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#tommyinnit x reader
spoon-slayer · 2 days ago
Hi! I saw that your requests are open and I was wondering if I could request a very scenario or headcannon reaction of the SBI if their younger sibling reader, who's maybe a few months older than Tommy, visits Dream in prison and dies instead of Tommy? Like they have a bad feeling and when they get trapped in the cell they're a lot more calm but much more cutting in their words to Dream? To show he's lost control over them? Bonus if they were with Tommy and Dream in exile. Sorry it's so long!!
Dreadful Meeting.
You knew something was wrong, you knew you shouldn't have went, but you had to. It had to be either you or Tommy... And you couldn't let it be Tommy. You would never forgive yourself if you had let Tommy take your place, as you soon came to find out... Although, you were glad you were able to show your lack of fear.
SBI x Reader
Gender Neutral.
A/N: Never apologize! It's okay! I love it when people are descriptive sometimes. You can ramble about it (I do that a lot) or write a whole ass paragraph explaining what you'd like to see.
Going through the prison was a horrible experience to say the least...
The closer you grew to seeing Dream, the worse you felt.
But, it had to be done.
You were going to be face-to-face to the man who had ruined you and your family's life.
The drumming of your heartbeat was flooding your ears as the heat of the lava gently burned your skin, as you looked into the burning liquid, waiting for it to slowly drain.
Atlas, when it finally did, he stood at the Netherite barrier, unmasked face gazing upon you with a confused yet curious glint you could see from afar.
The platform you stood on began moving...
And Sam bid you Farwell.
You knew there was no backing out now.
Inching closer and closer, a pit in your stomach began to form.
Everything will be okay, you tell yourself.
After all, Sam is here.. You'll be okay.
He'll make sure everything's alright.
Stepping foot onto the island type-enclosure, you looked back at Sam, eyebrows knitted together.
As the lava pooled down once again, a silent nod was sent your way.
A silent 'Good Luck' from Sam didn't make you feel any better.
Once the lava had finally made it's way back down, the Netherite barrier was pulled into the ground, leaving you defenseless with Dream...
Once again, the pit in your stomach grew, a sudden wisp of cold weaved into your very being, telling you that something wasn't right.
But, as most people do, you brush it off.
After all, Sam was here....
He wouldn't let anything bad happen.
"I didn't think you'd come for a visit." He spoke to you, for the first time in months.
His voice, oh it was horrible to hear.
"Oh shut it, Dream," You'd sneer, narrowing your eyes at him, "I'm here for one time and one time only."
The man simply stared uninterested at you, deciding to take a seat on the Obsidian floor with a raised brow.
"We're finally healing Dream, healing from what you've done. And I've came to make my amends for both myself and Tommy."
"Oh really? Go on."
You hissed at his words, about ready to attack him, but you had to stay calm.
"You... You have the audacity to act like this?" You laughed, venom laced in your words.
He shrugged, still bored.
After quite a bit of back and forth....
The ground shook as explosions sounded out.
And ice cold fear got it's grips on you.
You knew what this meant...
You were stuck with him...
That's why you should've trusted your gut!
Once the news had gotten out about what happened to you, he was shocked.
He trusts Sam to make sure you're alright...
He knows it's going to suck, so he makes sure to head to the prison to check on your status through Sam everyday.
He's sure you'll get out fine!
Yeah... You'll be just fine...
You and Dream!
You two were friends!
So, of course you'd be fine!
He didn't worry at all, of course he didn't!
You two were great friends!
Bro he didn't even notice, my man's is too busy grinding
Nobody even told him so he had no reaction to document
Blissful ignorance
You can't stop the grind, man.
He had a full blown panic attack.
Not you, please, not you..
You both had been through so much together
And hearing that, he wished it all was a nightmare...
That he would wake up in his bed, hands trembling..
With you there, making he, your brother, was okay.
It really fucked him up, man.
Days have passed...
The potatoes you and Dream were supplied were bland, horribly bland.
There must be a curse on you!
Looking at the potatoes made you sick, eating such a thing non-stop.
Torn out pages were scattered on the ground and books in disarray due to the anger and frustration you felt when you had first gotten stuck within the cell.
Now, you were stuck with sadness and fear.
It made you uneasy.
He was calm.
Horribly so.
He seemed unbothered.
A cat had started to accompany you, having found it's way into the cell.
That cat was the only thing that kept you sane.
That cat...
Meant the world to you.
That cat was always huddled against you, keeping you safe.
If anything were to happen to that cat...
You'd mourn.
"Fuck you."
The words slipped out of your mouth without a second thought, the cat nestled in your arms.
"What did you just say to me?"
"You heard me, Dream..."
Yet again, bickering.
Bickering, bickering, bickering.
Bickering turned into shoving.
Shoving turned into pushing.
The cat, oh god...
The poor cat...
You hope he'll teleport somewhere out of here...
He doesn't deserve to be in here...
The bickering has led to a full blown fight.
And that poor cat...
Dream hissed, a potato in his grasp, knuckles white.
Oh this is it.
You have to fight him.
And he killed you, as simple as that.
Like a light flickering out, a candle blown out, a power-cord being pulled.
No matter how much you fought.
He still killed you.
Bam, you were dead.
All lives lost.
Everything, gone.
His weapon was a fucking potato.
Oh, you pray to the gods that the cat is safe, and that he's going to be far away from that place..
He's horrified.
He feels sick..
He lost another one of his kids...
He should've..
He should've saved you.
What was he thinking??????
Leaving you with HIM!
Not trying to save you...
Oh god...
What has he done...?
He's taking his TIMEEEE
My man's comes home and finds out another one's dead
He's rich and just
"Techno... They're gone..."
Oh no!
Not you...
Anything but you...
Oh no...
... Huh?
What happened?
I wonder what they're doing!
I hope they're doing great!
He's pissed.
You were there for him!
And he takes another person that he's cared about!
He takes another sibling away!
That bastard!
He's going to fucking pay!
Oh... He's mourning so much..
He wants you back...
Come back...
"Oh? Oh! It's you!"
"... Wilbur?"
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londonsaysstuff · a day ago
(this has been sitting in my drafts for about a month)
CCs reacting to a gn!reader cooking at 2 am
People Mentioned: Dream, Georgenotfound, Sapnap, Tommyinnit, Tubbo, Wilbur Soot, Jack Manifold, Ranboo, Fundy Type: Platonic TW:
˚⊹ ˚︶︶꒷︶꒷꒦︶︶꒷꒦︶︶꒷︶꒷꒦︶︶꒷꒦︶ ₊˚⊹.
"what.. are you doing-"
very confused
very concerned
your cooking a full on meal
at 2 am
might offer to help
will definitely stay
and watch you cook
also will be tasting your cooking process along the way.
he woke up
to the clang of pans
"what are you cooking?"
it seems to be normal to him-
will want share the meal
also trys to help when he can
takes a lot of the food
while its cooking
and once its done
"why does it smell so good in here?"
will definitely help you cook
will also say he's taste testing
but really
hes just eating the food
while its cooking
over seasons the food
and overcooks it
but only ever so slightly
mans is also very confused
"what... ok then-"
might go back to but
but also might stay and watch
comments on how good the food looks
or smells
might try to steal some
just to tell you it tastes "meh"
even if he thinks its wonderful
that's just tommy doing tommy things
"oh your cooking? can i help?"
so very casual about it
its almost scary
how casual he is about it
mans comes out of a deep sleep
walks into the kitchen
and is like
"cOoKiNg?? i wAnNa dO tHaT tOo :D"
its kinda funny too-
also over seasons the food
"what... what are you doing in the kitchen... at 2 in the morning??"
concernedbur soot
and very confused
even though hes fully awake but we wont talk about that
mans will be tasting the food
a lot
also will stand behind you
to get the best look on how the food is made
to steal random tastes of the food
a lot more easier
doesn't comprehend that your cooking
he just thinks your doing a bit
"why... y/n, now is not the time to be doing a bit."
when he finally realizes your cooking
he's like
"oh! can i have some?"
but he WILL NOT share food
he wants his own plate 😌✨
will also say that the food smells nice
doesn't comprehend at all
"what are you doing..?"
"oh your cooking... ok."
very tired
watches you cook
asks if he can taste it
every once in a while
at least he asked tho
also asks how your cooking the food
it kinda turns into a sleepy cooking show
"what... what are you doing. why are you cooking?"
v e r y confused
mans just doesn't understand
the concept of cooking
at 2 in the morning
will also try to take things
things that aren't even food too-
like a little measuring spoon
and he'll be like "whats this?"
and stare at it for a bit until you need it
also will try to eat the food
once it just got done
and then complain that it's a bit too hot
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soft-boi-eli · 2 days ago
Yoo, may I ask for headcanons of CC!SBI meeting up with Reader (who's also a streamer) for the first time? What would they do? What kind of places would they go together? What chaos would they create at conventions and off-camera? Thank youu
Yes. I can! Sorry that this will take a bit. So when it does come out I hope you like it.
Meet up
SBI Headcannons
let's start up with the obvious. Either you're In America or some place out of England. Maybe Ireland or Scotland.
Fuck it you're Scottish.
So phil, wilbur, tommy, and techno had to take planes. The three in England waited for techno to land and when he did they hopped on the soonest plane to scottland.
Let's just say you are the one who planned it. You didn't even know that they were coming over. But since you're a teenager. You're parents knew.
So when tommy just walked into your room, slamming the door open like he owned the place. You jumped so hard. It wasn't like you were playing a horror game or anything right?
You were so your stream heard you screech and saw you fall out of your seat. You seemed ready to fight but stopped when you saw the familiar face.
Chat blew up when you literally pounced at the four. Having no friends that lived near you they were the one who knew you best.
You guys would probably mostly stay in due to the social anxiety you had. Playing games, streaming and answering questions.
When you guys do go out everyone is wreacking havoc. Going to a McDonald's or Burger King? Yelling. Just jokes every where.
At a mall? Yall carrying bags and deciding what store to go to.
People seemed so confused. Until they realized you guys were streamers and some of your fans were coming up asking for photos, autographs.
Alright let's just say you all went to build a bear.
You and Tommy kept shouting about you guys being bears. You literally dressed them as your selves.
"Tommy look it's me!" It was a bear of your favorite color, a large hoodie rested over its figure.
"Wait! That looks like you tommy!" You were quick to spot his bear, blonde, a white shirt with red sleeves covered its body.
"Oh my God look as phil's!" You were the literal embodiment of a caffeine rush.
Phil's was a crow stuffed animal with a little hat and a green over coat.
It was literally you guys building your selves or you're characters.
Techno was a pig in a monarch outfit. And wilburs was a orca with a turtle neck.
After you guys paid you posted pictures of them.
The memory was going to live forever.
The types of games you play while at your place were Mario cart, fnaf, outlast, minecraft, house, and many more games, be it horror, multiplayer, comedy.
Playing horror with most of them left them terrified while you were enjoying the adrenaline. Jumping at the scares, having fun with the others.
Yes it may have came to come to an end but you guys planned for the same time next year.
This was gonna contine and there was no stopping it.
Ahem. I apologize school has started for me. I'm trying to finish as much as I can every day. And that means less time to write but I'm still here!
Hope you enjoyed!!
Eli out.
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forefinn · 2 days ago
Heyyy! I have another part for "marriage-?" Ok, Um, reader and reader's husband actually have another partner.. (polyamorous relationship POG!!) So wall reader and reader's husband are doing a Q & A stream w/ SBI and platonic husbands [ & chat ] and reader's other partner {pregnant, if you can} comes back from a doctors appointment and walked into reader's streaming room and everyone meets reader's other partner. Have a good day! <3
of course, anything for you darling:)
also i feel like i should apologize, sorry this took so long for me to finish- im kind of going through a writers block-??
remember, this is the only request i’m choosing to write, so sorry if you sent a request:(
Tumblr media
honestly, life was going pretty good.
ever since you introduced y/h/n to chat, they deemed you both their fathers (sorry phil.)
only what they didn’t know was that there was another one. you had a partner, they basically didn’t want the internet to know about them, so you respected that.
you weren’t going to make them be in camera with you, that would be unfair. you also didn’t mention them, because what if someone saw you out with them? if they didn’t know you were dating, they’d assume you were just friends.
or at least, you could only hope that they would.
the three of you had been together for what has felt like forever.
because you’ve been together so long, talk of children had already been discussed. and a baby would be arriving in seven months.
when they first told you and y/h/n, the both of you were shocked. then y/h/n took the three of you out for a celebratory dinner.
that news basically made you so much more cautious than you had been before. you started putting a sign on your door to make sure they wouldn't walk in. they were thankful for that, they’ve almost walked in, multiple times. it just calmed all of your worries.
they had to go to a doctor's appointment, so you figured that now would be a good time to stream. they always refused to let either of you go with them, so you decided to stream with y/h/n.
it was a q&a stream, and you invited wilbur, phil, and tommy. tubbo and ranboo said they’d be there later in the stream, but you didn’t know what time.
“how did we meet?” y/h/n read out from chat.
that made wilbur start laughing, “please tell them the story.”
“basically, why wilbur is laughing so hard, was because in high school we had this giant lamppost, and i got distracted by him and rammed my head in it.”
“it was so funny, i had to ask him out on the spot.”
the two of you answered a couple more questions, and right as you were about to answer another, guess who decided to show up.
“i’m back- oh.” their face had embarrassment written all over it.
you hurried and reached over to turn your face cam off, but it was too late.
spams of “who was that??” flooded chat, and for once, your friends were silent.
you looked over at them, and they nodded at you. you hated that they basically felt forced to be announced like this, but at least you could finally show them to the world.
“this is our partner, y/p/n.” you spoke.
“you have multiple?” tommy asked.
“dang, i didn’t think you’d be able to pull that many people.” wilbur joked, trying to lighten the mood.
“at least you met all of my partners?”
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mcytimagine · 18 hours ago
༊*·˚⤻ 𝐝𝐫𝒊𝐯𝒆𝐫𝐬 𝐥𝒊𝐜𝒆𝐧𝐬𝒆 !tommyinnit ‧₊˚ :
Tumblr media
₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥ 𝒙𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫 // 𝗜𝗡𝗙𝗢!!
Y/n gets their drivers license directly in the midst of a breakup with Tommy. (1/2?)
₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥ 𝒊𝐦𝐩𝐨𝐫𝐭𝐚𝐧𝐭 // 𝗦𝗢𝗡𝗚𝗟𝗜𝗡𝗞!!
Driver’s License by Olivia Rodrigo. AHHH ITS SO GOOD I CANT GET OVER THIS SONG
Tumblr media
Whether or not it even need to be mentioned, Tommy had been absolutely crushed when the bitter words of breakup protruded from your pretty lips. It seemed as if your relationship was purely peaches and cream without a trace of anything that might hinder this in sight, and while he’d accepted the breakup rather quickly - the same guttural question lingered gloomily in his mind; “Why?”
When he asked the question, you weren’t sure how to respond. I mean - how do you explain the sudden and complete loss of feelings for someone you’d been dating for 3 and a half months? Not only a romantic partner, but for a best friend. Someone you spent nearly all of your time with, someone who knew you like the back of their hand. How could you just up and be so okay now that he was gone?
You replied softly. “I don’t love you anymore, I’m sorry.”
Seven words. How could seven words break a single person so easily? And no matter how many times he cried, or however many times Will tried to be the comforting bigger brother Tommy needed, he could never quite understand. Why. He knew your relationship was far from perfect but in his eyes that’s what was within the beauty of it. He felt sick - no, he felt betrayed. Bitter, angry, whatever emotion he could think of to get the lingering sense of sadness to settle. For a little while at least.
And what considerably made things a million times worse, you acted like nothing had ever happened. Like you and Tommy were still the best of friends. Still going on Twitter, still being your usual self.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
iMessages, Twitter DMs, Snap’s, the whole nine yards. He felt guilty leaving you on read several times after another, eventually leading to him dropping dry replies.
Tumblr media
Ah yes, the driver’s license fiasco the two of you had initially planned a week before you’d broken things off completely. Tommy had been absolutely ecstatic for you to get your license, because it finally meant you could drive up to his house in your own car, on your own terms - instead of taking an hour out of your time on the grimy London railway.
He’d imagine you’d both crack childish jokes with each other, laugh as the houses and picket fences trial behind you with the rest of the world. Maybe you’d even go on a Tesco date, pick at the different samples of food or even build a fort out of toilet paper. The traffic home would be absolutely horrendous as rush hour would soon set in, but he wouldn’t care - because he’d be with you. Sitting through red lights, watching cars go in their own different directions. Inane actions would become interesting.
But now, as he drives alone with his best friend Jack by his side, he can’t help but feel a twinge of pain in his heart. Because you didn’t mean what you’d promised him those few months ago, and now he drives alone past your street.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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nightmarefox15 · a day ago
Another thing :)
"Don't touch anything" You said to Tommy, as you lead him through your garden.
"Why? because You like the way the plants grow all over the path?" He scoffed, stepping over another plant.
"No. Because they bite." You bluntly said.
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traumatizedgaywriter · 9 hours ago
hi!! hope you're doing well :D I was wondering if I could request a cc!Wilbur Soot x m!reader with a bad knee? like reader bonked it wrong one time when he was a kid and now it acts up if he walks for too long, stands on it weird, and some days it gets bad enough he has to use crutches to get around (usually the days after doing more walking than normal). whether or not you write this though know you're an absolutely amazing writer and I hope you have a good day!!
Bad Knees And YLYL
Pairings: Wilbur Soot & Reader (platonic), side pairing of TommyInnit & Reader (platonic)
Warnings: Chronic Pain
Features: Chronic Pain, YLYL, Older Sibling Wilbur Soot
Summary: Wilbur Soot and you have a meet up, unbeknownst to him, your chronic pain was acting up. Fluff happens. 
You’re clumsy
You’ve always been clumsy
It was terrible when you were smaller
Especially when you were a toddler
And it was that clumsiness that led you to where you are today
With a total bum knee
That gave you fucking terrible chronic pain
You’d tripped into the corner of a coffee table
Which hurt your knee permanently
And now whenever you walk on it too much it aches
If you stand on it too much it aches
Overall it just
Sometimes if you walk on it too much it’ll hurt so much you can’t walk on it at all
On those days you need to use crutches
That way your knee doesn't get too much stress
And it hurts less
But none of your online friends know about said knee
It’s just never come up
Tommy knows because you two have been friends long before he started streaming
But nobody else does
Which is kinda going to be a problem considering that you're about to meet up with Wilbur
Who, after Tommy introduced you two, had quickly become a fast friend
He was now almost a brother to you
Normally your knee wouldnt be an issue
You would just grit your teeth and bear it, hoping that there wasn't a lot of walking planned
But today was a bad day
And it was almost impossible to walk without your crutches, because putting almost any weight on your knee
At least it wouldnt be the first time you meet Wilbur
You and him and tommy had had a meetup a few months ago
And that had been a lot of fun
But like
Somehow Wilbur still didnt know about your knee
He knew that you had a slight issue with your knee
And that it hurt sometimes
You limped a tiny bit during the meetup with Tommy
But it wasn’t enough to be noticeable unless you were like
Looking for it
Like Tommy was because you’re like
A month younger than him and he’s an overprotective bitch
You love him though
But he saw you were limping a little bit
And then this happened
Tommy: we’re gonna go to Wilbur’s flat now
Wilbur: What? Why? We still have a whole bunch of things planned
Tommy: Yeah but y/n’s knee is bothering him
You: what? No its not. I’m fine
Tommy: Bitch, youre limping
*You look down and see you are indeed limping*
You: huh.
Wilbur: Oh fuck, he is. Are you okay y/n?
You: yeah im fine dont worry about it, I just have some slight knee problems
Tommy: slight yeah, sure
You: shut up
Wilbur: okay yeah, i agree with Tommy, we should go back to my place
You: *roll your eyes* whatever
So he knows you have some knee issues
But today was a like
Very bad day
Crutches bad
So when you show up to your meetup with Wilbur with crutches
He’s obviously very fucking concerned
And you re-assure him that you’re fine
But like
Maybe you guys could just see a movie
Or do something that doesnt require a lot of walking?
He agrees obviously
So you go back to his place
And he plays you some songs
And gives you a heat pack for your knee
And you two chill together and have a great time
You do a very chill
YLYL stream
Which you fail at
Almost worse than Niki
But its ok because you two had a whole bunch of fun
Even if wilbur made so much fun of you for being bad at it
And the fans loved it
Because Wilbur was being such an older sibling
He even gave you his yellow sweater
Which literally buried you
It was quite adorable
Everyone loved the content between you and Wilbur
You trended on twitter
You two agreed to do a lot more content together
And you called him when your knee hurt
And he helped you distract you
You two are siblings through and through
I'm so sorry this took so long, school has been a mess and I'd been a bit burned out
Thank you so much for reading!
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helliontherapscallion · 6 months ago
Philza: Have you guys seen (y/n) and Tommy? They still have chores to do
Techno: No, haven’t seen them since the storm started
Wilbur: Since the sto- (Y/N) NO!
Meanwhile, creeper hybrid!(y/n) standing in the middle of a thunderstorm with an iron shovel raised high: STRIKE ME DOWN ZEUS, YOU DON’T HAVE THE BALLS
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cottagecorekarl · 6 months ago
Hello! Im new to your blog and i was wondering if you could Do headcannons Of the dream smp Having a s/o who kisses their cheek on stream ? I would love if you could do for tommy or its to sexual 💞
tommy and ranboo are included in this as i personally think cheek kisses are harmless but i have no problem removing them if you guys think it's too much ^-^
Tumblr media
♡─⊱ dream
all chat would hear is "oh, hi"
behind the scenes is pulling you closer to smooch your lips and cheeks and nose and forehead
definitely squishes your cheeks in the process
Tumblr media
♡─⊱ georgenotfound
isn't super keen on getting all lovely dovey on stream
so he just squeezes your hand out of frame
gives you a small smile
Tumblr media
♡─⊱ karl jacobs
*insert adorable karl giggle*
grabs you hand as you go to walk away
"noooo, don't go. stay with me"
Tumblr media
♡─⊱ nihachu
"hello, my love"
gives you the warmest, most living smile in the whole world
Tumblr media
♡─⊱ quackity
gasps dramatically, eyes wide, and starts yelling
"oh, oh, oh, oh, oH, OH, OH, OH"
just getting progressively louder until you tell him to shut up
Tumblr media
♡─⊱ ranboo
stutters uncontrollably
blushes profusely
Tumblr media
♡─⊱ sapnap
tugs you close so he can return the favour
Tumblr media
♡─⊱ technoblade
smiles and blushes
his hand slides around your waist and he pulls you onto his lap to cuddle
kisses your cheeks too
Tumblr media
♡─⊱ tommyinnit
are you trying to kill him?
almost has a heart attack on the spot
"y-y-y/n. w-what are you doing?!"
Tumblr media
♡─⊱ wilbur soot
"hi, love" he says with a smile
returns the gesture
probably kisses your hand too
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k3rm1e · 6 months ago
cuddling headcanons! ★~(◡﹏◕✿)
this is more of a test thing to see if i like writing this way and if this blog does well
other imagines and headcanons won't include everyone i write unless it is specifically requested and is a prompt i really like
includes: wilbur nihachu karljacobs quackity dream georgenotfound sapnap p!tommyinnnit p!badboyhalo p!skeppy p!eret p!philza p!tubbo p!ranboo
cw: cursing
wilbur is a very cuddle-y guy
to me he seems very soft
i always see people saying he would like spooning, but i disagree
i feel like he would do more of a half-spooning thing with his head on your chest or the other way around
mans would DEFINITELY make you run your fingers through his hair
i feel like he would lay on your chest and just *nuzzle* into the space between your shoulder and neck
anytime you tried to leave him, whether it was because he had to do something or you had to, he would whine. so. fucking. much.
It would probably always go something like:
you - i need to piss
wilbur - no <3
but the moment he decides its time to stop cuddling its fine
and if you complain that you’re gonna miss him he’ll just call you clingy and tease you
like??? sir???
all in good fun though, no bad intentions :)
i feel like you and niki would face each other
with your head like under her chin and in her chest (this is a bad description but look at the “honeymoon hug” on the list for better explanation ;-;)
she would always want to protect you
so she does that by like almost guarding you and keeping you close
niki would definitely do the arm thing where she just lightly moves her hand up and down you arm
i’m so sorry if you don't understand that, it just feels like something she would do
if you haven't experienced that it kinda sorta feels like spiders??? but in a good way???
but generally she is very protective
she just holds you so close the whole time
even if she doesn’t want to let you go, she’s more understanding about it
she would be upset but wouldn’t show it because she doesn’t want to make you feel guilty
niki is generally just an amazing cuddle-r (is that a word?) and has a super comforting presence
karl would definitely keep your head on his chest
the whole time he would just absolutely squeeze the life out of you
he would constantly bend his neck down to kiss your head
and instead of just like leaving his head down so he could kiss you it would just be:
*inner monologue karl* hmmm i wanna kiss them on their head
and he would lean down to do so which, cute
but then five seconds later he would do it again
and again another five seconds later
and again
very cute karl but please sir, your neck is gonna be so messed up after this
when you had to leave he would be upset, but like niki, would try not to show it
except karl is very bad at that and his pouting would be so obvious
so you would feel guilty and layback down with him
immediately he just becomes (●´ω`●)
like a happy little puppy
karl is just too adorable for you to deny
now we all know this, quackity is a huge dork
which is why i believe he would DEFINITELY use your butt as a pillow
not even in a weird way
i just feel like quackity isn’t too comfortable with touch so this is sorta his way of being close to you without it being a whole serious thing
like he still is able to be goofy and comfortable without it being a whole big thing
him doing this would almost always come with a flatty patty joke from you
which always causes him to threaten divorce, even though you aren’t married
while it isn’t a very good position for things like physical touch, it is good for talking and having conversations
for some reason i feel like he’s the type of person to text someone when they’re right next to each other
so while he’s laying down he’ll just send you random photos of himself
very annoying when your phone is spammed, but also good blackmail material >:)
i don’t think he’d be too clingy
obviously, he enjoys spending time with you
but if you told him you need to go do work or something he wouldn’t throw a fit or pout
big q just seems like he’d be more rational about stuff like that
overall a 420/69 cuddle partner
one word: spooning
mans just envelops you and has no shame
very big: “no you are mine! >:(“ energy
while he’s sleeping he’ll unconsciously nuzzle his head into your hair/the back of your neck
when you guys got to bed patches usually climbs in and you hold her
i love patches so much i could write headcanons just about her
dream always wants to be cuddling you
if you try to leave he won’t pout, there simply isn't a discussion on whether you’re moving or not
incase you haven’t caught on yet, the answer is no
you need to do work? just bring the laptop to bed
he needs to edit? just sit in his lap at his desk, duh
obviously, he knows at some point you guys need to stop cuddling
he just isn’t too stoked about it
when it comes time where he absolutely can’t cuddle with you, i feel like he’d be more chill
mainly just annoyed
i feel like george, like quackity, also wouldn’t be too touchy
i’m pretty sure he has a hard time expressing emotions (please correct me if i’m wrong!!) and i think that would crossover to his sleeping habits
i think he would prefer a sort of back-to-back cuddling position
it seems cold, i know
but also he would most definitely kick at you
so every night while trying to go to sleep suddenly you would just feel *kick*
and then instead of sleep you’re suddenly playing footsie
lots of laughter and warm feelings involved
george would probably pretend that you kicked his leg hard or something and act like you hurt him
the first few times you were actually worried
but then after a few months your only response was a sarcastic “cry about it”
which just led to more laughter
sapnap and you would do a sort of leg hug thing
you both you try to go to sleep in a cute spooning-type position
but the moment one of you fell asleep it all unraveled
you would wake up apart but you’re legs would still be touching
sapnap would joking blame it on you
“wow can’t believe you don't wanna be close with me even when we’re asleep”
“it’s not my fault! i can’t control where i end up when i sleep!”
“no, no. you don’t have to lie. i see how it is.”
but it's okay!
your legs are the first thing to react in a flight-or-fight situation, so they usually react in an honest way
which is like your legs are both reaching to hold each other!
i don’t get a very touchy vibe from tommy
i feel like the most he would do is put his arm over your shoulder
not in a flirty way, just in a “hey, there isn’t a lot of space, this will make sitting down more comfortable” way
he will let you sorta fidget with his hand/arm
i don't know if that makes sense but what i mean is that he’ll pretty much let his arm go *flop* so you can control it (by like moving it around or playing with his fingers)
in the beginning he would get annoyed
but eventually he would get used to it and wouldn’t really care
it sounds a bit strange but i personally find it very comforting to just have something to fidget with while watching youtube or netflix in bed with my friends
and it’s entertaining (sometimes i do this to me sister to annoy her :>)
he would act like he didn’t mind if you left him
but holy shit he is so clingy
If you try to leave it’ll just be “no, why??? stay here dumbass”
you would be slightly annoyed when he had to leave  but knew he had to film and stream and all that so you would be okay
you would kinda sit within bad’s lap
like not on his lap, but more of in between his legs
he would have his arms around you
and his phone would be in front of you so you two could scroll through twt or instagram together
or you guys could watch skeppy’s youtube ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
rat would sit in your lap
she’s just;;;;;;;; so adorable
rat is just so soft and fuzzy in your lap and everytime you move to pet her she just melts
rat is the the superior cuddle buddy to any of these block people
skeppy, similar to quackity, is a total dork
he would make sure you guys were in a position where he could effectively troll you
so if your head was near his lap he would just flick you or some
“dude can you please stop hitting me in the head”
“it turns out i am not actually hitting you in your head because based on the perpendicularity of the bisector multiplied by the photosynthesis of the dividend, it is impossible for me to do so”
lya is so goddamn sick of you guys
she's trying to get him to actually do something but instead he’s just sitting there throwing paper airplanes at you while you sleep
he’s an annoying asshole but it's okay because he gives you money for absurd reasons
eret has such a comfortable presence
i feel like she wouldn’t be up for cuddling too much
more of like putting your head on a friends shoulder so you can see the tweet their showing you
but they do like to hold hands
holding hands isn’t very intimate but it's also just such a sweet comforting thing
she even holds your hand when you guys are out walking around
like if you guys were getting food somewhere (post-covid of course)
you most likely would get addressed as a couple
and he would just be like”...wut?”
it’s happened so many times at this point you just go along with it
“you guys look like such a cute couple!”
“oh we aren't-” “thank you!”
can you tell that i love eret?
phil always has such dad vibes
i feel like the closest he would get to cuddling is hugs and hand holding
even though cuddling isn’t inherently romantic, he is married to kristen
so i fell he would get most of his touch in with her
but with you he’s just so fatherly
hello dadza
whether you have a good or bad relationship with your father, everyone can admit that philza minecraft is dadza
this is such a dad thing, but tries to hold you hand when you cross the street
no matter the age, he just feels the need to protect you
hugs are similar
uses hugs as a way to comfort you and protect you
just so amazing all around
tubbo would love cuddling in any way, shape, or form
if you guys are hanging out at like the park or something and lying down
get ready to become this mans pillow
this is really fun to do with your friends but imagine you guys are hanging out in a field type area (with my friends we hand out in the field next to the cemetery but it can be any open grass area)
tubbo would just use your lap as a pillow the whole time
and when you guys were walking back to his house he would sorta drape his arms over your shoulders (assuming he’s taller than you)
he would do the same thing when you guys were sitting in chairs or at a desk
just drapes his arms over your shoulder with his chin on your head
if it's really late and he's tired he’ll just hug you
if you thought tubbo is bad, ranboo is even worse
not even really cuddling, he just likes having a sort of skin-to-skin contact
so handholding and laying on top of eachother
if he’s streaming he will legitimately message ou to just sit next to him
so sometimes if he’s just chilling by himself on the smp you’ll end up on his streams
he’ll have you next to him just because he likes be near someone
and so randomly it’ll just be like “chat, a real human is here, behave”
chat does not behave
(they heavily bully him)
he’s pretty clingy but when you HAVE to leave he’ll understand and just be a bit bummed out
holy shit this took me so long-
if you read this whole thing thank you!
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mothra-mcyt · 7 months ago
☾ MCYT's reaction to a gen z reader ☽
!Warnings: mentions of self deprecating jokes!
》 Dream 《
That guy loves your chaotic energy and always pranks other people with you
Would definitely laugh along with your depressing jokes but after a while would get concerned and ask if you're okay
Immediately puts you into the Dream SMP thinking you're gonna be a good character always on his side
Then you end up just end up annoying him (especially when he's in prison) so he threatens you
You can't keep yourself together and just end up having a laugh flash
You once definitely called him a chad for watching football and a boomer which lead to him getting very defensive
》 George 《
Would honestly just end up annoying and pranking Dream with you
You would definitely call him a bottom on multiple occasions. At one point he just accepts it
Gets very concerned at your jokes
You guys definitely make weird tiktoks together
Will just go along with it when you start ranting about how capitalism is the source of all evil
He will also be a victim of your pranks and he can't do anything about it
》 Sapnap 《
Would definitely make jokes about committing arson with you (sometimes he doesn't know if you're joking or being serious about committing arson)
You two are dnf biggest shippers and no i don't take any criticism
When he finds out how touch starved you are he will definitely ask if you two ca platonically cuddle together
You would also be his biggest enemy though always saying how you're going to fight him when you meet him
Will ask you if you have eaten and how much to make sure you eat enough
Definitely anime marathons on discord together when you both can't sleep
》 Badboyhalo 《
This man would be so concerned
Even if you don't swear he still wants to say language at all the self deprecating things you say
You tell him that you don't care that he has a gun and knows how to throw knifes to which he asks why because people should definitely be afraid of that in his opinion
When you tell him that you don't care if you die he gets so much more concerned
Would be the parent who always stops you from doing stupid and dangerous shit 24/7
You definitely called him a boomer once when he said "Language"
》 Awesamdude 《
That man is taking care of you and making sure you’re okay 24/7
After you told him that you haven’t slept in 2 days with you’re reasoning being “Why not” he always makes sure that you get at least 8 hours of sleep per day
Honestly just dad energy
We know that literally half of gen z have daddy issues and when he finds out you didn’t have a good father figure growing up he’s like “I’m your dad now.”
“Have you drank water today?” “Does energy drink/iced coffee count as-” “No they don’t count as water. Go get a glass of water right now.”
At first he wanted to stop you from saying self deprecating jokes but after a while he just gave up. 
》 Tommyinnit 《 (platonic)
Chaotic energy²
When the two of you have a plan no one will be able to stop you even harder if Tubbo is with you guys
Honestly just laughs about your self deprecating jokes and says “same”
The two of you have never respected authorities in your entire life and you two will not start
As soon as someone talks shit about the other person hell breaks loose and their ego will get completely destroyed
When role playing on the Dream SMP you guys will definitely just laugh at Dream trying to be threatening  
》 Tubbo 《 (platonic)
Depressing jokes. 24/7.You know it’s true. (The people around you will be so concerned for the two of you oh god)
We know very well that Tubbo is not innocent and flirts (makes sex jokes) as a joke with other people his age so he would definitely do that with you if you’re comfortable
The two of you will definitely stay up til the middle of the night playing games (chess, csgo, minecraft etc.)
Whenever someone (probably an authority) is trying to get you guys to do something both of you are just like: No <3
》 Fundy 《
Honestly he completely relates to you
The being touch starved, the loneliness
Difference is he is not used to people joking about those topics to cope
So he's very concerned
"Y/N this is really relatable but are you okay?"
Streams with you two sometimes just end as therapy sessions and both of you desperately need it
He always drags you along to prank people and when the person gets mad he blames it on you and just leaves
》 Wilbur 《
Big brother energy
You are now his little sibling and you cannot stop him
Will definitely cause much chaos with you (poor Philza trying to keep you two under control)
When you two do dangerous stuff he's the one making sure you don't hurt yourself
Whenever someone is mean to you he will definitely destroy them
Will make sure you get enough sleep and will keep you company when you can't sleep
He absolutely loves that you don't give a shit if someone is an authority or not
》 Schlatt 《
He absolutely hates how you not give a shit about what he says to you and how you just roast him
His humor is already broken so he's probably laugh at your jokes and while trying to stop himself from laughing he'll ask if you're okay
Honestly he's just confused on how you're still alive with not taking care of yourself and always getting yourself into dangerous situations
You definitely called him a boomer once
You guys would probably make political jokes constantly
》 Technoblade 《
Anarchy. Lots of it.
Both of you have just random conversation where you start talking about the things you're obsessed with
Both of you are probably gonna have a short attention spam leading to a lot of funny situations
Absolutely loves how you don't give a shit about authorities
Being awkward together in social situations but standing up for eachother
I can just imagine you with the "He asked for no pickles" meme while he doesn't know what to say
》 Philza 《
He is your dad now and he doesn't care if you want him to be.
(He honestly already kinda expected your father figure to be shitty because he knows his audience)
Oh lord when he finds out how you're not able to take care of yourself
When meeting you irl will actually sit down with you and have a talk about you not taking care of yourself
You: "Sometimes i'll just sleep for 14 hours and then i won't sleep for 3 days."
Phil: "...I will punt you into the sun when i meet you irl you idiot."
I could honestly write so much more about Philza basically adopting a young reader
》 Ranboo 《 (platonic)
Constant sassyness
Gen Z x 2
You two would understand eachother so well
Constant zoomer slang and no one except Tubbo and Tommy will be able to understand it
Both of your humor is just so broken and it's so concerning to everyone
Someone is being like "You will do as i say" and you two are just like "No i don't think i will"
Tiktok references. Constantly.
Sending eachother tiktok's about the other's character
》 Eret 《
You two would be good friends honestly
Eret would probably bring out the wholesome part of your personality
Also sending eachother tiktok's and making tiktok references
Arson. Lots of arson. Fire pog.
You will bring out their chaotic side
She loves how you just not give a shit about authorities
Will also make sure that you drink enough water and take care of yourself
》 Quackity 《
He's more random chaos and you're more dangerous and destructive chaos and somehow that works together really well
Definitely invites you to Jack Box streams because you just bring such funny energy into it and chat absolutely loves you
Is very concerned tho when you make self deprecating jokes and when he hears you say one he just looks completely shocked
Completely freaks out whenever you roast someone who's being a bitch (you can just hear the "Where are the askers" playing in the background)
Very dramatic energy from the both of you
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londonsaysstuff · 2 days ago
bench trio x reader and the reader is hurt?? I love fluff and angst what can I say 😎
I haven't done a c!BenchTrio fic so ima try my hand at that. We'll see how it goes :)
The Accident (c!BenchTrio x gn!reader)
People Mentioned: Tommyinnit, Tubbo, Ranboo Type: Platonic TW: Blood, Injury, Swearing
˚⊹ ˚︶︶꒷︶꒷꒦︶︶꒷꒦︶︶꒷︶꒷꒦︶︶꒷꒦︶ ₊˚⊹.
It's not your fault. Tommy thought as he raced through the snowy plains, knowing your limp body is in Ranboo's arms. It's not your fault. It's not your fault
"Okay, I'm going out! I'll be back before the sun sets!" You yell up the stairs. You had to go get materials for a build you wanted to work on tomorrow and you know that you wouldn't have time to get them later.
"Alright!" You hear Tommy respond. You smile before shutting the door and making your long journey to find oak trees. Originally, it was your best friend who convinced you that oak was the best block for your build. To make him happy, you decided to go with his idea and build with it.
You made your way through the forest, finding the place where the oak trees are dotted in between the spruce. Picking a tree, you start chopping, getting as much wood as your inventory can handle. Before you know it, the light dims around you as the sun sets.
Shit. You thought, hastily putting away your axe and heading home as fast as you can.
Your not usually out after dark. Yet here you are, running though the dark forest, trying to get home as fast as you can. You can hear the growl of zombies and the shrill cries of spiders.
Needing to regain your breath, you stop and lean your back against a tree. But alas, that was a mistake.
An arrow flies out of the darkness, nearly hitting you in the face. Startled, you see another arrow flying towards you. Before you realize, the arrow lands in your shoulder, sending a sharp pain though your body.
That's when you start running again. More arrows fly around you as charge out of the forest.
That's when it hits you.
Your lost. Your not familiar with this snowy area. There aren't any of your footprints from when you first came out.
You decide to walk forwards, hoping to find some type of landmark to help you find your way home.
That was your second mistake.
Instead of the mostly covered forest, where your hidden behind trees most of the time, your out in the open plains, where all of the mobs can see you.
You take out your axe and run, trying to dodge or block as many skeleton arrows as possible and striking down zombies and spiders when you have to.
But you couldn't stop the arrow that lodged itself in your leg, making you unable to walk.
You lay down, pretending to be dead. No mob goes for dead prey, that's what your blonde friend said. Tommy You think. I told him I was going to be back before sun down. I hope he's not too worried.
Where are they? Tommy thought, venturing out into the woods with his sword in hand. After you didn't show up, he went looking for you. Ranboo insisted on going with him so he didn't get lost too. The two boys followed the footprints you left behind.
"Maybe they just got caught up with their tree cutting. We might meet sometimes soon." Ranboo says, trying to lift the blonde's spirits.
"Hopefully." Tommy replies.
But they never met you, as you were laying in the snow. But they didn't know that yet. Only when they saw your footprints veer off in a different direction were they worried.
Picking up the pace, Tommy was almost running while following the trail, with Ranboo close behind. Once they got out of the woods, the sun was starting to rise.
It was Tommy who first spotted the small body shaped outline in the snow.
"Y/N!" Tommy yelled, hoping he would get a response as he ran, falling to his knees next to your body. Excessive amounts to blood stain the snow a deep red.
"Oh god..." Ranboo says as Tommy desperately trys to wake you. Yet you've been passed out for a while now, from the lose of blood.
Ranboo squats down next to Tommy and gently pushes the blonde out of the way before picking up your limp body.
"Come on, Tommy. Lets take them back to Snowchester." He says, standing. Tommy nods before booking it back to the house.
You don't remember how you got in the bed. You just knew that you were in it, and that your body ached.
The door creaked open, revealing Tubbo standing in the doorway.
"Good morning." You say, clearing your throat.
"Actually, it's evening," Tubbo replies, smiling. "Soup?"
You shake your head, trying to sit up before a pain shoots down your arm from your shoulder.
"I would rest some more." Tubbo says before closing the door again.
You wake up a day later, to the whole Bench Trio sitting around your bed.
"Their alive!" You hear Ranboo say as you slowly open your eyes.
"Thank god." You hear Tommy mutter under his breath.
Tubbo helps you sit up as Ranboo sets a glass of water in your hand.
"Drink. You need it." The monochrome coloured boy says.
"How do you feel?" Tommy asks, running his fingers through your slightly tangled hair.
You smile as the boys worry over you, assuring them that your fine.
Over the next months, the bench boys help you with the smallest tasks, like walking, cooking, and exploring a short way from home. You were strictly told by each of them that your oak plank build had to be put on hold, which was annoying but you followed it nonetheless.
Somehow, this little mishap made you grow closer to the Bench Trio.
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akasuki · 7 months ago
Mcyt reacting to their s/o wearing their hoodie
Genre: very short headcanons (kind of)
Nothing to add, my mind is full of nihachu and wilbur rn
Tumblr media
*simp mode activated*
“You look so good, babe, my god”
Puts you on his lap and keeps you there
Tries to act unbothered but goes all soft™️ whenever he sees you in his clothes
“Wha- why are you wearing my hoodie?”
Gets really flustered
He will suddenly give you permission to wear all his hoodies
cuddles cuddles cuddles cuddles
He just giggles and doesn’t care
“You look pretty, you should wear my stuff more”
His hand would always find a way to grab your hips underneath the hoodie
It’s like a real-life jumpscare sometimes
He freezes, blushes and after a minute of staring he’ll try to act like he’s fine, totally, yeah, he’s not having a butterfly overdose in his stomach right now, who told you that?
“ *awkward laugh* I-It looks nice on you”
He is having a full-on mental breakdown inside while you are laying on his bed chit-chatting
His serotonin level: 📈
Mans has the biggest smile on his face
Traps you in his big bear hug, he’ll 100% take a photo of you in it and post it on Instagram
He’ll be normal about it, no extreme reaction
“You look cute, my little love bug”
Makes fun of you for wearing his oversized hoodie, because on you It’s big
Honestly, he’ll be more clingy if you wear his clothes
She would be the one to offer you her hoodie
When she sees you wearing it, she gets excited
“*gasp* It looks lovely!”
You’ll be both sitting in bed all day talking and spooning each other
His heart skips a beat
“Y-Y/N? Why? Are you... y-you know”
After a moment of weakness, he’ll change instantly and be tough 💪
He’ll try to ignore you, but his gaze would come back to his hoodie every time
He doesn’t care like actually doesn’t
“Oh, you’re wearing my hoodie, are all yours dirty?”
Will watch you a lot though, he finds it weirdly cute
When you tell him that it’s a thing that couples do he’s just like “ok, cool”
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deceptxcon · a month ago
MCYT's Small Habits when Around You.
Mentions: ING CC!characters, minor language, mostly fluff.
Intention: romantic/platonic. [however you wanna interpret it, except for minors. strictly platonic. ]
Pairing, Mentions: Dream, DreamXD, Georgenotfound, Sapnap, Quackity, Wilbur, Technoblade, Tommy, Tubbo, Ranboo, Philza, Jack Manifold, Awsamedude, Badboyhalo, and Slimecicle.
Description: When the two of you hang out, they adopt these small habits when you guys talk.
Pronouns: they/them
- Whenever Dream is around you, he has a habit of looking at you..a lot.
- he loves the way you talk so passionately about the things you like. (and he also thinks you are very good-looking o_o)
- sometimes when he is really focused on what you're saying, he'll trip over a mf rock or smth and go...
- "Nah- it's- Nah, I'm fine dw about it- uh-" (hella embarrassed and very worried about it.)
- and when you catch him looking at you, he has the sweetest face.
- small smile, softened eyes, and he is love. completely.
- he is so entranced by you.
- you and XD are usually walking around or just sitting in a field.
- his habit when around you is that he is an absolute talker. he will talk for hours to come.
- he just finds you so easy to talk to or rant to..and he seems so much carefree with amuses him.
- he loves the way you don't treat him differently because he is a God.
- the way you talk to him isn't different from anyone else you talk to, and that's how he got stuck on you. like honey with a bee.
- and sometimes, you two will talk on and on in the field that you would eventually fall asleep on his shoulder ... he'd sit there with you and go flush red.
- "sleep well, y/n."
- when around each other, you sometimes just lean up against a building and talk away ... you guys would quite rarely do stuff together so he just likes talking to you.
- a small habit he had developed when hanging out with you is that he becomes more bubbly.
- "yeah, and so! okay, listen, I also found this thing and I think you'd like! :)"
- he would laugh more than usual and would definitely be more open to you when it comes to himself personally.
- and usually, when an event happens, you are the first person he would ever tell. whether it was about him or achievement, he is over to your house in 5.
- ..he also has a tendency to gift you stuff. he likes seeing you happy when he gives you stuff you like.
- oh boy.
- he is the most awestruck, straight-up puppy-love boy you'll meet.
- whenever he is around you, he will do whatever you wanna.
- wanna go to the park? we can go to the park. wanna sit down and talk? we can sit down and talk. :]
- but the main habit that he had adopted was that he would definitely show off to you. a ton.
- skateboard tricks? tries to do the biggest and best.
- basketball? tries goin' for the NBA.
- and when you cheer him on, you make him so incredibly happy ... he loves your attention. 🥺
- "was that cool? wanna see me dribble? :D"
- literally- you are his queen/king/royalty. :(
- honestly, he is honestly one of the calmest of the group, but the most difficult to get out and hang out with.
- when you ask to hang out, giving him a break from Las Nevadas, he'll most likely refuse..using an excuse to say that there is too much work and things that need to be done..but reluctantly, Quackity will say yes to you. Even for a few hours.
- he would definitely get nervous around you.
- Quackity hasn't actually 'hung around' people before unless it was a bargain for his nation.
- so a habit he would adopt would be that you two would hold hands..most of the time anyway.
- he gets nervous and stutters a bit but when you two hold hands, he suddenly feels a little more at ease.
- he likes the idea of feeling held, it just comforts him and keeps his troubled mind from past rivalries.
“S-So..i could uh- show you around Las Nevada’s? If- if you’d like, of course, I p-pressure.”
- he also just adores your company.
- if he is just writing or doing tasks, he likes the idea that you're around.
- he also has a habit of just telling you most anything that is happening..whether it's events, things he wrote, or maybe a freebie anthem to sing! he always gets so excited to let you know the latest news.
- he even likes to gift you letters and such..especially when you're away.
- he'll have a letter with a golden stamp and cursive writing about how his day was and what it entailed.
- ( he even keeps one of your favorite flowers in there when you open it :D )
- “Y/n, love, did you get me letter when you were out? Let me show you.”
- overall, loves writing and being with you. <3
- y'all are definitely chaotic neutral.
- what you guys would do is prank people..especially Tommy.
- you and techno would think that Tommy's reaction is hilarious every time.
- "AWW- WHAT IS THIS?? ...wherES SHROUD-?!"
- loves it when you laugh. adores it.
- but the main habit he has grown is basically just being around you.
- and when you two finally settle down from the pranks, you two get away and sit down in some random field and talk to each other.
- he loves to brush your hair with his fingers and resting his head on your shoulder as you talk to him.
- he finds your voice so beautiful to listen to and honestly falls in love with it every time he hears it.
- "Talk to me. I like to hear your voice."
- where ever you are together, chaos follows.
- but whenever you guys get to chill out by a nearby cliff talking endlessly, it's nice for him.
- Tommy doesn't usually get to sit down and chill ... he's usually doing something accompanied by either TnT or yelling.
- and one of his habits when you two get to sit down, is that he plays one of the disks.
- he likes how it reminds him of a past time, and that the song reminds him of times he had spent with his friends and that you are sticking around. 🥺
- so he likes talking to you about different disks and their songs, especially on the bench outlooking L'Manburg. :]
- but when you mention how he talks about the disk a lot? bad idea.
- "What's that supposed to mean???? it's just RELAXING- shut UP-"
- but he still does it.
- dude needs to calm down, so he just lays his head on your shoulder and talks about the music disks. :]
- you and him are vvv chill.
- you guys kinda sit around and talk, sometimes share food when you guys walk around the SMP.
- a thing he likes to do around you is that he plays with your hands.
- he likes how soft they are..compared to his hands, they are calloused, bruised, and covered in scars..due to past events.
- so he likes tracing them or playing with them when you two start talking.
- but when you mention it?
- "I- well- th- they're just nice. I guess. I dunno."
- you probably won't get a full answer, he gets pretty flustered about the idea.
- and sometimes he traces the inside of your hands as you talk to him, calms him down. ^^
- a habit that Ranboo adopted around you, is that he would frequently rant to you.
- he finds you so comforting to be around, you have this aura that lures him to talk to you so carefree-like.
- and sometimes he would just come up to you and hug you- idk, he finds it very comforting.
- but ur also short (unless you are 8 feet tall- 😀) so he sometimes kneels down hugs you when he's upset about it something.
- honestly find it kinda funny-
- and he also has a habit of giving you grass blocks when you are stressed.
- he has been stressed before so he doesn't want you to feel like you're alone :(
- “you can talk to me. I know what it’s like to feel stressed, it’s okay. I am always here, Y/n.”
- he likes gifting you things and talking to you. ^-^
- when you two hang out, it's usually you helping Phil on an errand or a task that he needed to be done.
- ( you guys are also kinda the father and child of the SMP .. it's a go-around joke almost. )
- habit's with you is that he likes to check up on you every once in a while!
- he wants to make sure you are taking care of yourself, and sometimes even brings you a glass of water when you say you haven't had water that day.
- he'll sometimes even arrange a movie day or smth where y'all literally just chill and watch movies.
- he just wants to know that you are taking care of yourself! :D
- “have you had a meal or water recently? ..let’s go out to eat, okay?”
Jack M:
- a habit he has when he was around you, is that you two seem to build a TON.
- could just be for fun or something someone wanted to request, you two kinda just chill and build.
- he also really likes your ideas, so he likes interpreting it into something bigger.
- he also likes when you organize things.
- Jack likes things organized and in order, so when you do it for him, he thinks it's nice of you. :D
- so in return he would probably give you some OP gift or smth ... he likes returning the gesture.
- but overall, he likes your company when you two build together!
- “You built that? Sheesh, Y/n, that’s cool!”
- he definitely likes your company..more than most people i wrote for above.
- with being practically locked into the prison and looking over the most wanted criminal of the SMP, he needs a break.
- and a habit he loves, is settling down with you and just..reading.
- as weird as it sounds, he just loves to chat about books you like and chapters from your favorite novels … he likes to hear you talk about it.
- he has also been in isolation , so the sound of someone’s voice immediately puts him to ease.
- he also likes it when you massage his shoulders..he’s been so uptight and stands around all day and night long.
- ..and he sometimes falls asleep when you start talking to him. lol.
- and if it’s just one night with you? so be it, he just wants to settle down for a night with you :(
- “I missed you..i just wanna stay here forever.”
- with the egg and everything that happened, he needs some time to think and witness what ..exactly just happened.
- you were the first to come up to him, talk him down, and make sure he was alright.
- you weren’t exactly..a follower of the egg, but you definitely weren’t against it because- well, Bad was there.
- so you never really took a political, public stand on it.
- you two sat down far from anyone and just- talked it out for hours.
- so a recent habit he adopted was that sometimes he liked to be distracted by bringing up stories from past times..he likes to laugh about the times where it was simpler.
- “And then skeppy did this prank..and i’m not gonna lie, it was kinda funny!”
- oh boy, he is the brightest, unbothered ball of sunshine.
- “Hello, Y/n from..everywhere!”
- he lovessss being beside you, especially when you two do absolutely everything together.
- Slime likes that you stick by his side (pun intended) through anything, and even encourage his ideas!
- and whenever he- just say that it’s okay and it happens.
- he finally didn’t feel- ..victimized.
- so then he stuck to you like glue! :D
- a habit he had with you is that he would tell you EVERYTHING.
- quackity and fundy tried getting some history out of Slime (since he’s literally ancient) and failed..but when you ask? he goes off like nothing in world.
- ..another reason why quackity and wilbur want you around, but you just stayed for the sake of Slime!
- you two are just besties doin’ bestie stuff. :]
welp, here it is!!
i havent wrote HC’s like this in a while, and promise me..this is not the last, lol. I’m sorry this took so damn long, I procrastinated like nothing in the world..and since- yunno, a lot has been going on. nothing typically good, lol.
but here it is! enjoy reading my lovelies!
- deacy. <333
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smol-cherry · a month ago
◇MCYT Blush-y moments
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
◇A/N: I hope putting Tommy in is okay, let me know if It's overstepping any boundaries :((
◇Character(s): Dream, Tommy, Quackity, Karl, Wilbur.
◇Type: Headcanon.
◇Genre: Fluff. (As I always do <3)
◇TW/CW: None.
Tumblr media
There's just something about the way you look at him when he's explaining something that he likes.
Just pure love and adoration, not to mention your beautiful smile.
It never fails to make him stop and just look at you for a couple seconds before continuing.
He's not exactly sure how he got to lucky or exactly why you love him so much, but he's certainly not complaining.
He doesn't want to ruin the moment but sometimes he just has to say how adorable you are.
Yeah, he loves you. A lot.
Tumblr media
Tom my:
He's pretty much always nervous around you.
He just thinks you're really cute, and I don't blame him, you are <3.
He may get embarrassed but he doesn't blush super often.
Physical affection does help with that though, hugs, holding hands, fixing his hair if it looks a little crazy, etc etc.
It's not super noticeable but he does turn just the slightest bit pink.
Also.. Congratulations, his parents know a lot about you.
Tumblr media
Please, if you know Spanish, speak it to him.
He thinks it's so so amazing and adorable.
He's pretty used to English though, so It might be a little strange for him to speak his native language again, but he'd love to have conversations with you in it.
He absolutely loves it when you join him on stream and compliment/praise him.
You, indulging in his favorite hobby, and telling him how much you love him??? Heaven.
Tumblr media
Anything with kisses, or physical affection.
Cheek kisses? Heart? Melted, gone, evaporated, ascended into Heaven.
Gets flustered pretty easily.
Just show him you love him and he's over the moon.
Tumblr media
Look.. He likes his separation from actual life and his online one.. But you on his stream.. Interacting with his chat?? May as well marry you right here, right now.
Stand behind him and rest your head on top of his please, or play with his hair, he absolutely will start getting flustered.
And chat will only make it worse by teasing him, take the opportunity to kiss him on cheek <3.
Tumblr media
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cupidmybeloved · 4 months ago
family dynamic sbi x sibling!gn!reader
tommy: you knitted him a cow (henry) for his 4th birthday and he’s kept it with him ever since. no matter what you knit him every year, he just won’t let go of that god damned raggedy cow. the last thing you knitted for him was a red tote bag upon his request. he said it was to carry his discs around more conveniently. you knew about his secret little rendezvous during the early hours of dawn so one day you decided to wait for him to come back. much to your surprise, tommy came back with a red tote bag filled to the brim, not with discs but with freshly picked flowers.
techno: for christmas you had made him a gigantic blanket which he absolutely adored. but if you were being honest, you had only made the blanket out of pettiness due to him constantly complaining about all the blankets in the house being too small. you had hidden a bunch of references in the blanket design for him to find. from things like greek mythology to coded sentences, you did it all. sometimes you’ll be minding your own business and then hearing techno yell in celebration about finding another hidden reference. he often finds himself asking you to knit him clothes since regular human ones just don’t fit him right. once as a joke you made him a bracelet with solar colour changing yarn so he could stick his arm out the window to find out if it was daytime or not without having to blind himself by opening the curtains.
philza: on father’s day he found a bucket hat that you had left on his pillow, it was quite similar to his usual hat, with the slight difference that this one had a few more uses. you had used magical yarn for the hat that causes it to change colour based on the current weather. waterproofing the hat was a difficult task but nonetheless, you had managed to find a villager who was willing to help and now the hat could be used as a bucket. the last thing you added to the hat was prot 3 and oh boy was that a pain. no one was willing to enchant protection on non-armour items so you had to do it yourself.
wilbur: over the years you’ve knitted wilbur many different things but his favourite has to be the glow in the dark guitar strap you made him because he kept loosing his guitar. although, the red beanie he wore everyday was a close second. on april fools day you switched out his iconic beanie with one that looked red but turned bright pink as soon as he wore it. you, tommy, and phil had a blast calling him technoblade the whole day. you swore you even saw techno crack a smile, wilbur however, was loosing it. he didn’t understand why everyone was calling him by his twin's name and quite frankly, he found it offensive.
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rae-writes · 9 months ago
Mcyt - “Parental SMP”
Philza, Tommyinnit, Technoblade, Wilbur Soot, Dream, Sapnap, Badboyhalo, Ranboo, The_Eret, Awesamdude, Glattbur x reader (separate and platonic/family love)
word count : 2.k 
warnings : hints at injures like potential frostbite, being trampled, etc.
Synopsis : Dream SMP members finding you and adopting you (in game)
Author’s note : So, I’ve always been a sucker for parent-scenarios, dating back to my early wattpad days, so I’m thinking of turning this into a series maybeee :))
Oh look, Dadza adopted a new orphan. Shocker- (at least you aren’t a fridge baby)
Phil was just walking along in the Tundra, making his way back home, when he heard loud wailing 
It got his parental instincts up and he bolted towards the sound, finding a small baby lying in the snow 
You only had a thin blanket wrapped around you which was a big reason why your tiny fingers and lips were turning blue 
“Oh dear! Come here, little one.” Phil picked you up, rocking you back and forth as he repressed his anger. How dare someone leave a small child out in this kind of weather
He quickly made his way back home and shot past his 3 boys, making a beeline for the bathroom. He needed to warm you up then get some food in you fast 
“Dad? What’s going on?” 
“Get me the warmest blankets in the house, Wilbur, now! Techno, make some regen potions. Tommy- I’m trusting you to get the fireplace going properly. GO!” 
The 3 boys didn’t have time to argue, too scared at their father’s urgent tone to say a word 
After Phil had gotten you fed, swaddled in blankets and propped in his arms near the fireplace, he looked at his sons
“Boys, meet your new little sibling. Y/n.” 
Tommy was sprinting around, playing tag with Tubbo when he tripped over something
“Oof! AY, WOT THE-” 
The loud blonde froze as he looked at what he tripped over. It was a baby!
“Tommy, I found you! You didn’t hide very well. H-hey, what’s wrong?”
“Tubbo…” Tommy whispered, “It’s a BABY!” 
“Wha?!” Tubbo looked down to see his best friend picking up a tiny blanketed blob. “What...what do we do with it?”
“Well Big man, I, Tommyinnit the Great, will adopt this baby. And I’m gonna be the greatest father ever! Let’s go tell Dadza!” 
Tommy slammed open the front door with Tubbo in tow shouting, “I’M HOME AND I’M A FATHER NOW” 
Phil dropped his potion bottle which shattered on the floor; Wilbur spit out his drink all over Techno; and Tech sat there, soaking wet now, blinking before letting out a “haH?!?!” 
His two brothers and dad swarmed him before he could even step foot in the house, asking questions all at once, causing you to cry
“Hey, HEy, HEY! You guys are scaring ‘em! Shh, shh, shh, it’s okay small child!” 
“T-tommy what the hell is this?!”
“An orphan…”
“Techno, no-” 
“I found them in the woods and I’ve decided to adopt them!”
“’re 16, Tommy.” 
“No one cares, now someone show me how to feed this baby.”
Technoblade stared in slight disgust at the crying mess 3 feet in front of him. An orphan. 
Glancing around, he grips his axe tighter and takes two long strides to stand in front of you. Huffing, his arms bring his axe above his head, shaking slightly due to how loud the voices had gotten 
You peered up at the pink haired man, quickly starting to giggle instead of cry as you made grabby hands 
The voices cut off instantly as his red orbs scanned over your now happy figure with widened eyes, flinching at his axe falling out of his hands
‘Take them’ ‘We want them’ ‘They’re so small’ ‘Protect them’ 
“Hmph.” he put his axe away and picked you up with surprising gentleness, hearing the voices coo slightly before disappearing 
Techno made it to the house first, getting the chance to feed and bathe you before everyone came home. He was curled up on the couch, cradling you as he told you old mythological stories when he heard a shout
“I’m in here.” 
Will walked through the doorway first, skidding to a halt as he noticed the baby in his twin’s arms 
Tommy ran in, slamming into his older brother’s back, going to curse before he, too, saw the baby, “Uh...DAD! TECHNO HAS A BABY!” 
Techno glared at his younger brother’s loudness, subconsciously bringing you closer to his chest
Phil strode in curiously, blinking at his eldest son before sighing, “What is this?” 
“I adopted an orphan.”
He was sitting on a bench, reading a book as Fundy was supposedly playing on the playground when he heard his son scream 
His book was thrown as he shot up, long legs getting him to his son’s destination in record time, “Fundy?!” 
“D-dad! I think something’s in the bushes!” 
Wilbur calmed slightly at his son being okay before looking in the bushes Fundy was pointing at and gasping 
Will stood back up to his full height with a baby in his arms, a worried expression on his face, “C’mon Fundy, let’s go see Grandpa.”
Phil was not expecting to open the door and see his son with his grandson in his arms and a baby in his grandson’s arms 
“Phil, we found this baby tossed in some bushes at the park, can you look over them to see if anything’s wrong?” 
After a quick check up, Wilbur sat at the table with his dad while his son was asleep with the newly found baby on the couch
“So, what are you gonna do with them?”
Will sighed and smiled slightly, “I think...I think I’m gonna keep them, Dad. Fundy seems really happy with having them around and I think it’ll be fun to have another baby.”
“Well, I’m supporting you with whatever you do son, but I think that’s really nice of you.” 
“I was thinking of the name Y/n. Sally always liked that name and now that she’s gone...I think it’s just perfect.”  
Dream did not want a child in the slightest
He was too hated around the districts inside the SMP to have a baby, but here he was, happily playing peek-a-boo with a small child
He had just stumbled upon you, hanging by your clothes on a branch in the forest and the urge to protect you bubbled up in his chest so strongly he couldn’t exactly deny it 
Dream had just slipped his mask back off, smiling at your cheerful laughter when he was jumpscared from behind
“Clay? The hell are you doing?”
The man in question held you tightly against his chest as he swiveled around with his guard up before seeing Sapnap and George, “Oh, it’s just you guys. Uhm…”
“Is- is that a baby?!” 
Clay blinked, “Yes?” 
“Aww yeah! Who did you bang, bro?” Sapnap laughed and held his hands up in surrender at his best friend’s glare
“I found them, dangling from a branch.” 
“They’re okay though. I did a little check up as soon as I got here and-” Dream paused, smiling down at you as your hand patted his cheek, “and I’m keeping them.” 
“You’re what?”
“I know it’s dangerous. I know a lot of people hate me but...the feeling I got when I saw them just stranded there..I couldn’t leave them. I wouldn’t.” Dream glanced over at his signature white mask with a frown before two hands settled themselves on his shoulders
“That’s amazing, Clay. Seriously. We’ll be here to help out, don’t worry about it.” George smiled reassuringly
Sapnap butted in, squeezing Clay’s shoulder, “Fuck yeah! Uncle Sap and Uncle George for the win! This baby is gonna grow up in style!”
Clay couldn’t help but chuckle, looking away from the forsaken mask, “I’m gonna give it my all, that’s for sure.” 
He never thought he’d show up at his father’s house in tears with a barely-breathing baby in his arms but life didn’t always go as planned 
Bad opened the door with Skeppy peeking out from behind him and saw Sapnap completely breaking down
“Bad, please! Help them!” He knew his voice cracked and he couldn’t care less, he was worried about you. “I couldn’t catch them and they got trampled!” 
Sap’s words were slurred and he looked ready to collapse on the floor, so Zak hoisted him up while Bad grabbed the small child, bolting over to the medical room
“I found them in the nether...I was just walking around when I found them in the soul soil biome, by themselves. I came to go back home but we got jumped by a bunch of Hoglins and…” 
“Hey, hey. It’s okay, Bad will get them back in tip-top shape, don’t worry. Why don’t you go lay dow-”
“No! Not without them!” 
Skeppy backed up in defense, nodding and letting out a sigh. He stayed there for an hour with a distressed Sapnap before Bad walked in, carrying the baby with him
“She’s alright. It took a bit and some mixing of potions but they’re healed. They just need rest. You need some rest as well, Sap.” 
Sapnap nodded, only hearing the part where his baby was okay...wait- his baby?
“ baby.” 
Bad already had one rambunctious son and an equally rambunctious best friend, he was not planning on more children. 
But he didn’t have the heart to leave you or put you up for adoption. As soon as he picked you up, your tiny hands had grabbed onto his scarf with the biggest smile 
“Yes, Bad?”
“Wouldn’t you agree that Sapnap has grown into a fine young man, but he doesn’t visit as much as I’d like?”
“Well, yes. I know you wish you could see him more out here. I fully agree with you.” 
“That’s fantastic, because I have another child.” 
Silence. Then a crash. Then a Skeppy in the doorway, “WHAT?!” 
“Shh, you muffinhead! You’ll scare them.” Bad bounced you softly as he smiled up at his best friend. “Look what I found~” 
“A b-b-baby...A baby?!”
“There’s not enough joy out here in the Badlands with just us, Ant, and Sam! We need a little muffin around here! Plus it’s been so long since Sap was this small…” 
Said people had heard the commotion and had filed in the room, making all the eyes be on you 
“Boys, welcome the newest member of the Badlands. Little Y/n.” 
It was raining and luckily, Ranboo had his helmet with him, but he was still hurrying back home
Almost slipping on mud, he stopped in his tracks at the sight of a basket floating in the river. A basket that was emitting small cries. 
“I wonder what’s in there…” Ranboo glanced down at the river then glanced back at the basket. Puffing his cheeks out, he stepped down into the river and made his way to the basket that was floating towards him 
As soon as his fingers grasped you, he teleported out of the water with a grimace, not bothering to examine what he was holding until he reached his house  
After changing into some dry clothes, Ranboo finally took a good look at you, “A baby? Who would leave a baby in the river?” his curious hands traced your chubby face softly, actually smiling when you looked at him
He cooed when your hands grabbed his cheeks, leaning down closer and gasping in surprise when he received a small kiss on his nose 
“I think...I think I’ll keep this baby...yes, you can be the perfect father.”
Averting his gaze from you for a bit, his arms reached over and grabbed his memory book, quickly jotting down the events he’d just been in 
“You don’t even need to write this down...I know you’ll remember something this special...I know I’ll remember.” 
Green and red eyes sparkled with joy as he made eye contact with you again, “I think I’ll name you Y/n.” 
You were left on the castle’s doorstep- Eret didn’t even know about you until he went to go meet up with Dream 
“Well hi there. You aren’t supposed to be here…” he picked you up, walking straight back into the castle to find you some food
After a lot of trial and error, he got you fed and went to sit on his throne with you in his arms 
“I wonder who left you here…”
“Eret. You were supposed to meet me 30 minutes ago.”
“I got a little preoccupied, Dream, my apologies.”
The masked man looked down at you gripping onto your new father’s finger, noticing Eret hadn’t once taken his eyes off you, “I’ll come back later, then.” 
The king smiled and laughed with you, walking around the entire palace and noting what kinds of things you liked 
You liked the colors of the rainbow, and enjoyed petting Ghostbur’s sheep when he came for a visit. You were ecstatic when Eret let you “wear” his crown but your favorite thing was holding on to his pointer finger 
By sunset, as Eret settled back down on his throne, you were worn out and fast asleep. 
“I guess I’m a father now. Isn’t that lovely, Princess Y/n?” 
Sam hadn’t been in the SMP in a while, so he was taking the chance to explore and see what his friends had done with the place 
He was just walking around leisurely with Fran, nodding to the occasional creeper that would bump into him until Fran started barking 
“Hmm? What’s the matter, girl?” 
Fran ran off and dove into some bushes before she came out, dragging a small blob by their clothes with her teeth 
“Oh! Is that a baby?!” 
Sam was pissed. Who the fuck would just abandon a helpless infant out in the middle of fuck all? 
“Come here, little one. I’ll take care of you...there you go, sh, shh, shhh.” 
He loved you already. Taking the longer way back, he arrived to his secret base- not flinching when Sapnap and George jumped out
“SA- is that a baby?”
“No, George, it’s obviously a dog and you’re just colorblind.” 
The hybrid ignored his roommates, brushing past them to rummage around and find you something to eat, “Well, Y/n, what’s on the menu?” 
- Making them just one person was too hard for me so I made them two separate Ghosts but they can only wander 10 feet apart from each other and no further. Also- Dad!Schlatt being Tubbo’s bio dad will be canon in this au. More Also- They can touch other people in this as well- 
“Friend? Where are you??”
“Ghostbur, please, why the hell are we out here searching for a sheep?”
“Friend is our friend!” Ghostbur took the lead as they called out Friend’s name. A sudden “baa” got their attention
“Glatt! There they are!” Ghosty rushed over with a complaining Glatt and petted Friend’s blue coat, “Why’d you run off, Friend?” 
“Baa.” Friend nudged something on the ground, catching the two men’s attention 
“ that a baby?” Glatt glanced down in confusion while Ghostbur reached down and picked you up 
“A baby!” Ghostbur was smiling brightly, rocking you back and forth like he used to do Fundy
“No.” Glatt already knew what his other half was thinking, “We are not taking that baby home.” He fucked up once and he wasn’t looking forward to letting it happen again
“But Glatt! Look!” 
You were raised up in front of the blue wearing man’s face as you giggled and took a hold of his horns 
“...we’re keeping them.” 
They both glanced down at you and grinned at each other, “Our Y/n.” 
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scare-crowed · 4 months ago
Clingy : tommyinnit and wilbur soot hcs
pairings: wilbur soot x gn!reader, tommyinnit x gn!reader (platonic)
request: tommy nd wilbur with an extremely clingy reader! the readers love language is touch and theyre rlly touch starved ehehe!
genre: fluff
warnings: cursing
summary: how would wilbur and tommy react to having a s/o and friend who’s love language is touch?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
okay, first off, my love language is quality time, so i’m not the most affectionate, but i hope this is good
this boy, istg, as much as he claims to be a big macho man, he absolutely adores hugs. they make him feel safe and secure and warm
don’t let tommy fool you, alright? he’ll be standoffish at first and be all like “i’m a big man, big men don’t need hugs!” but as soon as you hold him, he’s literally putty
tommy craves being held like that. it lets him put his guard down and be vulnerable.
tommy’s still a kid and i think people sometimes forgets that. he’s putting himself in front of so many people at such a young age and taking so much criticism and negativity, that his ‘big man’ persona is almost like a self-protective instinct
but hugs let him be the boy he’s meant to be again. hugs make someone feel at home and loved, and since he feels loved, he doesn’t need to keep up this character and can be himself.
just imagine you holding open your arms to invite him in, but he’s just staring at you with his arms crossed and saying “i don’t need hugs. hugs are for losers and not big men like me.”
but you end up just wrapping your arms around his torso and you can physically feel his body relax in an instant. it’s almost like a weight has been lifted from him.
it probably takes tommy a minute to realize what’s going on, but he decides to go with it and wraps his own limbs around your shoulders.
you literally cannot tell me he doesn’t try to bury his face into your shoulder. and, depending on your height, it can be a bit uncomfortable and awkward looking, but he could care less
tommy also appreciates little kisses. now nothing about this is romantic, but like little kisses to the crown of his head. almost like a “it’s okay, you’re doing great” kiss.
and if you thought he was prestigious about hugs, those little forehead pecks are even more scarce and hard to come by, no matter your love language.
i think him having a clingy friend would help him open up a little and be more comfortable with physical touch. hugs, hand holding, and arm linking are his favorites.
walking around london or at the store or school or whatever, he doesn’t mind having his arm linked around with yours. in fact, it’s quite helpful.
wherever you two would be, having your arm around his helps him keep you close and not loose you in a sea of people.
it also turned into a bit of a habit for him, usually when he’s really excited. he’s be jumping in place with bright eyes and he’ll just grab your arm and latch onto it, forcing you to jump with him.
the more tommy hangs out with you, the more habits he picks up from you, mostly your affection. over time, he seemed to find himself slowly turning his love language into touch.
he doesn’t mind it though, in fact, it’s quite the opposite
Tumblr media
wilbur soot:
oh my god, i guarantee you wilbur absolutely loves how clingy you are. i’d go even as far as to say he adores it.
please hold this man’s hand, i’m begging you. he will literally melt at your fingers lacing with his. but if you press a kiss to his knuckles- this boy will physically go to heaven.
just imagine you two walking down the sidewalk, hands brushing lightly before you decide to say ‘fuck it’ and grab his hand.
wilbur will actually turn a million shades of red. his neck and face a vibrant pink as he bites back a little smile before giving your hand a gentle squeeze.
i happen to believe he is a total sucker for forehead and neck kisses. they just bring him so much peace of mind, like, it’s almost an antidote for his busy thoughts.
and it seems as if you could care less that wilbur is twice the size of you. you will climb into the kitchen counter if you must, but you will give him his head kisses.
his eyes will just flutter close at your lips to his skin, silently humming in content. even after you pull away, he will just stay like that for a moment longer, burning the feeling of you into his mind.
neck kisses are just as calming, especially when you’re lying on him. you would just press light pecks to the dip of his neck and shoulder as you two slowly drift off to sleep.
it tends to put him in a calmer place. being with you helps him slow down and take a minute to breathe. that’s why it feels like hours when he kisses you when it’s only been a few seconds and he loves it.
he also loves being held. with his height, everyone would assume he’d be the big spoon, but he happens to enjoy the the little spoon.
he likes to feel you bury your nose into his back, your arms secured tightly around his waist. most of the time, you subconsciously reach for his hand and grab it, especially in your sleep.
sometimes you just end up linking your pinkies together.
he absolutely loves having you cling to him. you’re his own little getaway.
Tumblr media
taglist: @basilly @esylwen @inniterhq @libbynotfound
Tumblr media
hello anon! here’s your clingy s/o!! wilbur’s is a bit short, sorry for that, but i hope you enjoyed!!
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mcytwheeze · 6 months ago
Nonsexual Acts of Intimacy Prompts pt. 2
Creators Involved: Tommy (p!), Tubbo (p!), Ranboo (p!), Punz, c!Philza, c!Techno, Foolish
Warning(s): x
Note(s): x
One falling asleep in the other's lap
"Tommy! How was your stream?", you'd been waiting for your friend for about an hour, waiting for his stream to end.
"Eh. I'm tired.", he yawns, sitting on the opposite end of the couch as you.
"You promised me movie night last time and fell asleep. You have to this time.", you try to guilt him.
Last time this happened, he knocked out before the pair of you had even picked a movie.
"Tommyyyyy.", you whine.
He groans, lolling his head back.
"Fine. You pick the movie, I'm hungry.", he disappears to his kitchen.
You scroll through Netflix, finally picking a movie before Tommy returns.
"Press play, bitch.", Tommy mumbles, his mouth full of popcorn.
You press play and watch the introduction.
"I'm cold. Pass me the blanket.", you tell Tommy.
He rolls his eyes, but passes it to you anyway.
You catch him eyeing the blanket, and you laugh at him.
"We can share if you want.", you lift up the edge of the blanket.
He scratches his head, mumbling something under his breath.
"Was I supposed to be able to understand that?", you tease him.
"Can we do that thing we did the other day again?", he speaks clearly this time.
Your face scrunches as you laugh at him.
"You're going to have to be a lot more specific than that."
He lays his head down in your lap without another word, and you get the message.
You play with his hair, scratching at his scalp.
Soft snores start increasing in volume, catching your attention.
You sigh.
"Maybe one day we'll be able to finish a movie."
Reading a book together
You continue scanning the words in your book as Tubbo plops down on his bed next to you.
He liked having company after lore streams, and today wasn't any different.
"What're you reading?", he asks.
His voice lacks the normal energy, and you can tell he's exhausted.
"Um, it's called Little Women.", you show him the cover before continuing reading.
"What's it about? Short women?", he sounds so serious that you have to choke back a laugh.
"It's about these four sisters going through life pretty much. I don't think you'd like it.", you reply, flipping the page.
"Will you read it out loud?", his voice is quieter as if he's embarrassed to ask.
"Yeah, okay.", you nod.
He shifts to get comfortable, laying on his side to face you with his head resting on his arm.
You clear your throat before beginning to read the next paragraph.
"At nine they stopped work, and sang, as usual, before they went to bed. No one but Beth could get much music out of the old piano, but she had a way of softly touching the yellow keys and making a pleasant accompaniment to the simple songs they sang."
By the time you made it to the bottom of the page, you see out of the corner of your eyes that Tubbo's eyes are closed.
"Why'd you stop?", he sounds sleepy, but he's still awake.
"Okay, okay.", you continue until he's actually asleep, glad you can help comfort him.
Sharing a dessert
"It's done!", you announce as you pull the pan out of the oven.
You and Ranboo had made a cake out of pure boredom, and it smells pretty good for how awful the process was.
Ranboo skids into the kitchen, his socks allowing him to slide on the floor.
"Can we decorate it?", he's just like a little kid.
"It's still hot.", you laugh, shaking your head negatively at him.
"Can we at least try it then?", he pleads.
"Ranboo!", you scold him.
"What? It smells so good...", he whines; his eyes plead with yours.
"One of these days I'll figure out how to say no when you give me that look.", you mumble under your breath.
He pumps his fist, victorious.
You cut the corner piece, putting it on a plate.
He hands you a fork, and you each take a bite.
His face crinkles up and you immediately gag.
"What did we do wrong?", you gasp as you spit out the piece.
"I don't know, but that is disgusting.", he hisses as he washes his mouth out with water.
You sigh as you dump the cake in the garbage, your hard work wasted.
"Can we make another one?", Ranboo asks after giving the cake its respectful moment of silence.
"Are we actually going to follow the instructions?", you inquire, giving him a look.
"Probably not correctly.", he shrugs.
"Let's do it."
Caring for each other while ill
As you enter Punz's apartment after picking up food for the two of you, you realize it's pitch black inside.
"Luke?", you call.
You flip the living room light on, confused.
He knew you were coming, so he wouldn't leave without letting you know.
You set the bag of the food on the counter, checking his office to find it empty.
When you enter his bedroom and flip on the light, Punz lets out a loud groan.
You immediately turn the light off, your brows knit together in concern.
"Hey, sweetheart. You okay?", you whisper, not wanting to disturb whatever is wrong.
"Migraine.", he croaks.
"I'll be right back, okay? You just stay there.", you're careful to crack the door open just enough to leave without letting too much light in.
You turn off the hallway light, leaving only the living room illuminated.
Grabbing an ice pack out of the freezer and a couple Tylenol from the cupboard, you carefully return to the bedroom.
You tiptoe to his bedside, careful not to make too much noise.
Grabbing a towel from the bathroom adjacent to the bedroom, you wrap the ice pack so it won't burn him.
"Luke, put this on your forehead.", your whisper is barely audible, but you know it sounds like you're screaming in his ear to him.
He grunts, pressing the pack to his forehead.
"You need to take these.", you press the pills into his hand, holding out his water bottle for him.
He swallows the pills, grimacing as he sits up to do so.
"Get some sleep, Luke. It'll help.", you kiss his hand as you take his water bottle back.
"Stay.", he croaks as you stand to leave.
You scoot next to him under the covers, snuggling into his side.
"Get better soon.", you kiss his cheek before resting next to him, not sleeping until you hear his breath even out.
Cuddling in a blanket fort
"You're finally done!", you cheer as Phil enters the door.
"Lovely to see you too.", Phil chuckles as he sets down his tools.
You jump up and give him a big hug and kiss, thankful for his safe return from the Nether.
"How did it go? You didn't get hurt, right? Did you find enough Netherite for that project you're working on? Did the portal travel go okay cause I know your stomach has been kinda touchy lately and-", Phil covers your mouth with his hand, laughing at your barrage of questions.
"Yes, I'm fine. Nothing went wrong; I managed to find enough Netherite. How has your day been?", he presses a quick kiss to the top of your head before beginning to take off his armor.
"It was pretty boring. Tommy stopped by and wanted to speak to you, but I told him to come back tomorrow. It must not've been urgent cause he didn't leave a message or anything.", you explain to him as he hangs his armor on the rack.
"Well, around here, boring is pretty good.", Phil jokes, ruffling his hair with his hand in an attempt to fluff it after being in his helmet all day.
"There's food in the furnace for you, and then I have a surprise when you're finished eating.", you tell him.
He quirks an eyebrow up, skeptical.
"Surprise?", he asks.
"C'mon, you're probably starving.", you ignore him, heading into the kitchen.
He polishes off his plate in no time.
"Okay, now what's this surprise?", Phil looks amused.
"Come on!", you pull him into the main room.
In front of the fireplace, you've created a fort of blankets and pillows.
Phil's eyes twinkle as he surveys the scene.
"Do you like it? Maybe it was kinda dumb, I just thought it might be cute to-", Phil just shakes his head with a loud laugh.
"Darling, you worry too much. It's beautiful. Shall we get in?", he bends down and ducks to enter the main opening.
You follow, both of you settling in each other's arms in front of the fire.
"This is amazing, love. Thank you for making this fort.", Phil kisses you again, a smile wide on his face.
"Anything to be in your arms."
Head scratches
The side door to your house slams open, and you jump in surprise.
A low grunt helps you identify who the offender is.
You continue sorting through the chests, trying to make them a little more organized.
Heavy footsteps catch your attention, and you turn around to see Techno looming over you.
"Well, hi there.", you grin at him, turning back to continue sorting through the chests.
He huffs at your lack of attention, and you find yourself being lifted off of the floor.
"Woah! What are you doing?", you laugh, wiggling against his grasp.
"Stop squirming.", he hisses, and you can't help but go limp.
"Can you at least tell me what we're doing?", you mumble right next to his ear.
He scales the ladder, not even flinching at the fact that he's carrying you.
He sets you down on the bed, immediately crawling in beside you.
You lay flat on your back, allowing him to rest his head on your chest.
You start running your hand through his long hair, braiding a few strands together.
"Do you want to talk about it?", you ask him softly, not wanting to upset him.
"Just missed you.", his voice is gruff, but you can still hear the affection in it.
You know there's more to the story, but you won't push him to tell you anything.
You continue scratching his scalp and playing with his hair until his weight gets heavier as he falls asleep and relaxes.
"Goodnight, Techno. I love you.", you kiss the top of his head as he lets out a soft snore, subconsciously returning the statement.
Shoulder rubs
"Hey, cutie!", Foolish pulls up a chair next to your desk, gently rubbing a hand up and down your back.
"Hi.", you greet him back tiredly.
You had been working on an assignment for a few hours now, and you were past the point of brain-dead.
"What are you working on?", he scoots closer to peer over your shoulder.
You show him the screen of your computer, and he lets out a hiss with his teeth clenched together.
"Do you want help?", he offers.
"I'm done, I'm just checking over my answers.", you reply softly.
"How about you take a break? It'll help you when you come back. You'll feel better.", he leans his head onto your shoulder, driving his point home.
You sigh, looking over your many pages of notes.
"Okay.", you whisper.
He grins, immediately jumping to his feet.
"You wanna see what I'm working on for Tubbo and Ranboo on the SMP?", he questions.
You nod, just wanting to be with him and away from your work.
He takes your hand, guiding you to his office.
He sits in his chair before pulling you into his lap.
"Here, you can look around. WASD if you don't remember.", you occasionally play Minecraft with your boyfriend, but not enough to know the game.
You start running around the giant mansion he's been building, admiring his work.
As you start going up the stairs, Foolish's hands start massaging your shoulders.
"Noah, what are you doing?", you laugh, but you can't deny that it feels really good.
"Nothing.", he mumbles, kissing your shoulder.
When you finish looking around, he takes the controls from you, allowing you to lean back against him.
"Feeling any better?", he asks, resting his head on top of yours.
"Yes, thank you.", you rest your hand on his, snuggling up against his chest as he begins to build again.
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