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#tony stark
hello-shellhead · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
soooo i got an ipad and i’m in the process of trying to figure out procreate, obviously had to draw a Tony :)
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incorrectmarvelquote · 55 minutes ago
Morgan: Dad, I’m a big girl, I don’t want dinosaur nuggets
Peter and Harley: [home from MIT for the weekend, sitting across the table after having a ketchup fight] Rawr rawr rawr rawr
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forgetful-nerd · 11 hours ago
Harley: it’s so weird when people are squeamish about seeing brains. Because that is there own brain making a decision that it looks disgusting. Brains don’t like how they look.
Peter: self conscious brain aww!
Stephen: brains don’t like what they look like because they are not supposed to be visible.
Stephen: because if they are visible something is deeply wrong.
Peter: you might say it’s …… braingerous
Tony: a brain made the decision to make that joke
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incorrectquotesmcu · 13 hours ago
Yelena: You got a horse?
Y/N: Yeah, its name is Mayo…
Y/N: Mayo neighs…
Tony, in the background: What have I told you about using my credit card to buy animals?!
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aquamarinescarlet · 10 hours ago
Tony: So, how was the honeymoon?
Wanda: Uhm, Y/N got drunk and tried to destroy our marriage certificate.
Wanda: She said “good luck trying to return me without the receipt!”
Wanda: I married the right person.
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peter: haha that feeling when you’re tying to fall asleep but mambo no. 5 won’t stop playing on repeat in your head
tony: kid that is NOT a universal experience
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Tony: Name five things that make you happy.
Peter: Hanging out with MJ, MJ’s opinions, MJ's eyes, how smart MJ is.
May: Are you sure you’re not in love with MJ?
Peter: I’m feeling a little less sure
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ive-been-playing-human · 21 hours ago
616!Tony: I use mostly non lethal takedown methods
Mcu!Tony *setting terrorists on fire and sipping a martini*: Pussy
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itsagentromanoff · 20 hours ago
Steve: You can't have sex in a bathtub-
Tony: Yes, you can... You just have to slip-
Steve: [sing song] THANK YOU-
Bucky: I wanted to hear mor-
Steve: Shut up!
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lesbian-deadpool · 19 hours ago
Tony: I’ll have you know that my trust issues and my daddy issues are two completely different topics of conversation!!
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edgyartkid · 13 hours ago
The Political Stances of the Avengers and other MCU Characters (imo)
this took way too much time
Tumblr media
Iron Man - Tony Stark
Anarcho-Capitalist. Socially progressive. Unironically thinks corporations should run the world. He’s a literal government-hating billionaire, what can I say. Firm believer of Individualism. Voted for the Libertarian Party. Thinks Trump is a moron. Pro-Choice, Pro-Same-sex marriage, Anti-Gun Control.
Tumblr media
Captain America - Steve Rogers
Look. He’s an old white dude. Though, I’ll give him credit, in the original comics he was very progressive. His first debut contained him punching Hitler, which, surprisingly, was taboo at the time.
Tumblr media
Mind you, Germany still hasn’t threatened the US at the time of the debut, and Captain ‘Merica whacking Hitler was quite controversial back then. Some people even supported his ideals.
At the begging, i’d imagine he’d be quite confused. He wouldn’t be outwardly racist, just… confused. But in a “Oh…! How brave of you to drink out of that water fountain…! Are you sure you want to risk arrest…? I could pour it into a cup and hand it to you if you’d like :)” sorta way. He’d get used to it and understand that the world has progressed later on. Relieved, even.
Currently, I imagine he’d be centrist, leaning liberal.
He’s all for gay marriage and women’s rights but hears the world “socialism” and goes into cold sweat.
Patriotic, but not nationalist. Pro-Choice, Pro-Same-sex marriage, Pro-Gun Control, Voted Biden.
Tumblr media
Hawkeye - Clint Barton
Republican. Authoritarian, economically, and culturally right win. Loves Cops. ALM supporter, Pro-Life. Thinks he’s libertarian (he’s not.) He believes in many conservative policies, such as American nationalism and a strict opposition to illegal immigration. Anti-Gun Control.
100% a Ronald Reagan fan. I’m not saying he’s racist, but he would stop a black man in a hoodie cause he looks “suspicious”. Says he’s okay with gay marriage but doesn’t want them to kiss or even hug in front of him. Doesn’t mind watching lesbian p0rñ though.
Voted for Trump all the way.
Tumblr media
Black Widow - Natasha Romanoff
Marxist-Leninist. Tankie. Socially Progressive, but tends to concentrate more on economic then social issues. Based af. Voted Bernie.
Pro-Choice, Pro-Same-sex marriage, ehhhh… Pro-Gun Control. But Not Anti-Gun.
Tumblr media
Thor Odinson
Not much to say here. Absolute Monarchist. Economically, He’s a social authoritarian.
Social Authoritarianism is an economically center-left, authoritarian and culturally variable ideology that advocates for a strongly regulated capitalist economy with a strong welfare state and unions but unlike Social Democracy, has no democracy.
Pro-Choice, Pro-Same-sex marriage, Pro-Gun Control.
Socially, mmmm….. kinda progressive. As progressive as a 1,500 years old individual can be. Which is surprisingly leftist for American standards.
If he could, would vote Biden.
Tumblr media
Loki Laufeyson
he’s so hot-
i iuv him so much 🌸
[Loki from the 2021 Disney+ series is a separate category, since he’s simply so different.]
[Im not gonna be considering Thor 3 too much either, considering Taika Watitit admit multiple times to not understating Loki’s character, but I am going to keep the movie in mind. It’s not like Thor 3 looked at Loki’s moral compass too deeply either, so. BUT. We do have a nice insight off what Asgard would look like under Loki’s rule, which is VERY helpful!]
Socially Progressive (He’s gender-fluid and bisexual/pansexual for christ’s sake) Monarcho-Socialist.
Despite how Monarcho-Socialism is often portrayed, he doesn't support the king being the leader of the revolution in most cases, instead preferring to have the monarch as the constitutional head of state while the socialist government does the politicking.
While Loki is portrayed to some degree as a stereotypical king or other member of royality, however, he is known to take a paternal role in regards to his people and vehemently defends their right to be protected from the oppressive nature of capitalism, often through his government.
Pro-Choice, Pro-same-sex marriage (duh.) ehhh with Gun-Control.
Wouldn’t vote, even if he could. But, if he REALLY had to, would probably vote Bernie.
Tumblr media
Loki Laufeyson [“Loki” 2021]
Anti-Authority. (ironic, isn’t it?). Anarcho-Socialist. Individualist. Socially Progressive. (Again, he’s Gender Fluid and Bi/Pan.) Anti-Fascist; The TVA is literally a fascist regime.
Pro-Choice, Pro-Same-sex marriage. Kinda iffy with Gun Control.
He’d be 100% for free healthcare - Would vote Bernie.
Tumblr media
Bruce Banner
Liberal. Not much to say, really. Pro-Choice, Pro-Same-sex marriage, Pro-Gun Control. Voted Biden.
EDIT: Nvm he’s literally Anti-capitalist in the comics lol.
Update: Leftist. Anti-Capitalist. Progressive. Pro-Choice, Pro-Same-sex marriage. Pro-Gun Control. Voted Bernie.
Tumblr media
Bucky Barnes
💗🌺 my beloved 🌺💗
Democratic Socialist. Leftist. Anti-Authority. Pro-BLM. Pacifist. Pro-Choice, Pro-Same-sex marriage, Pro-Gun Control.
ASAB - Assigned Sexy At Birth.
Look, if you’ve seen FATWS, you know what i’m talking about.
Voted Bernie, you cannot tell me otherwise.
Let me know if you want more!! 🌸
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abraodwaystateofmind · an hour ago
Goddess Divine
Loki x Reader
description: Loki found his goddess divine on Midgard
word count: 2.5k
warning: Loki’s love and affection
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Loki landed on Midgard, or Earth as we know it, with his brother Thor in April. The flowers were blooming, the grass got its color back, the birds and bees abound, and pollen overtaking the Avenger’s allergies. That’s exactly how he met her. Y/N Y/L/N. Known worldwide as ‘Peace Bringer’. She brought a wonderful aroma whenever she walked through the door. She would brighten the room. It was instantly calm at the sight of her presence. She could change the entire mood of the compound, just by her soothing voice. Peace Bringer was her Avenger/Superhero name, given to her by the honorable Steve Rogers when he first met her during a mission abroad. 
Y/N was doing community work overseas helping out the less fortunate. The Grecian hillside became a second home to you when the Avenger’s mission went wrong. Y/N was able to bring the people the Avengers were after and themselves together to an agreement. Although she doesn’t physically fight as much as the others, she is a great distraction method in their techniques. This is reason number one, why Loki fell hard for Y/N.
Tumblr media
Reason 1: She could be a trickster like him.
Tumblr media
Six months later, Loki found out that Y/N liked to pull pranks. For a job, she was to be a peacekeeper even if she had to negotiate with one side in an untruthful way. But if she wasn’t working on a mission, then she was pulling pranks on the rest of the team. Whether they were something small or massive pranks; nevertheless, they were pranks.
Y/N carefully set down the box on top of the ajar door, waiting for someone to step into the training room from the shower room. The box was filled with feathers and would stick to the person walking through from the condensation of the showers. She heard footsteps coming from inside but gasped quietly when she felt Loki’s presence behind her.
“Oh my gosh, Loki you scared the crap out of me.” She whispered, holding a hand over her heart. 
“M’sorry lovely, I’ve been watching you from the stairs and wanted to know what you’re doing. You’ve been sitting in front of the shower room for about 15 minutes now. What are you doing?” Loki scrunched his eyebrows together in curiosity. 
“So the shower room is hot because of the warm water. Well, that creates condensation and when they walk out of the room, then the box will fall, which is full of feathers, and stick onto the person and or get everywhere. Oh, and the best part is that it has a floral aroma. So on top of being covered in feathers, they’ll smell like flowers.” She beamed happily. He looked at her with an endearing smirk, loving the excitement in her eyes. 
Shortly after her explanation, Bucky walked out of the room. The box fell on him upside down. Feathers went everywhere. He was covered in a white, floral-scented, clingy material. She took this time to snap a photo of Bucky and sending it to the entire team.
“Y/N!!!” Bucky yelled. She took Loki’s arm and ran. They went through the compound, in and out of curves and bends, until she pulled him into a trainee supply closet. They laughed uncontrollably. 
“That was the best. I’m so glad Bucky walked out. Look.” They laughed harder looking at the photos. Loki looked down at her in the dark closet with a smile on his face. His eyes lit in adoration. His heartbeat quickened. His palms were sweaty. His curiosity deepened. 
Loki knew she could be a trickster like himself. Although, he is the god of mischief and Y/N’s just being playful. After this day, Y/N and Loki went around together doing pranks. They both had similar tricks and targets. Nothing too serious, but nothing wimpy. They made Steve think that he broke the television. They filled Thor’s room with red solo cups so he couldn’t get out of bed until he moved them. They left full glasses of water on the counter upside down for Tony to clean up in the lab. They left fake bugs in Sam’s room. But their favorite one was putting mayo and toothpaste between Oreos for Natasha. 
Tumblr media
Reason 2: She was adopted like him
Tumblr media
One year later, they grew closer together. Their friendship blossomed and continued into spending more and more time with each other. Morning walks along the compound lake. Breakfast together in the dining nook. Training together in the afternoon, which was followed by cooking new recipes for lunch or dinner for the team. Reading next to each other in the library, or pranking the others around the compound. Sometimes the two would venture out into the town to pick up groceries and shop. At least once a month they would travel down to Manhattan and enjoy the day. People passing by would assume they were a couple in love, but to them, it was finally finding someone who they could be themselves and comfortable around.
Along with the friendship came Loki and Y/N trusting each other. Trusting with secrets, feelings, and pasts. “I’ve never told anyone about my past, but I feel compelled to tell you. Like a magnetic feeling that we shared similar upbringings and it could help us heal those wounds together?” Y/N explained setting down her book on the cushioned bench adjacent to the bay window.
“Oh? And what similar upbringings do you think we had?” Loki looked up from his book, gently putting the mark between the pages and setting it on his lap.
“Adoption. I know that I’ve heard Thor talk about you being adopted…” She looked down, playing with the rings on her fingers. “I was adopted too. I wasn’t a baby, I was ten. My mother had died from a chronic illness, my father left the moment my mother got sick, and we didn’t have any other family. I was there when she died. I watched her slowly slip from a physical form to a spiritual one. Sometimes I wake in the middle of the night screaming for her.” Loki got up and sat next to her, gently holding Y/N to his chest. Gently rubbing his thumb over the back of her hand. “It wasn’t easy losing her, we were so close. I was in and out of the foster system for years. Some good houses, some bad ones. When I was eighteen and left for college I vowed to never look back and focus on the things that mattered. I was in pain, but there was more to life than what I’ve been through.” Y/N absent-mindedly leaned into Loki while she shared with him about her past that no one knew. 
Loki pondered on what he heard. Y/N told him a part of her past that was painful, but despite it all, she chose to be optimistic, happy, and care for others’ needs above her own. She turned her pain into something inspirational. 
“It never occurred to me that you can take the pain and turn it into something happy. I turned my pain into an act of hateful revenge and need for attention.” He suddenly leaned his head onto hers.
“Loki,” Y/N squeezed his hand, “We all have ways of dealing with our emotions and trauma. Pain cannot be overcome by one factor or discipline. Everyone deals with it differently. I don’t know what it’s like to feel neglected and given up as a child. Having to fight for second best, I honestly don’t. In all honesty, if I did… I think I would’ve done the same.” She softly smiled at him, giving a reassuring glance.
Tumblr media
Reason 3: She understood him
Tumblr media
Thirteen months have gone by since the first time Loki and Y/N have met. They’ve been dating for three months yet it felt like a lifetime. Their connection started as a friendship that appeared like a romantic relationship. As friends, they would do things together and go places, but as a couple, it was a given that if you saw one, there was the other.
At the dinner table, they sat next to each other. Same with movie nights. Going out into town or New York City, there they were. Loki and Y/N baked something new at least once a week and made dinner for the team twice a week. Being in the kitchen was a therapy motive that Y/N learned at a young age; therefore, being able to share that with Loki meant something deeper than she could’ve imagined. They would search the internet for new recipes, or through old cookbooks. Once a month Loki would show Y/N how to do a dish Frigga made when he was a child. 
They would read together or to each other in their shared nook in the library. It was a given that their time together was sacred and no one was to bother them. Even on missions, they seemed best paired together. Their collective talents worked better than anyone thought was possible. How could a god of mischief and a peace bringer solve crimes together for the greater good?
Dates happened every Friday or Saturday night, getting dressed up to go into town, or dressed down to relax. There was a dance hall they’d go to. Even though it was for mostly elderly couples to reminiscence of the good ‘ol days, they enjoyed the sweet and loving music of the 1930s, 40s, and 50s big band. Y/N taught Loki how to dance since Asgardian life was different than Midgard. Speaking of Asgardian life, Loki would take her back home to see what she was missing, where he grew up, and the lovely place he called home. He knew there were genuine and distressing memories, but he fought against his negative nature to see that the good outweighs the bad.
Y/N would teach him things about her hometown. Where she grew up. What made her smile. That’s what he reciprocated on Asgard. Films and television shows were a must binge of her childhood and the things her mother grew her up on. Y/N didn’t care for the grander things in life. As long as she was fed, a roof over her head, and clothed; she was content. He was sound in his thoughts when he was with her. There was a connection between them that doctors can’t explain. It was as if God had chosen them to be together from the start, and when they found each other it gave them a sense of peace. Y/N found Loki in one of his lowest times, and Loki found Y/N in one of her most needy times. She understood him and he understood her.
Tumblr media
Reason 4: She loved him
Tumblr media
Fifteen months later, he said I love you. He meant it completely. He was full, head-on, in love with her. Anything she did, he adored it. Y/N’s morning routine, for instance, he would stare at her while she walked in and out of the bathroom to the bedroom and around the rooms doing what she needed to do. The same happened during her night routine as well. Loki would even sit on the counter in front of her, while she did her skincare. Loki would even do skincare with her as well. Bi-weekly relaxing baths with candles and either bought or homemade bath bombs. Weekly face masks that ranged from various types. 
His favorite part was that she would do his skincare. She’d braid his hair or put it up in a bun. He’d make sure to be laying back against a pillow, then she’d straddle his lap and get to work on his skincare. Sometimes he’d lay his head on her lap, falling asleep in the process. 
Any hobbies Y/N loved he’d watch her in pure enjoyment. When she’d focus on something, her tongue would slightly stick out and her brows furrowed. Y/N would do the same with him. Constantly watching every move he made. It was cute to see him fuss around the compound doing small tasks, but still enjoyable to Y/N. Occasionally he’d work out outside to get some fresh air and she sneakily takes his shirt then watch him from afar. Shirtless, sweaty, and exposed was a delightful sight. 
“My sweet darling. Did you steal my clothes again?” Y/N smirked, trying to hide it.
“What? No.” Y/N giggled. 
Y/N fell in love with those beautiful blue eyes. It was almost as if she was entranced. Loki would smile and there her knees went. The slightest look and she was like a cartoon with hearts for eyes. Heartbeat racing, slight fidgeting in her seat, a need to constantly be near him. Head over heels in love is not enough to describe how she felt about Loki. No one would dare come between them and would protect their love at all cost.
Tumblr media
Reason 5: She said ‘yes’
Tumblr media
A Love Letter To My World
My goddess divine, oh how I love you.
My goddess divine, your beauty enthralls others.
My goddess divine, the one who understands.
My goddess divine, my little trickster.
My goddess divine, the people we’ve lost.
My goddess divine, the strongest woman I know.
My goddess divine, the peace bringer of the galaxy.
My goddess divine, my goddess divine.
They were out to dinner for their two-year anniversary. The town closest to the compound had a family-owned Italian restaurant near a park. There were lights strung from the trees and soft live music playing from the outdoor bar down the street.
Loki handed her the card, gently kissing her head. “Happy anniversary my darling. May our future be just as bright as your heart.” Looking up at him smiling, she kissed Loki sweetly.
Y/N opened the card and read the poem. Her eyes lit up. Elation filled her heart knowing that he wrote this himself with personal details of their relationship. 
“Loki thank you. I love it.” She turned to look but saw him bent down on one knee. 
“My darling. You have been the light of my life since the day I met you. Your warmth has changed my iced heart. I cannot thank you enough for what you have done to change me in a better way. I love you so much. I vow to keep you happy, alive, and feel loved every day. I promise to never make you cry, angry, or feel alone. I promise to choose you first to put our relationship above all else. You deserve the world. My darling, will make me the luckiest man in the galaxy? Marry me?” Loki opened the small blue box that shown a gorgeous Tiffany Co. ring.
“Yes.” She gently whispered, hands shaking, joyous tears threatening to roll down her cheeks. He placed the ring on her finger, standing up, holding her close to his chest. 
“I love you.” Y/N smiled kissing Loki with every emotion in her. 
Loki pulled back slowly. “I love you, goddess divine.”
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