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#tony is peter's dad
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Headcanon, Tony actually knows how to bake because of the Jarvis family and leaves out different deserts in the kitchen. The rest of the Avengers assume it’s Bruce but he denies it so they all start a witchhunt. Tony also doesn’t tell them he’s a decent cook and purposely messes up his dishes so he doesn’t have to cook. When he tells them, they don’t believe him till Peter comes along and helps him when he thought everyone was out.

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WinterIron. Peter is their kid

here ya go! find the tags on ao3 here

The living room is dead silent. It’s a big room. Not as big as the one on the common floor, but plenty big ’nough for the three of ‘em who live in the penthouse. This room has always been safe, comfortable and warm—not like the sharp, gleaming edges found in the rest of the tower. A big, comfy armchair with a matching loveseat and sectional fill the room real good, especially when his family’s fillin’ them up. It’s more seatin’ than is needed, but Tony says that’s normal. 

So it’s a good room, but it’s not usually quiet, not like this. Tony isn’t mutterin’ away to himself as he tinkers at something James’ll never hope to understand, and Peter isn’t rambling ‘bout his day at school with a bright, sunny smile. Knives isn’t meowing for attention, pawin’ up the couch or James’ leg, no doubt sensing the tension in the room from where he’s curled up on Peter’s lap.

The silence makes him uneasy. Lots’sa things still make him uneasy these days, but this silence in a room that normally sounds like home is making him itch. 

“So, you have somethin’ you wanna tell us?” James prompts gently, unable to keep sitting in the silence. Peter nods from where he’s sat in the big armchair across from Tony and himself, huddled up into a sweater that used to be his own and lookin’ smaller than he has in years. “You know you can tell us anythin’, Pete.”

Peter nods, but the smile he gives them is thin and doesn’t reach his eyes. James has no idea what’s botherin’ him, but he knows it’s been weighin’ on him for more than a few months now. Despite Peter’s regular reassurance that he’s fine, he’s been withdrawn and quiet for long enough that James has gotten seriously worried. But then Peter had come to them, only hours ago, and told them that he had something important he had to tell them, lookin’ more serious and scared than James has seen him in a long while.

Peter takes a deep breath, and James watches as he builds himself up. Despite how young he is, James has always been awed by Peter’s strength. It’s amazing. “I…I think I might, uhm, like boys?” James nods his head with what he hopes to hell is an encouragin’ smile, doing his best not to look murdery; Tony keeps telling him he does that sometimes without meaning too. This is certainly not the time to look murdery, and he tries to show Peter just how much he cares for him in the twist of his lips. 

“Wait, was that the big reveal?” Tony asks with a snort. James watches as Peter’s smile falters and his eyes gloss over, and he smacks his husband upside the back of his head without lookin’. Reaching out, he holds his hand out in front of him until Peter takes it and then he curls metal fingers round the boy’s hand. “What! It’s not like we’re going to be against that! Babe, we are literally a gay couple! We’re husbands! Pete, baby, I’m not trying to be insensitive, I promise, I’m just a little surprised you were so worried about telling us that when we’re married. And you were there! You handed us the rings when we got married. Married. The two of us, who are both men who like other men.”

“I-it’s not just that,” Peter says quietly. James squeezes his hand and offers him a softer smile, noddin’ slowly and keeping up his ‘couraging face. “I…I’m not gay. I don’t think.”

“Okay,” Tony nods, and James is tuned in a’nough to his husband to feel the confusion rolling off him. “I’m bisexual myself, which you know. I—we love you no matter what, ya know?”

Peter bites his lip. He doesn’t nod or parrot the declaration back like he normally does. James’ stomach gets tight. “No matter what, Pete, okay?” He adds, starin’ at the boy who feels like his son with as much honesty as a person like himself can show. 

“I love you guys too,” Peter’s voice breaks and he swallows loudly before continuing. “I’m not gay because I’m not, or at least I don’t feel like I am, I know I’m not…I’m not a boy.”

Silence. James doesn’t have a clue on what he’s supposed to say to somethin’ like that. He’s not real up to date on all the things. Sure, he knows two men can get married, but he only really knows that since he stared at Tony like he was outta his mind when he first asked. 

Luckily, his husband knows what to say this time. “Alright. What pronouns would you like us to use?” Tony asks easily. James does his best not to look too confused. 

“They and them?” Peter tells them hesitantly, like he’s scared to believe what they’re sayin’, and Tony just nods. “Alright, is Peter still okay?”

“Yeah,” he—they?—say, releasing a breath that makes them look so much younger. “Is…is this okay?”

“You’re my so—child. Peter, you’re my child and I love you, alright? Nothin’ said tonight has changed that,” James tells them firmly. He doesn’ quite get it, and he’ll have Tony explain it later, but when he has his kid launchin’ themselves into his arms and cryin’ on his chest, bein’ hugged so damn tight it hurts, he figures an explanation can wait a little bit. 

Comfortin’ his family comes first. 

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Tony’s face did a weird thing when he spotted Peter. The boy faltered, looking immediately worried.

“What are you wearing?”

“Uh, I don’t know what you’re talking abo–”

“Knock-off Police sunglasses, kid? Seriously?”

“You have a pair!” Peter defended.

“Yeah, an actual pair, not those. Besides, what did I tell you?”

“Don’t do anything you would or wouldn’t do?”

“Well yes, that, always that. But come on, don’t copy my vibe, do your own thing.”

“But you’ve done it so well, I was just trying to be like you!”

“Don’t be like me, be better.”

Peter relaxed all at once, rolling his eyes. Loki felt his tension recede in response. Clearly he was missing some subtext. “All right.”

“I’m not mad, just disappointed.”

“Ha ha, yeah, very funny Mr. Stark. You seriously have to give me a hard time over that?”

“Hey, it’s not everyday someone takes my words to heart like that, let me have my fun.”

“At my expense,” Peter muttered peevishly, though his cheeks flushed and he looked awkwardly pleased by the whole exchange. Not unexpected, considering it was his idol ribbing him.

“You kinda had it coming, kid. Remember what you did to DUM-E with that webbing? Poor little menace couldn’t move his claw right for a week. You need to work on your cleaning skills.”

“You said you would finish! I had homework!”

“Excuses, excuses. I don’t wanna hear homework complaints until your working on your first doctorate.”

“My first? How many do you expect me to get?”

“I mean, it’s up to you, but hopefully at least eight. Then Bruce’ll stop being such a chore about his seven, and I won’t have to waste time earning three more to beat him out.”


Tony rose a brow, unimpressed by the whiny tone. “What? I said be better. More knowledge is always good.”

“Yeah, but then doesn’t that give me leave to complain about homework for an extra decade?”

“A decade? Five years, kid. I’m deadlining it.”

Peter looked torn between dread and exaltation. He settled for expressing the latter. “You actually think I could finish eight doctorates in five years? That’s insane!”

Tony shrugged nonchalantly, looking away to type something into his computer. If Loki looked closely enough, he could see the pink dusting tan cheekbones. “Of course you can. You’re smart.”

Peter beamed at the side of Tony’s head, shooting a glance at Loki as if to say ‘did you hear that?’ Loki rose a brow, hiding his amusement easily, and Peter turned back with a pout at the lack of response.

“So you don’t really mind the glasses?”

“No, I do, you should toss those.” Tony reached down, drawing a red-tinted pair from his pocket. “Here, take these.”

Peter blinked at him. “Uhhh…”

Tony rolled his eyes, plucking the knock-off glasses from Peter’s head and sliding his own into place. “Seriously, it’s nothing. I’ve been seen wearing them often enough that my image consult’s probably gonna give me a hard time soon anyway–pretty sure I’m supposed to be advertising for Pilot this cycle, or something. Just take them, and burn those. Or donate. Recycle. Whatever.”

“That’s–really nice, Mr. Stark. Thank you.”

Stark rolled his eyes. “How many times do I have to say call me Tony, honestly kid.”

“I don’t know if I should actually – I mean, May –”

“Now I know why ‘oh for Pete’s sake’ is a phrase,” Tony said dryly. He plucked Peter’s original sunglasses from the edge of the table and replaced the safety goggles on his head with them. “There you go, it’s an even trade. You keep those, I’ve got yours. Nothing for Aunt May to complain about, yeah?”

“I–yeah, okay Mr. – Tony.”

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Shuri: the floor is lava!
Stephen: *uses cloak to levitate himself*
Peter: *sticks to a wall*
Tony: *falls facefirst on the floor*
Tony: I crave death
Peter: lol same *falls onto floor next to Tony*
Tony: p e t e r n o
Stephen: *questions his life choices*
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Peter: *building the LEGO Death Star*

Tony: I could just help you 3D-print a way better version of that.

Peter: but I want to build a lego Death Star

Tony: yeah, I get that but-



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Tony has heard a lot of criticisms in his life. Completely self-absorbed, out of touch with the people, blah blah blah.

Tony always shrugged them off. Tabloids will be tabloids and admittedly most of those criticisms were true at the time. But he never expected to be betrayed by someone he loved like a son. By Peter.

A single line that shattered him.

“You are just too old to understand Mr. Stark”.

Tony Stark was many things, but old wasn’t one of them.

After that, Tony set out to prove Peter wrong. He spend almost 24 hours reading up on modern “me-mes” whatever those were.

He hired a new stylist specifically to buy a new wardrobe of “hip” clothing and figure out a cool hairstyle.

When Peter came to the Compound and saw him in his Iron Man onesie, which his Stylist mentioned was what all the kids were wearing at home now a days. He turned around and laughed.

Attempt #2 was no better. He tried showing Peter he was cool be doing the same thing Peter did that caused this situation, throw something and yell “YEET!”.

Happy ended up with a bruise on his forehead, and Peter just shook his head.

Tony would later hear from FRIDAY that Peter was wondering if Tony was having a mid-life crisis.

Tony was going to take that suit back.

His next attempt was sure fire - backstage passes to a concert. Teens loved concerts.

“I’m sorry Mr. Stark, but I’m not really into Dazzler. Her target audience is more little girls.”

Tony went anyway. Took pics with Dazzler, crowd surfed. And broke an arm.

Turns out little girls aren’t strong enough to hold up a fully grown man crowd-surfing.

Tony refused to give in, he had his next attempt all planned out. Kids loved this weird video game called “Minecraft” so he did the responsible thing and bought the kid the company that makes it.

Only when he entered the common area that day, Pepper, Peter, Happy and Rodney all sat around.

“Tony its come to our attention you’ve been acting odd recently” Pepper started out.

“That’s an understatement.” Rodney said. Happy grunted in agreement, still nursing a bruise that looked suspiciously like the state of Kentucky.

“We’re just worried, Mr. Stark, after the arm and everything.” Peter said, eyes like bambi.

“What Peter means to say is that your almost 50, you can’t keep acting like a teenager you’ll just hurt yourself even more” Pepper stated.

“Mr. Stark, I get your going through the ‘dad tries to be cool’ phase but you need to stop. You’re already hurt” Peter said. But only one thing was going through Tony’s head.

Dad tries to be cool phase?


And just like that, Tony felt some warm fuzzy feeling in his chest.

And he felt truly young again, for the first time.

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