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The Groomsman - Chapter 7

Tony stood at the top of the gangplank and looked down at the wharf, bustling with workers moving crates and sailors heading for their leave and people looking for their families.

The crossing had been much smoother, coming back to London, than it had been, leaving. But Tony wasn’t sure he felt much better about it. He hadn’t been this close to Bucky in more than two years. He wanted to seek Bucky out, to demand to know why Bucky hadn’t come to help him. He wanted to show Bucky how well he’d done. He wanted to fall into Bucky’s arms.

He didn’t want anything to do with Bucky whatsoever.

All of those things were true at once, and it was giving Tony a headache.

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Hi guys!!! I am currently working on a new Marvel Vampire AU fic. Till now it has been coming well. When it’s ready I will post it here. I’m really excited about this and I hope you all will enjoy it.

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More of Rori on tour 2014

*ties into Chapter Seventeen of SkyFire


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HarryStyles Could I be any luckier?

Louist91 you two are gross

Ella.Bella my wife is stunning

AuroraStark Love you H. Two weeks in Cali was exactly what we needed 🥰

IamIronMan please put some clothes on 😳

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AuroraStark FaceTiming with Pops while I’m on tour with Harry for the summer

CaptRogers it was good to see your face kiddo, we miss you

IamIronMan where was my invite? rude.

AuroraStark YOU SAID YOU WERE WORKING @.IamIronMan don’t you start playing the victim now

AvengersFan7 this family, I swear to god. 

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AuroraStark Hope everyone’s having a fantastic Monday because I know I am. @.ourlastnight and I have just posted 2 covers on our channels so head on over to and check it out 😘

AuroraFan26 omg! This is incredible. Aurora + OLN + a chainsmokers cover. I’m dead.

AuroraFan88 please release some original tracks 🥺🙏

OLNFan7 just came here from the boys and I gotta say she’s got an incredible voice

OurLastNight so much fun working with over the last few weeks Rori, we should do it again soon

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AuroraStark wishing the happiest anniversary to the best dads I could ever ask for. I love you both. See you in a few weeks 😘

IamIronMan Thanks kiddo, love you too

AuroraFan4 why can’t Iron Man and Captain America be my dads? I’m so jealous of their relationship with Rori

CaptRogers We love you too Rors. 

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AuroraStark FaceTiming with Dad and Brucey while I’m on the road and getting matching looks of judgement. 

AuroraFan89  ok but like what did you do to get the look?

AuroraStark I’m innocent of all charges @.aurorafan89 I swear

CaptRogers he’s been moping since you hung up. We both miss having you around the house

AuroraStark  I MISS YOU TOO! @.captrogers  I’ll be home soon

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AuroraStark The Where We Are tour is over for me. Time to head home to the family @ O’Hare International Airport, Chicago

NiallHoran Have a safe flight 

1Dfan74 I’m gonna miss all the backstage pics

TheBestAvenger Can’t wait. You’ve missed so much while you were travelling

CaptRogers see you soon bug

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AuroraStark look out NYC, I’m back 😜 It’s been fun being on the road with the @.OneDirection boys, can’t wait to do it all again next summer 

HarryStyles stunning 😍

IamIronMan My baby is finally home!

LiamPayne I’m already missing hanging out every day

AuroraFan8 holy shit, this photo. I am deceased!

HarryFan6 Harry: never posts. Aurora: posts constantly. we are blessed by this woman

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Mysterio: Hey, I get it. You’re stressed out, a few people died-


Mysterio: Not the point. Look, they’re dead now. And really whose fault is that?

Peter: YOURS!

Mysterio: that’s right- Stark’s

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His eyes were open, but he was gone. You screamed, cried, apologizing over and over again, as if it were all your fault. Maybe it was, you weren’t sure anymore. But you’d just come back, you’d just come back to him, and now he was gone. He was gone forever. There was no getting him back, there was no backup plan. If there was one thing in this world that was inescapable, that would always be there, and that no one could cheat, it was death. Not even Tony Stark. You were hysterical, wanting to hold on to him, begging him to wake up, to wake up and everything would be okay. Hands were grabbing at you, dragging you away, pulling you into them where you could cry, and shake, and be properly held. But you didn’t want that from them. You didn’t want to be hushed or coddled. You wanted Tony. You wanted him alive. You weren’t sure how you’d face this big, terrifying would without him by your side… .

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Pairing: Pre-Winteriron 
Rating: T
Summary:  Alpine has a favorite seat and she doesn’t take to kindly if someone touches it.

Read on AO3 

Bucky lay against his bed, sleep slowly taking him. It’s been a few days since the man has been able to nap in peace. Mission after mission for weeks on end have tired the super-soldier out. So now being in his warm bed is the best thing Bucky loves.

Well, excluding his pet, Alpine.

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