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#tom riddle

The fact that the Harry Potter universe is deterministic makes me feel really sorry for Tom Riddle. Dude was condemned by the universe to split his soul, and is condemned to live suffering in limbo for eternity because of it. That is one hell of a tragedy.

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[y/n] : tommy, do you wanna hear a joke?

tom : no.

[y/n] : yes you do. ok so-

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snape: you mean you want to kill them?

voldemort: woah, yeah. that does sound bad when you say it out loud…and yes, we’re going to un-alive them.

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Tomarry | General | 1.8k


A nest of one’s own is not a pile of twigs easily threatened by the wind, ready to collapse at any moment; but rather, it’s a hole — baked wonderfully by the sun; laden with many rocks, tree limbs and mice. Where to survive here would be a pleasure through many a First Frost, where to raise and to die here would be the dream for any hunter. So as one sees it, my Speaker has done well on this front: having chosen one with a Mate, far warmer than the sun.

Finding a nest of one’s own is not easy, Nagini knows, but she is proud of what her Speaker has selected as his home. Even though at times, she’ll tease and will drive him up a wall.

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“Tom – hey, Tom!”

Your voice is barely audible over the chattering students spilling out into the hall, but Tom looks around at once. Barely audible clearly does not mean unrecognisable.

“Afternoon,” he says smoothly as you approach.

Ignoring the formality of his greeting, you throw your arms around his neck and pull him into a hug. “Don’t you ‘afternoon’ me,” you laugh, “I’m not a bloody Professor, Tom, we’re dating.”

Tom’s hands are feather light on your back as he returns the embrace with all the appearance of great reluctance. “Apologies,” he says quietly, “I didn’t mean to offend you.”

You roll your eyes at his equally formal reply as you pull back, assessing his expression. As always, Tom’s dark eyes offer only a great deal of composure and very little else.

“You’re a funny one, aren’t you?” you muse, shaking your head affectionately as you brush a lock of black hair to the side his forehead – it had been knocked out of place by the force of your hug. “What’s going on in that head of yours, huh?”

“I could ask the same of you,” Tom replies evenly without missing a beat.

You give him a look. “I think we both know that you could figure that out on your own.”

Tom’s eyes narrow almost imperceptibly, the expression gone the next second. “What do you mean?” he asks with a perfectly constructed tone of curiosity.

You just laugh and fall into step with the crowd tricking towards the main staircase down to lunch. “Just because I’m in Hufflepuff doesn’t mean I’m stupid, Tom,” you say with amusement, “or did you think that you could slip that little Legilimency trick past me without me noticing?”

Tom’s eyes are glued to your face as he walks beside you down the stairs, but you only flash him a smile. “Don’t worry,” you wink, playfully pushing his shoulder, “I won’t tell anyone.”

He nods slowly, but he doesn’t look away. Something in the intensity of his expression makes your cheeks grow warm, and you have to force yourself to break his gaze.

“Study with me tonight,” Tom suddenly says at the entrance to the Great Hall before you have the chance to slip away to the Hufflepuff table. “Seven o’clock, at the table by the Xylomancy section.”

“Alright,” you say wryly, “see you then.”

He nods once and is gone before you have the chance to say another word.

The hour comes faster than you’d expected, and Tom is already there by the time you arrive.

“You’re late,” he says dryly, neglecting to look up from where he was bent over his notes.

“Your handwriting is absolutely beautiful,” you sigh instead of replying, leaning over his shoulder to admire it.

Tom has gone very still, his quill paused over the gorgeous, slanted words he’d been writing. “Thank you,” he says mechanically.  

You look at him, your face inches from his. “What?” you frown, curiosity piqued by his tone.

Tom looks back, and for a moment you can almost see something flicker in his eyes beneath the layers of composure he’s always hiding behind. Very impulsively, you lean forward and press a gentle kiss on his cheek. Tom’s eyes are wide when you pull away.

“What was that?” he demands at once.

“What was what?” you ask, amused.

“That,” he repeats acidly, waving at you.

You smother the urge to roll your eyes. “Would you prefer if I not do it again?”

There is a brief moment of silence in which Tom looks furious at himself for not saying yes straight away. “I suppose it’s to be expected,” he mutters, looking back at his essay.

“I’ll take that as a no,” you snicker.

He shoots you a sharp look, but you just lace your arms around his neck again. “What are you working on?” you ask casually, resting your chin on his shoulder.

“The Herbology essay,” he says stiffly, making no acknowledgement of your embrace.

“Oh? How’s that going?”

“It was going very well until you arrived,” Tom says dryly.

“Oh my deepest and most sincere apologies,” you grin, hugging him tighter. “How dare I interrupt the great Tom Riddle, star pupil and child protégé –”

“Stop that,” he interrupts in monotone.

“Come on, do you seriously want to spend the whole evening studying?” you ask, letting your head fall to the side so you can get a look at his expression.

“Bold words from a Hufflepuff,” Tom smirks, “or does your desire to work hard exclusively revolve around efforts in distracting me?”

You stand up straight, letting him go in the process – Tom immediately turns in his seat to look around at you.

“Let’s go,” you say decisively, a wide smile on your face. “It’s a beautiful night and I’d much rather go on a walk than stay cooped up in here.”

“You remember that I specifically asked you here to study,” Tom deadpans.

“I can’t hear you, I’m too busy distracting you,” you grin, slowly stepping away.

Something works in Tom’s jaw as he looks at you, and a moment later he lets out a long breath, lowering his quill. “Fine,” he mutters, picking up his bag and waving his wand at his things to pack them away.

“Yes!” you whisper, theatrically punching the air in triumph. “Let’s go! I found this little path that turned out to be a shortcut down to the lake behind the east gardens yesterday, and I really want to show you –”

You seize his hand and tug him forward excitedly, half-dragging him through the school and out the doors into the clear, moonlit night outside. When you get to the lake you sit down with a satisfied sigh by the waterfront, and Tom only hesitates for a moment before slowly sitting down beside you.

“Pretty, right?” you smile, nodding at the reflection of the moon in the dark waters of the lake.

“It is,” Tom says evenly.

There’s a beat of silence, and then you lean your head against his shoulder.

“What are you doing?” he asks quietly.  

“Come on, admit that you like it,” you grin.

“I will do no such thing,” Tom says curtly.

“Don’t need Legilimency to tell that you’re lying, Tom.”

You can almost hear him roll his eyes.

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Tom, as you’re well aware, is always in control. He gets up at the same time every morning, he studies through his lunch breaks, he’s early to every single of his many classes, he’s never once missed an assignment (let alone received a grade lower than an O) – Merlin, even his hair never seems to come out of those tidy waves.

“Wow,” you smirk, lightly picking his hand up from the desk and peering at his fingernails.

“What?” Tom asks absently, not looking up from his book.

Tom’s nails are absolutely perfect ovals and don’t look like he’s ever bitten them in his life. “Even your nails, huh,” you mutter as you shake your head, amused.

“What are you talking about?” he asks briskly. You can’t help but notice that he hasn’t pulled his hand away.

You turn his palm over and slide your own across it to flatten it on the desk. That draws his attention. “Reckon I can read your palm?” you ask cheekily, feeling his eyes fixed on your face. “Trelawney would be over the moon…”

“You’re a Seer now, are you?” Tom asks dryly, watching you pretend to study his hand with extreme concentration.

“Your Life Line intersects with your Fate Line at a trough, very bad, very bad,” you say in Trelawney’s ringing, gravitas-rich voice, tracing the crease of his hand – but your finger comes to a sudden stop on his skin. “Oh, wow,” you frown, dropping the Trelawney impression as you lean closer. “That’s interesting.”

“What?” he says sharply, brow furrowing.

“Hmm…” You pull the Divination textbook from your bag and flip to a random page, scanning down it before returning to consult Tom’s palm. “Nope, that’s definitely right,” you murmur.

“What do you see?” Tom demands at once, looking genuinely curious.

You look up at him, fighting to keep your expression even. “Says here that you’re a hyper-serious nerd boy.”

Tom gives you an extraordinarily unimpressed look, but you just grin back at him, impervious to his expression.

“You’re ridiculous,” he mutters, looking back at his book. His hand, however, is still flat on the desk in front of you.

You bite back a smile. “Can I keep practicing?” you ask casually, trailing your fingers along his palm. “Trelawney’ll kill me if I hand in another assignment insisting that someone’s going to get stranded on a desert island just because there’s an island wrinkle on their fate line.”

There’s a delicate pause.

“Fine,” Tom says monotonously as he stares at his book. “Please try to be as quiet as you can manage.”

“Anything for you, Riddle,” you smirk.

If he notices that you barely consult the book as you trace the lines of his hand with your finger, he doesn’t comment.

“We should go,” Tom says quietly.

You look up from where you’d been absently trailing your fingertips across his wrist, the cuff of his robe pushed up out of the way. “What time is it?” you ask, looking around. The library is practically deserted.

“Nearly curfew,” he replies in the same even tone.

You lift your hands from his and shove your things into your bag, slinging it over your shoulder before turning to him. “Come on then,” you smile, “Merlin knows you need the sleep.”

Tom slides the essay he’d been writing into his bag and stands too, but he looks decidedly distracted.

“What?” you ask, nudging his shoulder with your own.

“Nothing,” he says smoothly, turning towards the exit. “Let’s go.”

You quickly follow him, taking two steps to keep up with each one of his long strides. “Are you going to give it back?” you ask, cocking your head.

“Give what back?” Tom asks colourlessly.

“Your hand.”

His head snaps around to look at you. “What?” he says sharply.

You shrug humorously. “It’s for study, Tom,” you grin, holding out your hand.

Tom hesitates, a crease appearing between his brows.  

You roll your eyes and reach out, lacing your fingers through his and tugging him forward as you start walking again. “You’re ridiculous,” you parrot back at him, giving him another cheeky glance.

He just looks away, expression inscrutable – but you’re hardly fooled.

Tom – yet again – hasn’t pulled his hand away.

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part 4/4

The Lost Diadem of Rawenclaw

Rowena Ravenclaw made her diadem and enchanted it, so that anyone who wears it gets more wisdom. Shortly before Rowena’s death, her daughter, Helena Ravenclaw, stole the diadem, in hope of using it’s power to leave Hogwarts. Rowena’s dying wish was to see her daughter one more time, so she sent the Bloody Baron, a man who once loved Helena, to find her. Helena was in an Albanian forest, where she hid the diadem, and where the Bloody Baron killed her, and then killed himself.

Centuries later, Tom Riddle charmed Helena and found out where the diadem is. He stole it and made it his Horcrux by killing an Albanian peasant. He later on hid the diadem in the Room of Requirement.

On their hunt for Horcruxes, Harry Potter, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger found the diadem in the Room of Requirement, where they were confronted by Draco Malfoy, Gregory Goyle and Vincent Crabbe (in the movies Blaise Zabini). Crabbe (in the movies Goyle) set the room on fire and died. Harry threw the diadem into the fire and destroyed it.

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this is the most random thought but imagine if Tom Riddle was raised in The Austere Academy

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Boys I find attractive[that I’m lowkey ashamed of]

1. Tom Riddle[ I mean Christian Coulson is just a masterpiece to look at in the chamber of secrets]

2. Peter Pan[OUAT version, not too ashamed but also he tried to bring down Regina and I will not have that!]

3. Maven Calore[ He’s a literal psychopath but I want to lowkey hold him]

4. Draco Malfoy[ Really not at all ashamed of this]

5. Stiles Stilinski[ I’ve never watched the show but I was sucked in due to fanfiction]

6. Captain America[ This is just sad because he’s like 100 years old, and still in love with the same women]


Originally posted by reactiongifs3

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Just a reminder my requests are open and I don’t mind doing them click here for the prompt list❤️❤️. Also follow my wattpad here.

Tomarrow I will be putting up a new prompt list so tonight is your last chance from the current prompt list💜

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Protective Lover- Tom Riddle

flower-slut00 said:
Hii, I saw that you do Maze Runner,Marvel,and Harry Potter and I couldn’t choose between the three-Tom Riddle with #9,#14, and #20?-Thomas (Maze Runner) #1 and #12- Peter Parker #6,#9,#21it’s fine if you only do one !!


Okayy so I will do all of them and Thank you for requesting. if your confused about who all I write for check out the prompt list. also why does the title sound like an actual book?!?

Requests are Open💜

9. “It was me okay?! I was the one that wrote the love letter!” 14.“Your heart is mine alone to cherish.” 20. “I’ll never let anyone steal your smile.”

Type: Fluff

Warnings: None

Third POV:

Y/N read the letter over and over trying to figure out who her ‘secret admirer’ was yet with no luck. She stashed the letter under her pillow and walked to class with her head down and ran straight into someone.

“Watch it” the boy snarled and she looked up to see Peter Pettigrew. “Ugh stupid nerd running into me, your lucky I don’t hex you right now” he said and walked off.

Y/N frowned and looked up to see everyone looking at her but she looked back down and walked to class.


“Y/N Y/L/N!” Thhe voice rung through your ears and you kept walking. Peter grabbed your wrist and turned you to face him. “Answer me when Im talking to you” he said his nails digging to your skin.

“leave her alone” Y/BSF/N squealed but he didn’t budge. “Let her go” the voice of Tom Riddle caught everyone’s attention as he pushed Peter away. “Why do you care what happens to her” Peter seethed and Tom stepped up to him. “That doesnt matter” he said and pushed him back again. “Fuck off, I just want to have a chat with the bitch” at that Tom hit Peter causing him to fall back.

“Are you ok” he said turning to you and You nodded. “Why did you stick up for me” “because I made a promise that I’ll never let anyone steal your smile. "You…” “yeah it was me. I was the one that wrote the love letter” He said and she blushed.

“Tom” he looked her in the eye and she kissed his cheek. “Thank you for helping me.” She said and hugged him. “Will you be my girlfriend Y/N, so your heart would be mine alone to forever cherish” he said and she nodded happily.

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Voldemort: You’ll never see me, but I am everywhere. Every being, every thought, every drop of hate-

Harry: Alright, I get it. You’re evil. Do we have to chat about it all day?

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Should I paint them all red? Perhaps install some guiding lights, like they do in the aisles of muggle movie theaters? 

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Now that I have outed myself as Tomarry enthusiast on the TL… please have a A/B/O fanart of one of my favorite series in AO3

Power Couple by @temptresslove

This series has my favorite dynamic between Tom and Harry. I utterly love that their public persona vs unabashedly being evil powerful duo in private. 

Also Alpha!Tom and Omega!Harry is hot AF.

Do check it out! I always come back to this series for a quick Tomarry fix and ended up rereading the whole thing again :D

Note: I used pose base from @zuen_03 and stock image from CSP for the background.

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Love- Tom Riddle Smut

Anonymous said:
Hiii could I request from the fluff prompt 2 and 11 and from the smut one 35 and 43 with Tom Riddle??Thankss🤎


Prompt List

Requests are open💜

2. “You know? I think I’m in love with you” “Are you serious?” “As a heart attack” 11. “My love, you look amazing tonight.” 35. “Be a good girl and spread your legs for me.” 43. “Nipples deserve attention as well.”

Type: Fluff With smut

warnings: smut, 18+, slight public sex, oral

Third POV:

Y/N walked to the black lake seeing a figure in the moon light. He turned and she was met with the face of her amazingly handsome boyfriend of six months, Tom Riddle.

"My love, you look amazing tonight” he said walking up to you grabbing your hand and kissing your cheek. “Thank you” she said blushing.

They sat down by the lake and she laid her head on his shoulder. “You know? I think I’m in love with you.” She lifted her head and looked at him, “are you serious?” “As a heart attack” “Im in love with you too.” She said softly and she placed her lips on his.

The kiss was slow and passionate as their lips move in sync. He carefully laid her back on the ground and climbed on top of her, holding himself up by his hands, bringing one to stroke her cheek.

“Be a good girl and spread you legs for me” he said helping her push her legs apart. He kissed her neck and rubbed her through her leggings. He brought his hand up and pushed them down along with her underwear, rubbing her clit lightly.

He brought his hand up under her shirt and bra, “nipples deserve attention as well” he mumbled onto her lips and pinched at her nipple causing her to moan onto her lips.

She could feel his hard member through his pants and she tugged at his belt. He pulled back and undid his pants pulling them down with his underwear.

He slipped inside her and she let out a moan to which he scilenced with his lips. He thrusted slowly continuing to kiss her until she came around him. He pulled out and she connected her lips to his cock, sucking until he came in her mouth and she swallowed it.

He helped her get dressed and they stood up. They interlaced their hands and walked back to the slytherin common room. He walked her to her room and she turned to look at him.

“I love you” she said and kissed his lips, “I love you princess” he said hugging her tightly. He placed a kiss on her forehead and they stood their for a moment just wrappped in one another’s arms.

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Tom: what happened?

Y/N: I’m gonna fucking MURDER THAT BASTARD


Tom: just be back for our date


Y/N: I love this encouragement thing we have going on

Tom: I know, right?

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Harry Potter Guys at the Yule Ball


• Nervous

• Adorable smile

• Gets you both drinks

• Shy to dance with you


• Loves to dance with you

• Adorable

• Best dancer there

• Dances all night with you


• Admires you

• Center of the spotlight

• Kisses you

• Slow dances


• Hangs with his friends

• Dances a couple of dances with you

• Gets drinks


• Dramatic scene when you walk down the stairs

• Kisses your head

• Carries you


• Spins you

• Rests his chin on your head

• Looks into your eyes


• Sweaty hands

• Doesn’t want to dance

• Only slow dance with him

• Hugs you after


• Late

• Gets you both drinks

• Dances in the crowd of other people

• Tries not to Avada Kedavra everyone out of the way


• Takes you into every dance

• Takes you to lay in the Quidditch field and watch the stars

• Has his arms around you and kisses your head


• Argues

• Dances only for a little

• Takes you to the Astronomy Tower

• Cups your cheek and kisses you

• Holds you and watches the night sky

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