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★Tomioka Giyū★
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“The neighbors will know my name by the time I’m done with you.” THIS PROMPT WITH GIYUU?? Btw I love u so much I’m so proud of u for reaching ur milestone ur amazing mwah mwah 💕💋
Tumblr media
AAAAAAA OFC BB🥺 Thank you so much love, i hope this is like you wanted it to be!!
prompt 9: “The neighbors will know my name by the time I’m done with you.”
prompt list
WARNINGS: fem!reader - dom!giyuu - cursing - unprotected sex - rough sex - choking - giyuu being possessive/jealous - 700 words - jumps right into the smut
Tumblr media Tumblr media
“Giyuu-” You whimpered out, biting the insides of your cheek to hold back your moans as your lover pounded into you roughly. “Something wrong, doll?” He asked with a smirk, looking you in the eyes as he hovered over you, some hair slightly falling down his face.
“N-No it’s just-” You spoke, being cut off by a moan as Giyuu hit that spot buried inside of you, making you clench around his length. “Hmm what is it?” Giyuu asked once more. “P-Please slow down, I don’t wanna be too loud-” You told him but in reality you were enjoying this, it was just the fact that you didn’t want to be too loud and Giyuu knew that.
“Hmm why’s that?” He cooed, stroking some hairs out of your face gently, his touches totally not matching his thrusts at all. “B-Because off the neighbors-” You whined out and Giyuu raised his eyebrow, looking at you with dark eyes. It almost was like the whole mood changed and his eyes were darker, dark and filled with lust.
Giyuu wasn’t the type to often dom in the relationship but when he did, it was good. Yet he never was this rough with you and you didn’t know what could’ve happened. It would be a lie to say that you weren’t enjoying it though, in fact you were getting off to it.
What made Giyuu snap like this was the fact that the neighbors had been flirting with you and hitting on you constantly like he wasn’t there or doesn’t exist to them. He wasn’t the type to usually be jealous but it was safe to say that this always left his blood boiling.
He knew you were just being nice and always told them no and reminded them you had a boyfriend, pointing at Giyuu with a soft smile yet whenever you turned back to them, they continued hitting on you like Giyuu didn’t exist so he couldn’t take it anymore.
“Well? What about them? Come on doll, let them hear.” Giyuu smirked, rutting into your needy heat harshly while you struggled to hold in a moan, only for Giyuu to grab your face harshly and pull you in a kiss.
The man didn’t give you time to properly kiss back, fucking into you roughly and hitting that spot that left you seing stars once again so you struggled to kiss back and held onto the sheets harshly, tears of pleasure slowly building up in your eyes.
Giyuu knew exactly what he was doing as he looked down at you with a cocky smirk, tightening his grip on your sides. This was a completely new Giyuu but you surely weren’t complaining, gasping a bit when he put your legs on his shoulder, just so he could hit it deeper, tears slowly streaming your face as you moaned out his name.
“Hmmm that’s how I like it doll-” Giyuu smirked, rubbing your clit slowly, being a tease knowing you were overly sensitive and him being gentle with his touches but having rough thrusts didn’t help at all.
Giyuu surely felt lucky to call you his but that didn’t mean he wouldn't be possessive over you, you were all his to begin with.
“Fuck Giyuu I’m gonna-” You whimpered out, looking him in the eyess as you moaned out his name softly. “Such a good girl- Cum for me.” He smirked, going at a rough pace, slowly catching his release as well while wrapping his hand around your neck, rubbing your clit with the other.
You closed your eyes, trying to hold back your moans once again as Giyuu took notice of it, tightening his grip around your neck. His hips snapping against yours, the only sounds in the room being your moans and the sounds of the two of you colliding.
Giyuu smirked at his sight and choked on a moan as you clenched around him, your moans becoming louder and louder with the second, not being able to hold them back anymore. 
“Giyuu!” You moaned out loudly, clenching around his length once more and coming undone with the loudest moan of the night so far as Giyuu released inside of you, not slowing down at all, making you gasp for air.
All he did was grin a bit and continue his rough movements, your loud moans only feeding his ego. “The neighbors will know my name by the time I’m done with you doll-” Giyuu spoke, leaning closer to your ear.
“Which isn’t anytime soon-” He whispered, making goosebumps appear all over your body as you realized this was going to be a long night.
Tumblr media
tags: @lonelyweeb77 @fallxngstarr @touyas-peach @akaza-s-bitch @fiona782 @honeypirate @katonshoko @honeypirate @fiona782 @akaza-s-bitch @leoncito1503 @greenlplant @kyojuros-kitten @real-sotenbori-hours
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27/30. TOMIOKA GIYUU - KIMETSU NO YAIBA: Requested by @reddriot
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Tumblr media
Rengoku is baby and his story is sad so I wanna draw him being silly & happy with his bf
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Tomioka Giyuu x Fem!Reader | Minors DNI
Kinktober 2021 - Day 11
Giyuu doesn't have a titty kink. Not. At. All.
Lactation, established relationship, impregnation, fingering, mating press, cumshot, AU, Dad!Giyuu
Tumblr media
It was dark in the room. You heard the door slide open, footsteps approaching. You didn't get up to see who it was. You were certain it was Giyuu.
"Is she asleep?" you asked quietly.
"Yes," he answered as he slipped into your futon.
You were a month post-partum and your breasts were heavy with milk. He didn't push it with you, understanding that you had just given birth.
"Giyuu..." you said, pushing your ass against his crotch, "You're hard."
He didn't respond. You didn't expect him to.
You turned around, pressing your body against his. He ignored how the fabric of your kimono didn't cover the swell of your breasts. You pushed your leg between his and he wrapped his arms around you out of instinct.
"Can you...?" he asked.
"It's been long enough," you answered, pulling your kimono off your body.
Giyuu's eyes immediately locked onto your chest. You laughed inwardly. He was so predictable. He carefully pushed you back so that you laid flat on your back. He stripped before lifting your legs up to rest them on his shoulders, rubbing his hard-on against the length of your slit. The walls of your cunny relaxed at the feeling of his skin on yours.
Your knees reflexively pulled towards each other, but Giyuu pulled them apart again. He pushed his fingers into you, testing to see if you were ready to take him. You weren't. He rested himself on top of you. Your legs moved down to trap his waist. His hands gently gripped your breasts. You flinched. They more tender than you thought they were. He traced the veins that were visible under your skin. Beads of white were forming at your nipples.
Giyuu started salivating. Before you could stop him, he had already latched himself onto you.
You made a noise in protest. "Giyuu, stop. That's...not for you."
Giyuu suckled on your tit hard, enjoying the taste of your milk. You felt your pussy convulse - lactating or not, you had always liked the feeling of your mammaries being sucked. That pleasure, along with the feeling of relief that came with less milk in your breasts made you melt against him. He moved onto the next breast, relieving it of pressure too.
He felt you relax, so he stuck his fingers in you again. You were ready. He regretfully pulled away from your breast, needing to relieve his other needs. His erection was almost painful. He wanted to cum inside you so bad.
Of all of the things you could have said to him at this moment, you chose the words that would drive him crazy. "Make me pregnant again."
You didn't have any time to think. Giyuu was two steps ahead of you, already positioning your legs over his shoulders. He already guided his tip into your sopping hole. He already shoved himself balls-deep inside of you. He already had you in a mating press.
You started trembling beneath him as he repeatedly surged into you. Out of breath and gripping his shoulders tight, you wanted to scream his name. He quickly covered your mouth. "She's asleep."
He was right. You held your mouth down with both of your hands, your arms squeezing your breasts together. Giyuu watched a drop of milk escape from your nipple, running down the curve of your breast, only to disappear on the sheets. He couldn't hold back anymore. His movements became sloppy and after a few moments, he shot his seed inside of you, ramming his cock in all the way to the hilt.
You came when you felt the warmth of his cum pour into you.
Tumblr media
Tags: @mintyrae
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no bc mans only friends are a group of teenagers😭
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one love, two mouths, one love, one house
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𓄹  ꉂ ╭╯𝘵𝘰𝘮𝘪𝘰𝘬𝘢 𝘨𝘪𝘺𝘶 」?  𓏰𓏰  ベリー  🥢
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
★ 𓂃 𝘋𝘦𝘮𝘰𝘯 𝘚𝘭𝘢𝘺𝘦𝘳 / 𝘒𝘪𝘮𝘦𝘵𝘴𝘶 𝘯𝘰 Y𝘢𝘪𝘣𝘢
• 𝘭𝘪𝘬𝘦 𝘰𝘳 𝘳𝘦𝘣𝘭𝘰𝘨 𝘪𝘧 𝘺𝘰𝘶 𝘴𝘢𝘷𝘦/𝘶𝘴𝘦 ‹𝟹
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KOCHO SISTERS AU: first concept art of the kids + headcanons🌸
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Conzuelo 💜💙
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Tumblr media
୨୧ 𖧧 ﹕ ﹌﹫ ꒰ ꒱𑁯𓂅 𓏲 ⌕ ┆∿ ・. ˚ ꒷♡̷̷ ˖ ࣪ ˒ ꗃ ⟭⟬ 𓈈 ‹𝟹 ⌗ ┊: 𓄹 ᕬ 🗒 ﹌ ꗃ 𓂃 𓍯 ꒦꒷ ⿻ 𓏲ּ ֶָ֢ ∞ 𖤣𖥧 ⎙ 𓆤 𓂃୭̥ ᘏ ⑅ ᘏ
♡⊹ ° . ˚ 𖧷 · ° . ♡ ⊹ ◌ ❛❜ ⋆ ♥︎ ꧕ ᤤ ⪧ ꕤ*. ⸾ ⸽ 𖡻 | ┊ ✉ ♡ ⊹ ★꒷ ᵎᵎ ₊* ◌𑀈. ♡᪽ - ̗̀໒ ⋮ ➮ ̸⨾ ்⋆ ⬚ (˶ᵔᴗᵔ˶ ˀˀ ୨୧ ❛ ❜ ʚ ɞ ✦ ♥︎ ∞ ☾ ☽ ♫ ♪ ✞ シ ت ♡ ఌ ꨄ ᴥ ☻ 𑁍 𖧷 ★ ☆ ✰ 𝟭 𝟮 𝟯 𝟰 𝟱 𝟲 𝟳 𝟴 𝟵 𝟬 . ₊ ༝ ・ ˖ ₊ ˚ 。 . ⋆
᪥ ᬁ ᯼ ༻ ༺ . ⸼۰ ۪۪۫۫ = ،، ⏧ ·₊̣̇. ⊱ ⊰ ∝ 组 ೄ ಇ බ ※ ⿻ ۬ ⪧ ໒ ː ͡ ︶ ՞ 〃 ᩙᩙ ᵎ ⏟ ⏝ ꦿ ۫։ຼ ೃ ೀ ෞ 。ꞈ ¦ ゛ރ ▿ ▾ ⌀ ଽ 𖡻 ⌔ 𖧐 〻〼
۬۟۬ 个 ͜͡ ⑅ ꠴ ੭ જ ꞈ ⸝ ˴ › ࿈ ะ ʚĭɞ ﻬ꜆ ் ༘ ༉ ⿴ ≡ ࿔ / ଓ ઇ ઉ ᧙ ᥐ ៸ ᶻᶻᶻ ⋗ ⌒ ˀ ʕ 𖧧 ༄ ୭̥ ೫ ๑ ︵ இ 𖥸 ♡ ྀ ፧ • ⁺⃛ * . ∗ ̥ ⁺ ݃ * ₊ ・ ゚
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Hashira relationships with civilians
The Demon Slayers are supposed to be an unrecognized organization. Most demon slayers can presumably pass as civilians. Then, we’ve the hashira:
- Kyojuro "I am in no way suspicious!" Rengoku, with his tempura/flame-colored hair and eyes, whose family has been demon slayers for generations. His entire neighborhood definitely knows that the Rengoku's are demon slayers, but they act clueless. "What do you mean he has a sword? I'm sure that was an umbrella with a novelty handle. It’s a sunny day? Must be a parasol, then." Canonically, Kyojuro's from Sakurashinmachi, which was the site of a "luxury villa” development in the 1910′s. The rich suburban housewives definitely appreciate the extra security (and boost to home values). Though his family is regularly invited to tea, Kyojuro doesn’t remember any of their names. 
- Mitsuri's a terrible liar, taking after her mentor Kyojuro. Her hometown, Azabu, is near central Tokyo, but she presumably also moved away after joining the demon slayers because of prejudice against her strength during civilian life. Before she became a hashira, she likely spent a good amount of time at the Ubuyashiki estate, if not living there full time. She might have also stayed with the Rengoku's while Kyojuro trained her. The neighbors would have been bemused at another loud, cheerful, bicolor-haired "parasol wielding" resident in the estate. I like to imagine that after she became a hashira, Mitsuri bought a nice little city apartment with a full service kitchen (including a large oven! which is not typical for Japanese homes even today) where she makes desserts with friendly neighbors, who were a little worried about her profession considering her demon slayer uniform. Learning her actual profession isn’t reassuring, either.
- Giyuu is the only hashira I can see passing as a normal civilian. A bit odd, but so incomprehensibly so that no one really questions it. A few of his neighbors have tried ("What do you do for work, Mr. Tomioka?"), but his answers ("I protect humanity.") raise more questions than they answer. Nogata, his hometown, is near the center of Tokyo. Giyuu’s living situation is like Mitsuri. On one hand, he was sent away from his hometown after his sister’s death, and then ran away from his second home before becoming a demon slayer. All this happened when he was fairly young, so he might remember little of urban life. On the other hand, urban settings might help him blend in and remain unnoticed. I think he’s more likely to seek solitude in rural areas or at least suburbs, but I could also see him maintaining a city residence.
- Gyomei is over seven feet tall. He doesn't blend in anywhere. Fortunately, he's from a fairly rural area, Ome, which neighbors Okurama, Nezuko and Tanjiro's hometown. Unfortunately, Gyomei was likely ostracized from the area after being mistakenly imprisoned and charged with murder. Gyomei is older compared to the rest of the cast, so I imagine him getting his own place after becoming a hashira, likely in a similarly rural region to his hometown, possibly next to another Pure Land buddhist temple. (Maybe Zōjō-ji in Shiba?) He keeps to himself, but people notice the huge man who regularly visits the temple, and he becomes a bit of a local icon. The temple monks come to rely on Gyomei to help with tasks that need excessive height or strength (think short people asking their tall friends to reach the top shelf of the kitchen cabinet. "Himejima-san, can you reach and dust off the head of the buddha statue here?")
- Muichiro (baby) is from Mt. Kagenobu, which is in a rural area. Makes sense as his parents were woodcutters. Since he became a demon slayer so young, he probably moved in with the Ubuyashiki family. The family's need to stay hidden means that his neighbors would have been aware of and supportive of demon slaying, though a few were (hopefully) worried about such a young child being made to put his life at risk. That’s all I’ve got now, feel free to request headcanons for others.
https://jw-webmagazine.com/demon-slayer-kimetsu-no-yaiba-characters-hometowns/ https://thetokyofiles.wordpress.com/2016/01/10/sazae-san-sakurashinmachi-sunday-sanpo/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Z%C5%8Dj%C5%8D-ji
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## 🍙 鬼滅の刃 LAYOUTS ★ — like or rb
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
follow for more <3 siga para mais
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loweater · 12 months ago
Tumblr media
The prodigy pack
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nothing prepares you for turning around and seeing a feral man wearing part of a boar fangirling over you while you’re just showing up for work
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Tomioka Giyuu x Fem!Reader | Minors DNI | KNY Ending and Giyuu Gaiden Spoilers
Kinktober 2021 - Day 10
Giyuu left something behind on the snowy mountains where he slayed a "man-eating bear". After Muzan's defeat, he planned to retrieve what he abandoned.
Aquaphilia (water kink), chionophilia (snow kink), mentions of attempted suicide, outdoor sex, con, finger sucking, creampie, pretty long
Tumblr media
Giyuu feigned indifference towards Yae, and even convinced Kocho that he didn't regret killing the girl's demon father. Truthfully, he didn't regret killing a demon. He was, however, concerned with Yae's mental state. Yae had attempted to take her own life after the incident, and Giyuu felt that it was his duty to make sure that she pulled through.
Giyuu kept his distance, of course. He was around, but made an effort to not be directly involved in Yae's life. It was during that time that he met you.
Giyuu frequented a local restaurant for their Salmon Daikon dish. One day, there was only one seat left at the bar, and it happened to be next to you.
"You must really like that," you said, poking at his plate. You had noticed him eating the same dish earlier this week.
Giyuu didn't respond, opting to stuff his face with his food instead. He found it strange that a stranger would touch someone else's plate though.
You chuckled, "It's my recipe, so I'm glad you like it."
His blue eyes flickered towards you for half a second, before going back to his food. "Do the employees here often sit with the customers?"
"No, I don't work here," you responded, trying to get him to meet your gaze again to confirm that his eyes really were blue, "But they got this recipe from me."
"I see."
'A man of few words', you assumed. A grain of rice had fallen on his haori as he ate. You couldn't help but pick it off.
It looked like he was about to question you when there was a scuffle behind you both, sounds of men yelling at each other and something crashing onto the ground. Before you could turn around to see what was going on, the quiet man beside you hoisted you up into his arms and dashed to the other side of the bar before putting you back down. You felt something wet on his clothes. Porridge? It must have been.
"GET OUT OF MY RESTAURANT!" the owner yelled at a drunken customer. There was a large stone pot of porridge on the ground where you were sitting, and an employee who looked like she was about to cry.
'Ah, he must have moved me away from the pot's trajectory,' you thought. You felt the blue eyed man tense slightly, as though he was getting ready to resolve the situation himself. Thankfully, the drunkard stumbled out of the restaurant on his own. Giyuu relaxed. You both realized that you were still holding onto him.
You quickly pulled your hands back to your sides. "Let's get you some fresh clothes."
Looking back, Giyuu didn't know why he tagged along. He had spare clothes at the inn where he was situated in. Maybe he was curious about you and how strangely familial you were being towards him. During your short interaction, perhaps he gleaned enough about you that he was already comfortable being around you.
You both trekked into the woods. The village started to slowly disappear from sight. The cold seeped through Giyuu shoes. You turned to look back at him. "Don't worry, we're here."
You stopped in front of a small cabin-like place. There were no other homes in sight. Before he could react, you kissed his cheek. "Thanks for saving me, by the way."
Giyuu's eyes widened; you confirmed that his eyes were blue this time. His cheeks turned a little red. It was cute against the snow. You looked at him inquisitively. "Has no one kissed you before?"
He didn't answer.
You smiled gently at him and leaned forward, presenting your lips. "Did you want another one?"
Before Giyuu could even comprehend it himself, he was leaning down to kiss you. Soon, he was pushing you back against the wall of your house, hands gliding up and down your sides as if to memorize your body's contours.
You pulled off his soiled Haori. He stopped you when you moved to throw it on the ground. Quickly realizing that the haori held sentimental value, you gently rested it in the entryway of your home.
Giyuu pressed his chest against your back, his hands pulling your obi off. You knew it was strange to be letting a man undress you when you didn't even know his name, but something about being by his side felt right. The cold wind pricked at your skin when he opened up your kimono, the falling snow melting on your flesh. You felt your pussy tighten. Good thing you didn't have any neighbors.
You turned to face him, resting your back on the wall again. You unbuckled his belt while he unbuttoned his uniform. As your hands slid into his pants, he became still. Was he really going through with this?
As if you knew what he was thinking, you pulled away from his waist. Your hands guided his onto your naked body. Without breaking eye contact, you said, "It's alright. Please, touch me more."
You finished unbuttoning his uniform, exposing his pecs and abs to the cold. His nipples hardened at the sudden temperature change. You kissed his clavicle, hands sliding under his uniform to feel the toned muscles of his back.
Giyuu deepened into your embrace, enjoying the warmth of your skin on his. He found the hollow of your neck and started kissing the delicate skin there. You liked being kissed there, and you let out cute little moans as blood rushed to your face.
Your hand reached down into his pants again. This time, he didn't resist. You pulled out his dick and started pumping. You watched him close his eyes as he breathed through his mouth, his breath visible in the freezing temperature.
Your kimono had fallen to the angles of your elbows, exposing your shoulders. He kissed them as he pushed one finger into your gummy walls, curling into you, searching for the rough spot where he knew you would be the weakest. He knew he found it when you gasped. He inserted another finger and started rubbing that same spot, noticing that you were getting wetter and wetter.
You had stopped working at his dick. Your head was leaned against the wall with your eyes closed, panting heavily. You were beautiful
"I need more..." you said, tapping your fingers over his hand.
Giyuu nodded in response. His guided his dick to your entrance, holding himself stead as he inserted his tip in. You lifted one leg and tried wrapping it around his waist. You couldn't hold that position for very long, so he used his other hand to help prop your leg up.
He pushed himself in. Your pussy put up a lot of resistance; he was unable to completely fit his dick inside of you. You were really tight. That only sparked his lust.
"Give me...a second," you said, breathing heavily between your words. You clamped down on his dick, the stretch sending shivers up your spine. Slowly, you started relaxing, letting him enter you a little deeper with every passing second.
His instincts took over before you were fully ready to take all of him. He started swaying his hips against you -- the first one hard enough to force you to take his entire length all at once. It left you gasping for air.
Your uneven breathing drove him crazy. He pushed you up onto the wall, both of his hands grabbing your ass as your legs wrapped around his waist. He pounded into you, the sound of slapping skin only fueling both of your libidos. He hardly noticed the cold anymore.
"Ahn!" you moaned, eyes rolling to the back of your head. "I...I...mmmhhhnnn!"
Giyuu licked your nipple, then took your breast into his mouth. He could feel you coil harder around him. His mouth let go of you, making a lip-smacking sound as he did.
Even though it felt really good being fucked against the wall, you felt back that Giyuu was straining to support your weight.
"Put...me...down..." you managed to say between his long thrusts.
"Let's go inside."
You grabbed the back of his head, pulling him into a deep, warm kiss. When you finally released him, you whispered, "Fuck me into the snow."
Giyuu had never met a woman like you before.
He hurriedly laid you down on the snow. You threw your kimono to the side, excited to experience the snow on your skin. You spread your legs for him again, and he reinserted himself. You took him in easily this time, already primed for the assault that he promised.
The snow on your back numbed your body, and this man's dick numbed your mind. You were close.
Giyuu's knees were buried in the snow, and he knew he had to quicken his pace. He didn't want to risk frostbite, but he had to agree that there was something different about having sex in the snow. Your body juxtaposed against a white background made it easier to focus on only you. Giyuu didn't show much expression on his face, but he loved yours. The way your eyes had rolled back, the way your brows were furrowed, the way you were biting your lower lip to stop yourself from screaming in pleasure. He noticed how the snowfall melted against your body heat, making you glisten. He was reaching his limit.
You clamped down on his dick for the last time, savoring the feeling of his smooth technique. Your hips bucked, an intense feeling imploding inside of you, only to die down with your release. Your legs locked around his waist again, as if to tell him that you wanted him to cum inside.
He gave you a look, asking for confirmation. You nodded, unable to give your permission verbally. He grabbed your waist, pulling your body up towards him while he came into you. His hot cum warmed you right up.
You stretched out your arms, asking him to embrace you. He ducked down to appease you.
"Your name. What is it?" you asked.
Tumblr media
It was years since then.
Unable to sleep well, Giyuu was up before the sun rose. Not that it mattered much since the sky was overcast and the snow was thick in the snowy mountains. Yae did not hesitate to open her home to her him when she learned of his return.
Giyuu, already feeling indebted to Yae, did not wish to burden her with his presence, opted to have breakfast and tea at his favorite establishment. It might have been too early for Salmon Daikon, but it always tasted good on the snowy mountains.
The hairs on the back of his neck stood on-end. He recognized that voice. He quickly jumped out of his seat and spun around.
There you were, standing before him with an incredulous expression -- the person he had left behind on this cold, lonely mountain. Although his face didn't show it, Giyuu had lost his composure. He didn't think he'd find you so soon. "Y/N."
You were walking warily towards him, uncertain of what was to become of this interaction.
"If I remember correctly, you didn't exactly enjoy the snow the last time you were here," you said, taking the seat next to his. You placed your order with the server as Giyuu took his seat.
"It's not as though I dislike the cold," Giyuu responded.
"What is it then?"
Giyuu looked uneasy. What was he to say? That he found it difficult to properly slay demons while knee deep in frozen water? That he had to eradicate the world of all the demons?
Most people would have moved the conversation along themselves. You weren't going to be one of those people this time. You waited for your order, and Giyuu's response.
Eventually, he said, "Those matters are behind me now."
"Oh? And what's in front of you?" you asked, sarcastically.
Giyuu wasn't so naive to not pick up the implications of your tone. He sighed inwardly, trying to come up with the courage to speak the words he had come here to say. He took a sip of his hot tea. By the time he placed the cup down, he had said: "You are."
He watched as your eyes bolted to meet his, every part of your face laced with skepticism.
"Did you come here to use me? Again?"
Giyuu felt his heart tear open at those words. "It wasn't anyone's fault that I couldn't stay."
You scoffed at him, and rose from your seat. He grabbed your wrist and you glared at him in a way that he had never been glared at before. The phrase "shooting daggers" wasn't explicit enough to describe the way you had looked at him.
Giyuu sighed -- audibly this time -- knowing that you weren't going to be convinced with words alone. He let go of your wrist, and paid for your meal and his. He regretted leaving behind an untouched bowl of salmon daikon, but you were much more important.
He grabbed you by the hand and led you outside. You tried to pull away from him when you walked behind a different establishment, away from prying eyes.
"Y/N," he said, his breath turning visible in the freezing temperatures. He was so close to your face, eyes locked into yours.
You waited for him to continue.
"I...shouldn't have left you behind."
"You used me for my body, then left me here."
He looked at you with a pained expression. You couldn't deny that it didn't give you some sort of satisfaction. He pulled your hand up to his face and cupped his cheek with it, not breaking eye contact.
"What we did...wasn't an interaction that can be compared to a person using a tool. What we did was something that happens naturally when two people are overcome with the same feelings for each other."
"...You've changed," you asked, knowing Giyuu was never good with words.
Before you could contest it, he ducked down to kiss you. You tried pushing him away, but his arms ensnared you. You felt his tongue slip in, his mouth pressing yours open.
Earlier, you had the resolve to not be fooled by him again. You told yourself not to trust him when you saw him sitting in that restaurant. So why? Why did everything about his kiss, everything about his touch, feel so right.
His eyes were steady. His voice was unwavering. His hands were firm against your body.
And warm.
When you stopped resisting, he broke the kiss.
You didn't look him in the eye, but you whispered, "I don't want to do this here."
Tumblr media
Your home didn't change much. He helped you carry some wood to burn under the suefuro. When the water was hot enough, you extinguished the flames. You hadn't spoken to him for what felt like hours.
Giyuu was shocked at what you did next. You stripped down in front of him, and climbed into the tall tub, telling him to join you. He was having a hard time reading your face. Was this what Kocho meant when she said everyone hated him?
Giyuu took his clothes off and joined you in the cramped tub. The water was nice and warm. You moved closer to him, leaning your head on his shoulder. You looked tired.
"What are we doing here?" you asked quietly, still not meeting his gaze. The steam dampened your face even though you hadn't dipped your head into the water.
"If you tell me to leave, I will," Giyuu said. He continued talking when he realized you were getting upset again, "I can only speak for myself. My feelings for you haven't changed since that first day."
You pursed your lips. You didn't know what to think anymore. When he left all those years ago, he didn't give you an explanation. You didn't have any reason to hold onto this relationship...and yet...why? Why was his presence so soothing? Why did you feel so complete standing beside him?
You started sobbing, your hands covering your face, trying to hide your feelings away. Giyuu pulled your hands away. You never felt so weak in your life.
He leaned down to kiss you. It was a soft kiss. Even his hands were gentle against your skin. You felt warm, and it wasn't because of the water.
You felt him harden up. His kiss deepened, leaving you as a panting mess when he let go.
"Yeah, I know," you cooed back. You couldn't deny your feelings for him, and he couldn't deny his feeling for you.
Giyuu turned you around, your hands gripping at the edge of the suefuro. You felt his dick slide into you, the water helping him delve right into your core. You felt yourself relax, the warmth of the water easing the tension in your muscles.
"I'm going to start."
"Mhm," you confirmed.
Giyuu pulled his length nearly all the way out and pushed himself in again. The tub water splashed rhythmically with his tempo. Fuck, taking him from behind felt so good. You felt him grab your breasts in both of his hands.
The water made it feel like you were having sex in zero gravity. Giyuu pulled your hips up higher, your feet not even touching the bottom of the tub anymore, and trusted into you. Your grip on the edge of the tub tightened, your head bobbing down in absolute pleasure.
How Giyuu knew your mouth was gaping open was beyond you. He positioned his hand in front of your face, and you reflexively took his fingers in your mouth. He must have liked that, because his technique became sloppy. He increased his pace, now less concerned about his stride length and more concerned about cumming inside of you.
You spat out his fingers, wanting to chase your own high. Those same fingers found your clit and rubbed down firmly against it. Your pussy tightened against his hard dick.
"Yes, yes, yes!" you said in increasing volume. "Giyuu...p-please...I...I'm...c-cu--!!"
Giyuu pulled your hips against his own with all of his strength, making sure you felt the pressure you needed to feel despite feeling weightless in the water. There it was again, that mind-numbing lull you knew only Giyuu was able to give you.
Tumblr media
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𝐁𝐥𝐞𝐬𝐬𝐞𝐝 𝐑𝐚𝐢𝐧 𝐀𝐟𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐃𝐫𝐨𝐮𝐠𝐡𝐭
Tumblr media
(Giyuu x fem!/reader) -> Ansgt -> 865 
Tumblr media
Synopsis: Reader turns into a demon and both her, and Giyuu know what’s next to come. 
Notes: Was listening to a sad song which made me think of this scenario. Hope you enjoy ^^ 
Tumblr media
“Giyuu...I’m scared,” your voice trembled as his eyes widened. 
“I know...I know you are,” he said, while trying to keep calm. 
Your hands were cold to the touch, claws now grown, and changed the colour within them. Hair turned a different hue, as you choked on the thick, red, and sickening substance. You couldn’t believe Kibutsuji had gotten the best of you. If only your guard were up, or if Giyuu had been there with you...maybe things would have turned out differently. 
Your eyes darted at the boy, throat now parched, and your stare narrow. Your body craved for the blood which ran through him, but your heart didn’t, as it yearned for his warmth instead. Though you couldn’t touch him without damage being done, you still wanted to be held by him. One last time…. You stopped your demonic instinct for what seemed like years. For the time rejecting it felt painfully long. Crying heavily for him to feel the guilt from afar. 
His legs spread apart, hands held out, gripping tightly around his katona, not knowing what to do. He tried staying composed, but was panicking. How could he have let this happen? It was a simple mission, and out of all times, Kibutsuji had shown up wanting to have...fun? Not only had he lost his friend, and sister, but now he would lose his lover? It’s as if the people he cared about were destined to disappear. 
Though he had faith in Nezuko’s cause...your’s was different. It seemed as if the blood really got the best of you. As your eyes dilated, breath hitched, and hands were clenched. Oh if he could, he would let you devour him. Allowing you to eat away the guilt pent up, to comfort you with said action, and to be done with his life. But he knew that if he did, countless of the innocent would die. Even though you would never intend to kill them, you ultimately would...but not at free will. He couldn’t let you go through such a thing, but then...he also couldn’t let you go through death. 
Such an awful thing that constantly separated people. Filling them with agony. Yet, it could have been something that separated you from both this...cruel curse...and this cruel world. Though he knew what he would have to do, he would instead leave the decision up to you. Hoping you would beg him not to, but instead, have him help you find some type of cure. Get the aid of Tanjirou, Nezuko, anyone for that matter. Beg him to keep you alive so that he could restore your life. Though he had wished for such a thing, he knew all too well what you would say. 
“Giyuu...you have to, now!” you struggled, trying to hold back. 
“I know what I have to do...but...I can’t,” his eyes now filled with tears, and hands clung even tighter. 
“You have to-” 
“I know I do...but I can’t lose you Y/n...another person gone?...just when will this pain end,” that was the most you’ve ever heard Giyuu speak his mind. Though you were on edge because of death, you were glad that you could witness such a sight. One full of honesty, yet a tint of urgency. You then approached him, inhaling as best you could, trembling, yet calm. 
Enveloping him in a tight embrace...knowing too well that this would be your last. His eyes softened as your hands clenched onto him, pulling the boy even closer. 
“It’s okay Giyuu...besides, we’ll meet each other soon enough. You know that we can’t have any of the innocent die due to my hands...I would never forgive myself if such a thing happened. Don’t feel bad Tomioka...know that I love you, and that such words will be said again. Maybe not in this lifetime, but the one yet to come.” 
He then inhaled your scent one last time. The fear crept in, thinking if he would ever get to see your smile again. If you would ever allow him to do such a thing, even when death had split between your fates. Not only that, but because he would be the reason behind such an event. Seeing how fearful you were of the loss, made his heart shatter. The way you tried to be strong, yet trembled underneath his body. It truly broke him. Though he didn’t have the words to tell you how he felt, nor the palette to explain things, he knew you would know he loved you dearly. 
He held you in his arms for one second, for him to stand in a stance the next. Hands now firm, and eyes gazing at you. Even in such a form you were stunning. And this ending was one both beautiful, yet terrible. Such a cruel fate for such a wonderful person. Yet such a wonderful person passing for the right cause. 
“You love me?” you giggled, trying to lighten the mood. 
“Yes, I really do,” such a bittersweet moment, yet a peaceful one as he held his blade upwards. 
“I love you, Y/n…” your eyes now watered, as you backed away, lids closed, ready for what was yet to come. He saw the sorrow, fear, yet affection that lay in them...to then say: 
“Blessed Rain After The Drought.” 
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Rest~ 💧♥️🔥
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