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SOOGYU ♡ - for anon
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after i escape the zoo the world I face is too unfamiliar steel-horned buffalo, hit only straight ahead i want a new level, the whole world alongside me.
↳ txtsvt crossover requested by anon
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You asked for fluff football or F1 requests how about one that has both 🙂 how about reader being sister of Carlos Sainz and dating Kepa. Spending holidays together or him asking Carlos for permission to marry you
Hi Anon!!😊 Thank yous for being my first request, I hope you like this... I love the idea. 💖
ʀᴇQᴜᴇꜱᴛ: Being the sister of Carlos Sainz and enjoying a holiday with some friends with your boyfriend Kepa Arrizabalaga, who just so happens to want your brother's blessing.
ᴡᴀʀɴɪɴɢꜱ: Fluff
ʀᴇQᴜᴇꜱᴛᴇᴅ: Yes
ɴᴏᴛᴇ: English is not my first language, this is unedited.
𝐅𝐞𝐞𝐥 𝐌𝐲 𝐋𝐨𝐯𝐞, 𝘒𝘦𝘱𝘢 𝘈𝘳𝘳𝘪𝘻𝘢𝘣𝘢𝘭𝘢𝘨𝘢 {Part One}
Tumblr media
You had long ago learned that the best things in life go unplanned, you loved living in the moment, you didn't care about what will be happening tomorrow, it would be a surprise you will be embracing when the time came. Being the younger sister of Carlos Sainz, F1 driver you had the luxury of traveling with him, to wherever the race took place that weekend, which is how you met Kepa.
The Spaniard had been out with some friends in London, you being there for the British Grand Prix, and wanting to go out and have some fun in the unfamiliar place. It was well into the night and you've had a few drinks when the goalkeeper approached you at the bar, his friends urging him to talk to the girl who had his attention since their arrival.
It was in that very bar you both knew it was the end, call it cliché, but meeting Kepa was what you had longed for in your fairytale. You had fallen in love with him the moment he spoke to you, your conversation was about anything and everything you could think of, he was it for you, and you were for him.
Now here you were four and a half years later, still going stronger than ever, with the love of your life. London had become your home a mere six months after the two of you were officially together, Kepa not wanting you to be worlds apart if you could just be with him.
You were there when he went through his rough patch at Chelsea when they won the Champions League when your Country got knocked out of the Euros, and now you were on holiday getting some much-needed sun with him, your brother, and some friends.
You were spread out on the large beach towel, the warm Ibiza sun turning your already tanned figure a shade darker. Some of your girls led next to you while you conversed with them, but your eyes were solely on the man you so dearly loved that was playing football with the other guys.
"When can we expect a mini Kepa or Y/N?"
"I want the wedding first, I call maid of honour."
Letting out a giggle you shook your head and let your eyes glance at them rolling them slightly. Settling back down your head resting on the makeshift pillow you sighed softly.
"Easy for you girls to say, besides I'm still young enough."
"Your man isn't."
Letting your mouth fall open you looked at Isa with wide eyes before reaching out and slapping her arm softly, a mischievous look took over your features making them tilt their heads in anticipation.
"I'll have you all know, he might be twenty-seven but he is very much a freak in the sheets."
They all laughed ready to shoot more questions at her, when the sun was blocked by broad shoulders, Kepa bent down and grabbed his towel no wet from the quick swim he took. It was hard to control yourself, the water rolling down his tanned chest to her abdomen. Snapping out of your daydream you jumped slightly feeling his wet body take a seat behind you.
Wrapping his arms around you and pulling you closer the smile that was ever-present in the presence of the man you loved instantly graced your features. Feeling his soft lips against your neck while mumbling loving words in your mother tongue.
"Who is a freak in the sheets?"
It was your brother who broke your bubble with your clingy boyfriend, who had yet to remove his lips from your neck, glancing back at him and grabbing onto his hand you looked at your brother again and smirked slightly trying to hide the grimace.
"Apparently you are, Hermano, or maybe it was Lando."
The young driver choked on his drink making the group laugh, though Y/N had realised her boyfriend was unusually quiet she brushed it off for now, but not even she could imagine what was going through his mind.
After a well-spent day at the beach they had all left to return to the Villa they had been renting to get ready for dinner, they would be going to one of the restaurants. While the girls were all upstairs Kepa had made his way down buttoning up his shirt, the small velvet box heavy in his pocket as he went searching for Carlos.
When the goalkeeper had finally found him sitting outside pulling on his shoes, taking a seat next to him the driver glanced at him with a curious look.
"¿Qué sucedió?"
Fiddling with the last buttons of his shirt, the tall Spaniard sat down next to his girlfriend's brother, staying silent for a few seconds and letting out a soft sigh he focused on the man again.
"I'd like for your permission in asking Y/N/N to marry me."
Snapping his eyes up to the man his sister so dearly loved, Carlos never knew if he would dread the day it would come, or even if it would've come, but here they were. He went to say something but the footballer went on with the long-awaited speech he had prepared.
"I've loved her since the moment I met her, I would do anything for her. She is the love of my life and I've had this ring for almost a year and all I want to do is take the next step with her Carlos, she makes me a better version of myself and I can't live without her."
It was silent when the last words fell from his lips, the only thing Kepa could do was look out on the view they had from the Villa, he didn't want to risk looking at your brother in fear of the worst that could happen. When he felt a pat on his back his eyes snapped to the driver who wore a smile, he could only return one back to him.
"I've considered you as part of the family the first time you met the family. She's my little sister and I want her to be happy, you make her happy. You have my blessing, I couldn't say no anyway she would kill me."
Sending the goalkeeper a subtle wink who laughed at the comment, nodding he looked up when he heard some of the girls approaching, your voice stands out amongst them all. Both men stood to their feet sharing a handshake and a hug he turned to you his arms going around you immediately, twirling you around before placing you down and grabbing your face softly between his hands.
"Te amo, mi amor."
Pressing his lips to yours in a strong and passionate kiss, your lips moving against his in perfect sync, the years of being with him and kissing him became second nature to both of you. Pulling away from your lips Kepa rested his forehead against yours and gave you the charming smile you have etched into your mind.
"Te amo, bebé. Forever."
This was my first imagine, It could be better, but I hope you all enjoy this. Let me know if anyone would like a part two with the proposal. Thank you all for the support. I love you all.🤍
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babyjordy · 6 months ago
hi! can i be a anon? i’m isabella but go by bella or isa!! i’m 16 turning 17 tomorrow ! i hope you don’t mind can my emoji be ♥️ or 😟 or 😕 and i won’t interact with your smut fics!
Happy early birthday! You can be 😟 (:
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ask-acosmis-t · 7 months ago
Hi isa! I hope ur having an amazing day bc I am most certainly not 😭 I’m graduating hs tomorrow and it doesn’t feel real at all like idk what to do with myself…I also think I chose the wrong uni so that’s fun 🤩🤩 anywho I hope ur having an amazing day remeber to drink some water and breathe <3
xoxo 🎶 anon
omg baby it’s okay! you’re gonna have so much fun and you gotta think positively :))
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nicole-ish · a year ago
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Month-end 📅
Another iced coffee for me today because I’m still sleepy.
I luv my new phone case by Casesbymax (IG)
PINK SAP 😂 (maarte lang gusto pink yung tool) 😂
Last day na nung isa naming workmate so kulang na kulang na kami sa tao. Baka naman management bilisan nyo ang pag hire no. Originally 9-10 employees kami sa team pero anon na magiging 6 nalang kami bukas. Overitilised amp 😩
Help me get through this day tapos tomorrow start naman ng hell month/s 🥺 How are you guys? Enjoy your day! 💕
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Pick-a-Pile: What will the end of 2020 look like for you?
A lovely anon requested me to do a pick-a-pile on your life at the end of 2020, and so here we are! And, honestly you guys are getting spoiled because I used my Lovely Omens deck which was really intended to be only used for my own readings on myself, but I made the exception today because I connect with it really well and thought it would be fun to see what it would say.
For the piles I pulled out some of my collection of Argento movies for the piles. Choose whichever movie speaks to you! If you’re into Argento and you’ve seen them, then cool! Let’s be friends. Outside of that, that’s fine! Let’s still be friends! Anyway, choose whichever pile calls to you. Remember, take what resonates. This is not the end-all-be-all, and this may not be what really happens because it’s what the current energy is leading to. Your energy can change tomorrow and so can your future, so, don’t take it to heart. This is more of a fun, what-if. And if you get to December 31st and you’re finding that this is did happen for you, let me know! So, anyway. Take what resonates, not what doesn’t! Also, you’re welcome to pick more than one pile, so if you want to, you can! OKAY! Here are the piles:
Tumblr media
Pile 1:
Tumblr media
Cards:  letter, book, fish, queen of pentacles, temperance, the moon, 10 of wands reversed, 3 of cups, judgement, uruz, othala, wunjo, kenaz
Pile 1, I think by the end of the year, things are going to be going better for you. I'm not sure where you are currently (like if these things have happened already, or will be soon), but I see that you'll be feeling more secure overall. There are a few specific things that I think may only apply to a few people, so I'll get those out of the way. Also, if you were going between pile 1 and 2, maybe read pile 2 as well. There's a lot about finding creativity in this pile, and you chose the movie Suspiria, which is technically a horror movie, but the base of the plot is that a girl is attending a foreign dance school. I think some of you may be dancers, or are discovering your passion for dance. I also kind of get this from the 3 of cups, since they look like they're having fun. They don't look like they're celebrating as much as other versions of that card, and they don't look like their moving very fast, so maybe you're into interpretive dance, or something? Maybe singing, so maybe you sing, but I’m getting more dance. Like, maybe you like to move slow, but deliberately. There is actually a remake of Suspirira that has interpretive dance rather than ballet like in the original. Either way, I see that you could be a dancer. And if not a dancer, I think you could just be really creative, but specifically something with music or dance. And again, especially because you chose this movie. One of the things that stands out with this movie is the score by Gobiln. They're kind of known for doing weird out-there scores (I’ll link a video of a song from this movie so you can see what I mean lol), but it's very specific to this movie, so I definitely am leaning more towards music and dance. Maybe you don't do it publicly, it's just something you do in your own time that really makes you feel good about yourself. A few of the cards can talk about creativity, so maybe you're just finding the perfect balance of how to express yourself. I think you're focusing more on this creativity at the end of the year.
For others, another specific thing I'm getting is that maybe you're graduating from or even starting business school. For others, you could be training for something specific for work. Or just training for something in general. Learning something. And others maybe its law school, or economics major. For everyone, though I see you learning something. Whether it be educational or just something random. For some, you may be learning about a secret through a letter or a book, and this could be about money or work. The Moon card really adds to this, so I think you'll be ending the year a little more enlightened about something. The movie also kind of goes with this! It's kind of a mystery and the main character Susie is trying to figure out what's going on in her school, and so maybe you'll solve a mystery! lol Maybe nothing so exciting, but I suppose that's also depends on the context. I do definitely take the moon to mean that this is something you're not supposed to know. At least NOT YET. Like, the moon always comes up for me like that in tarot when it’s something I’m not really supposed to know yet, so I think it's just something you're not supposed to worry about and be more present and when the time comes around, enjoy the whole mystery of it all. I definitely think you've gone through some sort of rebirth this year. I don't know if this is happening at the end of the year, or if you've gone through it already, but by the end of the year you're going to be different in some way. It could just be how you express yourself (going back to that creativity), or even who you're around. I feel like you're finding out who is good for you and who isn't, so its possible your friend group will be different by end of the year. And that's not a bad thing! As people, we all grow and sometimes we grow out of people. I think there could also be new people coming around too (maybe even meeting people online, which what the letter kind of hints to me and the song I was listening to mentioned a letter so I definitely am going with that lol). I think you're going through a lot of healing this year, and maybe more so near the end. And this goes with that rebirth. I don't know what's happened in the past to need this healing (but I suppose we all have our wounds), but I think you're learning more about who you are and what you like. I think you're doing amazing job-wise. You got a few runes that suggest prosperity, and I also see Queen of Pentacles and Temperance attributing to this too. The Queen of Pentacles is someone who is prosperous and abundant, but is also motherly (and I just am getting at this as a quality rather than you being an actual mother, so even if you’re not a mom, I just mean like having that kind of vibe to you). So it's like this good balance between knowing how to get shit done, but also doing it in a compassionate way. The Ten of Wands reversed can talk about letting go of burdens and simplification. So I think by the end of the year, you've weeded out what doesn't work for you. I think, especially after the year the whole world has had, you are learning what matters to you and you're living your life to it's full potential by the time we're leaving this shitty year behind. I think you're doing better in terms of finances, I'm not seeing that you're like super rich, but again, you got a lot of stuff that suggests prosperity. And this might not even mean just materially. This could just be that you're just feeling so much better about life and yourself. Maybe you're abundant with love, finding new love, expanding on existing love, whatever that means for you. I always take Judgement to mean karma, but I see this as good karma for you. And, while I was writing your pile out, Marina's Karma came on, so I definitely think the way you're ending your year is how it's supposed to go. Maybe the way to get there has changed drastically with the way things have gone, but either way, there were multiple paths there, so I think either way you were going to get there. So, your end of the year is looking good! I don't really see anything that concerns me, honestly. I think you're on the right path and you're going to be feeling good about yourself. I'm really proud of you! 
Songs: (a lot of the songs were super specific, so I’m only posting a few of the ones that seem to stand out more)
The theme from Suspiria in case you’re interested (there’s a version with just the bells I listen to because this ones kind of creepy but it also makes me laugh)
these days - nico  (this definitely goes with figuring out what you want to do, I think) watergun - lostboycrow (gonna be honest there’s like 5 artists and one of them lists himself like twice lmao so idk who the actual artist is. i feel that way about anything olivver the kid is involved with)
karma - marina
Pile 2:
Tumblr media
Cards:  10 of pentacles, 5 of pentacles, the hermit, king of cups reversed, knight of wands reversed, 5 of wands, the fool reversed, jera, isa, raidho, the lady, the rider, scythe I'm seeing three possible scenarios, 2 are similar, but one is permanent as opposed to the other which is only temporary. So, first, I want to talk about the movie you chose. Inferno is part of a series by Dario Argento, but honestly the only two of the series at that matter are Inferno and Suspiria (the one from pile 1, so if you were going between the two, I think this means you should read that one too). I can't really give you too much about the plots of either because they're both really hard to explain without giving the whole thing away. However, I can say this: It's about an apartment building where people start to disappear from and the only thing that connects them is that they're starting to figure some things out about the history of the place. I can't get more into it, especially because Inferno is kind of an infuriating movie in that it has no main character and you spend most of it going "WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON" which kind of leads me to your pile. I really think prior to what happens later this year or currently/ what already happened, you were in this weird state where you weren't sure where things were going. I think there was a lot of stagnation in your life, and it could also be in multiple areas (love, work, anything really). I think this lead to frustration and apathy on your part. I think there will be/ was something cut off. For some, it’s permanent. For others, it was only temporary. And, this makes sense because if this already happened for you, it could have had to do with quarantine. Maybe you lost your job or you did temporarily. I think prior to this, you were frustrated and feeling like this was it and you were kind of upset that it was all there was, but maybe this loss/end led to you realizing there was more to see/do in life. I think this is true for someone, because a cover that the Lummineers did of This Must be The Place by Talking Heads came on, and it's kind of like realizing that where you are is where you're supposed to be. I know, you're probably like "But that's the opposite of what you just said"! HANG ON! I'm getting that you're realizing it's not your "home" and "home is where I want to be..." and whatever this situation is, it's not feeling like home to you. Or, at least wasn't prior to the end/separation. For some, this was a person that was cut off. Either you were the one doing the cutting or someone else did (or maybe it was someone at a job or at school that you lost contact with because of closures). Either way, you realized just how frustrating this situation was and kind of went into Hermit mode for a bit (or will) to reflect on what transpired. Gonna be honest, because you chose Inferno, I'm thinking there's a lot of anger too. Like, there aren’t necessarily any super angry characters in this movie, but the name itself makes me think of rage. I always think of rage as being this really red hot thing, a kind of inferno. So, I see anger being involved. Or, for some of you at least. I think there was a lot of clashing/competition. Maybe arguments that ended in tears on someone’s end. Whatever it was, it was/will be cut off somehow and you'll be feeling more at peace. I think you're also going to be finding that you're definitely more stable and making more progress in areas of your life you hadn't seen progress in previously. In one of the decks I'm using, the Lovely Omens deck, the Hermit card makes the hermit look like she came to some kind of a conclusion, like an “a-ha!” moment with how she has her finger pointing up. And the hermit is someone who’s looking for answers. In the Rider-Waite deck it’s this guy who’s got a lantern, looking like he’s searching for something, but in this deck it’s like we’re seeing the moment she figured whatever it was out. I didn't intentionally lay it out the way it is in the picture, but it happened to be that she's above the Fool reversed, and I guess I see this as her maybe seeing that she can make that leap, whereas before she was hesitant and frustrated that things were at such a standstill. Maybe it was that this person or situation wasn't giving her any time to really do anything else outside of it, so maybe this time alone is making her feel like she can do anything. Now, you did get the 5 of pentacles, so I do think there was/is a period where you're feeling a little worried or anxious about finances, or just about anything really. But, I definitely see the 10 of Pentacles and the Hermit more than the five of pentacles card, and I'm seeing it as you figuring out that you can make a way to be stable on your own, not really needing anyone or that situation you'd been in. You could also read this as the 5 of Pentacles being someone else feeling a little left out, but I think it's for the best for the time being during this period of your life. I see that for some, this is a permanent cut. So maybe you just don't return to this specific job, and for other's again, it's only temporary. I do see that for some, this could be a relationship (Platonic or romantic), where you feel a little left out. Like you're not getting what you give, and this is causing you to be frustrated and moody. There may be harsh words being thrown around. But, again, this is getting cut off (by you, someone else, or just by the universe), and things are going to go better. Like, the ten of pentacles is a really good card to get, so I don’t see you being so bad off. Maybe this will be painful depending on who/what it is being cut off, but know that it’s going to lead to better things. So, things may have been rocky this year, or they will get rocky, but I see you ending it on a better note than where you were before the end of the year. Songs:
For pile one, I listed the song These Days by Nico and even though it played for that pile, I really think some of you could resonate with it, so I think you should look at the lyrics or listen to it. Also, a lot of the songs had to do with communication, so Idk. Maybe think about how you’re communicating with people, or how you’re allowing people to communicate with you (if at all, or if they’re just doing it in a shitty way. Have boundaries and speak up if you don’t think people are being honest with you, but also remember to treat people how you want to be treated) also, ngl i wasn’t going to link the theme to inferno but like honestly its so weird I have to. It’s not scored by Goblin like the other two movies but I get this song stuck in my head more lol So HERE it is idk maybe someone will like it too lmao
oceans - the wombats (there’s a line about selling an ocean to the sea and I really feel like this is kind of you and this situation you cut off, like maybe it was a situation you’ve been in time and time again and you’re finally cutting it off after seeing that it’s the same thing you’ve dealt with and the only way to stop it is to cut it off this time. like idk it’s hard for me to explain but i feel like this specific part of the song is something you should check out) movement - the higher  this is me trying - taylor swift lambs wool - foster the people love me to death - GARDEN
this must be the place (naive melody) - Talking Heads cover by The Lumineers (they also talk about that same line I mention in the beginning of this and I think thats kind of funny that it stands out to them too lol) Pile 3:
Tumblr media
Cards:  Seven of Wands, 8 of Pentacles, Page of Cups, 8 of Cups, Knight of Wands, five of wands reversed, Ship, moon, sun, hagalaz, perthro, eihwaz
PILE 3 I THINK SOME OF YOU ARE GOING TO GET ASKED OUT. I have a bunch of reasons for this! First of, I pulled the Page of Cups and the Knight of Wands. Along with the moon and sun cards in my fortune cards (which don't necessarily mean love, but I'll get to it!).  Also, the first two songs that played, were First Date by Blink-182 and The Pull of You by the National. Granted, The Pull of You is little sad (kind of about two people drifting apart, but still being connected) and First Date being about...well a First Date, but to me those definitely are screaming romantic feelings lol. But, we'll get to that later! You guys just kept getting all the love songs that mean something to me so!!! That's something!!! Like, I mostly just felt super mushy while doing this pile and I kind of take this to mean something. Firstly, I've been talking a little bit about the movies that each pile was represented by. Deep Red is actually one of my favorite movies (did I choose this pile before I pulled the cards? MAYBE. Do I think it's gonna happen for me specifically!? I don't know! But it might for you! Take what resonates!). It's a murder mystery and scored by Goblin (who I got to see play the score live during a showing of the movie last year for my birthday so!!!!). Basically, it's about an American pianist living in Italy who witnesses the murder of a neighbor and so he teams up with a journalist to solve the murder. They make a good team, and I think this is kind of playing into what I want to get at later, but first the big part of this: I think someone has noticed you. I think they're really attracted to you. Yes, I think it's physical, but I also think they're intrigued by you, especially because I think maybe you have some walls up and they can't really get to know you (I see the moon card in my fortune deck as kind of saying this, but it also can mean attention and praise, so I see this too!). I think they're seeing you as someone who has strength and has endured the trials of life. So, with this recognition, I think they're going to rush in and tell you how they're feeling and maybe ask you out. I think it's going to be really random and I also think it's going to end up being a compromise lol. I think you're going to be playing hard to get (but maybe it's not intentional, I know I'm kind of hard to really get to know, so I see how this could happen with someone). So, I see them working hard to get you to budge, but I think eventually you're kind of like "Okay, fine, but I choose what we do and when." Whatever it is, I see that it's going to go well I think you'll both be pretty happy. There may be a period after where you withdraw a bit (or they do) and think about it, but I think you feel a pull to them (which I think is why the Pull of You came on). The 8 of cups can talk about withdrawing, but it can also talk about loosing interest, however I don't see either of you loosing interest, at least not with everything else I pulled. This 8 of cups in this deck is really specific to me. In the Rider-Waite, he's walking away from the cups, but in this one he's just sitting and looking at the moon. And maybe this isn't you, maybe this is this person studying you before they ask you out? I mean, I think it's interesting I pulled one moon card and this one and the moon is so prominent to me in this card. Honestly, I think it's both! I think this person is REALLY into you. I mean, the majority of the songs that played were like really...They were about people liking people from afar, and also Panic Switch came on by Silversun PIckups and like I don't think it NECESSARILY applies to this, but I see maybe this being kind of a weird situation for you because maybe you're not used to the attention, so they like give you this attention and praise and admit that they like you and you kind of freeze up and your walls go up. So, like you panic? But, honestly, I think maybe you like them too. Like, Despite the seven and 5 of wands showing up, I'm  seeing good in this. (I like it by the Maria's came on, so I really think you like them back lol) The runes add to it too, because Perthro means hidden secrets (and I take the moon to mean that too!), but I see the Knight of Wands holding up his wand, so it's like they're offering this truth to you. It can also mean change, and I see that this will change things. And Eihwaz can mean stability, so maybe this is something that at first is scary and uncertain when it first presents itself, but then it even outs (like with those negotiations where you compromise) and it stabilizes and you're just feeling glad with how it worked out. HONESTLY, I'm just feeling super good about this? So I think this is going to make you feel good too! And for those of you that didn't want a love reading, it could just be a new friend maybe, like someone that admires you and maybe you two have a good dynamic (like one where you could solve mysteries lol). I also think that both of you are creative, but in different ways. Like one could write and the other could be more into making music or playing instruments. I mean, it could be anything and maybe you're into the same things, but I'm getting that just from the dynamic between the two main characters in Deep Red, and I definitely get a creative vibe from this. And like, maybe it's a business offer. Like, you're asked to work on a project with someone. I think this could end up well. Any of these situations I think is going to go good, so I'm really happy for you!
Deep Red Theme (since I posted the other themes. I listen to this one a lot actually, the bass is SO GOOD) first date - blink-182 (i promise i listen to other blink songs but this one just always seems to come up for these?!) the pull of you - the national  howling at the moon - phantogram  panic switch - silversun pickups (okay are you guys fans of good bass or something? bc i’m seeing a theme outside of my own preference)
groceries - mallrat i like it - the marías (you guys let me let this sit for weeks without me putting the link to this song? lol guyyss tell me things!) invisible string - taylor swift (i think its crazy this one played in the same pile the pull of you played bc I relate them together for many reasons? so like !!!! that’s tarot for you!!!!)
purest form - prince of eden
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xbaklangbabae · a year ago
goodmorning tipp, gusto ko lang sabihin na andito lang ako as always pag may prob. ingat ka today
Hi anon thanks for this, dm moko pag need mo kausap din haha 🤗 okay lemme share to you may ganap for today
- I'll be at work and will supervise my staff later (call time is after lunch) since may mga items kaming irereceive from batangas na kakailanganin for our media launch tomorrow and sa grand opening sa public sa Nov. 8
- then baka pumunta din ako SM or Festive mall kasi bibilhan ko regalo yung travel buddy kong photographer na nakabase dito and bukas ko bibigay kasi isa sya sa nasa listings ng photogs/vloggers na iaaccomodate namin bukas haha
- Dinner with the architect and engineer (with my co-trainer) na nag design ng new branch dito sa iloilo, and sila din kasi yung nagdedesign sa lahat ng TS branch sa pinas and ngayon andito din sila, para bago daw kami maging busy tsaka lilipad nadin sila sa davao to check yung latest branch dun.
Ngayon kakagising ko lang at almost 12hrs din yung tulog ko haha bawing bawi 🤗
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dumbthinmint · a year ago
Okay, so @n-anon​ just reblogged the most recent post from @thewatchau​ (my fantasy AU sideblog) saying that the AU is really well written???
Which, I mean, first of all, thank you??? That’s really sweet oh my gosh???
But second of all, I noticed that while in the middle of working on the follow-up post that’ll be going up tomorrow morning; the one with more details now that I’ve watched the vid and done some research (preesh @isa-ghost​ in that regard)
And this is what this “well written” AU content currently looks like, right now, about 13 hours from when the final thing will be posted: 
Tumblr media
“Follow-Up Letter: 
Fellow Watchers, 
Wellity wellity i’m back i hope y’all saw yesterday’s post bc its a lot more complex than that YEET 
[IF THE PIC IS FROM PAX] This moment is hauntingly similar to July 1591, when The Enemy interrupted a speech being given by King Sean, who had been visiting Monacoil at the time. There, within a few miles of the Western Forest less than a year after his failed attempt on the king’s life, The Enemy mocked the people of Duilintinn, spreading a fear that forced the king to make an act in response that proved he was not afraid of this new foe. This act, of course, was Lord Brody’s titling. 
[IF PIC IS FROM SAY GOODBYE] Idk just use the same rhetoric but reference the “first attempt on the king’s life” yadda do
In addition, the title of today’s proclamation hearkens back to long before The Enemy became the foe we know him as today. When he and his magic appeared in the proclamations as a member of the court, (or maybe immediately after the first attack i can’t remember when did that doki doki episode come out). 
Why is he reminding us of the early days of his rise to infamy? 
With Anticipation,”
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ukyousaionji · a year ago
You are worth every word of love. Worth every good deed, worth every smile, every tear of joy. You are worth the suns rays and the warm air, you are worth the happiness and the laughter. You are worth everything good and beautiful. Give everyone and anyone this message, go to random blogs, someone you don’t even know, stretch your ask limit, anon or not, tell them they are worth it. Because the world needs more love. 💕💕💕
isa thank you so much, i really needed this today 💗💗💗 sending this right back at you!! i hope you had a good day today and that tomorrow is even better for you ❤️
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sgys-closed · 10 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
yeonjun for ‘vogue’
(requested by anon.)
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today-only-happens-once · 3 years ago
In Pieces
Title: In Pieces
Word Count: 3698
Summary: Thomas may not have the whole picture, but he has enough of it. for @justisaisfine’s Sanders Bro AU. Familial LAMP/CALM, plus “guess I’m an uncle now” Thomas.
Warnings: parental abuse, food mention, yelling, cursing, physical abuse depicted through acting, sort of crying, I have no idea how real movie sets/filming work so it’s probably not accurate woops
Author’s note: I love Isa’s Sanders Bro AU an abnormal amount, probably. So of course I had to write a fic for it because I have no chill. Credit for the AU and the entire basis for the fic (from this post) is all to them. Please, please check out the AU on their blog because it is amazing. This fic certainly pales in comparison, but I hope it’s not too terrible. Heh. I’m not sure how I feel about it, but here it is regardless! Huge thanks to Isa for also answering my anon asks for clarification about a few things. Hope some of this isn’t too far off course. Edited by yours truly, so all mistakes are mine.
Tags: @creativenostalgiastuff@helloisthisusernametaken @ren-allen @lizaelsparrow @princelogical @random-pianist @ravenclawicecream @erlenmeyertrash​ @milomeepit @at-least-seven-pretty-potatoes @rileyfirstname @pinkeasteregg @sassy-in-glasses@vigilantvirgil@generalfandomfabulousness@lacrimosathedark@thepoolofthedead @monikastec @heir-of-the-founders @yourworstnightmare999 @artistictaurean @kanejandkruge @cdragontogacotar@candiukas @damienswifeolicitydallysgirl@angst-patton@savingshae@noneed4thistbh@awesomelissawho@unikornavenger@bopthesnoz @spiralofsilencetheory@finger-gunsss @crownswriter123 @swlotakulady34 
“And cut!”
Roman grins brightly at Thomas—who has him shoved up against a brick wall with a prop knife to his throat—and the tension from the dramatic scene they’d just finished is suddenly cut (no pun intended) with one look. Thomas laughs and rolls his eyes, letting Roman shrug out of his grip.
“Good take, guys. Take a break,” the director calls out as she flips through notes.
Thomas hands the prop knife to one of the stage hands and thanks him with a sincere smile before following Roman to the snack table behind the assortment of cameras. The teen picks up a turkey club sandwich from the pile and shoves it unceremoniously into his mouth. Thomas picks up an apple. He doesn’t blame the kid, really; they’d been filming and rehearsing since six this morning without much time for a lunch break.
The constant movement on set is oddly comforting to Thomas. Stage hands hustle to get props and actors, the director is watching footage of the scene he had just filmed with Roman and talks about it in hushed voices with her producers. She casts a glance at Roman, and Thomas smiles. He knows that look. She’s impressed, and to be honest, Thomas is too. Roman is young—still a kid, really—but he’s got serious acting chops. It’s a wonder he didn’t break into the business sooner.
Thomas glances at the teen beside him and smiles faintly at the awed look in his eyes as he watches the action around him. They’re a few weeks into production on this movie, but Roman still looks like he can’t believe he’s actually here.
A few smaller kids for the orphanage scene—maybe five or six—chase each other around the set, shrieking in laughter. A few of the cast members seem vaguely annoyed at the added chaos, but Thomas doesn’t mind. They were quiet, talented, patient kids who knew to only wreak havoc between shots.
“Tag, you’re it!” a little girl shouts as she runs into a boy’s shoulder before sprinting away. The young boy—in his tattered clothes costume but his eyes bright and lively—spins around. His gaze seems to zero in on Roman, and the teen barely has time to react before the boy barrels right into his legs.
“Oof!” Roman says dramatically, doubling over—but not falling over, and Thomas is vaguely impressed by that—and capturing the boy his arms. “Argh, you cannot escape my grasp!”
“You’re it! You’re it! You’re it!” the boy yells, grinning as he tries to wriggle his way free.
“I’m it?” Roman announces, playfully holding onto the kid, “Are you sure about that? I’ll have you know, I’m a three time champion in the art of playing tag.” He’s grinning, something warm and twinkling in his eyes.
“Nuh-uh!” The boy barrels out of Roman’s arms, and the Sanders teen lets him break right out of his grasp.
“You don’t believe me?” he says, throwing the back of his hand to his forehead. “I suppose I’ll have no choice but to prove it to you!” The boy shrieks with laughter as Roman chases after him.
Thomas crosses his arms over his chest and watches his coworker chase the kids around the set. A few people stop and watch the chaos unfold as well, but most people don’t mind too much. They’re between takes anyway, and he’s keeping the kids occupied in the very least. Thomas watches as one of them leaps up onto Roman’s back and feels his heart jump, but Roman only stumbles a step or two before hooking his arms underneath the kid’s legs in a piggy-back ride and running the kid around the set a few times.
“Roman! Thomas!” The director calls out. “We’re gonna need to do that scene again. I want to try some different camera work. Be ready in five.”
Roman looks over at the sound of his name and nods. He lowers the kid on his back to the ground, says something to him that Thomas doesn’t quite catch, and they both exchange a mock salute before Roman jogs back to the table.
“You’re so good with them,” a voice speaks up as Roman returns by the snack table. Thomas looks over his shoulder to see Valerie taking a cracker off the plate.
Roman smiles slightly and lifts a shoulder. “I have three younger brothers.”
“Oh, that’s right!” Valerie says, having seen Logan, Patton, and Virgil a couple of times over the past few weeks. “You’re all so cute. I bet your parents are so proud of you!”
Roman seems suddenly very interested in the cheese cubes on the table by the crackers. He picks one up and pops it in his mouth. “I gotta get back to set,” he says, in a voice that sounds just a little tight to Thomas.
“Oh,” Valerie says to Roman’s retreating form, her voice still bright and friendly, if a bit confused. “Of course! Good luck!”
“What do you mean you can’t make it tomorrow?” the producer says, his voice rising. It’s a month or so later. Thomas stops mid-sentence and looks over towards the noise. A young intern with short hair and big glasses seems to shirk away from the volume, and Thomas sighs.
“I mean, I’m sorry, it’s just….” The girl stammers, adjusting the frame of her glasses.
Most people around the set are keeping themselves busy, ignoring the exchange. The producer is known for his temper, after all, and few people paid attention when the interns were getting reamed out. A small number were trying not to stare at the exchange, and a few others appeared to not be listening but—when looked at closer—could be shown to be listening regardless. Across the set, Roman Sanders seems to have fallen into the latter of the group, staring a little too intently at the script in his hands.
“I gave you this break!” the producer shouts at her, his face red. “This is a real job, sweetheart, and you don’t get to just come and go as you please!”
Out of the corner of his eye, Thomas sees Roman snap the script close and toss it onto the table in front of him. There’s something tight in his jaw, squared in his shoulders, something aged in his eyes… Even the producer looks taken aback when he realizes that Roman is walking towards him.
“I think,” Roman says, in a calm and measured voice that Thomas wouldn’t have even been able to hear if it wasn’t dead silent on set, “that she can hear you plenty well when you speak normally, sir.”
The producer blinks in surprise—even Thomas feels a bit taken aback by the new actor’s courage—before spluttering an indignant reply. “This isn’t any of your business, boy.”
“Perhaps not,” Roman replies, his voice still remarkably cool and composed. It stands in stark contrast to the producer’s indignant shouting a moment ago.  “But it’s certainly hard to ignore when you’re screaming about it. Perhaps you should take a moment to calm down before discussing the matter further.”
Roman’s words seem to make the producer suddenly and startlingly aware of the people around them. At the sharp stare of the producer, most onlookers duck their heads and busy themselves with rehearsing lines, checking mics, finding their shoes suddenly fascinating. Thomas quietly meets the producer’s gaze with a steady one of his own. He doesn’t know what his expression shows, but Roman is right, and Thomas is fully prepared to come to his defense if the producer tries anything.
The producer grumbles something in a low voice and storms off. Thomas watches as Roman seems to relax back into his usual warm persona. Regular chatter and the sounds Thomas had come to associate with the backstage-between-takes bustle of the movie business filter back up. Roman flashes a smile at the intern, and Thomas reads his lips as he asks, “You okay?”
The young girl nods, smiling faintly back. The girl, by Thomas’s best guess, is probably around sixteen or seventeen, making Roman only a year or so older than her. But there’s a brief moment where Thomas can’t help but feel like Roman looks so much older for his age. A weariness and weight in his eyes, visible even across the room but only for a fraction of a second.
And then the bright, flamboyant, excitable kid is back as he laughs at something she says and responds easily. He shakes her hand, inclines his head, and then walks back to pick up his script and goes right back to rehearsing.
“Action!” the director calls a week later.
Thomas slips into character effortlessly, his hands fisting at his sides as he marches up to Roman and grabbing his shoulder. The fight is choreographed flawlessly—the coordinators were impeccable, honestly—and both Thomas and Roman had been working on this exact scene for weeks.
“What the—“ Roman says, delivering his line with just the right amount of surprise, eyes widening and ducking Thomas’s flying fist just in time. Thomas stumbles in just the right way, and Roman throws up his hands as if to protect his face. “Calm down!”
“Calm down?” Thomas snarls. “You nearly got us killed out there!”
Roman shifts his weight as Thomas delivers his line and is ready when the older actor barrels into him, sending him careening back into the ladder on set. It breaks away and collapses on top of him. Roman lets out a frustrated huff before scrambling to his feet.
“That wasn’t me! Would you just—“ he ducks another of Thomas’s punches, throwing an elbow in retaliation.
“Cut!” the director calls out, a slight note of annoyance. Thomas sees confusion and a bit of self-doubt flicker through Roman’s eyes, but Thomas is confused too. It was a good take. Or at least, it had felt good to Thomas.
“Sorry, guys,” the director sighs. “You were great. Our mic levels are off. Can we get a sound check? You guys take a break.”
Out of the corner of his eye, Thomas sees a relieved smile flicker across Roman’s face.
“Nice job,” Thomas tells him sincerely. “That would’ve been a good take if the mics had been working.”
Roman laughs. The two of them make their way over a few yards across the warehouse behind the cameras.
Roman’s three brothers sit near a stack of shipping cargo. Logan—sixteen, Thomas remembers—is sitting with his back against the cargo and a textbook propped open in his lap. Patton is talking quietly but excitedly with Valerie. And Virgil (Thomas still wasn’t sure he entirely believed that he is eight years old, given just how small he is) is sitting beside Logan, so close their arms are brushing. He has some kind of homework worksheet on the cement floor in front of him, but his eyes are glued to something in the textbook in Logan’s lap.
“Hey guys,” Roman greets warmly. “How are we doing over here?”
“Satisfactory,” Logan replies, his eyes lingering on the textbook page before flickering up to meet his older brother’s.
“Good!” Patton chimes in. “Valerie and I were comparing favorite Disney songs. She has good taste.”
Valerie laughs. “Why thank you, Patton. So do you.”
Roman smiles at the exchange. “Good to hear.” With a dramatic groan, Roman takes a seat on the floor beside Virgil. “What about you, Virge? Doing okay?” Thomas notices—not for the first time—how his voice seems a little softer when he asks Virgil.
The youngest brother nods.
Roman arcs an eyebrow. Thomas sees him exchange a glance with Logan over Virgil’s head. Thomas can’t decipher the unspoken conversation they seem to have, but whatever is exchanged seems to relax Roman a bit. The teen leans back a bit into the boxes behind them.
“Hey, Thomas,” Patton says suddenly. “What’s your favorite Disney movie?”
The question surprises the actor. “Favorite Disney movie… hm…” Thomas sucks in a breath through his teeth and rubs the back of his neck. “That’s a hard question. If I have to choose one, I suppose Aladdin.”
Patton nods thoughtfully. “That’s a good choice.”
“It was awesome talking to you, Patton, but I gotta go to makeup. You’ll have to teach me the words to ‘Almost There’ one of these days, though.” She smiles as Patton promises to do so, then hurries off. The five of them lapse into a comfortable silence for a moment before Roman breaks it.
“Thomas and I are about to shoot that scene you guys saw us walk through a few weeks back,” he supplies conversationally.
Thomas’s lips quirk into a smile at the memory. One of the days Roman had brought his brothers along a few weeks back, he and Roman had done a dry run through of the fight scene. Both Patton and Virgil had been about ready to tackle Thomas in defense of their brother—or more accurately, to ensure he didn’t get injured. He and Roman had then proceeded to go through the fight blow by blow in slow motion to show them how the fight wouldn’t actually hurt Roman at all.
“Yep,” Thomas adds. “You guys can watch your brother beat me up today, if you want.”
Roman snorts. “Something like that.”
“Thomas,” one of the actors—Terrence—calls from a few feet away, waving a book of papers, “Is this your script?”
Thomas jogs over and snatches it back, thanking him before heading back over to the brothers.
Logan has turned the page of his textbook—it’s a science textbook, Thomas can see now—and points something out to Virgil who is still looking at it over his older brother’s shoulder. Roman also seems interested in whatever Logan is saying quietly to his brothers. Patton raises his eyebrows, then shifts to sit across from Logan, who tilts his textbook towards his younger brother and points to a picture of a nebulous star.
Logan, who had always seemed to Thomas to be very quiet, is explaining something to his three brothers and Thomas has the odd feeling that if he were to try to listen in, he may be intruding. It wasn’t that the four of them were cold—to the contrary, they were some of the warmest and kindest kids Thomas had ever met—but they had a certain close-knit aura around them that Thomas felt was different than other families. Certainly different from his own.
“Hey! Thomas! Roman!” one of the cast-mates calls, jogging over. Logan stops talking, glancing up at the new face. “Are you guys coming to Marco’s after filming wraps today?”
Thomas thinks about it, but Roman’s response comes immediately. “Sorry, Alex. I can’t.” The answer hardly surprises Thomas—he’s not sure he’s ever heard the teen accept an invitation to do something after filming.
“I’ll think about it,” Thomas replies.
Alex opens his mouth to say something, looking vaguely disappointed, but the director’s voice cuts through the air.
“Thomas! Roman! You guys are back on. Same scene from the top. Sorry for the delay.”
Months pass, and Thomas can’t help but see the patterns.
Roman having this way of quickly shutting people down who yell during an argument, the way he never accepts invitations to do things after filming, how quickly he deflects any mention of his parents being proud of him… at first, Thomas had written the latter off as humility, but there was always something forced behind the smile and indifference that didn’t quite sit well in the older actor’s stomach. There was also something about the way Roman and his brothers interacted with one another that Thomas didn’t quite understand—quiet, tight-knit, and protective.
Thomas doesn’t really know what it all means. Or even if it means anything. He could be reading into things more than they really warranted. Right?
Thomas pops a grape into his mouth and wanders over to stand beside Roman, watching the scene being filmed from behind the camera. He and Roman just wrapped on a scene and were scheduled to be next anyway, so both of them had elected to linger around and watch the next scene get shot.
It’s one the of the flashback scenes for Thomas’s character, evidenced by the set being the kitchen of a home rather than a warzone. The actor playing younger Thomas—around ten years old—does bear a striking resemblance to 26 year-old. The only other person in the scene is the actress playing the mother.
“Don’t you ever stop talking?!” the mother demands, the fury looking real and tangible in her eyes. Thomas has to admit—the actress playing the mother was exceptional at her job. Thomas had filmed another movie with her before, and she was a really sweet lady in real life.
The kid, also, is quite good. “I’m sorry, I just… I wanted…” he stammers, stumbling back.
Before Thomas can even blink, the mother hits her son across the face with the back of her hand. Beside him, Thomas sees Roman visibly flinch. When he glances at him out of the corner of his eye, he notices Roman is looking very pointedly at his shoes.
“What did I just say, kid?” the mother growls. “God, you never shut the fuck up!”
Roman seems to be standing suddenly very still. Concerned, Thomas looks at him more fully, but Roman won’t meet his gaze. His arms are crossed over his chest, and there’s something about the way his shoulders are hunched ever so slightly that makes Thomas suddenly and acutely aware that this kid beside him is a kid. And somehow, he looks and acts much older than that.
Something clicks. His brothers and their relationship with one another, the way Roman always deflected questions and comments about his parents, the way he didn’t tolerate yelling and never went out after filming, the way he flinched just now…
Thomas doesn’t have the full picture, but it’s all in a hazy focus that is just enough. Whatever Roman is dealing with, Thomas can’t help but feel like it’s something much bigger and much worse than any kid his age should have to handle. It’s not something someone his age should have to shoulder.
At least not alone.
“Cut!” The director yells a moment later. “Great take. I wanna run that one more time, then we’ll move on. Take a break, though.”
It’s, apparently, all the encouragement Roman needs. Because the young actor turns without saying a word to Thomas and walks off the set. Thomas follows after him.
Thomas hesitates for a moment outside Roman’s trailer, his breath making small clouds in front of his face in the brisk late autumn air. He remembers the look of pure disbelief, quickly overshadowed by excitement, when Roman had learned he’d be getting his own trailer for the movie. Thomas hadn’t even thought much about it—Roman had a number of costume changes, plus a not in-substantial role that necessitated long days of filming—but seeing Roman’s vaguely awed look had reminded him of himself when he’d gotten his first big role in a movie. He’d been just a little older than Roman at the time.
Thomas knocks softly on the door. “Roman?”
There’s a brief pause, then a hurried and slightly muffled, “Oh, yeah. Sorry, I’ll be right there.”
“We have a while,” Thomas replies, slipping his hands into the pockets of his jacket. “But I was wondering if I could talk to you about something.”
Another pause, then the door swings open. Roman looks more composed than he had just a moment ago, his face now one of confusion and perhaps a bit of nervousness. “Of course. What’s up?” He shifts to the side, giving Thomas room as he steps up into the trailer.
The trailer is messy and generic; very little of Roman expressed in the small space. There’s a blanket on the couch that was provided when the temperature had started to drop. Some discarded shoes on the floor. Roman’s normal clothes tossed over a plastic chair in the corner. Roman shifts past him and rubs the back of his head before taking a seat on the far end of the couch.
“Roman…” Thomas begins, feeling suddenly unsure of where to start but knowing that he has to say something. He looks at the teen sitting in front of him and sighs. “Are you okay?”
Roman throws him a brilliant smile. “Of course, Thomas. Just, uh…” The smile falters for only a fraction of a second, then stays in place. He lifts a shoulder. “Y’know.”
Thomas gives him a soft, knowing look. “I don’t, actually. Not really.” He takes a seat on the couch beside him, leaning forward with his elbows on his knees. “And that’s okay. I don’t want you to tell me anything you don’t want to, or aren’t ready for. But…” Thomas holds Roman’s wide stare. “But I’ve got your back. And I’ve got your brothers’ backs.”
Roman is shaking his head, words tumbling out of his mouth even as his eyes start to shine. “Thomas—“ Roman says, and Thomas pretends he doesn’t hear the way his voice cracks just a little.
“I mean it,” Thomas says, with as much sincerity and earnestness as he can because he needs Roman to know it and believe it. “Any of you need anything—anything at all—you have my number. I’ll be there. That’s a promise.”
Roman opens his mouth as if to say something, then closes it. He scrubs a hand across his eyes and sniffles. “Okay,” he says, in a soft, choked voice. He coughs to clear it. “I… thank you.”
Thomas gives him a small smile. “Any time. I mean that.”
Roman releases a watery laugh. “Yeah, I know you do.”
Thomas thinks of Roman’s bright energy and aged eyes. Of the quiet way Logan always seems to have words pressing against his lips but for some reason, holds them back more than he speaks. Or the way Patton’s warm smile and sincere curiosity makes every person feel seen, even though Patton is so much younger. Or how Virgil looks at his brothers like he’d move mountains just for them.
“Good,” Thomas replies softly. “Because you guys are a good group of kids.”
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nadziejastar · 2 years ago
Honestly, it feels like they came up with the idea of Subject X to extend the story of the Radiant Garden crew because otherwise KH3 would be the perfect place to end their story. She wasn't just a test subject, she was apparently a central figure in the experiments. When she inevitably returns in KH4 she'll drag Ansem, the apprentices, and the boys back into relevance even if they have no other reason to get involved
Tumblr media
I suspect you’re right regarding the future. I am sure that she’ll be vital to KH4, and she’ll be heavily involved in Lea and Isa’s story in the future. She’s involved in a large human experimentation plot, and Lea and Isa also having that backstory would be seen as redundant.
None of this will be directed at you anon, just my general opinion on the current state of the story and characters.I’m going to rant a bit about the direction things seem to be going to get it off my chest. Basically, I resent how she took Saix’s backstory and derailed his entire character arc. And I don’t think any of them even needed her to have a role in the future of the story. Ansem the Wise still has a ton of potential. Lea is a full-fledged Keyblade wielder, and Isa could easily be one too. Whatever experiments she was involved in are going to be poorly retconned into the Xehanort Saga and will probably overwrite the mind control experiments that were originally mentioned. “Plot twist: There were no mind control experiments! It was really about learning the secrets of time-travel!” I’m not really excited to learn more, to be honest. 
I didn’t play Union X. I tried to, but I didn’t like the gameplay. I have read the story summary online and watched Back Cover. But I have no attachment to Skuld or any of the other original characters from that game. I didn’t play KH3 to learn about them. I don’t care about them. I wanted closure on the characters from this arc. The arc that’s been building up over the last decade. I was attached to Lea and Isa and all the others. And to have it suddenly be all about this new girl and Keyblade wielders of yore out of nowhere…well, it felt like a slap in the face as a long-time fan.
Tumblr media
As for Isa’s character: If KH3 is the precedent for how he is to be portrayed going forward, I’m not very excited for the future. It doesn’t sound like Nomura is either.
–There are several Organisation members whose original names are still unknown. Will we have a chance to learn them someday, or to find out about the scar on Isa’s face?
Nomura: If there is a sequel, then that chance may come. But in my heart right now my desire is a blank page.
To be honest, I don’t even know how much blame I can attribute to Nomura personally. I know he wanted to make BBS Volume 2 and was very disappointed it was cancelled. I highly doubt he’s happy with the many, many revisions to the story after it got canned. I suspect his lack of interest in explaining Isa’s scar is due to the fact that he already had a great story all planned out and it was not able to be realized due to factors outside of his control. The Foreteller arc is an opportunity to step away from the butchered Xehanort Saga plot and start over with a blank slate. Just like Verum Rex seems like his attempt at restarting the butchered Versus XIII project with a blank slate.That’s my personal opinion. If it’s true, I can hardly blame him. 
Tumblr media
As for Lea and Isa’s relationship, here is my honest take: KH3 took a very close and emotionally intimate former relationship between two boys (to me it even seemed romantic in nature) and made it into a caricature of a “dudebro” relationship. And like clockwork, it was all about a girl now. If I’m being perfectly honest, it felt like whoever was writing the Lea/Isa scenes was thinking “no homo, no homo” the entire time. Like they were terrified to depict even the slightest bit of genuine intimacy between these two male characters. I mean really, howcliché to attribute all of Saix’s villainy and the breakdown of his closest friendship… to a single girl that he barely knew. Completely deflecting away from the relationship they had with each other. A relationship history that spanned multiple games now revolves around a character who was never even mentioned before, let alone seen on-screen.
By his own description, he was not close to this girl. He spoke a handful of times to an imprisoned, traumatized amnesiac girl, in hushed whispers. He couldn’t have known her that well. She had amnesia. Did he even know her name? Did SHE even know her name? Didn’t sound like it based on the reports. He said they spoke in the shadows and it was too dim to make out her features. Did he know what she looked like? Again, this was not a childhood friend or anything. After a while, he wasn’t sure if she even existed. I seriously could not wrap my head around how ridiculous this whole concept was. It felt like a joke.
Tumblr media
In 358/2 Days, Axel spent the entire game angsting over the loss of his close relationship with Isa. In KH3D, the first thing he does is look for him, and he’s very visibly upset when he finds out he’s still with Organization XIII. Then in KH3, he doesn’t mention him at all. It’s only Roxas this, Roxas that. Lea only remembers Isa exists when he randomly shows up in Twilight Town. I’m like, where did THIS come from? I was laughing hysterically when Saix asked for ice cream. It was the most out-of-character thing I’d ever seen. Axel didn’t even seem phased by him being so friendly all of a sudden, which was also very strange. I would have expected a stronger reaction, but he seemed more annoyed by his presence than anything. Even his promise to bring him home felt more like an afterthought than a priority. “I going to get my precious ROXAS back! Oh, well, I guess I’ll bring you back too, Isa. I mean, as long as you’re here…why not?”
Tumblr media
Lea: Would you get lost? I’ll clobber you tomorrow.
Saix: Hmph. I expect no less.
I really disliked how Saix’s personality was portrayed in KH3. In my opinion, Isa’s entire redemption hinged on the fact that he was Xehanort’d. Saix was THE main villain in 358/2 Days. He was basically Xemnas-lite, only far more of an active presence than Xemnas himself was in that game. He was constantly antagonizing Roxas, Xion and Axel. By writing the story so that he was in control of himself the whole time, it sent the message that Saix’s personality is Isa’s true personality as well. And I just don’t think that works. At all. It’s inconsistent with the story, and it’s honestly insulting to Isa’s character. There was SO much evidence that Isa was not in control of himself prior to KH3.
It also left a very poor taste in my mouth because Isa was implied to be an innocent victim of cruel human experimentation, who was being controlled like a puppet by an evil madman. That is horrific abuse to a 15 year-old child. And the heartwarming resolution to his story is watching his best friend “clobber” him? Really? All he needs is someone to beat some sense into him? And keep in mind, this is supposed to be a battle to bring about the apocalypse. Why does the dialogue sound more like a pissing contest between two high school boys that are planning to have a fistfight in the parking lot after school?
Tumblr media
Saix: I was jealous.
Lea: You admit it.
Saix: Well, if I make it back…you won’t get it out of me a second time.
Isa doesn’t even get a good redemption scene. He isn’t allowed to show any emotion whatsoever. He actually berates Lea for showing emotion…FOR HIM. And what’s Lea’s opinion after Isa is defeated? He’s disgusted that he LET Xehanort “reduce him to this.” It’d be like if Ven or Aqua were disgusted at Terra for having the audacity to get possessed. But no, apparently Saix was just putting on an “act” the whole time. All of his sociopathy was just an act of macho bravado to hide his jealousy and wounded ego. Sheesh, that’s supposed to make him more sympathetic? And he’s STILL a jerk even when he apologizes. There really was no way to make Saix into a “redeemed good guy”. I mean, he was a Xehanort clone, for Christ’s sake. As far as I’m concerned, the X-shaped scar never getting explained is just symbolic of the fact that the real Isa is still dead.
Tumblr media
If it had just been shown that he was a victim of mind control, he wouldn’t have even NEEDED a redemption. He’d just… go back to being Isa, who was always good in the first place. I mean, you don’t need to redeem Xemnas to redeem Terra. Sure, it’s his body, but how stupid would it have been to have Xemnas give a half-hearted apology, then go back home with Aqua and Ven? The story could call him “Terra” all they want. But that’s still not Terra; that’s Xehanort. No, they actually needed to bring Terra back to have a truly happy ending for the trio.
That’s how I feel about Isa. KH3 can call him “Isa” all they want, but all I saw was a watered-down, slightly less douchey version of Saix masquerading as Isa. I wont go into too much detail right now because I have a huge meta almost finished (I hope to have it posted soon) analyzing Isa’s weapons and how they paint a very detailed picture of his (original) personality. And by every indication…Isa’s personality was very feminine, empathetic, and emotional. He’s basically the archetypal Yin; the Moon goddess. And that’s definitely closer to how I interpreted his personality based on BbS. I can’t see him saying ANY of the dialogue he had in KH3.
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katharaya · 2 years ago
Uy, opm Okay pero how about something written with a few lines from "Sa Ngalan ng Pag-ibig" by December Avenue as a prompt naman (sorry po natuwa kasi may nag anon nung isa)
okay but for real tho, this song is like. prime Drunk Karaoke™ music, just sayin
u didn’t specify a pairing, sooo here’s some one-sided asra/muriel, with mentions of asra/rei. pre-game angst, angst, and more angst.
If only you had been able to seethe sadness in your smileThat one morning you did not returnWake up now, so you can finally seeThe sweetness of those times from a yesterday that won’t return
“Muri,” Asra’s voice calls out in the dark of the hut. “You awake?”
Muriel turns on the bed, making it creak beneath his weight instead of answering. From his pile of furs and pillows in the corner, Asra’s eyes shine like little moons in the light leaking from the window above the door.
“So,” Asra says, propping himself up on an elbow, “Rei—” Muriel stiffens at the sound of her name, and almost misses the rest of Asra’s sentence, “—asked me to move into the shop.”
A beat.
“… is she leaving.”
“What?” Asra’s hair bounces when he startles, his curls flopping over his forehead. “No, I'm—I’ll be moving in with her.”
Another purposely-obtuse beat.
“… is she sick.”
“No, she’s not,” Asra says, always good-natured, always patient. “She just—asked.”
“Well, because—” Muriel sees Asra’s fingers moving in the moonlight, picking at a stray thread on the corner of one of his many, many pillows. “—'cause we're—y'know—”
Muriel knows. He does. And he’s happy for Asra, truly.
(But being happy for Asra and being happy about it are two very different things.)
“When are you leaving?” Muriel asks, and he hopes Asra does not know how much those words cost him.
Asra flops back down onto the pillows, his teeth flashing white in the moonlight as he grins at him, though Muriel knows Asra can’t see him across the room, hidden by the shadows as he is. Good. It means Muriel doesn’t have to control his face as he listens to the sound of his impending solitude.
“Well, tomorrow, I thought,” Asra says, rolling onto his back, tucking an arm beneath his head. “I’ll start moving my things over bit by bit, and then I’ll spend the night there, but I’ll be coming back here the next few days to get the rest of my stuff.” Asra tilts his head at Muriel and smiles, but Muriel knows the light in Asra’s eyes belongs to someone else. “So you’ll still be seeing a lot of me.”
Muriel grunts, then shifts, earning him a soft whuff from Inanna as she’s roused from her sleep at the foot of the bed. He stills, letting her settle, and tries to imprint the image of Asra’s moonlit smile in his mind, for safekeeping.
“I’m worried about you, though,” Asra continues, voice going soft. (The sound reminds him, strangely, of the sea.) “Will you be okay?”
(Or not so strange. It reminds him of a smaller Asra, a younger Asra, a not-yet-in-love Asra, who only cared about Faust, and mealtimes, and magic, and Muri, Muri, Muri.)
“… yeah.”
“You sure? Maybe—”
“Are you happy?” Muriel asks, before Asra can second-guess himself, before he can put Muriel’s happiness above his own.
“Are you happy.”
“I—yes,” Asra says, voice going softer still. It’s the voice of an older Asra, a more-in-love-than-ever Asra. “I'm—I’m really, really happy.”
“Then,” Muriel says, “I am, too.” (It is only half a lie.) “I’ll be fine.”
Muriel closes his eyes, but he can still hear Asra’s smile when he says, “Thanks, Muriel.”
Muriel grunts again. He hears Asra shift, hears the rustling of fabric as Asra settles onto his side with a pillow under his arm, the way he always sleeps.
“Night, Muri.”
He lets it echo in his mind, the words bouncing around until it gets tucked away into his long-term memory with all the other Good night Muri’s from over the years. Night, Muri; Night, Muri; Night, Muri.
It’s the last one he’ll hear for a long while, he thinks. He wants it to last.
“Night,” Muriel says, and hopes morning never comes.
It does, of course, and not even a full hour after the sun has cleared the horizon, Asra is already packed and dressed, standing in the open doorway.
“—come back for more of my stuff tomorrow,” he’s saying. Muriel nods, only half listening. Asra looks so bright in the sunlight, Muriel feels like he should cover his eyes. He doesn’t. He looks at Asra and tries to imprint this memory of him, too.
“—should come visit,” Asra continues, turning to look straight at Muriel. “I’m sure Rei would love to have you over.”
Muriel just shrugs. “Maybe,” is all he allows, but Asra smiles anyway like he’d agreed all the same.
(In truth, it’s only a matter of time, and stubbornness. He doesn’t know how to say no, not when it’s Asra.)
“Well, I’ll be off,” Asra says, fitting his scarf closer around his neck. It’s what he’s said pretty much every morning for the past—four? Five? Gods, he doesn’t even know anymore—years, ever since Asra’d started working for Rei’s aunt, before Rei had ever come to Vesuvia and stolen (no, not stolen—had been gifted) his heart. It shouldn’t sound so melancholy, and in truth maybe it really isn't—it’s just Muriel’s ears and his brain and his heart overlaying a string of please don’t go’s that make it sound that way.
“Yeah,” Muriel replies. It’s what he always says, too, but this one (the last one?) feels heavier on his tongue.
Maybe Asra senses it too (of course, of course he does), because his smile turns a little sadder, a little more wistful, and Muriel wants to kick himself for it. Asra should always smile like the world has given him everything he’s ever wanted.
Asra reaches out, places one of his soft, soft hands on Muriel’s very-much-not-soft arm. “Take care,” Asra says. “See you tomorrow, okay?”
“Yeah.” Muriel touches just the pads of his fingers to Asra’s knuckles, and smiles a little, only a little, only for him. “I’ll be here.”
And Asra smiles back like that’s everything he’s ever wanted.
Until the very end of our infinityUntil this heart stops feeling anythingEven if this forever ends somedayI will still wait, all in the name of love
Muriel shoulders the door of the hut open and carries Asra inside. Neither of them had spoken a word the whole way back from the Lazaret. In the quiet of their old home, the sound of the sand stuck to Muriel’s boots scraping against the floor with each step is much too loud.
Asra refuses to let Muriel heal his hands. When Muriel reaches for a pot of salve after washing off the blood from the skin of his split knuckles, Asra wrenches his hands away, tucking them close to his chest.
“Leave them.”
“Leave them,” Asra says, almost a growl, before he slumps over, and says, softer, “please.”
“They’ll scar,” Muriel says. He knows this from experience. Asra shouldn’t have to bear such scars.
“I know,” Asra sighs. “Let them.”
And then Asra gets up, crossing over to the pile of furs and pillows that Muriel never put away, and climbs into it, laying himself down facing the wall, his hands tucked to his chest as if to hide them from a world that would steal what little macabre mementos he has left of her.
Muriel stays awake that night, listening to the dead silence.
(He thinks it would have hurt less to just hear Asra cry outright.)
Asra doesn’t move for a solid twelve hours, save for the shallow rise and fall of his breathing, which is the only thing that reassures Muriel that he’s still alive.
And even that, perhaps, is not a certainty; there are many ways to die, and not all of them means the heart stops beating. Alive is sometimes relative thing.
(Muriel would know.)
Late in the afternoon, Muriel kneels down beside the unmoving lump of furs and nudges a plate of eggs forward.
“Eat,” he says.
The lump stirs, a little.
“’M not really hungry, Muri,” Asra mumbles. “Thanks. Maybe later.”
Muriel sighs, and sits, and waits patiently for later.
When later comes, when the sky has gone purple and the eggs have gone cold and the embers in the hearth have dimmed to a dull glow, Asra finally rolls over, blinking when he sees Muriel. His eyes are puffy and dull, but dry, although the wounds on his knuckles are still weeping, shining faintly in the dark twilight.
“Muriel,” Asra rasps out, voice cracked and dry like a desert gone decades without rain. “You’re still here.”
Muriel shrugs. “Where else would I be,” he says.
Asra doesn’t smile, but he doesn’t cry either. He just sighs, eyes closing, and goes back to sleep under Muriel’s watchful eye. There is still ash smearing Asra’s cheek, and a few grains of sand dotting his skin. Muriel reaches out to brush them away, then stops himself, and decides to just let Asra sleep.
Muriel shifts into a more comfortable position, and settles in to watch, and wait.
Morning couldn’t come fast enough.
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jaguar-knight · 2 years ago
5 Songs + OTP
Tagged by: @arthrmorgann, thanks mi hermana.
Tagging: @dreamers-dance, @question-anon, @quasahi, @almost-tracer, @totallynotasubliminalcircle, @tanadin
Angélica Vale, Marco Antonio Solís - La Llorona (Adam x Sierra)
Y aunque la vida me cueste, Llorona No dejaré de quererte No dejaré de quererte Me subí al pino más alto, Llorona A ver si te divisaba Me subí al pino más alto, Llorona A ver si te divisaba Como el pino era tierno, Llorona Al verme llorar, lloraba Como el pino era tierno, Llorona Al verme llorar, lloraba
Wisin & Yandel - Estoy Enamorado (Hector x Amaryllis)
Estoy enamorado, te lo quiero confesar Totalmente ilusionado Me la paso pensándote (Todo el tiempo) (Te cuento) Nunca voy a soltarte
Selena - I Could Fall In Love (Orion x Mithral)
I can only wonder how Touching you would make me feel But if I take that chance right now Tomorrow will you want me still?
So I should keep this to myself And never let you know
The Siege - I’m Coming Home (Akinyi x Isa)
See no man alive can effect my growth You feel the vibe when I sing this slow It’s hard to define certain things I go Through when my mind says it’s time let it show If you see a star let it shine, let it glow
The Score - Stay (Paris x ???)
Losing my words got me, got me, got me tongue tied Doubt myself and I don’t know why I wish I wasn't this person sometimes (Times, times) I make mistakes but I think it's just fine (Fine, fine) It’s just fine And I tell myself-
Stay, who you are Don't be afraid When it all comes crashing Stay, Who you are Don't be afraid, Stay
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myukulelegentlyweeps · 2 years ago
Hi guys! Okay, so a lot of exciting things coming up. I’m working on some Johnny boy fluff, as well as the sequel to Nowhere man - and anon requested Georgie smut so I will be getting started on that soon. The only thing is, I have my last final tomorrow and a very busy week in general, so the works in progress are being put on hold for now.
Thanks for understanding !
- Isa
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brieflygorgeouss · 2 years ago
Skam NL Anon here like a week later because I didn’t know you’d get through it all so quick! What are your thoughts on Isa and LVDH? Have you started season 2? What was your favourite part? I wanna know everything 💖
let me start with this: I LOVE SKAMNL SO MUCH YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW
i really liked isa’s season, it felt very true to how i remember feeling while watching s1 of skam og, and isa is so cute!! she’s such a good eva character! i really felt all the confusion and being lost that she was going through. I LOVE the girl gang in this remake, they can really teach you and show you how to be a good friend?? like, janna ?? such an amazing girl?? liv?? imaan??? 
lucas honestly stole my heart, he’s a Snake™, but i love him. i also really love the fact that isa actually seemed to forgive him and didn’t just end their friendship? it was such a nice change
and also…..this remake is so funny?? like, there was this clip where the girls sat all hungover while engel was playing some weird traditional estonian music (??) and i was laughing my ass off. and aesthetic-wise, this remake still wins. and the soundtrack is so amazing, there was this one clip where they played janelle monae and i swear i died and went to heaven for that brief moment
yeah, i’m actually halfway through liv’s season already asgdhsja i just couldn’t help myself. i actually like it A LOT so far, way more than i was expecting to (and pls consider that i never even finished noora’s season in og bc i couldn’t stand it) noah is weirdly likeable?? i’m so impressed?? i’ll probably finish tomorrow and then pray to all the gods for the s3 announcement to come soon
that’s all im gonna say for now because i could write so much more but it would get ridiculously long, so: I LOVE IT. if you wanna hear me scream about it some more, don’t hesitate to shoot me an ask asddhkdgsh bless u anon 
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isa-ghost · 3 years ago
Psst, hey, isa, this is a totally secret anon dropping by to say that you're awesome and great and I hope that you had a fantastic day, and, if not, that tomorrow is fantastic -totally not Nove (:
how dare you
ily Nove
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dragonhoardsbookz · 3 years ago
I'd really like to see more of the HondObi Ohnakenobi universe where the bar fight to place. (I also really need to make that account.) What exactly does Obi-Wan do in that? It doesn't seem like he's still a Jedi.
(Hello Anon, I had wondered if you’re still around. I started to write Anakin meeting Obi-Wan for the first time, which of course is Hondo’s fault, but then I realized it wasn’t exactly what you asked for. Still got the doc saved though *hint, hint*)
Obi-Wan listend to Fett’s propsal, growing more and more disgusted by the minute. When Fett fell silent, it took all of his self control to prevent himself from screaming at the man, he didn’t need to draw attention to this part of the cantina. Not with the item currently residing in the inside pocket of his coat. Instead, he answered calmly: “No.”
“No? Kenobi, you are one of the Best, and the pay is considerable. Why would you refuse this offer?” Fett asked incredulously.
“Because you’re asking me to help you train a clone army. For the Republic. Do you know the rights of cloned sentients? Because I do. You’re setting up thousands of sentient beings to be slaves. Born and trained to die for the Republic, and die they will, in whatever war they will be used. I refuse to be involved in slavery of any kind.” This time, Obi-Wan didn’t quite manage to keep the disgust out of his voice. Across from him, Jango looked striken. Obviously, he hadn’t fully considered the ramifications of that project he’d gotten involved in.
Obi-Wan got up. “Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a delivery to make and an asshole to shoot. Be seeing you.” He turned to leave, but couldn’t help but deliver a parting shot: “And Fett? The next time we meet, it’ll be as mere acquaintances. I don’t sleep with slavers.”
“Here you are, my Lady. With compliments of Isa Nerim.” Obi-Wan handed the wrapped package over to the lady sitting in the chair in front of him and gave a small bow. Old habits die hard, and all that. She pulled the black velvet away to look at the item inside.
“This is most satisfactory, Mister Kenobi, your fee will be transferred into your account momentarily.” She got up. “Will you be staying on the planet long?”
“Only until tomorrow, I’m afraid. I have another contract to fulfill, but then I will leave immediately”, he answered. She didn’t need to know that the “contract“ involved a hundred thousand credit bounty on the local crime boss.
“I see. If you would call here again before you leave the planet, I might have another job for you, concerning a safe delivery of a certain object to Alderaan.” Obi-Wan bowed again and left. Of course she did. Nobles never run out of items, messages or secrets they needed delivered securely and discreetly. Obi-Wan wasn’t sue how he’d ended up as a high-level courier, but it payed well and gave him access to a lot of dirty secrets, so he wasn’t complaining all that much.
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