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#tommy maximoff
geekgirl101 · 7 hours ago
If Marvel retcons Pietro and Tommy back to being mutants (Wanda and Billy ever being mutants again seems unlikely by now as the powers being a legacy from Natalya has been enshrined already), how do you think they would interact with Krakoa ?
Ok but that makes no sense. They’re all related to each other. Either they’re all mutants, or none of them are. I think they need to retcon the whole Natalya thing, it was so unnecessary. Wanda and Pietro are twins, one can’t be a mutant if the other is..although, I guess if the Guthries had some kids that were mutants but some weren’t it's possible. But IDK it just feels wrong here. I think it's either all or nothing. 
That being said. I would love to see Tommy and Billy meeting Lorna. 
I don’t think they’d be welcomed with open arms on Krakoa, at least not by those that don’t know them. I think there’s going to be a bit of a curve with people. Because the whole time there’s this whole Wanda is the great pretender nonsense. That won’t go away in a day. 
I would like to see Tommy actually working with Pietro and Northstar and doing like a speedster thing. He needs more parental role models. 
Bring back Beast and Rogue and have them talk to the twins, that would be kind of interesting since they interacted in ACC. So bringing that full circle would be cool. 
AND Although I don’t ship thinkfast, I think it would be cool to have David introduce Tommy to other mutants his age. This kid really needs more friends. 
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thatoneaspie · 20 hours ago
WandaVision AU - “Post Mom-tem”
By thatoneaspie
| Synopsis: After Wanda takes down the Hex around Westview, NJ, Vision dies. She thought she would find herself alone, but on the contrary: she’s now pregnant. (She never had the twins in the Westview storyline). “Post Mortem” means “after death” in Latin. |
Tumblr media
It’s mid-day, and Jimmy Woo and Monica Rambeau are having lunch. It’s been almost a year - nine months to be exact - since they’ve seen Wanda, and nine months since the Westview anomaly was solved.
“That was insane,” says Jimmy, still in disbelief. “I mean, Agnes was the villain all along - total crazy twist, gotta give props to the writers ——”
“Hush.” Says Monica, out of nowhere.
“Tough crowd. Sheesh.” Jimmy sighs.
“No. Really. Something’s wrong with Wanda.”
Jimmy is shocked by this statement, as Wanda has been completely off the grid since what happened at Westview. He’s silent for awhile, but can’t contain it.
“How do you know—- I mean, even if she is, how the hell would you even find her?” Jimmy asks, sipping on some iced tea.
“I think I know where she is.”
Jimmy spits out his drink. “And why are you just telling me now?”
Monica looks visibly annoyed for a moment, then softens. How would he know what she could do?
“Since the Hex altered my DNA, I have a connection with Wanda somehow - sometimes I can feel what she’s feeling. But I can’t pinpoint where she is, until just now - it must be really urgent.”
“You better go, then!” Jimmy starts, but Monica is gone before the end of the sentence.
Sighing, Jimmy takes the check. “She better get the next one. I don’t make the big bucks.”
Tumblr media
Monica finds herself in the middle of snowy mountains at a run-down cabin. The high-pitched hum of the tea kettle can be heard inside. Then, she hears someone groaning softly.
Inside, she finds Wanda, dressed in white sweats, on all fours, and her hair tied up in a messy bun. Sweaty ringlets of hair frame her hardly visible face. She is breathing mechanically, almost as if run by a machine.
“Wanda?” Monica says hesitantly, making her way towards her. She kneels on the ground and puts a comforting hand on Wanda’s back.
Wanda is nothing like Monica saw her last. The Scarlet Witch was now vulnerable, on the ground and unbelievably exhausted.
“Monica.” She breathes.
Wanda turns over, a visible effort, and begins to breathe heavily again. One hand takes Monica’s, gripping it tightly, and the other makes it way toward her hyperextended stomach.
She’s pregnant.
And not only pregnant - but in labor.
Tumblr media
“Wanda — when? How?”
It seems that it’s difficult for Wanda to talk, but she manages an explanation.
“When I took down the Hex, Viz was gone, and I thought that was it... but as soon as he... died, I noticed a bump... and here we are. I have no idea how it happened, because I can’t control reality outside the hex... and I’ve spent the last 9 months trying to figure it out and have gotten nowhere. He must have left them for me... so I wouldn’t be... alone...”
She begins to cry, doing her best to fight off the emotion. She’s too tired, and the labor so far has worn her out, so she lets the tears come.
“Wanda... hey.” Monica gently puts her arms around Wanda and lets her sob into her shoulder. “It’s alright. I’m here... you’re not alone, Wanda.”
“I can’t do this... I can’t have these babies without Vision.” Then her face contorts into one of pain, and she begins her controlled breathing again.
“You’re going great, Wanda. Just keep breathing like that. You can do this.”
“I can’t. I can’t. I can’t.”
“You can. And you will, because your babies need you. If not for you, and if not for them... for Vision.”
Wanda looks up at Monica. The bags under her eyes are more evident than ever, and her green eyes show understanding. She nods and then goes back to breathing.
“Hooo. Heee. Hooo.”
Tumblr media
After another contraction subsides, Monica slowly leads Wanda to the small bed in the back of the cabin. She helps her change into a clean gown, and coaches her through her contractions.
“No more... please. I’m sorry for what I did at Westview...” Wanda screams, but to no one at all.
Monica is unsure what to do with this response. Wanda seems in a trance, that only subsides after her most intensive contractions. Maybe Vision did leave her the children, but is someone else... maybe someone uninvited, involved as well.
Could Agatha be torturing her again somehow?
There was no time to dwell on this theory; it was time for Wanda to start pushing.
Monica props her up on the bed with pillows behind her back, and holds her hand from the end of the bed.
“Wanda, it’s time to push.”
“God... it feels like I’m being ripped apart. And Agatha literally tried to rip me apart...” She laughs weakly.
Wanda pushes for several hours, unbelievably spent, but determined to meet her children. Monica’s hand is almost broken by the end of it.
Monica delivers them both safely: two beautiful and perfect baby boys.
“Tommy.” Wanda says sweetly to one of the sleeping babies. Monica has never seen this side of her before; so gentle, so protective.
“And Billy.” Wanda says, looking to the other sleeping boy in Monica’s arms. Her eyes suddenly glaze over with a vacant look.
“Vision loved that name. Billy.” She looks over at her baby boy again and strokes his cheek. He always wanted to be a dad.” She wipes a tear away and sniffles.
“Maybe... maybe Vision is a dad.”
Wanda looks at Monica, her eyes accusatory but purposely vague. “What do you mean?” She whispers.
“These boys are obviously Vision’s, that we’ve worked out... but it’s impossible for him to leave you pregnant after death. So maybe... he’s still alive.”
Wanda puts her hand to her mouth in disbelief. “How did I miss that? Oh my god...”
“Either that...” Monica thinks to herself, “or, Agnes is using these children to torture you again, and Vision is really dead. But if that’s the case, why do the babies look so much like him...?”
“There’s only one way to find out.” Wanda says determinedly, “I need to call in a favor.”
“And what might that be?” Monica asks.
“Dr. Strange.”
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widowsthings · 22 hours ago
I haven't heard that song in some time. Somehow it reminded me of Wandavision, maybe I'm just missing the show, I don't know...
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ashyblondwaves · a day ago
For an outnumbered prompt request- fam goes to the grocery store/coffee shop/mall? I had to take two of my younger cousins to the store once when I was babysitting them (both under 5 at the time) and it was an *experience* lol 😂 definitely gave me some gray hairs!
Anon, you were the first one in my inbox with a request, so here we go! I said I wanted to do under 1000 words, but what the hell.. here's 1300 for ya!
Tumblr media
“There’s a spot,” Wanda said, hitting Vision’s shoulder repeatedly. “Right there! Hurry up before that Mazda gets there!” 
Vision nodded, honing in on the gap between cars in the next aisle. One among a sea of cars that had them driving around the mall's parking lot for the last twenty minutes. With expert precision, Vision maneuvered the Maximoff family car into the spot just as the Mazda was turning into the aisle.
"Sorry, maybe next time!" Wanda said to the Mazda, happily unbuckling her belt and taking a deep breath. "You tackle the stroller and I'll get these two out of their seats?"
"Just don't let them down in the parking lot," Vision said worriedly, looking around for cars. "I'll come grab them from you."
Wanda shook her head, but a smile revealed itself immediately after. "Yes, dear."
With their tasks handed out, the parental pair took to tackling their first mall outing with 2 little boys just over 2. As Wanda unbuckled the boys from the shackles of their car seats, Vision pulled the double stroller out of the trunk and opened it, ensuring it was locked and ready. He reached back into the trunk for the diaper bag, a modern green and beige tote that he slung over his shoulder before moving to grab Tommy from Wanda's arms. He buckled the toddler into the stroller and grabbed Billy, repeating the process.
Trips to the mall weren't out of the ordinary before the boys were born. They'd visit often, walking around hand in hand from store to store, and when they were done, Vision would treat Wanda to a gourmet pretzel from the food court, her favorite.
Now it was time to introduce Tommy and Billy to the wonders of Auntie Anne's Pretzels outside of the womb. Wanda had enjoyed plenty of the salty, buttery pretzels while pregnant with the boys, but they'd never had their own yet. She was excited for the milestone and to start the tradition again with the little girl currently in her belly.
"Locked and loaded!" Vision said cheerfully to the boys.
"Loaded!" Billy chirped as Tommy whined and tried to escape.
"You have to sit stilly, buddy," Wanda said. "We're going where there are a lot of people and we need to keep you safe."
Her speech had little impact on Tommy. He continued to squirm, shouting that he was stuck.
"Ergo?" Vision suggested, reaching back into the trunk for the baby wearing device.
Wanda nodded reluctantly and unbuckled Tommy from his shackles as Vision maneuvered into the Ergo. Soon, Tommy was being hoisted into the air and into the device, his little toddler legs dangling from the bottom.
Vision set the diaper bag down into Tommy's empty stroller seat. "I think we're ready now," he said, petting Tommy's head and giving him a smile. "Ready Master Thomas?"
"Sir William?" Wanda chimed in, taking control of the stroller. "Read to go?"
"Goooo!" Billy screeched. Tommy responded by excitedly kicking Vision in his would-be ribs.
The mall was large and loud, full of nearly endless ceilings with glass tops, live foliage and abstract art that had no business being in a place where people came to score deals and eat fast food.
Wanda stopped at the mall map that was situated at the mall entrance, quickly scanning for the store of her choice: Baby Gap. After all, the trip was to get the boys some new clothes for summer. And of course for Wanda to eye all of the little girl clothes she'd now be able to buy.
"That way," Wanda pointed, pushing the stroller in the direction of the store that luckily was neither far nor upstairs. Wanda didn't want to even think about trying to get the double stroller up to the second floor.
They entered the store to see a crowd not unlike them. Parents with tiny ones, women with pregnant bellies and a lot of husbands and boyfriends that looked like they'd rather be anywhere else. Wanda looked to Vision to see if he had the same glazed over look, but instead caught him playing peek-a-boo with Tommy. That's when the outfit caught her eye.
"Oh my God, Vis!" Wanda squealed, running to the display. "Look at this outfit!"
She held up a blue button down floral shirt with matching shorts, running over to Tommy hanging from Vision's chest. She pressed the articles of clothing up to him and smiled.
"Vis, he'd look so cute in this one. And look," she continued, grabbing the same outfit in red. "This one for Billy." "What do you think, young man?" Vision said to Tommy. "I think yes."
"Yes!" Tommy mimicked, reaching out for the shirt in Wanda's hands.
"What color is this?" Wanda asked, making sure to keep the shirt in her possession. All they needed was Tommy to eat a button off before they'd even bought the shirt.
"Blue!" Tommy chirped as Wanda brought the red shirt over to Billy.
"Red!" Billy said, kicking his legs in the stroller.
"I think we've got winners," Vision said as Wanda excitedly found the boys sizes and draped them over the top of the stroller.
"Now something for little Miss," Wanda said, mostly to herself as she wandered over to the infant girls area of the store.
Vision followed behind, keeping hold of Tommy's hands as he walked so the little grabber wouldn't pull anything off its display. He observed Wanda as she looked through onesies, touched every sweater and hat she could get her hands on. Finally, she came to stop at a pink tie-dye onesie shirt with the words "Mama's Wildflower" on the front. She grabbed it, turned and look at Vision with what he swore was a tear in her eye.
"Vis," she blubbered, holding it against her belly. "Mama's Wildflower."
"Sounds perfect for our active little wildflower," Vision said with a nod. "Boys? Want to get this for your sister?"
Billy didn't seem too interested in the clothes, finding the velcro on his shoes much more interesting. Tommy on the other hand was reaching out for the shirt just like he had with his own.
"I'll take that as a yes," Wanda said, dropping the wildflower shirt on top of the boys' outfits.
They picked out a few more outfits for all three kids and made their way to the food court. A short trip was going to have to do today. Wanda's feet were already tired, and the boys weren't going to stay buckled up for much longer.
Wanda ordered her usual classic buttered pretzel with cheese dipping sauce, but this time around they added on a cup of pretzel nubs for the boys to munch on, too.
They sat at a table near the pretzel shop and Wanda immediately dug in, sighing happily when the buttered pretzel hit her mouth.
"Small bites, boys," Vision said, handing each boy a pretzel nub.
They dug in happily, chewing loudly and thoroughly and sounding just like their mother with her pretzel.
"I think they like it," Vision smiled, grabbing the boys juice cups from the diaper bag and handing them over. "How does mama like hers?"
"She loves it," Wanda said, finishing the last bite. "Thank you for braving this with me today."
"My pleasure," Vision said, looking at his wife and sons. "Next time we come here we'll have three with us."
"Please," Wanda said, putting a hand up. "Let's not think that far ahead. I'm just glad we got through this with only one meltdown in the beginning."
"I can't wait to see her in her wildflower shirt," Vision admitted. "That was a perfect choice."
"You know," Wanda started, resting a hand on her belly. "If we're going to keep talking about her, don't you think she needs a name?"
"She does," Vision agreed, setting his hand on his chin. "Boys? What should we name your sister?"
"Big Bird!" Tommy yelled.
"Brobee!" Billy said.
Wanda and Vision looked at each other and laughed, shaking their heads at the boys' choices.
"I think we'll have to give it a little more thought," Wanda said.
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damn-stark · a day ago
La vie en rose Pt.5
Tumblr media
Pietro Maximoff x reader
A/N- so close to the ending I’m excited!!!
Warning-Violence, Angst, talks of death.
Episode- part of 1x09
“You know what you might be giving up right?”
There had been three different times where you had heard that exact same question. Each time, each answer was the same; “yes.”, each time the answer was always filled with optimism that the outcome would be positive. That your father wouldn’t get caught; that the world, the government, your friends and colleagues would understand why you didn’t sign the accords and ended up doing what you did; that no one would end up dying.
But none of those times ever ended in what you hoped.
Now it was the fourth time you were hearing that same question, albeit you were asking yourself that question instead of hearing it from someone else, and this time you knew the outcome.
That’s what scared you, because there was no way for this to turn around, no. If you accepted this, if you gave in, then you’d once again lose something. You’d lose him. Again. You’d once again sacrifice something even if it meant your own agony.
So that’s where the answer could change to, “yes, and I won’t do it.”
But that’s still up for debate.
Before you could say anything in regards to what happened with him and you before, you bring something else up first. “We have to warn Wanda about Agnes.”
Pietro however, didn’t want to push things aside. He was as straightforward as ever. “I died, didn’t I?”
You pull away from the embrace and look at him with a stunned stare that lets him continue.
“I followed you and I managed to catch what that nosy neighbor was showing you. I saw what happened to me.” Pietro continues to grab your hands and pull them closer to him, using his other free hand to cup your cheek. “I understand why you did what you did, why you’re doing it now. You just wanted to be happy, I’m sorry I kept trying to ruin that.”
You exhale slowly and shake your head. “You didn’t ruin anything. You never have. But please forgive me for hiding the truth, I should have told you.”
Pietro strokes your cheek and offers you an assuring comment. “Don’t worry about it. Please don’t worry about it anymore, I understand. Okay?”
“Okay,” you sigh, cupping his hands and smiling faintly as you add a quiet, “I love you.”
Pietro smiles and replies just as sweetly, “I love you too.” His smile falters and he adds what you knew was coming, “but having all these people trapped here isn’t right.”
You drop your gaze and lose your smile, whilst you nodded in agreement, “I know, I promise I’ll try to let them go, but if I do, it means….” you pause and can’t even find yourself to say those words, to say what you dreaded, instead you skip past it and finish your comment. “....I don’t know if I have the strength to do it.”
Pietro let’s out a lighthearted huff of air and smiles brighter. “Who says you have to lose me forever, hmm? I told you that you were stuck with me. Just as we crossed paths the first time, and this second time, we’re meant to do it again.”
Finally you lift your gaze to meet his, feeling the corner of your lips tug slightly as you nod in agreement, even if you still didn’t know if you wanted to sacrifice your happiness. It was the right thing, yes, but if you did it, you’d lose Pietro again. Once again you’d be doing the good for other people.
“Come on,” Pietro urged, breaking you from your stupor and making you focus on him again. “Let’s go warn Wanda about her neighbor.” Pietro pulls away and begins to lead the way as he continues to talk. “Which by the way, I’ve always thought was weird. I always had my suspicions.”
“Oh really?” You scoff and hop off the front porch.
“Yes, because I’m smart and attentive.”
“Mhmm, okay.” You agree even if you wanted to keep pestering him, not making it far from your own home before the woman you had been talking about just landed before you.
“You thought I was just going to let you go off so easily?” Agnes furrowed her brows and mustered a feigned laugh. “No. I can't have you both ruining my plans.”
You fall by Pietro's side and bask your hands with the yellow hues of your power, a smirk tugs on your lips and without warning you flick your fingers forward and hurl a powerful energy blast that throws her back to a yard a few feet away. Your powers disappear from your hand as Pietro grabbed them with the intention to take you with him to Wandas house, but before he could try, the sight of Agnes standing up with a wicked grin on her face, and the yellow hues from your power somehow turning purple as they merged with her own power caught your attention, and left you both stunned and speechless.
“You didn’t stick until the end,” Agnes interjected smugly, “you missed my favorite trick.” A smirk grew on her lips and before you could react she used her own powers to throw both Pietro and you back inside your house, casting some spell on the both of you that dazed your minds, had you seeing something else, another life as if you were living it now, or viewing it like a movie, but only it was inside your own minds.
It was peaceful even if your mind was controlled, everything was so vivid, you could feel a comforting warmth, and an endless happiness. There seemed to be a purple hue that outlined everything, but it was something barely noticeable especially compared to the life that was currently playing inside your own mind.
It was a life that you had always talked about with Pietro, one where you were free, you weren’t bound to rules, to hiding or giving up something for the happiness of others, or the life of others, you were on your own, making your own choices. You weren’t in the perimeters of this dome, you were far from here. Everything felt right living that life, even if you knew it was some type of trick, even if it was just out of arm's reach, just a step away it felt right. It felt like you were trapped behind a two way mirror, if you pressed hard enough you’d go through it and be living it.
But you weren’t living it. You recognized that, that life you were watching might be tempting, but it was just that, a temptation. You knew you needed to get out of this high, even if it was addicting you just needed to snap out of it.
It was hard to do, but you did manage to break away from that weird haze—“shoot,” you mutter under your breath, blinking repeatedly to clear your vision and finally see everything that surrounded you, to see Pietro frozen and trapped in that same haze that had trapped you. You walked over to him and used your powers to literally snap him out of it; watching Pietro repeat what you had done and look at you seconds later with a perplexed gaze.
“That was….” he muttered as he rubbed his head, “weirdly vivid.”
“Mhm,” you nod, “but as pleasant as it was we need to get to Wanda.”
“Right,” Pietro agreed, “grab my hand.”
You do so without hesitation and in a matter of seconds you were zoomed out of your house and brought outside of Wandas house, noticing in that instant the damage around the neighborhood.
“Shoot,” you curse, “are we too late? How long were we under?”
Pietros eyes wander the neighborhood and bounce from spot to spot, taking in the damage that displayed outside as if some sort of freak fight had happened. When he looked back at you he let out a deep sigh and nodded, “yeah, we are late, it seems we have a fight ahead of ourselves. Great.” He pulled out his hand again to offer it to you, and before you could take it two quick footsteps run out to meet you before they shouted out in distress.
“Uncle Pietro, aunt y/n! Our mom needs help! It’s Agnes!”
You stepped up and saw the fear in their eyes and couldn’t help but feel bad for being too late. All you could do now was assure them as best as you could. “It’s okay, boys, we’re here to help now. We’re going to help your mom. Where is she?”
“In the middle of town!” Billy revealed.
“Okay,” you nod before you look back to Pietro to share a knowing look, making him take your hand and prepare to take you away, but stopping as the boys interjected.
“We’re going with you!”
“No,” Pietro protested, “it won’t be safe, stay here and wait for us to return, I promise I’ll keep your mom safe. She’s my sister after all.”
“But we can help, we have our own powers! We can fight!” Tommy argued, “please!”
“We can do this better together.” Billy added, causing Pietro and you to share another look.
“Fine,” Pietro gave in as he looked back at them. “Fine.”
You rub your temple and sigh out, “so young and yet so wise.”
Pietro grabs your hand and shoots Tommy a smug smirk, “but try to keep up little man.”
Said boy returned his smirk and replied with the same smugness in his tone. “Try not to slow me down old man.”
Pietro chuckles and without waiting a moment longer you were off again. Albeit instead of coming to a clean stop, Pietro came to a sudden skidding stop just a few feet away where you spotted Wanda; the twins did the same and that’s where you noticed the people running past you and trying to leave the dome that was ripping apart, that's where you noticed Wanda struggling to open the walls.
At the sight you felt your heart skip a beat, your stomach knot tightly together, and your eyes widen in horror; a cold chilling breeze flew past you that caused chills to slither down your spine, you felt your body move forward even if your mind was cloudy with a mix of confusing emotions. You felt as if you were casted under another haze, only this time you had casted it and you couldn’t snap away, it was filled with dangerous intentions instead of the happy ones that had infiltrated your mind moments ago.
The only reason you managed to snap away was because Agneses voice broke through your clouded mind. “Stop her. Look what she’s doing.”
Your eyes slid up to her and before you could try anything the screams of the twins pulled your full attention to notice them seeming to be breaking apart like puzzles. When you looked beside them, you noticed it was happening to Pietro too.
“Pietro!” You spun around on your heels and began running towards him to help him, feeling your heart thump increasingly faster inside your chest, feeling fear seep through every part of you. He tried to reach you but by each passing second more and more of him was disappearing.
“Now, do you see?” Agnes asks Wanda from the roof she was on. “You tied your family to this twisted world and now one can’t exist without the other. Save Westview or save your family.”
It was an easy choice, yet both carried a heavy burden. You both knew what was the best choice, yet it seemed that neither of you wanted to make it. You wouldn’t. You weren’t ready to give him up yet. You couldn't accept losing him and living under that dark cloud that casted over you before this town and after his death—it appeared that Wanda didn’t want that for herself either because she pulled her hands downs and with a pained scream she stopped tearing apart the dome, letting the red bubble that surrounded her disappear and letting herself fall to the ground. Finally bringing everyone back and lifting a heavy weight over your heart as you reached Pietro’s side.
“Are you okay?”
Pietro nods and lets you help him up, proceeding to pull you to him to press a kiss on the top of your head before he verbally answers too. “I’m fine, I’m fine. Let’s go help our family.”
You offer him a quick nod and let him go to run towards Wanda, Vision and the twins. Only as you did, Pietro pulls you to a stop as suddenly Agnes chants something in Latin and begins to use her powers against Wanda. Shooting out a purple stream towards her and her family, ultimately getting stopped as Wanda managed to put a red bubble around her that she strained to keep up as Agnes began to take that same power.
Without hesitation you shoot Agnes with the same amount of power, causing her to stumble to the side but move her attention away from Wanda and instead begin to take your power. A malicious and satisfied smile spread on her lips and she just opened her arms to welcome what you shot at her, throwing her hand out to begin to fight back, making you feel sweat beads on your forehead as you strained to keep her from beating you.
“Y/N!” Pietro called out, reacting quickly by using his super speed to pull you away and stop what you were doing. “You know what she can do, stop, she’ll only make it worse.”
“I know,” you pant, noticing a hand of yours begins to turn black. “Shit.”
Pietro grabs it and looks down at it with concern. “Be careful, think smarter. You’re more powerful than she is, you can beat her if you just think of something. If Wanda and you do.”
You lift your eyes to meet his gaze, smiling slightly before you moved to Wanda and her family. “Are you all okay?”
Wanda nodded and asked the same thing. “Are you two okay?”
“Yes,” Pietro assured her, “just a little banged up, but we’ll be okay.”
“How sweet.” Agnes exclaimed overhead as she flew past all of you, and whilst some other vision...a white one, joined the group too—before the military also crashed this lovely party.
Not like it bothered any of you. Instead you all huddle around, shift to a fighting stance to face them all with determined faces.
“Listen boys,” Vision directed to his kids, “your mother and I never really prepared you for this,”
“But you were born for it,” Wanda finished for Vision.
“Let’s do this,” Pietro added confidently, with a cocky grin on his features.
You mirror his smile and add, “together.”
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thatoneaspie · a day ago
Incorrect WandaVision Quotes
(Modern Family Era)
Billy: Tommy! You’re the WORST!
Tommy: I’m not the one who cries when I lose in MarioKart.
Billy: ...
Tommy: I also don’t place 13th when there’s only 12 racers.
Tommy: Case dismissed.
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lievmultimuses1 · a day ago
Wandavision // Vision
@demonxspawn​ said: 
Dad I am ruuning away. I am not speaking to M O T H E R.
Tumblr media
"I see, do you have everything planned out? food, clothes? Where to sleep?” Vision asked his son trying to keep the situation calm as he figure how to make his son know he would do everything to keep them safe.
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prankprincess123 · a day ago
As much as I love the few 'SingleDad!Vision with Viv' AU's that I've found, what about a 'SingleMom!Wanda with TJ' AU?
Cause I adore these fics but Viv is also one of the youngest of their kids, so why not have the oldest of either of their kids be the child they're single parenting? And TJ's situation throws in alot more variables; is she from a different universe and Wanda's struggling to adapt to suddenly raising this child she's never met but who is biologically hers? Is this a universe where Wanda and Kurt had a thing when they were younger? What's the custody arrangement?
Or maybe even have them both as single parents. Depending on how you look at it between Wanda and Vision they could have as many as 6 kids (9 if you count reincarnations and the 2 Vivs as separate people) not just the Minimoffs and Viv. They could each have three kids. The Young Avengers could be a sports team that Jonas and the Minimoffs are on together, and they meet because Viv or Vin wanders off at a game and is found by TJ.
There's lots of single parent romance stories that you could do with these two, and yet for some reason I've only ever seen one type, and I think that's a crime. (And yes, I'm working on a WandaVision BradyBunch story, but I should not be the only one)
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wandamaximoffispure · a day ago
Momma needs a bit of tasty validation, so here's a little snippet for the wholesome, domestic Wanda/Nat/Vision fic I'll hopefully be able to cohesively put together one day.
POV: tommy is a subtle momma's boy
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mqximofff · 2 days ago
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wandavicky · 2 days ago
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I miss the Minimoffs
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myriadimagines · 2 days ago
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[gif] // requester: anonymous (edited) // request here
You didn’t know what was happening. One minute, you were running around the neighbourhood with Tommy and Billy as your older brothers helped you collect as much candy as possible. The next, Billy had told you and Tommy that your dad was in trouble, and the three of you rushed to find Wanda. Your mom was clearly distressed, trying to get Billy to focus in order to find where Vision went. Pietro was beside her, and your uncle seemed oddly unbothered by the whole situation, almost treating the whole thing as a joke.
You could see Wanda getting increasingly upset. Before Wanda could deal with Pietro, your suddenly raise your hand, and your siblings let out a yelp as a blast of power emerges from your palm, sending Pietro flying backwards. Billy and Tommy watch as Pietro crashes into some bales of hay, their eyes wide with horror, and Wanda whips around to face you, a similar amount of shock in her eyes.
“How... how did you...?” she stammers before shaking her head. With Billy and Tommy’s powers developing, she figures it was only a matter of time before your abilities began to develop too. But she has a much bigger issue at hand, and she turns her attention back to Billy as she asks, “Billy, focus. Where is your dad?”
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glitterfairy-21225 · 2 days ago
In which Peter has a child while stuck in the mcu: *takes deep breath*
He’s definitely living with Wanda post WV, so she’s there.
I don’t know a lot about inhumans but I know a little. Maybe Crystal is on earth for some reason, or the royal family just invites Wanda to the moon after learning about Westview b/c they want the tea, I guess. But Crystal and Peter meet.
They don’t get married, they don’t even officially date, so when Crystal announces she’s pregnant literally everyone is blindsided.
Wanda’s reaction is the best. She doesn’t say anything, but it’s her facial expressions as this is all going down. Her facial expressions.
Peter panics. Obviously. He runs around frantically with no rhyme or reason. He trashed his room. He’s screaming at a pitch only Crystal’s giant dog can hear.
He confides in Wanda about his piles of daddy issues, compounded by the fact that he never told his father the truth.... And also the fact that he was a terrorist.
But now it’s like, what happens if he goes back to his universe. He doesn’t want to to be an absentee father.
So he makes a difficult decision to stay in the mcu for the child. He still wants to go back to the x men to make sure his friends and family know he’s okay, but he wants to stay with his kid.
In the wake of his decision, Peter is high on emotion and decides that he needs to go the extra mile for this fatherhood schtick.
So he and Crystal elope.
Literally. Everyone. Thinks. This. Is. Questionable.
They’re divorced before she gives birth.
Not even a bitter divorce, just a ‘Ok, marriage at this point was probably a mistake.....’ divorce.
He and Wanda binge watch kids movies that came out from after he was taken from the x men.
Labor time!
Peter’s definitely a ping-pong whatever. When Crystal cries, he cries. When she screams, he screams.
But then Luna is born and she’s the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen in his life, and he just can’t. He’s crying on his own behalf.
Crystal holds her first, and then Peter, and the first thing he says to her is with teary eyes, so loving, so tenderly, is ‘You are gonna piss so many people off,’ in the softest voice you can imagine.
When the rest of the family comes in to meet her, Peter turns on the Lion King music, which he saw in the binge, and holds her up.
Wanda gets to hold her next, and Peter’s all ‘Meet your Aunt Wanda, Luna!’ And it’s a moment, because yeah, Tommy and Billy called him uncle, and he’s made it clear he loves them as such, but that was when he was brainwashed, so this. This is such a moment for Wanda.
And Wanda misses her boys so much, but the amount of love she feels for this girl overwhelms her bad she really believes she’s not alone anymore.
Afterwards, the three of them (Peter, Wanda, and Luna) are all curled up on a hospital bed together. Like they would be if Peter was the one who gave birth, but instead they just stole a bed to cuddle on because they’re emotionally drained.
Crystal is giving them the side eye from the other bed like, *guys it’s my special day too.*
Peter looks down at his bundle of joy and decides to make a speech to her.
He takes a deep breath. ‘Luna Maximoff’ (‘We did not discuss last names, Peter!’) ‘Your father is.... the problem in every relationship he has ever had. Except for the ones with people who are bigots, those guys suck. And he’s gonna be problem in ours. But I promise you, even if I make a million mistakes, and I will, I will try my very best to make sure you are the one person in this family who’s life isn’t made up of one traumatic experience after the other. Because you are the love and light of my life.’
Oh and Wanda definitely has a himym moment where she looks back all the stupid stuff Peter has done and thinks, ‘That guys a dad now.’
Except her flashback was from that morning.
Of course, that doesn’t get rid of all his deep emotional baggage. And he’s so worried about messing Luna up that he’s a complete motherhen.
He rants to Wanda, ‘Let’s face it, you and I are both going to hell,’ Because even if he loves Wanda, he’s not gonna excuse what she did to Westview, and for himself he has self esteem issues. So Wanda is :000. But Peter just continues. ‘But I really don’t want that for her!’
Anyways, Wanda starts hearing her kids and that kicks off their next big adventure, with Peter reluctantly leaving Luna with her mom.
He writes her a final letter in case he dies so she knows he loves her very much. But don’t worry, Peter’s not gonna die, so this is just a character quirk for now. It’s always quirky until someone dies.
I know that the ‘X men see WandaVision broadcast’ thing should logically stop after episode seven, but for this we’re gonna say the broadcast showed the entire, actual show, with all the SWORD and Agatha stuff. And then it starts playing Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness! And there’s a flashback to Luna’s birth.
It’s been a few years, and the x men have already had a funeral for him, so seeing this is..... wow.
Raven’s long since spilled the beans to Erik about his son, and he’s not been taking it well.
So seeing that his son is not only alive and well, but that he also has a granddaughter, (and maybe even an au daughter) makes him cry in front of everyone.
Also, maybe the team was just a bit unappreciative of him, not enough for us to bash them, but enough to make them feel guilty. So seeing him thriving without them stirs up some emotions.
Also maybe he has an ex on the team, and it ended because Peter’s bad at handling things. For maximum feels.
They know from the broadcast that Peter plans to stay in the mcu with his daughter and that makes them all sad, but it’s a really good reason and they’re almost all sensible enough to accept this.... After a proper goodbye of course.
We’ll get back to Erik’s feelings in a sec.
They make a portal, and all go to the mcu to help out in the final fight. They reunite with Peter, who runs to get Luna, even though she’s not on earth, so that they can all meet her.
Erik holds Luna and goes ‘You will lead millions! Willingly or as slaves.’
It reminds him of holding Nina and he wishes he held Peter and it’s so special.
They say their goodbyes.
Meanwhile, Erik is conflicted, because his child (children) is staying in alternate universe and this is where his granddaughter is, so if he can’t convince them to come back to the x men verse then maybe the best thing he can do is move to the mcu.
But Charles a school to look after, so that leads a horrible question; Will Cherik have to break up again?
Doctor Strange just rolls his eyes and says fuck it, because reality is already messed up so why not? And he gives the Maximoffs a key to crossover whenever they want. And it only works for them.
So Luna has all the inhumans and all the x men loving her so much, with the best dad, aunt, and grandpas in both worlds.
And of course with the coolest cousins a girl could ask for!
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bonniebirddoesgifs · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Agatha ‘Agnes’ Harkness, Billy Maximoff, Tommy Maximoff and Wanda Maximoff (Wandavision) - Credit if using
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gaypositiveicon · 2 days ago
agatha: pftttt people LOVE me
wanda: no
monica: no
jimmy: for the most part, no
darcy: nope
vision: well- no
billy: you literally kidnapped us
tommy: AND you killed sparky
agatha: ......i stand corrected
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lifada · 2 days ago
[WandaVision Spoilers]
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“I have what I want and no one will ever take it from me again” - Wanda
“The people need help!” - Vision
“Family is Forever” - Wanda
“It’s been Agatha all along~!” - Agatha
“Let go of my brother!” - Tommy
“Halloween’s a magical holiday” - Billy
“It’s not like your dead husband can die twice” - Fietro
“Thanks for the lesson” - Wanda
“This is Chaos Magic, Wanda. And that makes you the Scarlet Witch” - Agatha
“What is Grief if not Love Persevering” - Vision
“Given the chance and given your power, I’d bring my mom back. I know I would” - Monica
“Hey, there he is. The guy who almost got murdered by his own murder squad” - Darcy
“Sure we can. I’m a whiz at hot-wiring cars” - Jimmy
“The world’s not the same as you left it” - Hayward
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wiccllng · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
in guardians of the galaxy #13
I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. SO SO SO MUCH. for those wanting context to this, i’ll be posting all of teddy and billy’s scenes in the near future but THEY ARE SO CUTE IN THIS COMIC. I’m wondering of they’re returning in GOTG #14 because of the ending.... regardless this might have got me into the GOTG series? it’s interesting and honestly a good comic. THE ENDING HAS ME ASKING QUESTIONS THOUGH BECAUSE OF ______ ____ AND WICCANS PAST W/ YK WHO. BUT yes i got MUCH billy and teddy content out of this comic and i am satisfied.
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