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image Heart don’t fail us now! We are so pumped to be taking a “journey to the past” with @christyaltomare & @derek_klena this Monday! Will they be high-fiving after three rounds of MT Trivia, or will they do “everything to WIN?!”

Find out on Monday, Feb 22nd, 9pm ET on @bwaytalklive ! (Link in bio 😉)

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i actually really like how Tommy kisses Carrie’s head in Off-West End. like, it’s not a direct kiss and very clearly not done in a romantic way because that would just be icky and gross and a dick move since he literally has a girlfriend, but rather it’s kinda sweet. and my found family-craving brain instantly thinks it’s Tommy giving into his new big brother role to this weird little redhead.

and then he slips and dies lol

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[Off-West End]

TW: Blood


Lynn had seen her fair share of gruesome injuries in her time, both as an active sports player and gym coach. 

When she was on her high school’s wrestling team, she vividly remembered throwing her (male, mind you) opponent to the ground and hearing the distinct sound of bones cracking. There was something haunting about being on top of a person while their skeleton seemed to fold inward, having her ear so close to that sickening snap. The resulting nightmare-inducing scream was actually a mercy to the other noise.

She had scrambled off of the boy, backing away on her hands and knees like she was a scared animal. Her opponent must have landed wrong when she pinned him because his knee was bent at an unnatural angle and he was screaming bloody murder. Someone in the audience threw up. Someone else fainted. The boy’s parents rushed over to him and began yelling.

The parents had tried to sue Lynn for the broken leg, but the school defended her, saying it wasn’t her fault and injuries were to be expected in sports. She obtained a title of sorts, being one of the most feared wrestlers in the district. She took it with honor, despite its double-edged outcomes.

The experience desensitized her to all types of gore, but not without a price. For a while, she was sensitive to any sound that resembled snapping bones. Even a foot stepping on a twig was enough to bring back the memory of the boy and the broken leg. She got over it eventually, but at the time, it had been hell.

Injuries became repetitive after that. Broken arms, broken legs, broken noses- she saw it all when she became a coach. They always went the same way, too- that damned snapping sound, a limb bent at an angle that wasn’t normal, screaming that was so loud it could probably break the sound barrier, everyone in the general vicinity panicking like chickens with their heads cut off. Not that Lynn blamed them for such a reaction; she supposed it wasn’t ever the same after you were chest-to-chest with someone when the injury happened.

But in sports, broken bones were the worst thing that could be inflicted upon someone. Scratches, bruises, black eyes, bloody noses, even the broken bones themselves to some extent were nothing compared to other horrors. So as the repetition of injuries continued its cycle, Lynn believed nothing could get worse than that time back in high school.

And then she entered the darkened White bungalow and saw Carrie on the ground, surrounded by blood and covered in blood and frothing up blood, and that way of thinking was thrown out the window.

This. This was worse.

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Off-West End!Carrie following Sue around like a duckling? God concept

But you know what’s even better? Reluctant big brother Tommy.

Tommy not knowing how to bond with his girlfriend’s pet redhead.

Tommy having no idea how to talk to a girl who won’t look at him, let alone talk back in a voice that isn’t a barely-coherent mumble.

Tommy probably saying something dumb that makes Carrie uncomfortable even though he was specifically told not to say that thing.

Tommy giving Carrie rocks to appease her because this Carrie looks like she would collect rocks like a little red penguin.

They’re making progress.

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all-female cast Carrie

Tommy? No, that’s Tommie

Billy? Nope. Billie

George? Nah. Georgie

Freddy? Nuh-uh. Freddie

Mr. Stephens? No way. That’s Ms. Stephens and she’s Miss G’s girlfriend

Stokes is the same lol

All the pronouns are changed, too, so everyone is a lesbian. They’re at an all girl’s school because Margaret believed it’ll be more pure to send Carrie there. Little did she know everyone is a lesbian.

Also everyone being a girl is supposed to represent how a girl’s worst enemy are other girls. It also just goes along with the feminine them.

There would also be like changes!!!

“‘Beautiful?’ Like ‘oh beautiful for amber waves of GAY!’” “Billie—” “Shut up, Tommie, I know I’m also gay, but it’s not about me right now.”

“Give it up for your prom queen and queen!”

Would Tommie, Billie, Freddie, Georgie, and Stokes also be involved in the period scene? 👀


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The BK gang having a sleepover at Sue’s house and Sue asks if Carrie wants her blanket heated up. Carrie, of course, asks, “Like, in the oven?”

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Derek Klena & Christy Altomare in Carrie: The Musical as Tommy Ross and Sue Snell.

9 years, first performance together.

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William Katt as Tommy Ross in Carrie (1976) dir. by Brian De Palma

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Imagine Tommy asking his girlfriend if taking Carrie to the prom is anything like when Sue wants him to take you out, or is she just being nice to Carrie? (Because Sue likes the idea of other people finding her boyfriend attractive.)

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