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As much as I love and adore Peggy carter with all my heart, I dont think Steve would’ve gone back for her. When Bucky started disintegrating, Steve stood in place shocked. He couldn’t move, his best friend was dying and he knew he couldn’t do anything. But when Bucky was gone he ran over to where the ashes(? dust?) was like Dean ran up the stairs in Supernatural 15.19. There’s only three other times we see someone running to someone important to them thats dusting: example 1: Wanda and Vision, example 2: Rocket and Groot, and example 3: Tony and Peter. In this essay I will-

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Steve, to Harley: Why would you give Peter a knife?

Harley: He wanted a weapon.

Steve: So you just gave him a knife?

Harley: He told me what he wanted to do with it, and after I heard the plan I was more than happy to oblige.

Harley: And, unrelated you should probably watch yourself, especially around Tony.

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Tony, teaching Peter to drive: OK, so you’re driving and Steve and Stephen walk onto the road. Quick, what do you hit?

Peter: Steve, and then get out of the car to give Stephen a high five

Tony: No- Wait that actually sounds pretty good.

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look, I love tony stark but i do wish the spiderman movies were more about peter parker. while mcu peter is inheriting tony’s legacy, the villains seem like tony stark villains and not spiderman villians which i think does a disservice to his character

also, i too am tired of seeing uncle ben die, but i wish we at least got a flashback about him in sm2 because he’s the reason spiderman exists. replacing uncle ben with tony was not the best decision - instead the common theme of mourning should have been emphasized instead of tony’s death overtaking everything - objectively uncle ben meant more to peter than tony (in the comics they aren’t super duper close but the mentor relationship between spiderman and ironman is good but there isn’t enough of “peter parker is spiderman and makes spiderman”)

one of the things that makes spiderman so relatable is his struggles. he’s a lower class, minimum wage working kid who is trying to balance his life the best he possibly can which we are told mcu!spiderman goes through but we don’t get to see it. he has it a loooottt easier than comic book spiderman.

as much as i like the whole irondad spiderson, mentorship thing, i feel like their canon relationship shouldn’t be so one-sided.

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Guys that new fic I was writing the one where May is dating Skip and Peter is openly bi ? It’s too long. I’ve reached Tumblrs limit omg ,,, ya’ll this is gonna have to be a 2 shot story,

I haven’t even finished it yet.

Lemme work some things around I can probably have the first part up within the hour but I don’t have an ETA on the 2nd part considering I still gotta write it all rip

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Omg hi !!! Idk who you are but I literally love you so much !! I’m really glad that you loved it and enjoy my writing !! You’ve literally made my entire day

I promise I will continue writing I’m just swamped with school and some work issues that I’m trying to get sorted (and then probably quit and maybe sue I haven’t decided yet) so I writing time is down to a minimum but that’s okay bc I have so many ideas for y’all

If you ever have any more requests please please send them I really enjoy coming up with ideas that are based on yours

Again thank you so much I love you , you’re wonderful 🥰🥰

Link: peter interacts with a drunk tony

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Okay but imagine Peter trying to make homemade pasta for dinner for him and May and having to call Tony because he’s on his 3rd batch and this one also keeps falling apart, then tony and Peter are Facetiming as Tony makes Pasta in the tower for Peter to follow along with.

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Peter: *brews instant coffee with monster instead of water and downs 3 pots in an hour* I’m going to die.


Bruce: Is Pete okay?

Tony: He drank an excessive amount of juiced caffeine and now his healing factor is trying to counteract the effects. I’m pretty sure he’s ascended to the astral realm.

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a/n: Little halloween blurb.

Ever since you found out Peter’s secret he’s always made you hang out at the compound with the rest of the avengers, which of course you didn’t mind. So here you were celebrating halloween at the compound, with one small change, it was only you and Peter at the compound. Alone. The rest of the avengers were either at parties or patrolling.

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Thanks for the ask! Here are my fav characters.

  1. Tony Stark.
  2. James Rhodes
  3. Peter Parker
  4. Black Widow
  5. Groot

… So my dumb ass just finished answering your other ask where I had to find my fav family moments in shadowhunters, and then saw this and went, “time to find top 5 fav moments in marvel!” instead of top 5 fav characters, so here you go: 😅

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Sunlight  by @ardenskyedarcy221b


“Stop pouting and ignoring me. You’re giving me a complex.”

“I am— I’m not pouting,” he sputters, avoiding his father’s gaze.

“Oooh, but you are ignoring me.”


Or the one where Peter struggles reintegrating in his own life after his dad lived five years without him.

A classic in the whole Peter feels misplaced after the snap genre, with a biodad twist that makes it extra angstier as he deals with feeling replaced by Morgan. Add the 4th of July, and some mini golf, and you have a great, beautifully written fic.   

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