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#tommen lannister
emily--sim · 6 hours ago
i know that joncon’s probably going to end up murdering tommen but i would love it if he just ended up adopting him. tomtom is a baby and joncon just sees him with his kitties and he’s like oh fuck
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dwellordream · 11 days ago
The idea of Jaime trying to become a better dad that fandom pushes so much is kinda ridiculous to me:
Jaime: "i need to get Tommen away from Cersei because she is CRAZYYYYY"
Also Jaime: "leaves Tommen alone after Cersei gets imprisoned to go follow Brienne" (as Cersei's prophecy gets closer and closer to it's fulfillment)
I do think it’s somewhat overhyped in fanon that Jaime is suddenly this loving and devoted father and has this huge investment in his existing children. Does he seem fond of Tommen? Sure.
Does he act as a father should to Tommen, even after he and Cersei ‘break up’? Not really. I think he’ll be distraught if something bad happens to Tommen but I wouldn’t say he at present displays a lot of parental concern. No one forces him to leave Tommen again. That’s his choice.
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melrosing · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
Jam and Tommo on their way to ruin Cersei’s bath in Cers V
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theartofcry1ng · 16 days ago
I started a Sandor Clegane Fan fiction if anyone is interested I would appreciate the support & any suggestions!
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fjordstan · 17 days ago
i just heard of the Untommen theory where after Tommen dies Cersei asks Qyburn to resurrect him like he did to 'Robert Strong' and honestly
i'm kinda into it. that's the type of crazy shit Cersei would do, especially as a way to try and subvert Maggy the Frog's prophecy.
BUT if that shit happens to Tommen then that could put him in the running for being the valonqar, as a sort of revenge against turning him into a zombie. he is a younger brother, Cersei already suspects Tyrion so it's not him, and Jaime only has 1 hand where the prophecy said "hands" multiple specifically
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sansakatara · 22 days ago
so much of cersei’s feelings towards the tyrells in feast is not just because she’s “power-hungry” or doesn’t want to be cheated out of her hour in the sun/give up her crown (which theoretically, is still hers as regent until tommen reaches his majority which is 8 years away) it’s also wrapped up in anger - something that becomes her currency of grief for joffrey in the way depression becomes catelyn’s after the “deaths” of her children
for instance, she gets irate when mace and olenna more or less ask her (knowing that she isn’t exactly in a position to say no) about setting a date for margaery’s wedding to tommen. its natural to dismiss this as cersei just not wanting to give up her crown- but the thing is, there is more depth to it.  she’s angry because planning margaery’s wedding to tommen means accepting that joffrey is truly gone and understandably cersei can’t handle that.
she also gets angry watching margery at her wedding to tommen.  cersei is correct in stating that margaery didn’t care about joffrey at all (not that we can blame her, really) and isn’t bothered by his death at all.  we know this because in sansa’s pov, she speaks pretty disparagingly of joffrey.   in cersei’s pov,  margaery speaks sweetly of loving joffrey and that he is in her prayers. i think its safe to say that margaery is speaking bullshit here.   knowing that margaery is lying about joffrey enrages cersei enough to have to fight the urge not to slap her in front of everyone.
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sansakatara · 27 days ago
Ser Loras and Ser Meryn led the procession from the sept in their white scale armor and snowy cloaks. Then came Prince Tommen, scattering rose petals from a basket before the king and queen. After the royal couple followed Queen Cersei and Lord Tyrell, then the bride's mother arm-in-arm with Lord Tywin. The Queen of Thorns tottered after them with one hand on Ser Kevan Lannister's arm and the other on her cane, her twin guardsmen close behind her in case she fell. Next came Ser Garlan Tyrell and his lady wife, and finally it was their turn.
not gonna lie tommen being flower boy at joffrey and margaery’s wedding is really cute
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westerosiladies · a month ago
GoT Actors at their Book Ages - Lannister Edition
Okay, here we go!
Tumblr media
Tywin Lannister: born 242 AC, age 56 in AGoT
Left: Charles Dance in Season 1, age 64
Right: Charles Dance in Henry VIII (2003), age 56
Tumblr media
Cersei Lannister: born 266 AC, age 32 in AGoT
Left: Lena Headey in Season 1, age 37
Right: Lena Headey in Brothers Grimm (2005), age 32
Tumblr media
Jaime Lannister: born 266 AC, age 32 in AGoT
Left: Nikolaj Coster-Waldau in Season 1, age 40
Right: Nikolaj Coster Waldau in 24 Hours in the Life of a Woman (2002), age 32
Tumblr media
Tyrion Lannister: born 273 AC, age 25 in AGoT
Left: Peter Dinklage in Season 1, age 41
Right: Peter Dinklage in Living in Oblivion (1995),  age 25
Tumblr media
Joffrey Baratheon: born 286 AC, age 12 in AGoT
Left: Jack Gleeson in Season 1, age 18
Right: Jack Gleeson in Batman Begins (2005), age 12
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Myrcella Baratheon: born 290 AC, age 8 in AGoT, age 9-10 in ASoS/AFoC
Top Left: Aimee Richardson in Season 1, age 12
Top Right: Aimiee Richarson in Miss Conception (2008), age 10 (this was the earliest image I could find)
Bottom Left: Nell Tiger Free in Season 4, age 15
Bottom Right: Nell Tiger Free in Mr. Stink (2012), age 12 (again the earliest image I could find)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tommen Baratheon: born 281 AC, age 7 in AGoT, age 8 in ASoS
Top Left: Callum Wharry in Season 1, age 10
Top Right: Eoin Murtagh in The Tudors (2010), age 8 (Callum Wharry has been in literally nothing else and I can find no pictures of him, so here’s a similar-looking 8-year-old for comparison)
Bottom Left: Dean-Charles Chapman in Season 4, age 16
Bottom Right: Dean-Charles Chapman backstage for Billy Elliot (~2009), age 10-11 (He was in Billy Elliot in a smaller role at 8, but I cannot find any pictures)
So there you have it, folks! The adults of House Lannister has some less drastic age gaps than many of the other houses, although the kids are clearly much older than they’re meant to be.
Next up, per request, House Tyrell!
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captainelliecomb · a month ago
ASOIAF Fic Rec, Brienne & Myrcella & Tommen, Jaime/Brienne
a new family by escapisthero Rating: Mature Tags: Family Fluff, Secret Identity, Brienne of Tarth is the Best, Sex, Vaginal Sex, Hand Jobs, Living Together, Sweet, Kissing, First Kiss Word count: 6,234
Summary: The war was over and the war hero Brienne is the sole ruler of Tarth. By Jaime's request she has hidden Tommen and Myrcella with her on Tarth. She hasn't seen Jaime for many years. But he is never far from her mind. One day one of the dragon Queens ships lay anchor on Tarth.
Rec: Warm, engaging story that embraces Brienne's struggles to accept love. In it, she makes homes for orphans and builds the sweetest family with Myrcella and Tommen (and Pod), keeping everyone safe on her island. Even if the romance between her and Jaime never came to fruition, this story would be satisfying based on the relationship between Brienne and the kids, how touch-starved Brienne learns to give and accept hugs and cuddling and tenderness, how she builds her place in the post-war world without being diminished or having to give up the person she is and the things she loves.
Of course, that romance is wonderful, too.
There are some technical errors, but the joy of escapisthero's work is in the storytelling, particularly the way they write Brienne and the children here, and the way they made me as a reader feel all sorts of emotions, happy and sad and in between, and tear up with the warmth and love in it all.
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honorthehorse · a month ago
Ok so this morning, i woke up, and felt my heart aching for my beautiful tommen. The weight of crown on his head, the prophecy and the father, he never had. It hurt me so much, SO MUCH, i had to channel my pain so i wrote something. Hoping, it would help. It didn’t.
Gold, His Shroud
It was the same dream. A burning city, engulfed by flames, green and golden, a fallen castle, a dead king. A boy of ten, his son, lying on the bed in his kingly chambers, his son, and dead. Dead with his face drained of all color. No, not like that. It wasn’t like that. Fate hadn’t been so kind, never. There was no face. Only blood. Thick, congealed blood, and there was gold. His gilded curls. My son. He never called him that aloud, not while he lived, but then, he did. As he cradled the child’s body, little and limp. My son, he said, over and over. But, Tommen never heard. How could he? He was dead. And, Jaime wept. The tears burnt his cheeks, and strangled him. But, he wept. For the son, he never had, for the king who never was. And, he wept for the city. Ablaze with the fury of Iron Throne. And, for his sister, his twin. Kill me, she had said, this is how it is meant to be. Through the large windows of throne room, he saw the city blistering, and before his eyes he saw his sister, fallen to grief. She looked so innocent, then. The red of her robes made her look so pale, like a corpse. And, she took his hand, the flesh one and wrapped his fingers around her slender neck, and her eyes pleaded with him. Do it, they said. And, he did. He did. And, then, even as he searched for Tommen, he knew what he would find. My son, he said, my son. As they tore him from his child and dragged him away, and he saw someone. Standing in the doorway. Small and twisted and weeping. Tyrion, he tried to call for his brother but he was already in the dungeons, enclosed by the cold, thick darkness.
Tyrion stood at the bedside, and watched. He made himself watch, even as sickness rose in his throat and he could hardly breathe from the weight of tears. Red and gold. He had held this child when he was still a babe, and had chased him around, had kissed his cheeks and mussed his hair. And, now, he stood beside his lifeless body. Jaime’s son, he thought, Jaime. How Jaime had held on to the body. And blood, so much blood. All over his tunic, and on his face, and his hands. No, there was no blood on Jaime’s hands. Those were Tyrion’s. Stained with his own blood, but when he looked at them, he found them clean. Pale and callused and clean. No, he thought, this is not right, so he touched his nephew’s ravaged head, as if caressing his hair, putting him to sleep. How many times, Cersei must have stroked his hair like that, her son’s, her youngest child’s. Yes, he admired his work, his hands were now properly stained. Someone came to him and said something, he didn’t understand. So, he nodded. Then, they picked Tommen’s body, oddly gentle with it, and laid him on a golden cloak, then wrapped him in it. “Cover his face.” Tyrion ordered. Noone needed to see what had become of the king. And, they did. Properly shrouded in gold, the king was carried outside, to be displayed in the throne room. And, Tyrion was suddenly glad Jaime had been taken to the dungeons, and not the throne room.
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windsofwinterrol · a month ago
Se buscan personajes variados
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Desde todo Poniente buscamos personajes variados que aporten nuevas ideas a tramas, temas y sobretodo momentos inolvidables en este universo de Canción de hielo y fuego. Frente a una amenaza latente que se creía nada más que leyenda. Todos tienen sus aspiraciones y sus deseos, pero todo indica que solo habrá un vencedor... ¿Quién será después de tantas batallas?
Bienvenidos a Winds of Winters, para más información sobre este basto mundo, no olvides visitarnos en:
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just-some-lesbian · a month ago
Guys, gals, and other pals(Samira main mode on), I need your help! I'm DYING to write something for GOT, but I have a list of character that I can write, but I can't choose which one should do.
These are the characters that I'll do:
All women
Joffrey (It can be a good challenge)
Khal Drogo
THEON GREYJOY (I love him sm)
If someone isn't listed, then just ask bc I can make exceptions.
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weirwoodking · a month ago
the very specific scenario in my head that is Jaime and Brienne getting into KL just as all the shit is starting to go down, and running to Tommen’s room, and Jaime scoops up Tommen but he won’t go without his kittens so Brienne promises him that she’s got them and she scoops them all up into a bag and the three of them escape the city together, Tommen in Jaime’s arms and Brienne carrying Ser Pounce, Boots, and Lady Whiskers
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aspiretcbewcked · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Today, in the words of my mother, we choose violence.” 
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sassbewitchedmyass · 2 months ago
Jaime: being a parent is hard sometimes
Jaime: but I finally got 8 hours of sleep
Jaime: it took four days but whatever
Brienne: You’re talking to a tapestry, Jaime.
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mylestoyne · 2 months ago
Sandor carrying all the lannisters when the situation is critical while they yell furiously at the enemies
I tried to draw this and forgot the enemies part but I guess tyrion and cersei are each other’s enemies so
Tumblr media
Jaime feels left out
Tumblr media
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