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I feel as though Tony Stark’s funeral was incorrect…lemme explain:

Personally, I feel as though his funeral would consist of some elaborate presentation or way to show why he is the ultimate hero and such. Considering what EDITH meant, I can imagine him handing out Stark Industry devices all showing a slide of his awesomeness, starting with slide 1: Because I’m Iron Man!

There is absolutely NO WAY that this genius billionaire playboy philanthropist would die without bragging at least a little!

I don’t care HOW he does it! Let my man show his superiority! Maybe he has his entire collection of Iron Man Suits fly around and T-pose, ANYTHING!

Anyways…thanks for reading my weird post!

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Tony: *explaining a mission* and they have guns that were powered by the mind stone meaning they’re used for mind control.

Thor: I think they might be quite dangerous.

Loki: *Casually reading a book titled Midgardian minds* No shit, Sherlock.

Thor: *grumpy* Where did you learn that expression, brother?

Loki: With your precious SpiderBoy.

Peter: spiderMAN. *tries to contain frustration* It’s SpiderMan.

Loki: Whatever you say, little spidey.

Peter: *turns to Tony* You see that, Mr. Stark? That is just pLAINLY DISRESPECTFUL.

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Tony, after getting Peter out of a situation he got them into: glad to see your alive kid.

Peter: im not alive, I’m just not-dead.

Steve: damn right you’re not dead until I lecture you for that stunt you just pulled!

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i dont really know how to use tumblr but howdy folks :> this page is basically set up for my MCU AU where Stephen Strange and partially Tony Stark and Natasha Romanoff open up a school for teens/kids (after the events of IW, and in this AU they defeat Thanos sucessfully) with abilities that have been shunned from scoiety or by their parents. i’ll get into more details later but for now, this one of my very main oc’s, Hensley Brown, who shares very similar abilities with Wanda Maximoff.

ig : @/zoiinkies

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I would love to see that.

Tony Stark & Dean Winchester Similarities :

- Loves Classic Rock


-Daddy issues


-Chicks dig them.

-Thinks they are a comedic genius.

-Never talks about their feelings.

-In love with a piece of metal and spending most of the time inside it.

-Born Mechanic.

- Always carry the weight of responsibility to protect the world and loved ones and can even sacrifice themselves.

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Hi! I got my first few followers!!! I’m genuinely sooo happy because of that! I started this a couple of weeks ago and only just finished it. I’ve been back at school now, so probably won’t post very regularly… Anyway, I know that this is rubbish as the colours have been messed up but I like the actual drawing itself. I should have just kept it as a line drawing. Oh well, I hope you like it anyway


Don’t mind my joggers😂.

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Y/n: you remind me of those russian dolls

Strange: is it because nobody actually knows my name?

Y/n: you’re full of yourself

Strange: excuse me?!

Tony: *whispering to Peter* what are those called again?

Peter: *also whispering* Idk but what’s his name?

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My Incorrect Universe #57

kidnappers speaking on the phone line: give us $1,000,000 and xxx files in exchange for your guy’s safe return

Tony*highly offended*: i am worth more than that! make it $10,000,000!

Me on the other end of the line*screaming*: TONY SHUT THE FUCK UP

Pepper *in the background*: You know what? Let them keep him


Originally posted by dekebalya

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Charles: Your team has nothing against my own team and their powers.

Tony: Try me.

Charles: I am sure the term, my, Peter used was the term “Hoe”

Tony: You do realise… You do realise I can just… Kick you down the stairs, yes?

Charles: Excuse me, hoe. My bald ass head can control your mind.


Tony: bRUCE-

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