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#tom holland x y/n

perennial. Tom Holland.

  • Exes to lovers.

adjective: lasting or existing for a long or apparently infinite time; enduring or continually recurring.

story summary: After the war, Tom let the flowers die of thirst, Harry decided to water dry flowers and Timmy never stopped taking care of his. But flowers speak for us, flowers have meanings. And like flowers, maybe you’ll keep on blooming, it’ll be up to you if you decide to wither. And it’ll be up to you what flower you end up choosing.  
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Schedule Change

Tom Holland x Twin Sister

Summary: At your brother’s welcome home dinner, a fight ensues when he drops new news.

Warnings: fluff ending, sibling fights, angst(y) (sorta)

A/N: I’m pretending the pandemic didn’t happen and Tom has been gone for a while.



“I have to go to Atlanta to start filming Spider-Man 3.” Tom said at his welcome back dinner. He had just finished filming Uncharted and was supposed to be home for the rest of the year.

“Wait what?” You said. “I thought that started next year?”

“They moved it up a month. I won’t be able to come home for Christmas either.” Tom flinched knowing this was going to crush you.

Nikki and Dom looked at you worried.

“It won’t be that bad y/n/n.” Harry said. “We will be back before you know it.”

“When do you come back?” you asked. Paddy and Sam awkwardly looking on. They knew how much you missed your brothers. Especially your twin. Sam can relate.

“March.” Tom said matter of fact. Not really bothered by the news anymore.

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what for? | part two

part one

summary- you call your boyfriend, peter. but, it isn’t a happy one. and he’ll remember it for the rest of his life.

warnings- angst, swearing



it’s been a month, three days, five hours and two minutes since you left.

peter still remembers that phone call vividly. it’s like, it’s been surgically planted into his mind for all eternity. everything reminds him off that call. and he despises it.

there’s been a funeral.

it was nice. peaceful.

peter knows you would of hated it though- everyone was too upset and dressed in all black. he’s knows you would of wanted people smiling or wearing colourful clothes. but, you weren’t there to tell him that’s what you wanted. peter was the only one not crying at your funeral. your whole family, even the avengers were sobbing.

except him.

he didn’t have any tears left.

he was empty.

“what for, love?”

the sound on the other end went silent, as peter waited for you to answer his question.

“darling? what’s wrong? you can tell me anything you know.” he ushered, feeling a slight panic rise in his body at how quiet it was on the phone.

it was too quiet.

“y/n?” another voice was heard suddenly, and he immediately recognised it as tony’s.

“mr stark?” peter shouted, in hopes tony could hear him. luckily, he did.


“yeah it’s me, where’s y/n?” peter questioned, genuine worry in his voice.

“i-“ tony couldn’t speak. what could he say? he was heartbroken, at the sight of you- dead.

“tony.” peter warned, making the man start to cry over your body.

“tony! where the hell is y/n?” he was shouting now, and tony could imagine him pacing around, hands pulling at his hair.

“peter…i’m so sorry.” tony mumbled, voice croaking with silent sobs.

“can you just tell me what’s going on?!” he screamed, as his hands started to shake.

“she’s gone.”

may has tried to get him to eat. he doesn’t want to. he doesn’t know the last time he ate alone. it sounds stupid- to not wanting to eat on your own. but, he always ate with you. and now you weren’t here anymore.

he’s not going to school, either. his teachers keep on sending him work, but he just see’s you. smiling and laughing. it doesn’t help that you were in all of his lessons. and how he remembers on friday afternoons, when you were both drained from the week you just had, how you would sit in the back of the class, hands intertwined, as you both whispered sweet nothings into each other’s ears. he loved those days.

but, you weren’t here to have those days again.

if he knew you were dying on that phone call, he would of said how much he loved you. how much he appreciated you. but, while you were trying to stay alive, he was too busy trying to set up a stupid date night.

he just wishes you told him.

he wishes for a lot of things. but, not everyone can get what they want.

a knock on the door inturrupted peter’s thoughts, as he looked up to see may entering with a sympathetic smile on her face. “there’s someone here to see you.”

he doesn’t know why, but a little bit of hope fluttered in peter’s stomach. he’s heard about how people fake their death on missions, and he prays that’s what happened with you. but, when tony stark walked in, his face dropped.

he was stupid to even think that you were alive.

“hey, kid.”

“i’m so sorry, kid, she’s gone.” tony whispered, tears falling down his cheek at the sound of peter’s broken cries on the phone.


tony looked around his room, taking in how much of a mess it was. he also noticed, how all of y/n’s belongings were spaced out on his bed. and then, tony took in peter. he had deep purple bags under his eyes. tears stained his cheek, as his bloodshot eyes starred at a random point in the wall. anthony coughed slightly, before sitting next to peter on the bed.

“how are you?”

peter shrugged.

“listen i know it’s hard, i’ve lost a person i love too i-“

“no.” peter cut off.

“yes, you loved…” peter stopped. he hasn’t said y/n’s name since that phone call. “her but it wasn’t in the same why like i did. so please, don’t say that you get me, because you don’t.”

tony had expected peter to snap back at him, for whatever he was going to say. so he wasn’t shocked.

“i am truely sorry, peter. i now how much you cared for her.”

peter looked down at his hands. “yeah.”

a minute of silence passed, before tony remembered why he came. “listen, i was going through old files this week, and i found this.”

he extended out a small blue usb, causing peter to take it out of his grasp.

“i watched the first couple of seconds, just to check what it actually was, but i think you would want to watch it.”

“what is it?”

“it’s from y/n.”

peter’s eyes went wide, tears forming in his eyes, as he turned to face tony. “what?”

tony titled his head to the side, smiling slightly, before patting his shoulder. “i’ll leave you alone, kid. i’m always here for you.”

“thank you, mr stark.” peter smiled back, but it never reached his eyes as tony nodded his head before leaving his room, and closing the door behind him.

as soon as the door clicked closed, peter shot up to his laptop, putting the usb into the side of the device. a folder popped up on his screen called ‘peter parker.’

he breathed out, double clicking on the blue folder before it opened to reveal one video. clicking on the video, an image of you popped up, making his breath hitch. it was just you, starring into the camera in mid talk, but it made peter’s heart melt.

he wiped away some tears that were falling, before clicking play.

“hi- oh shit-“ the camera fell of your desk, as you yelled making peter chuckle. you were always so clumsy. after picking up the camera, changing the angle slightly, you dropped your hands to your side, smiling widely.

“hi! sorry about that.” you laughed, looking down which is what you did when you were nervous. peter smiled softly, at your little gesture.

“so, i don’t know why i’m doing this. but, if your watching this peter, then i’ve passed. i hope your okay. i’m sorry that i left you this early. i don’t know, joining the avengers has put a higher risk of me getting more hurt. i know you have had your disagreements on me joining.”

peter remembers that argument. he was so worried about you. he wouldn’t want you to get hurt. or worse.

“but, i’m glad we’ve gone past that. but, just incase of an untimely death, i’ve made this little video in private. even though, darling, your asleep next door, so hopefully i haven’t woke you up by my screaming before.”

you giggled on the screen.

so did peter in his empty room.

“erm…when i first met you, on that cold, december day in high school, i knew you were my soulmate. even though, you were very nervous and kept on stuttering over every single word, i knew you would be the love of my life. the one thing i didn’t expect you to be, was to be my bestfriend. and i appreciate you so much for that.”

you breathed out, tears forming in your eyes as you looked deeply into the camera, making peter cover his hand over his mouth to stifle his sobs.

“i- you helped me with everything. i never had a good relationship with anyone. until you. this sounds so cliche, but you made me the person i am today. and no words could describe how grateful i am for that.”

you breathed in, catching your breath before speaking again.

“if i do pass, i want you to move on, alright? i don’t want to see you crying everyday. you deserve to experience love, pete. i hope i do get to spend the rest of my life with you, but stuff happens. you deserve to find someone who loves you as much as i do.”

tears were falling down both of your cheeks now, and peter had to stop himself from bringing his hand up to the screen and wipe them away softly.

but, he had to remind himself that it wasn’t real.

you weren’t in-front of him.

“sorry. i shouldn’t be crying,” you laughed, wiping away your tears, making peter pout, “i just…i’m so overwhelmed with how much i love you. your probably going to be really confused when you wake up to see my sobbing.”

you laughed, before stopping at another voice in the background.

it was his.


peter remembers waking up on that day, panic filling him at the empty sheets next to him.

if only he knew what you were doing.

“oh shit, you’re awake.” you whispered chuckling slightly, as you leaned in to switch the camera off before freezing.

“thank you, peter benjamin parker. for everything.”

with one last smile, the video ended.

and peter’s sobs started.


a/n- sorry about how short this is, but thank you for reading :)


peter parker taglist-

@24kbucky @parkersbliss @liberty-barnes @icyhollands @dreamofaprilsblog @deathofmissjackson @averyfosterthoughts @jannine00742 @beverlyparkerr @anapocalypseinmymind @itstaskeen

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B’s Thankful for 1k Sleepover!

2. “Stay here tonight.”

“tom, i really don’t want to intrude…”

“nonsense, nobody minds, my family would love to have you here.”

“but tom-,”

“no buts. i don’t want you on icy roads this late at night, it’s dangerous. just stay here tonight, darling, really.”

you sighed, rubbing your eyes. you felt bad, almost as if you were taking advantage, but the look on tom’s face let you know that this wasn’t up for discussion.

“okay,” you mumbled, earning a grateful smile from tom.

“good,” he said. “just one thing— the guest room is being renovated, so i can take the couch.”

“no, oh god, please don’t take the couch. you’re already letting me stay here, you’re not sleeping on the couch.” you were horrified at the thought.

the problem was that tom’s childhood bed was a twin size, hardly enough room for two people to fit if they wanted to. and, well, you did want to, but you and tom had never shared a bed before, and you didn’t know if he was okay with that yet. you know, boundaries and all.

tom seemed to understand what was going on in your head, because the next thing he said was, “if you’re comfortable with it, we can share the bed. it’ll be a tight fit, though.” he scratched the back of his head, eyes somewhat downcast.

“i-i mean… if it’s alright with you?” you tried to act relaxed about it, but in all honesty, this was unclaimed territory.

tom took your hand, leading you up the stairs and down the hall to his room. it was small, with pictures of young tom performing in school plays hanging on the walls, blue bedsheets neatly made on the bed in the corner.

tom went to the wooden dresser on the opposite end of the room and opened the bottom drawer, pulling out a pair of sweatpants and a spiderman t-shirt which you recognized from when a fan gave it to him on his first press tour.

he held the clothes out to you. “you can change into these, if you want. probably would be more comfortable than that dress.”

you glanced down at your outfit and decided that he was right. you took the clothes from his and let him steer you towards the bathroom. once you were changed and ready for bed, you walked back to his room. tom was changed now too, clad in only a pair of sweats that matched yours.

“d’you mind if i don’t wear a shirt to sleep? i usually overheat pretty quickly.”

you swallowed. “’s fine.”

tom smiled at you, taking your hand in his and leading you to the tiny bed. he got in first, holding the covers up for you to slide under. now you were pressed up against his chest, his arm around your waist, legs tangling.

“let me know if you get uncomfortable,” he said.

you shook your head, sighing in content. “i’m good.”

nodding, tom pulled you closer, partially because he was afraid to let you fall off the bed. but mostly, he just wanted to be closer to you. his heart practically leapt from his chest when you nuzzled into him for warmth.

“’night, tommy,” you whispered, breathing slowing down as you fell deeper into the pull of sleep.

“good night, y/n,” tom mumbled, planting a kiss to the top of your head before falling asleep with you in his arms for the first time ever.

taglist: @quaksonhehe @ho-ho-holland @definitely-not-black-cat @finelinesupremacy @hotforharrison @darlingspidey @caswinchester2000 @lmaotshollandd @jackiehollanderr @thereallcarmwn @nervousdadmode @amii-nyc @tomshufflepuff @solarxmoonchild @mimi-mashblog @spidey-holland-96 @ifilosemyselfagain @tonguetiedholland @young-romanoff @pterprkr @auggie2000 @voguesir @dummiesshort @perspectiveparker @tom-hlover @call-me-baby-gir1 @murphyswhore @parkers-gal @hypnotized-so-mesmerized @multifandomlover121 @casualdreamerdreamer @1missglum1 @sarcasticallywitty15

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Pairing: Tom Holland X Osterfield!Reader

Prompt: (Royalty!AU) As the princess, you have to hide your relationship with Tom, the stable hand. When your mother sets up a jousting tournament with the prize of your hand, Tom must risk it all to win your heart.

Word Count: 4100

A/N: This is for @geminiparkers ‘s writing challenge under the AU brother’s best friend and the scenario forbidden love and special thanks to @duskholland for proofreading this and correcting me when i literally made up a word

~ Also a melee is a tournament where two groups of knights reenact a battle, and i’m pretty sure we all can picture a joust… but i’m not historically accurate with any of this so oh well

Masterlist   Tom Holland Masterlist

*Moodboard is mine, pics used are not *


The castle was quiet that afternoon. Harrison was off attending to some royal duties with your mother, and you found yourself making your way down the familiar path to the stables on the far side of the castle. You smiled to yourself as you crossed the cobblestoned road. You pushed the heavy door open and stepped inside, your gown catching the stray pieces of hay that lay on the floor. Your smile grew wider as you saw a familiar figure, reorganizing the hay bales to make room for tomorrow’s import.

“You shouldn’t be here.” Tom said, not even sparing a glance in your direction as you came over to him.

“Are you really going to tell a princess what to do, stable boy?” You asked teasingly, a smile playing on your lips. “No one followed me. We’re safe.”

With a laugh, Tom turned around to face you, dusting the hay from his hands on his raggedy pants. He wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling you in for a passionate kiss. You leaned into his touch, your hands roaming underneath his old shirt, ghosting over his abs that rivaled those of any knight in the kingdom. He pulled away, regretfully admitting, “We shouldn’t- the other stable hands will be here soon.”

“Right.” You let out a small sigh, but neither of you made any effort to move out of each other’s arms. “I wish that we could be together, really together.”

“I wish that, too, but you know the law.”

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B’s Thankful for 1k Sleepover!

please do not go to/host parties during the pandemic, and exercise covid safety rules!

1. “I love you.” “Tell me that when you’re sober.”

the moment you saw tom at the party was when your drinking for the night started.

you were both invited by a mutual friend, the host of this big friends-giving get-together. of course, neither of you knew the other would be attending, or you wouldn’t have shown up. but you had shown up, and he was there. so, drinking.

at around midnight, you were so drunk you couldn’t walk straight, which led you to accidentally bumping into someone as you went to get another shot.

“oh! i’m sorry,” you apologized quickly, turning to see who you’d just bothered. your eyes widened at the sight of tom, that annoying british prick, who you hated but also sorta kinda really really liked at the same time.

tom smirked. “no need to be sorry, darling, ’s alright.”

“hey, don’t call me darling,” you mocked his voice when you said the word ‘darling’, failing miserably at an english accent.

tom’s smirk fell from his face when he realized how drunk you were. he looked around to see if there was anyone here with you— a friend, family member?— but saw no one. and this was a big party. drunk pretty girls unsupervised at a big party? not a good combination. and tom wasn’t keen on finding out what would happen to you if he left you alone.

“y/n,” he said slowly, “how much’ve you had to drink tonight?”

“not enough,” you quipped, and reached for the shot on the table next to you, which tom promptly grabbed from your hand and set back down.

heyyyy,” you pouted.

“let’s get you into a bed, love, you’re barely standing as it is.” suddenly his hands were on your shoulder and lower back, and he was guiding you to the stairs that led to the bedrooms.

“’m not gonna naked with you, tom,” you looked at him with your best serious face.

he laughed, “that’s not what we’re doing, darling. you need rest, sleep. but maybe another time-,”

“in your dreams.”

another laugh. “alright then.”

tom helped you up the stairs and into the nearest bedroom, shutting the door behind him and sitting you down on the edge of the bed. he took your shoes off and told you to get comfortable, so you climbed under the covers, sighing at the feeling of getting off your feet.

“okay, d’you need anything else? need me to call one of your friends to pick you up tomorrow? or i suppose i could call you a cab.”

“’s fine,” you mumbled, face half-hurried in the pillow.

“right then.” he stood from his perch on the side of the bed, patting your leg. “drink lots of water when you wake.”

as he was turning to walk out the door, you blurted, “hey tom?”


i love you.

this stopped tom in his tracks— did you really just say that?— but he collected himself quickly.

tell me that when you’re sober, darling.”

“but i am sober,” you whined.

“right, and i’m the queen of england.”

“might as well be,” you grumbled. “with your posh accent and curly hair.”

then he was laughing again, looking at you for the first time in the way he always wanted to: fondly. could he finally drop the act now that you said this? did you even mean it? you were terribly drunk at the moment, so he couldn’t tell.

“plus,” you added, “sober me would never confess that. ’s a secret, you can’t tell.”

“promise i won’t.”


your eyes were closed, breathing evening out. as you drifted into sleep, tom’s head was working like crazy to come up with a way to get you to admit those feelings again to him when you were sober, so he could finally stop pretending to hate you and indulge in the crush he’s had on you since the day he met you.

but for now, all he said was, “good night, y/n.” and he was out the door.

taglist: @quaksonhehe @ho-ho-holland @definitely-not-black-cat @finelinesupremacy @hotforharrison @darlingspidey @caswinchester2000 @lmaotshollandd @jackiehollanderr @thereallcarmwn @nervousdadmode @amii-nyc @tomshufflepuff @solarxmoonchild @mimi-mashblog @spidey-holland-96 @ifilosemyselfagain @tonguetiedholland @young-romanoff @pterprkr @auggie2000 @voguesir @dummiesshort @perspectiveparker @tom-hlover @call-me-baby-gir1 @murphyswhore @parkers-gal @hypnotized-so-mesmerized @multifandomlover121 @casualdreamerdreamer @1missglum1 @sarcasticallywitty15

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12am - TH


↪︎ Summary: Tom partakes in no nut November but only after you dare him and now it’s finally December.

↪︎ Warning: Smuttttttt!!

↪︎ A/N: Well as November is coming to an end I thought this would be the perfect fic for it. Hope yall enjoy! Please let me know if you want to be added or removed from my taglists. A reblog would be appreciated ❤︎


As soon as the clock ticked 12.00am, Tom was onto you like you were his prey. He licked your neck then nibbled at your ear before groaning, you could feel his hot breath against you and it had you feeling all types of things.

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[YouTube AU: Video 2]

a/n: this took a while asdfghjkl this was in my drafts since oct. at 7k already (but got distracted with other WIPs as always) and was suggested by this anon back in aug. so i’m sorry this took a so long hun. also, the gif took a fucking while too ‘cause we are extra in this house haha (i mean, i wanted the time in the vid to match the wc so ha). anyway, enough babbling and let’s get into the video! lol, i hope you guys enjoy this one!


summary: You and Tom do a couples Q&A where you spilled steamy secrets with the help from alcohol.
pairing: tom holland x fem!reader
warnings: dialogue bonanza (lots of laughing and asking), alcohol consumption, secret spilling (from both parties), teasing from everyone (will include dirty jokes from the lads), mentions of smut & risque aka sex-themed questions.
word count: 14.2k+ (aha enjoy!)

youtube channel | previous video << ǁ >> next video
masterlist on bio & pinned post

⚠ DISCLAIMER: this is a multi-part (not a series) which is basically one-shots happening in the same universe meaning you don’t need to read the previous one to understand this one since they are not heavily connected plot wise. although each fic does happen chronologically, you don’t need to read them in order much like how you don’t need to watch youtube videos in order.


You knew something was about to happen the moment you walked into the dining area, the way Tom immediately went to latch onto you like a koala bear—as if he hasn’t seen you just minutes before—tells all.

“What are you up to now?” you asked with a playful scrunch of your nose.

You rested your hands on his shoulders, the fabric of his pink hoodie—while you wore his other pink hoodie, outfits not at all planned since you just took the first thing you saw in his closet—soft to the touch as you took a glance at the camera that was set up at the head of the dining table. The greenery of the outside world behind the glass doors served as a backdrop to the shot.

The crease between your brows deepened at the sight, gaze landing back on the boy attached to your hip who was hugging you sideways with a certain glow in his eyes.

“I’m not up to anything,” Tom denied, nuzzling his face on the crook of your neck to litter the skin with sweet and soft kisses. Although the gesture made your heart melt, it also made your suspicion grow. You just know there was more to this than meets the eye.

Strong arms staying around your torso, Tom pulled away slightly so he could meet your gaze again, a certain smile growing on his lips, one you know too well. It was the usual smile he wears whenever he wants something from you, a favor perhaps. An all too powerful grin that had you made him get away with things—mostly stupid ones—easily that you aren’t exactly proud to admit.

“Tom,” you warned with a raise of a brow, enough seriousness and command in your tone that he was quick to give in.

“Okay, okay, we’re shooting the next video,” he chuckled, tracing your jaw with the tip of his nose before giving it a soft peck. “Which I am hoping you’ll do with me still,” he murmured, placing another kiss on your cheek before pulling away to look at you fully as he flashed you a not-so-innocent smile.


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this became really fluffy and i LOVE IT

🍄- blurb request + prompt #1: “harry styles wouldn’t treat me like this”

stuck with me | t. holland

tom had recently gotten the script for his newest project, and he was captivated. he was sat on the couch in your living room reading the script. you swore he didn’t move for those few hours that he had been sitting there. when you tried to sit next to him, he didn’t even budge. he didn’t lift up his arms for you to stretch your legs out and lay them over his thighs, he didn’t lift his arm up for you to crawl into his lap, he didn’t even grab your hand. this man stayed still, his brown eyes being the only thing moving as they read his script.

hour one and two weren’t bad, you were preoccupied with cleaning the kitchen since you used it last, and living in a house with four men who you’d rather call children, meant that fighting over who is doing which chores occurred more often than not. you thought the chore chart was simple, but somehow to harry, tuwaine, and harrison it was rocket science, so the chore assembly line changed to, whatever you’ve used, clean it. everyone cleaned their own bathrooms and rooms, and everyone would help clean the common rooms such as the gaming room and the living room. cleaning the kitchen, though time consuming, was not fun, and seeing tom in the other room just reading his script annoyed you.

hour three got worse. you decided to keep yourself busy by answering some work emails you never got around to doing today, but tom was just sitting next to you with that damn script. it didn’t help that he looked so good either. the way the pink hood sat gently atop of his chocolate brown curls made you melt. you could very vaguely see the outline of his biceps, and his shorts left nothing to the imagination. you just wanted to spend time with your boyfriend who you loved so much and just so happened to be looking extra hot today, how was that an issue?

he turned the page, and you couldn’t help but stare at his hand. you wanted to hold it, so while it was free, you grabbed it and intertwined your fingers. he quickly let go of your hand to hold the script. why he was holding the script with both hands was unknown to you, it was even folded over so it was the width of one page, yet he needed both hands on the bundle of papers instead of one.

you were quick to let it go, hoping that he would begin to sense how needy you were becoming. he had been ignoring you for the script all afternoon, and you were sick of it. your eyes looked up to see his side profile, and you noticed the ridges in his forehead from him furrowing his brows while reading.

“you know, harry styles wouldn’t treat me like this,” you said before moving to the other side of the couch, crossing your arms, and huffing in defeat. it was clear tom wasn’t going to give you attention despite how needy you were being. and it wasn’t like you were annoying him, you just wanted to feel his touch on your skin. you just wanted to feel him there.

tom looked up from his script and over at you, face immediately falling when he realizes how he’s been neglecting you for the past few hours.

“oh darling,” he coos, before crawling to your side of the couch and practically pulling you on top of him. he wrapped his arms tightly around you and just let you lay on top of him.

as the minutes passed, you found your need for him only start to be satiated, and you weren’t planning on moving at all.

“can’t believe you ignored me for your script,” you pouted, and though your head was laying against his chest, tom knew you were pouting.

“i’m sorry love.” he craned his neck to place a kiss on the top of your head. “you know i love you, the script is just so good that i couldn’t put it down,” he explained, but you knew all that.

“it’s not okay, but i forgive you. harry still wouldn’t treat me like this,” you reiterated, and he just laughed.

“i’m sorry you’re stuck with me instead of harry styles, but i love you and you are indeed stuck with me forever darling.” tom took your left hand into his and watched as the engagement ring on your finger shone in the light.

“if harry styles so happens to crash our wedding, i can make no promises holland,” you said jokingly, intertwining your fingers with his hand that was already holding yours.

“can’t you choose both?” he asked, hoping you would say that you would choose him.

“ooh, kinky!” was what you replied with, causing him to stifle a laugh.

“yeah yeah whatever,” he rolled his eyes at you, but he knew you would choose him forever. after all, you were engaged to be married.

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Welcome to my Celebrity Masterlist!

~Link to my Main Masterlist~

Disclaimer: All of these are a work of fiction and imagination. None of these works are real. Characters, names, places, businesses, incidents, and events are purely coincidental.

Fluff - ♡︎ ︎ Songfics - ♫

Angst - ☽


✍︎︎ Tom Holland

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Pairing: actor! Tom Holland x actress! Reader

Summary : Based on Taylor Swift’s song Wildest dreams. You thought Tom was the love of your life but it was just one of your wildest dreams.

Warnings : 18+,SMUT, mature content, infidelity, angst, tom being a douchebag.


“Today we have with us the Oscar winning renowned actress the one and only Y/N Y/L/N!” The RJ hyped you up. 

“Hello everyone” you spoke on the mic in front of you smiling. 

“Well first of all congratulations Y/N on your big oscar win." 

"Thank you so much. I’m still recovering from it not gonna lie.” You chuckle. The RJ asked you a bunch of other questions which you replied cheerfully. 

“So you have been casted to play Morgan Stark in the next part of Marvel Avengers movie." 

"Yes and I am looking forward to it. Being in a Marvel film was always on my wishlist and I can finally tick it off." 

"Do you feel yourself under pressure as you will be continuing a legacy?" 

"It’s definitely a pressure playing Tony Stark’s daughter and living upto the standards of none other than RDJ. Luckily he is personally mentoring me and I think I’ll fare well. I have read the script which I can’t reveal much but playing the grown up version of Morgan who is a part of the Avengers will be a lot of fun." 

"Well saying so you are also going to be sharing screen with Tom Holland after a long time. What do you have to say about the rumours  of you being speculated as the possible reason behind his relationship with his fiancee hitting the rocks?” you took a moment before answering the question. 

“Well a lot of things fly in the air we don’t catch on everything right? And I have always made it clear that we never dated, we are just friends that’s all.”

“So you are still single?" 

"And not interested to mingle.” You chuckle. 

“Well it was nice to have you with us today, Y/N.”

“It was my pleasure. Love you guys bye.”

The show ended and you headed out of the office building for the pre production meeting arranged by Marvel with the whole cast. You were sitting in your posh car, the last question of the RJ about your relationship with Tom still spiraling in your mind. You reminisced about one of your past mistakes. Though you wouldn’t call it a mistake because you fell for a wrong person but when he left he gave you a life lesson which you will remember in your lifetime that ‘nothing lasts forever’. 

It started with a small Instagram follow but who knew it would take you down like that. 

It all happened 2 years ago in a promotional show just like this. Your acting career had just begun and you had managed to create quite a buzz in and around the industry delivering two blockbusters mesmerizing the critics and audiences with your spectacular performance in your three year acting career. You were in a radio show for the promotion of your upcoming movie. The RJs were interviewing you.

“Well Tom Holland was here the other day and we asked who he likes among the upcoming new talents in the industry. He said and we quote that you are cute, sexy and very talented.” the lady said. 

“Well what do I say thank you Tom.” you giggle shyly. 

“Have you guys ever met?” the other male RJ asked. 

“Not really, though we had a chance to interact during the comic con. But I really admire his work and would love to work with him in future.”

“But I have to inform you that he is a little disappointed that he follows you but you never followed him back.” the lady jokes. 

“Well I can fix that I guess.” You took out your phone from your jeans pocket and opened your insta app.

“And here we go, officially following Tom Holland.” You said tapping the follow button.

“I hope now you are not upset anymore, Tom.” you chuckle.

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