity laughing at the awkwardness of the character Michael Scott, then immediately turn to his side expecting to share a laugh with you, but finding nothing and no one there. Sometimes he’d be in the local cafe, sitting down and doing his homework, tuned out of all the noise around him. But suddenly he overhears an order of your favorite drink. He looks at the register, a little twinge of hope that it’d be you, but only to see some random girl from around campus. And while out on the road, sometimes he found himself longing to smell the aroma of freshly baked pretzels—which with a side of chocolate sauce, would be your favorite dessert—and the next thing he knew, he’d driven to the bakery both of you had always gone to… The sight of the aforementioned pretzels, displayed so elegantly through the window, reminding him of how you’d always drool over it and somehow convince him to get it for you.

Tom was really confused at that point, he didn’t know exactly how, what or why he was feeling the way he felt, but all he knew was that a lot of things reminded him of you, and it that in the end, it really sucked for him. 

It continued to eat at him for the next few days, the lingering feeling that there was something he felt about you. So one night he just couldn’t sleep through it anymore and decided to write it all out in a letter. A letter which he planned to just rip, burn or throw away at the end of it writing it, a letter which he intended to discard afterwards, because he thought that maybe, just getting it all out on a paper, would resolve his complicated feelings.

And surprisingly, it did. 

When Tom realized that he missed you, it was not an ‘aha’ moment, no. He had written out everything, everything he could think of to summarize how he felt at the moment. Then he reread it and reread it again, and continued to do so with a giddy smile plastered on his face. The longer he spent rereading, the clearer everything became. He not only missed you, but he loved you too. 

✧・゚: *✧ ✧・゚: *✧


tagging some people who asked to be tagged, as well as those who asked for a part two!!

@jackiehollanderr@peterparker-rickybowen-mybabies @ineedmorestyles @herondale-snow-carstairs @perspectiveparker​ 

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250 followers celebration??

Hi, to celebrate hitting 250 follows last week I though a little blurb night would be fun, starting tomorrow night but you can start sending stuff in when ever.

Where you send me some fun little concepts and for each one I would write a tiny 100-200 story imagine? It could be for chris, tom, Peter Parker, Andy barber, ect. It can also be angst, smut or fluff, as crazy as you’d like. So feel free to send anything

I thought this could be fun so feel free to send me some stuff. I will probably do it for the next 2 or 3 days seen as I’m not at work, I just think it could be fun :)

Just so you know if no one sends anything within a day im deleting the post and we are going to pretend like I never posted this.

(Also thank you again for 250 follows and since then we are actually closer to 300 which blows my mind)

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“That’s…” Toms arms Flex as he sets down the box of kitchen supplies. “It! That’s it!” He rubs his face. It was yours and Toms first house together. After months of searching you two had finally found one that was best for the two of you. And maybe more of you in the future.

“That’s the last of it?” You hear Harrison and Harry coming out from the hallway. Tom nods and you come from the living room and give Tom a soft kiss on the cheek.

“Let’s get out of here before they break the place in.” Tuwaine said quickly going to the door and you laugh hiding your face in Toms shoulder.

“We did a lot of work today…I think Tom owes us a beer—“ before Harry could even finish Harrison is pushing him out the door.

“Seriously I do not want to be in here while they fuck, ive been there for the past three years and it was truly disgusting.” Harrison says and grabs his best friends brother out the door. All of them yelling a quick goodbye as they knew they would see the two tomorrow.

“These counters do look a little stiff…” Tom wraps his arms around you and pulls you in but before you can fall into his trap you move away.

“Uh uh, Holland. I want to sleep on a bed tonight, so we better start fixing that thing together because I also want to use the new bath, that’s the only thing I’ve looked forward too.” You poke his chest. He pouts with a look away before having an idea.

“If we put the bed together quickly can we take a bath together?” He touches your cheek and you hum.

“Okay…but a nice long bath. With wine and takeout…and bubbles with the nice oils. And maybe…just maybe if you’re good enough I’ll let you take me in the bath.” You lean in and he smiles stealing a kiss.

“I know how to take care of my girl, you think just because we moved I forgot?” He smirks. “I’ll start on the bed, you order takeout.” He kisses your cheek before running to the room and starting the bed.

To Toms needs, the bed was done in a rush. By the end of the night, after a bath that lasted well worth it’s while. When Tom took you to the bed it quickly fell apart. Laughing the two of you moved to the couch knowing it would be a long day tomorrow. But today was the start of many messy, broken, sexy days in your new house

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Originally posted by t-lostinworlds

w/c: 2k

warnings: smut but there’s fluff toooo

a/n: literally based this whole os off positions by ariana bc if y’all didn’t know i love her and the song came out yesterday it’s so so good go stream and YEAH everyone enjoy


“it’s been so lovely to meet you, y/n.” nikki gives you a warm smile and reaches over tom to put a hand on your arm. tom squeezes your side from his spot next to you. he’s sitting between the two most important women in his life. leaning into him more, you return the smile.

“you, too. i’m really happy we could do this,” you agree. “tom’s a lucky guy, eh?” she raises an eyebrow. “i am. almost as lucky as dad.” he beams and kisses the side of your head. your nose scrunches up. “oh, you two. do you really have to go so soon?” you look at tom to confirm. “don’t you have a call in the morning?” considering it for a second, he shrugs. “we can stay another hour.”

nikki pats your arm and shifts her gaze to tom. “why don’t you spend the night? you do have a room and wifi here.” now he’s looking at you to see what you think. you smile a little in response. “sure, mum. that would be perfect.” she nods, proud of her idea. “should we make that dessert i was talking about, then?”

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Okay I’ve noticed something in the Tom Holland fandom for awhile now and I’m finally gonna voice my opinion.

How are you all so comfortable receiving “Peter” or “Tom” or “Spidey” anons and flirting with them/entertaining their fantasy? Like a lot of you that receive these anons are older teenagers or in your 20s and I’m sorry but I can’t imagine anybody older than 15 sending those messages …

Like do you guys realize you’re all 16-20+ probably flirting with 15 year olds and younger who are role playing as grown men? Like am I insane for finding this creepy?

Also another thing that’s weird to me is if you’re a minor writing smut find a way to disclose that because I know a lot of adults that find it creepy to read smut by minors.

Also if you’re an adult don’t send “smutty” asks to minors! If you aren’t aware of their age just don’t send anything.

Also if you’re a minor don’t send “smutty” asks to adults again that’s really uncomfortable.

This fandom needs boundaries. I’ve been here since 2017 and I’ve only seen this fandom get more and more careless.

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Seasons social media

Chapter 1


Y/n need to follow the plan…but she can’t avoid talking to him 


Haz try to warn y/n about Tom…hours after she responds 


Haz is a little sick of taking care of the rest.


Tom buys in her favourite coffee.


Y/n is ready for the new beginning!

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Holding Out For A Hero


Originally posted by tomhollandnet

Another request for the signal boost sleepover, also for Shannon, @theliterarymess for Arvin or Peter. Song fic, Holding Out For A Hero by Bonnie Tyler. Now, tbh, I was not sure what to do or where to go with this but when I decided on Arvin and saw that gif I got a idea and decided not to think too hard and go with it. This may also be short, apologies, really short and it is purely dialogue between some random guys and Arvin; it’s more of a imagine than a blurb or a fic

Summary: Arvin left everything behind back in Virginia, even things he didn’t know about and now he’s got hours to get back home

Arvin Russell x Reader

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Tom Holland!College AU

A/N: I was so nervous to publish this and then I forgot and I think that is now or never. There might be a part 2 to this but I am still working on it. Comments and feedback would be appreciated. Hope you enjoy! 

Warnings: Implied smut, there is mention of a blowjob, blasphemy(?) I’m so sorry about that one also I don’t know how this kind of religious families work so I’m sorry about that. 

Word count: 2508

“You two know each other?” His father says catching the way they are staring at each other

“Yeah” he says, a little too quickly 

“We do, uhm… we go to college together” she offers at the same time. It stills sounds too ambiguous in her mind, so she provides “We have friends in common”

“Oh wow” goes now her father “what a coincidence, huh?”

“Yeah, funny how life works” Tom says quietly, not meaning for anyone to hear but her, his eyes are now more relaxed    

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