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#tom riddle
bcmxd · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
when they get alone together…
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incorrectbellamort · a day ago
Voldemort: What did you do with Snape's body?
Bellatrix: What didn’t I do with the body?
Bellatrix: Okay, that sounded more sexual than I intended. I disposed of the corpse respectfully.
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coffeestorm · a day ago
regulus/young tom riddle is such an unexplored ship. just IMAGINE the possibilities. horcruxes time travel slytherins!!! and like. so much angst u can just go EVERYWHERE
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tomarryforever · 2 days ago
harry: did it hurt?
tom: (smirking) did what hurt?
harry: when you broke through the earth's crust ascending from hell.
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quintalon · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Double Creature Feature mini-fest has revealed!
I am excited to share these amazing stories and gorgeous artwork! A huge thank you to everyone who participated in this mini-fest.
fire in my veins by mcal
Character: Sirius Black
Rating: T
Summary:  I am Sirius Black. Friend to James, Lily, Harry, and Remus, though they may not want me in the next life, whenever it comes to that. Enemy to Voldemort and all who seek to capture and enslave based on blood. I did not betray my friends. I know who did and I made him pay. I’m Sirius Black, Gryffindor. Padfoot. Friend. Loyal to the end. Fire is in my veins, but I am Sirius. It doesn’t consume me.
Valravne by venus woman and giant saurian (grayglube)
Pairing: Hermione Granger/Draco Malfoy
Rating: M
Summary: She is gore drenched and casual on the edge of the grounds, standing there like she isn’t dead at all.
And he’s dying too, he’s so sure of it then, stumbling to follow her as she turns, not bothering to wait for him as she walks away from him.
He stumbles and falls on a pile of the dead and dying piled at the edge of the lake. It rains and the blood washes into the water like garnet colored smoke, like clouds, like so much spilled ink. Gryffindor Red, he thinks falling down into the shallow water.
The war is over, Hermione Granger is among the dead, he’s told, he hears, from someone. It doesn’t matter.
But he sees her.
He still sees her.
Me and the Devil by emsallthat
Pairing: Hermione Granger/Charlie Weasley
Rating: M
Summary: "We have one more jump ahead of us, Kitten." His affectionate voice instantly raised her blood pressure.
"I should have insisted that we take a plane instead," she snorted in response and sneezed again. "I hate you."
He laughed out loud, but didn't believe what she was saying for a minute.
"I know," he replied teasingly and offered her a hand. Hesitantly, with a runny nose and red, puffy eyes, she took it. "You will not regret this trip, promise. You will remember it for the rest of your life."
Charlie and Hermione on their trip to Mexico to explore Dia de Muertos, different view on celebrating Halloween. Journey with an unexpected twist.
Bustin’ Makes Me Feel Good by Blessedindeed
Pairing: Hermione Granger/Draco Malfoy
Rating: G
Summary:  A ridiculous comic: Hermione & Harry have a very muggle suggestion for Halloween costumes this year for the gang. Enter two confused wizards and some deep thoughts by Draco.
Spooky Halloween by aleysiasnape
Pairing: Hermione Granger/Severus Snape
Rating: T
Summary:  Another vampire is interested in Hermione.
Fighting His Instincts by articcat621
Pairing: Hermione Granger/Draco Malfoy
Rating: T
Summary:  Draco hates that he can always feel it lurking under the surface, but Hermione knows it's time for him to stop fighting what he is.
[ART] Dangerous Mind by sunflower_swan_art
Pairing: Tom Riddle/Ginny Weasley
Rating: M
Summary:  Even though Tom's diary was destroyed, some of his essence still resided within Ginny, until she turned 17 and came into her elemental magic powers. While she had been frightened of her gift at first, she knew her true purpose was to find Tom again and thank him properly.
The Moon That Breaks by AdAsttra
Pairing: Luna Lovegood/Theodore Nott
Rating: E
Summary: Luna Lovegood is invited to a Halloween party.
Set before the events of Damn Your Love, Damn Your Lies
Ever to Excel by Vertraymer
Pairing: Hermione Granger/Draco Malfoy
Rating: M
Summary:  He was born for greater things, for wonderful things, to make the world bow down before him. That was his rightful lineage. Ever to excel. But who would want to excel at becoming a monster?
Feed My Frankenstein by  srebrenakrv
Pairing: Hermione Granger/Draco Malfoy
Rating: G
Summary:  Hermione discovers how to slowly restore Draco's soul after a Dementor's kiss, aided by a brain ice cream or two
See the whole collection here!
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stilleundregen · a day ago
Tumblr media
"Hard to say. It could be a respect thing, since he was in the area first,” she said with a quiet sigh, her eyes raking over the whiteboard with The Lady written on it before they traveled to Lord Voldemort’s on the adjacent wall. “It could be something as innocent as acknowledging a fellow monster and something as sinister as threatening to go after him herself…” she said slowly, her eyes returning to Tom’s. A slightly playful brow was quirked in question. “Either way, he’s kind of her type, isn’t he?”
That was not way Tom wanted to be “her type”. And he’d be damned in some cheeky little bint ran him out of town. “I suppose that’s true…” he said. “They’re certainly a pair.”
The Lady by @littlemulattokitten
Summary: Tom Riddle is Hogsmeade's sharpest forensic investigator by day and one of the most confounding serial killers HPD has ever gone up against by night. But when a new serial killer moves to town and starts to taunt 'Voldemort', Tom realizes his secret may be in danger.
Detective Granger moves to Hogsmeade to lend her expertise towards the Voldemort and new mystery killer cases, catching Tom's eye almost immediately and providing a delightful distraction from things he really ought to be paying better attention to.
But who shall he choose? The fit prodigal detective or his mysterious fellow predator?
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immxrtalbi · a day ago
Tom: I don’t need anyone. They slow me down.
Harry: I’m must be slowing you down a lot then since I’m always next to you.
Tom: You’re different. You motivate me to be faster.
Hermione: Why does this sound like a confession?
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judedxarte · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
@wizardingworldonline​ event 09 | antagonists
Surely you didn’t think I was going to keep my filthy Muggle father’s name? No. I fashioned myself a new name, a name I knew wizards everywhere would one day fear to speak, when I became the greatest sorcerer in the world!
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thecarnivorousmuffinmeta · 17 hours ago
What if, through the horcrux connection, Tom Riddle could see everything Harry was doing
I mean, we don't know he can't. He seems to have been able to see/know enough to manipulate Harry with visions of Sirius in danger. He knew, for example, Sirius was the best and most believable place to strike.
Now, Snape could have told him this, but for all Snape was playing double agent that'd be vital information that caused... well... a disaster that very nearly resulted in Harry's death. Snape, I imagine, told Voldemort that Harry was an ordinary and boring schoolboy consumed by his love life (also true).
My point being, Tom's clearly getting something on the other end. How much it is and how much he pays attention to it is unknown. It probably isn't everything, given Tom's general lack of awareness regarding the horcrux hunt, but it's still something.
If he got everything I imagine he'd find Harry's life very dull. For the most part, Harry doesn't really do much. Harry goes to school, he has spats with Malfoy Jr, he relies on his smart friend for homework, and he angsts over girls. Harry's boring and not important.
Harry only becomes important as Dumbledore starts relaying memories of Tom Riddle. I imagine that throws Tom for a loop and he then realizes that Dumbledore must be grooming Harry for suicide. It'd be a hop, skip, and a jump from there for Tom to realize Harry himself must be a horcrux.
Then I imagine Tom gets very angry and kidnaps Harry himself so he can't wander around and stab himself or something stupid like that. Harry does not appreciate this.
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sunder-soul · 12 hours ago
The entire premise of sevdevs was devised in one afternoon in lockdown last year when I was like 'hmm..... I wish I could bully Tom Riddle' and then I sat straight up in bed like a cartoon and seized my laptop to begin immediately
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incorrectbellamort · 2 days ago
Voldemort: Sometimes I drink milk straight out of the container.
Bellatrix: The cow???
Voldemort: What?
Lucius: Bella, W H Y?
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anastasiakrizek · 2 days ago
Sirius Black only wanted five (5) things over the course of his life:
1. Shield Regulus from the Death Eaters
2. Never go back home to Grimmauld Place
3. Convince the world that he wasn’t like his family
4. Do right by James and his family
5. Protect Harry
Think about how that worked out. Just think about it.
1. Lost his brother
2. Locked up at home
3. Tossed in jail and accused of being a Death Eater
4. Lead to the death of James and his wife
5. Died rushing to Harry’s aid
Books are fun. 🙂🙃
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percivore · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Harry doesn’t manage to destroy the diary and or the memory of Tom slips in through Harry’s Scar and he can’t get rid of him for 6 years au
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mirrorballgf · a month ago
Tumblr media
summary: in which y/n likes to show off and tom will not he outsmarted
disclaimers: smut, slight degradation, fingering, overstimulation, etc.
love interest: tom riddle x fem!reader
notes: i literally hate this so much, this is so bad but it’ll do
Tumblr media
you always had a knack for getting under tom riddles skin. but it was all in good fun. no feelings were hurt — you didn’t think — and tom also seemingly liked to belittle you at every chance you he had.
it was a game that you two had played for years. you would say a joke about him being a “stuck up goodie goodie” and he would retort back with a equally snarky comment.
but, there was always an unspoken rule that hid beneath the table. do not try to outsmart him. you technically knew he was smarter than you — granted, he was practically smarter than everyone. so, you had no trouble breaking this unspoken rule.
but just as you say down for monday’s potions lesson. something seemed to change in the air. it began just as professor slug horn announced the winner of the potion competition would win their own bottle of liquid luck.
“you see, ive had this bottle for about three years and i’m ready to give it up. that is, if someone wins!” slug horn announced, “you’ll be making a antidote for any poison of your liking.”
tension seemed to hang in the air, you wanted that potion. but you also knew tom most likely wanted it more. you felt his eyes glaring at you from across the room, sending you a warning sign.
meeting his eyes, you saw only pure hatred. you swallowed hard. it wasn’t like you to be intimidated by him, but it was hard not to feel only a sense of worry for yourself as he looked at you.
“and you may began!” slughorn said, gesturing with his hands.
you ripped your eyes away from tom’s and immediately got to work. you searched for the nearest bezoar. your mother was a exceptional potioner and she had taught you best.
there was an easy cure for most poisons. bezoar. sure, it was sort of a cop out, but it didn’t matter to you.
after another thirty minutes, professor slug horn called time. “give me a moment to grade your works as i go around the room.”
you could feel the questioning glances you were getting from others. why hadn’t you put any ingredients in the table? where you trying to fail deliberately?
“tom, what an excellent discovery! my finest student back at it again. you’re up in the running son.” slughorn beamed as he examined toms potion.
“thank you, sir.” tom replied cooly. the charm and grace in his tone that made you sick to your stomach.
god, he such a teachers pet, you thought to yourself.
he even looked to proud of himself as professor walked over to your table.
“miss y/l/n, what’ve we got here? oh my!” professor slughorn gaped at the item you held out, “this is a spectacular solution. easy and simple. riddle, it looks like you’ve been outsmarted by miss y/l/n!”
you blushed at the compliment and shook your head sheepishly.
“it looks that way, doesn’t it?” tom replied, you could hear the anger in his voice. you could imagine his sharp jaw clenched, toned muscles stiff and tightened. a strange pool of desire formed near your lower stomach. embarrassed by the feeling, you brought your eyes back to professor slughorn.
after several moments, professor slughorn returned to the front of the room. “i have picked a winner. surprisingly, this student has shown a great deal of creativity and obvious thought into her solution.”
you could feel your heart beat in your chest. “y/l/n, here you are. feel free to use it whenever you’d like. please be aware of the side affects before taking it!”
you nodded sheepishly, blush filled your cheek as everyone gave a unenthusiastic clap for you. you didn’t expect people to be happy for you but you had made the mistake of turning towards tom riddle’s direction.
it was exactly like you imagined, his dull brown eyes were trained on yours, you were swarmed with his hateful energy immediately. his sharp jawline became even more aggressive as it seemed to tighten the more you kept eye-contact with him.
you took the bottle before slughorn hands and placed in your bag.
“class dismissed! again, thank you y/l/n for such a brilliant masterpiece!”
you were getting sick of the flattery as you collected your bags, but you smiled anyways.
you exited the classroom, but before you could get even two feet into the hallway someone had grabbed your wrist forcefully and slammed you into the nearest wall.
your vision blackened for a moment out of pure shock. “what the fuck-?!” you started, but then quickly interrupted by a voice.
“merlin, i bet you loved that didn’t you?” toms venomous laced voices spoke out. he was standing closer to you than he had ever before, and you noticed how tall he was compared to you.
“oh, tom. don’t be such a sore loser. it’s not a good look on you.” you feigned a pout. and his eyes narrowed, but you didn’t miss the way they flickered towards your lips.
with his hand still on your wrist, he scowled. “funny you say. i didn’t lose, you technically cheated. it was supposed to a potion, and of course, you would find some loop-hole.”
“i’m clever tom, don’t try and belittle my talents.” you replied, offended that he would try to take away your special moment. you had felt particularly smart about your solution, but with the way tom was staring at you now, you felt doubt creep into your system.
“please, you practically beg to be ‘belittled’ when you go around like that.” he sneered. his brown eyes striking against your’s.
“oh? like what, riddle.” you challenged, taking a step forward from the wall. the confidence in your voice definitely outweighed the confidence you were feeling. truthfully, you felt a little ashamed to have won so easily. tom was half-way right and you knew it.
he clenched his jaw but before he could say anything else, you had softly pressed your lips against his. at first, he was as frozen as a statue. doubt crept into your system but just before you could apologize and pull back, he grasped your wrists and you felt your back hit the wall painfully.
gasping in surprise, he tightened his hands around your wrist. he nipped at your bottom lip roughly and you could feel the smirk on his lips as you bit back a moan. “oh, come on, don’t be a tease,” he whispered as he pulled back. both of you were breathing heavily from the forceful kiss.
before you could reply, his lips were already latched onto your neck. sucking hard and quickly leaving love bites all over your collarbone, you shivered under his cold touch. a small gasp escaped your lips as he opened the broom closet door behind you.
his hands trailed up and down your blouse before finally taking off your robe. you watched him with gleeful eyes as he hoisted you onto the nearest desk. “sit pretty for me, will you?” he murmured, grabbing your inner thigh and spreading your legs apart.
you nod silently and he goes back to his original pace on your lips. you gasp as he squeezes your thigh hard. taking the advantage, he slips his tongue into your mouth. your cheeks start to fill with heat and you can feel your panties getting soaked in the process.
urgently, you grab his hand and slide it closer to your frantic needs. “please-“ you practically beg, and he pulls away with a sinister smirk on his face. “so, so needy. what would people say if they found you like this? begging for me. it’s pathetic.” he said, but his smirk never leaving his kissed-swollen lips.
fortunately, he gave in at just the right moment. he moved away the thin cotton of your panties and slide his digits into your soaked pussy. “tck, tck. did i do this?” tom whispered into your ear, nipping at the sweet spot behind it.
reluctantly, you moan against him. “oh my god. tom,” his fingers pace faster against you and you buck your hips in return. his lips catch your moan with ease, biting your bottom lip roughly once again.
you grab for the collar on his shirt for support as you thrust back and forth on his fingers. “always an overachiever, huh?” he said onto your lips as he adds a third finger, pushing you to the edge.
your eyes widen and a loud moan escapes from your throat. your eyes cloud with lust and fulfillment as you feel yourself getting closer. “tom, please, i’m so close.”
at your words, his pace fastens and you feel yourself wither beneath him. you wrap your shaking legs around his hips, allowing him to have a better position of your legs.
“fuck! dont stop, please. tom!” you plead, shaking underneath his intense gaze. he was watching you come undone for him, and enjoying every moment of it gloriously.
his fingers were coated in your juices and he slowly pulled out of you. you whimpered at the motion, suddenly embarrassed by what you had just done. “lay down.” he said, his voice monotone but demanding.
you furrowed your eyebrows, “w-what? i thought i was done.”
tom chucked humorlessly. “but don’t you like being an overachiever? outsmarting me if you will? lay down, dont make me repeat myself.”
nodding, you lie down in front of him. your skirt hiked up all the way to your stomach, leaving you bare in front of him. with your legs still shaking furiously, tom dipped down and began to gently suck on your clit. your hands flew to his hair immediately, overwhelmed with the sensation of his mouth inside of you.
you tugged sharply and you felt him moan into you. his tongue flicked at a sensitive spot and you whined. you had become quickly overstimulated and your mind had become empty expect for a loud buzz. “i don’t think i can last-“
he pulled away, kissing your inner thighs. “be patient, do you see how desperate you get when you don’t get your way?” you watch as he dips back down again and the whole vision makes your head spin.
“answer me,” he commands. now, sucking harshly against your clit in a more angered manner. you tug at his wavy-hair in return. “yes, i know, i am. please just let me come.” you whine, bucking your hips in his face.
his pace becomes angry as he practically fucks you with his mouth. your vision clouds and all you can feel is pure bliss and quivering legs. you scream out his name in one last moan.
seemingly satisfied, he leans back and watches you as you catch your breath. “i didn’t know you could do that…” you said, your voice strained and horse from your screams.
he licked his lips as you slowly sit up, covering up your legs and pulling your skirt back down. “and i didn’t know i could make you come with just my words and fingers.” he said, smirking devilishly.
you feel your cheeks heat up and try to hide your shaking legs from his view. “well, maybe it can happen again.”
he raised an eyebrow, “perhaps. try and outsmart me again, and you’ll be in for more than two orgasms.” and with that he left you there, skirt half-way pulled down, tousled hair and a whole lot of memories.
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hpimaginesandblurbs · 7 months ago
* = smut, 18+ only 
neville longbottom 
neville dating a slytherin headcannon*
jealous!neville smut*
overstimulation w. neville*
neville using sex toys on the reader*
losing your virginity to neville*
dom!neville punishes the reader*
cockwarming w. neville*
neville shows the reader just how not vanilla he is*
the morning after your wedding w. neville
dom!neville w. an aphrodisiac* 
dom!reader using a sex toy on sub!neville*
remus lupin 
young!remus, pre-full moon smut* 
remus confesses his feelings for reader (pt. 1) (pt. 2*)
thigh riding w. remus*
young!remus soft post-full moon smut*
sirius black 
sirius w. a breeding kink*
sirius w. a size kink*
cockwarming w. sirius*
young!sirius w. a mommy kink*
tom riddle 
young!tom w. jealous reader*
tom w. dom!reader*
knife play w. tom*
mirror sex w. daddy kink!tom*
tom fucks ravenclaw!reader in the slytherin common room*
cedric diggory
cedric x reader mutual masturbation*
cedric nsfw headcannons*
thigh riding in the prefect’s bathroom w. cedric*
angry!cedric smut*
cedric overstimulating fem!reader*
cedric w. an innocence kink*
cedric w. a breeding kink + cockwarming*
cedric wakes the reader up with oral*
cedric punishes the reader w. bondage + overstimulation*
first time w. cedric during christmas holiday*
draco malfoy 
malfoy manor library smut* (pt. 2 w. breeding kink*)
draco forgets your anniversary and makes it up to you w. sex*
mirror sex w. draco x innocent reader*
plus sized! reader facesitting w. draco*
cockwarming w. draco*
draco waking the reader up w. oral*
dom!draco w. a breeding kink*
overstimulation w. draco*
period sex w. draco*
draco fucks the brat right out of the reader*
sub!draco with a mommy kink*
sub!draco learns how to eat pussy*
reader cheats on draco while in an arranged marriage* (pt. 2*) (pt. 3*)
draco making the reader cum from just dirty talk*
mean dom!draco punishes the reader*
blaise zabini 
blaise w. a degradation kink*
jealous rough dom!blaise w. a breeding kink*
dom!blaise w. an innocence kink*
office sex w. blaise x breeding and degradation*
pegging sub!blaise w. a mommy kink*
hard dom!blaise on your wedding night*
harry potter
harry w. an edging kink*
harry sexting headcannon*
harry comforting the reader when she thinks she’s a bad mom (pt. 2)
harry w. a mommy kink*
harry x reader get together after the war
dad!harry watching you breastfeed james
sub!harry gets punished by dom!reader*
dom!harry edges the reader w. a vibrator*
edging and overstimulation w. dom!harry*
thigh riding harry in the mirror*
sub!harry w. a mommy kink*
cockwarming sub!harry*
james potter
young!james being a tease in class*
sub!james w. a mommy kink*
george weasley 
thigh riding george w. a praise kink*
sex w. george at www*
george w. an innocence kink*
playful george w. a bratty sub
fred weasley 
fred’s reaction to the reader flirting w. a slytherin boy
mean dom!fred*
fred waking the reader up w. head and a smutty shower*
fred comforting insecure reader
daddy!fred takes your virginity*
ron weasley
cuddling w. soft!ron
ron. w a degradation and choking kink*
sex w. ron at the burrow*
regulus black 
thigh riding w. regulus*
regulus catches girlfriend!reader masturbating*
multiple pairings
james x sirius x remus x reader foursome w. degradation*
ron x lee jordan x reader threesome w. dom!ron*
ron x fred x george x reader foursome*
using your safeword w. sirius x remus
overstimulation and subspace w. sirius x remus*
fred and george take turns w. reader*
dom!reader x dom!hermione x sub!harry*
dom!fred x sub!reader x dom!george*
reader x cedric x sub!harry*
dom!ginny x dom!reader x sub!draco*
doms!fred and george ruin the reader*
hermione catches draco x reader and joins*
enemies-to-lovers harry x reader x ron*
how the hp boys would react if you used your safeword
dom!reader punishes sub!harry x sub!draco*
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rainysoot · 4 months ago
smut prompt list-
prompts from @sultrypotter
⊱ ────── {.⋅ ✯ ⋅.} ────── ⊰
“i love it when you moan my name”
“just a little harder”
“let me give you a reason to stay in bed”
“no panties?”
“i want you now”
“use your tongue”
“please don’t stop”
“i can’t sleep without you here”
“do you like that”
“you need a place to stay for the night”
“spend the night with me”
“you can get louder can’t you”
“look what you do to me”
“i want to taste you”
“open your mouth”
“if you want to come you better beg”
“that feels so good”
“don’t cum yet”
“strip. now”
“take off your clothes”
“bite me” ”if you insist”
“can you feel what your doing to me”
“this is a one time thing”
“tell me how you like it”
“get on your hands and knees, right now”
“i wanna fuck you right against the glass so everyone can see how good you take it”
“i just want to please you”
“each of my thoughts about you are improper”
“i love it when you kiss my neck”
“don’t be gentle”
“i’ve never want to fuck you more than i do now”
“you wanna have sex with me”
“you’re not going out dressed like that”
“i’m afraid i can no longer remain professional”
“make me”
“you’re mine”
“i love it when you talk dirty
“i’ll let you do anything if you just touch me now”
“i’ve never wanted anyone to fuck me this badly”
“don’t give me that look”
“like what you see”
“stay quiet”
“i told you to stay still"
“i promise I’ll be good”
“just shut up and fuck me”
“you feels so good”
“i want you inside me”
“be a good girl and spread your legs”
“don’t worry i’ll take of you”
“don’t tempt me”
“i’ve never done this before”
“don’t be afraid it’s just me”
“you’re more than just a one night stand”
“don’t forget who you belong to”
“would you just shut up and kiss me already”
“try to stay quiet understand?”
“we’re in public you know”
“don’t be so rough there can’t be any marks”
“are you sure? once i start i don’t think i’m able to stop”
“no i’m supposed to make you feel good”
“stop teasing me so much”
“bed. now”
“first one to make noises loses”
“i love the way you look with my fingers inside you”
“i guess I’ll just get off all by myself”
“these walls are pretty thick which means you and i can be as loud as we want”
“did you touch your self while i was gone”
“we can’t do that here”
“if you interrupt me one more time— so help me god”
“tell me what you want”
“y-you’re not.... w-wearing anything under that are you”
“there is no way anyone is that innocent”
“you taste like fucking candy”
“the only way you’re getting off is on my thigh”
“you make a sound it’s game over”
“i haven’t even touched you and you’re already wet"
“want help with that”
“you’re so fucking hot when you’re made”
“we’re not just friends you know that”
“what? does that feel good”
“if we get caught i’m blaming you”
“we have to be quiet”
“you have no idea how much i want you
“if we weren’t in public right now i’d have my head between your legs”
“i’m going to fuck your so hard you’re going to forget that guys name”
“i really want to kiss you right now”
“wanna fuck?”
“how do i look”
“if you don’t like my teasing why are you moaning”
“don’t fucking touch what is not yours”
“we’re.... just friends”
“friends don’t do this kind of shit”
“how quickly can you cum”
“think you can warm me up”
“touch me and you lose”
“there’s people here”
“i don’t care what you do just fuck me”
“guess i’ll have to cum inside you then”
“i don’t know what to do” “then let me teach you”
“we’ve been at it like rabbits and you’re still horny”
“use your mouth”
“show me”
“come and sit on my face and i’ll show you how much i missed you”
“i forgot my towel”
“you’re naked aren’t you”
“take it off slowly”
“your wish is my command”
“come to my room there’s this thing i wanna try”
“no one can ever find out about this”
“for your safety i’ll be gentle”
“are these handcuffs”
“i don’t feel like sleeping”
“what are you going to do about it”
“you won’t be getting any sleep tonight”
“why so shy?”
“don’t worry i’ll make you feel really good”
“you’re the one who aroused me so let’s have some fun”
“why don’t we move this to the bed”
“would you like to go somewhere a little private”
“these are so wet aren’t you going to remove them?”
“i was just about to wash up care to join”
“this feels dirty” “that's because it is”
“you feel amazing”
“don’t pretend to be so innocent”
“i want you to touch yourself”
“what has you so excited”
“i want right now”
“bend over and spread your legs”
“i can’t hold back anymore”
“it’s been along day why don’t we help each other unwind”
“oh don’t mind me I’m just enjoying the view”
“your lips make me wonder what you taste like”
“i don’t like being told what to do unless i’m naked”
“you’re so sexy when you’re hot and bothered”
“i’ve been thinking about this night”
“don’t cover you’re face, i want to see you”
“you’re so beautiful all spread out like this... just for me”
“lay back”
“i bought a few pieces of lingerie. want me to model for you?”
“i can’t believe how wet you are already”
⊱ ────── {.⋅ ✯ ⋅.} ────── ⊰
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