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#tom holland x you
bonky-n-steeb · 17 minutes ago
𝗦𝗨𝗠𝗠𝗔𝗥𝗬: Your daily routine involves waking up in the morning, going to work and sulking at night. But then you meet the man you’ve fantasized about for your entire life, Bucky Barnes. At the same time, you've caught someone else’s eye and his first step in winning you over is to cook you breakfast. But will you be welcoming of that person’s affections?
𝗪𝗔𝗥𝗡𝗜𝗡𝗚𝗦: yandere, obsession, stalking, violence, cursing. If you find any of this triggering, please DNI. Also inform me if I left something out.  
ᴛʜɪs ɪs ɴᴏᴛ ʙᴇᴛᴀ ʀᴇᴀᴅ, sᴏ ᴀʟʟ ᴍɪsᴛᴀᴋᴇs ᴀʀᴇ ᴍʏ ᴏᴡɴ
Tumblr media
You scratched your head as you yawned and opened your eyes. Laying in your bed, you stared at the ceiling for a whole minute thinking about yesterday. You wondered if the breakfast would’ve been cooked today too.
You slowly got up from your bed and started walking towards your bathroom when the realization hit you. How did you end up on the bed? You were tired yesterday and sat on the couch to watch tv. And you were pretty sure you had fallen asleep there due to all the fatigue. You had no memories of coming upstairs.
The last thing you remembered was sitting on the couch and watching some random episode. How and when did you come upstairs? Were you sleep walking? It might be possible, you were usually very tired by the end of the day and maybe the stress was taking its toll.
Or what if...? What if someone brought you upstairs? You knew this was more plausible. But then again, who? And why?
You turned your feet around and walked out of the bedroom instead. You rushed down the stairs and entered the kitchen. And there it was.
The waffle machine was giving away steam. The waffle was already golden and crispy from its sight. He must be about to just take it out. Someone was late today, you thought to yourself.
As you looked around further, there was your notepad and a pen lying on the kitchen counter. You were right yesterday; he had used your notepad. You picked it up and started reading the note.
‘I didn’t mean to scare you yesterday, neither do I mean any harm. I just want you to be happy. I swear I haven’t tampered anything. Please don’t be scared of me!
Also, I hope you liked the ru...’
You could read and hear the desperation in his voice. The words were too kind and formal for a stalker. The note was half written and he had probably heard you coming down the stairs before he could complete the ‘g’ in the rug.
He must have to be somewhere in the kitchen, you wondered. “I know you are here only. So please do both of us a favor and come out. I won’t tell anyone else; I promise. Just... just talk to me maybe. Pleasseee.”
You were sure you sounded desperate. And you were. God knows why you weren’t afraid of this man, but instead you wanted to talk to him. You wanted to get to know him. He was a sweet guy after all. He made you breakfast and ensured your comfort. You were sure he hadn’t done anything to hurt you, yet.
“Also, thank you for the food. And well, ensuring I slept comfortably on the bed. I really appreciate your efforts but... but I don’t need it. We can be friends, we can talk to each other, but I don’t want to you to be troubled into doing all this for me. I’m used to living like this.” Your tone had lost its enthusiasm. It was dull and resigned.
You shook your head and started looking around. He had to be in this house. He was here moments ago, you were sure of that. He hadn’t yet served your food. But where would he be?
You started opening the cupboards one by one. Your heart hammered in your chest. The anticipation and the fear were killing you. You knew the cupboards were too small to have a human fit inside, but you still checked.
As you turned around, your eyes caught the new rug. You huffed out a breath and shook your head. “You don’t have to throw away a rug just because there was maple syrup spilt on it. I can list at least two ways by which I could’ve removed it all out without a single trace. But no, you had to throw it away and buy me another one and waste your money when you could’ve saved it.”
You knew this man was an idiot for sure. As you looked into the last cupboard of the kitchen counter. You stared to question your own sanity. Was there actually someone else or was it just you? Were you sleep walking?
Was the loneliness affecting your mental health and making you write letters to yourself. But then if it was you, cooking would be the last thing on your mind. And also, you definitely didn’t order the rug. It was someone else.
But then why would you write yourself notes. And the handwriting definitely wasn’t yours. “At least say hi. I feel as if I’m going insane. I don’t even know if you are here or if I’m talking to myself. Just... just say... Oh shit!”
You exclaimed as you smelt something burn. You turned your head to see the waffles almost dark brown. You were so engrossed in finding him you didn’t even realize to switch the machine off.
“You know it’s all your fault, right?” You said aloud so that whomsoever it was would hear it. You opened the lid to see that though the waffles were definitely inedible, they gladly hadn’t stuck to the machine. You chuckled at the thought that if they had, this man would’ve bought you a new machine.
“You know what? Fine. Don’t show yourself. Maybe one day I’ll just die from the curiosity.” You were hungry but you still had to freshen up a little. You decided to come back downstairs and look after your breakfast later and first go and do your morning routine.
Also, somewhere in the back of your head was the thought that maybe if you left, the person would go away. You knew it had to be uncomfortable for him to be stuck wherever he was. And you were sure he was still in the kitchen. This thought troubled you as your rational brain knew you couldn’t sympathize with a stalker.
He let out a long sigh of relief as you left the kitchen. You were this close to finding him, but the heavens were on his side today and you didn’t.
First, he didn’t expect you to wake up a little earlier than usual, but you did. He had to quickly hide and didn’t get enough time to take the waffle out or complete his note.
Your reaction was unexpected and yet a dream come true. Yesterday, judging by your reaction to the breakfast and the zoning out during the Avenger’s meeting, he was worried that you would hate him and were afraid of him. But he was glad it was quite the contrary.
When you asked, he really wanted to come out. He wanted you to know who he was. But then, if it had been a trick or if you had been disappointed by finding out it was him, his heart wouldn’t have been able to take the blow.
His heart was thrumming loudly in his chest and he feared you would hear him. He prayed to all the gods he knew when you had knelt and opened the door right next to the refrigerator. But gladly, you never opened the fridge.
And that’s exactly where he was. Your refrigerator was mostly empty today and he snuck in as he had heard you come downstairs. He hadn’t closed the door completely and had left a small gap to see the kitchen.
He was grateful for his flexible body and his resistance to the extreme temperatures that he was able to sit inside for so long. He couldn’t even imagine the horror on your face if you had seen him crouched down at a really weird angle in the fridge.
As he left your house and walked back to the tower, he had a silly smile plastered on his face. You liked him, you wanted to know him, you wanted to be his friend. And he was sure you’ll soon want to be more than just his friend.
You chewed your cheek as you sat blankly staring at the computer screen in front of you. If this had been seen by your past self, she would’ve berated you for slacking off of your job.
All your life you had been level headed. While other people were confused, you knew what you wanted and what you had to do to achieve it. Your goals were clear and set right before your eyes. But now, when the others had considerably settled down, you were in a turmoil.
You didn’t know who the other person was. Or whether if there was any. But whoever it was, he was smart and agile. You still hadn’t guessed where he was this morning. Your instinct couldn’t have been wrong and it was screaming that he was still in the kitchen.
You knew it wasn’t you sleep walking or having multi-personality disorder. But you had to be sure. You had to see if it was you, or someone else. And most importantly you had to know who the other person was. And there was one way to find out, security cameras.
But you were afraid and nervous about what you might find out. And you still didn’t know how you felt about the situation. The thought about someone roaming about your home, which was a safe place for you to hide from the world, was disturbing. And at the same time, you couldn’t help but be happy that someone finally wanted you.
The fear of being stalked was probably being overshadowed by the butterflies you got in your stomach from being noticed by someone. You had read and watched a million thrillers about stalkers, and if you were honest, some sick part of you always wanted for someone to love you so much that it exceeded logic and laws.
You were still lost in your own head when you heard a knock on the door of your office. You rubbed your eyes and ran your fingers through your hair before saying, “come in.”
You gave a genuine smile as you saw Peter enter the room. He was now an Avenger, a grown-up man, but when you saw him, you still saw the boy you had first seen on tv years ago. He wasn’t as thin as before, he now worked out with the likes of Captain Rogers and had gained incredible muscle weight, but he was still lean and not bulky.
Lost in your own world, you failed to notice the slight blush creep across Peter’s cheek at your smile. “What happened Peter?” He smiled as bright as the sun as you asked and you wondered if you had said something funny. You were aware about how terribly shy he was.
Not meeting your eyes, he looked at his own feet as he spoke. “It’s actually lunch time. So... so I was wondering if you’d come... come downstairs and have lunch with me... I mean us, all of us are going to be there. Not all, Black widow and Clint have gone for a mission, so the rest of us. Mr. Stark has ordered food and if it’s okay with you, will you join us?” He stuttered continuously as he said.
“It would be my pleasure.” With that, you closed the tabs on your computer and sorted the papers on your desk. Standing up, you ran a hand across your suit and started walking alongside Peter. “You don’t have to be so scared of me, you know that right? I’m not gonna eat you.”
You had seen Peter become flustered in front of you. He did act that way in front of others too. But it was much less as compared to how he behaved when he saw you. You still remembered the time you had entered the gym where Peter and Steve were sparring. After seeing you, he had forgotten to duck and ended up getting his nose broken by Steve.
“I know that. You are too... too kind to do that.” He said giggling. Nobody except Tony Stark knew about Peter’s crush on you. You were just a few years older than him and you were all that he wanted in a woman. His liking for you wasn’t a big deal for the entire team to either notice or know, it was just a crush.
You both had small talk until you reached the dining area. Almost all of the seats were occupied except the one besides Bucky. What you didn’t know was that Bucky and Steve had purposely made it that way. You took that seat and Peter shifted some chairs so that he could sit on the other side of you.
Tony had ordered Chinese food which on other days you might have thoroughly enjoyed, but not today. Today your brain was too busy thinking about your new stalker problem to focus on the taste of the food.
The Avengers were all chit chatting about something but you didn’t even hear what they were saying. As usual, Bucky was quiet and fixated on you. You were nervous and were staring at your own food and occasionally looking up to Bucky, just in time for him to look at the opposite direction.
“So, what do you think?” Tony asked turning to you. Your head snapped up like that of a deer caught in a headlight. Your eyes were wide and your face was hauntingly blank. “You like cats or dogs?” Bucky finally asked you.
Bucky could see that you weren’t paying an ounce of attention. And maybe this was the time where you would actually accept his help. Apparently, the avengers were discussing whether they liked cats more or dogs.
You plastered a bright smile on your face for Bucky. He had actually saved you from the bombardment of questions that would’ve come your way if the others found out about your absentmindedness. “Dogs.” You answered stuffing your face with noodles again to avoid questions.
When you said that, Bucky quickly imagined his future with you. You would have a dog and he would have a cat. And together along with your kids, it would be a perfect family, just like those hallmark movies which Peter had not long ago forced him to see.
“Dogs are the best.” Peter chimed his agreement to your statement. You nodded at that. “Dogs are the best medicine for loneliness, and so are cats.” Bruce mediated between the two groups.
“I’ve always wanted a dog. Just never got the guts to go get one.” You said reminiscing about all those nights you had spent wondering if getting a dog as your companion would be a good idea.
“Alright, so we know what to gift you for your birthday.” Tony replied and everyone chuckled at that while you happily agreed, “That would be a great gift.”
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spidernerdsblog · 2 hours ago
pretending to flinch when Peter does something to see his reaction🤙
I just got carried away. Hope you like this...
Pairing : Peter Parker x Reader
Warnings : fluff
Tumblr media
Peter Parker and chocolate cookies are a whole different story. One of the first things you discovered in the initial days of your relationship is his undying love for chocolate chip cookies. Aunt may often used to joke about how the cookies never make it into the cookie jar because he just practically inhales them as soon as she takes them out of the oven.
In the meantime you managed to learn the recipe from May and luckily you had a day off today so you decided to try out the recipe while waiting for Peter to come back from his daily patrolling and surprising him at night. You got busy in the kitchen measuring all the ingredients in the right amounts as May had taught you and mixed them into a perfect consistency. You were so engrossed in your work that you lost track of time and failed to hear Peter coming through the window of your apartment. 
“What are you baking?” Peter’s voice startled you. 
“Oh you scared me!” you gasped, turning around to find your nerdy boyfriend leaning against the doorframe of the kitchen. He had already changed into his flannel shirt and jeans which were in your closet after you insisted him to keep an extra set of clothes in your apartment in case he decides to stay the night.
“Sorry didn't mean to” he apologized sheepishly.
“It’s ok” you smiled glancing at the clock “you're early today” you remarked.
“Yeah, all the bad guys in Queens decided to take a day off today I guess” he chuckles “so what is being made in chef Y/N’s kitchen?” he walks inside and his eyes light up as soon as he sees the cookie dough in the mixing bowl “oh chocolate cookies, my favorite!” he beams with joy like a child and goes to scoop some of the dough but you move the bowl away from him.
“Ah ah hold on tiger you gotta let them bake in the oven first” you tell him sassily.
“But can I have a little taste please?” he gives you his irresistible puppy eyes.
“Nope” you were adamant as you hid the bowl behind you.
“Whyy??” he whines pouting at you.
“You always say one scoop but end up finishing half of the dough so not happening mister” 
“C'mon Y/N just one scoop please” he pleads jutting out his lower lip.
“No means no” you state out firmly.
“Well I think I might be able to turn that to a yes” he says smiling mischievously as his hands reach out to grab your hips and start to tickle you.
“Peter, stop this is cheating! You are not allowed to do this!” you squealed giggling trying your best not to drop the bowl.
“Yes everything is allowed in love and war” he says cheekily continuing to tickle you. 
“Oh god stop I can't breathe...” you say breathlessly as you try to swat away his hands giggling.
“Not unless you let me have a scoop of the cookie dough” he says, catching hold of your right arm firmly.
“Ouch! Peter stop” you yelped in pain and Peter immediately backed off letting go of your arm. Concern overtakes his features as he watches you put down the bowl on the kitchen counter and rub your arm.
“Did-did I hurt you?” his voice comes out shaky as he carefully goes to hold your arm
“Ow!” you flinch in pain as his heart dropped seeing you hurt because of him.
“Does it hurt?” he presses the area lightly with guilt in his eyes.
“Yeah a little” you tell him slowly sitting down on a chair.
“I'm so sorry Y/N this is all my fault. I'm such an idiot that I completely forgot about my superstrength. I should have been more careful. This is completely my fault. I hurt you we should go to doctor right now” he rambles blaming himself.
“It's ok Pete I’m fine it doesn't hurt that much” you reassure him with a soft smile feeling pity on him. 
“No I should have listened to you Y/N. Just tell me what can I do to make it better?” he says, shaking his head with remorse.
“Well we can finish baking the cookies and later on you can cuddle me to sleep. How does that sound?” you proposed.
“Anything for you babe. You just sit here and relax. I’ll do the rest of the work ok?” you nodded affirmatively and watched him get busy into baking the cookies batch by batch. The thought of having such a caring and loving boyfriend made you feel happy from inside but you also felt terrible seeing his saddened face cause he thinks he hurt you but in reality you were just pretending to be hurt to stop him and now you don’t know how to disclose that little secret to him. 
The timer went off indicating the last batch of cookies were done breaking you out of your thoughts. You jumped out of your seat and took out the tray from the oven. The scent of vanilla and chocolate invading your senses as you pulled out your mittens and picked up a piece from the tray.
“Mmmm tastes heavenly” you moaned, taking a bite of the freshly baked cookies it didn’t take much time for Peter to notice that you were working normally with your right arm.
“Hey you said your arm was hurting right?” he looks at you skeptically.
“What arm?” you say whilst chewing.
“Just an hour ago you were crying out in pain” he reminds you.
“Oh I was just pretending” you shrug nonchalantly.
“What?! You were acting the whole time?” he gasped in disbelief “that is so cheap of you” 
“You only said everything is fair in love and war and I had to save my cookies from the cookie monster” you retorted.
“You minx! You tricked me. I was so worried sick. You don’t know how terrible I felt for hurting you” he huffs knitting his eyebrows in a frown.
“Okay I’m sorry I won’t do that again” you say cupping his face with your hands “and how many times do I need to tell you Peter Benjamin Parker that you can never hurt me? Even if an evil symbiote possesses you, you will never hurt anyone willingly” you pressed a soft kiss on his lips as he finally gave you a smile “and stop underestimating me. I'm not that fragile ok?” you added making him laugh.
“We will see when you can take these from me” he says with a smug grinning as he grabs the whole cookie tray and runs out of the kitchen.
“Peter, come back!” you ran after him. 
Tumblr media
Let me know what you think. Reblogs are appreciated.
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sunnymuffins45 · 3 hours ago
Hahaha I love the modern holland family mini series. I had an idea, as we all know Claire is a daddy’s girl so how about when she’s like 15 and she is talking to her mom about her first crush at school, Tom overhears and becomes all fathery and protective of her. And he says some things like "guys at ur age want only one thing babygirl, I was 15 too once and I know for sure u can’t possibly give them what they expect because you’re not 25 yet, and not engaged so I do not approve, so I recommend you to stay away from boys". I’m a sucker for overprotective!dad!tom 🥺✌🏻💜
No Approval- Holland Family Mini Series
A/N: GUys I have never ever in my life watched modern family. 😂😂😂 If there are any similarities or references, they are def coincidences. Haha
Warnings: Overprotective Tom, fluff, talk about sex, swearing
Tom skipped through the stairs, accompanied by Tessa. He made his way to the garden and feed Tess, pouring the dog food into her plate. Tessa jumped in excitement once she saw she had food again. Tom pet the Staffie and made his way back inside.
He heard voices coming from the kitchen, so of course, he had to go check them out. As he got closer, the words he hears started to make sense.
¨Yes, mom, he is very cute.¨ Claire continued the conversation she was having.
¨Whats his name?¨ Tom heard you ask
¨Josh¨ Claire spoke, and Tom stayed still, wanting to know more.¨He bought me roses the other day.¨ Tom's daughter added with excitement to her wife. He just frowned.
¨ I want to meet this guy, he seems nice¨ You continued
¨Yeah, he is the boy I gave my first kiss to¨ And that was enough to make Tom interfere in the conversation.
¨Who is this Mother fucker? where does he live? what does he wear? Does he smell good? I bet he doesn't. Why is he bringing you roses and kissing you, huh?¨ Tom asked rolling, his sleeves up. Claire rolled her eyes at her dad's behavior.
¨Tom, babe, she´s just telling me about her friend...¨ You looked at Claire, trying to remember his name.
¨Telling me about Josh¨ You continued nodding.
¨Friends?!¨ He asked sarcastically ¨I don't know if you have to get your ears checked, baby, because she said KISS.¨ Tom argued with the two of you.
¨It was just a kiss, dad, nothing happened¨ Claire defended herself, but Tom wasn't having it.
¨It was just one time, dad, now I am pregnant¨ He mocked his daughter.
¨Tom come on she is too young to be pregnant. You do know that, right?¨ You asked your daughter.
¨Ugh yes mom¨ She rolled her eyes at you.
¨Yeah, keep rolling your eyes, Claire Holland. If they get stuck, at least you won't have to see that boy.¨ Tom joked, making you laugh.
All of a sudden, Claires phone starts to ring. Of course, it had to be Josh calling. The three of you looked at each other, Tom was the first to act up and grab his daughter's phone.
¨Hey Clariey¨ Josh spoke, calling Claire a pet name. You cocked your head, trying to understand the name he had just called your daughter.
¨Nah, ah, ah this ain't no Clariey¨ Tom mocked the kid ¨ This is her father speacking¨ Tom clenched his jaw, while Claire closed her eyes in embarrassment.
¨Oh shi- Hey Mr. Holland, it's nice to finally talk to you. My brother is such a big fan-¨
¨ Why are you calling my daughter?¨ Tom asked, scrunching his eyes at Claire.
¨Yeah, I was gonna ask her if she wanted to come to the festival tonight. Her friends Lilia and Emma are coming, as well as my friend Bryce.¨ Josh started. ¨I guess since your on the phone she is grounded or something.¨ Tom looked at his daughter ¨ I hope Claire can come. She's been talking about the festival for weeks now. I promise Mr.Holland I´ll take good care of your daughter if you let her go. ¨ The boy sounded like a very nice person still, Tom didn't like the idea of Claire going out with boys.
¨Oh that's a shame son, she is not allowed to go¨ Tom hanged up.
¨WHAT?!¨ Claire screamed
¨Princess I know you like this boy but-¨
¨BUT YOU WONT LET ME LIVE MY FUCKING LIFE¨ Claire stormed off into her room. The bedroom door almost falling off due to how strongly she slammed it.
¨Phew¨ You whistled ¨You fucked up this time Tom¨ You said, shaking your head.
¨I know, my love, it just that she used to be around me all the time. She would be by my side and tell me everything. Now, she barely even speaks to me. I am kind of jealous that Jack-¨
¨Josh¨ you corrected him
¨Josh is getting more love from her than me.¨ Tom pouted, and you pulled your husband in for a hug.
¨Oh baby, no¨ You assured him ¨shes just growing up, she has never stopped loving you¨ You stroked his back.
¨How do you know?¨ Tom asked, sniffling.
¨She always tells me how you are the most important person in her life. Every time I bring up the subject of what she wants to be when she grows up, she always says ´I want to be just like my dad´¨ Tom smiled as he heard that.
Claire was being nosey as always. She heard the conversation his parents had and couldn't help but feel bad about being rude to her dad. He's always done so much for her, he deserves better. Claire returned to her room. Moments after, she heard a knock.
¨Come in¨ She answered.
¨Hey darling¨
¨Hey dad¨ She smiled softly at him ¨Am sorry about yelling at you. I respect you, I will never do that again¨ Claire apologized, Tom hugged her.
😂¨I am sorry for being overprotective princess, but guys at your age want only one thing, baby girl. I was 15 too once, and I know for sure you can’t possibly give them what they expect because you’re not 25 yet.¨ Tom caressed his daughter's cheek.
¨I know dad, Josh isn't like that though¨ She tried. Tom just didn't want to admit it.
¨Yeah, I know he is very respectful, but I don't approve of you having any serious relationships right now, my love. Is that okay with you¨ Tom asked claire, smiling. She nodded, smiling as well.
¨Yes dad¨ She hugged him and kissed his cheek.
¨Now, grab your phone and call that kid. Let them know you will be going to the festival.¨ He surprised her.
¨Yeah, I was not going to let you go, sweets¨ She hugged him tighter than before.
¨I love you dad, I know I don't say it as often, but I do¨ Claire pulled out of the hug.
¨I love, you more¨ Tom started leaving but turned around one last time. ¨If you think you will open those legs to any man, I will super glue them together Claire¨ He raised his eyebrows ¨You have been warn¨
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hollandsrecs · 5 hours ago
friends to lovers masterlist (1)
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summary: tom drunk dials you in the middle of the night which leads to a heated discussion the following morning.
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starknik22 · 11 hours ago
Reckless [T.H]
Tumblr media
Summary: In a fit of jealousy, Tom embarrasses you in front of your new friend and the entire pub, leaving you heartbroken at his reckless actions.
Word Count: 4.1k
Warnings: Swearing, angst, slut-shaming 
a/n: hi! sorry this took so so so long for me to get out! i got super busy with other works, but i’m super happy with how this turned out :) i hope you enjoy this, and don’t worry, i know how scary those warnings look ^ but this ends happy, i promise! as always, comments and reblogs are appreciated <3
Tom was an idiot. He was an actual fucking idiot. He now realizes that as he watches you run out of the pub with hot tears streaming down your face. He watches as Harry runs after you, your bag in his hand, probably to make sure you make it back home safe since there was no way you’d return to the crowded bar, where Harrison and Sam were giving Tom death glares, the same little pub where Tom had made a complete fool out of you. 
The few months Tom came home to London were always the setting of your most cherished memories. Sometimes it seemed like when he left so did the whole group of friends you surround yourself with.
There was no doubt in your mind that Tom was the life of the party. He had a certain aura about him that caused some of the most fucked up, but amazing situations to occur. That was probably one of the reasons you loved him so much. 
When he was in town, his brothers, Harrison, and Tuwaine all joined together to make the next few months memorable before he had to leave again, and you were always included, but when he was gone, Harry usually went with him, Harrison focused on work for himself, and Sam focused on his restaurant. The world slowed down after Tom left, and so many times, you were left to wait for his return; alone. 
Tom hated leaving you behind every time he went back to the states, but you had such deep roots in London, he didn’t want to pry you from your family for months on end. He loved you too much to constantly subject you to his hectic lifestyle. He spent as much time with you as he could when he saw you, but the second he had to go, it was all tearful goodbyes in a crowded airport. 
You and Tom had been best friends for decades at this point. You supported him no matter what it was that he wanted to accomplish. He’s even said in interviews that he credits a huge bulk of his success to his friend back home, then he’d give a wink to the camera, and you always knew it was for you. 
When Tom came home after filming Spider-Man: No Way Home, you practically tackled him to the ground in a hug. 
“You div,” You mumbled into his neck, “you forgot to let me FaceTime with Zendaya.” 
“Oh, shit!” Tom gasped, finally remembering your request to talk to your favorite actress, “my bad.”
You looked at Tom incredulously, “I don’t think I can be friends with you anymore.” You feigned hurt, clutching your hand to your chest, “it just hurts too much.” 
“That’s a damn shame,” Tom frowned, “I mean, I could just FaceTime Zendaya now, but if that’s how you—”
“I changed my mind,” You smiled sweetly, cutting him off, “love you, bestie.” 
Tom rolled his eyes and pulled you into another hug, “Missed you, bestie.” 
“Um,” Sam, Paddy, and Harrison stood behind you, clearing their throats. 
“Missed you guys too,” Tom sighed, and he rushed over and gave his brothers and friend a hug.
You gave Harry a hug while Tom chatted with his brothers, quickly catching up with him. 
“What’s the plan for tonight, guys?” You spoke up. 
Every night after Tom got back, he’d go back to his flat and take a nap before a night out on the town. Usually, you’d bar hop a bit before going to a club, so tonight wasn’t likely to be any different. 
“I was thinking we could get dinner at Lorenzo’s,” Harry said, “then maybe hit the pub on Ashford?”
You and the others nodded in agreement as you made your way out of the airport.
“Can I invite my friend Avery?” You asked. 
Tom nodded, “Sure, I didn’t even know you had any other friends, (Y/N),” he joked.
“Haha,” You laughed sarcastically, “gee that was a good one, Tom. You really got me.” 
“What can I say?” He smirked, “I’m a comedian.” 
“Is that the guy you met in your philosophy lecture?” Harrison butt in.
“Yeah,” You nodded, “he’s really sweet, so be on your best behavior guys, and maybe don’t be yourselves, just this once?” you suggested with a slightly teasing tone. 
“Are you trying to impress him or something?” Tom inquired.
“No,” You scoffed, “I’m just trying to not throw him to the wolves.” 
Tom laughed along, but it was strained. He wasn’t too keen on the idea of adding a new member to your friend group, and the little glint in your eye when you talked about Avery made his heart tighten. 
“Okay,” You smiled as you set the last of Tom’s luggage in his living room, “I’ll let you get some sleep then.”
You gave him one last hug and a kiss on the cheek, “see you later.” 
Tom reciprocated and inhaled the sweet smell of lavender in your locks of hair, “mhm,” he sighed, “see ya.” 
Harrison was about to walk out after you when Tom grabbed the collar of his shirt and pulled him back, “Mate, what the fuck.” he grumbled as he stumbled over his feet, “I thought you wanted to take a nap?”
“I slept on the plane,” Tom explained quickly, “you’ve been here the whole time, right?” Harrison nodded, “so you know this Avery guy, yeah?”
Harrison shook his head, “I haven’t talked to (Y/N) much this past month, but he’s probably on her Instagram.” 
Harrison pulled out his phone and looked at posts you’d been tagged in, “Ah, here.” He handed the phone to Tom and pointed to the tall blonde guy in a group photo with you and some other friends, “He’s the tall blonde.” 
Tom studied the picture with a small frown, “They’re not dating though, right?”
“She said he was her friend,” Harrison shrugged.
“You know what I mean,” Tom rolled his eyes, “do they look really chummy to you?”
“His hand’s kind of close to her butt, but other than that I don’t know.” Harrison pointed it out, causing Tom’s heart to momentarily stop. 
“Ok, new plan,” Tom announced, “I’m going to ask (Y/N) out tonight.” 
Harrison scoffed and rolled his eyes. “What?” Tom wondered.
“You’ve said that almost every single time you’ve been home and you always chicken out.”
“No, I don’t!” Tom gasped in offense, “It’s just hard to find the right time.”
“You’ve literally had hundreds of opportunities to tell her how you feel, Mate.”
“It has to be perfect.” Tom insisted, “I can’t just ask her out of the blue, I have to butter her up first.”
“That’s dumb.” 
“Oh, fuck off,” Tom groaned, “get out, I changed my mind, I’m going to sleep.” 
Harrison rolled his eyes and chuckled before giving Tom a pat on the back and leaving. Tom waved goodbye as Harrison drove away, and then rushed to his phone. 
“FaceTime Zendaya,” he instructed Siri. The call went through and soon Tom was met with Zendaya's tired eyes in a dark room. 
“Hey, Z!” Tom said cheerfully, “best friend, bestest pal in the world. The person that never wants to see me fail ever, my greatest companion—“
“Tom,” Zendaya groggily cut him off, “what the fuck do you want, I’m sleeping.” 
“How do you ask a girl out?”
Zendaya sat up a little more and turned on her bedside lamp, “What? You don’t know how to ask a girl out?”
“Well I do,” Tom backtracked, “but I want it to be special. I’ve been in love with this girl for nearly two years now and every time I go to ask her out, I chicken out.”
“I don’t know, what does she like?”
“Well one time she told me her favorite animal was a sea otter, should I get her one?” Tom pondered, hand resting in his chin in thought. 
“Um, no, what the fuck?” Zendaya squinted her eyes at Tom, “have you gotten any sleep yet?” 
Tom shook his head, “This is important, Z, now help me!” 
Zendaya rolled her eyes, “I’ll text you some ideas, but for now just go get some sleep. With how tired you are now you’d probably call her the wrong name or something.” 
Tom rolled his eyes, but the action caused his eyelids to droop even more, “Fine, fine,” he conceded, “I’ll let you know how it goes.” 
“Okay,” Tom announced at the restaurant before you arrived, “I’m going to ask (Y/N) out tonight so I need you all to shut up and not distract me or make me nervous.”
Harrison, Harry, and Sam just stared at Tom. Tuwaine, for some unknown reason, started clapping. 
“Tom,” Harrison began, “no offense, but—“
“Ah ah ah,” Tom stopped him, “is what you’re about to say going to bruise my ego?” Harrison thought about it for a moment before slowly nodding, “okay, then shut the fuck up, respectfully. I don’t need any bad juju tonight.” 
“Well, I’m happy for you, Mate,” Tuwaine nodded. He was the closest to you after Tom and he knew all about your crush on the brown-haired Brit. You might’ve let it slip once when you were drunk, and since you didn’t willingly tell Tuwaine, he was sworn to secrecy. “I’m positive she’ll say yes.” 
“Thank you,” Tom smiled at him, sending a slight glare to the others for their lack of faith in him. “As for the rest of you, I can’t wait to prove you wrong.” 
You walked into the restaurant with Avery hunched over from laughing so hard. Tom smiled in your direction and waved you over, “Hey, (Y/N/N)! Over here!”
“Wow,” You chuckled, “must’ve been a good nap. Little energetic there, huh?” 
Tom went in to give you a tight hug, holding you close, “Just missed you,” he mumbled into your hair. 
“I just saw you a few hours ago?”
Avery stood by you awkwardly, waiting for Tom to release you. Tom reluctantly let you go and pulled a chair out for you, next to him. 
“Thanks,” you smiled at him, motioning for Avery to sit next to you, “hey, everyone,” you smiled at the group of boys that were properly about to piss themselves at Tom’s over-the-top behavior, “this is Avery.” 
“Hi,” He waved at the group as a small chorus of ‘hellos’ rang across the table. He turned to Tom to shake his hand, “I’m a big fan, Mate. Love your work.” 
Tom smiled and patted him on the shoulder, “Thanks, it means a lot.” smiled politely, shaking Avery's hand. 
Dinner went off without a hitch, at least in your opinion. Avery was melding well with your friends and he was cracking jokes like he’d know the group for years. 
The boys seemed to enjoy his sense of humor and what he added to the conversation. Sam and him even found that they shared an interest in cooking, which led to them having a slightly heated discussion about how real Gordon Ramsey’s cooking skills are; which ended in laughs. 
However, Tom was probably having one of the worst nights of his life. Every time Avery playfully shoved you while you two laughed he wanted to wring his neck. It also didn’t help that he couldn’t find the perfect time to ask you out. Maybe it wasn’t the best idea to ask you out with all of his mates around. 
Tom smiled and laughed along with the jokes, but once you looked away he was back to frowning. 
“Tom,” Harry nudged his brother, “wipe that scowl off your face.” 
“I’m not scowling,” Tom grumbled, “this is my normal face.” 
Harry rolled his eyes and kicked his older brother under the table, “You need to ask her soon. I think Avery is trying to make some moves on her.” Harry noticed, seeing how Avery casually had his arm around your chair. 
Tom rolled his eyes, “As if I can't see that for myself,” he scoffed. “I don’t want to ask her with all of you watching. What if she says no?” 
“We can leave you alone for a bit when we go to the pub, but I’m not sure if Avery will go with us.” Harry shrugged, “you could always ask her out tomorrow.” Harry suggested. 
“No!” Tom exclaimed, causing everyone to look at him and Harry, “Sorry, I—um, I just don’t really like that shirt on you Harry; it makes my eyes hurt.” 
Harry looked down at his shirt for a moment and then frowned, sending a light smack to Tom, “You bought me this shirt you div.”
Everyone went back to their own conversations so Tom leaned in to talk to Harry some more, “I can’t wait for tomorrow. What if I chicken out again?”
“Then you’re an idiot.” Harry deadpanned with a shrug. 
The pub was way more packed than anyone expected. The new addition of live music to the outside patio definitely livened up the place and more customers went to see what local band would be playing next. 
The pub had a classic English pub feel, with the wood flooring and the yellow-tinted walls, but it also had a modern twist with a back patio and outdoor seating with fairy lights, and the lights that illuminate under the bar itself. 
“I’m gonna go check out the band,” Harry announced after he came back with your drinks, “you guys should all come with me.” He said with a slight side-eye to Sam, Tuwaine, and Harrison. 
“Eh, I’m not really into—” Sam began, but Harry sent him a quick kick under the table. “Ow! I mean, I love music.” Sam smiled enthusiastically. 
“I’m gonna stay back and finish this beer,” Tom said, holding up the large pint of beer he was already a quarter of the way through, “(Y/N), wanna race to see who can finish first?” He suggested trying to get you to stay behind.
“Oh you’re totally on,” You smirked, “but I am going to take a quick peek at the band. We can race after I get back.” You got up from your seat and began walking away with Harry and the boys. Tom pouted at how horribly that plan worked. Harry looked back at Tom apologetically as he held the door open for you.
“Wow,” Avery smiled beside Tom, scaring him, “she really is something.” 
“Holy shit, Mate,” Tom held a hand to his heart, “you almost gave me a heart attack. I thought you went with them?” 
“Nah,” Avery shook his head, “I’m not really into music,” he shrugged. 
“Oh, okay,” Tom nodded. “What were you just saying?”
“(Y/N),” Avery looked towards the back patio exit dreamily, “she’s amazing. I mean I would definitely ask her out, but probably not at a pub surrounded by her mates, y’know?” 
“Mhm, yeah,” Tom said quietly, his heart already beginning to shatter into millions of inconsolable pieces. “I mean, she’s alright.” He said with a forced laugh, trying to fend Avery away from you, “she definitely isn’t really your type, though.” 
“What do you mean?” Avery asked, taking a sip from his beer, “she’s perfect, mate.”
“I mean,” Tom racked his brain for an excuse big enough to make Avery not want you, “you don’t think it’s a little weird she’s in a friend group with all boys?” 
“No,” Avery said slowly, skeptically looking back at the exit, “she just clicks with boys, I guess. Girls and guys can just be friends.”
“Not her,” Tom scoffed, “I mean, it’s just a little obvious, y’know?”
You and the rest of the boys were heading back in, seeing as the back patio was completely overcrowded with patrons. 
“What’s obvious?” Avery asked, raising his voice slightly due to the volume in the bar. 
“(Y/N)’s only friends are guys!” Tom nearly yelled over the volume of chatter, not realizing that the surrounding customers could hear him, “makes me wonder how many she’s slept with! I mean, that’s not a coincidence to me!” 
The surrounding customers halted their conversations, leaving only Tom’s voice filtering through the air and into your ears. 
“That’s crazy,” Avery chuckled awkwardly, “I don’t think she’s like that.” He shook his head, annoying Tom. In a final last-ditch effort to get Avery off your back, he said the worst thing he could, loudly, into a quieting pub. 
“Well, she hits on me all the time,” Tom shrugged, “she’s just a bit whorish, I guess.” 
“Tom,” Tuwaine cleared his throat, interrupting their conversation, “what the fuck, mate?” 
Tom looked at all the boys next to Tuwaine, and behind them was you, teary-eyed with harsh sobs racking through your body. 
You whispered something to Harry, and then all but ran out the front door. Harry walked over to where Tom was sitting and picked up your purse.
“Harry I—” Tom tried.
“Shut the fuck up, Tom.” Harry snapped, “You're an idiot and an asshole, just leave things be.” 
Harry ran out the pub entrance, following you to give you a ride home. 
Tuwaine, Sam, and Harrison shook their heads once the shock ebbed away. One by one they all left Tom sitting in shock and agony at the bar. Avery, not knowing any of the group, barely knew what was going on or if Tom’s accusations were correct, left the pub and went home without another word. 
“Harry,” Tom whined into the phone, “please tell me how to fix this, please I’m begging you.” 
Harry sighed, now properly regretting lifting his silent treatment from Tom, “Tom, there is absolutely nothing I can do to help you, and even if there was, I wouldn’t. You called her a whore in front of a crowded pub—”
“I know!” Tom yelled, “And I’ve been living with that guilt for three weeks now! Please, Harry. I-I messed up so bad.” Tom’s voice cracked, “I tried calling and texting, a-and my texts started turning green. She blocked me,” Tom sobbed, “I’m in love with her, and I never got to tell her. I ruined our relationship before it even began.” 
“Yeah,” Harry agreed, “you did.” 
“Harry, I just want to apologize properly, please.” Tom begged, “I tried going to her house, but her roommate threw a drink at me and told me she went out of town. Where is she?”
“I can’t tell you.” 
“Harry,” Tom sighed, “I’m trying so hard here, I don’t care where she is, I’ll go anywhere for her. Please, I just can’t keep waiting in the dark for her to talk to me.”
Harry sighed, rubbing his forehead, “Okay, fine, but don’t tell her I told you where she was. And if you get your face clawed off, just know that you deserve it.” 
“Okay, okay, now tell me.”
“She’s been staying with Tuwaine and his girlfriend.” 
“Okay, thanks, love you, bye!” Tom said through the phone, already grabbing his keys. 
Harry sighed and began texting Tuwaine, 
Harry: Tom’s coming over, don’t snap him in half, he just wants to talk to her. 
Tuwaine: I’m not home right now, but I'd be more worried about her snapping him in half… 
Tom pulled up the Tuwaine’s flat and pounded at the door. He didn’t see Tuwaine’s car in the driveway but he saw yours parked on the street so he knew you were in there. 
“(Y/N)!” He desperately called, “Come on, I know you’re in there!”, his pleas were met with silence and he rang the doorbell on repeat, “(Y/N), please! I just want to talk!”
The door opened to show you standing there with your messy hair and stained sweats, still looking overwhelmingly perfect in Tom’s eyes. He noticed the dark circles and the dried tears and his heart broke, even more, knowing he caused this. He loved you so much and he caused you some of the worst pain imaginable. All he wanted to do was hold you and kiss your puffy cheeks, desperately whispering praises into your ear. You were perfect in every sense of the word, and he let you believe you were anything less. He was an idiot—the biggest idiot in the world—for making you cry. 
“What do you want?” You snapped with a sniffle, pulling him back to reality as you rubbed your red eyes. 
“I just want to talk,” Tom gave you a small smile, “please.” 
“I don’t have anything to say to you.” You scowled, “You need to leave.” 
“No, (Y/N), please.” Tom begged, “I’m sorry. I’m so so so fucking sorry. I was being an idiot and—please, (Y/N), you’re my best friend. I don’t wanna lose you.” Tom’s voice cracked, but you remained stoic in the doorway. 
“I’m your best friend? Really?” You scoffed, “I thought I was just some whore you let hang around you?” 
Tom winced at his words being thrown back into his face, “I didn’t mean it, I swear,” he promised, tears glistening in his eyes, “I don’t even know why I said that. I was being so fucking stupid—” 
“No,” You interrupted his rambling, “you don’t get to say that. You don’t get to say that it was just you “being stupid”. Who the hell says that about their supposed best friend? Why would you even think that? You don’t just get to call me those things in public, and then say that you don’t know why you did it. You can’t even give me a reason—”
“I’m in love with you,” Tom blurted out, blowing out a puff of air in stress, “I’ve been in love with you for the longest time, (Y/N). And Avery was saying how he wanted to ask you out, and I couldn’t lose you. I didn’t want to lose you. I had so many plans for us, and I wanted to be with you—to be yours—more than anything, and I let my jealousy get in the way. I’m sorry because if I deserved you I wouldn’t have done that.”
You stood in the doorway of the flat, arms crossed over your chest. “I can’t believe you’d be so reckless.” You said after a moment of silence, “I would’ve been yours if you had just asked me.” 
“I’m sorry,” Tom cried, reaching out to hold your hand, but you backed away ever so slightly, “please, I would do anything to fix it if I could.” 
“You don’t understand anything, Tom.” You frowned.
“Help me understand.” He begged.
You pondered it for a moment and then released a sigh, coupled with a few tears, “I loved you,” you admitted. Tom’s heart did a leap, but then he realized that you were talking past tense as if his chance with you was gone.
“And I would spend months and months just waiting for you to come home so I could spend time with you. I was so lonely when you and Harry left; I always am. Avery offered to spend some time with me after class one day and I agreed because I don’t have anybody else when you leave. And it was fun, but he wasn’t you. He’ll never compare to the place you had in my heart, but at least I wasn’t alone anymore.” You sighed and began closing the door again, “Now, because of you, I have no one again.” 
The door was about to slam back in Tom’s face, but he shoved his foot in the threshold, “(Y/N), wait,” he pleaded, “I’m sorry, I didn’t realize how important Avery was to you. I can never undo what I did, but please let me make it up to you. I just need you to understand how sorry I am.” 
You opened the door again and looked at Tom’s sad eyes, boring into you, “I do understand how sorry you are, but I don’t know how I can trust you again. You said awful things about me without even batting an eye or taking a breath—”
“I know,” Tom sighed, “I know and I’d give anything to take it back. I just want you back (Y/N). Even if you don’t want to be my girlfriend, I can’t leave knowing I’ve lost my best friend.” 
“As much as it hurts,” You caved, moving from the doorway to let Tom in, “I still love you, and I don’t want to lose you either.” 
Tom smiled and walked into the flat, immediately pulling you into a hug, “I’m so sorry, (Y/N),” You hugged back and sniffled into his hoodie, before pulling away with a sigh.
“I know,” You nodded, “I forgive you. But next time, just be honest with me and tell me how you’re feeling. I’d give you the world if you asked for it.”
Tom smiled and stroked your tear-stained cheek, “I’ll just settle on your heart for now, if that’s okay?”
“That’s so fucking cheesy.” You giggled, wiping the tears from your eyes, “I love it.”
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congrats on 400😁 maybe u could write a mob!tom blurb or something about him rescuing u after being taken by one of his rivals? sorry if that’s cheesy lol i’m just a sucker for mob!tom
Aw thank you so much ☺️
And yes! Of course! I'm a huge sucker for mob Tom too so I got ur back bby dw. Keep sending in those blurb night requests babes! Love ya'll xx
Coming Home
Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader
Warnings: Angst
Summary: You and Tom comfort each other after reuniting
Blurb Night
Tom popped his knuckles nervously and shifted his weight between his feet, making Harrison jab him in the side to make him stop.
“Calm down, everything’s fine,” he assured.
“Easy for you to say,” Tom rolled his eyes, suddenly going stiff as the door finally creaked open.
Gabriel had returned with (y/n) right behind him, led by one of his more unsavory men.
“All in one piece, just like I promised,” Gabriel smirked as he tugged the gag from her mouth, “Go on, tell Tommy how well we treated you.”
Tom snapped, grabbing her by the shoulders while they untied her hands, “If you ever try something like this again I promise it won’t end so cordially.”
“Oh I’m looking forward to it,” he chuckled, “I’m sure I’ll be seeing you all soon.”
“Let’s go,” Harrison decided it was best to step in before Tom could say anything else, “We need to get her home.”
Tom nodded and took her hand, leading her back through the house in silence. No one said a word until they were in the car. “I’m so sorry,” Tom apologized, pressing a kiss to the top of her head. “Don’t apologize,” she wrapped her arms around his middle and hid her face in his neck, “What did he want?”
“Doesn’t matter, you’re safe now, I’ll deal with the rest,” he assured, squeezing her against him, “You’re okay right? They didn’t hurt you?”
She shook her head, “They were all bark, nothing I couldn’t handle.”
He kissed her head again while the driver finally pulled away from the home, “I love you so much, I’m so sorry I let this happen.”
“I love you too,” she mumbled into his skin, “You didn’t let anything happen, it just happened. And you know what would make me feel better right now?”
“If we spent the rest of our night in our bed,” she pressed a kiss to his neck before pulling back to meet his eyes, “And a shower.”
He laughed, “We’ll be home soon angel, then the night’s all yours, we’ll do whatever you want.”
“I just wanna be with you,” she kissed his shoulder before resting her head there, closing her eyes while he rubbed her back. “Me too,” he sighed, “That’s all I could ever want.”
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clandestineholland · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
AN ⌁ heyy besties just moving things if you think you’ve seen this before it’s because you prob have was originally posted on @hollandstanevans​
warnings ⌁ none that i can think of 
word count ⌁ 1.1k
(5 years earlier)
I just got off my plane to head to my brother's house and my phone begins to ring. I look down and it's my brother. I answer, "Hey Hemsworth I just got off the plane and I am getting my bags—-
"Ok that's great Y/N but I have sent a car there to pick you up l just got called in for re-filming so I won't be home when you get there, but as soon as we get finished I will be home and we can have dinner," said, Chris.
"Hems that's ok I'm jetlagged and I probably need to take a nap and just get prepared for my interview. I mean it's Hopkins and I would be lucky for them to take me. I just some girl from y/ht and ——"
"It is really sounding like you are talking bad about my baby sister who graduated valedictorian of her high school class, summa cum laude from Vanderbilt, and at medical school. Keep in mind that she is doing this and becoming a surgeon all at the age of 21 and I would really have to question the common sense of someone who would dare talk bad about my baby sister."
"You do realize that the person you are saying that is talking about your sister is your sister?".
"Do you realize that everyone can see you're a genius from a mile away? That you believe in everyone else except for yourself? So if them I, your less genius older brother who hasn't been able to know you for that long and doesn't understand half of that medical jargon can see just how talented you are don't you think that trained professionals at Hopkins, fuck anywhere in the world will be able to see all that you will bring in their program?"
"Ok, ok, ok, I get it. I've just got my bags and I'm looking for the car and I'll call you once I get to your place. I love you, Hemsworth".
"Love you too. L/N", he told me as he hung up the phone.
As I'm looking around for the car, I realize it's not here yet, so I go to get some coffee and I guess I was deep in thought, nervous for the days ahead when I ran smack dead into someone. "Oh gosh I'm so sorry. I wasn't looking where I was going, and it is totally my fault——"
"No, it is ok", a deep British voice interrupted me mid-babble.
"I am so sorry. I have just been in my own world"
"Listen it's totally fine" the handsome brunette told me.
"Ok, ok, are you absolutely sure?"
"Yes, I am absolutely sure. Ok, and you don't sound like you are from around here".
"It's because I'm not and I know you aren't talking it definitely doesn't sound like you are from here or anywhere near here."
"Well it's cause I'm not darling"
"You don't say," you reply.
"So what does a guy have to do to get your name around here?".
"Well asking for it would be a lovely way to start,".
"Ok, beautiful what's your name?.
"I'm y/n, do you have a name?"
"Well I'm Tom. So y/n why are you in such a rush?"
"Well if you must know I have a very important interview and I was on the way to get a nice cup of coffee until you rudely bumped into me," you responded in a very jokingly manner.
" I am so sorry I didn't mean to keep you here."
"It's ok you aren't keeping me from anything the interview isn't until tomorrow anyways."
"So if you don't mind me asking what do you do for work?", he asked.
"I'm a doctor looking for the right place to do my residency.
"Residency, you look a little young to be a doctor"
"I'm 21 and yes, it is a little young to be a doctor but isn't whatever age you are told old to be judging", I said maybe a little too snarky.
"Not judging. Just a little in awe actually and 22", the guy who I learned was Tom responded.
"My age", Tom replied.
"Oh, it's just very rarely that I meet anyone my own age. Everyone has always been a couple of years older than me and I just.... it's just nice you know", I told him.
"Well I'll be up here for a couple of weeks so if you want to hang out with someone your age here's my number" Tom said while he gave me his number.
"Ok, I'll text you, but my car is here, so I have to go" I left realizing I never got that cup of coffee.
(2 weeks later)
"Hey Hemsworth, is there anything you can tell me about Age of Ultron. You know so I can sell it on the internet for the world to see."
"Yea I can tell you but I'd have to kill you," my stupid brother said.
"If there's nothing you can tell me I'm going back home tomorrow",
"Yes, and you know you can come back anytime you want, and when you get the job at Hopkins you can move up here with me and you'll have a free house when I'm back home in Aussie"
"That's if I get the job Hemsworth"
"Y/N you there is literally probably no other better person that they would want in the program other than you. Ok".
"Alright, I'm about to go out. Don't wait up. See you in the morning before I go alright. Love you bye" I told him while I was walking out.
I was catching a cab thinking about how close Tom and I had gotten over the past weeks, and how I was going to miss him when I went back home. I mean he was just a great person. I got out of the car and saw Tom and we ended up talking for hours and at the end of the night. He said something that I wasn't ready for.
"So, Y/N you're going back to y/ht tomorrow and I'm going back to London and I don't know how to do this"
"Well what if we....... What if we both ever come back over here to the east coast of the states again, we let the other one knows, and we will see then. Maybe we will both get our jobs over here and if that happens, we will go from there.
(Present day)
"Ok guys push one more of epi, she is not dying on my table and someone page cardio again damnit", you shouted.
y/ht= your hometown
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heyhihellowhatsup0 · 21 hours ago
Misadventures In Babysitting - Chapter Three Teaser (Dad! Tom Holland x Reader)
Tumblr media
Series Masterlist
SYNOPSIS: When an unexpecting guest arrives at Tom’s doorstep, he finds himself taking on a role he never thought he would. Knowing he can’t do it on his own he turns to one of his closest friends for help.
A/N: Thank you guys so much for always making my day by your sweet words! I really do appreciate and love interacting with ya’ll! I really hope you like this little teaser for the next chapter and I can’t wait to hear what you think! Thank you again to @osterfield-holland-andcompany - my moodboard queen!! Full chapter Monday! Xxx, N
Bouncing Mia up and down a bit, you frowned at her poor, upset face trying to help her out. Taking a seat with her on the couch, you removed the hat from her head she had on so you could wipe some of her tears when you felt her face. That’s when the panic began to set in as you got a better feel of her body temperature. 
She felt way too warm for it to be her normal temperature, which started to make you nervous. You sat Mia up on your lap as you tried to let her cool off a bit from laying down. Reaching down, you brought your lips against her bald little head for comfort but it felt even worse against your lips, “What’s going on with you, sweet girl?” you asked her softly as you attempted to study her face.
Mia gurgled as her face turned red with frustration while she rubbed her eyes furiously. It broke your heart to see her so upset and uncomfortable and you had no idea what to do to make her feel better. You could tell she felt off and what hurt even more was Mia unable to tell you how to fix it.
She continued to break out in tears, reaching her hands out to grab you but at the same time, she started pushing you away. Even Mia had no idea what she wanted and it absolutely wrecked you seeing her like this. She was just as frustrated as you were.
“Let’s see what’s going on, okay?” you told her gently while you carried her into the bathroom to check her out. Setting her down on her changing table, you reached for the baby thermometer and brought it against her forehead. Turning it back to yourself, you felt your nerves rushing up even more when you saw such a high number.
Cussing under your breath, you pulled out your phone knowing you should let Tom know. Mia was running a 102 fever and you had no idea what the protocol was for six month olds. Should you take her straight to the emergency room and notify Tom on the way? You were panicking as you grabbed a washcloth from the cabinet and ran it over some cool water to bring to Mia’s head. You were trying anything you could to try and bring her fever down before having to worry Tom.
Tom was already so stressed and worried about Mia, you didn’t want him to leave work because of this. You knew it was important he should know about it but you wanted to hopefully try and figure it out on your own and get it under control before calling it in to Tom. So you unlocked your phone and went directly to Google and typed in Mia’s symptoms to see what would come up.
And the results were absolutely horrifying for you.
Tumblr media
(Banner made by @lauras-collection)
Taglist:  @giuls-394 @osterfield-holland-andcompany @missmultifandommess @hazmyheart @lauras-collection @iamapersonwholikesunicorns @detroitbydark @mcuassemble @blahhhhhhhaaa @lonikje @beiroviski @ruefulposts @nowayhomeparker @desir-ae @kayla-m1996 @averyfosterthoughts @unicorn-princess-1999 @asmilinghopelessromantic @itsjusttor @whatareyouhidingpeter @when-marvellous-things-happen @mannien @lilostif16  @ninjalex1d  @baby-unidorn @astoldbydanid @honey-sea @fallingforfics @lulueliott24 @mikalakat @babebenhardy @coni-martina @captainemrys @mktravelbuggie @underoosmarvel @pluckypete @hollandfanficlove @lookalivefrosty @lightmelikeacigarette @msmarvel-19 @averyfosterthoughts @u-rrose @parker-holland-osterfield @thwip-it-real-good @shirukitsune @justanotherusername80 @dangerdolns @jwolfesblog @jjayyc  @ifilosemyselfagain @axisnpalma @londonspidey @just-a-littlebit-of-everything @bookgirlunicorn @kfcyum @thenoddingbunny-blog @buzzbuzzitsmeagainbitch @herondale-snow-carstairs @marvelobsessedteenager @unlimitedd @dramaholic18 @softholand @panicattheeverywherekid @emotionally-unstable23 @quackeroos @unbelievableholland  @holyhumorliteraturelight @spideyyeet @katiekinzs @fanficparker @ifntelyinspirit @rubberducky-jrr @xguardgirlx   @xxpeachyxo @hazardosterfield @xstarbae @justanotherusername80 @photoshopart15 @spiderbibby @the-fandom-life-forever @jannine00742 @azaraspirit @parachutepantswedgie-blog @decadentwastelandtrash @anythingthaticareabout @outshineallthestars @captainamirica @thehauntingofmymind @watermelonsponge @sinisterspidey @adayasgeorgia @obliviatevamps @damnrancidchicken @lolooo22 @cocoamoonmalfoy @spideyspeaches @hollandprkr @peachitofu @quacksonholland @itscaminow @ohtobelovedbyyou @diffind0 @tomhollandsslut @chipot-lol  @agustdowney @305weasley @youvebeenlizzed @spidey-sophie @pure-ghost @inlovewith3 @littlebookbengal @quacksonfrog @thsquad @cherrytholland​ @countingstarsmylove @tomshufflepuff @sippin-on-tea @abcxrandomx @obiwanownsmyass @bendermcc @soursolis​ @tomsirishgirlx @imawhoreforu​ @allthisfortommy​ @hoodpankow​ @t-hollanderr​ @blahblahblah-boo​ @bi-lmg​ @lharrietg​ @elfriedeelfriede​ @angie1djonasgg​  @thesadgirl5455​ @peterbparkersbae​ @sara-1705 @queen-of-no1​
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95atnight · 22 hours ago
[ ♡ morning kisses ♡ ] ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––
[ prompt ]
‘‘i’m not going to kiss you.’‘ ‘‘why?’‘ ‘‘because if i do, i don’t think we’re getting out of bed today.’‘ followed by the character placing a playful kiss on their lover’s mouth as they get out of bed (via)
[ pairing ] : tom holland x reader
[ warnings ] : a lot of kissing, they kinda sorta get a little handsy? it’s just very fluffy and i’m still trying to figure out what exactly warrants warnings so some kind feedback would be very appreciated...!
[ word count ] : 1.5k
[ note ] : this is my first ever fic, and it’s been a minute since i wrote...anything really? so i have no idea how this is going to read for others, but!! i had fun writing this, so i hope you guys enjoy!
You wished every morning could be just like this: eyes coaxed open by the warm rays pouring through the windows, your frame safely tucked against Tom’s body with his arm draped over your waist.
Once you manage to blink away the sleep, you roll over to face him, being careful not to wake him in the process.
And he looks perfect like this. You lie there and run your eyes over him—it feels a little surreal to take him in this way. Just several hours ago he was on a plane coming back home to you after an excruciating month of being apart. But now, here he was — physically, actually here — lost somewhere deep in his dreams. By a rare stroke of luck you’ve woken up before him. So naturally, you're gonna make sure to use those valuable seconds to try and memorize every little detail of his face.
Nothing has felt more relaxing. A little too relaxing, in fact, but you blink away the sleep that threatens to creep back, fixating instead on the way the sunlight licked at the tips of his unruly brown curls, slowly inching down his features. If the sun was allowed to touch him, weren’t you, too?
You hold your breath as your index reaches out to delicately trace along his brow bone.
When it’s clear the action hasn’t stirred him from his sleep, you continue to ghost across the surface of his skin, taking your time as your finger trails down his cheek bone, to the bridge of his nose, and to his lips. It lingers there for a second too long.
“I think I quite like this sort of wake up call.” 
Your whip your hand away like it had just touched something hot, eyes blown wide in surprise.
“You’re awake.” The sentence comes out more as an observation than a question, and you can feel your cheeks heat up in embarrassment.
“I... may or may not have been up since I felt you turn over earlier.” His eyes, still sanded with sleep and exhaustion, finally open to meet yours. But his ever-present, boyish amusement doesn’t fail to glitter from behind the chocolate orbs.
And it had always been these minor things that made your heart glow with warmth for the boy in front of you. “I’m sorry, baby. I didn’t mean to wake you,” you mumble, a pout forming at the end of the sentence as you caress his cheek.
Tom hums in reply, leaning into your touch as he shakes his head, as though to tell you not to worry. His arms reach around you to pull you closer to him. “No, I’m glad you did. I reckon I should probably get ready anyway. What time is it?”
“No. Nuh-uh. C’mon, I just got you back!” Your hand comes up to cover his eyes, shielding his vision from the clock by your bed. “Unless by ‘get ready,’ you mean ‘get ready to spend all day with your loving girlfriend and not go to work’?”
“Y/N/N,” he groans playfully, shaking his head side to side to try and remove your hand, but you persist, a grin decorating your features. “The sooner I get out of here, the sooner I can wrap up and come back home to you love, hm?” He turns his head slightly, just enough to give the inside of your wrist a quick peck. “Give me my eyes baaaaack.”
Reluctantly you concede, but only parting your fingers just enough so he could peek between the gap. The corners of his eyes crinkle when he finally sees you, and before you can say anything else, he closes the distance to give you the first kiss of the day.
It’s soft and deliciously lazy, purposeful and loving. The feeling sends a kind of shock through your veins, reaching down to the tip of your toes. His lips move against yours with ease in the same way they’ve done a thousand times before, effectively bringing all your guards down — your hand comes down too, slipping behind his neck to toy with the hair on his nape. Your leg innocently drapes over his hip, bringing your bodies even closer together, and you feel his hand delicately moving from the your lower back to your ass, giving it a small squeeze.
You hum against his lips for more; but that’s the exact moment he decides to pull away. And as much as you hated it, you knew as well as he did that one second longer and that would probably mean neither of you'd likely have a very productive morning. Not that that would be so bad for you, necessarily.
Tom rolls you over on your back, peppering your cheeks, neck, and collarbone with feathery kisses that you knew translated into an apology. He nestles his head on your chest with a quiet sigh, consumed by the silence and the rhythmical thump of your heartbeat.
“Wish I didn’t have to go to bloody work.” He mumbles against your skin, cuddling even closer against you as your fingers gently comb through his hair. "Wish I didn't have to leave you again." But you both knew it went without saying that Tom loved what he did; how he couldn’t imagine being anything else but an actor. The physical and mental demand of his work, the exhausting, erratic hours, the different types of people he had to deal with on a daily basis — he could handle all of that, and then some. But when it came down to being away from you not just in the early hours of the morning but for weeks, and sometimes even months at a time… That was the hard part. Those were the moments when he dared to invite the addictive ‘what-if’s and tempting fantasies of an alternative reality where neither of you had any obligations to tend to, no urgent work messages to check on the phone.
“Duty calls, right?” You can still feel your lips tingle from his kiss. “At least you don’t have anything on your schedule tomorrow. Means I’ll get to have you all to myself.”
At that, you suddenly feel the weight of your boyfriend removed from your body. Tom props himself up a bit to lean over you, hands on the bed by either side of your head. There’s a mischievous glimmer in his eyes, suggesting something both sinister and delightful.
“For once you’re wrong, darling.” He grins. “I’ve got a full schedule tomorrow and a fairly good feeling that you're going to love what I’ve got planned for you.” 
You raise your brow at that. “Huh. Thirty-something days apart and suddenly you’re so cocky.” With a teasing smile, you drape your arms around his neck, gaze lingering on his inviting lips for a moment before falling back on his eyes. 
“But sure," you begin, your voice just slightly hushed. "What show me a little, tiny sneak peek, baby...and I can tell you...what I think of your little schedule so far?” With each passing syllable you pull him down closer to you –– bit by bit, and sneakily enough, you tell yourself. Your eyes flutter shut, anticipating what’s to come, but the kiss never lands. You feel the teasing tickle of skin on skin instead.
“Y’think I don’t know all about your antics, don’t you?”
“‘Antics’?!” Your open your eyes again with a frown. “I think some would call that the art of flirting. Or teasing. Or both. But I guess you wouldn’t know that even if it were right under your nose.” Your finger pokes the tip of Tom’s nose for emphasis.
He tuts and shrugs in acknowledgement like you’ve just told him something deeply philosophical. “Well tough luck, babe. I’m still not gonna kiss you.” A smile tugs at the corner of his lips, one hand leaving your side to tuck a stray strand of your hair behind your ear.
“Why not?” You huff.
“Because if I do, I don’t think either of us are ever going to make it out of this bed.”
“But—” Before you can fully protest, you’re caught off-guard with the very kiss you were denied just moments ago. And maybe that was why, but somehow, it feels even better than the last. Your chin cranes up to hold his lips for as long as you possibly can, melting under his touch and savoring what you could.
He reluctantly tears away, much sooner than you’d like. He leaves you with a final peck against the tip of your nose.
“I love you. So much.” He rests his forehead against yours again. “And I’m sorry we can’t spend my first day back together, darling. But I’ll make it up to you, hm? I promise.” 
“Pinky swear?” You hold up your finger between your two frames, and he doesn't think twice before looking down to loop his finger with yours. The pads of your thumbs press together to steal the deal, and he brings your interlocked hands up to gently press it against his lips.
Your secret handshake, only ever shared in private moments like this. 
“Pinky pinky swear.” He reassures, giving your hand a small squeeze before finally removing himself from the bed. “I’m gonna go shower now. Be good.” The mattress echos your groan as your boyfriend disappears from your reach and into the bathroom.
Your eyes glance over at the clock, frowning at the time and blaming it for the outcome of what had been, at one point, your perfect morning. It already felt like a distant memory.
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sunnymuffins45 · a day ago
Secret Lover
Tumblr media
I am really proud of this, lol
Request: I have a request, please! If you could do one about Y/N who is fairly famous (singer or actress whatever doesn't matter lol) and Tom who have been secretly dating for a while both come on to the Graham Norton show and they have awesome banter and give each other f*ck me eyes the whole time so social media blows up about it so they come out that they are dating. Thank you!
Warnings: Swearing, Fluff
WC: 1.9k
A/n: HI, so I used the Graham Norton episode w tom, Jake, Tom hanks, and Gwyneth as a reference, BUT I AM CHANGING STUFF ABT IT, DONT COME AT ME PLS. Only instead of Gwyneth, its reader!!! Also Ik the request is kind of different, but I wanted to add some stuff.
This is how the story will work. It's a little different from the structure of my other stories. So, I will describe a part of the interview and then I will go in-depth on it. That made no sense but as you read it you'll understand.
¨His the oscar-nominated actor for Brokeback Mountain, Nightcrawler, and Donnie Darko. Please welcome Jake Gyllenhaal¨ Graham begins and the crowd goes wild as soon as he comes out. Jake is the first one to sit on the red couch.
¨His your friendly neighborhood Spiderman, it's Mr. Tom Holland¨ Graham continues, Tom coming out from backstage, seating next to Jake. The crowd still going wild.
¨She´s an oscar-winning actress and a top ten billboard musician, please welcome Y/N Y/L/N¨ it's your turn to walk on stage, you hug Graham and take a seat next to your boyfriend. Secret boyfriend.
¨She is also an oscar-winning actress and the creator of GOOP, Please welcome Gwyneth Paltrow¨ The crowd whistled.
¨And back as Sheriff Woody in Toy Story 4, he is Hollywood great and a double-oscar winner. Please welcome, Tom Hanks!¨ Graham welcome the last guest.
The crowd started to calm down, and the show began. It was the first time you did an interview with Tom, so both of you were trying hard not to be touchy with each other. Of course, Tom blew it in the first 5 minutes:
¨So Tom¨ Graham Started ¨Fame is obviously kinda new to you..¨
¨Mjm¨ Tom nodded, listening to the question.
¨Are the Holland clan keeping your feet on the ground?¨ Graham asked
¨Yeah, they do a good job too¨ Tom started, but he didn't realize when he started talking, he placed his hand on your thigh. You stuck in a breath, and he felt it. He soon realized what he had just done and removed his hand. Luckily, no one on the stage seems to notice. The fans sure did. Tom continued talking like nothing had happened, sounding very convincing.
A few minutes after, Graham started talking about Toy Story 4. He asked a random question to Tom Hanks that almost blew your cover with Tom. Again:
¨ I started recording Woody in 1991¨ Tom Hanks spoke.
¨Guess who wasn't born by then?¨ Graham laughed
¨Am going to say half-¨ The crowd laughed ¨ Everybody to my left was not yet concived¨ He signaled to move his arm, and both you and Tom raised your hands.
¨I was having good sex in 1991. You don't find that any more¨ Gwyenth said laughing.
¨Boy! That's true, the good old times¨ Tom H said.
¨Well, no actually, you can still find pretty good sex¨ You said, smirking devilishly at your boyfriend while the crowd whistled. This time, Graham caught the smirk.
¨Talking about anyone specific y/N?¨ He asked, playing with his cards.
¨Oh no, just saying¨ You shrugged, and Tom grinned.
¨Well we've painted a picture now, thank you¨ Graham joked, making everyone on the set laugh.
Next, Tom Hanks gave both of you a task. He was explaining to everyone how young actors are often asked to make repetition. Of course, you and Tom were the two youngest actors in the room, so he picked you guys. The exercise consisted of you asking Tom ´would you like more coffee?.´ He had to reply with ´coffee, coffee, boy! Do I need more coffee? Tom got a little bit carried away:
¨Okey so y/n, you will ask Tom that same question over and over again, ok?¨ Tom Hanks instructed.
¨Sure, let's do this!¨ You said with anticipation.
¨Tom, you will be saying, Coffee, coffee boy do I need more coffee in every conceivable way you can¨
¨Okey, am ready¨ Your boyfriend spoke, and you repositioned yourself to face him properly.
¨Would you like some more coffee?¨ You began, smiling at him.
¨Coffe, coffee, boy do I need more coffee.¨ He recalled, turning on his English accent to the fullest.
¨Would you like some more coffee?¨ You asked again.
¨Coffee, coffee, boy do I need more coffee.¨ He repeated himself, a little less enthusiastic this time.
¨Come on, Tom, can you try it with a little more something to it, man?¨ The crowd laughed, and he nodded.
¨Yes, Y/N, I can¨ He smiled, fixing his suit.
¨Okey, Would you like some more coffee?¨ You started again
¨Coffee, coffee, please y/n, I need some more coffee¨ He said, stronger this time.
¨Good, Would you like some more coffee?¨
¨Coffee, coffee, please Mis, I need some more coffe¨ His voice cracking this time.
¨Would you want some more coffee¨ You continued, staring at his beautiful eyes.
¨Coffee, coffee, come on y/n, I need some more coffee¨ He opened his hands and cocked his head to the side.
¨Would you like some more coffee¨ You asked one last time.
¨Coffee, please Babe, I need some more coffee. Please Y/N Y/N/L, give me some coffee¨ Tom said in a desperate manner. He didn't realize what he said. You sure did, as well as Gwyneth, who gave you a look, and you brushed it off. What both of you didn't know, was the internet, was freaking out about all the little easter eggs they have been giving.
Now, it was Gwyneth´s time to talk about GOOP. Graham welcomed the topic about her famous, Vaginal steaming. Tom just had to comment on it:
¨...And Vagaina steaming, we had never heard of that¨ Graham laughed. ¨Now a day, who doesn't steam their Vagaina?¨ Graham told
¨You are sitting on a steam right now¨ Gwyneth announced.
¨mmmm¨ Graham wiggled around in his chair, pretending to be in a vaginal steamer. Tom looked at you and laughed.
¨The whole point of this steamer was to provide health and freshness to a woman¨ Gwyneth explained.
¨Y/N, you tried this famous vaginal steamer yourself. Is that right?¨ Graham asked you, and you nodded. ¨You posted this picture in your Instagram story after you tried it.¨ The photo was shown.
¨Yes, I tried it and it's super relaxing and comfortable. It does really work! you confessed.
¨Oh believe me, it does work really well.¨ Tom fixed his hair and the crowd laughed.
¨Have you tried them before, Tom?¨ Tom Hanks asked surprised.
¨Well I sure have mate, just not in the way you'd expect¨ You hit Tom with your elbow, knowing exactly what he's talking about. Jake noticed what Tom said, kicking his feet to shut him up.
¨I hear there's an Ancient practice where you drink your own urine¨ Jake tried to change the subject.
¨Oh yeah, we do that¨ Tom said pointing at you and him, and the crowd burst out laughing. You weren't happy. Tom knew what he was doing. He had wanted to make your relationship public for a while now. He was definitely convincing people about the idea.
¨We drink each others¨ You followed along
¨I think Jake wasn't informed you were going to share that information¨ Graham joked again. You all laughed at Jake's funny face.
Graham complimented how young you looked, he asked you if you had any similar issues as what Tom Hanks had just said. He said he had issued being served in bars. Graham asked if you had experienced anything like that, and well :
¨How old are you y/n?¨ He asked
¨I am 22¨ You smiled
¨Beacuse you do look awfully young, do you have the same issue as Tom Hanks over here?¨
¨Well, I do have a similar storie¨ You began ¨Recenlty, I went to the bar with my boyfriend and his mom¨
¨Oh, she's taken, everyone. Staff! be ready to pass the tissues.¨ Graham and his jokes. The crowd laughed once again.
¨Haha, yeah¨ You turned to Tom. He winked at you. The camera definitely caught that. ¨So as I was saying, they didn't want to let To-my boyfriend mom in, because she didn't have an ID. ¨
¨What?!¨ Tom Hanks laughed.
¨Yeah and my boyfriend was all like ´I came out of my mum 25 years ago you fucking idiot´¨ You pretended to talk in a British accent, making fans wonder.
¨Toy Story was in cinemas!¨ Graham replied, and you laughed.
¨That was a really smooth accent y/n¨ Tom rolled his eyes
¨Yes, y/n you know his delicate about the accent¨ Jake joked.
¨So your boyfriend is British?¨ Graham asked, cocking his head to the side. Tom turned around to look at you.
¨Ye-yeah, he is british¨ Fuck, you blew too much away.
¨Mmm, she definitely had good taste¨ Graham joked.
The last blow of that night was the biggest. Stormzy had just finished performing on stage. He was from England and lived in Tom's neighborhood. Stormzy exposed a little too much:
¨Stormzy, you actually know Tom well don't you?¨ Graham shuffled his cards.
¨Yeah, my parent's house is in the neighborhood. Sometimes I see you and y/n walking your dog. I am sorry but your dog's walk is so cute¨ Stormzy replied to Graham, meaning to cause no harm. You and Tom shared a look, knowing everything was out. Graham wanted to ask about that, but time was on your side that day.
¨That was all for today everyone. Thank you!¨ Graham ended the show.
The next day after the interview, the media was out of its mind. You woke up to the sound of your phone buzzing. You turned around to see your boyfriend already awake, looking at his phone.
¨Oh we fucked up¨ He said, looking down at his phone.
¨Good morning to you too, baby¨ you scoffed. He kissed your head.
¨Morning love, happy? Now, look at your phone.¨
¨Ugh¨ you looked at your phone and saw all the headlines and posts. There were videos, ship accounts, pictures, messages, all types of stuff.
¨I am surprised am not being threatened by any of your fourteen-year-olds, babe¨ You joked
¨Shut up. They are all lovely¨
¨12 year difference Tom¨ You reminded him.
¨What!? That I love my fourteen-year-olds, doesn't mean ama marry them¨ He pled ¨I will marry you¨ He touched your nose, and you smiled.
¨We should just make it public¨ You shrugged.
¨You sure?¨
Tom posted a picture on his Instagram. It was a picture of both of you in bed cuddling. He captioned it ¨youp, she is my secret lover¨.
Both of you shut your phones off and decided to watch your interview from the day before, cuddling in bed
¨Man, I was giving you fuck eyes the whole time¨ Tom mumbled, you laughed.
Request something/talk to me :) 👈
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savemesomenachos · a day ago
So as some of you already saw, my requests are gonna be closed for a while. There are some requests just begging to be written in my inbox already so imma finish those and I will also keep writing Love & Other Desires. I also have to get some reading done do I can REVIEW THE SHIT OUTTA THEM
Until I resume my request taking, I will be accepting questions. Literally any questions. You can just talk to me too. Unload your feelings.
LETS HAVE A CONVERSATION and get to know each other!! (Anons are welcome)
Ok thanks, and I love you🌸💋 for all the love y’all gave me!!!
Permanent: @julyvegan @tenaciousperfectionunknown @mysweetlittledesire @bbl32 @noshame-bb @cece5 @white-wolf1940 @marvelfansworld @jassiejj2118 @sohosteve @sia2raw @amelia-song-pond @honeymarvel @hart-failure @Clints-worldavengers
Love & Other Desires: @fallenoutofrose
Stucky: @spookyparadisesheep @marvelatthisone @eviegall
If you wanna be tagged in my works, lemme know here. You can find my other works on my Main Masterlist.
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blissfulparker · a day ago
Mob Tom having a kid and helping the kid with homework and just like “right maths got it…what is this…YO HARRISON YOU KNOW THIS? NO READER IS ASLEEP” “dad it’s just trigonometry” “OoOh ItS jUsT tRigO what now?”
“Dad, I need your help.”
Your son was now 14. 14 and excelling in school to the point where he was allowed to skip a few courses to a higher level. He got all of your smart genes and tom could barely keep up. Offering help to the boy often but only was able to go so far.
“What is it?” Tom stops his work. His son knew he wasn’t allowed in the office during the day but just like his dad, he thought rules needed to be broken.
“Maths.” He dropped the paper in front of him. Toms eyes go wide for a moment snd Harrison who works on the other side of the office looks over at his best friend who is stressed.
“Ooh,” Tom hissed at the work and bit down on his knuckle. “Where’s your Mum?” He looks up at the boy who shrugs.
“Sleeping.” Was all he said and Tom sighed knowing how much you needed your midday naps.
“Can you wait until she wakes up?” Tom asks and Harrison lets out a laugh.
“Tom, you run one of the most successful ‘business’ in London, you really can’t help the boy with his math?” Haz laughed and Tom snapped his eyes over to him and groaned. Through gritted teeth he says,
“Shut up Harrison.” And pays attention to the boy again.
“It’s only trigonometry.” He shrugs and Toms heart skips a beat. You had such smart kids, what did Tom do to deserve you?
“Right,” Tom huffed. “Only trigonometry.” He groans and Harrison laughs.
“Tom you never took trig in school?” Harrison teased and Tom wanted to throw the nearest wepon at him but you would kill tom for using violence in front of your son.
“Shut the fuck up for once?” He snapped and then looked at the boy, “don’t tell Mum I said that and also don’t tell Mum I’m going to tell you to just look it up.” He handed the boy back the paper and Harrison rolled his eyes.
“Jeez tom, cardan, come here.” Harrison waved over your son and helped the boy. Tom watched in annoyance but glad the boy was able to get some help. Maybe Tom wasn’t the best help but when your three boys in the room put their braincells togeter everything worked out.
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mollysolo · a day ago
I need you
Request/Summary: @mendesxruel : hey molly:) i was thinking of requesting prompt 5. “Can you please just hold me? All I want is right now is your love.” with peter parker, maybe him being hurt physically and mentally from a misson or something. thank you:)<3
Pairing: Peter Parker x gn!Reader
Word count: 363
a/n: hell yeah let’s do it! btw the prompt will be in bold :)
Tumblr media
While you sat at the island in the Compound’s kitchen drinking a cup of tea, you watched your boyfriend Peter slowly trudge into the building.
His shoulders hung low, he had dirt covering most parts of his face as well as his neck and there was a little bit of blood on his forehead that was beginning to bruise.
He looked as if something had really freaked him out, up to the point that whatever happened most likely traumatized him.
You slowly set down your mug onto a coaster and waltzed up to him with caution. You tenderly held his face in your hands and you kept your hands there until his brown eyes met your (e/c) ones.
“What happened Peter? Did something go wrong during the mission?” you asked him, your hands now slowly rubbing his tired shoulders.
Tears welled up in his eyes as they stayed fixated on your own. You frowned at him and softly wiped his tears away, giving him all the time he needed to prepare himself to speak.
His bottom lip violently trembled as he opened his mouth to speak, “Can you please just hold me? All I want is right now is your love.” he said.
“Okay.” you said, quietly as you took him into your arms.
The two of you stood there for a few minutes before you even thought about moving.
While you held him, you rested your hand on the back of his head and slowly ran your fingers through his hair. As for your other hand, you put this one on his back and held him as close to your body as possible.
A little while later, you pulled away from him and led him to your bedroom, making sure to rub circles into the back of his hand as you two walked there. You wanted to make sure he knew that you were there for him.
Once you finished cleaning him up, the two of you laid down in your comforting bed and you firmly held him in your arms until the soft sound of his snores echoed throughout your room.
You just wanted him to feel safe and okay again.
Tumblr media
i hope you like this! btw while writing this i listened to EVERYTHING by The Black Shirts
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waitimcomingtoo · a day ago
You Again
Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader
Synopsis: Tom isn’t happy to find out how you and Harrison know each other
Tumblr media
“Thanks for coming with me. I know these family parties can be pretty boring.” Tom smiled in appreciation as you joined his side. You wrapped an arm around him and looked around his family’s house at the ongoing party.
“Are you kidding me? There is nothing I’d rather be doing than attending your cousins graduation party.” You rubbed his back sweetly.
“We can leave soon.” He promised. “I just want some cake.”
“Damn. I want cake now too.” You chuckled.
“Come here. I want you to meet my best friend.” Tom lead you over to someone and tapped the shoulder of a blonde boy.
“Y/n, this is-“
“Harrison.” You said in surprise when the boy turned around.
“Y/n.” Harrison’s eyes widened. “Wow. Good to see you again.”
“You guys know each other?” Tom asked with a smile. You and Harrison exchanged a look of fear before quickly looking away.
“Yeah.” You said slowly. “We met once.”
“Long time ago.” Harrison nodded and adverted his eyes.
“Very long time ago. Who can even remember that long ago?” You laughed awkwardly.
“Not me.” Harrison said quickly. “I barely remember.”
“When did you guys meet?” Tom wondered.
“In college. But it was just briefly. Just a short...interaction.” You smiled weakly.
“I wouldn’t call it short.” Harrison shrugged. “I think we interacted for at least an hour.”
“No, it was pretty short.” You said through a forced smile.
“Wow.” Tom didnt sense the awkwardness. “What are the odds that you’ve met?”
“I’m wondering the same thing. Tommy, can you go get me another drink?” You asked and handed him your cup.
“Sure, darling.” He kissed the side of your head before leaving for the kitchen.
“Thank you.” You smiled sweetly at him before snapping your attention to Harrison. “What are you doing here?”
“I’m Tom’s best friend. What are you doing here?” He whispered harshly.
“I’m his girlfriend.” You whispered back. “Didn’t you know that?”
“I knew your name but I’ve never seen a picture. I didn’t know he was dating a girl I slept with in-“
“You need to keep your voice down.” You cut him off. “He cannot find out like this.”
“Well one of us has to tell him.” Harrison insisted. “And it has to be you because he won’t hit a woman.”
“I can’t tell him. It’ll break his heart.” You whined. “He gets jealous really easily. You have to tell him.”
“But if I tell him, he’ll punch me in the face.” Harrison said simply. “And I’m a model. I need my face.”
“Sorry, wait. You’re a male model?” You tried it hold back a laugh.
“You’re judging me?” He asked. “You slept with your boyfriends best friend.”
“Shhhh!” You covered his mouth with your hand. “It was before he was my boyfriend!”
“He’s coming.” Harrison’s eyes drifted past you. “No more talking about it.”
“Hey guys.” Tom returned to your side. “Are you getting along?”
“Oh, yeah. We’re getting along just fine.” You nodded before taking a sip of the drink Tom brought you.
“We’re very compatible.” Harrison said, making you choke on your drink.
“Will you excuse me?” You gulped and ran to the bathroom. You splashed some cold water on your face to calm down before going back to the living room. You managed to keep your distance from Harrison as the party went on and did your best to avoid the topic all together. However, you made awkward eye contact with him all night, every glance bringing flashes of your night together. After eating, you spotted Harrison by himself and went over to him.
“Have you told him yet?” Harrison asked quietly.
“No. I’ll tell him later.” You waved your hand. “Like in ten years when we’re married and it’s funny. I can’t tell him now.”
“Tell me what?” Tom asked from behind you, making you both jump.
“Oh God.” You gulped.
“I suddenly have to leave. Immediately. Good luck, Y/n.” Harrison patted your back and ran as fast as he could.
“Darling, tell me what? What’s wrong?” Tom began to worry after he saw the way Harrison reacted.
“Nothing.” You lied. “Nothings wrong.”
“You’ve been acting strange all day.” Tom frowned. “What’s going on with you?”
You looked at him for a long time before letting out a sigh. You didn’t want to lie to him, and you were a believer in lying by omission, so you pulled him aside.
“I have to tell you something.” You began.
“Okay.” He looked at you skeptically. “What’s up?”
“The reason Harrison and I have been so awkward around each other is because...” You trailed off when it felt like the words simply could not come out of your mouth.
“Because why?” Tom pressed. You scrunched your face together in guilt before looking at the ground.
“Because we’ve slept together.” You mumbled towards the floor. Tom let out a short laugh before shaking his head.
“I’m sorry, what?” He chuckled.
“I’ve slept with Harrison.” You looked at him and twisted your fingers. “In the past. The distant, distant past.”
“As a joke, right?” He assumed. “You’re saying this as a joke.”
“No, for real.” You told him.
“For real, but as a joke right? You’re joking.” He nodded along.
“I am not joking.” You shook your head.
“But you’re kidding, is what I’m saying.”
“I am telling you the truth.” You said. “And the truth is I fucked Harrison.”
“But you’re joking-“
“I’m not joking! I’m being serious.” You insisted. “It was a long time ago. Long before we met.”
“Funny. Funny girl.” Tom laughed weakly. “Funny thing to say. Funny funny funny.”
“I’m not being funny. I slept with him in college. His sister was having a party and he stopped by.” You began to tell him the story.
“And then you said hello to each other and parted ways.” Tom finished your story for you.
“We did say hello.” You agreed. “We also had sex. With each other. Harrison and I.”
“Oh my God.” Toms eyes widened. “You’re being serious? You’re not joking around?”
“I’m being serious.” You admitted. “I wish it was a joke but it’s the truth.”
“So....” Tom held his hands to his mouth and sucked in a sharp breath. “What you’re telling me is that you and Harrison have been….intimate with each other.”
“If you prefer to say it like that, sure. We were intimate.” You nodded.
“Right. Because I don’t even want to hear you say Harrison fucked....” Tom trailed off, finding it difficult to finish the sentence from how angry it made him. You stood there silently, not wanting to make it worse by saying anything.
“I don’t want to hear that he fucked my girl.” He finally got it out. “I don’t ever want to hear that.”
“Then we won’t say that.” You agreed. “We never have to say that. We never even have to talk about this. I just wanted to let you know so that we don’t have any secrets between us.”
“Okay. It’s good that you told me. I want to die right now but I’m glad I know.” Tom nodded as he tried to remain calm.
“I’m sorry.” You pouted. “It was before I met you. And it was just a one time thing. Well, two times. But it was the same night so-“
“Stop.” He said quickly. “Please. No details. I cannot handle details.”
“Right. Sorry.” You smiled sympathetically. “Are you okay?”
“No. No, I wouldn’t say I’m okay.” He laughed weakly.
“I’m sorry. I didn’t know it was the same guy until you introduced us today. And honestly, I forgot it even happened until now. It wasn’t memorable.” You admitted as you rubbed his arm to comfort him.
“Oh great.” Tom grumbled. “So not only did my best friend sleep with my girlfriend, he didn’t even please her?”
“Why is that bad?” You chuckled at his reaction.
“Because that means my best friend is lame!” He said like it was obvious. Before you could respond, Harrison came back over to see how the conversation had gone.
“There you guys are. Oh no. He looks pissed.” Harrison grimaced when he saw Tom’s face. “Did you tell him we fucked?”
“Oh my God.” You covered your face with your hands as Harrison said the forbidden word. Tom turned bright red and glared at Harrison with a clenched jaw.
“So.” You cleared your throat to relive some tension. “Cake anyone?”
Tag List 🏷
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blissfulparker · a day ago
Wow I absolutely love your frat! Tom and would love more of him. Maybe when he introduces the reader to everyone 🥺
“Sam is a bit of a dick sometimes and Alex is just annoying and Cardan is sweet, you’ll like cardan and of course you already know Haz—“
Tom was nervous. Beyond nervous. The keys nearly fall out of his hands as he jangles them to open the door because he is so nervous that you might hate him after you meet his brothers. The boys who made up his frat were sometimes a challenge when it came to relationships.
“Tom,” you placed your hand over his shoulder. “It’s okay. I’m sure everyone will be nice.” You smile a warm smile and Tom takes a deep breath as he opens the door. Two boys occupy the couch, one stands in the kitchen and the rest must be up in their rooms.
Nearly everyone stops though as tom walks in with you on his side. Their eyes snap to you as if you were a new student.
“Um, this is (y/n), the one I’ve been telling you about?” Tom scratches the back of his neck. He might be more nervous about this than you meeting his parents. Two boys, one with dark curls and the other with straighter brown, stand up and greet you.
Each boy was nice, only one barely gave you any attention and that was the one Tom had warned you about. He holds your hand tightly and shoots looks at the ones who’s stares longer for a bit long. You had been in the house before, only sneaking into Toms room though and none of the boys ever being home. You find yourself back up in Toms room after everyone was met.
“And finally you,” you teased as you walked up and wrapped your arms around his shoulders. “I don’t think we’ve met yet.” You tease and he moves closer to your body.
“Hmm, don’t think we have darling…” he leans in to place a soft kiss on your cheek. “So let me make our meeting an unforgettable one…” he kissed so carefully against your lips.
“The boys weren’t that bad.” You tell him and he sighs.
“No, not today. It’s because they knew you were coming.” He pressed a soft kiss just under your jaw. “Normally they are worse.” He sighs and you move back to sit on his bed.
“Well, they were sweet. For the most part. Have any of them ever seen boobs?” You teased as you watched how somed eyes just went straight to your chest.
“I don’t know,” he laughed a bit. “Honestly, I don’t know sometimes.” You both laugh and he leans in for a soft kiss.
“I think I like cardan the most.” You tell him. The boy who was in the frat that liked to read for fun and was a history major seemed to take on as your favorite.
“Don’t be fooled, he’s a total mess. You think he’s all put together but you might want to wear a gas mask into his room. It’s a biohazard in there.” He teased and you laughed.
“Well in that case, I think I like Tom the most.” The words so cheesy they almost make you cringe. Although you find your lips against Toms and the two of you explore each other in his bed. Kissing and cuddling for the night, in peace knowing you no longer have to hide
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sunnymuffins45 · a day ago
I super love your mini series of the Hollands Family (Tom, y/n, Luke and Claire). Can you make an imagine where Luke walk-in on them while doing the xxx and he was horrified ‘cause they are both being kinky. In the end, Tom and Y/n apologize to Luke and Luke be like: 👁👄👁 “Don’t. Do. It. Ever. Again.” And Tom be like: No promises.
No Promises
Main Masterlist Personalized Fics Masterlist
Tom Holland Masterlist
A/n: This is the so-called 4th part of my mini-series of the Holland Family.
Read this Stories first:
Don't Tell Mom You Two Are Disgusting First Time Mess
Luke is still 19, and Claire is still 13. Also, I am not writing smut yet because I still have no idea how to write it 😂 am sorry for the ones who have requested smut in their personalized fics, I WILL WRITE THEM don't worry, am just figuring out how.
Warnings: Mentions of sex, walking in on sex, swearing.
WC: 726 (it's kinda short sorry)
You thought you and Tom had the whole night to yourselves, Claire had a sleepover at her friend Emma´s house, and Luke was at a party. Being a parent was the best thing that had ever happened to both. Still, that meant you had to be sneaky whenever you wanted to have a fun time. So tonight, you decided you were going to surprise your husband by wearing some lingerie. It felt like the old times when only the two of you were around, and you were free to do whatever you wanted.
Tom came home from walking Tessa and made his way to your shared bedroom. He opened the door to find you changing into your lingerie, and it was a sight. He sneaked around and got closer to you, whispering in your ear.
¨Watcha doing there, love?¨ His voice made you jump.
¨Tooommmm¨ You pled ¨Why cant I ever surprise you¨ you pout, turning around to face him.
¨You look ravashing¨ He kissed your neck, and you threw your head back in delight. You both started kissing each other, you pulled Tom's hair and caressed your cheeks. Soon, the kiss began to heat up, and in no time, both of your clothes were off.
Meanwhile, Luke pulled up in the driveway with a couple of his friends. Luke was at the age where he invited anyone and told you guys when they were already in the house. The four boys, including Luke, got out of the car and made their way inside the house.
¨Is anyone home, bro?¨ Mike asked
¨Nah, I think my parents, but Claire´s not here¨ He replied and opened the front door. ¨Okey stay here. I am just going to let my parents know you guys are here.¨ Luke told all of the boys staying in the kitchen while Luke headed to his parent's room. He opened the door, looking down at his phone.
¨Hey guys, My friends are here, could you possibly- WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK¨ He yelled when he finally looked up. He saw the last thing he wanted to see, ever. His mom was tied up, with her panties in her mouth. His dad thrusting up her, whispering dirty things. As soon as they heard Luke, you spit out your panties, and Tom pulled out of you immediately.
¨NO, NO, NO I HATE IT HERE, I HATE IT HERE¨ He kept denying it, turned around, and closed the door.
¨Oh my, If Luke wasn't already traumatized, he sure is now¨ You laughed, both putting your clothes back on.
¨Yeah, I agree¨ Tom said, kissing you before heading out the door.
Later at night, you and Tom were at the kitchen drinking wine and talking about your day. Luke came down to the kitchen to get some snacks. He refused to make eye contact, and you and Tom just laughed.
¨Its not funny!¨ He cried out
¨Is it ?¨ Tom laughed ¨Son get over it, one day when your married, and you have a wife that is good at everything she does¨ Tom smiled devilishly at you. ¨You´ll understand the needs that need to be fulfilled. ¨ Tom said, kissing your cheek as you drank from your glass and smirked.
¨Dont. say. that. ever. again¨ He was trying so hard not to cry in disgust.
¨Haha, fine, fine¨ Tom laughed, nodding his head. Luke was heading out when he stopped one last time.
¨Also, don't ever have sex again when I am home¨ Lukas scrunched his face, and both of you burst out laughing.
¨That is a no for me, Lukie¨ You laughed, taking another sip of wine.
¨Am going to agree with your mom Luke, not making that promise at all¨ He kisses you and Luke rolled his eyes.
¨I hate it here!¨
Request something !!! 👈
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blissfulparker · a day ago
Rich kid Tom being protective at a ball or something? Idk if you are happy not doing smut and just fluff, maybe the reader calming him down and cuddle ensues
No smut all fluff :)
All eyes seemed to be on you tonight as the infamous rich bachelor Tom Holland brought a date. A real date instead of showing up alone, having one too many drinks and taking home the nearest body.
He knew his reputation but something stung as he danced with you and everyone watched as if you were the main entertainment. His hands clutching yours tighter when you were brought into the dance floor out of nerves and annoyance. He wanted to bring you to show you off, to love you, not for people to stare.
“I can’t believe what happened tonight.” Tom undid his tie. You already lying on the silk sheets and letting your whole body rest as the night to you was all magical.
“What? I thought it was nice! I mean, the vegetables were a bit undercooked but the rest of the food was amazing and oh the music…” you trail off. He remembers that you are new to this, the expenses and the galas. He had a bit of a smile knowing at least you had fun.
“Well I’m happy you had a good time.” He lays next to you. You roll over, hold his face and see the pout and re-enacte it to his face. Kissing the tip of his nose and even in this drunken state from the food and drinks you still knew something was wrong.
“But you didn’t…” you sat carefully as you lay back down into the plush pillow. “What happened?” You asked and he shook his head.
“Nothing dear, nothing. You were happy and that’s all that matters.” He kissed the tip of your nose and got comfortable under the sheets.
“You weren’t happy.” You say to him and he only sighs. Your arms wrap around his waist, leg drapes over his as you rest your head against his shoulder.
“Tell me?” You ask. Not wanting to push him but he takes the Tiffany necklace you forgot to take off into his hands carefully. Rubbing his thumb over the heart pendant and then meeting eyes with you.
“The way people look at us, like we don’t…we don’t belong when we do. I know my reputation, I know people think of me as some playboy and…and I don’t think I am. Harry and sam all walk in with girls my family knows through other family friends and—what I’m trying to say is I’m not ashamed of you but of other people! I can’t even imagine dating one of the rich brats I grew up with and even grew to be!” He rants and you realize how much was on his chest and now he’s finally free of it.
“You’re not a playboy, you’re not a rich brat, you’re Tom. My Tom who I love so dearly and yeah at first these things were strange but I love you and I love going to them with you.” You kiss his shoulder and his hand falls onto his stomach.
“Can you just…help me forget?” He looks at you with soft eyes and you nod as you kiss his jaw.
“Sure I can pretty boy.” You smile as you pull him in closer. Sometimes, all he needed was someone to hold him the way he held you. Such a strong grasp and reminder you were never going anywhere. He needed to know that you were never going anywhere and you made sure to remind him of that. Made sure to remind him he was nothing the media made him to be.
125 notes · View notes
lovebittenbyevans · a day ago
Something New | T.H.
Tumblr media
Request: Heyy, if you don’t feel comfortable doing this totaly fine but I was thinking a Tom Holland image were the reader has to pierce her nibbles and she’s scared but Tom and Harrison take her and they comfort her and all cute fluff!?! Thanks :) – Anonymous
Summary: You always wanted your nibble pierced so Tom and Harrison come along with you
Pairing: Tom Holland x female reader
Warnings: Fluff
Author note: Hope you like it & enjoy reading!!
You wanted something like this done for you for the longest ever. This was new to you, even though you were nervous and scared. You almost call it off but Tom and his best friend Harrison were the ones to take you to get it done.
"Maybe I should go back home." You turn around to begin walking back to the car.  
Tom grabbed your shoulders, turning you back around, and said. "Oh no we are here, let's do this." He opens the door letting you go in first. 
"We are not leaving you Y/N," Harrison said, right behind both of you.
You told the person at the receptionist what you came here for. You notice the tattoo shop looks way different online than in person. In person, you peek at how clean and neat it was somewhat figured they were an organized staff.
You waited a few more minutes until a lady called you into the back. "Oh my god. I'm freaking out." You didn't know your feet were moving. "Is this real? Someone pinches me?" You kept rambling on and on.
You flinched a bit. "Ow." You glance to see Tom pinch you while he laughs. 
Asshole. You sat on the big chair while both of your friends stood there. You tried to remain calm and not nervous. 
"So I heard you want your nibbles pierced, am I right?" The lady rolled over to you.
You nodded. "Y–Yes." You kind of felt scared to speak.
The lady made sure she had everything set up before she made her way over to you. Tom and Harrison stood by your side holding your hand and comforting you.
"Ok you're gonna feel a slight pinch so I am going to need you to breathe for me." The lady told you.
"You got this y/n." Tom squeezed your hand. "Those nibbles will be even prettier." You just knew he had a smirk on his face. You wanted to smack him.
"We are here for you." Harrison stood there right by your side holding your other hand.
You closed your eyes when you felt the needle go in your left nibble first. You were thankful she was doing this one at a time and not rushing it. The lady soon put the straight barbells in your left nibble then soon did the same to your right nibble as well.
"Ok, you're all done." The lady told you.
You open your eyes and look down at your boobs. You notice how pretty they looked. You got up, walked up to the mirror, and looked at yourself.
"Oh my god, I love them." A smile spread across your lips. You were happy.
"Now can I take a picture?" Tom had a smirk on his face. You knew he was kind of teasing you.
"Hush." You nudge him against his stomach.
"I'm proud of you y/n," Harrison told you with a smile on his face.
You pull your shirt down when the lady told you everything you need to do for them to heal and be well taken care of. Pretty soon you paid at the receptionist then left with both boys behind you.
You were proud of yourself and that your two friends came with you. You can finally cross nibble piercing off your bucket list. All three of you got into Tom's car as you told him. "Lunch is my treat for you two."
"Thank you love, because I'm starving." Harrison rubs his stomach.
"Ok thanks y/n." Tom started his car before pulling off, headed straight to a restaurant he always wanted you and Harrison to try.
39 notes · View notes
Hayloft P.5 (Finale!)
Tumblr media
Pairing: Arvin Russell x F!Reader
Summary: Your dad brings home his new coworker, Arvin Russell, telling you that he’ll be living with the two of you for a while. While attempting to keep Arvin from seeing the disfunction of your relationship with your father, the two of you grow closer than you thought. (Inspired by “Hayloft” by Mother Mother, though that’ll really only be one chapter later on so I don’t know if it really counts…)
Warnings: Murder, Gun Violence, Physical Assault, Cursing, Light Smut (but not really? Like a beginning makeout scene), Super mild nudity (underwear), Grief, Sexism
Word Count: 8.0k
A/N: The finale!!! Thank you all for the support and love on this series! I am sorry my updates were so slow but I guess I'm just a slow writer. I love you all! Thanks for sticking around <3
Read the Previous Chapters! (All chapters out now!)
Part 1  Part 2 Part 3 Part 4
The sun was shining brightly through the kitchen window while you set the sandwiches in Arvin’s and your father’s lunch boxes. Despite the daily frustration of having to fulfill your “womanly” duties, as your father called them, there was a surprisingly positive energy flowing through you. You couldn’t quite put your finger on it but you had a feeling it was going to be a good day.
You stared out the window, watching the birds land on the old railing of the porch that circled your home and smiled. Their little blue feathers reflected the sunlight and they hopped around, cocking their heads to see you stare at them. You couldn’t help the little chuckle you let out as you watched them. How could you not? They were adorable!
Suddenly, a pair of arms wrapped around your waist and a nose nuzzled into the crook of your neck, soft familiar lips landing on your skin. You jumped but you knew right away by his warm musky scent that it was Arvin. “You’re so cute,” he whispered against your ear.
You twisted in his arms, chest pressing against his as he practically pinned you against the counter with his hips. Your hands landed on his chest and your eyes were wide but the way your lips were turned upwards betrayed your attempt to look scoldingly at him. “Am not,” you batted at his chest, “But you better watch out ‘fore my daddy catches you!”
“You are cute! I been watchin’ you lookin’ at those birds for a while now,” he leaned down and pecked your lips one last time, “‘N don’t worry. Your daddy was in his room with the door shut.”
He dropped his grip on you for the sake of caution and you rolled your eyes at your father. Probably recovering from another late night swimming in the bottom of a whiskey bottle. You closed up the tin lunch box that you had been packing up for Arvin and handed it to him.
Arvin looked at you gratefully, “You ain’t need to make me lunch, y’know?”
A snort escaped you, “Actually I do or my daddy would kill me but I wanted to make you lunch.”
Arvin sighed and reluctantly took the tin box you had extended to him. “I appreciate it and everythin’ else you do. I really do. I just hate seein’ you get stuck playin’ Suzie Homemaker. Last thing I want is for you to waste your life slavin’ away in the damn kitchen.”
You laid a hand on his arm and looked into his eyes, “Hey, I ain’t gettin’ stuck in no damn kitchen. I’m just doin’ what I need to do to keep life as non-miserable as possible while I work up enough money to get the hell outta here. I make my daddy lunch because I have to. I make you lunch because I want to. You work real hard and deserve a real meal. Just wish I could do more for you than a sandwich.”
“Hey, hey, hey. You work real hard. Sure as hell harder than I do. You get stuck makin’ dinner almost every night already, even if you been working your ass off all day. ‘N here you are at six o’clock in the mornin’ on your day off to make us lunch,” he paused, glanced over his shoulder, and then leaned in close, kissing your cheek, “One day, I’m gonna make you a real meal ‘n treat you the way you deserve to be treated. ‘N it ain’t gonna matter if nobody sees cause that’s how you deserve to be loved.”
You found yourself speechless as you so often did with Arvin. For so long, you had felt unnoticed and unappreciated despite working your ass off. Arvin had come in and changed all of that. He made you feel seen and loved and appreciated in a way you had craved for so many years. “I think I love you Arvin Russel.”
It hadn’t been what you had expected to say nor what he had expected to hear but neither of you wanted to unhear or unsay the words. For weeks, you had been wondering what it was like to actually feel love and if that was, in fact, what you felt for Arvin. You had been hesitant to call what you felt for Arvin love because that was just leaving an opportunity for more pain if you lost this little shred of loving light that you had finally been given.
“Me ‘n some o’ the guys are goin’ out for a beer after work if you feel like joinin’, Arvin.” Your dad walked into the kitchen, a mug of coffee in his hand. Arvin took a reluctant step away from you when your dad entered the room and you both looked over at the new addition as he stretched his suspenders up and over his shoulders.
Arvin breathed out a sigh that you knew was of discontent with your father’s persistent alcoholism but to your father could have been passed off as a sound of thought. “Thanks for the offer, sir, but I got some things I gotta take care of back here after work.”
Your father swatted his hand in Arvin’s direction, “I don’t know why I even offer anymore. You ain’t never come along.”
Arvin shrugged, “I’ll buy you a beer some time.” Arvin gave a small nod to emphasize his empty lie that was meant as nothing more than to keep your father complacent.
“Yeah, yeah, feel like that ain’t the first time I heard that,” your father grumbled, turning his back to you for just a moment, a moment that you took the opportunity to roll your eyes at his theatrics. He turned back around, “Well we better get off to work or Fred’ll have your ass, boy.”
Arvin gave you an apologetic look for having to leave you so soon but followed your father out the door reluctantly regardless. You trailed behind, leaning against the door jam and watching him as he left. Arvin peeked over his shoulder and smiled, “Have a good day, darlin’.”
Heat rose in your cheeks at the nickname he had never called you before this moment and you covered your flustered smile with one hand while wiggling your fingers in a small wave with the other. “You too, Arv,” you watched him turn back and make his way to his car, the tires of both his and your father’s vehicles crunching down the dirt driveway.
Much like every other day off that you had, it began with mundane errands. After fixing yourself a cup of your caffeinated poison of choice, a brief trip to the grocery store filled the first hour or so of your day. Upon arriving and putting away the groceries, you spent the next hour scrubbing the household laundry in a tub out back before pinning them on the linen line. The sheets fluttered alongside your dresses, Arvin’s shirts, and your father’s overalls in the breeze. With a heaving shove, you dumped the bucket of now dirty soap water across the patchy grass, the dirt sections turning to a layer of thin mud as the water cascaded across it.
When you were finished with the household chores, you made your way back to your room to change clothes into something less grimy from the day’s work. You looked through your closet, sweeping aside each shirt, skirt, and dress until you landed on one that made your lips turn upward. Reaching up, you ran your hand down the floral lavender fabric of the decades old dress. It had been your mother’s and was one of the last things you had of hers.
You very seldom wore the beautiful old dress because of the fear of accidentally ruining it but something was urging you to dawn the garment. You shed your dirty clothes and slipped into the purple dress, walking over to the standing oval mirror in the corner of your room to tie the matching belt around your waist. Personally, you had always felt that it looked better on your mother but it still looked beautiful on you as well. Although it had long lost the scent of her perfume over the years, it made you feel connected to her.
The hemline fell just above your knee and, although it was cut like it was supposed to flare out after the waist, it fell relatively straight without the petticoat your mother used to wear it with in the 1940’s and 50’s. It had a scoop neckline and sleeves that went to about halfway down your biceps, all form-fitting at the top. Her own mother had made it for her when she was in high school to replace her old Sunday best when she outgrew them. With it on, you could see your resemblance to her enough to almost make it feel like part of her was looking back at you through the mirror.
You smiled, looking at yourself in the mirror, and suddenly found yourself wanting to pay more homage to your mother than you had in a while, now that you finally had the time to do so. Pie. Your mother had loved baking but, more particularly, baking pies. It had been a long time since you had tried your hand at the dessert as well, finding the pastry a strange memory, stuck in the dichotomy between the loving memory of your mother and the reminder that you’d never enjoy another pie with her again in this life.
As you made your way to the kitchen, you stopped in the living room and turned on the radio, needing something to fill the silence but also to create the ambience your mother would create when the two of you baked together. You didn’t know the song that was midway through when the radio was turned on but it sounded upbeat regardless.
You made your way to the kitchen and pulled down the sacks of flour and sugar before making your way to the refrigerator and grabbing the butter and cream. You chewed your lip, “Okay, mama, what kinda pie are feelin’ today?” Your eyes scanned the various fruits in your kitchen and you pondered filling options. Your mom had never really had a favorite. She made whatever the people she cared about loved.
What does Arvin like?
The question came through your mind in your mother’s voice so clearly that you were almost convinced she had asked you herself. You chuckled. It seemed exactly like something she would say.
You thought for a moment. What would Arvin like? You had never really seen him be one for sweets. In fact, you weren’t sure if you’d ever seen him eat any sweets, aside from cookies you brought home from work. So then what kind of pie was Arvin? Pecan felt too controversial (some people at work loved it while others thought it was too sweet). You didn’t have the ingredients for strawberry rhubarb or banana cream. Sifting through the pantries and fridge, you pulled out a box of blueberries, a bag of cherries, and a can of pumpkin puree and, between your three options, cherry definitely struck you as more of something that Arvin might like.
You started on the crust, cutting in cold pieces of butter into the flour, salt, and sugar. It was a quick process that led you to making the filling relatively soon after. “It’s been a long time since I made pie,” you began speaking to the empty room, “but it just don’t really feel right without you anymore, mama.”
Though you heard no actual response, you could feel her presence with you, an emotional warmth wrapping its comfortable arms around your heart. “I wish you could meet ‘im,” you spoke again, imagining Arvin, “You’d really like ‘im. He’s smart and kind and a little mysterious and oh so handsome. He’s-he’s done some bad things but they were for good reasons and I can’t fault him none for what he did. I’m sure you probably would disagree if you were here,” you chuckled a little, imagining the look on your mother’s face if you ever told her the truth about Arvin’s past. Like you said, he had done what he’d done for understandable and, in your eyes, justifiable reasons but you were sure a parent wouldn’t feel too comfortable knowing their child was dating someone who had taken multiple lives.
“But it don’t matter,” you continued, “I love him. I really do. I didn’t think I could ever love somebody the way I love that boy but I can definitely say I’m glad to be proved wrong. And now look! We’re makin’ ‘im pie.” You smiled at a memory of your mom. You were probably nine or ten, mixing the filling for an apple pie, when your mom leaned over and nodded to your father proudly (still young and fairly good looking - before the alcohol ruined him inside and out). Pie is the way to any man’s heart. Cook ‘im up somethin’ good and you’ve got yourself a husband for life. Worked on your father and it’ll work for you too one day.
Arvin got home just as the pie was set out to cool. “Somethin’ smells really good ‘n here. What’re you makin’?” He asked, coming into the kitchen to see you looking proudly at your perfect pie.
“Had a little extra time earlier and figured I’d whip up some cherry pie. Want a slice when it cools off a little?” You offered, gesturing to the pastry on the stovetop.
Arvin took a few steps closer to you, wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you to his lips. “I’d love a slice later. You’re amazin’, you know that?”
You smiled against his lips, “Not nearly as amazin’ as you.”
“Now we both know that ain’t true, darlin’. You surpass me by a mile.”
Your heart fluttered and your cheeks burned. His words were never something you’d believe but you knew that if you tried to fight him on it anymore, you’d just annoy him. Although he would never outright say these exact words to you, it was clear Arvin was less of a mushy romantic and more a ‘shut up and accept the compliment’ kind of man.
You patted his shoulder, “How ‘bout you go get cleaned up and maybe we can have some pie? Watch the sunset?”
Arvin smiled and nodded, “Sounds great. I’ll be back in a minute.”
Within twenty minutes, Arvin met you back at the kitchen table, his hair still hanging in damp waves. He had switched into a striped brown and white t-shirt and a clean pair of jeans. He looked beautiful like this, almost boy-like. You could see the youth behind the overworked haunted man Arvin usually came off as. "What're you starin' at?" Arvin's eyebrows furrowed and he looked at his shirt, trying to see what was wrong with his outfit.
"Ah, nothin'," you smiled, walking up to him and running your hands across his chest and landing them on his shoulders, "You're just really handsome."
"Says the prettiest girl I ever saw," he retorted with a smile.
You giggled, "Damn, well aren't we just the cutest pair in town. Too bad ain't nobody sees."
Arvin brought a hand to your face, smooth and warm but clearly worked. "We don't need nobody to know 'bout us for it to be real. I love you and that's all that matters to me."
You gave him a lopsided smile, “Yeah, I know ain’t nobody needs to see it but sometimes I wish people knew. I wanna show you off.” You tilted his chin towards you with your fingertips and gently pecked his lips with a proud little smile.
“One day we won’t have to hide ‘n then you can show me off to the whole damn world,” a smile quirked at the edge of his lips and you let out a surprised laugh. Though Arvin had opened up with you significantly and had allowed that guarded wall to fall, you couldn’t recall a single time where he had made a comment like that - one that made himself seem like anything special. It warmed your heart that maybe he was finally beginning to see himself even remotely the way you did, even if it came through as a small joke.
You kissed him yet again before twisting in his grasp so you faced the countertop. Arvin’s hands settled on your hips as he stood behind you, his chest brushing your back as you leaned forward to pull the cooling pie off the counter and then reached for a knife to slice it with. “Can you grab some plates please?” You asked, pointing towards the cabinet across the kitchen with the tip of the knife, an absentminded action that you realized was probably not the safest.
“Of course,” Arvin left your side to retrieve the plates while you sliced through the pie. You attempted to set the cut slices gracefully on the plates but they crumbled apart slightly, the crimson filling oozing out the sides.
Your face twisted, “Okay so they’re falling apart a little but I promise it’ll still be good!”
Arvin came close to you again, almost chest to chest, and looked down at the pie pan, now missing about a quarter of its contents. He swiped his finger across the sweet red liquid that was collecting in a pool where your two slices had previously been and brought it to his lips. You almost lost your breath when Arvin locked his deep brown eyes onto yours and sucked the delectable liquid from his finger.
“It’s delicious. And besides, it don’t need to be all in one piece. It won’t last long anyways.” Arvin smiled innocently at you, unaware of the way he had made your heart skip a beat by just looking at you and licking his fingers. Gosh, the way he made you feel sometimes! The filthy things he made you think! And he was unaware of it all!
After draping a thin towel over the pie, you grabbed the two plates with your slices and took a few steps, beckoning Arvin with your eyes to follow. “I think sunset’s boutta start,” you announced, drawing him outside towards the barn. “Wait!” You paused and turned back, “Can you please grab those blankets on the couch?” Arvin did as you asked without a second thought and followed you out to the barn, arms full of blankets.
“I don’t think I ain’t ever been here before,” Arvin commented, letting you set a plate on the pile of blankets in his arms while so you could push the door open.
“I don’t come up here much no more… used to all the time after my momma passed. I would hide up here ‘n cry or talk to her while the sun went down. Sometime’s I’d read. We never had no animals in here. Tried having a goat once when I was little. His name was Walnut ‘n he was a real asshole. Used to chase me around ‘n ram into me with his horns. But I don’t know… as I got older I just had to work all the time ‘n after a while I just sorta stopped coming.” You explained, spinning around the small barn as you looked around and recalled the memories. It just was just as dusty as ever. A few stray pieces of straw from Walnut all those years ago still somehow hung around the corners. It was large and empty inside, all brown from the wooden walls to the dirt floor.
You took the plate back from Arvin and led him over to the ladder in the corner that trailed up to the second story hayloft. Well, it was more of a hay-less-loft here but it was probably better that way. It was just full of a few old boxes and feed bags. There was enough to build a mildly comfortable makeshift couch-bed-prop-thingy facing the large barn windows. The two of you attempted to build the most comfortable resting spot and nestled together atop one of the blankets while draping the other one over you and Arvin.
“This is a nice view up here,” Arvin commented, finally taking a bite of his pie. It was true. From here, the both of you could see out the large opened barn window across the large field of property. The horizon burned a bright fiery orange and red before fading into an ocean of blues that now took over the sky, getting darker and darker the higher you looked up. Pink clouds stretched across the sky in long wisps, fading together the two worlds of bright light and the impending inky darkness.
The pie was soon forgotten and you snuggled into Arvin’s side. His arm was behind your head, his shoulder serving as a pillow for you - one that, despite being made of nothing but muscle, was extremely comfortable. His body warmed yours beneath the blanket and his scent enveloped you. The scent of the auto shop had practically stuck to him after all the time he spent there, the lingering scent of oil still on his body despite the shower he took. Perhaps it had been stained into his clothes beyond anything washing could resolve but you didn’t mind. It blended beautifully with the faintly wooden scent that his cologne was misted with.
You snuggled a little deeper into his body, “It’s beautiful.”
“You’re beautiful.” Arvin kissed the top of your head and you sighed, eyes sliding closed contently for a moment. Feeling a pair of eyes on you, though, you opened your eyes again to see Arvin staring at you like you held all the stars in the sky in your face. “I mean it,” he added, his voice low and sincere, “Beautiful, strong, perfect. I ain’t never met a girl like you before and I don’t ever want to have to again.”
You pressed yourself up and turned so you faced him, gazes locked the entire time, “You don’t have to. I’m not going anywhere.” You leaned forward and pressed your lips to his in a kiss that despite the gentleness and delicacy of it there was a fire behind your touch.
The kiss broke naturally but Arvin was respectfully quick to reenact it, his hand coming to cradle the side of your face and pull you back to him. This kiss was deeper, more passionate than any other kiss the two of you had yet to share but you wanted more. More of Arvin’s touch. More of Arvin’s taste. More of Arvin.
There was not so much a fight for dominance as there was an innocent slip into a natural rhythm with each other. For both you and Arvin, all previous kissing encounters with the very few other partners the two of you had had been awkward and clumsy at best but this was different. It was like the two of you had been physically made for each other. The way your soft skin felt against Arvin’s palm was heavenly. Your scent swirled around him and he was mesmerized by you like a sailor caught in a siren’s trance. His body pressed against yours like they were predestined to fit together. You were two pieces of a puzzle, each a little rough around the edges and more than your fair share of missing pieces, that were meant to go together. To complete each other.
You had moved to straddle Arvin’s lap, the skirt of your dress bunched up around your hips and your knees pressed into the soft but well worn blanket beneath you. Arvin had one hand on your waist, pulling you closer, and the other on your cheek, keeping a gentleness in the moment.
Your hands ran across his shoulders and down his chest until they found the hem of his shirt. You debated with yourself for a moment. Though you had never been fully intimate with someone before, you knew you wanted it to be with Arvin and you felt like you were ready. But was he? You were fine wherever the night headed just as long as it ended with him. Finally, you decided that it didn’t hurt to ask. “M-may I?” You picked at the bottom of his shirt and looked down at it before looking back up at him with questioning eyes.
Without a word, he reached down and pulled his shirt over his head. All manners left you as you found yourself gawking at the rippling skin that was revealed. Completely unexpected but absolutely welcomed, a surprising display of mountains and valleys of muscle defined his torso, turning into taught biceps that you'd already had a glimpse of. Arvin had clearly seen some hard work in his day and it showed.
"Somethin' wrong, darlin'?" He asked, concern lacing his voice. His hands fumbled with his shirt insecurely as he found your eyes and followed their path towards his body.
You shook your head, "No! Nothin's wrong at all! You're just… you're beautiful," you paused before looking away and tucking a strand of hair behind your ear, "I'm sorry, that was probably a little weird."
Arvin reached for your hands and grasped them gently, "Not weird at all." He leaned forward to kiss you again, moving your hands to the fronts of his shoulders. His palms slid gently down your sides before undoing the tied belt around your waist.
After clumsily fiddling around with the buttons of your dress, he brushed the fabric from your shoulders. With his lips attached to yours, he held your neck and back as he pressed you backwards slowly to lie down. The two of you found each other's lips yet again atop that old blanket, finding yourselves lost in the darkness of the hayloft as the sun's last rays disappeared below the horizon.
The sun had just fully set when your father came staggering up the porch steps, which really was quite early for some of his other drunken stumbles home. It were those two a.m. phone calls from the sheriff to pick him up that both enraged and embarrassed you to receive. Him having to feel his way home was the least of anyone's problems and, thankfully, in this small town after dark the only person he'd hurt on the road was himself.
His face connected with the wooden door at the same time as his hands before they fumbled their way to find the doorknob. Your father's feet got in his own way as he tried to take the first step inside. Hard liquor always got him like this. He grumbled out your name before choking on a hiccup. When he got no response, he called it out again, this time louder. "Fuckin' no good- where the hell are ya?!" His voice was sloppy but loud and his breath was flammable.
He ran into every wall on his trek through the house but he didn’t care. After the information he’d been given at the bar today, he was furious and he was going to make sure you and Arvin knew damn well why and you were both gonna get your asses whooped if it was the last thing he did. Your father was out for blood.
That was when he noticed the faintest whisper of a voice through the open window. Again, he called your name, followed by Arvin's. He stepped out the backdoor when he saw that the barn window was open wide. He didn't need to look further. The rage had already taken over him as he turned on his heel and back into the house.
"Did you hear that?" You asked, nerves prickling up at the faint sound of what could have been a voice. Arvin stopped kissing your neck and sat up, peeking over the window and seeing nothing.
He shook his head, "I ain't heard nothin'-" Arvin was cut off by the distinct sound of your father's intoxicated shouts of your names from outside. You leaned up just enough to peek out the open barn window when you saw your father looking in your direction but stomping off into the house.
"Shit!" You hissed, scrambling to your feet.
Arvin was quick to follow, "Did he see us?"
"I think he knows we're up here-"
Bang! A loud gunshot crackled through the air and the wood of the ceiling splintered. You yelped in shock and ducked but Arvin's weight brought you all the way to the floor of the hayloft, pressing you flat against the wood.
"Arvin Russell, you piece of shit! I let you live with me, let you eat my food, and you repay me by foolin' round with my daughter!" Another gunshot splintered against the outer wall of the barn, a sloppy missed shot.
Arvin crept towards the window, peering over before falling back quickly as another bullet zipped past his face. You flinched as it found a home in the hay bale beside you. "Stop it!" You screamed at your father.
"Oh no," he began, "you ain't no better than that boy! Ran into your boss Harold at the bar ‘n you’ll never guess what he told me!" Your blood ran cold as you realized exactly what he was talking about. Harold must have seen the kiss. How could you have been so reckless?! “I should have fuckin’ known you two was gonna fool ‘round behind my back.”
The barn door was thrown open with a crash and Arvin pulled you close to him by the hand. He reached out the window pulled in a rope that had been used to pull up hay bales long ago. "Use this to climb down and run. Don't stop," he placed his hand over yours to make you grip the old rope. It was old but felt sturdy enough to hold your weight.
You shook your head, "You're coming with!"
"I gotta make sure you get out safe. Go!" Before you could argue, your father fired another shot, one that found a home in the wall again. Thank God he was a bad shot when he drank but that wasn't luck you needed to test.
As much as you hated leaving Arvin, you knew he wouldn't leave until you had climbed down safely first. Your dad fumbled with the shotgun as he tried to climb the ladder to the hayloft. This was as much of a free chance as you were going to get.
"I love you," you promised Arvin, kissing him one last time before clinging to the rope for dear life.
As if being chased by your father with a shotgun in your underwear wasn't awkward enough, climbing down a decade old rope in your underwear wasn't much better. The old material cut and sliced at your hands and thighs as you clung to it for dear life while trying to lower yourself down as quickly as possible. By the time your feet hit the ground, you were already running into the house, praying Arvin didn't think you'd abandoned him. Getting to your father's rifle was the only glimmer of hope you saw in getting Arvin out alive.
Thankfully, your father kept the guns by the door (an odd habit that had never occurred to you as odd because you'd never known any different). It was a quick grab and you ran out to the barn barefoot before bursting through the barn doors. Your father was just finally reaching the top of the hayloft and Arvin was there, standing in his underwear as well, with a gun pointed at him.
You quickly fired a warning shot to the right of your father, "I said STOP! For the love of God, what the hell is wrong with you?!" Tears burned down your face, tears of fear and anger.
"What the hell is wrong with you?" He countered, "Fuckin’ this boy in the damn hayloft like the town harlot.”
“So you’re gonna shoot us?!” You were in utter disbelief. Sure, he was drunk and to say your father had done some stupid things in the past while intoxicated was an understatement but you had never imagined he would ever actually point a gun at you.
He pointed up at Arvin, “I’m gonna shoot this boy here and I’ll figure out what the hell to do with you afterwards.” Your dad butted the shotgun up to his shoulder, ready to aim it at Arvin but you were quicker. You jerked the barrel up towards him, steadying your aim.
“No you ain’t.” You cocked the rifle in your hands, your fingers trembling over the trigger.
Your dad stared down the barrel of the gun and then back at you with a cocky chuckle, “What’re you gonna do? Shoot me?”
You tried to force as much strength into your voice as you could but there was an unhidable tremble in your words. There was denying that you were terrified. “I don’t want to but I will if I have to.”
Arvin called out your name in a desperate plea, “Put the gun down, please.” It took you a moment to realize he was referring to you and not your father. You allowed your eyes to leave your father to see Arvin standing there, still with your father’s shotgun pointed at him but looking at you with wide eyes, “Trust me, you don’t want blood on your hands. ‘Specially not your daddy’s.”
Your dad rolled his eyes, liquid courage (cockiness) brazing through his veins at the most inappropriate time, “Oh please! Look at this damn fool! Got a gun pointed to his head ‘n he’s beggin’ you to put your gun down. Maybe if I shot him you could find yourself a real man.” He cocked the gun and pulled the trigger.
Everything happened so fast.
As soon as your dad pulled back the forearm of the gun, you shut your eyes tight and pulled the trigger on your rifle. Another loud bang of a shotgun went off simultaneously. Both your father and Arvin let out pained groans and you heard multiple collisions with the ground.
When you opened your eyes and saw your father lying on the ground you took a panicked shaky breath in as anxiety set in. You had killed him. In all your years with him, he had done nothing but make your life hell. You wanted to move out as soon and as far away as possible and never come back - but you never wanted him dead. Even seeing him with a gun pointed at Arvin, you didn’t want to kill him but, as you had just shown, you were prepared to if that’s what it took to keep him from hurting other people.
“Arvin!” You yelled out, realizing that he hadn’t fallen from the hayloft like your father. You scrambled quickly up the ladder, splinters embedding themselves into your bare knees as you did so but you didn’t care. The adrenaline kept you from feeling any pain.
Arvin’s voice responded nearly as panicked as yours as he called out your name, “Are you okay?!” When you were about halfway up the wooden ladder, Arvin crawled over to the edge of the hayloft and peeked over.
You let out a heavy sigh of relief and tears fell down your face, “Thank God! You’re okay!” He motioned for you to go back to the main ground and he quickly met you, his arms wrapping around you.
“I’m fine! Are you? Did he shoot you?!” Your hands patted all over his mostly nude body to thankfully find no trace of injury aside from a few scratches on his legs.
“No, no - I’m fine! Are you?”
He held your arm with one hand, placing you securely in front of him while his eyes scanned your body for any sign of injury. Aside from the scrapes on your hands, thighs, and calves from the rough fraying rope, you appeared uninjured to Arvin’s relief. That was when you noticed that he had your father’s shotgun in his hand. Your brows furrowed in confusion and you gestured to it, “Wh-what happened?”
Just as he began to explain, he peeked over your shoulder at your father’s body behind you and your eyes followed. He was lying on his back, eyes closed, limbs sprawled out. He was bleeding from a gash on his forehead but even you could recognize immediately that it was not a gunshot wound. In fact, he seemed to be entirely void of a gunshot wound at all, which, while it confused you, lifted a massive weight off your chest. You missed. You didn’t kill your father. But regardless of the fact that you didn’t kill him, you and Arvin were both safe, alive, and relatively unharmed.
“When he cocked the gun, I grabbed the barrel just as he shot and hit him with the butt o’ the gun. He fell when I hit ‘im.” Arvin explained it all to you and you looked up at the top of the ladder that he fell from, estimating the fifteen foot fall your father had just taken. You knelt beside his body, scared that if you hadn’t killed him, maybe Arvin just had. Cautiously, you placed two fingers on his neck and concentrated on the faint but existing bum-bump against the pads of your fingers.
“He’s alive,” your voice was relieved but suddenly fear settled over you, “Oh shit! Oh shit! What the fuck are we gonna do? He’s alive! He’s gonna tell everyone what happened and - oh shit!” A full panic attack set in and the beginning stages of hyperventilation began as you backed away running your hands through your hair.
Arvin followed you, “Hey, hey, hey. It’s gonna be okay. We’re gonna be fine!” Arvin had never been one for comforting words. He was a man of action not heart-to-hearts but he could see you freaking out as your entire world crumbled apart and he knew that he at least needed to try to comfort you. After all, he knew exactly what you were feeling because this wasn’t the first or even second time he had felt the exact same way. Part of him cursed himself for ever getting involved with you. Arvin should have known that the black cloud of tragedy and chaos that followed him would hurt you but it was too late for regret now. Now he needed to salvage whatever he could to keep you safe.
“What did you do? When you killed that preacher and that couple? You ran, right? Ain’t nobody ever found you?” You spoke your thoughts blindly, so lost trying to piece together a solution in the mess that was your frazzled brain that you missed the way your blunt words made Arvin’s face fall. Hearing you ask him for advice on how to avoid getting caught for murdering and/ or assaulting somebody was definitely not what he wanted to be remembered as.
Nevertheless, he saw the obvious application to the current situation and reluctantly nodded. “Yeah, I ran,” he answered simply.
“Then we need to run. Run and never come back. Gotta get as far away from here as possible, like Washington or Oregon or California or somethin’.” Without hesitation, you began climbing up the ladder.
“What’re you doin’?” Arvin asked, climbing up the bottom few rungs after you and watching as you crawled out of sight.
Your voice still echoed over the ledge, “Gettin’ our clothes. We ain’t drivin’ off in our damn underwear.” You scooted over to the ledge and tossed Arvin down his clothes. The pair of you dressed quickly.
Arvin glanced back at your unconscious father on the ground and he felt a pang of guilt for uprooting your entire life by a few bad decisions. If he had never accepted your father’s offer to live with you, you never would have met and this never would have happened. If he hadn’t had let himself fall in love with you, or at least act on it, this never would have happened. If he would have never been dumb enough to kiss you in public or attempt to make love to you in this damn barn, this never would have happened. If he hadn’t shoved your father off the ledge, this never would have happened.
But if he hadn’t moved in, he never would have met you and that in itself would have been a tragedy. If he hadn’t let himself act on his love for you, you never would have been shown how you deserve to be loved. If he hadn’t let himself finally touch you, you would both be missing out on that loving human touch you both so desperately needed. If he hadn’t shoved your father off the ledge, Arvin would probably be dead and you would have to live with the knowledge that you killed your father. He would gladly take whatever punishment was needed if it meant keeping you from having to carry that burden on your heart.
“Pack a bag real quick. Take only what you need. Clothes and whatever money you got saved up. We’ll take my car and we’ll go.” Arvin directed as you buttoned the final buttons on your mother’s dress. You nodded and began to walk out of the barn before looking back over at your father.
“Do we just leave him?” You paused uncertainly. This felt wrong. He wasn’t dead. He was definitely in need of medical assistance. But if you called the cops or a doctor, it would be clear as day who did it and the cops would be on your tail within the hour. You’d never get away. But wouldn’t it be obvious who did it anyways? Your father would just tell everyone when he woke up anyways.
A horrific idea came into your mind so dark that you were ashamed for even thinking of it. You could actually kill him, finish the job and hide his body somewhere nobody would ever find it. Then, if you told the cops he had just disappeared, he'd be some missing drunk and you could still inherit the house and everything else. It would be a free home, a free extra car, free everything. You and Arvin wouldn’t have to uproot your lives.
A lump of bile came up in your throat at your own dark thoughts and you swallowed it down, shaking the awful idea from your mind. No matter how desperate you were, you would never go that far. Maybe you could just leave him here and let nature take its course. Whatever happened would happen. Even that made you uneasy.
The same thoughts raced through Arvin’s head as he tried to think of how to get away with this. “If you really want to, we can-”
“Leave him,” you decided suddenly, “We have to, Arv.” As much as you hated yourself for the decision you were making, well aware that it could mean a number of things for your father’s future, it was the only way you could think of to get you and Arvin out of this.
Arvin looked over at you cautiously, “You sure?”
You swallowed hard and nodded, “They know we’re guilty no matter what we do. If we just leave, maybe it’ll buy us a day or two to get as far as we can. Maybe it’ll be just enough to stay ahead of the cops.” You could see in Arvin’s eyes that he was concerned for you but you insisted, sure of your decision, “He made his choice when he started shootin’ at us. I’m makin’ mine.”
Thirty minutes later, you had a bag full of clothes, toiletries, money, and your most precious sentimental items from your mother thrown in the backseat of Arvin’s car beside his own bag. A separate bag of non-perishable food had been loaded in as well. Arvin shut the back door to his car and noticed your longing glances back at your house. “You alright?” He asked, bringing a comforting arm around your shoulders.
Your face fell, “I dreamt ‘bout runnin’ away from here for years. I just never thought it would end like this, y’know?” You scoffed at yourself, “Who ‘m I kidding? You’d know better than anyone.”
Arvin chewed his lip and nodded, knowing all too well how you were feeling. “It’s weird leaving your home behind, ain’t it?” It was a weak offer of sympathy but it was the best he had to give.
You nodded solemnly. That old house with the chipping paint had so many bad memories in it but it had so many good ones as well. That had been your home for your entire life and your father’s home and his parents’ before him. “It’s harder than I thought it would be.”
Arvin’s arm around you tightened and you turned into his body. “I know,” he sighed, “But we’re gonna build a really good life together. We’ll drive far off ‘n disappear to somewhere ain’t nobody knows us. I’m gonna take care of you, I promise.”
You shook your head, “I don’t need you to take care of me, Arv. I just wanna be happy with you.”
Arvin turned you so your back was pressed against the passenger door, “We will be. But we gotta get outta here if we wanna stay ahead of the cops. You ready to go?”
With one final look at your home, you nodded wordlessly. Arvin reached behind you and opened the door. You slid out of the way so he could swing the door open for you but before you could take your seat in the car, Arvin pressed his lips to the top of your head, “I love you darlin’. I promise, everythin’ will be okay.”
A small smile appeared on your face at his gentleness, “I love you too, Arv. I know we will.”
Just like that, the two of you pulled out down the dark moonlit road, leaving behind the house and man that had caused you so much pain. You prayed your father really would be okay but you also prayed nobody would ever find out what happened on this night. Your future was so uncertain now but glancing to your left and seeing Arvin in the driver’s seat gave you some comfort.
There was no map in the car. The only directions you and Arvin had were as far from here as possible. You sat in silence, his hand in yours, as Arvin pulled the car to merge onto the I-70 West with no destination in mind. The moon was bright in stark contrast to the inkiness of the sky and the darkness of the night’s events. Your eyes found rest on that large glowing being in the sky and something in you relaxed a little.
Like a beacon of hope, it allowed your mind to wander to the possibilities of what life could be like now that you weren’t trapped. You knew you sure as hell didn’t want to be stuck working in diners your whole life but you weren’t going to be the wife that let Arvin support you. You paused, realizing what you had thought. Wife. There was no guarantee that you and Arvin would be married but you were positive you would not reject the proposition if he so offered.
You let the corners of your mouth lift with contentment as you imagined a future with Arvin. A little house with a big yard stretching out front. Maybe a kid or two playing fetch with a dog or swinging on a tire swing, even. Arvin with his arm around your waist and a simple but beautiful wedding band around your ring finger. It was all so domestic, a thought you almost found laughable considering your current situation. It felt like a fantasy of living in I Love Lucy or Leave It To Beaver when your real life felt much more on par with a nightmarish episode of the Twilight Zone.
But it gave you hope that your life might one day settle down to where you wouldn’t have to be watching your back. And with Arvin’s hand in yours, you knew that you wouldn’t have to wait for an I Love Lucy kind of life to be happy with him. Happiness was being with Arvin and as long as the two of you were together, everything was going to be okay.
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