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#tony stark
murdermuffinloki · a day ago
Tumblr media
Jotun Loki being turned on by Tony’s red eyes.
(Inspired by the onion scene in Sacrifice by @rabentochter)
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manhattanminute · 2 days ago
Natasha: Who the fuck added me to a fucking group chat?
Steve: Language!
Y/N: Yeah watch your fucking language Natasha.
Tony: 'The fuck word'.
Wanda: Are you stupid? You guys use the f word all the time.
Y/N: Oh my god she censored it.
Tony: Say fuck, Wanda.
Y/N: Do it, Wanda. Say fuck.
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mmmarvelous · 2 days ago
2011 and Tony is not at the party? unrealistic.
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slasher-art · a day ago
I'm celebrating 2000 followers on instagram! Join DTIYS! 😉
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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lowkeyerror · 2 days ago
Not From This Universe
Natasha Romanoff x Reader
Word Count: 2701
Warnings: None
Requested by: @confusinggemini612
Request: Could you please do a Natasha x Reader where the reader is Spider-Woman from a different universe that ends up coming from her universe by plummeting to the ground outside the Avengers Compound? She wakes up in the medbay with no clue where she is & has to adapt to this new universe. Grows close with everyone especially Natasha & Peter. Eventually, asks Natasha out. Thanks
Tumblr media
By this point, everyone knows how the story goes. Spider bite, superpowers, web slinging and saving the citizens of Queens.
You had been a friendly neighborhood Spider-Woman for quite some time now. She thought she had seen it all, but every once in a while something seemingly impossible happened.
For instance, imagine one moment you're swinging through the sky and the next, you're swallowed by some portal. Going through said portal leaves you plummeting to your death with nothing around to web on to.
You tried to make a web for you to land on, but you were falling too fast. You smashed into the ground, and you were knocked out on impact.
The impact was loud enough to alert the people inside the place you landed by. Lucky for you, those people were probably the most equipped to deal with what just happened to you.
Tony used the cameras outside the facility to locate the cause of the noise. When he saw you outside, unmoving on the ground, he rushed out of the compound. The rest of the Avengers trailing behind him.
When they got up close and personal, they were confused.
" This isn't Peter"
" It doesn't matter who she is. We have to take her to medbay immediately," Natasha is the one to pick up your limp body and carry you to the medical sector.
While the doctors work on you, they remove your mask. Natasha was a little shocked by your appearance. You had soft, delicate, features, but you obviously weren't a kid like they had initially thought.
She wanted to stay with you the entire time you were in medbay, but Tony had called her urgently, when he got the footage of how you ended up in front of the compound.
All of the Avengers watched the tape, but not even Tony was grasping what happened.
It seemed like one second you weren't in the sky and the next you were falling out of it. They took note of how you tried to brace for impact, knowing that had to mean you were somehow like Peter but not exactly him.
" So she just fell out of the sky?" Wanda questioned.
" That's what it looks like, we'll ask her when she wakes up," Cap remarks while watching the clip.
" I'm calling Peter, maybe he can help if she's like him"
The conversation didn't have time to get any further as a nurse interrupted the meeting," We have a problem"
You were awake and confused. How did you get here? Why were you attached to this machine? Where was your mask? Who were these people?
Your brain swirled with questions, and panic settled into your bones. You tried to leave, but the doctors strapped you down before you could slip out. You were weak and everything hurt, but you still struggled to get out of the binds.
You were screaming out for help, but no one was helping. They were all just staring at you.
" What are you doing? Untie her right now. Why is she strapped down in the first place? Are you all not professional doctors? Do you not know how to calm someone in duress?" A red-headed woman was yelling at everyone as she stormed into the facility.
At her words the doctors unstrapped you, and you sat up in a hurry. When the woman reached you, you noticed that there were others with her.
" The doctors may not have made it seem like it, but we're only trying to help you," she addressed you.
" Where am I?”
" You're at the Avengers compound," one of the men with dark hair answered.
" Okay, where are the Avengers?"
The team all share a look at each other before Bruce speaks up," Can you tell us who they are?"
You hesitate but nod," Black Widow, Blade, Nerd Hulk, Gregory Stark, Nick Fury, Red Wasp, Hawkeye, War Machine."
" I knew she fell from the sky, but I think she might be from an entirely different universe," Bruce tells the team.
" Different universe?" You question and they look at you.
The man with blonde hair sets his hand lightly on your shoulder," We are the Avengers kid"
That day changed everything for you. Needless to say, you had a hard time processing everything.
You had a life, friends, and your poor uncle was probably going crazy looking for you. It wasn't your fault, but you felt guilty for leaving them all behind. It wasn't about what your universe would do without their Spider- Woman; it was about what your loved ones would do without Y/n Y/ln.
You spent at least a month swinging through the sky hoping another portal would suck you back into your world, but it didn't. You were stuck here with these Avengers and their Spider-Man.
He wasn't a man at all, really. He was definitely a boy, but he reminded you of yourself at that age. There was this weight on his shoulders that the Avengers didn't seem to fully grasp, but you did. Of course, you did, because in a way he was you.
Peter was one of the few things that felt like home to you. He felt familiar, and you were the most comfortable around him, despite his age. You two just understood each other.
For that reason, the Avengers convinced Aunt May to let you live with them. Aunt May was the sweetest woman you had ever met. You adored her tough love, and you admired how much she cared for Peter.
You were surprised by how welcoming she had been to you. It had only been a few months, but you definitely thought of Aunt May as a motherly figure, seeing as you never really had one before.
May wasn't the only one who felt like a parent in your eyes. Tony worked tirelessly to try and find a way to get you back home. He spent almost all of his time searching for a way to return you to your universe.
When he wasn't actively searching for an answer, he made sure to check in with you. He wanted to know more about you and at first you thought it was for science purposes, but it wasn't. You noticed when you were around, he made sure something you liked was also around.
If you were in the lab, he'd play your favorite music. If you were in the compound, he'd put on your favorite show. He even made sure to take you shopping for new clothes. He was reluctant to actually say the words, but you knew that he had grown fond of you.
Actually, all of the Avengers had grown quite fond of you. If Tony was like a father and May was like a mother, then the Avengers were your siblings. You loved being around them. They were nothing at all like the Avengers from your timeline.
They may have been a little rough around the edges, but they were all good people. When you felt most out of place, they made you feel at home. Whether it was a joke from Thor and Clint or a long hug from Wanda or an awkward pat on the shoulder from Steve; it made you feel like you belonged.
Natasha didn't feel like a sibling to you. She felt like your other half. When you were with Natasha, you felt like this was where you were supposed to be. The place you called home felt like an alternate reality when she was around.
In your mind, there was no way that you could belong in a universe where Natasha Romanoff didn't exist.
Ever since you woke up in the medbay Natasha had been protective of you. She didn't want anyone or anything harming you in any kind of way.
She had sent the team away if she saw you getting overwhelmed, she had held your hand the first time you went out in public, she had even let you sleep next to her before you left the compound.
There was no doubt in your mind that you had feelings for Natasha. However, you did doubt that she had feelings for you. What could a Russian spy turned Avenger gain from being with a Spider-Woman who fell from the sky.
Well, when you put it that way it sounded epic. It was more like, how could the beautiful, multiple talented, superhero, Natasha Romanoff be with Y/n Y/ln.
Without the bite, you were nothing but a young adult who fell from a different dimension. Without the title of spy, Natasha was still miles ahead of you.
" Oh wow, she's really spaced out, isn't she"
" I told you, I've been waving my hand in front of her face for five minutes"
" Y/n, sweetheart, what's wrong?" Aunt May rest her hand on your shoulder, causing you to get out of your head.
You look from her to Peter a couple of times before blurting out," I like Natasha"
Peter shrugged his shoulders," I mean I like Mrs. Romanoff too. I don't know how much she likes me, though. I think she'd save my life if she had too, but I don't think she'd like to have a conversation with-"
" Peter, she meant 'like' as in romantically."
He makes an o shape with his mouth," YOU HAVE A CRUSH ON NATASHA"
You jumped out of your seat and put a hand over his mouth," Sssssh, tell the whole world, why don't you"
You drop your hand, and he mumbles, "Sorry"
" Well, I think you ought to tell her," the three of you collectively jump as you see Tony hovering outside of the bedroom window.
" When did you get here?"
He lets himself into the room," Doesn't matter. What matters is you telling Natasha, how you feel"
Aunt May interjects," I don't often agree with him, but I think Tony's right. You should ask her out"
You look at them all slack jawed," You guys think I should ask Natasha out. Do you even hear yourselves"
Peter chimes in," I mean, what's the worst that could happen?"
You turn attention to the teen," The worst that could happen is she gets offended by me even asking and then murders me with her combat skills"
" Oh she wouldn't murder you, not at the compound with all those witnesses anyway," Tony informs you and Peter nods in agreement
You groan and fall back in your seat. Aunt may places her hands on your shoulder," Don't listen to them, men are stupid. Listen to good ol' Aunt May. If you really like her, you should go for it. Natasha may be a one of a kind woman, but so are you. That's why you two have such great chemistry. We can all see it. I know for a fact that Natasha has some type of feelings for you. It's all in the way she treats you versus how she treats other people. She will definitely say yes if you ask her out"
" You really think so?"
She nods," Aunt May knows chemistry when she sees it, sweetheart. Now go ask out that super spy."
You get out of your seat one more time and look at your family," I guess I'm asking out a super spy"
You latch onto Tony's suit," To the compound iron giant"
He rolls his eyes before closing his helmet and flying you both out of the window, and to the Avengers compound.
When you land he pats you on the shoulder," Good luck, I know you've got this"
He walks in the compound, but you wait a moment. You take a deep breath and try to pump yourself up. You jump in place a couple of times and shake your shoulders a little bit.
" Preparing for a fight"
You leap ten feet in the air in fright as Natasha sneaks up behind you. You stick the landing and face Natasha with your heart pounding in your chest.
" Hey, you uh you really scared me Natasha"
She laughs before smiling," Ya, I could see that. Are you going inside or just doing whatever that was?"
You freeze a little," Um, actually I came to talk to you. Maybe we could go for a walk? I know you probably just came from one, and it's totally understandable if you don't want to-"
She grabbed your hand," Let's go, web slinger"
You could feel the heat creeping up the back of your neck at the contact, you two walked hand in hand. Your mind was racing, trying to figure out exactly what you were going to say to her.
" For someone who wanted to talk to me, you're awfully quiet"
Your free hand reached to scratch the back of your hand," Sorry, you just make me speechless sometimes"
She raised an eyebrow at you causing you to rush out a sentence," Um anyway, I wanted to ask you something"
She waited patiently for you to speak up. The two of you had even stopped walking, not that you noticed with all of your nerves.
" Natasha, I'm not trying to drag this out or go on a tangent like I usually do, but I'm nervous. I really don't want to fuck this up. The easy way to put it is that you make me feel at home, even in an entirely different universe. I really like spending time with you and I want to take you on a date. You can obviously say no, I won't hold it against you or anything. I just had to ask you because-"
You stop talking when you feel a gentle kiss on your cheek," It's a date, web slinger"
You're still frozen in your spot as you peer down at the older woman," Are you sure?"
She chuckles and kisses your other cheek," I'm pretty sure, considering how I feel about you"
Your voice went up in pitch," How do you feel about me?"
She pushes her body flush against yours, causing you to swallow hard. Your hands rest on her waist and hers hanging loosely over your shoulders.
You're taller than her, so her forehead is aligned with your lips. She has to look up at you, and that alone almost sends you over the edge.
" I like you a lot"
You found yourself leaning down and swiftly pecking Natasha's lips. It wasn't the smoothest move, but it got the job done.
Natasha chuckled after your nervous peck," You want to let me take the reins on this one"
" Are you calling me a bad kisser"
She shook her head," A nervous kisser, not a bad one. You have to relax, detka"
You slowly nodded your head and brought your hand to cup Natasha's face. You could see all the humor leave her eyes.
You focused, really focused, on her features. You let your thumb trace over her bottom lip.
" You look a little nervous there, Nat"
She rolls her eyes," Would you just shut up and kiss me. Properly this time please"
This time when connected your lips you didn't immediately pull away, instead you let your lips move sensually against hers. Her lips against yours were delicate, the pressure was driving you insane. This time it took everything in you to pull away from the red head.
" Definitely not a bad kisser," she breathed out.
" Told you"
She tucked a piece of your hair behind your ear," So when's our date?"
" I'm free now, if you are"
" You haven't even planned anything," she rebutted.
You scoffed," Natasha, I don't know if you know this, but I'm Spider-Woman."
She gives you a confused look," Ok, and what does that have to do with anything"
" Hold on tight"
" What? Wh- OH MY GOD"
You held onto Nat and started swinging high above the city.
" Are your eyes open because this is the best part?"
Nat's eyes were closed, but she opened them upon your request. She was taken away by the view.
" This is amazing"
It's corny but, to you, there was nothing that was going to be better than swinging through the city with Natasha in your arms. She was your home away from home.
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Tony: I'm writing a diary full of lies. I want my loved ones to read it after I die and be like "wait, what".
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bitchy-marvel-dude · 3 days ago
Stephen: Darling.
Stephen: Baby.
Stephen: Light of my life.
Tony: You're angry with me, aren't you?
Stephen: Absolutely LIVID! ❤️ 💕 😘
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asgardsladyloki · a day ago
I miss the days of 2012 avengers fan fiction when everyone had their own floor in the tower. I wish someone would use that universe but the more heroes come the tower just gets longer and longer. That would be hilarious. Just a universe where everyone is happy and together, I’d love to read that.
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incorrectmarvelquote · 20 hours ago
Lawyer: Name?
Tony: Anthony Stark
Lawyer: Sex?
Tony: Frequently
Lawyer: No, male or female?
Tony: Doesn’t matter
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rabentochter · 2 days ago
Today’s What If is Tony Stark Slander. A fucking *alien party* without Tony Stark?? Tony Stark not being at a party with aliens???? TONY STARK NOT BEING AT A PARTY??????
You’re kidding me, right?
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funkylittlebidiot · a day ago
Stephen, draping himself over a chaise: Wong, why won’t Tony pay me more attention?
Stephen: I’ve tried everything! I even tried surprising him at the door.
Stephen: naked.
Wong: Stephen, you didn’t! Other people live here!
Stephen, sadly: I did.
Stephen: Meanwhile, the sanctum won’t be bothered by Jehova’s witnesses anymore
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