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hello! hope you like this!

words: 607

prompt: “I’ve been in-love with you since we were kids.”

prompt requests are closed.

‘Till We Grow Old

Your parents used to place bets on whether or not you and Tony would get together as adults. You would always roll your eyes, saying that there was no way the two of you would get together because you’d seen him cry after falling off a swingset in elementary school. Your mom just rolled her eyes at you, and said that if she ends up sitting at your wedding in twenty-five years time, you owe her twenty dollars.

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Leia: big man in a suit of armour, take that off what are you?

Vader: severely physically and emotionally damaged, with a dash of anger issues.

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Anakin: don’t do anything I would do

Anakin: and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do

Anakin: there’s a little grey area in there, that’s where you operate


Ahsoka: so you’re saying I should freeze myself in carbonite ?

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Royal Blue and-

The idea I had was nice and domestic and soft and then while writing it turned into porn. I hope everyone enjoys lol 💕 based on this post I made this morning

Warnings: nff, bottom!Tony, clothes sharing, dirty talk, underage mention (it doesn’t happen, but it’s fantasized about in dirty talking from both sides), both characters are over 18!!


It was no secret that Peter liked to take and wear Tony’s clothes.

The oversized button downs and well-worn sweatpants had become a part of his closet as well as his boyfriend’s. He loved sharing clothes and he knew that Tony loved seeing him wear them.

Peter just hadn’t expected the tables to be turned.

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I’ve thought about doing that at least half a dozen times, but me going to something like that is always a big deal and I’d get found out fast. Devastating I know.

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Did you all see RDJ’s last insta story?

Now I need more ff with Tony 🤤🤤

Honestly is he real?

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Song: What from the album Lapalco by Brendan Benson.

Summary: Tony sees Sam coming out of your room early in the morning and gets the wrong idea.

Pairing: Female reader x Tony Stark

Length: 505 words

A/N: Jealous behaviour. See here for what this is all about.


What are you trying to do to me, girl?” Tony asks, standing in the hallway of your floor in the tower. You’re wrapped in a towel, Sam stood opposite you.

“What? This isn’t what it looks like, Tony,” you protest, gripping the towel tight against your body.

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There’s just no way that spinning monstrosity is a regular desk decoration, it would be way too distracting! But keep it stashed in a closet for when Tony shows up and you actually need to get some work done… works like a charm 😂

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he knows EXACTLY what he’s doing

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Rhodey: What’s the worst decision you’ve ever made while drunk?

Tony: Not to brag or anything, but I don’t need to be drunk to make bad decisions.

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