catyypss a day ago
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Hange holding Levi's waist is probably cutest thing I've ever seen馃ぇ
Ref TOMDAYA馃槱鉂わ笍馃憞
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spidermaninlove a day ago
Tumblr media
Tom is 100% in Z's house.
Z's bedroom (video) vs the room Tom is in. Same type of door.
Thanks, anon
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giuliadrawsstuff a day ago
Tumblr media
All it takes is One Levihan Mind.
@dontatmethanks鈥 @elmundodeflor鈥 @littlelasagne鈥 and Jess
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tomdayastuff 2 days ago
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Z liked.
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tomdayauniverse 2 days ago
Girl Crush pt. IV
To @simpforflorencepugh1 馃グ
Pt. I, Pt. II, Pt. III
Fem reader! Tom and Zendaya are flirtys and the reader is a mess.
The first misunderstood.
Tumblr media
Reader is on the bathroom wearing Zendaya's confortable clothes.
She can feel Zendaya's sweet smell on it and gives a little smile standing in front of mirror.
Mostly ignoring her subconscious screamimg on her for having agreed to stay.
She feels stomach fluttering.
Not hungry, but anxiety. And a little of antecipation.
Antecipation of what? She was asking herself.
Yeah she was about to sleep in a house of two of the most famous actors in the world with just a hallway separating them, and yes they were kinda strangers, but she liked to think that maybe a friendship was growing.
But even though she always expected the worst from every situation, they had a great time togheter and the dinner went way better than she expected...
So nothing could go wrong for the rest of night, right?
"Right" she wispered to herself on her way out of the room's bathroom.
But Zendaya just openned the door like she couldn't had catch reader changing clothes.
She just stopped in the doorway and looked at her from head to toe.
Then gave reader a warm smile, like she was seeing an adorable puppy or something.
"It fitted you well" she said. "but the shirt is inside out" and laugh.
Reader took a second to understand. Looking back in the mirror, she notices the problem, she was so distracted with her own thoughts that she wore the shirt wrong.
Rolling her eyes at herself, she felt dumb again.
"Let me fix this" she said expecting Zendaya to come out of the bathroom so she could dress up again.
But Zendaya didn't move a muscle.
"What?" She asked in confusion then understood that reader was waiting for her to leave "Oh, c'mon you don't have to worry, I have everything you have, don't need to be shy about it".
But reader didn't move. She just kept staring at Zendaya.
"What?" She laughs even more "I'm a girl, you're a girl..."
"I just..."
"Here, let me help you".
Fast dialogues, reader was a little dizzy but she couldn't tell if it is because of the wine she had or because of Z perfume on her.
And just as fast as she took the shirt out of reader's body, she turned the shirt right side out and put it back on her.
That night had been so overwhelming that reader just raised her arms accepting everything.
It was just a friendly girls thing to do, right?
Then If was a friendly 'girls-helping-eachother', why was reader's heart about to jump out of her chest?
Heavy breaths coming from her.
Oh, Zendaya could notice reader's excitement. She could definitely feel her goose bumps on the arm, and the smell of wine coming of her sighs.
They were so close.
Reader could just point at every single detail on Zendaya's face.
She was breathtaking.
"Let's go downstairs, I think Tom is jealous" Z said rolling her eyes.
"Why would he be jealous of you?" Reader asked.
"Oh no, he's jealous of you." She said, yet close to her.
Reader gave her a confused look and Zendaya smirked. Was she getting close to look at something on her face?
Her lips just planted firmly on the side of reader's head as she hummed softly. Then she dramatically pulled away with a loud 鈥榤wah!鈥
Zendaya has been so strangely affective with her.
Reader giggled softly and looked up at her with adoring eyes.
A soft smile grew on the actress lips.
鈥淐an I kiss you Y/N?鈥 She asked while staring at reader without blinking for even a second.
She looked nervous.
Oh, wow. That's surprising.
Reader almost forgot she was in her playfull mode.
And of course she had to make it tense, because that was the flirty Zendaya.
Joking again.
Despite not liking physical contact, reader just accepted that Zendaya had a caring personality.
So she just shrugged "sure".
Not as calm as she sounded.
"There鈥檚 something I need to tell you.鈥 Zendaya breathes out and reader is a little worried with how breathless she sounds.
"What is-鈥 before Y/N can even finish what she's saying, Zendaya's hands are already touching reader's face, just like she was doing during the dinner.
But reader is even more surprised when Z tilts her head to press her lips against hers.
Inside screamimg.
Like kksjsjaksiekdjsksisjsnidmsoskjkak
And a lot of "WTF" too.
Reader even consider pinching herself, just to make sure it was actually happening.
When Zendaya's arms wrap around her waist, holding her securely as her stumble back, that's when reader decides to walk away.
Like, in a very abruptly way.
That was a punch on Zendaya's stomach. :(
She didn't faced rejection many times.
But no one would ever know.
Reader just kept walking next to her downstairs, not knowing what to say. Like, her mind can't even process a coherent thought, it just felt... wrong.
Not for the reasons Zendaya thought.
Zendaya looks so apprehensive and a little... hurt?
Reader's face wasn't giving the best impression tbh.
I mean, reader was just feeling bad about what happened under Thomas house.
While her BOYFRIEND was downstairs.
Freaking out. But no one will never know.
Zendaya was just thinking that maybe she ruined everything with reader now.
And she was quite right.
She was killing herself on the inside for maybe not letting things clear enough.
When they reached Tom, both of them with head full of diferent thoughts, he could feel the tension between the two of them.
But before he even said something, reader talked with with a little watery eyes.
"Sorry, I changed my mind, so I better go home" she said, taking her phone to text an uber.
Not finding contradiction by Zendaya's side, he try to understand what's happening but Z just says him to let her go.
"I'll explain you later".
Reader breathe in relief that she found a car and is happy that she's soon out of there.
But 'till driver arrive is 40 minutes of waiting.
All the 3 in complete silence in the sofa.
When Zendaya makes her way to grab something in the kitchen, Tom try to understand what's happening.
He can see that she's kinda shaking.
So he just grab her hands between his, and smile.
That make reader feel 1000000 times worse.
"Thank you for coming tonight" he said way too gentle.
He didn't asked what happened and reader is so thankfull for this.
Baby is a terrible liar. Like, she really can't lie about the minimum things.
"Thanks for having me" she said almost mad at him for being so nice.
And because that thing just happened with his girlfriend. Guilty was starting to consume her.
Because for some reason, she felt good with the kiss.
Please stop being nice please stop being nice please stop being nice pleas-
"I... we really hope to see you again" he said interrupting the don't-be-nice reader's mantra.
"Hmm" reader's said "like there's something special about my presence".
Baby was thinking out loud. No filter mode. And she sounded kinda rude when she was like that.
They hadn't seen reader's stressed side yet, and she was kinda intimidating.
Reader watch him, obviously nervous, as he gently approaches her.
Tom opens his mouth to answer,聽but can鈥檛 find the words to.
And then let her eyes slip closed as Thomas pulls her in towards him with his hands resting on her jaw.
Out of nothing. Just like that.
Car horn sound outside.
He doesn鈥檛 let his lips touch her at first, only ghosting over reader's lips for a split second before surging in with a renewed energy.
Reader tilt her head back, feeling too wrong that his hands are resting on her face.
Baby is confused.
"You sure you're not special?" he asks.
That flirt joke was going way too far.
She was feeling a little stupid for not understanding if they were serious or not.
And this was making her overwhelmed :(
Like, she was about to cry.
And as if it weren't the cherry on top, Zendaya came back into the room and caught them in that scene that the reader considered as being caught committing a crime.
So reader just took distance as far as she could, almost falling off the couch.
Oh wow that was a great way to end the night.
With Zendaya thinking she was trying to do wathever it looked with her boyfriend.
Well, Murphy's law is effective today. She thought.
Baby was just so embarassed, she wanted to merge into herself.
She couldn't even blink, she didn't wanted to risk a tear to fall.
Everyone was just STARING.
Like 馃憗 馃憗
Especially T and Z. They kept looking at each other like they were having a conversation just with the eyes
And Zendaya smiles.
Like, the girl starts to LAUGH.
And Tom is kinda smiling too.
Maybe that article that reader saw on twitter was valid and @nedvilstan was right and famous people were just CRAZY.
Or maybe she again didn't get the joke. Or she was in fact the joke.
Like, that thing of them giving her their number in a random party, call her to a dinner, ask her to sleep there and the almost kisses were just a joke on her.
A cruel CRUEL joke.
Oh, reader felt in high school again.
She just got up as fast as she could and grabbed her things without looking back.
Tom tried to say something but reader was feeling so... humiliated... that she couldn't even see what's in front of her.
Zendaya noticed it was serious, she tried to reach her right hand on reader's shoulder but baby just expelled her :(
Tom got serious too. He didn't thought she would take it like that and tried to touch her.
"Back off" she said . Not looking at them.
"Y/N... is not what you're" Zendaya tried to say but she was already next to the door. Then she hurried to catch her.
Tom did it too "darling it's not..."
But baby didn't care tbh. She just wanted to go home.
And cry. But no one would ever know.
So she did.
She was too embarassed to even look back when Zendaya said she dropped one of her things.
Zendaya and Tom were so confused between words that when they realized, she was already gone.
Could something go wrong for the rest of the night?
Reader didn't believe much in coincidences.
But definitely anything that could go wrong went wrong, at the worst possible time, in the wrost possible way.
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dragzeen 23 hours ago
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Tumblr media
yeah yeah im hoping on the tomdaya train that im lowkey already on
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peterparkerswife3000 a day ago
Peter Parker x Reader
In which Peter tries to ask you on a date <3
Tumblr media
鈥 Peter falls for you鈥 hard and he wants to know the best way to ask you out without making it too much of a big deal to everyone
鈥 It seems like everyone you two know have been pining for your love story to begin but he doesn鈥檛 want to make you the center of drama
鈥 Not when he hasn鈥檛 even made his move yet
鈥 You and Mj get distracted talking about the new charity you guys have fundraised for while Peter pulls Ned to the side
鈥 鈥渄ude鈥 he eyes peter 鈥渨hat鈥檚 wrong?鈥 He asks exasperated
鈥 鈥淚 wanna ask Y/N out鈥
鈥 That鈥檚 all he had to say for Ned to stare wide eyed at him like he鈥檇 grown 2 heads and 8 eyes
鈥 As Ned exchanged stupid advice that 鈥渨orked with Betty鈥 you and Mj found it maybe the slightest bit suspicious
鈥 You Easdropped Listened intently to their conversation and you felt the intense heat creep up your neck all the way to your cheeks
鈥 You could barely keep your breath steady as Mj gasped and wiggled her eyebrows at you suggestively
鈥 You two ran back to where they left you to walk off as you tried to pretend you were conversing about a nice charity to help the homeless center down the road to the hot dog stand
鈥 You two were obviously on the same page since you both know about peters superhearing
鈥 You couldn鈥檛 help but tune out almost everything she was saying until you heard Peter and Ned mutter an excuse for needing to leave
鈥 You and Mj went back to your place and as you both were freaking out you thought you heard a noise
鈥 She decides to call out on it and asks if you were expecting anyone
鈥 You mutter about how this person has such bad timing until Mj gasps once again
鈥 鈥淲hat if it鈥檚 Peter鈥 she whisper shouts
鈥 She shoved herself in the closet and motions for you to head towards the door
鈥 You open the door to the delivery guy instead
鈥 (I鈥檓 joking lmao forget that last part)
鈥 You look up to see Peter standing there with a sheepish grin on his face
鈥 鈥淐an I come in?鈥
鈥 鈥淥f course, your always welcome Peter鈥
鈥 After a few minutes of awkward small talk you decide to ask
鈥 鈥淧eter? Did you come for something? or鈥.鈥
鈥 鈥淩ight! Yes! I did!鈥 He exclaimed
鈥 鈥淪o鈥︹
鈥 鈥淕od Y/N your the most amazing girl in the world and I wanna go out with you鈥
鈥 Somehow forgetting Mj was in your hallway closet you felt lost in the moment until the interruption
鈥 She spills out the closet tangled up in hangers and jackets when she sheepishly smiles at you
鈥 鈥淗ey鈥︹ she awkwardly exclaimed
鈥 You and the sweet boy before you couldn鈥檛 help but laugh at the horrible timing
鈥 But that seemed to be your life, and you were happy with it :)
馃 Hey my little butterflies, I鈥檝e decided I should do something a little different and see how you guys might feel about it. Please check out my page, follow, and reblog if you can. Check out my series 鈥淪ilky web of lies鈥
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colemanholland a day ago
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Bastidores de Spider Man - No Way Home. 馃鉁
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dabblingwithdaisies 2 days ago
for a sec I was like wow zendaya is being so tactile but then I remembered she鈥檚 been holding back for three years like she deserves it
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starksview a day ago
But she is kind of right..?
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watson-emma a month ago
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Zendaya, Tom Holland praise their Spider-Man 鈥榝amily鈥
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tomdayaland a day ago
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Zendaya liked. :)
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spidermaninlove 2 days ago
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sourcezendaya a month ago
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Zendaya and Tom Holland appear on the Graham Norton Show
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florapugh 19 days ago
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Were you just friends [during the lip sync battle] or were you already crushing on each other?
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eleanorcaldit a month ago
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avengerrs 6 months ago
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tom holland and zendaya are dating. red (taylor鈥檚 version) comes out in november. HAS ANYONE CHECKED ON JAKE GYLLENHAAL
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tom-softie a month ago
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Fuck they look cute
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zen-coleman a month ago
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Zendaya and Tom Holland at a photocall for "Spider-Man: No Way Home" ( December 5, 2021)
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peterbarnes 5 months ago
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