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wrongmha 15 hours ago
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Toga: What slurs have you used? Shigaraki: Every morning I stand in front of my mirror and say all of them. Dabi: Alphabetically or chronologically? Shigaraki: H-how do you say slurs chronologically? Spinner: Looking up dinosaur slurs in the fossil records.
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animedaddymilkers 2 days ago
hey can i get uhhhhhhh shigaraki for the ask game?
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shigaraki's love language is: quality time & physical touch!
love starved bby has two 馃槡
He loves sharing his hobbies and favorite activities with you
Like literally nearly dies when you ask to play a video game with him
Even if you're terrible, he might get agitated but in the end he's so happy he gets to share this with you
Or even if you just sit and watch while he explains the whole entire plot of the game to you
That's his FAVORITE shit right there!!!!
He does the same with you
Just sits there and watches "What are you doing?" "oh... Explain it to me?"
Also hasn't really found anyone that isn't scared shitless to touch him so when you're comfortable enough he loves touching you
Can barely get enough of your skin on his
Sits you in his lap when he's playing games
Constantly giving you lil smooches on your neck and head and cheeks and shoulders and...you get the point
Comes into the bathroom just to hold your hand while you're in the shower
He's a clingy baby but it's just because he's absolutely enthralled and obsessed with you
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lexxiie 15 hours ago
Hi Lexxiie 鈽猴笍 how are you doing today?
So I've got a request for BNHA (lov) with their kids (maybe 5 years old). How would life be like for them?
Thank you and if you don't want to write this, it's okay.
Have an awesome day/night.
Hello there, sweet anon! I'm doing pretty good, what about you?Sorry this took so long! Hope you have a wonderful day as well. I feel like this works as a sequel for this post.
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Fandom: My Hero Academia
Featuring: Shigaraki | Dabi | Overhaul | Hawks.
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When They Are Fathers
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A great dad. I promise.
He was obviously pretty scared when he learnt that he would be a dad, but the moment he held his son for the very first time, he knew it was the best thing that could ever happen to him.
The man has a great example of what a shitty dad is like, his fear of being like Kotaro makes him a bit too permisive when it comes to his child.
According to your son, Tomura is the "cool" parent.
It's honestly a bit evil of him to force you to be the bad guy, but whatever. It's not like saying no to ice-cream everyday is the worst thing ever.
Especially since Tomura always buys it for him behind your back.
I picture all of this happening after Tomura kicks AFO's ass, so he has come to peace with heroes. (some heroes)
When your son tells him that he wants to become a hero when he gets older, he reminds himself that telling him that he can become one is the best he can do as a dad, despite how much it bothers him.
He even plays with his child pretending he's the terrifying villain and your son is the hero who has to defeat him.
I picture that whatever his son's quirk is, it'll somehow be a variation of Tomura's, so he can touch his child without hurting him.
This is a big deal for him because he wouldn't be able to live with the fear of hurting him as he does with you.
Your son says that his dad is his best friend, which melts your heart.
Did I mention that Tomura got him a dog for his 5th birthday? Because he did. Despite how hard you asked him not to.
He's much more fond of the dog than your son, though. You are starting to realize that he bought it for himself.
He wants his kid to be proud of him; he has become a better person ever since he was born.
He stays up late when your son has nightmares and they build a fort in which he reads stories to the kid.
The kind of dad who says the kid is beautiful because he looks like his mother.
Such a great dad, truly.
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Now, this guy is the definition of a "cool dad."
Seriously. He and your son spend 99% of the time pissing you off. It's like having two kids at home.
Touya, much like Tomura, had a great example of what a shitty dad looks like, and he won't be like that to his own son.
It's actually his biggest fear. He wants to be what his dad never was to him for his kid, and for you.
I ike to think that Touya's firstborn would actually have both, a fire quirk and an ice quirk, and wouldn't that be the greatest karma for Enji? Maybe it's not exactly like Shouto's, but it's a variation, and unlike Touya, your boy can use his blue flames without a problem.
This was actually a huge fear of Touya. He was terrified that he had cursed his kid with the same problem that he has because, while he may not care much about himself, his child is everything to him, and so are you. He would never forgive himself if you had to suffer while seeing your son in pain, so thank god you didn't have to.
I would be lying if I said that the fact that your child has such a powerful quirk doesn't feed Touya's ego, because it does. IT DOES.
He also tends to boost his son's ego as well, which is a bit of a problem. The other day you got a call from school because your child told everyone on his class that "his daddy said" that they would never be as great as him. That obviously led to you scolding both, father and son.
This man is the type of dad who says that every single defect his child has is thanks to the mother.
If someone ever even hints that his child resembles endeavour, he'll throw hands.
Those are the only occasions where he'll say that his son is just like his mother.
When your son first got into kindergarden, a couple of kids used to bother him, and Touya personally went to school to scare the shit out of those poor 3 year olds.
He might not have turned into the hero he once wanted to be, but he turned into this little kid's hero, and that's even better.
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There's so much to unpack here.
First of all, I feel like he didn't care about Eri because she had nothing to do with him. However, this is his child. It's and extension of himself, his legacy.
So, the situation is very different here.
His daughter is his princess, and he spoils her to no end.
He's the kind of dad who has a whole ass HOUSE to serve as his kid's room, with a lot of fancy stuff.
Don't get me wrong though, he never changed her diapers, and you could count with one hand the times he got up in the middle of the night to calm her down, however, it's not because he didn't care, he's just so... Useless in that sense, you know?
The fun began as your kid got old enough to start speaking, and turned out to share persoanlities with his father... That was not fun for you, but it was very fun for him.
She's honestly such a brat, you can't deny it. Still, she has a good heart.
He physicaly can't say no to your child, so you have to do so. It's very annoying to be the boring parent, but it's even worse when the father is Kai. How can you be that parent when he's the counterpart? What does that turn you into?
Still, your daughter is very close to you as well.
He has tea parties with your child, where they discuss very important matters that they refuse to share with you.
It really doesn't matter as long as you get to see such a frightening man trying to fit in a chair made for a 5 year old. Very gratifying.
He reads stories to you daughter as well, except that they are not conventional tales for children, no. He chooses books from his personal collection to read to your literal baby. You know what's the worst part? She enjoys them.
The man is just completely in love with his kid, seriously.
I do believe that she would have your quirk, not his, though. He doesn't mind as much as he thought he would.
I don't believe he ever thought of having kids, nor do I imagine him being fond of the idea, but I think he wouldn't change a thing.
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Oh boy...
another child-like type of father.
He always wanted kids, so he's excited since day one. Unlike Kai, this man was so eager to do all the tiring stuff when his daughter was a baby. You feel a bit embarrassed by the fact that you took advantage of that, but not that embarrassed to be honest.
After all, you had to carry your child for night months right? He can do the rest just fine.
Unlike Touya and Tomura, he isn't scared that he'll be a bad parent just because his were terrible. He is confident on who he is as an individual, and is very excited to be what he never had.
Your daughter would probably have a variation of his own quirk, maybe even a mix between yours and his, actually.
That would make him very happy, for your child to have a bit of both of you.
He is one to say that his daughter took after him, however, what he actually believes is that she's just like you, and he's very glad about that.
He has a bit of a hard time being strict, but he does know how to say no when necessary.
He's such a crying baby, by the way. He cried when he saw the first ultrasound, when she was born, with her first day at school, and every single time she says she wants to be like daddy when she grows up.
They play pretend all the time. Except that unlike every child in the world, Your daughter insists on being the villain.
They also have a special greeting he does every time he's on TV to let her know that he's thinking about her.
Your child always asks Keigo to do things like painting her nails or do her hair even though he's terrible at it, because "I don't want him to think that I don't love him as much as you Mommy."
She says she loved her new nails/hair every single time, despite how horrendous they migh look.
He absolutely loves his life with you, and couldn't ask for anything else.
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buns-is-sinning a day ago
Only 6 days left to vote Shiggy as the best antagonist for the crunchyroll Anime awards!!
this might be the last shot we have at voting for him on there 馃挃
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Shigaraki & Spinner: [coming back from the game store, arms full of games & merch]
Kurogiri: How did you pay for all of that?
Spinner: We may or may not have mortgaged the bar.
Kurogiri: What!?
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originaldouble 23 hours ago
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fuck you afo let spinner comfort his boyfriend
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mettywiththenotes 2 days ago
Shiggy in war arc: *ethereal, powerful, amazing* Also Shiggy in war arc:
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I can鈥檛 see shit
Tumblr media
Oh!! It my sister!!!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This man needs a hair tie stat
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Tenko I don鈥檛 feel so good
鈥淩emember who you are. You are my son and the one true king. Remember who you are.鈥 *emotional lion king soundtrack plays*
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He is just a tiny boy he cannot change this
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The Evil Has Been Defeated
Tumblr media
Wii music plays
Tumblr media
It鈥檚 mr steal yo cape
Tumblr media
He鈥檚 just a lil guy!! you wouldn鈥檛 hurt a lil guy would you!!!
Tumblr media
Why is this so cute. Why does he look cute like this
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Why hand not do what I want
Tumblr media
Fear him
Tumblr media
Charging up part 2
Tumblr media
Charging up part 3 - the epic conclusion
Tumblr media
Stick my leggy out real far
Tumblr media
He鈥檚 still going
Tumblr media
Pictures taken seconds before disaster
Tumblr media
There he goes
Tumblr media
About to cause shenanigans
Tumblr media
WAP? In MY shiggy?? Its more likely than you think
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
How to train your dragon 5
Tumblr media
Mans so fast his speech bubbles can鈥檛 catch up
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Matrix mode activated
Tumblr media
Identity Crisis part 1 (tbc)
Tumblr media
Old man strikes again
Tumblr media
A s c e n d
Tumblr media
Taken down by old man
Tumblr media
Young man not ready to die by boomer
Tumblr media
*wrestling announcer voice* waTCH OUT WATCH OUT WATCH OUT
Tumblr media Tumblr media
What it feels like when your dog runs after a squirrel and you lose control
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I love myself even though I look like a BURNT chicken nugget I still love myself
Tumblr media
God help this man and his chuckle fuck parasite
Tumblr media
Invader zim kinnie
Tumblr media
Spider shig spider shig
Tumblr media
I鈥檓 gonna need people stop burning him
Tumblr media
Hold him gentle
Tumblr media
Along for the ride
Tumblr media
VIP very important puppet
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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League of Villains sticker designs:)
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macckenchiz 2 days ago
Still upset that they didn't gave Freddy Roxy's eye lashes
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Also every time I draw someone flipping middle finger I have to do one myself for easy reference. It's a pretty good excuse when I want to do it in front of someone.
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kazutorasgoodboy 15 hours ago
Shigaraki is the hottest villain alive pass it on
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heimai a day ago
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they should hug i think
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yee-yee-bretherens 2 days ago
Spinner: There's nothing wrong with kissing Shigaraki goodnight! He's my friend, it's what you do with friends!
Magne: You asked him to marry you,,,twice,,,
Spinner: I asked him to marry me PLATONICALLY
Magne:,,,,Right! Sure whatever you say sweetie
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fandom-official 2 days ago
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Do the good guys or the bad guys win the day? 馃挜
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sasuke-wants-tea a day ago
Woooooo lil king
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koriand 2 months ago
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incorrectbnhavillainsworld 19 hours ago
Shigaraki: So, found a good place for the new console?
Twice: Yeah! There's this place on eBay called Gadget Chimp, they're based in some place called Burkina Faso.
Shigaraki: Uh...
Twice: See, what they do is, they sell your email address and pass the savings on to you!
Shigaraki: Ok, I'm signing you up for an internet safety class. You're not allowed back online until you pass it.
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originaldouble 23 hours ago
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he just wants his friend back :(
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mettywiththenotes a day ago
I give you... Them
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tohmura 17 days ago
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symbol of fear 鈽 姝绘焺鏈 寮
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loweater 2 months ago
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Taking a Break
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