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#tony stark & peter parker

First Impressions by ImBadWithWords
Somehow, even as plain old Peter Parker, he manages to find himself meeting the Avengers. Exciting? Sure. But it’s only a matter of time before he proves he’s not quite what he seems.

The Third Option by Uncertainty_Principle
Homecoming A/U. Ben and May divorced before Peter’s parents died, so when Ben is murdered Peter goes into foster care. It takes just a tiny taste of superpowers for Peter to decide he doesn’t want to put up with his horrible foster father anymore—the streets are infinitely more appealing. All he wants is to be Spider-Man anyway.
So he leaves.
Simple, that is, until Iron Man needs Spider-Man’s help. Peter isn’t about to turn down an opportunity to fight alongside Tony Freaking Stark, but he also isn’t going to let his hero know that his recruit is a fifteen-year-old homeless dropout. So they strike a deal. Peter will help Tony. In return, the mask stays on.
And that’s when things get complicated.

It’s Above My Clearance Level by tsk
In which Peter’s class goes on a field trip to Stark Tower, and no one knows why this kid has such high clearance.

Hot Chocolate by Isnt_it_pretty_to_think_so
“So,” Natasha says smoothly, raising an eyebrow. “You’re Spiderman.”
The kid is practically hyperventilating, staring at her with those damn eyes. “You … you …”
“Relax,” she says, heading over to her secret stash of cocoa. “If I wanted to kill you, you’d be dead. Do you want some hot chocolate?”
OR: The first time Natasha meets Stark’s kid, it’s almost three in the morning; spiders don’t sleep, after all. Natasha is just used to being the only spider.

Gone Kid by Jen27ny
Tony tries to mind his own business, he really does - but when he finds out someone sneaks into one of the rooms of the vacant Stark Tower, he gets curious. Especially when he sees the footage of said someone climbing the outside of the Tower by sticking to the smooth surface to reach the room on the 92nd floor. But when he finds the blood in that room, the concept of “minding his own business” is quickly thrown out of the window.
That’s how Tony finds himself trying to befriend the costumed vigilante who comes and goes as he pleases and seems to have a talent for getting stabbed and - wait, how old is he?

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Title: Carrying on the Legacy 
Fandom: MCU 
Pairing: Peter Parker & Tony Stark (IronDad/SpiderSon)
Rating: General (Feels - Minor Angst - Fluff) 
Word Count: ~4580

Summary: Peter agrees to do something very special for Morgan, since her father couldn’t be there for her to do it himself. 

A/N: Someone on Discord suggested that maybe Peter would be there for all of Morgan important life events, including her high school graduation and her wedding day. This can be seen as part 2 of this fic. :) Please enjoy! 

For @borkistumblin


Peter looked around his room, frantically trying to find something that he knew he had, but it appeared that he was mistaken. He opened dresser drawers, his bedroom closet, his hallways closet, his linen closet - even the fridge to see if maybe he had accidentally put the item he was looking for in there, but came up short. Crap. He didn’t have much time, but he wasn’t going to leave until he found it. His phone began buzzing, which amped up the anxiety he was already feeling to an eleven. “I know!” He shouted, speaking out loud. 

“Did you need some assistance, Peter?” Friday’s voice came through loud and clear, Peter sighing as he had forgotten the AI would automatically answer him. He’d been living here for what - three years now, and tended to forget more often than he should. “I’d be happy to help you.” 

“No, Friday - I’m okay.” He sighed, then snapped his fingers. “Actually, maybe you can help me. Did I happen to tell you where I was going to put an item for Morgan?” 

“The one that you wanted to give to her when either Pepper passed on, or if she was getting married?” 

“Yep.” Peter nodded his head, happy that his past self had taken precautions of this very scenario he was currently experiencing. “Can you tell me where I can find it, please?” 

“It’s in the cupboard next to the laundry room. Top shelf, in the back.” 

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Title: ‘A Hero’s Legacy’ 
Fandom: MCU (post Endgame)
Pairing: Irondad/Spiderson 
Rating: General (heavy angst with a happy (?) ending - lots of feels) 
Word Count: ~3045

Summary: Iron Man is gone. Tony Stark is gone. Peter wants to crawl under a rock and pretend it isn’t so, but then has to step up to the plate when Pepper asks him to give a eulogy at Tony’s funeral. 

A/N: Someone on Discord supplied the following prompt, and I decided to write it and add some of my own secret wishes. Please enjoy! Tagging @livvibee​ - @katiebug9​ - @borkistumblin​ (your fault) 

Prompt: Peter gives the eulogy at Tony’s funeral. 


Watching Tony do the unthinkable had been rough. Incredibly rough. It was something that Peter hoped he would never have to experience again, because there was no way that his soul could take it. After making the ultimate sacrifice for all of them, and having to watch as Tony went to that everlasting sleep - it was too much. But when Pepper called him and asked to give a eulogy, he knew he couldn’t say no. 

He sat at his desk, and stared at a blank Google doc. There would never be any words he would be able to say to the Avengers that could fill the hole that was now in all of their hearts with Tony no longer with them. Coming back from Titan, and engaging in the battle with everyone - all Peter could think about was how cool it was, to see everyone working together as a team. How he looked forward to more of these adventures. More with Steve, Thor, and even that idiot Peter Quill. But most of all, he had really been looking forward to getting to spend more time with Tony. 

But now that wasn’t going to be his reality. 

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Spider-man and the Avengers Tower


Because I’m still learning everything… This took me over 10 hours to complete. The background was created digitally. Spider-man was hand drawn and then digitally edited.

It was fun learning to work with layers and trying to figure out the best way to draw a body in proportion.

It’s not perfect by any means but I really like it.

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<p>: <b>Tony:</b> *sprays whipped creme into his mouth*<p/><b>Peter:</b> Oh! I want some! *Opens mouth*<p/><b>Tony:</b> *Sprays the whipped cream into Peter's mouth*<p/><b>Both:</b> *Laugh while eating whipped cream straight out of the can*<p/><b>Pepper:</b> *Exasperated* This is why I don't like it when you buy Ready Whip.<p/><b>Peter:</b> *Wiping whipped cream off of his mouth* Because we're so funny?<p/></p>
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It honestly felt so weird not uploading a chapter of Morgan is Coming this week, so here is a little fic from the Of dads and sons series. I hope you enjoy it <3

Read also on Ao3


If someone would ask May, she would just deny the whole situation.

It came as some sort of surprise, finding out Peter is Spiderman. But really thinking about it it’s actually quite obvious. Peter never was a good liar. And if May had ever had met Spiderman or even seen a video she’d probably known right away that it was her nephew in that Stark suit. No one else would make these kind of quips while webbing up criminals.

Well, Stark was a whole other thing.

She probably should have suspected something when he turned up on her doorstep, talking about a grant Peter had never mentioned.

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Part 8

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7

I hope you’re all having a happy new year with a lot of happyness and health ❤️


Peter’s sitting on a low wall right in front of the school. He never had to wait for Happy to show up. All the other kids waiting to be picked up already left. No wonder. He’s already waiting for nearly an hour and even when he tried calling Happy nobody picked up.

He looked up if it’s really Friday at least 12 times, but the day doesn’t change. He contemplated calling Happy or even Tony, but it just doesn’t feel right. If they forgot he should just head home. But maybe he should wait for just five more minutes.

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i have a question for penny parker fanfic authors

and i promise im not being a bitch im j genuinely confused.

so when you’re tagging, why include peter’s name? like if you write a penny parker & tony stark fic why tag it peter parker & tony stark ya dig? like theyre two different characters, right? its not like penny is a reincarnation of the normal peter parker character. she’s in a different universe, right? like i can understand miles morales being included with peter parker tags bc theyre in the same universe (both miles and peter exist in the same world at the same time). but if peter isnt in the fic at all, why include him in the tags?

i promise im not trying to be rude i j want the community’s thoughts on this

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