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#tom x reader
butterflies-glitter · a day ago
tiny, little things (t.h x reader)
Tumblr media
summary: tom has an interesting question about babies w/c: 338 words a/n: this was a quick and short one, hope you enjoy! not proof read :)
it was a lazy sunday afternoon, and you'd be lying if you said you weren't enjoying it. it was different from how you usually spent your sunday afternoons. you and tom would either take the whole squad out for golf, or go on a brunch with the hollands.
tom was laying in your lap as you ran your hand through his messy, chocolate curls. occasional yawns escaped his lips while he scrolled through instagram.
he stumbled across a post which look interesting, to say the least. it was a baby. and it was crying. you didn't know what attracted tom to that, but you knew he would stay.
"hey, y/n?"
"mhm?" his adorable, confused eyes gave away the thought that he was about to ask you a dumb question. "do you know how babies move their arms and legs all around while they wail?"
you looked at him like he was crazy, but that expression soon changed to adoration towards him. his face was contorted into a pout and all you could think about was how he came up with these questions. "i don't know, tom. maybe they just like it?" you were absolutely clueless to how to answer his question. alas, you didn't know it your self.
"but- but they're tiny little things! and their arms and legs are so tiny too! how do they just", he says doing a weird motion with his hands. "do that?!" you couldn't help but giggle at his domesticity. you leaned down to give his forehead a kiss. his pout accentuated even more. he whines as he mumbled, "what's so funny?" you giggled again, "nothing bubba, i just- i love you." tom could feel his heart melting at your confession, "i love you too, babe."
he moved up closer to you leaving a kiss on your lips while whispering, "would you wanna find out with our own?" and you couldn't help but reciprocate the kiss in agreement.
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wizkiddx · 23 hours ago
a lil teaser
hello everyone im back(ish)!! things have been a bit chaotic but I have missed all the talent on here. also thankyou all so so much for 900!!! nearly fainted when I saw that ;) so have a little teaser of a one shot I got done x
“I was gonna phone dad in the break if you fancy-“
“No abso-fucking-lutely not. Have you not seen the messages about his laptop breaking? I’m not listening to him rant about that for hours and hours on end.”
“You make him sound unbearable!”
“Tom, your the eldest child. You should’ve learnt this by now.”
“He’s just passiona-“
“He loves a moan! Just for the love of god don’t tell him I’m here and do be prepared for me to say I told you so.” The younger brother gleamed as he opened the door to his brothers (and therefore his too) trailer.
Toms newest project had been filming in Atlanta on the big Sony sets for nearly 2 months, which meant they hadn’t seen the family in that long either. True to his word though, without fail, he would always find time to call home. Something which especially recently, had been the most necessary - to keep him sane. It hadn’t been the easiest, so Tom had fallen on his most reliable support much more often.
“When did you become a moody 16 year old again?” Tom muttered, flopping on the sofa as he watched Harry sit on the beanbag across from him. It was not a surprise Harry didn’t grace his shit comeback with a response, instead just sighing - already preoccupied on his phone.
Barely 30 seconds later and Tom had to admit to himself that his younger brother was, once again, right. Dom was droning on and on as if his laptop trouble was the only issue in the world and Tom had barely got a chance to say hello. Already tuned out, his attention was easily sidetracked from the conversation to Harry- who’s phone started ringing angrily.
He took notice of how Harry’s eyebrows furrowed looking at the caller ID, clearly this was much more interesting than whatever his dad was saying.
“Hello?… umm I don’t think so, cos of what happened… Anyas number? I do have it, I don’t know that she’ll-… is everything ok?”
Tom had gone from intruiged to downright worried. Chewing on his bottom lip he sat forward, glaring at Harry intensely to try and get the insider info.
He’d already pieced together it was something to do with Y/n. Anya is her best friend, her ride or die, the person who knew her inside out. And ‘what happened’ clearly referred to what had happened between Tom and Y/n. As in the end of Tom and Y/n.
And Harry seemed worried. Which meant Tom was ten times more worried. It was Y/n after all.
Things between the two hadn’t really stopped- that was Tom’s issue these past months. It’s all good and well saying it was the end, but you just can’t stop feelings like that. Not when you’re two years deep and helplessly in love like Tom was.
And Y/n was the same too.
The breakup wasn’t for lack of emotion or love for the other. It was for the long distance, for the public pressure, for all the external factors that seemed like the end of the world.
Both of them had learnt the hard way that maybe they weren’t. That maybe they’d made a mistake.
lemme know if you want to see the rest! will hopefully be at least a wee bit less angsty at the end ;)
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angelkurenai · 2 months ago
Party’s just getting started - Tom Hiddleston x Reader
Title: Party’s just getting started
Pairing: Tom Hiddleston x Reader
Warnings: None
Prompt: oh my god yes can you write one where y/n moves in next door to tom in london. and he’s in awe of her, and after meeting a few times he invites her to one of his parties where she buys a book for tom instead of a bottle of wine. and a famous friend of tom’s is there and he’s like “ohhhhhh so this is the girl?” thanks a million. and obviously tom is a bit younger than he is now in this x
Tumblr media
"Didn't know there was a zombie apocalypse fast approaching. Should I stock up as well?" being able to hear, and therefore picture before actually seeing,the smile on the man's face was enough to brighten your mood despite how long of a day you'd already had.
"Ah didn't you know?" you pretended, eyes widening in fake horror "I heard that we will have to lock ourselves up for the next three months, people are going crazy, dry food and toilet paper are disappearing faster than a blink of an eye. Better hurry Tom, otherwise you won't be able to find any tea on the market." You said with all the seriousness you could master as he took some of the bags you were carrying and the both of you entered the lift.
"Ah and what a tragedy that would be!" he gasped "Well, at least fate has spared me some of the pain by making this torture we shall endure the sweetest possible for me."
"Do tell Mr Hiddleston, how has fate blessed you so?" you raised an eyebrow as he smiled easily at you.
"Simple, with you as my lovely neighbor I believe I could easily quarantine for an entire year." he grinned as you scoffed and looked away from him, to hopefully prevent yourself from blushing any harder.
"Careful what you ask for there, Tom. You never know what kind of consequences your words will have." You said with a smirk and hoped it sounded as confident as it did in your head.
"I am willing to face whatever consequences for you darling. Besides, I am most certain you could figure a way to keep us both entertained." his tone was playful as it was almost a habit these days after all the conversations you'd had but something to those particular words had your heart leaping to your throat. Luckily for you and before you could come up with something witty enough to play it all off as a joke, he spoke up again "So, you didn't tell me, who's all that for? If I remember correctly, you went to the market two days ago too."
"Got a great memory I see?"
"Only when it comes to people I care for." his replies were as easy as breathing, which was a perfect comparison for you too because you were currently struggling at both "Besides… I am mostly saying this to make sure everything's alright?"
"Ah if only I'd known how much I've been missing in life not having a neighbor as wonderful as you." you smiled to yourself "You're right they're not for me. I will be visiting a friend later and she asked for this favor."
"Ah I see, then my time is limited. I must hurry."
"Hurry?" you questioned as you exited the elevator.
"To abduct you of course. And take advantage of you and your precious little time. If you will allow me to?"
"You know Tom, knowing you are probably the next sweetest thing to the caramel latte my friends had me try, I don't worry when you say things like that. But, friendly advice, you don't really ask the victim their permission to kidnap them before you do."
"Ah I am helpless apparently. But seeing as I would wish you to be my only victim, no harm done right?"
"Hmh and what kind of victim shall I be then?" you raised an eyebrow of interest at Jim as a grin slowly started spreading on his face again.
"Ideally?" he asked far too adorably from your heart to take and you nodded your head "To my charm."
Oh if only he knew.
"Ah we will have to see about that then. Perhaps if I were to know your hideout is, I could consider it…?" you said innocently but the smile on your face was far from it.
"Easy. My house." the words came out easily and casually and you would have been absolutely comfortable with any of it because you knew to trust him. It was yourself that you didn't trust and possibly misunderstanding anything he said or did because you couldn't fight your own feelings.
"P-Pardon?" you whispered.
"I uh-" he hesitated, blinking several times when he realized how it might have sounded "I just realized- You know, I did not get the opportunity to invite you over all here months and thought if you do have some time before you go visit your friend that you could come over for some tea?" he suggested with a possibly shy and definitely adorable and hopeful smile on his face. You even took a couple seconds to take in and admire how cute it was to see him bite his lower lip like some teenage boy in front of his crush- Wait, no that was a dangerous thought to have and you really couldn't afford to at the moment.
"Well, actually-" you offered him a soft and sweet smile, trying to ease his nerves (the thought of which made your own nerves even worse) "I would like that very much. Could you Wait a bit, just give me a couple minutes yeah?"
"I could wait as long as you need me to." he said in a voice as low as a whisper as you unlocked the door to your apartment, but made sure to repeat the words he said in your mind once or twice. Or more.
And if that only made your infatuation grow any more beyond control to the point you could see yourself developing feelings for him, then there was no way to help it.
"Yeah I don't know." the voice broke your trail of thoughts and you blinked twice to focus.
“Still skeptical about it?” taking a sip of your tea, you couldn't help but raise an eyebrow at your best friend who wouldn't stop glaring at the bookshelf that covered one of the walls of the living room in its entirety.
“I'm just wondering, when did you really get to this point without me noticing? By the time I come visit next, I fear I will walk into a library instead of an apartment. Honestly-” she laughed, shaking her head in disbelief “It's not humanly possible to own these many books. It can't be!”
“Well, maybe if you visited more often then you'd have the chance to actually watch my collection grow and see it's totally possible.” you smiled sweetly while she narrowed her eyes playfully at you “Besides, don't be dramatic. I'm not the only one who owns this many books... especially not in the building.”
“Wait-” she paused from drinking her tea and raised an eyebrow at you “There's another one of your species in this building? How have I missed that?” he blinked “Based on your descriptions none of the tenants sounds like the type to read and hoard books like they will go extinct come next morning.”
“I don't-” you started, about to defend yourself but she cut you off with an exclamation.
“Oh maybe it's that sweet old guy that has a hearing issue on the first floor?”
“Uhm, no, why would he-”
“Or maybe that kind middle-aged lady who you said keeps bringing you cookies?”
“Why does it have to be old people? Books are not just for-”
“Or do you mean that weird professor dude on the highest floor who could easily be pregnant with twins with that belly of hi-”
“Oh dear, do you really think I would talk with him of all people about books? He's so-”
“Then it's that nerdy guy on the second floor who barely looks you in the eyes when you-”
“Oh for the love, it's the guy down the hall!” you exclaimed, maybe a little too loud, but at least were able to cut off her rambling. Effectively so, if you could say yourself, because her lips sealed shut and her eyes widened more than was humanly possible.
“Th- the guy d-down the hall?” she repeated and you nodded your head “The guy-who-could-totally-get-it-if-he-asked down the hall?” she asked again and despite your frown, you nodded your head “The guy that looks like he walked out of some sort of photoshoot every time I've seen him?” you gave her a funny look but slowly nodded your head anyway “The life-is-a-runway guy down the hall?”
“Yes, yes that guy. We get it, you can describe him in many ways but his name is Tom. And in case you have forgotten, he's an actor, so it's not a surprise how he looks good every time you see him.” you tried to shrug it off, playing the uninterested part you knew you should around your friend because if she realized you held even the smallest bit of interest in a man then there was nothing that could stop her from playing matchmaker. And you couldn't afford to live through any of the embarrassing moment that would surely come because of her, in front of Tom. The fact that you felt like the guy was totally out of your league was another thing altogether. You were no model or actress, and with all the beautiful and interesting women surrounding him every day as he rose higher and higher to become an A-list actor (which you were more than certain would happen very soon, even if he denied it every time you talked) you knew you stood no chance. Much as he looked like the normal guy next door, he was not really part of your world. Those kind of differences could not be easily overcome when fame got involved in the end.
So you had, early on, convinced yourself to be content with his friendship, which he eagerly seemed to want to give you based on how often he visited you or tried to initiate a conversation, and not dare to ask or even dare to dream about there being something more. Your heart wouldn't be able to take that kind of heartbreak when it inevitably came.
“Trust me, there's not a single detail I've forgotten about that man. I, however, seemed unaware of the fact that he's one of your kind. He looks sophisticated enough, I suppose, and quiet- Wait!” she raised a finger mid-rant, pausing to narrow her eyes at you again, terrifying you even more when a smile slowly started creeping on her lips “How do you know of how many books he owns hm?”
Of course. Trust her to turn everything you say against you.
Considering you probably should have kept your mouth shut and let her drag your love for books through the mud the way she always playfully did, you looked away from her and tried to play innocent despite how it was far from convincing “We just happened to talk about it once or twice when we ran into each other.”
"Just happened to talk about it?" her voice was filled with disbelief "Alright, say I believe that for a second, yeah? And say that I won't question just how long or how often did those conversations happen." the way she said made you wish she would ask that instead of what was to come "How come that he knows of the great collection of books you have? Even more, how do you know he has just as many? I don't suppose it's something that you bring up out of nowhere during a three-minute-conversation in the elevator, yeah?" you parted your lips to speak but in reality you had no idea what to say and she took advantage of the fact to keep going with a suspiciously sweet voice "Unless you've been inside his apartment before? Or maybe he's been in here? I can only wonder what happened on this cou-"
"Aaah-" you exclaimed "Enough. That's- enough talking for you. Seriously with such a wild imagination you should just write a book or something. But reality is not like the books you could write and much as you'd like to think that my insanely attractive neighbor has the hots for me after barely knowing me for a little over six months, it's beyond the realm of possibilities."
You didn't know if you should be thankful for how your phone chose that very moment to pipe with a message but with your luck these days you knew it would be only a temporary relief before it all only got worse. And it would.
"No, go ahead and answer that. You might get some more time to come up with a better non-answer than what you just said."
You wanted nothing more than to retort to her but once you took a look at who the message was from, all words died out in your lips. Feeling your mouth go dry, you tried your best to not let your friend see it. If only. The squeal that left her lips, loud enough to cause a quick pain to shoot through your ear, verified that you had failed miserably and that you hadn't been fast enough.
It, in fact, did get worse.
"He's even got your phone? And he's texting you too?!" you didn't think it was possible for a person's eyes to go even more wide but he was proving you wrong "Why?! What have I missed?! What are you really not telling me?! I need to know everything now!"
Well, at least you hadn't gotten to open the message yet so there was some sort of saving grace. It wasn't like you needed to anyway. Both in your mind to remember what Tom had messaged you for and in your heart to feel that soft flutter in anticipation at the prospect of what was to come.
"Hey!" you said more shyly than you would have wanted to but you could barely get words out. You had spent the entire afternoon trying to pick out an outfit and worrying about whether you would say or do something to mess it up. Not to mention on how to act around his friends, most of whom were actors or famous artists or anything probably the furthest away possible from the normal everyday people that you happened to surround yourself with. Not the kind of person you actually were yourself.
Not that you had dared voice the concern of standing out from everyone else in the party to Tom. Not directly at least but even so, the man was an absolute sweetheart that saw nothing wrong with inviting you over to his party. And you didn't have the heart to tell him no in any way.
So here you were.
"(Y/n), hi!" his entire face brightened up as a big smile formed on his lips, enough to make you relax at least a bit "You actually made it. I'm so glad to see you!" he didn't miss the chance to pull you in for a hug and you weren't about to decline that was for sure.
“I really hope I am not late. I didn’t even realize how time flew by just like that. I’ve been so busy with uh-” yeah busy “Anyway-” you cleared your throat, offering a nervous laugh because really worrying over your looks and how to not mess up things for Tom didn’t qualify for a really busy schedule “I sincerely hope the British in you will forgive me for my tardiness.”
“Why, I would say it’s no problem but since you point it out, I might have to take advantage of that.” he grinned, leaning closer to you with that ever present mischievous smile of his that you knew could mean trouble for you and your poor heart but you couldn’t resist all the same “Though-” he glanced over his shoulder, before looking back at you “There are too many people here, so perhaps when we’re alo- Ow!” he huffed a small breath, mixed with a laugh, as you punched his arm playfully.
“It seems you’ve forgotten there are no cameras rolling, Mr Hiddleston. You can break character now.” you gave him a look, pleased nonetheless about how you managed to let go of the nerves that had taken over you.
“Ah you say that now, but when the movie comes out, I know, you will fall in love with Loki. Mark my words, and then-"
"And then what? What are you gonna do about it sir?" you leaned forward as well, feeling bold enough to smirk at him and add "Nothing you would want your esteemed guests to hear about right now, am I right?"
"Hm, perhaps I underestimated you. I would have to reevaluate." he winked at you before he let a soft sigh and straightened his back "Sadly not now as there are people waiting for us. So before you get whisked or, I fear, too enraptured by some of my guests tonight, let me be the first of many to tell you how truly wonderful you look tonight. Just as I thought you couldn't possibly get more captivating."
To say that you didn't bask in the warmth of his compliments that made his voice sound a little more sweet than when he talked to others, would be a major lie. You took it in, you took it all in and let your heart swell in adoration. Too much or too little, and it always seemed to be the first rather than the latter if you could go by comparison at least, you enjoyed being the center of his attention and admiration.
"The first of many? Oh now you are certainly exa-" but before you could get to complete your sentence another very enthusiastic voice came from behind the door. There was an accent to it that was certainly not British and before you realized it a tall blonde was standing right next to Tom and looking at you.
"What in heaven's name are you doing out there this whole time? Who's- oh. Oh!" the man instantly paused, eyes widening in surprise and a bright smile forming on his face "Now I see why he didn't want to bring you inside. I have certainly never seen you before around him. Hi I'm Chris, Chris Hemsworth!" his grin was warm and you found yourself smiling back despite your worries. Maybe it had something to do with the way Tom rolled his eyes, only the way a sibling would for their brother, and maybe, just maybe, the way it meant there was a chance you were about to see and hear some interesting facts about your neighbor that you didn't know yet.
You giggled, only having the chance to mumble a shy "Hi." yourself before Tom spoke up.
"I am only taking my time to warn the poor girl of what she is about to witness in there. But now that she's met the worst one, there is only so much I can do. And yes-" he looked at you with an apologetic smile for this or more possibly what was to come "This is my costar Chris, apologies for whatever comes."
"Now he reduced me to a simple costar, alright. Fine." he nodded his head seriously "I will keep that in mind and not filter a single thing while I tell this beautiful friend of yours, whom you seem to have been rather impatiently waiting for this whole time,everything she needs to know about you."
"You plan to do that here then too? Should I put up a table with drinks right here at the door perhaps?" Tom countered and held back a grin, enjoying too much of this playful nature of his.
"As interesting and entertaining as this is, already, I do think it would be best to head inside actually." you piped in, grinning when Tom narrowed his eyes at you.
"Entertaining? You traitor." he said with a huff pulling the door wide open for you to enter.
You only shrugged giving him a small innocent smile "It's just… you know, useful… to have a little bit of blackmail info on everyone I know." You broke into a grin when Tom shook his head and as Chris laughed.
"I like this one! Wait, hold up I'll get you a drink and call my wife for you to meet. I feel like you're going to be best friends." he was already halfway to do so but enthusiastically spoke loud enough for you to hear.
"I am so terribly sorry for that… and what will no doubt follow." Tom whispered apologetically once Chris was out of earshot "He's a great guy, it's just that he is a little too friendly sometimes that he doesn't understand it could make people uncomfortable. If it bothers you at any point just tell me and I-"
"Tom" you cut him off with a reassuring smile "It's fine. Really. More than it actually. If I don't feel fine I will let you know immediately, I promise. But before I forget, here-" you brought up the bag containing the book you got him, your nerves only getting the best of you and your hands faltering a bit when you saw the way his eyes widened when he took in the contents "I- I thought you might like but seeing you now I uh-" you sighed, shaking your head softly "On second thought I should have probably gotten you a bottle of wine or something but then I remembered how you've been talking non-stop about the book and thought you might-"
"I beg your pardon? What in the heavens could make you believe that I don't like it? (Y/n), this is truly the best thing I could ever receive, no doubt! Do you have any idea how long I've been struggling to find it. I-" he laughed breathlessly "I honestly can't find the words to thank you enough. To think I should have gotten used to it by now but alas." he sighed, still grinning.
"Gotten used to what?" you asked softly, barely able to contain your own smile.
"To you leaving me speechless and stunned in the best ways possible. Ah honestly, what are you doing to me?" he breathed out and the sincere awe and adoration on his face, showing without a single attempt to conceal it.
"Oh hush, I am not doing anything." you brushed it off with a shake of your hand "What are friends for? We are not just neighbors after all."
"No, really, (Y/n), I-" he started but before he had the chance to continue a familiar voice poke up again.
"Wait- (Y/n)? This- this is (Y/n)? You neighbor (Y/n)? Why didn't you say so before?!" Chris asked with a smile that you were surprised to see was even more wide "Oooh so this is her then. Huh, would you look at that. Well good luck with that then." he chuckled a bit to himself and you raised an eyebrow.
Your own smile only got more intrigued as you saw Tom shake his head with a sigh "I- yes I am. I moved in not that long ago. I'm sorry but- how do you know me?"
"Wha-" he laughed loudly "Are you kidding me? He doesn't shut up about you!" the way he said it made it sound like there was more to it.
"Oh oh" you blinked because that too was enough for you. Tom really talked about you to his friends? "Really?" you asked softly and he nodded his head.
"Yeah, why would I lie about it? He talks more about you than he mentions Shakespeare these days. Which let me tell you was a bit worrying at first but now we are all used to it. We just walk in on set with one thought in mind-"
"Chris no-" Tom started but it was pretty weak and you knew as well as he did that there wasn't really any chance of stopping Chris.
"We go there thinking Oh what new interesting thing will I find out about (Y/n) today? and let me tell you every time he doesn't fail to deliver." he didn't even try to hide his grin as he outed his friend, all the while you couldn't help but take in the horrified expression on Tom's face.
"That's- That's really not the-" the British man tried to defend himself but it was too weak and Chris didn't leave him any room.
"Ah there she is!" he exclaimed this time "Come on, (Y/n), I'll introduce you to my wife and tell you more about it!" he was already turning away from you before you could react, calling for a blonde woman not far away "Honey? Honey, guess what? You'll never believe who I have finally met!"
"Heavens help me." Tom breathed out still in horror while you bit your lip, trying to keep yourself from laughing.
"Why? This is already far better than I ever anticipated. Party’s just getting started Mr. Hiddleston."
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hollandcrush · 7 months ago
I don’t know if you’re taking request but here’s a concept: Tom using his 10 minute break from some photoshoot to finger you because he notices how you were basically squirming in your seat while he posed (this is a product of the new photos obvs 🥵)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
holy shit. i am not taking requests but in honour of that photoshoot... god i had to do something!! ngl i had to take breaks bc those images had... an effect.. on me. sorry for mistakes and bad writing. enjoy :))
word count: 1,451
warnings: smut minors dni (18+), cocktease!tom what’s new, dirty talk, fingering, choking, slight humiliation, praise, dom!tom undertones?, lil aftercare + bad writing lol :)
Tom knew exactly what he was doing, the effect that this shoot would have on you. He had prepped the outfits with his stylist weeks in advance. He wanted to see you suffer. Simple as.
Tom knew exactly what he was doing, the effect that this shoot would have on you. He had prepped the outfits with his stylist weeks in advance. He wanted to see you suffer. Simple as.
Outfit after outfit, you could feel the knot in your stomach grow stronger, your thighs squeezing together trying to calm temptation. It was no use.
A smirk rested on his face as he watched you struggle, legs crossed, playing with your fingers just to distract yourself. He cleared his throat, gaining your attention. “How is this outfit darling? It’s okay isn’t it?”
Snapping your eyes towards the man, your heart skipped a beat as your breath hitched. He was sitting on a stool, leaning back slightly. Soft chest on show as the blue shirt he wore was unbuttoned down to the apex of his abs. A small chain dangled from his neck. Thighs bursting through his high waisted pants, material tight and unforgiving. His decorated hands rested on his lap, the sliver rings shinning against the light.
Swallowing air, you clenched your thighs as you weakly nodded, heat rising to your cheeks. “Y-yeah Tom. You look, look great.” You stuttered; eyes shamelessly glued to his hands. They looked gorgeous. Veins and forearms on display as his sleeves were bunched around his elbow.
He laughed at your response, making you feel embarrassed. It was obvious, in his eyes, the effect he had on you. You tried to shuffle in the chair, failing to make the ache in between your legs disappear. You watched as his team and the photographers hyped him, boosting his ego. His hand rested over his crotch, another on his thigh. The thoughts that ran through your mind in that moment were sinister.
“Right, let’s take ten? Get a quick bite, bit of air? Then we will go back at it.” The photographer announced, removing you from your trance.
The people left the studio, encouraging you to do the same, escaping the thick, hot air. You ran to his dressing room, it was small but the air was much clearer. Your hand clutched the vanity, staring at your dishevelled figure. ‘This little fucker.’
“You okay darling?” He purred, entering the room. “You looked a little, bothered, out there. You aren’t sick are you?” He teased, knowing the exact reason for the episode you were experiencing.
When you were about to answer, his hand grabbed your forearm, wrapping the thick digits around your burning skin. His other hand was raised up to your forehead, resting against it as if he was taking your temperature. The cold metal of the ring felt like it branded you, melting into your skin. Eyes fixated on one another; breath heavy.
“You are very hot darling.” His lips inched closer, brushing against yours as he swiftly moved his hands, one entangled in your hair, the other resting on your back. You felt like putty in his touch, every sense dialled to ten.
“Tommy.” You huffed, trying to close the gap between you, however he leaned back preventing you from doing so.
“So needy darling. Can’t even bring you to work. Just wanted some company” he muttered, lips hovering over your ear “but all you want is my cock.”
The last part was whispered, in a seductive, deep tone causing your knees to buckle. The hand on your back kept you steady, letting a thigh slip between yours adding extra stability. The skirt you wore made an easy access. The tough material of his pants rubbed against your clothed centre.
His lips trailed down the skin of your neck, kissing and lightly biting the exposed flesh as both hands now dug into hips, grinding you into his hard muscle. Using his strength, he pushed you against the wall, engaging you. Whimpers slipped from you as your sensitive clit finally found some relief.
With eyes shut tight, he took you by surprised when he clashed your lips together, desperate, and messy. Your hands traced his exposed chest, twiddling with the metal of his chain as the other rubbed his peck before hooking if around his neck.
As the kiss found the perfect rhythm, he pulled away refusing to give you that desired satisfaction. “I had to watch you squirm in that seat of yours all fucking morning. My cunt dying for my attention was it? Pounding, begging for me. My baby is so needy. And such a fucking tease.” He hissed, the movement of your hips becoming rapid against his thigh.
“How am I the tease? You only invited me here to torture me. Not fair-“ The sentence cut short when his hand flung to clasp around your neck, applying pressure around your throat.
“Don’t be ungrateful.” He hushed, stilling your hips. “We don’t have much time. So, cooperate with me darling. Okay?”
“Okay Tommy.” You whimpered, the tightness around your neck causing your mind to go blank. Desperate for relief.
In one quick movement, his thigh was replaced with his hand, fingers slipping under the material before swiping through the soaked folds. As his cold tips grazed over your neglected bud, a cry escaped. “Hush, pretty girl. I’m gonna make you feel so good.”
A delightful pressure pushed against the swollen clit, rubbing calculated circles. Your eyes rolled to the back of your head, his hand remained stiff around your throat, controlling your breath.
His fingers slid down to your aching entrance, not hesitating to push through the tight barrier. Two of his digits stretched your walls with ease due to the pent-up frustration. “So wet. All for me yeah?” He asked, his index and middle digits sinking deep into you.
“All for you, Tommy. Please.”
“I got you.” He mumbled before he began the relentless thrusts. His fingers curling, scissoring your silky walls, finding that sweet spot within seconds. Your back arched, leg hitched up around his hip, creating a better angle. His forehead rested on your shoulder, focused on the movements of his hand between your thighs.
As your moans grew louder and louder, he had to intervene. His lips pressed into yours, swallowing the sounds that escaped. The hand on your throat gave a tight squeeze, warning you to behave.
When he pulled away, your eyes gravitated to the chain that bounced against his skin as he guided you to your climax. “Fuck.” He groaned.
He quickly moved the hand from your throat to chin, turning your gaze to the vanity mirror. The reflected image was sinful. “Told you that you looked pretty darling. All fucked out. Fucking love it.” He growled, eyes meeting yours through the glass.
The knot in your stomach tightened, walls clutched around his merciless digits. You watched his bicep flex through his shirt as he used all his strength to pound into you. Your legs began to shake, vision becoming blurry due to the lingering pleasure.
“Better cum right now.” He demanded, digits pumping against your spot, thumb stimulating your clit. You could feel his rings touching your heat as his fingers dove in deeper and deeper.
“I said cum baby. We are running out of time. I know you want to. I’ve got you. Let go.”
And with that, you fell apart, coming undone all over his fingers. The knot in your stomach burst, euphoria clouding your brain. Your arms snatched around his broad shoulders, the pleasure overwhelming. He uttered praises as his fingers helped you ride out the intense high.
Once your breath steadied, he placed a soft kiss on your lips as he removed his digits, muffling your whimpers. As soon as he broke the contact, he brought his fingers to his mouth, lips latching around the thick digits cleaning them of your juices. “So sweet, as always.” He perked, beginning to fix your appearance.
The wild actions had ruined your hair and makeup, but it was worth it. You giggled at his tender touch, flattening the stray hairs, and wiping away any fallen tears. His gentle thumb, cleaning the dark stains the ruined mascara had created.
“Feeling better?” He laughed, pecking your swollen lips. You hummed, still on cloud nine. “I’ll take that as a yes?” He snickered, before attending to his own appearance, fixing the obvious erection you caused.
“Tom? They are ready for you now. Did you change?” His stylist queried through the door.
“Oh shit. Yeah. M’sorry got a lil,” Tom looked you up and down, licking his lips before tugging at the bottom one, giving you a subtle wink. “Distracted.”
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hoodieofholland · 4 months ago
Omg congrats!!! I just can't stop thinking about Tom making reader squirt for the first time and she's all embarrassed by it but tom is assuring her that it was hot af 🌷
Thank youu! Sorry for taking that long, but here we go! Also i got a little carried away, dont mind it
Warnings: SMUT (+18), dom!tom, slight degradation (name calling), fingering (f), squirting, unprotected sex, typos for sure.
You couldn't lie and say you didn't deserve what was happening right, you had been a tease the whole day with Tom, walking around the house in nothing but his t-shirt, no panties in the way, bending every now and then just to pick something you dropped on purpose, and massaging his shoulders every time you made a shitty excuse to go and talk to him while he was working.
And now there were you, head dizzy, chest coming up and down in panting breathing while you approached your high for the fourth time in a row... or maybe it was the sixth? You couldn't remember anymore. Tom was edging you for so long that all you could sense now was the wetness between your legs, the squeaky sounds it made when his two fingers entered your throbbing pussy with determination.
"Are you close, my love?", he asks, his chest vibrating against your back, his lips on your ear, bitting your skin slightly from time to time. You bite your lips, too scared of the tricky question, but still too aware that it was nonsense keeping it from him -- Tom knew when you were close. He knew your body from your head to toe.
"Yes, Tommy", you whine lowly, voice lost in between your moans and incoherent pleads for release. "Please- let me come".
"Course, darling", though his voice held nothing but sweetness, you knew it wouldn't work that easy. He took his fingers out of you and you squirmed in protest. "But only when I'm sure my girl has learnt her lesson. Do you understand why I'm doing this? Eh?"
He grips your jaw, making you look at him. You can feel his hard cock against your back, throbbing with every movement you make towards him.
"Yes", you drawl, too weak to answer something else. In front of you, there's a mirror, the one that is always standing in your shared bedroom. Tom liked to keep it that way, so whenever you both felt like it, he'd fuck you in front of it. Usually, you loved it, you loved watching yourself come undone, watching Tom take control and fuck you to oblivion. But today, today was different.
You were a mess, completely wrecked, and though you loved the fact that it was Tom who made you feel like this, you wanted to reach your high desperately.
"Everything okay?", he asks, peppering kisses along your jaw. He always made sure to ask before going back to edging you again. You nod your head, but it's not enough. "What's the word, sweetheart?"
"Green... green, you can- keep going", you respond, bitting your lips and closing your eyes and his hand slides down your inner thigh, so close to your heat. "Please, I wanna cum".
Tom gives you a harsh slap there and you jolt. "You're gonna get what I give you, brat. What is it? Did you not learn a fucking thing?"
You exhale a sharp breathe and shake your head. "I'm sorry, Tommy. I'll be good, I promise".
"You sure are", he smirks, rubbing the skin smoothly. "Cause you're my good little thing, aren't you?"
You nod and try to reach his lips, turning your head to the side. He kisses you deeply, but only for a brief moment. "You wanna take my cock?"
Before you can realise, you're whining in response, trying to grind your ass against his length. "Fuck, you're so greedy", he moans in your ear. "I'm gonna give it to you, pretty girl. C'mere".
You manage to adjust your position to align yourself with him, knees on bed as you feel your arousal slipping between your legs. Tom's eyes are fixed in your ass, teeth grazing his lower lip as his hands are gripping your waist to help you align your entrance with his cock.
He teases you a bit more, his red tip brushing your clit until you are forcing yourself down on him. This wasn't supposed to be something you'd do, but fortunately for you, Tom didn't seem to mind this time, too anxious to get your walls hugging him tightly.
"Fuck, always so bloody tight, darling", he moans, planting his feet on the mattress before starting to pound into you. "No matter how many times I fuck this hole".
You whimper, your belly already tightening as your high was close already. "Tommy, please, don't stop".
Tom chuckles between whines coming from the back of his throat, "You like begging to me, don't you, baby? Don't even have to ask, my greedy little thing".
Your head falls back and Tom gets the chance to grip your jaw and kiss you hard, lips messy and sometimes losing their contact as he thrusts his hips deeper, faster, making the sounds of your skin slapping echo through the room.
"Shit, Tom, I'm gonna- I'm gonna cum", you moan, your walls clenching around him viciously.
But before you can finally enjoy your sweet release, Tom pushes you towards the mattress, making you gasp in surprise. Your hair was all over the place, the palm of your hands laying flat against the mattress as your confused brain tries to catch on what was happening before Tom pulls out of you just to bottom out in a precise and deep thrust, the last one before he pulls out again.
"This is not how it works, sweetheart. Didn't learn anything, did you? Turn around, brat", he commands and you do as you're told, rolling on bed before he takes a hold of both of your wrists and pin your hands above your head. "You have to ask for it, love", he slaps the each one of your inner tights and you arch your back in pleasure and pain. "Thought it was pretty obvious by now".
"Fuck, fuck, 'm sorry, Tommy. Please, lemme cum", you cry out, bucking your hips towards him, but all you get is a mischievous smirk.
"You're gonna come, baby, but only after I'm finished. How does it sound, eh? Do you want my cum, pretty girl?"
You nod eagerly, licking your lips as he releases your hands. He takes a hold of his cock on one hand, lazily stroking it, and takes your hand on the other one, bringing it to his mouth. He places a kiss on the tip of your fingers, "You're gonna play with your clit f'me, alright? But you're not cumming. Do you understand me?"
"Yes, Tommy", you whimper, bitting your lips as he licks your finger, spreading wetness before placing them over your bundle of nerves, and you start to give it slow circle motions, trying not to apply too much pressure to not cum before time.
"Yeah, baby, like that", he moans, fastening the movements of his hand over his length. "Oh, fuck, you're so gorgeous, 'm so fucking lucky".
You moan, breathing getting heavier as you bite your lips hard to hold yourself back.
"I'm close, darling", his shoulders fall towards you, his back curving as his high approaches violently. "Spread your legs a bit more"
"Cum on me, Tommy", you said, widening your legs, giving him enough view of your soaked core.
It took him only a few more intense strokes before he came, his white hot cum falling all over your pussy, making you clench around nothing. "Fuck, fuck", he rode himself through his high, eyes heavy as he tried to keep a look on you, on your bare pussy, your wetness and his cum painting you like a goddamn work of art. "Shit, look at you", he pants, recovering from his orgasm. "Gotta make you cum, pretty girl. Been so good to me".
You nod eagerly and jolt slightly when he slaps his hand over yours, taking it away from your clit and replacing with his thumb.
Tom straightened himself over bed, his eyes never leaving yours and he got down on you, his lips hungry and precise to make you cum as quick as possible and put and end to your suffering. You close your eyes, tilting your head back as your mouth falls open to a silent moan that gets stuck on the back of your throat.
Tom's fingers enters you and he doesn't take longer to curl them inside of you, making you whine and squirm with the closeness of your high.
"C'mon, love, you can cum now, cum on my mouth, pretty girl", he hums against your pussy lips, licking until he hits your clit, his fingers never stopping his work.
The edges, the great amount of stimulation, everything comes back to you as you orgasm hits your body, making you shiver and your body start to tremble. You moan Tom's name loudly, and he takes a hold of your hand when you starts to fist the sheets so strongly it gets your knuckles to turn white.
"Fuck, fuck, oh, my-", you let it all go away and feel the wetness of the sheets beneath you, while your hips buck towards Tom's face.
"Shit", you hear him gasp, taking his fingers out of you. You open your eyes slowly, breathing still coming in pants, and it takes a little while until you can focus on anything.
The first thing that you see is Tom's face covered in wetness, but it's not like other times he eats you out. His chin is visibly covered on it, and when you prop your elbows on the mattress to take a better look, you see his hands also covered on it. The sheets have a big stain of your cum and you can already feel your face turning red.
"You squirted", Tom said, eyes twinkling with something you couldn't recognize at first, a smirk on his face, but embarrassed as you felt, you assumed he was going to make fun of it.
"Oh, my God, I'm sorry", you whined, covering your face with your hands. "Shit, I've never- I've never done that before, I'm really sorr-"
"What?", Tom gasped, taking your hands out of your face. The smirk was still there, his brown eyes deep and bright. "What are you apologizing for?"
You blink, a bit confused at first.
"Don't you- uh, don't you think it's... gross?"
Tom scoffs, shaking his head. "Are you kidding me? That was the hottest thing I've ever seen", he said, eyebrows cocking. "And what the fuck, you mean, this was your first time doing it?"
You nod sheepishly and his smirk turn somehow even more cocky. "Fuck it, we need to do that again", he shakes his head un disbelief, leaning in to kiss you. You can taste yourself, "You're so fucking hot, darling, can't believe you're all mine".
You sigh in relief, easing yourself and letting yourself enjoy the kiss and the bliss you were still on after the intense orgasm. Eventually, Tom made you get out of bed, carrying you to a hot bath to take care of you and some light sores you might have gotten, but he didn't let you go get some rest before making sure you knew that was the first time, but not the last.
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starks-hero · 3 months ago
That Time of the Month
Pairing: Tom Hiddleston x Reader
Summary: When your period knocks you off your feet you're just glad you have Tom to look after you.
Request: Hey, if its okay to ask for a request about Tom Hiddleston x reader where R is on her period and the symptoms are horrible and Tom is there for her (movie night, candy, chocolates, etc). Just fluff stuff, pls :)
Word Count: 1,525
Warnings: descriptions of period symptoms, fluff
Tumblr media
It had arrived. That dreaded time of the month. And you couldn't recall the last time your symptoms had been so bad. Despite the painkillers you'd taken and the hot water bottle currently pressed to your abdomen, the cramps persisted and they were getting worse.
Tom had made most of the day bearable. But upon noticing that you were low on supplies, he'd offered to pop down to the shop for you. And despite it being a relatively short trip, you'd been positively miserable since he'd gone.
You whined into the empty room. The pain you were currently experiencing danced on the line between being torturous and unbearable. You groaned with frustration, knowing there was nothing you could do but wait it out and hope mother nature would have mercy on you.
You vaguely recognised the opening of the front door from where you lay buried under layers of blankets on the sofa.
“Darling? I'm home.” Tom's voice rang out and you answered with a quiet groan, letting him know that you were in the living room and in fact, still alive. Tom placed his grocery bag aside and made his way into the front room. But his bright grin quickly faded into a sympathetic smile when he took in your appearance.
“Still not feeling any better?” he asked as he crouched down beside you and delicately brushed his hand against your cheek. You shook your head no, the movement alone bringing on another wave of fatigue. Tom frowned.
“I'm sorry you're unwell, darling. Is there anything I can get you?”
You shook your head again, this time more timidly. Despite your current state, Tom's words prompted a small smile to tug at your lips. He'd apologised as if he were somehow to blame for your monthly suffering.
“I'm good for now,” you said and reluctantly, Tom nodded.
“Alright. But if you change your mind just let me know. It's not an inconvenience, I'm happy to help in any way I can,” he assured you with a gentle kiss. “I am but your humble servant.”
You giggled at the statement and Tom smirked, glad that he could better your mood even just a little. However, your laughter soon trailed off into a whimper and ended with a hiss when a harsh pain split through your middle.
Tom's brows furrowed and his eyes clouded with worry.
“Are you sure there's nothing I can do, love?”
In truth there was nothing Tom could do that you hadn't already tried. You'd taken ibuprofen every four or so hours and you hadn't let go of your hot water bottle all day. All the usual remedies were just not working. At this point laying alone until it all eventually passed seemed to be your only option. That's when an idea crossed your mind.
“Actually,” you started and Tom immediately offered you his attention. “Right now I really want to spend some time with you.”
He complied with a smile and wordlessly joined you on the now space-deprived sofa. A string of quiet apologies fell from Tom's lips as he made himself comfortable beside you. Each movement and jostle sent a jolt of pain through you and you failed to bite back your whimpers.
“Still paining you?” Tom asked sympathetically and you nodded.
“It feels like I'm being stabbed repeatedly with a blunt butter knife.” You recoiled when the pain suddenly worsened. “That's wrapped in barbed wire.”
Tom's expression twisted with concern and pity at the vivid description. He hated seeing you in such discomfort and his inability to do anything about it only made it worse. His hand casually slipped over your stomach and he raised an eyebrow when you breathed a sigh of relief. He was confused initially, but the moment he caught on he positioned his palms directly over your abdomen. His hands were warm and gentle and as he carefully caressed your middle you felt the pain lessen ever so slightly.
You allowed your head to fall back on his shoulder as you turned into him, your nose brushing along his neck. Humming softly, Tom pressed gentle kisses to your head.
You answered with a curt nod and tired smile.
You stayed like that for a long while, simply laying together and enjoying each others company. But it wasn't long before the serenity was broken. You squirmed against Tom's chest, huffing out an exasperated sigh. A horrid feeling of discomfort settled over you as you began to feel uncomfortable in your own skin. You grew so uneasy you couldn't even pinpoint what exactly was causing the surge of emotion. Though you figured the fact that you were on your period to begin with was as good an explanation as any.
Tom hadn't failed to notice your unrest and as always he read you like an open book. He slowly sat up, prompting you to turn to him with a somewhat disgruntled expression.
“Darling, why don't you go take a nice long bath, hmm? And then afterwards we can cuddle up and watch something nice, how does that sound?”
Tom's offer sounded like the set-up to the picture-perfect afternoon. It was precisely what you needed. The only issue was you had absolutely no motivation to move from your spot on the sofa. If anything you were completely willing to let the furniture's fabric swallow you up and hide you away from the outside world. At least until this bloody nightmare passed. But as Tom offered you his hand you found the mental strength you needed to get up. You knew Tom's suggestion would undoubtedly make you feel better, even if your lagging mind and aching muscles weren't initially fond of the idea.
After a long warm bath, (that Tom had completed with rose petals) you changed into some fresh clothes. You already felt more relaxed and at ease, the warmth of the water working miracles. You were left feeling calmed and refreshed.
As you made your way back towards the living room, the sight you were met with caused you to stop in the doorway. The curtains and blinds were pulled and the lights had been dimmed to the point it was near romantic. A handful of candles had been lit, filling the room with a calming, homely aroma. The coffee table was lined with plates that were each overflowing with your favourite snacks and candy whilst two familiar mugs sat at the table's edge.
And there, among it all, was Tom. Rummaging around near the TV and battling with the remote. The television was still stuck on the home screen so you figured he was fighting a losing battle. Tom had never been the most tech-savvy of people.
At the sight of everything he'd set up and the length he'd gone to for you, you couldn't help but grow a little emotional. Tears began to brim your eyes and you failed to blink them away before Tom could notice.
His giddy smirk fell at the sight.
“Y/N, what's the matter?” he asked hurriedly. He crossed the room to meet you, his hands finding your shoulders. You merely shook your head with a teary smile.
“It's nothing, I'm fine,” you managed despite the lump in your throat growing heavier. Tom didn't seem at all convinced. He raised an inquisitive brow and you could only shrug. “This is all just really sweet. You're really sweet,” you emphasised. “I really appreciate you doing all of this for me.”
Tom's expression brightened at your words and his worry fell away. He pressed a kiss against your cheek before taking your hand in his and guiding you to your seat.
“Anything to make you feel better. Now, I'm in a bit of a Disney mood but that is entirely negotiable. We can watch whatever you want.”
You nodded along to what he was saying with a dismissive grin, not really caring what you watched or did as long as you got to be with him.
“Disney is always a win.”
As you relaxed into the sofa and made a grab for your blanket you were pleasantly surprised to find the fabric warm beneath your fingertips. A warmth settled in your chest at Tom's thoughtfulness as you draped the blanket over you both.
You settled on The Jungle Book. It was Tom's personal favourite and over the course of your relationship it had quickly become a comfort movie for you both. You recalled the long nights spent in hotel rooms abroad when you'd both watch the old movie. Or when Tom would return home from work in the late hours of the night and you'd both be too tired for conversation. So the film would simply be played on repeat in the background as you lay together.
Now, with the combined efforts of the warm blanket and Tom's careful hands, you felt your pain and cramps begin to disperse.
“Thank you,” you mumbled quietly, not entirely expecting Tom to hear you, let alone respond.
“What for?”
“For taking care of me,” you clarified.
Tom chuckled quietly.
“That's my job, darling. To take care of you,” he reminded you. “And I do so gladly. Because I love you.”
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lovewasted · a month ago
hey <3
congrats on 2k. for the blurb sleepover could you please write a Tom blurb. one when Tom is like a puppy lol. following the dreaded around throughout the day. progressively wanting more and more attention and getting more cheeky and suggestive throughout the day.
thank you :)))
Tumblr media
warnings— suggestive, sorta clingy!tom
notes— hope this was okay
blurb sleepover
Tumblr media
Sunday's were considered cleaning days; your determination to get the apartment clean and your physical escape from the upcycle of life.
But, this very specific Sunday— Tom merely wants to be smothered and draped in his lovies affection. Between filming he reckons a simple peck is not enough, that he quite honestly needs to be inside your skin.
Perhaps that's why he's littering the open space of your back with the tiniest of kisses. Arms lingering about your torso whilst a duster collided with your fingertips. Swatting the cotton made instrument near picture frames and the side tables of the living room. A spacious area that he'd carries every inch of your being in, though your constant movements pleaded otherwise.
"Tom, m'trying to clean," you huff. You wanted to comply with his adamant ways, his shard of the cleaning finished after half-assing it. Tom knew his initiative from the start, get things done and pry you away from cleaning so he'd could have you all to himself.
"Know it darling, tha's the problem," his grin burned the flesh of your back. Trying to wriggle your way away from him, he wasn't having any of it.
"Only have a bit left," you lie, eager to finish the therapeutic notion. He squeezed your body, shell of his ear against your back.
"Gonna need more than a bit with what I wanna' do to you lovie," he prodded. A victorious giggle slipping past your lips, rather cheeky when he wanted his way.
"Not now," you somewhat promise. Tom grunts releasing yet still trotting behind you as a pouting child.
A water break was needed, with carrying the pressure of rearranging furniture and the mysterious pair of orbs that cut need past your insides. You swore you'd melt into a puddle, but furthering the 'come and get me chase' was much easier.
He's appearing as a lost dog that just wants a crumb of his owners attention. The past forty minutes consisted of you belting out music over the vacuum cleaner, Tom wandering behind you every step.
Your mouth purposefully wrapped around reusable sipping portion of the bottle, Tom was foaming at the mouth. Your cheeks hollowing to fill with water, an exasperated refreshing sound falling past your lips.
Tom leaned against the counter angrily, feeling teased and irritated.
"Just wait ... wait until y'wanna be all over me. Gonna' tease you just like that," he shook his head out of disbelief. A sly smirk plastering your features. He stalks towards you, "Know you need a kiss lovie, can't resist me."
He places a kiss to the corner of your mouth, noting the chuckle that erupted in your belly. Still proceeding to gulp from the water bottle.
"Don't even suck me like that."
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tommyluhv · 4 months ago
Pairing:: Tom Holland x Reader
Warnings:: grinding, dry humping, language
Summary:: Tom wakes up horny.
A/n:: I love this prompt so much I have so many ideas for this. This is so short I apologise but longer things coming in future.
He couldn’t stop thinking about it. The dream. It felt so real. It doesn’t help that your ass was pressed onto him oh so deliciously.
His hips bucked forwards, eyes rolling back.
He couldn’t stop even if he wanted to. You felt so good against him. He wanted to speed up but he had no intention of waking you up, but he was going so slow.
“Fuck it.” He mumbled, he sped his hips up. Angling them so his balls would get more attention, he heard you stir.
“Tom?” You asked, the huskiness in your voice going straight to his cock.
“Sorry baby.’ He moaned. ‘Had a dream. Can’t help it.” He stopped his hips, feeling bad.
You surprised him by climbing onto his lap and rocking your hips against his.
“Oh fuck.” He cried. You moaned.
You slowed down, pushing into him harder. Your eyes rolled back at the feeling of him running through your folds.
You angled your hips so the pleasure was focused on your clit. You moaned out, feeling your clit throb with every drag across his dick. You sped up, pushing down harder onto him.
You whined, wanting more. Your moaning was too much for Tom.
“I’m gunna cum.” He moaned, grabbing your hips.
“Me too.”
He guided your movements, making them frantic and desperate.
You cried, cumming hard. The noises you made pushed Tom over the edge. He came hard, cock throbbing.
“That was amazing.” You sighed, rolling to lay next to him.
“I needed that.’ He turned over, pulling you closer to him. ‘You can sleep now by the way.”
“Oh good.”
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youlightmeupfinn · a month ago
Wrong Number - Tom Hiddleston x Reader (pt. 2)
a/n: you asked and i gave! here is part two to Wrong Number. I'm having so much fun with this! let me know if you want me to continue!
| Part One | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five | Part Six | Wattpad Version of Wrong Number Link to Spotify Playlist
tagging: @hazydespair, @l0st-in-reality, @lostsoulwalking, @lividloki, @lokistoriesblog, @addicted-to-loki, @kingtwhiddleston, @coffee-cupps, @9osloki
Tumblr media
So sorry for that text the other night. I was drunk.
You pressed send. You kept re-reading the text messages between you and Tom from a few days prior. He hadn’t texted you anymore and while you shouldn’t be upset, you sort of were. He was probably busy, yeah. That had to be the reason. But part of you wished you would’ve heard a word out of him, especially by now.
So you thought to yourself, why not apologize for your previous text? You legit told the poor man his ass was more than likely nice. How stupid.
You were seated behind your desk, typing away on your computer. Work had, for the most part, been hectic. The business deal you had helped your boss come up with was a complete success, so you were overworking yourself to try and get the details-oriented for the upcoming meeting you would all have for a possible partnership.
Deciding to invest your time in something else, just to give yourself a bit of a mental break, you had Daily Mail pulled up, just browsing the articles that had recently been published.
As you continued to browse, your phone buzzed and your heart jumped into your throat. Not trying to look like a maniac, you hurriedly pulled it out and examined your notifications.
It happens. My apologies that I haven’t texted you. Work’s been pretty crazy.
You breathed a sigh of relief. So he didn’t forget about you… Not like that it mattered, of course, he was just a random guy, a complete stranger. Nothing more, nothing less.
You didn’t want to seem crazy by sending him a quick text back and having him under the impression you were just waiting by your phone, so you relished for a few moments, continuing to browse the articles.
Hollywood’s Hottest: Who and Who Wasn’t at Benedict Cumberbatch’s Party
Laughing, you clicked on the title and browsed. Sure enough, there were pictures from a party that happened a few nights ago. You noted all of the familiar faces, most of which you hadn’t properly been introduced to. You read the article, noting that the date of the party happened to be just the day before the one you attended. You remembered your best friend attending a party the previous day, but you were too caught up with work and the proposal for the business deal, that you were glued to your laptop.
Deciding enough time had passed, you grabbed your phone and decided to text Tom back.
And here I thought maybe you forgot all about me. I understand though. My work life has been pretty crazy too. What do you do for a living?
You browsed, seeing multiple pictures of Benedict Cumberbatch. “Ugh, you are so fine.” You whispered to yourself.
As you surveyed more pictures, your eyebrows furrowed together.
“Wait a minute,” You mumbled quietly. The picture had Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans, but pinpointed in the back was none other than… your best friend and some random guy. You quickly blew the picture up on your screen and zoomed further in.
She had herself all pressed up against the guy, a drink held snugly in her hand. The man was beyond gorgeous and you tried to figure out who he was.
“Megan,” You sighed. “You always know how to get the guys, don’t you?” You whispered to yourself.
Your phone buzzed yet again.
I have most certainly not forgotten about you. You’re an intriguing character, to say the least. And actually, I’m in the film business. You?
You laughed. He thought you were intriguing? Cute.
You scrolled to the bottom of the picture.
Pictured left to right; Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans
You sighed. It didn’t say who was in the background. Easily you could just ask Megan who it is, but you shrugged your shoulders. It was a bad photo of them anyway, the guy’s face was hardly recognizable.
Deciding to reply, you quickly typed your sentence to Tom.
Intriguing? That’s a first. Maybe you are, too. And the film business? Wow, are you some big-shot director? And I work for a big-league company. I actually just helped to land a meeting for my boss to see about a partnership. I’m kinda cool, I guess.
You clicked off of the webpage and went back to your work.
Tom was quicker this time to text back and you couldn’t help but smile.
You sound like an intelligent woman, (Y/N). Congratulations. And well, I’ve acted in a few minor things, actually.
You nodded your head. He acts? That’s really cute.
You then heard your phone buzz once more.
Have you summoned any more guesses of what the H stands for in my name? I’m curious.
You laughed to yourself.
If you’re not a Harrison, you must be… Tom Howard.
You turn your phone and start typing away at your keyboard. No more texts came through until you were about to leave the workplace. This one made you laugh.
Wrong again. This is going to be fun.
Logging onto your Instagram, you browsed the feed, unsure of what you really wanted to look at. You sifted through your tags, nothing too eye-catching came out at you.
However, you scrolled through and saw E-News had released an article.
What type of woman does Tom Holland look for?
You clicked on the link through their page and started looking through. You thought Tom Holland was the cutest thing ever. Megan had mentioned meeting him a few times and he was very energetic and so down-to-earth. Which suddenly made your eyebrows furrow and reach for your phone.
Tom, can I take another guess?
You tapped your fingers against the screen, anticipating his response.
Try me.
You smirked to yourself.
You twiddle your thumbs and watch as the three chat bubbles appear.
You’re so good at this.
You gasped. Tom Holland? How on earth did you have the privilege of speaking to him? But easily, this person could have lied…
As you were about to respond back, Tom texted again.
But better luck next time ;)
Groaning, you tossed your phone to the side.
This was going to be hard.
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spideykaiparker · 6 months ago
Misleading Folders
Tumblr media
Peter Parker x Avenger!reader
warning(s) : slight smut, fluff
summary : you like to record peter being cute, one day while you were recording him, he decided to... spice things up a little bit. flash forward to next week, the avengers finds a folder on your phone curiously going through it, leading to them finding a video that made them regret ever being curious.
author's note : I'm not confident about this:/ english is not my first language, sorry if there's any grammar or spelling mistakes.
happy reading ^_^
Tumblr media
school was exhausting. you and peter had just gotten back from school, and now both of you were hanging out in his room in the avengers compound. right after you arrived at his room, you immediately throw yourself on the bed, glad that school was over for the day.
"ugh.. your bed is so comfortable, why isn't mine like this?" you groaned out, jealous by the comfort of peter's bed.
"um.. i think all of the beds here are the same, maybe you feel that way because it has my scent?" peter suggested with a shrug.
"hm, maybe, guess I'm just going to sleep here then"
"oh please, you already sleep here all the time, you basically already moved into my room" peter said, rolling his eyes, but the smile on his face indicates that he's not at all annoyed with you.
it's true, you stay in his room all the time, except when peter's not there at the moment, you hang out in your room.
you sat up against the headboard, playing with your phone, crossing your legs. while peter laid down horizontally on the edge of the bed, reading a book.
you both sat there for about 10 minutes, until you opened your legs, with your knees bent, and saw peter, reading his book, with his hands up holding the book, his lips caught between his teeth as he read the book with utter concentration.
you opened your camera app, recording him, because you think he looked cute, you take videos of him acting cute all the time, hell, you even have a folder for the videos.
"peter" you called, smiling
"yeah?" he looked to the side, to find you recording him, a smile of his own immediately morphing on his face.
"hi" he answered with a slight laugh.
"what are you reading?"
"i don't know, just this book i found in the library, its kinda interesting"
suddenly, an idea popped up in his head. looking at you from in between your legs, with you recording him, made him think of several different things.
he slightly reached up and grabbed your shorts, pulling it down your legs with your underwear also coming off.
"wha—" you start, shocked by his sudden action.
"relax, we don't have to do anything, just keep talking, don't mind me" he cuts. his fingers slowly going up and down your slit, going up to your sensitive bud, circling two of his fingers on it.
"did me recording you, made you horny?" you asked, slightly amused.
"well partly, it's mostly because I've been thinking about you all day, wearing that short shorts of yours, and looking at you from between your legs also is one the reason" he simply replied.
"awee, you're wet already? you like it too don't you? you like recording me playing with your pretty pussy, huh?" he murmured.
his fingers came down to your slit, collecting the wetness that has gathered down there, then made its way back up to circle around the sensitive bud once again, but this time sliding much easier with your wetness.
your moans got louder as he pushed two of his fingers into your heat. he slowly thrusted his fingers inside of you, gradually getting faster with each thrust. his thumb going up to rub your abandoned clit.
"you like that?" he asks, smirking to the camera.
"a-ah... yes"
suddenly he pushed himself upwards towards you, burying his face between your thighs, planting his lips on your swollen bud, fingers still thrusting roughly inside of you while his free arm wraps around one of your thigh.
shocked by his actions, you dropped your phone on the bed facing upwards, the phone still recording, but can't see any of the actions happening.
"ah!— peter!" throwing your head back, you buried one of your hand in his curls, while the other gripped the sheets.
your hips bucking up to his face, so much that he has to grip your hips to stay put. you kept thrashing around, moaning louder and louder as time passes by.
his tongue plunges itself inside of you alongside of his fingers, thrusting at a harsh pace. his fingers sometimes coming up to play with your clit.
you could feel your orgasm coming soon, your stomach tightens, heat building up, you clench around his fingers, signaling him that you're close.
"ah— i'm cumming" you helplessly moaned out, your grip on his hair tightening.
"cum for me, baby" he groaned out, in between of his actions.
and with that you let go, gripping his hair tightly, throwing your head back, moaning out loud, couldn't care less about the possibility of people being able to hear you.
peter continues to lap up your heat, helping you through your orgasm, your body convulsing because of his actions.
when you were done, peter moved upwards, hovering over you with a smile on his face. his hands coming up to gently push away the hair that was sticking to your face due to the sweat.
looking up through your lashes, you pushed yourself up, hands coming around the back of his neck, pulling him down slightly to connect both of your lips.
his lips mold perfectly against yours, kissing you at a slow pace, pouring all of his emotions through the kiss.
suddenly you remembered something, "the camera" you said, pulling away from him. you reached out your hands, searching for your phone, eventually finding it, you pointed it towards peter.
"say byee~"
"byee~" he said while shaking his head, laughing. you ended the recording, putting your phone on the bedside table, then slowly reaching out for peter once again, wrapping your arms around his neck.
"c'mon let's go shower" he said, pulling away from you, sitting on his knees.
"but you're still hard" you pointed out, reaching your hand to cup his hard on, to which he moaned to.
"you can help me in the shower" he suggested, smirking at you.
"fine..." you replied, rolling your eyes, but your lips curved up to a smile.
pulling you up from the bed, he lead you to the bathroom to continue your activities earlier.
the week goes by, the avengers were going to have a movie night. now you were just preparing everything because it was your turn to pick the movie.
everyone was just lounging around on the couches in the common room, when suddenly Tony remembered something.
"hey Y/N can you send me the pictures we took yesterday?" he asked, slightly throwing his head back on the couch to look at you who was preparing the popcorns.
"yeah sure, here's my phone," you gave him your phone which was in your pocket, opening it beforehand so that he could use it, "you can send it yourself" you said absentmindedly, not really thinking about it too much.
grabbing the phone, he searches through your gallery, coming upon a folder labeled petey♡. curious, he opened the folder, seeing a bunch of pictures and videos of you and peter.
smiling, he opened the most recent video, it was a video of you and peter walking down the street, with peter's arm around your neck, holding you close, and your face slightly smushed into his chest, one of your arm holding on to the arm that was wrapped around your neck and the other wrapped around his waist, while you both kept walking. you were both laughing in the video looking completely in love.
while Tony was watching the video, the other members were slightly curious to what Tony was watching, one by one, they gathered around him peering into the phone, also watching the video. they all awed when they saw what Tony was watching, they thought that you two looked absolutely cute together, that you were meant to be. well maybe except sam and bucky, but even they had to admit, you two were disgustingly cute.
when the video ended, Tony slides to the next video, which was a video of you and peter cuddling on his bed, peter was half asleep while you were awake, with peter basically laying on top of you, resting his head on your chest, facing the camera, one of your arm wrapped around his neck while the other was outstretched, holding your phone, recording you both.
"c'mon peter, we gotta wake up" you said smiling, slightly shaking him.
"mm..5 more minutes.." he groggily answered, nuzzling his face into your chest.
"you said that 10 minutes ago" you deadpanned, rolling your eyes, but the smile was still etched on your face.
"i have a class at 9, pete" you sighed.
"don't go.." he whined back, slowly gaining consciousness.
"i have to, pete"
"no you don't have to, you can just stay here and cuddle with me" he murmured, a pout forming on his lips, tightening his hold on you as if he's afraid you're going to leave him.
"i promise I'll go straight home as soon as my classes are over" you explained, slowly pushing away from him, to which he whined, drawing you back.
"no~" he whined, when you finally got out of his grip, turning onto his back.
"I'll be back as soon as possible, okay?" you kissed his forehead. and with that the video ended.
the avengers cooed as they watched the soft moment, they all agreed that you guys were soulmates, completely in love with each other, being each others other half. it's funny seeing peter being so clingy with you, because usually peter was shy little bean with the avengers, though he opened up more little by little but not as much as he is with you.
tony swipes to the next item, it was a picture of the both of you sleeping on the couch while cuddling, you were laying your head on peter's chest, your arms wrapped around his torso, his arms wrapped securely around your waist while both of your legs tangled below, a blanket covering the both of you.
the picture was taken by MJ, when you were supposed to have a sleepover with Ned and MJ, but ended up sleeping halfway through the movie. the next morning MJ showed you the picture, you told MJ to send it to you, to add to your collection of cute moments.
once again, they all awed at the picture, you both looked content with each other, holding onto each other like you're both afraid one of you is going to disappear.
then Tony swipes to the next item, it was the video from last week, when peter decided to... spice it up a little. at first, the video looked normal, you were just recording peter, who was reading, from between your legs because that's where you can see his face.
"peter" you called out from the video.
"yeah?" he looked to the side, a smile immediately morphing on his lips when he saw that you were recording him while smiling.
"hi" he answered with a slight laugh, smiling widely.
"what are you reading?"
"i don't know, just this book i found in the library, its kinda interesting"
then peter had this... look on his face, suddenly he reached up, grabbing your shorts, pulling it down with your underwear.
"WOAH" nearly all of them screamed
"wha—" you said from the video
almost immediately, Tony slammed the phone face down his lap, the video still playing, so they could hear what's happening in the video.
"relax, we don't have to do anything, just keep talking, don't mind me" peter's slightly deeper voice ranged out.
the avengers were— to say the least, very surprised, they looked at each other with shock clearly written on their faces. they didn't think that the shy innocent looking peter would turned out to be very dirty.
they weren't paying much attention now, too shocked by the new piece of information. their attention snapped back to the video when they heard peter again.
"awee, you're wet already? you like it too don't you? you like recording me playing with your pretty pussy, huh?" they heard him murmur.
they couldn't believe it, peter parker, the guy who blushes at just a mention of a kiss, the guy who gets shy with even the slightest display of affection with you, is actually really dirty.
you started to let out quiet moans, gradually getting louder, the sounds of his slick finger playing with your heat, getting louder and louder.
"—oh my god, turn it off!"
immediately Tony flipped the phone to turn off the video, getting a glimpse of peter moving to bury his face in your heat.
"ah!— peter!" then he immediately turned off the video.
when the video was finally turned off, they all looked at each other with wide eyes, choosing to not say anything to each other for a while to avoid making it even more awkward.
"um... should we talk to them?"
"ew, why?" sam said with disgust, wishing to burn the image of you and peter from his mind.
"i think we should" natasha spoke up.
"yeah, i think so too, i mean, we didn't even know they were sexually active until now, we should at least tell them to be safe" steve said with his arms crossed, looking at everyone.
"yeah okay, at least i can tease him with it now" bucky said with a cheeky smirk.
"well that's settled, let's wait 'til they get back from getting the popcorns" rhodey suggested.
not long after that... incident, you and peter came back from the kitchen bringing 4 bowls of popcorn, handing it to the other members on the couch.
"alright, now I've decided that we will watch—" you started but got cut off by Tony.
"wait, actually we have something we want to talk to you about" he holds up his hand, cutting you off. "both of you"
"okay..." you and peter slowly sat down on the couch, looking warily to each other.
"what's wrong?" you asked, concerned.
"well, you know how i was going to send the pictures from yesterday from your phone?" Tony starts.
"well i happened to stumble upon an interesting folder" you froze, your eyes widening almost immediately when you heard him.
"yeah..." you let out with a nervous chuckle.
now peter was confused, what were you talking about? why did you suddenly froze? is there something in that fol— his eyes widened, suddenly remembering the video you took last week, his cheeks redden from his thoughts.
"well we found an interesting video there"
"wait— we?" you sputter out. wishing to bury yourself in the ground so you don't have to face this.
"yes we, at first we thought that it was just videos of you guys being cute, but then..." he trailed off.
you both are frozen now, too embarrassed to do anything. already knowing which video he's talking about.
"judging by your reactions, i assume you both already know what video I'm talking about"
"yeah..." you both meekly answered.
"i mean I'm not judging, you guys can do whatever you want, but i just have one question"
"what is it?" peter asked weakly.
"are you guys being safe?"
"oh my god! of course! okay, first of all, i don't want to have this talk with you guys, okay? we already got it from aunt may, we don't need it from you guys, and besides, we're both 19, we know what to do, you don't have to worry okay? we're being safe. and second of all, why would you go through my folders! i just told you to send the pictures from yesterday" you answered, still embarrassed.
"we were curious okay? you guys are so cute together" wanda answered.
"but still!—" you start but got cut off by Tony
"—okay okay! we're not going to give you the talk, you guys are old enough already, plus it's kind of weird giving you the talk, and we're sorry for going through your folders" Tony shuddered just by thinking about it.
"but peter, i didn't know you were wild, man" sam teased with a smirk on his face.
"ugh.. shut up" peter answered, hiding his face behind your shoulder.
"no, but seriously though, we thought you were just an innocent little bean, but little did we know..." bucky trailed off, a smirk also evident on his face.
"stoooop" he's hiding his entire body behind you now. you laughed, bringing him from behind you, wrapping your arms around him, his face buried in your neck.
"great! now that that's settled, can we continue movie night now?" rhodey spoke up.
you all agreed, turning on the movie of your choice, then each of you settling in comfortable positions.
you obviously cuddled with peter, a blanket draped over both of you, your head resting on his chest, arms wrapped around him tightly, peter's arm wrapped around your shoulder.
halfway through the movie, you saw that peter was slightly dozing off, so you decided to head up with peter.
"hey, we're heading up first okay? —c'mon pete" you said while pulling him up.
"use protection!" bucky shouted from the couch as you and peter went down the hallway.
"shut up!" you grumbled back.
the rest of the team just laughed then continued watching the movie while you and peter continued your way to his room.
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leetotters · 5 months ago
Hey!!! I love your stories and if you’re taking requests can you do a mob Tom having a thing for grabbing your face and turning it to him when he doesn’t have your attention. Light kisses while he’s like “hey love did you hear me?” Or grabbing your face to make eye contact with you which means pay attention to me baby. Him squeezing your cheeks to give you a passionate kiss when he’s jealous someone’s got your full attention. Or smh like that 😁😁
i hope this is good enough anon, forgive me for any mistakes🙏
warnings: curse words
mob!tom holland x reader (y/f/s - your favorite show)
summary: something like the request^
Tumblr media
Tom had you on his lap, his fingers drumming the side of your waist while he chatted with his brothers about upcoming business with the mob, you weren't much interested in the conversation preferably sipping your glass of wine studying the room of people from Tom's side of family, you would occasionally nod your head when one of the boy's mentioned something asking if you agreed.
You twisted on Tom's lap feeling the sudden urge to use the restroom, you attempted to move but was ceased with two large hands grasping your sides pulling you back down on his lap letting out a squeak at the pull. "Where do you think you're going doll" Tom nuzzled his nose in your hair inhaling the vanilla scent he was always so intoxicated with, you snickered to yourself kissing the tip of his nose getting up once again.
"To go pee Tom" You placed your glass in Tom's opening hand, smoothing the fabric of your silk dress, pulling the back down so it was covering your behind fully then turning around catching the sight of the restroom, but once again you were grasped with the same hands, Tom smushed your cheeks together plumping out your lips as he pressed his thin ones to yours making the mob boss grin when you tried slipping your tongue in his mouth.
"Didn't think you won't leave without giving me a kiss now" Tom smirked drawing back, patting your cheek and taking a gulp of his alcoholic drink not even caring that his brothers were wearing disgusted looks on their faces. "Doll don't you have to use the restroom" Tom spoke up awakening you from your love sick haze, you cleared your throat wiping your lips, "Yeah, be right back Tommy"
You laid on the leather couch in Tom's private office, your phone in your hand watching an episode of y/f/s while Tom was skimming through important mob detailed documents, silently cursing hearing the ringing of his phone not really in the mood to answer calls, "Oh for fucks sake" Tom muttered accepting the call seeing Harrison's name, "This better be good"
Tom listened attentively to his accomplice over the phone, his eyes locked on your pajama clothed figure. "Mhm okay just deal with him, shoot a bullet through his head for all I care" Tom ended the call, leaning back on his chair passing his tattooed hand over his face. "Doll" Tom uttered trying to gain your attention, but you didn't hear, to engrossed in your show, he called out again still no answer, he got up rolling his sleeves up plucking your phone out your hand throwing it on the edge of the sofa.
"What the hell Tom" You snapped but was cut off by Toms lips latching on yours, his needy hands moving you over, sitting down and pulling you on his clothed lap, his hands brushing down the spine of your back cupping the curve of your ass. "Didn't hear me huh love" Tom teased traveling his lips down to your collarbone peppering you with light kisses, "Love when you do that Tommy" You moaned out when he sucked brutally on your sweet spot.
Tom scowled at the sight of drunken man seated next to you, his arm too close to yours for Tom's liking as he tried to convince you to purchase a drink which you politely denied hoping that Tom would come back soon to whisk you away, your leg bounced nervously as you nursed the drink in front of you that Tom purchased earlier, you leaned to your side not being able to bare the reek of the strangers breath.
"Hey love" an all to familiar voice spoke from behind making you exhale in relief turning around so you were now in your boyfriend's arms, Tom gripped your jaw in his hands, smashing his lips together with yours, slipping his tongue inside your mouth tangling it with your own as his hands lowered down to your butt squeezing the rotund flesh.
You pulled back at the slurred voice of the man, "She didn't tell me she had a boyfriend mate" The man gulped coming to his senses when he recognized the woman who he was trying to get in bed with, was with the dangerous London mob boss who was feared by everyone even himself, "Well she does," Tom pecked your lips, "She belongs to me, you shouldn't be interfering with pretty little things that aren't yours"
Tom interlocked your hands together, walking you away from the man to his car, where the driver was already out waiting with an umbrella in his hand sheltering you both from the droplets of rain, "You're my hero Tommy" You sweetly mumbled leaving a kiss to Tom's jawline, "I am aren't I," Tom responded seductively, "Come thank your hero then doll" Tom didn't wait for a reply, grabbing your cheeks and clashing his lips to yours once again, passionately kissing you, pulling the strings of dress to reveal your lacy bra.
Tom drew back, eyes locked on your swollen red messed lips, "Love your lips doll most 𝘬𝘪𝘴𝘴𝘢𝘣𝘭𝘦 ones I've ever seen"
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wizkiddx · a month ago
hiiiii !!! if you are accepting requests at the moment, can i ask something about reader and tom expecting a baby, one day while he’s drunk she sees him flirting with another women and when she confronts him he snaps at her and tells her he’s not ready for this “shit”. So they broke up and broke contact for months, until he shows in her apartment regretting his words and they talk but she suddenly at that moment gets into labor?!? I remember seeing a concept similar in a movie but I would love if you couldn’t bring it to life! Thank you so much in advance, appreciate your work a lot 🧸🤎
right so I loved this so much it has become a multiple parter and im not even going to apologise. so thanku so so much anon for getting me out a little rut!!!
summary: when toms caught out all hope looks lost - probs part 1 of 3 but it could get a bit longer too lol
warnings: serious angst, reference to abortion, cheating, a whole lot of swearing (im British sorry not sorry)
“Hi babe, just to let you know Yamna’s invited me out for dinner this evening so don’t worry if you get home early and im not back! I love you x”
It was a spur of the moment plan, which was a rarity recently. The past 5 months since you’d found out, you could name barely 5 occasions you’d been out past 8 oclock- trading your heels for fuzzy slippers and dresses for massively oversized tops and joggers. It wasn’t how you had expected to be spending the summer before your 25th birthday but it was now your life. The rooftop bars, the wild nights, the get aways had all sort of been cancelled for… for the rest of your life.
Because an 8 month pregnant belly isn’t something you can ignore.
Sure…. it wasn’t the plan. Not the plan to be pregnant with your boyfriend of only 6 months, who at the time you didn’t even live with. But you were making it work. And now, you were just excited. It was the start of a new story with Tom, and you’d got past the phase of being sad and mourning your youth. Because the little bubba inside of you, she was pretty awesome and you really couldn’t wait to meet her.
So yes, you had been home alone eating ice cream from a tub when Yamna knocked on the door. She’d been one of your best mates for as long as you could remember so when she’d turned up unannounced with mascara smeared under her eyes you’d cancelled your plans of a pathetic alone evening. Her boss had just given her the sack - which was no surprise. He was a backwards tory old git who couldn’t handle the fact Yamna was a woman doing the job better than he could ever dream of.
So yes, you’d suggested going out to the fancy new bar down the road - to celebrate the fact she no longer had to put up with the arsehole. Obviously you couldn’t drink and neither did Yamna, but you go to a bar for the atmosphere - and the selection of mocktails they had was insane.
Your boyfriend Tom was already out, he said he had a meeting and then dinner with some execs he needed to shmoosh. Of course you didn’t mind, but he had been working a lot recently, in order to be able to have the time off when your baby girl arrives.
So after sending a little text and giving Yamna another hug to try and turn the evening from disappointment to celebration you walked out the door with a smile on your face. Maybe you could pretend, just for an evening to not be pregnant and whale-like?
The bar was just a 10 minute walk so it wasn’t long before the two of you were soaking up the atmosphere. It was all decorated in a rustic fashion, with old exposed wood and dangling lightbulbs from the ceiling and the drinks were incredible. The type that have dry ice or flames or some other sort of fantastical display of edible decorations. Even Yamna had perked up, especially when a guy from the table across had bought you both a round of drinks.
“I’m just gonna pop to the loo.”
“Do you really need the toilet or do you just want to parade infornt of the fit rich man who keeps looking at you?”
“ Is both an option?” You laughed as Yamna slipped off her stool, winking rather dramatically as she did so. She was unbelievable - but at least this way she wasn’t thinking about her work, or lack thereof, anymore.
Happily you sat scrolling though your phone, seeing that tom had messaged you with an okay, before flicking through instagram.
And that was where the happiness ended.
For in a hurried manner, with a face looking a lot more ghosted than when she left, Yamna took her seat again.
“Are you okay?” Immediately your worry took over, the way she was biting her lip and not meeting your eyes not helping.
“I um yeh-yeh. Just I think I saw Tom.”
“Tom as in my Tom?” Her almost guilty looking nod had your scrunching your eyebrows, why was it such a big deal Tom was inside?
“He didn’t see me I don’t think but er… he just looked pretty close to a girl and I-“
To be honest you stopped listening at that point, heart dropping out the bottom of your chest. Because it made sense, he had been so distant recently and even if you’d been lying to yourself that it were work - this seemed much more likely. Whilst nodding along, pretending to listen to Yamna, instead your attention was solely focused on fiddling with the promise ring he’d got you after the two of you decided to keep the baby. He’d been so committed, so ready for this unexpected news. He’d said he was in for the long haul.
“sorry I um… it’s probably just a work colleague he needs to sweet talk. I’ll um-I’ll just go say hello.”
“I’m coming with you.” She spoke astutely, very much forcing herself into the situation.
“No no I’ll… I’ll come back if I need you, just wait here.”
Her face was so grim and destitute, as much as you were pretending it was okay - you knew it wasn’t. Before Yamna could protest further, you slipped off your seat ( clumsily thanks to the elephant belly) and walked with fake confidence back inside.
It took you barely 3 seconds to hone in on Tom, call it mothers intuition. He was on a booth in the corner with 5 others on his table but none of whom you recognised. It was 2 other guys and 3 girls - the six all paired off in mathcingly initimate conversations. Apart from that you payed almost zero attention to the others, attention solely focused on your boyfriend and the girl he had his arm round.
She was everything you weren’t. She was skinny - you, as previously mentioned, looked like you had a beachball stuffed under your top. She was blonde with sleek and perfectly styled waves at the tips of her long her - yours was thrown into a messy bun due to the last minute plans.
Most importantly - right now she was wrapped in Toms arms, whilst you stood alone watching.
God knows what came over you, but with confidence you never normally had you marched up to the table, just waiting at the end. One of the men you didn’t recognised, arrogantly asked you ‘can I help you’ - but you completely disregarded it, eyes solely fixed on Tom. He took a moment more to look away from the leggy girl, but as soon as he did his eyes grew massively wide.
“Y/n I-I-“
“Fancy bumping into you, I thought you were out with work executives?” Frantically casting his gaze across the table, you could see the cogs whirring to try and come up with an explanation.
“No I-I was but then Charlie here came over, we used to be mates at school and-“
“Oh fuck off Tom., I cant deal with this right now.”
You didn’t even have the energy to listen to his clearly fake excuses as to why he’d landed himself in that situation. You also certainly did not have it in you to maintain the strong face, you could feel everything shattering inside of you.
Because it was so blindingly obvious by how he had acted. You’d caught him out and you both knew it.
And it fucking hurt like hell.
So you exited the bar as fast as physically possible, hearing the shouts of both Yamna and Tom behind you. You didn’t know what you needed in that moment - except that neither of them were the answer. Tom though, presumably the faster of the two, managed to catch up - grabbing your arm to make you halt in the road.
There was this moment between the two of you that time almost seemed to freeze. The two of you, in an otherwise pretty empty residential street, at 9:30 at night, in a moment that you would never have again. From your point of view, you saw the slightly bloodshot and bleary eyes, widened with panic and fear. For Tom he saw the floods of tears down your cheeks, which you hadn’t even noticed were freely streaming.
But in that moment there was, at least, the slightest bit of peace. The slightest bit of hope - that he could explain, that he had some ludicrous but valid reason for the situation you had walked in on. Just a smidgen of hope that this were recoverable.
But then he had to open his bloody mouth.
“Y/n I swear nothing-“
“That didn’t look like fucking nothing!”
“It was I swear! We just-“
“Tom this is your one and only chance. I don’t care if your off your face, if you don’t give my a miracle of a reason as to what the fuck THAT was - then I’m gone.”
“Don’t say that Y/n, you don’t mean th-“ He tried to grab your hand which you snatched away, like you had just scalded it on a hot plate. Like he had hurt you.
“I swear to god I’ve never meant anything more. So cut the shit.”
“FIne-fine! Um so we were at the meeting and then on the way out I bumped into George and hes been a good mate of mine for years.” All you did was hum, arms crossed and making sure you had a metre of distance between the two of you.
“So he said god you look like you need a drink and I agreed because its been stressful as hell recently.”
“Oh its been stressful; for YOU has it? I’m so sorry Thomas, has it been hard for you while i’ve been throwing my lungs up with morning sickness? Has it been stressful that I’ve been running on zero hours sleep because she kicks me all bloody night? ” Your words were laced in a posioned sarcasm, to which Tom just stammered to.
“Please just let me.” Given he was supposed to be fighting for you, he sounded pretty darn defeated already.
“I said yes to the drink.” He skipped out the bit that had angered you, to which you rolled your eyes at. “And one turned into two and more and then I don’t know-“
“Your going to have to try a lot harder than that.” You deadpanned, taking a small step further back still.
“I mean it! The girls were all his friends and we were just talking.”
“Just talking? All pressed up and arms round her?”
“Yes!” As indignant as he retorted, it didn’t not make up for what you had seen with your own eyes.
“Your such a bullshitter Tom!”
“God why wont you just listen to me?” He cried, wobbly doing a little 360 on the spot, in what appeared to be exasperation.
“Because your just spouting fucking lies! And you try and blame it all on poor little tommo being stressed which is-“
“I HAVE BEEN! Running round after you! I’m just tired of this shit!!! So kill me, for having one night of freedom!”
Tom was too deep in his angry lecture to take any notice of you. Which is why, once finished, he waitied, breath heavy and nose flaring. He was waiting for you to scream back at him. To give it back. He was too drunk to notice the change in your demeanor.
“I’m tired of this shit.”
It was just reverberating round your head. Again and again and again. He was tired of your relationship and you hadn’t even become parents yet. He was at his wits-end and the baby was still unborn. What the fuck was going to happen when baby arrived? Clearly there was no hope. It was dead. Your relationship was dead with no chance of revival.
Because he’d said it. Your relationship was shit, and nobody can put up with something they hate for that long. Not 18 years. Not while bringing up a child.
So with a new sense of dread and fear and complete and total isolation you uttered three single words before hysterically running away.
“Don’t follow me.”
Not now, not ever.
?to be continued?
~~~~~~~~~~gahhhh I hope u enjoyed! I also REALLY CANNOT THINK OF A NAME FOR THIS MINISERIES --> if anyone can think of something pls inbox me!!! ~~~~~~~~
tom taglist: @lovehollandy12 @hollandlover19 @thefernandasantana @hunnybunimdun @hallecarey1@cedricdiggorysimpp @msmimimerton @hollandfanficlove @pandaxnienke @crossyourpeter @thegirlwiththeimpala @tom-softie @sunwardsss @spiitfiiires @radcloudenthusiast @ladykxxx08 @prancerrparkerr @wildxwidow @Elishi03 @arctic-monkcys @Ownbauer13 @tomhollandlol
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t-hollanderr · 5 months ago
Please write the Fic about Tom not making the reader cum
"I'm not cumming'
Tumblr media
Tom holland x fem reader
Summary: Tom is very sure he always pleases his girls, but what happends when his girlfriend tells him he had never made her cum?
Disclaimer: my native language isn't English so sorry for any mistakes, also I wrote this in a little of a hurry cause I have exames coming up and no time to put my all in my work. So it isn't perfect but hope you still enjoy <3
It's not like you don't love Tom.
In fact, you love him very much. The two of you had been acquaintances for a long time and only started dating about two months ago. You could say your love life is going great, which it is. Your sex life on the other hand not so much.
The first time you had sex you kind of just let it slide, maybe he was just nervous for his first time with you.
"Ah- feels so good" Tom moans as he pumps his length in and out of you. His forarms next to your head keeping him in balance. You had been kissing on his bed when your hands started to wonder, finally making that first sexual move in the relationship. You had given him head hoping that he would return it, to your pitty though he just kissed you as a thank you before sliding inside of you. Not even checking if you were ready. To be honest it had hurt a bit, you not being even close to wet enough. It just all happend and ended so quick though, it felt like you didn't really have a chance to say anything.
"I'm cumming!" Tom groaned loudly before releasing in the condom. Not even lasting five minutes. He slid himself out of you before removing the condom and falling onto the bed next to you.
"That was nice" he whispers into your hair, cuddeling into you.
"Thank you, I love you darling sleep well" he kissed your lips and forhead before throwing the covers over you both and falling in a deep slumber.
Again, you didn't think much of it the first time. He was probably just overwhelmed and nervous for the first time. It was no big deal, you were sure the next time would be better.
Except.. that it wasn't.
Not even a week later the two of you stumbled into the empty house, lips attacted to eachother from a night out clubbing with your friends and the lads.
Tom slowly removed you clothing piece by piece not caring where around him he threw them. His hands were all over your body, feeling every inch of you.
When the two of you were both in just your underwear he layed you down on the couch, ripping your panties off.
"Shit there is no condom here, i'll just pull out alright?" He offers. You looked at him with furrowed eyebrows.
"That almost to never fully works babe" you state.
"I'll buy you a morning after pill tomorrow I promise" he says giving you a big forhead kiss.
"But if you truly don't want it i'll go upstairs and grab a condom love, don't want to do anything you're not comfortable with" he promised you.
"No it's alright, just buy me plan B tomorrow" you decide.
Tom took of your underwear and takes one of your legs placing it over his hip. Slowing stroking his own length before sliding it into you, muffeling your discocomfort with a kiss.
Tom starts rocking his hips into you, slowly building rhytm.
"Tom please touch my clit" you whisper in his ear as his grunts get louder by the second.
"What.. where, why?- ohhh" before you could even answer him he pulled out of you and came all over your stomach.
You feel like crying, was this really how he was always going to treat you? It wasn't without love, he made sure to tell you he loved you and gave you loads of kisses but he just truly didn't see that he wasn't giving you any pleasure.
It isn't news that most boys don't know how to make a girl cum but you thought with the experience Tom had he atleast knew where the clit was.
It had been two weeks since your last sexual incounter with Tom. God blessed you with your period the first week and the second you just kind of avoided getting down and dirty with him. You felt afwul, you never loved anyone like this man before and now you were avoiding having sex with him. You were always the one to tell everyone "communication is key" so why were you shying away now?
"Hello sweetheart" Tom walked into the kitchen, kissing your forhead like he did everytime he came home.
"How was it?" You ask.
"Fun! Paddy did suprisingly beat me in golf, that little rat" Tom groans as he puts his arms around you from behind and puts his head on your shoulder. You laugh at the thought of his 16 year old brother beating his ass.
"How was your day then sunshine?" Tom asks.
"It was fine, missed you though" you smile at your boyfriend. Your stomach erupting in butterflies as he smiles at you.
"Missed you too pretty girl, anndddd I believe your period is over isn't it?" he grins at you, slightly massageing your shoulders.
Your throat closes up. This was not okay, feeling uncomfortable when your boyfriend wanted to have sex with you? It was time to speak up about how you felt.
"Tom can we talk?" You say not daring to look at him. You feel his hands stop moving on your shoulders. A small silence taking over.
"Sure, about what?" He takes your hands moving you to the couch, making the both of you a little more comfortable.
"I don't really know how to tell you, it's.. I don't know it's just something that has been bothering me for a while and I feel like I need to talk about it with you" your heart was beating rapidly in your chest.
Tom grabs your chin to make you look at him, his brown eyes looking at you filled with worry.
"You can tell me babe, nothing will make me be mad at you. Well unless you cheated on me but we both know you would never do that" he smiled at you softly playing with the ends of your hair.
"Just know that I love you very much Tom and everything in our relationship is perfect. The only thing which is bothering me is the sex" your voice is shaking and you feel like as if tears are ready to spill.
Tom looks at you with furrowed eyebrows, confusion written over his face.
"What do you mean? What's wrong I thought it was all fine. I mean we both want it right? We both cum an-"
"That's the thing Tom you never make me cum" the word was out. The thing that had been laying heavy on your heart for weeks now was finally shared with your lover.
There was a thick heavy silence, Tom looked at you in disbelieve. As if you were playing a sick joke on him.
"You're joking right?" He asks unintentionally taking a little bit of distance from you on the couch.
"No Tom, you don't even really turn me on. I mean you do you're super hot and i'm attracted to you it's just that you always move really fast and not really take your time with me. I'm never wet enough, you don't even pay attention to my clit. Do you know that most woman aren't even able to cum without stimulation to the clit?" You might have been rambeling but at least he knew now, and you could work on it. Or at least you thought.
"I think that might just be you love" he slightly chuckles.
"No, it's really not just me" you say annoyed by his statement. As if you would lie about such a thing.
"I've treated every girl i've ever been with just like I do with you. They've always been satisfied. Without me, ya know touching their clit. I thought that was just a made up concept"
You didn't really know how to feel, you thought he would be understanding but he was just being cold. Not understanding and almost being just plain rude.
"Tom why the fuck would I lie about this? Look it up it's a thing you're making my feelings feel invalid" you're trying your absolute best to hold back your tears.
Tom let's out a big sigh and put's his hand infront of his eyes.
"I'm sorry love" he eventually says after a couple of minutes. Not ever wanting to make you feel like your feelings didn't matter.
"It's just that nobody has ever told me this and I feel like a dick now. Were they all faking it this whole time? If they just told me I could've improved right away. My first girlfriend was 8 years ago y/n, 8 years ago! You know how much of a prick I feel right now treating all those girls like this?" He seems truly upset and so you can't help but wrap your hands around him pulling him into a embrace.
"I mean some girls do take pleasure out of just penetration...maybe they weren't lying" you try to make him feel better. Tom just groans.
"Thanks but we both know that's a lie" he takes his head from your shoulder and kisses your cheek.
"Teach me?" He asks looking at you with bambie eyes.
You pull up your eyebrow.
"Please y/n? I love you and want to make you feel good for the rest of my life. Teach me how to make you feel good" he whispers against your lips before pushing them against yours. Kissing you passionatly.
"Going down on you?" he says his voice shaking a little.
You were both laying on your bed in just your underwear.
"Yes, you think that's gross..?" You ask afraid his answer would be yes.
"No" he quickly says.
"Not but not one of my girlfriends ever asked, they always wanted to please just me. They probably thought I would be shit at it anyway, which.. I probably am" Tom's cheeks turn a slight pink while he plays with his fingers anxiously.
"Hey baby" you grab his chin to make him look at you.
"Please don't be embarassed around me, you're here to learn. You've never given head so I won't except you to be a prof. Again, you're learning so don't be afraid to ask and make mistakes. I love you" you kiss his lips softly.
"Thanks, love you more. Okay now teach me how to go down on you" you both laugh as he settles in between your legs.
"Okay tease me a little, let your fingers dance around my vagina a little but avoid my clit. You know where that is?" You ask playing with his fluffy curls.
"I know where it is I just never thought it was actually needed to be stimulated". You nod in understanding.
"It's okay, go ahead tease me a little" you whisper.
Tom's hands start to wonder, they slide over your inner thigh. Teasing your outer lips, avoiding your bundle of nerves. His touch softly making your pussy clench.
"Just like that" before you could give further instructions he places a soft kiss over your covered clit before removing the material.
He spread your legs and was met by your semi-wet cunt.
"I'm not totally clue less, i've watched porn you know" he laughs. His index finger spreads your wetness around before poking at your whole.
"Don't forget t-"
"Touch your clit got it" he remembers smiling at you softly.
His finger slit in making your back arch, this was the first time it actually felt good concedering you were wet and fully turned on by the God in front of you.
His fingers moved into you slowly, sometimes twisting mid- thrust. Before you knew it you felt his wet muscle on your most sensetive spot making you moan out.
"Shit, love hearing you pretty girl" he murmers against you.
Your hands grip his hair harshly. Tugging at his curls.
"Ohh feels good" you moan, more high pitched than you think would come out of your mouth.
"What do you need to get there baby? Want- no need you to come for me". Your heart swells at his words.
"Another finger" you sigh softly.
He stills his finger that is already inside of you and adds another one easily.
He starts to move them slowly but after a couple of seconds he pumps them in and out of you in a delicious speed. Still sucking at your bundle of nerves.
"Ahhh" high pitched moans came out every couple of seconds. Sloppy sounds of your wetness filling the room.
You looked down and saw Tom slowly thrusting his hips into the matress, being extremely turned on by all of your delicious sounds.
"I'm almost there fuck, just keep going" you tell him tugging at his hair a little bit harder, feeling the knot in your belly almost snap.
"Cum for me then baby, please need you to feel good" he speaks against your sloppy cunt making your orgasm take over your entire body. Toes curling, back arching and your eyes rolling back. The room was filled with the smell of sex, your body slightly sweaty as Tom draws our your orgasm.
When he is sure you're finished he brings is body up to yours to kiss you loveingly.
"How was that?" He whispers softly looking into your eyes.
"Amazing" you smile at him pulling your lover into another kisss.
"Saw you moving your hips against the matress you naught boy" you tease him, laughing at his reaction.
"Can't help it, my girlfriend is so hot. Can I please make love to you? Now that I know how to make you cum" he asks.
You nod your head.
"Show me what you got baby boy"
you guys wanted me to write it as well so thought i'd tag u <3 : @jeyramarie @blueberrynonnie @tomhollandsslut @the-tacos-unite-blog
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hollandcrush · 9 months ago
in your own time
Tumblr media
tom holland x inexperienced!reader
summary: tom, being a gentleman, offers to help you gain some experience. 
word count: 4,101
warnings: fluff? mostly smut, oral (m.rec), fingering, dirty talk, praise, corruption kink?, protected sex, cursing, one spank, aftercare. (that’s it I think)
a/n: this was a request but I got carried away, obviously. tbh idk if I like this... but I said I’d post it bc well it’s 4,000 words. anyways I hope it is okay? sorry if it sucks, and for my bad writing and any mistakes made :) but enjoy x
“Tom, I’m scared. What happens if I’m terrible at this?”
“I promise you’ll do amazing.” Tom reassured, tucking a fallen piece of hair behind your ear as you sat comfortably on his lap, straddling him.
It all started when Tom invited you over for a movie night. It wasn’t unusual for you two to hang out, after all, you’ve been friends for the majority of your short life. Tom was an actor, who had earned a major breakthrough as he got cast as Spider-Man. This was insane as both of you grew up watching the Marvel movies together, fangirling over Robert Downey Jr. Tom was off to Atlanta next week to shoot for the upcoming Captain America film. Thus, he wanted to spend some quality time with his friends before he set off.
Movie night seemed to be normal, both sitting on the couch silently, some comments made here and there, until the sex scene commenced. You knew the movie was a rom-com, but you didn’t know what it exactly entailed. It took you by surprise. The tension grew thick, you didn’t know how to react. Should you skip forward? Or maybe just let the tension sizzle into nothing?
Tom cleared his throat before beginning to laugh. Your eyes darted towards the man. “What’s so funny?” You asked, sucking your teeth annoyed by his behaviour.
“You. You’re funny!”
You furrowed your eyebrows, confused by his answer. “What do you mean I’m funny? I didn’t do anything.”
“You look so uncomfortable darling. I’m not your dad. I mean it’s just a sex scene. I’m sure you’ve had your fair share of experiences in real life. It just shouldn’t make you uncomfortable.” He teased, unknown to him that you actually never had any type of sexual experiences. I mean a few snogs here and there, but that it.
Sucking your tongue you faced the television, too embarrassed to admit your inexperience. Yes, you were eighteen, but the opportunity never came. You never had a boyfriend, you weren’t a social butterfly like Tom and you definitely didn’t have a queue of guys in your dm’s. Your silence was Toms answer.
“Oh shit! Y/N I didn’t know. It doesn’t matter— I mean it’s just sex and it’s your body. If your waiting for marriage that’s cool. I just thought you, you did it?” He cringed at his own words, utterly confused on how to approach the situation. If he was honest, he was shocked that you were still a virgin. In his eyes, you were gorgeous. Not just your looks, but your personality too. He often found himself pondering as to why you never had a boyfriend. He couldn’t ever detect any flaws.
“Tom that’s the problem. I’m not waiting for marriage, but nobody— and I mean nobody, wants to have sex with me. I don’t know why I mean I think I’m average? You know? Just nobody seems to be interested.” You huffed crossing your arms under your chest.
Tom scratched his head. “Don’t take this the wrong way, but maybe your a bit too, uh, reserved? I just mean you don’t flaunt yourself on social media. You keep to yourself.” You nodded understanding what he meant. “Yeah I know, it’s just not me.”
“You are really pretty. And I’m not just saying that. Sex doesn’t validate your worth. Just because you haven’t had sex doesn’t make you unattractive or unwanted. Please don’t link the two because you’ll probably do things you regret.” He chuckled before sending you a soft smile.
The heat rose to your cheeks from his compliment. “Thank you, Tom, I mean it. I just wish I got it over and done with.” You mumbled as you played with your fingers. Tom bit his lip, contemplating his next words. If his mother taught him anything, it would be ‘think before you speak’. He didn’t want to complicate your relationship. But his mind was made up.
“Um, I could, you know.”
Your mind went blank at his offer, unable to process it. “You, you want t-to have sex– with me?” You stuttered in disbelief. To say Tom was hot, was an understatement. Tom used to be hot prior to the whole Spider-Man process. Lean, curly hair and gorgeous eyes. Now, he had all that and added muscle. He was ripped, just out of this world attractive. And this was the man who wanted to have sex with you.
“You can say no. Obviously— it’s your body. Anyways, I just thought I’d give you the option. Not because I feel bad for you, I don’t. I just think you’re stunning and deserve to be treated right.” He waffled as you thought about his proposition. But who were you kidding, you were never gonna say no.
“Okay?” He perked.
“Yes, okay.”
Lacing your fingers together he guided you onto his lap, and that is how you ended up in that position. Tom continued to reassure you that everything would be okay and that you wouldn’t disappoint him, building up your confidence. Trying to steady your breath, you looked into his eyes. They always calmed you.
Taking the initiative, Tom caressed your cheek before linking your lips together. It was slow at first, lips moved in sync as tongues teased. He let his hands travel down from your cheeks to your lower back, fingers grazing your skin. The kiss naturally deepened as time passed, elevating you to the next stage. Pulling his lips away, he held your hands, lacing your fingers. He cleared his throat before speaking. “Uh, will we go to my bedroom?”
You nodded as you got off his body, hands still clamped together as you followed him to his room. The short journey was longer than usual, anticipation and tension rising. His bedroom was slightly messy, no different from any other teenage boy. Placing his hands on your hips, his chest was pressed against yours. “Tom, I’m nervous.” You giggled, trying to ease the tension.
Gently placing his hand on your jaw, his thumb caressed your cheek. “We don’t have to do this.” Smiling, you crashed your lips together wanting nothing more than for this to happen. Tom took the hint, hands clumsily fiddled with your shirt, wanting it gone. You broke away, allowing the material to be thrown somewhere in his room. His needy eyes trailed to your chest, tits covered by your lace bralette, nipples peaking through the material. “Fuck so pretty. Better than I’ve ever imagined.” He mumbled.
The part about him imagining you in such an intimate setting flew over your head as his lips attached to the newly exposed skin. Lips marking the mounds as his hands unclasped your bra with ease. The material fell to the ground, his mouth moved to latch around your dark buds. Sucking and teething the sensitive part. “Touch me.” He instructed.
Hesitantly, you let your fingers lace through his locks, massaging his scalp provoking him to groan against your tits. He switched to the other nipple, giving it the attention it craved. His arms wrapped around your waist, hoisting you up with ease. He carried you to the bed, delicately placing you down onto the mattress, lips never leaving your skin.
“Tommy.” You moaned as his hands explored your curves. He pulled away to look at you. Heat rose to your cheeks at the intense gaze. “Sorry did I overstep? It just slipped out.” You blushed.
He shook his head with a smile planted on his face. “No darling, I just really liked the new nickname.” He winked before his lips trailed down your torso, travelling to their desired destination. With fingers hooked under your leggings, he made sure everything was okay. “Am I going to fast? Is this okay?”
“Yes Tommy. Please.”
The material was quickly removed, eyes explored your long legs that trembled under his touch. Kisses softly planted on the inner side of your knees as he separated your thighs, letting cold air brush against your clothed core.
“God you are so perfect. So beautiful darling.” He praised letting his fingers edge closer to your heat.
His eyes snapped up laced with concern. “Uh, can I, y’know, give you head?” You cringed at the words that exited your mouth. He was silent, confused as to why you preferred to give than receive. “I just never did that, and I really want to try.” You admitted. Embarrassment overcame you making you cover your face. His hands grabbed your wrist, pulling them away from you. “If that’s what you want to do, of course.”
Repositioning himself on the bed, his head resting against the headboard, he guided you between his legs. Feeling exposed you covered your chest. Tom took the chance to remove his shirt, his lean abdomen coming into view. “I wanna see you. Please don’t hide. You’re gorgeous.” He reassured as his hand rested against your cheek.
“Um so, could you help me?”
“Yeah, of course, darling, of course.” He chirped, his hands lacing with yours. He guided them to his sweatpants, gripping them around the band so you could take them off. You got the gesture, pulling the fleece material from his body, struggling to get them off his ankles.
You could see his imprint against his Calvins. You knew what your next move was. With shaky hands, you moved his boxers down, freeing his member. It was slightly hard, tip glistened with precum. He was bigger than you thought, causing you to gulp at the thought of him putting it in you.
Your hands gravitated to his cock, curious to how it felt. Fingers ran along the bulging vein, tracing it with light touches before holding it in your hand. A low grunt fell from his lips as he watched intently, loving the way your hand wrapped around his thickness. With your lip tucked between your teeth, you began to move your hand up and down, pumping his cock slowing in your fist. “Will you wet it a bit darling? It will feel so much better.” He groaned.
The first thing to come to mind was to use your spit, and so you did. Letting a drop of spit fall onto his shaft, he moaned loudly. “Shit, okay yeah that will work.” You blushed as you continued the movements, his cock growing in your small hands.
Fixing up your position, you got comfortable on all fours, dropping your head. You’d seen porn, so you had some idea. Licking a stripe from base to tip, before you wrapped your lips around his throbbing cock. “Fuck- shit, yeah just like that.” He panted, taken aback at your sudden movements.
His hand flung to the back of your head, guiding you. His moans letting you know you were doing a good job. Praise and profanities fell from his lips constantly. “So fucking pretty with my cock in your mouth.” “You’re taking me so well.” “So innocent, so perfect. God, so fucking good.”
This only encouraged you to bob faster and deeper, his member hitting the back of your throat. Tom, unable to control his hips, thrusted forward causing you to gag. You pulled away from him, wiping the excess spit around your mouth as small coughs erupted. His eyes went wide, feeling guilty for his involuntary action. “I’m so sorry darling, I didn’t mean to do that.”
“It’s okay.” You assured, leaning forward to continue, but Tom’s large hands on your upper arms prevented you to do so. “No darling, you did so well fo’ me but if you keep going I’m going to cum.” He admitted. “I really want to fuck you now. If that’s what you still want?” Nodding your head, he grabbed a condom from his nightstand. “Lie down darling, I need to get you ready for me. Stretch you out. Make you feel good.”
Adjusting yourself on the bed so you were laying down, he propped himself on his side. He kicked off his boxers, leaving him completely bare. The wetness of his cock soaking into your skin as he pressed into your hips. His lips attached to your breast once again, easing your nerves as pleasure clouded your mind.
“That’s it darling, relax. I’m gonna get you ready for me okay? Gonna use my fingers to stretch that tight pussy. Can’t wait to be in you.” You whimpered at his words making him smirk. “You like it when I talk dirty? Tell you what I wanna do to you. Does that turn you on?”
“Yes, Tommy. I love it.”
“Yeah? Can’t wait for you to squeeze me, make me feel warm. I bet your pussy is gonna feel amazing. Gonna fuck you so good darling, make you come undone around me.”
Body reacted to his words, clenching around nothing. As he spoke his hands travelled south, rubbing you through your panties. “Can’t wait to take away your innocence, make you mine. You are so fucking sexy.” He whispered into your neck before he added another mark.
His fingers fiddled to push your panties to the side, digits finally coming in contact with your soaked centre. This contact caused you to moan, feeling his soft touch swipe through your folds gathering your wetness. “All yours Tommy.”
You were shocked by the words that just slipped out. His teeth grazed at your skin. “Love the way you say my new nickname darling. But all mine? Why don’t you tell me what you want me to do to you?” He encouraged, fingers teasing your clit.
Panic. “Tom I never, never did anything like that. I don’t know what to say.”
“Shh. It’s okay. Just want to hear you. Tell me what you want me to do with my fingers yeah?” His breath hot against your ear as teeth scraped against your earlobe.
“Uh I want you to- to, fuck me with your f-fingers.” You stuttered, scared that you weren’t sexy enough for him.
“Yeah, use my thick fingers to stretch you is it? I’ll stretch you better than your own fingers ever could.” His digits beginning to tease circles on your sensitive bud.
“Yes! I’d feel so full Tommy. Please put more pressure on my clit.”
“Like this?” He teased, following your orders rubbing harsher circles. Your back arched, toes curled. Only sounds that could leave your lips were small pants and moans. Tom continued the movement, coaxing you towards your climax. Once he knew you were relaxed, he dropped his hand to your entrance. A finger slipping deep into your core causing you to clamp around him. “Relax darling, I promise it will be okay? Tell me if it’s too uncomfortable okay?”
His lips crashed onto yours, getting your mind to focus on something else. It worked. His finger could finally move, pumping in and out of you in slow, twisting motions. Putting his thumb to your clit, he added another digit, stretching you. He curled his fingers letting him hit your g-spot with ease. The knot started to build in your stomach. “Tommy.” You whined against his lips.
“Yeah darling? You close darling? Feel your walls pulsing around me.” He asked pushing another finger into your dripping heat. The stretch made you cry out. “That’s it darling, come around my fingers. I’m here. Let go.”
The knot in your stomach exploded, legs shook as the pleasure took over. You screamed his name, thankful his family wasn’t home. Tom rode out your high as he continued to finger you at a slow, steady pace. Hips rocked against yours, lips and tongues continue to clash. It was messy but passionate.
Pulling his fingers away, he sucked each one individually as if he finished a bowl of chicken wings. moaning at your taste. “Taste so delicious princess. Wish I could eat you out every day.”
You couldn’t help but moan as you rolled your eyes to the back of your head. You heard the condom packet rip open, grabbing it from him. “Can I put it on?” You innocently asked through heavy eyes. He gulped, cock on the edge of combustion as he nodded.
Propping onto your knees, you took the condom trying to figure out how to put it on. His hands guided yours to his tip, showing you to pinch the tip and roll. “Like that princess.” You followed his instructions, rolling the rubber down his shaft.
“Fuck, can’t explain how sexy you are. How do you look so innocent while doing such a naughty thing darling. Gonna start calling you m’ angel.”
Heat rose to your cheeks, his hands starting to pull at your panties, begging them to come off. You helped, moving your hips and kicking off the fabric. Both admired one another, bare and uninterrupted. Such a beautiful and intimate moment.
His hand glided over your thigh, soothing the muscle. “Lay down angel. Let me take care of you.”
“Uh- I was thinking maybe, I could ride you?”
Toms eyes nearly popped out of his skull. Never has a girl offered to be on top. He had to tame his excitement by clearing his throat. This was about you, not him. “It’s okay. You don’t have to. I can do all the work toni-“ “No, Tommy. I want to be on top.” You interrupted, confidence laced into every word.
Hesitantly, you threw your leg over his thigh, straddling him. His cock touching your heat, anticipation growing every second. This was it. Tom was going to be your first time.
Raising your hips so they hovered over his cock as he held it, you placed your hands on his shoulders taking a deep breath, steadying your nerves. His hands rested on your hips. “Take your time angel. If you need to stop or feel uncomfortable, please don’t be scared to tell me. Are you sure you want this?” His question didn’t need any consideration.
“Yes, Tommy. I want this. I need you.”
Letting gravity do the work, you slowly slid down his cock. The stretch felt funny at first, uncomfortable. The slow pace let you adjust to every inch. Tom's teeth dug into his lip, drawing blood as he tried to control the pleasure he was experiencing. As soon as you bottomed, Tom grunted.
“Darling, god. You feel amazing. Better than I could ever imagine. So warm, so tight. You okay?” You crashed your lips, distracting yourself from the strange sensation. It was nice but different. You needed to relax. Tom's lips moved in sync with yours, fingers sunk into your skin, needing to ground himself.
A few moments passed and that weird sensation had turned into complete ecstasy. “I’m okay.” You panted, your stomach contracting as the familiar pressure returned. “In your own time angel.”
Ready, you began to move your hips up, the stretch intensifying. Fingernails left crescent shapes in his skin. “Tommy you are so big.” You whined loving the feeling of him filling you up. Your words turning him on even more.
“Yeah darling? Do I make you feel good? You make me feel amazing. Fuck.” He groaned as he watched your hips snap back down. “Yeah Tommy, you m-make, me feel incredible. So big. Stretch me so good.” You whimpered as you repeated the movements.
His hands glued to your side, helping your body ride his cock. Eyes flickered between your chest, face and cunt. He watched the way his cock disappeared into you with ease, the way your tits bounced, and the way your eyes were squeezed tight. It was a magnificent sight.
“So tight. Take me so well darling. Fuck, and still look so innocent.”
Soon you wanted more, needed more. Instead of begging him to fuck you, you took it upon yourself. Changing the position, feet planted on the bed, you began to bounce harder against him. Tom's eyes rolled to the back of his head as he flung his it back. “Fuck. Your gonna make me cum so fast. Shit, angel.”
“Cum, Tommy, please.” You begged nearing your own release. His grip tightened around you. His eyes looked deep into yours. “May I?” You nodded, knowing what he meant.
Soon, Tom was fucking you at an inhuman speed as he used his grip to manhandle you. His hips meeting yours. Screams ripped from your throat as he ruthlessly hit your g-spot with insane accuracy. Every limb in your body becoming weak, you leaned forward, digging your head into his neck. Fingers entangled in his locks, pulling at them making him growl. You were at his mercy as he was now in complete control.
“Princess, tell. Me you are. Close.” He panted between hard thrusts. His feet were planted on the bed, back rested against the headboard giving him leverage to fuck you deep. The bed constantly creaked and hit against the wall.
“Yes! Tommy. I’m gonna– fuck.”
You clenched around him, suffocating his cock as your body convulsed against his body, your climax a thousand times more intense. This tipped him over the edge as he released into the condom. The feeling of you clutching him proved to be too much. He coaxed you through the orgasm with praises and slow thrusts.
“Atta girl, so good for me.” “You did amazing.” “Felt so amazing, the best girl. My perfect angel.”
As the pleasure sizzled down, an ache was evident between your thighs. You winced as he moved his hips a little. You were chest to chest, his hand rubbing circles on your back.
“Darling, we gotta clean you up.” Tom said breaking the silence between you. It wasn’t awkward. It was peaceful, listening to one another’s heartbeats.
“No Tommy, just stay a little longer.” You pleaded, nestling your face into his neck placing a kiss. You didn’t know what overcame you as you began to suck on the skin. You felt as if you needed to mark him, make him yours in that moment. He groaned. hands travelled to massage your ass. “You are gonna kill me darling.” He stated before placing a soft smack on your cheek, making you groan in pain.
“Shit are you okay? I’m sorry.” He panicked, never meaning to cause you pain. “I’m okay, just sore.” You admitted, hand soothing his scalp. He hummed, lips softly placing a kiss on your temple.
“C’mon. You will feel better once we freshen you up.” He perked, trying to help you off his hips. Biting your lip, you tried to conceal the painful sensation. Tom saw right through however. He quickly took off the condom, throwing it in the bin.
Turning back to you, he gave a loving kiss to your stomach and each thigh before he effortlessly picked you up bridal style, carrying you to the adjacent bathroom. He placed you on the toilet before telling you to pee, something to do with a UTI.
“I’ll be back.” He promised before exiting the bathroom. You heard a lot of shuffling and rustling of fabric coming from his room. Confused to what he was doing  until you finished, and saw a small red stain on the tissue. Embarrassment immediately flooded your body.
Tom came back, boxers now covered his lower half. He noticed your hunched posture. “Here darling.” He said as he handed you his shirt. You quickly threw it over your head, covering your body. He helped you up before hoisting you onto the cold countertop. He grabbed a cloth, dampening it in the sink. “I’m sorry.” You mumbled.
Tom furrowed his eyebrows. “What’s wrong?”
“I, y’know. Bled.” You spluttered, not able to look him in the eye. Placing a hand under your chin, he lifted it. “Don’t you dare apologise for that, it is natural. It happens.” He reassured, thumb caressing your cheek before he kissed you, careful to not hurt your fragile body.
He cleaned between your thighs, making sure you were okay. He carried you back to the bed, laying you down softly onto the fresh covers. He turned off the lights before joining you. His large arms wrapped around you, pulling you close, comforting you. “So how was it?”
“Amazing. Thank you, Tom, for being my first.” You praised giving him a quick kiss on the cheek. Your mind suddenly clogged with confusing thoughts as you remembered that this was your best friend, not boyfriend, no matter how much you wanted him to be. You couldn’t help but curse yourself out mentally for ruining your friendship. Unknown to you however, Tom was feeling the same.
“Y/N, I don’t want to be just your first. I want to be your forever.”
ew.. thanks for reading lmao
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hoodieofholland · 8 days ago
Could you write something with one of reader's relatives asking her if she's afraid of tom abandoning her now that she's pregnant and tom gets really mad when you tell him that?
Hellooo! Hope you like it!
Warnings: bit of angsty, but ends up in fluffy
"And how was your date with your cousin?"
You're currently spreading some oil over your baby bump, keeping a conversation with Tom about your day when he asks what you were trying so hard to forget. You sigh; surely, that was one point of your day you wouldn't want to share.
Today went well, expect for the little lunch you had with some friends and a relative of your, your cousin, whp wasn't exactly too aware of the damages she could cause for a future mom, who was growing with hormones and feeling extra insecure about everything. Thankfully, you were too sure about everything in your life to give a single damn about what she said, but still... You thought it was something cruel to be said.
Yet, you were determined to keep quiet about it, you didn't want to stress over her lack of kindness, because of your baby, but your silence was what Tom needed to think for himself.
"Not good, uh?", he knew you and knew your relatives enough to quickly get what got you upset, "What happened?"
"Nothing really important", you shrugged, finishing your work. Tom was folding some clothes over the bed to put on the closet, and you walked over him, kissing his cheek and sitting on the edge of your bed.
"You don't sound like you think this is unimportant, darling", he arched a brow, "C'mon, tell me".
He sounded peaceful and supportive, and you had a hell of a day. Maybe you should just shout that out and get those cruel words out of your mind. That was not much to ask for. So you did.
"You know, she's not a cool person, not all the time. She was asking about my pregnancy, about our marriage...", you sighed. "And then she came up with something really weird, asking me if I was afraid of you leaving me, now that I'm pregnant".
Tom had to pause what he was doing, his hands slowly stopping on its tracks as he folded the last piece of cloth.
"What?", he gasped, eyes narrowing at your words.
You throw your head back, getting that bad feeling again. "I know, she is pathetic. I don't even know why I agreed going out with her, since we don't really get along. But, you know, I'm pregnant, thought it would be the best of times to... I don't know, build something stronger, since we are relatives. Well, it seems like I was wrong".
Tom passed his hands through his curls, shaking his head. "I can't believe she could say something so... so..."
He sounded frustrated, but most of all, angry.
"Hey, it's okay, it was just something stupid-"
"No, y/n, that's not okay", he said. "I'm sorry, I know she's your cousin, but that's completely off limits. What the hell does she have on her mind? You're pregnant, for God's sake! Who the hell say something so stupid to a pregnant woman?!"
You sigh. "Tom, I'm not affected by her words, okay?".
"Well, I am! I truly am affected", he threw his arms in the air. "I don't even know what I'm more pissed about: the fact that she considered I'm the kind of person who would do something like this, or the reason behind why she thought someone would leave you when you're pregnant!".
"In my opinion", you caressed your baby bump with your hand, voice still low. "I think she's just jealous for what I have. You know, this new family... me, you, this little baby. This is perfection and I don't try to hide it anytime of my day. Maybe she got angry because of that."
Tom puffed his cheeks out in frustration and took a seat beside you, putting the clothes aside on his way.
"Why are you so calm with it?", he asked. "I know it happened earlier, but, still, I can't get what-"
You took his face on your hands, smiling a little and rubbing his cheeks im soft circles. "Because, as I said, I don't really care, Tommy. You know what I care for? This. Us. It doesn't matter what people ask, what they presume, or what they want to ruin in our lives. It doesn't matter, as long as we're here, good on our on. That's what family is supposed to be, a boat in the middle of an ocean of people with bad words. And that's exactly what it is, just a couple of bad words. They don't mean anything to me."
Tom's eyes shined, glossy with all the emotions he didn't even intend to hide from you. He smiled a little, nodding his head.
"You're right. Yeah, that's ridiculous, I'm sorry".
"No, you don't have anything to be sorry for", you take one of his hands and put it over your belly. "Now, talking about happier topics...", you smile kindly, "You're gonna be an amazing dad, Tom".
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xoxoavenger · a month ago
True Love
pairing: Tom Holland x reader
summary: Tom and Y/N are completely and utterly in love.
word count: 4657
warnings: major fluff
(Y/F/M) = your favorite movie (Y/Z/S) = your zodiac sign (Y/F/S)  = your favorite song
"You are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen." Prince Phillip (played by Tom Holland himself) said, staring at Rose (a.k.a. Aurora, played by Y/N L/N), who was laying asleep on the bed.
Well, she was supposed to be asleep. A small smile and a giggle revealed she was not asleep.
"Cut!" The director yelled, and Y/N died laughing. Tom smiled starting to laugh as well.
"We've done this scene three times and we haven't even gotten through it!" Tom cried out, making Y/N squeeze her eyes as she laughed. Tom stared, really thinking she was the most beautiful girl he's ever seen as he watched her mouth and eyes wrinkle with laughter.
"Okay, okay, settle down. Reset." The director called, and Y/N took several deep breathes, Tom walking back off set.
"It was a terrible idea to cast two already dating actors as the leads in love." The casting director said, watching another crewman write a five on the slate before putting it in front of the camera.
"And, action!" The director called, and Y/N slackened her face. Everyone around watched as Prince Phillip walked into frame, setting his props down on the floor. He took the helmet he was wearing, dropping it on the ground.
"You are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen." Prince Phillip (Tom) said, walking closer to the bed that held the sleeping princess. "And now, I shall wake thee with a kiss." Prince Phillip (still Tom) said, getting onto one knee next to Aurora Rose (Y/N)'s head. He leaned down, pausing above her lips for dramatic effect. Just as he was about to go in for a kiss, Y/N's lips turned into a tight smile, one she was trying hard to keep down. Phillip (Tom) tried to keep his smile from showing, just incase. It was no use, however, because Y/N let out a choked giggle. Tom leaned in to kiss her as soon as he heard the noice she made, hoping it would be fine. However, she laughed into his lips, making him laugh as well, their faces close.
"I am so sorry!" Y/N cried out, grabbing Tom's shoulder, laughing even harder as he buried his head in her neck.
The reset was quick, and Y/N tried not to laugh as she wiped her tears. A makeup artist came to brush her up, make sure she looked perfect, and then she laid back. She would not laugh. This would be a perfect take.
"Action!" Someone yelled, and the sound of Phillip dropping his sword on the ground was heard. Next was the helmet, which made a dull thud, as the ground was not real stone and the helmet was not real steel.
This is where Y/N usually lost it.
"You are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen." Phillip said, and Y/N tried to keep the blush off her cheeks.
Dead puppies. Tom dying. Garbage.
Her thoughts were usually what made her laugh. She could contain it this time, though, she could. She would.
"And now, I shall wake thee with a kiss." Phillip said, not waiting to kiss Aurora Rose. He couldn't chance it, as last time the princess had laughed herself into hysteria when he hovered above her.
Aurora Rose opened her eyes slowly after Phillip pulled away, blinking twice as she was supposed to. She then smiled, the two looking at each other as if they put the stars in the sky. Y/N (no longer acting as Aurora Rose and instead on purely selfish needs) grabbed Phillip's cape, pulling him in close and kissing him. Not a Disney kiss, one that would probably cut after half a second to their wedding kiss to make a beautiful transition.
"I believe that's why we cast two already in love actors for the leads." The assistant director said.
Once someone yelled 'Cut!' everyone cheered, and Y/N parted from Tom, letting out a laugh.
"Thank God." Tom said, laughing with her.
"Alright, now for the close angle." The director said, and the couple looked at each other.
"Oh shit." Y/N said, laughing. She barely managed to keep a straight face after five takes, and that was without a camera in her face.
"Hey, I'm Tom Holland." Y/N said with a completely straight face.
"And I'm Y/N L/N." Tom waved, and they both looked at the camera.
"And today we're doing the WIRED Autocomplete interview." Y/N smiled, and Tom began to chuckle.
"So you can keep it together doing this but not when we're filming an important scene?" Tom asked, and Y/N smiled, barely holding back her giggles.
"I am an actress, Thomas. I have no idea what you mean." Y/N turned to the camera, and Tom rolled his eyes.
"Can we just have the first board?" Tom asked, amusement evident in his voice.
"Here, you hold mine, I'll hold yours. That's how it works." Tom said, handing her the board. Y/N held it on her lap, looking at it upside down as she pulled the paper off the first question.
"Does Tom Holland... do his own stunts?" She asked, crumpling up the paper and keeping it in her hand.
"I do, actually, I do do my own stunts,"
"'Do do.'" Y/N giggled like a child, and Tom let out a noise that was between a breath and a laugh, looking at her.
"Really?" He smiled, and she nodded, her smile creasing her makeup. "But, there are some stunts that I can't do, and then I have my stunt doubles Greg and Luke - who are incredibly talented - and they do some of the action sequences in Spider-Man. So, yeah, I do most of my own stunts, but I can't take all the credit." Tom said, and Y/N nodded, pretending she didn't already know this.
"Alright, does Tom Holland... spoil movies? Yes, I can answer this one with 100% confidence. He literally spoiled something in the last interview." Y/N nodded, and Tom gaped at her.
"Why are you calling me out like that?" Tom asked, feigning betrayal.
"You set yourself up for this stuff!" Y/N said, moving to rip off another paper. "Does Tom Holland... play video games? Well, I can tell you first hand that the Spider-Man PS4 game is higher ranked than his girlfriend." Y/N stared at the camera.
"So, that is a yes, I do play video games." Tom nodded, and the two looked at each other before bursting into laughter.
"Does Tom Holland... have a spidey-sense?" Y/N read off, and she raised an eyebrow, looking at Tom.
"I'll never tell." He said the camera, and Y/N, still staring at the camera, reached out and pushed Tom off the chair.
"There's your answer. Take what you want from that." Y/N said as Tom got back on his chair, the crew around them fighting to hold back their laughter. Y/N bit her tongue, trying not to laugh as she looked at the board.
"What was that for?" Tom asked, pulling on his jacket.
"I activated it." She said seriously.
"What?" He asked, and she raised an eyebrow.
"Your spidey-sense." She suggested, and he nodded.
"Right, right, next question." He said, and Y/N rolled her eyes, a small smile creeping on to her face.
"Does Tom Holland... like anime?" Y/N asked, sitting back in her chair. She looked at Tom, waiting for him to answer as he too looked at the board.
"I'm not the biggest fan. I like the Studio Ghibli films. Y/N and I watch those sometimes when they're on." Tom answered, and Y/N nodded "Spirted Away is one of my favorite films ever, though." Y/N sighed as she thought about the amount of times she'd seen that movie.
"He always picks it when we order in. I like it, but I've seen it so many times." Y/N complained, and Tom pursed his lips.
"Okay, well, ma'am, you are not all that great of a movie picker yourself. You always pick a Sebastian Stan movie or (Y/F/M), which I have seen at least twenty times this month." Y/N's eyebrows raised comically as she looked at the board, pulling another paper.
"Does Tom Holland... need glasses? No, but he wears them anyway because he doesn't know the struggle of being blind." Y/N said, making Tom laugh.
"Y/N's just upset because she can't see without corrective lenses." Tom said, and Y/N hit him - lightly - over the head with the board.
"Whatever, next board." Y/N laughed, and Tom reached down to pull her chair closer to his, despite the fact she had just hit him with a board.
True love.
"Alrighty, my turn to ask the questions. Wait, I don't like the feeling of this under my nails!" Tom complained, and Y/N let out a laugh as he began to rip the paper off, grimacing.
"You're so brave." Y/N patted him on the shoulder, and he smiled.
"Thanks, babe. What is Y/N L/N's zodiac sign?" Tom asked, and he looked up at the camera. "She is a (Y/Z/S). She doesn't know that though, because she doesn't pay attention." Tom answered for her, and Y/N giggled, looking at the camera guiltily.
"You don't know your zodiac sign?" A crew member said, and Y/N stared at him.
"Of course I do. I'm a (Y/Z/S)." She said, completely mispronouncing it, making everyone laugh. "I don't really care for all the predictions with signs and whatnot. I think you choose your life and you choose your fate, not the fucking stars." Once the words were out of her mouth, Tom stared at her, mouth open, and she looked at him confused.
"What? Why are you - oh shit, I just cussed! Dammit - no I - ugh!" Y/N said, making everyone laugh again. "I'm definitely not supposed to cuss on the press tour for a Disney movie."
"The movie is rated PG-13." Tom suggested, and she shook her head.
"Still, I feel wrong. Like I need to apologize to Mickey Mouse." Y/N shivered for effect, and Tom rolled his eyes.
"Anyways, next question. What is Y/N L/N's... favorite food? Anything I cook." Tom answered immediately.
"Okay, sir, I didn't realize this was a quiz on how much you know me." Y/N said, smiling as she crossed her arms.
"Love, I know you better than you know yourself." Tom told her, and Y/N's eyes widened.
"Really? We'll see about that, Mr. Holland." Y/N turned back to the camera, waiting for Tom to agonizingly peel the strip off the board.
"What is Y/N L/N's... favorite song?" Tom asked. He turned to her, not sure of this one.
"Oh, no, go ahead. You know me better than I know myself, so tell me, what is my favorite song?" Y/N asked raising an eyebrow at him.
"I do, I do, don't worry, I got this. Y/N's favorite song is..." Tom started, and Y/N cocked her head as he watched him. "Lie Lie Lie."
"Am I at least close?" Tom asked, and when Y/N didn't respond, he flopped his body on top of hers like a child. "Answer me!" He whined, and Y/N chuckled as she ran his hands through his hair.
"My favorite song is (Y/F/S)." Y/N answered, and Tom suddenly groaned, sitting up.
"I was about to guess that one!" He insisted, and Y/N nodded.
"Really?" It was said more as a statement, completely not believing him.
"Yes. What is Y/N L/N's... age? She turned 22 today." Tom said proudly, and Y/N took the board from his hands, now that they were done with the questions, and threw it to the side.
"My turn!" Y/N yelled, grabbing the next board. Tom watched her smirk at him.
"So, for everyone who's keeping score, Tom got 3 correct that time." Y/N said to the camera, going to pull the first paper off.
"How did Tom Holland..."
"I hate that board. It's giving me goosebumps." Tom interrupted her, and Y/N hit him without looking up.
"It's my turn, hotshot. How did Tom Holland get jacked?" She asked, and the began laughing. Tom started to take his jacket off as a joke, but Y/N leaned her head against him as she continued to laugh. "He didn't." Y/N said.
"He goes to the gym a lot." Tom answered at the same time, and they both burst into laughter.
"Another thing he loves more than his girlfriend." Y/N said, and Tom grabbed her face, bringing it toward him to plant a big kiss on her cheek. She giggled, heat crawling up her neck and onto her cheeks. Tom wasn't normally big on PDA, but the little things made her heart flutter.
This man.
"Okay, one point for me."
"No," Tom interrupted, but she was already reading the next question.
"How did Tom Holland... find out he was Spider-Man? Well, he thought he hadn't gotten the role, and we were all super bummed, and then my best friend called while we were having dinner at his parents house, and they were like 'girl, your boyfriend is all over the news.' And my first thought was, 'shit, what did Tom do this time?' And they were like 'no, no, he's gonna be Spider-Man.'" Y/N relived the moment, remembering it with fondness.
"And she dropped her phone, we all thought someone died. I was so afraid, and then she looked at me and said 'you're gonna be Spider-Man.' My whole family freaked. It was an amazing experience." Tom finished, and Y/N smiled and nodded.
"How did Tom Holland.. get famous?" Y/N read off, and then she bit her lip. She wasn't sure what exactly made Tom famous, but she did have a pretty good idea. "Luck and bad calls." She shrugged, and Tom pushed her. "I'm kidding, he's very, very driven. I'm very proud of this man, he's on of the most hardworking-"
"Okay, love, we get it, there's only so much time in this interview." Tom stopped her, trying not to blush. Y/N looked dead into the camera.
"I was actually talking about Harry Holland, my bad." Before Tom could say anything back, she ripped the next one off. "How does Tom Holland say 'croissant.'"
"Really?" Tom asked as Y/N groaned.
"I literally am so tired of this joke. It's not even funny anymore." Y/N sighed, throwing the board.
"I say it right. I don't know why everyone else has to say it more Frenchy." Tom complained. Y/N stared at him.
"You're literally the one saying it more like the French." She told him, to which he shook his head.
"No, I am not."
"Then why do you say it like that?" She asked, trying not to laugh.
"Because that's just the way English people say it." Tom shrugged, putting a hand on his thigh as he grabbed another board. "Man, I really hate these boards!" Tom complained once more.
"We're almost done." She sighed, smiling.
"When is Y/N L/N's birthday? Um, today, I already said this." Tom said, going for the next one.
"But this will be posted on a different day. So what's her actual birthday?" A crew member asked. Tom sighed, looking into the camera.
"November 29, 1854. Next!" Tom peeled the next strip, and Y/N had to bite her tongue to keep from laughing. "Does Y/N L/N have twitter? Yes, she has a fan account for Tom Holland, great guy." Tom nodded seriously.
"I also have one for Jake Gyllanhaal, even better dude." Y/N nodded along.
"I also have one for Jake, my husband." Tom reached for the next one, trying not to laugh and ruin the joke. "How does Y/N pronounce her name? No clue, make sure to ask her for me though." Tom winked at the camera.
"Are we actually playing our game still?" Y/N asked before Tom could rip the next one.
"No, it's too easy for me. How tall is Y/N? See, the question should really be, how short is she? And the answer is pretty short."
"You have no room to talk! You know that when Mackie did this, he said that you're so tiny you could show up wearing my jeans and they'd look like yours!" Y/N yelled, realizing too late her volume was probably a little too loud.
"Mackie is a liar and a bully." Tom looked straight in the camera, and Y/N regretted ever bringing their friend up. "Mackie better check himself because I'm coming for his career." Tom stared for a little too long, causing Y/N to rip a paper off for herself.
"Who is Y/N's role model?"
"Harrison. Oh, this is awkward." Y/N let her eyebrows raise as she clenched her teeth, and Tom took a deep breath.
"Did we just break up?" He asked seriously.
The only problem was he did so in an American accent, since he was so used to using one to act.
"I think we did." Y/N said in a British accent before the two dissolved into laughter.
"Can Y/N L/N dance? Well, she likes to." Tom said, and Y/N rolled her eyes.
"I'm a good dancer!" She defended. Tom looked at her.
"I didn't say you weren't!" He yelled back, and Y/N scoffed.
"You didn't say I was." She crossed her arms and pouted.
"Anyways, that's the end of that board." Tom tossed it.
"That's all the time we have for today." A crew member said, making the both of them sigh.
"No! There's still more!" Y/N cried, having fun.
"Yes, please just let us do one more!" Tom asked, begging their supervisor as well. She looked at her watch before frowning and shaking her head, and Y/N dramatically flopped onto Tom.
"Well, this has been fun." Tom put a hand in Y/N's hair, making her close her eyes and smile.
"Go see our new movie, Once Upon a Dream, in theaters whenever it comes out." Y/N said, and Tom laughed before waving.
"Hello there! My name is Ryan Reynolds." Y/N introduced herself wrongly, smiling at the camera across from the table she was sitting at.
"I'm Blake Lively." Tom played along, not missing a beat.
"And I'm Hugh Jackman," James Corden instantly caught onto the joke, making Y/N and Tom bite their lips to contain their smiles. "And we are playing Fill or Spill Your Guts." James announced the game. Before he could explain anything else, Y/N began turning the table.
"Everyone knows how this works, we've seen it a million times, what's on the table is a surprise because I'm not going through it. Okay, Tom, I'm asking you something first." She smiled, looking at the card in front of her. James just shook his head, looking between the couple. "I'm giving you the bird saliva." Y/N stopped the table, and Tom gagged. "If we broke up right now, who would be your rebound?" The crowd screamed, Tom and James sitting dumbstruck.
"That isn't even on the card!" James wheezed out as he began laughing. Tom still stared at her, while she sat smirking, eyebrow raised. She didn't really care if he answered or not - she was very trusting of Tom - but it was funny to see him squirm.
"Is this a trick question?" Tom let out a nervous chuckle, but then widened his eyes. "You aren't allowed to ask that! James said it wasn't on the card!" Tom called out, making Y/N chuckle.
"James has no idea. Take the L and drink the bird saliva, Blake." Y/N joked, making Tom shake his head. He looked up to the ceiling, thinking. Should he really answer this question.
"I honestly can't think of anyone else I'd want to date." Tom shrugged, hoping this got him off the hook. The audience 'awed' and Tom smiled as Y/N looked at him sweetly.
"Isn't he amazing?" Y/N asked, smiling as the audience cheered. Tom breathed a sigh of relief. "Now, drink up, lover-boy." Y/N winked, making Tom groan. He picked up the heavy drink, took a deep breath, and then took a gulp, which he almost immediately threw up.
"That was so gross." Tom sighed out, wiping his mouth.
"I bet." Y/N laughed as Tom gulped down water. James began to spin the table for Y/N, which made her heart pick up.
"Alright, Y/N," James spun the table to put the tarantula in front of her. She sat back in her seat, not wanting to get close to that. Tom chuckled from his seat, making Y/N glare at him.
"She's deathly afraid of spiders, incase anyone was wondering." Tom told the audience. Y/N closed her eyes, trying not to focus on it.
"It's dead!" James yelled out, making everyone laugh.
"That doesn't make it less gross!" Y/N practically screamed, which made more people laugh.
"Alright, alright. Y/N, is-" James cut himself off, laughing before he could even finish the question.
"Oh no," Y/N muttered, but her microphone picked it up.
"Is Tom Holland's-" James laughed some more, but now Tom was also freaking out.
"Babe," Tom looked at her from across the table. He looked terrified.
"Spit it out, Corden! My God." She yelled, smiling and trying to calm her racing pulse.
"Is Tom Holland's penis more like a carrot stick or a beer can?" James erupted into laughter again, and Y/N joined this time.
Tom did not.
"Love, you cannot answer this." Tom pleaded.
"It's a fucking tarantula, babe! I'm not eating that!" Y/N yelled, realizing that her hot cheeks probably looked the same way Tom's did.
"Y/N, please-"
"Carrot stick!" She yelled, making everyone except Tom laugh, who put his head in his hands.
"Whatever my turn." Tom grumbled, but Y/N could tell he wasn't seriously upset. "James, I'm giving you bull's penis." Tom smirked, satisfied with himself.
"Bring it." James replied, wiping tears from his eyes.
"Who was your least favorite guest host on the Late Late Show?" Tom asked, and no sooner had it left his mouth that James was eating a bite of the penis. Y/N and Tom both stared.
"Dude, what the fuck?" Y/N asked, a smile beginning to break out. "My turn again!" Y/N yelled, and Tom groaned.
"Please stick to the cards." Tom begged as Y/N turned the table to look over all the selections.
"No promises." Y/N didn't even look at him, making Tom shake his head. "I'm gonna give you the giant water scorpion." Y/N stopped the table, and Tom sighed. He looked at the scorpion on the lettuce, then back at his girlfriend.
"Please," Tom's eyes widened. Y/N rolled her eyes.
"Stop being such a baby, it'll be fine." Y/N told him, making a couple giggles come out. "If you died, who would you want me to date?" Y/N asked, and Tom's eyes went wide.
"Y/N!" Tom whined, making her laugh.
"I don't make up the questions, they're just on the card!" Y/N defended.
"No it is not!" Tom and James yelled at the same time, making Y/N double over in laughter.
"Okay, fine, it's not. I'll ask the boring question." Y/N sighed.
"You didn't even read the question! How would you know if it was boring?" James asked, making everyone laugh even more.
"Okay, okay. Thomas, read - you can't do this." Y/N cut herself off, looking at Tom with wide eyes.
"What is it?" Tom asked, staring at her.
"Tom," She her eyebrows raised as Tom smiled.
"Just say it, love." Tom told her.
"Read the last five texts between you and me." Y/N sighed. Tom's eyes widened at her. He licked his lips, looking around. He remembered their last texts vividly, but just incase it had somehow changed, he took out his phone.
"Can I just show you?" Tom asked James, who shook his head.
"That's no fun." James sighed. Y/N got up from her chair to look at his phone.
"You can't read these." She whispered, a small smile on her face.
"I could," Tom chuckled, and she hit his shoulder before walking back to her seat.
"You can do what you think." Y/N shrugged. She didn't think Tom would read them, but she was afraid he may change his mind.
"We - ha," Tom let out a nervous chuckle as he began to read. He looked at the scorpion, then at his phone, and then back at the scorpion before turning his phone off and eating the scorpion. "You're welcome." He winked at Y/N, who scrunched his face at him.
"You better brush your teeth twelve times before you even come close to me." Y/N shook her head.
"Exactly twelve times?" Tom raised an eyebrow and then took a gulp of water.
"I'll fucking count." Y/N stared him down.
"Alrighty then. I've decided, in all the time that you took fighting, that you get a thousand year old eggnog." James spun the table. Y/N grabbed one of the glasses and sniffed it, before gagging.
"Where do you get this shit?" Y/N asked, putting it back down and leaning back.
"Not important. Anyway, I need you to-" James giggled a bit. "This is a good one. Rank Tom's brothers, including him, in order from most to least hot." The audience screamed loudly, and Y/N sighed.
"Is Harrison on this list?" Y/N asked.
"No!" Tom yelled, a laugh interrupting him.
"Well, Paddy is underaged, so let's just ixnay him." Y/N sighed, thinking of if she was actually gonna answer this question.
"Y/N, seriously,"
"Smell this shit, Tom! It's absolutely disgusting!" Y/N yelled. Tom got up as Y/N grabbed the eggnog. She lifted it up for him to smell, and he instantly recoiled as he breathed in.
"You still - Y/N, you can't." Tom shook his head, staring at her.
"How mad would you be if you weren't first?" Y/N asked, making Tom's jaw drop.
"Very." He crossed his arms.
"Sit down." Y/N motioned to the seat but Tom remained by her. She looked at the green egg nog, sighed, then plugged her nose and took a sip. She immediately gagged, feeling as though she was blind because of the terrible taste. It was if someone set garbage on fire inside her mouth. She gagged again, and then realized Tom was holding her hair back as she spit up into a bucket that he was holding for her.
"True love." James commented. When Y/N finally regained her senses, she smiled up at Tom, who laughed at her. He set the bucket down, and then wiped her eyes. She put a hand on his, heart fluttering. He kissed the top of her head before heading back to his seat. She took a few big swigs of water.
"Anyways, James, now that you've literally killed her, I'm gonna give you cow tongue jello mold." Tom turned the table, and James shook his head. "Here's your question." Tom looked at his card.
"Make one up." Y/N mumbled from the other side of the table, smiling innocently when the boys looked at her.
"No, actually, there's a good one on here." Tom chuckled as he read the card. "Name two of the camera men in the room tonight." Tom smiled at the cameras, and James shook his head, worried.
"It's actually a new crew tonight." James said, and Y/N shook her head. "This is so disgusting." James cut a piece off his jello.
"This is so embarrassing." Y/N said, and James lightly hit her arm.
"You name them!" James yelled, and Y/N's jaw dropped.
"That wasn't my question! I paid my dues, you pay yours." Y/N shoved him, and he shook his head. "Would you like me to feed it to you." She teased, picking up the fork. James opened his mouth to decline, but she shoved the fork into his mouth. As James gagged, Y/N turned to the camera.
"This has been Fill or Spill Your Guts! Ryan Reynolds out!"
"Go see our new movie, Once Upon a Dream!" Tom promoted.
"Oh my God, I forgot about that!"
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lovewasted · 7 months ago
can’t control it | t.h.
request: ‘Can you like a tom or timothee (id like a tom but whatever your comfortable with its okay) where they are in like an argument and in the middle of the argument tom or tim said something really hurtful and its just fluff at the end (is okay if your not comfortable writing this tho👁️👄👁️)’
tw: dad!tom, language, angst, & fluff.
a/n: gif is mine, if u use give credit. this felt very rushed, and i know it isn’t my best work and that i could’ve done better. i just wanted to do something good, at least. so if it’s not what you wanted i apologize ahead of time. things happened too fast, and there’s a lot i need to do better and brush up on. requests are open.
Tumblr media
∘₊✧─── “AND how’s daddy’s little lovie doing today?” tom was referring to delilah, the two year old curly haired, and light brown eyed toddler. she wearing a onesie today, with care-bears displayed about its white fabric. her chocolate ponytail, is floppy and her fly always are atrocious. yet she was still tom’s little girl, however she just woke up from a nap and was entirely too grumpy for his liking. his eyes darted from you to her, swallowing her in his arms after coming back home from an exhausting day of shooting for spider man three. meanwhile, your day consisted of laundry, dusting, vacuuming and all of the house wife duties, per say.
the worst part is tom was gone so much that he found being at home a vacation. in the past three months, he’s seen you and delilah twice.
the fact that he was gone didn’t bother you, it was the fact that while he was away filming he didn’t even bother to call and ask how delilah was. you didn’t care about yourself, but tom can’t go off and forget about his life when he’s acting. it’s as if he’s taking his job a little too literal.
if only you know that he didn’t text because you figured you had it handled. you’d been doing it for two years with him in and out, what’s the difference now? but, just because you tolerate it doesn’t mean you like it. you weren’t one to bring up problems or any misconceptions and tom didn’t like confrontation. acting was his first priority, and family was second apparently.
this house, felt like something he hadn’t seen before. you finally got around to decorating, new backsplash in the kitchen, better hardwood floors, new posting framed about the living room of your favorite bands that you’d blast after a make out session in the back of his old car.
this woman folding losing a pale yellow towel at the moment was the same, yet different. your hair was frizzy and something about the bags under your eyes were attractive to tom. he appreciated that when he was gone you took care of everything, though you didn’t have to. he still remembers the day he found you, working at the record store on his favorite avenue. you worked in his hometown, though you aren’t from there— it was primarily for a college lesson.
two hands collided together upon ‘wiped out!’ the neighbourhood record. pinkies grazing the likes of the other, one painted a vibrant red and the other begging to be held.
you made his heart swell since. almost like this burning sensation that never goes out.
now, you share that with delilah, and tessa. at times, you maybe feared he loved tessa more than the both of you.
it’s not that you weren’t infatuated with thomas, it’s that you aren’t infatuated with his current routes.
“ ‘m fine daddy,” delilah’s always had a way with jumbling her words together. tom found it all the more potently impressive. she stood tall with her hands flat against her sides, eyeing her small stuffed purple elephant on the floor. you turn your head in the direction of tom and delilah, whilst trying to multi-task the folding of bathroom toiletries. you wished you could sink back into the brown-buttoned couch instead of continuing to bite your tongue.
“jus’ fine baby? you didn’t miss daddy?” tom questions, his eyebrows furrowed together as he squeezed his eyes shut. her dark ones staring at his. normally, she would be jumping for joy at the sight of her father, what happened ?
tom was more tone for spider man three, his jaw was more chiseled and his features more prominent. you haven’t seen that side of tom in almost a year. when would he hold you again ?
delilah moves her fingers in a tiny ‘come here’ motion for tom to bring his ear closer to her. she thinks you can’t hear, during he two years of living you discovered that she’s not one to whisper quietly.
“mumma said to don’t talk to you,” her breath breathes against toms ear, grammar misconstrued. toms face grind a tab but he thought that maybe delilah was just playing cat and mouse with him or that you were telling her that so he could crack the code. no, in all seriousness you were truthful. if anyone could be on your side you would want it to be you daughter. tom pulls back from her, leaving her to the toy, pacing his way to you; with your backward and forward folding motions. tom’s demeanor changes when he notices you don’t even make a second glance at him. the hoodie of his sweatshirt flashes his hair upon him placing a quick kiss to your jawline, his favorite place to kiss you. because it gave way to the others.
“darling, i’ve missed you,” tom’s accent is thick, wrapping his hand tightly around your wrist to make you stop with the large laundry loud and pay attention to him.
no response.
“you really tell her not to talk to me?” he plops next to you on the couch, throwing an arm over your shoulder. meantime, knocking over not one, but two stacks of towel. could’ve sworn steam was coming out of your ears.
but, you suffered in silence.
“God, and no welcome home kiss either?” he jokes, to his dismay there was nothing lighthearted about this situation. “you two really know how to make me feel at home.”
“how can we make you feel at home when you make no time to be here?” you snap, scooting away from him you place your head in your hands.
“where’s that coming from love?” tom’s curiosity sparks, as he feels a genuine weight lower onto his heart. he notices you biting the insides of your cheeks, you always did that when you were anxious.
“did you forget we exist .. or something tom!” you point to delilah, and back at tom with a disheartening glance in your orbs.
“you’re yelling at me for something i can’t control. ‘m not doing this with you,” he withers his head, delilah sparking out a laugh because she has no exaction of what’s happening.
“yes tom we know you can’t control it, but don’t forget you have a wife and a daughter who need you. that’s your excuse every time, even if it isn’t an argument,” you rant, turning away from the couch trying to be quick on your feet to the bedroom, you can hear tom jump past delilah, leaving her to imagine a barbie world. she was quite usual on her own.
“y/n, i thought when i came home i could’ve made it up to you, but you already want nothing to do with me,” tom reiterates, he’s looking for things to say, but the right words never come out. you stomp in the hallway, but it’s far two late once you feel tom’s grip gently ouch you too a white wall. placing his hands on either side of your head.
he despised talking to you from a distance, he needed to indulge in every facial expression you had to offer.
“that’s the fucking problem tom, i want everything to do with you!” you stomp, trying to push his body weight off of you.
“ya can’t- you can’t just do this y/n.”
“do what? tell you that you aren’t being a good father or a good husband right now?”
toms face lowered, and his body slumped over, his mind was raging.
“why don’t you get off of your ass and see what it’s like to be me for a day. be in my shoes, supermom,” he spits.
one, tom knows this remark pains you. because, you’ve worked your entire life and nothing has been handed to you. two, he’s being sarcastic and the fact that he would even say something that unpleasant makes you feel as if he’s thought that about you all along. but, you did mistaken him for a deadbeat. he was in and out and not because he choose to, he would give his life for delilah.
“get off of me tom,” you shove. only to leave his bottom lip quivering as he instantly regrets the stupidity that’s left his mouth.
you abandoned delilah for about an hour in your shared bedroom with tom. you didn’t know that for those two hours he cried with her between his arms.
‘why not gonna’ leave you again lovie?’
‘what did daddy mess up again this time, hm?’
she’s napping now, part of that two hours consisted of you unlocking the bedroom door two minutes ago only to run a flower petaled bath and close that one. neither of you said the wrong thing, just two lost souls trying to find their way back to eachother. tom always knew the right thing to say, but when he said the worst. it was the worst possible comment imaginative.
your thoughts are interrupted by a soft knock on the oak framed door. you know that it’s tom and you can’t avoid his gestures forever, you lean your nakedness back against the porcelain tub.
“it’s open,” you mumble, elongating yourself.
tom looks like delilah after she knows she about to get in trouble after doing something bad. clad with only track pants hugging his v-line.
“um, can i get in with you?” his scratches the back of his head, eyes glued to the floor.
“suppose so,” you offer scooting yourself up. you don’t watch him as he undressed, instead staring down at the pink petals floating in the bubbles water. there’s a slash, well two,one for each time his feet touch the water. his legs are on either side of yours, and you don’t know wether to allow him to hold you or stay to yourself. instead he invites himself to snake his arms around your torso, and place his chin on your shoulder. his thumb grazing your rib cage. the silence is deafening yet neither can find the right words to say.
“ ‘m a dick, and your my wife i need to treat you that way,” he whispers, placing a small peck to your collar bone.
“i shouldn’t have said you were a bad father, she loves you more than this world..” you venture off and leg go into his hold. he wants to hold you there forever.
“friends again?” he chuckles at the senseless humor, numerous misplaced kisses are smooshed against your cheek whilst you giggle miraculously.
“only if you stay home.”
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tommyluhv · 4 months ago
Eyes on you
Pairing:: Tom Holland x Reader
Warnings:: unprotected sex, smut. 18+ ONLY, name calling, language
Summary:: Mirror sex
A/n:: I kinda want someone force me to watch them fuck me hard ngl
Tom dragged you over to the bathroom worktop, your body sticking to his from the shower before. He pushed you forwards, so your hips rested against the worktop.
“You feel how hard you make me?’ He asked, grinding into your ass. ‘This is from the little stunt you pulled in the shower.”
You creeped into the bathroom, stripping silently and got into the shower behind Tom. He felt the curtain move and he turned around.
“Hiya darling.’ He cheered, his words faltered when he saw you get onto your knees. ‘What are you doing?”
You didn’t give him an answer. Just leant towards his cock, kissing his hip bones. You took his tip into your mouth, giving little kitten licks to the slit.
“Fuck baby.” His head tipped back and he moaned. You took him to the back of your throat, making him cry out and grab your hair.
He held your head still with your hair and pushed his hips forwards. Within a few minutes, he god desperate and fucked your throat with everything he had in him.
He reached the edge embarrassingly quickly, he moaned out and just as he was about to fall off the edge, you pulled off his dick. You pressed a quick kiss to the tip and got out the shower. You heard Tom whine and then groan, as you smirked.
He pulled your head back, making you look in the mirror.
“Watch yourself. Watch me fuck you. Watch me make you feel good.” He pushed your back forwards, bending you over the sink.
You pushed your hips back against him, wanting some release. He moaned and moved his hips away.
“If you look away from the mirror, I stop, understand?” You nodded, desperate to feel him fill you.
He took his dick in his hand and ran the tip through your lips. Without warning, he pushed all the way in. You cried out, gripping the sink.
Tom’s thrusts were relentless, not giving you time to adjust to his size. Your head dropped forwards and Tom immediately stopped his movements.
“What did I say?” He said, pushing his hips into you. You didn’t answer. “Well?”
“To keep my eyes on the mirror.”
“Then do it.” He said, starting with the same pace.
Tom was hitting the spot inside you so perfectly, you couldn’t handle it. You cried out, watching Tom’s face comfort with pleasure in the mirror.
He slowed his movements, no longer hitting that spot. You pushed your hips back, needing to feel it again. He leant against your back, pounding into you.
This was great and all, but you needed more. More specifically your clit needed attention. The poor bundle of nerves was going untouched, throbbing, desperate. You tucked a hand between your legs, leaving ghost touches on your clit.
The feeling caused your pussy to clench, tightening around Tom’s dick.
“Fuck. You need to warn me if you’re going to do that. It’s way too hot.” He moaned. You pressed down harder, the feeling washing over you.
You cried out, feeling yourself reach the edge quickly. Your fingers sped up, needing the release.
“Gunna cum.” You whined.
“Not yet. Wait for me.’ Tom reached forwards, pulling your hair. ‘Look how pretty you look like this, slut.” You moaned at the name.
When Tom let go of your hair, your head dropped forwards. Tom noticed but he was too close to the edge to get his hips to stop.
His balls tightened against his body and he gritted out a “Cum. Cum now.” before he could fall over the edge.
You came hard, your walls tightening around his dick, head resting against the worktop.
“Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.’ Tom cried. ‘So good.” The coil in his stomach snapped, cumming hard and deep inside you.
“You came a lot.” You commented as Tom pulled out.
“How’d you know?” He asked, watching his cum drip out of you, feeling his cock harden again.
“I’m fuller then usual.’ You stated, standing up straight again. ‘We might need another shower.”
“With shower sex?” Tom said, enthusiastically.
“If you’re lucky.” You said climbing into the bath, leaving Tom standing in the bathroom.
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sweetboitom · 26 days ago
Fluff- Peter taking the reader to delmars for the first time after school
Tumblr media
Favorite Spot
Pairing: Peter Parker x Stark!reader
Warnings: None, just some fluff
Word count: 356
The bell rang and you sighed thinking “finally the days over. I just want my bed and some chinese food. My brain is fried”. As you were walking out of the school, your best friend came running up to you. “Y/n!! I wanna take you somewhere! Cmon!” Peter yelled, while grabbing up hand. “Peter, slow down! I don’t have super speed, and plus my legs are shorter than yours, they only go so fast!” You said while laughing. You looked over to see Peter laughing with you. You felt at home with Peter. Something you didn’t feel often, as your dad, Tony Stark, moved you around a lot as an effort to keep you safe from all his Iron Man shenanigans. At this point you had been walking a while, when he finally stopped in front of a little shop. “Now darling” he begin while holding the door open, “this is where you will have the best sandwich of your life.” You walked in the door and just nodded towards Peter. “Uh, I don’t know what to get. I’ve never even heard of this place. My dads fancy, I don’t even eat mcdonald’s babe”. Peter could hear the concern in your voice, that’s when he grabbed your hand. “Trust me, okay? I know every good thing here. I won’t lead you astray.” Peter ordered two of his usual, all while still holding your hand, and paying for your meals. You eventually grabbed your sandwiches and headed to the nearest park. Once you ate and just sat in a comfortable silence, he looked over towards you and said, “Ya know Stark, I really like you and i know you probably don’t feel the same. But I just took you to my favorite place because you’re special to me and I want to take you there for as long as you let me, and I wanna kiss you whenever I want. Even if your dad ends up hating me-“ you cut him off by a kiss. A kiss he wasn’t expecting, but happily abided too. “Peter. I never thought you’d feel the same. I like you too”
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leetotters · 5 months ago
I can’t remember if I asked this already but one were the marvel cast doesn’t know that Tom Holland is married and reader his wife come to set with the kids
please i had this in my ask box before, but i think i deleted it LMAO my dumbass again.
dad!tom holland x mum!reader
summary: something like request^
Tumblr media
"Oh my God" Your son gasped, bringing his small hand to his mouth, gaping at the filming set in pure astonishment, he pulled you along with him as he saw a machine like object, "Look at this mama" He spoke his voice lacing with excitement, "Daddy" Xavier called out to his father, who was showing your little girl, Estelle around the set.
Tom walked over to his son, laughing when his little girl asked to come down from his arms, wanting to see what her brother was so peppy about, "Look at this daddy" Xavier pointed to the machine, a wide smile crossing his pink lips, "Woah buddy" Tom grinned, glad his family was having a good time so far. "What's that" Estelle asked her little finger poking the object.
"No touching Es" You interlocked her smaller hand with yours, not sure if the machine was real or not, "When are we meeting your friends daddy" Your daughter cheerily inquired, she was pumped to meet her favorite superheros, especially 'Captain America', she was a huge Steve Rogers fan, she even brought her Cap shield that Tom bought her for her birthday.
"Hey Holland" A familiar person spoke from behind, making all four of your turn around, to be met by the infamous avengers cast, "Is that," Estelle drawled out, her lips twitching in a smile, her eyes scrunching from how wide it was, "Captain America" She squealed releasing your hand, running towards her favored avenger.
Cevans scooped the little girl in his open arms, "You're Captain America" She held his cheeks in her hands, visibly surprised she actual met the 'superhero', Cevans wore a broad smile, "Yes, and who might you be" He bounced the girl in his arms, "My name is Estelle Holland" She stated proudly, she learned to say her full name a few months ago with your help of course. Cevans along with the others were stunned, the last time they checked, the younger actor was single.
Tom picked his son up, resting him on his hip and intertwined his fingers with yours walking to his fellow actors, "Hey guys" Tom uttered gaining everyone's attention, "See you all have met my daughter" The little girl screeched joyfully at her father's voice, "Daddy look I met Steve" She squeezed Cevans cheeks again making everyone laugh.
"You're a father huh Holland" Scarlett spoke up, sauntering over to Tom, cooing at Xavier in his arms, the little boy was shy at first, blushing at the lady and hiding his face in his fathers neck, but quickly warmed up when she mentioned showing him some avenger gadget's used during missions.
"Not to sound rude or anything Tom," Lizzie began, "But mind explaining a little" She blushed asking Tom to answer the question that was weighing in everyone's mind right now. Tom rubbed the back of his neck, letting out an awkward chuckle, thankful that you spoke before he did.
"Well" you coughed out loud, clearing your throat, "Tom and I are married," the silver ring rested beautifully on your fourth finger confirmed it, "And we have two children, Estelle and-" You were cut off by your son, "I'm Xavier" He pointed to himself making everyone chuckle.
Tom spoke up, "Yeah guys, I wanted to tell you all sooner but y'know with the media and stuff, we thought it better to keep it between close family" Tom tightened his hold on your hand, feeling it slightly starting to shake.
"Don't worry, we understand" Robert came up, pulling you both in a hug, mumbling 'welcome to the family Ms. Holland' into your ear, giving you a peck to your cheek, before he turned facing both your kids who were in Cevans and Scarletts arms, giggling at jokes Paul and Mark were making up.
"My grand babies" Robert called out his 'grand babies'.
"Hey I'm Lizzie" Elizabeth came up to you and Tom holding out her hand which you took, "I'm Y/N" You smiled internally screaming because Wanda was your favorite avenger, "Mind if I take your lovely wife Holland" Lizzie grabbed your hand, not waiting for a response as she led you to the lounge area making Tom shake his head, letting out a laugh.
"Daddy, I met Thor" Xavier came running up to his dad, jumping up and down showing Tom a small replica of Mjollnir, "Woah buddy" Tom replied to his son with the same enthusiasm, "I know right, it's so cool" Xavier sprinted off again to his sister, this time, who was still in Cevans arms showing him her Cap shield.
The evening was spent with everyone having a late lunch, playing with the kids, you chatting with Brie, Lizzie and Scarlett about random topics and even sharing embarrassing stories about Tom and their lovers, Tom was given blessings by his older actors saying that he chose a good wife, even adding that you both made beautiful kids, Anthony joking that the kids beauty was because of you.
Tom was overjoyed seeing his on set family and actual family getting along together, he couldn't have asked for anything better, even if he got snarky comments about everyone preferring his children and you over him which is a joke ofc.
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