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Dream walking
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HELP NOT JENNIFER CALLING OUT THE AVENGERS (and like..basically every superhero ever)
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Steve: So, what was your childhood like?
Tony: Oh, you mean my tragic backstory?
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Y/N: psst
Y/N: wake up
Wanda: *groggily opens eyes* hmm?
Y/N: I can’t sleep
*1 hour later*
Tony getting a coffee: what the fuck
Y/N and Wanda: *asleep cuddling in the kitchen in midair while a batch of uneaten cookies lays on the counter*
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Even if it takes ten years
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Beach boys. 💖
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(Natasha Romanoff X shapeshifter!Reader)
Warnings: A few swear words, mentions of sex (but no actual smut) injury (gunshot wound and a broken ankle)
Summary: You found natasha in the snowy woods Hurt, she finds you later in those same woods with a wound and the rest is history!
word count: 4.4k
*Gif mine*
Tumblr media
Natasha's Pov
I woke up in a pile of snow, I had been out on a long tiring mission in the alps when it went sideways, on the way back to the safehouse my car slid on Black ice and it went crashing into a ditch. As soon as I stepped out of the car I slid, my foot turned the wrong way and my ankle snapped making me cry out in pain, I must have passed out and now here I am.
"Who" I looked up confused and again I heard another "who" but this time there was crunching in the snow, a little brown owl with yellow eyes was staring at me from the ground, it's wings came up a little and it walked towards me "whoo" it looked amused and I pushed myself to sit up a little better as it cautiously came closer
"Are you mocking me?" I asked raising an eyebrow
"Who" it tilted its head slightly and stood near my legs
"Yes, you" I replied, I felt a little stupid for talking to a literal bird but it's the only real company I've had in a while, it was silent for a moment then it flapped its wings and took off, I watched it then I pulled myself up leaning against the dead car
I struggled to look through the car for a medkit but I found a small one that wasn't much help, I groaned out with frustration and Of Course, there was also no signal for me to call.
I sat in the car putting my head against the steering wheel for a few minutes until I heard a little thump on top of the car roof "Feathers?" I asked, popping my head out of the car to see if the owl had returned, lo and behold the yellow-eyed bird was staring down at me "not had enough fun watching me struggle? Had to come back for more?" I asked rhetorically
"Who" it paced back and forth against the car roof before jumping down to my feet, I titled my head at it confused and it started walking away then it looked back at me
"You want me to follow?" I asked slightly dumbfounded
"Who!" It flapped its wings and bounced around in the snow
"...alright, don't get mad at me for being slow I snapped my ankle feathers," I said looking at it as I slowly got up and limped towards the bird.
After about 3 hours or so of following the owl or feathers we reached a cabin, within those 3 hours Feathers had switched between flying and walking but overall stayed with me
"How'd you know about this place huh?" I asked the bird, it looked at me and watched me open the door that creaked open, the cabin looked well kept but it looked like nobody had been around for a while, I walked inside and feathers followed quietly behind then I closed the creaky door behind us.
There was a main room that was a lounge that consisted of a sofa, a TV and a small coffee table, there was also a kitchen that had caramel cupboards and black countertops, then there was a fridge, a microwave, and an oven
There was a small bedroom that had a bed that was pushed up against the wall, there was a set of drawers beside the bed that was also placed under a window that faced out to a lake that was frozen over, I noticed that on top of the drawers was a picture frame with a picture of a woman smiling holding a small brown feather the same brown color that the owl was. "Feathers, do you know the pretty woman in the picture?" I asked the owl that stood on the end of the bed.
"Whoo" it hopped off the bed and stood by my feet
"You think there's a medkit that is better than the shitty one in the shitty car that failed me around here?" I said raising an eyebrow, the owl disappeared for a few minutes then came back once again clearly displeased I didn't follow "I'm coming, I'm coming, sorry madame feathers" I said jokingly, feathers flapped her wings then ran across to the last room which I'm guessing was a bathroom, I was right.
It was a bathroom feathers hopped around for a bit while I rummaged around and pulled out a rather large medkit "thanks feathers" I smiled and sat on the edge of the bathtub feathers stood on the closed toilet seat watching me as I cleaned a cut that I had gotten from falling and breaking my ankle, I'd say feathers looked curious
"So are you a boy?" I asked feathers remained quiet "girl?" I asked keeping my eyes on the cut that I was dabbing with an alcohol wipe
"Who" feathers chirped happily, glad I can stop referring to her as an it
"Thank you for helping me by the way… I feel a little crazy talking to you but I like your company" I said sparing her a glance, I think If she could smile she'd be smiling right now.
After I had cleaned up my cuts and wrapped my ankle with a bandage I went back to the bedroom and sat on the bed, feathers followed after me and perched on the bed frame "will your friend mind if I stay the night?" I asked, feathers actually shook her head "That's good" I nodded, feathers watched me lay down and I found myself falling asleep rather quickly for once
"Feathers" aka Y/n's Pov
I felt a little creepy watching her fall asleep but she fell asleep pretty quickly. I quietly walked out of my bedroom and changed into my human form, I started checking through the kitchen cabinet to only realise I didn't have any food left. "Fuck." I quietly cursed to myself and I left the cabin and changed back into my owl form.
I flew to the town that was about 9 miles out, I quickly got some food and flew the way back to my home, I changed back just before I went into the cabin and I started putting away the food into their respective places, after about 10 minutes I heard Natasha scream so I quickly changed back into my owl form, then I flew into the room.
Natasha sat on the floor with her knees up to her chest "who" I chirped quietly, she looked at me and just started to cry, I walked over raising my wings a little cause they get in the way when I walk but then I nuzzled into her side, she carefully picked me up with shaky hands and cuddled me
"Sorry, I just need this" She sniffed into my feathers, I turned my head to look at her
"Who" I tried to comfort her but I'm an owl there's not a lot I can do
"You know Tony and Steve would laugh if they saw this?" She chuckled, removing a hand to wipe her tears. "You are a very nice bird, you know that?" She asked me
"Who" I leaned myself into her hands and she smiled lightly
"You know you're snuggling into the hands of a killer, I'd be careful feathers," She said stroking my feathers gently with her free hand, I looked at her sadly. "Don't worry, I was raised not to feel emotions, can't even have children birdy" She sniffed and I felt bad for her.
"Who" I chirped softly
"In the red room," She sighed, picking me up and getting back into bed, "where I was trained, where I was raised… they have a graduation ceremony… it's efficient" She sniffed, she stopped petting me for a moment to wipe away her tears again "one last thing to worry about" She shrugged looking down at me with a sad smile.
[A week later]
Natasha had been talking to me and I had kept her company at the cabin, I didn't get the chance to show her the real me and I felt bad but Natasha would probably hate me if I showed her the truth now..
"Hey feathers" Natasha smiled from the kitchen leaning most of her weight onto her unharmed leg. I chirped a little in response and flew over to her "You've been a good friend, you know that? I've gotta go home today but I'll try to visit, how does that sound?" She said slowly brushing my feathers with her free hand
"Who" I tilted my head at her and she smiled
"I'll miss you too feathers" She smiled, I started to clean my feathers then I pulled one out and handed it to her "for me? Aw like your friend had one too?" She asked, I nodded lightly and she smiled "it's beautiful thanks birdy" then we both heard a knock at the door, she gave me a sad look but limped to the door and answered it Captian America and Iron Man both hugged her and I flew out the door, I didn't really wanna say goodbye if I'm being honest
[4 Months Later]
Natasha's Pov
Fury had assigned me a mission to help an enhanced person who was being targeted by hydra they were up in the same area I had met feathers, I was a little Too excited to see the cute little owl, more than I'd like to even admit but I was really fond of her, however when I looked around I couldn't find feathers, she did fly off when Steve and Tony appeared on the day I had to leave as well but I kind of thought she'd stay in the forest
Then I heard a screech, it had to be her. I ran towards it and saw feathers but then she changed into a person then back to feathers then back to a person no- that's the same woman like the one in the photo. "Feathers?" I mumbled slightly, she looked up frightened then slightly relaxed but she tensed up when she realised she was a person "Hey hey it's okay, are you okay?" I asked she looked at me and then down and shook her head "do you know how to talk?" I asked hesitantly
"Yes," She said quietly
"Are you okay? You look hurt?" I said worried, I was now crouched beside her
"I'm fine it's just- ah!" She clutched her stomach and curled up
"Feathers, what's wrong?" I asked really concerned now
"He- he shot me" She groaned out, I carefully pried her hands away from her stomach
"Trust me okay?" I said softly, she nodded and whispered a quiet 'always' so I carefully pulled up her shirt and put she was shot just under her ribs "did you take the bullet out?" I asked taking care if inspecting the wound
"Straight thr-through" She whimpered, moving a little to reveal that I could quite literally see through her.
"What's your name?" I asked she looked at me while a few tears rolled down her cheeks
"Feathers…" She said a little coyly but I gave her a pointed look and she sighed "y/n"
"See that's way better than me calling you feathers" I stated she just laid her head back in the snow
"Hurts" She groaned out
"We gotta get you back to New York, I'll take care of you like you did for me okay? I promise" I said taking her into my arms as I stood up and started quickly making my way back to the landed quinjet
"I'm sorry" She apologised laying her head against my shoulder
"For what?" I asked a little confused
"For not showing who I was… you told me all those things and you only thought I was a bird" She mumbled quietly
"Hey, calm down, I'm not mad, a little embarrassed sure but I'll get over it" I admitted.
"Really?" She asked, I could tell she was getting sleepy
"Really." I confirmed as I finally got on board the Quinjet "now stay awake" I said tapping her face lightly as I sat her in the co-pilot's seat
"M'kay" She slurred a little making my concern grow
"Jarvis get us in the air" I'm not stupid I can't fly when she's like this so I kept pressure on the wound and made sure she wouldn't bleed out.
[30 minutes later]
"Y/n," I said when I noticed her eyes droop a little "Feathers!" I said worriedly shaking her awake, she grumbled a little but looked at me
"Sorry" She apologised
"We are just about to land, just hold on for me," I told her she nodded tiredly and I focused on landing cause Jarvis was pretty shit at landing, I got everything lined up and landed the quinjet smoothly like I've don't over a hundred times then I glanced over to y/n and she was unconscious with her head lulled to the side "shit" I muttered while I picked her up gently and ran down the ramp all the way to medbay.
"Bruce!!" I screamed, scaring the man, he turned around quickly hiding the small bits of green that showed up "GSW to the bottom of her ribcage. Straight through." I explained laying her down on the bed, Bruce nodded and quickly started assessing the wound then Cho came in
"Ms. Romanoff you know the drill, please-"
"Wait outside, I know. Take care of her." I warned them before I stepped out of the room and waited.
During that time Maria had called and I explained everything. Then Clint came and joined the wait while he ate his pizza. He said he was also hiding from Kate, Yelena, and Peter because they wanted him to partake in something he clearly didn't wanna do
"-I also heard you have a new bird. I am devastated Natasha, devastated!" He Harped while he dramatically put a hand over his heart and slid to the floor with his goddamn pizza.
"Nat, you can come see her now," Bruce said leaning against the door a little hesitantly, I quickly got up and walked into the room, y/n was sleeping peacefully while her stomach had a bandage around it
"She'll be okay?" I asked glancing at Bruce for a brief moment
"Yep, like you said it was straight through, it'll scar obviously but she'll make full recovery" Bruce smiled and pat my shoulder before he and Cho left me alone with her
"Hey little bird, you rest up okay?" I whispered kind of knowing that she couldn't hear me. I talked to her while she was unconscious for the rest of the night until I fell asleep at god knows when.
"Feathers" aka Y/n's Pov
I woke up with in a bright room making me sit up quickly panicking but then I saw Natasha asleep in a chair beside me I relaxed a little, she looked tired and her hair was a little disheveled but she still looked beautiful regardless, my wound was wrapped up with a thick bandage so I couldn't see the damage anymore but I'm glad Natasha found me when she did, I'd be dead without her…
That's kinda ironic. I found her and saved her once, she found me and saved me "Hey Y/n right?" A man whispered, getting my attention, I looked over at him and nodded hesitantly "I'm Bruce Banner, you were shot and Nat brought you here do you remember that?" He asked, I nodded and he look at a chart, presumably mine "we will need you to stick around so until your healed, after that you are free" He smiled and placed the chart down
"..thanks" I whispered a little nervous he smiled and left the room making me let out a relieved sigh, I then saw Natasha jolt awake
"per'ya! (Feathers!)" She called out then looked over to see I was already awake
"You okay?" I croaked out and she made a face causing me to tilt my head a little
"Am I okay? You were the one who was short birdy" She said carefully taking my hand into hers
"It's okay I'm high on whatever miracle drugs your friends gave me" I grinned and she laughed a little
"It's only pain killers" She smirked lighty and I looked at her slightly confused "you've never heard of them?" She asked suddenly aware that I might not have
"Well birds don't really use pain killers" I shrugged and she thought about it for a minute she also stroked her thumb over my knuckles
"Well yes but.. wait are you mostly always an owl?" She asked, stopping her stroking to look up at me, I nodded "don't you get lonely?" Once again I nodded
"Sure it gets lonely but I've seen things others can only dream of" I shrugged "birds eye view" I joked and she laughed again
"Okay you are a little comedian as well, noted" She smirked and I smiled a little
"So…. Bruce? Said I have to stay here until I'm healed-" I started and she nodded
"If you'd prefer a hospital I can arrange that, the team is a little… chaotic" She said a little nervously
"I'll stay If that's okay, you make me feel safe" I said shyly
"Really? I make you feel safe but you know about everything I've done, way more than anyone, aren't you Disgusted? Scared? By it all I mean you can say you-"
"Natasha, You make me feel safe, it doesn't matter what you did back then it's who you are now that matters most" I told her grabbing both her hands and keeping them in mine, she looked me in the eyes and smiled with tears in her eyes
"Thank you Feat- Y/n"
"Call me feathers, its cute I like the nickname" I smiled softly and she nodded
"I do like calling you feathers" She admitted
[A Year laterr]
So, yeah sure I got better after around 4 months but I couldn't bring myself to leave Natasha again and I ended up sticking around, now here we are! Natasha and I have been together for just under 6 months and the rest of the team are great to me.
Natasha is the only one I'll ever let call me feathers, if anyone tried Nat would probably make sure they never tried it again
I woke up in Nat and I's Room to no Natasha, I looked over to find a pale yellow sticky note
'Hey per'ya, Tony, Sam, bucky and I had to go out on a quick mission, be back tonight, I love you!
-Your Natasha '
She's so adorable when she wants to be, the others have a running joke that I turned Nat soft, Natasha denies all of it and then pulls out a taser on them all so they've stopped saying anything but deep down even she knows she's a big softie
I got up with a sigh, I changed into some clothes for the day then I went downstairs to the kitchen, Wanda was there teaching Yelena how to make something other than macaroni, Peter was eating cereal and Clint was half hanging out his vent "morning Y/n!" Yelena greeted
"Morning yel" I replied taking two slices of bread and sticking it in the toaster
"Missing nat?" Wanda asked, I nodded while I walked across the kitchen and poured myself a coffee "She'll be back before you know it, then you can have all the fun you guys want" Wanda winked at me and yelena made a disgusted face
"Relax yel, we haven't done that yet" I said as my toast popped, I hopped over to it excitedly, Wanda Yelena Peter and Clint all went silent and looked at me "what?" I asked putting some butter on my toast
"You guys haven't done the deed?" Clint gawked falling straight out the vent, I felt awkward now
"...no?" I said taking a bite out my toast
"Seriously?!" Yelena asked shocked I looked at her shocked
"I thought you didn't want us to have sex?" I asked her dumbfounded
"That's my job to hate everything Y/n, you really are a bird." She stated
"What's that supposed to mean? Are you insulting birds?!" Clint and I asked in union we looked at each other and laughed a little
"...so- do you guys just not have sex?" Wanda asked me
"It's never came up" I shrugged
"It doesn't just 'come up' you guys have to initiate it" Peter said taking a bite out of his cereal
"You are like 10… wait till I tell Stark what you're saying" I said squinting at him, he looked at me ready to protest but I just dumped my toast in the bin, turned to my owl form and flew off.
I didn't mean to just up and leave but nat and I only ever really shared a few headed kisses but we'd stop before it got too heated, we didn't need to talk about it we just weren't ready, or maybe it was just me
Natasha's Pov
I got back from the thankfully short mission and when I walked off the quinjet I was met with a guilty looking Clint, Wanda, Yelena and Peter, I raised an eyebrow at them "what did you four blow up?" I questioned
"...nothing blew up, something just flew away" Yelena explained bouncing a little nervously, I narrowed my eyes at them
"Are you sure this something is not a she?" I asked them Clint gulped a little
"It was Clint!" Yelena said, throwing Clint straight under the bus, I raised an eyebrow at him
"We were just joking then it must have gone too far" He defended himself but I was already mad at them and worried for my Girlfriend
"What did you do or say." I sighed crossing my arms over my chest
"Well wanda said that you'll be back before she knew it and then you guys could have all the fun you wanted but then she said you guys haven't done 'it' and we thought she was kidding so we started joking around but she got upset and flew off" he explained and I glared at them all
"Not that it is any of your business but we haven't done 'it'. Not every relationship is reliant on sex!" I snapped at them and then ran to my car, I knew where she'd go
I walked through Central park to her favourite tree "Feathers," I sighed when I saw her up in the tree, her head turned to me and I was met with the adorable yellow eyes "You okay my love?" I asked climbing up the tree to sit on the branch she was perched on, she shuffled into my lap and stayed quiet "you know it's okay that we haven't done it" I told her while I started stroking her feathers
Suddenly she shuffled off my lap and changed back "....but every time I back out and I just started feeling bad when they started talking about it, I'm sorry nat-" She rambled playing with her hands, I carefully took them and held them in my lap
"Look at me please?" I requested and she did "It's okay, how about we go back and then talk about this in our room instead of a park?" I suggested, she only nodded and I helped her down from the tree, I kept a hold of her hand and led her through the park to my car
As soon as we got into it she broke down into tears "Hey hey, don't cry per'ya" I told her leaning over the console to hug her tightly "why the tears?" I asked softly while I rubbed her back
"I j-just feel bad about it" She cried into me and I felt my heart ache that she was this worked up about it
"It's okay, y/n it's just sex, like I told the others a relationship, especially ours isn't reliant on sex" She pulled away from me and wiped her tears with the hoodie she was wearing
"What about yo-u?" She sniffed
"I'm happy as long as you are happy" I smiled and kissed her forehead, she smiled lightly "there's my girl!" I grinned, This made her smile more
"I love you Tasha" She said softly
"I love you more Feathers"
[4 years Later]
"Hey feathers" I said hugging her from behind as she dropped the knife she was using to cut vegetables with
"I haven't heard that in a while" She sighed leaning into me
"I was just thinking about the first year of our relationship" I shrugged kissing her shoulder
"Oh god, think about anything but that" She whined while turning around to face me
"Whyy" I asked before kissing her, she gave me a 'really' look "you were so shy now look at us, we're married!" I smiled and she broke into a smile as well
"Only cause you proposed, if you left it to me it'd have never happened I'd have been far to nervous" She smirked and I wrapped my arms around her dragging her to the sofa
"You aren't so nervous now" I smirked, sitting down whilst pulling her down on top of me
"Nat!" She squealed and I laughed "I need to make dinner" She told me sliding off my lap but I intertwined my hand with hers
"Why, I just want dessert" I smirked and she slapped my arm muttering something along the lines of 'I married the horniest woman alive" before she went back to the kitchen to finish on our dinner "feathersss, come backk" I whined from the sofa leaning my head back to get a view of her from the kitchen
"Sorry my love but I have a surprise for after dinner so be patient" at the mention of a surprise I shot up and helped her finish dinner "Natty you have gone soft" She giggled
"I'm only soft around you" I admitted she seemed happy with that and continued to finish up dinner
[...] "Feathers" aka Y/n's Pov
Nat could definitely tell I was nervous for her surprise, just as we finished dessert I got up "Wait here i'll be back" I told her with a gentle smile, she nodded and I left the room and returned with a box in my hands. I sat beside her and slid the box to her.
She carefully opened it then when she saw what her gift was she started crying "Are you- are you really pregnant?" She asked covering her mouth in shock as tears rolled down her cheeks
"I am, we're gonna have a baby nat" I whispered to her, she hugged me tightly
"Oh I love you so much Y/n, you've given me everything I could ever ask for thank you" She whispered before pulling back and wiping her tears.
"I love you too nat, and you've given me everything as well" I smiled and kissed her, we finally have our happy ending together.
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Bruce, texting: Just got to CostCo. Where are you?
Tony: Liquor aisle. Bring another cart.
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tony: peter! engage your enemy!
peter: on it!
peter, getting down on one knee: will you—
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Tumblr media
Tony brushing Bucky's hair
Clint and Bucky playing Mario Cart™ with Steve who is on an away mission
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it still brings me so much joy that "transistors" are mentioned four times on tony‘s first ever page of his very first comic appearance. he‘s such a goofy little nerd i love him.
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lesbian-deadpool · a day ago
Tony: Everybody’s tragic backstory gave them mad skills and all I got were trust issues and anxiety.
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mysticalmoonwitch · a day ago
The Dad's of The MCU
Tumblr media
۞ Dr.Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch)
⎊ Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr
✇ Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo)
۞ Wong (Benedict Wong)
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Tumblr media
i really think we need a fitness instructor/personal trainer tony AU
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strangemischief · 21 hours ago
Tony: So apparently the 'bad vibes' I’ve been feeling are actually severe psychological distress.
Stephen: -eye twitch-
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
rdj + johnny depp <3
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141414a · 6 hours ago
y/n: oh please my dick is bigger than yours
bucky: you have a dick?
y/n: yeah its not on me now but yeah- i mean ask wanda if you don’t believe me
wanda: i’d prefer to be kept out of this conversatio-
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Tumblr media
... Tony sighed watching his son swirl the magical energy around the air like it was a toy. But both of them knew it was a danger to them both if gone chaotic. "Daniel...it's too early for this."
"Oh come on! It's never too early for some magic!" He pointed his finger at Tony's cup filling it up with coffee. "See?"
"Alright point taken." Tony said taking a sip. "Mmm that's good. I would have thought Peter would be here by now."
Daniel only smiled which Tony knew wasn't a good sign. "Danny, what did you do?"
"He'll be fine!"
Thank you @lovethedanielhd for this amazing artwork of my boy Daniel Stark with his dad Tony! I absolutely adore it!
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Tumblr media
SteveTony mob boss AU
They are both in the mob, Tony is supposed to be undercover with the assignment to kill Steve after he gets certain information from him, he falls in love instead. Steve knows what Tony is upto, but never reveals that he does.
Steve is extremely depressed and revels in the idea of dying by Tony’s hand because he thinks it might be how he finds peace with himself, while Tony spirals further and further because he’s being blackmailed by Obie.
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Tumblr media
I hate to post just the 1/6 page but I'm going so slooooow with this and I cannot take to wait until it's all finished :p I'll probably do a post of the whole thing in the end or link all the posts someway... For now here's the first page! /0/ A big hug to Ironmum for the emotional support and for beating in shape my bad english in the dialogues, thank you <3
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