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#tony stark
underoooos · 2 minutes ago
Ned : You know, if you add ‘violently’ in front of an action, it becomes ten times funnier.
MJ : Violently studies
Harley: Violently breathes
Peter: Violently murders seven people
Tony : *horrified* Violently worries about Peter’s comment
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lieblingwrites · 2 minutes ago
What if Howard never stopped searching for Steve and found him before 2008. Alpha Steve falls for the mouthy, short and brilliant Omega Tony.
And Tony is basically Steve’s only link to the future at first. And With Steve around Tony is less of a mess and is more fully able to focus on what he wants to invent. And it’s not weapons.
We know where this story goes. Stane can’t stand the fact that Tony isn’t focusing on weaponry and with him around he isn’t able to double deal as freely. So Afghanistan happens.
And this begins the worst period in Steve’s life. He realises that death has it out for Tony. His omega almost dies so many times it’s insane.
Starting with IM1. Tony is lost in a desert. He could be dead. And alpha Steve’s instincts are screaming at him to protect his omega. But how? And then later in the movie stane removes Tony’s arc reactor. He could have died.
In IM2 Tony is actively dying. He won’t survive and I’m sure he tells Steve that. Probably over burnt omelettes. But it’s true. Steve’s omega and the love of his life is going to die. And Steve … doesn’t cope well. He is just not a person who gets over stuff. And the death of his beloved omega is something he will never get over.
In avengers Steve has to be the one who asks Natasha to close the portal so that the attack will stop. The image of Tony flying inside will haunt Steve forever. And then when Tony falls down and is only save by The Hulk and later his roar is enough to send shivers down his spine. No person should have to continually go through this. How many times can he almost lose his omega before he really loses him.
And then IM 3 happens. When he really truly believes Tony is dead. Lost to him forever and lost in the Pacific Ocean. Steve couldn’t breathe when he sees it happen live on the news. Gets a panic attack at being in Washington while his omega died alone in Malibu. The phone he gets later from Tony is the only thing that staves off the ice around his heart.
Steve is tired of almost losing his husband. He wishes there was a way to just stop Tony from being iron man. But he knows that being iron man is critical to Tony being a person. It is the way he feels he is doing enough. It’s not about a legacy. It’s about feeling like he is giving back.
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mischiefsemimanaged · 4 minutes ago
Y/n: -playing kazoo to the tune of "It's the Final Countdown-
Peter: -singing- It's a mental breakdown
Tony: Are you guys okay??
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poessunflower · 4 minutes ago
happy mother’s day to all of the amazing mothers out there—and all of the amazing fictional ones, too!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
these are just a few of the amazing fictional mcu mothers, but they’re all amazing in their own ways :)
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missroseotua · 26 minutes ago
Tumblr media
The sketch of the official cover art for my animated / written series, Welcome To The Fandomverse!
(Please note that this is unfinished, and that more posts will be made on the progress of this project)
You can check it out here:
Quotev / written version:
DeviantArt / drawn and animated version:
BandLab / musical soundtracks:
Characters presented in this artwork:
F! Ink Sans (Original ‘Ink! Sans’ by Myebi)
F! Monika Confiance (Original ‘Monika’ by Dan Salvato)
F! Cuphead Valentia (Original ‘Cuphead’ by Studio MDHR)
F! Bendy Empati (Original ‘Bendy’ by Joey Drew Studios)
Ink! Sans (by Myebi)
Error! Sans (by Crayon Queen / Loverofpiggies)
F! Ayano Aishi (Original ‘Ayano “Yandere” Aishi’ by YanDev)
F! Freddy-Luke Fazbear-Skywalker (Original ‘Freddy Fazbear’ by Scott Cawthon, original ‘Luke Skywalker’ by Lucasfilm, Ltd.)
Cryptic (by me!)
Crystal (by me!)
Miss Rose / Riaru Hansha (by me!)
F! Tord Lavington (Original ‘Tord’ by Edd Gould (2012) and Tord Larsson)
F! Tony “Hamilton” Stark (Original ‘Tony Stark’ by Marvel Studios, original ‘Hamilton (character)’ by Lin-Manuel Miranda)
F! Fluttershy Chique (Original ‘Fluttershy’ by Hasbro Studios)
F! Pico (Original ‘Pico’ by Tom Fulp)
F! Deku Diva (Original ‘Deku / Izuku Midoriya’ by Kohei Horikoshi)
F! Hinata Havoc (Original ‘Shōyō Hinata’ by Haruichi Furudate)
and F! Edd Golden (Original ‘Edd Gould’ by Edd Gould (2012))
Hope to see you in the future parts of this project!
As always,
“Stay Colorful! 🌹”
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petersdonuts · 41 minutes ago
Tony: honestly, I have the best entrances.
Tumblr media
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petersdonuts · 48 minutes ago
Sam: I think I need to apologize to you, Bucky.
Steve: Sam, do you KNOW how to apologize?
Tony: you actually have to say the words, “I’m sorry”.
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callme-maria · an hour ago
Tony: Y/n, Why are you barking
Y/n: Bark, bark bark bark!
Tony: I can't understand you, Y/n
Y/n: *clears throat* You know those beans that Harry Potter and his friends eat that make them sound like animals?
Tony: Never seen Hairy Glotter, but okay, yeah?
Y/n: I just ate a jelly bean and out of nowhere I started barking! Cool right?
Tony: Banner? Can you do a brain scan on Y/n, just to make sure everything's alright.
*after the brain scan*
Bruce: It seems that they have entered something called a 'fandom', and has been spending too much time on whatever 'Tumblr' is.
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Trying to Wake Tony up For a Mission
Bruce: *gently shaking Tony* Tone, buddy, you got to wake up the planes waiting
Tony: 😴
Bruce: *shaking Tony harder* Ok seriously it's time to get up!
Tony: 😴
Bruce: *using his Hulk voice* GOSH DAMNIT STARK WAKE UP!
Tony: *sits up straight, still sleeping* OH FUCK OFF I'M RICHER THAN ALL OF YOU!
Tony: *slumps back down to sleep* 😴
Bruce: 👁👄👁
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spaceocean9 · an hour ago
I am back on my Wandavision bullshit! I am rewatching the show and there is so much that us bothering me with the framing of Wanda and her actions. It would be something if this was a phenomenon that was unique to this show, but I dont think it is. It is a small reflection of society and how we treat white women in relation to depression.
I am going to compare Wanda and Tony again. I am comparing Wanda and Tony so heavily because they both have well defined canon depictions of mental illness. Hell, Tony is even featured a psychology textbook as an example of PTSD in media. While Bruce and Thor also have mental illnesses (depression, suicidal ideation)they are not focused on as heavily or as seriously(which is a shame).
The treatment Wanda and Tony get in the narrative of the mcu are pretty different. Tony is constantly reprimanded for his behavior. He faces some sort of consequence in almost every movie, even if he has a mental health issue. And while his progress is shaky at times he always tries to do better. A big part of Tony's character is redemption. Even if you personality think that Tony should be punished more harshly, the point still stands that he is criticized in the narrative. The intention is there.
I would go so far as to say that sometimes the mcu is harsh to Tony when talking about his PTSD. His mental illness being outright ignored by teammates or the people around him for a long time. I totally remember in Iron man 3 when Tony tried to talk with Bruce about his issues and he was sleeping. It was supposed to be funny that he was highly disinterested. A lot of people are annoyed with Tony's PTSD rather than concerned. It doesn't matter if Tony is likable or not, that is not okay. And even though Tony saved the world and is hailed as a hero at the end of his story, it is important to remember that he is dead and his death was kind of framed like it saved him. Pepper says that he can rest now. That is clearly a reference to his mental health struggles. And I dont love that. Not at all, especially with the rates of suicide for people with PTSD. I have PTSD and that is a thought that haunts me constantly. That death is the only way my mind will relax. I am sure that the writers didn't intend for his death to come off that way, but I dont know. It feels squicky to me.
Wanda on the other hand isn't held responsible for her actions. She is downright coddled. She is presented as younger than she actually is in civil war. POC characters that she has tried to actively kill make a thousand of excuses for her, and even say that they would do the same. The POC people that she has killed( Johannesburg and Wakandan)citizens are pushed aside and ignored. She abuses Vision and it is not addressed. When he walks down in his retro outfit and she all fucking gleeful that he is going along with her whims, and then he states that it was the only thing in the closet; absolute chills.  Wanda knew what she was doing to the poor people of Westview. She might have not known at first but she caught on pretty quickly. Wanda is the villian Wandavision, even if the narrative doesn't want her to be and tries to distract you with Agnes. Agnes was just piggybacking off of Wanda's creation. She didn't create this nightmare. Agnes is only the big villian because she is opposing Wanda. Wanda is framed as the absolute victim so much, especially in this show. God, when Monica says to Wanda" they will never know what you did for them" I wanted to chuck my remote. WHAT?! She tortured them. Made them her dolls to play house with. She did nothing for them except give them trauma and uprooted their lives. The people of Westview are even presented as threatening and unreasonable at the end of the show, with them looking at Wanda and she looking small in her hood. Ugh, it so nauseating. I'm sorry, but the accords never looked so good right now.
There could be many reasons for this difference in treatment. I think one of the big ones is because Wanda is a white, skinny, traditionally pretty white woman; and they are the face of idealized sympathetic media depression. I would even say that Wandas depression is treated with more care than Thor's and Bruce's. And PTSD is not understood very well. It flip flops back in forth between the" scary" illnesses( bipolar, schizophrenia, personality disorders), which leaves it in this realm of misunderstanding. There is actually a lot of people who don't even know its an anxiety disorder.
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stark-strange-love2 · 2 hours ago
Stephen: fun fact the first boy I ever kissed DIED today!!!
Stephen: oh come on I had nothing to do with it he died from a cow stampede
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its-just-roe · 2 hours ago
Cute little mood board for Tony and Stephen ❤️
Tumblr media
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lanyakea-universe · 2 hours ago
Harley, Peter and Morgan, having a fight: Dad! If you could only keep one of your children, which one would you pick?
Tony: DUM-E.
Harley, Peter and Morgan:
Tumblr media
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firulaispng · 3 hours ago
Are you a proshipper? /gen
Hi anon!
This is a very open question. If you’re asking if I ship st4rker (or other minor/adult ships), no, I do not. I do ship hannigram, tho.  While we’re on this topic, I’ve seen this post tagged as st4rker sometimes (which is the reason I suppose you’re asking this question), and that’s... not good. Don’t ever tag my art as st4rker. It’s clearly not spiderman x tony stark content so no one should tag it as such, I can’t believe I have to say this, jesus.
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