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𝗔/𝗻 ➝ Hey everybody! It’s Chloe here, and as a part of the amazing @t-holland2080​‘s Forever & Ever series for Tom Holland x Osterfield!reader, I’m going to do social media aus (Tweets, Instagram posts, & texts) to go along with each chapter.

I’ve included the moodboard from Chapter 5 to maintain continuity. The content is under the cut. Here’s the link to Chapter 5 (read first)!

𝗦𝗲𝗿𝗶𝗲𝘀 𝗠𝗮𝘀𝘁𝗲𝗿𝗹𝗶𝘀𝘁.


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Tom Holland X Osterfield!Reader, Wedding Series

After months apart, you and Tom are reunited, but, with fans and paparazzi hot on your trail, it’s hard to enjoy private time together, like looking for wedding flowers and buying condoms.

Warnings: swearing, sexual themes (condom buying)

Word Count: 3400

Series Masterlist

Masterlist   Tom Holland Masterlist

“Can you find the time to let your lover hold you

He needs somebody to hold to

His love is strong and so true

His arrows aiming for you

And he’s the one that you were born to love

Love like this may come once

Baby it’s fate

Like a soul mate he’s your penguin”

Penguin, Christina Perri

A/N: this is rushed and unedited bc i’m going out of town sooo yeah enjoy


Tom wasn’t sure what he was expecting when he pulled up to the airport at 5 in the morning, but he definitely wasn’t expecting a small group of paparazzi and fans waiting at the exit of the baggage claim. No matter how they knew he was there, he was caught in a frustrated embarrassment.

With a small sigh, he stepped out of his car in his flannel green penguin printed pajama pants and his pink hoodie (he thoroughly regretted thinking “I can just wear my pajamas, no one will see me” earlier this morning when he was rushing out of the apartment). Doing his best to ignore the cameras that were most definitely on him, his face lit up when he saw you grabbing your luggage off the conveyor belt in baggage claim. Harrison stood beside you, having already grabbed his bags.

“Someone looks cozy.” You teased as Tom came up to the two of you.

“I think this is the best look I’ve had all year.” He joked, wrapping his arms around you. He barely got out “I missed you” before his lips were on yours.

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𝘁𝗮𝗹𝗲𝘀 𝗼𝗳 𝗴𝗵𝗼𝘀𝘁𝘀 𝗮𝗻𝗱 𝘁𝗵𝗼𝘀𝗲 𝗮𝗺𝗼𝗻𝗴 𝘂𝘀


𝘀𝗲𝗿𝗶𝗲𝘀 𝗺𝗮𝘀𝘁𝗲𝗿𝗹𝗶𝘀𝘁


𝘀𝗲𝗿𝗶𝗲𝘀 𝘀𝘂𝗺𝗺𝗮𝗿𝘆; after a string if odd occurrences in Lake Superior queue a young girl’s interests, she joins forces with a lonely newcomer to get to the bottom of it. Unfortunately for them, the devil never said he played nice..

𝘀𝗲𝗿𝗶𝗲𝘀 𝘄𝗮𝗿𝗻𝗶𝗻𝗴𝘀; cursing, hauntings, mentions of death, murder, s*icide/h*nging, underage marriage, abuse, and a lot of old-timey traditions (not explicitly described, just thorough warnings in plaace)

𝘄𝗼𝗿𝗱 𝗰𝗼𝘂𝗻𝘁; 2.2k 

𝗮/𝗻; eheheh first part woohoo!!! please make sure to reblog with your thoughts, and send me an ask if you want to be tagged in chapter 2! sending love <3


It was dark.

The slight cracks of tree branches carried over the sound of the water crashing into the muddy beaches. 

The rain only seemed to grow stronger as you approached the corner store on 5th street, pounding on the windshield as the blades failed to give a complete image of the road.

Despite the town’s troubling past few weeks, it was an oddly calm day for the people of Superior Falls.

Maybe too calm.

The local preacher on Wallow Street had organized a donation drive at the local high school to help rebuild the church, and most of town had already made their way up there. 

Except, of course, you.

Your father had sent you for food to bring back to the school, and by the looks of it, you wouldn’t be back for a while.

Pulling up to the curb, you park and quickly make your way into the local mart, cursing yourself for forgetting an umbrella. Sighing in relief when you finally make it under the roof, the bell of the door chimes in delight with the sound grabbing the attention of the clerk at the counter.

The teenage clerk looks up, boredom clear in his features as he looks to the side to check the clock. Bending down, he grabs a cardboard sign that read, “Be back in five!” and quietly leaves to the back room.

“Okay..” You mumbled, heading towards the back aisle.

Scanning the shelves as you walk by, a sudden force grabs your upper arm. Dragging you backwards until you hit what felt like the force of a brick wall.

In retrospect, the pull distance felt a lot longer than it was.

An annoyed shopper pushes a cart and glares past you as the grip on your arm loosens itself.

“What the hell just happened?” 

“Well, you almost got run over.” The voice startled you, sounding rugged, yet smooth. The ripples of his chuckle coursed through your body as the hairs on your arms stood up. 

Nervously chuckling as well, you turn around and look up. 

The hand on your arm had loosened completely, falling down to his side as your body struggled to replace the warmth he took with him. 

His brown eyes poured out with anxious pools of honey and nervous drops of beige. The tight shirt strained against his arms, sleeves rolled up to expose his forearms. The beat up Converse showed the years of it’s worth;

It fit him, and you couldn’t explain why.

“Ah, yeah. That wasn’t my best moment,” You joked as his warm eyes met yours, and an unexplainable feeling overcame your sense. Mom told me to be careful about that kind of feeling. “But hey, you’re pretty quick for saving my ass.”

“Couldn’t just sit back and let a pretty girl like you get hurt, now could I?” he smiled. It was the kind of smile that made you just look back and watch, the kind of smile that caught up with everyone around it.

His comment threw you off guard, with you quickly laughing to hide the nervous hand sweat and the uneven breaths you were taking. 

Looking back up with a shy smile, you quickly furrow your brows as the realization came over you;

you had never seen him here before.

“Are you new in town?” You questioned, the slight corner of your lip twitching up as he sighs with a smile of his own. 

“Is it that obvious?” He rubbed a hand up his jawline, leaving it to rest on his chin.

“Not entirely. I’m Y/n, Y/n L/n.” you held out your hand.

The sound of the rain drowned itself out as he took it and introduced himself.

“Tom, Tom Holland.” 

Before you could respond, the sound of a shriveled scream could be heard from the back room. 

Suddenly, the woman from only minutes ago was running out of the store. Her eyes wide and her appearance disheveled. She looked like she had seen a ghost.

Oh, how much you hated that word choice. 

Making your way through the aisles, Tom absentmindedly lends a spread of warmth through your body as he drapes his arm around your shoulders. If it weren’t for the fact you were scared shitless, you would be rolling.

Stopping at the hallway, it was as if the air had been sucked out of the room. Cold air vents provided little help as the feeling of unease swept over the room.

It was quiet, despite the loud thunderstorm cascading right out of these doors. It was like a bubble had encased the both of you. Tom’s arm tightened, and so did the feeling of eerie quietness in the store.

The door, you remembered. The woman was screaming door on her way out. 

Staring down the hallway, the door had felt like miles away. The creaks in the floor and the chips in the wood taunted you as you stepped along with Tom. 

He was following you, and you didn’t know why. And you never had time to ask.

The sound of a glass crashing beyond the wooden frame startled you, Tom quickly reaching to already you as the heart in your chest started beating like you were running a marathon.

Adrenaline coursed through your veins and you haven’t even seen anything yet. 

“What the fuck?” Tom had breathed, bringing his other hand to steady his chest movements. 

Moving his foot, he shuddered in disgust as he raised it to reveal a sticky red substance. The color was stained from the inside out. 

It was coming from the other side of the door.

“What do we do?” You had looked up to him, seeing the dangerous glint curving his curious nature. 

“I guess there’s only one way to find out.” He answered, turning the knob of the door. 

The hinges creaked as the wood slowly opened to show the store clerk lying face down, arms twisted and legs buckled. 

The blood red substance layered around him, the sight almost as if it had come straight out of a horror movie. 

“Holy shit.” You spoke up, grabbing onto Tom for balance. 

“We need to go.” He decided, lacing you hands together as he dragged down the hallway and out of the store. 

Climbing into his truck, both of you soaked from the sprint to the vehicle, you rattled with the idea that this was only the beginning. 

“Do you think this has anything to do with the church and those two girls?” you whispered.

“I think it has to do with a lot more than that.”

⃟  ཹ։❀ ፧  ੈ✩‧₊ ૪'ރ፧ ࿐ ° ↳ ׂׂૢ༘ ۵

Arriving at Tom’s front door, the shivers climbed your body as your clothes stuck to you like a second skin. 

His hands shook as he tried to jam the key into the lock. When he finally got it open, the moan of relief that your lips would have embarrassed you under different circumstances. Rushing yourselves in, the rest of the world seemed to mute itself when you and Tom had entered the house. 

You shivered as you took a look at the inside of the opening room. The floorboards squeaked and the window panes rattled. It was a quaint little home, located on the outskirts of town. Cozy in the warmth it garnered, the welcoming sense it brought along with it. 

It quickly had become an uncomfortable silence, almost suffocating as you shifted awkwardly and Tom cleared his throat.

“Do you want some clothes?” He looks up, gesturing to your clothes slowly starting to dry.

“Oh, uh.” You awkwardly laugh, “Y-Yeah, that would be great.” You flatten out the bottom of your wrinkled shirt, slightly fidgeting with the hem.

“U-Uh, great!” He shakes himself out of a daze, quickly looking back with fear covering his features. “I m-mean, like, good you WANT to change your clothes- shit that came out wrong-”

Giggling brought Tom out of his rambling, causing him to look over to you smiling, letting out his own little rumble.

“I’m just gonna-” He finished his sentence by gesturing to the door behind him with his thumb, not before almost running into the wall.

Scoffing in amusement, you turned back to the kitchen where a landline had sat quietly. Slowly walking over, you dial your father’s number.

You and your dad had never had the best relationship, not even after your mother died. He was distant, and you knew he never wanted kids. You didn’t blame him for not being closer to you, he still loved you. He just didn’t know how to raise a child, or handle a kid. As you got older, he got better at it. 

But when mom died all of his progress seemed to have never happened. He didn’t talk as much anymore, he didn’t leave the house as frequently; he was the shell of a man he used to be.

And you didn’t blame him, how could you?

He lost the love of his life, you can’t forget that.

Hearing it ring, you patiently waited for the line to pick up. When he did, the heaves from his chest were very audible and the cracks in his voice even more so.

“Yes?” He answered, the lack of awareness he showed worried you. Your father was a formal kinda guy.

“It’s Y/N, I just called to say that something happened and I won’t be able to get back to the high school.” You furrowed your brows at the mumbling on the other side, and an almost relieved sigh sounding through the phone.

“It’s fine, j-just stay wherever you are, ok?” The stutter concerned you, but before you could answer he ended the call with the finality of these words, “I love you, stay safe sweetie.”

The line went dead.

Hanging the landline back up, your head raced with thoughts of what could be happening. 

“Hey, so I didn’t know if you wanted a long sleeve or a short sleeve but I figured you wouldn’t mind either one..” Tom walked in the room but slowly trailed off as he realized you weren’t even paying attention to him. 

Thoughts raced through your mind. What’s going on? Why did he tell me to stay where I am? Why is he scared-

“AH-” You screamed as Tom placed a gentle hand on your shoulder. Ducking and rolling out of the way, Tom counters backup as his frightened eyes meet yours.

“What the fuck? I-I was just gonna give you your clothes??” His eyes were wide and his hand movements frantic. He was surely frazzled, and extremely scared at the fact you just casually almost decapitated him with your hands.

“How about; Don’t. Fucking. Scare me like that???” You offered up, your heart beating out of your chest at the sudden movement.

“Ok, noted.” He sighed, and walked over, clothes in hand. “Here you go, then.”

Grabbing the clothes out of his hand, and you felt the tips of his fingers. 

There was no spark, a burst of electricity flowing through your veins, a shock to your heart; it was a warmth. A warmth that spread slowly, but as soon as you felt it, it was gone, and now you were cold.

“You can change in the bathroom,” He pointed down the hallway, “first door to the left.” 

“Thank you.” You smile over to him as you brush past, his sharp intake of breath not going unnoticed by you. You straightened your back a little more after that.

⃟  ཹ։❀ ፧  ੈ✩‧₊ ૪'ރ፧ ࿐ ° ↳ ׂׂૢ༘ ۵

“Do you want to talk about it?” Tom piped up from his spot at the counter, you sitting across from him, fiddling with your fingers.

“About what?” You only look up when he graces your hands with his warmth once again. 

“About what happened at the store?” He squeezed your hand a little heard, and you swore you could feel the fire burn to your chest. Slow, steady, strong.

“What’s there to say, Tom?” You whispered, voice raspy with unshed tears. “How do you put that into words?” The water spilled onto your cheeks as they burned hot streaks down your face.

“C’mere,” He walked around and pulled you into his chest. “It’ll be okay, don’t cry angel.”


“What was that?” You shot your head up, the sound startling your already paranoid mind.

“What was what?” Tom looked around, slowly getting ready to stand.


“I think we need to leave, Tom.” You grabbed at his hand, pulling it slightly closer to the door.

“Right now?” He looked over to you, “But nothing’s happened yet.”

“That’s what I’m afraid of.” You looked at him, desperation clinging to your features. “Tom, please, can we leave?”


“Yeah,” he agreed, taking one last glance around. “Yeah we can.” 

Grabbing the keys of the counter, you both head outside, climbing into his truck. You slam the door;

The sound of glass shattering and flames bursting are shunned down by the loud boom that cracked into the silence. Launching forward in your seat, you hit your head on the dash as Tom hits the steering wheel.

All that can be heard is the flames burning the wooden door of the house. You’re silent. Tom’s quiet. 

All you can do in that moment is grab his hand and squeeze, desperate to feel the warmth again. 



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Quarantine || Tom Holland x reader part 4

Summary: Y/n is convinced by her best friend, Zendaya, to got at Harrison and Tom’s place for a movie night. Things get awkward when they’re all obligated to start a quarantine. Everyone knows that there’s some tension between Y/n and Tom, will they keep arguing or they’ll finally admit their feelings?

Warnings: swearing, alcohol, some fluff because yes, COVID awareness

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


“What is this movie about again?” You asked sitting between Tom and Zendaya on the couch, Harrison had managed to get some pizza so you were all reunited in the living room.

Zendaya smiled amused and you frowned at how mysterious she was being about that movie. “It’s one of my favorites!” She exclaimed as if that could actually satisfy your curiosity.

“Must be one of those romantic comedies you girls like so much.” Tom commented with a snort and you raised your eyebrows at him playfully. “What? Last time you made us watch the Titanic.”

“And you were crying too! I saw you.” You pointed out and he shook his head, taking a beer from the table. “You are no fun, Harrison admitted he had been crying the whole movie.”

The blonde haired boy nodded. “But not because of the story… I love young DiCaprio and I couldn’t stand his death scene.” He sobbed a little and you all looked at him in shock.

You were starting to think that maybe he was a little bi, but you didn’t know how to ask him about that. Oh well, you loved him anyways, even if that meant more competition for you. “It’s not a romantic comedy! It’s a cool movie, trust me when I say that you’ll adore it.” Zendaya decided to speak up and stop that awkward scene.

But that was a big fat lie. You were almost halfway through the movie and you were nearly having a panic attack. Horror movie? That’s what she thought you would have loved?! “Oh my fucking- he just killed them!” You yelled shocked as you kept staring at the screen.

“Yeah, so sad.” Your best friend commented without any trace of fear in her voice, you still couldn’t believe how peaceful she looked even tho that movie was one of the worst things you had ever seen.

You took a deep breath and tried to calm down, you were the only one panicking, it was time for you to stop it and try to watch it as any grown ass woman. “Aaaaah!” You yelled as another jumpscare appeared, you immediately grabbed Tom’s arm and squeezed it energetically.

Tom looked at you, you looked so cute and funny at the same time. “Hey, try not to squeeze too hard.” He tried to help you by patting your back, you were kinda hurting him but he wouldn’t have admitted that.

You sighed and leaned your forehead on his shoulder. “Can’t we just go to sleep? Pretty please?” You asked desperately.

Zendaya and Harrison looked at each other, their plan was working just fine, but they were kinda worried about you at that moment. “C'mon, I thought you were braver.” Tom joked and you frowned sitting up.

“I am! I don’t get scared so easily as you may think.” You let completely go of his arm and returned to watch the movie trying your best not to jump every time something scary happened. Because of that, Tom almost regretted his comment as he liked having you so close to him. Then you yelled again, this time you literally jumped on Tom and hugged him trying to hide your face on his chest as a big smile grew on his lips. “Sorry, sorry, I can’t stand that.” You muttered.

Harrison quickly turned off the tv. “Well, it’s time to go to bed, kids.” He said and Tom almost wanted to punch him for ruining that moment.

He had finally felt your arms around his neck, your soft breathing against the bare skin of his neck as you were pressing your forehead to his chest. “Finally.” You let out standing up. “Sorry for that.” You told him.

“No problem.” He simply shrugged and watched how you walked towards his room, that shirt still didn’t cover up your ass and he gulped trying not to look too much at it.

Zendaya followed you and after a few seconds you closed your door leaving the two boys alone in the living room. “I’m gonna sleep here tonight.” Harrison said once he started to clean up the pizza leftovers from the table.

“Why? Not that I mind, of course.” Tom helped him, but still looked at his best friend confused.

“Let’s just say that it’s for the best if I leave your bed empty.” He winked and Tom rolled his eyes, he knew that Z and Haz had a plan but he didn’t think they would have actually tried to get him to stay alone with you.

After they finished cleaning up, Tom went into Harrison’s room and quickly fell asleep. You, on the other hand, kept rethinking about those images over and over, the dark room wasn’t helping you.

Since when you were little you had always struggled with your fear of the dark, your parents had to buy you a little lamp for you so that whenever you felt anxious, you could turn it on to calm you down.

But that room wasn’t yours and it didn’t have your little panda lamp, you had tried to close your eyes and sleep, when you did so you could hear some weird noises that made you feel only worse.

“Zendaya… Z… are you awake?” You whispered moving your blanket so it could cover most your body. “Please wake up, this is getting scary.” You sobbed trying to shake her a little, but she was asleep and you knew she was very hard to wake up once she was lost in her dreams. “Fuck me.” You muttered getting up from bed and walking slowly out of the room.

Zendaya opened an eye and smiled sneakily, she had heard you but she wasn’t the one you needed help from.

You opened Harrison’s door and look at the big bed, you felt kinda angry that the boys had taken the big room with the best bed but that wasn’t the right time to discuss that. You got close to the bed and poked Harrison’s arm. “Haz… are you awake? Can you wake up?” You whispered.

The idea of sleeping with Harrison didn’t embarrass you, you had already done it a few times when you and him had followed Zendaya and Tom on the set. They would get up early in the morning and leave while you two would sleep peacefully together. “W-what?” Tom opened his eyes and turned to look at you.

You widened your eyes as you were sure that Harrison would have been there. “Where is Haz?” You asked feeling your cheeks burning hot at the sight of Tom shirtless even if in the dark.

He were more concerned on why you were awake that late night looking for his best friend, he didn’t even realize that you were wearing one his old shirts that didn’t even fit him anymore, it was so small that it didn’t cover entirely your thighs. “He’s sleeping on the couch.” Tom answered sitting up and passing his hand through this hair trying to wake up. “What happened?”

You bit your lip feeling embarrassed of yourself. “I got scared.” You muttered softly and he frowned concerned.

At that very moment you looked like a frightened puppy looking for help, Tom sighed and moved to let some space for you. “Would you like to stay here for a while?” He asked kindly and you nodded getting under his blanket, you turned on your side and so did he so your faces were close to each other. “Was it the movie?”

“Yeah…” you snorted, you didn’t like to bother people like that but what could you do about it? It wasn’t something you could control. “I never liked the dark, I tried to wake Zendaya up but she was deep asleep and Haz… well…” you stopped not knowing what to say. “Why is he sleeping on the couch anyways?”

“I don’t know, he just wanted to.” He shrugged staring at you shiny eyes, he couldn’t see clearly their color but they were just as beautiful as they were during the day. “He probably wanted some space, he isn’t used to people invading his personal space.” He explained and you nodded.

“Just like a married couple.” You joked and he smiled amused. “Zendaya was probably tired of me trying to hug her in her sleep.” You said again and he chuckled with his deep voice. “You know, it’s strange how we ended up here in quarantine.”

“Yeah.” Tom agreed. “I can still remember the first time I saw you, Zendaya was so excited to bring you along while filming.” He explained and you smiled. “She kept talking about you and how much of a fan you were.”

“Ugh, so embarrassing.” You muttered amused. “When she asked me to go on set, I got so anxious because I’ve been in love with Marvel movies since I was a kid.” As you talked about how you loved those movies, Tom couldn’t stop but thinking about that day.

You were wearing a pair of ripped light blue jeans and a pink crop top that made you look so fit and gracious. Your hair was pulled into a ponytail, you were wearing make-up but he didn’t really care because you looked terribly good. However, he hadn’t had the courage to introduce himself until Zendaya decided to do that, at first Tom tried to be gentle with you, but in the end he needed to be focused on the filming so he started to treat coldly and as time went on, he kept that attitude with you.

“You were talking all the time about Thor.” He commented and you blushed. “And when Harrison told you that he could set up a meeting, you started to cry so bad.” He laughed and you covered your face.

“Oh gosh, I would still cry.” You admitted. “I can’t help myself, he is so hot, like dude! C'mon!” You hit his arm playfully and he looked at you in awe.

“But still, even Haz was drooling all over him.” He told you and you laughed, your voice were supposed to be low to let the others sleep, but they were pretty loud. But your friends were sleeping and didn’t even notice how loud you were laughing. “I think he might be bi.”

“Probably.” You shrugged, not caring, he was an awesome dude and you loved him anyway. “He has become my rival for almost every dick out there.” You snorted and then stopped to look at Tom’s face, he was still staring at you through the dark and you gulped at how close both your half-naked bodies were. “You know, when I first met you… I thought you had a crush on Z.”

Tom frowned, how the hell did you get that idea? Probably from the media, there were a lot of pictures of them and rumors, but he had never seen Zendaya as more than a friend. “Why so?” He asked interested in why you cared about that.

“I don’t know, I just imagined…” you muttered shyly. “But she was already into Jacob.”

“Yeah, she loves that guy, I’m happy for them.” Tom nodded and you smiled, that was probably your biggest fear: him liking Zendaya. Even if you knew that couldn’t happen, you didn’t stand a chance with your best friend or that’s what you had always thought. “But we’ve always been only friends.”

“I know.” You whispered and raised your head slightly to look out the window, you heard some drops of water hitting the window and before you could realize what was going on, a strong rain started and you quickly wrapped the blanket around yourself. “Fantastic, a storm is just what I needed.” You hissed angrily.

Tom stopped to think about what to do, you were sitting up on the bed, he didn’t want you to leave yet. “Do you want to sleep here?” He offered and you licked your lips glad that he had asked.

“But I’m bothering you so much.” You muttered and he shook his head, he wanted you there, he wanted to touch you, to talk to you, to look at you while you slept comfortably next to his body. “I’m sure I’ll be able to fall asleep, you helped me and-” you were interrupted by a thunder, you suffocated a scream as you laid back next to Tom and hugged his arm. “Thinking about it, I’ll stay here just in case you’ll feel lonely without Harrison.” You lied still attached to Tom’s muscular arm.

He smiled amused and passed his hand through your hair trying to comfort you. “That’s ok, it will stop soon enough.” He told you and you nodded sighing, you could smell his perfume, you had always liked it and you would have lied if you had said that you hadn’t smelled his clothes once or twice while wearing them. “Wanna try and have some sleep?” He asked softly.

You gulped and nodded letting go of his arm, you felt a sudden sense of coldness once you were distant from his hot body. “Thank you for letting me stay here.” You murmured and he simply smiled.

You tried to close your eyes, but the fact that that wasn’t your usual bed and that you were so near, yet so far from him, it made you feel too anxious. “If you keep moving I won’t be able to fall asleep.” You stopped as you heard his raspy voice, you couldn’t find a comfy position so you snorted. “What is it?”

“I’m not comfortable.” You said and turned to look at him, an idea popped in your mind but you didn’t want to look weird or scare him. But he told you he wanted to be friends, and friends helped each other? You gulped. “Can you… like, maybe, hug me?”

Tom didn’t think it was real, it seemed like one of his dreams. Maybe it was because you were tired and scared, the normal Y/n wouldn’t have let him touch you, but he didn’t want to discuss that at the moment. “Here.” He moved towards you, his arm slid under your back as it surrounded your waist, you got closer to him and placed your head on his shoulder. “Is this better?”

“Yes, thank you.” Your legs touched his ones, but they didn’t move. You quickly got used to his hot skin as you slowly closed your eyes feeling safe and cosy.

Tom smiled, you fell asleep almost immediately, he brushed away some strands of hair from your face and looked at your relaxed expression. “Goodnight, beautiful.” He pressed a kiss on your forehead and you unconsciously hugged him moving your head on his chest. He felt his heart skip a bit and hugged you back.

That was something he wanted to have always, not just when you were scared and needed reassurance, even when you were sad, or happy or angry. He just wanted to be with you.

And he would have tried so hard to get you.

Part 5 coming soon

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pairing: Peter Parker x Reader 

synopsis: you and Peter find out the worst night of your lives happened on the same night

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You were laying on Peters chest, head over his heart, when you heard him let out a listless sigh.

“What’s wrong, pudding cup?” You rubbed his chest comfortingly as you looked up at him.

“I don’t know. I always feel listless at this point if the year.”  Peter sighed as he pulled you closer. You nuzzled yourself face into the crook of his neck and pressed a kiss there, succeeding in making him smile.

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Pairing: Tom Holland x reader, Osterfield!sister

Warnings: none

Word Count: 2.1k

Summary: Tom doesn’t think you like him in the same way, especially not after seeing you fawn over someone else. 

A/N: I was listening to the song “The look you give that guy/un coup de soleil” by Angèle, which heavily inspired this, but you don’t need to listen to the song to read this :) also this is for @chloecreatesfictions 1k writing challenge ❣ I really hope you enjoy it! The gif is not mine, all credit goes to its respective owner.


That look you give that guy, I wanna see looking right at me, Tom thought to himself as he wistfully watched you talk to the guy that worked at the bookstore.

You went to pick up a book that you ordered, making sure that it got sent specifically to that store location. At first Tom was unsure why it had to be this specific location, especially since it was clear across London, but once he saw the smile on your face when your eyes met the boy’s behind the counter, it all made sense.

He was everything Tom wasn’t, or at least Tom thought so. The guy you were talking to was taller, a bit more athletic, and definitely dressed better. If I could be that guy instead of me, Tom thought wistfully.

But sadly, no matter how much he wanted you, he knew that it would probably never happen since you were his best friend’s little sister. He knew that you only saw him as a brother figure, since he’s always been that to you.

It’ll probably never happen, he thought.

Noticing a chair near the counter, one that was just close enough to listen to your conversation, but not too close to be obvious, he plunked himself down in it. He looked around nervously for a second, but once he heard your joyous laugh, he fixed his gaze over to you.

He made note of your beaming smile, as well as how when you’re around that guy, your eyes just shine. They never did that when you were talking to him, nor did your smile seem as bright compared to when you were talking to this other guy.

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𝐀/𝐧 ↠ I kind of went off with this request, so I hope you enjoy it :) Get ready to have your ovaries crushed!

𝐖𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬 ↠ champagne, children, & references to sex

𝐖𝐨𝐫𝐝 𝐜𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐭 ↠ 1206


Honestly, you were excited to get out of the house. With one four-year-old son and two 18-month-old twin boys, your life was constantly hectic, and you never had much time to be either by yourself or just with your friends.

Obviously, you trusted your husband with your kids, but he still resembled a kid himself in multiple ways, and you really didn’t want to come home to a destroyed house.

Nonetheless, Tom wanted you to have a good day with your friends, as he knew you didn’t get that very often, especially since the twins were born. So, he made you promise him not to check in, and, you eventually did.

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Tom Holland x actress!reader; Tom Holland(actor); Reader; You; Fluff; Friends to lovers; crying; actress!reader; female!reader; oneshot



Word count:



You are an actress working on an international movie, but because you have to study for finals, some of the scenes are filmed in your own city at your school. You have had a long crush on your co-star, Tom Holland. He has had a crush on you, too, but you don’t know. You have arranged that your classmates can be extras in a cute scene. Everything goes well until Tom suddenly changes the lines.


Y/N = your name Y/C = your city Italics = thoughts or emphasis (See end of fic for more notes)

You were the first to arrive in the classroom. You put down your bag and sat down, waiting for the others to settle down. Today was an exciting day, and you were going to tell the class why in a few moments’ time. You’d been waiting for this the entire week. The first part of the day had been nerve-wracking, and you had been barely able to contain your excitement. You had put on your favourite hoodie, a grey one, with dark blue jeans and your favourite heels.

The class settled down, and your teacher spoke up. “Alright everyone, quiet please. Y/N has got something to tell you.” You stood up and went to stand in front of the class. “Yeah, uhm, as some of you might know, I am pursuing a career in acting, and about half a year ago I auditioned for quite a-uh, special role. Uhm. It is an international role, but when I explained that I had to study for finals and such, the director said that we could maybe shoot some of the scenes here, in Y/C. So we decided to film here, at school. Uhm, I figured that maybe, as the movie takes place at a high school, you might like to be extras. Sooo, yeah. That’s kinda what’s going to happen this lesson. If you don’t want to be featured in this, please raise your hand, so I can make sure you won’t be filmed.”

“How much are we gettin’ paid?” the class clown asked. “You? Nothing. Me? Enough,” you shot back. “Oh, one last thing which I forgot to mention, as this is an international picture, there are some pretty big names you’ll meet. Please don’t become crazy fans. We’re just trying to do our work. After shooting the scene you probably will be able to talk and take pictures and such.” “Who are the ‘big names’?” “Right. Uhm.” You were wondering if you should tell them that your co-star was the person most of the girls, and in fact some of the boys, in your class had a celebrity crush on. Including you. “It’s, uhm, Tom Holland.”

Tom Holland. From the moment you had stepped onto set, you had felt comfortable around him. He always made you laugh, and when you were uncertain about something on set, he would always kindly help you. You had had frequent game nights in both of your trailers, as well as movie nights. You had grown closer, and you thought it would be justified to say that you were pretty good friends. But then, one night, as you were playing games and talking about the day, you noticed the way his eyes lit up when he beat you at a game, again. Those beautiful eyes.

You snapped out of your thoughts and looked around the room. Some people were looking excited, some were staring at you in disbelief, some were looking straight up bored. “Alright, I’ll let them know we’re ready here.”

A few minutes later the director walked in, followed by some crew members, and then, at the end of the line, Tom.

Damn. He was wearing a grey turtleneck that made his eyes stand out and his muscles show up. You now noticed that jawline very clearly.

“Hey everyone! How are you all doing? Hi! Good afternoon! Hey Y/N! How are you?”

“Hey Tom! I’m good! You?” As you looked around the class, you could feel him shifting his weight so he stood closer to you. After the class had settled down again, you took a deep breath and said: “Okay, so I’ll briefly explain the scene and what you guys have to do.” You quickly explained the scene. It was really simple. Tom’s character would burst in through the door, pull your character to the front of the class and declare his love for her, simply saying the cheesy but cute line ‘I’m in love with you’. Your character would admit to her feelings and hug him. Cut.

“Got it? Okay, great,” you said, looking over to Tom. “I’m ready, you good?” “Absolutely!”

“Everybody positions. Scene 52, take one. Aaaand… Action!”

You immediately felt the adrenaline flowing through your veins. God you loved acting.

“Amber! I have something to tell you.” “Ellis, I’m in de middle of class, can’t it wait?”“No, it can’t wait. I’m leaving America in an hour, it can’t wait. It cannot wait. Please.” As Tom picked up your hand to guide you to the front of the class, an electrical tingle went through your whole body. “Ellis, what are you doing?” you said softly. “I-,” said Tom. Your knees seemed to turn into jelly when his brown eyes met yours. His voice became low and gravelly as he continued, just like you had practiced. “This is real, isn’t it?” he suddenly asked. When you had practiced the scene, he had never looked into your eyes so intensely. Your eyes widened slightly in disbelief, when you realised he wasn’t in character anymore. He was Tom now.

Shit, was it so obvious?

You darted your eyes across the room, not knowing where to look. Not daring to look at him, you closed them. Slowly, you nodded. “Yeah,” you croaked, your voice suddenly hoarse. You lifted your head and finally looked at him. Fighting back tears, you said: “Yeah, this is real.” “Are you serious?” “I’m sorry. I have ruined our friendship, haven’t I?” you asked, a warm tear rolling down your cheek.

You just ruined your friendship with Tom. Why did you say that? He probably thought you were a freak.

“I- Uhm. I- I-,” he stammered.

Tears now streaming down your face, you turned to your teacher. “Please, sir, may I go to the bathroom?” Your teacher nodded, and you turned back to Tom before leaving the classroom. “I’m so sorry,” you managed to whisper. As you passed him, looking down, you suddenly felt his warm fingers enclosing your wrist. “Wait, please.” “No, I just ruined our friendship,” you said with a shaking voice, tears still rolling down your cheeks. Pulling you close to him, your bodies now a foot or so apart, he said softly: “Please, listen to me.” “But-,” you spluttered. “Shhh,” Tom said, putting a finger to your lips. “You haven’t ruined our friendship,” he whispered with a husky voice.

You looked up at him. He raised his hands, putting them on your cheeks and wiping the tears away. His gaze dropped to your lips. “You’ve only made it better.”

He leant in, closing the little space between the two of you. Your breath hitched as you felt his soft lips brush against yours. You kissed him back, your hands finding their way to his hair. Dropping one hand to your back to pull you closer, he parted his lips slightly. His tongue brushed softly against yours, sending a shiver through your body.

After what felt like forever, you broke the kiss to take a breath. You softly bit your lip while looking him deeply in his eyes.

“Aaand… Cut!” the director shouted. Your classmates and teacher began to clap.

You felt your face blush, and giggled in embarrassment. You looked back at Tom, who in turn was smiling lovingly at you. He pulled you into a hug, and while he wrapped his strong arms around you, you whispered in his ear: “I love you, Tom.” He pulled you even tighter to him. “I love you, too, Y/N. I love you too.”

Notes: This is my very first fanfic so I hope it’s okay. Comment if I missed anything in the tags or if anything can be improved. Please let me know what you think!

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Quarantine || Tom Holland x reader part 3

Summary: Y/n is convinced by her best friend, Zendaya, to got at Harrison and Tom’s place for a movie night. Things get awkward when they’re all obligated to start a quarantine. Everyone knows that there’s some tension between Y/n and Tom, will they keep arguing or they’ll finally admit their feelings?

Warnings: swearing (and some angst), sexual tension, jealousy and Covid awareness

Part 1

Part 2


Your head was deep into the fridge looking for something to eat since everyone else was asleep, you had found out that you couldn’t sleep in that bed and Zendaya’s presence didn’t help as you were used to sleeping alone, hugging your pillow.

“Hey.” You jumped out of the fridge with widened eyes and stared at Tom that had just entered the kitchen.

“Holy-” you started placing your hand above your chest, feeling your heart beating way too fast. “Hey, gosh you scared the fuck out of me.” You sighed and he felt bad for scaring you.

“Sorry… didn’t mean to.” He muttered, you gulped and nodded trying not to mind him that much.

“No problem.” You went back to the fridge and kept looking for something you could easily eat, Harrison wasn’t a big fan of healthy food as you could see and you were trying to lose some weight.

Tom walked towards you, he didn’t exactly know what he was doing, he just wanted to chitchat with you and show you that he could be nice and the perfect boyfriend if he wanted to. “What are you eating?” He asked you and you frowned.

Why did he care anyway? But you ignored your thoughts and took a cup of yogurt. “I don’t know, I was just looking for something, hopefully something that won’t make me fatter than what I already am.” You joked as you placed your breakfast on the counter.

Tom looked at you, that morning you were wearing his pink t-shirt, he loved it on you. It wasn’t that long, so it didn’t quite cover your thighs as he could see his white boxers conversing your ass. “You are not fat.” He replied confused, how could you even think of something like that?! You were so small and thin, you looked like a model to him.

But to you, you never liked your body. You weren’t as slim as Zendaya, but you weren’t fat either. You were in the middle but yet you didn’t like it. “I… guess?” You weren’t sure if that was a compliment or not, sometimes Tom was a mystery to you and you never knew how to answer him.

He was never so polite to you, only when he was drunk. Like that time, when you went clubbing and he had helped you out when you had lost your friends in the crowd and had started to cry. This time he was the same, he was looking at you the same exact way.

“Why are you awake so early?” It was 7 in the morning, Zendaya and Harrison were peacefully sleeping. You took a spoon and started to eat your yogurt.

Tom sighed. “I couldn’t sleep very well.” The idea of having you in the house made him feel anxious and nervous, also Harrison snorted and Tom couldn’t stand it anymore.

You smirked a little. “What? Scared that Harrison will kiss you in your sleep or something?” You joked and he chuckled, you didn’t say it in a mean way, more in a friendly way and he was liking the way that conversation was going.

“Yeah, a little.” He nodded with a little smile. Harrison wasn’t exactly the quiet type of guy, he talked in his sleep and sometimes he scared Tom.

You giggled, he liked your smile. “Aww, why? You two look so cute together.” You said teasing him, there was a time when you had thought that they would have made the perfect couple, but none of them were interested in boys.

Tom rolled his eyes playfully, but couldn’t help himself but throwing a shade at you. “I’m not into him, he’s into Harry Styles.” He said, and your smile grew bigger on your face, Tom didn’t expect that, he thought you would have widened your eyes and maybe panicked.

But you were calm, the idea of him hearing what you had told Zendaya didn’t even cross your mind once. “He has a really good taste then.” You nodded your head. “Who wouldn’t love that guy? He’s British, he can sing so well and I heard he has some abs down there.” You were joking, of course, but Tom didn’t get that.

He got a sense of jealousy as you spoke those words, so he snapped. “He’s not that good.” He barked and you looked at him confused, everything was going just fine and now he was back at his mean stage. “I bet I’m better, I am British, I can sing as well and I also have abs.” He bragged and you raised an eyebrow.

Was he being serious? He was trying to compare himself to your ideal celebrity crush? Why? It wasn’t like you were going out with Harry, he was just your ideal type. “Sure you do.” You shook your head, not believing a single word he had said. “You can be British, but as for the rest… you can try I guess.” You snorted.

He didn’t understand what you had said, were you angry? Sad? Maybe annoyed? He didn’t know, he just wanted to make you see that he was better than that singer you liked so much. “Thanks… I guess?” He didn’t know what to do after that, so he just took a step forward and hugged you.

You froze on the spot, one of his arms was around your waist while the other was placed on your back as he had leaned his head on your shoulder. He liked you perfume, it was so sweet and innocent. “What are you doing?” You whispered, not understanding what was going on.

Tom was taken back by your question. “I’m hugging you?”

Yeah, that was the problem, you thought. Tom had never acted like that, you somehow got scared that he was just playing with you since you were locked in his apartment and he was probably bored. “I can see that… that’s weird.” You commented pulling away, you liked the heat his hands caused on your skin, but that wasn’t the time nor the place. “You never hug me.” You pointed out getting defensive.

Tom blinked confused. “You don’t like it?” He asked innocently, maybe he had fucked up? Maybe you didn’t want to be hugged by him, but what was he supposed to do?

“I love hugs.” You cleared your throat. “But this is embarrassing, we talk once and argue twice.” You explained and he had to admit that you were right. You crossed your arms under your breast hesitantly not knowing how to deal with the situation. “Are you… are you drunk?” You asked carefully, not trying to sound mean but more concerned.

Tom didn’t take it that way anyways, a big frown grew on his forehead as he stepped back. “I’m sorry?” He snapped. “Why do you assume that I’m drunk if I want to hug you?!” He slightly raised his voice at you.

You gulped, he was scaring you but you tried to cover it up. “Because we barely even say hi to each other and all of a sudden you want to hug me! The only time you’ve been actually nice to me is when you got drunk at the club and I-”

Tom got sick of listening to your bullshit, he felt like you were looking for excuses to justify your hate for him. “Listen here, you bitch, I was just trying to be nice.” He snapped and you widened your eyes in shock.

Tom did not expect to say those words for real, but it was too late for him to take it back. You cleared your throat trying not to let your emotions get in the way. “I just-” the images of him holding you in the club while being drunk kept repeating in your mind and you didn’t know what to believe anymore.

“No, you didn’t "just”!“ He hissed. "I was trying to be nice and I don’t get why you’re treating me like this!”

You suddenly started to sob as you felt your eyes getting wet, you didn’t like it when people raised their voice at you, it was something you couldn’t tolerate. “I explained you why!” You yelled back as tears started to run down your cheeks. “I was just trying to joke around! You didn’t have to call me bitch nor to raise your voice like that!”

Only then he realized what he had done. He had fucked up big time. “No wait, please don’t cry-” he tried to reach for your hand, but you moved away quickly.

In that exact moment Zendaya walked in, she had got woken up by your yelling. As she stepped in, she saw you crying and Tom in front of you so she snapped. “Thomas Fucking Holland! What did you do!” She placed herself in front of you and you hid yourself behind her still crying.

“I’m sorry, I-” he tried to excuse himself but you shook your head and walked away. You had had enough, you just wanted to go back into your new room and get under the blanket.

Harrison heard everything and quickly entered your room and sat next to you, he wanted to help you as he felt sorry for what Tom had done.

Tom was still panicking. “I’m sorry Z, I didn’t mean to make her cry.” He said and Zendaya raised her eyebrows.

“Well, you had to be very rude to make that girl cry!” She shook her head. “What has gotten into you?” She asked.

“I hugged her and she said that I had to be drunk to do something like that.” He sighed passing his hand through his hair. “I got mad! And I said something I shouldn’t have, I’m sorry.”

Zendaya half smiled. “You hugged her? Because you… like her?” She asked and Tom nodded slowly. “Oh my god! It’s happening! Finally.” She shook his shoulders. “You moron! You can’t just hug her like that, you probably scared her!” She rolled her eyes.

“I got it, whatever, she liked Harry Styles so fuck it.” He snorted ready to walk away and play some video games to distract his mind.

“That’s her celebrity crush… were you spying on us?” Z wasn’t stupid and quickly understood what had happened, Tom cleared his throat unsure of what to say. “Yes, you did, you have a big fat crush on my best friend and you are jealous that she likes a singer she has never even met.” She said with a smirk. “Let me ask you this once: do you want her?”

Tom sighed, the thought of you in his clothes while being with you even just laughing and talking about anything, it was a dream to him. Kissing you was the main thing he wanted to do since the day he had seen you. “I do… this seems like an exchange of vows.”

“It could be, but first you need to win her heart.” She patted his shoulder. “I’ll help you, just because I ship you two and Haz can’t do shit.” She explained and Tom smiled.

“Thank you.”

“No thanking yet. First you need to go and apologize to that crying girl! You tell her that you didn’t mean what you said and that you want to be friend with her, then you invite her to do something together and you treat her right or I swear to god I’ll beat you.” She pushed him out of the kitchen and towards his room where Y/n was talking to Harrison. “I’ll find a way to get her closer to you, don’t fuck this up.”

Tom gulped and nodded, he knocked on the door and then entered the room. You were there wrapped in Tom’s blanket. “Ugh, I’m not good with crying people.” Harrison kept murmuring.

“Haz, get out.” Tom basically ordered and the blonde-haired boy nodded and quickly got out of the room, leaving you two alone.

You glared at him. “What? Wanna call me a bitch again?” You let out in an angry voice and the boy in front of you sighed.

“Look, I came to apologize. It wasn’t my place to call you that, no one should never ever call you that.” He started and you frowned, surprised by his words. “I am truly sorry.”

“Why? Because Zendaya yelled at you after you made me cry?” You asked harshly and he shook his head. “Then why?”

“Because I want to be friends with you, I just don’t know how.” He admitted and your eyes softened, it was the very first time you had seen Tom so vulnerable towards you.

You sat up. “You wanna be friends?” You asked softly.

“Yes, I really do.”

“This is unexpected.” You half smiled and bit your lips. “I thought you hated me.” You admitted.

“I don’t, I’m just very difficult to be around.” He smiled and you chuckled. “I really don’t hate you, I think you’re an amazing and funny girl.” He complimented you and you blushed a little.

“I accept your apology, I have been annoying too.” You snorted. “And also mean sometimes, so we are not that different.”

“I know, you’re excused.” He nodded and then looked around awkwardly. “So… do you like videogames?” He asked and your eyes lighted up at that question. “I take that as a yes, let’s play together then.”

You got up and smiled. “Let’s go!”

Meanwhile, in the living room, Harrison and Zendaya were talking and trying to come up with an idea. “I still don’t get it.” Haz murmured.

“Just trust me. You will sleep on the couch tonight.” She ordered him and he nodded still confused by the whole situation. “Tonight, we’ll watch a horror movie, you’ll see.”

“Isn’t Y/n afraid of those?” He asked and Zendaya nodded. “Oh I see, tonight things will change.”

Part 4

Thank you all for reading this mini series🥺❤️, it makes me so happy to see how you guys keep voting, if you could also leave some feedback (things you like and things you hate, we love some criticism) it would make my day!

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ER Proposal

Summary: Tom thought it would be a good idea to propose by adding the ring to your favorite crisps.

A/N: This is just a random imagine that i felt like i had to write sooo hope you like it!!

requests are still open 😚


!!gif not mine!!


You and Tom have talked about getting married in the past. It’s something you both are comfortable talking about. You’re prepared anytime he’ll propose since you certainly see a future with him and feels like he’s the one you’ll grow old with.

It’s currently Tom’s rest day after filming for Spiderman 3. You’re just cuddling in his couch, watching a rom-com Adam Sandler movie while eating a packet of crisps.

“Do you want some?” You offered to Tom as you noticed his frequent glance at your food

“No, it’s fine,” He smiles at you kissing your cheek. You shrug, grabbing a handful and shoving it in your mouth.

You expected it to be crunchy then swallow it like the usual but you felt something stuck in your throat. You started coughing, trying to get it out.

“Are you okay, darling?” Tom asked worriedly. You shook your head furiously, finding it hard to breathe.

Tom’s eyes widen as he grabbed the bag of crisps in your hands, dumping the remaining contents out.

“Shit, shit, shit!” He cursed, grabbing his phone to dial an ambulance. He pats your back, trying to help it get out but it’s no use.

“Hi, so I tried proposing to my girlfriend but she ended up swallowing the ring and I don’t know what to do, she’s red and she keeps coughing, can an ambulance be sent?” He asked quickly. You focused on your breathing, not understanding any word that comes out of Tom’s mouth.

The operator told him the Heimlich maneuver but it’s still stuck in your throat. Thankfully, the ambulance now arrived. Tom held your hand the whole time until you get to the hospital.

A doctor shoved something in your throat to get the thing that was stuck in your airway as you felt relieved that you can properly now.

“Oh thank god,” Tom breathed out, wiping his tears beside you “I thought I was gonna lose you,” He cried

“Nah, god will kick me back to Earth,” you joked “What was that anyways? We should sue the company,”

“Um, well, it’s um… a ring,” Tom blushes

“Why would there be a ring there?” You’re puzzled at his response

“I thought it’ll be a great idea to propose by putting the ring in the packet of crisps. I thought you’d have a cute reaction, taking it out once you felt it but I forgot how you like to eat your crisps,” he whispered lowly

“What’s stopping you from proposing now?” You ask him

“I- nothing,” he breathed out. He took the ring from the doctor’s hand and kneeled beside you

“This is not what I planned, proposing in the ER but… Will you marry me?” He asks with a bashful smile on etched on his face.

The doctors and nurses find the situation boty sweet and humorous, watching the young couple drown themselves in love.

“Of course I will,” You chuckle. Tom’s smile widen as everyone in the ER started clapping.

“Okay maybe not put it in yet, let’s clean it first,” you laugh

“I’m sorry I almost killed you,” Tom hugged you tightly

“It was mostly my fault. Maybe I should stop eating by handful,” You smile


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𝐀/𝐧 ↠ Ok so I kind of went way off with this request, and, um, I hope you like it :) I also decided to make it actress!reader, because I think it fit!

𝐖𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬 ↠ none, just nervous Tommo :)

𝐖𝐨𝐫𝐝 𝐜𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐭 ↠ 1534


The three times Tom was too nervous to ask you out:

1. Oscars, February 2021.

Of course, Tom was nervous. It was the Oscars, for goodness sakes. He wasn’t nominated for his work, and he was just presenting, but things like this still made him terrified.

Even if he had starred in some of the best-selling films of all time and was the golden boy of Marvel’s new generation, he couldn’t help but feel like a little kid at these things, especially when he found out that you were going to be there.

You had only been in a handful of films, all of them independent, but your latest role garnered so much attention that you were nominated for an Oscar for best supporting actress at only twenty years old. And, while you didn’t have the same amount of fame that Tom did, he had seen the movie that you were nominated for, and he thought you were absolutely captivating.

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Summary: Y/N and Peter don’t believe in ghosts, so MJ and Ned dare them to spend the night together in a haunted house.

Warnings: Swearing, ghosts (?)

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Word count: 2k

A/N: I was too tired to proofread this more than once so if there are mistakes I’m sorry :( I just wanted to get it up tonight.


You and Peter don’t believe in ghosts. You find it a tad bit ridiculous that some people do. Why anyone would believe in some translucent floating menace was beyond you. There isn’t any scientific evidence to back up the existence of ghosts, so there’s no reason to believe in them.
Sure, there are some things, like religion, that could make sense to believe in without science to back it up, but ghosts? It’s laughable.
That’s why, when your friends dared you two to stay in a so-called “haunted” building for the night, you didn’t hesitate to say yes. So what if the wind was creepy? So what if it made the doors move as if someone was there? You don’t care; it’s all bullshit.

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tw / warnings : fighting (violence), arguments, hospitals, car accidents (brief), anxiety attack (detailed), brief mention of depression, major cursing and very angsty

tom holland x fem!reader insert series - in which tom pushes the reader away, and he has to deal with the repercussions. heartbreak ensues. 

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the man with what if’s

warnings : angst? sorta hopeful ending but expect another part perhaps

summary : part FOUR of boomerang

word count : 1500

(requested) once again upon popular demand we’re back with part four (holy shit) of boomerang

She was so cold; frigid and frozen as heat left her body. Maybe it was just in her nature to never wear the appropriate clothing in relation to the weather, or maybe she was so accustomed to someone always bringing a jacket for her, that she never thought twice about what she wore. Now, though, she regrets every decision she has ever made.

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A/n: Reuploaded. I hope this time the tags will work. This a best friends to something else type of story. It takes place at the end of quarantine. Contains SMUT, 7.8k long, and my first and definitely not last Tom Holland fic. Mind telling me what you thought? :)

Summary: when Tom finds out how disappointing your love life has been, he decides to take matters into his own hands, and show you - his best friend, just how good a real man can make you feel.


“Show me your phone, darling” Tom groaned, sending you the coldest of death stares. The night started off as usual, you two just watching some old documentaries, paying more or less attention to them as you mostly just sat and talked. Things took a turn when your phone started blowing up with messages. Being the kind of person who always replies in an instant, suspicions arose when you decided to completely ignore the texts. Although Tom never violated your privacy and never pushed you for answers you didn’t want to give, when you started laughing and got nervous about whoever it was that kept texting you, he figured it would be worth it to push your buttons.

“I said no” you repeated yourself, standing up from the couch. There were two main reasons you didn’t want to talk about the person texting you, and these 2 reasons were also probably the only two things in the world you wouldn’t want to discuss with him.

“Why not?” he asked, offended, following you into the kitchen, like a small child begging his parents to let him have his way, “What can be that bad? I wouldn’t have asked any questions if you hadn’t been so off about it from the start”

You turned and looked at him dead in the eye, contemplating what to say next. He beat you to it.

“Is it a guy? Have you been seeing someone?” Tom asked as he walked over to you, completely ignoring your personal space. “Is that it? I don’t wanna read you texts, just tell me yes or no, and I’ll drop it. Promise”

You took a deep breath. “Yes, it’s a guy” you said calmly, “But we’re not seeing each other”

“Then why does he keep texting you like crazy?”

“Crazy…” you sighed, tapping your chin, “Good description”

“Come on, Y/n” Tom whined, tapping your shoulder as he walked past you and towards the refrigerator, “Just tell me, I’m really curious, crazy how?”

“Promise you’re not gonna freak out?” you laughed, grabbing whatever he was pulling out of the fridge and handing to you. You stopped paying attention after three cups of pudding and one bottle of wine.

“When have I ever freaked out?” he joked, mocking himself. He was usually a calm person, more composed than anyone you’ve ever met, and he less than rarely got angry. And from those times when he did lose his temper, 90% of cases were mild and he was still calmer than anyone else in that kind of situation, but that 10% left was pure terror. When his friends told you years ago that nothing’s scarier than Tom when he was truly mad, you didn’t quite believe them. You had to see for yourself to accept it. It only happened a few times in almost 5 years, but you always still did everything you could to keep him from going off again.

“Ok, so” you started speaking as you rummaged around your kitchen for bowls and glasses, “His name is Marcus and we actually met on Tinder-”

“Wait a second” he cut you off, “During the lockdown?”

“Oh, no. It happened before all of this madness. Around january, I think”

It was obvious he was already bothered by how this conversation started, but he did his best to control himself so you wouldn’t decide to drop it. “Pretty serious, then, huh?” he said eventually.

“Literally the opposite” you laughed, pouring the pudding into the bowl, “We saw each other once-” and it hurt you to say the following part but you did it nonetheless, “hooked up, and didn’t talk since”

Pure annoyance was readable on his features. “Apparently haven’t talked until now?”

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a/n: this idea has been sitting in my drafts since the first time i found out that Tom is actually scared of spiders…so along time ago asdfghjkl and just got around to finishing it a few weeks ago. i don’t mind spiders and have handled quite a few but anyway, hope you enjoy this one <3


pairing: tom holland x female!reader
summary: There’s a big spider on the bed and Tom is scared shitless to go near it so you’re the one who has to get it out. He livestreams the whole thing for fun, so, you also chase him with it for fun.
warnings: fluffy funny stuff, a spider, a person who’s scared of spiders, and a person who’s not.
word count: 1.3k+

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You hear your boyfriend scream, followed by thundering footsteps down the stairs that had you off the couch and on your feet in seconds.

“Tom? Are you alright?” you called out as you peeked in the hallway, the lad mentioned coming into view not long after. Your confusion and concern only heightened when Tom went to latch onto you immediately. His strong arms wrapped around your body, face buried on the crook of your neck as he lets out a soft groan of dismay. “What’s up bubba?” you asked, rubbing his back comfortingly.

“There’s a spider on the bed, like a really, really big spider,” Tom muttered, pulling away to look at you with an adorable pout. You couldn’t stop the laugh that’s escaped your lips, Tom’s pout turning more prominent as he looked at you with a look of utter betrayal on his face.

“Don’t make fun,” he whined.

“I’m not! I’m laughing because you’re just too damn adorable when you’re scared,” you giggled, giving his jutted out lip a kiss. “And I thought you had broken a foot or something with how you screamed. You had me worried you goof, turns out it’s just a spider.”

“A very big spider,” Tom corrected.

You shook your head with a playful roll of your eyes. “Okay, okay, let’s get that very big spider out then.”

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Date Night (Tom Holland)

I’m standing in my bedroom and look in the mirror. Tom and I are going out tonight but he won’t tell me where we are going. While staring in the mirror I’m starting to feel a bit insecure.

I’m not sure if it’s too much but before I can decide if I’m going to change it Tom comes in.

“You look amazing, darling.”, he says and hugs me from behind. I turn myself in his arms so that I can look in his face.

“You don’t look to bad yourself.”, I chuckle after I basically checked him out. Together we’re going downstairs and put on our shoes and jackets. While going to his car I ask him if he can tell me where we are going.

“No, it’s a surprise.”, he tells me grinning.

“Oh come on!”, I beg him.

“No, this is one thing I’m NOT going to spoil!”, he smiles and opens the door for me.

“You know that I can open a door, right?”, I ask him.

“Can’t I be a gentleman?”, He goes to the driver’s seat and starts driving after he made sure that I am buckled up.

“Here take this.”, he said after we’ve been driving for some minutes. He gives me an eye mask and I look at him with this typical “Are-You-Serious-Look”. He waits at a red light and looks at me.

“Put it on.”

I hesitate a bit but put it on. It’s cute that he tries so hard. It’s not only any Date Night but our 4th anniversary. I really love him and I wouldn’t say no if he’d ask me to marry him. After about half an hour we finally came to a stop. Tom helps me to get out of the car and leads me over something what feels like grass.

“Tom, where are we?”, I ask again even though I know that he won’t tell me.

“You’re going to see in a minute, love.”

I can basically hear that he’s smiling. And just like he told we stopp after a minute and Tom tells me that I can look now. So I take off the eye mask and see that we are in a forest. He brought a table and two chairs so that we can eat dinner. The table is wonderfully decorated with candles and cute dishes and there is even a bouquet of Roses. I turn around to Tom, who seems to be nervous.

“Do you like it?”, he says hesitatingly.

“No.”, I answer bluntly.

“Oh.”, Toms smile fades away and he looks kind of disappointed. “We can go to a restaurant if you want to.”

“No, I don’t like it because I love it!”, I smile at Tom who starts to become more confident after I said this. He hugs me and leads me to the table. He also helps me to sitdown, what isn’t that easy as I thought it’d be.

Suddenly Sam, Harry and Harrison appear from behind a tree. They’re all wearing some kind of uniforms which suit them very good, to be honest. I look at them surprised. Sam and Harry are carrying plates with food and Haz comes to us with a bottle of wine.

“Good evening. Would you like some of our wine?”, he asks like he’d be a waiter of a real restaurant.

“Of course.”, I grin while Haz pours wine in both our glasses. After he finishes Sam and Harry bring our food and the three of them leave again.

“Are they going to wait behind the tree all the time?”, I ask Tom and start eating.

“Yeah, I think so.”

We laugh a lot during our little eating session. When we’ve both finished our plates Tom claps his hands and Sam and Harry come back from behind the tree to collect the empty dishes.

Harrison meanwhile comes with a dessert. My eyes widen as I see how much time and love Tom has investigated into this dinner.

“I hope you like our service so far.”, Haz smiles at me and Tom.

“Oh yes. You can work at our place if you want to.”, I jokingly say to him.

“Only if you leave some tips afterwards.”, and with a grin he goes back behind the tree. I wonder what they’re doing there. Probably watching us.

The dessert is amazing and once again I thank god that Sam is such a good cook.

“You know, we should probably fire Haz and get Sam instead.”, I tell Tom while enjoying this masterpiece of a dessert.

“Hey! I heard that!”, Haz yells from behind the tree. Tom and I laugh and finish the dessert.

I take a sip of my wine when Tom suddenly goes down on one knee. I look at him with shock.

“(Y/N), you’re the most amazing woman I’ve ever met. You’re beautiful and funny and kind and I could probably tell you all night how perfect you are and how much I love you. I’ve never felt the same for anyone I’ve dated before. I want to grow old with you and watch our grandchildren play in our garden.

(Y/N) (Y/L/N) will you marry me?”

Tears start flooding down my face as Tom starts speaking.

“YES! Yes, of course I want to marry you!”, I jump up from the chair and run to Tom to hug him. I start crying on his shoulder when Haz, Sam and Harry come clapping towards us. I wipe the tears away and smile at Tom who gives me a little peck on my lips. I also hug Harry, Sam and Haz who all congratulate me towards my engagement. This night could never be better.

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Quarantine || Tom Holland x reader part 2

Summary: Y/n is convinced by her best friend, Zendaya, to got at Harrison and Tom’s place for a movie night. Things get awkward when they’re all obligated to start a quarantine. Everyone knows that there’s some tension between Y/n and Tom, will they keep arguing or they’ll finally admit their feelings?

Warnings: sexual tension, COVID awareness and ✨jealousy✨

(The gif is not mine, the credits go to who made it)

Part 1


You had woken up early, maybe even too early. Zendaya was still peacefully sleeping next to you, you had tried to use her as a pillow but she wasn’t that comfy so you ended up using a real pillow, such a shame.

You put on a pair of Tom’s boxers, since it was the only thing any near to your panties, and one of his big shirts. Being so little, his shirt covered you almost completely, it ended at the height of half your thighs. You needed to pee so badly, you didn’t care if Harrison or Tom himself would have seen you like that, without make up and with your hair like a mess.

You quickly walked down the hallway and stopped at the entrance of the kitchen, you were thirsty and also hungry. Maybe you could’ve waited to go to the bathroom for some minutes. You entered silently the room and went directly to the fridge, but as you were about to open it, you noticed a figure in front of the stove. “Holy mother of God.” You let out as Tom turned towards you. “Jesus fucking Christ, you scared the shit out of me.” You sighed, placing your hand on your chest.

He smirked a little. “Good morning to you too.” He simply said and you rolled your eyes.

“What are you doing here this early?” It was about 8 in the morning, normal people used to sleep that time. But you weren’t normal and so was Tom.

“Making breakfast.” He answered, turning off the stove, you stared at his plate with eggs and bacon. You suddenly felt like you hadn’t eaten in years.

“Never thought you were a morning person.” And it was true, you had always thought of him as that grumpy person that used to wake up at midday and snort about everything.

He shook his head amused. “Neither did I of you.” He joked and you frowned when you noticed that he walked closer to you. “And why are you awake?”

You snorted a little but decided to play it cool, he was obviously trying to intimidate you. “I need to pee.” You answered without any trace of embarrassment.

He was taken back by your words, he didn’t expect you to be this direct. “Fantastic, tell me more please.” He rolled his eyes, clearly not interested anymore.

But you weren’t finished. “Sure thing! You see, I need to reach the bathroom, then I need to sit on the WC, take off your boxers-” but as you were about to finish your speech, he cut you off.

“Right, because you’re wearing those too.” He realized as he let his eyes look at your body, he couldn’t see the boxers because of the big shirt covered you perfectly, he gulped at the idea of your naked body just under his shirt. “Must be strange, huh?”

You put on an awkward smile, not knowing where he was trying to go with that question. “Yeah… they are terribly big for me.” You said looking down at your bare legs.

Tom chuckled at how cute you looked. “That’s no the only big thing.” He joked and you widened your eyes in surprise, since when Holland made dirty jokes?

“As if, you just trick girls using bigger boxers.” You teased back and he raised his eyebrows amused by the situation. He liked the way you always replied to people, he also had to admit he liked to get you nervous.

“But anyway.” He decided to change the subject, he could have talked more about his genitals but you probably didn’t want to hear that. “You look like a dwarf in my clothes.” He giggled at your annoyed expression. “Oh no, wait, more like a hobbit.” He kept laughing.

You didn’t wake up at 8 in the morning to hear his jokes about how little you looked in those stupid clothes of his, he was starting to get on your nerves again. “Oh yes, because you are sooooo tall.” You pointed out. “Hello? Zendaya and Harrison are taller than you.” You crossed your arms under your breast.

Wrong move, he suddenly stopped feeling his throat sore. He could now see the shape of your boobs pop out of the shirt and because of that he started to feel a little horny. You made him feel horny almost all the time. “I am taller than you, I’m happy with that.” He looked away and you frowned.

So that was it? He only cared about the fact that he was taller than you? You giggled. “I bet. But I’m prettier than you, funnier and even more friendly, I’m happy with that.” You got closer trying to challenge him, he didn’t step back.

He was now almost hypnotized by you, the way you smiled self confidently, your big deep eyes and your pink cheeks. “Fuck off.” Zendaya was right, that was his self-defense mechanism, when he didn’t know what to say nor do he would just be rude and trying to push away people.

Not this time though, you were not buying it. “Or else?” You poked his chest teasingly, you kinda liked that situation too and you weren’t willing to stop it there. “What'cha gonna do?” You asked innocently.

And that drove him crazy, how could you be so innocent and provocative at the same time? He had to contain himself from pulling you against his chest and kissing you with all his strength. You still had your hand on his chest, you could feel his heart beating fast, way too fast to be normal. His hand slid on your waist for a brief moment. “I’m gonna-” he didn’t even know what he was going to say at that point, he just wanted to keep that thing going.

“Woah.” Zendaya entered the kitchen and you two pulled away from each other in embarrassment. “What was going on?” She asked with a big smile on her face, seeing you two so close was a big dream of hers, she wanted you to get with Tom and you knew that.

Tom gave you a look and you cleared your throat. “Nothing!” You almost yelled.

Harrison entered the room as well in confusion. “I got woken up by some flirting, care to explain?” He asked scratching the back of his neck.

“Flirting?!” Tom almost laughed at it and you don’t know if that hurt you or relaxed you. “She was about to murder me!” He was being dramatic, but it was clear that he was trying to change the subject.

“Yes, I was.” You glared at him, maybe he felt ashamed by the way he was flirting with you? Or maybe he was just playing with you and you had just imagined things.

“Sounds pretty flirting to me.” Harrison smirked and you rolled your eyes.

“Ever heard of angry sex?” Zendaya asked and then winked leaving you and Tom in shock.

“What the fuck-” Tom started ready to insult his friend for what she had just said, but you were quick to stop him.

“Only in my dreams with Chris Hemsworth.” You giggled and Tom looked at you confused, were really talking about one of his colleagues that way? And also, was he your type? Tom didn’t know what to think, if you liked blonde Australian guys he couldn’t stand a chance.

“You had the same dream too?” Harrison replied and everyone dropped silent looking at him in confusion. “What?” He blinked innocently.

“Whatever.” You sighed passing your hand through your hair. “I need to pee.” And with that you walked away, you didn’t wanna hear it anymore.

Tom gulped trying not to look at your butt, not in front of the others. “I was just making breakfast.” He said reaching his full plate, the food got cold anyway. “The fuck you two are looking at?” He asked frowning.

Zendaya smirked. “Nothing, nothing.” Oh, but those two knew that something was going on and they were excited to know how that would go.


You were laying on the bed, Zendaya laying right next to you, you were playing with her curly hair while having your usual heart to heart talk. “I bet Jacob will miss you.” You said as she sighed.

“I miss him already, but we decided that we’ll FaceTime each other whenever we can.” She smiled happily and you nodded, you didn’t remember the last time you felt that way towards someone. Your last boyfriend happened before you moved to LA, before your books were sold worldwide, before you had met Zendaya herself.

Since then you got some flings, but never something serious and you were kinda sad about it. “Ugh, you guys are so cute! Like, all your fans ship you two so much.” You giggled.

“Yeah…” she turned and looked at you, she knew that you were feeling lonely at the moment. She noticed how sad you got whenever you saw a couple outside, the fault wasn’t yours, the last guy you had a fling with had broken your little precious heart and she wanted to help you out. “Do you know who I ship?” She asked and you shook your head curiously. “You and Tom.”

At that right moment Tom stopped right in front of your closed door, he had heard his name and was curious to know why you two were talking about him, yet Z and you didn’t notice his presence behind the door. “Tom? Why so?” You kept playing with her curls. “It’s not like we’re friends or something.” You muttered and Tom’s eyebrows frowned.

You weren’t friends? It had been almost a year since you two had a started to hangout together, yeah there were always Zendaya and Harrison with you two, but he thought that he could consider you a friend of his.

Your best friend smirked sitting up and looking at you straight into your eyes. “You like him, I can tell.” She laughed and you rolled your eyes. “Trust me, I know you.”

You snorted, yes you liked Tom but you had already given up a long time ago on that. “I really don’t.” You shook your head. “We always argue, it’s not even funny anymore. I’m pretty sure he hates me.” You explained and she raised her eyebrows, not believing you. “And besides, he’s short.” You let out and she started to laugh.

“So? You are much shorter! But you’re still my best friend.” She took her pillow and hit you with that as you started to laugh.

“Yeah, but I’m funny and hot.” You pointed out.

“So is he!” She replied and you rolled your eyes again, you didn’t get why she was insisting on that topic. “You just need to get to know him.”

You bit your lip, this conversation was making you feel anxious knowing that the boy was probably somewhere around the apartment and you didn’t want him to hear you. But Tom had heard everything and he was dying to know your answer to that.

“Whatever.” Typical, that was the answer you always used when you were out of words. “I’m not looking for a relationship anyway.”

“Oh please, you are lying.” Zendaya placed her hand on your shoulder. “It’s not a bad thing if you want to have a boyfriend.”

You knew she was right, but you didn’t want to look desperate. “I’m not! Look, if I really had to get in a relationship… it would be with Harry Styles.” You joked, that man was your celebrity crush since forever.

Zendaya tried not to laugh, knowing damn well that he was a dream and that you weren’t being serious. “Why tho?”

You laid down and tried not to giggle. “He’s hot, old and tall. A fucking dream. His songs are soooo good, like I would simp for him so hard.” You hugged your pillow. “You better introduce me to him.”

“Sure, I will.” She shook her head, she didn’t know him, but she didn’t want to break your expectations like that. “You two will look so cute together.” She winked.

“Stop!” You two stared to laugh and changed the subject as you started to ask her about her hair routine to have those beautiful curls.

Tom stepped away from the door, his chest felt heavy, he didn’t get the “joking” part. To him, you and Zendaya were like two teenagers talking about boys, well you were 19 so you were basically a teenager.

He walked quickly away and entered Harrison’s room where his best friend was scrolling through his phone. “Hey.” Tom snorted and sat next to him without saying a single word. “Why that long face?”

“Nothing.” He snapped, he couldn’t even think straight at that moment. You had just told your best friend that you didn’t like him and that you didn’t want a relationship with him.

“Oh, girls problems.” Haz muttered, putting away his phone and Tom looked at him shocked by how quick he was to read him. “I don’t even have to hear it, you are a simp for that girl.”

“I’m not.” Tom tried to end the conversation right there, but little did he know his best friend wasn’t going to do that.

“Yes you are, you always tease her around, I see how you look at her with those puppy eyes.” He patted his shoulder and Tom sighed.

“I don’t know how to talk to her, it’s driving me crazy.” He let out for the first time, he had always denied the possibility of feeling something for you. But now he felt like he had to do something. “And besides, she doesn’t like me, she is in love with Harry Styles.” He snorted.

“She is?!” Harrison exclaimed suddenly. “Just like me?!” He asked and Tom widened his eyes, not knowing exactly what to say to that.

“Dude… are you-” he tried but Haz stopped him right there.

“I’m not fucking gay, I just have good taste.” He explained and then frowned. “But why do you think that she’s in love with him?”

“I heard her talking to Zendaya, and she’s gonna play matchmaker.” Tom shook his head sadly and Harrison scratched his chin.

“Ugh, that bitch, she was supposed to help me play matchmaker.” He commented and then smiled. “Don’t you worry Holland, I’ll help you out.”

“Thanks, I guess?” Tom had never had so much trouble finding a girl, nor flirting with her. “But really, she thinks I hate her.”

Haz shook his head. “That’s because you’re always so cold with her, you never even hugged her and you’ve known her for a year.” He explained and Tom nodded, that was true. Y/n always kissed Haz’s cheek when they met, but she never got too close to Tom and he did the same.

“I should change that.” He laid down. “Thank you man, you’re the best.”

“No worries, no Y/n no competition.”

Part 3

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