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hi anon! i hope you like this one, it was sooo cute to write! thank you for sending it in! feel free to send in any requests you guys like to see! 

Tony Stark x Reader (Fluff!) No warnings :) Word Count: 378

You picked out a camisole today, feeling the heat start to get to you in the morning. You grinned at your little baby bump showing and patted your stomach lovingly. You noticed the small note clipped on the door of the bedroom from Tony, “I’ll be in the lab when you wake up!” You laugh at it silently, smiling at your husband’s writing.

You headed out of the bedroom and strolled over to the lab while patting your baby bump again. “You ready to see daddy?” You asked quietly down to your stomach, while walking into the lab. He didn’t notice you at first, as he was fixing one of his suits, twirling a screwdriver into one of the ports.

You cleared your throat to catch his attention, smiling when he suddenly looked up and dropped his screwdriver. “Good morning,” You hummed quietly, stepping closer to your husband. He gazed down at your baby bump with a large smile, “Hey sugar, and hello there lil’ me.” He directed to your baby bump. He grinned, looking back up to you affectionately, “May I?”

You giggled out a small, “Yes,” allowing Tony to hold your stomach. His facial expression changed into a softer and more adoring one as he leaned down to your baby bump. “Hi lil’ me, your mommy and I love you so much. When you start growing up a little, we could have fun in the lab together, maybe learn how to build safe robots, and your mommy can teach you all her fighting styles. We’re going to be a perfect family,” Tony whispered down to your baby bump.

Your face changed into one of admiration at Tony’s words. You “awed” out to Tony as he kissed the baby bump lightly and smiled at it. “Babe that was so sweet.” You spoke up, smiling at Tony as he stood back up. He smiled back to you, grasping one of your cheeks, and leaning in, “I love you and you.” He whispered looking back down to the baby bump.

You giggled back to his words, “I love you too.” Tony hummed back and leaned back closer to you, kissing your lips deeply. He pulled back and you looked down to your baby bump, “Love you too, lil’ Tony.”

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Y/n: so… I had a conversation yesterday

Steve: okay…?

Y/n: with Tony

Steve: oh no

Y/n: I was thinking, wouldn’t it be practical if there were Cats as big as Ponys

Steve: isn’t he a dog person?

Y/n: yes, and this is the part. He said, there are. I got super excited.

Steve: *whispering* oh no

Y/n: but then he showed me pictures of lions and tigers, in general “wild cats”

Steve: oh wow that was a pretty harmless sto-

Y/n: needless to say I can’t enter my room

Steve: wait why??


Steve: what did you do?!


Steve: Y/n!

Y/n: I bought a lion


Y/n: oh no

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hi lovely-lady-lumps! i hope you like this one! this request reminded me of a time i accidentally broke a few things haha! i’m going to start working on the rest of the requests, thank you for sending this in! 

feel free to send in any requests you guys want to see!

Tony Stark x Reader (Fluff!) No warning :) Word Count: 428

You were laying in bed playing with Tony’s glasses and browsing through social media. You placed the glasses down on the bed next to you and you rolled over, looking for your headphones on the floor, and you rolled back over the bed, hearing a click. You gasped when you realized the mistake you made.

You lifted your body up to see it was your boyfriend’s glasses and you immediately cursed at yourself, while trying to pick the pieces of the glasses up and fixing them. The other glass popped out of the socket of the glasses, making you groan in frustration and fear.

You really didn’t want him to be angry, since you knew today had been overly stressful. And right then, you heard the door open with a shout, “I’m home!” Your eyes widened immediately looking back down to the glasses your just broke.

Your hands began to shake, still not knowing what to do with the glasses so you chucked them under the blanket, along with your body as you began to feel yourself tear up. Sure, it was only a pair of glasses, but those glasses were a project he was working on for a while. You just didn’t want him to be upset and even more stressed here at home with you.

“Baby?” Tony called out again, reaching the bedroom. He paused for a second, hearing your sniffling and he walked straight over to the bed concerned. “Sugar, are you okay?” He asked softly, leaning down to the blanket, and lifting it up.

You instantly start repeating your apologies, “I’m so sorry! It was a mistake, I’m really sorry, please don’t be mad!” Tony’s confusion and worry doubled while hearing your apologies, and he cut you off, “What happened?”

You cautiously pulled the glasses out, placing them in Tony’s hands. “I’m really sorry honey. I know how much this meant to you and that you’re already really strained from work-” Tony cut you off with a soft laugh.

“Babe, it’s alright, you really scared me for a second, come here.” Tony spoke lightly, placing the broken glasses down on the floor. He held his arms out and you sighed out happy he wasn’t upset. You got up and hugged him tightly.

“I’m sorry.” You mumbled again, just to make sure he was alright with the broken glasses. “It’s okay, you don’t have to apologize.” Tony whispered back and pulled away giving you a small kiss on your lips. You wiped your tears away and grinned back to him, leaning down for another kiss.

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@goldenavcnger​ “when i try to guess your trajectory i end up telling my own story.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Carol asked, brows knitting together, a drunken grin on her face. Bars were better if she wanted a certain kind of company, but on nights like tonight when she just wanted to let loose, she always found herself here. Tony though, wasn’t cracking jokes and spitting insults at his little robots – he was looking at her with this solemnity in his gaze. “Is that like, your way of telling me I’m gonna wind up banging a patriotic fugitive?” she teased, the words slurring together. She leaned forward, her drink sloshing over her hand. She shook it off, sending sparks flying. “Whoops,” she said, shrugging. “Anyway, you know you’re gonna have to like, do something about that, yeah?” 

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