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#tony & peter

Peter: On graduation day i’m gonna sing ‘Fuck You’ by Lily Allen when Flash Thompson is giving a speech.

Tony: I’ll let it slide this time…

Peter: :D

Stephen: Oh my god.

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So I’ve very recently gotten into Marvel fanfiction, specifically Tony & Peter (non romantic). So if anyone has suggestions for that or any other MCU fanfiction I’d love it.

I’m also interested in any Tony related things, especially hurt tony (physically/emotionally/mentally) with or without Peter and I’m a sucker for any tradgic romance so any Peggy & Steve. But I’m open to anything else too.

So far I’ve only read works by Emily_F6 on AO3

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Irondad Fic Rec

I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy this weekend!! Today’s fic is

The hearth by @sagemb (@beachtree

Summary: What to Do When Your Wife Is Out of the Country: A Guide by Tony Stark

1) Gain partial custody of a child

2) Sleep on the couch

3) Have the child gain partial custody of you


With May and Pepper out of town, Tony and Peter basically look after each other and it’s one of my absolute favorite fics ever. 

One of my absolute favorite lines in this fic is ““Peter is a terrible example of my parenting, by the way. He gets himself nearly killed on a weekly basis. That’s all May and Ben. I’m more like the enabling vodka aunt than anything else. When I’m a real dad, well. You’ll see.”

“You can’t be the vodka aunt,” Pepper points out. “You’re sober.”

There are like at least 20 other lines I wanted to copy & paste here because it’s just so well written and well done, but this one made me giggle.

This is a slice of life fic and I think a very beautiful, realistic, well crafted look at irondad. The characterization of Tony is spot on, as is Peter. Peter acts like an actual teenager and I love it. I love the Pepperony sprinkled throughout. This fic also acts as a fantastic character study of Tony. It’s so well written and truly something special. If you haven’t read this fic before, you’re really missing out. It’s phenomenal. Honestly @beachtree wrote a perfect fic. One last thought - I’m gonna steal some of her thoughts that she wrote down in her endnotes because they’re amazing and show how insightful this fic is:

Always the two essential questions when it comes to writing Tony Stark and Peter Parker are, “How responsible does Tony feel for Peter’s actions, as well as his well-being, whether that refers to the physical or emotional?” and “What degree of emotional intimacy and/or physical involvement does this result in?”

From there you can unpack an infinite number of follow-up questions that help you define their relationship in a more in-depth way, but fundamentally those are the two questions you are answering in any fic you write about them.

Why is Peter and Tony’s relationship so special? Is it the fact that they have the same understanding of so many things (responsibility, helping, defending, innovation and technology) despite having come from two wholly different lives, and in effect they have an implausibly natural understanding of each other? Does this necessarily indicate a father-son relationship? I don’t think so. Most of us barely understand our fathers. Some of us resent them. Few of us have wholly healthy relationships with them. The lives of parents and children are too ingratiated for the ugly parts not to mesh together as well, to feed off each other.

I love this fic 3000 please read it. And always, if you love a fic, be sure to comment and let the author know. Feedback is the lifeblood of fanfic. And everyone could use a little pick me up in these hard COVID-19 times. 

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Even Stars Fall Asleep 

Summary: Baby-sitting AU part 4! Featuring baby Peter who refuses to sleep and Tony at his wit’s end deciding to bore him to tears with astrophysics- and his tactic backfiring spectacularly. 

Dedicated to @josywbu for being a wonderful, funny, inspiring, amazing friend and being a star in literally a thousand different ways. This is also my apology to you lol. Sorry for hurting you with angst!! <3 <3 please see the ao3 link for more gushing about yourself –> AO3 Link

and without further ado: 

“Peter, you have to go to sleep.” Tony groans, rolling over from where he’s flopped on the couch to stare at the wide eyed and sufficiently bushy-tailed child running wildly around the living room.

“NEEVVERRR!!” Peter shouts, like it’s a deeply moving war cry.

Tony groans louder, burying his face into the pillow.

“I knew I shouldn’t have given you some of my coffee.”

“But you DID!”

“I suck.” Tony announces before Peter jumps on top of him and Tony almost dies from his knee stabbing right into his back.

“No! You’re the best! Stop being self- self-” Peter frowns and then starts smacking Tony’s shoulder, “Tony!!”

“Deprecating. Stop being self-deprecating.” Tony answers, with about as much enthusiasm as a funeral procession.

“Yeah! Deprecating!”

Peter readjusts himself so he sits neatly on Tony’s back, his free leg swinging cheerfully in the air. “Tony, you should play with me.” He declares, pulling on Tony’s ear, moving his head this way and that.

“Nooooo sleeeep.” Tony moans, batting his hand away.

“Don’t wanna!”

Tony sighs, taking a deep breath before jerking upwards so that Peter flies back. Peter shrieks as Tony pounces on him, swinging him up over his shoulder like it’s nothing. Peter’s head swings from where he’s slumped over Tony’s back and he kicks his legs, “I’m getting a head rush!! I’m DIZZY!!”

“You literally don’t even know what a head rush is you big baby.” Tony retorts, but he slides Peter down so that he’s carrying him properly, Peter’s arms now wrapped around his neck.

“See? You know how to sit still when you want.” Tony says, shifting Peter around to open his bedroom door.

“I’m waiting for a surprise attack.” Peter whispers.

Tony snorts, “Oh really?”

Peter brings a finger to his lips, “Lesson number one. Stay very very quiet. Lesson number two, you make everyone think you’re gonna listen so when you don’t listen, it’s a surprise.”

Tony drops him unceremoniously atop the bed and Peter falls with an oof. “And who taught you that? Ned?”

Peter wrinkles his nose, “No. Teen Titans did!”

“I’m telling May that show’s inappropriate.” Tony drawls, pushing Peter’s head onto the pillow with one hand.

And like a game of whack-a-mole, Peter darts up and Tony stuffs him back down until Peter finally lies down. “Okay, you win.” He says, burrowing under the covers.

“Oh thank God. I was seriously considering knocking you out with your Darth Vader doll.”

“It’s not a doll.” Peter grumbles.

“Alright. Sure. Okay. Good night you little hell raiser.” Tony leans over to ruffle Peter’s hair before leaving his door open just an inch and flopping back onto the couch hoping to knock out himself until May and Ben get home.

In hindsight, that was his first mistake.

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Pairing: Peter Parker & Tony Stark (platonic)

Prompt: “Are you hurt?” “No.” “Then why are there bruises all over your face?”

Words: 980

Warnings: bruises, a swear word


Peter didn‘t have a good day. He wasn’t having a lot of good days recently. Everything seemed to go wrong and he just couldn’t figure out why. He seemed to mess up everything he could possibly mess up, becoming more clumsy than usual and everyone became more and more annoyed with him. Ned, MJ, even aunt May and Mister Stark (even thoughhe told him not to call him that anymore a long time ago).

Even when he tried to do better, he just couldn‘t. He knew that he was probably just overfocusing on it and that‘s why it didn‘t get better. He should just let this bad time pass and wait for it to get better, after all there wasn‘t much he could do.

He still tried, of course. The thoughts in his head wouldn‘t stop, all he could think about was what he had done wrong and how annoyed everyone was. Last monday Mister Stark almost lost it. First Peter had knocked over a bunch of tech that was standing around because he wasn‘t paying attention (when was he ever) and then he had messed up some settings in his suit that took Mister Stark pretty long to fix - neither of them knew how he could even mess them up but well, he did and now he had to fix it. And then, as the cherry on top, he spilled his drink everywhere.

Peter could see in his face how much he wanted to yell at him. Mister Stark had been tense ever since Peter had walked into the lab, he had probably had a stressful day already. Luckily, he did not yell at Peter. Instead, he just covered his eyes with his hand, running it down his face.

„Leave it,“ he told the kid, who frantically tried to dry the desk. „Just. Leave. It.“

Slowly, Peter put down the tissue he was holding. „Um.. should I..“ he didn‘t even know what he should do.

„Please just.. just go home, kid.“ He still wasn‘t looking at him.

Peter wanted to say something but he was scared. Scared that he would make things even worse, somehow. So he just left.

And now he was thinking about it again, even though he was supposed to focus on his patrol. It ended how it had to end, with Peter getting into a fight he wasn‘t prepared for and some ugly bruises. Nothing major but still - just because he healed faster didn‘t mean it didn‘t hurt.

He got home safely after that, thank God. Still caught up in his thoughts (would he ever learn?) he crawled in through the window, not bothering to be quiet since aunt May knew he what he did at night now. Still, he tried not to be too loud and wake her up. Which turned out to be unnecessary as she was still awake anyway.

„Sounds like someone‘s home,“ Peter heard her voice coming from the living room.

He just wanted to answer when he heard the second voice. „I better go and say hello then.“

Mister Stark. It had been days since he had seen him or talked to him. The last interaction they had was Peter spilling his drink and then being sent home. What did he want from him now? Was he still mad?

„Hey Pete.“ He sounded just as calm as always. HIs voice seemed to be a little softer around Peter but he was probably just imagining that. Wishful thinking.

He was carrying something, it almost looked like a small fridge. Walking into Peter‘s room he set it down. „Got your suit all fixed up.“ He smiled up at Peter, revealing the content of the box. The suit looked amazing, little particles of it flying around all the time.

Standing up Mister Stark gave him a concerned look. „Why don‘t you take that mask off?“.

Oh, right. He didn‘t even realise he was still wearing it. Pulling it off his face he took a step closer to his new suit. ‘‘Mister Stark, this is-‘‘

Before he could even finish his sentence his face was softly turned to the side so he was faccing his mentor.

“Are you hurt?”


 “Then why are there bruises all over your face?”

„Listen, Mister Stark-‘‘

„I told you to stop calling me that, didn‘t I? And I also told you to come and talk to me when you‘re in trouble. Right?“

„Right. But it was just a small fight, nothing major. I‘m all good.“

Tony looked at him. He stared. Peter hated it when he had that look. It always felt as if he was staring right through him, into his soul.

He finally let out a breath. „Listen. I know I was pretty annoyed last time but I didn‘t mean to.. I don‘t want you to feel like I don‘t care what happens to you, alirght? Even if I‘m mad at you. You can still talk to me and ask for help.“

„Mist- Tony, that‘s really nice but I‘m really fine, there is no need for you to worry about me.“

„But I do. I always worry about you. I’d rather you don’t go out there at all.“

Peter already opened his mouth in protest, but was cut off.

„But I know that you’ll do it anyway. Damn it, you did it in an old sweater and goggles for fuck’s sake. So the best I can do is give you a good suit and look after you. I don’t want you to get hurt, okay?“

Peter nodded slowly. This was getting a bit much for him.

„Good. I made some upgrades by the way, to make sure you’ll be there for some time to annoy me a bit more.“

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what is it with me and loving stupid dumbass self sacrificing heroes who have to be my fave characters who are also father figures to an extremely important teen with superpowers who must now learn how to survive without them in their lives? 

like i swear i’m not a masochist….but after this i might be???

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also on ao3

If someone had asked Tony how he thought he would die, he would not have said a car crash. A suit crash, maybe; going out in a fight as Iron Man seemed par for the course. Maybe if he was really lucky, he’d get old and grey and die peacefully in his sleep.

He would definitely not have said that teaching Peter to drive would be the death of him.  

“Brakes, Pete!” Tony shouted, clutching the oh, shit handle with white knuckles. “That’s a stop sign!”

“I knew that,” Peter said quickly. He slammed the brakes and halted the car jerkily. “See, we’re stopped.”

Tony breathed out shakily. “Turn on your signal, go right,” he reminded Peter. Peter turned it on. “No, your other right.”

“Maybe I wanted to go left,” Peter said, taking the turn very slowly. “You don’t know me. You don’t know my life.”

“Finish your turn,” Tony grumbled. “You’re allowed to go faster than two miles an hour, you know. The speed limit is- not that fast!

Peter slammed his foot on the gas by accident, shooting them forward wildly until he could get the car under control again. “Sorry,” he said sheepishly. “My bad. I forgot which pedal was which.”

“Oh my god,” Tony had never been religious, but he was considering praying at that moment. “Please don’t hit that mailbox that you’re rapidly approaching. The brake is on the left.”

“Thanks, Mr. Stark,” said Peter. He steered them away from the mailbox, sharp enough that he changed lanes. Tony spared a moment to be glad that the streets were empty. “Wait, which side of the road am I supposed to be on?”

“The right side,” Tony said incredulously. “Peter, you’ve been in a car before.”

Peter drifted into the right lane. “I knew that,” he said. “Of course I knew that.”

“I’m going to die,” Tony said calmly. “This is the end of Iron Man. This is where I die.”

“The passenger’s seat is the most dangerous place to be in case of a crash,” Peter agreed. “You’ll go right through the windshield.”

“Not reassuring, Pete.”

“At least you’re wearing a seatbelt, right?” Peter laughed, jerking the wheel by accident. “Oops.”

“You just blew a stop sign,” Tony pointed out, utterly resigned. “Are you color blind or something? That’s the second one.” Peter turned to look at him. “Eyes on the road!”

“I have super reflexes, Mr. Stark,” said Peter defensively. He kept his eyes on the road, though. “It’s not like we’re actually going to crash.”

“Famous last words,” Tony said darkly. “Remind me again why I’m here?”

“You lost a bet,” Peter answered. He rounded another turn very slowly, foot hovering over the break.

Tony would never tell Peter, but he had asked May to let him teach the kid how to drive. She had agreed, mostly because she was a terrible driver herself and hadn’t been looking forward to teaching Peter. Happy had lobbied for the job, too, but Tony had claimed boss rights and driven Peter to the back streets around the Compound. Far away from the city, Peter had less of a chance of crashing into an unsuspecting pedestrian. Tony was glad for that bit of foresight; Peter had already crashed into three mailboxes and taken several years off of Tony’s life.

“It was me or Happy,” Tony countered. “Who would you prefer?”

“Well, Happy drives for a living, and you don’t,” Peter pointed out. “So, I mean…”

Tony gasped in offense. “The sass!” he said. “Respect your elders, Underoos. I’ll have you know that I’m a better driver than Happy.”

Peter shrugged delicately. “If you say so, Mr. Stark.” He slowed down, turning carefully into the driveway of the Compound.

“Watch the- you drove over the lawn,” Tony was already calculating the amount of damage from Peter’s first foray into driving.

“In my defense, the driveway is small.”

“No, it’s not,” Tony laughed. “You’re just a bad driver.”

“I’m not that bad!” Peter tried. The car jerked forward when he missed the brake and hit the gas instead, coming within inches of hitting the Compound building.

Tony raised an eyebrow. “Well, it can’t get much worse,” he said dryly.

“Maybe I need some more practice,” admitted Peter, putting the car in park.

“Just a little,” Tony smiled and ruffled Peter’s hair. “You did good, kid.”

“Thanks, Dad- uh, I mean, Mr. Stark,” Peter stuttered out. He practically ran out of the car, mumbling something about projects and training and walking home.

Tony chuckled to himself, taking off his seatbelt and stepping out of the car. He’d have to take Peter out again soon; after all, someone had to teach the kid to drive. It might as well be him.

(Tony wasn’t fooling anyone, least of all himself. He’d had more fun that afternoon than he had in awhile, and all he did was fear for his life with his kid at the wheel.)

“Boys,” Pepper said slowly. She inspected the car. “How did the car get so scratched up?”

Tony had a flash of Peter driving into a thornbush. Multiple times. “AIM attack,” he said gravely. “Pete and I had to fight them off. The car was an unfortunate casualty.”

“We did our best, Miss Potts,” Peter said sincerely. “There were just too many of them.”

Pepper sighed. “Tony, you’re getting it repainted,” she said tiredly. “Now, come on. It’s movie night and I will start without you.”

Peter and Tony exchanged grins and followed Pepper out of the garage.

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