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“How’d you get ahold of that piece of antiquity?”

It had been Pepper’s idea to go through the storage locker. Peter had just tagged along for fun. 

They were moving to New York, permanently. Part of that had to do with their house being shot into the ocean (which Peter didn’t like thinking about because his dad and Pepper had been in the house when it was attacked, while Peter had been out with his Uncle). And the other part was just a need for a change of scene. But apparently, his dad had a storage locker where he kept anything that didn’t fit in the house (his dad preferred the Malibu house because it was big without feeling massive). 

So, they were looking for anything worthwhile to bring to New York. Peter didn’t know what to look for, but Pepper told him he’d know it when he saw it. 

And his eyes went wide when he saw it.

“Pepper.” He heard the tell-tale click of her heels as she approached him. He pointed at it. “We should bring that to New York.” He glanced up at her and she smiled. 

“Good idea sweetie.” And so they did.

Peter was of course intrigued by it the moment he saw it. But only his dad could truly explain it. So, he waited patiently for it’s arrival in New York. He was sure his dad new something was up by the way he whispered questions to Pepper.

It arrived a week after they did. Pepper had it put in the penthouse by the window.

Peter sat on the bench provided, staring at it with intrigued eyes. He wanted to know more about it. 

“Peter?” He looked up hearing his dad’s voice. His dad had been in the workshop when it arrived, but Peter had asked JARVIS to get his dad. His dad stopped when he saw it. “How’d you get ahold of that piece of antiquity?”

“I found it in the storage locker.” Tony nodded as he approached. Peter could see his eyes scanning the item with a shocked silence.

It was a white baby grand piano. It was in pristine condition, but it was clear it had been in the locker for a long time. Tony sighed and sat down next to Peter. Peter watched his dad, his face a myriad of emotions. His fingers hovered over the keys.

“Can you play?” Tony looked up at Peter and smiled a little. 

“It’s been a long time.” Peter nodded. “And I was never as good as my mother.” Tony sighed. “She played the piano every day when I was growing up and it was the most beautiful sound I had ever heard.”

“Dad?” Tony looked at Peter and Peter smiled. “Will you tell me more about grandma?” Tony smiled and pressed a kiss to his son’s head. 

“Sure kiddo. What do you want to know?”

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happy fiftieth birthday, anthony ‘tony’ edward stark // iron man (may 29, 1970)

so if i were to wrap this up tight with a bow or whatever, i guess i’d say my armor was never a distraction or a hobby. it was a cocoon. and now, i’m a changed man. you can take away my house. all my tricks and toys. one thing you can’t take away… i am iron man.

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Dating Tony Stark would include…


Originally posted by lildemonsemen

Requested?: No

Warnings: none

Requests: open

A/N: I may have got a little carried away…

- Thinking that he was a total playboy when you first started dating and expected to feel very jealous because of the way he acted around other women

- You soon learn that you were completely wrong about him

- You do feel jealous from time to time, but this is usually because of how other women act around him

- You tell yourself that he is way too good for you and are surprised that he is still with you when there lots of other women he could be with

- When you tell him this, he’s so surprised

- He covers your face in kisses and holds you in his arms

- Prepare yourself for over the top gifts for the next week or so

- You assure him that he doesn’t need to buy you all of this to prove that he loves you

- PDA!!!!

- Anything ranging from holding hands to kisses

- You would be lying if you said you haven’t been caught making out a few times in hallways and other places in public

- The Avengers have caught you more times than they would like to admit

- He’s a sucker for cuddles

- Morning cuddles

- Afternoon cuddles

- Night time cuddles

- He will come up with any excuse to cuddle you

- A lot of “I love you”’s

- He hates leaving you for so long because of missions, especially if it is a particularly dangerous one

- When he does come back from missions, you look after him

- You look after him both physically and mentally

- You are more than aware of his anxiety and have learned to read his facial expressions and body language so you know when he needs help

- You know he is too stubborn to ask for help, but he is more than thankful that you are there to help him

- When he is having a particularly difficult night, you will be the big spoon, and you hold him close, with the occasional kiss on his neck or back, followed by a “i love you”

- if he doesn’t want to bother you, he will go to the lab just for something to do

- When you wake up in the middle of the night and he isn’t by your side, you know exactly where to find him

- You will either bring him back to bed or spend the night in the lab with him, so he knows that you’re there if he needs you

- You dont want him feeling alone

- He is a big help with your problems, too

- At first, he’ll try to make you feel better by telling you a joke

- But when you don’t react, he knows it’s serious

- He will literally go above and beyond to make you feel better

- Hugs, kisses, baths, cooking for you, helps you dress into some comfortable clothes

- He will do everything he can to make you feel better

- This man will literally do everything he can to show you off

- He has had parties solely for this reason

- He can’t get his head around the fact that you - the most beautiful woman to ever exist - is with him

- The other Avengers love your relationship so much and are thankful for you looking after Tony

- They generally don’t know what he’d do without you

- Although you aren’t an Avenger yourself (despite asking Tony to train you to become one) you still part of their little family

- You both depend on each other so much

- Neither of you know where you would be without the other

- Slow dancing in the kitchen while cooking

- Slow dancing in the living room

- Slow dancing pretty much everywhere

- He uses this as a perfect excuse to grab your ass

- Sleeping wrapped in each other’s arms

- Telling each other jokes and stories until you fall asleep

- The two of you love each other so so much and don’t know where you would be without the other

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I am no artist but I couldn’t let Tony’s birthday pass without posting something for him. I did this 5 years ago and since then my love for him has only grown.

I have adored him since I first saw avengers back in 2012 and he has been by my side since then, his flawed but loveable personality guiding me through. Reminding me that though I’m not perfect, though I make mistakes and let anxiety dictate my life sometimes, I am not weak and I can be loved. After all, that is exactly how I feel about him.

So Happy Birthday Tony Stark.

Thank you for all you have done for me.

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