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#tomioka giyuu x reader
amimimi · a month ago
✿ : annoying sex habits; pillars
synopsis: annoying (?) things that come up when you have sex with your respective hashira
pairings: tomioka giyuu x f!reader, shinazugawa sanemi x f!reader, rengoku kyojuro x f!reader, uzui tengen x f!reader, iguro obanai x f!reader, himejima gyomei x f!reader
warnings: minors dni, explicit smut, rough sex, cursing, no beta
notes: slander, just slander. and crack. i apologize for spelling/grammatical errors !
Tumblr media
awkwardly quiet from start to finish
like damn, mf, not even a grunt? A GASP? 😭
his breathing doesn’t even pick up
he’s just silently hovering above, swiftly thrusting into you
even when he cums—NOTHING!!
and to top it off, after he cums he just sorta rolls over and pets you on the head? like he wants to smooth your hair back but he’s too afraid to commit??? like he wasn’t all up in your guts like two seconds ago?? ✋😐
you genuinely have no clue if he’s enjoying himself or not
you have to sit him down and admit to him that you feel a lil insecure because he doesn’t seem to be enjoying himself
giyuu feels TERRIBLE because he loves you deeply and is affected by you sm but he just can’t stand hearing himself moaning
his moans are kinda high-pitched, almost keening, and it’s so embarrassing to him
to YOU, giyuu, not to us 😫
“i...sound...weird” is all he says, frowning in the complete opposite direction from you
he slipped up once tho and y’all weren’t even having sex
you were straddling his lap, both fully clothed, kissing each other fervently, after he’d return to his estate after a very long mission
he was already feeling a little frayed from not seeing you for so long
so that with the way your grinding down against his bulging cock, mewling and moaning as you plant sloppy kisses against his mouth, his cheeks, the neck; sighing “missed you, missed you so much” into his ear
he starts to feel himself unravel at a rate that concerns him, you feel so good and sound so sweet —it’s all too much for him
his breathing kinda stutters, but you’re too engrossed to notice
giyuu is like “nope, nuh uh, absolutely not” as he tries to gather himself together, blinking away the white spots in his vision
but then you drag your crotch against his clothed cock so good, so deliciously that he can’t help the shaky, high pitched moan that escapes from his lips
you glance up at him in shock while he shuts his eyes and hangs his head in shame
“wait...wait, giyuu did you—”
“no wait! that was so hot!”
almost kicks you out of his room 😭
like i’m sorry, it’d take a while for him to actually let loose but at least he’s sorta sighing into your ear now? 😅
talks a huge f*cking game about how big his cock is and how he’s gonna tear your sh*t up
bitch...we weren’t being LITERAL
he’s actually thrusting into you like he wants to square up with your cervix
i do think sanemi enjoys rougher sex but sometimes i think it’s a lil performative
i also think he feels that he needs to overcompensate bc he thinks he’s not as experienced
y’all he canonically has a pet rhinoceros beetle,,,he ain’t as big and bad as he seems💀
also he doesn’t know how to be truly intimate with anyone but we can get into that later
no foreplay, just dives into the pussy
literally throws you onto the bed, sucks at you neck for a bit and then all of sudden you hear a “hpwuah! 💦”
and you sit up like “ikyfl” just to see he’s spat onto the shaft of his cock, pumping his fist along his shaft to spread the saliva
babe that’s when you should’ve sat up and left 😟
between the lack of foreplay and the way he’s just slamming his hips into are in PAINNN
and he keeps grunting shit like “yeah, you like that? gonna tear your f* ckin uterus into half” WHAT?(???$;@3&:
you slam your fists against his chest and choke out a “sanemi, stop”
he stills instantly, panting as his facial expression morphs into one of confusion and concern
“what’s wrong?” he asks gruffly, gently placing his hand on your arm and giving you a tiny squeeze there
once you tell him that he’s hurting you way more than you’d like, he’d feel bad almost immediately
sanemi sits back, his shoulders tense with shame and he gives a terse, “sorry “
willing to learn but y’all might argue here and there bc he refuses to believe that he isn’t the pussy destroyer he claims to be
okay he’s actually got the mechanics down
has no problem pleasuring you/making you cum
like y’all can’t have sex leisurely 😭
and it’s not so much a sexual thing as it is that kyojuro just wants you to be the best version of yourself possible,,,in every aspect of your life 😐
it starts off as like kyojuro being like “ONE MORE ROUND!” and you thought it was hot that his stamina was through the roof
but then it quickly turns into “omg WHEN DOES THIS END?!’cc”
you’ve been bouncing on his cock FOR GOD KNOWS HOW LONG trying to get him to cum
but you’re tiring quickly, your thighs burning as they tremble against kyojuro’s waist
you’re place your hands on his lower stomach for SOME sort of stability as your hips stutter
kyojuro feels you tremble against him and from the way you’re panting, he knows it’s from exhaustion
he has his hands on your waist to help you keep balance, but he isn’t assisting you 💀he wants you to work for it
you’re sweaty af, struggling to lift your hips off his cock as you pout up at him
“i-i’m getting tired, kyojuro—”
“you are? but it’s only been sixteen minutes?” he smiles up at you, face flushed as his hair spills around the pillow.
“i’m not fit like you” you pant, face screwed up as your calves begin to cramp up.
kyojuro’s face falls slightly “ah, don’t say that! you’re just as fit! here, let’s try for ten more minutes, i believe in you! 🏋️ 😃”
and he looks up at you so earnestly,,,you’re like “godDAMNIT”
he holds both of your hands in his to keep you balanced and he literally starts shouting encouragements at you jskziwkuss
shouts a variation of like “try harder!” and “7 more minutes! you can do this!”
MF, NO I CAN’T 🧎🏾‍♀️😭
you know when you’re doing an intense workout and you get so tired your life flashes before your eyes? YEAH,,,YOU ARE DYINGGGG RN
of course you don’t complete the full 10 minutes but kyojuro doesn’t get on your ass completely about it
he just flips your listless body over and adjusts himself before he starts slowly thrusting into you
“don’t worry, my love! all that matters is that you tried! i’m sure you can do it next time!” he beams down at your whimpering form, before kissing your forehead
you have to tell him that you’re down to workout with him (RIP to you 💀) OUTSIDE the bedroom but you want sex with him to be slow paced and intimate...not him yelling at you like he’s your coach
he’ll ease up immediately, don’t worry!
mf said “the snake stays ON during sex! 😤💯”
no i’m not
obanai is like “can kaburamaru stay in the room? 😐”
and you’re like “i—um, that would be cool but i feel like he’d be uncomfortable”
and he’s like “omg ur right...i wouldn’t want to watch him have sex either i guess 😕”
obanai thinks of kaburamaru as a friend, not so much as a pet so he’s feel guilty for “abandoning” him because he has a S/O now
that’s his mfin bestie 😌
okay real talk, obanai loves you, he is bewitched, body and soul—
maybe a bit TOO much because he’ll literally cum during foreplay and then pass out right after 🙁
he tries to continue after cumming, but it’s like he’s been drugged
his eyes are struggling to stay open, barely holding himself up as he keeps slurring on his words, like omg baby,,,just sleep, it’s okay
he tries tries tries to make you cum before he finishes, BUT EVERYTHING YOU DO GETS HIS COCK ROCKHARD
obanai was laying between your legs, lip suctioned around your clit, dragging his tongue over the little nub
all while he’s languidly thrusting two fingers in and out your slick pussy
and baby his head game is *CHEF KISS*
you’re mewling and whining, grinding your hips against his face as he laps his tongue up and down your folds
the sounds your making, the taste of your cunt, the way he can feel you throbbing against his mouth—it has HIM trembling and whimpering
he’s unconsciously rutting his hips against the mattress, squeezing his eyes shut as he attempts to control himself
but then you make this sound that’s caught between a whimper and grunt, and it catches so prettily in the back of your throat—
he blows his load, unbeknownst to you, as gasps against your heat
he literally knocks out between your legs, with his mouth smushed against your pussy 💀
not a single f*cking thing
look at that man and tell me he doesn’t give you the best pipe of your life
okay wait actually there maybe ONE THING ☝️
he talks wayyyy too fucking much during sex
and it’s mostly outlandish sh*t
okay, when he asked “whose pussy is this? 😩” it was all fine and dandy BUT THEN HE TAKES IT UP A NOTCH—
“you’d die by this dick, huh 😏”
my pride won’t let me say yes, but yes...i would 🧎🏾‍♀️
like he says the most strange sh*t ever and it draws you out of the sex head space to be like “...WAIT WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?”
he does it on purpose though 💀
he’s lining himself up to your entrance and he looks up at you smirking and is all like “im gonna make you a single mother”
AYOO???? 😭
you literally shoot up, scrunching your legs up to your chest
while he laughs at your horrified look
that and i feel like he’s so fckin heavy handed omg
slaps your ass while you’re riding him and your whole skeleton rattles for like 5 minutes after 😭
yeah other than that...there is no way he’d be bad at sex
he’s genuinely afraid of hurting you during sex
like he’s so MASSIVE and he’s convinced there is no way you can take all of him
he feels the way your pussy barely accommodates two of his fingers and he’s like “hm maybe not...🥲”
when he’s fingering you, he just barely squirms his fingers around while he winces in fear that he’s hurting you
you tell him “gyomei, go harder”
and he’s like “no”
and you’re like “but i barely feel you moving?”
and he’s like “trust me this is for your own good”
when he finally finally agrees to f*ck you with his cock, the whole process takes almost three hours because he takes his time lubing you up and stretching you out with his fingers
it takes him the whole last hour to actually bottom out just from out how slow he’s easing into you
and everytime your breath catches in your throat, he slides his cock from out of your pussy and he’s like “ahh, i knew this was a bad idea!”
and then y’all have to start all over again
he can barely feel you squeeze around his cock from just how you’re stretched around him and he starts to freak out
you have to assure him that he’s not hurting you so he doesn’t pull out again
he’s so sweet tho 🥺
Tumblr media
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astertataricvs · a year ago
Hug time! Pillars Edition
Tumblr media
This is 500 followers special so I hope you all like it!! Thank you so much for supporting me I love you all! ❣️❣️❣️
Tumblr media
Summary: It’s been a while since you and your significant other spent your time together. Being a demon hunter was really an arduous and a busy profession, specifically that you were always sent on a mission by Oyakata-sama. Your lover also has his/her own mission to accomplish so you’re doing your job in separate ways. And now that Oyakata-sama had given you all the privilege to have a day off, you didn’t think twice to visit them in their households and asked them to give you a hug because you’ve been missing their warmth and touch.
Tumblr media
Giyuu Tomioka
Walking through inside his house and saw Giyuu in the yard; training himself again despite that it’s your off today. To be honest, it didn’t surprise you anymore because Giyuu has invariably been like that. Although you already told him to make himself unwind even just for a day, the stubborn ravenette didn’t take your words and do what he pleases.
You can’t do anything about it for your efforts of scolding him was all in vain. So being his lover; you just supported him and would frequently make him some tea and cook his favourite dish for him to relax his stiff self and reward his hard work.
You instantly evoke a soft sigh and trudges towards your Water pillar boyfriend.
Giyuu is a very cautious man and very vigilant, therefore it didn’t take a second for your boyfriend to discern your presence and look towards your way. Once his eyes settled over your figure, he shortly stopped from his training and simply observe you.
“Hey, how are you doing?” You asked him while stepping closer to the Water pillar.
“As usual,” he said flatly which causes you to evoke a light chortle and paused when you’re now in front of your gorgeous man.
“Giyuu, can you give me a hug?”
Your sudden question causes Giyuu to flinch a bit and stared at you with a dumbfounded look. He didn’t expect that it will be your first question to him after a week of not seeing each other.
To be honest, Giyuu surely misses you a lot, he misses your hugs and kisses that made him feel tingly inside, he misses that kind of feeling that you’re the only one who could make him feel that way. Although he couldn’t tell it to you through words, he was expressing it with his discreet actions and will return your affections albeit that he’s being coy about it.
Giyuu gazed at you with a heartwarming smile writhed on your face. The Water pillar pondered your words and roam his eyes to elsewhere but you. His right hand found it’s way to the back of his neck and scratched it before taking a side glance at you.
For a few moments, Giyuu slowly spreads his arms, not looking straight into your eyes. Seeing him with wide arms open, you scrutinizingly gazed at your boyfriend while tilting your head to the side. Giyuu only glanced at you from the corner of his eyes and momentarily, nodded.
Catching what he was betokening, your eyes eventually shimmered and joyfully run to him, launching at him with a hug.
“Why don’t you just tell it to me directly that you’ll hug me?” You lift your chin and look at him since he’s taller than you, of course.
“Hmm.” Was he only said and thus, you feel his arms gradually envelops your small body and sweeps your hair from behind.
You nuzzle your face into his chest and clutched his back before letting out a giggle.
“I missed you, Giyuu.” The said man was still brushing your hair then hummed.
“I missed you too, (Name)…”
Thank God that he now spoke to you.
Tumblr media
Gyomei Himejima
You were prancing all the way to your husband’s dojo. You really missed him so much and this week that you were too occupied in your business, you immediately run towards Gyomei’s household and couldn’t reduce the smile spreading on your face.
Once you were now in front of the dojo, you peek your head at the door and see the Stone pillar, sitting on his knees while his hands were clasped as usual. Gyomei was meditating and you don’t want to disturb him since you knew how he’s so well concentrated while doing those invocations. He was raised by a monk after all.
When Gyomei gradually flutters his eyes open, he swiftly snapped his head to you causing you to jump a bit and place your hand on your chest where your heart was located at.
“(Name)?” The baritone voice of your husband makes your stomach churn since you missed him so much and you yearned for his affections that you haven’t got for a week.
“Hey there.”
Stepping inside the dojo, the light treads that you execute were resounding throughout the room due to how tranquil the surrounding is. Gyomei rises up to his feet and faces you whose now a meter away from him.
“Gyomei, can you give me a hug?” You suddenly asked that took him by surprise.
Although your husband was a blind man, he can sense the heart-melting smile you were bequeathing him and how he likes the melodious tone of your voice that he wouldn’t get tired of listening to it.
It feels like an eternity from not hearing your faint and calm voice due to your missions lately. He’s not going to lie and he will voluntarily admit it; he misses you a lot and he just wanted to spend time with you in this day off that Oyakata-sama had given everyone.
Tears began to pour out from his eyes like a waterfall, seeing how your husband cry, you slowly saunter to him and swiftly take his large hands with your small ones.
“You’re such a big baby, Gyomei, but I love you either way,” you said then tug his hand. The Stone pillar briskly settled his arms on your waist and lifts you up so you two were in the same height.
He’s completely aware how towering his height was and you being a little one. Your height has a huge difference to him considering that he’s 2 meters tall and you’re just (height).
“I missed you, (Name).”
Gyomei didn’t take a second to pull you towards him and give you a bear hug. His arms were around your waist while yours were around his torso. You snuggled your face into his chest and pat his back.
“I missed you too, my love.”
Retracting your hands from his torso, you travelled your hands all the way to his jowls and rub the tears away that was traversing on Gyomei’s face.
“I love you,” you genuinely said before giving him a peck on the lips. A smile appeared on Gyomei’s lips and copy your action by kissing you as well.
“I love you too.”
Such an adorable man.
Tumblr media
Kyojuro Rengoku
“Senjurou, where’s your brother?” You instantly asked once you step inside the household of your Flame pillar boyfriend.
“He’s at the backyard, he’s waiting for your arrival,” he answers, giving him a nod then grinned.
Walking towards their backyard, you immediately recognised the broad back of Kyojuro, standing remotely from you while sipping his tea. You shake your head in an entranced manner and amble towards him, closing the distance you have.
Kyojuro heard footsteps behind him and he briskly spins his body to see you wearing the elegant kimono that he surely loves to see you wearing it.
“(Name)!” Kyojuro enthused as he put his cup of tea on the wooden floor of the house and motioned you to come closer to him. Bestowing him a wide smile, you march towards him and hop from the wooden floor of their house.
Seeing Kyojuro’s warm smile that mirrors the bright and enthusiastic sun of the day, you couldn’t help but miss your boyfriend a lot since it’s been a week since you have last seen him due to your jobs as a demon hunter. He had no idea how you want to feel his muscular arms wrapped around you and feel the warmth of the Flame pillar once again.
Kyojuro also feels the same way, he was yearning for your hugs and kisses that he wasn’t able to receive for the whole week. He’s not used from not feeling your warmth against him and cuddle with you when the day had come to its end.
Therefore, he was really rapturous that you visited him in his household since when he tried to visit you at your house, your tsugukos were gonna answer him that you haven’t returned yet. That’s why he waited for your arrival and planned that he will visit you tomorrow but that was suspended when you suddenly visited him in his home.
“I missed you, (Name)!” He said in a booming voice which causes you to snicker.
“Kyojuro, can you give me a hug?”
The golden-eyed boy’s eyes widen a bit and lips hang slightly while intently staring at you. He studied your face whose presenting him a kindhearted smile that he wouldn’t get bored of seeing it. A few moments of gawking at you, Kyojuro let out a hearty laugh before spreading his arms wide, indicating that you’re very welcome to hug him and he absolutely wants it too.
“Why are you still asking my permission? I’m still going to hug you nevertheless and I miss your warmth, (Name).”
Kyojuro flashes you his heart-melting smile and that didn’t take you a while to dash and run into his arms. Your boyfriend merely chuckled at your cute endeavour. The Flame pillar settled his big hands on your waistline and speedily spins you around that causes you to yelp in surprise but you giggled anyway.
“I love you, my sunshine,” he says and kisses your forehead.
“You’re the sunshine here, dummy. I love you too, Kyojuro.”
Once again, you were blinded because of Kyojuro’s incandescent grin.
Tumblr media
Mitsuri Kanroji
Heading to the household of the Love pillar, you were holding a bunch of sweets for your girlfriend since you knew very well how Mitsuri likes to devour sugary stuffs. Also, you miss the girl’s verboseness and your week felt so incomplete without feeling the tight hugs and surprise kisses of Mitsuri.
Now that everyone had an off from your profession and a day without confronting a demon, you instantly went to her house since you’ve been aching to see the Love pillar.
When you stepped inside her house, you feel abundant footsteps coming towards your way and you immediately snapped your head to Mitsuri’s garden, only to find her rushing towards you
“(Name)!” She cheered and before you can even say anything, she suddenly tackles you with a hug that causes you to lose your balance since Mitsuri certainly caught you off guard and you didn’t even have the time to prepare yourself.
You both fall onto the ground while your girlfriend is still hugging you ever so tightly and snuggling her face into your chest.
“I missed you, (Name)! You don’t know how I’ve been aching to see you and I feel so incomplete within that week!” She whined and throw her hands around your neck to embrace you.
“I missed you too, Mitsuri but… can you get off for a bit since my butt cheeks are hurting,” you said politely and the adorable girl immediately complied you and give you a hand to haul you from your position.
“I’m so sorry! I just really missed you a lot!”
“It’s fine, I’m just surprised at your sudden greeting.” You give her a sweet smile and ruffled her hair. “I missed you so much, so can you give me a hug once again?”
Mitsuri’s face brightened up upon hearing your remark and without wasting any second, your girlfriend leapt in joy and gladly wrapped her arms around your torso thus buried her face into the crook of your neck.
You grinned at how charming Mitsuri was, well actually, she really is cute and you couldn’t help but feel the tingly sensation within your body because Mitsuri really gives you life and lifting up your mood. Although sometimes she’s becoming moody, you still love her either way and the last thing you wanted to do is to hurt her.
You’re completely aware of how fragile Mitsuri is despite that she’s physically strong. She’s just like any other girls who can easily get vulnerable. That’s why you will protect this girl in your arms even if she’s a pillar herself.
“I love you, Mitsuri and I will protect you, I promise you that.” You give her a kiss on the top of her head and the Love pillar lifts her chin to look at you then momentarily, she gives you a chaste kiss on the lips that surprised you.
“I love you too, (Name). Don’t say that you’re the only one who’s gonna protect me because… I’ll also protect you!”
This girl never ceases to make your heart pound erratically.
Tumblr media
Muichiro Tokito
You were trying to find your Mist pillar boyfriend in his house, it’s been 15 minutes that’s passed and you still haven’t seen Muichiro. Your legs were aching because of wandering around just to find the small boy, you even brought some meals with you because you wanted to eat breakfast with him.
Also, you knew that Muichiro isn’t going to eat if you haven’t brought anything and he doesn’t want to eat anything else besides your cooking. That’s why you were always cooking for his breakfast, lunch and dinner, you don’t mind cooking for Muichiro since you really love to cook.
Exhaustion dawns upon you and you decided to take a break from finding your boyfriend. Sitting on the cozy couch, you heard the door being opened which you immediately whip your head to glance at the person. Your eyes spotted the boy you have been looking for almost 20 minutes.
“(Name)?” Muichiro drawls and ambles towards you.
“Hey, where have you been? I’m looking for you.”
“I went to Himejima-san’s dojo, I asked him when are we going to train again,” he flatly responded while looking over you with a plastic bag placed beside you.
“Is that your cooking?”
You nodded your head, “Yup, as usual!”
The corner of his lips tug upwards and instantly, he rests his soft hand on your head, lightly ruffling it.
Honestly, Muichiro would admit that he really missed your presence for the whole week. His mind would always drift to you and wonder what you were doing in those days that you two have been separated. Although you were a powerful demon hunter, he would be lying if he says that he wasn’t troubled about your wellbeing.
In that week he didn’t see you or just feel your touch, it felt like torture for him not to take a glimpse at your beautiful face. Now that you’re in front of him, healthy and not injured, the restlessness he felt has already dissolved and changed into relief.
“Muichiro, can you give me a hug?”
He was taken aback by your question and only stared at you with a surprised look. You only give him a bright smile and Muichiro felt his face flame up because of your sudden question. You aren’t the type of girl who would suggest those things out of the blue because you were always surprising him with your hugs and kisses. You were constantly the one who would initiate things and not him.
So when you asked him that, he doesn’t know how he will react and just remain glued on his spot while gazing at you.
“It’s okay if you don’t want–”
Muichiro didn’t finish your sentence by sitting beside you and swiftly encircled his arms around your waist, pulling you into him.
You could have sworn you notice his ears were a bit red and feel Muichiro hid his face into your chest. The hug of your Mist pillar boyfriend was so tight as if he was a possessive man that he won’t let go of his girlfriend forever.
Softly chuckling, you pat his head and stroke his back to soothe your lover.
“I missed you, Muichiro…” you muttered and Muichiro nodded his head.
“I missed you too…” he shifts his body and rears his head to give you a peck on the lips. Muichiro’s face erupted in flames and swiftly buried his face into the crook of your neck because of embarrassment.
Ahh, you just wanted to crush him with a hug, he so adorable.
Tumblr media
Obanai Iguro
When you stepped inside his house, of course, you didn’t immediately see him since you knew your boyfriend likes to rest on the tree branches. That’s why you head towards the backyard of his house and searched for him outside.
Upon arriving, you instantly spotted his white snake crawling towards your way and you crouched down to slither itself to your arm and encircled around your neck. This snake of your boyfriend was really enamoured of you and he would spontaneously know that you’re the one visiting his owner because he can smell your scent shedding around the house.
“You’re so sweet, Kaburamaru, by the way where is Obanai?” You asked.
The little white snake darted his eyes in front of you which you took the hint that his master was again resting on the tree branch and getting cozy up there. You promptly walk towards the backyard of his house and once your feet reached the ground; your eyes caught your boyfriend’s body laying on the three-dimensional and long tree branch.
Your soft-spoken voice rang in his ears which he instantly shifts his body to gaze at you whose only underneath him. You looked at him with longingness and fondness as you beamed him the smile that makes his heart pulsate capriciously against his chest.
Shortly, the snake boy hops from the tree branch to confront you. Iguro has certainly been irked lately because of the demons that were trying to slip away from one of his missions, but either way, he slaughtered them with more concise effort and he wants to end it so bad so that he can go cuddle with you and receive the kisses that he is craving for.
Although Iguro was a pitiless pillar just like Sanemi, you are cognizant that he’s an affectionate boy inside and he’s only going to show it to you and no one else’s.
You are the woman that he cherishes a lot and the only one that he will ever love.
“Obanai, can you give me a hug?”
Iguro was a bit startled at your statement. It took him a while to comprehend your words and he can feel the blood hastening to his face. The white snake of his merely snuggled its head on your cheek and wrapped its tail around your neck. Iguro can witness how his pet was becoming more clingy to you.
This irritates him, specifically that he can feel his own pet was trying to provoke him and make him feel jealous. Just by seeing how Kaburamaru’s head nudging your cheek, his blood was starting to bubble and flash him a death glare.
“(Name), come here.” He motioned his hand in a ‘come here’ gesture which you voluntarily comply with your boyfriend.
Briskly, he suddenly throws his own pet haphazardly on the ground that really surprised you and feels his arms covers your waist before pulling you to him.
You worriedly glance at his poor snake who was now maliciously scowling at him. Suddenly, you let out a laugh because of the two partners that were sharing a glare. Obanai was baffled to why you’re laughing out of nowhere, is something funny?
“You two are so adorable!” You squished his covered cheeks with a bandage around the half of his face.
“I love you, Obanai!” You squealed and give him a tight hug.
The snake breath user merely widens his eyes but returns your hug nonetheless.
“I love you too, (Name).”
This boy is so soft and can easily get jealous over something petty.
Tumblr media
Sanemi Shinazugawa
Stepping inside the house of the Wind pillar, complexity starts to wave your mind once you behold how withdrawn the ambience inside. Because every time you visit him in his residence, you could hear the vociferous sound greeting you at the end of the hallway then Sanemi will welcome you with an irk mark present on his forehead.
You just returned from your last mission and after you took a bath from your flat, you hurriedly went to visit your boyfriend in his home since you surely missed him a lot. Despite that he’s always nagging you and sometimes would throw profanities– well let’s say oftentimes, you can still recognise the passion and fondness in his eyes whenever your eyes met.
And now that you’re inside, you decided to search for him in the living room since he’s always staying there, polishing his sword. When you arrived at the room, your eyes landed on Sanemi’s figure taking a nap on the couch.
Seeing him composedly sleeping, you can’t help but grin at the man you love and quietly saunter towards him.
Sanemi looks so gentle and serene when he’s sleeping. Truthfully speaking, your Wind pillar boyfriend is a soft boy, he just doesn’t want to show his vulnerability in the public since they might take advantage of his soft side. You’re the only one who confided his past with and to why he’s becoming a bitch to his brother.
You understood his side, you didn’t leave him and just let him do whatever he wants but there are instances that you’re going to scold him because of his vicious personality. Although this boyfriend of yours is sometimes a douchebag, you still love him with all your heart.
You softly poke his cheek and you heard him grunt under his breath. Smiling at your adorable boyfriend, a few moments of gawking at him, you suddenly let out a girly shriek when Sanemi swiftly seized your wrist and pulled you on top of him with half-lidded eyes.
Oh shoot, you forgot. Sanemi is a light sleeper!
“What do you think you are doing?” He asked you in a reeling voice then rests his arms on your back.
You push his chest so you can perfectly see the view of your boyfriend’s handsome features. “I’m not doing anything, just poking your cheek because you’re cute when you’re sleeping. It’s rare to find you in that appearance, it’s a sight to behold!”
Sanemi rolled his eyes, “I’m not cute, (Name).”
“Pfft, well, I’m not going to differ that, you’re sometimes cute but most of the times you are not–”
You didn’t have the chance to finish your sentence when Sanemi suddenly cuts you off from your speech by placing his big hand on the back of your head, pulling your face closer to him and smashes his lips onto your soft one’s.
The kiss was heated and full of passion, Sanemi gripped your waist ever so tightly that causes you to let out a repressed moan and the Wind pillar took the opportunity to slide his tongue in your mouth and explored your wet cavern.
You extort a yelp due to shock and struggle for dominance. A few seconds of kissing each other, Sanemi pulls away with a string of saliva connected to your lips and flashes you a complacent sneer.
“That’s the only way to shut your loquacious mouth, (Name). I don’t want to deal with your shits right now, I’m fucking tired.”
Sanemi hugs your waist causing you to collapse on his muscular chest and put his other hand on your head, resting his cheeks against it.
“I know that you’re going to ask for a hug so I’m doing your favour right now. Let me sleep will you?”
Letting out a hearty laugh, you solely nodded your head and rest your head on his scarred chest, closing your eyes to sleep with Sanemi.
“I love you, you dork.”
Sanemi takes a glance at you. He will not ever admit to your face that he misses your presence and the warmth that he was searching for from the whole week he’s been busy with his mission. Honestly speaking, he was beyond pissed at the demons and he didn’t show any signs of mercy just like the usual way he does. But in within the week that he hadn’t seen your face, it only kindled his rage and he wants to embrace you with his arms and feel the kisses that he wants to receive from you.
Chessy or not, he felt so pacific and the security he lacks whenever you’re hugging his tense body and trace small kisses on the scars of his face. His corrupt day and anger would instantly dwindle every time he takes a glimpse of your gorgeous face and feels your touch.
And he won’t admit that to you because he’s fully aware that you’re only going to tease him and use that to your own advantage.
“Yeah, whatever, love you too.” He says and stroke your back with care.
You seriously love this man to bits.
Tumblr media
Shinobu Kocho
Once you arrived at the Butterfly estate where your girlfriend was, you directly asked Aoi where Shinobu was because you wanted to visit her and see the love of your life after the week of not seeing each other. The girl informed you that she’s in her room doing some medicines for the wounded and injured demon hunters.
So without further ado, you quickly guided your feet towards her room to cuddle with the Insect pillar. You really missed her so much and you couldn’t wait to see her gorgeous face that you absolutely adore.
Upon arriving in her room, you see her back facing at you while doing something on her desk. You take a knock to notify her that you’re inside and Shinobu gradually peers over her shoulder to look at you with a smile plastered on your face.
You witnessed how your girlfriend eyes lits up and quickly stands up from her seat to face you.
“It’s been a while, (Name). How’s your mission, are you doing well?” She inquires to which you only nodded your head in response.
“Well, I’m doing fine… how about you?”
“I’m doing great, I’m trying to make some medicine for the injured demon hunters from their previous battles.”
Shinobu takes a side step and showed you the medicines that she was constructing. You beam at her since you undoubtedly admire how Shinobu knows a lot of medicine, she’s the one who was always tending your injuries and taking care of you. That’s why you couldn’t help but fall in love with her because she’s really sweet.
Although she’s giving off a friendly vibe, you knew how frightening the Insect pillar was when she gets angry. You really don’t want to mess with her and you wouldn’t dare to make her mad or you’re going to get killed. She might add some poison to your meals and you’re very much aware of what Shinobu was capable of.
“Shinobu… err… can you give me a hug?” You bashfully asked while looking away, avoiding eye contact with her.
Shinobu was surprised yet amazed at your bluntness. She only watched you getting nervous and how you scratched the back of your head. The Insect pillar couldn’t help but evoke a wee chuckle.
“Do you really miss me that much?” Shinobu’s smile was full of mischief and you will not miss that because you know that tone of her when she’s trying to taunt someone.
Of course, you’re not an exemption, you recollect the day where you confessed your love to her and after that ominous date, she started to tease you about it and took the advantage of your declaration by including that in your arguments whenever you’re trying to retaliate. And that is enough reason to stop you from blabbering and become speechless so you couldn’t counter back anymore.
Shinobu is a cute girl but… you really wouldn’t want to mess with her.
“If you don’t want to I-I’m going to head back home!”
You turn your heels to face your back at her. When you’re about to leave her room, you suddenly felt arms wrap around your waist and feel the warmth of Shinobu’s body at your back.
“I’m just teasing you,” she giggled and your face began to fume in shame.
Shinobu nestled her face into your back and tightens her hug to you. “I missed you, (Name)…”
The sweet and calm voice of your girlfriend resonates in your ears. The feeling of your heated face has finally waned and spin your body to face the Insect pillar. Shinobu lifts her chin to look at you straight in the eyes and you bequeath her a sweet smile.
“I missed you too… I love you.”
Patting her head, Shinobu’s lips began to curl and cupped your cheeks with her small and delicate hands. She starts to tiptoe and give you a chaste kiss on the lips.
“I love you too, (Name).”
This girl is such a tease, you swear.
Tumblr media
Currently, you’re walking back to your home where the three wives and Uzui was. It’s been a week since you were sent on a mission, same goes for the Sound pillar. Although you’re one of the wives that he has, he still allowed you from becoming a demon hunter just like him despite at first he instantaneously opposed to your idea.
He was scolding you for being stubborn and constantly defying his orders. You knew very well why he was frequently nagging you because he’s just worried about your wellbeing and you are his wife! Of course, he’s overprotective of you. He just doesn’t want anything adverse to befall on you and he doesn’t want you to take a risky job that can take your life in just a flash.
Even the three girls were worried for you and would always welcome you with arms wide open when you’re returning from your mission.
As you went to the garden, your eyes spotted the three girls doing chores and Uzui wearing his yukata with a tea beside him. His hair was down and you can see the gorgeousness of your significant other. Although you love him with all your might and he’s incredibly handsome, you don’t want to admit but, you prefer Uzui wearing a yukata and his hair being free from his headwrap. He looks gorgeous and you’re not going to lie.
“Hey, I’m back!” You chirped which grabbed the attention of the four.
They quickly turned their heads to you and the three girls rapidly march towards your way to welcome you with a tight embrace. Their faces were contorted with worry, of course, they should be since you’ve been absent for a week!
“We missed you, (Name)!” They all chorused and extract a giggle.
“I missed you all!”
The three girls surrounded you and hugged you like it’s the end of the world. On the other hands, Uzui quietly walks towards you with a frown visible on his visage.
All of you stopped giggling once you sense the presence of the tall and brawny man towering over you. The Sound pillar just scrutinize you with a grimace and crossed arms.
“Well, hello there, Tengen…” you meekly greeted and you feel like you shrunk on your spot because of the intimidating aura that Uzui yields.
Feeling the cold sweats setting on your head, you separate your lips to speak but no words slipped out from your mouth. You swallowed a handful of saliva and peek through your lashes to sight the frightening man.
“I see, you just returned.” His voice was firm and you can sense the tense atmosphere around despite the sun was giving off a friendly and welcoming vibe and the gust of the wind flowing through your bodies.
You were interrupted from vocalising when Uzui swiftly engulfs you with an embrace and buried you into his chest. His left arm was wrapped around your middle while his right hand were placed at the back of your head. You can smell the citrus scent of your lover through the fabric of his yukata.
You thought that Uzui will scold you because you bugged him too much but that was the actual opposite of what you had expected.
“I missed you…” he murmured, still hugging you tight.
It’s a shame that you couldn’t ask him to give you a hug because he already did it and astonished you. Uzui’s voice was blatantly soft and full of tenderness, you weren’t used to him being soft-spoken because you had known him as an obnoxious man.
“I missed you too.”
You pat his back and Uzui pulled away to face his other three wives behind him.
Momentarily, his long and muscular arms envelop you four and give you a tight embrace. The four of you steal glances to each other and then giggled at the inestimable moment you have.
“I love you, my wives,” he announced and give you all a soft kiss on the forehead.
All of you blushed in sync and avoided eye contact with the Sound pillar. Uzui let out a boisterous laugh upon witnessing your flushed faces.
“You all are cute,” he purred before engulfing you with his well-built arms.
Uzui sure is a loving man that you could ever ask for.
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tengens-bunny · a year ago
Just hear me out real quick *clears throat* an au where reader is a camgirl and our boys are her #1 donators
[ ❦ ] cam girl! au; headcannons
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
- ̗̀➛ characters :
giyuu, nemi, kyou, tengen, sabito
- ̗̀➛ summary :
an au where reader is a cam girl, and our boys are her highest paying patreons
- ̗̀➛ author’s note :
aight bet *cracks knuckles*
maybe i’ll make a whole ass scenario or mini series off of this, who knows, but for now, enjoy these headcannons
and for a change of pace, let’s do more than my main hoes
Tumblr media
G. Tomioka
This guy probably found you through Sabito
One day he just walked into the room and glanced at Sabito’s screen and once he does he just can’t take his eyes off
You had him hypnotized from the very first second he laid eyes on you
From the soft cries that left your lips to the way your legs trembled around the toy you were thrusting into your wet cunt
Sabito will turn to find Giyuu behind him, his blue eyes filled with lust and a prominent hard on
“Like what you see?” Sabito chuckles before tossing Giyuu his phone, “Just make sure you don’t get any of your jizz on my phone.” he teases, before leaving Giyuu with his phone to take care of his little friend. 
Giyuu doesn’t even have time to come up with a response as the next video plays, the sight of your bare cunt on display with your fingers spreading your labia apart made him choke on his breath. Needless to say, Sabito wasn’t getting his phone back anytime soon.
Bonus: He probably goes through Sabito’s favorites to see what else he has that he can masturbate to, cause like, the man knows where it’s at
S. Shinazugawa
Sanemi is probably one of your biggest patrons
He’ll be scrolling through his recommended list and stop at the sight of your cute ass cheeks on the thumbnail 
so plump 
so smackable
he just fantasizes over what they’d look like with his hand prints all over them
You’ll be on your hands and knees with a fucking machine driving into your cunt at a fast pace
The fucking machine is of course controlled by the donations you get from your patrons, so the more $$ the higher the speed it fucks you at
He’ll get excited once he clicks on the thumbnail and hears your soft whimpers, your whole entire body trembling; signaling to him that you had just cum
He’ll donate a large amount just so that he can watch the machine fuck you at a fast and harsh pace, imagining that it was him pounding into your tight and wet cunt
Your whimpers only get louder and louder from the brisk pace of the machine, your hands fisting the silky sheets between your fingers while your body convulses from the pleasure, your poor abused cunt, so sensitive from your previous orgasms
His donations are very generous, so generous you allow him to pick what will happen on the streams sometimes
T. Uzui
You know the whole Saturday is for the boys thing? N O P E
Saturdays are for you and for you only, since you stream every Saturday
Like Sanemi, Tengen is probably also one of your biggest patrons and has access to all the VIP shit that you offer
He probably has all your videos downloaded offline so that he can watch them everywhere
His favorite one is where you’re riding a dildo suctioned cupped to the floor
He likes watching your cunt get stretched by the plastic toy, enjoying the sounds of your whimpers as you slowly sink down on the damn thing
He wonders what its like to have your cunt wrapped around his cock, your ribbed walls squeezing around his cock, milking his cock till your cunt is overflowing with his cum and yours combined
Definitely loves the way you role play on your live streams too
“Please Daddy I’ve been good,” you begged, your hips still, once you sank all the way down on the toy. “Won’t you fill me up with all of your love now?”
K. Rengoku
This man never misses a live stream
If he can’t watch it, he’s recording it 
theres just absolutely no way he’s missing out on his dirty little slut
As one of your top paying patrons, he also has some control of what you do on stream some times
“That’s it baby girl, touch yourself for me”
“Tease yourself nice and slow”
“Run your fingers up and down your slit for me baby girl, but don’t stick them in just yet.”
“Spread your cunt for me angel, show Daddy how wet you are”
He makes it an effort to cum at the same time as you whenever you touch yourself. He’s gotten so accustomed to the sounds you make and the way your body reacts, that he’s learned to time himself whenever he masturbates to you.
This cocky bastard
probably also has control of your stream from time to time and just loves to edge you
loves to hear you beg to cum and definitely wants to hear you beg for his cock
Just one look of your innocent face and he was already all over you account
Wants nothing more than to cum all over that pretty little face of yours
Wants to be the one to taint your innocence
and wreck your pussy
He probably has access to all your VIP benefits too and enjoys all the personal photos he gets of you
Probably persuades you to do a private live stream for him and let me tell you, after that live stream, you guys have probably met up on numerous occasions to fuck
You’ve never felt that aroused on stream before and knowing that he was watching you, controlling you, telling you what to do just made you so damn needy you felt like you were going insane
Everything he was telling you to do, wasn’t new to you before, but why the fuck did it feel 100000x better when he was telling you what to do?
“I don’t think you deserve it Kitten,” Sabito teased, shutting the fucking machine off with a click of the button; a needy whine leaving the girl’s lips as Sabito denied her 4th orgasm. “Please Daddy, I want to cum. I need it.”
Safe to say you’ve never came that hard before in your life; except for when Sabito is around. Now during your live streams all you can think about is his cock as you plunge the sex toy in and out of your cunt. You probably moan his name sometimes on stream too.
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kimetsu-no-reader · a year ago
AAAAA I just discovered ur blog and im in love, ur writing is AMAZING 🥺 could i please request giyuu x reader where giyuu sees reader for the first time after 4 years (basically since sabito's death as they were best friends before?) saving tanjiro squad from a demon (using whichever breath style you like!) And hes like, in shock bc its been so long and its just like a cutesy emotional reunion?? Maybe they hug eachother like crazy? Thank you SOSOSO much if u do this! 💖💗💕
AaAAAaAAa THANK YOU SO MUCH ;; That means so much to me!! 💖🧡💛💚💙💜🤎🖤🤍 I’m so happy you enjoy my work, and I hope you enjoy this one!!
Tumblr media
Giyuu Tomioka
You’d heard a faint scream in the distance as you were taking your usual stroll around the outskirts of the small village you resided in. You knew the scream all too well at this point; one that radiated the need for help.
You clenched the blade on your side and proceeded to run towards the aforementioned noise, making quick work of the ground as you all but glided across it.
The faint sounds of what seemed to be a bird talking also came across your ears.
“...demon! ...Tanjirou... trouble!” Those were all the words you could make out from where you currently were, but whoever this Tanjirou person was seemed to be in trouble. You were also well aware now that you were probably about to intervene with the Demon Slayer Corps, which made you feel slightly uneasy.
After a bit of sprinting, you finally came across a huge, relatively vile looking demon; along with it, a boy with a checkered haori, and another... boy (you assumed, given the lack of shirt) wearing a boar mask. Both were heavily wounded, the boar-wearing one more severely than checkerboard.
You feel like you’d hidden your presence well enough to land an attack on the demon in question, so you drew your sword; with one swift motion, you muttered, your breathing as steady as possible:
“Total Concentration: Breath of Water... Twelfth Form: White Water Riptide!”
Your sword sliced through the demon’s neck effortlessly, two thin streams of water following your sword, encircling the demon’s neck to deliver the killing cut.
As you landed softly onto the ground, you sheathed your sword, taking a deep breath as the demon’s head flopped on the ground with a heavy thud beside your feet; the ribbon you had tied in your hair had accidentally flown off when you killed the demon, landing in front of you as well.
The two boys in front of you just stared at you, the dark red haired one’s jaw was slightly agape. You couldn’t get a read on the other, though. But you were pretty sure his face was the same way.
“What?” You glanced at them, blowing a few stray strands of your hair out of your face as you addressed them.
“Who the hell are you?!” Yelled the brutish boar, who had way too much energy for looking like he’d been slung to hell and back.
“Inosuke!” Yelled the other, scolding him. “I’m terribly sorry, ma’am!” He bowed his head, grabbing the back of Inosuke’s head and making him bow along with.
“We’re forever in your debt! Thank you for saving us!”
“Kamaboko Gonpachiro! Fight me!” Inosuke yelled in protest as the other’s hand gripped the back of his neck, still forcing him to be in a bowed position.
You leaned over to grab the ribbon from the ground, tying your hair back up as you stood straight again.
“Don’t mention it-” You said curtly, pausing mid-sentence and furrowing your brow. “Say, are you two part of the Demon Slayer Corps?”
“Yes ma’am!” Responded checkboard haori. He’s so polite. You thought to yourself.
“My name is Tanjirou Kamado, and this is Inosuke Hashibira!” He added, removing his hand from Inosuke and walking up to you. You were still incredibly puzzled as to how he was walking considering how damaged they looked.
“Why did the pig called you Konosuba Gazpacho?” You tilted your head, looking at Tanjirou. “Did he get hit in the head during your fight?”
Tanjirou stifled a laugh, but the other boy was definitely not pleased.
“LISTEN!” The half-naked one yelled, “Just because you saved us doesn’t mean you’re strong! Don’t go thinking you can talk to me like that!”
You snorted, rolling your eyes a little bit. “Yeah, okay.” was all you responded with.
Meanwhile, in the midst of squabbling with Inosuke, you hadn’t noticed the familiar presence behind you.
“You.” Came a familiar voice, and you froze. For the first time in years, your total concentration breathing had ceased momentarily; heart leaping into your throat. Your head turned slowly to look behind you, eyes widened as you gazed upon the raven haired man behind you.
He had dropped his sword, something that shocked the two boys in front of you.
“Giyuu-san!” Tanjirou yelled, his eyes lighting up as he addressed the water hashira. “Do you know this girl? She just saved our lives!”
You took a sharp breath of air, completely numb to all of the sound around you.
“Is that? Is that really Giyuu?” Is all you could think. Your hands were clammy, but you turned your body towards the taller man. You looked at his face, and noticed two glimmering lines of tears streaming down his face as he spoke your name.
Almost immediately, you were also crying. Your chest felt like it was on fire as you ran towards Giyuu, hugging him with enough force to make him stumble backwards, landing on his back as you lay on top of him, practically sobbing.
“Oh my god, it’s you! It’s really you!” You repeated over and over, pressing your face into Giyuu’s chest, his arms were wrapped around your small frame, pressing you closely against him.
“I never thought I’d see you again!” You cried, gripping his mismatched haori.
“I thought you were dead,” Tomioka mumbled, sitting himself and you up, his hands firmly grasping your shoulders as he looked at your face “I really thought you were dead. I-”
You cut him off by pressing your lips against his, making Inosuke and Tanjirou turn around in embarrassment.
“Get a room, you animals!” Inosuke yelled.
You could feel Giyuu take in a sharp inhale of breath, his body growing warm with your sudden action. His face was stained a light shade of pink as well.
“I’m not dead,” You mumbled against his lips, breath quivering slightly as you spoke. “I just, I couldn’t deal with what happened to Sabito and Makomo and I-”
“Left?” The water hashira cut you off, the slightest hint of pain in his voice as he did.
You looked down, placing your hands in your lap, nodding slightly in acknowledgement.
Tomioka placed his hands on either side of your face, lightly cupping your cheeks and pulling your head up to look at him. His face had gone back to his usual calm demeanor, but a slight smile was present.
“Just don’t disappear again, alright?” His thumb trailed across your cheek, making you giggle a little at the touch.
“Fine.” You smiled, placing your hands on top of his.
Meanwhile, Tanjirou and Inosuke were whispering back and forth to each other about whether or not you two were an item, both wondering where the hell you came from.
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dudeandduchess · a year ago
Tumblr media
The first list of all the sins I’ve written? Enjoy, bbys!
Tomioka Giyuu:
HURT GIYUU WEEK: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7
Mini/Thirsty Headcanons [Various Characters]: x, x, x, x, x,
Giyuu Being an Unexpected Baby Daddy (SFW Scenario)
The Kamaboko Squad Inviting Giyuu’s Wife on a Picnic (P1) (SFW Scenario)
The Kamaboko Squad Visiting Giyuu’s Pregnant Wife (P2) (SFW Scenario)
Giyuu Soft Sex with his S/O (NSFW Scenario)
Receiving Oral (NSFW HCs)
Reaction to a Nude and Inviting Non-Girlfriend S/O (Slight NSFW)
Giyuu with a Female Nymphomaniac S/O (NSFW HCs)
Giyuu with a Lustful Pillar S/O (NSFW HCs)
Sabito and Giyuu Dating the Same Female Slayer (NSFW HCs)
Watching First Fireworks with Crush (SFW HCs)
Peach(es) and Cream [Giyuu x F!Reader Multi-chapter Fic]
Giyuu Cheating on Reader Angst (SFW Scenario)(Part 1)
Giyuu’s Ex Moving On with Sanemi (SFW Scenario)(Part 2 of the Cheating Giyuu Request)
Before It Sinks In [Giyuu x F!Reader] (SFW Scenario)
Giyuu x F!Reader: Teasing (NSFW Scenario)
Giyuu with a Pillar F!Reader who Goes Missing (SFW Scenario)
Giyuu x Tanjirō’s Older Sister (Very Slight NSFW)
Giyuu x F!Reader: Accidental Pregnancy (SFW Scenario)
Giyuu x F!Reader: Beautiful Girl (SFW Scenario)
Giyuu x F!Reader: Awkward Proposal (SFW Scenario)
Practicing His Proposal Spiel with Kyōjurō (SFW Scenario)
Giyuu x F!Reader: Just a Nightmare (SFW Scenario)
Giyuu x F!Reader: Confession + Date (SFW Scenario)
Giyuu x Slayer F!S/O: Almost Proposal (SFW Scenario)
Giyuu x Childhood Sweetheart Reader: Hardest Goodbye (SFW Scenario)
Giyuu x Dead S/O: “Your Hands Are So Cold.” (SFW Scenario)
Giyuu x Kagaya’s Little Sister: ‘Til Death Do Us Part (Part 1)(SFW Scenario)
Giyuu x Kagaya’s Little Sister: "You’ll Always Have a Piece of Our Love With You, Even After I’m Gone” (Part 2)(SFW Scenario)
Giyuu with a Time Traveling S/O (SFW Scenario)
With a Drunk AF S/O (Slight NSFW Scenario)
Giyuu x Kagaya’s Little Sister: “Y/N, there’s nobody there,” (SFW Scenario)
Giyuu x F!Reader: Jealousy Bites (SFW Scenario)
Giyuu x F!S/O: “Stop being cute! I’m mad at you.” (SFW Scenario)
Why the Moon Became the Sun: Giyuu x F!S/O (Mythology AU)
Giyuu x F!S/O: Harbinger of Doom (SFW Scenario)
Giyuu x F!S/O: Finals Week (Slight NSFW HCs)
Giyuu x F!S/O: “Um, is that my underwear you’re holding in your hand?” (Slight NSFW Scenario)
Giyuu and Kyōjurō with Sleep-Deprived S/Os (SFW HCs)
Giyuu x F!S/O: First Date (SFW HCs)
Giyuu x F!S/O: “I love you”/“I’ll never stop loving you” (Slight NSFW Scenario)
Sabito x F!S/O x Giyuu: Teaching Moment (NSFW Scenario)
Mini/Thirsty Headcanons: x, x, x, x
Sabito x Reader Romantic HCs (SFW)
Sabito and Giyuu Dating the Same Female Slayer (NSFW HCs)
Basking in the Afterglow: Sabito x Reader (Slight NSFW Scenario)
Sabito x F!S/O: “Do you have any idea what this feels like?” (SFW Scenario)
Sabito x F!S/O: “You’re such a doof” (Slight NSFW Scenario)
Sabito Taking Care of a Sick F!S/O (SFW/NSFW HCs)
Rengoku Kyōjurō:
Kyōjurō with a Reader who Saves Him from Death (SFW Scenario)
Outcast!Reader x Kyōjurō (SFW Scenario)
Daddy Kink HCs (NSFW)
Kyōjurō in the Hot Springs with his S/O (NSFW Scenario)
Kyōjurō x Modern!Reader AU (SFW HCs)
Ballroom AU (SFW HCs)
Meeting His S/O During a Mission and Eloping (SFW Scenario)
Kyōjurō x Reader with Low Self-Esteem (SFW Scenario)
Reaction to a Nude and Inviting Non-Girlfriend S/O (Slight NSFW)
Kyōjurō with a Lustful Pillar S/O (NSFW HCs)
Pining After a Dense S/O (SFW Scenario)
Watching First Fireworks with Crush (SFW HCs)
Pining After a Senpai (SFW HCs)
Sweetest Sin [Kyōjurō x F!Reader Multi-chapter Fic]
Kyōjurō x PIllar F!Reader who is a Member of the Wisteria Clan (SFW Scenario)
Basking in the Afterglow: Kyōjurō x Reader (Slight NSFW Scenario)
Kyōjurō x Pillar F!Reader who Goes Missing (SFW Scenario)
Kyōjurō with a Time Traveling Reader (SFW Scenario)(Part 1)
Kyōjurō with a Time Traveling Reader (Slight NSFW Scenario) (Part 2)
Kyōjurō x F!Reader: “I Said Move” (SFW Scenario)
Kyōjurō x Reader: Unrequited Love (SFW Scenario)
Kyōjurō x Pregnant!Reader: Good News, Bad News (SFW Scenario)
Kyōjurō x Demon!S/O: Accidents Happen (SFW Scenario)
Kyōjurō x F!S/O: In Another Life, Let’s Be Lovers Again (SFW Scenario)
Kyōjurō with Kids: Meet the Rengoku Five (SFW Scenario)
With a Drunk AF S/O (Slight NSFW Scenario)
Kyōjurõ with A Breeding Kink (NSFW HCs)
Trying to Bake a Cake for His S/O (SFW HCs)
With a S/O Who Loves the Rain (SFW Scenario)
Jealous Kyōjurō x Pillar F!Reader (SFW Scenario)
With a Sick S/O (SFW HCs)
Kyōjurō and Sanemi Sharing a Lover (NSFW HCs)
Kyōjurō x F!S/O x Sanemi: Hashira Sandwich (NSFW Scenario)
Meeting His S/O’s Family (SFW HCs)
Kyōjurō vs. Tengen: Whose Kids Are Better? (SFW Scenario)
Kyōjurō With His Kids: Meet the Rengoku 5 (SFW Scenario)
Kyōjurō x F!S/O: Happily Ever After (SFW Scenario)
Shinjurō x F!Reader x Kyōjurō: Daddy Kink (NSFW Scenario)
We Can’t Be (Rengoku Kyōjurō x F!Reader) (SFW Scenario)
Kyōjurō x F!S/O: “When were you going to tell me?” (SFW Scenario) (Part 1)
Kyōjurō x F!S/O: Jealous (SFW Scenario) (Part 2)
Meet the Parents (NSFW HCs)
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Reacting to a Lap Dance (NSFW HCs)
Kyōjurō x F!Reader: Snow Day (SFW Scenario)
Kyōjurō x F!S/O: Caught Red Handed (Slight NSFW Scenario)
Kyōjurō x F!S/O: Lullabies and Prayers (Part 1)(SFW Scenario)
Kyōjurō x F!S/O: Lullabies and You (Part 2)(SFW Scenario)
Kyōjurō x Barista F!Reader (SFW Scenario) (Modern AU)
Kyōjurō x Stripper! F!S/O: I’m N Luv (Slight NSFW Scenario)
Kyōjurō x F!S/O x Shinjurō (NSFW Scenario)
Kyōjurō x Pillar F!S/O: The Morning After (SFW Scenario)
Kyōjurō x F!S/O: Last Goodbye (SFW Scenario)
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To the Ends of the Earth: Kyōjurō x F!S/O (Mythology AU)
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Kyōjurō x F!S/O: “Can you help me take care of this boner?” “Take care of it yourself!” “Well, it’s your fault it’s there in the first place!”(NSFW Scenario)
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Giyuu and Kyōjurō with Sleep-Deprived S/Os (SFW HCs)
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Mini/Thirsty Headcanons: x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x
Rengoku Shinjurō:
Shinjurō x F!Reader x Kyōjurō: Daddy Kink (NSFW Scenario)
Younger!Shinjurō x F!S/O: Wifely Duties (NSFW Scenario)
Shinjurō x F!Reader: A Love To Last A Lifetime (SFW Scenario)
Kyōjurō x F!S/O x Shinjurō (NSFW Scenario)
Shinjurō x F!S/O: Bath Scene (NSFW Scenario)
Shinjurō x F!S/O: “Do you think you could love me?” (SFW Scenario)
DTR: Define the Relationship [Shinjurō x F!Reader, Modern AU, Multi-chapter Fic]
Shinjurō x F!Reader: “I’m no good for you, baby. I’m not a good man.” (SFW Scenario)
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Shinjurō: Teletubbies AU [Part 1, Part 2]
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Shinjurō x F!S/O: Best Part of Me (SFW Scenario)
Shinjurō x F!S/O (NSFW HCs)
Mini/Thirsty Headcanons: x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x,
Iguro Obanai:
Reader Having a Crush on Iguro and Declaring Kanroji as a Rival (SFW Scenario)
Receiving Oral (NSFW HCs)
Reaction to a Nude and Inviting Non-Girlfriend S/O (Slight NSFW)
Shinazugawa Sanemi:
Sanemi x Reader: Modern AU - Dates (SFW HCs)
Daddy Kink HCs (NSFW)
Sanemi x Wife!S/O Domestic Fluff (SFW Scenario)
Pre-Hashira Sanemi Being Taken Care of by His S/O (SFW Scenario)
Sanemi with an S/O Who’s Insecure About Her Scars (SFW Scenario)
Receiving Oral (NSFW HCs)
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Sanemi with a Lustful S/O (NSFW HCs)
Sanemi with a Penchant for Public Sex (NSFW HCs)
Love Her [Sanemi x F!Reader Multi-chapter Fic]
Reaction so S/O’s Ahegao Face (NSFW HCs)
Sanemi Pinning His Shy S/O (Slight NSFW Scenario)
Sanemi x F!Reader: Unexpected Surprise (SFW Scenario)
Sanemi with a Sleep Deprived S/O (SFW Scenario)
Sanemi with Giyuu’s F!S/O: Unrequited Love (SFW Scenario)
Sanemi x F!S/O: Time Traveling AU (SFW Scenario)
Falling for a Working Class S/O (SFW HCs)
Sanemi x F!S/O: Making Ohagi (SFW Scenario)
With a Sick S/O (SFW HCs)
Kyōjurō and Sanemi Sharing a Lover (NSFW HCs)
Kyōjurō x F!S/O x Sanemi: Hashira Sandwich (NSFW Scenario)
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Sanemi As A Father: Meet the Ohagis (SFW HCs)
Meeting His S/O’s Family (SFW HCs)
Sanemi x F!Reader: Unexpected Surprise (SFW Scenario)
Sanemi x F!Reader: Post-Workout Teasing (NSFW Scenario)
Meet the Parents (NSFW HCs)
Sanemi x F!S/O: “I’ll teach you how to use that mouth.” (NSFW Scenario)
Sanemi x F!S/O: “Sometimes the happiest people are often the ones who need the most cheering up.” (SFW Scenario)
Sanemi x F!Reader: “Because I still fucking love you.” “If you walk out that door, we’re done.”(SFW Scenario)
Sanemi x F!S/O: Green Eyed Monster (NSFW Scenario)
Mini/Thirsty Headcanons: x, x, x, x, x, x, x, x,
Uzui Tengen:
Daddy Kink HCs (NSFW)
Pining After His Fuck Buddy (SFW Scenario)
Reaction to a Nude and Inviting Non-Girlfriend S/O (Slight NSFW)
Meeting His S/O’s Family (SFW HCs)
Meet the Parents (NSFW HCs)
Uzui x F!S/O: Domestic Bliss (Slight NSFW HCs)
Uzui x F!S/O: Overstimulation (NSFW Scenario)
Uzui x F!S/O: “Now’s not a good time” (SFW Scenario)
Uzui x F!S/O: “Give me attention” (SFW Scenario)
Tsugikuni Yoriichi:
Yoriichi x F!S/O: “I only want to please you” (NSFW Scenario)
Yoriichi x F!S/O: “I missed something didn’t I?” (SFW Scenario)
Tokitō Muichirō:
Muichiro with a Pillar!Reader Who Loves the Rain (SFW Scenario)
Reaction to a Nude and Inviting Non-Girlfriend S/O (Slight NSFW)
Kochō Shinobu:
Reaction to a Nude and Inviting Non-Girlfriend S/O (Slight NSFW)
Kanroji Mitsuri:
Reaction to a Nude and Inviting Non-Girlfriend S/O (Slight NSFW)
Haganezuka Hotaru:
First Day Married to His Wife (SFW HCs)
Urokodaki Sakonji:
Urokodaki Sakonji x F!Reader (NSFW Scenario)
Kibutsuji Muzan
First Random Thought of 2020: The Blue Spider Lily Must Have Been On Mt. Yoko
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astertataricvs · a year ago
Can I request a relationship hcs for Giyuu, Kyoujuro and Muichiro?
Thank you for requesting! I hope you like this!
Pictures aren't mine!
Relationship headcanons
Tumblr media
Giyuu Tomioka
❅ Giyuu is the biggest dork that you have ever met. Despite his stoic facade and looks so strict, he's actually a softie inside.
❅ In your relationship, he was the oblivious type of boyfriend and wouldn't know what you were indicating if you didn't bluntly tell him what you wanted to say.
❅ It's best if you're the eloquent s/o who wouldn't let the awkwardness or silence befalls between you two. Giyuu is striving his best to communicate with others so nonetheless to say, he's training himself with you.
❅ Lowkey loves it when you're running your fingers through his hair while his head was lying on your thighs. Because he loves the view he sees which is your gorgeous face, not your boobs or if you're a boy not because he can feel you down there, mind you.
❅ Giyuu doesn't like PDA, he utterly dislikes that idea but holding your hands while walking through the jammed streets is okay to him. He likes to hold your delicate hands and it's giving him the warmth he hasn't felt for years until you entered his life.
❅ Would always scold you if you're being heedless. Specifically, if you're a demon hunter, he would always protect you and not let you do the first move since he doesn't want anyone to leave a scratch on your body. He's overprotective.
❅ If you're not, he would always be the one doing your errands and wouldn't pass a day to visit you in your abode before he's going on his mission.
❅ Giyuu's the type of guy who would surprisingly kiss you out of nowhere. For example: if you're cleaning, training, resting or zoning out because of something, he would hastily peck your lips that will catch you off guard and only blinked at him, still not processing what he just did. Though, he would only do it if you two were alone.
❅ The one thing you don't like about Giyuu is his pessimism. He would always degrade himself and would always tell you that he doesn't deserve you because you're too good for him. It really ticks you off to which he earns a sturdy slap from you and returned him from his senses. And he was like: "It hurt."
❅ Also what you dislike about him is whenever you're going to tell him about something, he wasn't goddamn listening and he's just spacing out.
"Giyuu are you even listening?"
"You really aren't listening."
❅ Such a dork, isn't he? So, in the end, you're frustrated at him but you still love him either way and you would only sigh and tousle his hair which makes him left confounded.
❅ He loves to kiss your forehead every single day and he wouldn't forget to kiss you except when he's in a bad mood and if you quarreled.
❅ Nevertheless to say, Giyuu was the happiest man whenever he's with you and he's very gratified that you exist in his life. In spite of not verbalising it through words, he would express it in subtle actions. Please protect him too despite that he's invariably the one protecting you.
Tumblr media
Kyojuro Rengoku
❅ He likes to spin you around while laughing and give you a kiss on the lips.
❅ He doesn't mind if everyone's gonna see your PDA as long as Kyojuro shows his affections to you. Then Sanemi would interrupt and say, "DO IT SOMEWHERE ELSE! YOU TWO PISSES ME OFF!"
❅ And you would be like: "You just don't have a significant other, scar face."
❅ Then it will lead by Sanemi chasing you and yelling that he's going to kill you.
❅ And there's your Flame pillar boyfriend, only watching you being chased by the Wind pillar not bothering to help you because he was extremely amused and he loves it when you're having fun.
❅ CUDDLES. He is an avid fan of cuddles and nuzzling his head into your head, smelling the scent of your shampoo that he surely loves.
❅ Kyojuro would always hug you from behind and kiss your temples when he does it.
❅ Likes to spoil you a lot! He would be the cheerful boyfriend who wouldn't mad at you even if you did something wrong. But still, he would talk to you about it, coaxing you.
❅ Protective, specifically if you're on your mission. He wouldn't let you leave his side and order you around to stay behind him if there's a demon.
❅ If you're not a demon hunter, he would always remind you not to stroll around during night time. He would come into your house and sleep with you under the cozy blankets of your bed while running his fingers through your scalp and bury your head into his chest.
❅ ABSOLUTE SUNSHINE, his smile is so radiant that you swear to God that you're going to be damn blind soon.
❅ If ever you two would quarrel, Kyojuro would be the one who will say sorry and pursue you until you forgive him and talk to him. He will buy your favourite flowers and foods just for you to forgive his sorry ass.
"(Name), I'm sorry, please forgive me. I didn't mean to offend you, my emotions overwhelmed me so please don't ignore me. I love you so much."
"You know I can't resist you right?"
❅ Wouldn't pass a day without telling you how much he loves you that you're beautiful and you're his world over and over again.
Tumblr media
Muichiro Tokito
❅ You and Muichiro would be in a relationship when he already regained his memories back.
❅ Certified adorableness!
❅ Muichiro likes to tackle you with a hug and kiss your cheeks whenever you two would stumble upon each other.
❅ Likes to bring you to a field of flowers which you two would usually hang out.
❅ Muichiro is the jealous type of boyfriend.
❅ Whenever he would see you interact with other demon hunters, especially if he didn't know that person is actually existing. He would immediately surprise you by hugging you from behind and kiss your cheeks then flash the person a very dangerous glare.
❅ SUPER loves it whenever you're pampering him. He would feel giddy about it and likes to snuggle his nose in the crook of your neck.
❅ Only showing his cheerful side with you and Tanjiro. When someone intervened the conversation between you and a cheery Muichiro, his face would instantly shift into a deadpan expression and coldly say: "What?"
❅ OVERPROTECTIVE. If someone says shit things about you especially when Sanemi would spat some harsh words to you, Muichiro will come to the rescue and hide you behind him; glaring coldly at the Wind pillar.
"Shut up, you're not in the position to say rude things about, (Name)."
"Huh?! I'm just stating the fact that your s/o is weak!"
"Muichiro, it's okay. Shinazugawa-san didn't mean those things." You coaxed which the Mist pillar immediately calmed down but still flashed Sanemi a dirty glare.
"Why is he so overprotective?" Sanemi wondered as he started to walk away, feeling annoyed.
❅ Loves it when you're trying to tie his long beautiful silky hair into any hairstyles that you know. Muichiro would always compliment you how good your skills are and cupped your face while stroking your cheekbones with his thumbs.
❅ Although you've been the one who would always pamper him, he wouldn't forget to return the sweet gesture by showing his affections to you and give you things that you like.
❅ Wants to sleep beside you and cuddle on the bed until you two drifted to sleep.
❅ If you're the one who likes to tie his hair, he would be the one who'd put a flower crown on top of your head and bestow you a cheeky grin.
❅ Muichiro would always tell you that he's going to protect you and love you unconditionally until you both die. Please crush him with a hug and pinch his cheeks! He's so adorable I cannot--
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tengens-bunny · a year ago
hI aphrodosiacs play anon here! sorry for not being specific but I was thinking of the boys getting affected. uwu (I noticed your requests is closed and you don't have to write it ofc! Sorry it took a while to get back to you! D:)
 [ ❦ ] aphrodisiac play; headcannons
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
- ̗̀➛ characters:
giyuu, obanai, tengen, sanemi, kyou
- ̗̀➛ summary:
you’re a medic at the Butterfly Estate and accidentally give your mans an aphrodisiac instead of his medicine
- ̗̀➛ author’s note:
no worries! you sent your req before i closed them, i’m glad you got back to me in the end :D
i hope you like these 💕
Tumblr media
definitely knows somethings not right the moment he feels the heat rush to his cock
a feeling of excitement mixed with arousal forming in the pit of his stomach
can’t resist the urge to just stroke his cock right then and there
the painful throb making it hard for him to hold himself back; his member crying out to be touched
the head of his cock is swollen and leaking with precum
he swears he’s never been this hard in his damn life
he’ll start stroking his cock to give it the friction it desires, but it’s not enough
his frantic strokes and tight grip around his cock doesn’t feel nearly as good as your pussy
when you return back to the room, you’re surprised to find the male with his pants down and his hand wrapped around his cock
the sudden realization will hit you once the two of you make eye contact and you see his pupils dilated with lust
Giyuu doesn’t even give you a chance to get a single word out
his lips are on yours in a second and his hands are moving to undo the strings of your kimono/undo the buttons of your uniform
this is probably the most feral and needy Giyuu will ever get in his lifetime 
so enjoy it
your hips will be bruised from the relentless beating they get from his hips as he pounds into you
1 orgasm isn’t enough to extinguish his desire to cum
you guys aren’t stopping until you can’t distinguish who’s cum is who’s
the second he feels his cock begin to harden beneath his clothes he knows exactly what you gave him
he’s on top of you within seconds, his crotch pressing directly against your clothed pussy
“take responsibility, i’m only like this because of you”
this maybe the only time in your life where you’re responsible
doesn’t even bother to fully take your clothes off
he just moves everything to the side and goes to town on that pussy
after every orgasm expect to change positions
expect to try new positions too because this man has even more stamina than usual
if he’s not cumming inside you he’s covering you with his cum
your breasts, your stomach, your lower back, e v e r y t h i n g
Tengen & Sanemi
“you did this on purpose didn’t you”
“if you wanted my cock so badly you should have just asked.” they whisper into your ear, whilst grinding their erection into your ass
you guys are literally fucking everywhere in this room
whether it be the bed, the floor, the desk, the medicine supply closet, against the wall
you name it, you fuck on it
“look at that sinful expression on your face, i can’t tell who’s being affected by the aphrodisiac, if it’s you or me.”
your stomach will literally be bulging with their cum
if you’re lips aren’t wrapped around their cock its your pussy that’s wrapped around their cock
safe to say you won’t be walking for a while
the second you try to stand up your legs will give out from right under you
your cunt is literally leaking with their cum and your own
the pool that starts to form beneath your body is enough to get them going again
“i don’t think I’ve filled you up enough yet.”
Is definitely very confused at first as to why his body is beginning to heat up and why the back of his throat is dry
i don’t think he’s one to just pull you over and have his way with you, even if he’s feral with lust
i think Kyou is a real gentleman and will still ask for your consent before doing anything because he always wants to make sure you’re comfortable
once you give him the okay tho, be prepared for him to fuck you in every position possible
your body will bend in ways you didn’t even know you could bend
i firmly believe this is where the breeding kink is the strongest in these boys
he will tell you how beautiful you’d look if your belly was swollen with his child
won’t bother wasting his cum by shooting his load down your throat
instead he makes sure to cum in your cunt and your cunt only
has you pushed down into a breeding press to prevent his cum from seeping out of your swollen cunt
somethings bound to break at this point and if it’s not you then it’s the bed
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biznichwrites · a year ago
Updated - now organized by character chronologically, newest to oldest. 
There are tags for smut/fluff/comfort/angst and AUs.
There are 222 posts as of 5/22/2021.
No ship:
Realistic Dad Giyuu HCs, no ship
Dad Sabito HCs, Fluff, no ship
Giyuu and Sabito having memes explained to them, no ship
Dad Giyuu's child coming out , Comfort, no ship
Giyuu with a son, Fluff, no ship
Dad Giyuu HCs, Fluff, no ship
Giyuu with a daughter, no ship
Tiny Demon Giyuu HCs, Demon AU, no ship
Giyuu with awkward child 2, no ship
Giyuu with awkward child 1, no ship
Teacher Giyuu HCs, no ship
Giyuu stalked by a pug 2, no ship
Single Dad Giyuu with daughter 2, no ship
Ghost Sabito messing with Giyuu, no ship
Pizza delivery boy Giyuu, no ship
Giyuu meeting demon Sabito on his first mission, no ship
Single Dad Giyuu with daughter 1, Fluff, no ship
Giyuu as an older brother figure to Nezuko, Fluff, Comfort, no ship
Giyuu stalked by a pug 1, no ship
Modern Giyuu reacting to twerking, no ship, Modern AU
Baby Boy, Giyuu x reader, Fluff
Hoping for a baby, Giyuu x reader, Fluff
Kitty AU HCs, Giyuu x reader, Kitty AU
Hanahaki, Giyuu x reader, Angst
Homecoming, Giyuu x reader, Fluff
Nonidentical twins introduce SO to parents, Giyuu x reader, Sabito x reader
Posessive Giyuu hiding picture of his SO, Giyuu x reader
Cow Giyuu's "mess" SO cleans up, Giyuu x reader, Cow AU, Slightly NSFW
Giyuu keeping lewd pictures of his SO, Giyuu x reader, Slightly NSFW
Demon!SabiGiyuu aftercare, Giyuu x reader, Sabito x reader, Demon AU, Slightly NSFW
Realistic Giyuu relationship HCs, Giyuu x reader
Giyuu in a (supposedly) one sided love affair, Giyuu x reader, Angst
Finding out Reader is an exotic dancer 2, Giyuu x reader, Sabito x reader, Slightly NSFW, Modern AU
Giyuu with a chubby SO 2, Giyuu x reader, Fluff, Comfort
Giyuu with an SO with a small chest, Giyuu x reader, Fluff, Comfort
Giyuu finding out his SO can't have children, Giyuu x reader, Fluff, Comfort
SO taking injury in Giyuu's place, Giyuu x reader, Fluff
Necromancer Yandere Reader, Giyuu x reader, TW
Giyuu's GF with SH scars, Giyuu x reader, Fluff, Comfort, TW
Giyuu's SO that has experienced SA, Giyuu x reader, Fluff, Comfort, TW
Giyuu developing Stockholm Syndrome with Yandere SO, Giyuu x reader, TW
Giyuu with a Yandere secret admirer, Giyuu x reader, TW
Birthday cake for Giyuu, Giyuu x reader, Fluff
Hurt Giyuu Week Day 3: Demon AU, Giyuu x reader, Angst, Demon AU
Hurt Giyuu Week Day 1: Break up, Giyuu x reader, Angst
SabiGiyuu x reader ABO HCs, Giyuu x reader, Sabito x reader, Fluff
Demon Sabito and reader x human Giyuu, Giyuu x reader, Sabito x reader, Fluff, Demon AU
Sabito being born as Giyuu's son, Giyuu x reader, not focused on shipping
Accidental meeting between Giyuu and reader, Giyuu x reader, Fluff
Giyuu teaching SO swordsmanship, Giyuu x reader
SabiGiyuu with reader that has nightmares, Giyuu x reader, Sabito x reader, Fluff, Comfort
Giyuu with goofy SO, Giyuu x reader, Fluff
Giyuu attempting to flirt, Giyuu x reader
Watching the rain with Giyuu, Giyuu x reader, Fluff
SabiGiyuu with blind SO, Giyuu x reader, Sabito x reader, Fluff
Giyuu with a chubby SO 1, Giyuu x reader, Comfort
GF criticized for poly relationship with Sabito and Giyuu, human and demon AU, Giyuu x reader, Sabito x reader, Fluff, Demon AU
Giyuu with a plain SO, Giyuu x reader, Fluff, Comfort
Giyuu with SO dressed a witch, Giyuu x reader, Slightly NSFW
Vampire Giyuu HCs, Giyuu x reader
Giyuu's SO breaks up with him, Giyuu x reader, Angst
Giyuu with pregnant SO, Giyuu x reader, Fluff
SO has nonidentical twins with Sabito and Giyuu, Giyuu x reader, Sabito x reader, Fluff
Virgin sugar daddy Giyuu, Giyuu x reader, Sugar Daddy AU
Giyuu with cuddly SO, Giyuu x reader, Fluff
Kindergarten AU HCs 3, Giyuu x reader, Fluff, Modern AU
Sabito and Giyuu meeting crush later in life, Giyuu x reader, Sabito x reader
Train arc with Giyuu, Giyuu x reader, Angst
Giyuu realizing he has a crush, Giyuu x reader, Fluff
SO injured protecting Giyuu, Giyuu x reader, Angst
First mission with Giyuu, Giyuu x reader
Demon Giyuu with fluffy ears, Giyuu x reader, Fluff, Demon AU
Holloween party where Giyuu mistakes twin for SO, Giyuu x reader
Giyuu with a badass SO, Giyuu x reader
Sugar Daddy Giyuu HCs, Giyuu x reader, Sugar Daddy AU
Giyuu with a crush that teases him, Giyuu x reader, Slightly NSFW
Poly with Sabito and Giyuu, Giyuu x reader, Sabito x reader, Fluff
Musician SO with Giyuu, Giyuu x reader
Giyuu injured protecting SO, Giyuu x reader, Angst
Domestic demon Giyuu HCs, Giyuu x reader, Fluff, Demon AU
Demon Giyuu protecting SO while sparring, Giyuu x reader, Demon AU
Demon SO protecting the pillars, Giyuu x reader, Demon AU
Giyuu with a strong SO, Giyuu x reader
Demon SO turned human and lost memories, Giyuu x reader, Demon AU
Demon SO flirted with by other pillars, Giyuu x reader, Demon AU
Fem SO teasing Giyuu, Giyuu x reader
SO in a car wreck, Giyuu x reader
Overprotective demon Giyuu, Giyuu x reader, Demon AU
Giyuu slow to warm up to his SO, Giyuu x reader, Fluff
SO's clothes torn in battle, Giyuu x reader, Slightly NSFW
Short SO 2, Giyuu x reader
Pillar SO defending Giyuu, Giyuu x reader
Demon SO HCs 2, Giyuu x reader, Demon AU
Love tiangle with Giyuu, SO, and Kyo, Giyuu x reader, Kyojuro x Reader
Bad ass SO, Giyuu x reader
Demon Giyuu meeting a non slayer reader, Giyuu x reader, Demon AU
Giyuu's SO hit by a car, Giyuu x reader, Angst
Demon Giyuu meeting SO in modern times, Giyuu x reader, Demon AU, Modern AU
Demon Giyuu's SO is pregnant, Giyuu x reader, Fluff, Demon AU
SO with mood swings, Giyuu x reader, Fluff
Yandere Giyuu, Giyuu x reader
Shy Giyuu cruching on popular reader, Giyuu x reader
Clingly Demon Giyuu HCs, Giyuu x reader, Demon AU
Kindergarten AU HCs 2, Giyuu x reader, Fluff, Modern AU
Dying pillar SO, Giyuu x reader, Angst
Insecure SO, Giyuu x reader, Fluff, Comfort
Short SO 1, Giyuu x reader, Fluff
Taking care of sick Giyuu, Giyuu x reader, Fluff, Comfort
Giyuu does make up, Giyuu x reader, (this did not age well, forgive me)
Demon SO HCs 1, Giyuu x reader, Demon AU
Kindergarten AU HCs 1, Giyuu x reader, Fluff, Modern AU
SO wearing his haori, Giyuu x reader
Pervert SO 2, Giyuu x reader, Slightly NSFW
Starting a family, Giyuu x reader, Fluff
Demon Giyuu HCs 2, Giyuu x reader, Demon AU
Pervert SO 1, Giyuu x reader, Slightly NSFW
Finding out Reader is an exotic dancer 1, Giyuu x reader, Slightly NSFW, Modern AU
Demon Giyuu HCs 1, Giyuu x reader, Demon AU
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Giyuu Kinktober 2020, Day 17: Breeding, Size Difference, Giyuu x reader, Smut, Demon AU, Kinktober
Giyuu Kinktober 2020, Day 16: Maid/Servant, Power Imbalance, Giyuu x reader, Smut, Kinktober
Giyuu Kinktober 2020, Day 15: Fisting, Begging, Giyuu x reader, Smut, Kinktober
Giyuu Kinktober 2020, Day 14: Lactation, Praise, Giyuu x reader, Smut, Kinktober
Giyuu Kinktober 2020, Day 13: A/B/O, Scent, Knotting, Giyuu x reader, Smut, Kinktober
Giyuu Kinktober 2020, Day 12: Pet Play, Collaring, Giyuu x reader, Smut, Kinktober
Giyuu Kinktober 2020, Day 11: Lingerie, Giyuu x reader, Smut, Kinktober
Giyuu Kinktober 2020, Day 10: Monster/Demon, Cum Marking, Bukakke, Giyuu x reader, Smut, Demon AU, Kinktober
Giyuu Kinktober 2020, Day 9: Ass Worship, Bath/Shower, Giyuu x reader, Smut, Kinktober
Giyuu Kinktober 2020, Day 8: Medical Play, Nipple Play, Giyuu x reader, Smut, Kinktober
Giyuu Kinktober 2020, Day 7: Make Up Sex, Giyuu x reader, Smut, Comfort, Kinktober
Giyuu Kinktober 2020, Day 6: Tentacles, Aphrodisiacs, Squirting, Threeway, Giyuu x reader, Sabito x reader, Smut, Mer AU, Kinktober
Giyuu Kinktober 2020, Day 5: Sleepy/Somnophilia, Giyuu x reader, Smut, Kinktober
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lesbianshinobus · a year ago
Heyy! I hope you’re doing well! Can I request headcanons for how giyuu, sanemi, and rengoku would act and what they’d do if their s/o cane back sleep deprived from a mission? Thanks!!!
hiya, i’m doing great! i hope you are too! this is such a sweet prompt by the way, thanks for sending it in :’)
Tumblr media
he’s meditating when you get home, so giyuu almost doesn’t realize you’re back from your mission until the sound of the front door closing reaches him
you slide open the bedroom door and greet him, but giyuu can tell something’s off; your steps are dragging, your shoulders drooping, and you nearly drop your blade as you’re putting it away
he’s a straight forward person, so he outright asks you what’s wrong
you sigh, telling him that you’re just tired from the mission, that’s all
what happens next depends on you, because giyuu is fairly passive outside of his duty as a demon slayer
if you lie down in bed to sleep, he’ll be sure to keep quiet and not disturb you; should you want him to join you, he’ll get into bed without a word, holding you to him as you both fall asleep
if you want to talk about your mission, he’ll listen intently and without complaint. he wants to know about your day, if you’re willing to tell him
if you just want some company as you rummage around the kitchen for something to eat, that’s fine too, giyuu hasn’t eaten in a while either
should there be anything he can do to help you feel better, he’ll do it
Tumblr media
sanemi enters the estate after an intense bout of training followed by a visit to a bathhouse, and quickly spots your sandals by the door; he perks right up, pleased that you’re home
he finds you in the kitchen, preparing food despite looking dead on your feet, because you wanted to cook something for him before he got back home
he grabs the knife you’re using from you, scowling. you’re tired but you have yet to take a bath, or sleep, or do anything for yourself? he’s annoyed
you’re forced out of the kitchen, sanemi not allowing you there because with how sluggish you are, you’d do something stupid like accidentally hurt yourself; he tells you to freshen up and sit in the living room, so you do
after some time, when you’re just about ready to faceplant on the table and fall asleep, sanemi reappears with two trays of food
it doesn’t matter if you’re not that hungry, you’re going to eat under his watchful eye
he takes a few bites of his own food before quietly mentioning how he’d cook meals after his mother started to work. he would always make her dinner just before she came back home, and his siblings would pitch in and help
you know he’s not expecting you to say anything, that he doesn’t want you to, so you just lean against his side as the two of you finish your meals
afterward, sanemi will clean the plates before tucking you into bed, letting you doze off against his chest
Tumblr media
you’re getting a very warm welcome! when you step through the door, kyoujurou makes a beeline to you and wraps you up in a bear hug, because he’s missed you dearly!
he pulls back and goes to ask how the mission went, how your day’s going, but the flame pillar falters once he gets a good look at you
kyoujurou is no stranger to the bone-deep feeling of fatigue after a long, difficult mission, so he understands completely and ushers you to the bedroom
you might try to stop him, saying that it’s fine, you can sleep later, you shouldn’t waste this rare opportunity of both of you being free—he shakes his head and tells you your rest is more important
he guides you inside the room and helps you into bed, taking your haori and blade off for you, even though he knows you could do it yourself; you’re tired, and he wants to pamper you a little
kyoujurou joins you, though he surprises you by sitting at the foot of the bed and placing your ankles in his lap
there’s nothing better than a massage after a tiring day! or so he says when you ask him what he’s doing
his thumbs dig into the aching arch of your foot as he makes light chit chat about his day and what he’s done since you saw him last; there’s no pressure to maintain the conversation if you’re not feeling up to it, he can do the talking for the two of you
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astertataricvs · a year ago
Can I have a nsfw scenario for Giyuu and his s/o? When he thought that his s/o was killed by a demon but it turned out not. He is too afraid so he just want to spend time with his s/o
Tumblr media
Here ya go nonnie! Enjoy the smut! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Word count: 5.2k+
Tumblr media
Giyuu wouldn't forget the day when both of you were sent on a mission, he thought that you were defeated by the demon and died due to the fact that he saw your haori lying on the ground and drenched with blood. Giyuu felt his body falling apart by just thinking of you being devoured by a demon. The Water pillar began urgently looking for you and he prayed that his adverse thoughts were just assumptions of his – only a deception.
Heart hammering tremendously, cold sweats trickling on his neck and breathing became heavy, he doesn't care if he's going to be lost in the middle of the unknown dark forest. The only thing that was swirling in his head was to find you safe and sound. He knows that you won't be defeated that easily even if you're not a pillar yourself, at least your strength was still in the higher ranks.
As he runs through the forest, and he paused in his tracks when he spotted a body blended with blood ahead of him. Giyuu didn't waste a second to aid the unknown person, however, when the figure was becoming more lucid in his eyes, his orbs opened ever so widely when he recognised your (length) (colour) hair and the hair clip that he gave you on your birthday.
Dashing towards you, he immediately carried you in his arms when he saw your unconscious body. He checked your wrist and sensed the little beating of your pulse, indicating that you're still alive making his eyes glimmer with hope.
"(Name), please don't die on me," he coaxes and kisses you on the forehead before heading towards the Butterfly estate to treat your severe wounds.
Seeing you with cuts all over your body and blood gliding on your head, he felt his heart wrenched painfully and gritted his teeth since he couldn't handle seeing you being beaten up like this. Ever since you two became a couple, he was always there with you and would never leave your side in order to protect you. It's not that he doesn't trust your strength as a demon hunter, he just doesn't want the worst thing to transpire to you and he wouldn't let someone special to him slip away from him again.
He already lost his beloved sister and his friend Sabito, he couldn't handle the excruciating pain again and he doesn't want to encounter it anymore. He's done with anyone dying on him, he's done being miserable. That's why he doesn't know what he's going to do if you ever die on him, you're the only reason why he still keeps on living and breathing. So if you die... he doesn't know what to do anymore.
A month passed and you're now fully healed, thanks to Shinobu, Aoi and the three girls who were taking care of you, especially to your boyfriend who never left your side even for a minute. He was the who's feeding you, aiding you to stand up and walk, guiding you to the bathroom, getting the things that you needed and moreover, he never passed a day without caressing your hands like he doesn't have any intention of letting it go. Giyuu would casually kiss your forehead before drifting to sleep.
Now that you can do whatever you want and not bedridden anymore. Giyuu and you started to return from your household and rest there for two weeks. The Water pillar asked for Oyakata-sama's permission to give you both a week-off since Giyuu wanted you to be in perfect shape to be on a mission again, also, he doesn't want to leave your side because he was terrified of the possible outcomes that might befall to you while he's not around.
Thankfully, Oyakata-sama granted the ravenette's wishes and let you two have a week-off. So today, you were inside your shared home while drinking a tea that your boyfriend had prepared for both of you.
A peaceful atmosphere inundates the room as you wordlessly sipped on your tea while the Water pillar was staring at your every movement.
Sensing the piercing eyes of your boyfriend, you looked at him then smiled.
"Giyuu, you're making me uncomfortable because of your stare," you giggled to which the said man snapped out from his daze.
"I'm just... I'm just happy that you're perfectly fine now..." he utters then began to sip on his tea. Smiling widely at your boyfriend, you rose to your feet and went beside him to give him a hug.
"I'm sorry if I worried you too much, Giyuu... I won't die, I promise that to you so don't overthink, okay?" You soothingly said and slowly cupped his cheeks then momentarily, drawing circles on his smooth cheeks. Giyuu also held your hands resting on his face and rubs your knuckles.
"How could I not overthink? You're special to me, (Name). You do know that I don't want to happen to you just like what happened to my sister and Sabito. I don't want to experience it again by losing someone important to me. I don't know what I will do... if I lose you, (Name)..." his voice cracked in the midst of his sentence and wrapped his arms around you before leaning his head on your shoulder.
You felt like your heart was being stabbed by thousands of knives just by seeing Giyuu being so vulnerable. Also, what surprised you is that Giyuu was being vocal to his words, knowing that he's a socially awkward man and not good at communicating with everyone. You weren't used of the Water pillar being like this since you know how strong this man is and would never waver. Well, truth be told, you would sometimes see him falter whenever you'd cook him his favourite food which is the salmon daikon.
"Giyuu, love, look at me," you prompted to which your boyfriend voluntarily obeyed you and stare into your (colour) irises.
"I love you so much, Giyuu. I'm not going to die, I'll live love with you, understand?" Brushing his tanned cheeks, you propelled your face towards him and once your lips were a centimeter apart, you attached your lips onto his chapped ones.
The Water pillar gladly responded to your kisses and slid his hands to your jaw and pulling you to him to deepen the kiss.
"I love you too, (Name)," he says then returns to kiss you once again.
You felt your heart beating fast as the atmosphere between you two was becoming heated. Although you've been together for two years, you both still haven't tried to move into the next level of being in a relationship. Well, you would be lying if you didn't sometimes envision how Giyuu would touch your body and do sexual things with him.
Just remembering him how your bodies will become one and make love to him, you feel your body's temperature rising up and wrapped your arms around his neck to have an ardent kiss between you and your boyfriend.
Giyuu noticed how your kiss turned sloppy and how you grabbed a handful of his hair making him groan into the kiss. The Water pillar pulled away with a string of saliva connected in between your mouths.
Giyuu's breathing went ragged same goes for you. The ravenette merely watched you with wide eyes as for you, you looked at him with a wanton gaze while your cheeks were dusted in red. Giyuu was stunned, he didn't know how he will react after the avid kiss you both shared.
"Giyuu..." you purred as you crawled towards him and smell the addictive scent of your boyfriend on his neck. "Can we do it tonight?" You asked.
Giyuu was clueless at first but after processing your words, his jaw instantly dropped and looked at you with skepticism.
"(Name)... we can't... I want to do it when we get married..." Giyuu said but you can recognise the hesitation laced in his tone. You know that Giyuu was turned on at the scene earlier so you wouldn't back off right now specifically that you couldn't handle the heat leaching in your body.
"Please Giyuu... I love you so much, I want to make love to you..." lifting your head, you hold the back of his neck and crashed your lips onto his.
The Water pillar was astounded at your bold act. He didn't know that you're hiding this kind of attitude that he hadn't faced before. When you bit his lower lip, the quiet boy parted his lips which you swiftly shoved your tongue inside his mouth and explored his wet cavern. Giyuu doesn't know what to do but halfway, he followed your movements and mimic your action by shoving his wet muscle in your mouth.
You let out a groan when Giyuu started to explore your mouth, fighting for dominance.
The heat was starting to rise on both of you and your rationality was becoming foggy like the mist covering the vast mountain. You two were now clouded by concupiscence and you two couldn't stop yourself anymore. You two didn't want to stop this momentum and let the lust consume your whole being.
The Water pillar grabbed your waist and placed you on top of his lap. You can feel the bulge growing on his pants grazing on your clothed womanhood. Subconsciously, you sit on the tent on his crotch causing Giyuu to groan because of the friction of your clothed sex on his. You started to grind to give more friction and let out a lewd moan in between your kisses.
It feels so good for you, you didn't know that doing this kind of sensual things would actually feel this good. It feels like you were in euphoria and your mind was lingering of one thing: you want to feel Giyuu inside of you.
Since you couldn't keep the heat anymore, you retracted your lips and desperately ripped off the clothes of Giyuu. Your boyfriend was shocked at your desperate attempt and after removing his upper clothes, you started to discard your (pattern) kimono and let yourself be naked in front of your boyfriend.
Giyuu adoringly gawked at your curvy body, studying your features and stared at the perked nipples of your breast down to your stomach and your clothed womanhood.
"Hey, Giyuu, make love to me, baby," you seductively whispered in his ear and teasingly bite his earlobe. This causes Giyuu to let out a shaky moan and feel his member twitching against your womanhood.
That was enough reason to make him riled up and you triumphantly smirked when he started to kiss you again with more passion. He pulled back and started giving you light kisses on your jaw, down to your neck and started to lick your throat.
"Giyuu..." you grunted while eyes were shut.
Your boyfriend began to caress your mounds as he nibbles the patches of your skin, searching for your weak spot. You only moan loudly when your boyfriend had finally found it and didn't waste a second to suck it and nip it. You let your head tilt to the side to give him full access which Giyuu took the hint and mercilessly sucked your smooth skin. Hearing you moan that loud, it was certainly a sweet melody to his ears.
The Water pillar didn't expect that this intimate session with you would be this early. He expected that you two were going to do these kinds of things when you two were finally married. However, the intense desire that was crawling in your existence was giving the two of you an adequate reason to step to the next level and let yourself be overwhelmed by your desires you both were craving for.
Shameful or not, truth be told that Giyuu was also having fantasies of you. Wondering what kind of body do you hide underneath your demon hunter uniform and kimono, you don't know how it drives him crazy every time you would run your fingers through your hair, how will you place it on the side to which he can perfectly see your exposed neck that he surely wanted to bite. Also, you don't know how it turns him on whenever you'd kiss him fervently. It's just his mind would wander with lascivious thoughts of you and just wanted to pounce on you against the futon.
Now that his fantasies were coming true right now, he doesn't want to slip this opportunity and pleasure you with all he's got.
Once Giyuu was satisfied at giving you love bites on your neck, he began to trail soft kisses on your collarbone down to your cleavage and teasingly lick the side of your breasts.
"G-Giyuu..." the said man darted his eyes on you who's showing a lustful expression as your cheeks were brandished with pink hues.
Giyuu was feeling proud of himself catching the fact that he was doing a great job at pleasuring you. He didn't waste a second to grope your breasts that perfectly fit his hands well. It was so soft and he couldn't restrain himself to do further with you. Eliciting a lusty moan, Giyuu dipped down and started to lick your perky nipples then sucked it.
You gripped his hair as you relentlessly grinding your core against his erection. You heard the Water pillar groan at your action while he keeps on working with your erect buds. Slowly, you slid your hands on his toned back up to his shoulder blades.
The tension inside the dark room was becoming oppressive and hotter like the heat between you and Giyuu can rival the summer heat of June. You couldn't think reasonably due to the overwhelming heat surging within your being.
You let out a yelp when your boyfriend harshly sucked the skin of your breast as his other hand was incessantly massaging the other. You have no idea that Giyuu would lose his composure to his lust, you thought that he would be this virtuous man who will instantaneously decline your sinful needs but that was the contrary of what you had presumed. You didn't know that you triggered a string inside him that prevents him from doing it despite that he wants to do sexual stuff with you.
Lowering your head, you slide your wet muscle on Giyuu's jawline before giving it butterfly kisses. You feel the ravenette squirmed underneath you and slightly paused from his stimulation but in just a second, he went back to his business. While Giyuu was sucking your mounds, you also mimicked his action by sucking the skin of his neck and nibbled it. Searching for his sweet spot, Giyuu slightly whimpered at your doing then loudly groaned in between your breast when you finally found the spot you were looking for. You hastily sucked it and licked it until you saw the purple-ish mark on his neck.
Seeing the swollen skin, you smirked triumphantly, now that you marked your one and only man. Giyuu also stopped from sucking your breast and caught you off guard by pushing you on the tatami floor and hovered above you.
"(Name)... I can't take this anymore..." he murmured as he lowered down his head to lick your earlobe and nip it. You grunted at his bold attempt and guided his face to look at you.
"You can do anything you want to me, Giyuu. Do it baby."
Giyuu inhaled a sharp breath hearing that kinky name you called him but to be honest, he actually likes it when you're calling him that.
The Water pillar gave a soft kiss on your collarbones then he went lower and lower until his face was now in your abdomen. You squeezed your eyes closed when your boyfriend was now kissing your inner thighs and place your legs over his shoulders.
Giyuu licked your inner thighs and he can smell the sweet scent that was coming from your clothed core. He can see the wetness of your panties because of your work from grinding on his bulge a while ago. The ravenette glanced at your face that was contorted in anticipation. Giyuu snickered at the expression you were making and momentarily, he glided his long and slender finger on your slit. You squeaked when you felt his touch on your sex, you bit your lower lip to prevent yourself from moaning out loud but Giyuu's ministration on your lower region was hindering you from your plan.
Giyuu hastily plunges his pointer inside your core as you let out a slutty moan once you feel the water pillar's finger inside you. Giyuu's eyes were congested with pure lust and seeing you in a lewd state, he couldn't help but feel aroused and his cock was twitching inside his pants. This is the first time he feels these kinds of emotions and it really felt good to him.
"F-Faster Giyuu," you pleaded which the said man didn't waste a second to quicken his thrust into your womanhood.
Giyuu was impressed, feeling your walls tightening around his fingers. His lust was intensifying because of your moans and chant of his name. That being said, Giyuu's mind was consumed by his lust and subconsciously, he leaned into your leaking core, flicking your clit with his tongue.
The new feeling made you arched your back and gripped onto his hair, pulling him close into your pussy. You want more of Giyuu, you want him so much and you want him to feel your everything. Giyuu took this hint to insert his tongue inside your walls, this made you quiver and moaned loudly because of the sensation of his hot wet muscle inside you.
Giyuu's thumb was still working on your clit and holding your thighs to keep you still. His tongue was skilled enough to make you wail and wriggle under his hold. He lapped your wet folds as his teeth graze on your bundle of nerves before sucking it with his mouth. Letting out a screamish like moan, your insides were convulsing due to the stimulation of Giyuu on your womanhood. You can feel that you're reaching your limit and your boyfriend can already sense that you're nearing due to how your walls pressing his tongue and your hands gripping his hair.
In his last suck of your folds, you arched your back and let out a screamish moan of Giyuu's name as the wave of pleasure washes over your body once you finally reached your climax. Your lover pulled back and lick his lips that was coated by your juices, it was sweet and salty but either way, Giyuu loves your taste and he would gladly admit that.
In spite of reaching your orgasm, the lust was still visible in your eyes and the same as Giyuu. You caught your breath as the Water pillar stared over your naked body to which his blue irises dilated in pure lechery.
Evoking a soft chuckle, you sat up from the tatami mat and swiftly cupped Giyuu's cheeks with a faint blush plastered on your cheeks.
"I love you, Giyuu... and I trust you." Your sweet voice replayed inside his mind as he examined your features as though you're the perfect example of his next experiment.
Giyuu was still a bit hesitant but witnessing those steady, unwavering eyes and full of resolve, he couldn't refuse your offer and let his face propelled towards you and gave you a chaste kiss.
You smiled upon having the knowledge of what Giyuu had finally decided. Staring into each other eyes for half a minute, the Water pillar gradually removes the last piece of his clothing which is his underwear. His manhood sprung free from its cage and your jaw instantly dropped once you saw Giyuu's treasure.
Giyuu's length has average size but really thick, you can notice a vein protruding on the base of his cock and his tip was leaking with his precum. You bite your lower lip and feel the nervousness lingering through your whole being, your eyes faltered and Giyuu noticed that. You only averted your gaze from your Water pillar boyfriend as your eyes were becoming watery due to how anxious you were. Truth be told that you're ready for this but your mind was lagging your resolve to do it, this will be your first time doing it and you're completely aware how hurtful it was when doing sexual intercourse.
Giyuu's eyes drooped once he fully processed that he terrified you and made you uncomfortable. You noticed how his shoulders leisurely drops as his line of sight were at the corner of the room and not looking at you. Now you felt guilty for making him feel bad.
Inhaling a deep breath, your hands softly caress Giyuu's which you successfully earned his attention. His eyes were a bit wide and looking at you with hesitance, but to you, you only flashed him a reassuring smile before nodding your head. You brought his hands on your face and kissed it with tenderness, that's when Giyuu's eyes broadened and lips fell slightly.
"I'm ready, Giyuu... I love you..."
Your smile gave him the resolve to do it and his worries instantaneously washed away. Letting go of Giyuu's hands and lying on the floor with your cheeks dusted with red tint as you stared at him with certain reassurance.
Giyuu gulped his saliva before nodding at you understandingly, exuding a handful of breath, you prepared yourself to feel your boyfriend's manhood grazing against your slick folds. Giyuu aligned the tip of his cock on your womanhood and you couldn't help but feel thrilled for some unidentified reason. Before Giyuu can enter his length, he takes a glance at you again to have your affirmation. Locking your eyes with his, you smiled at him and nodded your head.
Giyuu a bit hesitatingly entered his thick manhood inside you, your eyes hastily shuts as you can feel the stinging sensation on your lower region, your hands clawed on the tatami mat as Giyuu didn't move after that once he saw the pain expression covered your face.
"(N-Name)... I'm s-sorry--"
"I'm okay, Giyuu... just don't move... let me a-adjust," you breathlessly told him and Giyuu only bit his lower lip.
The pain still lingers and you're enduring the excruciating pain, you didn't know that Giyuu has a thick dick and you could feel how your walls were stretching because of it. The tears you're holding back had finally streamed down on your cheeks, Giyuu's eyes widened upon seeing you in tears and was about to pull away when you quickly grabbed his wrist to stop him.
"Don't..." you shook your head to which Giyuu begrudgingly complied to your wishes.
Minutes of adjusting to his length, you signaled your boyfriend to move and this makes him do what you had told him as you please. Slowly and gently thrusting into you, you can feel the stinging pain amplifying and you endured it by closing your eyes ever so tightly and biting your lower lip, you could even taste your blood coming from your lips.
Giyuu didn't leave his eyes on you and only stared at you while his breath was limited due to how your walls were squeezing his cock. You are so tight that he couldn't help himself but sink into his desires of you and let out a low groan. Hunger was evident in his eyes as his lust was becoming more apparent as well.
His thrust was undeniably slow, making you adjust yourself until you couldn't feel the pain anymore. His thick girth was breaking your walls as you can sense how it's tearing you apart like you're becoming into half. Giyuu's breath hitched once he fully dipped his length inside your sex and you stifled a moan once you felt that he finally buried his manhood into the depths of your womb. You both catch your breaths while beads of sweat were trickling down on your foreheads and your heavy breaths were the only sounds that you can hear. You gazed over at Giyuu whose cheeks were dusted in red hues while his eyes were intensely staring at you like a hawk eyeing its prey.
The Water pillar didn't move and just feel your walls clenching around his cock, it made his brain go vague and the heat surging through within him was consuming his logical thinking with overwhelming lust that he has for you. After minutes of what seemed like forever, you softly grabbed his hands to signal him that he can move. Giyuu scrutinises you for a second and upon seeing the reassurance within your eyes and smile, that's when he finally started to buck his hips in a tender and slow motion, not wanting to hurt you.
You elicit a soft moan once Giyuu was thrusting into you, at first you feel the pain and it's still lingering within your lower region, but as the seconds ticked and Giyuu was doing his best to make it slow for you and reassuring you that you won't feel any pain while doing it, that's when the pain had subsided and turned into pleasure.
Your breathing was ragged and breathlessly moaning as Giyuu's hips bucked into you while his hands were grabbing your waist, pushing and pulling his thick cock as it reaches the deepest part of your womb, he doesn't want anything left untouched and wants to feel everything the depths of you that he dearly loves. He doesn't want to slip this opportunity in his hands and will seize this moment and engrave it into his mind forever. You, who's undeniably gorgeous underneath him with an expression that everyone won't ever see except for him. How special can he get? A beautiful soul that suddenly engulfs his corrupted one and fixed him in his messy state, loved him without any condition and accept him for who he really is.
You're the only woman he would ever love to this extent.
"G-Giyuu... please m-move faster..." your desperate voice buzzed in his ears as his cock twitch at the sight of you, clearly clouded by lust and Giyuu couldn't help but drown himself with you as well.
The Water pillar complied to your wish and thrust into you slowly but little by little he's starting to slam into you at a quick pace. Giyuu grunted as the pleasure was starting to linger through his body as the slapping of your skins were resonating around the room. You let out a loud moan as Giyuu was precisely and roughly slamming his dick into you as if the Giyuu earlier who's soft and gentle before had eventually changed into a predator that wants to ravage your entire being.
You chant his name as if you're worshipping him, Giyuu relentlessly pounds into you while looking at you with half-lidded eyes, your eyes were closed, seemingly enjoying the momentous day where you had finally made love to Giyuu. Slowly opening your eyes, your (colour) orbs glowing into the dim room that your only source of light is the moonlight cascading through your window, Giyuu gorgeous deep blue orbs stared into yours as he gradually leaned towards to you until your faces were only an inch apart.
Your ragged breaths were hitting both of your noses as you looked into each other's eyes with desires apparent in your irises. Giyuu didn't stop thrusting into you and desperately wanting to feel the depths of your womb, momentarily, he latched his lips against yours and slips his tongue inside your mouth to twirl it with yours. A muffled groan escapes your mouth as Giyuu was giving you a hungry kiss and slamming into you vigorously, seemingly wanting to break you apart and lose your sanity to him.
You fight for dominance as your tongues danced inside your mouth, Giyuu's hands traversed to your hips, to your stomach until it reaches your breasts. You gasped when he once again fondled your breast with his big and rough hands while incessantly pounding into you. You envelop your legs around his waist and so does your arms around his neck, pulling him closer to you to deepen the kiss. Your kiss was becoming slushy same to his thrusts, it was desperate and stern, vigorous as he searched for the spot to reach your climax.
Suddenly, you can feel a knot forming in your abdomen, realising that you're finally reaching your peek, you also feel Giyuu's cock twitched inside you, giving you the knowledge that he's going to reach his orgasm soon. Retracting your lips to his as a string of saliva connected from your mouths, your heavy pants and the skin slapping were the only sounds you can listen to. Face flushed as you loudly moan and Giyuu groaned under his breath.
"G-Giyuu... I-I'm c-cumming," you breathlessly informed which Giyuu desperately and tremendously pound into you harder, wanting to reach the ecstasy that you both want.
In Giyuu's one last thrust, a screamish like moan escapes your lips as you both finally reached your climax at the same time and he didn't even pay mind if he's squirting his fluids inside you. The Water pillar groaned and pulled his throbbing member inside you, watching how your mixed juices coming out from your cunt. Giyuu gazed over you who's heavily breathing while eyes were closed.
He plopped himself beside you and let him catch his breath as well, you two didn't speak and just let your heavy breathing be the source of the sound inside the room. Giyuu was in ecstasy, feeling happy that he finally became one to you and make love to the person he surely treasures a lot. He turned his face to look at you and only to find out that you're already looking at him with a tired smile crept on your face
"I love you, Giyuu..." your soft-spoken voice makes his heart leap inside his chest as you flash him an expression with pure fondness and sincere love for him.
Giyuu's mouth agape and stared at you as if you're the only person living in this world, the only woman he would love and would do his very best to protect you even if it means to sacrifice his own life. He doesn't want to experience losing someone he really holds dear, he had enough of that. That is why he will protect you with all his might and love you until he lives, embrace you and secure you in between his arms, and won't let you slip away from his hold.
That's how he values you a lot, you're the last person that he wants to keep and the reason why he's still surviving in this dangerous world.
Giyuu wrapped his arms around you and pulled you close to him before giving you a gentle kiss on the forehead with full of his love.
"I love you too, (Name)."
Thus, the two of you embraced each other while a small smile plastered on your faces, feeling the contentment filling your whole being as you can feel the warmth of each other's body in your tight embrace. And to this day, you won't ever forget what happened between you and him and engrave it into your minds for eternity.
Therefore, this is yours and Giyuu's momentous day.
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tengens-bunny · a year ago
Can I request the pillars walking in on their s/o masturbating thank you ☺️
[ ❦ ] pillars walking in on their sig. other masturbating; headcannons
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
- ̗̀➛ masturbation, mutual masturbation, sex toys, pillow fucking, water fucking (?) dirty talk, degradation, slight voyeurism
- ̗̀➛ characters: 
    giyuu, tengen, sanemi, kyou, obanai, shinobu
- ̗̀➛ author’s note:
i gotchu b ♥
hope you enjoy these
Tumblr media
Is very shocked when he walks through that door and finds you touching yourself
it’s one of those giyuutomioka.exe has stopped working moments
his mind is completely blank and his body has forgotten how to function
all he can focus on is your pleasure filled expression along with the soft whimpers that leave your lips as you continue to finger yourself
your fingers trying their best to imitate Giyuu’s fingers
trying their best to reach the deepest parts inside you
he can feel the blood rush to his cock as he watches you struggle to reach that pleasurable spot within yourself
thinks it’s super hot when you moan out his name as you try to bring yourself to orgasm
when his erection starts to become unbearable he’ll clear his throat to get your attention
skip the whole embarrassment part of being caught
your knight in shining armor has come to save the day with his dick
“Please Giyuu, please help me.”
hear me out real quick
i feel like Tengen would be the type to give you a dildo the same size and width as his cock as a joke
“For those nights when you’re feeling extra lonely and I’m not there to satisfy your needs.”
doesn’t actually expect to come home and find you using the silicone toy
one of your hands playing with your breast while the other thrusts the piece of silicone out of your wet cunt
your teary eyed pleasure filled expression is definitely a sight for him to see
“You look like you’re enjoying yourself.” he chuckles, pushing himself off the door frame to take a seat in your shared bed. “Don’t mind me, I’m just here to enjoy the show.”
doesn’t bother helping you at all -well not yet at least
“Come on, show me how you pleasure yourself when i’m not here.” he urges on, moving to unbuckle his pants, so that he could rub one out.
His ruby pigmented eyes are solely focused on the sex toy that plunges in and out of your heat, the wanton sounds leaving your cunt and mouth are like music to his ears
Spitting on his cock, he’ll rub his saliva all over his thick member before he starts to give himself long languid strokes, his pacing increasing to match yours once you start to speed up
damn, this guy is going to have such a cocky smirk present on his face when he walks in and catches you masturbating
he’s a little shocked at first too
doesn’t expect to find you in the bath tub, your legs spread apart so that the water from the faucet was flowing directly into your cunt
the pressure from the water feeling good against your clit
“You having fun there?”
your hips will drop and you’ll be so surprised you probably almost drown yourself in the tub
“What are you doing home so early?”
He doesn’t even answer your question, he just starts stripping and joins you in the tub 
“Why’d you stop, come on, show me how slutty this pussy really is.” 
Will personally spread your legs for you and move you so you were back in your original position
the stream of water spraying directly against your clit
he’s probably going to tease the shit out of you after that (verbally and physically)
100% guarantee he will have you begging for his cock
Kyou & Obanai:
is definitely surprised when he walks into the room and finds you rutting your hips against a pillow
not mad about it though
they’re definitely enjoying the view
won’t even let their presence be known because they’re very interested in seeing you touch yourself
they’ll definitely be touching themselves as they watch
each roll of your hips and every moan that leaves your sweet lips goes directly to their cock -sending a painful throb to their semi-erected cock
which doesn’t take too long to be fully erected btw
they’ll actually be so aroused from watching you masturbate that their dick will probably be leaking with precum
instead of spit, they’ll prob use their precum as lube instead and spread the milky like substance all over their cock before they begin to stroke it
she’s probably really upset to come home and find you touching yourself
I think Shinobu is one to rile her lover up before she leaves and tells them not to touch themselves until they get back
so best believe she’s going to punish you when she comes home and finds you masturbating
she let’s you finish and then makes her presence known
she’s either going to edge the fuck out of you
“Who said you could touch yourself?”
“Bad girls deserved to be punished.”
or she’s going to overstimulate you until you’re begging for her to stop
“But isn’t this what you wanted?”
“Only obedient little sluts get rewarded.”
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biznichwrites · a year ago
Ask: Can I please request Demon Giyuu going really hard at it to get his fem SO/wife pregnant? Maybe something with mating cycles/cumming during a dangerous time of the month/breeding kink?
This is heavily influenced by A/B/O ideas and accordingly have a breeding/impregnation undertone to it. That said, I hope you like it. 
at one point I was writing this like a scenario and then it ate time like crazy so i made it HCs. So if the shift in writing is because of that.
He will smell your scent changing and while he typically hates such a thing, it's starting to smell better to him now. He couldn't help but push his face into your neck and breath deeply, which was starting to weird you out. 
No matter what you did he just kept trying to hold on to you and rub his face on you. When you said something all he could say is that you smelled good.
Too bad he was smelling your pheromones and unconsciously began to run off men to keep you to himself. It was so bad that the corps had you return home to not cause any more issues and find a way to calm Giyuu
After a day or two at home with him you were getting antsy. Usually you were able to have a moment to yourself while he was sleeping or hiding from the sun, but he could walk almost anywhere in your house safely. And goddammit you were getting painfully horny.
 Excusing yourself to a shower you tried to relieve yourself while the running water provided some sound cover as your fingers swirled around your clit before dipping within your core
 Giyuu didn't like that he couldn't see you. Nor did he like that the delicious scent you had seemed to fade the longer you were in the shower. Since your bedding was the next strongest place for everything that reminded him of you he laid himself in your blankets and basked in it
 You brought yourself to a climax but it didn't push away the feeling entirely. Luckily you felt able to function normally again and decided a nap would be good. Sleeping off this feeling wouldn't be too bad, right? 
Wrong. Giyuu is on you the minute you walk into the room and he pulls you into the blankets and wraps himself around you. And you, thinking he's just being sweet, give him plenty of hugs in return 
He starts licking all over your neck and trying to get you out of your towel so he can see your body. You might be horny from hormones but you've sent him into a full rut. 
Once you're naked he's not far behind and he can't chose to touch you, fuck you or lick you first. He chooses to lick your juices up, after all it has been the smell that's been driving him crazy for days
He may be sitting up straight but he yanks your hips up, puts your thighs over his shoulders, and loves how helpless you are when he stares down at you like a predator. He doesn't waste a second once you're balanced between his knees.
Giyuu eats pussy like he was made for it, especially more so once he becomes a demon. Quick lapping between your lips and sucking on your clit makes your wetness flow again. His elongated tongue pushes inside you and he can practically taste when he hits a good spot. If not for the sounds you make the fluttering of your inner muscles tells him so. 
He won't let you be free of his mouth til his makes you cum at least three times. He'll change positions but he's still eating you out like it's what gives him life. 
He's beyond ready to be inside you, he knows it's time to see how far he can push you. You're so pliable after cumming so much and he loves how soft and limp you are, willing to let him do what he wants as you reach up to bring him down for a kiss. 
With a shift of his hips he's pushing inside you. He feels bad for how hard he grips your breasts when he fully sheaths himself but the moan you let out eased his worries. 
When he feels like you've adjusted to him he pulls you into his lap. Your legs are hooked over his elbows with his hands holding you up along your lower back. And of course he's going to flex how strong he is by picking you up. 
With a growl of your name he stays pounding into you. It's an insane pace he sets and it leaves you absolutely bouncing in his lap and squealing with over sensitivity. He's groaning "mine" in your ear with each thrust and it's all he can do to keep from losing control 
Something started slamming against your entrance as he pounded into you and it left you confused as you struggled for breath between poundings. Looking down you saw the base of his length had swollen and somewhere you subconsciously knew what it was. 
Giyuu couldn't help himself from you, slamming his hips up and gravity brought you down from the last thrust. Growls and groans filled the room and he watched your body take him in and before he could stop himself he slammed your hips down with his hands, pushing your lower lips into his pelvis. A choked yell of yours filled the room as his knot filled you, stretching you past anything you'd ever felt before. It hurt but fuck you felt full. 
With his cock locked within you it pressed into your womb. The tremble of your hips only made the sensations more intense. Your demon lover lowered you to the floor, pressing your legs over his shoulders as he rocked his hips into your body. The snug fit of him, the pressure of his length and stimulation of your clit against his pelvic bone made your legs quiver and body arch. 
"Giyuu, Giyuu, Giyuu!" The wailing of his name was all he could feel as he humped you with intent. Your hands seized his biceps with a death grip as your walls tightened around him and all breathe left you. Only a mutes cry of "fuck" left you as your body squeezed him for all he was worth. A bite to your shoulder shook you from the last moments of your orgasm as a deafening growl left him. The head of his length pushed against your womb as his release began. 
You couldn't believe how much he came in you. If it weren't for his knot it surely would have been gushing out around his length, like it usually did. Having to take it all inside was so much different and yet you loved it. With some urging he let your legs down and you immediately took to rolling your hips against him, bring a blinding pleasure so soon after your last climax. The demon groaned and took hold of your hips, taking in the patterns in your movements before matching them with his own. 
It was embarrassing how fast you came for him again but he didn't seem to mind a bit, if anything he moaned out your name against your ear and his fingers left bruises along your hips from his tight grasp. You hadn't been the only one sensitive after climaxing. Your legs clamped around him, holding him still as his chest heaved for breath. 
Somehow you knew what this was about. You didn't know who's biology it was - if demons have heat or rutts, or if your body had some human equivalent - but the fact he formed a knot wasn't something you were used to. 
When his knot returned to the size of his shaft he pulled out. The noise was so obscene - the sound of your wetness combined with his cum made a squelching sound that only the biggest of perverts would think of. His eyes remained in your lower body, watching as his cum dribbled slowly from your abused entrance as it adjusted back to normal. He let out an annoyed huff and lifted your hips onto his lap and using his fingers to usher the dripping mess back into you. A sharp inhale left the demon before his slicked fingers found your clit, circling the nub gently before applying pressure. 
"Giyuu, I can't anymore, please." But your pleas for help fell on deaf ears as his eyes watched your body twitch and jerk with the motions of his fingers. Your walls tensed, fluttering at the sensation, trying to close around something no longer inside you. The squeeze of your core caused more cum to gush out of you, making your lover groan. 
He so badly wanted to push his fingers inside of you, but the claws that he had now would do more than just hurt you. His thumbs pulled your lower lips apart to look at the mess he made of you. You were covered in his scent, from his body pressed against yours during your coupling to the claim he laid within your core. Lowering your hips to his he rubbed the hard length of himself against you. While you needed a break in between he didn't, not that he would deny you rest. 
"Giyuu!!!" Hypersensitive wasn't even the world to describe how you felt. It was as if you could feel his every ridge and vein of his cock as it pushed into you. Luckily he went slow, taking pity on you as you clearly didn't have much left to give. He laid his body against yours, his lips pressing to your own as his hips pressed snugly against your own.
"Make… a baby…" Your mind couldn't believe your ears. It wasn't often he spoke, so he clearly knew what he was saying. If his statement wasn't enough then the large hand laid over your stomach confirmed it. His head dropped down to suck your nipples and after his words it took on a whole new meaning.
"Giyuu!" Fingers threaded into his hair and tugged pitifully. He toyed with your clit as his mouth popped from your nipple, sparing a lust filled hazy stare as his saliva was still connected to your nipple. Something snapped within him and his lazy hips gave a sharp thrust as his mouth descended to the nape of your neck. His teeth bit down, just short of breaking skin, and didn't let go as his hips pistonned into your own. 
"Breed.. You…" His knot was forming again, you could tell this time, and you could feel it swelling as it dipped into you. "Take it, take it, take it!" Possessive words were accentuated by his rough breathing and snapping hips. One hard thrust pushed his knot into your core, locking you together as the pad of his fingers worked your clit at a speed your body couldn't comprehend. 
" Cum… Cum, cum, CUM" Like a command your release washed through you, heightened by the knot pressing into your g spot as the head of his cock pushed against your deepest parts. A trembling cry of his name left your lips as your body convulsed under him. He rolled his hips with yours the best he could being locked within you before he fell into a climax as well. 
You laid below him, legs shaking viciously around him as you felt below your stomach become distended from his release. His knot pulsed and length twitched as his forehead pressed to yours. You couldn't believe he was still cumming, but it started to show. 
Once the rush left the both of you it was replaced by the high of your release. Lovingly Giyuu licked over the bite on your neck. When your legs calmed he rested them against the bed. He pulled you into a cuddle that wouldn't hurt both of you since you're still connected
"Love you" He mumbled as he fell asleep against you.
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daisies-write · a year ago
Tomioka Giyuu Dating headcanons
Tomioka Giyuu x reader
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH- I’m dying. Our first headcanons, I’m kinda scared tbh. It’s not the best since it’s the first time we do that type of stuff but we really hope you guys will enjoy it !!! :’)
Requested by: No one
TW: None
Word count: 1292
Writer: Both of us!!
Tumblr media
At first, he can’t believe it. He’s dating you and you’re dating him. He’d be so surprised that you like him that way. Like, wow.
No seriously, whenever you announce to someone that you’re dating him, he’s as shocked as the person processing the information.
You’re probably the one who asked him out in the first place. That baby boy could never bring up the courage to do it; he’s way too insecure. Why would someone like him ?
During your confession, he’ll deny all the good things you said about him with the most heart breaking expression on his face. He can’t believe it; he doesn’t want to believe anyway.
He’s persuaded that every compliment you gave him is a lie and it just breaks your heart to see him think so poorly of himself.
You decide to do your best to prove him that you genuinely care about him, that you genuinely like him. So you try and do absolutely anything to make him believe you; from the big things like presents, fancy dates, obnoxious love declarations, etc… to the small things like holding and squeezing his hand, complimenting him…
It’d take a while but he’d finally accept it. He’s still as insecure but he believes you a little more.
He’s completely terrified at the idea of losing you. Just the thought of it makes him sick.
Prepare yourself to be wrapped in bubble wrap more than one time.
He’ll do anything in his power to protect you and make you the happiest person alive.
He’s an awkward man with little to zero experience at socializing so you guess that he knows absolutely nothing about dating. The first few months will probably just be you dying in laughter because of all the things he did wrong.
(He thinks you’re mocking him but you’re actually just smitten by how cute he is with all the efforts he puts in your relationship.)
After a while, he’d try and take you on a surprise date that he planned entirely by himself and he’s absolutely terrified; he’s just so scared you’d hate it.
But you’d be really happy and probably give him a big bear hug while telling him you’re really lucky to have him.
(Needless to say, he’d blush-)
He also start getting a few cute habits when you give him surprise attention; he starts fidgeting his fingers and try to look away from you. Just cup his face and peck his lips and you got a puddle Giyuu !
He’d start opening up to you at night, when you both can’t sleep. You two sit somewhere in the garden of his estate and he talks to you about his past, his intrusive thoughts, his guilt…
Please, be supportive and hold him tight. The next morning his eyes might be red and swollen but believe me, he’d never felt so peaceful.
If you’re sad, he’ll listen to you and try and make all your worried go away the best he can; he doesn’t want you to feel what he feels on a daily basis.
Giyuu will probably complain to you about Shinobu and her endless teasing but you always notice the very slight smirk he gets when he talks about her. She might not see him as a friend and he might be cold with her but she holds a special part in his heart (he might admit, one day, if faith accepts it, that he kinda sees her as a friend. Not sure when)
Shinobu probably took you apart one time and told him that you don’t have to date Giyuu out of pity (as a joke ofc).
You low-key scolded her for saying something like that but you both kinda made a silent alliance to make Giyuu go crazy.
Let’s say he might as well go bury his hopes and dreams of not being teased already.
He low-key cherish your teasing though. He’ll never admit it, of course. But even if you two spend so much time annoying him, you still decided to spend time on HIM. And it just warm his heart…
Until you decided to make him choke on chocolate cake. He really don’t know how you thought it was a good idea.
Giyuu’ll cough up the remains of the chocolate. He’ll gulp some water and look at you with a very shocked face. “Why?!?”
“Ara, ara, Tomioka-san~ it’s not like it’s the first time we make a bad     joke !”
“I’m…so sorry, honey-“ and you two just die laughing while Giyuu silently judges you.
He forgives you eventually.
He always does.
If you guys are walking together and you suddenly feel him freeze and grab your arm, a dog is probably nearby. Try and take a different route or move the puppy far enough from him.
DON’T, DO NOT, NEVER kiss Giyuu in public. Especially if the other Pillars are there. He might die on the spot.
Giyuu.EXE has stopped working. Error 404.
He’s really not comfortable with PDA. Maybe hand holding, and maybe, maybe, an occasional peck on the cheek.
Pinky holding please. You’d never think he’d like it but he just loves the intimacy it brings.
Giyuu’s kisses are soft, you can’t tell me otherwise.
He can’t help it. He just loves kissing you gently, delicately. And it’s LONG. God, if he kisses you, he won’t stop to save his life; he doesn’t want to stop at ALL. 
Breathing ? Air? Don’t know them.
If he stops, it’s only cause you need to.
If you tell him you want another kiss, he’d turn bright red but will do it nonetheless.
Ever since this relationship started, he’s probably beet red half the time.
You’ll make Giyuu come out of his shell with the Kamado boy, it’s almost a certainty. He’s gonna have friends with you two around, there’s no way he’s staying alone.
Because of you, he’d try so hard to befriend the Pillars; you never seen him stick to Sanemi and Obanai much. He just wants them to stop hating him. He’ll probably try bringing Sanemi some ohagi with Tanjiro but you’ll stop them cause you don’t want them to get killed.
You eventually end up trying to talk to Sanemi about NOT killing your boyfriend because he’s actually really sweet and is far from believing himself above the other pillars (like hell Sanemi, you don’t know how much an insecure baby Giyuu actually is)
Giyuu is low-key never jealous. If you gained his trust, you gained it in every way possible and he will never think of you as possibly cheating or anything.
Sometimes you guys train together. At first, he’d go easy, but not so easy on you, if you get what I mean? Like, he wants you to be able to protect yourself from demons so he won’t lose another person he cherishes but at the same time he really doesn’t want to hurt you.
After a while, he made up his mind and decided to go hard on you and since that day he has NO MERCY-
You’re not going to die on him. Never. He wouldn’t be able to take it.
When you guys finish, you’ll just sit there exhausted but you’re glad he’s training you well, and spending time with him is a big plus.
He’s a big cuddler behind closed doors and a 100% little spoon, fight me.
He likes feeling safe in your arms, and he buries his head in your neck. Hold him tight. Play with his hair and pamper his face with kisses. He loves it 
He’ll do his best to give you as much love as you need. Don’t ever doubt about it. He’d go to hell and endure it just for your pretty smile.
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astertataricvs · a year ago
Can I request a scenario where Giyuu and his s/o are expecting their first child
Tumblr media
This took long enough hueeeee
Word count: 2k+ 
Tumblr media
Giyuu remembered it, he remembered it all.
He recollects his memory where he was supposed to meet you after the mission he had for straight two days because the location was actually far away than he thought it would be. When he returned home, he was anticipating that you’re going to welcome him as usual and kiss him on the lips, however, after how many minutes of waiting for your approach and see you peeping your head at the corner of the wall, you still haven’t emerged from the edge and didn’t see you inside the house.
He was perplexed to where have you gone to since you’re not the type of person who would stay outside when the heaven was turning into its muskmelon and flushed colour and the sun for the day was subsequently descending. Giyuu looked for you in various rooms inside your comfortable abode.
An unexpected knock was overheard at the frontal door which causes Giyuu to suspend in his tracks and from finding you inside the house. Without wasting a second, Giyuu unlocked the door and saw Shinobu in front of his doorstep. He was bewildered to why is the Insect pillar was visiting him at this hour, she’s not the one who would visit him though she’s only going to if you’re in the house and if she was gonna tell him a piece of information from the headquarters.
When Shinobu told him the purpose of her visit; Giyuu’s eyes floated open moderately and lip leisurely hang once he gathered the news from her.
The reason why you’re not in your shared home is that you were at the butterfly estate where her servants were taking care of you since you suddenly pass out when you’re visiting Shinobu. But what makes him rendered speechless and stunned is upon hearing the surprising news he’d got from the Insect pillar, which is; you’re three weeks pregnant.
Apprehending that you were pregnant of his child, Giyuu doesn’t know how to reveal the ecstasy he was feeling at the very moment, comprehending that you’re the one who’s carrying his child. He was absolutely astounded that his mind went nebulous and his vision was only settled on you whose giving him a soft smile with teardrops trickling down on your gills. His ears were blocked to any noises inside the premises and he only gapes at you with a dumbfounded yet concerned countenance.
Giyuu promptly embraces you while nestling his face on your head. He was feeling blithe and wanted to celebrate with you but he’s more concerned about your wellbeing. Specifically that you went unconscious when he was on his mission. He’s relieved that you passed out in Shinobu’s residence, not in your shared house where no one else other than you inside. He’s grateful that you’re doing well after the servants of Shinobu performed a great job from taking care of you.
Currently, you were now six months pregnant whereas your stomach was now bloated rather than before. You couldn’t move properly because of your shape right now.
Giyuu was very attentive of you, he didn’t let his eyes avert from your figure even just for a second and would always assist you if you’re going to stand up or go to a specific room inside your household.
If you need something, he will spontaneously get it for you and order you to stay put and repose since he doesn’t want you to move exceedingly. He’s very overprotective and circumspect of your wellbeing. He doesn’t want any mishaps to occur to you considering that you’re pregnant and he doesn’t want any grave results to befall to your precious little one.
Giyuu was very sensitive when holding you, even if he’s just going to help you walk, his grasp on you was like a piece of gemstone that he doesn’t want to shatter and only caress it with care. That’s how careful the Water pillar was and he’s regularly the one running errands for you.
If you’re having cramps and you sense the stinging pain of your stomach, Giyuu’s face would deform in a terrified and alerted expression. He will quickly fly towards you and ask if you’re okay, then Giyuu will soothe you by cradling you in his arms and kiss the top of your forehead to make you feel placid.
“Are you now alright?” He asked you while rubbing your knuckles with his thumb.
“Yes, it’s just that our little bean’s kick is stalwart.”
Giyuu’s lips curved upwards and rest his hands on your bloated tummy. You can recognise the sincerity in his grin and the fondness while softly stroking your abdomen. Subsequently, Giyuu started to kneel down and gently settled his ear on your stomach while drawing circles on the sides.
The loving gesticulation of your husband produces a smile to display on your visage. Eyeing Giyuu whose beaming a faint smile that was seriously rare of him to do that, you couldn’t help but rake your fingers through his hair and motioned him to come closer to you.
Giyuu takes a second to discern your gesture and in a swift, he bent forward to you and you caught him off guard by giving him a chaste kiss before tittering. The Water pillar was dumbfounded at what you had induced but either way, he only kisses your forehead, bequeathing you his heart-melting smile.
During your bath time, the ravenette wouldn’t disregard of not helping you to take a warm bath. He would incipiently be the one preparing the bathtub for you and will scrub your back and wash your hair.
It legitimately makes your eyes go droopy and makes you somnolent because of how his hands were scratching your scalp and you just wanted to sleep in the hot water since it’s really refreshing. However, Giyuu would blandly scold you not to sleep or you will catch a cold.
In your bed, Giyuu wouldn’t miss of sweeping your hair until you fall asleep, he wouldn’t forget to proffer you a kiss on the temples before you drift into your dreamland.
“I love you, Giyuu…” you said groggily and the said man merely nodded.
“I love you too.”
Giyuu coiled his arms around you while stroking your back to make you feel at ease and fall asleep.
In the arms of your husband, you feel the security you need and the sincere affection he has for you. His hold and kisses were tender that was earnestly keeping himself to harm you even if it’s just a flick of his fingers. Giyuu resonates as a pirate that you have been heard in one of the tales your mother had told you. You are the treasure chest that he was looking for and wouldn’t let go even if it needs to unsheathe his sword and dirty his hands just to protect you at all cost.
Giyuu is a man who wouldn’t hesitate if he already made up his mind. For instance, you want to eat some desserts since it’s been a long time you savour some sweet granular cakes and chocolates. However, your husband would instantly refuse your requests and forbids you from eating desserts because he said that it’s not good for your wellness.
He would always bring you fruits and plenty of vegetables for you to eat. And it’s really been hell for you to not gulp some mouth-watering sweets even just for once. He’s too adamant of keeping you healthy and not going to fluctuate from his resolute words whether you show him your best puppy eyes that everyone will definitely couldn’t resist.
“Why are you so strict, Giyuu? I just want to eat some cake,” you pouted while crossing your arms over your chest.
The Water pillar stopped from reading the newspaper and darted his eyes at you. “I told you it’s not good for your health, (Name).”
“Even just for once? Just this once please!”
“No, and that’s final.” Was all he said before resuming from reading the newspaper.
“Stingy,” you murmured and whipped your head to the side, feeling dejected.
Giyuu peered over the newspaper that he was holding and studied your face whose giving a gloomy expression. The deep azure eyed man feels a bit guilty for being so strict to you. Your husband was aware of how you like to eat desserts and he prohibits you to eat those sugary edibles due to the fact that he’s only wary of your health and for your baby.
The ravenette extracts a soft sigh before placing the newspaper on the coffee table. He thought it wouldn’t mean any harm if he let you eat for once. Moreover, he couldn’t resist himself from you being so grouchy and will avoid him because of his edgy persona.
“Well then, I’ll let you eat some cake, but just this once, (Name),” he says.
Upon hearing his remark, your head quickly snapped to look at him and thus, your eyes glistened in delight once you comprehend that Giyuu was letting you eat your favourite sugary stuffs!
“Really?! You’re the best Giyuu! Thank you so much!” You were about to lunge at him and give him a tight hug but your husband already halted you by standing up and went towards your way to land a soft kiss on your head.
“You shouldn’t move too much, you’re aware of your condition, right?”
“Hmm!” You throw your arms around his waist and nuzzle your face into his abdomen. The Water pillar grinned at your action and rest his hands on the top of your head, slowly brushing it.
The sun was finally settling and you and your husband was having a sweet time by getting cozy on the sofa; Giyuu curtseying in front of you while resting his head on your bump tummy. Giyuu wouldn’t miss a day to sense the thrust of your unborn child against your stomach and once he feels the slight kick of your baby, his eyes will automatically go broad and stared at you with an astonished countenance.
You would always find yourself laughing at your dorky husband because he looks like a lost man in a foreign country and scared as fuck when he felt your little bean’s strong kick.
“Oh, Giyuu, why are you always looked shocked when you felt him kicking in my stomach?” You giggled. Giyuu blinked a few times before answering you with his calm demeanour.
“Isn’t that a bit painful?” Giyuu’s face was contorted with apprehension and you let out a cackle.
“Sometimes, but I don’t mind if it means for you to feel our little bean’s sturdy kick.”
A smile formed on his lips then places his warm hands on your belly. “Yeah, I’m happy every time I feel him kicking on my face.”
“I’m certain that our little bean is as strong as his father.”
Giyuu’s body stiffens for a while before slowly heaving his chin to look at you. His chapped lips were a tad separated and watched you with fondness and adoration. The Water pillar merely gawked at you as if you’re the beautiful scenery that lies from the horizon. The permanent warm smile of yours that mirrors like the sun smiling brilliantly for the brand-new day.
Giyuu couldn’t verbalise how happy he was for having you in his life and added by his unborn child that you’re carrying. He didn’t regret a single thing for making you his wife and live with him for a lifetime. He will do anything to protect you and the family that you’re going to build.
You are his treasure, your first child is his treasure. Your family that you’re going to create is his treasure. Everything that involves you is his treasure.
That is why he’s going to protect you and his family whether it necessitates his own life. He wouldn’t let any conundrums to befall with his own family.
Giyuu stands up from his kneeling position and caresses your cheeks before dipping down to latch his lips on yours.
“I love you, Giyuu,” you said sweetly and cupped his cheeks, tracing circles on his cheekbones.
“I love you both, you and our child.”
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dudeandduchess · a year ago
I finally reached the secret village part of the manga! *coughs* Lost my cool when saw watermelon waifu in hotspring *cough* so I was wondering of a scenario where the pillars accidentally walk into their girl s/o (before they started dating that is) while entering the hotspring but instead of the s/o panicking and all they smile and gesture them to join her instead :3 I honestly would love to know their reactions, ESPECIALLY Gyu's XD I can already imagine a 'exe gyu' stopped working moment XD
Ooooh. I loved that arc as well! Especially towards the end, like W O W. But my favorite has to be like the first half of the Infinite Train Arc. Ha ha ha *sad Rengoku noises*. Lol, I can really see Giyuu shutting down like that. Omg. I hope you like this one! Please, feel free to send in more requests. :D
Pillars’ Reactions to a nude and inviting non-girlfriend s/o (Slight NSFW bc of language):
Tomioka Giyuu:
He just wanted to get his sword fixed, gdi.
But his swordsmith kept pushing him to take a dip in the hot springs, bc that gaze of his was unnerving
So he did.
The last thing he expected was to see (Y/n) there; ALREADY NUDE
He may have had a teeny tiny HUMONGOUS crush on her.
So seeing her there, with her luscious curves on display fried most, if not all, of his brain cells.
tomiokagiyuu.exe has stopped working.
Giyuu cannot breathe.
A new water breathing form has been discovered: 12th form: blue screen of death.
“Ah, Tomioka-san, please join me.”
With a blush on his face, he would shake his head rapidly and just walk away.
Leaving a confused and very disappointed (Y/n).
She may or may not have wanted to polish his sword for him.
Rengoku Kyōjurō:
He was EXCITED to finally try out the hot springs that Kanroji had kept raving about.
Of course, he was shameless in his nudity as he walked up to the very top spring.
But when he got there, his eyes immediately zeroed in on the only woman who could singlehandedly render him stupid.
She was fully nude as well, and was not shy about it as she turned around and showed him her bare chest.
Flames in Rengoku’s heart? More like Flames coloring his face.
He remembered that he was bare for all the world to see, so he jumped in the water.
“Oh my, Rengoku-san, what a pleasurable surprise.”
Pleasurable surprise = Rengoku’s dick.
He tried to pass his embarrassment off with a hearty laugh, as he hesitantly sidled up to (Y/n)
”So how have you been, (Y/n)?”
This boi would try to act like everything’s fine, when it’s not.
But he would manage to survive his encounter; with new fodder for his fantasies
Shinazugawa Sanemi:
THIS BOI = 100% MAD.
He would want to walk away, but would stay rooted to his spot out of sheer stubbornness.
His face would be red with a blush, and he would try to avert his eyes to give (Y/n) some modesty. Even though she looked unashamed with her nakedness.
“Why are you even naked?!” Sanemi would bellow.
“Because taking a bath with clothes on would be dumb, would it not?”
She had a point there, but did she really have to choose that day— of all days— to be in the same hot springs?
100/10 would end up walking away and taking a dip in another hot spring; one that was very far away from (Y/n).
Bc, whether he liked it or not, he couldn’t get his heart to stop wreaking havoc inside his chest.
Uzui Tengen:
The moment he saw her, his expression would light up. Bc (Y/n) is a beautiful woman, and he’d always had his eyes on her.
She was so flamboyantly graceful, and he couldn’t help but be drawn to her.
“What a coincidence, (Y/n). Are you getting your sword fixed as well?” The Sound Hashira would say casually, as he sauntered into the water in all his naked glory.
He would be so unfazed by everything, that (Y/n) would be the flustered one.
And then he would reach out and touch her cheek in the gentlest of caresses.
Lowkey, he’s considering making her his fourth wife.
Iguro Obanai:
The moment he knew she was in the village, he would do everything in his power to be in the same place as her.
It just so happened that the gods were smiling upon him, and they gave him the chance to ambush meet her at the hot springs.
Ofc, the moment she asked him to get in with you, he would act like it was the most appalling thing ever.
But really, he’s so happy inside that he could throw Kaburamaru in the air in celebration.
He wouldn’t really do that, bc he loves his companion too much.
He would slowly wade in with a towel around his waist, and sidle closer to her.
Would 10/10 try to put an arm around her shoulders, under the guise of stretching his arms along the edge of the rock pool.
Himejima Gyōmei:
He’s blind so he can’t see just how beautiful she was in the nude.
But he would still be appreciative of the chance that the gods have bestowed upon him.
He would try to work up to a confession, but he wouldn’t be able to go through with it.
Because he is nervous as heck.
He can smell her lightly perfumed scent over the wafting steam of the hot springs, so he just keeps that in his memories for now.
Just until he could actually confess to her.
Tokito Muichiro (he is 19 for this, bc we’re all about spreading the love to legally-aged specimens here):
As soon as the words click in his mind, a blush would form on his cheeks.
He would pointedly look away from her, and even go as far as to enter the water while walking backwards.
He’s that careful to let her keep her modesty.
What he didn’t know was that she would gladly let him see her entirety— emphasis on gladly.
But he would be a gentleman about it, all the same.
Is lowkey afraid that when he manages to get a good look at her, he might never look away. He could spend his days getting lost in those curves of hers.
He’d also try to make small talk, which would end up tapering off into silence, because he didn’t know what else to say to her.
But (Y/n) was fine with that; after all, she loved Mui-chan the way he was.
Kochō Shinobu:
Would be UNFAZED.
Literally, she is the definition of unfazed.
She would still keep that smile on her face as she walked into the warm water.
She would only shed her towel once she was deep enough to cover her chest.
Really, Shinobu wasn’t very self-conscious about her appearance, she just didn’t want to make (Y/n) feel awkward.
Bc she wasn’t sure if her feelings reached her fellow Slayer clearly.
Or if (Y/n) only thought of her as a friend.
Kanroji Mitsuri:
Would also be shameless enough to shed her towel the moment she accepted (Y/n)’s invitation.
Mitsuri would practically skip in the water as she wanted to get closer to her s/o.
Of course, she had already confirmed if they were on the same wavelength, so she would boldly initiate things.
Would 10/10 try to make (Y/n) laugh, and will even compliment her body.
Mitsuri would start with her hair…
“Your hair looks so shiny, (Y/n)…”
Eventually, (Y/n) would get tired of all the compliments and just swoop in to kiss the pink-haired woman.
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biznichwrites · a year ago
Ask: Concept: After successfully impregnating the reader, Giyuu and Sabito excitedly await to see whose child it is. Surprise! It’s twins; one with Sabito’s hair and Giyuu’s eyes, and the other with the inverse. Nobody is really sure how it happened (or if it’s genetically possible...) but everyone’s happy
Both Sabito and Giyuu were beyond excited that you were pregnant. Sabito was clearly happier of the two, Giyuu was the one to worry over you and the baby's safety. Still they were sweet dads and were more than happy to dote on you 
When the twins were born it was a bit of a surprise. Neither had expected you to have twins, much less twins that looked so much like them. Despite their small faces both men decided they both had your facial structure, and despite being their mother you had to admit they were just too small to tell immediately after being born, but Sabito insisted they were beautiful like their mom. 
They held the baby that had their hair color, Sabito joking about how they had little copies of themselves in their arms. It was Giyuu who noticed the newborn in his arms had silver eyes just like Sabito. How the fuck? Not that he even wanted to know how. It was amazing to him. So much so he couldn't speak, just hold the baby in his arms as it struggled to remain awake long enough to see him. Giyuu had to admit his heart melted as he heard the baby coo as he pressed a kiss to its forehead. 
Sabito was much more excitable, hold his little copy to his chest as his eyes dashed between you and the baby. When the child yawned and shifted he looked down to watch deep blue eyes open up to him. It shut him up fast and it was quite jarring how quiet he was despite the huge smile taking over his face. Immediately he showered to baby with kisses all over its chubby cheeks. 
Okay so your husband's love their sons. And Sabito wasn't scared to go up to Giyuu and show him the other twins eyes, saying how you had worked a miracle and put each of you into both children. Giyuu couldn't help but to agree in much calmer ways. 
You had to make the men calm down long enough for you to feed the children and oddly enough they wanted to watch, even if you told them it was a bit strange that you had 4 pairs of eyes trained to your chest. 
Once the twins were drinking both Sabito and Giyuu couldn't help but brush the soft hair on the babies heads and smile as each fell asleep suckling. 
As they grew older all the pillars and slayers close to your family wondered how exactly it worked. When they heard you had a baby with both men they had worried there might be favoritism from whoever the child took after, but clearly that wasn't the case. Both dads were happy to spread their love to both twins in their own ways and were always quick to show their appreciation to you. 
The split haori was a classic for all 5 of you, especially considering how perfectly it represented the children. The twins call both Sabito and Giyuu dad, and really don't tell you which dad they're referring to unless you ask. So it's peach dad or short dad at best. (I HC Sabito would be taller than Giyuu, shoot me). 
Your water pillars return home? Expect them to not get to the door as they are tackled by your twins. "Dads home!" is the only thing you can hear before some laughing as their dads pick them up.
They have both of their fathers personalities. They are extremely loyal and sweet, but can get down easily and are strict on each other and other children. They both would do anything to make you and their fathers happy. However they do have a minor difference. The twin with black hair and silver eyes is more outgoing than their peach haired, blue eyed twin, who is more reserved in comparison. 
Tumblr media
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lesbianshinobus · a year ago
Hello! Are you still taking hc requests? May I request for a Giyuu x s/o being parental figures to the quartet? Thank you! ❤
Tumblr media
oh i absolutely love this prompt. dad giyuu and the quartet as your kids is just *chefs kiss* to narrow it down, i went with reader being a demon slayer but not a pillar. thanks for sending this in, i had a lot of fun with it!
you meet the four kids during the pillar training; you’ve heard a lot about them, seeing as one of them has a demon for a sister and your lover told oyakata-sama that he’ll commit seppuku if she kills anyone
you’re a bit harsh at first, trying to figure out what they’re like and what their intentions are; but let’s be real, how mean can you be to a bunch of kids, especially to someone like tanjirou? you melt quickly
your opinion on them brightens more once tanjirou manages to get giyuu to participate in training; not only that, but giyuu has a better outlook on life, instead of being consumed by self-doubt and what happened to sabito
you watch tanjirou, zenitsu, and inosuke during training and instruct them on what they can improve, what they’re doing wrong; you’re surprised by how they fast they pick things up from you
inosuke insists on fighting you, to your annoyance, so you finally accept—you win, except that only results in him wanting rematches; the guy will hound you over it whenever you see each other
after a long day of training, you and giyuu wind up eating dinner with the kids, even paying for meals if you go out to eat. it keeps happening until it’s almost a daily occurrence
giyuu is soft on tanjirou but he doesn’t know the others; he’s awkward just like he is around most, sporting blank expressions and stiff shoulders—inosuke and zenitsu both wonder how he can be a pillar with such little charisma
tanjirou wants you to meet nezuko, and how can you say no to that face? so you do, not sure what to expect, and yet you’re still not prepared for the cute girl who blinks up at you; even giyuu isn’t sure what to make of her, and he’s met her before
a few days in, she falls asleep on you, completely at peace at your side (one time she falls asleep on giyuu, who has no idea what to do and shoots you pleading looks that you just snicker at)
nezuko likes her hair being played with, so tanjirou will braid her hair from time to time; noticing how bad he is at it, you show him how to do it. since she likes it so much, some evenings you and tanjirou will try out new hairstyles on her hair
zenitsu comes to giyuu for love advice, since he’s in a relationship and all (despite having very little personality, in zenitsu’s opinion); after getting terrible advice, zenitsu decides to just ask you instead from then on
at some point, the kids more or less invite themselves to your house, you even make food for them and dust off a few board games that you have lying around; you stay up late arguing over who won, munching on snacks, just having a good time
afterwards, when the four of them are dozed off, you and giyuu move them onto futons and then. stare at them
you: so…are we just taking care of four kids now
giyuu: i think so. maybe.
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dudeandduchess · a year ago
Nsfw headcanons for Tomioka, Obani and Sabito?
Tumblr media
The second anon honestly made me laugh. Please, don’t give anyone hell. We’re all about love and consensual sex on this blog, my bbys. UwU I hope you guys like it!
Also, props to my friend (let’s just call her Liz) because we discussed our headcanons for Giyuu and Sabito. And this is an off-shoot of that conversation. 
NSFW HCs for Giyuu, Obanai, and Sabito:
Tomioka Giyuu:
Total virgin before he met his s/o.
He would take some time to get used to having sex, but once he’s got the ropes down he would not hesitate to fuck his s/o into oblivion.
His dick isn’t that girth-y; it’s of average girth, but it’s longer than most and curves up towards the end.
For his s/o’s pleasure, of course.
He would be very quiet during sex, but once he sees his s/o enjoying, he wouldn’t hesitate to let out his moans and groans.
He’s also not averse to his s/o’s kinks, like spanking, choking, or hair pulling.
But he almost always reverts to choking.
Especially when he’s fucking his s/o from behind.
He’s also open to trying out more kinks, as long as it pleases his s/o.
But please do not call him daddy. This little baby will get confused as heck.
He also does not respond very well to teasing.
Like if his s/o teases him about being too gentle, he would increase his pace and literally pound them into the mattress.
Or whichever surface he’s fucking them on.
“Say that again. I dare you.”
But he wouldn’t relent on his pace.
He would make it near impossible to get a word out with all the harsh thrusting.
And the choking.
By all the gods, the choking.
If his s/o even tries repeating it, he would not hesitate to tighten his grip around their neck.
Overall, this boi is soft fluffy sex— unless provoked.
If he’s provoked, his s/o better be ready to walk funnily for the next few days.
Also, is not opposed to sharing— as long as it’s with Sabito.
Where do you think he learned his bondage skills from?
Ooooooh this boi. He was definitely not a virgin before he met his s/o.
Two words: KINKY. BASTARD.
He was the OG kinky bastard of the Taishō era.
He loves public sex; especially putting on spectacles for a select few people.
He would not hesitate to fuck his s/o in front of a small crowd (or even a large one).
Of course he isn’t shy about his dick; it’s gorgeous. The perfect girth and length to fuck his s/o with.
He loves it when his s/o doesn’t wear panties under skirts, bc it allows for easier access.
He treats his s/o as something of a cock warmer when they’re home.
He just loves feeling their warmth around his dick.
If it wasn’t established earlier, he is an absolute Dom.
Very open to all of his s/o’s kinks, as long as they’re open to his kinks.
His s/o has to have a love for being shared because he often invites Giyuu to join in on their fuck fests.
If they have an audience, they can look, but they can’t touch.
Only he can cum inside his s/o.
100/10 would not hesitate to spread his s/o’s legs to show their audience how he was fucking them.
1000% daddy kink.
Call him daddy and he will melt.
He’s also a sucker for begging.
He absolutely loves it when his s/o begs.
Would also train his s/o to do dvp and dap just for him and Giyuu.
He also has a breeding kink a mile wide.
Hell, when he invites Giyuu over, they have unspoken competitions as to who can get his s/o pregnant first.
He doesn’t mind if his s/o gets pregnant by another man— as long as that man is Giyuu.
If he’s teased, he would not hesitate to spank his s/o.
He would even make them count aloud with every strike from his hand.
He’s also mastered the art of kinbaku.
Overall, he’s just one kinky bastard.
Iguro Obanai:
Snek papi was definitely not a virgin when he met his s/o.
He loves going down on his s/o.
That tongue of his is so sinful, it should be illegal.
He would put his s/o’s legs over his shoulders and wrap his arms around their thighs.
Just so they can’t move while he teases the everloving fuck out of them.
He enjoys teasing his s/o mercilessly, until he has them begging for him.
The louder his s/o begs, the faster he’ll fuck them.
He deals out punishments if his s/o doesn’t follow his orders.
Like if he tells them to keep their hands off of him, he expects 100% compliance.
If not, then he would resort to face fucking them, cumming down their throat, and leaving them hanging.
He loves hearing his s/o choke on his cock. Absolute turn-on for him.
He also prefers to have his s/o already in bed, waiting for him with their ass high up in the air, when he gets home.
He has a major jealous and possessive streak, so he doesn’t like sharing or having any other people in the bedroom.
His s/o is just his to fuck and play with.
But he’s not opposed to showing his dominance to a poor soul who tries to get with his s/o.
Would 10/10 exact revenge by tying the poor soul up in a chair while he fucks his s/o in front of them.
“Listen to her scream my name, you absolute degenerate.”
“You wish you had (Y/n); but you would never be able to make them scream like this.”
Would make his s/o purposely scream his name, just so everyone knows whom she belongs to.
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astertataricvs · a year ago
Hello! I got this idea from ch 136 where Giyuu thinks if he brings Sanemi his favorite food they'll become friends and it's just so pure and cute, I want to cry ;~; So could you do a scenario/imagine where Giyuu has a crush on the reader and as we know, our precious bean isn't good at socializing and so he wants to do something nice for them and like, buys a cute hairpin he got on one of his missions for them, or something
Tumblr media
Sorry for the wait anon! I hope you like this one! Enjoy! 💖
Word count: 3.4k+
Tumblr media
Giyuu didn’t expect this, he didn’t expect that there will be a time that this is going to occur in his life, especially since he’s too devoted from being a demon hunter and obliterate all the demons that were breathing and existing in this wonderful world. Moreover, he’s still not hung up at Sabito’s death and the same as his sister. That is why he didn’t give it a thought before and to be more specific, he’s not the type of man who would want to get involved in such an inconsequential situation, he’s already a mess so why would he involve other people in his life? However, fate had lured him into the little pits of happiness.
And that was falling for you.
At first, Giyuu didn’t search deeper about the unknown emotions he was feeling whenever he sees your smiling face and would just gawk how you’d look at him with fondness apparent in your eyes. He doesn’t know why his heart would thump for an untold reason, but he would admit to himself, he liked the feeling; the warm and fuzzy feeling within his heart and the way how he could feel the tingling sensation fabricating in his stomach.
As the days go on, the feelings he had gradually heightened every time he would take a glimpse at your face giving such a lighthearted smile and looking at him with tenderness evident in that (colour) sumptuous orbs.
Giyuu’s heart would flutter every time your eyes would dart on his figure and then flash him the smile that you’d also show everyone. He doesn’t know why he’s so mesmerized from staring at your lovely face, but one thing for sure, he likes how his ocean blue orbs would land on your figure. He likes how he would witness you being compassionate towards everyone and it seemed like the world was being bright and colourful in his vision. The feeling is like every little corner of the area where you at, it felt like the whole place would gleam with your bright and cheerful character.
It was indeed shocking for him, he tried avoiding you but whenever you’re going to talk to him with that soft and melodious voice of yours, it was already game over for him. His feet would stick on the ground as his ears would attentively listen to any words that would come out from your mouth. He was captivated at your face giving him such a pure kind expression and he couldn’t tear his eyes away from you.
You look like an angel in the heavens that God had created, just by looking at you, it would immediately calm his nerves and forget the burdens that he has for a moment. Just a single graze of your fingers on his skin would eventually soothe him and he doesn’t want to admit it but… he really likes the feeling of your delicate touches as if he was the rarest gem that everyone hasn’t seen before.
He thought he was sick or something due to how he would feel the strange emotions he’d sense whenever he’s with you. But thanks to the couples he would across when he’s on his mission, he finally discerned that he indeed fell for such an angel like you that he doesn’t deserve.
You are a grotesque beauty that he doesn’t want to stain. That’s the reason why he’s eluding you with all his might, however, it’s hard; it’s difficult to evade you because in just by hearing your sweet voice and seeing your lovely visage would render him starstruck. It would automatically lure him out and he couldn’t restrain himself from eluding you and just run away.
Why are you doing this to him? What did you do to him? It felt like he’s one of your captives that you can control immediately.
Giyuu’s mission had finally ended and it’s his time to return to his home. He chose the route where a small town was teeming with lots of villagers walking through the streets. There are also stalls at the corner where everyone was trying to purchase for their necessities or wants.
While he was in his walk, a stall swiftly caught his attention; it was a stall where several hairpins and women’s accessories are being displayed. The accessories have intricate designs and he couldn’t help but suddenly envision you in his mind and he doesn’t know the reason as well. He thought that those accessories will definitely suit you the best if you would wear one of them.
Suddenly, an idea protruded in his mind as he thought of buying you something from that store. But his mind was in deep thoughts; thinking of any possible reasons that he will give when you ask him why he’s giving you such a present.
Fortunately, a good reason came across his mind. A present of appreciation, since you’re being kind to him all this time despite that he’s giving you a hint that he’s avoiding you. But is he really avoiding you? He couldn’t even command himself to elude you because you’re too irresistible for his own good.
But truthfully speaking, there’s also another meaning behind why he wants to give you a present. Because it will be his… symbol of love.
Giyuu absentmindedly scooted towards the said stall and deliberately searched for any accessory that would perfectly suit you.
“Young man, I can guess that you’re going to buy something for your girlfriend, is it?” The old lady interrupted him from his search, and this caught Giyuu’s attention, looking at her with a bit surprised countenance.
The Water pillar didn’t respond and just eyed the old lady, slyly smiling at him.
Girlfriend? You? His girlfriend? You are definitely not, and he will never be your significant other since you deserve much more - better than him who’s incompetent and a mess. He is not worthy to be with you, you’re too much for him. You are too beautiful to be tarnished with the likes of him.
“Young man, you don’t have to be shy! I know your girlfriend is the sweetest and beautiful! If you want to give her a present, I have lots of accessories here that will suit your girl. Just look at what you like!”
The old lady cheered and showed him all the accessories that her stall has. Giyuu didn’t reply and merely looked at the numerous and decorative accessories that the old lady is selling. As he was strolling his eyes on the displayed accessories, his eyes abruptly caught a hairpin with a crescent moon design. It’s simplistic yet elegant, the crescent moon is glittering because of the sun rays striking its little diamonds.
The old lady followed Giyuu’s vision and saw what he was looking at. She let out a light chuckle and takes the hairpin from its place.
“You had a good eye, young man. This is indeed beautiful and it will definitely suit her,” she says and places the hairpin in a small paper bag. “It’s 250 yen and for you, I’ll give it a discount, only 200.”
Giyuu blinks a few times before nodding. He handed the old lady the money and took the paper bag from her.
“Thank you…” he uttered which makes the old lady smile.
“Thank you as well.”
Tumblr media
Giyuu was on his way home with the present in his pocket. He decided that he’s going to give you the hairpin tomorrow since the sun is finally falling and the night will arrive soon. As he was walking back to his abode, he suddenly spotted a figure trudging towards his direction. He adjusted his eyesight to take a good look at the woman, and subsequently, his body instantly went rigid once he clearly saw your face.
It was you, holding a bunch of red carnation flowers as you also match his shocked expression when your eyes met at each other.
Giyuu doesn’t know what he would say since he didn’t anticipate that he will see you this soon. Moreover, what made him speechless is the mere fact that the ocherous hues of the sunset were perfectly striking your attractive features, seemingly defining your entire existence as if you were glowing under the dazzling rays of the sunset. And it was inevitable for him not to stare at you, especially since you’re not wearing the standard uniform that he’d always see every time you two would meet. You were wearing a (colour) (pattern) kimono and your hair was tied into an updo.
The water pillar was mesmerized, he was utterly captivated by your appearance. He isn’t used to seeing you wearing a kimono and this is the very first time he saw you in that outfit.
And once again, you enthralled him.
“Tomioka-san?” Your sweet voice echoed in his ears which causes Giyuu to blink and stare into your eyes. “You just came back from your mission?”
The ravenette merely nodded in response. You give him a smile as the soft calming wind of the late afternoon passes across your bodies. The leaves of the trees swayed along with the wind, composing a rustling sound while birds are flapping its wings to go back to their homes.
The silent atmosphere didn’t proffer you gaucherie, but instead, it gave a soothing and peaceful tension between both of you.
While you both were gazing into each other’s eyes, Giyuu’s mind was debating whether he should give you the present he bought or just give it to you tomorrow. However, his timidness was hindering him to give it to you because he’s not good at socialising with others specifically that this will be the first time he will give a present to someone.
What if you don’t like the gift? What if you refuse taking it? Then he won’t know what he will do afterwards. It will be extremely cumbersome for both of you and his last vanity will dwindle. He might not even take a glimpse at you nor be close with you if you don’t like it.
“Are you okay, Tomioka-san? You’re sweating a lot,” you worriedly asked and looked at him with concern.
Said man snapped out from his thoughts and lifted his vision to gaze at you for a moment. Giyuu suddenly felt cold sweats running on his forehead and neck, he’s overthinking too much because he doesn’t want it to become awkward between you two when he gives you his present.
He can feel his heart hammering excessively in his chest and hands sweating due to his vehemence. Giyuu was about to excuse himself and run away but he was frozen in his spot when he felt someone damping a handkerchief on his forehead to wipe the sweat, he’s discharging.
Giyuu’s eyes widened upon seeing your face in front of him within proximity. The smile on your face didn’t fade as you kept on wiping off his sweat. You had no idea how Giyuu wants to melt at your abrupt action and his heart is gonna explode soon. His legs were becoming jelly and he can feel his blood rushing up to his face.
Why are doing this to him? Why are you making him feel this way? His heart is vigorously thumping. Why is he falling for you even harder?
“There! You’re perfectly fine now!” You enthused before stepping back to give Giyuu his space. “You should rest now, Tomioka-san, I know how tired you are from your mission so you can go now. Thank you for your hard work.”
The heart-melting smile you just gave him makes his stomach flutter and he is certain that he was again wrapped by your fingers. He couldn’t help himself but gawk at your beauty and he just wanted to engulf you with a hug if he only has the tenacity to do it.
You’re always giving him the feeling of summer, the heat of the season that would undeniably match how his face would instantly erupt in flames because of your sudden actions that will catch him off guard.
His feelings for you were growing every day that would pass, these sentiments he has for you, he couldn’t suppress it anymore because of how overwhelming it was. Now Giyuu had finally decided, it’s the perfect time where he must give you the hairpin and he doesn’t want to slip this chance away, especially since you were alone underneath the sunset of the day. He won’t back away now.
“(Last name).”
You turned your head to gaze at Giyuu who’s looking at you full of gravity. His eyes were ablaze like they were penetrating right into your soul, his ocean-like eyes were very deep that you couldn’t avert your gaze away because of how mesmerizing it was. To put it simply, Giyuu immediately caught your attention and he’s too gorgeous in your eyes to even not look at.
“Yes?” You bewilderedly asked while tilting your head.
The Water pillar moistened his lips before fondling in his pockets. You were confused about what he was doing but after Giyuu finally took the present he has for you, it didn’t take him seconds to hand the stuff that he brought for you.
You were astounded, stunned and all synonymous to shock can define the expression you’re making at this moment. You only scrutinize the small paper bag in his hand while Giyuu was looking at his side without glancing at you. Your mouth was agape as you only stared at him with disbelief.
Despite that Giyuu didn’t even say anything because you knew how quiet the Water pillar is, you can instantly distinguish what he was betokening with his mere gestures. His words will express through subtle actions and it was easy for you to discern it.
At this current moment, you already know that Giyuu wants to give you the small paper bag in his hand. Since you were curious, it took you a minute to get the small paper bag since you were reluctant as well. Your face was sprinkled with red hues due to how flustered you were. Furthermore, your heart was tremendously pounding to which you prayed to the Gods that Giyuu won’t hear the fast beating of your heart.
“W-What is this, Tomioka-san?” You questioned and Giyuu took a glimpse at you.
“A gift from me…”
His answer only fueled your blushing face and the beat of your heart. It seems like, you can’t breathe because of how your poor little organ vigorously pounding inside your chest.
You suck some air and bit your lower lip. “Can I open it?”
Gulping, you opened the small paper bag and once you peeked what was inside; your eyes suddenly went wide and hastily lifted your chin to gaze at Giyuu. Your lips were a bit separated as you took the cute little hairpin inside the bag.
It was indeed beautiful, the crescent moon that has little diamonds on it and it was glittering because of the rays of the sunset that was hitting the little hairpin. You didn’t know what to say, you were indeed stupefied at how beautiful it was, it’s simple yet stunning. You couldn’t express how pleased you were especially that Giyuu, your long-time crush had given you this. You were going to treasure this until you die.
“Thank you, Tomioka-san… it’s really beautiful,” you said in awe and thus, you flash him a toothy grin that causes Giyuu’s eyes to shot open and feel his heart beating once again for you.
Giyuu was feeling relieved and delighted as well, he was satisfied that you like the present he gave you and you gladly accepted it. His anxiousness was immediately washed away because of you. Even if you didn’t do anything to him, by just seeing your face, hearing your voice and witnessing your smile, his problems would melt away in an instant and he liked that feeling. He likes the feeling you’re giving him, even if you’re not aware of it.
“Here, I’ll give this to you.”
Giyuu was bewildered, you handed him the three red carnations that you’re holding. He didn’t know what to do and to say but he took the flowers you’re giving him. The sweet aroma of the red carnation hits his nose and that makes Giyuu addicted to the smell. It’s just like you, sweet and beautiful and he’s addicted for you.
“Can I wear this right now?” You excitingly asked. You didn’t wait for the Water pillar’s answer and just rapidly used the hairpin in your hair.
Giyuu won’t lie and he will willingly admit it, you look dashing and the hairpin really suits you. He’s internally happy that you’re wearing it right now and he can witness how you will look good at it. He’s glad that he bought it for you and he didn’t regret a single thing. His heart is leaping in joy.
“Thank you for this, Tomioka-san! But I wanna know why you want to give me a present all of a sudden?”
Giyuu’s body flinched upon hearing your question. But he remembered the reason why he wanted to give you a present.
“I just want to say my gratitude for all the great things you’ve done to me…”
Giyuu’s voice was barely audible, his cheeks were beginning to redden and he avoids eye contact with you. Despite the volume of his voice is low, you quite caught what he just stated. Your grin didn’t leave your face but instead, it only grew.
“Then please consider the three carnations as my gift to you as well.”
Giyuu’s lips slightly parted as he blinked a few times before landing his eyes on the flowers he’s holding. A few seconds later, he returned his gaze at you whose warmly smiling at him and gave him a nod.
He was indeed ecstatic, he suddenly felt the emotion that he was lacking for years. It’s been a long time since he’s been this happy, he was delighted that falling for you was the best choice that he had ever made. He thought that these feelings would be a hindrance to him but fortunately, it gives him hope. Falling in love with you is the best feeling and if he didn’t meet you, he guaranteed that he won’t feel this happiness he was feeling at this current moment.
You’re like the moon, a moon who would guide him from his most cryptic days and give him light where he couldn’t see anything anymore but pure darkness. You are the light that gives him hope in his worst days and when darkness was starting to haunt him. He was glad that he met you, he was happy that you exist in his life. You are his moon, his beautiful moon that is beyond reachable. Your pureness and sincerity can make him weak and he just wanted to stare at you forever.
“Thank you…” Giyuu mumbled and for the first time, a genuine smile spreads across his face as he stares at the carnations you gave.
You only smiled and feel the fuzzy feeling within your heart. Seeing him smiling for the first time, you feel like as if the world is shaking and you never have seen such beauty in your entire life. For you, Giyuu is indeed a gorgeous man and he is incredibly an enigma to you, he is indescribable that makes him more beguiling to your eyes.
The red carnation symbolizes love, pride and admiration. Just like Giyuu, he is beautiful, inside or outside, you admired him with all your heart although he’s isolating himself from the pillars and most of all to everyone. His aloofness isn’t a hindrance to your feelings, you still love him either way and you love him with all of his flaws ー even if he’s not good at communicating, you will still love him with passion. Giyuu is your pride, every time you see him, you’d feel confident all of a sudden, he is like a takane no hana that is unreachable for you.
But this time, it feels like you finally reached him. Your arms that were always reaching for him had finally touched his back.
You two don’t know that you have the same feelings you had for each other. A requited love but remain hidden, a love that couldn’t express into words but instead, showing it through discreet actions.
Unbeknownst to the both of you, the gift you gave each other has a meaning behind it.
It’s actually… your symbol of love.
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