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#tony stark and peter parker

𝓦hen the idea of moving to a new planet was first pitched to him by mr stark, he could argue that he was both excited yet scared. excited at the prospect of going to a new planet; very star wars. they’d ran into asgardians, and now the guardians, that had a really badass woman that was green (if he was correct, her name is gamora). he wondered if they could run into jedis; to see their lightsabers in real life, to even meet yoda in real life. to see a coruscant


yet, a part of him was scared. he was almost afraid of the change, even if it was for the best. he was scared that it would not be going well; so far it seemed to be going downhill; would this mission be a fluke? he was also scared what it could go worse; sure, they all had their strengths, but would all of them survive? be on this planet for long? though, at least he could comment that he’s been to space. 


the teen observed the surrounding for the umpteenth time, before his eyes landed on mr stark, a bright smile forming on his lip, suppressing his own thoughts. 


“hi mr stark!” peter quipped, “what are the chances that jedis might be real?”


𖠄ྀ⠀ ྀ⠀ཾ༵・ @amanofiron

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by @galactic-cam (galactic_cam on ao3) for @slothbeans (slothbeans on ao3) in the @friendly-neighborhood-exchange

the story is here on ao3

Rating: General Audiences

Relationships: Peter Parker & Tony Stark

Characters: Peter Parker, Tony Stark, background May Parker

Summary: Peter Parker had ADHD. He’d never gotten an official diagnosis, and it’d never been on his medical records. All he had was the vague memory of a doctor at his four-year-old check up recommending he get tested - and then his parents dying before the appointment could be made. He’s done his research - there’s nothing else it could be. But he’d adjusted, and he was good at school, so it hadn’t really mattered all that much.

And then, because the spider bite put its greasy little fingers on everything else, it had to grab that, too.

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Years ago, Peter Parker and Tony Stark ran to escape their captors that held them as war prisoners and torture. Being chased by two men with shotguns and dogs, flashlights sway quickly at them at at the wired fence in from of them. Tony holds the slim boys wrist, dragging him away from the place that treated them illy. Coming face to face with the fire, Peter turns around and a gunshot rings out, dogs barking high pitch ringing.

Tony is taken back after being dragged away from his kids dead body. He gives up and starvs himself.

Years later, Peter crawls out of the dirt wiggling and shimmying. Gasping and crying, he shakes from the cold and confusion. A dirt soaked hand pulls the smaller one out. The dead 15 year old is pulled into an ice embrace but somehow it’s familiar warmth.

Tony and Peter come back to life and learn what they missed.

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“fan of spiderman?” captain america asks, nodding to peter’s spiderman shirt. 

“something like that,” peter says, strained. he can see tony stifling a laugh behind steve, and he glares at him.

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i love mermay tbh thank you for sending this in anon!!


  1. Tony’s on his way back from a,,,rendezvous when he hears whimpers. He doesn’t know what compels him to stop and look for the source of the whimpers instead of just swimming on - but he wades through the seagrass to find Peter curled up in a ball, shivering 
  2. Most mermen are born with blue fins in their tribe; and Tony’s always stood out because of his bright red tail. He doesn’t know what it means that Peter’s got red scales on his tail too, but he’s trying not to look into it too closely
  3. For the first six months after Tony finds him in the reef and brings him back to his cave, Peter doesn’t speak. It isn’t that he doesn’t understand speech, because he’s definitely listening everytime Tony talks, he just doesn’t reply. He does write though, and Tony goes through an extensive amount of lily-pads during that time
  4. (later on he finds that that Peter doesn’t like talking because the last time he was loud - a shark found him and his parents and killed them)
  5. Peter spends a grand total of two weeks in the local school because Coulson tells Tony under no uncertain terms that Peter is far beyond the rest of his class and its up to Tony to keep his mind active (studying together ends up being the thing that first makes them bond)


send me an au and i’ll give you five headcanons for it

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Tony: *glares menacingly*  Peter Benjamin Parker I swear to God, I’ve already grounded you for this.  Today.  I grounded you today for this very thing.  What do you think you’re doing!

Peter: *glares back(not so menacingly)*  You can’t ground me!  I do what I want! *flips table-papers and tools go flying*

Tony: *raises an eyebrow*

Peter:  *squeaks*   I’m sorry!  I’m cleaning it up right now!

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It’s been a while since Tony’s seen the corner of the workshop that Peter calls his own but when he does, he finds it to be a complete disaster. Asking Peter to clean it up leads to some interesting explanations and all he can do is laugh.  Basically, Tony learns that Peter is a typical teenager.

Warnings: None    Rated: G

Tags: Tony Stark Acting as Peter Parker’s Parental Figure, Peter Parker is a Mess, Random and Short… …

Word count: 2077

Link to Post on AO3: The Mess in the Corner-happyaspie

“Hey, Mr. Stark?  Can you look at this for me?”, Peter asked from across Tony’s large spread out, personal workshop.  The one that only a handful of people had access to and no one else but him had ever been allowed to make themselves at home in.  It was amazing, really.  

Tony looked up from his own work and looked towards the small corner of the room that Peter had pretty much taken over during the last few months. “Sure, kiddo.  Bring it over here.”, he said, wondering why the boy hadn’t carried whatever it was over already.   That was typically how it worked.  Anytime the kid had a question or needed some input he would slink quietly over to wherever he was working, a project in hand.

Glancing between his desk and his mentor, Peter sighed.  “Actually it’s not quite stable enough to pick up yet.  Can you come over here?  I mean, if you’re too busy that’s fine but maybe when you have the chance?”, he hesitantly asked because Tony was a busy man who did a lot of crazy important things and he was always worried about interrupting him.  Which is exactly why he’d never asked the man to come to him before.  It seemed less disruptive the other way around.

“I’m coming, Pete.  Two seconds.”, Tony returned with a smile.  He could use a break from staring at the screen in front of him anyway.  Helping the kid out was a good excuse to step away from it for a few minutes.  So, he closed up the multiple windows he had open and started towards his mentee.  Though as he got closer to where the teenager was waiting for his arrival, it occurred to him that he’d not been in that corner of the lab in quite a long time and he realized that the space looked very different than it had the last time he’d seen it.

“Pete… it’s a disaster over here.”, Tony said as he took in the scene.  He knew the kid could be unorganized.  He’d seen the way his clothes were wrinkled from lack of proper folding and knew that the boy’s backpack was slap full of wadded up worksheets and notes but what he was looking at was a whole new level of clutter.  It was teetering on the edge of disgusting.  “You should probably take a few minutes to clean it when you’re done.  I’m not sure how you can even find anything in all this mess.”, he said with a sigh, his eyes slowly roaming over various piles of junk and seemingly out of place items.

“It’s not a disaster.  It’s controlled chaos. I know where everything is.”, Peter said with a smile.  

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Like a lighthouse in a storm, you were always guiding me 

ao3 link here 


“I think the kid’s struggling,” Tony says, closing his eyes as he leans into Pepper’s touch. “And I know we’ve talked but there’s something…he looks sad, Pep. It’s got me thinking.”

“Thinking what?”

“All of this, you know, coming back to find May and Happy shacked up together is a hell of a thing on its own, but then this…” Tony makes a vague gesture in the air, “and me, Morgan…It’s so different to how it used to be.”

“I don’t think Peter’s the type to get jealous, Tony.”

“Not jealous,” Tony says, “more like - ”


The word, even spoken by Pepper, is still harsh and cutting. It draws a sharp breath from Tony and he winces, eyes narrowing at the thought. “Yeah, something like that.”


Returning to what they used to consider normal is hard to achieve. It’s even harder when Tony is constantly worried that Peter feels replaced.

AU - Canon divergent. 

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3 times peter accidentally calls tony ‘dad’ to someone and 1 time he accidentally says it to tony

1. May

The first time it happened, Peter didn’t even realize what he had said.

He was working on his algebra homework when May got home from work. He heard her unlock the door and come inside, but he ignored it in favor of his work. He knew that he had to finish this if he wanted to get his grade back up so he would pass the class when the time came, so he was working hard on getting everything done.

He didn’t notice when May had opened his bedroom door. She knocked on the thin wood a couple of times, falling yet again to capture the teens attention.

“You know, for someone that has super hearing, you never hear anything.” May jokes, laughing when Peter jumped a little in his chair.

“May! You can’t just scare me like that!” He whines.

“Sorry, baby. Just wanted to ask you what you wanted to do for dinner tonight.”

“Oh, I’m actually going to Dad’s after I finish my homework, if that’s okay. I can stop and get you something before I leave though if you’d like.” Peter answers, placing his sheet into the textbook before closing it. When he turns around to smile at May, she’s already giving him a weird look.


“Nothing, sweetie. You don’t have to worry about it, I’ll just order a pizza or something. I hope you fun with Tony.” She says with a smile. She pulls the boy into a hug and places a kiss onto his temple.

“Thanks May.”

He didn’t realize what he had said until after he had left.

2. Ned

The second time it happened, Peter was tired.

He hadn’t had very much sleep the night before. After he left Tony’s lab, he stayed out on patrol until almost 4:30am. He knew he shouldn’t have done it, and he knows that Tony and May will probably say something to him about it the next time he sees them (he’s going straight to Tony’s lab after school, so he’s not excited for that conversation).

When Peter doesn’t get enough sleep, he has no filter. If anyone asks him anything, they’re going to get the complete truth, wether Peter wants them to know it or not. He just doesn’t think before he speaks.

So when Ned asked him about lab time from the night before, Peter didn’t even think before he started explaining everything that had happened.

“Mr. Stark let me help him on the iron man suit. Which I was so excited about! I mean, the technology that he uses is insane. He let me take apart one of his old helmets to see if I could put it back together again and have it still work. It took me couple of hours, but I did it! Then he let me help him with the nanotechnology in his new suit, which is so cool by the way. Anyway, after we worked for a couple of hours, Dad ordered pizza and then we watched a movie before he took me home. I was so surprised when he said that he would be driving me home instead of Happy taking me, but I wasn’t gonna complain. Just more time that I got to spend with him.” Peter rambles.

Ned gives him a look of confusion, one that Peter is too busy talking and entirely too tired to notice.

3. Happy

The third time it happened, Peter realized his mistake as soon as it came out of his mouth.

Happy had asked him about his day at school, which he was happy to explain to the man. Happy almost never took an interest in him or the things that went on in his life, when whenever he did ask him any questions, Peter got so excited that he rambled. He talked so fast that he didn’t have time to think about what he was saying.

“Well, this morning May had to wake me up for school because I slept past my alarm, which was okay because I still made it to school on time. When I got to school I met Ned and MJ at my locker. I don’t think MJ was too happy to see me though, because she flipped me off as soon as she saw me. I mean, that’s just the type of person she is so maybe she does like me. I don’t know. Classes were boring all day but at lunch MJ told Flash off when he came over to say stuff to me! That was nice of her. I can’t wait to tell Dad the look on Flash’s face when-” Peter cuts off as soon as he realizes what he said.

Happy laughs at him, and Peter’s face burns in embarrassment.

“Happy, you can’t tell him I said that! He’ll never wanna see me again!” The teen pleaded.

“Sure, kid.”

4. Tony

The fourth time it happened, Peter was high.

He had just come from the tower’s med bay. Tony felt the safest having his wisdom teeth removed there since all the doctors already knew Peter and had all already signed NDA’s.

Tony had his arm around Peter’s waist to keep him upright as be walked him through the halls to the elevator. The kid was too high to walk, let alone think about what he was saying.

Tony pulled Peter’s hands away from his face when he, once again, tried to “take his nose.”

“Kid, stop it.” Tony laughs out. “You can’t take my nose.”

Peter in return just giggles. He gives Tony a bloody smile and lets his hand fall back to his side. “Okay.” The word comes out muffled from the gauze, but Tony can understand him just fine.

He gently sets Peter down on the couch before walking to the kitchen to get him some water. When he walks back to the couch, Peter had curled up and stuck a pillow underneath of his head. Tony smiled and shook his head.

“You gonna take a nap, kiddo?”


“Alright, sleep well, kiddie. I’ll bring you a blanket.”

“Okay. Goonigh, Dad.* Came the muffled reply.

Tony’s heart melted. He leaned down and pressed a kiss to the top of Peter’s head. "Goodnight, Pete.”

it has been posted on my ao3 for a while so here’s the link

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Yooo I finally managed to fill another bingo square! 

Happy Valentine’s Day @spider-beep​ I hope you enjoy this! Also available on ao3. 


“So let’s address the sleep deprived elephant in the room,” Tony says conversationally. “What’s going on, kid?”

“Nothing,” Peter says, quickly shoving an entire strip of bacon into his mouth as a show of alertness. “M’fine!”

“God, Tony, he’s even worse than you,” Rhodey snorts.

Peter grins at the comment, as does Tony, and they share a chuckle while Rhodey groans in playful dismay.

“Deny it all you want, kiddo,” Tony twirls his fork close to Peter’s face, “the craters beneath your eyes are giving away all your secrets.”


Peter and sleep have been avoiding each other lately. Enter Tony Stark, the man with many plans.

Trope - Sleepy 

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Bamfuary Bingo Boards!!!

Febuwhump and Febufluff are upon us, but for your consideration:




Feel free to post these to your own blogs with credit!Definitely feel free to use them and tag me because I want to read your fics!!

Please tag people, I’m hoping we can get some traction!

Thank you so much to @reachingforaspark for everything really. Prompt help, imaging help, proofing!! You are such an amazing friend.

Thank you @pokeydotes for your enthusiasm and help with the prompts!

Thank you @blondsak for your incredible words of encouragement before I ever really considered actually getting this going!

Thank you to @euphoric-melancholyy and @coconutknightshade for all your encouragement!!

Thank you to all my IronDad Discord and tumblr friends, you guys are the best <3

@friendlyneighborhoodsecretary @lunannex @seek-rest @peterparkrr @forensicleaf @frostysunflowers @whumphoarder @official-impravidus @hailing-stars @ephemeralstark @marvel-us-world @saieras @spider-beep @starkaroos2034

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Alright! This blog is now up! 

I’ve been wanting to make a separate blog for my writing for quite a while now, and since it’s almost always about “irondad and spiderson”, here’s @lronspiderr ! A blog dedicated to all my fanfics, drabbles, and more (such as whumptober). 

I am going to send all my works from my other account @lilytony over here, but I will finish 2019′s whumptober over there since it’s almost over. I’m quite excited to have a blog dedicated to fanfic writing. So what you can expect from this blog is my original writing, reblogs of others’ writing that I like, and the occasional gifset or fanart that I love.  

♡ - 10/29/19

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