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i just have a thing for sir thomas sharpe

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find me as tomhiddlestn and as twhiddlestonscenes on Instagram

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“I Adore You”

Tom Hiddleston x f!reader

Summary: Y/N doesn’t feel good enough and Tom assures her

Warning(s): self-hate

Word count: 899

A/N: love this idea! I didn’t focus it completely on breasts, but they are there!


Originally posted by maryxglz


They are so gross. They are not big enough. How could Tom even enjoy my body when he has to see such small breasts. He probably wants another, a better-looking girl with bigger boobs, a smaller waist, and a prettier face. How could Tom even look at me? Even I am disgusted by what I see! As I stare into the mirror with a frown, keys jingle at the front door. Choosing to ignore it because I know it is him, I slump down into our shared bed, pulling the covers above my head.

Footsteps drag tiredly into the kitchen, meaning Tom is probably wanting something to eat. I sit up and sigh before walking out of our room. My sad eyes gaze at the back of the head that is home to amazing little ginger curls. A small smile makes way to my face as he turns around and jumps at my presence. “Don’t scare me like that, darling.”, he laughed, making me look at my feet in thought. “Is there something the matter?”, he asks, closing the refrigerator. Shaking my head, I put a smile on my face. “Nothing is wrong. Just thinking.”, I get the bread out to start making a sandwich. “About what, may I ask?”, Tom teases me by pinching my backside. A squeak escapes my lips as he does so, making him laugh a little more. “No, you may not ask, but here is a sandwich. Help yourself to some chips.”, I smile at him smugly and walk to our room again.

When I sit down on the bed, a sigh escapes my lips. How does he not see how repulsive I am? Tom at least hides his disgust, probably.


“Earth to Y/N!”, Tom laughed as I look at him. “Are you sure you’re alright, darling? You seem up in the clouds tonight.”, he sits beside me. I nod, trying not to worry him. “I’m fine. Just a bit stressed.”, I gaze at him, noticing the dark circles under his eyes,” You look tired, baby.”

He leans into my touch as my hand rests on his cheek. Tom shakes his head,” I am, but I want to shower before going to bed.” Smiling a little, I nod and expect him to go to the bathroom. “Are… you not joining me?”, he tilts his head a little and squints at me. My eyes widen at his words. Feeling self-conscious, I shake my head no. “What? Why not?”, he pouts his lip, using a technique that lets him get his way often. “Already took a shower tonight.”, I shrug and snuggle into the comforter on our bed. “Oh.”, he sighs while running his hands through his hair,” Okay. See you in a bit.”

Once the shower started, I let my lip tremble, and my eyes soften. A few tears slipped from my tear ducts. Shaking my head, I wipe them off my face. No, I cannot let myself cry. Tom will know something is the matter.


As he climbed into the bed, pulling me close to him, I let out a shaky breath. “I love you.”, Tom kisses my forehead. “Love you too.”, I reply, yawning before my sentence. He smiled and got up to turn the lamp on. He hesitated.

“Are you sure nothing is wrong, love?”, he asked, giving me a soft look. I nodded,” I’m just tired, baby.” He sighed and turned away from the lamp. Tom now sat criss-cross on his side of the bed and moved some hair out of my face. “Please tell me.”, he grabbed my hand and fondled with my knuckles. “I said ‘it’s nothing’, Tom.”, I roll my eyes, getting irritated by his question. “There’s something, Y/N! Why won’t you tell me?”, he makes me look at him. Looking into his eyes, I let my walls come down. Tears spilled from my eyes as he brought me into his arms. “Everything’s wrong! With me!”

“I am not pretty, my height is a problem, and my boobs are practically nonexistent! How could you love me, Tom?”, I cry into his shoulder and he rubbed my back, trying to soothe my cries. He did not say anything for a while. He only rubbed my back and pressed a kiss to my wet cheek sometimes.

“How do you think that?” His voice came out shaky - like he had been on the verge of tears. “How do I not?”, my sentence came out as a whisper, but he had heard it. “I love you. I love everything about you. I love how your nose scrunches up when you laugh. And when I can kiss your pretty face. I love your breast, darling. I wouldn’t take any woman besides you. I love you and only you. I love your body. I love your personality. I just… My heart bursts when I think of you. I adore you that much.”

Tom rested his forehead against mine,” I hate that you can’t see how much I do.” I kissed his lips, not able to use my voice at this moment. “Even my breast?”, I laugh,” You sure they don’t make me look like a-“ Tom interrupted my sentence with his answer: “I do. Actually, I cannot get enough of them.”, he poked my nose with his own as a blush settles across my cheeks. “I love you.”, I kiss him again.

Perm. Tags: @lovesmesomehiddles @kitkatd7 @marshyrebelcloud @blackeyedangel9805 @an-adventureland

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Best Friends To Lovers With Tom Hiddleston Includes:


Originally posted by tomhiddleston-gifs

  • Tom and you had met through a mutual friend
  • You two had exchanged numbers and everything just… happened
  • He came by anytime he wanted and you did the same
  • Bakerys, coffee places, bars/pubs were some of many places you guys enjoyed seeing each other
  • Yes, there was always an extra feeling when Tom was around, but that was just ‘best friend feelings’ right?
  • Haha, no.
  • It was l o v e
  • I mean, who couldn’t fall for that pretty face and stunning personality of his?
  • He had liked you from the get-go, but he was not sure how you felt
  • After an eventful night out with Tom at a nearby pub, you were drunk.
  • Kinda-sober Tom put you in his bed, and you mumbled something that caught his attention
  • Since that night, he was always so anxious around you - you could tell
  • So, doing the right thing, you asked him about it
  • He said nothing was wrong, but you did not buy that
  • Luckily, you broke him
  • “You said you wanted to kiss me, but I think you were just too drunk and didn’t know what you were saying. So, I just- I left it alone, but I don’t want to!”
  • His sentences sounded jumbled up, and you were both surprised you had understood him
  • So, you kissed him; you just went for it!
  • And he was so happy!
  • After pulling away, Tom said this:
  • “Maybe you and I could go to a fancy restaurant and have a date?”
  • You smiled and accepted (of course)

Perm. Tags: @lovesmesomehiddles @marshyrebelcloud @blackeyedangel9805 @an-adventureland

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oops, my hands slipped and I did another dashingfrost/fandroki piece, whatever you like to call Them.

I did the chibi one first then redrew it so they didn’t Look so cutely deformed. The lightings a bit off but eh, i’m Too lazy to fix it. It looks cosy and adorable that’s enough for me.

Why do I ship the ladies man with the recluse prince with mager emotional problems … Who knows. But I do know that Zachary Levi and Tom hiddleston are sweeter than a 100 bags of sugar. well to reason with myself, Loki threw Toni out of a window and that’s enough to ship them two(luv them btw). Loki killed the Jotun that shot an ice shard threw fandral. Then fandral caught loki on his ship when Thor pushed him out of Their ship. Sooooo, by my calculations that’s good enough, yep definitly.

anywho, enjoy💙💚🌹🐍

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“Sir Thomas Sharpe, Baronet ”

  • you can find me on Instagram as @/tomhiddlestn and @/twhiddlestonscenes

filter credit: @/crownedfilters on Instagram

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Originally posted by loptrlaufey

Love’s my religion but he was my faith

Something so sacred so hard to replace

Fallin’ for him was like fallin’ from grace

All wrapped in one he was so many sins

Would have done anything everything for him

And if you ask me I would do it again


Originally posted by 25bees

No need to imagine

‘Cause I know it’s true

They say “all good boys go to heaven”

But bad boys bring heaven to you

It’s automatic

It’s just what they do

They say “all good boys go to heaven”

But bad boys bring heaven to you


Originally posted by granills

You don’t realize the power they have

Until they leave you and you want them back

Nothing in this world prepares you for that

I’m not a sinner he wasn’t the one

Had no idea what we would become

There’s no regrets I just thought it was fun


Originally posted by fluturojdallandyshia

Hurts to remember the moment we met

The touch that he planted, the garden he left

I guess the rain was just half that effect


Originally posted by astouract

… But bad boys bring heaven to you 😈

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“Good Morning”

Tom Hiddleston x reader

Summary: Tom and reader have a good morning

Warning(s): none

Word count: 468 (a bit short, but it’s sweet)

Prompt: “You look cute when your sleeping.”

A/N: hope you liked it! sorry it’s not as long as my others!


Originally posted by vodka-con-amor


Tom looked down at his sleeping wife. She looked so peaceful and he just wanted to stay like this forever. He wanted to hold her and stroke her hair all day. Tom just wanted to be by her side for as long as he possibly could. She is his everything and he could not make it without her. Tom knows this and loves that fact. She began to stir as she felt fingers comb through her hair. Hesitantly, the woman opened her eyes and sighed as the sun hurt them a bit. She turned into Tom’s chest and shielded her eyes as she clung on to him. Tom released a chuckle, making her smile in her sleepy state. “Sorry if I woke you, darling.”, he kissed her head, taking in the scent of her lavender shampoo. Tom smiled as she mumbled something incoherent into his chest. “What?”, he questioned with an amused smile on his face. “I said:”, she picked her head up, resting her chin on her husband’s chest,” Stop apologizing all the time. I woke up because I wanted to be held.” Tom broke out into a grin and held a few strands of hair between his fingers. She crawled up closer to him and rested her head in the nape of his neck.

Minutes passed and Tom became restless. He moved to where he was hovering above her. She raised an eyebrow at the man. “Can I help you?”, she smirked. “I want a kiss.”, he stated matter-of-factly. “Is that so?”, she teased him. “Yes. Very much so.”, he played along with her game. “And why are you so affectionate this particular morning?” A small grin made its way to her face as she said so. Tom rolled his eyes,” As if I’m not every morning.” She giggled, so he took that as his chance to peck small kisses onto her cheeks. “To answer your question,”, he spoke,” you’re cute when you’re sleeping.”

She giggled as he pressed a kiss onto her lips. He pulled away with a grin on his face. She studied her husband as his eyes crinkled due to his wide smile. This very moment she realized he is her everything. If Tom was not around, she would not know what to do with her life. “I love you. You know that right?”, she spoke, stroking his face with her thumb. “And I love you, my darling.”, Tom pressed a kiss on her lips again and rolled over, so she was laying on him. She nuzzled into his chest with his arms wrapped around her waist, slowly drawing circles on her exposed skin.

“I’m thinking pancakes for breakfast.”, Tom spoke out of nowhere. She smiled and looked at his face. “I’m down.”, she hurried to the kitchen, making Tom laugh to himself.

perm. tags: @lovesmesomehiddles @marshyrebelcloud @blackeyedangel9805 @an-adventureland

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